Persons functioning as natural, adoptive, or substitute parents. The heading includes the concept of parenthood as well as preparation for becoming a parent.
The mixture of gases present in the earth's atmosphere consisting of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases.
Any substance in the air which could, if present in high enough concentration, harm humans, animals, vegetation or material. Substances include GASES; PARTICULATE MATTER; and volatile ORGANIC CHEMICALS.
The presence of contaminants or pollutant substances in the air (AIR POLLUTANTS) that interfere with human health or welfare, or produce other harmful environmental effects. The substances may include GASES; PARTICULATE MATTER; or volatile ORGANIC CHEMICALS.
Blocking of a blood vessel by air bubbles that enter the circulatory system, usually after TRAUMA; surgical procedures, or changes in atmospheric pressure.
The presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air. This term is not restricted to pathogenic organisms.
Child with one or more parents afflicted by a physical or mental disorder.
The contamination of indoor air.
The motion of air currents.
Thin-walled sacs or spaces which function as a part of the respiratory system in birds, fishes, insects, and mammals.
The maintenance of certain aspects of the environment within a defined space to facilitate the function of that space; aspects controlled include air temperature and motion, radiant heat level, moisture, and concentration of pollutants such as dust, microorganisms, and gases. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Air pollutants found in the work area. They are usually produced by the specific nature of the occupation.
The dissociation of molecules in the air into positive and negative ions under the influence of an electric field.
Automotive safety devices consisting of a bag designed to inflate upon collision and prevent passengers from pitching forward. (American Heritage Dictionary, 1982)
Particles of any solid substance, generally under 30 microns in size, often noted as PM30. There is special concern with PM1 which can get down to PULMONARY ALVEOLI and induce MACROPHAGE ACTIVATION and PHAGOCYTOSIS leading to FOREIGN BODY REACTION and LUNG DISEASES.
The force per unit area that the air exerts on any surface in contact with it. Primarily used for articles pertaining to air pressure within a closed environment.
The monitoring of the level of toxins, chemical pollutants, microbial contaminants, or other harmful substances in the environment (soil, air, and water), workplace, or in the bodies of people and animals present in that environment.
Nitrogen oxide (NO2). A highly poisonous gas. Exposure produces inflammation of lungs that may only cause slight pain or pass unnoticed, but resulting edema several days later may cause death. (From Merck, 11th ed) It is a major atmospheric pollutant that is able to absorb UV light that does not reach the earth's surface.
A natural, adoptive, or substitute parent of a dependent child, who lives with only one parent. The single parent may live with or visit the child. The concept includes the never-married, as well as the divorced and widowed.
The interactions between the professional person and the family.
Barriers used to separate and remove PARTICULATE MATTER from air.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
A highly toxic, colorless, nonflammable gas. It is used as a pharmaceutical aid and antioxidant. It is also an environmental air pollutant.
Male parents, human or animal.
The unstable triatomic form of oxygen, O3. It is a powerful oxidant that is produced for various chemical and industrial uses. Its production is also catalyzed in the ATMOSPHERE by ULTRAVIOLET RAY irradiation of oxygen or other ozone precursors such as VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS and NITROGEN OXIDES. About 90% of the ozone in the atmosphere exists in the stratosphere (STRATOSPHERIC OZONE).
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents in the environment or to environmental factors that may include ionizing radiation, pathogenic organisms, or toxic chemicals.
Any observable response or action of a child from 24 months through 12 years of age. For neonates or children younger than 24 months, INFANT BEHAVIOR is available.
Supplying a building or house, their rooms and corridors, with fresh air. The controlling of the environment thus may be in public or domestic sites and in medical or non-medical locales. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
Gases, fumes, vapors, and odors escaping from the cylinders of a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed & Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
An infant during the first month after birth.
Informed consent given by a parent on behalf of a minor or otherwise incompetent child.
A social group consisting of parents or parent substitutes and children.
A measure of the amount of WATER VAPOR in the air.
The training or bringing-up of children by parents or parent-substitutes. It is used also for child rearing practices in different societies, at different economic levels, in different ethnic groups, etc. It differs from PARENTING in that in child rearing the emphasis is on the act of training or bringing up the child and the interaction between the parent and child, while parenting emphasizes the responsibility and qualities of exemplary behavior of the parent.
Disturbances considered to be pathological based on age and stage appropriateness, e.g., conduct disturbances and anaclitic depression. This concept does not include psychoneuroses, psychoses, or personality disorders with fixed patterns.
Organized efforts by communities or organizations to improve the health and well-being of the child.
Public attitudes toward health, disease, and the medical care system.
The health status of the family as a unit including the impact of the health of one member of the family on the family as a unit and on individual family members; also, the impact of family organization or disorganization on the health status of its members.
Relating to the size of solids.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
A weight-carrying structure for navigation of the air that is supported either by its own buoyancy or by the dynamic action of the air against its surfaces. (Webster, 1973)
Refers to the whole process of grieving and mourning and is associated with a deep sense of loss and sadness.
The study of normal and abnormal behavior of children.
A form of bronchial disorder with three distinct components: airway hyper-responsiveness (RESPIRATORY HYPERSENSITIVITY), airway INFLAMMATION, and intermittent AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION. It is characterized by spasmodic contraction of airway smooth muscle, WHEEZING, and dyspnea (DYSPNEA, PAROXYSMAL).
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Collection, analysis, and interpretation of data about the frequency, distribution, and consequences of disease or health conditions, for use in the planning, implementing, and evaluating public health programs.
Air that is reduced in volume by pressure.
An enduring, learned predisposition to behave in a consistent way toward a given class of objects, or a persistent mental and/or neural state of readiness to react to a certain class of objects, not as they are but as they are conceived to be.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
The exchange or transmission of ideas, attitudes, or beliefs between individuals or groups.
Fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters equipped for air transport of patients.
Children who have reached maturity or the legal age of majority.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
Contamination of the air by tobacco smoke.
Any observable response or action of an adolescent.
Behavioral, psychological, and social relations among various members of the nuclear family and the extended family.
Studies in which variables relating to an individual or group of individuals are assessed over a period of time.
The behavior patterns associated with or characteristic of a father.
Children with mental or physical disabilities that interfere with usual activities of daily living and that may require accommodation or intervention.
Educational institutions.
Voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be as one's own child, usually with legal confirmation.
That branch of medicine dealing with the studies and effects of flight through the atmosphere or in space upon the human body and with the prevention or cure of physiological or psychological malfunctions arising from these effects. (from NASA Thesaurus)
Aspects of health and disease related to air travel. It includes the physiologic and psychologic beneficial or adverse effects.
Care of CHILDREN in the home or in an institution.
Stress wherein emotional factors predominate.
Colloids with a gaseous dispersing phase and either liquid (fog) or solid (smoke) dispersed phase; used in fumigation or in inhalation therapy; may contain propellant agents.
The interactions between individuals of different generations. These interactions include communication, caring, accountability, loyalty, and even conflict between related or non-related individuals.
Compounds that accept electrons in an oxidation-reduction reaction. The reaction is induced by or accelerated by exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum of visible or ultraviolet light.
Organized services to provide health care for children.
A large or important municipality of a country, usually a major metropolitan center.
Procedures and programs that facilitate the development or skill acquisition in infants and young children who have disabilities, who are at risk for developing disabilities, or who are gifted. It includes programs that are designed to prevent handicapping conditions in infants and young children and family-centered programs designed to affect the functioning of infants and children with special needs. (From Journal of Early Intervention, Editorial, 1989, vol. 13, no. 1, p. 3; A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, prepared for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, 1976)
Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.
Divisions of the year according to some regularly recurrent phenomena usually astronomical or climatic. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
A colorless, odorless gas that can be formed by the body and is necessary for the respiration cycle of plants and animals.
The genetic process of crossbreeding between genetically dissimilar parents to produce a hybrid.
A phase transition from liquid state to gas state, which is affected by Raoult's law. It can be accomplished by fractional distillation.
The status of health in urban populations.
The aggregate of social and cultural institutions, forms, patterns, and processes that influence the life of an individual or community.
A behavior disorder originating in childhood in which the essential features are signs of developmentally inappropriate inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Although most individuals have symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity, one or the other pattern may be predominant. The disorder is more frequent in males than females. Onset is in childhood. Symptoms often attenuate during late adolescence although a minority experience the full complement of symptoms into mid-adulthood. (From DSM-V)
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Educational attainment or level of education of individuals.
The continuous sequential physiological and psychological maturing of an individual from birth up to but not including ADOLESCENCE.
Interaction between the father and the child.
