Energy transmitted from the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
Planned management, use, and preservation of energy resources.
Forms of energy that are constantly and rapidly renewed by natural processes such as solar, ocean wave, and wind energy. (from McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Devices that control the supply of electric current for running electrical equipment.
Chemical reactions effected by light.
The synthesis by organisms of organic chemical compounds, especially carbohydrates, from carbon dioxide using energy obtained from light rather than from the oxidation of chemical compounds. Photosynthesis comprises two separate processes: the light reactions and the dark reactions. In higher plants; GREEN ALGAE; and CYANOBACTERIA; NADPH and ATP formed by the light reactions drive the dark reactions which result in the fixation of carbon dioxide. (from Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2001)
Irradiation directly from the sun.
The chemical reactions involved in the production and utilization of various forms of energy in cells.
The first chemical element in the periodic table. It has the atomic symbol H, atomic number 1, and atomic weight [1.00784; 1.00811]. It exists, under normal conditions, as a colorless, odorless, tasteless, diatomic gas. Hydrogen ions are PROTONS. Besides the common H1 isotope, hydrogen exists as the stable isotope DEUTERIUM and the unstable, radioactive isotope TRITIUM.
Total mass of all the organisms of a given type and/or in a given area. (From Concise Dictionary of Biology, 1990) It includes the yield of vegetative mass produced from any given crop.
That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared range.
The physical effects involving the presence of electric charges at rest and in motion.
The field of information science concerned with the analysis and dissemination of data through the application of computers applied to the field of nursing.
A contagious disease caused by canine adenovirus (ADENOVIRUSES, CANINE) infecting the LIVER, the EYE, the KIDNEY, and other organs in dogs, other canids, and bears. Symptoms include FEVER; EDEMA; VOMITING; and DIARRHEA.
Diseases of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris). This term does not include diseases of wild dogs, WOLVES; FOXES; and other Canidae for which the heading CARNIVORA is used.
Vesicles derived from the GOLGI APPARATUS containing material to be released at the cell surface.
The tendency of a gas or solute to pass from a point of higher pressure or concentration to a point of lower pressure or concentration and to distribute itself throughout the available space. Diffusion, especially FACILITATED DIFFUSION, is a major mechanism of BIOLOGICAL TRANSPORT.
The encapsulated embryos of flowering plants. They are used as is or for animal feed because of the high content of concentrated nutrients like starches, proteins, and fats. Rapeseed, cottonseed, and sunflower seed are also produced for the oils (fats) they yield.
The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.
The ability to generate new ideas or images.
Infections with bacteria of the family RICKETTSIACEAE.
Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.
A functional system which includes the organisms of a natural community together with their environment. (McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Indolesulfonic acid used as a dye in renal function testing for the detection of nitrates and chlorates, and in the testing of milk.
A formal financial agreement made between one or more physicians and a hospital to provide ambulatory alternative services to those patients who do not require hospitalization.
Failure of the SOFT PALATE to reach the posterior pharyngeal wall to close the opening between the oral and nasal cavities. Incomplete velopharyngeal closure is primarily related to surgeries (ADENOIDECTOMY; CLEFT PALATE) or an incompetent PALATOPHARYNGEAL SPHINCTER. It is characterized by hypernasal speech.
Institutional funding for facilities and for equipment which becomes a part of the assets of the institution.
An indole-dione that is obtained by oxidation of indigo blue. It is a MONOAMINE OXIDASE INHIBITOR and high levels have been found in urine of PARKINSONISM patients.
A plant family of the order Lamiales. It is characterized by simple leaves in opposite pairs, cystoliths (enlarged cells containing crystals of calcium carbonate), and bilaterally symmetrical and bisexual flowers that are usually crowded together. The common name for Ruellia of wild petunia is easily confused with PETUNIA.
Chemicals and substances that impart color including soluble dyes and insoluble pigments. They are used in INKS; PAINTS; and as INDICATORS AND REAGENTS.
A measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by an individual, organization, event, or product. It is measured in units of equivalent kilograms of CARBON DIOXIDE generated in a given time frame.
The concept pertaining to the health status of inhabitants of the world.
The effect of GLOBAL WARMING and the resulting increase in world temperatures. The predicted health effects of such long-term climatic change include increased incidence of respiratory, water-borne, and vector-borne diseases.
A novel composition, device, or process, independently conceived de novo or derived from a pre-existing model.
Materials or phenomena which can provide energy directly or via conversion.
One of the three domains of life (the others being Eukarya and ARCHAEA), also called Eubacteria. They are unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms which generally possess rigid cell walls, multiply by cell division, and exhibit three principal forms: round or coccal, rodlike or bacillary, and spiral or spirochetal. Bacteria can be classified by their response to OXYGEN: aerobic, anaerobic, or facultatively anaerobic; by the mode by which they obtain their energy: chemotrophy (via chemical reaction) or PHOTOTROPHY (via light reaction); for chemotrophs by their source of chemical energy: CHEMOLITHOTROPHY (from inorganic compounds) or chemoorganotrophy (from organic compounds); and by their source for CARBON; NITROGEN; etc.; HETEROTROPHY (from organic sources) or AUTOTROPHY (from CARBON DIOXIDE). They can also be classified by whether or not they stain (based on the structure of their CELL WALLS) with CRYSTAL VIOLET dye: gram-negative or gram-positive.
Exploitation through misrepresentation of the facts or concealment of the purposes of the exploiter.
Parliamentary democracy located between France on the northeast and Portugual on the west and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
The testing of materials and devices, especially those used for PROSTHESES AND IMPLANTS; SUTURES; TISSUE ADHESIVES; etc., for hardness, strength, durability, safety, efficacy, and biocompatibility.
Filamentous proteins that are the main constituent of the thin filaments of muscle fibers. The filaments (known also as filamentous or F-actin) can be dissociated into their globular subunits; each subunit is composed of a single polypeptide 375 amino acids long. This is known as globular or G-actin. In conjunction with MYOSINS, actin is responsible for the contraction and relaxation of muscle.
Synthetic or natural materials, other than DRUGS, that are used to replace or repair any body TISSUES or bodily function.

Primary production and humanosphere--is energy sufficient for sustainable humanosphere? (1/148)

There is a growing concern about the sustainability of our humanosphere. Realizing that our consumption of natural resources is soon to exhaust available ones in this globe, we feel the need for more prudent ways to utilize them. In particular, the need would be greater in the ways for the use of the primary products as we are to continue to face the rapid increase in human population. On the contrary, however, we are rapidly losing the traditional customs of their many uses. For instance, rice straws were once a significant raw material for many manufactured products in Japan, while most of them are now simply burned in the paddy. Here I would like to review the current status of primary production on the Earth from the viewpoint of material cycling and to demonstrate that, unless we quickly turn around our ever-increasing demand for more material and more energy, the humanosphere would never enter a stable phase. At the year 2006 A.D., the energy demand of a possibly sustainable humanosphere surpasses the available energy through the global primary production.  (+info)

Solar flair. (2/148)

Design innovations and government-sponsored financial incentives are making solar energy increasingly attractive to homeowners and institutional customers such as school districts. In particular, the passive solar design concept of daylighting is gaining favor among educators due to evidence of improved performance by students working in daylit classrooms. Electricity-generating photovoltaic systems are also becoming more popular, especially in states such as California that have high electric rates and frequent power shortages. To help spread the word about solar power, the U.S. Department of Energy staged its first-ever Solar Decathlon in October 2002. This event featured solar-savvy homes designed by 14 college teams.  (+info)

Use of thermodynamic orientors to assess the efficiency of ecosystems: a case study in the lagoon of Venice. (3/148)

So-called orientors have been introduced at the interface between ecology and thermodynamics. Two have been chosen here to compare the characteristics of five ecological systems: exergy, which is related to the degree of organization of a system and represents the biogeochemical energy of a system, and emergy, which is defined as the total amount of solar energy directly or indirectly required to generate a product or a service. They represent two complementary aspects of a system: the actual state and the past work needed to reach that state. The ratio of exergy to the emergy flow indicates the efficiency of an ecosystem in producing or maintaining its organization. The main system under study is a portion of the Venice Lagoon, which is used as a fish farming basin. Four other aquatic ecosystems were considered for comparison. Results show that the ecosystem within the Venice Lagoon is the one with the highest efficiency in transforming the available inputs in organization of the system. This fact is due to human intervention, which is very limited but also very effective.  (+info)

Biophysical properties of the pelt of a diurnal marsupial, the numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus), and its role in thermoregulation. (4/148)

Numbats are unusual marsupials in being exclusively diurnal and termitivorous. They have a sparse (1921 hairs cm(-2)) and shallow (1.19 mm) pelt compared with other marsupials. Coat reflectivity is low (19%) for numbats compared with nocturnal marsupials, but absorptivity is similar to that of diurnal North American ground squirrels (72%), indicating that the coat of the numbat may be adapted for acquisition of solar heat. Numbat coat thermal resistance decreases significantly with wind speed from 45.9 s m(-1) (at 0.5 m s(-1)) to 29.8 s m(-1) (at 3 m s(-1)). Erecting the fur significantly increases pelt depth (6.5 mm) and coat resistance (79.2-64.2 s m(-1)) at wind speeds between 0.5 m s(-1) and 3 m s(-1). Numbat coat resistance is much lower than that of other marsupials, and wind speed has a greater influence on coat resistance for numbats than for other mammals, reflecting the low pelt density and thickness. Solar heat gain by numbats through the pelt to the level of the skin (60-63%) is similar to the highest value measured for any mammal. However the numbat's high solar heat gain is not associated with the same degree of reduction in coat resistance as seen for other mammals, suggesting that its pelt has structural and spectral characteristics that enhance both solar heat acquisition and endogenous heat conservation. Maximum solar heat gain is estimated to be 0.5-3.6 times resting metabolic heat production for the numbat at ambient temperatures of 15-32.5 degrees C, so radiative heat gain is probably an important aspect of thermoregulation for wild numbats.  (+info)

Photoelectrochemical solar cell using extract of Eugenia jambolana Lam as a natural sensitizer. (5/148)

The extract of Jambol o (java plum), Eugenia jambolana Lam, was used as a natural sensitizer of a wide band-gap semiconductor (TiO2) in photoelectrochemical solar cells. The natural dye, adsorbed onto the semiconductor surface, absorbs visible light and promotes electron transfer across the dye/semiconductor interface. Photogenerated current and voltage as high as 2.3 mA and 711 mV, respectively, were obtained and effective conversion of visible light into electricity was achieved. The use of a natural product as the semiconductor sensitizer enables a faster and simpler production of cheaper and environmentally friendly solar cells.  (+info)

Applying a nutribusiness approach to increase animal source food consumption in local communities. (6/148)

Animal source foods (ASF) in the diets of schoolchildren are beneficial for supporting optimal physical and cognitive development. Nevertheless, behavioral change and economic development are needed to increase and sustain adequate meat product consumption by schoolchildren in developing countries. A NutriBusiness enterprise may be one way for local communities to promote economic development while increasing the availability of meat for children. This work evaluates the feasibility of a NutriBusiness enterprise involving the production of rabbits and the manufacture of solar dried snack food. Some rabbits would be kept for home use, whereas others would be used in the manufacture of a rabbit-sweet potato dried snack food that could be fed to children or sold for income. The NutriBusiness enterprise would be composed of participants from the community contributing to a cooperative effort for setting up a manufacturing facility and organizing production, manufacturing and marketing functions. A unit operation for rabbit-sweet potato Chiparoos, based on full-capacity operation of a single solar drier would involve up to 110 shareholder families, each producing 240 rabbits/y with 120 used at home and 120 sold for Chiparoos manufacture. Participation in the enterprise would increase the availability to children of iron, zinc and vitamin B-12, and other nutrients, and provide approximately 350 dollars/y additional income for the family.  (+info)

Disinfection of contaminated water by using solar irradiation. (7/148)

Contaminated water causes an estimated 6 to 60 billion cases of gastrointestinal illness annually. The majority of these cases occur in rural areas of developing nations where the water supply remains polluted and adequate sanitation is unavailable. A portable, low-cost, and low-maintenance solar unit to disinfect unpotable water has been designed and tested. The solar disinfection unit was tested with both river water and partially processed water from two wastewater treatment plants. In less than 30 min in midday sunlight, the unit eradicated more than 4 log10 U (99.99%) of bacteria contained in highly contaminated water samples. The solar disinfection unit has been field tested by Centro Panamericano de Ingenieria Sanitaria y Ciencias del Ambiente in Lima, Peru. At moderate light intensity, the solar disinfection unit was capable of reducing the bacterial load in a controlled contaminated water sample by 4 log10 U and disinfected approximately 1 liter of water in 30 min.  (+info)

Is rangeland agriculture sustainable? (8/148)

The objective of this paper is to examine the sustainability of rangeland agriculture (i.e., managed grazing) on a world-wide basis, with a focus on North America. Sustainability is addressed on three fronts: 1) ecological, 2) economic, and 3) social acceptance. Based on previous and on-going research, we suggest that employment of science-based rangeland grazing management strategies and tactics can ensure ecological sustainability. The formidable challenge in employing such technology centers around the need to balance efficiency of solar energy capture and subsequent harvest efficiencies across an array of highly spatially and temporally variable vegetation growing conditions using animals that graze selectively. Failure to meet this fundamental challenge often accelerates rangeland desertification processes, and in some instances, enhances rate and extent of the invasion of noxious weeds. We also suggest that the fundamental reason that ecologically sound grazing management technologies are often not employed in the management of grazed ecological systems is because social values drive management decisions more so than ecological science issues. This is true in both well-developed societies with substantial economic resources and in less-developed societies with few economic resources. However, the social issues driving management are often entirely different, ranging from multiple-use issues in developed countries to human day-to-day survival issues in poorly developed countries. We conclude that the long-term sustainability of rangeland agriculture in 1) developed societies depends on the ability of rangeland agriculturalists to continually respond in a dynamic, positive, proactive manner to ever-changing social values and 2) less-developed societies on their ability to address the ecological and social consequences arising from unsustainable human populations before the adoption of science-based sustainable rangeland management technologies.  (+info)

