The state of not being engaged in a gainful occupation.
Significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real gross domestic product, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. (National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc,, accessed 4/23/2009)
Fixed sums paid regularly to individuals.
The state of being engaged in an activity or service for wages or salary.
Reducing staff to cut costs or to achieve greater efficiency.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
The act of killing oneself.
Phenomenon of workers' usually exhibiting overall death rates lower than those of the general population due to the fact that the severely ill and disabled are ordinarily excluded from employment.
The level of health of the individual, group, or population as subjectively assessed by the individual or by more objective measures.
All deaths reported in a given population.
The science of utilization, distribution, and consumption of services and materials.
The state of legal insolvency with assets taken over by judicial process so that they may be distributed among creditors.
Training of the mentally or physically disabled in work skills so they may be returned to regular employment utilizing these skills.
Revenues or receipts accruing from business enterprise, labor, or invested capital.
The state of society as it exists or in flux. While it usually refers to society as a whole in a specified geographical or political region, it is applicable also to restricted strata of a society.
Financial assistance to impoverished persons for the essentials of living through federal, state or local government programs.
The state wherein the person is well adjusted.
A stratum of people with similar position and prestige; includes social stratification. Social class is measured by criteria such as education, occupation, and income.
Government sponsored social insurance programs.
Stress wherein emotional factors predominate.
Insurance designed to compensate persons who lose wages because of illness or injury; insurance providing periodic payments that partially replace lost wages, salary, or other income when the insured is unable to work because of illness, injury, or disease. Individual and group disability insurance are two types of such coverage. (From Facts on File Dictionary of Health Care Management, 1988, p207)
Educational attainment or level of education of individuals.
Elements of residence that characterize a population. They are applicable in determining need for and utilization of health services.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
The absence of certain expected and acceptable cultural phenomena in the environment which results in the failure of the individual to communicate and respond in the most appropriate manner within the context of society. Language acquisition and language use are commonly used in assessing this concept.
Crafts, trades, professions, or other means of earning a living.
Psychiatric illness or diseases manifested by breakdowns in the adaptational process expressed primarily as abnormalities of thought, feeling, and behavior producing either distress or impairment of function.
A situation in which the level of living of an individual, family, or group is below the standard of the community. It is often related to a specific income level.
City, urban, rural, or suburban areas which are characterized by severe economic deprivation and by accompanying physical and social decay.
The state of being retired from one's position or occupation.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
Studies in which variables relating to an individual or group of individuals are assessed over a period of time.
A demographic parameter indicating a person's status with respect to marriage, divorce, widowhood, singleness, etc.
Persons with physical or mental disabilities that affect or limit their activities of daily living and that may require special accommodations.
An absence from work permitted because of illness or the number of days per year for which an employer agrees to pay employees who are sick. (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1981)
Individuals who leave school, secondary or college, prior to completion of specified curriculum requirements.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
An excessive number of individuals, human or animal, in relation to available space.
Women who are engaged in gainful activities usually outside the home.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
The inhabitants of a city or town, including metropolitan areas and suburban areas.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
Living facilities for humans.
Variation in rates of disease occurrence and disabilities between population groups defined by socioeconomic characteristics such as age, ethnicity, economic resources, or gender and populations identified geographically or similar measures.
The level of governmental organization and function at the national or country-wide level.
The complex of political institutions, laws, and customs through which the function of governing is carried out in a specific political unit.
Insurance providing coverage of medical, surgical, or hospital care in general or for which there is no specific heading.
Federal, state, or local government organized methods of financial assistance.

Unemployment pre-dates symptoms of depression and anxiety resulting in medical consultation in young men. (1/580)

BACKGROUND: There is evidence to support a link between unemployment and lower levels of psychological well-being, but debate continues as to whether unemployment results in psychological morbidity, or whether the association is due to those who are more vulnerable to mental illness becoming unemployed. Here we assess the effect of recent and accumulated unemployment in young men on the risk of developing depression and anxiety leading to medical consultation. Adjustment was made for a measure of pre-existing tendency to depression, behavioural maladjustment, social class, qualifications and region of residence. METHODS: Some 3241 men from the National Child Development Study (the 1958 British birth cohort) with data from birth to age 33 years, collected at birth and ages 7, 11, 16, 23 and 33 years were used in these analyses. The outcome measure was onset age of anxiety or depression between ages 24 and 33 years, that resulted in consultation with a GP or a specialist. This was used in Cox proportional hazards models where two measures of unemployment were modelled as time varying covariates. Pre-existing tendency to depression was measured by the Malaise Inventory prior to the experience of unemployment at age 23 years. Two measures of unemployment were investigated: any unemployment in the year prior to onset (recent unemployment) and all accumulated unemployment prior to onset (divided into four categories: 0, 1-12, 13-36 and 37+ months of unemployment). RESULTS: After adjustment for potential confounding factors including pre-existing tendency to depression, the relative risk (RR) for developing symptoms resulting in consultation was 2.10 (95% CI: 1.21-3.63), when those who were unemployed in the year prior to onset were compared with those who were not. Accumulated unemployment was not statistically significantly related to onset of symptoms in all men after adjustment for the potential confounding factors: an RR of 1.63 (95% CI: 0.95-2.79) for men with 37+ months of accumulated unemployment when compared with none. However, exclusion of men with a pre-existing tendency to depression indicated by the Malaise Inventory score, increased the RR to 2.30 (95% CI: 1.44-3.65) for recent unemployment and 2.04 (95% CI: 1.17-3.54) for 37+ months of accumulated unemployment when compared with none. CONCLUSIONS: Unemployment is a risk factor for psychological symptoms of depression requiring medical attention, even in those men without previous psychological vulnerability.  (+info)

Predictors and consequences of unemployment in construction and forest work during a 5-year follow-up. (2/580)

OBJECTIVES: The study investigated whether indicators of health, work conditions, or life-style predict subsequent unemployment and also the unemployment consequences related to health or life-style. METHODS: A questionnaire was administered to 781 male construction and 877 male forest workers (aged 20-49 years and working at the beginning of the study) in 1989 and 1994. Employment status during follow-up was ranked into the following 4 categories according to the employment status and unemployment time: continuously employed, re-employed, short-term (< or = 24 months) unemployed and long-term (> or =24 months) unemployed. RESULTS: The following base-line factors were associated with long-term unemployment during follow-up among the construction workers: age >40 years, poor subjective health, smoking, frequent heavy use of alcohol, low job satisfaction, marital status (single), and unemployment during the year preceding the initial survey. Among the forest workers, age >40 years, frequent stress symptoms, and preceding unemployment entered the model. In addition smoking predicted unemployment among the forest workers with no preceding unemployment. The proportion of regular smokers decreased among the long-term unemployed. Physical exercise was more frequent at the time of follow-up than it was initially, particularly among the unemployed. Stress symptoms increased among the construction workers, but musculoskeletal symptoms decreased significantly among the long-term unemployed. Among the forest workers stress symptoms decreased among the continuously employed and re-employed persons, but musculoskeletal symptoms decreased significantly for them all. CONCLUSIONS: Unemployment among construction workers is to some extent dependent on life-style, health, and job satisfaction in addition to age, marital status, and unemployment history. For forest workers, unemployment is less determined by individual factors. Changes in distress and musculoskeletal symptoms are dependent on employment, particularly among construction workers.  (+info)

Social differences of very preterm birth in Europe: interaction with obstetric history. Europop Group. (3/580)

Social differences of very preterm birth (22-32 completed weeks of amenorrhea) were studied using data from a large case-control survey in Europe between 1994 and 1997; 1,675 very preterm births and 7,965 full-term births were included. The relation between social factors and very preterm birth was studied according to obstetric history and the mode of delivery onset. Very preterm birth was significantly related to low educational level among women with no previous adverse pregnancy outcome (odds ratio (OR) = 2.67, 95 percent confidence interval (CI) 1.66-4.28) and among primigravid women and those with previous first-trimester abortion (OR = 2.01, 95 percent CI 1.56-2.58). In this group, unemployment of all household members was associated with a double risk of very preterm birth. No significant association between very preterm birth and socioeconomic status was observed among women with previous second-trimester abortion or preterm birth. Socioeconomic indicators remained significantly associated with both spontaneous and induced very preterm births among women with no previous late fetal loss or preterm birth. The results are consistent with social factors affecting the risk of very preterm birth, but the relation differs according to obstetric history.  (+info)

Unemployment and foster home placements: estimating the net effect of provocation and inhibition. (4/580)

OBJECTIVES: This study sought, first, to explain and reconcile the provocation and inhibition theories of the effect of rising unemployment on the incidence of antisocial behavior. Second, it tested the hypothesis, implied by the provocation and inhibition theories, that the relationship between unemployment and foster home placements forms an inverted "U." METHODS: The hypothesis was tested with data from California for 137 months beginning in February 1984. RESULTS: Findings showed that the hypothesis was supported. CONCLUSIONS: Rising joblessness increases the incidence of foster home placements among families that lose jobs or income. Levels of joblessness that threaten workers who remain employed, however, inhibit antisocial behavior and reduce the incidence of foster home placements. This means that accounting for the social costs of unemployment is more complicated than assumed under the provocation theory.  (+info)

Premature mortality in the United States: the roles of geographic area, socioeconomic status, household type, and availability of medical care. (5/580)

OBJECTIVES: This study examined premature mortality by county in the United States and assessed its association with metro/urban/rural geographic location, socioeconomic status, household type, and availability of medical care. METHODS: Age-adjusted years of potential life lost before 75 years of age were calculated and mapped by county. Predictors of premature mortality were determined by multiple regression analysis. RESULTS: Premature mortality was greatest in rural counties in the Southeast and Southwest. In a model predicting 55% of variation across counties, community structure factors explained more than availability of medical care. The proportions of female-headed households and Black populations were the strongest predictors, followed by variables measuring low education, American Indian population, and chronic unemployment. Greater availability of generalist physicians predicted fewer years of life lost in metropolitan counties but more in rural counties. CONCLUSIONS: Community structure factors statistically explain much of the variation in premature mortality. The degree to which premature mortality is predicted by percentage of female-headed households is important for policy-making and delivery of medical care. The relationships described argue strongly for broadening the biomedical model.  (+info)

Trends in medical employment: persistent imbalances in urban Mexico. (6/580)

OBJECTIVES: This study examined the extreme medical unemployment and underemployment in the urban areas of Mexico. The conceptual and methodological approach may be relevant to many countries that have experienced substantial increases in the supply of physicians during the last decades. METHODS: On the basis of 2 surveys carried out in 1986 and 1993, the study analyzed the performance of physicians in the labor market as a function of ascription variables (social origin and gender), achievement variables (quality of medical education and specialty studies), and contextual variables (educational generation). RESULTS: The study reveals, despite some improvement, persistently high levels of open unemployment, qualitative underemployment (i.e., work in activities completely outside of medicine), and quantitative underemployment (i.e., work in medical activities but with very low levels of productivity and remuneration). The growing proportion of female doctors presents new challenges, because they are more likely than men to be unemployed and underemployed. CONCLUSIONS: While corrective policies can have a positive impact, it is clear that decisions regarding physician supply must be carefully considered, because they have long-lasting effects. An area deserving special attention is the improvement of professional opportunities for female doctors.  (+info)

Unemployment, depression, and health: a look at the African-American community. (7/580)

OBJECTIVES: While the unemployment rate of African-American people is more than twice that of the white population, the research on the impact of unemployment on the health of this population is scarce. This study analysed the impact of unemployment on depression and well being among African-American people, and the factors associated with well being. METHODS: Logistic and multiple regression models were used to analyse panel data collected in the National Survey of Families and Households 1987-1992. African-American (1369) and white (6660) respondents were analysed separately. Outcome variables included an index of depression and self reported health status. MAIN FINDINGS: Differences between employment and unemployment groups were less significant for African-Americans than for the white population in predicting depression and well being. Health enhancing factors such as education and wealth were significantly associated with better health and lower depression indices among the white population but not consistently so among African-Americans. Satisfaction with personal relationships was the strongest predictor of well being for both groups. CONCLUSION: Research should focus on the special needs and circumstances of African-Americans, because protective factors may not have the same impact in different groups of the population.  (+info)

The association of body mass index with social and economic disadvantage in women and men. (8/580)

BACKGROUND: Although an inverse relationship between socioeconomic status and body mass index (BMI) is well documented, broad population studies focusing on the association between BMI and various forms of disadvantage such as unemployment, low income or social isolation are rare. METHODS: A nationwide, representative sample of 25-64-year-old Finnish subjects (n = 6016) was classified according to their BMI into four groups: 'thin' (BMI < 20), 'normal' (BMI 20-24.9), 'overweight' (BMI 25-29.9) and 'obese' (BMI > or = 30). Multivariable analyses using logistic regression were conducted with this BMI-grouping as an independent variable to predict social and economic disadvantage, controlling simultaneously for age, educational attainment, region of residence, and limiting long-standing illness. RESULTS: In women, overweight was associated with current unemployment and obesity with long-term unemployment as well as absence of close friends outside the family circle. Both overweight and obesity were associated with low individual earnings. Obese women were also most likely to have low household disposable and individual incomes; a similar pattern was seen among thin women. A small subgroup of thin men were socially and economically disadvantaged with all our indicators whereas excess body weight was not problematic for men. CONCLUSIONS: Deviant body weight is associated with social and economic disadvantage in a gender-specific and partly curvilinear way. In particular, obese women face multiple social and economic disadvantage.  (+info)

