Freedom from exposure to danger and protection from the occurrence or risk of injury or loss. It suggests optimal precautions in the workplace, on the street, in the home, etc., and includes personal safety as well as the safety of property.
The development of systems to prevent accidents, injuries, and other adverse occurrences in an institutional setting. The concept includes prevention or reduction of adverse events or incidents involving employees, patients, or facilities. Examples include plans to reduce injuries from falls or plans for fire safety to promote a safe institutional environment.
Efforts to reduce risk, to address and reduce incidents and accidents that may negatively impact healthcare consumers.
A basis of value established for the measure of quantity, weight, extent or quality, e.g. weight standards, standard solutions, methods, techniques, and procedures used in diagnosis and therapy.
Activities involved in ensuring the safety of FOOD including avoidance of bacterial and other contamination.
Freedom of equipment from actual or potential hazards.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
The minimum acceptable patient care, based on statutes, court decisions, policies, or professional guidelines.
Errors or mistakes committed by health professionals which result in harm to the patient. They include errors in diagnosis (DIAGNOSTIC ERRORS), errors in the administration of drugs and other medications (MEDICATION ERRORS), errors in the performance of surgical procedures, in the use of other types of therapy, in the use of equipment, and in the interpretation of laboratory findings. Medical errors are differentiated from MALPRACTICE in that the former are regarded as honest mistakes or accidents while the latter is the result of negligence, reprehensible ignorance, or criminal intent.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
A method of studying a drug or procedure in which both the subjects and investigators are kept unaware of who is actually getting which specific treatment.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Binary classification measures to assess test results. Sensitivity or recall rate is the proportion of true positives. Specificity is the probability of correctly determining the absence of a condition. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Disorders that result from the intended use of PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS. Included in this heading are a broad variety of chemically-induced adverse conditions due to toxicity, DRUG INTERACTIONS, and metabolic effects of pharmaceuticals.
An institute of the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION which is responsible for assuring safe and healthful working conditions and for developing standards of safety and health. Research activities are carried out pertinent to these goals.
Time schedule for administration of a drug in order to achieve optimum effectiveness and convenience.
Beliefs and values shared by all members of the organization. These shared values, which are subject to change, are reflected in the day to day management of the organization.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
The promotion and maintenance of physical and mental health in the work environment.
Surveillance of drugs, devices, appliances, etc., for efficacy or adverse effects, after they have been released for general sale.
Studies to determine the advantages or disadvantages, practicability, or capability of accomplishing a projected plan, study, or project.
The relationship between the dose of an administered drug and the response of the organism to the drug.
Therapy with two or more separate preparations given for a combined effect.
The giving of drugs, chemicals, or other substances by mouth.
An office in the Department of Labor responsible for developing and establishing occupational safety and health standards.
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Unforeseen occurrences, especially injuries in the course of work-related activities.
Works about pre-planned studies of the safety, efficacy, or optimum dosage schedule (if appropriate) of one or more diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques selected according to predetermined criteria of eligibility and observed for predefined evidence of favorable and unfavorable effects. This concept includes clinical trials conducted both in the U.S. and in other countries.
A system for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality in a product or process by careful planning, use of proper equipment, continued inspection, and corrective action as required. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
The process of minimizing risk to an organization by developing systems to identify and analyze potential hazards to prevent accidents, injuries, and other adverse occurrences, and by attempting to handle events and incidents which do occur in such a manner that their effect and cost are minimized. Effective risk management has its greatest benefits in application to insurance in order to avert or minimize financial liability. (From Slee & Slee: Health care terms, 2d ed)
Determination, by measurement or comparison with a standard, of the correct value of each scale reading on a meter or other measuring instrument; or determination of the settings of a control device that correspond to particular values of voltage, current, frequency or other output.
The long-term (minutes to hours) administration of a fluid into the vein through venipuncture, either by letting the fluid flow by gravity or by pumping it.
An agency of the PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE concerned with the overall planning, promoting, and administering of programs pertaining to maintaining standards of quality of foods, drugs, therapeutic devices, etc.
Any dummy medication or treatment. Although placebos originally were medicinal preparations having no specific pharmacological activity against a targeted condition, the concept has been extended to include treatments or procedures, especially those administered to control groups in clinical trials in order to provide baseline measurements for the experimental protocol.
A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.
A systematic statement of policy rules or principles. Guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by convening expert panels. The text may be cursive or in outline form but is generally a comprehensive guide to problems and approaches in any field of activity. For guidelines in the field of health care and clinical medicine, PRACTICE GUIDELINES AS TOPIC is available.
Levels within a diagnostic group which are established by various measurement criteria applied to the seriousness of a patient's disorder.
Systems developed for collecting reports from government agencies, manufacturers, hospitals, physicians, and other sources on adverse drug reactions.
The degree to which the blood supply for BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS is free of harmful substances or infectious agents, and properly typed and crossmatched (BLOOD GROUPING AND CROSSMATCHING) to insure serological compatibility between BLOOD DONORS and recipients.
An infant during the first month after birth.
Activities and programs intended to assure or improve the quality of care in either a defined medical setting or a program. The concept includes the assessment or evaluation of the quality of care; identification of problems or shortcomings in the delivery of care; designing activities to overcome these deficiencies; and follow-up monitoring to ensure effectiveness of corrective steps.
The use of two or more chemicals simultaneously or sequentially in the drug therapy of neoplasms. The drugs need not be in the same dosage form.
Accidents on streets, roads, and highways involving drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or vehicles. Traffic accidents refer to AUTOMOBILES (passenger cars, buses, and trucks), BICYCLING, and MOTORCYCLES but not OFF-ROAD MOTOR VEHICLES; RAILROADS nor snowmobiles.
Studies determining the effectiveness or value of processes, personnel, and equipment, or the material on conducting such studies. For drugs and devices, CLINICAL TRIALS AS TOPIC; DRUG EVALUATION; and DRUG EVALUATION, PRECLINICAL are available.
Damage inflicted on the body as the direct or indirect result of an external force, with or without disruption of structural continuity.
A method in which either the observer(s) or the subject(s) is kept ignorant of the group to which the subjects are assigned.
In screening and diagnostic tests, the probability that a person with a positive test is a true positive (i.e., has the disease), is referred to as the predictive value of a positive test; whereas, the predictive value of a negative test is the probability that the person with a negative test does not have the disease. Predictive value is related to the sensitivity and specificity of the test.
Substances that inhibit or prevent the proliferation of NEOPLASMS.
Single preparations containing two or more active agents, for the purpose of their concurrent administration as a fixed dose mixture.
Liquid chromatographic techniques which feature high inlet pressures, high sensitivity, and high speed.
Errors in prescribing, dispensing, or administering medication with the result that the patient fails to receive the correct drug or the indicated proper drug dosage.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
A statistical means of summarizing information from a series of measurements on one individual. It is frequently used in clinical pharmacology where the AUC from serum levels can be interpreted as the total uptake of whatever has been administered. As a plot of the concentration of a drug against time, after a single dose of medicine, producing a standard shape curve, it is a means of comparing the bioavailability of the same drug made by different companies. (From Winslade, Dictionary of Clinical Research, 1992)
The range or frequency distribution of a measurement in a population (of organisms, organs or things) that has not been selected for the presence of disease or abnormality.
New abnormal growth of tissue. Malignant neoplasms show a greater degree of anaplasia and have the properties of invasion and metastasis, compared to benign neoplasms.
Substances that reduce the growth or reproduction of BACTERIA.
Pathologic processes that affect patients after a surgical procedure. They may or may not be related to the disease for which the surgery was done, and they may or may not be direct results of the surgery.
The effect of environmental or physiological factors on the driver and driving ability. Included are driving fatigue, and the effect of drugs, disease, and physical disabilities on driving.
Antibodies produced by a single clone of cells.
The return of a sign, symptom, or disease after a remission.
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Restraining belts fastened to the frame of automobiles, aircraft, or other vehicles, and strapped around the person occupying the seat in the car or plane, intended to prevent the person from being thrown forward or out of the vehicle in case of sudden deceleration.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
Antibodies from non-human species whose protein sequences have been modified to make them nearly identical with human antibodies. If the constant region and part of the variable region are replaced, they are called humanized. If only the constant region is modified they are called chimeric. INN names for humanized antibodies end in -zumab.
A usually four-wheeled automotive vehicle designed for passenger transportation and commonly propelled by an internal-combustion engine using a volatile fuel. (Webster, 1973)
Non-invasive method of demonstrating internal anatomy based on the principle that atomic nuclei in a strong magnetic field absorb pulses of radiofrequency energy and emit them as radiowaves which can be reconstructed into computerized images. The concept includes proton spin tomographic techniques.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
Tomography using x-ray transmission and a computer algorithm to reconstruct the image.
Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
A class of statistical procedures for estimating the survival function (function of time, starting with a population 100% well at a given time and providing the percentage of the population still well at later times). The survival analysis is then used for making inferences about the effects of treatments, prognostic factors, exposures, and other covariates on the function.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
Studies comparing two or more treatments or interventions in which the subjects or patients, upon completion of the course of one treatment, are switched to another. In the case of two treatments, A and B, half the subjects are randomly allocated to receive these in the order A, B and half to receive them in the order B, A. A criticism of this design is that effects of the first treatment may carry over into the period when the second is given. (Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents that occurs as a result of one's occupation.
Application of statistical procedures to analyze specific observed or assumed facts from a particular study.
The failure by the observer to measure or identify a phenomenon accurately, which results in an error. Sources for this may be due to the observer's missing an abnormality, or to faulty technique resulting in incorrect test measurement, or to misinterpretation of the data. Two varieties are inter-observer variation (the amount observers vary from one another when reporting on the same material) and intra-observer variation (the amount one observer varies between observations when reporting more than once on the same material).
Statistical formulations or analyses which, when applied to data and found to fit the data, are then used to verify the assumptions and parameters used in the analysis. Examples of statistical models are the linear model, binomial model, polynomial model, two-parameter model, etc.
