Large vessels propelled by power or sail used for transportation on rivers, seas, oceans, or other navigable waters. Boats are smaller vessels propelled by oars, paddles, sail, or power; they may or may not have a deck.
A group of hydrolases which catalyze the hydrolysis of monophosphoric esters with the production of one mole of orthophosphate. EC 3.1.3.
The practice of medicine concerned with conditions affecting the health of individuals associated with the marine environment.
Regions of AMINO ACID SEQUENCE similarity in the SRC-FAMILY TYROSINE KINASES that fold into specific functional tertiary structures. The SH1 domain is a CATALYTIC DOMAIN. SH2 and SH3 domains are protein interaction domains. SH2 usually binds PHOSPHOTYROSINE-containing proteins and SH3 interacts with CYTOSKELETAL PROTEINS.
Phosphatidylinositols in which one or more alcohol group of the inositol has been substituted with a phosphate group.
Specific molecular sites on the surface of various cells, including B-lymphocytes and macrophages, that combine with IMMUNOGLOBULIN Gs. Three subclasses exist: Fc gamma RI (the CD64 antigen, a low affinity receptor), Fc gamma RII (the CD32 antigen, a high affinity receptor), and Fc gamma RIII (the CD16 antigen, a low affinity receptor).
A family of signaling adaptor proteins that contain SRC HOMOLOGY DOMAINS. Many members of this family are involved in transmitting signals from CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS to MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASES.
The reduction or regulation of the population of noxious, destructive, or dangerous plants, insects, or other animals. This includes control of plants that serve as habitats or food sources for animal pests.
Derivatives of the saturated steroid cholestane with methyl groups at C-18 and C-19 and an iso-octyl side chain at C-17.
IMMUNOGLOBULINS on the surface of B-LYMPHOCYTES. Their MESSENGER RNA contains an EXON with a membrane spanning sequence, producing immunoglobulins in the form of type I transmembrane proteins as opposed to secreted immunoglobulins (ANTIBODIES) which do not contain the membrane spanning segment.
The development and establishment of environmental conditions favorable to the health of the public.
The introduction of a phosphoryl group into a compound through the formation of an ester bond between the compound and a phosphorus moiety.
Phosphotransferases that catalyzes the conversion of 1-phosphatidylinositol to 1-phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate. Many members of this enzyme class are involved in RECEPTOR MEDIATED SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION and regulation of vesicular transport with the cell. Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases have been classified both according to their substrate specificity and their mode of action within the cell.
The intracellular transfer of information (biological activation/inhibition) through a signal pathway. In each signal transduction system, an activation/inhibition signal from a biologically active molecule (hormone, neurotransmitter) is mediated via the coupling of a receptor/enzyme to a second messenger system or to an ion channel. Signal transduction plays an important role in activating cellular functions, cell differentiation, and cell proliferation. Examples of signal transduction systems are the GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID-postsynaptic receptor-calcium ion channel system, the receptor-mediated T-cell activation pathway, and the receptor-mediated activation of phospholipases. Those coupled to membrane depolarization or intracellular release of calcium include the receptor-mediated activation of cytotoxic functions in granulocytes and the synaptic potentiation of protein kinase activation. Some signal transduction pathways may be part of larger signal transduction pathways; for example, protein kinase activation is part of the platelet activation signal pathway.
A non-essential amino acid. In animals it is synthesized from PHENYLALANINE. It is also the precursor of EPINEPHRINE; THYROID HORMONES; and melanin.
Process by which unwanted microbial, plant or animal materials or organisms accumulate on man-made surfaces.
A polysymptomatic condition believed by clinical ecologists to result from immune dysregulation induced by common foods, allergens, and chemicals, resulting in various physical and mental disorders. The medical community has remained largely skeptical of the existence of this "disease", given the plethora of symptoms attributed to environmental illness, the lack of reproducible laboratory abnormalities, and the use of unproven therapies to treat the condition. (From Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
A genus in the family CALICIVIRIDAE, associated with epidemic GASTROENTERITIS in humans. The type species, NORWALK VIRUS, contains multiple strains.
Virus diseases caused by CALICIVIRIDAE. They include HEPATITIS E; VESICULAR EXANTHEMA OF SWINE; acute respiratory infections in felines, rabbit hemorrhagic disease, and some cases of gastroenteritis in humans.
Facilities provided for human excretion, often with accompanying handwashing facilities.
The science dealing with the establishment and maintenance of health in the individual and the group. It includes the conditions and practices conducive to health. (Webster, 3d ed)
Pharmacy services accessed via electronic means.
A series of heterocyclic compounds that are variously substituted in nature and are known also as purine bases. They include ADENINE and GUANINE, constituents of nucleic acids, as well as many alkaloids such as CAFFEINE and THEOPHYLLINE. Uric acid is the metabolic end product of purine metabolism.
Bovine respiratory disease found in animals that have been shipped or exposed to CATTLE recently transported. The major agent responsible for the disease is MANNHEIMIA HAEMOLYTICA and less commonly, PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA or HAEMOPHILUS SOMNUS. All three agents are normal inhabitants of the bovine nasal pharyngeal mucosa but not the LUNG. They are considered opportunistic pathogens following STRESS, PHYSIOLOGICAL and/or a viral infection. The resulting bacterial fibrinous BRONCHOPNEUMONIA is often fatal.
Facilities for the preparation and dispensing of drugs.
Drugs that cannot be sold legally without a prescription.
Drugs whose drug name is not protected by a trademark. They may be manufactured by several companies.
The relative equivalency in the efficacy of different modes of treatment of a disease, most often used to compare the efficacy of different pharmaceuticals to treat a given disease.
The means of moving persons, animals, goods, or materials from one place to another.
Conflict between RUSSIA (Pre-1917); the OTTOMAN EMPIRE; ENGLAND; FRANCE; and Sardinia.
A comprehensive radiation treatment of the entire CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Work-related situations in which the employees as a group refuse to work until certain conditions of employment are granted by the employer.
A historical and cultural entity dispersed across a wide geographical area under the political domination and influence of ancient Rome, bringing to the conquered people the Roman civilization and culture from 753 B.C. to the beginning of the imperial rule under Augustus in 27 B.C. The early city built on seven hills grew to conquer Sicily, Sardinia, Carthage, Gaul, Spain, Britain, Greece, Asia Minor, etc., and extended ultimately from Mesopotamia to the Atlantic. Roman medicine was almost entirely in Greek hands, but Rome, with its superior water system, remains a model of sanitation and hygiene. (From A. Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed pp196-99; from F. H. Garrison, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th ed, pp107-120)
Hostile conflict between organized groups of people.
A plant genus in the family ROSACEAE, order Rosales, subclass Rosidae. It is best known as a source of the edible fruit (apple) and is cultivated in temperate climates worldwide.
Terminal facilities used for aircraft takeoff and landing and including facilities for handling passengers. (from McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed.)
Equipment that sends digital information over telephone lines. The term Modem is a short form of the phrase modulator-demodulator.
An independent state in eastern Africa. Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa and is bordered on the north and northeast by Eritrea, on the east by Djibouti and Somalia, on the south by Kenya, and on the west and southwest by Sudan. Its capital is Addis Ababa.
The interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale, between different countries or between populations within the same country. It includes trade (the buying, selling, or exchanging of commodities, whether wholesale or retail) and business (the purchase and sale of goods to make a profit). (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed, p411, p2005 & p283)
Governmental levies on property, inheritance, gifts, etc.
A republic in southern Africa east of ZAMBIA and MOZAMBIQUE. Its capital is Lilongwe. It was formerly called Nyasaland.
A genus of trees of the Myrtaceae family, native to Australia, that yields gums, oils, and resins which are used as flavoring agents, astringents, and aromatics.
Neoplasms composed of tissues of the OVARY or the TESTIS, not neoplasms located in the ovaries or testes. Gonadal tissues include GERM CELLS, cells from the sex cord, and gonadal stromal cells.
An island in the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies. It is chiefly of coral formation with no good harbors and only small streams. It was probably discovered by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. The name was given by 16th-century Spanish explorers from barbados, the plural for "bearded", with reference to the beard-like leaves or trails of moss on the trees that grew there in abundance. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p116 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p49)
A province of eastern Canada, one of the Maritime Provinces with NEW BRUNSWICK; PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND; and sometimes NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR. Its capital is Halifax. The territory was granted in 1621 by James I to the Scotsman Sir William Alexander and was called Nova Scotia, the Latin for New Scotland. The territory had earlier belonged to the French, under the name of Acadia. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p871 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p384)
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
The transmission and reception of electric impulses or signals by means of electric waves without a connecting wire, or the use of these waves for the wireless transmission of electric impulses into which sound is converted. (From Webster's 3d)
A plant species of the family VISCACEAE, order Santalales, subclass Rosidae. This is the traditional mistletoe of literature and Christmas. Members contain viscotoxin (5 kDa basic polypeptides related to thionins), beta-galactoside- and N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-specific lectin II (60 kDa), and polysaccharides. Mistletoe lectin I is a type 2 ribosome-inactivating protein. Commercial extracts include Plenosol, Eurixor, Helixor Isorel, Iscador, and NSC 635089 (ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS, PHYTOGENIC).
A plant species in the CHENOPODIUM genus known for edible greens.
Members of the transforming growth factor superfamily that play a role in pattern formation and differentiation during the pregastrulation and GASTRULATION stages of chordate development. Several nodal signaling ligands are specifically involved in the genesis of left-right asymmetry during development. The protein group is named after a critical region of the vertebrate embryo PRIMITIVE STREAK referred to as HENSEN'S NODE.
NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE service for health professionals and consumers. It links extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other reviewed sources of information on specific diseases and conditions.

Water traffic accidents, drowning and alcohol in Finland, 1969-1995. (1/316)

OBJECTIVE: To examine age- and sex-specific mortality rates and trends in water traffic accidents (WTA), and their association with alcohol, in Finland. MATERIALS AND METHODS: National mortality and population data from Finland, 1969-1995, are used to analyse rates and trends. The mortality rates are calculated on the basis of population, per 100000 inhabitants in each age group (<1, 1-4, 5-14, 15-24, 25-44, 45-64, > or = 65), and analysed by sex and age. The Poisson regression model and chi2 test for trend (EGRET and StatXact softwares) are used to analyse time trends. RESULTS: From 1969 through 1995 there were 3473 (2.7/100000/year; M:F= 20.4:1) WTA-related deaths among Finns of all ages. In 94.7% of the cases the cause of death was drowning. Alcohol intoxication was a contributing cause of death in 63.0% of the fatalities. During the study period the overall WTA mortality rates declined significantly (-4% per year; P < 0.001). This decline was observed in all age groups except > or = 65 year olds. The overall mortality rates in WTA associated with alcohol intoxication (1987-1995) also declined significantly (-6%; P = 0.01). CONCLUSIONS: In Finland, mortality rates in WTA are exceptionally high. Despite a marked decline in most age groups, the high mortality in WTA nevertheless remains a preventable cause of death. Preventive countermeasures targeted specifically to adult males, to the reduction of alcohol consumption in aquatic settings and to the use of personal safety devices should receive priority.  (+info)

Legionnaires' disease on a cruise ship linked to the water supply system: clinical and public health implications. (2/316)

The occurrence of legionnaires' disease has been described previously in passengers of cruise ships, but determination of the source has been rare. A 67-year-old, male cigarette smoker with heart disease contracted legionnaires' disease during a cruise in September 1995 and died 9 days after disembarking. Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 was isolated from the patient's sputum and the ship's water supply. Samples from the air-conditioning system were negative. L. pneumophila serogroup 1 isolates from the water supply matched the patient's isolate, by both monoclonal antibody subtyping and genomic fingerprinting. None of 116 crew members had significant antibody titers to L. pneumophila serogroup 1. One clinically suspected case of legionnaires' disease and one confirmed case were subsequently diagnosed among passengers cruising on the same ship in November 1995 and October 1996, respectively. This is the first documented evidence of the involvement of a water supply system in the transmission of legionella infection on ships. These cases were identified because of the presence of a unique international system of surveillance and collaboration between public health authorities.  (+info)

A historical cohort mortality study of workers exposed to asbestos in a refitting shipyard. (3/316)

To investigate the risks of developing asbestos-related diseases we conducted a historical cohort mortality study on 249 ship repair workers (90 laggers and 159 boiler repairers) in a single U.S. Navy shipyard in Japan. We successfully identified the vital status of 87 (96.7%) laggers and 150 (94.3%) boiler repairers, and, of these, 49 (56.3%) and 65 (43.3%) died, respectively, during the follow-up period from 1947 till the end of 1996. Our in-person interviews with some of the subjects clarified that asbestos exposure was considered to be substantially high in the 1950-60s, decreased thereafter gradually but remained till 1979 in the shipyard. The laggers, who had handled asbestos materials directly, showed a significantly elevated SMR of 2.75 (95% C.I.: 1.08-6.48) for lung cancer. The risk developing the disease was greater in the laggers after a 20-year latency (SMR = 3.42). Pancreatic cancer yielded a greater SMR than unity (7.78, 90% C.I.: 2.07-25.19) in a longer working years group. Four laggers died from asbestosis. The boiler repairers, who had many chances for secondary exposure to asbestos and a few for direct exposure, showed no elevation of the SMR of lung cancer overall, but there was a borderline statistically significant SMR of 2.41 (90% C.I.: 1.05-5.45) in a longer working years group. One boiler repairer died from mesothelioma and four from asbestosis.  (+info)

Evaluation of exposure to ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetates and their possible haematological effects on shipyard painters. (4/316)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate exposure to mixed solvents containing ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate (EGEEA) in shipyard painters, to determine if EGEEA is toxic to the bone marrow. METHODS: An industrial hygiene survey was performed to identify exposure to EGEEA of two groups of shipyard painters, a low exposure group (n = 30) and a high exposure group (n = 27). Urinary ethoxyacetic acid and methyl hippuric acid as well as haemoglobin, packed cell volume, red cell indices, total and differential white blood cell counts (WBCs), and platelet count for the shipyard painters and the control subjects were measured. RESULTS: The mean (range) exposure concentration (ppm) to EGEEA in the high and low exposure groups were 3.03 (not detectable to 18.27), 1.76 (not detectable to 8.12), respectively. The concentrations of methyl hippuric acid and ethoxyacetic acid in the high exposure group were significantly higher than those in the control group. The mean WBCs in the high exposure group were significantly lower than in the control group, and a significant proportion, six (11%) of the 57 painters, were leucopenic; none of the controls were affected. CONCLUSION: The high rate of possible haematological effects among shipyard painters and a hygienic evaluation of their working environment in the present study suggests that EGEEA might be toxic to bone marrow.  (+info)

