This study sought to explore the partnership between intimate partner violence (IPV) and receptive syringe sharing (RSS) among young female injection drug users (IDUs) also to examine mediating variables. melancholy will help mitigate a number of the bad wellness ramifications of IPV. = 797). Though this addition criterion didnt restrict the test to only people that have man partners, all topics reported creating a man partner (18% reported having both man and female primary partners and non-e reported having just a lady partner). Ladies were contained in the evaluation of HIV and HCV serostatus regardless. Univariate descriptive figures were determined for variables appealing. T-tests, Wilcoxon authorized rank testing, and chi-square figures were determined to compare people who reported receptive syringe posting before 90 days with those that reported no receptive syringe posting. Mediation evaluation was carried out using the technique suggested by Baron and Kenny (1986) whereby linear ...
In each city, 75 women will participate in the 60 minute Di No a las Jeringas Contaminadas [Say No to Contaminated Syringes] and Di No Al Sexo Inseguro [Say No to Unsafe Sex] counseling session.. This one-on-one intervention incorporates elements of MI and principles of social cognitive theory and theory of reasoned action (SCT/TRA) to address the context of both, a) unsafe injection sharing and the extent to which syringes and other injection paraphernalia is shared; and b) unsafe sex and condom use with clients, and associated risks (e.g., Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV)infection,Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs, pregnancy).. ...
Needle-sharing among people injecting the extended-release opioid Opana led to the spread of HIV in Indiana last year, according to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The intervention arm consists of six small-group training and skills-building sessions to teach and reinforce peer education activities around decreasing sex and injection risk behaviors for HIV and HCV infection. In the fifth session, participants practice peer education around sex or injection risk behaviors within their community. The control arm consists of six video and discussion sessions to control for attention. Prior to study enrollment, all participants in both arms receive HIV and HCV testing with client-centered pre- and post-test counseling to also control for the demand for risk reduction information. Behavioral assessments (by audio computer assisted self interviewing) and blood draws (for serologic testing) occur at baseline, 3 and 6 month follow-up. 3285 participants completed the baseline visit, of whom 1564 tested HIV and HCV seronegative and returned for test results making them eligible to enroll in the intervention trial. Of the eligible participants, 854 were randomized ...
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This page covers drugs, controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia. A drug is a substance used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases in people or animals. Drugs can also be used to change the structure or function of the body, such as to treat some kinds of acne. Some drugs require a prescription for sale, such as most antibiotics, while other drugs may be sold without a prescription because they are approved by the FDA to be sold over the counter. "Controlled substances" are drugs that are illegal, such as cocaine or heroin. Products used with controlled substances may be considered drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia includes products primarily intended or designed for use in making, preparing, or using a controlled substance. Please use the checklist below to be sure your product can be sold on Amazon.. ...
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Need some ideas for warm and hearty meals that fit into your Meatless Monday menu? Its the perfect time of year to pull out your slow cooker! Dont forget that slow cooker meals can make so much more than delicious dinners. Check out the ideas below to make Meatless Monday meal planning and preparation fast and easy this fall!. Breakfast. Whats better than waking up to a breakfast that is already made? Prepare your breakfast and leave it to sizzle all night in a slow cooker so that you have a warm breakfast before you head out the door. Opt for oatmeal or quinoa with your favorite fruits and nuts, or pack in the protein with eggs and veggies.. Lunch. Chilly days call for a hot cup of soup! There are endless possibilities for soups that incorporate vegetables, lentils, and whole grains. Choose your favorite components, combine in the slow cooker, and enjoy a lunch that will warm you from the inside out!. Dinner. Slow cooker dinners can make busy Meatless Monday nights a breeze! Take time as a ...
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Intravenous drug abusers in a methadone program in Minnesota were offered HIV-antibody screening to determine the degree of interest in screening and extent of infection. Thirty-nine (85 percent) were willing to be tested. Only seven refused. All patients were aware of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and their high risk of exposure to the AIDS virus through sharing of injection paraphernalia. None reported exposure to additional risk factors, such as homosexual or bisexual activity or having received a blood transfusion. Of the patients tested, none was positive for HIV antibodies. The high degree of patient interest in screening was unanticipated as was the lack of positive laboratory findings for HIV antibodies. Factors associated with acceptance of testing included patient awareness of high seroprevalence rates, indifference to potential negative social consequences of positive HIV-antibody status, and the voluntary nature of the testing. These findings raise a cautious sense of ...
Although pressure cooking can seem intimidating, its really quite easy. The NESCO® Pressure Cooker is sleek, safe and quiet. The NESCO® Pressure Cooker is equipped with several built-in safety features which will not allow the cooker to open while under pressure. Pressure cooking will totally change the way you plan and prepare meals. NESCO® Pressure cookers are a great way to cook food incredibly fast that will free up time for other things. Many dishes are one pot meals which further cuts down on cleanup time. It will make the food tastier and more nutritious because it seals in the vitamins and minerals. Great for busy people!
