Video Games: A form of interactive entertainment in which the player controls electronically generated images that appear on a video display screen. This includes video games played in the home on special machines or home computers, and those played in arcades.Game Theory: Theoretical construct used in applied mathematics to analyze certain situations in which there is an interplay between parties that may have similar, opposed, or mixed interests. In a typical game, decision-making "players," who each have their own goals, try to gain advantage over the other parties by anticipating each other's decisions; the game is finally resolved as a consequence of the players' decisions.Games, Experimental: Games designed to provide information on hypotheses, policies, procedures, or strategies.Play and Playthings: Spontaneous or voluntary recreational activities pursued for enjoyment and accessories or equipment used in the activities; includes games, toys, etc.Cooperative Behavior: The interaction of two or more persons or organizations directed toward a common goal which is mutually beneficial. An act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit, i.e., joint action. (From Random House Dictionary Unabridged, 2d ed)Anniversaries and Special Events: Occasions to commemorate an event or occasions designated for a specific purpose.Sports: Activities or games, usually involving physical effort or skill. Reasons for engagement in sports include pleasure, competition, and/or financial reward.Football: A competitive team sport played on a rectangular field. This is the American or Canadian version of the game and also includes the form known as rugby. It does not include non-North American football (= SOCCER).Soccer: A game in which a round inflated ball is advanced by kicking or propelling with any part of the body except the hands or arms. The object of the game is to place the ball in opposite goals.Television: The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)Punishment: The application of an unpleasant stimulus or penalty for the purpose of eliminating or correcting undesirable behavior.Social Behavior: Any behavior caused by or affecting another individual, usually of the same species.Biomedical Enhancement: The use of technology-based interventions to improve functional capacities rather than to treat disease.Biological Evolution: The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.Athletic Injuries: Injuries incurred during participation in competitive or non-competitive sports.Hockey: A game in which two parties of players provided with curved or hooked sticks seek to drive a ball or puck through opposite goals. This applies to either ice hockey or field hockey.Interpersonal Relations: The reciprocal interaction of two or more persons.Role Playing: The adopting or performing the role of another significant individual in order to gain insight into the behavior of that person.Basketball: A competitive team sport played on a rectangular court having a raised basket at each end.Models, Theoretical: Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.Economics: The science of utilization, distribution, and consumption of services and materials.Models, Psychological: Theoretical representations that simulate psychological processes and/or social processes. These include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.Recreation: Activity engaged in for pleasure.Rejection (Psychology): Non-acceptance, negative attitudes, hostility or excessive criticism of the individual which may precipitate feelings of rejection.Tennis: A game played by two or four players with rackets and an elastic ball on a level court divided by a low net.Choice Behavior: The act of making a selection among two or more alternatives, usually after a period of deliberation.Decision Making: The process of making a selective intellectual judgment when presented with several complex alternatives consisting of several variables, and usually defining a course of action or an idea.Baseball: A competitive nine-member team sport including softball.Aspirations (Psychology): Strong desires to accomplish something. This usually pertains to greater values or high ideals.Economics, Behavioral: The combined discipline of psychology and economics that investigates what happens in markets in which some of the agents display human limitations and complications.Racquet Sports: Games in which players use a racquet to hit a ball or similar type object.Electrical Equipment and Supplies: Apparatus and instruments that generate and operate with ELECTRICITY, and their electrical components.Gambling: An activity distinguished primarily by an element of risk in trying to obtain a desired goal, e.g., playing a game of chance for money.Practice Valuation and Purchase: Determination of economic value of an established health care provider practice including value of patient lists, equipment, and other assets, and process of buying or selling rights to said practice.Aggression: Behavior which may be manifested by destructive and attacking action which is verbal or physical, by covert attitudes of hostility or by obstructionism.Microbiology: The study of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, algae, archaea, and viruses.Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy: Treatment technique in a virtual environment which allows the participant to experience a sense of presence in an immersive, computer-generated, three-dimensional, interactive environment that minimizes avoidance behavior and facilitates emotional involvement. (from Curr Psychiatry Rep (2010) 12:298)ComputersTrust: Confidence in or reliance on a person or thing.Behavior: The observable response of a man or animal to a situation.Learning: Relatively permanent change in behavior that is the result of past experience or practice. The concept includes the acquisition of knowledge.Happiness: Highly pleasant emotion characterized by outward manifestations of gratification; joy.Population Dynamics: The pattern of any process, or the interrelationship of phenomena, which affects growth or change within a population.Sports Equipment: Equipment required for engaging in a sport (such as balls, bats, rackets, skis, skates, ropes, weights) and devices for the protection of athletes during their performance (such as masks, gloves, mouth pieces).Epilepsy, Reflex: A subtype of epilepsy characterized by seizures that are consistently provoked by a certain specific stimulus. Auditory, visual, and somatosensory stimuli as well as the acts of writing, reading, eating, and decision making are examples of events or activities that may induce seizure activity in affected individuals. (From Neurol Clin 1994 Feb;12(1):57-8)Behavior, Addictive: The observable, measurable, and often pathological activity of an organism that portrays its inability to overcome a habit resulting in an insatiable craving for a substance or for performing certain acts. The addictive behavior includes the emotional and physical overdependence on the object of habit in increasing amount or frequency.Leg Injuries: General or unspecified injuries involving the leg.Motivation: Those factors which cause an organism to behave or act in either a goal-seeking or satisfying manner. They may be influenced by physiological drives or by external stimuli.Athletes: Individuals who have developed skills, physical stamina and strength or participants in SPORTS or other physical activities.User-Computer Interface: The portion of an interactive computer program that issues messages to and receives commands from a user.Dancing: Rhythmic and patterned body movements which are usually performed to music.Group Processes: The procedures through which a group approaches, attacks, and solves a common problem.Crowdsourcing: Social media model for enabling public involvement and recruitment in participation. Use of social media to collect feedback and recruit volunteer subjects.Kinesiology, Applied: The study of muscles and the movement of the human body. In holistic medicine it is the balance of movement and the interaction of a person's energy systems. Applied kinesiology is the name given by its inventor, Dr. George Goodheart, to the system of applying muscle testing diagnostically and therapeutically to different aspects of health care. (Thorsons Introductory Guide to Kinesiology, 1992, p13)Reward: An object or a situation that can serve to reinforce a response, to satisfy a motive, or to afford pleasure.Educational Technology: Systematic identification, development, organization, or utilization of educational resources and the management of these processes. It is occasionally used also in a more limited sense to describe the use of equipment-oriented techniques or audiovisual aids in educational settings. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, December 1993, p132)Precipitating Factors: Factors associated with the definitive onset of a disease, illness, accident, behavioral response, or course of action. Usually one factor is more important or more obviously recognizable than others, if several are involved, and one may often be regarded as "necessary". Examples include exposure to specific disease; amount or level of an infectious organism, drug, or noxious agent, etc.Sedentary Lifestyle: Usual level of physical activity that is less than 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days of the week.Computer Simulation: Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.Child, Gifted: A child or adolescent who, when compared to others of the same age or experience, exhibits capability of high performance in intellectual, creative, or artistic areas, possesses an unusual capacity for leadership or excels in specific academic fields. (From PL 100-297, Sec. 4103, Definitions)Doping in Sports: Illegitimate use of substances for a desired effect in competitive sports. It includes humans and animals.Child Behavior: Any observable response or action of a child from 24 months through 12 years of age. For neonates or children younger than 24 months, INFANT BEHAVIOR is available.Schools: Educational institutions.Assertiveness: Strongly insistent, self-assured, and demanding behavior.Social Values: Abstract standards or empirical variables in social life which are believed to be important and/or desirable.Students: Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.Stochastic Processes: Processes that incorporate some element of randomness, used particularly to refer to a time series of random variables.Theory of Mind: The ability to attribute mental states (e.g., beliefs, desires, feelings, intentions, thoughts, etc.) to self and to others, allowing an individual to understand and infer behavior on the basis of the mental states. Difference or deficit in theory of mind is associated with ASPERGER SYNDROME; AUTISTIC DISORDER; and SCHIZOPHRENIA, etc.Models, Biological: Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.Motor Activity: The physical activity of a human or an animal as a behavioral phenomenon.Facial Injuries: General or unspecified injuries to the soft tissue or bony portions of the face.Psychomotor Performance: The coordination of a sensory or ideational (cognitive) process and a motor activity.Animals, Wild: Animals considered to be wild or feral or not adapted for domestic use. It does not include wild animals in zoos for which ANIMALS, ZOO is available.Computer-Assisted Instruction: A self-learning technique, usually online, involving interaction of the student with programmed instructional materials.Violence: Individual or group aggressive behavior which is socially non-acceptable, turbulent, and often destructive. It is precipitated by frustrations, hostility, prejudices, etc.