Where are the lowest unemployment rates for African Americans? Massachusetts and Virginia, both at 3.8 percent.. Nebraska had the highest Hispanic state unemployment rate at 5.9 percent. Connecticut came up next with a 5.7 percent rate. Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Washington state all had rates of 5.6 percent. The Hispanic unemployment rate was lower than the rates for whites in two states: In Colorado, Hispanic workers unemployment rate was 2.3 percent, and the rate for white workers, 2.9 percent; while in Georgia, Hispanic workers unemployment rate was slightly lower than whites, at 2.8 percent compared to 3 percent for white workers. (Hispanic unemployment rate estimates are available for 24 states and the District of Columbia.). West Virginia has the highest unemployment rate for whites at 5 percent; the lowest is Hawaiis 1.2 percent. In September, the national unemployment rate was 3.7 percent, down from 4 percent at the end of the second quarter of 2018. Nationally in the third quarter of ...
In addition to the national tables, we analyzed state data in seven large states (California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas). In 2002, these seven states had slightly less than half of all the long-term unemployed workers in the nation. Except for Florida and Texas, all have above-average state unemployment rates.. Some general observations can be made about these seven states. First, workers in these large states are more likely to be long-term unemployed than workers in the rest of the nation. Moreover, these states have all experienced substantial increases in long-term unemployment; New Jersey saw long-term unemployment increase by 27,000 workers between 2000 and 2002, while California saw long-term unemployment increase by 120,000 workers during the same period. To compare these states, we also present the proportion of jobless college graduates and black workers who have been out of work for more than six months. On a national level, these two groups happen ...
This paper examines the relation between unemployment and CVD mortality in European Union countries during the first decade of the 21st century. Two separate studies are summarized, focusing on increased heart disease and stroke mortality rates as potential outcomes of the greatly extended unemployment rate during 2000 - 2010 and especially the Great Recession of 2007 - 2009. Unemployment rates and mortality from two cardiovascular illnesses are viewed in pooled cross-sectional analyses over the range of EU countries. In addition to the unemployment rate, other economic variables, expressing the Recession, are studied in relation to cardiovascular mortality over multiple years in a pooled cross-sectional time-series analysis with random effects. The principal finding is that increases in the unemployment rate are related to increased heart disease and stroke mortality. Controlling for other labour market variables, such as labour force participation, as well as gross domestic product (GDP) per capita
When the District metro area is taken into consideration, the unemployment rate is approximately 3.9 percent. Comparable metros such as Boston, New York City and Atlanta, have unemployment rates of 3.5 percent, 4.6 percent and 5.3 percent, respectively.. In real economies, people commute across state lines, and for the metropolitan area the unemployment rate is actually substantially lower than the national average. Its 3.9 percent, and its actually one of the better labor markets if you look at the entire metro area, Hanson said.. Hanson added that the unemployment rate within the District tends to be higher due to the low-income populations living within the city and not in the surrounding metro area.. What makes it slightly worse in the city as opposed to the entire metro area is that the population is a little bit lower income, is a little bit less educated and has a bit harder time finding work compared to the broader metro area, Hanson said.. Hanson also suggested that reducing the ...
Unemployment Rate in Gambia is expected to be 29.60 percent by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Gambia Unemployment Rate is projected to trend around 15.00 percent in 2020, according to our econometric models. In Gambia, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force. This page provides the latest reported value for - Gambia Unemployment Rate - plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term forecast and long-term prediction, economic calendar, survey consensus and news.
Countries Compared by Labor > Unemployment rate. International Statistics at, CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011. Aggregates compiled by NationMaster. Retrieved from Countries Compared by Labor > Unemployment rate. International Statistics at, CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011. Aggregates compiled by NationMaster. 2001-2010. ,,.. Countries Compared by Labor > Unemployment rate. International Statistics at, CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011. Aggregates compiled by NationMaster., ,, [assessed 2001-2010]. Countries Compared by Labor > Unemployment rate. International Statistics at, CIA World ...
The article includes an analysis of differences in attitudes towards work in conditions of imprisonment and among employed and long-term unemployed men not detained in prison.The results of the analysis showed a moderate interaction effect of the factors: imprisonment and unemployment (F (1.407) = 6.16, p <0.05, Eta 2 = 0.36). It turned out that the environment of prison isolation and unemployment are mutually related, and the least favorable attitudes towards were shown by the men serving imprisonment sentence, having at the same time no employment opportunities.
Introduction: Unemployment cause poor health and poor health leads to unemployment. Those who are sedentary and experience unemployment may also experience negative effects on their physical and mental health such as obesity followed by cardiac illness, reduced muscle strength, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. All these factors can be categorised under physical and mental health, which are the essential factors for an optimal work ability.. Methods: Our methods were to assess seven subjects (n = 7) of three male and four females, with the mean age of 35 ± 10 (25-54), who were all sedentary and long-term unemployed. These subjects were all part of a project organised by Halmstad Fastighet AB-Bureau (HFAB-Bureau) were they were undergoing education, coaching for employment and learning to apply for job. Our part in this project was to provide eight weeks of physical training to the subjects to reinforce their physical health which in turn supposed to improve their mental health. They were ...
Data & statistics on Youth Unemployment Rate by State: US Unemployment Rate, Annex table 8: Youth unemployment indicators, Total and youth unemployment rates (%), 1Q09...
Neighbourhood unemployment was used as an indicator of area deprivation in all studies. Although it was measured in essentially the same way in most countries the utility of unemployment as a marker of the area features directly relevant to health may differ between countries. We assessed the correlation coefficients between neighbourhood unemployment and other indicators of neighbourhood deprivation in all countries. Neighbourhood unemployment correlated inversely with neighbourhood income (−0.51,r,−0.77, p,0.01) in all studies with available data (all but Whitehall II) and with the percentage owner occupied dwellings (−0.43,r,−0.79, p,0.01) (available in all studies but Madrid), although the second association was not significant for Turin. Although these correlations suggest that unemployment is related to other measures of area deprivation in a similar direction in all countries, there may be differences in the country specific environmental correlates of area unemployment. Inclusion ...
Three types of unemployment can be distinguished by their causes. Frictional unemployment is the normal churning of the job market; people enter the labor force from school or home, and spend time looking for the best job. Most frictional unemployment is voluntary and is desirable to keep the economy working. Seasonal unemployment refers to jobs that operate at certain seasons, such as construction and tourism industries. Because teachers are paid during summer vacation, they are not counted as unemployed in the summertime. The normal unemployment rate (frictional plus seasonal) is about 3% to 4%. Unemployment insurance is designed to help people smooth over their financial needs during frictional and seasonal unemployment. Structural unemployment is much more serious. It means a mis-match of jobs and workers. For example, there may be jobs in the cities and unemployment in mining or logging areas, but people are reluctant to move because of family ties. There may be jobs available in some ...
Dear Representative: On behalf of the National Education Associations (NEA) 3.2 million members, we again urge your support for legislation that would extend unemployment benefits for workers who have exhausted their regular unemployment benefits. We were disappointed that the House failed to pass this legislation earlier this week under suspension of the rules. Votes associated with this issue may be included in the NEA Legislative Report Card for the 110th Congress.. For five consecutive months, the U.S. economy has lost jobs, for a total loss of over 300,000 jobs. Just last month, the unemployment rate saw its biggest one-month increase in over 20 years. Currently, over 1.5 million workers are long-term unemployed, meaning they have been jobless for over six months.. Long-term unemployed individuals receive neither a paycheck nor unemployment benefits. And, rising gas and food prices are making it even harder for them to meet their families even most basic needs. Extension of the ...
Downloadable! While many commentators perceive unemployment to be a key risk factor for intimate partner violence, the empirical evidence remains limited. We combine individual-level data from the British Crime Survey (BCS) with local labor market data to estimate the effects of total and gender-specific unemployment rates on domestic violence. The analysis uses the substantial variation in the increase in unemployment across areas, gender, and age-groups associated with the onset of the latest recession. Our main specification links a womans risk of being abused to the unemployment rate among females and males in her local area and age group. Our results suggest that male and female unemployment have opposite-signed effects on domestic violence: while female unemployment increases the risk abuse, unemployment among males has the opposite effect. The result is shown to be robust to the inclusion of a wide set of control and also remains when we instrument for male and female unemployment using shift
Albany, NY (March 10, 2015) - The New York State Department of Labor today released preliminary local area unemployment rates for January 2015. Rates are calculated following procedures prescribed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The states unemployment rate relies in part on the results of the Current Population Survey, which contacts approximately 3,100 households in New York State each month. The states private sector job count increased by 150,800 from January 2014 to January 2015. In January 2015, the number of private sector jobs in the state was 7,733,100, an all-time high. The states private sector job count is based on a payroll survey of 18,000 New York employers conducted by the U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, the states seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.8% in January 2015, its lowest level since September 2008. ...
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said in Illinois on Monday that he was not concerned about the unemployment rate because it wasnt the governments duty to create jobs.. We need a candidate whos going to be a fighter for freedom, he said during a campaign speech, who is going to get up and make that the central theme in this race because it is the central theme in this race. I dont care what the unemployment rates going to be, he continued. Doesnt matter to me. My campaign doesnt hinge on unemployment rates and growth rates. Its something more foundational thats going on. We have one nominee who says he wants to run the economy. What kind of conservative says that the president runs the economy? What conservative says Im the guy, because of my economic experience, that can create jobs? I dont know. We conservatives generally think that government doesnt create jobs. That what government does is create an atmosphere for jobs to be created in the private ...
Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 223,000 in May, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.8 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in several industries, including retail trade, health care, and construction.. Household Survey Data. The unemployment rate edged down to 3.8 percent in May, and the number of unemployed persons declined to 6.1 million. Over the year, the unemployment rate was down by 0.5 percentage point, and the number of unemployed persons declined by 772,000.. Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (3.5 percent), Blacks (5.9 percent), and Asians (2.1 percent) decreased in May. The jobless rates for adult women (3.3 percent), teenagers (12.8 percent), Whites (3.5 percent), and Hispanics (4.9 percent) changed little over the month.. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was little changed at 1.2 million in May and accounted for 19.4 percent of the ...
A major benefit of education is the lower risk of unemployment at higher educational levels. In PSID (Panel Study of Income Dynamics) data on the male labor force1 the reduction of the incidence of unemployment is found to be far more important than the reduced duration of unemployment in creating the educational differentials in unemployment rates. In turn, the lesser unemployment incidence of the more educated workers is, in about equal measure, due to their greater attachment to the firms employing them, and to the lesser risk of becoming unemployed when separated from the firm. The lesser frequency of job turnover of more educated workers, which creates fewer episodes of unemployment, is in large part attributable to more on-the-job training. In explaining the lesser conditional unemployment of educated workers and the somewhat shorter duration of their unemployment, indirect evidence is provided that (1) costs of on-the-job search for new employment relative to costs of searching while ...
Downloadable! There are few studies on unemployment duration in developing countries. This is the first study on duration aspect of unemployment in Turkey. We use the results of the Household Labor Force Surveys of 2000 and 2001 to construct a cross-section of durations of unemployment spells. We analyze the determinants of probability of leaving unemployment or the hazard rate. The effects of the personal and household characteristics and the local labor market conditions are examined. Non-Parametric and parametric estimation methods are used, controlling for the unobserved heterogeneity. Two alternative definitions of unemployment are considered. The analyses are carried out for men and women separately. Our results indicate that women are experiencing higher unemployment durations then men. Age has a negative and education has a positive effect on the hazard rate. The effect of the local unemployment rate is large and negative. Duration dependence of the exit rate from unemployment is different for
This PPI fact sheet highlights the employment and unemployment situation for persons aged 55 and older as of December 2009. The unemployment rate for the total aged 16+ remained unchanged at 10 percent. However, 29,000 more persons aged 55 and over were unemployed in December than in November, bringing the total unemployment rate for this group up to 7.2 percent from 7.1 percent.
AIMS: To examine the relation between unemployment rates in area of residence and all-cause mortality, taking the individuals unemployment experience and a number of social and behavioural factors into account. METHODS: Prospective cohort study with record linkage to mortality and unemployment registers. Data were pooled data from two population studies conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark. The association between unemployment at parish level and mortality was examined in Cox proportional hazard analysis. A total of 15 980 men and women, aged 20-67 years and employed at 1 January 1980, were studied. All-cause mortality was followed from January 1981 to December 1998. RESULTS: The unemployment rate in the area of residence was associated with increased mortality (hazard ratio(highest v lowest quartile) 1.35:0.14-1.60) even after adjustment for individuals unemployment experience in 1980, which was also a risk factor (hazard ratio(yes/no) 1.38:1.16-1.64). These estimates attenuated somewhat when ...
Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes today the results of the Labour Force Survey for the second quarter of 2020. While the Covid-19 pandemic did not cause major changes in labour market indicators in the first quarter of 2020, it did so in the second quarter. The employment rate is decreasing but, at the same time, the ILO unemployment rate continues to fall. This ILO unemployment rate is drawn up in accordance with the definitions of the International Labour Office, in order to ensure comparability of results at international level. ILO unemployed are people who do not have a job, are actively looking for work and are available to start work within two weeks[1]. Contrary to administrative unemployment rates, which are on the rise, the ILO unemployment rate decreases in the second quarter of 2020 due to the fact that part of the unemployed people are no longer looking for work or are no longer available to start work within two weeks, for example because they have to take care of ...
Despite adding 2,200 jobs in January, Colorados unemployment rate hit a record level, even surpassing the national average.. The Colorado unemployment rate increased from a revised 8.9 in December percent to 9.1 percent in January. The national unemployment rate dropped from 9.4 percent to 9 percent over the same period.. Its the highest unemployment rate since the 8.8 percent recorded in January 1983.. We havent achieved balance between number of people looking for work and the number of jobs available for them, said Bill Thoennes, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.. Margaret Jackson: 303-954-1473 or [email protected] ...
WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. employers added 171,000 jobs in October and hiring was stronger over the previous two months than first thought. The unemployment rate inched up to 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent in September because some workers who had given up re-entered the search for jobs. The Labor Departments last look at hiring before Tuesdays election sketched a picture of a job market that is searching for any momentum after nearly stalling in the spring. Since July, the economy has created an average of 173,000 jobs a month, up from 67,000 a month from April through June. Still, President Barack Obama will face voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since Franklin Roosevelt. The rate ticked up because more people without jobs started looking for work. The government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively searching.
NOTE THE INTRODUCTION WILL BE EXTENDED ONCE THE BODY OF THE CHAPTER IS COMPLETED] 11.2 Categories of Unemployment. Economists have long used taxonomies to organise their thoughts about unemployment. Two often used categorisations focus on the distinction between frictional, structural, cyclical (demand-deficient), and seasonal categories, on the one hand; and, the distinction between voluntary and involuntary unemployment on the other hand.. These taxonomies can cut across each other and neither one is better than the other. The categorisation system depends on the purpose of the analysis. In general, economists have married these categorisation frameworks into broader theoretical discussions which seek to explain why unemployment arises, whether it is a problem or not, and what can be done about it via policy interventions should we consider it to be a problem.. The most popular typology used to describe unemployment distinguishes between frictional, structural, cyclical (demand-deficient), and ...
