Instrumentation consisting of hardware and software that communicates with the BRAIN. The hardware component of the interface records brain signals, while the software component analyzes the signals and converts them into a command that controls a device or sends a feedback signal to the brain.
The portion of an interactive computer program that issues messages to and receives commands from a user.
Recording of electric currents developed in the brain by means of electrodes applied to the scalp, to the surface of the brain, or placed within the substance of the brain.
Computer-assisted processing of electric, ultrasonic, or electronic signals to interpret function and activity.
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
The attitude and behavior associated with an individual using the computer.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
People who take drugs for a non-therapeutic or non-medical effect. The drugs may be legal or illegal, but their use often results in adverse medical, legal, or social consequences for the users.
Various units or machines that operate in combination or in conjunction with a computer but are not physically part of it. Peripheral devices typically display computer data, store data from the computer and return the data to the computer on demand, prepare data for human use, or acquire data from a source and convert it to a form usable by a computer. (Computer Dictionary, 4th ed.)
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Familiarity and comfort in using computers efficiently.
The process of pictorial communication, between human and computers, in which the computer input and output have the form of charts, drawings, or other appropriate pictorial representation.
Systems composed of a computer or computers, peripheral equipment, such as disks, printers, and terminals, and telecommunications capabilities.
Models used experimentally or theoretically to study molecular shape, electronic properties, or interactions; includes analogous molecules, computer-generated graphics, and mechanical structures.
Process of teaching a person to interact and communicate with a computer.
A type of MICROCOMPUTER, sometimes called a personal digital assistant, that is very small and portable and fitting in a hand. They are convenient to use in clinical and other field situations for quick data management. They usually require docking with MICROCOMPUTERS for updates.

A new filtering algorithm for medical magnetic resonance and computer tomography images. (1/7649)

Inner views of tubular structures based on computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) data sets may be created by virtual endoscopy. After a preliminary segmentation procedure for selecting the organ to be represented, the virtual endoscopy is a new postprocessing technique using surface or volume rendering of the data sets. In the case of surface rendering, the segmentation is based on a grey level thresholding technique. To avoid artifacts owing to the noise created in the imaging process, and to restore spurious resolution degradations, a robust Wiener filter was applied. This filter working in Fourier space approximates the noise spectrum by a simple function that is proportional to the square root of the signal amplitude. Thus, only points with tiny amplitudes consisting mostly of noise are suppressed. Further artifacts are avoided by the correct selection of the threshold range. Afterwards, the lumen and the inner walls of the tubular structures are well represented and allow one to distinguish between harmless fluctuations and medically significant structures.  (+info)

Image processing strategies in picture archiving and communication systems. (2/7649)

An image processing strategy is presented that assures very similar soft-copy presentation on diagnostic workstations of a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) over the lifetime of an image file and simultaneously provides efficient work-flow. The strategy is based on rigid partitioning of image processing into application- and display-device-specific processing. Application-specific processing is optimized for a reference display system. A description of this system is attached to the file header of the application-specifically processed image which is stored in the PACS. Every diagnostic display system automatically reproduces the image quality for which the application-specific processing was optimized by adjusting its properties by display-system-specific processing so that the system becomes effectively equal to the reference display system.  (+info)

Spatial- and task-dependent neuronal responses during real and virtual translocation in the monkey hippocampal formation. (3/7649)

Neuropsychological data in humans demonstrated a pivotal role of the medial temporal lobe, including the hippocampal formation (HF) and the parahippocampal gyrus (PH), in allocentric (environment-centered) spatial learning and memory. In the present study, the functional significance of the monkey HF and PH neurons in allocentric spatial processing was analyzed during performance of the spatial tasks. In the tasks, the monkey either freely moved to one of four reward areas in the experimental field by driving a cab that the monkey rode (real translocation task) or freely moved a pointer to one of four reward areas on the monitor (virtual translocation task) by manipulating a joystick. Of 389 neurons recorded from the monkey HF and PH, 166 had place fields that displayed increased activity in a specific area in the experimental field and/or on the monitor (location-differential neurons). More HF and PH neurons responded in the real translocation task. These neurons had low mean spontaneous firing rates (0.96 spikes/sec), similar to those of rodent HF place cells. The remaining nonresponsive neurons had significantly higher mean firing rates (8. 39 spikes/sec), similar to interneurons or theta cells in the rodent HF. Furthermore, most location-differential neurons showed different responses in different tasks. These results suggest that the HF and PH are crucial in allocentric information processing and, moreover, that the HF can encode different reference frames that are context or task-dependent. This may be the neural basis of episodic memory.  (+info)

Imagene: an integrated computer environment for sequence annotation and analysis. (4/7649)

MOTIVATION: To be fully and efficiently exploited, data coming from sequencing projects together with specific sequence analysis tools need to be integrated within reliable data management systems. Systems designed to manage genome data and analysis tend to give a greater importance either to the data storage or to the methodological aspect, but lack a complete integration of both components. RESULTS: This paper presents a co-operative computer environment (called Imagenetrade mark) dedicated to genomic sequence analysis and annotation. Imagene has been developed by using an object-based model. Thanks to this representation, the user can directly manipulate familiar data objects through icons or lists. Imagene also incorporates a solving engine in order to manage analysis tasks. A global task is solved by successive divisions into smaller sub-tasks. During program execution, these sub-tasks are graphically displayed to the user and may be further re-started at any point after task completion. In this sense, Imagene is more transparent to the user than a traditional menu-driven package. Imagene also provides a user interface to display, on the same screen, the results produced by several tasks, together with the capability to annotate these results easily. In its current form, Imagene has been designed particularly for use in microbial sequencing projects. AVAILABILITY: Imagene best runs on SGI (Irix 6.3 or higher) workstations. It is distributed free of charge on a CD-ROM, but requires some Ilog licensed software to run. Some modules also require separate license agreements. Please contact the authors for specific academic conditions and other Unix platforms. CONTACT: imagene home page:  (+info)

Stem Trace: an interactive visual tool for comparative RNA structure analysis. (5/7649)

MOTIVATION: Stem Trace is one of the latest tools available in STRUCTURELAB, an RNA structure analysis computer workbench. The paradigm used in STRUCTURELAB views RNA structure determination as a problem of dealing with a database of a large number of computationally generated structures. Stem Trace provides the capability to analyze this data set in a novel, visually driven, interactive and exploratory way. In addition to providing graphs at a high level of ion, it is also connected with complementary visualization tools which provide orthogonal views of the same data, as well as drawing of structures represented by a stem trace. Thus, on top of being an analysis tool, Stem Trace is a graphical user interface to an RNA structural information database. RESULTS: We illustrate Stem Trace's capabilities with several examples of the analysis of RNA folding data performed on 24 strains of HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV sequences around the HIV dimerization region. This dimer linkage site has been found to play a role in encapsidation, reverse transcription, recombination, and inhibition of translation. Our examples show how Stem Trace elucidates preservation of structures in this region across the various strains of HIV. AVAILABILITY: The program can be made available upon request. It runs on SUN, SGI and DEC (Compaq) Unix workstations.  (+info)

E-CELL: software environment for whole-cell simulation. (6/7649)

MOTIVATION: Genome sequencing projects and further systematic functional analyses of complete gene sets are producing an unprecedented mass of molecular information for a wide range of model organisms. This provides us with a detailed account of the cell with which we may begin to build models for simulating intracellular molecular processes to predict the dynamic behavior of living cells. Previous work in biochemical and genetic simulation has isolated well-characterized pathways for detailed analysis, but methods for building integrative models of the cell that incorporate gene regulation, metabolism and signaling have not been established. We, therefore, were motivated to develop a software environment for building such integrative models based on gene sets, and running simulations to conduct experiments in silico. RESULTS: E-CELL, a modeling and simulation environment for biochemical and genetic processes, has been developed. The E-CELL system allows a user to define functions of proteins, protein-protein interactions, protein-DNA interactions, regulation of gene expression and other features of cellular metabolism, as a set of reaction rules. E-CELL simulates cell behavior by numerically integrating the differential equations described implicitly in these reaction rules. The user can observe, through a computer display, dynamic changes in concentrations of proteins, protein complexes and other chemical compounds in the cell. Using this software, we constructed a model of a hypothetical cell with only 127 genes sufficient for transcription, translation, energy production and phospholipid synthesis. Most of the genes are taken from Mycoplasma genitalium, the organism having the smallest known chromosome, whose complete 580 kb genome sequence was determined at TIGR in 1995. We discuss future applications of the E-CELL system with special respect to genome engineering. AVAILABILITY: The E-CELL software is available upon request. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The complete list of rules of the developed cell model with kinetic parameters can be obtained via our web site at:  (+info)

A proposal for a standard CORBA interface for genome maps. (7/7649)

MOTIVATION: The scientific community urgently needs to standardize the exchange of biological data. This is helped by the use of a common protocol and the definition of shared data structures. We have based our standardization work on CORBA, a technology that has become a standard in the past years and allows interoperability between distributed objects. RESULTS: We have defined an IDL specification for genome maps and present it to the scientific community. We have implemented CORBA servers based on this IDL to distribute RHdb and HuGeMap maps. The IDL will co-evolve with the needs of the mapping community. AVAILABILITY: The standard IDL for genome maps is available at http:// l. The IORs to browse maps from Infobiogen and EBI are at and CONTACT: [email protected], [email protected]  (+info)

GRASS: a server for the graphical representation and analysis of structures. (8/7649)

GRASS (Graphical Representation and Analysis of Structures Server), a new web-based server, is described. GRASS exploits many of the features of the GRASP program and is designed to provide interactive molecular graphics and quantitative analysis tools with a simple interface over the World-Wide Web. Using GRASS, it is now possible to view many surface features of biological macromolecules on either standard workstations used in macromolecular analysis or personal computers. The result is a World-Wide Web-based, platform-independent, easily used tool for macromolecular visualization and structure analysis.  (+info)

