A continuing periodic change in displacement with respect to a fixed reference. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
An occupational disorder resulting from prolonged exposure to vibration, affecting the fingers, hands, and forearms. It occurs in workers who regularly use vibrating tools such as jackhammers, power chain saws, riveters, etc. Symptoms include episodic finger blanching, NUMBNESS, tingling, and loss of nerve sensitivity.
An idiopathic vascular disorder characterized by bilateral Raynaud phenomenon, the abrupt onset of digital paleness or CYANOSIS in response to cold exposure or stress.
Four or five slender jointed digits in humans and primates, attached to each HAND.
The distal part of the arm beyond the wrist in humans and primates, that includes the palm, fingers, and thumb.
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents that occurs as a result of one's occupation.
Diseases caused by factors involved in one's employment.
Sensation of making physical contact with objects, animate or inanimate. Tactile stimuli are detected by MECHANORECEPTORS in the skin and mucous membranes.
A pair of cone-shaped elastic mucous membrane projecting from the laryngeal wall and forming a narrow slit between them. Each contains a thickened free edge (vocal ligament) extending from the THYROID CARTILAGE to the ARYTENOID CARTILAGE, and a VOCAL MUSCLE that shortens or relaxes the vocal cord to control sound production.
An increase in the rate of speed.
Rapidly adapting mechanoreceptors found in subcutaneous tissue beneath both hairy and glabrous skin. Pacinian corpuscles contain an afferent nerve fiber surrounded by a capsule with multiple concentric layers. They have large receptive fields and are most sensitive to high-frequency stimuli, such as vibration.
The TEMPERATURE at the outer surface of the body.
Skeletal muscle structures that function as the MECHANORECEPTORS responsible for the stretch or myotactic reflex (REFLEX, STRETCH). They are composed of a bundle of encapsulated SKELETAL MUSCLE FIBERS, i.e., the intrafusal fibers (nuclear bag 1 fibers, nuclear bag 2 fibers, and nuclear chain fibers) innervated by SENSORY NEURONS.
Sensory functions that transduce stimuli received by proprioceptive receptors in joints, tendons, muscles, and the INNER EAR into neural impulses to be transmitted to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Proprioception provides sense of stationary positions and movements of one's body parts, and is important in maintaining KINESTHESIA and POSTURAL BALANCE.
The superior part of the upper extremity between the SHOULDER and the ELBOW.
The minimum amount of stimulus energy necessary to elicit a sensory response.
Motorized, recreational vehicles used on non-public roads. They include all-terrain vehicles, dirt-bikes, minibikes, motorbikes, trailbikes, and snowmobiles. Excludes MOTORCYCLES, which are considered public road vehicles.
The neck muscles consist of the platysma, splenius cervicis, sternocleidomastoid(eus), longus colli, the anterior, medius, and posterior scalenes, digastric(us), stylohyoid(eus), mylohyoid(eus), geniohyoid(eus), sternohyoid(eus), omohyoid(eus), sternothyroid(eus), and thyrohyoid(eus).
Reflex contraction of a muscle in response to stretching, which stimulates muscle proprioceptors.
A basement membrane in the cochlea that supports the hair cells of the ORGAN OF CORTI, consisting keratin-like fibrils. It stretches from the SPIRAL LAMINA to the basilar crest. The movement of fluid in the cochlea, induced by sound, causes displacement of the basilar membrane and subsequent stimulation of the attached hair cells which transform the mechanical signal into neural activity.
The process of producing vocal sounds by means of VOCAL CORDS vibrating in an expiratory blast of air.
The rear surface of an upright primate from the shoulders to the hip, or the dorsal surface of tetrapods.
Analysis of the intensity of Raman scattering of monochromatic light as a function of frequency of the scattered light.
The aggregate business enterprise of building.
Permanent roads having a line of rails fixed to ties and laid to gage, usually on a leveled or graded ballasted roadbed and providing a track for freight cars, passenger cars, and other rolling stock. Cars are designed to be drawn by locomotives or sometimes propelled by self-contained motors. (From Webster's 3d) The concept includes the organizational and administrative aspects of railroads as well.
Act of eliciting a response from a person or organism through physical contact.
General or unspecified injuries to the hand.
The position or attitude of the body.
General or unspecified injuries involving the fingers.
Subjective cutaneous sensations (e.g., cold, warmth, tingling, pressure, etc.) that are experienced spontaneously in the absence of stimulation.
The process in which specialized SENSORY RECEPTOR CELLS transduce peripheral stimuli (physical or chemical) into NERVE IMPULSES which are then transmitted to the various sensory centers in the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
AUTOMOBILES, trucks, buses, or similar engine-driven conveyances. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Devices designed to provide personal protection against injury to individuals exposed to hazards in industry, sports, aviation, or daily activities.
A type of non-ionizing radiation in which energy is transmitted through solid, liquid, or gas as compression waves. Sound (acoustic or sonic) radiation with frequencies above the audible range is classified as ultrasonic. Sound radiation below the audible range is classified as infrasonic.
Sense of movement of a part of the body, such as movement of fingers, elbows, knees, limbs, or weights.
The process by which the nature and meaning of tactile stimuli are recognized and interpreted by the brain, such as realizing the characteristics or name of an object being touched.
The properties, processes, and behavior of biological systems under the action of mechanical forces.
Coverings for the hands, usually with separations for the fingers, made of various materials, for protection against infections, toxic substances, extremes of hot and cold, radiations, water immersion, etc. The gloves may be worn by patients, care givers, housewives, laboratory and industrial workers, police, etc.
Cells specialized to transduce mechanical stimuli and relay that information centrally in the nervous system. Mechanoreceptor cells include the INNER EAR hair cells, which mediate hearing and balance, and the various somatosensory receptors, often with non-neural accessory structures.
A reflex in which the AFFERENT NEURONS synapse directly on the EFFERENT NEURONS, without any INTERCALATED NEURONS. (Lockard, Desk Reference for Neuroscience, 2nd ed.)
The practical application of physical, mechanical, and mathematical principles. (Stedman, 25th ed)
An oval semitransparent membrane separating the external EAR CANAL from the tympanic cavity (EAR, MIDDLE). It contains three layers: the skin of the external ear canal; the core of radially and circularly arranged collagen fibers; and the MUCOSA of the middle ear.
Spectrophotometry in the infrared region, usually for the purpose of chemical analysis through measurement of absorption spectra associated with rotational and vibrational energy levels of molecules. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Disorders of the special senses (i.e., VISION; HEARING; TASTE; and SMELL) or somatosensory system (i.e., afferent components of the PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM).
General or unspecified injuries involving the arm.
Recording of the changes in electric potential of muscle by means of surface or needle electrodes.
The recording of wavelike motions or undulations. It is usually used on arteries to detect variations in blood pressure.
The branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves. In medicine it is often applied in procedures in speech and hearing studies. With regard to the environment, it refers to the characteristics of a room, auditorium, theatre, building, etc. that determines the audibility or fidelity of sounds in it. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The science of developing, caring for, or cultivating forests.
Communication between animals involving the giving off by one individual of some chemical or physical signal, that, on being received by another, influences its behavior.
Diseases of the peripheral nerves external to the brain and spinal cord, which includes diseases of the nerve roots, ganglia, plexi, autonomic nerves, sensory nerves, and motor nerves.
One of the three ossicles of the middle ear. It transmits sound vibrations from the INCUS to the internal ear (Ear, Internal see LABYRINTH).

Traumatic vasospastic disease in chain-saw operators. (1/2344)

Raynaud's phenomenon is commonly induced in chain-saw operators by vibration; the hand guiding the tool is the more severely affected. The condition tends to persist after use of the chain-saw is stopped but compensation is rarely sought. Among 17 cases of Raynaud's phenomenon in lumberjacks the condition was found to be related to use of the chain-saw in 14, 10 of whom had to give up their work in colder weather because the disease was so disabling. Two criteria essential to establish the condition as vibration-induced Raynaud's phenomenon are the presence of symptoms for at least 2 years and a history of at least 1 year's constant use of the chain-saw. Careful physical examination and simple tests of vascular function will provide objective evidence of permanent damage by which the patients may be classified and compensated.  (+info)

Mechanical stimulation of starfish sperm flagella. (2/2344)

1. The responses of starfish sperm flagella to mechanical stimulation with a microneedle were analysed. Flagellar movement was recorded by high-speed microcinematography and by stroboscopic observation. 2. The amplitude of the bending wave of a flagellum was restricted over its entire length when the microneedle was brought near to the flagellum at its proximal region. Beyond the restricted part, the amplitude of the wave, and the bend angle, became smaller than those of a normally beating flagellum, while the curvature was practically unchanged. 3. When the tip of the microneedle was in contact with the flagellum, propagation of the bending wave beyond the microneedle was inhibited. The part of the flagellum between the base and the microneedle continued beating in some cases and stopped beating in other cases. The flagellum beyond the arrested part stopped beating and remained straight. When the microneedle was removed, the bending wave which existed in the part of the flagellum proximal to the microneedle, or the wave which was passively formed de novo at the time of the removal of the microneedle, propagated over the arrested part towards the tip. 4. A flagellum amputated by a microneedle in a medium containing ATP continued beating with a small amplitude, small curvature, small bend angle and low frequency. When the amputated flagellum was passively bent by a microneedle at the region near the point of amputation, this bend propagated towards the tip with a constant bend angle. 5. The beating frequency of the flagellum could be modulated by the application of a rhythmic external force generated by vibrating a microneedle near the flagellum. The beating was completely synchronized with vibration of the microneedle in the frequency range from 23 Hz to 43 Hz.  (+info)

The two-dimensional IR nonlinear spectroscopy of a cyclic penta-peptide in relation to its three-dimensional structure. (3/2344)

A form of two-dimensional (2D) vibrational spectroscopy, which uses two ultrafast IR laser pulses, is used to examine the structure of a cyclic penta-peptide in solution. Spectrally resolved cross peaks occur in the off-diagonal region of the 2D IR spectrum of the amide I region, analogous to those in 2D NMR spectroscopy. These cross peaks measure the coupling between the different amide groups in the structure. Their intensities and polarizations relate directly to the three-dimensional structure of the peptide. With the help of a model coupling Hamiltonian, supplemented by density functional calculations, the spectra of this penta-peptide can be regenerated from the known solution phase structure. This 2D-IR measurement, with an intrinsic time resolution of less than 1 ps, could be used in all time regimes of interest in biology.  (+info)

A pilot study on the human body vibration induced by low frequency noise. (4/2344)

To understand the basic characteristics of the human body vibration induced by low frequency noise and to use it to evaluate the effects on health, we designed a measuring method with a miniature accelerometer and carried out preliminary measurements. Vibration was measured on the chest and abdomen of 6 male subjects who were exposed to pure tones in the frequency range of 20 to 50 Hz, where the method we designed was proved to be sensitive enough to detect vibration on the body surface. The level and rate of increase with frequency of the vibration turned out to be higher on the chest than on the abdomen. This difference was considered to be due to the mechanical structure of the human body. It also turned out that the measured noise-induced vibration negatively correlated with the subject's BMI (Body Mass Index), which suggested that the health effects of low frequency noise depended not only on the mechanical structure but also on the physical constitution of the human body.  (+info)

Brief vibrotactile stimulation does not increase cortical oxygen consumption when measured by single inhalation of positron emitting oxygen. (5/2344)

Vibrotactile stimulation of the hand elicits no increase in oxygen consumption commensurate with the increase in blood flow measured in human sensory cortex. To test the hypothesis that previous failures to detect a proportionate increase in oxygen consumption could be an artefact of the sequential bolus, or three-step, method used to measure this parameter in the human brain in vivo, the authors compared the measurements with the results of a novel single bolus, or one-step, method of measuring oxygen consumption. The time of completion of the three-step method was 40 to 50 minutes, whereas the one-step method lasted only 3 minutes. The baseline whole-brain oxygen consumption averaged 185 +/- 32 micromol hg(-1) min(-1) by the three-step method and 153 +/- 15 micromol hg(-1) min(-1) by the one-step method. Vibrotactile stimulation did not elicit a significant increase in oxygen consumption measured by either method. This finding rejects the hypothesis that failure to detect an increase of oxygen consumption could be an artefact caused by limitations of the method used previously. Conversely, it also rejects the hypothesis that observations of an increase of oxygen consumption by the new method are artefacts caused by limitations of the one-step method.  (+info)

Oxygen consumption of cerebral cortex fails to increase during continued vibrotactile stimulation. (6/2344)

