The act of cleaning teeth with a brush to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. (From Webster, 3d ed)
The pathologic wearing away of the tooth substance by brushing, bruxism, clenching, and other mechanical causes. It is differentiated from TOOTH ATTRITION in that this type of wearing away is the result of tooth-to-tooth contact, as in mastication, occurring only on the occlusal, incisal, and proximal surfaces. It differs also from TOOTH EROSION, the progressive loss of the hard substance of a tooth by chemical processes not involving bacterial action. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p2)
Any preparations used for cleansing teeth; they usually contain an abrasive, detergent, binder and flavoring agent and may exist in the form of liquid, paste or powder; may also contain medicaments and caries preventives.
Dentifrices that are formulated into a paste form. They typically contain abrasives, HUMECTANTS; DETERGENTS; FLAVORING AGENTS; and CARIOSTATIC AGENTS.
The practice of personal hygiene of the mouth. It includes the maintenance of oral cleanliness, tissue tone, and general preservation of oral health.
A combination of the debris index and the dental calculus index to determine the status of oral hygiene.
Devices used in the home by persons to maintain dental and periodontal health. The devices include toothbrushes, dental flosses, water irrigators, gingival stimulators, etc.
Preventive dental services provided for students in primary and secondary schools.
The property of dentin that permits passage of light, heat, cold, and chemical substances. It does not include penetration by microorganisms.
An index which scores the degree of dental plaque accumulation.
Education which increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of dental health on a personal or community basis.
A plant genus of the family BROMELIACEAE known for the edible fruit that is the source of BROMELAINS.
A film that attaches to teeth, often causing DENTAL CARIES and GINGIVITIS. It is composed of MUCINS, secreted from salivary glands, and microorganisms.
A plant family of the order Polygalales, subclass Rosidae class, Magnoliopsida that are mostly shrubs and small trees. Many of the members contain indole alkaloids.
Occlusal wear of the surfaces of restorations and surface wear of dentures.
Apparatus and instruments that generate and operate with ELECTRICITY, and their electrical components.
Loss of the tooth substance by chemical or mechanical processes
Fluorides, usually in pastes or gels, used for topical application to reduce the incidence of DENTAL CARIES.
Silicon polymers that contain alternate silicon and oxygen atoms in linear or cyclic molecular structures.
A solution used for irrigating the mouth in xerostomia and as a substitute for saliva.
Progressive loss of the hard substance of a tooth by chemical processes that do not involve bacterial action. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p296)
Adherent debris produced when cutting the enamel or dentin in cavity preparation. It is about 1 micron thick and its composition reflects the underlying dentin, although different quantities and qualities of smear layer can be produced by the various instrumentation techniques. Its function is presumed to be protective, as it lowers dentin permeability. However, it masks the underlying dentin and interferes with attempts to bond dental material to the dentin.
Seven-carbon saturated hydrocarbon group of the methane series. Include isomers and derivatives.
Localized destruction of the tooth surface initiated by decalcification of the enamel followed by enzymatic lysis of organic structures and leading to cavity formation. If left unchecked, the cavity may penetrate the enamel and dentin and reach the pulp.
The part of a tooth from the neck to the apex, embedded in the alveolar process and covered with cementum. A root may be single or divided into several branches, usually identified by their relative position, e.g., lingual root or buccal root. Single-rooted teeth include mandibular first and second premolars and the maxillary second premolar teeth. The maxillary first premolar has two roots in most cases. Maxillary molars have three roots. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p690)
Nanometer-scale composite structures composed of organic molecules intimately incorporated with inorganic molecules. (Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechology Terms, 4th ed)
The testing of materials and devices, especially those used for PROSTHESES AND IMPLANTS; SUTURES; TISSUE ADHESIVES; etc., for hardness, strength, durability, safety, efficacy, and biocompatibility.
Inorganic derivatives of phosphoric acid (H3PO4). Note that organic derivatives of phosphoric acids are listed under ORGANOPHOSPHATES.
Solutions for rinsing the mouth, possessing cleansing, germicidal, or palliative properties. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
Devices used for influencing tooth position. Orthodontic appliances may be classified as fixed or removable, active or retaining, and intraoral or extraoral. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p19)
Agents used to occlude dental enamel pits and fissures in the prevention of dental caries.
The hard portion of the tooth surrounding the pulp, covered by enamel on the crown and cementum on the root, which is harder and denser than bone but softer than enamel, and is thus readily abraded when left unprotected. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)
The placing of a body or a part thereof into a liquid.
Synthetic resins, containing an inert filler, that are widely used in dentistry.
Substances that inhibit or arrest DENTAL CARIES formation. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
The optimal state of the mouth and normal functioning of the organs of the mouth without evidence of disease.
"Decayed, missing and filled teeth," a routinely used statistical concept in dentistry.
A hard thin translucent layer of calcified substance which envelops and protects the dentin of the crown of the tooth. It is the hardest substance in the body and is almost entirely composed of calcium salts. Under the microscope, it is composed of thin rods (enamel prisms) held together by cementing substance, and surrounded by an enamel sheath. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p286)
Liquids that are suitable for drinking. (From Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
A disinfectant and topical anti-infective agent used also as mouthwash to prevent oral plaque.
Characteristics or attributes of the outer boundaries of objects, including molecules.
Chemical compounds which yield hydrogen ions or protons when dissolved in water, whose hydrogen can be replaced by metals or basic radicals, or which react with bases to form salts and water (neutralization). An extension of the term includes substances dissolved in media other than water. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)

The impact of brushing teeth on carbon-14 urea breath test results. (1/282)

OBJECTIVE: The 14C urea breath test noninvasively detects the presence of the urease-producing bacteria Helicobacter pylori in the stomach. Several sources of errors have been identified to cause false or indeterminate results on the test. The objective of this study was to identify whether brushing teeth affects the test results. METHODS: We performed the 14C urea breath test on 168 patients, with breath samples counted at 10 and 20 min after oral administration of 2 microCi (74 kBq) 14C urea. Ninety-four patients brushed their teeth before the test while 74 did not. RESULTS: Thirty-six of the 74 patients (49%) who did not brush their teeth had positive results at 10 min, which became negative at 20 min. None of the 94 patients who brushed their teeth before testing showed this pattern with agreement of results at 10 and 20 min. CONCLUSION: We recommend brushing teeth before the 14C urea breath test since it significantly decreased the ambiguous results of the test in our laboratory.  (+info)

Don't forget your toothbrush! (2/282)

Patients with rectally inserted foreign bodies can present to accident and emergency departments or general medical practitioners. Rarely dentally related objects are inserted because of their ready availability in the domestic environment. There are many reasons given for their presence in the rectum, most commonly accidental insertion, assault, and psychosexual motives. This case is the first reported incident of a patient using a toothbrush to relieve his pruritus ani and subsequently losing it up into the rectum.  (+info)

Clinical evaluation of an electron-ionizing toothbrush with a tooth paste containing stannous fluoride in treatment of dentine hypersensitivity following periodontal surgery. (3/282)

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of an electro-ionizing toothbrush with stannous fluoride in the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity following periodontal surgery. Thirty-two volunteers with dentin hypersensitivity were divided in two equal groups each using different methods: (Group I) stannous fluoride dentifrice and hyG Brnde ionizing brush without a battery and (Group II) stannous fluoride dentifrice and hyG Brnde ionizing brush with a battery. The volunteers brushed their teeth for 3 minutes twice a day for 12 weeks following one either of the test protocols. Mechanical (No 23 dental explorer), chemical (lemon juice) and thermal (dental air-water syringe) tests were used for the evaluation of the degree of dentin hypersensitivity. A subjective assessment of the degree of hypersensitivity for each stimulus was recorded. The evaluations were repeated at 4, 8 and 12 weeks after surgical treatment. The second group showed significantly less sensitivity than the first group. The findings appear to suggest that the ionizing brush may be an effective adjunct for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity in post-periodontal surgery.  (+info)

Socioeconomic status and selected behavioral determinants as risk factors for dental caries. (4/282)