The vapor state of matter; nonelastic fluids in which the molecules are in free movement and their mean positions far apart. Gases tend to expand indefinitely, to diffuse and mix readily with other gases, to have definite relations of volume, temperature, and pressure, and to condense or liquefy at low temperatures or under sufficient pressure. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
The record of descent or ancestry, particularly of a particular condition or trait, indicating individual family members, their relationships, and their status with respect to the trait or condition.
An element with atomic symbol O, atomic number 8, and atomic weight [15.99903; 15.99977]. It is the most abundant element on earth and essential for respiration.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents that occurs as a result of one's occupation.
Size and composition of the family.
Struggle or disagreement between parents, parent and child or other members of a family.
The process by which the nature and meaning of sensory stimuli are recognized and interpreted.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
Carbon monoxide (CO). A poisonous colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It combines with hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin, which has no oxygen carrying capacity. The resultant oxygen deprivation causes headache, dizziness, decreased pulse and respiratory rates, unconsciousness, and death. (From Merck Index, 11th ed)
Living facilities for humans.
The magnitude of INBREEDING in humans.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
The inhabitants of a city or town, including metropolitan areas and suburban areas.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
The state of the ATMOSPHERE over minutes to months.
Persons who provide care to those who need supervision or assistance in illness or disability. They may provide the care in the home, in a hospital, or in an institution. Although caregivers include trained medical, nursing, and other health personnel, the concept also refers to parents, spouses, or other family members, friends, members of the clergy, teachers, social workers, fellow patients.
Interaction between a mother and child.
A person authorized to decide or act for another person, for example, a person having durable power of attorney.
Deliberate breeding of two different individuals that results in offspring that carry part of the genetic material of each parent. The parent organisms must be genetically compatible and may be from different varieties or closely related species.
The application of heat to raise the temperature of the environment, ambient or local, or the systems for accomplishing this effect. It is distinguished from HEAT, the physical property and principle of physics.
The property of objects that determines the direction of heat flow when they are placed in direct thermal contact. The temperature is the energy of microscopic motions (vibrational and translational) of the particles of atoms.
The formally authorized guardianship or care of a CHILD.
The authorized absence from work of either parent prior to and after the birth of their child. It includes also absence because of the illness of a child or at the time of the adoption of a child. It does not include leave for care of siblings, parents, or other family members: for this FAMILY LEAVE is available.
Group composed of associates of same species, approximately the same age, and usually of similar rank or social status.
A technique using a pneumatic, high-pressure stream of aluminum oxide to remove DENTAL ENAMEL; DENTIN; and restorative materials from teeth. In contrast to using DENTAL HIGH-SPEED EQUIPMENT, this method usually requires no dental anesthesia (ANESTHESIA, DENTAL) and reduces risks of tooth chipping and microfracturing. It is used primarily for routine DENTAL CAVITY PREPARATION.
Support systems that provide assistance and encouragement to individuals with physical or emotional disabilities in order that they may better cope. Informal social support is usually provided by friends, relatives, or peers, while formal assistance is provided by churches, groups, etc.
Earth or other matter in fine, dry particles. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
The training or molding of an individual through various relationships, educational agencies, and social controls, which enables him to become a member of a particular society.
Acquisition of knowledge as a result of instruction in a formal course of study.
Either of the pair of organs occupying the cavity of the thorax that effect the aeration of the blood.
Interactions and relationships between sisters and/or brothers. The concept also applies to animal studies.
Diseases of the respiratory system in general or unspecified or for a specific respiratory disease not available.
Persons or animals having at least one parent in common. (American College Dictionary, 3d ed)
A form of group psychotherapy. It involves treatment of more than one member of the family simultaneously in the same session.
Any type of research that employs nonnumeric information to explore individual or group characteristics, producing findings not arrived at by statistical procedures or other quantitative means. (Qualitative Inquiry: A Dictionary of Terms Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1997)
Personality construct referring to an individual's perception of the locus of events as determined internally by his or her own behavior versus fate, luck, or external forces. (ERIC Thesaurus, 1996).
A method of data collection and a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH tool in which a small group of individuals are brought together and allowed to interact in a discussion of their opinions about topics, issues, or questions.
The reciprocal interaction of two or more persons.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
Education that increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of health on a personal or community basis.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
Care of infants in the home or institution.
A family composed of spouses and their children.
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
Emotional attachment to someone or something in the environment.
Normal, appropriate sorrowful response to an immediate cause. It is self-limiting and gradually subsides within a reasonable time.
Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a benefit or service received.
The maximum exposure to a biologically active physical or chemical agent that is allowed during an 8-hour period (a workday) in a population of workers, or during a 24-hour period in the general population, which does not appear to cause appreciable harm, whether immediate or delayed for any period, in the target population. (From Lewis Dictionary of Toxicology, 1st ed)
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
A usually four-wheeled automotive vehicle designed for passenger transportation and commonly propelled by an internal-combustion engine using a volatile fuel. (Webster, 1973)
The determination and evaluation of personality attributes by interviews, observations, tests, or scales. Articles concerning personality measurement are considered to be within scope of this term.
Includes two similar disorders: oppositional defiant disorder and CONDUCT DISORDERS. Symptoms occurring in children with these disorders include: defiance of authority figures, angry outbursts, and other antisocial behaviors.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Assessment of psychological variables by the application of mathematical procedures.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
A generic concept reflecting concern with the modification and enhancement of life attributes, e.g., physical, political, moral and social environment; the overall condition of a human life.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
Inorganic oxides that contain nitrogen.
Freedom from exposure to danger and protection from the occurrence or risk of injury or loss. It suggests optimal precautions in the workplace, on the street, in the home, etc., and includes personal safety as well as the safety of property.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Truthful revelation of information, specifically when the information disclosed is likely to be psychologically painful ("bad news") to the recipient (e.g., revelation to a patient or a patient's family of the patient's DIAGNOSIS or PROGNOSIS) or embarrassing to the teller (e.g., revelation of medical errors).
The act of breathing with the LUNGS, consisting of INHALATION, or the taking into the lungs of the ambient air, and of EXHALATION, or the expelling of the modified air which contains more CARBON DIOXIDE than the air taken in (Blakiston's Gould Medical Dictionary, 4th ed.). This does not include tissue respiration (= OXYGEN CONSUMPTION) or cell respiration (= CELL RESPIRATION).
A major group of unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbons containing two or more rings. The vast number of compounds of this important group, derived chiefly from petroleum and coal tar, are rather highly reactive and chemically versatile. The name is due to the strong and not unpleasant odor characteristic of most substances of this nature. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 12th ed, p96)
Adaptation of the person to the social environment. Adjustment may take place by adapting the self to the environment or by changing the environment. (From Campbell, Psychiatric Dictionary, 1996)
Behavioral responses or sequences associated with eating including modes of feeding, rhythmic patterns of eating, and time intervals.
Promotion and protection of the rights of children; frequently through a legal process.
Inhaling and exhaling the smoke of burning TOBACCO.
Disorders in which there is a delay in development based on that expected for a given age level or stage of development. These impairments or disabilities originate before age 18, may be expected to continue indefinitely, and constitute a substantial impairment. Biological and nonbiological factors are involved in these disorders. (From American Psychiatric Glossary, 6th ed)
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
The behavior patterns associated with or characteristic of a mother.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution.
Preventive health services provided for students. It excludes college or university students.
The external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.
Spontaneous or voluntary recreational activities pursued for enjoyment and accessories or equipment used in the activities; includes games, toys, etc.
Noises, normal and abnormal, heard on auscultation over any part of the RESPIRATORY TRACT.
The motion of air relative to the earth's surface.
Organic compounds that have a relatively high VAPOR PRESSURE at room temperature.
AUTOMOBILES, trucks, buses, or similar engine-driven conveyances. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Predisposition to react to one's environment in a certain way; usually refers to mood changes.
Design, development, manufacture, and operation of heavier-than-air AIRCRAFT.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
Feeling or emotion of dread, apprehension, and impending disaster but not disabling as with ANXIETY DISORDERS.
The science of controlling or modifying those conditions, influences, or forces surrounding man which relate to promoting, establishing, and maintaining health.
A stratum of people with similar position and prestige; includes social stratification. Social class is measured by criteria such as education, occupation, and income.
Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.
Facilities which provide care for pre-school and school-age children.
Exposure of the female parent, human or animal, to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents in the environment or to environmental factors that may include ionizing radiation, pathogenic organisms, or toxic chemicals that may affect offspring. It includes pre-conception maternal exposure.
Statistical models in which the value of a parameter for a given value of a factor is assumed to be equal to a + bx, where a and b are constants. The models predict a linear regression.
Studies which start with the identification of persons with a disease of interest and a control (comparison, referent) group without the disease. The relationship of an attribute to the disease is examined by comparing diseased and non-diseased persons with regard to the frequency or levels of the attribute in each group.
