Programs in which participation is not required.
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
Voluntary activity without external compulsion.
The process of formulating, improving, and expanding educational, managerial, or service-oriented work plans (excluding computer program development).
Recording of the changes in electric potential of muscle by means of surface or needle electrodes.
Programs and activities sponsored or administered by local, state, or national governments.
Muscular contractions characterized by increase in tension without change in length.
Non-profit organizations concerned with various aspects of health, e.g., education, promotion, treatment, services, etc.
A subtype of striated muscle, attached by TENDONS to the SKELETON. Skeletal muscles are innervated and their movement can be consciously controlled. They are also called voluntary muscles.
A process leading to shortening and/or development of tension in muscle tissue. Muscle contraction occurs by a sliding filament mechanism whereby actin filaments slide inward among the myosin filaments.
The rotational force about an axis that is equal to the product of a force times the distance from the axis where the force is applied.
A state arrived at through prolonged and strong contraction of a muscle. Studies in athletes during prolonged submaximal exercise have shown that muscle fatigue increases in almost direct proportion to the rate of muscle glycogen depletion. Muscle fatigue in short-term maximal exercise is associated with oxygen lack and an increased level of blood and muscle lactic acid, and an accompanying increase in hydrogen-ion concentration in the exercised muscle.
Components of a national health care system which administer specific services, e.g., national health insurance.
The state of being retired from one's position or occupation.
Fixed sums paid regularly to individuals.
The state of being engaged in an activity or service for wages or salary.
A snow sport which uses skis to glide over the snow. It does not include water-skiing.
Devices which are very resistant to wear and may be used over a long period of time. They include items such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, artificial limbs, etc.
A nonmetallic element with atomic symbol C, atomic number 6, and atomic weight [12.0096; 12.0116]. It may occur as several different allotropes including DIAMOND; CHARCOAL; and GRAPHITE; and as SOOT from incompletely burned fuel.
The interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale, between different countries or between populations within the same country. It includes trade (the buying, selling, or exchanging of commodities, whether wholesale or retail) and business (the purchase and sale of goods to make a profit). (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed, p411, p2005 & p283)
Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a benefit or service received.
Living facilities for humans.
Individual members of North American ethnic groups with ancient historic ancestral origins in Asia.
A measure of relative protection provided by SUNSCREENING AGENTS against burns due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from a light source.
An office in the Department of Labor responsible for developing and establishing occupational safety and health standards.
An institute of the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION which is responsible for assuring safe and healthful working conditions and for developing standards of safety and health. Research activities are carried out pertinent to these goals.
A cabinet department in the Executive Branch of the United States Government concerned with overall planning, promoting, and administering programs pertaining to VETERANS. It was established March 15, 1989 as a Cabinet-level position.
The promotion and maintenance of physical and mental health in the work environment.
Unforeseen occurrences, especially injuries in the course of work-related activities.
A course of action or principle adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual that concerns human interactions with nature and natural resources.
The profession of writing. Also the identity of the writer as the creator of a literary production.
Any significant change in measures of climate (such as temperature, precipitation, or wind) lasting for an extended period (decades or longer). It may result from natural factors such as changes in the sun's intensity, natural processes within the climate system such as changes in ocean circulation, or human activities.
Diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health services provided for individuals in the community.
The longterm manifestations of WEATHER. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
The inanimate matter of Earth, the structures and properties of this matter, and the processes that affect it.
The Commission was created by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 under Title XVIII. It is specifically charged to review the effect of Medicare+Choice under Medicare Part C and to review payment policies under Parts A and B. It is also generally charged to evaluate the effect of prospective payment policies and their impact on health care delivery in the US. The former Prospective Payment Assessment Commission (ProPAC) and the Physician Payment Review Commission (PPRC) were merged to form MEDPAC.
A system wherein reimbursement rates are set, for a given period of time, prior to the circumstances giving rise to actual reimbursement claims.
Federal program, created by Public Law 89-97, Title XVIII-Health Insurance for the Aged, a 1965 amendment to the Social Security Act, that provides health insurance benefits to persons over the age of 65 and others eligible for Social Security benefits. It consists of two separate but coordinated programs: hospital insurance (MEDICARE PART A) and supplementary medical insurance (MEDICARE PART B). (Hospital Administration Terminology, AHA, 2d ed and A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, US House of Representatives, 1976)
A scheme which provides reimbursement for the health services rendered, generally by an institution, and which provides added financial rewards if certain conditions are met. Such a scheme is intended to promote and reward increased efficiency and cost containment, with better care, or at least without adverse effect on the quality of the care rendered.
Activities concerned with governmental policies, functions, etc.
Using certified ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS technology to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce HEALTHCARE DISPARITIES; engage patients and families in their health care; improve care coordination; improve population and public health; while maintaining privacy and security.
Decisions made by the United States Supreme Court.

Can we learn from eugenics? (1/142)

Eugenics casts a long shadow over contemporary genetics. Any measure, whether in clinical genetics or biotechnology, which is suspected of eugenic intent is likely to be opposed on that ground. Yet there is little consensus on what this word signifies, and often only a remote connection to the very complex set of social movements which took that name. After a brief historical summary of eugenics, this essay attempts to locate any wrongs inherent in eugenic doctrines. Four candidates are examined and rejected. The moral challenge posed by eugenics for genetics in our own time, I argue, is to achieve social justice.  (+info)

Should childhood immunisation be compulsory? (2/142)

Immunisation is offered to all age groups in the UK, but is mainly given to infants and school-age children. Such immunisation is not compulsory, in contrast to other countries, such as the United States. Levels of immunisation are generally very high in the UK, but the rates of immunisation vary with the public perception of the risk of side effects. This article discusses whether compulsory vaccination is acceptable by considering individual cases where parents have failed to give consent or have explicitly refused consent for their children to be immunised. In particular, the rights of: a parent to rear his/her child according to his/her own standards; the child to receive health care, and the community to be protected from vaccine-preventable infectious disease are considered. The conclusion of the article is that compulsory vaccination cannot, with very few exceptions, be justified in the UK, in view of the high levels of population immunity which currently exist.  (+info)

An international survey of medical ethics curricula in Asia. (3/142)

SETTING: Medical ethics education has become common, and the integrated ethics curriculum has been recommended in Western countries. It should be questioned whether there is one, universal method of teaching ethics applicable worldwide to medical schools, especially those in non-Western developing countries. OBJECTIVE: To characterise the medical ethics curricula at Asian medical schools. DESIGN: Mailed survey of 206 medical schools in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 100 medical schools responded, a response rate of 49%, ranging from 23%-100% by country. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The degree of integration of the ethics programme into the formal medical curriculum was measured by lecture time; whether compulsory or elective; whether separate courses or unit of other courses; number of courses; schedule; total length, and diversity of teachers' specialties. RESULTS: A total of 89 medical schools (89%) reported offering some courses in which ethical topics were taught. Separate medical ethics courses were mostly offered in all countries, and the structure of vertical integration was divided into four patterns. Most deans reported that physicians' obligations and patients' rights were the most important topics for their students. However, the evaluation was diverse for more concrete topics. CONCLUSION: Offering formal medical ethics education is a widespread feature of medical curricula throughout the study area. However, the kinds of programmes, especially with regard to integration into clinical teaching, were greatly diverse.  (+info)

Altruism, blood donation and public policy: a reply to Keown. (4/142)

This is a continuation of and a development of a debate between John Keown and me. The issue discussed is whether, in Britain, an unpaid system of blood donation promotes and is justified by its promotion of altruism. Doubt is cast on the notions that public policies can, and, if they can, that they should, be aimed at the promotion and expression of altruism rather than of self-interest, especially that of a mercenary sort. Reflections upon President Kennedy's proposition, introduced into the debate by Keown, that we should ask not what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country is pivotal to this casting of doubt. A case is made for suggesting that advocacy along the lines which Keown presents of an exclusive reliance on a voluntary, unpaid system of blood donation encourages inappropriate attitudes towards the provision of health care. Perhaps, it is suggested, and the suggestion represents, on my part, a change of mind as a consequence of the debate, a dual system of blood provision might be preferable.  (+info)

The ethics of anonymized HIV testing of pregnant women: a reappraisal. (5/142)

Seroprevalence monitoring of HIV in pregnant women by anonymized unlinked testing has been widely adopted in the UK and other countries. The scientific rationale is to eliminate participation and selection bias. The ethical justification is that the public good outweighs any harm to individuals. The assumption has been that individuals have had their autonomy respected by the offer of informed consent. In the light of new scientific evidence, it is doubtful that the public good is best served by the continuation of anonymously testing women receiving antenatal care. It is submitted that it is no longer ethical for health professionals to refrain from informing pregnant women of the benefits of voluntary named testing, or to request their consent to anonymized testing. The legal and moral concept of duty of care is examined, and the abrogation of this duty through anonymization is explained.  (+info)

A reply to McLachlan. (6/142)

In an earlier article in this journal, I advanced five ethical arguments in favour of a voluntary, unpaid system of blood donation. In his reply to my article, Hugh McLachlan criticised one of those arguments, namely, the argument that an unpaid system promotes altruism and social solidarity. In this reply to Dr. McLachlan, I maintain that his criticism is misguided, and that he appears unclear not only about my own argument, but also about his own.  (+info)

How human immunodeficiency virus voluntary testing can contribute to tuberculosis control. (7/142)

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is fueling the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. However, despite their close epidemiological links, the public health responses have largely been separate. WHO has set out a strategy to decrease the burden of HIV-related TB, comprising interventions against both TB and HIV. Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for HIV can link TB and HIV programme activities. The benefits of VCT for HIV to TB patients include referral for appropriate clinical care and support for those testing HIV-positive. Likewise, people attending a centre for VCT can benefit from TB screening: those found to be both HIV-positive and with active TB need referral for TB treatment; those without active TB should be offered TB preventive treatment with isoniazid. To explore how VCT for HIV can contribute to a more coherent response to TB, WHO is coordinating the ProTEST Initiative. The name "ProTEST" is derived from the Promotion of voluntary testing as an entry point for access to the core interventions of intensified TB case-finding and isoniazid preventive treatment. Other interventions may be added to provide finally a comprehensive range of HIV and TB prevention and care interventions. Under the ProTEST Initiative, pilot districts are establishing links between centres for VCT for HIV and TB prevention and care. This will pave the way for large-scale operationalization of the comprehensive range of interventions needed to control TB in settings with high HIV prevalence.  (+info)

Feasibility and effectiveness of offering a solution-focused follow-up to employees with psychological problems or muscle skeletal pain: a randomised controlled trial. (8/142)

BACKGROUND: Long-term sick leave has been of concern to politicians and decision-makers in Norway for several years. In the current study we assess the feasibility and effectiveness of offering a voluntary, solution-focused follow-up to sick-listed employees. METHODS: Employees on long-term sick leave due to psychological problems or muscle skeletal pain were randomly allocated to be offered a solution-focused follow-up (n = 122) or "treatment as usual" (n = 106). The intervention was integrated within 2 social security offices' regular follow-up. The intervention group was informed about the offer with letters, telephone calls and information meetings. Feasibility was measured by rate of uptake to the intervention, and effectiveness by number of days on sick leave. RESULTS: In general, few were reached with the different information elements. While the letter was sent to all, only 31% were reached by telephone and 15% attended the information meetings. Thirteen employees (11.5%) in the intervention group participated in the solution-focused follow-up. Intention to treat analysis showed no difference in mean length of sick leave between the intervention group (217 days) and the control group (189 days) (p = 0,101). CONCLUSION: Even if the information strategy might be improved, it is not likely that a voluntary solution-focused follow-up offered by the social security offices would result in measurable reduction in length of sick leave on a population level. However, the efficacy of a solution-focused follow-up for the persons reporting a need for this approach should be further investigated.  (+info)

