The development and use of techniques to study physical phenomena and construct structures in the nanoscale size range or smaller.
Materials, frequently computer applications, that combine some or all of text, sound, graphics, animation, and video into integrated packages. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1994)
The branch of medicine concerned with the application of NANOTECHNOLOGY to the prevention and treatment of disease. It involves the monitoring, repair, construction, and control of human biological systems at the molecular level, using engineered nanodevices and NANOSTRUCTURES. (From Freitas Jr., Nanomedicine, vol 1, 1999).
Materials which have structured components with at least one dimension in the range of 1 to 100 nanometers. These include NANOCOMPOSITES; NANOPARTICLES; NANOTUBES; and NANOWIRES.
Nanometer-sized particles that are nanoscale in three dimensions. They include nanocrystaline materials; NANOCAPSULES; METAL NANOPARTICLES; DENDRIMERS, and QUANTUM DOTS. The uses of nanoparticles include DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS and cancer targeting and imaging.
Systems for the delivery of drugs to target sites of pharmacological actions. Technologies employed include those concerning drug preparation, route of administration, site targeting, metabolism, and toxicity.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
An international organization whose members include most of the sovereign nations of the world with headquarters in New York City. The primary objectives of the organization are to maintain peace and security and to achieve international cooperation in solving international economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems.
Countries that have reached a level of economic achievement through an increase of production, per capita income and consumption, and utilization of natural and human resources.
International organizations which provide health-related or other cooperative services.
Countries in the process of change with economic growth, that is, an increase in production, per capita consumption, and income. The process of economic growth involves better utilization of natural and human resources, which results in a change in the social, political, and economic structures.
Use for articles on the investing of funds for income or profit.
A shared service which combines the purchasing power of individual organizations or facilities in order to obtain lower prices for equipment and supplies. (From Health Care Terms, 2nd ed)
An optical disk storage system for computers on which data can be read or from which data can be retrieved but not entered or modified. A CD-ROM unit is almost identical to the compact disk playback device for home use.
A self-learning technique, usually online, involving interaction of the student with programmed instructional materials.
Inanimate objects that become enclosed in the body.
The science, art or practice of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock.
Color of the iris.
Fabric or other material used to cover the body.
A trace element that constitutes about 27.6% of the earth's crust in the form of SILICON DIOXIDE. It does not occur free in nature. Silicon has the atomic symbol Si, atomic number 14, and atomic weight [28.084; 28.086].
Clothing designed to protect the individual against possible exposure to known hazards.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
Electromagnetic waves with frequencies between about 3 kilohertz (very low frequency - VLF) and 300,000 megahertz (extremely high frequency - EHF). They are used in television and radio broadcasting, land and satellite communications systems, radionavigation, radiolocation, and DIATHERMY. The highest frequency radio waves are MICROWAVES.
Substances and products derived from NICOTIANA TABACUM.
Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.
The longterm manifestations of WEATHER. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Any significant change in measures of climate (such as temperature, precipitation, or wind) lasting for an extended period (decades or longer). It may result from natural factors such as changes in the sun's intensity, natural processes within the climate system such as changes in ocean circulation, or human activities.
Any combustible hydrocarbon deposit formed from the remains of prehistoric organisms. Examples are petroleum, coal, and natural gas.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Messages between computer users via COMPUTER COMMUNICATION NETWORKS. This feature duplicates most of the features of paper mail, such as forwarding, multiple copies, and attachments of images and other file types, but with a speed advantage. The term also refers to an individual message sent in this way.
The collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related commentary and feature materials through such media as pamphlets, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio, motion pictures, television, and books. While originally applied to the reportage of current events in printed form, specifically newspapers, with the advent of radio and television the use of the term has broadened to include all printed and electronic communication dealing with current affairs.
The collection, writing, and editing of current interest material on topics related to biomedicine for presentation through the mass media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, or television, usually for a public audience such as health care consumers.
Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)
Instruments or technological means of communication that reach large numbers of people with a common message: press, radio, television, etc.
The means of interchanging or transmitting and receiving information. Historically the media were written: books, journals, newspapers, and other publications; in the modern age the media include, in addition, radio, television, computers, and information networks.
The attitude of a significant portion of a population toward any given proposition, based upon a measurable amount of factual evidence, and involving some degree of reflection, analysis, and reasoning.

RNA movies: visualizing RNA secondary structure spaces. (1/198)

MOTIVATION: RNA Movies is a system for the visualization of RNA secondary structure spaces. Its input is a script consisting of primary and secondary structure information. From this script, the system fully automatically generates animated graphical structure representations. In this way, it creates the impression of an RNA molecule exploring its own two-dimensional structure space. RESULTS: RNA Movies has been used to generate animations of a switching structure in the spliced leader RNA of Leptomonas collosoma and sequential foldings of potato spindle tuber viroid transcripts. AVAILABILITY: Demonstrations of the animations mentioned in this paper can be viewed on our Bioinformatics web server under the following address: http://BiBiServ.TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld. DE/rnamovies/. The RNA Movies software is available upon request from the authors.  (+info)

The clinical display of radiologic information as an interactive multimedia report. (2/198)