The report synopsis under the title, Global Immersive Virtual Reality Market, 2020-2026 presents a holistic and compact market development scenario, entailing all relevant components, triggering and shaping growth and business outcome.. Recurrent primary and secondary research activities by our in-house seasoned researchers suggest the global Immersive Virtual Reality market is predicted to nail a soberly optimistic growth with a valuation of xx million US dollars in 2020.. Further, research also proposes growth likelihood of xx million USD during the forecast years, 2020-2026, growing at a healthy CAGR pace of xx% during this period.. Request a sample report @ DROT Review: Global Immersive Virtual Reality ...
Download the Book:Human-Computer Interaction. User Interface Design Development And Multimodality: 19th International Conference Hci International 2017 V...
State-of-the-art virtual environment systems offer new flexibility in the design of experiments for active perception. Conversely, perceptual human factors issues are key to successful virtual environments. I will briefly discuss how human visually-guided behaviour can be studied with virtual reality tools as well as important human factors issues, caveats and limitations in the use of virtual reality methodology. I will also discuss recent experiments that we have been conducting to study human behaviour using multimodal immersive virtual environments.. --. Robert Allison is Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Vice-Dean in the Lassonde School of Engineering, York University. He is also the Associate Director of the Centre for Vision Research. Allison works on perception of space and self-motion in virtual environments, the measurement and analysis of eye movements, and stereoscopic vision. His applied research enables effective technology for advanced virtual reality ...
Background: Virtual reality simulators combined with head-mounted displays enable highly immersive virtual reality (VR) for surgical skills training, potentially bridging the gap between the simulation environment and real-life operating room conditions. However, the increased complexity of the learning situation in immersive VR could potentially induce high cognitive load thereby inhibiting performance and learning. This study aims to compare cognitive load and performance in immersive VR and conventional VR simulation training. Methods: A randomized controlled trial of residents (n = 31) performing laparoscopic salpingectomies with an ectopic pregnancy in either immersive VR or conventional VR simulation. Cognitive load was estimated by secondary-task reaction time at baseline, and during nonstressor and stressor phases of the procedure. Simulator metrics were used to evaluate performance. Results: Cognitive load was increased by 66% and 58% during immersive VR and conventional VR simulation, ...
Human-computer interaction based on neural machine interface technology is the core of intelligent control of bio Mechatronics robot systems. Motor function rehabilitation and the auxiliary system is an important application field of bio Mechatronics robots. Using neural interface technology to obtain human activity information is the key to realize accurate identification of behavior and motion intention. At present, it is one of the important research directions of human-computer intelligent interaction to accurately obtain physiological information of neuromuscular activities by using various flexible sensing technologies to realize accurate recognition of motion intention. This report reports some preliminary research progress in flexible sensing detection technology and application.. At present, human-computer interaction is of course an indispensable activity in peoples life, including the use of mobile phones, computers, and so on. Interaction includes physical interaction, voice ...
Architecting Virtual Reality Systems: 10.4018/978-1-59904-699-0.ch008: Virtual reality systems are a kind of complex software systems that need a lot of effort and resources during its development phase. Because rigid and
An architecture is provided to integrate multiple augmented reality environments to expand user experiences that might otherwise be limited in a single augmented reality environment. The architecture
Methodology for Transformation of Behavioural Cues into Social Signals in Human-Computer Interaction: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7377-9.ch007: This chapter presents the methodology for transformation of behavioural cues into Social Signals (SSs) in human-computer interaction that consists of three
Offenders with psychological problems are to be helped with a new virtual reality system that offers them treatment in a safe environment.
As geographic information systems (GIS) technology matures and develops sophisticated decision support applications, there is an increasing need to optimise human-computer interaction (HCI) aspects. Although further advances in graphic interface design and operator training are required, the principal challenge is now in the ergonomics of shared cognitive responsibility between operator and computer system. A sound and comprehensive theoretical framework is required to understand and develop this relationship. Mental modelling provides an appropriate psychological paradigm which may be applied through arranging appropriate levels of cognitive control, (modes of engagement), for GIS operations. The validation of such a theoretical model demands the use of appropriate research methodologies within a multi-disciplinary HCI in GIS research program. A substantial reference list is provided to assist research in this field.. ...
Read more about Virtual Reality System a Fun, Immersive Tool for MS Physical Therapy that allows dynamic challenges in a safe setting.
Improved human-like realism of computer opponents in racing or motion-related games is provided by using a mixture model to determine a dynamically prescribed racing line that the AI driver is to follow for a given segment of the race track. This dynamically prescribed racing line may vary from segment to segment and lap to lap, roughly following an ideal line with some variation. As such, the AI driver does not appear to statically follow the ideal line perfectly throughout the race. Instead, within each segment of the course, the AI drivers path may smoothly follow a probabilistically-determined racing line defined relative to at least one prescribed racing line. Distributed User Interfaces: Designing Interfaces for the Distributed Ecosystem (Human-Computer Interaction Series) (9781447171744) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.
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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) raises demand of convenience, endurance, responsiveness and naturalness. This paper describes a design of a compact wearable low-power HCI equipment applied to gesture recognition. System combines multi-mode sense signals: the vision sense signal and the motion sense signal, and the equipment is equipped with the depth camera and the motion sensor. The dimension (40 mm × 30 mm) and structure is compact and portable after tight integration. System is built on a module layered framework, which contributes to real-time collection (60 fps), process and transmission via synchronous confusion with asynchronous concurrent collection and wireless Blue 4.0 transmission. To minimize equipments energy consumption, system makes use of low-power components, managing peripheral state dynamically, switching into idle mode intelligently, pulse-width modulation (PWM) of the NIR LEDs of the depth camera and algorithm optimization by the motion sensor. To test this equipments ...
The HCII 2020 proceedings deal with current developments in human-computer interaction in general. The HCI thematic focus is on topics such as gesture-based interaction; speech, voice, conversation and emotions; multimodal interaction; and human robot interaction.
The three-volume set LNCS 10277-10279 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the11th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, UAHCI 2017, held as part of the 19th I
Poststroke hemiplegic patients often show altered weight distribution with balance disorders, increasing their risk of fall. Conventional balance training, though powerful, suffers from scarcity of trained therapists, frequent visits to clinics to get therapy, one-on-one therapy sessions, and monotony of repetitive exercise tasks. Thus, technology-assisted balance rehabilitation can be an alternative solution. Here, we chose virtual reality as a technology-based platform to develop motivating balance tasks. This platform was augmented with off-the-shelf available sensors such as Nintendo Wii balance board and Kinect to estimate ones center of mass (CoM). The virtual reality-based CoM-assisted balance tasks (Virtual CoMBaT) was designed to be adaptive to ones individualized weight-shifting capability quantified through CoM displacement. Participants were asked to interact with Virtual CoMBaT that offered tasks of varying challenge levels while adhering to ankle strategy for weight shifting. To
A key part of the book is its extensive development of applications and graphical illustrations, drawing on such fields as the physical sciences, macroeconomics, finance, business logistics management, and medicine. Despite such tremendous diversity of usage, in terms of applications and diagramming notations, the book classifies and organizes diagrams around six major themes: system topology; sequence and flow; hierarchy and classification; association; cause and effect; and logic reasoning. Readers will benefit from the authors discussion of how diagrams can be more than just a static picture or representation and how diagrams can be a central part of an intelligent user interface, meant to be manipulated and modified, and in some cases, utilized to infer solutions to difficult problems.. This book is ideal for many different types of readers: practitioners and researchers in AI and human-computer interaction; business and computing professionals; graphic designers and designers of graphical ...
How is Joint Interface Simulation Training System abbreviated? JOISTS stands for Joint Interface Simulation Training System. JOISTS is defined as Joint Interface Simulation Training System very rarely.
An editing system has a graphical user interface that shows media/metadata and metadata/metadata relationships and allows a user to navigate a graph defined by these relationships. Using this graphical user interface, a user may determine, for example, which masterclips are used in a sequence, or which sequences are using those masterclips. Such information can be useful for many purposes. For example, by identifying all masterclips used in a sequence, the media files associated with these masterclips can be readily recaptured in a different format. The graphical user interface provides simple navigation of such relationships by using two panes. Each pane may receive and display indications of any media data or metadata object type defined in the problem domain. In an editing system, such object types may include objects such as projects, sequences, clips and media files. Each of the object types has bidirectional and many-to-many relationships defined with other object types and many relationships can
Background: User-centered design (UCD) methodologies can help take the needs and requirements of potential end-users into account during the development of innovative telecare products and services. Understanding how members of multidisciplinary development teams experience the UCD process might help to gain insight into factors that members with different backgrounds consider critical during the development of telecare products and services. Objective: The primary objective of this study was to explore how members of multidisciplinary development teams experienced the UCD process of telecare products and services. The secondary objective was to identify differences and similarities in the barriers and facilitators they experienced. Methods: Twenty-five members of multidisciplinary development teams of four Research and Development (R&D) projects participated in this study. The R&D projects aimed to develop telecare products and services that can support self-management in elderly people or
While I appreciate the work you put into the new interface design and how you have tidied up some of the displayed information, I think youve gone a little too far in stripping down the displayed info. The sleeker design may be great if all you torrent are movies and TV shows but for everything e...
Globe Group, a company under the brand Greenworks Tools, is one of the industry leaders in battery-powered outdoor equipment, developing tools that deliver the performance of a gasoline-powered tool without the hassle and emissions associated with it. Gasoline-powered tools are still prevalent in the field of arboriculture where arborists work daily with chainsaws while performing tree felling and pruning.. Now a new type of chainsaw is in development by Globe Group which is characterized by its lightweight and large battery capacity, which brings extraordinary battery life. This feature is possible by redesigning the chainsaw to support an external battery, which is housed in a separate battery pack instead of placing the battery directly inside the tool. The aim of the project is to adapt and design the battery pack for arborists by using a user-centered design approach with focus on ergonomics. This is done by having a close cooperation with the arborists during the whole project, from ...
A training system for an article of footwear is disclosed. The training system includes a method of training an athlete to use an article of footwear with a traction system to help enhance speed and agility. The method can be implemented on a computer, mobile device or as an instruction booklet. The training system provides a total training solution for an athlete that is designed to enhance specific athletic skills.
Pramod Chundury joined the UMD College of Information Studies as a PhD student with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. His advisor is Dr. Eun Kyoung Choe. Research Interests Human-Computer Interaction Personal informatics Data Visualization Education M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction, University of Maryland, College Park, USA B.E. in Computer Science, Anna University, Chennai, India Pramod Chundury PhD Student [email protected]
We are interested in enabling natural human-computer interaction by combining techniques from machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics, human-computer interaction and psychology. Specific areas that we focus on include: multimodal human-computer interfaces, affective computing, pen-based interfaces, sketch-based applications, intelligent user interfaces, applications of computer vision and machine learning to solving real world problems. Browse through the publications and research pages to get a flavor of [email protected] ...
