Sound that expresses emotion through rhythm, melody, and harmony.
The use of music as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of neurological, mental, or behavioral disorders.
A type of non-ionizing radiation in which energy is transmitted through solid, liquid, or gas as compression waves. Sound (acoustic or sonic) radiation with frequencies above the audible range is classified as ultrasonic. Sound radiation below the audible range is classified as infrasonic.
Components of medical instrumentation used for physiological evaluation of patients, that signal when a threshold value is reached.
Ability to determine the specific location of a sound source.
The sounds heard over the cardiac region produced by the functioning of the heart. There are four distinct sounds: the first occurs at the beginning of SYSTOLE and is heard as a "lubb" sound; the second is produced by the closing of the AORTIC VALVE and PULMONARY VALVE and is heard as a "dupp" sound; the third is produced by vibrations of the ventricular walls when suddenly distended by the rush of blood from the HEART ATRIA; and the fourth is produced by atrial contraction and ventricular filling.
The graphic registration of the frequency and intensity of sounds, such as speech, infant crying, and animal vocalizations.
The process whereby auditory stimuli are selected, organized, and interpreted by the organism.
Use of sound to elicit a response in the nervous system.
Devices designed to provide personal protection against injury to individuals exposed to hazards in industry, sports, aviation, or daily activities.
A dimension of auditory sensation varying with cycles per second of the sound stimulus.
Portable electronics device for storing and playing audio and or media files. MP3 for MPEG-1 audio layer 3, is a digital coding format.
The branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves. In medicine it is often applied in procedures in speech and hearing studies. With regard to the environment, it refers to the characteristics of a room, auditorium, theatre, building, etc. that determines the audibility or fidelity of sounds in it. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Communication between animals involving the giving off by one individual of some chemical or physical signal, that, on being received by another, influences its behavior.
Any sound which is unwanted or interferes with HEARING other sounds.
Sounds used in animal communication.
The ability to differentiate tones.
Failure of equipment to perform to standard. The failure may be due to defects or improper use.
The science pertaining to the interrelationship of psychologic phenomena and the individual's response to the physical properties of sound.
The region of the cerebral cortex that receives the auditory radiation from the MEDIAL GENICULATE BODY.
The ability or act of sensing and transducing ACOUSTIC STIMULATION to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It is also called audition.
Rhythmic and patterned body movements which are usually performed to music.
NEURAL PATHWAYS and connections within the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, beginning at the hair cells of the ORGAN OF CORTI, continuing along the eighth cranial nerve, and terminating at the AUDITORY CORTEX.
The electric response evoked in the CEREBRAL CORTEX by ACOUSTIC STIMULATION or stimulation of the AUDITORY PATHWAYS.
The audibility limit of discriminating sound intensity and pitch.
Pulmonary injury following the breathing in of toxic smoke from burning materials such as plastics, synthetics, building materials, etc. This injury is the most frequent cause of death in burn patients.
Involuntary discharge of URINE after expected age of completed development of urinary control. This can happen during the daytime (DIURNAL ENURESIS) while one is awake or during sleep (NOCTURNAL ENURESIS). Enuresis can be in children or in adults (as persistent primary enuresis and secondary adult-onset enuresis).
Hearing loss due to exposure to explosive loud noise or chronic exposure to sound level greater than 85 dB. The hearing loss is often in the frequency range 4000-6000 hertz.
Acquired or developmental cognitive disorders of AUDITORY PERCEPTION characterized by a reduced ability to perceive information contained in auditory stimuli despite intact auditory pathways. Affected individuals have difficulty with speech perception, sound localization, and comprehending the meaning of inflections of speech.
The process whereby an utterance is decoded into a representation in terms of linguistic units (sequences of phonetic segments which combine to form lexical and grammatical morphemes).
Innate response elicited by sensory stimuli associated with a threatening situation, or actual confrontation with an enemy.
Chemical substances, excreted by an organism into the environment, that elicit behavioral or physiological responses from other organisms of the same species. Perception of these chemical signals may be olfactory or by contact.
The perceived attribute of a sound which corresponds to the physical attribute of intensity.
The analysis of a critical number of sensory stimuli or facts (the pattern) by physiological processes such as vision (PATTERN RECOGNITION, VISUAL), touch, or hearing.
Large members of the FALCONIFORMES order of birds, family Accipitridae, most especially the genera Aquila, Haliaeetus, Harpia, and Circaetus. They are characterized by their powerful talons, which carry long, curved, pointed claws and by their opposable hindtoe.
Noises, normal and abnormal, heard on auscultation over any part of the RESPIRATORY TRACT.
Electronic hearing devices typically used for patients with normal outer and middle ear function, but defective inner ear function. In the COCHLEA, the hair cells (HAIR CELLS, VESTIBULAR) may be absent or damaged but there are residual nerve fibers. The device electrically stimulates the COCHLEAR NERVE to create sound sensation.
The ability to acquire general or special types of knowledge or skill.
Instinctual behavior pattern in which food is obtained by killing and consuming other species.
Communication through a system of conventional vocal symbols.
Noise present in occupational, industrial, and factory situations.
Act of listening for sounds within the heart.
Personal devices for protection of the ears from loud or high intensity noise, water, or cold. These include earmuffs and earplugs.
Act of listening for sounds within the body.
A nonspecific symptom of hearing disorder characterized by the sensation of buzzing, ringing, clicking, pulsations, and other noises in the ear. Objective tinnitus refers to noises generated from within the ear or adjacent structures that can be heard by other individuals. The term subjective tinnitus is used when the sound is audible only to the affected individual. Tinnitus may occur as a manifestation of COCHLEAR DISEASES; VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE DISEASES; INTRACRANIAL HYPERTENSION; CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA; and other conditions.
The sounds produced by humans by the passage of air through the LARYNX and over the VOCAL CORDS, and then modified by the resonance organs, the NASOPHARYNX, and the MOUTH.
The continuous measurement of physiological processes, blood pressure, heart rate, renal output, reflexes, respiration, etc., in a patient or experimental animal; includes pharmacologic monitoring, the measurement of administered drugs or their metabolites in the blood, tissues, or urine.
The use of electronic equipment to observe or record physiologic processes while the patient undergoes normal daily activities.
Graphic registration of the heart sounds picked up as vibrations and transformed by a piezoelectric crystal microphone into a varying electrical output according to the stresses imposed by the sound waves. The electrical output is amplified by a stethograph amplifier and recorded by a device incorporated into the electrocardiograph or by a multichannel recording machine.
Sensation of enjoyment or gratification.
The science or study of speech sounds and their production, transmission, and reception, and their analysis, classification, and transcription. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The posterior pair of the quadrigeminal bodies which contain centers for auditory function.
The time from the onset of a stimulus until a response is observed.
Activity which reduces the feelings of tension and the effects of STRESS, PHYSIOLOGICAL.
An order of BIRDS with the common name owls characterized by strongly hooked beaks, sharp talons, large heads, forward facing eyes, and facial disks. While considered nocturnal RAPTORS, some owls do hunt by day.
Electrical waves in the CEREBRAL CORTEX generated by BRAIN STEM structures in response to auditory click stimuli. These are found to be abnormal in many patients with CEREBELLOPONTINE ANGLE lesions, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, or other DEMYELINATING DISEASES.
A widely distributed order of perching BIRDS, including more than half of all bird species.
The ability to estimate periods of time lapsed or duration of time.
Automatic or hand operated equipment used to control and extinguish fires.
Signals for an action; that specific portion of a perceptual field or pattern of stimuli to which a subject has learned to respond.
Those affective states which can be experienced and have arousing and motivational properties.
The testing of the acuity of the sense of hearing to determine the thresholds of the lowest intensity levels at which an individual can hear a set of tones. The frequencies between 125 and 8000 Hz are used to test air conduction thresholds and the frequencies between 250 and 4000 Hz are used to test bone conduction thresholds.