Health effects of solvent exposure among dockyard painters: mortality and neuropsychological symptoms. (5/316)

OBJECTIVES: To study mortality and prevalence of neuropsychological symptoms among a cohort of painters known to have been heavily exposed to organic solvents. METHODS: A mortality study of 1292 male painters who had worked in a dockyard in Scotland for > or = 1 year between 1950 and 1992 comprised a nested cross sectional study of 953 surviving painters from the cohort and 953 male non-painters randomly selected from the local population and a case-control study of those with high symptom scores. Mortality, symptoms, and risks associated with painting, adjusting for age, education, smoking, alcohol, and personality were measured. RESULTS: The proportional mortality ratio for all cancers was not increased significantly (110 (95% confidence interval (95% CI) 84 to 143), except for a possible excess of deaths from ischaemic heart disease (132, 105 to 164). Standardised mortality ratios were not significantly increased. Among the 260 surviving painters and 539 community controls who responded to the questionnaire there was a significant excess of symptoms among painters; adjusted relative risk (RR) increased significantly with increasing symptom score. These RRs suggested an exposure-response relation; for a high score (12-22) for all symptoms RR was 2.27 (1.20 to 4.30) for 1-4 years of exposure, 2.42 (1.18 to 4.95) for 5-9 years, 2.89 (1.42 to 5.88) for 10-14 years, and 3.41 (1.82 to 6.36) for 15-41 years, compared with controls. In multivariate analyses, painting exposure, and aging were associated with high symptom scores and there was again an increased risk relative to time worked as a painter. CONCLUSION: This study supports the hypothesis that heavy and prolonged exposure to paint solvents leads to neuropsychological ill health.  (+info)

Neuropsychological symptoms in Chinese male and female painters: an epidemiological study in dockyard workers. (6/316)

OBJECTIVES: To study the prevalences of neuropsychological symptoms in male and female dockyard painters in China and to compare them with those in British dockyard painters. METHODS: All 116 painters were identified, active and retired, who had been employed in two Chinese dockyards for at least 1 year together with a matched random sample of 263 dockyard non-painters. Neuropsychological and personality questionnaires that we had used previously in a study of United Kingdom dockyard painters were used, translated into Chinese. Neuropsychological symptoms in painters and controls were compared, adjusting for age, educational level, smoking, alcohol intake, and personality. RESULTS: The response rate was 94% for painters and 97% for controls. Highly significant excesses of symptoms were found in painters, suggestive of neuropsychological dysfunction. Both male and female painters showed higher relative risks than were found in similar tradespeople in the United Kingdom. The relative risk increased with increasing score of both neurological and psychological symptoms. Relative risk of having a high symptom score, compared with controls and adjusted for confounders, was 6.61 (95% confidence interval (95% CI) 2.36 to 18.50) for 2-15 years exposure, 14.88 (5.74 to 38.56) for 16-22 years and 9.42 (3.97 to 22.36) for > or = 22 years. CONCLUSION: These results indicate that neuropsychological symptoms are associated with heavy exposure to painting work in China, and that the phenomenon is likely to be found worldwide wherever there is such exposure to solvent based paints. The high response rate in this study answers a possible criticism of the earlier United Kingdom study.  (+info)

Osler usque ad mare: the SS William Osler. (7/316)

William Osler's connections with the sea included a strong family history of seafaring, his own transatlantic crossings (of which there were at least 32) and the occasional use of nautical imagery in his inspirational writings. An unusual Oslerian connection with the sea emerged after his death in the form of a World War II Liberty ship. Through the SS William Osler and its sister ships, Osler was symbolically reunited with colleagues associated with the early days of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The William Osler circumnavigated the globe in 1943 without engaging the enemy. She was then converted into an army hospital ship and renamed the USHS Wisteria.  (+info)

Preventing commercial fishing deaths in Alaska. (8/316)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effectiveness of the United States Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act of 1988 in reducing the high occupational death rate (200/100,000/year in 1991-2) among Alaska's commercial fishermen. METHODS: Comprehensive surveillance of deaths in commercial fishing was established by our office during 1991 and 1992 for Alaska. Demographic data and data on risk factors and incidents were compiled and analysed for trend. RESULTS: During 1991-8, there was a significant (p < 0.001) decrease in deaths in Alaska related to commercial fishing. Although drownings from fishermen falling overboard and events related to crab fishing vessels (often conducted far offshore and in winter) have continued to occur, marked progress (significant downward trend, p < 0.001) has been made in saving the lives of people involved in vessels capsizing and sinking. CONCLUSIONS: Specific measures tailored to prevent drowning associated with vessels capsizing and sinking in Alaska's commercial fishing industry have been successful. However, these events continue to occur, and place fishermen and rescue personnel at substantial risk. Additional strategies must be identified to reduce the frequency of vessels capsizing and sinking, to enable parallel improvements in the mortality among crab fishermen, and to prevent fishermen falling overboard and drownings associated with them.  (+info)

