Societies whose membership is limited to physicians.
Hospitals engaged in educational and research programs, as well as providing medical care to the patients.
Large hospitals with a resident medical staff which provides continuous care to maternity, surgical and medical patients.
Hospitals maintained by a university for the teaching of medical students, postgraduate training programs, and clinical research.
The expenses incurred by a hospital in providing care. The hospital costs attributed to a particular patient care episode include the direct costs plus an appropriate proportion of the overhead for administration, personnel, building maintenance, equipment, etc. Hospital costs are one of the factors which determine HOSPITAL CHARGES (the price the hospital sets for its services).
Organizations composed of members with common interests and whose professions may be similar.
Hospitals located in metropolitan areas.
Personnel who provide nursing service to patients in a hospital.
Economic aspects related to the management and operation of a hospital.
Societies whose membership is limited to scientists.
Special hospitals which provide care for ill children.
The number of beds which a hospital has been designed and constructed to contain. It may also refer to the number of beds set up and staffed for use.
Government-controlled hospitals which represent the major health facility for a designated geographic area.
Hospitals which provide care for a single category of illness with facilities and staff directed toward a specific service.
A class of hospitals that includes profit or not-for-profit hospitals that are controlled by a legal entity other than a government agency. (Hospital Administration Terminology, AHA, 2d ed)
The obtaining and management of funds for hospital needs and responsibility for fiscal affairs.
Hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of immediate medical or surgical care to the emergency patient.
The period of confinement of a patient to a hospital or other health facility.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
Areawide planning for hospitals or planning of a particular hospital unit on the basis of projected consumer need. This does not include hospital design and construction or architectural plans.
The prices a hospital sets for its services. HOSPITAL COSTS (the direct and indirect expenses incurred by the hospital in providing the services) are one factor in the determination of hospital charges. Other factors may include, for example, profits, competition, and the necessity of recouping the costs of uncompensated care.
The confinement of a patient in a hospital.
Major administrative divisions of the hospital.
Special hospitals which provide care to the mentally ill patient.
Those areas of the hospital organization not considered departments which provide specialized patient care. They include various hospital special care wards.
Compilations of data on hospital activities and programs; excludes patient medical records.
Any materials used in providing care specifically in the hospital.
Information centers primarily serving the needs of hospital medical staff and sometimes also providing patient education and other services.
The process of accepting patients. The concept includes patients accepted for medical and nursing care in a hospital or other health care institution.
The administrative process of discharging the patient, alive or dead, from hospitals or other health facilities.
Hospital department which administers all departmental functions and the provision of surgical diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Organized services in a hospital which provide medical care on an outpatient basis.
Hospitals controlled by the county government.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Any infection which a patient contracts in a health-care institution.
A professional society in the United States whose membership is composed of hospitals.
Hospitals controlled by the city government.
Hospital department that manages and supervises the dietary program in accordance with the patients' requirements.
Societies whose membership is limited to nurses.
Integrated, computer-assisted systems designed to store, manipulate, and retrieve information concerned with the administrative and clinical aspects of providing medical services within the hospital.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
Hospital department responsible for the administration and management of services provided for obstetric and gynecologic patients.
An infant during the first month after birth.
Private hospitals that are owned or sponsored by religious organizations.
Special hospitals which provide care to women during pregnancy and parturition.
A system for classifying patient care by relating common characteristics such as diagnosis, treatment, and age to an expected consumption of hospital resources and length of stay. Its purpose is to provide a framework for specifying case mix and to reduce hospital costs and reimbursements and it forms the cornerstone of the prospective payment system.
Persons admitted to health facilities which provide board and room, for the purpose of observation, care, diagnosis or treatment.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
Subsequent admissions of a patient to a hospital or other health care institution for treatment.
Hospital facilities equipped to carry out investigative procedures.
The hospital department which is responsible for the organization and administration of nursing activities.
The levels of excellence which characterize the health service or health care provided based on accepted standards of quality.
Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.
Cooperation among hospitals for the purpose of sharing various departmental services, e.g., pharmacy, laundry, data processing, etc.
The hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the cardiac patient.
A voluntary organization concerned with the prevention and treatment of cancer through education and research.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
Research aimed at assessing the quality and effectiveness of health care as measured by the attainment of a specified end result or outcome. Measures include parameters such as improved health, lowered morbidity or mortality, and improvement of abnormal states (such as elevated blood pressure).
Absolute, comparative, or differential costs pertaining to services, institutions, resources, etc., or the analysis and study of these costs.
Substances that reduce the growth or reproduction of BACTERIA.
Pathologic processes that affect patients after a surgical procedure. They may or may not be related to the disease for which the surgery was done, and they may or may not be direct results of the surgery.
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
Hospitals which provide care for the military personnel and usually for their dependents.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
A detailed review and evaluation of selected clinical records by qualified professional personnel for evaluating quality of medical care.
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
Hospital units providing continuous surveillance and care to acutely ill patients.
A measure of inpatient health facility use based upon the average number or proportion of beds occupied for a given period of time.
A medical facility which provides a high degree of subspecialty expertise for patients from centers where they received SECONDARY CARE.
Statistical measures of utilization and other aspects of the provision of health care services including hospitalization and ambulatory care.
Hospitals providing medical care to veterans of wars.
Conformity in fulfilling or following official, recognized, or institutional requirements, guidelines, recommendations, protocols, pathways, or other standards.
The integration of epidemiologic, sociological, economic, and other analytic sciences in the study of health services. Health services research is usually concerned with relationships between need, demand, supply, use, and outcome of health services. The aim of the research is evaluation, particularly in terms of structure, process, output, and outcome. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
The physical space or dimensions of a facility. Size may be indicated by bed capacity.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
The practice of sending a patient to another program or practitioner for services or advice which the referring source is not prepared to provide.
Operations carried out for the correction of deformities and defects, repair of injuries, and diagnosis and cure of certain diseases. (Taber, 18th ed.)
Norms, criteria, standards, and other direct qualitative and quantitative measures used in determining the quality of health care.
Hospital department responsible for the purchasing of supplies and equipment.
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
The legal relation between an entity (individual, group, corporation, or-profit, secular, government) and an object. The object may be corporeal, such as equipment, or completely a creature of law, such as a patent; it may be movable, such as an animal, or immovable, such as a building.
Federal program, created by Public Law 89-97, Title XVIII-Health Insurance for the Aged, a 1965 amendment to the Social Security Act, that provides health insurance benefits to persons over the age of 65 and others eligible for Social Security benefits. It consists of two separate but coordinated programs: hospital insurance (MEDICARE PART A) and supplementary medical insurance (MEDICARE PART B). (Hospital Administration Terminology, AHA, 2d ed and A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, US House of Representatives, 1976)
Levels within a diagnostic group which are established by various measurement criteria applied to the seriousness of a patient's disorder.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Interfacility or intrahospital transfer of patients. Intrahospital transfer is usually to obtain a specific kind of care and interfacility transfer is usually for economic reasons as well as for the type of care provided.
Societies having institutional membership limited to hospitals and other health care institutions.
Hospital facilities which provide care for newborn infants.
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
Services specifically designed, staffed, and equipped for the emergency care of patients.
Societies whose membership is limited to pharmacists.
Hospital department responsible for the organization and administration of psychiatric services.
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
An organized procedure carried out through committees to review admissions, duration of stay, professional services furnished, and to evaluate the medical necessity of those services and promote their most efficient use.
Activities and programs intended to assure or improve the quality of care in either a defined medical setting or a program. The concept includes the assessment or evaluation of the quality of care; identification of problems or shortcomings in the delivery of care; designing activities to overcome these deficiencies; and follow-up monitoring to ensure effectiveness of corrective steps.
Hospital department which manages and provides the required housekeeping functions in all areas of the hospital.
Recording of pertinent information concerning patient's illness or illnesses.
The hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the cancer patient.
The actual costs of providing services related to the delivery of health care, including the costs of procedures, therapies, and medications. It is differentiated from HEALTH EXPENDITURES, which refers to the amount of money paid for the services, and from fees, which refers to the amount charged, regardless of cost.
Situations or conditions requiring immediate intervention to avoid serious adverse results.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
The systems and processes involved in the establishment, support, management, and operation of registers, e.g., disease registers.
Disease having a short and relatively severe course.
Patterns of practice related to diagnosis and treatment as especially influenced by cost of the service requested and provided.
The study of the heart, its physiology, and its functions.
The selection, appointing, and scheduling of personnel.
The effort of two or more parties to secure the business of a third party by offering, usually under fair or equitable rules of business practice, the most favorable terms.
The degree to which the individual regards the health care service or product or the manner in which it is delivered by the provider as useful, effective, or beneficial.
A geographic area defined and served by a health program or institution.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
The combining of administrative and organizational resources of two or more health care facilities.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
Programs of disease surveillance, generally within health care facilities, designed to investigate, prevent, and control the spread of infections and their causative microorganisms.
Overall systems, traditional or automated, to provide medication to patients in hospitals. Elements of the system are: handling the physician's order, transcription of the order by nurse and/or pharmacist, filling the medication order, transfer to the nursing unit, and administration to the patient.
Hospitals which provide care to patients with long-term illnesses.
Child hospitalized for short term care.
Management activities concerned with hospital employees.
A set of techniques used when variation in several variables has to be studied simultaneously. In statistics, multivariate analysis is interpreted as any analytic method that allows simultaneous study of two or more dependent variables.
Formularies concerned with pharmaceuticals prescribed in hospitals.
Includes relationships between hospitals, their governing boards, and administrators in regard to physicians, whether or not the physicians are members of the medical staff or have medical staff privileges.
Damage inflicted on the body as the direct or indirect result of an external force, with or without disruption of structural continuity.
Conferences, conventions or formal meetings usually attended by delegates representing a special field of interest.
Parliamentary democracy located between France on the northeast and Portugual on the west and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
The frequency of different ages or age groups in a given population. The distribution may refer to either how many or what proportion of the group. The population is usually patients with a specific disease but the concept is not restricted to humans and is not restricted to medicine.
Hospital department responsible for the flow of patients and the processing of admissions, discharges, transfers, and also most procedures to be carried out in the event of a patient's death.
A prediction of the probable outcome of a disease based on a individual's condition and the usual course of the disease as seen in similar situations.
A republic in western Africa, south of NIGER between BENIN and CAMEROON. Its capital is Abuja.
The development of systems to prevent accidents, injuries, and other adverse occurrences in an institutional setting. The concept includes prevention or reduction of adverse events or incidents involving employees, patients, or facilities. Examples include plans to reduce injuries from falls or plans for fire safety to promote a safe institutional environment.
Institutional systems consisting of more than one health facility which have cooperative administrative arrangements through merger, affiliation, shared services, or other collective ventures.
The use of severity-of-illness measures, such as age, to estimate the risk (measurable or predictable chance of loss, injury or death) to which a patient is subject before receiving some health care intervention. This adjustment allows comparison of performance and quality across organizations, practitioners, and communities. (from JCAHO, Lexikon, 1994)
Extensive collections, reputedly complete, of facts and data garnered from material of a specialized subject area and made available for analysis and application. The collection can be automated by various contemporary methods for retrieval. The concept should be differentiated from DATABASES, BIBLIOGRAPHIC which is restricted to collections of bibliographic references.
The closing of any health facility, e.g., health centers, residential facilities, and hospitals.
The degree to which individuals are inhibited or facilitated in their ability to gain entry to and to receive care and services from the health care system. Factors influencing this ability include geographic, architectural, transportational, and financial considerations, among others.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
Hospitals organized and controlled by a group of physicians who practice together and provide each other with mutual support.
Medical complexes consisting of medical school, hospitals, clinics, libraries, administrative facilities, etc.
A distribution in which a variable is distributed like the sum of the squares of any given independent random variable, each of which has a normal distribution with mean of zero and variance of one. The chi-square test is a statistical test based on comparison of a test statistic to a chi-square distribution. The oldest of these tests are used to detect whether two or more population distributions differ from one another.
Institutional health care of patients during the day. The patients return home at night.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
Available manpower, facilities, revenue, equipment, and supplies to produce requisite health care and services.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
A parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch in southeast Asia, consisting of 11 states (West Malaysia) on the Malay Peninsula and two states (East Malaysia) on the island of BORNEO. It is also called the Federation of Malaysia. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. Before 1963 it was the Union of Malaya. It reorganized in 1948 as the Federation of Malaya, becoming independent from British Malaya in 1957 and becoming Malaysia in 1963 as a federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore (which seceded in 1965). The form Malay- probably derives from the Tamil malay, mountain, with reference to its geography. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p715 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p329)
Health care services provided to patients on an ambulatory basis, rather than by admission to a hospital or other health care facility. The services may be a part of a hospital, augmenting its inpatient services, or may be provided at a free-standing facility.
Reductions in all or any portion of the costs of providing goods or services. Savings may be incurred by the provider or the consumer.
Interactions between hospital staff or administrators and patients. Includes guest relations programs designed to improve the image of the hospital and attract patients.
Medical services for which no payment is received. Uncompensated care includes charity care and bad debts.
Those support services other than room, board, and medical and nursing services that are provided to hospital patients in the course of care. They include such services as laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and physical therapy services.
NECROSIS of the MYOCARDIUM caused by an obstruction of the blood supply to the heart (CORONARY CIRCULATION).
Method of measuring performance against established standards of best practice.
Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.
Hospital department providing dental care.
Hospitals with a much higher than average utilization by physicians and a large number of procedures.
A country in western Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the countries of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the principalities of Andorra and Monaco, and by the duchy of Luxembourg. Its capital is Paris.
Health insurance providing benefits to cover or partly cover hospital expenses.
Time period from 2001 through 2100 of the common era.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
The presence of co-existing or additional diseases with reference to an initial diagnosis or with reference to the index condition that is the subject of study. Comorbidity may affect the ability of affected individuals to function and also their survival; it may be used as a prognostic indicator for length of hospital stay, cost factors, and outcome or survival.
The group in which legal authority is vested for the control of health-related institutions and organizations.
Time period from 1701 through 1800 of the common era.
Hospital department which is responsible for the administration and provision of x-ray diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Conveying ill or injured individuals from one place to another.
The proportion of survivors in a group, e.g., of patients, studied and followed over a period, or the proportion of persons in a specified group alive at the beginning of a time interval who survive to the end of the interval. It is often studied using life table methods.
Errors or mistakes committed by health professionals which result in harm to the patient. They include errors in diagnosis (DIAGNOSTIC ERRORS), errors in the administration of drugs and other medications (MEDICATION ERRORS), errors in the performance of surgical procedures, in the use of other types of therapy, in the use of equipment, and in the interpretation of laboratory findings. Medical errors are differentiated from MALPRACTICE in that the former are regarded as honest mistakes or accidents while the latter is the result of negligence, reprehensible ignorance, or criminal intent.
Infections with bacteria of the genus STAPHYLOCOCCUS.
Efforts to reduce risk, to address and reduce incidents and accidents that may negatively impact healthcare consumers.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
Care of patients by a multidisciplinary team usually organized under the leadership of a physician; each member of the team has specific responsibilities and the whole team contributes to the care of the patient.
A subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with the study of neoplasms.
The number of males and females in a given population. The distribution may refer to how many men or women or what proportion of either in the group. The population is usually patients with a specific disease but the concept is not restricted to humans and is not restricted to medicine.
The assignment, to each of several particular cost-centers, of an equitable proportion of the costs of activities that serve all of them. Cost-center usually refers to institutional departments or services.
Advanced and highly specialized care provided to medical or surgical patients whose conditions are life-threatening and require comprehensive care and constant monitoring. It is usually administered in specially equipped units of a health care facility.
Excessive, under or unnecessary utilization of health services by patients or physicians.
Infection of the lung often accompanied by inflammation.
A system of medical care regulated, controlled and financed by the government, in which the government assumes responsibility for the health needs of the population.
The containment, regulation, or restraint of costs. Costs are said to be contained when the value of resources committed to an activity is not considered excessive. This determination is frequently subjective and dependent upon the specific geographic area of the activity being measured. (From Dictionary of Health Services Management, 2d ed)
Hospital department whose primary function is the upkeep and supervision of the buildings and grounds and the maintenance of hospital physical plant and equipment which requires engineering expertise.
The capability to perform acceptably those duties directly related to patient care.
An approach of practicing medicine with the goal to improve and evaluate patient care. It requires the judicious integration of best research evidence with the patient's values to make decisions about medical care. This method is to help physicians make proper diagnosis, devise best testing plan, choose best treatment and methods of disease prevention, as well as develop guidelines for large groups of patients with the same disease. (from JAMA 296 (9), 2006)
The ratio of two odds. The exposure-odds ratio for case control data is the ratio of the odds in favor of exposure among cases to the odds in favor of exposure among noncases. The disease-odds ratio for a cohort or cross section is the ratio of the odds in favor of disease among the exposed to the odds in favor of disease among the unexposed. The prevalence-odds ratio refers to an odds ratio derived cross-sectionally from studies of prevalent cases.
Any infection acquired in the community, that is, contrasted with those acquired in a health care facility (CROSS INFECTION). An infection would be classified as community-acquired if the patient had not recently been in a health care facility or been in contact with someone who had been recently in a health care facility.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
A surgical specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the heart, lungs, and esophagus. Two major types of thoracic surgery are classified as pulmonary and cardiovascular.
In screening and diagnostic tests, the probability that a person with a positive test is a true positive (i.e., has the disease), is referred to as the predictive value of a positive test; whereas, the predictive value of a negative test is the probability that the person with a negative test does not have the disease. Predictive value is related to the sensitivity and specificity of the test.