Modulation of human voice to produce sounds augmented by musical tonality and rhythm.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
An auditory orientation mechanism involving the emission of high frequency sounds which are reflected back to the emitter (animal).
Part of an ear examination that measures the ability of sound to reach the brain.
Imaging techniques used to colocalize sites of brain functions or physiological activity with brain structures.
The knowledge or perception that someone or something present has been previously encountered.
Computer-assisted processing of electric, ultrasonic, or electronic signals to interpret function and activity.
Smith, Caitlin (October 18, 2011). "Interview: LIGHTS". The Sound Alarm. Archived from the original on April 2, 2015. Retrieved ... Lights began her music career writing for Sony/ATV Music Publishing and composed music for the CTV television series Instant ... The song appeared on the Big Shiny Tunes 14 compilation album and the music video was nominated for Best Independent Music ... "Skin&Earth by Lights on Apple Music". Apple Music. Archived from the original on July 3, 2018. Retrieved August 11, 2017. ...
Studio albums EPs Music videos "At Least Give Me My Dreams Back, You Negligent Whore!" "Sound the Alarm" "Shark! Shark! Shark ... They worked with Fredrik Nordström, a music producer who had previously worked with well-known acts such as In Flames, Bring Me ... On 11 March 2011, they released their second album, Death Dealers, which saw their sound shifting from post-hardcore towards ... which saw a shift in sound from their original post-hardcore influences) in 2011, Silence the World in 2013, and their latest ...
In August, the band went on tour with Olympia and Sound the Alarm. The music video for "When I Get Home, You're So Dead", ... In 2008, the music video for "When I Get Home, You're So Dead" was nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Rock Video ... The music video for "When I Get Home, You're So Dead" earned two MTV Video Music Awards nominations in 2008. In January 2009 a ... Villagomez, Adrian (July 28, 2007). "Sound the Alarm Tour". AbsolutePunk. SpinMedia. Archived from the original on August 29, ...
... and Sendra writing that the music "makes no sense but sounds the way cotton candy tastes". In a review for Alarm, Mike Hilleary ... Alarm. Retrieved 2019-07-09. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Choice Music Prize Shortlist". Hot Press. 2009-01-14. ... Drowned in Sound reviewer Dom Gourlay wrote that the band was "embracing all genres from shoegaze to metal and hip-hop". ... The band used multi-tracked elements such as layers of distorted guitars to lend a more live sound to the album. They also ...
Alarm Will Sound, a New York-based chamber orchestra, joined Björk and Arca on stage, as did Austrian hang drum player and ... Spin Music. Retrieved 17 January 2015. "Björk announces New York tour dates". Fact. The Vinyl Factory. 16 January 2015. ... "Alarm Will Sound". Retrieved 7 October 2015. "Manu Delago Performing with Björk in NYC". ... "Björk Canceled Tour Dates Because Singing Vulnicura Songs Was Too Hard And Because She's Working On New Music". Stereogum. ...
"Pop's Angry Voices Sound the Alarm". The New York Times. Retrieved January 18, 2017. Zak, Albin (2000). The Velvet Underground ... Music Sales Group. p. 111. ISBN 978-0-8256-7242-2. Forman, Bill (February 13, 2013). "James McMurtry on Lou Reed, gun control ... It is highly regarded for the strength and force of its lyrical content; Reed stated that he required simple music so that it ... Reed's straightforward rock and roll sound on this album was unusual for the time and along with other releases such as Graham ...
Alarm Will Sound. Archived from the original on 3 September 2011. Retrieved 25 May 2011. "MIT Music Alumni". Massachusetts ... regarded ensemble Alarm Will Sound and a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Eastman School of Music ... "Alarm Will Sound's Alan Pierson Named Artistic Director of Brooklyn Philharmonic". Nonesuch Records. Pemberton, Mark. " ... Robert Spano, the orchestra's next music director, was credited with markedly improving the sound of the group while continuing ...
The Sound Alarm. Archived from the original on March 7, 2012. Retrieved December 3, 2011. https ... "LIVE Announce 2017 Australian Tour Dates With Original Lineup - Music Feeds". Music Feeds. July 13, 2017. Retrieved November 19 ... This is the way to go these days in the music business and I am so lucky to be able to do it. There are no firm details as to ... The music video was directed by long time friend Jethro Rothe-Kushel. The fourth and final single "Euphoria" was released in ...
"Album Review: Disco Curtis - Play With Fire Get Burned". The Sound Alarm. Retrieved 2010-09-12. "Play With Fire Get Burned - ... "Disco Curtis - TWRY Spotlight Band , - For the love of music! Featuring exclusive interviews, daily music ... "Breaking Hearts by Disco Curtis - Rhapsody Music". 2008-09-25. Retrieved 2010-09-12. "Ashley - Rhapsody Music". ... Disco Curtis's music has various influences, such as Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional, The All-American Rejects, and Blink- ...
Edworthy's two main areas of research interest are the applied cognitive psychology of sound and the psychology of music. Her ... Her work has centred on auditory alarm implications throughout different areas. Her studies seek to improve auditory alarms. ... in which she discussed alarm fatigue in hospital settings. The article referred to her as the "Godmother of Alarms", a title ... and how an overabundance of alarms in everyday life has affected peoples' responses to important alarms. She has also appeared ...
"Rock music stars line-up for match". Trinity Mirror. 14 January 2004. Retrieved 30 April 2010. "Poppyfields Sound the Alarm". ... James Stevenson is a punk/alternative rock guitarist, appearing with The Cult, The Alarm, Gene Loves Jezebel (also co-writer of ... "Thousands Ready to Rock for The Alarm's Gathering". The Daily Post. 9 January 2010. Retrieved 30 April 2010. "A new chapter in ... "James Stevenson of Gene Loves Jezebel, the Alarm, International Swingers & The Cult". Glide Magazine. 2014-07-28. Retrieved ...
"Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Review". BBC Music. Retrieved February 14, 2018. Shultz, Brian (February 15, 2005). "The Sound Of ... Williams, Gen (January 14, 2005). "Bloc Party - Silent Alarm". Drowned in Sound. Retrieved February 16, 2018. Gladstone, ... Diver, Mike (March 31, 2005). "Tom Vek - We Have Sound". Drowned in Sound. Retrieved October 10, 2018. Adair, Mike (June 1, ... "Bomb the Music Industry! - To Leave or Die in Long Island (2005)". January 8, 2006. Retrieved October 4, 2020. ...
"Poppyfields Sound the Alarm". Rolling Stone. 20 February 2004. Retrieved 30 April 2010. Strong, Martin C. (2000). The Great ... and has composed music for TV and film. In 1998, seven years after Mike Peters left the Alarm, he called upon Stevenson to back ... "Rock music stars line-up for match". Trinity Mirror. 14 January 2004. Retrieved 30 April 2010. "Getting ready for the road". ... James Stevenson (born 12 October 1958) is an English punk/alternative rock guitarist, at one time a member of the Alarm, Gene ...
A town alarm is sounded and they flee on foot, pursued by a mob of "pod people." Exhausted, they manage to escape and hide in ... Later, they hear music and Bennell leaves Becky briefly to investigate. Over a hill, he sees a large greenhouse farm with ... Becky sounds the alarm as he runs away. He is again chased by the mob, and eventually finds himself on a crowded highway. After ...
Blistein, Jon (23 May 2019). "Is Streaming Music Dangerous to the Environment? One Researcher Is Sounding the Alarm". Rolling ... "BBC Radio 3 - Music Matters, Music without compromise, Why CDs may be more eco-friendly than streaming". BBC. Retrieved 7 July ... His published work focuses on popular music and society. He is currently reader (Associate Professor) in Popular Music at the ... particularly his work on the cost of recorded music and the value of the live music sector. His first monograph, When Genres ...