The coupling of oxidative metabolism to the blood flow of the sensory motor hand area is uncertain. The authors tested the hypothesis that continued vibrotactile stimulation ultimately must lead to increased oxygen consumption consumption. Twenty-two healthy right-handed young volunteers underwent positron emission tomography (PET) with the [(15)O]water bolus injection method to measure water clearance (K1H2O an index of blood flow (CBF), and with the [(15)O]oxygen bolus inhalation method to measure CMR(O2). The CMR(O2) was measured 30 seconds and 20 minutes after onset of intermittent (1 second on, 1 second off) vibrotactile stimulation (110 Hz) and compared with baseline measurements without stimulation. The K1H2O and CMR(O2) changes (delta K1H2O and delta CMR(O2)) were determined using intersubject averaging, together with magnetic resonance imaging based stereotaxic registration technique. The K1H2O increase was 21 +/- 4% and 12 +/- 4% at 30 seconds and 20 minutes after onset of stimulation, respectively. No significant increase of CMR(O2) was found until 30 minutes after the onset of stimulation. The authors conclude that blood flow and oxidative metabolism undergo uncoupling during sustained phasic stimulation of the sensory hand area. Therefore, neuronal activity stimulated in this manner does not rely on significantly increased oxidative phosphorylation.  (+info)

Inhalation exposure of animals. (7/2344)

Relative advantages and disadvantages and important design criteria for various exposure methods are presented. Five types of exposures are discussed: whole-body chambers, head-only exposures, nose or mouth-only methods, lung-only exposures, and partial-lung exposures. Design considerations covered include: air cleaning and conditioning; construction materials; losses of exposure materials; evenness of exposure; sampling biases; animal observation and care; noise and vibration control, safe exhausts, chamber loading, reliability, pressure fluctuations; neck seals, masks, animal restraint methods; and animal comfort. Ethical considerations in use of animals in inhalation experiments are also discussed.  (+info)

Possible sources of discrepancies in the use of the Semmes-Weinstein monofilament. Impact on prevalence of insensate foot and workload requirements. (8/2344)

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of different testing sites and buckling strengths on the sensitivity and specificity of using the Semmes-Weinstein monofilament to detect patients with insensate foot. The impact on workload required to educate and follow up these high-risk individuals was estimated by modeling in our patient population with a documented status of neuropathy. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Using the 5.07/10-g monofilament, one observer tested 132 randomly selected subjects with diabetes at five sites on the right foot. The sensitivity and specificity of each site and combinations of sites in detecting vibration perception threshold > 40 was calculated. In addition, two monofilaments, one with a buckling force of 5 g and the other with a force of 15 g, were compared by testing 200 randomly selected patients. An estimate of the prevalence of insensate foot and workload was made by modeling the findings to the 5,270 patients with neuropathy status registered on our computerized database. RESULTS: Specificity of the 5.07/10-g monofilament to detect insensate foot at each of the five sites is high, at approximately 90%, but there is considerably more variation and lower sensitivity, ranging from 44-71%. Data derived from the use of different combinations of sites showed that more stringent criteria are associated with lower sensitivity but higher specificity. If the foot is considered insensate when either of sites 3 and 4 (plantar aspect of the first and fifth metatarsal heads, respectively) cannot feel the monofilament, there is reasonable sensitivity and specificity (80-86%, respectively). By modeling on our diabetes center population, it can be demonstrated that the choice of different methodologies leads to different conclusions about the prevalence of severe neuropathy, ranging from 3.4 to 29.3%. CONCLUSIONS: Using a combination of sites 3 and 4 for monofilament testing gives a reasonable compromise for time, sensitivity, and specificity. Minor changes in sensitivity and specificity can lead to major changes in the prevalence of neuropathy, with implications for workload.  (+info)

