Aqueous Humor: The clear, watery fluid which fills the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye. It has a refractive index lower than the crystalline lens, which it surrounds, and is involved in the metabolism of the cornea and the crystalline lens. (Cline et al., Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed, p319)Wit and Humor as Topic: The faculty of expressing the amusing, clever, or comical or the keen perception and cleverly apt expression of connections between ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)Vitreous Body: The transparent, semigelatinous substance that fills the cavity behind the CRYSTALLINE LENS of the EYE and in front of the RETINA. It is contained in a thin hyaloid membrane and forms about four fifths of the optic globe.Trabecular Meshwork: A porelike structure surrounding the entire circumference of the anterior chamber through which aqueous humor circulates to the canal of Schlemm.Ciliary Body: A ring of tissue extending from the scleral spur to the ora serrata of the RETINA. It consists of the uveal portion and the epithelial portion. The ciliary muscle is in the uveal portion and the ciliary processes are in the epithelial portion.Fluorophotometry: Measurement of light given off by fluorescein in order to assess the integrity of various ocular barriers. The method is used to investigate the blood-aqueous barrier, blood-retinal barrier, aqueous flow measurements, corneal endothelial permeability, and tear flow dynamics.Malocclusion, Angle Class I: Malocclusion in which the mandible and maxilla are anteroposteriorly normal as reflected by the relationship of the first permanent molar (i.e., in neutroclusion), but in which individual teeth are abnormally related to each other.Mandible: The largest and strongest bone of the FACE constituting the lower jaw. It supports the lower teeth.Intraocular Pressure: The pressure of the fluids in the eye.HumorJaw, Edentulous: The total absence of teeth from either the mandible or the maxilla, but not both. Total absence of teeth from both is MOUTH, EDENTULOUS. Partial absence of teeth in either is JAW, EDENTULOUS, PARTIALLY.Malocclusion, Angle Class III: Malocclusion in which the mandible is anterior to the maxilla as reflected by the first relationship of the first permanent molar (mesioclusion).Warm Ischemia: A tissue or organ remaining at physiological temperature during decreased BLOOD perfusion or in the absence of blood supply. During ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION it begins when the organ reaches physiological temperature before the completion of SURGICAL ANASTOMOSIS and ends with reestablishment of the BLOOD CIRCULATION through the tissue.Laughter: An involuntary expression of merriment and pleasure; it includes the patterned motor responses as well as the inarticulate vocalization.Gene Components: The parts of the gene sequence that carry out the different functions of the GENES.Jaw Relation Record: A registration of any positional relationship of the mandible in reference to the maxillae. These records may be any of the many vertical, horizontal, or orientation relations. (Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry)Iris: The most anterior portion of the uveal layer, separating the anterior chamber from the posterior. It consists of two layers - the stroma and the pigmented epithelium. Color of the iris depends on the amount of melanin in the stroma on reflection from the pigmented epithelium.Anterior Chamber: The space in the eye, filled with aqueous humor, bounded anteriorly by the cornea and a small portion of the sclera and posteriorly by a small portion of the ciliary body, the iris, and that part of the crystalline lens which presents through the pupil. (Cline et al., Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed, p109)Cephalometry: The measurement of the dimensions of the HEAD.Blood-Aqueous Barrier: The selectively permeable barrier, in the EYE, formed by the nonpigmented layer of the EPITHELIUM of the CILIARY BODY, and the ENDOTHELIUM of the BLOOD VESSELS of the IRIS. TIGHT JUNCTIONS joining adjacent cells keep the barrier between cells continuous.Uveitis: Inflammation of part or all of the uvea, the middle (vascular) tunic of the eye, and commonly involving the other tunics (sclera and cornea, and the retina). (Dorland, 27th ed)Wilms Tumor: A malignant kidney tumor, caused by the uncontrolled multiplication of renal stem (blastemal), stromal (STROMAL CELLS), and epithelial (EPITHELIAL CELLS) elements. However, not all three are present in every case. Several genes or chromosomal areas have been associated with Wilms tumor which is usually found in childhood as a firm lump in a child's side or ABDOMEN.Maxilla: One of a pair of irregularly shaped bones that form the upper jaw. A maxillary bone provides tooth sockets for the superior teeth, forms part of the ORBIT, and contains the MAXILLARY SINUS.Uveitis, Anterior: Inflammation of the anterior uvea comprising the iris, angle structures, and the ciliary body. Manifestations of this disorder include ciliary injection, exudation into the anterior chamber, iris changes, and adhesions between the iris and lens (posterior synechiae). Intraocular pressure may be increased or reduced.Eye ProteinsAdministration, Topical: The application of drug preparations to the surfaces of the body, especially the skin (ADMINISTRATION, CUTANEOUS) or mucous membranes. This method of treatment is used to avoid systemic side effects when high doses are required at a localized area or as an alternative systemic administration route, to avoid hepatic processing for example.Rabbits: The species Oryctolagus cuniculus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Rabbits are born in burrows, furless, and with eyes and ears closed. In contrast with HARES, rabbits have 22 chromosome pairs.Laughter Therapy: Therapeutic use of humor and laughter to improve emotional well being and health.Anterior Eye Segment: The front third of the eyeball that includes the structures between the front surface of the cornea and the front of the VITREOUS BODY.Mouth Mucosa: Lining of the ORAL CAVITY, including mucosa on the GUMS; the PALATE; the LIP; the CHEEK; floor of the mouth; and other structures. The mucosa is generally a nonkeratinized stratified squamous EPITHELIUM covering muscle, bone, or glands but can show varying degree of keratinization at specific locations.Sclera: The white, opaque, fibrous, outer tunic of the eyeball, covering it entirely excepting the segment covered anteriorly by the cornea. It is essentially avascular but contains apertures for vessels, lymphatics, and nerves. It receives the tendons of insertion of the extraocular muscles and at the corneoscleral junction contains the canal of Schlemm. (From Cline et al., Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed)Eye: The organ of sight constituting a pair of globular organs made up of a three-layered roughly spherical structure specialized for receiving and responding to light.Tooth Extraction: The surgical removal of a tooth. (Dorland, 28th ed)Cataract: Partial or complete opacity on or in the lens or capsule of one or both eyes, impairing vision or causing blindness. The many kinds of cataract are classified by their morphology (size, shape, location) or etiology (cause and time of occurrence). (Dorland, 27th ed)Malocclusion, Angle Class II: Malocclusion in which the mandible is posterior to the maxilla as reflected by the relationship of the first permanent molar (distoclusion).Timolol: A beta-adrenergic antagonist similar in action to PROPRANOLOL. The levo-isomer is the more active. Timolol has been proposed as an antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic, antiangina, and antiglaucoma agent. It is also used in the treatment of MIGRAINE DISORDERS and tremor.Congresses as Topic: Conferences, conventions or formal meetings usually attended by delegates representing a special field of interest.Exfoliation Syndrome: The deposition of flaky, translucent fibrillar material most conspicuous on the anterior lens capsule and pupillary margin but also in both surfaces of the iris, the zonules, trabecular meshwork, ciliary body, corneal endothelium, and orbital blood vessels. It sometimes forms a membrane on the anterior iris surface. Exfoliation refers to the shedding of pigment by the iris. (Newell, Ophthalmology, 7th ed, p380)Glaucoma: An ocular disease, occurring in many forms, having as its primary characteristics an unstable or a sustained increase in the intraocular pressure which the eye cannot withstand without damage to its structure or impairment of its function. The consequences of the increased pressure may be manifested in a variety of symptoms, depending upon type and severity, such as excavation of the optic disk, hardness of the eyeball, corneal anesthesia, reduced visual acuity, seeing of colored halos around lights, disturbed dark adaptation, visual field defects, and headaches. (Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed)Uvea: The pigmented vascular coat of the eyeball, consisting of the CHOROID; CILIARY BODY; and IRIS, which are continuous with each other. (Cline et al., Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed)Periodicals as Topic: A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.Toxoplasmosis, Ocular: Infection caused by the protozoan parasite TOXOPLASMA in which there is extensive connective tissue proliferation, the retina surrounding the lesions remains normal, and the ocular media remain clear. Chorioretinitis may be associated with all forms of toxoplasmosis, but is usually a late sequel of congenital toxoplasmosis. The severe ocular lesions in infants may lead to blindness.Cornea: The transparent anterior portion of the fibrous coat of the eye consisting of five layers: stratified squamous CORNEAL EPITHELIUM; BOWMAN MEMBRANE; CORNEAL STROMA; DESCEMET MEMBRANE; and mesenchymal CORNEAL ENDOTHELIUM. It serves as the first refracting medium of the eye. It is structurally continuous with the SCLERA, avascular, receiving its nourishment by permeation through spaces between the lamellae, and is innervated by the ophthalmic division of the TRIGEMINAL NERVE via the ciliary nerves and those of the surrounding conjunctiva which together form plexuses. (Cline et al., Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed)Glaucoma, Open-Angle: Glaucoma in which the angle of the anterior chamber is open and the trabecular meshwork does not encroach on the base of the iris.Iridocyclitis: Acute or chronic inflammation of the iris and ciliary body characterized by exudates into the anterior chamber, discoloration of the iris, and constricted, sluggish pupil. Symptoms include radiating pain, photophobia, lacrimation, and interference with vision.Textbooks as Topic: Books used in the study of a subject that contain a systematic presentation of the principles and vocabulary of a subject.Tonometry, Ocular: Measurement of ocular tension (INTRAOCULAR PRESSURE) with a tonometer. (Cline, et al., Dictionary of Visual Science, 4th ed)Abstracting and Indexing as Topic: Activities performed to identify concepts and aspects of published information and research reports.Cataract Extraction: The removal of a cataractous CRYSTALLINE LENS from the eye.Myosin Heavy Chains: The larger subunits of MYOSINS. The heavy chains have a molecular weight of about 230 kDa and each heavy chain is usually associated with a dissimilar pair of MYOSIN LIGHT CHAINS. The heavy chains possess actin-binding and ATPase activity.Review Literature as Topic: Published materials which provide an examination of recent or current literature. Review articles can cover a wide range of subject matter at various levels of completeness and comprehensiveness based on analyses of literature that may include research findings. The review may reflect the state of the art. It also includes reviews as a literary form.Lens, Crystalline: A transparent, biconvex structure of the EYE, enclosed in a capsule and situated behind the IRIS and in front of the vitreous humor (VITREOUS BODY). It is slightly overlapped at its margin by the ciliary processes. Adaptation by the CILIARY BODY is crucial for OCULAR ACCOMMODATION.Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptors, Type II: A subtype of bone morphogenetic protein receptors with low affinity for BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEINS. They are constitutively active PROTEIN-SERINE-THREONINE KINASES that can interact with and phosphorylate TYPE I BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEIN RECEPTORS.Eye Diseases: Diseases affecting the eye.Transforming Growth Factor beta2: A TGF-beta subtype that was originally identified as a GLIOBLASTOMA-derived factor which inhibits the antigen-dependent growth of both helper and CYTOTOXIC T LYMPHOCYTES. It is synthesized as a precursor molecule that is cleaved to form mature TGF-beta2 and TGF-beta2 latency-associated peptide. The association of the cleavage products results in the formation a latent protein which must be activated to bind its receptor.Pupil: The aperture in the iris through which light passes.Kidney Neoplasms: Tumors or cancers of the KIDNEY.Phencyclidine Abuse: The misuse of phencyclidine with associated psychological symptoms and impairment in social or occupational functioning.Endothelium, Corneal: Single layer of large flattened cells covering the surface of the cornea.Terminology as Topic: The terms, expressions, designations, or symbols used in a particular science, discipline, or specialized subject area.Benchmarking: Method of measuring performance against established standards of best practice.Glaucoma, Neovascular: A form of secondary glaucoma which develops as a consequence of another ocular disease and is attributed to the forming of new vessels in the angle of the anterior chamber.Programmed Instruction as Topic: Instruction in which learners progress at their own rate using workbooks, textbooks, or electromechanical devices that provide information in discrete steps, test learning at each step, and provide immediate feedback about achievement. (ERIC, Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1996).Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Bone-growth regulatory factors that are members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily of proteins. They are synthesized as large precursor molecules which are cleaved by proteolytic enzymes. The active form can consist of a dimer of two identical proteins or a heterodimer of two related bone morphogenetic proteins.Eye Infections: Infection, moderate to severe, caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses, which occurs either on the external surface of the eye or intraocularly with probable inflammation, visual impairment, or blindness.Wound Healing: Restoration of integrity to traumatized tissue.Gels: Colloids with a solid continuous phase and liquid as the dispersed phase; gels may be unstable when, due to temperature or other cause, the solid phase liquefies; the resulting colloid is called a sol.Evidence-Based Medicine: An approach of practicing medicine with the goal to improve and evaluate patient care. It requires the judicious integration of best research evidence with the patient's values to make decisions about medical care. This method is to help physicians make proper diagnosis, devise best testing plan, choose best treatment and methods of disease prevention, as well as develop guidelines for large groups of patients with the same disease. (from JAMA 296 (9), 2006)Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic: Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.Guidelines as Topic: A systematic statement of policy rules or principles. Guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by convening expert panels. The text may be cursive or in outline form but is generally a comprehensive guide to problems and approaches in any field of activity. For guidelines in the field of health care and clinical medicine, PRACTICE GUIDELINES AS TOPIC is available.Interviews as Topic: Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.Tropicamide: One of the MUSCARINIC ANTAGONISTS with pharmacologic action similar to ATROPINE and used mainly as an ophthalmic parasympatholytic or mydriatic.Fluorescein: A phthalic indicator dye that appears yellow-green in normal tear film and bright green in a more alkaline medium such as the aqueous humor.Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors: A class of compounds that reduces the secretion of H+ ions by the proximal kidney tubule through inhibition of CARBONIC ANHYDRASES.Forensic Medicine: The application of medical knowledge to questions of law.Injections: Introduction of substances into the body using a needle and syringe.Herbals as Topic: Works about books, articles or other publications on herbs or plants describing their medicinal value.Prostaglandins F, Synthetic: Analogs or derivatives of prostaglandins F that do not occur naturally in the body. They do not include the product of the chemical synthesis of hormonal PGF.Levobunolol: The L-Isomer of bunolol.Macaca fascicularis: A species of the genus MACACA which typically lives near the coast in tidal creeks and mangrove swamps primarily on the islands of the Malay peninsula.Ocular Hypotension: Abnormally low intraocular pressure often related to chronic inflammation (uveitis).Ascorbic Acid: A six carbon compound related to glucose. It is found naturally in citrus fruits and many vegetables. Ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient in human diets, and necessary to maintain connective tissue and bone. Its biologically active form, vitamin C, functions as a reducing agent and coenzyme in several metabolic pathways. Vitamin C is considered an antioxidant.Anaphylatoxins: Serum peptides derived from certain cleaved COMPLEMENT PROTEINS during COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION. They induce smooth MUSCLE CONTRACTION; mast cell HISTAMINE RELEASE; PLATELET AGGREGATION; and act as mediators of the local inflammatory process. The order of anaphylatoxin activity from the strongest to the weakest is C5a, C3a, C4a, and C5a des-arginine.Methazolamide: A carbonic anhydrase inhibitor that is used as a diuretic and in the treatment of glaucoma.Bookplates as Topic: Labels pasted in books to mark their ownership and sometimes to indicate their location in a library. Private bookplates are often ornate or artistic: simpler and smaller ones bearing merely the owner's name are called "book labels." They are usually pasted on the front endpaper of books. (From Harrod, The Librarians' Glossary and Reference Book, 4th rev ed & Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)Broadsides as Topic: Published pieces of paper or other material, usually printed on one side and intended to be read unfolded and usually intended to be posted, publicly distributed, or sold. (From Genre Terms: A Thesaurus for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloguing, 2d ed)Drosophila Proteins: Proteins that originate from insect species belonging to the genus DROSOPHILA. The proteins from the most intensely studied species of Drosophila, DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER, are the subject of much interest in the area of MORPHOGENESIS and development.Eye Neoplasms: Tumors or cancer of the EYE.Practice Guidelines as Topic: Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.Patient Education as Topic: The teaching or training of patients concerning their own health needs.Trabeculectomy: Any surgical procedure for treatment of glaucoma by means of puncture or reshaping of the trabecular meshwork. It includes goniotomy, trabeculectomy, and laser perforation.Retinal Necrosis Syndrome, Acute: Mild to fulminant necrotizing vaso-occlusive retinitis associated with a high incidence of retinal detachment and poor vision outcome.Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid: Liquid chromatographic techniques which feature high inlet pressures, high sensitivity, and high speed.Curriculum: A course of study offered by an educational institution.Fluoresceins: A family of spiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9'-(9H)xanthen)-3-one derivatives. These are used as dyes, as indicators for various metals, and as fluorescent labels in immunoassays.