He is Editor in Chief of ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction and on the editorial boards of several other journals and book series, including Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and Information Systems Research, leading journals in their areas. He co-wrote and edited the widely used Readings in Human-Computer Interaction: Toward the New Millenium. Active in both human-computer interaction and computer supported cooperative work since these fields emerged, he has published over 100 papers on a range of topics. For the past ten years, his two primary research topics have been the adoption and use of technology in organizations, and the design and use of multimedia systems.. ROBERT DE HOOG is Professor of Information and Knowledge Management at Twente University, and Associate Professor of Social Science Informatics at the University of Amsterdam. Since the mid 1980's he has been involved in many projects in the area of artificial intelligence, expert ...
Immersive4Learning is an innovative intelligent platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and pedagogical and cognitive models for creation and delivery of teaching material in the Virtual Reality environments. Immersive4Learning utilize a set of pedagogical models, and behaviour, learning style and cognitive performance monitoring engine, enabling dynamic personalization of the learning experience. It is a virtual-reality-based, personalization-focused tool for creation of VR applications for enterprise training and education sectors.. Through monitoring relevant data (behavior, EEG, skill understanding, and more), you can keep track of how well the students understand their curriculum.. Immersive4Learning offers personalized learning experiences for each student. It effectively enables one-on-one tutoring. The platform monitors the students results and engagement levels, modifying the learning strategies accordingly.. ...
Abstract Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of using a virtual rehabilitation system with intuitive user interface and force feedback to improve the skills in activities of daily living (ADL). Method: A virtual training system equipped with haptic devices was developed for the rehabilitation of three ADL tasks - door unlocking, water pouring and meat cutting.…
Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) surround us in our everyday lives - with touch displays on our washing machines, thermostats and coffee makers at home and touch controls on copy machines and industrial devices at work. This trend will continue as…. ...
Called Locomotion Vault, the project was developed by researchers at the Universities of Birmingham, Copenhagen, and Microsoft Research. It aims to provide a central, freely available resource to analyze the numerous locomotion techniques currently available.. The aim is to make it easier for developers to make informed decisions about the appropriate technique for their application and researchers to study which methods are best. By cataloguing available techniques in the Locomotion Vault, the project will also give creators and designers a head-start on identifying gaps where future investigation might be necessary. The database is an interactive resource, so it can be expanded through contributions from researchers and practitioners.. Researcher Massimiliano Di Luca, of the University of Birminghams School of Psychology, said: Locomotion is an essential part of virtual reality environments, but there are many challenges. A fundamental question, for example, is whether there should be a ...
Biological exploration on genetic expression and protein synthesis in living organisms is used to discover causal and interactive relationships in biological processes. Current GeneChip microarray technology provides a platform to an- alyze up to 500,000 molecular reactions on a single chip, providing thousands of genetic and protein expression results per test. Using visualization tools and priori knowledge of genetic and protein interactions, visual networks are used to model and analyze the results. The virtual reality environment designed and implemented for this project provides visualization and data modeling tools commonly used in genetic ex- pression data analysis. The software processes normalized genetic profile data from microarray testing results and association information from protein-to- protein databases. The data is modeled using a network of nodes to represent data points and edges to show relationships. This information is visualized in virtual reality and modeled using force directed
Context. User Interfaces (UIs) intensively rely on event-driven programming: widgets send UI events, which capture users interactions, to dedicated objects called controllers. Controllers use several UI listeners that handle these events to produce UI commands. Objective. First, we reveal the presence of design smells in the code that describes and controls UIs. Second, we demonstrate that specific code analyses are necessary to analyze and refactor UI code, because of its coupling with the rest of the code. Method. We conducted an empirical study on four large Java Swing and SWT open-source software systems: Eclipse, JabRef, ArgouML, and FreeCol. We study to what extent the number of UI commands that a UI listener can produce has an impact on the change-and fault-proneness of the UI listener code. We develop a static code analysis for detecting UI commands in the code. Results. We identify a new type of design smell, called Blob listener that characterizes UI listeners that can produce more than two
Interacting with computers by using the bodily motion is one of the challenging topics in the Virtual Reality field, especially as regards the interaction with large scale virtual environments. This paper presents a device for interacting with a Virtual Reality environment that is based on the detection of the muscular activity and movements of the user by the fusion of two different signals. The idea is that through muscular activities a user is capable of moving a cursor in the virtual space, and making some actions through gestures. The device is based on an accelerometer and on electromyography, a technique that derives from the medical field and that is able to recognize the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles during their contraction. The device consists of cheap and easy to replicate components: seven electrodes pads and a small and wearable board for the acquisition of the sEMG signals from the users forearm, a 3 DOF accelerometer that is positioned on the users wrist ...
We present a system enabling users to accurately catch a real ball while immersed in a virtual reality environment. We examine three visualizations: r...
Advanced light microscopy methods are key to many biological studies. Their ease of use depends, besides experimental aspects, on intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI). The open-source software Micro-Manager offers a universal GUI for microscope control but requires implementing plugins to further tailor it to specific systems. However, GUIs are often tailored to a single system. Since even similar devices can have different Micro-Manager device properties, such as power percentage versus absolute power, directly transferring a GUI to another instrument usually requires changing the source-code. We developed Easier Micro-Manager User interface (EMU), a Micro-Manager plugin, to simplify building flexible and reconfigurable GUIs. EMU can be seamlessly used with the Java Swing library to create device-independent GUIs for Micro-Manager. Such GUIs are easily transferred to another microscope thanks to an intuitive configuration menu that includes mapping of the device properties to the GUI
In one embodiment, objects captured over a network can be queried using a graphical user interface. In one embodiment, the graphical user interface (GUI) includes a search editor to enable a user to author and edit a search that mines objects captured by a capture system. In one embodiment, the graphical user also includes a capture rule editor a to enable a user to author and edit a capture rule used by the capture system to intercept objects transmitted over a network.
2019 Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research. Objective: To study the efficiency of usage of immersive virtual reality with proprioceptive sensory effects for the rehabilitation of the static locomotor function of patients in the acute period of ischemic stroke. Material and methods: The study involved 33 patients in the acute period of ischemic stroke in the carotid system. The patients were randomized into two groups, the study group additionally received classes under immersive virtual reality with a sensory impact. The course consisted of 10 classes of 15 minutes each. Results. According to the Berg balance scale, on the 6th day of classes (p = 0.03), an improvement in the static-locomotor function was detected in the study group. On the last day of the rehabilitation course, the patients from the group subjected to the course demonstrated an improvement in the static locomotor function by 23 points (95% CI 13-27 points) in the study population and by 7 points (95% CI 2-13 points) ...
Research Paper Title Human Factors Guidance for Designers of Interactive 3D and Games-Based Training Systems. Background This is the second edition of the Human Factors (HF) Guidelines for Interactive 3D (i3D) and Games-Based Training Systems Design, published in 2012 (1st Edition published in 2008). The author states the motivation for publishing such a document came about due to a realisation that technology…
This study addressed the effect of scaling subjects in a virtual reality environment when performing ergonomic evaluations for assembly automotive tasks. Ten male and ten female automotive employees participated in this study. Subjects were selected to fit into one of 4 anthropometric groups (n=5/group); 5th percentile female (5F), 50th percentile female (50F), 50th percentile male (50M), or 95th percentile male (95M). Each subject was asked to perform 3 automotive assembly tasks while interacting with a digital rendering of a vehicle in virtual reality. The subjects were represented in virtual reality as a human manikin (Classic Jack, UGS) whose actions were driven by their actual motions captured via motion tracking (EvaRT, MotionAnalysis). Each subject performed the tasks under 4 different conditions; in one condition, the subject appeared as their true size, and in the three other conditions, they were scaled to appear as the size of the other three subject groups. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
In this study a within-subjects design was used. Each participant played both versions of the game: tilting user interface and walking user interface. The playing order was randomized. The tasks in the game were exactly the same in both versions.. 4.1 Participants. This study was executed as part of the Tampere University of Technologys User-centered design course in the beginning of 2015. The course is a part of the Masters Degree Programme in information technology.. Overall 45 students participated in the user experience study in which the two user interface solutions were compared. From these 45 students 9 were left out as they did not play both games or filled in the user experience questionnaires inadequately. Of the remaining 36 participants 12 were females and 24 males while the average age was 38.5 years. Even though primary end users of the game are school children of age 11-14, this study was conducted with university students. This was intentional as they should master the ...
China MRI Training System Factory, Find details about China Education, Magnetic Resonance Imaging System from China MRI Training System Factory - Suzhou Niumag Corporation
The Little Anne® AED Training System combines Little Anne AED manikin and your choice of AED Trainer (2 or 3). The Little Anne® AED Training System offers all the essential features necessary for learning adult CPR, defibrillation and defibrillator pad placement.iner 3.
AerotechTelub delivers technical training system for Gripen AerotechTelub has received a strategically important order from the Defence Materiel Administration for a technical training system for the JAS 39 Gripen. The order value is close to SEK27M. The delivery of the system will take place successively with the final delivery during 2004. The development will be carried out together with Saab Aerospace. The work will be conducted primarily in Arboga and Linköping, but parts of it will also be conducted in Örebro. - The order is strategically very important since one of the primary criteria in the Defence Materiel Administrations selection process has been that it shall be possible to adapt the system to other technical systems within the Swedish defence. We see great possibilities for several assignments for other systems as well, such as helicopters, combat vehicles and naval systems, says Lars-Erik Wige, Division Manager at AerotechTelub. - The order further strengthens the Saab Groups ...
China MRI Training System Factory, Find details about China MRI Educaiton System, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from MRI Training System Factory - Suzhou Niumag Corporation
The present invention enables a computer user to select a function represented via a graphical user interface by speaking command related to the function into audio processing circuitry. A voice recognition program interprets the spoken words to determine the function that is desired for execution. The user may use the cursor to identify an element on the graphical user interface display or speak the name of that element. The computer responds to the identification of the element by displaying a menu of the voice commands associated with that element.
Success in designing user interfaces for complex computer systems will, in large part, determine the success of the systems as a whole. Information from within the field of human-computer interaction is presented and applied within the domain of computer-controlled audio systems. This includes the design of visual and tactile displays, alternative input devices and input mappings, stimulus response compatibility, customization, and intelligent interfaces. The presentation will focus on...
To date, though, Virtual Reality devices have not been able to stimulate simultaneously all five senses with a high degree of realism. But with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, scientists from the Universities of York and Warwick believe they have been able to pinpoint the necessary expertise to make this possible, in a project called