Support for ethical dilemmas in individual cases: experiences from the Neu-Mariahilf Hospital in Goettingen. (1/10)

Prompted by a recommendation of the two Christian hospital associations in Germany, the Neu-Mariahilf Hospital in Gottingen set up a health ethics committee in autumn 1998. It is the committee's task to give support to staff members, patients and their relatives in individual cases where ethical dilemmas arise. The following article describes the committee's work by means of three cases.  (+info)

Political contributions from the health and insurance industries. (2/10)

During a major election year, interest surges in discovering the sources of campaign funds for influential members of Congress and presidential candidates. This study traces the contributors from the health and insurance industries during the 1990 campaign and presents preliminary figures for the 1992 campaign. Health interests contributed $16.3 million to congressional candidates in 1990, many of whom sit on influential committees and subcommittees. The insurance industry gave $10.9 million that same year. In either case, more than half of the funds came from political action committees (PACs); the rest, from individuals. As of 30 June 1992 health industry PACs had given more than $8.3 million to candidates for federal office in the 1992 campaign; insurance PACs had contributed $6.4 million.  (+info)

Scurvy in the British Mercantile Marine in the 19th century, and the contribution of the Seamen's Hospital Society. (3/10)

When long voyages in sailing vessels were commonplace, scurvy was a major health hazard in mariners of all nations. The observations of James Lind (1716-94) and others indicated that citrus fruits had both a preventive and curative role in this disease. In the light of this work, by 1800 the disease had been virtually eliminated from Britain's Royal Navy. However, it continued in the merchant navies of all nations until the latter half of the 19th century. In 1867, the Merchant Shipping Amendment Act was passed by the British Parliament largely as a result of a concerted effort by the Seamen's Hospital Society (SHS), one of whose physicians, Harry Leach (1836-79) was the major proselytiser for improved conditions in the merchant service. Examination of the SHS records before and after this event demonstrate a marked reduction in the prevalence of scurvy in the Port of London. Although other factors-such as the introduction of steam ships, which resulted in faster voyages-were clearly important, the compulsory administration of genuine lime juice under supervision in the merchant service seems to have exerted a significant effect.  (+info)

Patient safety culture and leadership within Canada's Academic Health Science Centres: towards the development of a collaborative position paper. (4/10)

Currently, the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses (ACEN) is working with the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations (ACAHO) to develop a joint position paper on patient safety cultures and leadership within Academic Health Science Centres (AHSCs). Pressures to improve patient safety within our healthcare system are gaining momentum daily. Because AHSCs in Canada are the key organizations that are positioned regionally and nationally, where service delivery is the platform for the education of future healthcare providers, and where the development of new knowledge and innovation through research occurs, leadership for patient safety logically must emanate from them. As a primer, ACEN provides an overview of current patient safety initiatives in AHSCs to date. In addition, the following six key areas for action are identified to ensure that AHSCs continue to be leaders in delivering quality, safe healthcare in Canada. These include: (1) strategic orientation to safety culture and quality improvement, (2) open and transparent disclosure policies, (3) health human resources integral to ensuring patient safety practices, (4) effective linkages between AHSCs and academic institutions, (5) national patient safety accountability initiatives and (6) collaborative team practice.  (+info)

Public reporting and pay for performance in hospital quality improvement. (5/10)

BACKGROUND: Public reporting and pay for performance are intended to accelerate improvements in hospital care, yet little is known about the benefits of these methods of providing incentives for improving care. METHODS: We measured changes in adherence to 10 individual and 4 composite measures of quality over a period of 2 years at 613 hospitals that voluntarily reported information about the quality of care through a national public-reporting initiative, including 207 facilities that simultaneously participated in a pay-for-performance demonstration project funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; we then compared the pay-for-performance hospitals with the 406 hospitals with public reporting only (control hospitals). We used multivariable modeling to estimate the improvement attributable to financial incentives after adjusting for baseline performance and other hospital characteristics. RESULTS: As compared with the control group, pay-for-performance hospitals showed greater improvement in all composite measures of quality, including measures of care for heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia and a composite of 10 measures. Baseline performance was inversely associated with improvement; in pay-for-performance hospitals, the improvement in the composite of all 10 measures was 16.1% for hospitals in the lowest quintile of baseline performance and 1.9% for those in the highest quintile (P<0.001). After adjustments were made for differences in baseline performance and other hospital characteristics, pay for performance was associated with improvements ranging from 2.6 to 4.1% over the 2-year period. CONCLUSIONS: Hospitals engaged in both public reporting and pay for performance achieved modestly greater improvements in quality than did hospitals engaged only in public reporting. Additional research is required to determine whether different incentives would stimulate more improvement and whether the benefits of these programs outweigh their costs.  (+info)

Legislative change to permit direct access to physical therapy services: a study of process and content issues. (6/10)

The purpose of this study was to examine process and content issues related to legislative change to permit direct access to physical therapy services. Data sources were survey questionnaires sent to the presidents of the 52 chapters of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), APTA publications, state statutes, and personal contacts. Results were based on the experiences of 35 chapters, 17 in direct-access states and 18 in non-direct-access states. The majority of direct-access states obtained their status in a single legislative campaign; the majority of non-direct-access jurisdictions attempting legislative change have been unsuccessful for 2 or more years. Over 80% of the chapters reported using legislative lobbyists. Opposing forces varied from state to state and included hospital and medical associations, physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists. The following limitations on practice in a direct-access mode are found in the various practice acts: diagnosis requirements, eventual referral requirements, physical therapist qualifications, patient consent requirements, and practice setting restrictions.  (+info)

Joint statement on resuscitative interventions (update 1995). CMA policy summary. (7/10)

This joint statement includes: guiding principles for health care facilities when developing cardiopulmonary-resuscitation (CPR) policy; CPR as a treatment option; competence; the treatment decision, its communication, implementation and review; and palliative care and other treatment. This joint statement was approved by the Canadian Healthcare Association, the CMA, the Canadian Nurses Association and the Catholic Health Association of Canada and was developed in cooperation with the Canadian Bar Association.  (+info)

Quebec hopes to overcome province's surgical-delay problem. (8/10)

The Quebec government has released an action plan for eliminating delays in surgery in the province. One of the main goals is to increase the amount of day surgery, thus reducing the demands on hospitals. While most physician groups appear to support the plan, the Quebec Hospital Association wonders whether the follow-up community care needed to support the day surgery will be available.  (+info)