The season also featured the first game between Michigan and Ohio State, with Michigan winning the game by a score of 34 to 0. ... A newspaper account of the game stated: "Neither side scored today in the game between the Michigan and Ohio Wesleyan ... Michigan won the game by a score of 34 to 0. A newspaper account of the game reported that Michigan's scoring was made in the ... "Football Games". Nebraska State Journal. 1897-10-10. "Football". Dubuque Herald. 1897-10-10. "Gridirons Are Kept Hot". Nebraska ...
"Other State Games". The Richmond Dispatch. Library of Virginia. November 27, 1896. p. 2. Retrieved October 16, 2017. Virginia ... However, the game was not played after a dispute between both teams regarding the amateur eligibility of players on both sides ... "A Tie Game". The Richmond Dispatch. Library of Virginia. October 25, 1896. p. 12. Retrieved October 16, 2017. "Foot-Ball in ... A game against St. Albans Lutheran Boys School was scheduled to be played on October 17, 1896 in Radford, Virginia. ...
Cloud State University. He competed collegiately for the St. Cloud State Huskies in NAIA competitions. He was the team's ... An Olympian in 1968, he won long-distance track doubles at both the 1967 World Student Games and the 1967 Pan American Games. ... Cloud State in 1969, but the year after he suffered a serious back injury due to heavy lifting and the surgery that followed ... Cloud State. Retrieved on 2011-11-11. Interview with 1968 Olympian Van Nelson. Twin Cities Track Club/Chad Austin (2011-10-05 ...
Kings Point New London The Secretaries Cup is an annual college football game in the northeast United States between the U.S. ... Anderson, Woody (November 15, 2003). "State Games Today". Hartford Courant. Retrieved 2016-08-24. Further reading Foxx, Anthony ... The game had been played on the last Saturday of the Division III football regular season (generally mid-November) from 1991 ... The 2017 game was played at 12 noon on Veterans Day, November 11. Through 2017, the Merchant Marine Academy has an overall lead ...
Mysore State. George, K. M. (1994) [1994]. Modern Indian Literature: An Anthology. Sahitya Akademi. ISBN 8172013248. Game ... He was an expert player of board games and is credited to have revived the Ganjifa game. He was also a collector and an ... "Games afoot". Online webpage of Radio Netherlands, dated 15 December 2004. Archived from the original on 10 May 2007. Retrieved ... After discussing with the British Resident, A. H. Cole, the reins of the state were transferred from Dewan Purnaiah to the king ...
"Empire State Games Results for Diana Redman". Empire State Games. Retrieved November 15, 2013. "2001 NYSPHSAA championships". ... New York State Sportswriters Association. Retrieved November 15, 2013. Bar Oz Diana Iris - player details 2006/2007 IFA (in ...
FLorida State Seminoles. Retrieved on 2014-11-08. Flame Games 2013. TimeTronics. Retrieved on 2014-11-08. 2013 European Women ... Florida State Seminoles. Retrieved on 2014-11-08. Susan Kuijken stats. Susan Kuijken. Retrieved on 2014-11-08. Susan Kuijken. ... She competed for Florida State University and was the NCAA champion in the indoor 3000 m (2008) and the outdoor 1500 m (2009). ... At the end of 2005 she started attending Florida State University, doing a major in psychology, and began competing with the ...
U.S. State Department (2005). "Armenia International Religious Freedom Report 2004". U.S. State Department Bureau of Public ... "Armenia: Pagan Games". CRS Issue 247. The Armenian Apostolic Church takes an unusually relaxed view of its pagan competitors, ... It was supposedly founded in the 1st century AD, and in 301 AD became the first branch of Christianity to become a state ... Yerevan State University. This and other papers about Armenian Hetanism are available here. Karine Ter-Saakian. " ...
Marshall's first competition was the qualifying meet for the 1979 Empire State Games in White Plains, New York. She won her ... time United States Weightlifting Federation (USWF) champion and New York State record holder for the United States Powerlifting ... "Open Division -- Women's Event -- Mid Hvwt". Empire State Games. 1999-07-22. Retrieved 2009-10-02. Sports: The Complete Visual ... Marshall holds the IWF World Record for the snatch lift at 248 lb (112 kg). In 1991, in a send-off of the United States team to ...
"Sunshine State Games". Miami Herald, June 28, 2014 "Rafael Suárez Olympic Results". Retrieved 2012-02-23 ... "A Look Back at the 2010 Sunshine State Games". Florida Sports". 2010.. ... He is a United States Fencing Association Athlete Representative of Men's Foil and part of the Scholastic/Collegiate Task Force ...
Washington chose Michigan State University because he knew that there were a number of black athletes at the school. At ... Appearing as a pinch-runner for Joe Rudi in game two of the World Series, Washington was picked off first base in a crucial ... Washington was named to the New York State Athletic Commission in 1990. In 1992, he became the chairman of the Board of ... "Pacific Conference Games". Retrieved April 16, 2015. Kawahara, Matt (May 31, 2014). "Herb Washington served ...
"State Games 1951 - 2009". West Australian Football League. Retrieved 28 December 2012. "Western Australian Interstate Football ... He was also a four-time interstate representative and played State of Origin football in the 1988 Adelaide Bicentennial ...
"State Games 1951 - 2011". WAFC. ... The fixture was a curtain raiser to the State of Origin ... He made two appearances for Collingwood in the 1982 VFL season and played a further three games in 1983. His younger brother, ... He represented Western Australia in 1988, against the VFA at Subiaco Oval, a match the home state won by 86 points. ... From 1984 to 1990 he played for Claremont, appearing in 107 games. ...
Rogers, Dennis (June 18, 2007). "Ron Lewis, Ohio State". Retrieved December 16, 2011. Let the Games Begin![dead link ... He was the third-best scorer in the Belgian league's regular season, scoring 17.8 points per game. Lewis played for Ironi ... Élan Béarnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez of France's LNB Pro A and formerly for The Ohio State University Buckeyes and the Bowling Green ...
"WAFL State Representatives". West Australian Football Commission. "State Games 1951 - 2011". West Australian Football ... He was the first East Fremantle player to play 250 games and represented Western Australia on 7 occasions, including the ... state's second ever National Carnival winning team in 1961. He played in the finals in every season that he played, including ... Football Club paid tribute to Regan by wearing black armbands and having a minute of silence before their Round 7 game against ...
Games involving Victoria were played under State of Origin rules, whilst the match between Western Australia and South ... "State Games 1951 - 2011". "Ablett for Adelaide?" (7). Victorian Football League. The Football Record. 10 May 1986. Retrieved 27 ... Australia involved players based in their respective states at the time. The competition was won by Western Australia. E. J. ... Football Championships was an Australian rules football series between representative teams of the three major football states ...
Games involving Victoria were played under State of Origin rules, whilst the match between Western Australia and South ... Australia involved players based in their respective states at the time. The competition was won by South Australia. E. J. ... Football Championships was an Australian rules football series between representative teams of the three major football states ...
"State Games 1951 - 2011". WA Football. "Stephen Richardson". Redlegs Museum. "League Games Played". East Perth Football Club. ... From there he went to Victorian Football League club Essendon, where he played one league game in 1983, their round 20 win over ... After another stint at Swan Districts, Richardson crossed to East Perth in 1990 and played 41 league games for the club. He had ...
Arizona State Sun Devils. Retrieved on 2011-11-13. Holbreich, Curt (1987-08-16). THE 1987 PAN AMERICAN GAMES : Track and Field ... He studied at Arizona State University in the United States and competed collegiately for them as part of the Arizona State Sun ... His first international medal came at the 1983 CARIFTA Games, where he was the gold medallist in the high hurdles. A 110 m and ... He won the event at the 1987 Pan American Games and represented Jamaica at the 1988 Summer Olympics as well as the 1987 World ...
1)" (PDF). The State of Queensland. 1993. Retrieved 24 May 2015. University of Tasmania "NewSPLAsh" (PDF). South Pacific ... "Oceania Asia Zonal Association", Asian Volleyball Confederation "2003 South Pacific Games - Volleyball" "Directory 2013" (PDF ... Pacific Games Council. 2013. Archived from the original (PDF) on 4 March 2016. Retrieved 24 May 2015. Taumaheke, Kuata (9 March ... and was the manager of Tuvalu's volleyball team at the 2003 South Pacific Games. She was the President of the Tuvalu ...