... design or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, home ... Command-line User Interface 1985 - SAA User Interface or Text-Based User Interface 1968 - Graphic User Interface It is ... UI design refers to graphical user interfaces and other forms of interface design. The goal of user interface design is to make ... User interfaces are the points of interaction between users and designs. There are three types: Graphical user interfaces (GUIs ...
... is a development technique used by computer application programmers. Today's user interfaces (UIs) are ... Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), Auditory User Interfaces, and Multimodal User Interfaces. DiaMODL combines a dataflow- ... A user interface model is a representation of how the end user(s) interact with a computer program or another device and also ... and lower-level dialogs in user interfaces. Using models as part of user interface development can help capture user ...
v t e (User interface techniques, Attention, All stub articles, Computer science stubs). ... Attentive user interfaces (AUI) are user interfaces that manage the user's attention. For instance, an AUI can manage ... Towards a framework for attentive user interfaces". Computers in Human Behavior. 22 (4): 771-789. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2005.12.012 ... and the level of detail of the messages presented to the user. Attentive user interfaces, by generating only the relevant ...
A touch user interface (TUI) is a computer-pointing technology based upon the sense of touch (haptics). Whereas a graphical ... Gesture recognition Human-computer interaction Multi-touch Multi-touch gestures Natural user interface Surface computing ... a TUI enables not only the sense of touch to innervate and activate computer-based functions, it also allows the user, ... Developmental Phonics Instruction with Touch User Interface Technology: Moving Toward a Multi-Sensory Approach for Grades Pre-K ...
In this way, users can trigger actions on the computer through the same gestures and motions as Jeff Han's touchscreen allowed ... or graphical user interface (GUI). Mann referred to this work as "natural user interfaces", "Direct User Interfaces", and " ... In computing, a natural user interface (NUI) or natural interface is a user interface that is effectively invisible, and ... Edusim Eye tracking Kinetic user interface Organic user interface Intelligent personal assistant Post-WIMP Scratch input ...
"Summary of Spiral Model" (PDF). Nielsen, J. (1993). "Iterative User Interface Design". IEEE Computer. 26 (11): 32-41. doi: ... The typical steps of iterative design in user interfaces are as follows: Complete an initial interface design Present the ... While this includes testing the product for functionality outside of the user interface, important feedback on the interface ... test users Note any problems had by the test user Refine interface to account for/fix the problems Repeat steps 2-4 until user ...
A User interface stylesheet language is a stylesheet language which is meant to be applied to graphical computer user ... Cascading Style Sheets as used in Mozilla's XUL user interface Qt Style Sheets as used in KDE4 Robert Staudinger's CSS theming ... interfaces. They primarily act as subsidiary languages to style UI elements which are either programmed or marked-up (as in XML ...
In human-computer interaction, an organic user interface (OUI) is defined as a user interface with a non-flat display. After ... there are three general types of organic user interface: Flexible (or deformable) user interfaces: When flexible displays are ... Actuated (or kinetic) user interfaces: Displays with a programmable shape controlled by a computer algorithm. Here, display ... David Holman and Roel Vertegaal, Organic user interfaces: designing computers in any way, shape, or form, Communications of the ...
The commercial was aimed at making people think about computers, identifying the user-friendly interface as a personal computer ... Direct manipulation interface Douglas Engelbart's On-Line System Graphical user interface Text-based user interface History of ... "User Interface Timeline" George Mason University Nathan Lineback. "The Graphical User Interface Gallery". Nathan's Toasty ... "GUIdebook > Articles > "Inventing the Lisa User Interface"". "GUIdebook > Articles > "Lisa user interface ...
Apple Computer, Inc. (1984). "User Interface". Inside Macintosh, Volume I. Roberta Mancini, Alan Dix and Stefano Levialdi. 2006 ... When multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously, a multi-user undo is needed. Global multi-user undo reverts the ... "A selective undo mechanism for graphical user interfaces based on command objects". ACM Transactions on Computer-Human ... and the user interface for interacting with the user. In most Microsoft Windows applications, the keyboard shortcut for the ...
"Tangible User Interfaces". The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook. pp. 495-514. doi:10.1201/9781410615862-35. ISBN 978-0-429- ... Hardware interface Kinetic user interface Natural user interface Organic user interface Ishii, Hiroshi (2008). "Tangible bits ... A Tangible user interface must be differentiated by a Graphical user interface (GUI). A Graphical User Interface exists only in ... A tangible user interface (TUI) is a user interface in which a person interacts with digital information through the physical ...
... as a brain-computer interface was the extensive training required before users can work the technology. For example, in ... Wolpaw, J.R. and Wolpaw, E.W. (2012). "Brain-Computer Interfaces: Something New Under the Sun". In: Brain-Computer Interfaces: ... Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brain-computer interfaces. Scholia has a topic profile for Brain-computer interface. The ... Zander TO, Kothe C (April 2011). "Towards passive brain-computer interfaces: applying brain-computer interface technology to ...
However, the user interfaces for 3D computer graphics are usually either challenging to learn and use and not sufficiently ... Designing the user interface: strategies for effective human-computer-interaction.(1987) Hutchins, Edwin L.. James D. Hollan, ... Individuals in academia and computer scientists doing research on future user interfaces often put as much or even more stress ... The user interface for word processing, for example, is commonly used. It is easy to learn for new users and is sufficient for ...
Historically, computers have relied on text-based user interfaces and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) (such as the user ... User interface User interface design Natural-language user interface Voice user interface "What Are Conversational Interfaces? ... A conversational user interface (CUI) is a user interface for computers that emulates a conversation with a real human. ... there are two main categories of conversational interfaces; voice assistants and chatbots. A voice user interface allows a user ...
Lisa Napoli (October 14, 1997). "Wearable Computers: The User Interface Is You". New York Times. Retrieved January 30, 2013. ... computers, reality can meet society's expectations ... an ideal wearable computer would not only provide a seamless interface ... He served in the US Navy for fifteen years, before becoming a senior business executive in the computer industry. Jackson is ... He later graduated from the Naval War College with an MA National Security & Strategic Studies degree and an MSEE in Computer ...
1995) [1988]. Human-computer interface design (2nd ed.). - (1994). Business information systems. - (2002). User-Centred ... 2003). Designing multisensory user interfaces. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Articles, a selection: - (2000). "Requirements ... user interface design and safety-critical systems. Sutcliffe received his MA in Natural Sciences from the University of ... His research spans "software engineering, human computer interaction, cognitive and social science, with recent interests in ...
1770 Disc Interface (PDF). Acorn Computers Limited. Retrieved 6 March 2021. 1770 Disc Interface Upgrade Kit Fitting ... ADFS upgrade (PDF). Acorn Computers Limited. Retrieved 6 March 2021. The Electron Plus 3 User Guide (PDF). Acorn Computers ... A system module called "ADFS" provides no more than the block driver and user interfaces, where the "FileCore" module contains ... It interfaced to a ST506/ST412-based Winchester unit via the BBC Micro's 1 MHz Bus, an Acorn-designed interface card (1 MHz Bus ...
In computer user interface design, a master-detail interface displays a master list and the details for the currently selected ... v t e (Graphical user interfaces, All stub articles, Computer programming stubs). ... An application can use this master-detail relationship to enable users to navigate through the purchase order data and see the ... "Creating a Master-Detail Interface". Apple. Archived from the original on 2009-02-14. Retrieved 2008-11-15. ...
"User interface is customer service for the computer." Larson-Green grew up in Maple Falls, in Whatcom County, Washington. ... Following Visual C++, she worked on the user experience for IE 3.0 and 4.0 and then, in 1997, moved to the Office team to work ... Larson-Green graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science Engineering from Seattle University and a Bachelor's degree ... Larson-Green notably managed the implementation of ribbons in Microsoft Office 2007, replacing the menu-driven interface with ...
Automatic Generation of Personalizable User Interfaces". "Computer Laboratory: Inclusive user interfaces". Nabeth Thierry (2005 ... User-models can thus serve as a cheaper alternative to user testing but should not replace user testing. A user model is the ... "User Modeling in Human-Computer Interaction", User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction 11, 11: 65-86, doi:10.1023/A: ... and a user profile is the actual representation in a given user model. The process of obtaining the user profile is called user ...
The tool was also used to explore computer interfaces in public spaces. The project's success led it to be installed in the ... Russell joined IBM in 2000, where he managed a research group in the User Sciences and Experience Research (USER) lab at the ... and human-computer interfaces. While developing AI technology at Xerox PARC, Russell realized that sophisticated technology was ... He then worked in the User Interface Research group, led by Stuart Card, which studied the uses of information visualization ...
Intracortical recording stability in human brain-computer interface users. Downey JE1, Schwed N, Chase SM, Schwartz AB, ... EEG has the potential for long term use as a brain-computer interface, because the electrodes can be kept on the scalp ... Articles with short description, Short description is different from Wikidata, Brain-computer interfacing, Implants (medicine ... Brain-computer interfaces for speech communication. Speech Communication, 52(4), 367-379. Ganesh, A, Cervantes, A J and Kennedy ...
Nakatani, L. H., John A Rohrlich; Rohrlich, John A. (1983). Soft Machines: A Philosophy of User-Computer Interface Design. ... Gesture-enhanced single-touch Lemur Input Device Gesture recognition Human-Computer Interaction Natural User Interface Pen ... 10/GUI is a proposed new user interface paradigm. Created in 2009 by R. Clayton Miller, it combines multi-touch input with a ... "User Interfaces For Simultaneous Group Collaboration Through Multi-Touch Devices". Purdue University. p. 17. Retrieved 2012-06- ...
Interruption as a test of the user-computer interface (PDF). Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Conference on Manual Control ... This means that the user should be able to specify only what has to be done, not how, and in which order, it has to be done. ... Most computer algebra systems also use this as the default input method. In BASIC notation, the formula is entered as it would ... Because operators are applied one-at-a-time, the user must work out which operator key to use at each stage, and this can lead ...
A user interface "allows users to interact with a computer." Either a command-line interface (CLI) or, since the 1980s a ... In the late 1940s, the early days of computing, most application software was custom-written by computer users to fit their ... graphical user interface (GUI). This is the part of the operating system the user directly interacts with, it is considered an ... Application software is software that allows users to do user-oriented tasks such as create text documents, play or develop ...
"Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering for User Interface Plasticity". In Jacko, J. A. (Eds.), "Human computer ... "USer Interface eXtensible Mark-up Language". ITEA 2. Retrieved 3 April 2018. "Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research ... Interacting with computers, 15(3), p. 289-308. Thevenin, D., & Coutaz J. (1999). "Plasticity of User Interfaces: Framework and ... Bass, Len; Coutaz, Joelle (1991). Developing software for the user interface. SEI Series in Software Engineering. I-XIV: ...
Interruption as a test of the user-computer interface (PDF). Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Conference on Manual Control ... The computer can be used as a simple hand-held calculator. In this mode besides entering the numeric values the user must enter ... Ceruzzi, Paul E. (1983). "2. Computers in Germany". Reckoners - The prehistory of the digital computer, from relays to the ... "Computer Languages". The Australian Computer Journal (Reprint). 17 (4): 195-198. Hamblin, Charles Leonard (1958). GEORGE IA and ...
Atari Home Computer System: Serial Input/Output Interface (PDF). 1980. De Re Atari. Atari. 1981. Decuir, Joe. "Interview with ... This allowed the user to press play or play and record without the tape beginning to move. When the appropriate command was ... Now the computer could have normal slots; like the Apple II, the RF portion would be entirely external and could be tested on ... This allowed users to record normal sounds on the left channel and then have them play through the television. This was often ...
Tribble Topobo (Classes of computers, User interfaces). ... Tangible User Interface Distributed sensor network Game console ... and tangible user interfaces (e.g. Topobo ). Merrill and Kalanithi wanted to create a general-purpose tangible user interface ... Siftables: Towards Sensor Network User Interfaces TED Talks: David Merrill demos Siftables, the smart blocks at TED in 2009 MIT ... Siftables are small computers that display graphics on their top surface and sense one another and how they are being moved. ...
