ITGA7兔多克隆抗体(ab75224)可与人样本反应并经WB, ELISA, IHC实验严格验证,被2篇文献引用并得到3个独立的用户反馈。所有产品均提供质保服务,中国75%以上现货。
Plasmid ITGA5-bio-His from Dr. Gavin Wrights lab contains the insert ITGA5 and is published in Mol Cell Proteomics. 2015 Feb 23. pii: mcp.M114.046946. This plasmid is available through Addgene.
ITGA5 - ITGA5 - Human, 4 unique 29mer shRNA constructs in retroviral GFP vector shRNA available for purchase from OriGene - Your Gene Company.
Background: Neopetrosiamide A (NeoA) is a 28-amino acid tricyclic peptide originally isolated from a marine sponge as a tumor cell invasion inhibitor whose mechanism of action is unknown. Methodology/Principal Findings: We show that NeoA reversibly inhibits tumor cell adhesion, disassembles focal adhesions in pre-attached cells, and decreases the level of beta 1 integrin subunits on the cell surface. NeoA also induces the formation of dynamic, membrane-bound protrusions on the surface of treated cells and the release of membrane-bound vesicles into the culture medium. Proteomic analysis indicates that the vesicles contain EGF and transferrin receptors as well as a number of proteins involved in adhesion and migration including: beta 1 integrin and numerous alpha integrin subunits; actin and actin-binding proteins such as cofilin, moesin and myosin 1C; and membrane modulating eps15 homology domain (EHD) proteins. Surface labeling, trafficking inhibition, and real-time imaging experiments all ...
View mouse Itga7 Chr10:128933818-128958282 with: phenotypes, sequences, polymorphisms, proteins, references, function, expression
38. G-CSFを産生し, 急激な転機をとった肺多形性肉腫の1例(第142回 日本肺癌学会関東支部会, 支部活動) (2005 ...
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Radial position of integrin genes during migration of MLP29 cells. Three-dimensional FISH analysis was performed with BAC clones for the Itgb1 or Itgb3 loci and
Buy our Recombinant Human ITGA7 protein. Ab114551 is a protein fragment produced in Wheat germ and has been validated in WB, ELISA, SDS-PAGE. Abcam provides…