Formerly known as Siam, this is a Southeast Asian nation at the center of the Indochina peninsula. Bangkok is the capital city.
Infection with flukes of the genus Opisthorchis.
A genus of trematode liver flukes of the family Opisthorchidae. It consists of the following species: O. felineus, O. noverca (Amphimerus noverca), and O. viverrini. The intermediate hosts are snails, fish, and AMPHIBIANS.
A republic of southeast Asia, northwest of Thailand, long familiar as Burma. Its capital is Yangon, formerly Rangoon. Inhabited by people of Mongolian stock and probably of Tibetan origin, by the 3d century A.D. it was settled by Hindus. The modern Burmese state was founded in the 18th century but was in conflict with the British during the 19th century. Made a crown colony of Great Britain in 1937, it was granted independence in 1947. In 1989 it became Myanmar. The name comes from myanma, meaning the strong, as applied to the Burmese people themselves. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p192 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p367)
I'm sorry for any confusion, but "Laos" is not a medical term; it is the name of a country located in Southeast Asia, officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic. If you have any questions related to medical terminology or health-related topics, I would be happy to help with those!
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
A disease of humans and animals that resembles GLANDERS. It is caused by BURKHOLDERIA PSEUDOMALLEI and may range from a dormant infection to a condition that causes multiple abscesses, pneumonia, and bacteremia.
An acute febrile disease transmitted by the bite of AEDES mosquitoes infected with DENGUE VIRUS. It is self-limiting and characterized by fever, myalgia, headache, and rash. SEVERE DENGUE is a more virulent form of dengue.
A phospholipid-interacting antimalarial drug (ANTIMALARIALS). It is very effective against PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM with very few side effects.

HIV-1 incidence among opiate users in northern Thailand. (1/2916)

The incidence of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection among opiate users was determined in a retrospective cohort of 436 patients with multiple admissions to the only inpatient drug treatment program in northern Thailand between October 1993 and September 1995. During 323.4 person-years of follow-up, 60 patients presenting for detoxification acquired HIV-1 infection, for a crude incidence rate of 18.6 per 100 person-years (95% confidence interval 14.4-23.9). All seroconverters were male. HIV-1 incidence varied by the current route of drug administration: 31.3 per 100 person-years for injectors and 2.8 per 100 person-years for noninjectors (smoking and ingestion). Significant differences were found by ethnicity: HIV-1 incidence was 29.3 per 100 person-years for Thai lowlanders and 8.5 per 100 person-years for hill tribes. Multivariate relative risk estimates showed that injecting opiates (vs. use by other routes), being unmarried, being under age 40 years, being a Thai lowlander, having a primary and secondary education, and being employed in the business sector were each independently associated with human immunodeficiency virus seroconversion. This HIV-1 incidence rate is double that reported for Bangkok and suggests that prevention and control programs for drug users need to be expanded throughout Thailand. Improved availability of more-effective treatment regimens and increased access to sterile injection equipment are needed to confront the HIV-1 epidemic among opiate users in northern Thailand.  (+info)

Changing epidemiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever in Thailand. (2/2916)

Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS) are reportable diseases, the third most common causes for hospitalization of children in Thailand. Data collected from the Ministry of Public Health were analysed for trends. Rates of DHF increased in Thailand until 1987 when the largest epidemic ever, 325/100000 population, was recorded. Whereas the disease used to be confined to large cities, the rate is now higher in rural (102.2 per 100000) than urban areas (95.4 per 100000 in 1997). The age of highest incidence has increased, and the age group most severely affected is now those 5-9 years old (679/100000 in 1997). The case fatality rate has decreased with improved treatment and is now only 0.28%.  (+info)

Ability to pay for health care: concepts and evidence. (3/2916)

In many developing countries people are expected to contribute to the cost of health care from their own pockets. As a result, people's ability to pay (ATP) for health care, or the affordability of health care, has become a critical policy issue in developing countries, and a particularly urgent issue where households face combined user fee burdens from various essential service sectors such as health, education and water. Research and policy debates have focused on willingness to pay (WTP) for essential services, and have tended to assume that WTP is synonymous with ATP. This paper questions this assumption, and suggests that WTP may not reflect ATP. Households may persist in paying for care, but to mobilize resources they may sacrifice other basic needs such as food and education, with serious consequences for the household or individuals within it. The opportunity costs of payment make the payment 'unaffordable' because other basic needs are sacrificed. An approach to ATP founded on basic needs and the opportunity costs of payment strategies (including non-utilization) is therefore proposed. From the few studies available, common household responses to payment difficulties are identified, ranging from borrowing to more serious 'distress sales' of productive assets (e.g. land), delays to treatment and, ultimately, abandonment of treatment. Although these strategies may have a devastating impact on livelihoods and health, few studies have investigated them in any detail. In-depth longitudinal household studies are proposed to develop understanding of ATP and to inform policy initiative which might contribute to more affordable health care.  (+info)

To contract or not to contract? Issues for low and middle income countries. (4/2916)

Many low and middle income countries have inherited publicly funded and provided health services, often operating at relatively low levels of technical efficiency. Changing ideas about the management of the public sector, in particular stemming from new public management theory, are spreading to these countries, whether directly or via the recommendations of multilateral and bilateral aid agencies. Pronouncements of agencies such as the World Bank imply that competitive contracting with the private sector is likely to improve the efficiency of services provision. However, very little evidence is available on whether this is likely to be the case, and in what circumstances delivery of services through contracts with the private sector is likely to be preferable to direct provision by the public sector. This paper draws on evidence from five country case-studies of contractual arrangements, in Bombay, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Thailand and Zimbabwe, done through collaborative research between the LSHTM Health Economics and Financing Programme and local researchers in each country. A common evaluative framework was applied in each country to selected, existing contractual arrangements. Services provided under contract and evaluated included catering, cleaning, security, diagnostic services and whole hospitals. Information is presented on the design of contracts, the process of agreeing contracts including the extent of competition, and the monitoring of contract performance. A variety of evidence, including information on the relative cost and quality of contracted out versus directly provided services in the case of South Africa, Thailand, and Bombay, is used to explore whether or not contracting out to the private sector represented a preferable means of service provision. This analysis, together with information on the capacity of the agency letting the contract, and on the wider environment including the level of development of the private sector, is used to identify which aspects of the contracting process and the context in which it takes place are important in influencing whether or not contracting with the private sector is a desirable means of service provision.  (+info)

Relaying the message of safer sex: condom races for community-based skills training. (5/2916)

This paper describes a community-based HIV prevention program designed to improve confidence in condom use skills by giving community members 'hands-on' experience in using condoms correctly. A condom race activity which had been effective in increasing condom skills confidence among university students in the US was modified and implemented with the general population in rural Northeast Thailand. In addition to providing training in condom use skills, the condom race was part of an integrated condom promotion and distribution campaign which responded to needs identified by the community, built upon the credibility and influence of local leaders and peers, and extended access to condoms into rural communities. Local leaders who had participated in a training-of-trainers program organized condom races in their communities, serving as positive role models for community acceptance of condom use. The condom race stimulated community discussion about condoms and increased participants' feelings of self-efficacy in correct condom use. Participation in the condom race activity was particularly empowering to women, who reported increased confidence in their ability to use condoms and to suggest using condoms with their partners after the race.  (+info)

