The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
The ratio of the number of conceptions (CONCEPTION) including LIVE BIRTH; STILLBIRTH; and fetal losses, to the mean number of females of reproductive age in a population during a set time period.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
An assisted reproductive technique that includes the direct handling and manipulation of oocytes and sperm to achieve fertilization in vitro.
Inability to reproduce after a specified period of unprotected intercourse. Reproductive sterility is permanent infertility.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
The study of chance processes or the relative frequency characterizing a chance process.
Diminished or absent ability of a female to achieve conception.
Time interval, or number of non-contraceptive menstrual cycles that it takes for a couple to conceive.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
Clinical and laboratory techniques used to enhance fertility in humans and animals.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
The transfer of mammalian embryos from an in vivo or in vitro environment to a suitable host to improve pregnancy or gestational outcome in human or animal. In human fertility treatment programs, preimplantation embryos ranging from the 4-cell stage to the blastocyst stage are transferred to the uterine cavity between 3-5 days after FERTILIZATION IN VITRO.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
Results of conception and ensuing pregnancy, including LIVE BIRTH; STILLBIRTH; SPONTANEOUS ABORTION; INDUCED ABORTION. The outcome may follow natural or artificial insemination or any of the various ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNIQUES, such as EMBRYO TRANSFER or FERTILIZATION IN VITRO.
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
A prediction of the probable outcome of a disease based on a individual's condition and the usual course of the disease as seen in similar situations.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
Statistical formulations or analyses which, when applied to data and found to fit the data, are then used to verify the assumptions and parameters used in the analysis. Examples of statistical models are the linear model, binomial model, polynomial model, two-parameter model, etc.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of genetic processes or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
An assisted fertilization technique consisting of the microinjection of a single viable sperm into an extracted ovum. It is used principally to overcome low sperm count, low sperm motility, inability of sperm to penetrate the egg, or other conditions related to male infertility (INFERTILITY, MALE).
The techniques used to select and/or place only one embryo from FERTILIZATION IN VITRO into the uterine cavity to establish a singleton pregnancy.
The event that a FETUS is born alive with heartbeats or RESPIRATION regardless of GESTATIONAL AGE. Such liveborn is called a newborn infant (INFANT, NEWBORN).
An infant during the first month after birth.
The quality of SEMEN, an indicator of male fertility, can be determined by semen volume, pH, sperm concentration (SPERM COUNT), total sperm number, sperm viability, sperm vigor (SPERM MOTILITY), normal sperm morphology, ACROSOME integrity, and the concentration of WHITE BLOOD CELLS.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
Binary classification measures to assess test results. Sensitivity or recall rate is the proportion of true positives. Specificity is the probability of correctly determining the absence of a condition. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
Studies which start with the identification of persons with a disease of interest and a control (comparison, referent) group without the disease. The relationship of an attribute to the disease is examined by comparing diseased and non-diseased persons with regard to the frequency or levels of the attribute in each group.
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
The number of births in a given population per year or other unit of time.
The inability of the male to effect FERTILIZATION of an OVUM after a specified period of unprotected intercourse. Male sterility is permanent infertility.
The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.
In screening and diagnostic tests, the probability that a person with a positive test is a true positive (i.e., has the disease), is referred to as the predictive value of a positive test; whereas, the predictive value of a negative test is the probability that the person with a negative test does not have the disease. Predictive value is related to the sensitivity and specificity of the test.
Techniques for the artifical induction of ovulation, the rupture of the follicle and release of the ovum.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
New abnormal growth of tissue. Malignant neoplasms show a greater degree of anaplasia and have the properties of invasion and metastasis, compared to benign neoplasms.
The process of making a selective intellectual judgment when presented with several complex alternatives consisting of several variables, and usually defining a course of action or an idea.
A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.
Determination of the nature of a pathological condition or disease in the OVUM; ZYGOTE; or BLASTOCYST prior to implantation. CYTOGENETIC ANALYSIS is performed to determine the presence or absence of genetic disease.
The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
The act of making a selection among two or more alternatives, usually after a period of deliberation.
The probability that an event will occur. It encompasses a variety of measures of the probability of a generally unfavorable outcome.
A method of providing future reproductive opportunities before a medical treatment with known risk of loss of fertility. Typically reproductive organs or tissues (e.g., sperm, egg, embryos and ovarian or testicular tissues) are cryopreserved for future use before the medical treatment (e.g., chemotherapy, radiation) begins.
Application of statistical procedures to analyze specific observed or assumed facts from a particular study.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Processes that incorporate some element of randomness, used particularly to refer to a time series of random variables.
Transfer of preovulatory oocytes from donor to a suitable host. Oocytes are collected, fertilized in vitro, and transferred to a host that can be human or animal.
Compositions written by hand, as one written before the invention or adoption of printing. A manuscript may also refer to a handwritten copy of an ancient author. A manuscript may be handwritten or typewritten as distinguished from a printed copy, especially the copy of a writer's work from which printed copies are made. (Webster, 3d ed)
The ratio of two odds. The exposure-odds ratio for case control data is the ratio of the odds in favor of exposure among cases to the odds in favor of exposure among noncases. The disease-odds ratio for a cohort or cross section is the ratio of the odds in favor of disease among the exposed to the odds in favor of disease among the unexposed. The prevalence-odds ratio refers to an odds ratio derived cross-sectionally from studies of prevalent cases.
Misunderstanding among individuals, frequently research subjects, of scientific methods such as randomization and placebo controls.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
Criteria and standards used for the determination of the appropriateness of the inclusion of patients with specific conditions in proposed treatment plans and the criteria used for the inclusion of subjects in various clinical trials and other research protocols.
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
Preservation of cells, tissues, organs, or embryos by freezing. In histological preparations, cryopreservation or cryofixation is used to maintain the existing form, structure, and chemical composition of all the constituent elements of the specimens.
A latent susceptibility to disease at the genetic level, which may be activated under certain conditions.
The condition of carrying TWINS simultaneously.
Differential response to different stimuli.
The organization, management, and assumption of risks of a business or enterprise, usually implying an element of change or challenge and a new opportunity.
The absence of a useful purpose or useful result in a diagnostic procedure or therapeutic intervention. The situation of a patient whose condition will not be improved by treatment or instances in which treatment preserves permanent unconsciousness or cannot end dependence on intensive medical care. (From Ann Intern Med 1990 Jun 15;112(12):949)
A single nucleotide variation in a genetic sequence that occurs at appreciable frequency in the population.
Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.
The capacity to conceive or to induce conception. It may refer to either the male or female.
Differential and non-random reproduction of different genotypes, operating to alter the gene frequencies within a population.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
The proportion of survivors in a group, e.g., of patients, studied and followed over a period, or the proportion of persons in a specified group alive at the beginning of a time interval who survive to the end of the interval. It is often studied using life table methods.
A statistically significant excess of cases of a disease, occurring within a limited space-time continuum.
The treatment of a disease or condition by several different means simultaneously or sequentially. Chemoimmunotherapy, RADIOIMMUNOTHERAPY, chemoradiotherapy, cryochemotherapy, and SALVAGE THERAPY are seen most frequently, but their combinations with each other and surgery are also used.
