Newspapers: Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)Terminology as Topic: The terms, expressions, designations, or symbols used in a particular science, discipline, or specialized subject area.Intention to Treat Analysis: Strategy for the analysis of RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS AS TOPIC that compares patients in the groups to which they were originally randomly assigned.Dictionaries as Topic: Lists of words, usually in alphabetical order, giving information about form, pronunciation, etymology, grammar, and meaning.Patient Dropouts: Discontinuance of care received by patient(s) due to reasons other than full recovery from the disease.Treatment Outcome: Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.Double-Blind Method: A method of studying a drug or procedure in which both the subjects and investigators are kept unaware of who is actually getting which specific treatment.Twins: Two individuals derived from two FETUSES that were fertilized at or about the same time, developed in the UTERUS simultaneously, and born to the same mother. Twins are either monozygotic (TWINS, MONOZYGOTIC) or dizygotic (TWINS, DIZYGOTIC).Diseases in Twins: Disorders affecting TWINS, one or both, at any age.Twins, Monozygotic: Two off-spring from the same PREGNANCY. They are from a single fertilized OVUM that split into two EMBRYOS. Such twins are usually genetically identical and of the same sex.Twins, ConjoinedTwins, Dizygotic: Two offspring from the same PREGNANCY. They are from two OVA, fertilized at about the same time by two SPERMATOZOA. Such twins are genetically distinct and can be of different sexes.Twin Studies as Topic: Methods of detecting genetic etiology in human traits. The basic premise of twin studies is that monozygotic twins, being formed by the division of a single fertilized ovum, carry identical genes, while dizygotic twins, being formed by the fertilization of two ova by two different spermatozoa, are genetically no more similar than two siblings born after separate pregnancies. (Last, J.M., A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)Pregnancy, Twin: The condition of carrying TWINS simultaneously.Encyclopedias as Topic: Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)Crystallization: The formation of crystalline substances from solutions or melts. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Movement: The act, process, or result of passing from one place or position to another. It differs from LOCOMOTION in that locomotion is restricted to the passing of the whole body from one place to another, while movement encompasses both locomotion but also a change of the position of the whole body or any of its parts. Movement may be used with reference to humans, vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and microorganisms. Differentiate also from MOTOR ACTIVITY, movement associated with behavior.Colubridae: The largest family of snakes, comprising five subfamilies: Colubrinae, Natricinae, Homalopsinae, Lycodontinae, and Xenodontinae. They show a great diversity of eating habits, some eating almost anything, others having a specialized diet. They can be oviparous, ovoviviparous, or viviparous. The majority of North American snakes are colubrines. Among the colubrids are king snakes, water moccasins, water snakes, and garter snakes. Some genera are poisonous. (Goin, Goin, and Zug, Introduction to Herpetology, 3d ed, pp321-29)BooksJewelry: Objects of precious metal usually containing gems and worn to enhance personal appearance. Health concerns include possible contamination from lead content or bacteria.OhioBack Injuries: General or unspecified injuries to the posterior part of the trunk. It includes injuries to the muscles of the back.Acaridae: Family of MITES, in the superfamily Acaroidea, order Astigmata. They are frequently found in cereal-based foodstuffs including GRAIN and FLOUR.Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1, Group F, Member 1: A DNA-binding orphan nuclear receptor that positively regulates expression of ARNTL TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS and is a regulatory component of the circadian clock system. The protein also has a role in neuron cell survival and differentiation in that loss of function mutations of its gene result in the mouse phenotype referred to as the STAGGERER MOUSE.Semicircular Canals: Three long canals (anterior, posterior, and lateral) of the bony labyrinth. They are set at right angles to each other and are situated posterosuperior to the vestibule of the bony labyrinth (VESTIBULAR LABYRINTH). The semicircular canals have five openings into the vestibule with one shared by the anterior and the posterior canals. Within the canals are the SEMICIRCULAR DUCTS.Receptors, Cytoplasmic and Nuclear: Intracellular receptors that can be found in the cytoplasm or in the nucleus. They bind to extracellular signaling molecules that migrate through or are transported across the CELL MEMBRANE. Many members of this class of receptors occur in the cytoplasm and are transported to the CELL NUCLEUS upon ligand-binding where they signal via DNA-binding and transcription regulation. Also included in this category are receptors found on INTRACELLULAR MEMBRANES that act via mechanisms similar to CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS.Ion Channels: Gated, ion-selective glycoproteins that traverse membranes. The stimulus for ION CHANNEL GATING can be due to a variety of stimuli such as LIGANDS, a TRANSMEMBRANE POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE, mechanical deformation or through