In a process for hydrocracking heavy polynuclear carbonaceous feedstocks to produce lighter hydrocarbon fuels by contacting the heavy feedstocks with hydrogen in the presence of a molten metal halide catalyst in a hydrocracking zone, thereafter separating at least a major portion of the lighter hydrocarbon fuels from the spent molten metal halide and thereafter regenerating the spent molten metal halide by incinerating the spent molten metal halide by combustion of carbon and sulfur compounds in the spent molten metal halide in an incineration zone, the improvement comprising: (a) contacting the heavy feedstocks and hydrogen in the presence of the molten metal halide in the hydrocracking zone at reaction conditions effective to convert from about 60 to about 90 weight percent of the feedstock to lighter hydrocarbon fuels; (b) separating at least a major portion of the lighter hydrocarbon fuels from the spent molten metal halide; (c) contacting the
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A metal halide lamp of the present invention comprises a luminous tube alone without any outer bulb, the luminous tube containing metal halides such as neodymium halides (NdX3), dysprosium halides (DyX3) and cesium halides (CsX) in a total amount by mole of 1 10-6 to 8 10-6 mol/cc and the following molar ratios: ##EQU1## as well as rare gas serving as starting auxiliary gas and mercury serving as buffer gas. This structure permits a predetermined vapor pressure of the metal halides sealed in the luminous tube to be obtained without increasing the wall load, as well as the formation of a metal halide lamp having a long life and good color characteristics.
Over the years, weve grown accustomed to living and working under certain models of overhead lighting, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps among them. Known for their bright light and their ability to withstand cool temperatures, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights have been used in a variety of lighting applications for decades.. But with declining efficiency and a high cost to operate, this lighting no longer makes sense.. While you may still see metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps in commercial and industrial facilities and in public spaces such as parking garages and large sports arenas, LED technology now outperforms high-intensity discharges lamps in every way.. For that reason, BC Hydro has made 1500-2000W HID categories for metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps eligible for upgrade to LED. The HID category has been added to the e.Catalog that lists the configurations and products eligible for our energy-saving incentives for businesses.. ...
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Most of the hardness testers used by Touchstone are designed to operate in a laboratory environment. However, there are times when a sample is too large to fit into a hardness machine or a hardness must be made on-site away from the laboratory.. Touchstone has a Portable Hardness Tester designed to perform hardness in the standard Rockwell ranges, A, B, C as well as 15N, which is in the superficial Rockwell scale.. The ranges used for Rockwell hardness are an expression of the wide range of material hardness measurements performed. The C range is typically used for hardened materials like tool steels, while the A, B, and D ranges are for softer materials like carbon steels, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc. The N ranges indicate superficial hardness measurements which are performed on materials as thin as 0.006″ in the case of the 15N scale. For any material thinner than 0.006″ microhardness measurement on mounted, polished samples must be employed.. ...
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BS EN ISO 4545-4:2018 Metallic materials. Knoop hardness test Table of hardness values, Category: 77.040.10 Mechanical testing of metals
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The bond and molecular polarizabilities are studied for the gas-phase metal halides using delta-function potential model of chemical binding on the basis of quantum mechanical approach. The applicability of the model is demonstrated. The contribution of the polarity corrections for the metal halides is thoroughly investigated and it has been found that it plays a significant role for fluorides. Our polarizability calculations resolve the discrepancy about the conformation of the barium dichloride and mercury dichloride and favour the nonlinear structure. Due to lack of experimental results for most of halides of transition metals, the decision whether to incorporate polarity corrections or not remains uncertain at this stage: we must await measurements of more experimental values before we reach any final conclusion. The ionic bond orders have been used for the first time to investigate polarizabilities of monomers and dimers of alkali halides. The results for dimers reveal that polarity ...