Works about pre-planned studies of the safety, efficacy, or optimum dosage schedule (if appropriate) of one or more diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques selected according to predetermined criteria of eligibility and observed for predefined evidence of favorable and unfavorable effects. This concept includes clinical trials conducted both in the U.S. and in other countries.
Procedures to obtain viable OOCYTES from the host. Oocytes most often are collected by needle aspiration from OVARIAN FOLLICLES before OVULATION.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
Method to determine the occurrence of OVULATION by direct or indirect means. Indirect methods examine the effects of PROGESTERONE on cervical mucus (CERVIX MUCUS), or basal body temperature. Direct ovulation detection, generally used in fertility treatment, involves analyses of circulating hormones in blood and ULTRASONOGRAPHY.
Tumors or cancer of the human BREAST.
Levels within a diagnostic group which are established by various measurement criteria applied to the seriousness of a patient's disorder.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Embryonic and fetal development that takes place in an artificial environment in vitro.
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
Endometrial implantation of EMBRYO, MAMMALIAN at the BLASTOCYST stage.
Any detectable and heritable change in the genetic material that causes a change in the GENOTYPE and which is transmitted to daughter cells and to succeeding generations.
A set of techniques used when variation in several variables has to be studied simultaneously. In statistics, multivariate analysis is interpreted as any analytic method that allows simultaneous study of two or more dependent variables.
Variant forms of the same gene, occupying the same locus on homologous CHROMOSOMES, and governing the variants in production of the same gene product.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
The failure by the observer to measure or identify a phenomenon accurately, which results in an error. Sources for this may be due to the observer's missing an abnormality, or to faulty technique resulting in incorrect test measurement, or to misinterpretation of the data. Two varieties are inter-observer variation (the amount observers vary from one another when reporting on the same material) and intra-observer variation (the amount one observer varies between observations when reporting more than once on the same material).
A field of biology concerned with the development of techniques for the collection and manipulation of biological data, and the use of such data to make biological discoveries or predictions. This field encompasses all computational methods and theories for solving biological problems including manipulation of models and datasets.
A class of statistical procedures for estimating the survival function (function of time, starting with a population 100% well at a given time and providing the percentage of the population still well at later times). The survival analysis is then used for making inferences about the effects of treatments, prognostic factors, exposures, and other covariates on the function.
A set of statistical methods used to group variables or observations into strongly inter-related subgroups. In epidemiology, it may be used to analyze a closely grouped series of events or cases of disease or other health-related phenomenon with well-defined distribution patterns in relation to time or place or both.
The direct struggle between individuals for environmental necessities or for a common goal.
The condition of carrying two or more FETUSES simultaneously.
Stimulation at an intensity below that where a differentiated response can be elicited.
The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.
Games designed to provide information on hypotheses, policies, procedures, or strategies.
The technique of maintaining or growing mammalian EMBRYOS in vitro. This method offers an opportunity to observe EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT; METABOLISM; and susceptibility to TERATOGENS.
The science and art of collecting, summarizing, and analyzing data that are subject to random variation. The term is also applied to the data themselves and to the summarization of the data.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Functions constructed from a statistical model and a set of observed data which give the probability of that data for various values of the unknown model parameters. Those parameter values that maximize the probability are the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters.
Any deviation of results or inferences from the truth, or processes leading to such deviation. Bias can result from several sources: one-sided or systematic variations in measurement from the true value (systematic error); flaws in study design; deviation of inferences, interpretations, or analyses based on flawed data or data collection; etc. There is no sense of prejudice or subjectivity implied in the assessment of bias under these conditions.
Research techniques that focus on study designs and data gathering methods in human and animal populations.
Expulsion of the product of FERTILIZATION before completing the term of GESTATION and without deliberate interference.
The return of a sign, symptom, or disease after a remission.
The artificial substitution of heart and lung action as indicated for HEART ARREST resulting from electric shock, DROWNING, respiratory arrest, or other causes. The two major components of cardiopulmonary resuscitation are artificial ventilation (RESPIRATION, ARTIFICIAL) and closed-chest CARDIAC MASSAGE.
Conditions or pathological processes associated with pregnancy. They can occur during or after pregnancy, and range from minor discomforts to serious diseases that require medical interventions. They include diseases in pregnant females, and pregnancies in females with diseases.
A triphenyl ethylene stilbene derivative which is an estrogen agonist or antagonist depending on the target tissue. Note that ENCLOMIPHENE and ZUCLOMIPHENE are the (E) and (Z) isomers of Clomiphene respectively.
Positive test results in subjects who do not possess the attribute for which the test is conducted. The labeling of healthy persons as diseased when screening in the detection of disease. (Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
A glycoprotein that causes regression of MULLERIAN DUCTS. It is produced by SERTOLI CELLS of the TESTES. In the absence of this hormone, the Mullerian ducts develop into structures of the female reproductive tract. In males, defects of this hormone result in persistent Mullerian duct, a form of MALE PSEUDOHERMAPHRODITISM.
Failure of a professional person, a physician or lawyer, to render proper services through reprehensible ignorance or negligence or through criminal intent, especially when injury or loss follows. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The complete genetic complement contained in the DNA of a set of CHROMOSOMES in a HUMAN. The length of the human genome is about 3 billion base pairs.
Investigative technique commonly used during ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY in which a series of bright light flashes or visual patterns are used to elicit brain activity.
Withholding or withdrawal of a particular treatment or treatments, often (but not necessarily) life-prolonging treatment, from a patient or from a research subject as part of a research protocol. The concept is differentiated from REFUSAL TO TREAT, where the emphasis is on the health professional's or health facility's refusal to treat a patient or group of patients when the patient or the patient's representative requests treatment. Withholding of life-prolonging treatment is usually indexed only with EUTHANASIA, PASSIVE, unless the distinction between withholding and withdrawing treatment, or the issue of withholding palliative rather than curative treatment, is discussed.
The fusion of a spermatozoon (SPERMATOZOA) with an OVUM thus resulting in the formation of a ZYGOTE.
Public attitudes toward health, disease, and the medical care system.
Three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions.
Mathematical or statistical procedures used as aids in making a decision. They are frequently used in medical decision-making.
Mature male germ cells derived from SPERMATIDS. As spermatids move toward the lumen of the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES, they undergo extensive structural changes including the loss of cytoplasm, condensation of CHROMATIN into the SPERM HEAD, formation of the ACROSOME cap, the SPERM MIDPIECE and the SPERM TAIL that provides motility.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Detection of a MUTATION; GENOTYPE; KARYOTYPE; or specific ALLELES associated with genetic traits, heritable diseases, or predisposition to a disease, or that may lead to the disease in descendants. It includes prenatal genetic testing.
A graphic means for assessing the ability of a screening test to discriminate between healthy and diseased persons; may also be used in other studies, e.g., distinguishing stimuli responses as to a faint stimuli or nonstimuli.
Establishing the father relationship of a man and a child.
A phenotypically recognizable genetic trait which can be used to identify a genetic locus, a linkage group, or a recombination event.
Methods for controlling genetic SEX of offspring.
The science or philosophy of law. Also, the application of the principles of law and justice to health and medicine.
A range of values for a variable of interest, e.g., a rate, constructed so that this range has a specified probability of including the true value of the variable.