"ALARM WILL SOUND AT PRINCETON SOUND KITCHEN". Retrieved November 30, 2020. "Video Premiere: Hub New Music ... He studied jazz piano at the Manhattan School of Music with Kenny Barron (Bachelors in Music in 2007 and Masters in Music in ... Alarm Will Sound, Iarla Ŏ Lionáird, Hub New Music and Four/Ten Media, Shattered Glass, Nick Photinos, Sara Caswell, Jessica ... He has won multiple Independent Music Awards in Jazz, Eclectic, Electronica, and Music Video categories. Le Boeuf received a ...
"Momentum Music" 17. "Countdown" Black Milk - Popular Demand 01. "Popular Demand" 02. "Sound the Alarm" (featuring Guilty ... "No Need For Alarm" (featuring Yakknus) 21. "Say How I Feel" (Slum Village Remix) (Rhian Benson featuring Slum Village and Dwele ... "Bond 4 Life (Music)" (featuring Melanie Rutherford) 14. "Elec (Outro)" * "Without U" is not produced by Black Milk; at the end ... "Mouth Music" (featuring Guilty Simpson and Busta Rhymes) 12. "Bang That Shit Out" (featuring Diverse) 14. "Ape Shit" 15. " ...
Sound signal: a foreground sound; e.g. a dog, an alarm clock; messages/meaning is usually carried through sound signals. Sound ... Soundscape ecology Acousmatic music Sound art Shinrin-yoku Westerkamp, Hildegard (1974). "Soundwalking". Sound Heritage. III (4 ... New York: Berandol Music; sole selling agents: Associated Music Publishers. ISBN 0911320903. "Catalogue". www. ... a description for sounds whose sources are out of sight or unknown. This also relates to acousmatic music. ...
... the US premiere was given by Alarm Will Sound on March 16, 2013, in Palo Alto, California. Alarm Will Sound went on to perform ... Reich is one of the founders of the minimalist movement in music. While his work takes inspiration from Baroque music, Igor ... Alarm Will Sound made the first recording of the piece for an album released on Nonesuch Records in 2014. ... In 2014, a recording of Radio Rewrite by the ensemble Alarm Will Sound was released by Nonesuch Records. It also features a ...
Coyne instructed the audience to set their cell phone alarms for 12:55 a.m. When the alarms went off, the alarm sounds were ... Sometimes you get great synchronicity; other times, it sounds haphazard. You get to hear music in a whole new way." At the New ... In 2006, Coyne appeared in a Swedish music program called 'Musikministeriet' ('The Ministry of Music'). He was featured in ... There's no music, there's no significance, it's just random." Coyne continued working at Long John Silver's until 1990. Coyne ...
Name the pitches of common everyday sounds such as car horns and alarms. The allied ability to sing a note on demand, which by ... or hearing a piece of music "in the wrong key". This can especially apply to Baroque music that is recorded in Baroque tuning ( ... Absolute pitch shows a genetic overlap with music-related and non-music-related synesthesia/ideasthesia. They may associate ... Among music students of East Asian ethnic heritage, those who speak a tone language fluently have a higher prevalence of ...
He has appeared with the International Contemporary Ensemble, Signal and Alarm Will Sound. Commissioned by Saint Peter's Church ... He serves as Music Director for the Jazz Ministry at Saint Peter's Church in Manhattan. Raised in a musical home in Wisconsin, ... He has played on four Down Beat award-winning recordings as well as Steve Reich's albums for Cantaloupe Music and Nonesuch ... He received degrees from the Eastman School of Music and has performed with Gene Bertoncini, Donny McCaslin, Bobby McFerrin, ...
... an alarm-sound fades in at 5:15. The alarm sound repeats, even once it has completely started (at about 5:20). The alarm sound ... Everything about the lyric, the delivery, the sound of his voice, the music -- it just seems fantastic. It delivers on all ... It took quite a lot of time to eliminate all feeling from it, but in a way that helped marry it to the music. So there's this ... Apparently, this is the same sound some DJs hear after 10 seconds of dead air on the radio. Johnny Cash performed "The Wanderer ...
Artists have included Marlboro's own Bedlight for Blue Eyes and Sound the Alarm. Marlboro is also home to the Marlboro Players ... Music Festival - Spring Dinosaur Day - April Memorial Day Parade - May Marlboro Stomp The Monster 5k & Festival - May Marlboro ... In the summer, the Township holds free outdoor concerts by notable popular music artists. In recent years performers have ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Official website Interview with "The Sound Alarm" Partial Discography on "All Music. ... "Industry Interview". The Sound Alarm. Archived from the original on 14 May 2014. Retrieved 9 April 2014. CS1 maint: discouraged ... He was drawn to music at an early age, picking up the guitar when he was 10 years old, and began recording local artists at the ... In April 2015, Jordan Schmidt signed a publishing deal with Tree Vibez Music, founded by Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of ...
Notes The bonus tracks are only available digitally through iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play Music. "Mourning in America ... Alarm. Retrieved December 4, 2015. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Jeffries, David (September 18, 2012). "Mourning in ... Consequence of Sound. Retrieved December 4, 2015. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) MacInne, Paul (August 30, 2012). " ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "iTunes - Music - Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color (Deluxe Version) by Brother ...
I don't want to sound alarming, but certainly that's how I felt. It's one thing if someone comes into your house and steals a ... consisting of moaning sounds, arcade game music, and synths. "Inside Out" was produced by Mike Dean, and features Madonna's ... "the former might represent the music Madonna wants to make, while the latter is the music she feels obliged to make". Levine ... and her strongest endeavor since Music (2000). Associated Press music editor Mesfin Fekadu ranked the album at number five, ...
"Sound The Alarm: Carissa Johnson wins the 2017 Rock And Roll Rumble". New England Music Scrapbook The Noise. ... They include, but are not limited to: Band or artist must have sent music to, and received airplay by, local music director ... A fire alarm during the finals forced the evacuation of the Once Ballroom during Carissa Johnson's set. Johnson went on to win ... Each night, four bands play a 30-minute set and are judged by a rotating selection of representatives from the Boston music ...
... with the ensemble Alarm Will Sound. Steve Reich - Tehillim / The Desert Music (Cantaloupe Music, 2002), with the ensemble Alarm ... He has been Artist-in-Residence at the Institutes of Music of Beirut and Tunis and each summer teaches courses on contemporary ... He was the founder of the Hawaii Institute for Contemporary Music and has served as a jury member at the Oberlin International ... Thomas Rosenkranz is a contemporary American pianist, noted for performances of modern and international music. Rosenkranz, ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Howie Day - Sound the Alarm CD Album". Retrieved 2014-03-21. CS1 maint ... discouraged parameter (link) "Pop review: The Specials, O2 Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne , Music , The Observer". theguardian. ... The second signing to Squat Sound was Rocky Nti, whose EP "Ride On" was released on the 29 June 2015. In 2014 Larsen started ... In 2013 Larsen opened Squat Sound, a recording studio in West London, with Dyre Gormsen and Kristoffer Sonne, the three ...
Although the sight of large amounts of blood can be alarming and may warrant medical attention, nosebleeds are rarely fatal, ... the Native American Sioux tribe includes reference to women who experience nosebleeds as a result of a lover's playing of music ...
Prior to its release on DVD in 2001, all the master negatives and magnetic sound tapes had to undergo a thorough physical and ... Iben Skjern seeks out Elisabeth to call off the alarm, but Kristen isn't there. Iben takes the opportunity to tell Elisabeth ... Sheet music for the Matador theme by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre. Retrieved from " ... Technicians spend months restoring the sound score, physically removing dust and dirt from the image negatives with the use of ...