The purpose of this review is to summarize a systematic review evaluating the evidence regarding the association between the incidence and prevalence of dental caries and: 1) socioeconomic status; 2) tooth-brushing; and 3) the use of the baby bottle. Literature was drawn from two databases, Medline and EmBase. Because of limited resources, we did not conduct hand-searching or search unpublished studies. Three thousand one hundred thirty-eight abstracts were identified, 358 reviewed, and 272 papers included in the systematic review. There is fairly strong evidence for an inverse relationship between SES and the prevalence of caries among children less than twelve years of age. The evidence for this relationship is weaker for older children and for adults because of the relatively small number of studies and methodological limitations. There is weak evidence that tooth-brushing prevents dental caries, but it is uncertain whether the effects of tooth-brushing are due to use of a fluoride dentifrice or from mechanical removal of plaque. Finally, the evidence for the relationship between prolonged use of the baby bottle and dental caries is weak. More studies directly aimed at analyzing the relationship between SES and dental caries are needed to identify factors associated with SES that contribute to dental caries risk. Tooth-brushing should continue to be recommended as a measure to prevent dental caries, particularly using a fluoride dentifrice. Recommendations regarding bottle use should continue until clear evidence about the relationship between prolonged bottle use and dental caries can be obtained.  (+info)

Topical fluorides in caries prevention and management: a North American perspective. (5/282)

A review of evidence-based literature indicates incomplete evidence for the efficacy of most measures currently used for caries prevention, with the exception of fluoride varnishes and the use of fluoride-based interventions for patients with hyposalivation. Not all fluoride agents and treatments are equal. Different fluoride compounds, different vehicles, and vastly different concentrations have been used with different frequencies and durations of application. These variables can influence the clinical outcome with respect to caries prevention and management. The efficacy of topical fluoride in caries prevention depends on a) the concentration of fluoride used, b) the frequency and duration of application, and to a certain extent, c) the specific fluoride compound used. The more concentrated the fluoride and the greater the frequency of application, the greater the caries reduction. Factors besides efficacy, such as practicality, cost, and compliance, influence the clinician's choice of preventive therapy. For noncavitated smooth surface carious lesions in a moderate caries-risk patient, the appropriate fluoride regimen would be semiannual professional topical application of a fluoride varnish containing 5 percent NaF (22,600 ppm of fluoride). In addition, the patient should use twice or thrice daily for at least one minute a fluoridated dentifrice containing NaF, MFP, or SnF2 (1,000-1,500 ppm of fluoride), and once daily for one minute a fluoride mouthrinse containing .05 percent NaF (230 ppm of fluoride). If the noncavitated carious lesion involves a pit or fissure, the application of an occlusal sealant would be the most appropriate preventive therapy. The management of the high caries-risk patient requires the use of several preventive interventions and behavioral modification, besides the use of topical fluorides. For children over six years of age and adults, both office and self-applied topical fluoride treatments are recommended. For office fluoride therapy at the initial visit, a high-concentration agent, either a 1.23 percent F APF gel (12,300 ppm of fluoride) for four minutes in a tray or a 5 percent NaF varnish (22,600 ppm of fluoride), should be applied directly to the teeth four times per year. Self-applied fluoride therapy should consist of the daily five-minute application of 1.1 percent NaF or APF gel (5,000 ppm of fluoride) in a custom-fitted tray. For those who cannot tolerate a tray delivery owing to gagging or nausea, a daily 0.05 percent NaF rinse (230 ppm of fluoride) for 1 minute is a less effective alternative. In addition, the patient should use twice or thrice daily for at least 1 minute a fluoridated dentifrice as described above for treatment of noncavitated carious lesions. In order to avoid unintentional ingestion and the risk of fluorosis in children under six years of age, fluoride rinses and gels should not be used at home. Furthermore, when using a fluoride dentifrice, such children should apply only a pea-size portion on the brush, should be instructed not to eat or swallow the paste, and should expectorate thoroughly after brushing. Toothbrushing should be done under parental supervision. To avoid etching of porcelain crowns and facings, neutral NaF is indicated in preference to APF gels for those patients who have such restorations and are applying the gel daily. The rationale for these recommendations is discussed. Important deficiencies in our knowledge that require further research on topical fluoride therapy in populations with specific needs are identified.  (+info)

The impact of behavioral technology on dental caries. (6/282)

Models of self-regulation of patient adherence to specific health promotion recommendations by professionals are available and have been shown effective in changing behavior. However, it is a fundamental misspecification of the caries prevention problem to look to techniques that affect the regulation of individual behavior to directly impact dental caries. Behavioral techniques are used to enhance the probability an individual will initiate, increase, or maintain the use of established caries reduction/control strategies or cease or decrease behaviors that increase caries. Behavioral techniques can also be used to affect parental behavior in a cascade of effects that can eventually lead to healthier children. Studies are needed where behaviorally oriented caries prevention actions are thought of as manipulating self-regulatory behavior and the focus of action is either on the individual or on another, such as a parent. A third category of studies should center on provider competency. Studies are recommended in each of these areas.  (+info)

Training mentally retarded adolescents to brush their teeth. (7/282)

The need for self-care by retarded individuals in behaviors such as brushing teeth led to the development and evaluation of a comprehensive toothbrushing program that included a task analysis and training procedure specific to each component of the task analysis. Eight mentally retarded adolescents, in two groups, individually received acquisition training that included scheduled opportunities for independent performances, verbal instruction, modelling, demonstration, and physical assistance. The first group of four subjects received token plus social reinforcement; the second received only social reinforcement. All eight subjects showed improved toothbrushing behaviors when compared to baseline. Six of the eight subjects correctly performed all toothbrushing steps in two of three consecutive sessions. The study emphasizes the need for systematic program development and evaluation.  (+info)

Microstructural analysis of demineralized primary enamel after in vitro toothbrushing. (8/282)

The aim of this study was to investigate, in vitro, the morphological characteristics of demineralized primary enamel subjected to brushing with a dentifrice with or without fluoride. In order to do so, 32 enamel blocks were divided in 4 different groups containing 8 blocks each. They were separately immersed in artificial saliva for 15 days. The experimental groups were: C - control; E - submitted to etching with 37% phosphoric acid gel (30 s); EB - submitted to etching and brushing 3 times a day with a non-fluoridated dentifrice; EBF = submitted to etching and brushing 3 times a day with a fluoridated dentifrice. The toothbrushing force was standardized at 0.2 kgf and 15 double strokes were performed on each block. After the experimental period, the samples were prepared and examined under SEM. The control group (C) showed a smooth surface, presenting scratches caused by habitual toothbrushing. The etched samples (E) exhibited different degrees of surface disintegration, but the pattern of acid etching was predominantly the type II dissolution. The brushed surfaces were smooth, with elevations which corresponded to the exposure of Tomes' process pits and depressions which corresponded to interrod enamel. Particles resembling calcium carbonate were found in the most protected parts of the grooves. No morphological differences were observed between brushing with fluoridated (EBF) and non-fluoridated (EB) dentifrice. The results suggest that the mechanical abrasion caused by brushing demineralized enamel with dentifrice smoothes the rough etched surface, and the presence of fluoride does not cause morphological modifications in this pattern.  (+info)

