An occupation limited in scope to a subsection of a broader field.
The epithelium lining the seminiferous tubules composed of primary male germ cells (SPERMATOGONIA) and supporting SERTOLI CELLS. As SPERMATOGENESIS proceeds, the developing germ cells migrate toward the lumen. The adluminal compartment, the inner two thirds of the tubules, contains SPERMATOCYTES and the more advanced germ cells.
The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Supporting cells projecting inward from the basement membrane of SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES. They surround and nourish the developing male germ cells and secrete ANDROGEN-BINDING PROTEIN and hormones such as ANTI-MULLERIAN HORMONE. The tight junctions of Sertoli cells with the SPERMATOGONIA and SPERMATOCYTES provide a BLOOD-TESTIS BARRIER.
A specialized barrier, in the TESTIS, between the interstitial BLOOD compartment and the adluminal compartment of the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES. The barrier is formed by layers of cells from the VASCULAR ENDOTHELIUM of the capillary BLOOD VESSELS, to the SEMINIFEROUS EPITHELIUM of the seminiferous tubules. TIGHT JUNCTIONS form between adjacent SERTOLI CELLS, as well as between the ENDOTHELIAL CELLS.
A functional system which includes the organisms of a natural community together with their environment. (McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.
Changes in biological features that help an organism cope with its ENVIRONMENT. These changes include physiological (ADAPTATION, PHYSIOLOGICAL), phenotypic and genetic changes.
Behavioral manifestations of cerebral dominance in which there is preferential use and superior functioning of either the left or the right side, as in the preferred use of the right hand or right foot.
The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.
The branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their ENVIRONMENT, especially as manifested by natural cycles and rhythms, community development and structure, interactions between different kinds of organisms, geographic distributions, and population alterations. (Webster's, 3d ed)
A process by which animals in various forms and stages of development are physically distributed through time and space.
The transfer of POLLEN grains (male gametes) to the plant ovule (female gamete).
A British colony in the Atlantic Islands, comprising two principal islands, East Falkland and West Falkland. Its capital is Stanley. Discovered in 1592, it was not occupied until the French settled there briefly in 1764. Later the English settled there but were expelled by the Spanish in 1770. The Falklands were claimed by Argentina but were occupied in 1833 by the British who, after an April 1982 invasion by Argentina, regained them in June. The islands were named by British Captain John Strong in 1690 for the fifth Viscount Falkland who financed Strong's expedition. The Spanish name for the islands, Malvinas, is from the French Malouins, inhabitants of St. Malo who attempted to colonize the islands in 1764. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p389 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p182)
Dominance of one cerebral hemisphere over the other in cerebral functions.
Male germ cells derived from the haploid secondary SPERMATOCYTES. Without further division, spermatids undergo structural changes and give rise to SPERMATOZOA.
Behavioral responses or sequences associated with eating including modes of feeding, rhythmic patterns of eating, and time intervals.
The non-genetic biological changes of an organism in response to challenges in its ENVIRONMENT.
Direct contact of a cell with a neighboring cell. Most such junctions are too small to be resolved by light microscopy, but they can be visualized by conventional or freeze-fracture electron microscopy, both of which show that the interacting CELL MEMBRANE and often the underlying CYTOPLASM and the intervening EXTRACELLULAR SPACE are highly specialized in these regions. (From Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2d ed, p792)
The single family of PRIMATES in the infraorder TARSII, suborder HAPLORHINI. It is comprised of one genus, Tarsius, that inhabits southern Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, and the Philippines.
Microscopy using an electron beam, instead of light, to visualize the sample, thereby allowing much greater magnification. The interactions of ELECTRONS with specimens are used to provide information about the fine structure of that specimen. In TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY the reactions of the electrons that are transmitted through the specimen are imaged. In SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY an electron beam falls at a non-normal angle on the specimen and the image is derived from the reactions occurring above the plane of the specimen.
Various branches of surgical practice limited to specialized areas.
The properties of a pathogen that makes it capable of infecting one or more specific hosts. The pathogen can include PARASITES as well as VIRUSES; BACTERIA; FUNGI; or PLANTS.
The most diversified of all fish orders and the largest vertebrate order. It includes many of the commonly known fish such as porgies, croakers, sunfishes, dolphin fish, mackerels, TUNA, etc.
Preparation for electron microscopy of minute replicas of exposed surfaces of the cell which have been ruptured in the frozen state. The specimen is frozen, then cleaved under high vacuum at the same temperature. The exposed surface is shadowed with carbon and platinum and coated with carbon to obtain a carbon replica.
Imaging techniques used to colocalize sites of brain functions or physiological activity with brain structures.
Specialized junctions at which a neuron communicates with a target cell. At classical synapses, a neuron's presynaptic terminal releases a chemical transmitter stored in synaptic vesicles which diffuses across a narrow synaptic cleft and activates receptors on the postsynaptic membrane of the target cell. The target may be a dendrite, cell body, or axon of another neuron, or a specialized region of a muscle or secretory cell. Neurons may also communicate via direct electrical coupling with ELECTRICAL SYNAPSES. Several other non-synaptic chemical or electric signal transmitting processes occur via extracellular mediated interactions.
Remains, impressions, or traces of animals or plants of past geological times which have been preserved in the earth's crust.
The variety of all native living organisms and their various forms and interrelationships.
A family of Primates of the suborder Strepsirhini containing six genera. The family is distributed in parts of Africa, India, Asia, and the Philippines. The six genera are: Arctocebus (golden potto), GALAGO (bush babies), Loris (slender loris), Nycticebus (slow loris), and Perodicticus (potto). Lorises and pottos are relatively common except for Arctocebus, the golden potto. All are arboreal and nocturnal.
A species of baboon in the family CERCOPITHECIDAE found in southern Africa. They are dark colored and have a variable social structure.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
Instinctual behavior pattern in which food is obtained by killing and consuming other species.
Insects of the family Formicidae, very common and widespread, probably the most successful of all the insect groups. All ants are social insects, and most colonies contain three castes, queens, males, and workers. Their habits are often very elaborate and a great many studies have been made of ant behavior. Ants produce a number of secretions that function in offense, defense, and communication. (From Borror, et al., An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 4th ed, p676)
Warm-blooded VERTEBRATES possessing FEATHERS and belonging to the class Aves.
The splitting of an ancestral species into daughter species that coexist in time (King, Dictionary of Genetics, 6th ed). Causal factors may include geographic isolation, HABITAT geometry, migration, REPRODUCTIVE ISOLATION, random GENETIC DRIFT and MUTATION.
A superorder of large, mostly flightless birds, named for their distinctive PALATE morphology. It includes the orders Apterygiformes, Casuriiformes, Dinornithiformes, RHEIFORMES; STRUTHIONIFORMES and Tinamiformes.
The various physical methods which include wind, insects, animals, tension, and water, by which a plant scatters its seeds away from the parent plant.
A plant family of the order Orchidales, subclass Liliidae, class Liliopsida (monocotyledons). All orchids have the same bilaterally symmetrical flower structure, with three sepals, but the flowers vary greatly in color and shape.
The relationship between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other or a relationship between different species where both of the organisms in question benefit from the presence of the other.
The physiological processes, properties, and states characteristic of plants.
The art and science of studying, performing research on, preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease, as well as the maintenance of health.
The class Insecta, in the phylum ARTHROPODA, whose members are characterized by division into three parts: head, thorax, and abdomen. They are the dominant group of animals on earth; several hundred thousand different kinds having been described. Three orders, HEMIPTERA; DIPTERA; and SIPHONAPTERA; are of medical interest in that they cause disease in humans and animals. (From Borror et al., An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 4th ed, p1)
A plant genus of the family FABACEAE. The gums and tanning agents obtained from Acacia are called GUM ARABIC. The common name of catechu is more often used for Areca catechu (ARECA).
In some animals, the jaws together with their horny covering. The beak usually refers to the bill of birds in which the whole varies greatly in form according of the food and habits of the bird. While the beak refers most commonly to birds, the anatomical counterpart is found also in the turtle, squid, and octopus. (From Webster, 3d ed & Storer, et al., General Zoology, 6th ed, p491, 755)
The process of germ cell development in the male from the primordial germ cells, through SPERMATOGONIA; SPERMATOCYTES; SPERMATIDS; to the mature haploid SPERMATOZOA.
The part of CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM that is contained within the skull (CRANIUM). Arising from the NEURAL TUBE, the embryonic brain is comprised of three major parts including PROSENCEPHALON (the forebrain); MESENCEPHALON (the midbrain); and RHOMBENCEPHALON (the hindbrain). The developed brain consists of CEREBRUM; CEREBELLUM; and other structures in the BRAIN STEM.
Sugar-rich liquid produced in plant glands called nectaries. It is either produced in flowers or other plant structures, providing a source of attraction for pollinating insects and animals, as well as being a nutrient source to animal mutualists which provide protection of plants against herbivores.
The external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.
The synapse between a neuron and a muscle.
In evolutionary theory, overlapping geographic distribution of diverging species. In sympatric GENETIC SPECIATION, genetic diversion occurs without geographic separation.
Non-invasive method of demonstrating internal anatomy based on the principle that atomic nuclei in a strong magnetic field absorb pulses of radiofrequency energy and emit them as radiowaves which can be reconstructed into computerized images. The concept includes proton spin tomographic techniques.
Use of sound to elicit a response in the nervous system.
Multicellular, eukaryotic life forms of kingdom Plantae (sensu lato), comprising the VIRIDIPLANTAE; RHODOPHYTA; and GLAUCOPHYTA; all of which acquired chloroplasts by direct endosymbiosis of CYANOBACTERIA. They are characterized by a mainly photosynthetic mode of nutrition; essentially unlimited growth at localized regions of cell divisions (MERISTEMS); cellulose within cells providing rigidity; the absence of organs of locomotion; absence of nervous and sensory systems; and an alternation of haploid and diploid generations.
Insect members of the superfamily Apoidea, found almost everywhere, particularly on flowers. About 3500 species occur in North America. They differ from most WASPS in that their young are fed honey and pollen rather than animal food.