In late October 2012, much of Queens' Breezy Point area was destroyed by a massive six-alarm fire caused by Hurricane Sandy. ... The East River opens into Long Island Sound. The midsection of Queens is crossed by the Long Island straddling terminal moraine ... See also: Culture of New York City, Music of New York City, and List of people from Queens ... The New York City Department of City Planning was alarmed by the negligible reported increase in population between 2000 and ...
On a napkin on the TV tray he scribbled down the Greek prefix, eu, for good, and then through association and sound, fell upon ... Jean le Rond d'Alembert (1717-1783): French mathematician, mechanician, physicist, philosopher, and music theorist. He was also ... "Tasmania: Alarmed by bumps in the starlit night". The Telegraph. Reber was a diehard atheist, and whatever he understood of ... Agnostic for me would be trying to weasel out and sound a little nicer than I am about this.. ...
... that he had discovered a principle for power production based on the musical vibrations of tuning forks and that music could ... experiment where heavy weights in sealed flasks of water were made to rise and fall in response to differently pitched sounds ... concealed electric wire discovered in Keely's workshop was described by Ackerman as the remains of the wires of a burglar alarm ...
"Sounds in Oaxacalifornia: Gala Porras-Kim Investigates Indigenous Tones, 18th Street Arts Center". Artbound - KCET - Los ... Traditional music and dance has its roots in the indigenous traditions that existed long before the Spanish arrived. To these ... Martha Izquierdo (November 12, 2006). "Alarma en Oaxaca muerte materna" [Alarm in Oaxaca over maternal deaths]. El Norte (in ... However, during the sixteenth century the voiceless fricative sound evolved into a voiceless velar fricative ([x], like the ch ...
In music. Main article: Birds in music. In music, birdsong has influenced composers and musicians in several ways: they can be ... Bird calls and songs, which are produced in the syrinx, are the major means by which birds communicate with sound. This ... Templeton, Christopher N.; Greene, E; Davis, K (2005). "Allometry of Alarm Calls: Black-Capped Chickadees Encode Information ... "Journal of Music Research Online. 2 (0).. *^ Fuller, Errol (2000). Extinct Birds (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press, Oxford, ...
The Freight and Salvage is the oldest established full-time folk and traditional music venue west of the Mississippi River.[104 ... "Violence by far-left protesters in Berkeley sparks alarm". Retrieved April 15, 2018 ...
... a trouble-prone elevator and fire alarm system, and dubious bathroom plumbing.[25] Nevertheless, Lipsky had hopes of breaking ... Jay Nordlinger on classical music, and Joel Lobenthal on dance. Lance Esplund, Maureen Mullarkey, and David Cohen covered art, ... "Sound Familiar?". The New York Sun. Archived from the original on June 18, 2010. Retrieved July 18, 2010. Our own view is that ...
... causing the containment building sump to fill and sound an alarm at 4:11 am. This alarm, along with higher than normal ... Radioactive Releases... The Music of Three Mile Island-A growing collection of over 300 songs inspired by the TMI accident. ... This was evidenced by the radiation alarms that eventually sounded. However, since very little of the fission products released ... "cause for concern but not alarm".[36] Gilinsky briefed reporters and members of Congress on the situation and informed White ...
The production of sounds by mechanical means as opposed to the use of the syrinx has been termed variously instrumental music ... Birds communicate alarm through vocalizations and movements that are specific to the threat, and bird alarms can be understood ... In musicEdit. Main article: Birds in music. In music, birdsong has influenced composers and musicians in several ways: they can ... Alström, P.; Ranft, R. (2003). "The use of sounds in avian systematics, and the importance of bird sound archives". Bulletin of ...
... several computer error alarms sounded. The first was a code 1202 alarm, and even with their extensive training, neither ... with music from Gilbert and Sullivan but new lyrics. He was chairman of the Purdue Aero Flying Club, and flew the club's ... They promptly received word from CAPCOM Charles Duke in Houston that the alarms were not a concern; the 1202 and 1201 alarms ... When it did not have enough time to execute all tasks, the computer dropped the lower-priority ones, triggering the alarms. ...
The North's most important war measure was perhaps the creation of a system of national banks that provided a sound currency ... Some historians have argued that it represented a traditionalistic element alarmed at the rapid modernization of society ... Music. *Battle Hymn of the Republic. *Dixie. *John Brown's Body. *A Lincoln Portrait ...
I find it very alarming that no mention was made in the overview that each player has 16 of the pieces for his own, only that ... From Talk: Now That's What I Call Music! 73 (UK series)Edit. If we can't speculate here, where can we speculate? ... Are you listening to what you're saying, Lestrade? How can you possibly have an opinion like that? You make it sound being ... After a day's slogging up and down Triffan (sp?) in the whirling snow, 3 million deep-fried calories sounded extremely welcome ...
In Western music, dissonance is the quality of sounds that seems unstable and has an aural need to resolve to a stable ... Albert Schweizer says that this aria "begins with an alarming chord of the seventh… It is meant to depict the horror of the ... Applied to music, the concept concerned how sounds in a scale or a melody fit together (in this sense, it could also concern ... In music, consonance and dissonance are categorizations of simultaneous or successive sounds. Consonance is associated with ...
Alternativ dance · Alternativ metal · Baggy · Britpop · Kristen alternativ rock · Collegerock · Dream pop · Dunedin Sound · ... Den första Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album utdelas.. *Under en Manic Street Preachers-intervju med NME- ... Bloc Party - Silent Alarm. *Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - Life Begins Again. *CKY - An Answer Can Be Found ...
The final credits roll as Pierre's students triumphantly dance to hip hop music, having tampered with the sound system. ... He intentionally shoots the sprinkler system, setting off the alarm, and all have to flee. ... The thought of ballroom dancing sounded "so cheesy",[3] and he felt the film didn't have much of a story. He said to his agent ...
Broadcast Media: Short Form Music / Musical TBA (for "Stop") Nominated [40] Writers Guild of America Awards Television: New ... Colin dismisses Heidi's alarm and lets it slip that the "success" of the medications means these soldiers will be able to be ... Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Live Action Under 35 Minutes Kevin Buchholz, Brett Hinton, Ben Zales, Dan Kremer, ... At the motel, Jackie silences a car alarm using the car key fob which was in her jacket. This reveals that she had left her car ...
Alarm Clock. Stranger(韓語版本). 늘그자리에 (Honesty). 2013. 제이큐 (JQ). Loview Music 첫 번째 이야기. 혼자두지마. ... 2010年 VNT〈sound〉飾演一名DJ. *2010年 少女時代〈Gee(日文版)〉 ... The SHINee World / AMIGO(2008) · LUCIFER / HELLO(2010) · The Misconceptions Of You / Me / Us(2013) · Odd / Married To The Music ...
While the central Song court remained politically divided and focused upon its internal affairs, alarming new events to the ... and music clubs.[60] Like regional cooking and cuisines in the Song, the era was known for its regional varieties of performing ... The troops were trained to follow signal standards to advance at the waving of banners and to halt at the sound of bells and ...
... and one paramedic's radiation alarm sounded as he entered.[218]. Following the inquest the coroner, Peter Bedford, recorded an ... "Berezovsky back to face the music" BBC News, 18 April 1999 *^ "Citing Economy, Yeltsin Fires Premier" The Washington Post, 13 ...
Recent research conducted by British scientists suggests that music can also have an effect; classical music is considered to ... "UN raises child accidents alarm". BBC News. 10 December 2008. Retrieved 25 May 2010.. ... Research suggests that the driver's attention is affected by distracting sounds such as conversations and operating a mobile ... "Hard-Rock and Classic Music Could Lead to Road Accidents, New Survey Says". Retrieved 13 November 2011.. ...
A sound level meter, is one of the main tools for measuring sounds in the environment and the workplace ... Some of the main sources of noise in residential areas include loud music, transportation (traffic, rail, airplanes, etc), lawn ... Sudden explosive noises typical of high-performance car exhausts and car alarms are types of noise pollution that can affect ... Fong's findings tie not only soundscape appreciation to subjective views of sound, but also demonstrates how different sounds ...