Researching the public/private mix in health care in a Thai urban area: methodological approaches. (6/2916)

The private health sector has been growing rapidly in many low and middle income countries, yet not enough is known about its sources of finance or characteristics of its users. Moreover, health care reform measures are leading to alterations in the mix of public and private finance and provision, increasing further the need for information. This paper presents and evaluates some research methods which can be used to collect information relevant to considering policies on the public/private mix. They comprise a household survey, a health diary and interview survey, a bed census, and a health resource survey. Each method is described as it was used in a study in a large urban setting in Thailand, and strengths and weaknesses of the methods are identified. The use of data to estimate the shares of public and private finance and provision, and particularly private sources of finance of public hospitals and public sources of finance for private hospitals, is demonstrated. Policy issues highlighted by the data are identified.  (+info)

A mobile unit: an effective service for cervical cancer screening among rural Thai women. (7/2916)

BACKGROUND: We carried out a systematic screening programme using a mobile unit with the purpose of increasing use of Papanicolaou (Pap) smear screening among rural Thai women. The mobile unit campaign was carried out initially between January and February 1993 and then in 1996 in all the 54 rural villages in Mae Sot District, Tak Province, northern Thailand. METHODS: To evaluate the effect of the programme on changes in knowledge and use of screening, we compared the results of three interview surveys of women, 18-65 years old, in villages selected by systematic sampling for each survey; first in 1991 (before the operation of the programme), secondly in 1994 (one year after the first screening campaign), and last in 1997 (one year after the second campaign). This report also compares data on Pap smears taken by the mobile unit with other existing screening services in the study area. RESULTS: A total of 1603, 1369, and 1576 women respectively, participated in each survey. The proportion of women reported knowing of the Pap smear test increased from 20.8% in 1991 to 57.3% in 1994 and to 75.5% in 1997. The proportion of women who had ever had a Pap smear increased from 19.9% in 1991 to 58.1% in 1994 and to 70.1% by 1997. Screening by the mobile unit accounted for 85.2% of all cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) III and all invasive cancers identified among the Pap smears taken by screening services in the area between 1992 and 1996. The rate of CIN III was 3.5/1000 smears in this screening programme, which was 5.2 and 2.0 times higher than the rates in the maternal and child health/family planning clinic and the annual one-week mass screening campaign respectively. CONCLUSIONS: The use of a mobile unit may be an effective screening programme in rural areas where existing screening activities cannot effectively reach the female population at risk.  (+info)

A national survey of health-service use in Thai elders. (8/2916)

OBJECTIVES: To examine the pattern of health-service use and associated factors among elderly people in Thailand. DESIGN: A cross-sectional multi-stage random sampling household survey. SUBJECTS: 4480 People aged 60 and over. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Responses to illness among elderly Thai subjects and health-service utilization. RESULTS: Of 1954 elderly Thai subjects who reported that they had had an illness without hospitalization during the last month, 93% had sought treatment and 7% did nothing. Just over a half (52.8%) used health services. Subjects who had self-limiting symptoms or diseases tended to not use health services, while subjects with chronic conditions did. Sixty-two percent paid for treatment themselves while 28% of them had their bills paid by their children. Independent determinants of health-service use included living in a rural area, being well-educated and better off, not drinking alcohol and the severity of illness identified. CONCLUSIONS: We found a low rate of state health-service use. Children had an important role in taking care of parents.  (+info)

I'm sorry for any confusion, but "Thailand" is not a medical term. It is a country located in Southeast Asia. If you have any questions about medical terms or concepts, I would be happy to help answer those for you!

Opisthorchiasis is a parasitic infection caused by the trematode flatworms of the genus Opisthorchiidae, specifically Opisthorchis viverrini and Opisthorchis felineus. These flatworms are transmitted to humans through the consumption of raw or undercooked fish that contain the infective larval stage (metacercariae) of the parasite.

Once ingested, the metacercariae excyst in the small intestine and migrate to the bile ducts of the liver, where they mature into adult worms and reside. The adults can live for several years in the host's body, producing eggs that are released into the bile and then passed through the stool.

The infection can cause a range of symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver enlargement, and bile duct inflammation. Chronic opisthorchiasis can lead to more severe complications such as cholangitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, and liver cirrhosis. In some cases, it may also increase the risk of developing cholangiocarcinoma, a rare but aggressive form of bile duct cancer.

Preventive measures include avoiding the consumption of raw or undercooked fish, particularly in areas where the infection is endemic, and practicing good personal hygiene to prevent fecal-oral transmission. Treatment typically involves the use of anti-parasitic drugs such as praziquantel or albendazole to kill the adult worms and prevent further complications.

Opisthorchis is a genus of trematode flatworms that are commonly known as liver flukes. These parasites primarily infect the bile ducts and liver of various mammals, including humans. The most common species that infect humans are Opisthorchis viverrini and Opisthorchis felineus.

Humans become infected with these parasites by consuming raw or undercooked fish that contain the larval stage of the fluke (metacercariae). Once ingested, the metacercariae excyst in the small intestine and migrate to the bile ducts, where they mature into adults. Adult Opisthorchis worms are thin and elongated, with a length of 7-15 mm and a width of 1-3 mm. They have a characteristic brownish color due to their diet, which consists mainly of blood and bile.

Infection with Opisthorchis can lead to chronic inflammation of the bile ducts and liver, which may result in symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and fatigue. Long-term infection has been linked to an increased risk of cholangiocarcinoma, a rare but aggressive form of liver cancer.

Prevention of Opisthorchis infection involves avoiding the consumption of raw or undercooked fish, particularly in areas where the parasite is endemic. Infection can also be treated with anti-parasitic drugs such as praziquantel.

I'm sorry for any confusion, but "Myanmar" is not a medical term or condition. It is the name of a country in Southeast Asia, also known as Burma. If you have any questions about medical conditions or terminology, I would be happy to help clarify those for you.

Southeast Asia is a geographical region that consists of the countries that are located at the southeastern part of the Asian continent. The definition of which countries comprise Southeast Asia may vary, but it generally includes the following 11 countries:

* Brunei
* Cambodia
* East Timor (Timor-Leste)
* Indonesia
* Laos
* Malaysia
* Myanmar (Burma)
* Philippines
* Singapore
* Thailand
* Vietnam

Southeast Asia is known for its rich cultural diversity, with influences from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. The region is also home to a diverse range of ecosystems, including rainforests, coral reefs, and mountain ranges. In recent years, Southeast Asia has experienced significant economic growth and development, but the region still faces challenges related to poverty, political instability, and environmental degradation.

I'm sorry for any confusion, but "Laos" is not a medical term. It is the name of a country, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, located in Southeast Asia. If you have any questions about medical terms or health-related topics, I'd be happy to try and help answer them!