A unique electrode plaque tester, and a method of testing for the hardness of an electrode plaque specimen, are taught. The hardness tester is of the indentation type, and permits the hardness testing of an electrode plaque that is very thin e.g., 0.75 mm and that is made of non-homogenous, sintered material, such as a nickel electrode plaque. A fixed load, comprising a lesser first load and a larger second load, is applied in sequence to a test specimen of the electrode plaque, with two superimposed indentations resulting. The hardness of the electrode plaque, as a result of the use of this tester, is inversely related to the difference in the depths of the two indentations. Data acquired as a result of testing specimens with this hardness tester establishes that the harder the electrode plaque is, the less efficient is the performance of an active battery electrode which includes this electrode plaque.
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files/news/1/bild.jpg§§§5000§ § § § files/news/5/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1976〈=en§§5000§Mobile UCI-Hardness tester§alphaDUR mini§for fast and easy hardness testing. files/news/3/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1981〈=en§§5000§Mobile rebound hardness tester§dynaROCK II§for fast and easy testing. files/news/2/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=2001〈=en§§5000§Fully automised hardness testing§ROCKWELLmodule§for standardized testing in the production. files/news/6/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=2000〈=en§§5000§Fully automised UCI-Hardness scanner§UT 200§for high-resolution hardness distribution. files/news/7/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1726〈=en§§5000§Universal hardness tester§alphaDUR II§for Rebound and UCI-Testing. files/news/18/bild.jpg§〈=de§§5000§Different probes for§UCI hardness testing§ ...
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Wheat is generally used for a food after converting grain components into different degrees of flour. The perfect milling operation needs to get enough knowledge about kernel mechanical properties and mainly hardness, to estimate correctly its effect on grinding performance. This study determined the influence of wheat hardness on milling energy and efficiency. The results showed great effect of wheat hardness on milling performance. The lowest values of specific energy were recorded in the case of cultivar Katoda. This cultivar is characterised by the lowest value of hardness index. The study indicates that, it is possible to select cultivars with low specific energy and high efficiency during milling, which in effect will cause a reduction of production costs ...
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Reliability & Value The Starrett 3814 provides reliable Rockwell Hardness values on all types of metal and alloys, hard or soft, and in many shapes. This reliable bench hardness tester has a high quality casting, is ergonomically designed for easy operation, and is engineered to ensure accurate results. The tester is furnished with a diamond indentor, a 1/16 ball indentor, three certified test blocks (one each: HRA, HRB and HRC), three test tables: 5.87 (150mm), flat anvil 2.5 (63mm and spot anvil .38 /10mm), a standard vee anvil, accessory case and dust cover ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Comparative post irrigation evaluation of calcium loss and its effect on microhardness of radicular dentin. AU - Khosla, Manak. AU - Mala, Kundabala. AU - Shenoy, Ramya. PY - 2017/10/1. Y1 - 2017/10/1. N2 - This study was conducted to compare calcium loss and microhardness reduction of radicular dentin following treatment with 17% EDTA, 10% citric acid, 5% maleic acid, and MTAD, by estimating calcium loss, and radicular dentin microhardness by using Atomic absorption spectrophotometry and by Vickers hardness tester. The results were statistically evaluated using one way ANOVA test and performed at 95% level of confidence and Spearmans correlation test was applied to determine correlation between calcium liberation and radicular dentin microhardness. All the experimental chelating agents bring about calcium loss and reduction in microhardness from radicular dentin.Study concluded that at 5 minutes, 5% maleic acid as a chelating agent causes the maximum calcium loss and ...
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The current study investigated the effects of different polishing systems on the surface roughness and microhardness of a silorane-based resin composite. Forty disks were fabricated (ø = 12 mm, h = 2.5 mm) of Filtek P90 (3 M ESPE, USA). The specimens were divided into four groups (n = 10), according to the polishing system: G1 - Mylar strip (control); G2 - Felt-disc + diamond paste, G3 - Sandpaper discs; G4 - Silicone tips. The specimens were stored in distilled water at 37°C for 24 h. The external surface roughness was determined through measuring the Ra of the specimens. The Vickers microhardness was measured using a microhardness tester. The values of surface roughness and microhardness of each specimen were statistically analyzed using one-way ANOVA, Games-Howell and Ryan-Einot-Gabriel-Welsch (REGW-Q), and setting the statistical significance at p ≤ 0.05. It was observed that G2 (0.42 μm) and G4 (0.43 μm) showed statistically significant differences when compared to groups G1 (0.25 μm) and G3
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Prior to testing the hardness of the tablet the PTB 420 can measure sample thickness (or height) and diameter (or length). The thickness is detected automatically by an optical system. The samples are automatically positioned by means of movable alignment jaws. The behaviour of the jaws movement is adjustable to accommodate many different shapes of tablets and oblongs. The instrument can be set to either linear force or linear speed increase mode for the tablet hardness test. Furthermore, PTB 420 allows the connection of a Mettler-Toledo or Sartorius analytical balance to measure the weight of the samples as well. PTB 420 offer two modes for the weight measurement: either weigh each sample individually, before placing them into the tablet magazine or weigh all samples together and calculate the average weight ...