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Mechanical vibration and shock - Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration - Part 5: Method for evaluation of vibration containing multiple shocks
BS EN 14253:2003+A1:2007 Mechanical vibration. Measurement and calculation of occupational exposure to whole-body vibration with reference to health.
The mixing and burning of gasair jets in the presence of mechanical vibration of the injector was studied. Initial photographic Schlierer and spectroscopic observations of a H2air and coal gasair flame vibration conditions have been carried out. The vibration obviously enhances the rate of mixing and higher mean flame temperatures result. A closed solution was obtained for the case of a vibrated gas jet mixing with its surroundings, in the near-field potential core region. Generally speaking, the theory predicted that the vibration, treated as a source of vorticity, would raise the mean axial component of velocity at any point inside the mixing region. This was verified by a hot-wire anemometer investigation. Furthermore, it was established that the vibration drives the vortex shedding mechanism in the flow from an orifice. Author
Vibration White Finger or VWF is caused by the vibrations from power tools such as drills, chainsaws or hammers. Using such tools is common practice in many construction and industry working environments.. If you are suffering from vibration white finger as a result of your work, you may be entitled to compensation.. Vibration white finger can result in horrible symptoms, including constant pain in that hands which hugely reduce your quality of life, and it can stop you working for good in the job that you love. If youre worried about the financial implications of vibration white finger, you shouldnt hesitate to make a vibration white finger claim for compensation.. Your employer has a duty to protect you from injuries such as VWF and should have trained you accordingly to make you aware of the dangers and threats that are posed in these situations. If they have failed to do so, then they become liable for compensation claims against them.. If you have not been protected from VWF then Contact ...
I am very interested in new and unusual uses of sound and vibration, and the thought occurred to me: if a molecules temperature is the result of mechanical vibration, could an inverse frequency be applied so that the molecule is slowed (and therefore, cooled) via distructive interference? Could (or does) matching the molecules vibrational frequency result in more efficient heating ...
Mechanical vibration - Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on rotating shafts - Part 2: Land-based steam turbines and generators in excess of 50 MW with normal operating speeds of 1500 r/min, 1800 r/min, 3000 r/min and 3600 r/min
Mechanical Vibrations: Modeling and Measurement describes essential concepts in vibration analysis of mechanical systems. It incorporates the required mathematics, experimental techniques, fundamentals of model analysis, and beam theory into a unified framework that is written to be accessible to
Mechanical vibration and shock - Human exposure - Biodynamic coordinate systems (ISO 8727:1997, IDT) - SS-ISO 8727:2018This International Standard specifies anatomical and basicentric coordinate systems for biodynamical measurements, for reference purposes in cognate standard...
Sound • The human auditory system. • Noise and health Hearing damage risk. • Non-auditory health risks, vegetative responses. • Disturbance of speech communication Prediction. • Standards. • Annoyance at home and in other environments. • Sleep disturbance. • Planning and noise. Vibration • Principles of the measurement and evaluation of human vibration exposures. • Standards and Directives for whole-body vibration and hand-transmitted vibration. • Health effects of whole-body vibration. • Effects of whole-body vibration on activities. • Discomfort produced by whole-body vibration. • Vibration thresholds. • Building vibration. • Biodynamics (body transmissibility, apparent mass, models). • Seating dynamics (transmissibility, SEAT value, models). • Health effects of hand-transmitted vibration, their diagnosis, and prevention. • Measurement, evaluation, and assessment of the vibration of powered hand-held tools. • Causes of motion sickness in marine, land and ...
PURPOSE The present study was designed to investigate the electromyographic (EMG) response in leg muscles to whole-body vibration while using different body positions and vibration frequencies. METHODS Twenty male sport sciences students voluntarily participated in this single-group, repeated-measures study in which EMG data from the vastus lateralis (VL) and the lateral gastrocnemius (LG) were collected over a total of 36 trials for each subject (4 static positions × 9 frequencies). RESULTS We found that vibration frequency, body position and the muscle stimulated had a significant effect (P-values ranged from 0.001 to 0.031) on the EMG response. Similarly, the muscle × frequency and position × muscle interactions were significant (P | 0.001). Interestingly, the frequency × positions interactions were not significant (P | 0.05). CONCLUSIONS Our results indicate that lower frequencies of vibration (25-35 Hz) result in maximal activation of LG, whereas higher frequencies (45-55 Hz) elicit the
OBJECTIVES: Short-term whole-body vibration training (WBVT) has emerged as an exercise method for improving neuromuscular performance and has been proposed for injury prevention and rehabilitation. This study investigated the effects of a short-term (,/=2 months) WBVT program using a side-to-side vibration on: (i) strength profile of knee extensors (KE) and flexors (KF), (ii) functional hamstrings-to-quadriceps ratio (ECC(KF)/CON(KE)), (iii) flexibility and (iv) vertical jumping performance (VJ). Furthermore, we explored the retention of performance gains 21 days following WBVT. DESIGN: Randomized-controlled trial. METHODS: Twenty-six moderately active females (20.40+/-0.27 years) were assigned to a vibration (VG) or a control group (CG). The short-term WBVT program consisted of sixteen-sessions on a side-to-side vibration platform (frequency: 25Hz, amplitude: 6mm, 2 setsx5min). Isokinetic and isometric peak torque of KE and KF, ECC(KF)/CON(KE), flexibility, and VJ were measured pre, 2 days ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Effect of whole-body vibration training on body composition, exercise performance and biochemical responses in middle-aged mice. AU - Lin, Ching I.. AU - Huang, Wen Ching. AU - Chen, Wen Chyuan. AU - Kan, Nai Wen. AU - Wei, Li. AU - Chiu, Yen Shuo. AU - Huang, Chi Chang. PY - 2015/9/1. Y1 - 2015/9/1. N2 - Aims Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a well-known light-resistance exercise by automatic adaptations to rapid and repeated oscillations from a vibrating platform, which is also a simple and convenient exercise for older adults. However, the potential benefits of WBV on aging-associated changes in body composition, exercise performance, and fatigue are currently unclear. The objective of the study is to investigate the beneficial effects of WBV training on body composition, exercise performance, and physical fatigue-related and biochemical responses in middle-aged mice. Methods In total, 24 male C57BL/6 mice aged 15 months old were randomly divided into 3 groups (n = 8 per group): ...
There is general agreement that physical exercise can positively influence osteoporotic fracture risk along two pathways: first by reducing the risk of falls via an improvement of fall related neuromuscular abilities; second by increasing bone strength.. Whole body vibration (WBV) training has recently been proposed as a new approach for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Animal studies have shown evidence that WBV may be an effective method to improve bone mass, architecture and strength. However, the results of human WBV training studies are rather heterogeneous.. In the Erlangen Longitudinal Vibration Study II (ELVIS II), a randomized, controlled 12 month lasting study the investigators determine the effect of a thrice weekly WBV training on two different devices on the osteoporotic risk factors: bone mineral density, falls and neuromuscular performance. Particular the investigators compare a bipedal vertical oscillating Plate with a plate which rotates around a central axis leading to ...
Abstract. This work explored the short-term effect of whole body vibration (WBV) training on anthropometry, body composition and muscular strength in obese women. Fifty obese women (age=46.8±7.81[SD]y; BMI=35.1±3.55kg/m2) were assigned to a ten-week WBV training period, two times a week (in each session, 14min vibration training, 5min rest; vibration amplitude 2.0-5.0mm, frequency 40-60Hz), with (n=18) or without (n=17) radiofrequency, or to a non-exercise control group (n=15). Subjects were instructed not to change their habitual lifestyle. Before and after the ten-week experimental period, anthropometric measurements, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), and the leg press, leg curl and leg extension strength tests were carried out. All changes in the two groups of WBV training, with or without radiofrequency, were similar and these groups were combined in a single WBV intervention group. As compared to controls, subjects submitted to WBV training had significantly lower BMI, total body ...
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a single bout of whole-body vibration on isometric squat (IS) and countermovement jump (CMJ) performance. Nine moderately resistance-trained men were tested for peak force (PF) during the IS and jump height (JH) and peak power (PP) during t …
This study is a randomized controlled trial aimed to assess the efficacy of a 10-week whole body vibration training program on physical functioning, societal participation and quality of life in individuals with chronic stroke. It is hypothesized that the whole body vibration program will induce significantly more gain in physical functioning, societal participation, and quality of life in chronic stroke patients, compared with the control group ...
National Instruments recently announced the latest version of its NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite software, which provides a comprehensive collection of analysis and signal processing tools for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing, machine condition monitoring (MCM) and audio test applications. Engineers can use the suite as stand-alone software or combine it with NI hardware and NI LabVIEW system design software to simplify test system development and control. With its new vibration data-logging functionality and other enhancements, the Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 2011 helps engineers to more easily customize and automate any MCM or NVH test or monitoring application.. The NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite is an integral part of our MCM applications, said professor Jay Lee, director of the National Science Foundations Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems at the University of Cincinnati. The suite has ...
Mechanical vibrations and flow fluctuation give rise to complex interactive vibration mechanisms in hydraulic pumps. The working conditions for a hydraulic pump are therefore required to be improved in the design stage or as early as possible. Considering the structural features, parameters, and operating environment of a hydraulic plunger pump, the vibration modes for two-degree-of-freedom system were established by using vibration theory and hydraulic technology. Afterwards, the analytical form of the natural frequency and the numerical solution of the steady-state response were deduced for a hydraulic plunger pump. Then, a method for the vibration analysis of a hydraulic pump was proposed. Finally, the dynamic responses of a hydraulic plunger pump are obtained through numerical simulation.
Progress in solving the problem of hand-arm vibration for chain saw operators in Sweden from 1967 to date is reviewed. When the National Swedish Testing Institute for Agricultural Machinery measured vibration in chain saws in 1974, the average vibration level of the chain saws used in Sweden had been reduced to 30 to 40 Newtons from some 150 Newtons in 1967 as a result of manufacturers technical
If you have suffered an VWF as a result of operating vibrating machinery you may be entitled to vibration white finger compensation and you should contact our solicitors** in Bolton to obtain further information.. Vibration white finger compensation may be available if you suffer from symptoms such as numbing of the fingers, throbbing in the fingers, changes to your sense of touch, lack of strength in the fingers or the loss of colour in fingers (which normally occurs in cold weather).. The cause of injury normally relates to use of vibrating machinery such as large drills, chainsaws, trimmers, concrete breakers or other types of pneumatic drilling systems. This type of injury normally arises after a long period of use of such machinery, and may well not be immediately noticeable.. In order to assess vibration white finger compensation, a number of factors will be assessed. These include discussing the working arrangements which may have caused the injury, the length of time you may have been ...
This pilot study was to examine the feasibility and tolerance of whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) for children and adults with moderate severity of cerebral palsy (CP) being graded as levels III or IV on the Gross Motor Function Classification Scale (GMFCS). Study participants received the additional WBVT when standing still on the vibration platform for three 3-min bouts of vibration (20 Hz, 2 mm amplitude), 4 days per week for 4 weeks. In addition to questions relating to feasibility and participants opinions, assessment at baseline and completion of the intervention included the Gross Motor Function Measure-66 Item Set (GMFM-66 IS), 2-min walk test (2MWT), Timed Up and Go test (TUG) and Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI). Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test was used to compare the results. Fourteen participants (mean age = 25.25 years SD 3.71; 9 males, 64%; GMFCS level III n = 13, 92%) were recruited and completed the study. The attendance rate was over 90% with no adverse events. All
Fat accumulates in the bone marrow of lumbar vertebrae with bed rest. Exercise with or without whole body vibration may counter this effect. Our objectives were to measure 1) the vertebral fat fraction (VFF) of men subjected to bed rest who performed resistive exercises with (RVE, n = 7) or without whole body vibration(RE, n = 8) or no exercise (CTR, n = 9) using three MRI techniques; and 2) changes in peripheral blood counts. Twenty-four healthy men (age: 20-45 yr) underwent -6 degrees head-down tilt (HDT) bed rest for 60 days. MRI was performed using three techniques (fat saturation, proton spectroscopy, and in and out of phase) to measure the fat fraction of L(3), L(4), and/or L(5) at baseline, mid-HDT, and end-HDT. Erythrocytes and leukocytes were counted at HDT days 19, 33, 47, 54, and 60. The mean absolute VFF was increased in the CTR group at mid-HDT and end-HDT (+3.9 +/- 1.3 and +3.6 +/- 1.2%, respectively, both P , 0.05). The RE group had a smaller VFF change than the CTR group at ...
