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Our results suggest that L: -theanine has antipsychotic-like and possibly antidepressant-like effects. It exerts these effects, at least in part, through induction of BDNF in the hippocampus and the agonistic action of L: -theanine on the NMDA receptor.
1) Theanine Abatements Apprehension and Stress. After individuals took L-Theanine, they performed mental errands. Appeared differently in relation to the patients who took a placebo, they had lower extend signs, along with diminished heart rates and blood weight .. Daily supplementation in schizophrenic patients leads to diminished anxiety.. It also propelled relaxation in healthy patients.. Supplemental estimations of theanine that propel relaxation dont cause sedation.. In addition, theanine may also have stimulating effects when given at smaller estimations, measurements that are less than half the doses that propel relaxation.. 2) Theanine Upgrades Cerebrum Limit. L-Theanine supplementation helps increase thought and upgrade memory.. In men and ladies who experienced minor cerebrum hurt, a blend of L-Theanine and green tea remove improved memory in the midst of a mental exercise. It did all things considered by extending delayed acknowledgment in the midst of a memory test.. The subjects ...
The effect of various concentrations of l-glutamate on neurotransmission in the CA1 hippocampal area was studied using hippocampal slices. Three intervals of l-glutamate concentration were...
Glutamate is an amino acid used by the brain to transmit signals, but, too much glutamate blocks future signals and can lead to toxicity in the brain.
OBJECTIVES:. I. To determine the dose limiting toxicity (DLT) and maximally tolerated dose (MTD) of PTK/ZK and pemetrexed disodium when given in combination.. II. To describe the toxicities associated with the combination of PTK/ZK with pemetrexed disodium.. III. To evaluate the pharmacokinetic interaction of combination of PTK/ZK with pemetrexed disodium at the MTD (Group II).. IV. To evaluate the intracellular content of pemetrexed disodium polyglutamates as a measure of activity of pemetrexed disodium transport and activation enzymes in the MTD expansion cohort (Group II).. V. To evaluate polymorphisms and gene expression of pemetrexed disodium target genes, and genes encoding enzymes involved in the transport, activation, and inactivation of pemetrexed disodium, and correlate haplotype-tagged SNPs or gene expression levels with intracellular levels of pemetrexed disodium polyglutamates, toxicity and/or efficacy or pemetrexed disodium in Group II.. VI. To evaluate pharmacogenetic, metabolic ...
RATIONALE: Drugs used in chemotherapy, such as gemcitabine hydrochloride and carboplatin, work in different ways to stop the growth of tumor cells, either by killing the cells or by stopping them from dividing. Pemetrexed disodium and celecoxib may stop the growth of tumor cells by blocking some of the enzymes needed for cell growth. It is not yet known whether giving gemcitabine hydrochloride or pemetrexed disodium together with carboplatin is more effective with or without celecoxib in treating non-small cell lung cancer.. PURPOSE: This randomized phase III trial is studying gemcitabine hydrochloride, pemetrexed disodium, and carboplatin to compare how well they work when given together with celecoxib or a placebo in treating patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. ...
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So my dad has NSCLC type adenocarcinoma. He has had 5 rounds of chemo with Carboplatin and Alimta. I just read that "ALIMTA is a chemotherapy drug used to treat certain kinds of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) called advanced nonsquamous NSCLC." This is from the Alimta website (alimta.com). Now I am confused as to why my dad is on Alimta if its for nonsquamous type. Anyone else with adenocarcinoma been on Alimta? My dad is going to begin maintenance therapy with avastin but I was wondering if I should ask the doctor if there is other types of chemo we should try before going to maintenance therapy? Any thoughts?. Thanks in advance! ...
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Data presented today at the 42nd American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in Atlanta, Ga., affirms that ALIMTA® (pemetrexed), manufactured and marketed by Eli Lilly and Company, offers patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) similar overall survival as docetaxel (Taxotere®).. The survival data were part of a large (n=571), randomized Phase III study to evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of Alimta as second-line therapy in NSCLC. First reported in 2003(i), the study found that patients in the Alimta arm achieved 8.3 months of median survival, whereas those in the docetaxel arm obtained 7.9 months. This updated analysis of data tracked patients from the same study nearly two years beyond the conclusion of the original study and found similar results. The updated data showed that patients who received Alimta experienced 8.3 months of median survival compared to 8.0 months for those in the docetaxel arm. "The data mirror previously reported results and ...
