Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The number of times the HEART VENTRICLES contract per unit of time, usually per minute.
An infant during the first month after birth.
An antibacterial agent that has been used in veterinary practice for treating swine dysentery and enteritis and for promoting growth. However, its use has been prohibited in the UK following reports of carcinogenicity and mutagenicity. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p125)
A human infant born before 37 weeks of GESTATION.
An involuntary movement or exercise of function in a part, excited in response to a stimulus applied to the periphery and transmitted to the brain or spinal cord.
A type of strength-building exercise program that requires the body muscle to exert a force against some form of resistance, such as weight, stretch bands, water, or immovable objects. Resistance exercise is a combination of static and dynamic contractions involving shortening and lengthening of skeletal muscles.
A sport in which weights are lifted competitively or as an exercise.
The amount of force generated by MUSCLE CONTRACTION. Muscle strength can be measured during isometric, isotonic, or isokinetic contraction, either manually or using a device such as a MUSCLE STRENGTH DYNAMOMETER.
Instructional programs in the care and development of the body, often in schools. The concept does not include prescribed exercises, which is EXERCISE THERAPY.
A regimen or plan of physical activities designed and prescribed for specific therapeutic goals. Its purpose is to restore normal musculoskeletal function or to reduce pain caused by diseases or injuries.
A subtype of striated muscle, attached by TENDONS to the SKELETON. Skeletal muscles are innervated and their movement can be consciously controlled. They are also called voluntary muscles.
Physical activity which is usually regular and done with the intention of improving or maintaining PHYSICAL FITNESS or HEALTH. Contrast with PHYSICAL EXERTION which is concerned largely with the physiologic and metabolic response to energy expenditure.
Activities or games, usually involving physical effort or skill. Reasons for engagement in sports include pleasure, competition, and/or financial reward.
Individuals who have developed skills, physical stamina and strength or participants in SPORTS or other physical activities.
A form of interactive entertainment in which the player controls electronically generated images that appear on a video display screen. This includes video games played in the home on special machines or home computers, and those played in arcades.
The study of the development of an organism during the embryonic and fetal stages of life.
Method of making images on a sensitized surface by exposure to light or other radiant energy.
Theoretical construct used in applied mathematics to analyze certain situations in which there is an interplay between parties that may have similar, opposed, or mixed interests. In a typical game, decision-making "players," who each have their own goals, try to gain advantage over the other parties by anticipating each other's decisions; the game is finally resolved as a consequence of the players' decisions.
Sudden onset water phenomena with different speed of occurrence. These include flash floods, seasonal river floods, and coastal floods, associated with CYCLONIC STORMS; TIDALWAVES; and storm surges.
An antibiotic produced by Streptomyces spectabilis. It is active against gram-negative bacteria and used for the treatment of gonorrhea.
A group of symptoms that are two- to three-fold more common in those who work in large, energy-efficient buildings, associated with an increased frequency of headaches, lethargy, and dry skin. Clinical manifestations include hypersensitivity pneumonitis (ALVEOLITIS, EXTRINSIC ALLERGIC); allergic rhinitis (RHINITIS, ALLERGIC, PERENNIAL); ASTHMA; infections, skin eruptions, and mucous membrane irritation syndromes. Current usage tends to be less restrictive with regard to the type of building and delineation of complaints. (From Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
Potentially pathogenic bacteria found in nasal membranes, skin, hair follicles, and perineum of warm-blooded animals. They may cause a wide range of infections and intoxications.
The total genetic information possessed by the reproductive members of a POPULATION of sexually reproducing organisms.
Those customs and ceremonies pertaining to the dead.
Rhythmic and patterned body movements which are usually performed to music.
A deformed foot in which the foot is plantarflexed, inverted and adducted.
Sensation of enjoyment or gratification.
Facilities having programs intended to promote and maintain a state of physical well-being for optimal performance and health.
A greenish-yellow, diatomic gas that is a member of the halogen family of elements. It has the atomic symbol Cl, atomic number 17, and atomic weight 70.906. It is a powerful irritant that can cause fatal pulmonary edema. Chlorine is used in manufacturing, as a reagent in synthetic chemistry, for water purification, and in the production of chlorinated lime, which is used in fabric bleaching.
Rendering pathogens harmless through the use of heat, antiseptics, antibacterial agents, etc.
Infections with bacteria of the genus LEGIONELLA.
Substances used on inanimate objects that destroy harmful microorganisms or inhibit their activity. Disinfectants are classed as complete, destroying SPORES as well as vegetative forms of microorganisms, or incomplete, destroying only vegetative forms of the organisms. They are distinguished from ANTISEPTICS, which are local anti-infective agents used on humans and other animals. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 11th ed)
Means or process of supplying water (as for a community) usually including reservoirs, tunnels, and pipelines and often the watershed from which the water is ultimately drawn. (Webster, 3d ed)
Beaches, both natural and man-made, used for bathing and other activities.
Large natural streams of FRESH WATER formed by converging tributaries and which empty into a body of water (lake or ocean).
Aspects of health and disease related to travel.
Inland bodies of still or slowly moving FRESH WATER or salt water, larger than a pond, and supplied by RIVERS and streams.
Animals considered to be wild or feral or not adapted for domestic use. It does not include wild animals in zoos for which ANIMALS, ZOO is available.
The circulation of blood through the CORONARY VESSELS of the HEART.

Central pattern generator for escape swimming in the notaspid sea slug Pleurobranchaea californica. (1/2436)

Escape swimming in the notaspid opisthobranch Pleurobranchaea is an episode of alternating dorsal and ventral body flexions that overrides all other behaviors. We have explored the structure of the central pattern generator (CPG) in the cerebropleural ganglion as part of a study of neural network interactions underlying decision making in normal behavior. The CPG comprises at least eight bilaterally paired interneurons, each of which contributes and is phase-locked to the swim rhythm. Dorsal flexion is mediated by hemiganglion ensembles of four serotonin-immunoreactive neurons, the As1, As2, As3, and As4, and an electrically coupled pair, the A1 and A10 cells. When stimulated, A10 commands fictive swimming in the isolated CNS and actual swimming behavior in whole animals. As1-4 provide prolonged, neuromodulatory excitation enhancing dorsal flexion bursts and swim cycle number. Ventral flexion is mediated by the A3 cell and a ventral swim interneuron, IVS, the soma of which is yet unlocated. Initiation of a swim episode begins with persistent firing in A10, followed by recruitment of As1-4 and A1 into dorsal flexion. Recurrent excitation within the As1-4 ensemble and with A1/A10 may reinforce coactivity. Synchrony among swim interneuron partners and bilateral coordination is promoted by electrical coupling among the A1/A10 and As4 pairs, and among unilateral As2-4, and reciprocal chemical excitation between contralateral As1-4 groups. The switch from dorsal to ventral flexion coincides with delayed recruitment of A3, which is coupled electrically to A1, and with recurrent inhibition from A3/IVS to A1/A10. The alternating phase relation may be reinforced by reciprocal inhibition between As1-4 and IVS. Pleurobranchaea's swim resembles that of the nudibranch Tritonia; we find that the CPGs are similar in many details, suggesting that the behavior and network are primitive characters derived from a common pleurobranchid ancestor.  (+info)

Training in swimming reduces blood pressure and increases muscle glucose transport activity as well as GLUT4 contents in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats. (2/2436)

Exercise improves muscle insulin sensitivity and GLUT4 contents. We investigated the beneficial effects of swimming training on insulin sensitivity and genetic hypertension using stroke-prone hypertensive rats (SHRSP). We studied the relationship between genetic hypertension and insulin resistance in SHRSP and Wistar Kyoto rats (WKY) as a control. The systolic blood pressure of SHRSP was significantly reduced by 4-week swimming training (208.4 +/- 6.8 mmHg vs. 187.2 +/- 4.1 mmHg, p < 0.05). The swimming training also resulted in an approximately 20% increase in the insulin-stimulated glucose transport activity (p < 0.05) of soleus muscle strips and an approximately 3-fold increase in the plasma membrane GLUT4 protein expression (p < 0.01) in SHRSP. However, basal and insulin-stimulated glucose transport activity and GLUT4 contents were not significantly different between WKY and SHRSP. There was no difference in insulin resistance in skeletal muscle of SHRSP as compared with WKY. Our results indicated swimming training exercise improved not only hypertension but also muscle insulin sensitivity and GLUT4 protein expression in SHRSP.  (+info)

Increased neurodegeneration during ageing in mice lacking high-affinity nicotine receptors. (3/2436)

We have examined neuroanatomical, biochemical and endocrine parameters and spatial learning in mice lacking the beta2 subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) during ageing. Aged beta2(-/-) mutant mice showed region-specific alterations in cortical regions, including neocortical hypotrophy, loss of hippocampal pyramidal neurons, astro- and microgliosis and elevation of serum corticosterone levels. Whereas adult mutant and control animals performed well in the Morris maze, 22- to 24-month-old beta2(-/-) mice were significantly impaired in spatial learning. These data show that beta2 subunit-containing nAChRs can contribute to both neuronal survival and maintenance of cognitive performance during ageing. beta2(-/-) mice may thus serve as one possible animal model for some of the cognitive deficits and degenerative processes which take place during physiological ageing and in Alzheimer's disease, particularly those associated with dysfunction of the cholinergic system.  (+info)

Characterization of socio-psychological stress-induced antinociception in the formalin test in mice. (4/2436)

The antinociceptive effect induced by exposure to socio-psychological (PSY) stress using a communication box was assessed by the formalin test in mice, compared with those by exposure to footshock (FS) stress and forced swimming (SW) stress. After the termination of stress exposure, whereas exposure to FS- and SW-stress resulted in the attenuation of the formalin-induced biphasic pain response over 15 min, no appreciable antinociceptive effect was found in the case of PSY stress. When exposure to PSY stress was started during the period of early or late phase of pain after the formalin injection, the antinociceptive effect was maintained for 5-15 min; however, further exposure to PSY stress was not effective for producing antinociception. In the tail-pinch test, likewise, exposure to PSY stress longer than 5 min rather decreased the intensity of antinociception. We conclude that PSY stress in this tonic pain paradigm produces antinociception, but further continuous exposure to the emotional stress caused mice to become recuperative even in such a fear-inducing situation.  (+info)

Swimming-associated outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7. (5/2436)

In 1997 the first outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 infections involving 14 cases occurred in Finland. A case was defined as a resident of Alavus with an episode of diarrhoea between 5 and 17 July 1997, and from whom E. coli O157:H7 was isolated from stool. The investigation included case searching and a population-based case control study. Five primary and eight symptomatic secondary cases of E. coli O157:H7 illness were detected. In the 10 days before the outbreak, all 5 primary patients (aged 3-8 years), but only 6 of 32 population controls from the same age range (Fisher's test, P < 0.001) and 4 of 10 sibling controls (P < 0.05) had visited (but had not necessarily bathed in) a shallow beach popular among young children. Four out of 5 primary cases had remained within 5 m of the beach while swimming and had swallowed lake water compared to 1 of 5 population controls. These analytical epidemiologic findings incriminated fresh lake water as the vehicle of E. coli O157:H7 transmission.  (+info)

Characterization of progressive motor deficits in mice transgenic for the human Huntington's disease mutation. (6/2436)

Transgenic mice expressing exon 1 of the human Huntington's disease (HD) gene carrying a 141-157 CAG repeat (line R6/2) develop a progressive neurological phenotype with motor symptoms resembling those seen in HD. We have characterized the motor deficits in R6/2 mice using a battery of behavioral tests selected to measure motor aspects of swimming, fore- and hindlimb coordination, balance, and sensorimotor gating [swimming tank, rotarod, raised beam, fore- and hindpaw footprinting, and acoustic startle/prepulse inhibition (PPI)]. Behavioral testing was performed on female hemizygotic R6/2 transgenic mice (n = 9) and female wild-type littermates (n = 22) between 5 and 14 weeks of age. Transgenic mice did not show an overt behavioral phenotype until around 8 weeks of age. However, as early as 5-6 weeks of age they had significant difficulty swimming, traversing the narrowest square (5 mm) raised beam, and maintaining balance on the rotarod at rotation speeds of 33-44 rpm. Furthermore, they showed significant impairment in prepulse inhibition (an impairment also seen in patients with HD). Between 8 and 15 weeks, R6/2 transgenic mice showed a progressive deterioration in performance on all of the motor tests. Thus R6/2 mice show measurable deficits in motor behavior that begin subtly and increase progressively until death. Our data support the use of R6/2 mice as a model of HD and indicate that they may be useful for evaluating therapeutic strategies for HD, particularly those aimed at reducing the severity of motor symptoms or slowing the course of the disease.  (+info)

Development of ergometer attachment for power and maximum anaerobic power measurement in swimming. (7/2436)

The ergometer can be a versatile means of measurement if attachments are developed for special purposes or if attachment is developed for multi-uses. In this study, an ergometer attachment for the measurement of power was designed and the measurement of power and the maximum anaerobic power in swimming was tested. A rotation drum was attached to one pedal of an ergometer. The rotation of this drum was synchronized with the rotation of the pedal. One end of a wire for a traction by a swimmer was connected to the drum. The other end of the wire was attached to a belt around the waist of a swimmer. The swimmer swam at full strength, thus causing the drum to rotate. The rotational velocity of the drum was detected as voltage by a magnetic permanent motor and transformed to wire tractional velocity; this velocity was equal to swimming velocity. The wire tension (= load) was controlled by a load adjusting lever of the ergometer. This wire tension was equal to the load which was added to the swimmer. The power calculation was based on a curved regression equation approximated from the load and the velocity. This equation was shown as follows; (P + a) (v + b) = (P0 + a)b or its development (P + a)v = b(P0 - P) and provided that P: force or load, v: swimming velocity, P0: maximum tractional force, a and b: constants. This ergometer attachment made it possible to measure and evaluate the power and the maximum anaerobic power in swimming with ease and at low cost. Measurement and evaluation are easily performed using the system, which is just one example of the possible applications of the ergometer.  (+info)