Explores maternity and paternity provision in workplaces and employers attitudes towards legislative changes due to come into force in 2017. Read the full report.
November 23: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 20: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 19: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 18: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 17: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 16: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 13: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 12: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 10: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 9: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 7: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 6: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 5: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 4: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 response. November 3: Joint Statement of Province of BCs COVID-19 ...
Gas and electricity: As sales of gas and electricity are considered to be sales of tangible personal property for sales and use tax purposes, certain utility companies must calculate the taxes due for metered service periods that include days before and after the July 1, 2011 in accordance with the following example:. Example 3: If a meter is read on July 5, 2011, with 30 days in the service period since the previous reading, 25/30ths of the charges for the period will be subject to the tax at the 6% rate that was applicable before July 1, 2011. The remainder, or 5/30ths of the charges for the period, will be subject to the 6.35% rate applicable to sales for periods on and after July 1, 2011. These fractions will change for each meter reading date. The following are the transition rules for Sales of Services: Payments made on or before May 4, 2011, for services provided before and after July 1, 2011, are not subject to additional tax. Payments made after May 4, 2011, for services provided on or ...
Prior authorization on prescriptions wastes time and money, and can harm patients. See how new legislation could improve e-prescribing within electronic medical records.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 11 For the Northern District of California United States District Court 10 REED ET AL, 12 13 No. C-11-00194 DMR Plaintiff(s), ORDER TO SUBMIT JOINT STATEMENT OF UNDISPUTED FACTS v. 14 WELLS FARGO BANK ET AL, 15 Defendant(s). ___________________________________/ 16 17 On April 4, 2013, Defendant Wells Fargo Bank filed a motion for summary judgment or 18 partial summary judgment (Docket No. 112) but did not file a joint statement of undisputed material 19 facts with the motion. Pursuant to this courts Standing Order (see Docket No. 94), motions for 20 summary judgment shall be accompanied by a joint statement of the material facts not in dispute by 21 citations to admissible evidence. Accordingly, the parties are hereby ordered to file a joint 22 statement of undisputed facts by no later than the deadline for Plaintiffs to file their opposition to 23 Defendants motion. Failure to comply with this order may result in ...
The militaries of India and Pakistan said in a rare joint statement on Thursday that they had agreed to observe a ceasefire along the disputed border in Kashmir, having exchanged fire hundreds of times in recent months. The nuclear-armed neighbours signed a ceasefire agreement along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Kashmir region in 2003, but the truce has frayed in recent years, and there have been mounting casualties among villagers living close to the de facto border. Both sides agreed for strict observance of all agreements, understandings and cease firing along the Line of Control and all other sectors with effect from midnight 24/25 Feb 2021, the joint statement said.
Effective state representation is about relationships and cultivating trust. Our Legislative practice groups reputation is unparalleled and with over a century of advocating for legislative change, the team has longstanding relationships with high-level political officials and commissioners. Our experience and the relationships we have fostered help to protect and advance the interests of our clients in their business endeavors, particularly in the rapidly changing and highly-regulated healthcare industry.. With an unparalleled knowledge of the legislative process and key players, we help clients achieve their policy goals-whether during the legislative session with a priority piece of legislation or a budgetary need, or in the interim during the agency rulemaking process. We work closely with healthcare clients to draft and track proposed legislation. We monitor proposed rules and regulations and work with elected and appointed leaders in the Texas Legislature, Governors Office, and various ...
A crucial factor in the process of women with disabilities obtaining access to open employment is legislative change.. 1. To achieve this, the State government should:. a. Amend the Equal Opportunity Act (Victoria) to strengthen the prohibitions relating to discriminating against people with disabilities to ensure that adequate consideration is given to structural barriers which prevent people with disabilities from obtaining employment. This should include recognition of the additional structural disadvantages confronting women with disabilities seeking employment.. b. Remove prohibitions in the Act against ignoring provisions in other legislation which discriminates against people with disabilities.. c. Commit itself, in light of the current review of state industrial legislation, to removing legislative provisions which allow women with disabilities in sheltered employment and those on slow worker permits to be denied award wages and industrial rights.. 2. The Department of Labours Womens ...
SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - The California Plant Based Alliance, a new political advocacy organization, will lobby for legislative representation for the plant-based industry. The alliance will sponsor legislative change intended to give California consumers access to plant-based products and to provide equal access and fair opportunities for companies that make plant-based products.
The most significant achievement of Vladimir Putins team over the three years of his term of office is the realisation of legislative changes, which may constitute a base for further - more detailed - political and economic reforms. This is, to a certain degree, a return to the economic tasks set out by a team of reformists in the early 1990s, which were impossible to realise at the time due to conflicts between the Kremlin and legislative powers
A variety of forces are shaping the health care services industry, from the widespread adoption of digital to unpredictable policy shifts and legislative changes. Explore BCGs latest thought leadership for payers, providers, and services to learn how these changes could impact the way you do business.
A variety of forces are shaping the health care services industry, from the widespread adoption of digital to unpredictable policy shifts and legislative changes. Explore BCGs latest thought leadership for payers, providers, and services to learn how these changes could impact the way you do business.
A global public health crisis is looming as many bacterial organisms have, or are developing, resistance to antimicrobials, leading to increased deaths and escalating associated healthcare costs.. ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE is now one of the 3 greatest threats to human health … source WHO. NO ACTION today means NO CURE tomorrow!. A key goal of WomenAid International is to act as a catalyst for policy and legislative change whenever necessary. Currently most people are unaware of the very real risk posed by the increasing resistance to antibiotics. There is an urgent need to improve public knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance and to develop civil society involvement in awareness raising, development and implementation of containment strategies and enhanced stewardship. WomenAid founder, Pida Ripley calls for urgent action to improve public knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance and the need for enhanced stewardship; We need to campaign for robust policy ...
White Papers and Green Papersreceived since last Bulletin WHITE PAPERS are issued by the Government as statements of policy, and often set out proposals for legislative changes, which may be debated before a Bill is introduced. Some White Papers may invite comments.. GREEN PAPERS set out for discussion, proposals which are still at a formative stage.. All CONSULTATIVE and DISCUSSION documents which reach the House of Commons Information Office are included in this section. Inclusion in the Bulletin is for record purposes.. Not all discussion papers are published and put on general release: some are sent only to a predetermined list of consultees. This is a matter solely for the Department concerned.. Papers to which an ISBN and price are appended are normally available through The Stationery Office. For others, application should be made to the department concerned. External links provided in this section are correct as at the time of going to press, however they are not updated after that ...
In conditions of normality, a non-governmental organization must cooperate with the government for intervention in the common areas of action and interest.. ActiveWatch continues to offer expertise and be a dialogue partner for public authorities in the development of public policies and the promotion of the legislative changes that consolidate the constitutional state.. We wish to find, together, the best means of collaboration in order to effectively contribute in the public institutions decision-making process and in supporting the implementing of such decisions.. What follows is a short list of the contributions of ActiveWatch to the development of legislation in Romania:. ...
In conditions of normality, a non-governmental organization must cooperate with the government for intervention in the common areas of action and interest.. ActiveWatch continues to offer expertise and be a dialogue partner for public authorities in the development of public policies and the promotion of the legislative changes that consolidate the constitutional state.. We wish to find, together, the best means of collaboration in order to effectively contribute in the public institutions decision-making process and in supporting the implementing of such decisions.. What follows is a short list of the contributions of ActiveWatch to the development of legislation in Romania:. ...
CD236: Consultation on a proposed replacement for the licensing regime for adventure activities established under the Activity Centres (Young Persons Safety) Act 1995 in England This Consultation Document sets out proposals for replacement arrangements for adventure activities. Replacement arrangements are needed to implement the recommendation in the report Common Sense Common Safety to abolish the licensing of four specified adventure activities by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, which will occur following the necessary legislative change at a later date. The questions on the general characteristics of future arrangements will be of interest to providers of adventure activities, as well as their clients and others with an interest. The consultation closes on 21 September 2011.
by Shani O. Hilton. You cant breathe, you cant sleep, said White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, as she described the stress of worrying about an aging parent who needs assistance, and explained the comfort she gets from knowing her own parents now have a live-in caregiver.. Without that caregiver, Jarrett says that she would have had to leave the Obama administration and move back to Chicago.. Yet the three million professional, long-term home caregivers today are faced with a rapidly aging Baby Boomer population and a lack of adequate support, compensation or respect. Tuesday in Washington, the National Domestic Workers Alliance held what they called a Care Congress, an event where they introduced a campaign to transform long-term care. The campaign is designed to push legislative changes to Medicare and Medicaid - creating jobs by increasing the amount of money eligible people can spend on at-home care and allowing a rapidly aging population to avoid institutionalization.. The ...
2010 march] No More Fear by Dawn Richardson. [Jan 2007] Proposed Childhood Cervical Cancer Vaccine Mandate: Bad Policy, Questionable Science By Dawn Richardson and Rebecca Rex. Dawn Richardson is President and Co-founder of PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) in Austin, Texas. An activist Mom who has built a statewide parent rights advocacy network, Mrs. Richardson led a highly successful twelve year public information campaign in Texas and in the Texas Legislature to promote awareness about vaccine safety, medical privacy and informed consent issues. Her work has contributed to positive legislative changes, including the passage of a statewide conscientious belief exemption to vaccination, the vacating of a gubernatorial executive order for mandatory HPV vaccines for 6th grade girls, and institution of medical privacy protections in a statewide vaccine tracking system and a newborn DNA storage system ...
Health stocks are highly sensitive to news about regulatory and legislative change. This week is another test with the latest Republican effort to repeal President Barack Obamas signature healthcare law.
The growing acceptance, use and demand for retail medicine is driven by rapid advances in digital technology, evolving demographic and cultural expectations and legislative changes in healthcare delivery-most of which were underestimated just a few years ago.. Retail clinics, which began operating in their present format in 2000, are medical clinics located in pharmacies, grocery stores and big box stores like Target and Walmart. These clinics offer extended weekend and evening hours, walk-in availability and short wait times. Many visits to retail clinics are in the evenings and weekends, when primary care offices are not available. The clinics treat a limited range of health conditions, such as minor infections and injuries, and provide vaccines and other preventive care. Care is delivered by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Prices are typically fixed and transparent.1. A key facilitator of retail (i.e., non-traditional site) clinics is the development of easy-to-use rapid ...
It was agreed that the separation of registration from licence to practice would help retired doctors who wish to remain on the register but do not have any clinical (or other practice). However, this will require legislative change and the Department of Health do not currently propose to bring forward any amendments to the legislation. However, it was agreed that each postgraduate training body would write to the Minister advocating for an appropriate change to the Medical Practitioners Act. ...
The Food Recovery Work Group, which I sponsored and was unanimously established by the County Council in October 2012, was asked to develop a report detailing how to create and implement a food recovery system in Montgomery County. This will be the first project of this type in any U.S. county. This implementation group is evaluating best practices; mapping existing resources; identifying ways to enhance communication among non-profits, organizations, service providers, and food suppliers; and recommending any needed legislative changes to assist in these efforts. The Council just received the work groups interim report, which included a recommendation to set aside funding in the FY14 Operating Budget to implement a food recovery network. In addition, the Crossroads Community Food Network proposed a way to duplicate what they do on a larger scale across the county, and increase access to fresh, local produce by multiplying the buying power of low-income shoppers through the Fresh Checks ...
Economies evolve and are subject to sudden shifts precipitated by legislative changes, economic policy, major discoveries, and political turmoil. Macroeconometric models are a very imperfect tool for forecasting this highly complicated and changing process. Ignoring these factors leads to a wide discrepancy between theory and practice. In their second book on economic forecasting, Michael Clements and David Hendry ask why some practices seem to work empirically despite a lack of formal support from theory. After reviewing the conventional approach to economic forecasting, they look at the implications for causal modeling, present a taxonomy of forecast errors, and delineate the sources of forecast failure. They show that forecast-period shifts in deterministic factors--interacting with model misspecification, collinearity, and inconsistent estimation--are the dominant source of systematic failure. They then consider various approaches for avoiding systematic forecasting errors, including intercept
The mission of the Allen County Asthma Coalition is to promote change and increase community asthma awareness through policy development, legislative change and advocacy ...
FPVG Partner and Tax Expert Kenneth Rivera shares with El Nuevo Día readers his insights on new economic and legislative changes taking place in light of the new scenario brought on by COVID-19. In this column, Rivera outlines various assistance programs available to companies that suffered economic losses from the pandemic under the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The article goes on to explain in better detail one of the most talked-about incentives: Small Business Administration forgivable loans under the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE. ...
The changes, which are now enshrined in legislation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, will come into effect from 1 October 2021.. The updated technical guidance reflects the legislative changes and will help businesses and enforcement authorities understand the new requirements.. The changes were introduced after an earlier UK-wide consultation following the death of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse as a result of an allergic reaction to sesame in a baguette she had eaten.. The new requirements only apply to food known as prepacked for direct sale (PPDS), which is packaged onsite by a business before a customer selects or orders it from the same premises.. It means that PPDS food will be required to have a label with an ingredients list and the allergens contained emphasised on the list. This brings the way allergen information is provided for it in line with other prepacked food and reduces consumer confusion.. ...
Michael Conzachi is a retired three decade law enforcement veteran in Southern California, and private investigator with approximately 35 years of law enforcement and private investigative experience. He serves on several child abuse and victim advocacy group boards, is a contributing writer for several similar advocacy organizations and has authored a restraining order legislative change proposal to the California State Senate.. ...
Last year the Alaska House picked away at issues surrounding an in-state gas pipeline, moving three bills to the Senate. In July, the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. delivered its feasibility report to the Legislature, complete with a list of recommended legislative changes. House Speaker Mike Ch...
N.S Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences (NSMIMS) is a prestigious multispecialty hospital located in N.H bypass, Palathara, Kollam. We are committed to bringing back the care into healthcare. Ours is the first specialty co-operative hospital in Southern Kerala. NSMIMS is one of the first ventures of Kollam District Co-operative Hospital Society. Our hospital is a tribute to Co-operative movements and the late leader, N Sreedharan. The hosp...Read more. ...
N.S Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences (NSMIMS) is a prestigious multispecialty hospital located in N.H bypass, Palathara, Kollam. We are committed to bringing back the care into healthcare. Ours is the first specialty co-operative hospital in Southern Kerala. NSMIMS is one of the first ventures of Kollam District Co-operative Hospital Society. Our hospital is a tribute to Co-operative movements and the late leader, N Sreedharan. The hosp...Read more. ...
By Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life The joint statement issued by Fr. Frank Pavone and Bill Baird expresses convictions that both have had for many years, and have discussed with each other in the past several years. Simply put, when there is a deeply divided controversy about fundamental rights, people on opposing sides might conclude that their opponents are stupid, and hence ignore them, or that they are evil, and hence attack them. We, instead, conclude that our opponents are our brothers and sisters, and hence that we should get to know them.. The statement does not call for compromise, nor for an end to the debate on these serious questions. Nor does it seek to create a middle ground position. Both sides, in fact, see themselves as fighting for fundamental rights that cannot be compromised. What the statement does address is the manner in which these causes are to be pursued, and the attitude to be taken toward those who disagree. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ...
The American Insurance Association issued the following joint statement with Property Casualty Insurers Association of America:. At its annual meeting, NCOILs Property& Casualty Committee unanimously approved sending a letter and resolution to the American Law Institute expressing concerns regarding the proposed Restatement of the Law, Liability...
Members of more than 600 civil society organizations and networks from around the world engaged in the process leading up to and including the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (Addis Ababa, July 13-16 2015), convened a CSO Forum in advance of the conference which produced a joint statement that was endorsed by all, including PSI.
Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente & Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri Issue Joint Statement. County and City Officials have been monitoring the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are in daily contact with federal and state agencies to ensure we are aware of any developments regarding this situation.. This is a serious matter that requires collaboration across all levels of government and the public. The information we are learning is consistently evolving due to the nature of the virus.. Based on the most updated information, and after consulting with public safety professionals, the City of Utica is postponing the St. Patricks Day Parade, which was scheduled for this Saturday (3/14), until further notice.. Individuals, especially the elderly population, can take the following actions to help keep themselves and their families as safe as possible;. ...