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The United States Coast Guard CSC 1993 SUBJECT AREA - General EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Title: The United States Coast Guard Author: Lieutenant Commander F.X. OByrne, Jr., United States Coast Guard Thesis: The United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College provides instruction on the roles, mission, equipment, and organization of the four armed forces within the Department of Defense, but provides no such instruction on the nations fifth armed force, the United States Coast Guard. This paper provides basic information on the roles, mission, equipment, and organization of the United States Coast Guard. Background: The Revenue Cutter Service, forerunner of the Coast Guard, was founded in 1790 to help the government collect tariff revenues by stopping smuggling. The Revenue Cutter Service was renamed the Coast Guard in 1915. The service has approximately 37,000 active duty personnel. Their rank structure, promotion, pay, and retirement are the same as DOD services. There are approximately 12,000 ...
The US Coast Guard seized a record $1 billion worth of heroin and cocaine over a four-month period, providing further evidence that maritime drug trafficking in Latin America is seeing a resurgence. The Coast Guards record haul included 32 tons of cocaine and two tons of heroin seized during operations that ran from April to July, reported Reuters. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft said more narcotics have been seized off the coast of Mexico and Central America during fiscal year 2015 than in the last three years combined.. The Coast Guard mission involved 23 separate interdictions that led to the arrests of over 215 drug traffickers, reported Fox News. This includes one operation in which the Coast Guard seized a self-propelled semi-submersible vessel transiting over eight tons of cocaine off El Salvadors Pacific coast. (See US Coast Guard video below).. In an official statement, Vice Admiral Charles W. Ray noted the importance of the Coast Guards interdiction efforts in the fight ...
A Coast Guard aircrew flew approximately 1,036 miles to airdrop blood and medical supplies to a cruise ship northeast of the Hawaiian Islands Sunday.. Coast Guard crew airdrops lifesaving blood to cruise ship. HONOLULU - A Coast Guard aircrew flew approximately 1,036 miles to airdrop blood and medical supplies to a cruise ship northeast of the Hawaiian Islands Sunday.. Personnel aboard the cruise ship Oosterdam contacted watchstanders at Coast Guard Joint Rescue Coordination Center Honolulu at approximately 4 a.m. requesting medical assistance for an ailing passenger. The ships onboard doctor was treating the 70-year-old man for internal bleeding. A Coast Guard flight surgeon was consulted and recommended an airdrop of blood, platelets and transfusion equipment.. At approximately 11:30 a.m., a Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules aircrew from Air Station Barbers Point successfully dropped six units of blood, one pack of platelets and two transfusion kits received from Tripler Army Medical Center and the ...
KENOSHA, Wis. - Coast Guard, helicopter and boat crews rescued an injured man on a sailing vessel Thursday, 26 miles off Kenoshas shore.. At approximately 5 p.m., the Coast Guard received a call from the sailing vessel Blue, that a passenger had suffered an arm injury after becoming trapped between two vessels.. The man was transferred into the care of a crew from a 41-foot Utility Boat, of Coast Guard Station Kenosha. Because of the extent of the injury, the crew transferred him to an HH-65 Dolphin Rescue Helicopter, from Air Facility Muskegon, Mich.. He was later transferred to Emergency Medical Services who took him to United Hospital Kenosha. ...
Coast Guard crews interdict suspected drug smugglers in the drug transit zones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Coast Guard crews seized nearly 20,000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $338 million, through eight separate suspected drug smuggling interdictions and disruptions off the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America by four Coast Guard cutters between November 2019 and January 2020.(U.S.Coast Guard video) ...
Published on 11 August 2020. The COVID-19 related restrictions on crew changes have a major impact on the health and well-being of seafarers. Although some Governments have taken action to alleviate the situation, more than 200,000 seafarers are still waiting to be repatriated, many remaining on board long beyond the end of their original contracts.. We would like to invite you to take part in a short survey on health protection measures on board ships in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The objective of this survey is to gain further understanding of the health protection measures introduced by companies onboard their ships during the pandemic, and inform the development of best practices for companies and seafarers. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous. The survey will close on 31 August.. Access the Survey. ...
The Coast Guard Reserve has been a flexible, responsive and cost-effective workforce that has maintained its primary purpose of providing surge capacity for Coast Guard missions for 72 years. The Coast Guard Reserve was established Feb. 19, 1941. Of the 214,000 personnel serving in the Coast Guard during World War II, nine out of 10 were reservists. Another 125,000 members served in the Temporary Reserve, which consisted of volunteers and Auxiliary members whose paid and unpaid services were needed in a military capacity for coastal and port security details.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greek authorities say coast guard divers have seized more than 46 kilograms (101 pounds) of cocaine found hidden behind a water intake grate in the hull of a cargo ship that arrived in Greece from Brazil. The coast guard said Tuesday it had seized the drugs the previous day following information […]
PHOENIX, December 26, 2012, 10:27 am -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Honeywell ( NYSE: HON ) has been awarded a $4.8 million contract to install health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) onboard the entire fleet of U.S. Coast Guard MH-60T helicopters. For the U.S. Coast Guard, the installation and use of HUMS is critically important and paramount to the success of its missions. Unscheduled maintenance events can cause mission aborts that are unacceptable in the life-or-death situations that the MH-60T is often called to support. The installation of Honeywells Zing® HUMS 1239 greatly increases the U.S. Coast Guards ability to complete its mission and has the added benefit of helping reduce maintenance costs. HUMS is a sensor-based monitoring system that enables preventative maintenance by measuring the health and performance of mission-critical components. By continuously monitoring vibration at numerous points throughout the drivetrain and pinpointing mechanical faults before they become catastrophic ...
I have just returned from eight and a half hours broken down at sea. This is the fifth time that I have had motor troubles and been stuck out on the big old blue. And, to add insult to injury, all but one of these occasions have been in brand new boats only a few months old. However, this time on board a 38 footer, it broken down 10miles from the harbour with the owner refusing to call the coast guard because he was not a member. He was prepared to spend enough money to buy a small house but not the $55 Coast Guard fee…what the? I implore all readers to join the Coast Guard, they provide a great service and you do not get many chances out on the water. If youre not a member and own a boat, youre a bloody idiot!. Those anglers lucky enough to get offshore in the breaks of southerlies have found the Spanish mackerel only willing on troll baits of gar or mullet. Trolled lures have been working as well but the best reports have come from the baits. School sized fish from 8-15kg have been the ...
As the issue of migrants and loss of lives at sea is becoming grim, heres a twenty three points guide for merchant ships to attempt a large scale rescue at sea and dealing with refugees or migrants.
Editors Note: Click on videos or images to download high resolution version.. SAN DIEGO - The Coast Guard Cutter Benjamin Bottoms, the fourth California-based 154-foot Fast Response Cutter (FRC), arrived in San Diego, Friday, and will be open for public tours throughout the weekend.. The Benjamin Bottoms is the last of four FRCs to be homeported at Base Los Angeles-Long Beach and while these ships will be based in Southern California, they will operate throughout the 11th Coast Guard District, which includes all of California and international waters off of Mexico and Central America.. The Fast Response Cutters are game changing, said Lt. Lennie Day, the Benjamin Bottoms commanding officer. The increased capability of its communication suite combined with its over-the-horizon, long-range small-boat will significantly aide complex Coast Guard missions.. The ship is scheduled to be open to the public for tours at the Maritime Museum of San Diego from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. ...
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Crewmembers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Marlin offload 17 bales of cocaine worth more than $11 million Jan. 3 at Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg. A maritime patrol aircraft crew detected a suspicious go-fast vessel in the western Caribbean Sea Dec. 29. The crew aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Forward was notified and began pursuit when the suspects aboard the go-fast vessel began to jettison bales of suspected contraband in an attempt to escape.
HOUSTON - A 34-year-old man was medevaced Monday afternoon after he fell and lost feeling in the left half of his body approximately 35 miles off the coast of Galveston. The captain of the 85-foot fishing boat New Buccaneer contacted watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston at 1:10 p.m. to report the mans condition and ask for assistance.. The watchstanders launched an aircrew aboard an MH-65 Dolphin rescue helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Houston to recover the man.. The aircrew transported him to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston for immediate medical care. ...
Journal News: Pace: Coast Guard didnt follow procedures on anchorages. State Sen. Terrence Murphy, R-Yorktown, speaks at a press conference Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, alongside John Cronin of Pace University, State Sens. Sue Serino, R-Hyde Park, and David Carlucci, D-Clarkstown, and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. (Photo: Matt Coyne/The Journal News). SLEEPY HOLLOW - The Coast Guard skipped ahead of its own internal processes in proposing 10 new commercial shipping anchorages on the Hudson River, exempting themselves from speaking to the public Pace University Environmental Policy Clinic students contend.. In the 43 years Ive worked on the Hudson River, I have not seen an agency take the actions the Coast Guard has taken to block transparency, to block public access to information and, in fact, to hide behind the filing of the regulation so it doesnt even have to talk to us anymore, said Pace Senior Fellow for Environmental Affairs John Cronin at a press conference on Monday.. Read ...
The U.S. Coast Guard released plans that would allow wastewater from shale gas to be shipped via barge in the nations rivers and waterways on October 30 - and those rules have kicked up a storm of controversy. The proposal is drawing fire from locals and environmentalists along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers who say the Coast Guard failed to examine the environmental impacts of a spill and is only giving the public 30 days to comment on the plan. Three million people get their water from the Ohio River, and further downstream, millions more rely on drinking water from the Mississippi. If the Coast Guards proposed policy is approved, barges carrying 10,000 barrels of fracking wastewater would float downstream from northern Appalachia to Ohio, Texas and Louisiana. Environmentalists say a spill could be disastrous, because the wastewater would contaminate drinking water and the complicated brew of contaminants in fracking waste, which include corrosive salts and radioactive materials, would be nearly
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Citation: Burkholder, J.M., Hallegraeff, G.M., Melia, G., Cohen, A., Bowers, H., Oldach, D.A., Parrow, M.W., Sullivan, M.J., Zimba, P.V., Mallin, M.A. 2007. Phytoplankton and Bacterial Assemblages in Ballast Water of U.S. Military Ships as a Function of Port of Origin, Voyage Time, and Ocean Exchange Practices. Harmful Algae. Interpretive Summary: The introduction of new species to the United States can occur by several routes. One of the most common is through cargo ship transport. Military ships were tested to determine the composition of bacteria and algae in ballast water tanks. Tanks contained up to 100 species of algae-22 of these can be harmful to other organisms. One pathogenic bacteria was found in ballast water samples. These results indicate that current ballast water treatments are unable to prevent introduction of invasive species. Technical Abstract: We characterized the physical/chemical conditions and the algal and bacterial assemblages in ballast water from 62 ballast tanks ...
Since the introduction of steel-hulled vessels around 120 years ago, water has been used as ballast to stabilize vessels at sea. Ballast water is pumped in to maintain safe operating conditions throughout a voyage. This practice reduces stress on the hull, provides transverse stability, improves propulsion and maneuverability, and compensates for weight changes in various cargo load levels and due to fuel and water consumption. While ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations, it may pose serious ecological, economic and health problems due to the multitude of marine species carried in ships ballast water. These include bacteria, microbes, small invertebrates, eggs, cysts and larvae of various species. The transferred species may survive to establish a reproductive population in the host environment, becoming invasive, out-competing native species and multiplying into pest proportions. The problem of invasive species in ships ballast water is largely due to ...
If youve got drugs aboard and are having battery issues on your boat, maybe you shouldnt call the Coast Guard for help. Thats what happened in San Diego on Sunday morning, leading to the seizure of 1,200 pounds of marijuana, the U.S. Coast Guard said Tuesday.
The following is a list of ships that were built by Harland and Wolff, a heavy industrial company which specialises in shipbuilding and offshore construction, and is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The ships are listed in order of the date of their launch. SS Venetian, cargo ship for J Bibby & Sons, launched 30 July 1859, completed 14 August 1859, renamed Landana in 1880 and later Tarapaca, wrecked in 1894. SS Sicilian, cargo ship for J Bibby & Sons, launched 12 November 1859, completed 24 November 1859. SS Syrian, cargo ship for J Bibby & Sons, launched 26 March 1860, completed 1 April 1860. Miranda, yacht for Mr T Yeats, launched 211 June 1860. Jane Porter, full-rigged ship for J. P. Corry & Co. Launched 1 September 1860, completed 15 September 1860. SS Grecian, cargo ship for J Bibby & Sons, launched 12 January 1861, completed 30 January 1861. Ballymurtagh, steam wherry barge for Wicklow Mining Company, launched 25 September 1860. SS Italian, cargo ship for J Bibby & Sons, launched 27 ...
Located near Baltimore, Maryland, the Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard is the only shipbuilding site operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, and it is also their primary repair facility. The history of The Yard, as it is informally known, began in 1899 when it was founded as a training academy for new cadets. Only 11 years later, in 1910, it was converted into the shipbuilding and repair site it remains today. The facility is 113 acres in size and is an important industrial support center for this military branch. The Yard reached its peak operations during the years of World War II, with over 3,000 employees working onsite. Before the strict asbestos regulations were put into effect in the 1980s, The Yard used many asbestos-containing products. In fact, it was difficult to work in an area of the facility where asbestos was not present in one form or another. The different materials and pieces either made completely of asbestos or containing asbestos fibers includes the following: ...
In July 2011, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) designated the Baltic Sea as a special area for sewage from passenger ships. The decision entered into force on 1 January 2013. Applicable dates of enforcement were decided on by IMO in 2016 to be 1 June 2021 for existing IMO registered passenger ships, 1 June 2019 for new passenger ships. For direct passages between St. Petersburg and the North Sea there is an extension until 1 June 2023... The effective application of this already existing legal status has been, according to the 2011 IMO decision, subject to the availability of adequate sewage Port Reception Facilities (PRF) in the region. This availability of adequate sewage PRF has to be separately notified to IMO MEPC by the coastal countries. All HELCOM countries have informed of such adequacy to IMO by 2016 ...
Boaters heading out onto Colorado waters this weekend will see additional Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers enforcing boating under the influence (BUI) laws as part of the national Operation Dry Water campaign from July 3-July 5.. This three-day enforcement operation is timed closely to the July 4th holiday each year and is designed to both educate boaters on the dangers of boating under the influence, as well as reduce the number of accidents and deaths related to alcohol and drug use on our waterways.. Its so important for people to understand the dangers of drinking and boating, especially heading into a busy holiday season, says Grant Brown, Colorados Boating Safety Program Manager. Alcohol use is the leading factor in recreational boating deaths in the United States. CPW wants Colorado boaters to get out on the water and have a great time, but you have to do so responsibly. At a minimum, you may receive a citation, but theres a chance that serious injuries can also happen. Your ...
The CGA was established on 1 February 2000,[10] combining the Coast Guard Command (formerly under the Ministry of Defense), the Marine Police Bureau (formerly under the National Police Administration, Ministry of Interior), and several cutters from the Taiwan Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance. The CGA formally unifies coastal and maritime law enforcement agencies.[11]. It has seen a great deal of action for a young agency, participating in numerous search and rescue and anti-smuggling operations. The Coast Guard Administration was also recently involved in escorting Taiwanese fishing boats into waters disputed with Japan claimed by both sides as part of their exclusive economic zones.[6]. In May 2019 the CGA detained two Chinese fishing vessels for illegally fishing inside Taiwans territorial waters. One vessel was 0.4 nautical miles off Taiwanese shores while the other was 2.1 nautical miles offshore.[12]. In May 2019 the CGA rescued six fishermen aboard a burning boat ...
