The process of formulating, improving, and expanding educational, managerial, or service-oriented work plans (excluding computer program development).
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
Encouraging consumer behaviors most likely to optimize health potentials (physical and psychosocial) through health information, preventive programs, and access to medical care.
Education that increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of health on a personal or community basis.
Platforms that provide the ability and tools to create and publish information accessed via the INTERNET. Generally these platforms have three characteristics with content user generated, high degree of interaction between creator and viewer, and easily integrated with other sites.
Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.
The process by which the employer promotes staff performance and efficiency consistent with management goals and objectives.
Health as viewed from the perspective that humans and other organisms function as complete, integrated units rather than as aggregates of separate parts.
The production of offspring by selective mating or HYBRIDIZATION, GENETIC in animals or plants.
A species of CARDIOVIRUS which contains three strains: Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus, Vilyuisk human encephalomyelitis virus, and Rat encephalomyelitis virus.
A province of Canada on the Pacific coast. Its capital is Victoria. The name given in 1858 derives from the Columbia River which was named by the American captain Robert Gray for his ship Columbia which in turn was named for Columbus. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p178 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p81-2)
Travel beyond the earth's atmosphere.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
The educational process of instructing.
The portion of an interactive computer program that issues messages to and receives commands from a user.
Environmental reservoirs of water related to natural WATER CYCLE by which water is obtained for various purposes. This includes but is not limited to watersheds, aquifers and springs.
The contribution to barometric PRESSURE of gaseous substance in equilibrium with its solid or liquid phase.
A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Activities involved in ensuring the safety of FOOD including avoidance of bacterial and other contamination.
Means or process of supplying water (as for a community) usually including reservoirs, tunnels, and pipelines and often the watershed from which the water is ultimately drawn. (Webster, 3d ed)
The availability of HEALTH PERSONNEL. It includes the demand and recruitment of both professional and allied health personnel, their present and future supply and distribution, and their assignment and utilization.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.
Organizations established by endowments with provision for future maintenance.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a dental school.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.
Systems composed of a computer or computers, peripheral equipment, such as disks, printers, and terminals, and telecommunications capabilities.
A system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices, or telephones interconnected by telecommunications equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Specific languages used to prepare computer programs.
The remuneration paid or benefits granted to an employee.
Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China since December 20, 1999 with its own constitution. The island of Macau and adjacent islands are located off the southeast coast of China.
A quantitative measure of the frequency on average with which articles in a journal have been cited in a given period of time.
INFLAMMATION of the LIVER in humans caused by HEPATITIS C VIRUS, a single-stranded RNA virus. Its incubation period is 30-90 days. Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily by contaminated blood parenterally, and is often associated with transfusion and intravenous drug abuse. However, in a significant number of cases, the source of hepatitis C infection is unknown.
INFLAMMATION of the LIVER in humans that is caused by HEPATITIS C VIRUS lasting six months or more. Chronic hepatitis C can lead to LIVER CIRRHOSIS.
A genus of FLAVIVIRIDAE causing parenterally-transmitted HEPATITIS C which is associated with transfusions and drug abuse. Hepatitis C virus is the type species.
INFLAMMATION of the LIVER in humans caused by a member of the ORTHOHEPADNAVIRUS genus, HEPATITIS B VIRUS. It is primarily transmitted by parenteral exposure, such as transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products, but can also be transmitted via sexual or intimate personal contact.
Tumors or cancer of the UROGENITAL SYSTEM in either the male or the female.
Critical and exhaustive investigation or experimentation, having for its aim the discovery of new facts and their correct interpretation, the revision of accepted conclusions, theories, or laws in the light of newly discovered facts, or the practical application of such new or revised conclusions, theories, or laws. (Webster, 3d ed)
All organized methods of funding.
Financial support of research activities.
A plant genus of the family PONTEDERIACEAE that is used as a biological filter for treating wastewater.
ATPases that are members of the AAA protein superfamily (ATPase family Associated with various cellular Activities). The NSFs functions, acting in conjunction with SOLUBLE NSF ATTACHMENT PROTEINS (i.e. SNAPs, which have no relation to SNAP 25), are to dissociate SNARE complexes.
Tissue, organ, or gamete donation intended for a designated recipient.

Making Medicaid managed care research relevant. (1/2618)

OBJECTIVE: To help researchers better understand Medicaid managed care and the kinds of research studies that will be both feasible and of value to policymakers and program staff. The article builds on our experience researching Medicaid managed care to provide insight for researchers who want to be policy relevant. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We draw four lessons from our work on Medicaid managed care in seven states. First, these are complex programs that differ substantially across states. Second, each program faces common challenges and issues. The need to address common design elements involving program eligibility, managed care and provider contracting, beneficiary enrollment, education, marketing, and administration and oversight provides a vehicle that researchers can use to help understand states and to provide them with relevant insight. Third, well-designed case studies can provide invaluable descriptive insights. Such case studies suggest that providing effective descriptions of state programs and experience, monitoring information on program performance and tradeoffs, and insight on implementation and design are all valuable products of such studies that have considerable potential to be converted into policy-actionable advice. And fourth, some questions demand impact studies but the structure of Medicaid managed care poses major barriers to such studies. CONCLUSIONS: Many challenges confront researchers seeking to develop policy-relevant research on managed care. Researchers need to confront these challenges in turn by developing second-best approaches that will provide timely insight into important questions in a relatively defensible and rigorous way in the face of many constraints. If researchers do not, others will, and researchers may find their contributions limited in important areas for policy debate.  (+info)

Scientists try new strategy to eradicate dengue fever.(2/2618)


Health insurance in developing countries: lessons from experience. (3/2618)

Many developing countries are currently considering the possibility of introducing compulsory health insurance schemes. One reason is to attract more resources to the health sector. If those who, together with their employers, can pay for their health services and are made to do so by insurance, the limited tax funds can be concentrated on providing services for fewer people and thus improve coverage and raise standards. A second reason is dissatisfaction with existing services in which staff motivation is poor, resources are not used to best advantage and patients are not treated with sufficient courtesy and respect. This article describes the historical experience of the developed countries in introducing and steadily expanding the coverage of health insurance, sets out the consensus which has developed about health insurance (at least in Western European countries) and describes the different forms which health insurance can take. The aim is to bring out the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches from this experience, to set out the options for developing countries and to give warnings about the dangers of some approaches.  (+info)

Paediatric home care in Tower Hamlets: a working partnership with parents. (4/2618)

OBJECTIVES: To describe the first two years of a paediatric home care service. DESIGN: Observational cross sectional study, 1989-91. SETTING: One inner London health district. PATIENTS: 611 children referred to the service; 50 children selected from those referred during the first year, whose parents were interviewed and whose general practitioners were invited to complete a questionnaire. MAIN MEASURES: Description and costs of service; views of parents and general practitioners of selected sample of children. RESULTS: In its second year the team received 303 referrals and made 4004 visits at a salary cost of 98000 pounds, an average of 323 pounds/referral and 24 pounds/visit. This represented a referral rate of 3.2% (258/7939) of inpatient episodes from the main referring hospital between 1 December 1989 and 30 November 1990. Of all referrals to the service, 343(56%) came from hospital inpatient wards. The service was used by disadvantaged and ethnic minority families. The children's parents (in 28(61%) families) and the home care team did a wide range of nursing tasks in the home. Parents of 47(94%) children sampled agreed to be interviewed, and those of 43(91%) found the service useful; guidance and support were most commonly appreciated (33, 70%). Parents of 25(53%) children said that hospital stay or attendance had been reduced or avoided. Parents and general practitioners disagreed on clinical responsibility in 10 children, and communication was a problem for some general practitioners. CONCLUSIONS: The service enabled children to receive advanced nursing care at home. Clinical responsibility should be agreed between parents and professionals at referral.  (+info)

Assessing and planning home-based care for persons with AIDS. (5/2618)

The HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to gather momentum in many developing countries, increasing the already heavy burden on health care facilities. As a result, donors, implementing partners and communities are beginning to create home-based care programmes to provide care for persons with HIV/AIDS. This paper recommends reorienting this home care provision as a service founded in, and coming from, the community rather than the health system. A methodology, in the form of an assessment matrix, is provided to facilitate the assessment of a community's capacity to provide care for people with AIDS. The focus is on rapid assessment methods using, where possible, readily available information to clearly and systematically define current circumstances. The matrix created for a specific community is then used in the development of an action plan with interventions prioritized and tailored to local needs. A case study from a hypothetical developing country, where HIV/AIDS is a significant problem, is used to illustrate the process.  (+info)

Breastfeeding promotion and priority setting in health. (6/2618)

An increase in exclusive breastfeeding prevalence can substantially reduce mortality and morbidity among infants. In this paper, estimates of the costs and impacts of three breastfeeding promotion programmes, implemented through maternity services in Brazil, Honduras and Mexico, are used to develop cost-effectiveness measures and these are compared with other health interventions. The results show that breastfeeding promotion can be one of the most cost-effective health interventions for preventing cases of diarrhoea, preventing deaths from diarrhoea, and gaining disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). The benefits are substantial over a broad range of programme types. Programmes starting with the removal of formula and medications during delivery are likely to derive a high level of impact per unit of net incremental cost. Cost-effectiveness is lower (but still attractive relative to other interventions) if hospitals already have rooming-in and no bottle-feeds; and the cost-effectiveness improves as programmes become well-established. At an annual cost of about 30 to 40 US cents per birth, programmes starting with formula feeding in nurseries and maternity wards can reduce diarrhoea cases for approximately $0.65 to $1.10 per case prevented, diarrhoea deaths for $100 to $200 per death averted, and reduce the burden of disease for approximately $2 to $4 per DALY. Maternity services that have already eliminated formula can, by investing from $2 to $3 per birth, prevent diarrhoea cases and deaths for $3.50 to $6.75 per case, and $550 to $800 per death respectively, with DALYs gained at $12 to $19 each.  (+info)

AIDS-related policies, legislation and programme implementation in India. (7/2618)

This paper traces the evolution of AIDS-related policy and legislation in India from an initial response characterized by conservatism and discrimination to the development of a coherent national programme which aims to prevent the transmission of HIV and to develop support structures for people with HIV and AIDS. Examining the strategies, achievements and problems of specific components of the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP), the paper finds that the very progressive approach of national-level policy makers has been countered by conservative forces at the state and local levels. Little progress has been made, moreover, in incorporating HIV/AIDS prevention efforts into broader development and empowerment strategies. The paper concludes by considering the wider social context of AIDS in India and the role of more far-reaching policy measures.  (+info)

Implementing a nationwide insecticide-impregnated bednet programme in The Gambia. (8/2618)

Earlier studies in The Gambia suggested that the use of impregnated bednets might prove to be a useful malaria control strategy. Based on the results of these studies, in 1992 the Government of The Gambia was encouraged to initiate a National Impregnated Bednet Programme (NIBP) as part of the National Malaria Control Programme Strategy. This paper describes the implementation process/procedure of the NIBP. Evaluation results showed that, overall, 83% of the bednets surveyed has been impregnated, and 77% of children under the age of five years and 78% of women of childbearing age were reported to be sleeping under impregnated bednets.  (+info)

