A medicament discharging device and an expendable clip thereon containing a plurality of medicament cartridges. Each of the cartridges comprises a container, a dosage of medicament in the container, a hypodermic needle sealingly contained in a sterile condition in cooperating relation with the container and a movable wall means at one end of the container operable when moved through a discharging stroke to cause the sharpened end of the needle to move outwardly out of sealingly contained relation and into the muscle tissue of a patient and the medicament dosage to move outwardly of the container into the opposite end of the needle and out of the sharpened end thereof into the muscle tissue of the patient. The medicament discharging device comprises a portable manually engageable housing structure defining a medicament cartridge receiving station, a plunger mounted in the housing structure for movement through the medicament cartridge receiving station in repetitive operative cycles each of which
An apparatus is used to apply medicament to an eye and stores the medicament in a medicament chamber. A nozzle is coupled in fluid communication with the medicament chamber and is formed by an outer nozzle portion and an inner nozzle portion received within the outer nozzle portion. A seam is formed by the interface of the inner nozzle portion and the outer nozzle portion and is normally in a closed position to prevent the passage of medicament through the nozzle. The seam opens in response to the flow of medicament of sufficient pressure into the seam to permit the passage of medicament through the nozzle for release into the eye.
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A unit dose medicament storing and mixing system is described having a dual compartmented and collapsible container for use in an intravenous administration system. One of the compartments contains unit dose measurements of sterile medicament (in powder or liquid form), the second compartment to contain sterile intravenous fluid to be used as a diluent. The two compartments are separated by a closure which is separable and resealable. An external clamping device is used to lock the resealable closure and keep the compartments separate. Prior to the infusion of the activated medicament to the patient, the drug is prepared by removing the external clamp and separating the resealable membrane device, thereby providing fluid communication between chambers and effecting intermixing of the contents thereof. The membrane can then optionally be resealed in order to separate the medicament to be delivered from any residual air left in the container.
A storage and delivery vessel for a two-part medicament that has first deformable chamber for holding a first part of a medicament and a second chamber for holding a second part of the medicament. The chambers are separated by a closure which opens when the first chamber is deformed by an external force, to mix the first and second parts of the medicament for dispensing through a dispensing aperture.
An apparatus includes a medicament container and an actuator assembly coupled to a proximal end portion of the medicament container. A distal end portion of the medicament container is configured to be coupled to a needle. A piston is movably disposed within the medicament container such that the medicament container is divided into a first internal portion and a second internal portion, the first internal portion containing a medicament. The actuator assembly has a pressurized fluid container, a regulator and a bias member. The pressurized fluid container is configured to move relative to the medicament container between a first position and a second position. The regulator is configured to fluidically couple the pressurized fluid container and the second internal portion of the medicament container when the pressurized fluid container is in the second position. The bias member is configured to bias the pressurized fluid container in the first position.
Many of the lesions appear radiographically to be dangerously close to the pulp or to actually involve the dental pulp. Approximately 75% of the teeth with deep caries have been found from clinical observations to have pulpal exposures. Formocresol ...
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The present invention pertains to delivery systems for the localized administration of a medicament to the upper respiratory tract. The delivery system comprises: (a) a safe and effective amount of a medicament useful for treating the upper respiratory tract, (b) an ionic polysaccharide, and, (c) a cross-linking agent. This invention also pertains to the medicated compositions containing the targeted delivery system in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. The invention further pertains to methods for preparing and using the delivery systems and medicated compositions.
That if you can not clean the root canal system the formocresol kills the bugs and the endotoxins or other bacterial cell products from their carcasses can be more irritating than the medicament or the bugs themselves.
That if you can not clean the root canal system the formocresol kills the bugs and the endotoxins or other bacterial cell products from their carcasses can be more irritating than the medicament or the bugs themselves.
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Levurin, 10 plicuri, Innergy poate fi eficient in preventia si tratamentul diareii asociate antibioterapiei. Comanda Levurin plicuri la cel mai bun pret, medicament probiotic
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Customized allergen extracts were prepared centrally for each patient based on his/her specific skin test results. Four vials containing dilutions of the patients extract were provided. Investigators initiated dosing according to the protocol for the cluster dosing titration regimen, beginning with vial #4 (the most dilute) and progressing to vial #1, which was the most concentrated or maintenance solution. Each dose was administered subcutaneously into the deltoid region as a single injection. During study visits that required multiple IT injections, each injection was to be given at least 30 minutes apart. During weeks that required multiple visits for IT injections, each visit was to be separated by at least 48 hours ...