An object of the present invention is to provide a dye-sensitized solar cell comprising a solid electrolyte and having excellent thermostability, which has the excellent feature of retaining liquid so as to prevent an electrolyte solution from being exuded even under high temperature or pressurized conditions, and a dye-sensitized solar cell module using the same. Such dye-sensitized solar cell comprises: an electrode base material 10; a porous semiconductor layer 20 formed on the electrode base material 10 having a porous surface carrying a sensitized dye; a counter electrode 40, which is disposed so as to face the porous semiconductor layer 20; and an electrolyte layer 30 comprising a redox pair and cationic cellulose or a derivative thereof, which is formed between the electrode base material 10 and the counter electrode 40.
Traditionally, Pt prepared by hydrolysis was used as the counter electrode of dye-sensitized solar cells. But the hydrolysis requires a high-temperature process, so that it is not suitable for flexible substrates like plastics. In addition, noble Pt remarkably increases the cost of dye-sensitized solar cells. Here, we report three types of nanostuctured materials as the counter electrode of dye-sensitized solar cells, including nanostrutured Pt by polyol reduction of Pt precursors, nanocomposites and nanotube films.
The dye-sensitized solar cell, developed in the 1990s, is a non-conventional solar technology that has attracted much attention owing to its stability, low cost, and device efficiency. Power-conversion efficiencies of over 11 % have been achieved for devices that contain liquid electrolytes, whereas solid-state devices that do not require a liquid electrolyte display an overall efficiency of 5 %. Improvement of the efficiency of solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells requires optimization of their various components, such as the hole-transport material, sensitizer, mesoporous TiO2 film, and the blocking layer. This Minireview highlights the current state of the art and future directions of solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell technology. ...
Dye-sensitized solar cells based on iodide/triiodide (I−/I3−) electrolytes are viable low-cost alternatives to conventional silicon solar cells. However, as well as providing record efficiencies of up to 12.0%, the use of I−/I3− in such solar cells also brings about certain limitations that stem from its corrosive nature and complex two-electron redox chemistry. Alternative redox mediators have been investigated, but these generally fall well short of matching the performance of conventional I−/I3− electrolytes. Here, we report energy conversion efficiencies of 7.5% (simulated sunlight, AM1.5, 1,000 W m−2) for dye-sensitized solar cells combining the archetypal ferrocene/ferrocenium (Fc/Fc+) single-electron redox couple with a novel metal-free organic donor-acceptor sensitizer (Carbz-PAHTDTT). These Fc/Fc+-based devices exceed the efficiency achieved for devices prepared using I−/I3− electrolytes under comparable conditions, revealing the great potential of ferrocene-based electrolytes
Panchromatic response is essential to increase the light-harvesting efficiency in solar conversion systems. Herein we show increased light harvesting from using multiple energy relay dyes inside dye-sensitized solar cells. Additional photoresponse from 400-590 nm matching the optical window of the zinc phthalocyanine sensitizer was observed due to Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) from the two energy relay dyes to the sensitizing dye. The complementary absorption spectra of the energy relay dyes and high excitation transfer efficiencies result in a 35% increase in photovoltaic performance.. Keywords: dyes/pigments ; dye-sensitized solar cells ; Fret ; photochemistry ; photovoltaics ; Restricted Geometries ; Rhodamine-B ; Efficiency ; Dcm. ...
In this review, we dissect nanotube growth under a systematic changing of electrode configurations and analyze relevant solar cell constructions as well as performances, in an attempt to explore efficient approaches to harvest solar energy. It is divided into two parts for discussion: planar and nonplanar electrodes, as a conformal coating of anodic nanotubes can be formed on an electrode regardless of its geometric shape. The first part is presented in this paper. To date, the most efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) based on anodic nanotubes exhibit a power conversion efficiency of 7~8%, whereas those based on nanoparticles show a higher efficiency of 11~12%. This is due to a lower surface area per photoanode volume for nanotubes with respect to nanoparticles. It is calculated that, for a given photoanode volume, it requires the nanotube diameter to go down to ~30 nm to generate a comparable surface area with nanoparticles of ~20 nm. For single-sided tube growth, three dominant ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Polymer electrolytes based on grafted inorganic nanoparticles for dye-sensitized solar cells. AU - Park, Jung Tae. AU - Roh, Dong Kyu. AU - Ahn, Sung Hoon. AU - Kim, Jong Hak. PY - 2011/2. Y1 - 2011/2. N2 - Inorganic nanoparticles such as TiO 2 and SiO 2 were grafted with poly(oxyethylene methacrylate) (POEM) and blended with poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG), 1-methyl-3-propylimidazolium iodide (MPII) and iodine (I 2O) to prepare polymer electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC). The effects of the grafted nanoparticles on the coordination interactions and structures of electrolytes were investigated using FT-IR spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The energy conversion efficiencies were obtained as 3.3 and 2.9% for TiO 2 and SiO 2 based electrolytes, respectively. Good interfacial contact between the electrolyte and the electrodes was also confirmed by field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM).. AB - Inorganic nanoparticles such as TiO 2 and ...
We report a high molar extinction coefficient heteroleptic polypyridyl ruthenium sensitizer, featuring an electron-rich 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene unit in its ancillary ligand. A nanocrystalline titania film stained with this sensitizer shows an improved optical absorption, which is highly desirable for practical dye-sensitized solar cells with a thin photoactive layer, facilitating the efficient charge collection. In conjunction with low-volatility and solvent-free electrolytes, we achieved 9.6-10.0% and 8.5-9.1% efficiencies under the air-mass 1.5 global solar illumination. These dye-sensitized solar cells retain over 90% of the initial performance after 1000 h full sunlight soaking at 60 degrees C. Shi, Dong; Pootrakulchote, Nuttapol; Li, Renzhi; Guo, Jin; Wang, Yuan; Zakeeruddin, Shaik M.; Graetzel, Michael; Wang, Peng
Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) are promising to be the next-generation solar cells arising from their high light-to-electricity conversion efficiency and low fabrication cost.
For the first time, nonstoichiometric WO2.72 was used as a counter electrode (CE) in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Oxygen-vacancy-rich WO2.72 nanorod bundles with notable catalytic activity for triiodide and thiolate reduction were prepared in this study. The photovoltaic parameters of dye-sensitized s
TY - JOUR. T1 - Dye stability and performances of Dye-sensitized solar cells with different nitrogen additives at elevated temperatures - Can sterically hindered pyridines prevent dye degradation?. AU - Phuong, Nguyen Tuyet. AU - Andersen, Anders Rand. AU - Skou, Eivind Morten. AU - Lund, Torben. PY - 2010/4/23. Y1 - 2010/4/23. U2 - 10.1016/j.solmat.2010.04.076. DO - 10.1016/j.solmat.2010.04.076. M3 - Journal article. VL - 94. SP - 1582. EP - 1590. JO - Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells. JF - Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells. SN - 0927-0248. IS - 10. ER - ...
Maximizing Solar Energy Absorption in DSSC. Through the following key select activities, students will learn to fabricate an artificial photosynthetic device using nanotechnology and plant pigments to capture suns energy and convert it to electricity. Each Activity prepares students for the Design Project, in which they are challenged to create the most efficient dye-sensitized solar cell, using vegetable and/or fruit dyes, that is capable of powering an electronic device.. MWM will give students an opportunity to understand the world around them in a way they have never experienced before. The modules promote an awareness of the roles science and technology play in society and guide students to take increased control of their work.. ...
Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have been intensely researched for more than two decades. Electrolyte formulations are one of the bottlenecks to their successful commercialization, since these result in trade-offs between the photovoltaic performance and long-term performance stability. The corrosive nature of the redox shuttles in the electrolytes is an additional limitation for industrial-scale production of DSSCs, especially with low cost metallic electrodes. Numerous electrolyte formulations have been developed and tested in various DSSC configurations to address the aforementioned challenges. Here, we comprehensively review the progress on the development and application of electrolytes for DSSCs. We particularly focus on the improvements that have been made in different types of electrolytes, which result in enhanced photovoltaic performance and long-term device stability of DSSCs. Several recently introduced electrolyte materials are reviewed, and the role of electrolytes in different ...
Natural-chlorophyll-related porphyrins, including (2H, Zn, Cu)-protoporphyrin IX (Por-1) and Zn-mesoporphyrin IX (Por-2), and chlorins, including chlorin e6 (Chl-1), chlorin e4 (Chl-2), and rhodin G7 (Chl-3), have been used in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). For porphyrin sensitizers that have vinyl groups at the β-positions, zinc coordinated Por-1 gives the highest solar-energy-to-electricity conversion efficiency (h) of up to 2.9%. Replacing the vinyl groups of ZnPor-1 with ethyl groups increases the open-circuit voltage (Voc) from 0.61 V to 0.66 V, but decreases the short-circuit current (Jsc) from 7.0 mA·cm−2 to 6.1 mA·cm−2 and the value of h to 2.8%. Density functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent DFT (TD-DFT) calculations suggest that the higher Jsc values of Zn-based porphyrin sensitizers result from the favorable electron injection from the LUMO at higher energy levels. In the case of the chlorin sensitizers, the number of carboxyl protons has a large effect on the photovoltaic
This carrier diffusion length is similar to the light absorption depth at ∼700 nm (Fig. S5†), which suggests that simultaneously high light absorption and charge separation efficiencies can be achieved in the S-annealed Bi2S3 thin films, leading to high overall solar energy conversion efficiencies.53 On the other hand, for un-annealed Bi2S3 films, low signal/noise ratio in the complex conductivity spectra did not permit accurate measurement of mobility.. The solar energy conversion efficiency of the 10 layers of Bi2S3 thin films with and without sulfur vapor annealing at 445 °C was evaluated by photoelectrochemical (PEC) measurements of the wavelength-dependent photon-to-current efficiencies and the potential-dependent light absorption and charge separation efficiencies (Fig. 6). The film thickness and annealing temperature were optimized for maximum photocurrent under white light illumination (Fig. S6†). The IPCE of the S-annealed films reaches a plateau of ∼40% at short wavelengths, ...
Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxxythiophene) (PEDOT), polyaniline (PANI) and polythiophene (PTh) based multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) composites were successfully prepared using RF-rotating plasma grafting method. Morphological characterizations of composites were determined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), which showed that conducting polymers (CPs) of PEDOT, PANI and PTh were coated on the surface of CNTs. The surface properties of the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) composites were also determined by using Infrared Spectra (FT-IR), X-ray Photon Spectra (XPS), and Scanning Electron Microscopy-Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectra (SEM-EDX) analysis. X-ray photon spectra results confirmed the formation of the composites. Composites of MWCNT were used in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) as counter electrodes and exhibited short-circuit photocurrent densities of 11.19, 10.70 and 8.54mA/cm(2) for PANI/MWCNT, PTh/MWCNT and PEDOT/CNT, respectively. ...
New hemicyanine dyes (CM101, CM102, CM103, and CM104) in which tetrahydroquinoline derivatives are used as electron donors and N-(carboxymethyl)-pyridinium is used as an electron acceptor and anchoring group were designed and synthesized for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Compared with corresponding dyes that have cyanoacetic acid as the acceptor, N-(carboxymethyl)-pyridinium has a stronger electron-withdrawing ability, which causes the absorption maximum of dyes to be redshifted. The photovoltaic performance of the DSSCs based on dyes CM101CM104 markedly depends on the molecular structures of the dyes in terms of the n-hexyl chains and methoxyl. The device sensitized by dye CM104 achieved the best conversion efficiency of 7.0?% (Jsc=13.4 mA?cm-2, Voc=704 mV, FF=74.8?%) under AM 1.5 irradiation (100 mW?cm-2). In contrast, the device sensitized by reference dye CMR104 with the same donor but the cyanoacetic acid as the acceptor gave an efficiency of 3.4?% (Jsc=6.2 mA?cm-2, Voc=730 mV, ...
The replacement of oxide semiconducting TiO2 nano particles with one dimensional TiO2 nanotubes (TNTs) has been used for improving the electron transport in the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Although use of one dimensional structure provides the enhanced photoelectrical performance, it tends to reduce the adsorption of dye on the TiO2 surface due to decrease of surface area. To overcome this problem, we investigate the effects of TiCl4 treatment on DSSCs which were constructed with composite films made of TiO2 nanoparticles and TNTs. To find optimum condition of TNTs concentration in TiO2 composites film, series of DSSCs with different TNTs concentration were made. In this optimum condition (DSSCs with 10 wt% of TNT), the effects of post treatment are compared for different TiCl4 concentrations. The results show that the DSSCs using a TiCl4 (90 mM) post treatment shows a maximum conversion efficiency of 7.83% due to effective electron transport and enhanced adsorption of dye on TiO2 surface.
This thesis focuses on liquid redox electrolytes in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). A liquid redox electrolyte, as one of the key constituents in DSCs, typically consists of a redox mediator, additives and a solvent. This thesis work concerns all these three aspects of liquid electrolytes, aiming through fundamental insights to enhance the photovoltaic performances of liquid DSCs.. Initial attention has been paid to the iodine concentration effects in ionic liquid (IL)-based electrolytes. It has been revealed that the higher iodine concentration required in IL-based electrolytes can be attributed to both triiodide mobility associated with the high viscosity of the IL, and chemical availability of triiodide. The concept of incompletely solvated ionic liquids (ISILs) has been introduced as a new type of electrolyte solvent for DSCs. It has been found that the photovoltaic performance of ISIL-based electrolytes can even rival that of organic solvent-based electrolytes. And most strikingly, ...
Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are super thin, cheap solar cells that can operate indoors. Created by G24 Innovations, the first batch of the new solar cells have found a home in fashion, heading to Hong Kong-based consumer
Inverse opal (IO) films with mesoporous structures hold promise as high-performance electrodes for various photoelectrochemical devices because of their high specific area as well as their fully connected pore structure. A great challenge to their use is obtaining an intact film of mesoscale colloidal crystals as a template. Here, using the plate-sliding coating method coupled with hot air flow, we successfully deposited mesoscale colloidal crystals onto the substrate. A TiO2 mesoscale IO (meso-IO) with 70 nm pores was then successfully fabricated via atomic layer deposition of TiO2 and subsequent removal of the template. As a photoelectrochemical electrode, the meso-IO structure exhibits enhanced charge transport properties as well as a high specific area. Moreover, dye-sensitized solar cells fabricated using the meso-IO electrode exhibit a higher photocurrent and cell efficiency than a cell constructed using a conventional TiO2 nanoparticle electrode. This meso-IO film provides a new platform for
In a study published March 9 in Nature Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison chemistry Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi presents a new approach to combine solar energy conversion and biomass conversion, two important research areas for renewable energy.. For decades, scientists have been working to harness the energy from sunlight to drive chemical reactions to form fuels such as hydrogen, which provide a way to store solar energy for future use. Toward this end, many researchers have been working to develop functional, efficient and economical methods to split water into hydrogen, a clean fuel, and oxygen using photoelectrochemical solar cells (PECs). Although splitting water using an electrochemical cell requires an electrical energy input, a PEC can harness solar energy to drive the water-splitting reaction. A PEC requires a significantly reduced electrical energy input or no electrical energy at all.. In a typical hydrogen-producing PEC, water reduction at the cathode (producing hydrogen) is ...
Solar cells made with biodegradable components are extremely rare. Ayomi Perera, a Kansas State University doctoral student, created dye-sensitized solar cells out of a protein produced by bacteria and a dye less toxic than traditional dyes. This attractive new research might make solar power even greener.. Dye-sensitized solar cells have been around for decades, and although production is affordable, a few problems burden their potential. Their energy conversion efficiency is only about 11 percent. In the standard p-n junction photovoltaic cells, advances in technology have enabled commercial production of cells with efficiencies upward of 20 percent. In general, dye-sensitized cells continue to improve in efficiency and design, but Perera decided to focus on another problem-the dyes and solvents commonly used in dye-sensitized solar cells can be toxic to people and the environment.. ...
Experimental evidence in the literature has shown that the power efficiency of both solar cells and photocatalytic thin-film electrodes can be enhanced in the presence of metallic nanoparticles because of their surface plasmonic effects. In the field of solar cells, gold nanoparticles have been used to enhance the efficiency of a dye-sensitized solar cell,22 an organic solar cell,23 and a silicon solar cell,24 as shown in Figure 1. Gold or silver nanoparticles have been incorporated into these three types of solar cells in such a way that the photoactive layers of the cells benefit from the enhanced light absorption near the plasmonic structure. For example, gold nanoparticles are embedded in a thin layer of TiO2 under the dye layer in order to enhance the absorption cross-section of the dye-sensitized solar cell (Figure 1A). The top coating of gold nanoparticles with TiO2 is critical to prevent corrosion of gold nanoparticles in the presence of liquid electrolytes. Meanwhile, the thickness ...
Konarka Technologies, Inc. (KTI), a developer of flexible, polymer and nanoparticle-based photovoltaic (PV) technology, has been granted licensee rights to dye-sensitized solar cell technology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
Thin film technology has a world-wide reputation in the field of thin film deposition process and also it paves a way for innovative techniques in large scale applications. Modern thin film technology has evolved into a sophisticated way to increase the performance and esthetic value for making new functional devices. One such application is search of new materials for thin film solar cells as it provides the solution for the todays concern of energy crisis. Depending on the processing technology solar cells are of various types. Among them, silicon wafer solar cells and thin film solar cells are most promising. Thin film technology has made solar cells more feasible to be employed in terms of device design and fabrication. The efficiencies produced by these solar cells still need to be improved. For this many investigations for further improvement from CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) solar cell to dye sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells. Due to toxic nature and environmental impact
Nanotechnology 32 042003 (Nov 2020) [pdf] [ref]. This roadmap on Nanotechnology for Catalysis and Solar Energy Conversion focuses on the application of nanotechnology in addressing the current challenges of energy conversion: high efficiency, stability, safety, and the potential for low-cost/scalable manufacturing to quote from the contributed article by Nathan Lewis. This roadmap focuses on solar-to-fuel conversion, solar water splitting, solar photovoltaics and bio-catalysis. It includes dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), perovskite solar cells, and organic photovoltaics. Smart engineering of colloidal quantum materials and nanostructured electrodes will improve solar-to-fuel conversion efficiency, as described in the articles by Waiskopf and Banin and Meyer. Semiconductor nanoparticles will also improve solar energy conversion efficiency, as discussed by Boschloo et al in their article on DSSCs. Perovskite solar cells have advanced rapidly in recent years, including new ideas on 2D and 3D ...
Compared to traditional silicon based solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, or Graetzel cells, have significantly lower production costs, even though the former still show higher efficiency.
Nanoporous, p-type NiO films were sensitized with coumarin 343 (C343), and the photoinduced electron transfer dynamics was studied in the presence of different concentrations of electrolyte (I-3(-)/I- in propylene carbonate). Electron transfer from the valence band of NiO to the excited C343 is very fast, occurring on time scales from hundreds of femtoseconds to a few picoseconds, but also the subsequent recombination is quite rapid, on the time scale of tens of picoseconds. Nevertheless, formation of an intermediate, attributed to I2-I NiO(+), was observed on the picosecond time scale. Simultaneously the reduced dye was converted back to the C343 ground state, indicating that recombination could be intercepted by 13 reduction. Consistent with that interpretation, we observed oxidized NiO and depletion Of 13 persisting on the millisecond time scale. Complete dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) with these films as photocathode gave up to 10-11% incident photon to current conversion efficiency at ...
A photogated transistor is established based on the dye-sensitized solar cell using nanocrystalline TiO2 films. Voltage-current curves are characterized with three types of transport behaviors: linear increase, saturated plateau, and breakdownlike increase, which are actually of the typical performances for a phototransistor. Moreover, an asymmetric behavior is observed in the voltage-current loops, which is believed to be due to the difference in the effective photoconducting areas rather than the cross-section areas. The photovoltaic voltage between the common counter electrode and drain (VCE-D) is examined as well during the loop measurements, clarifying that the predominant dark process in source and the predominant photovoltaic process in drain are series connected, modifying the electric potential levels, and thus resulting in the characteristic phototransistor behaviors ...
Easy to assemble as no tools are required to assemble. Motivates the children to learn the concept of clean and green solar Energy. Sate , Educational and eco-friendly. Most suitable ilr school projects. Works on both batteries and solar energy .Hybrid Solar Energy kit teaches the children the benefits 0f solar energy while they create the toy. This krt is designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. They will also learn the advantage of natural resources ( Sun Energy ). This kit will also help in improving their Science knowledge, Mental and practice ability while they assembling the toy. Children will use the different parts together with hybrid solar energy module and gear box to build six difierent models such as Hybrid Solar Energy Windmill, Hybrid Solar Energy Revolving Plane, Hybrid Solar Energy Puppy, Hybrid Solar Energy Airboat, Hybrid Solar Energy Car and Hybrid Solar Energy Plane ...
We present an investigation into incorporating core-shell Au-SiO(2) nanoparticles into dye-sensitized solar cells. We demonstrate plasmon-enhanced light absorption, photocurrent, and efficiency for both iodide/triiodide electrolyte based and solid-st
TY - JOUR. T1 - Design and characterization of highly efficient porphyrin sensitizers for green see-through dye-sensitized solar cells. AU - Lu, Hsueh Pei. AU - Mai, Chi Lun. AU - Tsia, Chen Yuan. AU - Hsu, Shun Ju. AU - Hsieh, Chou Pou. AU - Chiu, Chien Lan. AU - Yeh, Chen Yu. AU - Diau, Wei-Guang. PY - 2009/11/19. Y1 - 2009/11/19. N2 - YD12 (η = 6.7%) is a green sensitizer remarkable for its outstanding cell performance beyond that of N719 (η = 6.1%) with no added scattering layer; the additional scattering layer assists N719 in promoting the efficiency in the red shoulder of the spectrum, but has only a small effect on the improvement of the cell performance for porphyrins.. AB - YD12 (η = 6.7%) is a green sensitizer remarkable for its outstanding cell performance beyond that of N719 (η = 6.1%) with no added scattering layer; the additional scattering layer assists N719 in promoting the efficiency in the red shoulder of the spectrum, but has only a small effect on the improvement of the ...
Three new sensitizers 2-{4-[2-(4-Nitrobenzylidene)hydrazino)]phenyl} ethylene-1,1,2-tricarbonitrile (NBHPET), 2-{4-[2-p-Chlorobenzylidenehydrazino] phenyl}- ethylene-1,1,2-tri carbonitrile (CBHPET) and 2-{4-[2-p- Bromobenzylidenehydrazino] phenyl}ethylene-1,1,2-tricarbonitrile (BBHPET) have been synthesized. The dyes showed pronounced solvatochromic effects as the polarity of the solvents increased. The structures have been optimized at B3LYP/6-31G(d) level of theory. The torsion in E-isomer is smaller than Z-isomer and azo isomers. The highest occupied molecular orbitals are delocalized on whole molecule while lowest unoccupied molecular orbitals are distributed on the tricarbonitrile. The lowest unoccupied molecular orbital energies are above the conduction band of titanium dioxide, highest occupied molecular orbitals of the dyes are below the redox couple of new synthesized dyes and small energy gap revealed these dyes would be better sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells. © 2012 ...
Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of A hybrid PVDF-HFP/nanoparticle gel electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cell applications. Together they form a unique fingerprint. ...
Daeneke, T., Uemura, Y., Duffy, N. W., Mozer, A. J., Koumura, N., Bach, U. & Spiccia, L. (2012). Aqueous dye-sensitized solar cell electrolytes based on the ferricyanide-ferrocyanide redox couple. Advanced Materials, 24 (9), 1222-1225 ...
Read A new study on solid-state cyanine dye-sensitized solar cells, Research on Chemical Intermediates on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.
Page contains details about dye-sensitized solar cells . It has composition images, properties, Characterization methods, synthesis, applications and reference articles :
Page contains details about dye-sensitized solar cell . It has composition images, properties, Characterization methods, synthesis, applications and reference articles :
The Global Dye-sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) Industry 2017 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the...
