Spontaneous or voluntary recreational activities pursued for enjoyment and accessories or equipment used in the activities; includes games, toys, etc.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
The order of amino acids as they occur in a polypeptide chain. This is referred to as the primary structure of proteins. It is of fundamental importance in determining PROTEIN CONFORMATION.
RNA sequences that serve as templates for protein synthesis. Bacterial mRNAs are generally primary transcripts in that they do not require post-transcriptional processing. Eukaryotic mRNA is synthesized in the nucleus and must be exported to the cytoplasm for translation. Most eukaryotic mRNAs have a sequence of polyadenylic acid at the 3' end, referred to as the poly(A) tail. The function of this tail is not known for certain, but it may play a role in the export of mature mRNA from the nucleus as well as in helping stabilize some mRNA molecules by retarding their degradation in the cytoplasm.
Cells propagated in vitro in special media conducive to their growth. Cultured cells are used to study developmental, morphologic, metabolic, physiologic, and genetic processes, among others.
The intracellular transfer of information (biological activation/inhibition) through a signal pathway. In each signal transduction system, an activation/inhibition signal from a biologically active molecule (hormone, neurotransmitter) is mediated via the coupling of a receptor/enzyme to a second messenger system or to an ion channel. Signal transduction plays an important role in activating cellular functions, cell differentiation, and cell proliferation. Examples of signal transduction systems are the GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID-postsynaptic receptor-calcium ion channel system, the receptor-mediated T-cell activation pathway, and the receptor-mediated activation of phospholipases. Those coupled to membrane depolarization or intracellular release of calcium include the receptor-mediated activation of cytotoxic functions in granulocytes and the synaptic potentiation of protein kinase activation. Some signal transduction pathways may be part of larger signal transduction pathways; for example, protein kinase activation is part of the platelet activation signal pathway.
The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.
Established cell cultures that have the potential to propagate indefinitely.
Any detectable and heritable change in the genetic material that causes a change in the GENOTYPE and which is transmitted to daughter cells and to succeeding generations.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control (induction or repression) of gene action at the level of transcription or translation.
The process in which substances, either endogenous or exogenous, bind to proteins, peptides, enzymes, protein precursors, or allied compounds. Specific protein-binding measures are often used as assays in diagnostic assessments.
A variation of the PCR technique in which cDNA is made from RNA via reverse transcription. The resultant cDNA is then amplified using standard PCR protocols.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Endogenous substances, usually proteins, which are effective in the initiation, stimulation, or termination of the genetic transcription process.
Strains of mice in which certain GENES of their GENOMES have been disrupted, or "knocked-out". To produce knockouts, using RECOMBINANT DNA technology, the normal DNA sequence of the gene being studied is altered to prevent synthesis of a normal gene product. Cloned cells in which this DNA alteration is successful are then injected into mouse EMBRYOS to produce chimeric mice. The chimeric mice are then bred to yield a strain in which all the cells of the mouse contain the disrupted gene. Knockout mice are used as EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL MODELS for diseases (DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL) and to clarify the functions of the genes.
The phenotypic manifestation of a gene or genes by the processes of GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION and GENETIC TRANSLATION.
Identification of proteins or peptides that have been electrophoretically separated by blot transferring from the electrophoresis gel to strips of nitrocellulose paper, followed by labeling with antibody probes.
The level of protein structure in which combinations of secondary protein structures (alpha helices, beta sheets, loop regions, and motifs) pack together to form folded shapes called domains. Disulfide bridges between cysteines in two different parts of the polypeptide chain along with other interactions between the chains play a role in the formation and stabilization of tertiary structure. Small proteins usually consist of only one domain but larger proteins may contain a number of domains connected by segments of polypeptide chain which lack regular secondary structure.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
A strain of albino rat used widely for experimental purposes because of its calmness and ease of handling. It was developed by the Sprague-Dawley Animal Company.
The degree of similarity between sequences of amino acids. This information is useful for the analyzing genetic relatedness of proteins and species.
Proteins which bind to DNA. The family includes proteins which bind to both double- and single-stranded DNA and also includes specific DNA binding proteins in serum which can be used as markers for malignant diseases.
Proteins which are found in membranes including cellular and intracellular membranes. They consist of two types, peripheral and integral proteins. They include most membrane-associated enzymes, antigenic proteins, transport proteins, and drug, hormone, and lectin receptors.
The parts of a macromolecule that directly participate in its specific combination with another molecule.
Progressive restriction of the developmental potential and increasing specialization of function that leads to the formation of specialized cells, tissues, and organs.
The biosynthesis of RNA carried out on a template of DNA. The biosynthesis of DNA from an RNA template is called REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION.
The introduction of a phosphoryl group into a compound through the formation of an ester bond between the compound and a phosphorus moiety.
One of the mechanisms by which CELL DEATH occurs (compare with NECROSIS and AUTOPHAGOCYTOSIS). Apoptosis is the mechanism responsible for the physiological deletion of cells and appears to be intrinsically programmed. It is characterized by distinctive morphologic changes in the nucleus and cytoplasm, chromatin cleavage at regularly spaced sites, and the endonucleolytic cleavage of genomic DNA; (DNA FRAGMENTATION); at internucleosomal sites. This mode of cell death serves as a balance to mitosis in regulating the size of animal tissues and in mediating pathologic processes associated with tumor growth.
The insertion of recombinant DNA molecules from prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic sources into a replicating vehicle, such as a plasmid or virus vector, and the introduction of the resultant hybrid molecules into recipient cells without altering the viability of those cells.
Proteins prepared by recombinant DNA technology.
The uptake of naked or purified DNA by CELLS, usually meaning the process as it occurs in eukaryotic cells. It is analogous to bacterial transformation (TRANSFORMATION, BACTERIAL) and both are routinely employed in GENE TRANSFER TECHNIQUES.
Transport proteins that carry specific substances in the blood or across cell membranes.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control of gene action during the developmental stages of an organism.
The basic cellular units of nervous tissue. Each neuron consists of a body, an axon, and dendrites. Their purpose is to receive, conduct, and transmit impulses in the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
The rate dynamics in chemical or physical systems.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
Short sequences (generally about 10 base pairs) of DNA that are complementary to sequences of messenger RNA and allow reverse transcriptases to start copying the adjacent sequences of mRNA. Primers are used extensively in genetic and molecular biology techniques.
The arrangement of two or more amino acid or base sequences from an organism or organisms in such a way as to align areas of the sequences sharing common properties. The degree of relatedness or homology between the sequences is predicted computationally or statistically based on weights assigned to the elements aligned between the sequences. This in turn can serve as a potential indicator of the genetic relatedness between the organisms.
Naturally occurring or experimentally induced animal diseases with pathological processes sufficiently similar to those of human diseases. They are used as study models for human diseases.
DNA sequences which are recognized (directly or indirectly) and bound by a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase during the initiation of transcription. Highly conserved sequences within the promoter include the Pribnow box in bacteria and the TATA BOX in eukaryotes.
A positive regulatory effect on physiological processes at the molecular, cellular, or systemic level. At the molecular level, the major regulatory sites include membrane receptors, genes (GENE EXPRESSION REGULATION), mRNAs (RNA, MESSENGER), and proteins.
Laboratory mice that have been produced from a genetically manipulated EGG or EMBRYO, MAMMALIAN.
The determination of the pattern of genes expressed at the level of GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION, under specific circumstances or in a specific cell.
A cell line derived from cultured tumor cells.
The relationship between the dose of an administered drug and the response of the organism to the drug.
The part of CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM that is contained within the skull (CRANIUM). Arising from the NEURAL TUBE, the embryonic brain is comprised of three major parts including PROSENCEPHALON (the forebrain); MESENCEPHALON (the midbrain); and RHOMBENCEPHALON (the hindbrain). The developed brain consists of CEREBRUM; CEREBELLUM; and other structures in the BRAIN STEM.
Linear POLYPEPTIDES that are synthesized on RIBOSOMES and may be further modified, crosslinked, cleaved, or assembled into complex proteins with several subunits. The specific sequence of AMINO ACIDS determines the shape the polypeptide will take, during PROTEIN FOLDING, and the function of the protein.
The movement of cells from one location to another. Distinguish from CYTOKINESIS which is the process of dividing the CYTOPLASM of a cell.
Non-antibody proteins secreted by inflammatory leukocytes and some non-leukocytic cells, that act as intercellular mediators. They differ from classical hormones in that they are produced by a number of tissue or cell types rather than by specialized glands. They generally act locally in a paracrine or autocrine rather than endocrine manner.
In vitro method for producing large amounts of specific DNA or RNA fragments of defined length and sequence from small amounts of short oligonucleotide flanking sequences (primers). The essential steps include thermal denaturation of the double-stranded target molecules, annealing of the primers to their complementary sequences, and extension of the annealed primers by enzymatic synthesis with DNA polymerase. The reaction is efficient, specific, and extremely sensitive. Uses for the reaction include disease diagnosis, detection of difficult-to-isolate pathogens, mutation analysis, genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and analyzing evolutionary relationships.
Single-stranded complementary DNA synthesized from an RNA template by the action of RNA-dependent DNA polymerase. cDNA (i.e., complementary DNA, not circular DNA, not C-DNA) is used in a variety of molecular cloning experiments as well as serving as a specific hybridization probe.
All of the processes involved in increasing CELL NUMBER including CELL DIVISION.
A technique that localizes specific nucleic acid sequences within intact chromosomes, eukaryotic cells, or bacterial cells through the use of specific nucleic acid-labeled probes.
Recombinant proteins produced by the GENETIC TRANSLATION of fused genes formed by the combination of NUCLEIC ACID REGULATORY SEQUENCES of one or more genes with the protein coding sequences of one or more genes.
Proteins found in any species of bacterium.
The fission of a CELL. It includes CYTOKINESIS, when the CYTOPLASM of a cell is divided, and CELL NUCLEUS DIVISION.
The lipid- and protein-containing, selectively permeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
A basic element found in nearly all organized tissues. It is a member of the alkaline earth family of metals with the atomic symbol Ca, atomic number 20, and atomic weight 40. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and combines with phosphorus to form calcium phosphate in the bones and teeth. It is essential for the normal functioning of nerves and muscles and plays a role in blood coagulation (as factor IV) and in many enzymatic processes.
Proteins found in the nucleus of a cell. Do not confuse with NUCLEOPROTEINS which are proteins conjugated with nucleic acids, that are not necessarily present in the nucleus.
The relatively long-lived phagocytic cell of mammalian tissues that are derived from blood MONOCYTES. Main types are PERITONEAL MACROPHAGES; ALVEOLAR MACROPHAGES; HISTIOCYTES; KUPFFER CELLS of the liver; and OSTEOCLASTS. They may further differentiate within chronic inflammatory lesions to EPITHELIOID CELLS or may fuse to form FOREIGN BODY GIANT CELLS or LANGHANS GIANT CELLS. (from The Dictionary of Cell Biology, Lackie and Dow, 3rd ed.)
Cells grown in vitro from neoplastic tissue. If they can be established as a TUMOR CELL LINE, they can be propagated in cell culture indefinitely.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
A strain of albino rat developed at the Wistar Institute that has spread widely at other institutions. This has markedly diluted the original strain.