Primary care means pediatrics, family medicine, general practice, or internal medicine. Find a doctor who can spend time looking at lots of symptoms and issues... Which means one must buy really good insurance that pays for multiple visits and long visits (unlike hmos, medicare, and medicaid). Would you like to video or text chat with me? ...
Dr. Frank equates the experience to going to the dentist. "I would say the recovery during the weekend is like getting a tooth pulled, having a root canal. Theres really no bruising, just puffiness," he says. "Its a weekend recovery. Ive never had a patient in the ten years Ive been doing it who couldnt go to work on Monday." So, how does this compare with competing non-invasive methods like Kybella, a fat-busting injectable and the fat freezing CoolSculpting?. The problem with procedures like Kybella and CoolScultping is that they dont treat the jowl area. "You cant do CoolSculpting and you cant inject Kybella in the jowls because theres a very important nerve that is affected when you do something like that," reveals Dr. Frank. "With UltraTight, I can etch out the jawline all the way to the ear." Furthermore, Kybella causes a considerable amount of swelling, resulting in more downtime. It also requires multiple visits while UltraTight is a one-time procedure. "Most people end up ...
A method for preventing a restenosis within a vessel wall requires a medicament be delivered at predetermined locations into the vessel wall and allowed to subsequently disperse in a predetermined pattern. To deliver the medicament, a catheter with an expanding member is advanced into the vasculature of a patient until the expanding member is located as desired. The expanding member is then expanded to force dispensers into the vessel wall to the proper depth. A medicament is then pumped through the dispensers to create a plurality of equally spaced, localized medicinal deliveries which subsequently disperse to medicate an annulus shaped volume within the vessel wall.
An antibiotic is a substance of microbial, animal or plant origin, which is able to suppress the development of micro-organisms or cause their death.
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Comment Commander En Ligne Glyburide and Metformin. Glucovance Générique est utilisé pour traiter le diabète de type 2 chez les patients qui ne peuvent pas contrôler leur glycémie sanguine uniquement à laide dun régime alimentaire et dexercice. Il peut être utilisé seul ou en combinaison avec dautres médicaments pour le diabète. ...
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... - Medicament utilizat in tratamcntul sindroamelor gripale. Antigripalele (in limbaj curent) fac parte din tratamentul simptomelor, si nu al cauzei, numeroaselor infectii virale curente care seamana cu
Pistonul nebulizator pentru aeroterapie este capabil sa nebulizeze majoritatea medicamentelor. Practic si simplu de utilizat, ideal pentru tratamentul de acasa al bolilor respiratorii. Caracteristici tehnice : Compresor : Presiune maxima : 1,85 bar (185 k Pa ) Flux maxim : 10 l /min Fluxul de operare (dupa accesorii ) : 5 l / min (1,1 bar / 110 kPa ) Rezervor nebulizator: Capacitate : 12 ml Volumul respirabil : (particule ) 5 m : 80% Rata de nebulizare : (cu solutie salina ): 0,35 ml / min Volumul rezidual : 0,7 ml Accesorii : Rezervor medicament Garnitura vaporizator Tub de aer Conector accesorii Atasament gura Atasament nas Masca pentru copii Masca pentru adulti. ...
A system for delivering medicaments to tissue including a delivery member and an optical fiber formed together into a unitary structure. The optical fiber has an inlet attached to a laser energy source and an outlet for emitting laser energy. The delivery member has an inlet attached to a medicament source and an outlet for injecting medicament. A handpiece is adapted to receive the ablating and injecting device in a controlled and movable relationship and may include at least one tissue stabilizing member thereon. In use, the distal end of the handpiece is placed against tissue to be ablated. The optical fiber is advanced into the tissue while emitting laser energy thereby ablating the tissue and forming a channel therein. During retraction, medicament may be injected into the channel or into the tissue surrounding the channel.
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The present invention relates to the monoclonal antibody e20 or a functional fragment thereof as a medicament for the therapeutic treatment and prevention of HCV infections. The e20 antibody is able to bind all of the known HCV genotypes and exhibits a strong neutralising activity against the virus, in particular towards genotypes 1a, 1b, 2a, and 4. A pharmaceutical composition is also described for the treatment or prevention of HCV infections, which comprises the monoclonal antibody e20 or a functional fragment thereof, and pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, carriers or diluents.
