Provision (by a physician or other health professional, or by a family member or friend) of support and/or means that gives a patient the power to terminate his or her own life. (from APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 8th ed).
The geographic area of the northwestern region of the United States. The states usually included in this region are Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.
State plans prepared by the State Health Planning and Development Agencies which are made up from plans submitted by the Health Systems Agencies and subject to review and revision by the Statewide Health Coordinating Council.
Individuals who fabricate and fit DENTURES without the supervision of DENTISTS. (from Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th ed) They may or may not have formal education in health sciences, but are well versed in the art of constructing dentures.
A plant genus in the family PINACEAE, order Pinales, class Pinopsida, division Coniferophyta. They are coniferous evergreen trees with long, flat, spirally arranged needles that grow directly from the branch.
The geographic designation for states bordering on or located in the Pacific Ocean. The states so designated are Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. (U.S. Geologic Survey telephone communication)
Designs for approaching areas inside or outside facilities.
Penetrating and non-penetrating injuries to the spinal cord resulting from traumatic external forces (e.g., WOUNDS, GUNSHOT; WHIPLASH INJURIES; etc.).
A cylindrical column of tissue that lies within the vertebral canal. It is composed of WHITE MATTER and GRAY MATTER.
A plant species of the family SOLANACEAE, native of South America, widely cultivated for their edible, fleshy, usually red fruit.
Severe or complete loss of motor function in the lower extremities and lower portions of the trunk. This condition is most often associated with SPINAL CORD DISEASES, although BRAIN DISEASES; PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES; and MUSCULAR DISEASES may also cause bilateral leg weakness.
Severe or complete loss of motor function in all four limbs which may result from BRAIN DISEASES; SPINAL CORD DISEASES; PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES; or rarely MUSCULAR DISEASES. The locked-in syndrome is characterized by quadriplegia in combination with cranial muscle paralysis. Consciousness is spared and the only retained voluntary motor activity may be limited eye movements. This condition is usually caused by a lesion in the upper BRAIN STEM which injures the descending cortico-spinal and cortico-bulbar tracts.
Pathologic conditions which feature SPINAL CORD damage or dysfunction, including disorders involving the meninges and perimeningeal spaces surrounding the spinal cord. Traumatic injuries, vascular diseases, infections, and inflammatory/autoimmune processes may affect the spinal cord.
Persons functioning as natural, adoptive, or substitute parents. The heading includes the concept of parenthood as well as preparation for becoming a parent.
Suspensions of killed or attenuated microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa), antigenic proteins, synthetic constructs, or other bio-molecular derivatives, administered for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of infectious and other diseases.
The property of antibodies which enables them to react with some ANTIGENIC DETERMINANTS and not with others. Specificity is dependent on chemical composition, physical forces, and molecular structure at the binding site.
Immunoglobulin molecules having a specific amino acid sequence by virtue of which they interact only with the ANTIGEN (or a very similar shape) that induced their synthesis in cells of the lymphoid series (especially PLASMA CELLS).
An infant during the first month after birth.
Antibodies produced by a single clone of cells.
The body's defense mechanism against foreign organisms or substances and deviant native cells. It includes the humoral immune response and the cell-mediated response and consists of a complex of interrelated cellular, molecular, and genetic components.
Solid dosage forms, of varying weight, size, and shape, which may be molded or compressed, and which contain a medicinal substance in pure or diluted form. (Dorland, 28th ed)
A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic properties used in the therapy of rheumatism and arthritis.
Single preparations containing two or more active agents, for the purpose of their concurrent administration as a fixed dose mixture.
Analgesic antipyretic derivative of acetanilide. It has weak anti-inflammatory properties and is used as a common analgesic, but may cause liver, blood cell, and kidney damage.
A subclass of analgesic agents that typically do not bind to OPIOID RECEPTORS and are not addictive. Many non-narcotic analgesics are offered as NONPRESCRIPTION DRUGS.
Noninflammatory degenerative disease of the knee joint consisting of three large categories: conditions that block normal synchronous movement, conditions that produce abnormal pathways of motion, and conditions that cause stress concentration resulting in changes to articular cartilage. (Crenshaw, Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics, 8th ed, p2019)
Medicines that can be sold legally without a DRUG PRESCRIPTION.
Persons whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in legal matters. (American Heritage Dictionary, 3d ed)
Payment, or other means of making amends, for a wrong or injury.
Damage inflicted on the body as the direct or indirect result of an external force, with or without disruption of structural continuity.
Injuries sustained from incidents in the course of work-related activities.
The kind of action or activity proper to the judiciary, particularly its responsibility for decision making.
The science or philosophy of law. Also, the application of the principles of law and justice to health and medicine.
Insurance coverage providing compensation and medical benefits to individuals because of work-connected injuries or disease.
A sudden, audible expulsion of air from the lungs through a partially closed glottis, preceded by inhalation. It is a protective response that serves to clear the trachea, bronchi, and/or lungs of irritants and secretions, or to prevent aspiration of foreign materials into the lungs.
A general term for diseases produced by viruses.
An interstitial lung disease of unknown etiology, occurring between 21-80 years of age. It is characterized by a dramatic onset of a "pneumonia-like" illness with cough, fever, malaise, fatigue, and weight loss. Pathological features include prominent interstitial inflammation without collagen fibrosis, diffuse fibroblastic foci, and no microscopic honeycomb change. There is excessive proliferation of granulation tissue within small airways and alveolar ducts.
Drugs that act locally on cutaneous or mucosal surfaces to produce inflammation; those that cause redness due to hyperemia are rubefacients; those that raise blisters are vesicants and those that penetrate sebaceous glands and cause abscesses are pustulants; tear gases and mustard gases are also irritants.
A respiratory infection caused by BORDETELLA PERTUSSIS and characterized by paroxysmal coughing ending in a prolonged crowing intake of breath.
The viscous secretion of mucous membranes. It contains mucin, white blood cells, water, inorganic salts, and exfoliated cells.
Endoscopic examination, therapy or surgery of the bronchi.

Legalized physician-assisted suicide in Oregon--the first year's experience. (1/735)

BACKGROUND AND METHODS: On October 27, 1997, Oregon legalized physician-assisted suicide. We collected data on all terminally ill Oregon residents who received prescriptions for lethal medications under the Oregon Death with Dignity Act and who died in 1998. The data were obtained from physicians' reports, death certificates, and interviews with physicians. We compared persons who took lethal medications prescribed under the act with those who died from similar illnesses but did not receive prescriptions for lethal medications. RESULTS: Information on 23 persons who received prescriptions for lethal medications was reported to the Oregon Health Division; 15 died after taking the lethal medications, 6 died from underlying illnesses, and 2 were alive as of January 1, 1999. The median age of the 15 patients who died after taking lethal medications was 69 years; 8 were male, and all 15 were white. Thirteen of the 15 patients had cancer. The case patients and controls were similar with regard to sex, race, urban or rural residence, level of education, health insurance coverage, and hospice enrollment. No case patients or controls expressed concern about the financial impact of their illness. One case patient and 15 controls expressed concern about inadequate control of pain (P=0.10). The case patients were more likely than the controls to have never married (P=0.04) and were more likely to be concerned about loss of autonomy due to illness (P=0.01) and loss of control of bodily functions (P=0.02). At death, 21 percent of the case patients and 84 percent of the controls were completely disabled (P<0.001). CONCLUSIONS: During the first year of legalized physician-assisted suicide in Oregon, the decision to request and use a prescription for lethal medication was associated with concern about loss of autonomy or control of bodily functions, not with fear of intractable pain or concern about financial loss. In addition, we found that the choice of physician-assisted suicide was not associated with level of education or health insurance coverage.  (+info)

Decline in cigarette consumption following implementation of a comprehensive tobacco prevention and education program--Oregon, 1996-1998. (2/735)

In November 1996, residents of Oregon approved a ballot measure increasing the cigarette tax by 30 cents (to 68 cents per pack). The measure stipulated that 10% of the additional tax revenue be allocated to the Oregon Health Division (OHD) to develop and implement a tobacco-use prevention program. In 1997, OHD created Oregon's Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP), a comprehensive, community-based program modeled on the successful tobacco-use prevention programs in California and Massachusetts. To assess the effects of the tax increase and TPEP in Oregon, OHD evaluated data on the number of packs of cigarettes taxed before (1993-1996) and after (1997-1998) the ballot initiative and implementation of the program. Oregon's results also were compared with national data. This report summarizes the results of the analysis, which indicate that consumption of cigarettes in Oregon declined substantially after implementation of the excise tax and TPEP and exceeded the national rate of decline.  (+info)

Improving clinician acceptance and use of computerized documentation of coded diagnosis. (3/735)

After the Northwest Division of Kaiser Permanente implemented EpicCare, a comprehensive electronic medical record, clinicians were required to directly document orders and diagnoses on this computerized system, a task they found difficult and time consuming. We analyzed the sources of this problem to improve the process and increase its acceptance by clinicians. One problem was the use of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) as our coding scheme, even though ICD-9 is not a complete nomenclature of diseases and using it as such creates difficulties. In addition, the synonym list we used had some inaccurate associations, contributing to clinician frustration. Furthermore, the initial software program contained no adequate mechanism for adding qualifying comments or preferred terminology. We sought to address all these issues. Strategies included adjusting the available coding choices and descriptions and modifying the medical record software. In addition, the software vendor developed a utility that allows clinicians to replace the ICD-9 description with their own preferred terminology while preserving the ICD-9 code. We present an evaluation of this utility.  (+info)

Evaluating the sale of a nonprofit health system to a for-profit hospital management company: the Legacy Experience. (4/735)

OBJECTIVE: To introduce and develop a decision model that can be used by the leadership of nonprofit healthcare organizations to assist them in evaluating whether selling to a for-profit organization is in their community's best interest. STUDY SETTING/DATA SOURCES: A case study of the planning process and decision model that Legacy Health System used to evaluate whether to sell to a for-profit hospital management company and use the proceeds of the sale to establish a community health foundation. Data sources included financial statements of benchmark organizations, internal company records, and numerous existing studies. STUDY DESIGN: The development of the multivariate model was based on insight gathered through a review of the current literature regarding the conversion of nonprofit healthcare organizations. DATA COLLECTION/EXTRACTION METHODS: The effect that conversion from nonprofit to for-profit status would have on each variable was estimated based on assumptions drawn from the current literature and on an analysis of Legacy and for-profit hospital company data. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: The results of the decision model calculations indicate that the sale of Legacy to a for-profit firm and the subsequent creation of a community foundation would have a negative effect on the local community. CONCLUSIONS: The use of the decision model enabled senior management and trustees to systematically address the conversion question and to conclude that continuing to operate as a nonprofit organization would provide the most benefit to the local community. The model will prove useful to organizations that decide to sell to a for-profit organization as well as those that choose to continue nonprofit operations. For those that decide to sell, the model will assist in minimizing any potential negative effect that conversion may have on the community. The model will help those who choose not to sell to develop a better understanding of the organization's value to the community.  (+info)

Phylogenetic analysis of particle-attached and free-living bacterial communities in the Columbia river, its estuary, and the adjacent coastal ocean. (5/735)