High aerobic capacities in the skeletal muscles of pinnipeds: adaptations to diving hypoxia. (8/2436)

The objective was to assess the aerobic capacity of skeletal muscles in pinnipeds. Samples of swimming and nonswimming muscles were collected from Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus, n = 27), Northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus, n = 5), and harbor seals (Phoca vitulina, n = 37) by using a needle biopsy technique. Samples were either immediately fixed in 2% glutaraldehyde or frozen in liquid nitrogen. The volume density of mitochondria, myoglobin concentration, citrate synthase activity, and beta-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase was determined for all samples. The swimming muscles of seals had an average total mitochondrial volume density per volume of fiber of 9.7%. The swimming muscles of sea lions and fur seals had average mitochondrial volume densities of 6.2 and 8.8%, respectively. These values were 1.7- to 2.0-fold greater than in the nonswimming muscles. Myoglobin concentration, citrate synthase activity, and beta-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase were 1.1- to 2. 3-fold greater in the swimming vs. nonswimming muscles. The swimming muscles of pinnipeds appear to be adapted for aerobic lipid metabolism under the hypoxic conditions that occur during diving.  (+info)

Ironman competitor Ian Kurth achieves great results from the remote triathlon swim training and coaching received by Eric Neilsen using the Vasa SwimErg.
Swimmers shoulder is a common and debilitating condition in the elite swimmer. Elite swimmers who train up to 4 hours daily can put their shoulders through as many as 1.5 million strokes per arm, per year. It is therefore no surprise that the shoulder is the most commonly injured joint in swimmers, with the prevalence in elite swimmers reported to affect at least 1 in 4 and as many as 9 out of 10. Subsequently, shoulder injuries account for the most lost time out of training for elite swimmers.. A survey conducted in 2013 on 109 of Australias elite national swimmers found that 70% of them had experienced shoulder pain at some time in their career, with 28% indicating that it is a recurrent issue and 21% noting it was an ongoing issue at the time of the survey.. Interestingly, despite advances in our understanding of Swimmers shoulder prevalence data of swimmers shoulder rates dating back to the 1980s does not appear to be showing any reduction, leading us medical professionals to believe ...
In 2014, three female swimmers were hospitalized with symptomatic exertional rhabdomyolysis (Stanfa et al., 2016). PURPOSE: To serially monitor and assess relationships between skeletal muscle damage, upper and lower body soreness, and physiological stress during the first seven weeks of high volume training in collegiate female swimmers. METHODS: 23 female NCAA D1 swimmers presented to the lab six times during 7-weeks of pre-season training. Blood was drawn at six timepoints for measurement of serum creatinine kinase (CK), myoglobin (MYO) and a complete metabolic panel. Serum cortisol (C), testosterone (T) and T/C ratio were assessed at Weeks 1 (baseline), 4 and 7. Upper body soreness (US) and lower body soreness (LS) were assessed, at the six timepoints that blood was drawn, using a visual analogue scale (0-10-inch unmarked scale). A repeated measures ANOVA with a Bonferroni correction were performed, with data reported as means±SD. Correlation analyses performed with significance set at ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Inhibition of interferon, cytokine, and lymphocyte proliferative responses in elite swimmers with altitude exposure. AU - Pyne, David B.. AU - McDonald, Warren A.. AU - Morton, Darla S.. AU - Swiggett, Jeanene P.. AU - Foster, Mareva. AU - Sonnenfeld, Gerald. AU - Smith, John A.. PY - 2000. Y1 - 2000. N2 - To determine the immunologic consequences of athletic training at altitude, blood samples were taken at rest from 10 swimmers and 8 control nontraining but altitude-exposed members of the 1996 Australian Olympic Swimming Team, near the start and completion of a 21-day training camp at 2102 m. Blood leukocyte numbers dropped in both groups (p , 0.05), with the decrease greater in the swimmers (-38% swimmers, -3% controls). Concanavalin A (ConA)-induced blastogenesis decreased in both groups (p,0.01), but the drop was greater in the control group (-32% swimmers, -56% controls, p , 0.05). Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced blastogenesis more than doubled in both groups (281% ...
The prevalence of airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) is very high in elite swimmers, reaching 80% in certain studies. Repeated Chlorine-derivatives exposure may be a major causative factor for its development. Asthma diagnosis is generally made on the basis of clinical characteristics. The demonstration of a variable bronchial obstruction through positive expiratory flow reversibility to a bronchodilator, spontaneous variations of airway obstruction or a positive provocation test (methacholine, eucapnic voluntary hyperpnoea…) is necessary to avoid false diagnosis. Currently asthma treatment in swimmers is the same as in the general population. A short-acting bronchodilator is often prescribed to avoid occasional symptoms, combined with an inhaled corticosteroid or an antagonist of Leukotriene if asthma symptoms are persistent. Previous studies have shown a reduced efficiency for asthma medication in elite athletes compared with non-athletes. The specific response to different medications remains ...
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1 can be seen in their fins. They are typically slow to moderate swimmers, and some examples include rays, bowfin, and knife fishes. The black ghost knife fish is a Gymnotiform swimmer that has a very long ventral ribbon fin. Thrust is produced by passing waves down the ribbon fin while the body remains rigid. This also allows the ghost knife fish to swim in reverse. Labriform: Labriform swimmers are also slow swimmers. They oscillate their pectoral fins to create thrust. Oscillating fins create thrust when a starting vortex is shed from the trailing edge of the fin. As the foil departs from the starting vortex, the effect of that vortex diminishes, while the bound circulation remains, producing lift. Labriform swimming can be viewed as continuously starting and stopping. Wrasses and surf perch are common Labriform swimmers Hydrofoils, or fins, are used to push against the water to create a normal force to provide thrust, propelling the animal through water. Sea turtles and penguins beat their ...
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I initially used the pool to work on technical aspects of my stroke. Later on, I progressed to using it for workouts and recovery swims. The workouts in the Endless Pool were also a great replacement for open water swims; the Endless Pool gives you that open water feeling. Having the convenience of doing it in my own backyard really helped.. This June, I competed at Ironman Cairns, and it was crucial that I had a good swim to set myself up to win and confirm my ticket to Kona. I was happy to exit the water in 47 minutes, a lot faster than the 50+ minute times I had been posting in 2014. It set me up to utilize my strength on the bike to gain an unassailable lead going into the marathon. I went on to win my second Ironman Cairns title and punch my ticket to Hawaii for the 10th consecutive year.. So thanks, Endless Pools, for helping me get back on track!. Save ...
For years, we have been preaching the importance of the high elbow catch (HEC) and pull.. Why?. Because it is the most efficient way to propel you forward for longer distances without damaging your shoulders.. Sprinters might go for a deep pull because it generates more power, lift, and reduction in drag, which is why sprinters typically swim with a deeper pull, but for anything beyond a 50 and you will be cooked. For endurance, the high elbow seems to be the way to go.. But just because you have a high elbow catch doesnt mean you have achieved swimming form nirvana, so what is next?. After you have perfected the HEC, you still need to focus on several key parts of your stroke.. First, you have to make sure that your body positions is still balanced in the water. Tri Swim Coach athletes know that we spend the first couple of weeks focusing on finding your balance point, without which you will literally sink in the water and increase your drag.. Even the strongest HEC will not propel you far ...
Health,London United Kingdom (PRWEB) August 30 2013 Jonny and Alistair Brownlee will square off at the PruHealth ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in London on September 15 to determine the 2013 triathlon champion. Leading up to the main event the entire weekend from September 11-15 will be a celebration of the sport as Trafalgar Square will be transformed i,Endless,Pools,to,Offer,Test,Swims,at,ITU,World,Triathlon,Grand,Final,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest medicine news
Zinc exhibits antidepressant-like activity in preclinical tests (the forced swim test and tail suspension test) and in olfactory bulbectomy and chronic unpredictable stress; two models of depression.
A single row wake structure has been observed in experiments for carangiform swimmers (Muller et al., 1997; Nauen and Lauder, 2002; Wolfgang et al., 1999) while a double row structure has been observed for anguilliform swimmers (Hultmark et al., 2007; Muller et al., 2001; Tytell and Lauder, 2004). Comparing the wake of the carangiform swimmers with the MM swimmer in case R3 (Reo=∞, Sto=0.3), which best corresponds to carangiform swimming in nature, we observe the same single row structure. The single row structure of the MM swimmer from the self-propelled simulations is similar to the single row structure of the tethered swimmer as well (Borazjani and Sotiropoulos, 2008), which is in agreement with the wake of a mackerel (Nauen and Lauder, 2002) [see Buchholz and Smits (Buchholz and Smits, 2006) for the description of the skeleton of this wake structure]. However, the wake of the LL swimmer in case R2 (Reo=4000, Sto=0.6), which best corresponds to anguilliform swimming in nature, we observe a ...
It may be hard to see the end goal two years down the road in a different hemisphere, but coach Bob Bowman firmly believes that there is a direct route from the shadow of Pikes Peak to Rio de Janeiro. And Michael Phelps is his longest-tenured and strongest-bonded Colorado devotee. If there is going to
Water tunnels built for hydropower passing through weak and heterogeneous rock mass pose challenges associated to slaking and disintegration, as they are f
Three bodies were found Monday morning in a water tunnel near the U.S.-Mexico border, El Paso police said. They were near Cesar Chavez Border Highway
Porsolt is a long established preclinical CRO, having started operations in 1984 under the name ITEM-Labo. Porsolt has obtained an international reputation for expertise in physiopathological models, customized procedures and tailored solutions for discovering treatments of psychiatric and neurological disorders, acute and chronic pain, inflammation, cardiac and vascular diseases, and metabolic and eating disorders. Porsolt also offers services for safety evaluation of drug candidates from screening to regulatory studies before first-in-man administration in full compliance with GLP (ICH S7), including full assessment of arrhythmogenic risk and abuse and dependence liability. Porsolt is headquartered in France with facilities in Paris and Laval. In 2010 Porsolt opened a subsidiary in Texas (US) to carry out studies in primates, specifically for assessing abuse/dependence liability, and extending this to cognition (Alzheimer s), pain, electroencephalogram (EEG), and cardiovascular and respiratory.
The present study investigated the sensitivity to stress and diazepam in weaning (21-day old) Wistar rats. A single 15-min session of forced swimming was used to induce anxiety-like behavior. The group that was forced to swim exhibited...
Antidepressant-like effect of acute GLYX-13 treatment in mice. (a) Protocol for experiments using the open field test (OFT) and forced swim test (FST). The OFT
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Time and place: Global seismic tomography using teleseismic and core-diffracted body waves May 11, 2017 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM, ZEB Auditorium 3 ...
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Having to withdraw from Norseman was painful. Not so much physically painful as emotional painful. As I mention in the Race Report from Norseman 16, it did hurt a lot to bring so much fear to my loved ones. Failures are often the best ways to learn, and the bigger the failure the steeper and…
although swim much better this time around, thought i would feel much stronger for this second tri due to my ability to train up to event without injury. felt strong in swim training. didnt want to go into survival mode, but felt as though i did. although i did more freestyle than last year, wasnt able to do freestyle throughout. Im glad it was an improvement, but realize more work to be done. still dont see how event swim time was on par with training time ...
The actual temperature on race day is generally somewhere in the high 60s - perfect for otters and children, but a bit chilly for most adults. Consequently most participants wear a wetsuit. A wetsuit also adds buoyancy which can help compensate for any potential lack of swim training.. If you choose to rent or purchase a wetsuit I recommend that you consider one made for swimming. Our sponsor, Train-or-Tri, can answer any questions you might have on the topic. If you choose to wear that Miami Vice themed wetsuit from your high school waterski days, can I suggest you pair it with a pair of Wayfarer classics and a little Bob Seger. ...
Number of swim sessions per week available 2. This is a Pre Season Triathlon swim training plan lasting 8 weeks. This plan is designed for any athlete
Clinical studies have shown that therapeutic potential of SSRIs is limited in children (Kirsch et al., 2008). Similarly, we previously found that the antidepressant-like response to SSRIs in juvenile mice is limited compared with adult mice (Mitchell et al., 2013, 2016). As an alternative to SSRIs, we began our study by evaluating the antidepressant-like response to DMI, a potent NET blocker, in SERT+/+ P21, P28, and P90 mice. Using the TST, we found that DMI reduced immobility time in all age groups [F(3,276) = 35.06, P , 0.01], and younger mice spent overall less time immobile than adult mice [F(2,276) = 19.73, P , 0.01] (Fig. 1A). An interaction between age and DMI dose showed that younger mice are more sensitive to the anti-immobility effects of DMI than adults [F(6,276) = 2.34, P = 0.03]. Post hoc analysis revealed that immobility time was significantly lower in P21 mice than in P28 and P90 mice after administration of 10 mg/kg DMI (P , 0.01), and immobility time was lower in P21 mice than ...
Description: This course for advanced swimmers (those who have mastered intermediate swimming skills) covers proper technique specific to the four competitive strokes, proper training protocols, and training design. It emphasizes proper stroke technique of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, as well as underwater efficiency in diving, turns, and breakouts for all competitive strokes. It also introduces more advanced swim training protocols, drills, and workout designs ...
Description: This course for advanced swimmers (those who have mastered intermediate swimming skills) covers proper technique specific to the four competitive strokes, proper training protocols, and training design. It emphasizes proper stroke technique of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, as well as underwater efficiency in diving, turns, and breakouts for all competitive strokes. It also introduces more advanced swim training protocols, drills, and workout designs ...