Extensive collections, reputedly complete, of facts and data garnered from material of a specialized subject area and made available for analysis and application. The collection can be automated by various contemporary methods for retrieval. The concept should be differentiated from DATABASES, BIBLIOGRAPHIC which is restricted to collections of bibliographic references.
Precise and detailed plans for the study of a medical or biomedical problem and/or plans for a regimen of therapy.
The analysis of an activity, procedure, method, technique, or business to determine what must be accomplished and how the necessary operations may best be accomplished.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
Management of the internal organization of the hospital.
Process that is gone through in order for a drug to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required pre-clinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance of the drug.
The proportion of survivors in a group, e.g., of patients, studied and followed over a period, or the proportion of persons in a specified group alive at the beginning of a time interval who survive to the end of the interval. It is often studied using life table methods.
Period after successful treatment in which there is no appearance of the symptoms or effects of the disease.
Statistical models in which the value of a parameter for a given value of a factor is assumed to be equal to a + bx, where a and b are constants. The models predict a linear regression.
A generic concept reflecting concern with the modification and enhancement of life attributes, e.g., physical, political, moral and social environment; the overall condition of a human life.
The maximum exposure to a biologically active physical or chemical agent that is allowed during an 8-hour period (a workday) in a population of workers, or during a 24-hour period in the general population, which does not appear to cause appreciable harm, whether immediate or delayed for any period, in the target population. (From Lewis Dictionary of Toxicology, 1st ed)
Equipment and furniture used by infants and babies in the home, car, and play area.
Certification as complying with a standard set by non-governmental organizations, applied for by institutions, programs, and facilities on a voluntary basis.
Injections made into a vein for therapeutic or experimental purposes.
The interaction of persons or groups of persons representing various nations in the pursuit of a common goal or interest.
Preclinical testing of drugs in experimental animals or in vitro for their biological and toxic effects and potential clinical applications.
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
In vitro method for producing large amounts of specific DNA or RNA fragments of defined length and sequence from small amounts of short oligonucleotide flanking sequences (primers). The essential steps include thermal denaturation of the double-stranded target molecules, annealing of the primers to their complementary sequences, and extension of the annealed primers by enzymatic synthesis with DNA polymerase. The reaction is efficient, specific, and extremely sensitive. Uses for the reaction include disease diagnosis, detection of difficult-to-isolate pathogens, mutation analysis, genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and analyzing evolutionary relationships.
Examination of foods to assure wholesome and clean products free from unsafe microbes or chemical contamination, natural or added deleterious substances, and decomposition during production, processing, packaging, etc.
A class of statistical methods applicable to a large set of probability distributions used to test for correlation, location, independence, etc. In most nonparametric statistical tests, the original scores or observations are replaced by another variable containing less information. An important class of nonparametric tests employs the ordinal properties of the data. Another class of tests uses information about whether an observation is above or below some fixed value such as the median, and a third class is based on the frequency of the occurrence of runs in the data. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed, p1284; Corsini, Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology, 1987, p764-5)
An array of tests used to determine the toxicity of a substance to living systems. These include tests on clinical drugs, foods, and environmental pollutants.
Expendable and nonexpendable equipment, supplies, apparatus, and instruments that are used in diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, scientific, and experimental procedures.
Facilities equipped to carry out investigative procedures.
Methods of creating machines and devices.
Disease having a short and relatively severe course.
A nonparametric method of compiling LIFE TABLES or survival tables. It combines calculated probabilities of survival and estimates to allow for observations occurring beyond a measurement threshold, which are assumed to occur randomly. Time intervals are defined as ending each time an event occurs and are therefore unequal. (From Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1995)
Any enterprise centered on the processing, assembly, production, or marketing of a line of products, services, commodities, or merchandise, in a particular field often named after its principal product. Examples include the automobile, fishing, music, publishing, insurance, and textile industries.
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
Measurable and quantifiable biological parameters (e.g., specific enzyme concentration, specific hormone concentration, specific gene phenotype distribution in a population, presence of biological substances) which serve as indices for health- and physiology-related assessments, such as disease risk, psychiatric disorders, environmental exposure and its effects, disease diagnosis, metabolic processes, substance abuse, pregnancy, cell line development, epidemiologic studies, etc.
Bleeding or escape of blood from a vessel.
A prediction of the probable outcome of a disease based on a individual's condition and the usual course of the disease as seen in similar situations.
The process of observing, recording, or detecting the effects of a chemical substance administered to an individual therapeutically or diagnostically.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Aid for consistent recording of data such as tasks completed and observations noted.
Organizations comprising wage and salary workers in health-related fields for the purpose of improving their status and conditions. The concept includes labor union activities toward providing health services to members.
The capability to perform acceptably those duties directly related to patient care.
Research aimed at assessing the quality and effectiveness of health care as measured by the attainment of a specified end result or outcome. Measures include parameters such as improved health, lowered morbidity or mortality, and improvement of abnormal states (such as elevated blood pressure).
Criteria and standards used for the determination of the appropriateness of the inclusion of patients with specific conditions in proposed treatment plans and the criteria used for the inclusion of subjects in various clinical trials and other research protocols.
The levels of excellence which characterize the health service or health care provided based on accepted standards of quality.
Drugs that are used to treat RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS.
An approach of practicing medicine with the goal to improve and evaluate patient care. It requires the judicious integration of best research evidence with the patient's values to make decisions about medical care. This method is to help physicians make proper diagnosis, devise best testing plan, choose best treatment and methods of disease prevention, as well as develop guidelines for large groups of patients with the same disease. (from JAMA 296 (9), 2006)
A specialized agency of the United Nations designed as a coordinating authority on international health work; its aim is to promote the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all peoples.
A distribution in which a variable is distributed like the sum of the squares of any given independent random variable, each of which has a normal distribution with mean of zero and variance of one. The chi-square test is a statistical test based on comparison of a test statistic to a chi-square distribution. The oldest of these tests are used to detect whether two or more population distributions differ from one another.
The mass or quantity of heaviness of an individual. It is expressed by units of pounds or kilograms.
Diseases which have one or more of the following characteristics: they are permanent, leave residual disability, are caused by nonreversible pathological alteration, require special training of the patient for rehabilitation, or may be expected to require a long period of supervision, observation, or care. (Dictionary of Health Services Management, 2d ed)
The science of designing, building or equipping mechanical devices or artificial environments to the anthropometric, physiological, or psychological requirements of the people who will use them.
A technique of inputting two-dimensional images into a computer and then enhancing or analyzing the imagery into a form that is more useful to the human observer.
Risk or hazard associated with the handling and use of chemicals.
Includes the spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus infections that range from asymptomatic seropositivity, thru AIDS-related complex (ARC), to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
Agents that prevent clotting.
Agents that suppress immune function by one of several mechanisms of action. Classical cytotoxic immunosuppressants act by inhibiting DNA synthesis. Others may act through activation of T-CELLS or by inhibiting the activation of HELPER CELLS. While immunosuppression has been brought about in the past primarily to prevent rejection of transplanted organs, new applications involving mediation of the effects of INTERLEUKINS and other CYTOKINES are emerging.
Concentrated pharmaceutical preparations of plants obtained by removing active constituents with a suitable solvent, which is evaporated away, and adjusting the residue to a prescribed standard.
Forceful administration under the skin of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through a hollow needle piercing the skin.
Tumors or cancer of the human BREAST.
The highest dose of a biologically active agent given during a chronic study that will not reduce longevity from effects other than carcinogenicity. (from Lewis Dictionary of Toxicology, 1st ed)
The worsening of a disease over time. This concept is most often used for chronic and incurable diseases where the stage of the disease is an important determinant of therapy and prognosis.
Scales, questionnaires, tests, and other methods used to assess pain severity and duration in patients or experimental animals to aid in diagnosis, therapy, and physiological studies.
Laws and regulations concerned with industrial processing and marketing of foods.
A measure of the quality of health care by assessment of unsuccessful results of management and procedures used in combating disease, in individual cases or series.
Commercially prepared reagent sets, with accessory devices, containing all of the major components and literature necessary to perform one or more designated diagnostic tests or procedures. They may be for laboratory or personal use.
The presence in food of harmful, unpalatable, or otherwise objectionable foreign substances, e.g. chemicals, microorganisms or diluents, before, during, or after processing or storage.
The science and art of collecting, summarizing, and analyzing data that are subject to random variation. The term is also applied to the data themselves and to the summarization of the data.
Committees established to review interim data and efficacy outcomes in clinical trials. The findings of these committees are used in deciding whether a trial should be continued as designed, changed, or terminated. Government regulations regarding federally-funded research involving human subjects (the "Common Rule") require (45 CFR 46.111) that research ethics committees reviewing large-scale clinical trials monitor the data collected using a mechanism such as a data monitoring committee. FDA regulations (21 CFR 50.24) require that such committees be established to monitor studies conducted in emergency settings.
The relative equivalency in the efficacy of different modes of treatment of a disease, most often used to compare the efficacy of different pharmaceuticals to treat a given disease.
Any tests that demonstrate the relative efficacy of different chemotherapeutic agents against specific microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, viruses).
Introduction of substances into the body using a needle and syringe.
Proteins prepared by recombinant DNA technology.
A microanalytical technique combining mass spectrometry and gas chromatography for the qualitative as well as quantitative determinations of compounds.
Use of written, printed, or graphic materials upon or accompanying a drug container or wrapper. It includes contents, indications, effects, dosages, routes, methods, frequency and duration of administration, warnings, hazards, contraindications, side effects, precautions, and other relevant information.
Facilities equipped for performing surgery.
Procedures for collecting, preserving, and transporting of specimens sufficiently stable to provide accurate and precise results suitable for clinical interpretation.
Forceful administration into a muscle of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through a hollow needle piercing the muscle and any tissue covering it.
The collective designation of three organizations with common membership: the European Economic Community (Common Market), the European Coal and Steel Community, and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). It was known as the European Community until 1994. It is primarily an economic union with the principal objectives of free movement of goods, capital, and labor. Professional services, social, medical and paramedical, are subsumed under labor. The constituent countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. (The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1997, p842)
Exercise of governmental authority to control conduct.
Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
The evaluation of incidents involving the loss of function of a device. These evaluations are used for a variety of purposes such as to determine the failure rates, the causes of failures, costs of failures, and the reliability and maintainability of devices.
Drugs intended for human or veterinary use, presented in their finished dosage form. Included here are materials used in the preparation and/or formulation of the finished dosage form.
The degree to which the individual regards the health care service or product or the manner in which it is delivered by the provider as useful, effective, or beneficial.
Substances that destroy fungi by suppressing their ability to grow or reproduce. They differ from FUNGICIDES, INDUSTRIAL because they defend against fungi present in human or animal tissues.
Conformity in fulfilling or following official, recognized, or institutional requirements, guidelines, recommendations, protocols, pathways, or other standards.
Dosage forms of a drug that act over a period of time by controlled-release processes or technology.
An unpleasant sensation in the stomach usually accompanied by the urge to vomit. Common causes are early pregnancy, sea and motion sickness, emotional stress, intense pain, food poisoning, and various enteroviruses.
Elements, compounds, mixtures, or solutions that are considered severely harmful to human health and the environment. They include substances that are toxic, corrosive, flammable, or explosive.
An agency of the PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE established in 1990 to "provide indexing, abstracting, translating, publishing, and other services leading to a more effective and timely dissemination of information on research, demonstration projects, and evaluations with respect to health care to public and private entities and individuals engaged in the improvement of health care delivery..." It supersedes the National Center for Health Services Research. The United States Agency for Health Care Policy and Research was renamed Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) under the Healthcare Research and Quality Act of 1999.
Administration of vaccines to stimulate the host's immune response. This includes any preparation intended for active immunological prophylaxis.
Failure of equipment to perform to standard. The failure may be due to defects or improper use.
Use of plants or herbs to treat diseases or to alleviate pain.
A series of steps taken in order to conduct research.
The quality or state of relating to or affecting two or more nations. (After Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
Place or physical location of work or employment.
Chromatographic techniques in which the mobile phase is a liquid.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
The monitoring of the level of toxins, chemical pollutants, microbial contaminants, or other harmful substances in the environment (soil, air, and water), workplace, or in the bodies of people and animals present in that environment.
The attainment or process of attaining a new level of performance or quality.
Provision of physical and biological barriers to the dissemination of potentially hazardous biologically active agents (bacteria, viruses, recombinant DNA, etc.). Physical containment involves the use of special equipment, facilities, and procedures to prevent the escape of the agent. Biological containment includes use of immune personnel and the selection of agents and hosts that will minimize the risk should the agent escape the containment facility.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
The continuous measurement of physiological processes, blood pressure, heart rate, renal output, reflexes, respiration, etc., in a patient or experimental animal; includes pharmacologic monitoring, the measurement of administered drugs or their metabolites in the blood, tissues, or urine.
A group of pathological conditions characterized by sudden, non-convulsive loss of neurological function due to BRAIN ISCHEMIA or INTRACRANIAL HEMORRHAGES. Stroke is classified by the type of tissue NECROSIS, such as the anatomic location, vasculature involved, etiology, age of the affected individual, and hemorrhagic vs. non-hemorrhagic nature. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp777-810)
Recording of the moment-to-moment electromotive forces of the HEART as projected onto various sites on the body's surface, delineated as a scalar function of time. The recording is monitored by a tracing on slow moving chart paper or by observing it on a cardioscope, which is a CATHODE RAY TUBE DISPLAY.
Polymers of ETHYLENE OXIDE and water, and their ethers. They vary in consistency from liquid to solid depending on the molecular weight indicated by a number following the name. They are used as SURFACTANTS, dispersing agents, solvents, ointment and suppository bases, vehicles, and tablet excipients. Some specific groups are NONOXYNOLS, OCTOXYNOLS, and POLOXAMERS.
On the job training programs for personnel carried out within an institution or agency. It includes orientation programs.
Methods which attempt to express in replicable terms the extent of the neoplasm in the patient.
The time it takes for a substance (drug, radioactive nuclide, or other) to lose half of its pharmacologic, physiologic, or radiologic activity.
The process of generating three-dimensional images by electronic, photographic, or other methods. For example, three-dimensional images can be generated by assembling multiple tomographic images with the aid of a computer, while photographic 3-D images (HOLOGRAPHY) can be made by exposing film to the interference pattern created when two laser light sources shine on an object.
Suspensions of killed or attenuated microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa), antigenic proteins, synthetic constructs, or other bio-molecular derivatives, administered for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of infectious and other diseases.
A method of measuring the effects of a biologically active substance using an intermediate in vivo or in vitro tissue or cell model under controlled conditions. It includes virulence studies in animal fetuses in utero, mouse convulsion bioassay of insulin, quantitation of tumor-initiator systems in mouse skin, calculation of potentiating effects of a hormonal factor in an isolated strip of contracting stomach muscle, etc.
Devices that provide support for tubular structures that are being anastomosed or for body cavities during skin grafting.
ISBN 978-1-4557-4547-0. Subrahmanyam, M; Mohan, S (2013). "Safety Features in Anaesthesia Machine". Indian Journal of ... "Standards for Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care: Report of the Intercollegiate Advisory Committee for Sedation ... Oxygen fail safe mechanism is the most important safety feature of the equipment used in inhalation sedation. Nitrous oxide ... A pin index safety system prevents incorrectly fitting the two cylinders. In addition, the cylinders are colour coded, which ...
Business Standard India. Retrieved 22 January 2018. "Why India Needed The Road Transport And Safety Bill , Features". NDTV- ... Comment, Business Standard Editorial (11 December 2014). "The road to safety". Business Standard India. Retrieved 22 January ... "Reducing Road Deaths: How The Mumbai-Pune Expressway Got A Lot Safer , Features". NDTV-Diageo Road To Safety. 27 February 2017 ... Besides providing information on traffic fines, safety tips, nearest emergency network systems, the app has a feature called ...
"A burning question of public safety" (PDF). The Standard, August 29, 1988. "Hope and Squalor at Chungking ... Mansion - Features". World Hum. Retrieved September 16, 2013. Pereira, Ian; David, Adrian (May 7, 2001). "Painful memories of ... Fung, May; So, Sanna (January 26, 1997). "Black days in HK's history". The Standard. Hong Kong. Archived from the original on ... Chow, W.K.; Lui, Gigi C.H. (December 1, 2002). "Fire safety facilities assessment for karaokes". Facilities. Emerald Publishing ...
In the United-States, in 2018, lane centering systems are not covered by any Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, according ... "2019 Kia Niro EV Features & Options". Retrieved February 10, 2019. Lane following assist standard on both ... "Toyota Expanding its Industry-Leading Safety Technology Package with Second Generation Toyota Safety Sense™" (Press release). ... Features that differentiate systems are how well they perform on turns, speed limitations and whether the system resumes from a ...
The same minimum standards for patient safety apply regardless of the provider, including continuous clinical and biometric ... Subrahmanyam M, Mohan S (September 2013). "Safety features in anaesthesia machine". Indian Journal of Anaesthesia. 57 (5): 472- ... Standards for Basic Anesthetic Monitoring. Committee of Origin: Standards and Practice Parameters (Approved by the ASA House of ... that the safety features are active and the electrical hazards are removed. Intravenous anesthetic is delivered either by bolus ...
Furthermore, different standards may apply for operators of airports, harbors or industrial plants. It is preferable for a fire ... Parking is prohibited in fire lanes to ensure the access of safety equipment to the structure in the event of an emergency. ... "Chapter 5. Fire Operations Features". New York City Fire Code. Retrieved 2021-01-30. 503.4 Fire lanes. It shall be unlawful to ... Bus lane High-occupancy vehicle lane Standard for Fire Protection Infrastructure for Land Development in Wildland, Rural, and ...
"Reducing Road Deaths: How The Mumbai-Pune Expressway Got A Lot Safer , Features". NDTV-Diageo Road To Safety. 2017-02-27. ... IANS (2014-07-03). "Think-tank recommends road safety law". Business Standard India. Retrieved 2018-01-23. "Lok Sabha Passes ... In 2017, a bill recommended by SLF to improve road safety in the country was passed by the Lok Sabha. SLF is now focusing on ... He is a commentator on Road Safety in Indian media and has been covered by the New York Times, TIME Magazine, and National ...
The standard by which all roadside safety features are measured is contained within the National Cooperative Highway Research ... A roadside safety hardware feature must undergo rigorous safety testing before it can be used on the National Highway System ( ... Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Features. National Cooperative Highway Research Program ... Missouri Standard Plans for Highway Construction. Design Division, Engineering Policy Section, 2006. Ross, H.E. Jr., D.L. ...
All other gun safety procedures must still be followed. Identilock provides an extra safety feature. Identilock requires nearly ... Identilock is not a replacement for standard gun safety procedures. ... Identilock can be categorized as a bio-metric technology or as a gun safety technology, but is not properly included as a smart ... Identilock is a firearm safety device, created by Michigan engineer Omer Kiyani. Identilock is a gun attachment that covers and ...
Other standard features added in the refresh include standard wireless phone charger and USB port for rear passengers. The ... Safety features include antilock brakes, stability control, traction control, front side-impact airbags, full-length curtain ... Standard features in U.S. models included anti-lock braking system/electronic stability control/traction control system as well ... A mid-trim SEL trim level was also added for 2018, with standard features such as Hyundai Blue Link in-vehicle telematics ...
On the Windsor, standard equipment included a cigarette lighter, map lights, and new for 1961, a safety padded dash. 1961 was ... It had two features. One was the speed-warning feature that the driver would turn the knob to set a certain speed. Then, when ... Mid-year, dual headlights became standard. Front head room grew to 35.7 inches. Safety equipment was optional on the Windsor. ... The other feature was the actual cruise control. It was activated by pressing on the speed-set knob. The Windsor made up 42.36 ...
The pistol features a two-position thumb safety. One position locks the slide while the other position locks the slide in the ... Lee, Jerry (17 January 2012). Standard Catalog of Handguns. Iola, Wisconsin: Gun Digest Books. p. 53. ISBN 1-4402-3009-9. Wood ...