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It can take up to 3 months after HIV infection for enough antibodies to develop, therefore a negative test result is reliable only if the person has not had any sexual or needle-sharing risk behavior (or other exposure to infectious body fluids) during the 3 months prior to testing. Some people with recent risk behavior will test HIV antibody negative, yet may have actually been infected during the previous 3 months. Every exposure pushes the window period out another months.. Last modified on 01/08/2015. ...
More than 30,000 women in New York State have been diagnosed with the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS is the last stage of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It has become one of the leading killers among women of childbearing age.. HIV/AIDS is spread when bodily fluids, including blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk, from a person with HIV get into another persons blood stream. HIV is passed during unprotected sex, needle-sharing activities, or from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.. Recent medical advances show combination therapy- taking two or more drugs to fight HIV can delay the onset of AIDS in people who are infected with HIV, even those with no symptoms. ...
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Welcome to this slow cooker/crockpot blog. I believe slow cookers are the best thing to happen to modern day cooks. I used mine often when I worked outside the home and continue to do so even in retirement. It is so nice to put food on and forget about it. Slow cookers also allow us to cook many things we would normally have to use the oven for; what a relief in hot Texas weather! Some of these recipes are mine, many are ones I have collected over the years ...
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Halulite Pressure Cooker: Essentially a heavy-duty pot with an airtight lid, a pressure cooker only needs a small amount of liquid to cook with, and is great for soups, stews or rice. Because stea
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I just bought a rice cooker and the package says you can use it to cook barley and other grains but doesnt say anything about dried beans. Is it possible to cook beans in a rice cooker? Thanks ...
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Cytotoxic drug preparation. Pharmacist using aseptic (sterile) techniques to prepare cytotoxic (cell destroying) drugs. Cytotoxic drugs are often used in the treatment of cancer and other chronic conditions. - Stock Image C003/9010
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Although slow cookers are relatively safe, there are a few precautions that should be followed in order to prevent accidents and food poisoning, particularly when cooking on the Low setting.. Raise Meats to a Sufficiently High Temperature to Kill Bacteria. In order to kill the bacteria that causes food poisoning, ingredients must be heated to a sufficiently high temperature:. ...
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The real key to a good corn soup lies in extracting as much flavor as possible out of those cobs, and a pressure cooker is the key to maximizing extraction. Use it to make the corniest corn soup youve ever tasted in under half an hour.
Give and old classic a twist with this Pressure Cooker Meatloaf. It serves a family of 6 and takes 60 mins to prepare, perfect for fun family dinners.
Cook your favorite pot roast, stews or chili up to 70 percent faster than traditional methods with the Cuisinart pressure cooker.
If you think of pressure cookers at all there are usually just two ways to go: Either, its something inherited from a grandmothers cupboard and ignored in yours, or it is the subject of a tale of horror involving a) a ruined ceiling or b)
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Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Slow Cooker Kalua Pork based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient, including Pork Sirloin Tip Roast and the other ingredients in this recipe.
In 2012, I first reviewed the Instant Pot-- a pressure cooker for the 21st century that also doubles as a slow cooker and rice cooker (1). Since then, weve used it more than 400 times, and it has saved us countless hours of kitchen drudgery. Its indispensable for my current cooking style, and a major time saver for anyone who leads a busy life but still wants to cook wholesome food at home. Its extremely satisfying to be able to put your ingredients into the Instant Pot, push a couple of buttons, do something else until it beeps, and then eat a healthy, inexpensive, and delicious meal ...
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We have made it absolutely simple for you to find the best electric pressure cooker and other electric pressure cooker accessories. provides a list of all recalled slow cookers. Match your model number, located on the base of your slow cooker, to the model numbers affected by the...
Would I suggest tossing your InstantPot aside for this? Absolutely not. But if youre in a pinch and want to make an equally good meal in half the time? The Zavor is a no brainer.
I use baking soda and liquid dish soap to cover the burned on food with a small amount of water. Simmer until burnt food pops off. May have to do this process a few times. Sandy R ...
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Explore Bellings range of quality freestanding cookers. Gas, electric & dual fuel induction cookers in a range of sizes (60cm, 55cm, 50cm) & colours.