Special hospitals which provide care for ill children.
Research carried out by nurses concerning techniques and methods to implement projects and to document information, including methods of interviewing patients, collecting data, and forming inferences. The concept includes exploration of methodological issues such as human subjectivity and human experience.
Legal dissolution of an officially recognized marriage relationship.
A disorder beginning in childhood. It is marked by the presence of markedly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a markedly restricted repertoire of activity and interest. Manifestations of the disorder vary greatly depending on the developmental level and chronological age of the individual. (DSM-V)
A repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic rights of others or major age-appropriate societal norms or rules are violated. These behaviors include aggressive conduct that causes or threatens physical harm to other people or animals, nonaggressive conduct that causes property loss or damage, deceitfulness or theft, and serious violations of rules. The onset is before age 18. (From DSM-IV, 1994)
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Helium. A noble gas with the atomic symbol He, atomic number 2, and atomic weight 4.003. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is not combustible and does not support combustion. It was first detected in the sun and is now obtained from natural gas. Medically it is used as a diluent for other gases, being especially useful with oxygen in the treatment of certain cases of respiratory obstruction, and as a vehicle for general anesthetics. (Dorland, 27th ed)
To utter an inarticulate, characteristic sound in order to communicate or express a feeling, or desire for attention.
A process of separating particulate matter from a fluid, such as air or a liquid, by passing the fluid carrier through a medium that will not pass the particulates. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The different ways GENES and their ALLELES interact during the transmission of genetic traits that effect the outcome of GENE EXPRESSION.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
The personality pattern or syndrome consisting of behavioral and attitudinal characteristics reflecting a preoccupation with the factors of power and authority in interpersonal relationships.
Human artificial insemination in which the semen used is that of a man other than the woman's husband.
A household that includes children and is headed by one adult.
The level of health of the individual, group, or population as subjectively assessed by the individual or by more objective measures.
Severe distortions in the development of many basic psychological functions that are not normal for any stage in development. These distortions are manifested in sustained social impairment, speech abnormalities, and peculiar motor movements.
Experimental devices used in inhalation studies in which a person or animal is either partially or completely immersed in a chemically controlled atmosphere.
The social institution involving legal and/or religious sanction whereby individuals are joined together.
The atmospheric properties, characteristics and other atmospheric phenomena especially pertaining to WEATHER or CLIMATE.
A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
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In October 2004, Air Canada hired Dion as part of their promotional campaign to unveil new service products and an updated ... "Beyoncé got parenting tip from Celine Dion: 'I use a mommy voice' - Showbiz News". Digital Spy. 17 May 2013. Retrieved 18 April ... "You and I", the theme song sung by Dion, was written by advertising executives working for Air Canada. Dion has actively ... "A Canadian liftoff; Dion 'flattered' her Air Canada ad chosen as Clinton's campaign song". National Post. 20 June 2007. pg A3. ...
"Back air traffic controllers, French teachers urged," Globe and Mail, 27 August 1976, p. 9; "The parties' drive for big names ... Parent, Réjean. "Guy Bisaillon, mort dans la discrétion". Le Journal de Montréal. Retrieved 7 July 2017. Guy Bisaillon ( ... an organization of francophone air traffic controllers who were fighting a federal regulation restricting the use of French in ...
"RAF Shawbury - Where We Parent". Royal Air Force. Archived from the original on 14 June 2018. Retrieved 28 July 2018. " ... "RAF Shawbury". Royal Air Force. Retrieved 1 September 2020. "RAF Shawbury". Royal Air Force. Archived from the original on 14 ... The squadron was joined at Shawbury by 705 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) and No. 660 Squadron of the Army Air Corps. The school was ... The DHFS trained all military helicopter crews for the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm and the British Army's Army ...
"RAF Shawbury - Where We Parent". Royal Air Force. Archived from the original on 14 June 2018. Retrieved 28 July 2018. Dufton, ... "705 Naval Air Squadron". Royal Navy. Archived from the original on 20 July 2018. Retrieved 28 July 2018. "705 Naval Air ... Staplefield, West Sussex, UK: Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd., 2007. ISBN 0-85130-365-X. Air of Authority - RAF Flying Training ... Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm and the British Army's Army Air Corps. Airbus provides and maintains the Juno HT1 and Jupiter HT1 ...
... parents unknown ... unheard of ... he having vanished ... thin air ... no sooner buttoned up his breeches ... she similarly ...
"The Parent." McClure's Magazine, November 1904: 90,101. Carter, Marion Hamilton. "Death-Dealing Ventilation: Foul Air Forced ... "The Parent." McClure's Magazine, November 1904: 90-101. "One Man and his Town." McClure's Magazine, January 1908: 275. "[The ... Setting the story in Wyoming ranch country, she argues that the mixture of races between the protagonist Dora's parents-her ... "Death-Dealing Ventilation: Foul Air Forced Through School Buildings by New Process." Letter to the Editor, The New York Times, ...
". "A parent's review: Recess Monkey's Wired". "Review: Hot Air - Recess Monkey". "We All Scream for Recess Monkey's New ... an on-air host on SiriusXM Satellite Radio's Kids Place Live, channel 78; and an author published on Compendium Inc. Forman has ... Hot Air (2015) Novelties (2016) Family Photo Album (2018) Songs From the Monkey House won a 2017 NAPPA Award for its "witty" ... ". "A Parent's Review: 'Flying' CD from Recess Monkey". "Review: Recess Monkey - Deep Sea Diver". "Review: Desert Island Disc ...
John Austin (26 October 1996). "New FM radio station hits air at 93.3". Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Retrieved 25 January 2013. ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Laura Castaneda (23 August 1994). "Heftel buys parent of KICI, KESS". The Dallas ...
The show replaces Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu series time slot and airs Monday to Saturday. Later it rescheduled to air daily ... Rasathi is a single-parent's child. So, her mother Shenbakavalli and their family along with Rasathi father's friend ... The plot of the story is taken from the Badho Bahu serial, which airs on &TV. Rasathi - A plump girl. She faces prejudice due ... It airs in Sri Lanka, Singapore, the United States, Europe, Malaysia, Mauritius, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, South ...
Currently, the station airs the news at 5:30, 6 and 11 p.m. on weekdays and 6 and 11 p.m. on weekends. Channel 9 branded TV ... "WBOC parent company to acquire WRDE". Salisbury Daily Times. Gannett Company. Retrieved August 21, 2018. "Consummation Notice ... "WRDE Now Available Over-the-Air in HD". Retrieved 2019-06-17. RabbitEars TV Query for WRDE-LD "Get Cozi TV". ... The station first signed on the air as W59DZ on May 5, 2004; originally licensed to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and broadcasting ...
Parents going through a parenting skills training program were reported a decrease in internalizing and externalizing behavior ... "Students with Emotional Disturbance: Eligibility and Characteristics". Archived from the original on 18 October ... Treatment for these types of behaviors should include the parents as it is evident that their parenting skills impact on how ... SEDNET 2A Services: Family Services Planning Team (FSPT)- agencies, school officials and SEDNET meet with parents to assist and ...
"Parent teacher nights". TV Week (42). "Consolidated Metropolitan Top 20 Programs 5 City Ranking Report - Free To Air Only Week ... The season began airing on 26 June 2012 in the 8:30 pm timeslot on Tuesdays. Returning supporting cast members included Michala ... On 5 July 2011, it was announced that Seven had renewed Winners & Losers for a second season to air in 2012. Filming for the ... The second season of the television drama series Winners & Losers aired from 26 June to 27 November 2012 on the Seven Network ...
In addition to airing on Milkshake! and Nick Jr. in the UK and Ireland, the series was aired on Nick Jr. from 1 February 2009 ... The series won a silver Parents' Choice Award for its positive storylines and characters. The series premiered on 26 January ... When she throws four oranges in the air they disappear. When she looks up, she realizes Ian who is standing on the stairs above ... Retrieved 11 February 2014. Crump, William D. (2019). Happy Holidays-Animated! A Worldwide Encyclopedia of ...
In addition, parent network TBN runs a "Smile" block on Saturday mornings. On October 26, 2015, KTV aired a block of Smile ... The following week, the time share was modified so that Smile would air from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern), with JUCE airing the ... It also airs family-oriented movies with religious/inspirational themes on Friday afternoons and Saturday evenings. Programs in ... Smile (shortened from its former name of Smile of a Child) is an American Christian free-to-air television network owned and ...
"Fast-Food Chain Airs Controversial Ad". July 2, 2009. Archived from the original on July 5, 2009. "Racy Super ... Hardees also used to operate in Hong Kong, but it pulled out in 2006, due to licensing issues with its US parent. Specifically ... In April 1997, CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Carl's Jr., paid $327 million to Montreal-based Imasco ... In April 1997, CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Carl's Jr., bought Hardee's from Imasco for $327 million. ...