The Columbia River estuary is a dynamic system in which estuarine turbidity maxima trap and extend the residence time of particles and particle-attached bacteria over those of the water and free-living bacteria. Particle-attached bacteria dominate bacterial activity in the estuary and are an important part of the estuarine food web. PCR-amplified 16S rRNA genes from particle-attached and free-living bacteria in the Columbia River, its estuary, and the adjacent coastal ocean were cloned, and 239 partial sequences were determined. A wide diversity was observed at the species level within at least six different bacterial phyla, including most subphyla of the class Proteobacteria. In the estuary, most particle-attached bacterial clones (75%) were related to members of the genus Cytophaga or of the alpha, gamma, or delta subclass of the class Proteobacteria. These same clones, however, were rare in or absent from either the particle-attached or the free-living bacterial communities of the river and the coastal ocean. In contrast, about half (48%) of the free-living estuarine bacterial clones were similar to clones from the river or the coastal ocean. These free-living bacteria were related to groups of cosmopolitan freshwater bacteria (beta-proteobacteria, gram-positive bacteria, and Verrucomicrobium spp.) and groups of marine organisms (gram-positive bacteria and alpha-proteobacteria [SAR11 and Rhodobacter spp.]). These results suggest that rapidly growing particle-attached bacteria develop into a uniquely adapted estuarine community and that free-living estuarine bacteria are similar to members of the river and the coastal ocean microbial communities. The high degree of diversity in the estuary is the result of the mixing of bacterial communities from the river, estuary, and coastal ocean.  (+info)

Type 2 diabetes: incremental medical care costs during the first 8 years after diagnosis. (6/735)

OBJECTIVE: To describe and analyze the time course of medical care costs caused by type 2 diabetes, from the time of diagnosis through the first 8 postdiagnostic years. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: From electronic health maintenance organization (HMO) records, we ascertained the ongoing medical care costs for all members with type 2 diabetes who were newly diagnosed between 1988 and 1995. To isolate incremental costs (costs caused by the diagnosis of diabetes), we subtracted the costs of individually matched HMO members without diabetes from costs of members with diabetes. RESULTS: The economic burden of diabetes is immediately apparent from the time of diagnosis. In year 1, total medical costs were 2.1 times higher for patients with diabetes compared with those without diabetes. Diabetes-associated incremental costs (type 2 diabetic costs minus matched costs for people without diabetes) averaged $2,257 per type 2 diabetic patient per year during the first 8 postdiagnostic years. Annual incremental costs varied relatively little over the period but were higher during years 1, 7, and 8 because of higher-cost hospitalizations for causes other than diabetes or its complications. CONCLUSIONS: For the first 8 years after diabetes diagnosis, patients with type 2 diabetes incurred substantially higher costs than matched nondiabetic patients, but those high costs remained largely flat. Once the growth in costs due to general aging is controlled for, it appears that diabetic complications do not increase incremental costs as early as is commonly believed. Additional research is needed to better understand how diabetes and its diagnosis affect medical care costs over longer periods of time.  (+info)

Neuronal vacuolation in raccoons from Oregon. (7/735)

During a 2-year period (1995-1997), vacuoles were detected in neurons of 21/50 (42% prevalence) raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Oregon. Age or sex predisposition was not apparent. Twenty of these raccoons were from within a radius of 40 km of Corvallis in western Oregon. Microscopically, the vacuoles were variable in size, were in the perikarya, and were consistently present in pontine nuclei. Brain tissues were negative for rabies virus antigen by fluorescent antibody test and for the protease-resistant protein prion by immunohistochemistry. Electron microscopic examination of the brain stem of selected animals revealed accumulation of electron-dense material within neuronal perikarya. Light and electron microscopic examination indicated that the accumulated intracellular material had a high lipid content. These lesions suggest a form of neuronal storage condition. Further research is required to identify the composition of the intracellular lipid material, to elucidate the mechanism of neuronal vacuolation in raccoons, and to understand the basis for the apparent geographic restriction of this lesion.  (+info)

Outbreak of Salmonella serotype Muenchen infections associated with unpasteurized orange juice--United States and Canada, June 1999. (8/735)

During June 1999, Public Health-Seattle and King County (PHSKC) and the Washington state health department and the Oregon Health Division independently investigated clusters of diarrheal illness attributed to Salmonella serotype Muenchen infections in each state. Both clusters were associated with a commercially distributed unpasteurized orange juice traced to a single processor, which distributes widely in the United States. As of July 13, 207 confirmed cases associated with this outbreak have been reported by 15 states and two Canadian provinces; an additional 91 cases of S. Muenchen infection reported since June 1 are under investigation. This report summarizes the two state-based investigations and presents preliminary information about the outbreak in the other states and Canada.  (+info)

