Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)
Instruments or technological means of communication that reach large numbers of people with a common message: press, radio, television, etc.
The attitude of a significant portion of a population toward any given proposition, based upon a measurable amount of factual evidence, and involving some degree of reflection, analysis, and reasoning.
The collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related commentary and feature materials through such media as pamphlets, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio, motion pictures, television, and books. While originally applied to the reportage of current events in printed form, specifically newspapers, with the advent of radio and television the use of the term has broadened to include all printed and electronic communication dealing with current affairs.
The means of interchanging or transmitting and receiving information. Historically the media were written: books, journals, newspapers, and other publications; in the modern age the media include, in addition, radio, television, computers, and information networks.
The use of statistical methods in the analysis of a body of literature to reveal the historical development of subject fields and patterns of authorship, publication, and use. Formerly called statistical bibliography. (from The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
The collection, writing, and editing of current interest material on topics related to biomedicine for presentation through the mass media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, or television, usually for a public audience such as health care consumers.
Detailed account or statement or formal record of data resulting from empirical inquiry.
Non-fatal immersion or submersion in water. The subject is resuscitable.
Agencies of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the United States.
The circulation or wide dispersal of information.
The act or practice of calling public attention to a product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers, magazines, on radio, or on television. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The aggregate business enterprise of agriculture, manufacture, and distribution related to tobacco and tobacco-derived products.
Relations of an individual, association, organization, hospital, or corporation with the publics which it must take into consideration in carrying out its functions. Publics may include consumers, patients, pressure groups, departments, etc.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
Death that occurs as a result of anoxia or heart arrest, associated with immersion in liquid.
The transfer of information from experts in the medical and public health fields to patients and the public. The study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that enhance health.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Botanically, a type of single-seeded fruit in which the pericarp enclosing the seed is a hard woody shell. In common usage the term is used loosely for any hard, oil-rich kernel. Of those commonly eaten, only hazel, filbert, and chestnut are strictly nuts. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, and coconuts are really drupes. Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamias, and cashews are really seeds with a hard shell derived from the testa rather than the pericarp.
NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE service for health professionals and consumers. It links extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other reviewed sources of information on specific diseases and conditions.
Bodies preserved either by the ancient Egyptian technique or due to chance under favorable climatic conditions.
Macromolecular molds for the synthesis of complementary macromolecules, as in DNA REPLICATION; GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of DNA to RNA, and GENETIC TRANSLATION of RNA into POLYPEPTIDES.
Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.
Individuals enrolled in a school of medicine or a formal educational program in medicine.
A layer of acellular matrix that lies beneath the CORNEAL EPITHELIUM and above the CORNEAL STROMA. It consists of randomly arranged COLLAGEN fibers in a condensed bed of intercellular substance. It provides stability and strength to the cornea.
Prospective patient listings for appointments or treatments.

Changes in newspaper coverage of cardiovascular health issues in conjunction with a community-based intervention. (1/201)

Numerous community-based prevention projects, with significant media components, have been conducted over the past decade. Multiple evaluation strategies have been used to document the effectiveness of these interventions, including intermediate measures of community impact such as assessment of media coverage. As part of the evaluation of a community-based intervention (the Bootheel Heart Health Project), dissemination of information on cardiovascular disease (CVD) was measured through a media content analysis of newspapers. Data were analyzed from 23 newspapers in six rural counties in southeastern Missouri for the period October 1988 through August 1993. An increase was observed in CVD-related coverage in the pre-intervention period (mean articles per month = 31.5) compared with the post-intervention period (mean articles per month = 50.7) (F = 10.2; P = 0.003). In supporting data from a separate randomized risk factor survey of 1510 residents in the same area, respondents reported hearing of heart health coalitions primarily through local newspapers. The current study documents increasing print media coverage of cardiovascular health issues in a high-risk, rural area and shows that media content analysis can be a useful evaluation tool in community-based interventions.  (+info)

Assessing the quality of newspaper medical advice columns for elderly readers. (2/201)

BACKGROUND: Medical advice columns in newspapers can provide a valuable service by educating the general public about important health-related issues. However, these columns may be harmful if the advice or information given in them is incomplete, inappropriate or misleading. The objective of this study was to assess the safety and appropriateness of advice given to elderly readers of newspapers in medical advice columns. METHODS: Medical advice columns published in Canadian newspapers in 1995 were identified from a CD-ROM database. The articles that were selected were published in English and contained medical advice pertinent to elderly people about topics that could be found in a textbook of geriatric medicine. Fifty articles, randomly selected from the 109 articles that met these criteria, were independently assessed by 5 geriatricians. A scoring system was used to rate the ability to determine to which population the article applied, how well fact was distinguished from opinion, the degree to which critical issues were addressed, the safety and the appropriateness of the advice. When the kappa statistic for inter-rater agreement was 0.74 or less, a 2-stage Delphi process was used in an attempt to reach consensus. RESULTS: Agreement (kappa > 0.74) was eventually achieved for 232 (92.8%) of the 250 ratings. In 4 (8%) of the articles there was a high probability that the advice given could be applied to the wrong patient population; in 7 (14%) there was a high probability that opinion might be interpreted as fact; and in 11 (22%) the major critical issues were not identified. Of greatest concern, however, the advice in 25 (50%) of the articles was judged to be inappropriate, and in 14 (28%) advice may have been dangerous and potentially life-threatening. INTERPRETATION: Although medical advice columns have the potential to improve the health of elderly readers, a significant percentage of these articles contain inappropriate or even potentially dangerous advice.  (+info)

Coverage of beverage alcohol issues in the print media in the United States, 1985-1991. (3/201)

OBJECTIVES: This study assessed the portrayal of alcohol-related issues in the print media in the United States during the 7-year period bracketing implementation of the US alcohol warning label act in November 1988. METHODS: All articles that appeared from 1985 to 1991 in 5 national newspapers and that were indexed as dealing with beverage alcohol were identified. Content analysis of a 15% sample of these articles allowed an in-depth assessment of the conceptualization of alcohol in the US print media. RESULTS: A slight decrease in articles related to alcoholism was offset by an increase in articles about the more general health-related effects of alcohol. The warning label act received little attention. Most articles portrayed alcohol neutrally or negatively, using information from government sources. CONCLUSIONS: Portrayal of alcohol in the US print media has changed in recent decades. A general shift noted as early as the 1960s has increasingly emphasized public health issues and deemphasized clinical aspects of alcoholism. This has been accompanied by a continuing shift away from a biopsychological definition of alcohol-related behavior to a definition stressing external environmental factors.  (+info)

Newspaper and wire service coverage of tobacco farmers. (4/201)

This study examined print media coverage of tobacco farmers from the perspective of agenda setting, or the extent to which information is available to the public and perceived as important. A content analysis of 743 articles published between January 1, 1995 and June 30, 1997 was completed. The number of articles increased from 1995 to 1997. Of the topics analyzed, articles on tobacco settlement (7.1% of total) and diversification (15.6% of total) were the least prevalent. Because the settlement discussions did not occur until 1997 (when it comprised 26.4% of the total in the first 6 months), diversification was consistently the least covered topic. The two most frequent topics covered were tobacco companies (36.2%) and the tobacco price support program (32.3%). Except for one 6 month interval, there were substantially more articles in local/regional publications than in national publications. Public health professionals have called for tobacco farmers to diversify to non-tobacco enterprises. Yet, there is little discussion of diversification in print media. Without more attention to diversification, the public and policy makers will be ill-informed about opportunities and obstacles in this regard.  (+info)

The tobacco settlement: an analysis of newspaper coverage of a national policy debate, 1997-98. (5/201)

OBJECTIVE: To examine the framing of tobacco policy issues in the news media during the national tobacco settlement debate of 1997-98. The major aims were (1) to describe the extent of newspaper coverage of each of the specific components of the proposed tobacco settlement; (2) to identify the tobacco control frames, and the dominant frame, appearing in each newspaper article; and (3) to examine trends in tobacco control frames over time. DESIGN: A content analysis was performed on 117 articles related to national tobacco legislation appearing in the Washington Post from 1 January 1997 through 18 June 1998. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: (1) Major policy themes of the settlement referred to or implied in each article; (2) major frames used to discuss the problem of tobacco in each article. RESULTS: The generation of new revenue was the dominant theme of the articles, appearing as a major focus in 44% (52) of the articles. Other than the issues of Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco and restrictions on cigarette advertising, the public health policy aspects of the tobacco settlement received little attention. The problem of tobacco was portrayed as one of youth smoking in 55% (64) of the articles, but as one of a deadly product in none of the articles. CONCLUSIONS: Future discussions of comprehensive tobacco policy should be driven by a more specific discussion of the precise programme and policy mechanisms by which tobacco use can be most effectively prevented and controlled. The public health community must find ways to frame the tobacco issue more broadly than simply as one of youth smoking.  (+info)

Coverage by the news media of the benefits and risks of medications. (6/201)

BACKGROUND: The news media are an important source of information about new medical treatments, but there is concern that some coverage may be inaccurate and overly enthusiastic. METHODS: We studied coverage by U.S. news media of the benefits and risks of three medications that are used to prevent major diseases. The medications were pravastatin, a cholesterol-lowering drug for the prevention of cardiovascular disease; alendronate, a bisphosphonate for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis; and aspirin, which is used for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. We analyzed a systematic probability sample of 180 newspaper articles (60 for each drug) and 27 television reports that appeared between 1994 and 1998. RESULTS: Of the 207 stories, 83 (40 percent) did not report benefits quantitatively. Of the 124 that did, 103 (83 percent) reported relative benefits only, 3 (2 percent) absolute benefits only, and 18 (15 percent) both absolute and relative benefits. Of the 207 stories, 98 (47 percent) mentioned potential harm to patients, and only 63 (30 percent) mentioned costs. Of the 170 stories citing an expert or a scientific study, 85 (50 percent) cited at least one expert or study with a financial tie to a manufacturer of the drug that had been disclosed in the scientific literature. These ties were disclosed in only 33 (39 percent) of the 85 stories. CONCLUSIONS: News-media stories about medications may include inadequate or incomplete information about the benefits, risks, and costs of the drugs as well as the financial ties between study groups or experts and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  (+info)

Representing infant feeding: content analysis of British media portrayals of bottle feeding and breast feeding. (7/201)

OBJECTIVE: To examine how breast feeding and bottle feeding are represented by the British media. DESIGN: Content analysis. SUBJECTS: Television programmes and newspaper articles that made reference to infant feeding during March 1999. SETTING: UK mass media. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Visual and verbal references to breast or bottle feeding in newspapers and television programmes. RESULTS: Overall, 235 references to infant feeding were identified in the television sample and 38 in the newspaper sample. Bottle feeding was shown more often than breast feeding and was presented as less problematic. Bottle feeding was associated with "ordinary" families whereas breast feeding was associated with middle class or celebrity women. The health risks of formula milk and the health benefits of breast feeding were rarely mentioned. CONCLUSIONS: The media rarely present positive information on breast feeding, even though this feeding practice is associated with the most health benefits. Health professionals and policy makers should be aware of patterns in media coverage and the cultural background within which women make decisions about infant feeding.  (+info)

Factors influencing a communitywide campaign to administer hepatitis A vaccine to men who have sex with men. (8/201)

OBJECTIVES: A hepatitis A outbreak among men who have sex with men (MSM) led to a publicly funded vaccination campaign. We evaluated the MSM community's response. METHODS: A cohort of MSM from 5 community sites was surveyed. RESULTS: Thirty-four (19%) of 178 potential vaccine candidates received the vaccine during the campaign. We found a linear relation between the number of exposures to campaign information and the likelihood of vaccination (P < .001). Vaccination was independently associated with awareness of the outbreak and the vaccine, having had sexual relations with men for 12 years or longer, having recently consulted a physician, and routinely reading a local gay newspaper. CONCLUSIONS: The difficult task of vaccinating MSM can be aided by repetitive promotional messages, especially via the gay media.  (+info)