TV Programme Development: Creative or Marketing Driven? Should tv programme development be led by writers and illustrators or by researchers and marketers?
Chapter 2 C++ Syntax and Semantics, and the Program Development Process. Dale/Weems/Headington. Chapter 2 Topics. Programs Composed of Several Functions Syntax Templates Legal C++ Identifiers Assigning Values to Variables Declaring Named Constants String Concatenation Output Statements Slideshow 5897429 by marsden-cooley
Maternal immunization holds the promise of further reducing morbidity and mortality among pregnant women and infants, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where there is the greatest burden of vaccine-preventable disease. This report, developed with input from a large, multidisciplinary group of experts, summarizes existing programs in pharmacovigilance and maternal, newborn, and child health surveillance in LMICs; identifies gaps and needs; and outlines a roadmap for program development and implementation for monitoring the safety of maternal immunizations in LMICs.. Author: Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth (GAPPS). Published: 2017 ...
Curriculum for the Doctor of Education Ed.D. in Program Development from the USF College of Education at University of South Florida.
Please submit a CV and application statement to [email protected] Application statements should address how you meet the KEY REQUIREMENTS by providing examples from a previous position. The subject of the email should read: Application Program Development Director. The deadline for applications is 21 February 2017.. Background on Nexus. Nexus is a cooperative of development organizations and social enterprises that support vulnerable communities by scaling up successful low-carbon projects. We exist to connect development projects to the resources they need to have the biggest impact. We are a not-for-profit with a collaborative structure, which enables our members to share expertise and services, and access the technical assistance and international funding opportunities they need to grow ...
Review Graduate Program details of Program Development in Quincy Massachusetts United States from Eastern Nazarene College. Eastern Nazarene College provides the opportunity for graduate study to qualified and motivated students who demonstrate the potential to become dedicated educators and human...
Subscribe to the Program Development Associates E-Mail Newsletter for the latest disability & diversity news, programs, and updates.
For ten years BCcampus administered an online program development fund (OPDF). Recognizing that the B.C. post-secondary system exists in a world where change is a constant factor and the ability to adapt and respond in a technology-immersive environment is a 21st century skill, in 2012-13 the OPDF w
TY - JOUR. T1 - Divisie H: School evaluation and program development. AU - Bosker, Roel. N1 - Bijdrage kroniek: The Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, April 20-24, 2000, New Orleans - Creating knowledge in the 21st century PY - 2000. Y1 - 2000. KW - IR-92792. KW - METIS-306714. M3 - Article. VL - 77. SP - 248. EP - 249. JO - Pedagogische studiën. JF - Pedagogische studiën. SN - 0165-0645. IS - 3/4. ER - ...
Program Development grants focus on enabling teams to strategically position themselves to compete for large center-scale funding.
Duff & Phelps legal management consultants have extensive experience with legal and regulatory compliance program development and monitoring.
Auto Pattern Generation Program Development,반복 패턴 그리기 소프트웨어 개발,패턴 생성 프로그램 개발,터치 패턴 자동 생성 프로그램,자동 생성 패턴 소프트웨어 개발
Sie sind hier: Systematic Development of Fermentation & Downstream Processing Concepts for an Efficient Production of Itaconic Acid. ...
With the latest Government Accountability Office (GAO) report being critical of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) lack of supervision over owners deficient delivery of supportive services at subsidized properties, the enhancement of your service coordinator program can prevent a finding of non-compliance. Have you checked out the Service Coordinator page on the HUD website? If you havent modernized your service coordinator program, then you may already be out of step with HUD expectations.. From evaluating your program, to grant renewal, to helping you write Policies and Procedures, and even providing service coordinators, Wesley Living can help you build the supportive program your residents need and HUD expects. Give your residents the services they deserve and ensure you are providing the owner services you agreed to provide under the HUD 202 program. Let Wesley Living help you develop that program.. ...
The Stephens et al. (2008) advocate that higher education institutions have the potential as a change agent in accelerating societys transition toward sustainability within a global context. this relates to points 2, 3, 4, and 5 on curriculum. A good example is Arizona State University (ASU). ASU established Global Institute of Sustainability with the mission to: identify the grand challenges of sustainability, advance knowledge for applied practical solutions, create new tools for improved decision-making, prioritize university-wide efforts toward sustainable practices, and build global research partnerships. In this line, ASU started the School of Sustainability in 2007 which offers 18-credit hour program as an undergraduate minor in sustainability that can complement a students major in another academic discipline. The aim is to bring together multiple disciplines and leaders to create and share knowledge, train a new generation of scholars and practitioners, and develop practical solutions ...
Directorate of Teaching Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development both together is an independent directorate attached to Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education,It concerns all the aspects of QA teaching among teachers and students in one side and the progams of course books in another side...
This document outlines a standard practice for conducting system safety. The system safety practice as defined herein provides a consistent means of evaluating identified risks. Mishap risk must be identified, evaluated, and mitigated to a level as low as reasonably practicable. The mishap risk must be accepted by the appropriate authority and comply with federal (and state, where applicable) laws and regulations, executive orders, treaties, and agreements. Program trade studies associated with mitigating mishap risk must consider total life cycle cost in any decision. This document is intended for use as one of the elements of project solicitation for complex systems requiring a systematic evaluation of safety hazards and mitigating measures. The Managing Authority may identify, in the solicitation and system specification, specific system safety engineering requirements to be met by the Developer. These may include risk assessment and acceptance criteria, unique classifications and ...
On 11.06.2013 10:57, Rahul Singhal wrote: , I have recently ported l4 fiasco + l4Re on raspberry pi. I tested the , port with the sample hello world program and it works fine.Now I want , to write some of my own programs (C++, C and python) and run it on , this environment. All I have done as of now is modify the sample hello , world code a bit and test it. How do I go about doing this and where , to start from? If you want to start your own program, its best to create a new package in l4/pkg and implement everything there. To start off with an empty application, there is a script that sets up a build-system-compatible directory for you: $, cd l4/pkg $l4/pkg, mkdir my_pkg $l4/pkg, cd my_pkg $l4/pkg/my_pkg, ../../mk/tmp/inst -, At this point an empty server can be found in l4/pkg/my_pkg/server/src. Running make O=,build dir, in the package will compile everything. And you can adapt the Makefiles to suit your needs. Thats it for C/C++ code. For Python you build the Python package and then load ...
Results (as of ) The Programme was launched in September 2011 Micro loans: mln. LVL allocated 672 micro loans for the total amount of 3.9 mln. LVL (6.8 mln. CHF), incl.,: 656 contracts signed for 3.8 mln. LVL (6.6 mln. CHF), 641 disbursed for 3.6 mln. LVL (6.2 mln. CHF) Implementation status:83% Implementation status: 83% (of the total budget)Grants: 561 allocated 561 grant for 382 thsd. LVL (662 thsd. CHF) or 87% of the total budget disbursed 23 grants for 15 thsd. LVL (27 thsd. CHF)
Use these resources to help you create a Plan of Action for your Priority Work Group or develop a logic model for your own program:. ...
Textbook is Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency settings. Authors are Samuel T. Gladding & Deborah w. Newsome Outline and describe the necessary steps to create a mental health counseling agency in your.
Hello, My name is Michael Duttweiler and I am assistant director for program development and accountability for Cornell University Cooperative Extension. One of my roles is to provide evaluation planning assistance to local extension educators, many of whom do not have formal backgrounds in program development or evaluation.. Hot Tip: Focusing an Evaluation Using a Succinct Purpose Statement There are many resources that guide one through focusing an evaluation typically ranging through a series of considerations such as program life cycle, stakeholder interests, key questions to be answered, resource considerations, respondent access, evaluability, and the like. Many people not steeped in evaluation practice find starting the planning process with such a broad array of considerations both complex and intimidating. A number of years ago, I landed on the approach of starting first by asking people to draft a brief evaluation purpose statement. This is a one-paragraph description of their ...
The audio and video in this clip is compressed for internet viewing. It is not necessarily representative of the production quality of this program. Internet video and audio quality varies depending on downloading equipment and software, internet service providers, and bandwidth/connection speed. This clip is copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced without authorized permission ...
Each year, selected counties undergo an external review by a team of IFAS state specialists and county agents from other counties. The purpose of the review is to assist counties in their efforts to plan and deliver high quality programs for their clientele.. ...
IUID of items is accomplished by marking each qualifying item with a permanent 2-dimensional data matrix. The data matrix is encoded with the data elements necessary to construct a Unique Item Identifier (UII) which is globally unique and unambiguous. The data elements required to form a UII include the manufacturers identification (i.e. cage code) and the items serial number. If the manufacturer serializes within part number, that data element will also be encoded.. Because the data matrix is machine-readable, IUID marking greatly reduces human error and improves the accuracy of inventory and acquisition records.. UIIs are stored in comprehensive IUID Registry, which allows easy access to information such as acquisition cost and life-cycle data. The IUID Registry is maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).. Every IUID delivery includes the required data elements describing the end item and the pedigree of embedded items. This data is captured during the acceptance ...
These are the key pieces of data that will be populated within the IUID Registry, that provide information on the item, the supplier, the contract, and the delivery.. Data requirements for IUID data are based on the second DFARS Interim Rule on Unique Item Identification and Valuation which was published in the Federal Register on January 1, 2004 . (DFARS Revision 20040101 or subsequent revisions). In order to capture IUID Item Pedigree, the following core IUID data elements are required:. ...
SHORE offers OSHA compliance assistance to employers in many different areas. With so many regulations and training requirements to keep up with, many employers find it convenient to allow SHORE to help with some or all OSHA compliance issues.. ...
HazCommpliance specializes in assisting with the chemicals inventories and the subsequent online SDS management. Your online SDS management is tailored specific to your facility. Online access to your SDS is not the only thing we provide; in addition to this, we identify specific hazards within your inventory so you can train your employees on those hazards. Additionally, we track the new SDS within your online management system and keep you up to date.
In our last article, we introduced the concept of distributed programming with CORBA from a high-level point of view. In order to further flush out the CORBA infrastructure, we need to detail some of the standard services that the OMG (Object Management Group) has defined that should be supplied at least in part by most ORB vendors.
Monahan, Deborah J; Wolf, Douglas A (2014) The continuum of disability over the lifespan: the convergence of aging with disability and aging into disability. Disabil Health J 7:S1-3 ...
Modern information processing systems show such complex properties as distribution, parallelism, interaction, time dependency, and nondeterminism. For critical applications, mathematical methods are needed to model the systems and to support their development and validation. Impressive progress in mathematical methods for programming software systems makes it possible to think about unifying the different approaches. This book gives a comprehensive overview of existing methods and presents some of the most recent results in applying them. The main topics are: advanced programming techniques, foundations of systems engineering, mathematical support methods, and application of the methods. The approaches presented are illustrated by examples and related to other approaches.
Please use the tutorial in the Resources Archive to familiarize yourself with the Team Pages. Contact PDEC (352-392-0386) if you have any questions. ...
Please use the tutorial in the Resources Archive to familiarize yourself with the Team Pages. Contact PDEC (352-392-0386) if you have any questions. ...
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In this lesson, well take a look at program design and define it in terms of top down program design in comparison to bottom up program design. ...
Description. The aim of this course is to acquaint students with traditional topics in labor economics and to encourage the development of independent research interests. We will cover a systematic development of the theory of labor supply, labor demand, and human capital. Topics include wage and employment determination, turnover, search, immigration, unemployment, equalizing differences, and institutions in the labor market. There will be particular emphasis on the interaction between theoretical and empirical modeling. The aim of this course is to acquaint students with traditional topics in labor economics and to encourage the development of independent research interests. We will cover a systematic development of the theory of labor supply, labor demand, and human capital. Topics include wage and employment determination, turnover, search, immigration, unemployment, equalizing differences, and institutions in the labor market. There will be particular emphasis on the interaction between ...
Dr. von Esenwein is a health services researcher with extensive experience evaluating the processes and outcomes of innovative program development and implementation. Her research and programmatic interests include new approaches to improve access and quality in healthcare, improving physical health and healthcare among persons with serious mental disorders and other underserved populations, and womens reproductive health policy. ...
Developing quality programs in higher education, across international jurisdictions, is becoming more challenging as a variety of stakeholders demand greater input into curriculum development processes. These multiple stakeholders include professional bodies, governments, consumers of higher education qualifications and institutional requirements themselves. This paper will examine what constitutes quality in program design and how integrating standards can drive quality program development. It will further describe a process to drive what the authors describe as both internal (within course/subject) and external (within program) alignment to intentionally design programs that meet both quality markers and the requirements of stakeholders.. Keywords: Quality course design; integrated standards; internal/external alignment; intentional design. *Corresponding author. Email: [email protected] (NB: In preparing this paper, every attempt has been made to use internationally recognised terminology. ...
Alcohol misuse by young people is an important public health issue, and has led to the development of a range of prevention interventions. Evidence concerning the most effective approaches to intervention design and implementation is limited. Parental involvement in school-based interventions is important, but many programmes fail to recruit large numbers of parents. This paper reports findings from an exploratory evaluation of a new alcohol misuse prevention programme - Kids, Adults Together (KAT), which comprised a classroom component, engagement with parents through a fun evening for families with children aged 9-11 years, and a DVD. The evaluation aimed to establish the programmes theoretical basis, explore implementation processes and acceptability, and identify plausible precursors of the intended long-term outcomes. Documentary analysis and interviews with key personnel examined the programmes development. Classroom preparation and KAT family events in two schools were observed. Focus groups
The Roadmap is a Web-based resource for training and information to help build the competencies needed by state Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (HDSP) Program Coordinators. It provides suggested steps for carrying out requirements of the HDSP Program as well as easy online access to training, tools, and other resources needed for successful program development and implementation. The Roadmap offers information on four key areas of programmatic activities for developing and implementing a heart disease and stroke prevention program, including What to Do and How to Do It ...
Use these materials from CDC, such as reports, guidelines, and recommendations, to support your practice and patients as your team work towards heart health.
Exempt Pay Program Design. Position Evaluation is the foundation of Pay Program Design. Job Evaluation Process. Position Description Statement Job Responsibilities,KSAs and Qualifications  Position Evaluation Job content and/or Market pay rate analysis  Job Value $ Slideshow 287366 by darshan
The project the authors have initiated addresses each of the three underlying issues outlined above. In this article the authors will discuss a model of program development that has integrated the mental health and substance abuse systems in the Jackson-Hillsdale counties of Michigan. The authors will review program and staff development accomplished through an interagency process of cross-training and program implementation.7,8 This has resulted in comprehensive services at multiple sites within the mental health and substance abuse service delivery systems. This will be followed by an overview of a non-confrontational treatment model7 and accompanying philosophy developed specifically for persons who have dual disorders. Assessment of Service Needs. Following a critical suicide attempt in April 1991, the Jackson-Hillsdale Community Mental Health Board Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Director of the South Central Michigan Substance Abuse Commission (a regional authority), reviewed ...