Humour appreciation: a role of the right frontal lobe. (1/89)

Humour occupies a special place in human social interactions. The brain regions and the potential psychological processes underlying humour appreciation were investigated by testing patients who had focal damage in various areas of the brain. A specific brain region, the right frontal lobe, most disrupted the ability to appreciate humour. The individuals with damage in this brain region also reacted less, with diminished physical or emotional responses (laughter, smiling). Performance on the humour appreciation tests used were correlated in a distinct pattern with tests assessing cognitive processes. The ability to hold information in mind (working memory) was related to both verbal (jokes) and non-verbal (cartoon) tests of humour appreciation. In addition, the demands of the specific type of humour test were related in a logical manner to cognitive processes, verbal humour being associated with verbal abstraction ability and mental shifting and cartoon humour being related to the abilities to focus attention to details and to visually search the environment. The ability of the right frontal lobe may be unique in integrating cognitive and affective information, an integration relevant for other complex human abilities, such as episodic memory and self-awareness.  (+info)

Alliteration in medicine: a puzzling profusion of p's. (2/89)

PROBLEM: Puzzling, progressive profusion of alliterative "p's" in published papers. PURPOSE: To depict this particular "p" predominance with pinpoint precision. PLAN: Periodic, painstaking perusal of periodicals by a professor of paediatrics. PROPOSAL: The "p" plethora is positively perplexing and potentially perturbing.  (+info)

The race of the millennium: CD-ROM versus the textbook. (3/89)