A deoxyribonucleotide polymer that is the primary genetic material of all cells. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms normally contain DNA in a double-stranded state, yet several important biological processes transiently involve single-stranded regions. DNA, which consists of a polysugar-phosphate backbone possessing projections of purines (adenine and guanine) and pyrimidines (thymine and cytosine), forms a double helix that is held together by hydrogen bonds between these purines and pyrimidines (adenine to thymine and guanine to cytosine).
A negative regulatory effect on physiological processes at the molecular, cellular, or systemic level. At the molecular level, the major regulatory sites include membrane receptors, genes (GENE EXPRESSION REGULATION), mRNAs (RNA, MESSENGER), and proteins.
Small double-stranded, non-protein coding RNAs, 21-25 nucleotides in length generated from single-stranded microRNA gene transcripts by the same RIBONUCLEASE III, Dicer, that produces small interfering RNAs (RNA, SMALL INTERFERING). They become part of the RNA-INDUCED SILENCING COMPLEX and repress the translation (TRANSLATION, GENETIC) of target RNA by binding to homologous 3'UTR region as an imperfect match. The small temporal RNAs (stRNAs), let-7 and lin-4, from C. elegans, are the first 2 miRNAs discovered, and are from a class of miRNAs involved in developmental timing.
A pathological process characterized by injury or destruction of tissues caused by a variety of cytologic and chemical reactions. It is usually manifested by typical signs of pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function.
Conversion of an inactive form of an enzyme to one possessing metabolic activity. It includes 1, activation by ions (activators); 2, activation by cofactors (coenzymes); and 3, conversion of an enzyme precursor (proenzyme or zymogen) to an active enzyme.
Technique using an instrument system for making, processing, and displaying one or more measurements on individual cells obtained from a cell suspension. Cells are usually stained with one or more fluorescent dyes specific to cell components of interest, e.g., DNA, and fluorescence of each cell is measured as it rapidly transverses the excitation beam (laser or mercury arc lamp). Fluorescence provides a quantitative measure of various biochemical and biophysical properties of the cell, as well as a basis for cell sorting. Other measurable optical parameters include light absorption and light scattering, the latter being applicable to the measurement of cell size, shape, density, granularity, and stain uptake.
Different forms of a protein that may be produced from different GENES, or from the same gene by ALTERNATIVE SPLICING.
The process of moving proteins from one cellular compartment (including extracellular) to another by various sorting and transport mechanisms such as gated transport, protein translocation, and vesicular transport.
Serum glycoprotein produced by activated MACROPHAGES and other mammalian MONONUCLEAR LEUKOCYTES. It has necrotizing activity against tumor cell lines and increases ability to reject tumor transplants. Also known as TNF-alpha, it is only 30% homologous to TNF-beta (LYMPHOTOXIN), but they share TNF RECEPTORS.
Cells that line the inner and outer surfaces of the body by forming cellular layers (EPITHELIUM) or masses. Epithelial cells lining the SKIN; the MOUTH; the NOSE; and the ANAL CANAL derive from ectoderm; those lining the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM derive from endoderm; others (CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM and LYMPHATIC SYSTEM) derive from mesoderm. Epithelial cells can be classified mainly by cell shape and function into squamous, glandular and transitional epithelial cells.
Lymphocytes responsible for cell-mediated immunity. Two types have been identified - cytotoxic (T-LYMPHOCYTES, CYTOTOXIC) and helper T-lymphocytes (T-LYMPHOCYTES, HELPER-INDUCER). They are formed when lymphocytes circulate through the THYMUS GLAND and differentiate to thymocytes. When exposed to an antigen, they divide rapidly and produce large numbers of new T cells sensitized to that antigen.
Connective tissue cells which secrete an extracellular matrix rich in collagen and other macromolecules.
Glycoproteins found on the membrane or surface of cells.
Genetically engineered MUTAGENESIS at a specific site in the DNA molecule that introduces a base substitution, or an insertion or deletion.
Adherence of cells to surfaces or to other cells.
The characteristic 3-dimensional shape of a protein, including the secondary, supersecondary (motifs), tertiary (domains) and quaternary structure of the peptide chain. PROTEIN STRUCTURE, QUATERNARY describes the conformation assumed by multimeric proteins (aggregates of more than one polypeptide chain).
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
A large lobed glandular organ in the abdomen of vertebrates that is responsible for detoxification, metabolism, synthesis and storage of various substances.
Detection of RNA that has been electrophoretically separated and immobilized by blotting on nitrocellulose or other type of paper or nylon membrane followed by hybridization with labeled NUCLEIC ACID PROBES.
A genetic rearrangement through loss of segments of DNA or RNA, bringing sequences which are normally separated into close proximity. This deletion may be detected using cytogenetic techniques and can also be inferred from the phenotype, indicating a deletion at one specific locus.
The span of viability of a cell characterized by the capacity to perform certain functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, some form of responsiveness, and adaptability.
Studies which start with the identification of persons with a disease of interest and a control (comparison, referent) group without the disease. The relationship of an attribute to the disease is examined by comparing diseased and non-diseased persons with regard to the frequency or levels of the attribute in each group.
A species of gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped bacteria (GRAM-NEGATIVE FACULTATIVELY ANAEROBIC RODS) commonly found in the lower part of the intestine of warm-blooded animals. It is usually nonpathogenic, but some strains are known to produce DIARRHEA and pyogenic infections. Pathogenic strains (virotypes) are classified by their specific pathogenic mechanisms such as toxins (ENTEROTOXIGENIC ESCHERICHIA COLI), etc.
A disturbance in the prooxidant-antioxidant balance in favor of the former, leading to potential damage. Indicators of oxidative stress include damaged DNA bases, protein oxidation products, and lipid peroxidation products (Sies, Oxidative Stress, 1991, pxv-xvi).
The first continuously cultured human malignant CELL LINE, derived from the cervical carcinoma of Henrietta Lacks. These cells are used for VIRUS CULTIVATION and antitumor drug screening assays.
Diffusible gene products that act on homologous or heterologous molecules of viral or cellular DNA to regulate the expression of proteins.
Small double-stranded, non-protein coding RNAs (21-31 nucleotides) involved in GENE SILENCING functions, especially RNA INTERFERENCE (RNAi). Endogenously, siRNAs are generated from dsRNAs (RNA, DOUBLE-STRANDED) by the same ribonuclease, Dicer, that generates miRNAs (MICRORNAS). The perfect match of the siRNAs' antisense strand to their target RNAs mediates RNAi by siRNA-guided RNA cleavage. siRNAs fall into different classes including trans-acting siRNA (tasiRNA), repeat-associated RNA (rasiRNA), small-scan RNA (scnRNA), and Piwi protein-interacting RNA (piRNA) and have different specific gene silencing functions.
Within a eukaryotic cell, a membrane-limited body which contains chromosomes and one or more nucleoli (CELL NUCLEOLUS). The nuclear membrane consists of a double unit-type membrane which is perforated by a number of pores; the outermost membrane is continuous with the ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. A cell may contain more than one nucleus. (From Singleton & Sainsbury, Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 2d ed)
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control of gene action in enzyme synthesis.
Microscopy of specimens stained with fluorescent dye (usually fluorescein isothiocyanate) or of naturally fluorescent materials, which emit light when exposed to ultraviolet or blue light. Immunofluorescence microscopy utilizes antibodies that are labeled with fluorescent dye.
Body organ that filters blood for the secretion of URINE and that regulates ion concentrations.
The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.
Members of the class of compounds composed of AMINO ACIDS joined together by peptide bonds between adjacent amino acids into linear, branched or cyclical structures. OLIGOPEPTIDES are composed of approximately 2-12 amino acids. Polypeptides are composed of approximately 13 or more amino acids. PROTEINS are linear polypeptides that are normally synthesized on RIBOSOMES.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control of gene action in plants.
A molecule that binds to another molecule, used especially to refer to a small molecule that binds specifically to a larger molecule, e.g., an antigen binding to an antibody, a hormone or neurotransmitter binding to a receptor, or a substrate or allosteric effector binding to an enzyme. Ligands are also molecules that donate or accept a pair of electrons to form a coordinate covalent bond with the central metal atom of a coordination complex. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
Immunologic method used for detecting or quantifying immunoreactive substances. The substance is identified by first immobilizing it by blotting onto a membrane and then tagging it with labeled antibodies.
A group of enzymes that catalyzes the phosphorylation of serine or threonine residues in proteins, with ATP or other nucleotides as phosphate donors.
Structurally related forms of an enzyme. Each isoenzyme has the same mechanism and classification, but differs in its chemical, physical, or immunological characteristics.
A gene silencing phenomenon whereby specific dsRNAs (RNA, DOUBLE-STRANDED) trigger the degradation of homologous mRNA (RNA, MESSENGER). The specific dsRNAs are processed into SMALL INTERFERING RNA (siRNA) which serves as a guide for cleavage of the homologous mRNA in the RNA-INDUCED SILENCING COMPLEX. DNA METHYLATION may also be triggered during this process.
Hybridization of a nucleic acid sample to a very large set of OLIGONUCLEOTIDE PROBES, which have been attached individually in columns and rows to a solid support, to determine a BASE SEQUENCE, or to detect variations in a gene sequence, GENE EXPRESSION, or for GENE MAPPING.
Test for tissue antigen using either a direct method, by conjugation of antibody with fluorescent dye (FLUORESCENT ANTIBODY TECHNIQUE, DIRECT) or an indirect method, by formation of antigen-antibody complex which is then labeled with fluorescein-conjugated anti-immunoglobulin antibody (FLUORESCENT ANTIBODY TECHNIQUE, INDIRECT). The tissue is then examined by fluorescence microscopy.
Domesticated bovine animals of the genus Bos, usually kept on a farm or ranch and used for the production of meat or dairy products or for heavy labor.
Molecules or ions formed by the incomplete one-electron reduction of oxygen. These reactive oxygen intermediates include SINGLET OXYGEN; SUPEROXIDES; PEROXIDES; HYDROXYL RADICAL; and HYPOCHLOROUS ACID. They contribute to the microbicidal activity of PHAGOCYTES, regulation of signal transduction and gene expression, and the oxidative damage to NUCLEIC ACIDS; PROTEINS; and LIPIDS.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
A characteristic feature of enzyme activity in relation to the kind of substrate on which the enzyme or catalytic molecule reacts.
Proteins found in plants (flowers, herbs, shrubs, trees, etc.). The concept does not include proteins found in vegetables for which VEGETABLE PROTEINS is available.
Either of the pair of organs occupying the cavity of the thorax that effect the aeration of the blood.
A sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide or of nucleotides in DNA or RNA that is similar across multiple species. A known set of conserved sequences is represented by a CONSENSUS SEQUENCE. AMINO ACID MOTIFS are often composed of conserved sequences.
A light microscopic technique in which only a small spot is illuminated and observed at a time. An image is constructed through point-by-point scanning of the field in this manner. Light sources may be conventional or laser, and fluorescence or transmitted observations are possible.
The relationship between the chemical structure of a compound and its biological or pharmacological activity. Compounds are often classed together because they have structural characteristics in common including shape, size, stereochemical arrangement, and distribution of functional groups.
Accumulation of a drug or chemical substance in various organs (including those not relevant to its pharmacologic or therapeutic action). This distribution depends on the blood flow or perfusion rate of the organ, the ability of the drug to penetrate organ membranes, tissue specificity, protein binding. The distribution is usually expressed as tissue to plasma ratios.
Differentiation antigens residing on mammalian leukocytes. CD stands for cluster of differentiation, which refers to groups of monoclonal antibodies that show similar reactivity with certain subpopulations of antigens of a particular lineage or differentiation stage. The subpopulations of antigens are also known by the same CD designation.