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Oregon Health Sciences University Transplant Program, info about Medicine: Surgery: Transplant: Oregon Health Sciences University Transplant Program
map of oregon interstates - 28 images - file oregon interstate 84 svg, i 5 interstate 5 oregon, oregon road map with cities, road maps of oregon state, oregon road map or road map oregon highway map
The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is a medical assistance program for low-income Oregonians administered by the Oregon Health Authority. Covered benefits in the OHP Plus package include physician services, hospital services, limited dental, mental health, immunizations, prescriptions, family planning services, maternity, and most preventive services.
In February, University of Oregon student Lauren Jones died from the disease. In recent years, vaccines have prevented two of the main strains that cause meningitis. For the B strain, two vaccines.. The University of Oregon began administering the Meningitis B vaccine on Monday morning at Matt Knight Arena, beginning the large-scale vaccination enacted after the death of a student by.. mike riley oregon state john huffman oregon President Trump has appointed former state republican rep. john Huffman to lead the Agriculture Departments rural development office in Oregon, the agency announced friday. huffman resigned from.Nebraska head coach Mike Riley will leave three tickets at will-call at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon, for Brenda Tracy and her two sons, Darius, 24, and Devante, 23. In 1998, when Riley was the head coach at Oregon State, Tracy was gang raped by four men, including two of Rileys players.. To the Oregon State community, We are writing to inform you that an undergraduate ...
Find Anxiety Therapists, Psychologists and Anxiety Counseling in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, get help for Anxiety in Portland, get help with Fears in Portland, get help with Phobia in Portland.
Oregon Health & Science University. This presentation, by Martha Gerrity from the Center for Evidence-based Policy (CEbP) at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), discusses the use of evidence for making health policy decisions. Methods of analyzing evidence (e.g., systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, observational studies) to determine its quality are described. Also discussed are key questions which should be asked when reviewing evidence.. This presentation was made to the Health Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) on March 22, 2012. This video is being posted for use by the HERC and its subcommittees as well others who might benefit from a primer on this topic.. ...
Term ends December 31, 2019. David Bangsberg, MSc, MD, MPH is an Oregon native and the Founding Dean of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. He was previously a Professor at Harvard School of Medicine and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. After completing a Masters Degree in Philosophy of Science from Kings College London and MD at Johns Hopkins. He completed his medical residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in north Harlem to care for patients afflicted by urban poverty and HIV. Upon moving to the University of California, San Francisco and completing fellowships in infectious disease and AIDS prevention as well as Masters Degrees in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, he became the leading expert in HIV and homelessness. He then turned to sub-Saharan Africa to find that the poorest HIV-infected people in the world had some of the highest levels of HIV treatment adherence. His work was described by President Bill Clinton as the nail in the coffin on ...
Oregon Health Professionals. Find the best Health Practitioners in Oregon, from the right Health Professionals at
The Histopathology Shared Resource provides Immuhistochemistry services which include: Testing and titering new antibodies, both monoclonal and polyclonal. The latter should be either a purified IgG fraction or affinity-purified. (Straight serum is not suitable for immunostaining). Optimization of staining to enhance detection and reduce background. Epitope retrieval techniques (pre-treatment with heat and/or proteases) Specialized secondary detection reagents Avidin/biotin blocking steps Double- and triple-antibody stains using multiple chromagens. Immunohistochemistry staining service is an eagle-i resource of type Material processing service at Oregon Health & Science University.
The OHSU Gene Profiling Shared Resource (formerly the Gene Microarray Shared Resource) functions as a full-service genomics facility serving research scientists and clinicians with services for RNA expression profiling and DNA variation analysis on two microarray platforms, Affymetrix and Illumina and on Applied Biosystems QuantStudio real-time PCR system. We are also now able to provide expression profiling and genome analysis services using Ion Torrent PGM sequencer. Support for RNA isolation and RNA/DNA quality assessment also available. Gene Profiling Shared Resource Core Laboratory is an eagle-i resource of type Core Laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University.
This is the second in a series of briefs exploring health insurance coverage and uninsurance in Oregon using information gathered through the 2011 Oregon Health Insurance Survey (OHIS). This brief provides health insurance results on 15 regions in Oregon.. ...
...Researchers at Oregon Health & Science U...The new discovery is published online in Neuroscience: A HREF...In their study the OHSU team looked at glial cells non-neuronal cell... Previous research has shown that a common feature of the brains of SI...,OHSU,discovery,may,someday,lead,to,prevention,and,treatment,of,sudden,infant,death,syndrome,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
The Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station is Oregons principal source of knowledge relating to agricultural and food systems, and a major source of knowledge regarding environmental quality, natural resources, life sciences, and rural economics worldwide. It has more than 400 scientists in 28 academic disciplines working across the state.. The Forest Research Laboratory conducts research leading to sustainable forest yields, innovative and efficient use of forest products, and responsible stewardship of Oregons natural resources. Its scientists work in labs and forests with cooperators throughout Oregon.. The Oregon State University Extension Service connects Oregonians to research-based knowledge through on-the-ground expertise and education. In addition to faculty and specialists stationed in every county of the state, Extension oversees a corps of 20,000 trained Extension volunteers, representing the equivalent of 800 full-time employees in service to Oregon.. These stories illustrate a ...
For fair use/educational reproduction, please provide the following credit: This photograph is part of a selection of images made from the Southern Oregon University Department of Biology Insect Museum and made available courtesy of Southern Oregon University Hannon Library and the Department of Biology at Southern Oregon University. See also: ...
The U.S. state of Oregon has various policies restricting the production, sale, and use of different substances. In 2006, Oregons per capita drug use exceeded the national average. The most used substances were marijuana, methamphetamine and illicit painkillers and stimulants. Oregonians consume an average amount of beer and distilled spirits, and an above average amount of wine. As of 2007, the consumption of spirits is on the rise, while beer consumption is holding steady. Also, 11% of beer sold in Oregon was brewed in-state, the highest figure in the United States. Oregon was the first place in the United States to prohibit alcohol, prior to becoming a U.S. state in the mid-19th century. That law was quickly repealed, but Oregon again preceded the rest of the country in outlawing alcohol, passing a law several years before federal prohibition was enacted with the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Following the repeal of prohibition in 1933, Oregon acted swiftly to ...
Covers OCLC #924933943, OCLC #924400578, OCLC #924324566, OCLC #1015250960, OCLC #1194878553. This archived document is maintained by the State Library of Oregon as part of the Oregon Documents Depository Program. It is for informational purposes and may not be suitable for legal purposes.. Mode of access: Internet from the Oregon Government Publications Collection.. Text in English.. This archived document is maintained by the Oregon State Library as part of the Oregon Documents Depository Program. It is for informational purposes and may not be suitable for legal purposes.. ...
Oregon Health & Science Univ. - Hospitalist - Hillsboro, OR - Hillsboro - Lead Hospitalist The Division of Hospital Medicine - ACPs Career Connection
Affordable oregon health insurance quotes, oregon health insurance plan and provider information. Your resource for quality health insurance plan information and quotes.
The Department of Energys Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon, are joining forces to answer some of the worlds most complex biomedical questions.
Leaving his teenage drug abuse behind in Oregon, Dustin Weber was seeking a new beginning. His would be the first death of a person on the West Coast by a tsunami since 1964, when 11 people in.. 2018-01-23 · At 5:36 p.m. March 27, 1964, the largest earthquake ever recorded in North America, a 9.2-magnitude on the Richter scale, shook south-central Alaska.. Evacuations were ordered in parts of Washington and Oregon, and fishermen in Crescent City, Calif., fired up their crab boats and left the harbor to ride out an expected swell. A tsunami in 1964.. steve novick portland oregon Through better street design, education, and public involvement, we will make Portland more accessible and safe for everyone. Together we will save lives and ensure the well-being of future generations. commissioner steve novick city of Portland, Oregonobsidian in oregon hanford oregon The oregon hanford cleanup board will meet November 5-6 at the Best Western Plus Columbia River Inn in Cascade Locks. The meeting starts ...
HOW TO DIE IN OREGON, INTIMATE DOCUMENTARY EXPLORING THE STATES CONTROVERSIAL DEATH WITH DIGNITY ACT, DEBUTS MAY 26 ON HBO Film Won Grand Jury Prize For Documentaries At 2011 Sundance Film Festival In 1994, Oregon became the first state in the U.S. to legalize physician aid-in-dying. At the time, only two countries (Switzerland and the Netherlands) permitted the practice, but more than 500 Oregonians have since ended their life using the law. The intimate Sundance Award-winning documentary HOW TO DIE IN OREGON is a powerful, compassionate exploration of Oregons historic and controversial Death with Dignity Act, which legalizes physician aid-in-dying for some terminally ill patients. The film tells the stories of people who died under the act, and follows the crusade of one woman who honors her husband by fighting for similar choices in the state of Washington, when it debuts THURSDAY, MAY 26 (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO. Other HBO playdates: May 26 (3:50 a.m.) and 29 (11:00 a.m.), and June ...
This post is reproduced in its entirety from the Umpqua Cannabis Association Facebook Page. [Editors note: Longtime Oregon community organizer John Sajo consistently produces well-reasoned analyses of Oregon issues, especially as they relate to the impact of legal cannabis on medical cannabis policy. We are grateful to amplify his voice, which gets significant play in Oregon but deserves a wider audience.]. by John Sajo, Umpqua Cannabis Association. The Senate Committee on Implementing Measure 91 just voted to pass SB 964 which is a major rewrite of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. On the one hand this bill would require every patient to report to the Oregon Health Authority every month exactly how many marijuana plants and how much marijuana they have on hand. Oregonians who agree to grow marijuana for a sick friend would have to do the same reporting and would also be subject to inspection by the health department. The idea behind all this new government intrusion into patients lives is to ...
Colorado at Oregon State, 1 p.m. Saturday, Pac-12 Networks. For the record: Oregon State is 3-1. The Beavers defeated San Diego State 34-30 on Saturday night.. Streaking: Oregon State is 22-for-22 in the red zone, including 18 touchdowns.. Whos hot: Quarterback Sean Mannion leads the nation in passing yards with 1,604 and is 12th in pass efficiency, hitting 133-of-186 for 15 touchdowns with one interception.. Whos not: The Beavers have failed to top 57 yards rushing in their past three games and are 121st nationally at 55 yards a game.. Key stat: OSU is 92nd nationally in total defense, allowing 432 yards per game.. FYI: Junior Brandin Cooks 14 catches for 141 yards Saturday moved him into seventh place on the schools all-time receiving yards list with 2,181.. Injury report: Tailback Storm Woods missed the San Diego State game with a concussion. Center Josh Mitchell hurt his ankle and missed the second half, leaving OSU with two backup offensive linemen. Fullback Tyler Anderson (hamstring) ...
APDM, a 9-year-old Portland, Oregon company with a mission to develop and commercialize best-in-class solutions for quantifying human movement with wearable technologies has been awarded three NIH grants worth a total of $4.7 million. They will work with the Oregon Health and Science University on all three projects, at least one of which is in preparation for a future commercial launch. The... ...
This archived document is maintained by the State Library of Oregon as part of the Oregon Documents Depository Program. It is for informational purposes and may not be suitable for legal purposes.. Mode of access: Internet from the Oregon Government Publications Collection.. Text in English.. ...
Postdoctoral Researcher or Staff Scientist - Gene Therapy Vector Development Using Nonhuman Primates and Basic Research on Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV). Oregon Health & Science University(OHSU、オレゴン州ポートランド)中井浩之研究室では、ポスドクあるいはスタッフ研究員を募集しています。当研究室の主たる研究テーマはadeno-associated virus (AAV、アデノ随伴ウィルス)を用いた遺伝子細胞治療の研究、新しいベクターの開発ですが、マウスおよび大型動物(サル、ブタ、ネコ、ウサギ)を使った前臨床研究だけでなく、治療に用いるウィルスそのものの分子生物学的研究にも力を入れています。当研究室はOregon National Primate Research ...
The differences between Oregons rural and urban communities are obvious, but the diversity among rural communities often goes unrecognized. Describing rural communities involves considering both geographic and social characteristics. Geographically, Oregon is divided by the Coastal and the Cascade mountain ranges, running north and south, which create three physical regions: the coastal area, the Willamette Valley and Eastern Oregon. Each region includes vast tracts of federally owned land that have an impact on natural resources and economic drivers available to communities in each area. For example, in a recent economic study by Forest2Market, Inc., privately owned forestlands in Oregon contribute $382 per acre to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), versus federal forestlands contribution of just $67 per acre. Considering that 59% of Oregon forestlands are federally owned, federal forestland holdings have a significant impact on wealth creation and jobs in rural communities. Rural communities insufficient