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Electric toothbrushes win hands down over manual brushes when it comes to cleaning ability. The electric versions whirring bristles remove plaque better and faster, for starters. Their more advanced designs are also able to get at hard-to-clean areas like the backs of molars and the gum line, thus helping to prevent cavities and gingivitis. Not surprisingly, then, both the American Journal of Dentistry and the British Dental Journal support the use of electric toothbrushes [source: Electric Toothbrush Reviews].. But dont just listen to the sages at dental journals. Regular folks are big electric toothbrush fans, too. In a survey of 16,000 patients published by the American Dental Association, more than 80 percent said they improved their oral cleanliness after switching from their manual toothbrushes to an electric version [source: Electric Toothbrush Reviews]. Its hard to argue with that!. ...
Following an 11-year longitudinal study on the effectiveness of powered toothbrushes (PTB), scientists at the University of Greifswald, Germany, have confirmed what dentists have long suspected: when it comes to reduced gum disease, reduced loss of clinical attachment, and tooth retention, powered toothbrushes are more effective than their manual counterparts (MTB).. Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation (OHF) in Britain, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, said in BOHFs coverage of this study that: Health experts have been speaking about the benefits of electric toothbrushes for many years. This latest piece of evidence is one of the strongest and clearest yet - electric toothbrushes are better for our oral health. Electric toothbrushes, especially those with heads that rotate in both directions, or oscillating heads, are really effective at removing plaque. This helps keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.. ...
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The review of the literature concluded that regular brushing with powered toothbrushes containing circular bristle heads that rotate in alternating directions were better at removing plaque and reducing the risk of gum disease than brushing with manual toothbrushes alone. Although electric toothbrushes may help reduce incidences of plaque and gingivitis, the researchers emphasize the importance of regular brushing whether the brush is manual or powered and further indicate that the results of this review do not indicate that toothbrushing is only worthwhile with a powered toothbrush. Reference:. Robinson P et al. Manual versus powered toothbrushing for oral health. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2005, Issue 2.. For more information on general health, visit ...
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It depends on each individuals dexterity, brushing technique and preference. Both manual and electric toothbrushes remove plaque from teeth. A manual toothbrush is fine if you are able to reach all your teeth and the teeth surfaces - including just under the gumline. If you have difficulty holding and/or moving the toothbrush and find yourself missing spots, an electric toothbrush may be recommended for you.. For either manual or electric toothbrushes, it is important that the bristles are soft or ultra-soft to prevent enamel wear. Another way to prevent wear is to hold the toothbrush gently. Certain electric toothbrushes have flashing sensors that let you know if you are brushing too hard, which is an added benefit to electric toothbrushes. Oftentimes, the best toothbrush for you may be the one that you will commit to using at least twice a day - for two minutes per brush - with fluoride-containing toothpaste.. ...
An ultrasonic toothbrush is an electric toothbrush designed for daily home use that operates by generating ultrasound in order to aid in removing plaque and rendering plaque bacteria harmless. It typically operates on a frequency of 1.6 MHz, which translates to 96,000,000 pulses or 192,000,000 movements per minute. Ultrasound is defined as a series of acoustic pressure waves generated at a frequency beyond human hearing. Electric toothbrushes have been used by the public since the early 1950s. Today, they have evolved and based on the speed of their vibration, can be divided into three categories: electric, sonic and ultrasonic. Electric toothbrushes vibrate in either an up/down direction, or in a circular motion, and sometimes in a combination of the two. Typically, the speed of their vibration is measured in movements per minute, where common electric toothbrushes vibrate at a speed of between a few thousand times a minute to approximately 10,000 to 12,000 times per minute. Sonic toothbrushes ...
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The fashionable world is stuffed with new innovations, discoveries within the subject of devices and expertise. The Electrical Toothbrush is one such invention that has been a boon for a lot of who need their tooth glowing clear after each brush. Gone are the times when individuals thought theyre for many who are too lazy sufficient to brush tooth on their very own.. The Electrical Toothbrush has many benefits to its credit score. It has many advantages as in comparison with the handbook toothbrush. Individuals who have used one have reported that with each use they felt that theyve simply accomplished an appointment with the dentist. An Electrical toothbrush offers reduction from most of the dental illnesses. It additionally offers individuals the reduction from the lengthy ready hours on the dental clinic. In different phrases, the electrical toothbrush is your dentist at house.. The bristles of the comb are designed in a fashion that it will possibly simply attain areas that your handbook ...
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Sonicare is the brand name of an electric toothbrush produced by Philips. The brush head vibrates at hundreds of times per second, with the latest models at 31,000 strokes per minute or 62,000 movements per minute (258 Hz). Rather than connecting to its charger with conductors, it uses inductive charging-the charger includes the primary winding of the voltage-reducing transformer and the fat handle of the brush includes the secondary winding. The replaceable head is also driven magnetically. Individual clinical research has shown Sonicare toothbrushes to be more effective than comparable Oral-B electric toothbrushes in reduction of gingival inflammation and therefore improvement in periodontal health. However a 2004 review of 29 studies concluded that only electric toothbrushes with rotational/oscillation movement removed more plaque than other brushes when correctly used. A second review found no clinical evidence for the dynamic fluid activity of the Sonicare toothbrush being more effective in ...
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Embolic protection and plaque removal apparatus and methods are provided wherein an aspiration device aspirates, filters and reperfuses blood using a closed fluid circuit having a bi-directional working lumen. The plaque removal device includes a plurality of self-expanding cutting elements that form a cage that self-centers within the blood vessel to reduce the risk of trauma to the vessel lining.
Brush Before Going to Bed. You should make it a habit to clean your teeth every night before your sleep. This helps in protecting the build-up of plaque, tooth decay and prevent gum disease. For those who are prone to cavities and gum disease, it is recommended that they brush their teeth right after dinner. A gentle short stroke brush in a back and forth motion is the best. Use the tip of your toothbrush to clean the backs of your front teeth. Gently stroke up and down until its clean. Brush the outer tooth surfaces first then the inner tooth surfaces second, the chewing surfaces after. Compared to a regular toothbrush, the electric toothbrush is more efficient in removing plaque from your teeth. The reason for this is the rotating and oscillating movement of the electric toothbrush head. Thats why it is best to switch to an electric toothbrush. Its an option thats easy to use, easy to hold and a head that can do the rotating and oscillating motion for optimum cleansing ...
In accordance with the American Dental Affiliation, a guide toothbrush can take away plaque and clear your tooth simply in addition to powered ones. However with an electrical toothbrush, you possibly can step it up a notch by hitting harder-to-reach nooks and crannies, brushing for longer, and brushing with extra ease.. So how do you discover the perfect electrical toothbrush? Nicely, the correct toothbrush partly will depend on your private desire. Do youve delicate gums or delicate tooth? Are you searching for a two-minute timer? (Dentists advocate brushing for 2 minutes twice a day with a smooth toothbrush head.) Do you wish to deal with oral hygiene, plaque or tooth whitening? You will additionally want to contemplate your finances. Do you wish to spend slightly extra on a highly effective mannequin that does additional be just right for you, or keep on with one thing easy and basic?. Earlier than you begin looking for the perfect electrical toothbrush, take a look at our information which ...
The song is also used in a parody video by Brandon Hardesty in his "Extreme Toothbrushing" video. YouTube user "indrancole3" ... "Extreme Toothbrushing - YouTube". YouTube. August 18, 2008. Archived from the original on December 22, 2021. Retrieved February ...
"Toothbrush". Maalaala Mo Kaya. Retrieved 17 June 2018. "Surprise! Dimples Romana is also part of 'Huwag Kang Mangamba'". ABS- ...
Electric toothbrush • Elmex • Elsie Gerlach • Embrasure • Enamel cord • Enamel knot • Enamel lamellae • Enamel niche • Enamel ... Tooth brushing • Tooth development • Tooth enamel • Tooth eruption • Tooth fusion • Tooth gemination • Tooth loss • Tooth ... Chewable toothbrush • Chewiness • Chief Dental Officer • Chlorhexidine • Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia ... painting • Tooth polishing • Tooth regeneration • Tooth squeeze • Tooth Tunes • Toothache • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Toothpick ...