The species Oryctolagus cuniculus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Rabbits are born in burrows, furless, and with eyes and ears closed. In contrast with HARES, rabbits have 22 chromosome pairs.
An immunoassay utilizing an antibody labeled with an enzyme marker such as horseradish peroxidase. While either the enzyme or the antibody is bound to an immunosorbent substrate, they both retain their biologic activity; the change in enzyme activity as a result of the enzyme-antibody-antigen reaction is proportional to the concentration of the antigen and can be measured spectrophotometrically or with the naked eye. Many variations of the method have been developed.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
A plant genus of the family BRASSICACEAE that contains ARABIDOPSIS PROTEINS and MADS DOMAIN PROTEINS. The species A. thaliana is used for experiments in classical plant genetics as well as molecular genetic studies in plant physiology, biochemistry, and development.
Cell surface proteins that bind signalling molecules external to the cell with high affinity and convert this extracellular event into one or more intracellular signals that alter the behavior of the target cell (From Alberts, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2nd ed, pp693-5). Cell surface receptors, unlike enzymes, do not chemically alter their ligands.
Single pavement layer of cells which line the luminal surface of the entire vascular system and regulate the transport of macromolecules and blood components.
Morphologic alteration of small B LYMPHOCYTES or T LYMPHOCYTES in culture into large blast-like cells able to synthesize DNA and RNA and to divide mitotically. It is induced by INTERLEUKINS; MITOGENS such as PHYTOHEMAGGLUTININS, and by specific ANTIGENS. It may also occur in vivo as in GRAFT REJECTION.
Proteins encoded by homeobox genes (GENES, HOMEOBOX) that exhibit structural similarity to certain prokaryotic and eukaryotic DNA-binding proteins. Homeodomain proteins are involved in the control of gene expression during morphogenesis and development (GENE EXPRESSION REGULATION, DEVELOPMENTAL).
CELL LINES derived from the CV-1 cell line by transformation with a replication origin defective mutant of SV40 VIRUS, which codes for wild type large T antigen (ANTIGENS, POLYOMAVIRUS TRANSFORMING). They are used for transfection and cloning. (The CV-1 cell line was derived from the kidney of an adult male African green monkey (CERCOPITHECUS AETHIOPS).)
Proteins which maintain the transcriptional quiescence of specific GENES or OPERONS. Classical repressor proteins are DNA-binding proteins that are normally bound to the OPERATOR REGION of an operon, or the ENHANCER SEQUENCES of a gene until a signal occurs that causes their release.
Proteins and peptides that are involved in SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION within the cell. Included here are peptides and proteins that regulate the activity of TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS and cellular processes in response to signals from CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS. Intracellular signaling peptide and proteins may be part of an enzymatic signaling cascade or act through binding to and modifying the action of other signaling factors.
A set of genes descended by duplication and variation from some ancestral gene. Such genes may be clustered together on the same chromosome or dispersed on different chromosomes. Examples of multigene families include those that encode the hemoglobins, immunoglobulins, histocompatibility antigens, actins, tubulins, keratins, collagens, heat shock proteins, salivary glue proteins, chorion proteins, cuticle proteins, yolk proteins, and phaseolins, as well as histones, ribosomal RNA, and transfer RNA genes. The latter three are examples of reiterated genes, where hundreds of identical genes are present in a tandem array. (King & Stanfield, A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed)
Antibodies produced by a single clone of cells.
Refers to animals in the period of time just after birth.
Products of proto-oncogenes. Normally they do not have oncogenic or transforming properties, but are involved in the regulation or differentiation of cell growth. They often have protein kinase activity.
The movement of materials (including biochemical substances and drugs) through a biological system at the cellular level. The transport can be across cell membranes and epithelial layers. It also can occur within intracellular compartments and extracellular compartments.
Commonly observed structural components of proteins formed by simple combinations of adjacent secondary structures. A commonly observed structure may be composed of a CONSERVED SEQUENCE which can be represented by a CONSENSUS SEQUENCE.
A subfamily in the family MURIDAE, comprising the hamsters. Four of the more common genera are Cricetus, CRICETULUS; MESOCRICETUS; and PHODOPUS.
Partial proteins formed by partial hydrolysis of complete proteins or generated through PROTEIN ENGINEERING techniques.
Extrachromosomal, usually CIRCULAR DNA molecules that are self-replicating and transferable from one organism to another. They are found in a variety of bacterial, archaeal, fungal, algal, and plant species. They are used in GENETIC ENGINEERING as CLONING VECTORS.
The processes whereby the internal environment of an organism tends to remain balanced and stable.
Filamentous proteins that are the main constituent of the thin filaments of muscle fibers. The filaments (known also as filamentous or F-actin) can be dissociated into their globular subunits; each subunit is composed of a single polypeptide 375 amino acids long. This is known as globular or G-actin. In conjunction with MYOSINS, actin is responsible for the contraction and relaxation of muscle.
Variant forms of the same gene, occupying the same locus on homologous CHROMOSOMES, and governing the variants in production of the same gene product.
The capacity of a normal organism to remain unaffected by microorganisms and their toxins. It results from the presence of naturally occurring ANTI-INFECTIVE AGENTS, constitutional factors such as BODY TEMPERATURE and immediate acting immune cells such as NATURAL KILLER CELLS.
Lipid-containing polysaccharides which are endotoxins and important group-specific antigens. They are often derived from the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria and induce immunoglobulin secretion. The lipopolysaccharide molecule consists of three parts: LIPID A, core polysaccharide, and O-specific chains (O ANTIGENS). When derived from Escherichia coli, lipopolysaccharides serve as polyclonal B-cell mitogens commonly used in laboratory immunology. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
The part of a cell that contains the CYTOSOL and small structures excluding the CELL NUCLEUS; MITOCHONDRIA; and large VACUOLES. (Glick, Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1990)
Characteristic restricted to a particular organ of the body, such as a cell type, metabolic response or expression of a particular protein or antigen.
Proteins that originate from insect species belonging to the genus DROSOPHILA. The proteins from the most intensely studied species of Drosophila, DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER, are the subject of much interest in the area of MORPHOGENESIS and development.
New abnormal growth of tissue. Malignant neoplasms show a greater degree of anaplasia and have the properties of invasion and metastasis, compared to benign neoplasms.
A species of the genus SACCHAROMYCES, family Saccharomycetaceae, order Saccharomycetales, known as "baker's" or "brewer's" yeast. The dried form is used as a dietary supplement.
Specialized cells of the hematopoietic system that have branch-like extensions. They are found throughout the lymphatic system, and in non-lymphoid tissues such as SKIN and the epithelia of the intestinal, respiratory, and reproductive tracts. They trap and process ANTIGENS, and present them to T-CELLS, thereby stimulating CELL-MEDIATED IMMUNITY. They are different from the non-hematopoietic FOLLICULAR DENDRITIC CELLS, which have a similar morphology and immune system function, but with respect to humoral immunity (ANTIBODY PRODUCTION).
A latent susceptibility to disease at the genetic level, which may be activated under certain conditions.
A chemical reaction in which an electron is transferred from one molecule to another. The electron-donating molecule is the reducing agent or reductant; the electron-accepting molecule is the oxidizing agent or oxidant. Reducing and oxidizing agents function as conjugate reductant-oxidant pairs or redox pairs (Lehninger, Principles of Biochemistry, 1982, p471).
Large, phagocytic mononuclear leukocytes produced in the vertebrate BONE MARROW and released into the BLOOD; contain a large, oval or somewhat indented nucleus surrounded by voluminous cytoplasm and numerous organelles.
The gradual irreversible changes in structure and function of an organism that occur as a result of the passage of time.
Ubiquitous, inducible, nuclear transcriptional activator that binds to enhancer elements in many different cell types and is activated by pathogenic stimuli. The NF-kappa B complex is a heterodimer composed of two DNA-binding subunits: NF-kappa B1 and relA.
Granular leukocytes having a nucleus with three to five lobes connected by slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing fine inconspicuous granules and stainable by neutral dyes.
Protein analogs and derivatives of the Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein that emit light (FLUORESCENCE) when excited with ULTRAVIOLET RAYS. They are used in REPORTER GENES in doing GENETIC TECHNIQUES. Numerous mutants have been made to emit other colors or be sensitive to pH.
Proteins that originate from plants species belonging to the genus ARABIDOPSIS. The most intensely studied species of Arabidopsis, Arabidopsis thaliana, is commonly used in laboratory experiments.
Semiautonomous, self-reproducing organelles that occur in the cytoplasm of all cells of most, but not all, eukaryotes. Each mitochondrion is surrounded by a double limiting membrane. The inner membrane is highly invaginated, and its projections are called cristae. Mitochondria are the sites of the reactions of oxidative phosphorylation, which result in the formation of ATP. They contain distinctive RIBOSOMES, transfer RNAs (RNA, TRANSFER); AMINO ACYL T RNA SYNTHETASES; and elongation and termination factors. Mitochondria depend upon genes within the nucleus of the cells in which they reside for many essential messenger RNAs (RNA, MESSENGER). Mitochondria are believed to have arisen from aerobic bacteria that established a symbiotic relationship with primitive protoeukaryotes. (King & Stansfield, A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed)
The outer covering of the body that protects it from the environment. It is composed of the DERMIS and the EPIDERMIS.
Electrophoresis in which a polyacrylamide gel is used as the diffusion medium.
Any of various enzymatically catalyzed post-translational modifications of PEPTIDES or PROTEINS in the cell of origin. These modifications include carboxylation; HYDROXYLATION; ACETYLATION; PHOSPHORYLATION; METHYLATION; GLYCOSYLATION; ubiquitination; oxidation; proteolysis; and crosslinking and result in changes in molecular weight and electrophoretic motility.
A factor synthesized in a wide variety of tissues. It acts synergistically with TGF-alpha in inducing phenotypic transformation and can also act as a negative autocrine growth factor. TGF-beta has a potential role in embryonal development, cellular differentiation, hormone secretion, and immune function. TGF-beta is found mostly as homodimer forms of separate gene products TGF-beta1, TGF-beta2 or TGF-beta3. Heterodimers composed of TGF-beta1 and 2 (TGF-beta1.2) or of TGF-beta2 and 3 (TGF-beta2.3) have been isolated. The TGF-beta proteins are synthesized as precursor proteins.
A critical subpopulation of T-lymphocytes involved in the induction of most immunological functions. The HIV virus has selective tropism for the T4 cell which expresses the CD4 phenotypic marker, a receptor for HIV. In fact, the key element in the profound immunosuppression seen in HIV infection is the depletion of this subset of T-lymphocytes.
A polynucleotide consisting essentially of chains with a repeating backbone of phosphate and ribose units to which nitrogenous bases are attached. RNA is unique among biological macromolecules in that it can encode genetic information, serve as an abundant structural component of cells, and also possesses catalytic activity. (Rieger et al., Glossary of Genetics: Classical and Molecular, 5th ed)
The regular and simultaneous occurrence in a single interbreeding population of two or more discontinuous genotypes. The concept includes differences in genotypes ranging in size from a single nucleotide site (POLYMORPHISM, SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE) to large nucleotide sequences visible at a chromosomal level.
Any of several ways in which living cells of an organism communicate with one another, whether by direct contact between cells or by means of chemical signals carried by neurotransmitter substances, hormones, and cyclic AMP.