Notably incorporating hip-hop, rhythm and blues, pop music, soul music, traditional-style show tunes and color-conscious ... The sense as well as the sound of the sung dialogue has been purposely suited to each character. George Washington, a stately ... We, sir,-we-are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, ... Miranda therefore began a project entitled The Hamilton Mixtape. On May 12, 2009, Miranda was invited to perform music from In ...
The Sound and the Fury 5 Shakedown Records -. -. 2004 In the Poppyfields 6 Snapper Music 107. -. ... released as Alarm MMVII and Alarm MMVIII. 8 - Released as Alarm MMVI. 9 - Released as Alarm MMVIII. 10 - Released as Alarm MMX ... 1 - Released as The Alarm MM 2 - Released as The Alarm MMIV 3 - Released as The Alarm MMVII 4 - Released as The Alarm MMVIII ... "Allmusic ((( The Alarm , Charts & Awards , Billboard Albums )))".. *^ a b c d e f "The Alarm , Archive , Albums". ...
Auditory display Computer music Music and artificial intelligence Kramer, Gregory, ed. (1994). Auditory Display: Sonification, ... a Java program to convert datasets to sounds xSonify, a Java application to display numerical data as sound Audio processing ... Pulse oximetery in operating rooms Speed alarm in motor vehicles Sonar Storm and weather sonification [5] Volcanic activity ... Using Sound to Extract Meaning from Complex Data, C. Scaletti and A. Craig, 1991. Auditory Information Design, PhD Thesis by ...
Jumbo took alarm again when the barge passed Dundee Docks. He rammed the bars of his crate. The bars were loosened. The engines ... This is not certain though.[2] Bartlett may have named the elephant Jumbo because he liked the sound of the word. He had once ... "Jumbo; The Elephant King!" (Sheet music, 1883). Barnum sued the Canadian Grand Trunk Railway for $100,000. The case was heard ... Jumbo shook his head in alarm. The box was forced to move very slowly.[32] ...
For music, we brought Christian records and someone else brought a record player. We played the records, and we sang along with ... "One of the more alarming trends in antisemitic activity in Canada in 1998 was the growing number of incidents involving ... and sound leadership; and to provide corporate and individual edification by providing apologetic, midrashic, and halakhic ... "Lamb Messianic Music. Messianic Records, Inc. 2014. Archived from the original on February 12, 2016. Retrieved September 11, ...
Rock Sound(英语:Rock Sound). 2013-07-30 [2017-04-16] (英语).. ... 最佳國際藝人獎 - 西藏音樂獎(英语:Tibetan Music Award). 2009年 最佳樂團獎 - 金音創作獎. 2013年 《武德》 最佳搖滾專輯獎 - 金音創作獎. 2013年 《武德》 ... "Alarm Magazine. 2013-05-10 [2017-04-15] (英语).. *^ CHTHONIC Interviewed By Austria's At BRUTAL ASSAULT Festival ... 在樂團發展初期,閃靈的
Sound Effects Transport and Vehicles Alarms Sound Effects and Royalty Free Sound Effects for Creative Audio Visual Projects ... Alarms, Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Miscellaneous Household. Artist: Soundideas. ... We license music and sound effects to media producers of all shapes and sizes. Our music ends up in a wide variety of ... We license music and sound effects to media producers of all shapes and sizes. Our music ends up in a wide variety of ...
How a lesson from a legend of country music exposes the fragility of American conservatism ... Former Bush White House Official Sounds Alarm That Americans Are Sitting Ducks Amid Russia Threats / ... Former Bush White House Official Sounds Alarm That Americans Are Sitting Ducks Amid Russia Threats ...
... sound effects with audio number-of-clips: 15. All from our global community of musicians and sound engineers. ... Alarm. by AndreaBalzani in Sound. ... You found 802 royalty free music & sound effects with audio ...
June Emerson Wind Music provides specialist sheet music online including sheet music for flute, clarinet sheet music, and ... Unrivalled Selection of Music. We offer a truly comprehensive selection of wind music online, with well over 65,000 titles ... June Emerson Wind Music. Windmill Farm. Ampleforth. York. YO62 4HF. England. Email: [email protected] Tel: +44 (0) ... If youre looking for a piece of music that isnt listed on our website, we will do whatever we can to find it for you, no ...
Shop all Alarm Clocks products for the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing ... Best prices on Alarm Dock Kit- Smart Phone Docking Station and ... Provides remarkable sound for streaming your favorite music. * 2-in-1 wireless speaker and phone stand with touch-sensitive ... Home Page > Deaf Store > Alarm Clocks. Alarm Dock Kit- Smart Phone Docking Station and Wireless Bed Shaker by Silent Call " ... Alarm Clocks. Alert Devices. Baby Alert. Bellman. Care Given. Clarity. Door. Krown. Serene. Silent Call. Sonic Alert. ...
Warner Music ist die Heimat vieler großer nationaler und internationaler Künstler. Von Seeed bis Ed Sheeran, von Green Day bis ... Artists first ist das Motto der Warner Music Group Germany. ... Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Skate [Official Music ... Video von Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Skate [Official Music Video]. ...
... sound effects on AudioJungle. Buy personal music and sounds from $1. ... SCI FI ALARM Pager Damaged 01. by SmartSoundFX in Futuristic Sounds. ... Browse 359 personal royalty free music & sound effects from $1. All from our global community of musicians and sound engineers. ...
Behind the music: Scoring The Falconeer Benedict Nichols Music and Sound Design, The Falconeer ... Set Your Alarm: PAX PlayStation.Blog Meet-up Details. ... Behind the music: Scoring The Falconeer Players Choice: Vote ... sounds good wish I could be there. Any chance that you guys will be doing anything in connecticut. Hope everyone has a good ... Someday Ill get to go to an event and maybe then therell be a get together! Sounds like a blast! Live it up for me and get ...
This follow up to Sound the Alarm took only a year to release, compared to the three that passed between Sound the Alarm and ... music news story in the Records category. ... Download Car Alarm Pulsing Sound Effect.wav and over 8000 other free wav sounds and mp3 samples. ... Wav, MP3, Aif, & Midi Sound Files. Music Software & Free VST Plugins.. Member Login , Home , Music Articles ... File: Car Alarm Pulse.wav Sound Effect. Details: Car Alarm Pulsing Sound Effect.wav. Format: .WAV. License: Personal Use Only. ... car alarmalarm carburglar alarmbugleralertblastbuzzercautionforewarninggonghigh signhornsignalsirensquealwarningfearfreaking ...
Smart alarm clocks feature sunrise alarms, wake up lights, programmable features and more. ... Find the best smart alarm clocks to make it easier to wake up in the morning! ... Alarm Sound Options. How many alarm sounds can you choose from? Can you connect your own music to the alarm clock? ... The best smart alarms offer various alarm sounds and typically allow you to connect your smartphone to play your own music. No ...
It sounds pretty good when playing music. The mics accurately pick up and respond to your voice commands. I like the aesthetic ... It also shows the time of any upcoming alarms. But aside from the high price, it commits one cardinal sin that prevents me from ... If youre looking for a smart alarm clock and dont mind a gentle glow, the iHome iGV1 fits the bill. The physical snooze ... It has buttons to skip tracks if youre playing music. You can also mute the microphone, activate Google Assistant, turn on ...
Listen to music from Brightwood like Sit Still, Swan Song & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Brightwood. ... Sound the Alarm (Acoustic) Buy. *Loading. More. * Love this track * Set track as current obsession ... Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. ... Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. ...
