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A method for separating and purifying the active hematinic species (AHS) present in iron-saccharidic compositions, including AHS such as sodium ferric gluconate complex, ferric hydroxide-sucrose complex and ferric saccharate complex and others of similar form and function. The method separates the AHS from one or more excipients and, preferably, lyophilizes the separated AHS. Separation of the AHS permits its analytical quantification, further concentration, purification and/or lyophilization as well as preparation of new and useful products and pharmaceutical compositions, including those useful for the treatment of humans and animals.
Hematite (-Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4) and goethite (-FeOOH) nanoparticles were synthesized by transformation of ferrihydrite and precipitation methods, this materials were used for the removal of arsenic (V) ions from aqueous solution. The synthesized nanoparticles were characterized by some physico chemical and spectroscopic methods such as bulk density, point of zero charge(pzc), micropore volume, surface area, x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, fourier transform infra-red, Scanning and Transformation electron microscopy. The characteristic properties of the iron oxides show that the samples were nanoparticle in size with surface area in the range 45.3 to 56.1m2/g. The x-ray diffraction showed the sample had crystal structures of hematite, goethite and magnetite of 84.3% - 95% respectively. The adsorption experiment results revealed that equilibrium was reached within 120 minutes of the adsorption process and it was pH dependent where optimum pH. Furthermore, batch adsorption isotherm studies
A 40.5-year-old man developed hypophosphataemia and osteomalacia following treatment with ferric carboxymaltose and iron sucrose for microcytic anaemia. Additionally, zoledronic acid and unspecified glucocorticoid contributed in osteomalacia [not all dosages and routes stated].. The man, with Crohns disease (CD) presented to osteology outpatient clinic due to diffuse skeletal pain (lumbar and thoracic spine, ribs and lower extremities), progressive loss of mobility and gait disturbance. After clinical worsening (of persisting bone pain and gait disturbance), he received zoledronic acid. However, his symptoms did not improve over the subsequent months, thus, he was hospitalised. He had been receiving calcium and vitamin D supplementation, along with maintenance therapy of... ...
Selective separation of haematite from alumina and silica/calcite was achieved through microbiologically induced flotation and flocculation in presence of Bacillus subtilis. Bacterial metabolites containing extracellular proteins were characterized from mineral-grown bacterial cell free extract. Bacteria can adhere to mineral surfaces and influence subsequent flotation of the minerals. Cells and metabolic products of bacteria were used in flotation, flocculation and adsorption studies on oxide minerals. Bacteria functions as a stronger depressant for haematite. Selective affinity of the bacterial cells towards the mineral surface was observed through adsorption studies. Bacterial byproduct like extracellular protein (EP) was isolated from bacteria. The protein profile of the EP of bacterial cells grown in presence and absence of minerals (haematite, corundum, quartz and calcite) was also studied. The role of such proteins in selective mineral separation was demonstrated through microbially ...
Iron (Fe) oxides exist in a spectrum of structures in the environment, with ferrihydrite widely considered the most bioavailable phase. Yet, ferrihydrite is unstable and rapidly transforms to more crystalline Fe(III) oxides (e.g., goethite, hematite), which are poorly reduced by model dissimilatory Fe(III)-reducing microorganisms. This begs the question, what processes and microbial groups are responsible for reduction of crystalline Fe(III) oxides within sedimentary environments? Further, how do changes in Fe mineralogy shape oxide-hosted microbial populations? To address these questions, we conducted a large-scale cultivation effort using various Fe(III) oxides (ferrihydrite, goethite, hematite) and carbon substrates (glucose, lactate, acetate) along a dilution gradient to enrich for microbial populations capable of reducing Fe oxides spanning a wide range of crystallinities and reduction potentials. While carbon source was the most important variable shaping community composition within ...
Realizing the full potential of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP) for cancer diagnosis and therapy requires selective tumor cell accumulation. Here, we report a systematic analysis of two key determinants for IONP homing to human breast cancers: (i) particle size and (ii) active vs passive targeting. In vitro, molecular targeting to the HER2 receptor was the dominant factor driving cancer cell association. In contrast, size was found to be the key determinant of tumor accumulation in vivo, where molecular targeting increased tumor tissue concentrations for 30 nm but not 100 nm IONP. Similar to the in vitro results, PEGylation did not influence in vivo IONP biodistribution. Thus, the results reported here indicate that the in vitro advantages of molecular targeting may not consistently extend to pre-clinical in vivo settings. These observations may have important implications for the design and clinical translation of advanced, multifunctional, IONP platforms.
