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Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium - PPXRD-2, December 9-12, 2002 NOTE: The schedules and guidelines in this area of the ICDD website are left here for archival purposes. The ICDD is pleased to present the second symposium on Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction, December 9-12, 2002 in Concordville, PA, U.S.A. PPXRD-2 focused on topics of interest to scientists and engineers in the pharmaceutical industry using powder x-ray diffraction. The ICDD hopes to create a forum for these two fields to discuss latest developments, exchange ideas and gain knowledge from valuable lectures all surrounding the XRD and pharmaceutical industries. ...
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Flowability that quantifies the flow behaviour of powders is an important material attribute for such applications as packing, hopper flow and powder transport. It is also one of the critical material attributes of pharmaceutical formulations for solid dosage forms. It is anticipated that size enlargement via dry/wet granulation will improve the flowability of feed powders, but it is still unclear how significant the flowability can be enhanced. Therefore, in this study, an experimental investigation was performed to explore how dry granulation affects the flowability of pharmaceutical powders, such as microcrystalline cellulose (MCCs), mannitol and lactose. Both as-received powders and binary mixtures were considered. Granules of various sizes were produced using roll compaction followed by ribbon milling, and the flowability of as-received powders and produced granules was characterised using two methods: 1) the critical filling speed measured using a model die filling system and 2) the flow ...
A concentrate/extract cartridge for a beverage dispenser adapted to dispense a liquid concentrate/extract and a diluent is provided. The cartridge includes a hollow body for containing liquid concentrate/extract and an aperture. A pumping device is connected to the hollow body for dispensing the liquid concentrate/extract from the hollow body through the aperture. A method for dispensing a liquid concentrate/extract from a beverage dispenser using a concentrate/extract cartridge is also provided in which the concentrate/extract does not come into contact with the dispenser.
1. A dry powder formulation for use in a dry powder inhaler, comprising: (a) a fraction of fine particles made of a mixture comprising 90 to 99.5 percent by weight of particles of a physiologically acceptable excipient and 0.5 to 10 percent by weight of magnesium stearate, said mixture having a mass median diameter lower than 20 microns; (b) a fraction of coarse particles comprising a physiologically acceptable excipient having a mass median diameter equal to or higher than 100 microns, wherein the weight ratio between said fine particles and said coarse particles is 1:99 to 30:70 percent by weight; and (c) formoterol fumarate dihydrate in combination with beclometasone dipropionate (BDP) as active ingredients both in the form of micronized particles; wherein: (i) no more than 10% of said BDP particles have a volume diameter lower than 0.6 microns; (ii) no more than 50% of said BDP particles have a volume diameter of 1.5 microns to 2.0 microns; and (iii) at least 90% of said BDP particles have a ...
Taking advantage of the differences between the interactions of transversely excited atmospheric (TEA) CO,sub,2,/sub, lasers with metal and with organic powder, a new technique for the direct analysis of food powder samples has been developed. In this technique, the powder samples were placed into a small hole with a diameter of 2 mm and a depth of 3 mm and covered by a metal mesh. The TEA CO,sub,2,/sub, laser (1500 mJ, 200 ns) was focused on the powder sample surfaces, passing through the metal mesh, at atmospheric pressure in nitrogen gas. It is hypothesized that the small hole functions to confine the powder particles and suppresses the blowing-off of sample, while the metal mesh works as the source of electrons to initiate the strong gas breakdown plasma. The confined powder particles are then ablated by laser irradiation and the ablated particles move into the strong gas breakdown plasma region to be atomized and excited; this method cannot be applied for the case of Nd:YAG lasers because ...
Studies have been performed to characterize the flow of certain powders of pharmaceutical interest from a vibrating spatula. Lactose, cromolyn sodium, sodium chloride and charcoal powders were prepared by milling or sieving. Jet milling yielded micronized powder (1-10 mum), which was recovered from the product jar or metal cyclone. Particles in the larger size ranges were prepared by sieving. Photomicrograph images of the products were obtained by scanning electron microscopy. All of the powders were subjected to flow studies from vibrating beds to a top loading pan balance.
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A method for the surface treatment of a ferromagnetic fine powder is disclosed. The method increases the dispersibility of the powder in a magnetic coating composition. The method comprises subjecting a magnetic composition to a dispersing processing, with the magnetic composition containing (1) a ferromagnetic fine powder, (2) at least one polar compound selected from a group consisting of such compounds as to have one or more of --COOH, --CONH2, --CONH2, --PO3 H, --SO3 H, --OH or --NH2 in a molecule and quaternary ammonium salts, and (3) an organic solvent capable of dissolving the polar compound, and evaporating the organic solvent from the magnetic composition.