Standard features[edit]. Standard features of the Cadillac Escalade includes air conditioning with tri-zone climate controls, ... Safety[edit]. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2007-08 Escalade models had the highest fatality rate of ... The dashboard was also updated, and the Cadillac CUE system is added as a standard feature, along with an updated security ... Rear-wheel drive was standard, as was a 5.3 L V8, All-wheel drive was standard on the ESV and EXT and was optional on the short ...
Safety improvements include standard side-impact airbags and strengthened B-pillars. Driver assist safety features are located ... Standard cloth seating surfaces are standard on Sport and Sport "S", while upgraded Premium Cloth seating surfaces are standard ... The engine features an Aisin AL6 six-speed manual transmission as standard equipment, with an 850RE Torqueflite eight-speed ... The base Sport and upgraded Sport S both feature the standard Uconnect 3 5.0BT system, while the uplevel Sahara and Rubicon ...
Standard safety features Driver airbag (from 1990 in the US only; optional on 1990-1991 Canadian models, standard 1992-1993) ... the only features were heated front seats, power steering and the standard heating systems. The Torslanda was sold outside of ... which was a prototype experiment in car safety. The overall safety of the driver and passengers in the event of a crash was ... It had fog lights in the grille as standard and a front spoiler. For the first time in a Volvo the headlining was black. The ...
The Kicks features a standard touchscreen audio system with Bluetooth for hands-free calling and wireless stereo audio ... "Nissan Kicks". Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Retrieved 10 September 2018. "TestTécnico: Nissan Kicks y su alto riesgo ... Dunham, Nancy (23 January 2021). "2021 Nissan Kicks Overview: Trim Levels, Standard Features, New Tech & More". Automoblog. ... It features an updated look with reworked front fascia and tail lights. The Kicks e-Power combines a HR12DE 1.2-litre 3- ...
"2008 Ford Taurus features more power, style, and more standard safety features". Media. February 7, 2007. Archived ... The SHO model featured revised styling elements. Refinements were made to the 3.5 EcoBoost V6. Power in the 3.5L V6, standard ... The 2008 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable were awarded the Top Safety Pick ratings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( ... came with a greater number of features as standard equipment. The Taurus was well received by both the public and the press. It ...
"2008 Ford Taurus features more power, style, and more standard safety features". Media. February 7, 2007. Archived ... The interior featured a revised radio faceplate with chrome trim around the buttons, a new double-tiered bin in the center ... Each trim level features new wheels. Ford's chief designer Peter Horbury noted that the Five Hundred's styling had been ... Notably the 5G Taurus features Ford's SYNC system, developed by Microsoft, which accepts voice commands and can connect the ...
The train also reduces energy consumption, and adopts a standard parts design. It also has reinforced safety features compared ... "Chinese Standard Debuts New Speed of 350 km/h". People's Daily Online. 1 July 2015. "China's Standard high-speed EMU enters ... "350km/h China Standard EMU Rolled Off the Line". China Railway. 30 June 2015. "China EMU train linking Datong and Xi'an passes ... Additional features include snowboard storage and urine sampling areas. The trains are manufactured by CRRC Changchun Railway ...
Head protection conforms to the latest 2009 F1 standards. Amongst many other detailed safety features, roadwheel tethers are ... The F2 car features a "push to pass/defend" overboost, with 450 brake horsepower (336 kW; 456 PS) being available for a maximum ... Whereas the engine in the FPA car primarily uses standard road car components, the Audi F2 engine has been developed as a pure ... The turbocharger is an all new Garrett GT35 unit featuring roller bearings for improved response, with an external wastegate ...
This safety feature first appeared[when?] on cars built by General Motors after an extensive and very public lobbying campaign ... In the United states, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 203 and 204 are related to Impact protection for the driver from ... For safety reasons all modern cars feature a collapsible steering column (energy absorbing steering column) which will collapse ... This feature is gradually becoming more common. Four-wheel steering is a system employed by some vehicles to improve steering ...
Safety of children's sleep bags. Safety requirements and test methods. Types And Features Of Sleeping Bags (Extended Guide). ... The definition used in the British Standard for safety of children's sleep bags is "sleep bags for the use of children with a ... 2016 standard replaced the EN 13537 standard. TheA test, relying on a heated mannequin, provides four temperatures: the upper ... There is no standard measurement rating in the U.S., so a 20° bag from one company may not provide the same warmth as a 20° ...
... provided that safety features and earthing are correctly installed. The Australian standards are widely used and cited. It has ... Other standard features include automatic reclosing circuit breakers (reclosers). Most faults (overcurrent) are transient. ... SWER avoids lines clashing in wind, a substantial fire-safety feature, but a problem surfaced in the official investigation ... power in the region's standard appliance voltages, with the 0 volt line connected to a safety earth that does not normally ...
Additional standard safety features include Ultra-sonic rear parking assist, and backup camera. Optional safety features ... The exterior features Buick's "VentiPorts" and the "Sweepspear", Buick styling features dating to 1949. The interior is defined ... In 2000, Buick showcased a LaCrosse concept featuring styling features that harkened back to Buicks of the late 1940s, such as ... The 2017 LaCrosse received a Top Safety Pick in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Crashworthiness test and a Poor ...
The Suprima S Standard loses some equipment and trim, including several safety features, and offers several new, albeit ... The most significant omissions in the Suprima S Standard are its safety features; it is only equipped with dual front airbags, ... all Suprima units came standard with all of its engineered safety features at launch, whereas the MDM Prevé Premium trim was ... MDM Prevé has since been updated for the 2014 model year and currently offers all of its engineered safety features as standard ...
The second generation has improved quality interior with more safety features as standard. The Freelander 2 features a modified ... The new Freelander features higher ground clearance and off-road capabilities that are closer to other Land Rover models. ... In the United Kingdom, the standard engine is the Ford 2.2-litre diesel. The TD4 version of the engine produces 150 hp (110 kW ... A Ford 3.2-litre inline six-cylinder engine producing 230 hp (170 kW) is standard, with a six-speed automatic transmission and ...
Casey set about revising the standard designs for barracks. A number of new features were added to improve comfort, safety, and ... It was discovered that the standard 63-man barracks was now too small. Of the 81 companies in the new triangular division, 51 ...
The glossy monthly features information about child health, safety, behavior, discipline and education. The first issue was ... "The Smart Investor". Retrieved 2018-06-20. "Every third child is bullied in school, shows ... ParentCircle, published by Shri Harini Media Ltd, is an Indian mass circulation monthly magazine that features information on ... Reporter, B. S. (2015-09-02). "Parent Circle magazine launches online social platform for parenting". Business Standard India. ...
Standard safety features included dual front airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and traction control. Dual-way power sunroofs ... In 1985, the standard engine switched from 2.2 L I4 to Mitsubishi-sourced 2.6 L I4. New standard interior features included an ... LHS came with almost all of New Yorker's optional features as standard equipment and featured the firmer tuned suspension, to ... The standard model had a 195 hp (145 kW) output while the DeLuxe was rated at 235 hp (175 kW). Although introduced very late in ...
Lambert, Fred (May 31, 2019). "Tesla removes Homelink from standard Model 3 features, now a $300 aftermarket product". electrek ... In late 2019, the Model 3 was also named a Top Safety Pick+ by the IIHS. The Model 3 also won Car of the Year in Denmark, Car ... The Model 3 Standard Range Plus version delivers an EPA-rated all-electric range of 263 miles (423 km) and the Long Range ... "The $35,000 Standard Range Tesla Model 3 is a Lie". EVBite. April 22, 2019. Archived from the original on September 29, 2019. ...
Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 2006 *^ Mannion, M. "Frankenstein Foods" The Journal of the Mindshift Institute, ... Corn starch-filled, glucose-sweetened pie with made with sub-standard canned pineapple, artificial (citric acid) lemon flavor ... The authors also question the value of statements made by scientists who vouch for the safety of products, citing the example ... of a dean of the College of Pharmacy of Columbia University who had vouched for the safety of a drug that later proved fatal to ...
... occupational health and safety standards, complaint procedures, rules governing status of employees including promotions, just ... Dvorak, J., Karnite, R., Guogis, A. (2018). The Characteristic Features of Social Dialogue in the Baltics. STEPP: Socialinė ... The Australian labour movement generally sought to end child labour practices, improve worker safety, increase wages for both ... The United States takes a more laissez-faire approach, setting some minimum standards but leaving most workers' wages and ...
Department of Public Safety[edit]. The USMMA Department of Public Safety is a full-service law enforcement agency responsible ... Campaign ribbons from all the conflicts in which midshipmen have taken part help to dress the battle standard.[dead link][8] ... "Department of Public Safety". USMMA. Retrieved July 3, 2013.. *^ "Crime Awareness and Campus Security: Campus Crime Report". ... The Merchant Marine Academy is the only Federal Service Academy granted the right to do so, and the standard is carried with ...
... and there is little regulation as to standards and safety of their contents.[74] This may include use of known toxic substances ... The shared feature is a claim to heal that is not based on the scientific method. Alternative medicine practices are diverse in ... Adequacy of regulation and CAM safety. Many of the claims regarding the safety and efficacy of alternative medicine are ... WHO Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Chiropractic (PDF). Geneva: WHO. 2005. ISBN 978-9241593717. .. ...
One unique feature about the French braid is that an individual can braid their own hair without the help of others. The ...
m Safety‎; 23:26 . . (-7)‎ . . ‎. InedibleHulk. (talk , contribs)‎ (→‎Safety measures: Implied.). *(diff , hist) . . m Safety ... International Standard Book Number‎; 03:15 . . (+24)‎ . . ‎. Wtmitchell. (talk , contribs)‎ (→‎{{anchor,Cancelled ISBN}}Errors ... talk , contribs)‎ (→‎Types of safety: Simple headers, nothing's important.). *(diff , hist) . . m Disability Living Allowance ... International Standard Book Number‎; 03:27 . . (-24)‎ . . ‎. Nyttend. (talk , contribs)‎ (See WorldCat search results generated ...