Proteins that control the CELL DIVISION CYCLE. This family of proteins includes a wide variety of classes, including CYCLIN-DEPENDENT KINASES, mitogen-activated kinases, CYCLINS, and PHOSPHOPROTEIN PHOSPHATASES as well as their putative substrates such as chromatin-associated proteins, CYTOSKELETAL PROTEINS, and TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS.
Methods used for detecting the amplified DNA products from the polymerase chain reaction as they accumulate instead of at the end of the reaction.
The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.
Processes that stimulate the GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of a gene or set of genes.
Proteins whose abnormal expression (gain or loss) are associated with the development, growth, or progression of NEOPLASMS. Some neoplasm proteins are tumor antigens (ANTIGENS, NEOPLASM), i.e. they induce an immune reaction to their tumor. Many neoplasm proteins have been characterized and are used as tumor markers (BIOMARKERS, TUMOR) when they are detectable in cells and body fluids as monitors for the presence or growth of tumors. Abnormal expression of ONCOGENE PROTEINS is involved in neoplastic transformation, whereas the loss of expression of TUMOR SUPPRESSOR PROTEINS is involved with the loss of growth control and progression of the neoplasm.
The level of protein structure in which regular hydrogen-bond interactions within contiguous stretches of polypeptide chain give rise to alpha helices, beta strands (which align to form beta sheets) or other types of coils. This is the first folding level of protein conformation.
Immunoglobulin molecules having a specific amino acid sequence by virtue of which they interact only with the ANTIGEN (or a very similar shape) that induced their synthesis in cells of the lymphoid series (especially PLASMA CELLS).
Measurable and quantifiable biological parameters (e.g., specific enzyme concentration, specific hormone concentration, specific gene phenotype distribution in a population, presence of biological substances) which serve as indices for health- and physiology-related assessments, such as disease risk, psychiatric disorders, environmental exposure and its effects, disease diagnosis, metabolic processes, substance abuse, pregnancy, cell line development, epidemiologic studies, etc.
A cytokine that stimulates the growth and differentiation of B-LYMPHOCYTES and is also a growth factor for HYBRIDOMAS and plasmacytomas. It is produced by many different cells including T-LYMPHOCYTES; MONOCYTES; and FIBROBLASTS.
Proteins obtained from the species SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE. The function of specific proteins from this organism are the subject of intense scientific interest and have been used to derive basic understanding of the functioning similar proteins in higher eukaryotes.
The aggregation of soluble ANTIGENS with ANTIBODIES, alone or with antibody binding factors such as ANTI-ANTIBODIES or STAPHYLOCOCCAL PROTEIN A, into complexes large enough to fall out of solution.
Microscopy using an electron beam, instead of light, to visualize the sample, thereby allowing much greater magnification. The interactions of ELECTRONS with specimens are used to provide information about the fine structure of that specimen. In TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY the reactions of the electrons that are transmitted through the specimen are imaged. In SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY an electron beam falls at a non-normal angle on the specimen and the image is derived from the reactions occurring above the plane of the specimen.
Surface ligands, usually glycoproteins, that mediate cell-to-cell adhesion. Their functions include the assembly and interconnection of various vertebrate systems, as well as maintenance of tissue integration, wound healing, morphogenic movements, cellular migrations, and metastasis.
The unfavorable effect of environmental factors (stressors) on the physiological functions of an organism. Prolonged unresolved physiological stress can affect HOMEOSTASIS of the organism, and may lead to damaging or pathological conditions.
The complex series of phenomena, occurring between the end of one CELL DIVISION and the end of the next, by which cellular material is duplicated and then divided between two daughter cells. The cell cycle includes INTERPHASE, which includes G0 PHASE; G1 PHASE; S PHASE; and G2 PHASE, and CELL DIVISION PHASE.
Process of generating a genetic MUTATION. It may occur spontaneously or be induced by MUTAGENS.
The observable response an animal makes to any situation.
Mice bearing mutant genes which are phenotypically expressed in the animals.
A species of CERCOPITHECUS containing three subspecies: C. tantalus, C. pygerythrus, and C. sabeus. They are found in the forests and savannah of Africa. The African green monkey (C. pygerythrus) is the natural host of SIMIAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS and is used in AIDS research.
The naturally occurring or experimentally induced replacement of one or more AMINO ACIDS in a protein with another. If a functionally equivalent amino acid is substituted, the protein may retain wild-type activity. Substitution may also diminish, enhance, or eliminate protein function. Experimentally induced substitution is often used to study enzyme activities and binding site properties.
Screening techniques first developed in yeast to identify genes encoding interacting proteins. Variations are used to evaluate interplay between proteins and other molecules. Two-hybrid techniques refer to analysis for protein-protein interactions, one-hybrid for DNA-protein interactions, three-hybrid interactions for RNA-protein interactions or ligand-based interactions. Reverse n-hybrid techniques refer to analysis for mutations or other small molecules that dissociate known interactions.
The normality of a solution with respect to HYDROGEN ions; H+. It is related to acidity measurements in most cases by pH = log 1/2[1/(H+)], where (H+) is the hydrogen ion concentration in gram equivalents per liter of solution. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
An adenine nucleotide containing three phosphate groups esterified to the sugar moiety. In addition to its crucial roles in metabolism adenosine triphosphate is a neurotransmitter.
Lymphoid cells concerned with humoral immunity. They are short-lived cells resembling bursa-derived lymphocytes of birds in their production of immunoglobulin upon appropriate stimulation.
A free radical gas produced endogenously by a variety of mammalian cells, synthesized from ARGININE by NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE. Nitric oxide is one of the ENDOTHELIUM-DEPENDENT RELAXING FACTORS released by the vascular endothelium and mediates VASODILATION. It also inhibits platelet aggregation, induces disaggregation of aggregated platelets, and inhibits platelet adhesion to the vascular endothelium. Nitric oxide activates cytosolic GUANYLATE CYCLASE and thus elevates intracellular levels of CYCLIC GMP.
Conjugated protein-carbohydrate compounds including mucins, mucoid, and amyloid glycoproteins.
The muscle tissue of the HEART. It is composed of striated, involuntary muscle cells (MYOCYTES, CARDIAC) connected to form the contractile pump to generate blood flow.
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
The termination of the cell's ability to carry out vital functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, responsiveness, and adaptability.
Deletion of sequences of nucleic acids from the genetic material of an individual.
The process by which two molecules of the same chemical composition form a condensation product or polymer.
Interruption or suppression of the expression of a gene at transcriptional or translational levels.
The worsening of a disease over time. This concept is most often used for chronic and incurable diseases where the stage of the disease is an important determinant of therapy and prognosis.
One or more layers of EPITHELIAL CELLS, supported by the basal lamina, which covers the inner or outer surfaces of the body.
"National Play Meter". Play Meter. August 15, 1984. "RePlay: The Players' Choice". RePlay. September 1984. "National Play Meter ... When paired with a ROM image (a bit-for-bit copy of a NES cartridge's program code), the games can be played on a computer. ... Although the game had been originally produced for the ColecoVision and could thus automatically be played on the backward ... Personal computers were the future, and anything that just played games but couldn't do your taxes was hopelessly backwards." ...
The group agreed to do the utmost to improve the image of the surfer and to stress water safety and fair play in the water. One ... "Gauchos Play! - Surfing". Retrieved 2011-05-16. "Competition Bulletin". Surfer. 26 (5): 97. May 1985. "NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC ... Therefore, the titles for two previous years attributed to UCSB from 1985 to 1988 are incorrect. "2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ... p. Local 7. Gibbons, Tom - Founding President NSSA 1978-1980, Senior Vice President NSSA 1985 Official NSSA website Surfline ...
Haverford neither scheduled nor played any intercollegiate matches in 1921, playing instead in the Philadelphia Cricket League ... For the 2014-15 season, USA Rugby adopted a split-season championship, where fall teams played toward a fall title, and the ... Three Haverford-Penn matches were played. Penn lost to Haverford on May 16, 1914. Penn defeated Haverford on May 21 and June 6 ... "Gauchos Play! - Surfing". Retrieved 2011-05-16. "NSSA Interscholastic State Champs hit Huntington Beach". Retrieved 2011-07-24 ...
In her best headmistress style, she gave me a severe wigging for putting on a play that depicted Mozart as a scatological imp ... Amadeus: A Play. Penguin Books. Simkin, Benjamin. Medical and Musical Byways of Mozartiana. Fithian Press. Retrieved on 28 ... "Mozart's intentional play with what is for the most part preformulated folk speech". An example given by Robert Spaethling is ... when Margaret Thatcher was apprised of Mozart's scatology during a visit to the theatre to see Peter Shaffer's play Amadeus, ...
Zzap!64 reviewer concluded that "Overall this is an excellent game". Commodore Power/Play, Tom Benford praised the longevity of ... Commodore Power/Play. p. 17.CS1 maint: date format (link) Powell, Jack (April 1985). "Whistler's Brother". Antic. Vol. 3 no. 12 ... 5. September 1985. p. 45. Retrieved March 23, 2021. Benford, Tom (June-July 1985). "Game Reviews: Whistler's Brother". ...
She played many two handers with Wood as well as other roles such as daytime television host Margery, a mad shoe shop lady, the ... He had even turned down the chance to play Shakespeare and an offer of a world tour as Hotspur in Henry IV, Part One at the ... Imrie played various roles throughout the run, like a co-presenter of McConomy (a spoof TV economy show), and most famously ... Most famously, she played cleaning lady Mrs. Overall in Acorn Antiques. She later revealed that alongside her starring role in ...
Play off. International Team, 1985. Ra. International Team, 1979. Rally. International Team, 1980. Referendum. International ... Editrice Piccoli, 1985 Zodiac memo take. International Team, 1987. Referendum. Per il comitato elezione diretta dei sindaci, ... Team, 1985. Roma. International Team, 1986. Ripubblicato dalla Editrice Giochi. Rossi adventures. International Team, 1983. ...
"Children At Play"". NormanMansson.Blogspot.com. Retrieved October 12, 2017. Valverde, Miriam (November 12, 2014). "H&M opening ... one featuring a boy and his dog playing with a garden hose, and at the other end of the mall a girl pouring water out of a ... in October 1985, the mall's original anchors were J. C. Penney (opened October 2), and Lord & Taylor (opened October 7, along ... 1985-present) Cinemark (opened in 2007 on former Macy's site as Muvico, became Cinemark in 2009) Former: Jordan Marsh {original ...
"Your Love" is a song by the English rock band The Outfield, taken from their debut album Play Deep (1985), and written by ... It was first released as the second single from Play Deep in November 1985. It was first pushed to album-oriented rock (AOR) ... The band appears mainly as playing the song, highlighting their unity as a performing band: "We didn't want a situation where ... Afterwards, the band began recording demos for their debut album Play Deep with producer William Wittman, who had also worked ...
This also plays out in the analysis of collected data; the researcher's worldview invariably influences how he or she ... Games Prisoners Play. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. ISBN 0-691-11721-7. Bolton, Ralph. 1995. "Tricks, Friends and ... 1985. Naturalistic Inquiry. Beverly Hills, Calif.: SAGE Publications. OCLC 1036737672. Naturalistic inquiry at the Internet ... who explored prison subculture as a political prisoner in communist Poland in 1985. "Observing" or "observant" participation ...