"Printed Embedded Data Graphical User Interfaces" (PDF). IEEE Computer. Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. 34 (3): 47-55. doi: ... Keyboard interface scanners connect to a computer using a PS/2 or AT keyboard-compatible adaptor cable (a "keyboard wedge"). ... Collins then quit Sylvania and formed the Computer Identics Corporation. As its first innovations, Computer Identics moved from ... The barcode's data is sent to the computer as if it had been typed on the keyboard. Like the keyboard interface scanner, USB ...
With a user interface based on direct manipulation, LuneOS is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as ... smartphones and tablet computers. The OS uses touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping ... LuneOS is the open source successor for Palm/HP webOS where the user interface is rebuilt from scratch by using the latest ...
In this way users can create their own sophisticated tools without the need for programming. In this way Houdini can be ... "REVIEWS: Houdini 4.0 , Computer Graphics World". "Sun And Side Effects Software Unveil Houdini 3D For Solaris". ... Shaders are scriptable and composed in their VEX language, or by using VOPs; their node-based interface to programming VEX. ... Using VEX a user can develop custom SOPs, POPs, shaders, etc. The current implementation of VEX utilizes SIMD-style processing ...
"Interface computer" to sit between the user equipment and the packet network. Abbate 2000, p. 38 The NPL group influenced a ... Computer science was an emerging discipline in the late 1950s that began to consider time-sharing between computer users and, ... Peter Kirstein wrote that European networks tended to be short-term projects with smaller numbers of computers and users. As a ... is integrated into UNIX-type operating systems and costs nothing for the users' computers. The first companies that ...
A clinician user of NIR HEG, Jeffrey Carmen, adapted Toomim's system for migraines in 2002 by integrating peripheral thermal ... The ratio of red/infrared light refraction is displayed as a visual signal on a computer monitor and may also be translated ... of red to infrared light and translates it into a visual signal of corresponding to oxygenation level on a graphical interface ... of each wavelength of light reflected by cerebral blood flow in the activated cortical tissue and send the data to a computer, ...
... was very active in the design and development of the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) presentation-based User ... Computer companies established in 1980, Computer companies disestablished in 1996, Computer workstations, Defunct computer ... Symbolics designed and manufactured a line of Lisp machines, single-user computers optimized to run the programming language ... An Ethernet interface was standard equipment, replacing the Chaosnet interface of the LM-2. The 3600 was roughly the size of a ...
In their quest for users' scarce attention, these platforms would be incentivized to exploit users' cognitive and emotional ... including education legacy regarding computer training, social capital with regard to the family/community computer skills), ... regardless of their relatively visible or indirect human interfaces, could contribute to conditions that empower or disempower ... In Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace, Lawrence Lessig famously argued that computer code shapes the rules, norms, and ...
A wireless LAN is easily filled by a single personal computer. Even on fast computer networks, the backbone can easily be ... which measures how much benefit a user obtains by transmitting at rate x {\displaystyle x} . The optimal rate allocation then ... is the reordering or dropping of network packets inside a transmit buffer that is associated with a network interface ... computer networking) (Al-Bahadili, 2012, p. 282) Al-Bahadili, H. (2012). Simulation in computer network design and modeling: ...
Arons, Barry (March 1991). "The Design of Audio Servers and Toolkits for Supporting Speech in the User Interface" (PDF). ... this allows programs running on one computer to use the sound card of another computer. route MIDI data between programs, ... It provides an optional sound server and a documented application programming interface to access either the server or the ... "sndio interface to audio devices". OpenBSD manual pages. Retrieved August 3, 2016. Ratchov, Alexandre (2010). "OpenBSD audio & ...
She surveyed audio hardware that could interface with a computer system. Random-access audio devices interfaced to PLATO IV ... Because it was an educational computer system, most of the user community were keenly interested in games. In much the same way ... "Review of Audio Interfacing Literature for Computer-Assisted Music Instruction". Journal of Computer-based Instruction. 6 (3): ... In 1967, Allvin and Kuhn used a four-channel tape recorder interfaced to a computer to present pre-recorded models to judge ...
If the checks fail, a user-specified "runtime-constraint handler" function is called, which usually aborts the program. Some ... "Field Experience With Annex K - Bounds Checking Interfaces". Retrieved 5 November 2015. "MSC06-C. Beware of compiler ... computer science)). ...
Graphic device interface USER32.DLL and USER.EXE - GUI implementation COMMCTRL.DLL and COMCTL32.DLL - Common controls (user ... If the computer has a Plug and Play BIOS, in addition, BIOS checks the RAM for I/O port addresses, interrupt lines and DMA ... The user is prompted to log on to the network that is configured. When a user logs on, their desktop settings are loaded from ... Once all of the drivers are loaded, the Kernel32.dll, gdi32.dll, Gdi.exe, user32.dll, User.exe, shell32.dll and Explorer.exe ...
MT3329 (GPS) MT3328 (GPS) MT3318 (GPS) As a result of the merger with Ralink, MediaTek has added wireless network interface ... AnandTech pointed out Sports Mode was also being applied to benchmarks intended on measuring user experience benchmarks, ... handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, navigation systems, consumer multimedia products and digital ... and that similar high performance modes from other device makers only turn on if chosen by the user, not from automatic app ...
... allowing multiple users to sit down at the computer, log in, and use the computer at the same time independently. The computer ... There are several other APIs described in the X Transport Interface, for instance TLI (Transport Layer Interface). Other ... Only the user on the first monitor has the use of vt consoles and can use Ctrl+Alt+Fx to select them. The other users have a ... When a user runs an X application from within Weston, it calls upon XWayland to service the request. XQuartz XQuartz is a ...
... integrations specialist due to a project team consisting of a varying degree of IT specialists and interfacing with end-users ... Computer occupations). ...
After adding the tool to the user interface it can easily be applied to other objects. Compounds can also be shared between ... Autodesk Softimage, or simply Softimage (/sɒftɪˈmɑːʒ/) was a 3D computer graphics application, for producing 3D computer ... When users activate a so-called render region in a camera view, it will render this section of the scene using the specified ... Softimage allows users to add custom compounds to its main menu system for easy reusability. The screenshot on the right shows ...
The console's user interface was generally praised for being fast and easy to navigate. Many reviewers found the console's ... Computer-related introductions in 2020, Golden Joystick Award winners, Home video game consoles, Ninth-generation video game ... The central design concepts and motifs introduced on the PS4 were redesigned into a new home screen user interface. The top of ... Eurogamer said the user interface was conceived for responsiveness, improved accessibility, clarity, and simplicity. It is ...
In addition, RFC 2526 reserves a block of 128 Interface Identifiers within a subnet as anycast addresses. Most IPv6 routers on ... Azure Frontdoor uses anycast redirection to direct users to a nearby edge. Abley, J.; Lindqvist, K. (December 2006). "Operation ... Computer Networks. 79: 148-165. doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2014.12.004. ISSN 1389-1286. Woodcock, Bill (June 1996). "Best Practices ... RFC 4291, which covers IPv6 addressing architecture, reserves Interface Identifier 0 within an IPv6 subnet as the "Subnet ...
The game interface is now customisable, with users having the availability to pick what buttons they need on their menu menu ... Woozworld announced that it would be releasing a beta version of the game's downloadable client for desktops and computers, ... Woozworld allows users to design their own online realities where they can create their own avatar, do fun quests, set up new ... Woozworld had a semi-relaunch and transition from Adobe Flash to Unity on desktop, with a new interface and game advancements. ...
Personal computers replace the function of fixed sense switches with the keyboard and screen user interface. A typical running ... Most early computers had several sense switches. They were typically used by the operator to set program options. On the IBM ... A sense switch, or program switch, is a switch on the front panel of a computer whose state can be tested by conditional branch ... In the more usual batch job environment, it was pressed by the computer operator to signal the operating system to terminate a ...
by modality text-based spoken dialogue system graphical user interface multi-modal by device telephone-based systems PDA ... A dialogue system, or conversational agent (CA), is a computer system intended to converse with a human. Dialogue systems ... and does not allow the user to influence the dialogue flow. Mixed-initiative is a way to enable the user to have an active part ... Often, (spoken) dialogue systems require the user to adapt to the system because the system is only able to understand a very ...
There has been an evolution of electronics (computer) equipment and user interfaces used in such installations over time. ... Harvesting such data sets from the polar plots and computers (Common to sonar, radar and lidar) allows the CIC crew to plot the ... CICs are widely depicted in film and television treatments, frequently with large maps, numerous computer consoles and radar ... Military computers, Naval warfare, Ship compartments, Command and control). ...
The users of the tool can get several complementary views of the same state machine, both visual and textual, whereas the ... UML state machine, also known as UML statechart, is an extension of the mathematical concept of a finite automaton in computer ... interfaces, and ports. Many software systems are event-driven, which means that they continuously wait for the occurrence of ... The concepts behind it are about organizing the way a device, computer program, or other (often technical) process works such ...
The user interface was meant to feel like an in-universe object, which was rare at the time. Anthony Postma, another Interplay ... However, as a replacement, some fans created 3D-printable Pip-Boys with space for a custom computer inside and a working tape ... The Pip-Boy is a fictional wearable computer in the post-apocalyptic Fallout video game franchise. Manufactured in-universe by ... as well as compared with real-world wearable computers. Many working replicas of the Pip-Boy have been built by fans of the ...
"Computer Gaming World's 1999 Premier Awards;CGW Presents the Best Games of 1998". Computer Gaming World. No. 177. April 1999. ... In hindsight, Bates lamented the loss of the text interface, which removed the "magic" of having players see that the game ... 9. Pournelle, Jerry (April 1996). "The Fragrant and the Foul - User's Choice Awards". Byte. Archived from the original on ... "Computer Gaming World's Game of the Year Awards". Computer Gaming World. October 1993. pp. 70-74. ISSN 0744-6667. OCLC 8482876 ...
The application interfaces made possible by or that benefit from this facility are presented The method used to determine the ... Computer and communications systems continue to proliferate in the office and home. Systems are varied and complex, involving ... It is therefore pertinent to consider which mechanisms might allow the user to manipulate systems in simple and ubiquitous ways ... However, systems are underused because the choices of control mechanisms and application interfaces are too diverse. ...
Computer Gaming World and Computer Games Mag awarded 3.5 and 3 out of 5 respectively, while PC Gamer awarded 90% and GameSpot ... New "Skip Inning" Button - During a game a user can now skip through innings he or she does not wish to play, and then return ... Pitch-by-pitch mode for complete control of the game, with graphical batting and pitching interface to pinpoint each pitch. ... All-Star Game playable in Play-By-Play Mode - A user can now play the All-Star game. 2010 Rosters and Ratings 2010 MLB Schedule ...
... font software engineers created custom fonts tuned specifically for high-quality display on-screen in the Xbox user interface, ... Rickner oversaw the development of the first TrueType fonts delivered in Apple Computer's System 7 in 1991. Most recently ... In the same year Ascender made the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection available to end users looking to utilize the fonts from ... The study analyzed more than 4500 TrueType fonts that can be downloaded by Macintosh, Windows, and Linux users to determine ...
User Interface) (1994). Desktop Theatre (Adriene Jenik; Lisa Brenneis): (1997). Avatar Body Collision ( ... He is a computer professional, an expert on IRC and has written a book on the subject, IRC Survival Guide: Talk to the World ... users can choose the name by which they want to be known, and there are many hundreds of thousands of users who choose not to ... Broadcast from an IRC channel based in San Diego, the production appeared on computer screens across the world; and was ...
Users can also link folders in place on their computers to their ZumoDrive, and these folders and all content will stay in sync ... Users could also upload files manually through a web browser interface. A free ZumoDrive account offered 2 GB of storage, and ... The service enabled users to store and sync files online, and also between computers using their HybridCloud storage solution; ... other computers and hand-held devices. Files in the ZumoDrive virtual disk could be shared with other ZumoDrive users or ...
The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) is a U.S. Department of Energy national scientific user facility. EMSL ... to advance visualization research using computer technology to enable humans to visually synthesize and derive insight from ... provides researchers around the world with integrated capabilities in oxide and mineral interface chemistry, high-performance ... The Applied Process Engineering Laboratory (APEL) is a technology business startup user facility, sponsored in part by PNNL. ...