SafetyEdit. PET scanning is non-invasive, but it does involve exposure to ionizing radiation.[3] ... 18F-FDG, which is now the standard radiotracer used for PET neuroimaging and cancer patient management,[25] has an effective ... The minimization of radiation dose to the subject is an attractive feature of the use of short-lived radionuclides. Besides its ... standard FDG-PET of the brain, which measures regional glucose use, may also be successfully used to differentiate Alzheimer's ...
"Ebolavirus - Pathogen Safety Data Sheets". Public Health Agency of Canada. 17 September 2001. Archived from the original on 20 ... Ansari AA (September 2014). "Clinical features and pathobiology of Ebolavirus infection". J Autoimmun. 55: 1-9. doi:10.1016/j. ... Standard support. A hospital isolation ward in Gulu, Uganda, during the October 2000 outbreak ... "Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Archived from the original on 9 November 2014. Retrieved 9 November 2014. ...
Features[edit]. Beginning in the 1980s, many states received waivers from the federal government to create Medicaid managed ... However AFDC has differing eligibility standards that depend on: *The Low-Income Wage Rate: State welfare programs base the ... Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (2005). *Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (2009) ... SSI coverage is largely consistent by state, and requirements on how to qualify or what benefits are provided are standard. ...
Limited evidence supports comedo extraction, but it is an option for comedones that do not improve with standard treatment.[8][ ... Typical features of acne include increased secretion of oily sebum by the skin, microcomedones, comedones, papules, nodules ( ... Leyden JJ, Sniukiene V, Berk DR, Kaoukhov A (March 2018). "Efficacy and Safety of Sarecycline, a Novel, Once-Daily, Narrow ... Typical features of the condition include blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and possible scarring.[1][2][11] It ...
However, this may not automatically ensure safety from violence.[48] Japan[edit]. As of 2016, no laws were in place regarding ... a b Kate Wheeling: Stalled Out: How Social Bias Is Segregating America's Bathrooms - The Pacific Standard ... In March 2017 Yelp announced that they will add a unisex public toilet finder feature on their app. Yelp was one of over 50 ... Moreover, women of color and poor women were often denied the safety and privacy that sex-separation afforded[citation needed] ...
Based on its safety and effectiveness in clinical trials,[42] rituximab was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ... link with non-standard subpage. *Drugs with non-standard legal status ... There is some evidence for efficacy, but not necessarily safety, in a range of other autoimmune diseases, and rituximab is ... McGinley, MP; Moss, BP; Cohen, JA (January 2017). "Safety of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis". ...
The use of basic technology is also a feature of other animal species apart from humans. These include primates such as ... Electricity consumption and living standards are highly correlated.[1] Electrification is believed to be the most important ... and safety.[citation needed] ...
However the safety of this technique has not been fully assessed; hearing impairment, stress reactions and other effects should ... No clear differences in cerebral palsy, infant mortality or other standard measures of neonatal wellbeing, neither on any ... but with no pathological features. Pathological: High probability of hypoxia/acidosis, requires immediate action to correct ... are strongly predictive of normal fetal acid-base status at the time of observation and the fetus can be followed in a standard ...
"清酒の製法品質表示基準」の概要" [Summary of Sake brewing quality labeling standard] (in Japanese). National Tax Agency Japan.. ... As kōji-kin is a microorganism used to manufacture food, its safety profile with respect to humans and the environment in sake ... also support the safety of A. oryzae for use in the production of foods like sake.[15] In the U.S., the FDA classifies A.oryzae ... This method was the standard for 300 years, but it is rare today. ... Featured content. *Current events. *Random article. *Donate to ...
... is the provision of health advice to organizations and individuals to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety at ... reconstruction of the facial features using remains of deceased (skull) thus aiding identification. ... which allows as much of the available evidence as possible to be collected and analyzed according to standard protocols that ... "further research is needed to ascertain the efficacy and safety" of several of the practices and medicinal plants used by ...
"More Fire Safety Problems: Berlin Airport Faces Further Possible Delays". Der Spiegel. 12 November 2012.. ... The south terminal contains nine single-storey jet bridges (gates A30-A38). The north pier features a more minimalist design ... "Strenge BER-Auflagen? Woanders sind die Standard" [Rigid requirements for BER? They are standard elsewhere]. Der Tagesspiegel ... It cited technical difficulties, primarily concerning the fire safety and smoke exhaust systems for the delay.[106] As a result ...
A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, Vol. I. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1918, p. 250. ... He considered them as illegal intruders who threatened the settlers safety and lands and issued an order for their removal from ...
Safety video. The airline used a cartoon safety video from circa 2005 until 2017.[137] Beginning on 1 September 2017 the ... In 2006, British Airways launched Next Generation New Club World, featuring larger seats.[16] The Club World cabins are all ... Standard seat pitch varies from 29" to 34" depending on aircraft type and location of the seat. ... "Chabuddy G directs hilarious star-studded safety video for British Airways". The Independent. Retrieved 28 April 2020.. ...
... update brings basic safety features, fresh styling". Dicapai pada 18 January 2013.. ... Dua beg udara, ABS dan EBD adalah standard bagi kesemua varian S16 FLX, dan satu warna baharu, Merah Pejal diperkenalkan. ... Beg udara pemandu dan penumpang di samping ABS dengan EBD didatangkan standard. Kit badan biru, lampu belakang yang digelapkan ... iaitu Standard dan Executive. Kedua-dua varian boleh didapati dalam transmisi automatik 4 kelajuan dan manual 5 kelajuan. ...
"A phase II trial to assess efficacy and safety of afatinib in extensively pretreated patients with HER2-negative metastatic ... link with non-standard subpage. *Articles with changed KEGG identifier ...
"CDC - Lyme Disease - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic". 3 August 2017. Archived from the original on 13 ... The standard treatment for cellulitis, cephalexin, is not useful for Lyme disease.[30] When it is unclear if a rash is caused ... the key distinguishing features of the EM rash are the speed and extent to which it expands, respectively up to 2-3 cm/day and ... Standard treatment usually lasts for two or three weeks.[2] Some people develop a fever and muscle and joint pains from ...
Safety. The World Health Organization found chiropractic care in general is safe when employed skillfully and appropriately.[45 ... "Standards for Accreditation of Doctor of Chiropractic Programmes" (PDF). Canadian Federation of Chiropractic Regulatory and ... "Safety and regulation of chiropractic". NHS Choices. 20 August 2014. Retrieved 22 September 2016.. ... Thiel HW, Bolton JE, Docherty S, Portlock JC (2007). "Safety of chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine: a prospective ...
D risk class with all of them licensed by the Iranian Health Ministry in terms of safety and performance based on EU-standards ... The downside is that additional security features would put an extra strain on the battery and size and drive up prices. Dr. ... Biocompatibility standardsEdit. *ISO 10993 - Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices. Cleanliness standardsEdit. Medical ... In addition, the cleanliness of re-usable devices has led to a series of standards, including: *ASTM E2314: Standard Test ...
Using texture reduces reflection for wavelengths comparable with the feature size as well. In this case no approximation is ... than standard non-absorbing AR coatings. (See, for example, US Patent 5,091,244.) Absorbing ARCs often make use of unusual ... Safety glass. *Glass databases. *Glass electrode. *Glass fiber reinforced concrete. *Glass ionomer cement ...
... or when public safety is at stake (for example, in the case of age limits for pilots and bus drivers). ... It also applies to the standards for pensions and benefits provided by employers, and requires that information concerning the ...
At this time more than 120 mutations have been found.[2] Some people with the features of Coffin-Lowry syndrome do not have ... Physical exams, CT imaging and X-ray imaging are standard methods of assessment.[citation needed] ... the use of medication to prevent or reduce the number of SIDA episodes is a safety priority. Physical precautionary measures ... Additional clinical physical features include small, soft hands with tapered fingers. Distinct facial architecture such as a ...
Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981. *Worker Protection Standard (US). *Working Environment Convention, 1977 ... Resources, however, are defined as job-relevant features that help workers achieve work-related goals, lessen job demands, or ... Standard research designs[edit]. Self-report survey methodology is the most used approach in OHP research.[37] Cross-sectional ... Accidents and safety[edit]. Main article: Work accident. Psychological factors are an important factor in occupational ...
The feature is also of value to users who are unable to sit upright for extended periods for pain or other reasons. ... As the wheels necessarily come at a weight penalty it is often possible to exchange them with standard wheels to match the ... Various optional accessories are available, such as anti-tip bars or wheels, safety belts, adjustable backrests, tilt and/or ... Rigid chairs typically feature instant-release rear wheels and backrests that fold down flat, allowing the user to dismantle ...
Instead, it is defined by a combination of the features it has and the features it lacks: reptiles are the amniotes that lack ... When a crocodilian is concerned about its safety, it will gape to expose the teeth and yellow tongue. If this doesn't work, the ... The first such new definition, which attempted to adhere to the standards of the PhyloCode, was published by Modesto and ... Goodrich supported this division by the nature of the hearts and blood vessels in each group, and other features, such as the ...
2018 Honda Accord comes to market this fall with two advanced safety features, standard, a bold marketing move in the sub ... Honda Accord presents 2-premium advanced safety features standard for 2018. With the auto industry embracing an automated ... For 2018, all Accords will feature the full suite of Honda Sensing® safety and driver-assistive technologies as standard ... 2018 Honda Accord comes to market this fall with two advanced safety features, standard, a bold marketing move in the sub ...
Standard features[edit]. Standard features of the Cadillac Escalade includes air conditioning with tri-zone climate controls, ... Safety[edit]. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2007-08 Escalade models had the highest fatality rate of ... The dashboard was also updated, and the Cadillac CUE system is added as a standard feature, along with an updated security ... Rear-wheel drive was standard, as was a 5.3 L V8, All-wheel drive was standard on the ESV and EXT and was optional on the short ...
American Standard - Simple and screw-less design easy to blend with any of your personal interior ideas. ... SAFETY FEATURES. • European RoHS directive compliant, completely free from Cd, Hg, Cr6+, Pb, PBBs, PBDEs.. • Fire retardant ...
Safety features. *. Deadbolt lock. *. Smoke detector. *. Exterior lighting. Location Type. *. Mountain. *. Ski in/Ski out ...