Solar power production and solar energy storage are important research areas for development of technologies that can facilitate a transition to a future society independent of fossil fuel based energy sources. Devices for direct conversion of solar photons suffer from poor efficiencies due to spectrum losses, which are caused by energy mismatch between the optical absorption of the devices and the broadband irradiation provided by the sun. In this context, photon-upconversion technologies are becoming increasingly interesting since they might offer an efficient way of converting low energy solar energy photons into higher energy photons, ideal for solar power production and solar energy storage. This perspective discusses recent progress in triplet-triplet annihilation (TTA) photon-upconversion systems and devices for solar energy applications. Furthermore, challenges with evaluation of the efficiency of TTA-photon-upconversion systems are discussed and a general approach for evaluation and comparison
News release prepared by: Greg Tammen, 785-532-4486, [email protected] Monday, April 9, 2012. Research finds bright future for alternative energy with greener solar cells. MANHATTAN -- Even alternative energy technologies can sometimes be a little greener, according to a Kansas State University graduate students research.. Ayomi Perera, a doctoral student in chemistry, Sri Lanka, is working under Stefan Bossmann, professor of chemistry, to improve dye-sensitized solar cells. The cells are a solar technology that use a dye to help generate energy from sunlight. By creating a less toxic dye and combining it with a bacteria, Pereras solar cells are friendlier to the environment and living organisms -- making an alternative energy solution to fossil fuels even greener.. Dye-sensitized solar cells, which are solar cells with light-absorbing dye, have been around for more than 20 years, but their highest efficiency has stayed close to 11 percent for some time, Perera said. So the thought was ...
The work presented in this thesis is concerned with organic photovoltaic devices (OPVs), in particular with the use of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) to improve device performance. The initial chapters introduce the subject areas of OPVs, carbon nanotubes (CNT) and experimental techniques. Within the thesis, it is demonstrated that MWCNT can be utilised as an interpenetrating, work function tuneable, electrode in bi-layer OPVs. A remarkably low concentration of MWCNT (~1 wt.%) uniformly distributed within the donor layer is shown to greatly increase the cell fill factor (FF) without complicating the process of device fabrication. Furthermore, functionalising the MWCNT with polar surface groups is shown to be an effective means of modifying the open circuit voltage (Voc). This study clearly demonstrates the potential of this approach to significantly increase the power conversion efficiency of bi-layer OPVs. We also introduce, a water soluble acid oxidised multi-wall carbon nanotube ...
Organic photovoltaic devices (OPVs) are fabricated from thin films of organic semiconductors, such as polymers and small-molecule compounds, and are typically on the order of 100 nm thick. Because polymer based OPVs can be made using a coating process such as spin coating or inkjet printing, they are an attractive option for inexpensively covering large areas as well as flexible plastic surfaces. A promising low cost alternative to conventional solar cells made of crystalline silicon, there is a large amount of research being dedicated throughout industry and academia towards developing OPVs and increasing their power conversion efficiency. Single wall carbon nanotubes possess a wide range of direct bandgaps matching the solar spectrum, strong photoabsorption, from infrared to ultraviolet, and high carrier mobility and reduced carrier transport scattering, which make themselves ideal photovoltaic material. Photovoltaic effect can be achieved in ideal single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) diodes. ...
Federal agency will be looking into concerns regarding fraud in the solar space The United States Treasury Department has begun looking into potential fraud in the solar energy space. The matter involves the federal agency investigating the funding that solar panel manufacturers have received over the course of three years. Some lawmakers have requested that the agency provide them with updates concerting the investigation. The concern lies with the belief that some companies have inflated the market value of their products in order to gain access to more taxpayer money.…. Read More ...
treatment is shown. Semiconducting SWNTs show a significantly higher affinity toward hole doping in comparison to metallic SWNTs; a ≈12-fold and a ≈fivefold drop in sheet resistance, respectively. The results suggest the insignificance of the electronic type of the SWNTs for the film conductivity after hole doping. The SWNT films have been employed as transparent hole extracting electrodes in bulk heterojunction (BHJ) organic photovoltaics. Performances of the devices enlighten the fact that the electrode film morphology dominates over the electronic type of the doped SWNTs with similar sheet resistance and optical transmission. The power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 4.4% for the best performing device is the best carbon nanotube transparent electrode incorporated large area BHJ solar cell reported to date. This PCE is 90% in terms of PCEs achieved using indium tin oxide (ITO) based reference devices with identical film fabrication parameters indicating the potential of the SWNT electrodes ...
At a time when both the environment and social responsibility have an increasingly important role the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering recognised the potential of unused roof surfaces as a source of extra income both in the form of exploitation and sale of electricity. A study from the Laboratory of Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics showed that the solar power plant will also significantly contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint captive production. The sale of electricity also represents a significant reduction in the high annual costs for the faculty.. Therefore, on the roof of the faculty 432 modules with a total power of 105 kW were installed in December 2011. With the connection of the solar power plant onto the distribution network the Faculty of Economic became the first faculty in Slovenia which, to our knowledge, combined the concern for the environment with the exploitation of the solar energy. Consequently, ...
Silver nanoparticles have been found many interesting applications, such as absorption amplifiers in dye-sensitized solar cells. However, silver nanoparticles are easily oxidized. In order to protect silver nanoparticles, atomic layers of TiO2were deposited onto silver nanoparticles coated to a glass slide. Then the glass slide was exposed to corrosive I-/I3- solutions, and the degree of silver etching was measured via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UVS). It was found that 3 nm (30 cycles) of Al2O3 with 9 nm of (90 cycles) TiO2 could completely protect silver nanoparticles from oxidization ...
Preface xiii 1 Introduction to A Wind Energy Generation System 1. 1.1 Introduction 1. 1.2 Basic Concepts of a Fixed Speed Wind Turbine (FSWT) 2. 1.2.1 Basic Wind Turbine Description 2. 1.2.2 Power Control of Wind Turbines 5. 1.2.3 Wind Turbine Aerodynamics 7. 1.2.4 Example of a Commercial Wind Turbine 9. 1.3 Variable Speed Wind Turbines (VSWTs) 10. 1.3.1 Modeling of Variable Speed Wind Turbine 11. 1.3.2 Control of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine 15. 1.3.3 Electrical System of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine 22. 1.4 Wind Energy Generation System Based on DFIM VSWT 25. 1.4.1 Electrical Configuration of a VSWT Based on the DFIM 25. 1.4.2 Electrical Configuration of a Wind Farm 33. 1.4.3 WEGS Control Structure 34. 1.5 Grid Code Requirements 39. 1.5.1 Frequency and Voltage Operating Range 40. 1.5.2 Reactive Power and Voltage Control Capability 41. 1.5.3 Power Control 43. 1.5.4 Power System Stabilizer Function 45. 1.5.5 Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) 46. 1.6 Voltage Dips and LVRT 46. 1.6.1 Electric Power ...
The potential energy surfaces of the first excited triplet state of some ruthenium polypyridyl complexes were investigated by means of density functional theory. Focus was placed on the interaction between the geometrical changes accompanying the photoactivity of these complexes when used as antenna complexes in artificial photosynthesis and dye-sensitized solar cells and the accompanying changes in electronic structure. The loss process (3)MLCT --, (3)MC can be understood by means of ligand-field splitting, traced down to the coordination of the central ruthenium atom.. ...
A process for fabricating layered semiconductor structures, particularly thin gallium arsenide solar cells, on reusable substrates. The structure is fabricated by depositing a selectively removable layer such as gallium aluminum arsenide onto a substrate, and then depositing a solar cell basic structure on the selectively removable layer. Preferably, the solar cell basic structure includes a layer of p-type gallium arsenide on the layer of gallium aluminum arsenide, a layer of n-type gallium arsenide on the p-type gallium arsenide, and a transparent glass cover over the n-type gallium arsenide layer. The solar cell basic structure is separated from the substrate by selectively dissolving the gallium aluminum arsenide layer, and a new layer of gallium aluminum arsenide is epitaxially deposited upon the exposed face to form a thin, lightweight gallium arsenide solar cell. If the layer of p-type gallium arsenide is about 0.5 microns thick or less, the new layer of gallium aluminum arsenide may be omitted.
Organic small material lead phthalocyanine (PbPc) nanocolumns were prepared via glancing angle deposition (GLAD) on indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass substrates. Organic electron acceptor materials fullerene (C|sub|60|/sub|) was evaporated onto the nanocolumn PbPc thin films to prepare heterojunction structure ITO/PbPc/C|sub|60|/sub|/Bphen/Al organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs). It is worthwhile to mention that C|sub|60|/sub| molecules firstly fill the voids between PbPc nanocolumns and then form impact C|sub|60|/sub| layer. The interpenetrating electron donor/acceptor structure effectively enhances interface between electron donor and electron acceptor, which is beneficial to exciton dissociation. The short circuit current density (|i|J|/i||sub|sc|/sub|) of organic photovoltaic devices (OPVs) based on PbPc nanocolumn was increased from 1.19 mA/cm|sup|2|/sup| to 1.74 mA/cm|sup|2|/sup|, which should be attributed to the increase of interface between donor and acceptor. The effect of
The process and quality of metallization greatly affects the performance and cost of solar cells. Screen printing of silver paste and fire-through of the silicon nitride antireflection layer is the most widely used method for front side metallization, but it produces a very resistive metal-silicon contact, which significantly limits the cell efficiency. The rapid progress in nanotechnology may provide opportunities to improve solar cell manufacturing process and performance without increasing the fabrication cost. As an example, this paper will discuss the substantial contact resistance reduction that can be achieved using inkjet printed metal nanoparticle inks.
Solar distillation apparatus is disclosed in which the released heat of condensation of the condensing liquid is recovered in a transparent conduit disposed over the liquid to be distilled. Solar energy passes through the transparent conduit and is received on an undulated plate system over which the liquid to be distilled is conducted. A cooling fluid is circulated through the conduit to absorb heat released by the condensing liquid. In one embodiment, the conduit does not concentrate the solar energy. The conduit is preferably disposed at an angle of up to about 25 with the horizontal so that the system is subjected to minimal pressure. In another embodiment the conduit defines a fluid lens system which concentrates the solar energy on the plate system. Provision is also made to recover heat from the condensate and a concentrate of the liquid to be distilled.
TY - JOUR. T1 - Supramolecular photochemistry applied to artificial photosynthesis and molecular logic devices. AU - Gust, John Devens. PY - 2015. Y1 - 2015. N2 - Supramolecular photochemical systems consist of photochemically active components such as chromophores, electron donors or electron acceptors that are associated via non-covalent or covalent interactions and that interact in some functional way. Examples of interactions are singlet-singlet energy transfer, triplet-triplet energy transfer, photoinduced electron transfer, quantum coherence and spin-spin magnetic interactions. Supramolecular photochemical devices may have applications in areas such as solar energy conversion, molecular logic, computation and data storage, biomedicine, sensing, imaging, and displays. This short review illustrates supramolecular photochemistry with examples drawn from artificial photosynthesis, molecular logic, analog photochemical devices and models for avian magnetic orientation.. AB - Supramolecular ...
Patent CN103889990A - Bibenzo[b]furan compound, photoelectric conversion material, and photoelectric conversion element (CN 103,889,990 A); Owner: Adeka Corporation; Filed: 10/22/2012; Published: 06/25/2014; Status: Active Application; Abstract: The present invention provides a p-type organic semiconductor material that is easily produced and has high planarity in a polymer lattice, and provides an organic thin film solar cell, a photoelectric conversion element, a photoelectric conversion layer, and a photoelectric conversion material using the p-type organic semiconductor material and having high photoelectric conversion efficiency. Specifically, provided are a bibenzo[b]furan compound having at least one constituent element represented by formula (1) or (2), and an organic thin film solar cell, photoelectric conversion element, photoelectric conversion layer, and photoelectric conversion material using the compound in a p-type organic semiconductor material. (In the formulae: R13 and R14 represent a
A simple and easily processible photovoltaic device has been developed based on borondoped single-walled carbon nanotubes (B-SWNTs) and n-type silicon (n-Si) heterojunctions. The single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) were substitutionally doped with boron atoms by thermal annealing, in the presence of B 2O 3. The samples used for these studies were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The fully functional solar cell devices were fabricated by airbrush deposition that generated uniform B-SWNT films on top of the n-Si substrates. The carbon nanotube films acted as exciton-generation sites, charge collection and transportation, while the heterojunctions formed between B-SWNTs and n-Si acted as charge dissociation centers. The current-voltage characteristics in the absence of light and under illumination, as well as optical transmittance spectrum are reported here. It should be ...
A simple, low-cost and eco-friendly method of creating nitrogen-doped graphene nanoplatelets (NGnPs), which could be used in dye-sensitized solar cells and fuel cells.
Lifton also briefly mentioned the militarys use of tellurium and selenium in solar energy conversion. Coincidentally, Phoenix-based First Solar Inc. which went public last fall, produces photovoltaic solar panels (ie, electricity producing panels) using cadmium tellurium as the absorption layer. First Solar says in their annual report that, Cadmium tellurium…has the potential to deliver competitive conversion efficiencies with approximately 1% of the semiconductor material used by traditional crystalline silicon solar modules. This reduces the cost of solar panels, making them more competitive. [Note - in the interest of disclosure - I own stock in First Solar].. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Application of Pulse Radiolysis to Mechanistic Investigations of Catalysis Relevant to Artificial Photosynthesis. AU - Grills, David. AU - Polyansky, Dmitry. AU - Fujita, Etsuko. PY - 2017/11/23. Y1 - 2017/11/23. N2 - Taking inspiration from natural photosystems, the goal of artificial photosynthesis is to harness solar energy to convert abundant materials, such as CO2 and H2O, into solar fuels. Catalysts are required to ensure that the necessary redox half-reactions proceed in the most energy-efficient manner. It is therefore critical to gain a detailed mechanistic understanding of these catalytic reactions to develop new and improved catalysts. Many of the key catalytic intermediates are short-lived transient species, requiring time-resolved spectroscopic techniques for their observation. The two main methods for rapidly generating such species on the sub-microsecond timescale are laser flash photolysis and pulse radiolysis. These methods complement one another, and both ...
300 Watts 18 Volts Portable Foldable Solar Panel Monocrystalline with. LIGHTWEIGHT AND ULTRA-THIN FOR EASIER MOVING: This solar panel packs 300W of power yet is only 0.9in thick and weighs only 16.5 lbs, Foldable Dimension:21411inch (541042.4cm), making it easier to transport, hang, and remove. FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE DESIGN: The panel is well protected in a thick fabric pocket sewn. A practical carrying handle is available easy to carry and use and with, Ideal to use for camping, camping, climbing, hiking, picnic, charging your car battery, or in emergencies. HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY: With high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell, you will get greater power efficiency even though the panel is smaller than a traditional model. FREE SOLAR CONTROLLE: mart PWM charging (Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization) increases battery life and improves system performance. Intelligent protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuit, and reverse current. Integrated 5V 2A USB ports to charge ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Enhanced solar-cell efficiency in bulk-heterojunction polymer systems obtained by nanoimprinting with commercially available AAO membrane filters. AU - Lee, Jae Hyun. AU - Kim, Daewoo. AU - Jang, Hong. AU - Choi, Jong Kil. AU - Geng, Jianxin. AU - Jung, Jae Wook. AU - Yoon, Sung Cheol. AU - Jung, Hee Tae. PY - 2009/10/16. Y1 - 2009/10/16. N2 - Enhanced solar-cell efficiency in bulk-heterojunction polymer systems obtained by nanoimprinting with commercially available AAO membrane filters are discussed. The study revealed that the simple method can he employed to enhance the performance of polymerized photovoltaic cells, where the process involves the use of a commercially available AAO membrane filter to control the morphology of the surface of the active layer. The study has developed a new procedure for the construction of polymer-based, bulk heterojunction solar cells that have considerably improved PCE. The sequence used to prepare the solar cell begins with cleaning a ...
centrotherm photovoltaics AG is a worldwide leading technology and equipment provider for the photovoltaics industry. The company equips solar enterprises with turnkey manufacturing plants for the production of silicon, solar cells and solar modules. Due to the difficult situation in the solar industry, the company found itself in a financially strained situation. The companys executive board reacted by assembling an experienced restructuring team and initiated a protective umbrella proceeding under Section 270 German Insolvency Code in the summer of last year. This instrument that has only been available since March 2012 allows a company prior to an impending insolvency to draw up an insolvency plan in cooperation with creditors and thus to create the conditions for a successful corporate reorganization. centrotherm photovoltaics AG is one of the first companies making use of this possibility in Germany ...
While research on silicon solar cells has progressed the development of all organic, inorganic, and hybrid materials systems to simultaneously address the diverse set of design criteria for optimal photovoltaic (PV) performance, incorporation of hybrid materials systems has proven to be an effective method to improve some of these issues. With crystalline silicon representing the standard for high efficiency in solar cell designs, cell cost and production capacity remain concerns for the growing emphasis on broad implementation of renewable energy strategies on a global basis, with solar PV being a leading competitor. With recent studies demonstrating that the approach incorporating p-type nano-Carbon with n-type silicon in a hybrid film approach provides excellent diode junction rectification properties, improved collection and transport efficiencies due to the enhanced conductivity of the nano-C film, and superior semiconductor barrier properties at the nano-C/silicon junction. While this has ...
Purpose of this Presentation For economic as well as environmental reasons India need to shift to Renewable non-polluting Energy. The aim of this presentation: Provide Renewable Energy (RE) solutions ACTION PLAN (for 5 and 10 Years) to meet Indias Energy Needs Develop Favorable policies For RE development 5 YEARS PLAN: Develop Solar Energy > 100,000 MW by 2020* Develop Wind Energy > 50,000 MW by 2020* 10 YEARS PLAN: Develop Solar Energy > 200,000 MW by 2025* Develop Wind Energy > 100,000 MW by 2025* *Assuming favorable Policy, Incentives, Tariffs, and Financing is provided
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To create something new, it requires an incredible amount of labor, perseverance and creativity. The innovation, invention and research created at MSU are something that needs to be shared with the World, said Charles Hasemann, assistant vice president for Innovation & Economic Development at Michigan State University and MSU Innovation Center executive director. The process of bringing technologies to market is a long road filled with trial and error, but we provide the necessary resources and support to make this possible for both MSU faculty and students.. A 2015 Innovation of the Year Award was presented to Richard Lunt, assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science in the MSU College of Engineering, for his development of transparent photovoltaics.. The award description said: Transparent solar concentrators can be deployed on existing infrastructure to discretely harvest solar energy. Former attempts at transparent photovoltaics have fallen short, ...
This Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) project develops a novel, collaborative multidisciplinary program involving The University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and the National Center for Photovoltaics at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Participating students will work toward the development of the next generation of solar energy devices, based on a broad background of academic training
Concentrating solar plants in the Mojave Desert have brought up issues of water use, because concentrating solar power plants with wet-cooling systems have high water-consumption intensities compared to other types of electric power plants; only fossil-fuel plants with carbon-capture and storage may have higher water intensities.[37] A 2013 study comparing various sources of electricity found that the median water consumption during operations of concentrating solar power plants with wet cooling was 810 gal/MWhr for power tower plants and 890 gal/MWhr for trough plants. This was higher than the operational water consumption (with cooling towers) for nuclear (720 gal/MWhr), coal (530 gal/MWhr), or natural gas (210 gal/MWhr).[38] A 2011 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory came to similar conclusions: for power plants with cooling towers, water consumption during operations was 865 gal/MWhr for CSP trough, 786 gal/MWhr for CSP tower, 687 gal/MWhr for coal, 672 gal/MWhr for nuclear, ...
TY - CONF. T1 - Electrical system aspects of renewable energy generation within the urban environment. AU - Infield, D.G.. PY - 2007/9. Y1 - 2007/9. N2 - CISBAT 2007 welcomes presentations of innovative research and technological development in the following areas: 1. Sustainable building envelopes (eco-buildings) 2. Building and urban integration ofrenewables (electricity,heating and cooling) 3. Hybrid and passive cooling (natural ventilation) 4. Indoor environment quality and health (global comfort) 5. Daylighting and electric lighting (green lighting) 6. Advanced building control systems (biomimetic strategies) 7. Nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion (solar nanotechnologies) 8. Decentralised energy production and interactive distribution (polygeneration) 9. Urban ecology and metabolism (material and energy flows) 10. Information technologies and software (computer simulation). AB - CISBAT 2007 welcomes presentations of innovative research and technological development in the ...
The optical and electrical properties of bulk polymer RR-P3HT (Regio-Regular Poly(3-hexylthiophène-2,5- diyl):PCBM (Methanofullerene Phenyl-C61-Butyric-Acid-Methyl-Ester) heterojunction incorporating single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) have been already reported by a number of research groups. We investigated a new approach to functionalize CarboLex single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs-e) for increasing their dispersion in various solvents. The addition of SWCNTs-e in the matrix of P3HT:PCBM improves the photovoltaic (PV) characteristics. Results show that the photovoltaic parameters depend on the concentration of SWCNTs-e. The incorporation of low concentrations of SWCNTs-e in the photoactive layer increases the current density Jsc before annealing. We attribute the improved performance to partial crystallisation of the RR-P3HT. As revealed by XRD studies and confirmed by the absorbance spectra which exhibit the characteristic 600 nm shoulder. Interestingly, we observed also that doping the ...
L. M. Aguiar, B. Pereira, P. Lauret, F. Díaz, et M. David, « Combining solar irradiance measurements, satellite-derived data and a numerical weather prediction model to improve intra-day solar forecasting », Renewable Energy, vol. 97, p. 599‑610, nov. 2016. L. Bridier, D. Hernández-Torres, M. David, et P. Lauret, « A heuristic approach for optimal sizing of ESS coupled with intermittent renewable sources systems », Renewable Energy, vol. 91, p. 155‑165, juin 2016. P. Lauret, E. Lorenz, et M. David, « Solar Forecasting in a Challenging Insular Context », Atmosphere, vol. 7, nᵒ 2, p. 18, janv. 2016. P. Lauret, R. Perez, L. Mazorra Aguiar, E. Tapachès, H. M. Diagne, et M. David, « Characterization of the intraday variability regime of solar irradiation of climatically distinct locations », Solar Energy, vol. 125, p. 99‑110, févr. 2016. [5]R. Perez et al., « Spatial and Temporal Variability of Solar Energy », Foundations and Trends® in Renewable Energy, vol. 1, nᵒ 1, p. ...
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Bermudas largest solar panel system is on the roof of the new Acute Care Wing of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.The state of the art solar plant installed by Bermuda Engineering Co. Ltd (BE Solar) for Paget Health Services comprises nearly 1000 square feet of panels to capture the energy of the sun and use it to heat water ...
In each reflection within the fiber, the light has the opportunity to interact with the nanostructures that are coated with the dye molecules, Wang explained. You have multiple light reflections within the fiber, and multiple reflections within the nanostructures. These interactions increase the likelihood that the light will interact with the dye molecules, and that increases the efficiency.. Wang and his research team have reached an efficiency of 3.3 percent and hope to reach 7 to 8 percent after surface modification. While lower than silicon solar cells, this efficiency would be useful for practical energy harvesting. If they can do that, the potentially lower cost of their approach could make it attractive for many applications.. By providing a larger area for gathering light, the technique would maximize the amount of energy produced from strong sunlight, as well as generate respectable power levels even in weak light. The amount of light entering the optical fiber could be increased by ...
Although the bulk of photovoltaic devices today are used for purely practical and economic reasons, a potential benefit of photovoltaics is that PV is one of the most environmentally benign of any electricity generating source. The environmental impact of electricity generation, particularly the greenhouse effect, adds an important reason for examining photovoltaics. A brief overview of the greenhouse effect is given below.. The Earths temperature is a result of an equilibrium established between the incoming radiation from the sun and the energy radiated into space by the Earth. The outgoing radiation emitted by the Earth is strongly affected by the presence and composition of the Earths atmosphere. If we had no atmosphere, as on the moon, the average temperature on the Earths surface would be about -18°C. However, a natural background level of 270 ppm carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere absorbs outgoing radiation, thereby keeping this energy in the atmosphere and warming the Earth. The ...