Beyond Pesticides, July 28, 2011) A new report released last week finds that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) voluntary program to evaluate chemicals fails to protect children. According to the evaluation report by EPAs Inspector General, the Voluntary Childrens Chemical Evaluation Program (VCCEP) was hampered by industrys refusal to voluntarily collect and submit information and the agencys failure to regulate under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to collect the data. The report states what environmental groups have known for years: EPA has not demonstrated that it can achieve childrens health goals with a voluntary program.. According to the Inspector General (IG), these failures led to only a fraction of the chemical assessments for the pilot being completed. IG found that VCCEPs pilot was critically flawed and that the design of the program did not allow for the desired outcomes to be produced. It had a flawed chemical selection process and lacked an ...
Over the next six weeks we will submit our responses to the UK Governments Good Work Plan, which includes three separate consultations: one about neonatal leave and pay, one about transparency of employer work-life balance policies (these first two must be submitted by 11 October), and one about parenting leave and pay (to be submitted by 29 November). Why we are campaigning for more men in early years education ...
In keeping with the client-driven emphasis of SFBT, this chapter describes an empirical rationale for obtaining systematic, session-by-session client feedback on treatment outcome and the therapeutic alliance. It gives two practical tools for doing this-the Outcome Rating Scale and the Session Rating Scale. It provides empirical evidence on both scales and looks at potential challenges and practical guidelines, and future research directions in client feedback.
During the 14-week standard of care period, 162 adults were seen on average per day in the OPD. OPD physicians referred 435 adults for HIV testing, of whom 137 (31.5%) were actually tested at the hospital VCT site within four weeks of referral. Of those tested, 102 (74.5%) were found to be HIV-infected. Women comprised about 70% of the OPD population: 50.5% of those referred for testing, 54.0% of those tested, and 52.3% of those found to be infected. Of the 102 patients found to be HIV-infected during this period, 58 (56.9%) underwent CD4 cell count testing at the VCT site; the median CD4 count was 123 cells/mm3 (interquartile range [IQR]: 48 to 247 cells/mm3).. During the 12-week intervention period, 166 adult patients were seen on average per day in the OPD. A total of 2,912 HIV tests were offered, with 1,414 patients (48.6%) patients accepting HIV testing. Among those tested, 463 (32.7%) were HIV-infected. Compared with the standard of care period, there was a significantly increased rate of ...
DETROIT (AP) -- Federal agricultural officials are planning to announce voluntary programs and initiatives for farmers, ranchers and foresters meant to build ...
1. Discuss the role of neutrality as it applies to your role as a helping professional. 2. Explain how neutrality is dependent upon your particular model of practice (eg. solution-focused, behavioral, etc.) 3. Explain the.
Our best selling VCT aged for ninety days in french oak barrels. Privately reserved in small batches for the exclusive enjoyment of our customers.
Fasting has been around (whether forced or voluntary) for thousands of years, but exploded in popularity in the past decade.... Read more ...
Actions to improve companies environmental performance now include voluntary programs that encourage organizations to go beyond regulatory compliance. Environmental management systems (EMS) are a recent voluntary initiative expected to produce general reductions in pollution discharges. Unlike voluntary programs such as Green Lights or 33/50, the specific goals and benefits of EMS implementation at the national level have not been defined, either for the company or for environmental protection. Moreover, there has not been a comprehensive evaluation of the benefits of EMS. Participating companies expect to lower environmental costs or improve performance. Society should benefit from reduced energy consumption, pollution, and waste generation. However, not all EMSs will be equally effective. For example, a process-oriented EMS, such as ISO 14000, may not provide a comprehensive view of environmental issues across an organization or develop the data needed to assess environmental improvements and ...
2011-2012 Academic Year Information Institution type: Private Institution - For Profit Calendar system: Semester Type of degree(s) offered: Associate
E&OE. Whilst every reasonable care has been taken in the compilation of this calculator tool, in the event of any dispute, the Registered Rules of the relevant medical aid scheme shall prevail.. This calculator has been compiled to give you an idea of the amount that you will pay each month for a medical aid scheme. The use of this tool does not constitute advice, as defined in the FAIS Act.. A late joiner penalty (LJP) will be imposed in respect of persons who join a medical aid scheme late in life. This LJP is calculated in accordance with a formula that is prescribed in the Medical Schemes Act and could have the effect of increasing the normal monthly.. Medical schemes may impose ts & cs when you join. This could include ...
A look at the additional programmes and rewards Bankmed medical scheme offers their members. Bankmed is a closed medical scheme for employees in the banking industry only.
The Boxwood Blight Cleanliness Program utilizes a systems approach to prevent the spread of boxwood blight via nursery stock. The Boxwood Blight Cleanliness Program is a voluntary program. Participating nurseries agree to use best management practices, developed by the National Plant Board and nursery industry, to reduce the risk of introducing and spreading boxwood blight, which is caused by the fungus Calonectria pseudonaviculata (also known as Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum and Cylindrocladium buxicola). The program is coupled with inspections and audits by the Office of Plant Industry Services ...
Just go to to get started. Itll only take a few minutes and youll be ready to start improving your well-being.. Download the new My StayWell mobile app: After you register on the website and join a team, you can download the app if you want. Search for My StayWell in the App Store or on Google Play.. Remember: The deadline to complete your activities and earn incentives is October 9, 2020-which may seem like its a long way off, but think about how quickly we got to the year 2020!. QUESTIONS? Contact the StayWell HelpLine at 800-821-6591 or [email protected] *The Well Wisconsin incentive program is a voluntary program available to employees, retirees and spouses enrolled in the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program, excluding Medicare Advantage participants who have incentives available through their health plan. The Well Wisconsin incentive will automatically be issued to eligible participants upon completing the applicable activities. All ...
U.S. Magistrate Judge Theodore Katz has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to evaluate the safety risks to human health associated with the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals. According to the Manhattan Judge, the agency has done - shockingly little - since proposing in the 1970s to order a substantial reduction in the use of antibiotics in animal feed.. Katz rejected FDAs argument that it had addressed the threat from antibiotics by initiating a voluntary program that encourages the industry to use the drugs - judiciously - because public hearings would consume extensive periods of time and agency resources. In its failure to act, Katz wrote - the agency avoided the Congressionally mandated scheme for addressing drugs not shown to be safe.. The issue focuses mainly on the use of penicillin and two forms of tetracycline in animal feed. Studies have shown that antibiotics used in animal feed are likely to lead to drug-resistant superbugs that can spread to humans.. ...
Safer Choice, formerly known as Design for the Environment, is a voluntary program overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The agency certifies products, including household cleaners, that meet their criteria for human and environmental safety. Companies may carry the Safer Choice Seal if they formulate products with ingredients that meet standards developed through the program. Acceptable ingredients receive a green circle (low concern based on experimental and modeled data), a green half-circle (low concern based on experimental and modeled data, but with some data gaps), or a yellow triangle (some hazard concern).. Web: ...
STOCKHOLM - Sweden may consider forcing corporate boards to appoint more women after finding voluntary programs failed to bring about greater gender equality.
The course has a person-centred core content (including classical and process experiential approaches) but also provides the opportunity to learn about and critically evaluate other approaches such as CBT, solution-focused and systemic ways of working.
Beginning in 2013, the NIH co-funded HPTN 071 study will examine whether the implementation of a comprehensive set of HIV prevention strategies including universal, voluntary HIV testing and linkage to care can reduce the annual number of new HIV infections among 1.2 million South Africans and Zambians. ...
In the past there were two medical aid tariff structures in South Africa - one from the BHF and the other from SAMA. In January 2004 a single guideline was issued - the NRPL.
Oswald Companies Voluntary Benefits and Benefits Administration Team strives to Engage, Educate, and Enroll Employers and Employees with proper coverage.
The Impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on Township Hospitals Utilization and Income Structure in Weifang Prefecture, China: 10.4018/IJABE.2017010102: The New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme was gradually introduced from 2003 in China. This paper is based on a representative survey of 24 randomly selected
MANILA - The Department of Health (DOH) said on Tuesday that more people are now beginning to have better positive understanding about the importance of voluntary Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing.. Ikinatutuwa ng DOH na kumpara sa dati ay mas dumarami na ang nagpupunta sa mga centers para magpa-test (sa HIV). May mga lumalantad na rin para magbigay ng awareness sa publiko, DOH spokesperson Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy said.. He noted that at present, a total of 25 HIV cases is recorded every day.. Lately, in a day, ang nada-diagnose natin ay nasa 25 cases na, Dr. Lee Suy said.. Based on the latest record of the DOH, from January to March 2016 alone, the total number of deaths due to HIV infection was listed at 145.. A total of 736 new cases were recorded last March.. Majority of the cases involved males having sex with males (MSM), totaling 306, while those of male-to-female totaled 75.. The majority of the cases were found at the National Capital Region (NCR), followed by Regions IV-A or ...
Youre welcome as you are - Whatever your background, approach or even attire, we expect you to come as you are and always bring your best.. Get involved in work that matters - Youll have opportunities for professional growth and development within your day-to-day work or through stretch assignments.. Well reward and support you - We value service and performance and offer employees generous pay, incentives, benefits and voluntary programs.. Build your future with us - We demonstrate integrity, accountability, diversity, teamwork and creativity as we fulfill dreams of personal freedom. ...
The Facts Up Front labeling initiative is a voluntary program. It encourages food manufacturers to place basic nutrition information on the front of food packages. It is a simple way to educate consumers. At Food Label Pro, we encourage this initiative to our […]. Read more ...
Raleigh NC Therapy, Licensed Professional Counselor, Raleigh, NC 27615, (919) 590-3818, Raleigh NC Therapy counselors have diverse mental health and substance abuse counseling experience. We specialize in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, child behavior problems, workplace stress and family/relationship problems. We offer a supportive, person-centered, solution-focused and strengths-base approach to counseling for children, adolescents and adults. Our practice is fortunate to have a bilingual counselor, Julio Villacis, LPCA to serve Spanish-speaking clients and their families. Telephone and video counseling also offered when deemed appropriate.
An essential component of efforts to prevent new human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in the United States is the use of voluntary HIV counseling ...
The potential participants will be informed of the study details, including the study objectives. Once they have read the study information sheet and have a good understanding of the study, those who intend to participate in the study will be asked to sign the consent form for this study. There are 2 groups of participants: MSM who seek HIV voluntary counseling and testing service (phase I) and MSM who meet nPEP criteria (phase II ...
Less Is More: The Art of Voluntary Poverty: An Anthology of Ancient and... by Goldian VandenBroeck - Chapter 12 summary and analysis.
And you all are the subjects! Participation is voluntary! Being Nice Is In Your DNA So say the scientistsl.
Many low and middle income countries are seeking ways to pursue the goal of universal coverage. To secure access to adequate health care for all at an affordable price, it will be necessary to increase the extent of prepayment and reduce the reliance on out-of-pocket payment [1, 2]. Tax-based health financing and social health insurance, or a mix of them, are the most frequently used mechanisms for achieving this goal.. The Chinese government has been developing rural health insurance (Cooperative Medical Scheme, CMS) since the 1950s. By the late 1970s, approximately 90% of the rural population were covered by the CMS. The shift to a market economy and the demise of the rural communes in the 1980s was matched by the related decline in the CMS [3]. This left large sectors of the rural population uncovered by health insurance despite attempts by central and local governments to revive similar schemes in the 1990s [4]. In 2002 the State Council and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of ...
HIV voluntary counseling and testing practices among military personnel and civilian residents in a military cantonment in southeastern Nigeria BN Azuogu, LU Ogbonnaya, CN Alo Communicable Diseases Control Research Centre, Department of Community Medicine, Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria Background: Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services are expected to lower rates of HIV transmission through a reduction in high-risk sexual behavior and through improved access to medical treatment, care, and support. However, increasing access to and uptake of VCT, especially among groups at high risk for HIV infection, has remained a major challenge in Africa. Purpose: The study was undertaken to determine the uptake of VCT (measured by whether study participants had ever received an HIV test) and the factors influencing this practice among military and civilian residents of a military cantonment in Abakaliki, southeastern Nigeria. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive survey of
Trained staff searched the following computer databases: National Library of Medicines Gateway database, Psych INFO, Sociological Abstracts, the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, and EMBASE, as well as the following HIV/AIDS-related journals: AIDS Care, AIDS, AIDS & Behavior, AIDS Education and Prevention, and the Journal of AIDS. Additionally, the reference sections of previous review papers and meta-analyses were searched. Studies meeting the following criteria were included: 1. conducted in a developing country or emerging economy (World Bank 2005); 2. evaluated VCT interventions that adhered to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/Joint United Nations Programme on HIVAIDS (UNAIDS) guidelines;(1,2) 3. used assessments pre- and post-VCT or in people receiving or not receiving VCT; 4. measured HIV-related outcomes, such as knowledge and HIV-risk behavior; and 5. were published between 1990 and 2005. Identified studies were independently reviewed for ...