Phylogeny is the evolutionary history and relationship among biological entities, such as species or genes, based on their shared characteristics. In other words, it refers to the branching pattern of evolution that shows how various organisms have descended from a common ancestor over time. Phylogenetic analysis involves constructing a tree-like diagram called a phylogenetic tree, which depicts the inferred evolutionary relationships among organisms or genes based on molecular sequence data or other types of characters. This information is crucial for understanding the diversity and distribution of life on Earth, as well as for studying the emergence and spread of diseases.

Melioidosis is a bacterial infection caused by the soil-dwelling gram-negative bacillus, Burkholderia pseudomallei. The disease primarily occurs in tropical areas such as Southeast Asia and northern Australia. It can present with a wide range of clinical manifestations including acute septicemia, pneumonia, and chronic suppurative infection. Risk factors for melioidosis include diabetes mellitus, renal disease, alcoholism, and lung disease. The diagnosis is confirmed by culturing B. pseudomallei from clinical specimens such as blood, sputum, or pus. Treatment typically involves a prolonged course of antibiotics, including intravenous ceftazidime followed by oral trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that is primarily transmitted by the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus species of mosquitoes. It is caused by one of four closely related dengue viruses (DENV 1, DENV 2, DENV 3, or DENV 4). The infection can cause a wide range of symptoms, ranging from mild fever and headache to severe flu-like illness, which is often characterized by the sudden onset of high fever, severe headache, muscle and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, and skin rash. In some cases, dengue can progress to more severe forms, such as dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome, which can be life-threatening if not treated promptly and appropriately.

Dengue is prevalent in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas with poor sanitation and inadequate mosquito control. There is no specific treatment for dengue, and prevention efforts focus on reducing mosquito populations and avoiding mosquito bites. Vaccines are available in some countries to prevent dengue infection, but they are not widely used due to limitations in their effectiveness and safety.

Mefloquine is an antimalarial medication that is used to prevent and treat malaria caused by the Plasmodium falciparum parasite. It works by interfering with the growth of the parasite in the red blood cells of the body. Mefloquine is a synthetic quinoline compound, and it is available under the brand name Lariam, among others.

Mefloquine is typically taken once a week, starting one to two weeks before traveling to an area where malaria is common, and continuing for four weeks after leaving the area. It may also be used to treat acute malaria infection in conjunction with other antimalarial medications.

It's important to note that mefloquine has been associated with serious neuropsychiatric side effects, including anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and seizures. Therefore, it is usually reserved for use in situations where other antimalarial drugs cannot be used or have failed. Before taking mefloquine, individuals should discuss their medical history and potential risks with their healthcare provider.