Today, Stancil serves as a commissioner on two of Riversides city boards: human relations and disabilities. Shes also an ordained minister who even has a pulpit set up in her house. Next to it is a long dining table for fellowship.. She has two main goals in life: To try and get older people to get off the couch. I dont care if you dont swim. You can walk; you can play tennis; you can play pickup ball; you can bowl - do something in your life. And take somebody else with you.. Her second goal: to prevent adults and kids from drowning. She holds two swim clinics a year as part of her Vivian Stancil Olympian Foundation, which also helps seniors and youth participate in athletics.. Were here for a purpose. Were not just here for ourselves. Were here to encourage one another.. Stancil points out seven people drowned in Riverside in August - a particularly deadly month. This deeply disturbs her. Stancils clinics focus on teaching people how to float by doing the starfish. If you can at ...
PubMed journal article: Involvement of 5-HT1A receptors in the antidepressant-like effect of adenosine in the mouse forced swimming test. Download Prime PubMed App to iPhone, iPad, or Android
When first I learned about Leanne Shaptons Swimming Studies, I anticipated delicately written and visual riffs on swimming, a topic dear to me. I didnt realize that Shapton, best known for her art direction and illustrations for The New York Times, was a serious competitive swimmer as a teenager growing up in the Canadian city of Mississauga. What Swimming Studies reveals is how those experiences have guided her, have in fact infiltrated her adult life on a molecular level it seems. Like Shapton, I too was a competitive swimmer. Unlike her, Ive never won an officiated competitive race and my times certainly never qualified me for Olympic trials, like hers did. I came to swimming as a kid who loved the water. By default of not being very good at any other sports I ended up on the swim team in middle school and then discovered water polo, drawn to the sports splashing full-body-contact. I joined the water polo team in high school and for a few summers played in a league. Because most water ...
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On August 2 last year Matthew Parkes and his wife Pamela arrived in Majorca with their four-year-old daughter to celebrate their fifth wedding...
Cytokine-induced depression and the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis : effects of sub-chronic interleukin-1β and DMP904on immobility in the forced swim test and peripheral cytokine levels ...
ST. CLAIRSVILLE - Nate Yost enjoyed every minute and seemingly every aspect of his swimming career at St. Clairsville. The senior standout, who re-wrote t
Woke up Friday to a cold, windy, sunny day. The weather reports showed that Saturday was supposed to be very similar in temps, wind, etc. as Friday which helped me decide how to deal with what I would wear for the race. Went for a swim at 8:00 and the water was incredibly choppy and pretty damn intimidating. The waved were coming in on a stong right to left current, with at least 8 lines of white-capped swells breaking from the shore to about 300 yards out. The surges were so strong and high, if it was race day, there would be no way to see buoys more than 50 yards away and people would be freaking out and going way off course. I had a good laugh about this with a few other swimmers and tried to prep myself for a long, tough swim on race day ...
The Swimmers Solution is a two-part system designed to optimize your reproductive potential. The Swimmers Antioxidant Formula strengthens your sperm and the Swimmers Assessment provides recommendations on how to maximize the ability to conceive.
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A longtime competitive swimmer from Penticton has been selected to compete in the Pan Pacific Games, a premier international swim meet for para-swimmers this year.
Physiological and mood state parameters were monitored during a 6-month swimming season in an attempt to determine markers of overtraining and recovery. Fourteen elite male and female swimmers were tested early-, mid-, and late-season and shortly bef
Psychologists have found that not only subjective feelings but a persons performance level also changes under external influences. Even in a simple experiment where the participants were required to push a button as quickly as possible, they pushed faster when the other people move quickly, and they pushed slower when others are slow. The limit of our abilities can change depending on the group, organization and society we are in. In the past, there was a case that competitive swimmers wore a swimsuit called the LZR Racer and dramatically shortened their lap times. Using LZR Racer was then prohibited, but I suppose that even swimmers who didnt wear LZR Racers might have also cut down on some time compared their regular time. The social environment in which swimmers who wore LZR Racers shortening their time might have removed some social constraints on physical performance. In other words, the society and the environment create an insurmountable wall, but at the same time, provide strength to ...
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Tigershark Swim Team Program:. 1st Swimmer $190. 2nd Swimmer and those additional swimmers $160. *Swim Team/Junior Tigershark fees include swimmer registration and insurance with Midlakes Swim League.. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Acute Amino Acid d -Serine Administration, Similar to Ketamine, Produces Antidepressant-like Effects through Identical Mechanisms. AU - Wei, I. Hua. AU - Chen, Kuang Ti. AU - Tsai, Mang Hung. AU - Wu, Ching Hsiang. AU - Lane, Hsien Yuan. AU - Huang, Chih Chia. PY - 2017/12/13. Y1 - 2017/12/13. N2 - d-Serine is an amino acid and can work as an agonist at the glycine sites of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMDAR). Interestingly, both types of glutamatergic modulators, NMDAR enhancers and blockers, can improve depression through common targets, namely alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionaic acid receptors (AMPARs) and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). To elucidate the cellular signaling pathway underlying this counterintuitive observation, we activated NMDARs in rats by using d-serine. Saline, ketamine (NMDAR antagonist), and desipramine (tricyclic antidepressant) were used as controls. The antidepressant-like effects of all agents were evaluated using the forced ...
Baker, E. and B.B. Collette. 1998. Mackerel from the northern Indian Ocean and the Red Sea are Scomber australasicus, not Scomber japonicus. Ichthyol. Res. 45(1): 29-33.. Canales, C.R. 2006. Investigación, evaluación de stock y CTP Caballa 2005 - Fase II. nforme Final - Instituto de Fomento Pesquero: 42.. Caramantin-Soriano H, Vega-Pérez LA, Niquen M. 2008. Growth parameters and mortality rate of the Scomber japonicus peruanus (Jordan & Hubb [sic]) 1925) along the Peruvian coast, South Pacific. Brazil. J. Oceanogr. 56(3): 201-210.. Castro Hernández, J.J. and A.T. Santana Ortega. 2000. ynopsis of biological data on the chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus Houttuyn, 1782). FAO Fish. Synop. 157: 77.. Collette, B.B. 1995. Scombridae. Atunes, bacoretas, bonitos, caballas, estorninos, melva, etc. In: W. Fischer, F. Krupp, W. Schneider, C. Sommer, K.E. Carpenter, V.H. Niem (ed.), Guia para la identification de especies para los fines de la pesca, pp. 1521-1543. FAO, Rome.. Collette, B.B. 1999. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Carbamoylated erythropoietin produces antidepressant-like effects in male and female mice. AU - Sampath, Dayalan. AU - McWhirt, Joshua. AU - Sathyanesan, Monica. AU - Newton, Samuel S.. PY - 2020/1/10. Y1 - 2020/1/10. N2 - Major depressive disorder and related illnesses are globally prevalent, with a significant risk for suicidality if untreated. Antidepressant drugs that are currently prescribed do not benefit 30% of treated individuals. Furthermore, there is a delay of 3 or more weeks before a reduction in symptoms. Results from preclinical studies have indicated an important role for trophic factors in regulating behavior. Erythropoietin (Epo), which is widely prescribed for anemia, has been shown to produce robust neurotrophic actions in the CNS. Although Epos antidepressant activity has been successfully demonstrated in multiple clinical trials, the inherent ability to elevate RBC counts and other hematological parameters preclude its development as a mainstream CNS drug. A ...
Pectoral fins are one of the major features of locomotor design in ray-finned fishes and exhibit a well-documented phylogenetic transition from basal to derived clades. In percomorph fishes, the pectoral fins are often used to generate propulsive force via oscillatory movements, and pectoral fin propulsion in this relatively derived clade has been analyzed extensively. However, in the plesiomorphic pectoral fin condition, exemplified by sturgeon, pectoral fins extend laterally from the body in a generally horizontal orientation, have been assumed to generate lift to balance lift forces and moments produced by the heterocercal tail, and are not oscillated to generate propulsive force. The proposal that pectoral fins in fishes such as sturgeon generate lift during horizontal locomotion has never been tested experimentally in freely swimming fishes. In this paper, we examine the function of pectoral fins in sturgeon swimming at speeds from 0.5-3.0 Ls-1, where L is total body length. Sturgeon were studied - Meaning of scomber japonicus and a memory aid (called Mnemonic) to retain that meaning for long time in our memory.
The effects of water temperature and ammonia concentration on swimming capacity of brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis, Mitchill, 1814) were determined by measuring gait transition speed (Ugt, cm/s), maximum burst speed (Umax, cm/s), tail-beat amplitude (a, cm), tail-beat frequency (f, Hz), maximum acceleration of bursts (Amax, cm/s2), number of bursts, distance of bursts (cm) and total swimming distance (cm) in a 4.5 m long experimental raceway with increasing upstream water velocity. Temperatures other than the acclimation temperature of 15 °C signi!cantly reduced swimming characteristics of gait transition, i.e. Ugt and Amax, while increased ammonia concentration reduced the measures of swimming after Ugt: Umax, the relationship between f and swimming speed above Ugt, a, Amax and the distance travelled with each swimming burst above Ugt. This study, using a novel raceway set-up shows various effects of temperature and ammonia exposure on the swimming performance of brook charr and can be used to
were the still and moving wave gauge data. First, the wave gauge remained stationary over the horizontal bottom of the flume and recorded water surface elevations with time. Data were collected for two minutes at a frequency of 60 Hz to analyze wave height and period. Secondly, the carriage which supported the wave gauge was slowly moved down the length of the deep water section of the tank. Moving the wave gauge slowly as the waves propagated past allowed for detection of reflected waves in the tank as described by Dean and Dalrymple (1991). The wave gauge was first slowly moved opposite the direction of wave propagation, and then back in the direction of wave propagation. Again, the data was collected for a length of two minutes at a frequency of 60 Hz. The third set of data collected by the wave gauge was not common to all runs. By slowly moving the wave gauge through the surf zone portion of the tank, the wave set-up could be determined. It was hoped to corroborate the wave set-up measured ...
There is growing evidence that neuropeptide Y acting through Y1 and Y2 receptors has a prominent role in modulating anxiety- and depression-like behavior in rodents. However, a role of other Y receptors like that of Y4 receptors in this process is poorly understood. We now investigated male Y2, Y4 single and Y2/Y4 double knockout mice in behavioral paradigms for changes in motor activity, anxiety and depression-like behavior. Y4 and Y2 knockout mice revealed an anxiolytic phenotype in the light/dark test, marble-burying test and motor-activity independent in stress-induced hyperthermia, and reduced depression-like behavior in the forced swim and tail suspension tests. In Y2/Y4 double knockout mice, the response in the light/dark test and in the forced swim test was further enhanced compared to Y4 and Y2 knockout mice, respectively. Motor activity was increased in Y2, Y4 and Y2/Y4 knockout mice under changing and stressful conditions, but not altered in a familiar environment. High levels of Y4 ...
A study of body waves in fractured porous media saturated by two fluids is presented. We show the existence of four compressional and one rotational waves. The first and third compressional waves are analogous to the fast and slow compressional waves in Riots theory. The second compressional wave arises because of fractures, whereas the fourth compressional wave is associated with the pressure difference between the fluid phases in the porous blocks. The effects of fractures on the phase velocity and attenuation coefficient of body waves are numerically investigated for a fractured sandstone saturated by air and water phases. All compressional waves except the first compressional wave are diffusive-type waves, i.e., highly attenuated and do not exist at low frequencies. ...
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This study constitutes the first direct observations of a cephalopod manipulating air obtained from the water surface as a means of attaining neutral buoyancy. The method by which the female argonaut captures and manages air is a complex, multi-phase behavioural sequence. By rocking the shell at the surface to capture air and then sealing off the air with the arms, the female argonaut is capable of capturing a larger volume of air than would be possible with a passive shell at the surface. This larger volume of air allows argonauts to maximize the depth at which they attain neutral buoyancy. This increase in depth may allow the argonaut to avoid surface wave action and predation from above (i.e. from birds).. It is proposed here that previous captive observations may have failed to reveal the specific mechanism by which argonauts attain neutral buoyancy because the aquaria used to house the argonauts have been too shallow. Female argonauts attain neutral buoyancy by capturing a large volume of ...
Open water endurance swimming at the English Channel Swim level requires physical, mental, and nutritional endurance, training your body to become an engine.
Insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) receptor signaling pathways differentially modulate cardiac growth under resting conditions and following exercise training. These effects are mediated by insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS1) and IRS2, which also differentially regulate resting cardiac mass. To determine the role of IRS isoforms in mediating the hypertrophic and metabolic adaptations of the heart to exercise training, we subjected mice with cardiomyocyte-specific deletion of either IRS1 (CIRS1 knockout [CIRS1KO] mice) or IRS2 (CIRS2KO mice) to swim training. CIRS1KO hearts were reduced in size under basal conditions, whereas CIRS2KO hearts exhibited hypertrophy. Following exercise swim training in CIRS1KO and CIRS2KO hearts, the hypertrophic response was equivalently attenuated, phosphoinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) activation was blunted, and prohypertrophic signaling intermediates, such as Akt and glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β), were dephosphorylated potentially on the basis of ...
Leopard shark: Leopard shark, (Triakis semifasciata), small shark of the family Triakidae found in shallow water along the Pacific coast of the United States. A slim, narrow-headed shark with small, three-cusped teeth, it grows about 90 to 150 centimetres (3 to 5 feet) long. It is gray, distinctively marked with
A 6 °C increase in temperature resulted in significant increases in Umax,c and COTnet in S. japonicus. Standard metabolic rate (SMR) was expected to vary with temperature, but did not, possibly because the fish were acclimated to their respective temperatures or because of the relatively small temperature difference and the large error associated with extrapolation to obtain the SMRs. The only other comparable energetics data for mackerel are from Shadwick and Steffensen (2000), who estimated SMR at 14-15 °C for S. japonicus using procedures similar to those in the present study. Their values (90-120 mg O2 h-1 kg-1 for 145-199 g fish) fall within the range that we measured for similar-sized fish (85-290 mg O2 h-1 kg-1 for 145-179 g fish at 18 °C and 95-177 mg O2 h-1 kg-1 for 144-156 g fish at 24 °C). Thus, when estimated by extrapolation to zero speed, there seems to be little measurable change in SMR between 14 and 24 °C for S. japonicus when fish are acclimated to the respective ...
