Veterans: Former members of the armed services.United States Department of Veterans Affairs: A cabinet department in the Executive Branch of the United States Government concerned with overall planning, promoting, and administering programs pertaining to VETERANS. It was established March 15, 1989 as a Cabinet-level position.United StatesVeterans Health: The concept covering the physical and mental conditions of VETERANS.Hospitals, Veterans: Hospitals providing medical care to veterans of wars.Veterans Disability Claims: Disorders claimed as a result of military service.Afghan Campaign 2001-: Multinational coalition military operation initiated in October 2001 to counter terrorism and bring security to AFGHANISTAN in collaboration with Afghan forces.Iraq War, 2003-2011: An armed intervention involving multi-national forces in the country of IRAQ.Persian Gulf Syndrome: Unexplained symptoms reported by veterans of the Persian Gulf War with Iraq in 1991. The symptoms reported include fatigue, skin rash, muscle and joint pain, headaches, loss of memory, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms, and extreme sensitivity to commonly occurring chemicals. (Nature 1994 May 5;369(6475):8)Gulf War: United Nations' action to intervene in conflict between the nation of Kuwait and occupying Iraqi forces, occurring from 1990 through 1991.Vietnam Conflict: A conflict occurring from 1954 through 1975 within the Republic of Vietnam. It involved neighboring nations and the United States and other members of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.Combat Disorders: Neurotic reactions to unusual, severe, or overwhelming military stress.War: Hostile conflict between organized groups of people.Military Personnel: Persons including soldiers involved with the armed forces.Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic: A class of traumatic stress disorders with symptoms that last more than one month. There are various forms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depending on the time of onset and the duration of these stress symptoms. In the acute form, the duration of the symptoms is between 1 to 3 months. In the chronic form, symptoms last more than 3 months. With delayed onset, symptoms develop more than 6 months after the traumatic event.IraqDefoliants, Chemical: Herbicides that remove leaves from trees and growing plants. They may be either organic or inorganic. Several of the more persistent types have been used in military operations and many are toxic. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 11th ed)Chemical Warfare: Tactical warfare using incendiary mixtures, smokes, or irritant, burning, or asphyxiating gases.2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid: An herbicide with strong irritant properties. Use of this compound on rice fields, orchards, sugarcane, rangeland, and other noncrop sites was terminated by the EPA in 1985. (From Merck Index, 11th ed)World War I: Global conflict primarily fought on European continent, that occurred between 1914 and 1918.World War II: Global conflict involving countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America that occurred between 1939 and 1945.Hostility: Tendency to feel anger toward and to seek to inflict harm upon a person or group.Anniversaries and Special Events: Occasions to commemorate an event or occasions designated for a specific purpose.Cemeteries: Areas set apart as burial grounds.Politics: Activities concerned with governmental policies, functions, etc.ChicagoBulimia: Eating an excess amount of food in a short period of time, as seen in the disorder of BULIMIA NERVOSA. It is caused by an abnormal craving for food, or insatiable hunger also known as "ox hunger".Marijuana Smoking: Inhaling and exhaling the smoke from CANNABIS.Cannabis: The plant genus in the Cannabaceae plant family, Urticales order, Hamamelidae subclass. The flowering tops are called many slang terms including pot, marijuana, hashish, bhang, and ganja. The stem is an important source of hemp fiber.Medical Marijuana: Product of the CANNABIS plant, CANNABINOIDS, or synthetic derivatives thereof, used in the treatment of a wide range of clinical symptoms.MexicoSouth CarolinaRailroads: Permanent roads having a line of rails fixed to ties and laid to gage, usually on a leveled or graded ballasted roadbed and providing a track for freight cars, passenger cars, and other rolling stock. Cars are designed to be drawn by locomotives or sometimes propelled by self-contained motors. (From Webster's 3d) The concept includes the organizational and administrative aspects of railroads as well.MississippiAviation: Design, development, manufacture, and operation of heavier-than-air AIRCRAFT.Entrepreneurship: The organization, management, and assumption of risks of a business or enterprise, usually implying an element of change or challenge and a new opportunity.RestaurantsRadar: A system using beamed and reflected radio signals to and from an object in such a way that range, bearing, and other characteristics of the object may be determined.Sleep Disorders: Conditions characterized by disturbances of usual sleep patterns or behaviors. Sleep disorders may be divided into three major categories: DYSSOMNIAS (i.e. disorders characterized by insomnia or hypersomnia), PARASOMNIAS (abnormal sleep behaviors), and sleep disorders secondary to medical or psychiatric disorders. (From Thorpy, Sleep Disorders Medicine, 1994, p187)Sleep: A readily reversible suspension of sensorimotor interaction with the environment, usually associated with recumbency and immobility.Prevalence: The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm: Dyssomnias associated with disruption of the normal 24 hour sleep wake cycle secondary to travel (e.g., JET LAG SYNDROME), shift work, or other causes.Sleep, REM: A stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eye and low voltage fast pattern EEG. It is usually associated with dreaming.New HampshireUnited States Department of Agriculture: A cabinet department in the Executive Branch of the United States Government concerned with improving and maintaining farm income and developing and expanding markets for agricultural products. Through inspection and grading services it safeguards and insures standards of quality in food supply and production.MaineMilitary Medicine: The practice of medicine as applied to special circumstances associated with military operations.Bonding, Human-Pet: The emotional attachment of individuals to PETS.Animal Assisted Therapy: The use of live animal as a means of therapySheltered Workshops: Protective places of employment for disabled persons which provide training and employment on a temporary or permanent basis.Social Participation: Involvement in community activities or programs.
"James E Ray - Service Record - Bronze Star". United States Air Force. n.d. Retrieved 2008-09-25. "James E. Ray". Veteran ... United States Air Force portal "Bio: James E. Ray". POW Network. Retrieved July 2, 2013. "James E Ray - Service Record". United ... James Edwin Ray (born August 25, 1941) was a United States Air Force officer and fighter pilot. He was awarded the Silver Star ...
In 1989 he became a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs and in 1992 a Director of Asian Affairs at the ... "Veteran Tributes". Retrieved 4 May 2017. "President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts". ... He returned to government as Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor under Secretary of State Colin Powell. ... "Bush Campaign Aide To Head State Dept. Legislative Team". Retrieved 4 May 2017. "President Bush to ...