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether CD-ROMs are as fast as everyone thinks they are. METHODS: A grand contest between 2 textbooks and their electronic versions, held with the help of 10 victims. RESULTS AND INTERPRETATION: We can't be expected to tell you that now. You'll have to read the paper.  (+info)

Acronymophilia: an update. (4/89)

The history, epidemiology, clinical features, and treatment of the epidemic infection, acronymophilia, a sinister scourge of modern medicine are described.  (+info)

Streptokinase versus alteplase and other treatments for acute and delayed thrombolysis of blood stains in clothing. (5/89)

OBJECTIVE: To assess the usefulness of heparin, alteplase, and streptokinase in removing blood stains. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial. SETTING: Hospital laundry. INTERVENTIONS: Blood stains were allocated to treatment with alteplase, streptokinase, heparin, a commercial enzymatic stain remover, or no treatment at all after three or seven hours and then washed in hot or cold water two hours later. RESULTS: Both hot water and early treatment were strongly associated with improved stain removal. All four treatments were associated with a worse outcome than no treatment at all, although for streptokinase this trend did not reach significance. The commercial stain remover gave the worst results of all treatments tested. CONCLUSIONS: Contrary to popular wisdom, hot water is much more effective than cold in removing blood stains. Methodologically rigorous research and evidence based principles are needed within the laundry industry, and the role of thrombolytic drugs should be assessed further.  (+info)

Barking mad? another lunatic hypothesis bites the dust. (6/89)

OBJECTIVE: To assess whether dog bites requiring hospital admission occur more at the full moon. DESIGN: Review of dates of admission for dog bites to accident and emergency departments, June 1997 to June 1998, compared with dates of the full moon. SETTING: All public hospitals in Australia. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Admissions for dog bites. RESULTS: 12 peak clusters of admissions were unrelated to the time of the full moon. CONCLUSION: Dog bites are no more frequent on full moons than at any other time of the month. Sceptics rejoice.  (+info)

Arabian nights-1001 tales of how pharmaceutical companies cater to the material needs of doctors: case report. (7/89)

OBJECTIVE: To describe how pharmaceutical companies cater to the material needs of doctors. DESIGN: Case report of memoirs. SETTING: Facilities that have nothing to do with medicine, somewhere in the Arabian peninsula. PATIENT POPULATION: Random sample of doctors. INTERVENTIONS: Promotion by the pharmaceutical industry. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Short term outcomes were travel, pleasure, amusement, and gifts, and long term outcomes were the market share of specific companies. RESULTS: Short term outcomes were heterogeneous, underlying the diversity of the means employed by the pharmaceutical industry to subvert, divert, and influence medical practice. Overall, 200 doctors were dressed in white gowns, a doctor in preventive medicine quoted Hippocrates in favour of smoking, a senior doctor became a poet, a doctor trying to understand the Methods section of a poster paper wondered whether he should have been sunbathing at the beach instead, and two women doctors were kidnapped by Bedouin warriors. Long term outcomes on the sales of the company drugs are pending but are likely to be most favourable. CONCLUSIONS: Eat, drink, be merry, and boost prescriptions.  (+info)

The efficacy of stethoscope placement when not in use: traditional versus "cool". (8/89)

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether the "cool" or circumcervical placement of the stethoscope when not in use is as efficacious as the traditional placement in terms of transfer time to the functional position. METHODS: Measurement of time taken by 100 health care professionals in each group to transfer stethoscope to functional position. RESULTS AND INTERPRETATION: The cool group was much slower than the traditional group, despite their younger years. This wasted time could translate into a substantial financial burden on Canada's health care system.  (+info)

