The capital is Seoul. The country, established September 9, 1948, is located on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Its northern border is shared with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
A specialized agency of the United Nations designed as a coordinating authority on international health work; its aim is to promote the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all peoples.
The concept pertaining to the health status of inhabitants of the world.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Global conflict involving countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America that occurred between 1939 and 1945.
Constituent of 30S subunit prokaryotic ribosomes containing 1600 nucleotides and 21 proteins. 16S rRNA is involved in initiation of polypeptide synthesis.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
DNA sequences encoding RIBOSOMAL RNA and the segments of DNA separating the individual ribosomal RNA genes, referred to as RIBOSOMAL SPACER DNA.
Genes, found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, which are transcribed to produce the RNA which is incorporated into RIBOSOMES. Prokaryotic rRNA genes are usually found in OPERONS dispersed throughout the GENOME, whereas eukaryotic rRNA genes are clustered, multicistronic transcriptional units.
The relative amounts of the PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in a nucleic acid.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of bacteria.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
The salinated water of OCEANS AND SEAS that provides habitat for marine organisms.
Procedures for identifying types and strains of bacteria. The most frequently employed typing systems are BACTERIOPHAGE TYPING and SEROTYPING as well as bacteriocin typing and biotyping.
Global conflict primarily fought on European continent, that occurred between 1914 and 1918.
The presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the soil. This term is not restricted to pathogenic organisms.
Medical practice or discipline that is based on the knowledge, cultures, and beliefs of the people of KOREA.
The family of Old World monkeys and baboons consisting of two subfamilies: CERCOPITHECINAE and COLOBINAE. They are found in Africa and part of Asia.
An infraorder of New World monkeys, comprised of the families AOTIDAE; ATELIDAE; CEBIDAE; and PITHECIIDAE. They are found exclusively in the Americas.
The largest of the continents. It was known to the Romans more specifically as what we know today as Asia Minor. The name comes from at least two possible sources: from the Assyrian asu (to rise) or from the Sanskrit usa (dawn), both with reference to its being the land of the rising sun, i.e., eastern as opposed to Europe, to the west. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p82 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p34)
Infection of the biliary passages with CLONORCHIS SINENSIS, also called Opisthorchis sinensis. It may lead to inflammation of the biliary tract, proliferation of biliary epithelium, progressive portal fibrosis, and sometimes bile duct carcinoma. Extension to the liver may lead to fatty changes and cirrhosis. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
Organic, monobasic acids derived from hydrocarbons by the equivalent of oxidation of a methyl group to an alcohol, aldehyde, and then acid. Fatty acids are saturated and unsaturated (FATTY ACIDS, UNSATURATED). (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
Countries in the process of change with economic growth, that is, an increase in production, per capita consumption, and income. The process of economic growth involves better utilization of natural and human resources, which results in a change in the social, political, and economic structures.
A species of trematode flukes of the family Opisthorchidae. Many authorities consider this genus belonging to Opisthorchis. It is common in China and other Asiatic countries. Snails and fish are the intermediate hosts.
An araliaceous genus of plants that contains a number of pharmacologically active agents used as stimulants, sedatives, and tonics, especially in traditional medicine. Sometimes confused with Siberian ginseng (ELEUTHEROCOCCUS).
Infection with nematodes of the genus ENTEROBIUS; E. vermicularis, the pinworm of man, causes a crawling sensation and pruritus. This condition results in scratching the area, occasionally causing scarification.
A family of New World monkeys in the infraorder PLATYRRHINI, consisting of nine subfamilies: ALOUATTINAE; AOTINAE; Atelinae; Callicebinae; CALLIMICONINAE; CALLITRICHINAE; CEBINAE; Pithecinae; and SAIMIRINAE. They inhabit the forests of South and Central America, comprising the largest family of South American monkeys.
A mass of organic or inorganic solid fragmented material, or the solid fragment itself, that comes from the weathering of rock and is carried by, suspended in, or dropped by air, water, or ice. It refers also to a mass that is accumulated by any other natural agent and that forms in layers on the earth's surface, such as sand, gravel, silt, mud, fill, or loess. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed, p1689)
A protozoan parasite that causes vivax malaria (MALARIA, VIVAX). This species is found almost everywhere malaria is endemic and is the only one that has a range extending into the temperate regions.
The science dealing with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, and air and the distribution of plant and animal life, including humanity and human industries with reference to the mutual relations of these elements. (From Webster, 3d ed)
Infections with true tapeworms of the helminth subclass CESTODA.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.
A geographic area of east and southeast Asia encompassing CHINA; HONG KONG; JAPAN; KOREA; MACAO; MONGOLIA; and TAIWAN.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
In vitro method for producing large amounts of specific DNA or RNA fragments of defined length and sequence from small amounts of short oligonucleotide flanking sequences (primers). The essential steps include thermal denaturation of the double-stranded target molecules, annealing of the primers to their complementary sequences, and extension of the annealed primers by enzymatic synthesis with DNA polymerase. The reaction is efficient, specific, and extremely sensitive. Uses for the reaction include disease diagnosis, detection of difficult-to-isolate pathogens, mutation analysis, genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and analyzing evolutionary relationships.
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
One of two groups of viruses in the ARENAVIRUS genus and considered part of the New World complex. It includes JUNIN VIRUS; PICHINDE VIRUS; Amapari virus, and Machupo virus among others. They are the cause of human hemorrhagic fevers mostly in Central and South America.
A genus of intestinal nematode worms which includes the pinworm or threadworm Enterobius vermicularis.
A family in the order Rhodobacterales, class ALPHAPROTEOBACTERIA.
The interaction of persons or groups of persons representing various nations in the pursuit of a common goal or interest.
Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.
A set of statistical methods used to group variables or observations into strongly inter-related subgroups. In epidemiology, it may be used to analyze a closely grouped series of events or cases of disease or other health-related phenomenon with well-defined distribution patterns in relation to time or place or both.
Divisions of the year according to some regularly recurrent phenomena usually astronomical or climatic. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDIES based on the detection through serological testing of characteristic change in the serum level of specific ANTIBODIES. Latent subclinical infections and carrier states can thus be detected in addition to clinically overt cases.
An order of gram-positive, primarily aerobic BACTERIA that tend to form branching filaments.
Hydrocarbon rings which contain two ketone moieties in any position. They can be substituted in any position except at the ketone groups.
A dye that is a mixture of violet rosanilinis with antibacterial, antifungal, and anthelmintic properties.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
The quality or state of relating to or affecting two or more nations. (After Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
Determination of parasite eggs in feces.
Persons including soldiers involved with the armed forces.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
An infant during the first month after birth.
Substances that reduce the growth or reproduction of BACTERIA.
A historical and cultural entity dispersed across a wide geographical area under the administrative, intellectual, social, and cultural domination of the Arab empire. The Arab world, under the impetus of Islam, by the eighth century A.D., extended from Arabia in the Middle East to all of northern Africa, southern Spain, Sardinia, and Sicily. Close contact was maintained with Greek and Jewish culture. While the principal service of the Arabs to medicine was the preservation of Greek culture, the Arabs themselves were the originators of algebra, chemistry, geology, and many of the refinements of civilization. (From A. Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed, p260; from F. H. Garrison, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th ed, p126)
Ribonucleic acid in bacteria having regulatory and catalytic roles as well as involvement in protein synthesis.
The frequency of different ages or age groups in a given population. The distribution may refer to either how many or what proportion of the group. The population is usually patients with a specific disease but the concept is not restricted to humans and is not restricted to medicine.
Individuals whose ancestral origins are in the southeastern and eastern areas of the Asian continent.
Diseases of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris). This term does not include diseases of wild dogs, WOLVES; FOXES; and other Canidae for which the heading CARNIVORA is used.
Bodies preserved either by the ancient Egyptian technique or due to chance under favorable climatic conditions.
A family of bacteria in the order Sphingobacteriales, class Sphingobacteria. They are gram-negative rods, mostly saprophytic in terrestrial and aquatic habitats.
Excrement from the INTESTINES, containing unabsorbed solids, waste products, secretions, and BACTERIA of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
Infestation of animals with parasitic worms of the helminth class. The infestation may be experimental or veterinary.
A mosquito-borne encephalitis caused by the Japanese B encephalitis virus (ENCEPHALITIS VIRUS, JAPANESE) occurring throughout Eastern Asia and Australia. The majority of infections occur in children and are subclinical or have features limited to transient fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. Inflammation of the brain, spinal cord, and meninges may occur and lead to transient or permanent neurologic deficits (including a POLIOMYELITIS-like presentation); SEIZURES; COMA; and death. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p751; Lancet 1998 Apr 11;351(9109):1094-7)
A family of gram-negative bacteria, in the order Xanthomonadales, pathogenic to plants.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
Medical practice or discipline that is based on the knowledge, cultures, and beliefs of the people in EAST ASIA.