Journal of Nanomaterials is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that aims to bring science and applications together on nanoscale and nanostructured materials with emphasis on synthesis, processing, characterization, and applications of materials containing true nanosize dimensions or nanostructures that enable novel/enhanced properties or functions. It is directed at both academic researchers and practicing engineers. Journal of Nanomaterials will highlight the continued growth and new challenges in nanomaterials science, engineering, and nanotechnology, both for application development and for basic research. All papers should emphasize original results relating to experimental, theoretical, computational, and/or applications of nanomaterials ranging from hard (inorganic) materials, through soft (polymeric and biological) materials, to hybrid materials or nanocomposites.
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GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - AquaMaxx AquaMaxx Granular Ferric Oxide (aka GFO) is an adsorbent filter media that helps to remove phosphate from the aquarium water without leaching it back into the water.Having GFO in your filtration system reduces the risk for nuisance algae growth, which can quickly
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Reducing ferromagnetic particle size is an important strategy to improve their positive effect on imaging through the suppression of their negative effect, demonstrated by ultrasmall manganese ferrite nanoparticles prepared from an environmentally-friendly aqueous route. These ultrasmall particles exhibit pronounced paramagnetic characteristics and nontoxicity, making them efficient T1-positive contrast agent and manganese contrast agents for manganese enhanced MRI ...
Because of ecological considerations and the pending worldwide shortage of rutile the Bureau of Mines is investigating the use of chlorination technology in extractive metallurgy. The present paper describes studies using a 16.5-Cm-diam fluidized-bed reactor system designed to dechlorinate ferric chloride by oxygen. The use of low- density ferric chloride feed mixed with recycled ferric oxide, p
... _EXTRACTION OF IRON EXTRACTION OF IRON FROM HAEMATITE citycollegiate extraction_iron htmThe process of the extraction of iron is carried out by the following steps: Concentration of ore Calcinat
Class formation of Hematite in the Kidney Ore variety habit from the Egremont Iron mining area of Egremont. The specimen displays the characteristic light reflective surface of the botryoidal Hematite. A fine specimen of the variety.
The pulmonary vasculature in haematite lung.: A histological study was made of the pulmonary vasculature in two cases of haematite lung. Between fibrotic nodule
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The review demonstrates that PK (pharmacokinetics) and a major part of PD (pharmacodynamics) of pn-iron(III)-oxyhydroxide carbohydrate complexes (pn-ICC) depend on the ch..
Iron (oxyhydr)oxide (FeOOH) minerals play important roles in various natural, technological and societal settings. The widespread abundance of these minerals has prompted numerous studies on their surface reactivity in aqueous media. Surface charge development, one that namely takes place through the adsorption of potential determining ions (p.d.i.; H+, OH-) and coadsorption of counterions (e.g. Cl-, ClO4-, Na+), is particularly interesting in this regard. Mineral surface charge development is determined by numerous factors related to the interplay of mineral surface structure, particle morphology and counterion identity.. In this thesis the interplay between these factors is resolved by monitoring charge development on submicron-sized synthetic iron oxyhydroxide particles of different structures and sizes in aqueous media with counteranions of contrasting charge-to-size ratio (i.e. NaCl, NaClO4). This work, which is summarized in an introductory chapter and detailed in five appendices, is ...
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An Indiana facility is looking for opportunities to reduce the generation of ferric chloride resulting from the etching of stainless and carbon steel. The facility is in the business of sheet metal coating and allied service. Additionally, examples of facilities that have made substitutions, process enhancements, etc. to reduce the generation of ferric chloride would be appreciated as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Mark C. Stoddard IDEM Office of Pollution Prevention & Technical Assistance [email protected] ...