MADISON Wisconsin s unemployment rate ticked up in September, increasing from 3.4 percent to 3.5 percent.. The state Department of Workforce Development reported the employment information on Thursday. It remains below the national unemployment rate of 4.2 percent.. The state gained 5,900 private sector jobs between August and September.. Workforce Development Secretary Ray Allen says the 2.5 million people working in private sector jobs in September is an alltime high.. Allen says Wisconsin is more than ready to meet the workforce needs of current and future employers. Wisconsin has been struggling with a well-documented workforce shortage problem. As of Thursday, there were more than 102,000 job openings posted on the state s official jobs website.. Walker has also emphasized the need to tackle the worker shortage problem, making it a focus of his second term. ...
The most important item in this report is the drop in the unemployment rate below 6%. [Fed Chair Janet] Yellen has said there is only so much slack if the unemployment rate falls below 6%, said Christopher Low, chief economist at FTN Financial in New York.. The Feds stimulus program, known as quantitative easing, is due to end this month. Its aim was to keep long-term interest rates low using the purchase of bonds, and thus to boost spending.. The Federal Reserve has indicated it will raise short term interest rates if the economy continues to grow. Janet Yellen has given no firm date for the rise, but the Fed has said the move will come a considerable time after the stimulus program ends.. The Labor Department said 69,000 more jobs were created in July and August than previously estimated. It also said nearly 100,000 jobseekers stopped looking for work in September.. The largest rise in employment was in professional and business services, including management and legal services, which ...
Economists were not expecting for the US economy to create a lot of jobs in June, but they did reckon north of 100,000 workers, net of layoffs, would be added to the labor pool last month. They guessed wrong. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US economy only added 18,000 jobs, less than one-tenth the amount needed to just keep up with population growth and the lowest number of jobs added to the economy in the past nine months.. The unemployment rate, which is calculated separately, rose by a tenth of a point to 9.2 per cent, and there are 14.1 million people who cant find work in the United States. It would take somewhere on the order of 4 per cent GDP growth for a year to knock one point off the unemployment rate, and the consensus is that GDP might grow at 3 per cent this year. So this morning the Obama administration is scrambling to do damage control while it is in the midst of stalled budget negotiations.. If you are a Keynesian, you can blame governments in two ways for the ...
A rise in unemployment rates has been linked to a rise in suicides in all regions of the world, and was most pronounced in countries that normally had relatively lower unemployment rates.
Denmark Youth Unemployment Rate historical data, charts, stats and more. Denmark Youth Unemployment Rate is at 10.00%, compared to 9.50% last month and 12.70% last year. This is lower than the long term average of 10.19%..
Edinburgs unemployment rate for May 2016 of 4.5 percent marked the eighth consecutive month that the city posted a figure lower than five percent, with McAllen, with a 4.4 percent unemployment rate for May 2016, being the only other Valley city under five percent, the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation has announced.
Scranton city workers putting in a full week of work for minimum wage may be eligible for partial unemployment compensation, and some are considering it.. Attorneys specializing in unemployment compensation are divided on city workers potential eligibility. Officials at the state Department of Labor and Industry, which administers unemployment compensation, refuse to comment on what criteria would apply to the city workers situation. We are considering asking our members to sign up, but hoping this gets resolved in a quick manner, said Sam Vitris, head of the city Department of Public Works. Whether they are eligible or not, may be another story.. They may have a good chance, said John Gallagher, a Philadelphia-based attorney specializing in unemployment compensation. While being unemployed is an important criterion, he said, so is compensation. The purpose for unemployment compensation is to provide a cushion for sudden and severe loss of wages, he said. Partial unemployment is common ...
In Study I, transitions between three labour market states over a period of 15 years among individuals who initially (1995) had no or limited income from work were studied. This state was defined as jobless and consisted mostly of individuals on long-term unemployment. The three studied states were; 1) Jobless (i.e., the inclusion criteria), 2) Self-sufficient (main income from work), and 3) Disabled (main income from the Swedish sickness insurance system). Fifteen years later, more than half of the study population were mainly self-sufficient (i.e., their main income was from work) whereas a smaller proportion were dependent on benefits from the unemployment office or sickness insurance benefits. The results indicated a health selection in transitions from jobless to other states. Those with low morbidity were subsequently to a higher degree in paid work compared to those with high morbidity, who were more likely to be unemployed or on sickness insurance benefits. Transitions into ...
In this prospective study of almost 15 000 adults from a metropolitan area with high rates of unemployment we found that local unemployment rates and individuals unemployment experience were both associated with increased all-cause mortality after adjustment for a number of social and behavioural factors. The relation between unemployment and mortality at the individual level is well established,1,2-5 and our risk estimates were consistent with previous studies. The present study also showed that the effect increased with the number of years unemployed in both men and women. The mechanisms by which unemployment can affect health involve material circumstances (financial strain), psychosocial factors, and selection. The reduction in income that accompanies job loss is typically large enough to require substantial financial adjustments by those involved. This seems to lead to both material deprivation and psychological distress. Occupation is considered one of the core social roles with profound ...
Its not a surprise that if you cut either the amount of unemployment benefit, or the time they can receive it, then someone who is unemployed will find a new job more quickly. Richard Layard has for decades been pointing out that Europes generally higher long term unemployment rate, while short term unemployment is about the same, compared to the US is a result of our unemployment benefits not being time limited, theirs being so.. However, theres another point to be made here, which is that we dont want someone unemployed simply to take any job at all as a result of fearing starvation. We would rather that theres enough support, and thus enough time, for round pegs to find round holes. Thus theres an argument for generous support for a considerable period of time.. But how generous and how considerable? Rather less than many think perhaps:. Newly unemployed Floridians receive less generous jobless benefits for fewer weeks than allotted in most states.. The result? They find new employment ...
By Natalie Spievack, Jorge González, Steven Brown. Since the national emergency declaration for COVID-19, more than 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance, and economic forecasts place the United States on the path to recession. No group has escaped the devastating economic effects of COVID-19, but todays US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report on nationwide, industry-level job loss data (the first evidence showing how racial and ethnic groups have fared across industries amid COVID-19) show that job losses have hit Latinx workers harder than any other group.. For the first time since 1973, when the BLS began tracking unemployment by ethnicity, the Latinx unemployment rate is the highest of all racial and ethnic groups, at 18.9 percent in April. The unemployment rate is 16.7 percent for Black people, 14.5 percent for Asian people, and 14.2 percent for white people (though its likely even higher for all groups, as these survey data reflect responses collected during the ...
For release 10:00 a.m. (EDT) Friday, March 20, 2020 USDL-20-0453 Technical information: Employment: (202) 691-6559 * [email protected] * Unemployment: (202) 691-6392 * [email protected] * Media contact: (202) 691-5902 * [email protected] METROPOLITAN AREA EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT -- JANUARY 2020 Unemployment rates were lower in January than a year earlier in 292 of the 389 metropolitan areas, higher in 77 areas, and unchanged in 20 areas, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. A total of 51 areas had jobless rates of less than 3.0 percent and 4 areas had rates of at least 10.0 percent. Nonfarm payroll employment increased over the year in 31 metropolitan areas, decreased in 1 area, and was essentially unchanged in the remaining 357 areas. The national unemployment rate in January was 4.0 percent, not seasonally adjusted, down from 4.4 percent a year earlier. This news release presents statistics from two monthly programs. The civilian labor force and ...
Getting food stamps for unemployed workers does require paperwork and an interview with a social worker. But many people who arent working will likely qualify for food stamps and possibly even additional cash assistance. Read on to find important guidelines regarding food stamps for unemployed workers.
A number of Congressional Democrats continue to push for an extension of unemployment benefits. The HEROS Act proposed by Congresswoman Nita Lowey, a Democrat from New York, would extend the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation to Jan. 31, 2020. It would also pave the way for a second stimulus payment. The Worker Relief and Security Act has been proposed by Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Colorado; Sen. Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island; and Rep. Don Beyer, a Democrat from Virginia. It would extend unemployment benefits until President Trump declares the state of emergency for COVID-19 is over. At that point, benefits would continue for another 30 days and then come to a close. Those still on unemployment would still receive weekly funds - but the amount would be reduced over the course of 13 weeks depending on the unemployment rate of each state. Both proposals have been opposed by Senate Republicans including Sen. Mitch McConnel from Kentucky and Sen. Lindsey Graham from South ...
THE Scottish unemployment rate increased to 8.2 per cent in the last three months - making it slightly worse than the UK rate of 8.1 per cent.
Last week, I argued that the Federal Reserve doesnt seem to care much about high unemployment. Apparently, very few other people in Washington do, eit ...
From the early 1970s until the early 1990s, rises in the unemployment rate reflected the business cycle, as well as industry and organisation restructuring. A further notable characteristic of the unemployment rate during this period was the persistence of relatively high rates of unemployment following economic downturns. In 1975 the unemployment rate stood at 4.9%, reaching 6.3% in 1978 and 1979. This higher rate of unemployment was not reversed in the early 1980s. By 1983 the Australian economy had experienced another economic recession and the effects were manifested in a substantial increase in the unemployment rate to 10.0%. The unemployment rate recovered to 6.2% in 1989. It then increased again, reaching a peak of 10.9% in 1993 following the severe economic downturn of 1990-91. The unemployment rate has been generally falling since then. By 1999 it had fallen to 7.2%, slightly higher than it was near the beginning of the century. ...
Estonia Youth Unemployment Rate historical data, charts, stats and more. Estonia Youth Unemployment Rate is at 12.00%, compared to 11.40% last month and 12.00% last year. This is lower than the long term average of 18.70%..
The President with the worst average unemployment rate since World War II is? Barrack Obama: 8.86% Average Unemployment Rates For US Presidents since...
Youth unemployment in Bulgaria in August 2013 was 26.2 per cent, a figure lower than the 28.2 per cent recorded in August 2012 - but in both cases, representing about 65 000 young people.. The figures were released on October 1 by EU statistics office Eurostat.. The youth unemployment rate is the number of people aged 15 to 24 unemployed as a percentage of the labour force of the same age, in the method used by Eurostat. This explains why roughly the same figure for the number of unemployed young people produces a different percentage.. In August 2013, 5.499 million under-25s were unemployed in the 28-member European Union, of whom 3.457 million were in the euro zone.. Compared with August 2012, youth unemployment decreased by 123 000 in the EU28 and by 52 000 in the euro area.. In August 2013, the youth unemployment rate was 23.3 per cent in the EU28 and 23.7 per cent in the euro area, compared with 23.1 per cent and 23.4 per cent, respectively, in August 2012.. In August 2013, the lowest rates ...
By Lidia Farre, Francesco Fasani and Hannes Mueller; Abstract: This article documents a strong connection between unemployment and mental distress using data from the Spanish
Another thing to keep in mind is one of the first concepts we teach students in introductory statistics and research courses: correlation is not causation. We cannot make the claim that one variable in this equation causes the other variable, even though they clearly seem to be associated with one another. In fact, we know that unemployment rates do not cause the top marginal tax rates to be what they are at any given time. Top marginal tax rates are set (caused) by the laws implemented by state and federal legislatures. Even if one were to argue that law makers decisions on tax policies are influenced by unemployment rates, the election cycle and legislative cycle normally play out over a number of years, sometimes decades, when unemployment often fluctuates a great deal, so it is not reasonable to contend that unemployment rates cause the marginal tax rates to be what they are. However, it is quite plausible that top marginal tax rates have a causal effect on the unemployment rate, ...
The labor force participation rate increased from 62.7 percent to 62.9 percent in January as the number of people not in the labor force declined from 92,898,000 in December to 92,544,000 in January, and the unemployment rate ticked up
As EPIs Elise Gould pointed out back in January, a key barrier to translating overall economic growth in recent decades into rapid poverty reduction has been the rise in income inequality. Were economic growth more broadly shared, the poverty rate would be much lower. Here we make the case that this rise in inequality has large policy fingerprints all over it. Todays data on income and poverty from the Census Bureau shows how a recent policy choice-specifically cutting back on unemployment insurance (UI) in recent years-has stalled poverty reduction.. Unemployment insurance is a key plank of the American social insurance system. During the ferocious period of job loss and historically high unemployment during and immediately after the Great Recession, policymakers responded by significantly expanding the duration of benefits, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) included boosts to the generosity of benefits as well. The result was that in 2009, UI benefits kept 3.3 million ...
During the 1990s Finland experienced a great economic recession which lasted until 1997. As a result unemployment rate in Finland rose to 17 percent in 1997 from 3.4 percent in 1990. However, due to the stable income distribution within the Finnish society, health and social services for the unemployed were not compromised. This chapter deals with the relationship of unemployment and mortality rate in this country. In studying the said relation between the two variables, two things must be kept in mind: first, unemployment contributes to higher mortality rate due to psychosocial stress and that people who can be included in the mortality rate are among those who are not likely to be employed. The study uses data gathered at the municipal level.
The unemployment rate in Arkansas in July was again 3.4 percent, a record low level in place since May. The labor force added more than 9,000 jobs.
Kansas labor officials say the states unemployment rate increased in February to a seasonally adjusted 4.9 percent, up from 4.8 percent in January. Thats the third consecutive month the rate has been below 5 percent.
San Diego Countys unadjusted unemployment rate fell to 3.4% in August from an adjusted 3.6% in July, according to data released Friday by the …
Center for American Progress, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality, and National Employment Law Project release report on updating unemployment insurance for a 21st century economy and establishing a new Jobseekers Allowance.. Washington, D.C. - Today, three leading organizations dedicated to bolstering economic security and opportunity released a set of new proposals to strengthen unemployment protections for Americas working families. The Center for American Progress, the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality, and the National Employment Law Project introduced a comprehensive package of reforms to modernize the unemployment insurance, or UI, system. These reforms would enhance worker mobility, reduce unemployment, protect independent contractors for the first time, and better prepare the economy to withstand unexpected downturns.. UI was a vital tool for both family economic security and national economic stability during the Great Recession and continues to help working ...
For the week ending Jan. 17, residents filed 11,301 new claims, far fewer than the one-week record of more than 18,000 filed in January 1992.The 86,467 people who collected benefits during the week ending Jan. 10 was the third-highest in the states history, according to the Connecticut Department of Labor.|br/||br/|116,000 people collected unemployment insurance; the highest total ever was during a week in January 1975, when almost 121,000 collected unemployment.On a positive note, the number of Connecticut residents who collected during the week ending Jan. 17 was down 3,000 from the previous week, to 83,3876.The money that funds the unemployment insurance program comes from two taxes employers pay into the state trust fund, according to George Wentworth, the Connecticut Department of Labors director of program policy.According to Wentworth, theres an experience tax, which is based on the number of employees the employer sends to the unemployment line who actually collect benefits.|br/||br/|Ford
Theres an old saying among black activists in terms of unemployment, When the nation catches a cold, we (blacks) get pneumonia, said David Bositis, a senior political analyst at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.. Blacks and Hispanics have been hit the hardest by the economic recession. Since Sept. 11, President George W. Bush has done well in reassuring the nation that all will be well, against terrorism that is. However, that does not extinguish the fact that the United States economy is in the worst slump its seen in almost a decade.. According to, the unemployment rate for Hispanics in December was 7.9 percent, the highest its been since July 1997. The unemployment rate for blacks was 10.2 percent - twice that of whites. Also, there are many undocumented minority workers, which means that the unemployment rates could be even higher.. Minorities occupy most of the jobs in manufacturing, air transportation, hotels and temporary employment services. ...