INTRACELLULAR SIGNALING PEPTIDES AND PROTEINS.Social Media: Platforms that provide the ability and tools to create and publish information accessed via the INTERNET. Generally these platforms have three characteristics with content user generated, high degree of interaction between creator and viewer, and easily integrated with other sites.Blogging: Using an INTERNET based personal journal which may consist of reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks.Videotape Recording: Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.Beauty: Characteristics or attributes of persons or things which elicit pleasurable feelings.Flowers: The reproductive organs of plants.Emigrants and Immigrants: People who leave their place of residence in one country and settle in a different country.ItalyChicagoIllinoisGrateful Med: A microcomputer-based software package providing a user-friendly interface to the MEDLARS system of the National Library of Medicine.Tigers: The species Panthera tigris, a large feline inhabiting Asia. Several subspecies exist including the Siberian tiger and Sumatran tiger.MinnesotaSports: Activities or games, usually involving physical effort or skill. Reasons for engagement in sports include pleasure, competition, and/or financial reward.MichiganGroup Purchasing: A shared service which combines the purchasing power of individual organizations or facilities in order to obtain lower prices for equipment and supplies. (From Health Care Terms, 2nd ed)Gasoline: Volative flammable fuel (liquid hydrocarbons) derived from crude petroleum by processes such as distillation reforming, polymerization, etc.Detergents: Purifying or cleansing agents, usually salts of long-chain aliphatic bases or acids, that exert cleansing (oil-dissolving) and antimicrobial effects through a surface action that depends on possessing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties.Pica: The persistent eating of nonnutritive substances for a period of at least one month. (DSM-IV)Nova Scotia: A province of eastern Canada, one of the Maritime Provinces with NEW BRUNSWICK; PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND; and sometimes NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR. Its capital is Halifax. The territory was granted in 1621 by James I to the Scotsman Sir William Alexander and was called Nova Scotia, the Latin for New Scotland. The territory had earlier belonged to the French, under the name of Acadia. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p871 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p384)Health Care Coalitions: Voluntary groups of people representing diverse interests in the community such as hospitals, businesses, physicians, and insurers, with the principal objective to improve health care cost effectiveness.Autonomic Pathways: Nerves and plexuses of the autonomic nervous system. The central nervous system structures which regulate the autonomic nervous system are not included.Sinoatrial Node: The small mass of modified cardiac muscle fibers located at the junction of the superior vena cava (VENA CAVA, SUPERIOR) and right atrium. Contraction impulses probably start in this node, spread over the atrium (HEART ATRIUM) and are then transmitted by the atrioventricular bundle (BUNDLE OF HIS) to the ventricle (HEART VENTRICLE).Baseball: A competitive nine-member team sport including softball.Heliotropium: A plant genus in the family Boraginaceae, order Lamiales, subclass Asteridae. This is the True Heliotrope that should not be confused with an unrelated plant sometimes called Garden Heliotrope (VALERIAN).
Twin-axial cable[edit]. Main article: Twinaxial cabling. Twin-axial cable or twinax is a balanced, twisted pair within a ... Twin-lead transmission lines have the property that the electromagnetic wave propagating down the line extends into the space ... meaning that it was two cables moulded together and was used mainly by BskyB for the twin connection required by the Sky+ ...
See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Costa Rica ... Twin towns - sister cities[edit]. San José is twinned with: *. ...
3 Twin cities. *4 Gallery. *5 See also. *6 References. *7 Further reading ...
Twins[edit]. Direct comparisons of identical twins constitute an optimal model for interrogating environmental epigenetics. In ... A more recent study, where 114 monozygotic twins and 80 dizygotic twins were analyzed for the DNA methylation status of around ... epigenetic differences in monozygotic twins and implications for twin studies in psychiatry". American Journal of Medical ... Dizygotic (fraternal) and monozygotic (identical) twins show evidence of epigenetic influence in humans.[120][121][122] DNA ...
Twin towns - sister cities[edit]. *. Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan. *. Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom ...
Town twinning[edit]. *. Benbrook, Texas. *. Vanves, France. *. Douglas, Isle of Man[16] ...
Twin city[edit]. *. Germany: Rösrath. References[edit]. *^ "Wettelijke Bevolking per gemeente op 1 januari 2018". Statbel. ...
See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Venezuela. Twin towns - Sister cities[edit]. Colonia Tovar is twinned with: * ...
Minnesota Twins[edit]. He was designated for assignment by the Seattle Mariners on July 3, 2005, and later traded on July 11 to ... Minneapolis-Saint Paul: KMSP 9 (Twins, 1979-1988, 1998-2002), WFTC 29 (Twins, 1990-1992, 2005-2010) ... with 7 home runs and 37 RBI in 88 games for the Mariners and Twins. ... "New Bret Boone book: alcohol problem derailed stint with Twins". StarTribune ...