British Standard - Made to complement the full color wide specifications of hotels, and is suitable for guest rooms. ... HIGHLY RELIABLE SAFETY FEATURES • European RoHS directive compliant, completely free from Cd, Hg, Cr6+, Pb, PBBs, PBDEs.. • ...
Standard Safety Features. Slip resistant surfaces, retractable, seat/shoulder belts with three-point operator restraint, wide- ... Standard Safety Features. Slip resistant surfaces, retractable, seat/shoulder belts with three-point operator restraint, wide- ... Standard Safety Features. Slip resistant surfaces, retractable, seat/shoulder belts with three-point operator restraint, wide- ... Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive in developing mining machines that meet or exceed safety standards. Safety ...
Standard Safety Features. Anti-skid upper deck surfaces, upper deck handrails, 3-point cabin and machine access, push out ... Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive in developing mining machines that meet or exceed safety standards. Safety ... SAFETY.CAT.COM™. For more complete information on safety, please visit ... Benefits & Features Power Train - Engine. See more The Cat C18 engine provides efficient fuel management for quick response, ...
3. Impressive safety features come standard:. Advertisement Toyota has been leading the way among high-volume automakers that ... This is true of the Camry, Corolla, RAV4, and more - all of which feature Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P). ... The Corolla Hatchback comes standard with a wealth of high-tech driver assistance features. -Toyota ... Edmunds: How to make your cars safety features work for you November 8, 2018 , 8:33 PM ...
Safety Standards. *Nuclear Security Series. *Nuclear Energy Series. *Human Health Series. *Conference Proceedings ...
Explore all of the amazing new Toyota Camry features, from its sporty styling to its innovative technology. Make a lasting ... Performance Exterior TRD Technology Design Interior Hybrid Standard Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.5 (TSS 2.5) Safety and Convenience ... Standard on XLE, XSE and AWD models, the 7-in. color Multi-Information Display presents turn-by-turn directions, safety info ... hen the unexpected occurs, Safety Connect® is ready to help... When the unexpected occurs, Safety Connect® is ready to help. ...
Toyota Avalon Hybrid features help you stand out on any road. Explore the many features that the all-new Toyota Avalon hybrid ... Features Hybrid Exterior Hybrid Interior Engineering & Performance Tech & Connectivity Standard Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) ... Star Safety System™ This comprehensive suite of six advanced safety features helps keep you out of... ... Standard Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P). Safety technology focused around you ...
... security features. Explore parking assistance, lane safety & more today. ... The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica is packed with over 115 standard and available safety & ... STANDARD SAFETY AND SECURITY FEATURES Stay protected with standard features that automatically engage like Pedestrian Automatic ... SETTING THE STANDARD IN SAFETY AND SECURITY Your familys safety and security is always our number one priority, thats why ...
The Trump campaign pitched rolling back food safety regulations in a fact sheet, arguing they are burdensome to farmers and ... Featured Stories. *Insurers Meet Washington Credit Rule Deadline. *Judge Allows Movie Chains BI Suit Against Insurer ... Trump Sends Mixed Message on Food Safety Standards. By Mary Clare Jalonick , September 19, 2016 ... Categories: National NewsTopics: food poisoning, food safety regulations, foodborne illness, Trump food safety ...
... ; find Sigma- ... Customer SupportContact UsFAQSafety Data Sheets (SDS)Certificates (COA/COO)Quality & RegulatoryCalculators & AppsWebinars ... Features and Benefits. 1H line shape. Quantity. 5 mm O.D. tube contains 0.700 mL. ... NMR reference standard, 50% in acetone-d6 (99.9 atom % D), chromium(III) acetylacetonate 0.2 %. ...
4-Dioxane solution NMR reference standard, 40% in benzene-d6 (99.6 atom % D); CAS Number: 123-91-1; find Sigma-Aldrich-551368 ... Customer SupportContact UsFAQSafety Data Sheets (SDS)Certificates (COA/COO)Quality & RegulatoryCalculators & AppsWebinars ... Features and Benefits. 13C sensitivity. Quantity. 5 mm O.D. tube contains 0.700 mL. ... NMR Reference Standards. provides an informational article regarding the use of stable, labeled isotopes as ...
... new laws and standards, and equipment maintenance. Regular features include reports on safety, hazards, and risk management; ... Standards has been a key resource for reliable information in the areas of medical safety and standards for more than three ... The newsletter updates biomedical technicians and clinical engineers on the latest developments in patient safety, standards, ... Bi-weekly issues cover everything needed to stay current on technology, safety and risk policies, ...
FEATURE: PDF Only * CLINICAL SAFETY & STANDARDS: PDF Only * RECALLS & FIELD CORRECTIONS: PDF Only ... Thought you might appreciate this item(s) I saw at Biomedical Safety & Standards.. ...
... is an electrical safety credential for non-electricians, based on the 2018 edition of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety ... Featured products. NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Keep up to date on electrical workplace safety ... Codes & Standards *All codes & standardsToggle this sub-menu open or closed*List of NFPA codes & standards ... is an electrical safety credential based on the 2018 edition of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. ...
Safety. The C-HR comes with a class-leading amount of safety features. Besides the usual array of stability control, antilock ... Standard Features & Options. The 2018 Toyota C-HR is available only in XLE and XLE Premium trim levels. ... Its cabin is also stylish and well-made, while its features list is huge, boasting standard accident avoidance tech among its ... Including accident avoidance tech as standard equipment is laudable, but the C-HRs infotainment disappoints. Common features ...
Review standard and optional safety features and ratings from the IIHS and NHTSA for the 2016 ATS 2.0L Turbo Premium Collection ... 2.0L Turbo Standard) 4dr Rear-wheel Drive Sedan. MSRP. $35,245. Engine. 2.0L I-4. ... Safety. 2.0L Turbo Premium Collection 2dr All-wheel Drive Coupe. 2016 Cadillac ATS Safety Features. 2018. 2017. 2016. 2015. ...
"Mechanical Brake Assist - A Potential New Standard Safety Feature". 1999-03-01 ... Side 2 is a standard G90 or G60 zinc coating. The iron-zinc alloy layer has excellent anti-galling properties which improve the ... The resultant significant reduction of manufacturing costs enhances the chances for a wide-spread use of this feature in all ... vehicle classes, thereby making an important contribution to the general improvement of traffic safety. Based on an analysis of ...
Lloyds Registers IFS Food is a GFSI-recognised audit of food safety and quality including resource management, planning and ... IFS is an internationally-recognised food safety and quality standard focussing on food manufacturers processes and products. ... LR offers more than IFS Food audits; we deliver complementary modules and audits for other standards such as BRCGS, FSSC 22000 ... Leading GFSI-aligned food safety certification for manufacturers.. ...
... and website for occupational health and safety professionals focusing on problem-solving solutions, latest news, webinars, and ... Safety is the industry-leading news magazine, eNewsletter, ... Features. Winning the Safety Race. By Justin Kissinger. Why ... When it comes to gas detection, compliance with OSHA standards is a gray area. ... Choosing Microlearning for Safety. By M.B. Sutherland. Safety managers can make safety training more effective by supplementing ...
Standard Features to Look for in a New Passenger Vehicle Before purchasing a new vehicle, always sit in it first to make sure ... Pedestrian Safety Older Drivers Motorcycle Safety Teen Driving Vehicle Theft Prevention Bicycle Safety School Bus Safety 15- ... When selecting a vehicle, look for and ask about available features designed to improve both the comfort and safety of drivers ... File a Vehicle Safety Complaint at Your information is important and could help determine if a safety issue exists. ...
Featured Whitepapers. * Avetta®. Safety Leadership and Engagement , How are you driving safety culture success?. 03/01/2021 ... The COVID-19 Effect: How the Pandemic is Placing Safety at the Forefront of ESG Reporting Learn why health and safety will ... Safety precautions can often seem onerous, especially for workers who are very accustomed to a particular type of work and have ... The OSHA standard gives a vented telecommunications vault as an example of a workspace that may actually be designed for ...
... safety standards, and lists several which consumers should avoid completely. ... Featured Lawsuits. * Zostavax Shingles Lawsuits. Side effects of the shingles vaccine Zostavax may result in the development of ... Researchers noted that the omission of a safety sticker does not necessarily mean the helmets would not pass safety standards. ... and many do not meet federal safety standards. Consumer Reports (CR) issued a bicycle helmet safety report earlier this month, ...
New proposed voluntary industry standards would make detergent pods tougher to chew through, coat them with a bitter-tasting ... Featured Lawsuits. * Elmiron Lawsuits. Side effects of Elmiron have been associated with vision loss and retina damage known as ... which developed the new standards in response to safety concerns raised by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ... Laundry Detergent Pod Accidents Result in New Safety Standards * September 8, 2015 ...
Explore Nissan model configurations, colors, packages, interior features and more. ... and customize the perfect vehicle with Safety Shield technology from Nissan. ... Equipped with NissanConnect® Navigation features and seating for 5 or more, these Nissan Crossovers, SUVs and Trucks are ready ...
... use safety features when available; place used sharps in puncture-resistant container. ... Standard precaution equipment and conditions with corresponding recommendations.. Component. Recommendations. Hand hygiene. ... Recommendations for Application of Standard Precautions for the Care of All Patients in All Healthcare Settings. Guideline for ...
Do not recap, bend, break, or hand-manipulate used needles; use safety features when available; place used sharps in puncture- ... Appendix I1: Recommendations for Application of Standard Precautions for the Care of All Patients in All Healthcare Settings. ... Appendix I1: Recommendations for Application of Standard Precautions for the Care of All Patients in All Healthcare Settings ...