A method and apparatus for a portable renewable energy generator includes; a movable platform adapted for one of towing and transport to a remote area, a redundant renewable energy source generator including a wind energy extraction device configured for transport on the movable platform, and a battery system operably connected to the redundant renewable energy source generator. The battery system is configured to store electrical energy generated by the redundant renewable energy source generator.
0029] Typically, the n-type semiconductor layer 22 of the solar cell 2 may be made of an inorganic material and the p-type semiconductor layer 23 may be made of an organic material, or the n-type semiconductor layer 22 may be made of an organic material and the p-type semiconductor layer 23 may be made of an inorganic material. For example, in the manufacture, because zinc oxide (ZnO) and TFB material (poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-N (4-butylphenyl)diphenylamine) both have the feature of insignificantly absorption of solar light with a wavelength above 400 nm, each of them can be used for forming the n-type semiconductor layer 22 and p-type semiconductor layer 23, respectively, As such, the n-type semiconductor layer 22 and p-type semiconductor layer 23 do not significantly absorb solar energy, and, when the thicknesses of the ZnO layer and the TFB layer are larger than 400 nm, the feature of insignificant absorption of solar light with the wavelength above 400 nm becomes even more obvious ...
This initial research report, appearing before the formal commencement of the STEEP-RES project, focuses on the background and context of the project which is intended to make a socio-technical-ecological assessment of prerequisites to and effects of introducing renewable energy sources (RES) into rural communities of the coastal Tanzania and Mozambique. Therefore a short review of the scientific literature is made dealing with societal prerequisites and repercussions of electrification. Technical aspects related to the availability of natural resources and technologies for renewable energy resources utilisation are also briefly covered along with some very brief remarks on possible environmental repercussions. The review of the social context covers > 45 papers dealing with different experiences of electrification in developing countries relating to renewable energy applicable for poverty alleviation in rural settings. The primary energy sources in rural East Africa are biofuels and electricity plays a
TY - JOUR. T1 - Application of optical coherence tomography (OCT) as a 3-dimensional imaging technique for roll-to-roll coated polymer solar cells. AU - Thrane,Lars. AU - Jørgensen,Thomas Martini. AU - Jørgensen,Mikkel. AU - Krebs,Frederik C. N1 - This work has been supported by the Danish Strategic Research Council (2104-07-0022) and EUDP (j. nr. 64009-0050).. PY - 2012. Y1 - 2012. N2 - The 3-dimensional imaging of complete polymer solar cells prepared by roll-to-roll coating was carried out using high-resolution 1322 nm optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. We found it possible to image the 3-dimensional structure of the entire solar cell that comprises UV-barrier, barrier material, adhesive, substrate and active solar cell multilayer structure. The achievable resolution was 12 μm in the lateral plane and 4.5 μm in the depth. We found that the OCT technique could be readily employed to identify coating defects in the functional layers. We finally identify the limitations of the ...
Lastly, water-splitting solar panels skips the step of first generating electricity for electrolysis, where metals directly absorb the solar energy and release electrons needed to split the water molecule, by using solar power to corrode oxides in order to obtain hydrogen or to convert solar power to electricity to perform electrolysis.. Once obtained, the hydrogen has to be transported. Under the Maxi Taxi concept, it would be best to produce hydrogen locally, that way the cost of transporting it is cheaper. For transporting the fuel, there are three major ways of making it transportable: compression; liquefaction; and binding it to another atom or molecule. Compression is attractive, since not much of the energy is lost. Liquefying takes a lot of energy that cannot be easily recovered. Also, compressed hydrogen is slightly more expensive than liquefied hydrogen to transport and distribute, since liquid hydrogen takes up less space than a gas. But compressed hydrogen is much cheaper to buy at ...
Fargo, N.D. - Researchers at North Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota are using computer simulations to determine whether quantum dots or nanowires would make better solar collectors for the development of future solar panels. The research team includes Andre Kryjevski, research assistant professor of physics and NDSU Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology; Svetlana Kilina, NDSU assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and Dimitri Kilin, University of South Dakota. The teams research results are published in the American Institute of Physics Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy at The group used computational modeling to examine quantum dots, one-dimensional chains of quantum dots and a nanowire to determine their potential application for solar energy collection. The results, Kryjevski said, show that placing amorphous quantum dots in an array or merging them into a nanowire results in what may be ...
Biomass is a renewable source of energy. Biomass can be converted into bio-fuel. Bio-fuels to operate machinery, electric generators, transports, and other pertinent equipment.. Bio-fuel: Combustible fuels generated from contemporary biological process that convert biomass into fuels that are in solid, liquid or gas forms. So much biomass around the world is wasted. There are still so many countries that rely on firewood for cooking. Even in the U.S.A., they chop down trees and turn them into charcoal. All over the world trees are wastefully cut down for fuel.. This design will help prevent the waste of trees. Tree trimmings can be turned into charcoal. Any type of biomass (even grass) can be turned into charcoal while collecting methane in the process. Charcoal making machines powered by methane can be operated to turn the charcoal dust into any charcoal form salable in the market.. The design may be further modified to generate electricity in the process. Coils filled with water can be wrapped ...
Guide to Reconditioning Charging Rechargeable Batteries With Solar Panel At Home - You can right now easily revive your aged batteries with this particular battery reconditioning pdf which offers step by simply step instructions for Guide to Reconditioning Charging Rechargeable Batteries With Solar Panel At Home. this is actually just the case for throw-away and low-quality batteries. In many instances, its actually possible in order to recondition batteries.
Solar thermal energy[edit]. ILs are potential heat transfer and storage media in solar thermal energy systems. Concentrating ... solar thermal facilities such as parabolic troughs and solar power towers focus the sun's energy onto a receiver, which can ... R. E. Teixeira (2012). "Energy-efficient extraction of fuel and chemical feedstocks from algae". Green Chemistry. 14 (2): 419- ... Furthermore, ILs have an electrochemical window of up to six volts[51] (versus 1.23 for water) supporting more energy-dense ...
Access to solar energy[edit]. Space has an abundance of light produced from the Sun. In Earth orbit, this amounts to 1400 watts ... Note that Solar Power Satellites are proposed in the multi-gW ranges, and such energies and technologies would allow constant ... A very large solar reflector would be constructed nearby, focusing solar heat onto the asteroid, first to weld and seal the ... This energy can be used to produce electricity from solar cells or heat engine based power stations, process ores, provide ...
Solar energy[edit]. The San Luis Valley is an alpine desert environment which is conducive to solar energy production. It has ... "Solar Energy Zones Identified in the Solar Energy Development Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement". Argonne National ... "Colorado Energy News. 24 December 2008.. *^ Smith, Ceal (1 January 2010). "Public meeting on solar proposal jam-packed Citizens ... On 11 December 2009, more than 125 people gathered to respond to a proposal by Tessera Solar (affiliated with Stirling Energy ...
Solar energy harvesting[edit]. Unlike most wasps which are most active during the early morning, Vespa orientalis is unique in ... 2010). "Solar energy harvesting in the epicuticle of the oriental hornet (Vespa orientalis)". Naturwissenschaften. 97 (12): ... solar energy). The more insolation, the more active the hornet.[7] This daytime digging behavior of Vespa orientalis may be ... possible because of the ability of its cuticle to harvest solar energy.[7] ...
Energies 2013, 6, 128-144. *^ "Invert your thinking: Squeezing more power out of your solar panels". blogs.scientificamerican. ... "University of Chicago GEOS24705 Solar Photovoltaics EJM May 2011" (PDF).. *^ Sze, Simon M. (1981). Physics of Semiconductor ... Solar inverters convert the DC power to AC power and may incorporate MPPT: such inverters sample the output power (I-V curve) ... Photovoltaic solar cell I-V curves where a line intersects the knee of the curves where the maximum power transfer point is ...
Morf, H. (1998). "The stochastic two-state solar irradiance model (STSIM)". Solar Energy. 62 (2): 101-112. Bibcode:1998SoEn... ... Solar irradiance variability[edit]. Solar irradiance variability assessments are useful for solar power applications. Solar ... "Solar Energy. 115: 229-242. Bibcode:2015SoEn..115..229B. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2015.02.032.. ... Munkhammar, J.; Widén, J. (2018). "An N-state Markov-chain mixture distribution model of the clear-sky index". Solar Energy. ...
"Solar Energy. 108: 210-218. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2014.07.004.. *^ Spivey, B. (2010). "Dynamic Modeling of Reliability ... "Energy. 118: 97-115. doi:10.1016/ *^ Eaton, A. (2017). "Real time model identification using multi- ... Applications include cogeneration (power and heat)[3], drilling automation[4], severe slugging control[5], solar thermal energy ... "Dynamic Optimization of a Hybrid Solar Thermal and Fossil Fuel System" ...
"Direct solar energy". Australian Academy of Science. Archived from the original on 29 June 2012.. ... The energy production is mostly off shore with oil and natural gas from the Timor Sea, although there are significant uranium ... Mining and energy industry production exceeds $2.5 billion per annum.[52] The most important mineral resources are gold, zinc ... The World Solar Challenge race attracts teams from around the world, most of which are fielded by universities or corporations ...
solar energy concentration: maximizing the amount of energy applied to a receiver, typically a solar cell or a thermal receiver ... R. Winston, Principles of solar concentrators of a novel design, Solar Energy, Volume 16, Issue 2, p. 89-95,1974 ... Examples of nonimaging illumination optics using solar energy are anidolic lighting or solar pipes. ... higher solar concentrations *smaller solar cells (in concentrated photovoltaics). *higher temperatures (in concentrated solar ...
Solar Energy Systems. *8 - Passed - Water Resources Development and Protection. *9 - Passed - California Safe Drinking Water ... 8 - Passed - Alternative Energy Sources Facilities Financing.. *9 - Failed - Taxation. Income. Initiative Constitutional ...
Semprius - solar energy. *AdaptivEnergy - miniature piezo generators. *Power Assure - managing power consumption ... Skybuilt Power - solar, wind, fuel cells, batteries, fossil fuels, telecommunications - Mobile Power Station(MPS) 3.5 kW to 150 ... Electro Energy - nickel-metal hydride batteries for satellites & aircraft. *Qynergy Corporation - long-lived batteries, Micro- ...
Low-Energy Solar Wind: Rice University, B. J. O'Brien.. *Active Lunar Seismic Experiment:[1][2] Stanford University, R. L. ... Solar Wind Spectrometer Experiment (SWS) The SWS was designed to study solar wind properties and its effects on the Lunar ... Medium-Energy Solar Wind: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, C. W. Snyder and M. M. Neugebauer. ... This meant it carried its own power source (solar arrays), electronics, and communications equipment. In addition, the PSEP ...
Solar Energy. 79 (2): 140-158. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2004.11.011. Retrieved 2021-02-26. "discomfort glare". Illuminating ... "Glare". LEARN, Low Energy Architecture Research Unit. Archived from the original on February 25, 2014. Retrieved October 29, ...
2013). "Intermittency study of high frequency global solar radiation sequences under a tropical climate". Solar Energy. 98: 349 ... 2014). "Final results of Borexino Phase-I on low-energy solar neutrino spectroscopy". Physical Review D. 89 (112007): 112007. ... Energy Difference Tracking Proposed by Cheng, Yu and Yang, energy different tracking method utilized the assumption that the ... the amount of energy will be different from the original energy. Once a stoppage criterion is selected, the first IMF, c1, can ...
July 2000). Solar electricity (2nd ed.). Wiley. pp. 298. ISBN 978-0-471-98852-6. Renewable energy portal Energy portal Media ... Energies 2013, 6, 128-144. "Invert your thinking: Squeezing more power out of your solar panels". ... Solar Energy. 74 (4): 331-340. Bibcode:2003SoEn...74..331P. doi:10.1016/S0038-092X(03)00151-8. Markvart, Tomas, ed. ( ... solar systems to maximize power extraction under all conditions. Although it primarily applies to solar power, the principle ...
Solar Energy. 108: 164-177. Bibcode:2014SoEn..108..164K. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2014.05.007.. ... "Multi-dimensional heat transfer through complex building envelope assemblies in hourly energy simulation programs". Energy and ... in terms of its impact on energy consumption for heating and air conditioning of buildings and the possibility of using energy ... Energy and Buildings. 37 (4): 301-310. doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2004.06.026. Kossecka, E.; Kośny, J. (1997). "Equivalent Wall as a ...
"Time to tap solar thermal energy". The Financial Express. 7 January 2015. Sharma, Piyush; Sarma, Rakesh; Chandra, Laltu; ... In recent times, he has been actively working towards research related to Solar thermal energy and applications. In 2018, Rajiv ... International Centre for Application of Solar Energy Technologies (ICASET), IIT Jodhpur. "About - Rajiv Shekhar" (PDF). www. ... Solar Energy. 121: 41-55. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2015.05.027. ISSN 0038-092X. "FIR against 4 IIT-Kanpur professors for harassing ...
"Azura connects in Hawaii". reNEWS - Renewable Energy News. Archived from the original on May 15, 2018. "Solar Energy". Hawaiian ... "Ocean Power Technologies: Capturing Wave Energy for the U.S. Navy and the Grid" (PDF). American Council on Renewable ... Oahu has 343 MW of rooftop solar power, and potential for 92 MW of wind power. Jamie O'Brien, surfer Benny Agbayani, ... Energy. Archived from the original (PDF) on September 8, 2015. Retrieved May 18, 2015. " ...
... solar volume' for determining the urban fabric". Solar Energy. 70 (3): 275-280. Bibcode:2001SoEn...70..275C. doi:10.1016/S0038- ... The infill structure may contain zoning, building codes, quality guidelines, and Solar Access based upon a solar envelope. ... to represent an ideal outcome in the sum of all planning goals.Sustainable architecture involves renewable materials and energy ...
Various principles for solar control of conservatories and sunrooms". Solar Energy. 78 (3): 441-54. Bibcode:2005SoEn...78..441J ... Energy Efficiency Emerging Technologies. Macky, Ian, "Luxfer Products", Glassian Renovation of Sheldon Munn uncovers exciting ...
Solar Energy. 184: 688-695. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2019.04.014.. ... wind power and solar irradiance. The Markov-chain forecasting ... Energy Economics. 32. Carpinone, A; Giorgio, M; Langella, R.; Testa, A. (2015). "Markov chain modeling for very-short-term wind ...
Powell, K. (2014). "Dynamic Optimization of a Hybrid Solar Thermal and Fossil Fuel System". Solar Energy. 108: 210-218. Bibcode ... Energy. 118: 97-115. doi:10.1016/ Eaton, A. (2017). "Real time model identification using multi-fidelity ... hydrate formation in deep-sea pipelines infectious disease spread oscillators severe slugging control solar thermal energy ...
Wu, Xuanzhi (2004). "High-efficiency polycrystalline Cd Te thin-film solar cells". Solar Energy. 77 (6): 803-814. Bibcode: ...
Solar Energy. 122: 87-96. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2015.08.032. hdl:11449/177482. Lin, Jeng-Yu; Liao, Jen-Hung; Wei, Tzu-Chien ( ... "A novel and large area suitable water-based ink for the deposition of cobalt sulfide films for solar energy conversion with ... Khaja (2014). "Dye-sensitized solar cells with 13% efficiency achieved through the molecular engineering of porphyrin ... "Cobalt Sulfide as Counter Electrode in p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells". ChemistrySelect. 1 (11): 2808-2815. doi:10.1002/slct ...
2016). "A modified sequential deposition method for fabrication of perovskite solar cells". Solar Energy. 126: 243-251. Bibcode ... The primary application for the methylammonium halides is as a component of perovskite (structure) crystalline solar cells. ...
2016). "A modified sequential deposition method for fabrication of perovskite solar cells". Solar Energy. 126: 243-251. Bibcode ... crystalline solar cells. "Methylammonium Iodide". Greatcell Solar Materials. Retrieved 15 May 2020. Li, Hangqian. ( ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 174: 124-131. doi:10.1016/j.solmat.2017.08.034. George, Mathew; Pandey, A.K.; Abd Rahim ... Flitsanov, Yuri; Kribus, Abraham (2018). "A cooler for dense-array CPV receivers based on metal foam". Solar Energy. 160: 25-31 ... The combination of photovoltaic (PV) technology, solar thermal technology, and reflective or refractive solar concentrators has ... A solar tracker is a device that changes the position of the solar module so that the radiation can be perpendicular to the ...
With several colleagues, he built the solar tower at the Weizmann Institute that is a center for solar-energy research. In 1993 ... In 1982 he started working on solar energy. His work focused on creating a chemical reaction that enables storing the energy ... Direct heating of the reactor in a tubular receiver". Solar Energy. 42: 267-272. Moshe Levy's home page. ... R. Levitan, H. Rosin & M. Levy (1989). "Chemical reactions in a solar furnace. ...
Solar Energy. 143: 10-21. Bibcode:2017SoEn..143...10M. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2016.12.022. Munkhammar, J.; Widén, J. (2017). "An ... Solar Energy. 158: 9-19. Bibcode:2017SoEn..158....9M. doi:10.1016/j.solener.2017.09.028. Strelen, Johann Christoph (2009). ... Copulas have been used to estimate the solar irradiance variability in spatial networks and temporally for single locations. ... Munkhammar, J.; Widén, J. (2017). "A copula method for simulating correlated instantaneous solar irradiance in spatial networks ...
"Calendars" [The solar Hejrī (Š. = Šamsī) and Šāhanšāhī calendars]. Encyclopædia Iranica. Retrieved July 4, 2017.. ... and problems with warmth and energy. Trail mix and berries are also served during the celebration. ... Nowruz marks the beginning of the New Year in Iran's official calendar, the Solar Hejri calendar. The present-day calendar ... Nowruz is the first day of Farvardin, the first month of the Iranian solar calendar. ...
Solar, marine and aviation applicationsEdit. *Metallized boPET is intended to be used for solar sails as an alternative means ... lightweight mirror surfaces for sky-sector low and medium energy cosmic ray research. ... Metallized boPET solar curtains reflect sunlight and heat away from windows.. *Aluminized, as an inexpensive solar eclipse ... Metallized boPET as a reflector material for solar cooking stoves. *To bridge control surface gaps on sailplanes (gliders), ...
... this refers to mean solar time, not to apparent solar time. The Sun will not be in exactly the same position in the sky during ... Special cases of the Sun-synchronous orbit are the noon/midnight orbit, where the local mean solar time of passage for ... Diagram showing a Sun-synchronous orbit from a top view of the ecliptic plane with Local Solar Time (LST) zones for reference ... The dawn/dusk orbit has been used for solar-observing scientific satellites such as Yohkoh, TRACE, Hinode and PROBA2, affording ...
Circuits with greater energy efficiency are usually possible. For low-power applications (for example, voltage amplification) ... Solaristor (from solar cell transistor), a two-terminal gate-less self-powered phototransistor. ... in particular, energy consumption can be very much less than for tubes. ...
World Energy Assessment (2001). Renewable energy technologies, p. 221. *↑ What Solar Power Needs Now Renewable Energy Access, ... Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Economic Drivers for the 21st Century [online]. American Solar Energy Society, [cit. ... The fragility of domestic energy (PDF). *↑ Small Scale Wind Energy Factsheet [online]. Thames Valley Energy, Last Updated: 14- ... Feedstock Composition Glossary [online]. U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Biomass Program, [ ...
Conversion of kinetic energy of a superfluid[edit]. Is it possible to convert the indefinite kinetic energy of a superfluid (e. ... So about 1500 km seems to be the limit for a nonspherical body, at least one made from materials common in our solar system. ... They have no friction so they don't lose any kinetic energy you give them. If you extract that energy, they will slow down like ... 4.2 Conversion of kinetic energy of a superfluid. *4.3 Would a oloid or sphericon planet be able to exist or if magically ...
Solar storms similar to tornadoes have been recorded, but it is unknown how closely related they are to their terrestrial ... A. J. Bedard (January 2005). "Low-Frequency Atmospheric Acoustic Energy Associated with Vortices Produced by Thunderstorms". ... Tornado occurrence is highly dependent on the time of day, because of solar heating.[80] Worldwide, most tornadoes occur in the ...
Solar power *Photovoltaic system. *Concentrated solar power. *Solar thermal energy *Solar power tower ... "Energy Units - Energy Explained, Your Guide To Understanding Energy - Energy Information Administration". ... The joule (/dʒuːl/; symbol: J) is a derived unit of energy in the International System of Units.[1] It is equal to the energy ... 6 GJ is about the chemical energy of combusting 1 barrel (159 l) of crude oil.[12] 2 GJ is about the Planck energy unit.. ...
In the Solar SystemEdit. Estimated abundances of the chemical elements in the Solar system. Hydrogen and helium are most common ... the first ionisation energies and atomisation energies of the alkali metals. Because the first ionisation energy of the alkali ... The first ionisation energy of an element or molecule is the energy required to move the most loosely held electron from one ... The formation of an alkali metal nitride would consume the ionisation energy of the alkali metal (forming M+ ions), the energy ...
Therefore, there is no reflection from the surface, and all the energy of the beam must be in the transmitted ray, T. In the ... Examples include anti-glare coatings on corrective lenses and camera lens elements, and antireflective coatings on solar cells. ...
Energy of electromagnetic radiation.. Radiant energy density. we. joule per cubic metre. J/m3. M⋅L−1⋅T−2. Radiant energy per ... and solar flux unit (1 sfu = 10−22 W⋅m−2⋅Hz−1 = 104 Jy).. ... a b c d e Alternative symbols sometimes seen: W or E for radiant energy, P or F for radiant flux, I for irradiance, W for ... Radiant energy. Qe[nb 2]. joule. J. M⋅L2⋅T−2. ... Radiant energy received by a surface per unit area, or ...
Gray cited the vast potential of solar energy, noting that more energy from sunlight strikes the Earth in one hour than all of ... Development To Make Solar Energy Competitive. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 24, 2008 Citat: "... "Solar can potentially provide ... and of concentrated solar gained from his 15 years working with Stirling engine solar collector systems at Sandia..." ... the past year they have shown proof of concept and are completing a prototype device that will use concentrated solar energy to ...
Energy * sw:Energy. Engineering * sw:Engineering. English * sw:English. Enrico Fermi * sw:Enrico Fermi. Enzyme * sw:Enzyme. ... Solar System * sw:Mfumo wa Jua. Solid * sw:Solid. Song * sw:Song. Sophocles * sw:Sophocles. Sorghum * sw:Sorghum. Soul * sw: ... Conservation of energy * sw:Conservation of energy. Conservatism * sw:Conservatism. Constantine the Great * sw:Constantine the ... Renewable energy * sw:Renewable energy. Reproduction * sw:Reproduction. Reproductive system * sw:Reproductive system. Reptile ...
Solar neutrino[edit]. See also: Neutrino Oscillation. The energy of Sun comes from the nuclear fusion in its core where a ... solar neutrino flux can be calculated to be 2.40. ±. 0.03. (. s. t. a. t. .. ). −. 0.07. +. 0.08. (. s. y. s. .. ). ×. 10. 6. c ... For solar neutrino analysis, lowering the energy threshold is a constant goal, so it is a continual effort to improve the ... These gases are dissolved in water with a serious background of events source for solar neutrinos in the MeV energy range and ...
Energy quality. *Energy Systems Language. *f-ratio. *Feed conversion ratio. *Feeding frenzy ...
The energy of an emitted photon corresponds to the energy difference between the two states. Because the energy of each state ... Parts of the Balmer series can be seen in the solar spectrum. H-alpha is an important line used in astronomy to detect the ... from a higher energy state to a lower energy state. To distinguish the two states, the lower energy state is commonly ... is the principal quantum number of the upper energy level, and. R. ∞. {\displaystyle R_{\infty }}. is the Rydberg constant. ( ...
Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). NTIS #NP-21727.. *^ Swedish Motor Fuel Technology Co. (1986). Alcohols ... However, its low energy content of 19.7 MJ/kg and stoichiometric air-to-fuel ratio of 6.42:1 mean that fuel consumption (on ... An Energy Revolution by Robert Zubrin Mandating Flexible Fuel Vehicles to run on ethanol and methanol as well as gasoline will ... In 2005, 2006 Nobel prize winner George A. Olah and colleagues advocated an entire methanol economy based on energy storage in ...
United States Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee. Archived from the original on 2015-08-21. ... Lighter and cheaper wires, antistatic materials, organic solar cells Femtotechnology, picotechnology Hypothetical Present ... United States Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee. Archived from the original on 2015-08-21. ... Thermodynamics is concerned with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work. It defines macroscopic variables, ...
... using those to compute the total solar energy incident, then dividing that by the effective surface area of the object to get ... Solar SystemWikipedia:WikiProject Solar SystemTemplate:WikiProject Solar SystemSolar System articles. ... Infobox : See Category:Solar System articles needing infoboxes. *Maintain : See Category:Solar System articles needing ... This article is within the scope of WikiProject Solar System, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the Solar ...
For example, at the International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change in Beijing, China[15] ... "International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change". ResponsibleChina. 2009-07-03. Archived from the original on August 18 ... Energy Action Coalition (U.S.A.), headed by coalition organization SustainUS; Project Survival Pacific, Ghana National Youth ...
The Romans conquered most of the island (up to Hadrian's Wall in northern England) and this became the Ancient Roman province of Britannia. In the course of the 500 years after the Roman Empire fell, the Britons of the south and east of the island were assimilated or displaced by invading Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, often referred to collectively as Anglo-Saxons). At about the same time, Gaelic tribes from Ireland invaded the north-west, absorbing both the Picts and Britons of northern Britain, eventually forming the Kingdom of Scotland in the 9th century. The south-east of Scotland was colonised by the Angles and formed, until 1018, a part of the Kingdom of Northumbria. Ultimately, the population of south-east Britain came to be referred to as the English people, so-named after the Angles. Germanic speakers referred to Britons as Welsh. This term came to be applied exclusively to the inhabitants of what is now Wales, but it also survives in names such as Wallace and in the ...