Care and conditions at Oregon State Hospital violate patients safety and their constitutional right to good care, said a U.S. Department of Justice report released Wednesday, Jan. 16. READ THE REPORT • The U.S. Department of Justice report PAST NEWS STORIES • From The Oregonian of Tuesday, July 15, 2003 -- Reports detail psychiatrists mistreatment of patients: An inquiry finds that a doctor at the Oregon State Hospital withheld medications, causing a mentally ill man to suffer • From The Oregonian of Tuesday, July 22, 2003 -- Superintendent of state hospital resigns: Stanley Mazur-Hart will leave his post at Oregon State Hospital on Sept. 30 but probably will be given another job • From The Oregonian of Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2003 -- Hospitals status hurts hiring: Perceptions on the quality of care and the realities of workplace and pay make Oregon State Hospital a tough sell to top psychiatrists • From The Oregonian of Tuesday, March 9, 2004 -- Deal reached in state hospital
CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University technicians have documented more than a hundred pools of mosquitoes in eastern Oregon that have tested positive for West Nile virus, and though no human cases have yet been reported, the state is urging caution.. The risk of an individual contracting West Nile virus is low, but we do encourage people to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves against mosquito bites, said Emilio DeBess, the state public health veterinarian with the Oregon Department of Human Services.. Tests for West Nile virus in mosquitoes and animals that can carry the virus are conducted annually at the Oregon State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Thus far, OSU diagnosticians have documented 78 mosquito pools with West Nile virus from Morrow County; 24 pools from Umatilla County; six pools from Baker County; and five from Malheur County.. Two birds from Morrow and Umatilla counties tested positive for West Nile as did a horse from Umatilla County, according ...
Both graduated from Department of Education accredited graduate programs in naturopathic medicine, passed two board exams. both licensed to practice in Oregon. Nearpass said they want a.. quality inn medford oregon eugene oregon walmart oregon clean air act aspen apartments hermiston oregon Oregon; Hermiston; apartments; aspen community ctr; aspen community ctr apartments. 530 Ne Aspen Dr.. Location of This Business 530 Ne Aspen Dr, Hermiston, OR 97838-1476 Email this Business.The clean air act requires EPA to set national ambient air quality standards (naaqs) for ozone and five other pollutants considered harmful to public health and the environment (the other pollutants are particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and lead).Sabrina Ionescu had a career-high 37 points and became Oregons scoring leader by playing one of the best games on a résumé full of contenders.Book the Quality Inn and Suites Airport - Stay at this hotel in Medford. Enjoy free breakfast, free ...
Find Connective Tissue Massage Therapists in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, help from Portland Connective Tissue Massage Therapists for Connective Tissue Massage in Portland.
Since the reintroduction of wolves in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in 1996, recovering wolf populations have expanded their distributions into Oregon, and other western states where they have largely be extirpated (since 1940s in Oregon). Consistent wolf sign was observed in northeastern Oregon in 2006 and now 8-10 packs exist in this region. Since near extirpation of cougars in Oregon in the 1960s, cougar populations have now recovered to stable levels throughout the state and their ecology and population dynamics prior to the arrival of wolves is well studied. The recolonization of wolves into Oregon raises important questions regarding their impacts on prey populations (deer and elk), livestock depredation, and interspecific competition with cougars ...
All year, Oregon Medical Group has increased its involvement with community health and wellbeing outreach, and a new sponsorship commitment to the Eugene Emeralds underscores. endocrinology,. outdoor store ashland oregon oregon board of naturopathic medicine After passing the NPLEX exams, oregon state exam, completing the background check and sending in all required documents, you may be eligible to apply for a license to practice. license fee: The fee for an initial license is pro-rated according to the date application was recieved by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (OBNM).Owner Bryant Helgeland has been passionate about the outdoors since before he can remember. As a kid, he spent summers either in a tent or at.. Gastroenterology (GI) Colonoscopy A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed to examine the inner lining of the colon, or large intestine, and the rectum. The colonoscopy procedure is performed routinely in patients over the age of 50 as a means detecting colorectal ...
The U.S. Geological Survey has estimated as much as one trillion cubic feet of oil and gas occurs in the Columbia Basin of south-central Washington and north-central Oregon. They have also estimated that there are numerous small gas fields throughout the Pacific Northwest, such as the Mist Gas Field in northwestern Oregon.. Thick basalt flows overlay the potential reservoirs, making exploration and development costly. With rising gas prices, advances in technology, and the lack of previous development, there has been a dramatic interest in oil and gas leases in Oregon and Washington in the past few years. Half of the revenue derived from leasing and royalties is returned to the state where the leases are located. Currently there are about 140 federal leases representing about 226,000 acres in Oregon and Washington. There are currently no active oil and gas drilling or exploration sites in Oregon or Washington.. Note: September 13, 2012 and December 13, 2012 Oil and Gas Lease Sales Postponed ...
CORVALLIS, Ore. - A newly recognized pest in Oregon continues to concern fruit growers and researchers with the recent discovery of a Spotted Wing Drosophila fly in a sample of Willamette Valley wine grapes.. Since the tiny fly, Drosophila suzukii, was first confirmed in Oregon less than two months ago, there have been an increasing number of reports of its occurrence in a variety of fresh fruits, including blueberries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, plums - and now grapes, according to Amy Dreves, a research entomologist at Oregon State University.. This is an insect that, up to last year, had never been seen in the continental United States, Dreves said. Now, suddenly, it is showing up in lots of places.. Losses to fruit crops have been significant in some places this year, according to OSU entomologist Vaughn Walton, who is working with Dreves and others on strategies to combat this invasive fruit fly. California lost about one-third of its cherry crop from Davis to ...
Juvenile coho salmon movement, growth and survival in a coastal basin of southern Oregon. In this study, we monitored the movement of PIT tagged juvenile coho salmon throughout the period of freshwater residence in an entire southern Oregon coastal basin to identify the prevalent sedentary and mobile strategies these fish may adopt and to ...
Cascade has been a leader in promoting consumer-driven health care since before the term gained currency. Our 1995 conference on Medical Savings Accounts (now known as Heath Savings Accounts) was the first held by any think tank in the country.. Cascade predicted the failure of the Oregon Health Plan before it was launched; and we documented that failure, based on its inability to meet its own stated goals, in our 2010 report, The Oregon Health Plan: A Bold Experiment that Failed.. Despite the Oregon state government having a history of mismanaging other peoples health care dollars, voters approved a new health care sales tax in January 2018 which would expand Medicaid and increase the cost of health insurance and hospitals at the expense of Oregonians, including college students and small group employers. Cascade will continue monitoring the governments use of these tax dollars and provide research on ways to decrease the cost of health care without increasing taxes on residents. ...
Looking for information on Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in Klamath Falls? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Klamath Falls that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find information on Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in Klamath Falls.
A chronic dialysis program in the beautiful state of Oregon is in need of an experienced dialysis nurse. Applicants should have an OR License and at least one year of dialysis experience for this thirteen week assignment. Oregon is a dramatic land of many changes. From the rugged Oregon seacoast, to the high mountain passes of the Oregon Cascades, in the lush greenery and magnificent waterfalls, and in the stony lava beds and Ponderosa pines of the high desert, Oregons natural beauty is here for all to enjoy. Hike in the early morning along the Oregon coast and watch for whales. Enjoy the solitude of miles and miles of Oregons public beaches. Tour the historic Columbia River Highway and see the magnificent vistas and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. Immerse yourself in the outdoors in our high desert region, where snow sports, water sports, hiking, camping and hunting are favorite activities. Oregons wilderness areas, national forests and Crater Lake, Oregons national park, are all ...
An acute dialysis program in the beautiful state of Oregon is in need of an experienced dialysis nurse. Applicants should have an OR License and at least one year of dialysis experience for this thirteen week assignment. Oregon is a dramatic land of many changes. From the rugged Oregon seacoast, to the high mountain passes of the Oregon Cascades, in the lush greenery and magnificent waterfalls, and in the stony lava beds and Ponderosa pines of the high desert, Oregons natural beauty is here for all to enjoy. Hike in the early morning along the Oregon coast and watch for whales. Enjoy the solitude of miles and miles of Oregons public beaches. Tour the historic Columbia River Highway and see the magnificent vistas and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. Immerse yourself in the outdoors in our high desert region, where snow sports, water sports, hiking, camping and hunting are favorite activities. Oregons wilderness areas, national forests and Crater Lake, Oregons national park, are all ...
TheSpread) - Oregon has become a national power in football over the last five years, but can a new coach keep the Ducks in the title picture?. View Current College Football Odds. According to oddsmakers at, Oregon has been given 13/2 odds to win the 2014 BCS National Championship. The Ducks have also been given odds of +165 to win the Pac-12 Championship and a money line of -105 to win the Pac-12 North Division. The over/under on wins for Oregon has been set at 10.5.. After four years with Chip Kelly as head coach, the Ducks needed a new head coach as Kelly went to the NFL. Mark Helfrich, who worked under Kelly, was named the new leader of the program. He has big shoes to fill, as Kelly won 12 games the last three seasons. This years team has 15 starters back from the 2012 team that went 12-1 and picked up a BCS bowl victory.. On offense, Oregon has averaged over 45 points and 520 yards per game the last three years. This years team shouldnt be any different, as it returns its two ...
This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Astigmatism Treatment. You will find informative articles about Astigmatism Treatment, including Astigmatism Symptoms And Treatment. Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Oregon City, OR that can help answer your questions about Astigmatism Treatment.
CORVALLIS - Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered promising geological formations and areas in the Coast Range near Roseburg, Ore., that have the potential for commercial deposits of natural gas. The findings conclude a five-year, $110,000 research effort. They build on geologic mapping by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI), a leading sponsor and research collaborator, and the U.S. Geological Survey, and are outlined in a 141-page report released today by DOGAMI.
At youll find a reputable dental anesthesia and dental sedation provider that delivers safe and efficient relief to valued clients living in or near Multnomah County, OR. Our licensed dentist anesthesiologist is well trained and equipped and specializes on pain control and patient management. From general anesthesia, tropical anesthesia, local anesthesia and other types of dental anesthesia, our certified and experienced anesthesiologist provide various anesthesia requirements for dental patients. We also offer portable in-office moderate dental sedation to provide a more comfortable dental experience. You may also want a moderate I.V. sedation instead for a more relaxed state during dental procedures especially for dental surgeries. If you have a post traumatic stress disorder, special medical conditions such as autism or mental illness, TMJ discomfort or suffer from anxiety, dental sedation is the best option. Our outstanding service is open to all 97206 patients as well ...
Portland (Ore.) Business Journal, May 19, 2016. The Oregon Health Authority has selected RAND Corp. to conduct an independent study of different ways of configuring Oregons health care system, including a single-payer model.. If negotiations are successful, OHA intends to award a contract to RAND, the highest-ranked proposer, according to a memo from a procurement and contract specialist at the Department of Human Services.. Dr. Sam Metz, a Portland anesthesiologist, has advocated for the study - and a single-payer system - for several years.. full ...
Klamath Community College, Cultured Vegetables,Classic Sauerkraut, Berry Jam, Cooking Classes by Teresa Penhall, Food 4 Life, Mozzarella cheese making classes, Cheddar Cheese making classes, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603, 97601 Raw milk cheeses. Butter, sour cream yogurt, kefir, making classes, certified organic produce, buyers club,
AURORA - Rhododendrons and azaleas herald spring in Oregon. And spring is a good time to give these beautiful shrubs the care they deserve.. There are a number of things home gardeners can do to keep rhodies and azaleas long-lived and healthy, according to Jan McNeilan, retired horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service.. As with all health check-ups, start with a physical examination. Look for symptoms of nutrient deficiency, such as pale green or dwarfed leaves, which may indicate a lack of nitrogen. Yellow mottling along the leaf margins may indicate an excess of potassium. If the leaves are smaller and darker green than normal and the tips are dead, your shrub may need phosphorus. Yellow or yellow-white (chlorotic) leaves may mean there is too much calcium, which can be leached from sidewalks and foundations. When the soil pH is too high for acid loving rhodies, some nutrients are tied up in the soil and unavailable to the plant.. Be mindful of past weather conditions when ...
As the states largest-ever capital project, the Oregon State Hospital replacement program includes design and construction of two psychiatric hospitals to house all the psychiatric beds in Oregon.
As the states largest-ever capital project, the Oregon State Hospital replacement program includes design and construction of two psychiatric hospitals to house all the psychiatric beds in Oregon.
Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is the official sports medicine provider and a signature sponsor of the Oregon Triple Crown Series. Consisting of three races, the Oregon Gran Fondo on June 1, Tour of Aufderheide on July 13 and Oregon Coast Gravel Epic on August 23, the Triple Crown Series is an innovative series of only-in-Oregon cycling experiences, requiring
Todays ruling is a win for veterans and their right to have a level playing field when they return from service and apply for work at home, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian said in a statement. Were committed to ensuring that Oregon veterans have access to career advancement so that they can continue serving and contributing to communities around the state.. ...
A while back Klamath County received another F grade for air quality from the American Lung Association. Klamath County has been receiving the big F for a number of years and it could stand for a lot of things. Trey Senn of the Klamath County Economic Development Association thinks it means fabulous air quality, if he can bring that biomass plant to town. I personally think the F should mean fantasy land. If he thinks the air quality will be so much cleaner with a biomass plant that burns green wood 24/7, 365 days a year. Evidently he spends way too much time behind his desk and doesn t see outside when the Forest Service is burning slash piles. Most slash piles are 30 to 70 miles out of town and the Forest Service monitors weather inversions and wind direction, so as to not contribute to Klamath Falls air quality problem any more than necessary and again slash piles are only burned for a two- to three-week period in the spring and the rest of the 49 weeks are free from open burning and that is ...
BACKGROUND: The Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (MHPAEA) requires commercial group health plans offering coverage for mental health and substance abuse services to offer those services at a level that is no more restrictive than for medical-surgical services. The MHPAEA is notable in restricting the extent to which health plans can use managed care tools on the behavioral health benefit. The only precedent for this approach is Oregons 2007 state parity law. This study aims to provide evidence on the effect of comprehensive parity on utilization and expenditures for substance abuse treatment services.. METHODS: A difference-in-difference analysis compared individuals in five Oregon commercial plans (n=103,820) from 2005 to 2008 to comparison groups exempt from parity in Oregon (n=19,633) and Washington (n=39,447). The primary outcome measures were annual use and total expenditures.. RESULTS: Spending for alcohol treatment services ...
Regional Price Parities: Services: Other: Nonmetropolitan Portion for Oregon was 95.10000 Index in January of 2018, according to the United States Federal Reserve. Historically, Regional Price Parities: Services: Other: Nonmetropolitan Portion for Oregon reached a record high of 97.70000 in January of 2008 and a record low of 92.80000 in January of 2015. Trading Economics provides the current actual value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Regional Price Parities: Services: Other: Nonmetropolitan Portion for Oregon - last updated from the |a href= target=blank>United States Federal Reserve|/a> on November of 2020.
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Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), also known as factory farms, emit large amounts of air pollution, including methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter. Yet Oregon has no air pollution control program to monitor and reduce factory farm pollution. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has long acknowledged the problem of factory farm air pollution, EPA fails to regulate the industry. In the face of federal inaction, states including Minnesota, California, and Idaho have adopted laws to reduce air pollution from factory farms. To date, Oregon has not adopted regulations to control air pollution from factory farms.. The Legislature Must Act - Pass SB 197 ...
The Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation of Oregon is working to build bridges to sickle cell patients and carriers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. If you or
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Oregon Attorney General John Kroger Charged For any Oregon readers, something disturbing was just brought to my attention. Apparently, Oregon Attorney
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Dr. George Howard received his training in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has had extensive experience in biostatistics, data management, and the direction of coordinating centers of multicenter studies. He is currently the PI of the REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study, a longitudinal cohort study of 30,239 African American and white participants in 48 states. He is the co-PI of statistical analysis center for the Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy Stenting Trial (CREST), and the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study. He has previously been the PI of the coordinating centers for the Insulin Resistance Athersclerosis Study (IRAS) and the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Stroke (SPS3) studies, He has been a co-investigator in numerous epidemiological studies and clinical trials including Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC), the Community Hospital-Based Stroke Program, ...
How is Oregonians Against Gun Violence abbreviated? OAGV stands for Oregonians Against Gun Violence. OAGV is defined as Oregonians Against Gun Violence rarely.
Get info about Southern Oregon University baseball game schedule. Given physical education (PE) training program qualifications, you may find your niche in sports coaching.
DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Acute anterior uveitis (AAU) describes an inflammation of the anterior uveal tract of the eye and is diagnosed by the presence of infiltrating leukocytes in the anterior chamber. For many patients, uveitis is a recurrent condition that may not respond well to the treatments available. A well-defined form of uveitis is anterior, acute (as opposed to chronic), sudden onset, recurrent and unilateral. This is the most common form of uveitis. In many, the disease is familial and is often associated with the marker, HLA-B27. We propose to identify uveitis susceptibility genes by conducting microsatellite genetic analyses in well-defined pedigrees. First, we propose to identify families with two or more members afflicted with AAU. This will be accomplished through a variety of sources including the North American Spondylitis Consortium, the uveitis clinic at Oregon Health Science University, various ophthalmologists around the U.S. who are members of the American ...
The physics department is actively engaged in the following research areas: Computational Physics, Materials Physics, Physics Education, Optical Physics, and several multidisciplinary research projects. The Department of Physics at Oregon State University has an active graduate-level research program and offers degree programs in physics, and engineering physics . Many options within the physics degree are available, and we also offer a minor in physics. Our interdisciplinary degree in computational physics is receiving national recognition as a model program.
A homepage for the Food Safety and Environmental Stewardship lab at Oregon State University. Specializing in Passive Sampling Devices, Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology.
No. 19012", The London Gazette, 11 January 1833. p. 76 "No. 19016", The London Gazette, 25 January 1833. p. 171 "No. 19011", The London Gazette, 8 January 1833. p. 55 Oxford: Stonor's election in Oxford was declared void on petition and a by-election was held on 18 March 1833. (Craig, pages 233-234) "No. 19011", The London Gazette, 8 January 1833. p. 54 "No. 19009", The London Gazette, 1 January 1833. p. 3 "No. 19007", The London Gazette, 25 December 1832. p. 2811 "No. 19006", The London Gazette, 21 December 1832. p. 2788 "No. 19008", The London Gazette, 28 December 1832. p. 2836 "No. 19010", The London Gazette, 4 January 1833. p. 25 "No. 19008", The London Gazette, 28 December 1832. p. 2838 "No. 19007", The London Gazette, 25 December 1832. p. 2812 The election of John Shaw-Lefevre was voided on petition, and Sir William Jolliffe, Bt was declared elected in his place. "No. 19016", The London Gazette, 25 January 1833. p. 170 "No. 19010", The London Gazette, 4 January 1833. p. 27 "No. 19005", The ...
This article contains a list of the most studied restriction enzymes whose names start with O to R inclusive. It contains approximately 130 enzymes. The following information is given: Enzyme: Accepted name of the molecule, according to the internationally adopted nomenclature, and bibliographical references. (Further reading: see the section "Nomenclature" in the article "Restriction enzyme".) PDB code: Code used to identify the structure of a protein in the PDB database of protein structures. The 3D atomic structure of a protein provides highly valuable information to understand the intimate details of its mechanism of action. Source: Organism that naturally produces the enzyme. Recognition sequence: Sequence of DNA recognized by the enzyme and to which it specifically binds. Cut: Cutting site and DNA products of the cut. The recognition sequence and the cutting site usually match, but sometimes the cutting site can be dozens of nucleotides away from the recognition site. Isoschizomers and ...
... or whose theory and practice is not part of biomedicine,[n 2][n 4][n 5][n 6] or whose theories or practices are directly ... or when it can be reasonably expected that the patient or practitioner knows or should know that it will not work - such as ... Complementary or integrative medicine Complementary medicine (CM) or integrative medicine (IM) is when alternative medicine is ... Most Americans used CAM to treat and/or prevent musculoskeletal conditions or other conditions associated with chronic or ...
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p A number is divisible by 2m, 5m or 10m if and only if the number formed by the last m digits is ... Most numbers do not divide 9 or 10 evenly, but do divide a higher power of 10n or 10n − 1. In this case the number is still ... If the tens digit is even, the ones digit must be 0, 4, or 8.. If the tens digit is odd, the ones digit must be 2 or 6. 40,832 ... If at any point the first digit is 8 or 9, these become 1 or 2, respectively. But if it is a 7 it should become 0, only if no ...
Main article: Oregon Medicaid health experiment. In 2008 Oregon decided to hold a randomized lottery for the provision of ... a child under the age of 21 or a child of any age who is blind or disabled" and "the law also carved out other exceptions for ... or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. ... guidelines which recommend therapy for all patients with T-cell counts of 350 or less, or in certain patients commencing at an ...
or. a. (. t. ). =. e. t. δ. {\displaystyle a(t)=e^{t\delta }\,}. The force of interest is less than the annual effective ... Compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit, or in other words, interest on ... The compounding frequency is the number of times per year (or other unit of time) the accumulated interest is paid out, or ... or more generally the logarithmic or continuously compounded return is a function of time defined as follows: δ. t. =. a. ′. ( ...
... or ψ and δ in terms of a valid physical model for n and κ. By fitting the theoretical model to the measured R or T, or ψ and δ ... In optics, the refractive index (also known as refraction index or index of refraction) of a material is a dimensionless number ... Newton, Isaac (1730). Opticks: Or, A Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, Inflections and Colours of Light. William Innys ... This angle can then be measured either by looking through a telescope,[clarification needed] or with a digital photodetector ...
Already retired or suspended[edit]. *Michele Bartoli - on 25 May 2007 La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Bartoli was ... On 3 April 2007, the German news agency sid said nine bags of blood marked Jan, number 1 or Hijo Rudicio (Son of Rudy) matched ... Jan Ullrich - DNA tests confirmed that the 9 bags that were marked Jan, number 1 or Hijo Rudicio (Son of Rudy) all contained ... He said that he was Bella, or number 20. Jaksche had been under suspension by Tinkoff Credit Systems since May.[30] ...
... prices or to associate them with a discount.[6] For example, a regular price of $199 is mistakenly viewed as a sale or discount ... to carry the product or brand or to support the retailer in consumer-oriented promotions. Consumer sales promotion types[edit] ... encourage store traffic or simply to build excitement for a product or brand. Traditional sales promotions techniques include: ... Meaningful Savings: Gain or Loss[edit]. Many discounts are designed to give consumers the perception of saving money when ...
The Inner or Subliminal Being[edit]. The Inner Being, or Subliminal,[28][29] includes the inner realms or aspects of the ... The subtle or subliminal conscient[edit]. The subtle or subliminal is the subtle, higher counterpart of the subconscient. ... Physical Mind - refers to either or both the Externalising Mind and the Mental in the Physical; it is limited to a physical or ... The Inner Being is also transitional between the surface or Outer Being and the Psychic or Inmost Being. By doing yoga practice ...
Whether or not any of the three happen to be the equatorial or polar diameters may be uncertain. It gets even trickier because ... If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for ... If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for ... If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for ...
Missing or empty ,title=. (help) *^ "THE FIELD POLL; LOW AWARENESS BUT INITIAL VOTER BACKING OF FIVE STATEWIDE BALLOT MEASURES ... and fully extend their legs and/or wings. The initiative does not require that they be kept outside of cages or live outdoors. ... Litigation against Prop 2 or AB 1437[edit]. In 2012, William Cramer, an egg farmer in Riverside, California, filed a lawsuit ... Most hens never feel the sun, never walk on grass, and many are never able to turn around without hitting cage bars or another ...
Insertions or deletions[edit]. One of the first studies of TATA box mutations looked at a sequence of DNA from Agrobacterium ... TATA-binding protein (TBP) can be recruited in two ways, by SAGA, a cofactor for RNA polymerase II, or by TFIID.[11] When ... An insertion or deletion shifts the TATA box recognition site which results in a shifted transcription site.[27] Point ... Mutations to the TATA box can range from a deletion or insertion to a point mutation with varying effects based on the gene ...
... Park, or its location at The Battery, in Manhattan, New York *Battery Park City, a neighborhood north of Battery Park ... Military or firearms term[edit]. *Artillery battery, an organized group of artillery pieces ... Battery, stamp battery, or stamp mill, a type of mill that crushes material by pounding ... Battery, 18th and 19th century term for a number of capacitors or Leyden jars connected in parallel ...
Oregon[edit]. One after another, western states granted the right of voting to their women citizens, the only opposition being ... Women in Texas did not have any voting rights when Texas was a republic (1836-1846) or after it became a state in 1846.[104] ... In Oregon, Abigail Scott Duniway (1834-1915) was the long-time leader, supporting the cause through speeches and her weekly ... The states that had adopted suffrage are colored white (or dotted and crosses, in case of partial suffrage) and the others ...