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Joke definition, something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or a prankish act: He tells very funny jokes. She played a joke on him. See more.
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Family-friendly Halloween jokes and comics for kids. Laugh at our huge collection of the funniest Halloween jokes and funny Halloween humor.
Family-friendly Halloween jokes and comics for kids. Laugh at our huge collection of the funniest Halloween jokes and funny Halloween humor.
These all are jokes that weve had the good fortune of having other people email to us or weve retrieved off the Internet. Over time, weve sent them on to the subscribers of our various jokes lists. Since were talking some ten years of managing these emails lists, weve built up a pretty sizeable (and FUNNY) collection of jokes. They cover pretty much any category and topic that you can imagine; from clean jokes to dirty jokes and most everything in between, including the much loved lawyer jokes and the blonde jokes and the yo mama jokes as well as those redneck jokes. Remember, we did NOT author them, but we did take the time to convert the text files to html.. If you are certain of the authorship of any of these, email us the authors name along with relevant information on how we can verify that they truly are the author so we can give them the credit that they deserve.. ...
I find this picture so funny and Im sure youll find it very funny too: Pantyhose Dog 6 | Funny Pictures | PROONG.COM | Funniest Pictures Ever | Funny and Beautiful Crazy Pictures | Most Funny Beautiful Cutest Sweetest Amazing Cool Humor Pictures and Photos
I find this picture so funny and Im sure youll find it very funny too: Airplane Dog | Funny Pictures | PROONG.COM | Funniest Pictures Ever | Funny and Beautiful Crazy Pictures | Most Funny Beautiful Cutest Sweetest Amazing Cool Humor Pictures and Photos
Mutant Mass Pinoy Jokes Identical Exotic Contractor No One this would not be a walk the park, but the results were downright incredible.... Fitness-memes. LOL, jokes, fitness humor, funny. - If you like this pin, repin it and follow our boards:-).Protein Foods For Diabetics But envision the big lifestyle changes werent so faithfully.Metrecal was a brand of diet foods introduced in the early 1960s.The Diabetes Cure Miracle Shake Keep protein bars on hand for days past when you quick snack to keep the blood amounts under restraint.Ultra Shake Pea Protein. Stifle the Woody Harrelson jokes: Hemp protein is derived from the less-fun parts of the hemp.Diets For Gestational Diabetes The medical community has known about this protein individuals have early 1900s but didnt ...
A random experiment consists of tossing a coin, followed by more coin tosses depending on the results of the first toss. The coin is fair, but it is deemed to possibly come up Heads, Tails, or edge poon though the last possiblity has a 0 frequency of occurrence.. The probabilities of the three possibilities (as singletons) for the first coin toss are $\frac{1}{2}, \frac{1}{2}$ and $0$ . When the first coin toss is Heads, the coin is tossed again thrice; if the first coin toss is Tails, the coin is tossed again twice; if the first coin toss is edge, the coin is tossed again once. Each toss is made independently of any other.. Find. ...
Regardless of the location of the smallest things can go for a long way to build your gallstones. Drink a glass of water and feed on healthy foods. You dont want to talk about his gallbladder diet after surgery joke sense of humor to joke with. Lowenfels speculated that their gallbladder removed. Foods most common operation did not experience diets for gallstones vs ulcer gallstones throwing up stabbing pains and other types of gallbladder removal surgery. I know I actually felt operable pancreatic cancer prognosis ill from what the simple role of BileBile is supposed to. The most gallbladder diet after surgery joke common type of stones remedy, word of mouth recommend inserting tube like structures and markets the da Vinci system will be able to colon cancers. Before surgery or the entire gallbladder issues. It contain more severely infection and requires recovery time we eat food the gallstones. liver cancer gi bleed Most expertise heartburn can be used by gas and bloating. Along with the ...
Sample Jokes From A Laugh A Day Sample Jokes from A Laugh A Day|/TITLE| |META NAME=generator CONTENT=BBEdit 4.5| |/HEAD| Are you saying that Im not good enough for Jack-in-the-Box? Hey dad, are there any openings at your office? Hey mom, you know how you and dad got married at 20, well..... Man dad, there are so many fucking parties here. (hiccup) Are you listening to me, you old fucking fart! Q What does it say on the bottom of a Coke bottle in Poland? Q Whats the best thing about having Alzheimers? [...] what was the outcome? asked the doctor. No one but their creator understands their internal logic. The message Bad command or file name is about as helpful as If you dont know what wrong, Im not going to tell you. A better model is always right around the corner. For two years, he has wanted to ask a certain girl (who is also from Westchester and also goes to Ithaca) out on a date, but has never had the courage. [...] one day over the summer, he sees her at home and musters
Kongregate Best joke in the world (origional joke made by me not by someone else), post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers opinions.
hank-you for supporting click 4 a cure, everytime you visit the site and read the Joke our sponser will donate 10 cents to help people with cancer. To read todays joke click the link below.... Http:// and Http:// ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Friends Birthday comming up??? why not send them an E-card Http:// -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- To Join my Mailing list click the link below: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Please Forward this to all your friends*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. Remember the good ol days ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...
always had a soft spot for, I guess what you would call educational(?), jokes. Jokes to do with maths and the likes. best two Ive heard recently My dad once told me i had a lot of potential, right before he pushed me off the balcony. & (not so much a joke, but I like it)
A press release about Snails on methamphetamines works for me. The story is about memory. The jokes are about snails:. Snail Joke #1. A turtle gets mugged by a gang of snails. Cop is interviewing the turtle afterwards, still at the scene. Turtle still flustered. Cop asks, "Just start at the beginning.". "I dont know," says the turtle. "It all happened so fast.". Snail Joke #2. Guy opens his front door and grabs the paper off the porch. Theres a snail on it. He gives a flick of the wrist, and the snail sails off the porch into the garden.. Three weeks later theres a knock at the door. Guy answers. Its the snail.. Snail says, "What was that all about?". ...
Advertise}My cash is achieving me cash Bank Kristian Wood fixes your riches and outs Feet first: All week I saw my GP because the purpose was getting don and hip the way I revealed. I was signified with a consequence. The societal is that as the dual optimized in my foot, I also secured to get negative in the accurate cold-hand side of my back and possible preliminary. Being a quantity reader of Joint Leave I societal they are control; what should I do. M Teoh, Down A A wisdom is a quantity on the sole of the progress snap crackle pop jokes is the time of an strength with the entire signified finance. It is the same as a consequence on any other part of the house but tends to be solitary, and can become whole as veruca on foot joke road of the body allows down on it over cheer. Normally, a consequence will impersonate without favour within two operations. Do support that they are tin so chicken horse bmw joke them headed with a consequence plaster when you would; wear solitary experts in ...
Are you interested in using my jokes in your monologues? I am available to write jokes for anybody who needs a monologue joke or two. If you need me, contact me by my email, which is [email protected] Serious inquiries only! Thank you for reading my blog, and happy laughing!. ...
Are you interested in using my jokes in your monologues? I am available to write jokes for anybody who needs a monologue joke or two. If you need me, contact me by my email, which is [email protected] Serious inquiries only! Thank you for reading my blog, and happy laughing!. ...
Joke is on usTo say that city politics is a joke is nowhere more obvious than in Baltimore. As a witness to the recent community sweep-up in Pigtown, I was both irritated and amused. There was a
This blog is dedicated to Joke Gadgets for your blogs and webpage. Feel free to choose which gadget you like and put it on your blogs too. Have fun! Its... ...
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Announced Thursday by L.A.-based games studio Jam City, "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" is an upcoming mobile role-playing game that will let players create characters that will enroll in Hogwarts. Once there, players will attend classes, learn magic, become friends (or rivals) with other students and make plenty of other decisions as they grow into the witch or wizard they are meant to become.. ...
Read knock knock Jokes on offers knock knock jokes such as Thistle Joke, Started strippin Joke,Knock Knock York Joke,Knock Knock Walrus Joke and Knock Knock Lettuce Joke
Jasper: I suppose if we were generous wed take your interpretation and counter with But that is exactly how radically divorced SCIENTISTS are from reality! heyoooooo, which is enough of a cultural meme that its half-acceptable. Not saying the comic is great, but it follows the textbook formula and comes out like a joke from an 80-year old textbook which still uses diacritic marks. Yes, we say, we understand that this joke is structured correctly, and upon this style a proper joke may be formulated, but a proper joke this is not, since it is only an example. So Randall has made a joke that is a template of a real joke.... so yeah, were giving him credit because at least it doesnt have a vagina on it?. ReplyDelete ...
In this study, jokes that depend on semantically ambiguous words were compared with similar high-ambiguity sentences that were not funny, and with verbal jokes that did not depend on semantic ambiguity. The results confirm that both the left ITG and IFG are involved in resolving semantic ambiguities (Rodd et al., 2005, 2010b), while a more widespread network (that includes both regions) is involved in processing humorous jokes when compared with matched nonhumorous material. Hearing jokes was associated with increased activity in a network of subcortical regions, including the amygdalae, the ventral striatum, and the midbrain, which have been implicated in experiencing positive reward. Moreover, activity in these regions correlated with the subjective ratings of funniness of the material.. That effects of both humor and ambiguity are seen in a common frontotemporal network has important implications for neuroscientific theories of humor in general. Previous work has shown that language-dependent ...
Comedy Central Jokes - Mark Roberts: Girlfriend With a Tattoo - I dated this one woman -- she had a tattoo above her left breast. I found it really hard to be intimate while Yosemite Sam was giving me the finger.
Email. ELMONT, N.Y. - Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Funny Cide got down to serious business Friday at Belmont Park when he had his first work since Aug. 19. Under exercise rider Robin Smullen, Funny Cide covered a half-mile in 48.26 seconds, breezing, over the main track, which was listed as fast. The early fractions on Funny Cides work, according to the clockers, were 12.60 for the first furlong and 24.40 for the opening quarter-mile. Funny Cide galloped out five furlongs in 1:01.30. Unlike in some of his works before the Belmont Stakes that took place when the track opened at 5:30 a.m., Funny Cide was one of the first workers when the track reopened after the renovation break at 8:45. Barclay Tagg, Funny Cides trainer, said he was happy with the work because Funny Cide was relaxed. During the Triple Crown, the New York-bred Funny Cide was headstrong in many of his breezes. "Weve been galloping him in draw reins to relax him," Tagg said. "We spend all our time trying to keep him ...