... aired in the United States on NBC from September 19 to October 3, 2011. The series also aired in Canada on the ... "Parents group objects to skin in NBC pilot". United Press International. April 2, 2011. Archived from the original on October ... and Hodge said, "I'm sure they're going to beg to air it soon. I think once they see the show and where future episodes can go ... Maher was closeted before taking the role and he publicly came out as the show aired because he felt the series was a good ...
The series also aired on Disney Junior in Canada on January 24, Disney Junior in Australia on March 17, Disney Junior in Asia ... 30!". POPSUGAR UK Parenting. Retrieved November 6, 2020. Douglas, Edward (June 11, 2019). "Syndicated Comics". The Beat. ... The series, originally airing as Mickey and the Roadster Racers for its first two seasons, debuted on Disney Junior in the ... It aired in the daytime Disney Junior programming block for younger audiences. The plot revolves around Chip and Dale venturing ...
UHF TV channel 31 preceded KFDM by about a year, but went off the air less than a year after its sign on. For years, channel 6 ... Parents Television Council. Archived from the original on 2003-11-25. Retrieved April 27, 2018. "KFDM, Time Warner reach deal ... and is the oldest on-air TV station in the Beaumont-Port Arthur market. ... to air SLC network". Beaumont Enterprise. Hearst Newspapers. September 8, 2008. Retrieved April 27, 2018. Guy, Colin (November ...
"Hot Air". Parents' Choice Foundation. Retrieved 2015-09-16. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link), NetMan ... Their 2015 album Hot Air was awarded the gold medal by the Parent's Choice Award board, which praised its "irresistible ... Recess Monkey's 2015 audio album Hot Air was released with a tandem 40-minute DVD video also entitled Hot Air which tells a ... "HOT AIR from RECESS MONKEY - KIDS FIRST! Reviews and Videos". Retrieved 2015-09-16. CS1 maint: discouraged ...
In 2009, the siblings manipulate their parents to get them back together in marriage. The storyline, inspired by The Parent ... On-Air On-Soaps said Wood had the "unique challenge" of making the despised character into a more complex and well-rounded one ... At press time, Wood was scheduled for a "handful" of episodes, which began airing on January 30, 2015. Wood revealed that she ... There's always a tactic, always a strategy." Steffy and her brother Thomas have always dreamed of their parents Ridge (Ronn ...
"Stobart Air parent Connect Airways in administration". ch-aviation. 18 March 2020. "Stobart executives to net £10m in deal". ... Flybe and Stobart Air would however retain their own Air Operator Certificates and Stobart Air's other wet lease operations and ... Flybe and Stobart Air would have however retained their own Air Operator Certificates and Stobart Air's other wet lease ... Haughey Airports Ltd was then renamed Stobart Air Ltd. After the reverse takeover in 2007, the Stobart Air operation remained ...
The Allegiant Travel Company was founded in 1999 as the parent company of Allegiant Air, which itself had been founded in 1997 ... The Allegiant Travel Company is an American travel and hospitality company that is the parent of Allegiant Air. Other ... Compart, Andrew (19 May 2006). "Allegiant Air's parent files plan for IPO". Travel Weekly. Retrieved 16 June 2020. Kim, Yung ( ... Allegiant Air was founded in 1997 and is the ninth-largest commercial airline in the United States as of January 2020. Part of ...
Ground-level ozone and other air pollutants can trigger asthma flare-ups. But there are steps you can take to minimize your ... Improving the air quality in your home is also wise. You can do this by using an air cleaner, venting all gas appliances to the ... Check the Air Quality Index. If you live in an area with poor air quality, pay attention to pollution levels. You can get daily ... How Does Air Quality Affect Asthma?. Pollutants in the air have the same effect on kids with asthma as other triggers. They ...
UAL is the parent company of passenger carrier United Air Lines, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2002.] ... United Air Parent Leaves Soar Feelings. UAL (UAUA: Nasdaq) By Bear Stearns ($30. ... Alaska Air Group ) of 14.9% in 2006 and 16.4% in 2007, the shares are trading at 4.9 times our 2007 Ebitdar, 20% below the ...
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth New Parent Support Program ... Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth New Parent Support Program ... Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth * ...
The Pica Tool Kits for Parents and Professionals help parents and primary care providers understand more about pica, the signs ... ATN/AIR-P Pica Guide for Parents Pica, the repeated eating of non-food items, is the eating disorder most often displayed by ... The Pica Tool Kits for Parents and Professionals help parents and primary care providers understand more about pica, the signs ... Things parents can do. Treatments that require professional help. "These materials are the product of on-going activities of ...
Browse Profiles & Photos of Single Parents Women in Bel Air Estates, CA! Join, the leader in online dating with more ... Single Parents Women in Bel Air Estates, CA. The Golden State of California is place to find online singles from If ... Start searching for Bel Air Estates, California singles looking for love just like you. Lets get it started! Create your free ... Bel Air Estates personals ad to begin attracting your personal faves today. ...
And there almost certainly would not have been a death except that the Miatas steering-column air bag detonated on impact, as ... He thinks carmakers should provide pedal extenders so short people can sit farther back where an exploding air bag can do less ... The Greenbergs dont dispute the safety benefits of air bags, which are credited with saving more than 900 lives since their ... Sitting in their living room surrounded by photos of their daughter, her husband added: "Parents are supposed to go before ...
Since newborns and young children spend so much time in their rooms, a critical component of this includes the indoor air ... For many soon-to-be parents, one of the primary tasks they hope to accomplish before the birth of their child is getting the ... California Parents Turn to LA Testing to Ensure Healthy Indoor Air Quality. ... indoor air quality tests. VOC testing services. Contact Information. Joseph Frasca. Senior Vice President of Marketing. LA ...
Parents of Deaf Afghan Children -- On The Air. In these short scripts from a radio series, Afghan parents and a counsellor ... Parents of Deaf Afghan Children -- On The Air Miles, M. 2007. ... Those parents will be back in a week or two, to report how they ... It seemed better to try to build up parents confidence, encouraging them to do what any well-informed parent can do at home, i ... Independent Living Institute (ILI) » Library » Parents of Deaf Afghan Children -- On The Air ...
States are wrestling with how far to go in requiring parents to vaccinate their school-aged children. The story of one Vermont ... Parents Square Off Over School Vaccine Rules. By Mike Bock on September 28, 2017 4:47 PM , No comments ... In this PBS Newshour segment, Education Week correspondent Lisa Stark spoke to parents on both sides of the issue-those who ... Education Weeks blogs > On Air: A Video Blog Visit Us on YouTube ...
... deadly pollution makes Ulaanbataars air too toxic for children to breathe, leaving parents little choice but to evacuate them ... Toxic air in city tears apart families in Mongolia, as parents send their children to countryside. ... Respiratory problems are the most obvious effect of air pollution, but research suggests dirty air can also put children at ... Deadly pollution makes Ulaanbaatars air too toxic for children to breathe, leaving parents little choice but to evacuate them ...
TZOA is a new wearable device to measure air quality and UV rays thats a brilliant idea for new parents in particular. Heres ... green parenting, green tech, iOS apps, iPhone apps, new technology, parenting tools, parents lifesavers, UV, wearable tech ... New parents who want to monitor the air quality in the babys nursery; a sunscreen check before sending your kids out on a ... which I always wonder is doing some not-so-good things to the air in our house. And for parents with kids who suffer from ...
One important threat to child health posed by household air pollution is pneumonia, which is the leading infectious cause of ... Air pollution health risks: A recent World Health Organization report showed that over 100,000 children under five in India ... died due to indoor and outdoor air pollution in 2016. ... Air pollution and chid health: prescribing clean air. 2018. ... Home » Living Healthy » Air Pollution Can Increase The Risk Of Pneumonia: Heres What Parents Can Do To Protect Their Kids ...
90% of this air pollution was released by 13 companies. ... show that over 5.7 million pounds of air pollution were ... but not the ultimate parent company. To the best of our ability, we have identified the ultimate parent company of each of the ... Hurricane Harvey Air Pollution: Interactive Database. Air Pollution Reported by Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, and Industrial ... Air Alliance Houston: Hurricane Links and Resources; and Air Pollution in the News (Harvey) ...
Air Show. In this Dinosaur Train game, your child can learn about counting, distance and trajectory as he tries to land his ...
Air Times. CBC Network. Times. Radio One. Weekdays 4-6 p.m. ET. ... Minor hockey cracking down on rowdy parents. The Ontario Minor ... Hockey Association is making parents take an online program designed to improve behaviour at games and in the locker room. Will ...