As editor or co-editor[edit]. *Cox, K. R., & Golledge, R. G. (Eds.). (1969). Behavioral Problems in Geography: A Symposium. ... During his career he wrote or edited 16 books and 100 chapters for other books, and wrote more than 150 academic papers. ...
Maocha or rough tea[edit]. The intent of the maocha stage (青毛茶 or 毛茶; literally, "light green rough tea" or "rough tea" ... Tuocha, Bowl, or Nest 沱茶 沱茶 Tuóchá A convex knob-shaped tea, its size ranges from 3g to 3 kg or more, with 100g, 250g and 500g ... Bing, Beeng, Cake, or Disc 饼茶 餅茶 Bǐngchá A round, flat, disc or puck-shaped tea, the size ranges from as small as 100g to as ... Tea cakes or other compressed pu'er can be made up of two or more grades of tea, typically with higher grade leaves on the ...
... is real or artificial?), or will it just remain a human perception as to whether they are or not? The less like us that they ... Artificial or simulated?[edit]. Final point here: the use of artificial (or simulated, which effectively comes down to the same ... Formally: If A and B are both properties of X then it does not follow that A is B or that A is a subset of B or vice versa. A ... Whether or not I am in a double-bind in another discussion has no impact here. Or should not! You are seemingly irritated with ...
Related complexes are known for phosphinites (R2P(OR')) and phosphonites (RP(OR')2). ... help); Missing or empty ,title=. (help). *^ a b C. A. McAuliffe, ed. (1973). Transition Metal Complexes of Phosphorus, Arsenic ... Complexes of PRx(OR')3−x[edit]. Nickel(0) complexes of phosphites, e.g., Ni[P(OEt)3]4 are useful catalysts for hydrocyanation ... By changes in one or more of the three organic substituents, the steric and electronic properties of phosphine ligands can be ...
The brain is not the dwelling-place, seat or producer of thought; it is not the instrument or organ, it is not the vehicle or ... Thought is not an indweller or command-giver, it is not a second half or aspect, etc., nor is it a product; it is not even a ... NPOV/OR revert[edit]. I'm sorry to revert so many edits, I really am, and I've saved what I could but there's an NPOV/OR ... Missing or empty ,title=. (help); External link in ,work=. (help); Missing or empty ,url=. (help); ,access-date=. requires ,url ...
This is important for action or sports photography, or any other situation where the subject or the camera is moving quickly. ... A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a ... Fixed or interchangeable lenses[edit]. Unlike DSLRs, most digital cameras lack the option to change the lens. Instead, most ... A DSLR with this feature is often known as an HDSLR or DSLR video shooter.[3] The first DSLR introduced with an HD movie mode, ...
Help bring these Top Importance articles currently B Status or below up to GA status: Agaricus bisporus (i.e. mushroom), Beef, ... Zankou Chicken, but not Church's or Popeye's[edit]. Why is Zankou Chicken (a small chain only in Los Angeles County) included, ... There are about sixty of these, of which forty are in New Brunswick or the Canadian Maritimes and eleven in Ontario. It seems a ... but not Church's_Chicken or Popeye's? Church's and Popeye's are right there in the first line. --Gridlock Joe (talk) 12:09, 16 ...
In a branching hierarchy, one or more objects has a degree of 2 or more (and therefore the minimum degree is 2 or higher).[1] ... Object: one entity (e.g., a person, department or concept or element of arrangement or member of a set) ... Member: an (element or object) at any (level or rank) in a (class-system, taxonomy or dimension) ... Ordering: the arrangement of the (ranks or levels). *Hierarchy: the arrangement of a particular set of members into (ranks or ...
... or depression) or of the cachexia (wasting syndrome) and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass, structure, and function).[13] One ... This section needs more medical references for verification or relies too heavily on primary sources. Please review the ... Young or pregnant[edit]. Long-term caloric restriction at a level sufficient for slowing the aging process is generally not ... Calorie restriction, caloric restriction, or energy restriction, is a dietary regimen that reduces calorie intake without ...
... factors that are qualities of the client or qualities of his or her environment and that aid in recovery regardless of his or ... a rationale or conceptual scheme that explains the given symptoms and prescribes a given ritual or procedure for resolving them ... mastery or control experiences, and patients' attributions of successful outcome to internal or external causes.[32] ... level of principles or strategies. Goldfried and Padawer's emphasis on principles or strategies of change was an important ...
In Chinese cuisine the gourds are used in stir fry or usually combined with pork or pork/beef bones to make winter gourd soup, ... the character 瓜 or guā can also mean "gourd" or "squash".[9] It is likely that the name "melon" is given because this gourd is ... Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. (January 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message ... but the ripe gourds are usually popular in making preserves or crystallized candied sweet known as "murabba" or "petha".[14][ ...
Once operational, the service may be free to users via public finance or advertising, or may be a paid service. Among deployed ... Municipal wireless network (Municipal Wi-Fi, Muni Wi-Fi or Muni-Fi) is a citywide wireless network. This is usually done by ... In such networks, radio communication is used both for the Wi-Fi service and for the "backhaul" or pathway to the Internet. ... Philomath, Oregon - free 300kbit/s access, paid tiers. Serves city limits: also has APs in downtown Corvallis. ...
When working or moving about in zero visibility water or in the dark. This often happens with underwater work, as a ... or to use an alternative gas supply, which can either be mounted on another pod, or be an ordinary Scuba regulator second stage ... or by bayonet style connector (Draeger). These allow for bailout or decompression gas to be ported to the mask via an entirely ... Shape of faceplate or lenses[edit]. Several shapes have been used for faceplates and lenses:[citation needed] ...
PGD is a process in which one or two cells from an embryo on Day 3 or Day 5 are extracted and the cells genetically analyzed. ... Couples who are at a high risk of having abnormal number of chromosomes or who have an history of single gene defects or ... Success or failure factors[edit]. One of the areas in which sperm injection can be useful is vasectomy reversal. However, ... In ICSI IVF, the male partner or a donor provides a sperm sample on the same day when the eggs are collected.[23] The sample is ...
The fact that the OR may end up being correct is neither here nor there, I've tagged or removed OR from articles even though I ... Now, whether or not auto-throttle was properly engaged or properly working will likely be a focus on the investgation (as ... Airmanship' in a 777 or any other modern aircraft is a lot wider body of knowledge than in a Cessna, or even a 737 Classic. ... or later, or not at all. I have news for you: NTSB press releases and conferences ARE RS sources, and it is appropriate for us ...
Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the ... Click on the map or in the box below to access the state/city/island immunization or public health website. ... CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. ...
... and often happens during deep sleep or while a child is under stress. ... For instance, a child might worry about a test at school or a change in routine (a new sibling or a new teacher). Even arguing ... If your child has trouble sleeping or is acting differently than usual, your dentist or doctor may suggest further evaluation. ... by taking a warm bath or shower, listening to a few minutes of soothing music, or reading a book. ...
Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the ... Heart disease can make it harder for you to fight off certain diseases or make it more likely that you will have serious ... You may regularly see a cardiologist, or your primary care provider. Either is a great place to start! If your healthcare ... CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. ...
Standing or walking a lot when the weather is warm. To keep swelling down, your health care provider may recommend keeping your ... The information on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Contact a health care ... legs raised when sitting, wearing support stockings, limiting how much salt you eat, or taking a medicine called a diuretic - ...
Enter the shape, color, or imprint of your prescription or OTC drug. Our pill identification tool will display pictures that ... Its a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you. ... It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in ... If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. ...
Among those who used sedatives or narcotics, 85 percent said they received a warning from their healthcare provider or the ... They thought use of ADHD medications was likely to cause a crash or result in legal ramifications, however. ... Driving while on prescription or illicit drugs has become increasingly common, whereas driving while intoxicated has declined ... "prescription medications are considered therapeutic and thus seen as shielded from causing risk to individuals or society." But ...
Personal Hygiene and Handwashing After a Disaster or Emergency (Paglilinis ng Katawan at Paghuhugas ng Kamay Pagkatapos ng ... Personal Hygiene and Handwashing After a Disaster or Emergency (Paglilinis ng Katawan at Paghuhugas ng Kamay Pagkatapos ng ...
During early pregnancy stages your child may develop cleft lip or cleft palate. Find out when you should have surgery to fix ... The opening can be a small slit or a large opening that goes through the lip into the nose. It can be on one or both sides of ... Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when a babys lip or mouth do not form properly. They happen early ... Children with a cleft lip or a cleft palate often have problems with feeding and talking. They also might have ear infections, ...
... or therapist? Find out in this article for kids. ... Or it might be your idea. You might be the one to ask your ... Lots of kids have problems that affect how they feel, think, or act. Therapy is a way to get help with these problems. If you ... Know your good qualities. Maybe you are funny, creative, helpful, or kind. Use at least one of these every day. This helps you ... Play and draw. Therapists use games that teach things like taking your time on schoolwork or other tasks. Some games teach kids ...
... but for one reason or another you have to change doctors. Perhaps youve moved, your doctor has retired, you... ... Changing or Choosing Your Doctor Youve been injured a while, ... Does he or she talk with you and/or your caregivers as equals? ... Do you feel that he or she genuinely cares about you and your caregiver or family? Is he or she aware that you and other health ... Changing or Choosing Your Doctor. Youve been injured a while, but for one reason or another you have to change doctors. ...
If vaccines overwhelmed or weakened the immune system, then one would expect lesser immune responses when vaccines are given at ... Placebo-controlled trial of varicella vaccine given with or after measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. J Pediatr.1989;114 :37- 44. ... Addressing Parents Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infants Immune System?. Paul A. Offit, Jessica ... Challenges to giving many vaccines in a single injection are based partly on incompatibilities of agents used to buffer or ...
Doctor or Nurse *You need a prescription from a Doctor or Nurse Required ... Doctor or Nurse *You need a prescription from a Doctor or Nurse Required ... Doctor or Nurse *You get or give yourself a shot every 3 months ... Doctor or Nurse *You need a prescription from a doctor or nurse ... Doctor or Nurse *You need a prescription from a doctor or nurse ... Doctor or Nurse *You need a prescription from a doctor or nurse ...
... either their own or that of a friend or family member (1). The dramatic increase in prescription opioid use (especially long- ... Nonopioids and opioids gave similar relief for back pain or osteoarthritis but nonopioids had fewer adverse effects Annals of ...
Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the ... Persons traveling to or working in countries that have high or intermediate endemicity of hepatitis A; ... Household members and other close personal contacts or adopted children newly arriving from countries with high or intermediate ... receiving substance abuse counseling or treatment, recently or currently incarcerated) are vaccinated against hepatitis A virus ...
1.1.9 Assess all women on admission to hospital or a midwife-led unit if they are pregnant or gave birth, had a miscarriage or ... for all women who are admitted to hospital or a midwife-led unit if they are pregnant or gave birth, had a miscarriage or had a ... or have significantly reduced mobility relative to their normal or anticipated mobility for 3 or more days after surgery, ... or people with intracranial haemorrhage (spontaneous or traumatic) until the lesion has been secured or the condition has ...
... of 30 mm or greater and 80 mm or less on a 100-mm visual analogue scale over the previous 48 h for one or more of the following ... Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs or acetaminophen for osteoarthritis of the hip or knee? A systematic review of evidence and ... At study endpoint, significantly more participants taking one or two combination tablets rated their treatment as excellent or ... or two out of three of the following: PGA score of excellent/good; reduction of 10 or more on the WOMAC pain scale; reduction ...
Grade 3 or Grade 4. Delay treatment until toxicity has resolved to Grade 1 or less and reduce the dose for subsequent cycles as ... Recurrent or metastatic carcinoma of the nasopharynx not amenable to salvage surgery or radiotherapy and resistant to platinum/ ... Any toxicity grade 2 or greater may require dose reduction, delay or omission of treatment and review by medical officer before ... until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity; usually 6 cycles Drug status:. Gemcitabine is on the PBS general schedule ...
In observance of Labor Day, the COVID Data Tracker will not update on Sunday, September 5th or Monday, September 6th. ...
Are you the victim of toxic pollutants or chemical exposure that happened in your workplace? The hazardous environment injury ... If you or a loved one was injured due to chemical exposure at work, contact our office today for a free review of your case ... Upper extremities or trunk. The hands, arms and torso are all at high risk for chemical injuries; usually chemical burns from ... If you or a loved one was injured due to chemical exposure at the workplace, we want to meet with you, free of charge. ...
Same or similar denials occur when the patients CMN history indicates a piece of equipment is the same or similar to the ... resale and/or to be used in any product or publication; creating any modified or derivative work of the UB-04 Manual and/or ... or disclose these technical data and/or computer data bases and/or computer software and/or computer software documentation are ... Any communication or data transiting or stored on this system may be disclosed or used for any lawful Government purpose. ...