An order of very small, fringed-wing INSECTS including many agricultural pests.
The total process by which organisms produce offspring. (Stedman, 25th ed)
Cell surface proteins that bind acetylcholine with high affinity and trigger intracellular changes influencing the behavior of cells. Cholinergic receptors are divided into two major classes, muscarinic and nicotinic, based originally on their affinity for nicotine and muscarine. Each group is further subdivided based on pharmacology, location, mode of action, and/or molecular biology.
Order of mammals whose members are adapted for flight. It includes bats, flying foxes, and fruit bats.
An interdisciplinary study dealing with the transmission of messages or signals, or the communication of information. Information theory does not directly deal with meaning or content, but with physical representations that have meaning or content. It overlaps considerably with communication theory and CYBERNETICS.
The basic cellular units of nervous tissue. Each neuron consists of a body, an axon, and dendrites. Their purpose is to receive, conduct, and transmit impulses in the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Any of numerous burrowing mammals found in temperate regions and having minute eyes often covered with skin.
The sequence of transfers of matter and energy from organism to organism in the form of FOOD. Food chains intertwine locally into a food web because most organisms consume more than one type of animal or plant. PLANTS, which convert SOLAR ENERGY to food by PHOTOSYNTHESIS, are the primary food source. In a predator chain, a plant-eating animal is eaten by a larger animal. In a parasite chain, a smaller organism consumes part of a larger host and may itself be parasitized by smaller organisms. In a saprophytic chain, microorganisms live on dead organic matter.
The study of early forms of life through fossil remains.
Inorganic compounds that contain osmium as an integral part of the molecule.
The process whereby auditory stimuli are selected, organized, and interpreted by the organism.
Nerve fibers that are capable of rapidly conducting impulses away from the neuron cell body.
Hospitals which provide care for a single category of illness with facilities and staff directed toward a specific service.
The observable response an animal makes to any situation.
The anterior portion of the head that includes the skin, muscles, and structures of the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and jaw.
Geographic variety, population, or race, within a species, that is genetically adapted to a particular habitat. An ecotype typically exhibits phenotypic differences but is capable of interbreeding with other ecotypes.
Processes occurring in various organisms by which new genes are copied. Gene duplication may result in a MULTIGENE FAMILY; supergenes or PSEUDOGENES.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
The science dealing with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, and air and the distribution of plant and animal life, including humanity and human industries with reference to the mutual relations of these elements. (From Webster, 3d ed)
Animals having a vertebral column, members of the phylum Chordata, subphylum Craniata comprising mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.
Investigative technique commonly used during ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY in which a series of bright light flashes or visual patterns are used to elicit brain activity.
The pattern of any process, or the interrelationship of phenomena, which affects growth or change within a population.
Any behavior caused by or affecting another individual, usually of the same species.
The study of the teeth of early forms of life through fossil remains.
An order of wholly aquatic MAMMALS occurring in all the OCEANS and adjoining seas of the world, as well as in certain river systems. They feed generally on FISHES, cephalopods, and crustaceans. Most are gregarious and most have a relatively long period of parental care and maturation. Included are DOLPHINS; PORPOISES; and WHALES. (From Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, pp969-70)
An order of small, wingless parasitic insects, commonly known as lice. The suborders include ANOPLURA (sucking lice); AMBLYCERA; ISCHNOCERA; and Rhynchophthirina (elephant and warthog lice).
A plant genus of the family ZYGOPHYLLACEAE. It is sometimes called chaparral but that is a generic word which is used with a number of other plants. Members contain NORDIHYDROGUAIARETIC ACID.
A protein component of the synaptic basal lamina. It has been shown to induce clustering of acetylcholine receptors on the surface of muscle fibers and other synaptic molecules in both synapse regeneration and development.
Small oviparous fishes in the family Cyprinodontidae, usually striped or barred black. They are much used in mosquito control.
A suborder of PRIMATES consisting of the following five families: CHEIROGALEIDAE; Daubentoniidae; Indriidae; LEMURIDAE; and LORISIDAE.
Thin-walled sacs or spaces which function as a part of the respiratory system in birds, fishes, insects, and mammals.
Neural tracts connecting one part of the nervous system with another.
Extensions of the nerve cell body. They are short and branched and receive stimuli from other NEURONS.
The relationship between an invertebrate and another organism (the host), one of which lives at the expense of the other. Traditionally excluded from definition of parasites are pathogenic BACTERIA; FUNGI; VIRUSES; and PLANTS; though they may live parasitically.
Techniques which study entities using their topological, geometric, or geographic properties and include the dimension of time in the analysis.
The male gonad containing two functional parts: the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES for the production and transport of male germ cells (SPERMATOGENESIS) and the interstitial compartment containing LEYDIG CELLS that produce ANDROGENS.
The order of amino acids as they occur in a polypeptide chain. This is referred to as the primary structure of proteins. It is of fundamental importance in determining PROTEIN CONFORMATION.
Stable nitrogen atoms that have the same atomic number as the element nitrogen, but differ in atomic weight. N-15 is a stable nitrogen isotope.
Paired sense organs connected to the anterior segments of ARTHROPODS that help them navigate through the environment.
The ability or act of sensing and transducing ACOUSTIC STIMULATION to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It is also called audition.
Anchoring points where the CYTOSKELETON of neighboring cells are connected to each other. They are composed of specialized areas of the plasma membrane where bundles of the ACTIN CYTOSKELETON attach to the membrane through the transmembrane linkers, CADHERINS, which in turn attach through their extracellular domains to cadherins in the neighboring cell membranes. In sheets of cells, they form into adhesion belts (zonula adherens) that go all the way around a cell.
The region of the cerebral cortex that receives the auditory radiation from the MEDIAL GENICULATE BODY.
A plant family of the order Pandanales, subclass Arecidae, class Liliopsida (monocotyledons).
A climate which is typical of equatorial and tropical regions, i.e., one with continually high temperatures with considerable precipitation, at least during part of the year. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The reproductive organs of plants.
Ability to determine the specific location of a sound source.
A verbal or nonverbal means of communicating ideas or feelings.
Members of the group of vascular plants which bear flowers. They are differentiated from GYMNOSPERMS by their production of seeds within a closed chamber (OVARY, PLANT). The Angiosperms division is composed of two classes, the monocotyledons (Liliopsida) and dicotyledons (Magnoliopsida). Angiosperms represent approximately 80% of all known living plants.
The convoluted tubules in the TESTIS where sperm are produced (SPERMATOGENESIS) and conveyed to the RETE TESTIS. Spermatogenic tubules are composed of developing germ cells and the supporting SERTOLI CELLS.
One of a set of bone-like structures in the mouth used for biting and chewing.
Modifying, carrying, or manipulating an item external to itself by an animal, before using it to effect a change on the environment or itself (from Beck, Animal Tool Behavior, 1980).
A meshlike structure composed of interconnecting nerve cells that are separated at the synaptic junction or joined to one another by cytoplasmic processes. In invertebrates, for example, the nerve net allows nerve impulses to spread over a wide area of the net because synapses can pass information in any direction.
Measurements of the height, weight, length, area, etc., of the human and animal body or its parts.
Cell membranes associated with synapses. Both presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes are included along with their integral or tightly associated specializations for the release or reception of transmitters.
A mammalian order which consists of 29 families and many genera.
Membrane-bound compartments which contain transmitter molecules. Synaptic vesicles are concentrated at presynaptic terminals. They actively sequester transmitter molecules from the cytoplasm. In at least some synapses, transmitter release occurs by fusion of these vesicles with the presynaptic membrane, followed by exocytosis of their contents.
The use of wings or wing-like appendages to remain aloft and move through the air.
Posterior portion of the CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES responsible for processing visual sensory information. It is located posterior to the parieto-occipital sulcus and extends to the preoccipital notch.
The 8th cranial nerve. The vestibulocochlear nerve has a cochlear part (COCHLEAR NERVE) which is concerned with hearing and a vestibular part (VESTIBULAR NERVE) which mediates the sense of balance and head position. The fibers of the cochlear nerve originate from neurons of the SPIRAL GANGLION and project to the cochlear nuclei (COCHLEAR NUCLEUS). The fibers of the vestibular nerve arise from neurons of Scarpa's ganglion and project to the VESTIBULAR NUCLEI.
A cytoskeletal protein associated with cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. The amino acid sequence of human vinculin has been determined. The protein consists of 1066 amino acid residues and its gene has been assigned to chromosome 10.
The thin layer of GRAY MATTER on the surface of the CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES that develops from the TELENCEPHALON and folds into gyri and sulchi. It reaches its highest development in humans and is responsible for intellectual faculties and higher mental functions.
The obtaining and management of funds for hospital needs and responsibility for fiscal affairs.
A plant genus of the family Pteridaceae. Members contain TRITERPENES. Some species in this genus are called maidenhair fern which is also a common name occasionally used for Lygodium (FERNS) and POLYPODIUM.
An order of BIRDS including over 300 species that primarily inhabit coastal waters, beaches, and marshes. They are comprised of shorebirds, gulls, and terns.
Loss of the tooth substance by chemical or mechanical processes
A family (Aphididae) of small insects, in the suborder Sternorrhyncha, that suck the juices of plants. Important genera include Schizaphis and Myzus. The latter is known to carry more than 100 virus diseases between plants.
Ecological and environmental entities, characteristics, properties, relationships and processes.
The properties, processes, and behavior of biological systems under the action of mechanical forces.
Sounds used in animal communication.
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
Differential and non-random reproduction of different genotypes, operating to alter the gene frequencies within a population.
Communication through a system of conventional vocal symbols.
Woody, usually tall, perennial higher plants (Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, and some Pterophyta) having usually a main stem and numerous branches.
Chemical substances or agents with contraceptive activity in males. Use for male contraceptive agents in general or for which there is no specific heading.
