Human transferrin receptor, molecular model. This molecule is found on the surface of a cell. It binds transferrins, iron-binding glycoproteins found in the blood plasma, and transports them into the cell. - Stock Image F009/6016
References for Abcams Human Transferrin Receptor peptide (ab101219). Please let us know if you have used this product in your publication
Product Name: Mouse mAb anti- human transferrin Receptor (CD71), Clone CY-TFRCollection: AntibodySub Category: Monoclonal AntibodyImmunogen: Purified human
Bordelon, M R., "Malignant characteristics of somatic cell hybrids of normal human and malignant mouse cells. Abstr." (1974). Subject Strain Bibliography 1974. 446 ...
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Buy our Natural Human Transferrin protein. Ab91435 is a full length protein produced in Nativesyntheticaly and has been validated in WB, SDS-PAGE. Abcam…
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