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DNA footprinting is a method of investigating the sequence specificity of DNA-binding proteins in vitro. This technique can be used to study protein-DNA interactions both outside and within cells. The regulation of transcription has been studied extensively, and yet there is still much that is not known. Transcription factors and associated proteins that bind promoters, enhancers, or silencers to drive or repress transcription are fundamental to understanding the unique regulation of individual genes within the genome. Techniques like DNA footprinting help elucidate which proteins bind to these associated regions of DNA and unravel the complexities of transcriptional control. In 1978, David Galas and Albert Schmitz developed the DNA footprinting technique to study the binding specificity of the lac repressor protein. It was originally a modification of the ...
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Profacgen provides professional DNase I footprinting assay service for the identification of exact binding sites of DNA-binding proteins.
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A DNase footprinting assay is a DNA footprinting technique from molecular biology/biochemistry that detects DNA-protein interaction using the fact that a protein bound to DNA will often protect that DNA from enzymatic cleavage. This makes it possible to locate a protein binding site on a particular DNA molecule. The method uses an enzyme, deoxyribonuclease (DNase, for short), to cut the radioactively end-labeled DNA, followed by gel electrophoresis to detect the resulting cleavage pattern. For example, the DNA fragment of interest may be PCR amplified using a 32P 5' labeled primer, with the result being many DNA molecules with a radioactive label on one end of one strand of each double stranded molecule. Cleavage by DNase will produce fragments. The fragments which are smaller with respect ...
*  Transcription of the human U2 snRNA genes continues beyond the 3' box in vivo. - Oxford Neuroscience
The 3' box of the human class II snRNA genes is required for proper 3' processing of transcripts, but how it functions is unclear. Several lines of evidence suggest that termination of transcription occurs at the 3' box and the terminated transcript is then a substrate for processing. However, using nuclear run-on analysis of endogenous genes, we demonstrate that transcription continues for at least 250 nucleotides beyond the 3' box of the U2 genes. Although in vivo footprinting analysis of both the U1 and U2 genes detects no protein-DNA contacts directly over the 3' box, a series of G residues immediately downstream from the 3' box of the U1 gene are clearly protected from methylation by dimethylsulfate. In conjunction with the 3' box of the U1 gene, this in vivo footprinted region causes termination of transcription of transiently transfected U2 constructs, whereas a 3' box alone does not. Taken together, these results indicate that the 3' box is not an efficient ...
*  Footprinting haemostatic networks
Blood coagulation (hemostasis) is a process that is driven by plasma proteins which form a complex network of molecular interactions. An essential part of the coagulation system is formed by a cascade of proenzymes (i.e. coagulation factors) that are sequentially converted into active enzymes. Activation of these coagulation enzymes is ... read more regulated by cofactors present in the blood plasma. However, the way regulation is achieved on a molecular level remains an open question for most of the coagulation factors. In the present thesis we have addressed these issues by use of footprinting techniques in combination with mass spectrometry. Footprinting makes use of chemical modification of amino acids. The extent of chemical modification can be seen as a measure of accessibility of the modified amino acids, either within a single protein or in a complex of proteins. The footprinting approach can, therefore, be used to probe changes within a single ...
*  Dynamic Metabolic Footprinting Reveals the Key Components of Metabolic Network in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Danish...
Metabolic footprinting offers a relatively easy approach to exploit the potentials of metabolomics for phenotypic characterization of microbial cells. To capture the highly dynamic nature of metabolites, we propose the use of dynamic metabolic footprinting instead of the traditional method which relies on analysis at a single time point. Using direct infusion-mass spectrometry (DI-MS), we could observe the dynamic metabolic footprinting in yeast S. cerevisiae BY4709 (wild type) cultured on 3 different C-sources (glucose, glycerol, and ethanol) and sampled along 10 time points with 5 biological replicates. In order to analyze the dynamic mass spectrometry data, we developed the novel analysis methods that allow us to perform correlation analysis to identify metabolites that significantly correlate over time during growth on the different carbon sources. Both positive and negative electrospray ionization (ESI) modes were performed to obtain the complete ...
DNA Footprinting uses a damaging agent such as a chemical reagent, radical or a nuclease that can cut or modify DNA at every base pair. However, where the ligand binds to DNA, the cleavage is restrained. DNA Footprinting discovers which specific parts of a DNA molecule have sites for specific proteins to attach to them. Using this technique, DNA that has first been in the presence of DNA-binding proteins and then exposed to a damaging agent, can be compared to DNA that was never exposed to the binding protein (and thus not protected against the damaging agent). The DNA sequence that is protected from cleaving can then be identified as the binding site ...
*  Carbene footprinting reveals binding interfaces of a multimeric membrane spanning protein - Nottingham ePrints
Mapping the interaction sites between membrane spanning proteins is a key challenge in structural biology. In this study a carbene footprinting approach is developed and applied to identify the interfacial sites of a trimeric, integral membrane protein, OmpF, solubilised in micelles. The diazirine-based footprinting probe is effectively sequestered by, and incorporated into, the micelles leading to efficient labelling of the membrane-spanning regions of the protein upon irradiation at 349 nm. Areas associated with protein-protein interactions between the trimer subunits remained unlabelled, thus revealing their location.. ...