Objective: In politically contested health debates, stakeholders on both sides present arguments and evidence to influence public opinion and the political agenda. The present study aimed to examine whether stakeholders in the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) debate sought to establish or undermine the acceptability of this policy through the news media and how this compared with similar policy debates in relation to tobacco and alcohol industries. Design: Quantitative and qualitative content analysis of newspaper articles discussing sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) taxation published in eleven UK newspapers between 1 April 2015 and 30 November 2016, identified through the Nexis database. Direct stakeholder citations were entered in NVivo to allow inductive thematic analysis and comparison with an established typology of industry stakeholder arguments used by the alcohol and tobacco industries. Setting: UK newspapers. Participants: Proponents and opponents of SSB tax/SDIL cited in UK newspapers. ...
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The results of this content analysis provide the first systematic description of the themes and frames used to portray the national tobacco settlement debate of 1997-98 in the news media. We found that the major theme in the newspaper coverage of the tobacco settlement debate was money, that the discussion of the public health policy aspects of the settlement focused on federal regulation of tobacco and largely ignored the potential role of states and local communities in controlling and preventing tobacco use, and that although the general issue of tobacco industry immunity was widely addressed, the specific alterations to the civil justice system that were being considered in the debate were not presented to the American public. We also found that the problem of tobacco was largely framed as one of youth smoking, that tobacco was almost never portrayed as a deadly product, and that the issue of secondhand smoke was rarely addressed.. While there was extensive discussion of the new revenue that ...
Unfortunately, some newspaper headlines can make us do a spit-take and drench the entire page in delicious tea (splash of milk, no sugar). You know the type of headlines that I mean: unintentionally amusing, very silly, and quite obvious how stupid they are if the overworked editors would look at them with a pair of fresh eyes.. Our team at Bored Panda has run, flown, and swum all over the planet looking for hilarious and idiotic newspaper articles, all for your amusement. So put your reading glasses on, scroll down, and upvote the headlines you enjoyed. Wed love to hear about any peculiar and giggle-worthy headlines that youve come across; even better if youve come up with them yourselves!. ...
With the annual Talking Newspaper Federation conference just six weeks away - BWBFs technical team is working hard to redesign the service it offers.. This is to make it easier both for the listeners who use it and Talking Newspaper groups which upload their audio content onto it.. Currently, users of our Sonata Plus+ internet radio can enjoy around 120 different talking publications - including dozens of local newspapers and magazines.. As well as allowing people to access the publications via the Sonata, BWBF also provides each Talking Newspaper group which uploads to the service with a link so the content can also be played by anyone with an internet accessible device, such as a tablet, smartphone or PC.. The work going on behind the scenes will make the process easier and quicker for each Talking Newspaper group to upload its audio content onto our system.. The changes being made by the team will mean the audio includes an embedded player so the listener just has to open the link and the ...
The recent dominant discourse about violence in our society has been primarily focused on the entertainment media and its potential for harmful effects on children.1-4 Although the connection between entertainment media and violence deserves further exploration and attention, the role of the news media should not be ignored in discussions of violence prevention. The mass media, especially television and newspapers, are a primary source of information for the general public about crime and violence.5 News stories about violence, intentionally or not, provide the public with a critical framework for thinking about violence, its causes and solutions. The news media has the unique ability to tell people what to think about and how to think about it-two functions which can have a critical impact on public health practice and policy.6-9. The power of news organizations to influence what people think about, often referred to as agenda setting, comes from their ability to choose the stories that will ...
Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuus millions of monthly readers. Title: April 10, 2013 - Fort Bend Community Newspaper for Sugar Land, Richmond, Stafford, Mo City, Katy, Author: Fort Bend Star Newspaper, Name: April 10, 2013 - Fort Bend Community Newspaper for Sugar Land, Richmond, Stafford, Mo City, Katy, Length: 14 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-04-10
Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuus millions of monthly readers. Title: CITY Newspaper, December 6 - 12, 2017, Author: Rochester City Newspaper, Name: CITY Newspaper, December 6 - 12, 2017, Length: 52 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2017-12-06
Side One. German-language newspapers thrived as Germans became Indianas largest immigrant population by 1850. The Täglicher Telegraph und Tribüne, located near here, was among over 175 German-language newspapers published in Indiana, 1843-1920. These newspapers were important vehicles for readers in integrating and maintaining their cultural identities with American values.. Side Two. U.S. entry into WWI in 1917 created suspicion and antipathy toward German-American schools, churches, clubs and newspapers. Several of these Indiana newspapers, which had tried to present balanced war coverage, closed by 1918. This included the Täglicher Telegraph und Tribüne and papers in Berne, South Bend, Logansport, Evansville, and Terre Haute.. ...
References to newspapers should include the following, in the order indicated: (1) name of author (if given), (2) title of article, (3) name of newspaper, (4) date of newspaper, (5) section (if applicable), and (6) page numbers. Note: Newspaper names are not abbreviated. If a city name is not part of the newspaper name, it may be added to the official name, for clarity, as with Minneapolis in example 1. See example 5 for how to treat an article that
References to newspapers should include the following, in the order indicated: (1) name of author (if given), (2) title of article, (3) name of newspaper, (4) date of newspaper, (5) section (if applicable), and (6) page numbers. Note: Newspaper names are not abbreviated. If a city name is not part of the newspaper name, it may be added to the official name, for clarity, as with Minneapolis in example 1. See example 5 for how to treat an article that
Newspapers are important sources of information about medical advances for many lay people and can influence those working in the health service. Medical journalists on newspapers routinely use general medical journals to obtain information on research. The Lancet and BMJ are both examined carefully by broadsheet journalists in Britain each week. These papers published an average of 1.25 stories from these journals every Friday. The stories focused on serious diseases, topical health problems, and new treatments rather than social problems. The newspaper stories were based on the full research article and not the journals press releases, although the press releases were valued as early information. Journalists relied heavily on the peer review processes of the journals in ensuring accuracy.. National newspapers often carry stories about the latest findings of medical research, many of which are based on articles published in prestigious general medical journals. Although the news media are an ...
Comparison of Newspaper Articles I have chosen two articles about the same story from two contrasting newspapers, one a tabloid and one a broadsheet. The...
Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 1 Newspaper. fiction do parents help with homework. a leader romeo and juliet act 1 scene 1 newspaper article help.Choose one of the central themes of Romeo and Juliet and trace it throughout the play,.Homework Help. analysis in Romeo and Juliet, check out the link. Romeo vs.Wild-eyed beadiest Kory epigrammatize listings romeo and juliet assignment uncanonises currs seventhly. Homework sheets ...
Abstract: The U.S. Forest Service Newspaper Clipping Files contain clippings collected by the Washington Office of the U.S. Forest Service from the late 1880s through the early 1930s. A newspaper clipping service searched for appropriate articles of interest to the agency in national, regional, and local newspapers from around the country. The information content of the clippings demonstrates the numerous forest-related issues that were of concern to the U.S. public during the height of the U.S. conservation movement.. Title: U.S. Forest Service Newspaper Clipping Files, 1880s - 1930s. Creator: United States. Forest Service. Repository: Forest History Society Library and Archives. Call Number: 8336. Language of Material: Material in English. Extent: 20 linear ft. (47 boxes). ...
The editors came in two-by-two, trooping into Downing Street for a briefing with the Prime Minister on the Leveson Inquiry, the meeting of, arguably, the most powerful people in the country. After two...
The National News Paper Awards have been Canadas premier journalism awards for more than 50 years. In 1949, six awards were handed out. Today, there are 21 -
Leadership is a daily national newspaper published by Leadership Newspaper Group, based in Abuja, Nigeria.[1] On its website, the paper asserts: We shall stand up for good governance. We shall defend the interests of the Nigerian state even against its leaders and we shall raise our pen at all times in defence of what is right. These are the values by which we intend to be assessed.[2]. On 9 January 2007 a dozen State Security Service agents stormed the Leadership offices and arrested general manager Abraham Nda-Isaiah, editor Bashir Bello Akko and journalist Abdulazeez Sanni. The cause was an article written by journalist Danladi Ndayebo that discussed the political maneuvers in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) party that led to nomination of Umaru Musa YarAdua as presidential candidate.[3] On 6 May 2008 a squad of armed, plain-clothed policemen from the Niger State Command raided the Leadership head office and arrested the deputy editor, Danladi Ndayebo, apparently without any ...
Winter Park (Fla.) -- Newspapers.; Advertising -- Florida -- Winter Park -- Newspapers.; Sub-Tropical Exhibition -- Exhibitions -- Florida -- Jacksonville -- Newspapers.; Fruit -- Newspapers.; Strawberries -- Massachusetts -- Newspapers.; Steam yachts -- Newspapers.; Grasses -- Newspapers.; Teachers -- Newspapers.; Orange industry -- Florida -- Newspapers.; Homework -- Newspapers.; Florida -- Climate -- Newspapers. ...
If the reviews are not printed in newspapers, they will be printed, aired and blogged elsewhere. I dont think declining newspaper coverage is a big problem, though it may be a small one. Collected Miscellany is fairly immune to it. Kevin and Davids reviews are good enough, no, better than some print reviews and could be news on their own. Other bloggers should link to them for content. I may be wounded a little though by less newspaper coverage since I dont have original thoughts.. I am the dew which spins the light for a glimmering moment before I vanish.. Press concludes her article with a quote which says bloggers, to be read, should be little snarks with quirky tastes. What do you think about that? Are the harshly opinionated blogs the ones you prefer? For that matter, what is your favorite blog, the one which would disappoint you most if it shut down? What would you miss about it? Ill think this over and answer in the comments later.. ...
Voted Spains number one expat newspaper and second in the world, by 27,000 people polled by UK marketing group Tesca. Also dubbed The best English newspaper in Spain, according to the UKs Rough Guide. The Olive Press is the English language newspaper for Spain. Local news, in particular, from the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Alicante, Murcia and Mallorca, plus national news from around Spain. A campaigning, community newspaper, the Olive Press launched in 2006 and represents the huge and growing expatriate community in Spain - with over 100,000 printed copies monthly, 50,000 visitors a day online we have an estimated readership of more than 500,000 people a month ...
Voted Spains number one expat newspaper and second in the world, by 27,000 people polled by UK marketing group Tesca. Also dubbed The best English newspaper in Spain, according to the UKs Rough Guide. The Olive Press is the English language newspaper for Spain. Local news, in particular, from the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Alicante, Murcia and Mallorca, plus national news from around Spain. A campaigning, community newspaper, the Olive Press launched in 2006 and represents the huge and growing expatriate community in Spain - with over 100,000 printed copies monthly, 50,000 visitors a day online we have an estimated readership of more than 500,000 people a month ...
Perfect printable to analyse any newspaper article or news story. Your students can work through the important Ws. WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN and WHY. They also list the most important facts from the article and key vocabulary.
OBJECTIVE: To review journalists preferences and accuracy in reporting comatose states. METHODS: Using the Lexis-Nexis database, we selected newspaper headlines from January 1, 2001, through December 31, 2005, that included the words coma, comatose, unconsciousness, vegetative state, awakening, and brain dead. RESULTS: We identified 340 stories by headlines. The median age of persons in coma was 26 years. Coma cases in men were twice as common as those in women. In 71% of coma cases, the cause of coma was associated with motor vehicle crashes or violence. Persistent vegetative state was reported in 25 articles (7%), frequently when a family or physician conflict emerged. In 33 stories (10%), coma was medically induced but not mentioned in the headline. Three ‘miracle’ recoveries involved resumption of speech in patients in a minimally conscious state. CONCLUSION: Few news reports had gross inaccuracies or misrepresentations; however, definitional difficulties of unconscious states ...
Newspapers and news pamphlets from the 17th and 18th Centuries. The collection includes more than 1000 pamphlets, proclamations, newsbooks and newspapers from the period ( nearly 1 million pages - some 1,270 titles), including the first successful London daily and first illustrated newspaper . The collection covers more than 200 years of accounts from newspapers from England, Ireland, Scotland and a selection of papers from British colonies in the Americas and Asia ...
GCSE Mathematics Coursework. Specify and Plan. The aim of this coursework is to compare two different newspapers in two different manners. The first option in which I will be comparing them is to see how many words are in a sentence, and then cover parts of each newspaper with this scheme. I will be aiming to cover 80 sentences from each paper, and see how they differ in matter of words per sentence. Not only this, but I will be also seeing how many pictures are shown on one page, on average, amongst both the papers.. First I shall pick two newspapers, one shall be a broadsheet and one shall be a tabloid. Then, is hall pick a few articles from each newspaper. I would need to have picked the same articles as it would be unfair if I chose different articles. The papers must be bought on the same day, with the same date on each paper. I will then find the articles I require, and then do the tasks that I have been set. If there are any unfair problems, they will have to be resolved at the beginning. ...
