Double-layered inflatable suits which, when inflated, exert pressure on the lower part of the wearer's body. The suits are used to improve or stabilize the circulatory state, i.e., to prevent hypotension, control hemorrhage, and regulate blood pressure. The suits are also used by pilots under positive acceleration.
Process whereby a cell, bodily structure, or organism (animal or plant) receives or detects a gravity stimulus. Gravity sensing plays an important role in the directional growth and development of an organism (GRAVITROPISM).
The ratio of the density of a material to the density of some standard material, such as water or air, at a specified temperature.
A change in, or manipulation of, gravitational force. This may be a natural or artificial effect.
Pressure suits for wear in space or at very low ambient pressures within the atmosphere, designed to permit the wearer to leave the protection of a pressurized cabin. (NASA Thesaurus, 1994)
Acceleration produced by the mutual attraction of two masses, and of magnitude inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two centers of mass. It is also the force imparted by the earth, moon, or a planet to an object near its surface. (From NASA Thesaurus, 1988)
Condition wherein the force of gravity is greater than or is increased above that on the surface of the earth. This is expressed as being greater than 1 g.
Condition in which no acceleration, whether due to gravity or any other force, can be detected by an observer within a system. It also means the absence of weight or the absence of the force of gravity acting on a body. Microgravity, gravitational force between 0 and 10 -6 g, is included here. (From NASA Thesaurus, 1988)
Condition wherein the force of gravity is less than or is decreased below that on the surface of the earth. This is expressed as being between 0 and 1 g.
Clothing designed to protect the individual against possible exposure to known hazards.
The directional growth of organisms in response to gravity. In plants, the main root is positively gravitropic (growing downwards) and a main stem is negatively gravitropic (growing upwards), irrespective of the positions in which they are placed. Plant gravitropism is thought to be controlled by auxin (AUXINS), a plant growth substance. (From Concise Dictionary of Biology, 1990)
Travel beyond the earth's atmosphere.
Condition under normal Earth gravity where the force of gravity itself is not actually altered but its influence or effect may be modified and studied. (From ASGSB Bull 1992;5(2):27)
Failure of a professional person, a physician or lawyer, to render proper services through reprehensible ignorance or negligence or through criminal intent, especially when injury or loss follows. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
A group of conditions that develop due to overexposure or overexertion in excessive environmental heat.
Activities by crew members conducted outside the pressurized hull of a spacecraft.
The TEMPERATURE at the outer surface of the body.
A gelatinous membrane overlying the acoustic maculae of SACCULE AND UTRICLE. It contains minute crystalline particles (otoliths) of CALCIUM CARBONATE and protein on its outer surface. In response to head movement, the otoliths shift causing distortion of the vestibular hair cells which transduce nerve signals to the BRAIN for interpretation of equilibrium.
Beliefs and practices concerned with producing desired results through supernatural forces or agents as with the manipulation of fetishes or rituals.
A federation of seven states on the southeast portion of the Arabian peninsula: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain. In 1820 a treaty of peace was concluded between Great Britain and native rulers. During the 19th century the rulers agreed to suppression of the slave trade and restriction of foreign relations to Great Britain. The Trucial Council was established in 1952 and defense treaties with Great Britain terminated. In 1971 an independent six-member federation was formed, with Ras al-Khaimah joining the federation in 1972. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1250)
A tribe of gram-negative bacteria of the family RICKETTSIACEAE whose organisms are found in arthropods and are pathogenic for man and certain other vertebrate hosts.
Spectroscopic method of measuring the magnetic moment of elementary particles such as atomic nuclei, protons or electrons. It is employed in clinical applications such as NMR Tomography (MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING).
Conferences, conventions or formal meetings usually attended by delegates representing a special field of interest.
The recognition of professional or technical competence through registration, certification, licensure, admission to association membership, the award of a diploma or degree, etc.
Specialized connective tissue composed of fat cells (ADIPOCYTES). It is the site of stored FATS, usually in the form of TRIGLYCERIDES. In mammals, there are two types of adipose tissue, the WHITE FAT and the BROWN FAT. Their relative distributions vary in different species with most adipose tissue being white.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Agreements between two or more parties, especially those that are written and enforceable by law (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed). It is sometimes used to characterize the nature of the professional-patient relationship.
Pain in the breast generally classified as cyclical (associated with menstrual periods), or noncyclical, i.e. originating from the breast or nearby muscles or joints, ranging from minor discomfort to severely incapacitating.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Members of spacecraft crew including those who travel in space, and those in training for space flight. (From Webster, 10th ed; Jane's Aerospace Dictionary, 3d ed)
An independent Federal agency established in 1958. It conducts research for the solution of problems of flight within and outside the Earth's atmosphere and develops, constructs, tests, and operates aeronautical and space vehicles. (From U.S. Government Manual, 1993)
That branch of medicine dealing with the studies and effects of flight through the atmosphere or in space upon the human body and with the prevention or cure of physiological or psychological malfunctions arising from these effects. (from NASA Thesaurus)
Apparatus used to support, align, prevent, or correct deformities or to improve the function of movable parts of the body.
Fabric or other material used to cover the body.
Devices which are very resistant to wear and may be used over a long period of time. They include items such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, artificial limbs, etc.
A bony outgrowth on the lower surface of the CALCANEUS. Though often presenting along with plantar fasciitis (FASCIITIS, PLANTAR), they are not considered causally related.
Pricing statements presented by more than one party for the purpose of securing a contract.
Exclusive legal rights or privileges applied to inventions, plants, etc.
Professional nurses who have received postgraduate training in midwifery.
Hospitals controlled by various types of government, i.e., city, county, district, state or federal.
Confidence in or reliance on a person or thing.
Professionals qualified by graduation from an accredited school of nursing and by passage of a national licensing examination to practice nursing. They provide services to patients requiring assistance in recovering or maintaining their physical or mental health.
All deaths reported in a given population.
A system of medical care regulated, controlled and financed by the government, in which the government assumes responsibility for the health needs of the population.
Any visible result of a procedure which is caused by the procedure itself and not by the entity being analyzed. Common examples include histological structures introduced by tissue processing, radiographic images of structures that are not naturally present in living tissue, and products of chemical reactions that occur during analysis.
High-energy radiation or particles from extraterrestrial space that strike the earth, its atmosphere, or spacecraft and may create secondary radiation as a result of collisions with the atmosphere or spacecraft.
An environment simulating one or more parameters of the space environment, applied in testing space systems or components. Often, a closed chamber is used, capable of approximating the vacuum and normal environments of space. (From NASA Thesaurus, 1988) This also includes simulated EXTRAVEHICULAR ACTIVITY studies in atmosphere exposure chambers or water tanks.
The suit has been likened to the comic character Iron Man. Browning formed his own company, Gravity, and used his own funding ... Browning experimented with different numbers, configurations and arrays of jets, with varying degrees of success, before coming ... "Iron Man flight Suit Inventor ... Fabio, Adam "Daedalus Jet Suit ...
The wind, tides, and gravity on different maps also vary; some maps have strong wind gusts and are more suited for gathering ... The player then fights a series of battles on a number of planets and moons, as transported to through Galactic Gates, a ... The game features a number of terrain and tile sets. These represent several different planets that the war between the Arm and ... The Commander is a powerful and irreplaceable unit that has a number of unique abilities such as a destructor weapon that ...
During 1983, the G-4 made its first flight, by which point it had been ordered in large numbers for the Yugoslav Air Force. ... Production aircraft use a gravity-based refuelling system, while the earlier development aircraft had been furnished with a ... In addition to its training mission, the G-4 was also suited to performing light attack operations. ...