... but did not play an AFL game. "State games 1951-2011". "The Votegetters". Westside Football. 21 September 1995. p. 19. Lague, ... He only played two games for Fremantle, both of which were when his brother was out of the team. He performed well for Subiaco ... He wouldn't fully recover, and wouldn't play a senior game for neither Fremantle nor Subiaco in 1996. He was again delisted by ... He didn't play a senior AFL game, playing instead for Richmond reserves and Oakleigh Football Club in the Victorian Football ...
The game was the first post-season appearance for Emporia State. Southwest Missouri State achieved their bowl bid by winning ... "Missouri-Kansas Bowl Games". College Football Data Warehouse. Retrieved December 29, 2011. "Football Media Guide" (PDF). ... The Missouri-Kansas Bowl was a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics post-season college football bowl game played ... Emporia State Athletics. p. 6. "Special Reports:SMS TIMELINE: The first 100 years". ...
At the 2016 Rio Paralympics, she won Australia's first gold medal of the games in a world record time swim in the Women's 400m ... "Story Of The Month: Lakeisha Patterson". Future State Greats. Retrieved 17 July 2015. "Lakeisha Patterson makes a splash with ... At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, she won the bronze medal in the Women's 100 m Freestyle S8. Competing at ... she states "I knew I had to attack and go out hard and keep fighting for it, and I knew she was right behind me, so I just had ...
Adaptedness is the state of being adapted: the degree to which an organism is able to live and reproduce in a given set of ... Chastain, Erick; Livnat, Adi; Papadimitriou, Christos; Vazirani, Umesh (July 22, 2014). "Algorithms, games, and evolution". ... Defined by Ernst Mayr in 1942, the BSC states that "species are groups of actually or potentially interbreeding natural ... "Age of the Earth". United States Geological Survey. July 9, 2007. Archived from the original on 2005-12-23. Retrieved 2015-05- ...
"Overview - Cornhusker State Games". Nebraska Sports Council. Retrieved November 27, 2013. "Lancaster County SuperFair". ... Cornhusker Boys State. Retrieved 3 August 2014. "American Legion Auxiliary Cornhusker Girls State". Cornhusker Girls State. ... Cornhusker State Games (multi-location event) Early August: Lancaster County Fair Second weekend in August: Capital City ... Nebraska State High School Football Championships; Nebraska State High School Volleyball Championships Early November: The Good ...
2009 World Series Game 6: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees[123] 22.34 FOX ... 2010-11 United States network television schedule. References[edit]. *^ Andreeva, Nellie (2009-05-06). CW Drops Sundays In ... 2010 NBA Finals Game 5: Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics[154] 18.65 ABC ... 2010 NBA Finals Game 7: Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers[155] 28.20 ABC ...
Badger State Games Ends, WSDC Restructures - Full Press Release Accessed 23 October 2011 Badger State Winter Games - Game on! ... It is a member of the National Congress of State Games. The Badger State Games began in 1985 and hold both summer and winter ... The Badger State Games are a set of annual Olympic-style competitions for amateur athletes from the state of Wisconsin. ... As of 2006: In 2006, the Badger State Summer games had approximately 16,000 athlete participants. The 2006 summer games saw ...
The MASF is a member of the National Congress of State Games, which comprises 42 states nationwide that conduct State Games ... The Bay State Games is a member of the National Congress of State Games. The Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation (MASF), ... In 2009, the Bay State Summer Games celebrated its 28th anniversary, while the Bay State Winter Games enjoyed its 24th year. ... Each year, the Bay State Games has over 1,500 volunteer including coaches, referees, and medical staff. The Bay State Games was ...
An interactive application that presents current and historical state-level data on tobacco use prevention and control. ... No Such Gaming: This type of gaming is not permitted under state law, or is only authorized on tribal land. ... Future Implications for State Efforts to Restrict Smoking in Gaming Facilities. Measuring the effects of smokefree gaming ... DISCLAIMER: The STATE System contains data synthesized from state-level statutory laws. It does not contain state-level ...
... get your Florida State Seminoles tickets. Some exciting matchups are in the pipeline and you can trust Seminoles to put up a ... Florida State Seminoles. Miami Gardens. 26-Sep-20. $104. $66. Florida State Seminoles vs. Jacksonville State Gamecocks. ... Buy Florida State Seminoles vs. Jacksonville State Gamecocks, Doak Campbell Stadium Tickets for 10/03 03:30 AM Florida State ... Florida State Seminoles Venues. *Florida State Seminoles Doak Campbell Stadium. *Louisville Cardinals vs. Florida State ...
If you have any questions regarding the disclosure process or need additional fingerprint cards, please contact Sergeant Phillip Dodd at (503) 378-6999 or by e-mail at ...
"A lot of these guys are teammates and trying to do whats best for the state, and I cant imagine theyd want to waste any time ... For starters, state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson would likely run for Heck's highly competitive House seat ... Joe Heck could run for the now-open Nevada Senate seat has shifted the landscape in the Silver State. ... Other sources said they would expect former state Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert, who served as Gov. Brian Sandovals chief of ...
Just days before the state softball tournament, Clarke pitcher Sarah Cornell said she got into a playful scuffle with her ... Clarke falls in state softball title game. Clarke pitcher Sarah Cornell, left, and catcher Selena Ruiz celebrate their 3-2 win ... SEE PHOTOS Clarke softball falls in state title game And the Rams showed how tough they are yesterday, proving they could take ... over Starpoint during the New York State Public High School Softball Class A state semifinal game in South Glens Falls, N.Y., ...
... processors for providing the most intense gaming experience. ... The Alienware gaming laptops are compact, powerful and designed ... GAME LIKE A CHAMPION Play like the pros and see why Team Liquid relies on powerful Alienware machines to propel them to victory ... GAMING IN THE 4K REALM. Connect your Alienware laptop or Alpha to the Graphics Amplifier to unlock new levels of intensity. Get ... EXTEND YOUR GAMING OPTIONS.. Get 12 months financing on purchases $899+ and up to 9% back in rewards.*^ Limited time offer for ...
Alienware gaming desktop PCs deliver an unparalleled design and terrific performance in a package that makes it unique in the ... GAMING IN THE 4K REALM. Unlock the all-encompassing new world of VR gaming on your notebook or desktop with the Alienware ... An overclocked CPU and memory lets you run games smoothly, while the liquid cooling and solid-state drive minimizes power usage ... Dont just play, game with Alienware. Shop and save up to 25% on select PCs. Shop Now ,Questions? Call 1-800-254-3692 or Click ...
This means beer and wine will be sold at Carter-Finley Stadium for football games and PNC Arena for basketball games. ... NC State voted to approve the sale of alcohol at athletic events on July 10, 2019. ... Beer, wine sales could be a game-changer for NC State, UNC June 19, 2019 11:27 AM local UNC and NC State got the OK to sell ... Alcohol sales at N.C. State football and basketball games had been confined to the luxury suites for high-end booster club ...
The Nitro 50 desktop delivers powerful performance for lag-free gaming and smooth graphics-intensive tasks with its 10th Gen ... Game Stats From KDA, items purchased, roles played to the current meta, etc. - we use every game stat available to analyze your ... Game, stream, and design like a pro with a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor1. Get the best possible performance out of your ... Unleash the gamer inside with supercharged images and VR1 thats out of this world. The NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER1, ...
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"Once I experienced the team and saw their passion for the game and how they go after it in practice and play every game, and ... Each time the U.S. has won a World Cup game, ticket sales have surged at the next venue. Next stop: the 85,000-seat Rose Bowl ... But the Chinese are the ones who have been criss-crossing the country, opening on the West Coast, playing their third game at ... But beating China, a nemesis and runner-up to the United States in the 1996 Olympics, will not be easy. Whatever happens ...
PC Gamer Newsletter Subscribe to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. ... Brian Mitsoda says gaming just doesnt "get" zombies. His criticism, in plain nerd-English: "Most of the games that use zombies ... PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. ... Even if it didnt have zombies, Ive waited at least a decade to play a modern game with X-COMs mechanics commingled with a ...
Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer was suspended for three games without pay in the wake of an investigation into ... Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer was suspended for three games without pay in the wake of an investigation into ... Urban Meyer suspended for 3 games by Ohio State. Posted 9:08 PM, August 22, 2018, by CNN Wire ... Ohio State fired Smith on July 23, three days after he was served with a civil protection order on behalf of his ex-wife, ...