EU directive 2002/44/EC on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (vibration) has been in force since July 2002. In order to support transposition of the directive at national level, a guide intended for the Member States has been produced (manuals in German on the subject of hand-arm vibration (PDF, 1.5 MB) and whole-body vibration (PDF, 2.6 MB) are available for download in PDF format).. The German Ordinance on noise and vibration (LärmVibrationsArbSchV) of 6 March 2007 transposes the EC directive governing the protection of workers against vibration, together with the directive governing their protection against noise, into German law. The TRLV technical rules on vibration of March 2015 pursuant to the LärmVibrationsArbSchV provide information on the latters implementation.. At workplaces involving vibration exposure, risk assessments are mandatory. In this context, the A(8) daily vibration exposure value ...
Machine availability can change without notice. Visit each machines product page for availability information.. * Soft Triplanar motion was designed to replace regular Triplanar motion. It provides the same benefits as Triplanar motion, but is safe to use and will not harm knee joints or soft tissue.. ...
The main objective of the thesis is to propose the methods of determining vibration behavior of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) using continuum models and finite element models. Secondary objective is to find the effect of van der Waals force on vibration of multiwalled carbon nanotubes . The study of vibration behavior of CNTs is important because of their potential engineering applications such as nano-mechanical resonators and tips of scanning probe instruments where they are subjected to mechanical vibrations. Continuum modeling is based on an elastic beam model. The interlayer van der Waals interactions are represented by Lennard-Jones potential. In finite element modeling, single walled nanotubes (SWNTs) are modeled as finite beam elements and multi-walled nanotubes (MWNTs) as finite solid elements. The interlayer van der Waals interactions are simulated by distributed springs. The proposed finite element approach and continuum approach for vibration analysis of CNTs are verified by comparing the results
Non-contact testing is an important method for the study of the vibrating characteristic of cylindrical resonators. For the vibratory cylinder gyroscope excited by piezo-electric electrodes, mode testing of the cylindrical resonator is difficult. In this paper, a novel vibration testing method for cylindrical resonators is proposed. This method uses a MEMS microphone, which has the characteristics of small size and accurate directivity, to measure the vibration of the cylindrical resonator. A testing system was established, then the system was used to measure the vibration mode of the resonator. The experimental results show that the orientation resolution of the node of the vibration mode is better than 0.1°. This method also has the advantages of low cost and easy operation. It can be used in vibration testing and provide accurate results, which is important for the study of the vibration mode and thermal stability of vibratory cylindrical gyroscopes.
Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries in sport, often leading to functional deficits and instability, a vicious cycle of recurrent sprains and time loss due to injury. Although research has been conducted on the best methods of treating such deficits and instability, new training methodologies are continually being sought to help improve clinical outcomes and with this comes a need for designed research to test such hypotheses. The purpose of the present research was to investigate the effect of vibration training on balance and muscle function in physically active individuals suffering self reported functional ankle instability (FAI). Stage one of the research was to initially investigate the effect of a six week whole body vibration training (WBVT) exercise routine on 38 University dancers reporting FAI. An initial assessment of the severity of the instability was done using the Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool (CAIT), to identify those who classed themselves functionally ...
A WORD ABOUT VIBRATION. Vibration in a driveshaft can be caused by many conditions. One of the most common cause of driveline vibration are worn U-joints or slip splines, out-of-balance components, yokes out of phase or misaligned angles, approaching critical speed range, and yoke ears that are not concentric with the splines. Vibrations problems must be diagnosed accurately and corrected quickly to avoid damage to the driveline components. It is often difficult to determine if a vibration of vehicle is coming from the driveshaft or something else. Here are some things to think about while you are troubleshooting any driveshaft problem. First, Second and Third Order Driveshaft Vibrations. A First order driveshaft vibration will cause one shake or disturbance for each revolution of the driveshaft. IMPORTANT: Anything that is out of balance will only cause a first order vibration, never any higher order vibrations.. First order driveshaft vibration is usually caused by:. ...
2Electron Industry Mechanical Vibration Body Testing Table Electron Industry Mechanical Vibration Body Testing Table Lowest Price , Find Complete Details about Electron Industry Mechanical Vib&electron vibration testing table
TY - JOUR. T1 - Vibration therapy accelerates healing of Stage I pressure ulcers in older adult patients.. AU - Arashi, Midori. AU - Sugama, Junko. AU - Sanada, Hiromi. AU - Konya, Chizuko. AU - Okuwa, Mayumi. AU - Nakagami, Gojiro. AU - Inoue, Ayumi. AU - Tabata, Keiko. PY - 2010/7. Y1 - 2010/7. N2 - OBJECTIVE: The present study investigated whether vibration therapy using a vibrator could facilitate the healing of Stage I pressure ulcers (PrUs) in older adults. METHODS: The study had a nonrandomized, blinded, controlled design. The subjects were hospital patients in long-term-care facilities with Stage I PrUs. In the experimental group, a vibrator (RelaWave; Matsuda Micronics Corp, Chiba, Japan) was used to apply vibration (frequency: 47 Hz; time: 10 seconds; amplitude modulation cycle: 15 seconds) for 15 minutes 3 times a day for up to 7 days, until Stage I PrUs healed. Apart from the vibration therapy, the experimental and control groups received the same care, which was provided according ...
Most who work on that probably likely have experience specifically in aeroelasticity rather than a previous focus specifically just on vibrations or just on aerodynamics. I am sure there are exceptions to that rule, but that would be the most common route. The field itself is certainly related to both solids/vibrations and aerodynamics and requires knowledge of both, though it does seem to skew slightly toward solids in my admittedly limited experience with the topic ...
In 2007, research funded by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute compared the effects of exercising on a Lineal machine with the same exercises performed on a Pivotal machine.. They found that in all the body postures they tested: transmission of vibration to the head was 71 to 189% greater during vertical (Lineal) than rotational (Pivotal) vibration. and that rotational (Pivotal) vibration has the lowest risk of negative side effects.. Abercromby, A., et al. Vibration Exposure and Biodynamic Responses During Whole Body Vibration Training. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2007 Oct;39(10):1794-800.. Other researchers have reported the following damage caused by using low magnitude Lineal vibration:. ...
Whole Body Vibration: The Not-So-New Way to Train, As fitness professionals,we should always be looking for that next tool or training method that willhelp our clients achieve a higher level of success. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) notonly helps our clients achieve a higher level of fitness -- but it does it in ashorter period of time. Although WBV has been available for the personaltraining community for over a decade, it has yet to become a standard
Preface xv. Symbols xix. 1 Introduction: Basic Concepts and Terminology 1. 1.1 Concept of Vibration 1. 1.2 Importance of Vibration 4. 1.3 Origins and Developments in Mechanics and Vibration 5. 1.4 History of Vibration of Continuous Systems 8. 1.5 Discrete and Continuous Systems 11. 1.6 Vibration Problems 15. 1.7 Vibration Analysis 16. 1.8 Excitations 17. 1.9 Harmonic Functions 18. 1.10 Periodic Functions and Fourier Series 24. 1.11 Nonperiodic Functions and Fourier Integrals 26. 1.12 Literature on Vibration of Continuous Systems 29. References 29. Problems 31. 2 Vibration of Discrete Systems: Brief Review 33. 2.1 Vibration of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom System 33. 2.2 Vibration of Multidegree-of-Freedom Systems 43. 2.3 Recent Contributions 60. References 61. Problems 62. 3 Derivation of Equations: Equilibrium Approach 68. 3.1 Introduction 68. 3.2 Newtons Second Law of Motion 68. 3.3 DAlemberts Principle 69. 3.4 Equation of Motion of a Bar in Axial Vibration 69. 3.5 Equation of Motion of a Beam ...
Vibrations play an essential role in the natural behaviour of animals, particularly among invertebrates. For example, spiders and antlions use vibrations produced by prey during hunting (Mencinger-Vračko and Devetak, 2008; Guillette et al., 2009; Nakata, 2010), and larval leafminers use vibrations to detect and avoid parasitoid wasps (Djemai et al., 2001). Animal vibrations can be transmitted both through the air (sound) and through the underlying substrate (most often plant tissue) as substrate-borne vibrations (Cocroft and Rodríguez, 2005). The substrate-borne component of vibrations can be particularly important in some contexts such as during insect communication because vibrations produced by small animals can be more efficiently transmitted through the substrate than through air (i.e. as sound) (Barth et al., 2005; Cocroft and Rodríguez, 2005; Mortimer, 2017).. Most studies of insect vibrations have focused on vibrations produced for communication or as a by-product of flight (Tercel et ...
Whole-body vibration training is a method for muscle strengthening that is increasingly used in a variety of clinical situations. Key descriptors of vibration devices include the frequency, the amplitude, and the direction of the vibration movement. In a typical vibration session, the user stands on the device in a static position or performs dynamic movements. Most authors hypothesize that vibrations stimulate muscle spindles and alpha-motoneurons, which initiate a muscle contraction. An immediate effect of a non-exhausting vibration session is an increase in muscle power. Most studies of the longer term use of vibration treatment in various disorders have pursued three therapeutic aims: increasing muscle strength, improving balance, and increasing bone mass. In a small pilot trial in children we noted improvements in standing function, lumbar spine bone mineral density, tibial bone mass, and calf muscle cross-sectional area.. ...
In this case we finally got what we usually consider to be a true vibration. In fact that is the point of critical damping. As we increase the damping coefficient, the critical damping coefficient will be the first one in which a true oscillation in the displacement will not occur. For all values of the damping coefficient larger than this (i.e. over damping) we will also not see a true oscillation in the displacement.. From a physical standpoint critical (and over) damping is usually preferred to under damping. Think of the shock absorbers in your car. When you hit a bump you dont want to spend the next few minutes bouncing up and down while the vibration set up by the bump die out. You would like there to be as little movement as possible. In other words, you will want to set up the shock absorbers in your car so get at the least critical damping so that you can avoid the oscillations that will arise from an under damped case.. Its now time to look at systems in which we allow other external ...
books.google.comhttps://books.google.com/books/about/Mechanical_vibration_and_shock_measureme.html?id=ch0IAQAAIAAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareMechanical vibration and shock measurements ...
books.google.comhttps://books.google.com/books/about/Mechanical_vibration_and_shock_measureme.html?id=ch0IAQAAIAAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareMechanical vibration and shock measurements ...
One thing that does not get mentioned is the great desirability, when recording an image stack, for very low vibration even after the exposure. This is more obvious with higher magnification microscope images, and particularly wet mounts. With good EFSC there will be no vibration effects in each individual frame. However, in some DSLRs the mirror will cycle before the next exposure in conjunction with the shutter re-cocking. In some instances, this mirror motion can cause a slight jiggling of the subject on the slide, making stacking more difficult or even impossible. Naturally this is not an issue with a mirrorless camera. Certain Canon models use a separate motors for the shutter and mirror mechanisms, and those can be set so that the mirror does not cycle between shots ...
The vibrational spectrum of an η[superscript 1],η[superscript 1]-1,2-peroxodiiron(III) complex was measured by nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy and fit using an empirical force field analysis. Isotopic 18O2 labelling studies revealed a feature involving motion of the {Fe2(O2)}[superscript 4+] core that was not previously observed by resonance Raman spectroscopy ...
The latest design from Confidence Fitness is the new Vibration Plate. This compact machine is the answer to low impact, easy exercise with fast results in your own home. With a user friendly display console and simple to navigate menu, will make even the most inexperienced gym goers comfortable in training immediately. The Vibration Plate enhances even the most casual of activities and maximises the potential of your normal fitness regime. Whether your aim is to reduce weight improving your fitness and flexibility, or build up your muscles the power plate trainer plus will help you reach your goals. Sitting, standing or even lying on the vibration plate while doing simple weight-bearing exercises allows the vibration to stimulate and amplify the exercise. The vibration plate creates a high frequency vibration which causes a stretch reflex within the body. This means that the muscles contract involuntarily so creating the effects of exercise without the exertion of conventional exercises. The ...
A treatment known as whole body vibration therapy significantly increases bone strength among adolescents with cerebral palsy, a new clinical trial from New Zealand shows. The results were presented Saturday at The Endocrine Societys 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Whole body vibration (WBV) exposure of long duration and high magnitude increases the risk of spinal disorder. High prevalence of vibration induced low back pain, neck pain, even shoulder and thoracic pain are inherent in rotary wing aviation. Although the effect may vary based on anthropometric and body mass characteristics of the individual, the vibration transmissibility depends on the external factors like vibration characteristics, duration of exposure, seat dynamics, posture, head supported devices and restraint systems.. It also depends on the internal factors like age, anthropometry (height, weight, waist and hip size) body composition (lean mass, BMI, fat and water %) [1]. Research studies aimed at exploration of vibration transmission, support its potential in bone training. Substantial amplification of peak acceleration can be seen between 10 and 40 Hz for the ankle, 10 and 25 Hz for the knee, 10 and 20 Hz for the hip and at 10 Hz for the spine [2].. HSM combined with vibration ...