Future Energies (30 October 2003). "PORT HUENEME, Calif: U.S. Navy to Produce its Own Biofuels :: Future Energies :: The future ... This class of biofuels includes electrofuels[7] and photobiological solar fuels.[22] Some of these fuels are carbon-neutral. ... According to a joint research agenda conducted through the US Department of Energy,[30] the fossil energy ratios (FER) for ... National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2 March 2007). "Research Advantages: Cellulosic Ethanol" (PDF). National Renewable Energy ...
"Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute. NASA. 2015. Retrieved 23 May 2015.. This article incorporates text from ... It will use a neutron detector to measure the energies of neutrons that interacted with the material on the lunar surface. Its ... CubeSat for Solar Particles (CuSP), designed at the Southwest Research Institute will study the dynamic particles and magnetic ... Near-Earth Asteroid Scout is proof-of-concept of a controllable CubeSat solar sail spacecraft capable of encountering near- ...
... and greatly preferred over methods of Solar radiation management.[43] ... Low energy conversion efficiency, energy-intensive biomass supply, combined with the energy required to power the CO2 capture ... Bio-energy is derived from biomass which is a renewable energy source and serves as a carbon sink during its growth. During ... "U.S. Deptartment of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy. Retrieved 2019-11-05.. ...
Russell-Tanner, J. M., Takayama, S., Sugimura, A., DeSimone, J. M., & Samulski, E. T. (2007). Weak surface anchoring energy of ... Sphere Deposition on a solar cell using Langmuir Blodgett method (Youtube). *Biophysics Langmuir Trough Tutorial (Youtube) ...
... or no-interest loans to finance the capital cost of renewable energy generating facilities like solar panels.[84] ... Energy[edit]. See also: Energy policy of Canada, Renewable energy in Canada, and Smart grid ... adopting more energy-efficiency measures to help conserve energy. The bill envisaged appointing a Renewable Energy Facilitator ... The Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 (GEA), takes a two-pronged approach to commercializing renewable energy: *bringing ...
Solar energy. *List of environmental protests. *List of large wind farms. *List of notable renewable energy organizations ... Power for lighting, radios, mobile phones, sound equipment and laptop computers was supplied by solar panels and a wind turbine ... "Protesters were hurt, policemen were hurt and the power station carried on producing energy regardless. "I don't think it added ... anything to the debate on the UK's energy future."[70] After the event Julian Baggini, writing in The Times, criticised the ...
Renewable energy commercialization. *Republican Party (United States). *Restriction enzyme. *Rhabdomyosarcoma. *Richard Oribe ... Solar eclipse. *Sonny Perdue. *South Park (season 1). *Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire ...
... of Copenhagen and oblige him to devote time and energy to thinking out measures against prostitution and begging.. ... "Visualize Solar System at a given Epoch". Archived from the original on 2009-03-22. Retrieved 2009-03-09 ...
Main articles: Solar chemical, Solar fuel, and Artificial photosynthesis. Solar chemical processes use solar energy to drive ... For the academic journal, see Solar Energy (journal). For the generation of electricity using solar energy, see Solar power. ... engineer and solar energy pioneer, built a small demonstration solar engine that worked by reflecting solar energy onto square ... International Solar Energy Society. ISBN 0-9771282-0-2.. *. Mazria, Edward (1979). The Passive Solar Energy Book. Rondale Press ...
... The importance of solar energy is increasing with depleting natural ... Solar energy is collected and utilized through various technologies such as solar PV, Solar Thermal and Concentrated PV. These ... Solar energy is collected and utilized through various technologies such as solar PV, Solar Thermal and Concentrated PV. These ... Global Solar Energy * 1. Global Solar Energy Market, Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Opportunities, Analysis, Research, and ...
Challenges with Solar. Carbon Free Classrooms mission is to not only reduce dirty energy usage but to do so in a way that will ... plus it tells us how much energy we are producing. There are many factors that affect the price and quality of solar systems ... The schools journey to provide its first solar powered energy source started with all of the students at Mckinnon Secondary ... once we had chosen Satellite Solar to install the solar PV system at Mckinnon Secondary, and giving supportive feedback to help ...
Solar energy, radiation from the Sun capable of producing heat, causing chemical reactions, or generating electricity. The Sun ... Alternative Title: solar power. Solar energy, radiation from the Sun capable of producing heat, causing chemical reactions, or ... Two main types of devices are used to capture solar energy and convert it to thermal energy: flat-plate collectors and ... Unlike various conventional energy sources, solar energy does not become depleted by use and does not pollute the environment. ...
Solar energy. Solar energy is the primary energy source for the Earths environment and drives weather and climate. The term is ... Renewable energy applications make widespread use of solar data. Online data portals, such as the Australian Solar Energy ... The solar climate. While the suns output is relatively stable, the amount of solar energy reaching the ground depends on a ... Of the incoming solar energy, 30% of the total energy received by the Earth is reflected back into space by clouds, other ...
... 5 December 2017 18:45-20:00, Lancaster, United Kingdom ... Paul Coxon will give a history of how we have used the suns energy throughout the ages, how the current solar revolution began ... Topic: Solar photovoltaics has spread widely in recent years and could be the worlds cheapest electricity source by 2030. ... and expanded, and a glimpse at how scientists are mimicking natural structures to enhance the efficiency of the solar cells of ...
The solar glossary contains definitions for technical terms related to solar power and photovoltaic (PV) technologies, ... including terms having to do with electricity, power generation, and concentrating solar power (CSP). ... annual solar savings - The annual solar savings of a solar building is the energy savings attributable to a solar feature ... solar thermal electric systems - Solar energy conversion technologies that convert solar energy to electricity, by heating a ...
Storage Tanks and Solar Collectors. Most solar water heaters require a well-insulated storage tank. Solar storage tanks have an ... Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collectors. There are two types of solar water heating systems: ... ENERGY SAVER Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. Forrestal Building. 1000 Independence Avenue, SW. Washington, DC ... Solar panels heat water that is delivered to a storage tank., Photo courtesy of David Springer, National Renewable Energy ...
News for Solar Energy continually updated from thousands of sources on the web : Solaredge Technologies (SEDG) & SolarCity ( ... Topix › Solar Energy News Solar Energy News. News on Solar Energy continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. ... Cargill solar power: Renewable energy is new paradigm - VRA chair affirms Thursday Dec 7 , GhanaWeb , ... These Solar Windows Change Tint as They Generate Energy Friday Dec 8 , Design News , ...
The journal consolidates research activities in photochemistry and solar energy utilization into a single and unique forum for ... Nanotechnology and Solar Energy. Guest Editors: M. S. A. Abdel-Mottaleb, J. A. Byrne, and D. Chakarov *Nanotechnology and Solar ... Nanostructures for Enhanced Light Absorption in Solar Energy Devices, Gustav Edman Jonsson, Hans Fredriksson, Raja Sellappan, ... Based Organic Hybrid Solar Cells with Doping, Zühal Alparslan, Arif Kösemen, Osman Örnek, Yusuf Yerli, and S. Eren San Research ...
... which are crucial in solar energy conversion. The book preview contains an abstract which gives an overall idea of what the ... Molecular Solar Fuels - book preview. Solar Hydrogen - book preview Solar Fuels and Artificial Photosynthesis Chemistry ... Solar Energy Conversion - book preview Description. This book is a review of modern experimental and theorectical techniques ... which are crucial in solar energy conversion. The book preview contains an abstract which gives an overall idea of what the ...
Overview chapters introduce the newcomer to the topic covered Series covers hot topics of frontier research summarized by reputed scientists in the field
Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies. The Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies (SEEDS) are a series of industry ... NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by ... The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is leading a 3-year study funded under the U.S. Department of Energys (DOEs) SEEDS-2 ... In determining the solar technical potential of the LMI market in the United States, the SEEDS 2017-2019 study will build off ...
Energy. From wind to solar and other renewable energy sources, the clean energy revolution is here. And EWG is helping pave the ... EWG and EnergySage team up to help Americans go solar Book traversal links for Guide to Solar Energy. * EWG and EnergySage team ... Renewable Energy. Coal, natural gas and nuclear energy are dirty, dangerous energy sources of the past. The future is renewable ... Get an instant estimate of how much you can save with solar energy. All you need is your address and average monthly bill, and ...
The human energizer can also improve the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells ... Energy. Caffeine Peps Up Solar Energy. The human energizer can also improve the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar ... As a result, Yang says, the solar cell "can degrade in one day." If perovskite is to provide future solar energy, researchers ... It is often composed of cheap, common elements such as iodine, lead and bromine, and has been the darling of solar energy ...
3M Solar Energy offers advanced products for the solar industry. We supply films, tapes, adhesives for solar applications. ... 3M Solar Energy Overview * With a portfolio of more than 45 advanced core technologies and a 100-year history of industrial ... 3M is uniquely positioned to help you develop solutions that enhance reliability and improve the performance of your solar ...
... an energy specialist with the N.C. Solar Center, a nonprofit clearinghouse for solar and other renewable energy programs. ... House Pulses with Solar Energy Details 05 October 2005 * Previous Article Hunger Crisis Looms as Malawis Lean Season Comes ... Energy-saving features include off-the-shelf glazed windows, compact fluorescent bulbs and the solar thermal water system. ... Built three years ago on Lake Norman, the house is a living experiment of the potential of solar energy and eco-friendly ...
... at the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon at West Potomac Park. ... Solar energy development is a stated priority of the Obama ... It was started in 2002 by the Department of Energy to demonstrate that solar power can be practical and affordable, and to ... University of Maryland students didnt compete in the last Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, but that doesnt mean they ... The Energy Department was not artful in delivering news that the event would be moved to the remote National Harbor in Prince ...
Velo Solar has formed a joint venture with Indigo Energy to offer Velos solar expertise to Indigos established ... Velo Solar has formed a joint venture with Indigo Energy to offer Velos solar expertise to Indigos established distribution ... About Velo Solar Velo Solar is one of Georgias largest EPC solar firms providing engineering, consultation, installation and ... power storage and energy monitoring," Bell said. "By getting their solar and other energy management tools through a company ...
Solar electricity has changed that. Caroline Hombe, a 35-year-old teacher in rural Mhondoro, Zimbabwe, can go through the pile ... With reliable solar energy, he can work well into the night to meet all his customers orders. His house, close to the mill, is ... "With all their advantages, solar systems are not cheap to install," says Mr. Jem Porcaro, an analyst for the Energy and ... Stand-alone sources of energy, such as solar, wind and mini-hydro generators, can help fill the gap. ...
... to use supercomputers to find ways to increase the efficiency of solar energy concentrators. The research project involves ... Stanford Gets Federal Funding to Bring Solar Research to Exascale Levels. August 2, 2013 ...
Media in category "Solar energy in the Netherlands". The following 13 files are in this category, out of 13 total. ... Category:Solar energy in the Netherlands. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository ... Retrieved from "" ... Aerial view on the solar park on Sint Eustatius.jpg 1,600 × 1,200; 331 KB. ...
Software vendor is evaluating the feasibility of converting its Hyderabad development building into a solar-powered site, as ... CA mulling solar energy for India facility. Software vendor is evaluating the feasibility of converting its Hyderabad ... Curtis underscored the importance of solar as another way for the software vendor to increase renewable energy and reduce ... "Even if we had the option to roll out solar energy worldwide, it wouldnt necessarily make sense to do so. ...
... say they are studying the light harvesting properties of purple bacteria in hopes of adapting their natural designs in solar ... Inkjet printing could create solar cells *New device turns sunlight and sewage into hydrogen energy source *Green bacteria can ... They said the bacterias natural design seems the best structural solution for harvesting solar energy.. ... could be adapted for use in solar panels and other energy conversion devices to offer a more efficient way to garner energy ...
Unless the solar energy was actually lunar energy, were doomed. ;-) Between November 2009 and January 2010, about 4,500 ... Spain produces solar energy at night. The Reference Frame ^ , 15 Apr 10 , Lubos Motl Posted on 04/15/2010 8:43:22 PM PDT by I ... The diesel-produced fake solar energy may be a significant portion of the electricity labeled as solar. At any rate, a ... have revealed that Spain is able to produce solar energy at night, too. OK whjat happened may have been a scam, but for solar ...
21 years of the National Solar Tour. *The prevalence of solar and renewable energy businesses, events and media that has ... Many among solar, renewable energy and sustainabilitys finest have left their marks on ASES. Whether as leaders, supporters, ... Join Solar@Work E-Newsletter Sign up to receive our exclusive bi-monthly e-newsletter & ASES news by and for solar pros! ... American Solar Energy Society 2525 Arapahoe Avenue. Suite E4-253. Boulder, CO 80302 ...
The motivation behind my research is to develop and/or enhance sustainable energy technologies, especially solar. In general, I ... I worked with a team of engineers and scientists to improve solar cell efficiency of CZTS solar cells from 7.2 to 9.2 %. ... Installed solar cell testing equipment and performed electrical characterization of the flexible solar cells.. • Modeled the ... Fabricated record efficiency Cu2Zn(Sn,Ge)(S,Se)4 solar cells and nanocrystal-based Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 solar cells. - Published ...
... solar has definitely arrived, and it can save you some big money on your energy bills. ... Financing a residential solar energy system. Financing a residential solar energy system can take several forms. Depending on ... Cheaper solar energy panels. The big change, though, has been the lower cost and increased efficiency of solar photovoltaic ... The increased viability of residential solar energy is largely due to two things. First, solar photovoltaic panels - which ...
Solar Energy Performance Reconciliation Solar Performance Reconciliation helps you make sure existing projects are operating at ...
... and certification activities of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) ... Information on the renewable energy and energy efficiency research, education, training, ... SCAMMERS Posing as Florida Solar Energy Center.. FSEC is a research center, not a telemarketer. Read more.. Home Energy Ratings ... Energy News. In The Know. Solar Installers Course in DEC. FSEC offering the Installing Photovoltaic Systems course in Cocoa on ...
  • An energy management consultant since 1974, Andrew Rudin shares his personal accounts, the good and the bad, with using solar panels to generate electricity and to heat water. (
  • PV panels take the sun's energy and convert it into electricity. (
  • His solar-powered structural insulated panels (SIPs) house combines ordinary materials with extraordinary design. (
  • Explore our range of solar panels, inverters and batteries, tailored for your energy needs. (
  • We can help you with end-to-end solar solutions, everything from panels to plans. (
  • To get started, you'll need solar panels and an inverter. (
  • The solar panels collect the energy, and the inverter changes that energy into an energy form that can be used in your home. (
  • Our three main package options are designed to work with different household energy needs, each containing panels and an inverter. (
  • Solar energy is affected by desert dust, both due to radiation interception and physical deposition on the photovoltaic panels. (
  • Solar panels can share a problem with Christmas tree lights. (
  • A new, compact way to collect sunlight from windows and focus it to generate more electricity could make those multiple expensive rooftop solar panels a thing of the past. (
  • The solar panels that cover the tops of some buildings today contain photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. (
  •] San Diego Gas &Electric (SDG&E) has filed a request with the California Public Utilities Commission to place solar panels on its roofs and other property to bolster the use of renewable energy resources in the San Diego region. (
  • If the request is approved, SDG&E will ask for bids to place the panels on its buildings and will use the energy to power both its facilities and its customers' homes and businesses. (
  • The updated renewable plan included draft Requests For Offers for both solar panels and wind resources. (
  • SolarOne Solutions offers LED-based outdoor lights powered by solar panels. (
  • Solar panels create electricity from sunlight, but only when the sun is shining and the electricity grid is working. (
  • When the sun comes up again, solar panels will recharge the battery so you can continue to get backup power until the grid is up and running again. (
  • Some solar + storage systems are eligible for cash incentives from Energy Trust for solar panels plus federal investment tax credits for solar and battery storage. (
  • The rooftop of a Bronx store, covered with solar panels in 2014. (
  • When large companies want to save money on their power bills and burnish their green credibility with consumers, their big-box facilities begin to sprout solar panels. (
  • Retailers like rooftop solar in part because the juice that the panels produce can offset the high electricity bills created by their lighting, refrigeration, heating, and computers. (
  • To date, Prologis has put solar panels on more than 100 buildings around the world, with a combined capacity of 140 megawatts. (
  • Instead, wildflowers will soon bloom beneath the sleek solar panels in Ramsey, offering food to bees from 15 hives recently installed nearby. (
  • It provides food for pollinators suffering from rapidly shrinking habitats while offering a low-maintenance, vibrant alternative to the turf grass, gravel or wood chips often found beneath solar panels. (
  • Minnesota passed the country's first statewide standards for "pollinator friendly solar" in 2016, and more than 2,300 acres of these plants took root near solar panels last year, according to Fresh Energy, a clean energy nonprofit in St. Paul. (
  • In Ramsey, the bees will have their pick from 10 native grasses and 36 wildflower species near the solar panels - not that they'll stick to the 1.2-acre parcel. (
  • Every time the sun shines on the Ute Mountain Ute community of White Mesa next year, new solar panels on the town's government buildings will generate electricity, eventually saving the tribe on energy costs. (
  • The main advantage of thermal solar plants over traditional solar panel arrays is that they're able to generate far more power that photovoltaic panels. (
  • That's due in large part to a drop in costs for traditional solar panels and natural gas. (
  • Even the International Space Station, thousands of kilometers away from the earth, is powered by electricity generated by solar panels. (
  • Many solar panels today convert about 20 percent of the sun's energy into electricity-this in itself is a feat. In 1990, the highest efficiency of solar cells was less than 10 percent. (
  • But clearly solar panels are one of the main targets of this new WTO protest by Beijing, after the US earlier this year said it will levy big punitive tariffs on Chinese solar panels that now account for more than half of the world's supply. (
  • Should I re-roof my house before I install solar panels? (
  • Solar panels last a long time so it makes sense to avoid having to remove and reinstall them. (
  • Our remote solar design team will work to position your panels where they will get maximum sun exposure. (
  • How can you work on developing this technology, selling solar to other consumers, or even installing solar panels on other people's roofs so they can begin to enjoy free, clean, renewable energy, and not decide it's a great move for your own family, too? (
  • You might even (like me) begin checking the efficiency and output of your solar panels through your smartphone and iPad at random times of the day. (
  • The purchases also give Hanergy technology to compete with First Solar Inc., the biggest maker of thin-film panels by shipments. (
  • ARLINGTON, Washington - Xantrex Technology Inc. manufactures the Trace(TM) brand of inverters that allow customers to generate their own electricity from solar photovoltaic panels and small wind turbines, and to maintain a link to their local utility grid. (
  • If you are thinking of installing solar panels, it's worth taking advice from experienced Solar panel Installers in Brisbane like Aus-Brite Solar to assist you in properly plan for solar in your new home as well as existing ones. (
  • On the roof is a 5.8 square meter array of solar panels to feed the car and charge 15 kWh of onboard batteries, giving the car a fully charged range of about 1,100 km where it's sunny (like in Australia) and 1,000 km where it's not (the Netherlands). (
  • When we think solar power and solar panels, what comes to mind? (
  • This project will build out the state's growing clean energy economy, improve solar manufacturing, lower the cost of solar panels, and boost the solar market. (
  • High prices for solar panels have limited the development of a photovoltaic industry in Brazil. (
  • Solar panels aren't produced domestically and Brazil taxes imported ones at 12 percent. (
  • Homes that are equipped with solar panels are valued higher and sell faster than those without. (
  • So if you have the facilities for solar panels, it's a great investment. (
  • Solar panels require very little maintenance. (
  • The sun should be able to access your solar panels without any obstruction. (
  • Generally, you will find solar panels at the roof of a home. (
  • But if you don't have the right space for solar panels, it won't do you any good - the panels won't get enough sunlight to generate the electricity required to power your home. (
  • The company's patented SunStream technology provides portable solar panels for instant charging of Outdoor recreational devices and cellphones directly from sunrays while hiking, boating, fishing or camping. (
  • Unlike photovoltaic technology currently used in solar panels-which becomes less efficient as the temperature rises-he new process excels at higher temperatures. (
  • Solar Evolution supplies and installs solar panels for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. (
  • They use solar panels and solar inverters with proven performance, reliability, affordability and longevity in mind, to suit domestic and commercial applications. (
  • To some extent this is happening through rooftop and C&I solar installations, but will the region embrace community-level clean energy systems, particularly as we see the number of smart, sustainable cities increase? (
  • When the 71 new PV systems are installed and added to the 16 units already operating, a total of 393 MWh of electricity will be generated annually by rooftop 87 solar systems that earned LIPA rebates. (
  • For all 87 rooftop solar power systems, LIPA will rebate US$1,665,648 in cash to its Solar Pioneers. (
  • You may not know about Prologis , which at 97.54 megawatts trails only Walmart in the amount of installed rooftop solar capacity in the U.S. The company doesn't operate stores, doesn't fret much about what upscale American consumers think about its energy use, and doesn't even have much energy use to offset. (
  • The tribal government was the recent recipient of a $246,000 grant from the Department of Energy's Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs that will be matched by the tribe to place rooftop solar on seven buildings in White Mesa as early as this fall. (
  • Over time, it's envisioned that the facility will increase its annual capacity to 40 megawatts - enough to power 12,000 to 16,000 solar rooftop systems. (
  • Many utilities directly support the installation of grid-tied systems, including the cost shared program at Sacramento Municipal Utility District which now is responsible for the generation of 1.5 MW from rooftop solar units. (
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm wrote an open letter to all U.S. mayors asking them to adopt SolarAPP+, a transformative online solar permitting tool that helps to speed rooftop solar deployment. (
  • As part of the NAACP's Solar Equity Initiative, World Outreach Campus Church is partnering with the NAACP's Saginaw Branch to build a rooftop solar installation that will serve their faith community's needs with plentiful sunshine and lower the congregation's energy bills. (
  • Their initial efforts paid off in 2001 when the Legislature passed a law on net metering to credit solar-energy system users for electricity they add to a utility grid. (
  • A total of US$1,541,942 in rebates will be issued on 71 new solar power systems that will produce about 339 MWh of electricity annually. (
  • Previously, LIPA rebated some US$123,696 on 16 solar systems installed between 1999 and December 2001 that will produce 54 MWh of electricity per year. (
  • SDG&E is estimating that the solar displays will generate 1 MW to 3 MW, enough to supply 1,000 to 3,000 homes with electricity. (
  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory system is an integral resource for the Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to address the most critical barriers to solar integration on the grid and continue to lower solar electricity costs. (
  • To put it in perspective, if every solar project deployed in the U.S. this year was forced to wait one extra day before connecting to the grid, it would result in a loss of $4 million worth of electricity. (
  • Prologis first put solar on warehouse roofs in France and Germany, where electricity is expensive and there were rich incentives for building solar. (
  • As it expands its solar footprint, Prologis will likely add energy storage to the mix, which will allow it to make greater use of the electricity it generates. (
  • How Efficient Are Solar Electricity Power Systems? (
  • This interesting solar evolution actually started way back in 1839 when Alexandre Becquerel discovered a material that produces electricity when exposed to light. (
  • The efficiency of a solar panel is derived by calculating the percentage of sunlight that a panel converts to electricity. (
  • With more than 45 percent of Nigeria's population not connected to the national grid and millions of households and businesses facing persistent black outs of at least 3,000 hours yearly, there's a real opportunity for Nigeria and Nigerians to tap into solar power as an efficient power solution to reduce the country's electricity supply deficit. (
  • Photovoltaic energy systems fundamental research sees a proposed increase in funding to more than US$30 million from just over US$21 million in 2002 and sets a long-term goal of reach PV electricity produced for 6 cents/kWh. (