INSECTS of the order Coleoptera, containing over 350,000 species in 150 families. They possess hard bodies and their mouthparts are adapted for chewing.
Movement or the ability to move from one place or another. It can refer to humans, vertebrate or invertebrate animals, and microorganisms.
Microscopy in which the samples are first stained immunocytochemically and then examined using an electron microscope. Immunoelectron microscopy is used extensively in diagnostic virology as part of very sensitive immunoassays.
The distal terminations of axons which are specialized for the release of neurotransmitters. Also included are varicosities along the course of axons which have similar specializations and also release transmitters. Presynaptic terminals in both the central and peripheral nervous systems are included.
Intellectual or mental process whereby an organism obtains knowledge.
A group of cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates having gills, fins, a cartilaginous or bony endoskeleton, and elongated bodies covered with scales.
A front limb of a quadruped. (The Random House College Dictionary, 1980)
Warm-blooded vertebrate animals belonging to the class Mammalia, including all that possess hair and suckle their young.
Lower lateral part of the cerebral hemisphere responsible for auditory, olfactory, and semantic processing. It is located inferior to the lateral fissure and anterior to the OCCIPITAL LOBE.
Bony structure of the mouth that holds the teeth. It consists of the MANDIBLE and the MAXILLA.
The rostral part of the frontal lobe, bounded by the inferior precentral fissure in humans, which receives projection fibers from the MEDIODORSAL NUCLEUS OF THE THALAMUS. The prefrontal cortex receives afferent fibers from numerous structures of the DIENCEPHALON; MESENCEPHALON; and LIMBIC SYSTEM as well as cortical afferents of visual, auditory, and somatic origin.
A set of genes descended by duplication and variation from some ancestral gene. Such genes may be clustered together on the same chromosome or dispersed on different chromosomes. Examples of multigene families include those that encode the hemoglobins, immunoglobulins, histocompatibility antigens, actins, tubulins, keratins, collagens, heat shock proteins, salivary glue proteins, chorion proteins, cuticle proteins, yolk proteins, and phaseolins, as well as histones, ribosomal RNA, and transfer RNA genes. The latter three are examples of reiterated genes, where hundreds of identical genes are present in a tandem array. (King & Stanfield, A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed)
The act of feeding on plants by animals.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Family of the suborder HAPLORHINI (Anthropoidea) comprising bipedal primate MAMMALS. It includes modern man (HOMO SAPIENS) and the great apes: gorillas (GORILLA GORILLA), chimpanzees (PAN PANISCUS and PAN TROGLODYTES), and orangutans (PONGO PYGMAEUS).
Strong desires to accomplish something. This usually pertains to greater values or high ideals.
The largest family of snakes, comprising five subfamilies: Colubrinae, Natricinae, Homalopsinae, Lycodontinae, and Xenodontinae. They show a great diversity of eating habits, some eating almost anything, others having a specialized diet. They can be oviparous, ovoviviparous, or viviparous. The majority of North American snakes are colubrines. Among the colubrids are king snakes, water moccasins, water snakes, and garter snakes. Some genera are poisonous. (Goin, Goin, and Zug, Introduction to Herpetology, 3d ed, pp321-29)
PASSERIFORMES of the suborder, Oscines, in which the flexor tendons of the toes are separate, and the lower syrinx has 4 to 9 pairs of tensor muscles inserted at both ends of the tracheal half rings. They include many commonly recognized birds such as CROWS; FINCHES; robins; SPARROWS; and SWALLOWS.
The ceasing of existence of a species or taxonomic groups of organisms.
Contractile tissue that produces movement in animals.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
NEURAL PATHWAYS and connections within the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, beginning at the hair cells of the ORGAN OF CORTI, continuing along the eighth cranial nerve, and terminating at the AUDITORY CORTEX.
Any of numerous winged hymenopterous insects of social as well as solitary habits and having formidable stings.
The lipid- and protein-containing, selectively permeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
Conceptual functions or thinking in all its forms.
The genus Lepus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Hares are born above ground, fully furred, and with their eyes and ears open. In contrast with RABBITS, hares have 24 chromosome pairs.
Fish-eating carnivores of the family MUSTELIDAE, found on both hemispheres.
Animals that have no spinal column.
The time from the onset of a stimulus until a response is observed.
Area of the OCCIPITAL LOBE concerned with the processing of visual information relayed via VISUAL PATHWAYS.
A dimension of auditory sensation varying with cycles per second of the sound stimulus.
Mental process to visually perceive a critical number of facts (the pattern), such as characters, shapes, displays, or designs.
Selection of a type of occupation or profession.
The selecting and organizing of visual stimuli based on the individual's past experience.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of the neurological system, processes or phenomena; includes the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Derived from TELENCEPHALON, cerebrum is composed of a right and a left hemisphere. Each contains an outer cerebral cortex and a subcortical basal ganglia. The cerebrum includes all parts within the skull except the MEDULLA OBLONGATA, the PONS, and the CEREBELLUM. Cerebral functions include sensorimotor, emotional, and intellectual activities.
Wormlike or grublike stage, following the egg in the life cycle of insects, worms, and other metamorphosing animals.
The common chimpanzee, a species of the genus Pan, family HOMINIDAE. It lives in Africa, primarily in the tropical rainforests. There are a number of recognized subspecies.
The process whereby an utterance is decoded into a representation in terms of linguistic units (sequences of phonetic segments which combine to form lexical and grammatical morphemes).
A plant genus of the family RUBIACEAE. Members contain iridoid glycosides and ANTHRAQUINONES.
The brain stem nucleus that receives the central input from the cochlear nerve. The cochlear nucleus is located lateral and dorsolateral to the inferior cerebellar peduncles and is functionally divided into dorsal and ventral parts. It is tonotopically organized, performs the first stage of central auditory processing, and projects (directly or indirectly) to higher auditory areas including the superior olivary nuclei, the medial geniculi, the inferior colliculi, and the auditory cortex.
Monomeric subunits of primarily globular ACTIN and found in the cytoplasmic matrix of almost all cells. They are often associated with microtubules and may play a role in cytoskeletal function and/or mediate movement of the cell or the organelles within the cell.
The coordination of a sensory or ideational (cognitive) process and a motor activity.
Microscopy in which the object is examined directly by an electron beam scanning the specimen point-by-point. The image is constructed by detecting the products of specimen interactions that are projected above the plane of the sample, such as backscattered electrons. Although SCANNING TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY also scans the specimen point by point with the electron beam, the image is constructed by detecting the electrons, or their interaction products that are transmitted through the sample plane, so that is a form of TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY.
Economic aspects of the field of medicine, the medical profession, and health care. It includes the economic and financial impact of disease in general on the patient, the physician, society, or government.
A type of non-ionizing radiation in which energy is transmitted through solid, liquid, or gas as compression waves. Sound (acoustic or sonic) radiation with frequencies above the audible range is classified as ultrasonic. Sound radiation below the audible range is classified as infrasonic.
Cell-cell junctions that seal adjacent epithelial cells together, preventing the passage of most dissolved molecules from one side of the epithelial sheet to the other. (Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2nd ed, p22)
Subcellular structures found in nerve cell bodies and DENDRITES. They consist of granular endoplasmic reticulum (ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM, ROUGH) and RIBOSOMES.
Symbiotic combination (dual organism) of the MYCELIUM of FUNGI with the roots of plants (PLANT ROOTS). The roots of almost all higher plants exhibit this mutually beneficial relationship, whereby the fungus supplies water and mineral salts to the plant, and the plant supplies CARBOHYDRATES to the fungus. There are two major types of mycorrhizae: ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae.
An auditory orientation mechanism involving the emission of high frequency sounds which are reflected back to the emitter (animal).
The process of laying or shedding fully developed eggs (OVA) from the female body. The term is usually used for certain INSECTS or FISHES with an organ called ovipositor where eggs are stored or deposited before expulsion from the body.
The electric response evoked in the CEREBRAL CORTEX by ACOUSTIC STIMULATION or stimulation of the AUDITORY PATHWAYS.
A technique of inputting two-dimensional images into a computer and then enhancing or analyzing the imagery into a form that is more useful to the human observer.
Upper central part of the cerebral hemisphere. It is located posterior to central sulcus, anterior to the OCCIPITAL LOBE, and superior to the TEMPORAL LOBES.
Common name for perch-like fish of the family Cichlidae, belonging to the suborder Labroidei, order PERCIFORMES.
Branch-like terminations of NERVE FIBERS, sensory or motor NEURONS. Endings of sensory neurons are the beginnings of afferent pathway to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Endings of motor neurons are the terminals of axons at the muscle cells. Nerve endings which release neurotransmitters are called PRESYNAPTIC TERMINALS.
Study of intracellular distribution of chemicals, reaction sites, enzymes, etc., by means of staining reactions, radioactive isotope uptake, selective metal distribution in electron microscopy, or other methods.
Slender processes of NEURONS, including the AXONS and their glial envelopes (MYELIN SHEATH). Nerve fibers conduct nerve impulses to and from the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
The detailed examination of observable activity or behavior associated with the execution or completion of a required function or unit of work.
Filamentous proteins that are the main constituent of the thin filaments of muscle fibers. The filaments (known also as filamentous or F-actin) can be dissociated into their globular subunits; each subunit is composed of a single polypeptide 375 amino acids long. This is known as globular or G-actin. In conjunction with MYOSINS, actin is responsible for the contraction and relaxation of muscle.
A genus of vibrioid or rod-shaped cells which are motile by polar flagella. Internal photosynthetic membranes are present as lamellar stacks and contain bacteriochlorophyll a or b and carotenoids. Growth occurs photoautotrophically under anaerobic conditions. (From Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 9th ed)
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Compliance with a set of standards defined by non-governmental organizations. Certification is applied for by individuals on a voluntary basis and represents a professional status when achieved, e.g., certification for a medical specialty.
A strain of albino rat used widely for experimental purposes because of its calmness and ease of handling. It was developed by the Sprague-Dawley Animal Company.
The SKELETON of the HEAD including the FACIAL BONES and the bones enclosing the BRAIN.
The region corresponding to the human WRIST in non-human ANIMALS.