Considering the most recent changes in the pension systems in Europe, this article aims to evaluate whether there is any relationship between the employment rates of older cohorts and the employment and unemployment rates in the youngest cohorts of a productive age. Its key finding is that there is no evidence that would indicate that the lower professional activity of older people is accompanied by higher employment and lower unemployment among young people. On the contrary, the study reveals that the higher the labour force participation among the elderly, the better the situation for young cohorts in the labour market. As demonstrated by the results of our empirical research, factors such as unfavourable demographics and the inefficiency of government policy aiming at stimulating the development of the labour market influence the prospects of young people entering this market. Chybalski, Filip; Marcinkiewicz, Edyta
OBJECTIVES: We sought to determine the association between changes in unemployment, healthcare spending and stomach cancer mortality. METHODS: Multivariate regression analysis was used to assess how changes in unemployment and public-sector expenditure on healthcare (PSEH) varied with stomach cancer mortality in 25 member states of the European Union from 1981 to 2009. Country-specific differences in healthcare infrastructure and demographics were controlled for 1- to 5-year time-lag analyses and robustness checks were carried out. RESULTS: A 1% increase in unemployment was associated with a significant increase in stomach cancer mortality in both men and women [men: coefficient (R)=0.1080, 95% confidence interval (CI)=0.0470-0.1690, P=0.0006; women: R=0.0488, 95% CI=0.0168-0.0809, P=0.0029]. A 1% increase in PSEH was associated with a significant decrease in stomach cancer mortality (men: R=-0.0009, 95% CI=-0.0013 to -0.005, P|0.0001; women: R=-0.0004, 95% CI=-0.0007 to -0.0001, P=0.0054). The
SAS helps unemployment agencies ensure the integrity of their unemployment benefits programs by detecting unemployment insurance fraud faster without jeopardizing legitimate benefit payments to individuals.
new classmate essay The Commons of the of unemployment, University of New Hampshire are covered with billboards. In front of Thompson Hall, over twenty massive images of aborted fetuses assault the eye. One of these signs reads The K.K.K; the S.S above black and white pictures of lynched slaves and the stacked bodies of utnapishtim gilgamesh, concentration camp victims. Next to them is a brilliantly red photograph of unidentifiable gore labeled Planned Parenthood. As if the effects, visual implication were not enough, those manning the billboards are shouting their message: They are the Genocide Awareness Project, and of congo, they are on my campus telling me, yelling in my face as I pass by, that abortion is genocide. My t-shirt reads the definition of the of unemployment, word genocide on the front and Abortion ? Genocide on the back, and I point to with imagery it as I silently joint the ranks of those protesting the demonstration. When Perlstein asks What s the of unemployment, Matter with ...
Jobs reports released Friday showed unemployment in the San Antonio area has hit its lowest point since December 2008, at the onset of the one of worst economic downturns in 70 years.
A series of planned austerity measures and high unemployment will continue to weigh on domestic demand in Serbia during ----. The austerity measures entail reducing the size of the public sector (which accounts for close to one-fifth of the country s workforce), together with public sector wage and pension cuts, which will severely reduce disposable income and weigh on households consumption sentiment. ...A series of planned austerity measures and high unemployment will continue to weigh on domestic demand in Serbia during ----. The austerity measures entail reducing the size of the public sector (which accounts for close to one-fifth of the country s workforce), together with public sector wage and pension cuts, which will severely reduce disposable income and weigh on households consumption sentiment. We expect the Serbian economy to see tepid growth in ----, as households bear the burden of the government s austerity push. ...Overall, the Serbian food, drink and retail market has significant
An economic recession can usually be spotted before it happens. There is a tendency to see the economic landscape changing in quarters preceding the actual onset. While the growth in GDP will still be present, it will show signs of sputtering and you will see higher levels of unemployment, decline in housing prices, decline in the stock market, and business expansion plans being put on hold. When the economy sees extended periods of economic recession, the economy can be referred to as being in an economic depression ...
As noted in a recent Lancet article,38 remarkably little research has been devoted to the health effects of the economic crisis that bursted in the fall of 2007, and considered to be the deepest recession since the Great Depression. Suicide rates can be seen as a summary proxy for population mental health.39 From this perspective, it is of interest to analyse how this form of mortality is affected by the current crisis, and more specifically the ensuing surge in unemployment. This is an indicator that lies close to peoples experience of economic turmoil, and which has proved to be the one that is most closely related to population health.40 In this paper we have put this issue into perspective by analysing time-series data that span a long period of time and cover countries representing welfare regimes with quite different degrees of unemployment protection. The data were analysed by two different methods that supplement each other.. The division of countries into the five welfare regimes ...
The Sluggish US Employment Picture-Becker Employment in the United States fell by a lot during the Great Recession from December 2007 to June 2009. The unemployment rate grew correspondingly from a low of 4.4% in May 2007 to a peak of 10.2% in 2009, and the underemployed grew even faster. That was bad enough, but the growth in employment and decline in unemployment since the trough of the recession has been quite slow. Forecasters got a shock on Friday with the release of preliminary data that indicated the unemployment rate rose a little from 9.6% to 9.8% in November rather...
Much of the discussion on finding solutions to the unemployment problem has centered on the vital role of faster economic growth. Faster economic growth is viewed as a means of generating more jobs, thats why the government has to do something in order for the investors and big companies to set up there business here in the Philippines because it can help to produce a lot of jobs for the Filipinos and it can reduce the problem of unemployment rate in the Philippines. Here in the Philippines , we also have a very serious problem about the corruption, this is a very serious problem here in the Philippines because instead for the money allotted for improving the infrastructures, and programs to encourage the tourists to come in the Philippines , the high officials of our government uses this money for there own purposes.As a result, the unemployment rate in the Philippines is increasing year by year and thats because of few people who thinks for there own and we common people are the one who is ...
At the first Australian Political Economy Movement conference in Sydney, there were a number of papers purporting to explain unemployment and economic crisis as an inherent feature of capitalism. None of them even suggested that the personal malevolence of Malcolm Fraser was a cause of the problem - let alone the cause. Nevertheless, the conference plenary session adopted a resolution loudly denouncing the Fraser Government for causing our economic difficulties with its wrong policies!. If that is the response of people at a political economy conference, it is not surprising that the left generally completely capitulates to Labor Party views about the economy. The general feeling is that somehow or other, it must be Malcolm Frasers fault, even though unemployment actually grew much more rapidly under Whitlam than it has under Fraser. Even people who know better tend to go along with this because there does not seem to be much else to do. Demonstrations and agitation have to have a target, and ...
Over the longer term, the Employment Population Ratio has been fairly flat as the unemployment rate kept dropping. So where is the inconsistency? One measure that explains this disconnect is called the Labor Force Participation Rate. It measures the total US labor force, combining both the employed as well as the unemployed, as a proportion of the total working age population. This measure is showing that the total labor force has been shrinking relative to the corresponding age group. And that explains a good deal of the reduction in the unemployment rate as the number of people officially employed has been measured against an increasingly smaller labor force (with many unemployed simply exiting ...
Employers are required to post a copy of the workplace poster Information on employees unemployment insurance coverage (form 2553A) in a common employee area where it is visible to all staff.. Employers must also provide a copy of the How to file for unemployment insurance benefits pamphlet (form 0590A) to all employees who are separated from work, permanently or temporarily. Under the states Employment and Training Law, M.G.L. Chapter 151A, employers must provide a copy of this pamphlet as soon as practicable, but no more than 30 days, from the last day the employee performed compensable work.. Both the poster and the pamphlet are available in English and 12 additional languages.. ...
Structural unemployment is difficult to measure, but there are hints in the data that the spike in unemployment following the crisis was not purely cyclical.
According to the Employment Situation First Quarter 2015 report - the number of unemployed Singaporeans (seasonally adjusted) in March was 50,200.. All-time low of only 53.3% Singaporeans in the workforce?. Since the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Singaporeans was 2.6% - does it mean that the number of Singaporeans in the workforce was about 1,930,769 (50,200 divided by 0.026)?. So, does it mean that the percentage of Singaporeans was 53.3% (1,930,769 Singaporeans divided by 3,624,200 total workforce)?. Is this an all-time low for the percentage of Singaporeans in the workforce?. With a total of 153,923 new citizens granted from 2007 to 2014 - what percentage of the 53.3% Singaporeans in the workforce are true-blue Singaporeans?. Why no breakdown into Singaporeans, PRs & foreigners?. Why is it that the report does not breakdown the workforce into Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners, when it can provide the unemployment rates for Singaporeans, residents and the total workforce (including ...
Posted on 03/29/2013 1:06:09 PM PDT by Kaslin. WASHINGTON - Barack Obamas failed job policies are facing bitter criticism from African-American leaders who say black unemployment has grown worse under his presidency. After four years of holding their tongues and remaining quiet in the face of sharply rising black unemployment and record poverty, political leaders from the Congressional Black Caucus to the NAACP have begun to open fire on the White House. Obama won 96 percent of the black vote in 2008 and about the same percentage in 2012, despite a worsening jobless crisis among African-Americans. At 14 percent for adults and 43.1 percent for 16-to-19-year-old teenagers, blacks still have the highest jobless rate of any minority group in the U.S. Black leaders in Congress largely kept their complaints to themselves throughout Obamas first term in office and his re-election campaign. But no longer. The nations black leadership has become a great deal more vocal lately about severe ...
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Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway, former Chief of Staff of the United States Department of Labor, where the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is housed, and the former Chief of Staff of the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) responds to the May 2012 jobs numbers:. The young adult unemployment rate, now at 12.1 percent for those 18-29 years old, represents yet another chapter in the indefensible saga of how a great generation is being denied economic opportunity, jobs, critical skills, and the ability to pursue their dreams.. As summer begins, the ranks of all those frustrated by the lack of opportunities are joined by recent high school and college graduates whose enthusiasm to join the work force has been slammed by the same harsh economic status quo their brothers and sisters have been experiencing for the past few years - one marked by record high unemployment, a patchwork of part-time jobs, or jobs outside their chosen profession.. Through no fault of their ...
Greek consumers still struggled with domestic economic recession, high unemployment rates and shrinking disposable incomes at the end of the review period as well as with uncertainty over the future direction of the country.
This annual edition of Labour Force Statistics provides detailed statistics on population, labour force, employment and unemployment, broken down by gender, as well as unemployment duration, employment status, employment by sector of activity and part-time employment. It also contains participation and unemployment rates by gender and detailed age groups as well as comparative tables for the main components of the labour force. Data are available for each OECD Member country and for OECD-Total, Euro area and European Union. The time series presented in the publication cover 10 years for most countries. It also provides information on the sources and definitions used by Member countries in the compilation of those statistics.. ...
This annual edition of Labour Force Statistics provides detailed statistics on population, labour force, employment and unemployment, broken down by gender, as well as unemployment duration, employment status, employment by sector of activity and part-time employment. It also contains participation and unemployment rates by gender and detailed age groups as well as comparative tables for the main components of the labour force. Data are available for each OECD Member country and for OECD-Total, Euro area and European Union. The time series presented in the publication cover 10 years for most countries. It also provides information on the sources and definitions used by Member countries in the compilation of those statistics.. ...
Canada added 106.5k jobs, unemployment rate dropped to 5.7%. Canadian Dollar jumps sharply after stellar job data. The employment market grew 106.5k in April, well above expectation of 15.0k. Unemployment rate dropped to 5.7%, down from 5.8% and beat expectation of 5.8%. On year-over-year basis, employment grew 2.3% or 426k, with 248k in full-time and 170k in part-time jobs. Employment grew in four provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Price Edward Island.. US CPI rose to 2.0%, core CPU rose to 2.1% in April. US headline CPI rose to 2.0% yoy in April, up from 1.9% yoy but missed expectation of 2.1% yoy. Core CPI rose to 2.1% yoy, up from 2.0% yoy and matched expectations.. Trump will use China tariffs to buy US farm products, building new infrastructure, on healthcare…. In a series of tweets today, Trump indicates hes now in no rush to seal the trade deal with China, given that new tariffs are already in plan. Trump said Talks with China continue in a very congenial manner - there is ...
In December 2007, the U.S. unemployment rate was 4.9%.[19] By October 2009, the unemployment rate had risen to 10.1%.[20] A ... Unemployment[edit]. Many houses, such as this one in Virginia, were foreclosed upon by banks and sold as a result of the Great ... By the end of 2009 the unemployment rate for men was 10.7%, while women's unemployment peaked at 8.4%.[65] This trend of the " ... The unemployment timebomb is quietly ticking. Telegraph. July 4, 2009. *^ "A retrospective - youths bore brunt of recession". ...
my friends, after this war, there will be a great unemployment problem. The munition plants will be closed and useless, and ... While a minority argue it causes unemployment,[122] modern economic theory holds that a reasonable minimum wage stimulates ... The rate of unemployment in the US with incarceration 1892-2016. Post-WW2, Democratic administrations have pushed the ... unemployment rate persistently down, while under Republican presidents the unemployment rate consistently rose.[418] ...
That is, it is possible that a ratchet effect in unemployment rates exists, so a short-term rise in unemployment rates tend to ... Permanently higher unemployment[edit]. The idea of hysteresis is used extensively in the area of labor economics, specifically ... Ball, Laurence M. (March 2009). "Hysteresis in Unemployment: Old and New Evidence". NBER Working Paper No. 14818. doi:10.3386/ ... In addition, employers may use time spent in unemployment as a screening tool, i.e., to weed out less desired employees in ...
Unemployment is a significant issue in Puerto Rico with the unemployment rate being as high as 11.7% in 2006. By November 2009 ... Unemployment[edit]. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (December 2015) ... "Unemployment state by state". CNN. Retrieved 25 September 2012.. *^ "Employment Situation Summary". United States Department of ... Puerto Rico's unemployment rate was 15.9 percent in January 2010.[37] Some analysts said they expect the government's layoffs ...
Thus, the actual unemployment rate falls, as going from point A to B in the nearby graph. Unemployment then stays below the ... unemployment between the low-unemployment realm of accelerating inflation and the high-unemployment realm of disinflation. In ... Unemployment of this kind can take two forms: frictional and structural. Frictional unemployment is where the unemployed are ... At a given unemployment rate, inflation accelerates. But if the unemployment rate rises to equal the NAIRU, we see higher ...
Unemployment[edit]. Poverty reduction has not kept up with GDP growth rates, largely due to the high unemployment rate, high ... The official rate of unemployment for 2012 in the Philippines was 6.5 percent.[27] ...
Unemployment and informal economy[edit]. Due to lack of skills and education as well as competitive job markets,[150] many slum ... Women in slums are at greater risk of physical and sexual violence.[168] Factors such as unemployment that lead to insufficient ... Todaro, Michael P. (1969). "A Model of Labor Migration and Urban Unemployment in Less Developed Countries". The American ... This type of urbanization involves a high rate of unemployment, insufficient financial resources and inconsistent urban ...
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24[edit]. total: 15.2% (2015 est.). male: 15.8% (2015 est.). female: 14.6% (2015 est.). Demographic ...
Young people are disproportionately affected by unemployment in South Africa, meaning their unemployment rate is higher ... Unemployment[edit]. About 70% of all South African unemployed persons in 2013 were youth.[5] The 2011 South African census ... black Africans have the highest unemployment rates; whites have the lowest unemployment rates.[7] ... Since 1995, unemployment rates have increased the fastest for those who have completed secondary school or university. ...
Unemployment, income inequality and wage stagnation[edit]. *See: Unemployment in the United States ... Much of that journey is recorded in the Subprime mortgage crisis and Unemployment in the United States articles. Why did the ... This will also increase unemployment.. Explain why Medicare reform is essential and that tough choices are ahead: The U.S. is $ ... But we also need to find ways to solve the unemployment problem, or everything else, including the debt problem, will get much ...
... rate of unemployment or the full-employment unemployment rate.) If GDP exceeds its potential (and unemployment is below the ... Unemployment[edit]. A connection between inflation and unemployment has been drawn since the emergence of large scale ... However, the unemployment rate generally only affects inflation in the short-term but not the long-term.[47] In the long term, ... Friedman, Milton, Nobel lecture: Inflation and unemployment 1977. *Mishkin, Frederic S., The Economics of Money, Banking, and ...
unemployment. *regulatory risk (if borrowing requirements or tax laws in a country change this can change the market profoundly ...