With hospitals and health care workers around the country refusing to join the Bush administrations smallpox vaccination program, a Senate committee approved a measure on Wednesday to compensate workers disabled or killed by the shots. The measure is intended to encourage vaccination among health care and emergency workers who might respond to an attack using the deadly smallpox virus. Last year, after months of internal debate, President Bush announced a voluntary program to inoculate as many as 439,000 doctors, nurses and emergency workers who would be the first to respond if terrorists obtain the smallpox virus and introduce it into the United States. Last week, federal health officials announced that seven health care workers had developed cardiac problems after being vaccinated, and that two of them had died of heart attacks.
Feb. 28, from 1 to 4 p.m. in Room 172 of the Natural Resources Building (NRB) in Olympia, 1111 Washington Street, off Capitol Way. Directional signs are posted in NRB parking lots. The Master Hunter program is a voluntary program sponsored by WDFW. Formerly known as the Advanced Hunter Education program, the new Master Hunter program has been redesigned to promote the highest standard of hunter ethics and help ensure continued hunting opportunity in the future. Master hunters participate in controlled hunts to eliminate problem animals that damage property and/or threaten public safety. In addition to providing certification, the program emphasizes safe, ethical, responsible, and lawful hunting practices. The deadline for enrolling in the 2009 Master Hunter program is March 31. Details on the program and enrollment procedures are available at ...
Results During the study period, 10 198 VCT attendances occurred in 6863 clients, in whom 1685 (24.6%) had re-attendances. Male clients, men who have sex with men and clients with one-night stand and casual sexual partners were more likely to re-attend VCT service in the next 12 months. The overall STI prevalence was 3.5% for HIV infection, 2.2% syphilis, 1.0% amoebiasis, 4.7% chlamydia and 0.7% gonorrhoea. In logistic regression model, men who have sex with men were consistently independently associated with HIV infection, syphilis and amoebiasis. Among the repeaters, the incidence rate of HIV infection and syphilis was 3.4 and 1.6 per 100 person-years of follow-up, respectively. In Cox regression analysis, clients who used illicit non-injection recreational drugs and who practiced unprotected anal sex were at significantly higher risk of acquiring HIV infection and syphilis. ...
All medical schemes that have hospital plans have to cater for pensioners, as they can not discriminate on age. In other words the basic contribution will be the same regardless of your age. The affordability however depends upon whether you were previously on a medical scheme, particularly in the recent past. To give you some idea, if you have always been on a medical scheme and there is nothing particularly wrong with your health, the worst deal you will get is a 3 month waiting period. However if you were never on a medical scheme then a loading of up to 75% of the standard contribution can apply. Furthermore if you have pre existing conditions, these can be excluded for a period up to 12 months ...
As the healthcare industrys preeminent direct-hire talent acquisition partner, Cross Country Search offers the national healthcare community a full suite of innovative and solution-focused talent management solutions. As a partner to top employers and healthcare systems nationwide, we act as a personal career agent to thousands of healthcare professionals, helping them navigate the job search process in order to secure their dream career.. We build lasting candidate relationships by leveraging best-in-class technologies that span the continuum of the talent recruitment process. Our talented recruitment consultants are among the most tenured in the healthcare staffing industry, bringing a high degree of market and subject matter expertise to each search that we are engaged to perform.. Making your next career move has never been easier. Let us introduce you to healthcares best job opportunities.. History. Launched in 2019, Cross Country Search is a healthcare recruitment company comprised of ...
Review of Better, Deeper, and More Enduring Brief Therapy: The Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Approach by Albert Ellis (see record 1995-99068-000). This text represents Elliss efforts to take brief therapy to a new level that better sustains treatment gains and produces more enduring effects. Although the first six chapters of this book provide little more than a review of Elliss already well-established REBT philosophy and techniques, the remaining 10 chapters chart new territory. Chapters 7, 8, and 9 describe intensive and forceful techniques useful for disputing irrational beliefs maintained by difficult clients. Chapters 10 and 11 discuss a collection of alternative techniques such as imagery, shame attacking, humor, selfacceptance exercises, and behavioral methods (including aversives) for clients who do not respond to simple disputing methods. In Chapters 12 and 13, Ellis discusses other methods of brief but less deep therapy including Eriksonian methods, solution-focused ...
Definition of Voluntary Act in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Voluntary Act? Meaning of Voluntary Act as a legal term. What does Voluntary Act mean in law?
Society For Service To Voluntary Agencies in Mumbai -Contact details and more information from Society For Service To Voluntary Agencies in Mumbai. Search through over 7564, NGOs database by State, City or Pincode.
Find Charitable & Voluntary Organisations near Lambeth, London on Yell, get contact details, opening hours, directions and a service overview. Search for Charitable & Voluntary Organisations near you.
Learn about medical aid cover and health protection for PMBs and chronic diseases, through various medical schemes offering cover for potential chronic disease.
The Voluntary Early Partial Retirement Program (VEPR) has been fully reinstated with no changes. The program was temporarily suspended due to the offering of retirement incentives this fall.
Standards applicable to the financial sector that capture good practices and encourage the achievement and monitoring of social and environmental outcomes.
Buying voluntary offsets can and should be a regular part of the casual environmentalists lifestyle, just like recycling or carpooling. In this series, well explore the voluntary carbon market, how to participate and why now is the time for action.. Underwritten by Cool Effect. ...
As Redskins coach Mike Shanahan officially commences the on-field portion of his new job with a voluntary minicamp, the biggest news comes from a trio of players who have not volunteered to show up.
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The most current trends in solution-focused counseling are explored in the latest edition of this updated and expanded text. Dr. Guterman provides a comprehensive and straightforward discussion of solution-focused theory and describes how the model can be used throughout the therapeutic process. Clinical techniques and detailed case studies illustrate counseling with clients experiencing a range of problems, including depression, substance abuse, grief, morbid jealousy and trichotillomania. New chapters and sections in this edition address anxiety, eating disorders, migraine headache, psychosis, spiritual and religious problems, self-injurious behavior and suicide. Additional features include excerpts of dialogue from actual counseling sessions, sample forms and supplementary materials and troubleshooting tips for getting unstuck in difficult cases. The final chapter, titled The Future of Solution-Focused Counseling, considers new directions for the model and developments in research, clinical ...
Background: The rate of caesarean delivery (CD) in rural China has been rapidly increasing in recent decades. Due to the exorbitant costs associated with CD, paying for this expensive procedure is often a great challenge for the majority of rural families. Since 2003, the Chinese government has re-established the NewCooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS), aimed to improve the access of essential healthcare to rural residents and reduce financial burden owing to high out of pocket payments. This paper seeks to test the hypothesis that NCMS may provide service users and providers with financial incentives to select CD. It also assesses the effect of different health insurance reimbursement strategies of NCMS on CD rates in rural China. Methods: Mixed quantitative and qualitative methods were adopted for data collection. Two cross-sectional household surveys were conducted with women having babies delivered in 2006 and 2009; 2326 and 1515 women, respectively, from the study sites were interviewed using ...
While not mentioned in the authors conclusion, it has been found and it is also my experience that condom education for HIV prevention does not cause uptake unless it is culturally based {1}. It is important for the international community to take this principle seriously so to cut the chain of transmission and prevent rapid HIV transmission as that being experienced in China. Culture should be infused in all condom education and communication fora. This is about condom use. knowledge. attitude and practices, and the process is influenced by culture, gender norms and what is accepted by the boyfriends. The findings of the study are relevant to what I have observed in different cultures and a variety of African countries, that people put forward all sorts of culture arguments not to use condom. This includes. it is like eating a banana with its skin on and sex has not taken place unless it is flesh to flesh and semen has been deposited in the vagina ...
Pediatric HIV infection is a major public health problem in South Africa, and is primarily caused by MTCT of HIV. Strategies to prevent MTCT have been successfully employed when a mothers HIV status is known. However, there is concern in South Africa that it is unethical to offer HIV testing to women in the intrapartum period when they are experiencing the physical and emotional stress of labor. This study will compare the acceptability and accuracy of intrapartum and postpartum VCT in pregnant women of unknown HIV status in Cape Town, South Africa.. Pregnant women of unknown HIV status coming to a participating hospital to deliver will be asked to enter the trial. Women will be assigned to either intrapartum or postpartum VCT depending on the week during which they come to the hospital. The intervention (intrapartum or postpartum VCT) for the week will be randomly assigned and all women enrolling in the trial in a given week will receive the same intervention.. All women will receive HIV ...
The Chronic Kidney Disease program addresses those members at higher risk for complications associated with certain chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension and glomerulonephritis. This voluntary program is a collaborative effort to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate healthcare options and services that fit your needs ...
The SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership for Electric Power Systems is a collaborative effort between EPA and the electric power industry to identify and implement cost-effective solutions to reduce sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) emissions. SF6 is a highly potent greenhouse gas used in the industry for insulation and current interruption in electric transmission and distribution equipment. Currently 81 utilities participate in this voluntary program. ...
The evolution from Freudian analysis to Jung and Adler, to Skinners Behavioralism, to Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslows Humanism to Rollo Mays inclusion of Existentialism, to Cognitive-Behaviorism, and Interpersonal Neurophysiology, to Spiritual Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness-Based approaches and Solution-Focused Therapies has been essential to our gaining a whole understanding of how to help people heal their insides. That is a compacted list, and says nothing about other fields of science and technology, nor about art, philosophy, music, politics, and cultural commentary. As an integrationist, I look to all these sources and try to synthesize a treatment approach tailored to the specifics of each person. It would be easier to adopt a single view and widely apply it. However, history and Reason disallow that. Today, we have the benefit of all that we know, and all that we know we dont know. The myth that somehow there will be one single idea that will be a cure-all has to be ...
Looking for online definition of voluntary in the Medical Dictionary? voluntary explanation free. What is voluntary? Meaning of voluntary medical term. What does voluntary mean?
La Femme Correspondent. MEN are encouraged to pay a little extra attention to their health, as June celebrates Fathers Day - and South African men in particular should be doing more to take care of themselves.. According to clinical operations executive at Pro Sano Medical Scheme Dr James Arens, , data from some medical schemes reveals that, when it comes to claiming, different trends pertain to men and women.. Arens points out that, according to a survey conducted in the United States during 2010, men are more prone to certain diseases than women, and should therefore be equally meticulous about maintaining their health.. For example, although coronary heart disease becomes more common among women as they get older, this is a condition that primarily affects men.. Lung diseases, such as emphysema, are also found more readily amongst male patients, as men tend to smoke more than women.. Also, men usually consume more alcohol than women, which explains why they are at greater risk for liver ...
Janakkalan nuorisopalvelut toimivat lähettävänä, vastaanottavana ja koordinoivana tahona eurooppalaisessa vapaaehtoispalvelussa (EVS). EVS- vapaaehtoisia vastaanottavat monenlaiset työyhteisöt. Vapaaehtoistehtäviä on tarjolla esimerkiksi nuoriso-, vammais-, kulttuuri- ja ympäristötyön parissa. Vapaaehtoiset asuvat yleensä vapaaehtoistyöpaikkansa yhteydessä asuntolassa tai soluasunnossa tai paikallisessa isäntäperheessä. EVS-vapaaehtoispalvelun rahoituksesta vastaa Euroopan unioni. EVS -jaksoon sisältyy muun muassa matkat kohdemaahan, täysi ylläpito kohdemaassa, taskuraha, kattava vakuutus, tuki paikallisen kielen opiskeluun ja lähettävän ja vastaanottavan tahon tuki koko projektin ajaksi. Osallistujan maksettavaksi voi jäädä pieni osa matkakustannuksista.. The European Voluntary service is a project supported by the European Union, in order to create links between the European countries and to give the European youngsters possibilities to go abroad while being voluntary ...
Med Prep Consulting Inc Issues Voluntary Nationwide Product Recall Due To Potential Mold Contamination by Jennifer S. OReilly: Med Prep Consulting Inc of Tinton Falls NJ has issued a voluntary nationwide compound product recall of all lots of
Cant live without salt? Prof Jacques Snyman from Resolution Health Medical Scheme sheds some light on the truth about salt and the link to diseases such as hypertension.
Voluntary Associations and Nordic Party Systems: A Study of Overlapping Memberships and Cross-Pressures in Finland, Norway and Sweden ...
Buying voluntary offsets can and should be a regular part of the casual environmentalists lifestyle, just like recycling or carpooling. In this series, well explore the voluntary carbon market, how to participate and why now is the time for action.. Underwritten by Cool Effect ...
Voluntary Certification Program[edit]. Developed in 1997 by the Costa Rican Tourism Board, the public agency responsible for ... The "Bandera Azul" Program[edit]. Implemented in 1996 and inspired by a similar program developed in Europe in 1985,[44] the " ... A hotel sign showing the voluntary certification programs the hotel has passed or is associated with. Shown are a four star ... a voluntary Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program (known as CST) was introduced in order to turn "the concept of ...
... voluntary standards; mediation; education; demonstration programs; training, contracts; subsidies; loans; general expenditures ... A combination of two kinds of policy analyses together with program evaluation is defined as policy studies. Policy analysis is ... Evaluations can help estimate what effects will be produced by program objectives/alternatives. However, claims of causality ... Cost-benefit analysis Management by objectives (MBO) Operations research Decision-making based on analytics Program evaluation ...