1987 Thailand from UCB Libraries GovPubs (archived 7 February 2009) Thailand at Curlie Thailand from the BBC News Thailand ... Thailand portal Asia portal International rankings of Thailand Outline of Thailand /ˈtaɪlænd, -lənd/, TYE-land, -⁠lənd Thai: ปร ... "The Population of Thailand from 1909 to 2000". National Statistical Office (Thailand). "Population total - Thailand". World ... "Thailand". In 1941, Thailand was in a brief conflict with Vichy France resulting in Thailand gaining some Lao and Cambodian ...
... (Thai: สถานีวิทยุกระจายเสียงแห่งประเทศไทย) is the public broadcasting radio station in Thailand owned by the ... Some Radio Thailand provincial radio stations can be received in neighbor countries of Thailand like Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia ... Radio in Thailand, Radio stations established in 1930, 1930 establishments in Siam, Radio stations in Thailand). ... Vietnamese and Chinese languages for International Mass
... (Thai: เทสลา (ประเทศไทย)) it is a Tesla subsidiary registered in Thailand in April 2022. Initially, the ... Reporter, Online (2022-05-25). "Elon Musk's Tesla registers subsidiary in Thailand". Hua Hin Today. "Tesla ประเท
2560 ท้องถิ่นเทศบาลเมืองน่าน ระบบสถิติทางการทะเบียน กรมการปกครอง "Nan". Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Retrieved 18 May ... Nan (Thai: น่าน, pronounced [nâːn]) is a town in northern Thailand. It is 688 km (428 mi) north of Bangkok. It is in the centre ... Tourism Authority of Thailand: Nan Oriental Architecture profile - photos of 12 sites in Nan with GPS calibrated map (CS1
Trang is on a branch (terminating at Kantang of the Southern Line of the State Railway of Thailand. Trang is served by Trang ... "Trang Airport". Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Thailand: Trang. Archived from the original on 24 May 2015. Retrieved 24 May ... "Trang". Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Archived from the original on 19 June 2012. Retrieved 24 May 2015. "World ... Thailand. The city has a population of 59,637 (2005) and covers the whole tambon Thap Thiang of Mueang Trang district. Trang is ...
In Thailand, Startup is viewed as New Economic Warrior (NEW) as it is the new energy is driving national economy. Thailand aims ... "กระทรวงวิทย์ฯ เตรียมจัดงานใหญ่ 'Startup Thailand 2017'". dailynews ... Startup Thailand is a national Thai startup promotion platform implemented to support and encourage startup growth and startup ... Maierbrugger, Arno (2016-09-13). "Startups set to spur new economic model
The Thailand Rally, also known as the Rally of Thailand, is an international rally racing event based in Bangkok, Thailand. The ... Rally competitions in Thailand, Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, 1989 establishments in Thailand, Recurring sporting events ... The centrepiece of the Thailand Rally Championship, the rally was first in 1989 and joined the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship ... event is a round of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship Asia Cup, the Tri-Nations Rally series and the Thailand Rally ...
MasterChef Junior Thailand MasterChef Thailand All-Stars MasterChef Thailand Celebrity "บรรยากาศรับสมัคร MasterChef Thailand มา ... MasterChef Thailand is a Thai competitive cooking reality show, based on the original British series of MasterChef, open to ... MasterChef Thailand is based on the BBC British version of MasterChef. Pasan Svastivatana [th], Kwantip Devakula [th], and ... The first season of MasterChef Thailand was broadcast between 4 June 2017 and 24 September 2017. Applications for
2007 establishments in Thailand, 2010 disestablishments in Thailand, Defunct mass media in Thailand). ... Political mass media in Thailand, Television stations in Thailand, Television channels and stations established in 2007, ... It was established by former executives of the Thai Rak Thai party after the 2006 Thailand military coup overthrew the Thai Rak ... Both PTV and ASTV transmitted their programs via satellite from earth stations outside of Thailand to cable TV operators inside ...
On 1 September 2013, MTV Thailand officially returned to TrueVisions, replacing Channel V Thailand, before moving to CTH in ... Television stations in Thailand, Television channels and stations established in 2001, 2001 establishments in Thailand, Music ... MTV Thailand was already one of the host country when MTV Asia Awards was held twice except in 2005 when the 2004 Asian tsunami ... MTV Thailand was a 24-hour music and entertainment channel owned by Paramount Networks EMEAA, a division of Paramount Global. ...
... central Thailand, to the west of Bangkok and part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. In 2017 it had a population of 9,784 ...
Thailand. Kamang is named after a small khlong (canal) Kamang, (also known as Phai Ling) runs through the north part of the ... Thailand Temple (in Thai). 14°20′42″N 100°34′36″E / 14.344956°N 100.576563°E / 14.344956; 100.576563 v t e (CS1 Thai- ...
"Thailand Grand Songkran Celebrations". Tourism Authority of Thailand. 4 April 2018. "Songkran, everything you need to know ... In northern Thailand 13 April is celebrated with gunfire or firecrackers to repel bad luck. On the next day, people prepare ... In Thailand, New Year is now officially celebrated 1 January. Songkran was the official New Year until 1888, when it was ... The date of Okhali coincides with that of Songkran in Thailand and Thingyan in Myanmar, not with the dates of Holi, which is a ...
Therefore, it known as "Grand Canyon of Thailand". To reach Lalu, visitors can take a itaek (Thai-style tractor) of locals to ... eastern Thailand near the Dângrêk Mountains, a natural border with Cambodia. It is a natural phenomenon resulting from rain ...
... is a region of Thailand bordering Myanmar on the west, Southern Thailand on the south, and central Thailand on ... Thailand's long mountainous border with Myanmar continues south from northern Thailand into western Thailand following the ... Thailand). However Tak Province is listed by (lower) Northern Thailand. For FY 2018, Western Thailand Region had a combined ... Western Thailand hosts much of Thailand's less-disturbed forest areas. Water and minerals are important natural resources. The ...
... may refer to one of several sporting tournaments: Thailand Open (badminton) Thailand Open (golf) Thailand Open ( ... This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Thailand Open. If an internal link led you here, you may wish ... ATP) - a defunct tournament for professional male tennis players Thailand Open (Pattaya) (1991-2015) - a defunct tournament for ... a defunct Challenge-level tournament for professional male and female tennis players Thailand Masters (snooker) ...
Pattani is a town (thesaban mueang) in the far south of Thailand, near the border with Malaysia. It is the capital of Pattani ...
Postal system of Thailand, Philately of Thailand, Government-owned companies of Thailand, Transport companies established in ... Thailand Post (THP) (Thai: ไปรษณีย์ไทย, RTGS: Praisani Thai), formerly part of the Communications Authority of Thailand until ... Thailand Post website Thailand Post Codes Duncan Stearn (25-31 July 2003). "The beginnings of the Thai Postal Service, Part One ... "Thailand (Siam)". Sandafayre. Retrieved 23 August 2016. Tortermvasana, Komsan (10 January 2017). "Thailand Post banks on ...
Thailand Ngao River, a river in Northern Thailand, tributary of the Yom River Ngao River (Yuam), a river in Northern Thailand, ... Ngao, Thailand may refer to: Ngao District, Lampang Province, Thailand Ngao, Thoeng, a village and subdistrict of Thoeng ...
... , Southern Siam or Tambralinga is a southernmost cultural region of Thailand, separated from Central Thailand ... Southern Thailand has 9.454 million inhabitants and its population density is 134 per square kilometre (350/sq mi). Thailand is ... Most of Southern Thailand is in Tenasserim-South Thailand semi-evergreen rain forests ecoregion. The Peninsular Malaysian rain ... About 93.46% in Thailand follow Buddhism. Buddhism is the majority religion in Southern Thailand as well. However, Buddhism ...
Forest data: Thailand Deforestation Rates Northern Thailand Archived 2012-01-28 at the Wayback Machine ดร.กระมล ทองธรรมชาติ และ ... Wikimedia Commons has media related to Northern Thailand. North (Thailand) travel guide from Wikivoyage 19°N 99°E / 19°N 99° ... North Thailand is bound by the Salween River in the west and the Mekong in the east. The basins of rivers Ping, Wang, Yom, and ... Historically, northern Thailand has been linked to the Hariphunchai Kingdom, which emerged as a powerful state in the
"Geographical distribution of hantaviruses in Thailand and potential human health significance of Thailand virus". American ... Thailand virus (THAIV) is a single-stranded, enveloped, negative-sense RNA orthohantavirus. THAIV was first isolated from ... Elwell MR, Ward GS, Tingpalapong M, Leduc JW: Serologic evidence of Hantaan-like virus in rodents and man in Thailand.Southeast ... Serological studies have revealed, but not confirmed, other rodents in Thailand as possible reservoirs, including the black rat ...