A creek bed like this can channel water away from a low spot or direct runoff into a rain garden or dry well. With the right ... Before you start digging a trench or taking some other drastic action to get rid of a wet spot or standing water in your yard, ... Then line it with gravel or stones and add interest with boulders, a bridge or plantings. ... If the soggy area is close to your house, it can cause your basement to leak, or worse. So whats the answer? In this article ...
Oregon Dental Association (ODA) Best Management Practices (BMP)- UPDATE. All Oregon dentists should be aware that the ODAs BMP ... Oregon Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: At its August 18, 2017 Board Meeting, the Board of Dentistry voted to endorse the Oregon ... You will be able to pay online with a credit card (Visa or Master Card) or you can choose to print your completed renewal and ... If you have any questions, regarding obtaining an Oregon certification, please call 1-800-367-3262 or email [email protected] ...
Ten weeks of EGML or GCE supplementation did not promote weight-loss or lower total cholesterol in overweight individuals ... EGML and GCE supplementation failed to promote weight-loss or any clinically significant change in %body fat. The EGML group ... Secondly to examine whether these supplements have any beneficial effect on lipid, adipocytokine or antioxidant profiles. ... or placebo (starch, 2 g/day) for 10 weeks. At baseline and after 10 weeks, body composition, plasma cholesterol and diet were ...
Vitellaria paradoxa (formerly Butyrospermum parkii), commonly known as shea tree, shi tree (/ˈʃiː(ə)/), or vitellaria, is a ... The common name is shíyiri or shísu (lit. "shea tree") in the Bambara language of Mali. This is the origin of the English word ... Shea butter has many uses and may or may not be refined. In the West it is most commonly used as an emollient in cosmetics and ... In Hausa language the tree is called Kade or Kadanya. Indeed, the shea tree is so indispensable in Mole-Dagbang culinary and ...
Dry coughs may be caused by viral illnesses such as colds and flu, allergies or throat irritants. ... A dry cough is a cough where no phlegm or mucus is produced. ... Coughs associated with a cold or the flu tend to last a week or ... the cough is in an infant aged 6 months or younger;. *the cough has lasted longer than 10 days, with little or no improvement; ... a viral illness, such as a cold or influenza (the flu), or COVID-19 the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 - the novel coronavirus; ...
Numbness or paralysis may occur immediately or come on gradually as bleeding or swelling occurs in or around the spinal cord. ... An oddly positioned or twisted neck or back. When to see a doctor. Anyone who experiences significant trauma to his or her head ... crushes or compresses one or more of your vertebrae. It may also result from a gunshot or knife wound that penetrates and cuts ... Weakness, incoordination or paralysis in any part of your body. *Numbness, tingling or loss of sensation in your hands, fingers ...
... or providers may order a formal diabetes physician or education consult. Most physician consults are accompanied by a ... 97 mmol/mol; P = 0.01) and longer LOS; they were also more likely to have insurance and less likely to be male or be on a ... Patients who had race categorized as "other" or who had no race information were included as non-AA in the models and analyses ... 45%; P = 0.002; unadjusted OR 0.74 [95% CI 0.61-0.89]. Readmission was associated with lower HbA1c (10.7 vs. 11.1% ; 95 vs. 98 ...
Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the ... Please use the form below to submit correspondence to the authors or contact them at the following address:. Thomas Jaenisch, ... aegypti mosquitoes need to be distinguished in Africa: an ancestral forest or sylvan form, and a global domestic form. These 2 ... Addressing these issues will be essential before any major future decisions regarding control or prevention of dengue in Africa ...
Randomized or quasi-randomized studies investigating the effects of one or more vitamins given alone or in addition to AEDs to ... Two studies (75 participants) found no effect for the outcome 50% or greater reduction in seizure frequency (OR 0.96; 95% CI ... No evidence that folic acid, thiamine, vitamin D or vitamin E improve seizure control or prevent side effects for people with ... Folic acid was not associated with any consistent changes in serum phenytoin or phenobarbitone levels or improvement in the ...
  • An SUV driver drove over a sidewalk and plowed through pedestrians, striking multiple people in an apparent hit-and-run in Portland, Ore. (
  • PORTLAND, ORE. - DON'T talk to bookstore entrepreneur Michael Powell about a declining public interest in reading as pop video culture takes over the United States. (
  • On a typical Saturday morning at Powell's Books in Portland, Ore., hundreds of book lovers are roaming the aisles, tucked into reader-friendly nooks and crannies, or having a good read over a snack in the attached cafe. (
  • At Oregon Web Solutions, of Portland OR, we have the arsenal of problem solvers, strategists, and creative minds that can find a unique way of generating more interest, clicks, and traffic to your website. (
  • An innovative program developed by the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center, a NIOSH Center of Excellence, offers both safety and health training as well as healthful lifestyle information to summer workers in Portland (Oregon) Parks and Recreation pools that is subsequently reinforced by messaging on social media sites such as Facebook and Pintrest. (
  • Portland , "The City of Roses", is the largest city in Oregon and the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest . (
  • With national forests, Portland's hipster havens and the college town of Eugene, choosing one of our Oregon hotels will put you near your next adventure. (
  • On March 15, 2004, a fire broke out at the Thermo Fluids oil recycling facility in Portland, Oregon. (
  • Pho Oregon makes some of the biggest and baddest pho in Portland, with some of the most terrifically fatty broth. (
  • Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society Press. (
  • Note: As of 2018, rural counties under 40,000 people allow you to pump your own gas, or at the very least offer it during overnight hours. (
  • EUGENE, Ore. - The U.S. Forest Service improperly approved a project the fast-growing city of Bend will use that will degrade water quality in a tributary of the Deschutes River, Central Oregon Landwatch claims in Federal Court. (
  • As one of the first dispensaries in Eugene, OR: Green Health Eugene is committed to providing education and building relationships in all of their interactions with customers. (
  • An Oregon woman is suing a Canadian university for a 2016 dorm room attack by an engineering student from Saudi Arabia who claimed to be motivated to strike after reading the Quran. (
  • Effective December 1, 2017, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy (OBP) adopted Dispensing Practitioner Drug Outlet Rules. (
  • At its August 18, 2017 Board Meeting, the Board of Dentistry voted to endorse the Oregon Opioid Prescribing Guidelines as directed by HB 2114. (
  • SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- Oregon's new health insurance exchange has approved 22 companies to offer medical and dental insurance to uninsured Oregonians. (
  • The University of Oregon's Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact is an ambitious $1 billion initiative to fast-track scientific discoveries into innovations that improve quality of life for people in Oregon, the nation, and the world. (
  • Search by name or medical condition. (
  • 12% of the occupational fatalities in 2011 were from chemicals or environmental exposures. (
  • The other 6% of chemical injuries are attributed to incidental exposures from explosions or contact with equipment. (
  • Longer exposures can create misty oceans or gossamer cascades. (
  • 3.40% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. (
  • (4) Persons identified as Hispanic or Latino may be of any race. (
  • There are no supplements, medications or remedies that are known to be effective in treating or preventing COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. (
  • Oregon coastal towns to have the infrastructure to handle surges in coronavirus-related sicknesses, writes Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall. (
  • If you are heading outside, to the grocery store or to perform other tasks, the government is recommending that you do so with facial protection to avoid the spread of coronavirus. (
  • Angela Hernandez was traveling from Oregon to California when she abruptly stopped responding to her family's messages. (
  • After brief searches on Yahoo and , the team whittled off towns unlikely to participate, such as Half Moon Bay, California, and eventually settled on Halfway, Oregon. (
  • Brookings , city , Curry county, Oregon , U.S., on the Pacific Ocean coast at the mouth of the Chetco River, 6 miles (10 km) north of the California state line. (
  • Oregon spotted frogs once occurred from southwest British Columbia to northeastern California. (
  • A handful of large fires were burning in Oregon and Northern California as fall approached in 2008. (
  • A handful of large fires were burning in Oregon and Northern California as fall approached in September 2008. (
  • Spanish ships - 250 in as many years - would typically not land before reaching Cape Mendocino in California, but some landed or wrecked in what is now Oregon. (
  • Quest of the West - 20640 Mary Way, Bend, Oregon - 541.389.0323. (
  • Oregon is Burning - How Does This Impact Bend OR Real Estate Sales? (
  • Bend, Oregon. (
  • Coos County comprises the Coos Bay, OR Micropolitan Statistical Area . (
  • In February 1999 the New Carissa ran aground on the Oregon Coast near Coos Bay. (
  • Click on the map or in the box below to access the state/city/island immunization or public health website. (
  • The Mission of the Oregon Board of Dentistry is to promote high quality oral health care in the State of Oregon by equitably regulating dental professionals. (
  • Oregon State researchers are making sure our landscapes stay healthy for future generations. (
  • The Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State is world renowned for its education, outreach and research in the areas of forest science, natural resources, and tourism, recreation and adventure leadership. (
  • An international collaboration, led by Jim Rivers of Oregon State University, has established a. (
  • Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office found Magnuson's "poor health" and pre-existing conditions were "a substantial contributing factor to his death. (
  • Coos County / k uː s / is a county in the U.S. state of Oregon . (
  • On November 18, 2014, the team had their first audience with two represenatives from the Oregon Department of Education, Emily Nazarov, Executive Officer, Office of the Deputy Superintendent and Nicole Dalton, State Board Executive Officer, Government & Legal Affairs, Office of the Deputy Superintendent. (
  • On January 22, 2015, the State Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt the Oregon School Library Standards. (
  • Two school districts in Oregon removed students from a state-wide reading challenge over a novel about a transgender child. (
  • The FBI and Oregon State Police have arrested several people in connection to the occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. (
  • We broke up into small work groups to develop new concepts or ideas for research that would involve collaborations between CROET faculty/staff, OHSU departments, Oregon state organizations (e.g. (
  • In 2008, the state of Oregon drew names by lottery for its Medicaid program for low-income, uninsured adults, generating just such an opportunity. (
  • This ongoing analysis represents a collaborative effort between researchers and the state of Oregon to learn about the costs and benefits of expanding public health insurance. (
  • It lies about 70 mi (124 km) from the Pacific Coast on the northern border of the state of Oregon , straddling the Willamette (pronounced will-LAM-et) River 12 mi (19 km) south of its confluence with the Columbia River. (
  • Oregon 650t features our state-of-the-art dual battery system. (
  • Understand== If driving in Oregon, be aware of a state law that does not allow self-service at gas stations. (
  • This book represents the collaborative effort of fourteen political scientists and one sociologist from across the state of Oregon. (
  • Every state has its own political character, but at times Oregon seems especially unusual. (
  • When Oregon voters cast their ballots in the November 8, 1994, election, they thrust the state into the federal spotlight. (
  • While the federal website and many state-based insurance exchanges stumbled at launch in October, and some state sites are still struggling, only Oregon is still without a website where consumers can shop for and enroll in plans. (
  • The state withheld another $25.5 million and reserved its right to litigate and try to recover any or all of the $160 million Oracle has been paid or claims it is still owed, according to The Oregonian. (
  • The Oregon Dairy Industries Memorial Scholarship is available to students at Oregon State University. (
  • In Oregon, U.S.A., state and federal forestry pesticide. (
  • Oregon (/ˈɒr(ɪ)ɡən/ (listen)) is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States. (
  • Oregon became the 33rd state of the U.S. on February 14, 1859. (
  • Today, with 4 million people over 98,000 square miles (250,000 km2), Oregon is the ninth largest and 27th most populous U.S. state. (
  • In the final 180-day model, no IDE, African American race, Medicaid or Medicare insurance, longer stay, and lower HbA 1c were independently associated with increased hospital readmission. (
  • In the first one to two years, Medicaid increased health care utilization, reduced financial strain, and reduced depression, but produced no statistically significant effects on physical health or labor market outcomes. (
  • Medicaid substantially reduced the prevalence of depression, but had no statistically significant effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, or cardiovascular risk. (
  • Medicaid coverage also had no statistically significant effect on employment status or earnings. (
  • In 2008, Oregon implemented a limited expansion of its Medicaid program for low-income adults through a lottery, selecting names from a waiting list to fille a limited number of available spots. (
  • In January 2008, Oregon opened a waiting list for its Medicaid program for low-income adults that had previously been closed to new enrollment. (
  • Ryan Bundy of the so-called Bundy Militia tells Oregon Public Broadcasting that he and the other men occupying federal buildings in Harney County, Oregon, will leave peacefully if the people of the community want them to. (
  • What do the presidential candidates think about the militia takeover in Oregon? (
  • Aortic dissections may cause pain and compromise blood flow to the extremities or internal organs. (
  • House Bill (HB) 2611 passed into law (ORS 413.450), creating requirements for Oregon Health Authority (OHA), through Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI), to provide resources and support for improving the cultural competence of regulated health care professionals in Oregon and to report to the Oregon Legislative Assembly about their level of participation in cultural competence education. (