See Our Vibra Therapy models , Questions?. Kurt Jackson,PT,PhD,GCS, is the neurology coordinator and Harold Merriman,PT,PhD,CLT is the general medicine coordinator for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in the Department of Health and Sports Science at the University of Dayton in Dayton, OH.. REFERENCES. 1. Abercromby AF, Amonette WE, Layne CS, et al. Vibration exposure and biodynamic responses during whole-body vibration training. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2007;39(10):1794-1800.. 2. Jordan MJ, Norris SR, Smith DJ, Herzog W. Vibration training: an overview of the area, training consequences, and future considerations. J Strength Cond Res. 2005;19(2):459-466.. 3. Cardinale M, Bosco C. The use of vibration as an exercise intervention. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2003;31(1):3-7.. 4. Bosco C, Colli R, Introini E, et al. Adaptive responses of human skeletal muscle to vibration exposure. Clin Physiol. 1999;19(2):183-187.. 5. Nishihira Y, Iwasaki T, Hatta A, et al. Effect of whole body vibration stimulus and ...
NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY - Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Muscle Tone and Hardness of Lower Extremity in the Patients with Spinal Cord Injury ...
At present it seems likely that the different components of the hand-arm vibration syndrome, eg, vibration-induced white finger (VWF), numbing of the hands and arms, muscular fatigue, and occasionally prevalent bone degeneration, may arise independently, and therefore they should be evaluated separately. Evidence of changes caused in the autonomic nervous functions of the body by local vibration is not conclusive. The vascular history should be confirmed objectively with a cold provocation test under laboratory conditions. In individual diagnostics it is useful to record (with modern plethysmographic techniques) the recovery of digital temperature, digital blood pressure, and flow after local cooling. Vibrotactile perception measurement seems to be suitable for group diagnosis. Much of the diagnostic weight for VWF can be obtained from accurate case histories, although, for early changes, the history may be atypical. The lack of simple objective tests for evaluating the hand-arm vibration ...
ABSTRACT In a study of vibration-induced white finger (VWF) 39 chain saw operators, being representative of 365 lumberjacks according to a completed questionnaire, underwent clinical investigation. In a medical interview 13 of the 39 had VWF and 26 were without finger symptoms. In the subjects with VWF both hands were equally affected, the third and fourth finger most frequently; the thumbs were always normal. A cold provocation test, measuring the finger systolic blood pressure with a cuff technique during combined body cooling and finger cooling to 30, 15, and 6°C, was applied to the 39 chain saw operators and to 20 age-matched outdoor workers who had not used vibrating hand tools. The finger most often showing Raynauds phenomenon was cold provoked, and a non-affected finger was used as a reference. The systolic pressure gradient measured at 30°C from the upper arm to the cooled finger was increased in the chain sawyers most severely affected by VWF compared with the control group and with ...
OBJECTIVES To investigate the acute effects of the frequency of hand transmitted vibration on finger circulation. A further aim was to investigate whether the frequency weighting assumed in current standards for hand transmitted vibration reflects the haemodynamic changes which occur in the fingers exposed to vibration with different frequencies but with the same frequency weighted acceleration magnitude.. METHODS Finger skin temperature (FST) and finger blood flow (FBF) were measured in the middle fingers of both hands of 10 healthy men. With a static load of 10 N, the right hand was exposed for 15 minutes to the following root mean square (rms) acceleration magnitudes and frequencies of vertical vibration: 5.5 m/s2 at 16 Hz; 11 m/s2 at 31.5 Hz; 22 m/s2 at 63 Hz; 44 m/s2 at 125 Hz; and 88 m/s2 at 250 Hz. These exposures to vibration produce the same frequency weighted acceleration magnitude (5.5 m/s2rms) according to the frequency weighting included in the international standard ISO 5349. A ...
There is the suggestion in the literature that vibration may potentate the effects of noise and may thus increase the risk of hearing loss. However in human experimental studies, which, by necessity, are limited to low levels of TTS, the effects measured while generally consistent, are relatively small. A very limited number of animal studies have also shown an enhanced hearing loss in the presenc
Dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists use vibrations from motorized dental equipment, which can cause a condition called Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
A device to be worn in the ear of a subject provides a direct vibrational drive to the tympanic membrane through a vibrationally conductive assembly which couples vibrations from a vibratory transducer positioned within the ear canal proximal to the tympanic membrane. In one embodiment of the invention, the device is a hearing aid positioned inconspicuously deep within the ear canal. The vibrationally conductive assembly is removably attached to the umbo area of the tympanic membrane. The vibrationally conductive assembly is designed to conduct vibrations in the audible frequency range while absorbing static forces caused by device placement and ear canal movement attributable to jaw movements of the wearer, including speaking, eating, drinking, chewing, yawning, and so forth. The unique coupling characteristics of the vibrationally conductive assembly allow for a highly efficient transfer of vibrations in the audible frequency range to the tympanic membrane without exerting damaging forces on the
TY - JOUR. T1 - Intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution in S0 benzene at low vibrational energies. AU - Whetton, Narrelle T.. AU - Lawrance, Warren D.. PY - 1992/1/3. Y1 - 1992/1/3. N2 - Rotationally resolved dispersed fluorescene spectra from the 61 level of benzene have been used to probe intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution in the ground electronic state. The level 12 (Evib=1986 cm-1) and 13 (Evib=2979 cm-1) are observed to be each coupled to a single close-lying level. We propose that the pertubing levels are 52 in the case of 12 and 5211 in the case of 13. The coupling constant k1155 has been determined to be 1.4 cm-1.. AB - Rotationally resolved dispersed fluorescene spectra from the 61 level of benzene have been used to probe intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution in the ground electronic state. The level 12 (Evib=1986 cm-1) and 13 (Evib=2979 cm-1) are observed to be each coupled to a single close-lying level. We propose that the pertubing levels are 52 in ...
INTRODUCTION: This study aimed to determine the prevalence of Dupuytrens disease in men and its relationship with work exposure, particularly heavy manual work with and without significant use of vibrating tools, using data from a surveillance program for musculoskeletal disorders. METHOD: This cross-sectional study was conducted in France between 2002 and 2005. Dupuytrens disease was diagnosed clinically by one of 83 occupational physicians. Exposure in relation to work status and occupational risk factors was assessed with a self-administered questionnaire, and categorised according to vibration exposure (defined as use of vibrating tools for ≥2 h/day), heavy manual work without vibration exposure (defined as use of hand tools for ≥2 h/day (use of vibrating tools for ≥2 h/day excluded) and Borg scale ≥15/20) and no such exposure. Bivariate and multivariate associations using logistic models were recorded in men and in those with |10 years in the same job. RESULTS: Of 2161 men, 1.3% (n=27)
Background and Objectives During speech, the vocal folds oscillate at frequencies ranging from 100-200 Hz with amplitudes of a few millimeters. Mechanical stimulation is an essential factor which affects metabolism of human vocal folds. The effect of mechanical vibration on the cellular response in the human vocal fold fibroblasts cells (hVFFs) was evaluated. Materials and Method We created a culture systemic device capable of generating vibratory stimulations at human phonation frequencies. To establish optimal cell culture condition, cellular proliferation and viability assay was examined. Quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction was used to assess extracellular matrix (ECM) related and growth factors expression on response to changes in vibratory frequency and amplitude. Western blot was used to investigate ECM and inflammation-related transcription factor activation and its related cellular signaling transduction pathway. Results The cell viability was stable with vibratory ...
In this crossover study we investigated the differential treatment effects of visual exploration training alone and visual exploration training in combination with neck muscle vibration. The results provide clear evidence that the addition of contralesional neck vibration to a standard method of treating neglect leads to additive and lasting treatment effects. Further, we showed that the additive effects of vibration transferred from trained tasks (visual exploration) to untrained tasks (text reading), and from the visual to the tactile mode. Moreover, the combined treatment led to a reduction in daily life problems concerning self care, reaching and grasping, and spatial orientation in comparison with the effects achieved by exploration training alone.. These improvements are not the result of therapeutic cost effects because in the exploration tasks as well as in text reading the amelioration of exploration behaviour on the contralesional left side was not accompanied by an increase of ...
An electronic still camera with a printer includes a vibration detector and a system controller. The vibration detector detects vibration relative to a moving direction of an exposure head of the printer. When the vibration detector detects the vibration exceeding a prescribed level, the system controller interrupts a printing operation of the printer. After that, when the vibration detector detects the vibration falling below the prescribed level, the system controller resumes the printing operation. The exposure head is adapted to be moved, performing the printing operation one line by one line. Until the printing operation for one line is completed, the system controller suspends to interrupt the printing operation.
OBJECTIVE: To examine the therapeutic potential of stochastic vibrotactile stimulation (SVS) as a complementary non-pharmacological intervention for withdrawal in opioid-exposed newborns. STUDY DESIGN: A prospective, within-subjects single-center study was conducted in 26 opioid-exposed newborns ( | 37 weeks; 16 male) hospitalized since birth and treated pharmacologically for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. A specially-constructed mattress delivered low-level SVS (30-60Hz, 10-12mum RMS), alternated in 30-min intervals between continuous vibration (ON) and no vibration (OFF) over a 6-8 hr session. Movement activity, heart rate, respiratory rate, axillary temperature and blood-oxygen saturation were calculated separately for ON and OFF. RESULTS: There was a 35% reduction in movement activity with SVS (p|0.001), with significantly fewer movement periods | 30 sec duration for ON than OFF (p = 0.003). Incidents of tachypneic breaths and tachycardic heart beats were each significantly reduced with SVS, whereas
In human subjects the triceps surae of one leg was exercised eccentrically by asking subjects to walk backwards on an inclined treadmill. Before the exercise controlled local pressure, applied to the muscle with an electromagnet, produced mild soreness, which was reduced when the pressure was combined with vibration. When delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) had set in, 24-48 h after the exercise, vibration increased pain from local pressure. Vibrating at different frequencies suggested 80 Hz as the optimal frequency. During 2-h testing post-exercise, evidence of a change in character of the effects of vibration was first detected at 6 h. It persisted up to 72 h post-exercise. When muscle pain was generated in an unexercised triceps by injection of hypertonic (5%) saline, controlled local pressure applied to the sore area increased pain levels by 32% while pressure plus vibration reduced this to 11%. In a subject with DOMS, local pressure again increased pain from saline by 32% but combining it ...
Hello and welcome to Hearing TV. My name is Merren Davies.. In the last episode we discussed Middle Ear hearing implants.. Today we are going to INTRODUCE the COCHLEAR IMPLANT.. The cochlear implant could be described as the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for people who cannot benefit from a conventional hearing aid.. To understand how the COCHLEAR IMPLANT works we need to remind ourselves of how normal hearing works:. Sounds around us reaches our ears by a relay of air molecule vibrations. These vibrations reach our eardrum, which transmit the VIBRATION of sound through to the INNER EAR via the interconnection of the 3 smallest bones in the body, which CONNECT the EARDRUM to the INNER EAR - the COCHLEA.. The COCHLEA changes the mechanical Vibration into an Electrical signal, which is picked up by our Hearing Nerve and transmitted up to the BRAIN - where the true HEARING happens.. Most permanent hearing losses are due to a malfunction of the INNER EAR. The COCHLEAR IMPLANT is designed to replace the ...
Noise has many meanings but in the context of environmental management the term is synonymous with sound or acoustic energy and is taken to include mechanical vibration. However, noise and sound generally refer to acoustic energy in the atmosphere and vibration refers to acoustic energy in condensed media such as the ground, water and built structures.. High levels of noise are generally considered to be unpleasant and can have health implications. Elevated levels of noise in a neighbourhood are consistent with reduced amenity and would be expected to lead to devaluations in property values. Given the option, people and animals tend to leave areas with high ambient noise levels.. In general, the level of noise emitted from a device or an activity can be controlled.. The legislative thrust, as presented in the Environment Protection Policy (Noise) 2009, is to protect those qualities of the acoustic environment that are conducive to the wellbeing of the community together with its ...
Vocal fold vibration is vital in voice production and the correct pitch of speech. We have developed a high speed functional optical coherence tomography (OCT) system with a center wavelength of 1050 nm and an imaging speed of 100,000 A-lines per second. We imaged the vibration of an ex-vivo swine vocal fold. At an imaging speed of 100 frames per second, we demonstrated high quality vocal fold images during vibration. Functional information, such as vibration frequency and vibration amplitude, was obtained by analyzing the tissue surface during vibration. The axial direction velocity distribution in the cross-sectional images of the vibrating vocal folds was obtained with the Doppler OCT. The quantitative transverse direction velocity distribution in the cross-sectional images was obtained with the Doppler variance images.. ©2011 Optical Society of America. Full Article , PDF Article ...