Puget Sounds complex maritime landscape - with huge port operations, ferries, commercial fishing fleets, cruise ships, recreational boaters, U.S. Navy ships, and tribes - makes a good test bed for investigating and improving security practices.. A new University of Washington research center that has uncovered profound actionable implications for improving maritime security nationwide is drawing a visit to the UW Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering on Thursday from Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, the U.S. Coast Guards commandant and top leader.. Admiral Zukunft will hear from researchers with the UWs Center for Collaborative Systems for Security, Safety and Regional Resilience (CoSSaR), which has embarked on a multiyear study to understand and support the information sharing requirements to deliver round-the-clock security and safety services in Puget Sound.. After 9/11, research that focused on disaster, emergency and incident preparedness, response and recovery increased ...
Stratton, the first woman accepted for service in the womens reserve of the Coast Guard back in 1942, has her name grace a new, angular Coast Guard cutter that was commissioned into active service Saturday in Alameda. The order signaling the first watch on the ship, the shift of sailors responsible for safety and operations, came from the Strattons executive officer, the No. 2 on the vessel, Cmdr. Laura Collins. To be named after a woman, yeah, its special, Collins said after serving as the master of ceremonies for a rain-soaked commissioning that included first lady Michelle Obama, Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. For the children wishing that mom or dad was at your soccer game or dance recitals while also worrying about their safety, my message to you today is this: The Stratton, designed to intercept drug traffickers and others on the high seas, is slated to shift to waters off Alaska after patrolling the Pacific.
Three additional crew members of the 38-foot sailing vessel, named Low Speed Chase, were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Air National Guard on Saturday afternoon, said Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read. The Coast Guard had a helicopter and two patrol boats looking for the missing crew members. The general manager of the San Francisco Yacht Club would not comment, pending more information from the Coast Guard.
Onboard, May 22 (ANI): The Ministry of Defence said the Indian Coast Guard has initiated extensive pre-emptive measures on the East coast as a low-pressure area is very likely to form over North Andaman Sea and adjoining East Central Bay of Bengal. As the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has informed that a low-pressure area is very likely to form over the North Andaman Sea and adjoining East Central Bay of Bengal in two days, which will be named as cyclone Yaas, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has initiated extensive pre-emptive measures on the Eastern coast and all the ashore, afloat and aviation units are on high alert. Yaas is forming in the Bay of Bengal a few days after the cyclone Tauktae hit the Arabian Sea.
A Coast Guard Cutter Thetis boat crew arrives on scene with a jettison field and an entangled sea turtle during a 68-day Eastern Pacific counter drug patrol in 2017. They saw significant chaffing from the lines on his neck and flippers. (Coast Guard photo) ...
In the past decade, weve added to our 75-year legacy by building the most capable Coast Guard cutters in the world for the most capable Coast Guard in the world, said Ingalls Shipbuilding President Irwin F. Edenzon. We understand these great ships must be affordable. And the Coast Guards management of the NSC program has helped. Stable funding, timely contract negotiations and a disciplined appetite for change allow us to get learning from ship to ship. It gives both us and the Coast Guard the best opportunity to achieve our mutual objective: to keep building NSCs at an affordable price so we can build more NSCs. And not only do our shipbuilders know that the ships we build have to be affordable, they know who serves in them: Coast Guard men and women, sailors and Marines who are our friends, our neighbors, our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews-Americas heroes. ...
Coast Guard Command is a security service, established on 9 July 1982 by Act.2692, with the purpose of performing missions such as; providing the security of Turkish coasts, territorial waters and inland waters such as the Marmara Sea, Istanbul and Çanakkale Straits, ports and harbors and exercising such rights and powers where Turkey exercises sovereign rights under the rules of both national and international laws at sea areas which fall outside the scope of the general responsibility of the Turkish Naval Forces and to prevent and pursue all kinds of smuggling activities carried out by way of sea. The missions, Coast Guard Command was charged with by Act. 2692 are: ...
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will conduct a boating safety class from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on March 30 at the USCG Station Destin. Registration begins at 8:15 a.m. Cost is $35 and includes the course, book, exam, FWC Safe Boating ID Card, lunch, line handling and knots demo, tour of the station and safety whistle. Pre-registration is required by March 25. For more information, contact Stan Smith, public education officer, at 850-865-9130 or [email protected] to register.
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Wärtsiläs groundbreaking Senitec sludge and bilge water treatment system has received US Coast Guard (USCG) Type Approval. Tests have confirmed the systems ability to remove oil in water levels to well below required by the International Maritime Organisation.. Rigorous testing carried out by the USCG-approved SGS Institute Fresenius in Germany, one of Europes leading providers of non-medical laboratory analysis, confirmed effluent discharges of less than 1 parts per million (ppm) The requirement by International Maritime organization is 15 ppm.. While Wärtsilä received the Bureau Veritas Type Approval last year and intends soon to apply for ABS certification, a US Coast Guard certificate, means the American market is now fully open for Wärtsilä to promote the Senitec system. The Senitec sludge and bilge water treatment system has already been installed in 80 different applications, 40 of which are marine-related.. Contribution to the environment. It is a very hard test, and the ...
WASHINGTON D.C. - Rep. Darrell Issa, the Ranking Member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has sent a letter to the Deepwater Horizon Response National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen requesting that he investigate allegations that the Coast Guard is attempting to seize, relocate, and demobilize assets thereby undermining the partnership between local officials and the federal government.. I am deeply troubled by these events, wrote Issa. If true, allegations that the Coast Guard is attempting to seize, relocate, and demobilize assets directly conflicts with President Obamas promise to dedicate every resource to clean up the Gulf, even when the cameras are off. These actions also undermine what should be a partnership between the local leaders and the federal government. I respectfully request you investigate this matter to determine who issued the order to seize the assets, why such orders were issued, and whether similar events have occurred in other Parishes ...
The United States Coast Guard Band is the premier band representing the United States Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security. Our mission is to:...
Command Master Chief Clinton R. Self assumed the duties as Command Master Chief for Coast Guard Headquarters in August 2019 where he serves as the Command Senior Enlisted Leader for all U.S. Coast Guard personnel assigned to the Headquarters enterprise.,
Apply for Yantrik Electrical job position on Indian Coast Guard . The Yantrik Electrical is applicable for Diploma. Apply before 12th July
The Official Canadian Coast Guard YouTube channel. The Canadian Coast Guard services support government priorities and economic prosperity and contribute to ...
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Its boating season, and lots of people are itching to get out on the water. But a new report from the U.S. Coast Guard shows Michigan recreational boating deaths are on the rise.. 38 people died, and 65 more were injured last year while boating in Michigan waters. Those numbers come from a report by the U.S. Coast Guard detailing how the number of fatalities in 2016 compare to years past.. Alcohol is a contributing factor, in about 15% of those accidents, so those could have been very easily avoided, says Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer, Shane Webster.. ...
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Consumers and enterprises are still wrapping their heads around self-driving cars right now. This concept sounds so alien and thrilling at the same time. However, it is evident things are slowly turning in favor of such solutions. A few Japanese shipping companies are already looking at the new frontier for autonomous vehicles, which appears to be the ocean. More specifically, these companies want to put together a fleet of self-steering cargo ships by 2025.. By working alongside shipbuilders, the Japanese companies hope to make a lot of progress in a few short years. However, they will need to come up with a software-based system to plot courses, avoid collisions, and navigate troublesome waters. This will be achieved through the use of artificial intelligence. Moreover, this solution should be capable of predicting malfunctions and improve the overall efficiency of these nautical vehicles.. It sounds rather scary to think of huge cargo ships being steered by an artificial intelligence. ...
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1884 views. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A US Navy destroyer has collided with a merchant ship close to Japan with reports of a number of injuries.. Seven crew members are also missing, according to the Japanese coastguard.. The crash involving the USS Fitzgerald happened 56 nautical miles (103km) south-west of the city of Yokosuka at about 2:30am local time (18:30 BST) on Saturday.. Japans public broadcaster, NHK, showed aerial footage of the US ship with heavy damage on one side.. One injured sailor is to be evacuated to hospital by the coastguards helicopter, the navy said.. In a series of tweets, the US 7th Fleet earlier said the USS Fitzgerald had experienced flooding in some areas, and the extent of injuries was being determined.. It said the ship was now on its way to Yokosuka - under its own power, but with limited propulsion.. The coast guard said the other ship, which carries a Filipino flag, weighs just under 30,000 tonnes and is 223m (730ft) long.. In a statement released on social ...
Staff at the Ste. Madeleine Health Centre continue to promote health and wellness for senior citizens in the Ste. Madeleine Community. Nursing staff accompanied 18 members of the Ste. Madeleine Health Centres Senior Citizens Recreation Camp to the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard base on October 30th, 2018.. The aim of the Ste. Madeleine Health Centres Senior Citizens Recreational Camp is to improve the health- the physical, mental and social well-being- of senior citizens in the Ste. Madeleine district. At the base, Lieutenant Kendal Greenidge guided the tour of the Coast Guard Museum describing the daily responsibilities of a Coast Guard Officer, the various ranks in the coast guard and the history of the Trinidad and Tobago.. ...
Please hurry, Mr Jammo repeats. The boat is going down. When he later calls the Coast Guard to ask if they had sent anyone, an operator tells Mr Jammo to call Malta. Because you are near Malta, the man explained. Call Malta directly very quickly, they are close, OK? Mr Jammo then called the Italian Coast Guard again to tell them he had called Malta and been told the boat was closer to Lampadusa than Malta. We are dying, please, he added. But the operator repeated the instruction, telling him: You have to call Malta, sir. During the ordeal, the Italian Navys patrol boat Libra was awaiting orders between 10 to 19 miles away. In a call to the operations room of the Armed Forces of Malta, an Italian coast guard operator voiced his concern that if the patrol boat was dispatched it would have to transfer the refugees to the nearest coast, which would have been Lampedusa. I think it is not the best way to operate, he explains, going on to say it would mean the loss of an asset in the ...
A Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) New York boat crew in the area reported a small crack in the ships hull which was leaking fuel oil. Coast Guard investigators confirmed the leak.. YM Mandate activated its Coast Guard-approved vessel response plan by making notifications and activating response resources.. Oil containment boom and absorbent pads have been deployed around the YM Mandate and contracted skimming vessels have been working to remove oil from the water. All leaking product is currently contained within the boom and skimmer system. Internal transfer of fuel oil from the affected tank is also being conducted.. The affected tank has a capacity of 462,297 gallons. The amount of fuel oil leaked is not known at this time.. Source: USCG ...
EAST MORICHES, N.Y. Red Cross volunteers, including a New York family court judge, feed the masses involved in TWA Flight 800 search efforts.. Kerry Trainors world normally revolves around distressed people passing through Huntington family court.. But hours after learning of the TWA Flight 800 disaster, Judge Trainor set down his worn gavel. The former prosecutor picked up a shiny fork and pitched in to help feed hundreds of rescue and recovery workers assigned to the Coast Guard station in East Moriches.. I do it because I want to help. Im no different than the others, said Trainor, who is involved with the Suffolk County chapter of the American Red Cross.. Most people in this country dont understand. They think New Yorkers are just cold fish. Were not. Hundreds of volunteers (are) down here. People care.. For Trainor, Hells Kitchen was behind a wall of police checkpoints in a makeshift community of tents at the tiny Coast Guard installation.. This tent city serves as hub for a ...
Bill and Me was commissioned by experienced owners who wanted all the seamanlike design and comfort of a sailing yacht combined with the speed and ease of use of a comfortable motor yacht. Naval architecture is by German Mani Frers and her remarkable interior is largely inspired and specified by her owners with professional input from Design Unlimited.. Baltic Yachts deep experience with light, stiff advanced composite construction ideally suits a fast motor yachts need to perform at speed and during trials Bill and Me met all her predicted performance parameters with ease.. Interestingly, Frers observes that the speed of large, fast sailing yachts now virtually matches that of relatively fast motor yachts and he believes much can be learned from both disciplines to produce highly efficient hull forms.. Frers has studied recent commercial ship research into making vessels as efficient as possible, resulting in the motion of his motor yachts becoming less aggressive. This has had the ...
The genus Paralia Heiberg is one of the most recognizable, widely distributed and commonly reported diatoms from contemporary coastal marine environments and ship ballast. Species discovery has historically been made in diatoms through the recognition of morphological discontinuities between specimens, first using light and later electron microscopy. However, recently, morphologically semi-cryptic species of Paralia were delineated using genetic analyses, among mostly tropical and subtropical sites. Ten morphological characters of the frustules and sequence fragments from the nuclear genome (conserved 18S regions of ribosomal RNA and the variable internal transcribed spacer [ITS]), and from the RuBisCo large subunit (rbcL) gene of the chloroplast genome were examined. Frustule morphology did not segregate species, however, comparisons of sequence fragments and ITS2 secondary structures yielded a new species from North American waters, P. guyana (with four genodemes), and another widely-distributed
Global Life Jackets &amp; Vests Market The research study on global Life Jackets &amp; Vests market 2019 presents an extensive analysis of current Life Jackets &amp; Vests market size, drivers, trends, opportunities, challenges, as well as key Life Jackets &amp; Vests market segments. Further, it explains various definitions and classification of the&nbsp;Life Jackets &amp; Vests industry, applications, and chain structure.Global Life Jackets &amp; Vests Market&nbsp;Research Reports provides...
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Shipyard workers who served between World War II and the Korean War were very likely exposed to asbestos. The material was ideal for use in shipbuilding because of its ability to resist corrosion and high temperatures. It has been used as insulation for boilers, incinerators, hot water pipes and steam pipes. The asbestos dust tended to build up around these areas and other inadequately ventilated parts of the ship, which led to human exposure aboard vessels.. Navy veterans who worked below deck on naval warships or submarines were also likely to develop mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure. They worked (and sometimes lived) in extremely tight quarters with dangerously high levels of asbestos dust lingering in the air. Poor ventilation systems prevented adequate air exchange and resulted in highly concentrated levels of asbestos to remain in the air for Navy personnel to breathe in. Unfortunately, because Navy veterans and shipyard workers carried the asbestos dust and fibers home on their ...
Press release - InForGrowth - Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) Market Status & Trend Report 2018-2025: Overview, Global Market Status, Driving Factor Analysis, Competition Status, Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin of Top 20 Countries Data - published on
AN ANIMAL rights organisation has called for an immediate suspension of all live animal transports from the state after the deaths of 59 cattle on board a ship that left port at Stanley this week.
Any boating accident attorney at our firm can tell you that though there are several maritime laws across the United States that were enacted with the purpose of regulating safety on open waters, tragic accidents continue to occur. Sometimes, the laws in place are not strict enough and do not sufficiently protect the safety of boaters. Other times, boaters ignore these laws and engage in reckless actions, such as drinking while boating or speeding, which can lead to serious - if not fatal - outcomes.. Unfortunately, many boating accident victims are unaware of their rights - especially rights concerning their safety and rights to take action following injury or loss of a loved one. However, the parents of two young women who were killed in unrelated boat accidents in Lake Marion last year in South Carolina took a stand, hoping that their tragic experiences can call attention to the dangers of boating, as well as lead lawmakers to improve maritime safety regulations in the state.. And, it appears ...
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate whether Swedish seafarers have increased mortality from cardiovascular disease compared with the general population.. METHODS: Register-based longitudinal cohort study of 85,169 Swedish seafarers where all subjects with a minimum of 30 days service registered in the Seafarers Register 1985-2013 were included. Mortality from coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and total mortality for comparison were analysed by calculating standardised mortality ratios (SMRs), with 95% confidence intervals (CIs). Mortality was further analysed by gender, duty on board, type of vessel, and over time.. RESULTS: There was no increase in either mortality from cardiovascular disease or total mortality for seafarers, who had worked solely on passenger ferries. Mortality from coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease was increased for male seafarers , 46 years old who had worked on different types of vessels, SMR 1.48 (95% CI 1.06-2.01) and SMR 1.93 ...
