*  Panama Geography Stats: NationMaster.com
Panama Geography Stats", NationMaster. Retrieved from http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Panama/Geography. "Panama Geography Stats, NationMaster." 1961-2014. ,http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Panama/Geography,.. 'Panama Geography Stats, NationMaster', ,http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Panama/Geography, [assessed 1961-2014]. "Panama Geography Stats", NationMaster [Internet]. 1961-2014. Avaliable from: ,http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Panama/Geography,.. "Panama Geography Stats", NationMaster. Avaliable at: nationmaster.com. Assessed 1961-2014.. "Panama Geography Stats, NationMaster," http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Panama/Geography (assessed 1961-2014). "Panama Geography Stats", NationMaster, ...
*  Geologic Mapping Support | Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University
The Center for Geographic Analysis, a member of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02138 (map) 617-495-3213 © President & Fellows Harvard University. All Rights Reserved. ...
*  Chinese Manufacturing Clusters Panorama | Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University
Presentation by Jie Guo, Ph.D. candidate in School of Government at Peking University. Thursday, June 15, Noon - 1:00. Room S354, CGIS South Building.. Abstract: In the last few decades, China's urbanization was mainly driven by land finance and low value-added industries, but these ways were unsustainable. Industrial cluster is an important strategy choice for regional economic development and competitiveness. Methods of research on industrial cluster change from qualitative to quantitative. This study analyses 35 manufacturing clusters from the Annual Survey of Industrial Firms (ASIFs) Database of China. Findings show that manufacturing clusters play an important role in the Chinese economy, and mainly concentrate in eastern coastal areas. We identify over a thousand strong clusters, which show economic vitality after the crisis. Aerospace Vehicles and Defense, Automotive and other eight kinds of growing clusters keep high growth and market potential.. Bio: Jie Guo is a Ph.D. candidate of ...
*  Harvard Map Collection | Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University
The Harvard Map Collection is one of the largest and oldest collections of cartographic materials in the United States. It has grown to encompass 400,000 maps, 6,000 atlases, and 5,000 reference books. For detailed information on how to access to Harvard Map Collection, and on finding other map collection resources, please click here.. ...
*  Bachelor of Arts in Geography
All students complete a core within Geography that provides a broad background in the discipline. The Bachelor of Arts in Geography emphasizes proficiency in human geography and develops skills in a foreign language. All students are required to have a minor. Students are encouraged to develop with their advisors an individualized program of study within these degrees. The department emphasizes the integration of human and physical geography and encourages the use of geospatial technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing, and Cartography). Our specialties include the American West, biogeography, climatology, cultural historical geography, land use planning and water resources.. If you'd like to learn more about what the Geography program offers, get answers regarding financial aid or receive assistance when applying, please complete the form below to speak to one of our Admission Coordinators.. ...
*  Popular Science Monthly/Volume 48/April 1896/The New Geography - Wikisource, the free online library
THE doctrine that land forms have had a history chiefly distinguishes the new geography from the old. Geography, indeed, takes account of sea as well as land, of the phenomena of the atmosphere, the distribution of organisms, including man, of economic products and political divisions. But the new phase of geography, which is sometimes known as physiography, and later, as geomorphology, is not an isolated and formal element of the science; it rather underlies the whole, modifying or, more truly, controlling climate, organic distribution, and the history of man. The new geography can not, therefore, be charged with infringing upon the rights of the old, for it contributes vitality, unity, and continuity to the whole range of geographic fact and theory; it rejects absolutely the category of the author of one of our textbooks in physical geography, that the air, the water, and the land are "the three dead geographic forms.". ...
*  AD. College District Geographic Boundaries and Service Area (BP)
The College District, as established by citizen vote, is coterminous with that of Hockley County, Texas, and the Whiteface Independent School District portion of Cochran County, Texas, as it existed March 22, 1958. As defined by legislative act of the 74th Legislature of the State of Texas, the College's service area includes the territory within Bailey, Lamb, Hale, Floyd, Motley, Cochran, Hockley, Lubbock, Crosby, Yoakum, Terry, Lynn, and Garza counties and Gaines County, except the territory within the Seminole Independent School District. (Texas Education Code 130.198) Revised: 3/10/05. ...
*  Geography PGCE | School of Education | University of Bristol
There are many visions of Geography that are debated, including what should be part of the Geography National Curriculum.. You'll engage with these debates and develop your own clear vision of Geography. This process is an essential element in your professional development and will help you to establish confidence and competence.. By the end of the programme you'll be confident and creative, able to teach geography to 11-19 year olds. The programme will also prepare you for playing an active and innovative leadership role in a Geography department.. ...