  • With the auto industry embracing an automated driving future for the world, sooner than most can imagine, 2018 Honda Accord comes to market this fall with two advanced safety features, standard, a bold marketing move in the sub premium midsize sedan class. (
  • Coming up against the likes of a much improved Toyota Camry in the 'bread and butter' family sedan segment, for 2018, Honda Accord comes to market with several safety features generally reserved for the luxury car class. (
  • For 2018, all Accords will feature the full suite of Honda Sensing® safety and driver-assistive technologies as standard equipment. (
  • Whether you're in the market to buy a new 2018 Kia Soul and want a quote from a local Kia dealer, or you're just researching this car, we have all the information that you need, including rebates, incentives, features, technical specifications, safety features and more. (
  • While Accord's new found look promises exhilarating drive performance, will the reinvented Accord deliver as anticipated -- what key feature drives 2018 Honda Accord to segment leading drive performance? (
  • In the United-States, in 2018, lane centering systems are not covered by any Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, according to the NHTSA. (
  • Burkina Faso launched its Codex Trust Fund 2 project in a workshop held on 12 October 2018 with the participation of different sectors involved in food safety and nutrition representing governmental and non-governmental structures, civil society as well as technical and financial partners. (
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is holding a webinar on "Food Safety in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency" on 23 October 2018 at 11:00-14:30 UTC. (
  • Tom Heilandt, Codex Secretary, and Professor Yong Ho Park, Chairperson of the Codex Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance, highlighted Codex food standards as panellists in two different sessions of the 2018 International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit in Daejeon, Korea, this week. (
  • The NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Technician (CEST) was created in 2017 after discussions with electrical safety experts in a wide range of industries indicated a need for a credential that will help reduce risk to workers who are exposed to electrical hazards in the course of their job duties. (
  • The feature will be compatible with U.S. Model 3 vehicles, followed by Model S and Model X vehicles that were manufactured after August 2017, the electric carmaker said. (
  • The 2017 LaCrosse is considered a 2017 Top Safety Pick (the second highest honor) for receiving the highest score of Good in all crash evaluations and the highest rating of Superior for front crash prevention (the "+" designation was missed due to a Poor score in headlights). (
  • MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Labor (DOLE) has slapped a total of P950,000 fines to companies that failed to comply with work safety and health standards in the first five months of 2019, Senator Joel Villanueva revealed Tuesday. (
  • The four new series - C305FL, C550FL, C750FL and C1000FL - expand Gowanda's conical offerings and will be featured at the 2019 Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition ( OFC ) being held in San Diego, California from March 5 to 7. (
  • It is our great pleasure to announce panel member of the "Leaders' Panel Discussion on Process Safety" to be held on October 22, 2019. (
  • Global summit on process safety is one of CCPS initiatives to transform process safety vision 2020 into result oriented actions for achieving excellence in Process Safety. (
  • Those kinds of results could prevent as many as 6,000 of the nearly 43,000 crash-related deaths each year in the U.S. -- dramatically more than air bags, which have saved about 800 lives annually since 1987, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). (
  • Standard advanced active and passive safety systems include Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control, Anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), advanced front airbags, driver and front-passenger side airbags and new driver and front-passenger knee airbags. (
  • One such improvement is the addition of knee airbags, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says they don't offer much benefit. (
  • Beginning with 2005 models, side airbags were made standard. (
  • Some Apple CarPlay ® features, applications and services are not available in all areas. (
  • The 7-inch color display audio system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is now standard on SEL and Value trims, while heated front seats have been expanded to SEL trim and above. (
  • and all models feature a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with dynamic guidelines. (
  • A rearview camera, safety seat alert, and rear parking sensors are standard. (
  • Intricately designed LED front headlights and rear taillights on Hybrid Limited feature dynamic. (
  • Intricately designed LED front headlights and rear taillights on Hybrid Limited feature dynamic auxiliary turn signals that shine a light on Avalon's precision and premium feel. (
  • The standard ParkSense ® Rear Park Assist System provides visual and audible indications of the distance between the rear fascia and a detected obstacle when backing up. (
  • Standard Rear Cross Path Detection aids drivers when backing out of parking spaces where their vision may be blocked. (
  • The interior featured leather seats. (
  • Between its shape, its features and its fun, youthful marketing, the Soul tends to appeal to a younger market, but quite a few Boomers are driving them, as well, thanks to the Kia's retirement-friendly price tag and hip-high front seats, which make it easy to get in and out without too much strain or bending. (
  • Standards & Specifications. (
  • For details on vehicle specifications, standard features and available equipment in your area, contact your Toyota dealer. (
  • Standard Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go (ACC+) uses sensors to help maintain your preset distance between your Chrysler Pacifica and the vehicle in front of it. (
  • Together with adaptive cruise control (ACC), this feature may allow unassisted driving for some length of time. (
  • Because all of these vehicles also have adaptive cruise control that can work in tandem with lane centering, they meet the SAE standard for level 2 automation. (
  • Toyota has been leading the way among high-volume automakers that also offer advanced driver-assistance features as standard equipment. (
  • Standard precaution equipment and conditions with corresponding recommendations. (
  • The basic equipment list includes equipment that is standard across all versions of the Volvo S60 (00-08). (
  • A small display is standard equipment at both ends (sensor control unit and laser unit). (
  • Parking is prohibited in fire lanes to ensure the access of safety equipment to the structure in the event of an emergency. (
  • In some cases, your selected options may have replaced standard equipment. (
  • These networks are smuggling and selling counterfeit safety equipment and prohibited testing kits, medicines, and hygiene products, as well as running illicit websites to sell their merchandise. (
  • All public-sector purchasers of office equipment in Europe will in future be obliged to buy brands that carry the Energy Star logo, the environmental quality standard agreed on by the U.S. and the European Union, following a vote in the European Parliament Tuesday. (
  • there are multiple product safety recalls. (
  • The standard was published on November 3, 2016. (
  • The new Corolla Hatch actually blends the two with sharp interior design, featuring two-tone styling and soft-touch materials. (
  • The Escalade gauges features white needles instead of orange and the speedometer reads to 120 mph (190 km/h). (
  • Delivers 50 percent more power than standard glue guns and features a revolutionary auto shut off feature that shuts off your glue gun after 30 mins of non-use. (
  • The Trump campaign pitched rolling back food safety regulations in a fact sheet, arguing they are burdensome to farmers and "overkill. (
  • The fact sheet was sent out to supplement a speech the billionaire businessman gave to the New York Economic Club that touted fewer regulations but did not specifically mention food safety. (
  • The description matches new food safety regulations passed by Congress in 2010 in response to an outbreak of salmonella linked to a Georgia peanut company that killed nine and sickened more than 700 people in 46 states. (
  • In response to the thousands of children affected by laundry detergent pod poisoning, the Detergent Poisoning and Child Safety (PACS) Act 2015 was introduced earlier this year , to establish safety regulations surrounding single-use pods and to reduce the risk posed to children. (
  • To address these concerns, a significant majority (67%) want new safety regulations to be mandatory. (
  • This site uses and sets 'cookies' on your computer to help make this website better by keeping the site reliable and secure, personalizing content and ads, providing social media features, and analyzing how the site is used. (
  • Amplification of a selection of sequences with varying GC content from human and C. elegans genomic DNA using OneTaq Hot Start 2X Master Mix with Standard Buffer. (
  • Ken Block has released his newest action packed video featuring his 1400 horsepower, all-wheel drive "Hoonicorn" Ford Mustang rocketing up the Pikes Peak Hill Climb course with the tires smoking - serving as the most death-defying driving video by the legendary rally racer. (
  • Already a top seller in North America, Honda intends to hold Accord's sales position, by including on all trim levels, 2 safety and driver convenience features, generally reserved for the likes of Acura RLX . (
  • When it comes to gas detection, compliance with OSHA standards is a gray area. (
  • All helmets sold in the U.S. legally must pass those standards and carry a detailed label depicting the compliance with CPSC standards. (
  • As the global safety science leader, UL helps companies to demonstrate safety, enhance sustainability, strengthen security, deliver quality, manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance. (
  • The TDLS8000 expect digital output (2 points), digital input (2 points), valve control output (2 points), and digital communications (HART, Modbus/TCP) are certified in compliance with the following standard. (
  • Reuters) - Elon Musk's Tesla Inc on Wednesday launched a safety feature called "sentry mode" for its electric cars, as it attempts to make its vehicles more attractive to buyers. (
  • Standard Bi-LED combination headlights add a stylish touch, stretching outwardly from the thin upper grille. (
  • Instead, in accordance with OSHA and ANSI standards, we strive to make sure that our rules are appropriate to the level of risk-that we identify the hazards for each space and situation and control them. (
  • The OSHA standard gives a vented telecommunications vault as an example of a workspace that may actually be designed for continuous human occupancy. (
  • Standard Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking will automatically brake for pedestrians to avoid an accident. (
  • Medtronic MMT-754 Veo Insulin pump testing Low Glucose Suspend (LGS) feature : Automatic suspension of insulin delivery when glucose is low. (
  • Medtronic (NO LGS FEATURE ) using Paradigm® Revel™2.0 Pump : No Automatic suspension of insulin delivery when glucose is low. (
  • The Superior rating was issued because the sedan properly warned the driver of a possible collision, avoided a 12 mph collision, and reduced the speed of a 25 mph collision by 24 mph thanks to the front automatic braking feature found in the Driver Confidence Package 2. (
  • This is true of the Camry, Corolla, RAV4, and more - all of which feature Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P). (
  • See it all with a standard LED lighting system that delivers improved capability over the previous year's models, with a 100%-wider headlamp beam width and increased headlamp beam reach for excellent night-time driving visibility. (
  • The standard Blind Spot Monitoring System helps you make safer lane changes. (
  • A lockout/tagout system is essential to any safety program. (
  • The standard establishes quality management system, intended for organizations dealing with food chains. (
  • Features that differentiate systems are how well they perform on turns, speed limitations and whether the system resumes from a stop. (
  • The stability system is notable: It's standard on about half the cars in this class, though that could well improve come the 2011 model-year changeover this fall. (
  • Following continuing reports of children suffering serious and potentially fatal laundry detergent pod poisoning injuries , manufacturers have finally agreed to adopt new standards designed to prevent accidental exposure to the highly concentrated detergent contained in the single-load packets. (
  • Camry looking better and better - with Lexus V6, and comparable safety features. (
  • Camry Nightshade Edition features aggressive black 18-in. (
  • we deliver complementary modules and audits for other standards such as BRCGS, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000 and SMETA, which can benefit businesses across sectors. (
  • Bus lane High-occupancy vehicle lane Standard for Fire Protection Infrastructure for Land Development in Wildland, Rural, and Suburban Areas. (