... g is the acceleration due to gravity and v is the velocity. The characteristic length l may be chosen to suit the study at hand ... For example, the leading edge of a gravity current moves with a front Froude number of about unity. The Froude number may be ... The Froude number has some analogy with the Mach number. In theoretical fluid dynamics the Froude number is not frequently ... The extended Froude number differs substantially from the classical Froude number for higher surface elevations. The term βh ...
Urediniospores are produced in large numbers and can be blown considerable distances by the wind, but most urediniospores are ... In other areas, the environment is marginally suited for the disease. Urediniospores of the wheat rusts initiate germination ... deposited close to their source under the influence of gravity. Urediniospores are relatively resilient and can survive in the ... ISSN : 0031-949X Record Number : 19561101781". Wilson, M; D. M. Henderson (1966). British Rust Fungi. Cambridge University ...
"Gravity" (2000), to top the Oricon Singles Chart. This marks the second-longest interval between number ones for a music act in ... was later included on June 2020's Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Album ~Beyond~. "The Beyond" became Luna Sea's first ...
... three-piece suit with wide lapels and pressed trousers, Germany, 1912 Portrait of Ludwik Żeleński wearing a three-piece suit ... Social events were postponed in favor of more pressing engagements and the need to mourn the increasing numbers of dead, visits ... to the wounded, and the general gravity of the time meant that darker colors and simpler cuts became the norm. A new monochrome ... Three-piece suits consisting of a sack coat with matching waistcoat (U.S. vest) and trousers were worn, as were matching coat ...
In the War Years, the zoot suit (and in France the zazou suit) became popular among young men. Many actresses of the time, ... The number one of American ready-to-wear, Lauren was equally successful with his sportswear and jeans, which allowed him to ... and the general gravity of the time meant that darker colors became the norm. A new monochrome look emerged that was unfamiliar ... began to wear the same soft wool suit all day long. Short suit jackets replaced the old long jackets of the past which were now ...
... gravity and other factors, and extraterrestrial life would likely be very different from Earthly life. The number of reported ... "space suits", even though extra-solar planets would likely have different atmospheres, biospheres, ... Here we run out of even 'blue yonder' explanations that might be tenable, and we still are left with numbers of incredible ... The early 1950s also saw a number of movies depicting flying saucers and aliens, including The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 ...
ISBN 0-596-00714-0. "Ice Beam + Gravity Suit before Thardus using Triple Jump". 2003-01-27. Retrieved 2009-03- ... The thread attracted a number of interested gamers, and the term sequence breaking was incidentally coined. The term has since ... "Gravity Suit and Ice Beam before Thardus". In the game, the rock monster Thardus was designed to be a required boss before the ... Gravity Suit and the Ice Beam could be obtained, hence the novelty of bypassing the boss while still obtaining the items, and ...
These wings had a "anti-gravity effect" that allowed Dore to fly. The Blue Eagle costume could be enhanced with a shield, light ... These troops would be opposed by the Squadron along with the Eagle's opposite number, the Nighthawks. Blue Eagle wears a ... specially designed flying suit of synthetic stretch fabric equipped with artificial wings on his back enabling natural winged ... but lost the use of his wings after Lamprey drained the artificial gravity effect from them. Blue Eagle fell and crashed into ...
Their high center of gravity and unstable legs also make them susceptible to tripping. And while largely impervious to attack, ... Although imposing, these weapons of terror have a number of design flaws. Their size makes them conspicuous targets, especially ... and as such warrant extra layers of protection and long-lasting power packs in their life-support suits. ... Having six grappling legs and a low centre of gravity, this armoured walker could navigate any terrain - even climbing vertical ...
... wheels and lower-profile tires which gave it a lower stance and center of gravity. Thus, it was suited more to on road driving ... of the MM540 had been available in limited numbers since 1987. This, however, was a custom job with handbuilt bodies of low ...
A superhabitable planet is a hypothetical type of exoplanet or exomoon that may be better suited than Earth for the emergence ... A more massive slow-rotation-planet could overcome this problem by having multiple moons due to its higher gravity that can ... Heller and Armstrong speculate that the number of superhabitable planets around Kepler 442-like stars can far exceed that of ... Similarly, it is likely that its oceans are shallower by the effect of gravity on the planet's crust, its gravitational field ...
He has a number of technological devices built into his combat suit: anti-gravity boots and a paralyzing beam in his left ... The Boyzz Brigade also have a number of other vehicles, including a "mole" digger, a stealth submarine (invisible to radar/ ...
The cover became a number-one hit on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and was also a number-one hit in Australia for ... The dance sequence and Jackson's white suit and fedora pays tribute to the Fred Astaire musical comedy film The Band Wagon. The ... The video premiered on MTV on October 13, 1988.[citation needed] Jackson and the other dancers perform an "anti-gravity lean" ... The song reached number-one in Belgium, Iceland, the Netherlands and Spain and the top 10 in Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland ...
Waldie, James Murray Andrew; Newman, Dava J. (Jul 8, 2014), Gravity-loading body suit, retrieved 2016-04-20 "Suit up for ... The Apollo number takes into account the weight that the space suit supports as well as the difference in gravitational ... The aspects that play the greatest role in the energetic cost of movement in a spacesuit are the "suit pressurization, gravity ... In addition, when using a space suit, there are very apparent differences in the Froude number. Christopher Carr and Jeremy ...
A number of proposals have incorporated artificial gravity into their design: Discovery II: a 2005 vehicle proposal capable of ... The suits worn in the NBL are down-rated from fully flight-rated EMU suits like those in use on the space shuttle and ... List of peer review papers on artificial gravity TEDx talk about artificial gravity Revolving artificial gravity calculator ... Artificial gravity, due to its ability to mimic the behavior of gravity on the human body has been suggested as one of the most ...
Without gravity to separate the liquid and gas in the stomach, burping results in a kind of vomiting called "wet burping". Coca ... Foods must meet a number of criteria to be considered fit for space. Firstly, the food must be physiologically appropriate. ... are ill-suited for space). Carbonated drinks have been tried in space but are not favored due to changes in belching caused by ... In the one-sixth gravity of the moon, the wine curled slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup. It was interesting to think ...
This is known as the "Fitness for Duty Standards". Space crews' current nominal number of work hours is 6.5 hours per day, and ... in zero-gravity, loose restraints were provided to keep the crewmen from drifting; (6) on the lunar surface, a hammock or other ... crew members were able to doff their suits before sleeping; (4) work schedules were organized - and revised as needed - to ... NASA management currently[when?] has limits in place to restrict the number of hours in which astronauts are to complete tasks ...
His suit and tie are now jet black, as opposed to the dark green tint from the first film. He still possesses the abilities of ... To this end, Smith and his fellow Agents possess a number of superhuman attributes from their ability to bend the rules of the ... He can overcome the limitations of gravity and the human body, giving him speed and strength sufficient to dodge bullets ... The virus manifested itself in the form of black-suited men (although they lacked the distinct likeness of Smith). As redpills ...
TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on August 30, 2012. Retrieved August 27, 2012. "Friday's Cable Ratings: "Gravity ... Kondolojy, Amanda (July 27, 2012). "Thursday Cable Ratings: 'Burn Notice' Wins Night + 'Suits', 'Anger Management', 'Sullivan ... "Disney Channel is Friday's Number 1 Cable TV Network in Prime in Total Viewers for 2nd Straight Week; Sweeps TV's #1 Total Day ... TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on July 1, 2011. Retrieved June 2, 2012. "BET Awards set an audience record with ...
In 1993 a number of these "Sidecut Extreme", or "SCX", skis were sent to the US for testing. The results on student skiing was ... Skis were once unisex, but today skis are designed to suit both men and women. Compared to men's skis, women's skis are built ... and have a waist that's farther forward to better match a woman's relatively lower center of gravity relative to a man.[ ... These may be referred to by any number of names depending on the brand and marketing, with terms such as "full rocker", "all ...