Last week, India and Pakistan issued a joint statement to strictly observe all agreements on ceasefire along the LoC and other sectors, and to address
During this global pandemic, our community has issued a joint statement on how to protect the human rights of people with psychosocial disabilities.
On the other hand when very similar in vivo experimental assessments are operate on sickle-mobile hemoglobin in whole purple blood cells, the procedure was only reversible around a specific duration of exposure time. After several several hours, the process could no longer be reversed. The explanations for this relate back to our before question of what was the exact outcome with the mutation around the crimson blood mobile and its contents. Each time a extensive-term sickled cell is broken open along with a ghost geared up, Despite having the hemoglobin extracted, additional hints the mobile retains its sickled condition. In-Textual content Issue 5: What could you hypothesize to get the cause of this phenomenon and how wouldnt it relate to the sooner conclusion that hemoglobin, not other mobile parts, are the internet site in the mutations result? In-Textual content Reply five The notion that sickle mobile anemia results from a specific amino acid substitution within a polypeptide was ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Organizational Factors that Influence Information Technology Diffusion in Academic Health Sciences Centers. AU - Ash, Joan. PY - 1997. Y1 - 1997. N2 - Objective: To identify the organizational factors which influence the diffusion of end user online literature searching, the computer-based patient record, and electronic mail systems in academic health sciences centers in the United States. Design: A total of 1335 individuals working in informatics and library areas at 67 academic health sciences centers in the U.S. were surveyed. Multivariate techniques were used to evaluate the relationship between the set of six organizational factors and two measures of innovation diffusion. Measurements: A Guttman-like scale was developed to measure infusion, or depth or sophistication, of each of the three innovations at each institution. Diffusion was measured by a question previously developed for another study. Six independent variables were measured via five formerly developed scales and ...
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In the practice of pharmacy, the role that pharmacists play in patient care continues to expand whether reimbursement for these new duties makes progress or not. While lobbyists and a multitude of organizations fight for pharmacists to attain provider status all over the country in an attempt to expand patient care roles, many states, are still making progress expanding care roles through much smaller legislative changes involving the practice of pharmacy. In Texas, the role of patient care has recently been expanded by legislative action granting pharmacists the ability to administer epinephrine auto-injectors in emergency situations. Even this small legislative change can have a big impact on patient care ...
The Irish went to Kenya and fell in love with a country and people that in many ways mirrored their own experience of home. Many went as missionaries and stayed to help provide healthcare and education. Others went to rapidly developing East Africa to become involved in setting up medical practices, motoring businesses, training schools and agricultural colleges.. Their stories are as diverse as the people themselves:. The Holy Ghost Fathers, among them Irishman, Fr. Tom Burke, grew the first commercially viable coffee plant in Kenya.. The Motel T Ford was first imported by Irishman, JJ Hughes, who went on to own the largest mother company in Kenya.. Paddy Deacon (Member of the Order of the Burning Spear) was a founder member of the Federation of Kenya Employers and gave management training courses to the Kenyan Federation of Labour.. Irishman, Fred Dalton, was the first managing director of East Africa Railways and Harbours.. St. Marys School, Nairobi; St. Patricks High School, Iten; ...
The group photograph of the University Medical Unit on the opposite page was probably taken in the Government Civil Hospital at Sai Ying Pun in the early half of 1928. Seated in the centre front row is Prof John Anderson, who joined the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in 1923 as its first full-time professor in Medicine.1 The chair was established following donations by the Rockefeller Foundation. Prof Anderson graduated from Glasgow University in 1907 and was in private practice near Liverpool. During the First World War he served as a surgical specialist in the army. Later, in Egypt, he became interested in bacteriology and pathology. Prior to his arrival in Hong Kong, he spent time in the West Indies as a member of the Filariasis Commission organised by Sir Patrick Manson and the Seamens Hospital Society. He became Dean of the Medical Faculty in 1927 but left the University in 1928 to join the new Henry Lester Institute for Medical Research in Shanghai where he died in 1931 at the age of 52. ...
ISTANBUL. Turkish and Russian presidents called for a ceasefire in Libya in a joint statement issued following an Istanbul meeting on Wednesday.. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.. The joint statement said: We have decided to take the initiative and, as intermediaries, call on all parties in Libya to stop hostilities as of 00.00 hours on 12 January, declare a sustainable ceasefire, supported by the necessary measures to be taken for stabilizing the situation on the ground and normalizing daily life in Tripoli and other. ...
4.6 Qantas Group has a number of group-wide policy documents that are applicable to all of its business units, including QFF. These include the Qantas privacy statement (APP 1 privacy policy) and risk management policies, which are discussed separately later in this report. Additionally, QFF has developed a number of business unit specific policies and documents, including the QFF APP 5 collection notice, various QFF training materials and documents, and the QFF terms and conditions.. 4.7 A Qantas Group policy registry is kept by the Company Secretariat for all Qantas Group policies. Core Qantas Group policies are reviewed annually, and if any changes are made, they require approval of the Qantas Board (the Board). The policy is dated to reflect when it was last reviewed.. 4.8 Policies are also reviewed when major legislative changes occur, such as the significant amendments to the Privacy Act that commenced in 2014. QFF anticipated that the next such large-scale change would occur in 2018 to ...
The National Drug Policy of Uganda was first published in 1993. It was updated in 2002 to include new strategies to guide implementation and reflect legislative changes. The changes in the access to medicines landscape over the past decade have prompted Ministry of Health to revise the policy in 2015.. ...
Japan may be the worlds only liberal democracy thats also practically a one-party state. Since coming to power in December 2012, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has not only launched a radical bid to reflate Japans economy and pushed through legislative changes to expand the role of the armed forces overseas; he has also reversed years of progress toward a competitive two-party system. By marginalizing the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), which had been unable to provide an effective alternative to his policies, Abe - as head of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) - brought Japan the political stability that it lacked from 2006 to 2012, when it replaced prime ministers every year.. But he also risks returning Japan to the sluggish policymaking that characterized the nearly half-century of uninterrupted LDP rule. Without a realistic threat to be unseated by an opposition party, the LDP could shrink from hard choices instead of implementing creative policies - like permitting more ...
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) scheduled tramadol as a Schedule IV substance -- whats the big fuss about tramadol that led to this decision Within the first 3 years of approval of tramadol in the U.S., the steering committee quickly began to realize that patients on tramadol indeed abused the. We can now confirm that legislation has been laid before parliament this afternoon (20th May ) and that the following legislative changes will come into force on Tuesday 10 June Tramadol will become a schedule 3 controlled drug (CD No Register POM), but will be exempt from. Safe Custody Regulations. Tramadol is to be used in Schedule 3 of the Dose of Drugs Regulations when it becomes a trustworthy substance later this tramadol schedule 3 2014 (), the Beginning has revealed.. ...
This chapter from the Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law covers in varying detail the principal 2012 court decisions and legislative changes affecting Wisconsin taxpayers and tax attorneys. Reprinted with permission from the 2013 edition of Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law, (c) State Bar of Wisconsin 2013. To order the complete Annual Survey or for information on other PINNACLE books, contact the State Bar of Wisconsin. ...
Josephine announced it will be shutting down in March. Founder Charley Wang, co-founder of the Oakland-based community cooking service, announced the move on the companys blog Thursday. We knew that Josephine was an ambitious idea from day one and, as you all know, there have been many highs and lows over the years, Wang wrote. At this point, our team has simply run out of the resources to continue to drive the legislative change, business innovation, and broader cultural shift needed to build this business. Enabling neighbors to cook for one another, Josephine invested in changing California law to allow home-based cooks to sell their food. The site will operate for 60 days, free to the cooks. Wang also said Josephine will transfer cooks business information and recommendations for next steps to their members.. Centralized kitchens bets are growing. Kitchen United, a Pasadena kitchen designed to support restaurant delivery and catering services, raised additional funding this month, ...
Our communities are our most important asset when combating HIV. This blog is a tool you and others can use to keep up to date with all the local and state news, and critical legislative changes that affect our community.. ...
Introduction Sitting balance may be affected by stroke, resulting in functional impairment and reduced mobility. Early return of sitting balance predicts greater return of motor function and mobility after stroke. Task-specific therapy is effective but patients must be motivated to perform the exercises repeatedly for the greatest benefit. Virtual reality training (VRT) allows patients to do exercises while interacting with a video game interface. It is enjoyable and may encourage repetition of therapeutic exercises. Past work in our laboratory showed that standing balance exercises performed with VRT produced additional improvements in gait speed and leg function over traditional inpatient rehabilitation (1). Because of legislative change in Ontario most stroke rehabilitation inpatients today cannot stand independently. There have been no studies on the effect of VRT on sitting balance. Purpose To assess whether additional sitting balance exercises performed via VRT can improve sitting balance ...
STANFORD -- It is against the law to do bodily harm to any creature listed in the Fish and Wildlife Services red book of endangered species. Plucking a feather from a bald eagle constitutes harassment. Putting a bullet through its heart could lead to imprisonment under the Endangered Species Act. But what if loggers in need of jobs cut down an endangered animals forest home? What if ranchers want to graze their cattle in the meadows that harbor a rare insect? That question -- whether the Endangered Species Act should simply protect rare species from bodily harm or whether their habitats must be protected as well -- is before the Supreme Court and Congress. The court must decide whether to uphold or overrule a lower-court ruling that says, in effect, that it would be OK to fell the tree a bald eagle nests in, as long as you dont lay hands on the endangered bird itself. Congress is considering legislative changes to the act as well that would weaken protection of endangered species habitats ...
Comprehensive legislative change is needed to protect British Columbians from the dangers of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke. This report outlines six recognized ways that government action can save lives, decrease suffering, and reduce the strain on our overburdened health care syste ...
The Financial Reporting Council has opened a consultation on a slimmed-down draft of the Audit of Charities in the UK paper, which has been updated to take into account recent legislative changes.. Practise Note 11, as the document is otherwise known, is a reference for charity auditors across the UK used in conjunction with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).. The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has said its draft changes, the first made since the document was last updated in 2012, are due to developments in accounting and audit framework, including the issuance of a new charities SORP.. Charities have also been the subject of extensive press, public and parliamentary interest of late, and this revision of the Practice Note seeks to incorporate lessons learned, the new document adds.. Its latest version is less than half the length of the current Practice Note, at 71 instead of 149 pages, which it says is due to a removal of guidance that could be found elsewhere.. The reviewed ...
The Human City Institute published a report Forty Years of Struggle: A Window on Race and Housing, Disadvantage and Exclusion on 20th October 2016.. The report highlights that legislative changes since the 1960s have been geared towards eliminating the discrimination that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic BME people have suffered. Whilst this has reduced discrimination against BME people in housing to some extent, this does still exist. The report however concludes that the aims have not been fully achieved.. I do not intend on recreating the 50 page report here but have highlighted below some excerpts that stood out to me.. The report found that [o]ne in ten BME people live in the worst 10 per cent of neighbourhoods in contrast to just 1 in 30 for the white population. BME people are also three times more likely than the white population to be residing in the 1 per cent worst living environments.. It also states that BME households are today far less likely to own their homes, either ...
Recent guidance from the IRS on the SECURE Act and Miners Act aims to clarify the legislative changes affecting tax-qualified retirement plans and IRAs.
I have to say that the decision didnt come as too much of a surprise to me as I had been getting the vibes for some time that the taskforce was unlikely to come out in favour of legislative change. I dont believe its a huge blow however and I think that much more important steps are being taken to improve donation and transplant rates thanks to the governments acceptance in full of the task forces recommendations that came out in January. Thess aim to increase organ donation rates by 50% over the next 5 years and is based on the success of the Spanish system of organ donation. Contrary to what the media may be saying, Spain has the highest donor rates in the world because of its system not because of its presumed consent laws (and this is backed up by the man who set up their system ...
SN 95(5), 1995 Legislation Affecting the Sales and Use Taxes, the Admissions Tax, the Tourism Fund Surcharge and the Tire Fee Abstract: This Special Notice has been obsoleted in part by AN 2000(8) SN 95(5)1995 Legislation Affecting the Sales and Use Taxes, the Admissions Tax, the Tourism Fund Surcharge and the Tire Fee PURPOSE: This Special Notice describes 1995 legislation affecting the Sales and Use Taxes Act, the Admissions Tax, the Tourism Fund Surcharge and the Tire Fee. EFFECTIVE DATE(S): The dates of legislative changes are effective as noted herein. STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1995 Conn. Pub. Acts 26; 1995 Conn. Pub. Acts 160; 1995 Conn. Pub. Acts 260; 1995 Conn. Pub. Acts 327; and 1995 Conn. Pub. Acts 359. CHANGES TO THE ADMISSIONS TAX: Effective July 1, 1995, the rate of interest on underpayments or deficiencies is reduced from 15% per year to 12% per year. The rate of interest paid on overpayments is reduced from 9% per year to 8% per year (1995 Conn. Pub. Acts 26, 26, 27, and 28). CHANGE
During 2013/14 the Ministry progressed a number of proposals for legislative change in the cultural sector. The Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa Act 2014 went through its final Parliamentary stages, and came into force on 1 May 2014, three months after Royal assent on 31 January 2014. The 2014 Act streamlines the governance of Creative New Zealand by establishing a single governance body with 13 members. The previous structure consisted of four governing boards with 28 members.. The Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 received Royal assent on 19 May 2014 and came into force on 20 May 2014. The Act reforms the governance arrangements of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and changes the name of the Trust to Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga. It also streamlines archaeological consenting processes, establishes an emergency authority process, and modernises other provisions of the Act. Among other changes, the Act introduces the new category of wahi tupuna to better recognise ...
In the best interest of the health of all South Carolinians, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), S.C. Hospital Association (SCHA), S.C. Medical Association (SCMA) and S.C. Office of Rural Health (SCORH) issue the following joint statement:. DHEC, SCHA, SCMA and SCORH have come together to strongly urge all South Carolinians to actively help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save the lives of our fellow residents by practicing physical social distancing and properly using face masks.. There is rapidly growing medical evidence that the use of face masks along with social distancing can greatly reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus in public spaces and places where people at higher risk of severe illness and death from this virus are likely to be present. We must all commit to wearing face masks in public spaces - if we all wear them, well all be protected.. Since the beginning of this public health crisis, our organizations jointly committed to protect the ...
India-us joint statement mango - India - Spain. Joint Advance is a natural formula designed to shield your joints from the trials and results of working hard and playing hard.
Alexandria, Va., (March 14, 2017) - NSBA Executive Director & CEO Thomas J. Gentzel and AASA Executive Director Daniel A. Domenech released the following joint statement in response to the U.S. Department of Educations new guide for states to use in the development of their education plans as required under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):
A joint statement by bishops of the Episcopal Church decries the conditions of detention centers where thousands of migrants are being held.
249 youth organizations with 1.7 million members from 65 countries have made a joint statement advocating peaceful solutions to the human rights crisis in Myanmar. Through this
JOINT STATEMENT AGREED TO BY PRESIDENT BUSH, PRESIDENT CHIRAC, AND CHANCELLOR SCHROEDER Debt reduction is critical if the Iraqi people are to have any chance to build a free and prosperous Iraq. Therefore, France, Germany, and the United States agree that there should be substantial debt reduction for Iraq in the Paris Club in 2004, and will work closely with each other and with other countries to achieve this objective. The exact percentage of debt reduction that would constitute substantial debt reduction is subject to future agreement between the parties. ###. ...
Joint statements of Foreign Minister Kotzias and the Foreign Minister of Albania, Ditmir Bushati, following their meeting (Foreign Ministry, 21 March 2016) Top Story Current Affairs
|So, NOW the insurance industry finally comes around, saying it can reduce costs! Gosh, what were they waiting for? The threat of a public health care option, thats what.Dont let them fool you, and keep the heat on your elected representatives for real reform.All the industrys proposal will do is cut a mere 1.5%
Shifts underway in the insurance industry have three strongest drivers: customer expectations, pace of innovation and start-ups/new entrants; four hot topics will reshape the global industry: regulation, capital and scale, customer interface and distribution, and IT infrastructure and cost.
Accenture details how the human & business impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) is universally disrupting the insurance industry & how it can respond. Read more.
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for bus drivers, other staff, students, and parents as to the use of AM/FM radios on the school buses and other District vehicles being used to transport students. Music is an important part of our educational experience and assists school bus operators with the management of passengers. However, broadcast messages included within commercial radio broadcasting systems, both public and private, raise potential quality and content issues. The District bears the same legal responsibilities for students riding in District-provided transportation as it does for students in a classroom. Therefore, special care must be exercised to avoid broadcasting questionable or undesirable materials ...
As part of predictive evidence-based medicine, in cooperation with our research partner we investigate patient-specific predictors for the efficacy of drugs in the field of schizophrenia using end-point-oriented cluster analyses. In addition to content issues, we analyze methodological approaches from a medical point of view to increase the quality and stability of prognosis. Our investigations focus on the development of automated methods for stable prognoses, especially in the areas of data transformation, automated variable assessment and the number of clusters used.. ...
When you have seen one AHSC, you have seen just one AHSC - Academic Health Sciences Centre, National Task Force Final Report1. Australias health system is struggling to meet demand and expectations. Demand is driven by an increasing burden of chronic non-infectious disease associated with ageing.2 Expectations of cutting-edge care for all are set by the public and by government.3 Meeting these demands and expectations will be possible only with substantial effort in research and education as part of health service delivery. Separation of funding for research and education from the delivery of patient care diminishes the opportunity for mutually enhancing integration, and for expenditure efficiencies.4,5. ...