... were suspended from school in Virginia Beach for the high crime of playing with an airsoft gun on their parents ... Schools Are Not Parents By Charles C. W. Cooke * About Charles C. W. Cooke ... If a childs parents are unreconstructed racists and expose him to all sorts of bigotry at home, are we to assume that he can ... It really should not need saying that parents who choose to give their children legal toy weapons on their own property are ...
JUDGES in the European Court of Human Rights have rejected a plea from the parents of terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard to ... AIR BASE INTRUDER. US troops surround military plane as Brit driver tried to ram checkpoint ... His parents were seen looking emotional after the Supreme Court ruling earlier this month. Charlies parents raised nearly £1.4 ... Charlies parents had posted a touching photo of the the tot clutching his passport as they hoped he could be taken for ...
AIR FARCE 1. Brit jailed and banned from US for life after officials find text to girlfriend ... Toddler with sepsis left fighting for his life following leg amputation after parents believed he had a cold. Loki Whiteside ... AIR FARCE 1. Brit jailed and banned from US for life after officials find text to girlfriend ... Terrifying video of baby Chloe Pierce who nearly died from sepsis that mum Katie Goulbourn wants every parent to see ...
Parents Guide:. View content advisory » Edit Details. Official Sites:. Official Facebook Country:. USA ... Up in the Air (2009) R , 1h 49min , Comedy, Drama, Romance , 23 December 2009 (USA) ... Up In The Air takes a strange premise that could easily feel stale or cold, especially given the perfunctory connotation that ... While it is only implied, many of the air shots of the cities visited are not winter shots, but have trees in full leaf. All ...
Parents Guide:. Add content advisory for parents » Edit Details. Country:. Canada Language:. English ...
Parents and Students. Parents and students who are passionate about clean, healthy indoor air are often effective members of a ... Parents and Students. What Actions Can You Take to Improve Your Schools Indoor Air Quality?. *Access EPAs IAQ Tools for ... Parents can play an important role in creating healthy indoor school environments. Parents and students alike can make a ... EPA Resources for Parents and Students. *Help Your Child Gain Control Over Asthma This brochure offers tips on how to manage ... is part of the Parents Network. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policythis link ... Parenting is so much easier with good pals. Learn to overcome friendship hurdles and bond with women who get you. Read More ... How to Deal With Bullies: A Guide for Parents Mean kids arent just a middle-school problem. The trouble has trickled to the ... All About Coronavirus COVID-19: A Concerned Parents Guide Heres everything you need to know about the disease that originated ...
baby, baby loss, birth defects, grief, infant loss, Life after Loss, nicu, parenting 1 Comment 24Mar2016. ... Roses in the Air. Heaven and earth may separate us, but our hearts hold us together.. Menu. Skip to content ... baby loss, grief, infant loss, Life after Loss, miscarriage, parenting, pregnancy, stillbirth 1 Comment 17Jun2016. ... baby loss, grief, infant loss, loss, miscarriage, parenting, stillbirth Leave a comment 18Mar2016. ...
... we looked around and picked out the best gifts for parents you can wrap up and put a bow ... Digital Air Fryer ... Parents this link opens in a new tab *Parenting this link opens ... Whether theyre new parents or empty-nesters, kitchens pros or beginner cooks, wine experts or a novice home brewer, we got it ... For the on-the-go parents, a Fitbit shows you care, and helps them track their health in a sleek, tech-based way. For aspiring ...
On-air lie detector test gets horribly awkward 26 Feb, 2018 1:27pm ... Bruce Logan says parents top priority should be to spend more time parenting and to aim for an overall employment commitment ... "A boy needs a man around him to download the software of how to be a male," says Ian Grant of Parents Inc. And girls need good ... Sole parents have increased from 10 per cent of families with dependent children in 1976 to 29 per cent today - higher than in ...
Air New Zealands after-tax net profit of $338 million puts the airline in a powerful position to continue on its strong growth ... Focus: Proud parents-to-be *20 Jan, 2018 1:00pm. * 0:00 ... Air New Zealands after-tax net profit of $338 million puts the ...
Yes, parents now have more face time with their children than did almost any parents in history. Despite a dramatic increase in ... Yes, parents now have more face time with their children than did almost any parents in history. Despite a dramatic increase in ... The Dangers of Distracted Parenting. Erika Christakis When it comes to childrens development, parents should worry less about ... The Dangers of Distracted Parenting. Erika Christakis When it comes to childrens development, parents should worry less about ...
Join the Special Needs Children Forum and find support from other parents. Visit the Ask an Advocate Forum for help with IEPs ... Parenting children with disabilities can be difficult without support. ... Effetcs of Air Pollution Started by CarolineFlack, 03-20-2018 07:34 AM ... Forum: Parenting Special Needs Children. Parenting children with disabilities can be difficult without support. Join the ...
We want to help you as a parent with smart products and tips to make life easier for the whole family. ... Baby Carrier One Air. Ergonomic baby carrier in soft and airy mesh. ... campaigns and inspirational reading for parents and expecting parents ...
BloggerNews On The Air. We are pleased to announce our latest endeavor, Blogger News is now sponsoring some radio shows on Blog ... You can check our full schedule, and listen to previous broadcasts here, and we hope that you will join us on the air in this ... No user commented in New Study Reinforces Biological Bases of Men’s and Women’s Parenting Follow-up comment rss or ... They therefore require long periods of care by their parents (or someone), in order to grow to adulthood. Without that ...
  • If you live in an area with poor air quality, pay attention to pollution levels. (
  • Talk to your doctor about increasing medicine during times when air pollution is high. (
  • What we want is air monitors that are placed around the edge of the property to alert the communities if there happens to be an issue with pollution coming off of there," Tomcik said. (
  • Her mom Jessica says Mia's twin brother Luke has asthma, and she worries that it could be exacerbated by the potential air pollution from the Shell ethane cracker to be built in Potter Township. (
  • Air pollution and pneumonia: Pneumonia is an acute respiratory infection that causes inflammation or fluid accumulation in the lungs. (
  • It is a threat to all children, but children who are malnourished or exposed to household air pollution or parental smoking are especially vulnerable. (
  • Handwashing, vaccination, and reducing exposure to smoking and air pollution can help prevent some of the leading causes of pneumonia and other serious diseases. (
  • While we need to develop and implement strong policies that tackle air pollution head on, we must not forget preventive interventions that can go a long way in ensuring that the harmful effects of environmental factors such as pollution are minimised. (
  • Parents of babies warned of London air pollution: Do officials over-emphasize the effects of air pollution? (
  • I believe the only way for the majority of people to take air pollution seriously is if it is stressed more than necessary. (
  • Officials do over-emphasize the effects of air pollution for the good of the public. (
  • No, air pollution effects are not over-emphasized. (
  • No, warnings of London air pollution for parents of babies is not over-emphasized. (
  • Greater concern about air quality, no matter the source, can only lead to decreased pollution overall, which benefits everyone. (
  • If anything they under estimate how serious air pollution is in order to keep people from panicking. (
  • They should say more about air pollution, especially since there are lots of problems caused by air pollution and it is on the rise. (
  • Air pollution causes breathing and other health problems and needs to be reduced. (
  • Air pollution is a very serious public health threat that's been proven to cause a variety of ailments. (
  • Reports filed by companies to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) show that over 5.7 million pounds of air pollution were released by chemical plants, oil refineries and industrial facilities in the month after Harvey made landfall. (
  • 90% of this air pollution was released by 13 companies. (
  • Click for full-page Hurricane Harvey Air Pollution Database . (
  • A study finds that Southern California's air pollution kills more than motor vehicle fatalities do. (
  • Now a closer look at their structure suggests the particles mostly come from air pollution sources, like traffic fumes and coal burning. (
  • Competitive Landscape The air pollution control market is fragmented. (
  • The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention cited that air pollution as one of the main causes of COPD, especially in the northern and eastern region of the country where air pollution is are men. (
  • owning the significant applications of industrial chemicals and waste generation utilize the application of air pollution control technologies for their for sustainable business activities. (
  • In 2018, Air France and its regional subsidiary Hop carried 51.4 million passengers. (
  • As of 2013 Air France serves 36 destinations in France and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 175 destinations in 78 countries (93 including overseas departments and territories of France ) and also carried 46,803,000 passengers in 2019. (
  • Pollutants in the air have the same effect on kids with asthma as other triggers. (
  • If allergens in the air are an asthma trigger, pollutants can make the lungs even more sensitive to them. (
  • The effects are terrible for adults but children are even more at risk, in part because they breathe faster, taking in more air and pollutants. (
  • In a nutshell, TZOA uses a super high tech sensor to detect the tiniest particles in the air and determines whether they're allergens or pollutants. (
  • Tomcik and other parents are particularly concerned about the pollutants that could be released by the ethane cracker, which include nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds , one of the key ingredients in smog. (
  • Beaver resident Mary Anne Peluso said DEP officials have pointed to that litigation as the reason why they can't answer her questions about potential air pollutants and air quality monitoring strategies for the plant. (