A condition in which functional endometrial tissue is present outside the UTERUS. It is often confined to the PELVIS involving the OVARY, the ligaments, cul-de-sac, and the uterovesical peritoneum.
Studies in which variables relating to an individual or group of individuals are assessed over a period of time.
Inhaling and exhaling the smoke of burning TOBACCO.
A functional system which includes the organisms of a natural community together with their environment. (McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The pattern of any process, or the interrelationship of phenomena, which affects growth or change within a population.
The total process by which organisms produce offspring. (Stedman, 25th ed)
The systems and processes involved in the establishment, support, management, and operation of registers, e.g., disease registers.
The process by which the nature and meaning of sensory stimuli are recognized and interpreted.
The record of descent or ancestry, particularly of a particular condition or trait, indicating individual family members, their relationships, and their status with respect to the trait or condition.
The age of the mother in PREGNANCY.
Suspension or cessation of OVULATION in animals or humans with follicle-containing ovaries (OVARIAN FOLLICLE). Depending on the etiology, OVULATION may be induced with appropriate therapy.
Procedures to obtain viable sperm from the male reproductive tract, including the TESTES, the EPIDIDYMIS, or the VAS DEFERENS.
The proportion of one particular in the total of all ALLELES for one genetic locus in a breeding POPULATION.
Pathologic processes that affect patients after a surgical procedure. They may or may not be related to the disease for which the surgery was done, and they may or may not be direct results of the surgery.
Extensive collections, reputedly complete, of facts and data garnered from material of a specialized subject area and made available for analysis and application. The collection can be automated by various contemporary methods for retrieval. The concept should be differentiated from DATABASES, BIBLIOGRAPHIC which is restricted to collections of bibliographic references.
The act or fact of grasping the meaning, nature, or importance of; understanding. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed) Includes understanding by a patient or research subject of information disclosed orally or in writing.
Methods and procedures for the diagnosis of diseases or dysfunction of the urinary tract or its organs or demonstration of its physiological processes.
A complex disorder characterized by infertility, HIRSUTISM; OBESITY; and various menstrual disturbances such as OLIGOMENORRHEA; AMENORRHEA; ANOVULATION. Polycystic ovary syndrome is usually associated with bilateral enlarged ovaries studded with atretic follicles, not with cysts. The term, polycystic ovary, is misleading.
A measure of the quality of health care by assessment of unsuccessful results of management and procedures used in combating disease, in individual cases or series.
Human artificial insemination in which the husband's semen is used.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
The transformation of a liquid to a glassy solid i.e., without the formation of crystals during the cooling process.
A theorem in probability theory named for Thomas Bayes (1702-1761). In epidemiology, it is used to obtain the probability of disease in a group of people with some characteristic on the basis of the overall rate of that disease and of the likelihood of that characteristic in healthy and diseased individuals. The most familiar application is in clinical decision analysis where it is used for estimating the probability of a particular diagnosis given the appearance of some symptoms or test result.
Research aimed at assessing the quality and effectiveness of health care as measured by the attainment of a specified end result or outcome. Measures include parameters such as improved health, lowered morbidity or mortality, and improvement of abnormal states (such as elevated blood pressure).
Any method used for determining the location of and relative distances between genes on a chromosome.
Learning that is manifested in the ability to respond differentially to various stimuli.
A major gonadotropin secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). Follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates GAMETOGENESIS and the supporting cells such as the ovarian GRANULOSA CELLS, the testicular SERTOLI CELLS, and LEYDIG CELLS. FSH consists of two noncovalently linked subunits, alpha and beta. Within a species, the alpha subunit is common in the three pituitary glycoprotein hormones (TSH, LH, and FSH), but the beta subunit is unique and confers its biological specificity.
Tomography using x-ray transmission and a computer algorithm to reconstruct the image.
The practice of making choices about SEXUAL PARTNERS based on their HIV status.
The external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.
An educational process that provides information and advice to individuals or families about a genetic condition that may affect them. The purpose is to help individuals make informed decisions about marriage, reproduction, and other health management issues based on information about the genetic disease, the available diagnostic tests, and management programs. Psychosocial support is usually offered.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
Pregnancy in which the mother and/or FETUS are at greater than normal risk of MORBIDITY or MORTALITY. Causes include inadequate PRENATAL CARE, previous obstetrical history (ABORTION, SPONTANEOUS), pre-existing maternal disease, pregnancy-induced disease (GESTATIONAL HYPERTENSION), and MULTIPLE PREGNANCY, as well as advanced maternal age above 35.
The smallest continent and an independent country, comprising six states and two territories. Its capital is Canberra.
The co-inheritance of two or more non-allelic GENES due to their being located more or less closely on the same CHROMOSOME.
Non-invasive method of demonstrating internal anatomy based on the principle that atomic nuclei in a strong magnetic field absorb pulses of radiofrequency energy and emit them as radiowaves which can be reconstructed into computerized images. The concept includes proton spin tomographic techniques.
Incorrect diagnoses after clinical examination or technical diagnostic procedures.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
In vitro method for producing large amounts of specific DNA or RNA fragments of defined length and sequence from small amounts of short oligonucleotide flanking sequences (primers). The essential steps include thermal denaturation of the double-stranded target molecules, annealing of the primers to their complementary sequences, and extension of the annealed primers by enzymatic synthesis with DNA polymerase. The reaction is efficient, specific, and extremely sensitive. Uses for the reaction include disease diagnosis, detection of difficult-to-isolate pathogens, mutation analysis, genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and analyzing evolutionary relationships.
The number of units (persons, animals, patients, specified circumstances, etc.) in a population to be studied. The sample size should be big enough to have a high likelihood of detecting a true difference between two groups. (From Wassertheil-Smoller, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, 1990, p95)
Methods which attempt to express in replicable terms the extent of the neoplasm in the patient.
Methods pertaining to the generation of new individuals, including techniques used in selective BREEDING, cloning (CLONING, ORGANISM), and assisted reproduction (REPRODUCTIVE TECHNIQUES, ASSISTED).
The process of discovering or asserting an objective or intrinsic relation between two objects or concepts; a faculty or power that enables a person to make judgments; the process of bringing to light and asserting the implicit meaning of a concept; a critical evaluation of a person or situation.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
Cessation of heart beat or MYOCARDIAL CONTRACTION. If it is treated within a few minutes, heart arrest can be reversed in most cases to normal cardiac rhythm and effective circulation.
Nonrandom association of linked genes. This is the tendency of the alleles of two separate but already linked loci to be found together more frequently than would be expected by chance alone.
Rare autosomal recessive disease characterized by multiple organ dysfunction. The key clinical features include retinal degeneration (NYSTAGMUS, PATHOLOGIC; RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA; and eventual blindness), childhood obesity, sensorineural hearing loss, and normal mental development. Endocrinologic complications include TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS; HYPERINSULINEMIA; ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS; HYPOTHYROIDISM; and progressive renal and hepatic failures. The disease is caused by mutations in the ALMS1 gene.
The local recurrence of a neoplasm following treatment. It arises from microscopic cells of the original neoplasm that have escaped therapeutic intervention and later become clinically visible at the original site.
The determination of the pattern of genes expressed at the level of GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION, under specific circumstances or in a specific cell.