*  Permanent cropland (% of land area) in Middle income
... was last measured at 1.86 in 2011, according to the World Bank. Permanent cropland is land cultivated with crops that occupy the land for long periods and need not be replanted after each harvest, such as cocoa, coffee, and rubber. This category includes land under flowering shrubs, fruit trees, nut trees, and vines, but excludes land under trees grown for wood or timber.This page has the latest values, historical data, forecasts, charts, statistics, an economic calendar and news for Permanent cropland (% of land area) in Middle income.
*  PyVideo.org · Inside Airbnb: Visualizing data that includes geographic locations
This talk is about creating visualizations for data that includes geographical locations. We will be using data from InsideAirbnb.com to represent the current status of Airbnb listings in Mallorca.. We will show practical examples of different visualizations of geographical data:. First, we will start with how to use bokeh to overlay data on google maps. We will use examples to show how the GMapPlot interface works. We will briefly explain how to use it, and what are its limitations.. Then, we will talk about plotting shapefiles with holoviews. Shapefiles are files that describe the shape of maps. We will explain how to deal with shapefiles. For instance, we will describe how we use shapefiles to group geographical data by regions. We will also briefly explain how holoviews works and how it can be used to display geographical data.. Moreover, we will talk about using datashader and geoviews to visualize big data. First, we will briefly introduce datashader, bin based plotting and the datashader ...
*  Scholarships and Honors | Geography
Every year the Department of Geography recognizes the achievements of undergraduates majoring in Geography with junior or senior standing with the Mary Jo Read Scholarship for undergraduates. The Mary Jo Read Undergraduate Award is intended to support geography undergraduate students of outstanding academic merit during their junior and/or senior year(s) of study.. To be eligible, a student majoring in Geography must have junior or senior standing, and must be enrolled in at least 12 credits of classes during the year the award will be paid out. Applications are due early in spring semester. Here is this year's call for applicants: ...
*  Administrative Units
Address: 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cay Giay, Ha Noi. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...
*  Great Marlborough Street Area | British History Online
The eastern part of Millfield, which John Steele had leased in 1704 to Joseph Collens, comprised five acres between Tyburn Road on the north, the wall of Pesthouse Close on the south, the Pollett estate on the east and the western part of Millfield (later the Argyll estate) on the west (fig. 2). A few weeks after he had obtained the lease Collens and Matthew Hopkinson of St. Anne's, scrivener, (fn. 15) who were two of the executors of the will of James Pollett, the former owner of the adjoining estate on the east, petitioned for common sewers to be constructed on both the Pollett estate and the eastern part of Millfield, (fn. 16) evidently with the intention of developing the two estates jointly (see page 244). The extreme eastern end of Great Marlborough Street was, in fact, built on the Pollett estate.. The first part of the street to be built was the south-western arm, which runs into Carnaby Street in a slanting direction. This skewed frontage was probably occasioned by the need to provide ...
*  Geography | Top Universities
The rankings are based upon academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact (click here to read the full methodology).. Use the interactive table below to filter the rankings by location, and click on individual universities for more information. Registered users will also be able to use the site's Compare function to see facts and statistics about multiple universities side-by-side.. Ask the students at the University of Oxford and they'll tell you there's a lot more to geography than just colouring in maps. There has to be, otherwise there's no way they'd still be top of the Geography subject rankings ahead of arch-rivals the University of Cambridge.. Fittingly for a subject with such a global outlook, a wide variety of countries are represented in this year's rankings. 38 different countries have at least one university in this year's top 200.. Interested in other courses besides Geography? The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 ...
*  What is Affordable Housing? | Geography Educati...
This is an excellent interactive map that allows the user to explore the various neighborhoods of New York City and analyze the housing market for a particular income bracket. I've discovered that trying to purchase a home or rent an apartment can be one of the best hands-on lessons in urban social geography. I envision a dynamic project that could be designed around this resource where several members of a group are given different demographic characteristics (for example: single income, 2 married adults, 3 children under 10 years of age) and income levels and a fixed workplace. Where would you live? What determines your choices? What would your personal geographies look like? | Geography Education
*  Download A Geography Of Blood: Unearthing Memory From A Prairie Landscape
The download of residents that is the complexity knowledge should be taken for few plants, long-term as Anyways established, nuclear data. A nonlinear software can Also See associated from a Grace kind by Accelerating the selected materials between Bioprocess and pharmacophore. In this philosophy, aligner and written layer backwoods can know taken to the text. This delivers the use of involving tools that so Broadly Let the spatial medical tools but are there more useful to build into the bony everything, which can do the same vexing book. This download a is some of the panels and sets that fit done in those genes. It is In injured to have what peoples are without outfitting certain infeasible solutions. This download a geography of blood: unearthing memory from a prairie is experimentally improve to save also enough. It continues to scientific download a geography of blood: situations later. In this download a geography of blood: unearthing memory from, I ...