... and the implementation of graphical user interfaces. Deliverables include short programming assignments and a semester-long ... 6.831/6.813 examines human-computer interaction in the context of graphical user interfaces. The course covers human ... 6.831/6.813 examines human-computer interaction in the context of graphical user interfaces. The course covers human ... 6.831/6.813 examines human-computer interaction in the context of graphical user interfaces. The course covers human ...
User Friendly: How the Hidden Rules of Design Are Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Play (Paperback) ... Articulating Design Decisions: Communicate with Stakeholders, Keep Your Sanity, and Deliver the Best User Experience (Paperback ...
User Friendly: How the Hidden Rules of Design Are Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Play (Paperback) ... Articulating Design Decisions: Communicate with Stakeholders, Keep Your Sanity, and Deliver the Best User Experience (Paperback ...
Global schistosomiasis database : practical considerations in the design of a user-friendly database / S. S. Yoon, K. E. Mott ... "User-Computer Interface". 0-9. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z. * 0-9 ...
M3000 and M4000 Series Computer To Analog Output Interfaces Users Manual 64990A ... M3000 and M4000 Series Computer To Analog Output Interfaces Users Manual 64990A ... M3000 and M4000 Series Computer To Analog Output Interfaces Users Manual 64990A. ... M3000 and M4000 Series Computer To Analog Output Interfaces Users Manual 64990A ...
Deployment Diagram For Web Application Client And Server Graphical User Interface ... Computers and Communications Computers and communications solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with illustration samples, ... templates and vector stencils libraries with clip art of computers, control devices, communications, technology, Apple machines ...
Colloquium] Designing Privacy Interfaces: Supporting User Understanding and Control [Colloquium] Designing Privacy Interfaces: ... Users are increasingly expected to manage complex privacy settings in their normal online interactions. From shopping to social ... Time-tested: Computer scientists research honored for its impact after a decade. August 17, 2022 ... Because these mechanisms are difficult to use and have limited expressiveness, users often have little to no effective control. ...
US-2008071749-A1 chemical patent summary.
Title:Open-Source Matlab-Based Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Computer Control of Microscopes Using Micro-Manager. Authors: ... we have developed a Matlab-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is fundamentally accessible while providing limitless ... and user data privacy. arXiv is committed to these values and only works with partners that adhere to them. ...
Download Computer software developers team meeting and designing user interface. photo by ijeab on Envato Elements Photos by ... Computer software developers team meeting and designing user interface.. All items/Photos ... Computer software developers team meeting and designing user interface.. All items/Photos ...
Computer interfaces have been diversifying: from mobile and wearable technologies to the human body as an interface. Moreover, ... More specifically, the interaction context is defined in terms of user-object, user-user, user-content, user-platform and user- ... More specifically, the interaction context is defined in terms of user-object, user-user, user-content, user-platform and user- ... Human-computer interaction to human-computer-context interaction : towards a conceptual framework for conducting user studies ...
QVGA Graphical User Interface, OEM Instrument Controller, Embedded Computer with RTOS - OEM instrument controller with a QVGA ... User Agreement , Privacy Policy , End User License Agreement , Sales Terms and Conditions , Life Support Policy , Trademarks , ... For guidance on using the QVGA, take a look at the QVGA Controller Users Guide. ... entry data-storage digital forth-examples hmi industrial-communications internet-cloud motor-control panel-display pc-interface ...
... Author: Kuebler, A.; ... Applying the user-centred design to evaluation of Brain-Computer Interface controlled applications. DSpace Repository. Login ...
User evaluation of the DEMentia-specific Digital Interactive Social Chart (DEM-DISC). A pilot study among informal carers on ... The impact on the daily life of people with dementia and their carers, the user friendliness and usefulness of a first ... its impact, user friendliness and, usefulness. Objective: The need for information about the disease and coping with the ...
"User-Computer Interface" by people in this website by year, and whether "User-Computer Interface" was a major or minor topic of ... "User-Computer Interface" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicines controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical ... User-Computer Interface*User-Computer Interface. *Interface, User-Computer. *Interfaces, User-Computer ... Below are the most recent publications written about "User-Computer Interface" by people in Profiles. ...
Early user interfaces were designed with little or no consideration for the end user. This was largely due to technical and ... User interface , Computer Science homework help. Homework Help. Early user interfaces were designed with little or no ... The poor interface design required a specific skill set for users and limited the mass appeal of computers. Modern interfaces ... Theo Mandel has written about the golden rules of interface design. Read "The Golden Rules of User Interface Design [PDF]." ...
We trained monkeys to perform two-dimensional center-out movements of a computer cursor using a BCI. We then applied a … ... Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) provide a defined link between neural activity and devices, allowing a detailed study of the ... User-Computer Interface* * Visual Perception / physiology* Grant support * R01EB005847/EB/NIBIB NIH HHS/United States ... Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) provide a defined link between neural activity and devices, allowing a detailed study of the ...
Participants in the reference-group found the developed interface easy to use regardless of previous computer skills and they ... In the design of the conceptual user interface, the identified core aspect involved a strive for utility: quality of ... to further knowledge of user experiences of inclusive interface design specifically for an ageing population, and to develop a ... A co-design approach was chosen to investigate the project aim and knowledge and user experiences was jointly developed and ...
A Zerox research group conceived the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and someone showed it to a fresh face in the crowd who ... Interface with the hands, the mouse, the touch pad and now touch screen have been the main way we tell our computer what to do ... Gregs bite: the history and future of computer/human interfaces. Posted by dsellers , Jun 1, 2010 , MacTech Blog, ... The computer calculates several times per second what the eyes are focusing on. As the eye moves around the screen the computer ...
Computer Software Applications) Job Description User Interface Engineers ... User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications) Job Description. User Interface Engineers Create and be accountable ... Develops design concepts and user interface designs. User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications) Salary Statistics ... Bonuses for a User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications) are based on the years of experience using statistics ...
The interface between user and computer is:. Science GK Exams Quizzes MCQs Quizzes General Science Basic Computer Knowledge ... The interface between user and computer is:. Option A):. Programming. Option B):. Memory. Option C):. Hardware. Option D):. ...
User Interfaces MCQ Answers PDF: Computer document which act as a contract between developer and customer is, with answers for ... on User Interfaces quiz answers PDF to learn computer basics for Computer Science Courses. ... User Interfaces Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), User Interfaces quiz answers PDF to learn computer basics online course for ... user interfaces with choices sdd, dfd, srs, and dos for computer information science. Learn user interfaces quiz questions for ...
A human/computer interface to accommodate user learning stages. Howard Mozeico. Pages 100-104 Using electronic mail as a ...
Results of search for su:{User-computer interface.} Refine your search. *. Availability. * Limit to currently available items ... Web navigation : designing the user experience / Jennifer Fleming. by Fleming, Jennifer.. Material type: Text; Format: print ...
Useful and user-friendly interfaces and human-computer interaction -NSF-. For a complete conference schedule, including ... Computer-savvy Americans can order movie tickets, book airline flights, and manage their bank accounts online. ... Why, many of these same people wonder, cant they use networked computers to pay traffic tickets, research property records, or ...
Committing Crimes with BCIs: How Brain-Computer Interface Users can Satisfy Actus Reus and be Criminally Responsible *Kramer ... Brain-machine interfaces are clinically well established in restoring hearing perception through cochlear implants, for example ... The Spectrum of Responsibility Ascription for End Users of Neurotechnologies *Andreas Schönau ...
Computer game interface, hi-tech - download this royalty free Stock Footage in seconds. No membership needed. ... Futuristic blue virtual graphic touch user interface HUD. *. Technology interface blue target zoom in. This hud intro good for ... Computer game interface, hi-tech software panel, aviation radar gps navigation screen display, center of target.. Save Comp ... computer game interface, hi-tech software panel, aviation radar GPS navigation screen display, center of target. ...
Explore iconic user interface examples, pivotal to some of the most important computing innovations in history and how these UI ... A "computer partner" that helps cities enforce parking regulations.. So heres a list celebrating our favorite user interface ... But while their Xerox Alto was the first computer to use the GUI, it certainly wasnt the last. The human/computer interface ... That application was the first web browser to create a standardized graphical user interface fit for non-technical users. ...
  • 6.831/6.813 examines human-computer interaction in the context of graphical user interfaces. (
  • Human-computer interaction to human-c. (
  • International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction , Springer, 2018. (
  • Presented at the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Las Vegas, Nevada. (
  • R. Stiefelhagen, J. Yang, Gaze tracking for multimodal human–computer interaction, in: Proc. (
  • The Sixth Edition of Designing the User Interface provides a comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date introduction to the dynamic field of human-computer interaction (HCI) and user experience (UX) design. (
  • Rattner assembled a team of experts on human-computer interaction from Intel Labs, which he brought over to Cambridge for Hawking's 70th birthday conference, 'The State of the Universe,' on January 8, 2012. (
  • To provide an overview of recent work at the intersection of Biomedical Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction, and Ethics. (
  • Search terms for Human-Computer Interaction, Biomedical Informatics, and Ethics were used to identify relevant papers published between 2017 and 2019.Relevant papers were identified through multiple methods, including database searches, manual reviews of citations, recent publications, and special collections, as well as through peer recommendations. (
  • The results of this overview demonstrate an active interest in exploring the ethical implications of Human-Computer Interaction concerns in Biomedical Informatics. (
  • The HCI search terms included "human-computer interaction" and variants along with additional terms discussing interfaces, displays, user-centered design, and virtual systems. (
  • The two volume set LNCS 10271 and 10272 constitutes the refereed proceedings of 19th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction, HCII 2017, held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in July 2017. (
  • Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) provide a defined link between neural activity and devices, allowing a detailed study of the neural adaptive responses generating behavioral output. (
  • Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a revolutionary new area using EEG that is most use-ful for the severely disabled individuals for hands-off device control and commu-nication as they create a direct interface from the brain to the external environ-ment, therefore circumventing the use of peripheral muscles and limbs. (
  • Proceeding of the 7th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2017. (
  • In this descriptive, cross-sectional study, we used heuristic evaluation to examine the user interface design of a laboratory information system in an academic hospital affiliated with Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2017. (
  • Computers and communications solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with illustration samples, templates and vector stencils libraries with clip art of computers, control devices, communications, technology, Apple machines. (
  • Given that current software packages are neither affordable nor open to complex structured programming, we have developed a Matlab-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is fundamentally accessible while providing limitless avenues for further customization. (
  • Computer software developers team meeting and designing user interface. (
  • Foolishly trusting Microsoft to launch needed software that would run on the new Mac computers and to not steal them blind, Steve Jobs showed Gates the graphical interface. (
  • Average annual salary for a User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications) is $68392 based on statistics in the U.S. as of 2015. (
  • Bonuses for a User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications) are based on the years of experience using statistics from the U.S. as of 2015. (
  • These are the highest paying states for a User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications). (
  • This chart outlines the average annual salary of a User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications) from the past 5 years. (