  • Nov 10, 2020 · Air Canada is the world's 10th largest passenger airline by fleet size, and the airline is a founding member of Star Alliance. (
  • Nov 18, 2020 · Air Canada rejected the offer. (
  • On days when air quality is poor, run the air conditioning and limit your child's time outside. (
  • Lowell denied that there were any hard feelings between her, fiancé Tyler Baltierra and the child's parents. (
  • Which staff at your child's school would recognize and assist an elementary student with prolonged sadness over his parents' divorce? (
  • Parents may want to learn more about how their child's school works to identify and support students struggling with mental health issues, and advocate for increased resources if needed," she says. (
  • There are two benefits: The child can make progress, and the parents leave the treatment program better equipped to facilitate the child's development over the course of their daily routines," said study co-author Grace Gengoux, PhD, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and a psychologist specializing in autism treatment at the hospital. (
  • Indian Air Force Day Images: Vayu Sena Diwas Stock Photos: The Air Force Day was officially started celebrating at 8th of October in the year 1932 as an auxiliary air force of Indian Empire. (
  • Experiments with laboratory animals show that, nonexpectant adults, when injected with prolactin and cortisol start behaving like expectant parents. (
  • The campaign uses social media to spread awareness about these books that help expectant parents understand the challenges and rewards of raising a child with Down syndrome. (
  • Dr. Harold Kleinert, Executive Director of the Human Development Institute, says, "The question is: What will expectant parents be told about Down syndrome? (
  • Our goal is to make sure that expectant parents nationwide receive the support and information they need. (
  • Expectant parents describe that moment of diagnosis as a flashbulb memory that they remember with perfect clarity throughout a lifetime. (
  • Home Brain & Behavior Valentine's Special - Cheatin'or Monogamy - Blame Our Parents and. (
  • Impulsive behavior in children, often mirrors the same in their parents who have the same constantly craving brains. (
  • The endocrine-disrupting chemical Bisphenol-A has been linked to cancer, but new research from the University of Missouri found that the common substance seems to impair parenting behavior in mice. (
  • One chemical that's gotten a lot of attention recently is Bisphenol A or BPA, and a new mouse study suggests that the chemical could have adverse impacts on parenting behavior. (
  • How did Bisphenol A affect the parenting behavior in these mice? (
  • We encourage students, staff, parents, and community members to report this type of behavior to the district if help is needed to solve a problem. (
  • (
  • T he disquieting news that a pair of seventh-grade children, Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark, were suspended from school in Virginia Beach for the high crime of playing with an airsoft gun on their parents' private property has been misinterpreted in almost all quarters as just another in the long line of the fringe skirmishes that make up America's ongoing struggle over firearms. (
  • Get the latest parenting news, plus expert advice and real-world wisdom. (
  • Air Force Academy chief responds to CBS News sexua. (
  • More than a dozen current and former cadets told CBS News they reported their sexual assaults to the Air Force Academy only to experience retaliation by their peers and their commanders. (
  • Our ethos is to provide news, information, and opinions on natural, green parenting to help your family live a greener, healthier life! (
  • UAL is the parent company of passenger carrier United Air Lines, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2002. (
  • Horizon Air and its sister carrier Alaska Airlines are subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group and all Horizon-operated scheduled flights are marketed and sold by Alaska Airlines. (
  • A single Fokker F28 Fellowship twin jet, purchased in July 1984 from an African carrier, was the first jet owned by Horizon Air (however, the first jet operated by Horizon was a wet leased Douglas DC-9-10 ). (
  • formally Société Air France, S.A. ), stylised as AIRFRANCE , is the flag carrier of France headquartered in Tremblay-en-France . (
  • In 1990, it acquired the operations of French domestic carrier Air Inter and international rival UTA - Union de Transports Aériens . (
  • 6 days ago · Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada by fleet size and passengers carried. (
  • Air Canada is the largest airline and flag carrier of. (
  • In January 2001, Air Canada acquired Canada 's second-largest air carrier, Canadian Airlines, merging the latter's operations, becoming the world's twelfth-largest airline in the first decade of the 21st century. (
  • You can also place a blanket over your newborn's car seat or carrier to protect their face from the wind and cold air. (
  • Parenting children with disabilities can be difficult without support. (
  • Parents who have children with disabilities were especially eager for answers about how to make the idea a reality. (
  • A 2012 study published in the Journal of Children and Family Studies suggests that attachment parenting led to higher levels of stress and lower levels of satisfaction for many moms. (
  • A parent's exposure to dirty air before conception might spell heart trouble for the next generation, a new animal study suggests. (
  • It is a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group and a founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. (
  • In this extremely difficult context, the Air France-KLM Group has welcomed the statements made by the French and Dutch governments, which have each indicated that they were studying all possible means to support the group," it says. (
  • Plus, educators have started to sue over reopenings, the pandemic has changed police investigations, air travel is stuck, mask acne is real, and more. (
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced young people back home to live with their parents in record numbers. (
  • From the moment the World Health Organisation (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on 13 March stated that Europe was now the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, further significant cuts to air travel in the region seemed an inevitability. (
  • But poor air quality can also trigger flare-ups , so it's important to know how to take precautions. (
  • How Does Air Quality Affect Asthma? (
  • Plan any outdoor activities for early in the day - when air quality tends to be better - and avoid spending time in areas with a lot of traffic. (
  • Improving the air quality in your home is also wise. (
  • Avoid mowing your lawn or using other gasoline-powered gardening equipment until the late evening or until the air quality improves. (
  • Since newborns and young children spend so much time in their rooms, a critical component of this includes the indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of the nursery. (
  • It regularly exceeds World Health Organisation recommendations for air quality even as experts warn of disastrous consequences, particularly for children, including stunted development, chronic illness, and in some cases death. (
  • And thanks to a really cool gadget to measure air quality called TZOA , I can see if those calming breaths I'm taking are full of clean air. (
  • TZOA (pronounced Zoa, silent T) is a Kickstarter campaign offering the first wearable environmental tracker that measures both air quality and UV rays. (
  • Then you can check the mobile app (for iOS or Android) to get details on the air quality. (
  • For about $120, you can get your own TZOA to measure air quality, and if the goal is met, TZOA will start shipping in August 2015. (
  • Tomcik said they would like the Potter Township board of supervisors to push Shell to install air quality monitors around the perimeter of the property, but board chair Rebecca Matsco said the body has no influence in the matter. (
  • The state Department of Environmental Protection did not require fence-line monitoring when it approved Shell's air quality permit. (
  • I grew up in Pittsburgh, we had all the steel mills, air quality was horrible but we've had a chance to improve it and they've done it," she said. (
  • We have a chance to improve our air quality here, let's do it. (
  • nearly one-fourth of the nation's schools have one or more buildings in need of extensive repair or replacement and nearly half have been reported to have problems related to indoor air quality (IAQ). (
  • Failure to respond promptly and effectively to poor indoor air quality in schools can lead to severe consequences. (
  • What Actions Can You Take to Improve Your School's Indoor Air Quality? (
  • Your goal is to provide energy-efficient facilities that have quality lighting, comfortable temperatures, and good indoor air quality (IAQ) - all within a tight budget. (
  • That puts them in an ideal position to be leaders and share basic information about creating healthy indoor school environments, including managing indoor air quality, or IAQ, with everyone who can work to make a difference. (
  • Parents who back charter schools say they are the only opportunities for many to receive a quality education in a school system that has historically failed -- and is currently under state control. (
  • We are working with partners across the globe to understand how to save lives at risk from poor air quality. (
  • Council members promoted the testing as an unprecedented examination of how drilling in the Barnett Shale gas field affects air quality. (
  • The citizens of Fort Worth want and expect this air quality study to be conducted in a reliable, thorough, and scientific manner without any shortcuts or reductions," McElfish said. (
  • CNN has reported that after taking an account of more than 3,000 families and their experience, it came to notice that this routine strengthens parents' feelings of competence, improved the relationship quality with their children and also can reduce parental stress or depression. (
  • It is headquartered in the city of Montreal, Quebec.The airline, founded in 1937, provides scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 207 destinations worldwide. (
  • Forty-one per cent of Pakeha babies, 55 per cent of Pacific babies and 76 per cent of Maori babies were born last year to unmarried parents. (
  • Some parents are considering remote learning pods that supervise a group of students doing assigned work or attending virtual class, others are looking to share caregivers for babies and toddlers, and some pods are centered strictly around organizing regular playdates a few hours a day or week. (
  • Some may view the photos of the black and blue-tinged infants as ghoulish, but mounting research on grief says keeping mementoes of these stillborn babies recognizes their existence and provides healing comfort to heartbroken parents. (