*  record | UW-Madison Department of Chemistry
Protein-DNA interactions are central to all DNA processes, including the storage, replication, and expression of genetic information in the cell. The Record lab has pioneered the use of quantitative physical biochemical approaches to describe these interactions both experimentally and theoretically. Current PNAI projects in the lab involve characterization of the assembly and function of: E. coli RNA polymerase-promoter DNA open complexes in transcription initiation; and wrapped/bent DNA complexes formed with the histone-like proteins Integration Host Factor and HU. All these systems are unified by a common theme: large conformational changes and other coupled processes in the proteins and/or their target DNA sites occur in binding. To study these processes, we use chemical and enzymatic DNA footprinting, microcalorimetry, circular dichroism, fluorescence, nitrocellulose filter binding, ...
*  X-ray Footprinting Solves Mystery of Metal-Breathing Protein | Lightsources
Moving electrons to metals can cause different minerals to grow or dissolve. Studying how a protein does this can help us understand both how organisms remodel their environment and make biominerals for teeth or protection," said Caroline Ajo-Franklin, a staff scientist in the Biological Nanostructures Facility at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry, which is a nanoscience research center.. Ajo-Franklin led the study, published online in the Journal of the American Chemical Society earlier this month.. "Understanding what these interactions between proteins and materials look like can help us design them better," she added, "and give us insight on how to connect living cells with devices.". Researchers relied on an X-ray-based technique at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source (ALS), known as "footprinting," to pinpoint the chemical connections between the bacterial protein and nanoparticles composed of iron and oxygen.. The study, which identified a surprisingly small and weak binding site, ...
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In computers, footprinting is the process of accumulating data regarding a specific network environment, usually for the purpose of finding ways to intrude into the environment.
*  Oldest fossil footprints on land
The oldest fossils of footprints ever found on land hint that animals may have beaten plants out of the primordial seas. Lobster-sized, centipede-like animals made the prints wading out of the ocean and scuttling over sand dunes about 530 million years ago. Previous fossils indicated that animals didn't take this step until 40 million years later ...
Today, January 7, 2013, is my late father's 86th birthday. Born in 1927, Ramon Cuervo, Jr., is well-known in the real estate circle and is considered as one of the pillars of the real estate industry in the Philippines. Why was Ramon F. Cuervo, Jr. a visionary, trend setter, pioneer, and a pillar in the Philippine…
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We developed RiboLace, a new method for the isolation of active ribosomes by means of an antibody-free and tag-free pull-down approach based on a new puromycin-containing molecule. RiboLace is fast, requires very low input material and can be rapidly used to obtain a global snapshot on the active ribosome footprints at single nucleotide resolution.. No other tolls can generate a snapshot of protein expression with such degree of resolution and accuracy.. ...
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On d way heading off 2 d RAMD,,we drop by again at masjid terapung to perform our solat..then,,I've finally got my footprints at 18th RAMD,Seberang Takir,Terengganu!! The 3days 2 nites stay at the army camp wuz definitely a once-in a lifetime experience! arrive there at nyte..got into our room n ZZzz..rest from d tiredness on d long-road journey..Tho we had to sleep on "matrez-less" canvas beds and somehow survived the 7-hour journey from Pahang,I had a GREAT time throughout the trip,I must say.=).Except for the 1nite stay at one of the schools in Subang. Gawd....the loos were like....eeeewww!!! =p..but,,it's not a big deal to me..and that's it..i've gone thru d obstacles there ...
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Tips and tools for conscious eco-living, including how to reduce your waste footprint at home and on-the-go, how to pack a waste-free lunch, raise green pets, clean without toxic chemicals, be an eco-parent, prevent waste, be a conscious consumer and more.
*  The PPA Carbon Calculator
The PPA's Carbon Calculator was originally launched in May 2009 to wide acclaim, receiving the award for Best Environmental Initiative at the Trade Association Forum Awards. During 2010 and 2011, we have refined the calculator to reflect user experiences and to ensure that carbon factors and other metrics are current. We have improved the diversity, transparency and accuracy of data provided by paper manufacturers and printers (88% of a magazine's footprint).. From the outset, the PPA has sought to push boundaries by tracking and applying the very latest thinking and the best available data and methodologies. As a result, the carbon footprinting initiative has been widely acclaimed and is regularly held up as an example of best industry practice. The development and application of the carbon footprinting initiative is a key element of the PPA's voluntary environmental agreement with Defra, which provides a structure for the industry to continue to achieve challenging ...
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DNase I (RNase-free) (100 U/ l) /10X DNase I Buffer enzyme ZE1007 DNase I (RNase-free) (100 U/ l) /10X DNase I Buffer enzyme ZE1007
*  Biomarker discovery for mitochondrial toxicants using metabolic footprinting - David Hockenbery
Many environmental stressors have deleterious effects on mitochondrial functions, by a variety of mechanisms, and with timelines of different lengths. Mitochond...
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To reduce our footprint on the environment, ASHG is no longer offering the full printed Program Guide. Check out our App and other alternative formats.
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We have plunged into the ocean depths, climbed the best peaks and even left our footprints on the moon. We have a tendency to claim an abs ...
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Step into spring this May by taking part in Footprints walk and remember'. It s a great event organised by Cruse Bereavement Care. It s the second Footprints walk and this year we have a range of walks taking place across the country.
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Becker, Peter B.; Weih, Falk und Schütz, Günther (1993): Footprinting of DNA-binding proteins in intact cells. In: Methods in enzymology, Vol. 218: S. 568-587 [PDF, 9MB] ...
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MUMBAI: In the biggest drug bust in the city till date, the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) raided two chemical manufacturing units in Asangaon and Mira Road and confiscated banned party drugs worth...