Unemployment. 11.0% (2007)[33]. Arable land. 2%. Labour force. 418,000 (2001 estimate). Agricultural produce. sugar, rice, ...
"Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) (national estimate)". World Bank. Retrieved 19 August 2019.. ...
"Unemployment rate in Turkey falls to 10.2 percent in May". Daily_Sabah. 15 Aug 2017. Retrieved 2017-08-15.. ... lower economic production and higher levels of unemployment.[157] However, in line with the continuous economic growth in ...
Unemployment:. 13,0 % (30.06.03). Ausländeranteil:. 11,5 %. Age distribution:. 0-18 years:. 16,8 %. ...
Unemployment (in Percent) Government debt. (in % of GDP) 1980 107.0 4,769 3.3 % 1.5 % n/a n/a ...
Unemployment among the indigenous population of Taiwan (2005-09) Source: CPA 2010 Date Total population Age 15 and above Total ... The indigenous peoples of Taiwan have economic and social deficiencies, including a high unemployment rate and substandard ...
Unemployment figures[31] show that unemployment was significantly lower during the Golden Age than before or after: Epoch. Date ... Unemployment (Great Britain). 1.6%. 7.4% Skidelsky suggests the high global growth during the golden age was especially ... The predicted postwar depression never happened and the economy grew rapidly as unemployment stabilized at 3.9 percent.[36][37] ... Replacement of the notion of unemployment as a structural problem by a realization of low aggregate demand. ...
Unemployment rate. 48%; note - urban youth 40% (2001 est.) Distribution of family income - Gini index. 40 (2005) ...
Unemployment[5]. *Chronic illness or pain. *Death of family members or friends ...
Unemployment rate ↓ 67th 5.9% CO2 emissions 22nd 11.9 t† Electricity consumption 97th 7.4 TWh ...
See also: Technological unemployment. Subcategories. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. ...
Unemployment (1980). *National identities: the constitution of the United Kingdom (1991). *Citizens: Towards a Citizenship ...
In 2009, the unemployment rate in Tegucigalpa was 8.1 percent,[110] and an unemployed person may spend as much as four months ... "Spanish: Unemployment". Retrieved 2011-07-15.. *^ Comisiones Ciudadanas (2008-09-29). "Spanish: Plan Capital 450" ... "Spanish: CEPAL says unemployment in the region increased 0.8 percent". Retrieved 2011-07-15 ...
Main article: Technological unemployment. Robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing environments. As ...
Unemployment: is there a principal cause' by Bernard Schmitt, in M. Baranzini and A. Cencini, eds., 'Inflation and Unemployment ... In his discussion of Pigou's Theory of unemployment he criticises Pigou's view 'that unemployment is primarily due to a wage ... Trevithick, James (1992). Involuntary unemployment. Hemel Hempstead: Simon & Schuster.. External links[edit]. Wikiquote has ... If there is unemployment (and if there are no distortions preventing the employment market from adjusting to it) then there ...
"Unemployment". The Argus. Melbourne. 22 July 1925. p. 16. Retrieved 29 August 2013. "News in Brief". Albury Banner and Wodonga ... Men in the region were also awaiting employment on the structure, and by the middle of the year unemployment problems were ... As the construction was considered unemployment relief, the constructing authority began to look for men who would do the work ...
... has a low unemployment rate for a developed country, with the rate not exceeding 4% from 2005 to 2014, and reaching ... "Unemployment". Ministry of Manpower. 2015. Retrieved 25 December 2015. "Minimum wage not a solution". MyPaper. Singapore. 12 ... Economic growth continued throughout the 1980s, with the unemployment rate falling to 3% and real GDP growth averaging at about ... alleviating ongoing unemployment woes in Singapore. However, a sizeable pro-communist wing of the PAP was strongly opposed to ...
The unemployment rate of young African Americans was 28.2% in May 2013. The unemployment rate reached an all-time high of 14.7 ... Male unemployment continued to be significantly higher than those of females (at 9.8% vs. 7.5% in 2009). The unemployment among ... Official U.S. unemployment rate, 1950-2005 United States mean duration of unemployment 1948-2010. Average annual hours worked ... After being higher in the postwar period, the U.S. unemployment rate fell below the rising eurozone unemployment rate in the ...
"Heres How Long Unemployment Benefits Now Last In Each State".. *^ a b c d e f g "Unemployment Insurance Tax Topic, Employment ... Unemployment benefit I[edit]. The unemployment benefit I in Germany is also known as the unemployment insurance. The insurance ... Unemployment insurance effect on unemployment[edit]. In the Great Recession, the "moral hazard" issue of whether unemployment ... Unemployment benefits (depending on the jurisdiction also called unemployment insurance or unemployment compensation) are ...
21: Why is the federal government paying people not to work? We already pay six months of unemployment insurance for workers. ... 21: Why is the federal government paying people not to work? We already pay six months of unemployment insurance for workers. ...
Japanese unemployment hit a record high today: four-point-nine percent. That doesnt seem so bad by U.S. standards but it is ... Japan Unemployment Japanese unemployment hit a record high today: four-point-nine percent. That doesnt seem so bad by U.S. ... Japanese unemployment hit a record high today: four-point-nine percent. That doesnt seem so bad by U.S. standards but it is ...
Frictional unemployment is the result of employment transitions within an economy and naturally occurs, even in a growing, ... Frictional Unemployment vs. Cyclical Unemployment Frictional unemployment is not as worrisome as cyclical unemployment, which ... Structural Unemployment Structural unemployment is a longer-lasting form of unemployment caused by fundamental shifts in an ... Cyclical Unemployment Cyclical unemployment relates to changes in unemployment due to economic recessions and expansions over ...
The first objective is to tackle the current situation of high youth unemployment and underemployment. The second objective is ... unemployment and labour markets., OECD Ministers agreed to take a comprehensive range of measures as set out in the OECD Action ... OECD Home EmploymentYouth employment and unemployment Employment. #heading { display: none; } Youth employment and unemployment ... tackle the current situation of high youth unemployment and underemployment.. *and to promote better outcomes for youth in the ...
Total employment and unemployment are higher in some parts of the year than in others. For example, unemployment is higher in ... How is unemployment measured for states and local areas?. The Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program publishes ... What do the unemployment insurance (UI) figures measure?. Unemployment insurance (UI) programs are administered at the state ... Is there only one official definition of unemployment?. There is only one official definition of unemployment-people who are ...
Some graduate students may be eligible for unemployment assistance provided by the state of Massachusetts. Students should ... consult the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance. Additional information and resources prepared by the UMass ...
SAS helps unemployment agencies ensure the integrity of their unemployment benefits programs by detecting unemployment ... SAS helps unemployment agencies ensure the integrity of their unemployment benefits programs by detecting unemployment ... Unemployment Fraud Detection. Combat unemployment insurance fraud while ensuring that benefits go to the people who need them. ... Unemployment fraud meets analytics: Battle lines are clearly drawn. Learn about the growing problem of unemployment fraud and ...
Online personality tests making teen unemployment worse September 20, 2017 , 3:21pm ...
... the higher unemployment rate has put pressure on state unemployment insurance funds. Insurance funds for unemployment benefits ... Congress has finished work on, and President Bush has signed, legislation (H.R. 6867) that will extend unemployment insurance ... Data from the BLS show that more than 1.2 million jobs have been lost in 2008 and that the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a 14- ... Also at the start of 2009, Wisconsin will raise its unemployment tax for the first time in 20 years, with employers paying an ...
w5636 Technology, Unemployment, and Relative Wages in a Global Economy. Blanchflower. w13505 Is Unemployment More Costly Than ... In the aggregate time series relative unemployment is defined by educational unemployment differentials. We find that the pace ... Technology, Unemployment, and Inflation. Jacob Mincer, Stephan Danninger. NBER Working Paper No. 7817. Issued in July 2000. ... w13924 Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run. Andrés and Hernando. Does Inflation Harm Economic Growth? Evidence from the ...
"Its perfectly reasonable for an employer to look behind the reason for the unemployment," he advised. "Was it the result of a ... Experts said this will continue to be the case even if the congressional bill banning unemployment bias passes. ... to employers with 15 or more workers and would also make it illegal to publish job postings stating that someones unemployment ... against hiring the long-term unemployed disproportionately affected black applicants because they had a higher unemployment ...
Current: Report Unemployment Fraud. Report Unemployment Fraud. The Department of Workforce Development thanks you for your ... To report unemployment insurance benefit fraud by mail:. Department of Workforce Development Benefit Payment Control Section 10 ... To report unemployment insurance benefit fraud by fax:. Department of Workforce Development. Benefit Payment Control Section. ... Your efforts will help ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and unemployment insurance benefits are only paid to people who ...
Unemployment falls but pay growth stutters. Unemployment falls by 146,000 to 2.02 million - with the latest official figures ... Unemployment lowest for a decade. If some workers are having to dig deep to save their jobs, Britains labour market appears to ... Youth unemployment: is working for yourself the answer?. As joblessness continues to fall, self-employment has reached record ... He was officially giving interviews on todays unemployment figures - which have fallen to their lowest level in a decade - so ...
... Technical Note * Table 1. Civilian labor force and unemployment by state and selected area, ... State Employment and Unemployment. Table of Contents * State Employment and Unemployment Summary ... U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , Local Area Unemployment Statistics Information and Analysis, PSB Suite 4675, 2 Massachusetts ... Table 2. Civilian labor force and unemployment by state and selected area, not seasonally adjusted ...
We estimate dynamic panel data models of unemployment incidence for men using the British Household Panel Survey. Econometric ... We find strong evidence of state dependence consistent with the scarring theory of unemployment--an individuals previous ... unemployment experience has implications for his future labour market experience. This suggests that policies reducing short ... run employment incidence will have longer-run effects by reducing the equilibrium or natural rate of unemployment. Copyright ...
See table 3.) Unemployment Unemployment among youth rose by 458,000 from April to July 2017, compared with an increase of ... Employment and Unemployment Among Youth Summary. For release 10:00 a.m. (EDT) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 USDL-17-1128 Technical ... Employment and Unemployment Among Youth Technical Note * Table 1. Employment status of the civilian noninstitutional population ... See tables 1 and 2.) In July 2017, the unemployment rates for both young men (10.1 percent) and women (9.1 percent) were lower ...
BRFSS defines unemployment differently from BLS, the agency that monitors unemployment in the United States. BLS defines an ... Welfare state regimes, unemployment, and health: a comparative study of the relationship between unemployment and self-reported ... This study supports existing findings on unemployment and health status (1-7). The relation between unemployment and health ... The analysis in this report found an association between unemployment and overall health status and between unemployment and ...
... Louis Levine. Chapter in NBER book The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment (1957), ...
Europes Unemployment Problems Worsen Spain and France Both Record New Highs, Adding to Pressure to Ease Up on Austerity in ... As unemployment rises to 27.2% of the workforce, the Spanish government is about to introduce a budget that eases austerity ... Unemployment in Spain and France has jumped to new highs, data showed Thursday, lending ammunition to a growing chorus calling ... The weak figures in France and Spain, two of the biggest euro-zone economies, come on the heels of sharp rises in unemployment ...
This is reportedly the highest national unemployment figure in 14 years. While thats certainly not good news, the unemployment ... The Bureau of Labor Statistics ,a href= target=_blank,unemployment report ... The Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment report for October caused a big stir last week. The rate jumped to 6.5 percent ... While thats certainly not good news, the unemployment figure isnt cause for widespread gloom, either. After all, the U.S. ...
The unemployment rate across the 17 European countries that use the euro hit a record 12.2 percent in April, and the number of ... The unemployment rate for the overall eurozone masks sharp disparities among individual countries. Unemployment in Greece and ... The unemployment rate across the 17 European countries that use the euro hit a record 12.2 percent in April, and the number of ... Unemployment in the eurozone rose in April from the previous record of 12.1 percent set in March, Eurostat, the European Union ...
State Employment and Unemployment Technical Note * Table 1. Civilian labor force and unemployment by state and selected area, ... Unemployment North Dakota and Vermont had the lowest unemployment rates in March, 2.3 percent each. The rates in these two ... STATE EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT -- MARCH 2019 Unemployment rates were lower in March in 6 states, higher in 3 states, and ... State Employment and Unemployment Summary. For release 10:00 a.m. (EDT) Friday, April 19, 2019 USDL-19-0667 Technical ...
... frictional unemployment, cyclical unemployment, involuntary unemployment and classical unemployment. Structural unemployment ... frictional unemployment, structural unemployment and classical unemployment. Some additional types of unemployment that are ... Long-term unemployment is a component of structural unemployment, which results in long-term unemployment existing in every ... Such unemployment benefits include unemployment insurance, unemployment compensation, welfare, and subsidies to aid in ...
We investigate the design of an optimal Unemployment Insurance program using an equilibrium search and matching model ... Keywords: unemployment iinsurance; ui; unemployment compensation; experience rating; Other versions of this item:. * Davidson, ... "Unemployment insurance taxes and the cyclical and seasonal properties of unemployment," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, ... "Unemployment Insurance Taxes and the Cyclical and Seasonal Properties of Unemployment," NBER Working Papers 4030, National ...
2Series in Unemployment. *Routledge Library Editions: Employment and Unemployment. *Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Work ... Unemployment is one of the most politically explosive issues in China and has gained further prominence as a result of the ... It looks at how, at the time, this group of young people were disproportionately hit by growing unemployment, seemed to be over ... The novelty, urgency, and complexity of Chinese unemployment have compelled the government to experiment with policy ...
... By Kate Carlton. See all Articles by Kate CarltonGet Updates on DepressionGet Updates on Kate ... Her unemployment insurance is nearing its end. She is feeling a sense of panic but is looking at options.. She has always been ... With the huge amount of unemployment and layoffs, you are not alone. But, in this case,. "misery does not love company.". Most ... After over a year of unemployment, Alan (not his real name), realized he needed to think outside the box. Living near an ...
... sending the unemployment rate down to 12.3 percent, government data showed.The... ... The unemployment rate thus dropped 1.4 percentage points in June, from a record 13.7 percent seen in May -- the highest rate ... "While this was the largest monthly decline on record, the unemployment rate remains much higher than February," when it was at ... Quebec province, which as of Friday had registered more than half of Canada´s total 106,800 virus cases, saw its unemployment ...
The Government welcomed the fall in unemployment and youth unemployment, but said the overall figures also showed that ... Unemployment among 18- to 24-year-olds fell by 13,000 in the last three months of 2009 to 725,000, while for 16 to 24-year-olds ... Long-term unemployment, covering those out of work for more than a year, increased by 37,000 in the quarter to December to ... Unemployment in the latest quarter fell by 3,000 to 2.46 million, giving a jobless rate of 7.8 per cent, unchanged from the ...
  • Some people think that to get these figures on unemployment, the government uses the number of people collecting unemployment insurance (UI) benefits under state or federal government programs. (
  • Frictional unemployment is not as worrisome as cyclical unemployment , which is predominant in a recession and caused by businesses laying off employees. (
  • In a recession with unemployment rising, frictional unemployment actually tends to decline because workers are usually afraid to leave their jobs to look for a better one. (
  • There are large differences in youth unemployment and inactivity across countries, and these differences were further exacerbated by the recession. (
  • Because unemployment has historically been substantially higher in black and Hispanic populations during past decades and because unemployment has increased substantially from the start of the recession in December 2007 ( 13 , 14 ), associations between unemployment and health and between unemployment and minority status need to be further studied. (
  • Greek unemployment hit a new record of 25.4% in August as five years of recession and government spending cuts continued to take their toll, with young people hit hardest. (
  • The unsurprising result was that the economy fell into a steep recession and the unemployment rate increased to 19% while tax revenues declined and the national debt increased. (
  • During periods of recession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate. (
  • Common sense and personal experience indicate higher unemployment benefits will make unemployment less unattractive and thereby increase unemployment even in the Great Recession. (
  • Unemployment insurance provides effective relief to those hit hardest by the recession, and plays an important role in sustaining our local communities. (
  • As the Great Recession rained pink slips down on the Sunshine State, its laid-off workers received no more than $275 a week in unemployment benefits - a cap that had been set a dozen years earlier and never adjusted for inflation. (
  • The unemployment rate of veterans (who served after September 2001) has been going up since the beginning of the recession," said Jim Walker , an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington. (
  • Spain's unemployment rate has climbed to the point where one in four people are out of work as the country's economic recession continues to deepen. (
  • Many others will likely need to do so by the end of the recession, according to unemployment experts. (
  • A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry finds that between 2000 and 2011, unemployment was the cause of approximately 45,000 deaths by suicide around the globe each year, and it accounted for around nine times as many suicides as the recession, which first hit in 2008. (