The number of victims from Żejtun during this war amounted to 113, with the city suffering a number of air-raid attacks due to ... As early as 1952, the region around Żejtun was identified as one of the areas best suited for irrigation with treated second- ... Bay was highlighted because it contained sufficient area of gently sloping land that could be irrigated by gravity. A FAO study ... However, a number of Late Medieval place-names in the general area of Żejtun, such as Bir id-Deheb, Ħajt il-Wied, Tal-Ħotba and ...
On the harder modes, if the player does not slow down and move the centre of gravity meter to counteract the G-forces of the ... The other modes are Tour, in which you complete a number of tests and scenarios to unlock more trains; Free mode, where you can ... The difficulty setting can be changed to suit the player's skill level and on the easiest mode the train will never derail when ...
Internationally, The New York Times stated: "This Emily Dickinson biopic possesses a poetic sensibility perfectly suited to its ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "A Quiet Passion (2016)". The Numbers. Retrieved 17 June 2018. CS1 maint: discouraged ... lyrically evoking both the dreaminess and gravity of his subject and her verse". Campbell, Christopher (11 December 2017). "The ...
Number 62. Classic Ways of Used Oil Purification. M.M. Khudhair, T. M. Hameed, H.A. Alameer (June 2017). Using Vacuum ... This method is well suited for removing dispersed and dissolved water, as well as dissolved gases. Adsorption purification, in ... Sedimentation is precipitation of solid particles and water to the bottom of oil tanks under gravity. The main drawback of this ...
Mineral fibers can be particularly strong because they are formed with a low number of surface defects, asbestos is a common ... This is because man-made fibers can be engineered chemically, physically, and mechanically to suit particular technical ... Specific Gravity Tensile Strength (Ksi) Elasticity Modulus (Ksi) Elongation at Break (%) Water Absorption (%) ... Nowadays, man-made fiber materials are replacing other conventional materials like glass and wood in a number of applications[ ...
... the brothers singing in a spinning room intercut with a female astronaut slowly removing her space suit in zero gravity, a ... The track was a worldwide hit, peaking at number five in the United Kingdom for three weeks and at number two in New Zealand, ... On the US Billboard Hot 100, the single peaked at number 28, making it the Bee Gees' 30th and final top-40 hit in the US, after ... It was released as the album's second single and peaked at number 53 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. "The ...
Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager - Steel Reserve was introduced in early 2000 and was the first "High Gravity" lager. Howling ... The suit was settled out of court. It was also fined and temporarily shut down by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. ... Air has 4% alcohol by volume and is available in a number of flavors. On August 14, 2006, Miller Brewing announced it had ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) " :: Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity". Archived ...
Muscles have to realign the entire body especially the hips along the line of gravity. As the weight of the body shifted ... At the feminist Miss America protest in 1968, protestors symbolically threw a number of feminine products into a "Freedom Trash ... it could be formal with a dress or pants suit. Finally, 20th and 21st century cultural values have dictated that high heels are ... Balance control refers to the ability of the body to maintain itself along the line of the center of gravity within a base of ...
The Statute of Westminster II (1285) under the section in consimili casu (in similar case), attempted to limit the number of ... FRCP 4) The Federal Rule is not concerned with the amenability of the suit, the proper venue of the case, or the court's ... but realizing the gravity of the situation they empanelled an impressive jury of twenty-four knights. These found Thomas guilty ... A number of states have adopted the Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses from Without a State in Criminal ...
It has been the number-one film on IMDb's user-generated Top 250 since 2008, when it surpassed The Godfather, having remained ... The previous night, Andy used the rope to escape through the tunnel and prison sewage pipe, taking Norton's suit, shoes, and ... "golly-gee-ain't-we-cute" quality and excised it.[75] The beach reunion was test audiences' favorite scene; both Freeman and ... The film began airing regularly on the network in June 1997.[3][9] TV airings of the film accrued record-breaking numbers,[22] ...
His phone number was listed in the telephone directory, and fans were amazed that they could dial the number and speak to him ... At the time, Laurel's second marriage was in the process of a divorce, with Dahlberg's legal suit adding to Laurel's woes. The ... the deep comic gravity, and the nonsensical understatement. His performances polished his skills at pantomime and music hall ... Laurel began his career in music hall where he developed a number of his standard comic devices, including the bowler hat, ...
Pitch is a name for any of a number of viscoelastic polymers. Pitch can be natural or manufactured, derived from petroleum, ... It is non-buoyant in water, with a specific gravity of 1.037 to 1.087, retains fluidity at a very low temperature, and boils at ... which may indicate that pyrolytic bio-oil is suited for replacing petroleum. In addition, the high protein content in ...
By contrast, the stem-galliform Scopelortyx appears to have been more aerial than modern fowl, with a flight style more suited ... A number of Paleogene to mid-Neogene fossils are quite certainly Galliformes, but their exact relationships in the order cannot ... requiring gravity to launch, though juveniles can still fly relatively well.[14] ... poorly suited for digging. These galliform genera prefer instead to capture live invertebrates in leaf litter, in sand, or ...
Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval (TARR) search by trademark serial number or registration number (USPTO) ... U.S. Patent 6,960,975, "Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state", describes an anti-gravity device ... or a civil suit may be brought against the Commissioner of Patents in the United States District Court for the Eastern District ... request PAIR entry for Reexamination Control Number 90/005949 as "Application Number"). ...
Funeral traditions tend to vary based on a number of factors, including religion and location, but there are a number of ... Highly suited to the physically demanding lives of laborers, farmhands and rural lifestyles generally, it is now a contributing ... the women of Gee's Bend developed a distinctive, bold, and sophisticated quilting style based on traditional African-American ... Volume 78, Number 1 / March 2001. doi:10.1093/jurban/78.1.72 *^ Wachtel, Paul L. (1999). Race in the Mind of America: Breaking ...
"THE MOTOR GETS INTO COURT.; A SUIT WHICH MAY FORCE KEELY TO SHOW HIS HAND." (PDF), New York Times, January 4, 1888. ... The specific gravity of the ether is about four times lighter than that of hydrogen gas, the lightest gas so far discovered. ... The demurrer was described as entirely technical, and gave a number of reasons why the court should not afford the plaintiffs ... Stockholder suit[edit]. On December 14, 1881 the stockholders of the Keely Motor Company held a meeting at which a report was ...
Pastor's experiment proved successful, and other managers soon followed suit. Popularity[edit]. Performance bill for Temple ... Keith even went as far as posting warnings backstage such as this: "Don't say 'slob' or 'son of a gun' or 'hully gee' on the ... The line between live and filmed performances was blurred by the number of vaudeville entrepreneurs who made more or less ... people seeking diversified amusement found an increasing number of ways to be entertained. Vaudeville was characterized by ...
All this while he never left his post for a moment, and I thought I could discover a gravity in his deportment not discernible ... In companies that use large numbers of cubicles in a common space, employees sometimes use the term "prairie dogging" to refer ... with a fine species suited to their palates. They must need but little water, if any at all, as their 'towns' are often, indeed ...
Cotton had recognised the need for an anti-gravity suit during the 1940 Battle of Britain. It was estimated that 30% of pilot ... later research showed that military fighter pilots who wore g-suits survived and defeated their opponents in greater numbers ... A g-suit, or the more accurately named anti-g suit, is a flight suit worn by aviators and astronauts who are subject to high ... Pilots in Red Bull Air Race World Championship have worn a g-suit called g-Race Suit since the 2009 season. The g-race suit is ...