Twin towns-sister cities[edit]. Brno is twinned with the following cities:[156] ... "Poznań Official Website - Twin Towns". (in Polish) 1998-2008 Urząd Miasta Poznania. Retrieved 29 November 2008.. ... See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in the Czech Republic ...
See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Norway. Twin towns - Sister cities[edit]. City[47]. Country. Year. ...
"British towns twinned with French towns [via]". Archant Community Media Ltd. Archived from the original on 5 ... The Homerton University Hospital has its own twinning arrangements with the Rambam Health Care Campus (Haifa, Israel) and St ...
Twin towns[edit]. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Spain ... "Town Twinning Agreements". Municipalidad de Rosario - Buenos Aires 711. Retrieved 14 October 2014.. ...
See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France. Twin towns - Sister cities[edit]. Niort is twinned with: *. Atakpamé ...
Twin towns[edit]. *. Bad Lippspringe, Germany. *. Połczyn-Zdrój, Poland. *. Controguerra, Italy. *. Newbridge, Ireland ...
Twin cities[edit]. The GLA has twin and sister city agreements with the following cities.[58] ... For Borough twinning, see List of twin towns and sister cities in England#London. ...
Twin towns[edit]. Margate is twinned with the following towns / cities: *. Split, Croatia ...
Twinning[edit]. Mbale was formally linked with the town Pontypridd, Wales through local and regional twinning ceremonies in ...
Twinned towns[edit]. The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has formal twinning arrangements with: *. Anderlecht, Belgium ... "British towns twinned with French towns [via]". Archant Community Media Ltd. Archived from the original on 5 ... The twinning is commemorated by a former German street lamp from West Berlin that now stands on Hammersmith Riverside, in ...
Twin Towns[edit]. Warrington is twinned with Hilden, Germany and Nachod, Czech Republic.[123] The villages of Lymm and Culcheth ... "Lymm Twin Town Society". Lymm Twin Town Society. Retrieved 20 February 2016.. ... "Twin towns , Warrington Borough Council". Retrieved 20 February 2016.. ... within the borough are twinned with Meung-sur-Loire, France and Saint-Leu-la-Foret, France respectively.[124][125] ...
Twinnings[edit]. *. Bohol, Philippines. *. Kentucky, United States. *. Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil[35] ...
Twin Towns[edit]. *. Pont-l'Évêque, France (Since 1977)[27][28]. *. Ilsfeld, Germany (Since 2003)[29] ...
Twin city[edit]. *. Hildale, Utah - just over the AZ/UT border. References[edit]. *^ "General Administration". ...
Sister cities - twin towns[edit]. Itu is twinned with: Salto, Brazil Images[edit]. *. ...
Twin cities[edit]. Reus is twinned with:[12] *. Bahía Blanca, Argentina, since 1994 ...
Sorrelli (the Italian word for sisters) Jewelry of Kutztown, Pennsylvania, was formed in 1983 by Lisa Oswald and her twin ...
... twins and dizygotic (non-identical) twin pairs. The difference in correlation between phenotypes in the identical twins and the ... Twin studies. Twin studies rely on comparing the phenotypes (observable physical traits) of monozygotic (genetically identical ... correlation in phenotypes in the non-identical twins estimate the genetic contribution to variations in phenotype (the within- ... twin correlation).. Water maze test. A water maze test comprises a pool of water, with a single platform (sometimes more than ...
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The Twins and Multiples group where expectant parents of multiples can join together & share their unique experiences and just ... Welcome To Our Twins Group Page. The Twins and Multiples group began on 4th September 2008, it is brand new group and our aim ... you are with the twins group to receive discounted entry of 50% from cafe Junior.. ... is to get members who are families with twins, triplets, or more and also expectant parents of multiples to join together & ...
Twinning results in reflected images along a common twinning plane, repetitions rotated about a common twinning axis, or both. ... twinned crystals in classes with a centre of symmetry will have a twinning axis perpendicular to a twinning plane, but, lacking ... twinning. twinning, in crystallography, regular intergrowth of two or more crystal grains so that each grain is a reflected ... Twinning often occurs from the beginning of crystal growth. The individuals that comprise a twin have atomic structures with ...
... This meditation was given to a couple of JoS clergy members from Thoth and Azazel. 1. Relax and be ...
Woman gives birth to twins she carried as a surrogate for her twin sister. Jill Noe offered to carry her twin sisters children ... Twin sisters share valedictorian role after they both earn a 4.425 GPA. The twins from Michigan say that their ability to ... Premature Twins Separated at Birth Immediately Hug as They Meet for the First Time Outside the Womb. Preemie Twins Hug After ... Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens Best Twinning Beauty Looks Through the Years. From playing Michelle Tanner on Full House to ...