  • Perhaps most interestingly, the researchers found that unemployment was associated with 41,148 suicides in 2007 and 46,131 in 2009, which suggests that the recession in 2008 was responsible for 4,983 additional suicides. (
  • How did the Great Recession affect structural unemployment? (
  • The collapse of the housing bubble in 2007 and 2008 caused a deep recession, which sent the unemployment rate to 10.0% in October 2009 - more than double is pre-crisis rate. (
  • There is an argument to be made, however, that the Great Recession caused an increase in structural unemployment. (
  • Unemployment can have many sources, such as the following: new technologies and inventions the status of the economy, which can be influenced by a recession competition caused by globalization and international trade policies of the government regulation and market Unemployment and the status of the economy can be influenced by a country through, for example, fiscal policy. (
  • EDT) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 USDL-17-1128 Technical information: (202) 691-6378 * [email protected] * Media contact: (202) 691-5902 * [email protected] EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG YOUTH -- SUMMER 2017 From April to July 2017, the number of employed youth 16 to 24 years old increased by 1.9 million to 20.9 million, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. (
  • Unemployment Unemployment among youth rose by 458,000 from April to July 2017, compared with an increase of 611,000 for the same period in 2016. (
  • In July 2017, the youth unemployment rate, at 9.6 percent, was 1.9 percentage points lower than last July. (
  • In July 2017, the unemployment rates for both young men (10.1 percent) and women (9.1 percent) were lower than the summer before. (
  • As of September 2017, the unemployment rate has fallen to below its pre-crisis lows, indicating that the spike in unemployment was cyclical, in other words, that it was a response to the business cycle that reversed itself as the overall economy recovered. (
  • What Is Frictional Unemployment? (
  • Frictional unemployment is the result of voluntary employment transitions within an economy . (
  • Frictional unemployment naturally occurs, even in a growing, stable economy. (
  • Workers choosing to leave their jobs in search of new ones and workers entering the workforce for the first time constitute frictional unemployment. (
  • Frictional unemployment is always present in the economy. (
  • Workers voluntarily leaving their jobs and new workers entering the workforce both add to frictional unemployment. (
  • The frictional unemployment rate is calculated by dividing the workers actively looking for jobs by the total labor force. (
  • Temporary transitions-such as moving to another town or city-will also add to frictional unemployment, as there is often a gap in time between when workers quit their job and find a new one. (
  • Workers quitting their job to look for better pay adds to frictional unemployment. (
  • When the workers return to the workforce to look for a job, they're counted as part of frictional unemployment. (
  • Unemployment benefits paid by the government can sometimes lead to frictional unemployment because the income allows workers to be selective in finding their next job, further adding to their time unemployed. (
  • Frictional unemployment is actually beneficial because it is a sign that workers are voluntarily seeking better positions, providing businesses with a wider array of qualified potential employees. (
  • Frictional unemployment always exists in an economy with a free-moving labor force and is actually beneficial because it's an indicator that individuals are seeking better positions by choice. (
  • Frictional unemployment is reduced by quickly matching prospective job seekers with job openings. (
  • Frictional unemployment is the only form of unemployment that is largely unaffected by economic stimulus from the government. (
  • However, added money doesn't address the causes of frictional unemployment, except perhaps in giving some workers the courage to become unemployed while searching for a new job. (
  • Some of this unavoidable unemployment is caused by frictional unemployment - unemployment that results from the time it takes for unemployed workers to search for and find new jobs for which they are well-suited. (
  • Both forms contrast to frictional unemployment , the unavoidable result of imperfect information in a healthy labor market. (
  • Some of the main types of unemployment include structural unemployment, frictional unemployment, cyclical unemployment, involuntary unemployment and classical unemployment. (
  • Discussions of frictional unemployment focus on voluntary decisions to work based on individuals' valuation of their own work and how that compares to current wage rates added to the time and effort required to find a job. (
  • Causes and solutions for frictional unemployment often address job entry threshold and wage rates. (
  • Economists distinguish between various overlapping types of and theories of unemployment, including cyclical or Keynesian unemployment, frictional unemployment, structural unemployment and classical unemployment. (
  • In these terms, much or most of frictional unemployment is voluntary since it reflects individual search behavior. (
  • Ottawa: Nearly one million jobs were created in Canada in June as coronavirus-linked restrictions were loosened, sending the unemployment rate down to 12.3 percent, government data showed. (
  • Students should consult the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance . (
  • Thanks, your message has been sent to Department of Unemployment Assistance! (
  • BOSTON (AP) - A woman who worked for the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance and her husband are facing charges they sought to illegally collect unemployment benefits for workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. (
  • In Australia , social security benefits, including unemployment benefits, are funded through the taxation system. (
  • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020 creates a new temporary federal program called Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). (
  • States reported 2,112,559 persons claiming EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) benefits for the week ending January 12, an increase of 418,762 from the prior week. (
  • It has now been over 100 days since the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program was allowed to expire, leaving millions of job-seeking Americans in the lurch. (
  • In an effort to help get job seekers back into the workforce, individuals receiving emergency unemployment compensation will be eligible for enhanced, personalized assessments and referrals to re-employment services when they begin their 27th week of UI (Tier I) and 55th week of UI (Tier III). (
  • Another program, the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, gave an additional 13 weeks of federally funded unemployment insurance payments. (
  • increase in the unemployment rate. (
  • It is possible that an unexpected increase in the unemployment rate may trigger greater fears and insecurity than in countries with higher pre-crisis unemployment levels. (
  • Many expect this drastic increase in the unemployment rate to affect graduating students who are hoping to find a career in the California job market. (
  • Unemployment benefits (depending on the jurisdiction also called unemployment insurance or unemployment compensation ) are payments made by back authorized bodies to unemployed people. (
  • Unemployment benefits are generally given only to those registering as unemployed, and often on conditions ensuring that they seek work and do not currently have a job, and are validated as being laid off and not fired for cause in most states. (
  • [3] The dole system provided 39 weeks of unemployment benefits to over 11 million workers-practically the entire civilian working population except domestic service, farm workers, railroad men, and civil servants. (
  • Unemployment benefits were introduced in Germany in 1927, and in most European countries in the period after the Second World War with the expansion of the welfare state . (
  • Because unemployment insurance records relate only to people who have applied for such benefits, and since it is impractical to count every unemployed person each month, the government conducts a monthly survey called the Current Population Survey (CPS) to measure the extent of unemployment in the country. (
  • Combat unemployment insurance fraud while ensuring that benefits go to the people who need them. (
  • Record-high unemployment claims during the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened the risk of unemployment insurance fraud, costing states hundreds of millions of dollars and delaying delivery of benefits to people in need. (
  • SAS helps unemployment agencies ensure the integrity of their unemployment benefits programs by detecting unemployment insurance fraud faster without jeopardizing legitimate payments to individuals. (
  • Precise targeting dramatically reduces false positives, ensuring that the people who need unemployment benefits receive them without delay. (
  • Congress has finished work on, and President Bush has signed, legislation ( H.R. 6867 ) that will extend unemployment insurance benefits for seven weeks, and for 13 weeks in states where the jobless rate is above 6 percent. (
  • While the federal government will fund the benefits extension, the higher unemployment rate has put pressure on state unemployment insurance funds. (
  • Insurance funds for unemployment benefits had dropped in 32 states as of Sept. 30, 2008, compared to fund levels from a year earlier, government statistics show. (
  • If the job market weakens further and the insurance funds continue to shrink, many states might be forced to reduce unemployment benefits or raise taxes to keep their insurance pools solvent, sources say. (
  • Your efforts will help ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and unemployment insurance benefits are only paid to people who are eligible to receive them. (
  • The Optimal Payment of Unemployment Insurance Benefits over Time ," Journal of Political Economy , University of Chicago Press, vol. 87(6), pages 1347-1362, December. (
  • The Optimal Payment of Unemployment Insurance Benefits over Time ," Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers 503, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University. (
  • The bill provides up to three months of extra benefits for those whose unemployment benefits have run out or are about to expire. (
  • The voice vote in the Senate on Thursday came just hours after the Labor Department reported that claims for unemployment benefits jumped last week to 542,000. (
  • Some self-employed people must pay unemployment insurance premiums even though they can't lay themselves off and collect unemployment insurance benefits from the state. (
  • PEUC provides up to 13 additional weeks of benefits to an individual who has exhausted all rights to any regular unemployment compensation and who meets other eligibility requirements of the CARES Act. (
  • PEUC benefits are now available through the standard Unemployment Insurance program in Massachusetts and can be accessed at UI online. (
  • If you had exhausted your regular UI benefit but were receiving benefits through Pandemic Unemployment Assistance you must now head to UI Online to apply and claim your weekly benefits. (
  • The $260 billion going into unemployment benefits, for example, is right where we need it and is a significant boost (adding $600/week to benefits). (
  • The 1934 Unemployment Act separated dole and insurance benefits, and the 10 per cent cut in dole was reversed. (
  • From 1936 an Unemployment Assistance Board (UAB) looked after workers who had used up their insurance benefits. (
  • My office and the entire law enforcement community are committed to bringing to justice fraudsters who are preying on citizens during this unprecedented public health crisis by using their stolen personal information to fraudulently attempt to obtain unemployment benefits," Maryland U.S. Attorney Robert Hur said in a statement. (
  • Plus there's some musing about $150,000 unemployment benefits and two people selling apples to each other. (
  • Yep: Laffer is seriously suggesting that unemployment benefits, which, according to his own chart, begin rising after unemployment rises, are what cause unemployment to rise. (
  • It's groundbreaking stuff, but as an exercise for the reader, can you think of an alternate mechanism to explain why total unemployment benefits paid out might go up when the unemployment rate goes up? (
  • Employers must also p rovide a copy of the "How to file for unemployment insurance benefits" pamphlet (form 0590A) to all employees who are separated from work, permanently or temporarily . (
  • This perfect storm of fraud activity has been created by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressure on state government agencies to provide unemployment benefits, and a lack of anti-fraud infrastructure within those state government agencies. (
  • So the tea-partyer faced a choice: He could either raise taxes on businesses to maintain the program or slash benefits for workers amid high unemployment to maintain low taxes on businesses. (
  • and he made it easier for employers to "prove" that their laid-off workers had been fired for cause and thus did not qualify for benefits - a change employers eagerly sought as their unemployment-insurance tax rates are partly tied to how many of their former workers qualify for aid. (
  • The economic relief package that Congress passed last week will up that benefit by $600, and extend the duration of unemployment benefits for 13 weeks. (
  • meanwhile, workers in Montana will be eligible for up to 41 weeks of unemployment benefits. (
  • It was about making it harder for people to get benefits or keep benefits so that the unemployment numbers were low to give the governor something to brag about. (
  • New applications for unemployment insurance benefits jumped by 16,000 to 276,000 at the end of October, the Department of Labor reported Thursday. (
  • It also makes it harder for the Spanish government to balance its finances, as it pays more out in unemployment benefits, and takes less revenue in. (
  • Businesses will likely need to pay higher payroll taxes starting as early as next year in order to replenish trust funds used for unemployment benefits. (
  • States are poised to raise taxes on businesses starting next year and cut jobless benefits for workers as the coronavirus-fueled downturn continues to stress unemployment systems around the country. (
  • That deluge - unparalleled in the history of the unemployment insurance system, which was created in the 1930s - has drained the trust funds states use to pay benefits. (
  • The tax regime that funds unemployment benefits is complex. (
  • When that happens, states really just have two options: they can raise revenue, which in this system means increasing regular state unemployment-insurance taxes, or cut benefits,' Michael Leachman, VP of state fiscal policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, said of borrowing. (
  • For example, Massachusetts, among the most generous states relative to unemployment benefits, has borrowed nearly $1.5 billion. (
  • The SEA program is an option for Unemployment Insurance claimants who have been identified as likely to run out of benefits before they return to work. (
  • People receive up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, and, depending on eligibility, benefits could be extended for up to another 20 weeks. (
  • A growing number of people were complaining through online posts as well as in comments to this news organization Friday that the website operated by the state's Employment Development Department has ceased to function properly and has locked them out when they attempt to make inquiries about their unemployment benefits. (
  • Since then, she has been in a pressure-packed quest to obtain her unemployment benefits or even find out when the payments will begin. (
  • Congress is adjourning without extending unemployment benefits, in large measure due to repeated Republican filibusters. (
  • First, it can lessen the pain it causes by expanding the safety net, extending unemployment-insurance benefits so that the long-term unemployed have a source of cash to help them stay current on rent, mortgage, and credit card bills. (
  • Sen. Ben Nelson, a Democrat from Nebraska, a state where the unemployment rate is about half the national average , joined the Republican filibuster of an extension of unemployment benefits-his constituents don't need it. (
  • Are Unemployment Benefits Taxable During the Coronavirus Outbreak? (
  • In December 2020, Congress authorized a $900 billion relief package that included an extra $300 per week in unemployment benefits through March 14 - half the amount in the CARES Act. (
  • Figures published by the Institute for Implementation of Employees' Insurances show that the number of unemployment (WW) benefits rose to 322 thousand in November, an increase by more than 12 thousand relative to October. (
  • With a 13 percent increase, the number of unemployment benefits paid to young people under the age of 25 grew above average. (
  • In sectors where unemployment is traditionally much higher in winter, e.g. agriculture, hotels and restaurants and construction, the number of WW benefits grew relatively fast. (
  • It's extending unemployment benefits that creates economic activity that creates jobs. (
  • To find out exactly what the rules are where you live, check with your state's unemployment office. (
  • The governor announced at a news conference that employees at the state's unemployment insurance website detected an unusual increase in out-of-state federal pandemic unemployment assistance claims and reported it to federal authorities. (
  • Scott cut that to 12 (though the cap does rise gradually after the state's unemployment rate exceeds 5 percent). (
  • Jeff Fitzgerald, director of the state's unemployment insurance program, said the fraud appears to involve both domestic and international actors. (
  • Unlike cyclical unemployment, structural unemployment is not directly correlated to the business cycle, but is a chronic response to broad economic shifts. (
  • If someone loses their job as a real estate agent because of a downturn in the housing market, then finds another job as the market picks up, they have experienced cyclical unemployment . (
  • Cyclical unemployment is a component of overall unemployment that relates to economic recessions and expansions over the business cycle. (
  • On the other hand, cyclical unemployment, structural unemployment, and classical unemployment are largely involuntary in nature. (
  • That happens with cyclical unemployment, as macroeconomic forces cause microeconomic unemployment, which can boomerang back and exacerbate those macroeconomic forces. (
  • And some of it is caused by structural unemployment - unemployment that occurs when there simply are not as many jobs as people who want to work. (
  • If someone loses their job as an elevator operator because elevators have become automated, they are experiencing structural unemployment. (
  • Structural unemployment increased as a result: people, particularly the low-skilled, were unable to find jobs without moving or entering a new industry, which often proved too difficult due to economic, educational or other barriers. (
  • Structural unemployment is difficult to measure, but there are hints in the data that the spike in unemployment following the crisis was not purely cyclical. (
  • this measure of chronic unemployment may provide a window into the level of structural unemployment. (
  • While it is possible that structural unemployment is higher today than it was before the housing bubble burst, it is difficult to parse the causes of the increase. (
  • Structural unemployment focuses on foundational problems in the economy and inefficiencies inherent in labor markets, including a mismatch between the supply and demand of laborers with necessary skill sets. (
  • However, the existence of structural unemployment may reflect choices made by the unemployed in the past, and classical (natural) unemployment may result from the legislative and economic choices made by labour unions or political parties. (
  • It is a key type of structural unemployment. (