2008 - Citi Thailand named the Best Foreign Commercial Bank in the country by FinanceAsia. 2008- Citi Thailand named best ... On November 1, 1985, Citibank was formally registered in Thailand. With an employee strength of over 2600, Citibank Thailand ... 2008 - Best International Trade Bank in Thailand. Citibank Thailand offers services to individual consumers and business houses ... Citi Thailand named best Corporate/institutional Internet Bank in Thailand by Global Finance 2008 - Best Overall Domestic Cash ...
"Ford to invest $900m in Thailand plants". Bangkok Post. 8 December 2021. "Ford invests $900 million in Thailand manufacturing ... 1998 establishments in Thailand, Companies established in 1998, Car manufacturers of Thailand, Manufacturing companies based in ... 900 million to modernise both the Ford Thailand Manufacturing and AutoAlliance Thailand plants. Ford Ranger (1998-present) Ford ... Motor vehicle manufacturers of Thailand, Ford Motor Company, Joint ventures, Motor vehicle assembly plants in Thailand, ...
"Thailand Open, Thailand Classic, Thailand Masters". Chris Turner's Snooker Archive. Archived from ... Sports competitions in Thailand, 1984 establishments in Thailand, 2007 disestablishments in Thailand, Defunct snooker ... The Thailand Masters was a professional snooker tournament. Previously known as Asian Open and Thailand Open, it was a ranking ... The Thailand Masters was part of the World Series and the Asian Open was a ranking event. In 1993 Dave Harold became the lowest ...
... is a region of Thailand bordering Cambodia on the east, Northeastern Thailand in the north, and central ... Regions of Thailand Eastern Seaboard of Thailand "ตารางที่ 2 พี้นที่ป่าไม้ แยกรายจังหวัด พ.ศ.2562" [Table 2 Forest area ... Area is based on "Thailand boundary from Department of Provincial Administration. For FY 2018, Eastern Thailand Region had a ... another dialect in Central Thailand). Isan language are minority status
Yala was again included as part of Thailand about 41 years later. In September 1977, the King and Queen of Thailand narrowly ... It lies on Thailand Route 4106, south of Khao Tum and north of Krong Pinang. Yala railway station is on the State Railway of ... It has existed in its location for over a century and was damaged during the Japanese invasion of Thailand, but was ... "The Caves of Yala" (PDF). Thailand Caves. Retrieved 19 September 2016. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Yala. Yala travel ...
Thailand), Regions of Thailand, All stub articles, Thailand geography stubs). ... Central Thailand (Central plain) (historically also known as Siam or Dvaravati) is one of the regions of Thailand, covering the ... Wikimedia Commons has media related to Central Thailand. Central (Thailand) travel guide from Wikivoyage 15°N 100°E / 15°N ... 8 provinces of South Central Thailand and 3 provinces of Western Thailand). The total area of this central region is 67,473 km2 ...
"GQ Thailand". Conde Nast International. Retrieved 31 Aug 2014. "Debut issue of GQ launches in Thailand". Conde Nast ... "GQ Magazine Launches a Thailand Edition". Design Scene. Retrieved 31 Aug 2014. (GQ (magazine), 2014 establishments in Thailand ... GQ Thailand is the Thai edition of the international monthly men's magazine GQ. It was launched in September 2014. The first ... "GQ launches in Thailand". Professional Publishers Association. Archived from the original on 7 September 2014. Retrieved 28 ...
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of FM:T Thailand Road Racing and Top Gear Group in 2008, Thailand Circuit, Motorsports ... Nakhonchaisri Motor Sport Complex (Thailand Circuit) was established in 1989 aiming for Motorsports Entertainment in Thailand. ... Motorsport venues in Thailand, All stub articles, Thailand sports venue stubs). ... Thailand Circuit, Motorsports Complex is taking the second gear to continue in Motorsports Entertainment for every family to ...
"Basins of Thailand". Retrieved 9 November 2011.. [dead link] *^ a b "Flood drainage to complete in December". The Nation. 26 ... For the flooding which involved southern Thailand in March-April 2011, see 2011 Southern Thailand floods. ... "The 2011 Thailand flood: climate causes and return periods".. *^ a b "Death toll in ravaged provinces climbs to 37". Bangkok ... Thai Meteorological Department: Rainfall and severe flooding over Thailand in 2011. *. Floods: Challenging our future. Deutsche ...
It seems that Thailand now is in a crucial state...[Timeline of Thailands Crisis] ... It seems that Thailand now is in a crucial state...[Timeline of Thailands Crisis] ... Thailands Political Crisis. ( Updated: 2010-05-17 18:01. Large Medium Small ... Thailand yellow shirts call for end to anarchy. Yellow-shirt group to ask Thai PM to act against red-shirts. The PAD group ...
Thailand was being portrayed as the gateway to China. With the benefit of reflection, it seemed to be less of a zero-sum game ... Thailand served as the chair of ASEAN from July 2008 to December 2009 and served as host to the ASEAN Summit (heads of ... Thailands Foreign Policy. Thai traditional foreign policy style was understated, subtle, even graceful, and widely lauded ... Thailands foreign policy includes a close and longstanding security relationship with the United States. It also strongly ...
New research highlights concerns over the well-being of 120,000 children in institutional care in Thailand ... Formative evaluation of the MoPH and UNICEF pilot on child protection joint initiatives (Thailand) 2018-2022 ... Towards safer internet for children in Thailand Conference report: summary and recommendations ... A research on children in institutional care in Thailand and policy brief ...
Thailand VMware technical phone support is available to customers covered by a Support and Subscription contract. Support is ...
Tourism Authority of Thailand. Just north of the Kra Isthmus, this stunning 240,000-acre preserve is a truly rewarding ... Tourism Authority of Thailand. Established back in 1980, this gorgeous national park has been referred to as the "Guilin of ... Tourism Authority of Thailand. While Koh Lipe often draws tourists thanks to its abundance of beachfront resorts, bars, and ... Often overshadowed by Thailands more famous national parks, this pristine preserve is one of the most vital areas within the ...
1987 Thailand from UCB Libraries GovPubs (archived 7 February 2009) Thailand at Curlie Thailand from the BBC News Thailand ... Thailand portal Asia portal International rankings of Thailand Outline of Thailand /ˈtaɪlænd, -lənd/, TYE-land, -⁠lənd Thai: ปร ... "The Population of Thailand from 1909 to 2000". National Statistical Office (Thailand). "Population total - Thailand". World ... "Thailand". In 1941, Thailand was in a brief conflict with Vichy France resulting in Thailand gaining some Lao and Cambodian ...
Plan and book your Thailand holiday with flights, hotels & multi-centre holidays by British Airways. ... Thailand beaches and the best islands. . After the buzz of Bangkok, the sun and sea of Thailand beaches offer the perfect ... Thailand family holidays. . A family holiday to Thailand is perfect if you want to share some cultural discoveries, but also ... Take that big Thailand trip. Renowned for being the backpacker destination, Thailand is the place you have to visit to ...
Amazing Thailand, Travel information, Travel guide, maps, hotels, accommodation, attractions, events & festivals, food, culture ... shopping information to help you plan your Thailand vacations. ... The official site of Tourism Authority of Thailand. ... January is an ideal time to go to the Beach at both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea because of their clear water, ... The Eastern and Upper south regions sea is the Gulf of Thailand while the lower part of the southern regions sea is a part of ...
... The daily commute can be quite the grind. Maybe you deal with bumper-to-bumper highway ... Jack Sarathat lives in Thailand and was driving through Nakhon Pathom, about an hour west of Bangkok. Suddenly he was forced to ...
... covers the provinces of Amnat Charoen, Bueng Kan, Buriram, Chachoengsao, Chaiyaphum, Chanthaburi ... ThailandcavecavescavingIsanIsaanspeleologykarstspelunkingAmnat CharoenBueng KanBuriramChachoengsaoChaiyaphumChanthaburiChonburi ... The Caves of Eastern Thailand covers the provinces of Amnat Charoen, Bueng Kan, Buriram, Chachoengsao, Chaiyaphum, Chanthaburi ...
... in Thailand. Written in a friendly voice, it covers a range of cultural details from the Thais concept of time to the usual ... in Thailand. Written in a friendly voice, it covers a range of cultural details from the Thais concept of time to the usual ...
Nicholas Hlobos artworks were the inspiration for this mobile. The work was complicated to construct, but this complexity was undertaken for its own end, not simply to achieve a good grade ...
Thailand MICS 2022 Key indicators on the well-being of children and women in Thailand ... Sustainable financing of social protection in Thailand This working paper aims to demonstrate that Thailand has sufficient ... UNICEF Thailands Seven Asks for the General Elections #VoteForEveryChild Files available for download (2) English (PDF, 427 KB ... UNICEFs Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Thailand UNICEF is working to ensure that children and young people do not suffer ...