Subsidios de desarrollo de programas en IEA Latin America. To support education abroad programming in Latin America, IEA invites applications for theIEA Latin America Program Development Grant. Funding may be awarded for faculty-directed, cohort programs that will be offered in conjunction with IEA at its sites in Argentina and/or Uruguay. Applications will only be considered for credit-bearing education abroad programs that are a minimum of three weeks in duration and designed for 12 students or more. Applications must be supported by a letter from the sponsoring college or university explaining how the program contributes to the international goals of the institution. Preference will be given to faculty and staff members from IEA affiliated colleges and universities for programs that integrate Spanish-language instruction facilitated by IEA and are designed to promote IEAs goals for diversifying education abroad participation. For 2020-21, two $10,000 grants may be awarded. All funds will be ...
AIChE founded in 1908 is a professional society of more than 60000 chemical engineers in 110 countries Its members work in corporations universities and government using their knowledge of chemical processes to develop safe and useful products for the benefit of society AIChE fosters and disseminates chemical engineering knowledge supports the professional and personal growth of its members and applies the expertise of its members to address societal needs and improve the quality of life Through its varied programs AIChE continues to be a focal point for information exchange on the frontiers of chemical engineering research in such areas as energy sustainability biological and environmental engineering nanotechnology and chemical plant safety and security The AIChE Program Development team is responsible for the development and implementation of numerous AIChEs chemical engineering conferencesThe team works closely with volunteers to develop the technical program of the conference and serves as the
AIChE founded in 1908 is a professional society of more than 60000 chemical engineers in 110 countries Its members work in corporations universities and government using their knowledge of chemical processes to develop safe and useful products for the benefit of society AIChE fosters and disseminates chemical engineering knowledge supports the professional and personal growth of its members and applies the expertise of its members to address societal needs and improve the quality of life Through its varied programs AIChE continues to be a focal point for information exchange on the frontiers of chemical engineering research in such areas as energy sustainability biological and environmental engineering nanotechnology and chemical plant safety and security The AIChE Program Development team is responsible for the development and implementation of numerous AIChEs chemical engineering conferencesThe team works closely with volunteers to develop the technical program of the conference and serves as the
Articles, Book Chapters, Training events, Motivational Interviewing, Consulting, Program development, Program directory. To purchase: Dual Diagnosis Co-occurring disorders Manual, Videos and Books. Hosted by: Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for MIDAA(R)
Each organization will issue the initial invitations to its selected chairs, program development committee members, and speakers and will explain the compensation associated with their participation. Copies will be sent to both organizations staff. Each organization will compensate their speakers and chairs however they see fit*. Once chairs, program development committee members, and speakers have been confirmed, all subsequent communications and arrangements with those individuals will be handled by the host organization. Copies will be sent to both organizations staff. The host organization will collect and resolve all conflicts of interest of the chairs, program development committee members, and speakers ...
The mandate of Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control (CCDPC) is to provide strategic leadership in the development and implementation of integrated chronic disease prevention and control strategies. The group must also work with relevant stakeholders at national and international levels to ensure an integrated approach to chronic disease prevention and control. The CCDPC is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Non-Communicable Disease Policy. It works with stakeholders at all levels to provide pan-Canadian and international leadership in chronic disease prevention and control through integrated policy and program development, surveillance, and knowledge development and dissemination. The organization focuses on knowledge development and dissemination, building and disseminating the evidence base on best practices and lessons learned to support chronic disease policies and programs. Their policy and program developments support initiatives that inform on comprehensive ...
BACKGROUND: Disease management programmes are increasingly used to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of chronic care delivery. But, disease management programme development and implementation is a complex undertaking that requires effective decision-making. Choices made in the earliest phases of programme development are crucial, as they ultimately impact costs, outcomes and sustainability. METHODS: To increase our understanding of the choices that primary healthcare practices face when implementing such programmes and to stimulate successful implementation and sustainability, we compared the early implementation of eight cardiovascular disease management programmes initiated and managed by healthcare practices in various regions of the Netherlands. Using a mixed-methods design, we identified differences in and challenges to programme implementation in terms of context, patient characteristics, disease management level, healthcare utilisation costs, development costs and health-related quality of
In 2014, the Idaho Legislature revised Idaho Code to direct DEQ to seek EPA authorization for a state-operated pollutant discharge elimination system permitting program. The current program is operated by EPA and called the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. The state program will be called the Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (IPDES) program. DEQ submitted a primacy application that adheres to the Clean Water Act and 40 CFR 123 to EPA on August 31, 2016. The goal of IPDES, like NPDES, is to address water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants to waters of the United States.. DEQ expects this new state-run program to be a positive development both for the environment and regulated entities. Implementing this significant program will bring exciting challenges to the agency. The full program will require approximately 29 positions located in DEQs state and regional offices and an annual budget of $3 million. While permittees must ...
When Elizabeth Mahaffey started her new position as director of Claflin Universitys Online Programs in July, she inherited a program that was being redefined through transformational partnerships and program expansion. In June, Claflin received approval by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to launch its RN (Registered Nurse) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. The approval led to partnerships with neighboring Orangeburg - Calhoun Technical College and The Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties to provide a pipeline for RNs and nursing graduates to earn their bachelors degree at Claflin in 18 months or less.. Claflin next gained approval by the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) to promote and market its online program in more than 40 states across the country. A partnership followed with the South Carolina Technical College System (SCTCS) that offers a seamless pathway for associate ...
Dear NUST student,. The Programme Development Unit (PDU) of Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) is in the process of reviewing the institutions Curriculum Framework to ensure its relevance and applicability to contemporary education systems. This questionnaire is aimed at gathering general information from current students with regards to how they view Curriculum Framework during the teaching and learning sessions at NUST. Additionally, data would be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the framework. This survey allows you to give feedback on your overall level of satisfaction on NUST Curriculum Framework.. We value your feedback and detailed responses. Please note that the questionnaire will be treated anonymously and any other identification details will strictly be used for statistical purposes only. Dear Alumni Member,. The Programme Development Unit (PDU) of Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) is in the process of reviewing the institutions ...
Program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dan Community development merupakan investasi jangka panjang yang berguna untuk meminimalisasi risiko sosial, serta berfungsi sebagai sarana meningkatkan citra perusahaan di mata publik. Salah satu implementasi program CSR adalah dengan pengembangan atau pemberdayaan masyarakat (Community Development). Agar program ini sukses, maka diperlukan strategi, konsep, panduan program CSR beserta evaluasi dan monitoring (Monev) . Kegiatan monev merupakan kegiatan yang sering tidak mendapatkan perhatian yang penuh sehingga menyebabkan kegagalan program ...
Data structures and program design using c pdf - Each chapter (or other major section) of the book is in a separate pdf file, so you may start Acrobat Data structures and program design in C++ / Robert L. Kruse,​. Alexander J. Ryba. using the elementary features of C++. However, since we​. C-Programming-Books/Data Structures And Program Design In C. pdf · Go to file T · Go to line L · Copy path.
New York, NY (PRWEB) October 28, 2010 -- A leading Alzheimers expert has created an innovative program giving people living with Alzheimers disease a better
There is an urgent need for innovative approaches to obesity prevention and treatment, particularly among African Americans (AA), a population at increased risk of obesity and its associated morbidity and mortality. Research and clinical practice guidelines consistently recommend that parents should be included in their childrens obesity treatment, yet the most effective strategy to engage parents in adolescent obesity treatment is unclear. The adolescent period presents substantial challenges to family-based care, as youth experience increased desire for independence and autonomy, contributing to resistance to authority figures; yet they still rely on parents for many needs. Given these challenges, it is not surprising that research investigating specific clinical paradigms for involving parents in adolescent obesity treatments is inconsistent. To that end, the current application pilots two distinct approaches for involving parents in their adolescents obesity treatment. TEENS (Teaching, ...
Geosyntec aids clients in determining the performance and cost of air pollution control techniques designed to reduce or eliminate their emissions of...
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Through the subcommittees, members develop and respond to federal and local policy initiatives affecting the transportation planning process. Members also assist in the development of planning sessions at APTA conferences ...
This study represents a program evaluation of Swim for Health: a multiagency partnership in two local authorities in the United Kingdom that sought to increase aquatic activity participation among four target groups. A theory-driven, scientific program evaluation model was used to assess if the program achieved its stated aims (Rossi et al 2003). Chronological records were maintained. Participation figures were collected and triangulated with 20 semistructured interviews with program stakeholders. Barriers to program implementation included a lack of prior needs-analysis of service provision and the goals of the program did not always match those of stakeholders. However, Swim for Health increased participation in three of four target groups. Program developments were also limited by availability of staff able to deliver novel activities other than aqua aerobics. Consequently participants were primarily women. Implications for future programs are discussed.
The philosophy underlying CPPSRs Program Evaluation Services was captured well by Anne Petersen, Senior Vice President for Programs, W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Program evaluation should be conducted not only to demonstrate that a project worked, but also to improve the way it works. An evaluation approach should be rigorous in its efforts to determine the worth of a program and to guide program implementation and management as well as relevant and useful to program practitioners. Although evaluation is useful to document impact and demonstrate accountability, it should also lead to more effective programs, and a better knowledge of what works.. CPPSR believes that too often program evaluation is only thought of as the final stage of a program that gauges outcomes and establishes accountability. A better perspective sees program evaluation as integral to the evolution of the whole program from planning, to implementation, to final assessment. In this light, program evaluation helps managers ...
Ms. Bresaw serves as Program Director for the New Hampshire (NH) Governors Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative and Vice President of Public Health for Granite United Way. As Program Director, Ms. Bresaw works in close coordination with the Governor s Office, the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs, and the Community Development Finance Authority to administer the initiative. Through this initiative, Ms. Bresaw and her team work to empower employers to challenge stigma and provide supportive work environments for people in recovery and those impacted by substance use disorders. Ms. Bresaws role focuses on program development, coordination and alignment, monitoring and evaluation, and sustainability planning. At Granite United Way, Ms. Bresaw oversees public health strategies and initiatives and works to align these efforts with existing collaborations, partnerships, and Community Health Improvement Plans. In addition, Ms. Bresaw provides overall leadership and coordination ...
The funds can be used to support a collaborative project, event and/or the opportunity to share resources. Funds from this grant can be spent on program and organization space; project salaries and/or stipends; program development and expenses; peer training; leadership development; skills development; and shared equipment. This may include computer software or hardware, capacity building trainings, skills development for emerging leaders, joint actions, etc ...
The funds can be used to support a collaborative project, event and/or the opportunity to share resources. Funds from this grant can be spent on program and organization space; project salaries and/or stipends; program development and expenses; peer training; leadership development; skills development; and shared equipment. This may include computer software or hardware, capacity building trainings, skills development for emerging leaders, joint actions, etc.. ...
Ms. Bresaw serves as Program Director for the New Hampshire (NH) Governors Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative and Vice President of Public Health for Granite United Way. As Program Director, Ms. Bresaw works in close coordination with the Governor s Office, the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs, and the Community Development Finance Authority to administer the initiative. Through this initiative, Ms. Bresaw and her team work to empower employers to challenge stigma and provide supportive work environments for people in recovery and those impacted by substance use disorders. Ms. Bresaws role focuses on program development, coordination and alignment, monitoring and evaluation, and sustainability planning. At Granite United Way, Ms. Bresaw oversees public health strategies and initiatives and works to align these efforts with existing collaborations, partnerships, and Community Health Improvement Plans. In addition, Ms. Bresaw provides overall leadership and coordination ...
Email: [email protected] Kate Clark, MPA, is director of Strategic Initiatives for Drexel Universitys College of Nursing and Health Professions (CNHP) and the Associate Director of the AgeWell Collaboratory. In both of these positions, she leads the development and implementation of new efforts that align with the goals of the College and expand CNHPs community-based partnerships. From 2008-2017 Clark was planner for Policy and Program Development at Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA), where she worked to develop two nationally award-winning and replicated programs: Age-friendly Philadelphia and GenPhilly (Generation Appreciation Philadelphia). For this work she was awarded a 2018 Healthy Communities Innovator award by the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, she initiated and managed the City of Syracuses first public art program; directed the City of New Yorks Historical Signs Program; and conducted research as a Fulbright Scholar on ...
Aim: An organisation demonstrating an active research culture will have clinicians consuming, participating in, generating and translating research knowledge. The aim is to report on the development of a structured program to enhance allied health (AH) research culture and capability to deliver evidence based practice (EBP).. Method:. A review of the literature was undertaken to identify best practice for influencing research culture. Baseline research capacity and culture was measured using the validated research and capacity culture (RCC) tool in 2018 and by establishing a database of AH research performance measures. The programs development was informed with input from internal stakeholders and a partnering university.. Results: A program is being established to facilitate healthcare consumers, AH staff and supporters of research to participate in knowledge exchange activities. The activities which will enable research skill and knowledge development are: (1) clinician driven knowledge ...
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Forks Over Knives Cooking Course Review. When you yourself have a small cooking, you should consider Forks over knives cooking course review. Little cooking allow you to should choose the suitable appliances to make it easily fit within the little space. But it doesnt indicate you should lessen limit home equipment...
Through workshops, conferences and events, we provide organizations and individuals with educational resources, professional development opportunities and technical assistance for enhanced HIV prevention program development.. Step Up. Get Tested.. Salud y Orgullo Mexicano. Change MY Story. PrEP4love. Project Elevate. AFC campaign design portfolio. ...
HCET provides education, training and technical assistance, program development, grants management and evaluation services to professionals, health care systems, community based organizations and state and local government agencies. HCETs work is focused on improving reproductive and sexual health outcomes and is advanced through the projects:. ...
NEW CITY - Nyack Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern are joining forces under the leadership of Rockland County Legislature Chairwoman Harriet Cornell to develop a program to combat hospital-acquired MRSA infections.. Cornell began her research on the program called the Pronovost List over a year ago, spoke with health care professionals in other areas who used the program, and worked to implement it in Rockland. The MRSA bundle includes universal nasal surveillance for MRSA colonization, contact precautions for patients who were carriers of the virus and hand hygiene. Its main component was the adoption of Positive Deviance, an approach to behavioral and social change that relies on people within a culture to recommend solutions to a problem.. Both Rockland hospitals are onboard with the program.. Founder and president of the Niagara Health Quality Coalition, Bruce Boissonnault, assisted Cornell with program development. If one hospital in the area has good infection control, but ...