Careful and frequent brushing with a toothbrush helps to prevent build-up of plaque bacteria on the teeth.Electric toothbrushes ... Donovan J (12 November 2007). Wyatt AD Jr (ed.). "Toothbrushing Mistakes You Make and How to Fix Them". Web MD. Retrieved 2007- ... Special appliances or tools may be used to supplement toothbrushing and interdental cleaning. These include special toothpicks ... Curtis J (13 November 2007). "Effective Tooth Brushing and Flossing". WebMD. Retrieved 2007-12-24. Yaacob M, Worthington HV, ...
Electric toothbrushes are toothbrushes with moving or vibrating bristle heads. The two main types of electric toothbrushes are ... Powered toothbrushes reduce dental plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushing in both short and long term. Further ... Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual toothbrushes and more damaging to the environment. Sonic or ultrasonic ... Single-tufted brushes are a tool in conjunction with tooth brushing. The tooth brush is designed to reach the 'hard to reach ...
Caraban, Ana; Ferreira, Maria José; Gouveia, Rúben; Karapanos, Evangelos (2015). "Social toothbrush". Proceedings of the 2015 ...
"Convenient! Electric Toothbrush". Daimidaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire. Episode 8. 2015. "Funimation Announces Danganronpa ...
He moved to Normandy in 2005 from where he runs a website selling the Scuba brand of toothbrush. Holley & Chalk 1992, pp. 223- ... "Scuba Toothbrush". Archived from the original on 15 June 2010. Retrieved 5 December 2014. Chalk, Gary ...
"Kolibree 'gamifies' its smart electric toothbrush". 7 January 2015. "Toothbrush Innovator Kolibree Completes First Round of ... The toothbrush connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app and can tell users whether they are brushing well. Also, available is ... The toothbrush has removable heads; thus the same brush can be shared by different people without worry of contamination. In ... Kolibree is a French company based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France that is known for developing a smart toothbrush. Colibri means ...
Hutson patented a toothbrush in 1950. The application for a design patent for his "Hutson toothbrush" was filed on January 13, ... Oral-B is an American brand of oral hygiene products, including toothpastes, toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and ... CrossAction toothbrush) February 1999: Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush with Criss-Cross bristles for simultaneous brushing in two ... The toothbrushes were made by the Owens Brush Company. The partners placed a $10,000 order for brushes and hired the first two ...
"Toothbrush Fence". Atlas Obscura. Retrieved 4 October 2018. Cronin, Aimie (17 August 2013). "Graeme Cairns: A Man of Colour". ... In 2006, he built a toothbrush fence as an absurdist art project. As a musician, he continues to perform as vocalist, ukulele ...
... tooth brushes; soaps assorted; inexhaustible salts; and much more. In 1887, the company moved from the corner of Tremont and ...
... carved bone toothbrushes; pencils; match cases; and Wedgwood china. In 1974 the U.S. CIA attempted to recover the sunken Soviet ...
"Natural toothbrush twigs". 2007-09-15. Retrieved 2011-01-17. "Natural toothbrush overview". ... In Africa, chew sticks are made from the tree Salvadora persica, also known as the "toothbrush tree". In Islam, this tree is ... Excessive scrubbing too can also bring the risk of gum damage, though this is a concern for plastic toothbrushes as well. ... ISBN 978-0-7735-7607-0. [Bhojpuri] datwan, dantwan, [Hindi] datwoon 'toothbrush; twig for cleansing the teeth' Panati, Charles ...
In 2019, Chicago's Soccer Club Club gallery hosted 100 Toothbrushes, a solo exhibit of 100 ceramic toothbrushes by Bogart. In ... 100 Toothbrushes. Drag City. 2019. 2015 - The Seth Bogart Show, 356 Mission, Los Angeles 2018 - LICK, Nino Mier Gallery, Los ... Angeles 2019 - 100 Toothbrushes, Soccer Club Club, Chicago 2021 - Library Fantasy Volume 1, Fierman Gallery, New York City 2010 ...
"smile toothbrush campaign". Retrieved 13 April 2016. "smile's tenth anniversary". "Online bank Smile suffers IT woes". ... as well as toothbrushes to 'keep people smiling', smile generally uses a humorous tone when speaking to its audience. For ...
"The History of the Toothbrush". Wisdom Toothbrushes Limited. Archived from the original on 30 June 2012. Wisdom Toothbrushes ... Under the name Wisdom Toothbrushes, the company now manufactures 70 million toothbrushes per year in the UK. By 1840 ... "Who invented the toothbrush and when was it invented?". The Library of Congress. 4 April 2007. Retrieved 12 April 2008. History ... After his release, he started a business to manufacture the toothbrushes he had built, and he soon became very rich. He died in ...
For example, a tooth brushing routine may be broken down as follows: 1. Grab toothbrush 2. Apply toothpaste to toothbrush, 3. ... Rinse toothbrush, 8. Turn of water 9. Put toothbrush away The trainer would begin by completing each step for the learner ... For example, a physical prompting of toothbrushing can look like hand over hand helping the learner complete all the steps ... Put toothbrush away) independently. Once this step is independently mastered then the trainer can move on to training the last ...
Powered toothbrushes work better than manual toothbrushes in reducing the disease. The active ingredients that "reduce plaque ... "Powered versus manual toothbrushing for oral health". The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 6 (6): CD002281. doi:10.1002 ...
1957 - Electric toothbrush invented. 1960 - Women's suffrage effected in canton. 1961 - Centre islamique de Genève [fr] founded ...
Blue Toothbrush - EP (2011) Expired Love (2013, 2014) This Is War (2015) Oh Jonathan (2018) The Supporting Character (2021) ... Blue Toothbrush - Emily Kinney , Songs, Reviews, Credits , AllMusic, retrieved February 9, 2021 Ehrlich, Brenna (March 10, 2014 ...
Schneider, Kim (August 2009). "Progressive Field Toothbrush Lights". Cleveland Magazine. Retrieved July 12, 2012. Leventhal, ... above the playing field and are said to resemble oversized toothbrushes. The distinctive light towers were incorporated into a ...
Jokesult: When someone insults you, you call them on it, and they say, "It was just a joke." Larry: a frayed toothbrush. ...
Season 1 01 - High Or Low For The Show 02 - Where's Mister Saxophone? 03 - Where's My Toothbrush? 04 - Shiny New Shoes 05 - Aah ...
Schnurmacher, Thomas (May 26, 1995). "Don't forget your toothbrush; Fundraiser ticket may be passport to weekend away". The ...
Toothbrush" replaced "Body Moves". On September 21, in Cincinnati, "Strangers" returned to the setlist. "Close" replaced " ... " "Toothbrush" "S.O.S." "Hold On" "Fly With Me" "Lovebug" "Mercy" "Close" "Jealous" "Strangers" "Paranoid" "Shelf" "Year 3000 ... ". "Body Moves" replaced "Toothbrush" and finally Burnin Up was performed between "I Believe" and "Year 3000". On September 18, ...
It makes electric toothbrushes, dental floss, and tooth whitening strips. The company was co-founded in 2017 by Hamish Khayat ... The company initially offered electric toothbrushes and later expanded to tooth whitening strips, toothpaste and dental floss. ... "Burst Brings An Innovative Model To Subscription Toothbrushes". Forbes. Retrieved 12 August 2020. "Don't Brush Off Mouth Tech ... "Do you really need that expensive toothbrush?". Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 12 August 2020. Mahtani, Nikhita ...
"Don't Forget Your Toothbrush". "For Your Love: The Pregnant Pause (2000)". "The Poof Point". " ... That year he also hosted the Comedy Central game show Don't Forget Your Toothbrush and made a guest appearance on the sitcom ...
doi:10.1046/j.1365-2621.2002.00613.x. Stanford C. M.; Srikantha R.; Wu C. D. (1997). "Efficacy of the Sonicare toothbrush fluid ... Wu-Yuan C. D.; Anderson R. D. (1994). "Ability of the SonicareÆ electronic toothbrush to generate dynamic fluid activity that ... "Sonic and mechanical toothbrushes". Journal of Clinical Periodontology. 25 (12): 988-993. doi:10.1111/j.1600-051X.1998.tb02403. ...
Another patient tried to soothe the itching due to his hemorrhoids (Pruritus ani) with a toothbrush. The toothbrush went out of ... Kumar M (July 2001). "Don't forget your toothbrush!". British Dental Journal. 191 (1): 27-8. doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.4801082a. PMID ... a tobacco pouch and a magazine at the same time plastic tooth brush case Not all objects are solid. In 1987, a case was ... Don't forget your toothbrush! (subscribers only - with useful bibliography) X-rays of rectal bodies at the Berlin Charité Sturz ...
Answers to questions about the use and handling of toothbrushes. ... Do not share toothbrushes. Toothbrushes can have germs on them ... Replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or sooner if the bristles look worn out. This is because a worn-out toothbrush may ... Tooth brushing in group settings should always be supervised to ensure that toothbrushes are not shared and that they are ... Recommended measures for hygienic tooth brushing in schools:. *Ensure that each child has his or her own toothbrush, clearly ...
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Tooth Brushing is a short educational film based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It was originally created ... Snoopy uses Lucys toothbrush, much to Linus horror. Lucy returns home to find her brother and friends gathered in the ... Tooth Brushing was produced after the death of longtime Peanuts TV specials composer Vince Guaraldi. Here, several variations ... Jones, his dentist, in a happy and excited mood, as the dentist has given him instructions on proper tooth brushing. He ...
The trends in consumption patterns of toothbrushes and toothpastes in Lebanon  Doumit, Mounir; Al Sayah, Fida (‎World Health ... Tooth brushing twice a day using a fluoridated toothpaste is a crucial preventive measure. The World Health Organization ... ... Community based primary preventive programme for young adults : effectiveness of toothbrushing with amine fluoride toothpaste ...