External donors: Thailand and Japan. The Bank of Thailand hosts the CDOT Office. The Japan Administered Account for Selected ... c/o Bank of Thailand, 3rd Floor Building 4, 273 Samsen Road Phranakorn Bangkok Thailand 10200. Tel: +66 22836527;. Fax: +66 ... Under Thailands APEC Chairmanship in 2022, She served as an APEC desk promoting BOTs initiative for APEC, particularly the ... Statement on Ninth Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the IMF Capacity Development Office in Thailand (CDOT). June 22, 2023 ...
This study examines the evolution of investment and growth and Thailands macroeconomic and structural policies, with a view to ... Thailands growth performance has been exceptional. Although hard hit by the external shocks fo the late 1970s and the early ... 1980s that proved severely destabilizing to many developing countries, Thailand showed remarkable reslience: price stability ... Thailand: The Road to Sustained Growth. Author/Editor:. Erik Offerdal ; Kalpana Kochhar ; Louis Dicks-Mireaux ; Jianping Zhou ...
PABBAJA DI THAILAND. Perayaan usia 100 thn sangha raja Thailand Somdet Phra Nyanasangvara mengajak putra Indonesia ikut ... Mayapada Prana] OOT: PABBAJA DI THAILAND Iswardeni Thu, 16 May 2013 17:02:56 -0700 ... Salam penuh metta, ßhante Wongsin L mahathera (ketua dhammaduta Thailand untuk Indonesia). Iswardeni: Sadhu 3 x Powered by ... Sekedar info dari Supiati Poernama Liang PABBAJA DI THAILAND, silahkan hubungi alamat di bawah untuk kejelasannya.. ...
Thailand. The theme for the 2008 fair was Green Home Effects -- and the main attraction of the show was this prefab container ... In Thailand, the prefab modular style building is seem to be new-concept of thai people that there are not used to about it. ... Modular_Thailand December 20, 2009 at 5:19 am Hi Bridgette Meinhold, thanks for sharing, the concept of "4Rs"- reduce, reuse, ... PREFAB FRIDAY: Thailands Modular Green Home. 12 of 22 This very interesting prefab home was designed specifically for the Baan ...
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Thailands worst ever single terrorist attack on August 17 claimed over 20 lives and wounded more than 100, leaving a Thai ... They were among a group of some 400 Uighurs who had fled to Thailand in March 2014 amid an ongoing crackdown against the ethnic ... Rights groups and Western governments had urged Thailand not to return any Uighurs to China, where they could face retribution. ... the same the government does not want to go too far in admitting that a bomb attack was a terrorist operation because Thailand ...
Thailand has a median mobile download speed of 33.18 and a median fixed broadband download speed of 178.37. ... Lampang, Thailands Internet Speeds. August 2023. Learn about internet performance in Lampang, Thailand. This data is updated ... For additional up-to-date information about internet speeds in Thailand as a whole, visit the Speedtest Global Index™ or read ... Visit the list below to see mobile and fixed internet speeds by city within Lampang, Thailand. See information about median ...
It is surrounded by Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. ... The Gulf of Thailand is a shallow inlet of the South China Sea ... Where Is The Gulf Of Thailand? Gulf of Thailand map. The Gulf of Thailand is positioned between the southwestern part of the ... Angthong National Marine Park, Thailand, Gulf of Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand covers a total area of 320,000 km2 and has a ... Gulf Of Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand is a shallow inlet of the South China Sea located in the western part of the Pacific ...
Thailand, which has reported 1,978 cases of the coronavirus and 19 deaths so far, wants to avoid importing more cases. ... Thailand has six international airports, including in the capital Bangkok, which is under a curfew from Friday, and the popular ... The ban came into effect on Saturday morning and will run until the end of Monday, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand ... The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand bans all incoming flights from Saturday to Monday. (Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb) ...
Fujifilms FCR (Fuji Computer Radiography) is the first the digitize x-ray images in the world. Systems for generating high resolution x-ray images with low radiation.
Schools close in troubled southern Thailand after violence in which more than 85 people have died. ... Fears that Buddhist schools in southern Thailand may be targeted by Islamic separatists have led some to shut. Education ... The south of Thailand is home to most of the countrys Muslim minority, which has long complained of discrimination by the ... A heated debate took place in Thailands Senate on Wednesday about the incident, and two senators exchanged blows about who was ...
Thailand 03/18/2019 - 0 Comments Anguillas turquoise waters boast seven marine parks: Dog Island, Prickley Pear, Seal Island ...
For the first time in four years, some tigers were caught on camera in western Thailand, home to about 160 specimens. Some ... By 2022, Thailand hopes to boost the tiger population by 50 per cent. ... An estimated 160 live in Thailand.. Some tiger species have already become extinct in Southeast Asia, such as the Java and Bali ... For the first time in four years, some tigers were caught on camera in western Thailand, home to about 160 specimens. Some ...
Find local weather forecasts for Sawang Wirawong, Thailand throughout the world ...
Thailand, the company said Tuesday.It plans to invest about 2 ... ... HomeData CenterToshiba to Build Chip Plant in Thailand by CIO ... Toshiba Semiconductor (Thailand) will operate the plant, which will employ about 900 people. ... Toshiba plans to build a new semiconductor factory near Bangkok, Thailand, the company said Tuesday. ...
... has given Thailand a red flag over what it sees as significant safety concerns in the aviation sector. ... "If you look at all the other countries that have red flags, Thailand is the only one other than Nepal in this region, and there ... "If you look at the growth in airlines and airline operators in Thailand over the last 10-15 years, the number of people in the ... In addition to Thailand, only 12 other nations are red flagged by the ICAO - Angola, Botswana, Djibouti, Eritrea, Georgia, ...
  • After the buzz of Bangkok, the sun and sea of Thailand beaches offer the perfect contrast as part of a twin centre holiday. (
  • At a press conference in Bangkok, Amnesty International was due to launch the report on torture and other ill-treatment in Thailand when the authorities intervened and forced a shutdown. (
  • BANGKOK, Thailand (ILO Online) - The 2011 flood was the worst natural disaster in Thailand in 70 years. (
  • The topic of gender diversity isn't widely discussed [in Thailand]", says Piglet, a transgender woman who lives in Bangkok. (
  • Bangkok) - A video clip, posted on Facebook on August 24, 2021, appears to show police officers in Thailand torturing and killing a drug suspect, Human Rights Watch said today. (
  • Bangkok (AsiaNews) - Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjachiva has postponed the repatriation of 78 Rohingya refugees picked up last Monday off the south-western coast of Thailand in the Andaman sea. (
  • During June-July 2015, the Center of Excellence for Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases in Animals at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand) investigated a suspected outbreak of porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) infection in piglets with acute diarrhea, gilts, and sows that occurred on a commercial swine farm. (
  • To assess the efficacy of abbreviated, cost-reducing regimens of TC vaccines, in 1987-1989, investigators at the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, Bangkok, Thailand, conducted separate concurrent studies of modified postexposure TC vaccine regimens: one study used an abbreviated intramuscular (IM) schedule and the other substituted multisite intradermal (ID) injections for IM injections. (
  • One NIAID-supported project in Thailand studies the immunological aspects of H5N1 in humans and represents a collaboration between the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (AFRIMS) laboratory in Bangkok and the Faculty of Medicine at Mahidol University. (
  • NIAID, with the U.S. Department of Defense and AFRIMS in Bangkok, signed an interagency agreement in 2005 to support avian influenza research in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. (
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  • FILE - A worker tends to cannabis plants at a farm in Chonburi province, eastern Thailand on June 5, 2022. (
  • Marijuana cultivation and possession in Thailand was decriminalized as of June 9, 2022. (
  • The EEC is a part of the "Thailand 4.0" economic development strategy introduced in 2016. (
  • Revised plans are expected to increase clean energy targets in line with the Prime Minister's November 2021 announcement during COP26 that Thailand will increase its climate change targets, as well as domestic policies focused on sustainability, including the "Bio-Circular Green Economy" model. (