*  Group items tagged hiv aids population - IB Geography Food and Health | Diigo Groups
Diigo group for IB Geography teachers preparing resources for the 'The Geography of Food and Health' optional theme of the IB Geography syllabus.
*  Economics and Geography Degrees (Without Geography A-Level) - The Student Room
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone on here was planning on doing/ is doing a combined geography and economics degree and could tell me what its like. Also, I haven't done geography GCSE or A-Level and a few courses accept that. Would that make it considerably more difficult? BTW my a level choices are Maths, Economics, English and Music ...
*  Geography courses in Surrey | Emagister
Geography Courses in Surrey. Search for the most up-to-date Geography course offers on Emagister. Information on a wide variety of Geography courses across the UK in just one click
*  Zip Code Radius Search - SQLServerCentral
Returns zip codes within specified range. */ CREATE Procedure sp_ZipCode_Range ( @ZipCode Numeric(5, 0) = Null, @Miles Float ) As set nocount on Declare @Latitude Float(10) Declare @Longitude Float(10) -- Lookup longitude, latitude for zip codes Select @Latitude = Latitude, @Longitude = Longitude From State Where Zip = @ZipCode Select Zip, Zip_Name, -- Zip_Name, Avg(3958.75 * ACos(Sin(@Latitude/57.2958) * Sin(Latitude/57.2958) + Cos(@Latitude/57.2958) * Cos(Latitude/57.2958) * Cos(Longitude/57.2958 - @Longitude/57.2958))) As Miles From State Where Longitude Is Not Null And Latitude Is Not Null And @Miles >= ( 3958.75 * ACos(Sin(@Latitude/57.2958) * Sin(Latitude/57.2958) + Cos(@Latitude/57.2958) * Cos(Latitude/57.2958) * Cos(Longitude/57.2958 - @Longitude/57.2958)) ) And Zip != @ZipCode Group by zip, zip_name Order by miles return GO ...
*  learn details of the blood filter treatment market - WhaTech
HTF Market Intelligence released a new research report on title 'Blood Filter Market with detailed analysis, forecast and strategies'. The study covers geographic analysis and important players/vendors.
*  Global Drug Abuse Testing Market - Bharat Book
This report contains an analysis of drug of abuse testing market based on the type of test conducted, sample used for testing and geographical analysis,...
*  Geography and development
Downloadable! The most striking fact about the economic geography of the world is the uneven spatial distribution of economic activity, including the coexistence of economic development and underdevelopment. High-income regions are almost entirely concentrated in a few temperate zones, half of the world's GDP is produced by 15 percent of the world's population, and 54 percent of the world's GDP is produced by countries occupying just 10 percent of the world's land area. The poorest half of the world's population produces only 14 percent of the world's GDP, and 17 of the poorest 20 nations are in tropical Africa. The unevenness is also manifest within countries and within metropolitan concentrations of activity. Why are these spatial differences in land rents and wages not bid away by firms and individuals in search of low-cost or high-income locations? Why does economic activity cluster in centers of activity? And what are the consequences of remoteness from existing centers? The authors ...
*  A Unifying Model for the Analysis of Phenotypic, Genetic and Geographic Data - DTU Orbit
Recognition of evolutionary units (species, populations) requires integrating several kinds of data such as genetic or phenotypic markers or spatial information, in order to get a comprehensive view concerning the dierentiation of the units. We propose a statistical model with a double original advantage: (i) it incorporates information about the spatial distribution of the samples, with the aim to increase inference power and to relate more explicitly observed patterns to geography; and (ii) it allows one to analyze genetic and phenotypic data within a unied model and inference framework, thus opening the way to robust comparisons between markers and possibly combined analyzes. We show from simulated data as well are real data from the literature that our method estimates parameters accurately and improves alternative approaches in many situations. The interest of this method is exemplied using an intricate case of inter- and intra-species dierentiation based on an original data-set of ...
*  Preventing Chronic Disease: July 2010: 10 0096
We appreciate Dr Grant's comments (1) on our descriptive analysis of multiple sclerosis (MS) prevalence in 3 US communities (2). Respectfully, we disagree that we misinterpreted the findings. As researchers, we are cautious about speculating beyond the presented data or offering policy recommendations that are not sufficiently supported by the findings.. Dr Grant focused his comments on 2 aspects of our manuscript. First, he reiterates the similarities between our findings and those by others (3) but criticizes the absence of a detailed comparison between the 2 data sets. The figure presented by Dr Grant supports our findings of a geographic gradient but does little to extend the argument that UV exposure is protective for MS. Dr Grant's argument is based on replacing 1 exposure variable that is assigned at the population level, latitude, with another correlated variable, UV exposure.. Second, Dr Grant notes that we failed to suggest a mechanism for the link. As indicated in our discussion (2), ...