The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.
Any tests that demonstrate the relative efficacy of different chemotherapeutic agents against specific microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, viruses).
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
Countries that have reached a level of economic achievement through an increase of production, per capita income and consumption, and utilization of natural and human resources.
Diseases of domestic swine and of the wild boar of the genus Sus.
A phylum of bacteria comprised of three classes: Bacteroides, Flavobacteria, and Sphingobacteria.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
An international organization whose members include most of the sovereign nations of the world with headquarters in New York City. The primary objectives of the organization are to maintain peace and security and to achieve international cooperation in solving international economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems.
Insurance coverage providing compensation and medical benefits to individuals because of work-connected injuries or disease.
The larval form of the diphyllobothriid tapeworms of the genus DIPHYLLOBOTHRIUM and SPIROMETRA. Fish-eating mammals and man are the final hosts.
The act or ceremony of putting a corpse into the ground or a vault, or into the sea; or the inurnment of CREMAINS.
A country spanning from central Asia to the Pacific Ocean.
Statistical interpretation and description of a population with reference to distribution, composition, or structure.
"BBC SPORT , WORLD CUP , South Korea , Ahn 'rejects Perugia return'". BBC News. 2002-06-26. Retrieved 2011-06-02. Copy of ... During the 2002 World Cup, South Korean player Ahn Jung-Hwan - then on loan to Gaucci's Perugia football club - scored a golden ... goal that eliminated Italy from the World Cup. Furious, Gaucci immediately made public comments about cancelling Ahn's contract ...
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They held their comeback performance in Korea on August 27. The title song topped many popular music charts in South Korea and ... "World Music: Top World Albums Chart - Billboard". Billboard. Retrieved 2017-02-09. "Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for ... The album peaked at 7th on the Billboard World Albums Chart in the second week of April. I Will also performed well on the Gaon ... After debuting in Korea, FNC Entertainment (formerly FNC Music) moved F.T. Island's activities overseas. On March 31, 2008, an ...
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... holds several records in the art world, becoming the first K-pop singer to make a list of 200 artists in the art world ... South Korea, Choi Seung-hyun is the great nephew of Korea's pioneering abstract art artist Kim Whanki and grew up in contact ... The group became one of the best-selling groups of all-time in Asia and one of the best-selling boy bands in the world. In 2010 ... Korea JoongAng Daily (in Korean). Retrieved August 29, 2017. Kim Ji-heon (August 28, 2017). '대마초' 빅뱅 탑, 오늘 의경 전역…사회복무요원으로 근무. ...
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People of the world watched this program by YouTube and the highest hit is 3,202,248 (Infinite Challenge Yeongdong Expressway ... "Psy, Yoo Jae Seok, No Hong Chul, and Haha with MC Hammer". January 13, 2013. Archived from the original on June 12, ... In April 2013, a British TV program called The Greatest Shows on Earth came to Korea to showcase Korean TV, and visited ... Special coverage of 2006 World Cup Germany was featured for the entire month of June 2006, along with some 'Ah-ha' specials ( ...
Lee served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps in South Korea from 1953 to 1955, where he specialized in diseases of the ear. In ... "LA Square Named After Korean-American Diver". KBS World. August 6, 2010. Sung-woo, Chun (August 9, 2010). "Sammy Lee Square ... "Diving Legend Sammy Lee Passes Away At Age 96". Swimming World. December 3, 2016. Fernbach, Erika (2012). Sammy Lee: Promises ... Aquitania, Ray E. M.D. (2011). Jock-Docs: World-Class Athletes Wearing White Coats. ISBN 9781609106126. OCLC 743113688. Baker, ...
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Samples "Universe" contains an uncredited sample of "NASA" by Ariana Grande, written by Grande, Victoria Monét, Taylor Parks, ... It was released by RBW on November 14, 2019 and distributed by Kakao M. The album topped the weekly charts in South Korea, ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Mamamoo drops 2nd full-length album, 'reality in BLACK'". Korea Herald. November 4, ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "2019년 12주차 Digital Chart". Gaon Chart (in Korean). Korea Music Content Industry ...
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Galaxy Express (Hangul: 갤럭시 익스프레스) is a garage rock band from South Korea that formed in 2006. The trio, which is known for its ... "Galaxy Express' Lee Joo-hyun Arrested For Marijuana Use". KBS World. 2013-06-03. Retrieved 2018-02-26. Park, Se-yeon (2013-07- ... In 2013, band member Lee Ju-hyun was arrested in South Korea for marijuana possession, cultivation, and smoking. At the time, ... Min, Ines (2011-02-17). "Korean indie bands to rock North America". The Korea Times. Retrieved 2018-02-26. Baek, Seung-hwa. " ...
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Sony Korea denied G-Dragon the ability to promote the track any further without paying reparations. On September 21, 2009, Sisa ... "Five Million Hits on G-Dragon's Music Video". KBS World. September 4, 2009. Retrieved January 2, 2010. (in English) YG Hits ... The Korea Times. September 25, 2009. Retrieved September 29, 2009. Lee Sung, Moo (October 28, 2009). "Is Plagiarism a New Genre ... Han Sang, Hee (October 28, 2009). "G-Dragon Shines on First Album". Korea Times. Retrieved November 5, 2009. " ...
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For the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan, ten brand new stadiums of World Cup standards were built in South Korea. ... In addition, in 1995, Korea was bidding to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup. This warranted the construction of a soccer-specific ... After the World Cup, the Korean World Cup Organizing Committee and the KFA actively supported the move of regional K League ... "FC서울, 성적+팬심 둘 다 잡고 진정한 NO.1 됐다" (in Korean). Sports World. November 7, 2010. 서울 '우승-50만 관중' 모두 잡다...완벽한 승리 (in Korean). Sportal ...
For the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan, ten new stadiums of World Cup standards were built in Korea. After the World ... "FC서울, 성적+팬심 둘 다 잡고 진정한 NO.1 됐다" (in Korean). Sports World. November 7, 2010. 서울, '우승-50만 관중' 모두 잡다...완벽한 승리 (in Korean). ... However, due to the previous decision by the K League to exclude any member club from being based in Seoul, Seoul World Cup ... Initially, it was intended to create a new club, but when it later transpired that any club playing in Seoul World Cup Stadium ...
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"Gang Dong-won to appear on big screen". Korea Times. The Korea Times. Retrieved October 12, 2016. Choi, Jeong-ah. "JYP 신인 신은수, ... 영화 '가려진 시간'서 강동원 상대역 낙점". Naver (in Korean). Sports World. Retrieved October 12, 2016. "Actors Gong Hyo-jin, Cho Jung-seok, Cho ... Naver (in Korean). News1 Korea. Retrieved October 12, 2016. "Photos of Gang Dong-won, Shin Eun-su at 'Vanishing Time' press ... "Stars shine at Daejong awards: A successful year for film industry celebrated at annual ceremony". Korea JoongAng Daily. 27 ...
Live Nation subsequently directed 2NE1's New Evolution World Tour (2012) and G-Dragon's One of a Kind World Tour (2013). ... Herald, The Korea (May 10, 2016). "Actor Lee Jong-suk signs with YG". Retrieved June 16, 2016. Son, Ji- ... "The world's first global Korean pop star". Archived from the original on November 14, 2012. Retrieved November 8, ... 1 on World Digital Song Sales Chart, Lead K-Pop Females". Billboard. Retrieved January 4, 2018. Zellner, Xander (June 25, 2018 ...
World Bank designates Korea as medical evacuation destination ... The World Bank has designated Korea as a medical evacuation ... In a letter sent to the ministry from World Bank Vice President for East Asia and the Pacific Victoria Kwakwa and World Bank ... and that other countries could learn from Koreas experience.. The designation will allow World Bank staff and some registered ... The Ministry of Economy and Finance said the global institution sought Koreas knowledge and experience in dealing with the ...
Portugal defeated North Korea 7:0 in the World Cup on Monday. The half-time score was 1:0, but after a couple of goals in the ... World Cup: Portugal thrash North Korea, 7:0. By JPOST.COM STAFF JUNE 21, 2010 18:08 ... Coronavirus Israel News ISRAEL ELECTIONS WORLD NEWS Middle East U.S. Politics ARCHAEOLOGY Opinion Login ... US says seizes tanker used to evade North Korea sanctions *By REUTERS ...
Over 555 meters tall, the skyscraper Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea is a world-renowned landmark with 123 floors. ... A mesmerizing display of art on Lotte World Tower powered by Barcos projectors Seoul , South Korea - 18 3월 2020. ... Over the years, the Lotte World Tower has served as a true storyteller of the city - reading the stories and wishes of the ... Barco partnered with Good Media, turning 6th to 12th floor of the magnificent Lotte World Tower into an artistic display for ...