  • Produced by Spectrolab, Inc. - a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing - and funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the breakthrough could lead to PV systems with an installed cost of $3 per watt and produce electricity at a cost of $0.08 to $0.10 cents per kilowatt-hour. (
  • In the early 1980s, DOE began researching what are known as "multi-junction gallium arsenide-based solar cell devices," multi-layered solar cells which converted about 16 percent of the sun's available energy into electricity. (
  • However, by using an optical concentrator, sunlight intensity can be increased, squeezing more electricity out of a single solar cell. (
  • Renewable Energy Solutions provider, Cloud Energy, has said it is set to supply electricity to Nigerians living in rural and semi urban communities as it launches SUNBOX Plus PAYGO solar home system. (
  • He said: "Cloud Energy has created an affordable Pay-as-you-go solar home system that allows people in the rural areas to pay for electricity usage on a monthly basis. (
  • He said: "United in the passion to reach the under-reached, Cloud Energy and the REA have commissioned an entry point facility designed to increase productivity, create employment, improve teaching and learning, while bringing about self-confidence and emancipation of Nigerians from Electricity poverty. (
  • Since 2003, there has been tremendous growth in solar energy systems technology, along with new developments in materials science related to solar energy, windows technology and thermal energy management films," says Daryl Myers, an ASTM member who is retired after 37 years with the Electricity, Resources and Building Systems Integration Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (
  • 10. Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology involves using mirrors, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands, to reflect sunlight and collect solar heat to generate electricity. (
  • 7. How can solar-generated electricity be consistently available when the sun doesn't shine around-the-clock? (
  • 4. In a CSP system, heat transfer fluids move thermal energy from the solar receiver to the power block, where the heat is used to drive a turbine that generates electricity. (
  • Now, you want to make sure you're at "net-zero" (when you don't owe the electric company anything and 100 percent of your home's power comes from solar because you feed in enough power to the grid during the day to cover all your evening electricity usage) every month. (
  • The electricity produced by the NRG solar power system each year is enough to meet the power needs of about 300 homes in the metro D.C. area. (
  • President George W. Bush's program to help solar energy compete with conventional electricity sources will help fund Konarka Technologies' development of flexible plastic solar cell strips. (
  • They are becoming the lowest-cost energy source on sunny days, although during the evening when electricity demand is high, power prices are spiking. (
  • But there is a fix: utilities and onsite generators are using energy storage to harness the electricity during the day and release those electrons at night. (
  • Hydrogen storage, he adds, has limitations because of the fuel's efficiency rate, which is about 50% - the ability to take a unit of energy input and convert it to electricity. (
  • The project is a remarkable piece of engineering, with tracking parabolic mirrors reflecting and concentrating sunlight into a heating loop, which then transfers the energy into steam and ultimately electricity from turbines. (
  • BWL officials say they want to contract with companies or organizations to build a solar power facility to generate up to five megawatts of electricity. (
  • A utility spokesman says they hope, as the solar project moves forward, it will help BWL reach the state's goal of 10% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2015. (
  • SEIA's vision: by the end of this decade, solar energy will account for 20% of all U.S. electricity generation, up from just over 2% today. (
  • The SunShot Initiative was launched in February 2011 with the goal of making solar energy cost-competitive with conventional electricity generating technologies within the decade. (
  • It's yet another signal that renewable energy is elbowing out competition from fossil fuels, at least when it comes to electricity. (
  • That transition to renewable energy for electricity falls in line with many countries' goals on climate change. (
  • That would provide a boost for Brazil's nascent solar industry, which supplies less than one percent of the country's electricity. (
  • Utilize excess PV production with SolarEdge's smart energy products to power home appliances, increasing household solar usage and reducing electricity bills. (
  • Even if you aren't able to power the entire building on solar energy, you will still reduce your electricity bills and save money. (
  • So you'll never have to be concerned about your energy company hiking up their electricity prices. (
  • There are a number of things you should consider before you switch electricity to solar. (
  • If you want to switch to solar and agree with the experts who recommend it, visit iSelect to compare prices for electricity and see how much you could save from making the change. (
  • Stanford engineers have developed a process-photon-enhanced thermionic emission, PETE-that simultaneously uses the light and heat of the sun to generate electricity in a way that could make solar power production more than twice as efficient as existing methods. (
  • Most photovoltaic cells use the semiconducting material silicon to convert the energy from photons of light to electricity. (
  • Pineapple Energy acquired the Sungevity brand in early 2021 and now provides local and regional residential solar energy and storage systems primarily in California. (
  • July 28, 2021 /3BL Media/ - With approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin on its first filing for 675 megawatts of solar, Alliant Energy begins construction on solar projects in Richland, Wood and Rock counties. (
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. - Following is a statement from Sean Gallagher, vice president of state and regulatory affairs on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC's) report on the February 2021 blackouts in Texas. (
  • Those who generate renewable energy individually need long-term power purchase contracts with their utility company, Kelly told me, continuing: "I mean a contract that promises to purchase generation for an agreed-upon price for a term of 20 years or more. (
  • Solar generated by individuals lowers peak demand, thus reducing the amount of expensive peak-power purchases a utility must make. (
  • The Long Island Power Authority's increased per-watt rebate for customers who install photovoltaic (PV) electric arrays has quadrupled the number of solar systems being installed on Long Island housetops, according to LIPA Chairman Richard M. Kessel in remarks delivered last month at a SUNY Farmingdale seminar on solar power. (
  • Before the introduction of renewable energies, demand was matched with base-load power plants (nuclear and coal) and generating plants that can be scheduled (usually, hydroelectric and fossil-based peak load power plants). (
  • Solar power forecasting prevents energy loss and improves the management of solar plants. (
  • Solar concentrators can be used to increase the electrical power obtained from the photovoltaic cells. (
  • Focusing the light like this increases the electrical power generated by each solar cell "by a factor of 40," he added. (
  • We were able to substantially reduce light transport losses, resulting in a tenfold increase in the amount of power converted by the solar cells. (
  • The company's new line of SOLED lights get their power from an array of solar cells and produce their light from an array of white LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). (
  • When you combine solar with battery storage you can power your home or business with solar and save any extra solar power in the battery to use later when you really need it. (
  • Solar + storage systems can provide backup power that you can use to keep your food cold, cell phones charged, and the lights on during a power outage. (
  • This funding program supports innovative projects that will have a measurable and significant impact within the research areas of photovoltaics, systems integration, concentrating solar-thermal power, and market analysis. (
  • Systems Integration (FY19: $14.5M) - Projects will analyze and evaluate solar integration challenges, power system planning and operation, power electronics, sensing and communication integrity, data analytics, cybersecurity, and the integration of solar with energy storage and other distributed energy resources. (
  • FY21: $3M) - Projects aim to lower concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) costs by making improvements to the materials and components used within high-temperature CSP systems, enabling them to cost-effectively operate at temperatures greater than 700° Celsius. (
  • This week, the Energy Department launched the SunShot Prize: Race to 7-Day Solar to motivate communities, solar companies and electric utilities to work together to drastically cut down the time and processes required to go solar and quickly bring more solar power online. (
  • Across the U.S., Americans are choosing solar to power their daily lives, but long delays to connect the systems to the grid decrease the value for consumers, businesses and utilities. (
  • He said it is crucial to get the secondary market to scale to reach national and state solar power and energy efficiency goals. (
  • Others are beginning to securitize solar power and setting up the groundwork to support this practice in the industry. (
  • As is true with other loan products, both solar power and energy efficiency securitization benefit from high transaction volumes, standardized documents, and compelling performance data. (
  • These bonds may fund both solar power and other clean energy projects. (
  • DeVries also said he has heard of a financing program that is combining solar power purchase agreements with PACE. (
  • With solar installations in the US booming, but solar panel makers here faltering, Michael Gorton, Principal Solar, points out one area where consolidation will benefit all involved: The solar power installation and management sector. (
  • So if solar doesn't cut the power bill much, why does Prologis like it? (
  • The Boltons said several other companies interested in their apiaries have already contacted them about solar power projects. (
  • That project, which was partially funded by a larger Department of Energy (DOE) grant, will sell power to the Ute Mountain Casino Hotel , and the revenue generated will save money on electric bills for tribal citizens. (
  • These power plants can be massive, producing hundreds of megawatts of energy - an advantage that makes them competitive with coal-burning plants in a way that many renewable plants aren't yet. (
  • It's also going to include energy storage in the form of molten salt tanks, which are able to retain heat and produce power even after the sun has gone down. (
  • The Oakland company behind the Ivanpah solar power plant near Las Vegas has signed a deal to create a new solar farm in China. (
  • For several decades, the evolution of solar power has been slow but very worthwhile. (
  • It had a solar cell strip at the top right corner through which it generated enough power to run the calculator. (
  • Modern applications for solar power technologies are fast becoming limitless as technological research and development continue to break performance records and drive the discovery of more efficient and cost effective methods of tapping the sun's free energy. (
  • I have been actively involved in the new and renewable energy industry for over seven years and have come to the conclusion that solar power provides one of the key practical solutions to the persistent global energy crisis faced by millions of people both in developed and developing nations. (
  • One of the most commonly asked questions I am faced with is "how efficient is solar power? (
  • Broadly speaking, solar power technology is a very simple concept. (
  • I'll attempt to explain how it works in three sentences- Solar power is generated when a solar panel is exposed to sunlight. (
  • Since solar energy is a renewable source of energy, solar power is inexhaustible, environmentally friendly and clean (no air or noise pollution). (
  • Till date, 271 GW (271,000 MW) of solar power has been installed worldwide according to GlobalData Plc. (
  • Most of the world's solar installations are roof mounted solutions and ground mounted solar farms which provide decentralized access to power for millions around the world. (
  • As an individual, Lanre has a very strong interest in the development of solar power. (
  • Spheral Solar Power is more than the next generation of photovoltaic technology," said Klaus Woerner, ATS President and Chief Executive Officer, "it will provide Canada and the world with a clean, renewable energy source that we believe may eventually rival fossil fuels on economics and ease of use. (
  • We've come a long way since then," said Milfred Hammerbacher, President of Spheral Solar Power. (
  • According to the budget document, the decrease in overall funding reflects reduced funding for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), "which shows little promise for further reducing solar energy production costs. (
  • According to Spectrolab, high efficiency multijunction cells have an advantage over conventional silicon cells in concentrator systems because fewer solar cells are required to achieve the same power output. (
  • This contract enhances Chuan-Yi's ability to promote the combined applications of solar power and LED. (
  • There needs to be a fourfold increase in the number of workers employed in the US solar industry for the country to achieve President Biden's ambition of creating a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035, a new report suggests. (
  • Solar is special because it gives power to the people. (
  • And I saw the power of public engagement to drive meaningful solar policy progress in state legislative and regulatory forums across the country. (
  • Vote Solar joined local and national groups in Albany, NY to launch the Million Solar Strong Campaign - calling on Governor Cuomo to power one million homes with solar energy over the next five years and accelerate an equitable transition to clean energy. (
  • Vote Solar joined more than a hundred clean energy supporters in Sacramento to ask California's lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 100, and commit California to getting 100% of its power from clean energy by 2045. (
  • After making the technical case that the vast majority of those proposed costs were unnecessary, and pointing out that jacking up fixed charges for customers would disincentivize solar and efficiency, we're happy to report that regulators rejected Duke's pricey Power / Forward proposal. (
  • We won this one, but it's part of a worrying trend from Duke and utilities across the country that are trying to gold-plate the power grid to boost shareholder profits and limit consumer solar options, all at the expense of their customers - and it's one that we are committed to working to stop. (
  • After the six months of calls, meetings and workshops it's exciting to see that NV Energy agrees: solar energy is lower cost, reliable and ready to power Nevada's communities and economy. (
  • We offer a number of payment options for those who qualify, including a $0 money down solar lease, a pre-paid lease, fixed payment lease, and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). (
  • A single CSP plant can generate enough power for about 70,000 homes -- making it a major player of the utility-scale solar market. (
  • For more CSP technology basics, watch our video Energy 101: Concentrating Solar Power . (
  • By incorporating thermal energy storage systems , the cost of power from a CSP plant can actually be reduced and can provide solar power on demand -- even when it's cloudy or at night. (
  • 6. As early as the 1980s , the Energy Department has made strategic investments to demonstrate that large-scale concentrating solar power tower systems are viable. (
  • The Solar One project near Barstow, California , paved the way for Solar Two, the world's first large-scale molten salt power tower facility , launched in 1996. (
  • Today, molten salt thermal energy storage technology is widely commercialized in the CSP industry, and both direct steam and molten salt power tower technology are currently being deployed at a global scale. (
  • Watch our Energy 101: Concentrating Solar Power video for information on CSP technology basics. (
  • It becomes more than just solar power - it becomes a passion. (
  • In other instances, solar professionals join the industry because it's a smart career move filled with opportunities, and are quickly sold on the personal benefits of using solar power in the home. (
  • You use energy-hungry appliances like your dishwasher and clothes dryer during the day so that you're harnessing free solar power. (
  • Raina Russo is founder of #SolarChat, a think-tank utilizing the power of social media to discuss issues related to solar and renewable energy, connecting thousands of solar professionals in Twitter discussions generating an average of 4.5 million impressions per online event. (
  • The inverter allows the DC energy from a renewable energy facility to convert to AC power, and offers a number of technical features to ensure quality of the power. (
  • Xantrex is the largest manufacturer in the world of advanced power conversion products for independent renewable energy systems. (
  • More than 200,000 sites use the company's renewable energy products as their source of primary or backup power. (
  • Not only do small solar and wind systems help to stabilize power prices, they also eases the strain on transmission lines by shaving the peak power demands from utilities. (
  • Trina Solar Ltd. said it's seeing more interest from fund managers, and Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd. said these managers accept returns as low as 1.7 percent. (
  • Institutional investors that have in the past invested in government bonds are forced to look for alternatives amid low interest rates, and solar is an attractive one," Philipp Seherr-Thoss, chief operating officer at Milk the Sun GmbH, a German online seller for solar power plants, said in an interview. (
  • This innovative solar power system can produce enough power to meet 20 percent of the stadium's power needs on game days and all of its power on non-game days. (
  • Associated Press] A company trying to harness energy from sunlight and interior light to wirelessly power everything from cell phones to signboards now has financial backing from the White House. (
  • Soon, however, the company will be known for something much bigger after recently getting the green light to proceed on the first large-scale solar power plant in the US in well over a decade. (
  • Nevada Solar One will be among the largest solar electric power plants to be built globally in the past 14 years and it will be the third largest solar power plant in the world. (
  • The US Department of Energy has issued a report that identifies suitable land and solar resources in Nevada that could produce over 600,000 MW of power generation using concentrating solar technologies. (
  • The western states represent the quintessential place for practical utilization of large-scale solar power generation that the 65 MW Solargenix facility will profide," said Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group, Ltd., a clean energy facilitation firm. (
  • But if solar power producers are gaining market share because their fuel costs are so low, what then is the incentive to build capital-intensive plants? (
  • Collectively, they will add nearly 1,100 MW of solar energy generation to the state's energy grid - enough to power nearly 300,000 homes. (
  • Applying for membership with Energy Central allows you to connect with a network of more than 200,000 global power industry professionals. (
  • Phase One of the project involves the construction of a 160MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant named Noor I, while Phase Two involves the construction of the 200MW Noor II CSP plant and the 150MW Noor III CSP plant. (
  • to generate about 20 gigawatts of solar power. (
  • What I mean is, solar power is so close to not being usable that vehicles must be as light as possible, or they will not fly (or drive). (
  • Depending on weather, the daily range of the car on solar power alone varies between about 50 km and 300 km, and driving any less than the daily max solar range results in a surplus of energy that can be returned to the grid. (
  • NextEra Energy Resources, LLC (together with its affiliated entities, "NextEra Energy Resources"), is a clean energy leader and is one of the largest wholesale generators of electric power in the U.S., with approximately 18,300 megawatts of generating capacity primarily in 24 states and Canada as of year-end 2013. (
  • The business also operates clean, emissions-free nuclear power generation facilities in New Hampshire, Iowa and Wisconsin as part of the NextEra Energy nuclear fleet, which is one of the largest in the United States. (
  • The US Department of the Interior has approved two utility-scale renewable energy projects (one solar, one wind) in the southwest US that together will generate almost 500MW of power. (
  • The other is a wind power project: Iberdrola's Tule Wind Project east of San Diego, the state's first public-land-approved wind energy project since 2002. (
  • The Lansing Board of Water and Light wants to build Michigan's largest solar power facility. (
  • Victron Energy has been manufacturing solar inverters and other power conversion equipment for many years. (
  • A new concept in energy storage based on water and capable of soaking up power from solar cells has been developed by scientists in Korea. (
  • Renewable Energy World] Spain's revised renewables regulation, introduced in March 2004, established Europe's first feed-in tariff for concentrated solar power (CSP). (
  • Power costs in that part of the state are low compared with other regions and are supplied mostly by hydroelectric dams, so the solar factories will run on renewable energy, he said. (
  • New renewable energy capacity - primarily solar and wind - made up a whopping 90 percent of the power sector's growth globally last year, according to the IEA, an intergovernmental organization that was founded to monitor the world's oil supply but now also tracks renewable energy. (
  • President Joe Biden, for example, aims to get the US power sector running completely on clean energy by 2035. (
  • Wind and solar power are giving us more reasons to be optimistic about our climate goals as they break record after record," IEA executive director Fatih Birol said in a press statement today. (
  • Yet renewable energy operators including NRG Energy Inc. and Invenergy LLC say keeping nuclear plants open will leave grids awash with excess power, leaving little demand for new wind and solar farms. (
  • Instead of propping up struggling reactors, states should promote energy efficiency and encourage development of wind, solar and power storage , said John Coequyt, the Sierra Club's director of climate campaigns. (
  • The subsides are being challenged in federal court by power generators including Dynegy Inc. and NRG Energy. (
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil - Brazil's first national energy auction with a specific category for power generated from sunlight may spur as much as $1 billion in investment in solar power. (
  • Brazil's Electric Energy Trading Board, known as CCEE, may buy as much as 2 gigawatts of renewable energy in the event today, and 500 megawatts must come from solar power , according to three analysts. (
  • Solar developers applied to sell power from 400 power plants in the auction, with total capacity of 10.79 gigawatts. (
  • The country's energy regulator Aneel set a 262-real ($109) a megawatt-hour ceiling price for solar power. (
  • Brazil is still a small market for solar power. (
  • How to Harvest Solar Power? (
  • Premium SolarEdge solar modules, each integrated with a power optimizer, for greater energy production and faster installations. (
  • Stores unused PV power on a battery to be used later when PV production is insufficient, for maximized self-consumption and increased energy independence. (
  • Green energy uses renewable resources - like sun rays and water - to power homes. (
  • With a solar system, you can generate free power for your premises. (
  • Peter Hain, Minister for Energy, today welcomed a Photovoltaic (PV) report on how Government and Industry can work together to make Britain a global player in solar power. (
  • We plan to utilize the building for research and development and renewable Energy Control Panel assembly operations to serve renewable energy power equipment manufacturers and solar farm developers in Virginia and North Carolina," said Advance Energy President, Pugazhenthi Selvaraj. (
  • The problem has been that high temperatures are necessary to power heat-based conversion systems, yet solar cell efficiency rapidly decreases at higher temperatures. (
  • The PETE process could really give the feasibility of solar power a big boost. (
  • By offering renewable energy sources such as solar power installations and LED lighting equipment, they are able to help their customers achieve a significant reduction on their electrical consumption. (
  • Reduce your power consumption and switch to renewable energy. (
  • For quality assured power installations, contact Solar Evolution. (
  • From fighting for the Gulf Coast after the BP Oil disaster to powering We Stand With Flint in Michigan, NAACP ECJP has led on the frontlines of building community power for a more just energy system for all. (
  • Seems to me solar energy's day is finally dawning everywhere. (
  • Based in the U.S., the UK, and South Africa, the team is comprised of editors from Clarion Energy's myriad of publications that cover the global energy industry. (
  • The colonies will produce honey by the jarful for Connexus Energy's solar subscribers, with enough left over for local fundraisers. (
  • Come fall, Connexus Energy's nearly 130 solar subscribers across the north metro will reap one of the rewards: jars of gooey gold. (
  • Both topics were identified in DOE's Solar Futures Study , which examines solar energy's potential role in a decarbonized grid and lays out a blueprint for solar to contribute as much as 45% of our country's electrical supply by 2050 and support the electrification of buildings, transportation, and industry. (
  • This is Solar Energy's Typepad Profile. (
  • We are extremely pleased to receive the PSCW's final approval," stated David de Leon, president of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin energy company. (
  • For more information, visit Alliant Energy's solar webpage . (
  • The localized solar-PV resources and other renewable-energy sources are gradually transforming the national energy grid, while pushing the market toward developing these localized systems. (
  • Utah and New Hampshire are the latest of approximately nine states to adopt successor programs to net metering, lowering the value of exported solar energy to the grid. (
  • Nearly 50 years later, it should be possible to complete a simple project -- like connecting a solar photovoltaic or PV energy system to the grid -- in the same amount of time. (
  • In 2010, the US installed 887 megawatts (MW) of grid-connected photovoltaics (PV), up 104% from the 435MW installed in 2009, according to a recent report by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research . (
  • Courtesy of GRID Alternatives) Employees of nonprofit solar installation company GRID Alternatives work with members of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe on a one-megawatt solar project in Towaoc, Colo., in 2019. (
  • GRID Alternatives , a nonprofit committed "to making renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities," will lead the installation and hire four Ute Mountain Ute citizens selected by the tribe to assist with the project. (
  • We essentially work with income-qualified or low-income communities to bring in these installations, sometimes introducing solar to these communities, but also incorporating hands-on training experience," said Tim Willink, director of tribal programs for GRID Alternatives . (
  • To help achieve President Biden's goal of a carbon free grid by 2035 and a 100% clean energy economy by 2050, solar energy is a major contributor in making renewable energy cheaper and more accessible," said Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Kelly Speakes-Backman . (