Archived January 6, 2011, at the Wayback Machine "National Nexus Program". "Voluntary Disclosure Program".. ... One of its activities is a multistate voluntary disclosure program, which allows taxpayers with prior year liabilities to ... The National Nexus Program was created by the Commission in 1990 to facilitate nexus laws for companies engaged in interstate ... anonymously disclose those liabilities to program member States in exchange for the States limiting the number of years that ...
Some government programs designed to help students afford college prohibit students from taking a gap year. For example, the ... "Year Out Group - Gap Year , Cultural Exchange , Voluntary Work Abroad". Archived from the original on 14 ... In Australia, exchange programs and youth benefits provide many opportunities for young people to gain experience through ... To do this, he founded the Center for Interim Programs in 1980 which had goals of increasing self-awareness and developing new ...
"FACT SHEET: Kings Plaza Shopping Center/Marina Voluntary Cleanup Program; Remedy Proposed for Voluntary Cleanup Site ... "Voluntary Cleanup Program; Operable Unit (OU)-3 - Former Standard Oil Terminal Kings Plaza Shopping Center". New York State ... A $50 million renovation program, begun in May 1999, included a new glass entrance at Flatbush Avenue and upgrades to the mall ...
"Voluntary Exclusion Program". IN.Gov. Retrieved 25 January 2013. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Gainsbury, Sally M. ( ... Gambling self-exclusion programs seem to help some (but not all) problem gamblers to gamble less often. Some experts maintain ... Self-exclusion programs are available in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and other countries. ... There is also a question as to the effectiveness of such programs, which can be difficult to enforce. In the province of ...
"Voluntary Protection Programs". Retrieved 2011-07-26. "OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)". Retrieved 2011-07-26. "Local ... Paoli is only the 55th company in the state of Indiana to become a member of the OSHA VPP program (out of 145,000 companies in ... Moon, Roger (2010-08-08). "Paoli Furniture Part of Elite Safety Program" (PDF). Times-Mail. Retrieved 2011-06-14. "Senate ... 2010 Paoli became only the fourth wood office furniture manufacturer in America to become a member of the OSHA VPP program. ...
Pensions-Private Pension Programs (mandatory) no payment required until 30 June 2021; voluntary payments permitted. Pensions- ... The educational support program for parents who have to return to work only, starts for primary, middle aged children. The ... The aim was to be a bridge between the financial assistance program and the loss of employment during these times, as you have ... Social Insurance (mandatory) no payment required until 30 June 2021; voluntary payments permitted. Public transportation was to ...
"Voluntary Education Programs". U.S. Department of Defense. 2011-02-03. Archived from the original on 2011-03-09. Retrieved 2011 ... "Fort Lewis - Degree Programs". Troy University. Retrieved 2011-02-10. "Troy University Graduate Programs". Joint Base Lewis- ... "ACE Military Programs". Washington, D.C.: American Council on Education. 2011-02-08. Archived from the original on 2012-12-14. ... "Pierce College Undergraduate Program". Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA: Department of the Army. 2005-06-10. Archived from the ...
"Voluntary Simplicity" (PDF). Retrieved 10 July 2012. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "About VALS: The VALS Story". ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "SRI's Values and Lifestyle Program". Rediscovering The North American Vision. Context ... Mitchell, Arnold; Elgin, Duane (1981). Voluntary Simplicity. Mitchell, Arnold (May 1984). Nine American Lifestyles: Who We Are ... Mitchell coauthored a report on Voluntary Simplicity with Duane Elgin that was published by SRI in June 1976. The report was ...
Programs were created in other states following the passage of the federal Social Security Act of 1935. Under Title III of the ... However, if the employee quit their job, then they must prove that their voluntary separation must be for good cause. Success ... Social programs in the United States Federal Unemployment Tax Act CARES Act Until June 2011, the FUTA tax rate was 3% of ... The constitutionality of the program was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1937. Each of the 50 U.S. states, as well as the ...
"Voluntary Green Building Programs". Archived from the original on 21 March 2012. Retrieved 10 December 2011. ... The program began in 2009 as part of PlaNYC, and has coated over 5 million square feet of NYC rooftops white. On Wednesday, ... Green building programs advocate the use of cool roofing to mitigate the urban heat island effect and the resulting poorer air ... The program's outreach has helped complete white roof projects in more than 20 US states and five countries, engaged thousands ...
HIV/AIDS & STD's Program. Social and Behavioral Empowerment Program. "Celebrating our Rights" Program. "Communicating Human ... Voluntary Counseling and Testing. People With AIDS - self-empowering movement AIDS advocacy HIV and AIDS misconceptions Think ... Rights" Program. Capacity Building and Training Sessions. Social Media Training Sessions. Counseling. ...
1". Voluntary Observing Ship Program. Retrieved 2006-10-04. "WW2010 - Squall Lines". University of Illinois. 1999-09-02. ...
According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the following programs failed gainful employment standards. In failing programs ... "ACICS , Voluntary Withdrawal of Accreditation". "info" (PDF). Retrieved 2019-10-20. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter ... Zamudio-Suaréz, Fernanda (January 9, 2017). "Here Are the Programs That Failed the Gainful-Employment Rule" - via The Chronicle ... Robert, Author (April 15, 2019). "Which Colleges Failed the Latest Financial Responsibility Test?". "Programs". " ...
These challenges and goals are supported by voluntary programs and partnerships. The EPA has established a number of ... the EPA has three comprehensive waste management programs: Subtitle C - Hazardous waste: The Subtitle C program establishes a ... "EPA 2006 PAYT Programs". "EPA Introduction to Permits and Interim Status" (PDF). "EPA Lanfills". " ... The program provides the states and local governments with guidance, policy and regulations for the efficient waste management ...
This program is voluntary. VR Transition Youth Services help students with disabilities train for a job, continue their ... Vocational Rehabilitation evolved from a medical program serving veterans to an employment program that serves all disability ... The program helps individuals become employed in their community by using services such as job coaching and follow-up to ... Programs include Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services, Ticket to Work, Transition Youth, Mental Health, and Supported Employment. Deaf ...
About 50,000 voluntary blood donors donate blood annually at Prathama which is India's first fully automated blood center. ... 1] Thalassemia Eradication Program - an Initiative of Prathama Blood Centre,Ahmedabad Archived 2011-07-14 at the Wayback ... 100% Voluntary blood collection. About 125,000 blood & blood components are distributed annually without replacement. It has ... website Architecture of Prathama building PRATHAMA BLOOD CENTRE YOUTUBE BLOOD DONATION Thalassemia Awareness Program Types of ...
Proposed best practices for employer‐sponsored worker monitoring programs include using only validated sensor technologies; ... ensuring voluntary worker participation; ceasing data collection outside the workplace; disclosing all data uses; and ensuring ... enhancing safety training programs through virtual reality, or detecting and reporting near misses. When used in the workplace ...
"DHS Cyber Community Voluntary Program". Retrieved 27 February 2015. "NIST Cybersecurity Framework Sheet". Retrieved 27 February ... It is available for download from the DHS Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community Voluntary Program website. The package ... It is a voluntary examination of operational resilience and cyber security practices offered at no cost by DHS to the operators ...
It then commits programs and funds to fulfill these missing human rights. The design of these programs also stresses that the ... Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 32 (2): 268-301. doi:10.1177/0899764003032002006. O'Dwyer, Brendan; Unerman, Jeffery ... After an extensive situation analysis, a project or program is developed. The program needs to address human rights deficits ... donor agencies or UN programs will try to implement these ideas into their programs. One example of implementation is within ...
Voluntary green building programs have been promoting the mitigation of the heat island effect for years. For example, one of ... Land use policy, 86, 147-157.[1] "Voluntary Green Building Programs". Archived from the original on 2012-03-21. "LEED 2009 for ... The advanced clean car rules program was made to reduce tail pipe emissions. The Air Resources Board approved the program to ... missing url) "Indigenous Tree Program." City of Glendale, CA :. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Apr. 2014. "Tree Protection Program - City ...
"Maritime Security Program (MSP)". MARAD. Archived from the original on 2018-11-06. Retrieved 2018-11-05. "Voluntary Intermodal ... All ARC vessels participate in the Maritime Security Program (MSP) and Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA), providing ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Mariners Weather Log, December 2006". NOAA Voluntary Observing Ship Program. 2006-12- ...
The program is strictly voluntary. The recommendations of the Technical Counselor are advisory only. The EAA recommends a ... The Flight Advisor Program is designed to increase homebuilt aircraft safety by developing a corps of volunteers who have ... The Young Eagles program has been overseen by a series of nationally famous chairmen: Cliff Robertson - founding chairman, film ... Under the EAA Flight Advisor Program, the Advisor does not fly or decide whether or not the pilot is capable of flying the ...
"National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program". NIST. Retrieved November 23, 2018. "Cryptographic Module Validation ... FIPS 140-2 establishes the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) as a joint effort by the NIST and the Communications ... NIST maintains validation lists for all of its cryptographic standards testing programs (past and present). All of these lists ... The FIPS 140-2 standard is an information technology security approval program for cryptographic modules produced by private ...
If an organization has practices and programs in the areas above, the OE group does many or all of the following roles: ... Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. McLaughlin ... Logic models are a management tool widely used in the nonprofit sector in program evaluation. Logic models are created for ... Typically, logic models specify how program inputs, such as money and staff time, produce activities and outputs, such as ...
... and voluntary contributions from listeners. Programming centers on classical music, national and international news. Other ... In 2007, the Wall Street Journal ranked Kelley's MBA program fifth among regional programs. Kelley's programs in consumer ... In its 2017 rankings, U.S. News & World Report ranked the undergraduate program tied for 9th in the nation and the MBA program ... Business Week ranked the undergraduate program 8th in 2014 (3rd among public schools) and the graduate program 15th in the ...
Programs with anonymous customers- (Ex: Hotlines) Programs in which major outcomes apply to a very small number of events ... Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 29: 183-204. doi:10.1177/0899764000291S009. S2CID 220081944.[permanent dead link] " ... Prevention Programs- (How does one measure the number of incidences prevented?) Basic Research and long range planning ... This analysis could help the functioning of the program in the future. In the early 2000s, the Washington D.C. public schools ...
The iPhone Upgrade Program is a 24-month program designed for consumers to be able to get the latest iPhone every year, without ... Apple regularly publishes Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates which explicitly state compliance with the U.S. regulation ... and the program "restarts" with a new 24-month period. Additional features of the program include unlocked handsets, which ... Apple's default programs could only be removed since the iOS 10 update. The 3.0 update added a system-wide search, known as ...
Leitrim - statutory and voluntary measures introduced". National Biodiversity Data Centre. Retrieved 5 November 2012.. ... In February 2016 the BBC program " Countryfile" presented an anecdotal report of enhanced resistance to Ash dieback following ...
André-Bechely, Lois (2010). "The Goals of a Voluntary Integration Program and the Problems of Access: A Closer Look at a Magnet ... Magnet programs may focus on academics (mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering; humanities; social sciences; fine or ... The majority of these are academically selective.[citation needed] Other schools are built around elite-sporting programs or ... Other magnet programs are within comprehensive schools, as is the case with several "schools within a school". In large urban ...
Some states operate a program known as the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP). This program allows a Medicaid ... State participation in Medicaid is voluntary; however, all states have participated since 1982 when Arizona formed its Arizona ... This program was formed due to the costs that Medicaid programs were paying for outpatient drugs at their discounted prices.[14 ... The Medicaid Drug Rebate Program and the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP) were created by the Omnibus Budget ...
... and voluntary countries and benefactors for existing and future projects. This CATCH program approbates the best advancements ... The main strategy for strengthening primary healthcare is the Family Health Program, introduced by the municipal health ... which have a long-standing tradition of producing vaccines and sera for use in official programs. The Ministry of Public Health ...
The hospital uses its Domestic Affiliates Program to form this partnership with the other pediatric programs. This program is a ... I believe in service defined in the terms of voluntary sacrifice for the welfare of those with whom I come in contact." has ... to raise funds and awareness for the hospital.[33] Though this program is done on a much smaller scale than the college program ... Jude program.[50]. McDonald's Monopoly GameEdit. In 1995, St. Jude received an anonymous letter postmarked in Dallas, Texas, ...
In Los Angeles there is a program to remove a small amount of seating on some trains to make more room for bicycles and ... 1 Wheelchairs for use in Motor Vehicles) is a voluntary standard for wheelchairs designed for use when traveling facing forward ... New York City's entire bus system is wheelchair-accessible, and a multimillion-dollar renovation program is underway to provide ...
A large number of belugas were used from 1975 on, the first being dolphins.[136][137] The program also included training them ... The IWC is a voluntary organization, with no treaty. Any nation may leave as they wish; the IWC cannot enforce any law it makes ... Between 1960 and 1992, the Navy carried out a program that included the study of marine mammals' abilities with sonar, with the ... A similar program was used by the Russian Navy during the Cold War, in which belugas were also trained for antimining ...
Office of Justice Programs. Retrieved 21 March 2018.. *^ Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Class Action Press Kit ... which in turn led to the modern concept of the unincorporated or voluntary association.[2]:124-25 The tumultuous history of the ...
... so by moving voluntary causes He does not deprive their actions of being voluntary: but rather is He the cause of this very ... Thirteenth century philosopher Thomas Aquinas viewed humans as pre-programmed (by virtue of being human) to seek certain goals ... Tics are described as semi-voluntary or unvoluntary,[178] because they are not strictly involuntary: they may be experienced as ... He believed that the defining feature of voluntary behavior was that individuals have the ability to postpone a decision long ...