He stated "We cannot recognise the seizure by Soviet China . . . of over half of our national territory" and that "We can ... ISBN 978-0-89672-608-6. Prados, John (January 2005). "The Numbers Game: How Many Vietnamese Fled South In 1954?". The Veteran. ... The United States reaped substantial public relations benefits from the mass exodus, which was used to depict the allure of the ... The United States Operation Mission proposed that aside from helping to evacuate refugees to the south and thereby draining the ...
"General William McComb". Confederate Veteran. 26: 404. 1918. "Report of Brigadier General James J Archer". Ohio State ... "Report of Captain R C Wilson, 14th Tennessee Infantry". Ohio State University. Retrieved 21 November 2017. American Civil War ... Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1959. ISBN 978-0-8071-0823-9.. ...
"Betty C.G.T. Blake". Veteran Tributes. Veteran Tributes, Gulfport, MS. Retrieved 19 September 2015. "Civilian Pilot Training ... Virginia State University, Delaware State University, and Howard University, helped open the doors for the first African- ... sponsored by the United States government with the stated purpose of increasing the number of civilian pilots, though having a ... and began teaching aviation students at the Arkansas State College (now Arkansas State University). She later moved to Rhode ...
Subscription required (help)). "Cricket veteran. Fine service for state", The Daily News, 10 March 1928, p. 4. "Harold Rowe". ... and played regularly for the state team until his last match, when he captained the state against the touring MCC in 1929-30 at ... He was later Western Australia's leading cricket administrator and was instrumental in gaining the state team's entry into the ... He also served as a state selector. As Western Australia's delegate to the Australian Board of Control for International ...
He was awarded a congressional award and a sword from the State of New Jersey and became an original member of the Aztec Club ... Confederate veteran. History of Salem County by Joseph S. Sickler, pub 1937 pp-243, 276-277. ... Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1959. ISBN 978-0-8071-0823-9. Samuel Gibbs French at Find a Grave Samuel Gibbs ... United States Army portal American Civil War portal Biography portal List of American Civil War generals (Confederate) ...
"The Last Roll". Confederate Veteran. XXXV: 386. October 1927. Retrieved 25 January 2018. Missouri State Treasurer-Past ... During the first year of the American Civil War, he served in the Missouri State Guard. He returned to Morgan County, serving ... From 1873 to 1875, he served as State Treasurer of Missouri. He was buried in Englewood Cemetery in Clinton, Missouri. "Harvey ...
13-14 Van Buren, Michael (July 24, 2010). "Shay, Charles Norman". Central Connecticut State University Veterans History Project ... After making it home safely, Shay was unable to find work, like many other veterans after the war. He re-enlisted and was ... In spring of 2007, Shay along with Harald E. L. Prins and his wife Bunny McBride, both of Kansas State University, planned a ... Charles Norman Shay (born June 27, 1924) is a Penobscot tribal elder, writer, and decorated veteran of both World War II and ...
Polk called upon the states to draw up 50,000 volunteers to be alongside the army. Mississippi newspapers encouraged state ... 656 (reestablished 2010) of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, is named after him. List of American ... He led the state's Whig Party and served as a member of the executive committee of the local Henry Clay club. In 1845, he was ... He studied law, and was admitted to the state bar in 1851. He started a law practice in Ripley, and served as a member of the ...
"State & County QuickFacts". United States Census Bureau. Archived from the original on July 9, 2011. Retrieved November 23, ... "Veteran Tributes". Retrieved 2017-04-11. "Harry Byrd (baseball)". Wikipedia. 2016-12-23. "CPO James ... James E. Williams, a sailor of the United States Navy during the 1950s and 1960s. He was the most highly decorated enlisted man ... Darlington County is a county in the U.S. state of South Carolina. As of 2016[update], its estimated population was 67,234. Its ...
Confederate Veteran. S.A. Cunningham. 1905. Confederate Veteran: Published Monthly in the Interest of Confederate Veterans and ... Grand Lodge (1891). Transactions of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan. p. 273. ... Confederate Veteran. S.A. Cunningham. 1905. pp. 282-. http:// ...
Events in Europe also went against the United States. Shortly after the United States declared war, Napoleon launched an ... July 24, 2013). "Benefits, Veteran". Encyclopedia of Military Science. SAGE Publications. p. 220. ISBN 9781452276328. Retrieved ... May 1, 1810: Congress approved an amendment to the United States Constitution that would strip United States citizenship from ... state sovereignty and the institution of slavery; and private state banking interests opposed to the U.S. Bank's power to ...
Following graduation, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps In 2008, Schaus unit was deployed to Iraq where he was ... Paul Schaus - President , Erie Veteran Construction , Buffalo, NY Retrieved July 24, 2014. Paul Schaus - Homes for Our Troops ... Kori Sciandra (December 3, 2011). "Disabled veteran chooses North Tonawanda to call his home". Springville Journal. Archived ...
"John Cherberg". History of the State Legislature. Washington State Legislature. Retrieved 2013-01-04. "Veteran leader dies". ... The John A. Cherberg Building, which houses Washington State Senate offices at the State Capitol campus, was renamed in his ... "John Cherberg, Washington State Official, 81". The New York Times. April 10, 1992. John Cherberg at Find a Grave. ... Washington Secretary of State. Retrieved 2013-01-04. Moore, Jim (December 27, 2006). "Go 2 Guy: Worst coaches in Seattle ...
By 1990, the 1.1-mile (1.8 km) line was one of only three "trolley freight" railroads still in operation in the United States, ... Young, Andrew D. (1997). Veteran & Vintage Transit. St. Louis, MO (US): Archway Publishing. p. 78. ISBN 0-9647279-2-7. Price, J ... Texas State Historical Association. Retrieved July 29, 2012. Kunz, Richard (Spring 1990). "Trolley Freight 1990: A Trio of ...
The Confederate Veteran. Nashville, TN. May 1911. Missing or empty ,title= (help) The Confederate Veteran. Nashville, TN. April ... Retrieved from Indiana State Museum Mimsy Database 4 December 2010. Winslow and Moore, p. 17, 25-26. Albjerg, Victor Lincoln ( ... Nashville, TN: Confederate Veteran. p. 31. Albjerg, p. 45. N. H. Winchell, "A Sketch of Richard Owen," The American Geologist, ... The bust was dedicated at the Indiana Statehouse in June 1913, with Civil War veterans from both sides in attendance. The ...
Vossburg Success The Veteran's Story is a book written by Ada Christine Lightsey. The subject of the book is American Civil War ... It is the state's major producer of gas and oil, with resources concentrated near the community of Heidelberg. According to the ... In 1906 the state legislature designated Bay Springs as the second county seat. It attracted major timber companies, such as ... Jasper County is a county located in the U.S. state of Mississippi. As of the 2010 census, the population was 17,062. As of ...