Three compounds derived from 4-aminoantipyrine (AA) were synthesized and their structures confirmed by melting point, elemental analysis, FT-IR, and 1H-NMR. The molecular structures of the four compounds were characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and calculated by using the density functional theory (DFT) method with 6-31G (d) basis set. The calculated molecular geometries and the vibration frequencies of the AA derivatives in the ground state have been compared with the experimental data. The results show that the optimized geometries can reproduce well the crystal structural parameters, and the theoretical vibration frequencies show good agreement with the experimental data, although the experimental data are different from the theoretical ones due to the intermolecular forces. Besides, the molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) and the frontier molecular orbital (FMO) analysis of the compounds were investigated by theoretical calculations.
The contact surface structure of dry friction damper is complicate, irregular, and self-similar. In this paper, contact surface structure is described with the fractal theory and damping blade is simplified as 2-DOF cantilever beam model with lumped masses. By changing the position of the damper, lacing and shroud structure are separately simulated to study vibration absorption effect of damping blade. The results show that both shroud structure and lacing could not only dissipate energy but also change stiffness of blade. Under the same condition of normal pressure and contact surface, the damping effect of lacing is stronger than that of shroud structure. Meanwhile, the effect on changing blade stiffness of shroud structure is stronger than that of lacing. This paper proposed that there is at least one position of the blade, at which the damper dissipates the most vibration energy during a vibration cycle.
The effects of localized vibration on delayed onset muscle soreness following intense eccentric cycling - Dr. Fredrick Peters - Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation - Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy - Publish your bachelors or masters thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay
Sum frequency generation (SFG) vibrational spectroscopy was used to investigate the interfacial properties of several amino acids, peptides, and proteins adsorbed at the hydrophilic polystyrene solid-liquid and the hydrophobic silica solid-liquid interfaces. The influence of experimental geometry on the sensitivity and resolution of the SFG vibrational spectroscopy technique was investigated both theoretically and experimentally. SFG was implemented to investigate the adsorption and organization of eight individual amino acids at model hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces under physiological conditions. Biointerface studies were conducted using a combination of SFG and quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) comparing the interfacial structure and concentration of two amino acids and their corresponding homopeptides at two model liquid-solid interfaces as a function of their concentration in aqueous solutions. The influence of temperature, concentration, equilibration time, and electrical bias on the extent
Viscous friction occurs between the roller guide shoes and guide rail because of the grease layer.This friction causes to vibration on the cage. This studys aim is an investigation and active control of that vibration for passengers. Initially, the passenger elevators dynamics modeling is carried out by Linear Graph Method. The DC motor and AC motor parameters are used in the system modeling separately. Then, vibrations occurred on the elevator cabin are observed. Finally, the effect of vibrations is reduced with the aid of an active controller. The time and frequency responses are compared for two kinds of the motor. ...
Bacterial diversity analysis of moderately thermophilic microflora enriched by different energy sources In this study, cultures grown from explants of rabbit rib perichondrium were exposed to exogenously added transforming growth factor-beta 1 at concentrations of 0.1-10 ng/ml of media. Correlations with the Short Form-36 were used to investigate the convergent validity. Antioxidant status in ceftin dogs with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. The pathological hallmark of Alexander disease is the inclusion body, known as Rosenthal fiber, within the cell bodies and processes of astrocytes. Although IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, and IL-13 each regulate distinct aspects of the granulomatous inflammatory response, IL-13 was identified as the primary mediator of liver fibrosis. Acute effect of whole body vibration on postural control in congenitally blind subjects: clarithromycin a preliminary evidence. Heterokaryons have been utilized for complementation and dominance testing of mutations that affect ...
0042]The forearm brace 20, as shown in a highly schematic view of FIG. 1, generally comprises three interoperating portions. The first portion is the attachment device 24 which is configured to attach to the power tool 22. In one form, the attachment device 24 can be attached to the power tool 22 without requiring any substantial or permanent modification to the power tool 22. This allows the forearm brace 20 to be positioned upon a variety of power tools. The second portion of the forearm brace 20 is the support arm 26 which extends longitudinally outward from the power tool 22 and is formed as part of, or coupled to, the attachment device 24. The third portion of forearm brace 20 is the forearm engagement surface 28 which is connected to the support arm 26 substantially at the opposite end from the power tool 22 and attachment device 24. The forearm engagement surface 28 may be a rigid device, which can extend transversely outward from one or both transverse sides of the support arm 26. This ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - 1365. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modeling of vibro-assisted turning of Ti alloy: influence of vibration parameters. AU - Demiral, Murat. N1 - KAUST Repository Item: Exported on 2020-10-06 Acknowledgements: The research leading to these results received funding from KAUST baseline fund.. PY - 2014/1/1. Y1 - 2014/1/1. N2 - Several modern engineering materials are difficult to process with conventional machining methods. Ultrasonically assisted turning (UAT) is a novel machining technique, where high frequency vibration is superimposed on the cutting tool. Compared to conventional turning (CT), it demonstrated a range of benefits in processing many intractable materials. A decrease in the average cutting force, an improvement in the surface finish and noise reduction were observed. In this study a Lagrangian smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) was introduced for the modeling of the vibro-assisted turning of this advanced alloy. The UAT was implemented into the model by using ...
There are a handful of naturally occurring materials, known as piezoelectric materials, that generate electricity if you bend, stretch or apply another mechanical force to them, and vice versa -- if you apply a voltage across them, theyll deform accordingly. These materials are currently the subject of intense research for their potential applications in energy harvesting, artificial muscles and sensors, among others. These materials are also used in everyday devices, such as loudspeakers, which rely on piezoelectrics to convert electrical signals to mechanical vibrations which create sound waves to produce the desired acoustic signal. Mechanical engineers have now identified one of the thinnest possible piezoelectric materials on the planet -- graphene nitride ...
In 1880, French physicists Pierre Curie, and his elder brother Jacques Curie, discovered the piezoelectric effect in certain crystals. Paul Langevin, a student of Pierre Curie, developed piezoelectric materials, which can generate and receive mechanical vibrations with high frequency (therefore ultrasound). During WWI, ultrasound was introduced in the navy as a means to detect enemy submarines. In the medical field, however, ultrasound was initially used for therapeutic rather than diagnostic purposes. In the late 1920s, Paul Langevin discovered that high power ultrasound could generate heat in bone and disrupt animal tissues. As a result, ultrasound was used to treat patients with Ménière disease, Parkinson disease, and rheumatic arthritis throughout the early 1950s. Diagnostic applications of ultrasound began through the collaboration of physicians and SONAR engineers. In 1942, Karl Dussik, a neuropsychiatrist and his brother, Friederich Dussik, a physicist, described ultrasound as a ...
Efficacy of Whole Body Vibration Training on Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength, Severity of Incontinence and Quality of Life in Females with Urinary Incontinence ...
Biomechanical stimulation (BMS) is a term generally used for localised biomechanical oscillation methods, whereby local muscle groups are stimulated directly or via the associated tendons by means of special hand held mechanical vibration devices. Biomechanical oscillation therapy and training is offered in a variety of areas such as competitive sports,[37] fitness, rehabilitation,[38] medicine,[39] prevention, beauty, and used to improve performance of the muscles and to improve coordination and balance. It is often used in the Myofascial trigger point therapy concept to invoke reciprocal inhibition within the musculoskeletal system. Beneficial effects from this type of stimulation have been found to exist, the efficacy of the BMS Matrix therapy was proven in an independent study.[40] carried out by TÜV-Süd which was commissioned by German health insurer BKK Gesundheit ...
Environment, more than anything, influences what a listener deems to be good music. Music at its bare is simply a chemical reaction; the hairlike cilia of the inner ear convert mechanical vibrations to electro-chemical neuron signals. Many theories of musical organization exist; in fact, a huge literature surrounds the western 12 tone scale. But perhaps it is the dead weight of tradition that holds the piano scale in such esteem. Conventions are probably the greatest barrier to rational inquiry and progress in music. The hearing mechanism is completely and totally aurally neutral, and it is probably only through proper indoctrination that we come to know what we like. There is a noticeable lack of individuality in contemporary music. MTV always seems to sound alike; orchestral performers look ready to fly apart at the seams from the frenzied ceaseless motions. Against this backdrop, it may well be that the prime directive for contemporary musicians is to explore new sounds on new instruments. ...
We discuss spacecraft Doppler tracking for detecting gravitational waves in which Doppler data recorded on the ground are linearly combined with Doppler measurements made on board a spacecraft. By using the four-link radio system first proposed by Vessot and Levine, we derive a new method for removing from the combined data the frequency fluctuations due to the Earth troposphere, ionosphere, and mechanical vibrations of the antenna on the ground ...
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OBJECTIVE: To show that neck proprioceptive input can induce long-term effects on vestibular-dependent self-motion perception. METHODS: Motion perception was assessed by measuring the subjects error in tracking in the dark the remembered position of a fixed target during whole-body yaw asymmetric rotation of a supporting platform, consisting in a fast rightward half-cycle and a slow leftward half-cycle returning the subject to the initial position. Neck muscles were relaxed or voluntarily contracted, and/or vibrated. Whole-body rotation was administered during or at various intervals after the vibration train. The tracking position error (TPE) at the end of the platform rotation was measured during and after the muscle conditioning maneuvers. RESULTS: Neck input produced immediate and sustained changes in the vestibular perceptual response to whole-body rotation. Vibration of the left sterno-cleido-mastoideus (SCM) or right splenius capitis (SC) or isometric neck muscle effort to rotate the ...
Find out how to prevent risk and injury on construction sites from hand-arm vibration, with Hiltis tailor-made health and safety training.
TY - JOUR. T1 - Effects of vibratory stimulation on sexual response in women with spinal cord injury. AU - Sipski, Marca L.. AU - Alexander, Craig J.. AU - Gomez-Marin, Orlando. AU - Grossbard, Marissa. AU - Rosen, Raymond. PY - 2005/9. Y1 - 2005/9. N2 - Women with spinal cord injuries (SCIs) have predictable alterations in sexual responses. They commonly have a decreased ability to achieve genital sexual arousal. This study determined whether the use of vibratory stimulation would result in increased genital arousal as measured by vaginal pulse amplitude in women with SCIs. Subjects included 46 women with SCIs and 11 nondisabled control subjects. Results revealed vibratory clitoral stimulation resulted in increased vaginal pulse amplitude as compared with manual clitoral stimulation in both SCI and nondisabled subjects; however, these differences were not statistically significant. Subjective levels of arousal were also compared between SCI and nondisabled control subjects. Both vibratory and ...
Now here is a pair of gaming headphones that you might want to consider, especially since it comes with one feature that most of the other gaming headsets in the market do not - vibration! Well, the company behind this pair of gaming headphones needed to do something really different from what is already available in order to capture the attention of a fickle audience, doesnt it? Hence the $49.99 Rosewill 5.1 Channel Gaming Headset with Vibration, where it is said to offer you a whole lot more bang for your hard earned buck.. The Rosewill 5.1 Channel Gaming Headset with Vibration, as its name suggests will come with 5.1 surround sound capability, complete with vibration and 8 precise speakers. Fret not, your ears will not fall off after a particularly gruelling gaming session, as there will be soft ear-pad cushions that offer an additional level of comfort, while the headset itself boasts of an excellent uni-directional, noise-cancelling microphone. Heck, the included driver CD will even allow ...
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Wind Turbine Vibrations. This is a lumped parameter model of a wind turbine that can be used to study the vibrations that result due to unbalanced rotors. The percentage difference p between the mass moment of inertia of the blade that causes the imbalance and the mass moments of inertia of the other two standard blades is one of the parameters that can be varied. Download a MapleSim model file for Wind Turbine Vibrations. Get the S-Function for Wind Turbine Vibrations
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nothing is at rest; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends to verify. And yet this Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient Egypt. This Principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of Vibration. From THE ALL, which is Pure Spirit, down to the grossest form of Matter, all is in vibration - the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. The vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest - just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. And at the other end of the scale, there are gross forms of matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. From corpuscle and electron, atom and molecule, to worlds and universes, everything is in ...