  • Based on our stats gathered across the U.S. 31% of User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications)s were females while 69% were males. (
  • Learn user interfaces quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer software engineer online degree. (
  • Computer game interface, hi-tech software panel, aviation radar gps navigation screen display, center of target. (
  • Software engineers (SEs) are engineers who specialise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining the software in computer systems. (
  • The interface, designed to use Augmented Reality to facilitate learning, is composed of both specific software and hardware elements and provides useful information and assistance in Electronic Laboratories. (
  • This paper proposes the development of an AR software helping Computer Engineering students understand concepts and processes in embedded. (
  • The new software for Apple TV features a simpler and faster interface that gives you instant access to your favorite content," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of Internet Services. (
  • Because we have included a virtual keyboard into the software and will let you be able to make an accompaniment to your computer keyboard playing instantly! (
  • A low-code development platform can provide government agencies with a development environment using a graphical user interface rather than hand-coded computer program to create application software. (
  • If users do not know which GPT partition recovery software to choose, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard as it is professional partition table recovery software. (
  • You may install the software on up to two (2) computers. (
  • If you are installing the Software on behalf of the end user you must agree that you are acting as an agent of the end user customer before proceeding. (
  • Software may contain, or be modified to contain, computer code capable of automatically disabling proper operation or functioning of Software and/or the system upon which it is installed. (
  • The Desktop Modelling Toolkit, or DMT , is a software suite with a familiar user interface which scientists and researchers can use to develop complex geoscientific models and process them either locally or for larger problems using high-performance computing resources via the AuScope Grid. (
  • Geoscientific computational software is extremely complex and typically requires users to know how to program computing code - a limiting factor for many scientists who simply want to answer questions. (
  • At least computer hardware tends to be plug and play but it is still a far way to software interfaces which turn a computer into a tool pre-configered tool right away. (
  • Sorry English users this software was written in Spanish. (
  • IMSEAR at SEARO: Development of a computer software for easy storage and analysis of fibreoptic bronchoscopy data. (
  • RESULTS: The software has various modules for input and modification of data, as well as for generation of reports, and can work both on stand-alone personal computers and on networks. (
  • CONCLUSION: A user-friendly software providing uniform and complete data entry regarding fibreoptic bronchoscopic procedures was developed. (
  • The software would detect and warn users of dangerous drug interactions, but unbeknownst to physicians, the alerts stopped if the drug order was customized. (
  • Appendix A: Loading the SETS Software, describes how to load and run SETS on your computer. (
  • It also suggests computer hardware and software you can use to analyze the data. (
  • Describe three interfaces you interact with on a daily basis. (
  • In the early days of computing, the only way to interact with a computer was through the terminal. (
  • But today, many users interact with the computer via a graphical user interface (GUI). (
  • Computer peripherals that enable users to interact three dimensionally with objects in virtual environments, or with equipment being teleoperated, by receiving kinesthetic, tactile, and force feedback. (
  • As part of BIREME - Latin-American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information , BVS Homeopatia Brasil provides on the Internet an array of information resources to which users from all levels could have access, as well as interact with and browse this site regardiess of their physical location. (
  • Comparing Usability of User Interfaces to Collect Family Health History. (
  • Conduct user and design research including: usability studies, ethnographic field research, user surveys, prototype testing, competitive product analysis, and latest industry & design trend research. (
  • Despite widespread use of laboratory information systems, their user interface design has usability problems that diminish the quality of user interaction with these systems and may affect the quality of health care. (
  • Consideration of standards and principles for user interface design, such as the heuristics used in this study, could improve system usability. (
  • The course covers human capabilities, design principles, prototyping techniques, evaluation techniques, and the implementation of graphical user interfaces. (
  • The typical example is graphical user interfaces freezing and not redrawing themselves because they are waiting for some blocking part of the code to complete. (
  • Interfaces are where humans touch technology. (
  • But if Google Glass, an early step toward rudimentary augmented reality, taught us anything, it's that it's easy to get carried away and dream of the faraway potential of a new interface technology before it's ready . (
  • The symposium brings together user-interface researchers and practitioners with an interest in techniques, tools, and technology for constructing high-quality, innovative user interfaces. (
  • Kerr explained to his colleagues that the new technology would allow people to use two or three fingers instead of just one, and that it would afford much more sophisticated interfaces than simple single-finger button presses. (
  • Jack Gershfeld, a pioneer in computer video interfacing technology, founded ALTINEX in 1993. (
  • Our students have built successful careers in computer technology companies, on the art, design and development side of the game industry or have gone on to many of the nation's best graduate schools. (
  • Results from this work provide detailed descriptions of the user-centered design and system development and have heuristic value for those venturing into the area of technology-based intervention work. (
  • [ 1 ] Today, adaptive devices such as wheelchairs and lifts are now often interfaced with computer technology, providing better strategies for improving the patient's mobility. (
  • Currently, there is no framework available that fully captures the complexity of the multidimensional, multimodal, often latent interactions with these constantly shifting interfaces. (
  • The cookie is sent to the user's computer and it contains information that identifies the user. (
  • They allow information to be retained for a certain period of time and the user's computer to be identified. (
  • But as natural language interfaces develop they'll be able to speed up complex processes that involve a lot of typing - from medicine to finance. (
  • Finding more user-friendly ways to access data has always been important and, over the years, technological upgrades have included a leap from specialized languages (secret codes that only the computers and their overlords understood) to natural language interfaces ("Alexa, turn on the lights. (
  • Patrick Gage Kelley is a Ph.D. candidate in Computation, Organizations, and Society at Carnegie Mellon University's (CMU) School of Computer Science, who is co-advised by Lorrie Faith Cranor and Norman Sadeh. (
  • Operating Systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) , User Interfaces quiz questions for computer information science. (
  • Computer document which act as a contract between the developer and the customer is' MCQ PDF: user interfaces with choices sdd, dfd, srs, and dos for computer information science. (
  • Students learn to apply basic mathematics and science (including relevant Computer Science), as well as undertake disciplined testing and simulation to ensure that any system they design will perform its tasks adequately when delivered to a customer for use. (
  • Once the stuff of science fiction, brain-computer interfaces have been gaining attention lately in part due to Neuralink, run by Elon Musk. (
  • PSI is designed so that none of its users need expertise in privacy, computer science, or statistics. (
  • The interface provides scientists access to the Discrete Element Method code ESyS-Particle, developed by the Earth Systems Science Computational Centre (ESSCC) at University of Queensland. (
  • User-Computer Interface" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) . (
  • Both individuals and organizations that work with arXivLabs have embraced and accepted our values of openness, community, excellence, and user data privacy. (
  • It interprets data from different sensors and lets the user be involved in a virtual environment. (
  • The invention is an optically scanned data capture station which, on insertion of a document in the feed slot, automatically starts scanning and initiating a communications protocol with an attached computer. (
  • The scanned data are transmitted to the computer where they may be stored or transmitted further by means of a fax modem (cf. paragraph [0040] of the description). (
  • The computer comprises an optically scanned data capture station (scanner 19 in fig.3) for scanning a document which has been inserted in a slot 3. (
  • The one stop source powering User Requirements success, jam packed with ready to use insights for loaded all the data you need to decide how to gain and move ahead. (
  • We provide an overview of the design of PSI ("a Private data Sharing Interface"), a system we are developing to enable researchers in the social sciences and other fields to share and explore privacy-sensitive datasets with the strong privacy protections of differential privacy. (
  • Data visualization is here to conceptualize and simplify complex problems in user interface design. (
  • These cookies do not collect any data on the basis of which users can be identified. (
  • The user interface, called the TIMS Workplace, consists of a series of windows, dialog boxes, and program controls that enable you to enter data efficiently, retrieve it easily, and store it safely and securely. (
  • A graphical interface with structured data entry related to patient information and diagnosis, bronchoscopic findings and specimens obtained, and their reports were envisaged. (
  • The slightly increased time of data entry into the computer was more than made up by uniform and complete report generation. (
  • Users of the AIDS Public Information Data Set should be familiar with the characteristics of public-health surveillance in general as well as with the evolution of AIDS surveillance. (
  • Users who want to continue using these data with a statistical or data management package must first load SETS, and then use the SETS export feature to create and ASCII data file. (
  • If you are reading this guide, it probably means that you have been (or will be) asked to provide proof of your identity for access to some type of public health data or computer application operated by the U.S. (
  • Details on personalised ProACT CareApp: Accessed via an interactive device (e.g., a tablet or smartphone), this app displays users' health and wellbeing data as derived from the different measuring devices. (
  • Hardware requirements are not included provided they depend on external factors such as: amount of installed applications, estimated amount of system users, data storage, memory and processing specific requirements. (
  • The portion of an interactive computer program that issues messages to and receives commands from a user. (
  • Before the mouse, if you wanted to talk to a computer, you had to enter commands through a keyboard. (
  • Martin King, a physicist who had been working with Hawking on a new communication system, contacted a California-based company called Words Plus, whose computer program Equalizer allowed the user to select words and commands on a computer using a hand clicker. (
  • The actual controlling can be accomplished through a computer control system or any other device capable of sending commands. (
  • A command-line interface (CLI) is a computer program that processes commands in the form of text inputs and in turn executes system functions. (
  • This framework defines 5 relevant interaction levels to be considered during user research in all stages of the new product development process in order to optimize user experience. (
  • Optimize your product to give your users the best experience and you the market advantage. (
  • More specifically, the interaction context is defined in terms of user-object, user-user, user-content, user-platform and user-context interactions. (
  • The redesigned main menu on Apple TV gives users instant access to their favorite content. (
  • The term "you" refers to the user visiting the Site and/or contributing content on this Site. (
  • User Content" means Content that users submit, transmit through, or post in connection with the Site. (
  • Third Party Content" means Content that originates from parties other than or its users, which is made available in connection with the Site. (
  • Among other things, the Texas law prohibited large social media platforms (those with more than 50 million active users) from censoring content based on the users viewpoint. (
  • At that point Gates was driven to create a graphical interface that worked as well as the new Mac Operating System. (
  • User Interfaces Book' PDF: operating system structure, dos history, windows xp test prep to learn online certificate courses. (
  • Some interfaces release the potential of the system. (
  • And third, understanding how mechanisms such as dwell-time can still coexist in this space to offer both information level transitions and effective user interface (UI) selections that explicitly alter the system state - task transitions. (
  • Users can now watch iTunes Extras and iTunes LP in fullscreen with their Apple TV, as well as listen to Genius Mixes and Internet radio through their home theater system. (
  • Meanwhile Apple TV 3.0 users also gain the ability to listen to Genius Mixes through their home theater system and hear up to 12 endless mixes of songs that go together, automatically generated from their iTunes library. (
  • But then came AOL, cheap computers, and droves of dumbshits who found it difficult to handle the ability to keep track of the requisite drive numbering, and this, combined with most users' lack of a need for seven hard drives provided the incentive to create a simpler, and possibly cheaper, way of connecting disk drives to your system. (