  • The government unveiled in January 2021 a Made in Thailand (MiT) initiative that will set aside 60 percent of state procurement budget for locally made products. (
  • ADB's new country partnership strategy for Thailand, 2021-2025, provides value-added knowledge and finance solutions through one coordinated channel of engagement. (
  • In 2019, CSIRO's Australian Animal Health Lab (AAHL) and the Thailand National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH) entered into a partnership under an OIE Laboratory Twinning agreement to increase the capacity for the NIAH to diagnose and respond to new and emerging animal diseases in the Asia-pacific region. (
  • Thailand celebrated the coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn May 4-6, 2019, formally returning a King to the Head of State of Thailand's constitutional monarchy. (
  • In May 2018, CSIRO signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT). (
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  • In Thailand, greater than 100,000 persons receive rabies postexposure prophylaxis and greater than 200 persons die from rabies annually. (
  • The prevalence of canine and human rabies in Thailand has decreased significantly during the last decade. (
  • Current status of animal rabies in Thailand. (
  • Thailand became a major ally of the United States, and played an anti-communist role in the region as a member of the failed SEATO, but from 1975 sought to improve relations with Communist China and Thailand's neighbours. (
  • Thailand then fell 4-0 to then world No. 1 Germany and bowed out of the tournament with distinction.Thailand's historic victory against the Ivory Coast featured two goals from Orathai Srimanee and one from Thanatta Chawong. (
  • Over the last few months the hospital at Lampang in northern Thailand has suffered a slump in donations, upon which it relies to survive. (
  • Learn about internet performance in Lampang, Thailand. (
  • Visit the list below to see mobile and fixed internet speeds by city within Lampang, Thailand. (
  • Telehouse recently opened its first data centre in Thailand with an investment of $74 million, while NTT invested 3 billion baht through NTT Global Data Centers Corporation to develop its newest and largest data centre in Thailand. (
  • On March this year, NTT, an IT infrastructure and services company, announced an investment of 3 billion baht through NTT Global Data Centers Corporation for the development of its newest and largest data centre in Thailand. (
  • BKK3 will accommodate the needs of clients, particularly cloud service providers and the financial industry, which require flexible facility designs to help them achieve their business objectives", said Suthipat Lueprasert, chief executive of NTT Global Data Centers (Thailand). (
  • In Thailand for example, according to a study done by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the value of mangroves has been estimated to 3.5 million dollars per sq. km per year. (
  • The Treaty allows U.S. citizens and U.S. majority-owned businesses incorporated in the United States or Thailand to maintain a majority shareholding or to wholly own a company or branch office located in Thailand, and engage in business on the same basis as Thai companies (national treatment). (
  • On 15 December 2015, PM reported that the Gig Peeling Factory in Thailand, which is implicated in allegations of the use of slave labour, is owned by Thai Union. (
  • However, in recent years Thailand has made significant moves towards universal basic social protection, by introducing two major universal schemes that now form the main pillars of the Thai social protection floor. (
  • A Thai man has been talking about how he is able to reduce the harm caused by using the drug crystal meth thanks to a programme supported by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Thailand. (
  • The Thai Collection makes a special effort to acquire English language titles published in Thailand. (
  • While Thai culture is relatively open in terms of gender identity, transgender people in Thailand continue to face discrimination and exclusion in many aspects of life. (
  • Right in the heart of the Kamphaeng Phet province of Thailand, Chakungrao Riverview Hotel offers accommodations with an on-site restaurant serving Thai cuisine. (
  • Through the NIAID-supported Comprehensive International Program of Research on AIDS, Thai researchers are developing long-term plans for enhancing research infrastructure and capacity relevant to the AIDS epidemic in northern Thailand. (
  • An agreement between the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of the Army, and the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs was signed on December 23, 1960, April 1, 1963, and January 28, 1977, to establish a Southeast Asia Treaty Organization Clinical Research Center for the scientific research of disease conditions in Thailand and to provide training in the management of such diseases. (
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  • Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand and historically known as Siam, is a country in Southeast Asia on the Indochinese Peninsula. (
  • Telehouse Thailand is also its third footprint in Southeast Asia with a building area of 9,000 square metres and a 9.5 megavolt amperes power capacity. (
  • Ken Miyashita, managing director of Telehouse (Thailand), said the company will provide secure and reliable data centre services to act as a connectivity hub in Southeast Asia. (
  • There are currently four sites in Thailand that are part of the NIAID-supported Southeast Asia Influenza Clinical Research Network (SEA ICRN). (
  • Telehouse Thailand currently has over 10 partners such as telecom operators, cloud and content providers that support the ecosystem of "interconnection" in the data centre. (
  • Chonburi, Bangkok's nearest seaside town, is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, only 80 kilometres from the capital. (
  • Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, was known by outsiders prior to 1939 as Siam. (
  • Cambodian police spokesman Chhay Kim Khoeun said the three jailed activists had violated immigration law in Thailand and Cambodia had not sought their deportation. (
  • #Thailand blatantly violated refugee protection & rights by sending recognized @UNHCRAsia refugee Thavry Lanh to #Cambodia this morning. (
  • The objective of the SPFJT is to develop a holistic and coherent vision on social protection in Thailand to move progressively towards the provision of universal and basic social protection to all", explains Mr Jiyuan Wang, Director of ILO Country Office for Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. (
  • Sutas Kongdumrongkiat, chief executive of NTT in Thailand, which is also responsible for its operations in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos, said Asia-Pacific is a key growth region for NTT. (
  • Thailand is an upper middle-income country with a half-trillion-dollar economy, generally pro-investment policies, and well-developed infrastructure. (
  • Thailand continues to encourage investment from all countries and seeks to avoid dependence on any one country as a source of investment. (
  • It's very, very worrying when companies' intellectual property rights are not supported within a country," Reuters quoted Judy Benn, executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. (
  • Thailand is a popular vacation destination, but it can also be a great country to call home. (
  • For those who are looking to retire in Thailand, the retirement visa can be obtained when upgrading your 90 day non-immigrant visa once you've entered the country. (
  • This is very difficult to gain in Thailand, since many people want to live permanently in this country. (
  • Thailand is the first Southeast Asian country to take such liberalizing steps, recognizing the medicinal - and economic - benefits the plant may bring. (
  • Thailand is the 50th different country the USA has played in its history, which began in 1985 when the USA played its first international match. (
  • Additionally, Thailand will be the seventh country from the Asia Football Confederation that the USA has played after Australia, China PR, Chinese Taipei, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. (
  • Country Office for Thailand (‎ World Health Organization. (
  • How can this be a human rights violation when living in Thailand illegally? (
  • Imagine 200 Rohingya illegally entering Thailand with only 18 officers to take charge of them," he explained. (
  • CSIRO's Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP) has been working with the OIE Animal Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Regional Reference Laboratory (RRL) in Pakchong, Thailand for many years. (
  • Two Japan-based data centre providers have invested US$164 million (5.5 billion baht) in Thailand to build and expand data centres, cashing in on the trend of digital transformation and the exponential growth of cloud computing. (
  • Thailand has attracted investment from global cloud and data centre providers to expand their footprints. (