Alarm Will Sound. Video of oh ye of little faith... (do you know where your children are?) - Alarm Will Sound. ... Caleb is a founding member of Alarm Will Sound, Ensemble Signal and the Wordless Music Orchestra. He is also a member of the ... Cantaloupe Music has made a massive impact in the new music community, and has been recognized by critics and fans worldwide ... Email: [email protected] France. Abeille Musique Distribution. Phone 08 92 259 770. Email: ...
In a city of bar stages and music halls, only the Comedy House offered a one-stop destination for comedians and comedy fans. ... Comedy Workers Are Sounding the Alarm about New Orleans New Comedy Club By Seth Simons July 8, 2021 , 2:30pm ... Comedy Workers Are Sounding the Alarm about New Orleans New Comedy Club. By Seth Simons , July 8, 2021 , 2:30pm ...
Many older music systems sound good, but do not offer modern radio reception or music streaming. The DIGITRADIO 10 C from ... Many older music systems sound good, but do not offer modern radio reception or music streaming. The DIGITRADIO 10 C from ... Many older music systems sound good, but do not offer modern radio reception or music streaming. The DIGITRADIO 10 C from ... Individual sound settings.. Control and adjust treble and bass manually to achieve an individual and optimal mixing of the ...
Free Radio Alarm Clock for Android is free radio alarm clock app for Android devices which wakes you up to the radio station of ... If you like, you can go for standard alarm sound or music on your phone. The app features a very minimal interface which is ... If you want a simple alarm, then let it be set to default melody. The app allows you to use music and audio files on your ... This free alarm clock app for Android is a simple way of waking up to the music of your choice. ...
AP) - Three young men who likely died from carbon monoxide exposure while camping near a country music festival in Michigan ... Ontario medical experts are sounding the alarm over Albertas recent decision to significantly ease its COVID-19 restrictions, ... Why Ontario medical experts are sounding the alarm over Albertas move to scrap mandatory COVID-19 isolation. ... 3 dead near Michigan country music festival were school pals. Read full article. ...
something can be anything like music or game sounds) ... after the alarm the something got routed to the speakers ... that when Im listening something through headphones and then the alarm goes off, ... I need some help with my alarm app (stock) ... I need some help with my alarm app (stock) that when Im ... after the alarm the something got routed to the speakers instead of my headphones. (something can be anything like music or ...
Sensational Japanese pianist Hayato Sumino charms the world with Chopins music. This October, renowned Japanese pianist Hayato ...
Be it art, movie, or music, Germany has generated many well-known figures who have made significant contributions to German ... Sensational Japanese pianist Hayato Sumino charms the world with Chopins music. This October, renowned Japanese pianist Hayato ...
Sensational Japanese pianist Hayato Sumino charms the world with Chopins music. This October, renowned Japanese pianist Hayato ...
Sensational Japanese pianist Hayato Sumino charms the world with Chopins music. This October, renowned Japanese pianist Hayato ...
... sound effect. All from our global community of musicians and sound engineers. ... Get 1 bell and swiss bell royalty free music & ... You found 1 bell and swiss bell royalty free music & sound ...
... sound effects on AudioJungle. Buy wood blocks music and sounds from $1. ... Browse 21 wood blocks royalty free music & sound effects from $1. All from our global community of musicians and sound ...
... sound effects on AudioJungle. Buy keylock music and sounds from $1. ... Browse 2 keylock royalty free music & sound effects from $1. All from our global community of musicians and sound engineers. ...
... but melodic alarms can help you start the day feeling more alert. Heres why. ... Waking up to harsh tones from an alarm clock may leave you feeling groggy, ... McFarlane said, "If we can counteract the symptoms of sleep inertia by any measure through the alarm sounds we use, it would be ... This is in contrast to an alarm that repeats a single note, like a traditional alarm clock, or an alarm thats tuned in to a ...
Biden sounds alarm on need for wildfire resources. * Jul 30, 2021. AP ...
3. Phil Spector just died in prison. Should decent people refuse to listen to his iconic "wall of sound" singles that changed ... pop music forever? After all, he was convicted of murder, shooting an unsuspecting starlet for no discernible reason. Talk ... I initially misread "Boy, only diehards are on Ethics Alarms today," as "Boy, only discards are on Ethics Alarms today," ... Boy, only diehards are on Ethics Alarms today, yesterday too. I dont get it; its a long weekend, but so what? Its not like ...
  • Now you can shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off, without having to unlock screen or enter password. (
  • Configurable Alarms including sound & music selection, snooze time and activities. (
  • Set your snooze alarm 30 minutes before you have to actually wake up. (
  • Sound/Music Fade In: Wake up gently in the morning! (
  • Wakeup timer allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature. (
  • Normal alarms wake you up on a fixed time, no matter what. (
  • In a timeframe of 30 minutes before your alarm is set, Circa will find the best time to wake you up in your light sleep. (
  • Wake up with beautiful alarm sounds, nature sound or your favorite music. (
  • An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase - the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. (
  • Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time. (
  • The phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired you will feel when you wake up. (
  • The Philips Wake-Up Alarm Clock simulates sunrise to get you up on the right side of the bed-and it's on sale right now. (
  • If you are his alarm clock or wake-up call, you are working way harder than he is. (
  • This invention provides an alarm system and method for adjusting the wake-up signals. (
  • You wake up using your phone as an alarm and that's fine because it doesn't last too long. (
  • Many fitness trackers and smartwatches also let you set silent alarms so they will wake you up with a gentle vibration on your wrist, a handy feature if you sleep with someone or have roommates and thin walls. (
  • If you have a mobile phone, you can its alarm clock to wake up in time for 8:00 a.m. (
  • or you can buy a full-fledged alarm clock that will wake you up with soothing sounds or your favorite music. (
  • For both the sunset and the sunrise settings, you can also select custom nature sounds like Natural White Noise™, Relaxation Brook™, and Rocky Ocean Shore™ to help you fall asleep and wake up. (
  • Once a pattern is established with light-stimulated waking, you'll be more able to wake up at a regular time that has been set by retina-triggered serotonin, regardless of whether or not you use the alarm every morning. (
  • Create an alarm sound that will wake you up but not scare the living daylights out of you. (
  • (11032101) Today's Thanksgiving two hour serving of 80's alt/post-punk/new wave includes music from The Church, The Alarm, Love & Rockets, and Japan. (
  • Today's smoke alarms will be more technologically advanced to respond to a multitude of fire conditions, yet mitigate false alarms. (
  • The inability to awaken in today's darkened bedroom created the need for an alarm clock, ergo: the blaring, buzzing, dreaded alarm clock. (
  • On today's podcast, Dr. Tashev gives us an overview of the quest for better sound processing and speech enhancement, tells us about the latest innovations in 3D audio, and explains why the research behind audio processing technology is, thanks to variations in human perception, equal parts science, art and craft. (
  • First Alert on Monday launched a second generation of the Onelink Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. (
  • The Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm lacks some of the features of First Alert's more costly Safe & Sound. (
  • The Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm officially retails for $119.99, but is currently available from Amazon for $95.99 . (
  • Now, less than a year later, and prior to CES, First Alert has released a compatible smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that lacks the music speaker. (
  • Installation of the OneLink smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm took us only a matter of minutes. (
  • The program also features an array of electronic musicians whose work is transferred to the acoustic realm, as Alarm Will Sound presents the premiere of a new arrangement by Ben Frost, along with music of Aphex Twin, Preshish Moments and Matt Marks/Stefan Freund, while Face the Music plays music by Tristan Perich. (
  • Meet the 2nd generation Nest Mini, the speaker you control with your voice.Just say "Hey Google" to play your favourite music from Spotify, YouTubeMusic, and more. (
  • Multiple Onelink alarms can trigger each other through a Bluetooth mesh network. (
  • During the 2018 CES, First Alert debuted the smart and somewhat difficult to describe OneLink Safe and Sound . (
  • The OneLink Safe and Sound is a combo device that blends a smart speaker with an Internet connected carbon monoxide and smoke detector. (