Lydia Becker Institute of Immunology and Inflammation, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, The University of Manchester, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PT, UK ...
We are the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta, one of the worlds elite academic health sciences centres, where top students are taught by award-winning educators and mentored by renowned scientists in a dynamic learning environment.. ...
Eventbrite - Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre presents Detecting and treating Colorectal Cancer - Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at Julian Bloom Lecture Theatre. Find event and ticket information.
We are the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta, one of the worlds elite academic health sciences centres, where top students are taught by award-winning educators and mentored by renowned scientists in a dynamic learning environment.. ...
Dear Colleagues,. We are pleased to advise you that the Universitys new on line accident/near miss reporting tool is now available. This tool enables staff to report all accidents and near misses quickly and easily.. As a leading learning and research institution we recognise and value the importance of a robust environment for health and safety. Having accurate data on accidents and near misses allows us to take actions to prevent reoccurrence, to identify health and safety risks and to support our commitment to continually improve the working environment.. We wish to encourage and facilitate a culture of openness and honesty around health and safety. Accurately reporting accidents and near misses needs to be seen as a strength and an opportunity rather than a sign of weakness.. Please do make use of this new on line reporting tool: If you wish to know more please contact Safety and Health Services ( or 88780).. Robin Geller, Guy ...
GEORGETOWN (13 March, 2020) - The international observer missions from the Commonwealth, the European Union, and The Carter Center issue the following statement:. The international election observation missions in Guyana are deeply concerned about the continued lack of transparency in the ascertainment of results for Region 4.. The order of the Honourable Chief Justice on 11 March was not followed. The tabulation process did not resume on 12 March as mandated by the court. When the tabulation process was resumed on 13 March, it was not in line with the judgement, which required public tabulation as a safeguard and a measure for promoting transparency and accountability. The Chief Justice reasserted today that the actual Statements of Poll have to be displayed in this process.. The orders issued with the judgement should be complied with, and the tabulation process conducted and concluded accordingly. Unless and until this is done in Region 4, the election results cannot be considered ...
President George W. Bush applauds Pope Benedict XVI, Wednesday, April 16, 2008, during an arrival ceremony for the Pope on the South Lawn. During his remarks the Pope encouraged the American people saying, I am confident that the American people will find in their religious beliefs a precious source of insight and an inspiration to pursue reasoned, responsible and respectful dialogue in the effort to build a more human and free society. White House photo by David Bohrer ...
The blood needs of America s fighting forces are met by the Armed Services Blood Program (ASPB), whose collection practices are designed to maintain self-sufficiency in blood collection and blood prod...
CNL and AECL work together to confront COVID-19. Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the operations and activities of business, governments and citizens around the world. That is no different for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). During this period of unprecedented change and international activity, both organizations have been confronted with difficult and extraordinary decisions that would have seemed hypothetical only a few weeks ago.. As the leaders of AECL and CNL, we want to start by thanking our respective employees for the tremendous flexibility, responsiveness, dedication and hard work that we have seen over the last few weeks. We are proud of the extent to which our respective employees have stepped up to confront the challenges of these times, to go above and beyond, to respond to the new demands at work, and to look out for their families, friends and neighbours at home.. We recognize the extent of the challenge ...
He was a member of several secret political societies, including the London Corresponding Society and the Society for ... Neurology, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.. *^ "". Archived from the original on 14 April 2013. Retrieved 28 ... History of the Geological Society, UK. *^ Lewis, Cherry; Knell, Simon J. (2009). The making of the Geological Society of London ... Lewis, Cherry; Knell, Simon J. (2009). The making of the Geological Society of London. Geological Society. pp. 62 & 83. ISBN ...
... film societies; government bodies; hospitals; libraries; museums and galleries. Australian Jazz Archive Australian Screen ... The Award is named in honour of Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) co-founder and industry icon John Leake OAM (1927- ... the NFSA Australian Cinematographers Society John Leake OAM Award for an Emerging Cinematographer is designed to enable ... 2009). The judging panel comprises the Federal President of the Australian Cinematographers Society, the Chief Executive ...
... county Medical Societies, ... Hospitals ... and Other Charitable, Benevolent and Humane Organizations ... (Public domain ed.). ... Three years before her admission, women were not permitted to join that society. After a time, seeing no other women actively ... represented in the society, she felt that, to enjoy its privileges, one should assume its duties. She, therefore, prepared a ...
... consumer societies 5. School/s management 6. clubs 7. Institutes 8. Hospitals etc. 9. To Promote cultural activities, sports, ...
1923: Adkins v. Children's Hospital. *1923: Meyer v. Nebraska. *1925: Pierce v. Society of Sisters ... Children's Hospital (1923).[91] In Meyer v. Nebraska (1923),[92] the Court stated that the "liberty" protected by the Due ... because I look upon Indians not taxed as being much less dangerous and much less pestiferous to a society than I look upon ... against any encroachment by the States upon the fundamental rights which belong to every citizen as a member of society. The ...
Working Benevolent Society Hospital (HM). *Sterling High School (HM). Greenwood County[edit]. *Greenwood *Mt. Pisgah A.M.E. ...
Royal Society of Medicine Press. ISBN 978-1-85315-374-7.. *^ a b Neri, G; Opitz, JM (Dec 2009). "Down syndrome: comments and ... "Clinical Lecture Reports, London Hospital. 3: 259-62. Archived from the original on 2006-06-15. Retrieved 2006-07-14.. ... Society and culture. See also: List of people with Down syndrome. Name. Due to his perception that children with Down syndrome ... National Down Syndrome Society. Archived (PDF) from the original on 27 November 2014. Retrieved 5 February 2014.. ...
1812: Washington Benevolent Society organized.[28]. *1818: Howard Benevolent Society instituted "for the relief of the sick and ... such as Newburyport High School and nearby Anna Jaques Hospital. The ridge drops more sharply to the marsh on the other side. ... "Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. 25 (2): 396-501.. *^ Population of the 100 Largest Cities and Other Urban ... "Historical Society of Old Newbury". Retrieved April 24, 2012.. *^ "About Us". Actors Studio of Newburyport. Retrieved October ...
"History: Mannheim hospital, Germany". Retrieved 2021-04-21. Jim Parrott (ed.). "Chronology of Scholarly Societies ... 1924 - Mannheim Hospital (now University Hospital Mannheim) opened on the banks of the river Neckar 1925 - "Neue Sachlichkeit [ ... "History: Mannheim hospital, Germany". Retrieved 2021-04-21. Wolf 2003. "Movie Theaters in Mannheim, Germany". ... 1701 - Almshouse (predecessor of university hospital mannheim) founded 1706 - Lemle-Moses-Klaussynagoge [de] founded. 1720 - ...
"Reports of Societies." American Journal of Nursing. 2:2 (November 1901), 121-128. "Reports of Societies." American Journal of ... Of the 1,563 nurses recruited for the new Nurse Corps, most served in hospitals in the United States. Only 76 were sent to Cuba ... "Reports of Societies", November 1901, p. 123, 125. Accessed 2013-06-18. "Reports of Societies", January 1903, p. 309. Accessed ... "Official Reports of Societies", November 1903, p. 132. Accessed 2013-06-18. "Official Reports of Societies", November 1903, p. ...
... records of local societies; some public records from Kingston Hospital and Magistrate's Court. The National Archives Discovery ...
Diane Taylor (26 August 2016). "Plan to 'transform' NHS could lead to downgrade of major London hospitals , Society". The ... The Royal Society commissioned research from the Education Policy Institute which showed that disadvantaged pupils did worse ... "Fears after government abolishes civil service's child poverty unit , Society". The Guardian. Retrieved 23 February 2017. Rob ... Sarah Boseley (18 August 2016). "Childhood obesity: UK's 'inexcusable' strategy is wasted opportunity, say experts , Society". ...
"Hospital Apura Morte de Menina Queimada em Radioterapia no Rio". 2 Jun 2012. Archived from the original on 6 October ... Kirsty Scott (2006-10-20). "Teenage cancer patient dies after radiation blunder , Society". The Guardian. Retrieved 2013-06-13 ... The hospital technician was fined. In the village of Lia, Georgia, on December 2, 2001, three lumberjacks discovered two 90Sr ... After 893 days in the hospital, he was declared dead after a fever caused by complications and infections of a radiation ulcer ...
An introduction to the C-F bond". Chemical Society Reviews. 37 (2): 308-19. doi:10.1039/b711844a. PMID 18197347.. ... Komesaroff D (1995). "Pre-hospital pain relief: Penthrane or Entonox". Australian Journal of Emergency Care. 2 (2): 28-9. ISSN ... PHECC Clinical Practice Guidelines (6 ed.). Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. March 2017. p. 100. ISBN 978-0-9929363-6-5. . ... McIntyre JW, Gain EA (1962). "Methoxyflurane". Canadian Anaesthetists' Society Journal. 9 (4): 319-24. doi:10.1007/BF03021268. ...
It also founded schools and hospitals: by 1720, the Ursulines were operating a hospital in New Orleans. The church and its ... There is a history of diglossia between Plantation Society French and Louisiana Creole French. Plantation Society French, at ... During the 18th century, the society of Louisiana became quite creolized. Language[edit]. Further information: Colonial French ... Colonial society[edit]. It is difficult to estimate the total population of France's colonies in North America. While ...
"Normansfield Hospital". Lost Hospitals of London. Retrieved 5 May 2014. "Langdon Down Centre Trust". Directory of societies and ... The theatre is on the site of Normansfield Hospital, which was a self-sufficient Victorian hospital complex run by Dr John ... The hospital was where Doctor Langdon Down conducted the pioneering research into the syndrome now known as Down Syndrome. The ... It has now been converted for residential use and the former hospital workshops have been re-developed as social housing. The ...
It is normal for people that have mastectomies to remain in the hospitals for 1 to 2 nights and they are released to go home if ... American Society of Plastic Surgeons (24 April 2014), "Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question", Choosing Wisely: ... The rate of hospital-based bilateral mastectomies (inpatient and outpatient combined) more than tripled, from 9.1 to 29.7 per ... People who undergo a simple mastectomy can usually leave the hospital after a brief stay. Frequently, a drainage tube is ...
Jean Constance Ogden, Secretary and Organiser, The Norwich Society. Sadie O'Kane, Nursing Sister, Belfast City Hospital. ... Alan Gilbert McBride, Secretary, Seamen's Hospital Society. Graeme Patrick Daniel McDonald, Controller, BBC 2 Television. ... Carlotta Hall, lately Domestic Assistant, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children, Special Health Authority. ... John and Red Cross Hospitals Welfare. Kenneth Taylor. For services to the National Children's Home, North East Region. Brian ...
Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925). *Griswold v. Connecticut (1965). *Doe v. Bolton (1973) ... Adkins v. Children's Hospital (1923). Right to privacy. *Meyer v. Nebraska (1923) ...
"Royal wedding at Ipswich » The Ipswich Society". Ipswich Society. Retrieved 16 February 2020. CS1 ... The Ipswich Hospital Band received £772,000. The building was reopened in 2008 as a heritage centre. "St Peters Church, Ipswich ... Ipswich Hospital Band. Retrieved 16 February 2020. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "St Peter, Ipswich, Suffolk". CRSBI ...
"1851 Subscribers". The History of Dorset County Hospital. 23 August 2014. Walpole Society. 15. Walpole Society. 1927. p. 93. ... Bookplate Society and the Apsley House Press. pp. 53-54. ISBN 978-0-9517247-9-8. Mukherjee, Rudrangshu (1982). "Trade and ... 37 part 2. Calcutta Historical Society. 1929. p. 163. "Summary of Individual John Morse ???? - 1781 Legacies of British Slave- ...
Yorkshire Geological Society H.Clifton Sorby Award, International Metallographic Society. ... There is also a wing at the Northern General Hospital named after him. Chisholm 1911. "Biography of Henry Clifton Sorby". ... He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in June 1857 as one who was Author of various papers on Slaty Cleavage; on the ... Soc.). In England, he was one of the pioneers in petrography; he was awarded the Wollaston medal by the Geological Society of ...
Penwith Society. Cornwall Artists Index. Retrieved 31 January 2014. "Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings 27th November 2012 ... On 8 February 1949, Hepworth and Nicholson co-founded the Penwith Society of Arts at the Castle Inn; 19 artists were founding ... ISBN 978-1-871480-43-6. Hepburn, Nathaniel (2012). Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings. New York: Tate Publishing. ISBN 978 ... Hepburn, Nathaniel (2013). Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings. New York: Tate. ISBN 978-1-84976-165-9. "Timeline: 1950 ...
Industrial Society. Industrial Society. 1932. Vivien Newman (30 November 2014). We Also Served: The Forgotten Women of the ... 109-. ISBN 978-1-4738-4527-5. The Hospital and Health Services Review. Institute of Health Service Administrators. 1959. Your ... Lister Rail-Truck Lister 1 Ton works truck Newcomen Society (Great Britain) (2002). Links: The Bulletin of the Newcomen Society ... 108-. ISBN 978-0-7190-3805-1. Newcomen Society (Great Britain) (1994). The Newcomen Bulletin. Newcomen Society for the Study of ...
"Maison Dieu and Hospital of St Mary". Faversham Society. Archived from the original on 24 September 2015. Retrieved 4 June 2015 ... The Faversham Society was established in 1962, and is one of the oldest civic societies in the UK. It owns and manages the ... Faversham travel guide from Wikivoyage Faversham Town Council website The Faversham Website The Faversham Society Civic Society ... Faversham Cottage Hospital opened in 1887. It was extended in 1922 and included a World War I memorial, which was unveiled by ...
During the 1847 Great Famine, a fever hospital was established in Dromsally. The hospital operated for two years and treated ... The Society. 1992. The Bull swaps the muck for the ruck - Limerick Leader John Hayes Archived 2015-12-01 at the Wayback Machine ...
Worth left his library, then valued at £5,000, to Dr Steevens' Hospital in Kilmainham, of which he was a governor. The hospital ... He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in January 1699. He is buried in the family tomb in St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Kirkpatrick, Thomas Percy Claude (2008). The History of Dr Steevens' Hospital, Dublin ... ISBN 978-1-906359-16-4. "Library and Archive Catalogue". Royal Society. Retrieved 1 November 2010. CS1 maint: discouraged ...
"Global Council". Asia Society. "Department of Medicine Siriraj Hospital". "S Charoenratanakul's research works , Faculty of ... The 4th WAM which held jointly by the American Thoracic Society, European Respiratory Society and American College of Chest ... He was a member of the International Advisory Committee of the American Thoracic Society from 2003 to 2005. He was a part of ... Weston General Hospital in Weston-super-Mare in 1983-1984. He qualified MRCP (UK) from the Royal Colleges of Physicians of ...
"Moseley Park & Pool Walk" (PDF). Moseley Society. Retrieved 17 January 2020. "Moseley Hall Hospital, Birmingham". National ... Moseley Hall hospital is now described as an NHS community hospital offering general medical and sub-acute care and specialist ... "Overview-Moseley Hall Hospital". NHS. Retrieved 13 September 2013. "Juniper Centre Hospital". Cylex. Retrieved 17 January 2020 ... The hall itself is now part of Moseley Hall Hospital and much of the surrounding estate has been developed for roads and ...
Prepared by Theron D. Garcia, Douglas W. Ming, and Lisa Kay Tuck for the Clay Minerals Society, 28th Annual Meeting. Held ... Harris County Hospital District operates the Baytown Health Center in Baytown. The center opened on February 14, 1967.[42] ... "A Proud History of Caring for More Than 45 Years." Harris County Hospital District. Retrieved on February 9, 2012. ...
The Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) is a public school district serving the city of Hayward, California, in Alameda County, in the United States. Supervised by the superintendent and the HUSD board of trustees, the district serves about 21,000 students in 30 schools, and employs more than 950 teachers. The current superintendent is Dr. Matt Wayne and the current board of trustees president is Dr. Robert Carlson.[1][2][3][4] In 2008, the district passed the Measure I school funding bond, the first bond measure in Hayward in over 45 years. The measure passed with 72% of the vote.[5] ...
... a utopian society founded by the Theosophical Society in 1912. Built by Marie Russak Hotchener, a Theosophist who had no formal ... Before Helen Langhanke died of a heart ailment in January 1947, Astor said she sat in the hospital room with her mother, who ... She was taken to a hospital and the police reported that she had attempted suicide, this being her third overdose in two years ... Astor died on September 25, 1987, at age 81, of respiratory failure due to pulmonary emphysema while in the hospital at the ...
"Latest Survey Shows More Hospitals Offering Complementary and Alternative Medicine Services" (Press release). American Hospital ... "American Cancer Society. June 15, 2009.. *^ Aviles, Jennifer M.; Whelan, Sr Ellen; Hernke, Debra A.; Williams, Brent A.; Kenny ... "Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 88 (5): 244-47. PMC 1295191. PMID 7636814. Complementary medicine, defined as health ... "American Cancer Society. 1 Nov 2008. Archived from the original on 3 April 2015. Retrieved 20 Nov 2010.. ...
Seeking to create an agrarian socialist society that he believed would evolve into a communist society, Pol Pot's government ... between 15,000 and 20,000 of these were removed from the city's hospitals and forced to march.[208] Checkpoints were erected ... semi-feudal societies.[60] Alongside these texts, Sâr read the anarchist Peter Kropotkin's book on the French Revolution, The ... He courted society belle Soeung Son Maly[99] before entering a relationship with fellow communist revolutionary Khieu Ponnary, ...
It was started as a cultural society in 1902, by Aurobindo and the followers of Bankim Chandra to propagate the teachings of ... and was taken to hospital one and a half months after his arrest due to complications arising from the same.[citation needed] ... they were largely isolated from the larger Hindu society due to their intellectual Vedantic and Unitarian views. But their ...
NHS Nightingale Hospitals *NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham. *NHS Nightingale Hospital London. *NHS Nightingale Hospital ... Society. and rights. *Social *social media. *stigma. *COVID-19 parties. *Children *foster care in the U.S. ...
In 1865, a dedicated group of women known as the Ladies Society of Saint Barnabas House established The Hospital of Saint ... The hospital was later moved to a larger site on High Street in Newark in 1869. The hospital was called Saint Barnabas Hospital ... West Hudson Hospital in Kearney and Wayne General Hospital. However, Wayne General Hospital subsequently changed to affiliate ... On February 18, 1867, The Hospital of Saint Barnabas became the first incorporated hospital in New Jersey by the act of New ...
1983, The Society of Nuclear Medicine: New York. pp. 142-153. *^ CHO, Z. H., ERIKSSON L., and CHAN J.K., ``A circular ring ... Few hospitals and universities are capable of maintaining such systems, and most clinical PET is supported by third-party ... Dilworth, Jonathan R.; Pascu, Sofia I. (2018). "The chemistry of PET imaging with zirconium-89". Chemical Society Reviews. 47 ( ... Work by Gordon Brownell, Charles Burnham and their associates at the Massachusetts General Hospital beginning in the 1950s ...
Society and culture. See also: Cultural effects of the Ebola crisis. Weaponisation. Ebolavirus is classified as a biosafety ... "Ebola case confirmed in Glasgow hospital". BBC News Online. 29 December 2014. Archived from the original on 29 December 2014.. ... American Society for Microbiology. 29 (4): 773-793. doi:10.1128/cmr.00003-16. ISSN 0893-8512. LCCN 88647279. OCLC 38839512. PMC ... In field or mobile hospitals, the most common and sensitive diagnostic methods are real-time PCR and ELISA.[99] In 2014, with ...
Durham moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where she worked as a Coronary Care Unit nurse at Rex Hospital.[1] ... In 2017, Durham received the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Presidential Citation at their annual scientific meeting for ... He died in the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Durham was inspired by the nurses who provided care to her ... Durham worked as a staff nurse at CJ Harris Hospital in Sylva, North Carolina. ...
In 2003 he was elected president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for the year 2004.[8] ... and a hand and microvascular fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.[7] ... "A Dallas hospital has reasons for offering plastic surgery". Fort Worth Star-Telegram ...
Society and culture[edit]. The costs and social impact of acne are substantial. In the United States, acne vulgaris is ... The Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Archived from the original (PDF) on 25 November 2015. Retrieved 23 November 2015.. ... Rates appear to be lower in rural societies.[22] While some research has found it affects people of all ethnic groups,[175] ... Journal of the German Society of Dermatology (Review). 5 (2): 110-7. doi:10.1111/j.1610-0387.2007.06176.x. PMID 17274777.. ...