Movement against gravity, but not against added resistance. Grade 4. Movement against external resistance, but less than normal ... There are approximately 650 skeletal muscles in the human body,[13] but an exact number is difficult to define. The difficulty ... An individual born with a greater percentage of Type I muscle fibers would theoretically be more suited to endurance events, ... Independent of strength and performance measures, muscles can be induced to grow larger by a number of factors, including ...
Joel Montalbano reported that the issue with Mastracchio's suit was never a danger to the suit integrity, and the decision to ... This was done to assist with the crew's ability to adjust to gravity, and to prevent hypotension after landing. At 12:30 UTC, ... NASA does refer to Morgan as a Mission Specialist Educator in a number of interviews, so the terms seem to be interchangeable ... The EVA suit comprises five layers of material, and the second layer, called vectran, is a high strength material resistant to ...
When the mass of snow and ice is sufficiently thick, it begins to move due to a combination of surface slope, gravity and ... The resulting shapes of the falling and fallen crystals can be classified into a number of basic shapes and combinations ... which is suited for addressing heavy snowfall and casting snow far to one side or the other. Prior to the invention of the ... which is a type of gravity current. They occur in three major mechanisms:[56] ...
The Hereros are traditionally cattle-herding pastoralists who rate status on the number of cattle owned. Cattle raids occurred ... onwards had cattle and were developing food-producing techniques well suited to the environment. It is unlikely that the Bantu ... who were inducted into the German military during the Second World War play a major part in Thomas Pynchon's novel Gravity's ... they numbered approximately 15,000. In a period of four years, approximately 65,000 Herero people perished.[14] ...
IAHS Publication Number 140. Archived from the original (PDF) on 2009-02-05. Retrieved 2008-12-27.. ... In meteorology, precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity from ... they are generally not suited for real- or near-real-time applications. ... There has been an increase in the number of heavy precipitation events over many areas during the past century, as well as an ...
However, the declining number of such cars on British roads saw many gasoline stations withdrawing LRP from sale by 2003.[69] ... With a boiling point near 85 °C (185 °F) (octanes boil about 40 °C higher), it was well-suited for early carburetors ( ... The general specification by which early gasolines were measured was that of specific gravity via the Baumé scale and later the ... The number of people sniffing petrol goes up and down over time as young people experiment or sniff occasionally. "Boss", or ...
Raw linseed oil is not suited to boats as it stays damp and oily for a long time. Mildew will grow well on raw linseed oil ... A number of boat building texts are available which describe the carvel planking method in detail.[5] ... Water, fuel tanks, ballast, and heavy stores are variously placed in the bilge to lower the craft's centre of gravity. ... best suited for mooring lines and anchor warps. It is usually laid (twisted) so to make it easier to grip when hauling; ...
Both Mandella and Marygay end up having wounded limbs amputated by automatic 'guillotine' systems in their space suits, and ... which is fully fought under computer control as the ship tries to escape new missiles accelerating at several hundred gravities ... Number of issues. 3. Creative team. Writer(s). Joe Haldeman. Artist(s). Marvano. ...
a b Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 110, Number 3, January 2007, pp. 380-393. Retrieved October 20, 2008. ... Jacqueline Kennedy's pink suit, the autopsy report, the X-rays, and President Kennedy's blood-stained clothing are in the ... "the identifiable harm is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in disclosure." There was some concern among ... Jack Ruby, just before firing a single shot into Oswald, who is being escorted by police detectives Jim Leavelle (tan suit) and ...
Refined olive oils are suited for deep frying because of the higher smoke point and milder flavour.[43] Extra Virgin oils have ... The olive sector is characterised by a large number of small operations. The largest holdings are in Andalusia (8 ha/holding on ... Traditionally the oil was shed from the water by gravity (oil is less dense than water). This very slow separation process has ... To achieve this possible benefit, olive oil is to replace a similar amount of saturated fat and not increase the total number ...
Extension in number of covered offenses and making the amendments apply retroactively under SORNA requirements expanded the ... to a sex offense regardless of the actual gravity of the crime. The trial judge typically can not exercise judicial discretion ... "Alabama sex offender files suit challenging Louisiana registry laws in federal court". The Times-Picayune. Archived from the ... In fact, a number of negative unintended consequences have been empirically identified that may aggravate rather than mitigate ...
Recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors possess a number of features that render them ideally suited for retinal gene ... Cone-rod dystrophy (CORD) describes a number of diseases where vision loss is caused by deterioration of the cones and/or rods ... It is believed that the connection strength between cells is caused by the number and types of ion channels embedded in the ... A number of different instruments are available for the diagnosis of diseases and disorders affecting the retina. ...
... her number of pregnancies, gravity, higher body mass index, larger bra cup size, and significant weight gain and loss.[206][207 ... There also are semi-padded bras that suits deep neck dresses.[49] With the advent of padded bras, sales of removable pads took ... This was echoed in 1968 at the protest during the Miss America pageant when women symbolically threw a number of feminine ... In Western society, there is an increasing trend towards bralessness among a number of women, especially millennials, who have ...
is the number density of ions and n. n. {\displaystyle n_{n}}. is the number density of neutral atoms. The electron density is ... One: All gas particles behave in a similar way, influenced by gravity and by collisions with one another. Two or three: ... This generation variant is particularly suited for high efficient and compact devices where a separate high voltage power ... is the number density of electrons. In a plasma, the electron-ion collision frequency ν. e. i. {\displaystyle \nu _{ei}}. is ...
Pieces of it damaged the number-three engine and hit the number-two engine. Butchart and Armstrong were forced to shut down the ... While preparing for liftoff, Armstrong and Aldrin discovered that, in their bulky space suits, they had broken the ignition ... they simulated the Moon's one-sixth gravity using a turbofan engine to support five-sixths of the craft's weight. On May 6, ... Orloff, Richard W. (2000). Apollo by the Numbers: A Statistical Reference (PDF). NASA History Series. Washington, DC: NASA ...
The number pi as irrational number being well approximated by a member of "everywhere dense" subset of rational numbers (for ... The time required to accelerate from rest to the speed of light (c0) at an acceleration of one Earth gravity (g0) is very close ... with a calculator doesn't mean it suits the policy. The policy WP:NOR makes this clear, I think. What really important here is ... have big numbers (,50) quite early, in the case of π. 3. {\displaystyle \pi ^{3}}. and π. 5. {\displaystyle \pi ^{5}}. as soon ...
The Boxster and Cayman received a number of international and regional awards:. *American Marketing Association: Best New ... Additionally, the issues are not limited to the model years covered in the suit, or to the Boxster; the Cayman and 911 share ... The flat, mid-engine layout provides a low center of gravity, near-perfect weight distribution, and neutral handling. The ... Inside, a numbered 'Limited Edition' plaque is found on the glove box door, while the seat inserts, 911 GT3-spec steering wheel ...
p. 32: "In 1932, no director seemed more suited to [keep] the public going to the movies than Josef von Sternberg" and p. 33: " ... p. 25: "... camp ..." And p. 36: "... her nightclub numbers are utterly unmotivated in terms of the plot is a key to the ... as historical dramas ipso facto were granted a measure of decorum and gravity.[190][191] The sheer sumptuousness of the sets ... Sternberg travelled widely in Europe between 1922 and 1924, where he participated in making a number of movies for the short- ...
Costume: Edgy, tight suit. The illusion: Gravity defiance. I personally enjoy it when I dont know how something is done ... Costume: Colourful suits. The illusion: Mixing comedy with magic My speciality is dealing with different audience members ... The Illusionists come to Dubai: Seven is the magic number. Whats the secret behind The Illusionists, currently touted as the ...
