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It is common to refer to pressure transducers by their full-scale range in megapascals (1 MPa is 145 psi). The accuracy is 0.25% of the full scale of the pressure transducer. To obtain the highest quality data, the recommended minimum pressure is about 10 times the accuracy and the recommended maximum pressure is about 90% of the full-scale range. For example, if you select a 1,000 bar transducer, referred to as a 100 MPa transducer, the recommended minimum is 2.5 MPa (362 psi) (ten times the accuracy) and the recommended maximum is 90 MPa (13,050 psi) (90% of full-scale range).. Individual capillary rheometer pressure transducers have a limited range. For example, a 15 mm diameter barrel can only apply about 35.5 kN before it reaches the maximum of 200 MPa. Multiple transducers are often used to cover a wide variety of samples and tests.. ...
WO 97/02064 PCT/AU96/00413 -1- AUTO-CALIBRATION OF PRESSURE TRANSDUCER OFFSET Field of the Invention This invention relates to the auto-calibration of pressure transducers. In one preferred form, it relates to pressure transducers for use in apparatus for the provision of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment to patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and for use in apparatus for ventilating assistance.. Background of the Invention CPAP is a well known treatment for the temporary relief of conditions including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring. By this technique, air (or breathable gas) at a pressure elevated above atmospheric pressure is continuously supplied to the entrance of a patients airway (by the nasal and/or oral route) by means of known arrangements of masks or nasal prongs. The elevated air pressure acts as a pneumatic splint of the patients airway in the vicinity of the oro- and hypo-pharynx, reducing or eliminating the occurrences of apneas or ...
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An angioplasty pressure transducer includes a cylindrical member defining an inner cavity. The first end of the cylindrical member is provided with a fluid port allowing the passage of fluid into and out of the cylindrical member due to pressure changes in the physiological fluid being monitored. The angioplasty pressure transducer also includes a cylindrical elastomeric sleeve surrounding the cylindrical member. A cylindrical, transparent housing member is positioned about the cylindrical member such that a substantial portion of the outer surface of the cylindrical member, as well as the elastomeric sleeve, are enclosed and encased within the housing member. The cylindrical wall includes a plurality of small apertures spaced cylindrically about the circumference of cylindrical wall at a position substantially located at the longitudinal center of the cylindrical member, the apertures permitting pressurized fluid to pass between the inner cavity and the outer surface of the cylindrical member.
A novel fiber optic sensor that determines pressure from diaphragm curvature is discussed. This sensing technique exhibits a high degree of sensitivity and linearity and is less susceptible to environmental perturbations than previous intensity modulating techniques. Experimental results are presented for a pressure transducer operational in the 0-60 psi range, and a miniature pressure transducer operational in the 0-5 psi range designed for in vivo medical applications ...
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The Monnit Wireless Pressure Sensor is capable of measuring gas, liquid or vapor pressures from 0-160 PSI. This sensor can be used anywhere a pressure gauge can be used. Requires 12 - 32 VDC input. This solution combines a standard pressure transducer interfaced to a Monnit wireless radio. The Pressure Transducer is NEMA 4X, CE rated. User customization allows you to set notifications and alerts from the system so you can know immediately if pressure is above or below an optimal range ...
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EK-P3, the new evaluation kit from Sensirion, represents a straightforward and cost effective option for testing the digital differential pressure sensors of the SDP600 series. The set consists of a USB stick that is connected to the SDP610 sensor by an adapter cable. With the help of the software, which is available online for download, the differential pressure sensor can be tested under realistic conditions by following five simple installation steps. Consequently, there is no need to program a microprocessor as the evaluation kit maybe connected directly to a PC. The included software allows displaying measured values on the screen and additionally provides the option of exporting the data to an Excel spreadsheet. This enables the data to be saved and processed in a simple manner. The differential pressure sensors of the SDP600 family, which has recorded millions of sales, have a digital (I2C) output signal, are extremely long term stable and impress with their excellent accuracy and ...
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0032] An inverted cross-section of the biomedical interface pressure transducer 2 of this invention illustrating details of its construction is shown in FIG. 4. FIG. 5 shows an exploded view of the modified MEMS pressure sensor 14 of this invention. The sides of the conformable semisolid body 16 are curved between the top planar face 26 that is normally orientated towards the tissue and the bottom planar face 28 normally orientated towards the tourniquet in such a way as to present a gently contoured transition between the faces (FIGS. 3 and 4). A modified MEMS pressure sensor 14 is surface mounted onto a flexible substrate 20 such as Kapton® (DuPont) polyimide film with patterned conductor 22 tracks used commonly in the flexible circuitry industry. The conformable semisolid body 16 may be formed from polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) (Dow Corning, Sylgard 184), or other such elastomer. The thickness extent of the conformable semisolid body 16 is such as to span the vertical extent of the modified ...