Tony Award for Best Author of a Play: Tiny Alice 1965: Tony Award for Best Play: Tiny Alice 1967: Tony Award for Best Play: A ... Marriage Play (1987) Three Tall Women (1991) The Lorca Play (1992) Fragments (1993) The Play About the Baby (1998) The Goat, or ... Three of his plays won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and two of his other works won the Tony Award for Best Play. His works are ... The controversial play won the Tony Award for Best Play in 1963 and was selected for the 1963 Pulitzer Prize by the award's ...
The juniors play in the Weald Friendly League and Crowborough Junior League. Home matches are played on the Ball Field, ... The geology of the area has played a major role in the town's development, deposits of iron ore and fuller's earth were ... Kent County Cricket Club played two first-class cricket matches on School Field, Cranbrook in the 1850s and two on Swifts Park ... The Colony artists tended to paint scenes of domestic life in rural Kent - cooking and washing, children playing, and other ...
The play, "Chad. A Miracle Play for Norton" was written largely in blank verse. The Miracle Play, performed on 1-6 July 1985, ... Norton Miracle Play. The book about the play. (Self-published by Simon Bailey and St James Church, Norton)(p.9) "Norton miracle ... "The play… is an attempt to… concentrate on faith as fullness of life, as community, and as deepened spirituality rather than on ... The play's narrative is an imaginary depiction of how Chad and his followers attempted to bring Christianity to the region in ...
Best Plays 1983-1984 - Page 59 Otis L. Guernsey - 1989 "Coyote Ugly by Lynn Seifert (San Francisco: Berkeley Stage) - The ... "Coyote Ugly". Dramatists Play Service. "Seifert Unveils Little Egypt in Milwaukee Dec. 19". Playbill. Siefert, Lynn (January 30 ... In 1994, the company made its Los Angeles debut with Steve Martin's first play, Picasso at the Lapin Agile. In 1996, after ... In 1982, the Sam Shepard play True West, starring Sinise and John Malkovich, was the first of many Steppenwolf productions to ...
Playing that release, Chris Kohler of Kotaku called the game's intense difficulty "The meanest trick Nintendo ever played". A ... "National Play Meter". Play Meter. Vol. 12 no. 12. July 15, 1986. pp. 74-5. "Gaming Gossip..." Top Score. Amusement Players ... "News". Play Meter. Vol. 12 no. 1. January 15, 1986. pp. 7, 28. "Two Pick-Hits for the Nintendo Entertainment System". Top Score ... 35 is a 35-player battle royale version of the game released in 2020 that was available to play for a limited time for Nintendo ...
A Play, 1985. Peter Hacks, The Beautiful Helene. A Play, 1986. Erich Kästner, The Man of Glass. Stories, 2016. Rainer Maria ... A Play, 1964. Bertolt Brecht, Calendar Tales. Poems and Stories, 1975. Bertolt Brecht, A Short Organum for the Theatre. Essay, ... Radio Play, 1985. Max Frisch, Stiller. Novel, 1978, 1982, 2011. Max Frisch, Homo Faber. Novel, 1973, 1981, 1995, 2012. Max ... A Play, 1979. Friedrich Dürrenmatt, The Suspicion. Novel, 1972, 1984, 1989. Friedrich Dürrenmatt, The Tunnel. Story, 1981. ...
... and Girlschool playing Motörhead's "Bomber". Dufort played drums on all songs, because Motörhead's drummer Phil "Philthy Animal ... Play Dirty failed to enter the top 50 chart in the UK and had a lukewarm reception by fans and critics at home. A struggle ... She also played the drums during the BBC One Top of the Pops TV show of 19 February 1981, where the two bands performed "Please ... She were playing in London clubs at the time, trying to get a record contract and attract the attention of the British music ...
"4 Play - Berlin". AllMusic. Retrieved April 15, 2020. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Berlin to Release New Album ... American new wave band Berlin has released eight studio albums, two live albums, six compilation albums, two extended plays, 15 ... 1985. PA-85-122.CS1 maint: others in cite AV media (notes) (link) The Videosingles (VHS). Berlin. Australia: PolyGram Music ... January 20, 1985. Retrieved April 15, 2020. "New Zealand album certifications - Berlin - Love Life". Recorded Music NZ. ...
In the same year, he played the civil servant Densher in Blott on the Landscape. In 2002, Clyde appeared in The Falklands Play ... "Falklands Play, The (2002)". BFI Screenonline. BFI. The Alan Clark Diaries: Foreign Parts BBC "Raffles". 27 November 1985. p. ... He has enjoyed a long television acting career and continues to appear regularly, usually playing upper-middle class or ... In 2017 he played Dennis in The Girls at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End. Since 2018, Clyde has been performing with Peter ...
He was allowed to change his name as a child because "after Vivien Leigh played Scarlett O'Hara the name became irrevocably a ... 2016). Play all. ISBN 9780300229707. - (2019). Somewhere becoming rain: Collected writings on Philip Larkin. ISBN 9781529028829 ... 1985). Falling towards England. ISBN 9780330294379. - (1990). May Week was in June. ISBN 9780330315227. - (2006). North Face of ... James published several books of poetry, including Poem of the Year (1983), a verse-diary; Other Passports: Poems 1958-1985, a ...
Top youth at play. 24 Hours, December, vol.9, no.11 Murdoch, J. 1983. Michael Barkl. In A Handbook of Australian Music, ... Covell, R. 1985. Contemporary seeks companions. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July. McCallum, P. 1989. Score workshop produced a ... 1985 Blues for bass clarinet and percussion, 1986 Vamp for guitar, 1988 Red for descant recorder, 1996 Smoky for harpsichord, ... 1985 Rondo, 1986 Ballade for six instruments, 1984 The laird of Drumblair for seven instruments, 1987 Disco for four percussion ...
O) Play-off winner. Aarhus, Lars. "Second division 1985". rsssf.com. Retrieved 22 November 2018. CS1 maint: discouraged ... The second-placed teams, Drøbak/Frogn and Vidar met Tromsø in the promotion play-offs. Tromsø won the qualification and ...
"Gregson takes play-off". The Glasgow Herald. 18 March 1974. p. 4. "Ingham's repeat success". The Glasgow Herald. 19 March 1973 ... 18 March 1985. p. 18. "Eight birdies from Darcy sink Lyle". The Glasgow Herald. 23 March 1981. p. 26. "Late burst by Newton". ... It was then only held every other year, alternating on the schedule with the Mufulira Open, until 1985, although it was ...
"Santa Clara Football Alphabetical Roster, All Teams 1959 through 1992". Let Them Play.com. "SCU Grad Is One of Most Powerful ... On March 8, 1985, LaMonte negotiated the longest baseball contract at the time with the Toronto Blue Jays for Stieb. In 1992, ... 1985-03-09. p. D-13. Retrieved 2010-06-06. "Lessons In Diplomacy". Santa Clara Magazine. Winter 2009. Retrieved 2010-07-05. " ...
In 1971, he directed Valentin and Valentina, a play written the same year by Mikhail Roshchin. In 1973, he directed the plays ... Fokin has directed plays by the likes of Nabokov, Vampilov, Rozov and Albee. He is noted for his use of dramatic metaphor and ... The play was based on Franz Kafka's 1915 novel, which Fokin also made into a feature film in 2002, screening at festivals in ... In 1994, Fokin produced the play, A Hotel Room in the Town of N, based on Nikolai Gogol's novel, Dead Souls in Moscow. Then in ...
But if the Left Hand Opponent plays low, the declarer again quickly corrects the revoke playing low, since the finesse is ... In the early rounds, non-playing captain Donna Compton anticipated that her USA team might end up playing against the Germans ... Team USA were to play the Germans. Overnight, Compton analysed the cough record against the hands that had been played and ... Josef and I have voluntarily agreed never again to play competitive bridge together and to take two years off from playing ...
"Play it again, Wilbur". The Miami News. Miami, FL. June 28, 1985. p. 2B. Retrieved 2013-02-04. National Public Radio interview ... Despite being unable to read sheet music, Snapp taught himself to play the organ at age 35; upon his retirement from operating ... On June 26, 1985 he was ejected from a game at the Jack Russell Stadium for playing "Three Blind Mice" in response to what he ...
The Baltimore Orioles team played their home games at Jack Russell in 1959 and the Kansas City A's played at the ballpark in ... The Phillies played the Giants at Jack Russell on March 15, 1971. The 1987 HBO film Long Gone shot many of the movie's road ... The Phillies played their first game at the stadium on the day of the dedication. Robin Roberts started for the Phillies ... Jack Russell played in the Major Leagues from 1926 through 1940. He was introduced to Pinellas County while training in the ...
Or one player plays Britain/Austria; one plays France/Russia; one plays Germany/Turkey. In this version Italy is not played. ... Since the 1960s, Diplomacy has been played by mail through fanzines. The play-by-mail (PBM) hobby was created in 1963 by Dr. ... Tournaments in Europe are generally played with a specific end year whereas tournaments in North America more often are played ... or most forms of online play. For example, if there are six players, everyone plays one country and Italy is not used; for five ...
C) Champion; (O) Play-off winner; (P) Promoted; (R) Relegated. Source: rsssf.no Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal ... O) Play-off winner; (P) Promoted; (R) Relegated. Aarhus, Lars. "Second division 1985". rsssf.com. Retrieved 23 November 2018. ... The second-placed teams, Djerv 1919 and Lyn met HamKam in the promotion play-offs. Djerv 1919 won the qualification and was ...
... however a seventh game was played and the two episodes did not air on ABC.[98] ...
Beaufort appears to have played a large role in financing the insurrection. In response to her betrayal, Richard passed an act ... When the death of Prince Arthur necessitated a new heir apparent, Margaret played a part in ensuring Prince Henry was raised ... Jones & Underwood, Michael & Malcolm (1985). "LADY MARGARET BEAUFORT". History Today. 35: 23 - via JSTOR.. ... Jones & Underwood, Michael & Malcolm (1985). "LADY MARGARET BEAUFORT". History Today. 35: 25 - via JSTOR.. ...
1990). "Myristoylation of gag proteins of HIV-1 plays an important role in virus assembly". AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses. 6 (6 ... 1985). "Amino terminal myristylation of the protein kinase p60src, a retroviral transforming protein". Science. 227 (4685): 427 ...
Eating a lot of white rice appears to play a role in increasing risk.[37] A lack of exercise is believed to cause 7% of cases.[ ... The nutritional status of a mother during fetal development may also play a role, with one proposed mechanism being that of DNA ... Rates of diabetes in 1985 were estimated at 30 million, increasing to 135 million in 1995 and 217 million in 2005.[18] This ... As of 2015 there were approximately 392 million people diagnosed with the disease compared to around 30 million in 1985.[11][18 ...
Note: GP = Games played; G = Goals; A = Assists; Pts = Points; PIM = Penalties in minutes ... The 1985-86 WHL season was the 20th season for the Western Hockey League. Fourteen teams completed a 72-game season. The ... Retrieved from "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1985-86_WHL_season&oldid=785950877" ...
The 1959 film I'm All Right Jack, a comedy with Peter Sellers playing the shop steward Fred Kite. ... Trade unions in Germany have a history reaching back to the German revolution in 1848, and still play an important role in the ... The organization attracted a range of socialists from Owenites to revolutionaries and played a part in the protests after the ... "In the Continental European System of labour market regulation, the government plays an important role as there is a strong ...