The twin reversed arterial perfusion, or TRAP sequence, results in an acardiac twin, a parasitic twin that fails to develop a ... except the acardiac twin is outside the host twins body. The blood received by the parastitic twin has already been used by ... The parasitic twin, little more than a torso with or without legs, receives its blood supply from the host twin by means of an ... A parasitic twin (also known as an asymmetrical or unequal conjoined twin) is the result of the processes that also produce ...
Herere the stories of 30 pairs of twins that range from humorous to tragic.hese special rel ationships are celebrated in ... The connection between twins is powerful, en during and multifaceted. ... The Book of Twins, by two of the owners of the New York restaurant Twins, profiles a variety of twins ... Read full review ... Twins. User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict. These books gather all sorts of twins together to explore the unique ...
Another Facebook page for former Twin Valu employees. References[edit]. *^ Connole, Jon (1990-06-25). "Twin Valu, big local 880 ... Twin Valu is a defunct U.S. hypermarket and was one of the first hypermarkets in the Akron, Ohio, area. The original Twin Valu ... A former Twin Valu Hypermarket location in Euclid, Ohio: Both the Twin Valu and Super Kmart label-scars are still visible. ... A former Twin Valu supermarket location in Maple Heights, Ohio: Despite later becoming Daves Market then finally Giant Eagle, ...
"Am I better than the Twins?" "The Twins suck," He said Send mail to the makers of this site. back to main ... Minnesota Twins Poems. Everyone knows the Minnesota Twins and remembers when they were good, but few people were as loyal fans ... Heres the Twins Poems! There is one man who will never be forgotten: Rick Aguilera One time I asked God, " ...
... twinning: …reflected images along a common twinning plane, repetitions rotated about a common twinning axis, or both. Such ... because the resulting twin would be identical to the original crystal,… ... twinning planes and axes have simple relations to the crystallographic axes of the crystal and are governed by some fundamental ... twinning. * In twinning. …reflected images along a common twinning plane, repetitions rotated about a common twinning axis, or ...
... There are two solstices each year. These are astronomical moments when the light is greatest and the dark is ...
Re: 6100 Twins Oldguy 17:58:56 05/05/01 (. 2) *Re: 6100 Twins (pots and balancing) Oldguy 13:40:01 05/24/01 (. 0) *Re: 6100 ... Re: 6100 Twins Bob Gudgel 11:43:54 03/04/01 (. 4) *do you have a brother named matt? and did you ever live in arkansas, or go ... 6100 Twins. [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ TAPCO web forum ] [ FAQ ]. Posted by Steve Boudreaux ( on March ... I just bought a Tapco 6100RB and 6100EA, twinned together by a 6" cable. I may have paid a bit too much for them, but thats ...
Early in 2018, Twin Shadow returned with Saturdays, a collaboration with HAIM that heralded the release of his fourth album, ... Lewis went in an even more pop direction on 2015s Eclipse, a power ballad-heavy set of songs that marked Twin Shadows Warner ... While spending much of 2010 and 2011 touring, Lewis also found time to record his second Twin Shadow album, Confess, in Los ... The project of singer/songwriter/producer/actor George Lewis, Jr., Twin Shadows music expresses a nostalgia for 80s pop that ...
Official Youtube channel of Twin Peaks. ... Twin Peaks - Walk To The One You Love [Official Audio] - Duration: 3 minutes, 34 seconds.. Twin Peaks Dudes ... Twin Peaks - I Found a New Way [Official Video] - Duration: 2 minutes, 51 seconds.. Twin Peaks Dudes ... Twin Peaks - I Found a New Way [Official Video] - Duration: 2 minutes, 51 seconds.. Twin Peaks Dudes ...
Twin Peaks Part 16 recap: Wake up and smell the coffee. Twin Peaks part 16 gave fans what theyve been waiting for: The return ... Twin Peaks: The Return: 10 behind-the-scenes photos. The new Twin Peaks: The Return DVD/Blu Ray features gorgeous behind-the ... Twin Peaks Part 15 recap: Crossing the threshold and letting go. Twin Peaks part 15 recap: The Log Lady (and Agent Cooper?) ... Twin Peaks Part 12 Recap: Youre Not Going to Tell Me What She Said?. Twin Peaks recap: Audrey is finally back! ...
Film Review: Twin Flower: A Potent Romance in a World of Too Much Pain [Lff 2018] 12 October 2018 , Film-Book ... Twin Flower was one of those blind purchases. Good thing I did, because it was the best film I saw.. Luchetti adopts a visual ... Film Movement Takes U.S. Rights on Toronto-Launched Twin Flower (Exclusive) 12 June 2019 , Variety ... Off Set 2018 Tiff Portrait Series: Twin Flower (Fiore Gemello) 24 September 2018 , ...