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. United States. KIERA FLYNN DEC 21, 2011 9:51 AM Docket No. ... Brief of respondent United States in opposition filed.. Mar 8 2012. Reply of petitioner Arkansas Game & Fish Commission filed. ... Reply of petitioner Arkansas Game & Fish Commission filed. (Distributed). Sep 25 2012. Motion for leave to file amici brief ... Brief of petitioner Arkansas Game & Fish Commission filed.. Jul 3 2012. Brief amici curiae of National Federation of ...
It was the first regular season NFL game held outside of the United States. The game drew the NFLs highest game attendance at ... seven away games and one neutral site game. For the 18 regular season games played outside the United States through 2015, 20 ... for a total of seven games in Toronto. A pre-season game originally planned for 2012 was cancelled, as home games for the ... resulting in seven home games, eight away games and one neutral site game, have seen a significant disparity in their success ...
Northwestern State University announced that upcoming football games will sell beer and spiked seltzer at home football, ... KSLA) - Northwestern State University announced that upcoming football games will sell beer and spiked seltzer at home football ... Northwestern States home opener is set for kickoff at 6 p.m. on Sept. 7 against Midwestern State. ... State health leaders say contact tracing is not working for Louisiana. By Destinee Patterson ...
Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. All rights reserved.. Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted ...
1 to start the 1991 football season - Florida State. The matchup will take place Aug. 29 - a Thursday - at the second annual ... With the addition of Florida State to the schedule, the Cougars will start the season with this trio of games: Aug. 29, Florida ... Florida State, which finished fourth in the final rankings this season with a 10-2 record and a victory over Penn State in the ... Y. TO MEET FLORIDA STATE IN PIGSKIN CLASSIC GAME. By John Robinson, Sports Editor\ ...
Todays challenge: What do the most populous cities in these four states (but no others) have in common? MISSOURI, NEW YORK, ... Think Thursday with the crew here at the Brain Game. ... Think Thursday with the crew here at the Brain Game. Todays challenge: What do the most populous cities in ...
Thousands came out tonight to support their Noles during FSUs final home game of the season and not a single Nole left ... "I just love FSU," said Preston during Saturdays game. Ever since her first game back in the 70s Preston has been a Nole ... Fish & Game Forecast. Local Scores. National Scores. Whats Brewing. Wednesdays Child. Community. Pets. Obituaries. Gas Prices ... Florida State University plays their rival, the University of Florida, next Saturday at 12:00 p.m. in the swamp. ...
Cape Elizabeths boys lacrosse team was one win from the state game at press game, while Scarborough found itself two ... Playoff thrills continue; state games next. By Michael Hoffer on June 14, [email protected] ... If the Red Storm prevailed, it will face Bangor (12-6) or Skowhegan (13-5) in the state game Saturday at high noon in Augusta. ... They swept the Clippers this spring (7-5 at home, 13-7 away) and beat Yarmouth in their most recent state game encounter (7-6, ...
Ive earned some Game Tickets, which I can use to play a simple pachinko-style mini-game to try and win new outfits. The other ... Using their Mii, players can chat with one another through the Miitomo app and play mini games. The goal is to earn coins and ... Almost everything you do will earn you coins, and the game gives you a bunch up front to set up your initial outfit. ... Not all games will be freemium like Miitomo - Nintendo has said some will be "pay to download." ...
... Spartans return 17 starters from last seasons state Open Division finalist. ... Last year, De La Salle had to reload on the fly as only one starter returned from the team that won the state Open Division ... Last December - on the states biggest high school football stage, the Open Division championship - De La Salle yielded an ... Coach who led Mittys girls volleyball program to 11 state titles steps down ...
  • The most recent meeting in the series came in the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl, with Boise State completing an 11-3 record with a 38-28 victory over the Ducks, who ended the year 7-6. (
  • SAN FRANCISCO , Jan. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Game Developers Conference® (GDC) has released the results of the fifth annual State of the Industry Survey, revealing trends in the games industry ahead of GDC 2017 this February. (
  • In this report, the United States Game Chair market is valued at USD XX million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of XX% between 2017 and 2025. (
  • Home ground advantage has gone out the window in the 2017 State of Origin series and the Blues can make it a rare trifecta of away wins. (
  • Oklahoma State doesn't have a particularly daunting schedule in 2017. (
  • The school said that Meyer is suspended through September 2, 2018, and for the games on September 1, 8, and 15 without pay. (
  • But 78% of Iowans did not limit their consumption, according to an Iowa 2018 Angler Survey the state conducted. (
  • Houston ( (listen) HEW-stən) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas, fourth most populous city in the United States, as well as the sixth most populous in North America, with an estimated 2018 population of 2,325,502. (
  • Located in Southeast Texas near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, it is the seat of Harris County and the principal city of the Greater Houston metropolitan area, which is the fifth most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States and the second most populous in Texas after the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with a population of 6,997,384 in 2018.Comprising a total area. (
  • Kansas guard Devonte' Graham (4) gets to the bucket past Iowa State forward Cameron Lard (2) during the second half, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018 at Allen Fieldhouse. (
  • More than 80 wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans from across the Pacific region will come together to compete in eight adaptive sporting events and for a chance to progress to the 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) Warrior Games. (
  • Following the trials, the coaches, cadre and staff will evaluate the results and the top athletes will be selected from across the regions to progress to Army Trials 2018, the pre-qualifying event for the DoD Warrior Games 2018. (
  • Northwestern State's home opener is set for kickoff at 6 p.m. on Sept. 7 against Midwestern State. (
  • Durant has missed Golden State's last two games against the Blazers because of the injury, which occurred in the third quarter of last Sunday's Game 1 victory against the Trail Blazers. (
  • Durant had returned from a left knee injury to play in Golden State's final three regular-season games. (
  • Boise State's 2024 non-conference schedule is also complete with road games at Oregon and Georgia Southern accompanied by home games against Houston and Cincinnati. (
  • Redshirt freshman Cameron Lard recorded a whopping 17 rebounds in Iowa State's most recent game, a total that even had Self singing the 6-foot-9, 225-pound forward's praises this week. (
  • The three-game set will mark Sacramento State's first conference games of the season. (
  • Sacramento State's three-game series against North Dakota last season was cancelled because of poor weather conditions in Grand Forks. (
  • With the proposal given board approval, Penn State plans to sell alcohol to fans sitting in suites, club seats and reception areas at Beaver Stadium as well as the Bryce Jordan Center and certain other facilities on Penn State's campus. (
  • In a unanimous decision, a panel of three judges said IGRA does not allow the agency to approve Class III games for the tribe over the state's objections. (
  • Fans should want to see Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel and Ohio State's Braxton Miller play each other in Pasadena for the BCS National Championship Game in January 2014. (
  • Nevada) -- Nevada's casino industry reversed a two-month gaming revenue slide in September despite declines in the state's two major tourism markets. (
  • Mayville State University Comets baseball has announced that Saturday, April 15 will be Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Day during their games versus Dickinson State University at Mayville State's Scott Berry Field. (
  • Michigan State's Kalin Lucas injured his right ankle in the second half of the fifth-ranked Spartans' game against No. 16 Wisconsin and had to be helped off the court. (
  • Penn State's Adam Taliaferro and Eric LeGrand of Rutgers, forever linked through horrific spinal cord injuries suffered on the field and their courageous recovery efforts that followed, will serve as honorary game captains when the Nittany Lions visit the Scarlet Knights in the opening game of the 119th season of Big Ten Football. (
  • Iowa State's Athletics Department has ordered 26,000 bottles of water for purchase at Saturday's game. (
  • Utah State's football game at San Jose State on Friday, Sept. 27 will be part of the seven-game ESPN-Mountain West television package for the 2013 season it was announced Tuesday. (
  • Whether Young returns or not, Walker said Ohio State's backcourt will be better prepared for a close game. (
  • This is an opportunity for those attending Penn State's game to show support-not only for the survivors of Mr. Sandusky's alleged actions, but all survivors of sexual abuse," PCAR Chief Executive Officer Delilah Rumburg said. (
  • The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape is the oldest and largest state anti-sexual violence coalition in the U.S. The organization represents 51 sexual assault centers that serve the state's 67 counties. (
  • I just love FSU," said Preston during Saturday's game. (
  • She went the distance in a complete-game victory over the Roadrunners in Saturday's 2-1 win, and then tossed 3.2 innings of hitless relief in a 2-1 victory on Sunday. (