Research programsEdit. In 2009, the University of Minnesota launched the Khat Research Program (KRP), a multidisciplinary ... A consultation with Somalis in Glasgow undertaken by the national voluntary organisation Fast Forward at the request of the ... The program was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute for Drug Abuse of the United States.[123 ... "al'Absi Launches the Khat Research Program" (Press release). Archived from the original on 8 December 2009. ...
The Harris Loan Program, for example, begun in 1912, reaches out to children in Chicago area schools, offering artifacts, ... Field Museum was an early adopter of voluntary repatriation practices of ethnological and archaeological artifacts.[10][52] ... An extensive acquisition program, including large expeditions conducted by the museum's curatorial staff resulted in ... Additionally, the Field Museum maintains a temporary exhibition program of traveling shows as well as in-house produced topical ...
"International Programs". USCB. January 7, 2009. Retrieved December 16, 2012.. *^ Ron Nielsen (2006). The Little Green Handbook ... Historically, human population control has been implemented by limiting a region's birth rate, by voluntary contraception or by ... Some population control programs, such as China's one-child policy, entail the use of forced late-term abortions, sparking ...
This Zone was selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2004 as one of several areas for voluntary ... "Ethiopia - Second Road Sector Development Program Project", p. 3 (World Bank Project Appraisal Document, published 19 May 2003) ... resettlement for farmers from overpopulated areas; no specific of the Zones woredas were identified in this program. Debub Omo ...
Killing Me Softly: Voluntary Euthanasia And The Road To The Peaceful Pill[edit]. Published 2005. In reviewing the book, ... The program aired in October in China on the Family Health channel, run by the official China National Radio.[13] ... "Police seize voluntary euthanasia advocate's helium balloon kit". 2016-10-14. Retrieved 2016-10-31.. ... "Voluntary Euthanasia Party's Max Bromson dies in Adelaide motel room after taking Nembutal". ABC. Retrieved 7 August 2014.. ...
USDA programs such as Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance (SITC) attempt to prevent exotic species outbreaks in America ... controlling for vessel hull fouling is voluntary and there are no regulations currently in place to manage hull fouling. ... Joint Venture Agroforestry Program; by Brad M. Potts, Robert C. Barbour, Andrew B. Hingston; September 2001; RIRDC Publication ... human deaths related to domoic acid poisoning have been prevented because of stringent monitoring programs that arose after a ...
...[dead link] ...
Over the next few years tens of thousands of Jews sailed towards Palestine in overcrowded vessels in a program known as Aliyah ... However, the French government announced that it would not permit the disembarkation of passengers unless it was voluntary on ... On April 2, 1944, the Jewish Agency approved a program of opposition under which efforts would be made to stop "extortion and ...
Fox News features conservative hosts.[151] One such host is Sean Hannity, who also has a talk radio program.[152] One former ... Eighth, conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.. *Ninth, the conservative ... President Trump also announced that the U.S. would stop making payments to the United Nations program "Green Climate Fund".[135 ... They typically oppose high tax rates and programs to redistribute income to assist the poor. Such efforts, they argue, do not ...
... through voluntary co-operation, to secure the attendance of witnesses from other states. The co-operative states must have ... receiving financial aid under Aid to Families with Dependent Children or the New York State general Home Relief Program who had ...
Steinberg suggests a definition for altruism in the clinical setting, that is "intentional and voluntary actions that aim to ... and ineffective philanthropic and social programs that ultimately worsen the situations they are meant to aid.[46] ...
It is 4-5 year program depending upon specialty. Second is fellowship program (FCPS) by The College of Physicians and Surgeons ... After early 2017, all years of residents may work up to 24 hour shifts.[25] While these limits are voluntary, adherence has ... The process is blinded, so neither applicant nor program will see each other's list. Aggregate program rankings can be found ... Applications are made individually program by program, and are followed by a postgraduate medical qualification exam. The ...
Vienna Declaration and Program of Action, World Conference on Human Rights, 1995. ...
GSU Master Teacher Program: On Learning Styles. Retrieved December 20, 2004.. *Jung, Carl Gustav (1965). Memories, Dreams, ... Voluntary. Compelling anyone to take the MBTI is considered unethical. It should always be taken voluntarily.[31]. ... well-designed research to justify the use of the MBTI in career counseling programs".[46] This study based its measurement of ...
... and Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP), a martial arts program based on the combination of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, ... Recruit training varies by nation according to the national requirement and can be voluntary (volunteer military) or mandatory ... There is also a shorter volunteer training program for people who seek service within the Home Guard called GU-F. GU-F training ... An additional 2 weeks of BMT was added to the program on November 1, 2008, extending the duration of BMT from six and a half ...
Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov already announced the "principle of immunization" during his voluntary exile in Italy, where he went to ... graduate students and 500 postdoctoral trainees from close to 40 different countries participate in postgraduate study programs ...
Trade program. Voluntary carbon (GHG) reducers may wish to monetize reductions in their carbon footprint by trading the ... An entity whose greenhouse gas emissions are capped by a regulatory program has three choices for complying if they exceed ... Carbon projects are developed for reasons of voluntary environmental stewardship, as well as legal compliance under a ... There are several developing voluntary reduction standards that projects can use as guides for development. ...
... of this program to the government would be less than the current unemployment insurance program. The benefits of the program ... "Voluntary Withholding Request" (PDF). Internal Revenue Service. August 2006.. *^ "H.R. 798 (108th): Unemployment Tax Repeal Act ... Federal-state joint programs[edit]. Unemployment insurance is a federal-state program financed through federal and state ... Most of these programs and Mini jobs oblige the employee to work the same hours as a normal full-time job each day, 5 days a ...
The Center for Resource Solutions administers a voluntary program which ensures that RECs are properly accounted for and that ... "Programs » Green-e Energy » Verification". Green-e. Retrieved 2010-12-19.. *^ "Green-e Auditors". Retrieved 2010- ... "Voluntary Markets , evomarkets". Archived from the original on 2016-03-05. Retrieved 2015-12-30.. ... Voluntary markets are ones in which customers choose to buy renewable power out of a desire to use renewable energy. Most ...
Public programs in London, Johannesburg, Rome, and Stockholm had adopted the method in their school systems.[39] Montessori ... and in 1897 she was accepted as a voluntary assistant there. As part of her work, she visited asylums in Rome where she ... Official support was withdrawn from her programs.[54] In 1924, a new military dictatorship closed Montessori's model school in ... This degree, along with additional studies in Italian and Latin, qualified her for entrance into the medical program at the ...
"Achieving the HIV Prevention Impact of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision: Lessons and Challenges for Managing Programs" ... "Joint strategic action framework to accelerate the scale-up of voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention in ... advocacy challenges and exploring the role of new technologies for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) such as Prepex ... "Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision: An Introduction to the Cost, Impact, and Challenges of Accelerated Scaling Up". PLOS ...
This program is designed to establish a cooperative relationship between management, labor, and MIOSHA. MVPP participants have ... Recognition Programs. Michigan Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP). Contact: Doug Kimmel at 231-546-2366. ... Michigan Voluntary Protection Program Star Companies:. Star sites are available to mentor other companies that have an interest ... Michigan Voluntary Protection Program Star Companies in Construction:. Star sites are available to mentor other companies that ...
The program was temporarily suspended due to the offering of retirement incentives this fall. ... The Voluntary Early Partial Retirement Program (VEPR) has been fully reinstated with no changes. ... The Voluntary Early Partial Retirement Program (VEPR) has been fully reinstated with no changes. The program was temporarily ...
VALE helps airports reduce all sources of ground emissions by allowing them to use Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds and ... FAA Home ▸ Airports ▸ Environmental Programs Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program (VALE). Airports. * ... Ask a question about the Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program. Archives. *GAO VALE Report to Congressional Committees (2008) ... Guidance on Airport Emission Reduction Credits for Early Measures Through Voluntary Airport Low Emission Programs (PDF) (9/2004 ...
GM, -0.76% said Wednesday that it was instituting a voluntary-layoff program to adjust employment levels to current production ... GMs press office told Dow Jones Newswires that because this is a voluntary layoff program, it doesnt consider it to be a ... GM said that the voluntary layoff program runs through June 15. The company didnt say how many employees it expects to adhere ... GM said in a note that it decided to open the layoff program based on the intense competitiveness of the Brazilian vehicle ...
Voluntary Retirement Program. As announced on June 8, 2020, Western Illinois University is implementing a voluntary program for ... The Voluntary Retirement Program is unrelated to SURS; therefore, you will need to follow the same procedures required of any ... What if I submit my application for retirement and the application for the Voluntary Retirement Program, then decide to revoke ... What if I submit my application for retirement and the application for the Voluntary Retirement Program, then am notified the ...
Voluntary Protection Programs.. Approval into the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is OSHAs official recognition of the ... More information on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs can be found at icon. ... NIOSH Ceremony Highlights Award Under OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs. ... the safety training and recordkeeping programs, and the completeness of the sites employee fitness programs. Over the last ...
Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) initiative that encourages ... McLeod, Vince (June 20, 2013). "VPP, OSHAs Voluntary Protection Program: Part 2". Forensic Magazine. "Industries in the VPP ... it didnt start until an experimental California program began in 1979. The OSHA program started in 1982 with the first ... It may also be used to certify resident contractors at participating VPP sites or under a corporate program. This type of ...
Italian utility Enel Spa has launched a voluntary layoff program at the Brazilian power distribution company it acquired last ... SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Italian utility Enel Spa has launched a voluntary layoff program at the Brazilian power distribution ... Documents seen by Reuters show the program will be open until Jan. 17. ...
Voluntary Programs at EPA Working with Supermarkets. These EPA voluntary programs support the food retail sector in their ... The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to use green power as a way to reduce the ... WaterSense, a partnership program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, seeks to protect the future of our nations ... EPAs SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and freight ...
The Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program is a 1985 settlement of a lawsuit in which school districts surrounding the Ravenswood ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Voluntary Transfer Program at the Palo Alto Unified School District Web Site Lorenz, ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program at the Menlo Park City School District Web Site ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program at the San Mateo County Office of Education Kenrick ...
VOLUNTARY PROTECTION PROGRAMS PARTICIPANTS ASSOCIATION. Annual Meeting. August 24, 2015. Thank you for welcoming me once again ... That is why OSHA created the Voluntary Protection Program over 30 years ago and why we are committed to maintaining it. But we ... Requiring renewing SGEs to show that they have been actively involved in the Voluntary Protection Program during the previous ... VPP program and we encourage more participation in order to sustain the growth and quality of the Voluntary Protection Programs ...
THAI Voluntary Carbon Offset Program. Thai Airways International is committed to taking part in the global effort to minimize ... Funds collected through our voluntary Carbon Offset Program will be contributed to the following project.. NongBua Farm ... Carbon Offset Program Audit. THAIs Carbo Offset Program is audited by Carbon Offset Approval Scheme of United Kingdom , the ... THAI has opted to adopt the IATA-administered carbon offset program, as it is a readily available tool that enables airlines to ...
Voluntary Carbon Offset Program. Thai Airways International is committed to taking part in the global effort to minimize ... THAI has opted to adopt the IATA-administered carbon offset program, as it is a readily available tool that enables airlines to ... We are pleased to offer you, our passengers, an opportunity to help the environment through our Carbon Offset program when you ... THAI is proud to introduce the Carbon Offset Program to passengers who want to offset the carbon dioxide generated from flying ...
Enterprise Offers Voluntary Carbon Offset Program To Customers. October 31, 2007. October 31, 2007. by Paul Nastu. ... One thought on "Enterprise Offers Voluntary Carbon Offset Program To Customers" * chris. ... Louis, have announced a voluntary customer carbon offset program - the largest of its kind in the industry, according to the ... Beginning in January 2008, the program will be offered at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada; it will be extended ...
facility has been recertified to Voluntary Protection Program Star Status by the Occupational Safety& Health Administration. RR ... facility has been recertified to Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Status by the Occupational Safety & Health ... RR Donnelley Facility Earns Recertification to Voluntary Protection Program Star Status By OSHA. ... "Our documented safety programs serve as a foundation for a safe work place, but it is our management commitment, strong ...
Voluntary Program for Acceptance of Applications for the Testing and Evaluation of Air-Purifying Escape Respirators and Self- ... Voluntary Program for Acceptance of Applications for the Testing and Evaluation of APER and SCER for Use Against CBRN Agents. ... NIOSH initiates this voluntary approval program pursuant to Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 84.60(b), 84.63(c ... Subject: Voluntary Program for Acceptance of Applications for the Testing and Evaluation of Air-Purifying Escape Respirators ...
... on June 18 announced that it will address problems identified in its Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) in response... ... "OSHAs Voluntary Protection Programs: Improved Oversight and Controls Would Better Ensure Program Quality". The report ... OSHA begins evaluation of Voluntary Protection Programs. RP news wires, Noria Corporation Tags: workplace safety The U.S. ... "We will thoroughly review the VPP and Alliance Program to determine their effectiveness as well as review the programs roles ...
NBER Program(s):Environment and Energy Economics Can simple government programs effectively promote voluntary initiatives to ... Climate Policy and Voluntary Initiatives: An Evaluation of the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program. Matthew J. Kotchen ... Published: Climate Policy and Voluntary Initiatives: An Evaluation of the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program, Matthew ... The Clean Energy Communities program thus demonstrates how mostly symbolic incentives can mobilize voluntary initiatives within ...