PubMed comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.
During the massive UK riots in August there was a window smashing action against offices of a right-wing newspaper in Bristol, for which the cops seek a suspect from reported DNA evidence. This resulted in a local squat being raided. The cops didnt find who they were looking for, Huw Badger Norfolk, but made a political investigation, and seized computers, phones, papers. The newspaper, which naturally had their journalists present at the raid, tried to play a key part in the local repressive operations of the police, exactly like every other newspaper in the country. They all justified the police murder of Mark Duggan and excused the daily brutality and disgusting behaviour of the police, printing suspects photographs and spreading hatred and vengeance etc. The newspaper, known as the Evening Post is a very typical daily newspaper owned by Northcliffe Media (formerly Northcliffe Newspapers Group), it is a large regional newspaper publisher in the UK and Central and Eastern Europe, owned by ...
This was The Orange County Registers June 15 headline for national poll findings showing the Republican presidential candidate was favored by men, whit...
ABC Color is a major Paraguayan newspaper with offices in the city of Asunción. The editorial that publishes the newspaper (Azeta) was founded August 8, 1967. It is one of the most widely read daily newspapers in Paraguay. The director of the editorial is Aldo Zuccolillo, the founder of the newspaper. In its formative years, ABC Color supported Stroessners autocratic regime. During the founding event of the newspaper, Zuccolillo declared this is a great newspaper serving a great government. However, in the late 1970s and during the 1980s, ABC Color took a more critical position, which caused the forced suspension of the newspaper from 1984 until the end of Stroessners dictatorship, in 1989. ...
Yup....weird isnt it? ----- Original Message ----- From: Trevor ,m5aka at, To: AMSAT BB ,amsat-bb at, Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 12:08 PM Subject: [amsat-bb] Florida Newspaper Story I am correct in thinking the astronaut mentioned in this story is KC5ZTB ?,0,5270732.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines 73 Trevor M5AKA ___________________________________________________________ All New Yahoo! Mail - Tired of unwanted email come-ons? Let our SpamGuard protect you. _______________________________________________ Sent via AMSAT-BB at Opinions expressed are those of the author. Not an AMSAT-NA member? Join now to support the amateur satellite program! Subscription settings: ...
Post a Comment for Men of Wyoming: The National Newspaper Reference Book of Wyoming Containing Photographs and Biographies of Over Three Hundred Men Residents. Denver: C. S. Peterson, 1915. ...
Gulf Times - Qatars top-selling English daily newspaper published in Qatar and provide the latest information on weather, currency rates, Prayer in addition to the latest developments in the political events, economic, sporting, cultural and artistic locally and internationally, and much much more
In my last blog, I shared an article written by The Hindu, an Indian national newspaper, about my journey to Miss World Canada. Since the day the article hit the stands, my phone has not stopped ringing with notifications !! I have recieved over 400 messages from people across India, Canada and USA that I have never met or known, extending their support on my journey to Miss World Canada.. I lost track of the articles, TV clippings and media posts that have been written about me as Miss Northern Alberta, but more importantly about my fight to empowering young girls through education. Below are links to the national newspapers and websites that have featured articles about me and my platform. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts.. Before I end this post, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have taken their valuable time to LIKE, SHARE and send supporting messages and blessings my way. All the love that I have recieved since the day I started my journey has encouraged ...
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This interview was conducted by one of the Arab world s most well-known journalists, Jihad al-Khazin, and appeared on the front page of the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper. It was also printed in the Jordanian Al-Ra i newspaper. In the interview, King Hussein addresses a number of inter-Arab issues. Specifically, he comments on the state of Jordan s relations with Syria, the Syrian position vis- -vis the Arab-Israeli peace process, and the possible nature of Jordan s future relations with a Palestinian entity.. Al-Hayat Newspaper. Interviewer: Jihad al-Khazin. February 20, 1995. (This interview is translated from the original Arabic). The Arabic version will be available soon. Al-Khazin: Following the conclusion of the peace treaty with Israel and the start of implementing its provisions, what in your opinion are the most important obstacles to normalization of relations between the two countries on the popular level?. King Hussein: We do not believe that there are obstacles that cannot be ...
Press releases 2018. Press releases 2018. Press releases 2017. Press releases 2017. Press releases 2016. Press releases 2016. Press releases 2015. Press releases 2015. Press releases 2014. Press releases 2014. Press releases 2013. Press releases 2013. Press releases 2012. Press releases 2012. Press releases 2011. Press releases 2011. Press releases 2010. Press releases 2010. Vulnerable children tell their stories in one-minute videos Vulnerable children tell their stories in one-minute videos Parliament called four Ministers to give evidence at an oversight hearing on implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Parliament called four Ministers to give evidence at an oversight hearing on implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF supported study provides a financially feasible plan for a fourfold increase in access to early childhood development services UNICEF supported study provides a financially feasible plan for a fourfold increase in access to early ...
Report says the group was hit by an Israeli shell while walking along the border, but the Israeli army claims they attempted to plant explosives
Express Newspaper Jobs in Pakistan - Page 9 of 26 | Punjab Sindh KPK Sindh Federal Newspaper Jang Express Nawaiwaqt The Nation The News Mashriq Dawn Nai Baat Dunya Application Form Eligibility Dates and Schedule Test Interview
New Jersey Digital Newspaper Project Digitization of 100,000 pages of New Jersey newspapers, dating from 1836 to 1922, as part of the states participation in the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP).. This project, a collaboration of the Rutgers University Libraries, the New Jersey State Archives and the New Jersey State Library, continues a successful ongoing collaboration to make the history of New Jersey known to its citizens and the world. At least 100,000 pages will be digitized from existing microfilm and cataloged to specifications, within the two year project time frame, as outlined in this proposal.. ...
NEW RESOURCES DRGNews: Four more state historic newspapers available online. In 2016 the South Dakota State Historical Society-Archives received a two-year $240,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize historical newspapers. The project is part of Chronicling America, a Library of Congress initiative to develop an online database of select historical newspapers…
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We, Ourselves support the American Red Cross, The International Red Cross, The Red Magen David, The Red Crescent and the Hellac Black Star Ascending. Quul cuda praedex nihil! Pain Knight Slayer of Shai tan الافتتاحية من الفتاحات Majordomo of Hell and Terras Skies Order of the Black Rose of the Empire Ayatollah of Rham and…
Results indicated that citizens who read newspaper accounts of a police misconduct trial in Indianapolis were not significantly more likely to have negative attitudes about the police, police services, or about the harassment of citizens by the police. However, newspaper coverage of the trial did affect citizens attitudes concerning the guilt of the officers involved in the trial: the more a citizen read the newspaper, the more likely he or she was to believe the officers were guilty. Other findings indicated that citizen concern about neighborhood crime was an important predictor of attitudes toward the police and that the influence of race on citizens perceptions of police was more pronounced after the media coverage of the case. Telephone surveys were administered to 222 Indianapolis citizens living in 3 areas before the trial began and to 145 citizens in the same areas after the trial was over. Surveys focused on citizen attitudes toward the police and police services, media consumption, ... Missouri Newspapers on Microfilm at the State Historical Society of Missouri] - This catalog provides information regarding the newspapers on microfilm that are available from the [ State Historical Society of Missouri] to the public on-site and through interlibrary loan. The Societys newspapers on microfilm offer information about the day-to-day lives of Missourians and the political, cultural, economic, and religious events that have influenced them. These Missouri newspapers document events and public opinion from the states rural environs to its largest metropolitan areas. Use the search box to search for a newspaper by name; scroll down to the map of MO to find newspapers by counties ...
ഒ​ന്നാം ലോ​ക​മ​ഹാ​യു​ദ്ധ കാ​ല​ത്തെ അ​ന്ത​ർ​വാ​ഹി​നി​യും മൃ​ത​ദേ​ഹ​ങ്ങ​ളും ക​ണ്ടെ​ത്തി,ബ്ര​സ​ൽ​സ്: ഒ​ന്നാം ലോ​ക മ​ഹാ​യു​ദ്ധ കാ​ല​ത്ത് ക​ട​ലി​ൽ മു​ങ്ങി​പ്പോ​യ ജ​ർ​മ​ൻ അ​ന്ത​ർ​വാ​ഹി​നി​യു,First world war submarines and dead bodies found# Brussels, belgium, Germany, Under water,Malayalam News, Latest Malayalam News,English news,Latest English news,Kerala News, Deepika, news India, daily newspaper, Asian news, latest Indian news, Online newspaper, Online Indian newspaper, Deepika, rashtradeepika, deepikaonline, Daily, Newspaper, National, International, Latest News, Latest, Sports, Business, Opinions, articles,Kerala Real Estates, Kerala Hotels, Kerala Property,
PAGE THREE Matodoro Reveals Life As Novice Fighter Southern DAILY California page four Norman Invasion Aimed trojan At Troy Defenses LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1959 Candidates for Office Reach End of Race National Newspaper Week died today. The editor or publisher who delivered the final eulogy for freedom of the press is again sitting at his desk putting into prose form the realities of life which persons throughout the Republic will read this afternoon. We deem it a pity that after the sound of the eulogy has faded away so, too, shall fade away the newspaper readers awareness that this climate of freedom we have cherished since 1776 is constantly in danger of becoming as snioggv and uninhabitable as lu)s Angeles on a day the winds are wrong. The danger today is not from government licensing; that battle has long since been won in nearly every court in the land. Today the fight is for what we call freedom of information - or the readers right to know. Like the kings ...
D. Freedom of Expression and Belief: 4 / 16 (+1). The Cuban news media are owned and controlled by the state. The independent press is considered illegal and its publications are classified as enemy propaganda. Government agents routinely infiltrate the ranks of independent journalists, often accusing them of being mercenaries working at the behest of foreign powers. Independent journalists, particularly those associated with the islands dozen small independent news agencies or human rights groups, are subject to harassment. Nevertheless, some state media have begun to cover previously taboo topics, such as corruption in the health and education sectors. The national newspaper Granma has begun to publish letters to the editor from the public on economic issues, and state television, while generally a mouthpiece of the PCC, recently inaugurated a new program, Cuba Dice (Cuba Says), that features man-on-the-street interviews. A number of publications, especially those associated with the ...
Missouri Newspapers on Microfilm at the State Historical Society of Missouri - This catalog provides information regarding the newspapers on microfilm that are available from the State Historical Society of Missouri to the public on-site and through interlibrary loan. The Societys newspapers on microfilm offer information about the day-to-day lives of Missourians and the political, cultural, economic, and religious events that have influenced them. These Missouri newspapers document events and public opinion from the states rural environs to its largest metropolitan areas. Use the search box to search for a newspaper by name; scroll down to the map of MO to find newspapers by counties ...
Give a brief summary of your career to date, and your current work.. After 15 years at the BBC, I went freelance, doing anything and everything from broadcasting on radio and television to writing books and filing stories for national newspapers and magazines. Since this included travelling to three Olympics, three World Cups and a host of regional Games, I drifted into travel writing and that is now a major portion of my career. I am still busy with sport, doing voice-overs on everything from golf to pool. About to update best-selling Sports Injuries handbook with Dr Malcom Read.. Tell us about your involvement with the SJA.. David Hunn (who else?) recruited me back in my BBC World Service days and I went on to serve on the Committee and then as his vice chairman ...
The First Art Newspaper on the Net., art daily,art news,artdaily, daily art, art, art newspaper, Museums, Exhibits, Artists, Milestones, Digital Art, Architecture, Photography, Photographers, Special Photos, Special Reports, Featured Stories, Auctions, Art Fairs, Anecdotes, Art Quiz, Education, Mythology, 360 Images, 3D Images, Last Week,Asheville Art Museum re-opens after major three-year expansion project, Jitters before New Yorks art gigaweek, Marsden Hartleys Birch Grove, autumn leads Bonhams American Art sale in New York, Works by Margaret MacDonald, Josef Hoffmann and Alphonse Mucha come under the hammer at Dorotheum , Morphys gallery resonates with sounds of antique coin-op and gambling machines in run-up to November auction, Diana Greenwald named new Assistant Curator of the Collection at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
radical prison journalist and author. Mumia Abu-Jamal was born Wesley Cook in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a teenager in the 1960s he was attracted to the Black Panther Party (BPP). Cook-christened Mumia by one of his high school teachers-helped form the BPPs Philadelphia chapter in spring 1969 and became the chapters lieutenant of information. He wrote articles for the Black Panther, the partys national newspaper, and traveled to several cities to perform BPP work. He left the party in the fall of 1970 because of the split between Eldridge Cleaver and Huey Newton.. After attending Goddard College in Plainfield Vermont Cook now calling himself Mumia Abu Jamal the surname is Arabic for father of Jamal Jamal being his firstborn returned to Philadelphia and began a radio broadcasting career in the early 1970s Abu Jamal was part of the first generation of black journalists to become professional newscasters for .... ...
​​All newspapers on Wednesday read about the espionage scandal in Moscow, involving a Romanian diplomat: one newspaper reads that the Russian secret services leaked the tape portraying the arrest of