A graphic device used in decision analysis, series of decision options are represented as branches (hierarchical).
Removal and pathologic examination of specimens in the form of small pieces of tissue from the living body.
Measurable and quantifiable biological parameters (e.g., specific enzyme concentration, specific hormone concentration, specific gene phenotype distribution in a population, presence of biological substances) which serve as indices for health- and physiology-related assessments, such as disease risk, psychiatric disorders, environmental exposure and its effects, disease diagnosis, metabolic processes, substance abuse, pregnancy, cell line development, epidemiologic studies, etc.
The branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their ENVIRONMENT, especially as manifested by natural cycles and rhythms, community development and structure, interactions between different kinds of organisms, geographic distributions, and population alterations. (Webster's, 3d ed)
Female germ cells derived from OOGONIA and termed OOCYTES when they enter MEIOSIS. The primary oocytes begin meiosis but are arrested at the diplotene state until OVULATION at PUBERTY to give rise to haploid secondary oocytes or ova (OVUM).
A condition of suboptimal concentration of SPERMATOZOA in the ejaculated SEMEN to ensure successful FERTILIZATION of an OVUM. In humans, oligospermia is defined as a sperm count below 20 million per milliliter semen.
The observable response an animal makes to any situation.
The principles of professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the physician, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the physician in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families.
The evaluation by experts of the quality and pertinence of research or research proposals of other experts in the same field. Peer review is used by editors in deciding which submissions warrant publication, by granting agencies to determine which proposals should be funded, and by academic institutions in tenure decisions.
Studies designed to examine associations, commonly, hypothesized causal relations. They are usually concerned with identifying or measuring the effects of risk factors or exposures. The common types of analytic study are CASE-CONTROL STUDIES; COHORT STUDIES; and CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDIES.
The regular and simultaneous occurrence in a single interbreeding population of two or more discontinuous genotypes. The concept includes differences in genotypes ranging in size from a single nucleotide site (POLYMORPHISM, SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE) to large nucleotide sequences visible at a chromosomal level.
The study of the structure, behavior, growth, reproduction, and pathology of cells; and the function and chemistry of cellular components.
The degree of antigenic similarity between tissues of the mother and those of the FETUS. Maternal-fetal histocompatibility can determine the acceptance and health of the fetus.
The worsening of a disease over time. This concept is most often used for chronic and incurable diseases where the stage of the disease is an important determinant of therapy and prognosis.
Chances was released by Sony in 2012, and includes the song "Águila Amarilla", for Dante's father, Luis Alberto Spinetta, who ... Chances (2012-2014) They officially reunited in 2011. They participated in the musical festival Mundo Invisible in December ... Chances. Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas at iTunes [2] Lechner, Ernesto. Argentina's Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas bring ... Studio Albums Fabrico cuero (1991) Horno para calentar los mares (1993) Chaco (1995) Versus (1997) Leche (1999) Chances (2012) ...
Di Lauro, Janet (May 8, 2017). "Second Chances". Interviews. Soap Opera Digest. American Media, Inc. 42 (19): 54-57. Brounstein ...
Thomas, George M. (November 3, 1999). "Second Chances". Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Retrieved January 4, 2013. "Urich suing over ' ...
ISBN 0-9697893-0-0.CS1 maint: ref duplicates default (link) Burnham, Frederick Russell (1944). Taking Chances. Los Angeles: ...
"Second Chances". Good Reads. Apr 20, 2020. "Tiger's Eye Mysteries Volume 1". Good Reads. Apr 20, 2020. "February and March in ... also in Second Chances) Author estimates this series will include 12 books Bane's Choice Holliday's first two marriages were ...
Pierre & Tori Deal returned for the Are You The One?: Second Chances. Rivera and Duncan finished in 8th place after Duncan ... On March 22, 2017, spin-off Are You The One: Second Chances premiered. Ten perfect matches from previous seasons returned to ... Devin Walker-Molaghan & Rashida Beach returned for the Are You The One?: Second Chances and finished in 1st place earning ... Retrieved January 21, 2014 "Are you the one: Second chances is coming to MTV." MTV. Retrieved March 9, 2017 Ossad, Jordana. " ...
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Burnham, Frederick Russell (1944). Taking Chances. Haynes. ISBN 1-879356-32-5.. Chapter XXXI is on M. Howard Burnham.. ... Taking Chances. Haynes Corp. 217-232. ISBN 1-879356-32-5. Report of Death of American Citizens Abroad, no. 554, dated May 11, ...
Soviet's Chances. By Alexander Kerensky. Life, 14 July 1941, pp. 76-78, 81. "Lateline - 22/09/2003: The Half-Hearted ...
Yon had a chance to flee but instead, while CSM Prosser was fighting the terrorist hand-to-hand, he grabbed Prosser's empty ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Yon, Michael (July 9, 2007). "Second Chances". Michael Yon Online Magazine. Retrieved ...
Burnham, Frederick; Everett, Mary Nixon (1944). Taking Chances. Haynes Corporation. xxv-xxix. OCLC 2785490. "Mount Baden-Powell ...
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Salisbury's letter ordered Kitchener to head south as soon as possible to evict Marchand before he got a chance to become well- ... Burnham, Frederick Russell (1944). Taking Chances. Los Angeles, California: Haynes Corp. ISBN 1-879356-32-5. Cassar, George H ... until Kitchener himself had had a chance to discuss the matter with the Cabinet. The BEF commander in France, Sir John French, ...
Small parts in features (i.e., Born to Ride in 1991) and regular roles in unsuccessful series (e.g., Second Chances; CBS 1993- ...
Second Chance Center Preliminary Process Evaluation Study, Paul Guerin, Ph.D. October 2008. Prepared for: State of New Mexico ... Second Chance, another prison-based rehabilitation program for inmates, is closely related to Criminon, from which it licenses ... Then-Nevada assembly member Sharron Angle supported the use of "Second Chance Program" in 2003. Angle sponsored legislation ... Cite journal requires ,journal= (help) Garcia, David Alire (2009-06-16). "Taking Chances". Santa Fe Reporter. Archived from the ...
Later, a guilt riddled Eli tells Gabi about the affair but she agrees to give him another chance, as long as he doesn't keep ... 4-5. Di Lauro, Janet (May 8, 2017). "Second Chances". Interviews. Soap Opera Digest. American Media, Inc. 42 (19): 54-57. " ...
Reid Windbag the Sailor (1936) - Captain of the 'Rob Roy' (uncredited) Annie Laurie (1936, Short) Take a Chance (1937) - ( ... How's Chances? (1934) - Castellano The Office Wife (1934, Short) - Simms Jew Süss (1934) - (uncredited) The Green Pack (1934 ...
Early removal of a blister or crust increases the chances of developing a scar. Additionally, patients with a history of ... Allowing more time between treatments reduces chances of hypopigmentation. Since it is more likely to see hypopigmentation ... Klett, Joseph (2018). "Second Chances". Distillations. 4 (1): 12-23. Retrieved June 27, 2018. Kent, Kathryn M.; Graber, Emmy M ... it should minimize the chances of bulla and other adverse effects. In addition, health care practitioners should contemplate ...
Speed Weed & Sarah Tarkoff (writers) & Mark Bunting (director) (February 1, 2017). "Second Chances". Arrow. Season 5. Episode ...