From the June 2006 issue of the journal Sleep. Sleep. 2006 Jun;29(6):841-7. The effects of caffeine, dextroamphetamine, and modafinil on humor appreciation during sleep deprivation. Killgore WD, McBride SA, Killgore DB, Balkin TJ. Abstract STUDY OBJECTIVES: Sleep loss consistently impairs performance on measures of alertness, vigilance, and response speed, but its effects on higher-order executive…
The name Makmende was popular among Kenyan children back in the 1990s. It was used to describe any child who believed he could challenge anyone to a fight (especially after just watching an action film). The legend disappeared with time, only to be reintroduced in a music video â€" this time with a face to match the name. The musical trio Just A Band has released a video for the song Ha-he, and has centred it around Makmende.. The video has achieved instant popularity, with over 50,000 Youtube views (on the official upload alone) within two weeks of its release. The video has a seventies feel to it, and immediately brings back memories of Shaft. Makmende is also a mean-faced and fearless fighter who deals with his enemies ruthlessly, in this funny but oddly-violent video.. What has made Makmende even more popular was jokes about him on Facebook and Twitter, quite similar to the Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer jokes that have been making the rounds online:. â€" Makmende bit a mosquito and it ...
It is good to read jokes. This is the first time, I come across such thread in this site. Yes, as Pramilakapahi mentioned, these threads can be encouraged, with certain norms. It may be difficult to fix norms for jokes, because, something seems to be funny to me, may hurt the feeling of other ...
... : Incredibly funny and corny at the same time! You probably havent heard these jokes since you were in second grade.
Write a review for Holiday park Lindale Motor Park (Paraparaumu Northern Island New Zealand) now! Upload your holiday pictures and holiday videos!
I came across it again recently, and it sort of bothered me that I didnt know the entire thing. I tried googling it, but the closest thing I found (other than the exact same quotes, without any more context) was someone saying theyd found the joke... and linking to it... but the link went to a post on a messageboard that had since been rearranged so that the numbers in the links to posts were all different and old links didnt work. But it seems that there is an actual joke this is from ...
About The Big Book of Winter Fun: Puzzles, Mazes, Jokes, and Games to Last the Entire Season - The Big Book of Winter Fun: Puzzles, Mazes, Jokes, and
by Keith Wade Our Price: $12.95 Sales Rank: 419,470 - Avg. Rating: 0 (out of 5) Released: August, 1984 - ISBN: 0915179156 Version: 1/00 Page No: 2 . Jokes Some Jokes Again! Heaven? A nurse dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, St. Peter meets her. Over St. Peters shoulder the nurse spots a man in a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck. Oh Man! she cries. Is that a doctor? St Peter glances over his shoulder and says, No, thats God. He just thinks hes a doctor. Trainee Doctors A nurse is walking down a hospital corridor when her supervisor spots her. The supervisor is amazed. The nurse has unkempt hair, her dress is wrinkled, and one of her boobs is hanging out of the front of her uniform. "NURSE SMITH! How do you account for standard of dress?" asks the supervisor. Oh, says the nurse, as she pushes her boobs back into her uniform. You know what junior Doctors are like. They NEVER put anything back where they find it! Senior Girls Two elderly ladies are sitting on ...
The group is rife with TOIJs (tired old in-jokes), obscure references and dry humor. This is probably the only group on ... multicast e-mail systems of any sort where "OT:..." means on topic.[citation needed] ... Other staples in conversation with the oracle include:. *A *ZOT* (administered with the Staff of Zot, see LART) is earned when ... will usually result in a response with details on how to profit by helping with a transfer of a large sum of money from an ...
Some Yonkoma also tackle serious topics, though most do so with humor. Some manga occasionally use yonkoma, usually at the end ... Humor "APRENDA A DESENHAR YONKOMAS COM A ERICEIRA " Walker, Brian (2002). The comics: since 1945. New York: Harry N. Abrams, ...
However, he would indulge his nieces and nephews with his humor, stories, violin, and yodeling. Whether climbing the mountains ... Curious about all aspects of human nature, there was no topic that did not interest him. When other adults would tune out, ... He so impressed them with his ideas and originality that they set up a trust fund to help support him. This situation appears ... The book was edited and written by Haskell, with Harold Cassidy, Arthur Jensen, and Jere Clark each contributing a chapter. The ...
Other Twitter users were content with using the occasion for humor. One account sent out the following tweet, full with self- ... tweettheresults hashtags topped Twitter's list of trending topics. On January 13, 2012 the federal government announced it " ... "10 per cent of the country finishes voting with 2.5 hours remaining in B.C., and 88 per cent of votes are in with only 30 ... But the B.C provincial court did not agree with Bryan. He was convicted and fined $1,000. In 2003, the British Columbia Supreme ...
... and were usually associated with dancing. Returning topics of most of them are the Polish-Soviet War, drinking, looting, and ... They described a military unit in black humor, using derogatory terms and swear words. Following the Polish-Soviet War, the ... It's better to die on the bottom of a shithouse, Than to serve with Kiedacz. Still ready to love, These are uhlans from Poznan ... The 18th brought from Liepaja, Ladies to have fun with. Whether it snows, whether it rains, The 18th always runs away". During ...
What makes them popular is their unique humor and original approach to contemporary topics. Censorship was almost non-existent ... If the author is dissatisfied with glodur's decision, he can file a complaint to a special Tarzanija's judicial body, called " ... is one of the most popular Serbian humor websites. Its current ranking according to is 23,629 worldwide ... mostly consists of author's blogs with occasional comic called Stamenko and Mlohavko, a tale of two bananas. ...
The atmosphere is meant to emulate a meeting of world leaders, but presented with humor. The panel consists of a "Secretary ... The show hosts a panel of foreigners living in China, holding discussions in Mandarin on various topics and issues. ...
"Henderson tackles Intelligent Design with humor". Penn State: BOOK REVIEW. Financial Times Ltd. Retrieved 28 January 2010. The ... Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a humorous and refreshing poke at a serious and controversial topic. Dawkins, Richard ... Along with crude drawings and altered stock photography, Henderson employs irony to present perceived flaws with evolution and ... The Gospel begins with the creation of the universe by an invisible and undetectable Flying Spaghetti Monster. On the first day ...
The show covers "real topics" with a sense of humor like Chelsea Does, with guest celebrities. Her comedic partner Chuy will ... Chelsea is part of Handler's deal with Netflix that she made in July which included a stand-up special titled Uganda Be Kidding ... On Rotten Tomatoes the first series holds a 27% approval rating with an average rating of 4.5 out of 10 based on 11 reviews. ... Hipes, Patrick (March 16, 2016). "Handler's landmark deal with Netflix also included a stand-up special and four docu-comedy ...
The format consists of talk segments intermixed with music, contests, and skit-based humor. Current events, right-wing politics ... sports (mainly NASCAR), and male-oriented problems are common topics of talk. Broadcast states include North Carolina, Alabama ... with the hosts getting a share of syndication income. One disadvantage: the show would include less locally oriented humor that ... Two of the stations were sports talk--WRFX-AM (co-owned with flagship WRFX-FM) and WFNS in Tampa, Florida. The other stations ...
His informally toned editorials, which covered a variety of topics, were also very successful. Using whimsicality and humor, he ... Catharine went to live with the family of Parke Godwin and the separation became a public affair, with newspapers throughout ... His wife soon received an anonymous letter with an accusation that Willis was in an adulterous relationship with Catherine ... After dancing with Dickens's wife, Willis and Dickens went out for "rum toddy and broiled oysters". By this time, his fame had ...
A few times per show, Greg will ask the liberal panel his thoughts on a topic, to which the panel will respond with outrageous ... They discuss the week's topics in a lighthearted way, focusing more on humor rather than rigorous political debate. The first ... along with Katherine Timpf and Tyrus, frequent members of the show. The show begins with comments about other people given ... Greg discussed the important parts of the debate with a select group of students from the New York City Urban Debate League, ...
It also takes a serious topic (this time, the 80th anniversary of Estonia's independence) and addresses it with humor. Estonian ... The topic addressed by Stomachache is giving birth. Birth is considered sacred by many Estonians. In light of this opinion, the ... Sauter says that the protagonist in these short pieces is his contemporary and is aging with him. His prose feeds directly on ...
After-dinner speaking (ADS) is a public-address event which makes greater sense of an important topic with humor. Although it ... impromptu speaking is a contest combining wit and humor with insight; speeches should be funny, but also make a point. ... The event covers a variety of topics, but the use of humor is central to its execution. The speech should not resort to base ... It is sometimes combined with DI and, like DI, characters are distinguished with voice work. Original comedy (OC) is similar to ...
... it is liberally sprinkled with humor and, more important, wisdom.... [and] offers numerous suggestions for improving our ... While covering a remarkable number and array of topics, the book moves logically from the general to the specific.... Although ... With regard to limitations, Lightsey stated that Bandura's "usually deft prose sometimes bogs down in phrases such as ' ... with the consequence that this is one of the weightiest theoretical books on a subject of such wide general interest... to be ...
The Professor plays heavy metal music and discusses topics with callers. Metalheads (2001) Dirtbags: The Armpit of Metal (2002 ... The style of humor in the magazine is brutally sarcastic, and is intentionally politically incorrect. Bill Zebub has a weekly ... Each issue consists of interviews with metal bands, CD and DVD reviews. The interviews are generally comedic with a sarcastic ... Criticism of organized religion, particularly Christianity, is another recurring topic. The magazine also includes a feature ...
The column was renamed "Topics of the Times" in 1896 with Frederick Craig Mortimer as the author until 1926, when it was taken ... He also wrote humor pieces and juvenile fiction. While in New York City he became an early member of the Theosophical Society, ... He graduated from Jefferson in 1858 and read law in New York City with William M. Evarts, joining the bar in 1860. He practiced ... Alden is also credited with bringing the sport of canoeing to the United States. He founded the New York Canoe Club in 1871, ...
With Iqbal, cast members Agha Majid, Rubi Anam and Honey Albela also left the show. They were replaced by Hasan Murad, Sherry ... Saleem Albela adds humor through his witty comments. They discuss politics, current affairs, and society's problems usually in ... Politics is the major topic of discussion. It used to feature a section Zabaan o Bayaan where host Ayesha Jahanzaib corrects ... With the antics of Lucky Dear and several others, the show attracts audiences from different spheres of Punjabi life. ...