Host squad France will face South Korea in the first match of the Womens World Cup when the tournament kicks off June 7 in ... Host squad France will face South Korea in the first match of the Womens World Cup when the tournament kicks off June 7 in ... France to face South Korea in Womens World Cup kickoff; England drawn with Scotland. By Jason Hanna, CNN ... And World No. 1 and defending champion United States has drawn Sweden in the group stage for the fifth straight time -- and ...
... or a unified Korea. Beijing has always regarded North Korea as a useful security buffer on its northern border. ... in collaboration with Japan and South Korea. Such weaponry is not aimed primarily at North Korea, but China and also Russia. ... but has visited South Korea-a country that is still formally at war with North Korea. ... North Koreas latest nuclear test appears to be aimed as much at pressuring China for concessions, as countering the US and its ...
Korea co-hosted the 2002 World Cup with Japan and shocked the world by becoming the first Asian team to reach the semi-finals. ... It was the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland where the Republic of Korea (Korea) made its first appearance in the grandiose ... In the third round, Korea met North Korea, Jordan and Turkmenistan in Group 3. Though Korea disappointedly picked up two draws ... In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Korea were grouped with Argentina, Italy and Bulgaria, and managed to finally earn their first ...
North KoreaWar and militarismNorth and South KoreaEastern AsiaAsia and the PacificUnited States ... agreed to between the US and South Korea in late 2015. It includes pre-emptive strikes on North Korea in the event of a war, as ... 1998-2021 World Socialist Web Site. All rights reserved.. HomeAboutContactPrivacy StatementPrivacy Settings ... After three decades of US-led wars, the outbreak of a third world war, which would be fought with nuclear weapons, is an ...
He continued, "As a result, South Koreas antivirus fight, which has been exemplary for the worlds antivirus fight, is facing ... That measures are being implemented at all is in part due to the fact that safety is a major political issue in South Korea. In ... 1998-2021 World Socialist Web Site. All rights reserved.. HomeAboutContactPrivacy StatementPrivacy Settings ... Since August 14, the number of COVID-19 cases has increased sharply in South Korea with hundreds of new infections per day. ...
South Korea and the United States fired off missiles on July 5 simulating a precision strike against North Koreas leadership, ... US, S Korea send North warning after missile test SEOUL - Agence France-Presse. South Korea and the United States fired off ... U.S. general Vincent Brooks, the Combined Forces commander in South Korea, said: "Self restraint, which is a choice, is all ... missiles on July 5 simulating a precision strike against North Koreas leadership, in response to a landmark missile test ...
The United States, Japan, South Korea and China, he said, were sparring with a man who was excited about the prospect of firing ... wants to end the world. The notoriously blunt Duterte said the Southeast Asia region was extremely worried about tensions ... between the United States and North Korea, and said one misstep would be a catastrophe and Asia would be the first victim of ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday urged the United States to show restraint after North Koreas latest missile ...
South Korea and the DPRK began working-level contact at the border village of Panmunjeom to sort out details on the agreed ... SEOUL - South Korea and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) began working-level contact at the border village of ... Two Koreas begin family reunion talks. (Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-05 11:11 Comments Print Mail Large Medium Small ... The two Koreas originally planned to hold the reunion in late September last year for relatives of both sides who failed to ...
If one should be sad for every tragedy thats happening in the world, there wouldnt be time for anything else.. I try to limit ... If one should be sad for every tragedy thats happening in the world, there wouldnt be time for anything else.. I try to limit ... Just because it is happening in another part of the world and doesnt affect you you dont feel anything about it ?. What ... Nothing is wrong with this world. Well all die from a reason or another. ...
The leader of North Koreas all-female Western-style Moranbong band is set to head a delegation to the South on Jan. 20 to ... All-female North Korea band leader set to visit South SEOUL - Agence France-Presse. The leader of North Koreas all-female ... WORLD Our homeland is burning: Volunteers join Siberia wildfire fight. The father and son stood in the forest burning around ... The two Koreas have agreed to march together under a unification flag -- a pale blue silhouette of the Korean peninsula -- at ...
... but booked themselves a premature exit this year after losing to South Korea in stoppage time. ... Germany had progressed past the group stage of the World Cup sixteen times in a row, ... This was South Koreas first clean sheet at the World Cup since a 2-0 win over Greece in 2010; they had gone eight without a ... Kim Young-gwon puts Germany out of the World Cup with his late opener for South Korea Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images ...
Lotte World Tower in South Korea Takes Illumination to New Heights with Martin By HARMAN ... Lotte World Tower in South Korea Takes Illumination to New Heights with Martin By HARMAN. ... "Lotte World Tower is a world-class building that will attract millions of guests in the years to come, and thanks to a complete ... South Koreas tallest skyscraper and the fifth tallest building in the world. ...
The World Cube Association governs competitions for mechanical puzzles that are operated by twisting groups of pieces, commonly ... Republic of Korea. 50.72. DNF. DNF. 3x3x3 One-Handed Hyo-Min Seo (서효민) 12.39. 13.88. Republic of Korea. 13.74. 14.54. 13.37. ... Republic of Korea. 8.88. 7.88. 9.62. 8.08. 8.52. 2x2x2 Cube Seung Hyuk Nahm (남승혁) 2.10. 2.77. Republic of Korea. 2.21. 3.10. ... Republic of Korea. 5.19. 7.86. 7.70. 7.53. 7.42. Pyraminx Dohyun Kim (김도현) 2.25. NR. 3.36. Republic of Korea. 4.06. 2.25. 3.00 ...
China sees the North as a strategic buffer from South Korea, keeping the 28,500 US troops in South Korea far from its borders, ... "For North Korea, the coming meeting will serve to show the U.S. that China has its back and to send a message to Washington it ... Xi visits North Korea to meet Kim ahead of Trump talks. PYONGYANG-Agence France-Presse. Chinese President Xi Jinping started a ... WORLD Our homeland is burning: Volunteers join Siberia wildfire fight. The father and son stood in the forest burning around ...
South Koreas mens soccer team tried to confuse scouts from Swedens team by swapping jerseys so their opponent couldnt tell ... The World Cup is no exception. And if youre Shin Tae-yong, coach of the South Korean national team, you figure out how to work ... The South Korean soccer team poses for a photo prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup match against Sweden at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium ... Shins strategy didnt pay off quite the way he intended - Sweden beat South Korea 1-0 in their match earlier today. ...
Questions abound after Kim Jong Un fired North Koreas military chief, Vice Marshal Ri Yong Ho, and hired Hyon Yong Chol. ... Sign up for The Top of The World. The Worlds daily email newsletter ... North Koreas army chief Ri Yong-Ho has been relieved of all his posts due to illness, state media said on July 16, 2012, in a ... The World is a public radio program that crosses borders and time zones to bring home the stories that matter. ...
A compulsory recycling scheme in South Korea has dramatically cut the amount of food the country throws away. Heres how it ... The world wastes more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year. The planets 1 billion hungry people could be fed on less than ... South Korea once recycled 2% of its food waste. Now it recycles 95%. ... In a recent report, the World Economic Forum identified cutting food waste by up to 20 million tonnes as one of 12 measures ...
It is a blow to hopes the event could help the secretive state build bridges with South Korea and other regional rivals. ... COVID-19: North Korea pulls out of Tokyo Olympics over pandemic fears. It is a blow to hopes the event could help the secretive ... South Koreas Unification Ministry said it had hoped that the Tokyo Olympics would be a chance to "foster peace and ... Image: The Olympic rings in Tokyos Daiba waterfront area on the same day North Korea said it will not take part in the Games. ...
Koreas provocative behavior requires joint efforts to deter its alleged threat. ... THAADs been touted as a means of thwarting North Koreas ballistic missile threats against South Korea and Japan, but China ... Apart from bolstering South Koreas defensive weaponry, Mattis warned North Korea that possible use of nuclear weapons would ... Washington stands "shoulder-to-shoulder" with Seoul to face the threat from North Korea, he added, saying he was delivering a ...
Here are five things to know about the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Korea Republic ... U-20 Mens National Team now puts its focus on the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup set for May 20-June 11 in Korea Republic. Drawn ... Korea Republic co-hosted the Confederations Cup and World Cup with Japan. Then, in 2007 they hosted the FIFA U-17 World Cup. ... Jeju World Cup Stadium - 29,346 capacity), Jeonju (Jeonju World Cup Stadium - 41,785 capacity) and Suwon (Suwon World Cup ...