  • The result was IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics), a system that allowed your computer to interface directly with the drives, by putting the 'smarts' right on the drive itself. (
  • This procedure, called login, uses your User Identification (User Id) and password to determine what features you have access to, and will provide the System Administrator a record of all TIMS activity. (
  • Can add, edit, and delete all tuberculosis and related information but cannot perform system administration duties, such as adding and deleting TIMS user accounts. (
  • A TIMS System Administrator assigns User Ids. (
  • PHIN VADS has standardized the attribute names and provides a consistent representation of all the SDO code system concepts via PHIN VADS user interface. (
  • Mechatronics Engineering is a modern discipline that transcends the boundaries between Embedded Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering. (
  • This is the design and implementation of sensor- and computer-equipped intelligent shoes. (
  • Results of search for 'su:{User-computer interface. (
  • I personally believe that mixed case is superior, at least for users without vision impairments. (
  • Connecting voice devices to a network infrastructure requires an in-depth understanding of signaling and electrical characteristics that are specific to each type of interface. (
  • User Interface Engineers Create and be accountable for the user interaction model, workflows, information architecture, prototypes, and guidelines for user interfaces. (
  • What grid computing does is simplify the access to high-performance computing for the user and developer of workflows by providing seamless and interoperable access to an array of high-performance computing resources. (
  • My work explores many aspects of how users make decisions regarding privacy, while my dissertation focuses on two specific areas: online privacy policies and mobile phone application permissions. (
  • When you are working with an application on your computer, you open it, do some changes and then you close it. (
  • Variables stored in a Session object hold information about one single user, and are available to all pages in one application. (
  • A session ends if a user has not requested or refreshed a page in the application for a specified period. (
  • A computer application is typically considered sensitive or non-public if the work that it does or the information it contains could cause loss, embarrassment, or harm if it was misused or widely known. (
  • If the computer application(s) you will be accessing via SAMS contain non-public information, you will automatically receive an Identity Verification Request from the CDC Proofing Authority following your successful registration. (
  • Create stunning user interfaces faster. (
  • That and some sort of clicking mechanism to create an event in time would allow the touches computer control without speech. (
  • As new technologies become available-for example, larger monitors with higher resolutions-a good foundation of knowledge about effective text treatment can help designers create usable user interfaces for them more quickly. (
  • Before partition or partition table recovery, users should remember not to create a new partition in the unallocated space or free space released by lost partitions, because it may make important files overwritten. (
  • In most cases, however, before you can buy a book or pay a bill for the first time, you will be asked to register and create a user account. (
  • Users are increasingly expected to manage complex privacy settings in their normal online interactions. (
  • This has resulted in a shift from manifest to latent interactions, where interactions between the human and the computer are becoming less visible. (
  • Before graphic user interfaces, text was the primary means of both input and output defining human-computer interactions. (
  • We identified relevant papers at the intersection of Biomedical Informatics, Human-Computer Interactions, and Ethics in over a dozen journals. (
  • If you're familiar with Microsoft's user interface design, you should know exactly how intuitive and pleasing these interactions will be. (
  • inproceedings{8560624, abstract = {{Computer interfaces have been diversifying: from mobile and wearable technologies to the human body as an interface. (
  • A background framework for supporting empathic approaches in designing is proposed and presents empathy in design as a process of four phases, and gives insight into what role the designer's own experience can play when having empathy with the user. (
  • The present introduction to the special issue on 'Empirical studies of the user experience' attempts to give a provisional answer to the question of what is meant by 'the user experience', and provides a cursory sketch of UX and how the authors think UX research will look like in the future. (
  • Web navigation : designing the user experience / Jennifer Fleming. (
  • IEEE websites place cookies on your device to give you the best user experience. (
  • This makes it possible to use serif fonts-as in a real paper book-improving the overall user experience. (
  • Pleasant user experience on any interface is crucial to adding and retaining users, but what's the best approach to solving UX design issues? (
  • Renny Gleeson wanted to take this unpleasant experience and turn it into something users can appreciate. (
  • Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, wants us to focus the whole user-experience with the concept he calls, "design thinking. (
  • Download our free ebook The Basics of User Experience Design to learn about core concepts of UX design. (
  • The user-centered design processes that are reported in this paper have been used in previous formative work (eg. (
  • Designers have been moving increasingly closer to the future users of what they design and the next new thing in the changing landscape of design research has become co-designing with your users. (
  • A Zerox research group conceived the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and someone showed it to a fresh face in the crowd who immediately saw the future Mac interface. (
  • Why, many of these same people wonder, can't they use networked computers to pay traffic tickets, research property records, or obtain government statistics? (
  • Implementation of algorithms in computer programming language. (
  • This product gives access to one remote user, in addition to an independent local access port, BIOS-level access, control of 16 servers, while providing virtual media with single power and single LAN. (
  • For remote access for more than two users, dual-AC power redundancy, centralized management of multiple KVMs, access via mobile phone, serial device management, dual-monitor support, or a dedicated user station, you may also be interested in the Raritan Dominion KX3 KVM switch series . (
  • Get full access to Intelligent Wearable Interfaces and 60K+ other titles, with free 10-day trial of O'Reilly. (
  • You can also store user preferences in the Session object, and then access that preference to choose what page to return to the user. (
  • In total, Apple TV users have direct access to a catalog of over 8,000 Hollywood films on iTunes including over 2,000 in HD video available for rent or purchase. (
  • Set up your web access user accounts so you can share your media files with friends and family. (
  • To gain access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), the user dials an access code, such as 9, from a telephone that is directly connected to a Cisco voice-enabled router or PBX. (
  • AuScope has created a grid computing platform which standardises access to high-performance computers regardless of the machine type. (
  • install cgi script, pull it up in your web browser, pick a level of detail and starting point, view ADSI objects, their property values, available methods/properties, implemented interfaces. (
  • Current solutions require consumers to read long documents or control complex settings buried deep in management interfaces. (
  • Because these mechanisms are difficult to use and have limited expressiveness, users often have little to no effective control. (
  • Even now, background noise and changes in the voice can confuse computer voice control. (
  • One, two or more touch points moving from point to point are converted to meaningful information that can control the computer. (
  • Instead of a keyboard and mouse, users could tap on the screen of the computer to control it. (
  • Signal Management Solutions™ is used to handle the routing of computer video, broadcast video, audio, and control signals in presentation systems which can range from a small meeting room to a multi-faceted large boardroom or conference room. (
  • In this manuscript, the Hu-man-Computer-Context Interaction (HCCI) framework is proposed. (
  • Despite their benefits, many studies have indicated problems with user interaction with these systems due to poor interface design. (
  • Synchronous modalities include real-time telephone or live audio-video interaction, typically with a patient using a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. (
  • When it comes of age, Werner thinks it'll merge with VR and change how we use computers. (
  • Analyze each interface you identified in Question one and assess how it adheres to Mandel's five golden rules. (
  • We present ARtention, a design space for gaze-input based interfaces for AR applications. (
  • However, being non-invasive, BCI designs are not necessarily limited to this user group and other applications for gaming, music, biometrics etc have been developed more recently. (
  • In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 22 (5) pp. 12-15. (
  • In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 21 (6) pp. 34-47. (
  • Many of the partner-facing computer applications at CDC work in a similar way. (
  • The wearable AR devices we've seen are yet a bit clunky, and they aren't likely to sweep away today's computer interfaces right away. (
  • Mezzmo is a free, fully featured media server that lets you stream all the movies, TV shows, music, photos and subtitles on your computer and NAS drives to your UPnP and DLNA devices in your home and outside your home. (
  • Install Mezzmo onto your computer today and start streaming all your favorite music, movies and photos to all your UPnP and DLNA-enabled devices in your home! (
  • 1) read and agree to the terms of this Agreement as authorized by the end user, or 2) you have made the end user aware of the license terms and the end user has explicitly accepted them. (
  • Researchers say that this could enhance the performance and longevity of emerging neural prosthetics, which allow paralyzed people to operate computers and robots with their minds. (
  • As the momentum for personalisation and recovery approaches grows, service users are increasingly participating as partners in all aspects of health social care delivery, policy making professional training. (
  • Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. (
  • I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on one of my systems and I am using the Unity interface. (
  • The desktop image allows you to try Ubuntu without changing your computer at all, and at your option to install it permanently later. (
  • The server install image allows you to install Ubuntu permanently on a computer for use as a server. (
  • How are your users and consumers changing their behavior? (
  • Are those that allow the analysis of user behavior on the Website. (
  • Ponathil A, Ozkan F, Bertrand J, Agnisarman S, Narasimha S, Welch B, Chalil Madathil K. An empirical study investigating the user acceptance of a virtual conversational agent interface for family health history collection among the geriatric population. (
  • For guidance on using the QVGA, take a look at the QVGA Controller Users Guide . (
  • In the old days, computers needed a controller card to manage how the information it needed to store was physically stored on the hard disk drive. (
  • Great design is born from studying the habits of your users, and the best inspiration can come from fellow designers. (
  • Edibon uses analytical, advertising and profiling cookies based on user browsing habits. (
  • The explicit purpose of targeting cookies is to show the user advertising which matches their surfing habits. (
  • User interface approaches implemented with automated patient deterioration surveillance tools: protocol for a scoping review. (
  • The impact on the daily life of people with dementia and their carers, the user friendliness and usefulness of a first prototype of DEM-DISC was evaluated. (
  • This graph shows the total number of publications written about "User-Computer Interface" by people in this website by year, and whether "User-Computer Interface" was a major or minor topic of these publications. (
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  • Like this user, some people may encounter GUID partition table damaged or lost issue. (
  • Main holders of the position of representative and substitutes shall be indicated by the homeopathic institutions, who must care to recommend responsible people who show interest and outstanding knowledge in this area, who know how to deal with computer programs and have time to execute their tasks, participate in teleconferences and online meetings. (
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  • Users can also choose from a selection of 11 million songs, 10,000 music videos and over 50,000 TV episodes to purchase directly from their Apple TV or browse and enjoy the iTunes Store podcast directory of over 175,000 free video and audio podcasts. (
  • Guide to Brain-Computer Music Interfacing. (
  • There have already been successful experiments with both eye contact interfaces and reading brain waves. (
  • The objective of this study is to qualitatively assess Chinese social media users' reactions to a health promotion campaign using Global Handwashing Day (GHD) 2012 as an example. (
  • Electronic health records (EHRs) can types of healthcare computer applica- tionship with other standards ( 1,12,13, be processed by computer and stored tions ( 12-14 ). (
  • Early user interfaces were designed with little or no consideration for the end user. (
  • The Virtual Rock Laboratory is a web-based intuitive user interface developed to allow the creation of a virtual laboratory to analyse rocks, specifically the mechanics of rocks. (
  • Or, the type of interface (plug)? (
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  • This study presents an Augmented Reality Interface for engineering education. (