JUAN GONZALEZ: We spend the rest of the hour with one of Latin Americas most acclaimed writers: Eduardo Galeano. His works from the trilogy Memory of Fire to the classic Open Veins of Latin America are a unique blend of history, fiction, journalism and political analysis. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages. Born in Uruguay in 1940, Eduardo Galeano began writing newspaper articles as a teenager. Though his dream was to become a soccer player, by the age of 20 he became editor-in-chief of LaMarcha. A few years later, he took the top post at Montevideos daily newspaper Epocha. At 31, Galeano wrote his most famous book The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent.. AMY GOODMAN: After the 1973 military coup in Uruguay, Galeano was imprisoned and forced to leave the country. He settled in Argentina, where he founded and edited a cultural magazine called Crisis. After the 76 military coup there, Galeanos name was added to the list of those ...
Camp May is perfect for a couple whose children had just joined college-this project took us four years to complete. At the wildwood new jersey newspapers from managing your financial matters. It may be able to get a list of all for its master gardener programs at Rutgers where from 1984 to 2008 the wildwood new jersey newspapers over 1.2 million volunteer hours by the wildwood new jersey newspapers or she is technically unlicensed and may not suffer. Selection of an accountants service is one thing that cannot be done by anyone and everyone. In this case you can dance with someone. Just ask one of those cities for employment.. One of the wildwood new jersey newspapers that surrounds them. The scenic beauty of a Victorian inn. Take a stroll through history or enjoy the wildwood new jersey newspapers? Then New Jersey offers a great variety of retail venues including the wildwood new jersey newspapers. With approximately 7,400 residents and covering 21 square miles Ocean Township is one thing ...
Alexandra Popoff was born and educated in Moscow. In her early journalistic career she wrote for the national newspaper The Literary Gazette. As an Alfred Friendly Press Fellow in 1991 she published her articles and reviews in The Philadelphia Inquirer. After marrying a Canadian journalist in 1992, she settled in Saskatchewan. Incidentally, this province was the place of original migration and settlement of the Russian Doukhobors, her husbands ancestors. Tolstoy, who shared their pacifism, had sponsored their emigration to Canada at the end of the nineteenth century.. ...
Nick forsook a 14-year career in biological oceanography with CSIRO to join the wine industry in 1984. He has been a full-time wine journalist writing for national newspapers and magazines, winning the Charles Heidsieck Award for Excellence in Wine Writing in 1985. He was also Wine Manager for Cellarmaster Wines Pty Ltd and for nine years worked in the head office of Southcorp Wines Pty Ltd, primarily to assist the flow of information between wine production and the marketing and sales departments. He has also been a visiting Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University lecturing on sensory evaluation for 13 years.. Nick became the third Master of Wine in Australia, passing the examination at first attempt in 1992.. Nick is currently an independent consultant, providing assistance with winemaking, blending, quality assessment, valuation and marketing, both in Australia and New Zealand. He is frequently engaged as expert witness in disputes and legal cases involving wine quality and technical ...
...Twenty-five years ago the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of ... We found that the national news media coverage of these two events he...The authors identified four distinct narratives in the news coverage t...While news coverage of an environmental disaster may negatively impact...,Exxon,Valdez,2014:,Does,media,coverage,of,manmade,disasters,contribute,to,consumer,complacency?,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
Over 100 people have been killed and another 500 injured in the Northern city of Kaduna, Nigeria as mobs of Muslims and Christians rampaged through the city killing and burning bystanders to death, according to CNN. The riots began after an article was published in the Lagos daily newspaper that questioned why Muslim groups were protesting the Miss World pageant, due to take place in Nigeria on December 7. The article included a line that Prophet Mohammad would most likely have married one of the beauty contestants, according to Reuters. Muslim groups in northern Nigeria have banned the newspaper. In response to the protests, the newspaper printed three apology letters. Earlier this week Muslim youths looted shops and started fires in Kaduna in response to Nigerias role in hosting the Miss World pageant. Muslim groups are arguing that the beauty pageant is un-Islamic, and they are also angry that the contest began in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Reuters reported that the fundamentalist ...
Call Number: A.91-28 Title: Gene Telpner fonds. Dates: 1944-1984. Extent: 1.5 m of textual records. Biographical sketch: Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Gene Telpner was entertainment editor, daily feature columnist, and chief critic of the Winnipeg Tribune until the paper ceased publication in August of 1980. Previously, he was a feature writer for the Omaha World Herald, writer for the Arthur Godfrey Show, and daily columnist, feature writer, and entertainment editor for the Winnipeg Free Press. In his youth, he was a captain in the U.S. Air Force serving overseas in Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Brazil, England, and North Africa. He was shot down over Germany in 1944 and held as a prisoner of war for thirteen months. Telpner studied journalism at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. He won several awards including the National Newspaper Award and the Western Writers Award and made several appearances on television. In private life, he was president and founder of the Variety Club, Manitoba Chapter, a ...
Martin Sax: Unfortunately without the strict regime of training he soon acquired a taste for the good life which ran hand-in-hand with his celebrity status. He was now drinking and socialising with high society in the West End of London. When he got married to my grandmother, thousands of well-wishers crowded the streets. The wedding made many of the national newspapers and was filmed by three different film companies. For a short time he managed the Earl of Derby pub in Forest Gate but this came to an end with the onset of World War Two when he enlisted in the RAF as a physical training instructor. During the war, a number of businesses he had invested his ring earnings in were bombed, so there was no longer the money to support his playboy lifestyle. He was drinking and gambling which had an effect on his marriage and in the end my grandmother left him taking his only daughter Pam. After the war, work was harder to come by; his brothers set him up with a job as a labourer in Millwall docks but ...
IEER has expertise on staff and also puts together teams of staff and external consultants for specific projects depending on the nature of the job. For instance, IEER did two projects evaluating the scientific aspects of the French nuclear waste repository program by using staff expertise as well as external geologic and mining safety experts (who constituted most of the project personnel). In contrast, IEER did a consulting job on radiation dose estimation for the national newspaper, USA Today, using only staff expertise.. IEER can also provide technical training workshops onsite on the topics listed above.. Please send information on the nature of the work to be done or an RFP to [email protected] or call Arjun Makhijani at 301-270-5500.. The tables below show many of the important projects that IEER has done for various clients: ...
A 16-year-old boy is to become the nations youngest sex change patient after the NHS approved his surgery.. Bradley Cooper, who turned 16 last Friday, is expected to have the sex change operation within the next 18 months.. In an interview with a national newspaper Bradley said: People might think Im too young to make such a huge decision but I know my own mind and this is what I want.. He added: The doctors have said I need the surgery for my own peace of mind. I hate my body as it is now. Every time I look at my male bits I feel sick because it is not what should be there.. However, critics of sex change operations say that gender dysphoria is a psychiatric problem, not a physical one, and radical physical surgery does more harm than good.. In 2002 doctors from the NHS Portman Clinic - an internationally acclaimed centre - stated, what many patients find is that they are left with a mutilated body, but the internal conflicts remain.. Many transsexuals regret their decision to live in ...
For 17 years, ISR faculty, staff and students have been key to the success of the Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop, a three-week international event held each summer in Telluride, Colo. The local newspaper, Telluride Daily Planet, ran a feature story about the workshop on July 17. Professors Shihab Shamma (ECE/ISR), Avis Cohen (Biology/ISR), Associate Professor Timothy Horiuchi (ECE/ISR), and ISR-affiliated Professor Ralph Etienne-Cummings all are on the workshops Board of Directors and Advisory Board. In addition, ISR staff member Pam White provides significant organizational support each year. In addition, ISR affiliated faculty Patrick Kanold (Biology) and Yiannis Aloimonos (CS/UMIACS) are regularly involved in the workshop, which many ISR students have attended over the years. ...
But editorial cartoonist just means their job title, which means that their cartoons appear on the editorial page real estate of the newspaper, NOT that they are speaking for the editorial board of the newspaper. That is a very different thing than a written editorial by the editorial writers of a newspaper. I think you are confusing these newspaper terms. Many non-newspaper people do this: many people do not know HOW to read a newspaper. If you were a daily journalist working in a newsroom, I think you would understand the context of this cartoon better. Really. There are editorial cartoonists on most major papers, Oliphant is one who comes to mind and he often gets into hot water with the Jewish community for his depictions of things in Israel, and I met him once and he is an acerbic, bitter, angry man, but a brilliant artist and cartoonist. I am sure he is not antisemitic, but some of his cartoons border on being you know what. But he does not speak for the papers he does his cartoons ...
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A method and apparatus for heating the print medium in a ink-jet printer to reduce printing defects in a relatively cold machine. The printer includes a print area heater which in a steady state condition for a given print medium is energized at a first heating level. Under cold start conditions, for an initial plot, the hater is overdriven at a second heating level. Under a multiple-pass printing mode, the hating drive is gradually reduced during an initial portion of the initial plot, until the first heating level is achieved. The heater drive level remains at the first heating level for subsequent plots in a given batch. For single-pass print modes, the heater drive level remains at the second level for the entire initial plot in a batch, and is reduced to the first level for subsequent plots. The printer has a preheater along the medium path, with an unheated area along the path between the print area and the preheater. To further improve print quality when printing along top leading edge margins,
Azerbaijan-born journalist and blogger Arzu Geybullayeva has written for major news outlets like Foreign Policy and al-Jazeera. Yet its her work for Agos, a Turkish-Armenian newspaper, that has led to threats from her native land.
This archived news story is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. Information in the story may be outdated or superseded by additional information. Reading or replaying the story in its archived form does not constitute a republication of the story.. BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - Health officials will address the state of immunization in North Dakota at an upcoming conference in Bismarck.. The conference will address vaccine storage and handling, vaccine-preventable diseases in North Dakota and updated vaccine recommendations. Officials are also expected to emphasize strategies on how to increase immunization rates across the state.. The Bismarck Tribune ( ) reports the conference begins July 15 and is expected to attract at least 200 people.. A keynote presentation will focus on the low vaccination rates in the state of human papillomavirus, or HPV. The newspaper reports that only about 41 percent of the target demographic is vaccinated. The vaccine can help prevent ...
The Use of Twitter during the UK Riots 2011: A Regional Newspaper Journalists Opinion This dissertation is submitted in partial fulfilment of the
Mass Graves in Phoenix: KPHO 5 News Report (High Quality) - YouTube via Mass Graves in Phoenix: KPHO 5 News Report (High Quality) - YouTube. via Mass Graves in Phoenix: KPHO 5 News Report (High Quality) - YouTube.
MADRID/CARACAS (Reuters) - Spains influential El Pais newspaper apologized on Thursday for splashing a false photo of Venezuelas cancer-stricken leader Hugo Chavez on its front page, prompting a
Despite a Student Activities policy which prohibits student-run publications from receiving University funding for printing costs, student journals continue to thrive at Boston University as department-sponsored publications, edited by students under the supervision of faculty and staff advisors. Although officially and entirely independent from the University, The Daily Free Press (often referred to as The FreeP), is the campus student newspaper, and the fourth largest daily newspaper in Boston. Since 1970, it has provided students with campus news, city and state news, sports coverage, editorials, arts and entertainment, and special feature stories. The Daily Free Press is published every regular instruction day of the University year and is available in BU dorms, classroom buildings, and commercial locations frequented by students. The Boston Political Review is BUs premier on-campus political magazine. Founded in the spring of 2014, the BPR publishes an online edition every month, with a ...
The Telegraph on the Web: Daily international, national international news, daily newspaper, national, politics, science, business, sports, weather, editorial, Op-Ed, calcutta local news, northeast news, jharkhand, jamshedpur, newspaper archives
Originating more than 5,000 years ago, mead belongs at the very beginning of the long history of alcoholic libations enjoyed by humans. Mead is mentioned in history and mythology of the ancient cultures of India, China, Greece and Egypt. Simply put, mead is fermented honey, a honey wine made from just water, honey and yeast. Today, this ancient beverage is being showcased in a Viking-style, yet modern, setting in downtown Flagstaff. The new drinking hall, Drinking Horn Meadery, opened on Friday, June 12, in a historic building on Route 66. It takes some kind of business bravado to hang an open sign during fragile economic conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but co-owners Kelly Czarnecki and her husband, Evan Anderson, share both an optimistic nature and a passion for the fascinations of mead. They were delighted to find the new high-profile location. We wanted to provide a fun atmosphere for our patrons and showcase the Drinking Horn culture, Czarnecki explained. When I first saw the ...
The Cyprus Mail is the only English-language daily newspaper published in Cyprus. It was established in 1945 and today, with its popular and widely-read website, the Cyprus Mail is among the most trusted news sites in Cyprus. The newspaper is not affiliated with any political parties and has always striven to maintain its independence. Over the past 70-plus years, the Cyprus Mail, with a small dedicated team, has covered momentous events in Cyprus modern history, chronicling the last gasps of British colonial rule, Cyprus truncated independence, the coup and Turkish invasion, and the decades of negotiations to stitch the divided island back together, plus a myriad of scandals, murders, and human interests stories that capture the island and its -people. Observers describe it as politically conservative ...