A quick look at my home kitchen and you might think I was an avowed minimalist. One pot, a few saucepans and a cherished cast-iron skillet. A cupboard of bakeware and bowls and counter space for
It may surprise you to learn that the Crock-Pot® slow cooker, used in so many kitchens around the world, debuted over four decades ago as a simple bean cook
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The OXO Good Grips Pressure Cooker Rack makes the most of pressure cookers by providing a platform to elevate food while cooking, allowing grease and fat to drain into the cooker, away from meat, poultry or veggies. The open design prevents food from sticking, a common pet peeve for pressure cooker enthusiasts, and the food-grade silicone construction makes cleanup a snap. Dont limit the Rack to just pressure cookers; its equally at home in bakeware, slow cookers, or used as a trivet.
The use of peer-based recovery support has grown substantially in the last five years. However, given ongoing high rates of opioid overdose and addiction, another peer-based workforce has not received enough attention: peers who use drugs. Just as there is a long history of peers in recovery supporting peers seeking recovery, there is a similarly long history of drug-using peers helping one another stay safe and alive. This presentation describes a peer-based program that employs people who use drugs to distribute naloxone and sterile injection equipment in Pittsburgh, PA. It reviews basic harm reduction principles, the peer-based program model, and data on program effectiveness.. ...
Network analyses have been widely utilized to evaluate large datasets, but have not yet been used to explore factors associated with risk behaviours. In combination with traditional regression analysis, network analyses may provide useful information and highlight key factors for reducing needle sharing behaviours among people who inject drugs (PWID). Sociodemographic data, and information on injection behaviour and sexual practices were collected from a cross-sectional survey that was conducted with PWID in five prefectures of Yunnan province, China. A combination of logistic regression and correlation network analyses were used to explore key factors for reducing needle-sharing behaviours among PWID. In a total of 1 049 PWID, 37.5 % had a history of needle or syringe sharing. The logistic analysis showed that Zhaotong, Qujing, Dehong, or Lincang residents, diazepam use, longer injection duration, needle reuse, and infection with HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and/or malaria were independently
Find and save ideas about Vegetarian stew on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vegetarian slow cooker, Slow cooker tortilla soup and Pressure cooker recipes vegetarian.
Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuus millions of monthly readers. Title: Perspectives v8n5 sex partners of injection drug users, Author: Alliance Health Project, Name: Perspectives v8n5 sex partners of injection drug users, Length: 9 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-10-07
A sample of 95 intravenous drug users agreed to provide urine samples, which would be tested for the presence of the metabolites of opiates and cocaine; the purpose of the study was to assess the validity of injection drug users self- reported use of these drugs. Using chi-square analyses, the researchers determined that there were no significant differences between intravenous drug users who agreed to participate in the study and those who declined to participate in terms of age, gender, ethnic group, education, primary drug of choice, treatment history, project intervention assignment, or time of follow-up. The urinalysis findings showed that 30 percent of the 67 participants who claimed to be drug-free over the previous 6 months had in fact used drugs. When compared to the total sample, the rate of misrepresentation fell to 21 percent. Logit regression analyses indicated that intravenous drug users who were black or whose primary drugs of choice were injected cocaine and crack were more likely than
I LOVE my slow cooker & do SO much in it!!... You can do such a huge variety of things in it & I love being able to pop it all in the slow cooker in the morning & come home at night to a lovely smell in the house & dinner ready!!. Some of my most fav things to do in it are beef stew, chilli con carne, all different types of soups & i have actually right now got a yummy pot roast on the go... Just popped the seasoned big slab of beef roasting joint in the slow cooker on top of veggies & gravy & after 8-10 hours the meat just falls apart & is so moist & tasty. Ive also done big pots of warm dip for parties & kept it in the slow cooker to keep warm all night.. you can pretty much do anything in it... My friend cooks a whole chicken in hers & i think the only meat that wouldnt work well is fish as it would disintegrate. You can also do sweet stuff.,, or for breakfast if you like porridge you can put the oats, milk, sugar etc in before bed & cook on low overnight so its perfect & ready 1st ...
Background. In order to identify, in a sample of heroin intravenous drug users IVDU, those factors associated with the predominant risk behaviour related to the transmission of HIV-1 infection-sharing of injection equipment-a cross-sectional survey was carried out in Valencia, Spain from 1987 to 1992. Methods. Informed consent and pertinent...
Prisoners are at increased risk for HIV infection. Consequently, their sexual and needle-sharing partners are also at increased risk. Partners of incarcerated men are a hidden at-risk population in the community. Prison visiting is an opportunity to identify and provide services to members of this population. Thirty women visiting their incarcerated partners at a large state prison in California participated in focus groups that led to the development of a peer-led HIV education intervention.