Pastor Eric Foley of Voice of the Martyrs Korea has asked the international community of believers to pray as he awaits charges ... for launching balloons with Bibles into North Korea earlier this year. ... VOM Korea has so far sent 600,000 Bibles into North Korea by balloon and other methods. World Magazine notes that the Database ... This] is a law that regulates commerce between North and South Korea; anything you might be trying to sell from South Korea to ...
Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power has started up its new Shin Kori 4 reactor and plans to connect it to the electricity grid at the ... 2021 World Nuclear Association Privacy Notice , Cookies Policy. Tower House, 10 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA, UK. ... Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power has started up its new Shin Kori 4 reactor and plans to connect it to the electricity grid at the ... Two further APR-1400 units are under construction in South Korea as units 1 and 2 of the Shin Hanul site. A further four APR- ...
... RP news wires, Noria Corporation Increased patent filings in North East ... according to the 2008 edition of the World Patent Report of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).. ... Korea. and the United States. has driven the overall growth of patent filings in 2006. This reflects a consolidation of earlier ... Korea. . According to these statistics, the total number of patents in force worldwide at the end of 2006 was approximately 6.1 ...
... has appointed Hoss Rafaty as its new secretary general and has awarded the 2017 World Championships to Muju in South Korea. ... Baku and Tokyo to host World Judo Championships, North Korea set for junior event Baku and Tokyo have been selected to host the ... IJF shelves North Korea plan for Junior World Championships The International Judo Federation (IJF) has cancelled plans to ... Cities line up for Judo World Championships, North Korea genuine contender for junior event International Judo Federation ( ...
Also available are programs featuring life, culture, tourism and history of Korea and update news on North Korea. ... Also available are programs featuring life, culture, tourism and history of Korea and update news on North Korea. ... Meet high-quality contents on KBS WORLD Radio in 11 languages, including news, K-pop, and online Korean-language classes. ... Meet high-quality contents on KBS WORLD Radio in 11 languages, including news, K-pop, and online Korean-language classes. ...
... an official in South Korea has said, citing intelligence reports. ... North Korea conducted a cyberattack on companies connected with ... North Korea conducted a cyberattack on companies connected with vaccine development, an official in South Korea has said, ... Trends:Asia NewsCovid-19 coronavirus newsNorth Korea news South Korea news ... Hackers from North Korea attacked drug companies working on Covid-19 vaccine - Seoul official 27 Nov, 2020 10:00 ...
Physicians for ordinary people in Koreas Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) did not need to pass the national medical licensing ... Medical licensing examination (uigwa) and the world of the physician officers (uigwan) in Koreas Joseon Dynasty *Nam Hee Lee ... Korea Health Insurance Licensing Examination Institute. Country of publisher. Korea, Republic of. LCC subjects. Education: ... The physician officers world was marked by strong group allegiances based on shared professional knowledge; the use of ...
  • Seoul, South Korea is now home to the world's tallest LEGO skyscraper - the LEGO World Tower! (
  • SEOUL, JUNE 24, 2016 - Today, World Bank Group (WBG) Executive Director, Republic of Korea, Heenam Choi launched the Open Learning Campus (OLC) in Korea, to reimagine learning for WBG staff and development practitioners around the world. (
  • The US exerted a great deal of pressure on Seoul to ensure the tensions between South Korea and Japan do not affect Washington's war drive against China. (
  • The World Bank Group will open a new main office in Songdo District of the Incheon Free Economic Zone and a liaison office in Seoul Central Business District. (
  • AP) Visitors wearing face masks walk near the Gwanghwamun, the main gate of the 14th-century Gyeongbok Palace, and one of South Korea's well-known landmarks, in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. (
  • The North's statement is a warning for Seoul not to take the new leadership lightly, said Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea expert at Seoul's Dongguk University. (
  • SEOUL-North and South Korea plan to scale down military forces along their border under an agreement this week that promises to lower tensions but which has fanned concerns about whether the changes compromise battle-readiness. (
  • The World's Matthew Bell reports that South Korea's president-elect has stirred up controversy by proposing changes in the way Seoul deals with North Korea, and among the changes is the possible dismantling of South Korea's Unification Ministry. (
  • SEOUL-South Korea confirmed 231 more cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday, raising the total number of infections to 833, while the death toll rose to seven. (
  • While officials have expressed hope they could contain the outbreak to the region surrounding Daegu, some media in South Korea voiced signs that the virus may circulate nationwide, pointing to a number of cases in the capital Seoul and elsewhere that weren't immediately traceable. (
  • In Seoul, President Moon Jae-In called for new United Nations sanctions to "completely isolate North Korea" and said the South would discuss deploying "the strongest strategic assets of the U.S. military. (
  • The dance, however, was just one warm gesture the actor showed for Korea, as he reminded the audience that the world tour for Iron Man 3 kicks off here, in Seoul. (
  • Jung Changwook, head of the private Korea Defense Study Forum in Seoul, said North Korea could perform a submarine-launched ballistic missile, or SLBM, test to upgrade its nuclear attack capability and put pressure on Washington after the U.S. presidential election in early November. (
  • Choi Jung-wha is the president of the Corea Image Communication Institute and a professor of interpretation and translation at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. (
  • Seoul, Sato speculates, falls in three days, the U.S. subdues North Korea in three months, the dead on both sides totaling perhaps 3 million. (
  • The WAO World Allergy Training School (WATS) in Seoul, Korea was a huge success. (
  • Workers wearing protective gears help clean each other's suits after disinfecting as a precaution against the coronavirus at a subway station in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. (
  • SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- World Institute of Kimchi, which discovers and promotes kimchi's scientific excellence announces seven health benefits of Korea's signature dish, Kimchi. (
  • North Korea had said before the competition that it would cancel its participation to protest the burning of its national flag and picture of Kim Jong Il in demonstrations in Seoul. (
  • SEOUL, South Korea , Feb. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As the whole world battles against cancer, the survival rate of cancer patients in Korea has shown a great improvement. (
  • It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ) and Thalheim, Germany (Technology & Innovation HQ) with its diverse international manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Malaysia, China, and South Korea. (
  • February 10, the medical team led by Prof. Huh Chan-young in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital( announced that they succeeded in developing the world first functional implant including the material inhibiting capsular contracture, the most frequent side effect of breast surgery. (
  • The base, about 20 km (12 miles) west of Seoul, was returned to South Korea in 1993 and is now used by South Korean engineering troops. (
  • Wacker has completed the expansion and relocation of its technical laboratories and offices in South Korea, and inaugurated the upgraded technical center, with integrated training facility, near the capital Seoul. (
  • In particular, the Government of Korea and Korean institutions have played a vital role in the development of the platform through their financial support and sharing of Korea's own development experiences, which has enriched many courses. (
  • In contrast, Korea's remarkable transformation into the worlds' 11th largest economy and an important aid donor will be featured in upcoming OLC MOOC on Korea's development experience, which will be launched on October 6-November 2, 2016. (
  • WASHINGTON, October 10, 2013 - World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, and the Republic of Korea's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Oh-Se o k Hyun signed today the Establishment Agreement covering the arrangements to set up the World Bank Group Korea Office, announced in October last year. (
  • IFC will draw on Korea's strong private sector experience to support the scale-up of critical projects in infrastructure, manufacturing and services, and financial sectors by partnering with Korea-based firms to invest in emerging markets around the world. (
  • N orth Korea's decision to expel BBC journalist Rupert Wingfield-Hayes from the country seems at odds with a regime increasingly courting tourists from around the world. (
  • Until recently, South Korea was North Korea's second-largest trading partner after China. (
  • North Korea's lead negotiator in nuclear diplomacy with the United States is expected to hold talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and could also meet President Donald Trump on Friday during a visit aimed at clearing the way for a second US-North Korea summit. (
  • South Korea's northern boundary is marked by the 238 km long Korean Demilitarized Zone DMZ , which also forms the southern border of North Korea or the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. (
  • North Korea generally has the tallest mountains, although the tallest mountain, Hallasan (1,950 meters), is the cone of a volcanic formation constituting South Korea's Jeju Island. (
  • In written remarks to lawmakers ahead of a confirmation hearing, Won In-choul, the nominee for chairman of South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said North Korea has been repairing recent typhoon damage at its northeastern Sinpo shipyard, a place where it builds submarines. (
  • Earlier this year, Yonhap News Agency reported , citing estimates by the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET), that South Korea's arms exports could reach $12 billion in 2017 if KAI wins the U.S. Air Force's T-X program. (
  • Bloomberg, which compiles the index based on data from sources including the World Bank, IMF and OECD, credits South Korea's top ranking to Samsung . (
  • In a series of early morning tweets, Trump appeared to rebuke ally South Korea, which faces an existential threat from North Korea's nuclear program. (
  • Trump appeared to be blaming South Korea for a policy it abandoned years ago of trying to soften North Korea's posture through economic aid. (