The role of curriculum in influencing students to select generalist training: a 21-year longitudinal study. (1/1237)

To determine if specific curricula or backgrounds influence selection of generalist careers, the curricular choices of graduates of Mount Sinai School of Medicine between 1970 and 1990 were reviewed based on admission category. Students were divided into three groups: Group 1, those who started their first year of training at the School of Medicine; Group 2, those accepted with advanced standing into their third year of training from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, a five-year program developed to select and produce students likely to enter primary care fields; and Group 3, those accepted with advanced standing into the third year who spent the first two years at a foreign medical school. All three groups took the identical last two years of clinical training at the School of Medicine. These were no significant differences with respect to initial choice of generalist training programs among all three groups, with 46% of the total cohort selecting generalist training. Of those students who chose generalist programs, 58% in Group 1, 51% in Group 2, and 41% in Group 3 remained in these fields rather than progressing to fellowship training. This difference was significant only with respect to Group 3. However, when an analysis was performed among those students providing only primary care as compared to only specialty care, there were no significant differences. Analysis by gender revealed women to be more likely to select generalist fields and remain in these fields without taking specialty training (P < .0001). Differentiating characteristics with respect to choosing generalist fields were not related to either Part I or Part II scores on National Board Examinations or selection to AOA. However, with respect to those specific specialties considered quite competitive (general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and ophthalmology), total test scores on Part I and Part II were significantly higher than those of all other students. The analysis indicated that, despite the diverse characteristics of students entering the third year at the School of Medicine, no one group produced a statistically greater proportion of generalists positions than any other, and academic performance while in medical school did not have a significant influence on whether a student entered a generalist field.  (+info)