"Veteran Composer Wm. Furst Is Dead", The New York Times, July 12, 1917 Albert, Karl. "William Furst" operetta listing, 2005 ... 1910 United States Federal Census, available at Rines, George Edwin, ed. (1920). "Furst, William". Encyclopedia ...
The Jewish Veteran. Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America. 1938. p. 7. Volunteers, Guide Dog Users of Canada. " ... 413) states that it is illegal to discriminate against a disabled person who needs an assistant, in this case, a service animal ... Each state and territory has its own laws, which may differ slightly. In Canada, service animals are allowed anywhere that the ... Four of these first were Flash, Judy, Meta, and Folly, who were handed over to their new owners, veterans blinded in World War ...
Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America (1944). The Jewish Veteran. Jewish War Veterans of the USA. Retrieved July ... He won a bronze medal for the United States in the Star class (mixed two-person keelboat) at the 1960 Summer Olympics in the ... His father, Aaron, immigrated to the United States from Kiev in the 1890s, and died in 1964. His mother, Julia, died in 1976. ...
Appropriates money from state General Fund to repay bonds. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local ... military veteran homeownership assistance; and security improvements/repairs to existing emergency shelters. Funded by bond ... It was placed on the ballot by a vote of the California State Legislature on SB 1227. The question before voters was: Should ... Government Fiscal Impact: State cost of about $4.7 billion over 30 years to pay off both the principal ($2.1 billion) and ...
Korean War Memorials: State of Oregon. Korean War Veteran's Association. Retrieved on May 12, 2008. ... United States Army Center of Military History. CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list (link) Barton, Donald E. "Voices MY TURN: U. ... The Oregon Korean War Memorial is a war memorial located in Wilsonville, Oregon, United States. Completed in 2000, it honors ... Much of the memorial was paid for by fundraising and private donations, with the Oregon Korean War Veterans Association raising ...
"A veteran advocate · Industries". Virginia Business. 2015-01-29. Retrieved 2016-12-29. Jones, Phil (2014-01-10). "William & ... Mary - William & Mary alumni appointed to state Cabinet positions". Retrieved 2016-12-29. "Getting to know Karen ...
New Jersey State Constitution (1947), Article VII, Section II, Paragraph 2, New Jersey Department of State. Accessed October 26 ... Veteran Services; Public Safety & Health and Human Services; and Hospital and Medical Services & Elections. The Board is ... State & County QuickFacts - Burlington County, New Jersey, United States Census Bureau. Accessed April 9, 2017. Annual ... The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States, p. 61. United States Government Printing Office, 1905. Accessed August ...
One student who felt especially fond of Ruth Benedict was Ruth Landes.[13] Letters that Landes sent to Benedict state that she ... Instead, Ralph Linton, one of Boas's former students, a World War I veteran and a fierce critic of Benedict's "Culture and ... Doi stated that this claim clearly implies the former value system is inferior to the latter one. ... was necessary when anthropologists aided the United States and its allies in World War II. Unable to visit Nazi Germany or ...
I am an instructor in the Florida Veterans Entrepreneurship Program funded by the State of Florida to help vets start their on ... Doan Winkel, Illinois State University. "I am an entrepreneur at Legacy Out Loud and an educator at Illinois State University. ... In January 2015, he launched the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic. The dynamic applied learning environment embeds NC States ... Wendy Plant, Florida State University. Wendy Plant is the Director of the Center for Student Engagement for the Jim Moran ...
... the South Carolina State Library and the South Carolina Hospital Association. It provides links to high quality websites that ... It focuses on health issues and problems important in the state. The site has been developed collaboratively by the Medical ... These trained veteran Support Parents are an invaluable source of support and encouragement because they have faced similar ... This state icon indicates services that are provided statewide.. Services for uninsured, Medicaid patients, or those with ...
Armed Forces who live in Georgia have access to several state funded benefits including veteran homes, tax exemptions, and more ... Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who live in Georgia have access to several state funded benefits including veteran homes, tax ... Thousands of Veterans dont take advantage of their state provided vet benefits; often due to not being aware that their state ... Most state veterans benefits go beyond the more well-known Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits. ...
A Veterans pension or "wartime pension" is a pension for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who served in the ... The Veterans Pension is a tax-free benefit NOT subject to federal income tax. Regarding state tax, the Veteran or beneficiary ... The Veterans (or Wartime) Pension does NOT require the Veteran to have participated in combat, nor that the Veteran served in a ... The Veterans Pension system is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Pension is sometimes called the " ...
Arthritis prevalence and symptoms among US non-veterans, veterans, and veterans receiving Department of Veterans Affairs ... TABLE 2. State-specific, age-standardized* estimated prevalence of arthritis among veterans, by sex - United States, 2011, 2012 ... State-specific, age-standardized estimated prevalence of arthritis among veterans - United States, 2011, 2012, and 2013 ... Among the 50 states and DC, the median state-specific arthritis prevalence among veterans was 25.4% (range = 19.7% in DC to ...
United States Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide in the United States#Military Veteran#Suicide Wingman Project February 1, ... United States military veteran suicide is an ongoing phenomenon regarding a reportedly high rate of suicide among U.S. military ... The report reviewed more than 55 million veterans records from 1979 to 2014 from every state in the nation. The previous ... In 2013, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010, which ...
Bklyn veteran can fight state to get lotto winnings. By William J. Gorta ... When Walter Carver won $10,000 in the New York State Lottery in 2007, the state Office of Temporary and Disability assistance ... He took the state to court to fight the seizure, claiming that the repayment would mean he had been forced to work for wages ... But a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge sided with the state, saying Carver was not an employee and threw out his petition. ...
Veterans are thanked for their services to the United States on Veterans Day. ... Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World ... 479), which stated that Veterans Day would again be observed on November 11 from 1978 onwards. Veterans Day is still observed ... Veterans Day honors those who served the United States in all wars, especially veterans. ...
Table No VETERAN POPULATION Page 1 Estimated number State period of service ... U.S. Veterans Administration, 1968 - Veterans. 0 Reviews ... possessions Utah veterans Service connected Vietnam Washington West Haven West Virginia York СЧ ... associated Projects Psychi psychiatric Puerto Rico revolving fund Rhode Island Service connected Nonservice South Dakota State- ...