It can serve as an easy guide to anyone confused with all the variety of toothbrushes in the market. ... toothbrush brands, toothbrush materials, toothbrush price, toothbrush sizes, ultra soft toothbrush, whitening toothbrush on ... Got A Hairy Tongue? Ideal toothbrush and toothbrushing methods part 2 → 10 thoughts on "Ideal toothbrush and tooth brushing ... This entry was posted in Oral Care and tagged best toothbrush, cross action toothbrush, soft bristle toothbrush, toothbrush, ...
... retrospective cohort and experimental trials evaluating the effect of toothbrushing frequency on the incidence or increment of ... Tooth brushing frequency and risk of new carious lesions Evid Based Dent. 2016 Dec;17(4):98-99. doi: 10.1038/sj.ebd.6401196. ... retrospective cohort and experimental trials evaluating the effect of toothbrushing frequency on the incidence or increment of ...
2006One of my favorite new products last year was the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer, which struck a chord far beyond its target ... The new VIOlight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer is a sleek toothbrush travel case that uses a seven-minute dose of UV light to ... One of my favorite new products last year was the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer, which struck a chord far beyond its target ... Lots of people, it turns out, have been experiencing free-floating anxiety about their toothbrushes being bacterial breeding ...
You wouldnt know it was anything other than a regular electric toothbrush just by looking at it. ...
Get 200 TOOTHBRUSHES IN VASE WEB fast and with free shipping on qualifying orders at Staples. ...
Dinosaur Toothbrush by With Creative has been longlisted in Dezeen Awards 2022. ... Inspired by the environmental need to address the issue that more than 260 million plastic toothbrushes are sent to landfill in ... The fun and friendly freestanding dinosaur design also encourages children to keep the toothbrush standing upright, making it ... With Creative has produced a playful, sustainable and hygienic alternative to regular toothbrushes that makes brushing teeth ...
Acceptance of quip Electric Toothbrush is based on its finding that the product is safe and has shown efficacy ... Quip Smart Toothbrush: *Gentle sonic vibrations on a 2-minute timer with 30-second pulses to guide you to brush the quadrants ... The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs Acceptance of quip Electric Toothbrush is based on its finding that the product is safe ...
The Kolibree Smart Toothbrush ($TBA) is the only existing app-connected toothbrush (for now), and that makes it better. Much ... Kolibree Smart Toothbrush Your dentist just got a powerful new sidekick - and no, were not talking about that weird suction ...
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You could easily argue that many attempts at modernizing the toothbrush are overkill -- motion tracking and smartphone tie-ins ... Its newly unveiled combination of a toothbrush and subscription service is just smart enough to keep your teeth in pristine ... You could easily argue that many attempts at modernizing the toothbrush are overkill -- motion tracking and smartphone tie-ins ...
This white toothbrush holder with a black net pattern goes well with many styles and adds a new and fresh expression to your ... BRILLDAMMEN Toothbrush holder, white/net pattern Even a small detail can make a big difference. ... This white toothbrush holder with a black net pattern goes well with many styles and adds a new and fresh expression to your ...
A smart toothbrush with brilliant cleaning and a steep price ... In the market for a new toothbrush?. Now, your toothbrush could ... The good thing is, toothbrushes are often on offer in pharmacies and the like so you may be able to get one at a reduced price ... The Oral B iO comes with a RRP of €650 which is likely €640 more than a lot of you have ever considered paying for a toothbrush ... But before we go to deep into our thoughts on the toothbrush itself, its important to note that this is a top of the line ...
Automatically inspect bristles in toothbrush heads with Cognex Deep Learning to ensure proper placement, density, and color ... Toothbrush Inspection. Identify problems with the bristles in toothbrush heads. Related Products. ... During toothbrush bristle inspection the defect detection tool can then note any anomalies in the toothbrush head being ... To manufacture a toothbrush head, bunches of nylon bristles or filaments are bent in half, inserted into holes molded in the ...
But by using UV rays, toothbrush cleaners can remove up to 99% of bacteria. ... If a toothbrush is left unsanitized, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. ... Toothbrush cleaner FAQ. Are toothbrush cleaners safe?. A. As long as youre using an FDA-approved toothbrush cleaner and follow ... Benefits of a toothbrush cleaner You will never be able to completely sterilize your toothbrush, but most toothbrush cleaners ...
Teach your kids good oral hygiene with these fun toothbrushes for children. ... Toothbrush Mild Fruit Toddler Toothpaste and Toothbrush Read the ingredients in Toms of Maine Fluoride-Free Toddler Training ... With our Naturally Clean adult toothbrush and our Childrens toothbrush, you can make a good choice for your entire family. It ... Our Childrens Toothbrush features extra soft, dye-free bristles and an angled neck to help with hard-to-reach areas. The BPA ...
The trends in consumption patterns of toothbrushes and toothpastes in Lebanon  Doumit, Mounir; Al Sayah, Fida (‎World Health ... Tooth brushing twice a day using a fluoridated toothpaste is a crucial preventive measure. The World Health Organization ... ... Community based primary preventive programme for young adults : effectiveness of toothbrushing with amine fluoride toothpaste ...
First look: Watch The Apprentice candidates get their teeth into kids toothbrush task. Read full article. ... However, she soon agrees to a rocket-shaped toothbrush covered in stars and planets instead, seeming to lead to an inevitable ... Francesca said she wanted a plain toothbrush, no shape and an orange stem. We need to attract a child and the brief we were ... electric toothbrush that will get them brushing their teeth. ... kids to brush their teeth regularly by making the toothbrush ...
Toothbrushes at competitive prices. Henry Schein offers high quality adult and youth compact toothbrushes. ... Colgate® Wave® Toothbrushes. Colgate® Wave® Toothbrushes are ergonomically designed with contoured handles to make it easier ... Henry Schein supplies Colgate® Wave® toothbrushes to customers at the best possible value.. At Henry Schein Dental, we have ... The Colgate® Wave® soft, compact toothbrush bristles gently hug tooth surfaces when brushing. These multi-leveled bristles ...
Weve gathered some of the best electric toothbrushes to try. ... The soft-bristled toothbrush is $29.94 and fits with other Oral ... The sleek electric toothbrush will only run you $25.99, which is affordable compared to other toothbrushes. The brush has a two ... The Phillips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush is a great toothbrush for people who are new to using electric brushes. At $29.99, ... While many people opt for a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush often provides more effective results. According to ...
Philips One rechargeable power toothbrush, perfect for travel ... Philips One Rechargeable Toothbrush by Sonicare. Philips One ... The Philips One is the powered version of your manual toothbrush. Microvibrations and contoured bristles gently clean & polish ... The supplied USB-C cable easily charges your toothbrush for up to 30 days of daily use. ...
Colgate Super Flexi comes with a flexible neck which helps clean hard-to-reach corners of the mouth.
Toothbrushes designed to make brushing fun for them and easier for you. ...
MUJI Health & Beauty Tax Code: A Toothbrush Type_Toothbrush Type_Toothbrushes // ... 6803854098622 Polypropylene Toothbrush 2.90 // ... Toothbrushes & Stand 265794945214 Bathroom 265784557758 Home 276709015742 Regular Priced Items (hidden) SKU#: ... InStock Blue 40082582634686 Gray 2.90 //cdn.shopify ...
... and remove bacteria better than most traditional toothbrushes, but theyre not dentist recommended. Learn about their pros and ... Charcoal toothbrushes can whiten teeth, reduce bad breath, ... Charcoal toothbrushes are one of the latest trends in dental ... Charcoal toothbrushes are intended to whiten teeth, freshen breath, and remove bacteria in ways that standard toothbrushes ... What are the downsides of charcoal toothbrushes? There are pros and cons to using a charcoal toothbrush. Because the popularity ...
So far, Im pretty happy with my toothbrush mom. She seems sweet, and maybe next time Im tempted to hit the sheets before I ... Thats the idea behind a new campaign from Goby, an electric toothbrush company that uses a subscription service for ... My new toothbrush mom wanted to make sure I brushed this morning (I did). ...
The best-rated electric toothbrushes that fight gum disease and improve oral hygiene for adults and kids, including top picks, ... If youve ever wondered what toothbrush your dentist uses at home, look no further. "Ive tried nearly every toothbrush on the ... Trade in your standard toothbrush for the best affordable electric toothbrush out there. With more than 32,000 five-star ... This modern smart toothbrush connects to the Colgate App on your smartphone to help you improve your daily brushing techniques ...
  • Be sure to get one that is rechargeable and not one that runs off batteries: The batteries tend to run out after a week or so of regular use, so unless you intend on getting MH batteries I suggest against getting a battery-powered toothbrush. (
  • I started with a cheap battery-powered toothbrush (reduced to $1 at WalMart). (
  • The Kolibree Smart Toothbrush ($TBA) is the only existing app-connected toothbrush (for now), and that makes it better. (
  • Yes, it's still 2020 and smartphones, smart TVs and smart toasters are now a thing, and we've been trying out a smart toothbrush for the past few weeks as well. (
  • Now some may scoff at the mere mention of a smart toothbrush, but the iO Series 9 is a clever and capable upgrade which provides better teeth cleaning and keeps your mouth in healthier shape. (