  • The post office was established in 1851, and the city was incorporated by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on October 17, 1878. (
  • The racial makeup of the county was 91.97% White , 0.31% Black or African American , 2.41% Native American , 0.90% Asian , 0.17% Pacific Islander , 1.06% from other races , and 3.17% from two or more races. (
  • The racial makeup of the city was 84.6% White, 0.3% African American, 0.9% Native American, 0.7% Asian, 9.8% from other races, and 3.6% from two or more races. (
  • The racial makeup of the city was 85.89% White, 0.43% African American, 1.62% Native American, 0.62% Asian, 0.23% Pacific Islander, 8.35% from other races, and 2.86% from two or more races. (
  • 29) were randomly assigned to three groups and administered tablets containing EGML (2 g/day), GCE (2 g/day) or placebo (starch, 2 g/day) for 10 weeks. (
  • EGML and GCE had no effect on triglycerides, non-HDL-C, adipocytokines or antioxidants when compared to placebo supplementation. (
  • All randomized controlled trials or quasi- randomized controlled trials comparing growth hormone (alone or combined with conventional treatment) with either placebo or conventional treatment alone in children with X-linked hypophosphatemia. (
  • Also, no evidence was found for an effect on gingival health, intelligence, behavior, mental health or personality, or measures of red blood volume and hemoglobin content. (
  • A pair of fires in Oregon grew more than 9,000 combined acres between September 18 and 19, 2008, according to the National Interagency Fire Center on September 19. (
  • Through a combination of observational, experimental, and modeling techniques, researchers examine relationships between Oregon spotted frog population trends and habitat variables to understand factors contributing to Oregon spotted frog declines. (
  • Long-term monitoring of relocated populations through mark-recapture efforts allows researchers to estimate probabilities of site colonization or extinction, as well as survival and growth rates for different sexes and life stages. (
  • USGS researchers disseminate their findings on Oregon spotted frog conservation to the public through various modes, including formal Oregon spotted frog status reports, peer-reviewed journal publications, and the popular media. (
  • We're one of two AAU members in the Pacific Northwest, and the only one in Oregon. (
  • In 1592, Juan de Fuca undertook detailed mapping and studies of ocean currents in the Pacific Northwest, including the Oregon coast as well as the strait now bearing his name. (
  • Ammon Bundy and 15 Other Oregon Occupiers Indicted on Conspiracy Charge That includes the four holdouts. (
  • The Oregon Country Fair appreciates your input regarding all aspects of this organization and event. (
  • A spokesperson for Cover Oregon, the organization managing the exchange, told The Oregonian that the report's findings are not news and are already being addressed. (
  • EGML and GCE supplementation failed to promote weight-loss or any clinically significant change in %body fat. (
  • Ten weeks of EGML or GCE supplementation did not promote weight-loss or lower total cholesterol in overweight individuals consuming their habitual diet. (
  • Oregon lawyer Tom Butcher is offering financially stricken clients a fresh start in 2020 by extending his support and skills in helping them through the bankruptcy process. (
  • Some of the intense wildfires that occurred during late summer of 2020 in Oregon happened along streams that were being monitored by the USGS. (
  • (
  • Adult Oregon spotted frog at Dilman Meadows, near Wickiup Reservoir, OR(Credit: Brome McCreary, USGS. (
  • USGS and partners have also evaluated interagency efforts to translocate Oregon spotted frogs. (
  • Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio telemetry and are available for viewing within minutes of arrival. (
  • Welcome to the USGS in Oregon. (
  • Whether you bring a pole and head out to Trillium Lake or commission a guided trip on the Deschutes or Columbia Rivers, you will find that the line and hook are always busy in the Northwest. (
  • They thought use of ADHD medications was likely to cause a crash or result in legal ramifications, however. (
  • Dr. Benedikt Fischer of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto notes that "prescription medications are considered therapeutic and thus seen as shielded from causing risk to individuals or society. (
  • The cost includes antineoplastic drugs only (not antiemetics, supportive medications or consumables), unless otherwise indicated. (
  • What's next for the armed militiamen in Oregon? (
  • The militiamen said their mission in Burns, Oregon, is to put the federal lands under local control, although it's unclear by what means. (
  • A group of protesters and purported militiamen occupied a federal building at an Oregon wildlife refuge late Saturday and vowed to stay there indefinitely to highlight rancher rights. (
  • Using a tool published by a national UK body, professional network or peer-reviewed journal. (
  • Knee pain affects 25-37% of people aged over 50 years, 1 , - , 6 approximately 50% of whom have, or will develop, radiographic osteoarthritis. (
  • With Oregon 650t you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches up to 50 times faster with other wireless compatible Garmin handheld devices. (
  • This free trip-planning software even allows you to create Garmin Adventures that you can share with friends, family or fellow explorers. (
  • William Brangham gets an update from Amanda Peacher of Oregon Public Broadcasting. (
  • Jeff Brady of Oregon Public Broadcasting reports. (
  • If teeth-grinding and clenching make a child's face and jaw sore or damage the teeth, dentists may prescribe a special night guard. (
  • If your child can't sleep or acts differently than usual, work with your dentist or doctor to find the cause of the stress and make a plan to help. (
  • In his book, Healing Words, Larry Dossey says that you should ask yourself a crucial question: "Does my doctor make me feel better or worse when I'm around him or her? (
  • To make an appointment to discuss your need for treatment for an aortic connective tissue disorder such as Marfan, Ehlers-Danlos or Loeys-Dietz syndromes, call the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center toll-free at 888-287-1082 or email us at [email protected] . (
  • A 37-year-old man was far from lovin' it when workers at a McDonald's restaurant in Oregon refused to make him 30 double cheeseburgers. (
  • After some initial silence, Republican presidential candidates began to make calls for a peaceful end to the takeover of a small wildlife refuge by anti-government protesters 30 miles outside Burns, Oregon. (
  • The original plan was to make the Cover Oregon website and back end systems part of a broader redesign of the state's health and welfare systems around a complete suite of Oracle Software. (
  • It's a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you. (
  • Perhaps you've moved, your doctor has retired, you're in a new health plan and you need to change doctors, or you're not convinced that your doctor is doing the best for you. (
  • If you are in a rural area or in a health care plan that offers few alternatives, you need to do some homework. (
  • Is he or she aware that you and other health care persons are part of a team? (
  • Your caregiver, spouse, or other family members must also be active partners in your health care. (
  • Findings In this randomized clinical trial, compared with usual care, patients allocated to the social worker-led intervention were more likely to have physician-level documentation of care preferences in the electronic health record and to have prognostic expectations aligned with their physicians without worsening of depression, anxiety, or quality-of-life scores. (
  • If you are a health care provider interested in learning more, please contact Heidi Rowell at [email protected] or 503.416.0214. (
  • Other remedies, including ingesting bleach, ingesting hydrogen peroxide, or using supplements in excess, including colloidal silver or vitamin D, may be dangerous and have long-term health effects. (
  • The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment is a landmark study of the effect of expanding public health insurance on health care use, health outcomes, financial strain, and well-being of low-income adults. (
  • The Oregon lottery thus presents an unprecedented opportunity to isolate the causal effect of insurance on the health care use, health outcomes, financial strain, and well-being of low-income adults. (
  • Although there are many studies comparing health or health care use between the insured and uninsured, inferring the impact of health insurance from such comparisons is difficult: the insured and the uninsured may differ in many ways - such as income, employment, or initial health - that may themselves affect the outcomes being studied. (
  • In Oregon, the Affordable Care Act became the Oracle Full Employment Act -- meaning it employs Oracle software in every nook of the architecture and relies on Oracle consultants to implement it with minimal oversight, according to a federal assessment of the state's dysfunctional health insurance exchange. (
  • While the report focuses on Cover Oregon, one reason for some of this disorganization in the early phases of the project may have been the division of labor between that agency and the Oregon Health Authority, which provided IT project management particularly in the early phases of the planning. (
  • A 2.3 million acre expansion of hunting and fishing in the U.S. would include wildlife refuges in Oregon and Washington. (
  • A building at the Harney County Fairgrounds in rural Oregon was packed to the seams Wednesday night, as local residents discussed an ongoing occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. (
  • Armed protesters have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon in protest of federal control of western ranch lands and the treatment of two Oregon ranchers. (
  • A spinal cord injury - damage to any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the spinal canal (cauda equina) - often causes permanent changes in strength, sensation and other body functions below the site of the injury. (
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  • A pair of Oregon school districts were intent on identifying warning signs that students might be contemplating a campus shooting when they stumbled on a threat far more pervasive yet much less discussed-sexual aggression among classmates. (
  • Do you feel that he or she genuinely cares about you and your caregiver or family? (
  • He or she needs to be aware of what might be going on with you and your family and be sensitive to those concerns. (
  • According to some estimates, up to 80% of Americans who are now addicted to an opioid were first exposed through a prescription, either their own or that of a friend or family member (1). (
  • If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit the local public library, a family member or friend, or even visit the Board office. (
  • Vitellaria paradoxa (formerly Butyrospermum parkii ), commonly known as shea tree , shi tree ( / ˈ ʃ iː ( ə )/ ), or vitellaria , is a tree of the family Sapotaceae . (
  • Team to help reunite the person living with dementia with his or her family. (
  • (3) Includes self-employed workers, owners of unincorporated businesses and farms, paid and unpaid family workers, and may include some owners of incorporated businesses or members of partnerships. (
  • Oregon grape , also called holly grape , any of several species of the genus Mahonia, evergreen shrubs of the barberry family (Berberidaceae) grown for their ornamental value. (
  • Preference is given to children of an ODI member or family in dairy production and processing. (
  • Severe or uncontrollable coughing fits can sometimes cause vomiting . (
  • At the end of roots to the year data saved and easily Guides editorial team about a factual or typographical or even severe pain. (
  • It was once well understood that cervical cancer rates were considerably higher than the general population among the wives of men who worked in so-called "dirty industries": ship-building, for example, coal mining, and various other activities where men were bringing home a variety of toxic substances and transferring them to their wives through physical contact or even when the women laundered their husbands' clothes. (
  • M. aquifolium, the typical Oregon grape , is 90 cm (3 feet) or more tall and is native to the Pacific coast of North America . (
  • Moreover, if we analyze the data from the Atlantic coast province of Limon, we find the incidence of accidents with Paraquat is even higher 91 cases of a total of 305 or 30% of all poisonings. (
  • Elizabeth published her first helps viagra baja la presion have this as such Substitute For Cialis Or Viagra to be increased to prevent is only in the coast of Maine) which resistance in intimate versus stall angle described above). (
  • Nine people die and two remain missing after a charter fishing boat capsizes in 50-degree water off the northern Oregon coast. (
  • And if you're hoping to discharge water into the street or municipal storm sewer, contact the city first to see what regulations apply. (
  • As of this point, the area was being transformed from a small stopping point between Oregon City and Vancouver, WA to a formal settlement, and the owners now needed to give it a name. (
  • or load City Navigator® map data for turn-by-turn routing on roads. (
  • Oregon Potato Company (OPC) protests the rejection of its offer under invitation No. 094E, issued by the Commodity Credit Corporation, Farm Service Agency, Kansas City Commodity Office, for dehydrated potato flakes for export to the nation of Moldova. (
  • and connect with the literary community in your city or town. (
  • Lafayette is a city in Yamhill County, Oregon, United States on the Yamhill River and Oregon Route 99W. (
  • In the city, the population was spread out, with 32.7% under the age of 18, 8.8% from 18 to 24, 33.4% from 25 to 44, 17.3% from 45 to 64, and 7.8% who were 65 years of age or older. (
  • Oregon Trail, overland emigrant route in the United States from the Missouri River to the Columbia River country (all of which was then called Oregon). (
  • Eightmile is an unincorporated community in Morrow County, Oregon, United States, on Oregon Route 206 (the Wasco-Heppner Highway), at an elevation of 2,720 feet (830 m). (
  • In mild weather, this will not affect thermal comfort or humidity. (
  • Known locally as the "Banana Belt of Oregon" for its mild climate, Brookings later developed into a small resort community . (
  • We want to hear your feedback - suggestions for improvements in Fair policies and operations, exceptional or unfair treatment by Fair participants, or philosophical musings. (
  • It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. (
  • Does he or she talk with you and/or your caregivers as equals? (
  • The Alzheimer's Association Oregon & SW Washington Chapter provides education and support for people diagnosed, their families, and caregivers. (
  • We connect with diverse communities in Oregon and SW Washington by providing information and resources, a 24/7 telephone help line , local support groups and educational programs, an annual caregivers conference. (
  • Keep children home from school, child care or kindergarten until symptoms have stopped. (