ECS - the Most Effective Ballast Water Management with Electrolysis Technology. Techcross ECS (Electro-Cleen System) is the most eff ective ballast water management system using electrolysis technology. ECS uses application of electric currents to the titanium electrodes, the electric potential produced increases disinfection effi cacy by destroying cell membranes of microorganisms as a result of generating voltage.. In addition, OH-radicals generated during the electrolysis procedure by the electrodes also disinfect microorganisms. Through electrolysis, a suffi cient amount of TRO is generated, preventing the re-growth of microorganisms and maintaining disinfection effi cacy. Also, ECS treats ballast water only once just during ballasting. Many other BWMS treat both at ballasting and deballasting. ECS will guarantee the long-term performance and provide fl exibility of vessel operating for ship owners with relatively simple installation for shipyards.. This system was among the fi rst to gain ...
Other articles where Merchant Shipping Act is discussed: David Lloyd George: Early life: …responsible for important legislation: the Merchant Shipping Act (1906), improving seamens living conditions, but also endangering their lives by raising the Plimsoll line on newly constructed ships; the Patents and Designs Act (1907), preventing foreign exploitation of British inventions; and the Port of London Act (1908), setting up the Port…
Taiwan is bulking up its coast guard, but the scope of ROC territory necessitates some tough decisions for its commanders.. The Taiwan Coast Guards South China Sea Challenge. Written by Wu Shang-Su. Taipeis expansion of its coast guard fleet with four large offshore patrol vessels (OPV) demonstrates its concerns about Beijings assertiveness and potential policy responses on the South China Sea (SCS).. Since the early 2010s, Taiwan has significantly strengthened its coast guard fleet with larger capacity by acquiring seven 1,000-ton, two 2,000-ton, and two 3000-ton OPVs, as well as four 4,000-ton cutters that are under construction.. To continue reading, please click here.. Source: ...
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - Officials say a juvenile sea lion was so happy to be rescued after getting hooked by fishing gear off Southern California, it jumped into a Coast Guard boat.
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The San Pedro Sailing Club with the help of the newly formed Belize Sailing Association is starting a sailing training program directed for the school children of San Pedro. Children between the ages of 9 and 15 years old will be invited to participate in the program where they will be trained and taught about sailing.
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Specific exercise training for reducing neck and shoulder pain among military helicopter pilots and crew members. T2 - a randomized controlled trial protocol. AU - Murray, Mike. AU - Lange, Britt. AU - Nørnberg, Bo Riebeling. AU - Søgaard, Karen. AU - Sjøgaard, Gisela. PY - 2015. Y1 - 2015. N2 - BACKGROUND: Flight-related neck/shoulder pain is frequent among military helicopter pilots and crew members. With a lifetime prevalence of 81 % for pilots and 84 % for crew members, the prevalence of neck pain is considered high compared to the general population. The aim of this study was to investigate whether a specifically tailored exercise intervention would reduce the prevalence and incidence rate of neck/shoulder pain among helicopter pilots and crew members.METHOD: This study used a prospective, parallel group, single blinded, randomized controlled design. Participants were military helicopter pilots and crew members recruited from the Royal Danish Air Force. Inclusion criteria ...
oh is so deceiving. last winter i almost lost my perfectly healthy 2 year old to a flu/strep combo. we were in the doctors office at 11 am with a strep diagnosis...started the antibiotics...and by 5 pm we were at the emergency room being lifeflighted to a pediatric hospital. they said we were within hours of watching her die. the doctors told us becasue of the overuse of antibiotics (she had never even had antibiotics in her whole life!) they are seeing a huge increase in the strep virus mutating and becoming deadly. just watch your sweet babe and if anything feels your instincts. i am so grateful i did. ...
A sea turtle trapped in bales of cocaine was rescued during a counter drug patrol mission in the eastern Pacific Ocean that also resulted in the seizure of about $53 million in drugs, U.S. Coast Guard officials said Sunday. The crew of the cutter Thetis discovered the sea turtle on Nov.
This is the accessible text file for GAO report number GAO-08-1013T entitled Military Personnel: Preliminary Observations on DODs and the Coast Guards Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs which was released on July 31, 2008. This text file was formatted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to be accessible to users with visual impairments, as part of a longer term project to improve GAO products accessibility. Every attempt has been made to maintain the structural and data integrity of the original printed product. Accessibility features, such as text descriptions of tables, consecutively numbered footnotes placed at the end of the file, and the text of agency comment letters, are provided but may not exactly duplicate the presentation or format of the printed version. The portable document format (PDF) file is an exact electronic replica of the printed version. We welcome your feedback. Please E-mail your comments regarding the contents or accessibility features of ...
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A memorial ceremony was held Saturday for the U.S. Coast Guard officer who was killed law enforcement operations in Santa Barbara County.
The U.S. Coast Guard says a dye test will be conducted in the Potomac River and Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary near Arlington, Virginia, to find the source of oil sheens spotted on the river.
The proponents of the National Coast Guard Museum - which should more aptly be called the Glass Monstrosity - are driving a political steamroller
Many current and former members of the US Navy were exposed to high levels of asbestos during their service. Most Navy vessels built before 1980 were full of asbestos. Exposure to the toxic material on Navy ships causes many veterans to develop mesothelioma decades later. People who developed mesothelioma during their military service have a… Read More »
Boeing Co has declared that high-density packages of lithium batteries pose fire risks and should not be carried on passenger planes until safer methods for carrying them are developed.
For over 50 years, UW-Superior has been a leader in advanced research on freshwater bodies like Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes. From endangered species monitoring to beach and wetland management to aquatic toxicity testing, our faculty, staff, and students have been national leaders in studying and helping conserve these vital waters to benefit the people, industries, and resources of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.. Thats why this year we purchased the only land-based ballast water technology testing facility in the Great Lakes region, which is also one of only two such facilities in the United States, in an effort to further study ways to prevent the spread of invasive species through ballast water.. The facility will allow UW-Superiors Lake Superior Research Institute (LSRI), founded in 1967, to deploy ballast water treatment strategies that demonstrate success in a laboratory environment on a larger scale using Great Lakes harbor water. It will provide tremendous new research ...
The Belgian part of the North Sea is intersected by two of the busiest maritime routes in the world. The Belgian part of the North Sea is thus a zone that is particularly sensitive to maritime risks like collisions between ships, shipwrecks, men overboard, the loss of cargo, the loss of containers and the accidental or illegal discharge of hydrocarbons or of harmful or potentially dangerous chemical substances. All of these risks are taken very seriously by the Belgian Coast Guard. In support of the Belgian Coast Guard, our Marine Forecast Centre has developed a model capable of predicting the trajectory of objects floating on the surface of the sea or of marine pollution. Thanks to its internet interface (OSERIT), the operators of MUMM or the central office of the Belgian Coast Guard can activate the model at any moment and thus, in a few minutes, obtain useful information about evaluations to be carried out in the event of an incident at sea. For example, in the event of a hydrocarbon spill, ...
The ability of microalgae to preserve viable in coastal sediments as resting forms provides a reservoir of biodiversity and a useful tool to determine species spreadings. This study represents the first port baseline survey on dinoflagellate cysts, investigated in nine Adriatic ports during a cross border project. 40 dinoflagellate taxa were detected. The assemblages resulted in all ports dominated by Lingulodinium polyedra and Alexandrium minutum/affine/tamutum group. General separation to the western and eastern side of the Adriatic regarding cysts assemblage composition, partially abundance, was observed. Seven taxa were detected as non-indigenous species for the Adriatic. Two taxa are included in the list of harmful aquatic organisms, indicating the potential threat of ballast waters in the Adriatic. Potential spreading of taxa by general circulation and ballast waters, intra- and extra-Adriatic was investigated. The entering in to force of the ballast waters management regulations should ...
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Costa Cruises has been informed that today at 10:39, Italian time, a fire developed on board Costa Allegra in the engine room, the local electric generators located at the stern. procedures and the system of fire board were promptly activated and the special brigades of the board have occurred, the fire was extinguished and did not extend to any other area of the ship.. There were no injuries or casualties.. As a precaution on board was promptly given the general emergency alarm, all passengers and crew members, not involved in emergency management, they went to muster stations with the safety equipment required. Currently the ship is over 200 miles south-west of the Seychelles and about 20 miles from Alphonse Island, are ongoing checks on the state of the engine room to be able to restart the equipment necessary to reactivate the functionality of ship. As per procedures, were advised the competent authorities, including the Maritime Rescue Control Centre of Rome, who are following the ...
Shipwreck (Google Maps). Explore Shipwreck in Trinidad and Tobago as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby...
Orbital Sciences Corporations unmanned Cygnus cargo ship on Sunday made rendezvous with the International Space Station on the companys first regular supply
Rescuers were struggling to save 14,600 sheep loaded on a cargo ship that capsized Sunday in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania.
A Danish-owned coal-laden cargo ship has sailed through the Northwest Passage for the first time and into the history books as the second bulk carrier to navigate the Arctic route.
A river ferry carrying about 100 passengers capsized in central Bangladesh on Sunday after being hit by a cargo vessel, killing at least 31 people, officials said. A rescue operation was underway, but it was not clear how many people were missing.. The ferry was struck by the cargo vessel at the Daulatdia-Paturia crossing on the Padma River on Sunday afternoon, said fire department official Shahzadi Begum. Rescue teams were deployed and passing boats were helping in the operation, he said.. The site is 25 miles northwest of Dhaka, Bangladeshs capital. Ferry accidents are common in Bangladesh, an impoverished South Asian nation that is crisscrossed by more than 130 rivers.. The ferry was submerged at a depth of up to 20 feet, said Inspector Zihad Mia, who is overseeing the rescue operation.. By Sunday evening, at least 31 bodies had been recovered, Mia said.. He said officials had yet to determine how many passengers were missing. Ferries in Bangladesh usually do not maintain formal passenger ...
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Endurance Yachts are built and designed by the Hampton Yacht Group. Seattle Yachts is proud to be the official Endurance Yacht and Hampton Yacht dealer for the east coast.
Researchers have found that because of nearby ship noise, killer whales are having to make louder sounds to be able to communicate with one another. A particular group of killer whales in Washingtons Puget Sound,
Alexandria, VA - As a long-standing advocate for U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) personnel, the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) submitted a written statement in conjunction with last weeks hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security. FRA asked subcommittee members to provide adequate funding to ensure the Coast Guard can effectively perform its missions and provide pay, healthcare and other benefits and quality-of-life programs for USCG personnel on a par with those enjoyed by Department of Defense (DoD) personnel.. Pay and benefit parity for USCG personnel is an ongoing concern for the Association and FRA is troubled by programs and benefits that are authorized for USCG members, but not adequately funded. The service is often faced with the difficult decision to reduce or eliminate authorized benefits or cut other programs to pay for them.. FRAs top legislative priority for 2012 is to ensure adequate funding for military healthcare programs, including the Coast Guard ...
... and thus the ships were poorly armoured by standards of the day. The main armament of the ships were two 9.4 in (24 cm) single ... The ships of the class were 110.97 metres (364 ft 1 in) long, had a beam of 18.59 metres (61 ft 0 in), a draught of 6.61 metres ... The ships were equipped with 2 shaft reciprocating engines, which were rated at 14,800 ihp (11,000 kW) and produced a top speed ... With construction beginning on the lead ship of the class in 1890, it was considered to be essentially a repeat of the three ...
The probe returns to Earth with four samples, but one escapes and causes the ship to crash in Malaysia. The Life Foundation ... Gardner felt that these elements made it more logical for fans to "ship" the two characters than some similar pairings that had ... "Ships , Week Ending October 22, 2018". Tumblr. October 22, 2018. Archived from the original on December 5, 2018. Retrieved ... "Ships , Week Ending October 29, 2018". Tumblr. October 29, 2018. Archived from the original on December 5, 2018. Retrieved ...
Between 11:00 and noon, while the ship was off Norfolk, Virginia, her Master gave the order to abandon ship. With the ship ... The first ship to come to the rescue did not arrive until about 17:45. Other ships joined her that evening and early on the ... The ship took on water faster than her pumps could remove it. By the morning of Monday 12 November she was rapidly shipping ... 70° 23' W. There were still people on the ship. The Master was last seen walking down the port side of his ship, not wearing a ...
... thus easily bombarded by foreign ships' guns). At Jamestown, the ships could be secured to the overhanging trees - even the 120 ... Costs of ships. 10 April 1605. "The merchants of London, Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth, soon perceived what great Gains might be ... From which it will be seen that the greatest expense by far was the ships, thereby confirming that the merchants were the chief ... Archer's Hope would have been better for firing down on approaching Spanish ships (i.e. large targets), since it was higher ...
By the end of 2010, Austal had contracts for three ships, long-lead material contracts for two ships and options for five ... New contracts for Littoral Combat Ships were awarded to both Austal USA and Lockheed Martin. The contract called for one ship ... LCS-2 was the first ship built by Austal USA for the US Navy and the Navy's first trimaran Littoral Combat Ship. It is the ... The LCS-6 contract was for US$432 million, with a goal of having the average ship cost US$352 million each. Another US$20 ...
"Ships". Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 2013-01-17. Retrieved 2016-05-31. "Integrated Research Themes". ...
"Unclassified Miscellaneous (IX) Ship Photo Index". Retrieved 1 May 2019. "Future USNS Brunswick (JHSV 6) ... Brunswick is one of three expeditionary fast transport ships in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility to continue its ... It allowed tours of the ship during the visit. Austal USA is also the US Navy's contractor for the Independence-variant ... "Ships". Austal: Corporate. 6 January 2015. Retrieved 1 May 2019. "Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF)". Austal: Corporate. 20 ...
"Ships". Retrieved 2013-06-05. Goodwin, Maude Wilder (1921), Dutch and English on the Hudson, New Haven: Yale ... In 1637, Tienpont captained the ship Fågel Grip as part of the first expedition from Sweden to the Delaware Valley led by ... Soon thereafter Cornelius Jacobsen May arrived with the ship Nieu Netherlandt. at Nut Island in the Upper New York Bay. ... "Ships Known to have left the Netherlands for the New World". Olive Tree Genealogy. Retrieved 2013-06-05. Tully, William B. ( ...
Bureau of Ships conducted a research program for developing higher strength steel for ship and submarine construction. During ... Ships. 21-22 March 1960. Flax, R.W.; Keith, R.E.; Randall, M.D. (1971). Welding the HY Steels (PDF). American Society for ...
An attempt to launch the ship on 31 October 1903 failed when the ship stuck on the ways. The ship was successfully launched on ... The two ships were among the largest transports with a troop capacity of around 5,000. In late January 1918, with the "shipping ... The Army never operated the ship under a bareboat charter and thus strictly speaking the ship was never formally a United ... the ship's hull is perhaps the reason for the apparent difference in ship's operation by American Line and references having ...
"Ships , Our War Veterans". Retrieved July 7, 2020. Jim Davies (May 2004). "'Liberty' Cargo Ship" (PDF). WW2 p. 113. ... SS Joel Palmer was a Liberty Ship used in World War II by the U.S. to transport troops, supplies, munitions, weapons mostly in ... The ship was named after Oregon Pioneer Joel Palmer (1810 - 1881). She was built in 1943 at the Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation ...
"Ships". OSU: College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. Retrieved December 15, 2020. The first of three new ships we ... replacing her sister ship, R/V Wecoma. On January 25, 2012 the ship began transit to Newport, Oregon and the Hatfield Marine ... The ship is 177 feet (54 m) in length by 33 feet (10 m) beam and 17.5 feet (5.3 m) draft powered by a single EMD diesel engine ... The ship was originally delivered to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) for operation as a part of the University- ...
The gray color reduces the contrast of the ships with the horizon, and reduces the vertical patterns in the ship's appearance. ... Haze gray and underway is a United States Navy saying that refers to surface ships in arduous duty at sea, in contrast to ... It is the color of USN combatant and auxiliary surface ships, in contrast to the dark gray or black color of submarines, the ... It is a term of tribal pride and identification, e.g. surface ship crew use it to distinguish themselves from submarine crew. ...