Wilkens, John (February 13, 2006). "Chances are". Union Tribune San Diego. Retrieved August 27, 2013. "Bibliography of Roger ...
"Seven Chances." The New York Times, March 17, 1925. Retrieved: March 22, 2017. Beck, Simon D. The Aircraft-Spotter's Film and ...
p. 1. "Business Chances". The Evening Star. January 21, 1880. p. 2. "General Gerhardt's Obsequies". The Evening Star. August 22 ...
Burnham, Frederick Russell (1944). Taking Chances. Haynes Corp. 217-232. ISBN 1-879356-32-5. ...
Second Chances. He is also the Culture guide on Netflix's Queer Eye reboot. Washington, D.C. cast member Emily Schromm was ...
Paweł Dybicz (conversation with Andrzej Karpiński) (2016-05-23). "Stracone szanse? [Lost chances?]". Przegląd. Retrieved 2016- ...
ISBN 0-07-067497-3. "Stroke chances". Retrieved June 2, 2018. Helgason, C; Caplan, LR (1986). "Anterior ...
It's an Honour - Officer in [sic] the Order of Australia Livermore, Reg (2004), Chapters & chances, Hardie Grant Books, ISBN ... ISBN 0-86819-357-7.CS1 maint: extra text: authors list (link) Reg Livermore and Rob McMicking (2003). Chapters & chances. South ... Reg's autobiography, Chapters and Chances, a coffee table style photographic history, was published in 2003 through Hardie ... Victoria Chance (Ed.) (1995). Companion to theatre in Australia. Sydney: Currency Press in association with Cambridge ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Akhil Reed Amar (January-February 2013). "Second Chances". The Atlantic. Retrieved ...
Burnham, Frederick Russell (1944). Taking Chances. Los Angeles: Haynes Corp. pp. 11-23. ISBN 978-1-879356-32-0. "Hippopotamus ...
Learn how different breast cancer treatments affect the chances of survival and the risk of breast cancer recurrence after ... For women who have lumpectomy plus radiation therapy, the chance of local recurrence in 10 years is about 3-15 percent [136-137 ... When the axillary nodes dont contain cancer, the chance of local recurrence in 5 years is about 6 percent [133]. ... When the axillary nodes contain cancer, the chance of local recurrence in 5 years is about 23 percent following mastectomy ...
Conclusions The chance of a live birth was significantly reduced in women with rheumatoid arthritis receiving ART treatment, ... Decreased chance of a live born child in women with rheumatoid arthritis after assisted reproduction treatment: a nationwide ... Decreased chance of a live born child in women with rheumatoid arthritis after assisted reproduction treatment: a nationwide ... Therefore, we examined the chance of live birth after ART treatment in women with rheumatoid arthritis compared with women ...
The French presidential electionFrances chanceEconomic rankingsCome in number one, your time is upPakistans tribal areasA ...
"Taking Chances" (Matt Pisos radio edit) - 3:52. 9. "Taking Chances" (Matt Pisos mixshow) - 4:51. 10. "Taking Chances" (Matt ... "Taking Chances" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J thick dub) - 8:04. 15. "Taking Chances" (radio edit) - 3:54. 16. "Taking Chances" ( ... "Taking Chances" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J radio edit) - 3:41. 12. "Taking Chances" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J full vocal radio ... Il video realizzato per Taking Chances è stato diretto da Paul Boyd, ed è stato girato in tre giorni fra il 15 ed il 17 ...
Brazil Challengers Chances Dim. Respected Centrist Who Forced Runoff Fails to Set Himself Apart From Presidents Chosen ...
Home › Q & A › Questions › Possible pregnancy chances?. Possible pregnancy chances?. Asked. 22 Jun 2013 by lg4. Updated. 14 ... What are the chances of me being pregnant after taking plan B, following with more unprotected sex?. Posted 26 Jan 2015 • 1 ... What are the chances of being pregnant after taking Plan B 30 minutes after sex?. Posted 30 Apr 2017 • 1 answer ... I have a situation involving unprotected sex and plan B. what are my chances of pregnancy?. Posted 28 Jun 2013 • 1 answer ...
It is this contingency of human existence that is the central message of Chance and Necessity; that life arose by chance and ... Chance and Necessity: An Essay on the Natural Philosophy of Modern Biology by Jacques Monod, New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1971, ... Chance and Necessity: Essay on the Natural Philosophy of Modern Biology (French: Le Hasard et la Nécessité: Essai sur la ... The accidental random chance of these mutations and that these unpredictable mutations alone that are the source of evolution ...
... what are chances of getting pregnant after miscarriage, healthy 2nd pregnancy nausea, pregnancy 5th baby labour, can i get ... Comments to «Chances of conception straight after miscarriage». * qeroy. writes: 16.10.2015 at 14:41:37 Into pregnant with me, ... It may be the right time to prevent pregnancy as you have 72 hours to take a pill after having sex for negating the chances of ... Chances of conception straight after miscarriage,when you are pregnant do you have discharge 6dpo,early pregnancy symptoms of ...
Obesity decreases the chances that a woman will get pregnant, and the more obese she is, the worse her prospects of conception ... Obesity decreases the chances that a woman will get pregnant, and the more obese she is, the worse her prospects of conception ... CHICAGO (Reuters) - Obesity decreases the chances that a woman will get pregnant, and the more obese she is, the worse her ... "It is possible that obese women may have disturbed hormone levels, which decrease the chances of successful fertilization and ...
Chinas giant earthquake in May near Chengdu caused so much geologic stress in the Tibetan Plateau that it doubled the chance ... There is an 8 percent to 12 percent chance of a quake of magnitude 7 or higher in the next decade; over the next 30 years, the ... Writing in Tuesdays edition of Geophysical Research Letters, the scientists estimated a 57 percent to 71 percent chance of ... Chinas giant earthquake in May near Chengdu caused so much geologic stress in the Tibetan Plateau that it doubled the chance ...
Second Chances may refer to: Second Chances album, a 2013 album by Jessy J "Second Chances", a song by Gregory Alan Isakov ... "Second Chances" (Arrow), an episode of Arrow Second Chances, a novel in the Dark-Hunter series Second Chances, a 1996-2000 ... "Second Chances" (Star Trek: The Next Generation), a 1993 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation Second Chances, a 2010 ... a 1998 film by James Fargo Second Chances (American TV series), a 1993 American soap opera that aired on CBS Second Chances ( ...
28 Chances at IMDb Synopsis at AllMovie Chances at the TCM Movie Database Chances at the American Film Institute Catalog v t e ... Chances is a 1931 American Pre-Code war drama film directed by Allan Dwan, starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and is based on the ... Chances at Catalog of Holdings The American Film Institute Collection and The United Artists Collection at The ... The AFI Catalog of Feature Films 1893-1993: Chances,; accessed August 4, 2015. Bawden, James; Miller, Ron (March 4, ...
... in which washed and sorted motile sperm is inserted through the uterine cervix into the uterine cavity to increase the chances ... Its chances of success depend upon several factors. The live birth rate is lower than the pregnancy rate, and therefore the ... Women who are below the age of 40 years, in general, have a more than 50 percent chance of achieving pregnancy after six cycles ... in which washed and sorted motile sperm is inserted through the uterine cervix into the uterine cavity to increase the chances ...