where P is applied a load in kg, A is uncovered projected area of indentation in mm2, L is the length of the long diagonal in mm and C is a constant related to the length of a projected area for each indentor supplied by the manufacturer.. One can calculate the Knoop hardness from the projected area of the impression or indentation rather than the area of contact as in the case of indentation tests.. We must note that micro-hardness require extra care in all stages of testing. A good polishing of the surface is required, i.e. the surface of the specimen must be prepared carefully.. ...
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Charles Ischi offers the H-Series of advanced manual tablet hardness testing devices, which feature rounded shapes and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.. The integrated touchscreen is easy and intuitive to use, allowing users to initiate a product change or obtain conclusive test results quickly.. The diameter measuring range goes up to 60mm. The hardness measuring range can be extended up to 800 Newtons and can test and analyse particularly hard or soft tablets and other press products.. An on-top thickness measurement station can be integrated into the H series.. In addition, an external weighing scale from Sartorius or Mettler can be connected to the tablet hardness tester to measure all five parameters of a tablet: weight, thickness, length, width and hardness.. ...
TY - GEN. T1 - Mode I intralaminar fracture toughness of 2D woven carbon fibre reinforced composites: Pre-crack tip radius sensitivity. AU - Dalli, Denis. AU - Catalanotti, Giuseppe. AU - Falzon, Brian G.. PY - 2019/12. Y1 - 2019/12. N2 - The determination of intralaminar fracture toughness for carbon fibre composites has been the subject of several studies. However, pre-crack geometry has not been extensively investigated. Here we assess the sensitivity of the mode I intralaminar fracture toughness to pre-crack tip radius, numerically and experimentally. Two sets of five scaled Double Edge Notch Tension (DENT) specimens were made from the same 2D woven carbon fibre composite laminate, one with blunt notches and another with sharp pre-cracks, and tested using the size effect method. Experimental results depicted a higher fracture toughness for the sharp pre-crack specimens. A numerical investigation was then performed on the geometric correction factor used in the data reduction, to analyse ...
Size matters: The issue of indenter diameters - more for the non-specialist. Rockwell and Vickers hardness tests have their place in the metrologists armoury but, for large cast components, the Brinell hardness test is still very much the hardness test.
The work presented within this thesis concerns measurement of the fracture toughness associated with the translaminar, fibre-breaking, failure modes of composites. Loading cases of mode I tension, mode I compression and mixed mode I/II tension and shear are considered. Fracture toughness measurement for translaminar tensile failure is investigated using the compact tension specimen. A detailed analysis of data reduction schemes concludes that a modified compliance calibration technique is the most appropriate, in terms of reproducibility of results and simplicity. Investigation of specimen in-plane size, thickness and lay-up effects indicates a thickness dependence. Specimen fracture surfaces reveal that the increase in measured toughness for specimens with thicker 0° plies is due to an increased amount of fibre pull-out. Furthermore, it is found that true measurements of fracture toughness are obtained from specimens with initial notch radii less than 250 μm, for the IM7/8552 material system. ...