The reprocurement here is for the exact number of anti-gravity suits that remain undelivered from the terminated contract. ... the anti-gravity suit is the most critical life and limb flight clothing for jet pilots, and offerors of anti-gravity suits are ... The agency reports that the anti-gravity suit is currently in a critical supply position with an increasing number of ... Without the anti-gravity suit, a military pilot is exposed to gravity-induced loss of consciousness, which occurs when blood is ...
The suit has been likened to the comic character Iron Man. Browning formed his own company, Gravity, and used his own funding ... Browning experimented with different numbers, configurations and arrays of jets, with varying degrees of success, before coming ... "Iron Man flight Suit Inventor ... Fabio, Adam "Daedalus Jet Suit ...
The wind, tides, and gravity on different maps also vary; some maps have strong wind gusts and are more suited for gathering ... The player then fights a series of battles on a number of planets and moons, as transported to through Galactic Gates, a ... The game features a number of terrain and tile sets. These represent several different planets that the war between the Arm and ... The Commander is a powerful and irreplaceable unit that has a number of unique abilities such as a destructor weapon that ...
This is why Venus has similar gravity to Earth, which is about of what we experience 90% (or 0.904 g, to be exact. As a result ... And so NASA and HeroX issued a Space Poop Challenge, to create an "in-suit waste management system" that can handle six days ... The proposal would also require iron aerosol to be added to the atmosphere, which could be derived from a number of sources (i. ... 5, 1974, NASAs Mariner 10 mission took this first close-up photo of Venus during 1st gravity assist flyby. Credit: NASA. ...
She said the proliferation of suits reflects the fact that victims number in the thousands. The lawyers, she said, want "to ... We also want to make sure that the courts understand the gravity and extent of this problem.". The EPAs investigation began ... Each report details the total number of adverse events in 2008 associated with each formulation. That number is then broken ... Company uses power in numbers to leverage deals for veterinarians. What makes an ideal relief veterinarian? 2/10/2011 * ...
And so NASA and HeroX issued a Space Poop Challenge, to create an "in-suit waste management system" that can handle six days ... In third place for a $5,000 prize was the "SWIMSuit-Zero Gravity Underwear." These underwear disinfect the waste and store it ... For example, the strip diapter might reduce the number of diaper changes needed by bedridden patients. ... They created a devices that would direct waste through tube that empties into a small storage tank inside the suit. ...
We recommended replacing the showerheads with a simpler plastic design, more suited to periodic removal, decontamination, and ... cleaning, and gravity drainage after daily use.. Conclusions. A cluster of L. pneumophila serogroup 1 infections in a vessel ... Volume 24, Number 7-July 2018 Dispatch. Legionnaires Disease Outbreak on a Merchant Vessel, Indian Ocean, Australia, 2015 On ...
So for example suit designs, you know our.. Suits that we use today are zero gravity suits they weigh about 350 [00:28:00] ... Thats number times. Number one Challenge number two. Is it got you said which is the what we call the terminal phase where you ... Then you talk a suit on the surface there. You have gravity Fields, you know moons 16 Mars is one-third of the Earth, but you ... Number one. Its not the technology technology challenging, but we know how to do that number one is a belief issue. Its too ...
... and one way to change its dynamic properties is to modify the level of gravity. Gravity has a strong effect on the optimal rate ... Furthermore, observations in the lack of gravity effects help to reveal the intrinsic properties of locomotor pattern ... and gait transitions occur smoothly and at slower speeds at lower gravity levels. Altered center of mass movements and ... Reduced gravity offers unique opportunities to study motor behavior. This paper aims at providing a review on current issues of ...
These garments or orthotics may take on any number of configurations. In some variations, the weighted garment or orthotic is a ... These methods and apparatuses are particularly suited to individuals suffering from various balance or neurological disorders. ... Methods and apparatuses for aligning a persons center of gravity over the base of support using a weighted garment or orthotic ... Methods and apparatuses for aligning a persons center of gravity over the base of support using a weighted garment or orthotic ...
Severity of the case in terms of economic loss or the number and gravity of law violations ... We can only file suit to protect the public interest.. We cannot file a lawsuit whose only purpose is to recover money or ... You may request a complaint form be sent to you by calling our toll free number at 888-432-9257 and selecting option #3. Please ... In these, and other less frequent examples, we may file suit to stop illegal practices even though we know we will be unable to ...
GEE was used in preference to a multilevel model because it is more suited to estimating population average effects. There were ... 27 A study of ICUs in England found a relationship between consultant numbers, RN numbers and mortality, but no evidence of a ... Thus we were able to assess the risk of deaths in a trust relative to the number that would be expected given the case mix. ... Observed deaths were regressed on the independent variables and the natural log of the expected number of deaths was used as an ...
So much so for the suit bootkiSarkar. Even the number of farmers suicide is highly fudged. Stung by the negative Media reports ... The gravity of the problem facing the entire farming community can be discerned from the fact that almost every fifteen minutes ... The absolute number of people living in Urban Centers had, In 2007, over taken for the first time the number of people living ... Yet even as the number of urban dwellers over takes the number of rural areas population, the percentage of poor people in ...
System description Gravity discharge is arranged from the ships V-shaped cargo holds via a number of gates located in the ... Folding hatch covers panels suited to meet the various cargo needs. The number of folding panels forming a functioning unit can ... Gravity self-unloading systems for bulk carriers MacGregor self-unloading gravity systems have benefited from decades of ... If the number of panels exceeds two, the system is called ‘stacking. The covers are opened by uncleating and raising the ...
Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 88.. "The cable TVs program had been one of the many clones of the PTL Club ... The set was done in K-Mart gothic, the hosts gray hair perfectly matched the gray polyester of his suit, and a ten-digit phone ... Susan and I had an unlisted phone number. Wed gotten it a few years ago after some fanatics started harassing us following a ... Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 73.. "Tom Gavin spinning off to his new fundamentalist realities. If God spoke ...
A number of questionable designs have received considerable interest on the internet. These have proposed small-scale PSH and ... Floating wind turbines will be particularly well suited due to the requirement for deep water and the fact that the concrete ... capacity of PSH can be easily calculated by multiplying the mass of water by the elevation and the acceleration due to gravity ... Simple back of the envelope calculations show that the technology is not well-suited to this type of application. For example ...
Your proposed solution is for him to say "No problem, kids! Ill just text one of you (how I have your number and know your ... Luckily, another of the Rescue guys, Charlie, lived fairly close by and arrived while I was there, and was suiting up. Hed be ... Authors Note: Yeah, the title is an awful pun on the gravity that pulled her off the cliff and the "gravity of the situation ... Here, its not "Whats your badge number?! [so I can report you!]", its "Did you see what Jake did?!" (and usually, its ...
Gravity Cooling Blanket. The manufacturers of this blanket state that the breathable fabric aids with cooling the body ... There are a number of alternatives a person may consider if they do not want to purchase a cooling blanket. Some of these ... That means that not only is it well-suited for cooling in the summer, but also a person can use it to keep warm in winter. ... This blanket comes in a variety of colors and weights, allowing a person to pick what suits them best. ...
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Now, law suits are springing up from individuals owning private wells in a number of states, from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania; ... not a zero gravity or negative gravity. Propulsion: gravity or null-gravity? Both may well be an amazing clean energy source! ... Other alien groups use gravity for propulsion.. recently featured an article called "Warped Gravity, Weak ... THE TESLA GRAVITY MOTOR - THE ELECTROMAGNETIC RESONANCE OF THE TESLA GRAVITY MOTOR ...
The suit says releasing the most at-risk detainees would also ease crowding at the centers and reduce the danger to other ... "The court is mindful of the gravity and rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. The court emphasizes that this order ... An ICE spokeswoman said she was unable to provide numbers other than for confirmed cases. ... The lawyers wrote in the suit, filed in federal court in San Francisco, that the immigrants ages or health conditions put them ...