Problems with implementing guidelines: a randomised controlled trial of consensus management of dyspepsia. (2/1237)

OBJECTIVE: To determine the feasibility and benefit of developing guidelines for managing dyspepsia by consensus between general practitioners (GPs) and specialists and to evaluate their introduction on GPs' prescribing, use of investigations, and referrals. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial of effect of consensus guidelines agreed between GPs and specialists on GPs' behaviour. SETTING: Southampton and South West Hampshire Health District, United Kingdom. SUBJECTS: 179 GPs working in 45 practices in Southampton district out of 254 eligible GPs, 107 in the control group and 78 in the study group. MAIN MEASURES: Rates of referral and investigation and costs of prescribing for dyspepsia in the six months before and after introduction of the guidelines. RESULTS: Consensus guidelines were produced relatively easily. After their introduction referral rates for upper gastrointestinal symptoms fell significantly in both study and control groups, but no significant change occurred in either group in the use of endoscopy or radiology, either in terms of referral rates, patient selection, or findings on investigation. No difference was observed between the control and study group in the number of items prescribed, but prescribing costs rose by 25% (from 2634 pounds to 3215 pounds per GP) in the study group, almost entirely due to an increased rate of prescription of ulcer-healing agents. CONCLUSION: Developing district guidelines for managing dyspepsia by consensus between GPs and specialists was feasible. However, their acceptance and adoption was variable and their measured effects on some aspects of clinical behaviour were relatively weak and not necessarily associated with either decreased costs or improved quality of care.  (+info)

Registrars' and senior registrars' perceptions of their audit activities. (3/1237)

OBJECTIVES: To ascertain the level and quality of audit activity among junior doctors, their attitudes to audit, and their views on its educational value. DESIGN: Postal questionnaire survey in April 1991. SETTING: Yorkshire region. SUBJECTS: All 610 registrars and senior registrars recorded as employed in the region. MAIN MEASURES: Grade, current specialty, details of last audit participated in and its educational usefulness, and attitude to audit. RESULTS: 255 (41.8%) completed questionnaires were returned, 148 from registrars and 101 from senior registrars; grade was not indicated in six. 27 respondents were in general medicine, 26 in general surgery, 30 in anaesthetics, and 36 in psychiatry; other specialties had fewer than 20 respondents. About a fifth (54) of respondents, most in psychiatry (19/36, 53%), had not participated in audit. Among the 201 who had participated, the audit topics covered most components of care (access to services (47, 23%), communication (51, 25%), and appropriateness (158, 79%) and effectiveness (157, 78%) of treatment); only 84 (41%) audits set standards, and in only half of them had the doctors been involved in doing so. Doctors responsible for gathering data and those responsible for collating and reporting data found their experience significantly less useful than those who were not. 172 (86%) respondents considered that audit had helped patient care. Suggested improvements to the educational value of audit were mostly for better methods but included requests for less "witch hunting," better feedback, more training, more time, and more participation by consultants. CONCLUSIONS: The educational value of audit to junior doctors could be improved by better audit methods, guidance, and feedback.  (+info)