  • The growing acceptance of interconnection depends on the acceptance of new standards that overcome resistance to the wide use of renewable energy sources on the public grid. (
  • Nevertheless, in terms of total annual output, this is similar to building a 60 MW gas turbine, although the gas turbine would always be limited to 60 MW, whereas the solar facility can output at higher levels through much of the day when businesses are open and drawing on the grid. (
  • This development points to the rapid growth of distributed generation solar and highlights inefficiencies that are preventing utilities from meeting the rapidly increasing demand for grid interconnection. (
  • As the solar industry continues to grow and America moves toward a bright clean energy future, there's a critical need to make sure our electric grid can keep up. (
  • Right now, we have an historic opportunity to uplift every American community by growing the clean energy economy, but we need bold infrastructure investments to support it with technology solutions and a 21st century electric grid. (
  • Simply diluting grid methane with 50% hydrogen would double the world's natural gas reserve, halve the CO2 emission, and make unreliable energy sources economically useful at very little cost. (
  • By investing in a Grid-Connected Solar System today, you not only have the peace of mind knowing that your reducing your carbon footprint, saving money through guaranteed return on your investment, but also that your contribution offers hope for a brighter future for our children and the generations to come! (
  • Solar Evolution are suppliers, designers and installers of grid-connected PV solar systems. (
  • Solar Evolution's goal is to try and make grid-connected solar systems affordable to everyone and at the same invest their own time and energy into research and further development, of strategies or solutions that can further reduce the environmental impact brought upon by our dependency for harmful and inefficient fossil fuels. (
  • Recently, SolarCity securitized $54.4 million in loans for solar photovoltaic installations. (
  • During the past month, SolarCity announced it has securitized a $54.4 million pool of loans for solar photovoltaic panel installations. (
  • WPS reviewed the history of solar installations as background to developing this new program. (
  • About 70 percent of its installations are in the U.S. Prologis has planted solar on only about 10 percent of its global footprint, in part because the economics don't yet make sense everywhere it operates, and in part because it is proceeding methodically. (
  • We're definitely looking at the next steps in both communities, whether that is home-by-home solar installations or a larger project," Clow said. (
  • This would require about 5.7 million acres of land for utility-scale solar installations. (
  • As we reported weeks ago, the United States has passed 1 million solar installations. (
  • Appraisers are taking solar system installations into consideration these days. (
  • Portugal's solar market remains one of the hottest for investors able to build systems under the installations cap. (
  • Three megawatts of solar energy would represent an increase of almost 40 percent over today's use of solar energy within San Diego County. (
  • The company plans to add about 15 megawatts of solar capacity per year through 2020-a growth rate of about 10 percent annually. (
  • Morgan Solar closed its A Round of financing in late 2009, raising $8.2 million from lead investor Iberdrola Renewables, a consortium of U.S. and Canadian venture capitalists and Nypro, a Boston-based injection molding company. (
  • Renewable Funding uses three approaches that can fund both renewables and energy efficiency - bundling unsecured residential financing, aggregating property-assessed clean energy (PACE) loans, and funding on-bill financing through securitization. (
  • The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has unveiled a new environmental and social justice platform to improve access to employment within the renewables sector, and to low-cost clean energy across the US. (
  • That, in turn, has led to less energy use, creating an opportunity for renewables to shine. (
  • While returns for new solar projects in mature markets are now too low for private equity firms, "many pension funds decide to invest into solar as it offers a good alternative to government bonds, and at the same perceived risk level offers higher returns," Pietro Radoia, a solar analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said today by e-mail. (
  • In the first half of the year, the country was the second biggest importer of Chinese photovoltaic cells and modules, procuring almost 3 gigawatts, according to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (
  • It's the wrong policy - and whether it proliferates or not is going to be a really big factor," Invenergy Chief Operating Officer Jim Murphy said during a panel discussion at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New York Monday. (
  • The general feeling in the market is that this time it's for real," said Helena Chung a Sao Paulo-based analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (
  • Japan may add almost 12 gigawatts and the U.S. is expected to develop more than 5 gigawatts, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (
  • The views a nd opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and are not intended to represent the views and opinions of the Florida Solar Energy Center. (
  •] James M. Fenton, associate director and co-founder of the Environmental Research Institute and professor of chemical engineering at the University of Connecticut, has been named director of the Florida Solar Energy Center. (
  • XYG Glass is one of the largest solar glass manufacturers globally, with total solar glass. (
  • On Thursday, the reality came when the Redskins and NRG Energy announced that FedEx Field will be the largest solar installation in the NFL. (
  • The project marks the largest solar installation both in the Washington, D.C., area. (
  • Altogether the project could potentially be five times bigger than the next largest solar array in the state. (
  • The new factory is in addition to the 1-GW panel factory that SolarCity Corp. is building nearby in Buffalo, which will make New York home to the largest solar manufacturing plant in the western hemisphere when its completed in the first quarter of 2017. (
  • These 10 cities have been claimed by the researchers to have the largest solar investments in the US. (
  • In a multi-junction cell, individual cells are made of layers, where each layer captures part of the sunlight passing through the cell - allowing the cell to absorb more energy from the sun's light. (
  • RoseStreet said the solar cells will be the first commercialized that "capture the broad spectrum of the sun's energy utilizing thin film technology, a single material system and with potential efficiencies exceeding 55 percent. (
  • The answer lies in thermal energy storage -- the ability to store the sun's heat in the form of thermal energy for use when the sun isn't shining. (
  • The project will deploy parabolic solar trough technology - essentially huge long tracks of mirrored half-tubes that track, receive and concentrate the sun's energy on series of tubes filled with a heat-transfer fluid. (
  • They will continue absorbing the sun's energy and powering your home without costing you a thing. (
  • Is Energy Efficiency an American Value? (
  • Energy efficiency is good for the economy, good for families, good for workers, and good for the environment. (
  • Limited efficiency and high construction costs have kept solar from producing more than about 0.07 percent of U.S. energy needs in 2007, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Energy. (
  • It could also be added on to existing solar-panel systems , increasing their efficiency and reducing the cost of solar energy. (
  • So while no one organization can single-handedly reduce the permit-to-plug-in time, the Race to 7-Day Solar competition aims to create collaboration between local governments, businesses, solar companies, nonprofits, utilities and communities to create certainty and efficiency in the process. (
  • Organizations are beginning to securitize solar and energy efficiency loans to allow greater levels of investment. (
  • Also, the Green Jobs - Green New York program has achieved a high bond rating for securitized energy efficiency loans. (
  • Some are combining solar and energy efficiency financing into one package. (
  • The Green Jobs - Green New York program is focusing solely on energy efficiency. (
  • Surprisingly, developers of solar-only programs and developers of energy efficiency programs have rarely shared information until now. (
  • He said he plans to compare notes with organizations working on energy efficiency securitization. (
  • All of these factors will provide the necessary financial structure to give investors confidence in solar and energy efficiency loans as an asset class. (
  • However, there are significant performance measurement differences between solar projects and energy efficiency projects. (
  • It is easier to estimate, measure and report the kilowatt-hours produced by a solar project than it is to report the kilowatt-hours saved by an energy efficiency project. (
  • First, Renewable Funding works with the Pennsylvania Treasury, the State of Kentucky, and other partners to run the Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans (WHEEL) program. (
  • The remainder of the applications are for energy efficiency and water efficiency projects. (
  • MOTECH's newest module series is the high-efficiency monocrystalline solar module, using. (
  • In a word, it's all about efficiency-of energy, yes, but also capital and space. (
  • You have the solar energy efficiency and then you have pollinator habitat. (
  • Renewable Energy in the Age of Trump: A Time for Efficiency? (
  • This type of cell achieves a higher efficiency by capturing more of the solar spectrum. (
  • These results are particularly encouraging since they were achieved using a new class of metamorphic semiconductor materials, allowing much greater freedom in multijunction cell design for optimal conversion of the solar spectrum," said Dr. Richard R. King, principal investigator of the high efficiency solar cell research and development effort. (
  • The excellent performance of these materials hints at still higher efficiency in future solar cells. (
  • Reaching this milestone heralds a great achievement for the Department of Energy and for solar energy engineering worldwide," Alexander Karsner, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. DOE. (
  • Almost all of today's solar cell modules do not concentrate sunlight but use only what the sun produces naturally, what researchers call "one sun insolation," which achieves an efficiency of 12 to 18 percent. (
  • This solar cell performance is the highest efficiency level any photovoltaic device has ever achieved," said Dr. David Lillington, president of Spectrolab. (
  • While most silicon solar cells have been rendered inert by the time the temperature reaches 100 °C, the PETE device doesn't hit peak efficiency until it is well over 200 °C. (
  • Melosh calculates the PETE process can get to 50% efficiency or more under solar concentration, but if combined with a thermal conversion cycle, could theoretically reach 55 or even 60%-almost triple the efficiency of existing systems. (
  • Even if we don't achieve perfect efficiency, let's say we give a 10 percent boost to the efficiency of solar conversion, going from 20 percent efficiency to 30 percent, that is still a 50 percent increase overall. (
  • But most concentrators in use today "track the sun to generate high optical intensities, often by using large mobile mirrors that are expensive to deploy and maintain," said MIT's Marc A. Baldo, who led the team that created the new type of solar concentrator. (
  • By designing beautiful home solar systems and providing flexible financing plans, we enable people to generate their own energy and save money. (
  • The fact is that the cost of solar continues to drop exponentially every year, which means that in the near future, it will be cost competitive with traditional generation. (
  • The proposed budget for solar water and space heating increases by US$1 million toUS$4 million and sets a goal of cutting the cost of solar water heating by 50 percent to an equivalent of 4 cents per kWh by 2004. (
  • Headquartered in the Netherlands, Victron's solar products include hybrid inverters and all-in-one inverter/energy storage units. (
  • With our cost-effective inverters as a basis, companies can be fully supplied with renewable energy. (
  • Kelly was the first Arkansan to sign net-metering agreements with Entergy in 2002 for his solar residence and signed the state's first meter-aggregation agreement in 2014 for an Arkansas business. (
  • The South Carolina Public Service Commission has finalised the US state's net metering rules, which will see some current solar customers stay on the same regime until 2029. (
  • Last month, Nevada's clean energy transition got another boost when the state's largest utility, NV Energy, announced an unprecedented investment in solar and clean energy. (
  • In fact, investment in existing assets can benefit every stakeholder in the solar industry continuum - from manufacturers to installers to system owners - by taking advantage of solar energy?s inevitable direction: consolidation of solar companies. (
  • We named the program Orphan Solar because we expected that these systems were all but abandoned by original installers and possibly even by their owners. (
  • After you sign up, we'll start working on getting your solar system up and running by scheduling a home visit with one of our excellent local installers. (
  • EQ Research combined information received from a sample base of PV installers, in addition to 34 utilities located in 13 states and Washington, D.C. with large volumes of net-metered residential solar systems. (
  • Report findings indicate the best way for residential solar installers to avoid last-minute PTO denials is to request pre-construction data from utilities that will help determine available generation capacity for certain areas, thus reducing the chances of denial. (
  • A round-up of the latest news from the US PV sector, as commercial operations begin at a plant in the Nevada desert developed by Invenergy, and the Solar Energy Industries Association adds new companies to its board of directors. (
  • US trade body the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has started a new advocacy programme for the fast-growing energy storage sector. (
  • The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has unveiled a new tool to make it easier for solar developers to trace where their modules and technologies are made and ensure an ethical supply chain. (
  • The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) have partnered to form the Canadian Renewable Energy Association and have. (
  •] American Photovoltaics LP recently formed in Houston, Texas, to do their part in tackling the worldwide shortage of solar PV modules. (
  • To accomplish this, the company has secured a contract with Energy Photovoltaics, Inc. (EPV) in Princeton, New Jersey, which will supply all machinery, proprietary production hardware and software, and expertise necessary to construct and operate such a PV module production facility. (
  • Clean energy is the future and I want to see barriers to solar energy removed,' said Mr Hain, speaking at the Northumbria Photovoltaics Applications Centre. (
  • Since January 2016, he has served as the coordinator of the joint program on photovoltaics of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and as a steering committee member for the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Photovoltaics (ETIP-PV). (
  • Boulder City, Nevada [] Solargenix Energy is traditionally known for its residential solar thermal hot water systems. (
  • According to a new report released by EQ Research, wait times for the activation of residential solar PV systems in the U.S. rose 68 percent from 2013 to 2014. (
  • The 2016 event again revolves around maxi-mising and managing the energy created by the solar vehicles. (
  • Van Vuuren is currently hard at work to secure a shipping sponsor for the event, as this will enable many of the interested international teams to participate in the 2016 Sasol Solar Challenge. (
  • A major goal of the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership and the North Carolina Solar Center is to reduce the non-hardware "soft" costs of solar PV. (
  • With an initial production capacity of 20 MW, ATS said the facility would be the first large-scale solar PV production facility in Canada. (
  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today released two requests for information (RFI) seeking input on pathways to use solar energy to decarbonize industrial processes and on impacts of large-scale solar plants on wildlife and ecosystems. (
  • The RFI seeks information on the current practices related to siting large-scale solar energy plants and how stakeholders evaluate the impacts and potential benefits these plants may have on the surrounding environment, especially on wildlife. (
  • It's a historic day as we move from planning and preparing to constructing our large-scale solar projects. (
  • FARMINGDALE, New York - May 20, 2002 [] Since last December, when LIPA doubled its per-watt rebate from US$3 to US$6 for solar systems installed by July 31, the number of rebate applications has soared. (
  • Kessel's progress report on LIPA's enhanced Solar Pioneers Program was provided to the attendees of the Solar Long Island 2002 Conference being held today at SUNY Farmingdale. (
  • ATS announced it intended to commercialize Spheral Solar technology in July 2002 and received funding from Technologies Partnerships Canada for up to $29.5 million to support SSP's development. (
  • Washington, D.C. 2002-02-11 [] One sector facing a cut is Solar Energy, which will see a budget decrease of two percent should Congress adopt the budget as presented. (
  • The budget request for FY 2003 for solar is US$87,625,000 down from US$89,442,000 in FY 2002 and down from US$91,694,000 in FY 2001. (
  • All of these technologies involve converting sunlight into thermal energy for use in a heat-driven engine. (
  • Sunlight in the region is almost twice as strong as Germany, according to the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (
  • This heat from unused sunlight and inefficiencies in the cells themselves account for a loss of more than 50% of the initial solar energy reaching the cell. (
  • The solar panel and light employ patent-pending features, developed under the company's Harvester(TM) design program, to swivel independently to optimize both battery charging and light coverage. (
  • At Connexus Energy in Ramsey, two beekeepers will tend their hives in the company's solar panel field, providing 600 jars of honey to Connexus and selling the rest. (
  • The projects are included in the company's Clean Energy Blueprint, a plan for cost-effectively accelerating its transition to renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions. (
  • Nevada solar has seen some real ups and downs, and after many years of hard work, we are proud to be part of a diverse and powerful coalition that is delivering a decidedly sunny outlook in the Silver State. (
  • This approval by the PUCN will allow Solargenix to complete the development of Nevada Solar One, a 64 MW Solar Thermal Electric Generating Plant located in Boulder City, Nevada. (
  • This project will make Nevada one of the largest generators of solar energy in the US. (
  • As part of the country's ongoing bid to invest in renewable energy, China's state-run utility this week inked a deal with Oakland-based BrightSource Energy to build a massive new solar mirror farm. (
  • LDK's latest earnings report shows a company on the brink of meltdown, while Beijing's latest trade complaint shows it is still in denial about its unfair subsidies to the country's solar sector. (
  • While Modi seeks 100 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2022-a target second only to China-the country's manufacturers will need to ramp-up production in order to tap into the growth. (
  • The country's internal rates of returns (IRR) for the 6 major solar technologies remained high in 2011 along with Cyprus and Greece, though the financial crisis in Europe could significantly hinder that market. (
  • For instance, failed attempts to allow privately owned renewable-energy systems were introduced during the 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 legislative sessions. (
  • SUNY Farmingdale has been working with LIPA and the Long Island Solar Roofs Initiative (LISRI) since 2000 to help promote the application of solar technology and to train technicians who can properly install and repair photovoltaic systems. (
  • Origin has over a decade worth of experience selling and installing solar systems in Australia, so we can guide you through your solar journey. (
  • With a decade of experience of selling and installing solar systems in Australia, we have solar system solutions ready to go and a team that is there from start to finish which makes switching to solar easy. (
  • We also offer the option to add a battery to any solar systems which means you'll be able to store any excess energy generated. (
  • In July 1993, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and Public Energy Systems (PES) began to evaluate the condition of existing Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) systems as a precursor to a New Install Demand-Side Management (DSM) program. (
  • PES, formerly Packerland Solar Systems, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, was contracted to locate and inspect SDHW systems in and around Green Bay and to collect the necessary information. (
  • Return systems to working condition in order to capture energy savings for WPS's DSM program. (
  • WPS estimated there should be approximately 2,000 solar heating systems in its service territory. (
  • As we later discovered, over 32% of all solar systems are now owned by someone other than the original purchaser. (
  • This forced PES to visit the site of every solar system located in order find the SDHW systems. (
  • As Table 1 shows, 53 of the solar heating systems inspected were specifically for domestic water heating, and 89 were for combination water heating/space heating systems. (
  • Solar Energy isn't exactly the first thing the comes to mind in Canada, but that's all about to change in one southwestern Ontario city as ATS Automation Tooling Systems is on their way to opening a new 193,000 square foot facility dedicated to the highly-automated mass production of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells for the solar energy market. (
  • Woerner said this first facility contains a number of innovative manufacturing processes and the facility is as much a showcase facility for their many automation systems as it is a commercial solar PV manufacturing facility. (
  • The budget states that ZEB "will be designed to optimally combine very energy-efficient building envelopes, appliances, lighting, advanced controls and heating/cooling systems with solar water heating and solar electric systems to eliminate the need for offsite energy on an annual basis. (
  • Nweke, however, noted that the company has also commenced the deployment of 10,000 Sunbox, PAYGO Solar Home Systems in North Central Nigeria, in a project with the Rural Electrification Agency, REA, designed to deploy tens of thousands of Home Systems in Nigeria starting from the North Central zone. (
  • According to Myers, different materials such as formulations of window glass or solar panel cover materials, heat management films and optical components in solar energy systems perform differently as the solar spectrum changes. (
  • ASTM E903 will be used by manufacturers of glass, coatings, films and optical components of solar energy systems elements to assess the reliability, durability and performance of these components in order to optimize the entire materials system performance. (
  • Properties of interest that can be measured via ASTM E903 include transmittance of glass, absorption coefficients of solar thermal receiver paints and materials, and improvements in collection of photons for photovoltaic systems by use of textured cover glasses. (
  • Do solar systems require maintenance? (
  • Home solar systems generally require very little maintenance. (
  • Sales have tripled for a key component for solar electric systems at one of the largest suppliers in the United States. (
  • The California Energy Commission offers cash rebates of up to 50 percent for renewable systems installed by residential customers. (
  • asks Matt Harper, chief commercial officer for Invinity Energy Systems that makes "flow batteries. (
  • First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems which use its advanced module and system technology. (
  • From raw material sourcing through end-of-life module recycling, First Solar's renewable energy systems protect and enhance the environment. (
  • Jared W. Schwede, Igor Bargatin, Daniel C. Riley, Brian E. Hardin, Samuel J. Rosenthal, Yun Sun, Felix Schmitt, Piero Pianetta, Roger T. Howe, Zhi-Xun Shen & Nicholas A. Melosh (2010) Photon-enhanced thermionic emission for solar concentrator systems. (
  • Whether you're from Sydney, the Central Coast, or Newcastle, Solar Evolution is ready to upgrade your property with energy efficient lighting systems. (
  • By investing in energy efficient systems today, you not only will save money and reduce the environmental impact brought on by the use of inefficient fossul fuels, but you will also provide hope for a brighter and cleaner future for your children and generations to come. (
  • All six projects were announced by Alliant Energy in May 2020 . (
  • Solar and wind energy growth soared in 2020 and is on course to keep catapulting upward. (
  • That rapid rise is far from a one-off event, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), which said today that the "exceptionally high" growth in 2020 is the "new normal. (
  • Amazon proclaimed itself the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world in December 2020, beating out former record-holder Google, and it now has 8.5 GW of renewable energy capacity globally. (
  • Origin Solar Boost Plus plan. (
  • While closing reactors would boost energy prices, the states debating nuclear subsides have layers of overlapping incentives - including renewable energy quotas and subsidies - that are far more influential at driving development. (
  • Solutia Solar GmbH, a subsidiary of Solutia Inc., is a global provider of advanced solar. (
  • This article was originally published in the May/June 1995 issue of Home Energy Magazine. (
  • This article is part of the series highlighting the " Top Things You Didn't Know About… " Be sure to check back for more entries soon. (
  • This presentation will look at what needs to be in place to satisfy future demand, its makeup, and the impact this will have on investment in clean energy? (
  • Solar + storage is a clean alternative to diesel or natural gas generators without the noise, maintenance, and diesel exhaust smell. (
  • In August, Evergreen Solar Inc. , the Massachusetts clean-energy company that received millions in state subsidies, filed for bankruptcy, listing $485.6 million in debt. (
  • We are proud to be part of this diverse coalition of industry, environmental, justice and community organizations, all united by the vision of a strong clean energy economy that works for all New Yorkers. (
  • The state Senate passed major clean energy legislation that would remove an arbitrary net metering cap that's currently preventing communities and consumers across the state from going solar, and put Massachusetts on a path to 100% clean energy within 30 years. (
  • This incredibly inspiring cohort of moms, students, civil rights leaders, union members, nurses and workers all spoke up for 100% clean energy for California - and legislators got the message. (
  • When utility giant Duke Energy proposed $13.8 Billion in misguided 'modernization' expenses that would be costly for consumers and slow clean energy progress, our regulatory experts worked with local groups to push back . (
  • This same report claims that the economic benefits far exceed the cost to develop this clean renewable energy source. (
  • At a time when much is changing, these projects demonstrate our commitment to advancing clean energy and strengthening the communities we serve," added de Leon. (
  • Along with the rest of the Clean Energy Blueprint, these projects will help customers avoid more than $2 billion in long-term costs. (
  • In New Jersey, reactors produce 97 percent of clean energy. (
