A method is provided for consuming information based on a geographic location profile of a user. The method receives a first set of information, based on a geographic location of interest to a user. The method sends, through a network, the first set of information to assemble a geographic location profile of the user. The method receives, through the network, a second set of information, based on the geographic location profile of the user. The method then communicates the second set of information to the user. The goegraphic location profile of the user is based on the first set of information.
The geographical locations of the Guanzhong Han and 10 reference groups in China.The map was created in matlab R2013b software (MathWorks Inc., USA).
CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract. Location-aware applications require a geographic location service of Internet hosts. We focus on a measurement-based service for the geographic location of Internet hosts. Host locations are inferred by comparing delay patterns of geographically distributed landmarks, which are hosts with a known geographic location, with the delay pattern of the target host to be located. Results show a significant correlation between geographic distance and network delay that can be exploited for a coarse-grained geographic location of Internet hosts. 1
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Geographic locations of the samples analyzed in the study Parallel palaeogenomic transects reveal complex genetic history of early European farmers with a close-up of Hungary (based on figure 1a-b from Nature, Lipson/Szécsényi-Nagy et al. 2017, http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature24476).
Location Maps of Panimavida Hotsprings in Chile and its surroundings tourist attractions. Geographic satellite location of Panimavida Hotsprings
More information: Discovery of optical flickering from the symbiotic star EF Aquilae, arXiv:1702.08243 [astro-ph.SR] arxiv.org/abs/1702.08243AbstractWe report optical CCD photometry of the recently identified symbiotic star EF Aql. Our observations in Johnson V and B bands clearly show the presence of stochastic light variations with an amplitude of about 0.2 mag on a time scale of minutes. The observations point toward a white dwarf (WD) as the hot component in the system. It is the 11-th object among more than 200 symbiotic stars known with detected optical flickering. Estimates of the mass accretion rate onto the WD and the mass loss rate in the wind of the Mira secondary star lead to the conclusion that less than 1 per cent of the wind is captured by the WD. Eight further candidates for the detection of flickering in similar systems are suggested. (Phys.org)-European researchers have detected optical flickering from a distant symbiotic star known as EF Aquilae (EF Aql for short). The new ...
This talk is about creating visualizations for data that includes geographical locations. We will be using data from InsideAirbnb.com to represent the current status of Airbnb listings in Mallorca.. We will show practical examples of different visualizations of geographical data:. First, we will start with how to use bokeh to overlay data on google maps. We will use examples to show how the GMapPlot interface works. We will briefly explain how to use it, and what are its limitations.. Then, we will talk about plotting shapefiles with holoviews. Shapefiles are files that describe the shape of maps. We will explain how to deal with shapefiles. For instance, we will describe how we use shapefiles to group geographical data by regions. We will also briefly explain how holoviews works and how it can be used to display geographical data.. Moreover, we will talk about using datashader and geoviews to visualize big data. First, we will briefly introduce datashader, bin based plotting and the datashader ...
Location Maps of Antuco Ski Center in Chile and its surroundings tourist attractions. Geographic satellite location of Antuco Ski Center