United States Department of Veterans Affairs. References[edit]. *^ a b c d "About , United States Senate Committee on Veterans ... The United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs deals with oversight of United States veterans issues. ... United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs (Archive). *Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Legislation activity and ... Chairmen of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, 1971-present[edit]. Name Party State Years ...
Veterans Resource Center. © California State University, Northridge 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330. Phone: (818) ... The Veterans Resource Center of the University Student Union offers Student Veterans and all CSUN students the opportunity to ... Join us in congratulating our outstanding Student Veteran graduates by tuning in to the Veterans Resource Centers Virtual ... Veterans Resource Center: Elevate (Virtual). Friday, October 2, 2020 - 12:00pm Beginning Friday, Sept 4, we are hosting a ...
Veterans Resource Center. © California State University, Northridge 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330. Phone: (818) ... The Veterans Resource Center of the University Student Union offers Student Veterans and all CSUN students the opportunity to ... Come join us to help inform and empower the female veteran community through connecting with other female veterans. Read more ... Welcome to the Veterans Resource Center!. Our mission is to assist CSUN students as they transition from military service to ...
... A substantial proportion of hearing loss in the ... Veterans were 30% more likely to have SHI than nonveterans after adjusting for age and current occupation, and veterans who ... For veterans who served after September 2001, the prevalence is even higher than for other veterans. ... Veterans Benefits Administration. Annual benefits report, fiscal year 2009. Washington, DC: US Department of Veterans Affairs; ...
1890 Veterans Schedules (Ancestry) ($). *United States, 1890 Census of Union Veterans and Widows of the Civil War (FamilySearch ... By State. AL · AK · AZ · AR · CA · CO · CT · DE · DC · FL · GA · HI · ID · IL · IN · IA · KS · KY · LA · ME · MD · MA · MI · MN ... In addition to the states mentioned above, the following miscellaneous schedules are included on roll 118 of the veterans ... 1890 Veterans Schedules. Along with the 1890 census, separate schedules were made of Union Civil War veterans or their widows. ...
As a veteran, you receive special consideration and priority for referral, testing, and counseling from your state employment ... There is at least one Veterans Employment and Training Service Office in every state. Veterans employment representatives may ... As a veteran, you receive special consideration and priority for referral, testing, and counseling from your state employment ... Visit DoDs TurboTAP website to locate State Employment Offices.. See our State Benefit Pages for special employment programs ...
The department was established in 1989 its predecessor was an independent agency, the Veterans Administration, which had been ... federal executive department established to operate programs to benefit veterans and their families. ...
Find United States Veterans Initiative volunteering opportunities at VolunteerMatch! ... United States Veterans Initiative United States Veterans Initiative Mission Statement. Our mission is the successful ... To provide safe, sober, clinically supported, affordable housing and employment assistance for veterans. ...
State Veterans Affairs Offices Contact your states Department of Veterans Affairs to connect with benefits and services for ... is a one-stop employment services website from DOLs Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS ... Veteran s Preference The Veterans Preference Advisor explains preferences veterans may be entitled to in Federal employment ... Veterans Employment and Career Transition Advisor Select your state to find information for transitioning service members or ...
... state employment offices, American Job Centers, opportunities in top trending industry sectors and tools for employers. ... Quick Resources for Veterans - Find A Job. Quick Resources:. Find other programs @ ...
... and costs for Arizona State Veteran Home-phx. Compare with nearby communities. No registration needed. #1 reviews site for ... Features of Arizona State Veteran Home-phx. Medicare (ratings last updated: 01/24/18) * Health: ... Arizona State Veteran Home-phx is a nursing home in Phoenix, AZ that provides patients with skilled nursing care as well as ... Contact Arizona State Veteran Home-phx for more details on housing, services, and rates. ...
The Mint is committed to being the employer of choice for veterans and transitioning military personnel. Learn how about our ... Veterans Program. Veterans Program. The Mint is committed to being the employer of choice for veterans and transitioning ... Veterans Educational Benefits - OPMs LEAD Program (PDF): Leadership education at every level for career-oriented veterans in ... Learn more about programs for veterans.. Feds Hire Vets: U.S. Office of Personnel Managements government-wide veterans ...
... hire veterans, homeless veterans, disabled veterans, DVOP, LVER, veterans day off, veterans preference, vocational ... Employment benefits information for veterans and family members: professional licensing, ... Veterans Preference does not compel a public employer to hire a veteran or disabled veteran based solely on their veteran ... In the eyes of the State of Oregon, you, as a military veteran, are entitled to the day off on Veterans Day. According to ...
Army veteran Howard Morang, 74, of South China, Maine, attends a Veterans Day ceremony at the Maine Veterans Home, Wednesday, ... Army veteran Howard Morang, 74, of South China, Maine, attends a Veterans Day ceremony at the Maine Veterans Home, Wednesday, ... Honor guards carry the colors as they are retired at the conclusion of the annual National Veterans Day commemoration, ... Honor guards carry the colors as they are retired at the conclusion of the annual National Veterans Day commemoration, ...
Healthcare benefits information for veterans and family members: post-deployment, choice program, My HealtheVet, patient ... Women veterans are eligible for the same federal VA health benefits as male veterans, as well as an array of additional gender- ... The Veterans Crisis Line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of ... Women Veterans Program Managers are available at all federal VA facilities to help veterans seeking treatment and benefits. ...
New Mexico in 2009 became the first state specifically to include PTSD patients ... Help for veterans. In a sign of how much the issue has taken hold among veterans, the 2.2-million-member American Legion began ... The chairman of the New York Senate veterans affairs committee voted against adding PTSD to the states program, suggesting ... Its quite a sea change, says Michael Krawitz, a disabled Air Force veteran who now runs Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access ...