Job Summary Under direction of the Executive Vice President & President of CMMC, the Service Line Director of the Neurosciences Department will provide overall leadership and direction for the neuroscience service line including, but not limited to, strategic and financial planning, market share analysis, program development, capital and operational budget development and monitoring, human resource planning including recruiting, mentoring, and evaluating, marketing and community outreach including programming and physical relations, oversees quality initiatives, and state mandated requirements and reporting. The Service Line Director facilitates the provision of an excellent patient experience in a holistic environment across the health care continuum while providing state-of-the-art quality health care ...
Norma Schafer and Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC has offered programs in Mexico since 2006. We have over 30 years of university program development experience. See my resume. Study Tours + Study Abroad are personally curated and introduce you to Mexicos greatest artisans. They are off-the-beaten path, internationally recognized. We give you access to where people live and work. Yes, it is safe and secure to travel. Groups are limited in size for the most personal experience. Programs can be scheduled to meet your travel plans. Send us your available dates. Designers, retailers, wholesalers, universities and other organizations come to us to develop customized itineraries, study abroad programs, meetings and conferences. Its our pleasure to make arrangements. Our Clients Include *Penland School of Crafts *North Carolina State University *WARP Weave a Real Peace *Methodist University Tell us how we can put a program together for you! Send an email [email protected] ...
Norma Schafer and Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC has offered programs in Mexico since 2006. We have over 30 years of university program development experience. See my resume. Study Tours + Study Abroad are personally curated and introduce you to Mexicos greatest artisans. They are off-the-beaten path, internationally recognized. We give you access to where people live and work. Yes, it is safe and secure to travel. Groups are limited in size for the most personal experience. Programs can be scheduled to meet your travel plans. Send us your available dates. Designers, retailers, wholesalers, universities and other organizations come to us to develop customized itineraries, study abroad programs, meetings and conferences. Its our pleasure to make arrangements. Our Clients Include *Penland School of Crafts *North Carolina State University *WARP Weave a Real Peace *Methodist University Tell us how we can put a program together for you! Send an email [email protected] ...
With the accelerating discovery of human genes, public health professionals are increasingly confronted with a large body of scientific information that will guide public health action. Because the broad mission of public health is to fulfill societys interest in assuring conditions in which people can be healthy, the integration of new genetic information in public health research, policy, and program development is unavoidable.
Monica Fradkin, RN, MPH, has been named director of Patient Services, Smilow Cancer Care Centers. She will continue to oversee clinical operations and program development at Smilow centers in Derby, Guilford, Old Saybrook, North Haven, Orange, Waterbury and Torrington. Fradkin has more than 25 years of oncology experience, including 12 years at Smilow Cancer Care Center at Yale New Haven. She has served in a variety of positions, including Practice and Education program manager, and for the past two years, clinical program director for the Smilow Network Care Centers. Fradkin earned her nursing degree from the University of Connecticut and her MPH from New York Medical College ...
ACHI strives to improve health through evidence-based policy research, program development and public issue advocacy. ACHI stimulates, supports and complements the work of other Arkansas organizations and serves as a resource for improving the health of Arkansans.
Dr. Blessing Mutede, Technical Director, leads the technical and national program strengthening arm under the Going the Last Mile for HIV Control in Zimbabwe project. Dr. Mutede has more than 10 years of experience in HIV program development and implementation in Zimbabwe.. ...
Scholarly work: Dr. Sara Kane is interested in resident education and program development. She is conducting a research study on determining resident competence in neonatal resuscitation, and has presented her work at several conferences. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Adult Education through Indiana University to further facilitate her career goals. She is also interested in quality improvement, and is working on a unit-wide project of improving euthermia when patients go to the OR, as well as the development of a hand-off sheet to be used between the NICU and the OR.. ...
/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- When faced with a long-term illness, patients often retreat or are left feeling hopeless, a response that can negatively impact...
... program development; fundraising; partnerships with business and industry; the development and management of fiscal and human ... 2009) The 2009 Horizon Report: Economic Development Edition. Austin, TX: The New Media Consortium. Johnson, Laurence F., Smith ... Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration, 1993, Community College Leadership Program The University of Texas at ... "Program :: 2008 ACM SIGUCCS Fall Conference". ...
... theory development; professional counseling ethics; international counseling and multicultural issues; program applications; ... NBCC-I offers programs and institutes all over the world. NBCC-I also manages the international portion of the MHF program. ... The certification program recognizes counselors who have met predetermined standards in their training, experience, and ... CCE manages the Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) program, which educates community members and leaders in providing basic mental ...
Board Development; Resource Development; Program; Building and Facilities; and Alumni Development. Camp Hazen YMCA was recently ... The introduction of a leadership program, which was based in Oskalee Village, as well as a permanent teen trip program were ... His successor, Russ Gormley was instrumental in developing the horseback program, the ropes course program, the naming of ... Camp Hazen's LEA Program is a three-week course full of leadership workshops, team-building, lifeguard and belay training, ...
"Graduate Program". Audit Office of New South Wales. 2019. Retrieved 6 July 2019. "Career development". Audit Office of New ... AONSW supports graduates with a range of training and mentoring opportunities, commencing with a two-week induction program, ... Industry and Environment Department of Family and Community Services NSW Treasury AONSW offers a graduate program for tertiary ... and ongoing structured training throughout the course of the program. Along with other employees, graduates also receive ...
Rao X, Huang D, Sui X, Liu G, Song X, Xie J, Huang D (2014). "Overexpression of WRAP53 is associated with development and ... Education Program. 2011: 480-6. doi:10.1182/asheducation-2011.1.480. PMID 22160078. Ballew BJ, Savage SA (June 2013). "Updates ... WRAP53 (also known as WD40-encoding RNA antisense to p53) is a gene implicated in cancer development. The name was coined in ... January 2011). "Disruption of telomerase trafficking by TCAB1 mutation causes dyskeratosis congenita". Genes & Development. 25 ...
Energy Development Corporation. Retrieved on 2011-08-07. "Plant Profile - Palinpinon Geothermal Power Plant". PSALM Philippines ... "Cuernos de Negros Synonyms and Subfeatures". Global Volcanism Program. Retrieved on 2011-08-07. "Geothermal Projects - Southern ... Cuernos de Negros Page Cuernos de Negros on Global Volcanism Program Hiking Mt. Talinis from Pinoy Mountaineer: Guide to Hiking ...
"Anti-corruption in Bolivia: fighting greed - or attitudes?". Development Leadership Program. Jun 29, 2015. Wickberg, Sofia. " ... "Bolivia: A Development Overview". Foundation for Sustainable Development. Archived from the original on 2009-01-06. "Bolivia - ... Widespread poverty has been a major factor in the country's poor development and poor governance. In the latter half of the ...
The IAGG has collaborative partnerships with: • UN Program on Ageing • UN Development Program • UN Population Fund and other UN ... IAGG Programs include Global Ageing Research Network, (GARN), Global Social Initiative on Ageing (GSIA), World Academy on ... agencies • World Health Organization's Ageing & Life Course Program Citations About the IAG. IAGG 6th anniversary. IAGG - IFA. ...
"Mayon". Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved May 22, 2012. "Pocdol Mountains". Global Volcanism Program ... Unmistakably, the spill-over effects of development permeated those initial high growth areas. The Bicolanos are descended from ... "Iriga". Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved May 22, 2012. "Malinao". Global Volcanism Program. ... "Bulusan". Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved May 22, 2012. "K-12 Primer as of 20 December 2011" (PDF ...
ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program Australian Civilian Corps Developmental Leadership Program Philippines- ... AusAID also ran the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development program, a volunteer program allowing Australians aged 18-30 ... "Australia's development program". DFAT. Australian Government. Retrieved 23 February 2021. "Biography of Ewen McDonald". DFAT. ... This was the sixth-largest cut in any one year of the aid program's history. Increases to the aid program over the forward ...
... and a doctoral program in Management. The institute also regularly conducts Management Development programs for working ... The engagements would broadly cover development of general management skills; development of functional skills; and development ... and fellow Ph.D scholars alike through its Faculty Development Programs. Various training program are offered to enhance the ... "Faculty Development Program". "Curriculum". Archived from the original on 21 January 2015. Retrieved 21 ...
Among them is the Belize Harpy Eagle Restoration Program, started in 2003 by Sharon Matola, the director of the Belize Zoo, for ... The clearing of land for agricultural and urban development has had a quantifiable impact on vegetation cover, as have forest ... In June 2010, the director of the organisation announced that it had upgraded its monitoring program in this area, but were ... "Reflecting the current thrust in national development, the Work Plan is founded on the need to ensure that biodiversity ...
Program evaluation; Strategic planning; Workforce development planning; Organizational capacity building. CGR also offers ... Economic development studies. CGR also offers economic development agencies a proprietary Economic Impact Analysis product that ... Policy and program implementation support; Strategic planning; Service re-engineering; Police, fire and EMS studies; Emergency ... Program evaluation; Policy design and analysis; Strategic planning Community indicators tools; Vital indicators data management ...
Program Development & Integration; Contracting Execution; and Life Cycle Management and Services. The Air Force Security ... Each Program Office reports to one of 10 Program Executive Officers (PEOs) who are accountable for the activities within their ... The Airborne Laser Directorate executes a technology development mission for high altitude, anti-ballistic missile, directed ... AFLCMC execution directorates provide direct program support such as engineering, technical order management, developmental ...
It has three major funds: the Open Content Fund, the Program Development Fund, and the Research and Innovation Fund. A total of ... "Program Development Funding , eCampusOntario". Retrieved 2017-09-29. University of Toronto. "eCampusOntario ... The portal exists to help internet users locate and browse the online and technology-enabled courses and programs on offer by ... eCampusOntario also funds the development of educational research, eLearning resources and online and technology-enabled ...
"Teacher Development Program". Retrieved 2008-09-14. "Envisioned Future". Retrieved 2008-09-14. Unfettered Mind Website An Arrow ... his teacher development program, and his publications, especially Wake Up To Your Life, which lays out the Buddhist path and ... Unfettered Mind is envisioned as a network for the development and distribution of resources for spiritual awakening Unfettered ... Another key element is the teacher training program. McLeod trained long-term practitioners who have significant experience and ...
"R. Scott Hawley". Searle Scholars Program. 1984. Retrieved October 25, 2019. "Dr. R. Scott Hawley". American Academy of Arts ... Greenspan, R. J. (2005). "Encyclopedia Drosophilidiana". Development. 132 (23): 5135-5136. doi:10.1242/dev.02000. ISSN 0950- ...
Moe, Ronald (2007). "Dictionary Development Program". SIL Forum for Language Fieldwork. Albright, Eric; Hatton, John (2007). " ... This uses techniques such as SIL International's Dictionary Development Process (DDP), RapidWords, or software such as WeSay or ... "Dictionary Development Process". SIL International. SIL International. Retrieved 2020-08-22. ...
He led the development of a telerobotic system for subsea platform cleaning and inspection, and of a variety of new diver and ... "THEA Awards Program". Themed Entertainment Association. 2017. Archived from the original on October 26, 2017. Retrieved October ... In 2006, NAVSEA awarded Oceaneering a maintenance contract for the Dry Deck Shelter program. Dry Deck Shelters are used to ... On August 2, 2006, NASA announced it would issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the design, development, certification, ...
"Professional Development Committee". Retrieved June 6, 2020. "Neuroscience Scholars Program". ... Poe also co-directs the Neuroscience Scholars Program through the Society for Neuroscience; admission to the program is ... Poe serves as the Director of Diversity in Outreach and Education Programs at UCLA. She is also the co-faculty director of the ... "Summer Program in Neuroscience, Excellence and Success (SPINES)". Retrieved June 6, 2020. "Gina R. Poe - ...
Development Demonstration Program; Gas Research Institute (1989). A review of the management of the Gas Research Institute. ... E. O. Ray, Shale development in eastern Kentucky, US Energy Research and Development Administration, 1976. United States ... Center for Responsible Shale Development. Retrieved May 2, 2017. Center for Responsible Shale Development. "Accreditation ... The program made a number of advances in hydraulic fracturing of shales. During the same period, the Gas Research Institute, a ...
State bond program , 10-20% , 20-30% ,- , Private sector , 10-20% , 10-20% ,- , China Development Bank , 10% , 5% ,- , ... the state bond program and international financial institutions. The State bond program is geared at less economically ... at the Wayback Machine Asian Development Bank For a profile of water and sanitation in Chengdu, see Asian Development Bank ... Update on Some Recent Developments in Community-Led Total Sanitation, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, England, April ...
"Young Artists Program". Archived from the original on 2011-04-08. Retrieved 2011-05-11. "Creative Development Projects". ... Creative Development Projects (CDP), directed by Albert Innaurato, grew out of ConNEXTions and is an ongoing series which ... Through its Young Artist Program, CCOT provides professional training and performance opportunities for emerging young opera ... professionals (singers, directors, designers, and instrumentalists). CCOT's OPERAtunities in Education in-school program works ...
... began a training program called the Leadership Development Program (LDP) in 1991. This two-year program ... "Leadership Development Program". Archived from the original on 2015-09-24. Retrieved 2015-09-02. [1] PrNewsWire RR Donnelley to ... trains recent college graduates in a rotational program on every aspect of the printing business. Associates in the LDP work in ...
"Discovery & Development Services". Developmental Therapeutics Program. National Cancer Institute. 26 August 2015. Retrieved 6 ... "Welcome to the Developmental Therapeutics Program". Developmental Therapeutics Program. National Cancer Institute. Retrieved 6 ... Development Services of NCI's Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP). The screening rates for each cell line the cytostatic ... 13 additional cell lines are evaluated for use in the screening program, among them two lines deriving from so far not ...
"WSJT Program Development". Joe Taylor, K1JT (2006-08-10). "WSJT6 User Guide & Reference Manual" (PDF). Joe Taylor, K1JT (August ... WSJT is a computer program used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators. The program was initially ... Currently, the program is written in Python and C, with several utilities written in Fortran. WSJT versions up through 7.06 ... Communication modes have been both added and removed from the software over the course of its development. Since 2005, the ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Taftan". Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Venzke, Edward (1993). " ... Geography and Development. 11 (33): 131-138. Retrieved 13 July 2016. ...
"About The Program". Sehat Sahulat Program. Siddiqi, S.; Nishtar, S.; Hafeez, A.; Buehler, W.; Bile, K. M.; Sabih, F. (2010). " ... can the evolving reforms enhance the pace towards the Millennium Development Goals?". Eastern Mediterranean Health. 16 (Supp): ... National TB Control Program (NTP) was renewed by Ministry of Health subsequent to declare TB as a national emergency in ... Government programs are run by both the Ministries of Population Welfare and Health. The most common method used is condoms ...
Sponsorship Program Economic Development Entrepreneurship Development Vocational Training Micro-Credit Livelihood Development ... School Bags and School Sponsorship Programs; Kindergarten Development Programs Pakistan Hope Village Complex - facilities ... Skills Training and Professional Development Programs Sri Lanka Relief Assistance; Education Program; Women Empowerment ... Micro-enterprise and Micro-credit Programs; School Sponsorship and Scholarship Programs; Skills Training Programs Iraq Relief ...
"Member Development Program". Sigma Lambda Gamma. Retrieved 2013-06-04. Check ,archive-url= value (help) "Scholarship Program". ... An eight-week program, the Young Women's Leadership Program is a series of exercises and activities for school-age girls. ... National programming includes the Young Women's Leadership Program, Emotional Intelligence, and their philanthropic "Drive to ... The sorority also support the Federal TRiO Programs, which are programs in the United States designed to identify and provide ...
Development, axonal patterning, and guidance[edit]. Computational neuroscience aims to address a wide array of questions. How ... The first graduate educational program in computational neuroscience was organized as the Computational and Neural Systems Ph.D ... program at the California Institute of Technology in 1985. The early historical roots of the field can be traced to the work of ... at the request of the Systems Development Foundation to provide a summary of the current status of a field which until that ...
The Workmen's Circle established an educational bureau of its own in 1908 and sponsored programs for both adults and children, ... The Modern Schools were intended to be both instruments for self-development and social change and taught the values of ...