English: The development of sports institutions and High Performance Centres are on the increase worldwide and also in South Africa. These hotels and athlete villages can provide unsuitable food choices and lack of supervision may further encourage poor eating patterns among young swimmers. A swimmers diet needs to be adequate in the essential nutrients to support his energy expenditure during training, pre-competition, competition and recovery. The mean ages for elite swimmers fall into the stage of puberty; and this also has an influence on nutrient requirements. The body composition of a swimmer as well as the percentage body fat has a direct relationship with body drag, because body fat increases the resistance of the body in the water. Physiological adaptations of the body take place when an efficient training programme is followed in combination with adequate nutrition. The purpose of this study was to determine: a) the body composition (including the body mass index (BMI), percentage ...
CSS/100m 1 45-2 00. Number of swim sessions per week available 4. This is a Middle Distance Triathlon swim training plan for the Build phase, lasting
Thank you for sharing this Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics article.. NOTE: We request your email address only to inform the recipient that it was you who recommended this article, and that it is not junk mail. We do not retain these email addresses.. ...
Whether or not pterosaurs could swim, or how well they could swim, is a recurrent discussion among those interested in flying reptiles. For the most part, palaeontologists have seemed happy to assume that pterosaurs were aquatically capable, at least long enough to permit their escape from water, because so many pterosaur fossils occur in coastal or marine sediments. Moreover, some long-known specimens show evidence of pterosaurs feeding on aquatic prey. Odds are that pteroaurs would end up in water some of the time, even if only by accident, so it makes sense that they could at least keep themselves afloat for a while. Plus, virtually all tetrapods can swim one way or another, including bats and bird species which, on first principles, seem ill-suited to aquatic locomotion. Pterosaurs might be a bit strange, but theyd have to be very strange not to be capable of at least limited aquatic locomotion ...
E. A. Gulko, A. F. Kushnir, and P. A. Troitskiy Abstract Mapping sources of seismic radiation due to scattering of body waves at sharp inhomogeneities within the Earth is treated in this paper as a statistical estimation problem. The case is studied where the experimental data are records of a small-aperture seismic array providing a high coherence of body wave signals. By scanning all points of a given volume in the medium the problem is reduced to estimating the power of seismic radiation from a given point. Several estimating algorithms are proposed, most of them depending on matrix power spectral density (MPSD) of body wave signals at array sensors. Only those algorithms have practical value whose performance is not impaired when the true MPSD is replaced by its sample estimate. These algorithms evaluate the power of scattered radiation and suppress coherent body waves which interfere with scattered waves and hinder estimation of its power. Synthetic data based on real records of NORSAR ...
A newborns shoulders and hips are narrow, the abdomen protrudes slightly, and the arms and legs are relatively short. The average birth weight of a full-term newborn is approximately 7 ½ lbs.(3.2 kg), but is typically in the range of 5.5-10 pounds (2.7-4.6 kg). The average total body length is 14-20 inches (35.6-50.8 cm), although premature newborns may be much smaller. The Apgar score is a measure of a newborns transition from the uterus during the first minutes of life. A newborns head is very large in proportion to the rest of the body, and the cranium is enormous relative to his or her face. While the adult human skull is about 1/8 of the total body length, the newborns is about 1/4. At birth, many regions of the newborns skull have not yet been converted to bone, leaving soft spots known as fontanels. The two largest are the diamond-shaped anterior fontanel, located at the top front portion of the head, and the smaller triangular-shaped posterior fontanel, which lies at the back of ...
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Investigate shear banding, turbulence, and flow instabilities and visualize flow fields via digital Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) & rheological tests.
Stay spoil algae and E. coli.The people of Kiev are temporarily not recommended to swim in the capitals bodies of water: in all 11 Kiev beaches there
For pool swim training endurance and building up the speed is of the essence as is energy reserves lasting as long as possible. A3 Performance with its Bodimax brand. A3 Performance was founded by Dan and Amy Meinholz in 2004 as a proprietary brand of All-American Aquatics - a national swim team dealer headquartered in Wisconsin.. The latest development comes in the form of A3 Bodimax training sleeves, consisted of a compression fabric sleeve that will enhance training and increase energy. The sleeve improves health, energy, and overall well-being through training by creating a new level of fabric-skin interaction through the inclusion of a Far Infrared Yarn, Innergy from NILIT.. Absorbing the body heat and returning it to the body in the form of far infrared rays. These rays penetrate the skin and stimulate blood microcirculation, cellular metabolism, and thermoregulation. Studies prove that Bodimax Technology increases blood microcirculation by 92 per cent (when worn for 60 wears, 30 minute ...
Purpose: Despite indications of positive effects of sauna (SAU) interventions, effects on performance recovery are unknown. The aim of the current study was to investigate acute effects of SAU bathing after an intensive training session on recovery of swim performance. Methods: In total, 20 competitive swimmers and triathletes (3 female and 17 male) with a minimum of 2 y of competition experience (national level or higher) participated in the study. Athletes completed an intensive training session followed by either a SAU bathing intervention or a placebo (PLAC) condition in a randomized order. SAU consisted of 3 × 8 min of SAU bathing at 80-85°C, whereas during PLAC, athletes applied a deidentified, pH-balanced massage oil while passively resting in a seated position. Prior to training, swimmers conducted a 4 × 50-m all-out swim test that was repeated on the following morning. Furthermore, subjective ratings of fatigue and recovery were measured. Results: Swimmers performed significantly ...
Included are the latest techniques used by some of the worlds fastest swimmers and new methods of stroke measurement. The extensive coverage of training in Part I begins with a discussion of basic physiology and energy metabolism, equipping you with background information necessary to fine-tune your individual training techniques. Youll find information on special topics, including female swimmers, masters swimmers, and training in various age groups, plus coverage of the anaerobic threshold theory of endurance training, systematic approaches to using energy systems in training, and seasonal planning.
Included are the latest techniques used by some of the worlds fastest swimmers and new methods of stroke measurement. The extensive coverage of training in Part I begins with a discussion of basic physiology and energy metabolism, equipping you with background information necessary to fine-tune your individual training techniques. Youll find information on special topics, including female swimmers, masters swimmers, and training in various age groups, plus coverage of the anaerobic threshold theory of endurance training, systematic approaches to using energy systems in training, and seasonal planning.
We are three lovely ladies who enjoy a challenge, share smiles and aim to make a positive impact on life. Continuing our swim training at the quarry throughout the winter both suited and in skins at 6 degrees Celsius, we thought we should step out of our comfort zone once again. Since initiating the swoosh we have learnt much ...
Wassermann-San Blás, Bruno John. Céramicas del antiguo Perú de la colección Wassermann-San Blás. Buenos Aires: Bruno John Wassermann-San Blás, 1938, no. 64, p. 207 ...
Wassermann-San Blás, Bruno John. Céramicas del antiguo Perú de la colección Wassermann-San Blás. Buenos Aires: Bruno John Wassermann-San Blás, 1938, no. 568, p. 344 ...
There are no flip-turns in an open water swim so why spend time learning how to flip-turn? There are no breaks in an open water swim as well. Most triathletes, especially beginners, spend way too much time at the wall during open turns that it mimics a mini-break. Most triathletes dont do flip-turns because they are harder to do. Thats why I didnt do them for a long time.. Open turns can hurt your swim technique. Think about. As you approach the wall you lift your arm to touch the wall and then push-off. Does that sound like good swim technique to you? What about the added stress of lifting your arm to grab the brim of the wall? Each pool has a slightly different wall structure. The YMCA pool I swim at has a high wall brim and if I open turn I have to lift my arm up high adding stress to my shoulder joint. Imagine that over and over again? Ouch!. Flip-turns add fluidity and smoothness to swimming. Think about it. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip-turn, stroke, stroke… No breaks, just swimming. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - The mechanism of vortex connection at a free surface. AU - Zhang, Chiong. AU - Shen, Lian. AU - Yue, Dick K.P.. PY - 1999/4/10. Y1 - 1999/4/10. N2 - Vortex connections al the surface are fundamental and proouncnc features to free-surface vortical flows. To understand the detailed mechanism of such connection, we consider, as a canonical problem, the laminar vortex connections at a free surface when an oblique vortex ring impinges upon thai surface. We perform numerical simulations of the Navier Stokes equations with viscous free-surface boundary conditions. It is found that the key to understanding the mechanism of vortex connection at a free surface is the surface layers: a viscous layer resulting from the dynamic zero-stress boundary conditions at the free surface, and a thicker blockage layer which is due to the kinematic boundary condition at the surface. In the blockage layer, the vertical vorticity component increases due to vortex stretching and vortex turning (from the ...
Open water swimmers transitioning from the pool will have some new equipment variables: primarily this is about a wetsuit, but even goggles and a swim cap have to be reconsidered.. Wetsuit. Since most swimming in open water is colder than the average pool, a wetsuit becomes necessary for insulation, especially for longer swims, since the average body temperature of 37°C, is about 15-20° warmer than most Northern hemisphere swims. A wetsuit has other advantages as well: A wetsuit improves floatation, which is an added safety feature for open water swimmers, and it improves the body position. Most open water swimmers have faster swim times in open water due to wearing a wetsuit for this reason.. A wetsuit however can have some potential problems, especially for newbie open water swimmers. There can be a feeling of chest and/or neck constriction to get comfortable with, and this may be worsened if the wetsuit is ill-fitting, which commonly happens when someone borrows a friends wetsuit. Given ...
Fourteen nationally competitive swimmers (11 male, 3 female; age 21.2 ± 3.2 y) recorded daily monitoring over 15 mo. The self-report group (n = 7) reported general health, energy levels, motivation, stress, recovery, soreness, and wellness. The combined group (n = 7) recorded sleep quality, perceived fatigue, total quality recovery (TQR), and heart-rate variability. The week-to-week change in mean weekly values was presented as coefficient of variance (CV%). Reliability was assessed on 3 occasions and expressed as the typical error CV%. Week-to-week change was divided by the reliability of each measure to calculate the signal-to-noise ratio. The diagnostic characteristics for both groups were assessed with receiver-operating-curve analysis, where area under the curve (AUC), Youden index, sensitivity, and specificity of measures were reported. A minimum AUC of .70 and lower confidence interval (CI) ,.50 classified a good diagnostic tool to assess performance change. ...
PROGRAM: BIOSIM FILENAME: PURPOSE: description of all parameters used in the file 47 parameter ************************************************************************************************************************/ SWIM_NA_E - equilibrium potential of sodium channel SWIM_NA_G - conductance of sodium channel SWIM_Form_Alpha_M - form parameter for gate variable m, alpha term SWIM_AalphaM - rate constant SWIM_V0alphaM - half maximum potential SWIM_BalphaM - step width SWIM_Form_Beta_M - form parameter for gate variable m, beta term SWIM_AbetaM - rate constant SWIM_V0betaM - half maximum potential SWIM_BbetaM - step width SWIM_M_POWER - power of gate variable m SWIM_M_INITIAL - initial value of gate variable m SWIM_Form_Alpha_H - form parameter for gate variable h, alpha term SWIM_AalphaH - rate constant SWIM_V0alphaH - half maximum potential SWIM_BalphaH - step width SWIM_Form_Beta_H - form parameter for gate variable h, beta term SWIM_AbetaH - substitudes ...
Definitions of behaviors. The behavioral criteria by which we scored behavioral transitions were designed to both accurately reflect the nature of the transitions and make it easier for a human observer to score them objectively and reliably. Accordingly, behavior was analyzed in terms of three main behavioral states: forward, reversal, and omega turn; these three states accounted for 98% of total observation time in our experiments. A fourth state, called other, was used for the rare instances in which behavior fell into none of the three main categories. The forward state was defined as anterior translation of the body associated with a head-to-tail body wave. The reversal state was defined as caudal translation of the body associated with a tail-to-head body wave. The omega-turn state was defined as head-to-body contact with the head moving forward. Note that our classification scheme omits deep bends, which resemble omega turns, except that there is no contact between head and tail. This ...
The first matter you desire to do is shed the weight. You would like to do a buoyancy check ahead of and after a dive to right tune the number of weight the fact that you actually need. Really even more important to do it on clear today so can establish that you do possess enough weight to have an individual floating eye-level on vacant BCD. You should set out to sink once you carbonate air flow out of your own bronchi. By being over-weighted for a dive, the idea will cause you to use whole lot more energy and possess a harder time accomplishing neutral buoyancy. Along with the extra exertion you will consume or perhaps use more air inside your tank. This may limit the amount of time an individual can actually dive. The alternative of this is certainly not having ample weight. This particular can make your jump miserable. Continually having to be able to move yourself down or even maintain something to from lowest enjoy the jump a little more. On this, you to use even more strength and take in ...