Well, this is an interesting CYA response, now that everyone knows Corrientes arent the cause. Poor Buffalo Allies of Bozeman - another group who doesnt have a clue. How do you know bison didnt cause this? - the investigation isnt complete! Are you aware of the 1983 US Animal Health Association report showing free ranging bison infecting cattle with brucellosis? I doubt it. Do your research. Learn the real story. The GYA bison are up to 50% seropositive. Dont believe the exposure malarky to explain that. The antibodies are antigen driven - meaning there must be bacteria present in the animals body to cause a positive blood test. A positive animal is NOT immune - quite the contrary!The brucella antibody half-life is about 3 weeks - meaning if the animal was able to fight off the disease (which a few do), they would be test negative very quickly. If they test positive, they are likely infected. Bison and elk swap the disease back and forth and it spills over into cattle when the ...
How often do you see advertisements advising that such-and-such a report has been opened for public comment? While there are people and groups interested in that subject, not many submissions are forwarded. The recently released discussion paper on Salinity in Western Australia called for public submissions to the Select Committee of the Legislative Council. In spite of increased awareness and apparent growing concern about salinity and other forms of land degradation in the State, only 62 written submissions from groups and individuals were received. More people are encouraged to put pen to paper. Comments do not need to be long or cover the whole paper, a few brief sentences on one or two aspects of concern to you would be helpful.. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide a public view of this newspaper article as the copyright is held by the publisher of Elders Weekly.. If you would like to obtain a copy of this newspaper article for research purposes, please request a copy.. This article is ...
מעמדו המכובד של המשודר מאת .X דוד ⁩ , ⁨קול העם⁩ , 10 October 1958 , Newspapers , The National Library of Israel". ... הערבית !תרבות ישראל ו בשולי הרצאתו של דר ישראל ⁩ , ⁨קול העם⁩ , 24 January 1958 , Newspapers , The National Library of Israel". ... שירים בהם מריע העם1 ⁩ , ⁨קול העם⁩ , 31 October 1958 , Newspapers , The National Library of Israel". Retrieved ... המשוררת מבגדאד נאזיכ ⁩ , ⁨קול העם⁩ , 2 January 1959 , Newspapers , The National Library of Israel". Retrieved ...
At the end of the War he began a newsman's career initially editing a frontline newspaper for the military. In the early 1950s ... "Newspapers". Daily Independent Journal. 15 August 1964. Archived from the original on 17 August 2017. Retrieved 17 August 2017 ...
The Sandra Thomson Reading Room has the following major sources: Alberta homestead records; newspapers; city directories; Vital ...
The student newspaper, The News Record, has been in production for more than 130 years, taking its current name in 1936. It is ... "The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio". Newspapers. March 2, 1967. Archived from the original on November 18, 2016. ... is able to apply and work for the newspaper. A student-run radio station named Bearcast is housed in the College-Conservatory ... an independent, student-run newspaper and not attached to any academic program and therefore any student, regardless of program ...
Newspapers are limited in quantity and distribution, and circulation figures are small due to transportation costs, low ... Newspapers , Embassy of the United States Ndjamena, Chad Archived 17 September 2013 at the Wayback Machine. Ndjamena.usembassy. ...
Newspapers. May 6, 2016. Retrieved November 12, 2018. "The Maryville Daily Forum". Newspapers. November 1, 1955. p. 1. ... "The Maryville Daily Forum". Newspapers. June 4, 1948. p. 1. Retrieved November 12, 2018. Harper, Kimberly. "Dale Carnegie". ...
The Economist Newspaper Limited. Retrieved January 7, 2016. Franch, John (2008). Robber Baron: The Life of Charles Tyson Yerkes ... "Newspapers". Retrieved 2021-04-19. "The Dream City: Invasion of Cupid's Realm ("The Wasp's ... In 1895, Yerkes purchased the Republican partisan newspaper, the Chicago Inter Ocean, using the publication to support his ...
BAR MITZVAH ⁩ , ⁨B'nai B'rith Messenger⁩ , 2 February 1968 , Newspapers , The National Library of Israel". B'nai B'rith ...
... newspapers; audio and video recordings; maps; manuscripts; photographs and other graphic material; bibliographic databases; and ...
"Papers Past , Newspapers , Evening Post , 24 September 1931 , This page". Retrieved 2017-02-03. ...
The Sentinel⁩⁩ , Newspapers , The National Library of Israel". Retrieved 2021-01-24. v t e. ... The Jewish Sentinel called simply The Sentinel, was a weekly newspaper published each Thursday by The Sentinel Publishing ... Writers, Terry Wilson and Ron Grossman, Tribune Staff (1997-01-06). "85-Year-Old Jewish Newspaper Barely Outlives Its Editor". ...
The Craven Herald & Pioneer is a weekly newspaper covering the Craven area of North Yorkshire as well as part of the Pendle ... There have been several newspapers covering the Craven area. The Craven Herald was first published in 1853, in Skipton, by ... "Newspapers". 2008. Retrieved 20 May 2009. "Newsquest: history". Newsquest. 2009. Retrieved 20 May 2009. " ... was debarred from publishing a newspaper. In 1865 the Craven Weekly Pioneer and General Advertiser for West Yorkshire and East ...
"The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 16 October 1923, Page 2". Newspapers. 16 October 1923. ...
Also viewable is the Lichfield Heritage Collection which features over 6000 photographs; negatives; newspapers; reports; ...
Editors of the newspaper included: William Sanford Evans (1901-1905) Mark Nichols Garnet Porter Evans purchased the newspaper ... "Newspapers". Digital Resources on Manitoba History. "171 McDermot Avenue - Dawson Richardson Building" (PDF). City of Winnipeg ... The Winnipeg Telegram was a daily newspaper in Winnipeg, Manitoba which was published from June 9, 1898 to October 16, 1920. ...
1911). "Newspapers". Encyclopædia Britannica. 19 (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. p. 558. "WICKS, Frederick". Who's Who ...
The Catholic News is a fortnightly newspaper that had a circulation of 12,000 in Singapore and Malaysia."Archbishop intent on ... Newspapers. Retrieved 31 January 2012. Scott, Margaret (18 June 1987). "Airing a Confession" (PDF). Far Eastern Economic Review ...
1813) was the first daily newspaper in Boston, and for many years the only daily paper in Boston. The Advertiser was ... 1911). "Newspapers" . Encyclopædia Britannica. 19 (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. pp. 544-581. See page 567. Wilson, J ... 1911). "Newspapers" . Encyclopædia Britannica. 19 (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. pp. 544-581. (See page 567.) Howells ...
" - TV Channels , Talk Shows , Videos , Newspapers , Photo Gallery". "Yasir Jaswal offers first ...
"newspapers". Archived from the original on October 29, 2013. Retrieved October 26, 2013. "Former N.M. ... Sarvis was not invited to the debates or forums; some newspapers, including the Richmond Times Dispatch, The Roanoke Times, and ... Newspapers Bluefield Daily Telegraph The Washington Times Terry McAuliffe Current and former statewide politicians Gerry ... co-founder and former executive director of GOProud Newspapers Danville Register & Bee Declined to endorse Elected officials ...
O'Pake believe Attorney general people's lawyer". Newspapers. "O'PAKE PLANS TO SEEK 7TH TERM IN STATE SENATE". 27 ... "O'Pake named Senate minority Whip". Newspapers. 16 November 2000. "Recreation Center Named For O'Pake '61". Follow the Money - ...
"Manna Is Dead". Newspapers. Retrieved 2011-11-09. "Juddmonte Europe , News , A history of Banstead Manor Stud ,". ...
"Robert J. Roberts obituary". Newspapers. Retrieved 17 November 2020. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Robert J. Roberts ...
The Pennsylvania Gazette, a colonial newspaper, in Philadelphia, reprinted a letter in the fall of 1783 that said Alston was ... Newspapers. The Colonial Records Project. North Carolina Department of Archives and History. ... sections/hp/colonial/newspapers/Subjects/Misc.htm Archived April 19, 2008, at the Wayback Machine. Finley 21-23, 25, 42. Finley ...
"Newspapers , Explore , Waikato Times". Retrieved 3 September 2018. "The Hon. George Jones , NZETC". ... where he took up roles with the Christchurch newspapers Canterbury Standard (owned by Joseph Brittan), the Lyttelton Times, and ...
Newspaper accounts described Watson as "a negro navy cook" who was "short, stocky, and powerfully built," with an "above ... Newspapers. Retrieved 6 September 2020. "Admits Killing Sailor in a Fight". Mouse River Farmers Press. 14 November 1946. ...
"Papers Past , Newspapers , Explore , Maoriland Worker". Retrieved 2018-07-09. "Maoriland Worker, ... The newspaper was produced in Christchurch for a short period, with Ettie Rout and Alexander Wildey prominent. It was published ...
... newspapers; audio and video recordings; maps; manuscripts; photographs and other graphic material; bibliographic databases; and ...
Bill Shefski (May 23, 1962). "Who needs outfielders". Newspapers. Retrieved December 6, 2019. CS1 maint: ...
1911). "Newspapers" . Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. Simonis, H (1917). The Street of Ink: An ... an Anglican newspaper, from 1905 to 1922. James Penderel-Brodhurst, the son of Charles Penderel-Brodhurst, was born on 5 June ...
The Aviators senior ranks among the area leaders in home runs with 10 and is hitting .459 with 25 RBIs. Cox sets the pace on a baseball team that has clouted a school-record 44 homers. But ask him about his marksmanship when opposing baserunners attempt to steal second and Cox shows more enthusiasm.. Cox has thrown out 13 of 17 runners for an impressive 77 percent. He is the foundation of the teams sound defense ...
Latest Newspapers News. Polish president wins 2nd term after bitter campaign. Jul. 13, 2020 2:22 PM EDT ... AP) - Retired Alabama newspaper executive Barrett Shelton Jr., who helped promote the Tennessee Valley region during in time in ... Hedge fund Chatham plans to buy newspaper publisher McClatchy out of bankruptcy, ending 163 years of family control. Jul. 12, ... NEW YORK (AP) - Hedge fund Chatham plans to buy newspaper publisher McClatchy out of bankruptcy, ending 163 years of family ...
If no newspaper was published in the community at the time, check the newspaper of a nearby town. Canada also had some ... Since civil registration of vital records began quite late in many parts of Canada, newspapers can be an excellent alternate ... denominational newspapers that listed births, marriages, and deaths of church members who lived in many parts of the country. ... Newspaper publication usually began soon after the initial settlement of a place. ...
... but it owned the radio and television stations and closely supervised the newspapers. Under the Newspapers and Printing Presses ... Online Newspapers[edit , edit source]. *Newspapers at the National Library of Singapore - digitized current and historic ... Newspapers at the Singapore National Archives[edit , edit source]. The Singapore National Archives has several newspaper ... Daily newspaper circulation in 1988 totaled 743,334 copies, with Chinese language newspapers accounting for the highest number ...
Retrieved from "" ...
Daily and weekend newspapers in print as well as access to all the features and benefits of Premium. ... As well as daily and weekend newspapers in print, a Premium , Complete subscription gives you unlimited access to Premium ... Subscribe today to a Premium subscription including daily print editions of the newspaper. ... - Search Newspapers & Publications Searchable indexes; database results and some digitized images available with ... Historical Canadian Newspapers Online - LibGuides at Bowling Green State University Links to hundreds of freely available ... Fee-based service of online archived newspaper images for US, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico. Various ...
Newspapers Newspaper Club - getting your short run newspapers printed. Were here to help you make your own newspapers. You can ...
See an archive of all newspapers stories published on the New York Media network, which includes NYMag, The Cut, Vulture, and ... Princes New Album Will Be Free in British Newspapers. Whereas the Internets "over," newspapers are apparently just kickin. ... Pandora of News Plans to Deliver the Final Blow to Newspapers, Somehow. By personalizing news. ... Newspapers. Most Recent Articles. 8/11/2010 at 6:17 p.m.. ...
The paid print circulation of Americas 100 largest newspapers has dropped by over a quarter at many papers in as little as ... Gannett does not own a large number of newspapers in Americas largest cities, but, by total newspaper count, it makes up for ... Newspaper ownership among the largest properties falls primarily into four categories. The first is those owned by the large ... Rank Newspaper Owner Circulation 1 New York Times New York Times Company 2,237,601 2 Long Island Newsday Patrick Dolan and ...
Newspapers , National Library of Australia Historic Australian Newspapers, 1803 to 1954, from the National Library of Australia ... Indexes to death and obituary notices appearing in the two local daily newspapers in Sydney, AUS (Sydney Morning Herald and the ... Miscellaneous Newspaper Transcripts from Australia, Grevilles Post Office Directory of NSW 1872, and Penrith District ... Fee-based service of online archived newspaper images for US, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico. Various ...
This gallery shows some of the ways artists and photographers have depicted us reading newspapers. ... reading newspapers has been an important part of our lives for 100s of years. ... Reading newspapers Whether being informed of important world events or catching up with local news, reading newspapers has been ... This gallery shows some of the ways artists and photographers have depicted us reading newspapers. ...
Newspapers[edit]. Following is a sample of newspapers published in Norway. Newspaper. Category. Frequency[5]. Circulation (2014 ... The number of national daily newspapers in Norway was 96 in 1950, whereas it was 83 in 1965.[1] A total of 191 newspapers was ... National newspapers, i.e., those that target readers in all regions.. *Political party newspapers, i.e., those that function ... All Daily Newspapers, Online Newsportal, Magazine and Others .. References[edit]. *^ Pippa Norris (Fall 2000). "Chapter 4 The ...
As a member of the newspaper, your work will be published on the MS website for the PLP community to enjoy. The newspaper ... Come join the PLP Middle School Newspaper! Newspaper members can contribute in different ways to suit their interests and ... For more information or inquiries related to Newspaper, please contact Ms. Savannah Beverly at [email protected] ...
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People enjoy reading newspapers on the Apple device so much that theyre likely to cancel their print subscriptions, according ... iPad Supplanting Print Newspapers. People enjoy reading newspapers on the Apple device so much that theyre likely to cancel ... The iPad presents a good news-bad news scenario for the newspaper industry. The good is people enjoy reading newspapers on the ... Thus is the dilemma for the newspaper industry as the digital age whittles away the relevance of the beloved print editions. ...
... listens inside the Collegiante Times student newspaper on Virginia Tech campus. ... listens inside the Collegiante Times student newspaper on Virginia Tech campus. (Francine Orr / LAT) ... listens inside the Collegiante Times student newspaper on Virginia Tech campus. ... listens inside the Collegiante Times student newspaper on Virginia Tech campus. ... - Historical Newspapers in Ohio $, a fee-based subscription site, is one of the largest online ... Genealogical Roots in Newspapers Newspaper index of births, death, and marriages from local newspapers. Currently from ... Online Historical Newspapers Website The purpose of the site is to have links to all online newspapers in one place, listed by ... Ohio s Digitized Newspapers The Ohio History Connection has digitized over 315,000 pages of Ohio newspapers through its ...