The Framework Programmes, and their budgets in billions of Euros, are presented in the table below.[2] For FP1-FP5, program ... The Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, also called Framework Programmes or abbreviated FP1 to FP7 ... Medium-sized research projects funded by the European Commission in the FP6 and FP7 funding programs. STReP projects involve a ... Council resolution of 25 July 1983 on framework programmes for Community research, development and demonstration activities and ...
The protection program has 2 main goals: (1) provide the best protection of endangered species from pesticides and (2) minimize ... as wartime research and development produced many chemicals with newly discovered insecticidal properties.[4] Widespread usage ... To be sure this program is implemented, some labels will direct users of the pesticides to bulletins with specific information ... the impact of the program on pesticide users.[2]. To protect the endangered species with the EPA program, the following was ...
"Economic Development". Cushman & Wakefield. Retrieved September 4, 2015.. *^ "U.S. Refineries* Operable Capacity". Department ... "Galveston Bay Estuary Program. Archived from the original on January 17, 2009. Retrieved Sep 9, 2009.. "Draining the Swamp: A ... Overseeing the program is the Public Art Visioning Committee with members from the Art League of Baytown, Lee College Art ... Finding inspiration in Peter Kageyama book Love Where You Live, the committee's vision for this program is to create emotional ...
The development of type 2 diabetes is caused by a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors.[25][28] While some of these ... No major organization recommends universal screening for diabetes as there is no evidence that such a program improve outcomes. ... Lifestyle factors are important to the development of type 2 diabetes, including obesity and being overweight (defined by a ... Moscou, Susan (2013). "Getting the word out: advocacy, social marketing, and policy development and enforcement". In Truglio- ...
Kjellberg, Anders (2017) The Membership Development of Swedish Trade Unions and Union Confederations Since the End of the ... The development of trade unionism in Great Britain and Germany, 1880-1914 (Taylor & Francis, 1985). ... "From Development to Empowerment: The Self-Employed Women's Association in India". International Journal of Politics, Culture, ... and would later be an important arena for the development of trade unions. Trade unions have sometimes been seen as successors ...
"Development of the High-Pressure Direct-Injection ISX G Natural Gas Engine" (PDF). Archived (PDF) from the original on 4 March ... Pacific Environment : California Energy Program Archived 2007-06-08 at the Wayback Machine ... a b Rules of Thumb for Screening LNG Developments Archived 2016-10-08 at the Wayback Machine ... In the commercial development of an LNG value chain, LNG suppliers first confirm sales to the downstream buyers and then sign ...
November 2007). "The Development of Turbo and LDPC Codes for Deep-Space Applications". Proc. IEEE. 95 (11).. ... can be used as a program for simulations or as a library for the SDR). ...
"History and the Discovery and Development of Crixivan". Retrieved 2018-10-24.. ... announced that they would start a comprehensive AIDS research program. They started a laboratory dedicated to AIDS research in ... The end point of the study was death or development of opportunistic infections.[13] ... The official start to its development started in December 1986 when Merck's president, Edward Scolnick, ...
"Medical Student Education Program: Curriculum Overview". Yale University website. Yale School of Medicine. Archived from the ... There have been significant developments in how CAMs should be assessed prior to re-sale in the United Kingdom and the European ... Young, J.H. (1998). "The Development of the Office of Alternative Medicine in the National Institutes of Health, 1991-1996". ... the development of managed care, rising consumerism, and the establishment of the USA Office of Alternative Medicine (later ...
This same dynamic user community played a significant role in the application's development, suggesting program revisions and ... and the program's key feature is live mixing of MIDI input with VST (instruments and effects) and digital samples including ...
In a recent development, classical QTL analyses were combined with gene expression profiling i.e. by DNA microarrays. Such ... A list of computer programs for genetic analysis including QTL analysis. *Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) Analysis @ Scitable ... however the practice had previously been widely employed in the development of agriculture to obtain livestock or plants with ...
United States Agency for International Development Iraq Marshlands Restoration Program Final Report, Chapter 1 Archived 2014-11 ... However, after the First Gulf War (1991), the Iraqi government aggressively revived a program to divert the flow of the Tigris ... A report by the United States Agency for International Development noted that while some Maʻdān had chosen to return to their ... USAID Iraq Marshlands Restoration Program Final Report, Chapter 9 Archived 2014-10-21 at the Wayback Machine. ...
... scrutinising things such as menus for state receptions or the programming schedules for radio broadcasts.[448] Although some of ... Pol Pot's thought as much as Confucianism had influenced the development of Maoism in China.[408] ... was an ally of China's Marxist-Leninist government and admitted Marxism-Leninism's capacity to bring swift economic development ...
COVID-19 drug development. *COVID-19 drug repurposing research. E. *Exposure to COVID-19 ...
Modern developments have changed the insurance coverage terms, availability, and pricing.[2] Homeowner's insurance has been ... Owner-controlled insurance program. *Property insurance. *Renters insurance. References[edit]. .mw-parser-output .reflist{font- ...
By doing this it will increase the role of higher education in the fostering of regional development; the creation of regional ... The process of accreditation of study programs at Polish higher education institutions has been significantly accelerated. ... Gorecki, R. (2001). The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn as an Agent of Regional Development and Higher Education in ... The technological developments like the Internet and cheaper telecommunications combined with increased acceptance on non- ...
... hospital programs, and nursing school program. Community outreach programs include classroom programs designed to enhance ... micromanipulative procedures to improve embryo development and implantation, and embryo selection protocols. The research ... The work received the general Program Prize of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in 1996. Another PDG work on ... The division also provides education programs such as the first live kidney transplant operation broadcast to a public audience ...
"ABET-Accredited Programs: Southern New Hampshire University". *^ "Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, A. James Clark ... Team, AU Web Development. "The Air University or AU is a public research university located in Islamabad and Multan, Pakistan. ... "MATS College of Technology: bachelor's programs offered". *^ "WCC Aviation Company - WCC Aerotech ... Only undergraduate engineering programs in Canada are accredited,[8] and this is done by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation ...
Weekly Program Table (2009/03/23-2009/03/29)] (in Japanese). AT-X. Archived from the original on March 24, 2009. Retrieved July ... Due to the high importance the three Rose families have in the development of the student activities within school, those who ...
The recent advances in next-generation sequencing and comparative genomics have enabled the development of robust and reliable ... "Carriage of penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae by children in day-care centers during an intervention program in ...
"There's significant oil and gas development in this region as well, so we'll have to keep monitoring its location over the next ... Whether Johnson lives or dies could have an effect, for example, on US funding of family planning programs in Africa. That said ... Since this topic is still listed on ITN, is this development notable enough to warrant an update to the entry? Aecis Dancing to ... I also feel that it's best to wait for further developments: there's still a possibility that Johnson lives through this, which ...
Muslim rulers promoted the literary development of Bengali.[29] Bengali became the most spoken vernacular language in the ... computer sorting programs, etc.) of Bengali graphemes. Experts in both Bangladesh and India are currently working towards a ... Chatterji, SK (1926). "The Origin and Development of the Bengali Language". Calcutta Univ. Press.. ... The Department of Bengali in the University of Karachi also offers regular programs of studies at the Bachelors and at the ...
development of the individuals in the time set free, and with the means created, for all of them.. ... Sementara itu, demokrasi sosial modern menekankan program modifikasi legislatif bertahap dari kapitalisme untuk menjadikannya ... The free development of individualities, and hence not the reduction of necessary labour time so as to posit surplus labour, ... Bakunin did not convert the League's central committee to his full program, but he did persuade them to accept a remarkably ...
Developments in Biologicals. 135. pp. 211-18. doi:10.1159/000178495. ISBN 978-3-318-02365-7. . PMID 23689899.. ... also undergo programmed cell death leading to an abnormally low concentration of lymphocytes in the blood.[54] This contributes ... Developments in organ-on-a-chip technology have led to a chip-based model for Ebola haemorrhagic syndrome.[262] ... The length of time between exposure to the virus and the development of symptoms (incubation period) is between two and 21 days ...
"C.I.P.E. Faculty Development Institute". NC AHEC.. *^ a b Brewer E, Rost E, Cozart R, Davidson G, Durham C, Hobbs GW, Joyner BL ... In 2009, Durham completed the Doctor of Education program at North Carolina State University concentrating on adult and higher ... The North Carolina AHEC sponsored a Faculty Development Institute with Drs. Durham and Gwen Sherwood providing webinars to ...
Sharma, S.R.; Singh, P.K.; Chable, V. Tripathi, S.K. (2004). "A review of hybrid cauliflower development". Journal of New Seeds ... Cauliflower-based doughs for making pizza have been 3D printed.[24] The process involves a computer-operated program that ...
Development[change , change source]. Some amphibians, such as the common coquí, lay eggs out of water (in this case, on palm ... Atlanta Botanical Garden Amphibian Conservation Program. *Froglife (British conservation charity). *A guide to Amphibians ... Others, like mudpuppies and olms, have a different development. In a process called neoteny, they become sexually developed as ...
Some states operate a program known as the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP). This program allows a Medicaid ... History of Medicaid in an interactive timeline of key developments.. *Coverage By State - Information on state health coverage ... This program was formed due to the costs that Medicaid programs were paying for outpatient drugs at their discounted prices.[14 ... The Medicaid Drug Rebate Program and the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP) were created by the Omnibus Budget ...
A driver development program (or driver development team) is a system or structure designed for young kart and race car drivers ... The following is a list of teams that currently have a driver development programs or are driver development teams. Alpine ... good driver management companies and driver search and development initiatives will fund or part fund a drivers development and ... Companies that specialise in racing driver training or development programmes remain commercially viable through selling time ...
eCrew Development Program (eCDP, Japanese: クルトレ eCDP), also known unofficially as the McDonalds Training Game, is a rare ...
COMPLETED THE PROGRAM?. If youve earned 7 points, and received a passing mark on your Program Reflection, youre eligible for ... Program enrollment for Fall 2019 ends on 9/13/2019, however the program is capped at 50 students (accepted on a first-come, ... Be sure to review the Program Resources page, where youll find the Activities Weighting Rubric, and other program documents. ... Students must meet the program requirements within 2 semesters* in order to complete the program and receive their Leadership ...
At CDC, program evaluation supports our agency priorities. When programs conduct strong, practical evaluations on a routine ... basis, the findings are better positioned to inform their management and improve program effectiveness. ... Program evaluation is an essential organizational practice in public health. ... Introduction to Program Evaluation for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs. Helps state and local tobacco control programs ...
Footage from the pan-Northern film development program - a collaboration between Northern Film and Media, Screen Yorkshire and ... Triangle Film Development Program - Allan Niblo, James Richardson, Gareth Edwards - Duration: 14:08. NorthernFilmMedia 125 ... Triangle Film Development Program - Sarahphotogirl, Elliot Grove, Michelle Eastwood - Duration: 14:38. NorthernFilmMedia 128 ... Footage from the pan-Northern film development program - a collaboration between Northern Film and Media, Screen Yorkshire and ...
SUMMARY OF PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS General Information. Program Title: Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program. Includes ... Synopsis of Program:. CAREER: The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers ... A. CAREER Program. This premier program emphasizes the importance the Foundation places on the early development of academic ... Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Includes the description of NSF s Presidential Early Career Awards for ...
The Development of an Integrated Information System for the Design/Construction Industry, by Noguchi, Satoshi, 1996.. A ... The Dynamics of the Development of Large-Scale Public Projects: A Case Study of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, by Hesshaus ... The Environment-Development-Population System: A Treatment of Global Sustainability, by Liddle, Brantley, 1997.. The ... Aligning Infrastructure Development Strategy to Meet Current Public Needs, Miller, John B., 1995.. Flexible Manufacturing ...
Patents, Innovation, and Development. w27202 David Laborde. Abdullah Mamun. Will Martin. Valeria Piñeiro. Rob Vos Modeling the ... Services Development and Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing. w26530 Zoë B. Cullen. Ricardo Perez-Truglia The Old Boys Club ... Research Programs. Working Groups. Professional Conduct. Employment and Fellowships. Sitemap. Links to other Resources. Search ... Gangs, Labor Mobility and Development. w27818 Eliana Avitzour. Adi Choen. Daphna Joel. Victor Lavy On the Origins of Gender- ...
The multi-phased program launches today with a partnership with teachers where Glogster will provide support for educators to ... The education program has been created in response to Glogsters growing popularity amongst both educators and teens around the ... Phase 2 of this program will roll-out in the upcoming months and will leverage the key data gathered in the first phase. The ... The entire education program will continue to be an evolving, dynamic partnership between and educators to provide ...
... has provided lunchtime teaching development programs since 2009. Open to faculty and teaching graduate students, these programs ... Join our more than 40,000 students studying in hundreds of programs on six continents all around the globe. ...
Program Overview. ​​​The Water Resources Development Program seeks to help individuals and communities address instream and out ... The Water Resources Development Program includes three components, which fit together as key steps in the water development ... Click here​ for forms and guidance related to the financial assistance offered by the Water Resources Development Program. ... For questions or more information, please contact Kim Ogren, Water Resources Development Program Manager, 503-986-0873. ...
... in order to sign-up for the Leadership Development Program, you must first apply via our website and then wait to register ... Leadership Development Program. Camp Gallagher Russell Rd Lakebay, WA 98349 Organized by Camp Gallagher Save up to $10 on this ... Please note: in order to sign-up for the Leadership Development Program, you must first apply via our website and then wait to ...
The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) partners with organizations throughout the state to offer a ... variety of programs to assist in affordable rental, homeownership and homelessness initiatives. ...
The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program is a long-running RWJF initiative to increase the number of faculty from ... Synopsis: The Amos program awards four-year post-residency grants to support the research and career development of physicians ... Results of the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program give us hope."-Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, RWJF President and ... Along with providing funding, the program emphasizes mentoring. Each program scholar has a designated mentor-usually a senior ...
Advancing Regulatory Science through Novel Terminology and Standards Development (focus on standards development processes ... CDER Data Standards Program Data Standards in the Drug Lifecycle Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) Electronic ... The table below lists the awards that have been made under this program. Results are expected within one to two years of award ... Development of Bipolar and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Standard Data Elements. Dr. Meredith Nahm Zozus, Duke University. ...
... we introduced the concept of distributed programming with CORBA from a high-level point of view. In order to further flush out ... In our last article, we introduced the concept of distributed programming with CORBA from a high-level point of view. In order ...
What salary does a Director Development Program earn in your area? ... 84 Director Development Program Salaries provided anonymously by employees. ... Director, Program Development Salaries. Job Title. Location. Salary. Wright State University. Director, Program Development. ... Director of Program Development. United States. $88,648. Yellow Magic. Director of Program Development. United States. $90,389 ...
Attribution: National Water Quality Program, Climate Research and Development Program, Toxic Substances Hydrology Program, ... Climate Research and Development Program, National Water Quality Program, Toxic Substances Hydrology Program, New England Water ... Attribution: Natural Hazards, Climate Research and Development Program, Coastal and Marine Geology, Energy Resources Program, ... Attribution: Land Resources, Natural Hazards, Water Resources, Climate Research and Development Program, Environments Program, ...
... , Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program, Earthquake Hazards Program, ... Attribution: Florence Bascom Geoscience Center, Climate Research and Development Program, Region 11: Alaska, Region 1: North ... Attribution: Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, Ecosystems, Climate Research and Development Program, Region 2: South ... Attribution: Ecosystems, Climate Research and Development Program, Region 5: Missouri Basin, Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin, ...
Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) N NSF Wide Programs CAREER and PECASE Information ... NSF CAREER Program Webinar Presentation Slides. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Faculty Early Career Development ( ... CAREER: The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science ... Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program for Submission in Years 2017 - 2019 ...
Janssen to discontinue Hepatitis C development program* Janssen Sciences Ireland says announced decision todiscontinue ... Janssen to discontinue Hepatitis C development program * Janssen Sciences Ireland says announced decision to discontinue ... Janssen Sciences Ireland UC says viral hepatitis research and development to focus on addressing significant unmet needs in ... but there will be no additional development thereafter ... further development of investigational Hepatitis C treatment ...
MRI Program Scope. The MRI program assists in the acquisition or development of major research instrumentation that is, in ... Major Research Instrumentation Program: Instrument Acquisition or Development. Program Solicitation NSF 10-529. Replaces ... A development proposal must meet the above guidelines to be considered for the MRI program. NSF reserves the right to carefully ... The MRI Program is intended to assist with the acquisition or development of research instrumentation that is, in general, too ...
The Acer Access and Development Program (Acer) offers grants to support the efforts of States, tribal governments, and research ...
Life provided an opportunity to evaluate a program in terms of a particular exhibition. ... This evaluation of the February 2008 3-day professional development Institute for the temporary exhibition, Water: H2O= ... Water Professional Development Institute for Educators Program Evaluation * Evaluation of AMNH Science Bulletin "Evolution in ... Evaluation of Darwin Temporary Exhibition Educators Professional Development Program * Brain: The Inside Story Temporary ...
Further information may be obtained by contacting the Employment Research and Program Development Staff via email or calling ( ... The Employment Research and Program Development staff (ERPDS) initiates, plans, and directs activities for improving the ... U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , Employment Research and Program Development, PSB Suite 4945, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE ... major functions of ERPDS are to assist in the development of the above data programs and to conduct original research using BLS ...
Ergonomics program development: Prevention in the workplace. Bibliographic information. Feb. 1997, Vol.58, No.2, p.145-149. 6 ... The development of an ergonomics programme to prevent work-related repetitive strain injuries in an electronics manufacturing ...
What salary does a Engineering Leadership Development Program earn in your area? ... 1,859 Engineering Leadership Development Program Salaries provided anonymously by employees. ... Engineering Leadership Development Program Salaries. Job Title. Salary. Textron Engineering Leadership Development Program ... engineering leadership development program Jobs in Avon Lake. * engineering leadership development program Jobs in College ...
Katarina from Dell Slovakia shares her experience after participating in Dells Finance Development Program. ... Tell us about the career development opportunities at Dell and what inspired you to apply for the Finance Development Program? ... I joined Dell as part of FGP which is a local program designed for fresh graduates here in Bratislava. The program focuses on ... I joined the Finance Development program (FDP). My rotations in FDP were Statutory Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, ...
ADB launched the Water Financing Program (WFP) to double water investment between 2006 and 2010 aiming to devote 25 percent of ... The WFP ensures the delivery of substantial investment, reform, and capacity development programs in these key areas:. *Rural ... The Water Financing Program (WFP), launched in 2006, has been driving ADBs water investments in the Asia and Pacific region. ... The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the ...
  • Results of the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program give us hope. (
  • The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program was created to increase the number of faculty from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who can achieve senior rank in academic medicine, dentistry, or nursing. (
  • Funded partnerships, good driver management companies and driver search and development initiatives will fund or part fund a drivers development and will survive as long as the owners financial commitment and or success at recouping their investment. (
  • The Teaching Development Program (TDP) helps graduate students teach better, now and in the future, and prepares them for the job search process by helping them focus on and document their teaching development efforts. (
  • The Title VII Health Professions and Title VIII Nursing Workforce development programs play a critical role in training a workforce that meets the nation's evolving health care needs. (
  • Although we are sad to see it eliminated in the President's proposed budget, we are hopeful that congress will continue to sustain and strengthen the nation's investment in Title VII and Title VIII workforce development programs. (
  • Uses the steps in the CDC Evaluation Framework as a way to accommodate the program context and meet or exceed all relevant standards. (
  • The manual, based on CDC's Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health, assists public health program staff to plan, design, implement and use comprehensive evaluations in a practical way. (
  • Designed for people interested in learning about program evaluation and how to apply it to their work. (
  • Designed to assist states in the evaluation of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (HDSP) by clarifying approaches to, and methods for, evaluation, providing examples specific to the scope and purpose of the state HDSP programs, and recommending resources for additional reading. (
  • Designed to help grantees plan and implement evaluations of their NCCCP-funded programs by providing general guidance on evaluation principles and techniques, as well as practical templates and tools. (
  • Provide step-by-step guidance on how to design and implement a program evaluation to build the evaluation capacity of STD programs so that they can internally monitor their program activities, understand what is working or not working, and improve their efforts. (
  • Introduces program evaluation, through the process with TB-specific examples, to staff of state and local tuberculosis (TB) programs in the United States. (
  • Designed to help public health program managers, administrators, and evaluators develop an effective evaluation plan. (
  • Helps public health program managers, administrators, and evaluators develop a joint understanding of what constitutes an evaluation plan, why it is important, and how to develop an effective evaluation plan in the context of the planning process. (
  • Such involvement "significantly correlated to overall business performance, particularly when the executives are active in the creation of the program, involved in establishing business goals for the program, and in creating evaluation metrics. (
  • This includes evaluation of your child's gender development and needs in the real world. (
  • From initial and ongoing evaluation and support to specialists in medical treatments such as Veronica Gomez-Lobo, M.D. , a pediatric gynecologist who provides medical interventions such as puberty suppression or hormone therapy, the program offers a full spectrum of care options based on the needs of each young person. (
  • Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Prevention Program Development and Evaluation can be used as a core text in undergraduate courses devoted to prevention or in graduate programs aimed at practice issues. (
  • The School Programs Curriculum Development and Evaluation Internship is available to graduate students studying education. (
  • An evaluation study of CCDP showed that the program did not produce any important positive impacts on participating families compared with control families, although there were improvements in the lives of both CCDP and control families over time. (
  • Thus, there are two components of the CCDP data collection: the Evaluation of the Comprehensive Child Development Program and the Comprehensive Child Development Program Management Information System (MIS). (
  • Explore research highlights from the Program during 2020 in this interactive geonarrative. (
  • That's the thing that stands out to me-the importance of mentorship, the way it's taken seriously in this program. (
  • Participants in this year-long program will learn valuable leadership skills, network with and receive mentorship from ASCO leaders, gain exposure to U.S. government research agencies, and receive first-hand advocacy experience on Capitol Hill. (
  • Welcome to the CRRD trainee mentorship program! (
  • Provides international and national government agencies and public health organizations with a brief overview, tools, and information for developing, implementing, and evaluating sodium reduction programs, policies, and initiatives aimed at lowering sodium intake. (
  • The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations. (
  • The Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) serves to increase access to shared scientific and engineering instruments for research and research training in our Nation's institutions of higher education, museums, science centers, and not-for-profit organizations. (
  • Instrument acquisition or development proposals that request funds from NSF in the range $100,000-$4 million will be accepted from all eligible organizations. (
  • The Kellogg Executive Development Program focuses on results: helping organizations succeed by equipping and empowering top-performing managers to realize their potential for assuming general management roles. (
  • Approximately one-third of the 1,750 organizations surveyed reported that they have global leadership development programs, notes Developing Successful Corporate Leaders: The Second Annual Study of Challenges and Opportunities 2011 . (
  • Fifty-eight percent of companies categorized as high-performing reported having introduced some form of global leadership development program, compared with only 34 percent of low-performing organizations. (
  • In addition, senior executives are becoming more directly involved in their organizations' global leadership development programs, notably regarding business needs and communicating how the program relates to the business goals. (
  • Professional Development Certification Programs or PDCPs are offered by Florida public school districts, charter schools or charter management organizations to provide instruction for members of its instructional staff who are non-education baccalaureate or higher degree holders under Section 1012.56(8), F.S., resulting in qualification for an initial Florida Professional Educator's Certificate. (
  • The work to support communications with potential private sector organizations will allow Ashoka to more easily and confidently spread the "weLearn" program through its network, existing partners, "weLearn" incubation partners and citizen-sector organizations. (
  • Review important guidance - from governmental and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) - that relates to environmental health concerns and ECE programs. (
  • The AAMC leads HPNEC, which is an alliance of more than 60 national organizations representing schools, programs, health professionals, and students dedicated to ensuring that the health care workforce is trained to meet the needs of our diverse population. (
  • The Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP) was funded from 1990 to 1996 by the Administration on Children, Youth and Families and involved giving grants to universities, hospitals, public and private non-profit organizations, and school districts for CCDP Projects. (
  • By matching students with organizations that directly support Baltimore neighborhoods, this grant-funded fellowship program aims to improve the city while cultivating the next generation of community development leaders. (
  • AAL is a consulting and professional development organization serving the needs of health professions education and is recognized for its work with some of AACOM's counterpart organizations in similar leadership development programs. (
  • FDF has been able to develop a successful model in micro-credit using grassroots level community based organizations - called Community Development Associations (CDA). (
  • The program will take place over a one-year period beginning April 2018 at Educating Leaders 2018 and will involve four-and-a-half days of on-site participation, as well as conference calls over the course of the program, which consists of five phases. (
  • The program focuses on financial, technical and communication skills and prepares its participants for FDP. (
  • This intensive program focuses on the environment in which business operates, the key functional areas of management, the development and implementation of corporate and business unit strategy and the promotion of organizational learning. (
  • This paper focuses on the Medium-Term Development Program for the Kyrgyz Republic. (
  • The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program consists of several distinct components that are integrated with Florida's Continuous Improvement Model that focuses on student achievement. (
  • The field of Internet & Website development focuses on creating eye-catching, convenient and functional websites that appeal to users all over the world. (
  • The research program focuses on three broad areas: (1) what are the most effective ways to raise productivity? (
  • This research focuses on understanding the role of the financial and private sectors in promoting economic development, and reducing poverty and identifying policies to improve their effectiveness. (
  • XOMA focuses its antibody research and development on allosteric modulation, which offers opportunities for new classes of therapeutic antibodies to treat a wide range of human diseases. (
  • Use it to develop your Choose Safe Places program - and help make sure that early care and education (ECE) centers in your state are safe from environmental hazards. (
  • A few states have already established programs to protect ECE centers from environmental hazards. (
  • This checklist has just what state and local health departments need to develop a program to help protect children in early care and education (ECE) centers from environmental exposures. (
  • and to facilitate and expand transit's link to sustainable development. (
  • CLEAA works in partnership with various environmental assessment leaders nationally, regionally and globally, to promote and enhance Africa's capacity in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), for better environmental governance and sustainable development. (
  • A Protocol on Sustainable Development of the Lake Victoria Basin signed in November 2003 and ratified in November 2004 sets out an agreement of cooperation in a number of key areas that include improvement in of public health with specific reference to sanitation. (
  • The globe is being fundamentally transformed by Sustainable Development (SD), a U.N. vision with communist undertones for the future that every "global citizen" must subscribe to and adopt, under the false pretense of protecting and preserv ing the planet for the future. (
  • According to the 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report , "Teachers need to be trained to teach sustainable development and global citizenship. (
  • The Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development (SD) and the University for Peace, which teaches alleged peaceful co-existence, joined forces to offer a $1,300 online International Professional Development Program (January 16-June 19, 2019) consisting of four courses, five seminars, and five real-time webinars. (
  • UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family - and especially children and young people. (
  • d) What is your experience as an instructor and/or trainer (does not have to be specifically in the fields of EA or environmental in nature) e) Explain how your participation in the PD Fellowship program will be accommodated by your current employment situation f) Is there a particular EA project that you would like to join? (
  • The Community Development Fellowship Program gives dynamic, motivated students who have a strong interest in effecting positive change in urban areas the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and gain hands-on development experience. (
  • To apply to be a Community Development Fellowship Program host site, submit a cover letter with a description of the organization, its mission and a brief description of a prospective fellow's job responsibilities-noting any special qualifications that are necessary-to [email protected] with the subject line "Host Site for Community Development Fellowship. (
  • For more information about the Community Development Fellowship Program, contact Dean Roger Hartley at [email protected] or 410.837.5359. (
  • Fellows are matched with a community-based organization the city, such as the Baltimore Main Streets program or a public-private partnership dedicated to economic or community-development work. (
  • An NHPI fellows program to support a need for training of NHPI health and allied health professionals is one initiative APIAHF has supported to better meet the health care needs of NHPI communities. (
  • Our Leadership Development Program pioneered the very concept of a leadership development program over 5 decades ago, and the program's content has been evolving and adapting to address the challenges facing today's leaders ever since. (
  • Intern duties may include program support, office work, evaluating programs and message content and other duties as needed. (
  • To support the WFP's implementation, ADB established the Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) in November 2006 to mobilize additional financial and knowledge resources from other development partners. (
  • The authors will review program and staff development accomplished through an interagency process of cross-training and program implementation. (
  • Implementation of the reforms anticipated by the Program will help to reduce the State budget deficit, enhance the fight against corruption, improve living standards, and decrease social tension in the society. (
  • Accenture Strategy worked with Ashoka to test the solution and develop a program delivery model for implementation. (
  • This graphic shows what roles our leadership development program participants currently occupy. (
  • Participants consistently rate this enlightening exercise as one of the highlights of the three-week program. (
  • It's a 5 day, immersive experience where participants draw on their own professional challenges to actively connect program experiences and business simulations to who they are, what they do, and how they function on the job. (
  • ARDSLEY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 20, 2017 -- Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:ACOR) today announced that it is discontinuing its clinical development program for tozadenant, an investigational treatment for Parkinson's disease, including immediately discontinuing dosing of all participants currently enrolled in its tozadenant studies. (
  • Participants in this year-long program will learn valuable leadership skills and gain exposure to the roles and mission of ASCO. (
  • Located in Delray Beach, FL, the Delray Recovery Center offers individualized treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders. (
  • Our staff specializes in diagnosis, assessment, and intervention related to disorders affecting development. (