Accel: 7.6 gravities max sustainable acceleration. Speed: 11. Detection: +20. Armour: 15. Space: 35. Manoeuvrability: +30. Hull ... The suit he wears is an amalgam of pieces of myriad different marks. How fitting, then that he bears a similarly patchwork face ... Obvious to any Astartes are a number of active crystal cryoflasks; an obvious sign of stored geneseed. ... He wears a battered and worn suit of Mark V Power Armour from the Chapters founding, a dark reminder of what the Chapter has ...
In the picture, a Boeing researcher maneuvers under water in a space suit as part of project OGER (zero gravity effects ... Accession Number: AD0623163. *Title: Weightlessness Simulation Using Water Immersion Techniques: An Annotated Bibliography. * ... Trout, O. F. Jr., "A Water Immersion Technique for the Study of Mobility of a Pressure-Suited Subject under Balanced-Gravity ... A Water-Immersion Technique For The Study Of Mobility Of A Pressure-Suited Subject Under Balanced-Gravity Conditions. by Otto F ...
A number of other species have demonstrated that they have a basic conscience and a rudimentary system of morals. For example, ... He goes on to claim that atheists believe that gravity evolved and is not a property of space-time and that we would not know ... He fails to understand that we evolved to suit the conditions on the planet and not vice versa. ... When considering the vast number of Gods to choose from, picking one would be like playing russian roulette with a revolver ...
The gravity will be marginally higher? Then dig dig dig! Build your habitat near the core where the gravity can hold on to an ... In addition, digging that deep into the crust may expose any number of useful ores. ... will be so deep that much of the atmosphere of Mars will flow into it meaning that you would have no need of a pressure suit ... g_0 is the gravity (3.7 m/s^2). R is the universal gas constant, 8.314 J/molK. Tb is the atmospheric temperature (Ill assume ...
Human feedback was not reliable because NASA required numbers and degrees. They didnt need to hear: "Gee, the elbow is a bit ... In 1967, the robot was fired before it could ruin any suits. The following year, it was briefly employed by bionics researchers ... For years, Genesis circled Lagrange point 1, where the gravity of the Sun and Earth are in perfect balance. The craft collected ... The crash was blamed on two sensors that were designed to react to gravity and deploy the parachutes. Somebody had installed ...
The degree of filtering was chosen to suit the area in question. This represents the best gravity data, as grid filtering can ... The line numbering convention used is 1FFF.XX. where FFF. is the flight number and XX. is the extension number. Each new line ... Free Air Gravity, 70s full wavelength line filter. 17. FAG100. F11.2. mGal. Free Air Gravity, 100s full wavelength line filter ... Gravity data are measured as accelerations along three orthogonal axes, and are reduced to free Air Gravity anomaly values by ...
Anti Gravity. Sheer Lunacy. *. 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago. Old Fish -- New Cars -- Blue Light. ... Take a Number. *. Innovations. Reverse-Engineering Clinical Biology. *. By the Numbers. Religion in America. ... Greenhouse Suits. *. Scaled-Up Superposition. *. Water or Not?. *. Fire and Ice. *. Taking the Heat. ...
Upon receiving the gravity suit, players can control their gravity to manoeuver across various sections of the level. To ... gains possession of a Gravity Suit and discovers its capabilities. The antagonist is Bobs Boss, the creator of the gravity ... suit, who tries to prevent Bob from leaving the building with it. The level structure is based on 3 sequences, each containing ...
  • Derm-Buro, Inc., of Plainview, New York, protests the failure of the Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) to solicit it in connection with solicitation No. SPM1C1-08-R-0146, a reprocurement for anti-gravity suits. (
  • The anti-gravity suit is required to be worn by all Navy, Marine, and Air Force jet pilots and is designed to prevent the pilot from losing consciousness during high-gravity maneuvers. (
  • Without the anti-gravity suit, a military pilot is exposed to gravity-induced loss of consciousness, which occurs when blood is forced into the lower region of the body in reaction to acceleration or deceleration during high-gravity maneuvers in military fighter aircraft. (
  • According to the agency, the anti-gravity suit is the most critical life and limb flight clothing for jet pilots, and offerors of anti-gravity suits are required to be technically qualified at the time of award by having their products listed on the qualified products list (QPL). (
  • The agency reports that the anti-gravity suit is currently in a critical supply position with an increasing number of backorders that remain unfulfilled. (
  • The challenged solicitation is a reprocurement for anti-gravity suits that were to be delivered under a prior contract that was terminated for default. (
  • Derm-Buro, also a manufacturer of anti-gravity suits listed on the QPL, was not aware that Switlik and Mustang had been solicited in connection with the defaulted requirement until each was awarded a contract, at which point Derm-Buro filed this protest. (
  • The agency argues that the Montage decision should control here because Derm-Buro, although not the defaulted contractor in connection with the anti-gravity suits being reprocured, was recently terminated for default for failure to timely present first article test (FAT) samples and make deliveries under other contracts for anti-gravity suits. (
  • Anti-Gravity Wednesday: How to Strut Your Stuff While Wearing a Bathing Suit? (
  • In the 1940s, it was modified to be an anti-gravity device or "g-suit" to keep high-altitude pilots from blacking out. (
  • The nominal capacity of PSH can be easily calculated by multiplying the mass of water by the elevation and the acceleration due to gravity. (
  • Ever since astronauts began going to space for extended periods of time, it has been known that long-term exposure to zero-gravity or microgravity comes with its share of health effects. (
  • However, when the suit was pressurized, astronauts found it difficult to bend their knees or elbows. (
  • A special ultralight suit was used by astronauts on the two-week endurance test Gemini 7 mission. (
  • Astronauts entered and exited the suit via a large zippered opening in the back. (
  • Shuttle astronauts wore a number of suits over the years - some of which looked similar. (
  • While they're in transit, U.S. astronauts wear a suit introduced in 1973 in the old Soviet Union. (
  • NASA says the "Boeing Blue" suits are lighter - about half the weight of the old orange ACES suits shuttle astronauts wore - and more flexible and comfortable than other spacesuits worn by astronauts over the previous half-century. (
  • Up in space, the suit would act as an exercise machine for astronauts, providing extra leg resistance for space travelers. (
  • Gravity has much the same effect on astronauts returning from a long spell in space: Blood rushes down and the space travelers become, literally, lightheaded. (
  • Astronauts experience orthostatic hypotension because of the way human bodies respond to gravity, explains Richard Cohen of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. (
  • Astronauts don't feel orthostatic hypotension while they're traveling through space, but they do begin to feel it during re-entry (when g-forces mimic gravity) and after landing. (
  • Astronauts also wear "G-suits" -- rubberized full-body suits that can be inflated with air. (
  • In third place for a $5,000 prize was the "SWIMSuit-Zero Gravity Underwear. (
  • Parabolas and zero gravity. (
  • How did it compare with your experience in zero gravity in space? (
  • The Zero Gravity Corsa Windscreen has been designed from the ground up, in collaboration with professional racers from around the world, to provide the best wind protection while maintaining excellent aerodynamics. (
  • Slightly larger than the Zero Gravity Double Bubble, the Corsa Windscreen creates a larger pocket for riders to get behind. (
  • All Zero Gravity Windscreens feature optically clear acrylic that absorbs vibration, resists cracking and is fabricated using highly specialized vacuum forming techniques, similar to those used to form aircraft canopies. (
  • That's not a problem because it's designed to be used in zero gravity. (
  • This process is ideally suited for small complex shapes with thin sections required in relatively high production quantities. (
  • Doppler ultrasound is ideally suited for diagnosing vein disease. (
  • Browning experimented with different numbers, configurations and arrays of jets, with varying degrees of success, before coming up with his current configuration. (
  • These garments or orthotics may take on any number of configurations. (
  • EZSPHERE products are available in a variety of sizes and microwell configurations to suit your particular needs. (
  • Sustec performance lowering springs are available in three configurations, to suit the driver's needs for lowering, comfort, and handling. (
  • The ACES was developed from the pressure suits Air Force pilots wore while flying the SR-71 Blackbird. (