Gilmour would go on to produce and/or play on two of their albums and co-write one Dream Academy song, "Twelve-Eight Angel". ... Records in 1985.[citation needed] Along the way, they made some close connections with Adam Peters and Pink Floyd's David ... 1985. "Life in a Northern Town". 15. 9. 7. 2. 7. The Dream Academy. ... The band is most noted for their 1985 hit single "Life in a Northern Town". ...
She was also loaned to Paramount to play Fritzi Haller in Desert Fury (1947) playing the tough owner of a saloon and casino in ... Her piano talents came in handy when she played piano in her films The Great Lie and Meet Me in St. Louis. ... In 1952, she was cast in the leading role of the stage play The Time of the Cuckoo, which was later made into the movie ... Her first feature-length movie was John Smith (1922), followed that same year by The Man Who Played God. In 1923, she and her ...
... s play roles in cellular organization and polarity long before the development and incorporation of Wnt signaling ... β-catenin is particularly interesting as it plays a dual role in the cell. First of all, by binding to cadherin receptor ... Several types of catenins work with N-cadherins to play an important role in learning and memory (For full article, see ... β-catenin also likely plays a significant role in various forms of cancer development. However, in contrast to α-catenin, ...
Erosion has also played a large part in shaping the Highlands, forming extensive sedimentary deposits and wearing down the ...
The snooker season 2001/2002 was a series of snooker tournaments played during the years 2001 and 2002. The following table ... The top 16 of the world rankings, these players automatically played in the final rounds of the world ranking events and were ...
He learned to play the violin and took part in school plays.[22] Much of his spare time was spent playing football and ... the Khmer Rouge played a restricted role in this, for throughout 1971 and 1972, the majority of fighting against Lon Nol was ... Cambodia never saw songs and plays written about him, his photograph was not included in party literature, and there were no ... In September 1985, Pol Pot resigned as commander-in-chief of the Khmer Rouge forces in favour of Son Sen; he nevertheless ...
Chi wants to play with everyone but everyone is too busy. Once they all come together to play with her, she dislikes the ... Yamada plays tennis with each other and Chi wants to play with the tennis ball. ... Kusano Yuki comes over to the Yamadas to play with David. Chi tries to play with David in the yard. ... The Yamadas decide to go play tennis while Chi plays with tennis balls. ...
He played an usually more jazz or swing tuning in a style that most other players use an E9 tuning for. His rationale was [that ... According to bandmate Bernie Leadon, "Sneaky uniquely played an eight-string Fender cable pull steel tuned to B6 instead of the ... His unorthodox style of playing would immediately influence a number of second-generation country rock pedal steel players, ...
Both a sister and several brothers played musical instruments, while another sister played piano. The Wills family frequently ... who played steel guitar and bass. The band played regularly on Tulsa, Oklahoma radio station KVOO and added Leon McAuliffe on ... and the Wills family was either playing music, or someone was "always wanting us to play for them", in addition to raising ... "He was playing his violin and singing." There were two guitars and a banjo player with him. "Bob was in blackface and was the ...
... "so Elvis can play in heaven."[44] Prince William and Prince Harry, while in Memphis for a friend's wedding, visited Graceland ... as well as the dark brown upright piano upon which Elvis played for what were to be his last songs, Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes ... his first cousin Billy Smith and Billy's wife Jo played a game of racquetball ending the game with the song on the piano before ... Davidson, James W.(1985). The pilgrimage to Elvis Presley's Graceland: A study of the meanings of place Archived April 25, 2012 ...
He dances through the streets while singing and playing a tambourine. In the traditional songs, he introduces himself as a serf ... Art of crafting and playing with Kamantcheh/Kamancha, a bowed string musical instrument ... Tihrān : Dunyā-yi Kitāb, 1363 [1984 or 1985]. excerpt from page 520: مهرگان بزرگ باشد، و بعضی از مغان چنین گویند: که این فیروزی ...
When playing bass, Lynott always used an attacking style with a plectrum, playing eighth notes or triplets. His bass lines ... The band started playing shows in London during Lizzy's downtime in 1978, playing a mixture of popular Lizzy tracks and Pistols ... He joined his first band, the Black Eagles in 1965 as a lead singer, playing popular covers in local clubs around Dublin.[11][2 ... "I was asked to play drums to Phil and Ritchie jamming… Me and Eric looked at each other like, 'Well, that's the end of the band ...
Play media. A series of picture stories narrated in Bengali. Bengali (/bɛŋˈɡɔːli/),[7] also known by its endonym Bangla (/ˈbɑːŋ ... An incomplete chart is given by Sarkar (1985) of the following:[60] ...
... and play a crucial role in the maintenance of leaf water status and photosynthetic capacity.They also play a role in the ... Stomata therefore play the important role in allowing photosynthesis without letting the leaf dry out. In a typical leaf, the ... Prance, Ghillean Tolmie (1985). Leaves: the formation, characteristics and uses of hundreds of leaves found in all parts of the ...
Play media. Several drakes swim in a pond.. Since 1998, the mallard has been rated as a species of least concern on the IUCN ... Swanson, George A.; Meyer, Mavis I.; Adomaitis, Vyto A. (1985). "Foods consumed by breeding mallards on wetlands of south- ...
The solar wind plays a minor role in the destruction of water compared to photochemistry.[1] Larger dust particles are left ...
Plays. *The Meeting (1987). *The Mountaintop (2009). *I Dream (2010). *All the Way (2012) ...
The Duke is a capable golfer, playing off a low single-figure handicap.[106] He was Captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club ... Invincible was one of the two operational aircraft carriers available at the time, and, as such, was to play a major role in ... Photographs (1985) by HRH Prince Andrew, a book of photographs taken by Andrew ... and became re-acquainted with each other at Royal Ascot in 1985.[28] ...
Habang ang gawain,(na pagbuo ng piramide ng mga playing cards), ay nagdulot ng pagkakatanggal ng awtomatikong nominasyon ni ... Si Kathleen Lopeña-Ortega (Kapanganakan 21 Mayo 1985) ay 24 na taong gulang na Pilipino na ipinanganak at lumaki sa Espanya. ... Si Robert "Rob" Stumvoll (Kapanganakan 25 Hunyo 1985) ay 24 na taong gulang na kalahating Pilipino kalahating Austriano na ...
U2 (1991) · Pride: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays U2 (1999) · We Will Follow: A Tribute to U2 (1999) · With or Without ... Three (1979) · Wide Awake in America (1985) · Please: Popheart Live EP (1997) · 7 (2002) · Exclusive (2003) · Early Demos (2004 ... Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky (1983) · The Unforgettable Fire Collection (1985) · Achtung Baby the Videos, the ... Boy Tour (1980-1981) · October Tour (1981-1982) · War Tour (1982-1983) · The Unforgettable Fire Tour (1984-1985) · A Conspiracy ...
... are all thought to have played a role.[37] ... Wise, George (1985). "Science and Technology". Osiris (2nd ...
Cole played Katherine Mayfair's ex-husband Wayne on Desperate Housewives[4] and has played the dangerous drug lord Ted Jones in ... He played The Brady Bunch patriarch Mike Brady in the 1995 film The Brady Bunch Movie, the 1996 sequel A Very Brady Sequel, and ... He also played Joe Maxwell on DCOM Cadet Kelly and appeared as real-life astronaut Edgar Mitchell in HBO's recreation of ... Cole also played Bill Owens, Sy Parrish's (Robin Williams) boss, in the film One Hour Photo. ...
Wine tannins adds balance, complexity, structure and makes a wine last longer, so they play an important role in the aging of ... The consumption of alcohol plays an important social role in many cultures. Most countries have laws regulating the production ... In the United Kingdom, serving size in licensed premises is regulated under the Weights and Measures Act (1985). A single ...
... before playing Airdrieonians in the final. After a 0-0 draw at Broomfield Park, Derby beat their Scottish opponents 2-1 in the ... and then drawing with West Bromwich Albion but had now played a game more than the three teams below them (Leeds, Liverpool and ...
"Shadow Play" at IMDb Postcards from the Zone episode 1.56 Shadow Play. ... "Shadow Play" is the first segment of the twenty-third episode of the first season (1985-86) of the American television series ...
"List of games: Atari 2600 > Role-Playing > Console-style RPG". GameFAQs. Retrieved 2009-05-20. "Dunzhin (1982) - MobyGames". ... of all the hours spent on the system between September 1978 and May 1985. "Beneath Apple Manor for Apple II (1978) - MobyGames ...
ROBOT POWER 00100001 » Blog Archive » OMG!!1! WABOT-2 android plays keyboard (1985) ...
... play as an intervention, and play as an assessment tool. Difficulties in research methodology are cited. The appropriateness of ... and evidence is presented to provide encouragement for further inquiry into the study of autistic play. (Author/CL) ... the relationship of play in facilitating language and cognition, ... play as an intervention, and play as an assessment tool. ... The appropriateness of play therapy is questioned, and evidence is presented to provide encouragement for further inquiry into ...
Poll: Lets Play Scrabble!. A poll by pere-25366.. Many people know that if you score a word with all seven of your letters in ...
Source for information on Böll, Heinrich 1917-1985: Concise Major 21st Century Writers dictionary. ... 1985, at his home in Huertgen Forest in the Eifel Mountains, near Bonn, Germany; son of Viktor (a master furniture maker) and ... Heinrich 1917-1985(Heinrich Theodor Böll) PERSONAL: Born December 21, 1917, in Cologne, Germany; died of complications from ... Ein Schluck Erde (stage play), Kiepenheuer & Witsch (Cologne, Germany), 1962.. Zum Tee bei Dr. Borsig: Hoerspiele (radio plays ...
He further isolated himself with 2003s N.E.W.S., a four-song set of instrumental jams that sounded a lot more fun to play than ... it was his biggest hit since 1985. The following year, he released his 12th album, which was titled with a cryptic symbol; in ...
1985 in the Los Angeles Times news archives, including an extensive archive and timeline that can be browsed by date, keyword ... Ewing Punched, but Hoyas Win and Will Play St. Johns Associated Press. ...
Neurology: Proceedings of the XIIIth World Congress of Neurology Hamburg, September 1-6, 1985. byKlaus PoeckEditorHans-Joachim ... Title:Neurology: Proceedings of the XIIIth World Congress of Neurology Hamburg, September 1-6, 1985Format:PaperbackDimensions: ... Customer Reviews of Neurology: Proceedings of the XIIIth World Congress of Neurology Hamburg, September 1-6, 1985. ...
1985 in the Los Angeles Times news archives, including an extensive archive and timeline that can be browsed by date, keyword ... Hes Heading South for the Spring : Buford Looks to Shine at USC After Playing in Shadows at Stanford HOWARD G. KELLY JR., ... The Rams and Eagles Will Play : But Their Exhibition Is Not Attracting Too Many Buckeyes RICH ROBERTS, Times Staff Writer. ... A Born Comic Is Having Fun Playing The Heavy HILLIARD HARPER, Times Staff Writer. ...
Visit Baseball-Reference.com for the complete box score, play-by-play, and win probability ... Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was ... Play Index Player Finders: Season Finder, Game Finder, Streak Finder, Event Finder, Player Comparison Finder, Neutralized Stats ... Subscribe to the Play Index and get access to more data than you can imagine ...
humana-festival-of-new-american-plays. /. Humana Festival of New American Plays is an internationally renowned festival that ... Over the 400 plays (short pieces, ten-minute plays, one-acts, and full-lengths) the festival has produced, many have gone on to ... Jeff Augustins and Peter Sinn Nachtrieb s plays, Cry Old Kingdom and BOB: A Life in Five Acts respectively, have won the ... List of plays produced[5][edit]. 2016[6]. *Residence by Laura Jacqmin ...