  • Where once babies were whisked away before you could properly see them, today special bereavement midwives are on call to encourage parents to spend time with the baby, bathing them or helping to clip locks of hair. (
  • Moon also said that parents perceive babies to be uncomfortable if they are frequently waking or crying while on their backs, so they let the child determine the sleeping position. (
  • They have written federal safety officials, members of Congress, even the White House, lobbying for safer air bags. (
  • Service officials defended their decision to award the $40 billion contract to Northrop Grumman Corp. and European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. Sue Payton, the top Air Force weapons buyer, told House lawmakers that the service followed all rules. (
  • If your child is in a sport that practices outside during hot weather, talk to the coach about other arrangements, such as working out in an air-conditioned gym. (
  • For many soon-to-be parents, one of the primary tasks they hope to accomplish before the birth of their child is getting the nursery ready with the child s health and well-being in mind. (
  • In these short scripts from a radio series, Afghan parents and a counsellor discuss issues of raising their deaf child in a rural area of Afghanistan, and several ways in which they can assist her in learning to communicate. (
  • We heard from the parents of one such child who is mentally weaker. (
  • Those parents will be back in a week or two, to report how they have got along with teaching their child. (
  • But like many parents in Ulaanbaatar, she felt the move was the only way to protect her child. (
  • A study by Pool and others last year found that three-quarters of women who had their last child in a de facto relationship had become sole parents by the age of 40, compared with only one-quarter of those who had their last child in a legal marriage. (
  • Although they've had a relatively good relationship with her adoptive parents, they frequently battle to accept rules put in place by the couple regarding posting photos of the child, among other things. (
  • It hit me after a while of having her home because I'd seen the other girls being moms, but this is the first time I'm actually parenting a child," Lowell revealed according to People . (
  • That was the woman's only crime but she was forced off the plane by Delta authorities because another passenger thought that a natural beautiful bond between parent and child was obscene. (
  • Yes, diving into parenting your child whole-heartedly is awesome, but don't forget to take care of your needs, too. (
  • The ways that parents instinctually interact with children to guide language development may not work for a child with autism, which can frustrate parents. (
  • To use the treatment for building language skills, parents identify something the child wants and systematically reward the child for trying to talk about it. (
  • For instance, if the child reaches for a ball, the parent says, "Do you want the ball? (
  • MILWAUKEE -- Have you thought about opening your heart and home to a child without parents? (
  • The bedtime ritual of reading a storybook out loud by parents during the early stages of the child can lead to many positive benefits. (
  • The latest guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics advise that parents sleep in the same room - but not the same bed - as infants until the child is at least 6 months old. (
  • The Safe to Sleep campaign has been telling both caregivers and parents to use this position since 1994. (
  • Ms Erdene-Bat Naranchimeg watched helplessly as her daughter Amina battled illness virtually from birth, her immune system handicapped by the smog-choked air in Mongolia's capital. (
  • These insights compel us to revise generally held notions to accommodate the prospect that biological parenting commences well before birth, even prior to conception. (
  • The birth parents of little "Zhongbao" (literally "Chinese Treasure") gave birth to him out of wedlock, and separated when little "Zhongbao" was just two years old. (
  • Little Bao's birth parents separated two years ago. (
  • The Air Force is set to debrief Boeing Co. tomorrow on its unsuccessful bid to provide the Air Force with aerial refueling tankers. (
  • [7] Air France operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing widebody jets on long-haul routes, and uses Airbus A320 family aircraft on short-haul routes. (
  • Air Canada 's Airbus A340-300s were retired in November 2008 and replaced by Boeing 777-300ERs. (
  • Air Canada 's Boeing 767-200ER fleet was retired from service by the end of 2008. (
  • The self-described "book-lover's best friend," this e-reader is perfect for travellers or just busy parents. (
  • And for parents with kids who suffer from airborne allergies, asthma, or both, it could be a lifesaver. (
  • But parents are less confident about a school's ability to respond to more complex health situations, such as an asthma attack or mental health problem. (
  • The release quotes Sarah Clark, M.P.H, co-director of the poll, as saying, "Parents feel schools can handle basic first aid, but are less sure about urgent health situations such as an asthma attack, epileptic seizure, or serious allergic reaction. (
  • We even have the privilege of sharing our tips + tricks with The TODAY Show, CNN, HLN, GMA, Nightline, newspapers and magazines around the country, and our favorite -- regular parents who stop us at PTA meetings and ask us how old kids need to be to get a smartphone, and whether they really need to panic about Snapchat. (
  • In free societies, schools are not designed to serve as a mandatory means by which the Bismarckian state may seek to shape the young, but instead to act merely as a service to which parents can choose to send their kids for basic education if they so wish. (
  • The families who are reaching out are typically two working parents who have kids that are young," Weiss said. (
  • Kids are still very attached to parents at this age, even though that's a well-kept secret. (
  • Parents tell me all the time 'I don't want the kids having the key to the castle' but they want them to know where things are so you can share without sharing" says Slott. (
  • Project Graduation is one way 'South Plantation High School parents can provide a wonderful graduation celebration for the kids and know that they will be safe. (
  • The kids didn't want to be chaperoned by their parents. (
  • What we're most excited about is that parents are able to learn this intervention and implement it with their kids. (
  • Reading out to your children beneficial for parents and kids! (
  • But a recent study reveals that reading out to your children can be beneficial for both -- parents as well the kids in many ways. (
  • In 1936, Air France added French-built twin engine Potez 62 aircraft to its fleet featuring a two compartment cabin that could accommodate 14 to 16 passengers. (
  • Meet the Parents is a 1992 American independent comedy film written by Greg Glienna and Mary Ruth Clarke. (
  • The airline and its aircraft were acquired by Air Canada in 2000, and the merger was officially completed on January 1, 2001. (
  • After hiring screenwriter Jim Herzfeld to expand the script, a new version of Meet the Parents was filmed and released in October 2000. (
  • De Kock said that when COVID-19 infections were increasing in the province, Neumann urged parents to keep their children at home until after the coronavirus peak. (
  • We recommend that you bring layers, because while all ensemble rehearsal rooms are air-conditioned, the practice room building is not. (
  • Parents of stillborn children often feel alone in our grief," he said. (
  • Lowell recently slammed reports claiming she and soon-to-be husband, Tyler Baltierra are at odds with their first daughter's adoptive parents. (
  • Air conditioners are not permitted in the residence halls, unless you have a documented medical condition that necessitates an air conditioner. (
  • Air conditioners are not permitted on the first floor of all residence halls. (
  • The University of Michigan is certainly not the first college to take this tack in an effort to curb drinking, with a school spokesperson pointing out to Yahoo Parenting that "parental notification has been utilized by many universities, including most other Big Ten schools as one component of a comprehensive program. (
  • In 2014, Air Canada together with its Air Canada Express regional partners carried over 38 million passengers. (
  • Horizon Air was formed in May 1981 by Milt Kuolt, and started operations on September 1, 1981, with three Fairchild F-27 aircraft. (
  • After this incident, Air Canada sold the right wing of this DC-9 aircraft to Ozark Air Lines to repair a damaged airplane. (
  • On 20 December 1983 Ozark Air Lines Flight 650, served by a DC-9 with tail number N994Z, had hit a snow plow in Sioux Falls, killing the snow plow operator and separating the right wing from the aircraft. (
  • Air India aircraft parked at the Mumbai International Airport as the strike by the airline's pilots entered the fourth day on Saturday. (
  • Air India has now been trying to maintain operations by pressing the larger white-bodied aircraft for domestic flights. (
  • Contaminants in the air are officially carcinogens, according to the World Health Organization. (
  • Educate staff, students and parents about the importance of good IAQ and their role in making the school environment as healthy as possible. (
  • Some parents are looking into teaching 'pods' or 'microschools' that would employ professional teachers to educate small groups of students. (
  • Parents of freshmen younger than 21, the pilot initiative states , will be notified if their children violate the school's drug and alcohol policy - which bans drinking by students younger than 21 as well as the use of illegal drugs - more than once. (
  • The new rule focuses on first-year students, the university website explains, as "research shows they are an at-risk population" because of the transition to college, adding that the initiative is "part of comprehensive prevention efforts related to student use of alcohol and other drugs, including communication with parents/family. (
  • The idea of involving parents of college students - when it comes to any potentially dangerous situation, be it substance abuse or mental health issues - is a complex one. (
  • Called co-location, the plan drew hundreds of parents, students and teachers to an advisory board meeting at Barringer High School . (
  • He referred to the Charles Dickens classic tale because many parents and teachers fear that moving charter schools into existing school buildings will make public students second-class citizens. (
  • Standardized testing has drawn its share of criticism from teachers, students and parents. (