0018] As will be appreciated, the pressure sensors 12, 18 include various circuitry and other components to facilitate the functional aspects of the sensors. For example, the pressure sensors 12, 18 include telemetry components to facilitate communication between the sensors 12, 18 and the IMD 14 and/or the external device/system 16. In various embodiments, the pressure sensor 12 and/or the pressure sensor 18 may include a battery to supply operating power for the sensor components. In various other embodiments, the pressure sensor 12 and/or the pressure sensor 18 may be powered from an external source. For example, in one embodiment, the pressure sensor 12 and/or 18 includes an acoustic transducer configured to generate an output voltage in response to acoustic energy received from another device (e.g., the IMD 14 and/or the external device/system 16). As will be appreciated, the transducer output may then be utilized to charge one or more capacitors, which are discharged to provide operating ...
A pressure transducer comprising an elongate hollow outer housing having a pressure sensor diaphragm and externally positioned fixing means which facilitates pressure tight introduction of the diaphragm into a pressure sensing port provided in apparatus capable of generating pressures to be sensed, two elongate members positioned within the outer housing in operative association with the diaphragm so as to move differentially in a direction parallel with the longitudinal axis of the housing consequent upon movement of the diaphragm responsively to a pressure to be sensed, and transducer means responsive to differential movement between the elongate members for producing a signal in dependence upon the pressure sensed.
Boston Millennia Partners is pleased to announce that St. Jude Medical (NYSE: STJ) is acquiring the remaining 81 percent of CardioMEMS, Inc. it does not own for $375 million dollars.. Dana Callow, Managing General Partner at Boston Millennia Partners, said, "We congratulate the management team of CardioMEMS for the recent FDA approval of the companys remote heart monitoring device. We agree with the belief of many cardiology experts that the CardioMEMS HF System represents the most significant advancement in the treatment of congestive heart failure in the past twenty years. With the subsequently announced acquisition of CardioMEMS by St. Jude Medical, this device will receive broad distribution and improve the lives of patients worldwide.. The CardioMEMS HF System uses a miniaturized, wireless monitoring sensor that is implanted in the pulmonary artery (PA) during a minimally invasive procedure to directly measure PA pressure. Directly measuring PA pressure via a procedure called a right-heart ...
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A semiconductor pressure transducer assembly comprising a silicon diaphragm assembly and a glass covering member. The silicon diaphragm assembly has a circular diaphragm portion of thin silicon which is formed using etching, and a thick supporting portion therearound. Piezoresistive elements of a piezoresistive bridge circuit and conducting paths for electrically connection thereof are formed on the silicon diaphragm assembly. On a surface of the silicon diaphragm assembly, a passivating layer of silicon dioxide are formed in uniform thickness, and further on a surface of the passivating layer is formed a layer of polysilicon on the supporting portion of the silicon diaphragm assembly. In the passivating layer, a contacting window is formed, through which the polysilicon layer is electrically connected to the silicon diaphragm assembly. The covering member of borosilicate glass having a circular well is mounted and bonded onto the silicon diaphragm assembly in contact with the polysilicon layer using
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Using Ceramic Capacitive Sensing Technology, AMWEI Pressure Sensor Transducer can be used in oil, gas media, Optional for PWM or Voltage output, can be used in the pressure measurement of air compressor, air conditioner, engine, cooker steam, sanitary CO2, Low Pressure Differential Sensors, etc.
A method and apparatus for aspirating and dispensing a sample fluid. The apparatus includes an air source having an output port coupled to a first port of a flow through pressure transducer. A second port of the flow through pressure transducer is coupled to a first port of a sample probe. The flow through pressure transducer provides transducer signals to a detector circuit. In response to the transducer signals provided thereto, the detector detects the occurrence or non-occurrence of a plurality of different events.
The present invention relates to a pressure sensor module for use in catheters having a pressure sensor operable to provide a signal representative of pressure. The pressure sensor includes a sensing side and a pressure reference side. At least one signal transmission media is coupled to the sensor for transmitting the signal representative of pressure. A convex-shaped carrier is provided having a slot formed to expose the sensing side of the sensor. The convex-shaped carrier is adapted for receiving the sensor such that the sensing side of the sensor is adjacent the slot. A bonding material is provided for mounting the sensor to the carrier. The pressure sensing module provides ease of installation and manufacture because the module may easily be bonded and installed within a catheter.
A pressure sensor that is mounted on an intake tube of an internal combustion engine which prevents icing of the pressure connection. The pressure sensor of the invention has a stublike pressure connection, which extends from an inner wall of an intake tube to approximately the middle of the intake tube or beyond the middle, and as a result the risk of icing of the pressure sensor is considerably reduced. A pressure sensor is intended especially for mixture-compressing internal combustion engines with externally supplied ignition.