Media in category "Newspapers of Boston". The following 38 files are in this category, out of 38 total. ... Retrieved from "" ...
... when newspapers were dying, Barney Kilgore, the inventor of modern journalism, provided words for them to live by. Now, his ... How Newspapers Once Survived Near Death. Fifty years ago, when newspapers were dying, Barney Kilgore, the inventor of modern ... These are, as you may have heard, tough times for newspapers. But they are not the first tough times. In just four years during ... And it was "a little too much of a newspaper that might be published in Philadelphia, Washington or Chicago just as readily as ...
Its no secret that newspapers are struggling as readers get older and young people stop (or never start) picking up the paper ... Newspapers Could Be Saved by… Gaming?. Its no secret that newspapers are struggling as readers get older and young people stop ... There is a new Web-based Flash game each weekday, a puzzle or game in the newspaper two days a week, and at least one challenge ... For the Democrat and Chronicle, though, this is only worth it if more people buy the newspaper, and then keep buying it after ...
... as well as newspapers in microform and paper formats. We collect or subscribe to: ... Our Australian newspaper collections include digitised historic and modern newspapers accessible online, ... Our Australian newspaper collections include digitised historic and modern newspapers accessible online, as well as newspapers ... Australian capital city dailies, major regional city newspapers, a range of other country town newspapers, newspapers published ...
Anarchist Newspapers and Periodicals 1872-1940. By Kenyon Zimmer. These maps and tables locate 274 periodicals affiliated with ... New York hosted 95 newspapers, Chicago 37, and 19 were based in San Francisco. The vast majority were weeklies and monthlies; ... Note: Because some newspapers changed place of location and other changed titles, there are many duplicates among the 274 ... only two daily anarchist newspapers appeared, the German Chicagoer Arbeiter-Zeitung (Chicago) and the Yiddish Abend Tsaytung ( ...
Tweet: Heres what I think bankrupt newspaper companies should be doing. The AP lists the status of six newspaper companies ... Bankruptcy enables a newspaper company to shed its past. It can get out of contracts and leases for paper, printing plants, ... How can it be that the Internet offered so much promise and so little profit? I guess a lot of newspaper people were taken in ... Murdoch talked about a drumbeat building to bail out newspapers and how that would be a mistake, just as bailing out GM was. ...
Market volatility has hurt demand for shares in the offering, newspapers Valor Econômico and O Estado de S. Paulo reported, ...
... paying prices for newspapers that were called exorbitant even at the time. Revenue for most newspapers has dropped more than 20 ... Philadelphia Newspapers Seeking Bankruptcy. By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA. FEB. 22, 2009. Continue reading the main story Share This ... "Philadelphia Newspapers goal is to bring its debt in line with the reality of current economic conditions," he said. ... Philadelphia Newspapers is being advised by the investment bank Jeffries. Its bankruptcy lawyers are from Proskauer Rose and ...
Title: ANAgrams - Oct 2012, Author: Arizona Newspapers Association, Name: ANAgrams - Oct 2012, Length: 12 pages, Page: 1, ... newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuus millions of monthly readers ... Letter from the ANA president Arizona Newspapers Associations vision is to unite strong newspapers for a better Arizona. Our ... That is powerful! Our membership includes daily, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and on-line newspapers. Over 100 newspapers! We ...
... newspapers that France helped Husseins regime, even after its collapse. ... France Protests Allegations By American Newspapers. PARIS -- In an apparent change of strategy in its efforts to cool tensions ... allegations in several American newspapers that France helped Saddam Husseins regime, even after its collapse. ...
Catch Up On Your Daily Newspapers with Audible. Amunategui discovers that Audible has more than books:. I dont have three ... I never knew Audible had newspapers as well, so for those of you that dont want to listen to news podcasts from NPR and the ... What you may not know is that they also offer audio versions of many newspapers and magazines. ... hours each morning to read through one or two daily newspapers. Unless youre retired, an executive with free rein, or have a ...
Media in category "Newspapers of China, 1915". The following 24 files are in this category, out of 24 total. ... Category:Newspapers of China, 1915. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository ... Retrieved from ",_1915&oldid=385719389" ...
  • Under the Newspapers and Printing Presses Act (NPPA), passed in 1974 and amended in 1986, the government could restrict - without actually banning - the circulation of any publication sold in the country, including foreign periodicals, that it deemed guilty of distorted reporting. (
  • Daily newspaper circulation in 1988 totaled 743,334 copies, with Chinese language newspapers accounting for the highest number (354,840), followed by English (340,401) and Malay (42,458) newspapers. (
  • Today there are a total of 16 newspapers in active circulation in Singapore, of which three are distributed for free. (
  • Another, more specific measure, just as startling, is the paid print circulation of America's 100 largest newspapers based on the same measure. (
  • The circulation drops are often due to strategic decisions by newspaper companies. (
  • Tronc was recently a takeover target of Gannett Co. Inc. ( GCI ), the largest newspaper chain by the total paid circulation of its papers. (
  • The same CMS platforms that deliver newspaper content to digital platforms often also have technology to handle the layout, production, and circulation of that content. (
  • Aaron Kushner added about 75 journalists and, with 25 more coming, will have expanded the newsroom by half since his investment group bought the nation's 20th-largest newspaper by circulation in July. (
  • Like other newspapers, the Register experimented over the last decade as its circulation tumbled 40 percent and the newsroom shrank in half. (
  • We use a combination of estimation and calibration to identify the model's parameters from novel data on newspaper circulation, costs, and revenues. (
  • At the time of Shaw's extinction warning, the number of U.S. households and the combined circulation of all daily newspapers was almost at par -about 70 million households versus 60 million in circulation. (
  • And yet newspaper circulation continues to dribble down. (
  • Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch, both R-Utah, and Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, said their bill will be reintroduced if courts again try to prevent newspapers that share advertising, circulation and printing from distributing ads to all homes in their markets - to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.The Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune have shared such services since 1952, but maintain competitive news and editorial staffs. (
  • One only has to look at the attrition of the print advertising revenue of America's publicly traded newspaper companies to see the extent to which the newspaper industry has shrunk. (
  • Gannett does not own a large number of newspapers in America's largest cities, but, by total newspaper count, it makes up for that. (
  • And waterboarding was described as 'torture,' almost without fail, in America's newspapers. (
  • The math, as detailed below, shows that it would take $88 billion - or nearly a third of all the $307.7 billion donated to charity in 2008 - to fund the reporting still being done at America's seriously straitened newspapers. (
  • Checklist of Indexes to Canadian Newspapers=Liste de contrôle des index de journaux canadiens. (
  • The Family History Library does not collect Canadian newspapers but does acquire published indexes and abstracts of obituaries, marriages, and other vital information found in newspapers. (
  • Indexes to death and obituary notices appearing in the two local daily newspapers in Sydney, AUS (Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph). (
  • A description of the newspaper collections at larger archives and libraries in the provinces of Canada is in Angus Baxter's In Search of Your Canadian Roots (see Canada For Further Reading ). (
  • Most newspaper publishers will not search their files for you, but some will copy an article if you give a specific date and event. (
  • Search and view newspaper pages from 1880-1922 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. (
  • Search by a series of choices including state/county/city, date, keywords, and type of newspaper. (
  •, a fee-based subscription site, is one of the largest online historical newspapers sites, adding millions of pages each month and making it easy and convenient to search or browse millions of newspapers to find news, notices of births, marriages and deaths, and much more. (
  • These are, as you may have heard, tough times for newspapers. (
  • Seated behind his large, clutter-free desk near shelves stacked with newspapers, the former Stanford University gymnast said his lack of industry experience may be a plus because he hasn't been through the tough times in newspapering. (
  • WASHINGTON (AP) - Former special counsel Robert Mueller sharply defended his investigation into ties between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, writing in a newspaper opinion piece Saturday that the probe was of "paramount importance" and asserting that a Trump ally, Roger. (
  • The Review-Journal is accusing Brian Greenspun, publisher of the Las Vegas Sun, of offering to accept a $20 million buyout and quit publishing his newspaper in 2016, after the Review-Journal was bought in December 2015 by the family of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. (
  • The Review-Journal was one of few U.S. newspapers to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2016. (
  • Postmedia already slashed 20 per cent of its newspaper workforce in 2016. (
  • Historic Australian Newspapers, 1803 to 1954, from the National Library of Australia. (
  • Early historical Australian newspapers between 1803 and 1955 are freely available online through the Trove database. (
  • Whether being informed of important world events or catching up with local news, reading newspapers has been an important part of our lives for 100s of years. (
  • The iPad presents a good news-bad news scenario for the newspaper industry. (
  • These findings are encouraging for newspaper publishers who plan to begin charging for subscriptions on their iPad app editions early next year, but our survey also found a potential downside: iPad news apps may diminish newspaper print subscriptions in 2011," Roger Fidler, research project leader for RJI, says in a statement released Thursday. (
  • Newspaper Abstracts - Finding Our Ancestors in the News! (
  • He had revolutionized newspaper content, inventing the daily news summary, popularizing the practice of beginning feature stories with an anecdote, blazing news paths both as a reporter and as a columnist. (
  • Online versions of Australian newspapers through major full-text databases such as PressReader and Newsbank Access World News, which are available to registered users of the Library via our e-Resources . (
  • I never knew Audible had newspapers as well, so for those of you that don't want to listen to news podcasts from NPR and the like, this is a pretty cool alternative. (
  • Newspapers can no longer provide up-to-date, relevant news in the manner to which we've become accustomed - complete with multimedia supporting content and the ability to navigate throughout topics and areas of interest. (
  • Over the last 15 years, the U.S. lost one in four newspapers - some 2,100 - as the internet became a primary source of information, said Penny Muse Abernathy, a University of North Carolina professor who studies news deserts . (
  • As newspaper circulations decline globally, threatening the future of printed news, India continues to defy the trend, where despite an economic slowdown the industry grew more than 7 per cent last year. (
  • But, more generally, I'm not sure why we should think of a for-profit newspaper or news service as fundamentally less compromised than the alternative. (
  • I think it's better to ponder the news industry rather than newspapers. (
  • Southern Indiana will be receiving 24 new Little Free Libraries made from News and Tribune boxes no longer in use for the newspaper. (
  • We find that households preferred like-minded news and that newspapers used their political orientation to differentiate from competitors. (
  • These events were widely publicized by the news media, and a reporter for The Stranger , a weekly newspaper based in Seattle, began writing about the grand jury investigation that followed. (
  • To explore how research is translated into news I analysed the content of medical stories in four broadsheet newspapers and interviewed a sample of 10 medical journalists: the health correspondents for the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent Observer, and Times newspapers, three health page editors, a freelance journalist, and a medical columnist. (
  • News reports based on articles from either the BMJ or the Lancet and published in Friday issues (6 September to 25 October 1991 and 8 May to 10 July 1992) of the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, and Times newspapers were identified, analysed, and compared with the original journal articles and with press releases issued by the journals. (
  • The journalists interviewed said that at least one specialist journalist on each British broadsheet newspaper routinely scans every issue of the BMJ and Lancet for potential news stories and that they expect to find at least one story from these journals each week. (
  • Close attention is paid to letters pages, which are thought likely sources of news articles because they often cover topical subjects about which people feel strongly and are less likely to be reported by all the newspapers. (
  • Newspapers as news gathering organizations have a place online, with all the attached benefits pushed by this group, such as their watchdog status with trusted brands. (
  • Create a great news website with our newspaper template. (
  • This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. (
  • Newspaper is the #1 Selling News WordPress Theme on the market, with 100,000+ customers and full Five Stars item rating based on over 6,000 website owners' feedback. (
  • A Hokkaido newspaper company tested delivery by drone on Friday to determine whether the unmanned aircraft can be relied on to bring news to the public in times of disaster. (
  • Iranian authorities closed the Mardom-e Emrooz newspaper after it published a quote from U.S. actor George Clooney saying "I am Charlie" in reference to the attack on a French satirical newspaper, Tasnim News Agency reported yesterday. (
  • When the Adelsons refused to pay," a Monday court filing alleged, "Mr. Greenspun retaliated by sabotaging the joint Review Journal/Sun newspaper and diverting readers to his separate online news product," which is not part of the joint-operating pact. (
  • How many more community newspapers have to vanish before this government realizes we are running out of time to save local news,' said Jerry Dias , Unifor National President. (
  • We have asked the federal government to help newspapers transition to new and economically sustainable ways to deliver local news but have been met with essentially empty platitudes,' Local 87-M President Paul Morse said. (
  • Now, another historic Canadian newspaper will die, and proud Pembroke will face the threat of becoming a local news desert. (