Voluntary Disclosures Program. Domestic Compliance Programs Branch. Canada Revenue Agency. Ottawa ON K1A 0L5 ... For more information on the Voluntary Disclosures Program, go to ... Voluntary Disclosures Program, and dated January 2017. In order for a registrant to qualify for the Voluntary Disclosure ... 3. Through the Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP), a registrant can make an application to correct inaccurate or incomplete ...
Medicaid is a voluntary program, said the Feds. If the states opt in they receive matching funds of 50% or more from the ... BY Jeffrey A. Singer - It is widely believed that Medicaid is a voluntary program. While this may have once been true, it is no ... Home Special Features Guest Commentary Why Medicaid Is No Longer a Voluntary Program ... It killed the voluntary nature of the Medicaid system.. Four years before the passage of EMTALA, Arizona still had its own ...
HHS oficials on Tuesday announced a new program that by the end of the year could include 10 three-year chronic care pilot ... HHS Announces Voluntary Chronic Care Program for Medicare Beneficiaries. HHS officials on Tuesday announced a new program that ... 4/21). The Voluntary Chronic Care Improvement Program, authorized by the new Medicare law, will include a total of 150,000 to ... CMS, which will administer the program, will publish a notice in the Federal Register on April 23 to seek proposals from ...
Climate Policy and Voluntary Initiatives: An Evaluation of the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program. Matthew J. Kotchen ... Research Programs. Working Groups. Research Disclosure Policy. Employment and Fellowships. Sitemap. Links to other Resources. ... Researchers by NBER Program. Complete List of NBER Researchers. SEARCH NBER RESEARCHERS ...
... less than two months after it canceled two mandatory bundled payment programs created under the Obama administration. The new ... "Patterns of participation and dropout in the BPCI program suggest that for voluntary alternative payment models to have a broad ... The study found that just 12% of eligible hospitals joined the program. Nearly half (47%) later dropped out of the program, ... The programs, which targeted cardiac and joint replacement care episodes, were set to go into effect on Jan. 1. ...
It is the employees decision to participate in the Phased Retirement Program; the program is voluntary. ... The following provisions will govern this program:. 1. The Phased Retirement Program is open only to eligible participants in ... The Phased Retirement Program is not intended to result in an overall diminution of the number of tenured and/or tenure-track ... The Program will continue beyond the 2015-2016 academic year unless one of the parties provides written notice to the other by ...
With a 14-2 vote, the committee called for MIPS to be replaced with a Voluntary Value Program (VVP), where 2% of clinicians ... Value payment would be based on voluntary group performance. The claims-based tracking by CMS would eliminate concerns over ... Voluntary groups of physicians would be large enough to support population measures ... "will not improve care for beneficiaries nor move the Medicare program and clinicians towards high-value care.". Researchers ...
We investigate how a class of voluntary environmental initiatives known as pollution prevention ( ... "The impact of voluntary programs on polluting behavior: Evidence from pollution prevention programs and toxic releases," ... "The Impact of Voluntary Programs on Polluting Behavior: Evidence from Pollution Prevention Programs and Toxic Releases," ... "Can voluntary pollution prevention programs fulfill their promises? Further evidence from the EPAs 33/50 Program," Journal of ...
Archives,U.S. STARTS STUDY OF RACISM IN JOBS; Acts on Failure in Atlanta of Voluntary Program Re-evaluation May Follow ... U.S. STARTS STUDY OF RACISM IN JOBS; Acts on Failure in Atlanta of Voluntary Program Re-evaluation May Follow. ...
OSHA to hold public meeting to solicit suggestions for strengthening the Voluntary Protection Programs ... OSHA to hold public meeting to solicit suggestions for strengthening the Voluntary Protection Programs ... to discuss the future direction of the agencys Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). The discussion will include comments and ... and supports smart program growth. Some of the questions OSHA invites stakeholder input include:. *What can the agency do to ...
As such, the agency says it will narrow its focus during the voluntary phase of the program to three areas:. *"Working with ... Under the revised draft, FDA says the program will begin with a voluntary phase that will run into 2018, after which the agency ... However, FDA cautions that it may not be able to achieve its goals for the program through voluntary reporting alone. "If FDA ... FDA Revises Quality Metrics Guidance, Says Program Will Be Voluntary Until 2018. Posted 23 November 2016 , By Michael Mezher ...
A voluntary after-school program focused specifically on alcohol and drug use may be effective in deterring alcohol use among ... Does CHOICE, a voluntary after-school program for preventing alcohol and drug (AOD) use, reduce alcohol use among younger ... There are many mandated school-based programs to prevent adolescent alcohol and drug (AOD) use, but few are voluntary and take ... Voluntary After-School Program Can Reduce Alcohol Use Among Middle School Children. Feb 8, 2012 ...
  • This memorandum applies to Voluntary Disclosures Program applications received on or after March 1, 2018 and supersedes Information Circular IC00-1R5, Voluntary Disclosures Program, and dated January 2017. (
  • WASHINGTON - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will hold a stakeholder meeting July 17, 2017, in Washington, D.C., to discuss the future direction of the agency's Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). (
  • Registration for summer 2017 program and school year 2017-2018 school year program will begin in March 2017. (
  • Student selection for the 2017-2018 school year program is done via a lottery process conducted in April 2017. (
  • EcosystemMarketplace will launch its 2017 "State of Voluntary Carbon Markets" (SOVCM) at Innovate4Climate. (
  • SAO PAULO--The Brazilian unit of General Motors Co. GM, -0.76% said Wednesday that it was instituting a voluntary-layoff program to adjust employment levels to current production after Brazilian auto sales continued to slide in May. (
  • The OSHA program started in 1982 with the first approved facilities. (
  • The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) hosted a ceremony today that honored the awarding of "Star" status to NIOSH's Morgantown, W.Va., facility under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs. (
  • The Morgantown facility was awarded the "Star" status after OSHA and other VPP representatives conducted a thorough site visit consisting of program audits, records inspections, facility walkthroughs, and 208 formal and informal interviews with employees. (
  • More information on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs can be found at external icon . (
  • That is why OSHA created the Voluntary Protection Program over 30 years ago and why we are committed to maintaining it. (
  • How can we at OSHA sustain the VPP program in a time of shrinking federal resources? (
  • CHICAGO, Aug. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company (Nasdaq:RRD) announced today that its Lynchburg, Va. facility has been recertified to Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Status by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). (
  • VPP participants are exempt from OSHA programmed inspections while they maintain their VPP status. (
  • OSHA also has announced that it will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its VPP and Alliance Program to determine how the agency should best allocate its resources among cooperative programs, enforcement and the agency's other activities. (
  • GAO's analysis recommended that OSHA strengthen the program's oversight activity, documentation and other aspects of program operations and impact to ensure consistency and adherence to existing OSHA policies and procedures. (
  • He noted that OSHA had not adequately addressed the findings of the GAO's 2004 report, OSHA's Voluntary Compliance Strategies Show Promising Results, But Should Be Fully Evaluated Before They Are Expanded. (
  • The report noted that OSHA had not fully evaluated the effectiveness of its cooperative programs and was therefore 'limited in its ability to make a sound decision about how best to allocate its resources,'" said Barab. (
  • Our evaluation of these programs in the context of OSHA's limited resources will help ensure that OSHA will be able to reprioritize these resources in the most effective manner. (
  • OSHA is seeking to reshape VPP so that it continues to represent safety and health excellence, leverages partner resources, further recognizes the successes of long-term participants, and supports smart program growth. (
  • The Performance Evaluation Guide audit process is used to evaluate those safety programs that are required by OSHA to have a written set of rules and processes and to pursue any necessary corrective actions. (
  • The biosecurity and good management practices (GMPs) below are not currently a requirement of the Chronic Wasting Disease Voluntary Herd Certification Program (CWD VHCP). (
  • In 2002, the CFIA established national standards for a Voluntary Herd Certification Program (VHCP) to provide cervid owners with tools to help mitigate the risk of developing CWD and the opportunity to have their herds identified as elite with respect to CWD. (
  • What is the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Voluntary Herd Certification Program? (
  • In 2002, the CFIA established national standards for a Voluntary Herd Certification Program (VHCP). (
  • The objective of the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Voluntary Herd Certification Program is to provide owners with the opportunity to have their herds identified as elite with respect to CWD. (
  • Any owner of elk or deer premises who agrees to comply with the provisions outlined in the CWD Voluntary Herd Certification Program may enroll. (
  • The goal of the APHIS National CWD Voluntary Herd Certification Program is to provide a consistent national approach to control the incidence of CWD in farmed cervids and prevent the interstate spread if CWD. (
  • Because product filings and establishment registrations are not mandatory, voluntary submissions provide FDA with the best estimate of information available about cosmetic products and ingredients, their frequency of use, and businesses engaged in their manufacture and distribution (Federal Register, vol. 73, p. 76360, and vol. 69, p. 9339). (
  • CMS announced the launch of a new bundled payment model on Tuesday, less than two months after it canceled two mandatory bundled payment programs created under the Obama administration. (
  • The new bundled payment model's reveal comes shortly after CMS decided at the end of November to cancel two mandatory bundled payment programs formed by the CMS Innovation Center under the previous administration. (
  • Mandatory bundled payment programs later formed by Medicare were criticized for putting undue burden on clinicians, but may have been more effective due to greater participation, the researchers said. (
  • Under the revised draft, FDA says the program will begin with a voluntary phase that will run into 2018, after which the agency says it intends to make the program mandatory. (
  • For the study , researchers from the University of Michigan examined publicly available data from 2008 to 2015 on readmission rates from 2,837 hospitals for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), heart failure, and pneumonia, three conditions that are targeted under CMS ' mandatory Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP). (
  • It is important to note that many green building programs also help foster this balance by requiring mandatory attention to all principles, not just one area. (
  • Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) was also dropped in recent days from the WBC's rankings as its No. 1 middleweight contender for his failure to enroll in the mandatory Clean Boxing Program that all of the organization's titleholders and top contenders must be in. (
  • Mandatory influenza immunization programs for all HCP should be implemented nationwide. (
  • In order for a registrant to qualify for the Voluntary Disclosure Program relief outlined in IC00-1R5, the CRA must have received the registrant's application, including their name, on or before February 28, 2018. (
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - June 15, 2018 -Energy Solutions , Inc . today announced that the Clive Disposal Facility, located 80 miles west of Salt Lake City in Utah's West Desert, officially received Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) status by the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division (UOSH)of the Utah Labor Commission. (
  • Membership in the certification program provides assurances to potential purchasers of animals that a purchase from a herd with the same level has the same risk of being infected with CWD. (
  • We are amending the regulations to establish a voluntary Trichinae Certification Program for U.S. pork that has been produced under disease-prevention conditions. (
  • Docket No. APHIS-2006-0089), we proposed to establish regulations for a Trichinae Certification Program in 9 CFR part 149 . (
  • We stated that the Trichinae Certification Program would provide for the certification of pork production sites that follow certain prescribed management practices that reduce, eliminate, or avoid the risk of exposure of swine to Trichinella spp. (
  • We also found that some VPP participants had experienced fatalities and serious enforcement issues, including willful violations, and were still allowed to remain in the program. (
  • Does it have a school-wide effect regardless of the number of program participants? (
  • Students at the eight middle schools that offered CHOICE were less likely to initiate alcohol use during the academic year compared to students at the eight control schools where the program was not offered, regardless of the number of program participants. (
  • The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association, Inc. (VPPPA) - The Premier Global Safety and Health Organization(tm), is the leading organization dedicated to cooperative occupational. (
  • Their central purpose is to induce program participants, typically firms, to produce positive environmental externalities, as public goods, beyond the requirements of applicable government law. (
  • 1 In return, program participants acquire the ability to more credibly signal their environmental stewardship to external stakeholders who cannot otherwise fully observe participants environmental processes or performance. (
  • and (3) program efficacy, under what conditions VEPs improve participants environmental performance. (
  • Can simple government programs effectively promote voluntary initiatives to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions? (
  • The Clean Energy Communities program thus demonstrates how mostly symbolic incentives can mobilize voluntary initiatives within communities and promote demand for renewable energy. (
  • We investigate how a class of voluntary environmental initiatives known as pollution prevention ("P2") programs affect toxic pollution. (
  • Hospitals that participated in at least one of three voluntary value-based care initiatives reported a greater reduction in readmission rates than those that did not participate, according to a study published on Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine . (
  • The study found that hospitals enrolled in at least one of the three voluntary federal reform initiatives saw greater reductions in 30-day readmission rates than those that participated in HRRP alone. (
  • The New Program, similar to the OVD Initiatives, will provide the US with data regarding US taxpayers who hid their income and assets from the US and with a list of financial institutions and financial advisors who participated in the tax non-compliance of US persons. (
  • With the knowledge that the IRS and the DOJ through their ongoing investigations into tax evasion have already uncovered extensive data through the OVD Initiatives, the IRS whistleblower program, bilateral double tax treaty, tax information agreements and informal cooperation agreements with other countries, the New Program enables Swiss Banks not already targeted in a DOJ investigation to help ensure that they are not targeted or prosecuted going forward. (