  • Powered by Braun, this Oral-B smart toothbrush is seriously genius. (
  • This modern smart toothbrush connects to the Colgate App on your smartphone to help you improve your daily brushing techniques by tracking frequency, duration and coverage. (
  • If you're in the market for a smart toothbrush that will entice your kids to do a better job of brushing their teeth, the Colgate E1 might be for you. (
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or sooner if the bristles look worn out. (
  • Ideally, you should replace your toothbrush every three to six months," says dentist Dr. Amanda Lewis, DMD . (
  • While you'll always want to replace your toothbrush before the six month mark, there are plenty of ways to keep it as fresh as possible in the meantime. (
  • And if you're sick, no sanitizing method is 💯, so it's a good idea to just replace your toothbrush once you feel better. (
  • However, after you are sick , my general recommendation is to replace your toothbrush. (
  • Make sure to replace your toothbrush every three months or when it begins to show wear, whichever comes first. (
  • It is also vital to replace your toothbrush after you've had a cold because the bristles can accumulate bacteria and result in reinfection. (
  • 1) Don't forget to replace your toothbrush every 6-8 weeks! (
  • The Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush - Childrens product ethics are indicated below. (
  • Designed by Leon Ransmeier, the bamboo toothbrush is not only ecological, but also charmingly minimalist - perfect for modern and Scandinavian-style bathrooms. (
  • This beautifully crafted bamboo toothbrush travel case makes traveling with your bamboo toothbrush easy and plastic-free! (
  • Adhering to the tenet of "quality first, customer supreme" for bamboo toothbrush custom support remember to feel totally free to contact us. (
  • Henry Schein supplies Colgate® Wave® toothbrushes to customers at the best possible value. (
  • Colgate® Wave® Toothbrushes are ergonomically designed with contoured handles to make it easier for patients to brush effectively. (
  • The Colgate® Wave® soft, compact toothbrush bristles gently hug tooth surfaces when brushing. (
  • The personalized Travel Toothbrush with Colgate Toothpaste from Quality Logo Products(R) will make it easy for you to stay fresh even on the go. (
  • Colgate 360 Soft/Medium Toothbrushes, 8 ct. (
  • hum by Colgate Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case, 2 pk. (
  • Colgate Max Fresh Toothbrushes, 8 pk. (
  • With its E1 Smart Electronic Toothbrush, Colgate-Palmolive is hoping to address all those issues. (
  • The Colgate E1 is a simple electronic toothbrush with a bland all-white design. (
  • Ultimately, I liked the data I could get from the Colgate Connect app, but the toothbrush itself fell a little flat. (
  • This white toothbrush holder with a black net pattern goes well with many styles and adds a new and fresh expression to your bathroom. (
  • Another good way to keep your brush clean is to keep it out on your counter in a toothbrush holder so it can air out during the day. (
  • Crafted from durable soapstone with an etched floral finish, this toothbrush holder immediately elevates the powder room sink. (
  • The Menu Toothbrush Holder (2012) is stylish and easy to keep clean, with a smart inner sieve in its bottom that allows moisture to drain away. (
  • Keep your toothbrushes in a secure area using the White Brinse Tumbler & Toothbrush Holder. (
  • The size is GREAT because it fits my toothbrush holder. (
  • Creative Plastic Toothbrush, Pen holder has been added to your Inquiry list. (
  • MUlTI FUNCTIONAL DESIGN】We designed our toothbrush holder with toothbrush dispenser can accommodate 2 cups and 2Toothbrush Slots for family use easy to clean.You can put toothpaste, Shaver, facial cleaner and cosmetic on the large countertop. (
  • DUSTPROOF&WATERPROOF 】 bathroom toothbrush holder is made with waterproof plastic environmental-friendly, waterproof, BPA-free & no odor. (
  • Designed with Upside-down Magnetic bathroom cup holder and Dustproof toothbrush slots for fast water draining, our toothbrush holder will keep your electric toothbrush and cups dry and hygienic whenever they're in or not in use. (
  • The Phillips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush is a great toothbrush for people who are new to using electric brushes. (
  • I almost bought myself a Braun-Oral-B power toothbrush at the drugstore today, but I was unnerved by the price tag and settled for a traditional CVS medium-bristle diamond-head with an extended plaque-fighting tip. (
  • For a multi-use product, try the Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 Water Flosser and Triple Sonic Toothbrush is a two-in-one product for $79.99. (
  • If you're forgetful about flossing, your gums will thank you for Waterpik's 2-in-1 sonic toothbrush and built-in water flosser. (
  • For the best results, opt for an electric model such as the Triple Bristle Sonic Electric Toothbrush . (
  • This Sonic Electric Toothbrush far exceeded my expectations," they said. (
  • The Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush has a 4.6 rating on Amazon, with 78% of purchasers giving the electric brush five stars. (
  • Oral-B CrossAction 1500 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, 2 ct. (
  • Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 6100 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, White, 2 pk. (
  • White Dentist and Orthodontics medicine fabric pattern with invisible braces, water floss irrigation, toothbrush. (
  • Pink Dentist and Orthodontics medicine fabric pattern with invisible braces, water floss irrigation, toothbrush. (
  • Get some floss and a toothbrush, honey! (
  • Natural dental products vary from whitening formulations to everyday toothpaste and even toothbrushes and floss. (
  • The latest additions to toothbrush heads are tongue cleaners, mostly used to clean the tongue and also majority of the mucosa in the mouth. (
  • Latest toothbrush heads are also flexible. (
  • As with many consumer items, the range of possibilities for bristle cross-section, density, and color in toothbrush heads has grown significantly. (
  • AI-based technology is trained using a sample set of images of acceptable heads for any given model of toothbrush, with its combination of bristle shapes, densities, and colors. (
  • The soft-bristled toothbrush is $29.94 and fits with other Oral-B brush heads such as the Precision Clean and 3D White attachments. (
  • That's the idea behind a new campaign from Goby , an electric toothbrush company that uses a subscription service for interchangeable heads. (
  • EZ Dog toothbrush for dogs cleans all sides of your dog's teeth and gums with one stroke because of its three flexible and independent toothbrush heads. (
  • Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads, 10 ct. (
  • Oral-B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads, 8 ct. (
  • Manual toothbrushes or replacement heads for your electric toothbrush are available with hard, medium, or soft nylon bristles. (
  • No, it isn't the misshapen genitalia of the eponymous creature from the Alien movies: It's a 3D-printed toothbrush that promises to give you "perfectly clean teeth" in just six seconds, with optimum plaque removal and protection of gums.Called the Blizzident, it is essentially a custom-made toothbrush that's perfectly formed to the shape of your teeth. (
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day is a habit most have adopted to maintain healthy teeth and gums, but how often do you clean the toothbrush you brush your teeth with? (
  • Any decent toothbrush with soft or medium bristles will help keep your teeth and gums clean. (
  • According to Biltmore Avenue Family Dentistry , electric toothbrushes remove plaque better than manual ones, have built-in timers to ensure you're brushing for the proper amount, and have a pressure sensor so your teeth and gums don't get irritated. (
  • Dental Care Stamford says that the Rotadent brush is an ideal electric toothbrush thanks to its performance in clinical trials and its patented micro-filament bristles that are gentle on the gums and clean more effectively than other brushes. (
  • This eco-friendly, Fair Trade, sustainable toothbrush for children has soft BPA-free nylon bristles suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. (
  • Equipped with a vibration-free, silent ultrasound technology, the toothbrush guarantees to clean even deeper than the gums, and to annihilate bad breath! (
  • The Snow LED Electric Teeth Whitening Toothbrush has an LED light to help whiten teeth as you brush. (
  • Charcoal toothbrushes are intended to whiten teeth, freshen breath, and remove bacteria in ways that standard toothbrushes can't. (
  • We've compiled a list of the best electric toothbrushes of 2022 for every budget, many of which are on sale with Black Friday deals! (
  • The 2022 New Beauty Award-winning toothbrush uses a two-minute timer with 30-second intervals to let you know how long you should be brushing. (
  • A 2022 study found that soaking used toothbrushes in a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution reduced 87 percent of bacteria. (
  • In a 2022 study, a UV sanitizer reduced bacteria on toothbrushes by 77 percent . (
  • Soft bristle toothbrush texture are usually recommended for those with wrong brushing technique or sensitive teeth. (
  • After all the bristle bunches are placed, toothbrush head inspection must ensure proper placement, density, and color before it is trimmed, and the bristle ends ground into one of several possible shapes. (
  • During toothbrush bristle inspection the defect detection tool can then note any anomalies in the toothbrush head being inspected and reject it before it goes any farther in processing and packaging. (
  • Is plaque removal efficacy of toothbrush related to bristle flaring? (
  • Soft bristle replaceable brush head for the Aurelle Toob Toothbrush. (
  • For frequent travelers, the Phillips One Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush is the best option. (