  • Features: -Bring organization and creativity to your child's bedroom with the Jennifer storage bookcase. (
  • At the level of the health care organization, the lack of common data standards has prevented information sharing between commercial clinical laboratories and health care facilities, between pharmacies and health care providers regarding prescriptions, and between health care organizations and payers for reimbursement (Hammond, 2002). (
  • Car safety is a priority for automakers, so they are constantly introducing new features to make driving safer. (
  • Please go to to navigate to each series page where series data, mechanical features, datasheets and other information is provided. (
  • Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican who has been Trump's biggest supporter in the Senate, said on Thursday that he hadn't yet seen the nominee's proposal on food safety, but he said farmers feel like there are too many federal rules and all regulation needs to be evaluated. (
  • In Washington, if you propose to pull back any regulation that has a good title, like food safety, then somebody says you want to poison the American people, and so forth," Sessions said. (
  • Our families need to have confidence that federal food safety regulation is based on prevention, scientifically sound risk assessment and management, and coordinated integrated data collection. (
  • After sending out the fact sheet Thursday, the campaign issued a new release that did not include the food safety language. (
  • Components include standard off-the-shelf and custom-designed inductors, chokes, coils, conicals, toroids, transformers and magnetic devices in surface mount and thru-hole configurations that are used in a wide variety of electronic applications. (
  • Perceived outcome include Knowledge sharing, awareness and uniting for the common cause of process safety. (
  • Checklists not only reference applicable standards, but they also include a hyperlink to the standards. (
  • easy to clean, polyresin design can be used to hold towels, coats or bookbags.Features: Wall mounted polyresin design. (
  • The manual transmission features rev-matching, which can "blip" the throttle for smoother downshifts-a trick that will be appreciated by seasoned performance drivers. (
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has set performance standards for bicycle helmets, to ensure they are adequately designed to prevent skull fractures or severe brain injuries. (
  • Engines equipped with the VR Package feature a significant ventilation rate reduction, maintains fuel consumption, and maintained or improved product performance. (
  • The poll found that a majority of Americans (60%) rated the federal government's performance regarding produce safety as only fair or poor. (
  • This expansion of Gowanda's conical product line leverages the company's proprietary production processes, extensive design experience, and custom capability expertise to deliver high performance, cost-effective, standard and custom broadband solutions to address the needs of the global electronic design community. (
  • Today, companies large and small, in the traditional process industries and in emerging areas, all put a premium on improving their Process Safety performance. (
  • Reactor plant safety was the single overriding design criteria. (
  • Honda says the Civic features an "expressive and futuristic design. (
  • Your family's safety and security is always our number one priority, that's why we're making more of our safety and security features standard in the new Chrysler Pacifica. (
  • Newly-appointed Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani's top priority for his office would be the safety, especially after back-to-back accidents in less than a month. (
  • Even on his first day in office i.e. on August 24, the former Air India Chairman had said that safety and ending corruption in the railways would be his priority. (
  • The Corolla Hatchback features an upscale, high-tech cabin, with ease-of-use in mind. (
  • A pair of earplugs, or safety earmuffs to ease the noise during the sharpening process. (
  • The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the food safety proposal or why it was deleted. (
  • The handout said the FDA food safety rules "govern the soil farmers use, farm and food production hygiene, food packaging, food temperatures" and other ways farmers and food companies do business. (
  • The final food safety rules for produce issued last year and supported by the food industry require farmers to test irrigation water quality, regularly train workers on the best health and hygiene practices and monitor wildlife that may intrude on growing fields, among other measures. (
  • Eliminating FDA's food safety role would make more consumers sick, destroy consumer confidence at home, and damage American competitiveness in global food markets," he says. (
  • I think the public certainly wants basic food safety standards," she said. (
  • Trump is a self-professed germaphobe who prefers eating at fast-food restaurants because he believes they have higher food safety standards. (
  • Leading GFSI-aligned food safety certification for manufacturers. (
  • IFS is an internationally-recognised food safety and quality standard focussing on food manufacturers' processes and products. (
  • LR also offers a range of IFS training courses, which can help prepare your staff for a successful audit while developing food safety skills in parallel. (
  • The standard shall assist them in demonstrating their capability of controlling food safety hazards, ensuring food safety for human consumption. (
  • A series of case studies reveal a variety of food safety standards and requirements exist in the U.S. produce industry. (
  • Food is more than just eating, but comfort," Heilandt said in the keynote speech of the session on food safety. (
  • Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), expressed support for creating a World Food Safety Day on the margins of this year's International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit in Daejeon, Korea, where he gave the keynote address on 15 October. (
  • The development of a World Food Safety Day in the UN is good idea," he said, recalling that the process to establish UN observances is driven by Member States. (
  • It conforms to the certification of the safety level SIL2 in accordance with the International standards IEC61508, and can also conform to the SIL3 by duplexing the analyzer. (
  • Citing data from the Bureau of Working Conditions, Villanueva said around 22,274 establishments were inspected by Dole from January to May in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) law. (
  • Enhancing flame resistant PPE safety programs to protect against combustible dust hazards. (
  • Let's take a closer look at the standards for confined spaces and the importance of knowing what hazards exist so that we can control them. (
  • The Cat C15 engine features the optional Ventilation Reduction Package. (
  • the generator features forced air ventilation. (
  • The new standards must still meet final approval by ASTM's Committee F15 on Consumer Products on September 15. (
  • A number of laundry pod injury lawsuits are currently being pursued against manufacturers of the products, alleging that inadequate steps were taken to ensure the safety of the products. (
  • HSI will bring every asset to bear against anyone targeting consumers with financial schemes or fraudulent products that jeopardize the health and safety of Americans," said HSI Acting Executive Associate Director Alysa D. Erichs. (
  • Merit Medical is pleased to offer a variety of safety products including waste disposal, safety scalpels, pen, and label systems to reduce medication errors. (
  • Honda leads the auto industry in the early integration of advanced safety and driver assist technology in sub premium class cars and light trucks, the auto industry as a whole, now follows that trend. (
  • The new proposed industry standards for laundry pods were announced on September 4, including changes to make the packaging less attractive to young children, make the materials harder to tear open or chew on, and coating the pods with bitter flavoring designed to deter children from continuing to try to bite into them. (
  • This is a great example of how industry, consumer groups, government and others come together, reach consensus and work to create a stronger culture of safety and health," James A. Thomas, president of ASTM, said in the press release. (
  • Other industry groups, such as the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), has said it will back the standards. (
  • Once the standards are approved, they will be published and the industry would work with the CPSC to determine when the changes will hit the market, according to an ACI press release . (
  • The new technologies and services we are featuring represent our goals of continuous improvement and superior quality and we are pleased to introduce them to the industry at an event like the Automotive Testing Expo," said Todd Poirson, Regional Business Consultant, Taylor Dynamometer. (
  • It supports industry standards such as UML, SysML, AUTOSAR and UPDM and enables you to visually capture applications to automate manual coding tasks and communicate designs. (
  • Convention No. 187 is one of the ILO's essential instruments in safety and health at the workplace. (
  • Many laboratories are now prohibited from placing Hydrogen cylinders on their premises owing to health and safety restrictions. (
  • Health and safety dangers - many associated health and safety issues with moving cylinders. (
  • The penalties should serve as a warning to companies that take the health and safety of their employees for granted. (
  • The measure, whose passage was spearheaded by Villanueva, urges for the presence of safety officers in workplaces to monitor the management of occupational safety and health program. (
  • Safety officers could also issue work stoppage orders should there be an imminent danger to the health or safety of employees, he explained. (
  • The order would only be lifted once Dole got assurance from firms that safety and health issues were resolved. (
  • He also pointed out the need to heighten the awareness of workers on occupational safety and health, hoping that the culture of safety gets "integrated" in their daily lives. (
  • We have to understand that in terms of occupational safety and health, statistics on incidents involve the lives of people," he added. (
  • Consumers don't want the produce section of their grocery stores to be casinos where they roll the dice on their family's health and safety," said Jim O'Hara, PSP director. (
  • And having public health officials tell consumers to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to be healthy while the primary public health agency responsible for produce safety - the Food and Drug Administration -- fails to put in place mandatory and enforceable safeguards, that is unacceptable as well. (
  • The production and trafficking of counterfeit goods poses a significant health and safety threat to consumers. (
  • Data standards are the principal informatics component necessary for information flow through the national health information infrastructure. (
  • The fact that there is no standard means of representing the data for any of these datasets or requirements is astonishing and highlights the amount of unnecessary work performed by health care and regulatory organizations to prepare, transmit, and use what amount to custom reports. (
  • Adolescent Health Sourcebook, Fourth Edition, offers parents and teens basic information about growth and development during adolescence and related safety issues. (
  • Designed to ensure safety, peace of mind, and consumer confidence. (
  • To mitigate these threats and help ensure public safety, agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center), work alongside federal, state and local law enforcement partners across the country to dismantle counterfeit operations and hold individuals involved in them accountable. (
  • Operations to combat the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit goods help ensure public safety and national security by preventing dangerous and harmful goods from entering the market and promoting the integrity of legitimate trade systems. (
  • In the letter, he wrote, 'We have to always be on our guard to ensure the highest level of safety in train operations and instill a renewed sense of confidence in our esteemed passengers. (
  • Its cabin is also stylish and well-made, while its features list is huge, boasting standard accident avoidance tech among its various niceties. (
  • Replication features are provided for operators who are used to using other dynos. (
  • Furthermore, different standards may apply for operators of airports, harbors or industrial plants. (
  • Suspended from the ceiling, the operators are used on sectional overhead doors with a standard lift. (
  • Standard on-board with Logic 5.0 operators. (
  • Standard on APT Operators. (
  • Closely associated with safety was reliability: the ship had to be assured of the constant availability of propulsive and auxiliary power. (
  • The new standards were announced by ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, which developed the new standards in response to safety concerns raised by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and various consumer advocacy groups. (
  • Product Type: -Standard. (