Cray twins. What is claimed to be the worlds first supercomputer dedicated solely. to research into climate change was put ... twin Cray computers, at the Meteorological Offices Hadley Centre at Bracknell,. can handle up to 2700 million arithmetical ...
Yates twin town of Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany is an attractive spa town surrounded by beautiful countryside. ... Twinning is alive and well in Yate. ...
2B: Minnesota-Jones (1), Hunter (1), Cuddyer (1); Oakland-Durham 2 (2), Ellis (1). 3B: Minnesota-Pierzynski (1). HR: Minnesota-Mientkiewicz (1), Koskie (1). RBI: Minnesota-Koskie 3 (3), Jones (1), Mientkiewicz (1), Cuddyer (1), Pierzynski (1); Oakland-Chavez 2 (2), Hatteberg (1), Justice (1). E: Minnesota-Guzman (1), Koskie (1), Pierzynski (1 ...
Booking the last minute holidays that offer you an incredible opportunity to get cheap twin centre holidays to these two ... Booking the last minute holidays that offer you an incredible opportunity to get cheap twin centre holidays to these two ...
Latest Minnesota Twins News. Twins rout Brewers, 12-2, behind Kenta Maeda. Aug. 12, 2020 11:19 PM EDT ... The Brewers started their winning rally when Christian Yelich beat the Twins shift with a one-out double. With the Twins ... MILWAUKEE (AP) - Eddie Rosario and the Minnesota Twins needed one big hack to get back in the swing of things. Rosario hit a ... MILWAUKEE (AP) - Byron Buxton hit two solo home runs and Miguel Sanó added another as the Minnesota Twins jumped to an early ...
Latest Minnesota Twins News. Kintzler agrees to $3.25 million, 1-year deal with Marlins. Jan. 27, 2020 6:41 PM EST ... Donaldson and the Twins finalized a $92 million, four-year contract on Wednesday. He gets a $3 million signing bonus payable... ... Sanós deal with Twins could be worth $44.25M over 4 years. Jan. 16, 2020 6:21 PM EST ... AP source: Twins, 3B Donaldson agree to $92M, 4-year deal. Jan. 14, 2020 9:11 PM EST ...
Abigail Pogrebin talks to twin sisters who survived the Nazi doctors monstrous experiments at Auschwitz. ... He was known to give a pat on the head but also to inject twins eyeballs, cut off a twins testicles, or kill one twin ... Mengeles Twins. In an excerpt from her new book, One and the Same, Abigail Pogrebin talks to twin sisters who survived the ... They didnt.) In one infamous operation, Mengele is said to have sewed two Gypsy twins together to create conjoined twins. ...
  • Everyone knows the Minnesota Twins and remembers when they were good, but few people were as loyal fans as the writers of these poems. (
  • MILWAUKEE (AP) - Byron Buxton hit two solo home runs and Miguel Sanó added another as the Minnesota Twins jumped to an early lead and routed the Milwaukee Brewers 12-2 on Wednesday night. (
  • MILWAUKEE (AP) - Jedd Gyorko blasted a tiebreaking two-run homer in the eighth inning as the Milwaukee Brewers came from behind to beat the Minnesota Twins 6-4 on Tuesday. (
  • PHOENIX (AP) - The Minnesota Twins have acquired infielder Ildemaro Vargas from the Arizona Diamondbacks for cash considerations. (
  • MILWAUKEE (AP) - Eddie Rosario and the Minnesota Twins needed one big hack to get back in the swing of things. (
  • AP) - Hunter Dozier hit a two-run single in his first at-bat since testing positive for COVID-19, prized prospect Brady Singer earned his first major league win and the Kansas City Royals swept the Minnesota Twins 4-2 Sunday. (
  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The Minnesota Twins set a major league record for home runs last season. (
  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Josh Donaldson's 2024 option with the Minnesota Twins can escalate an additional $4 million based on awards he earns during the first four seasons of the deal. (
  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - After signaling an intent to aggressively seek upgrades to a club that won 101 games last season, the Minnesota Twins were passed over in their initial pursuit of top-tier starting pitching. (
  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Miguel Sanó's contract with the Minnesota Twins could be worth $44.25 million over four seasons. (
  • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The Minnesota Twins and 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson have agreed to a $92 million, four-year contract, according to a person familiar with the deal. (
  • Miguel Sanó and the Minnesota Twins avoided arbitration by agreeing to a $30 million, three-year contract on Friday, a person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press. (
  • Taking place at the Comerica ballpark in Detroit is the highly anticipated game between the home team, Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins. (
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  • The much loved and followed baseball team, Minnesota Twins is all set to play one of the most awaited games of the season. (
  • Sports lovers in and around Detroit can treat themselves to a thrilling and intense encounter between two top baseball teams, Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers. (
  • Minnesota Twins Detroit tickets are up for sale and lovers of the sport are in a hurry to book the best available seats to watch the game. (
  • Minnesota Twins are members of the Central Division of the American League. (
  • During the 1960s, the side was relocated to Minnesota and eventually came to be known as Minnesota Twins. (