The dataset contains a total of 3,011 variables. The first 2,690 variables are drawn from the NATIONAL HOUSEHOLD SURVEY ON DRUG USE AND HEALTH (NSDUH), 2004 [ICPSR 4373] and the remaining 321 variables were created by the principal investigator. Questions from the 2004 NSDUH included age at first use as well as lifetime, annual, and past-month usage of several drug classes. The survey covered substance abuse treatment history and perceived need for treatment, and included questions from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders that allow diagnostic criteria to be applied. The survey included questions concerning treatment for both substance abuse and mental health related disorders. Respondents were also asked about illegal activities and arrest record, problems resulting from the use of drugs, and needle-sharing. Questions introduced in previous administrations of the NSDUH study were retained in the 2004 survey, including questions asked only of respondents aged 12 to 17 ...
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characterised by a variable period of incubation, often progressing to a severeimmune deficiency illness (AIDS) blood and body fluid transmission; sexually transmitted incidence and prevalence in Australian IDUs is low drug dependent individuals may be at risk of sexually transmitted HIV (andother sexually communicable infections) due to impaired judgement, lifestyleor sex work information about safe sex and injecting, availability of barrier contraceptives(condoms, dental dams) and clean injection equipment are essential inreducing HIV related harm Management of injecting drug use should include counselling, testing, vaccination andmanagement of BBVs. The risk of transmission of blood borne diseases is minimised by theuse of clean injection equipment such as provided by needle and syringe exchange services ...
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One of the staples appliances in any Japanese kitchen is the humble rice cooker. At any traditional Japanese meal rice goes without saying and likely comes without asking; as a result every kitchen needs a way to produce it quickly and conveniently. Your standard configuration rice cooker is basically a bowl, a heat source, and…
Chef Debbie Iverson, of Harmons, shares her tips for Pressure cooker cooking, made simple. She also shared a recipe for pressure cooker shredded beef. Go to for more recipes and deals from Harmons.
A favourite of mine is Indian food, so when my friend made this slow cooker butter chicken, we were head over heels! I dont think Ive tasted a better Butter Chicken. This is great to put into the slow cooker in the morning and come home to a house that smells gorgeous. Serve with basmati rice and naan bread.
Doctors should consider giving a daily AIDS drug to another high risk group to help prevent infections - people who shoot heroin, methamphetamines or other injection drugs, U.S. health officials said Wednesday.
See an archive of all pressure cookers stories published on the New York Media network, which includes NYMag, The Cut, Vulture, and Grub Street.
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The classic Moroccan stew usually cooked in a clay tagine is modified for the slow cooker in this recipe that will be a new family favorite.
To paraphrase Hiram Johnson, one of the forgotten victims of the Pressure Cooker Bomber is truth. Almost immediately, everyone ran in their own direction based on their own agenda and distorted, contorted and twisted the story to fit their own worldview. And this just happened Monday.
Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient, including Pork Shoulder (pork butt, picnic roast), Salt, Figaro Hickory Liquid Smoke (1 tbsp) and the other ingredients in this recipe.
Confit – poaching meat very slowly in fat – is tricky to manage on the hob (it’s hard to get a really steady low heat) but a cinch in the slow cooker.
Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches are piled high with shredded beef, provolone, giardiniera, spicy pickles and pepperoncini. Such an easy crockpot recipe!
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but i wanna share with you guys our first attempt untuk buat jamuan raya dekat kolej. dah lupa sikit tau sebenarnye apa yang jadi hari tu so i let my stomach do the talking la here. ahah. okay tak? serious unexpected idea since kitorang just ada rice cooker nak masak, bukan dapur (ni diam2 eh,sempat AJK kolej ketuk pintu rumah kitorang lepas ni sebab bawak rice cooker,siap korang). hee ...
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トップページ - 自転車用シューズの特許や特許出願をピックアップして紹介しています》 自転車通勤 ブームですね》 --- --- 特許事務所の紹介ヵヵヵ オーブ国際特許事務所(「102-0072東京都千代田区飯田橋3丁目3−11新生ビル5階 T:03-6272-6348( ‎ ...
Make slow cooker sandwiches easier than ever with this dump and slow cook recipe. With just 4 ingredients (plus toppers and buns, of course), these spicy pork sandwiches will be simmering away in your slow cooker in no time.
Chapter: 475 - Controlled Substances; Illegal Drug Cleanup; Paraphernalia; Precursors, Section: 752, Year: 2015, Last Accessed: 2016-07-16
A recent research presented at the world AIDS conference has pointed out that less than 10 percent of injecting drug users (IDUs) receive appropriate assistance that will help them from spreading HIV.
Everything you need to know about cooking rice -- heres how to get perfect fluffy rice on the stovetop, in the oven, or in a rice cooker.
The Pen Style Needle Felting Tool allows application of small or delicate materials using one, two, or three needles. The tool can be adjusted to two length of needle sizes that can be used with the Needle Felting Molds (sold separately) for creating 3-dimensional design and applique. The handle offers ease of use because of the