Expression of humor is the intentional use of humor to create a positive affect with the target individual. The expression of ... Ingratiation, as a topic in social psychology, was first defined and analyzed by social psychologist Edward E. Jones. In ... Expression of humor is any event shared by the ingratiator with the target individual that is intended to be amusing to the ... Ingratiation is a method that can be used to cope with job-related stress. Decreased self-esteem coupled with stress may cause ...
Although the song deals with racism and discrimination, he wrote it with a sense of humor. The black and white music video for ... Cab Driver, directed by Geoff Barish, features Kravitz in a similar situation of the song's topic. The music video was shot in ... Kravitz wrote the song after an altercation with a cab driver. ...
... which deal with topics of western and Mormon history, fiction, essay, humor and art. Among these are the diaries of Mormon ... Some authors view this as "quality liberal thinking on controversial LDS topics." Terryl Givens states that the publisher is " ... In its continuing assault upon traditional Mormonism, Signature Books promotes with its recent and dubiously titled work, The ... "the main vehicle for publications that challenge the borders of Mormon orthodoxy." Signature Books is sometimes at odds with ...
Black humor[edit]. Chernobyl[edit]. *An old woman stands in the market with a "Chernobyl mushrooms for sale" sign. A man goes ... The most common topics are the war with the monarchist White Army, Chapayev's futile attempts to enroll into the Frunze ... and wit that is characteristic of Jewish humor both in Russia and elsewhere in the world (see Jewish humor). The jokes are ... Many of these jokes are set in Odessa, and to some extent the phrase "Odessa humor" is synonymous with "Jewish jokes," even if ...
... historical pieces and humor..." Published since 1940, it is printed quarterly, with a special Passover issue. Its regular ... The magazine generally presents a Modern Orthodox viewpoint, and covers "topics of interest to an international Orthodox Jewish ...
Editorial Cartooning: Matt Davies, Journal News, for his piercing cartoons on an array of topics, drawn with a fresh, original ... blending technical expertise with offbeat humor and astute cultural observations. ... Commentary: Leonard Pitts Jr., The Miami Herald, for his fresh, vibrant columns that spoke, with both passion and compassion, ... with special attention to innocent citizens caught in the conflict. Feature Writing: not awarded International Reporting: ...
... who also has to deal with a dominant mother. Cormac McCarthy honored Iturbi with a moment of colloquial humor in Suttree, his ... Conversing with his Aunt Martha on the topic of dogs once owned between himself and his ancestors, he proclaimed, "We had one ... He later moved to Paris in order to proceed with his studies with Victor Staub at the Paris conservatory on a scholarship from ... Hero absconded with his daughters while Iturbi was on a European concert tour in 1947. After a court battle of several months, ...
... who robbed banks with his face covered with lemon juice, which he believed would make it invisible to the surveillance cameras ... and personal sense of humor. After learning their self-assessment scores, the students were asked to estimate their ranks in ... and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision."[11] ... the participants given tests with a positive intent reported better performance than did the participants given tests with a ...
We investigated the synthesis of RV-specific IgG using aqueous humor and serum samples from 63 consecutive patients with FHC. ... Topics discussed include initial vision loss due to cataract and vitreous opacities and progressive vision loss due to open or ... A 20-year-old female was presented with a past history of fever suggestive of chikungunya with bilateral Fuchs heterochromic ... Purpose: Uveitis is the inflammation of the uveal tract, which usually also affects the retina and vitreous humor. The ...
I wanted to try it with the kids at work, but they would not buy into laughing. How depressing!! So I have to humor them on an ... "The first vision that comes to my mind on the topic of laughter is of my dear father and seeing him laughing so many times… it ... Icon in the shape of a paper with pencil hovering over it.. Icon in the shape of stacked list of images with text beside them. ... Icon in the shape of a circle with the Twitter bird in the middle.. Icon in the shape of a checkmark. Icon in the shape of a ...
When the air does laugh with our merry wit,. And the green hill laughs with the noise of it. Engrave this quote in Our Store! ... That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you. Engrave this quote in Our Store! , Rate this Quote! ... I want someone to laugh with me, someone to be grave with me, someone to please me and help my discrimination with his or her ... Time spent laughing is time spent with the Gods. Engrave this quote in Our Store! , Rate this Quote! , ...
However, the other day- during a brief moment of enlightenment- I came up with my first Celiac joke. I hope you enjoy it... ... I have lived with Celiac Disease for over 37 years. Though not so funny back then, most of my humorous stories would have to be ... Topics. * Left Side And Rib Pain...anyone Else? *1. *2. *3. By icelandgirl, February 5, 2014. in Post Diagnosis, Recovery & ... Celiac Humor By DiscGolfer, March 19, 2010. in Coping with Celiac Disease ...
Sendoffs by President Obama and Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were sprinkled with humor and ... Gates farewell ceremony dotted with humor. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates left the Pentagon for good Thursday, but not ... Sendoffs by President Obama and Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were sprinkled with humor and ... You agree that anything you post may be used, along with your name and profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy ...
Too Soon aims to cultivate an intimate conversation about the role of humor in personal tragedy. Topics include death, illness ... Stephanie Mickus sits down with comedians and writers to discuss the line between comedy and tragedy. ... Too Soon with Stephanie Mickus podcast on demand - ... Stephanie sits down with writer and comic Shelby Fero to talk ... Too Soon aims to cultivate an intimate conversation about the role of humor in personal tragedy. Topics include death, illness ...
Talk on Butt Cancer Tackles Taboo with Humor to Win 2018 Postdoc Slam. ... She is recognized for her commitment to provide low-income women with care commensurate with that received by women with ... At UC San Francisco, we encourage our students to approach health care issues with critical thinking and a spirit of inquiry. ... And she supports work-life balance ensuring that staff with wide-ranging goals and values can thrive in an inclusive culture ...
We want to hear, did we miss an angle we should have covered? Should we come back to this topic? Or just give us a rating for ... ONeill -- with accent on pace, humor. Lemmon in central role of theatrical masterpiece * ... Bethel Leslie delivers the line with a touching quietude that combines wonder over a fleeting joy with sorrow for everything ... With scrupulous honesty, ONeill explores and explains without condoning. Probing the origins of their behavior -- whether ...
This heartfelt and thoroughly readable story about a boy coping with the loss of his father is more than just a delightful end- ... We want to hear, did we miss an angle we should have covered? Should we come back to this topic? Or just give us a rating for ... Death by Toilet Paper is a poignant story with just enough bathroom humor to captivate kids * ... Surprising because with a title like Death by Toilet Paper and a cover that pops, you might expect light-hearted comedy. And ...
Save With These Topics. Cancel Save to your Queue. Add your favorite articles, videos, podcasts, and more to your Queue so you ... Related: Humor Them. A Well-Timed Laugh Speaks Volumes.. If you really think about it, Thanksgiving is a magical time of year ... Be Thankful for the Sense of Humor That Lets You Laugh About What Isnt Really So Funny Next Article *--shares ... Of course, with the emotional nature of the holidays also comes the physical. After eating more food than any human should eat ...
Topics: American Politics, Comedy / Humor, Economic Forecast, Emerging Markets, Financial Markets, Global Economy, Government ... Topics: American Politics, Big Data, Business Growth/Strategy/Trends, Change: Living with It, China, Current Events, Economic ... Topics: American Politics, Change: Living with It, Current Events, Economic Forecast, Financial Markets, Fiscal Policy, Global ... With one-part facts and one-part humor, Jill takes the mystery out of everything revolving around money. ...
Topic / Politics with comparison prices of the books you want from all the major online retailers. ... Bookwire offers the most complete list of books on Humor / ... Displaying 1- 20 of 2,194 results for keyword "Humor / Topic / ...
Humor (24) *Legal Affairs (280) *Music (9) *Off Topic (100) *Online Sites (1,465) ... To be frank, I dont really have an issue with police being able to subpoena this information. Its got nothing to do with ... Is Sharing Customer DNA Data With Police Dick Eastman · May 6, 2015 · DNA, Legal Affairs · 31 Comments ... he regarded them with a penetrating stare.. Then he spoke great words of wisdom. as he sat there on that chair:. "To eat these ...
hit rival with a false advertising and patent infringement lawsuit in California federal court on Friday, seeking ... Humor (24) *Legal Affairs (280) *Music (9) *Off Topic (100) *Online Sites (1,465) ... Half my relatives on one side of the family have tested with Ancestry, the other half have tested with FTDNA, and never the ... I have since been in contact with long lost relatives from other branches of my tree. Im very pleased with Ancestry DNA. ...
In a tone of humor I dont really mind. But, I really get tired of the attitude that we should pretend as if religion wasnt a ... In any case, this is my last word on this topic. There are many weblogs where readers can make witty remarks to show how smart ... A traditon that started with Paul, or perhaps with Christ.. Unfortunately, thats not the case. The popularity of the book has ... It dealt with examining Islamic barbarisms in a detached fashion. Though there might have been problems with the presentation ...
Select the topics that interest you: New Moms Parenting News Parenting Humor ... Raising a Child With Down Syndrome. Down but Not Out: Tori Spelling Shares Her Friends Perspective on Raising a Child With ... Some high school graduates with Down syndrome participate in post-secondary education (University or College). Many adults with ... This week, Tori shares a letter from her friend about her baby who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. ...
Select the topics that interest you: New Moms Parenting Humor Parenting News ... Do You Agree With the New Pregnancy Weight Guidelines?. Do You Agree With the New Pregnancy Weight Guidelines? May 31, 2009 by ...
Pest humor! It is not funny to lose job... Does Tea Leoni italian? ... But naw Ill post this on another topic.. go see the other review of Cheaper by the Dozen..... ... You are here: Home ‹ Board index ‹ Movie Discussion ‹ All Other/Older Movies ‹ (2005) Fun With Dick And Jane ... I know, I know this is a Fun with Dick and Jane review.... by Canadian Jayne » Tue Jan 10, 2006 7:02 pm ...
Lucia has proven themselves to be a synth-pop force to be reckoned with. With their brand new album titled, "Matter", released ... Neko Case Brings Humor, Hits to House of Blues. By: Alex LaRosa At the House of Blues Wednesday night, Neko Case delivered a ... Topics:. Select Topic. 617 Day (6). 70th Birthday (9). Album Review (8). Artist Interviews (50). Artist Profile (10). Boston ... WERS Sits Down With Jack Garratt. By: Carrie Mackevich A groundbreaking first show on his tour, Jack Garratt brought the ...
Consider my approach and the added advice of noted stress experts on how to deal with the topic. I am happy to share what has ... Dont forget to use humor in the workplace. When used appropriately, it can relieve stress during the day. ... Consider my approach and the added advice of noted stress experts on how to deal with the topic. I am happy to share what has ... Lighten your burdens with the help of team members who are happy to assist. You should also seek win-win gains with fellow ...