  • Disappointed by yet another hard-fought loss, both to Kansas University and during this trying Kansas State men's basketball season, KSU coach Bruce Weber took a moment after Saturday's 72-63 loss to KU at Bramlage Coliseum to sound off about some bigger-picture Big 12 issues. (
  • KU coach Bill Self said KU was motivated by its desire to win and nothing else during Saturday's nine-point win at Kansas State. (
  • You'll have to excuse Kansas University running back Angus Quigley if you see him shaking his head or taking a little extra time to soak up the scenery during Saturday's home finale against Oklahoma State. (
  • Saturday's 11 a.m. game against 10th-ranked OSU, without question, will be the sixth-year senior's final home game as a Jayhawk. (
  • And with Saturday's home game against Oklahoma State being Senior Day, it might be easy to conclude that KU coach Turner Gill will do what he can to make sure all 20 seniors who suit up Saturday will hit the field in their final home game. (
  • University of Mississippi campus police cracked down hard on any students who waved the state flag of Mississippi during Saturday's game with the school's rival Alabama. (
  • The United States Sports Academy is continuing a longstanding tradition of collecting and displaying official Olympic posters by adding a full set of official Rio 2016 Olympic Games posters to the American Sport Art Museum & Archives (ASAMA) public sports art collection. (
  • The Rio 2016 poster collection, which includes all 15 official posters from the Games, will be displayed on campus as part of the Academy's public sports art collection at ASAMA. (
  • Bertorelli, who owns a film production company in Rio, carried the Olympic Torch as it wound its way through Brazil en route to the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron in Rio de Janeiro on 5 August 2016. (
  • Once again, Oklahoma State made it to the final game of the season in 2016 with a chance to win the Big 12 . (
  • The announcement followed an 11-hour meeting held by the Ohio State University Board of Trustees discussing the job status of the famed football coach and three-time national championship winner. (
  • With Coach Joe Paterno and School President Graham Spanier fired late last night, the board of trustees at Penn State is doing everything they can to say "we do not support anything our staff did surrounding the allegations against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky . (
  • A member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, Taliaferro earned his law degree from Rutgers School of Law-Camden in 2008. (
  • Florida State, which finished fourth in the final rankings this season with a 10-2 record and a victory over Penn State in the Blockbuster Bowl, has already been selected by CNN football analyst Danny Sheridan as his No. 1 pick going into next season. (
  • Scarborough pitcher Alyssa Williamson surrendered a fluky second inning run and the Hawks held a 1-0 lead into the sixth, but Marisa O'Toole started a rally with a bunt, Williamson tied the game with a sacrifice fly and Brenna Kent broke the deadlock with a two-run double as the Red Storm went on to a 5-1 victory. (
  • Golden State can sweep with a victory Monday night. (
  • Kerr said he watched the Game 3 victory with his son. (
  • Tanner Mangum threw for 283 yards and three touchdowns as BYU rolled to a 41-20 victory over San Jose State on Saturday. (
  • Boise State has won all three of the prior meetings, including a 19-8 victory over Chip Kelly 's Oregon that was known most for the outburst of former Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount in the 2009 season opener. (
  • The victory was the 10th over a top 20 team in Williams' 2 1/2 years at Ohio State. (
  • LOUDONVILLE - Allen Huddleston scored 20 points and Fresno State built a 26-point lead in a 89-75 victory over Siena tonight in Game 2 of the College Basketball Invitational finals before 3,177 fans at the Alumni Recreation Center. (
  • With a victory over TCU last week, the Texas Longhorns would be competing with Kansas State on Saturday with a BCS bowl berth on the line. (
  • If Kansas State comes away with a victory during this ABC prime-time game, it would secure an outright Big 12 title no matter the result of Oklahoma's game versus TCU. (
  • Penn State standout Talor Battle dribbles into Northwestern defense during the second half of the game in the Bryce Jordan Center on Sunday, Feb. 13, which would result in a 65-41 Nittany Lions victory. (
  • A four-run eighth-inning by Arkansas in a steady downpour, allowed the Hogs to overcome a late deficit to force a deciding game at the Fayetteville Regional Monday night at 6 p.m. after an 11-10 victory over Missouri State in a game that ended at 3 a.m. in the morning at Baum Stadium. (
  • Oregon is 2-4 in the Rose Bowl Game, including a 45-38 victory over Wisconsin in 2012. (
  • Morgan B., Kehtkar F., Graesser A., Shaffer D. (2013) Automating the Mentor in a Serious Game: A Discourse Analysis Using Finite State Machines. (
  • More coverage from Gagliardi and the WTE features this story on the Spartans' defense , a video preview of the game and today's game preview about the Cowboys looking to rebound from last week's crushing loss on the rock . (
  • He has released a pick for the Wolverines-Spartans rivalry game on Saturday. (
  • Sports Illustrated senior writer Andy Staples reacts to No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes losing to No. 9 Michigan State Spartans in The Horseshoe Saturday. (
  • Averaging 80.5 points per game, the Spartans are the second leading scoring team in the Mountain West Conference and rank 21st in the nation. (
  • You can see the stat line and all that stuff, that speaks for itself, but he does so much more," Boise State defensive coordinator Andy Avalos said, praising his ability to lead. (
  • The Longhorns have had a defensive resurgence the past four games, but that turn has been coupled with an offensive swoon, especially in the team's loss to TCU-Texas didn't score a touchdown until the final four minutes of the contest. (
  • Boise State is 34th nationally in pass defense efficiency (115.58) and has allowed teams to complete 44 of 91 passes in October. (
  • Though the Sun Devils rank 65th in the nation in rushing defense, allowing 157 yards per game, they surrender just 3.7 yards per carry, an average that ranks 36th nationally. (
  • After some huge runs by Brett Hundley and Paul Perkins moved UCLA inside the Arizona State 10-yard line, the Sun Devils defense came up with the play of the season so far. (
  • Obviously being indoors it will have no other bearing other than Michigan State' defense. (
  • Q. It was said today Michigan State' defense, comparing them to the Ravens and Steelers, they're a group that finds you, hunts you down, step on you, bully you. (
  • COACH MEYER: I think the strength of the Ohio State offensive line and run game, you really can't say the strength of their defense because they're good in pass defense too. (
  • The biggest concern for Oklahoma State is on defense, where each level was hit with key personnel losses. (
  • Outside of the defense, the biggest challenge is a difficult road slate, which features trips to Texas Tech, Iowa State, Texas and West Virginia. (
  • Any time a freshman gets 17 rebounds in a game, that's impressive," Self said. (
  • In their most recent game - an 88-80 home win over Oklahoma - the Cyclones utilized their bench for just 27 total minutes (spread over three players) and got three points on five shots to go along with four rebounds, three assists, three fouls and a turnover. (
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  • Once I experienced the team and saw their passion for the game and how they go after it in practice and play every game, and saw the way they set goals for themselves and fight to achieve them, well, it was a dream come true becoming their head coach. (
  • Even if it didn't have zombies, I've waited at least a decade to play a modern game with X-COM's mechanics commingled with a few of the original Fallout's RPG sensibilities. (
  • A more practical factor inhibiting Western interleague play with the NFL was the prohibitive amount of time it would have taken to travel by rail from an NFL city to Western Canada for an exhibition game (the CFL did not even implement regular season interconference play until air travel came to be seen as a safe means on transport in the 1960s). (
  • In the summer of 1983 an English entrepreneur named John Marshall hired Wembley Stadium and brought the Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Cardinals over to play a pre-season exhibition game called The Global Cup. (
  • In 1984, Marshall invited the United States Football League's Tampa Bay Bandits and Philadelphia Stars to play a post season exhibition game in July. (
  • There have been three international pre-season games during the American Bowl era that did not receive the American Bowl name because they were not arranged by the NFL but, rather, the scheduled home team elected to play there. (
  • Brigham Young University, which stunned No. 1-ranked Miami last season, will get to play another team that may be ranked No. 1 to start the 1991 football season - Florida State. (
  • You'd then have concrete states like Menu or Play that implement this interface. (
  • You push the pause state on to the stack, and pop it off when you're done to get back to the play state. (
  • Boise State is averaging just 158 yards per game in its five wins and does not have a play longer than 50 yards. (
  • They try to get you out of position before the play happens and they try to use that to their advantage," Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch said of the Aggies' up-tempo style. (
  • Generally, though, the United States is the only place where people play a lot of video games and frequently shoot each other to death. (
  • It is a 'Simple Simon' game plan," Helton said, "and I think our kids will play fast off it. (
  • The Broncos also play at Cincinnati in 2025 and at Washington State in 2026 (Boise State hosts East Carolina in 2026). (
  • Here come the Philadelphia 76ers , heading into Oakland to play the Golden State Warriors on Monday. (