The other three ships were scrapped. After the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the US Navy acquired 22 C3 merchant ships that were in ... When the war was over, the surviving Lend-Lease ships were returned to the U.S. Navy, which now had a surplus of these ships, ... The convoy consisted of four merchant ships and five escorts; of these, all the merchant ships and one of the escorts were ... Their objective was to locate and destroy the U-boats and their supply ships and protect the shipping lanes between India, Aden ...
... is sailing his ship, the Tortius, through the dangerous "Sea of Storms" to the "Latonic Provinces". However, the ship is hit by ... I remember the ships did not transport the things you wanted to other islands, we couldn't solve this problem at the time. ... Dreher, Michael (1996). "Ships". The Settlers II Instruction Manual (NA) (PDF). Blue Byte Software. p. 37. Archived (PDF) from ... and ships (can transport goods across oceans). The economy is under the player's control throughout the game, and is adjustable ...
The troop ship's stern was engulfed in flame and smoke and she sank in three minutes. As the convoy's merchant ships scattered ... Her sister ship, Teno, was launched on 5 September 1922, completed in December and reached Chile in January 1923. The two ships ... The two ships were converted into troop ships, which slightly increased their tonnage. Khedive Ismail's gross register tonnage ... In 1940 the UK Ministry of War Transport requisitioned seven KML ships and placed Khedive Ismail and her sister ship Mohamed ...
BI Ship. Retrieved 17 August 2013. "British India Steam Navigation Company". The Fleets. The Ships List. Archived from the ... Indian Indenture Ships to Fiji Indian indenture system Blake, George (1956). B.I. Centenary, 1856-1956. Collins. "BI Fleet list ...
The first of the two ships, launched in January 2010, was Stena Hollandica. Both ships operate across the southern North Sea ... Heat from the main engines is also used to heat the ship. The vehicle decks can be loaded on two levels from both the bow and ... The ships having been completed, naming ceremonies took place on 8 June 2010 for Stena Hollandica at Hoek van Holland and on 19 ... The ships were specifically designed for this route. Stena Britannica has four main MAN diesel engines, producing between them ...
"Liberty Ships - World War II". Retrieved 29 October 2017. Maritime Administration. "Edward P. Alexander". Ship History Database ... SS Edward P. Alexander was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Edward P. ... Liberty Ships. MARAD. "Jones Construction, Brunswick GA". 13 October 2010. Retrieved 29 October ...
"Liberty Ships - World War II". Retrieved 1 December 2017. Maritime Administration. "William W. Loring". Ship History Database ... SS William W. Loring was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after William Wing Loring ... Liberty Ships. MARAD. "Jones Construction, Panama City FL". 13 October 2010. Retrieved 1 December ... On 18 September 1958, she was sold, along with 34 other ships, for $2,666,680 to Bethlehem Steel, for scrapping. She was ...
"Ships List". Galápagos History & Cartography. Stewart, Alban (19 January 1912). "Notes on the botany of Cocos Island". ...
The ship features in the 1969 film The Italian Job as the necessary means of taking the cars across the English Channel at that ... In 2007, Okeanis was operating as a day cruise ship. Okeanis was laid up at the end of the 2007 season and never returned to ... In 1993 she was registered to Hellenic Coastal Lines (Ventouris Sons Shipping) receiving the name Ergina. In 1995 she was ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "IRISH SEA: Channel veteran goes for scrap". Ships Monthly. 27 June 2013. Archived from ...
In 1904, the ship was rearmed with a single 3 in (76 mm) 40-cal. gun, six 57 mm 40-cal. guns, one 47 mm (1.9 in) 40-cal. gun; ... The ship was protected with an armored deck that was 1.5 in (38 mm) thick. The keel for Tripoli was laid down at the Regio ... The ship was originally fitted with two pole masts with a light rigging, though the masts were later cut down. She had a crew ... The ship took part in the annual fleet maneuvers of 1887, which began on 10 June 1887. Tripoli was assigned to the "attacking ...
Dazzle Ships. 4 March 1983. Freezepop. "I Am Not Your Gameboy." Fancy Ultra•Fresh. 20 April 2004. Erasure. "Brother and Sister ... It shipped without a cartridge, in this configuration called simply the Basic Unit (containing the minigames Mystery Word, ...
... was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Michael Comerford, ... "M. E. Comerford". Ship History Database Vessel Status Card. U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration. ... Liberty Ships. MARAD. "Jones Construction, Brunswick GA". 13 October 2010. Retrieved 18 November ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Liberty Ships - World War II". Retrieved 18 November 2017. CS1 maint: discouraged ...
The "LST" stands for Landing Ship, Tank, while "USS" stands for United States Ship. LST-594 was part of the second wave of LSTs ... The ship was assigned to the Asiatic Pacific Theater. For her efforts, LST-594 was honored with the American Campaign Medal, ... "Shipbuilding 101". Team Ships. Archived from the original on 19 March 2014. Retrieved 21 February 2014. "Dictionary of American ... USS LST-594 was an LST-542-class tank landing ship, built for the United States Navy during World War II. ...
He returned to the ship at 6:00 pm for food and a short sleep; one of the ship's company, Terence Blayney, who acted as the ... Bowbelle was one of six "Bow" ships owned by East Coast Aggregates Limited; they were managed by South Coast Shipping Company ... "Bowbelle (6413235)". Miramar Ship Index. Retrieved 1 February 2019. Butcher, Louise (15 June 2010). "Shipping: Safety on the ... All ships in the area were instructed to go to the area to assist with the rescue. Hurlingham was already on the scene, and the ...
Ships & Ports (2017-08-15). "Osinbajo says Niger State can feed Africa, speaks on Baro port". Ships & Ports. Retrieved 2020-05- ...
March 1987: The first version of the company's Wildcat! software ships. It is designed to let computers connect to electronic ...
In 1951, Darra was beached in the ships graveyard on Quail Island, beside the Mullogh and other wrecks, including the wrecks of ... "Aberdeen Ships , DARRA". Retrieved 9 May 2020. "DAILY SOUTHERN CROSS, VOLUME XXII, ISSUE 2885, 24 ...
The Vessel Sanitation Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assists the cruise ship industry to prevent and ... control the introduction, transmission, and spread of gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses on cruise ships. ... Health officials track illness on cruise ships. So outbreaks are found and reported more quickly on a cruise ship than on land. ... People joining the ship may bring the virus to other passengers and crew. ...
CRUISE SHIP MEDICAL CAPABILITIES. Medical facilities on cruise ships can vary widely depending on ship size, itinerary, length ... Cruise Ship Travel. Kara Tardivel, Stefanie B. White, Krista Kornylo Duong. INTRODUCTION. Cruise ship travel presents a unique ... Promptly calling the ships medical center and follow cruise ship guidance regarding isolation and other infection-control ... ILLNESSES AND INJURY ABOARD CRUISE SHIPS. Cruise ship medical centers deal with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. ...
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During its operation, it also operated a number of ships. "Great Central Railway". Simplon Postcards. Retrieved 28 March 2011. ...
Sinking Ships website Official Sinking Ships myspace Sinking Ships interview at REDEFINE Magazine, September 2006 Sinking Ships ... Sinking Ships Records, 2007) Split [w/ My Love & As We Let Go] (Alliance Trax, 2008) Sinking Ships (Sinking Ships Records, 2008 ... Sinking Ships was an American hardcore punk band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 2004. In 2005, the band released their ... In the spring and summer of 2008, Sinking Ships played Rainfest (May 8) and Sound And Fury (July 8) This was to be their final ...
The Mercy Ships 2013 field service in Pointe Noire marked the first visit by a Mercy Ship to the Republic of Congo. Mercy Ships ... The ships 350-member crew included Mercy Ships founders Don and Deyon Stephens, who lived on board the ship with their four ... Mercy Ships is an international charity. Mercy Ships currently operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world ... Mercy Ships.. ,access-date=. requires ,url=. (help) *^ "Mercy Ships Launching the Africa Mercy," article, 21 March 2006, http ...
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... *Naming Ships - Namesakes *Naming Ships - Summary Table *Naming Ships - Presidents *Naming Ships - Living People * ... Naming Ships - States *Naming Ships - The Sullivans *Naming Ships - Reuben James *Naming Ships - A Rectification of Names * ... Ship Names alphabetical list of US Navy ships @ Naval Vessels Register (NVR) * Ship Naming in the United States Navy @ Naval ... Sailing Ship Rigs *Sailing Ship Rates *Types & Classes of Warships *Type & Class Designation - 1920 *Type & Class Designation ...
Our ships are used at the forefront of Greenpeace campaigning, often sailing to remote areas to bear witness and take action ... The Greenpeace fleet of ships is a unique asset in the battle to save planet Earth and protect the global commons. ... Our Ships. The Greenpeace fleet of ships is a unique asset in the battle to save planet Earth and protect the global commons. ... The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise arrives. Image , November 22, 2008 at 12:02 The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise arrives in ...
These ships do not primarily function as hospital ships, nor are they hospital ships under international law. Of these ships, ... These ships do not primarily function as hospital ships, nor are they marked as hospital ships under international law. ... AH - Civilian Hospital Ships - There are currently two entirely civilian hospital ships. The Labor Ministry in Spain operates ... AH - Hospital Ships - Three countries - Russia, China, and the United States - currently operate Hospital Ships. The three ...
Our ships are used at the forefront of Greenpeace campaigning, often sailing to remote areas to bear witness and take action ... The Greenpeace fleet of ships is a unique asset in the battle to save planet Earth and protect the global commons. ... Our Ships. The Greenpeace fleet of ships is a unique asset in the battle to save planet Earth and protect the global commons. ... Since 1996 the ship with no keel has taken on icy poles and shallow rivers around the world.. Find out more. ...
SHIPS Since the end of the age of sail a ship has been any large buoyant watercraft. Ships are generally distinguished from ... Ships: Ship and Vessels. 4338 Words , 18 Pages. SHIPS Since the end of the age of sail a ship has been any large buoyant ... Cruise Ship. 3513 Words , 15 Pages. CRUISE SHIP A cruise ship or cruise liner is a (usually very large) passenger ship used for ... Tramps Ship Essay. 968 Words , 4 Pages. 1.0 Classification of ship 1.1 Tramps Tramps ship provides the service that only ...
CUPERTINO, California-February 19, 2001-Apple® today announced it has begun shipping its new 733 MHz Power Mac™ G4 with the ...
14, as the ship pulled into Vigo, Spain, the first stop on its maiden voyage. (Salvador Sas / EPA) ... The 16-deck, 2,068-passenger Queen Elizabeth ocean liner is a sister ship to Cunards Queen Victoria, with a few differences. ... The 16-deck, 2,068-passenger Queen Elizabeth ocean liner is a sister ship to Cunards Queen Victoria, with a few differences. ( ... 14, as the ship pulled into Vigo, Spain, the first stop on its maiden voyage. ...
Black Ships Eat the Sky[edit]. In December 2006, Current 93 released an "alternate version" of the album titled Black Ships Eat ... Black Ships Ate the Sky[edit]. No.. Title. Music. Length. 1.. "Idumæa" (Vocals: Marc Almond). Marc Almond/Michael Cashmore/ ... Black Ships Ate the Sky. (2006) Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder). (2006) ... Black Ships Ate the Sky is a 2006 album by Current 93. The album features numerous guest vocalists, such as Antony Hegarty, ...
... individual ship s company personal communications or near the ship. *Fiber Optic Ship Wide Area Network (FO SWAN): fiber optic ... SMART SHIP "CORE TECHNOLOGIES" *Integrated Bridge System (IBS): automated piloting, ship s course and track analysis with radar ... These ships were built in sections, called modules, which allowed improved access to all areas of the ship during construction ... In the Fall 1998 USS THOMAS S. GATES (CG 51) was scheduled as the first installation ship in the US Navys Integrated Ship ...
Americas Only Heavy Icebreaker Ship Returns from Antarctica. The 159 crewmembers onboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star ( ...
Read about ether ships and where they might come from. ... The theory of ether ships is one of many UFO theories that seek ... John Keel was a controversial UFO theorist who espoused the strange UFO theory of ether ships. ... "Ether Ships" 5 February 2008.. ,, 7 May ...
... then looting WWII-era grave sites for the metal and materials on-board the old fighting ships. ...
In the two years since the tsunami, the wrecked ship has become a symbol of the disaster and a makeshift memorial, however work ... Standing in front of the ship for scale is UCLs Prof David Alexander (UCL Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction). His ...
... fully rigged ship, full rigged ship, full-rigged ships, full rigged ships, fully rigged ships (en); pełnorejowiec (pl); ... Category:Fully rigged ships. A fully rigged ship is a sailing ship with at least three masts, all of them square-rigged. ... Leheküljed kategoorias "Fully rigged ships". Antud kategoorias on ainult järgmine lehekülg. C. *Cristoforo Colombo (ship, 1928) ... full-rigged ship (en); Full-rigged ship (en-ca); plnoplachetník (cs); fullriggare (sv) tipo de navío (es); navire à voile de ...
The game ships from Pangea with red-cyan analglyph glasses, and when the special mode is activated, images appear in ... The boxed version, which will include two pairs of red/cyan anaglyph glasses, costs $34.95, and is expected to ship on March ... The original Nanosaur found its way onto the hard drives of iMacs shipping from the factory. Unlike the original game, Nanosaur ...
The ship was to be over 1000 feet long, without an island, and of a radical new design. The construction cost of the new ship ... Ships. Name. Number. Builder. Homeport. Ordered. Commissioned. Cancelled. United States CVA 58 Newport News 18 Apr 1949. --. 23 ... FAS , Military , DOD 101 , Systems , Ships ,,,, Index , Search , Join FAS CVA 58 United States. After several years of planning ... FAS , Military , DOD 101 , Systems , Ships ,,,, Index , Search , Join FAS ...
Three Chinese Coast Guard ships entered waters near a chain of islands claimed by both China and Japan in the East China Sea on ... Three Chinese Coast Guard ships entered waters near a chain of islands claimed by both China and Japan in the East China Sea on ... A Chinese Coast Guard ship in waters near a chain of islands claimed by both China and Japan in the East China Sea. ... It was the fourth time Chinese ships have entered Japans waters this year, the Japanese Coast Guard said. There were 36 such ...
Mercy Ships commends thousands of nurses who have volunteered on their hospital ... ABOUT MERCY SHIPS: Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class healthcare services, capacity building and ... During National Nurses Week, Mercy Ships commends thousands of nurses who have volunteered on their hospital ships since 1978. ... She was given a free operation onboard the Mercy Ship.. "During her recovery period, I saw a shy, withdrawn girl transform into ...
New rules designed to reduce sulfur pollution from ocean-going ships will increase demand for low-sulfur fuel, boosting the ... Cleaner Ships May Mean More Expensive Holidays. New rules designed to reduce sulfur pollution from ocean-going ships will ... Better known as IMO 2020 and agreed to by every nation that plays a serious role in global shipping, it dictates that ships ... Shipping is global, but the industrys decisionmaking power is concentrated among relatively few large shipping companies, oil ...
  • It is a very useful tool for organizing and keeping track of naval vessels, and also provides the basis for the identification numbers painted on the bows of most ships and sometimes on their sterns. (
  • There is nonetheless no hard and fast precise definition of a "Hospital Ship" and some vessels listed on the Hospital Ship International (HSI) Fleet Registry are not included here, while some vessels included here are not on the HSI list. (
  • The ships conducted surveillance on the on Japanese Coast Guard vessels in the area, "sternly expressed" China's sovereignty claim over the islands and "carried out expulsion measures," the administration said. (
  • In July, the US sent armed vessels from its Coast Guard to the area, boarded the ships, and generally 'made a ruckus', says Mager. (
  • Gary Tuchman reports live from a Coast Guard ice breaking ship that's cutting through foot-deep ice to rescue other vessels on Lake Huron. (
  • The CCC's report says there are many ways for shipping to curb its carbon footprint - by improving fuel efficiency, deploying kites or sails, or allocating vessels more efficiently. (
  • The committee's analysts spent three months attempting to calculate UK shipping emissions "from the bottom up", scouring records of 150,000 shipping movements into and out of UK ports by vessels including cargo ships, tugs, fishing vessels, ferries and cruise liners. (
  • Ships are large buoyant marine vessels. (
  • A looming spike in retired vessels could send tons of PCBs and asbestos to South Asia's 'ship breakers' before new international regulations take hold. (
  • While overseas scrapping of US-government-owned vessels is prohibited, scores of privately owned commercial ships flying the US flag have in recent years been granted permission to be reregistered and sold for scrap overseas with scant attention paid by federal authorities to the tons of PCBs they likely carry with them and in conflict with a US law banning PCB waste exports, the Monitor has learned. (
  • The uncertain global economic environment, the oversupply of vessels, the volatility in the freight rates and vessel values, the increasing regulation, the technological developments and environmental risks are some of the factors which have added to a very challenging business environment for the shipping executives. (
  • Founded in 2013, Sea Machines develops advanced control systems for boats and ships and specialized unmanned surface vessels. (
  • With more than 20 million vessels plying the world's waters including 15 million recreational boats and 100,000 cargo ships, Sea Machines foresees autonomy disrupting this largely manual sector and developing into a $60 billion space. (
  • The world's fleet of ships is about 90,000 vessels, and the average life of a ship is 20-25 years. (
  • The average number of large ships being scrapped each year is about 500-700, but taking into account vessels of all sizes this number may be as high as 3,000. (
  • In any given year, up to 50,000 vessels make their way through its S-shaped bend - everything from ferries to fishing boats to cruise ships to gargantuan barges hauling commercial freight. (
  • Free surgeries would be impossible without the volunteer nurses onboard the Africa Mercy, the world's largest civilian hospital ship. (