Look for our next "off-topic" post in 2 weeks. Were scouring the nooks n crannies of planet Earth for obscure but delicious ... The father cant be with the girls unless the mother is there. The mother cant be with the boys unless the father is there. ... You know that point in the day when your brain feels like it got hit with a frying pan? (Maybe thats where the expression "Im ... The thief cant remain with anyone unless the police officer is present. How do you get them all across? ...
I love this cartoon with a nurse shark and nursing lingo :) Please click the like button if you enjoyed this and post your ... Must Read Topics. * 28 My Colonoscopy * 6 If you changed your username, what would you go with? ... Nurses › Nursing Humor / Jokes › Nurse Shark Cartoon March 2018 Top 8 Captions Poll Now Available! Help Select the $100 Winner. ... I love this cartoon with a nurse shark and nursing lingo Please click the like button if you enjoyed this and post your ...
Little Franny liked to play with Death... Mental Health ... Playing with death Mental Health Humor cartoon by Chato Stewart ... My Top 5 Favorite Mental Health Humor Cartoons On:. DEATH. Death & Taxes , Death Penalty ,Brush with Death , Flirting With ... Caption: Little Franny liked to play with Death…. Mental Health Humor: All rights reserved©Chato B. Stewart 2014.. ... Home » Bipolar Disorder » Blogs » Mental Health Humor » Do You PLAY With DEATH? ...
How black-ish unpacks hard topics with humor and nuance Digesting serious issues through comedy is like taking medicine with ... Now the 130-year-old magazine turns the lens on itself, with an issue devoted to the topic… ... The Grammys are catching up with public opinion by recognizing hip-hop artists in its top categories this year. At Harvard ... Special correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault speaks with Reverend William Barber and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, co-authors of " ...
"In a PC world, humor is a capital offense. ". - Taki. Columnists. *Ann Coulter ...
  • Dr. Johannson fondly recalls her strongest memories of laughter being associated with her father. (
  • The first vision that comes to my mind on the topic of laughter is of my dear father and seeing him laughing so many times… it was wonderful to see. (
  • It is important that people can check in with others from time-to-time, on 'whether they have had moments of laughter' or not. (
  • Another situation where you might think twice about confrontation is when, by putting up with the difficult behavior, you derive a certain benefit. (
  • Dr. Rappaport is also co-author of The Behavior Code (Harvard Education Press, 2012), a guidebook for teachers who work with children with oppositional, anxious, sexualized, or withdrawn behavior. (
  • When I drive to work, I listen to thuggish rap at very loud volume even though the lyrics are degrading to women and offend me to my core," Gay writes in her essay "Bad Feminist: Take Two," confessing the ways in which her behavior conflicts with her concept of the idealized feminist. (
  • Reviewer comments on the first edition of Nonlinear Physics with Maple for Scientists and Engineers : 'Correctly balances a good treatment of nonlinear, but also nonchaotic, behavior of systems with some of the exciting findings about chaotic dynamics. (
  • If social rewards/reinforcement is insufficient to bring about the desired behavior, pair social recognition with earned activities or tangible reinforcers. (
  • Through the years, she has shown her ability to work constructively with a diverse group of leaders, faculty, students and staff by building consensus, supporting professional development and enforcing equity. (
  • A re you dealing with a challenging person at work, at home, or in another part of your life? (
  • I am ready to eat in a different place at work because it seems like 95% of the time the focus is on what I am eating even when I don't bring food topics up! (
  • I work with nurses and have made it a point to have lunch before their official lunch hour (1 pm - 2pm). (
  • Work smarter, better, and faster with weekly tips and how-tos. (
  • I work with them every day, and that group has very negative reactions to this kind of stupidity and hypocrisy. (
  • His opening salvo implies he's familiar with my work, but he doesn't go overboard and slather me with false compliments. (
  • He talked with the students about what it's like to work at Amgen and answered their questions about how careers in industry work. (
  • Take your time with school work. (
  • Humor doesn't always work as well in scientific presentations as it did for Patek on the TED stage. (
  • I was fortunate to work with a world-class team. (
  • I work with low budgets, getting high production values. (
  • Getzell always does great work with Robichaud, but his star seemed to shine a little brighter in this performance, which included a highly satisfying original piece of his. (
  • His work is very varied and covers many areas in his field including the international cruise, ferry, tourism, travel, maritime tourism and maritime leisure markets together with the development of port infrastructure and other interrelated port and destination facilities. (
  • This work will not be as appealing to scientists, who may take issue with "filling in the blanks" and the simplified discussion of genetics. (
  • A clear and engaging account of the life and times of the Moravian monk whose passion for numbers and painstaking work with pea plants laid the foundation for the modern science of genetics. (
  • In addition to her clinical expertise, author and cartoonist Theresa Garnero brings some much-needed levity to a very serious topic. (
  • Is Mormonism's stance on laughter simply a reflection of modern values which view laughter positively, with an inheritance of puritanical hesitation around laughter in word alone? (
  • Driving by all these luxury apartments with an ocean view, knowing I could buy them if I wanted,' Reverend Billy Joe Johnston ruminated over his success to his long time friend and business manager, 'Why, I remember when I couldn't even afford a burger with a slice of raw onion. (
  • I seriously considered closing my other weblog because of the reaction to that post because I don't run weblogs to engage with frothing animals. (
  • The other metrics that define a great conference for me are whether I meet new people, engage with known colleagues and learn something new. (
  • Often in scientific presentations, "people are trying to plow through so much data that they kind of forget to engage with the audience," says British biologist turned stand-up comedian Helen Pilcher, who wrote about her career transition in a previous Science Careers article. (
  • Carlos Guillermo Flaquer, manager of Caucedo Logistics Center at DP World, will engage the audience on the topic of Logistics Models in the Caribbean. (
  • An expert on geopolitical risk, Willis Sparks shares with audience the market-moving impact of politics in the world's most dynamic developed and developing states, long-term geopolitical trends, including the rise of emerging market volatility and a country-by-country analysis of current internal political dynamics. (
  • Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. (
  • Author Amy Stewart is back with her fourth New York Times bestseller, The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World's Great Drinks . (
  • A bad feminist, by Roxane Gay's description in her eponymous essay collection, is someone who supports fair treatment of women but who doesn't necessarily agree with every feminism-associated or feminist-espoused idea, someone who believes in certain principles, yet acts against them sometimes, and with varying degrees of self-awareness. (
  • Stephanie sits down with writer Erin Mallory Long to discuss her marriage, her parent's divorce, and her new e-book Text/Chat/Email. (
  • What to say about a book with the words toilet paper in the title? (
  • I thought that I was buying a book about talking to my daughter about sex--and learned how my conversations about sex with her are avenues to strengthen our connection like no other. (
  • It's been very hard for my husband and I to find a book that we could really find useful with our kids who are affected by questions and issues of teenagers today. (
  • Overall, I highly recommend all parents, and mental health professionals, especially working with parents and adolescents, to have this book on hand. (
  • By offering practical insights and clearly explaining the needs of kids at different stages on these topics, this book explains the importance of my role throughout their life as well as the huge issues that kids face. (
  • It was very important right from the beginning that I wrote about a real kid -- and not just about a 'problem' or 'condition' -- and I knew I couldn't make him a real kid that I wouldn't continue to write the book because I am not the kind of writer who just wants to write about a topic. (
  • The second installment in this series is with agent Sammie Justesen ( Northern Lights Literary Services, LLC ) and her author Shane Ellison, for his book, Over-the-Counter Natural Cures . (
  • 6. The Wal-Mart Cure -- a 6×9, nonfiction book with 11 chapters and nearly 60,000 words/200 pages - will be the first of a 3-part "People's Chemist" series that will target not only Wal-Mart shoppers but millions of diabetics and athletes. (
  • The book is finely knit, with one essay relating to the next. (
  • There are some children, and I was this kind of child, who are introverts and love to read - who prefer to curl up with a book than to hang out with friends or play at the ball field. (
  • The reader needs to know C very well in order to benefit from the book or should at least have your feet wet with both C or C++. (
  • I think if he changed to ' this book is intended to be used with other C++ books', would be much better because it's really hard to understand C++ by using this book alone. (
  • The book starts with a program contained several funtions, followed by processor directives and pointer. (
  • Because this book covers such a broad range of topics, I needed the expertise of quite a few technical reviewers. (
  • Matthew Hess has upset a lot of Jews with his comic book series, " Foreskin Man . (
  • Note: Supplemental materials are not guaranteed with Rental or Used book purchases. (
  • What is included with this book? (
  • Each book had 10 chapters, with divisions and subdivisions under these, typical of the elaborate organizational format of medieval Arabic writings. (
  • Blogs tend to have a short life cycle, with most lasting under two years before fading into archival heaven. (
  • Humor has many benefits.Toastmasters club can provide the experience you need in a safe and friendly environment Mastering the Laugh You won¶t croak if you tell a joke! (
  • Laugh your way through the maturity maze with the Geranium Lady! (
  • Team members with the latest league laugh generally. (
  • She is a health entertainer dedicated to facilitating the humor-health connection by combining her science and artistic talents to promote a positive laugh-learn experience. (
  • After this brief diversion, back to my shock at seeing the images presented to me: a basic tenet is that co-localization can only be observed when both proteins are associated with some cellular structures or membranes. (
  • Law360 (May 11, 2018, 7:49 PM EDT) - Genealogy company 23andMe Inc. hit rival with a false advertising and patent infringement lawsuit in California federal court on Friday, seeking to invalidate its "Ancestry" trademark and claiming the company sells a DNA-based ancestry test that infringes 23andMe's patent. (
  • In an industry where youth and beauty are often valued far above maturity and wit, Estelle turned the tables. (
  • For example, if you're on the phone with an unfriendly customer service representative, as soon as you hang up and call another agent, this representative will no longer have power over you. (
  • If you need immediate assistance regarding this product or any other, please call 1-800-CHRISTIAN to speak directly with a customer service representative. (
  • Nurse manager said O2 concentrator can be used with BMV? (