  • North Korea cares little for the international warnings that demanded no more missile tests, they announced and conducted another ballistic missile test Tuesday morning, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff has said. (
  • From 1961 until April 2001 South Korea's sole electric power utility was Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO). (
  • The United States has nearly 30,000 troops in South Korea, and the two countries are grappling with how to deal with North Korea's nuclear program. (
  • Overall, North Korea's Scud and Nodong missiles - the ones that it plans to use to nuke U.S. forces in South Korea and Japan - worked just ducky. (
  • North Korea in 2020 remained one of the most repressive countries in the world. (
  • The Republic of Korea reported its first COVID-19 case on the 20th of January 2020. (
  • South Korea hosted the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in February 2018, in which North Korea also participated. (
  • A test of an underwater-launched missile by North Korea last October was the first of its kind in three years, and the most provocative weapons test since North Korea entered nuclear negotiations with the U.S. in 2018. (
  • Under this ranking, compiled as part of The Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, the US is listed as the second most innovative country in the world after Switzerland. (
  • The World Cup Finals took place this week in South Korea, where the 2018 Winter Olympics, including the Paralympics, will be held. (
  • the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup of Korea Republic. (
  • Discord with North Korea has permeated inter-Korean relations for much of the past decade, highlighted by the North's attacks on a South Korean ship and island in 2010, the exchange of artillery fire across the DMZ in 2015, and multiple nuclear and missile tests in 2016 and 2017. (
  • In 2017, the World Institute of Kimchi found that lactic acid bacteria ( Weissella cibaria WIKIM28) isolated from kimchi have extraordinary effects in preventing and improving atopic dermatitis. (
  • Nuclear energy has been a strategic priority for South Korea, but the new president elected in 2017 is aiming to phase it out over some 45 years. (
  • With market capitalization of approximately $40 billion and 2017 sales of $11 billion, the company employs over 26,000 people globally and has been named to the Dow Jones ® World Sustainability Index for 16 consecutive years. (
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called for an end to confrontation between the two Koreas and a "radical turnabout" in the impoverished country's economy in a surprise New Year's speech broadcast on state media. (
  • up from 35% in 1955, after much of the country's forests were cut down during and after World War II. (
  • The Saemangeum Seawall is a man-made dyke in South Korea that formed the Saemangeum estuary and it remains the country's largest ever development project. (
  • Most of the country's cases are connected to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu, a city of 2.5 million people where most of the country's infections have occurred, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in an earlier statement. (
  • THESE are the three most wanted men in North Korea - the closest confidants of leader Kim Jung Un who are playing a crucial role in the country's illicit nuclear weapons programme. (
  • The scholar became the country's first registered international conference interpreter, Asia's first doctorate holder in the field and presidential interpreter between France and Korea. (
  • TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's defence ministry said on Friday it did not see any imminent threat to the country's security from the latest projectile launch by North Korea. (
  • DAEGU, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea threatened to pull out of the World University Games on Sunday after a brawl between North Korean reporters and human rights activists protesting the communist country's leader. (
  • In January 2019, Moon Jae-in, the President of Korea, reaffirmed the country's hydrogen mobility ambitions: 67,000 vehicles by 2022 and 800,000 in 2030. (
  • Although 16 people are officially recognised by the Japanese government as abduction victims of North Korea, Pyongyang has only ever officially admitted kidnapping 13 Japanese citizens. (
  • The address will be closely scrutinized in South Korea, which has just elected its first woman president, the conservative Park Geun-hye, who has signaled a desire for greater engagement with Pyongyang. (
  • President Donald Trump unveiled a revamped US missile defense strategy on Thursday that called North Korea an ongoing and 'extraordinary threat,' seven months after he declared the threat posed by Pyongyang had been eliminated. (
  • South Korea said it would take all possible measures, including possible United Nations sanctions, to ensure Pyongyang paid the price after its fourth nuclear test. (
  • A military parade in Pyongyang the day before the games opened in Pyeongchang proudly displayed, along with much else, the Hwasong-15 ICBM, the missile North Korea rattled global nerves by tested in November amid claims it could reach the U.S. mainland, rattling global nerves. (
  • ALONG with the shock that greeted the news North Korea had successfully built and tested a hydrogen bomb - the deadliest weapon on the planet - nuclear scientists were asking another question: How on earth did Pyongyang do it? (
  • I'm convinced that his visit to Pyongyang will make a great contribution to implement the joint statement," he said, referring to the deal agreed on February 13 between North Korea and its five interlocutors - the US, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea. (
  • Haley emphasised that talks between Washington and Pyongyang would take place only if North Korea agreed in advance to US demands to denuclearise. (
  • North Korea released US student Otto Warmbier 'on humanitarian grounds', state media said Thursday, two days after he was evacuated from Pyongyang after falling into a coma while imprisoned in a labour camp. (
  • Warmbier's release came after a flurry of secret diplomatic contacts between Washington and Pyongyang, which culminated in Joseph Yun, the State Department's special envoy on North Korea, travelling to Pyongyang to secure Warmbier's release. (
  • Go Myong-Hyun, researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, told AFP that it was unlikely North Korea would have intentionally put a detained US citizen -- valuable diplomatic bargaining chips for Pyongyang -- into a coma. (
  • Three more US citizens are currently being held by North Korea, including two men who taught at a Pyongyang university funded by overseas Christian groups, and a Korean-American pastor who was accused of espionage for the South. (
  • But the Security Council ordered tougher sanctions against North Korea last month for a rocket launch it staged on 12 December, triggering a defiant pledge by Pyongyang to bolster its nuclear deterrent. (
  • World Cup Korea may refer to: the 2002 FIFA World Cup of Korea and Japan. (
  • In general, information available as of 1 January 2002 was used in the preparation of The World Factbook 2002. (
  • Of the 13 that North Korea admits to kidnapping, five were returned to Japan - alive and well - in 2002. (
  • WC 2002 is Portugal's 3rd appearance in the World Cup Finals. (
  • WC 2002 is Costa Rica's 2nd appearance in the World Cup Finals. (
  • Tensions have been high in the region since North Korea conducted a nuclear test on October 9th. (
  • The two Koreas have seen tensions rise to the highest level in decades after the North bombed a southern island in 2010, killing two civilians and two soldiers. (
  • In a dramatic escalation of tensions, North Korea blew up the liaison office used to improve relations with South Korea on Tuesday. (
  • Watch the video above for more on this launch, and the tensions between North and South Korea. (
  • With tensions sky-high between the United States and North Korea , the ultra-secretive country reportedly staged the training in towns and cities throughout the nation last week. (
  • Donald Trump says North Korea is no longer a 'Nuclear Threat' but US intelligence agencies said in January that the country has kept its arsenal. (
  • South Korea, Trump added, "is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing! (
  • The nuclear talks have made little headway since the second summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump in Vietnam in early 2019 collapsed due to disputes over U.S.-led sanctions against North Korea. (
  • Last August, U.S. President Donald Trump said: "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. (
  • UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump escalated his standoff with North Korea over its nuclear challenge on Tuesday, threatening to "totally destroy" the country of 26 million people and mocking its leader, Kim Jong Un, as a "rocket man. (
  • In a hard-edged speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Trump offered a grim portrait of a world in peril, adopted a more confrontational approach to solving global challenges from Iran to Venezuela, and gave an unabashed defense of U.S. sovereignty. (
  • The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea," Trump told the 193-member world body, sticking closely to a script. (
  • In an apparent prod at China, the North's major trading partner, Trump said: "It is an outrage that some nations would not only trade with such a regime but would arm, supply and financially support a country that imperils the world with nuclear conflict. (
  • Just days after menacing North Korea with the huge US nuclear arsenal, US President Donald Trump suggested he would be willing to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, under the right circumstances. (
  • Last week, however, Trump openly threatened North Korea with nuclear annihilation. (
  • What he [Trump] has basically said is yes, there could be a time where we talk to North Korea but a lot of things have to happen before that actually takes place. (
  • Trump himself publicly rebuked US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in October, saying his diplomatic efforts to lay the basis for talks with North Korea were "a waste of time. (
  • Asked while leaving a church service whether the United States would attack North Korea, Trump replied: "We'll see. (
  • That is why Trump has been provoking Kim Jun Ill. He is trying to get North Korea to fire the first shots so he can have his war. (
  • On Sunday, Trump called his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping to reiterate the "growing threat" posed by North Korea. (
  • The Trump administration has completed a policy review of how to manage the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. (
  • And so, disappointed with the reality that Donald Trump faces the same lousy options on North Korea that hamstrung all his predecessors, the new Washington bedtime story is that the United States is secretly hacking North Korean missile launches. (
  • Today's Korea event builds on the OLC Global Launch by WBG President Jim Yong Kim in January 2016. (