  • Global players' data centre investments in Thailand began many years ago, with the pioneers including Tencent Cloud, Huawei and NTT, followed last year by Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. (
  • Consequently, they spread out over a wide area of Thailand, from Phitsanulok Province in the north to Chumphon in southern Thailand, a distance of almost one thousand kilometres (620 mi. (
  • When natural disasters such as the 2011 flood in Thailand strike, they are frequently left without adequate support. (
  • Regions of Thailand are now experiencing the worst floods in over fifty years, as water immerses villages, farms, and factories. (
  • Within 20 years the elephant will become extinct in Thailand. (
  • She added that the refugees will be treated in Thailand until they recover before deportation. (
  • By Regina Quadir Thailand has a tropical climate with monsoon rains that come every summer. (
  • Thailand has a wet, tropical climate that encourages vector- and water-borne diseases. (
  • Nucleotide sequences of PDCoVs from Thailand were submitted to GenBank under accession nos. (
  • For three years, Lek secretly cultivated her cannabis plants in rural northeastern Thailand, still afraid of arrest by authorities wielding tough drug penalties despite the promises of a gradual loosening of the law. (
  • Thailand is a party to the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment , which obligates governments to investigate and prosecute acts of torture and other ill-treatment. (
  • CDC collaborates with government and non-governmental partners in Thailand, including civil society organizations and multilateral organizations, to discover, evaluate and implement new tools, programs, and policies to combat HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and tuberculosis. (
  • SEA ICRN is a multilateral, collaborative partnership of hospitals and institutions in Thailand, as well as in Indonesia, United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. (
  • Before coming to Thailand to launch the report, we also shared our findings with the authorities, writing to the Prime Minister and other key ministers. (
  • Thailand head coach Spencer Prior is a former English professional player, who played more than 500 matches at various levels of English soccer. (
  • He discovered that they were originally Tai Dam (Black Tai) people who were forcibly moved to Thailand from their homeland east of the town of Luang Prabang in Laos. (
  • While most Tai Dam in Laos, Vietnam and China are animists, the Lao Song in Thailand have overwhelmingly converted to Theravada Buddhism, although they still retain many of their traditional beliefs as well. (
  • As with the other visas in Thailand, you must first get the 90 day visa before applying for this visa. (
  • Australian researchers have worked in collaboration with the Regional Reference Laboratory (RRL) in Thailand on studies to determine the efficacy of the FMD vaccines kept in the emergency vaccine bank for Australia. (
  • For example, in 1981, NIAID awarded one of the first International Collaboration in Infectious Disease Research awards for research in leprosy to the University of Illinois and Chiang Mai University, Thailand. (
  • NIAID also has recently awarded a contract to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, to establish a Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance to conduct basic influenza research activities and animal surveillance in Thailand, in collaboration with Hong Kong/China and Indonesia. (
  • A Memorandum of Understanding between HHS/National Institutes of Health and Chulabhorn Research Institute for collaboration on an AIDS program, the use of natural products in biomedical applications and cancer research, and epidemiology studies in Thailand was signed on June 14, 1989, and again on May 27, 1992. (
  • The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is even more revered by the people, was believed to have given his backing to the coup, so why should investors in London or New York quibble? (
  • The bureau's spokesman Achayon Kraithong said Thailand would prioritise immigration law but avoid sending people into danger. (
  • FILE - People smoke weed to celebrate the legalization of cannabis at the Thailand: 420 Legalaew! (
  • Joachim Schliesinger adds: "in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Siamese armies raided the region several times and took tens of thousands of Tai Dam people to Thailand as war captives. (
  • Throughout the course of many generations since their ancestors first arrived in Thailand, the Song people have lived and died with very few of their number ever having heard of Jesus Christ. (
  • For a long time poor and vulnerable people in Thailand only had access to ad-hoc, means-tested assistance programmes. (
  • The SPFJT team has also created a video, Building a Social Protection Floor in Thailand to advocate for the rights of people like Neeramol and raise awareness about the remaining challenges. (
  • Thailand remains one of the countries with the largest population of people living with HIV (PLWH) in the Asian-Pacific region. (
  • Silencing human rights activists who highlight human rights violations will not solve the problem of torture and other ill-treatment in Thailand, Amnesty International said today. (
  • Amnesty International remains committed to investigating, documenting, and campaigning against torture all over the world, including in Thailand. (
  • Torture and enforced disappearance have long been problems in Thailand. (
  • These activists were released on bail only after agreeing to restrictive conditions, such as full or partial house arrest, wearing tracking devices, being banned from criticizing the monarchy and taking part in political rallies, and not being allowed to leave Thailand. (
  • PHNOM PENH: Three Cambodian refugees deported by Thailand have been jailed on charges of conspiracy and incitement, police said on Monday, as pressure grows on the government to protect activists at risk of persecution in their home countries. (
  • In recent decades, Thailand has been a major destination for foreign direct investment, and hundreds of U.S. companies have invested in Thailand successfully. (
  • For additional up-to-date information about internet speeds in Thailand as a whole, visit the Speedtest Global Index ™ or read our recent Market Reports for provider information . (
  • CSIRO has worked with partners in Thailand since the 1980s in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and has recently expanded the scope of our partnerships to include astronomy, food and health, and biosecurity. (
  • They also explored larger-scale possibilities in the rest of Thailand and the Mekong region. (
  • NIAID is also supporting International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS, in which Thailand participates as part of the Asia and Australia Region. (
  • Registering for the "Thailand Pass" required online copies of vaccination documents, insurance policies and other documents to be submitted, after which visitors would receive a QR code for use during travel. (
  • Thailand is a middle power in global affairs and a founding member of ASEAN, and ranks very high in the Human Development Index. (
  • Samples from human cases of H5N1 in Thailand are being used for these studies. (
  • It's also stirring a major market opportunity and research into the benefits of a plant found native in Thailand for centuries. (
  • Most of the Lao Song arrived in Thailand in two major waves. (
  • A major emerging threat in Thailand is the spread of avian influenza, H5N1 strain. (
  • NIAID funds research on HIV/AIDS in Thailand through its major HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks, including the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials, the International Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials, the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, and the HIV Prevention Trials Network. (
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  • CSIRO and Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have collaborated with Khon Kaen University on the Future Farming in Northeast Thailand study. (
  • Pattaya, Thailand -- On Friday Morning at Pattaya City Hall, Khun Niran, the Mayor of Pattaya chaired a preparation meeting which discussed plans for a two month exhibition of Buddhist Relics to be held at the Sukawadee Mansions, located on the Sukumvit Road in Banglamung. (
  • Although Krung Thep has been the capital of Thailand since the late 18th-century, when the Grand Palace was built, the two municipalities were only recognised as one city in the 1970s. (
  • Following a bloodless revolution in 1932, it became a constitutional monarchy and changed its official name to Thailand, becoming an ally of Japan in World War II. (
  • Thailand participated in its first Women's World Cup at the senior level in 2015 in Canada. (
  • Thailand put in a respectable World Cup performance, falling 4-0 to long-time power Norway before picking up its first win in a FIFA competition with a 3-2 victory against Ivory Coast. (