  • Because I'm a nurse, the health topic interests me - and I know he did his homework to find my interests. (
  • She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management, with a Master of Science in Nursing, and Certified Diabetes Educator. (
  • Many children and adults with ADHD can relate to this description. (
  • Christie Aschwanden makes the mind-boggling world of sports recovery a hilarious adventure, and she mixes science with stories that everyone can relate to. (
  • Sendoffs by President Obama and Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were sprinkled with humor and anecdotes, often about the many years Gates spent in public service. (
  • God lives, deal with it! (
  • Consider my approach and the added advice of noted stress experts on how to deal with the topic. (
  • An especially adept incarnation may occasionally deal with such questions in keeping with the forum-absurdly, perhaps masking the truth, perhaps framing the truth from an absurd viewpoint, or perhaps resorting to nothing but demanding an absurd tribute. (
  • They manage to deal with issues in a way which isn't preachy and combine it with humour. (
  • Gender-related issues predominate: The introduction and final two essays, "Bad Feminist: One" and "-Two," all deal with the idea that it's possible to be a feminist without being perfect, and between those bookends are essays that examine sexual violence, body image, and reproductive rights. (
  • Yet it seems to me that all of them deal, essentially, with the same general theme: the importance of human connections. (
  • Click the Follow button on any author page to keep up with the latest content from your favorite authors. (
  • Furthermore, content should begin on the next line, with each paragraph separated by two line breaks (if you use a single line break, text continues on the same line). (
  • The bad news is I've been balancing it off with healthy loads of brownies and beef pies and chocolate ice cream. (
  • The bad news is one of the kids I teach at school was there with his mom and annouced that fact to anyone within earshot the next day! (
  • There is a usenet group, , which is populated by a variety of participants in the Internet Oracle. (
  • This potentially incendiary topic came up as I rummaged through the Healthy Living section of the Dallas Morning News. (
  • Angela Nelson ( @bostonangela ) is an exhausted mom of two young daughters and two old cats, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning digital editor with more than 15 years of experience delivering news and information to audiences worldwide. (
  • International news on fox sports humor!your entire fantasy baseball is room. (
  • His expertise, however, resides in market development - shaping activities for gas initiatives with a focus on financial business case metrics for decision making and environmental currency. (
  • AD REVIEWS: Ads are rated from $ to $$$$, based on tastefulness and probable effectiveness, with $$$$ being the highest. (
  • Humanity is not something we're born with, it is something we express in day to day life. (
  • He fought to live and to be here, only now to be faced with a prospective hurdle he would continue to jump for the rest of his life. (
  • Dr. Chirban discusses the topic of sex by utilizing humor, compassion and real-life practical examples. (
  • A very sucessful male doctor and female lawer go throught their daily life with 5 children. (
  • Uhlén has been instrumental in providing life science researchers with the Human Protein Atlas, a project he started with his team and a number of collaborators in Sweden back in the early 2000s. (
  • SLAS Europe provided me with a unique opportunity for becoming better acquainted with European companies and institutes working in emerging life science areas like organ-on-a-chip, an area in which my group works. (
  • Despite his aches, he tries to keep himself busy with the usual routine of country life. (
  • I know I'll never have a normal life and will probably never have a relationship with anyone. (
  • I guess I just wanted to see if there's anyone else out there who suffers from this disorder and how you manage with daily life. (
  • Treatment with hearing aids or ALDs can improve quality of life for adults with Alzheimer's and other dementias. (
  • It's a great way to show solidarity with someone in your life. (
  • Our style guide is inspired by successful common conventions such as Wikipedia 's, blended with specifics about the Second Life® experience. (
  • When it comes to Second Life documentation, we should remember that a FAQ on estate billing should be integrated with - or at the very least, closely linked to - the main article for estate billing. (
  • The highlight of the show, though, was a blended act that started with drag master Johnny Rockitt playing a larger than life Marilyn-Manson-meets-Chernobyl character. (
  • Henig (A Dancing Matrix: How Science Confronts Emerging Viruses) divides the life and reputation of Gregor Mendel, the eponymous monk in the garden, into two acts, with a 35-year interlude between. (
  • The naked mole rat has been called a 'penis with teeth,' which is why the Canadian Centre for Child Protection chose it for its new public-service announcement warning teen boys about the dangers of sexting. (
  • It's their unfortunate appearance - described by some as a 'penis with teeth' - that made them the perfect mascot for this new public-service announcement from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. (
  • There they found the Wizard with a fat cigar between his teeth and a pair of bleached-blond sylphs perched on his bony knees. (
  • Stephanie Mickus sits down with comedians and writers to discuss the line between comedy and tragedy. (
  • Stephanie sits down with comedy writer and songstress Allie Goertz (@cossbysweater) to discuss musical comedy and her job on the hit TV show @Midnight. (
  • Stephanie sits down with comedian Laura Crawford to discuss her bold comedy choices, her soon to be released half hour comedy special, and how her father isn't sure if pimpin' is easy. (
  • Surprising because with a title like Death by Toilet Paper and a cover that pops, you might expect light-hearted comedy. (
  • Viacom owns Comedy Central and its hit program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart . (
  • A show with a good heart and comedy to match. (
  • Cocky-Comedy is basically a mix of arrogance and humor. (
  • This week saw Orlando get inundated with announcements of big shows from the worlds of comedy and music. (
  • Fulham stated the extraterrestrials would neither land nor make any communication with Earth on Wednesday. (
  • Starting off with asking about the quality of a parent's relationship with his or her kid, Dr. Chirban identifies the apprehensions I have, and others that I couldn't admit, that helped me get comfortable with myself and the many issues of sexuality before trying to make real contact with my son and daughter on sex--much less the subjects of intimacy or love. (
  • Make it readily identifiable as humor. (
  • and he won me over as a writer with Actors Anonymous , his tongue-in-cheek meta-farce about trying to make it in Hollywood. (
  • How that aircrew could sit up in the cockpit while some nut is in the back with what could have been a real bomb and make no attempt to know what he is doing, is one of the things I find incredible in this story. (
  • Guys with bad circumcision jobs commit mass murder/suicide more often than intact guys, so don't worry, make jokes. (
  • CNN's Security Clearance examines national and global security, terrorism and intelligence, as well as the economic, military, political and diplomatic effects of it around the globe, with contributions from CNN's national security team in Washington and CNN journalists around the world. (
  • Before the age of 7 I did avow a belief in God, but in hindsight I see only the most minimal of deisms in my conception of the world aside from the times when I was at the mosque with my family. (
  • Her son was born with Down syndrome, and in honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, she has offered to share her story. (
  • In a PC world, humor is a capital offense. (
  • Though broader in scope than my earlier books, it nonetheless speaks to the same concern: the vital need for humans to be aware of their interdependence, not only with each other, but with the world and its environment. (
  • You have to remember that in the dating world, women love to be with a confident guy. (
  • A perfect guy who is sure of himself and confident in his ability to be successful in the world and with women is more Alpha. (
  • Join Amy Stewart for a darkly comical look at the sinister side of our relationship with the insect world. (
  • The lowered pH inhibits the growth of nasty cultures and the lactobacillus, flourishing in the acidic environment, competes for space with other (nasty) bacteria. (
  • Anyone who works out or competes at any level is bombarded with the latest recovery products and services: from drinks and shakes to compression sleeves, foam rollers, electrical muscle stimulators, and sleep trackers. (
  • His friends, in turn, treat him with the same sort of soft good humor. (
  • Nellie McKesson (production editor) lives in Brighton, Mass., where she makes t-shirts for her friends ( ) and plays music with her band Dr. & Mrs. Van Der Trampp. (
  • You agree that anything you post may be used, along with your name and profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the license you have granted pursuant to our Terms of Service . (
  • Though there might have been problems with the presentation of the post, the reaction of many readers was basically animalistic. (
  • But naw I'll post this on another topic. (
  • Look for our next "off-topic" post in 2 weeks. (
  • As usual when I address topics like this one I must post the following disclaimer. (
  • Warning: The following post may (or, sadly, may not) contain humor. (
  • With an economy of means I program, produce, direct, shoot and edit the segments as well as encode and post them to the web. (
  • I really had no idea where to start with the topic of sex, both of my children have been hinting at information and certainly bringing up stories from school that I didn't know how to handle at the least. (
  • For example, for children growing up with hearing loss who use hearing aids , they might feel different in school, and an older adult who has just recently developed hearing loss may feel nervous about looking different or being perceived as incompetent while wearing hearing aids. (
  • Rather, he is at war with circumcisers who cut children by force. (
  • In his 1941 dedication, O'Neill paid tribute to her ``love and tenderness which gave me the faith in love that enabled me to face my dead at last and write this play -- write it with deep pity and understanding and forgiveness for all the four haunted Tyrones. (
  • With his elfling lost and kingdom under attack, Thranduil must battle the evil without and within to save his child as young Legolas is plunged into the depths of intersecting love and sin. (
  • You are so darned talented in so many ways that if I didn't love you so much I might be green with envy! (
  • Love it with a PASSION! (
  • I also love how you can see Cameron's dismembered beauty and honour it, treating her gently and with such reverence while converting her nether-parts into sustenance of the highest quality. (
  • but you have to be able to show her you love her and communicate with her. (
  • Search warrants or not, I am still not comfortable with my DNA information submitted for genealogy research being used without my knowledge for purposes I never dreamed of. (
  • The conference was a energizing and empowering experience that allowed me to connect with other young adult survivors. (
  • These include the worthless High Priest Zadoc (sometimes with an assistant named Kendai), the Oracle's girlfriend Lisa the Net.Sex.Goddess , an assortment of deities, and the caveman figure Og. (
  • At UC San Francisco, we encourage our students to approach health care issues with critical thinking and a spirit of inquiry. (
  • But with most men unaware of male infertility issues or sperm health, awareness remains crucial for such startups to succeed. (
  • I know we're told it doesn't hurt as bad if you push it slowly, but with lovenox, wasn't true for my belly, anyway. (