The present invention is an apparatus for treating a selected patient tissue or organ region, at the surface of such region. The apparatus has an accessing tool for accessing the patient region, the tool having a distal end, and a proximal end at which the tool can be manipulated to place the distal end adjacent to the patient region. The apparatus also has a probe carried on the distal end and defining a contact surface that may be urged against the patient region thereby creating contact pressure. A pressure transducer is operatively coupled to the probe and is capable of producing a measurable response to the contact pressure. A monitoring device is operatively connected to the pressure transducer, for determining the contact pressure. An effector is operatively disposed on the probe for producing a given effect on the patient region when the effector is activated, and an activator operatively connected to the effector, by which the effector can be activated.
Over-the-counter intra-vaginal lactic-acid containing douches are marketed as vaginal hygiene products that support optimal vaginal pH balance. We report the effect of a commercially available douche (Etos®) on the vaginal microbiota (VM) in a prospective study. Twenty-five healthy women were recruited through advertisements in 2015-2017 (ethical approval: METC-2014_413) and followed over three menstrual cycles. The participants had a median age of 24 years [IQR: 22-29], were mostly Dutch-Caucasian (88%), and 60% used combined oral contraceptives. All participants douched three times a week during the second cycle, starting on the first day of that cycle. Participants completed a questionnaire at baseline, kept a daily diary to report douching, menses, and sexual activity, self-collected vaginal swabs every other day during the first and third cycle and daily during the second cycle, and measured vaginal pH mid-cycle. A median of 44 vaginal swabs [inter-quartile range (IQR): 41-50] were assessed per
This Tissue Bath has been designed for the studying of perfused tubular organs such as trachea, blood vessels, intestines and vas deferens. Individual solutions can be used for intraluminal perfusion and extraluminal superfusion. Two roller pumps are needed, one for intraluminal constant flow perfusion and the second for extraluminal superfusion. The effective intraluminal perfusion is generated by an adjustable afterload control system. A differential pressure transducer is used to measure the intraluminal pressure difference at the proximal and distal end of the organ.
The subjects wore a nasal mask (Respironics Inc, Murrayville, Pennsylvania, USA) connected to a heated pneumotachometer (Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Missouri, USA) and a differential pressure transducer (Validyne Corp, Northbridge, California, USA) calibrated with a rotameter for measurement of airflow. Inspiratory (Ti) and expiratory (Te) times were determined from this signal and it was electronically integrated for calculation of tidal volume (Vt). Minute ventilation (VE) was calculated as the sum of all Vt per minute. The duty cycle (Ti/Ttot) was also calculated for each breath. End-tidal carbon dioxide tension (Petco2) was measured from expired air within the nostril using a calibrated infrared CO2 analyser (Capnograph/Oximeter Monitor, BCI, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA) while arterial oxygen saturation (Sao2) was measured using a pulse oximeter probe attached to the index finger (Capnograph/Oximeter Monitor). Pressure was monitored in the mask with an open catheter attached to a pressure ...
Experiments were performed on littermate control (Kv1.1+/+), heterozygous (Kv1.1+/-), and null (Kv1.1-/-) mice. Breeding pairs were purchased from The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, ME), and offspring were genotyped as previously described (Zhou et al., 1998). All of the experimental protocols were in compliance with the Case Western Reserve University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee guidelines.. Measurement of respiratory variables. In unanesthetized animals, respiration was monitored by whole-body plethysmography as previously described (Kline et al., 2002a). Briefly, animals were placed in a 600 ml Lucite chamber that contained an inlet port for gas administration and an outlet port for airflow and gas sampling. The chamber was connected to a high-gain differential pressure transducer (Valydine MP45; Validyne, North Ridge, CA). As the animal breathed, changes in pressure were converted to signals representing tidal volume (VT), which were amplified (BMA 830; CWE, Ardmore, PA), ...
Halcyon pneumotach cancels out noise by ensuring both sensing ports on the differential pressure transducer measure the same pressure from an atmospheric event.
Precise, reliable measurement of all air velocity and IAQ parameters with just one measuring instrument: the multifunction measuring instrument features an integrated differential pressure sensor and intuitive operation with clearly structured measurement menus. Adjusting air conditioning and ventilation systems, monitoring air quality or carrying out comfort level measurements - thanks to versatile options for combining with high-quality, digital probes, you are ideally equipped to carry out your measuring task (please order probes separately).
A differential pressure sensor for measuring respiratory gas flow including a tubular housing containing a diametrically-oriented, longitudinally extending strut containing first and second lumens hav
A blood-pressure measuring device includes a resistor having a first end and a second end, a first pressure sensor disposed on the first end and a second pressure sensor disposed on the second side and configured for connection to a blood circuit, wherein the first pressure sensor, the resistor and the second pressure sensor are connected to each other in series. A computing device is connectable to the first pressure sensor and the second pressure sensor and is configured to perform a plausibility check by comparing measurement results of the first pressure sensor and of the second pressure sensor.
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