  • This represents the lowest summer youth unemployment rate since July 2000. (
  • Growth in the region has stalled since 2000, generating few jobs and high levels of unemployment. (
  • The team used longitudinal modeling to calculate the effect unemployment had on suicide in 63 countries over four world regions between 2000 and 2011. (
  • The researchers found that over all regions included in the analysis, the rate of suicide associated with unemployment increased by 20-30% in 2000-11. (
  • It's bad enough you don't have a job and your new "paycheck" is much smaller than you're used to, but what's worse is that unemployment compensation is subject to federal and often state income tax. (
  • The good news: You may not owe as much in federal and state income taxes on your 2020 unemployment compensation as you would have in previous years. (
  • And unemployment compensation was generous in 2020. (
  • The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said Friday morning it halted $34 million in unemployment compensation disbursements this week after flagging them as fraudulent. (
  • Local-level unemployment figures for March won't be available until later this month, but so far this year unemployment has remained stubbornly high in some downstate and rural areas. (
  • So why is unemployment so stubbornly high? (
  • The national unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.8 percent over the month and little changed from March 2018. (
  • Although the latest jobs report shows the U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs in March, the national unemployment rate remains unchanged at 6.7 percent, and this remains a particularly difficult economy for the long-term unemployed. (
  • First a look at the national unemployment rate picture, which has improved remarkably. (
  • In PSID (Panel Study of Income Dynamics) data on the male labor force1 the reduction of the incidence of unemployment is found to be far more important than the reduced duration of unemployment in creating the educational differentials in unemployment rates. (
  • To assess changes in unemployment rates by several population characteristics, CDC analyzed 2006 and 2010 data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). (
  • Unemployment North Dakota and Vermont had the lowest unemployment rates in March, 2.3 percent each. (
  • In total, 15 states had unemployment rates lower than the U.S. figure of 3.8 percent, 10 states and the District of Columbia had higher rates, and 25 states had rates that were not appreciably different from that of the nation. (
  • In OECD countries, higher unemployment rates meant lower participation rates, which points to a discouraged worker effect. (
  • CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) -- Unemployment leveled off in Illinois in March at 9.5 percent, the Department of Employment Security said Thursday, leaving the state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and 629,000 people looking for work. (
  • And, while March rates for all 50 states were not yet available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 9.5 percent jobless rate for February meant Illinois had higher unemployment than all but three other U.S. states. (
  • The cities of Lompoc, Guadalupe, and Santa Maria continue to suffer unemployment rates in the double digits. (
  • In some countries (for example, the Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica), youth unemployment rates are nearly three times that of those aged 30 and over. (
  • In the UK, unemployment rates of recent immigrants are twice that of natives. (
  • Former adviser Austen Goolsbee said Obama may face rising unemployment rates in the midst of an election year. (
  • The unemployment rates in the U.S. and Canada have been diverging. (
  • For one, tax rates depend on the balance in state unemployment trust funds. (
  • Prague, 1 December 1998 (RFE/RL) -- German and French leaders agreed today that the fight against Europe's high unemployment rates should be Europe's top priority. (
  • The team also found that suicide rates tended to increase 6 months before a rise in unemployment rates, and that increasing unemployment rates affected men and women equally - a finding that challenges that of previous studies. (
  • CN) - State and regional unemployment rates were little changed in March, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday. (
  • If some workers are having to dig deep to save their jobs, Britain's labour market appears to be booming, with more people in work than ever before and unemployment at its lowest level in over a decade. (
  • We find strong evidence of state dependence consistent with the scarring theory of unemployment--an individual's previous unemployment experience has implications for his future labour market experience. (
  • Unemployment: Macroeconomic Performance and the Labour Market ," OUP Catalogue , Oxford University Press, number 9780199279173. (
  • Unemployment: Macroeconomic Performance and the Labour Market ," OUP Catalogue , Oxford University Press, number 9780198284345. (
  • Besides specific therapeutic interventions, sufficient investment by governments in active labour market policies that enhance the efficiency of labour markets could help generate additional jobs and reduce the unemployment rate, helping to offset the impact on suicide. (
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) had released a report on Nov. 20 showing that the number of people filing for initial unemployment claims had climbed sharply from the previous week and had hit a 16-year high. (
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment prevalence in the United States increased from 4.7% in 2006 to 9.4% in 2010, yielding an estimated 14.5 million unemployed persons ( 11 ). (
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics' unemployment report for October caused a big stir last week. (
  • In August, the U.S. unemployment rate was 8.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a division of the U.S. Department of Labor, measures the unemployment level in the economy and releases the results monthly. (
  • Derek Pickle, acting special agent-in-charge of the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Labor, said the nation has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of unemployment insurance fraud around the nation during the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused unprecedented challenges for states trying to process unemployment claims. (
  • That amount is roughly 10% of the total amount paid under coronavirus pandemic-related unemployment programs since March. (
  • Another result of Scott's changes: Florida is completely unequipped to process the deluge of unemployment-insurance claims that the coronavirus pandemic has set off. (
  • During January and February of 2020, before the shutdowns began, unemployment claims averaged 44,800 a week. (
  • For the 2020 tax year, however, the American Rescue Plan Act allows single taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income of less than $150,000 to exclude up to $10,200 in unemployment insurance from income. (
  • Economies with high levels of unemployment are stalled economies. (
  • Another certainty: Job cuts are continuing throughout California, including the Bay Area, which could cause ongoing elevated levels of unemployment claims statewide. (
  • Because of the pandemic, however, many states are offering limited tax reductions on unemployment insurance payments, so be sure to check with your state's tax department. (
  • We find that skill differentials in unemployment follow at least in part the same pattern as skill differentials in wages: They widen initially but decline after a roughly 5-year lag, allowing time for training and learning to handle the new technologies. (
  • Thanks to seasonal factors, San Diego County's unemployment rate eased to 7.6% in September, down from 7.9% in August. (
  • Santa Barbara County's unemployment rate in June (5.4 percent) jumped slightly from May (5 percent) but showed a positive trend from June 2013 (6.8 percent), according to the county's Workforce Investment Board. (
  • Orange County's unemployment fell to 11.8 percent in September from 12 percent in August. (
  • Seminole County's September unemployment rate fell to 10.9 percent from 11.2 percent a month earlier. (
  • Brevard County's September unemployment rate was 11.8 percent, down from 11.9 percent in August, but still up from 11.2 percent a year earlier. (
  • In the 28-member European Union, overall unemployment decreased to 10.6 percent in February from 10.7 percent in January. (
  • Quebec province, which as of Friday had registered more than half of Canada´s total 106,800 virus cases, saw its unemployment rate drop three points to 10.7 percent. (
  • If labor force participation was what it was when the president took office, unemployment would be around 10.7 percent,' Gillespie said. (
  • The city's unemployment rate rose from 9.9 in April to 10.7 percent in May - far surpassing the national average of 9.4 percent - despite gaining about 1,400 jobs primarily with the federal government. (
  • RICHARDSON, Texas (Reuters) - The United States is "drowning in unemployment," its economy is running at stall speed and inflation is "not a problem," but easier monetary policy is not the answer, one of the Federal Reserve's most hawkish policymakers said on Friday. (
  • BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Unemployment in the euro zone declined slightly in February, although the rate remained at 11.9 percent after downward revisions of the past few months, the European statistics office Eurostat said on Tuesday. (
  • The Unemployment Insurance Act 1920 created the dole system of payments for unemployed workers. (
  • We already pay six months of unemployment insurance for workers. (
  • In turn, the lesser unemployment incidence of the more educated workers is, in about equal measure, due to their greater attachment to the firms employing them, and to the lesser risk of becoming unemployed when separated from the firm. (
  • The lesser frequency of job turnover of more educated workers, which creates fewer episodes of unemployment, is in large part attributable to more on-the-job training. (
  • Natural unemployment also reflects the number of workers who are involuntarily unemployed, whether due to a lack of skill or replacement by technology. (
  • In addition, the purchasing power of these workers is lost, which can lead to unemployment for yet other workers. (
  • The bill would apply to employers with 15 or more workers and would also make it illegal to publish job postings stating that someone's unemployment status disqualifies him or her from consideration. (
  • The government workers category surprised me with a 2.5 unemployment rate! (
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a joint state-federal program that provides temporary financial assistance to qualifying unemployed workers while they seek work. (
  • The Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) works with the Employment and Training Administration's Office of Unemployment Insurance to conduct studies of UI programs that can help Department of Labor (DOL) program administrators, as well as policymakers, states, employers, and workers, to understand various facets of these programs. (
  • With no end in sight to economic bad news, President Bush on Friday ensured that millions of laid-off workers will keep getting their unemployment checks as the year-end holidays approach. (
  • California workers filed 75,500 initial claims for unemployment during the week ended April 24, which was 2,600 more than the claims filed in the prior week, the U.S. Labor Department reported. (
  • A large and growing number of vulnerable workers have experienced or are experiencing long-term unemployment, putting them at risk of adverse consequences, including lasting income reductions, poverty, and challenges with ever returning to work," the California Policy Lab stated. (
  • Our unemployment rate has come down because since President Obama took office, for every new job created, more than six workers have left the labor force,' Gillespie said. (
  • Think of this like an insurance premium on business owners who more often push workers into the unemployment system. (
  • At least 3.35 million California workers have filed for unemployment since mid-March, according to the U.S. Labor Department. (
  • Under what's called the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program , the self-employed, independent contractors and so-called gig workers were covered by unemployment for up to 39 weeks if they lost their jobs as a direct result of the pandemic. (
  • The suspect payment requests were made through the state's Pandemic Unemployment Assitance Program, (PUA) which disburses federal dollars provided under the Cares Act to independent contractors and self-employed workers who aren't eligible for traditional unemployment coverage. (
  • Voluntary unemployment includes workers who reject low-wage jobs, but involuntary unemployment includes workers fired because of an economic crisis, industrial decline, company bankruptcy, or organizational restructuring. (
  • The clearest cases of involuntary unemployment are those with fewer job vacancies than unemployed workers even when wages are allowed to adjust and so even if all vacancies were to be filled, some unemployed workers would still remain. (
  • The view that technology is unlikely to lead to long-term unemployment has been repeatedly challenged by a minority of economists. (
  • There were dozens of economists warning about technological unemployment during brief intensifications of the debate that spiked in the 1930s and 1960s. (
  • While many economists and commentators still argue such fears are unfounded, as was widely accepted for most of the previous two centuries, concern over technological unemployment is growing once again. (
  • We investigate the design of an optimal Unemployment Insurance program using an equilibrium search and matching model calibrated using data from the reemployment bonus experiments and secondary sources. (
  • Search Unemployment publications by content, author, and type. (
  • See table B.) Four states had unemployment rate decreases from March 2018. (
  • tackle the current situation of high youth unemployment and underemployment. (
  • tags: frugal living, survival skills, unemployment, underemployment, financial crisis I have been barely surviving living frugally for nearly all of my life, although I have been taking this to the extreme these past five years. (
  • Yet, unemployment and underemployment are still through the roof. (
  • It contributes to the overall employment picture and is part of natural unemployment , which is the minimum unemployment rate in an economy due to economic forces and movement of labor. (
  • HEIDI SCHIERHOLZ: They have a very high unemployment rate but it is part and parcel of what's going on in the larger economy, full stop. (
  • The employment numbers were released this morning and the economy added 112,000 jobs in November, causing the unemployment rate to drop .1% this month. (
  • Despite early signs of a slowing national economy, California's strong job growth pushed into October as the unemployment rate dippedto 4.7% and employers statewide added a hefty 39,500 jobs, state officials said Monday. (
  • If the local economy is in a recovery mode, you wouldn't know it by the latest unemployment figures: San Diego County joblessness rose in June to 7.1%, the highest level here in more than seven years. (
  • Long term unemployment can take a huge toll on individuals, but it also carries grave consequences for the overall economy. (
  • The unemployment rate and fluctuations in that rate are used in the analysis of the relative health of an economy. (
  • This is the natural rate of unemployment - the unemployment level in an economy that does not ever go away. (
  • The simple fact that an economy had recently undergone a period of mass unemployment made it difficult to recover levels of growth and employment that are often attained as a matter of course. (
  • It's a puzzle vexing UK economy watchers why is employment so high and unemployment no higher. (
  • Unemployment has skyrocketed in California and nationwide after state and local government agencies, hoping to curb the spread of the coronavirus, throttled huge swaths of the economy through an array of business shutdowns and shelter-in-place mandates. (
  • Why high unemployment is terrible for the economy. (
  • And perhaps high unemployment is something we'll have to live with, given the way the economy has recovered from recent recessions. (
  • The U.S. economy added 214,000 jobs in October, which pushed the unemployment rate down a tenth of a percentage point to 5.8 percent, its lowest point since June 2008. (
  • So unemployment helps create a better economy? (
  • Because of the difficulty in measuring the unemployment rate by, for example, using surveys (as in the United States) or through registered unemployed citizens (as in some European countries), statistical figures such as the employment-to-population ratio might be more suitable for evaluating the status of the workforce and the economy if they were based on people who are registered, for example, as taxpayers. (
  • Both the prevalence of unemployment and the health status of populations vary widely among and within communities by age, sex, and race/ethnicity. (
  • The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force. (
  • This short paper describes the current economic situation and argues for a further extension of federally financed unemployment insurance (UI) protection to the long-term unemployed. (
  • We come from different states and different parties, but we agree that temporarily restoring emergency unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed is the right thing to do and this is the critical moment to get it done. (
  • Indeed, the number of long-term unemployed Americans today is nearly twice as high as it has ever been when Congress cut off emergency unemployment insurance. (
  • Quickly detect high-impact unemployment insurance fraud that may indicate organized crime or identity theft rings. (
  • Gain a networked view of risk for unemployment insurance fraud to identify patterns hidden in huge volumes of unemployment claims data. (
  • SAS Detection and Investigation for Government provides a single, end-to-end framework that uses multiple techniques - automated business rules, predictive modeling, text mining, exception reporting, network link analysis, etc. - to better identify unemployment fraud and stop payments before they are made. (
  • Organized crime rings are committing unemployment insurance fraud on a massive scale through both standard claim filings and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. (
  • With unemployment claim filings at an all-time high, many states lack the resources and tools to cope with the deluge and manual processes make fraud detection nearly impossible - until it's too late. (
  • SAS offers a cloud-based, rapid-response unemployment fraud detection solution that can be up and running in three weeks, taking the burden off strained state IT resources and providing valuable insights on identity theft and criminal rings. (
  • Why choose SAS ® for unemployment fraud detection? (
  • Find more unemployment insurance fraud faster with a solution that can be up and running in three weeks. (
  • Take a hybrid approach to unemployment insurance fraud detection. (
  • Stay on top of new and emerging unemployment insurance fraud schemes with analytical models that are continuously updated and improved based on results from across states and agencies. (
  • Discover how analytics can help state governments head off unemployment claim fraud before it exacts an irreversible toll. (
  • The Department of Workforce Development thanks you for your efforts to combat unemployment fraud and abuse in Indiana. (
  • You do not need to provide your name or any other identifying information in order to file a complaint in regards to unemployment insurance fraud. (
  • To give you a sense of how that spike corresponds to our work, unemployment insurance fraud investigations have historically made up approximately 10% of our agency's investigative workload," Pickle said at the news conference. (
  • Across the country, fraud is overwhelming many states' unemployment systems and causing complications for millions of Americans already out of work. (