  • My Next Move at is a DOL resource where veterans can use a simple and quick search engine to enter their prior military experience (branch of service and military occupation code or title) and link to the information they need to explore information on civilian careers and related training, including information they can use to write resumes that highlight related civilian skills. (
  • is a one-stop employment services website from DOL's Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS). (
  • Under H.R. 357, dubbed the GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act, any school that doesn't offer in-state tuition to vets when the bill becomes effective in summer 2016 would be prohibited from accepting any GI Bill benefits. (
  • Currently, public universities can help vets make up for the gap between in-state and out-of-state tuition with the Yellow Ribbon program, which is paid for jointly by schools and VA. The bill would make Yellow Ribbon unnecessary by essentially holding schools entirely responsible for the cost difference. (
  • Barmak Nassirian, director of federal policy for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, said his organization supports efforts to offer low-cost public university education to vets, but the legislation "abdicates all of the responsibility for balancing the books. (
  • He added that state legislatures and boards of education sometimes control such tuition policies - not the universities themselves - so some schools might not be able to offer the tuition discount to vets even if they want to, and would become ineligible for the GI Bill as a result. (
  • Veterans can learn more about the program at . (
  • Veterans can learn more at www.Colorado.Gov/Vets . (
  • NBC News recently visited U.S.VETS - Phoenix to talk to Executive Director John Scott and some U.S.VETS clients to discuss what needs to be done to treat veteran homelessness. (
  • The best way to impact the vets around you is with hands-on assistance through your business, a veteran service organization, and in your community. (
  • U.S. Government to America's Vets: Drop Dead Richard Gale and Gary Null, PhD Progressive Radio Network, July 19, 2010 From 1991 to 2003, hundreds of thousands of our bravest men and women sought help from the Veterans Administration, from the Defense Department, from the White House, all to no avail. (
  • But veterans groups argued that vets should be entitled to both payments, saying the retirement money was earned for years of service, while disability is compensation for service-related wounds. (
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs publishes a list of Eligible Wartime Periods for determining if the Veteran meets the wartime service criterion. (
  • or Regardless of age is permanently disabled, not due to willful misconduct Note that a Veteran who age 65+, is NOT disabled, in good health, and meets the other listed criteria generally is eligible to receive the Veterans Pension. (
  • Married veterans - federal tax-free up to $2054 per month Single veterans - federal tax-free up to $1732 per month Surviving spouses - federal tax-free up to $1113 per month [irrelevant citation] In addition to monthly payments, certain veterans may be eligible for additional benefits such as automobile grants, special adaptive housing, traumatic service members group life insurance, educational benefits and health care. (
  • A Veteran is eligible for Aid and Attendance when he or she Requires the regular aid of another person to perform everyday functions (bathing, eating, dressing, etc. (
  • According to Senate Bill 1, passed during the Oregon Legislature's 2013 Regular Session, employers are required to offer eligible veteran employees paid or unpaid time off from work on November 11 of each year in recognition of their national service. (
  • Veterans are eligible for emergency care at non-federal VA facilities under certain circumstances: if you are too far from a federal VA facility to receive care in a safe, timely manner, or if your local federal VA facility is not properly equipped to handle your type of emergency care needs. (
  • Under Washington State law ( RCW 28B.15.621 ), state community colleges, technical colleges, and universities are authorized to waive all or a portion of tuition and fees for eligible veterans, military service members, or National Guard members. (
  • Under state law ( RCW 28B.15.624 ), an eligible veteran, National Guard member, or his or her spouse who is receiving veteran education benefits should be allowed to register for thier courses early if the institution offers early registration for any other segment of the student population. (
  • An active ambulatory care program provides primary services to eligible veterans throughout South Texas. (
  • The Veterans Services offices on the Winter Haven and Lakeland campuses assist veterans in transitioning to college life and achieving academic success by connecting them to degree programs that will utilize their skills, helping them with the necessary paperwork to receive benefits, and ensuring they are enrolling in the appropriate courses to remain eligible for benefits. (
  • The Auditor would certify to the Governor and the General Assembly those localities that would be eligible for a subsidy, and the Governor would include in the Budget Bill a proposed appropriation of the amount of the state subsidy to be provided to localities certified as eligible localities. (
  • If you would like to learn more about the benefits and services you may be eligible for as a Veteran, servicemember, or as a family member of a Veteran or servicemember, please call the New York State Division of Veterans' Affairs Help Line at 1.888.838.7697 (VETSNYS), where you may also schedule an appointment with one of our Veterans Benefits Advisors. (
  • To date, 33 states and the District of Columbia have enacted medical marijuana laws that allow eligible people to obtain or grow cannabis to treat a range of conditions. (
  • For the first time since the inception of the GI Bill, residency for tuition purposes is now an issue for thousands of veterans," says Jason Thigpen, founder and president of the Student Veterans Advocacy Group. (
  • Since 1991, Birth Defect Research for Children has received calls from thousands of veterans who have children with birth defects and other disabilities. (
  • Signing this petition will help thousands of veterans' children that are in dire need of specific medical treatment related to Agent Orange exposure. (
  • Thousands of veterans like Dan Miles, a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran from Butte, Montana, continue to live with the effects of his exposure to Agent Orange. (
  • Since the Veteran's Affairs scandal broke in 2014, exposing the hospital system and government employees left thousands of veterans on long waiting lists leading to death, the agency has received an increase in spending to deal with the backlog and wait times. (
  • One veteran on disability collected nearly $210,000 in benefits in 2013, while another earned more than $122,000 - nearly three times what his actual military pay would have been - according to a watchdog report being released Thursday that found tens of thousands of veterans are triple-dipping on disability. (
  • Tens of thousands of veterans collect their military retirement pay and disability benefits from the Veterans Administration and disability checks from Social Security too, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office . (
  • When Misty heard of Stars and Stripes Honor Flights, an organization that provides paid trips to Washington DC for WWII and Korean War veterans to see their memorials, she mentioned to Melvin that he should go. (
  • In 2011, the Military Officers Association of America's board of directors approved the establishment of the Granite State Warriors Award to be given annually to the resident or New Hampshire-based organization making the most significant contributions to the U.S. Armed Forces. (
  • Rick Greenwood, president of Veterans Count and Gregory Whalen, vice president, received the Granite State Warriors Award for their organization that has provided emergency financial assistance totalling nearly $1.5 million since 2007 to more than 2,292 veterans, service members and/or families in pre- or post-deployed status. (
  • The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. (
  • His organization gives roses, grown by veterans, to families who lost a family member in combat. (
  • A not-for-profit, Congressionally-chartered veterans' service organization advocating for former prisoners of war and their families. (
  • Pouliot's proposed amendment would expand that legislation to allow the property to be sold instead to a nonprofit organization or a public-private partnership, which would use it to build a residential substance abuse treatment facility for veterans. (