  • And so NASA and HeroX issued a Space Poop Challenge , to create an "in-suit waste management system" that can handle six days' worth of bathroom needs. (
  • Human feedback was not reliable because NASA required numbers and degrees. (
  • According to a new study which recently appeared in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences , a team of NASA and JAXA-funded researchers showed how artificial gravity should be a key component of any future long-term plans in space. (
  • This ACES, or "pumpkin suit" was worn only during liftoffs and landings - while in orbit, crews normally wore their standard NASA-issue blue jumpsuits. (
  • NASA and other research groups have made a wearable robotic suit, called X1, to live a double life of usefulness. (
  • Furthermore, observations in the lack of gravity effects help to reveal the intrinsic properties of locomotor pattern generators and make evident facilitation of nonvoluntary limb stepping. (
  • Does lack of gravity ever get tiring? (
  • Martin said there were no counted cases because of a malfunction in the agency's reporting system, and the number was not reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention due to the malfunction. (
  • As the industry has expanded, Taiwanese companies have become the target of a growing number of patent suits by Japanese, Korean and U.S. companies, the bulk of which are filed in U.S. courts. (
  • The plaintiffs were not the usual parties in patent suits: competitors concerned with their balance sheets. (
  • In American law, opponents of a public policy cannot ordinarily pursue their objections in the federal courts, including in patent suits, unless the policy causes an injury that gives them standing to sue. (
  • The idea sprung from the brain of Robert D. Hunt, a theoretical physicist and inventor who founded Hunt Aviation to develop his patented "gravity powered hybrid aircraft" concept which operates on the principles of buoyancy, aerodynamic lift, and gravity. (
  • In September 2020 it was reported that the Great North Air Ambulance service was considering using this jet suit to enable paramedics to reach casualties in the mountainous Lake District. (
  • Gravity has a strong effect on the optimal rate of limb oscillations, optimal walking speed, and muscle activity patterns, and gait transitions occur smoothly and at slower speeds at lower gravity levels. (
  • The dominant hypothesis regarding templates for bipedal walking in the gravity field is the pendular mechanism of walking, up to intermediate speeds, and the bouncing mechanism of running, up to the highest speeds attainable [ 1 ]. (
  • The inverted pendulum-like mechanism of energy exchange taking place during walking would be optimized at slower speeds in reduced gravity [ 2 , 3 ]. (
  • The flying suits can reach speeds of 80 mph. (
  • The Corsa is best suited for road racers and tall riders that require wind protection at high speeds for a long duration of time. (
  • Many researchers have investigated the effects of reducing and eliminating gravity on locomotive kinematics and kinetics [ 4 - 8 ]. (
  • Researchers also want to make the suit balance on its own for people with paraplegia. (
  • They created a devices that would direct waste through tube that empties into a small storage tank inside the suit. (
  • Gravity is test flying with ram air leg wing and small scale upper body fabric wing system. (
  • The small number of tourists who visit Musk City (as it was recently designated) enjoy a city tour when they first arrive that takes in the Governor's House, the Great Dome, and a visit to the nearby ice crater where robot vehicles mine the water ice used by the City's residents (once it has been purified at the Life Support Centre). (
  • Heavy Liquid Separation System is to separate metal scraps classified after crushed small by specific gravity and water mixing adequately. (
  • The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition is now testing the X1 in a small number of people with paraplegia, Radford said. (
  • A small number experience orthostatic changes that render them quite dizzy. (
  • As gravity pulls the plane towards the earth, the long wings are moved to the swept-back position to reduce wind drag, and air turbines mounted on the top of the craft capture some of the forward momentum and use it to drive air pumps which can refill the on-board compressed air storage tanks. (
  • On Earth gravity pulls blood toward the lower body. (
  • A suitable material for this is Part number 3201, Copper shielding tape which can simply be stuck onto the coated surface or over-sprayed with the electrically-conductive nickel coating. (
  • It is also able to fly using the Gravity Industries flight system. (
  • The new method is suited for a variety of application areas and industries. (
  • Beneath the suit, an astronaut wore a three-layer underwear garment that circulated cool water to keep him cool and from fogging up his helmet. (
  • The men told rescuers that they were able to get into survival suits and didn't know if the other five crew members did, the newspaper reported. (
  • If the suit to be worn by the crew of the SpaceX Dragon mission to the ISS next week looks like a movie costume, there's a reason for that: SpaceX founder Elon Musk hired Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez - who created superhero costumes for the movies "Wonder Woman," "Wolverine" and "Captain America: Civil War" - to create the new suits. (
  • The acetone readily evaporates in this environment, leaving behind the cellulose acetate fibers, which are wound on reels for later use in a wide range of products, such as ties, sweaters, lingerie, and bathing suits. (
  • The RedCoats are coming,but they are wearing suits & ties and sporting confederate flags while pushing the RedCoats lord vs Serfs hateful values. (
  • Simple 'back of the envelope' calculations show that the technology is not well-suited to this type of application. (
  • Brush coating: Brush coat from the can, or thinned to suit the application. (
  • The more efficient the cargo system, the greater number of payload containers the vessel can carry. (
  • This data set contains Greenland and Antarctica gravity measurements taken from the Sander Geophysics AIRGrav airborne gravity system. (
  • Thus was Urantia given the number 606 of Satania, meaning the 606th world in this local system on which the long evolutionary life process culminated in the appearance of human beings. (
  • In addition to looking good, the suits reportedly have a liquid cooling system, an emergency breathing system and other now-standard features. (
  • The gravity filter INTERFILT SK is an open sand filter system for extremely economical water treatment. (
  • 49:0.5 (559.5) The oldest inhabited world of Satania, world number one, is Anova, one of the forty-four satellites revolving around an enormous dark planet but exposed to the differential light of three neighboring suns. (
  • An ideal LRR target would thus be a single cube corner reflector, but because of its limited angular field it is not well suited for very low orbiting satellites like CHAMP and GRACE. (
  • Even gravity born men and women who have never put on a vacuum suit and never felt the undignified liberty of weightlessness are saturated with the stories. (
  • This process is only suited to the lower melting point alloys such as magnesium, tin, lead etc. (
  • The suit has a power of 1050 bhp and is technically capable of reaching 12,000 ft altitudes, although it's normally flown much lower for safety purposes. (
  • For this reason, a great deal of research has been dedicated to what the health effects of long-duration missions to the Moon may be - particularly the effects a lower gravity environment would have on the human body. (
  • The lower the number of individual reflecting prisms within such a laser reflector, the higher is the expected ranging accuracy. (
  • H&R Sport Springs lower the vehicle center of gravity and reduce body. (
  • The NASG is a seven-section neoprene lower-body suit that works by constriction to force blood back into the vital organs, especially the heart, brain and lungs, reducing blood loss and maintaining blood pressure. (
  • In order to keep the technology safe, Gravity also limits the majority of flying to over grass or water. (
  • Anthony said technology has its center of gravity in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and the Shanghai area of mainland China. (
  • Recent improvements of the SLR technology suggested to make the design of the reflector suited for a measurement resolution even in the millimeter range. (
  • Life evolved in the presence of gravity, which has two major impacts on motor functions: specific body orientation in space and antigravity muscle tone and specific rules of motion in the gravity field. (
  • Get your space suit on and join Snail Bob on a quest to save the planet once again. (
  • Join the adventurous mission through space with inverted gravity to help our slow slug cross the barriers. (
  • Project engineer Shelley Rea demonstrates the X1, a newly developed wearable robotic suit with applications in space and on Earth. (
  • It's a superhero suit for Earth and outer space. (