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The fracture toughness of poly (ethylene terephthalate) modified glycol (PETG) has been evaluated using notch sharpening techniques which could be grouped into contact and non-contact procedures. Razor blade tapping, razor blade sliding, razor pressing and broaching are part of the first group, while the femtolaser technique belongs to the second one. Not all the contact procedures generated valid sharp cracks for fracture parameter assessment; indeed none of the samples sharpened via razor sliding generated acceptable sharp cracks. The results revealed that the non-contact femtolaser technique produced the sharpest cracks in this polymer, with crack tip radii of only 0.5 μm, leading to the lowest fracture toughness values. On the contrary, the traditional notch sharpening technique based on razor tapping, recommended in ISO, ESIS and ASTM protocols and standards, generated larger crack tip radii than those introduced via femtolaser and, consequently, resulted in higher fracture toughness ...
Once again, Alfred University is in the news for working with a corporate partner under the auspices of a New York State technology initiative. School officials have just announced that the university and General Electric have signed a contract to develop a new generation of sodium metal halide batteries as part of a consortium funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.. Just a few weeks back, we wrote how research groups at the school were leveraging expertise in advanced ceramics, glass and cutting-edge materials to develop working relationships with companies to develop interconnects for fuel cells and GaN-on-diamond substrate projects with private partners, also under the auspices of NYSERDA.. According to an AU press release, the latest project involves developing huge sodium metal halide batteries for applications that include hybrid locomotives and back-up power for telecommunication sites. Doreen Edwards, dean of the Inamori School of Engineering at AU says ...
Paints and varnishes - Determination of micro-indentation hardness - Part 2: Knoop hardness by measurement of indentation depth under load
Hardness tester with extensive data management & reporting and fully automatic image analysis acc. to Rockwell HRA, HRC, HRV, Brinell HBW 1/1, 10/3000, Vickers HV1, HV5, HV10, HV30 and Knoop
Brinell hardness comment: {}, Brinell hardness ref: {}, Brinell hardness: {}, Bulk modulus comment: {}, Bulk modulus ref: {}, Bulk modulus: {}, CAS number comment: {}, CAS number ref: {}, CAS number: {}, Curie point K: {}, Curie point comment: {}, Curie point ref: {}, Mohs hardness 2 comment: {}, Mohs hardness 2 ref: {}, Mohs hardness 2: {}, Mohs hardness comment: {}, Mohs hardness ref: {}, Mohs hardness: {}, Poisson ratio comment: {}, Poisson ratio ref: {}, Poisson ratio: {}, QID: {}, Shear modulus comment: {}, Shear modulus ref: {}, Shear modulus: {}, Van der Waals radius comment: {}, Van der Waals radius ref: {}, Van der Waals radius: {}, Vickers hardness comment: {}, Vickers hardness ref: {}, Vickers hardness: {}, Youngs modulus comment: {}, Youngs modulus ref: {}, Youngs modulus: {}, above: {}, abundance in earths crust: {}, abundance in oceans: {}, abundance in solar system: {}, abundance: {}, allotropes: ...
BRIGHT LIGHT Independently verified! High Lumen outdoor LED Flood Lights Waterproof IP65 For Commercial Lighting Designed as efficient, energy-saving replacements for metal halide and high-pressure sodium flood lighting fixtures, LED Flood Lights have a long life of 50,000 hours and operate on electrical systems ranging from 120 to 277 volts. Quebec only. DLC Certified at 26,241 Lumens! Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress high lumen led flood light produce intense broadcast quality light that is ideal for huge live outdoor events. Everywhere in Quebec 5,500 Lumen High Output LED Commercial Flood Light The WP5550 LED Wall Pack is a dependable and reliable security lighting solution and is great for replacing your Compact Fluorescent (CFL), Metal Halide or ...
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You searched for: Author Elbaz, Giselle Ahuva Remove constraint Author: Elbaz, Giselle Ahuva Degree Level Doctoral Remove constraint Degree Level: Doctoral Academic Unit Chemical Physics Remove constraint Academic Unit: Chemical Physics Type Theses Remove constraint Type: Theses Language English Remove constraint Language: English Subject Chemistry Remove constraint Subject: Chemistry Subject Physics Remove constraint Subject: Physics Subject Metal halides Remove constraint Subject: Metal halides ...