  • it only would authorize the state to sell the property to either a nonprofit organization or a public-private partnership that could use the property only for transitional housing for veterans or substance abuse treatment services, also only for veterans. (
  • BRFSS is designed to collect data that are representative of the noninstitutionalized adult civilian population in each state. (
  • Data were analyzed using software that accounted for the complex sampling design, including application of sampling weights so that estimates were representative of the noninstitutionalized adult civilian population in each state. (
  • A recent analysis found a suicide rate among veterans of about 30 per 100,000 population per year, compared with the civilian rate of 14 per 100,000. (
  • From 1947 to 1970, matters relating to veterans compensation and veterans generally were referred to the Committee on Finance, while matters relating to the vocational rehabilitation, education, medical care, civil relief, and civilian readjustment of veterans were referred to the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. (
  • A number of state and federal programs are available to help veterans get the most out of their careers - whether you are seeking advancement in your current position or looking for the right place in your first civilian job. (
  • Veterans can avail themselves of a number of programs at the state and federal level for assistance with finding employment in the civilian sector. (
  • Advisers and counselors throughout the CSU system understand the difficulty veterans face in transitioning to civilian life on campus and are helping smooth their path to a college degree. (
  • Transitioning back to everyday life can be challenging for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, but for those pursuing their higher education at Polk State, the Veterans Services Office helps bridge the gap between military and civilian life. (
  • But it will take significant efforts to better prepare civilian doctors to deliver high-quality care to veterans. (
  • A Veteran's pension or "wartime pension" is a pension for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who served in the military but did not qualify for military retired pay from the Armed Forces. (
  • Since that year, compensation has been provided to veterans suffering from physical or mental disabilities that were incurred during, or aggravated by, military service, and which have adversely impacted the veteran's ability to work. (
  • In addition to lost income, a Congressionally-mandated commission, argued that the VA disability benefits program should compensate veterans for non-economic losses, particularly with regard to a veteran's overall quality of life. (
  • Now the former Army sergeant says she and thousands of other veterans trying to get a higher education are being penalized for that enforced rootlessness. (
  • Before studying at SCU, Dr. Fanning served in the United States Air Force for six years supporting operations of the United States Army. (
  • When veterans come to me, I am able to help them transition because I know both worlds," said Loyd, a retired U.S. Army command sergeant major. (
  • Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, one of the world's most wanted men, is counting on veteran jihadis and former Iraqi army officers who form the core of the militant movement to take over if he is killed. (
  • Islamic State became the first militant group to defeat an army when it swept through northern Iraq last year. (
  • He was born in New York state, but while still a young man removed to Mondovia, Wisconsin, whence he entered the army and whither he returned to engage in the flour milling business after the war was over. (
  • The Army veteran had survived a blast injury while deployed in Sadr City, Iraq, and has since endured seven knee surgeries, five shoulder surgeries and back surgery. (
  • Army veteran Michael Fradera, 30, was the victim of an IED explosion that completely demolished the vehicle he was traveling in outside of Baghdad in August 2007. (
  • Marshall Thomas, the director of veterans services and a Marine Corps veteran who has graduated three times from CSULB - he holds a bachelor's degree in Asian studies, a master's in linguistics and a doctorate of education in educational leadership - developed Vet Net Ally in 2009. (
  • Marine Corps veterans have formed their own suicide-prevention network for reasons laid out in a very powerful article by Dave Philipps in the New York Times. (
  • The Marine Corps veteran who completed tours in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004 and the Helmand Province in Afghanistan in 2010 felt he had no choice but to set up a cannabis distribution network with a handful of other veterans. (
  • Components include staff education, mental health assessments as part of overall health assessments, a suicide prevention coordinator at each VA medical facility, research efforts, 24-hour mental health care, a toll-free crisis line, and outreach to and education for veterans and their families. (
  • is a web portal sponsored by U.S. Office of Personnel Management in partnership with the Departments of Labor, Defense, Veterans Affairs, and other Federal agencies, providing Federal employment information for veterans, transitioning service members, their families, and Federal hiring officials. (
  • We are purely funded by the federal V.A. (Veterans Affairs) and by families of residents," said Stacey Pickering, executive director of the State Veterans' Affairs Board. (
  • Pickering went on to state that one of the ways the home communicates with families is by implementing iPads so that family members can connect with residents. (
  • The program gives the gift of an old-fashioned Christmas experience to veterans and their families identified by the Wounded Warriors Foundation. (
  • Lopez is among the roughly 1 million veterans, service members and their families who have enrolled in college and training programs with the benefit of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which passed in 2008 and has covered more than $30 billion in educational costs. (
  • QUINCY - Eleven families are suing the state of Illinois for negligence saying multiple deaths caused by a Legionnaires' disease outbreak at a veterans' home were preventable. (
  • Six veterans from the Disabled American Veterans, a nonprofit charity that provides support for veterans and their families, joined staff and volunteers before sunrise for breakfast and a quick briefing before heading to their hunting blinds. (
  • Read how this petition will help veterans' families just like this one. (
  • Read a blog in HuffPost about the need for public-private partnerships to meet the behavioral health needs of veterans and their families. (
  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers numerous benefits and service programs for Veterans and their families. (
  • The continued delayed action by VA is causing additional suffering for Vietnam veterans and their families. (
  • This report describes the complex challenges faced by veterans and their families in seeking, navigating, and attaining adequate mental health care in Texas. (
  • One of the most unique aspects of the summer sports clinic is that the veterans attending were encouraged to bring their personal therapists and family members to San Diego -- not only to have their friends and loved ones rooting them on from the sidelines, but to teach their families how to participate in these activities alongside the veterans. (
  • Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, and 12 states have laws on the books or are about to be signed into law by their governors regulating cannabidiol (CBD) oils, a non-psychotropic component of medical marijuana which some families use to treat their children's seizures. (
  • The Congress also requested that the president should "issue a proclamation calling upon the officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on November 11 and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples. (
  • The clinic will be able to have specialized mental health services and comprehensive primary care for veterans in a more cohesive setting than its previous location, officials said. (
  • Harper emphasized that officials from the Jackson VA Medical Center and the campus health-services administrators at G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery Center for America's Veterans are representing their namesake's tradition appropriately. (
  • A new report by the VA's Office of Inspector General (OIG) blames tens of thousands of improper brain injury exams on contradictory policies issued by high-ranking Department of Veterans Affairs officials. (