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0006] It has been discovered that dry powder preparations characterised by dose uniformity, reliability and dispersion of medicaments uniformity may be obtained by mixing specified ratios of medicaments to carrier in a specified manner as described herein. Thus, the invention provides a method of preparing a dry powder inhalation composition comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable particulate carrier, a first particulate inhalant medicament and a second particulate inhalant medicament, where the proportion of the second medicament to the carrier is smaller relative to the proportion of the first medicament to the carrier. The method is characterised in that the carrier is mixed with a first portion of the first particulate inhalant medicament, the resulting first mixture is mixed with substantially all of the second particulate inhalant medicament to give a mixture. The remaining portion of the first particulate inhalant medicament is mixed with the second mixture to give the desired dry powder ...
A toner for developing electrostatic images includes (a) toner particles having a weight-average particle size of 1-9 μm, (b) hydrophobized inorganic fine powder having an average particle size of 10-90 nm and (c) hydrophobized silicon compound fine powder. The hydrophobized silicon compound fine powder has an average particle size of 30-120 nm, and a particle size distribution such that it contains 15-45% by number of particles having sizes of 5-30 nm, 30-70% by number of particles having sizes of 30-60 nm and 5-45% by number of particles having sizes of at least 60 nm. The hydrophobized silicon compound fine powder having a broad particle size distribution including coarse particles functions to prevent the embedding of the hydrophobized inorganic fine powder (functioning as a flowability improver) from being embedded at the toner particle surfaces, whereby the toner is allowed to exhibit stable performances even in a continuous image formation on a large number of sheets.
Innovative vibrating sieve from Russell Finex for high capacity production of active pharmaceutical ingredients Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Limited, known informally as
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In the present invention, slurry is formed by mixing noble metal-supported powder particles (3) and a binder (4) with each other in a liquid (Step S1), and the noble metal-supported powder particles (3) are dispersed by applying vibrations to the slurry (Step S2), and thereafter, the slurry is spray dried while keeping a state where the noble metal-supported powder particles (3) are dispersed (Step S3), whereby noble metal-supported powder (1) is produced. In the noble metal-supported powder (1) produced by such a method, pores through which exhaust gas flows are formed appropriately, and accordingly, exhaust gas purification performance can be enhanced.
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TY - CONF. T1 - Investigation of fundamental powder flow properties of fine lactose particles following mechanical surface modification. AU - Zhou, Qi. AU - Roberts, Benjamin Armstrong. AU - Morton, David Alexander Vodden. AU - Stewart, Peter James. PY - 2008. Y1 - 2008. M3 - Other. SP - 49. EP - 51. ER - ...
The quality and efficiency of laser-aided direct metal deposition largely depends on the powder stream structure below the nozzle. Numerical modeling of the powder concentration distribution is complex due to the complex phenomena involved in the two-phase turbulence flow. In this paper, the gravity-driven powder flow is studied along with powder properties, nozzle geometries, and shielding gas settings. A 3-D numerical model is introduced to quantitatively predict the powder stream concentration variation in order to facilitate coaxial nozzle design optimizations. Effects of outer shielding gas directions, inner/outer shielding gas flow rate, powder passage directions, and opening width on the structure of the powder stream are systematically studied. An experimental setup is designed to quantitatively measure the particle concentration directly for this process. The numerical simulation results are compared with the experimental data using prototyped coaxial nozzles. The results are found to ...
Investigation into the Influence of Primary Crystallization Conditions on the Mechanical Properties and Secondary Processing Behaviour of Fluticasone Propionate for Carrier Based Dry Powder Inhaler Formulations. Kubavat, Harshal; Shur, Jagdeep; Ruecroft, Graham; Hipkiss, David; Price, Robert // Pharmaceutical Research;Apr2012, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p994 Purpose: To investigate the influence of primary crystallization conditions on the mechanical properties and secondary processing behaviour of fluticasone propionate (FP) for carrier based dry powder inhaler (DPI) formulations. Methods: Youngs modulus of FP crystals produced using different... ...
article{149532, author = {Ameye, Dieter and KELEB, E and Vervaet, Chris and Remon, Jean Paul and ADAMS, E and MASSART, DL}, issn = {0928-0987}, journal = {EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES}, language = {eng}, pages = {247--251}, title = {Scaling-up of a lactose wet granulation process in Mi-Pro high shear mixers.}, volume = {17 (4-5}, year = {2002 ...
GSK2269557 is potent and highly selective inhaled phosphoinositides 3-kinases -delta (PI3K-delta) inhibitor being developed as an anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of inflammatory airway diseases. GSK2269557 has already been administered as a nebulized solution in single and repeat doses to humans and has been well tolerated across the range of doses used. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of single and repeat inhaled doses of GSK2269557 as a dry powder. This study is the first administration of dry powder GSK2269557 in humans.. Part A will consist of four treatment periods separated by at least 14 days wash out periods. In each treatment period there will be 12 subjects receiving GSK2269557 and 4 subjects receiving placebo. The doses of GSK2269557 planned for Part A are 100 micrograms (mcg), 500 mcg and 3000 mcg. Blinded safety and available pharmacokinetic (PK) data will be reviewed before each dose escalation. Part B will be a ...