  • The new OneLink alarm is the second generation the device from First Alert, and works with the Safe and Sound. (
  • Whether you've got the OneLink Safe and Sound or just multiple of these smart smoke/CO alarms, there is a lot of inter connectivity between devices. (
  • Sleep Diary is an all-in-one sleep cycle alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns to help you get a better rhythm improving your wellness and fitness. (
  • CURWOOD: Some folks say car alarms are nothing more than noxious noise polluters and should be banned. (
  • If not, purchase multiple alarm clocks . (
  • And modern alarm clocks don't help the problem, as they contribute to stress by waking people up with loud, obnoxious noises. (
  • We live an age where technology changes everyday, so things like Alarm Clocks are almost becoming almost obsolete. (
  • After all, how many alarm clocks do you know that are a radio, MP3 player and a digital picture frame? (
  • Perhaps I'm living in the wrong era, but most of these features do not come standard on most other alarm clocks. (
  • This makes me believe that our children will actually still have alarm clocks. (
  • Car alarms daily rouse hundreds of sleep-deprived New Yorkers from their needed rest. (
  • The constant layer of sound works like a muffling blanket that masks disturbances in your environment like ticking radiators, dripping faucets and outside noise. (
  • Some types of noise are anti-social behaviour and /or a statutory nuisance but more worrying is that noise can be an element of violent and harmful behaviour e.g. noise from loud music/television can be used to mask the sounds of domestic violence, and shouting and raised voices can be a sign of domestic violence or other potentially violent confrontation . (
  • Nottingham City Council's Community Protection Service has made arrangements with Nottinghamshire Police for dealing with ASB noise and so if you are affected by loud music/parties outside of the hours Customer Services is open, and you pay your Council Tax to Nottingham City Council, you can call the Police non-emergency number 101. (
  • Noise from alarms are investigated in the first instance by Community Protection Officers. (
  • Avoid setting the alarms to music as it tends to become white noise that lulls teens back to sleep. (
  • Noise is unwanted sound and can cause annoyance, irritation and disturbed sleep. (
  • Recent work reveals intimate connections between properties of certain animal signals and evocative aspects of human music, including (1) examinations of the role of nonlinearities (e.g., broadband noise) in non-human animal vocalizations, and the analogous production and perception of these features in human music, and (2) an analysis of group musical performances and possible relationships to non-human animal chorusing and emotional contagion effects. (
  • Wearing earplugs to venues, limiting personal audio device usage to only an hour, and using noise-cancelling headphones to hear music clearly at a low volume are all ways to reduce the risk of irreversible hearing loss. (
  • Keep noise down and don't bring music players, radios and pets. (
  • Every music pack features your favorite music CDs combined with the flexibility of iPhone/iPad applications (like a playlist or an alarm clock). (
  • So we have included 2 easy to use night timers that you can set to various time intervals to allow you to peacefully fall asleep to any of our breathtaking sounds. (
  • Set timers and alarms. (
  • Set alarms and timers, display your favourite photos, check the news and weather and get info. (
  • No more nights of interrupted sleep by using your phone, but an alarm clock that helps you fall asleep and wakes you up intelligently at the right time in the morning. (
  • In conjunction with the Smart Alarm, that wakes you in the light sleep phase, Sleep Diary can help to improve your overall heath and feel fit for the day. (
  • Feedback rumbled intermittently throughout, punctuating the compositions with subterranean-sounding bass notes. (
  • The latter has a better speaker, which can play music, take Alexa voice commands, and will eventually get AirPlay 2 support for HomeKit audio integration. (
  • The Echo Show 10 combines the smart convenience of the Alexa voice assistant with a 10.1" HD screen that automatically moves with you, and premium, adaptive sound. (
  • Fixes issue where some users see current time when editing alarm clock. (
  • They played their last concert together under the new name of "Alarm Alarm" in January 1981 at the Half Moon , Herne Hill, London, but this would also be the last time this name was used. (
  • These shows were the first time that Bono joined the Alarm on stage. (
  • According to the sheet music published by EMI Music Publishing, it is composed in the key of A minor but changes to E major in the bridge and changes to A minor, and set in common time at a moderately slow tempo of 85 beats per minute. (
  • A good music appreciation class, for example: one that includes some music theory and samples the cannon of widely regarded works across a long time-line. (
  • He's particularly interested in the similarities between the ways the brain manipulates early childhood memories over time and the ways that we perceive the characteristics of music. (
  • Much like the frequencies that come together to produce a single note, which sounds different when produced by different instruments, "[a memory] doesn't necessarily cohere into something that's repeatable every single time. (
  • The system includes a means for tracking the behavior of a person in a predetermined area under surveillance after the activation of an alarm clock, and a means for determining whether the person is motionless for a predetermined time period. (
  • further increasing the alarm clock signals of said alarm clock if it is determined that the person is motionless within said second predetermined time period. (
  • If there is a fire in your home, smoke spreads fast and you need smoke alarms to give you time to get out. (
  • Anyways, it's time to poll the forum on our favorite music from the last year. (
  • When it is time to sleep, tuck into the large king sized bed and know that your peaceful sleep will be assured by the triple paned sound proof windows, the air conditioning, the black out drapes and and an alarm clock with Ipod dock. (
  • Healing Time will help start your morning pleasant and less hectic with beautiful and gentle alarm sounds. (
  • Common sounds like that of an airplane, thunder, and even a hair dryer are all louder than 85 decibels (dB) - as sounds get louder than this, the duration of time we can safely listen to them quickly decreases. (
  • To many works, and even for whole periods of time, a definite piece of music or composition seemed to belong, though there might be no connection whatsoever between the music and what I was doing. (
  • The Alarm would always have a song to start with melody and lyrics and the band would arrange the parts. (
  • As previously announced, the 2011 Ecstatic Music Festival , presented by New York City's Merkin Concert Hall in association with New Amsterdam Records, is a showcase of imaginative collaborations between more than 150 genre-pushing composers, songwriters and performers who represent a new generation of artists combining diverse influences and techniques to explore the intersection of classical and pop music. (
  • As long as you don't yell, this is totally fine but if the daughter is listening to loud music, turn down the volume. (
  • The World Health Organization says as many as one billion people risk hearing loss due to loud music and concerts, among other ways to listen to music. (
  • A person can listen to music in headphones to mask the loud and sometimes alarming sound of the MRI machine. (
  • Wakeup Timer allows selecting any sound shipped within the app. (
  • It's way more relaxing than a series of jarring beeps, and it even comes pre-programmed with six natural wakeup sounds like birds, waves, or forest noises. (
  • My music is louder than your music! (
  • Improved speaker quality - Better speaker quality than Echo Dot Gen 2 for richer and louder sound. (
  • Sleep cycle is continuously rated as the best smart alarm clock, Sleep Cycle is now the worlds most used intelligent alarm clock. (
  • Your favourite music sounds bigger and richer than before, with more power andbass. (
  • A Community Protection Officer ('CPO') will be tasked to investigate the alarm and contact the owner or occupier to arrange for the alarm to be switched off or reset. (
  • The square enclosure has rounded-off corners, and a LED-encircled button in the center to test the alarm, or press it five times to reset the device. (
  • The complex question thus arises: does music, in any way, constitute a signal that is shaped by selection to affect listeners' behavior and potentially convey adaptive information to conspecifics (i.e., members of the same species)? (
  • Other alarms offer the full-home alert, but it can be more useful to hear a voice and contextual information versus just a shrieking beep. (
  • Sleep mode: offers a timer that decreases sound volume and background light intensity to help guide you into a deep sieep. (
  • In a series of new collaborative works, the electronic iconoclast Dan Deacon, whose visceral and sophisticated work has inspired a near-cult following, joins the entrancing So Percussion quartet for an evening of new works and arrangements of his older music. (