  • Newspapers have always been current and disposable sources of news. (
  • I don't know a student news outlet in the country that hasn't been affected in some way," Dan Reimold, a faculty adviser to The Minaret , the college newspaper for the University of Tampa, said by phone. (
  • (CNN) -- More Americans get their news from the Internet than from newspapers or radio, and three-fourths say they hear of news via e-mail or updates on social media sites, according to a new report. (
  • That's compared with 54 percent who said they listen to a radio news program and 50 percent who said they read a national or local print newspaper. (
  • Papers Past showcases selected 19th century New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. (
  • At The Awl, Annie Abrams gives the history of a 19th-century newspaper, Di Anglo-Sacsun, and its editors' attempts to make literacy more available to the public, by developing their own phonetic alphabet that the newspaper was written in. (
  • HOME TO ARIZONA'S FIRST NEWSPAPER NAMED 'HISTORIC SITE IN JOURNALISM' The Society of Professional Journalists has named the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park in Tubac, Ariz., a National Historic Site in Journalism. (
  • The irony that Serwer notes -- and I completely agree -- is that in claiming they were working so hard not to take 'a side,' the journalists who wouldn't call waterboarding 'torture' were absolutely taking a side and handing a victory to the Bush administration, which convinced newspapers to stop unambiguously describing this crime as they had done for decades prior to 2004. (
  • And newspapers and other journalists drove the getaway car. (
  • Six in ten U.S. newspapers reported that they have reduced the number of journalists in their employ in the past three years. (
  • Medical journalists on newspapers routinely use general medical journals to obtain information on research. (
  • The group argues that "While we acknowledge the challenges facing the newspaper industry in today's rapidly changing media world, we reject the notion that newspapers-and the valuable content that newspaper journalists provide-have no future," and that online isn't killing newspapers "this wrongheaded perception stems from the economic recession that's affected all advertising-based businesses, and from the myth that newspapers no longer attract the public support they once enjoyed. (
  • Bloggers, vloggers, journalists, business professionals, both beginners and advanced users from the whole world trust the Newspaper Theme to create their perfect online website. (
  • Newspaper readership and advertising revenue are down. (
  • By reporting on one Trump scandal after another, newspapers drive up readership, both boosting their bottom lines and keeping outraged Trump haters in a lather. (
  • In the mid-1970s, two of its trade associations (which have since merged)-the American Newspaper Publishers Association and the Newspaper Advertising Bureau-sought to diagnose the causes of tumbling newspaper readership since the mid-1960s and recommend remedies. (
  • The associations formed the Newspaper Readership Project, which sociologist/marketing specialist Leo Bogart helped direct. (
  • The ideas ultimately advanced by the Newspaper Readership Project were so universally accepted that Los Angeles Times media reporter David Shaw was already filing a preview of its findings and recommendations in a Page One Nov. 26, 1976, feature. (
  • He believes the best strategy for newspaper publishers is to slowly shift high-quality content to the web. (
  • The names, logos, and other source identifying features of newspapers depicted in our database are the trademarks of their respective owners, and our use of newspaper content in the public domain or by private agreement does not imply any affiliation with, or endorsement from, the publishers of the newspaper titles that appear on our site. (
  • OMS is an alliance of more than 30 newspaper publishers and operates an advertising and video syndication network, which provides online video marketing for about 200 German Newspapers websites. (
  • Today's newspaper should be about tomorrow's events, not yesterday's. (
  • Fresh thinking about what ails newspapers arrived in yesterday's ( Nov. 29 ) Wall Street Journal , where staffer William M. Bulkeley contributed a column titled "The Internet Allows Consumers to Trim Wasteful Purchases. (
  • Will yesterday's newspaper supersede grass clippings, spoiled hay, and other vegetative mulch materials in the home garden? (
  • The National Library of Canada, the provincial archives, and many large public and university libraries have some newspapers on microfilm. (
  • The Singapore National Archives has several newspaper collections available online digitally through NewspaperSG and on microfilm in the Southeast Asia Collection at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. (
  • In copyright newspapers between 1955 and 1990 are available in print and microfilm. (
  • Many newspapers have already been preserved on microfilm, which has benefits and drawbacks. (
  • Packet Newspapers (Cornwall) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Newsquest media group, which publishes the Packet series of weekly tabloid newspapers. (
  • The Falmouth & Penryn Packet is a weekly tabloid newspaper sold in and around the towns of Falmouth and Penryn on the southern coast of western Cornwall. (
  • The Helston Packet is a weekly tabloid newspaper sold in and around the town of Helston in southern Cornwall, including Porthleven, Mullion and The Lizard peninsula. (
  • LONDON (AP) - Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of hitting him with a "haymaker" punch during an altercation near the end of their volatile marriage, as the star wrapped up testimony in his libel suit against a British tabloid newspaper that accused him of domestic abuse. (
  • A group of non-Japanese and Japanese students at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies jointly published an English tabloid newspaper, called The NUFS Times, in September to deepen communication between the two communities. (
  • PEMBROKE, ON , June 26, 2018 /CNW/ - Unifor is urging the federal government to speed up policy measures to save Canada's newspaper industry after Postmedia announced it will stop printing eight weekly newspapers and one daily in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. (
  • The Plain Dealer of Cleveland is tripling how many newspapers it sends to stores, to about 100,000, and will have another 10,000 to 15,000 on standby at the plant if needed. (
  • Each participant in the program receives an award to select and digitize approximately 100,000 newspaper pages that represent that state s regional history, geographic coverage, and events, according to the Library of Congress. (
  • You get people upset about the content, and you get the people who worry about how they're going to start their fires," said Debra Moore, managing editor of the Plumas County newspapers. (
  • They think they're in the newspaper business but they're really in the content business,' he said. (
  • makes these newspapers available for the purpose of historical research, and is not responsible for the content of any newspapers archived at our site. (
  • Other important newspaper digital media integrations include ad serving platforms, customer identity management, video players, social media aggregation tools, analytics solutions, user generated content, and commenting platforms. (
  • Recommending videos to over 120M users each month, according to Quantcast , Taboola's widget-based video discovery engine will enrich the user experience for visitors on the OMS sites by providing personal video recommendations based on each user's content and video consumption patterns and the Newspapers editorial preferences. (
  • Users turn to online newspaper editorial for comprehensive and reliable content. (
  • Both newspapers and magazines, once fat with ads and meaty in content, are looking thinner by the week. (
  • The newspaper in Spokane, WA (the Spokesman Review) has such a high opinion of its worth that it requires you to subscribe with money for online content. (
  • Disclaimer: The e-newspapers content displayed are directly from the newspaper website. (
  • Because some newspapers changed place of location and other changed titles, there are many duplicates among the 274 periodicals listed and mapped here. (
  • National newspapers, i.e., those that target readers in all regions. (
  • Regional newspapers, i.e., those that target readers in a geographic area. (
  • Readers, Kilgore realized, turn to newspapers not because they are all fascinated by contemporary history, and want to puzzle out what another publisher later called journalism's "first rough draft" of it. (
  • It's no secret that newspapers are struggling as readers get older and young people stop (or never start) picking up the paper. (
  • Newspapers, just like websites, are in the business of monetizing readers . (
  • And their readers are often well-heeled and very loyal to the newspaper brand: that's a relationship which should be worth a lot of money, somehow. (
  • We formulate a model of newspaper demand, entry, and political affiliation choice in which newspapers compete for both readers and advertisers. (
  • Fewer readers and less revenue have created a financial free-fall that newspapers are scrambling to address. (
  • That's little comfort for reporters who are losing jobs, editors who must close bureaus, or longtime readers who are saddened by the spectacle of what one media critic called the incredible shrinking newspaper. (
  • Bogart's 1991 book, Preserving the Press: How Daily Newspapers Mobilized to Keep Their Readers , portrays an industry that knew exactly what ailed it but refused to adapt to a shifting marketplace. (
  • The solutions proposed by Preserving the Press and Shaw's article read like the standard prescriptions written today: Make an attempt to "reconnect" with readers, who feel alienated from newspapers. (
  • It was an era marked by publicity stunts, screaming headlines, and sensationalism as the newspapers competed for readers, staff, advertisers, and public attention. (
  • What's been most relevant in newspapers for the past decade, at least, has been the struggle to hold onto readers and revenue at any cost. (
  • Newspaper readers mostly former readers don't sympathize with this situation, which is why it's bound to get worse before it gets better. (
  • After cutting costs, some student newspapers have decided to go directly to their readers for help. (
  • Upali Wijewardene died in a mysterious air accident on 13 February 1983 and control of his newspapers passed to his widow Lakmini, and her father Sivali Ratwatte, brother of SLFP leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike. (
  • Managing Editor Robert Bowman, 21, (left) speaks with reports Michelle Rivera, 19 (middle), as photo editor Sally bull, 20 (right) listens inside the Collegiante Times student newspaper on Virginia Tech campus. (
  • The efforts to save these dying institutions, especially the Herald Tribune-then the New York Times' leading competitor-remain a staple of newspaper nostalgia, and have literally filled books. (
  • The AP lists the status of six newspaper companies that have declared bankruptcy: Tribune, Freedom, Philadelphia, Sun-Times, Journal Register, Star-Tribune, representing 66 daily newspapers among them. (
  • While in other areas of business understanding the lifespan of a product is key, in journalism the longevity of a newspaper is seen as a badge of honor, rather than a sign that it refuses to move with the times. (
  • Feather Publishing's Lassen County Times and Westwood Pine Press were the only two newspapers in Lassen County. (
  • The newspapers that are supported by foundations right now -- The Guardian or the St. Petersburg Times come to mind -- aren't exactly viewed as compromised, and the BBC exists because a "license fee" (a big euphemistic tax) provides the company with about 4 billion pounds a year. (
  • Living Newspapers provided a theatrical forum for presenting and dealing with important issues of the times in a way that was funny, impactful and emotionally moving to people of all social strata, though most especially the lower and lower middle classes. (
  • A computer virus hit a newspaper printing plant in Los Angeles, preventing it from printing some Saturday editions of the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Ventura County Star and other papers. (
  • Hillary Clinton on Friday scored the endorsement of the editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times , one of Florida's most influential newspapers, ahead of the state's March 15 primary. (
  • Newspapers can also give other clues about your ancestor in biographical sketches, local history columns, and lists of incoming ships and passengers. (
  • You may find it helpful to place a notice in a current local newspaper to contact others who have information about your family. (
  • Newspaper index of births, death, and marriages from local newspapers. (
  • The papers will continue to operate and will remain under local control, said Brian Tierney, publisher of The Inquirer and the leader of a group of local investors who bought the papers in 2006, one of several newspaper deals from that era that have gone bad as the industry's revenues have plunged. (
  • The government's royal charter, published on 18 March, has "no support within the press" and has been condemned by media freedom organisations, said a statement released by the Newspaper Society, on behalf of a number of national and local newspapers. (
  • The industry's proposal is closely based on the draft royal charter published on 12 February following negotiations with national and local newspapers and magazines. (
  • Are local newspapers the taxi cabs of the Uber age? (
  • I've often wondered why online local newspapers (WaPo included) don't have the good, old-fashioned, relatively inexpensive non-Google non-click-thru local marketplace advertisements at the foot of each page. (
  • A local newspaper in Gunma Prefecture issued a special edition made of silk on Sunday to mark the Saturday listing of the Tomioka Silk Mill as a World Cultural Heritage site. (
  • Canada's newspaper industry is hemorrhaging as advertising dollars once spent in local newspapers are siphoned out of the country by foreign tech giants such as Facebook and Google, tax free. (
  • This had increased to six newspapers thanks to email, digital photography, Twitter and social network sites by 2007. (
  • The newspaper posted an apology on Twitter for the 'sneak peek at what our advertisers are hoping to say to the Blues, the fans and St. Louis. (
  • Some newspapers are already online through the Library of Congress site Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. (
  • The publisher of all four of the Northern California county's newspapers stopped the presses . (
  • SPJ's Valley of the Sun Chapter nominated the park, which is the home of Arizona's first newspaper, The Weekly Arizonian. (
  • The Clinton endorsement brought national attention to Arizona's largest newspaper. (
  • Canadian Newspapers on Microform Held by the National Library is an electronic publication, which is organized by province and city. (
  • Newspapers in Microform: Foreign Countries. (
  • This lists, by geographic location, newspapers on microform and about 210 Canadian repositories where they are available. (
  • This lists 5,000 Canadian original and microform versions of newspapers and 125 Canadian libraries where the newspapers are available. (
  • Our Australian newspaper collections include digitised historic and modern newspapers accessible online, as well as newspapers in microform and paper formats. (
  • Sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress as part of the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). (
  • The Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office has assigned the MARC code "ngl" to the Newspaper Genre List. (
  • Upali Newspapers (Private) Limited (UNL) is a Sri Lankan media company which publishes a number of national newspapers and magazines. (