  • This week, Sweden's Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released the 2016 edition of SIPRI Top 100, its annual report on the exports of the one hundred largest defense companies in the world. (
  • with MFDS in August 2016 based on efficacy results from its Phase III clinical trials conducted at 12 major university hospitals in Korea. (
  • The power generation part of KEPCO (98 GWe as of 2016) was then split into six entities and all the nuclear generation capacity, with a small amount of hydro, became part of the largest of these, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP). (
  • Reuters) - The United States extended their home unbeaten streak to 96 games with a 0-0 draw in a friendly against South Korea on Saturday in a tune-up before the women's World Cup kicks off in Canada next week. (
  • CHINA will become the world's second biggest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) this year as it overtakes South Korea, shipping data from Thomson Reuters Eikon showed. (
  • The division of Korea into North Korea and South Korea stems from the 1945 Allied victory in World War II , ending Japan 's 35-year occupation of Korea. (
  • General Abe Nobuyuki, the last Japanese Governor-General of Korea, conferred with a number of influential Koreans since the beginning of August 1945 to prepare the hand-over of power. (
  • Korea regained its independence following Japan's surrender to the US in 1945. (
  • The Koreas were divided in 1945 and share a heavily fortified border. (
  • Agencies that operate in North Korea, such as Unicef and the World Food Programme, can play an important role by better addressing human rights concerns through their work. (
  • Since its establishment in 1990, the Korea Overseas Volunteers Program has sent South Korean citizens to partner countries to share expertise, knowledge, and experience in order to make practical contributions to poverty reduction and sustainable development. (
  • The different volunteer programs have been administered by the different South Korean government ministries: KOICA Volunteers or KOV (Hangul: KOICA 해외봉사단) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea Internet Volunteers or KIV (Hangul: 해외인터넷청년봉사단) by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and Korea University Volunteers or KUV and Korea Techno Peace Corps or TPC (Hangul: 대학생봉사단 및 개도국과학지원단) by the Ministry of Science, Education and technology. (
  • In order to enhance effectiveness of the contributions provided by the different overseas volunteer programs and offer a coherent and integrated image of the volunteer program, the South Korean government unified the separate volunteer programs previously operated by three different ministries into a single brand, World Friends Korea. (
  • The most well-known programs are: Korea Overseas Volunteer Program (KOV) Korea Overseas Volunteer Program, which is managed by KOICA, is the core volunteer program of the South Korean government. (
  • The South Korean military has reported that three apparent explosions were heard just north of the border that separates the two Koreas, as well as in an area where North Korean troops are stationed. (
  • After World War II, a republic was set up in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula while a Communist-style government was installed in the north. (
  • The Korean War (1950-53) had US and other UN forces intervene to defend South Korea from North Korean attacks supported by the Chinese. (
  • South Korean media with contacts in North Korea reported instances of the North Korean government rejecting Chinese proposals to return North Korean refugees in February and October . (
  • The WBG's first external training offerings were to Korean government officials in the 1960s, when Korea was an aid recipient. (
  • South Korea announced this week that it has removed Japan from a list of countries that qualify for accelerated supply of South Korean products, after Japan had imposed a similar measure against South Korea on August 2. (
  • A South Korean army soldier reads messages wishing for reunification of the two Koreas on ribbons hanging on the wire fence near the border of South Korea. (
  • QS World MBA Tour Online is a unique opportunity for Korean candidates to connect online with admissions directors from world-leading MBA programs. (
  • Over the past several decades, the Republic of Korea has achieved a remarkably high level of economic growth, which has allowed the country to rise from the rubble of the Korean War into the ranks of the Organization for Cooperation and Development (OECD). (
  • South Korean tour groups used the east coast road to travel from South Korea to Mt. Geumgang in North Korea beginning in 2003, although the R.O.K. suspended tours to Mt. Geumgang in July 2008 following the shooting death of a South Korean tourist by a D.P.R.K. soldier. (
  • In September 2010, South Korea suspended all inter-Korean trade with the exception of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. (
  • The Korean War (1950-1953) and its Armistice Agreement left the two Koreas permanently separated by the DMZ -roughly approximate to the 38th Parallel and through which runs the Military Demarcation Line-remaining technically at war through today. (
  • As a colony of Japan , the Korean people had been systematically excluded from important posts in the administration of Korea. (
  • North Korea blew up an office set up to foster better ties with South Korea on Tuesday in a 'terrific explosion' after it threatened to take action if North Korean defectors went ahead with a campaign to send propaganda leaflets into the North. (
  • North Korean officials did not answer a routine daily call to the liaison office with South Korea or calls on military hotlines Tuesday. (
  • China, Japan and South Korea have agreed to work together to promote dialogue between the United States and North Korea, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday following a summit between the three countries in China. (
  • South Korea just repatriated two North Korean fishermen. (
  • South Korea or Republic of Korea , is located in East Asia at approximately 37° North, 127° 30 East, on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula jutting out from the far east of the Asian land mass into the Yellow Sea. (
  • Occupying the natural connecting route between the Japanese archipelago and China, Korea has experienced both direct invasions focused on the Korean land area and also indirect invasions such as by Chinese or Mongolians attacking Japan, or by Japanese seeking to extend their territory into China. (
  • The Korean DMZ forming the boundary between North and South Korea was established by the armistice in 1953 that ended the fighting of the Korean War . (
  • The entire Korean peninsula, including islands, comprises 220,847 square kilometers (about the same size as the state of Minnesota), which are apportioned with 44.6 percent (98,477 square kilometers) of the area belonging to South Korea and the balance belonging either to North Korea or the DMZ. (
  • After World War II, a democratic government (Republic of Korea, ROK) was set up in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula while a communist-style government was installed in the north (Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK). (
  • During the Korean War (1950-53), US troops and UN forces fought alongside ROK soldiers to defend South Korea from a DPRK invasion supported by communist China and the Soviet Union. (
  • President KIM Dae-jung (1998-2003) won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 for his contributions to South Korean democracy and his "Sunshine" policy of engagement with North Korea. (
  • Two US journalists held by North Korea for illegal entry admitted they crossed into the reclusive state, but said North Korean guards arrested them on the Chinese side of the border and dragged them back into the country. (
  • North Korea may soon conduct its first underwater-launched ballistic missile test in about a year, a top South Korean military official said Wednesday, amid long-stalled nuclear talks between the North and the United States. (
  • Sounds of Korea invites you to deepen your understanding of traditional Korean music by taking a closer look at various music-related topics every week. (
  • A research team led by Professor Youn-Soo Cha at Chonbuk National University, which is one of the research teams in World Institute of Kimchi in Korea conducted an analysis of 590 research papers on kimchi (385 in Korean and 205 in English) published around the world. (
  • Cancer is still the number one cause of death in Korea, but about half of Korean cancer patients have, in recent times, managed to survive for more than ten years, which illustrates that world class cancer treatments are available in Korea. (
  • But the best way to experience modern and ancient South Korea is to travel through the palate by enjoying delicious Korean foods. (
  • I have never heard of this type of training exercises before in North Korea, but am not surprised," a retired South Korean army lieutenant general said . (
  • He called on North Korea to 'reverse course and work towards de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula,' and expressed confidence that the Security Council 'will remain united and take appropriate action. (
  • North Korea said it detonated a hydrogen bomb designed for a long-range missile on Sept. 2 and called its sixth and most powerful nuclear test a "perfect success," sparking world condemnation and promises of tougher U.S. sanctions. (
  • The U.S. Treasury Department will prepare a package of sanctions that would "cut off North Korea economically", said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. (
  • North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test this morning, defying international sanctions and plunging Asia into a new diplomatic crisis. (
  • Some experts say it's unlikely that North Korea will conduct any major weapons test soon because it is grappling with multiple crises, including typhoon damage, the coronavirus pandemic that led to the closure of its border with China - its biggest trading partner - and harsh U.S.-led sanctions. (
  • North Korea has been under UN Security Council sanctions since it first tested an atomic device in 2006 and could face additional measures. (
  • Interviewed by Fox News, Tillerson highlighted Washington's policy of pressuring North Korea through sanctions. (
  • The U.N. Security Council has unanimously imposed nine rounds of sanctions on North Korea since 2006 and Guterres appealed for that 15-member body to maintain its unity. (
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said on Sunday that he would put together a package of new sanctions to potentially cut off all trade with North Korea. (
  • North Korea, which carries out its nuclear and missile programs in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions and sanctions, said on state television that the hydrogen bomb test ordered by leader Kim Jong Un had been a "perfect success. (
  • UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - The United States on Tuesday called on the UN Security Council to pass new nuclear sanctions against North Korea that would for the first time target the isolated state's diplomats and cash transfers. (