  • This webinar explores the situation at hand and the paths forward for combating unemployment fraud. (
  • Our state's attempt to stop unemployment fraud has hundreds of Floridians seeing red after their accounts were locked. (
  • Japanese unemployment hit a record high today: four-point-nine percent. (
  • Data from the BLS show that more than 1.2 million jobs have been lost in 2008 and that the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a 14-year high of 6.5 percent. (
  • For example, Michigan, with an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent, on Jan. 1, 2009 will increase the jobless fund tax on employers for the first time in 23 years. (
  • The unemployment rate for youth was 9.6 percent in July, down by 1.9 percentage points from July 2016. (
  • According to the report, the "education and health services" field had an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent, and the mining field was a 1.7 percent. (
  • Eurostat, the EU's statistics office, said Friday, May 31, 2013 that unemployment rose to 12.2 percent in April. (
  • After being stable at 17.5 percent in February and March, unemployment in Portugal rose to 17.8 percent in April. (
  • The unemployment rate across the 17 European countries that use the euro hit a record 12.2 percent in April, and the number of unemployed is on track to reach 20 million by year's end. (
  • Unemployment in the eurozone rose in April from the previous record of 12.1 percent set in March, Eurostat, the European Union 's statistics office, said Friday. (
  • Unemployment, at 7.5 percent, is far lower. (
  • Unemployment in Greece and Spain top 25 percent. (
  • The unemployment rate thus dropped 1.4 percentage points in June, from a record 13.7 percent seen in May -- the highest rate since 1976, when such data was first made public. (
  • While this was the largest monthly decline on record, the unemployment rate remains much higher than February," when it was at 5.6 percent, Statistics Canada said. (
  • GLINTON: So if you look at teenagers 16 to 19 years old, their unemployment rate is close to 23 percent. (
  • Unemployment is measured annually as the percent of the labor force that cannot find a job. (
  • The number of people searching for work has now topped 10 million and the civilian unemployment rate now stands at 6.5 percent, a 14-year high. (
  • The state unemployment rate remains well above the 7.6 percent national rate, which dropped last month. (
  • The town has the highest unemployment rate of any Illinois metro area, 13.7 percent. (
  • The unemployment rate in the eastern Illinois county was 11.4 percent in February. (
  • The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 2.5 percent for the week ending January 19, unchanged from the prior week's unrevised rate. (
  • The advance unadjusted insured unemployment rate was 2.8 percent during the week ending January 19, a decrease of 0.1 percentage point from the prior week's unrevised rate. (
  • Unemployment in five of six Central Florida counties dipped in September from August, but the rate statewide ticked up 0.1 percent, to 11.9 percent. (
  • However it's still higher than a year ago, when unemployment was 11.4 percent. (
  • The latest jobs data showed September unemployment dropping to 7.8 percent - the lowest of Obama's presidency. (
  • The fact that you have a White House celebrating an unemployment rate of 7.8 percent with 23 million Americans out of work or unemployed or underemployed, tells you a lot about failure of this administration's policies,' Gillespie said. (
  • The 2008 global financial crisis had an especially strong effect on the unemployment rate for those between the ages of 15 and 24, which jumped on average by 5 percentage points between 2007 and 2013-from 21 percent to 26 percent. (
  • Even more alarming is the disparity between the construction worker unemployment rate, over 17.4 percent, and the national average for all sectors, around 9.7. (
  • That's not a problem when unemployment is 2.8 percent, but it's a problem now. (
  • The unemployment rate for those veterans hit a lofty 15.2 percent in January, the highest level since the government started tracking the statistic. (
  • Unemployment rose to 25.0 percent in the third quarter from 24.6 percent in the second quarter, according to Spain's National Statistics Institute on Friday. (
  • In the space of just five years, unemployment in Spain has risen from 8 percent to now just over 25 percent," said the BBC News correspondent in Madrid, Tom Burridge the same day. (
  • Unemployment eased slightly in Spain to 25.6 percent from 25.8 percent, while France, Italy and the Netherlands saw minor increases in the number of unemployed people. (
  • For job seekers under the age of 25, the situation improved in February, with a youth unemployment rate of 23.5 percent in the euro zone from 23.6 percent in January. (
  • Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle arguing that laziness and a desire to live large off unemployment checks is responsible for her state's 14 percent unemployment rate. (
  • The unemployment rate in California for the month of August was 7.7 percent, the highest since 1996. (
  • California's unemployment rate was 5.5 percent in August 2007, according to a press release from the Employment Development Department of California. (
  • Labor statistics released Friday show the District's unemployment rate continues its decline - from 8.9 percent in July to 8.8 percent in August - although the city still lags behind the national rate of 8.1 percent and nearly one in four residents of Ward 8 cannot find work. (
  • The number of unemployed D.C. residents dropped from 31,700 to 31,200, marking six straight months of decreasing unemployment in the city and a drop from 10.5 percent unemployment in August 2011, according to the mayor's office. (
  • Among the District's neighbors, Maryland saw its unemployment rate rise by 0.1 percent to 7.1 percent, and Virginia held steady at 5.9 percent in July and August. (
  • Yet unemployment remains high in the city's eastern wards, at 22 percent in Ward 8, 14.7 percent in Ward 7 and 11.9 percent in Ward 5, according to preliminary figures provided by the D.C. Department of Employment Services. (
  • Each of the city's five remaining wards had an unemployment rate under 10 percent as of August, with Ward 3 faring the best at 2.2 percent. (
  • The youth unemployment rate rose to an alarming 13.7 percent and more than 6 percent of over-25s were unemployed. (
  • The persistent inability of claimants to access the Unemployment Insurance OnlineSMsystem during this time period" means that people filing claims for dates from March 14 through May 9 should avoid more requests, the EDD urged on its site. (
  • In March, six states had unemployment rate decreases, the largest of which were in Colorado, Ohio, and Wyoming (-0.2 percentage point each). (
  • Prosecutors say she then submitted fraudulent pandemic unemployment assistance claim information for herself and her husband, who was incarcerated in Texas until last September. (
  • Some graduate students may be eligible for unemployment assistance provided by the state of Massachusetts. (
  • The State Employment and Unemployment news release for April is scheduled to be released on Friday, May 17, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. (
  • The key swing state of Ohio now has a 7.2% unemployment rate. (
  • Some unemployment insurance policies are set at the federal level, but states set most of the rules and run most of the programs, explains Rich Hobbie, executive director of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, a trade association for unemployment insurance agencies. (
  • One way to tell if you're covered is to find out whether you or your employer is paying unemployment insurance premiums to the state. (
  • Remember that unemployment insurance is a state-run program, so the general advice we're giving you is just that -- advice about how unemployment insurance works in most places. (
  • Notwithstanding the problem of overwhelmed unemployment offices and the fact that state governments will be soon be struggling to keep up due to collapsing tax revenues and rising costs , it's aimed properly. (
  • ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland uncovered a massive criminal enterprise involving identity theft and more than 47,500 fraudulent unemployment insurance claims in the state adding up to more than $501 million, Gov. Larry Hogan said Wednesday, saying the case relates to activity in at least a dozen other states. (
  • Indeed, in a recent letter addressing these very concerns, U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, a former state labor secretary for Maryland with hands-on experience with unemployment insurance, indicated that these challenges are not insurmountable and his agency stands ready to assist. (
  • Unemployment may be at 11.4% in LA County, pundits may mock the dysfunctional state budget system, but crime is still dropping from already historic lows in the City of Los Angeles. (
  • Even as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wraps up his state visit to the United States, his country's unemployment rate rose to a three-year high of 7.3% in February. (
  • About 4.1 million people have been unemployed for more than 26 weeks, which is when state unemployment insurance typically runs out. (
  • This federally funded benefit extended to people who weren't traditionally covered by state unemployment insurance. (
  • One involves giving priority to in-state unemployment claims. (
  • The state of being without any work yet looking for work is called unemployment. (
  • Unemployment is much lower than expected last year, reflecting the tough decisions families and businesses have taken to protect jobs, as well as the substantial extra investment in getting people back to work. (
  • You can also start at a One Stop Career Center or call the Department of Labor at (877) US2-JOBS to find your local unemployment insurance agency. (
  • Asked on ABC's 'This Week' about conspiracies that the Obama administration manipulated the latest jobs figures, Gillespie said that the real issue was persistently high unemployment. (
  • In the past month, Washington D.C. has experienced both an increase in number of jobs as well as an increase in unemployment, according to the Washington Post . (
  • What the unemployment rate does not measure is those without jobs who have simply given up. (
  • Last month the American unemployment rate remained at an eight-year low of 4.9% thanks to robust payroll growth of 242,000 jobs. (
  • Second, it can respond to persistent long-term unemployment by enacting policies aimed at creating and preserving jobs. (
  • Technological unemployment is the loss of jobs caused by technological change. (
  • In the 18th century fears over the impact of machinery on jobs intensified with the growth of mass unemployment, especially in Great Britain which was then at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. (
  • The government's key institutional response to combat the increase in poverty and unemployment created by the crisis [ clarification needed ] was the launch of an active unemployment assistance programme called Plan Jefas y Jefes de Hogar Desocupados (Program for Unemployed Heads of Households). (
  • Unemployment in Spain and France has jumped to new highs, data showed Thursday, lending ammunition to a growing chorus calling for easing the euro zone's austerity drive as the cure for its debt crisis because of the high social fallout. (
  • Unemployment is one of the most politically explosive issues in China and has gained further prominence as a result of the present global financial crisis. (
  • Adjusting the youth unemployment rate to account for reduced labour force participation can be obtained by comparing pre-crisis trends in youth labour force participation and the ILO's estimates of the economically active population. (
  • For instance, if the unemployment rate is adjusted for drop-out induced by the economic crisis, the global youth male unemployment rate would rise from 12.4 to 13.6 per cent, and the global youth female unemployment rate would rise from 13.0 to 13.5 per cent. (
  • This indicates that unemployment is responsible for nine times as many suicides as the economic crisis. (
  • Based on their findings, the researchers say suicide interventions need to be put in place that focus on the negative health effects of unemployment in times of economic stability and economic crisis. (
  • Given the actual changes in these factors in the early 90's we are able to predict a little over a half of the decline in unemployment and about 70% of the reduction in inflation in the latter half of the last decade. (
  • These figures, particularly the unemployment rate-which tells you the percentage of the labor force that is unemployed-receive wide coverage in the media. (
  • Poor health predisposes persons to a more uncertain position in the labor market and increases the risk for unemployment ( 5 , 6 ). (
  • The civilian labor force and unemployment data are modeled based largely on a survey of households. (
  • In other words, any compulsion, be it by government or union , to raise labor costs above those determined by the marginal productivity of labor , creates institutional unemployment. (
  • Studies suggest that being a victim or a perpetrator of crime can generate negative labor market outcomes, including lower wages and longer and more frequent unemployment spells because of decreased productivity and psychological costs. (
  • This informative book discusses in depth the youth unemployment "problem" and examines the various policy responses to it, including education and training, and active labor market policy. (
  • The Labor Department, in announcing the unemployment claims numbers for last week, said what Americans already knew - that layoffs hit the hospitality and food service industries particularly hard. (
  • The labor force is simply the number of unemployed persons plus the number of employed persons, and the unemployment rate is the ratio of the unemployed to the labor force. (
  • So that number is almost double the official unemployment rate, and that sort of gives you a much more realistic picture of you know the labor market,' Aparna Mathur of the American Enterprise Institute said. (
  • Highly centralized and unionized labor markets, like Australia's, did as poorly as decentralized and laissez-faire labor markets, like that of the United States , in dealing with long-term unemployment. (
  • The extent of persistent unemployment, despite different labor-market structures and national institutions, suggests that theories that pinpoint one key failure should be taken with a grain of salt. (
  • And, after two years of unemployment, the worker, accurately expecting to be at the end of every hiring queue, had lost hope and, for all practical purposes, left the labor market. (
  • Phone problems and website glitches persisted on Friday at the California labor agency responsible for handling a torrent of unemployment claims arising from the economic fallout spawned by the coronavirus. (
  • A major benefit of education is the lower risk of unemployment at higher educational levels. (
  • For people who are over 25 and have a bachelor's or higher degree, the unemployment rate is 3.0. (
  • All this has kept the British unemployment rate done at seven point 8% it's higher than the US Germany and Japan. (
  • However, such measures have already driven the unemployment rate higher. (
  • The president's budget notes that "even with healthy economic growth there is likely to be an extended period of higher-than-normal unemployment lasting for several years. (
  • We explore the response of employment (unemployment) skill differentials to skill-biased shifts in demand touched off by the new and spreading technologies. (
  • This suggests that policies reducing short run employment incidence will have longer-run effects by reducing the equilibrium or natural rate of unemployment. (
  • Because this analysis focuses on the seasonal changes in youth employment and unemployment that occur each spring and summer, the data are not seasonally adjusted. (
  • The purposes of this unemployment and health analysis are to discuss and raise awareness of differences in the characteristics of persons who are unemployed and differences in health status by employment status and to prompt actions to reduce these disparities. (
  • See table C.) _____________ The Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment news release for March is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. (
  • Optimal Unemployment Insurance ," Upjohn Working Papers and Journal Articles 95-35, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. (
  • The domain 'Employment and unemployment (Labour force survey)' is mainly but not only based on the results of the European Union Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS). (
  • Few indicators use other data sources like National Accounts employment or registered unemployment. (
  • Unemployment, according to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), is persons above a specified age (usually 15) not being in paid employment or self-employment but currently available for work during the reference period. (
  • Men in the region were also awaiting employment on the structure, and by the middle of the year unemployment problems were becoming a serious issue. (
  • After one week of unemployment, the worker was eligible for receiving 7 shillings/week for up to 15 weeks in a year. (
  • Please remember that not every Oregon Unemployment Insurance claimant is eligible for this program. (
  • Though there have been several definitions of "voluntary" and "involuntary unemployment" in the economics literature, a simple distinction is often applied. (
  • Especially in Europe, there were further warnings in the closing two decades of the twentieth century, as commentators noted an enduring rise in unemployment suffered by many industrialised nations since the 1970s. (
  • The Government welcomed the fall in unemployment and youth unemployment, but said the overall figures also showed that continued support was needed to secure the recovery. (
  • The weak figures in France and Spain, two of the biggest euro-zone economies, come on the heels of sharp rises in unemployment in March in the Netherlands and Sweden-an indication that the European Union's northern members are also suffering from the bloc's economic weakness. (
  • Ministers warned that further rises in unemployment were expected before the summer, and announced more help to get people back to work. (
  • With the huge amount of unemployment and layoffs, you are not alone. (
  • But we know things are going to be tough for a while and we expect further increases in unemployment before the summer. (
  • The view that it can lead to lasting increases in unemployment has long been controversial. (
  • The numbers cry out for an extension of unemployment insurance now," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., just moments before the Senate approved the bill. (
  • In addition to technology, maturing of the workforce, and growth of international trade reduce unemployment in the longer run. (
  • As unemployment rises to 27.2% of the workforce, the Spanish government is about to introduce a budget that eases austerity measures. (
  • In both Germany and France unemployment has soared to more than 10 per cent of the workforce and most analysts see little hope of it diminishing in the coming year. (
  • Maybe he wants to be remembered as the Fed chairman who presided over an era of European-level unemployment when skills eroded and several graduating classes entered a glutted workforce. (
  • Youth unemployment: is working for yourself the answer? (
  • The differences are particularly stark for youth unemployment. (
  • Taking this number into account, the adjusted global youth unemployment rate would be 13.6 per cent instead of the current 12.6 per cent. (
  • No president has been re-elected with an unemployment rate above 8% since Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. (
  • Success of the Act was limited because the level of investment was not high enough and it was not until the late 1930s that the shadow of unemployment lifted from Britain, thanks in part to government investment in rearmament. (