  • There are key differences between wind and solar subsidies and those for nuclear, according to clean-energy developers. (
  • Opponents of clean, renewable energy - chiefly those seeking to protect their market share - would likely try to claim that green jobs are a myth. (
  • Selvaraj said the company chose the site due to its proximity to the Greensboro Triad Airport, along with the pool of potential talent from Virginia Tech's Electrical Engineering Department and the growing clean energy needs. (
  • If you wish to find out more, contact Solar Evolution today for a no obligation discussion with one of their Clean Energy Council Accredited designers would be more than willing to provide you with answers to your questions. (
  • Led by the NAACP's Environmental & Climate Justice Program (NAACP ECJP) , this training aims to equip and inspire participants to help their communities take action to advance energy justice - including clean energy projects, education, and other actions to make sure communities of color benefit from the transition to a clean economy. (
  • Apart from a few high-profile projects like Ivanpah, thermal solar farms haven't really taken off. (
  • Those batteries not only can limit the price spikes but they can also add value to solar farms. (
  • Learn more about the Solar Energy Technologies Office's national laboratory research . (
  •] Phoenix-based RoseStreet Labs announced a solar PV commercialization agreement using licensed solar photovoltaic (PV) technology jointly developed by Cornell University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (
  • This strategy is also the only one in the solar industry that allows for continued financial returns beyond the short term, project-based revenue process associated with manufacturing and project development. (
  • The nonprofit also worked with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe to install a $2 million ground-mount solar project in Towaoc, Colo. , that came online earlier this year. (
  • Clow said the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, which has long expressed concerns about potential air and water pollution from the mill , mentioned the mill's impacts on the community in its grant application for the solar project. (
  • Right now, BrightSource Energy is committed to a 135-megawatt pilot project in China's northwest Qinghai province. (
  • The deal is for a 135 megawatt pilot project, but it certainly won't be the last of its kind as China works to meet its aggressive renewable energy goals. (
  • The recently passed federal energy policy package played a part in improving the economics of this project. (
  • Connexus Energy Athens Township project integrates large scale battery storage with a solar array to manage peak demand and is the first commercial-battery deployment in Minnesota. (
  • The Grant County project will be constructed by NextEra Energy Resources, beginning in spring 2022. (
  • TEMPE, Ariz.- First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) announced today that it has completed the sale of the 250-megawatt (MW)AC Silver State South Solar Project to a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources. (
  • The project is adjacent to the 50MWACSilver State North project, which was developed and built by First Solar and commissioned in 2012. (
  • First Solar developed and designed the Silver State South project, and will provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to NextEra. (
  • We are pleased to have completed the acquisition of the Silver State South solar project," said NextEra Energy Resources Senior Vice President of Development Mike O'Sullivan. (
  • This is another important milestone as we continue to build our solar business, and we look forward to working with theFirst Solar team to make this project a reality. (
  • Put simply, it provides an apples-to-apples metric for investors to compare demand and project growth for solar across disparate markets. (
  • Meantime, Beijing has officially protested a US law that allows Washington to levy punitive tariffs against overseas industries that receive unfair state support, such as China's solar sector. (
  • The winner of the previous Sasol Solar Challenge, the world champion Nuon Solar Team, from the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, won the 2014 event by travelling more than 4 000 km, says Sasol Solar Challenge manager Annalie van Vuuren . (
  • An added incentive could lie in boosting return by including a renewable-energy premium payment from the utility company in addition to the contract reimbursement rate, specific to the actual form of renewable energy technology. (
  • Morgan Solar plans to build a 200 kW demonstration system at the National Soccer Center in Lancaster, Calif. The system would be paid for by Sustainable Development Technology Canada with help from the University of Ottawa, which will collaborate on monitoring and balance of system. (
  • Solar Industry offers industry participants probing, comprehensive assessments of the technology, tools and trends that are driving this dynamic energy sector. (
  • The selected projects are consistent with the principles of tribal sovereignty and self-determination, with a fuel- and technology-neutral energy strategy that recognizes the breadth of energy resources on tribal lands, and each tribe's right to use them as they see fit," Office of Indian Energy director Kevin R. Frost said in a statement. (
  • The company will deploy production lines using their subsidiary, Spheral Solar Power's (SSP) technology, which was developed in Canada in large part using Canadian engineering and scientific expertise. (
  • ATS expects its Spheral Solar technology will accelerate the adoption of solar energy by consumer and commercial users - and open new mainstream applications - because it can be manufactured cost-effectively and the resulting solar cells are pliable, lightweight, durable and can be produced in a variety of colors that suit seamless integration with traditional building materials. (
  • Agostino, Ph.D., vice president for marketing and sales at Evergreen Solar, Inc. "As production expansion occurs, regardless of base technology, it is anticipated that the capital dollars-per-watt produced is spread over a wider production volume and therefore produces economies of scale. (
  • Patriotism must get a better hold of professionalism and indigenous companies, in the energy sector, must break new grounds by building capacities for technology transfer and national development. (
  • Technology Surge leads to reinstatement solar energy standard. (
  • Surge in technology for solar and other alternative energy forms over past 10 years led to revision and reinstatement of ASTM E903, Test Method for Solar Absorptance, Reflectance, and Transmittance of Materials Using Integrating Spheres. (
  • According to ASTM's Daryl Myers, "The increasing interest in this technology has been accompanied by a need to measure and report the optical properties of materials as weighted by various example or reference solar spectral distributions. (
  • The last ten years have seen a surge in technology for solar and other alternative energy forms. (
  • Solar is now a mature technology. (
  • Many people are not familiar with concentrating solar thermal technology and its proven track record and capability to play a significant role in addressing many of the most important energy issues that confront America and the rest of the world," said Solargenix CEO John Myles. (
  • According to published information from the US Department of Energy through the US National Laboratories (which is available on the Solargenix website) the parabolic trough technology used in this plant represents one of the major renewable energy success stories of the past two decades and has a near-term potential to compete directly with conventional fossil fuel powered technologies. (
  • Advances in solar technology have come a long way in the last few years, making solar an increasingly viable energy option in Indiana. (
  • Technology is improving, though, and it's at the point where a team from the Eindhoven University of Technology has been able to create a solar powered car that manages to seat four while generating more energy over the course of the year than it uses to drive . (
  • Origin Energy Ltd. and Micron Technology have formed a 50/50 joint venture targeting photovoltaic technology, a combination presumably aimed to help the Australian energy company achieve new levels of high-volume manufacturing efficiencies. (
  • Details were scarce in a brief press release, indicating only that there are perceived benefits in combining Origin's work with solar PV technology. (
  • And while wind and solar developers compete against each other for subsidies, those for nuclear benefit a single technology. (
  • Advance Energy Solutions, Inc, a Renewable Energy Technology company, purchased a building that once served as a Henry County Public Service Authority water plant and will locate its Solar & Wind Farm Protection control panel assembly operation to the facility in Ridgeway, Virginia . (
  • California is slowly moving toward net zero energy construction, defined as building structures that produce as much energy on-site as they consume. (
  • Sunnyvale, California [] LDK Solar Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of multicrystalline solar wafers, announced recently that it has secured additional contracts for production equipment that will enable the Company to expand its wafer production capacity to 1,600 megawatts by the end of 2009. (
  • BEIJING - Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. bought MiaSole Inc., a California-based thin-film panel maker backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and ArcelorMittal, to increase capacity in anticipation of a solar industry revival. (
  • The highest priority of the energy network operators is the balance between energy demand and supply. (
  • In fact, strong consumer demand and ?nancial incentives from the federal government, states, and utilities have sparked some impressive solar installation numbers. (
  • By securing this equipment, we will be able to execute our plans to double our production capacity annually through 2009, in order to address the strong demand for solar wafers," said Xiaofeng Peng, LDK Chairman and CEO. (
  • Chinese renewable - energy companies, including solar-wafer maker LDK Solar Co., are buying companies in the west, where slowing demand and rising supply have trimmed profit margins. (
  • Most of India current solar-panel demand is satisfied through imports. (
  • Build your team and compete to win the SunShot Prize: Race to 7-Day Solar. (
  • Learn how to participate on the SunShot 7-Day Solar webpage . (
  • 3. The Energy Department's SunShot Initiative has set aggressive targets to lower the cost of CSP by the end of the decade. (
  • Listen to a SunShot podcast on CSP and thermal energy storage . (
  • This interactive workshop, presented by the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership, provided actionable information on creating a local-level solar program in the. (
  • Installing a solar + storage system at your home or business lets you choose which rooms and appliances you want to backup. (
  • Solar plus battery storage not only provides energy resilience and independence- it qualifies for incentives and tax credits. (
  • Additionally, the RFI is interested in the production of fuels, including hydrogen, that can be generated using CST energy for simplified transportation and storage of renewable heat. (
  • Battery Storage Is Delivering Value For Solar Developers And Energy Consumers. (
  • The system also includes a molten salt energy storage system which provides 3 hours of turbine operation once the sun has set. (
  • This equates to a capacity factor of nearly 30% which is high for solar, but reflects the nature of the location and the energy storage mechanism using molten salt. (
  • The SEIA Board oversees the association's business, programmatic, and policy decisions, and these positions are a critical opportunity to make an impact on the future of the U.S. solar and storage industries. (
  • Smart Energy Week offers business opportunities and education for many industries within the energy industry-solar, storage, wind energy, electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure, microgrids, and hydrogen and fuel cells. (
  • Solar and Energy Storage Southeast brings together those that are doing business in the region, or would like to conduct more business in the region to discuss strategies, market trends in the southeast, policy updates that impact businesses, and numerous networking opportunities to make more connections. (
  • Zach is recognized globally as an electric vehicle, solar energy, and energy storage expert. (
  • New approach Instead of covering a large area with solar cells, the new method only requires locating cells around the edges of a flat glass panel. (
  • The dyes absorb light across a range of wavelengths, reemit it at a different wavelength and transport it across the pane to the solar cells at the edges. (
  • On their pilot line, ATS said they successfully created the world's largest crystalline silicon solar cell with an energy-producing surface four times larger than conventional solar cells. (
  • We've designed and built some of the most complex automation ever to assemble our solar cells. (
  • The acquisition by the Beijing-based renewable - energy producer is its second in a less than a year after it bought the Solibro unit of Germany's Q-Cells SE in June, Hanergy said in a statement today. (
  • The wafers are used to make solar cells. (
  • He started work at IMEC in June 2003, where he is currently leading the Silicon PV group, working on c-Si wafer-based solar cells, thin-film silicon solar cells, and advanced module concepts for ultra-thin c-Si wafer-based cells. (
  • Since 2018, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, for which he has been editor in charge of all silicon-related papers since 2018. (
  • Dr. Ivan Gordon covers all manuscripts on wafer-based monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon solar cells, and silicon-based thin film solar cells (crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, microcystalline silicon, micromorph tandems). (
  • Manuscripts reporting on analytical tools, such as impurity analysis and luminescence measurements for silicon PV R&D and manufacturing are encouraged for publication if they clearly demonstrate how the analytical technique can be used to improve solar cells. (
  • If the manuscript only shows general material characterization results obtained by the analytical tool (e.g. general semiconductor properties), it is not eligible for publication in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. (
  • Similarly, papers showing only modeling of silicon-based devices are generally also not acceptable for publication in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells . (
  • Reports on novel silicon-based materials for PV or novel processes to produce silicon-based solar cells can be published if the manuscript clearly shows the potential of the new material or process at device level. (
  • Please note that all enquiries should relate specifically to Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells. (
  • If this wasted heat energy could somehow be harvested, solar cells could be much more efficient. (
  • This panel will discuss what policies are required to promote the electrification of energy transition, the role that the private sector should play and ideas for tangible approaches that will bring about real change. (
  • Claim your Victorian Government 50% solar panel rebate now! (
  • This saves energy, thereby reducing the size of the solar panel and battery and increasing the market for solar lighting. (
  • Example of the jar of honey from Bolton Bees that will come from the pollinator friendly solar panel field at Connexus Energy in Ramsey. (
  • There are quite a few developments on the solar energy front today, led by the release of new financial results from LDK (NYSE: LDK), the weakest of China's major solar panel makers, that show a company in the midst of a meltdown. (
  • Let's start with the LDK results, which show a company teetering on the brink of collapse as it deals with the worst-ever downturn for the young solar panel sector. (
  • While the US has already determined that Chinese solar panel makers receive unfair state support, the European Union also announced last month it is launching a similar probe. (
  • That's the conclusion of executives from two of the biggest Chinese solar panel manufacturers, which have listed their shares in New York. (
  • SoftBank's strategy for India includes solar panel manufacturing," Manoj Kohli, executive chairman of SB Energy said in an interview in New Delhi. (
  • SB Energy could finalize a new joint venture once the Indian government introduces a made-in-India policy for panel manufacturing, according to Kohli. (
  • We must have solar-panel plants in the country and we are going to have the opportunity to be part of this sector's production process. (
  • solar panel with ratchet wrench via shutterstock. (
  • Being able to charge your EV with a solar panel roof while you are driving is no longer a fancy dream. (
  • A typical 'home' solar panel system will eliminate about 3 to 4 tons of carbon emissions annually - equivalent to planting more than 100 trees a year. (
  • Or so says Tigo Energy, a startup that is tackling the issue and is receiving more money to help that effort. (
  • Solar digital solutions startup Terabase Energy has signed a definitive agreement to acquire PlantPredict, a predictive solar energy modeling tool, from First Solar Inc. PlantPredict. (
  • LDK also announced that it has signed a contract to supply multicrystalline solar wafers to Taiwan-based Chuan-Yi Investment Corporation. (
  • Under terms of the agreement, LDK Solar will deliver multicrystalline solar wafers to Chuan-Yi valued at approximately US$516 million over a three-year period. (
  • Projects across the national labs will aim to provide analysis and advance technologies that will enable the solar industry to reach SETO's 2030 cost goals . (
  • Analysis (FY19: $8.9M) - Projects will develop tools to enable better understanding of the solar industry, plan for change and disruption, and identify areas of future technological innovation with increasing customer affordability. (
  • The company plans to tap into the estimated $3.4 billion global solar photovoltaic industry. (
  • AP via ABC 7] Coming on the heels BP announcing broad new efforts in the renewable energy industry, BP Solar is increasing production and jobs at their Frederick, Maryland cell and module manufacturing facility, according to the Associated Press. (
  • In 1994, DOE's National Renewable Energy laboratory broke the 30 percent barrier, which attracted interest from the space industry. (
  • These agreements represent another key step towards fulfilling our vision to become the largest and lowest cost producer in the solar wafer industry. (
  • The RFI seeks information from industry and researchers on opportunities to develop solar thermal industrial process technologies for high temperatures above 400°C that are capable of being rapidly advanced to industrial-scale demonstrations. (
  • It became apparent during our recent #SolarChat Twitter discussion about jobs in the solar industry that, unlike the proverbial shoemaker's children, solar pros are not going without solar. (
  • That's the solar lifestyle, and it's one reason why I feel members of the solar industry have such an important job ahead of us - because we really can make a tangible difference in the future of our planet. (
  • SolarChat also hosts in-person "TweetUps" and other networking events in conjunction with major solar industry conferences. (
  • BERLIN - Pension fund managers are investing more in solar energy, undeterred by declining returns because the industry is considered a safe alternative to traditional securities such as government bonds. (
  • Join us for smart, insightful posts and conversations about where the energy industry is and where it is going. (
  • SEIA is the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry. (
  • Accurate and certain energy assessments are essential to a thriving and sustainable solar industry. (
  • There is increasing awareness in the solar industry that energy assessments in recent years have overstated the expected production from solar projects on a preconstruction basis. (
  • Want to learn what's happening state-by-state in the U.S. solar industry? (
  • Renewable energy credits have spurred an emerging industry, whereas nuclear subsidies are to preserve aging plants. (
  • I'm the U.S. solar industry and I approve this message. (
  • Today, my organization, The Solar Foundation, released its third annual National Solar Jobs Census , which found that the U.S. solar industry now employs 119,016 Americans. (
  • The installation subsector remains the largest employer in the U.S. solar industry, and continues to provide highly skilled jobs that, by their very nature, cannot be outsourced. (
  • This suggests that the U.S. solar industry is moving into period of consolidation and maturation that will ultimately make the industry more robust and stable. (
  • However, they are a good predictor that the solar industry will remain on its upward growth trajectory. (
  • The National Solar Jobs Census 2012 measured employment growth in the solar industry between August 2011 and September 2012. (
  • While solar jobs grew by 13.2 percent during this period, employment in the overall economy grew at a rate of only 2.3 percent (BLS) and the fossil fuel electric generation industry actually lost jobs - shedding 3,857 workers, or 3.77 percent, of its workforce (EMSI). (
  • With a variety of plans available and flexible payment options we make switching to solar easy. (
  • These educational products make great, unique gifts for those interested in alternative energy. (
  • Of the countries that have developed a solar strategy, the US has the best infrastructure and insolation, which will ultimately make solar a mainstream component of energy diversification. (
  • So, as you head out for summer barbeques and 4th of July celebrations, I wanted to share some highlights of citizen engagement and solar success, and thank you for joining together and working to make our world better through solar. (
  • On occasion, we find that a roof is too shady to make solar feasible. (
  • Today we talk to groups working to make solar energy a more accessible option for Hoosiers through creative options like neighborhood partnerships, group buy-ins, and volunteer initiatives. (
  • This impressive job growth, combined with a 92 percent voter approval rating , make solar the kind of candidate we can all support. (
  • The announced solar projects dwarf the total existing installation capacity 15 times over, Kelly says, adding: "While this is good on the surface, it's apparent the regulated electric utility monopoly has decided that solar energy is indeed great as long as they own it outright. (
  • Solar projects can be installed quickly, but red tape sometimes means lengthy delays. (
  • So far, he said, the program has received 140 applications, over half of which are for solar projects. (
  • Maryland recently passed standards modeled on Minnesota's, and pollinator-friendly solar projects are now being pitched or built in states like Wisconsin, Iowa and Vermont, said Rob Davis of Fresh Energy, who helped facilitate the Connexus-beekeeper pairing. (
  • The grant for the White Mesa installation was part of $5 million in funding for nine tribal energy infrastructure projects supplied by the DOE this year. (
  • Sunergy - a multipurpose WordPress theme designed for environment saving startups and renewable energy generating projects. (
  • DOE's Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) has previously funded CST projects that use lower-temperature heat in food processing, waste management, and water desalination. (
  • The comments are evidence that fund managers are getting comfortable with solar projects, tapping stable returns as central banks keep their benchmark lending rates near historic low levels. (
  • Alliant Energy is contracting with Burns & McDonnell to construct the Bear Creek (Richland County) , North Rock and Wood County projects, which will be built using union craft labor. (
  • In total, Alliant Energy has proposed 12 solar projects, spanning dozens of communities across nine Wisconsin counties . (
  • Once all 12 projects are approved and operational, Alliant Energy will become the largest owner and operator of solar energy in the state of Wisconsin. (
  • Originally planned to be a solar thermal site, it's since been modified to become a proposed 300MW solar PV install (two 150MW AC arrays), in part due to cost comparisons with respect to solar PV (as have many solar thermal projects lately), but also to compromise with conservationists - e.g., water usage reduced from 3000 acre/feet to 33 acre/feet, and 44% smaller footprint, now ~2000 acres. (
  • One of the possible consequences of extended approval times is the impact on word of mouth marketing, which Barnes said is important to the adoption of solar. (
  • Andrea Luecke leads The Solar Foundation and is responsible for developing and implementing national educational initiatives and high-level research that promote the widespread adoption of solar energy. (
  • Today's solar, as a viable energy source, is experiencing remarkable acceptance overall by local electric utilities in Arkansas. (
  • The company is planning to build a thin-film solar module manufacturing facility in the greater Houston area. (
  • A thin-film solar cell is made by placing layers of photovoltaic material on a semiconductor wafer. (
  • He believes evidence shows the regulated utility monopoly in Arkansas since 2009 has repeatedly thwarted additional progress to assist Arkansans with developing their own renewable energy resources. (
  • In the fiscal year 2003 Department of Energy proposed budget released earlier this week, renewable energy resources face both budget increases and cuts. (
  • Non-renewable energy resources for powering homes, businesses, and industries are finally going out of fashion. (
  • In less than four months we've increased the number of solar system rebate applications four fold. (
  • See our plan for high-exporting solar customers with an existing solar system. (
  • Keep your solar system in tip-top condition with cleaning and servicing. (
  • Our no-fuss solution for those who are new to the solar game and want a system that just works . (
  • Need more from your solar energy system? (
  • It may seem like there's a lot involved in buying a solar system. (
  • The model gives early-warning information about current and future dust concentration and derived parameters, which are not anly critical for solar energy sector but also for other sectors such as transportation (visibility forecast for airlines and impact assessments on ground transportation) or health (early-warning system for people with respiratory problems). (
  • Determine the condition of system components after years of use under actual operating conditions in order to better estimate system life expectancy and energy production. (
  • During the phone call, PES was to determine if the solar system was still installed, if it was a SDHW system (as opposed to space heating), and if it served as a preheater for a fuel that WPS provided. (
  • Customers, for instance, would report they had a SDHW system and PES would instead find a solar space heating system. (
  • The company said SUNBOX Plus PAYGO solar is a pay-as-you-go system. (
  • We use handpicked, local solar experts to install your solar system. (
  • If you lease a system, we guarantee your system's energy production. (
  • Another advantage of the PETE system is that by using it in solar concentrators, the amount of semiconductor material needed for a device is quite small, thereby helping to keep costs down. (
  • Most importantly, this investment in solar will provide our customers with reliable, environmentally-friendly energy for decades to come. (
  • The budget sets several goals for solar energy research and development primarily focused on reducing the production costs of photovoltaic energy and researching "Zero Energy" buildings. (
  • Employment in "other" solar jobs, primarily in research & development and finance, experienced the largest growth rate - 46.1 percent - bringing the total for this composite category to 8,105 U.S. solar workers. (
  • Currently about 75% of energy use globally remains reliant on fossil fuel, a figure that needs to decline if many government targets are to be met. (
  • NextEra Energy Resources is the largest generator in North America of renewable energy from the wind and sun. (
  • NextEra Energy Resources is a subsidiary of Juno Beach, Fla.-based NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE). (