This phase I pilot trial studies how well atezolizumab, pemetrexed disodium, cisplatin, and surgery with or without radiation therapy in treating patients
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Alimta infusion contains the active ingredient pemetrexed disodium, which is a type of chemotherapy medicine for cancer called a cytotoxic antimetabolite.
Learn how ALIMTA may help treat advanced nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer. Find information about ALIMTA and platinum chemotherapy (carboplatin or cisplatin) in combination with KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab).
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Condition: Malignant Mesothelioma. Estimated Enrollment: 153. Gender: All. Min Age: 18 Years. Age Group: Adult, Older Adult. Current Status: Completed. Study Results: No Results Available. Outcome Measures: Complete macroscopic resection (part 1), Loco-regional relapse-free survival (part 2), Response to neoadjuvant therapy (part 1), Adverse drug reaction to neoadjuvant therapy (part 1). Interventions: Cisplatin, Pemetrexed. Phase: Study Type: Interventional. Study Design: Allocation: Randomized, Intervention Model: Parallel Assignment, Masking: None (Open Label),Primary Purpose: Treatment. Primary Completion Date: March 26, 2014. Completion Date: January 23, 2018. Last Posted Date: May 15, 2019. Location: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany. Website Link: https://ClinicalTrials.gov/show/NCT00334594. ...
In this study, patients will receive either pemetrexed plus irinotecan or 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), leucovorin, and irinotecan.The purposes of this
The mechanisms regulating the highly ordered neuroarchitecture of the mammalian brain are largely unknown. The present study took advantage of hippocampal pyramidal-like neurons that arose from a common progenitor cell in cell culture (sister neurons) to ascertain the contribution of intrinsic factors to both the generation and degeneration of neuroarchitecture. Sister neurons were similar in overall cell form and dendritic numbers and lengths. Control non-sister neurons that grew in contact did not generate similar morphologies, indicating that the similarity of sister cells did not result from influences of the local microenvironment or cell interactions. These results suggest that intrinsic factors related to mitotic history play a role in the generation of neuroarchitecture. Since particular groups of hippocampal neurons are sensitive to glutamate neurotoxicity in situ and are vulnerable in neurodegenerative disorders, it was of interest to test glutamate sensitivity in the neuronal ...
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This trial assessed the efficacy and tolerability of pemetrexed [Alimta, LY231514, NSC 698037] + cisplatin [NSC 119875] in patients with advanced, persistent,
L-Theanine is considered an amino acid analogue of both L-glutamate and L-glutamine, and is commonly derived from various species of plants. L-theanine i
Assessment of the change in tumour burden is an important feature of the clinical evaluation of cancer therapeutics: both tumour shrinkage (objective response) and disease progression are useful endpoints in clinical trials. Since RECIST was published in 2000, many investigators, cooperative groups, industry and government authorities have adopted these criteria in the assessment of treatment outcomes. However, a number of questions and issues have arisen which have led to the development of a revised RECIST guideline (version 1.1). Evidence for changes, summarised in separate papers in this special issue, has come from assessment of a large data warehouse (,6500 patients), simulation studies and literature reviews. HIGHLIGHTS OF REVISED RECIST 1.1: Major changes include: Number of lesions to be assessed: based on evidence from numerous trial databases merged into a data warehouse for analysis purposes, the number of lesions required to assess tumour burden for response determination has been ...
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You are viewing an interactive 3D depiction of the molecule n-[4-({[(6r)-2-amino-5-methyl-4-oxo-3,4,5,6,7,8-hexahydro-6-pteridinyl]methyl}amino)benzoyl]-d-glutamic acid (C20H26N7O6+) from the PQR.
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Pemetrexed is a cancer medication that interferes with the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. Pemetrexed is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer after other cancer medications have been tried without successful treatment. Pemetrexed is also used with another medication called cisplatin to treat...
L-Theanine nootropic is an antagonist of NMDA receptor and can inhibit the release of glutamate. This helps in shielding your brain from over-stimulation that is caused by glutamate and glutamate toxicity.