  • The winner of this contest probably will be the MAC's East Division champion, although both teams will have one more game to play. (
  • Kent State is the first nationally ranked team to play at BG since Boise State played there in 2009 while it was ranked fourth nationally. (
  • Arizona State improved to 9-2 overall, 7-1 in Pac-12 play, even though it scored only a field goal in the second half. (
  • Fairbairn, who crushed a 48-yard kick straight through the uprights early in the game, was wide right with less than five minutes to play in regulation. (
  • Fresno State led 62-36 on a pair of foul shots by Paul Watson (14 points) with 13:45 to play. (
  • Game analytics consulting practice" Quantic Foundry has released the results of a survey the company conducted with over 239,000 people that play games. (
  • With KU's loss at Baylor last weekend dropping the Jayhawks a game behind Texas Tech in the Big 12 standings with six games to play, things are starting to get a little tense around Lawrence. (
  • The Hornets will play a doubleheader against North Dakota on Friday at noon, and a single game Saturday at noon. (
  • However, it was his late-game interception, on a play in which there was no reason to force a bad throw, which sealed the game for TCU. (
  • But, again, the bottom line is we're gonna play to win the football game and do the best we can. (
  • But the tribe said designated-player card games, which the state previously allowed, play too much like blackjack and violate the tribe's exclusive rights to offer blackjack to its customers. (
  • Rep. Jason Brodeur has again filed legislation to exempt fantasy sports play from state gambling regulation. (
  • It would see play, and win some games, but that is a long way from format defining or breaking. (
  • Utah State will open the 2013 season on Thursday, Aug. 29 at Utah and play its first Mountain West game the following weekend at Air Force on Saturday, Sept.7. (
  • During the final moments of Ohio State games toward the end of last season, the Buckeyes knew to play through guard Keyshawn Woods and center Kaleb Wesson. (
  • At the end of the day, you get to the state tournament, no matter who you play they're gonna be a good team," Bemidji head coach Wade Chiodo told the Bemidji Pioneer . (
  • I just worry about winning the game and winning that first game, whoever we have to play. (
  • They play five straight games to start the year, three of which are on the road. (
  • The American Bowl was a series of NFL pre-season exhibition games that were held at sites outside the United States between 1986 and 2005. (
  • The American Bowl was a fifth pre-season game, played the same weekend as the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, and did not take away a game from the participating teams' pre-season schedules. (
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cited the league's new international strategy in the abandonment of international pre-season games as well as the closure of NFL Europe, instead focusing on playing regular season games in foreign countries. (
  • The China Bowl was the name of a proposed NFL pre-season exhibition game that had been scheduled to take place in August 2007, but later postponed to August 2009 so that more focus could be placed on the start of the International Series, and ultimately canceled, between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks at the National Stadium in Beijing. (
  • It was the first regular season NFL game held outside of the United States. (
  • Beginning with the 2007 season, the National Football League has hosted regular season American football games outside of the United States every year in a series known as the International Series. (
  • Tallahassee FL- Thousands came out tonight to support their Noles during FSU's final home game of the season. (
  • It's that type of dedication that filled the stands during FSU's final home game of the season on Saturday. (
  • He missed the first 43 games last season dealing with symptoms such as headaches, nausea and an aching neck. (
  • Kerr, who clearly wasn't feeling well on Friday before the team departed for Portland, hadn't missed a game this season before Saturday, when he also missed shootaround. (
  • The Broncos are in line for their least productive passing season since joining the FBS in 1996 (197.3 yards per game). (
  • Boise State has at least one game against a power conference opponent every season through 2027. (
  • The move announced Tuesday comes six day after the conference that includes historic programs such as Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and Penn State had released a revised conference-only schedule that it hoped would help it navigate a fall season with potential COVID-19 disruptions. (
  • Maryland (6-12, 0-6) scored the first 9 points of the game but couldn't sustain the effort and lost its ninth straight game--second only to the Terrapins' 21-game losing streak at the end of the 1940-41 season. (
  • Stephen Curry , Andre Iguodala , Harrison Barnes and Jermaine O'Neal, among others, all missed games earlier in the season. (
  • Michigan hosts Iowa in its final home game of the season - the program's designated senior day, in which this year's graduates will be honored prior to kickoff. (
  • He hired Wisconsin receivers coach Zach Azzanni as a graduate assistant at Bowling Green State University in 2001 and 2002, then again as a receivers coach for his final season at Florida in 2010. (
  • The Colorado Rockies are approaching game 100 of the 2013 MLB regular season, and the team sits just 3.5 games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL West. (
  • Walt Weiss relies on his bullpen to keep them in games and, for the most part, they did through the first half of the season. (
  • Asking him to guard the opponent's best player has been a season-long trend and has added to the wear and tear experienced by Graham, who has played all 40 minutes in eight consecutive games. (
  • Last year, in the Big Sky's inaugural season of softball, Sacramento State finished with a 7-8 league record, which was good enough for fourth place in the seven-team league. (
  • Every home game this season will be broadcast live via audio stream at (
  • KSSU student radio will handle the announcing for every home game the rest of the season. (
  • Finley entered Friday night's game after completing 64.1% of his attempts in the first two games of the season. (
  • Boise State defeated Washington in its season opener before losing to BYU in Week 2. (
  • In 1982, he led Kansas State to its first winning season in a dozen years while propelling the Wildcats to the Independence Bowl, their first-ever bowl appearance. (
  • With just two games remaining on the schedule, the 3-7 Jayhawks have no chance of qualifying for a bowl game this season. (
  • The Hatchets (32-7), who were the 1A runner-ups last season and finished in third place at the state tournament two years ago, ended the season two rounds earlier than they have in the past couple of years. (
  • San Jose State ended its 2012 season with a 29-20 win against Bowling Green in the Military Bowl. (
  • The Blaze started the season 0-3-1 but who could blame them considering those games were against Hill-Murray, Edina, Benilde-St. Margaret's and Farmington? (
  • Then there are back-to-back away games against Texas and West Virginia waiting in the middle of the season. (
  • There's no reason to think that a Mason Rudolph-led Oklahoma State team can't win the Big 12 this season, and the schedule serves as further proof of that. (
  • OSU has enough talent to reach the renewed Big 12 title game this season but given the nature of the conference, a smooth and undefeated ride there seems unlikely. (
  • Matt Barnes (right ankle/foot sprain), and Shaun Livingston (right index finger sprain) haven't played either and could be out for Game 4. (
  • In October 2015 the league announced that a resolution had been passed approving continuing the International Series until 2025, and expanding it to include games in international cities outside the United Kingdom. (
  • Boise State will welcome Oregon to the blue turf on September 13, 2025. (
  • Boise State is the only opponent on Oregon's non-conference schedule for 2025 and 2026 at this time. (
  • The Midwest with sales (volume), revenue (value), market share and growth rate of Game Chair in these regions, from 2013 to 2025 (forecast). (
  • PORTLAND, Ore. -- Ailing Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr says he won't be on the sidelines for Game 4 on Monday against the Portland Trail Blazers. (
  • The Memphis Grizzlies take on the Golden State Warriors on Sunday in the Western Conference Semifinals. (
  • Clarke pitcher Sarah Cornell, left, and catcher Selena Ruiz celebrate their 3-2 win over Starpoint during the New York State Public High School Softball Class A state semifinal game in South Glens Falls, N.Y., Saturday, June 13, 2015. (
  • Having flown commercial for most of the World Cup, the U.S. soccer players were taken by charter on Friday from Washington to their West Coast semifinal because of the brief time between games. (
  • The Rose Bowl and the five other participating bowls - the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl and Peach Bowl - will be the site of a semifinal game once every three years. (
  • During the years it does not host a semifinal, the Rose Bowl Game will have its traditional Pacific-12-Big Ten matchup. (
  • The matchup will take place Aug. 29 - a Thursday - at the second annual Disneyland Pigskin Classic at Anaheim Stadium.A source connected with the game told the Deseret News the matchup was definite. (
  • Originally, it was thought that the most likely matchup would be BYU-Washington, "but the organizers decided they didn't want a West Coast game because that wouldn't be a truly national game. (
  • This matchup (BYU-Florida State) is," the source said. (
  • This is the first time the Rose Bowl matchup has been determined by the committee, which consists of five athletic directors, including Pat Haden of USC, six men with experience as coaches, college athletes, college administrators and journalists and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a former Stanford provost. (
  • Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer was suspended for three games without pay in the wake of an investigation into exactly what he knew about spousal abuse allegations leveled against former assistant coach Zach Smith, the university announced Wednesday night. (
  • A lot of these guys are teammates and trying to do what's best for the state, and I can't imagine they'd want to waste any time and energy trying to run against each other," said Republican election attorney Daniel Stewart. (
  • The revolutionary NVIDIA Turing™ architecture fuses together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading for a whole new game experience. (
  • Each time the U.S. has won a World Cup game, ticket sales have surged at the next venue. (
  • The game drew the NFL's highest game attendance at the time with 103,467 spectators. (
  • I will definitly be using this next time I do a game jam or something like that. (
  • Pacific Northwest powers Boise State and Oregon meet for the first time in almost a decade on Saturday when they face off in the 26th Las Vegas Bowl at Sam Boyd Stadium. (
  • On Monday, coaches throughout the conference tried to push back the tide, publicly pleading for more time and threatening to look elsewhere for games this fall. (
  • First time in many games that Siena just seemed completely out of it, both mentally and physically. (
  • Sacramento State is 4-0 all-time against Princeton, and the Hornets and North Dakota have never played each other. (
  • This is the first time that Hawaii has hosted a warrior games trials for the Pacific region,' said Lt. Col. Clyde L. Hill, WTB battalion commander. (
  • Travis Jordan, superintendent at the time, explained this was because postseason games, even if they're played at Shiloh, are hosted by the NDHSAA. (
  • Florida State will be playing for the first time in the Rose Bowl Game, which was limited to teams from what are now the Big Ten and Pacific-12 Conferences between 1947 and 1998. (
  • From a Texas A&M perspective, this game would be the type where the Aggies can validate their return to the elite level of college football, somewhere they haven't been in quite a long time. (
  • For the first time in more than 20 years New South Wales look set to have the same team for all three games. (
  • He'll feel the pinch for every minute of game time he sees. (
  • In Game 1, Tedesco and Dugan proved their worth in defence too with some of the all-time great try savers. (
  • Nevada) -- Casinos in Carson City and Carson Valley saw gaming earnings climb by 10.52 percent in September compared to the same time last year, according to figures. (
  • Game time is 1 p.m. (
  • Game time is 12 noon at Scott Berry Field. (
  • Two of the most inspiring players in the history of Penn State and Rutgers football will be re-united when the schools meet for the first time as Big Ten opponents on Sept. 13 at High Point Solutions Stadium. (
  • Penn State and Rutgers will be meeting for the first time as Big Ten foes. (
  • Farmington is in the 2A tournament for the first time ever, and it's their first trip to state overall since 2000. (
  • Wayzata is led by former Gopher player Pat O'Leary as he leads the Trojans into State for the second time in his five years as the coach. (
  • Meyer said he wanted to apologize to Ohio State fans. (
  • Ohio State put Meyer on paid leave August 1, saying it wanted to investigate exactly what he knew about the allegations leveled against former assistant coach Zach Smith. (
  • Ohio State fired Smith on July 23, three days after he was served with a civil protection order on behalf of his ex-wife, Courtney Smith. (
  • Ohio State, already embroiled in separate scandals involving alleged sex abuse by a now-deceased athletics doctor and a diving coach, put Meyer on leave and formed a group led by a former Securities and Exchange Commission chairwoman to conduct an investigation. (
  • to lead No. 17 Ohio State to an 85-79 upset of third-ranked Louisville. (
  • But Ohio State (15-4) had the shortest and best player on the court. (
  • Ohio State outrebounded Louisville, 43-30, with Perry Carter grabbing 10. (
  • I've seen that before," Ohio State Coach Gary Williams said. (
  • Burson, who had 17 points in the second half, hit a pair of running jumpers to give Ohio State a 70-67 lead with less than 4 minutes left. (
  • Ohio State can do wonders with a win over A&M If the two teams were to meet. (
  • Former Ohio State players fighting melanoma with flag football game. (
  • Former Ohio State players will playing a flag football game in Granville to raise money for melanoma research. (
  • Eleven Warriors is where Ohio State fans gather. (
  • As a true freshman cornerback, Taliaferro suffered a career-ending spinal cord injury making a tackle against Ohio State in a game on Sept. 23, 2000. (
  • We're honored to be here and represent Ohio State university. (
  • Q. This game happened months ago, but do you take anything from the last Michigan State/Ohio State game? (
  • On top of, that it's been finals week at Ohio State. (
  • Ohio State had just taken a timeout after Wisconsin reclaimed a 52-51 lead on Friday night at Value City Arena, and the Buckeyes were looking to answer as the left-handed Walker put the ball in his right hand and got into the lane. (
  • All of the league's current and former teams have been based in the contiguous United States, with only the Pro Bowl played in a non-contiguous U.S. state (Hawaii). (
  • At least one American Bowl game was played annually from 1986 to 2003. (
  • There was no American Bowl game played in 2004. (
  • Eighth-grader Cameron Hume, the son of John and Paige Hume, leads Scholastic Bowl team members down a Turner Junior High School hallway on Thursday for a clap-out, during which fellow students cheered them on as they prepared for the Scholastic Bowl state championship today. (
  • While Michigan needs a win in order to maintain pursuit of a berth in the Big Ten title game, Iowa needs a win in order to maintain any hopes of playing in a bowl game. (
  • The Ducks will be making their seventh Rose Bowl Game appearance and fourth since the 1995 game. (
  • Additional tickets for the Rose Bowl Game will go on sale at 8 a.m. Tuesday at or by calling Ticketmaster at (800) 653-8000. (
  • Adam Taliaferro addressed the Penn State crowd before the 2012 TicketCity Bowl at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas. (
  • The Nitro 50 desktop delivers powerful performance for lag-free gaming and smooth graphics-intensive tasks with its 10th Gen Intel ® Core™ i7 processor and GeForce ® RTX 2060 SUPER™ at the helm. (
  • Game, stream, and design like a pro with a 10th Gen Intel ® Core™ i7 Processor 1 . (
  • According to , Boise State and Utah State are 10th and 11th nationally in average field position. (
  • Michigan 99, Purdue 88--Glen Rice scored 20 of his 34 points in the first half and the 10th-ranked Wolverines got past the Boilermakers in a Big Ten game at West Lafayette, Ind. (
  • In fact, she is being hit by pitch an average of 0.48 times per game, the 10th highest mark in the nation. (
  • Together, the 10th Circuit and the 5th Circuit affect a wide swath of Indian Country -- dozens of tribes in nine states. (
  • In establishing the mechanism for tribal-state compacts to regulate Class III gaming, Congress knew that states would exploit their power," Pojoaque Pueblo argued in a brief to the 10th Circuit. (
  • The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals , which covers more tribes than the 10th Circuit and the 5th Circuit combined, found that the state was engaging in bad faith talks. (
  • But moving forward rests in his hands -- he could ask the 10th Circuit to rehear the case or appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court , which has been reluctant to hear Indian gaming disputes. (
  • Six games held in Canada between 1950 and 1961 pitted NFL teams against Canadian Football League (CFL) (or precursor) teams with the NFL team winning all six. (
  • the first game ever held in Toronto featuring an NFL team was in August 1959 and inaugurated the city's Exhibition Stadium. (
  • Last year, De La Salle had to reload on the fly as only one starter returned from the team that won the state Open Division championship in 2015. (
  • The Cardinals (14-3) were riding a 14-game winning streak and were set to become the top-ranked team in the nation after No. 1 Illinois and No. 2 Georgetown lost this week. (
  • Clemson (12-5, 3-3) was without 6 players, including leading scorer Elden Campbell, who were suspended one game for "violation of basketball team policy regarding academic study hall rules. (
  • They can wear Penn State colors this weekend, and stand in solidarity with the very team they're trying to beat. (
  • The 23-year-old right-hander has kept his team in some close games, allowing the Rockies to get away with some low-scoring victories. (
  • The Grizzlies are 5-0 against the spread in their last 5 Conference Semifinals games and are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games vs. a team with a winning % above .600. (
  • Memphis is 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games playing on 3 or more days rest and are 6-1-1 ATS in their last 8 games vs. a team with a winning straight up record. (
  • The under is 5-1 in the Grizzlies last 6 games vs. a team with a winning % above .600 and is 23-6-1 in their last 30 games following a S.U. win. (
  • Golden State is 18-6-2 ATS in their last 26 home games vs. a team with a winning road record and are 20-8 ATS in their last 28 games vs. a team with a winning % above .600. (
  • Sacramento State has scored three runs or less in nine straight games, and during that nine-game stretch, the team is batting .200 (45-for-225) with 14 runs scored, 11 extra base hits and 10 RBIs. (
  • Sacramento State is 7-0 when leading after four innings, and 0-11 when trailing after the fourth…the team is 9-4 when scoring first, and 1-9 when the opponent scores the first run of the game…Sacramento State has scored just five first-inning runs, the lowest total of any inning. (
  • RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Flamengo's debut in games played in the state of Rio on Saturday, January 18th, against Macaé, with its U-20 team, will not be broadcast. (