Taylor Swift claims Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta wont let her play old hits. Yahoo Entertainment ... Disneyland allows woman to use free admission ticket from 1985. Yahoo Lifestyle ...
Plays, Short Stories, and Critical Essays In addition to his novels, Fuentes has written several plays, including Orchids in ... A three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Albee is most widely known for having written the play Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ( ... He writes, "Novels, stories, plays, chronicles, literary and political essays: Fuentess body of work is already one of the ... Fuentes continued to write short stories, novels, plays, and essays which usually address political or social concerns of ...
Alec McCowen played Dysart, and Peter Firth played Alan Strang. Later came the Broadway productions that starred Anthony ... Wolfe, G. Enjoying Equus: Jouissance in Shaffers Play. PSYART: A Hyperlink Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts. 15 ... "Equus - Broadway Play - Original - IBDB". www.ibdb.com. Archived from the original on 10 October 2017. Retrieved 9 May 2018.. ... Shaffer adapted the play for a 1977 film starring Richard Burton, Peter Firth, Eileen Atkins, Colin Blakely, Joan Plowright, ...
As a result the content has a rather general character; the main role is played by stochastic processes, positive semigroups, ...
1985. Learn more about what happened today on History. ... played simultaneously in host city Montevideo, Uruguay. The ... 1985 Live Aid concert. On July 13, 1985, at Wembley Stadium in London, Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially open Live ... For his 1985 surgeries, Reagan chose not to invoke the clause. By contrast, in 2002, President George W. Bush elected to make ... Reagans 1985 surgery was performed at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland. He was 74 years old at the time and Americas ...
Play media. President Reagans Address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, May 8, 1985.webm 46 min 35 s, 654 × ... Svenska: Denna kategori omfattar verk, händelser och allt annat som är relaterat till Frankrike under 1985. Notera: ... English: This category includes works, events and everything related to the history of France in 1985. Notes: ... Kategorin är INTE bara till för foton tagna under 1985, inte heller är den avsedd media som laddats upp eller skannats in under ...
1985. Learn more about what happened today on History. ... recording is exploited for commercial purposes-played on the ... 1985 Michael Jackson takes control of the Beatles publishing rights. Share this: *facebook ... It was sound financial advice that McCartney may have come to regret giving on this day in 1985, when Michael Jackson purchased ... More than 15 years later, in 1985, as ATV prepared to sell its entire publishing catalog, Paul McCartney anticipated purchasing ...
1985 In The tribunedigital-chicagotribune news archives, including an extensive archive and timeline that can be browsed by ... Getty Generosity Plays David To Dad`s Goliath By John Russell, New York Times News Service. ... Wmaq To Play Own, New Tune During Farm Aid By Eric Zorn. ... Joseph K` Doesn`t Play Like Dickens By Sid Smith, Entertainment ... DATE INDEX , WHAT HAPPENED ON SEPTEMBER 05, 1985. NEWS. *. Mayflower Descendants A Breed Apart By Michael Coakley, Chicago ...
e Google Play o Ь??. w q @ ɳ̤j q l Ѯw Ѩå[ J ӤH ?? A u n W ??γz L ?? ˸m Y iŪ ѡB аO I M g O C ...
Lehrb cher bei Google Play entdecken. Leihe beim gr ten E-Book-Shop der Welt B cher aus und spare beim Kauf. Lies und markiere ... 1985. 2. M rz 1985. 9. M rz 1985. 16. M rz 1985. 23. M rz 1985. 30. M rz 1985. 6. Apr. 1985. 13. Apr. 1985. 20. Apr. 1985. 27. ... 1985. 4. Mai 1985. 11. Mai 1985. 18. Mai 1985. 25. Mai 1985. 1. Juni 1985. 8. Juni 1985. 15. Juni 1985. 22. Juni 1985. 29. Juni ... 1985. 11. Jan. 1986. 18. Jan. 1986. 25. Jan. 1986. 1. Febr. 1986. 8. Febr. 1986. 15. Febr. 1986. 22. Febr. 1986. 1. M rz 1986. ...
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An economizer controller system having a plug and play recognition approach with an automatic user interface population ... A method for updating a user interface of an economizer system to enable a plug and play aspect of the economizer system, ... The sensor checker, type indicator and/or the mechanism for populating (and/or repopulating) may enable a plug and play aspect ... The economizer controller may have plug and play recognition.. U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,161,764, 4,570,448, and 7,434,413 may be ...
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The play structure includes play elements disposed at various locations and elevations throughout the play structure. Each play ... such as onto nearby play participants. The cannonball is then advantageously returned to the top of the vertical structure ... An interactive play structure is provided for facilitating team-oriented and/or group play to achieve a desired effect. ... element can be activated or operated by one or more play participants to complete steps in a chain of triggering events. The ...
Interleukin 2 plays a central role in Th2 differentiation. Javier Cote-Sierra, Gilles Foucras, Liying Guo, Lynda Chiodetti, ... Interleukin 2 plays a central role in Th2 differentiation. Javier Cote-Sierra, Gilles Foucras, Liying Guo, Lynda Chiodetti, ... Interleukin 2 plays a central role in Th2 differentiation. Javier Cote-Sierra, Gilles Foucras, Liying Guo, Lynda Chiodetti, ... Thus, IL-2 played a role in maintaining both IL-4-producing capacity and the open conformation of the Il4 gene, even among ...
Barnett, L., & Storm, B. (1981). Play, pleasure and pain: The reduction of anxiety through play. Leisure Science, 4, 161-175. ... Affective Process Divergent Thinking Play Therapy Play Condition Clinical Child Psychology These keywords were added by machine ... Sutton-Smith, B. (1966). Piaget on play-a critique. Psychological Review, 73, 104-110.PubMedCrossRefGoogle Scholar ... His play went on for about 30 minutes. He was totally engaged and comfortable and was clearly having a good time. He was also ...
It was released in January 2, 1985, on LP and October 17, 1990, on CD and cassette. The parenthetical s in the subtitle ... making it Buffetts most commercially successful.Despite its 1985 release date, the album only includes songs from 1973 to 1979 ... Via Google Play Music app on Android v4+, iOS v7+, or by exporting MP3 files to your computer and playing on any MP3 compatible ... Must have Great album and been in my music library since it came out in 1985. Since it is a compilation of songs from previous ...
Previous playlist , Back to Play Vertigo with Mayuko playlists , Next playlist --, RSS feeds for Play Vertigo with Mayuko: ... E-mail Mayuko , Other WFMU Playlists , All artists played by Play Vertigo with Mayuko , Listen on the Internet , Contact Us , ... I play music that is old and that is new. Some of it is digital while some is analog. It is from many different countries; ... Previous playlist , Back to Play Vertigo with Mayuko playlists , Next playlist --, January 18, 2016: Hotel Oriental 東方旅社 Listen ...
  • The number of serious crimes reported in Arlington County rose 2.4 percent from 1984 to 1985, reversing a trend of declining crime rates in recent years, according to statistics released yesterday by police. (washingtonpost.com)
  • Among the seven categories, only aggravated assaults dropped from 1984 to 1985. (washingtonpost.com)
  • Vehicle thefts, which rose 14 percent from 1984 to 1985, have been a growing problem not just in Arlington, but in other jurisdictions, Stover said. (washingtonpost.com)
  • Redinka's lesson: a play for one woman' 2nd draft 1984. (edu.au)
  • Equus is a drama play by Peter Shaffer written in 1973, telling the story of a psychiatrist who attempts to treat a young man who has a pathological religious fascination with horses. (wikipedia.org)
  • Despite its 1985 release date, the album only includes songs from 1973 to 1979. (google.com)
  • Roger Moore matched that total, between 1973 and 1985. (bbc.co.uk)
  • Scottish star Sean Connery first took on the role in 1962 and played him seven times, ending with Never Say Never Again in 1983. (bbc.co.uk)
  • His tenure as an Art Director continued throughout the 1970s and 1980s with films such as Star Wars (1977), Superman (1978), Alien (1979), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Never Say Never Again (1983) and Legend (1985). (bafta.org)
  • Played Assistant press officer in "Die Kinder" in 1990. (answers.com)
  • Played Emma in "The World of Eddie Weary" in 1990. (answers.com)
  • Played Karen Walford in "Medics" in 1990. (answers.com)
  • Influenced by Vygotsky (1962, 1967), the key foci have been language and to a lesser extent play. (lboro.ac.uk)
  • One of Cole s most charming recordings were the 1958 and 1962 albums, Cole Español and More Cole en Español, recorded in Havana and featuring Spanish lyrics. (sonicbids.com)
  • In the present study, we aimed to pilot a 6-week exercise intervention designed as active play and examine attendance rate, exercise intensity and children's perceptions of participating. (bmj.com)
  • The data analysed included attendance rate, exercise intensity assessed by heart rate (HR) monitoring during exercise sessions, registration and description of the active play exercise programme, 3 semistructured focus groups, field observations of 5 exercise sessions, and preintervention and postintervention testing. (bmj.com)
  • OBJECTIVE -To examine trends in death rates for hyperglycemic crisis (diabetic ketoacidosis or hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state) among adults with diabetes in the U.S. from 1985 to 2002. (diabetesjournals.org)
  • The trends from 1985 to 2002 were tested using joinpoint regression analysis. (diabetesjournals.org)
  • RESULTS -Deaths due to hyperglycemic crisis dropped from 2,989 in 1985 to 2,459 in 2002. (diabetesjournals.org)
  • In this study, we examined trends between 1985 and 2002 in death rates for hyperglycemic crisis among U.S. adults (≥18 years old) with diabetes. (diabetesjournals.org)
  • For each year from 1985 to 2002, we calculated death rates per 100,000 adults with diabetes by age-group (18-44, 45-64, and ≥65 years), race (white and black), and sex (male and female). (diabetesjournals.org)
  • Played Jess in "Looters" in 2002. (answers.com)
  • Emma Dean has: Played Student in "Blurred" in 2002. (answers.com)
  • Played Lorna Mitton in "Casualty" in 1986. (answers.com)
  • Emma Rice has: Played Mo in "Boon" in 1986. (answers.com)
  • Emma Bird has: Played Paula in "Screenplay" in 1986. (answers.com)
  • Played Maxine Price in "Casualty" in 1986. (answers.com)
  • Played (segment "La insaciable") in "El cuerpazo del delito" in 1970. (answers.com)
  • Played Esposa del coronel in "Vuelve el ojo de vidrio" in 1970. (answers.com)
  • The other two are Bill Dornbusch (1970) and Bob Morrison (1985). (baltimoresun.com)
  • David Niven and George Lazenby each played him once during the 1960s, while two films were released with Timothy Dalton in the lead role, The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989). (bbc.co.uk)
  • Disphoria 1985-1989' affords a vivid window into the lead-hearted mood of late '80s European darkwave, progressively getting faster, more unhinged and urgent over its duration as the sulphur-fuelled drum slaves and nervy arpeggios succumb to the channelled mania of their masters. (boomkat.com)
  • Played Meg (London) in "The Phantom of the Opera" in 1989. (answers.com)
  • Played Emma in "Tales from the Crypt" in 1989. (answers.com)
  • Played Rebecca in "The Governess" in 1998. (answers.com)
  • Played News Reader in "SketchWork TV" in 2011. (answers.com)
  • Become a member to see MOVIEmeter and news information about Playing House. (imdb.com)
  • Because it involves several interconnected mechanisms that are not observable, protein synthesis is often reported to be poorly understood by students (Fisher, 1985). (thefreelibrary.com)
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  • Church organists: Analysing their willingness to play ," Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly The Journal of Socio-Economics) , Elsevier, vol. 35(5), pages 854-867, October. (repec.org)
  • The role of play in Brazilian children's hospitals is highlighted, as well as the perspective of humanization in Brazil. (mdpi.com)
  • To understand the issue of play in Brazil, it is important to discuss hospitals in their social context, their history, current roles in children's care, humanization history and child development, according to the approaches of Piaget and Winnicott that are used in our culture. (mdpi.com)
  • Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing Brazil/THX 1138 near you. (fandango.com)
  • More than 15 years later, in 1985, as ATV prepared to sell its entire publishing catalog, Paul McCartney anticipated purchasing it himself, only to be thwarted by Michael Jackson, who was then at the peak of his financial power. (history.com)
  • Now, more than 50 years after the legendary 'Cole Español's release, saxophonist David Murray, a contemporary jazz great, reprises it as Cole En Español , in the company of a Cuban string band, giving the original repertoire a lush sonic canvas full of shimmering, sensual hues. (sonicbids.com)
  • Over the years on defense, we have had 10 or 12 guys who we could count on to play. (orlandosentinel.com)
  • Methods 6 children with asthma (4 boys, 2 girls) aged 10-12 years, participated in 60 min of active play exercise twice weekly. (bmj.com)
  • It was the band's breakthrough album internationally, helped by the success of the song "Oh Yeah", which gained the band worldwide attention the following year after it was prominently featured in the 1985 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off and then two years later in The Secret Of My Success. (hhv.de)
  • It's great to see he has developed into a player who looks destined to play for Newcastle for years and become a regular for England. (dailymail.co.uk)
  • Not here, where it played on Miami Beach without incident two years ago. (sun-sentinel.com)
  • The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn , one of the plays presented that year, went on to open on Broadway later that year and would win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1978. (wikipedia.org)
  • This category is NOT intended ONLY for photographs taken in 1985, nor is it intended for media uploaded or scanned in 1985, as the parent Category:France by year goes in time past the invention of photography, scanners or computers. (wikimedia.org)
  • Kategorin är INTE bara till för foton tagna under 1985, inte heller är den avsedd media som laddats upp eller skannats in under 1985, då överkategorin Category:France by year går tillbaka i tiden före fotografier, skanners och datorer fanns. (wikimedia.org)
  • He played football for the University of Tampa and has a 13-year pro career that covers four leagues. (orlandosentinel.com)
  • the Australian Open is played later this year). (chicagotribune.com)
  • To understand the sound business reasoning behind Jackson's move to take control of the publishing rights to some 251 Beatles' compositions, one must first understand some basic music-industry economics: Every time a copyrighted recording is exploited for commercial purposes-played on the radio, for instance, or used in a movie or television commercial-the party that uses that recording is required to pay a licensing fee. (history.com)
  • Research note: Young children's resolution of distress through play. (springer.com)
  • In Sabará Children's Hospital, the playroom is fully occupied with sick children exchanging feelings, experiences and ideas, while playing games, or painting, or listening to stories, according to the program designed for that day and hour. (mdpi.com)
  • The active play exercise sessions are described comprehensively, and relations with measurements and children's perceptions are outlined and discussed. (bmj.com)
  • When Firth left for Broadway, Dai Bradley took over the role of Alan in the London production, playing opposite Michael Jayston as Dr. Dysart. (wikipedia.org)
  • We show that IL-2 plays a central role in this process. (pnas.org)
  • Thus, IL-2 plays a critical role in the polarization of naive CD4 T cells to the Th2 phenotype. (pnas.org)
  • Here we show that IL-2 plays an essential role in Th2 priming, and its effects cannot be explained simply by its proliferation-inducing activity. (pnas.org)
  • How do race and environmental factors play a role in the incidence of asthma? (medscape.com)
  • Although genetic factors are of major importance in determining a predisposition to the development of asthma, environmental factors play a greater role than racial factors in asthma onset. (medscape.com)
  • Using a new animal model ( 22 ), we now present evidence that SP plays an important role in the severe seizures seen in self-sustaining status epilepticus (SSSE) and in modulating hippocampal excitability. (pnas.org)
  • Unlike previously described homologs, Notum 2 does not play a role in tissue patterning, but instead plays a novel role in axon guidance. (jneurosci.org)
  • This paper assesses the impact of introducing role playing, case studies, and simulation games into undergraduate courses in agricultural economics. (repec.org)
  • What role does cortisol reactivity play in the development of hypertension (high blood pressure)? (medscape.com)
  • What role do you think humans play in global warming? (topix.com)
  • Topix › Virginia › Caroline County › Bowling Green › What role do you think humans play in. (topix.com)
  • This is a site-wide discussion about the role humans play in global warming. (topix.com)
  • What role do you think we play? (topix.com)
  • What role do humans play in global warming? (topix.com)
  • So I decided to make protein synthesis come alive in the classroom by having the students role-play transcription and translation in the synthesis of a short polypeptide. (thefreelibrary.com)
  • The role-play was done separately in two sections, with 12 and 16 students in each, and took about 10 minutes to complete. (thefreelibrary.com)
  • Another variation is to have students dance to music while role-playing. (thefreelibrary.com)
  • Once all the base sequences were worked out, we pushed the desks and chairs against the wall to make space for the role-play. (thefreelibrary.com)
  • Emma plays the role of Pauline Fossil in the film. (answers.com)
  • The nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) plays a key role in the regulation of cellular responses to tissue injury. (ahajournals.org)
  • Looked at from another angle, her theater has an identity, a philosophy and focus, and is playing a cultural role. (sun-sentinel.com)
  • The Actor's Theater of Louisville hosted the first Festival of New American Plays in March 1977. (wikipedia.org)
  • Shaffer also adapted his play for a 1977 film of the same name . (wikipedia.org)
  • HBO adapted the 1987 nonfiction book by Randy Shilts, And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic , into this Emmy-winning docudrama starring Matthew Modine as Dr. Don Francis, an epidemiologist struggling to identify what would eventually become known as HIV/AIDS. (queerty.com)
  • Played Dancer in "Life Without George" in 1987. (answers.com)
  • Played Mama de Pilar in "Mujeres de medianoche" in 1969. (answers.com)
  • Played Rose in "Los siete proscritos" in 1969. (answers.com)
  • Written by a group of students to out-do Oubliette, it was to become the most successful PLATO game ever--it accounted for 6% of all the hours spent on the system between September 1978 and May 1985. (wikipedia.org)
  • Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet . (baseball-reference.com)
  • Slowly, Dysart makes contact with Alan by playing a game where each of them asks a question, which must be answered honestly. (wikipedia.org)
  • Support for the Kansas City Royals is surging across the Kansas City metropolitan area as the team prepares to face Oakland in Tuesday's do-or-die wild-card playoff game.The Country Club Plaza has been blanketed in blue in preparation for the Royals' first postseason appearance since 1985. (kmbc.com)
  • And, after winning their first game a week ago, the Renegades really want to play. (orlandosentinel.com)
  • That didn't keep him from playing as nickel back in the USFL championship game, but he was traded to the Renegades in December. (orlandosentinel.com)
  • Was UCF guard Aubrey Dawkins fouled during Duke game-winning play? (orlandosentinel.com)
  • I have only seen one striker play the game by standing still since the Second World War. (dailymail.co.uk)
  • I guess I'll have to play the game the way they used to play it. (baltimoresun.com)
  • Must have Great album and been in my music library since it came out in 1985. (google.com)
  • I play music that is old and that is new. (wfmu.org)
  • Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of InsideTheBook.com , and co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball . (baseball-reference.com)
  • Medical Coding Manual and Short Index, 1985. (cdc.gov)
  • Fuentes continued to write short stories, novels, plays, and essays which usually address political or social concerns of Mexico and central America. (encyclopedia.com)
  • This category includes works , events and everything related to the history of France in 1985 . (wikimedia.org)
  • Media illustrating events of 1985 in France should be added into the subcategory Category:1985 events in France . (wikimedia.org)
  • Media som illustrerar händelser under 1985 i Frankrike ska läggas i underkategorin Category:1985 events in France . (wikimedia.org)
  • Each play element can be activated or operated by one or more play participants to complete steps in a chain of triggering events. (google.ca)
  • When treatments are compared, any differences in outcome events may simply reflect the play of chance. (jameslindlibrary.org)
  • Increasing the number of events studied in research reduces the likelihood of being misled by the play of chance. (jameslindlibrary.org)
  • Both the utilitarian and hedonic values have an impact when users play games on these sites. (springer.com)
  • Play simple games like How Big Is Baby? (scholastic.com)
  • Results suggest pay does not attract the organ player to the position but being paid in situ increases their willingness to play, as do larger choir sizes and a better instrument quality. (repec.org)
  • Shadow Play" is the first segment of the twenty-third episode of the first season (1985-86) of the American television series The Twilight Zone, and is a remake of the original series episode of the same name. (wikipedia.org)
  • Played Secretaria (segment "El Guajolote") in "Los mediocres" in 1966. (answers.com)
  • Impossible, too, for the son of Holly Roller parents, discovering the Negro spiritual style in the time of Coltrane and during Ayler's best period, not to be political right down to his tenor-playing fingertips. (sonicbids.com)
  • She says this is as fine a time as any to play the pressurized U.S. Open . (chicagotribune.com)
  • Azinger, seeing the yet-to-be-opened 18-hole layout for the first time, asked if he could play it. (baltimoresun.com)
  • Daniel Craig is the seventh actor to play James Bond on film. (bbc.co.uk)
  • When anyone plays football whether it's professional, college, or high school you can get a concussion. (ipl.org)
  • Humana Festival of New American Plays is an internationally renowned festival that celebrates the contemporary American playwright. (wikipedia.org)
  • James Shields has got to be on point and we've got to find a way to contain Lester, because he's gone for our number all season," said fan John Blomquist.Former Royal Mark Huismann, who played during the regular season in 1985, was among those in the stands at Monday's rally. (kmbc.com)
  • Former Royal Mark Huismann, who played during the regular season in 1985, was among those in the stands at Monday's rally. (kmbc.com)
  • The 1985-86 WHL season was the 20th season for the Western Hockey League . (wikipedia.org)
  • Current Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey: United States, 1985. (cdc.gov)
  • Beginning with Tuesday`s first round, the sports world in general and the tennis world in particular will be treated to two weeks of off-Broadway entertainment that can rival any shows currently playing in Manhattan. (chicagotribune.com)
  • Players like McEnroe are in a different world, and I need to play them more if I want to be in that world,'' says the West German, who won Wimbledon without playing McEnroe, Jimmy Connors or Ivan Lendl. (chicagotribune.com)
  • The Symbolic and Object Play of Children with Autism: A Review. (ed.gov)
  • Effects of play on associative fluency in preschool-aged children. (springer.com)
  • The importance of play was recognized only in 2005, by incorporating the law that obliges each hospital to install a playroom when it has children in-patients. (mdpi.com)
  • A randomised controlled trial of active play exercise including children with asthma should be conducted to evaluate effect on PA level, physical fitness, asthma control and HRQoL. (bmj.com)
  • In-depth information about crucial elements of designing a randomised controlled trial of active play exercise in children with asthma is offered. (bmj.com)