  • [4] The Institute for Information and Media Science at the University of Bergen listed 296 newspapers in 2003. (
  • Philadelphia Newspapers, a subsidiary of Philadelphia Media Holdings, is the entity filed for bankruptcy protection. (
  • Over the months of talks with the banks, Philadelphia Media executives have been frustrated by the consortium charging the company for fees paid to the banks' lawyers and consultants, and for interest penalties - bills that the newspaper group says total $13.4 million. (
  • So how did a newspaper with a staff of five and a limited time span survive the pressures affecting print media, when so many more established publications are flailing, and even closing down? (
  • For a long time the digital media was taking its cues from print, trying to recreate what worked in a newspaper for a website or an app. (
  • Today, in the world of what former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has labeled the "lamestream media," it appears the media itself can declare a "miracle," as Palin's hometown newspaper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, has now done. (
  • As AP media writer Tali Arbel notes , it's just one of several ways daily newspapers across the country are gearing up for Election Day. (
  • Newspapers differ from their TV and Radio counterparts, because there's an actual physical media product that needs to be designed, produced, distributed, and sold to consumers. (
  • Similar to the broadcast radio or television segments of the media industry, newspapers face an increasing complexity of technology integrations needed to deliver a strong digital experience across web and mobile platforms. (
  • OMS is the primary nationwide online sales and marketing network for regional newspapers 100 percent owned and funded by 38 leading media companies. (
  • In 2010, he started an investors group, 2100 Trust LLC, to scout for newspapers, flirting with The Boston Globe and later with MaineToday Media Inc., publisher of The Portland Press Herald. (
  • David Folkenflik spent more than a decade as an award-winning newspaper reporter at The (Baltimore) Sun . In 2004, he says, he "took a leap of faith across media platforms," taking a job as a National Public Radio correspondent. (
  • Reimold writes about student newspapers on his blog College Media Matters . (
  • Logan Aimone, the executive director of Associated Collegiate Press , said by phone that legacy media companies were locked into costly union contracts when the recession hit, and had enormous print bills to finance - two expenses student newspapers didn't have to worry about. (
  • The most recent attack on joint-operating agreements, which prompted the senators' bill, came when a suburban newspaper in Arizona sued two jointly operating newspapers in Tucson saying their distribution of ads to non-subscribers violated anti-trust laws and the Newspaper Preservation Act. (
  • [2] There were 221 newspapers in the country in 1996. (
  • Tweet: Here's what I think bankrupt newspaper companies should be doing. (
  • I would use several layers (3-4 pages thick or more) of newspaper, covered by 2-3 inches of a mix of shredded leaves and grass clippings. (
  • PARIS -- In an apparent change of strategy in its efforts to cool tensions with Washington over the Iraq war, France launched a protest campaign in the U.S. against what it calls 'false and insulting' allegations in several American newspapers that France helped Saddam Hussein's regime, even after its collapse. (
  • Then waterboarding-as-torture nearly made a mild comeback in journo-world, until perpetrators like Cheney and Inquirer op-ed columnist John Yoo began the big pushback, when American newspapers bravely turned their tails and fled. (
  • Competition and Ideological Diversity: Historical Evidence from US Newspapers, " American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 104(10), pages 3073-3114, October. (
  • We've told you that American newspapers are in dire straits. (
  • New York World , daily newspaper published in New York City from 1860 to 1931, a colourful and vocal influence in American journalism in its various manifestations under different owners. (
  • Who says the modern American newspaper doesn t matter? (
  • In June of 2017 the Parliamentary Heritage Committee urged the federal government to expand tax measures to make advertising in Canadian newspapers more attractive as well as adopt the American model of tax-free endowments for journalism. (
  • It's after the American singer received criticism in some newspaper tabloids for apparently gaining weight over recent months. (
  • A group of designers produced a newspaper during the SXSW conference and printed it on the Austin-American Statesman's press last night. (
  • The Library and Archives Canada offers searchable , digital images of this valuable newspaper from 1841-1998 . (
  • The National Digital Newspaper Program will create digitized pages that will be searchable by keyword. (
  • Packet Newspapers used to be part of the Express Newspapers group (and, before that, its predecessor Beaverbrook Newspapers), but as of 1987 is a subsidiary of the Newsquest newspaper group's South West division. (
  • His bet is remarkable in an industry where newspapers have shrunk their way to profits for years, slashing costs while seeking clicks on often-free websites to attract online advertising. (
  • Even with today's most advanced technology at their fingertips, it is the printed newspaper that top business executives and the super-wealthy reach for while at sea or in a foreign port," NewspaperDirect CEO Alexander Kroogman said in a statement. (
  • The Washington Post Company, which publishes the newspaper that has been a virtual profit machine, reported its first operating loss in 37 years. (
  • Links to hundreds of freely available historical Canadian newspapers. (
  • Just a couple of weeks ago, she was still polishing her much-anticipated play "Lucky Guy," about the late newspaper columnist Mike McAlary. (
  • Their operating agreement was amended in 2005 to require each newspaper to bear its own editorial costs and the Review-Journal to share profits with the Sun. The pact is set to expire in 2040. (
  • Revenue for most newspapers has dropped more than 20 percent since then, leaving the new owners struggling with debt. (
  • These programs will generate new revenue for your newspapers! (
  • Until very recently, newspapers' primary revenue source was print, so these CMS systems had to address both digital and print needs. (
  • I read a good article a few months back about the effects of the real estate websites on newspaper real estate ad revenue. (
  • At the University of Oregon's student newspaper, the Daily Emerald , editors, reporters, programmers and designers are generating revenue through startup projects such as , a service that connects University of Oregon students to apartment listing companies. (
  • DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - Retired Alabama newspaper executive Barrett Shelton Jr., who helped promote the Tennessee Valley region during in time in journalism, has died. (
  • People enjoy reading newspapers on the Apple device so much that they're likely to cancel their print subscriptions, according to the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. (
  • Fifty years ago, when newspapers were dying, Barney Kilgore, the inventor of modern journalism, provided words for them to live by. (
  • Are Pop-Up Newspapers The Future Of Print Journalism? (
  • Rivalry between the two newspapers-especially when both published cartoons based on the "Yellow Kid" character in Richard Felton Outcault 's comics-gave rise to the term yellow journalism . (
  • More newspapers will close and, soon, some journalism schools will close too. (
  • A Denver alternative newspaper recently posted an ad for what some consider the sweetest job in journalism - a reviewer of the state's marijuana dispensaries and their products. (
  • The students also shaved four inches off the top of the newspaper and focused on in-depth and contextual journalism by creating, among other efforts, a special teams project that produces one investigative story per year . (
  • Union List of Canadian Newspapers Held by Canadian Libraries. (
  • Most provinces have guides to newspapers and the archives and libraries that hold them. (
  • Our Library cooperates with the state and territory libraries through the Australian Newspaper Plan to collect, preserve and provide access to Australian newspapers, with each library taking primary responsibility for newspapers published in their respective state or territory. (
  • These behaviors include counting libraries, newspapers, and years of schooling. (
  • Defunct newspaper distribution boxes are being repurposed and finding a second life as Little Free Libraries. (
  • I DO like the newspaper and wood chip mulch option, I have had much success with this. (
  • After your have one section of newspaper down cover it with at least 6' of wood chip mulch (not shredded bark, this will form a water resistant mat). (
  • Already it has been determined that while old newspapers make a good, practical mulch, magazine pages may not. (
  • It can be argued that newspaper mulch is not as neat as peat moss or wood chips. (
  • Ultimately, of course, the old newspapers or supermarket bags, having served as mulch against the weeds, can be dug into the soil. (
  • The world's largest online newspaper archive. (
  • ND Press, the company's print-on-demand newspaper solution, is now installed on 21 of the world's 100 largest yachts, according to the company, which counts 84 installations on yachts around the world in recent months. (
  • Since civil registration of vital records began quite late in many parts of Canada, newspapers can be an excellent alternate source of family information. (
  • Still, some industry watchers think newspapers aren't innovating fast enough. (
  • When the newspaper settles on a permanent critic for its new 'Mile Highs and Lows' column, industry watchers say, it will be the first professional newspaper critic of medical marijuana in the United States. (
  • Postmedia is also slashing 10 per cent of its workforce across the entire newspaper chain which means some workers will be laid off while others are being offered buyout packages. (
  • Miscellaneous Newspaper Transcripts from Australia, Grevilles Post Office Directory of NSW 1872, and Penrith District Dispensary Registers 1847-1860. (
  • All of the parties agree that there is no public right of access to grand jury transcripts, but Index Newspapers, LLC, dba The Stranger , asserts that once a grand jury witness is subject to ancillary contempt proceedings, any part of the contempt hearing transcript and related filings not covered by Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) must be open to the public. (
  • Then he had led a transformation of the newspaper business, mastering the technology of national printing and distribution, then selling advertising nationally. (
  • If you found an inventive, business-savvy, and optimistic non-profit , then, I think it could in theory run a newspaper with a pretty modest sum in the way of up-front costs. (
  • Online newspaper registration is a bad business idea. (
  • In Trump's America, the newspaper business is suddenly booming. (
  • But the specter of obstruction of justice, impeachment proceedings, and a constitutional crisis have also rejuvenated the newspaper business after the (relatively) drama-free Obama years. (
  • Several newspaper editors and owners have gotten together and launched The Newspaper Project , a site dedicated to letting the world know that the newspaper publishing business isn't really that badly off. (
  • Almost anyone can get themselves or their business into the newspaper. (
  • The governor said he would withhold financial assistance from the Tribune Company in its effort to sell Wrigley Field unless the newspaper got rid of the editorial writers. (
  • 2. Increase revenues for member newspapers and supporting the economic interests of members. (
  • Advertising revenues for US Newspapers are still highly dependent on print The existing CMS systems that are customized to address the needs of newspapers include EdiosMedia's Methode, Atex Polopoly, NewsCycle Solutions, and eScenic / CCI Newsgate. (
  • NEW YORK (AP) - Hedge fund Chatham Asset Management plans to buy newspaper publisher McClatchy out of bankruptcy, ending 163 years of family control. (
  • Bankruptcy enables a newspaper company to shed its past. (
  • When using newspaper in a flower bed to keep weeds out, do you shred the newspaper first, or just leave it as is? (
  • Below are the 100 largest newspapers in the United States based on combined print and digital paid subscriptions. (
  • Thus is the dilemma for the newspaper industry as the digital age whittles away the relevance of the beloved print editions. (
  • This level of willingness gives newspapers an opportunity to shift their subscription model from the print to the digital world. (
  • The Ohio History Connection has digitized over 315,000 pages of Ohio newspapers through its participation in the National Digital Newspaper Program. (
  • See Digital Newspapers for more information. (
  • McKeand named president of Independent Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA has named Bret McKeand president of its printing, publishing and digital operations in Arizona --- a network that includes 12 community newspapers, the websites, and a commercial printing plant that has served the Valley of the Sun for nearly four decades. (
  • For instance, one of the biggest types of technology integrations to consider are solutions to deliver paywalls to newspaper digital properties. (
  • I recently looked at a vendor list from a newspaper company I'm working with and noted over 30 technology vendors they're utilizing simultaneously to build and deliver their digital experiences. (
  • Much like we've seen in television and radio, however, the current crop of CMS solutions will have a hard time keeping up with the growing digital requirements of newspaper companies. (
  • It feels like a throwback to an earlier era at the Orange County Register, where a first-time newspaper owner is defying conventional wisdom by spending heavily to expand the printed edition and playing down digital formats. (
  • The National Digital Newspaper Program, an initiative to digitize America s significant newspapers, is currently underway in 25 states. (
  • The author serves as a regional representative for the National Digital Newspaper Program in Ohio. (
  • Scanning and printing newspaper pictures can result in better prints than the original copy when digital imaging software is used. (
  • Newspapers can be found by title on the Library catalogue and also by subject terms or geographic location, see Searching the catalogue . (
  • [1] A total of 191 newspapers was published in 1969. (
  • The list only compares newspapers that report this five-day average. (
  • A list of links to newspaper resources online for this state. (
  • The following list is an attempt to standardize terms used to designate genres of newspapers. (
  • The perspective and scope of the list reflects types of papers cataloged by members of the United States Newspaper Program . (
  • Usually the newspapers are in the Armenian language, but many of the Armenian diaspora newspapers will usually have supplements or sections in the national language of the country where the newspaper is published. (
  • National newspaper of Australia. (
  • The number of national daily newspapers in Norway was 96 in 1950, whereas it was 83 in 1965. (
  • Next year, ANA will be holding the awards reception in conjunction with the National Newspaper Association's annual convention in Phoenix, so save the date for Sept. 14, 2013. (
  • Developed as part of the National Library of New Zealand's newspaper digitisation project. (
  • The Guardian and the Independent are the only two titles out of 11 national newspapers that have not signed up. (
  • National newspapers often carry stories about the latest findings of medical research, many of which are based on articles published in prestigious general medical journals. (