Society and culture[edit]. In the visual language of Japanese comics (manga) and animation (anime), a sudden, violent nosebleed ... British journal of hospital medicine (London, England : 2005). 75 (3): 143-7. doi:10.12968/hmed.2014.75.3.143. PMID 24621629.. ...
Society and culture[edit]. Developing countries[edit]. In both developed and developing countries, many of the organizations ... said the government must make sure that they have access to medical care and other facilities like separate wards in hospitals ... This denial was a sign of discrimination against based on race and/or poverty, a sign of society assigning a lesser value to ... The theory is that the development was a reflection of women's shift and growth in society, i.e. after women entered the ...
"The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Archived from the original on 27 March 2016. Retrieved 8 December 2016.. .mw ... "Hospitals Furious at Cancer-Drug Price Hikes". Time. Archived from the original on 20 October 2015. Retrieved 26 October 2015 ...
Initially constructed to treat mentally disordered sex offenders (MDSOs), initial programs focused on separation from society, ... Atascadero State Hospital (ASH) is located on the Central Coast of California, in San Luis Obispo County, halfway between Los ... "Atascadero State Hospital patient killed in attack". U-T San Diego. May 29, 2014. "Atascadero Chamber of Commerce - Economic ... SVPs were housed in ASH until the new state hospital in Coalinga opened around 2004. In the mid-1980s, a US Department of ...
Women still get induced abortions, but they cannot get them in safe hospitals and clinics. These induced abortions have more ... In certain parts of the world, disabled people have problems to fit into society. ... Some women have an abortion because the society they live in pressures them to. ... and the woman does not have to have a procedure in a hospital or clinic to have the fetus removed, like with the other kind of ...
... and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Society of ... A variety of systems for centralized viewing of CTG have been installed in a large number of maternity hospitals in ...
Visual Effects Society[61] Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature Dadi Einarsson, Roma O-Connor, Matthias ... Madan Khatri Chhetri flies a high altitude mission to take Beck to hospital. Meanwhile, one of Scott's guides, Anatoli, finds ... "Star Wars,' 'Game of Thrones' lead Visual Effects Society nominations - Variety". Variety. Archived from the original on 1 ...
Gudrun - Anne Jensen - Maid and later employed as a saleswoman at Skjerns Magasin (A very large step up in society in then- ... Upon learning of a change in the Danish army's command structure, he suffers a fatal stroke while in hospital. Lauritz' failure ... She uses her time as hostess of visits from other high society persona in Korsbæk. It is hinted that she tricked Hans Christian ... Arnold Vinther - Esper Hagen - Modern person who rebels against the society's norms, but not an anarchist. Early on, he changes ...
Most tribal societies provide no guarantee of healthcare for the population as a whole. In such societies, healthcare is ... Hospital medicine is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. Physicians whose primary professional focus is hospital ... Panorama of Siena's Santa Maria della Scala Hospital, one of Europe's oldest hospitals. During the Middle Ages, the Catholic ... The Persian Bimaristan hospitals were an early example of public hospitals.[49][50] ...
Therefore, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine recommendation is that placement of cervical pessary in pregnancy to ... In 1963, Shirodkar traveled to NYC to perform the procedure at the New York Hospital of Special Surgery; the procedure was ... Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Publications Committee (March 2017). "The role of cervical pessary placement to ...
Because the proper role for a white, middle class woman in 1930s American society was that of wife and mother,[20] arguments in ... May Edward Chinn became the first African-American woman to graduate from the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College. ... 1851: The Adelphean Society, now called Alpha Delta Pi Women's Fraternity, was founded at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, ... Georgia and became the first secret society for women. 1855: The University of Iowa becomes the first coeducational public or ...
... and the society at large. , 1998 USC McNair Scholar. website website website " ... president of the Armenian Graduate Student Association and lead numerous fundraising projects to rebuild schools and hospital ...
State Tobacco Laws from the American Cancer Society. *Legacy Tobacco Documents Library from the University of California, San ... Smoking was first restricted in schools, hospitals, trains, buses and train stations in Turkey in 1996. In 2008 a more ... A study published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and funded by the Robert ... reductions in preterm births and hospital attendance for asthma, but not with a decrease in low birth weight.[70][71] A 2016 ...
It is home to the James Cancer Hospital, a cancer research institute and one of the National Cancer Institute's forty-one ... The Washington Monthly college rankings, which seek to evaluate colleges' contributions to American society based on factors of ... The Men's Glee Club often disputes the claim, but after consultation with Ohio Union Staff, Agricultural Education Society was ... According to the Student Organization Office in the Ohio Union, Agricultural Education Society is the oldest student ...
Visual Effects Society Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series Victor Scalise, Jason C. Spratt, Diego Galtieri, ... In the present, Sean eventually collapses in the desert but is found and taken to a hospital in Yuma. Shortly thereafter, he is ... Sean and Leila find the hospital that Samantha and the other girls were held captive, but everyone seems to have left. They ... Meanwhile, Vice President Jarvis is released from the hospital and plans to have a party at the Ambassador Hotel. Sean and ...
Society and culture[edit]. Urbanization and other anthropogenic factors can be implicated in the spread of Lyme disease to ... Report of a case observed in Brazil]. Revista do Hospital das Clinicas (in Portuguese). 48 (4): 170-4. PMID 8284588.. ... In Australia, where the Australian paralysis tick is prevalent, the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy ... Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology. 30 (2): 607-19. PMID 10946521.. ...
American Thoracic Society, and European Respiratory Society". Annals of Internal Medicine. 155 (3): 179-91. doi:10.7326/0003- ... Bagi mereka yang mempunyai tempoh yang semakin teruk, peningkatan penggunaan ubat-ubatan dan kemasukan ke hospital mungkin ...
... the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is the leading medical society for more than 50,000 hospitalists and their patients. SHM ... the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is the leading medical society for more than 50,000 hospitalists and their patients. SHM ... For more information about SHM and hospital medicine, visit ... reductions in hospital costs and readmission rates, and increased patient satisfaction. ...
Hospitals can be disorientating and frightening for someone with dementia, but there is a lot that can be done to make their ... How you can help during a hospital stay. There is a lot that you can do for a person with dementia while they are in hospital. ... Help from hospital staff. Hospital staff will not necessarily know whether someone has dementia, or they may lack experience of ... Some hospital trusts provide a mental health service (sometimes referred to as a hospital liaison team or a Rapid Assessment ...
... find out about how research into hospital care for people with dementia can make improvements. ... Research into hospital care is already helping to make improvements.. Consultant and researcher Dr Liz Sampson was funded by ... A lot of what this project has helped us to understand is that a hospital is what we call a toxic environment and that its not ... A lot of the time you read a report and it would say that people with dementia stay longer in acute hospital because of their ...
73 - "The Charities (Seamens Hospital Society) Order 1999". An order amending the Seamans Hospital Society Act 1833, removing ... article on the societys history Greenwich Guides history of Dreadnought Seamens Hospital/Library Seafarers Hospital Society ... 0.00861 The Seafarers Hospital Society, formerly the Seamens Hospital Society, is a charity for people currently or previously ... Following the closure of the Royal Naval Hospital at the site of the Royal Greenwich Hospital in 1869, the society was granted ...
Society of Hospital Medicine Dinner Meeting Transitions of Care and Project BOOST (Better Outcomes for Older adults through ... Society of Hospital Medicine Dinner Meeting. Society of Hospital Medicine Dinner Meeting. Society of Hospital Medicine Dinner ... Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Treasurer, Society of Hospital Medicine. ... Deputy Director of Hospital Operations, Department of Medicine. ...
The CSHP has more than 3,000 hospital pharmacists as members. "Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists". ... The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) is a professional organization representing the interests of pharmacists ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "UPS - Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP)". UPS Website. Archived from the ... who practice in hospitals and related healthcare settings. It publishes the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy. ...
The Society for the Lying-In Hospital was an American maternity hospital situated at 305 Second Avenue between East 17th and ... Media related to Society for the Lying-In Hospital at Wikimedia Commons v t e v t e v t e. ... Upon the subsequent opening of the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in 1932, the Lying-In Hospital moved out of the ... which is still part of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. This hospital was "said to account for 60 percent of all births in ...
She is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the hospital system to improve the health of the regional population ... Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and hospital representatives will describe how their partnership has evolved to create common ... Understand multiple ways an AAA and hospital interface on the individual patient level, and discuss possible modes of ...
... lodge or hospital and help people living with cancer. Provide comfort and support and share information about our services. ... offered free of charge at one of the Societys regional offices or in the Canadian Cancer Society personal resource room - Our ... The Canadian Cancer Society relies on the donations of turbans and head coverings from generous volunteers who give their time ... You may also share information about the Canadian Cancer Society and other support services they may want to connect with in ...
Dementia: Alzheimers Society slams hospital care. By Clair Pyper on November 13, 2009 in Adults, Carers, Domiciliary care, ... Hospitals must commit to reducing the length of stay if we are to stop people with dementia deteriorating in hospital." ... The report also said that 36% of people with dementia who went into hospital from their own homes were discharged into a care ... Eighty-six per cent of the managers polled said people with dementia always or sometimes spent longer in hospital than others ...
Refer back to this page often for the latest news from Hospital Medicine, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers ... Healio brings you the highlights from Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. ... Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. Healio brings you the highlights from ... Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. Refer back to this page often for the latest news from Hospital Medicine, ...
Welcome to Society of Hospital Medicine. Your Browser Is No Longer Supported. Please upgrade your browser from Internet ... Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee. The charge of the Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee is to oversee ... The Practice Management Committee will advise the Society regarding issues related to the business aspects of hospital medicine ... Collaborate with your hospital medicine colleagues to further the vision and objectives of SHM by volunteering on a committee. ...
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. 631 US Highway 1, Suite 307. North Palm Beach, FL 33408. Phone: 919.490.5140 , 877.533 ...
SHMs Awards of Excellence Program honors members who make exceptional contributions to hospital medicine. View categories and ... Advancing the field of hospital medicine, especially through the Society of Hospital Medicine. ... Welcome to Society of Hospital Medicine. Your Browser Is No Longer Supported. Please upgrade your browser from Internet ... All nominees must be SHM members and have service to the Society of Hospital Medicine (Ex. Attended a local or regional meeting ...
Hospital News is published monthly and is made available in distribution racks placed in high traffic areas in hospitals and ... Hospital News is Canadas health care newspaper since 1987. Hospital News covers developments and issues that affect all health ...
Mark Weissman of Childrens National told 40 loyal donors at a thank-you tea for the Guardian Society on Oct. 8. ... Building Communities, Improving Access: Guardian Society Tea Monday, October 19, 2015. Philanthropic support is critical to ... Mark Weissman of Childrens National told 40 loyal donors at a thank-you tea for the Guardian Society on Oct. 8. Dr. Weissman, ... hospital-based clinics, and medical mobile vans. Thanks to the generosity of the Goldberg family, the award-winning center is ...
Reducing the cranial CT rate for children with minor head trauma at five community hospitals: A quality improvement initiative. ... Residents Present Research at Pediatric Academic Societies. Twenty-seven current and recent BCRP houseofficers submitted 25 ... abstracts of their research to the spring meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in San Francisco, CA, May 6 to May 9, ... Boston Childrens Hospital. 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. 617-355-6000 , 800-355-7944 ...
The Hospital morbidity survey is an investigation that is produced yearly and which has been conducted since 1977. ... The main objective is to know the demographic and health characteristics of patients who have been admitted to a hospital, as ... It provides information on hospital discharges with hospitalisation based on the main diagnosis associated with the discharge. ... well as to have information at the national, Autonomous Community and province level on the frequency and use of hospital ...
The failings at the hospital where 450 died due to an inappropriate opioid drugs policy are inexcusable - we owe it to ... Gosport hospital deaths: key facts of a 30-year scandal Why relatives are still seeking justice after three investigations into ... Gosport hospital deaths: police launch new investigation Inquiry found more than 450 people had lives shortened at Hampshire ... Fresh criminal inquiry launched into Gosport hospital deaths Relatives hope for criminal charges over hundreds of deaths at ...
American Society of Heating online at Alibris. We have new and used copies available, in 1 editions - starting at $44.00. Shop ... Buy HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics by Ashrae, ... by Ashrae, American Society of Heating Write The First Customer ... This manual provides those involved in the design, installation, and commissioning of HVAC systems for hospitals with a ... This manual provides those involved in the design, installation, and commissioning of HVAC systems for hospitals with a ...
The Bristol Nuffield Hospital at the Chesterfield. The Bristol Nuffield Hospital at the Chesterfield ... The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is the professional, educational and trade union body for the UKs 57,000 ...
Hospital Visits. Thank you for your interest in our hospital visits. Were sorry; registration is now closed for these ... Copyright © 2019 American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. All Rights reserved. Terms of use Privacy policy ... American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Advancing the science and practice of regional anesthesiology and ... Registration for this program is restricted due to space limitations and internal in-hospital administrative protocols. ...
The hospitals 22-person medical team provides life-saving medical care to shelter pets and is a major reason OHS has a near- ... 500th Student Completes Studies at OHS Hospital. June 11, 2014. , News. Alexis Johnson (right) during her rotation at OHS, ... The Oregon Humane Societys medical center reached a major milestone in June: a veterinary student from Moab, Utah became the ... Dormitories above the hospital provide housing for students.. The medical center, which is attached directly to the OHS shelter ...
Latex is ubiquitous in hospitals, and as a result affected patients are presently at considerable risk. Aim of Guidelines The ... ASCIA Guidelines for Hospital Management of Latex Allergic Patients Preamble. These guidelines apply to patients with Type 1 ... Guide - Setting up a Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg) program in a hospital *ASCIA Guidelines for standardised IVIg infusion ... Guide - Setting up a Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg) program in a hospital *ASCIA Guidelines for standardised IVIg infusion ...
Baltimore - Johns Hopkins Hospital - Interior. Subject: Photographs, Baltimore (Md.), Hospitals, Medicine, Interior, Buildings ... Copy of original owned by the Maryland Historical Society. For reproduction and permission information, please contact ...
And of all hospitals, a national maternity hospital is where that ethos would have the greatest adverse impact. The then-master ... it would be the only hospital in the world owned and run by a Catholic order to allow such procedures." He accuses the hospital ... Instead, the hospital is to be transferred to a charity and - most sinister of all as the Irish Times concludes - "the ultimate ... Home » News » Opinion » Irish National Maternity Hospital: "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!" ...
Determinants of hospital costs in community acquired pneumonia. Burcu Karaboga, Ugur Bilge, Aykut Cilli ... Determinants of hospital costs in community acquired pneumonia Message Subject (Your Name) has sent you a message from European ... European Respiratory Society. 442 Glossop Road. Sheffield S10 2PX. United Kingdom. Tel: +44 114 2672860. Fax: +44 114 266 5064 ... Overall CAP treatment success rate was 89.6%. Length of hospital stay (p=0.001, r= 0.78), use of antipseudomonal antibiotic ...
While weekend hospital admissions are associated with higher mortality, the effects of weekend hospital stays are not known. We ... Friday and weekend hospital stays: effects on mortality. Samy Suissa, Sophie DellAniello, Daniel Suissa, Pierre Ernst ... Friday and weekend hospital stays: effects on mortality Message Subject (Your Name) has sent you a message from European ... European Respiratory Society. 442 Glossop Road. Sheffield S10 2PX. United Kingdom. Tel: +44 114 2672860. Fax: +44 114 266 5064 ...
To provide relief to these hospitals, Congress created a special program that permits certain small rural hospitals toreceive ... ASA Endorses Senate Legislation to Reform Rural Hospital Anesthesia Incentive Program. On Thursday, August 1, Senator Ron Wyden ... Whose contributions allow the American Society of Anesthesiologists® to create world-class education and resources to improve ... Under the current restrictive design of the pass-through program, however, hospitals utilizing the services of physician ...
  • If you want to know more about the news, you can find more from the paper entitled HOSPITALS FIGHT SEPSIS WITH AI published in IEEE Spectrum in Nov. 2018. (
  • The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) is a professional organization representing the interests of pharmacists who practice in hospitals and related healthcare settings. (
  • The HIV/HCV was recently award the Specialties in Pharmacy Practice award by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists at the annual Professional Practice Conference in Toronto on February 5th, 2017. (
  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (August 3, 2020) - Northeast Florida hospitals are asking our community to wear a mask to protect others against the spread of COVID-19. (
  • South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions Associate Professor Thaddaus Hellwig has been named a 2019 American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Fellow. (
  • The American Cancer Society is partnering with the Kenyatta National Hospital to build a 62-bed Hope Hostel, with plans to break ground in 2019. (
  • Alison K. Snyder-Warwick, MD , a Washington University pediatric plastic surgeon at St. Louis Children's Hospital, was installed in June as secretary of the Sir Charles Bell Society at the International Facial Nerve Symposium in Boston. (
  • Ascension St. Vincent's, Baptist Health, Brooks Rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Hospital, Orange Park Medical Center, UF Health Jacksonville and Wolfson Children's Hospital launched a public service campaign that is being featured on billboards, social media and on TV. (
  • Baptist Clay Medical Campus and Wolfson Children's Hospital - the region's only children's hospital. (
  • George "Nino" Donnell, MD, was Physician-in-Chief and Chair of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Los Angeles from 1971 through 1984. (
  • Dr. Donnell's commitment to the teaching and mentorship of pediatricians, as well as his numerous clinical and scientific achievements, has shaped a generation of pediatric physicians and scientists at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. (
  • The Donnell Society encourages networking and provides guidance for all pediatric scientist trainees within Children's Hospital Los Angeles Pediatric Residency and Fellowship programs. (
  • Following her undergraduate career, Dr. Haladyna was employed in the lab of Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD at Boston Children's Hospital training in leukemia mouse models and normal hematopoietic assays. (
  • She continued this research at Children's Hospital Colorado in the lab of Kathrin Bernt, MD using in vitro assays, murine transplants, and genome-wide methods to further explore molecular mechanisms of childhood leukemia. (
  • As an undergraduate, Dr. Wei was involved in research at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago investigating primary hyperoxaluria, a rare pediatric kidney disease. (