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This outing is a prime example of the opportunities the Outdoor Adventures office offers right on campus. It is easy to get stuck in the beautiful bubble of the USD campus and forget the diverse and vast opportunities San Diego has to offer. Not very many, if any, universities offer students an opportunity to swim up to Leopard Sharks, which gather in La Jolla. It is unknown why the sharks occupy La Jolla shores, but scientists speculate that they are there to help themselves gestate in warm waters. These gray, spotted sharks can grow to be as big as seven feet long, but usually remain in the five feet range. Leopard sharks are completely harmless, bottom feeders and do not eat humans. La Jolla, for its unique wildlife, beautiful views, and unmatchable opportunities make it a just another reason why USD is the right place to be.. What made this day such a success is that while experiencing breathtaking views, enjoying the refreshing water, and engaging in outdoor activities, a community was ...
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Belly Sliding Convict 6/16/06 Hello, I have a convict cichlid that is laying on the bottom of my tank a lot. It tries to swim around but seems to tire very easily. When it does swim, it looks as if maybe its dragging its tail so to speak. Not that it looks paralyzed but seems to swim at a 45 degree angle. I cannot see any spots on it anywhere and it seems like its trying to survive. Feeding time, it tries to eat like the rest of the fish but just doesnt have a lot of strength and stops to rest frequently. So far, none of the other fish are showing anything like this and Id like to catch whatever this is before it spreads. My tank is a converted lobster tank like you see on a grocery store and its over 100 gals. Can you help me? , Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Your convict may have an internal infection that has infected the swim bladder. Place the convict in a hospital tank and treat with a combination of Metronidazole and Nitrofuranace.-Chuck,. Convict fry ...
Independent Committee Selects Naurex s Novel NMDA Modulators for Prestigious List of Most Promising CNS Naurex Inc., a clinical stage company developing innovat
A respirometer for the measurement of single or multiple gases in a closed-circuit instrument. Gases include CO2, O2, CH4, CO, H2S and H2. Ideal for animal physiology experiments.
Orbit, a US-based provider of smart watering with B-hyve technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with Flume, a source for real-time home water data.
Whether youre a competitive swimmer or looking for your first lesson, whatever your age or ability, Angelas Swim School provides a wide range of classes to suit everybody. The classes are designed to help all students reach their full potential in the water. Angelas swim ...
First, she swims at least 3 times per week, sometimes 5 depending upon how busy our week is. She doesnt always want to go. In fact, she almost always says, Lets skip it tonight. Unfortunately for her, she doesnt get that option. No, MOM says were going swimming, so lets go! Sometimes I have to use a lot of humor to get her into the car, and sometimes I have to bribe her, and sometimes its really a lot of work to get her going, but never ever ever will I give in to the lets skip it, because if I cave once, it will forever be a problem. (Besides, I dont always feel like working out, and Ive caved to myself and look where THAT got me! LOL I dont want Angela to develop the same bad habits.) But once were in the car, shes all smiles, and she LOVES to swim. When Angela swims, she doesnt just sit in the water. No, her coach has her doing laps either with a kick board or swimming one of the strokes shes working on. Then the last 15 minutes she gets play time. Her coach doesnt charge a ...
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Both were members of the Valley Swimming Club, and Frank was made life member of the Queensland Swimming Association in 1953. " ... "Swimming". Cairns Post. Queensland, Australia. 22 December 1921. p. 2. Retrieved 19 January 2020 - via Trove. v t e. ... "Swimming". Townsville Daily Bulletin. Queensland, Australia. 2 February 1909. p. 7. Retrieved 19 January 2020 - via Trove. ... His brother Sidney 'Sid' Henry Springfield also swam competitively as an amateur. ...
"Swimming." Times, 21 July 1977, p. 9". Times Digital Archive. v t e. ...
She also competed at the 2018 FINA World Swimming Championships. "Swimming , Athlete Profile: Emily VISAGIE - Gold Coast 2018 ... "Swimming , Results Women's 200m Breaststroke Final - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games". Retrieved 2019-04 ... She competed at the 2014 FINA World Swimming Championships, in the 50, 100, and 200m breaststroke events. In 2015, she ... participated in the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships. She competed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, reaching the ...
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He is the twin brother of Jack Wardrop and the pair learned to swim at Motherwell Baths. They were members of the Motherwell ... "Swimming." Times, 27 Sept. 1952, p. 9". Times Digital Archive. "Motherwell's Olympian Swimmers". Culture NL Museums. v t e. ... Amateur Swimming & Water Polo Club. "Olympic Profile". Sports Reference. Archived from the original on 18 April 2020. "Athletes ...
"Swimming." Times, 20 Aug. 1982, p. 20". Times Digital Archive. "Hennessy, John. "Swimming." Times, 29 May 1978, p. 12". Times ... List of Commonwealth Games medallists in swimming (men) List of Olympic medalists in swimming (men) "1978 Athletes". Team ... "Swimming." Times, 26 May 1980, p. 11". Times Digital Archive. "Still, Athole. "Hubble in spurt to second title." Times, 23 July ... "Swimming." Times, 24 May 1980, p. 17". Times Digital Archive. "Still, Athole. "Osgerby back to best form." Times, 22 July 1983 ...
Indonesia sent a men's and women's swimming team of 8 swimmers. "Athletics". Archived from the original on 2012-09-19. " ...
"Swimming." Times, 29 July 1950, p. 7". Times Digital Archive. ""Swimming." Times, 25 Aug. 1951, p. 2". Times Digital Archive ... McDowall was educated at Kilmarnock Academy and was a member of the Scottish Swimming Team from the age of 14. Unusually she ... "Swimming And Diving Championships." Times, 7 Sept. 1953, p. 9". Times Digital Archive. sports-reference profile [1] British ... practiced in the local municipal swimming baths in Kilmarnock rather than any purpose built training facility. She was a member ...
"Swimming." Times, 26 May 1980, p. 11". Times Digital Archive. "Still, Athole. "Swimming." Times, 10 Aug. 1981, p. 12". Times ... "Swimming." Times, 20 Aug. 1982, p. 20". Times Digital Archive. "Still, Athole. "Osgerby back to best form." Times, 22 July 1983 ... List of Olympic medalists in swimming (women) "Olympic Profile". Sports Reference. Archived from the original on 18 April 2020 ...
The Sports Authority of India aided the school in building a swimming pool, gymnasium and hostel. A new building for the high ... There is also a swimming pool and academy on campus. A tour of the high school is available online. School organizations and ... "Swimming". St Joseph's High School, Bangalore. Retrieved 29 August 2017. Alam, Yaseer (17 April 2011). St. ...
"Swimming Canada Nominates 26 Athletes to Canada's 2018 Commonwealth Games Team". Swimming Canada. September ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Olympic Team Nominated for Rio 2016". Swimming Canada. Swimming Canada. April 10, 2016 ... She also swam in the 50 and 100 m backstroke. The next year, she followed that up with a gold medal at the 2015 Pan American ... In the 200 m metre backstroke event, Caldwell swam to a bronze medal. After the event she told CBC reporters that the previous ...
"Swimming." Times, 26 May 1975, p. 9". Times Digital Archive. v t e. ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Norman Fox (1973-09-05). "Swimming". The Times. p. 9. Paul J. Herbert and Neil L. Frank ... 100 metres medley relay in swimming is broken by the East German team of Ulrike Richter, Renate Vogel, Rosemarie Kother and ...
"Swimming." Times, 8 Aug. 1981, p. 15". Times Digital Archive. "Still, Athole. "Swimming." Times, 21 Aug. 1982, p. 15". Times ... List of Commonwealth Games medallists in swimming (men) "Steve Poulter Biography". Archived from the ... "Swimming." Times, 7 Aug. 1981, p. 14". Times Digital Archive. v t e. ... Aimee Willmott. website Training Times. (doc file) Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club (May 2011) Swimming: ... He works as a swimming coach at the Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club. His daughters train at the same club, but with ... "Swimming." Times, 27 Aug. 1985, p. 24". Times Digital Archive. Top 50 Female 16 Years Long Course Archived 2014-07-28 at the ...
Swimming classification is handled by IPC Swimming, while in athletics, classification assignment for this class is handled by ... "Swimming". New Zealand: Blind Sport New Zealand. Archived from the original on 15 April 2014. Retrieved 14 April 2013. Michael ... The B2 equivalent for swimming is S12. IBSA handles classification for a number of sports internationally including five-a-side ... Some sports, including adaptive rowing, athletics and swimming, have equivalents to this class. The B2 classification was first ...
Cheering; Basketball (girls and boys); Football; Soccer (girls and boys); Ice hockey (co-op with Gardner); Swimming; Softball; ...
"Swimming." Times, 27 May 1980, p. 11". Times Digital Archive. "Hennessy, John. "Swimming." Times, 24 May 1980, p. 17". Times ... "Swimming." Times, 7 Aug. 1981, p. 14". Times Digital Archive. "Hennessy, John. "Swimming." Times, 26 May 1980, p. 11". Times ... "Swimming." Times, 8 Aug. 1981, p. 15". Times Digital Archive. "Still, Athole. "Swimming." Times, 21 Aug. 1982, p. 15". Times ... List of World Aquatics Championships medalists in swimming (women) Jackie WILLMOTT. Jacquelene Willmott ...
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"Akalanka will sit the GCE ALs in Indonesia and also swim at the Asian Games". The Sunday Times Sri Lanka. Retrieved 19 August ... "Sri Lanka's swimming ace takes pool and school in giant splash". Sunday Observer. 2018-08-18. Retrieved 19 August 2018. ... "Swimming , Athlete Profile: Akalanka PEIRIS - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games". Retrieved 19 August 2018 ... He represented Sri Lanka at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and competed in swimming competitions. In August 2018,He studied at St ...
"Georgia Davies". British Swimming. Retrieved 2018-08-21. "Swimming , Athlete Profile: Georgia DAVIES - Gold Coast 2018 ... In the Autumn of 2019 she was member of the inaugural International Swimming League swimming for the Energy Standard ... "Commonwealth Games 2010: Swimming results". 2010-09-30. Retrieved 2018-08-21. "Georgia Davies". British Swimming. Retrieved ... "Club Rosters - International Swimming League". Retrieved 2020-04-17. Georgia Davies at FINA Georgia Davies at Olympics at ...
... swimming and health, swimming and illness, health benefits of swimming, swimmings benefits and swimming benefit. ... Education and information about healthy swimming and recreational water, including recreational water illnesses (RWI), ... CDCs Healthy Swimming website provides information for all groups of individuals involved in a healthy and safe swimming ... State-based Healthy Swimming Informationplus icon *Information about Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Play Areas by State ...
Children are essentially taught to swim, flip over and float, then flip over and swim again. Thus, the method is called "swim, ... Infant Babies Swimming Underwater on YouTube Infant Swimming Resource: Teaching Progression on YouTube Infant Swim Self-Rescue ... "Parent/Child Swim Lessons (Ages 6-36 months)". New Yorks YMCA. Retrieved 18 August 2014. "Swimming Classes and Water Safety". ... The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association recommends that infants can start a formal program of swimming lessons ...
... Refresh your body and renew your mind with a relaxing dip in one of the resorts four heated swimming ... Main Swimming Pool & Whirlpool. Cool down and enjoy a dip in our large multi-level pool. This is the perfect place to unwind ... Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of the sea as you sun and swim at the resort's ocean cliffside. ...
They have several swimming modes which include hovering, fast-forward swimming and upside-down swimming. All these swimming ... A metachronal swimming or metachronal rowing is the swimming technique used by animals with multiple pairs of swimming legs. In ... Swimming behaviour, swimming performance, and energy balance of Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba. BIOMASS Sci Ser 3: 1-122. ... Kils, U. (1981). Swimming behavior, swimming performance and energy balance of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba. BIOMASS Sci. ...
The only certain way to prevent a Naegleria fowleri infection due to swimming is to refrain from water-related activities in ... Routine, enhanced education of the public in advance of the summer swim season might be helpful. Education should put Naegleria ... when swimming, diving, or waterskiing), particularly in southern-tier states. ...
Swimming with sharks 1994 A young, naive Hollywood studio assistant finally turns the tables on his incredibly abusive producer ... Swimming with Sharks (2/11) Movie CLIP - I Get What I Want (1994) HD - Duration: 3:01. Movieclips 19,319 views ... Swimming with Sharks (4/11) Movie CLIP - Shut Up, Listen, Learn! (1994) HD - Duration: 2:55. Movieclips 56,781 views ... Swimming with Sharks (11/11) Movie CLIP - Lets Finish It (1994) HD - Duration: 3:08. Movieclips 14,171 views ...
... swimming keels) on the outer surface of the third pair of arms. Some squids (Onychoteuthis, Thysanoteuthis) are able to ... Other articles where Swimming keel is discussed: cephalopod: Locomotion: …aided by lateral expansions ( ... aided by lateral expansions (swimming keels) on the outer surface of the third pair of arms. Some squids (Onychoteuthis, ...
Keep your body strong so you can swim fast and injury free all year long. These tips and exercises will help balance your ... Simple Swim-Specific Poolside Exercises. Heres a safe, easy way to build swim-specific strength without lifting weights. ... Swimming Basketball Baseball Soccer Volleyball Tennis Golf Martial Arts Cheerleading Gymnastics Dance Music Arts & Crafts ... Keep your body strong so you can swim fast and injury free all year long. These tips and exercises will help balance your ...
Official profile of Olympic athlete ..... KAISERMANN (born 01 Jan 0001), including games, medals, results, photos, videos and news.
Swimming is a lot of fun, but drowning is a real danger. Even kids who know how to swim can drown, so lets find out how to ... Swim with a buddy.. *If youre learning to swim, ask your mom or dad to make sure your flotation devices are Coast Guard- ... Lots of kids swim in streams, lakes, or ponds. Take extra care when swimming in these beautiful places. You cant always see ... Swim at a depth that is safe for you. If youre just learning to swim, stay in the shallow end. ...
A swimming pool is a place where people can come for the purpose of swimming. ... Retrieved from "" ...
Swimming Pools A pool adjacent to an elevated V Zone building may be constructed at grade or elevated so that the lowest ... Swimming pools are allowed beneath elevated buildings only if the area is not enclosed and the pool or other potential ...
Welcome to Menzieshill Swimming and Water Polo clubs home page This is a page dedicated to Menzieshill Swimming and Water Polo ... Menzieshill Swimming Links Code of Conduct To contact club email:. [email protected] Last updated 27th May 2002 CALL ... On most summer holidays the club organise a trip to Cornwall where we tour and swim against the local clubs, and of course have ... Previous exploits in swimming, include world records in long distance relay events, nominations for the Scotland Commonwealth ...
Swimming With MITs Virtual Fish. IQuarium principal investigators Katie Wasserman and Audrey Roy discussing flow field imaging ... Theyll also be able to gawk at - and even manipulate - fish as they swim alongside the pedestrians in MITs famous one-sixth- ... sensors and sophisticated software that will create the illusion of fish swimming inside a virtual tank. ...
... as revealed in the latest Wild Swimming book. ... Escape Frances crowded beaches and swim wild in the countrys ...