  • ACME will also perform Meredith Monk's Stringsongs and arrangements of film music by Wedren, who will additionally present solo versions of a selection of his own songs. (
  • His Faroese material allowed him to be more experimental with the arrangements, too, letting the language be the engine behind the music. (
  • Perhaps you will choose the sounds of breaking waves with seagulls, crickets chirping or the sounds of a flute, or perhaps played all together. (
  • Fall asleep with soothing sounds like whistling birds, trees blowing in the wind or ocean waves. (
  • The music note indicates radio and the sound waves indicate the alarm tone. (
  • Make sure to download and get several hours of music by just installing this free app and turn your iPhone/iPad into a airplay music system! (
  • Use AirPlay to stream our sounds wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to your HDTV and speakers with Apple TV or to your AirPlay speakers. (
  • He described the results with some disappointment and frustration, as a music lover might, that each year the preference for music in MP3 format rises. (
  • I'm a lover of music, so I turned the music on and started moving as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. (
  • On the radio, repeatedly press the Alarm Mode button until the desired alarm mode indicator below "Alarm" is displayed. (
  • Release Alarm Set , and repeatedly press Alarm Mode until the desired alarm mode indicator above "Alarm 2" is displayed. (
  • But in some cases, such as the coordinated rhythmic sounds produced by groups of musicians, our appreciation and emotional engagement might be driven by an adaptive social signaling system. (
  • He had a very original way of playing that gave rise to that Clash/U2 sound from the era. (
  • Dock your Android powered phone and enjoy the sound quality of this stylish Philips AS851/10 docking speaker. (
  • If the alarm is an internal alarm and the person responsible cannot be found quickly, then the CPO will refer the case to the Environmental Health and Safer Places Team who will serve Notice on the person responsible under the provisions of section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 before applying to the Court to obtain a warrant to enter the property using reasonable force to silence the alarm. (
  • If the key holder is not found, officers will silence the alarm from the exterior of the property. (
  • From instant (regular alarm clock) up to 90 minutes. (
  • People "may expose themselves to the same level of loudness in 15 minutes of music at 100 dB that an industrial worker gets in an 8-hour day at 85 dB," the report said. (
  • It sounds bigger and richer with more power and more bass. (
  • We know you, or your child could fall asleep to sounds of nature. (
  • The intelligent mode detects when you fall asleep and automatically fades the sleep aid sound. (
  • A blaring siren is used as the song's introductory sound, setting an aggressive tone, which is augmented by Knowles' throaty mezzo-soprano growl. (
  • One thing that isn't listed here that was life changing for me was a sunrise simulator alarm clock. (
  • Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes. (
  • The song was received with mixed reception for contemporary music critics, who noted that it was different from Knowles' previous work. (
  • Also, the nightstand is the worst spot imaginable for an alarm clock. (
  • Background Alarm: you will receive sound notification alarms even when the app is not running! (
  • Offers variety of options of background images, alarm sounds, and notification sounds for you to choose from. (
  • Called in at Starbucks Meadowhall at lunch and saw the pick of the week app promotion is the popular Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock iOS app. (
  • Its accompanying music video was inspired by the 1992 film Basic Instinct and was directed by Sophie Muller. (
  • Knowles promoted "Ring the Alarm" through various live performances on televised shows and awards ceremonies, including the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. (
  • Though initially perplexed by the song's growth, Cardi has embraced her accidental anthem ("I might [as] well do a damn music video," she tweeted ). (
  • We currently deal in providing security and IT solutions to residential and commercial installing CCTV, alarm systems, Audio Video Intercoms, home theatre and wall mounts and other networking solutions. (
  • NFPA's Smoke Alarms are Important Brochure and its online music video remind kids to jump to their feet when the smoke alarm sounds! (
  • You can stream music and video from streaming services, and it's all hands-free. (
  • This forces your son to actually get out of bed to turn off the alarm, and keep him from crawling back under the covers for more than a minute or two. (
  • Turn off alarms and don't use cell phones in a way that will disturb others. (
  • Clubs, bars, and other venues often play music over 100 dB and most people who use personal audio devices listen to them at a range between 75 and 105 dB. (
  • The units also transmit sounds and even remotely play music for baby. (
  • In 2014-2018, smoke alarms sounded in more than half (54%) of the home fires reported to U.S. fire departments. (
  • Smoke alarms save lives. (
  • Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries. (
  • Install smoke alarms in every sleeping room and outside each separate sleeping area. (
  • Smoke alarms should be interconnected. (
  • Large homes may need extra smoke alarms. (
  • Test your smoke alarms at least once a month. (
  • When a smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside. (
  • Replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years. (
  • Many people will use this opportunity to change their home's smoke alarm batteries as well. (
  • NFPA's Dan Doofus reminds you to have enough smoke alarms in your home, test them monthly, and replace them every 10 years. (
  • The death rate per 1,000 reported home fires was more than twice as high in homes that did not have any working smoke alarms compared to the rate in homes with working smoke alarms (13.0 deaths vs. 5.8 deaths per 1,000 fires). (
  • In fires in which the smoke alarms were present but did not operate, two of every five (41%) of the smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries. (
  • Dead batteries caused one-quarter (26%) of the smoke alarm failures. (
  • Safety messages about smoke alarms What you need to know about smoke alarms. (
  • Smoke alarm videos NFPA videos to help you learn about the importance of installing and maintaining smoke alarms. (
  • Installing and maintaining smoke alarms Where to place your smoke alarms and how to keep them working. (
  • The device is smaller than the Safe and Sound, but still more sizable than your average hardware store smoke detector. (
  • With multiple installed, if you're upstairs and a fire starts in the living room, instead of the alarm, the alarm will instead calmly tell you that smoke was detected downstairs. (
  • The resulting recordings *do* sound better in the crappy formats on crappy equipment - not that they sound especially good anywhere. (
  • They sounded good, even if they were a little ho-hum in their live performance. (
  • A track from our album of the week, Sound the Alarm by Booker T. This track is called 'Feel Good. (
  • The work is a good example of his take on en plein air painting. (
  • Furnished as a dining room, surprisingly good sound comes from Stealth speakers hidden flush, and painted over, in the wall. (
  • Bidding near the end of an auction is a good way to ensure you pay the lowest price possible - Alarm Reminder Ebay Edition is a fully functional yet lightweight tool that reminds you of the bids you wish to make. (
  • Dr. Ivan Tashev , a Partner Software Architect in the Audio and Acoustics Group at Microsoft Research, is no small part of the revolution, having both published papers and shipped products at the forefront of the science of sound. (
  • Which is an audio experience with 25 beautiful nature sounds and a soundboard with 35 sounds where you can mix a number of soundtracks to have a peaceful experience. (
  • Circa features a carefully designed audio system that makes your music and alarms sound rich and clear. (
  • That includes enhancing of a captured sound by our microphones, better sound reproduction using binaural audio, so-called spatial audio. (
  • said in an alarming tone) there are hardly any west coasters in attendance. (
  • App need to locate via GPS the scooters, need to lock and unlock them, manage customers (registration, rides, payment and alarm system). (
  • We built this sound system around house music," he says of the club that once called Satoshi Tomiie a permanent resident. (
  • I heard the Palladium system in a home theater room at A Sound Decision. (
  • 5 nature sounds were added as In-App Purchases downloads option. (
  • Enjoy the clock with soft meditational piano music and relaxing nature theme backgrounds. (
  • Alarm: choose from a variety of calming music and nature sounds, to start your day out right. (
  • Let the sounds of nature be heard by other campers. (
  • Place your alarm clock where it is easy to reach to keep movement at a minimum. (
  • It vibrates to stimulate the baby if no movement or respirations are detected then sounds an alarm. (