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  • LaMonte Wade Jr., an Owings Mills native who played at St. Paul's, was called up to the Minnesota Twins from Triple-A Rochester on Thursday. (
  • Rookie Fernando Romero struck out nine in six shutout innings, leading the visiting Minnesota Twins to a 6-0 victory over the depleted and weary St. Louis Cardinals on Monday at Busch Stadium. (
  • The Phillies defeated the Minnesota Twins, 6-1, at Target Field in Minneapolis. (
  • With rain in the forecast all day, the Mets are hoping to get a chance to complete their first sweep of the Minnesota Twins in the finale of this three-game series. (
  • The Minnesota Twins have been generating offense consistently during their best stretch of the season. (
  • Early in 2018, Twin Shadow returned with 'Saturdays,' a collaboration with HAIM that heralded the release of his fourth album, Caer, that April. (
  • In our very first Twins Insider podcast, beat writer La Velle E. Neal III joins Michael Rand for an early look at how the Twins are shaping up in spring training as they prepare for 2016. (
  • Two-year-old Lena, who might be Map Girl's identical twin, flits around the playground in the T-shirt that her account manager mom brought back from the 2016 Esri User Conference. (
  • Twin Peaks released their last proper studio album, Down In Heaven , back in 2016. (
  • The Twin Instrument ," CSAE Working Paper Series 2016-38, Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford. (
  • The twin instrument ," ISER Working Paper Series 2016-17, Institute for Social and Economic Research. (
  • The Twins and Multiples group began on 4th September 2008, it is brand new group and our aim is to get members who are families with twins, triplets, or more and also expectant parents of multiples to join together & share their unique experiences and just have some fun. (
  • Option 3   The Favorite.  When it comes to buying for twins, triplets, or multiples, be they either fraternal, or identical, we like to steer people towards buying different layette or outfits within the same collection. (
  • Music video for Twin Peaks' new single "Dance Through It," from 'Lookout Low,' out September 13th. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'St. Vulgar St.' [Lyric Video] - Duration: 3 minutes, 24 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Cawfee' [Lyric Video] - Duration: 3 minutes, 53 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Making Breakfast' [Official Video] - Duration: 2 minutes, 13 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Wanted You' [Official Video] - Duration: 3 minutes, 25 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Butterfly' [Official Video] - Duration: 3 minutes, 11 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Dance Through It' [Official Music Video] - Duration: 4 minutes, 47 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Tossing Tears' [Official Audio] - Duration: 4 minutes, 11 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Blue Coupe' [Official Audio] - Duration: 3 minutes, 43 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Shake Your Lonely' [Official Audio] - Duration: 3 minutes, 36 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Holding Roses' [Official Video] - Duration: 2 minutes, 39 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'I Found a New Way' [Official Video] - Duration: 2 minutes, 51 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - Walk To The One You Love - Duration: 3 minutes, 35 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Flavor' (Official Video) - Duration: 2 minutes. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Mind Frame' [Official Video] - Duration: 2 minutes, 14 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - Stand in the Sand - Duration: 2 minutes, 19 seconds. (
  • Twin Peaks - 'Oh Mama' [Official Music Video] - Duration: 5 minutes, 50 seconds. (
  • The new 'Twin Peaks: The Return' DVD/Blu Ray features gorgeous behind-the-scenes images of David Lynch on set with his stars. (
  • Get an exclusive look at David Lynch at work on the set of 'Twin Peaks: The Return,' ahead of the series's Blu-Ray release. (
  • Now that 'Jane the Virgin' fans can buy Jane Gloriana Villanueva's book 'Snow Falling,' we look back on other books by fictional characters that were published in real life, from "Lost," "Twin Peaks," "Castle," and more. (
  • Twin Peaks' series finale: 'What the hell just happened? (
  • Twin Peaks part 16 gave fans what they've been waiting for: The return of Agent Cooper. (
  • Twin Peaks part 15 recap: The Log Lady (and Agent Cooper? (
  • Twin Peaks' Part 14 recap: Who is the dreamer? (
  • Warning: This recap for Part 14 of 'Twin Peaks' contains spoilers. (
  • The WWE got a little Lynchian recently and entered the Black Lodge, where it did a parody of Twin Peaks called Fashion Peaks. (
  • Twin Peaks' Part 12 Recap: You're Not Going to Tell Me What She Said? (
  • Twin Peaks recap: Audrey is finally back! (
  • Game of Thrones' or 'Twin Peaks': Which Show Is Better? (
  • Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere, and Twin Peaks: The Return episode 10. (
  • Yes, that serial slice of surreal melodrama known as Twin Peaks , which pushed the limits of early '90s prime-time TV with its bizarre plot twists, alternate universes and enigmatic logging-town denizens, is back. (