  • But those plans haven't materialized, and Niemann has faced repeated criticism from city and state officials for allowing the arsenal property to deteriorate and remain undeveloped . (
  • Since August 2013, 1,390 Philadelphia veterans have been connected to permanent housing, officials said. (
  • Specialists (DVOPs) and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs) assist veterans in applying for job in federal, state, and local government as well as the private sector. (
  • Staff is trained to effectively assist veterans and learn about their strengths. (
  • It is time for Congress to authorize doctors at the VA to recommend and assist veterans in accessing medical cannabis and require the VA to research the impacts of cannabis on common veterans' health issues," Distaso said. (
  • According to the most recent report published by the VA in 2016, which analyzed 55 million veterans' records from 1979 to 2014, the current analysis indicates that an average of 20 veterans a day die from suicide. (
  • The report reviewed more than 55 million veterans' records from 1979 to 2014 from every state in the nation. (
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 22 million veterans in the U.S., and about a quarter use the VA health care system nationwide [ 18 ]. (
  • There are 1.7 million veterans in Texas, comprising 8.6 percent of the adult population. (
  • However, Bauerle said because no rules were in place, hundreds of veterans lost out on services that could have helped them feel better and get off the street. (
  • The State of NJ site may contain optional links, information, services and/or content from other we bsites operated by third parties that are provided as a convenience, such as Google Translate. (
  • The user is on notice that neither the State of NJ site nor its operators review any of the services, information and/or content from anything that may be linked to the State of NJ site for any reason. (
  • Contemporary population-based estimates of arthritis prevalence among veterans are needed because previous population-based studies predate the Persian Gulf War ( 1 ), were small ( 2 ), or studied men only ( 2 ) despite the fact that women comprise an increasing proportion of military personnel and typically have a higher prevalence of arthritis than men ( 1, 3 ). (
  • This report summarizes the results of these analyses, which found that one in four veterans reported that they had arthritis (25.6%) and that prevalence was higher among veterans than nonveterans across most sociodemographic categories, including sex (prevalence among male and female veterans was 25.0% and 31.3%, respectively). (
  • State-specific, age-standardized arthritis prevalence among veterans ranged from 18.8% in Hawaii to 32.7% in West Virginia. (
  • The goal of the bill is to bring all the state's resources for veterans and military personnel under one roof. (
  • I feel that the responsible way to honor Ohio's veterans is to pay as we go and not to add to our state's existing debt … I would offer that using existing resources, even if it makes current financial decisions harder, will better serve Ohioans in future years," Hottinger said. (
  • Mortality has caught up with those old Jessecrats as has demographic shifts in the state's population as transplants, including retirees and young professionals, move in from other states and the Hispanic population grows. (
  • A bill sponsored by Rep. Matt Pouliot, R-Augusta, would expand a bill approved by legislators previously that allows the state to sell property on the edge of the state's east-side campus for potential redevelopment into transitional housing for veterans. (
  • It was established by the United States Congress and given to Veterans who meet the eligibility requirements. (
  • or August 5, 1964 - May 7, 1975 for Veterans who served anywhere during the Vietnam War wartime period Gulf War (August 2, 1990 - through a future date to be set by Congress, or Presidential Proclamation) A source of confusion can be use of the term "wartime pension. (
  • A pension plan for disabled veterans was established by congress in 1792. (
  • 212 of the 105th Congress-recognizing suicide as a national problem and suicide prevention as a national priority As recommended in the U.N. guidelines, these groups set out to establish a public and private partnership that would be responsible for promoting suicide prevention in the United States. (
  • In 1926, the United States Congress officially recognized the end of World War I and declared that the anniversary of the armistice should be commemorated with prayer and thanksgiving. (
  • Congress approved this change and on June 1, 1954, November 11 became a day to honor all American veterans, where ever and whenever they had served. (
  • In addition to establishing registries in other states, the AMA is pressing the Obama administration and Congress to provide both timely and long-care solutions to ensure veterans' access to health care. (
  • The project is recording hundreds of stories from veterans and archiving them in the Library of Congress for future generations. (
  • thus, combat veterans are strongly encouraged to apply for enrollment within their 5-year enhanced eligibility period, even if no medical care is currently needed. (
  • This study sought to further explore this hypothesis via resting-state functional connectivity analyses in impulsively aggressive combat veterans. (
  • Male combat veterans with (n = 28) and without (n = 30) impulsive aggression problems underwent resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging. (
  • The Veterans Pension is a tax-free benefit NOT subject to federal income tax. (
  • Veterans in CWT are paid at least the federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher. (
  • The federal VA operates a robust and comprehensive health care system for veterans in Oregon, consisting of three full-service Medical Centers and numerous Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs). (
  • To get the most out of your My Health e Vet, veterans are urged to visit their local federal VA health care facility to get an upgraded account, known as In-Person Authentication (IPA). (
  • In such cases, the 2010 Veterans Emergency Care Protective Act enables the federal VA to reimburse veterans enrolled in federal VA health care for the remaining cost of emergency treatment if the veteran has outside insurance that only covers part of the cost. (
  • Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill , the federal government will pick up the full in-state cost for any honorably discharged service member wishing to attend a public college or university. (
  • Questions have also been raised about what the bill would mean for the bottom lines of federal and state governments, as well as universities. (
  • But schools and state governments could have to make up for some of the money that the federal government saves. (
  • It is actually less expensive to pay for this measure with municipal bonded debt because of the triple tax exemption-federal, state, and local-that this bond issuance would enjoy," Cordray said. (
  • 2012) (citing Ackermann v. 2 Harris indicates that he has brought his motion pursuant to Rule 46 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which states: A formal exception to a ruling or order is unnecessary. (
  • The hospital's sharing agreements with the Department of Defense and the private sector result in savings to the federal government and a wide range of services to veterans. (
  • A federal district court has reopened the case of Navy veteran and intersex person Dana Zzyym seeking a passport from the Department of State that would list Zzyym's gender as neither male, nor female. (
  • But now that a federal district court in Denver has reopened the case, the State Department must submit information justifying its decision to deny Zzymm a passport, The Washington Post reports. (
  • It's not only on the state to make sure we have enough gloves, masks, soap and cleaning supplies, but we need the federal government to step up and provide the necessary direct funding we need to maintain services and keep public services workers who are leading the fight against this virus on the job. (
  • The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) Act would reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I to Schedule II drug to recognize it has accepted medical use, and would amend federal law to allow states to set their own medical marijuana policies. (
  • Doctors and patients deserve federal laws that are fair and compassionate, and states should be able to set their own medical marijuana policies without federal interference. (