  • The fellow spends time working in both departments and also has the opportunity to participate in scoliosis surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Children's Hospital. (
  • Located at Herston and close to the central business district of Brisbane, the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital shares the Herston Campus with the Royal Children's Hospital and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research . (
  • Several physicians from Hasbro Children's Hospital presented research on an assortment of pediatric topics at this year's Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting in Honolulu from May 3 - 6. (
  • The following tip sheet outlines in chronological order the presentations made on each of these studies, the doctors involved and the abstract of each study presented by Hasbro Children's Hospital at the PAS meeting. (
  • Following the closure of the Royal Naval Hospital at the site of the Royal Greenwich Hospital in 1869, the society was granted the lease in 1870 and on transferring became known as the Dreadnought Seamen's Hospital, after its last floating home. (
  • The CSHP has more than 3,000 hospital pharmacists as members. (
  • Representing the fastest growing specialty in modern healthcare, the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is the leading medical society for more than 50,000 hospitalists and their patients. (
  • They announced that they "will end our involvement in St Vincent's Healthcare Group and will not be involved in the ownership or management of the new National Maternity Hospital. (
  • The additional 40-56 deaths per 100 000 patients staying in hospital on those days are most likely due to reduced access to healthcare at that time. (
  • The two-year study from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Health Security states that although the healthcare system is better prepared post-9/11, it's still not par in terms of handling a catastrophic disaster - and "other segments of society that support or interact with the healthcare system and that are needed for creating disaster-resilient communities are not sufficiently prepared for disasters. (
  • This includes hospitals and healthcare facilities, but also services like home care," the report states. (
  • Through her untiring efforts she has shown how a private healthcare facility can provide high quality service to women from all strata of society and contribute to public health as well. (
  • It is now widely acknowledged by the healthcare community that patients who remain in hospital longer than necessary face substantial risks to their long term recovery. (
  • This means our doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are experts in their chosen field, and many move to our hospitals from throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, so they can develop their particular skills even further. (
  • Alzheimer's Society has produced a leaflet called This is me which can be used to record this information. (
  • The leaflet can be downloaded from or ordered from Alzheimer's Society Publications Orderline on 0300 303 5933. (
  • Consultant and researcher Dr Liz Sampson was funded by Alzheimer's Society and Bupa UK Foundation to study the effects of hospitalisation on behavioural symptoms of dementia . (
  • Alzheimer's Society is a registered Charity No. 296645. (
  • People with dementia are spending longer in hospital than others admitted with the same medical condition and leaving wards in a worse state than when they went in, the Alzheimer's Society said today. (
  • Chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society Neil Hunt said: "At least £80 million a year and probably hundreds of millions could be saved if people with dementia are enabled to leave hospital one week earlier. (
  • From guidance on residency programs to exposure to clinical research through our educational grants, SHM's student membership is designed to enhance your educational experience and prepare you for a future in hospital medicine. (
  • The regime at Gosport War Memorial Hospital ( Report , 21 June) shows that replacement of autocracy with deployment of a wider range of clinical skills in patient care has not yet been sufficiently achieved. (
  • Dr. Miller, an OSU clinical instructor, is the nation's only university faculty member assigned full-time to a shelter-based teaching hospital. (
  • From left to right: Dr. Greg Maynard of UC Davis Medical Center, Dr. Paul Chidester of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, and Rose Newsom of Kaweah Delta Medical Center delivered dynamic presentations at the 6th International Hospital Diabetes Meeting symposium entitled 'Leveraging Technology for Inpatient Glycemic Management to Improve Clinical and Financial Outcomes. (
  • Design, setting, participants, & measurements We retrospectively extracted all diagnoses from an i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) clinical data warehouse for patients who stayed in this hospital between 2006 and 2015 and had at least two plasma creatinine measurements performed during the first week of their stay. (
  • Prediction of microbial aetiology at admission to hospital for pneumonia from the presenting clinical features. (
  • Because this decision is usually made before the results of specific microbiological tests are available, we attempted to determine how well the presenting clinical features would allow prediction of microbial aetiology in 441 adults admitted to hospital with pneumonia. (
  • It has recently undergone a major redevelopment program where the majority of the two hospitals clinical services have been rebuilt making it the largest hospital redevelopment in Australia's history. (
  • Bashkortostan was declared the winner in the nomination 'The best infrastructure public-private partnership project in health care' with the construction project of the clinical hospital 'Mother and Child', the press service of the Ministry of Health RF informs. (
  • The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) is an organisation dedicated to all issues concerning enteral (EN) and parenteral (PN) nutrition and metabolism and, among other aims, it promotes the development of clinical practice guidelines. (
  • The main aim of clinical practice guidelines on PN is to guide clinicians, dieticians and nurses who are involved in the nutritional support of patients, in hospital or at home, to the correct recommendation and administration of PN. (
  • The present clinical practice guidelines on PN are the natural continuation of the ESPEN clinical practice guidelines on EN that were published in 2006 in Clinical Nutrition[2] and they follow, whenever possible, their general structure. (
  • There are a few completely new sections (home PN, central venous catheter care, prevention and treatment of complications), but the majority closely mimics the frame of the EN clinical practice guidelines. (
  • Especially for some general and introductory parts, the original version of the EN clinical practice guidelines was almost integrally maintained or just updated as required. (
  • In addition to a careful scrutiny of the literature through the usual databases (Scopus, Pubmed, Cochrane, Medline, EMBASE), the clinical practice guidelines from other scientific societies were examined, especially the two editions from the Italian Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition,[3,4] those from the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition,[5] and those from the German Society for Nutritional Medicine. (
  • The Goldberg Center delivers care to some of the most underserved neighborhoods through community-based health centers, hospital-based clinics, and medical mobile vans. (
  • New Brunswick's largest multi-site accredited Regional Health Authority, including 12 hospitals and health centers. (
  • Additional information relating to the order and certification provisions may be located on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Center webpage . (
  • Twenty-seven current and recent BCRP houseofficers submitted 25 abstracts of their research to the spring meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in San Francisco, CA, May 6 to May 9, 2017. (
  • Copyright © 2000-2017 by Society of Hospital Medicine or related companies. (
  • The CSHP Excellence program surveyed patients and CSHP members/supporters (Nov 2017) to evaluate how the 3 priority themes are being reflected in the care the hospital pharmacy team provides to patients. (
  • SHM is dedicated to promoting the highest quality care for all hospitalized patients and overall excellence in the practice of hospital medicine through quality improvement, education, advocacy and research. (
  • Almost half (47%) of carers said being in hospital had had a significant negative effect on dementia patients' physical health, which was not directly related to the condition they were admitted for, while 54% said dementia symptoms had become worse. (
  • In June 1866, the Admiralty lent HMS Belleisle to the society to enable them to treat cholera patients in London. (
  • The main objective is to know the demographic and health characteristics of patients who have been admitted to a hospital, as well as to have information at the national, Autonomous Community and province level on the frequency and use of hospital resources in the reference year. (
  • Latex is ubiquitous in hospitals, and as a result affected patients are presently at considerable risk. (
  • The Wyden-Isakson legislation grants rural hospitals enhanced flexibility to use the services of physician anesthesiologists, in addition to the services of anesthesiologist assistants and nurse anesthetists, to best serve their patients surgical anesthesia needs. (
  • The hospital now offers nitrous oxide as its newest pain management option for laboring moms, as well as other patients. (
  • New guidance published by NHS England will require hospitals in England to consider the needs of non-religious patients by ensuring they have. (
  • 75% of patients remember talking with a member of the hospital pharmacy team. (
  • 75% of patients were satisfied with the conversations they shared with members of the hospital pharmacy team. (
  • 50% of patients reported that a hospital pharmacist always told them what the medications were for and described possible side effects in a way they could understand. (
  • 50 - 75%* of patients felt there was good communication about their medications between members of the hospital pharmacy team during their hospital visit. (
  • 75% of patients will have received education from a pharmacist about their disease state(s) and medication(s) during their hospital visit. (
  • In hospitals, doctors and nurses keep vigilant watch over patients' vital signs and blood tests to catch the first symptoms of sepsis. (
  • A hospital official said many patients at the hospital had chosen to commit suicide after they knew about their severe condition or costly treatment. (
  • The routine introduction of this combined test in our hospitals may now help to further stream line management of patients with chest pain. (
  • Using the Get With The Guidelines-Resuscitation (GWTG-R) registry, we examined processes of care and outcomes of in-hospital cardiac arrest for patients on maintenance dialysis compared with nondialysis patients. (
  • We then case-matched adult patients on maintenance dialysis to nondialysis patients in a 1:3 ratio on the basis of age, sex, race, hospital, and year of arrest. (
  • Conclusions Although there appears to be opportunities to improve the quality of in-hospital cardiac arrest care for among those on maintenance dialysis, survival to discharge was similar for these patients compared with nondialysis patients. (
  • At the BGS national conference on Wednesday (22 November), Dr Eileen Burns, President of the British Geriatrics Society, called for the Chancellor to provide interim funding for social care to help medically fit older patients stranded in hospital wards return to their homes. (
  • She called for immediate action to prevent patients being forced to remain in hospital when there is no medical reason for them to be there. (
  • Many of our older patients need help to manage everyday activities, such as getting to the toilet, getting in and out of bed and preparing their meals, following discharge from hospital. (
  • The hospital is the largest tertiary referral hospital in Queensland and provides services to patients throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales, the Northern Territory and from neighbouring countries in the South West Pacific. (
  • The first private hospital in the republic with an area of 33 thousand sq. m is capable of receiving up to 240 thousand patients and conducting up to three thousand deliveries per year. (
  • Cardiac rehabilitation is provided locally for catchment patients or if from an adjacent area the appropriate contact is made with the local hospital's rehab team to ensure continuity of care. (
  • This graph shows the percentage of patients who survived their operation and left hospital alive. (
  • Hence, hospitals and consultants perform a range of cardiac operations and the type of patients they operate on can differ. (
  • For patients surviving hospitalisation with a COPD exacerbation, readmission to hospital is a major problem. (
  • Patients in the protocol group had a shorter duration of hospital stay compared with the control group: 5 +/- 3 versus 7 +/- 3 days (mean +/- SD), with a median of 6 versus 7 days, respectively ( = 0.03). (
  • 1,2 Goal-directed plasma volume expansion during the intraoperative period is associated with improved outcome and reduction in hospital stay in patients undergoing cardiac and major orthopedic surgery. (
  • One of my patients is featured on the web site for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® and is part of their national print ad campaign. (
  • Friendlies Volunteers are a dedicated team who work to support Friendlies patients and visitors so their time spent at the hospital is as comfortable as can be. (
  • Hospital staff will not necessarily know whether someone has dementia, or they may lack experience of working with people with dementia. (
  • Some hospitals may have a 'dementia identification scheme' where people with dementia are identified by a small symbol on their hospital identification bracelet. (
  • From our Care and Cure magazine Autumn 2015, find out about how research into hospital care for people with dementia can make improvements. (
  • Being admitted to hospital is an unpleasant experience for anyone, but for people with dementia it can be particularly distressing. (
  • We found that there were quite high levels of agitation and behavioural symptoms for people with dementia coming into hospital. (
  • A lot of the time you read a report and it would say that people with dementia stay longer in acute hospital because of their behavioural problems. (
  • Eighty-six per cent of the managers polled said people with dementia always or sometimes spent longer in hospital than others admitted with the same medical condition, while 49% of carers said stays in hospital had been longer than they expected. (
  • This was despite up to a quarter of beds in hospitals being taken up by people with dementia. (
  • The report also said that 36% of people with dementia who went into hospital from their own homes were discharged into a care home. (
  • Hospitals must commit to reducing the length of stay if we are to stop people with dementia deteriorating in hospital. (
  • Society Hill Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (
  • Call or visit a Portland Hannah the Pet Society Veterinary Hospital today! (
  • Hannah The Pet Society provides low cost, affordable veterinary care, Pet behavior training, and Pet grooming services at two convenient Portland veterinary hospital locations. (
  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Capt. John Le Favour turned over leadership of Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville - comprised of a hospital and five branch health clinics - to Capt. David Collins during a change of command ceremony on May 6. (
  • Thank you to all of the staff - military, civilian, contract, and volunteer - at our hospital and five branch health clinics. (
  • Hannah the Pet Society - Portland Vet Clinics, Pet Hospitals, and Behavior Training Facilities. (
  • Continuing as Advisors to the BMSS Executive Board are Dr Arlene Basden, Director, Hospitalist Services, at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Dr Chantelle Simmons, Chief of Psychiatry at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. (
  • Children's National Health System, based in Washington, DC, is Magnet ® designated and is consistently ranked among the top pediatric hospitals. (
  • The George Donnell Society for Pediatric Scientists is dedicated to improving the health of children by training pediatric physician scientists to perform innovative and high quality research. (
  • The Society includes pediatric residents, subspecialty fellows, and faculty who are interested in performing pediatric research. (
  • The George Donnell Society will honor his contributions by continuing to train the best pediatric physician scientists. (
  • CORPUS CHRISTI - Two Driscoll residents recently won awards in the 2011 Texas Pediatric Society Fellow and Resident Poster Contest. (
  • Get firsthand experience in the field of hospital medicine through the SHM Student Hospitalist Scholar Grant Program . (
  • Access SHM's curated resources including the Hospitalist Career Guide to better understand the career trajectories for hospitalists and the educational pathway required for a future in hospital medicine. (
  • Student members receive digital subscriptions to the Journal of Hospital Medicine and The Hospitalist news magazine. (
  • 1 Brigham and Women's/Faulkner Hospitalist Service and Division of General Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 02120-1613, USA. (
  • In Mumbai, H N Reliance hospital purchased maximum stock (9.89 lakh doses) followed by Godrej Memorial hospital (3.35 lakh) and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital (1 lakh). (
  • Saint John Regional Hospital, The Moncton Hospital, Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, Miramichi Regional Hospital, Sackville Memorial Hospital, Albert County Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, Sussex Health Center, Charlotte County Hospital and various other facilities and services. (
  • Joining a committee allows you to play a bigger role in SHM's major initiatives, from building resources for the specialty to ensuring that SHM remains at the forefront of hospital medicine. (
  • The Hospital morbidity survey is an investigation that is produced yearly and which has been conducted since 1977. (
  • Hospital Morbidity Survey. (
  • The Hospital Morbidity rate reached 10,486 discharges per 100,000 persons. (
  • Hospital Morbidity Rates per 100,000 inhabitants by main diagnosis, sex and age group. (
  • Hospital Morbidity Rates per 100,000 inhabitants by main diagnosis, province, Autonomous City and Community of hospitalization. (
  • Hospital-acquired AKI (HA-AKI) is a frequent disorder that significantly affects morbidity, length of stay, and residual renal function, and, as such, is a major health care concern. (
  • Intraoperative hypovolemia is common and is a potential cause of organ dysfunction, increased postoperative morbidity, length of hospital stay, and death. (
  • Length of postoperative hospital stay and postoperative surgical morbidity were assessed. (
  • Healio brings you the highlights from Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. (
  • Refer back to this page often for the latest news from Hospital Medicine, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, and to review archives of past meetings. (
  • Gain access to an array of resources and networking opportunities that will support your current academic endeavors and prepare you for a future in hospital medicine. (
  • If you are considering a career in hospital medicine, an SHM student membership can provide you with resources, mentors, and research opportunities to provide clarity as you plan your next steps. (
  • Attend local chapter events to expand your network and engage with students, residents, and hospital medicine professionals. (
  • Collaborate with your hospital medicine colleagues to further the vision and objectives of SHM by volunteering on a committee. (
  • As a committee member, you will work with hospital medicine professionals on a national and international stage. (
  • The charge of the Education Committee is to provide recommendations on policies and actions that enhance education within hospital medicine in order to position SHM as the go-to resource for hospital medicine education. (
  • This Committee should explore opportunities to provide Hospitalists with the skills and the tools to become leaders in quality initiatives in Hospital Medicine. (
  • In a one-of-a-kind partnership between Oregon State University (OSU) College of Veterinary Medicine and OHS, all fourth-year veterinary students at OSU must complete a required three-week primary care rotation course at the OHS hospital. (
  • Do you know someone who has earned a place in the "Hall of Fame" for hospital medicine? (
  • Nominations for the Master in Hospital Medicine are due next month. (
  • Don't wait until the last minute to submit your application for the Fellow or Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine. (
  • Early registration discount deadline for Hospital Medicine 2015. (
  • And, naturally, SHM is planning hundreds of meetings with legislators and their staffers to spread the gospel of hospital medicine. (
  • Researchers from University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine presented new research findings in 25 presentations at the 53rd Annual Meeting of American Society of Hematology (ASH) at the San Diego Convention Center. (
  • Washington, D.C. -Today, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) jointly released updated guidance to better prepare hospitals to provide risk-appropriate maternal care. (
  • Herbal nonsense at the Royal Society of Medicine and, ahem, at UCL Hospitals. (
  • How odd, then, to visit the Royal Society of Medicine to be greeted thus. (
  • A Nuclear Medicine Consultant at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Dr Alp Notghi shone at this year's British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) conference, walking away with an award and a new Presidential status. (
  • Dr Notghi said: "I am delighted to be elected as the president of the British Nuclear Medicine Society. (
  • The society plays a leading role in Nuclear Medicine speciality not only in the UK but is also well known and respected throughout the world. (
  • The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital is a 986 bed general, tertiary referral teaching hospital with a number of specialities including medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, psychiatry, oncology and trauma services. (