This is a good question, and reflects again the fact that we are dealing with as Mark Popkin calls it a vegetable - far from perfect in many respects. I have studied what happens to cane hardness as gouge thickness varies. The article that Dr. Kent Moore mentions above includes a section on the subject. As you know, the cane gets harder as you get closer to the rind. My studies indicate that it requires approx. .15mm change to impact the hardness by one point( if my memory serves me correctly). I concluded that minor variations in thickness less than that did not significantly effect hardness. On the other hand, it follows that users of eccentric vs concentric gouge will see a difference in there reeds. Also eccentric gouge cane users need to pay attention to staying on centerline to accurately check hardness, as Dr. Kent Moore indicates ...
Stackable containers that, in various embodiments, are adapted to be vertically and/or horizontally interlocked with other, like, containers to, for example, increase the stability of stacks of the containers. In one embodiment, a stackable container comprises: (A) a top surface comprising a shoulder portion that extends upwardly from the top surface and that is substantially disposed within a perimeter defined by the top surface; (B) a bottom surface defining a stacking recess; (C) a plurality of substantially vertical side surfaces that extend between the top surface and the bottom surface. In various embodiments, a recessed portion of the bottom surface adjacent the stacking recess is adapted to substantially mate with at least a portion of a shoulder portion of a like container.
The present invention includes an applicator device that comprises a first sheet with a bottom surface and a top surface. A cosmetic portion is positioned on the top surface of the first sheet. The applicator device also includes a second sheet that comprises a bottom surface facing the top surface of the first sheet and the cosmetic portion. A plurality of fibers is positioned on either the top surface of the second sheet or the bottom surface of the second sheet or both. An adhesive adheres the first sheet to the second sheet.
A dedicated automatic Rockwell hardness testing machine, the Duramin-150 combines high accuracy and a short cycle time with a robust design - making it ideal for tough production environments.
The CA80HA colorimetric analyzer uses the phthalein purple method, for direct comparability to lab results. It measures calcium carbonate (CaCO3) over a range of 0 to 80 mg/l with accuracy of ±0.5 mg/l. ...
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Abstract: Takedaite, Ca3B2O6, has been found in crystalline limestone near gehlenite-spurrite skarns at Fuka, Okayama Prefecture. It occurs as aggregates of granular crystals up to 0.8 mm long and 0.3 mm wide. The mineral is associated with nifontovite, olshanskyite, pentahydroborite, frolovite, sibirskite, calcite and an unidentified mineral, is white or pale gray, and has a vitreous luster. Takedaite is trigonal with space group of R3¯c, a = 8.638(1), c = 11.850(2)Å, Z = 6. The strongest lines in the X-ray powder pattern [d in A(I)(hkl)] are 2.915(100)(113), 1.895(75)(223), 2.756(61)(104), 2.493(44)(300), 2.044(21) (214,131), 2.160(19)(220), 1.976(18)(006), 1.549(12)(306). The Vickers microhardness is 478 kg mm−2 and the Mohs hardness 4.5. The density is 3.10(2) g cm−3 (meas.) and 3.11 g cm−3 (calc.). Wet chemical analyses give the values CaO 71.13%, B2O3 28.41%, ig. loss 0.14%, and total 99.68%. The empirical formula calculated on the basis of O = 6 is Ca3.053B1.965O6, with the ...
Ms. Zschocke, laboratory manager at Neumayer Tekfor GmbH, has been an enthusiastic user of a hardness testing system from Clemex Technologies for over 5 years. Tekfor is known in the metal industry as the specialist for forming technology. Weight-reduced, high- performance components for the automotive industry are manufactured in Hausach in the Black Forest. With the hardness tester they are testing their end products: from special screw connections, components for joints up to camshafts. It was precisely in order to implement these different hardness test requirements that they decided in favor of the CMT software from Clemex.. ...
The competitive field of Nanoindentation measurement is commonly decided upon depth and load specifications. Competing Nanoindentation instruments list resolution capabilities from the Pico to the Micro ranges. Unfortunately, these specifications are sometimes intentionally misleading. When Depth Resolution is specified in the Pico range, it suggests that depth is controlled and measured at a hundredth of […]
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Brukers Hysitron Electrochemical Nanoindentation Cell (ECNI Cell) greatly expands the range of environmental conditions that can be controlled during nanoindentation and tribology experiments. The ECNI Cell enables quantitative measurement of nanoscale mechanical and tribological behavior to be studied under oxidizing and reducing conditions.