  • Even against a team that was coming off two straight state appearances in Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg, the Bulldogs' plan worked. (
  • The San José State women's basketball team finishes a two-game Mountain West road trip on Saturday afternoon. (
  • Just three years ago, the team was averaging less than 48 points, that's an increase of more than 34 points per game. (
  • San José State has four players among the top-16 scorers in the league, the most of any team. (
  • How have you made sure your guys' focus was on Michigan State, not let that noise infiltrate your team? (
  • Here's a game-by-game preview of what should be an incredibly competitive 8-team tournament. (
  • hockey team that won the state tournament two weeks ago. (
  • Wayzata might be the best-tested team in state having already beaten fellow state tourney teams Anoka, Burnsville and Eden Prairie. (
  • Head coach Bubba Schweigert says they are waiting to see who will be under center this weekend when the team hosts Sacramento State. (
  • In the first meeting between these two teams, Iowa State freshman Lindell Wigginton used his muscular build and explosive quickness to dot the Jayhawks for 27 points in 40 minutes. (
  • Kansas sophomore Svi Mykhailiuk, who had played just seven minutes the last three games, scored nine points off the bench in the Jayhawks' 72-63 win Saturday at Kansas State. (
  • Because of a cut on his head that required 12 stitches to close, Kansas University senior Perry Ellis missed a six-minute stretch of the second half in which the Jayhawks saw a 14-point lead dip to seven against Kansas State in Bramlage Coliseum. (
  • We'll have to do a great job with our plan on third down with the different fronts, keep them off-balance with some of the protections we're using, too," Boise State offensive coordinator Zak Hill said. (
  • 5. I thought new offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti called a good game , especially when it came to getting Best the ball on the perimeter, where he's most effective. (
  • Using advanced algorithms alongside players' game stats, Planet9 pairs you with players of similar skill to help you improve and be challenged. (
  • There's definitely room for players to be the biggest threat to the game world. (
  • Well, they have good players up front," Utah State coach Matt Wells said. (
  • NIS also confirmed that its new game "Disgaea 5 Complete" will also be rolled out for Nintendo Switch players on 23rd of May this year. (
  • As players collaborate in a serious game, mentoring is often needed to facilitate progress and learning [2, 3, (
  • And the 76ers, with their unornamented lineup of role players, qualify as a terrorizing adversary for a plummeting Golden State squad that is a mere two games from being out of the postseason picture altogether. (
  • That is, given a chess board with the pieces arranged legally, encode both this initial state and all subsequent legal moves taken by the players in the game. (
  • Six different Sacramento State players have been hit by two pitches or more. (
  • Such games are usually a version of poker in which players take on each other, rather than playing against the house. (
  • It would have been easy to make a few rash changes after blowing Game 2 but the faith Laurie Daley has shown in his troops will surely rub off on the players. (
  • Nevada) -- Two names have been added to Nevada's "black book," meaning the two craps players are banned from entering casinos in the state after. (
  • The game is not fun, and in fact, is quite frustrating as players try to make it through a typical month faced by low-income, rural residents. (
  • Both players will be on the field for the pre-game coin toss. (
  • One of the state's top players will garner plenty of attention from Anoka as Eden Prairie junior forward Casey Middelstad comes in red hot. (
  • Fortunately for Golden State, the loss of Bogut and Lee was timed nicely with the return of backup center Jermaine O'Neal, who had missed the Dubs' last 26 games nursing a right wrist injury. (
  • SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Sacramento State continues its eight-game homestand this week with five more contests at Shea Stadium. (
  • Sacramento State still has eight home games remaining this month, including a three-game series against conference foe Southern Utah on March 28-29. (
  • Sacramento State is 15-for-17 in stolen base opportunities, including 5-for-6 from Alexa Chattleton and 3-for-3 from Paige Castro . (
  • One of the most productive linebackers in the nation, the Salmon River High graduate has 74 tackles (sixth nationally with 10.6 per game), three sacks, two interceptions and two forced fumbles. (
  • Vander Esch has double-digit tackles in five of the last six games. (
  • The Blues defence was lacking the same intensity in Sydney though and they can't afford to miss tackles like they did in Game 2. (
  • The news Republican Rep. Joe Heck could run for the now-open Nevada Senate seat has shifted the landscape in the Silver State. (
  • For starters, state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson would likely run for Heck's highly competitive House seat instead of the Senate, a Nevada Republican said. (
  • The Wisconsin state senator who won the Republican endorsement last weekend is traveling to 10 party field offices around the state. (
  • Republican State Sen. Becky Harris will become the first woman to chair the state Gaming Control Board after her appointment to the post Friday by Gov. Brian Sandoval. (
  • In 2015, while serving as a Republican state senator from Park, Mills sponsored a bill approved by the Legislature and signed into law by then-Gov. Bobby Jindal that created the legal framework to actually distribute the drug. (
  • Trade was also on the agenda, said Senate Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, Tennessee Republican, but every meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, state police and Politburo members began by asking the Chinese government to make all forms of the synthetic opioid illegal. (
  • Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, said the change will save an "untold number of lives in the United States. (
  • And there's no reason to think that their demeanor would change should they become more famous and a little wealthier, if their success results in a professional women's league in the United States. (
  • Fans can view live stats of all San José State women's basketball games, home and away, by accessing the "Gametracker" feature at (
  • Unleash the gamer inside with supercharged images and VR 1 that's out of this world. (
  • Penn State is encouraging the members of its own community to Blue Out this weekend's game, to dress in shades of blue, the color linked to child abuse awareness , and to turn Beaver Stadium into a sea of support for the kids. (
  • In all, Penn State will make alcohol available to an estimated 4,440 fans attending a Penn State home game in Beaver Stadium, which has a capacity of at least 107,000. (
  • HARRISBURG-The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania will sponsor a collection drive to support the delivery of services to victims of child sexual assault across Pennsylvania and the HERO project Saturday at Beaver Stadium in State College. (
  • The collection drive will be held at the gates of Beaver Stadium and conducted by Penn State student-athletes and members of the student body before the noon kickoff against Nebraska. (
  • Q. Is there anything about a conference title game that's any different from anything in your SEC experience that helped you at all this week? (
  • The Cowboys do have the firepower, though, to put themselves in position for a spot in the Big 12 title game in December. (
  • Taliaferro began taking a full academic course load again at Penn State in the 2001 fall semester while continuing his rehabilitation. (
  • Duke 92, Clemson 62--Robert Brickey and Quin Snyder scored 19 points each and the eighth-ranked Blue Devils broke a 3-game losing streak by routing the Tigers in an Atlantic Coast Conference game at Durham, N.C. (
  • Rice made 7 of 8 shots in leading Michigan (16-4, 4-3) to a 48-33 halftime lead and the Wolverines went on to snap a 2-game losing streak. (
  • Clarke softball has never ever made it to the state tournament," Rams coach Rachel Barry said. (
  • Obviously, the coach, Tony DiCicco, feels pressure to win the World Cup because the United States is the favorite. (
  • A first-year assistant for Golden State, Brown has plenty of experience as former head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers. (
  • Blount punched a Boise State player , Byron Hout , after the game and had to be restrained and escorted to the locker room by former Oregon assistant and current Nebraska head coach Scott Frost along with two police officers. (
  • When I was an assistant at Lafayette, I used to watch Coach Crum's games and steal from him. (
  • Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said fullback Mark Weisman, who has missed the past two games with a groin injury, practiced this week. (
  • As Pastos stated prior FS coach made adjustments. (
  • He went 25-53-2 overall as Kansas State coach. (
  • COACH MEYER: He won't start the game. (
  • We're trying to do some things in practice where we're trying to put them in some of those situations late in games and coach them through making some of the right reads and some of the right plays," he said. (
  • Banked games are those in which the house is funding the game and essentially acting as a participant,which means that the casino has a stake in who wins. (
  • In this game, no one wins. (
  • Ever since her first game back in the 70's Preston has been a Nole looking forward to those great seasons when they are undefeated! (
  • After little more than two seasons, Ta'Rea Cunnigan (Jr., G, Winchester, Calif.) is already in the top-10 of four San José State career categories. (
  • In the last two seasons, OSU is 8-1 in games decided by a touchdown or less. (
  • But we often underestimate the cumulative effect of so many tough-but-winnable games on 18-22-year-olds, and that will catch up with the Pokes in their Oct. 28 trip to Morgantown, as WVU has spoiled big seasons before and will catch OSU right before Bedlam. (