Diabetes care: who are the experts? (4/1237)

OBJECTIVES: To identify issues that patients and professionals consider important in diabetes care and differences in their priorities for care and to determine patients' and professionals' judgements of the relative importance of their chosen priorities. DESIGN: Structured group interviews using the nominal group technique. SETTING: Five district health authorities on Tyneside. SUBJECTS: Five nominal groups: expert (seven), non-expert (seven) health care professionals; insulin dependent (four), non-insulin dependent patients (eight); and carers of diabetic patients (eight). MAIN MEASURES: Items important in diabetes care to each nominal group (themes of care), ranked into a series of "top 10" items for each group, and allocated a score according to relative importance to individual members; scores were standardised by individual weighting and group weighting for comparison within and between groups. RESULTS: Patients and professionals agreed that information given to patients, interaction between professionals and patients, patient autonomy, and access were important for good diabetes care, but the importance assigned to each differed. Thus the professionals emphasised empathy and aspects of good communication and patients the desire to know enough to live a "normal" life. Differences were also found within the patient groups; these related to changes in patients' needs at specific points in the development of their illness and in their orientations to care. CONCLUSION: Patients differ from professionals in their orientation to diabetes care, and they can, and should, be involved in setting priorities for care. Since these priorities are dynamic further work is needed to explore the nature of patient satisfaction with diabetes care.  (+info)

The relationship and tensions between vertical integrated delivery systems and horizontal specialty networks. (5/1237)

This activity is designated for physicians, medical directors, and healthcare policy makers. GOAL: To clarify the issues involved with the integration of single-specialty networks into vertical integrated healthcare delivery systems. OBJECTIVES: 1. Recognize the advantages that single-specialty networks offer under capitated medical care. 2. Understand the self-interests and tensions involved in integrating these networks into vertical networks of primary care physicians, hospitals, and associated specialists. 3. Understand the rationale of "stacking" horizontal networks within a vertical system.  (+info)

Patterns of anti-inflammatory therapy in the post-guidelines era: a retrospective claims analysis of managed care members. (6/1237)

Published and widely disseminated guidelines for the care and management of asthma characterize asthma as a chronic, inflammatory disease and propose specific recommendations for therapy with inhaled anti-inflammatory medications. In a retrospective analysis of medical and pharmacy claims data of approximately 28,000 asthmatic members from five managed care settings, the dominant pattern of pharmacologic therapy that emerged was the use of bronchodilators without inhaled anti-inflammatory drug therapy. In addition, a significant proportion of asthmatic patients received no prescription drug therapy for asthma. Less than one third of asthmatic patients received any anti-inflammatory therapy and the majority of these received one or two prescriptions per year. Specialist physicians were two to three times more likely than non-specialists during a study period of 1 year to prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication, and were half as likely to have their asthmatic patients experience an emergency department or hospital event. This database analysis suggests that greater conformity with guidelines and/or access to specialist physician care for asthmatic members will lead to improved patient outcomes.  (+info)

Referrals by general internists and internal medicine trainees in an academic medicine practice. (7/1237)

Patient referral from generalists to specialists is a critical clinic care process that has received relatively little scrutiny, especially in academic settings. This study describes the frequency with which patients enrolled in a prepaid health plan were referred to specialists by general internal medicine faculty members, general internal medicine track residents, and other internal medicine residents; the types of clinicians they were referred to; and the types of diagnoses with which they presented to their primary care physicians. Requested referrals for all 2,113 enrolled prepaid health plan patients during a 1-year period (1992-1993) were identified by computer search of the practice's administrative database. The plan was a full-risk contract without carve-out benefits. We assessed the referral request rate for the practice and the mean referral rate per physician. We also determined the percentage of patients with diagnoses based on the International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision, who were referred to specialists. The practice's referral request rate per 100 patient office visits for all referral types was 19.8. Primary care track residents referred at a higher rate than did nonprimary care track residents (mean 23.7 vs. 12.1; P < .001). The highest referral rate (2.0/100 visits) was to dermatology. Almost as many (1.7/100 visits) referrals were to other "expert" generalists within the practice. The condition most frequently associated with referral to a specialist was depression (42%). Most referrals were associated with common ambulatory care diagnoses that are often considered to be within the scope of generalist practice. To improve medical education about referrals, a better understanding of when and why faculty and trainees refer and don't refer is needed, so that better models for appropriate referral can be developed.  (+info)

Physicians' attitudes toward managed care: assessment and potential effects on practice behaviors. (8/1237)

This study was designed to identify the key components of physicians' attitudes toward managed care and develop a tool to assess these components. We developed a questionnaire based on physicians' reactions to managed care, as reflected in the published literature. We mailed this questionnaire to a sample of 753 community physicians in the greater Sacramento area. A factor analysis of these data (n = 315) identified five unifactorial scales, which we labeled managed care quality, need to adapt to managed care, cost-containment effectiveness of managed care, personal knowledge of managed care, and inevitability of managed care. Physicians were most negative about the quality of managed care and most in agreement about the need to adapt to it. Correlations among these five scales, while statistically significant, were modest in size, suggesting that these physicians were quite discriminating in their evaluations. In comparison with medical/surgical specialists, primary care physicians rated the quality of managed care, their knowledge of it, and the inevitability of a national transition to managed care more positively. These measures predicted the physicians' intentions to alter their medical behaviors to comply with managed care practices.  (+info)