Listen to songs from the album Taking Chances, including Start Something New, The Painful Truth, Way Down Low and many ...
One simple fix could improve the visibility and opportunities of women in science, a new study finds - possibly combating the leaky pipeline that moves female PhDs out of academia. The organization sent him lists of speakers in past years, along with lists of the two-person teams who organize
Eating fast food hurts womens chances of getting pregnant, increases infertility, study says. USA Today NetworkAshley May, USA ... Women who ate fruit three or more times a day increased chances of becoming pregnant quickly. Women who ate fruit less than one ... Eating fast food hurts womens chances of getting pregnant, increases infertility, study says. Women who eat a lot of fast food ... Eating fast food hurts womens chances of getting pregnant, increases infertility, study says Women who eat a lot of fast food ...
Note: We decided to not have a Part 2 for Chance News 6.03 and to just move on to Chance News 6.04. Please do try to answer our ... Back issues of Chance News and other materials for teaching a Chance course are available from the Chance web site: http://www. ... 1. Comments on Chance News 6.03 from readers. * 2. A probability problem. * 3. Vaccine is blamed for 120 polio deaths. * 4. A ... What is the chance that you win the Jackpot in the Powerball lottery? (3) In the land of Org there are choose(46,5)*49 = ...
... making who gets cancer largely a matter of chance. The new study shows which cancers are most influenced by lifestyle factors ...
Back issues of Chance News and other materials for teaching a CHANCE course are available from the Chance web site:. http://www ... You will also find the equivalences between probabilities and descriptive words: for example 10% chance of rain = slight chance ... Bonnie Cochran Doyle gave us a wonderful book Ripleys Believe it or Not! Book of Chance that is full ... In a previous Chance News (3.05) we reported a challenge in the U.K. courts of a conviction on the basis that the prosecutor ...
Second Chance. David Frank. •July 7, 2012. Lukas Wartman, a leukemia doctor and researcher, developed the disease himself. As ...
... Updated: February 18, 2013 - 5:00 AM EST * ... Of course, the word lottery conjures thoughts of buying a ticket for a one-in-a-million chance at a huge jackpot. The Broad ... The new system gives everyone a fair chance, provided they signed up before Fridays 11:59 PM deadline. Like a typical lottery ... In 2012, 40,000 runners registered for the race, culminating in a last-chance lottery with 9,000 entrants-but only 2,500 ...
... whats my chances of getting pregnant at 41, 7 months pregnant cramping, diet for gestational diabetes singapore, advice on ... If you and your partner both have blue eyes then there is a high chance that your baby is going to have blue eyes, but ita€™s ... Comments to «Whats my chances of getting pregnant at 41». * GaLaTaSaRaY. writes: 29.10.2013 at 11:45:46 In case your periods ... Whats my chances of getting pregnant at 41,healthy pregnancy hcg levels vomiting,40 weeks pregnant very crampy - Videos ...
This study suggests that avoiding surgery may significantly reduce their chance of survival," Dr Cheng commented in a statement ... Cite this: Surgery Boosts Survival Chances for Advanced Throat Cancer - Medscape - Sep 26, 2015. ...
Want to know your chances of dying in the next 10 years? Here are some bad signs: getting winded walking several blocks, ... The highest, or worst, score is a 26, with a 95 percent chance of dying within 10 years. To get that, youd have to be a man at ... For a score of zero, which means a 3 percent chance of dying within 10 years, youd have to be a woman younger than 60 without ... Cruz is the lead author of a study showing that a 12-item list of health questions can help predict chances for dying within 10 ...
Sporting chance Repetitive-stress injuries are not the bane of athletes alone. They can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere - ...
Age of Chance is a pop quartet from Leeds, England; their releases include 1987s One Thousand Years of Trouble and 1990s ... Age Of Chance, Category: Artist, Albums: 1000 Years Of Trouble, Mecca, Singles: Dont Get Mad Get Even, Dont Get Mad Get Even ... Listen to Age Of Chance now.. Listen to Age Of Chance in full in the Spotify app ... Age of Chance is a pop quartet from Leeds, England; their releases include 1987s One Thousand Years of Trouble and 1990s ...
... scientists on artificial and natural intelligences started to study chance discovery - methods for discovering events/ ... background situations causing chances and chances causing impacts on events and actions of humans in the future. Readers may ... Discovering the Chances of Health Problems and Falls in the Elderly Using Data Mining ... Since year 2000, scientists on artificial and natural intelligences started to study chance discovery - methods for discovering ...
The more immediate repudiation of the coup by the presidents of other Latin American democracies demonstrated a clearer resolve to defend legitimately elected governments. But Venezuela also illustrates how complex and difficult it can be in Latin America to improve the quality of democratic governance. Venezuelans have failed to learn from their past. The traditional political and economic leaders who dominated Venezuelan democracy for 40 years have yet to absorb the lesson of their striking loss to Mr. Chavez at the polls in 1998. The public was tired of an ossified system in which a small circle of powerful politicians made the decisions and closed its eyes to the needs of its increasingly impoverished citizens ...
Brazils Second Chance. En Route toward the First World. By Lincoln Gordon April 1, 2001. ...