  • Nurses continually give of their time and expertise to fulfill a critical role onboard the world's largest civilian hospital ship. (
  • Globally, shipping emissions are growing by 3-4% per year, and could account for a quarter of all the world's greenhouse gas output by 2050. (
  • With prospects cooling for the global economy, legions of older commercial ships now plying the world's oceans are expected to be scrapped when shipping volumes fall from current high levels and they become uneconomical to operate. (
  • Click on for pictures of the other two littoral combat ships that have been built, plus more of the world's most unusual looking ships, plus a few boats. (
  • After their useful life is over, more than 90 percent of the world's ocean-going container ships end up on the shores of India, Pakistan, Indonesia, or Bangladesh, where labor is cheap, demand for steel is high, and environmental regulations are lax. (
  • C onnecting the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus River that laps against Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosphorus is the both world's narrowest and second busiest international shipping lane. (
  • SHIPS Since the end of the age of sail a ship has been any large buoyant watercraft. (
  • I rushed up quickly, hardly knowing whether she referred to our own or some other vessel, and on reaching the deck I found everybody looking at a large barque, under full sail, flying the red union jack upside down, and with signals in her rigging, which our signalman read as `Ship on fire. (
  • The Filipino captain maneuvered his vessel to shallow waters where the Chinese ships couldn't sail to reach the marooned vessel, BRP Sierra Madre, which has become an awkward symbol of Philippine sovereignty in the remote offshore territory. (
  • In the project we focus on autonomous ships that sail independently between multiple harbors. (
  • All aboard on the bright neon boat, but don't be fooled by the calm skies, because once you take your seat on the deck of this junior pirate ship, you'll set sail for a rocky ride on the high seas. (
  • He would later sail in another famous ship the 'Endurance' in 1914-16. (
  • From 2008 to 2014, 74 million passengers sailed on cruise ships in the Vessel Sanitation Program's jurisdiction. (
  • The nine-deck vessel was transformed into the hospital ship MV Anastasis over a four-year period. (
  • Many centuries before our era, the Athenian fleet included a vessel called 'Therapia,' while in the Roman fleet was a ship bearing the name 'Aesculapius. (
  • The essential thing is that it should be as clear as possible that the vessel is a hospital ship. (
  • Ths HSI list characterizes the Italian San Giorgio class small dock landing ships as "not technically a hospital ship this vessel was designed with the purpose of being if necessary converted rapidly into one especially for disaster relief(especially earthquakes). (
  • Historically, a 'ship' was a vessel with sails rigged in a specific manner. (
  • The result: A commercial US ship owner can easily reflag a vessel to get the top price for its steel hull from overseas scrap yards - while skirting US environmental laws that might otherwise restrict a US-flag vessel from being disposed of there, experts say. (
  • Options in Peru include the luxurious small ship Delfin I. Completely refurbished in 2010, this classic river vessel accommodates 12 passengers and 13 crew. (
  • Designed in the style of a 19th-century steamer with wood panels and brass fittings and accommodating 18 passengers, the vessel is surprisingly roomy with plenty of windows, a generous salon/dining room, an observation deck and nine en suite air-conditioned cabins. (
  • Shipping operates in a challenging economic environment, characterised by demand and supply imbalances, volatile freight rates and vessel values, increasing regulation, environmental concerns, piracy and geopolitical risks, among others. (
  • The shipping industry is a highly cyclical industry, experiencing significant volatility in vessel values, freight rates and shareholder returns while it is highly affected by changes in the international economic and geopolitical environment. (
  • Around one hour away from Second Thomas Shoal, where the detachment is based, a Chinese coast guard ship marked "1141" twice crossed the bow of the smaller Philippine vessel in an attempt to stop it from proceeding. (
  • Training in the Operating Room on board the Mercy Ships vessel allows nurses the opportunity to work in a state of the art facility that is sterile and in conjunction with best medical practices. (
  • A Pakistani worker pulls on a wire he will connect to a thick chain that will in turn be used to peel away a slab of the outer structure of a beached vessel in one of the 127 ship-breaking plots in Gaddani, Pakistan, on July 10, 2012. (
  • A Pakistani shipyard worker uses a blowtorch to cut through metal inside the hull of a vessel beached at one of the 127 ship-breaking plots in Gaddani on July 11, 2012. (
  • In this photograph taken on July 11, 2012, Pakistani shipyard workers remove oil barrels from inside the hull of a vessel beached and being dismantled at one of the 127 ship-breaking plots in Gaddani. (
  • In this photograph taken on July 10, 2012, a Pakistani shipyard worker pulls on a wire attached to a motor that will help peel away part of the outer structure of a beached vessel being dismantled in one of the 127 ship-breaking plots in Gaddani, Pakistan. (
  • RRS stands for - 'Royal Research Ship' - a merchant vessel used by the British Government for scientific experiments and exploration). (
  • Crews aboard an anti-whaling protest ship in the Southern Ocean have escaped injury but are struggling to mend "significant damage" to their vessel after it was rammed by Japanese whalers. (
  • People joining the ship may bring the virus to other passengers and crew. (
  • Death rates for cruise ship passengers, most often from cardiovascular events, range from 0.6 to 9.8 deaths per million passenger-nights. (
  • To reduce the risk of onboard introduction of communicable diseases by embarking passengers, ships may conduct medical screening during embarkation to identify ill passengers, preventing them from boarding or requiring isolation if they are allowed to board. (
  • Transportation is not the prime purpose, as cruise ships operate mostly on routes that return passengers to their originating port, so the ports of call are usually in a specified region of a continent. (
  • With cruise lines experiencing a double-digit annual increase of Asian passengers, the industry is sending its biggest and newest ships to define itself in this massive new Asian market. (
  • Our Costa and Princess brands are performing extremely well in China, and these new ship deployments will strengthen our growth position and enable us to carry nearly one million passengers in 2016, as we continue executing our plan to meet surging consumer demand for cruising in China,' said Buckelew. (
  • On the 148-passenger Iberostar Grand Amazon passengers enjoy the modern conveniences on a luxury cruise ship, including bars, two restaurants, a convenience store, two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, disco, massage room, gym and more. (
  • The passengers on board both ships will be put into three basic categories, Trantalis explained. (
  • Holland America said the second group, which includes 26 symptomatic passengers who are not yet fit to travel, will remain on board the ship. (
  • They bring passengers of ferries and holiday ships to the island and they are used also as fishing boats. (
  • The Greenpeace fleet of ships is a unique asset in the battle to save planet Earth and protect the global commons. (
  • The third Rainbow Warrior is the first ship in our fleet designed and built specifically for Greenpeace. (
  • These new cruisers have replaced older, less capable ships that are being taken out of service as part of the Navy's overall plan to recapitalize the fleet. (
  • Under the agreement, each ship in the drift-net fleet is required to carry a radio transmitter. (
  • On the computer display at the NMFS, where each ship is represented by a dot, the Asian drift-net fleet shows up as a solid yellow band stretching from Japan to a point 1600 kilometres off the coast of Oregon. (
  • The cruise line announced that it will add two ships to its China fleet in 2016 and will begin cruise operations in China starting in spring 2017. (
  • The average age of shipping containers in our dedicated container hire fleet is less than five years, and all of the portable storage and general purpose containers we hire are fitted with a lock box as standard. (
  • The ship has been accepted into the growing fleet of the R.C.N. and we have our orders to proceed to Quebec City to take on more of the crew, with a short stay in Montreal. (
  • Although no agency officially regulates medical practice aboard cruise ships, consensus-based guidelines for cruise ship medical facilities were published by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in 1995 and most recently updated in 2013. (
  • Park West Gallery , known for its fine art auctions aboard cruise ships, is currently on six luxury cruise ships traveling throughout Asia , and plans to increase that number by 2016. (
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  • Travelers from diverse regions brought together in the often crowded, semi-enclosed environments onboard ships can facilitate the spread of person-to-person, foodborne, or waterborne diseases. (
  • Outbreaks on ships can be sustained for multiple voyages by transmission among crew members who remain onboard or by persistent environmental contamination. (
  • The remote location of the travelers at sea means that they may need to rely on the medical capabilities and supplies available onboard the ship for extended periods of time, and cruise travelers and their physicians should be aware of ships' medical limitations and prepare accordingly. (
  • I see a lot of patients with problems that would never occur in the Western world," stated volunteer Nurse Anna Iraggi, who has spent the last six months volunteering onboard the Mercy Ship in Madagascar. (
  • She was given a free operation onboard the Mercy Ship. (
  • A laborer climbs a ladder held by others, while working onboard a ship, separating it into scrap metal at Gaddani ship breaking yard on November 24, 2011. (
  • Ships are generally distinguished from boats based on size and cargo or passenger capacity. (
  • Ships and boats have developed alongside humanity. (
  • Two five-inch gun mounts are used against threatening ships and boats, low-flying aircraft, or to bombard shore targets. (
  • Ships and boats have developed alongside mankind. (
  • Sea Machines Robotics is developing autonomous technologies that it believes will revolutionize the marine sector, enabling smarter, safer and more efficient operations via self-aware and self-driving boats and ships. (
  • More than 30 ships, including some nearby fishing boats, were searching for the missing people. (
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  • Alang, on the coast of Gujarat in western India, is known as the graveyard of ships. (
  • The yards are one of the largest ship-breaking operations in the world rivaling in size those located in India and Bangladesh. (
  • An Indian worker breaks down ship parts for recycling as scrap at a ship breaking yard in Mumbai, India, on December 27, 2012. (
  • Ninety percent of ship-breaking in the world is carried out in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and Turkey. (
  • Japanese Coast Guard spokesman Yuji Kito said ships from both countries flashed signs saying they were in their own territorial waters and demanding the other side leave. (
  • Three Chinese Coast Guard ships entered waters near a chain of islands claimed by both China and Japan in the East China Sea on Monday, according to authorities from both sides. (
  • A Chinese Coast Guard ship in waters near a chain of islands claimed by both China and Japan in the East China Sea. (
  • China's State Oceanic Administration, which oversees the country's Coast Guard, put out a statement late Monday saying the three ships "cruised within China's Diaoyu Islands territorial sea. (
  • China's Defense Ministry, which is separate from the Oceanic Administration, posted a statement on its website confirming the Coast Guard ship movement. (
  • It was the fourth time Chinese ships have entered Japan's waters this year, the Japanese Coast Guard said. (
  • Yet neither MARAD, the EPA, or the US Coast Guard routinely monitor whether ship owners are complying with warnings on the reflagging application that they must obey US environmental laws. (
  • Chinese coast guard ships set up a blockade but a lone Philippine boat maneuvered past them in the high seas Saturday to deliver a fresh batch of Filipino troops and food supplies to a disputed shoal in a tense, cat-and-mouse-like confrontation witnessed for the first time by journalists in the South China Sea. (
  • SECOND THOMAS SHOAL, South China Sea (AP) - A Philippine government ship slipped past a Chinese coast guard blockade Saturday and brought food and fresh troops to a marooned navy ship used as a base by Filipino troops to bolster the country's territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea. (
  • Cruise ship medical centers deal with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. (
  • Approximately 3%-11% of conditions reported to cruise ship medical centers are urgent or an emergency. (
  • As organizations look to consolidate their existing data centers and shift more of their workloads to the cloud , IBM announced that this trend has helped fuel the growing momentum for the IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems, and as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2013, IBM shipped more than 10,000 units. (
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  • The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) equipment consists of a hull-mounted SONAR, an Acoustic Array SONAR which is towed like a tail behind the ship, and a helicopter that can locate ships or submarines over 100 miles away. (
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  • USPS Retail Ground ® is a reliable and economical way to ship 5 less-than-urgent deliveries and oversized packages. (
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  • All Nursery orders ship USPS Priority or UPS Ground depending on the size/weight of the order. (
  • Instructor] If you get a quote from USPS…or some other shipping provider,…you can pack up the boxes, bring them to the office,…get them weighed, measured, and finally pay for them. (
  • The US Navy's system of alpha-numeric ship designators and associated hull numbers was for several decades a unique method of categorizing ships of all types: combatants, auxiliaries and district craft. (
  • Starting at the beginning of the 20th Century, the Navy's ships were named in accordance with a system, tailored to ship types. (
  • In addition, the ships carry a strong Anti-Submarine Warfare Suite and the Navy's latest Electronic Warfare Suite is also aboard. (
  • The first of the U.S. Navy's new littoral combat ships is scheduled to start its first overseas deployment Friday. (
  • The first of the U.S. Navy's new littoral combat ships is. (
  • That firm's marketing manager, Doris Wong, confirmed that 4,835 tonnes of Winnipeg's 'mixed rigid plastics' are then shipped to Hong Kong to be remade into countless plastic goods for world markets. (
  • An average size ship contains up to 7 tonnes of asbestos which is often sold in the local communities after scrapping. (
  • If ships return to the U.S. market, their records become available again during a web search. (
  • For launching, the ship was moved several hundred yards across land to the floating dry dock, which was used to actually launch the ship. (
  • That is hotly disputed by the Gujarat Maritime Board, which leases out the yards to the ship-breakers. (
  • Only 15 or so of the 173 ship breaking yards are operational. (
  • Many of the ship breaking contracts have been lost to yards in China, Pakistan and Bangladesh where the environmental standards are much looser, the maritime board says. (
  • Gaddani's ship-breaking yards employ some 10,000 workers including welders, cleaners, crane operators and worker supervisors. (
  • Today at Kingston Ship Yards a new hull was laid down no. 27. (
  • IBM announced that it has shipped more than 10,000 PureSystems units since Big Blue introduced the machines in 2012. (
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  • Increasing regulation, volatility in financial markets, risk of piracy, technological breakthroughs and environmental concerns have also added to a very challenging business environment which shipping companies need to navigate safely through. (
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  • Mercy Ships is an international charity. (
  • The international legal definition of a Hospital Ship is found in "Convention (II) for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea" done in Geneva, 12 August 1949. (
  • the Editors of Publications International, Ltd. "Ether Ships" 5 February 2008. (
  • But international aviation and shipping emissions are not currently included. (
  • The London -based International Mari-time Organization is developing tougher global ship-recycling standards to protect workers and the environment. (
  • While South Florida residents returning home via ground transportation were expected to depart Port Everglades on Thursday, Aall others will return to the ship until Friday, when they will be bussed directly to the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. (
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  • With FedEx, international shipping means you get the same great service for imports as you do for your export shipments. (
  • Greek Shipping has long maintained the global leadership in the international shipping industry and has an undisputed, major contribution to the global transportation & logistics industries. (
  • This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. (
  • The diplomatic conference of the IMO has adopted a new international convention for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships in 2009. (
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend shipping your items when you purchase and print domestic and international shipping labels at home through eBay or PayPal. (
  • Now for the first time you can print international shipping labels from PayPal to serve your global buyers. (
  • Not only is the buyers' international address pre-filled on the shipping label, but you can easily complete and print the required customs forms - directly on PayPal! (
  • Richard and Shara-Kay Kinlocke of Gateway Shipping International (GSI) are a brother-sister team who are profoundly inspired by their late father, Robert Kinlocke, whose legacy they are proud to continue. (
  • Union City, Calif. - Runco International said it is now shipping two plasma displays that for the first time integrate the company's Vivix video-scaling circuitry into the panel. (
  • Denny Roy, an Asian security expert at the East-West Center in Honolulu, said ship movements in disputed waters could result in a shooting incident. (
  • In May 2007, the Africa Mercy sailed into the port in Monrovia to meet up with the Anastasis, enabling crew, equipment and supplies to be transferred from the oldest Mercy Ship to the newest one. (
  • The Africa Mercy , the only current Mercy Ship, in 2007 made its official maiden voyage to Monrovia, Liberia, from the shipyard in England. (
  • The ship's 350-member crew included Mercy Ships founders Don and Deyon Stephens, who lived on board the ship with their four young children for ten years. (
  • To select more than one cruise ship, hold down the *Ctrl* key and click on the cruise ship's name. (