The best English walking routes with wild swimming in lakes, rivers and ponds along the way, in the Lake District, Sussex, ... There are many possible swimming places - the river is quite wide and deep and easy to swim across. The water quality of the ... Sadly this was when David Walliams embarked on his swim and he suffered the consequences. It would also be advised not to swim ... Wild Swimming Walks: 28 lake, river and seaside days out by train from London by the Kenwood Ladies Pond Association (Wild ...
... was established by Secondary school teacher and former Garston Swimming Club Chief Coach Tony Christie and ... Christie Swim School has provided swimming lessons in Liverpool for more than 20 years. Our methods, developed with vast ... Whether you have tried before and not quite got the hang of it, or your totally new to swimming, our experienced and caring ... 1000s of children and adults throughout Merseyside have benefitted from our Liverpool learn to swim program. ...
Official profile of Olympic athlete Thiago PEREIRA (born 26 Jan 1986), including games, medals, results, photos, videos and news.
The Plantation Swim Team, a competitive swim club in the city, finished in the top 30 in one of the more challenging ... Summertime for USA Swimming registered athletes means the short course pool length of 25-yard races in the fall and winter ... Wearing goggles, swim caps and bathing suits, the competitors firmly grasp kickboards as they glide across the pool at the ... Choosing the right swim school for your child requires more research than you might realize. These days, finding the best ...
Each day consists of two swim sessions (morning and afternoon). Please note that this program is delivered by Dinos Athletics ... Our certified University of Calgary Swim Club coaches provide a technique-based program with a focus on all four strokes, ... Each day consists of two swim sessions (morning and afternoon).. Please note that this program is delivered by Dinos Athletics ... Our certified University of Calgary Swim Club coaches provide a technique-based program with a focus on all four strokes, ...
The woman who saw two boys dump a shark into a swimming pool tried with her husband to save it but says it probably died. ... Shark in swimming pool was half dead, says woman who found it, tried to save it ... 2015 All-County selections for first team, second team, honorable mention and Coach of the Year for boys swimming in Palm Beach ... Luckily, she was with her Lake Lytal Lightning Swim Team coach Gordon Andrews, who along with others, helped stabilize her at ...
Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, conceived by Brooklyn-based artist Swoon. When they first set off, the group had seven ...
1. Tell Us About Yourself (age, school, swim group, parent(s): Im 48 years old,and swim with the "Grey Ducks" (aka Masters). ... I started age group swimming at 7 years old and swim to this day, I get butterflies in my stomach before a meet. Its an ... This stroke is swam with the whole body and not just the arms or legs. Again, we will break the stroke down into parts, then ... While swimming fly-if you lead the undulation with your head and not your chest-your body will come out of alignment. This ...
Damage to tooth enamel occurs when the pH balance of swimming pool water drops too low, or becomes too acidic. If youve ever ... Summer just isnt summer without a weekly visit to your community swimming pool or, if youre lucky, a daily plunge into the ... Use your test strips at both swimming pools and splash parks, playgrounds with lots of toys shooting water; they should have ... Dentists have long known that swimming can damage tooth enamel, particularly if a pool isnt properly maintained. In fact, as ...
Swimming Beneath the Brinicles, in Antarctica. Brinicles are bizarre, otherworldly structures that reach down from the floating ...
PRNewswire/ -- Authority Brands, LLC announced today the purchase of Americas Swimming Pool Company (ASP). Terms of the ... Founded in 2002, ASP is the nations largest swimming pool service franchise with over 100 franchise owners operating in more ... The company provides a number of services to swimming pool owners including pool maintenance, cleaning, inspections, repairs ... 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Authority Brands, LLC announced today the purchase of Americas Swimming Pool Company (ASP). Terms ...
Download Swimmo - Smarter Swimming and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ... Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Swimmo - Smarter Swimming. ... Boost your swimming workout.. This is the swimming log app of the future! By connecting it with Swimmo training watch youll be ... Post your swim results to Apple Health app or other fitness apps. Share and brag about your successes!. SET & SURPASS YOUR ...
Official profile of Olympic athlete Sadri Ihsan OZUN (born 23 Jun 1963), including games, medals, results, photos, videos and news.
An intrepid group of swimmers will attempt to break the world record for longest open water swim, braving shark-infested waters ... Swimming With Sharks for the SEALs. 8/22/2013 12:15PM An intrepid group of swimmers will attempt to break the world record for ... at Keeneland at bread in many different swimming records every their careers swimming so they vary in the ... and Anderson to ... the set the scope youre right so first of all what is the actual record of open water swim this is that these Apple to trying ...
  • These children most commonly drowned in swimming pools, often at their own homes. (
  • Refresh your body and renew your mind with a relaxing dip in one of the resort's four heated swimming pools. (
  • Swimming pools are allowed beneath elevated buildings only if the area is not enclosed and the pool or other potential obstruction is flush with the natural grade of the site. (
  • M marinum bacteria can live in fresh and salt water, unchlorinated swimming pools, and aquarium tanks. (
  • Risks include exposure of skin cuts or scrapes to swimming pools, aquariums, or fish or amphibians that are infected with the bacteria. (
  • Swimming pools are fun, but also potentially dangerous to young children. (
  • Moreover, since most pools have set times for lap swimming and coached Masters workouts alike, regular swimmer usually find themselves settling into a schedule that becomes automatic. (
  • There are a number of public outdoor swimming pools Munich has to offer. (
  • While most swimming baths open in the beginning of May, the heated pools at Dantebad are open all year! (
  • Beyond the functional side of a swimming pool, you'll find that pools also have aesthetic benefits. (
  • Visit any of the Municipal swimming pools located at your local high school. (
  • Other outdoor swimming pools, designed by John Bergmans, in Noord-Brabant and Limburg can be found in Database TUiN . (
  • Public swimming pools, spas and special use pools are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3749 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Chapter 3701-31 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC). (
  • When you looking at the different swimming pool designs you will find that some of the swimming pools are made from concrete and others are made from fiberglass. (
  • The different manufacturers of swimming pools will be able to provide you w. (
  • Shopping for swimming pools and the necessary accessories can make a shopper's head swim. (
  • Unfortunately there are not as many swimming holes as we used to have, so people are turning to pools -- usually in their own yard.And with the price of gasoline skyrocket. (
  • This holds true for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. (
  • Started to create milestones, we Swim Well marked our presence in the year 2004 and operates in the manufacturing/servicing of Polymer Panels, Steel Pools, Vinyl Liners, 90 degree Round Spill Over Spa, Poolside Furniture since 7 years. (
  • Our spontaneous performance and confident approach in offering the excellent range of Polymer Panels, Steel Pools, Vinyl Liners, 90 degree Round Spill Over Spa, Poolside Furniture, Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners that has made us to deepen our roots in the market. (
  • Readymade Swimming Pools SVVIN1NE' '" & Contact Us Swim Well Mr. Aslam Shaikh (CEO) A/ 102, Mukti Tower, Mhada Colony, Eastern Highway, Mulund (E) Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400081, India www. (
  • Recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are spread by swallowing or inhaling contaminated water from swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers or oceans. (
  • What's really in public swimming pools? (
  • Michele Hvalsa, who serves as chief of the CDC's Health Swimming Program, said people often forget how challenging it can be to properly maintain public pools and hotel hot tubs. (
  • Summer months - August, July and June - produced the highest rates of outbreaks linked to swimming pools and hot tubs, but March is starting to show more outbreaks, too, especially as more facilities offer indoor water activities, according to the CDC's data. (
  • To maintain swimming pools and hot tubs and curb public health problems, the typical U.S. maxim is this: "If a little bit of chlorine is good, a lot must be better. (
  • Whether you're looking for a permanent structure or a seasonal one that can be stored away, an above-ground swimming pool is a cost-effective alternative to in-ground pools. (
  • Due to unusually high demand and supply shortage, many swimming pools are out of stock at major retailers. (
  • Most of these drownings in children under 4 years old occur in home swimming pools. (
  • Nature's swimming pools are key to beating the summer heat. (
  • Because of this, swimmers and other recreational water users should assume that there is always a low level of risk whenever they enter warm freshwater lakes, rivers, and hot springs (for example, when swimming, diving, or waterskiing), particularly in southern-tier states. (
  • Hydrodynamics is important to stroke technique for swimming faster, and swimmers who want to swim faster or exhaust less try to reduce the drag of the body's motion through the water. (
  • It is not necessary to use a defined stroke for propulsion through the water, and untrained swimmers may use a 'doggy paddle' of arm and leg movements, similar to the way four-legged animals swim. (
  • For the Olympic Games, Northern Irish swimmers may opt to compete for British Swimming. (
  • Nations with swimmers at the 2006 Asian Championships included: All events were swum prelims and finals (save the 800 and 1500 freestyles), with the top-8 finishers from prelims advancing to swim a second time in finals. (
  • An intrepid group of swimmers will attempt to break the world record for longest open water swim, braving shark-infested waters and possible hypothermia, to raise money for Navy SEALs and their families. (
  • Swimmers transition by tagging hands or simply swimming up to the next swimmer. (
  • The swims are not the most challenging when it comes to using your distance or swimming muscles, but they're generally for charity and can be a great way to get acquainted with other open water swimmers. (
  • Over 12 weeks, the swimmers got in the pool three or four times a week, gradually working their way up to 45 minutes of swimming at a time. (
  • But Gaines doubts whether water can actually be altered in a way that would help swimmers swim faster. (
  • Can You Swim With Swimmers Ear? (
  • Taught by our knowledgeable and certified Red Cross instructors, we help young swimmers understand the importance of swimming safety and feeling confident in the water. (
  • Designed to teach professionals how to maintain a safe environment for swimmers as well as the most effective ways to respond to various swimming emergencies. (
  • In other words, instead of starting with a slow swimming speed and gradually picking up the pace new swimmers tend to sprint a lap or two, exhausting themselves and ending their exercise session prematurely. (
  • By the way, unless you want to swim competitively, do not compare yourself with other swimmers. (
  • The solution is to swim for yourself at a comfortable speed, and let the faster swimmers use the high speed lanes. (
  • A 2010 study suggested 4-year-old children who had taken swim lessons at some time from the age of 2 months to 4 years were better adapted to new situations, had more self-confidence, and were more independent than non-swimmers. (
  • Of course, new swimmers may find it difficult to swim so long. (
  • The 800 and 1500 free events were swum as timed-final (i.e. each swimmer only swam once). (
  • Explain why swimming rescues should not be attempted when a reaching or throwing rescue is possible, and explain why and how a rescue swimmer should avoid contact with the victim. (
  • Swimming strokes use this resistance to create propulsion, but this same resistance also generates drag on the body. (
  • Swimming can be undertaken using a wide range of styles, known as 'strokes,' and these strokes are used for different purposes, or to distinguish between classes in competitive swimming. (
  • There are four main strokes used in competition and recreation swimming: the front crawl, also known as freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. (
  • Other strokes exist for specific purposes, such as training, school lessons and rescue, and it is also possible to adapt strokes to avoid using parts of the body, either to isolate certain body parts, such as swimming with arms only or legs only to train them harder, or for use by amputees or those affected by paralysis. (
  • Our certified University of Calgary Swim Club coaches provide a technique-based program with a focus on all four strokes, starts and turns. (
  • Swim continuously for 150 yards using the following strokes in good form and in a strong manner: front crawl or trudgen for 25 yards, back crawl for 25 yards, sidestroke for 25 yards, breaststroke for 25 yards, and elementary backstroke for 50 yards. (
  • Do a headfirst surface dive to a depth of at least 5 feet and swim underwater for three strokes. (
  • Learn everything you want about Swimming Strokes with the wikiHow Swimming Strokes Category. (
  • 1) Learning the basics 2) Improving skills and swimming strokes and 3) Swimming for fitness. (
  • Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity and health benefits needed for a healthy life. (
  • Infant swimming is the phenomenon of human babies and toddlers reflexively moving themselves through water and changing their rate of respiration and heart rate in response to being submerged. (
  • During escape, their mouth appendages stop moving and swimming legs beat in a very fast metachronal rhythm, accelerating a jet of water backwards. (
  • The only certain way to prevent a Naegleria fowleri infection due to swimming is to refrain from water-related activities in warm freshwater. (
  • Since the human body is very slightly less dense than water, water supports the weight of the body during swimming. (
  • Efficient swimming by reducing water resistance involves a horizontal water position, rolling the body to reduce the breadth of the body in the water, and extending the arms as far as possible to reduce wave resistance. (
  • British Swimming is the national governing body of swimming, water polo, synchronised swimming, diving and open water in Great Britain. (
  • Long course Short course The British Swimming Short Course Championships were usually held in August or September each year, though the event has not been held since 2004 Domestic water polo competition in the UK is centred on the National Water Polo League (NWPL) and National Women's Water Polo League (NWWPL), which operate through the autumn and winter. (
  • Alongside the Open Water Grand Prix series, British Swimming also arranges national championship events over 5 km and 10 km. (
  • Even kids who know how to swim can drown, so let's find out how to stay safe in the water. (
  • Cold water also can slow your muscles , making it hard to swim. (
  • This is a page dedicated to Menzieshill Swimming and Water Polo club. (
  • Previous exploits in swimming, include world records in long distance relay events, nominations for the Scotland Commonwealth games squad, and in Water Polo, numerous trophies. (