  • Marie S. Nahikian, the city's director of supportive housing, said she believes the city made the Veterans Day deadline, but that the federal government wanted to see more data and further assess the system Philadelphia put in place before making the designation. (
  • Under the Washington Law Against Discrimination ( RCW 49.60 ), it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of "honorably discharged veteran or military status. (
  • More veterans succumbed to suicide than were killed in Iraq: 177 active-duty soldiers died by suicide compared to 176 soldiers killed in combat. (
  • Given the number of veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are suffering from TBI, it has come to be referred to as the signature injury of these conflicts. (
  • The United States, which is bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria, first came across Baghdadi in Iraq in 2004 when it detained him at the Camp Bucca. (
  • When he seized tracts of Iraq and Syria and declared a so-called caliphate he hopes will span the Muslim world, he drew militants from around the globe to Islamic State, creating a diverse pool of fighters eager to rise up the jihadist ladder. (
  • FROM THE WEBSITE: Nick Bailey is wounded veteran that was badly wounded in Iraq in 2007. (
  • Like so many other wounded veterans returning from Iraq, Fradera was about to set out on a new chapter of his life, wherein he would be forced to relearn how to eat, sleep, and carry on with the everyday activities of life as an amputee. (
  • The PACT model also aids in creating a seamless health care experience for veterans. (
  • Polk State sees the majority of veterans pursuing Supply Chain Management , Nursing , Engineering Technology , Law Enforcement , Aerospace , Cardiovascular Technology , and Health Care Administration , building on their experiences and skill sets from the military. (
  • That's nearly one-third of the more than 800,000 veterans with pending VA health care applications. (
  • This might be due to Veterans having better access to care or Veterans participating in better health care practices. (
  • "Your Administration's refusal to add these conditions to the presumptive list continues to deny more than 190,000 sick and aging veterans the health care and compensation they have earned and desperately need," wrote the senators. (
  • According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), the number of veterans requiring mental health services has grown dramatically and will continue to increase, making veterans' mental health care an urgent issue in Texas. (
  • This report offers five recommendations toward the goal that veterans' mental health care in Texas become comprehensive, inclusive, effective, and efficient. (
  • Chronic conditions, risk factors, preventive health services, access to health care, and self- perceived health status were compared between veterans and non- veterans. (
  • This weekly recap looks at Hurricane Dorian recovery, al Qaeda 18 years after 9/11, veterans' mental health care, and more. (
  • This weekly recap looks at preventing inmate suicides, India and Kashmir, improving health care for veterans, and more. (
  • For such purposes, it is particularly important to understand whether death was recorded elsewhere for veterans who were under VA care since the VA system may be responsible for much of their end-of-life care even if they do not die while receiving health care in a VA facility. (
  • But some health care experts and veterans' groups say the change, which has no separate source of funding, would redirect money that the current veterans' health care system - the largest in the nation - uses to provide specialty care. (
  • Arizona State Veteran Home-phx is a nursing home in Phoenix, AZ that provides patients with skilled nursing care as well as private or shared accommodations. (
  • Two of the 14 exam rooms for primary care at the VA Clinic are geared specifically toward female veterans and have a private bathroom attached to the room. (
  • Providers with home-based care can provide a variety of health services, such as mental health, dietary and occupational therapy, to veterans who may be unable to access the clinic. (
  • We're going to make sure that our veterans are getting the kind of care that they need," Battle said. (
  • Alabama's beautiful State Veterans Homes are our most popular Veteran benefit because we provide more than just skilled care to our heroes, we provide a home filled with love, honor, and compassion. (
  • Physicians in other states should check with their state and county medical associations to determine whether they will be developing registries to better serve veterans in need of care," the AMA advises. (
  • The veterans' home cannot easily evacuate all patients, so doctors have been on high alert and extra care is being given to those with respiratory problems. (
  • The information contained herein is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, preventive, or cure for any disease, disorder, or abnormal physical state, nor should it be considered a substitute for medical care from your doctor. (
  • Veterans, women, non-Hispanic whites, non-smokers, those at high risk, educated, with health insurance, and who use clinics as a usual source of care were more likely to receive both types of vaccinations. (
  • VA also cited additional requirements in the Department's standards for presumptive conditions, delaying the consideration of care and compensation for thousands of suffering veterans. (
  • Perform routine nursing duties in the general care of elderly members in the Veterans Home. (
  • Location: Grand Island Veterans Home Examples of Work Coordination of client care services to include comprehensive admission assessment and care plans. (
  • A growing body of RAND research shows that veterans who receive high-quality care have the best chance of improving their mental health outcomes. (
  • Clinically, veterans identified from either single source had less comorbidity and were less likely to have been users of VA inpatient or long term care, but equally or more likely to have been users of VA outpatient services. (
  • Veterans are an important, vulnerable population in which mortality has been examined as a function of race / ethnicity, service characteristics, access, and quality of care. (
  • For individual veterans, private care could mean shorter waits, more choices and fewer requirements for co-pays - and could prove popular. (
  • He said the system includes a single point of entry for veterans, a streamlined process to determine eligibility through the VA, immediate transitional housing available for up to 50 veterans, and an immediate permanent housing plan. (
  • The audit said IDVA was supposed to create rules for Grants for Veterans' Services including addressing application procedures, eligibility criteria, selection procedures, and verification of use of funds. (
  • Join us in congratulating our outstanding Student Veteran graduates by tuning in to the Veterans Resource Center's Virtual Graduation Recognition ! (
  • They noted that they're "not aware" of any data on the preparedness of campus counseling centers to meet demand for these services, although some have responded by setting up Student Veteran Service Centers. (
  • Following the demonstration interview, student veteran Jeremy Dobbins began a training session on the art of interviewing veterans and drawing out their stories. (
  • The VRC promotes the academic, personal and professional development of student veterans, reservists, members of the National Guard and their dependents through supportive services, resources and community building events. (
  • But under changes that took effect in August 2011, while veterans can receive up to $17,500 a year for study at private schools, the agency will pay only "the actual net cost for in-State tuition and fees assessed" by the public institution the veteran is attending. (
  • Compared to the data from the 2012 report, which estimated the number of Veteran deaths by suicide to be 22 per day, the current analysis indicates that in 2014, an average of 20 veterans a day died from suicide. (
  • But it is clear he will go to all lengths to achieve his goals, as evidenced in Islamic State videos depicting the violent deaths of those who stand in its way. (
  • This is why the veterans' home has seen more deaths than the prison. (
  • When Walter Carver won $10,000 in the New York State Lottery in 2007, the state Office of Temporary and Disability assistance notified him they were taking half his prize in repayment of public assistance he had received from 1997 to 2000. (
  • But Social Security rules don't treat military retirement or VA disability payments as regular income, which means veterans can collect tens of thousands of dollars from the Pentagon and VA and still get money from Social Security. (