  • 1.0 Classification of ship 1.1 Tramps Tramps ship provides the service that only operate wherever the market dictates. (
  • Better known as IMO 2020 and agreed to by every nation that plays a serious role in global shipping, it dictates that ships either install pollution-control equipment or use fuel whose sulfur content is no more than 0.5 percent by weight, down from the current 3.5 percent limit. (
  • Updates on these outbreaks involving ships with US ports of call can be found at . (
  • Mercy Ships purchased the Norwegian coastal ferry Polarlys in 1994 and transformed it into the MV Caribbean Mercy, a hospital ship serving Central American and Caribbean ports. (
  • Shipping is global, but the industry's decisionmaking power is concentrated among relatively few large shipping companies, oil refiners, and major ports. (
  • It believes the UK should be responsible for half of all the emissions associated with ships entering or leaving national ports - the other half being borne by whichever countries lie at the other end of the journeys. (
  • This database is an index to the passenger lists of ships arriving from foreign ports at the port of Boston, Massachusetts from 1820-1943. (
  • This database is an index to the passenger lists of ships arriving from foreign ports at the port of New York from 1851-1891 and 1935-1938. (
  • Tramps ship involve trading all part of the world for searching cargo to transfer. (
  • Tramps ship usually carried the bulk cargo and break-bulk cargo that do not require fast delivery. (
  • In the course of a few minutes, the boat returned, bringing the mate of the ' Monkshaven,' a fine-looking Norwegian, who spoke English perfectly, and who reported his ship to be sixty-eight days out from Swansea, bound for Valparaiso, with a cargo of smelting coal. (
  • A prototype chemical sensor was fitted onto a cargo ship in 2002, but failed to work properly. (
  • It is important to understand that hull number letter prefixes are not acronyms, and should not be carelessly treated as abbreviations of ship type classifications. (
  • The modules were then moved together to form the hull of the ship, and the deckhouse sections were then lifted aboard. (
  • A shipyard worker is enveloped in fumes coming off a separating wall he is cutting through with his blowtorch inside the hull of a ship being dismantled in one of the 127 ship-breaking plots in Gaddani, some 40Kms west of Karachi, Pakistan, on July 9, 2012. (
  • Hull no. 27 was commissioned as His Majesty's Canadian Ship TRENTONIAN. (
  • Three ships in the oceans. (
  • As the ships cross seas of history and incident, seafarers unfold the stories of their lives, and a beautiful and terrifying portrait of the oceans and their human subjects emerges. (
  • Due to their extensive combat capability, these ships have been designated as Battle Force Capable (BFC) units. (
  • Through Partner Units, Mercy Ships offers in-depth mentoring to the whole team, teaching and building on similar concepts strengthening the entire health system. (
  • Pop-up containers (a division of Bell Container Trading) is able to carry out bespoke container conversions for a wide range of uses (from offices to bars, art galleries and retail units) and also modify steel shipping containers for use as pop-up venues. (
  • As part of our container conversions business we are able to convert standard ISO certified storage containers into mobile offices, shipping container bars and cafes, popup restaurants and container based shops and retail units. (
  • Although the absence of armor has reduced displacement by a factor of four, a modern "destroyer" is only a few dozen feet shorter than what passed for a capital ship for much of the 20th Century, and modern ships surely make up in firepower, speed, and sensor capabilities what they may lack in raw tonnage. (
  • She was the last wooden, three masted ship to be built in Britain and is the only one that survives.The basics of the ship were built on the same principles as the whaling ships - hundreds of them worked out of Dundee in the 19th and early 20th century. (
  • After finally reaching a deal with authorities, Holland America was allowed to dock two of its ships at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Thursday. (
  • Trantalis said that regulations in the agreement allowing the ships to dock will provide "strong safeguards" to the community. (
  • Holland America agreed to a strict set set of protocols if the county decided to allow the ships to dock. (
  • The scraps salvaged from the ship repair dock are then sold to recycling companies. (
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  • Royal Caribbean is expected to have five ships in China by 2016. (
  • Since 2000 Mercy Ships has the 16,500-ton flagship Africa Mercy , [6] which measures almost 500 feet long. (
  • [3] The Africa Mercy has greater capacity than all three previous Mercy Ships combined. (
  • More than 1,200 ship passenger Lists. (
  • Some ships passenger lists, schedules, wreck data, and other information which is not readily available, has been collected, along with links to other sites of interest. (
  • So outbreaks are found and reported more quickly on a cruise ship than on land. (
  • The most frequently reported cruise ship outbreaks involve respiratory infections, GI infections (such as norovirus), and vaccine-preventable diseases other than influenza, such as varicella (chickenpox). (
  • Four ships from China Marine Surveillance entered waters near the islands at 10 a.m. (0200 GMT), according to a statement from the State Oceanic Administration that commands the service. (
  • Chinese ships have at times entered the 22-kilometer (12-nautical mile) zone that Tokyo considers its territorial waters near the islands and Chinese aircraft have also stepped up activity around them. (
  • A great ship asks deep waters . (
  • The team equipped four container ships and one cruise liner serving North Atlantic sea routes with chemical sensors -- known as equilibrators -- which measure the abundance of CO2 in the surface waters of the ocean and in the surrounding air. (
  • A right whale near a large ship in the Bay of Fundy, which is their principal summer feeding waters. (
  • That included shipping traffic into the Bay of Fundy, which is home to the busy Saint John Port and the principal summer feeding waters for right whales. (
  • That's because the ship left San Francisco last month laden with an estimated 460 tons of asbestos and toxic PCBs embedded in its electrical and engine-room systems. (
  • But while PCBs and asbestos were phased out of US shipbuilding in the 1980s, many ships like the Oceanic that are more than 25 years old often contain hundreds of tons of asbestos and PCBs. (
  • Before they take effect, hundreds of ships weighing a total of 55 million tons - more than double the volume of the past five years - may be scrapped, a European Commission study on the global ship-scrapping industry estimated last year. (
  • A peak of 18 million tons of ships is expected in 2010. (
  • The supply ship carried about 10 tons of food, including rice and canned goods, and water, Gato said. (
  • The provisions were placed in sacks and transferred to the marooned ship using ropes pulled with pulleys. (
  • According to Roddy Moscoso, a spokesman for the NMFS, a ship from Taiwan that was supposed to enforce the agreement was also in that area, but did nothing to send the offending ships back. (
  • Albert Lin, a spokesman for Taiwan, said that inspections of the ships show that no salmon were being taken in the drift nets. (
  • NINGBO -- A Chinese fishing boat collided with a foreign ship early on Friday morning in the East China Sea, leaving 10 people missing, said a spokesman of the local public security authority. (
  • The collision happened at about 6:00 a.m. Friday morning near Shanghai when the boat, with 14 crew, hit the ship, the spokesman of the eastern Zhejiang provincial public security department said. (
  • Mercy Ships currently operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world. (
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  • Mass-produced antisubmarine patrol and escort ships were named in honor of members of the naval service killed in action in World War II. (
  • Since 1996 the ship with no keel has taken on icy poles and shallow rivers around the world. (
  • This graphic illustrates America's Hospital Ships, and those of the rest of the world. (
  • During the First World War, hospital ships were used to an increasing extent, despite the serious disputes and grave incidents which arose between the belligerents in this regard and to which we have already referred. (
  • When the Second World War came, hospital ships specially designed for the purpose were built, and consequently the accommodation for patients was greatly improved. (
  • It is clear from the records that the lack of an up-to-date system of marking, visible at a great distance, was the cause of most of the attacks made on hospital ships during the Second World War. (
  • The Ticonderoga class were the first surface combatant ships equipped with the AEGIS Weapons System, the most sophisticated air defense system in the world. (
  • Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class healthcare services, capacity building and sustainable development to those without access in the developing world. (
  • Environment group WWF, together with Oxfam, recently issued a report recommending that some kind of global shipping tax be used to raise some of the $100bn per year of climate-related cash that rich countries are committed to providing to the developing world by 2020. (
  • Click play above to learn how ColdBlock Technologies works with FedEx to ship their products all over the world. (
  • Simply put-a hospital ship is the best way to deliver safe surgeries to some of the poorest people in the world. (
  • Our lives depend on shipping but it is a world which is largely hidden from us. (
  • It has been the last port of call for thousands of ships from around the world. (
  • Shipping containers were designed to be secure and transport goods all over the world, traveling thousands of miles and battling the elements. (
  • A wooden ship carrying 250 asylum seekers from Indonesia to Australia sank amid 13-foot high waves . (
  • The day his casts were removed, Ulrich stood up on his own, walked toward his Mercy Ships surgeon, and handed him the wooden walking sticks. (
  • Submit customs documents prior to, at the time of, or after creating your shipping label. (
  • But the fact that it soon could be underscores an emerging global threat in the next few years: A tidal wave of hundreds of old ships carrying PCBs and asbestos expected to be cut up and their contents spilled onto beaches in developing nations. (
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  • Over time, this system has evolved beyond recognition, due in part to the evolution of modern ships. (
  • Mercy Ships seeks to transform individuals and serve nations, one at a time. (
  • It's high time the agency took a hard look at this issue in light of the global reforms going on in the ship-scrapping industry. (
  • Port Everglades traffic records confirmed the arrival of MS Zaandam and sister ship MS Rotterdam after 5 p.m. local time. (
  • When you print shipping labels on PayPal, you can save both time and money! (
  • It takes a long time to separate a galaxy class starship if you want to be realistic and by the time you get two halves of a ship, there's a chance it'll get blown to pieces by then. (
  • There is also one interesting account of a visitor to the ship who had spent some time talking with a sailor, but no one else could see the person she was speaking to. (
  • We have hired 40' shipping containers to shop fitters and builders, to store stock and equipment while they undertake the work. (
  • We also fit our shipping containers with lock boxes to ensure absolute security of your goods. (
  • People stand outside shipping containers serving as their accommodation, as a car passes through a street, in Shanghai March 4, 2013. (
  • People stand outside shipping containers serving as their accommodation, in Shanghai March 4, 2013. (
  • A child holds her toy as she stands outside shipping containers serving as her accommodation, in Shanghai March 4, 2013. (
  • A mother and her child eat dinner outside shipping containers which serve as their accommodation, in Shanghai March 4, 2013. (
  • A woman cooks outside shipping containers which serve as her accommodation, in Shanghai March 4, 2013. (
  • Nurses have helped Mercy Ships provide more than 78,000 free surgeries, helped teach over 183,000 people basic healthcare, mentored African nurses and provided expert pre-operative and post-operative care to patients in the wards. (
  • In regions where resources are scarce, a state-of-the-art hospital ship is the most efficient way to deliver free surgeries. (
  • Using data collected by commercial ships, scientists have accurately mapped the carbon dioxide absorbed by the North Atlantic Ocean, and found that it varies enormously from one place to another, and from year to year. (
  • The boxed version, which will include two pairs of red/cyan anaglyph glasses, costs $34.95, and is expected to ship on March 19th - Pangea is accepting pre-orders now. (
  • Mercy Ships was founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens. (
  • It has outfitted and operated a total of four hospital ships to serve developing nations since 1978. (
  • During National Nurses Week, Mercy Ships commends thousands of nurses who have volunteered on their hospital ships since 1978. (
  • Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $1 billion, treating more than 2.5 million direct beneficiaries. (
  • CUPERTINO, California-February 19, 2001-Apple® today announced it has begun shipping its new 733 MHz Power Mac™ G4 with the SuperDrive, a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive that can read and write CDs as well as DVDs that can be played in consumer DVD players. (
  • A decrease in ship traffic in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks lowered the levels of stress hormones in the feces of endangered North Atlantic right whales in the Bay of Fundy, a new study shows. (
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  • Over the course of several years, the ship was equipped with modern eye-surgery capabilities. (
  • The lack of discipline in distinguishing between the quick and the dead has been utterly overwhelmed in recently years by the promiscuous distribution of names among various classes of ships. (
  • In the two years since the tsunami, the wrecked ship has become a symbol of the disaster and a makeshift memorial, however work on dismantling the hulk began in September and is expected to end later this month. (
  • This is something people have been exploiting for years, and MARAD has codified this practice into a regulation that makes it legal," says John Graykowski , a former acting administrator of MARAD under President Clinton who now works with US-based ship-recycling companies. (
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  • I lost my brother to an explosion in a ship a few years ago and ever since I have made it my mission to work for improving the lot of the workers. (
  • The Premier Box team has 20 years combined experience in the shipping container industry, allowing us to offer you the most cost effective, efficient and dependable shipping container solutions available. (
  • More recently, the US Navy has decided to defer to the Associated Press style guide, and refer to ships as "it" - a practice that may improve the post-service employment opportunities of Navy News Service writers, but that does nothing to instill a sense of tradition in the sea services. (
  • Shipping News. (
  • Want to receive the latest news and information about Mercy Ships? (
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  • Later that year, Sinking Ships signed to Revelation Records and released their album, Disconnecting, in July 2006. (
  • Last year, several ships turned off the transmitters for several days to protest against US restrictions on seafood imports. (
  • Each year Mercy Ships has more than 1,600 volunteers from more than 40 nations. (
  • This costs $79 a year in the U.S. and offers free two-day shipping on lots of items. (
  • The service is so popular that more than a year ago we began shipping more items with Prime than with free shipping," Amazon said, while including a link to a free 30-day trial of Prime. (
  • The study revealed that 52 cruise ships will operate in Asia this year, a compound growth of 10 percent since 2013. (
  • The newest ship under construction for its Princess line will be based in China year-round when released in the summer of 2017. (
  • Early next year Dell is slated to ship the PowerEdge 6100 a four-way Pentium Pro server. (
  • Our fastest domestic shipping service, Priority Mail Express ® delivers 7 days a week, 365 days a year (with limited exceptions). (
  • The ship moved on to Africa in 1991 [9] and remained in service there until 2007. (
  • Because bases were far apart and hospitals on land in short supply in the Pacific war theater, the American forces brought into service ships which were really floating hospitals, able to give complete medical and surgical treatment. (
  • This land attack capability, coupled to their AEGIS anti-air missile systems, AN/SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare system and sophisticated C4ISR suite, make these ships the most powerful surface combatants in service with any navy. (
  • Without this system, monitoring the agreement would be a hopeless task, because an individual ship in the Pacific is like 'a needle in a haystack', says Alan Mager of the National Marine Fisheries Service. (
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  • Cruise ship travel presents a unique combination of health concerns. (
  • CRUISE SHIP A cruise ship or cruise liner is a (usually very large) passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship 's amenities are part of the experience, as well as the different destinations along the way. (
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  • Ship transportation has increased tremendously since the industrial revolution, which has resulted in increased emissions due to shipping and increased stresses on the environment. (
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from shipping should be included in the UK's climate change budgets, the Committee on Climate Change has recommended. (
  • Shipping could account for up to 10% of emissions allowed under the 2050 target, and that says this is a material issue," said Committee on Climate Change (CCC) chief executive David Kennedy. (
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  • A boat en route from Indonesia to Australia was lost at sea. (
  • A boat carrying 200 asylum seekers capsized around 200km north of Christmas Island, en route to Australia from Indonesia. (
  • Our ships are used at the forefront of Greenpeace campaigning, often sailing to remote areas to bear witness and take action against environmental destruction. (
  • The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise arrives in the DRC harbour of Matadi, the country's principal port for timber exports. (
  • The arrival of the ship marks the opening of the Greenpeace office in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (
  • Local people welcome the Greenpeace ship MV Arctic Sunrise arriving in the port of Matadi. (
  • The ship is visiting the region in occasion of the launch of the Greenpeace Africa office in Kinshasa. (
  • A woman waves to the Greenpeace ship MV Arctic Sunrise arriving in the port of Matadi. (
  • Crew on-board the ship, are the pioneers of the green movement who formed the original group that became Greenpeace. (