What is a maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialist?. Maternal fetal medicine specialists are doctors who are specially trained to care for women with high-risk pregnancies. Mothers with diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, babies with possible genetic conditions or mothers expecting multiple babies can all benefit from the care of a maternal fetal medicine specialist. These doctors receive two to three years of additional training that focuses on high-risk pregnancies, ultrasound techniques and fetal anomalies.. Why would an expectant mother wish to be referred to a maternal fetal medicine specialist?. Most women seek consultation from or care by a maternal fetal medicine specialist because they are at risk and considering becoming pregnant or because they are pregnant and high-risk, complicated or otherwise worried about their pregnancy.. What types of patients are seen by maternal fetal medicine specialists?. Patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures during ...
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Specialty pharmacy is one of the most rapidly growing segments of total drug spending, which brings both concern as well as opportunity for enhanced efficiencies, Lorber told attendees. As more people rely on specialty pharmacy medications, the healthcare industry needs to place an emphasis on cost control, appropriateness of care, adherence and waste management.. Lorbers session took a hard look at the impact of specialty pharmacy on payers, including the role of adherence across a number of disciplines: cost management and containment, benefit and coverage decisions, formulary and medical policy, pipeline management, provider network and member satisfaction and disruption.. Because specialty medications include complex treatment regimens and medications that require special delivery, storage and handling, they typically cost about $2,000 for a 30-day supply - about 28 times the traditional retail prescription. Approximately 3% to 5% of the population takes a specialty medication, and that ...
The Sport and Exercise Physicians at Axis Sports Medicine Specialists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems. We provide a thorough and reputable service managing sport and exercise-related medical concerns for a wide range of active individuals from professional, elite and recreational athletes, sports people and dancers.. Our team of specialists are Fellows of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (FACSEP) and work closely with High Performance Sport NZ, Sport NZ, ACC and a number of Universities. We also work across a wide range of elite level sports and sporting bodies. Our clinical practice provides a collaborative approach to the treatment of sports injuries and illness as we work within a multidisciplinary unit of health professionals.. Axis Sports Medicine Specialists provide a comprehensive service that includes the following:. ...
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WellSpan Infectious Disease Specialists at 1001 S. George St., York 17403, treats adults with pneumonia, wound infections, MRSA, cellulitis, HIV and fevers of unknown origin.
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Looking for family medicine specialist in Qatar? Our comprehensive directory, Tabeebak Qatar will provide you with complete information about all family medicine specialists in Qatar. To make your search about family medicine specialists in Qatar quicker and easier, you may filter by category or by keyword to suit your requirement. To expand or narrow your search, make sure to enter the right keywords or choose a specific category. family Medicine Clinics in Qatar are concerned with preventive healthcare, treatment of common medical cases, provision of early diseases early detection, and search for consultancy if necessary. The family Medicine Clinics in Qatar consists of qualified physicians to treat patients efficiently. family medicine specialist in Qatar also known as the family doctor, who knows the entire medical history of a particular family. family Medicine Specialists in Qatar diagnose and treat the wide range of chronic illness and provide preventive measures to the patients. family ...
Our roots run deep-inspired by the vision of Leonard Astrup-who in 1952 founded his first pharmacy in Austin, Minnesota. For over 65 years, Leonards vision and passion has directed our dedicated approach to patient care and partner integration-inspiring the creation of Astrup Companies. Led by the second and third generations of the Astrup family, Astrup Companies has grown to encompass 17 independent retail pharmacies, 4 long-term care pharmacies, a state-of-the-art specialty pharmacy, a nationwide wholesale pharmacy buying group, and a charitable foundation dedicated to giving back to the communities we collectively serve. As the third generation of the Astrup family prepares for future growth, Astrup Companies remains united by a singular purpose: to build healthier lives through caring relationships.. Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is a proud member of Astrup Companies family. We are founded upon a rich heritage of personalized patient care, dedicated community service, and insightful ...
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FLINT, Mich., Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Diplomat, the nations largest independent specialty pharmacy, has announced a partnership agreement with Physician Resource Management, Inc. (PRM). In this relationship, Diplomat will act as a preferred specialty pharmacy network provider. As a credentialed, preferred provider of specialty pharmacy services, Diplomat will provide comprehensive services and dispensing capabilities necessary to service oncology patients in a high-quality and cost-effective manner. PRM is a highly specialized healthcare consulting firm focused on the business of oncology. They promote quality, value and optimal outcomes by providing resources, expertise and customized managed care solutions. PRM manages the innovative CARET SPRx® national specialty pharmacy network, which offers advanced compliance and persistency interventions and specialized oncology care management protocols. Diplomat will also build an expanded network of specialty pharmacy providers which will ...
Sports medicine specialists employ a multi-disciplinary approach to treating sports injuries and offer non-surgical and surgical treatment as well as minimally invasive procedures to treat a wide range of sports-related medical conditions. Our physicians work closely with physical therapists, athletic trainers, physiatrists and rehabilitation medicine specialists, as well as primary care sports medicine providers, human performance experts and sports nutritionists to coordinate care and optimize an athletes recovery.. The team treats more than 3,500 new patients a year, with the total number of outpatient visits exceeding 10,000 annually. The most common surgical procedures performed include knee arthroscopy, meniscectomies, ACL reconstruction, shoulder arthroscopy, acromioplasties, rotator cuff repair, shoulder stabilizations and meniscal repairs. Other procedures include cultured chondrocyte transplantation, osteochondral plug transplantation, and complex and revision ligament reconstruction. ...
Practicing according to the principles of evidence-based medicine involves the application of national practice guidelines, current clinical research, and experience to guide the diagnosis of a condition and selection of appropriate treatment. Although this practice is important in all fields of health care today, it is becoming increasingly important in specialty pharmacy. Given that drug spending for specialty pharmaceuticals is growing at 2.5 times the rate of nonspecialty spending1 and that total health care costs for specialty patients are 17.5 times higher than nonspecialty patients,2 increased focus has been placed on the use of specialty medications and concern over how to manage costs while ensuring appropriate utilization and quality care.. Specialty pharmacy is a growing area of pharmacy practice focused on providing drug therapy management and dispensing services for patients requiring treatment with medications that are used to treat rare, chronic, or genetic conditions. Patients ...
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URAC, an independent, nonprofit organization, is a well-known leader in promoting health care quality through its accreditation, education and measurement programs. URACs Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation provides an external validation of excellence in Specialty Pharmacy Management and provides Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) oriented processes that improve operations and enhance compliance ...
BACKGROUND: In the UK and many other countries, many specialties have had longstanding problems with recruitment and have increasingly relied on international medical graduates to fill junior and senior posts. We aimed to determine what specialties were the most popular and desirable among candidates for training posts, and whether this differed by country of undergraduate training. METHODS: We conducted a database analysis of applications to Modernising Medical Careers for all training posts in England in 2008. Total number of applications (as an index of popularity) and applications per vacancy (as an index of desirability) were analysed for ten different specialties. We tested whether mean consultant incomes correlated with specialty choice. RESULTS: In, 2008, there were 80,949 applications for specialty training in England, of which 31,434 were UK graduates (39%). Among UK medical graduates, psychiatry was the sixth most popular specialty (999 applicants) out of 10 specialty groups, while it was
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Such specialization of production creates opportunities for gains from trade whereby resource owners benefit from trade in the ... This has led to investigation of economies of scale and agglomeration to explain specialization in similar but differentiated ... Smith discusses potential benefits of specialization by division of labour, including increased labour productivity and gains ... The general theory of specialization applies to trade among individuals, farms, manufacturers, service providers, and economies ...
Specialization; with specialization, society becomes more interdependent and has a less common purpose. There is a loss in the ... Instead we are condemned to work for a living, often in narrowly defined specializations. And economic enterprises must ...
". "Specialization , EICTV". Archived from the original on 2014-02-07. Retrieved 2019-12-10. Official website v t e (All ...
Specialization reduces the number of variants of a shader that need to be distributed. The SPIR-V specification states the ... "Specialization Constants". Retrieved 24 June 2022. "SPIR-V Tools". Retrieved 2020-10-01. "Shader ...
Generic Specialization; List. for example. Reified Generics; retaining actual type at runtime. improved 'volatile' support. ... These are starting to incorporate many specialization features. Note that these are Gnu Make/ C++ sources, and building the ... Value Type' features and 'Generic specialization' (when applied to lists or collections) reduce memory usage, but more ... "Next generation Project Valhalla proposed; Value types, generic specialization, and enhanced volatiles top the wish-list for ...
"Collaborative Specialization". University of Toronto. Retrieved 2018-06-08. (Articles needing additional references from June ...
"specialization courses". Retrieved 2015-08-28. "International". Archived from the ... the student has to choose between the following specialization courses: Web Development, IT Security, development and ...
Supply-chain specialization enables companies to improve their overall competencies in the same way that outsourced ... Building on globalization and specialization, the term "SCM 2.0" has been coined to describe both changes within supply chains ... specialization phases one and two, and SCM 2.0. The term "supply chain management" was first coined by Keith Oliver in 1982. ... expanded specialization; near-, far-, and off-shoring; and talent scarcity. The supply chain management provider not only list ...
MacDonald, Glenn; Marx, Leslie M. (August 2001). "Adverse Specialization". Journal of Political Economy. 109 (4): 864-899. doi: ...
"Symposia Archive , Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA)". "Specialization Track , Center for ... partners with other San Diego institutions and organizations in sponsoring public lectures It offers a graduate specialization ...
"Algorithms Specialization". Coursera Inc. Retrieved 17 May 2017. "White House Announces 2007 Awards for Early ... Roughgarden teaches a four-part algorithms specialization on Coursera. He received the Danny Lewin award at STOC 2002 for the ...
"BA Program , Specialization Area Descriptions". University of Denver. Archived from the original on 19 February 2012. Retrieved ... The Josef Korbel School offers a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with the following specializations: Global Political ...
"Areas of Specialization , The New School for Public Engagement". Archived from the original on 2013-02-06. " ... Students in any master's program at the Milano School can pursue one of the following specializations or work with a faculty ...
"Areas of Specialization". The Official Blog Of Dr Hussein. 21 December 2015. Retrieved 9 July 2019. "Dr. Xuseen Tanzaniya oo ...
"Fields of Specialization". Western University. 2016. Retrieved 24 November 2016. "Progression and Milestones". Western ... but the program has since shifted over the decades to cover two broad fields of specialization which represent the areas of ...
Retrieved 2010-07-08.{{cite web}}: CS1 maint: archived copy as title (link) "Standing Committee on Specialization , Standing ... American Board of Medical Specialties Board certification Professional certification Standing Committee on Specialization ... aviation specialization and the barrister system, in the United States no state recognized trial lawyers as specialists and ... when Chief Justice Burger called for board certification of trial lawyers relying on analogies to medical specialization, ...
"Areas of Specialization". Goucher College. Archived from the original on 2018-08-12. Retrieved 2018-08-11. Douglas-Gabriel, ...
Retrieved 2009-06-14.{{cite journal}}: CS1 maint: unfit URL (link) Greenberg, DA (1985). "BAROMEDICAL NURSING SPECIALIZATION". ...
Specialization: Art Studies. pp. 39-45. Prikhodko AV (2013). "Інструментальний театр у соціокультурному просторі ХХ-ХХІ століть ...
... specialization: Infantry-Sa'ka. Sa'ka course. Airborne course. Frogmen course. Counter-International terrorism course. ...
Retrieved 2011-01-14.{{cite journal}}: CS1 maint: unfit URL (link) Greenberg, DA (1985). "Baromedical nursing specialization". ...
... to further specialization into dressage type and jumper type horses. The reason behind the choice for specialisation is the ... "Specialization Update" (PDF). Warmblood Horse Studbook of the Netherlands, North America. Archived from the original (PDF) on ... Verkerk, Jacques (2007). "Specialization in Riding Horses" (PDF). KWPN of North America. Retrieved 2011-11-03. "Inspection ...
Specialization - Tibetan Medicine. As designated by the Central Spiritual Administration of Buddhists, during a year he was a ...
Only subjects of specialization. Admitted students must have completed at least the first grade of the upper secondary ... also is called Specialization Diploma or Specialized Diploma). EPAL High School Diploma can be awarded in Orientation Groups ( ... specializations or streams) requiring an advanced level in a number of four different subjects (advanced level subjects, or ... subjects of specialization and 30% subjects of general education. Admitted students must have completed at least the final year ...
... and trade specialization. The Baumol effect has also been used to describe the reallocation of labor out of agriculture (in ...
... and signal specialization. he military departments are designed as structural training subunits of civil higher education ...
"Standing Committee on Specialization , Standing Committee / Specialization". 2012-03-05. Retrieved 2012-10-06. ... The State Bar of Texas, for example, formally grants certification of specialization in 21 select areas of law. The majority of ... Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) See factsheet entitled "State Bar of Texas Facts," from "TBLS FAQs". ... Specialization in patent law is administered by the Office of Enrollment and Discipline of the US Patent and Trademark Office, ...
Lothrop CD (1995). "Veterinary medical specialization". Veterinary Medical Specialization - Bridging Science and Medicine. ...
Sports Specialization curriculum. Athletics Gymnastics Team Game Individual game Bachelor of Physical Education "Norms and ...
Specialization is best designed for students who plan to continue with graduate studies in a Ph.D. program at the University of ... Specialization is competitive; on average 10-12 students apply, and 2-4 are accepted. CIR offers joint degrees with different ... to pursue a particular research topic in greater depth than is possible in one year may pursue the second-year specialization ...
... and get a specialization in Climate Change to help the ever-shifting environment. ... Sports Law Specialization. A specialization in sports law might seem out of place at the nations top environmental law school ... Restorative Justice Specialization. A specialization in restorative justice provides students another way to look at conflict ... Business Law Specialization. A targeted suite of classes for students who want to specialize in business. Courses include ...
To fulfill the Specialization, students must complete a minimum of 12 credits from a list of approved courses and must write ... The Specialization is a rigorous program designed to prepare lawyers for successful careers in the dynamic field of health law. ... LL.M. Health Law Specialization. Law and Government LL.M. students who are interested in health law and policy are eligible to ... For more information about Health Law & Policy at WCL, the LL.M. Health Law Specialization, and/or the Health Law & Policy ...
The specialization of the plant body, which has evolved as an adaptation to… ... Other articles where specialization is discussed: angiosperm: angiosperms have evolved specialized cells and tissues that carry ... Specialization is not always a liability; in times of environmental stability, the specialized animal enjoys many advantages, ... It is now evident that the parasitic lifestyle often favours extreme specialization to a single host or a small group of hosts ...