  • This Philips Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush head is specifically designed for use with Philips Sonicare PowerUp Battery tooth brush only. (
  • This Philips Sonicare toothbrush head features a larger brush head for better teeth coverage along with criss-cross bristles on the side for gentle and effective cleaning along the gum line. (
  • Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 4300 Plaque Control Rechargeable Toothbrush, 2 pk. (
  • The highly-rated Philips One by Sonicare toothbrush is available for just $17 thanks to Amazon's early Black Friday sales. (
  • The best "electric" toothbrush on the market as far as I've heard is the Sonicare brand, which is shaped like a regular toothbrush (rectangular, not circular) and vibrates thousands of times a minute. (
  • Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is a close contender for the title of overall best travel toothbrush. (
  • Avoid covering toothbrushes or storing them in closed containers, which can cause the growth of bacteria. (
  • You never want to keep your toothbrush near other toothbrushes because bacteria can easily spread. (
  • If left unsanitized, a toothbrush can become a breeding ground for bacteria. (
  • Toothbrush cleaners can use UV rays to remove up to 99% of bacteria. (
  • Heat and humidity can build up in the bathroom, and that becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses that can find their way onto your toothbrush. (
  • With bacteria comes the possibility of odor, so by removing germs you can eliminate any odor on your toothbrush. (
  • Researchers found that the charcoal toothbrushes had fewer bacteria on them than the regular toothbrushes did after 1 week of use, and that the non-charcoal toothbrush retained almost twice the amount of bacteria than the charcoal toothbrushes did. (
  • Not only that, but an old toothbrush can get to the point where it harbors bad bacteria and mold - making the case for a more frequent trip to the dental care aisles. (
  • While anything can and will gather bacteria, your toothbrush is a veritable Petri dish. (
  • When a toothbrush is not given time to dry, it can attract particles in the air that begin to harbor and grow a colony of harmful bacteria ," dentist Dr. Mariya Malin, DDS tells Bustle. (
  • Not to mention, if your toothbrush is kept right next to a toilet it can also come in contact with bacteria like E. coli . (
  • If you store your toothbrush in a wet container or throw it in a drawer, bacteria will be more likely to grow, so leave it out in the air to let it properly dry between each use. (
  • But while toothbrushes can harbor bacteria, there's not enough evidence that these bacteria can actually hurt you. (
  • You can also soak your toothbrush bristles in a mouthwash, to kill bacteria. (
  • While denture cleanser is obvi designed for faux chompers, it has antimicrobial ingredients that can help kill bacteria on your toothbrush, too. (
  • The bacteria that live on a toothbrush after you use it are considered anaerobic - meaning that they will die in the presence of oxygen. (
  • So, in general, if you let your toothbrush air dry, it will take care of most bacteria . (
  • The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs' Acceptance of quip Electric Toothbrush is based on its finding that the product is safe and has shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis, when used as directed. (
  • At $29.99, the brush gets rid of up to five times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. (
  • If you want fresh breath, you'll need a toothbrush that removes plaque . (
  • The charcoal bristles were found to remove more plaque than a regular toothbrush after 6 weeks of use. (
  • With all the coveted benefits of an electric toothbrush-like a rotating head to remove plaque, a pressure sensor to prevent you from brushing too hard and a two-minute timer-it rings in at a fraction of the cost of many others. (
  • They used a disclosing tablet before and after brushing their teeth to determine how effective their toothbrush was at removing plaque. (
  • So gentle you almost won't be able to tell it's not your manual toothbrush, this one uses rapid sonic vibrations to push toothpaste into even the most hard-to-reach areas, helping to reduce plaque and staining. (
  • Both electric and manual toothbrushes can remove plaque and tartar but the former do it quicker and more effectively. (
  • Removes 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. (
  • Manual toothbrushes remove plaque and food from teeth to prevent decay. (
  • For pearly whites and a stylish addition to the bathroom, a FOREO ISSA play Silicone Electric Toothbrush, Pearl Pink is a revolutionary new tool to fight plaque. (
  • Here at Humoresque Cartoons, you can search and download the funniest and most relevant new toothbrush cartoons to use in any kind of electronic media or print publication. (
  • You do not need to soak toothbrushes in disinfecting solutions or mouthwash, which may actually spread germs under the right conditions. (
  • To zap more germs, you can also go a step further by sanitizing your toothbrush with things like mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide. (
  • Just swirl or soak your toothbrush in a small cup of mouthwash for about 30 seconds. (
  • In a 2014 study , researchers concluded that using a UV toothbrush sanitizer for 7 minutes was more effective than 12 hours in a 0.2 percent chlorhexidine solution (basically a mouthwash). (
  • Oral-B Pro 500 Precision Clean Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, 2 ct. (
  • Since traditional toothbrushes and their traditional methods weren't working, Mira-Pet introduced its Ultrasound Dog Toothbrush. (
  • The brush handles are smooth and feel just like traditional toothbrushes. (
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is unaware of any adverse health effects directly related to toothbrush use, although people with bleeding disorders or who are severely immunosuppressed may suffer trauma from tooth brushing and may need to seek alternate means of oral hygiene. (
  • Tooth brushing in group settings should always be supervised to ensure that toothbrushes are not shared and that they are handled properly. (
  • Charcoal toothbrushes should also be avoided if you're prone to tooth decay . (
  • While it's vital to tooth and gum health to brush morning and night, how you brush is just as important, and electric toothbrushes make all the difference. (
  • Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, so when you're using your toothbrush every day, it does wear out the fibers that they're made of," she explains. (
  • Moreover, its U-shape covers your full teeth and covers the tooth area where reaching with a simple toothbrush is not easy. (
  • DenTrust is more than a toothbrush, it's a complete tooth cleaning and gum care system. (
  • She was referred to brushing may be smaller than that with than use of a toothbrush in reducing a tertiary care center, and therapy with tooth extraction. (
  • Whether heading out of state or to the office, your customers will appreciate having one of your Travel Toothbrushes with them! (
  • I've rated and reviewed the best travel toothbrushes to help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape while you are on the road. (
  • Sonic travel toothbrushes brush at a rate of around 30,000 brushes per minute , compared to normal electric toothbrushes' 7,500 and the average manual 300 brushes. (
  • When you brush your teeth with a charcoal toothbrush, you're applying the charcoal directly to your teeth. (
  • This fancy toothbrush features a built-in accelerometer that will track your strokes as you brush your teeth each day. (
  • Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with water after you brush your teeth . (
  • If you've ever wondered what toothbrush your dentist uses at home, look no further. (
  • Dr. Umang Patel , a dentist based in Chicago, Illinois, recommends thoroughly rinsing the bristles and, if you have an electric toothbrush , detaching the wand and cleaning it thoroughly after each use. (
  • Oral-B® toothbrushes are dentist recommended. (
  • According to research, storing a moist toothbrush in a closed container increases microbial growth by 70 percent versus leaving it exposed to the open air," says Fremont, California, dentist Ruchi Sahota , DDS. (
  • While going to the dentist regularly, mouthwashing and flossing are all helpful too, proper toothbrushing is the key to dental health! (
  • You can also ask your dentist for a recommendation to ensure your toothbrush has passed quality control tests for safety and cleaning effectiveness. (
  • Charcoal toothbrushes are one of the latest trends in dental care. (
  • Electric toothbrushes are becoming more efficient, intelligent and user friendly offering a better user experience and improve dental care. (
  • After brushing, rinse your toothbrush with tap water until it is completely clean, let it air-dry, and store it in an upright position. (
  • After the children finish brushing, ensure that they rinse their toothbrushes thoroughly with tap water, allow them to air-dry, and store them in an upright position so they cannot contact those of other children. (
  • The fun and friendly freestanding dinosaur design also encourages children to keep the toothbrush standing upright, making it more hygienic and easy to manage for small hands. (
  • It's always best to keep your toothbrush upright and near a window so it can air dry. (
  • Store your brush upright in a ventilated space so it can air-dry, away from other toothbrushes. (
  • Rinsing your toothbrush, air-drying upright, and replacing it regularly should be enough to keep it clean. (
  • Stand toothbrush upright for hygienic drying and storage. (
  • Here's how to clean your toothbrush and keep those extra nasties out of your mouth. (
  • It's also worth noting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says you don't actually need a UV sanitizer to clean your toothbrush. (
  • This makes a lot more sense than trying to clean your toothbrush by boiling it or by using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. (