  • Because voluntary programs are most developed in the environmental field, they serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives in other fields. (
  • The information captured will be used to assess the effectiveness of current and new initiatives and programs to improve Indigenous Australians' access to health programs, by directing services and funding to the locations that require them the most. (
  • Approval into the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is OSHA's official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health. (
  • Due to ongoing concern of a potential terrorist event and the need to provide the general working population with the best available respiratory protection as quickly as possible, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (or the Institute) is instituting this voluntary approval program on an expedited basis. (
  • We provide electronic data and other planning and mapping resources to support counties that are planning under Washington's Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP). (
  • Our agency's work to achieve clean water and a strong agricultural economy can be complemented by the Voluntary Stewardship Program. (
  • The federal Clean Water Act and the state Water Pollution Control Act provide a backstop for the Voluntary Stewardship Program framework. (
  • The VPK serves any child four year old on or before September 1st that resides in the state of Florida and has chosen to enroll in the VPK program. (
  • Non-career employees are not eligible to enroll in this optional coverage program. (
  • Alvarez's decision to not enroll immediately in a testing program as soon as he was suspended stoked outrage from fans and media and left many in the boxing industry dumbfounded as to why if Alvarez so strongly professed to be a clean fighter -- he blamed the positive tests on contaminated Mexican beef -- he would not embrace a rigorous out-of-competition testing program. (
  • A local government program that allows farmers to voluntarily enroll their farm property in an agricultural district. (
  • These days, the buzz in benefits is all about voluntary: employee-paid coverages for accident and health, critical illness, disability income, dental, vision, and life insurance. (
  • Do free, voluntary, district-run summer programs that include academics and enrichment activities benefit low-income elementary students? (
  • Since 2011, five urban school districts and their partners, the RAND Corporation and Wallace have been working together to find out whether and how voluntary-attendance summer learning programs combining academics and enrichment can help students succeed in school. (
  • The purpose of this memorandum is to provide information about the Canada Revenue Agency's Voluntary Disclosures Program as it applies to the goods and services tax and the harmonized sales tax, excise tax, excise duty, the softwood lumber products export charge and the air travellers security charge. (
  • For information regarding the Canada Revenue Agency's Voluntary Disclosures Program as it applies to income tax disclosures, please refer to Income Tax Information Circular IC00-1R6, Voluntary Disclosures Program . (
  • Following the release of the initial draft guidance in July 2015, industry groups pushed back against FDA's proposal, asking FDA to be more forthcoming with how it would use the quality metrics, and questioning the agency's legal authority to mandate such a program. (
  • The Voluntary Early Partial Retirement Program (VEPR) has been fully reinstated with no changes. (
  • What if I submit my application for retirement and the application for the Voluntary Retirement Program, then decide to revoke my retirement? (
  • In such case, individuals who commenced participation in the Phased Retirement Program during the 2015-2016 academic year, or earlier, shall be allowed to complete their phasing period. (
  • The Phased Retirement Program is not intended to result in an overall diminution of the number of tenured and/or tenure-track full-time teaching faculty. (
  • The Michigan Star program is designed for workplaces that have an exemplary safety and health management system with injury and illness incidence rates below the industry average for the last three years. (
  • It recognizes employers and employees for developing and implementing continuous improvement workplace safety and health management programs that result in injury/illness rates that are below the national averages for their industries. (
  • The Retail Program Standards apply to the operation and management of a retail food regulatory program that is focused on the reduction of risk factors known to cause or contribute to foodborne illness and to the promotion of active managerial control of these risk factors. (
  • The program elements addressed by the Program Standards are as follows: (1) Regulatory foundation, (2) trained regulatory staff, (3) inspection program based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, (4) uniform inspection program, (5) foodborne illness and food defense preparedness and response, (6) compliance and enforcement, (7) industry and community relations, (8) program support and resources, and (9) program assessment. (
  • The Michigan Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP) assists employers and employees by providing a mechanism and a set of criteria designed to evaluate and recognize outstanding safety and health management systems. (
  • This program assists regulated entities in understanding complex air quality requirements. (
  • The Wingman also helps identify opportunities in the broker's existing book of business and then assists the broker in presenting voluntary benefits options to clients, enrolling employees, and servicing the business. (
  • The Voluntary Chronic Care Improvement Program, authorized by the new Medicare law, will include a total of 150,000 to 300,000 beneficiaries enrolled in traditional fee-for-service Medicare who have multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and congestive heart failure. (
  • For example, about 14% of Medicare beneficiaries have congestive heart failure, but treatment for the condition accounts for 43% of program expenditures. (
  • The presentation states that the inequitable, burdensome system of MIPS "will not improve care for beneficiaries nor move the Medicare program and clinicians towards high-value care. (
  • Identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is completely voluntary and has been incorporated into Medicare forms. (
  • As announced on June 8, 2020, Western Illinois University is implementing a voluntary program for qualified faculty and staff who are retirement-eligible according to the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). (
  • When you arrive, you could practice TEFL techniques with other English speakers and faculty in your program. (
  • Voluntary Uncommitted: Faculty and employee effort (including senior researchers) that is over and above that which is budgeted. (
  • Large organizations that implement organization-wide health and safety management programs that extend to it individual sites are able to seek corporate VPP certification. (
  • All organizations are re-evaluated every three to five years to remain in the programs. (
  • The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to use green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. (
  • CMS , which will administer the program, will publish a notice in the Federal Register on April 23 to seek proposals from qualified organizations that provide population-based chronic care improvement services to manage the pilot projects. (
  • Voluntary, district-run summer programs could help shrink this gap and have the potential to reach more students than traditional summer school or smaller-scale programs run by outside organizations. (
  • A comprehensive guide to charities and voluntary organizations in the USA and abroad. (
  • Despite the efforts of many organizations to improve influenza immunization rates with the use of voluntary campaigns, influenza coverage among health care personnel remains unacceptably low. (
  • Following is a brief description of the services provided by the organizations that are eligible to receive voluntary contributions from your income tax return. (
  • THAI has opted to adopt the IATA-administered carbon offset program, as it is a readily available tool that enables airlines to offer passengers the ability to compensate for their carbon emissions. (
  • Countries that vowed to slash their greenhouse-gas emissions under the Paris Agreement are now supposed to be looking for ways to slash them even deeper, and the Dutch government says it will "Bring Paris Home" by actively supporting home-grown voluntary carbon projects. (
  • The 2012 report identified more than a dozen governmental efforts built on voluntary carbon markets - including the Dutch government's Bosklimaatfonds program , which like GreenDeal aimed to reduce the country's greenhouse-gas emissions by encouraging cities, companies, and private citizens to buy carbon offsets. (
  • In addition, we administer the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grants program and the state radon program. (
  • This included a Biogas Roadmap, a voluntary strategy created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency for the agriculture sector to reduce methane emissions. (
  • The Biogas Opportunities Roadmap builds on progress made to date to identify voluntary actions that can be taken to reduce methane emissions through the use of biogas systems and outlines strategies to overcome barriers limiting further expansion and development of a robust biogas industry in the United States. (
  • BY Jeffrey A. Singer - It is widely believed that Medicaid is a voluntary program. (
  • It killed the voluntary nature of the Medicaid system. (
  • Medicaid is a voluntary program, said the Feds. (
  • Generally, funds in an ABLEnow account are disregarded when determining eligibility for certain federal means-tested benefits programs, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and for Commonwealth of Virginia means-tested benefits programs as well. (
  • TerraPass will administer the carbon offset program. (
  • We administer a number of these programs, such as health assessments (55 years and over) and the adult health check. (
  • This ordinance provided for the creation of an Agricultural Advisory Board to administer this program. (
  • Provide personnel training ( i.e. a written and verbal program on-farm to educate and train, and retrain, all workers and family members), ensuring knowledge of all biosecurity principles and compliance with practices used on-farm. (
  • The New Program is voluntary and permits eligible banks to avoid US criminal prosecution (often fatal irrespective of the merits or ultimate outcome) in exchange for detailed disclosures, the payment of financial penalties (in some instances), and various undertakings, to include maintaining compliance systems, closing accounts of recalcitrant account holders and waiving the statute of limitations. (
  • These banks may request a Non-Target Letter based on satisfying certain conditions, including demonstrating the existence of an effective compliance program. (
  • We conduct site inspections and audits to determine compliance with the risk management program requirements. (
  • Even if your state or local taxing authorities don't offer benefits for coming forward, you may want to consider a voluntary disclosure if you're out of compliance. (
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) Voluntary Group Long Term Care Insurance Program can help with these costs. (
  • Employers that are anticipating an increase in part-time and long-term contract workers can better compete for talent by providing their entire workforce with employer-sponsored benefit options, including access to employee-paid voluntary benefits. (
  • The Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program is a 1985 settlement of a lawsuit in which school districts surrounding the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto, California agreed to accept up to 135 minority students entering grades Kindergarten through second grade from within the boundaries of the Ravenswood City School District. (
  • The Board acts as support for local farmers by reviewing and approving applications for qualifying farmland as well as establishing Voluntary Ag Districts. (
  • Funds were given to school districts that implemented voluntary desegregation plans or court orders to reduce racial isolation. (
  • In the United States, the term "magnet school" refers to public schools with enrichment programs that are designed to attract and serve certain targeted subgroups of potential students and their families. (
  • It's not only taxpayers with offshore accounts that might qualify for voluntary disclosure programs. (
  • While most taxpayers are familiar with the 2012 Offshore Voluntary Program (and its predecessors, the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative and the 2009 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ), voluntary disclosure programs exist for simple income tax liabilities, too. (
  • However, as part of the voluntary disclosure programs, interest may be significantly reduced. (
  • That's the appeal of these kind of voluntary disclosure programs. (
  • As part of most voluntary disclosure programs, taxpayers agree to pay all taxes going forward. (
  • The Program will continue beyond the 2015-2016 academic year unless one of the parties provides written notice to the other by June 30, 2015 that it is electing to terminate the program as of the end of the 2015-16 academic year. (
  • The Pioneer ACO program concluded in December 2016. (
  • We report results from a national surveillance program for Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) in Sweden, where CDI incidence decreased by 22% and the proportion of multidrug-resistant isolates decreased by 80% during 2012-2016. (
  • THAI is proud to introduce the Carbon Offset Program to passengers who want to offset the carbon dioxide generated from flying. (
  • We are pleased to offer you, our passengers, an opportunity to help the environment through our Carbon Offset program when you purchase tickets on THAI. (
  • Funds collected through our voluntary Carbon Offset Program will be contributed to the following project. (
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car , National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car , owned by the Taylor family of St. Louis, have announced a voluntary customer carbon offset program - the largest of its kind in the industry, according to the company, and the first consumer initiative to be launched under all three rental car brands. (
  • WHO HQ Library catalog › Results of search for 'su:{Voluntary programs. (
  • The program is designed to establish a cooperative relationship between management, labor, and MIOSHA. (
  • Synapse reviewed PG&E's application to establish a voluntary customer climate protection program. (
  • The Program Standards define nine essential elements of an effective regulatory program for retail food establishments, establish basic quality control criteria for each element, and provide a means of recognition for those state, local, and tribal regulatory programs that meet the Program Standards. (
  • We also work with communities to establish local partnerships, promote events, and implement voluntary air pollution reduction strategies throughout the state. (
  • This letter informs manufacturers of voluntary requirements that air-purifying escape respirators and self-contained escape respirators must meet in order to obtain NIOSH approval. (
  • NIOSH initiates this voluntary approval program pursuant to Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 84.60(b), 84.63(c), and 84.110(c). (
  • Andrew Ryan, the study's lead author and an associate professor at the University of Michigan , said the findings are "encouraging" and indicate that "these value programs are reinforcing the broader push to value-based care. (
  • These findings are correlational but controlled for prior achievement and demographics, giving researchers confidence that the benefits are likely due to the programs and meeting the requirements for promising evidence under the Every Student Succeeds Act. (
  • These findings are causal, meaning that researchers are confident that they were due to the programs, and meet the standard of strong evidence under the Every Student Succeeds Act. (