  • But in space -- either in free-fall or far from a source of gravity -- blood that normally pools in the legs collects in the upper body instead. (
  • Consideration must be given to a number of factors before deciding on. (
  • On Earth, the suit can be tuned to lighter settings and support paralyzed people in standing and walking. (
  • Gravity, Browning's company that produces the flight pack, have said that they will require the user to be vetted before use. (
  • YouTuber Colin Furze -famous for his wacky inventions, projects, and functional interpretations of movie props, video game gadgets, and other fictional devices- was given the opportunity to learn how to fly the Gravity flight Pack. (
  • Gravity data include latitude and Eotvos-corrected values, and the free air correction at various along-flight-line time filtering scales. (
  • Adding the flight suit increases the costs by about $450,000. (
  • In Codice sul volo degli uccelli (Codex on the flight of birds), produced in 1505‒6, Leonardo outlined a number of observations and concepts that were to find a place in the development of a successful airplane in the early 20th century. (
  • The pen-and-ink drawings reflect his ability to analyze a wide variety of topics, including how mechanisms function, the principles of casting medals, gravity, the effects of wind and currents on flight, the function of feathers, how wing movements compress the air, the action of a bird's tail, and other subjects. (
  • The United States Air Force also enlisted the service of a number of German physicians, physiologists, and psychologists who had been the nucleus of the Luftwaffe medical-research program in support of high-altitude and high-speed airplane flight. (
  • These underwear disinfect the waste and store it inside the suit. (
  • He developed plans for a number of inventions, some with potential military uses, including a kind of armored tank and a deep-sea diving suit. (
  • After a hearing, the trial court concluded that the suit sounded in medical malpractice, classifying the ordinary negligence claims as medical malpractice claims and dismissing the negligence per se and TAPA claims. (
  • And there was the draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, passed unanimously by the United States Senate, which later would reveal a large number of flaws. (
  • Our new Visualised Physics engine gives users a chance to experiment with a wide range of customizable environmental settings (such as gravity, air resistance, explosions and more) to create fun, physics-based simulations which demonstrate our new Physics CPU test. (
  • Methods and apparatuses for aligning a person's center of gravity over the base of support using a weighted garment or orthotic are herein provided. (
  • These methods and apparatuses are particularly suited to individuals suffering from various balance or neurological disorders. (
  • A variety of livestock watering methods are available to suit any type of pasture and location. (
  • Instead, they'll wear pretty much what they've always worn: Practical suits designed to keep them alive and safe, far above the Earth. (
  • The Commander is a powerful and irreplaceable unit that has a number of unique abilities such as a destructor weapon that vaporizes anything it hits, the ability to use cloaking and become invisible, and the ability to travel through bodies of water. (
  • Allowing livestock direct access to surface water sources has led to a number of environmental, herd health and pasture utilization problems. (
  • The power options to move water to livestock include solar, wind, fuel, stream flow, mainline electricity and gravity flow. (
  • More broadly, the primary causes of erosion are water (flow or wave action), moving ice, wind and gravity - loose, sandy soils (ill-suited to food production at any rate) are the most frequently lost, and the deposition of these soils as sediment s in water bodies can lead to other issues, such as water salinity and turbidity . (
  • You see, the thing about tea is that it contains caffeine, one of natures most powerful diuretics, so while the numbers on the scale might go down, they'll creep back up the moment you have a big glass of water. (
  • Gravity filters are commonly used in applications where liquid-solids separation is required in a variety of different applications for finish water treatment. (
  • Gravity filters can incorporate various types of media such as sand, anthracite, greensand and GAC to meet each plant's water treatment needs. (
  • It's manufacturer considers it less of a spacesuit and more of a rescue suit. (
  • Gravity" has lots of atmosphere and i love the vocals before it kicks into gear. (
  • The Filtertech model GSF deep bed gravity filter incorporates a very moderate discharge ramp to accommodate numerous applications relative to filter "cake" thickness and type of solids generated. (
  • Thousands of micro-wells laser-etched into the surface which generates massive numbers of uniform size embryoid bodies. (
  • Now, one may become certified by any number of official bodies, in as little as just a few days. (
  • Last week, a federal judge in Seattle rejected a suit seeking the release of nine immigrants held at a center in Tacoma, Wash. (
  • The center of gravity of the leg is one-third of the distance from the pelvis to the bottom of the foot. (
  • Gravity, as you surely remember, is the attractive force between objects. (
  • The number of the scales of injustice measures that force. (
  • The higher the number, the more the very attractive force between you and Earth. (
  • The suit alleges Martin was fired after a recent tuberculosis outbreak at Ninety Six Primary "for failing to take it upon herself to unlawfully, and without authorization, test the children at the school for tuberculosis. (
  • When the Administratrix discovered the gravity of her mother's condition, she instructed the physicians to halt aggressive measures, including breathing assistance and the feeding tube. (
  • Each unit has strengths and weaknesses, optimal styles of use, and corresponding units against which it is vulnerable or well-suited. (
  • My ongoing guiding principle/coach was "energy efficiency" which included such things as my attitude, my body sensing (physical state) as to what suited me at a particular time, the terrain (level? (
  • It was first developed as a full-body inflatable suit in the 1900s to maintain blood pressure during surgery. (
  • When she was admitted to Erlanger, she had a urinary tract infection and a number of pressure ulcers that had become infected. (
  • Typically 2 parts of concentrate to 1 part thinner can be used in a conventional gravity-feed spray gun or, alternatively, a pressure pot with agitator. (
  • Observational studies describe near-miraculous recoveries, telling of women, who arrive at the emergency room without an audible pulse or detectable blood pressure, opening their eyes and talking shortly after the suit was applied, sometimes while being wheeled into the operating room. (
  • Meanwhile, in California, lawyers filed suit Tuesday to try to win freedom for 13 immigration detainees at facilities in Bakersfield and Yuba County. (
  • The lawyers wrote in t he suit, filed in federal court in San Francisco, that the immigrants' ages or health conditions put them in additional danger from the virus. (
  • Though I am deeply skeptical - I see no evidence for anything usefully available from the bottom of the Lunar gravity well, in the immediate time horizon. (
  • Increased knowledge of locomotion kinematics, kinetics, muscular activity patterns, and sensory feedback modulation may help to facilitate more effective exercise countermeasures, develop innovative technologies for gait rehabilitation, and provide new insights into our understanding of the physiological effects of gravity. (
  • 49:0.4 (559.4) Not all planets are suited to harbor mortal life. (
  • You don't just wake up one morning and say "gee, I've got a lot of problems in my life that are not easily solved. (
  • The suit has been found to be effective for up to 48 hours and can mean the difference between life and death for women who might otherwise bleed to death in as little as two hours. (
  • The suits consisted of an inner layer of nylon coated with neoprene rubber and an outer layer of aluminized nylon for thermal control and to protect the astronaut against ultraviolet radiation. (
  • The 4" EcoSTEG Effluent Filter from Adenus Technologies is the perfect medium for filtering effluent from a septic or STEG ( gravity ) tank before it enters a drain field or a main collection line. (
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  • Numerical approaches can deal with a large number of properties simultaneously. (
  • In several of the physical systems of Satania the planets revolving around the central sun are too large for habitation, their great mass occasioning oppressive gravity. (
  • 1. relationship between age and number of books read in a year 2. (
  • Refer back to number two on this list for further instructions. (
  • The announcement came as one lawsuit pressing for release of immigration detainees because of the virus got a court date and another suit was filed in a bid to spur such releases. (