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Aluminium powder is powdered aluminium. This was originally produced by mechanical means using a stamp mill to create flakes. Subsequently, a process of spraying molten aluminium to create a powder of droplets was developed by E. J. Hall in the 1920s. The resulting powder might then be processed further in a ball mill to flatten it into flakes for use as a coating or pigment. Aluminium powder is non-toxic and is not harmful unless injected directly in a major blood vessel such as the aorta[citation needed]. Aluminium powder, if breathed in, is not particularly harmful and will only cause minor irritation. The melting point of aluminum powder is 660 °C. cosmetic colorant pyrotechnic in paints as metallic silver pigment fingerprint powder Rocket and missile fuel thermite refractory Depending on the usage, the powder is either coated or uncoated. Metal powder Technology portal Joseph R. Davies (1993), "Powder Metallurgy Processing", Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys, ASM International, p. 275, ISBN ...
This present invention provides a spray dryer for use in prepg. particles for inhalation, the spray dryer comprising a multi-​nozzle app. comprising multiple single nozzles suitable for use in prepg. inhalation powders and with a drying gas flow rate greater than about 80 kg​/h. Also provided is a method for scaling-​up a spray drying process for prepg. particles for inhalation from a smaller scale spray dryer to a larger scale spray dryer, relative in size to each other, the method comprising the use in the larger scale spray dryer of a multi-​nozzle app. comprising single nozzles suitable for use in prepg. inhalation powders, wherein the no. of nozzles in the larger spray dryer is detd. by the ratio of the drying gas flow rate of the larger scale spray dryer to the drying gas flow rate of the smaller scale spray dryer. Also provided is a multi-​nozzle app. produced from the method of the present invention, the multi-​nozzle app. comprising multiple single nozzles suitable for use ...
Goodys Powder, also called Goodys Headache Powders, is an over-the-counter Aspirin/Paracetamol/Caffeine-based pain reliever, in single-dose powder form, which is marketed and sold by Prestige Brands. The powder delivery saves the time needed for the patients digestive system to break down a tablet or capsule, ostensibly causing the medication to work faster. Goodys Extra Strength Powder consists of aspirin, caffeine, and acetaminophen (paracetamol) in a formula identical to that of Excedrin, a product of Novartis, but in the no-digestion-needed powder form. Goodys Powder is sold primarily in the southern United States. For many years, the face of Goodys has been NASCAR legend Richard Petty, who appears in advertisements for the brand.[1] In 2013, the brand brought on NASCARs most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.,[2] to join Petty as spokesperson for the brand. Prior to that, wrestler Dusty Rhodes appeared in commercials for the product. The companys website claims that "probably the ...
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Within the scope of this work a novel process to improve the flowability of fine powders is investigated. Nanoparticles are generated by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), and deposited on the surface of the substrate particles. These nanoparticles are acting as spacers between the substrate particles, thus increasing the distance between their surfaces and thereby decreasing the Van-der-Waal forces.|br| |br|To investigate the nanoparticle generation and attachment in the PECVD process, glass beads as a model substrate were treated in a circulating fluidized bed reactor. The influences of varying process parameters like system pressure, gas composition and number of circulations on nanoparticle size distributions were investigated.
Study shows that adequate choice of the blending technique, e.g. using magnesium stearate as an excipient allows control of aerosol performance of a dry powder inhaler.
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Consumer Medicine InformationPlease read this leaflet carefully before you start Flixotide Accuhaler or Flixotide Junior Accuhaler. (simply called Flixotide Accuhaler in this document.)What is in this leafletThis leaflet answers some common questions about Flixotide Accuhaler. It does not contain all of the available information.It does not take the place of talking to your doctor or pharmacist.All medicines have risks and benefits. Your doctor has weighed the risks of you using Flixotide Accuhaler..
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...CAMBRIDGE Mass. June 18 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --Genzyme Corp...Genzyme is developing Renvela in powder form to provide anadditional ...In the first powder trial patients treated with the powder formof Re...In the second trial patients dosed with the powder form ofRenvela on...,Genzyme,Announces,Results,of,Clinical,Trials,Investigating,Powder,Form,of,Sevelamer,Carbonate,medicine,advanced medical technology,medical laboratory technology,medical device technology,latest medical technology,Health
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Mansour, H., Kujanpaa, J., Tuomenoja, H., & Hickey, A. (2006). Electrostatic charge behavior of aerosolized pharmaceutical particles for various drug/sugar carrier dry powder inhalation particulate systems. The AAPS Journal, 8 ...
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Preparation of Active Proteins, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals as Fine Powders using Supercritical or Near-Critical Fluids Journal Article ...
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The present invention relates to a savoury, particulate composition having a water content of not more than 15 wt.% and comprising: a) 5-99 wt.%, by weight of the composition, tomato powder, wherein at least 70 wt.% of said tomato powder has a mesh size of less than 850 µm, b) 0.5-5 wt.%, by weight of the tomato powder, calcium carbonate powder, said calcium carbonate powder having a volume median grain diameter (D50) of 0.1-50 µm.
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