Sumatriptan Medicament Générique Imitrex Ou Achetez Le Moins Cher Imitrex. Imitrex générique (Sumatriptan) est un vasoconstricteur cérébral utilisé pour…
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Average cost to remove foxes is about $350 - $475 (ground-trapping to remove a family of four or more foxes from a den, multiple visits). Find here detailed information about fox removal costs.
293392741 - EP 1100780 A1 2001-05-23 - 2,3,3a,4,9,9a-HEXAHYDRO-8-HYDROXY-1H-BENZ[F]INDOLES, A METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF, AND THEIR USE AS MEDICAMENTS - [origin: DE19834714A1] The application relates to substituted 2,3,3a,4,9,9a hexahydro-8-hydroxy-1H-benz[f]indole derivatives, to a method for the production thereof, and to their use as medicaments. The inventive indole derivatives correspond to general formula (1).[origin: DE19834714A1] The application relates to substituted 2,3,3a,4,9,9a hexahydro-8-hydroxy-1H-benz[f]indole derivatives, to a method for the production thereof, and to their use as medicaments. The inventive indole derivatives correspond to general formula (1).
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Novel substituted 2,4-diamino-5-benzyl pyrimidines are described. The novel substances have antimicrobial activity and are particularly suitable for inhibiting the growth of mycobacteria. Combined wit
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Folinat de calciu Teva apartine grupului de medicamente antitoxice utilizate in tratamentul citostatic. FOLINAT DE CALCIU TEVA 10 mg/ml solutie injectabila Acid folinic Cititi cu atentie si in intregime acest prospect inainte de a incepe sa utilizati acest medicament. Pastrati acest prospect. S-ar putea sa fie necesar sa-l recititi. Daca aveti orice intrebari suplimentare, adresati-va [Citeste continuarea Prospect FOLINAT DE CALCIU TEVA 10 mg/ml, soluţie injectabilă]. ...
Oamenii de stiinta sunt de parere ca au descoperit pilula tineretii. Ei au conceput in laborator un medicament care te scapa de riduri. Pilula contine un amestec de plante, in special compusi de soia, vitamine si omega 3. Testele arata ca o asemenea pilula reduce ridurile fine, cele de expresie, dar si cele mai adanci din zona tamplelor, a ochilor sau pe frunte.. Se pare ca pilula minune ar reduce cu cel putin 10% ridurile denumite in popor "laba gastii", niste linii adanci care se formeaza in coltul ochilor. Produsul costa in jur de 35 lire sterline pe luna, iar specialistii recomanda tratamentul pentru mai multe luni, in functie de varsta, dar si frecventa ridurilor. Pilula ajuta pielea sa produca colagen, o substanta care da elasticitate tesuturilor. Colagenul este secretat in mod natural de organism, dar odata cu inaintareain varsta, productia lui scade drastic.. Studiul a fost facut pe 110 femei a caror medie de varsta era 61 de ani. Dupa ce au luat timp de trei luni asa zisa pilula a ...
290710217 - EP 1318820 A2 2003-06-18 - MEDICAMENT CONTAINING SUB-ANESTHETIC CONCENTRATIONS OF XENON FOR USE IN THE TREATMENT OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES - [origin: WO0222141A2] Xenon or xenon-containing gases are used as medicaments, in particular as a cardiovascular preparation, hypertensive, sedative or analgetic. The medicament preferably contains sub-anaesthetic amounts of xenon.[origin: WO0222141A2] Xenon or xenon-containing gases are used as medicaments, in particular as a cardiovascular preparation, hypertensive, sedative or analgetic. The medicament preferably contains sub-anaesthetic amounts of xenon.
Formocresol mutagenicity following primary tooth pulp therapy: an in vivo study.: The results revealed that, from a statistical standpoint, formocresol is not m
Form all the medicaments reviewed, there were two materials that exhibited theses properties effectively and had features that would be considered nearly ideal properties after evaluating the ratio of risk to advantage. The materials are Calcium hydroxide , Ledermix paste ...
PubMedID: 22502601 | A randomized study of sodium hypochlorite versus formocresol pulpotomy in primary molar teeth. | International journal of paediatric dentistry / the British Paedodontic Society [and] the International Association of Dentistry for Children | 3/1/2013