This trial will assess the efficacy and tolerability of gemcitabine and pemetrexed in combination followed by pemetrexed and concurrent upper abdominal
TY - JOUR. T1 - Short-term metabolic fate of 13N-labeled glutamate, alanine, and glutamine(amide) in rat liver. AU - Cooper, A. J.L.. AU - Nieves, E.. AU - Rosenspire, K. C.. AU - Filc-DeRicco, S.. AU - Gelbard, A. S.. AU - Brusilow, S. W.. PY - 1988/12/1. Y1 - 1988/12/1. N2 - Tracer quantities (in 0.2 ml) of 13N-labele glutamate, alanine, or glutamine(amide) were administered rapidly (≤ 2 s) via the portal vein of anesthetized adult male rats. Liver content of tracer at 5 s was 57 ± 6 (n = 6), 24 ± 1 (n = 3), and 69 ± 7 (n = 3) % of the injected dose, respectively. Portal-hepatic vein differences for the corresponding amino acids were 17 ± 6, 26 ± 8, and 19 ± 9% (n = 4), respectively, suggesting some export of glutamate and glutamine, but not of alanine, to the hepatic vein. Following L-[13N]glutamate administration, label rapidly appeared in liver alanine and aspartate (within seconds). The data emphasize the rapidity of nitrogen exchange via linked transaminases. By 30 s following ...
Wild-type GluN1/GluN2A shows robust glutamate-activated currents (Fig. 3 A, left; −750 ± 50 pA, n = 18; n = number of whole-cell recordings). Most other tryptophan-substituted constructs also showed robust glutamate-activated current, though certain constructs showed either significantly reduced peak current amplitudes (e.g., GluN1(M813W)/GluN2A; Fig. 3 A, middle) or no detectable glutamate-activated membrane current (e.g., GluN1/GluN2A(S831W); Fig. 3 A, right). To compare current amplitudes, we normalized current amplitudes to those for wild type (Fig. 3 B and Table 1). Constructs are highlighted as to whether they showed significantly reduced current amplitudes (blue), significantly greater current amplitudes (green) or no detectable current (X, red) relative to wild type (P , 0.05, t test).. This experiment suggests several initial conclusions. First, compared with similar experiments for AMPARs, where 9 out of 23 tested positions in the M4 segment showed no detectable current (Salussolia ...
What does SLC25A22 do? Mitochondria are the cellular energy plant of the cell, and molecular transport is tightly regulated at both the outer and inner mitochondrial membrane. SCL25A22, also known as GC1, is the main glutamate transporter across the inner mitochondrial membrane. Why do the mitochondria need glutamate? Glutamate plays an important role in fuelling both the Krebs cycle and urea cycle, and impairment of glutamate import may have a devastating effect on the energy homeostasis of the cell. As demonstrated by the catastrophic epilepsy arising from SLC25A22 deficiency, the effect is particularly damaging in the developing nervous system where SLC25A22 is highly expressed. However, it remains to be shown whether the effect of recessive SLC25A22 mutations actually result in mitochondrial glutamate starvation.. The SLC25A22 phenotype. Recessive mutations in SCL25A22 were previously described in a family with neonatal epileptic encephalopathy with suppression bursts (NEESB), cerebellar ...
Hi All. Its been some time since my last post. Would like to provide some update and get some insight on proper next step.. My mother had finished 4 cycles of carbo + alimta with minimal side effects. Her PET scan afterwards shown improvement in the lung and bone mets, and also her CEI has dropped from over 4000 to around 600. Symptom-wise she had also improved greatly that her cough had stopped completely. The doctors at our government sector followed their standard procedure to stop the carbo and remain alimta as maintenance therapy This is where things go the other way round. Her coughing resumed before the second alimta maintenance treatment and CEI had rose to over 700. Situation did not improve after the 3rd alimta only dose and a PET scan was arranged and it turns out the main tumor and also the bone/adrenal gland mets had all worsen. Doctor suggested alimta is of no use any more and suggested to start keytruda at 2mg/KG/3weeks as a next step (without PDL1 testing).. We consulted our ...
The first direct comparison of treating nonsquamous lung cancer with either pemetrexed or docetaxel in addition to cisplatin has shown that the two combinations achieve similar progression-free survival.
The aim of this study is to explore the Clinical Value of Sequential Gefitinib With Pemetrexed/Platinum compare with Pemetrexed/Platinum for Advanced NS
Grumet, F.C., 1972: Genetic control of the immune response a selective defect in immunologic immuno globulin g memory in nonresponder mice
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