  • For example, after the June 2000 North-South summit, the two Koreas reconnected their east and west coast railroads and roads where they cross the DMZ and improved these transportation routes. (
  • Since the 1990s, the two Koreas have held two symbolic summit meetings (in 2000 and 2007) and slightly increased economic cooperation, but reunification still seems a relatively distant goal, barring unexpected events. (
  • The attacks have been headline news all week in South Korea, where casualties have included the top-ranked news Web site, one of the leading online auction sites, electronic banking portals of several major banks and the home pages of the Ministry of National Defense, the president's Web site, the National Assembly and the U.S. Forces Korea. (
  • And according to a story in US News & World Report a few weeks ago, North Korea even has concentration camps bigger than the District of Columbia. (
  • A spokesperson from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute told Yonhap news agency they were trying to track the whereabouts of the satellite and declined to say if contact could be made later. (
  • If countries want to do business with the United States, they obviously will be working with our allies and others to cut off North Korea economically," Mnuchin told Fox News. (
  • The latest news and information from around the world. (
  • North Korea could carry out an underground test of a nuclear weapon as early as Tuesday night as the North's reclusive leadership dramatically tries to up the stakes with the U.S. and the West, U.S. officials told NBC News. (
  • Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). (
  • South Korea has the third-highest national total of the novel coronavirus cases behind China and Japan. (
  • How have Italy and South Korea responded to the coronavirus pandemic? (
  • Though Italy and South Korea were hit with coronavirus at the same time, the number of cases and deaths have been quite different. (
  • The two men had been unaware that forty years previous, Japan and Russia had discussed splitting Korea along the same parallel. (
  • But yet the same state is now on the brink of developing a highly sophisticated nuclear weapon that only five world superpowers - the US, UK, France, Russia and China - legally possess. (
  • Engineers from South Korea and Russia, who helped construct the rocket, are looking to find the exact cause of the failure. (
  • Representatives from the United States, China, Russia, Japan and the two Koreas are to meet for three days of talks in a bid to ease the nuclear standoff. (
  • David-Scheinerman Wedding view B 29 Superfortress Giant Bomber of World War 2 seconds are readily considering bodily glasses to Russia. (
  • N.Korea is saying that if the USA uses nuclear weapons against it, it will use its own nuclear arsenal to create an environmental disaster that, while it may not 'destroy the world', would make life very unpleasant for every living thing on the planet. (
  • Moreover, he says, all states that now have nuclear weapons - India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel as well as the original five - are investing heavily in modernising their arsenals. (
  • North Korea offered further conciliation on its nuclear weapons programme yesterday when it invited the chief UN weapons inspector to visit next month. (
  • North Korea has accelerated the threat that it poses to its neighbors and the world through its illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear weapons programs," Mattis said on Saturday. (
  • The 32-year-old leader has said on several occasions that North Korea owns nuclear weapons, which is the main pillar of its defence policy to counter alleged invasion plans by the US. (
  • Of course, N.korea is not a threat like iraq is. (
  • Screw Iraq, North Korea seems like the real threat at the moment. (
  • The claim of miniaturizing, which would allow the device to be adapted as a weapon and placed on a missile, would also pose a new threat to the United States and its regional allies, Japan and South Korea. (
  • The fact is, under Kim Jong Un's brutal regime, North Korea will be willing to let its citizens suffer to achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a legitimate threat to the world. (
  • Trump's most direct military threat to attack North Korea, in his debut appearance at the General Assembly, was his latest expression of concern about Pyongyang's repeated launching of ballistic missiles over Japan and underground nuclear tests. (
  • North Korea on Sunday conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, which it said was of an advanced hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile, prompting the threat of a "massive" military response from the United States if it or its allies were threatened. (
  • Just hours after announcing it would restart nuclear talks with the US, North Korea launched at least one ballistic missile Wednesday. (
  • He called on North Korea to "immediately cease all existing nuclear and ballistic missile activities in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner, and re-engage in dialogue with the international community. (
  • Last week North Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submerged submarine. (
  • "North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea from the vicinity of Banghyon, North Pyongan Province, at around 9:40am," the Joint Chiefs of Staff said . (
  • Much of the work done in North Korea has been funded by South Korea, but this assistance was halted in 2008 except for energy aid (heavy fuel oil) authorized under the Six-Party Talks. (
  • Despite the deadlocked nuclear talks, North Korea hasn't conducted nuclear or long-range missile tests in an apparent bid to keep chances for a resumption of diplomacy alive. (
  • The first official talks between the two Koreas in two years are due to take place tomorrow, after Kim's offer to send a team to the Winter Olympics next month in South Korea. (
  • The US ambassador played down any suggestion of a significant breakthrough at tomorrow's talks between the two Koreas, saying: "I think they're going to talk about the Olympics. (
  • Pompeo was sceptical that the talks between North and South Korea represented a positive step. (
  • Kim's statement] apparently contains a message that he has an intention to dispel the current face-off [between the two Koreas], which could eventually be linked with the North's call for aid [from the South]," said Kim Tae-woo, a North Korea expert at the state-funded Korea Institute for National Unification. (
  • A team of global experts with the World Health Organization is on the way to China's Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Saturday. (
  • Manila: World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 2015. (
  • Choi Jung-wha, the president of the Corea Image Communication Institute, will receive the Yeongsan Diplomat Award on July 4 for her decadeslong efforts to promote Korea and its culture around the world. (
  • Choi will be honored for her global communication endeavors through CICI, which has acted as a conduit for introducing Korea to the world and vice versa since it was established in 2003. (
  • The systematic kidnapping of citizens was a bizarre tactic of North Korea, and the abduction issue has been a sticking point in normalising Japan and North Korea relations for years. (
  • In any case, discussion of Korea among the Allies waited until imminent victory over Japan. (
  • An independent kingdom for much of its long history, Korea was occupied by Japan beginning in 1905 following the Russo-Japanese War. (
  • From Japan to Britain, governments around the world condemned the test. (
  • One: a desperate or over-confident North Korea lashes out, striking Guam or Hawaii or U.S. bases in Japan, in which case a U.S. counterattack is a "100 percent" certainty. (
  • If America would withdraw from South Korea, there could be a power struggle between such as China and Japan. (
  • Earlier, the women's team competed in the 2008 World Cup in Japan. (
  • KOFU, JAPAN--April 7, 2021--Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--As it seeks to become carbon neutral by 2050, South Korea has become a world leader in the construction of fuel cell power plants. (
  • Korea has been building its reputation in robot-assisted surgery, a cutting edge cancer treatment technology, which has every year attracted many medical experts from Japan , Taiwan and many other countries to the National Cancer Center to learn the robot-assisted surgical techniques. (
  • These economic reforms, pushed by President Kim Dae-jung, helped Korea return to growth, with growth rates of 10% in 1999 and 9% in 2000. (
  • the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup of Korea Republic. (
  • The Korea-LLI Global Program on Knowledge Sharing (KGKS), established in 2013 with an $18 million grant from the Republic of Korea, provides significant financial support for development and delivery of OLC courses. (
  • The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is facing serious food shortages as a result of a failed winter harvest. (
  • It is a critical moment in the history of partnership between the Republic of Korea and the World Bank Group ," said Deputy Prime Minister Hyun . (
  • Uzbekistan beat Qatar 5-1 in Tashkent but, needing to win by seven goals, failed to overhaul South Korea for the second automatic qualifying spot in Group A. The former Soviet Republic now go into a play-off series. (
  • In 1948, the Soviet Union refused to participate in the United Nations supervised peninsula-wide democratic elections for a new government, leading to the UN's recognition of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) as the sole legitimate government in Korea. (
  • In five decades South Korea (the Republic of South Korea) has come a long way. (
  • Economic development and universal health coverage through national health insurance has led to a rapid improvement in health outcomes in the Republic of Korea. (
  • The Republic of Korea achieved universal health coverage of its population in 1989, just 12 years after the introduction of social health insurance. (
  • Kang H, Kwon S, Kim E. COVID-19 health system response monitor: Republic of Korea. (
  • Photo courtesy of the Republic of Korea. (
  • The US-ROK Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) does not impose any liability upon the US government for the condition of former installations after they have been returned and accepted by the ROK government,' she said, referring to South Korea by the acronym of its official name, the Republic of Korea. (
  • It called the device the 'H-bomb of justice' and said: 'The U.S. is a gang of cruel robbers which has worked hard to bring even a nuclear disaster to the DPRK,' using the official acronym for North Korea. (
  • Richard Smith wants to start selling the official soccer jersey of the world's most secretive totalitarian regime before the World Cup tournament begins June 11. (
  • A dispute over the cost to base American soldiers in South Korea is straining the decades-old alliance as North Korea threatens to resume military provocations. (