  • Catch up with these nine Twin Peaks stalwarts who form the main ensemble, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) . (
  • He also participated in a Twin Peaks homage episode, "Dual Spires," on Psych in 2010. (
  • The veteran of two Lynch-directed features, Dune (1984) and Blue Velvet (1986), became the breakout star of the original Twin Peaks as the trench-coated java aficionado Special Agent Dale Cooper. (
  • Is 'Twin Peaks' a movie? (
  • Twin Peaks' season 4? (
  • In this paper, however, we show that the distribution of export intensity not only varies substantially across countries, but in a large number of cases is also bimodal, displaying what we refer to as twin peaks. (
  • Our results show that when the conditions for the existence of twin peaks are met, differences in relative market size can explain most of the observed variation in the distribution of export intensity across the world. (
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  • Cooper arrives in Twin Peaks. (
  • The setup involving the Mitchum brothers and Dougie reaches its climax while even stranger things start to happen to both the FBI team and the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. (
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  • An idiosyncratic FBI agent investigates the murder of a young woman in the even more idiosyncratic town of Twin Peaks. (
  • Chicago rock group and Band To Watch graduates Twin Peaks haven't had a proper studio album since 2016's Down In Heaven . (
  • is over and done with, we can finally get back to exclusively worrying about Twin Peaks: The Band. (
  • The latest musician to play the Bang Bang Bar on Twin Peaks is Eddie Vedder. (
  • The twin Cray computers, at the Meteorological Office's Hadley Centre at Bracknell, can handle up to 2700 million arithmetical calculations per second, a big jump in the computing capacity available to researchers. (
  • Booking the last minute holidays that offer you an incredible opportunity to get cheap twin centre holidays to these two marvellous destinations. (
  • V isit two of Europes most picturesque capitals on this twin-centre break. (
  • A twin centre break is the perfect opportunity to soak up all the sights and local hospitality in two incredible locations. (
  • Despite their cultural, religious and political differences, members of Toronto's Temple Emanu-El, a Jewish synagogue, and Noor Cultural Centre, a Muslim group, will be twinned like brothers and sisters. (
  • Samira Kanji, whose father, Hassanali Lakhani, founded the cultural centre in 2003, said twinning fits with the centre's mandate to promote the learning of Islam and appreciation of diversity, within and outside the Muslim community. (
  • These books gather all sorts of twins together to explore the unique relationships they share. (
  • A great place for families and friends of twins to get together and share tips, pics and chuckles! (
  • By comparing the similarity in scores between identical twin pairs (who share 100 per cent of their genes) to that between fraternal pairs (who have at most 50 per cent of their genes in common) the researchers were able to distinguish between the effects of genes and environment. (
  • With NumberSync, AT&T customers will soon be able to use what's called mobile twinning to share a single phone number with multiple SIM cards in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other connected devices. (
  • Do you have a better or more recent aerial photo of Twin Lakes Airport that you would like to share? (
  • Each twin's genes comes from the parents, but the twins don't share the same mix of genes. (
  • Identical twins that result from the division of one fertilized egg may share a placenta in the uterus. (
  • Contact twins share a single composition surface often appearing as mirror images across the boundary. (
  • The recent birth of Julia Roberts twins has elevated the awareness of the increased number of multiple births in the U.S. According to data reported by the National Center for Health Statistics, the twinning rate has climbed 38 percent since 1990. (
  • The twins therefore have no more genetic similarity than brothers or sisters from single births. (
  • About three or four in every 1000 births are identical twins. (
  • One in every 31 births in the U.S. is a twin birth, so how are twins conceived? (
  • Twin births are often construed as a natural experiment in the social and natural sciences on the premise that the occurrence of twins is quasi-random. (
  • Using individual data for more than 18 million births (more than 500,000 of which are twins) in 72 countries, we demonstrate that indicators of the mother's health and health-related behaviours and exposures are systematically positively associated with the probability of a twin birth. (
  • The positive selection of women into twinning implies that estimates of impacts of fertility on parental investments and on women's labour supply that use twin births to instrument fertility will tend to be downward biased. (
  • Twinning results in reflected images along a common twinning plane, repetitions rotated about a common twinning axis, or both. (
  • 1-parallel twinning:-when twin axis and compositional plane lies parallel to each other. (
  • During the inaugural twinning weekend, the result of a resolution passed last year at the National Summit of Imams and Rabbis and hosted by the Foundation of Ethnic Understanding in the U.S., Muslims and Jews discussed ways to confront hate against both groups. (