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... Published by Technavio at . Global Ferric Chloride Market 2015-2019 is a research report segmented on Key players, Drivers, Challenges and Trends
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This study is investigating the efficacy of a single, high-dose intravenous ferric carboxymaltose injection with oral ferrous fumarate (iron) supplementation to
A process for the production of a black iron oxide pigment from fe2o3 hematite iron oxide which may be an impure oxide produced by the ruthner process or by other means or which may be a mineral hematitehe process may be used to upgrade poor quality synthetic or natural hematite or to improve their performance as red pigments by conversion to black pigment with subsequent oxidation of.. ...
Nano magnetic oxides are promising candidates for high density magnetic storage and other applications. Nonspherical mesoscopic iron oxide particles are also candidate materials for studying the shape, size and strain induced modifications of various physical properties viz. optical, magnetic and structural. Spherical and nonspherical iron oxides having an aspect ratio, ∼2, are synthesized by employing starch and ethylene glycol and starch and water, respectively by a novel technique. Their optical, structural, thermal and magnetic properties are evaluated. A red shift of 0.24 eV is observed in the case of nonspherical particles when compared to spherical ones. The red shift is attributed to strain induced changes in internal pressure inside the elongated iron oxide particles. Pressure induced effects are due to the increased overlap of wave functions. Magnetic measurements reveal that particles are superparamagnetic. The marked increase in coercivity in the case of elongated particles is a ...
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Due to deterioration of the existing ferric chloride (FeCl3) tanks housed within the Train Shed Building, replacement FeCl3 storage was needed for current and future use. NEORSD sought to install new FeCl3 tanks in the Chemical Handling Building, which housed mostly abandoned chemical equipment. In order to accomplish the installation of the new tanks, a portion of the Chemical Handling Building required rehabilitation.
The hydrogen bond in oxyhydroxides and hydroxides is an attractive interaction between a hydrogen atom from a hydroxyl (O-H) group and a near neighbor oxygen atom or a group of atoms. In contrast to other interacting atoms, H bonds undergo large variations of their energetic and geometrical parameters under pressure. At ambient pressure the O-H…O configuration in goethite FeOOH compound was found to be highly asymmetric. However, in this work the hydrogen bonds were predicted to transform from asymmetric soft O-H…O to a symmetric rigid configuration in which the proton lies midway between the two oxygen atoms under high pressures. Ab initio calculations were employed in order to investigate the stability and structural properties of FeOOH. The antiferromagnetic (AFM) high spin (HS) phase was found to have the lowest total energy, i.e. to be the most stable configuration in the 0-57 GPa pressure range (Fig. 1). Above 57 GPa (inset in Fig. 1) the stable configuration becomes the low spin (LS) ...
To compare if the administration of intravenous iron supplementation is better than the oral dosage to reestablish clinical symptoms of severe anemia minimizing its side-effects (weariness, depression, anxiety) or to avoid the need for blood ...
Appearance: opaque red-brown liquid.. Packaging: 1000 liters containers - IBC.. Application: Used as raw material for the purification of water and energy himvodoochistnite facilities and other industrial uses, for example. in the production of printed circuit boards and so on.. Technical Information:. Name: ferric chloride sulphate. Formula: FeClSO 4. Molecular Weight: 187.3. No CAS: 12410-14-9. No the UN : 1791. ...
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Ferric chloride is a traditional home-use circuit board etchant. Its easy enough to come by, and the Ferric by itself is no big environmental problem. However,...
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The global anhydrous ferric chloride market size is likely to observe potential gains in the near future, and witness significant CAGR over the forecast period (2019 - 2027).
Technavio analysts forecast the ferric chloride market in MENA to grow at a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period, according to their latest report.
Hematite This iron oxide mineral is the ultimate stone for grounding, especially when facing trying situations. It balances the energies between the body, mind, and spirit, and protects you from absorbing negativity from others. Also called the Stone for the Mind, Hematite stimulates deep thoughts and a desire for le
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Nanosized iron is a promising candidate as an iron fortificant due to its good solubility and bioavailability. Here, ferric hydrolysis in the presence of salmon/herring sperm DNA yielded irregularly shaped, highly negatively charged DNA-stabilized ferric oxyhydroxide nanoparticles (DNA-FeONPs) aggregated from 2-4 n