  • South Korea on Friday declared a "special management zone" around a southeastern city where a surging viral outbreak, largely linked to a church in Daegu, threatens to overwhelm the region's health system. (
  • How quickly the world of racing pivoted to remote work when the pandemic hit. (
  • Of the 229 new cases in South Korea, 200 are from Daegu and nearby areas. (
  • North Koreans fleeing to China are protected under international law as refugees sur place , since those forcibly returned by China face violations that a 2014 UN Commission of Inquiry ( COI ) on human rights in North Korea has condemned as crimes against humanity. (
  • The two said they tried to destroy any evidence that would implicate any North Koreans living in hiding or the relief workers helping them seek asylum in places such as South Korea. (
  • North Korea missile test? (
  • strengthening the friendship and mutual understanding between South Korea and host countries WFK promotes positive images of South Korea through a variety of cultural exchanges. (
  • With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. (
  • Now the world's 14th largest economy, Korea is a key development partner of the WBG and an important contributor to the International Development Association (IDA), the fund established to support the world's poorest countries. (
  • In addition to the World Bank's IBRD and IDA, the new World Bank Group office will also host IFC (International Finance Corporation) - the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector - and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) - the Bank Group's agency which provides political risk insurance to promote foreign direct investment into developing countries. (
  • As the virus courses through the world, the story of two outbreaks illustrates a coming problem for countries now grappling with an explosion in cases. (
  • The democracies of Italy and South Korea are useful case studies for countries such as America, which have had problems setting up testing systems and are weeks behind on the infection curve. (
  • These are the most innovative countries in the world, South Korea, Sweden and Singapore top the list. (
  • South Korea and Sweden are the most innovative countries in the world, according to a league table covering everything from the concentration of tech companies to the number of science and engineering graduates. (
  • These rankings may explain the disparity between Bloomberg's list of innovative countries and the World Economic Forum's own list of the 10 most innovative economies . (
  • South Korea is among the world's most prominent nuclear energy countries, and exports its technology widely. (
  • This will help Wacker to serve the fast-growing demand for high-quality silicones for the electronics industry in Korea and other Asian countries. (
  • At Praxair you'll join 26,000 talented and diverse people in more than 50 countries, all working hard to make a difference in the world. (
  • Major portions of the world are in conflict and some in fact are going to hell," he said. (
  • The organization hosts year-round networking events and awards, such as the Culture Communication Forum, CICI Korea Image Awards and Korea CQ Forum. (
  • Joe Cirincione, a nuclear expert who is president of Ploughshares Fund, a global security organization, said North Korea may have mixed a hydrogen isotope in a normal atomic fission bomb. (
  • Still, given Kim Jong Un's inexperience and age, there are questions outside North Korea about whether he is equipped to lead a nation engaged in long-stalled negotiations over its nuclear program and grappling with decades of economic hardship and chronic food shortages. (
  • On Saturday, Mattis accused Kim Jong Un's regime of illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear programs, and vowed to defeat any attack by North Korea, which he said engages in "outlaw behavior. (
  • The commission said the "evil misdeeds" of the Lee administration reached a peak when it prevented South Koreans from visiting North Korea to pay respects to Kim Jong Il, except for two delegations led by a former first lady and a business leader, both of whose husbands had ties to North Korea. (
  • Many Koreans on the peninsula had made their own plans for the future of Korea, which did not foresee the re-occupation of Korea by foreign forces. (
  • The N. Koreans and Iraqis have every right in the world to turn the world's microwave oven on High for the next 10,000 years! (
  • According to a report published Wednesday in the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs' journal on health and welfare, the inequality in health status among South Koreans was consistent in line with income, social status, academic background and region. (
  • He and his wife, Chris Woolwine-Moen, produced thousands of award-winning maps that are used all over the world and content that aids students, teachers, travelers and parents with their geography and map questions. (
  • At 29.0 mega-bytes per second (Mbps), South Korea boasts the fastest average Internet connection speed in the world according to a recent annual report by content delivery network provider Akamai. (
  • South Korea reported an eight-fold jump in viral infections Saturday with more than 400 cases mostly linked to a church and a hospital, while the death toll in Iran climbed to five and a dozen towns in Italy effectively went into lockdowns as health officials around the world battle a new virus that started in China but has spread globally . (
  • Our experiences pale when compared with the hardship facing so many people living in North Korea or as illegal immigrants in China," they said. (
  • The WAO/ACAAI co-sponsored 24 attendees from Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, and China to attend this very popular training program. (
  • South Korea initially had the largest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside of China, but new cases have decreased sharply since then. (
  • China has already taken a number of steps to pressure North Korea to come to the negotiating table. (
  • In February, China also stopped buying coal from North Korea, Pyongyang's key export. (
  • The combined area of North and South Korea has 8,640-kilometers of mostly rugged coastline with 3,579 islands lying mostly off the south and west coasts. (
  • Although the southern and western coasts of the Korea peninsula have a jagged and irregular topography, the eastern coastline maintains an unindented coastline. (
  • Through General Order No. 1, issued by General Douglas MacArthur , the United States and the Soviet Union were to supervise the surrender of Japanese forces in their sectors, divided by the 38th Parallel, as well as temporarily establish their respective military governments until such time as Korea was either administered under an international trusteeship or achieved independence. (
  • Hawking the soccer jerseys of all 32 World Cup teams competing in South Africa this year is a point of pride for Mr. Smith, the managing director of Subside SportsLtd. (
  • Due to the border closures and travel restrictions put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, the country became more isolated than ever, with authorities intensifying already tight restrictions on communication with the outside world. (
  • North Korea continued jamming Chinese mobile phone services at the border and arresting persons caught communicating with people outside the country, a violation of the right to information and free expression. (
  • While the ethical implications of tourism in such an undemocratic country are debatable, as long as you're not part of the media, getting into North Korea is not actually too difficult. (
  • Mr Meadows, who has been to the country at least 20 times, said: 'North Korea is slowly opening up in terms of what is possible. (
  • North Korea today ordered international nuclear inspectors out of the country. (
  • To buy the full country review for SOUTH KOREA , simply add a digital download to your basket below. (
  • The country is now ranked in 23rd place, while Ireland and South Korea take the top two spots. (
  • Taking third spot in the Global Competitiveness Report's innovation league table, Israel is ranked 10th best country in the world for innovation overall by Bloomberg. (
  • We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea," Mattis said with Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at his side. (
  • It also wants the country to become the world leader in hydrogen cars. (
  • But Vietnam, a communist state that fought America and won, is a choice that both North Korea and the US could agree on. (
  • According to a 2013 article in the Korea Herald, a local newspaper, "LIG Nex1's major export items include the portable surface-to-air missile called the Chiron, the Korea GPS-guided bomb and the medium-range 3-D air defense surveillance radar. (
  • South Korea, meanwhile, has developed into one of the world's leading economies, employing free enterprise economic policies as well as fostering a democratic government. (
  • Moving through the border between North and South Korea requires special permission. (
  • Sales of pregnancy testing kits are rising in border regions of North Korea , Daily NK has learned. (
  • Injured in another human rights protest Friday near the border with North Korea, Vollertsen was wearing crutches and a neck brace when he arrived at the protest. (
  • Speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation," CIA Director Mike Pompeo indicated that time was running out rapidly for a peaceful end to the standoff with North Korea. (
  • While several thousand people escaped North Korea annually earlier this decade, the numbers have decreased in recent years. (
  • He went on to stress how in the end it is the audience that shapes the film industry and that the first Iron Man movie's positive reception in Korea five years ago shaped the success of the franchise -- by demonstrating that it had universal appeal in the then increasingly important international market. (
  • In recent years, North Korea has been pushing hard to acquire the ability to launch missiles from submarines in what experts say is a worrying development because such weapons are difficult to detect before launch. (
  • Chosen," as Tokyo called Korea, was annexed by the Japanese Empire 93 years ago. (
  • Kurka has been on the World Cup circuit for five years, although injuries have always stopped him from thriving. (
  • The root of this particular bedtime story was a bit of reporting by David Sanger and William Broad, asserting that the Obama administration had begun, about three years ago, to launch cyberattacks against North Korea analogous to those against Iran. (
  • But the Commission's authoritative report represents the best opportunity in years to increase pressure on North Korea to address the grave violations. (
  • Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with The World's Matthew Bell about this weekend's reported rocket launch in North Korea. (
  • South Korea successfully launched its first rocket on Tuesday, but the satellite payload failed to reach its designated orbit, officials said. (