Earn a specialization. Aligned to the Microsoft Cloud, specializations display your technical expertise. Go to Partner Center ... Certifications are a requirement for earning specializations; they demonstrate youre keeping pace with todays roles and ... your broad technical capabilities and experience in high-demand solution areas and is a prerequisite to earn a specialization. ...
Here are some simple rules for specialization programs. ... Tip: Specialization Cycles for Stubborn Muscles. Past the ... Here are some simple rules for specialization programs.. by Charles Staley , November 20, 2018. August 18, 2019. ... This is why bodybuilders often use specialization cycles for stubborn muscle groups. But remember, specializing in one area ...
Twelfth Regional Committee for Europe: Warsaw, 11-14 September 1962: specialization and postgraduate training of doctors  ... Regional Committee for Europe: 12th session by Subject "Specialization". 0-9. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q ...
Specialization of physicians: levels and trends in some industrialized countries = Niveau et tendances de la spécialisation des ... Twelfth Regional Committee for Europe: Warsaw, 11-14 September 1962: specialization and postgraduate training of doctors  ...
We have a customer that is buying a spec home from a builder. The customer has moved into the spec home prior to the loan being ...
The BGSU Bachelor of Science degree in geology with a specialization in paleobiology equips students with skills to explore the ... Geology: Paleobiology specialization. Geology is the study of the Earth, its composition, its structure and the processes ... The BGSU Bachelor of Science degree in geology with a paleobiology specialization will add courses in evolution and genetics to ... BGSU geology major offers a specialization in Paleobiology, the study of the biology, evolution and extinction of plants and ...
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Cybersecurity Specialization Feed Link nid /programs/degrees-programs/#program-2508 Feed Link Content Type CWU Degrees ...
A Spec defines the horizontal or vertical characteristics of a group of cells. Each spec. defines the grid indices and ... GridLayout.Spec. This package is part of the Android support library which is no longer maintained. The support library has ... properties of this Spec and the supplied parameter are pairwise equal, false. otherwise. ... properties of this Spec and the supplied parameter are pairwise equal, false. otherwise. ...
Boisen, A. Mass spec goes nanomechanical. Nature Nanotech 4, 404-405 (2009). ...
Gt12 USA Spec - I would say a lot of people run more laps at Cleveland than the rest of the big races combined. ​​​​​​ ...
Domain specialization creates new markup that can be useful in multiple structural types, such as new kinds of keywords, tables ... Structural specialization defines new types of structured information, such as new topic types or new map types. ... For example, a specialization of task is still a task; and a specialization of the programming domain is still concerned with ... Structural versus domain specialization. Structural specialization defines new types of structured information, such as new ...
servizio attivo dal lunedí al giovedí dalle 09,00 alle 13,00 e dalle 14,00 alle 17,00 il venerdí dalle 09,00 alle 13, ...
If everything were correct, it should print: partial spec explicit spec ,Fix: ,Release-Note: ,Audit-Trail: ,Unformatted: ---- ... Number: 3634 ,Category: c++ ,Synopsis: partial specialization envolving nested classes is broken ,Confidential: no ,Severity: ... c++/3634: partial specialization envolving nested classes is broken. [email protected] [email protected] Tue ... Explicit specializations dont seem to suffer from this bug. ,How-To-Repeat: Compile and run the attached code. ...
(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Its been 6 months since Dubai was wiped off the map by a cataclysmic sandstorm. Thousands of lives were lost, including those of American soldiers sent to evacuate the city. Today, the city lies buried under sand, the worlds most opulent ruin.
Provides spec clarifications and changes and errata for 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor-related documentation. ... Spec Update: 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor. This specification update provides specification clarifications and changes ...
Specialization Areas. Specialization Areas. There are two specializations in the Counselor Education Program: School Counseling ... and M.S. Curriculum Sheet Practicum and Internship Specialization Areas Resources. Organizations and Activities Counselor ... The School Counseling Pre K-12 specialization prepares candidates for careers in the elementary, middle and high school ... The Mental Health Counseling specialization prepares candidates for careers in mental health agencies and/or non-school ...
Pointers to all SPEC OMP2012 benchmark results published on the SPEC web site since the benchmark debuted in October 2012. ... Home - Contact - Site Map - Privacy - About SPEC [email protected] Last updated: Thu Nov 10 10:18:44 EST 2022 Copyright 1995 ... SPEC OMP2012 Results These results have been submitted to SPEC; see the disclaimer before studying any results. ...
In this space SPEC provides information about the benchmarks themselves, results for all systems published through SPEC, press ... SPEC CPU95 is a suite of benchmarks for the processor-centric performance comparisons of computer systems. ... SPEC Plans for Retiring SPEC CPU95 What SPEC plans to do with SPEC CPU95 with the release of its successor: SPEC CPU2000. ... SPECs CPU95 Press Release The full text of SPECs press release from announcement day. SPECs CPU95 Press Q&A The Q&A prepared ...
SHIMANO ALFINE Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever I-SPEC B Clamp Band BL-S700-B. ... SHIMANO ALFINE Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever I-SPEC B Clamp Band BL-S700-B. ... SHIMANO ALFINE - Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever - I-SPEC B Clamp Band - 3-finger ...
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ECMAScript 2020 spec for JavaScript approved. The latest standard for JavaScript, ECMAScript 2020 introduces new features for ...
Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 1. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 2. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 3. ... Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 7. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 8. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 9. ... Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 13. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - OBD-II Diagnostic Scan Tools. Scan Tool Spec ... Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 10. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 11. Scan Tool Spec Guide Supplement 2020 - 12 ...
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The online etymology dictionary (etymonline) is the internets go-to source for quick and reliable accounts of the origin and history of English words, phrases, and idioms. It is professional enough to satisfy academic standards, but accessible enough to be used by anyone.
Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) - Premium Self-Study$1,199.00. Certified Personal Trainer All-Inclusive Program$ ...
Is this a decent spec for a HTPC system, I would want to record from TV and Sky and poss stream to another PC wirelessly if ... Its an OK spec for the price, but if you want to run the new windows vista which will be launched in jan 2007 than a faster PSU ... Is this a decent spec for a HTPC system, I would want to record from TV and Sky and poss stream to another PC wirelessly if ...
  • Template specialization allows you to define alternative implementations for a given combination of actual template arguments. (
  • The template specialization overrides the default instantiation. (
  • Effective January 1, 2020, the Official Spec 2 Cycle Oil will be Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T Kart Racing Oil. (
  • After a two-year effort, the Open Container Initiative has its image specification and runtime spec ready for vendors and container users. (
  • BGSU geology major offers a specialization in Paleobiology, the study of the biology, evolution and extinction of plants and animals through the fossil record. (
  • The ecological specialization of parasites -whether they can obtain high fitness on very few or very many different host species-is a determining feature of their ecology . (
  • Despite the omnipresence of parasites with multiple hosts, very few studies assess and decompose their specialization in this way. (
  • This study aimed to evaluate the endodontic diagnosis conducted at Clinic of Specialization in Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry of Pernambuco-FOP / UPE, verifying the aetiology of pulpal and periapical changes, semiotics tests used for diagnosis, the prevalence of pulpal and periapical diseases were correlated with gender and observing the treated tooth, through analysis of 300 patients seen in clinic. (
  • Law and Government LL.M. students who are interested in health law and policy are eligible to earn a Health Law Specialization Certificate. (
  • The Master of Music degree program with a musicology specialization is an advanced course of study for musicians holding the Bachelor's degree. (
  • Further your knowledge of the human resource industry by earning your Bachelor's Degree with a Specialization in Human Resource Management. (
  • Earn your Bachelor's Degree in Business with Human Resource Management Specialization in as little as 2 years + 8 months*-or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits. (
  • Domain specialization creates new markup that can be useful in multiple structural types, such as new kinds of keywords, tables, or lists. (
  • mw:Markup spec/OCaml - the Wikitax-to-structured-data-for-instance-XML stuff (work needed here! (
  • A specialization is used and instantiated just as any other template, except that the definition of a completely specialized template is also an instantiation. (
  • We are not aware of any English language published article that both gives their specialization definition and uses methodology other than recall-biased questionnaires completed by the young athlete without the assistance of a parent or coach. (
  • The resulting partial specialization is itself still a template. (
  • The following code shows examples of partial specialization of the primary template. (
  • This partial specialization is driven by high infectivity and transmission rates in the preferred host, and is associated with maladaptive virulence and large costs of resistance in the other. (
  • The School Counseling PreK-12 specialization curriculum focuses on counseling, consultation skills, developing a comprehensive school counseling program, managing students in the classroom, and incorporating technology in counseling. (
  • The Master of Music degree program with a jazz studies specialization is an advanced course of study which focuses on individual jazz instruction, improvisation, ensemble work, history and pedagogy. (
  • The Clinical Mental Health specialization curriculum will focus on individual, family and group counseling to include diagnosing, assessing, and treatment planning for crisis intervention. (
  • The current MBA business electives that may be used towards this general specialization track are listed in the Loyola graduate course catalogue . (
  • The interdisciplinary business specialization is for students who choose a general business MBA over a specific specialization track. (
  • The Professional's MBA Interdisciplinary Business specialization requires students to complete three elective courses (9 credits) at the upper level. (
  • You must define all template specializations that you declare. (
  • Investigators struggle even to define early specialization. (
  • To fulfill the Specialization, students must complete a minimum of 12 credits from a list of approved courses and must write either two twenty to twenty-five page papers on health law topics or write one such paper and complete one externship in the field of health law. (
  • For this specialization, you need to choose at least two deepening courses, however you can always choose more if you want to. (
  • The Specialization is a rigorous program designed to prepare lawyers for successful careers in the dynamic field of health law. (
  • For more information about Health Law & Policy at WCL, the LL.M. Health Law Specialization, and/or the Health Law & Policy Summer Institute , please contact Associate Director of the Health Law and Policy Program, Professor Asha Scielzo at [email protected] . (
  • There are two specializations in the Counselor Education Program: School Counseling (Pre-K-12) and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. (
  • mySchneider IT Partner Program - IT Solution Provider specialization. (
  • Students in this specialization also have the opportunity to participate in international climate negotiations through the Vermont Law School Observer Delegation​ , which has participated in UNFCCC Conference of the Party discussions since COP15 in 2010. (
  • Note: The Specialization in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is not currently taking any new students. (
  • The examination board may approve other areas of specialisation (e.g. cryptography, biomathematics, actuarial mathematics) in individual cases (e.g. within the framework of double degrees, etc. (
  • The School Counseling Pre K-12 specialization prepares candidates for careers in the elementary, middle and high school settings. (
  • The Mental Health Counseling specialization prepares candidates for careers in mental health agencies and/or non-school settings (i.e., community service boards, substance abuse centers, military counseling facilities and public/private community agencies). (
  • Perfect for shorter missions, the CamelBak Ambush 100oz Mil Spec Crux optimizes the area on a user's back with a wider platform, shorter torso length and reduced stack height. (
  • And of course, the major, or area of specialization, is just that: the knowledge of one student's major will probably be of little relevance to another's plans. (
  • The research groups that offer thesis projects within this specialization are listed below, and you can get more details on their respective websites. (
  • The virtual meeting will be inaugurated by Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, and Dr Omar Al Rawas, Secretary General, Arab Board of Health Specializations, with the participation of regional partners and representatives of United Nations sister agencies, and will take place from 11-00 to 12:00 noon (GMT+2). (
  • The Q&A prepared by SPEC for the press announcement. (
  • The vehicle is the first one to be adorned with our brand new ADV005 Track Spec Advanced Series three-piece concave forged wheels. (
  • You must declare a specialization before any use of that combination of template arguments. (
  • The MV850 is the bread-and-butter of Polaris' military contract, built to spec with a powerful 850cc V-twin, 600 lb. capacity rack, active descent control, and both blackout and IR lighting functions. (
  • No results were found for specialisation . (
  • found in 25 (10%) of 248 brain spec- year during the 55-year period. (
  • Network, training set and input space decompositions significantly reduced computational complexity and training time by using principal component analysis and hidden nodes specialization to reduce input space. (
  • Upon successful testing, the manufacturer may produce seats with various vent hole configurations based on driver preference as long as they are within the allowable parameters as defined in the spec. (
  • Few studies have examined the role of early sports specialization among youth athletes while adjusting for confounding parameters such as age, body size, skill level, or training and competition exposure. (
  • Stay up to date with Crown's Newsletter and find out the newest products and download the newest spec sheets. (
  • You may subscribe to the California Board of Legal Specialization email list to receive meeting notifications. (
  • 4 May 2021, Cairo - The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arab Board of Health Specializations will sign a collaborative agreement in a meeting on 5 May to promote family practice as a means to progress towards universal health coverage in the Region. (
  • WHO and the Arab Board of Health Specializations will develop a joint workplan outlining areas and activities for joint collaboration to advance their shared goals of strengthening health systems and promoting family medicine based on the principles of primary health care. (
  • Representatives from the Arab Board of Health Specializations, the World Organization of Family Doctors, UNAIDS, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Refugee Agency and UNICEF, WHO country representatives, along with experts from the WHO Regional Office will participate in the meeting. (
  • This spec provides an interface to manually verify an upload. (
  • True-Spec is a portable device that uses artificial intelligence to allow hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories and quality control centres to verify if certain drugs are genuine or falsified. (
  • Additional review articles ( 23,24 ) and consensus statements by major sports medicine organizations ( 3-5,8,21,36 ) suggest that early specialization is a culprit potentially leading to adults with history of excessive injuries and limited social opportunity, even suggesting dire consequences ( 24 ). (
  • Pointer to information/code available from the Stanford Suif compiler group during their investigation of the SPEC CFP95 codes. (
  • For example, the following code sample shows a primary template and a full specialization of that template. (
  • The Human Resource Management Specialization can help you learn how to design pay structures, develop employee policies, communicate employee benefits, select payroll systems and work with executive teams to develop hiring and employment goals. (
  • Mission Spec has built a strong reputation on products that are field-ready for operators who need them. (
  • Check out all the products Crown has to offer and download a spec sheet for easy use with your estimates. (
  • Here are some simple rules for specialization programs. (
  • Its an OK spec for the price, but if you want to run the new windows vista which will be launched in jan 2007 than a faster PSU than the 1.8Ghz is recommended. (
  • Music, Musicology Specialization, M.M. (
  • Music, Jazz Studies Specialization, M.M. (
  • Replace ref-prepatch/httpd.spec with the actually unpatched version. (
  • Mission Spec has unveiled a extra large version of their Essentials Only Carrier for military, law enforcement and civilians. (