  • More than 30 boys and girls with autism, ages 5 to 18, attended the free event that promoted water safety and swim related activities. (
  • EX one of the greatest threats to The new screening tool uses 2 swimming pool water, has fluorescent technology. (
  • Damage to tooth enamel occurs when the pH balance of swimming pool water drops too low, or becomes too acidic. (
  • they should have the same pH as swimming pool water. (
  • Open water swimming is a challenging sport that attracts all types of enthusiasts. (
  • Whether you're looking to compete or see some great sites while you swim, there's an open water swimming event for you. (
  • Open water swimming relays include stage relays and competitive relays, which allow for a team approach in completing an open water distance. (
  • Marathon swimming is the distance sister to open water swimming. (
  • Swim They are just like walking tours of new places, except you're in the water for multiple hours each day. (
  • Connect with cold-water addicts at a polar bear swim-most often the shortest of any open water swim. (
  • A world-class challenge like swimming the English Channel can be the first thing people think of when it comes to open water distance swimming. (
  • The 21-mile swim is possibly the most famous long distance, open water swimming event and definitely a challenging one. (
  • Water safety at home , swimming safety and boating safety . (
  • Consider their age, development and how often they are around water when deciding if they are ready for swim lessons. (
  • Teach children that swimming in open water is not the same as swimming in a pool. (
  • Expert advice on how kids can stay safe when swimming in open water - plus the five essential water skills every child should learn. (
  • A new Safe Kids Worldwide report looks at the hazards of swimming in open water and offers tips on keeping kids safe. (
  • Safe Kids gives parents helpful tips to prevent drowning at the pool: watch kids, teach them to swim, help them develop water survival skills, and more. (
  • Enroll your kids in swim lessons before your summer outings and make sure they can competently swim before allowing them to get in the water. (
  • In addition, swim only in supervised areas and obey signs posted by the pool or body of water. (
  • Explain why swimming or survival floating will hasten the onset of hypothermia in cold water. (
  • Following the guidelines set in the BSA Safe Swim Defense, in water at least 7 feet deep*, show a standing headfirst dive from a dock or pool deck. (
  • Help others learn to swim and stay safe in, on, and around the water. (
  • With American Red Cross swimming and water safety instructor manuals, DVDs, swim lesson achievement booklets, and comprehensive kits, you can teach people of all ages to learn to swim and enjoy the water safely. (
  • And his words were reflected in the actions of Byron Bay's Stingrays Swim Club members, some of whom ignored the beach-closed signs on Thursday morning and plunged into the water and ploughed straight past where British expat Paul Wilcox was attacked by the shark. (
  • They'll still swim, some might not swim as wide as they have done,' said the 84-year-old who vowed to return to the water on the weekend. (
  • Hier sind einige Open Water Swimming Gruppen die bereits in der Nähe von Luzern stattfinden. (
  • There was a time when swimming was considered potentially risky, Tanaka noted, because being in cold water elicits cardiovascular changes. (
  • They're playing in the water, you might not see a struggle and frankly they could be irritable and have fatigue after swimming anyway. (
  • Shallow blackout syndrome occurs when a person takes in several deep breaths -- also known as hyperventilation -- before heading under water, perhaps when attempting to swim the length of a pool. (
  • Shop our wide variety of Swimming Sport Water Bottles to express your personality and shrink your environmental footprint. (
  • The prerequisite for the course is passing the MIT SCUBA swim test and demonstrating a 'comfort level' in the water. (
  • If you want to swim in a body of water like an ocean, lake, or pond, check your healthcare provider first because germs and bacteria in open water can cause illness. (
  • The 30 ° C water is what makes it so pleasant swimming outdoors - even in winter. (
  • Swimming in natural, chemical-free water. (
  • The 25-meter swimming pool and the 20-meter adventure pool with flowing water torrent, massage and neck jets, cool down the city residents all summer. (
  • 12. The swimming apparatus of claim 1, wherein said member has a spanwise hydrodynamic configuration for enhancing the entrapment of water and facilitating the flow of water into a pocket formed by bowing action of said webbing in motion and into a concentrated jet stream. (
  • An open-water swim in a triathlon is substantially different from swimming in a pool. (
  • Race day should not be your first exposure to an open water swim. (
  • Get comfortable with the course by checking out water conditions, the swim entry and exit layouts, along with turn buoy locations. (
  • A public swimming pool is defined as any indoor or outdoor structure, chamber, or tank containing a body of water that is intended to be used collectively for swimming, diving, or bathing. (
  • Being in the water is my true passion and the thought of not swimming was devastating," said Gibson. (
  • The Red Cross Swim Classes in Westfield features 6 grade levels from Introduction to Water Skills to Swimming and Skill Proficiency. (
  • Our Learn-to-Swim Program includes basic water safety, what to do in the event of an emergency as well as stroke and swimming technique and development. (
  • Our kid swim classes include six levels of instruction including an Introduction to Water Skills as well as Stroke Development and Improvement courses. (
  • Our swim app is designed to chart your progress with our Learn-to-Swim program while also delivering important water safety tips and information. (
  • Our swim training is designed to prepare you with the knowledge and confidence you will need for your life in and around water. (
  • You can also find out what your local officials are doing to make sure water-quality levels remain high during the swimming season. (
  • In all, more than 27,200 people in that 14-year period became ill after swimming in contaminated water, according to the report, which studied pool-related disease outbreaks across 46 states and Puerto Rico. (
  • If someone accidentally releases Crypto-infected fecal matter into a swimming pool, either while showing off their backstroke or because they didn't properly clean themselves after using the bathroom, parasites are set loose in the water. (
  • Shower before you swim, and don't get in the water if you have diarrhea. (
  • Creating or swallowing poopy water isn't the only thing to avoid when going for a chlorinated swim this summer. (
  • TAVARES, Fla. - A 12-year-old boy swimming in the Dead River was dragged under and killed by an alligator minutes after two friends spotted the reptile in the water and screamed at the boy to get out. (
  • With so many reasons to enjoy swimming, why do so few adults spend time in the water? (
  • Because the water buoys up your body, you can swim very slowly and still maintain your top-of-the-water body position. (
  • On the other hand, people who are narrow from side to side and thick from front to back encounter much more water resistance and must work much harder at a given swimming pace. (
  • The swimming pool device may include a bladder coupled to the top platform causing the top platform to float when the framework has a height that is less than a water depth adjacent the framework. (
  • Even if your child has had swim lessons, they should still be supervised at all times while in the water. (
  • Even if you have more than one child, swim time that involves a parent in the water promotes one-on-one bonding. (
  • So grab your swimsuit, a towel, and a pair of water shoes, and jump in at some of our favorite swimming holes. (
  • Bordered by broad-faced cliffs, with large blocks of sandstone jutting from the water, this canyon-at 600 feet, one of the deepest this side of the Mississippi-is home to a handful of perfect swimming holes. (
  • As an example, the biomass of a sole metachronally swimming species, the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba , is more than the total adult human biomass. (
  • This is another reason to always swim with an adult. (
  • Tanaka said that as long as an older adult has gotten the OK to exercise moderately, swimming should be a safe activity. (
  • Our adult Swim Classes in Westfield give students the opportunity to improve their swimming skills while under the guidance of a Red Cross instructor. (
  • PIC BY JUAN OLIPHANT / CATERS NEWS - (Pictured Ocean Ramsey freediving with a shark) - Meet the woman dispelling the myths about one of the worlds most feared ocean predators by swimming without protection with GREAT WHITE SHARKS. (
  • Petite beauty Ocean Ramsey travels the globe swimming with many species of sharks hoping to prove they are nothing like their Jaws film reputation. (
  • Meet the woman dispelling the myths about one of the world's most feared ocean predators by swimming without protection with great white sharks. (
  • How Do Sharks Swim? (
  • Write code, build sensors, create in 3D, analyze data, and experience mixed reality while learning about how sharks swim. (
  • Competitive swimming in Europe started around 1800, mostly using the breaststroke. (
  • What Are the Benefits of Swimming the Breaststroke? (
  • then swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke. (
  • In 1873, John Arthur Trudgen introduced the trudgen to Western swimming competitions. (
  • A triathlon swim takes place in the first part of the race and a triathlon is a great way to challenge yourself across many sports, and test your ability to conserve your energy and endurance. (
  • The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. (
  • Day 1: Swim 100 yards (4 pool lengths) at a slow pace. (
  • Day 2: Swim 150 yards (6 pool lengths) at a slow pace. (
  • Day 3: Swim 200 yards (8 pool lengths) at a slow pace. (
  • Day 1: Swim 200 yards alternating slower-paced and faster-paced laps. (
  • Day 2: Swim 250 yards (10 pool lengths) alternating slower-paced and faster-paced laps. (
  • Day 1: Swim 300 yards alternating 1 slower-paced with 2 faster-paced laps. (
  • Day 2: Swim 450 yards (18 pool lengths) alternating 1 slower-paced with 3 faster-paced laps. (
  • These tips and exercises will help balance your muscles, prevent injuries and build a lean swimming machine. (
  • Using stretch cords is a great way to strengthen muscles while simulating swimming motions outside of the pool. (
  • Besides possible biochemical changes in the brain, swimming requires the alternating stretch and relaxation of skeletal muscles while simultaneously deep-breathing in a rhythmic pattern. (
  • Pregnancy can make your spine and shoulders round forward and tilt your pelvis out of alignment, but swimming gently strengthens the muscles and offsets this tendency. (
  • If you have sore or tight muscles, try walking in the shallow end of the pool instead of swimming. (
  • It's true that swimming gives the most severely stressed running muscles a bigger break than biking or cross-country skiing, but it also uses many muscles that running neglects completely. (
  • For best results, stay within the guidelines that gradually increase the swimming distance and the number of faster-paced laps. (
  • The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association recommends that infants can start a formal program of swimming lessons at four months of age and many accredited swimming schools offer classes for very young children, especially towards the beginning of the swimming season in October. (
  • The Red Cross offers training for swim coaches. (
  • Infants can also be taken to swimming lessons. (
  • However, swimming lessons for infants have become more common. (
  • Because infants are innately able to swim, classes for babies of about 6 months old are offered in many locations. (
  • The American Red Cross is the leader for swim lessons for infants, children, teenagers as well as adults. (
  • Try these strength training workouts to power your swim stroke. (
  • On the physiological level, hard swimming workouts release endorphins, natural feel-good compounds whose very name derives from "endogenous" and "morphine. (
  • Just as in running, swimming sessions can be designed for either endurance or for sprints -- aerobic or anaerobic workouts. (
  • 1000s of children and adults throughout Merseyside have benefitted from our Liverpool learn to swim program. (
  • But there's been little research into the health benefits of swimming -- though a number of studies have suggested that it's as safe for older adults as walking and bicycling, said Hirofumi Tanaka, senior researcher on the new study. (
  • Published in the American Journal of Cardiology, the research appears to be the first to demonstrate that swimming can improve older adults' blood vessel function and curb their blood pressure. (
  • Why should adults be stuck with the simple option of swimming as exercise instead of splashing around like the kids? (
  • Swimming lessons for adults are available in 3 levels. (
  • The major problem for some adults is lack of confidence in their swimming ability. (
  • However, I find that most adults do not understand how to swim long enough for fitness benefits. (
  • Most human babies demonstrate an innate swimming or diving reflex from birth until the age of approximately six months. (
  • A diving and swimming mask, comprising a mask body (1) made of a soft material which has at least one front opening around the eye region, which opening is closed by a transparent member, particularly a lens (2) and there being provided, at each lateral side of the mask, means for attaching an end of. (
  • Explain to your counselor how Scouting's Safe Swim Defense plan anticipates, helps prevent and mitigate, and provides responses to likely hazards you may encounter during swimming activities. (
  • The Home Country National Governing Bodies are affiliated to British Swimming and are responsible for all other management of the sports in their respective countries from the learn to swim programmes up to performance development. (
  • Although they're fun and can help you while you learn to swim, what they can't do is save a life. (
  • As well as being a competitive club, we are also very interested in the teaching of beginners, and work closely with the local "learn to swim" classes run by the council. (
  • Learn about topics such as How to Swim the Butterfly Stroke , How to Dolphin Kick , How to Flutter Kick , and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos. (
  • The researchers randomly assigned them to either have supervised swimming sessions or learn relaxation exercises. (
  • Swim Classes in Westfield are designed so that each student can learn at their own pace. (
  • Learn how to protect yourself as well as those around you with swim classes through the American Red Cross. (
  • Tailored around the needs of each child, our participants are encouraged to learn to swim at a pace that is comfortable for them. (
  • Swimming also demands special attention to your breathing patterns, and the control you learn in the pool can translate to more efficient breathing during difficult running sessions and races. (
  • Summertime for USA Swimming registered athletes means the short course pool length of 25-yard races in the fall and winter seasons gives way to the long course 50-meter pool length. (
  • After 26 years, the Deerfield Dolphins swim program continues to crank out young athletes, ages 4 to 18, who are interested in learning the sport, having fun, and getting fit and healthy. (
  • The 50-meter swimming pool is also perfect for athletes. (
  • Sports athletes can swim in the 50-meter pool. (
  • The encounter with the biggest species of shark on earth meant the 27-year-old has swum with 32 different species in total so far. (
  • A tiny marine plant has been caught acting like an animal, find scientists who discovered a species of phytoplankton, a microscopic alga, could swim away from its predators. (
  • However, babies this young cannot actually swim, due to their lack of body features and strength. (