  • So teachers, students and parents must deal with it the best way they can. (
  • In an ongoing effort to provide a safe learning environment, Sycamore is requesting parents, students, and staff to inform administration (or whoever) of any perceived incidences of harassment, intimidation, or bullying. (
  • So she and other parents of students at South Plantation High School have organized Project Graduation, an all-night graduation party aboard a cruise ship with live music, door prizes, games, but no alcohol. (
  • Next year, I think I will introduce the idea to the parents,' said Trudy Davis, a peer counselor and director of the Students Against Driving Drunk program at Coconut Creek High School. (
  • After parents told the seniors they would be able to pick their own chaperones for Project Graduation, the students became more receptive. (
  • Everything is being done by the parents and the students,' Mitchell said. (
  • The air pressure project is designed to teach students the concept of air pressure in a fun way. (
  • The goals of the air pressure project are to engage students in a fun activity while teaching them the basic principles of air pressure. (
  • Delta Air Lines and Coca Cola have apologized for creepy in-flight napkins that featured a spot for passengers to write their phone number to pass onto their "plane crush. (
  • Other studies have shown that learning this treatment reduces parents' stress and improves their happiness. (
  • The first year residence halls are not air-conditioned. (
  • Miramar, Plantation, Nova, South Broward and Fort Lauderdale high schools were among the schools where parents sponsored Project Graduation parties last year. (
  • [19] The year before, Alaska had underwent a major corporate restructuring with the airline now being owned by the Alaska Air Group , an airline holding company . (
  • The same year the airline opened its first air terminal at Les Invalides in central Paris. (
  • A 7-Year-Old Comes Home Alone Because Both Parents Are Working. (
  • Silveria began his tenure at the Air Force Academy in August of this year, succeeding retired Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, who had been superintendent since 2013. (
  • Last year 38 percent of the assaults that were reported to our offices, 38 percent were assaults that happened prior to arriving at the Air Force Academy, which means some cadets received care and support for something that happened prior to arriving at the academy. (
  • Take it from a parent who has had to explain to her 13 year old daughter why she could not longer see her friends, attend school, attend church, etc. because she became so sick after being vaccinated with Gardasil that her life became a constant trip to hospitals and doctor's offices. (
  • When used indoors, and without good ventilation, aerosols and air fresheners can cause VOCs to build up. (
  • Prenatal exposure to a certain air pollutant may increase autism risk in children. (
  • Scientifically validated autism therapy can be learned by parents to use with their own children by taking a short series of group classes, found in a new study. (
  • The study is the first randomized, controlled trial to test whether group classes are a good way to train parents on using an autism therapy. (
  • We're teaching parents to become more than parents," said the study's lead author, Antonio Hardan, MD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, who directs the hospital's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Clinic. (
  • Fifty-three children with autism and their parents participated in the study. (
  • The parents were randomly assigned to one of two groups: The experimental group attended 12 weeks of classes on pivotal response training, and the control group attended a 12-week program offering basic information about autism. (
  • Rising rates of autism diagnosis have made it difficult for clinicians to meet the demand for their expertise, and groups are an efficient way to train parents. (
  • Parents really do feel more empowered when they're in a group setting," said study co-author Kari Berquist, PhD, a clinical instructor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences and an autism clinician at the hospital. (
  • Airports are losing a couple of crores a day because of the Air India pilots' agitation. (
  • The popular image of the Great War in the air tends to be of fighter aces locked in gladiatorial combat, but to begin with pilots were the eyes of the Army. (
  • Air France's corporate headquarters , previously in Montparnasse , Paris, [5] are located on the grounds of Charles de Gaulle Airport , north of Paris. (
  • Aaron Jacob-Smith is an attorney with the Clean Air Council, which along with the Environmental Integrity Project, is suing the DEP over its failure to require fence line monitoring at the plant. (
  • The Parents Television and Media Council, formerly the Parents Television Council (PTC), is a United States-based advocacy group founded by conservative Christian activist L. Brent Bozell III in 1995. (
  • In 2004 the FCC revealed the Parents Television and Media Council as the primary source of most content complaints received. (
  • Throughout its existence, the Parents Television and Media Council has been accused of promoting censorship. (
  • Following a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the deteriorating situation in Saigon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff draw up a memo proposing air strikes against North Vietnam. (
  • Believe it or not, it was a protest of sorts - a "play-in" - according to Patrice Tomcik, a field organizer with Moms Clean Air Force. (
  • Although cruising at only 175 miles per hour, the Potez 62 was a robust and reliable workhorse for Air France and remained in service until the Second World War with one used by the Free French Air Force . (
  • The Indian Air Force or the Bhartiya Vayu Sena is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces. (
  • Central Air Command will celebrate the anniversary of Indian Air Force with great enthusiasm and fervor at various Air Stations all over the country on October 8. (
  • In response to our six-month investigation into sexual assault allegations at the United States Air Force Academy, current superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria said he's "disgusted" by the reports, but also said the academy doesn't have "problems" when it comes to handling the cases. (
  • At this point, Pam and her parents have had enough with Greg and force him to leave the house. (
  • In late 2010, Horizon's parent company, the Alaska Air Group, made the decision to no longer operate Horizon as a separate regional airline. (
  • The Mother Company Channel streams live parenting events we host with our many experts discussing emotional and social topics with families. (
  • The Mother Company aims to support parents and their children, providing thought-provoking web content and products based in social and emotional learning for children ages 3-6. (
  • While there are no recent stats regarding what percentage of colleges do notify parents in such cases - and also a lack of research showing whether it's even an effective deterrent or not, White points out - it has been legal for universities to do since 1974, when Congress passed the Buckley Act, or the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) . (
  • States where a higher percentage of parents exercised their right to a nonmedical vaccine exemption showed lower coverage rates of the MMR vaccine in particular, the study finds. (
  • Freshmen who violate the University of Michigan's drug and alcohol policy could now find themselves in trouble with their parents too, thanks to a new school initiative. (
  • It seems more schools have adopted this approach over the years," Aaron White, senior advisor to the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism , tells Yahoo Parenting. (
  • It really should not need saying that parents who choose to give their children legal toy weapons on their own property are entirely within their rights to do so, nor that those parents should not live in fear of repercussions from the educational arm of the state. (
  • Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 16 (ANI): After a certain age, parents and children find it awkward to continue with the bedtime routine of reading books out loud, because of several reasons. (
  • Sick children are more likely to miss time at school, and parents often have to skip work to care for them. (
  • Instead, they played with them on their parents' property before school and then dispensed with them before they reached the bus. (
  • Parents in Newark , N.J., were fired up Tuesday night over a proposal to move charter schools into district public school buildings. (
  • Parents at the middle/high school level noted that school counselors would be most likely to assist with mental health issues. (
  • Although the concept of Project Graduation went over well with the parents and teachers at South Plantation High School, the seniors there reacted rather coolly to the idea, said Robin Benty, senior class president. (
  • The school governing body and parents will be picketing this afternoon to show their unhappiness at the way the principal is being treated. (
  • Parents protested outside of the school Tuesday. (
  • I think this is wonderful," she tells Yahoo Parenting. (
  • Start searching for Bel Air Estates, California singles looking for love just like you. (
  • Greg sets off a number of incidents that bring shame and disappointment upon his character, leaving Pam's parents (Dick Galloway and Carol Whelan) with an unadmirable and undesirable son-in-law. (
  • But breaking the silence about your financial and medical plans is necessary, particularly for aging parents, if you want your family to be spared from chaos and confusion after you pass away. (
  • Many parents end up buying a seat for their cars and a stroller separately, but that didn't make sense for my family. (
  • [11] Air France appointed its first flight attendants in 1946. (
  • You can also replace chemical-based air fresheners with safer alternatives. (
  • You can do this by using an air cleaner, venting all gas appliances to the outside, and avoiding wood fires in your house. (
  • At six and 12 weeks, the parents in the experimental group were video-recorded while using pivotal response training so that researchers could assess whether they were using the treatment correctly. (
  • Parents should also make sure that there are no water damage or humidity issues in the baby s room that could support mold growth and dust mites, said Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager at LA Testing s Garden Grove facility. (
  • How Should Parents Make The Best Of This Situation? (
  • And I think parents often forget that they're the adults of the household, and they can actually make decisions if they think they're right for their children. (