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  • On the cover of Good Vibrations , Ray Mantilla is dressed in black, as if in mourning. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • Good Vibrations takes a jab at the supernatural, not asking questions about life, death, the pursuit of happiness and what have you, but answering them, loudly, aggressively and with congas. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • Despite its spiritual underpinnings, Good Vibrations comes across as a celebratory album that's elegiac in neither concept nor arrangement. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • Good Vibrations tolerates no dissenting arguments. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • No Box of Chocolates This: Good Vibrations caters to the adventuresome couple. (metroactive.com)
  • Good Vibrations is stocked with gifts to perk up any relationship. (metroactive.com)
  • As for girlfriends, Good Vibrations has assembled a special gift package for him. (metroactive.com)
  • Good Vibrations doesn't just specialize in breeder satisfaction. (metroactive.com)
  • Good Vibrations also has a selection of books and videos to enhance, inspire and instruct even the self-avowed sexpert. (metroactive.com)
  • Offers active vibration isolation systems (AIS) providing control in six degrees of freedom and passive vibration isolation systems using membrane or molded rubber air springs with mechanical or electro-pneumatic level controllers. (photonics.com)
  • Moog's SoftRide vibration isolation systems protect whole satellites from the rough ride into orbit. (moog.com)
  • The PTA013 filter removes potentially damaging contaminants from the compressed air used in vibration isolation systems. (thorlabs.com)
  • The PTA127 is a manual foot pump that can be used to pressurize passive vibration isolation systems where a constant supply of air is not necessary. (thorlabs.com)
  • Whole-body vibration (WBV) mainly affects drivers of vehicles used off-road, such as dumpers, excavators and agricultural tractors. (hse.gov.uk)
  • How can I reduce whole-body vibration? (hse.gov.uk)
  • Researchers have found that a less strenuous form of exercise known as whole-body vibration may work just as well as regular exercise in helping to control diabetes. (voanews.com)
  • Bearing in mind that exercise is good for everyone, including people with diabetes, researchers at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, studied five-week-old male rodents, comparing the effects of whole-body vibration to that of running on a treadmill. (voanews.com)
  • Investigators saw similar health benefits in the diabetic mice that ran on the treadmill and those exposed to whole-body vibration. (voanews.com)
  • McGee-Lawrence said mice subjected to whole-body vibration and those that ran on the treadmill were both able to decrease fat in the liver, improve insulin sensitivity and increase muscle fiber. (voanews.com)
  • There was also evidence that whole-body vibration might improve the bone strength of diabetics. (voanews.com)
  • McGee-Lawrence said researchers are now trying to determine the mechanisms that underlie improved diabetes control in both exercise and whole-body vibration mice. (voanews.com)
  • There are vibrating chairs and beds available on the market, but McGee-Lawrence cautioned people against starting a routine of whole-body vibration and thinking they are controlling their diabetes. (voanews.com)
  • If researchers are able to repeat the results in humans, McGee-Lawrence said, whole-body vibration could be a useful add-on to the treatment of diabetes. (voanews.com)
  • Can whole-body vibration stave off obesity and diabetes? (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • An intriguing study, published this week in the journal Endocrinology , compares the benefits of whole-body vibration with regular exercise. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • A team of researchers from Augusta University in Georgia, led by Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence, set out to investigate a potential alternative to exercise - whole-body vibration (WBV). (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • Our study is the first to show that whole-body vibration may be just as effective as exercise at combatting some of the negative consequences of obesity and diabetes. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • SAN FRANCISCO-- A treatment known as whole body vibration therapy significantly increases bone strength among adolescents with cerebral palsy, a new clinical trial from New Zealand shows. (eurekalert.org)
  • Although few therapies have proven successful at increasing bone and muscle strength among people with cerebral palsy, one promising approach is whole body vibration therapy, or WBVT. (eurekalert.org)
  • Previous research among healthy adults, including post-menopausal women, has demonstrated that whole body vibration therapy can promote bone and muscle health. (eurekalert.org)
  • To see if these beneficial effects occur in adolescents with cerebral palsy, researchers measured bone-mineral density and muscle mass after a course of whole body vibration therapy. (eurekalert.org)
  • In terms of walking ability, whole body vibration therapy significantly increased the distance that study participants could walk for six minutes. (eurekalert.org)
  • Compared to the distance they walked at the beginning of the study, participants increased their distance by about 10 percent after receiving the whole body vibration therapy. (eurekalert.org)
  • To assess the effects of whole body vibration therapy, researchers recruited 13 adolescents with cerebral palsy to receive the therapy for nine minutes per day for 20 weeks. (eurekalert.org)
  • Researchers used special X-ray tests to measure bone-mineral density and muscle mass before and after the whole body vibration therapy. (eurekalert.org)
  • Similar to the automotive industry, the expectations from customers for the noise and vibration performance of personal vehicles such as golf carts, ATV's, and side-by-side vehicles has continued to evolve. (sae.org)
  • This paper provides a sample of some of the efforts that have occurred to further refine and develop the noise and vibration signature for golf carts. (sae.org)
  • Included are discussions regarding the current market and expectations for noise and vibration performance, along with a generalized approach for identifying the key characteristics of the acoustic signature that affect the end consumer(s). (sae.org)
  • Freeman, T. and Weilnau, K., "Golf Cart Noise and Vibration Troubleshooting," SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-1891, 2017, https://doi.org/10.4271/2017-01-1891 . (sae.org)
  • Proceedings of a conference on protection against noise and vibration at the place of work held in Tunis, Tunisia, from 23 to 25 May 2006. (ilo.org)
  • Acoustic Research Laboratories specialises in the design of environmental noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation. (ferret.com.au)
  • Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems offer product solutions for Noise and Vibration Measurement supplying Measuring Equipment for condition and vibrations monitoring, also human vibration analysers and training. (ferret.com.au)
  • Many people who live, work and use recreational facilities near the route of the Southwest LRT Project have expressed interest in the potential noise and vibration impacts of the light rail line and the freight rail service that currently operates through the St. Louis Park and Minneapolis segment of the Southwest Corridor. (metrocouncil.org)
  • The Metropolitan Council evaluated noise and vibration as part of the Environmental Impact Statement process, including measures to mitigate noise and vibration impacts where necessary. (metrocouncil.org)
  • The Southwest LRT Noise and Vibration Fact Sheets provide information on noise and vibration impacts, including how impacts were assessed and typical mitigation measures. (metrocouncil.org)
  • Your project needs the precision to monitor movement as fine as 1 µG or µradian, but there will also be a lot surrounding noise and vibration that you don't want to interfere with your readings. (environmental-expert.com)
  • However, one of the pending subjects is the noise and vibration levels, due to working cycle itself. (environmental-expert.com)
  • The design effort to reduce the emissions of noise and vibration transmitted to the vehicle's driver could be lessened because of the assembly process variation. (environmental-expert.com)
  • Car Suspension: designing vibration control is undertaken as part of acoustic , automotive or mechanical engineering . (wikipedia.org)
  • Not only do customers expect these types of vehicles to be more refined and to have acoustic signatures that match the overall performance capabilities of the vehicle, but marketing efforts continue to focus on product differentiators which can include the acoustic and vibration performance. (sae.org)
  • Due to this increased demand for acoustic and vibration performance, additional NVH efforts are often required to meet these expectations. (sae.org)
  • The responses of the multiblade packets are measured using a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry (SLDV), while vibrations are excited by the acoustic excitation technique. (hindawi.com)
  • WASHINGTON - NASA has selected Benham Constructors LLC of Oklahoma City to receive a contract to design, build and commission a vibration and acoustic test capability that will support development of the Orion crew exploration vehicle. (nasa.gov)
  • This procurement specifically addresses the vibration and acoustic capability that will supplement the test capabilities currently existing at the Space Power Facility. (nasa.gov)
  • Benham Constructors LLC will provide all labor and materials to construct the vibration and acoustic test capability, which will include a mechanical vibration facility, a reverberant acoustic test facility and a high-speed data acquisition system. (nasa.gov)
  • Thermal, acoustic, mechanical vibration and electromagnetic compatibility tests will be conducted during Orion qualification. (nasa.gov)
  • Each of these could potentially excite additional resonances within structures or equipment that would lead to vibration or acoustic noise. (photonics.com)
  • For spring 2014, we are developing a vocal art installation in Paris where a private "grotto" environment allows individual visitors to meditate using vibrations generated by their own voice, augmented by visual, acoustic, and physical stimuli. (mit.edu)
  • They also seem to use the acoustic vibration signals to detect the presence of other species of termite on the same piece of wood, and to help control the development of immature workers into sexually-active breeders. (newscientist.com)
  • Our measurement services encompass a wide variety of acoustic quantities and measuring equipment as well as the most common vibration sensors. (admin.ch)
  • Examples of this type of vibration are pulling a child back on a swing and letting it go, or hitting a tuning fork and letting it ring. (wikipedia.org)
  • An example of this type of vibration is the vehicular suspension dampened by the shock absorber . (wikipedia.org)
  • 4. The apparatus of claim 1 , wherein the one or more vibration detectors comprises another different type of vibration detector, the vibration processor further comprising a combining processor coupled to the one or more vibration detectors to combine the output signals of the one or more vibration detectors to generate a vibration-decision output signal indicative of the vibration of the object. (google.ca)
  • Developed using carefully selected materials and expert knowledge in polymer engineering, our extensive range of anti-vibration mounts remove unwanted vibration and noise. (trelleborg.com)
  • AMC MECANOCAUCHO® design and manufacture comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts for the effective reduction of structure borne noise. (ferret.com.au)
  • The studies of sound and vibration are closely related. (wikipedia.org)
  • ARL is also the Australian distributor of Rion sound and vibration instrumentation. (ferret.com.au)
  • 00:00:49,940 but it's also the sound and vibration episode. (exploratorium.edu)
  • It is said that soldiers marching across a bridge can set up resonant vibrations sufficient to destroy the structure. (britannica.com)
  • Variations in the frequency and amplitude of the surrounding vibrations negatively affect these units, which produce the most energy at a specific resonant frequency. (ansys.com)
  • ReVibe Energy's patented vibration energy harvesting technology builds upon electromagnetic induction through a system of mechanical springs attached to a magnet oscillating at its resonant frequency. (ansys.com)
  • Vibration testing, vibration analysis and mechanical shock help attune automotive products for structural soundness and paramount vehicle perception using methods such as resonant searches and dwells, fixture resonance evaluation, custom fixture design and fabrication, reproduction of sample road and/or event data, shock response spectrum (SRS) testing, buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) testing and more. (intertek.com)
  • The measured response may be ability to function in the vibration environment, fatigue life, resonant frequencies or squeak and rattle sound output (NVH). (wikipedia.org)
  • They detect the resonant frequency of the vibrations made as they chew into the wood," Evans says. (newscientist.com)
  • Tuned mass dampers, or TMDs, are resonant devices used to suppress or absorb vibration. (moog.com)
  • The range of vibration sensors offered is wide, as a vibration sensor has many different characteristics that may vary, including measurement related factors such as frequency response, sensitivity and accuracy. (skf.com)
  • The following is a guide to SKF's experience in sensor use in the most common industrial sectors that employ vibration monitoring. (skf.com)
  • For each industry, the top four features required of a quality vibration sensor are stated and explained. (skf.com)
  • SKF's experience in sensor use can help you select the best vibration sensor for the selected industry. (skf.com)
  • SKF offers a variety of accessories that are available for vibration sensors, including sensor cables, connectors, mounting accessories, and much more. (skf.com)
  • The sensor was designed to be used in vibration monitoring and protection systems at the power stations, oil pumping stations, gas compressor stations, and other industrial objects. (environmental-expert.com)
  • these pressure waves can also induce the vibration of structures (e.g. ear drum ). (wikipedia.org)
  • Our selection of high-performance buffers and pads are designed to protect structures and equipment from noise, vibration and shock. (trelleborg.com)
  • The study of vibrations in complex structures and the deployment and characterization of damping materials such as advanced composites. (bu.edu)
  • Many illustrations show the effect of vibration on structures and the methods employed by engineers to suppress unwelcome oscillations. (nii.ac.jp)
  • Researchers from The Australian National University have developed a system for isolating and suppressing the transmission of vibrations between a vibrating object and vibration-sensitive structures, such as astronomical instrumentation, laser and optical systems, microscopy and medical imaging, precision instrumentation in robotics, semiconductor manufacturing and many others. (edu.au)
  • DTE Energy, told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission "high vibration levels" came from a main turbine about 1:46 a.m., according to a report posted on the agency's Web site Monday. (toledoblade.com)
  • Lalah is a spiritual writer and wellness educator, and the founder of VibrateHigherDaily.com , an online school that shares its name with her best-selling book, Vibrate Higher Daily , dedicated to all things high vibration, self care, and self empowerment. (yogajournal.com)
  • [1] Phantom vibrations develop after carrying a cell phone set to use vibrating alerts . (wikipedia.org)
  • [9] Researcher Michelle Drouin found that almost 9 of 10 undergraduates at her college experienced phantom vibrations. (wikipedia.org)
  • The cause of phantom vibrations is not known. (wikipedia.org)
  • Little research has been done on treatment for phantom vibrations. (wikipedia.org)
  • [9] Carrying the cell phone in a different position reduces phantom vibrations for some people. (wikipedia.org)
  • Almost 70 percent of the respondents had experienced phantom vibrations from both these communication devices. (empowher.com)
  • The majority began experiencing phantom vibrations after one month to one year of carrying them, however 23 percent did not experience them until after one year of use. (empowher.com)
  • Those who were successful in stopping phantom vibrations did so by moving the devices to another location--for example, from the belt to the back pocket--and they stopped using the device in vibrate mode. (empowher.com)
  • Phantom vibrations have been characterized as tactile hallucinations. (empowher.com)
  • There's a growing body of research on phantom vibrations and many of the other problems associated with technology obsession, all of which is explored by Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, in his new book, iDisorder . (computerworld.com)
  • Free vibration occurs when a mechanical system is set in motion with an initial input and allowed to vibrate freely. (wikipedia.org)
  • The CHEOPS telescope underwent a vibration test at the University of Bern on 15 August 2017. (esa.int)
  • Ipad 2017 speaker vibration? (macrumors.com)
  • Does it still have the vibration issue or has that been fixed in the new 2017 iPad? (macrumors.com)
  • I have not felt any vibration from the speakers on the iPad (2017). (macrumors.com)
  • For multiblade packets, the failure may occur at vibrations with high frequencies that can reach up to tens of kHz. (hindawi.com)
  • In the motor or actuator, the vibrating member has a recess portion which shaved e.g., by a laser, or a portion added with a mass, so that the natural frequencies of a given vibration mode of the vibrations in the first and second directions coincide or substantially coincide with each other. (google.com)
  • They exposed the workers to blocks of pine wood of various lengths, and recorded the vibration frequencies made as they walked over and bit into the wood. (newscientist.com)
  • But by loudly playing back the 20mm vibration frequencies, the team could trick the termites into burrowing into much longer pieces. (newscientist.com)
  • The PMG17 is a wireless and battery-free device that generates useful energy from vibrations across a bandwidth of frequencies large enough to cover commonly observed slip frequencies of 60-Hz ac motors. (machinedesign.com)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), is thought to arise in part from entrapment or compression of nerves in the wrist which could stem from vibration. (hse.gov.uk)
  • NASA is mounting the chair in the human centrifuge at NASA Ames now to begin tests on the effect of vibration and launch G loads together. (wired.com)
  • Until recently, vibration energy harvesters were limited in application, as they could not produce sufficient energy to power most wireless devices. (ansys.com)
  • There are several technological challenges for vibration energy harvesters. (ansys.com)
  • For a double-tube vibration damper which comprises an axially proceeding groove in the cylinder for by-passing the piston valves, a piston is provided which possesses a satisfactory sealing and guidance function in the cylinder. (google.com)
  • 13. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 12, wherein the guide ring comprises of a synthetic plastics material strip which is thin in relation to its axial dimension. (google.com)
  • 6. The apparatus of claim 1 , wherein the apparatus comprises the direction-change processor and wherein the apparatus further comprises a second direction-change processor coupled to a different one of the at least two rotation detectors to generate a second direction-change output signal in response to the vibration. (google.ca)
  • A recent report from Markets & Markets estimated that demand for vibration monitoring systems will reach nearly $1.5 billion by 2020. (environmental-expert.com)
  • Phantom vibration syndrome or phantom ringing syndrome is the perception that one's mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it is not ringing. (wikipedia.org)
  • [2] [3] WebMD published an article on phantom vibration syndrome with Rothberg as a source. (wikipedia.org)
  • [11] The earliest published use of the term phantom vibration syndrome dates to 2003 in an article entitled "Phantom Vibration Syndrome" published in the New Pittsburgh Courier , written under a pen name of columnist Robert D. Jones. (wikipedia.org)
  • [9] In 2012, the term phantom vibration syndrome was chosen as the Australian Macquarie Dictionary ' s word of the year. (wikipedia.org)
  • Jan. 11, 2016 -- An expert is warning about a modern-day phenomenon called phantom vibration syndrome, where people think their mobile phone is ringing or vibrating when it's not. (webmd.com)
  • Before being called phantom vibration syndrome, the condition was briefly known as "ringxiety. (webmd.com)
  • Rosenberger has published research into phantom vibration syndrome in the journal Computers in Human Behavior , in which he says most people do not find the phantom messages "very bothersome. (webmd.com)
  • This sensation has been experienced by quite a number of people and has been coined phantom vibration syndrome. (empowher.com)
  • It turns out that the phantom cellphone vibration syndrome is fairly common. (computerworld.com)
  • Talk about the phantom vibration syndrome, where it feels as if the cell phone is vibrating but it isn't. (computerworld.com)
  • For linear systems, the frequency of the steady-state vibration response resulting from the application of a periodic, harmonic input is equal to the frequency of the applied force or motion, with the response magnitude being dependent on the actual mechanical system. (wikipedia.org)