  • At home: Don't share razors or toothbrushes and be cautious about sharing bars of soap, towels, washcloths, or clothing. (
  • Sharing items such as razors or toothbrushes with an infected person. (
  • Most toothbrush cleaners were designed to fit all standard toothbrushes as well as electric toothbrushes . (
  • Do toothbrushes spread germs? (
  • Toothbrushes can have germs on them even after rinsing that could raise the risk of infection, especially for people with immune suppression. (
  • This is because a worn-out toothbrush may not work as well, not because it might carry more germs. (
  • The new VIOlight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer is a sleek toothbrush travel case that uses a seven-minute dose of UV light to kill 99.9 percent of the germs lurking in the bristles of your brush. (
  • Storing your toothbrush in a cleaner after every use can kill those germs. (
  • Keep toothbrushes separated to avoid spreading germs. (
  • Toothbrush sanitizer devices use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill germs on your toothbrush. (
  • Just note that while older research shows baking soda has antibacterial properties, it's not going to actually disinfect your toothbrush like hydrogen peroxide and kill more germs. (
  • 2) Don't forget to replace toothbrush after illness (germs can remain on toothbrush - yuck! (
  • With our Naturally Clean adult toothbrush and our Children's toothbrush, you can make a good choice for your entire family. (
  • Some have criss-cross patterns for larger surface area brushing, hence earning names like cross action toothbrush . (
  • As suggested by several dentists, the Rotadent ProCare Professional Rotary Toothbrush is another great option. (
  • It will degrade faster than a plastic toothbrush in landfill or alternatively can be added to your compost heap once the bristles are removed. (
  • When the toothbrush is finished with, the environmentally sustainable handle can be turned into compost or sent to landfill where it will degrade at a much faster rate than any plastic toothbrush. (
  • Nowadays toothbrush es can be broadly categorized into manual toothbrush es and electronic toothbrush es. (
  • One of my favorite new products last year was the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer , which struck a chord far beyond its target market of neat freaks and germophobes. (
  • While you'll experience less of a mess with a charcoal toothbrush compared with other charcoal products, the bristles can still wear out. (
  • So save your clients the money and spread brand impressions when you make the Travels Toothbrush from Quality Logo Products ® your next giveaway item. (
  • Brush Buddies created the Singing Toothbrush category during the summer of 2011 with their launch of two products that each featured two hit songs by Justin Bieber. (
  • Aim: To evaluate the individual yearly consumption of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes in Lebanon using the amount supplied to the market as a proxy measure after checking if the products meet the standards. (
  • Toothbrush Care: Cleaning, Storing and Replacement. (
  • Storing all your household's toothbrushes in one cup is a no-no, too. (
  • Inspired by the environmental need to address the issue that more than 260 million plastic toothbrushes are sent to landfill in the UK each year, the design was created to highlight increased awareness in the younger generation while also encouraging them to brush their teeth. (
  • Each year, around 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill sites. (
  • You wouldn't know it was anything other than a regular electric toothbrush just by looking at it. (
  • With Creative has produced a playful, sustainable and hygienic alternative to regular toothbrushes that makes brushing teeth fun for children. (
  • Produced from natural bamboo, the biodegradable design eliminates unnecessary plastic waste associated with regular toothbrushes, while providing the same quality of cleaning. (
  • The charcoal bristles were also less worn than the regular toothbrush at the end of the study. (
  • Environmental Toothbrush is an eco-friendly and Fair Trade toothbrush and made with a sustainable bamboo handle with BPA free bristles and was created as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the regular plastic toothbrushes. (
  • It works fairly well, since it's tiny and it can reach parts of your mouth that the regular toothbrush can't. (
  • Most dentists recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush because of this. (
  • Dentists recommended electric toothbrushes are one of the great ways to help improve your oral health. (
  • I've noticed that on the back of toothbrush packages, it usually says that dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months. (
  • Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrushes, 8 pk. (
  • Newly updated with additional features, the Oral B Pro 3000 is a good option if you are looking for a feature-packed travel toothbrush that doesn't break the bank. (
  • Read reviews of our toddler-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste set. (
  • What is an ideal Manual Toothbrush or the best toothbrush ? (
  • There are many different types of manual toothbrush brands in the market nowadays. (
  • While many people opt for a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush often provides more effective results. (
  • The Philips One is the powered version of your manual toothbrush. (
  • Randomized controlled trial comparing a powered toothbrush with distinct multi-directional cleaning action to a manual flat trim toothbrush. (
  • Best for those accustomed to the manual toothbrush experience but seeking superior performance. (
  • They are more expensive than manual toothbrushes, which can put them out of reach for those on a tight budget. (
  • Manual three-sided toothbrushes generally cost between $2-$10. (
  • When you brush with an Oral-B electric toothbrush, it can help you achieve your best oral hygiene and a healthier clean mouth compared to using a manual toothbrush. (
  • Brush Buddies, the world's leading brand of licensed manual toothbrushes, and Global Merchandising Services, a leader in international music merchandising, announced today that One Direction is the newest artist to be featured on the wildly successful line of Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrushes. (
  • This toothbrush allows you to take your brushing experience to the next level with its micro-vibrations that clean and polish your teeth better than your manual scrubbing alone. (
  • The same might be true for those who want to transition from a manual to electric toothbrush. (
  • There are specific features to look for in a toothbrush, regardless of whether it is powered or manual. (
  • Look for powered or manual toothbrushes with the American Dental Association Seal of Approval. (
  • Next, brush them gently using the toothbrush. (
  • Using a dry toothbrush, gently brush the powder away to alleviate the soil. (
  • Soaking your toothbrush in a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution is likely the most effective and affordable way to sanitize your toothbrush. (
  • 3) Sterilize often - about once a week, we recommend that you immerse the toothbrush head into 10% hydrogen peroxide (widely available from pharmacies). (
  • Just dissolve half a tablet in a cup of water and soak your toothbrush for about a minute. (
  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and soak your toothbrush for about 15 minutes. (
  • If you need another crunchy cleaning solution, you can soak your toothbrush in some white vinegar for a few minutes. (
  • Soak it overnight in vinegar to loosen deposits and then scrub it with an old toothbrush. (
  • Because of this contamination, a common recommendation is to rinse one's toothbrush thoroughly with tap water following brushing. (
  • To clean your secretly grody toothbrush, take a beat to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush after each use. (
  • Giving your toothbrush a good rinse and a shake to remove extra moisture also goes a long way toward inhibiting germ growth . (
  • A toothbrush mainly has three main components which are the head, the brush and the handle. (
  • The toothbrush materials that makes up the head is usually a plastic or nowadays some rubber is incorporated inside to provide flexibility. (
  • So your ideal toothbrush should have a suitable size head for your mouth. (
  • To manufacture a toothbrush head, bunches of nylon bristles or filaments are bent in half, inserted into holes molded in the head, and then held in place by metal staple rings. (
  • Even if a device can't support the entire electric toothbrush, it should be able to hold the toothbrush head. (
  • 2011). Assessment of microbial contamination of toothbrush head: an in vitro study. (
  • Along with a replaceable head that allows you to discard only the part of a toothbrush that wears out, each handle is made from renewable plant sources like corn, trees and wood fiber. (
  • Toothbrush head size. (
  • The best size of toothbrush head is one that permits easy access to the surfaces of all your teeth. (
  • A toothbrush head that's one-inch tall and a half-inch wide is easy to use for most adults and can reach all of your teeth efficiently. (
  • The toothbrush bristles are made from nylon and the head can be broken off and recycled. (
  • Place new brush head on top of Zina45™ Sonic Toothbrush + press down. (
  • Each character toothbrush features 24 tufts of soft nylon bristles and come in a variety of popular colors. (
  • Includes 48 toothbrush tubes in 3 colors, a jig and all bins. (
  • You do not need to use dishwashers, microwaves, or ultraviolet devices to disinfect toothbrushes. (
  • But most experts agree, you don't really need to regularly disinfect your toothbrush. (
  • Take a tip from your granny and disinfect your toothbrush with denture cleanser. (
  • You may begin by using a toothbrush with soft bristles and an exfoliant. (
  • Toothbrush materials , brush or bristles of the toothbrush are made from nylon material. (
  • This eco-friendly toothbrush has a handle made from 100% corn starch (non GMO) and soft BPA free nylon (recyclable) bristles. (