  • The European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB) will provide in September 28-30, at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, an advanced course on magnetic resonance dedicated to the musculoskeletal system. (
  • Hospitals can be disorientating and frightening for someone with dementia, but there is a lot that can be done to make their stay easier to manage. (
  • This page covers some of the issues that you should think about when someone with dementia goes into hospital. (
  • Someone with dementia may have to go into hospital for a planned procedure such as an operation, during a serious illness or if they have an accident or fall. (
  • Part of the research was carried out at North Middlesex Hospital in north London, where Dr Sampson works with geriatrician Dr Sophie Edwards, the hospital's dementia lead. (
  • A lot of what this project has helped us to understand is that a hospital is what we call a toxic environment and that it's not the fault of the person with dementia. (
  • Middlesex Hospital and the Connecticut chapter of the Alzheimer's Association are teaming up to offer a four-part course dedicated to helping the family members and friends of those who have dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. (
  • Some hospital trusts provide a mental health service (sometimes referred to as a 'hospital liaison team' or a 'Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge' (RAID) team). (
  • Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and hospital representatives will describe how their partnership has evolved to create common goals and initiatives on two levels: population health, and individual patient health. (
  • Lynn Todman , Ph.D., is the executive director for Population Health at Lakeland Health System in St. Joseph, Mich. She is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the hospital system to improve the health of the regional population. (
  • As with Harold Shipman , reporting of this health scandal makes no reference to the discovery of malpractice being assisted by the statistics in question being way out of line with comparable wards in other hospitals (in Shipman's case, practices). (
  • According to The Times the chair of the Hospital Group that includes St Vincent's told the secretary-general of the Department of Health that canon law obliged a hospital on Catholic land (as this is) to operate by Catholic rules. (
  • The hospital initiated a mental health intensive outpatient program, and gained approval to establish a 10-bed inpatient mental health unit to enhance continuity of care. (
  • Much of civil society and many parts of the health sector are not resilient and are not participating in preparedness activities, as was demonstrated in Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. (
  • Although early gains derived from a homegrown system for critical care units and a paper-based basal bolus insulin protocol for medical-surgical floors were promising, they ultimately proved unsustainable absent advanced technology, prompting the 14-hospital not-for-profit health system to partner with Glytec. (
  • He in turn detailed the myriad quality, safety and economic improvements the health system has realized since implementing eGMS ® across all acute care facilities some five years ago following several years of use at its flagship hospital. (
  • Ascension is one of the leading non-profit and Catholic health systems in the U.S., operating 2,600 sites of care - including 150 hospitals and more than 50 senior living facilities - in 20 states and the District of Columbia. (
  • All Baptist Health hospitals, along with Baptist Home Health Care, have achieved Magnet™ status for excellence in patient care. (
  • Baptist Health is part of Coastal Community Health, a highly integrated regional hospital network focused on significant initiatives designed to enhance the quality and value of care provided to our contiguous communities. (
  • I worked in community pharmacy, raised two children, lived and worked in Singapore, and started a job-share at Royal North Shore Hospital in1989 - the first and longest of its kind in the Northern Sydney Health area - before being accredited as a consultant pharmacist in 1997,' she says. (
  • Susanne's thirst for adventure couldn't be quelled, her interest in Indigenous health led to locum work at Tennant Creek Hospital and a chance encounter with a doctor returning from Banda Aceh started a 10-year journey with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). (
  • Nationwide, state health departments, regional perinatal networks, health care systems, and hospitals have expressed interest in implementing LoMC. (
  • Regions and health systems can examine capabilities of their hospitals and define criteria for care locally with designated transfer of care based on risk. (
  • The Heritage Society honors donors who have made a commitment-from the modest to the magnificent-to Capital Health through a planned gift in their will or estate plan. (
  • SAH: Nursing and midwifery mentor update workshops, Faculty of Health & Society, University of Northampton. (
  • The British Geriatrics Society is the professional body of specialist doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals concerned with the health care of older people in the United Kingdom. (
  • ABSTRACT A case-mix hospital information system was designed and implemented in Palestine Red Crescent Society hospitals in order to support the network of Palestinian hospitals in Lebanon and to improve the health of refugees in the country. (
  • Thinking of your HCondN, have you been in hospital or clinic as an in-patient overnight or longer since ff_IntDate because of this health condition? (
  • We thank members of the society for their belief in the mission of Mass General and their concern for the future of health care. (
  • We seek measurable results in countries where Ministries of Health, hospitals and civil society partners can make the most significant impact. (
  • Research into hospital care is already helping to make improvements. (
  • I think we've realised that person‑centred care is as important in hospital as it is in the care home setting. (
  • Head of policy at the United Kingdom Homecare Association Colin Angel said that the report highlighted the need for the NHS to fund social care provision, which would generate savings for acute hospitals. (
  • Thus the Greenwich Hospital switched from the care of ex-members of the Royal Navy to those of the Merchant Navy. (
  • Philanthropic support is critical to building healthy communities and delivering care directly to underserved neighborhoods, Dr. Mark Weissman of Children's National told 40 loyal donors at a thank-you tea for the Guardian Society on Oct. 8. (
  • Whose contributions allow the American Society of Anesthesiologists ® to create world-class education and resources to improve patient care and outcomes. (
  • Together, Ascension Florida operates seven hospitals and more than 100 sites of care and employs more than 10,000 associates. (
  • LoMC, first published in 2015, encourages the development of collaborative relationships between hospitals that offer different levels of maternal care in proximate regions. (
  • These uniform definitions provide a framework for regional hospital relationships that will enhance patient care. (
  • Collaborative relationships between hospitals of differing levels enables consultation and transfer of care, when appropriate, to maternity facilities that have the personnel and resources to care for unexpected obstetric emergencies. (
  • Several states, including Georgia, Indiana, Texas, and Iowa, passed legislation or changed their administrative code to establish a specific maternal level of care designation for all hospitals that provide maternity care. (
  • With levels of maternal care defined, hospitals can identify and fill gaps in capabilities and personnel to align with national standards," said M. Kathryn Menard, MD, MPH, one of the lead authors of LoMC. (
  • The hospital is deploying it initially in the emergency department, and will then extend it to the general hospital floor and the intensive care unit. (
  • If these AI systems do improve care, plenty of hospitals will be eager to adopt the technology, says Duke's Sendak. (
  • The purpose of this forum is to allow hospitals, practitioners, and other interested parties to ask questions on the physician order and physician certification, inpatient hospital admission and medical review criteria that were released on August 2, 2013 in the FY 2014 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS)/Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH) final rule (CMS-1599-F). (
  • We focus on long‐term care hospitals (LTCHs) and the large (approximately $13,500) jump in Medicare payments they receive when a patient's stay reaches a threshold number of days. (
  • Dr Nguyen Viet Tien, director of the hospital, said Hang "might' have died of placental obstruction, but claimed that the hospital had given her proper care. (
  • The President of the British Geriatrics Society commented that the budget 'failed to address the critical issue of delayed transfers of care for older people by increasing funding for social care' at the Society's national conference. (
  • However, our Society remains concerned that the immediate issues around transfers of care will not be alleviated by the measures announced today. (
  • There is also clear evidence that a patient is much more likely to be alive, and avoid the need to move to a care home, up to a year after an emergency hospital admission if they have adequate access to integrated support in their community. (
  • Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust is a partnership of two specialist hospitals which are known throughout the world for their expertise, standard of care and research success. (
  • It is a computerized, user-friendly information system that is a stepping-stone towards better hospital management and evaluation of quality of care. (
  • In the USA the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition has published different official documents over the years, sometimes specifically addressed to parts of the nutritional team or regarding specific problems (eg, compounding mixtures, central venous catheter care). (
  • For a monthly cost that is lower than most cable or phone bills, Hannah the Pet Society provides comprehensive preventive, illness/injury and behavior care for your Pet. (
  • Portland's only comprehensive Pet care and vet hospital. (
  • Over the past decade, studies have shown that hospitalists can contribute to decreased patient lengths of stay, reductions in hospital costs and readmission rates, and increased patient satisfaction. (
  • Please meet in front of the fountain at Stanford University Hospital at 1pm. (
  • The University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust or Wythenshawe Hospital runs a major acute teaching hospital in Wythenshawe, south Manchester, England. (
  • This month, Duke University Hospital, in Durham, N.C., is officially launching Sepsis Watch, an AI-based system that identifies incipient sepsis cases and raises the alarm. (
  • The Bermuda Medical Students' Society (BMSS) today announces the establishment of a new Executive Board. (
  • The BMSS is asking any newly-admitted or currently-enrolled medical students interested in joining, or becoming part of the society to e-mail: [email protected], or look up Bermuda Medical Students' Society on Facebook. (
  • Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the formation of the Bermuda Medical Students' Society (BMSS), a group established to counsel and assist Bermudian medical students in all phases of training as they progress through their requirements and seek job placements as physicians. (
  • It provides information on hospital discharges with hospitalisation based on the main diagnosis associated with the discharge. (
  • Hospital discharges and stays caused by sex and main diagnosis. (
  • Hospital discharges by sex, age group and main diagnosis. (
  • The Mansfield House, located at 151 Main Street, is the headquarters of the Middlesex County Historical Society. (
  • Royal Brompton Hospital: Limited Pay & Display parking is available near the drop off at the main entrance, with disabled access. (
  • In Tasmania our staff are mostly home-grown, so we nurture them from internship - we offer flexibility and work-life balance to encourage staff retention because we can't recruit experienced staff from another local tertiary hospital, we are the only one in town - and mainlanders rarely (but increasingly) migrate south! (
  • The Canadian Thoracic Society recommendations for management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - 2007 are based upon the latest evidence and provide physicians with the most up-to-date information for treating this debilitating disease. (
  • and the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology and supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians. (
  • Researchers say these pilot projects are the first real examples of AI being integrated into hospital operations, with data flowing from electronic medical records and alerts being incorporated into physicians' workflows. (
  • Some physicians from the Hospital da Luz Lisboa may not be included in all agreements listed here. (
  • To find out which physicians are included in the policy you hold, please contact the entity or the administrative services of the hospital. (
  • The Society for the Lying-In Hospital was an American maternity hospital situated at 305 Second Avenue between East 17th and 18th Streets in the Stuyvesant Square neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. (
  • Irish National Maternity Hospital: "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries! (
  • The placards may have to come out again soon as the controversy over the National Maternity Hospital (St Vincent's) rumbles on. (
  • And of all hospitals, a national maternity hospital is where that ethos would have the greatest adverse impact. (
  • The then-master of the National Maternity Hospital, Dr Peter Boylan, clearly accepts this fairly obvious, unpalatable, point. (
  • He told RTE Radio 1's Morning Ireland show that "if IVF, sterilisation, abortion, and gender reassignment were to be carried out at the new National Maternity Hospital, it would be the only hospital in the world owned and run by a Catholic order to allow such procedures. (
  • In just a few weeks a petition to block the Sisters of Charity as 'sole owners' of National Maternity Hospital attracted over 100,000 signatures, many times more than expected. (
  • Patrick B Pratap, administrative head in Sushrut hospital, which charges Rs 1,000 per Covishield dose, said the new policy makes it "rather difficult to handle" with the Rs 150 cap. (
  • We know that 59% of births in the United States occur at hospitals that deliver 1,000 or fewer births each year," said Ted L. Anderson, MD, PhD, president of ACOG. (
  • If you're looking for an opportunity to provide comfort and support to people with cancer and their families while they receive treatment, consider volunteering in a regional centre, lodge or local hospital. (
  • Dormitories above the hospital provide housing for students. (
  • To provide relief to these hospitals, Congress created a special program that permits certain small rural hospitals toreceive reasonable cost-based Part A payments for the services of certain anesthesia providers - anesthesiologist assistants and nurse anesthetists. (
  • While hospitals have now sought clarity from the Union government over per dose cost for immunisation camps held outside, some said they may ask corporates or housing societies to bear infrastructure and transport costs while they will only provide vaccination service. (
  • Hospital pharmacy staff are often asked to provide advice around administration of medicines when the oral route is not suitable. (
  • The remarks expressed in the sources and content do not represent the official views of Dünyagöz Hospital Group unless expressed explicitly. (
  • The Union government has capped handling charges at Rs 150 per vaccine dose over and above procurement cost for private hospitals. (
  • Another change Centre plans is to create a system where small private hospitals submit their vaccine demand to the government and the latter arranges the jabs for them. (
  • I was told they will let you give birth naturally and a C-section is only carried out if it is an unavoidable option unlike other private hospitals. (
  • Diseases of the respiratory system cause the largest number of hospital stays (13.0% of the total). (
  • While weekend hospital admissions are associated with higher mortality, the effects of weekend hospital stays are not known. (
  • Hospital stays for 126,736 unique individuals were extracted. (
  • As a practical support volunteer, you will assist people living with cancer to find appropriate practical supports, such as wigs, turbans and breast prostheses, offered free of charge at one of the Society's regional offices or in the Canadian Cancer Society personal resource room - Our Living Room - in the Dr H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Clinic in St. John's. (
  • The first meeting of the society's committee of management was on 8 March 1821 and they initially provided the Seaman's Infirmary hospital ship using the ex-naval HMS Grampus at Deptford in October 1821. (
  • From the door of his subterranean clinic - "Point 200," it is called, in the weird geology of this partly-underground city - is a corridor leading downhill where he showed me his lowly hospital and the few beds where a small girl was crying as nurses treated a cut above her eye. (
  • The legislation would permit certain small, low volume rural hospitals to attract and retain medically-trained anesthesiologist to practice in medically underserved areas. (
  • One study presented at the International Hospital Diabetes Meeting observed first-year cost savings of nearly $7.5 million stemming from adoption of best practice for insulin therapy. (
  • The Irish Cancer Society has donated €50,000 to HSE's St. Luke's General Hospital, Kilkenny. (
  • Find out more about the findings our researchers presented at the annual meeting by viewing the American Society of Hematology Presentations . (
  • Logistic regression models with generalized estimating equations were used to assess the association of in-hospital cardiac arrest and outcomes by dialysis status. (
  • Before the meeting, Medical Director of Dünyagöz Hospital and former president of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, Prof. Ioannis Pallikaris hosted the ESCRS members, world-renown professors, at a dinner at Topaz Restaurant, which had a spectacular view of Istanbul. (
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dünyagöz Hospital Eray Kapıcıoğlu, Members of the Board of Directors of Dünyagöz Hospital Demet Kapıcıoğlu, Gülferi Yıldırım, Yusuf Akça and CEO of Dünyagöz Hospital Koray Özbay also attended the dinner party. (
  • The Hanoi police are investigating the death of a woman at the National Ob-gyn Hospital Sunday following bitter condemnation of hospital staff by her family members. (
  • Members of the Phillips Society have made a planned gift by establishing a life income gift, creating an endowed fund or designating a gift through a bequest in their wills or trusts to benefit Massachusetts General Hospital. (
  • However, low Part B payment levels and low patient volume make attraction and retention of anesthesia providers difficult for some rural hospitals. (
  • The Department of Neurosciences, Apollo Hospitals Chennai to organise the 12th National Conference of the Indian Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery on the 16th, 17th and 18th September, 2011 at Chennai. (
  • For those fellows interested in paediatric deformity there is an option to attend operative sessions and outpatients at the Royal Childrens Hospital. (
  • 2 Midnight Benchmark for Inpatient Hospital Admissions. (
  • Additional information on the inpatient hospital admissions policy can be found at . (
  • Old North State Medical Society, Amici Curiae. (
  • Under the current restrictive design of the pass-through program, however, hospitals utilizing the services of physician anesthesiologists are specifically excluded from participation. (
  • My mentors have helped and inspired me to become a better physician and because of them I came up with the idea of this society. (
  • My sister in Delhi delivered at a top-notch hospital but her husband was not allowed to be by her side when their baby was born. (
  • Understand multiple ways an AAA and hospital interface on the individual patient level, and discuss possible modes of sustainability. (
  • The charge of the Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee is to oversee the efforts of SHM within quality improvement, reduction in medical errors, and advances in patient safety. (
  • Meanwhile, the in-patient Dreadnought Seamen's Hospital continued at Greenwich until its closure in 1986, with special services for seamen and their families then provided by the 'Dreadnought Unit' at St Thomas's Hospital in Lambeth. (
  • At Stanford Hospital however, four miles of tubing snake though the medical center, allowing doctors and administrators to whiz patient information, critical specimens and documents through the facility using cutting edge, 19th century technology. (
  • SCIg product ordering process for the hospital and collection process for the patient. (
  • 1 During a laparoscopic procedure in 1994 at Presbyterian Hospital, Virmani inadvertently punctured the iliac artery of a patient, creating a life-threatening emergency. (
  • It publishes the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy. (
  • A natural curiosity, desire to learn and interest in other cultures led Susanne Weress to a career in hospital pharmacy. (
  • After landing a Commonwealth scholarship to study a Bachelor of Pharmacy at The University of Sydney, Susanne finished her registration year at Prince of Wales Hospital and took off to work in London before returning to locum in rural New South Wales. (
  • As Royal Hobart Hospital Pharmacy Manager, Duncan oversees 100 staff across pharmacy, technician, administration and stores roles and he knows that flexibility isn't just a key enabler and driver of good performance, but a necessity. (
  • Length of hospital stay (p=0.001, r= 0.78), use of antipseudomonal antibiotic combination (p=0.001), use of antibiotic within 3 months (p=0.001) and two or more hospitalisation days within 3 months (p=0.031) increased the costs but age, comorbidity, treatment success, ICU requirement, PSI and CURB65 scores did not increase the costs. (
  • Major determinants of costs were length of hospital stay, use of antipseudomonal antibiotic combination, use of antibiotic within 3 months and two or more hospitalisation days within 3 months. (
  • Ce système repose sur la collecte systématique de données administratives et cliniques essentielles correspondant à chaque hospitalisation, en fonction de codes de diagnostic reconnus à l'échelle internationale. (