  • The vibrations gradually reduce or change in frequency or intensity or cease and the system rests in its equilibrium position. (wikipedia.org)
  • [14] Attachment anxiety can also be seen as a predictor for the frequency of phantom vibration experiences since it is associated with psychological attributes related to insecurity in interpersonal relationships. (wikipedia.org)
  • Resonance occurs when the driving frequency approaches the natural frequency of free vibrations. (britannica.com)
  • The large-span floor system being lightweight with low frequency and low damping is prone to suffer severe vibration under human excitations. (hindawi.com)
  • Third, the CHW slab shows excellent vibration serviceability proved by the frequency, accelerations, and human perceptions threshold with the current codes. (hindawi.com)
  • A vibration program use sensors and tools to measure changes in amplitude, frequency, and intensity of forces that damage rotating equipment. (fluke.com)
  • The vibration test fixture used to attach the DUT to the shaker table must be designed for the frequency range of the vibration test spectrum. (wikipedia.org)
  • Building sway can also impact scanning-probe microscopy applications, as many probe tips are sensitive to low-frequency vibration. (photonics.com)
  • This is where you would typically find sensitive scanning-probe microscopy labs, SEM/TEM labs or atomic physics experiments, since all of these involve large pieces of equipment that could be excited by low-frequency vibrations. (photonics.com)
  • A sensible body vibrator has a vibration unit mounted in a human body support such as a bed or a chair and adapted to generate mechanical vibrations upon receipt of a low-frequency signal. (google.com.au)
  • The microgenerator converts kinetic energy from vibration of equipment running at mains frequency (50 or 60 Hz) into electrical energy and can generate up to 100 µW when attached to a surface exhibiting a minimum vibration magnitude of 16 mg between 59 and 60 Hz. (machinedesign.com)
  • Machines also should be installed on soft mounts that attenuate vibration before it is transmitted to the floor. (photonics.com)
  • Refer to the SKF Vibration Sensors Catalogue for a description of the various accessories available for vibration sensors. (skf.com)
  • The Device and Sensors Working Group has published a W3C Edited Recommendation of Vibration API (Second Edition) . (w3.org)
  • SPC - ELECTROTECH is an offical distributor of Monitran Vibration Sensors. (environmental-expert.com)
  • At the human scale, acoustics and vibration are closely linked and a vast amount of research is aimed at reducing vibrations in order to reduce the associated noise. (bu.edu)
  • Acoustics and vibration research carried out in the Mechanical Engineering Department can be broadly divided into the following categories. (bu.edu)
  • both prerequisites are fulfilled due to the activities of the acoustics and vibration laboratory at METAS. (admin.ch)
  • gathered self-reported data on exposure of Australian workers to vibration, and data on the provision of control measures for vibration in the workplace. (safeworkaustralia.gov.au)
  • The aims of the survey were used to describe patterns of exposure to vibration in conjunction with patters of vibration control provisions with respect to industry, occupation and other relevant demographic and employment variables. (safeworkaustralia.gov.au)
  • The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 require employers to assess and control the risks to the health and safety of their employees from vibration. (hse.gov.uk)
  • Passive vibration control systems (think "shock absorbers") could be placed between the first two stages to cut down on the highest vibrations (above 0.25 Gs) that are a threat to the health and safety of the crew. (wired.com)
  • The genetic algorithm (GA), which is one of the useful methods of metaheuristics, has been adopted as a powerful means for structural optimization and vibration control. (nii.ac.jp)
  • Generally, one or more "input" or "control" points located on the DUT-side of a vibration fixture is kept at a specified acceleration. (wikipedia.org)
  • Other "response" points may experience higher vibration levels (resonance) or lower vibration level (anti-resonance or damping) than the control point(s). (wikipedia.org)
  • Vibration control plays a critical role in research and industry. (photonics.com)
  • Bright Star IsoNodes came from the latter tradition and a part of a family of BrightStar vibration control products climbing to price points equivalent to prime components. (tnt-audio.com)
  • Your Old Scribe has long held that vibration control has more effect than cables and that consequently, money spent on vibration control is much more cost effective than fancy bits of wire. (tnt-audio.com)
  • Furthermore, the science behind vibration control often holds up better under scrutiny than the pseudoscience regurgitated by purveyors of audio cables . (tnt-audio.com)
  • The standard Bright Star IsoNodes were tested in the first few rounds of the Old Scribe's vibration control epic, where they outperformed other similar squidgy polymer devices, whether they were marketed for audio or for other vibration control applications. (tnt-audio.com)
  • At their price, this made them good value starting points in any audiophile's vibration control odyssey. (tnt-audio.com)
  • Electromechanical devices like CD players, housing a combination of functions, seem to benefit from a combination of vibration control. (tnt-audio.com)
  • This paper presents the modelling and vibration control of the tetrahedral space frame. (environmental-expert.com)
  • While all machinery vibrates, tracking excess vibration in rotating equipment is key to early identification of asset issues. (fluke.com)
  • strike it and it vibrates only it takes just the slightest touch to start the vibration. (medhelp.org)
  • 01/03/10 - Vibco's BVS-190 Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator is installed directly onto the screen deck, providing just the right amount of vibration amplitude to allow the sugar to pass through the screen into the chute below. (ferret.com.au)
  • The present invention relates to a sensible body vibrator which produces special effects on the mind and body of a person resting on a body support, such as a chair or a bed, by imparting specific mechanical vibrations to the support. (google.com.au)
  • One characteristic of SHM is that the period of the vibration is independent of its amplitude . (britannica.com)
  • All systems are subject to frictional forces, and these steadily sap the energy of the vibrations, causing the amplitude to diminish, usually exponentially. (britannica.com)
  • The result is a rapid take-up of energy by the vibrating system, with an attendant growth of the vibration amplitude. (britannica.com)
  • An effective method of protecting sensitive equipment from small amplitude building motion is a vibration isolation platform, supported by rollers. (google.com)
  • A universal feature of free vibration is damping . (britannica.com)
  • iv) Equivalent viscous damping factor of the column and final residual displacement in quasi-static free vibration immediately after target displacement, under the column bottom yielding, also were predicted on safe side. (nii.ac.jp)
  • This is followed by chapters on free vibration, forced vibration, self-excitation, the nature and effect of shocks, and finally an elementary introduction to non-linear vibrations. (nii.ac.jp)
  • [9] It has been suggested that, when anticipating a phone call, the cerebral cortex may misinterpret other sensory input (such as muscle contractions , pressure from clothing, or music) as a phone vibration or ring tone. (wikipedia.org)
  • He says detecting a vibrating phone has become a habit, and the slightest muscle twitch or feeling of clothing moving could be wrongly interpreted as phone vibration. (webmd.com)
  • [1] Other "response" points experience maximum vibration level (resonance) or minimum vibration level (anti-resonance). (wikipedia.org)
  • Ji-Fan He and Bang-An Ma, "Vibration Analysis of Viscoelastically Damped Sandwich Shells," Shock and Vibration , vol. 3, no. 6, pp. 403-417, 1996. (hindawi.com)
  • Vibration monitors use a color-coded hierarchy, the Fluke Overall Vibration Severity scale (FOVS), to inform teams of vibration intensity. (fluke.com)
  • designated as T modes, or torsional vibration s, there is shear but no radial displacements. (britannica.com)
  • Forced vibration is when a time-varying disturbance (load, displacement or velocity) is applied to a mechanical system. (wikipedia.org)
  • Our pen vibration meter is smaller and measures acceleration and velocity. (grainger.com)
  • When I picked the car up back in January, I took it right back to the dealership once I got on the highway, because the vibration was severe. (hybridcars.com)
  • The objective of this project is to insulate sensitive contents of a building from disruptions due to vibration, while also preventing severe damage to the structure of the building from large motions, such as from an earthquake. (google.com)
  • He took me off the multaq and put me on flecainide, and after 6 days, you guessed it, the vibrations, severe nausea and I again felt faint. (medhelp.org)
  • This is the first time that vibration signals have been linked to reproductive development in insects. (newscientist.com)
  • Studying vibration measurements allows teams to discover imbalance, looseness, misalignment, or bearing wear in equipment prior to failure. (fluke.com)
  • Vibration measurements may well be safety-relevant, for instance during the maintenance of jet engines or for the assessment of the structural dynamics of bridges or buildings. (admin.ch)
  • The Vibration API is a simple browser-based device API documented by the W3C Device APIs Working Group. (programmableweb.com)
  • Learn how breakthroughs in motion magnification are enabling engineers to better monitor nearly imperceptible vibrations, caused by forces such as wind and rain, within buildings' infrastructures. (britannica.com)
  • Vibration Assisted Machining: Theory, Modelling and Applications provides engineering students, researchers, manufacturing engineers, production supervisors, tooling engineers, planning and application engineers and machine tool designers with the fundamentals of vibration assisted machining, along with methodologies for developing and implementing the technology to solve practical industry problems. (asme.org)
  • Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies provides a medium of communication among scientists and engineers engaged in research and development in the field of vibration engineering. (springer.com)
  • Initially, engineers were worried that the sensitive cryogenics or electronics on board would not do well under that much vibration, but that concern has eased and the team has turned its focus to how vibrations will affect the crew. (wired.com)
  • Aerospace engineers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor have developed a prototype device that could power a pacemaker using a source that is surprisingly close to the heart of the matter: vibrations in the chest cavity that are due mainly to heartbeats. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • The treatment of nonlinear vibrations, a field with which engineers and physicists are generally less familiar, is then examined. (cambridge.org)
  • Some additional sources of vibration, which are often overlooked by even the most veteran scientists and engineers, originate within the experiment themselves or from inconspicuous sources. (photonics.com)
  • Vibration is a completely non-mathematical account of a subject of vital importance to engineers that is almost invariably discussed in mathematical terms. (nii.ac.jp)
  • It focuses on the physical aspects of the mathematical concepts necessary to describe vibration phenomena and provides many example applications to typical problems faced by practising engineers. (librarything.com)
  • qu:The contents should be of great interest to all engineers involved with vibration problems, placing the book well and truly in the category of an essential reference work. (elsevier.com)
  • Part II then concentrates on quantum systems, looking at the vibrations in atoms and molecules and their interaction with electromagnetic radiation. (cambridge.org)
  • This is achieved by converting the component vibration energy into heat energy, the vibration of the molecules in the IsoNode itself. (tnt-audio.com)
  • At issue is whether our noses use delicate quantum mechanisms for sensing the vibrations of odor molecules, aka odorants. (scientificamerican.com)
  • For mechanical oscillations in the form of machining context, see Machining vibrations . (wikipedia.org)
  • 862VAM - Vibration Assisted Machining has been added to your cart. (asme.org)
  • Vibration Assisted Machining: Theory, Modelling and Applications covers all key aspects of vibration assisted machining, including cutting kinematics and dynamics, the effect of workpiece materials and wear of cutting tools. (asme.org)
  • This is the first comprehensive book dedicated to design, modelling, simulation and integration of vibration assisted machining system and processes, enabling wider industrial application of the technology. (asme.org)
  • This book enables engineering students and professionals in manufacturing to understand and implement the latest vibration assisted machining techniques. (asme.org)
  • The first book to comprehensively address the theory, kinematic modelling, numerical simulation and applications of vibration assisted machining. (asme.org)
  • When machining at a high precision requirement, structural vibration is of the utmost concern. (environmental-expert.com)
  • A 'lost-foam' casting process was introduced and resulted in such a high quality of casting that fettling was no longer required, eliminating all exposure to hazardous vibration. (hse.gov.uk)
  • However, back pain can also be caused by other factors, such as manual handling and postural strains, and while exposure to vibration and shocks may be painful for people with back problems, it will not necessarily be the cause of the problem. (hse.gov.uk)
  • To further assess vibration exposure on haul trucks (HTs) and front-end wheel loaders (FELs), follow-up investigations were conducted at two US crushed stone operations. (cdc.gov)
  • However, several instances showed vibration dose value (VDV) above the exposure limit value (ELV) for the ISO/ANSI guidelines. (cdc.gov)
  • When comparing the results, it should be borne in mind that the symptoms of finger blanching that are characteristic of VWF can also occur in the general population independently of vibration exposure. (hse.gov.uk)
  • So, in the mean time, they have come up with a suite of systems that will dampen the vibrations after they have started. (wired.com)
  • The study of vibration in physical systems is central to almost all fields in physics and engineering. (cambridge.org)
  • This is a thorough treatment of vibration theory and its engineering applications - from simple single degree of freedom systems to multidegree of freedom systems. (librarything.com)
  • ANU is seeking licensing opportunities for this technology, as well as engagement with prospective industry partners to work collaboratively with us on the prospective integration of the anti-vibration technology into other advanced technologies and systems. (edu.au)
  • Since 2002, Brüel & Kjær has been working very closely with Turbomeca to develop dedicated Vibration Check systems for helicopter engines, measured on the aircraft on the ground during engine run-up. (environmental-expert.com)
  • Manual scrams are required by safety procedures when vibrations of a certain magnitude are detected, NRC spokesman Viktoria Mitlyng said. (toledoblade.com)
  • Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point . (wikipedia.org)
  • Free vibrations occur when the system is disturbed momentarily and then allowed to move without restraint. (britannica.com)
  • Forced vibrations occur if a system is continuously driven by an external agency. (britannica.com)
  • What is perceived as "bearing noise" is in fact the audible effect of the vibrations generated directly or indirectly by the bearing on the surrounding structure. (skf.com)
  • The V-10 includes ten levels of vibration and an audible tone. (prweb.com)
  • The S-15 also has an audible tone and vibration. (prweb.com)
  • In this study, the dynamic range and dispersion stability of a shear-type magnetorheological (MR) grease damper were experimentally investigated as important characteristics affecting the performance of semi-active vibration suppression. (nii.ac.jp)
  • Furthermore, the damper was applied to the semi-active vibration suppression of a small single-degree-of-freedom model structure subjected to seismic excitation. (nii.ac.jp)
  • 2. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein the relief passage is formed as an axially attending slot of the piston which is open to the second circumferential groove. (google.com)
  • 3. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein the guide ring contains a plurality of axially extending grooves arranged with spacing from one another in the circumferential direction, for the formation of relief passages. (google.com)
  • 4. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 3, wherein the axial grooves are arranged on the radially inner side of the guide ring. (google.com)
  • 6. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein the guide ring is formed as an open ring of which the ends opposite to one another in the circumferential direction form a gap serving as the relief passage. (google.com)
  • 7. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein several circumferentially distributed bores forming the relief passages open into the second circumferential groove. (google.com)
  • 8. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein in the second circumferential groove or in the circumferential surface of the piston axially between the first and the second circumferential groove there is provided a further circumferential groove forming a collecting passage, which is connected by way of at least one connecting passage with the working chamber remote from the piston rod. (google.com)
  • 9. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 8, wherein the connecting passage proceeds axially. (google.com)
  • 10. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 8, wherein the connecting passage is formed as a radial hole connected with an axial opening of the piston. (google.com)
  • 11. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein at least one part of the relief passage has an axial course and connects the second circumferential groove with the annular space placed between the first and the second circumferential groove. (google.com)
  • 12. A double-tube vibration damper according to claim 1, wherein the guide ring is formed as a piston ferrule and is wider in the axial direction than the sealing ring. (google.com)
  • The invention relates to a double-tube vibration damper. (google.com)
  • In a vibration damper which is suitable to take up wheel guidance forces, that is to say is to take up radial forces, it is known (Fed. (google.com)
  • At low-to-moderate disturbance levels, the platforms are to function primarily as isolators, and they will passively adapt under strong disturbances to function as essentially nonlinear (vibro-impact) dynamic vibration absorbers to protect the primary building system from collapse. (google.com)
  • The journal promotes the objectives of the Vibration Institute of India for creating better awareness about the benefits of vibration analysis in assessing machinery health. (springer.com)
  • VibraBoss -- VibraBoss*110 provides convenient vibration monitoring -- ideal for detecting problems with motors, fans, pumps and other rotating machinery. (environmental-expert.com)
  • Vibration testing is accomplished by introducing a forcing function into a structure, usually with some type of shaker. (wikipedia.org)
  • Vibration is a form of tactile feedback. (w3.org)
  • In this research, the vibration performance of an innovative large-span U-shaped steel-concrete composite hollow waffle (CHW) slab was studied based on field testing and theoretical analysis. (hindawi.com)
  • Vibration analysis of complex machines requires advanced analytical knowledge and is typically specific to the target system. (maplesoft.com)
  • Maplesoft Engineering Solutions have provided products and expertise to many companies, to help them develop models and custom tools for vibration analysis and attenuation system design. (maplesoft.com)
  • Browse through our supply of vibration meters for vibration analysis work on a variety of machines. (grainger.com)
  • Ensure the integrity of your automotive products using Vibration Analysis, Mechanical Shock and Vibration Testing provided by Intertek. (intertek.com)
  • Additional capabilities include shock testing, vibration analysis, simulate environment chambers, data acquisition, custom test fixture controls and software, and more, helping you fill all your automotive testing and standard certification needs at one stop - Intertek. (intertek.com)
  • For example, electrodynamic (ED) shakers can be used for Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) , Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) capabilities can be put into practice to arm products with ongoing reliability, and Failure Mode Verification Test (FMVT®) capabilities use an Intertek-patented resonance impact vibration pod in applications to uncover real-world failure modes to assist with reliability growth. (intertek.com)
  • Sound level meters' range helps monitor the vibration and noise levels for management to ensure safe work practices for employees. (ferret.com.au)
  • The first is identifying the sources of vibration and implementing ways to eliminate or reduce their levels. (photonics.com)

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