  • In Stephen King's 1990 novel The Dark Half and its 1993 film adaptation, the main character is the victim of his parasitic twin. (
  • Michael Rand and Phil Miller break down Monday's news conference in which the Twins introduced new baseball boss Derek Falvey and general manager Thad Levine. (
  • Dipygus Lakshmi Tatma Rudy Santos Vestigial twin Aquino DB, Timmons C, Burns D, Lowichik A (1997). (
  • Aphex Twin har gjort seg kjent for karakteristiske musikkvideoer, blant annet Come to Daddy (1997) og Windowlicker (1999) som er laget av Chris Cunningham . (
  • Participants will also explore public attitudes on an array of important local issues such as environmental sustainability and education, culminating in an in-depth look into the history of the Twin Cities, including the area's American Indian heritage. (
  • In an excerpt from her new book, One and the Same, Abigail Pogrebin talks to twin sisters who survived the Nazi doctor's monstrous experiments at Auschwitz. (
  • Evidence from twins , their sisters and their mothers in the Netherlands. (
  • Diddy and his girlfriend, Kim Porter, are expecting a pair of girls, Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels are expecting a boy and a girl, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are having twins in December, and Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and his wife Amanda de Cadenet are due as well. (
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  • Gillian found out she was having twins at an early scan. (
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  • I felt exactly the same way last year when I got pregnant, I just knew I was having twins. (
  • My first thought of having twins came after a dream. (
  • Return of the Ying Yang Twins from 2002 sold well down South, but it was the duo's 2003 team-up with Lil Jon -- 'the King of Crunk' -- that brought them nationwide success. (
  • Right-hander Dylan Bundy allowed four runs in five innings while striking out eight as the Twins swept the Orioles with a 4-1 victory at Target Field, their 12th straight win over Baltimore. (
  • A parasitic twin (also known as an asymmetrical or unequal conjoined twin) is the result of the processes that also produce vanishing twins and conjoined twins, and may represent a continuum between the two. (
  • Many TRAP pregnancies result in heart failure for the healthy twin. (
  • While it is thought that the classical TRAP/Acardius sequence is due to a retrograde flow from the umbilical arteries of the pump twin to the iliac arteries of the acardiac twin resulting in preferential caudal perfusion, acardius acormus is thought to be a result of an early embryopathy. (
  • Twins are conceived in two ways that result in either identical or nonidentical twins. (
  • After years of practicing and studying the effects of meditation for myself, and now with my own babies, I have truly witnessed many miracles in my life and in my babies' lives, and as a result have created the Baby Zen and Twin Zen programs. (
  • Growth twins are the result of an interruption or change in the lattice during formation or growth due to a possible deformation from a larger substituting ion. (
  • Deformation twinning is a common result of regional metamorphism. (
  • The victory gave the AL Central-leading Twins a 2-1 series win over the Brewers, who dropped to 2-6 at home. (
  • Twins beat writers La Velle E. Neal III and Phil Miller of the Star Tribune join Michael Rand every week to turn the marathon of a baseball season into a series of short sprints. (
  • The third baseman, though, has four hits - two for extra bases - and five RBIs in this series, and owns a .438 average in eight career meetings with the Twins. (
  • The two communities are among 50 matches made since Friday over the 'Weekend of Twinning' between synagogues and mosques across North America, including four paired up in Greater Toronto, in an effort to expand on interfaith dialogue. (
  • The quantity-Quality trade-Off of children In a developing country: Identification using chinese twins ," Demography , Springer;Population Association of America (PAA), vol. 45(1), pages 223-243, February. (
  • The project of singer/songwriter/producer/actor George Lewis, Jr., Twin Shadow's music expresses a nostalgia for '80s pop that spanned the chillwave of his early releases to the more accessible sound of his later albums. (
  • While living in Boston in the early 2000s, he played in the punk band Mad Man Films before moving to Brooklyn and beginning Twin Shadow in 2006. (
  • Raising twins is wonderful most of the time-but sometimes parents can feel overwhelmed, and need help providing their twins with important necessities such as food, shelter, medical care, quality child care, and early childhood education or support. (
  • Twins start interacting with each other as early as three and a half months in gestation . (
  • Although our twins came 13 weeks early they are small and mighty. (
  • The Twin Instrument ," IZA Discussion Papers 10405, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). (
  • Quantity-Quality Tradeoff of Children in a Developing Country, The: Identification Using Chinese Twins ," REAP Papers 22560, Rural Education Action Project at Stanford University. (
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  • Trevor Hildenberger and Matt Magill combined to toss three scoreless innings in relief for the Twins. (