  • Dr. Elliott Sherr and his collaborators at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) are studying the genetic causes of disorders of cognition and epilepsy, in particular disorders of brain development that affect the corpus callosum, such as Aicardi syndrome, as well as two additional brain malformations, polymicrogyria and Dandy-Walker malformation. (
  • The Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) Center at Cincinnati Children's uses an interdisciplinary approach with compassionate care to meet the complex needs of patients diagnosed with disorders of sex development . (
  • To accomplish these goals, the MRI program assists with the acquisition or development of shared research instrumentation that is, in general, too costly and/or not appropriate for support through other NSF programs. (
  • It assists its members and partners by providing loans, technical assistance, grants, and equity investments to promote social and economic development. (
  • The program assists new and experienced administrators with similar academic and administrative responsibilities to develop and enhance critical leadership and management competencies. (
  • The program assists new and experienced deans, current, interim, or designated deans, and others identified by their schools as potential future deans to develop and enhance critical leadership and management competencies. (
  • The goal of the program is to foster the professional formation of engineers (PFEs) at Purdue University. (
  • These awards foster innovative developments in science and technology, increase awareness of careers in science and engineering, give recognition to the scientific missions of the participating agencies, enhance connections between fundamental research and national goals, and highlight the importance of science and technology for the Nation s future. (
  • The specific objective of the project is to provide high quality tertiary care and education through a network of Centres of Excellence in East African Community member countries that will foster social economic development in the region. (
  • So, your challenge is not only to do your job as the security manager, but also to commence information security program development and foster a culture of security. (
  • Individual development program experiences are designed to foster growth and development in these key procurement competencies, providing a springboard for a career in procurement. (
  • Organizational Development in collaboration with School of Continuing Studies Language and Intercultural Communication welcome you to the free French at Work Program for Administrative and Support Staff. (
  • For more experienced supervisors and managers, there are many courses focusing on areas such as interpersonal competencies, organizational development, and performance management. (
  • The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization. (
  • Clarification regarding the definitions of organization 2 type and eligibility criteria as used by the MRI program has been provided. (
  • Flexible - Organizational or process accreditation that is flexible enough that will allow for an organization to determine their own scope of accreditation - not intended to be an accreditation that is version specific to a product, but about the practices that are followed in the development of those products. (
  • The Leadership Development Program provided me insights about myself and gave me tools and skills to become a better leader for both my organization and for the members on my team. (
  • The Program Development Director position is a key position in Nexus to support the growth of the organization and strengthen existing technical expertise. (
  • The Program Development Director works collaboratively with the Executive Director and the Finance Director to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the organization. (
  • In Massachusetts it is recommended that TDR credit banks be operated by a third party organization that is empowered to negotiate the sale of development rights, such as a non-profit organization or an agency operating within the community. (
  • First, take the Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz to identify current competencies and areas to improve, and use the results to create your Personal Development Plan (PDP). (
  • Business leaders agreed that a combination of "soft" cross-cultural competencies and "hard skills" associated with such areas as supply-chain management and virtual technology should be the focus of global leadership development programs in the coming decade, the report notes. (
  • However, program components that address certain key competencies, such as managing change, exhibiting agility and developing global strategies, were cited in the report as areas that need improvement. (
  • Further information may be obtained by contacting the Employment Research and Program Development Staff via email or calling (202) 691-7391 from 9:00 am through 5:00 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday. (
  • The Amos program awards four-year post-residency grants to support the research and career development of physicians and dentists from minority and other historically disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to pursuing an academic career and serving as role models for students of similar backgrounds. (
  • The Climate Research and Development (Climate R&D) Program strives to advance the understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological components of the Earth system, the causes and consequences of climate and land use change, and the vulnerability and resilience of the Earth system to such changes. (
  • This program especially seeks to improve the quality and expand the scope of research and research training in science and engineering, by providing shared instrumentation that fosters the integration of research and education in research-intensive learning environments. (
  • Development and acquisition of research instrumentation for shared inter- and/or intra-organizational use are encouraged, as are development efforts that leverage the strengths of private sector partners to build instrument development capacity at academic institutions. (
  • For the purposes of the MRI program, proposals must be for either acquisition or development of a single instrument or for equipment that, when combined, serves as an integrated research instrument (physical or virtual). (
  • The MRI program does not support the acquisition or development of a suite of instruments to outfit research facilities or to conduct independent research activities simultaneously. (
  • The Acer Access and Development Program (Acer) offers grants to support the efforts of States, tribal governments, and research institutions to promote the domestic maple syrup industry. (
  • The Policy Development and Research Program at APTA is the think tank for the public transportation industry. (
  • Through polling, surveys, original research, and long-term strategic development the program ensures that the nation is informed on the benefits of public transportation investment. (
  • Jones, C.B. Development Methods for Computer Programs including a Notion of Interference Ph.D thesis, Programming Research Group, University of Oxford, 1981 also Technical Monograph PRG-25, June 1981. (
  • We also conduct cutting-edge research to move forward our understanding of youth gender development and ways to best support gender-diverse and transgender youth. (
  • Our flagship 5-day, research-based program for mid-level and senior managers includes intensive assessments, innovative exercises, peer feedback, and one-on-one coaching. (
  • This research-based resource gives practitioners a nuts-and-bolts guide to designing and evaluating prevention programs in mental health that are culturally relevant and aimed at reducing the number of new problems that occur. (
  • Forum Corp.'s research found that the skill development needed depends on the strategy being pursued. (
  • Research and analysis led to identifying six priority areas for development, a mix of hard and soft skills that include leadership, partner/relationship management, fundraising and budget management, agile project management, and negotiation and conflict resolution. (
  • This research examines factors that contribute to human development, especially in the areas of health, education, and social protection, how to improve the coverage and quality of services and broader institutions in support of human development, and the effective use of aid. (
  • This research seeks to better understand the role of international trade in goods and services, foreign direct investment, and migration, in economic development. (
  • XOMA has built a portfolio of innovative therapeutic antibodies, both in late-stage clinical development and in preclinical research. (
  • Companies that specialise in racing driver training or development programmes remain commercially viable through selling time in their simulators or gyms and generally speaking do not fund a drivers career. (
  • CDER launched a grant program in May 2011 to fund projects that develop disease/domain specific therapeutic area data standards. (
  • Through these programs, we fund visionary thinkers who are committed to bringing about meaningful change-particularly individuals who work and live in communities with limited resources and opportunities. (
  • What is the Japan Scholarship Program fund? (
  • The Family Development Fund (FDF), initiated by UNICEF in 1993, is underway in three Governorates in Upper Egypt (Asyut, Suhag, Qena) and in one in Lower Egypt (Alexandria). (
  • Current practitioners or policymakers interested in designing prevention programs will find this book to be an affable guide. (
  • The Child Health and Development Program is a home based prevention/intervention program that has been in existence for over 40 years. (
  • Visit the national leadership development program websites below for more information, or use our Program Finder to find your ideal RWJF leadership opportunity. (
  • Which RWJF program is right for you? (
  • Students must meet the program requirements within 2 semesters* in order to complete the program and receive their Leadership Award. (
  • If you've earned 7 points, and received a passing mark on your Program Reflection, you're eligible for your Leadership Award. (
  • Please note: in order to sign-up for the Leadership Development Program, you must first apply via our website and then wait to register until after you've been accepted into the program. (
  • Through our leadership development programs, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports and connects change leaders nationwide who are working to build a Culture of Health. (
  • The national average salary for a Engineering Leadership Development Program is $62,448 in United States. (
  • Filter by location to see Engineering Leadership Development Program salaries in your area. (
  • This program opened up new horizons for me and was also a good way for me to take on new challenges, improve my leadership skills, and boost my career. (
  • Our leadership development program prepares you to be a part of our next generation of business leaders. (
  • What is the Leadership Development Program? (
  • In our leadership development program, you will move through real jobs, which allow for interaction with subject matter experts, company leaders, and key technologies. (
  • Throughout the leadership program you will be expected to deliver results against our business and financial objectives. (
  • Shape your future with LEAD, our Leadership and Development Program. (
  • The program offers rich development experiences, including onboarding workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions, leadership and functional training, and opportunities to engage with business leaders across the company. (
  • The mission of the Procurement Development Program (PDP) is to enhance our procurement leadership base by recruiting entry-level associates who strive to become procurement leaders. (
  • The percentage of companies that report having global leadership development programs, as well as the components considered critical to the programs, have remained stable since 2010, according to an American Management Association (AMA) survey report released May 23, 2011. (
  • The study looked not only at global leadership development programs but also at their links to market performance based on factors such as revenue growth, market share, profitability and customer focus. (
  • High-performing multinational and global companies offer global leadership development opportunities to a broader segment of their workforce as opposed to limiting such training to high-potential employees. (
  • They're more than twice as likely as low-performing companies to include "any manager who expresses interest in global leadership development" in their program. (
  • Turn management challenges into leadership opportunities with our world-renowned, flagship leadership development program. (
  • The longest-running program of its kind in the world, our Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is designed for managers in the middle. (
  • As leaders balance demanding jobs and roles outside of work, a clear understanding of one's own leadership style and clarity around development goals is imperative for success. (
  • The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program was established by the 2006 Florida Legislature to provide a high-quality, competency-based, customized, comprehensive and coordinated statewide professional development system for current and emerging school leaders. (
  • The program is aligned with and supports Florida's Principal Leadership Standards , the standards of the National Staff Development Council, the Florida Professional Development Protocol Standards and federal requirements for high quality professional development. (
  • Components of the program address the needs of emerging school leaders engaged in formal educational leadership programs, approved district principal preparation programs (PDF) and district professional development programs for current school leaders. (
  • Development of the components of the WCG Program is coordinated by a unique statewide partnership involving educational leadership development providers with proven expertise in this area. (
  • Online resources and support of all stages of school leadership development for Florida's school leaders is available at . (
  • All state approved university and district school leadership development programs are required to incorporate appropriate elements of the William Cecil Golden Program to ensure a statewide foundation for leadership development. (
  • Documents to assist in the process of approving educational leadership and principal certification programs are available through the website. (
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) announced today the return of the Leadership Development Program . (
  • The Leadership Development Program is part of NABEF's career continuum to provide quality education for broadcasters at every career level. (
  • If your leadership development training does little more than fill your head with minutiae about plodding through pesky performance issues, handling workplace conflict and other tactical initiatives, you're not alone. (
  • It turns out that not only can leadership development training be focused too much on routine rather than strategic issues-it also can be too generic. (
  • If you are interested in becoming a future leader in both ASCO and the practice of oncology, ASCO's Leadership Development Program is for you. (
  • Is ASCO's Leadership Development Program for you? (
  • If you have any questions regarding the Leadership Development Program or application process, please email ASCO Professional Development staff or call 571-483-1397. (
  • US companies alone spend almost $14 billion annually on leadership development. (
  • Laci Loew and Karen O'Leonard, Leadership Development Factbook 2012: Benchmarks and Trends in U.S. Leadership Development , Bersin by Deloitte, July 2012, (
  • Colleges and universities offer hundreds of degree courses on leadership, and the cost of customized leadership-development offerings from a top business school can reach $150,000 a person. (
  • Moreover, when upward of 500 executives were asked to rank their top three human-capital priorities, leadership development was included as both a current and a future priority. (
  • Almost two-thirds of the respondents identified leadership development as their number-one concern. (
  • The Administrator Leadership Development Program (ALDP) , an AACOM Leadership Institute offering, is for osteopathic administrative leaders serving as department chairs, vice chairs, directors, heads, assistant deans, and associate deans (henceforth referred to as "administrators") who lead departments and programs at U.S. colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs). (
  • They will review self- and 360-degree leadership assessments taken in preparation for the program and discuss behaviors associated with effective leadership. (
  • AACOM's Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is for individuals in senior leadership positions at U.S. Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (COMs). (
  • Program enrollment for Fall 2019 ends on 9/13/2019, however the program is capped at 50 students (accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis). (
  • Development Initiatives' Information to End Poverty program (InfoTEP) seeks to make information about aid and other poverty-related financing more transparent, accessible, and useful. (
  • Logistical and Transportation Infrastructure in Asia: Potential for Growth and Development to Support Increasing Trade with Europe,' by Deonas, Nikolaos, 2004. (
  • The multi-phased program launches today with a partnership with teachers where Glogster will provide support for educators to begin integrating into the classroom and teachers will provide valuable feedback on what additional tools are needed to fully optimize the power of Web 2.0 in the classroom. (
  • The projects support immediate development priorities for the target region and four country's in phase 1 in line with the Bank's strategies priorities, in regard to skills development and inclusive growth. (
  • A placement test is mandatory for all first time applicants (Administrative and Support Staff) entering the program. (
  • Children and teens who have both autism spectrum characteristics (or related conditions) and gender dysphoria have access to a support program designed specifically for them: the Gender and Autism Program led by John Strang, Psy.D . Many providers refer patients to our program to access these services, which may not be offered elsewhere. (
  • Originally existing outreach services were ineligible for support under the program. (
  • To some extent this issue is also intertwined with the extent to which the program should support outreach services relative to admitted patient hospital care. (
  • The expansions of the program provides targeted support in specific areas of need, and also brings GPs, nurses and allied health practitioners within the scope of the program. (
  • Funding for the Program is $5 million over four years, with $824,000 over four years allocated to the Australian Society of Ophthalmology (ASO) to assist in assessing need and recruiting ophthalmologists to support this expansion. (
  • In Western Australia, an annual grant is made to the Western Australia Country Health Services (WACHS) to support the Kimberley Paediatric Outreach Program (KPOP). (
  • The program is designed to support parents by providing child development and parenting education. (
  • Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa (CLEAA) in partnership with IUCN East and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO), with financial support from Swedish International development Agency (SIDA), is launching a fifth round of fellowships for promising environmental assessment professionals from East and Southern Africa. (