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  • What are my chances of being pregnant? (
  • I'd say your chances of having gotten pregnant from that particular sexual act are slim. (
  • There is another concern of many women question: what are the chances of getting pregnant when taking birth control pills and if conception has occurred, whether to have an abortion? (
  • CHICAGO (Reuters) - Obesity decreases the chances that a woman will get pregnant, and the more obese she is, the worse her prospects of conception, Dutch researchers said on Tuesday. (
  • Obesity decreases the chances that a woman will get pregnant, and the more obese she is, the worse her prospects of conception, Dutch researchers said on Tuesday. (
  • Eating fast food hurts women's chances of getting pregnant, increases infertility, study says Women who eat a lot of fast food are less likely to become pregnant within a year, according to a new study published in Human Reproduction. (
  • Eating fast food is affecting more than just your waistline, a new study suggests it could also decrease your chances of getting pregnant. (
  • Women who ate fruit three or more times a day increased chances of becoming pregnant quickly. (
  • Importantly, we found that women with a depression or anxiety diagnosis without a prescription of antidepressants had an even lower chance of becoming pregnant or having a live birth. (
  • A new study has revealed that high stress levels can reduce a woman's chances of getting pregnant. (
  • Women with high levels of alpha-amylase had a 12 percent lower chance of becoming pregnant. (
  • This is the first study to find that a biological measure of stress is associated with a woman's chances of becoming pregnant that month," quoted Cecilia Pyper, from the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at Oxford University, as saying. (
  • But age is only a tiny piece of the puzzle, says Mylene Yao, cofounder and CEO of Univfy , a Los Altos, California-based startup that recently began marketing a home test that ties together dozens of metrics related to health and lifestyle to predict a woman's chances of getting pregnant with IVF. (
  • Possible pregnancy chances? (
  • I have a few pregnancy questions about pregnancy chances while on an oral pill and condoms? (
  • It may be the right time to prevent pregnancy as you have 72 hours to take a pill after having sex for negating the chances of conception. (
  • 2018). H.R. 1905 - 115th Congress: Fair Chance Act. (
  • Some councils, primarily in northern Sweden , offer just one free attempt, but this study shows that a couple's chances of having a baby increase considerably over three cycles. (
  • An online calculator that predicts a couple's individualised chances of conceiving, after a single cycle of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment and over a course of cycles, has been created by researchers using data from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority register, The BMJ reports. (
  • After Monday night's loss, to a dominant Price, the Yankees are 3 ½ games in back of the Blue Jays, squashing any chance of departing Toronto on top. (
  • Jose Bautista isn't one to beat around the bush, at least not when it comes to assessing the vastly revamped Blue Jays and their chances for a playoff berth. (
  • Dejected NY Giants fans leave the stadium after the Giants chances of a playoff run are eliminated. (
  • In this packed edition of the On The Rox podcast, Denver Post sportswriters Kyle Newman and Patrick Saunders break down pleasant roster surprises for the Rockies thus far, whether the starting rotation can keep up the pace it's set early on, the chances Colorado makes the expanded playoff field and more analysis. (
  • Boost fertility and increase your chances to conceive. (
  • The European Commission's annual progress report on Turkish membership said Ankara has made some improvements on handling of human rights but said Turkey needs to speed up reforms to boost its chances of joining the bloc. (
  • Based on these findings and those from previous studies, Prof. Poulson - who is also professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine - believes that any woman trying for a baby, particularly those undergoing fertility treatment, should take low-dose aspirin daily to boost their chances of conception. (
  • The new investigation, the largest ever of its kind, found anti-inflammatories may boost the chances of having a heart attack as early as in the first week of use. (
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China's giant earthquake in May near Chengdu caused so much geologic stress in the Tibetan Plateau that it doubled the chance of more big quakes along three neighbouring faults, scientists reported. (
  • Chance performed ' Blessings ' on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Fallon revealed in the same segment that the mixtape would be released on May 13, 2016. (
  • President Donald Trump on Friday downplayed the chances of a new China trade deal as he blasted that country's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. (
  • Trump impeachment chances: Tossing paper towels in Puerto Rico edition. (
  • The upper air flow will quickly transition back to a southwesterly regime Thursday into the weekend allowing for one or more disturbances to bring storm chances back to northeastern OK. (
  • Storm chances are expected in the afternoon and evening hours, some of them possible turning severe with damaging wind gusts and hail. (
  • Slight storm chances are expected again Friday night, and 50 percent chances are expected through Saturday, with highs in the mid-80s. (
  • Taking Chances è un brano musicale scritto da Kara DioGuardi e dall'ex componente degli Eurythmics Dave Stewart , originariamente pubblicato come singolo dal gruppo composto dai due compositori Platinum Weird nel febbraio 2007 , ed in seguito reso famoso dalla cover interpretata da Céline Dion , estratta dall'album Taking Chances nel settembre 2007 . (
  • Il video realizzato per Taking Chances è stato diretto da Paul Boyd , ed è stato girato in tre giorni fra il 15 ed il 17 settembre 2007 in diverse zone dell'area di Las Vegas . (
  • Just one in three women gives birth after a single IVF attempt, but the cumulative chance of a live birth increases with each cycle - where women are offered three cycles nearly two thirds go on to have babies, reveals a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. (
  • The ASRM note that the main factor that increases the chance of having twins is the use of fertility treatments. (
  • The overall text of the bill increases its chances of being enacted. (
  • It is possible that obese women may have disturbed hormone levels, which decrease the chances of successful fertilization and implantation," he said. (
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a technique of assisted conception in which washed and sorted motile sperm is inserted through the uterine cervix into the uterine cavity to increase the chances of natural fertilization of the oocyte within the fallopian tubes. (
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) can also increase the chance of conceiving twins. (
  • A new study shows that depression and anxiety may be associated with a reduced chance of pregnancy and live birth following in vitro fertilization (IVF). (
  • It took the past 10 to 14 days for a cascade of events to finally diminish and perhaps even destroy Trump's chances of victory. (
  • Highs this afternoon will be tricky with a chance for temps to outperform the model suggestions by a few degrees. (
  • A woman has a higher chance of having twins if she conceives with the assistance of fertility treatment or is aged 35 years or over. (
  • We also explain whether a person can increase their chance of having twins. (
  • Fraternal twins are common after fertility treatment because healthcare professionals often place two fertilized embryos into a woman's womb to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. (
  • A woman has a slightly higher chance of having twins if she has a family history of twins. (
  • For men who are nonidentical twins, the chance of conceiving twins is only 1 in every 125 births. (
  • Multiple pregnancies carry additional risks, so the healthcare professional will usually limit the number of embryos that they transfer to the woman's womb to reduce the chance of a pregnancy with twins, triplets, or more. (
  • Research has shown that the chances of conception are limited to the five days before, and the first day after the temperature rise. (
  • Observing the changes in cervical mucus gives the most accurate means of timing intercourse to optimise the chances of conception. (
  • Fertility clinics are now suggesting that the first three months can be used to conceive as there is a high chance of conception during this time. (
  • Researchers found daily low-dose aspirin increased the chances of conception by 17% for women who previously miscarried. (
  • According to Prof. Richard Poulson - vice president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), which was not involved in the study - previous research has also suggested that aspirin boosts the chances of conception by increasing blood flow to the pelvis and thickening the lining of the womb, making it easier for the embryo to implant. (
  • In chapter two "Vitalisms and Animisms" Monod states that invariance must have preceded teleonomy, a conclusion reached by the Darwinian idea that teleonomic structures are due to variations in structures that already had the property of invariance and could therefore preserve the effects of chance mutations. (
  • Of course, mutations are rare and unpredictably distributed , and not all of them are dangerous, making who gets cancer largely a matter of chance. (
  • Cruz is the lead author of a study showing that a 12-item list of health questions can help predict chances for dying within 10 years for patients aged 50 and older. (
  • They initially collected data from 5,000 IVF cycles performed at Stanford over five years, used it to create a predictive model, and then tailored the model to individual fertility centers, using data from those clinics to predict, for example, patients' chances of having multiple births with IVF. (