  • Hovering (HOV), which is defined as the swimming mode corresponding to the body angles of 25-50° and normalized speeds less than half of a body length per second, is performed at lower pleopod amplitudes and lower beat frequencies as compared to fast-forward swimming (FFW). (
  • Swimming relies on the nearly neutral buoyancy of the human body. (
  • Keep your body strong so you can swim fast and injury free all year long. (
  • This stroke is swam with the whole body and not just the arms or legs. (
  • While swimming fly-if you lead the undulation with your head and not your chest-your body will come out of alignment. (
  • As you are swimming, be sure to listen to your body. (
  • Below are symptoms of swimming pool cleaner poisoning in different parts of the body. (
  • When the robot receives any stimulation from its laptop brain, its body CPG produces the S-like body waves used by swimming salamanders. (
  • For one thing, swimming requires a horizontal body position, that places less stress on your heart with respect to blood circulation. (
  • Located in one of the greenest districts of the city the natural swimming bath Maria Einsiedel offers the best recreation on a hot summer day. (
  • Spas and hot tubs may be freestanding, set in the ground, or part of a larger swimming pool. (
  • Between 2000 and 2014, researchers said, 493 disease outbreaks were reported from public swimming holes, such as hotels and hot tubs. (
  • Traditionally, swimming lessons started at age four years or later, as children under four were not considered developmentally ready. (
  • A baby has to be able to hold his or her head up (usually at 3 to 4 months), to be ready for swimming lessons. (
  • In a 2009 retrospective case-control study that involved significant potential sources of bias, participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in 1- to 4-year-old children, although the authors of the study found the conclusion imprecise. (
  • Another study showed that infant swimming lessons may improve motor skills, but the number of study subjects was too low to be conclusive. (
  • In 2010, the American Academy of Pediatrics reversed its previous position in which it had disapproved of lessons before age 4, indicating that the evidence no longer supported an advisory against early swimming lessons. (
  • Swimming is consistently among the top public recreational activities, and in some countries, swimming lessons are a compulsory part of the educational curriculum. (
  • Christie Swim School has provided swimming lessons in Liverpool for more than 20 years. (
  • Every child is different, so enroll children in swim lessons when they are ready. (
  • 1. Take swimming lessons. (
  • Passes are accepted for admission to most programs (lessons/swim teams excluded). (
  • This can be easily overcome by a few lessons or a refresher swimming course. (
  • If you have a pool, early swim lessons may be helpful. (
  • During a lesson, it's just you and your little one focused on each other, so it's a wonderful way to spend quality time alone together, point out experts who offer swim lessons. (
  • In The Man in the Moon , 14-year-old Dani (Reese Witherspoon) has her first kiss with the gorgeous 17-year-old neighbor (Jason London)-and subsequently learns her first lessons in love-down at the swimming hole. (
  • The river offers scope to do a long swim downstream from Grantchester all the way to Newnham. (
  • People also get into trouble when they start to panic or become too tired to swim. (
  • A swimming pool is a place where people can come for the purpose of swimming. (
  • There are organizations and clubs designed to help people complete the English Channel swim and even swim it for charity. (
  • There have been shark scares before and people forget about it,' said Byron Bay Stingrays swimming club veteran Clive Condie who didn't swim on Thursday but confirmed four members did a shortened version of their regular cross-bay swim. (
  • Beaches will be patrolled and they will be open so people know it's a safe place to swim. (
  • Swimming is often promoted as a good way for older people to exercise, since it's easy on the joints and it's not likely to cause overheating. (
  • PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (AP) - An outbreak of toxic bacteria is ruining some beach plans in Mississippi, where authorities are warning people not to swim or eat seafood from polluted coastal waters. (
  • Many people think that swimming recreationally is just for kids. (
  • It appears that people who go swimming on a full stomach really do have a higher risk of drowning, researchers reported in Medicine, Science and the Law . (
  • Shark conservationist Ocean, who is also a scuba instructor, model and freediver, swam with the massive fish in waters off Baja Mexico last year. (
  • The break in ages is created by those that swim 50 meter events, 9 and up, in swim meets and those that only swim 25 meter events, 8 and under. (
  • Twenty-three-old Sarah Gibson swam the 400 meter Medley Relay in the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest, helping the U.S.A. win a gold in that event. (
  • Wearing goggles, swim caps and bathing suits, the competitors firmly grasp kickboards as they glide across the pool at the Pembroke Pines Charter School Central Campus. (
  • Make sure your wetsuit fits properly and that your goggles, swim caps and other accessories work properly. (
  • In the US, the YMCA and American Red Cross offer swim classes. (
  • How will a swimming pool enclosure save me money?Let's start by saving energy - here's how. (
  • They'll also be able to gawk at - and even manipulate - fish as they swim alongside the pedestrians in MIT's famous one-sixth-mile-long Infinite Corridor. (
  • The police misconduct in McKinney, Texas, is part of America¿s long, fraught history of race and swimming. (
  • To start off the long course season for the Sunrise Swimming Club, the team hosted its annual Firecracker 400's on May 1 and the IMR Pentathlon Challenge on May 2 and 3 at the Sunrise Civic Center Pool. (
  • Dentists have long known that swimming can damage tooth enamel, particularly if a pool isn't properly maintained. (
  • The championships was organized by the Asia Swimming Federation (AASF), and featured competition in 40 long course Swimming events. (
  • A swimming pool granuloma is a long-term (chronic) skin infection. (
  • The Maria Einsiedel public swimming pool is the ideal place for a day-long family trip. (
  • 5. The swimming apparatus of claim 2, wherein said four slots are 1-6 inches long and 0.2-2 inches wide. (
  • 7. The swimming apparatus of claim 1, wherein said member is 16-32 inches long and 16-24 inches wide. (
  • 8. The swimming apparatus of claim 7, wherein said member is 20-28 inches long and 18-22 inches wide. (
  • For a long time, separate swimming was enforced with a long fence. (
  • How Long Do You Have to Swim to Lose Weight? (
  • Single Fin Photo said the shark was estimated to be about 30 feet long and was swimming about 600 feet from the beach. (
  • Advice on how long one should fast before swimming varies widely, from 20 minutes to up to three hours. (
  • However, further studies are required to determine how much food raises the risk, and how long one should fast for before swimming. (
  • Catalina Spas' product portfolio is the most comprehensive spa and swim spa range available to the UK wet leisure industry offering 11 swim spas and over 25 spa models with prices starting from RRP £2,999 inc VAT. (
  • The Swimming merit badge was one of the original 57 merit badges issued by the Boy Scouts of America in 1911. (
  • For those who hate America, the images of jihadists swimming in the compound's pool will induce great joy. (
  • A swimming apparatus for improved propulsion includes fluked foot flippers constructed to include a stiff load-bearing frame member in the leading edge of the fluke. (
  • 4. The swimming apparatus of claim 2, further comprising holes in said foot-receiving pockets, wherein said holes are located over the toe portion of said foot-receiving pockets. (
  • Swimming holes are where we shrug off responsibilities and play with the enthusiastic zeal of a child. (
  • For his first book, Day Trips with a Splash: Swimming Holes of California , Doll logged 25,000 miles in his truck searching the state for the best, from the Oregon state line to San Diego County. (
  • While these natural oases might seem most at home in the South, you'll find swimming holes across the country. (
  • It is not true that babies are born with the ability to swim, though they have reflexes that make it look like they are. (
  • It is extremely important to note that while babies can imitate swimming motions and reflexes, they are not yet physically capable of swimming. (
  • Can Babies Wear Regular Diapers to Go Swimming? (
  • Even the youngest babies can be taught swimming skills, like floating on their backs. (
  • Swim time helps promote important muscle development and control in babies at a young age. (
  • points out that not only does swim time for babies improve their muscle strength and ability on the outside, but the exercise provides internal benefits as well by getting those joints moving. (
  • Gibson started swimming competitively at age five, showing early promise for a future career in swimming. (
  • Gibson would have to be regularly monitored to make sure the disease didn't require more drastic treatment - but she didn't want to quit swimming competitively. (
  • CDC's Healthy Swimming website provides information for all groups of individuals involved in a healthy and safe swimming experience about how to maximize the health benefits of swimming while minimizing the risk of illness and injury. (
  • Children can be taught, through a series of "prompts and procedures," to float on their backs to breathe, and then to flip over and swim toward a wall or other safe area. (
  • Here's a safe, easy way to build swim-specific strength without lifting weights. (
  • Swim at a depth that is safe for you. (
  • Whether it's a trip to the beach or a dip in the community or backyard pool, you can ensure that swimming is as safe as it is fun by following a few basic safety tips. (
  • This will not only help keep you safe while swimming, it will set a good example for your kids. (
  • Is It Safe to Swim While Raining? (
  • Is it Safe to Swim While Pregnant When Pool Has Bleach & Chlorine? (
  • There may be a link between infant swimming and rhinovirus-induced wheezing illnesses. (
  • Infant Swimming: What Are the Benefits? (
  • Here's the lowdown on the potential benefits of infant swim time. (
  • Regular participation in swimming activities builds strength and endurance, and is beneficial for the metabolism and cardiovascular system. (
  • However, until you develop sufficient cardiovascular endurance, you may vary the pace throughout your 20-minute swimming session. (
  • British Swimming organises championships every year in each of the sporting disciplines. (
  • The British Championships organised by British Swimming are held in the Spring. (
  • The British Synchronised Swimming Championships are usually held in November or December each year. (
  • The 14-year-old Ramirez, a member of the Coral Springs Aquacades, participated in the recent third phase of the U.S. Junior (12-under) and 13-15 National Synchronized Swim USA Trials for the Pan American Championships at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex. (
  • The 7th Asian Swimming Championships were swum March 5-10, 2006 at the Singapore Sports School in Singapore. (
  • Swimming at the 2006 Asian Games Singapore to host 7th Asian Swimming Championships in March. (
  • Results Archived 2012-11-19 at the Wayback Machine from the 7th Asian Swimming Championships. (
  • Swim smarter: heats, lane assignments and real-time results in the palm of your hand. (
  • On most summer holidays the club organise a trip to Cornwall where we tour and swim against the local clubs, and of course have a good time! (
  • Make sure older children swim with a partner every time. (
  • I go swimming all the time and I don't usually change right after. (
  • Sometimes a swimming spaghetti monster is just a swimming spaghetti monster (okay, not this time). (
  • Race rules allow for competitors to stop or rest at any time during the swim. (
  • What Is a Decent Swim Time for 100M? (
  • Swim time may reduce the risk of drowning in children over 4 years old. (
  • It's important to note that swim time doesn't reduce the risk of drowning in children under 1. (
  • Here you'll find everything you need to know about swimming safety. (
  • You're hard-pressed to find a better workout than a hearty swim. (
  • Find a builder in Merced, CA to construct an enclosure for your swimming pool. (
  • Recognizing the usefulness of this information for preventing drowning incidents, the Ohio Department of Health has initiated the Public Swimming Pool and Spa Drowning Prevention Program to determine the frequency and circumstances of these occurrences and to identify opportunities to prevent serious injuries in the future. (
  • Consider the following training progression for beginning a fitness-oriented swimming program. (
  • We will pull one of these papers out of a basket each day during swim practice, and we will add it to our lesson. (
  • British Swimming is a member of FINA, LEN, the British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association, and has responsibility for elite performance, doping control and international relationships and events for the sports within the Great Britain. (
  • We know, for instance, that vigorous exercise like swimming can significantly decrease both anxiety and depression" says sports psychologist Aimee C. Kimball, director of mental training at the Center for Sports Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. (
  • With low levels of stimulation, the hapless animal made walking movements, and at higher levels, it tried to swim. (
  • To accomplish this challenge, almost all free-swimming crustaceans adapted to some version of metachronism. (
  • Swimming serves, as well, to sop us excess fight-or-flight stress hormones, converting free-floating angst into muscle relaxation. (
  • But the limb CPGs cannot cope with higher levels of stimulation and switch off, leaving the bodily CPG free to start a swimming motion. (
  • In fact, new technology lately has focused on high-tech swimming suits that decrease resistance. (
  • If you're learning to swim, ask your mom or dad to make sure your flotation devices are Coast Guard-approved. (
  • If you are planning on installing a pool or spa then you will also need to make sure you use quality swimming pool filter supplies amongst other things. (
  • There are many popular home improvements homeowners can make, but perhaps no home improvement is quite as favored by kids everywhere as the good old swimming pool. (
  • But Arizona is taking a huge step backward with the construction of Dolphinaris Arizona , an entertainment park that will feature 12 captive dolphins in "interactive experiences" like swim with the dolphin (SWTD) opportunities . (
  • The team has been a stable fixture in the City of Deerfield and is the largest team in the South Florida Recreational Swim League, according to Dolphins Head Coach Rafael Da Silva. (
  • Originally open to boys and men only the idyllically located swimming bath is an excellent choice for anybody on a hot summer day. (
  • A metachronal swimming or metachronal rowing is the swimming technique used by animals with multiple pairs of swimming legs. (
  • Swimming legs should coordinate to avoid interference among appendage pairs. (
  • What Is More Important to Swimming: Your Legs or Arms? (
  • When swimming, your baby moves their arms while kicking their legs. (
  • Children are essentially taught to swim, flip over and float, then flip over and swim again. (
  • First, swimming involves almost all of your major muscle groups. (
  • Boost your swimming workout. (
  • To get a workout roughly equivalent to running, you have to swim only about 1/4 as far as you would run. (
  • Your local swimming hole is probably routinely tested for bacteria. (
  • Popular swimming spots may be screened for bacteria, but they aren't screened for harmful protozoa. (