  • Bangkok, Thailand, April 30, 2012 --( )-- Rembrandt Hotel is proud to support the Youth Career Development Program, a five-month life changing opportunity program managed by UNICEF, for the third consecutive year. (
  • Besides the practical training, Rembrandt Hotel also collaborates with the Department of Skill Development to support her accommodation expenses and wages during her stay in Bangkok. (
  • Rembrandt Hotel is honored to support the Youth Career Development Program as a part of its social responsibility efforts to provide future generations with the long term educational and occupational opportunity for them to grow. (
  • Families enrolled in the program were assigned a case manager who worked with the family to assess goals and services needed, develop a plan of action, refer proper services, and provide counseling and support to family members. (
  • The CCDP was designed to provide intensive, comprehensive, integrated, and continuous support services for children from low-income families from birth, or before, through their entrance into elementary school, to enhance their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. (
  • The Program Development Director drives the business development strategy to support Nexus financial sustainability. (
  • The Wheels Up Program is designed to identify promising early physician scientists, and to support them in their transition from clinical training to independence. (
  • Explore programs dedicated to developing people, policies, and evidence-based practice to build a Culture of Health. (
  • The theme for the program was "A Collaborative Clinical Learning Environment: BU's Group Practice Model. (
  • When I learned about the launch of the Marketing Rotation Program (MRP), I decided to apply as I wanted to improve my skills, learn new ones, and experience other areas of marketing at Dell. (
  • The program will expose you to our business segments and develop functional knowledge in key areas. (
  • Also, as I am starting my career in USA, a rotational program make sense to me to improve my skills in different areas, knowing exactly where I can fit the most, and explore AmFam as much as I can to understand the business as whole. (
  • Working across 18 thematic areas, DIME collaborates with 300 agencies in 72 countries to improve the effectiveness of policies and programs and strengthen country capacity for real-time evidence-based policy-making. (
  • The Comprehensive Child Development Act also mandated that programs collect data on the individuals and geographic areas served, including the types of services provided, the estimated costs of providing comprehensive services, the types and nature of conditions and needs identified and met, and other information that may be required. (
  • Receiving districts are typically are located in urban areas that are ripe for development. (
  • Receiving districts are generally areas more suited for higher density developments and sending districts are areas with environmental, heritage or agricultural values that the county, city or town wishes to preserve. (
  • AUSTIN, Texas--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Embarcadero Technologies (a division of IDERA ), a leading provider of software solutions for application development, today announced the launch of its new Academic Program to provide free access to the company's award-winning application development tools for public schools and universities across the world. (
  • Embarcadero today announced the launch of its new Academic Program to provide free access to the company's application development tools for public schools and universities across the world. (
  • Salary estimates are based on 7,537 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Director, Program Development employees. (
  • Footage from the pan-Northern film development program - a collaboration between Northern Film and Media, Screen Yorkshire and Vision + Media. (
  • The program will address these needs through a collaboration between worldwide educators and Glogster to develop a ideal platform for the classroom setting. (
  • The Private Risk Management Association (PRMA) is pleased to announce its collaboration with New Level Partners (NLP) and St. John's University's School of Risk Management (SRM) New York, New York to deliver a comprehensive professional development program for insurance specialists working with High Net Worth clients. (
  • To officially kick-off the collaboration and to ensure the needs of the membership were captured and considered in the development of the education curriculum, PRMA sent a survey to current and prospective members seeking feedback. (
  • The program is designed to give broad exposure to Corning's global business segments through a series of competency building roles and work assignments. (
  • b) Discuss past and current responsibilities in relation to environmental management and development. (
  • Many program alumni have earned professional honors and become influential leaders in the health care field. (
  • In February 2008, the Museum offered a three-day professional development Institute in conjunction with the temporary exhibition, 'Water: H2O=Life. (
  • The program under development will consist of a series of courses, available online and in classroom format, leading to a Certificate in Private Risk Management issued by the Center for Professional Education at St. John's SRM. (
  • Our contribution to the program will be led through our Center for Professional Education, which has more than 40 years of experience designing and delivering training to the insurance industry, both in the U.S. and overseas. (
  • The Department of Education reviews and approves each Professional Development Certification Program (formally known as District Alternative Certification Programs). (
  • The following are the Professional Development Certification Programs currently approved by the Florida Department of Education. (
  • For program contact information or to access Florida's State-Model for Professional Development Certification Programs, please visit . (
  • Review and approval of Professional Development Certification Programs in Florida consists of two parallel systems - one for initial approval and one for continued approval - both of which are governed by State Statute and Rule . (
  • Ashoka understands the importance of professional development. (
  • The overall goal of the program is to enhance EIA capacity through learning-by-doing, and to strengthen professional environmental assessment networks in the regions. (
  • Along with providing funding, the program emphasizes mentoring. (
  • The physician assistant program at USC headed by Lohenry emphasizes graduating a diverse group of students that are representative of the patient population in Los Angeles, and to that end, they have doubled the disadvantaged minority student population in recent years and expanded their K-12 pipeline programs. (
  • You must have a strong interest in curriculum development and strong organizational skills in order to be considered for this internship. (
  • Data were collected on cognitive development and social and emotional development. (
  • For cognitive development, three measures were used: one to assess developmental delay, one to assess nonverbal intellectual ability, and a third to assess vocabulary ability. (
  • Assessments of Child Cognitive Development -- information on children's cognitive development at age two, and children's receptive vocabulary cognitive development (mental processing and achievement) at age three, four, and five. (
  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. (
  • The aim of this program is to put the economy of the country into a sustainable vector of development and improve the budget status to prevent social effects, increase living standard, and reduce poverty in the country. (
  • The Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP) was implemented as a result of the Comprehensive Child Development Act (Public Law [PL] 100-297), originally enacted by Congress in 1988 in an effort to increase the educational potential of young children from low-income families and to decrease the likelihood that they would be caught in the cycle of poverty. (
  • You'll work together to identify your strengths and development needs, and identify three or four teaching goals to reach by the end of the semester. (
  • New Beginnings Youth Development & Coaching Program is comprehensive and multifaceted, building on the assets and strengths of young people and assisting them to define goals, complete school, and plan their futures. (
  • Under the program, teachers must be persuaded of its goals, and to assist in the global effort to implement SD. (
  • InfoTEP also seeks to enable strong feedback loops between national development priorities and international commitments such as the post-2015 development goals. (
  • In phase one of the program, Glogster will work with educators to build accounts for students that have permanent privacy settings so that all Glogs created in the classroom will remain private. (
  • It was an opportunity to evaluate a program in terms of a particular exhibition and our work with partners. (
  • The development of an ergonomics programme to prevent work-related repetitive strain injuries in an electronics manufacturing company is described. (
  • Sometimes it can be challenging to manage both your daily work and the FDP requirements, but it's great development. (
  • The French at Work Program is split into 4 Levels. (
  • As one of the earliest founded youth gender programs, we are a multidisciplinary team of specialists who work in the assessment and broad care needs of youth on the gender spectrum and their families. (
  • Learn about existing laws that relate to Choose Safe Places concerns - and see how your program might overlap with the work that other agencies and NGOs are already doing. (
  • In order to enroll in these programs, you must hold a four-year bachelors degree and meet certain work experience requirements. (
  • Looking for Php development program karachi Workers or Work? (
  • How does the program work? (
  • The position supervises the work of a Program Officer and a Program Manager to ensure the smooth management of ongoing services to members and partners. (
  • The entire education program will continue to be an evolving, dynamic partnership between and educators to provide enhanced opportunities for today's classrooms. (
  • To stay informed about funding opportunities and other program news, consider joining the Water Development mailing list. (
  • Tell us about the career development opportunities at Dell and what inspired you to apply for the Finance Development Program? (
  • These programs are just a glimpse into the wonderful tools and opportunities that Dell gives to our employees to enable them to improve their skills, learn more, and open their minds to new area of the business. (
  • By assessing the scientific, medical, regulatory, and commercial viability of product development opportunities, Camargo systematically builds and executes robust development plans that align with business strategies and ensure Agency buy-in every step of the way. (
  • The Risk Management Development Program provides associates with opportunities to learn how to proactively identify, assess, monitor and report on risks at business-specific and enterprise levels. (
  • Associates will regularly engage with managers in a one-on-one capacity to discuss progress throughout the program and further opportunities for development. (
  • According to UNICEF, the program has successfully facilitated skills training and employment opportunities for nearly 1,000 disadvantaged youth from poor families, particularly in the North and Northeast of Thailand. (
  • Numerous colleges offer certification programs of internet design in addition to offering master's and doctorate degrees with a web development specialization. (
  • The Japan Scholarship Program was established in April 1988 to provide an opportunity for qualified citizens of ADB's developing member countries (DMCs) to undertake post-graduate studies in economics, management, science and technology, and other development-related fields at participating academic institutions in the Asian and Pacific Region. (
  • Upon the successful completion of PNC's Risk Management Development Program, associates are placed into a Business Analytics Consultant , Compliance Program Specialist , Insurance Risk Specialist , Detection & Investigation Associate , Regulatory Risk Specialist , Risk & Control Specialist or Risk Policy Specialist role that aligns to the associate's skill development, long-term career interests and open positions. (
  • In 2005, the EAC Secretariat published its 'Vision and Strategy Framework for Management and Development of Lake Victoria Basin', a document which essentially establishes a shared vision and a long term strategic plan for the sustainable management of the resources of the Lake Victoria Basin and the economic development of the region. (
  • What are the contents of the course on International Management in the Post-Bacc programs in Internet and Website Development? (
  • The Post-Bacc Programs in Internet and Website Development degree program has dedicated course on International Management. (
  • Funded by the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families, CCDP delivered case management and early childhood education by building on programs already in existence in most communities. (
  • It aimed to enhance child development and ensure the delivery of early and comprehensive services to low-income families.Two key services were delivered to families: case management and early childhood education. (
  • The role is also responsible for timely and quality management of existing programs and funds managed by Nexus. (
  • The Program Development Director has oversight of the technical team (2 staffs) and ensures contractual time frames and quality management is delivered across the project portfolio. (
  • Members also assist in the development of planning sessions at APTA conferences. (
  • With alignment through pre-Investigational New Drug (pre-IND) meeting planning and preparations, Camargo maintains and ensures consistency throughout the drug development program, which increases the likelihood of NDA and future market success. (
  • MPA leaders can now nominate applicants for the first Poynter/MPA Executive Development Program, which includes a two-day career accelerator in New York. (
  • This program is supported by The Google News Initiative and free for accepted applicants. (
  • Only 16 applicants will be accepted into the program. (
  • Applicants often need to provide evidence of both teaching development efforts and teaching effectiveness as part of the academic job application. (
  • The original objectives of the program have not changed over time. (
  • The objectives of the program are to improve the water and sanitation services in the 15 selected towns, with a total current population of 575,000,in the Lake Victoria Basin. (
  • The Summer Health Professions Education Program is a free summer enrichment program focused on improving access to information and resources for college students interested in the health professions. (
  • The is award is augmented by the American Indian College Fund's 'Helping Hands' career development program. (
  • The Morgan Stanley/AICF Scholarship and Career Development Program is available to American Indian and Alaska Native students who are enrolled in full-time bachelor's degree programs at accredited mainstream college and universities (non-tribal colleges). (
  • Most development programs focus narrowly on day-to-day operational issues and are woefully lacking in ways to instill in business leaders more strategic skills such as how to communicate vision or delegate responsibility, according to a recent study by Boston-based global consulting firm Novations Group . (
  • The Child Development Clinics evaluate children from birth through school age for developmental, learning, social and behavioral concerns. (
  • BERKELEY, Calif., June 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XOMA Corporation (Nasdaq:XOMA), a leader in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies, today announced that its development partner, SERVIER, has launched its own independent Proof-of-Concept (POC) clinical program to evaluate the safety and efficacy of gevokizumab, a potent modulator of interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta). (
  • The SLDP will take place over a one-year period beginning April 2017 at the Joint AACOM and AODME Annual Conference and will involve 4.5 days of on-site participation, as well as a number of conference calls over the course of the program, which consists of five phases. (
  • and Julie A. Sochalski, PhD, FAAN, RN, associate professor of nursing and associate dean for academic programs at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. (
  • Enabling leaders in all fields-such as transportation, urban planning, business, and economic development-to challenge systems, tackle the root causes of health disparities, and build healthier communities. (
  • Due to the rapid expansion of internet based technology, scores of people are graduating with bachelor's degrees in internet & web development. (
  • Be sure to review the Program Resources page, where you'll find the Activities Weighting Rubric, and other program documents. (
  • Open to faculty and teaching graduate students, these programs offer practical resources to members of the NYU community to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. (
  • Click here​ for forms and guidance related to the financial assistance offered by the Water Resources Development Program. (
  • For questions or more information, please contact Kim Ogren , Water Resources Development Program Manager, 503-986-0873. (
  • Click here​ for forms and guidance related to the financial assistance offered by the Water Resources Development Program, including funding applications and application instructions, as well as forms for grantees and loan recipients. (
  • You'll get background, links to key resources, examples of materials from successful programs, and tips on collaborating with other state agencies. (
  • Resources are available to collect, store and distribute data and samples, with a particular focus on biomarker development. (
  • How much does a Director, Program Development make? (
  • In an effort to make San Diego the soccer capital of North America, the Loyal are creating a new part-time youth development program called "Loyal Select. (
  • I could have chosen a more non-controversial topic to kickstart what promises to be an exciting time for me and I hope to hear from everyone and get educated why program managers, who have never programmed, make good program managers for software engineering programs well, at least most of us think they do. (
  • The best part of the Marketing Rotation Program has been discovering new marketing departments and learning new skills such as global communication and services marketing. (
  • American Family's Rotation Development Program is a two-year program providing recent college graduates a breadth of experiences and a well-rounded view of the enterprise. (
  • Glogster, the new Web 2.0 platform that provides consumers with a revolutionary way of expressing their mood, feelings and ideas, today announced the launch of its education program, which aims to provide educators across the globe with access to digital learning tools for the classroom. (
  • The education program has been created in response to Glogster's growing popularity amongst both educators and teens around the world. (
  • The purpose of the project is to advance EAC regional human capital and promote access to higher skills and applied technology through quality tertiary education programs. (
  • ascertaining the effectiveness of the targeting mechanism - measure the changes in the economic condition - health, nutrition and education status - of the FDF program beneficiaries. (