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An explosive-based spherical shock-recovery system was used to load an annealed solid steel sphere. The hydrocode CTH was utilized to model the explosive-metal interaction. Based on the simulation results, pressures reached as high as 100 GPa (1 Mbar) at the surface and converged to 1.25 TPa (12.5 Mbar) at the center of the sphere. As the computer simulation predicted, post-shock examination of the recovered sphere revealed a large void at its center created as a result of strong tensile waves emanating from the surface. Micro-hardness measurements showed a hardness at the surface of the sphere approximately twice the hardness at its center. X-ray analysis of the pre and post shocked samples revealed no permanent phase transformation ...
A method of designing a skeletal implant comprises measuring physical characteristics of the bone to be implanted, generating a macro-design of the implant based on the physical characteristics, and determining a micro-design for the implant to ensure that strain in the bone is kept between 100 and 3000 microstrain to promote bone growth and to minimize bone resorption during functional loading. In an alternate embodiment, a dental implant comprises a crest portion having a circular bottom surface, an opposite circular top surface, and a side wall intermediate the bottom surface and the top surface, the top surface being adapted for attaching the dental prosthesis thereto. A circular base portion has a crestal end, an opposite apical end, and a core section intermediate the crestal end and the apical end having an outer surface. A helical thread extends about a portion of the outer surface of the core section that secures the device within existing bone. The bone contacting surface area of the
DeborahDebbie Vickers is a character on Channel Tens Puberty Blues. She is portrayed by Ashleigh Cummings. Debbie Vickers is the daughter of Martin Vickers and Judy Vickers with a little brother David. Debbie starts off as an innocent young girl, living a conventional lifestyle at home and...
The AUTOTEST 4 is a fully automatic tablet testing system for measuring weight, thickness, diameter and hardness of tablets, capsules and oblong-shaped products. The patented SmartRake system guarantees precise positioning of tablets and maximum repeatability, making the AUTOTEST 4 the most flexible automatic tablet hardness tester on the market.. With software interfaces to all major brands of tablet presses, the AUTOTEST 4 can be fully integrated for in-process control in the compression room or used stand-alone with a user-friendly PC software (fully 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant). Its solid design and trouble-free operation have made the AUTOTEST 4 the preferred choice of both operators and quality managers for the production floor as well as in research and laboratory environments worldwide.. ...
A modular tibial implant includes a tibial baseplate having a top surface, a bottom surface, and first and second openings extending between the top and bottom surfaces, and a bone engaging element having a distal end, a proximal end, and a longitudinal axis extending between the distal and proximal ends, the proximal end of the bone engaging element having a threaded opening alignable with the first opening of the tibial baseplate and a post insertible into the second opening of the tibial baseplate. The implant include a threaded fastener insertible into the aligned first opening and threaded opening, wherein the threaded fastener is rotatable for securing the proximal end of the bone engaging element to the bottom surface of the tibial baseplate, and a cam element insertible into the second opening of the tibial baseplate for engaging the post. The cam element is rotatable for moving the baseplate relative to the bone engaging element along an axis that traverses the longitudinal axis of the bone
In the current study, a comprehensive evaluation of AA5083 processed via the novel Multi-Channel Spiral Twist Extrusion (MCSTE) method was conducted. The induced stress-strain state and the deformation mechanism of multiple pass deformation via MCSTE dies with twist angle β (30°) and (40°) were analyzed using finite element analysis. Nanohardness measurements were carried out along the billet surfaces to validate the numerical model output. The micro-hardness, tensile-up-to-fracture, fracture behavior and microstructural properties were investigated. The numerical model and the empirical findings reveal that the increase in the mechanical properties of the billets processed via MCSTE die with a twist angle β (40°) was associated with a plastic strain of 0.9 (mm/mm) compared to 1.2 (mm/mm) for conventional twist extrusion dies of β (60°). For the MCSTE die with angle β (30°), the hardness and tensile properties increased as a function of increasing the number of passes, with an insignificant
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