  • Given these findings, Synapse recommended that PG&E pay for most of the marketing and administration costs associated with the proposed program. (
  • A comprehensive guide to charities and voluntary organisations in the USA and abroad, with case studies and practical tips to help you identify the skills needed to find employment in the industry. (
  • We promote voluntary identification within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. (
  • The Postal Service maintains 165 worksites in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), which recognizes facilities that have implemented the best safety programs and practices. (
  • In addition, Synapse recommended that PG&E pursue the option of making the monthly voluntary customer contributions tax deductible. (
  • This five-year study offers the first-ever assessment of the effectiveness of large-scale, voluntary, district-run, summer learning programs serving low-income elementary students. (
  • Denison joined EDF in 1987, after several years as an analyst and assistant project director in the Oceans and Environment Program, Office of Technology Assessment, United States Congress. (
  • Allows employees to donate leave to an employee who has been approved to receive voluntary shared leave because of a medical condition of the employee or a member of the employee's immediate family, that will require the employee's absence for a prolonged period of time. (
  • Part of this sample was used to train and test an ANN that predicts voluntary enrollment in MCC. (
  • This new vehicle enables employers to provide ING benefits through an app that is integrated with their core enrollment process, eliminating the extra steps that may have otherwise deterred employees from participating in voluntary benefits programs. (
  • With our new agreement, their employer clients can now offer ING's voluntary benefits products, and provide a simple, integrated enrollment process for employees. (
  • They said Alvarez's enrollment in a testing program was a requirement to even discuss a new deal for the rematch, one in which Golovkin is now seeking a bigger slice of the financial pie. (
  • The Wingman can educate the broker's staff on voluntary concepts and products, go on prospecting and sales calls with the broker, and manage enrollment. (
  • This article demonstrates the use of an ANN to model a consumer's choice to participate in North Carolina's Maternity Care Coordination (MCC) program, a state sponsored voluntary public health service initiative. (
  • Instead, the program offers additional financial protection with premiums payable through the convenience of payroll deduction. (
  • The information in this memorandum is a guideline as to how the Canada Revenue Agency administers the Voluntary Disclosures Program. (
  • This paper provides an evaluation of how the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities program affects household decisions to voluntarily purchase "green" electricity, which is electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. (
  • The Uncontrolled Site Evaluation Trust Fund was created by the Mississippi Legislature (Section 17-17-54 of Mississippi Code), which in turn established the Uncontrolled Site Voluntary Evaluation Program which allows accepted parties the opportunity to expedite the evaluation of site information. (
  • The company must submit an application to be accepted into the Program by MDEQ and pay all costs associated with MDEQ's administration and evaluation of the site. (
  • Merit is for employers and employees that have implemented good safety and health programs but require additional improvements. (
  • However, voluntary benefits sometimes are niche offerings, such as pet insurance, that might appeal to a subset of workers, and employers may pay part of the cost. (
  • Providing access to voluntary benefits can ease part-time workers' financial stress, reduce turnover and differentiate employers from competitors in the talent market, Maher noted. (
  • As group health costs continue their inexorable rise, employers increasingly are looking to voluntary benefits as a way to offer their employees valuable protection that they choose and pay for themselves. (
  • Inc. Magazine has an in-depth article on how Enterpise came to offer voluntary offsets. (
  • Unlike California, however, it will not involve offsets generated outside of the Netherlands, making it more akin to Japan's J-VER program (which has since been merged into J-Credit ). (
  • 84% of employees describe financial wellness programs (e.g., planning, education, workshops, tools) as benefit offerings they want or need. (
  • The Sacramento Business Journal honored companies that scored well in a survey evaluating their wellness programs. (
  • The revised draft guidance also narrows the scope of the program by cutting the number of metrics the agency plans to ask for, and allows companies more flexibility with quality metrics reporting by both product and site. (
  • Each Program Standard has one or more corresponding worksheets, forms and guidance documents. (
  • Voluntary Committed: The Uniform Guidance states that voluntary committed cost sharing is not expected for federal research proposals ( 2 CFR 200.306 ) and cannot be used as a factor during the merit review of applications or proposals. (
  • The Voluntary Classification Settlement Program, commonly called VCSP, is a program that allows taxpayers to voluntarily reclassify their workers as employees for future tax periods for federal employment tax purposes and to obtain partial relief from the federal employment taxes due during the misclassified periods of employment. (
  • Taxpayers should file Form 8952 , Application for Voluntary Classification Settlement Program at least 60 days before the date that they want to begin treating their workers as employees. (
  • In fact, most states now offer some form of voluntary disclosure to encourage taxpayers to come forward. (
  • The second challenge we faced was with the integrity of the program . (
  • How can the agency support increased participation in VPP while operating with available resources and maintaining the integrity of the program? (
  • Synapse made the following determinations: 1) PG&E shareholders would likely benefit from such a program, and 2) there would be greater customer participation in the program if PG&E shareholders participated in the funding for the program. (
  • A State employee may request that the employer approve his or her participation in the program, as a leave recipient or leave donor. (
  • INTRODUCTION Voluntary environmental programs (VEPs) have emerged as important instruments of environmental policy and governance across the world. (
  • The largest-ever study of summer learning finds that students with high attendance in free, five to six-week, voluntary summer learning programs experienced educationally meaningful benefits in math and reading. (
  • Last year, an EBRI study on voluntary workplace benefits , with responses from 1,500 workers throughout the U.S., showed that workers identify lower cost, choice, and the convenience of paying for benefits through pretax and payroll deductions as strong advantages of voluntary benefits. (
  • July 28, 2011 ( - ING's U.S. Employee Benefits division has expanded the availability of its voluntary insurance products by offering access through distribution on BENEFITFOCUS HR InTouch. (
  • ING has developed, implemented and administered voluntary benefit plans in the workplace for more than 60 years, and we're actively looking to expand our reach so we can help meet the needs of more working Americans," said Marc Lower, head of voluntary strategy and distribution for ING Employee Benefits, in a press release. (
  • Please watch the Benefits for Life Overview video for more information on the program. (
  • We focus on the costs and benefits for actors seeking to supply (or sponsor) these governance mechanisms as well as the costs and benefits for firms who are considering joining VEPs and adhering to their program obligations by the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. (
  • With AIG's Voluntary Employee Benefits Program we can help you face the future should you have an accident or fall ill. (
  • What does AIG's Voluntary Employee Benefits Program offer? (
  • The statewide flexible benefits program offers the advantage of paying for certain benefits with pre-tax dollars. (
  • Data from the 7th annual Aflac WorkForces Report shows the impact health care reform is having in the workplace, the widening gap between companies that actively leverage benefits as part of their business strategy and those who do not, and the growing importance of voluntary benefits to workers. (
  • When it comes to benefits, the size of your workforce plays a significant role in shaping your programs. (
  • Ten years ago, brokers weren't heavily involved in the voluntary market," says Drew Niziak, senior vice president of broker sales and Aflac Benefits Solutions. (
  • Since then, involvement has increased to the point where 57% of voluntary sales are made through a benefits broker. (
  • As Niziak noted, there's recognition among agents and brokers that offering voluntary benefits to employer clients is a great way to boost profits and retain accounts-but when it comes to speaking the "language" of the voluntary world, many brokers are confused and hesitant to jump in. (
  • He or she helps eliminate the learning curve, manages the broker's voluntary benefits strategy, and handles the administrative details. (
  • In essence, the Wingman spearheads the creation of a voluntary benefits practice within the brokerage, at no cost to the firm. (
  • With Wingman, a voluntary benefits unit basically becomes an extension of the agency or brokerage. (
  • Voluntary benefits represent a particularly attractive opportunity for property/casualty agents and brokers, Niziak observes. (
  • Before the Wingman enters the broker's office, Niziak says, the broker must obtain buy-in from his or her team and build support for the launch of a voluntary benefits operation. (
  • As currently envisioned, the new program will also recognize several different carbon standards, including CarbonFix, and several project types including forestry - but will add its own filters, beginning with location. (
  • While this paper focuses on VEPs, we recognize the growing prominence of voluntary approaches in other issue areas. (
  • Many brokers were unsure whether they would be able to stay in business, and then they began to recognize the value that voluntary brings to their employer clients and employees, and to them as an additional revenue stream. (
  • Canelo Alvarez announced that he had enrolled in voluntary drug testing on Twitter. (
  • We provide awareness, outreach, and educational programs that support the Bureau of Air Quality's mission to conserve air resources that enhance quality of life. (
  • Online and Self-Study Training not offered by OCCD, the ELD, or an Oregon Registry Trainer Program registered Sponsoring Organization must meet quality requirements outlined in the Oregon Registry: Training and Education Criteria and the content must link to Oregon's Core Knowledge Categories. (
  • Even though the original OSH Act of 1970 included language that discussed the concept of VPP, it didn't start until an experimental California program began in 1979. (
  • California Healthline is a service of the California Health Care Foundation produced by Kaiser Health News , an editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation . (
  • Environment Minister Sharon Dijksma says the GreenDeal is designed to help ease the country into an era when all sectors are capped, much as California used voluntary markets to ease the state into its current cap-and-trade regime. (
  • Through VALE, airport sponsors can use Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds and Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) to finance low emission vehicles, refueling and recharging stations, gate electrification, and other airport air quality improvements. (
  • We construct a data base of federal and state-level P2 programs and exploit variation in adoption dates and program characteristics to study their effects on facility-level releases. (
  • The employees, at the Clive Facility, were recognized today at a ceremony for effective worksite-based safety and health programs. (
  • An uncontrolled site is a site, facility, plant, or location where hazardous or toxic wastes have been released into the environment and there is no federal environmental program available. (
  • VRS has contracted with Genworth Life Insurance Co. as the insurer for the program. (
  • If you are eligible for the VSDP Long-Term Care Plan or have other long-term care insurance, including the VLDP Long-Term Care Plan , you may be able to coordinate with the voluntary program to obtain even more coverage. (
  • The New Program applies to "Swiss Banks," defined in the Swiss IGA to include Depository and Custodial Institutions, but not Investment Entities or Specified Insurance Companies. (
  • Group and voluntary insurance products are offered by Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) or Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York (New York, NY). (
  • Voluntary Term Life Insurance allows you to purchase additional life insurance to protect your family's financial security. (
  • Voluntary Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is offered by Voya Financial. (
  • Offering a tailor-made solution to this dilemma is Aflac, the leading U.S. provider of voluntary insurance at the worksite. (
  • The intended outcome of this FOA is to advance efforts for a nationally integrated food safety system by assisting retail food regulatory programs in achieving conformance with the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards (VNRFRPS or Retail Program Standards). (
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA), Office of Partnerships (OP) is announcing the availability of cooperative agreements to be awarded under Limited Competition to State, local, territorial, or tribal retail food regulatory programs. (
  • In developing the Retail Program Standards, FDA recognized that the ultimate goal of all retail food regulatory programs is to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of illnesses and deaths from food produced at the retail level and that there are different approaches toward achieving that goal. (
  • Additional items that particularly impressed the audit team were the facility's safety and health committee, the safety training and recordkeeping programs, and the completeness of the site's employee fitness programs. (
  • We will thoroughly review the VPP and Alliance Program to determine their effectiveness as well as review the programs' roles in helping the agency promote the safety and health of America's workers," said Barab. (
  • Patterns of participation and dropout in the BPCI program suggest that for voluntary alternative payment models to have a broad effect on quality and costs of health care, barriers to participation and strategies for retention need to be addressed," they concluded. (
  • They also will have more satisfied employees overall,' said Paul Fronstin, director of the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute's (EBRI's) health research and education program, in Washington, D.C. (
  • ADEQ supports and implements various voluntary programs and projects to explore solutions to air quality problems and protect public health and the environment. (
  • This report describes the consensus-based selection process undertaken by a voluntary committee of policy/program leaders and epidemiologists from seven states to identify core state indicators to monitor the health of reproductive age women (aged 18-44 years). (
  • Each indicator was evaluated on five criteria: public health importance, policy/program importance, data availability, data quality, and the complexity of calculating the indicator. (
  • As part of teach abroad programs, you might study methods to help non-native speakers better grasp and comprehend the English language. (
  • And, teaching abroad programs may be available throughout the globe! (
  • Plus, when you teach abroad you may have the chance to apply for a TEFL, TESL, or another certificate at the end of your program. (
  • For more information about various ways to teach English abroad, speak with potential program representatives. (
  • Some teach abroad programs may even offer intensive language courses to teach the fundamentals of Chinese prior to your trip. (
  • Germany could be a great place for you to take part in teach abroad programs because it offers equal parts of a foreign and familiar language. (