  • Dr. Marisa Cruz at the University of San Francisco VA Medical Center in San Francisco is the lead author of a study showing that a 12-item list of health questions can help predict chances for dying within 10 years for patients aged 50 and older. (
  • When the axillary nodes don't contain cancer, the chance of local recurrence in 5 years is about 6 percent [ 133 ]. (
  • Does frequent computed tomography (CT) scans raises your chances of cancer? (
  • But the chances of getting cancer from CT scans is very low. (
  • What are the chances of computed tomography (CT) scan leading to cancer? (
  • 22 (ANI): In today's era of booming medical advancements, the chances of survival from cancer can be increased, if it is detected at an early stage. (
  • Oral Cancer, if detected at an initial stage, has good chances to get cured. (
  • Treatments of earlier detected cancer have less economic burden and have more chances of long term survival. (
  • Note: We decided to not have a Part 2 for Chance News 6.03 and to just move on to Chance News 6.04. (
  • 1. Comments on Chance News 6.03 from readers. (
  • In a previous Chance News (5.04) we discussed articles suggesting that the sperm count of men is decreasing dangerously. (
  • Our talks were unsuccessful," Chance said in a news conference live-streamed over Instagram and Periscope. (
  • On Monday, after Chance announced he was holding a news conference, the governor's office, through memos leaked to various news outlets, scrambled to come up with funding alternatives. (
  • You will also find the equivalences between probabilities and descriptive words: for example 10% chance of rain = slight chance for rain. (
  • There will be a slight chance for a few shower or storms Thursday evening into Friday morning along the OK-Kansas state line as a weak wave ejects into the central plains, but a stronger wave will round the base of the western U.S. trough and fire-up storms near northern OK Saturday night into Sunday with a slow-moving front. (
  • Unfortunately that changes, and with so little racing beforehand it cuts his chances of being able to prove he's back at a decent level. (
  • Four out of five large studies in different European countries have now suggested that our chance of getting dementia by any particular age is less than that of previous generations. (
  • Conclusions The chance of a live birth was significantly reduced in women with rheumatoid arthritis receiving ART treatment, relative to women without rheumatoid arthritis, and our result suggested that the problem was related to an impaired chance of embryo implantation. (
  • If you and your partner both have blue eyes then there is a high chance that your baby is going to have blue eyes, but ita€™s not a dead certainty. (
  • The follow-up study shows that the single-embryo transfer method results in almost as high a chance of having a baby as the double-embryo transfer method, if we include the birth rate from the frozen embryos. (
  • Boston, MA - Final results of the Clopidogrel in High-Risk Patients with Acute Nondisabling Cerebrovascular Events (CHANCE) study, suggesting that a short course of dual antiplatelet therapy appears to be beneficial poststroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), has now been published online June 26, 2013 in the New England Journal of Medicine [ 1 ] . (
  • If you use [just] age, nobody-zero percent-will even know they have that high a chance," Yao says. (
  • As the new Turkish parliament convenes on June 23, the chances are getting high for the formation of a grand coalition in Turkey, since no party gained the necessary majority to form a single party government in the June 7 election. (
  • Meanwhile the added chances of a heart attack were more pronounced among users on high doses of the painkillers. (
  • I wasn't regularly engaging in sex before or after the incident and have been using my birth control perfetcly since then, so I feel good about my chances. (
  • I feel like I'm 29 today, and we've got a good chance in the division this year. (
  • We have a good chance because that division this year is not going to be too strong," he said. (
  • They have a good team, and these guys are in good position to win the World Series this year, and I have a chance to close the game. (
  • Hence, chances are good that human patients will also respond positively to being treated with the immunomodulators. (
  • I didn't think that my grad school publication record gave me a good chance at obtaining a faculty job," he says today. (
  • CHICAGO - After declaring his talks with Gov. Bruce Rauner accomplished nothing, Chance the Rapper donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools on Monday - wowing his large fan base and creating an epic public relations nightmare for the Republican governor. (
  • Coloring Book is the third official mixtape release by the American recording artist Chance the Rapper . (
  • A study carried out in Norway has found that pausing chest compressions in order to carry out the so called rescue breaths reduced the chances of recovery, reports the Telegraph. (
  • For women who have lumpectomy plus radiation therapy, the chance of local recurrence in 10 years is about 3-15 percent [ 136-137 ]. (
  • Women who are below the age of 40 years, in general, have a more than 50 percent chance of achieving pregnancy after six cycles of IUI, with a success rate of over 75 percent after 12 cycles. (
  • The highest, or worst, score is a 26, with a 95 percent chance of dying within 10 years. (
  • For a score of zero, which means a 3 percent chance of dying within 10 years, you'd have to be a woman younger than 60 without any of those infirmities - but at least slightly overweight. (
  • My second major second chance began less than two years ago, when the "wrecking ball" came wreaking its havoc in my home. (
  • While the fight has pit the governor and the Democratic-controlled General Assembly in a standoff that has meant no budget for nearly two years, Chance used a large microphone to push responsibility for CPS' immediate woes onto Rauner's lap. (
  • More than 40 years before Gary Taubes published The Case Against Sugar , John Yudkin published his now-classic exposé on the dangers of sugar - now with a new introduction by Robert H. Lustig, the best-selling author of Fat Chance . (
  • Commenting on the study, Dr Ralph Sacco (University of Miami, FL) described CHANCE as "a large, well-conducted study that shows impressive results with short-term treatment with aspirin plus clopidogrel in the acute phase after a minor stroke or TIA. (
  • 98.7 percent chance of reaching postseason. (
  • 98.5 percent chance of reaching postseason. (
  • 97.3 percent chance of reaching postseason. (
  • 69.3 percent chance of reaching postseason. (
  • According to the study, 42 percent of women who received the test were told they had a 45 percent chance of succeeding with IVF. (
  • The system should effectively shove the boundary more southward allowing for any additional or afternoon storms to be focused mostly across southeastern OK or north Texas, but I'll keep a low chance around the I-40 corridor later this afternoon with higher chances southeast. (
  • He notes that the CHANCE investigators had to screen more than 40 000 patients to find 5000 appropriate for inclusion, so the results cannot be generalized to most patients. (
  • Patients are being urged to limit their use of the drugs for as short a period as possible after they were linked to increased heart attack chances of more than 50 per cent. (
  • Chance, luck, and probability are pesky problems in an orderly system. (
  • Therefore, we examined the chance of live birth after ART treatment in women with rheumatoid arthritis compared with women without rheumatoid arthritis. (
  • It's hardly surprising that a sick, older person would have a much higher chance of dying than someone younger and more vigorous, and it's well known that women generally live longer than men. (
  • This study suggests that avoiding surgery may significantly reduce their chance of survival," Dr Cheng commented in a statement. (
  • Since year 2000, scientists on artificial and natural intelligences started to study chance discovery - methods for discovering events/situations that significantly affect decision making. (
  • Daughter give mom kidney, third chance at life LeNeice Coffey donated a kidney to her mother, Carol Wood. (
  • Chance, whose combined Instagram and Twitter following tops 7 million people, ripped into the governor after meeting with him on Friday. (
  • Chances of pregnancy using a spermicid condoms? (
  • What you want is to get in the playoffs," Eli said, "and then take your chances. (
  • I know I've been on other teams and one that didn't have a chance (to be in the playoffs), but this is different, this is the best team I've been on in my career," the two-time major-league home run king said Tuesday as pitchers and catchers underwent physicals in advance of Wednesday's first official reporting date for spring training. (
  • Scientists and philosophers and even the religious chase the truth but will never catch it because of chance. (
  • Flexion-distraction forces are responsible for the Chance fracture, which is one of the three injuries resulting from this mechanism. (
  • Remmelmann, A. and Murrenhoff, H., "Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Pressure Media - New Chances for Mobile Hydraulics," SAE Technical Paper 981515, 1998, . (
  • Ideally, you shouldn't be upright for the first 30 minutes after sex so sperm has a better chance of going where it needs to be. (
  • It suggests the same hormone deficiency which causes severe menopausal symptoms also lowers the chances of developing a tumour. (
  • [ 1 ] When this involves only the osseous structures, a Chance injury exists. (
  • Complex structures could not have arisen by chance. (
  • Evolutionists the world over are, and always have been, unanimous in their agreement that complex structures did not arise by chance. (