The gastric chief cell (also known as a zymogenic cell or peptic cell) is a cell in the stomach that releases pepsinogen[1] and chymosin. Pepsinogen is activated into the digestive enzyme pepsin when it comes in contact with acid produced by gastric parietal cells.[2] This type of cell also secretes gastric lipase enzymes, which help digest triglycerides into free fatty acids and di- and mono-glycerides.[3] There is also evidence that the gastric chief cell secretes leptin in response to the presence of food in the stomach. Leptin has been found in the pepsinogen granules of chief cells.[4] Gastric pit cells are replaced every 2-4 days. This high rate of turnover is a protective mechanism designed to protect the epithelial lining of the stomach from both the proteolytic action of pepsin and the acid produced by parietal cells.[5] Gastric chief cells are much longer lived and are believed to differentiate from stem cells located higher in the gastric unit in the isthmus.[1] These stem cells ...
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Gastrointestinal malignancies are strongly linked to chronic inflammation (25-29). Gastric tumorigenesis in K19-Wnt1/C2mE mice was also recently shown to be suppressed by knockout of either TNFα or its receptor TNFR1, suggesting that TNFα-dependent inflammation plays a key role in the development of gastric cancer (30). Furthermore, the development of SPEM in response to acute parietal cell loss is dependent on the recruitment of macrophages to the gastric epithelium (31). Together, these findings suggest that inflammation triggers the histopathologic alterations of gastric epithelium that leads to tumor development. We have now shown that the inflammation-associated ROS plays a key role in the parietal cell loss that is an early and critical step in the development of SPEM, and the subsequent formation of gastric tumors. The accumulation of ROS triggers the p38MAPK-p16INK4a/p19ARF signaling pathway selectively in parietal cells and the consequent induction of parietal cell loss. In fact, ...
Appetite-reducing hormones, such as amylin, insulin, GIP, GLP-1, PP, and PYY, produced in the small intestine and pancreas are important in mammalian energy homeostasis, [32-35], as is leptin which is produced mostly by adipocytes, but also by gastric chief cells [6]. Importantly, gastric oxyntic endocrine cells [36] account for 65-80% of the bodys total ghrelin production. H. pylori colonization status has been correlated with circulating and gastric mucosal leptin levels [9], and with gastric mRNA expression and plasma levels of ghrelin [9, 37]. We now identified substantial effects of H. pylori eradication on meal-associated changes in gastric hormones and energy balance, confirming and extending prior studies in a more rigorous manner [13, 38].. That H. pylori-positive and H. pylori-negative subjects had similar baseline digestive hormonal physiologies (Additional file 3, Table S4) may reflect the highly integrated cross-regulation of energy homeostasis, [39] and the long-term equilibria ...
The two main types of exocrine secretory cells of the stomach are parietal cells and chief cells. Parietal cells secrete hydrochloric acid and chief cells secrete digestive enzymes such as pepsin.
In the mammalian gastrointestinal tract, the cell fate decisions that specify the development of multiple, diverse lineages are governed in large part by interactions of stem and early lineage progenitor cells with their microenvironment, or niche. Here, we show that the gastric parietal cell (PC) i …
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...Histology MCQs GIT (Questions and Answers)...Which cells secrete hydrochloric acid? a. Parietal cells b. Oxyntic cells c. Chief cells d. Mucous neck cells
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cell death, or apoptosis (Kerr et al., 1972; One part of proliferated epithelia migrates Wyllie et al., 1980; Thompson, 1995; Raff, 1998). This article will focus on the role of which line the foveolae (pits) and the consideration of gastric histology, which epithelia migrate downwards in the gastric differs in the four anatomical subsites of glands. In the antrum, they differentiate the stomach. These four zones, i.e. cardia, within few days to mucous-secreting cells forming the pyloric glands. In the fundus for the TNM classification system) (UICC, and corpus, they differentiate within few 1997) are lined by two basically different weeks to chief cells, parietal cells, and suspected precursor cells can be identified mucosa is characterized by rather straight, Proliferation kinetics of the gastric antral cells, chief (or zymogenic) cells, parietal have concentrated on proliferation of the 1997). A second type of mucosa is present foveloar epithelium (Lipkin et al., 1963; in the distal third ...
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