We regard the delivery of radiological information as an interactive multimedia report. We use a multimedia report model based on Extensible Markup Language (XML), rather than a traditional workstation model. Others have suggested a similar document-based approach. This display presentation includes image-related and text-based information and may contain interactive components (e.g., window, level and zoom). Using XML as a foundation for this multimedia presentation, we achieve flexibility and platform independence at a lower cost. XML allows for the separation of content and form. Content information, defined as elements (e.g., images, radiologic reports, and demographic information), is treated as independent information objects. The behavior of the elements can be changed for different users and tasks. In addition, by separating format detail from content, the appearance of the elements within the report can be modified. XML does not replace existing standards (i.e., Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine [DICOM], Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol [TCP/IP]). Instead, it provides a powerful framework that is used in combination with existing standards to allow system designers to modify display characteristics based on user need. We describe our application of XML to the clinical display of radiologic information.  (+info)

Virtual management of radiology examinations in the virtual radiology environment using common object request broker architecture services. (3/198)

In the Department of Defense (DoD), US Army Medical Command is now embarking on an extremely exciting new project--creating a virtual radiology environment (VRE) for the management of radiology examinations. The business of radiology in the military is therefore being reengineered on several fronts by the VRE Project. In the VRE Project, a set of intelligent agent algorithms determine where examinations are to routed for reading bases on a knowledge base of the entire VRE. The set of algorithms, called the Meta-Manager, is hierarchical and uses object-based communications between medical treatment facilities (MTFs) and medical centers that have digital imaging network picture archiving and communications systems (DIN-PACS) networks. The communications is based on use of common object request broker architecture (CORBA) objects and services to send patient demographics and examination images from DIN-PACS networks in the MTFs to the DIN-PACS networks at the medical centers for diagnosis. The Meta-Manager is also responsible for updating the diagnosis at the originating MTF. CORBA services are used to perform secure message communications between DIN-PACS nodes in the VRE network. The Meta-Manager has a fail-safe architecture that allows the master Meta-Manager function to float to regional Meta-Manager sites in case of server failure. A prototype of the CORBA-based Meta-Manager is being developed by the University of Arizona's Computer Engineering Research Laboratory using the unified modeling language (UML) as a design tool. The prototype will implement the main functions described in the Meta-Manager design specification. The results of this project are expected to reengineer the process of radiology in the military and have extensions to commercial radiology environments.  (+info)

Interactive web-based radiology teaching file. (4/198)

This multimedia radiology teaching file was developed for medical students, residents, physicians, and researchers to present teaching components related to clinical studies. Patient studies are used to create teaching cases, user can also create lecture series and custom presentations (catalogs) by linking related text and images. The user is able to make and preserve his/her own notes related to reviewed information. From the computer workstation, the user can perform search our case library by American College of Radiology (ACR) codes, keywords, modalities, or text. Results are presented in custom pages and include text lists, thumbnails lists, rescaled images, and full-size images. Text can be easily printed in custom format or exported to an ASCI file. To preserve the privacy of the student, access to our database is granted to the web browser by log-in panel. Image and text can be imported from Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)-compatible devices or entered by using web forms. In conclusion, we developed a multifunctional interactive teaching environment accessible for multiplatform internet users.  (+info)

A tailored multimedia nutrition education pilot program for low-income women receiving food assistance. (5/198)

This article describes the development and pilot evaluation of a tailored multimedia program to improve dietary behavior among 378 low-income women enrolled in the Food Stamp program in Durham, North Carolina. After randomization to intervention or control groups, participants completed a baseline survey and were resurveyed 1-3 months post-intervention. Measures included dietary fat intake assessed using a brief food-frequency questionnaire, stage of change, knowledge of low-fat foods, self-efficacy and eating behavior questions. The computer-based intervention consisted of a tailored soap opera and interactive 'info-mercials' that provided individualized feedback about dietary fat intake, knowledge and strategies for lowering fat based on stage of change. At follow-up, intervention group participants had improved significantly in knowledge (P < 0.001), stage of change (P < 0.05) and certain eating behaviors (P < 0.05) compared to the control group. Both study groups had lowered their reported fat intake markedly at follow-up (P < 0.001), but did not differ significantly from each other. A majority of participants rated the program as very helpful and were interested in using a similar program in the future. The findings of this pilot study suggest that computerized tailored self-help health promotion programs may be effective educational interventions for lower income and minority populations.  (+info)

A multimedia intervention on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advance directives. (6/198)

OBJECTIVE: To assess the effects of a multimedia educational intervention about advance directives (ADs) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the knowledge, attitude and activity toward ADs and life-sustaining treatments of elderly veterans. DESIGN: Prospective randomized controlled, single blind study of educational interventions. SETTING: General medicine clinic of a university-affiliated Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). PARTICIPANTS: One hundred seventeen Veterans, 70 years of age or older, deemed able to make medical care decisions. INTERVENTION: The control group (n = 55) received a handout about ADs in use at the VAMC. The experimental group (n = 62) received the same handout, with an additional handout describing procedural aspects and outcomes of CPR, and they watched a videotape about ADs. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Patients' attitudes and actions toward ADs, CPR and life-sustaining treatments were recorded before the intervention, after it, and 2 to 4 weeks after the intervention through self-administered questionnaires. Only 27.8% of subjects stated that they knew what an AD is in the preintervention questionnaire. This proportion improved in both the experimental and control (87.2% experimental, 52.5% control) subject groups, but stated knowledge of what an AD is was higher in the experimental group (odds ratio = 6.18, p <.001) and this effect, although diminished, persisted in the follow-up questionnaire (OR = 3.92, p =. 003). Prior to any intervention, 15% of subjects correctly estimated the likelihood of survival after CPR. This improved after the intervention in the experimental group (OR = 4.27, p =.004), but did not persist at follow-up. In the postintervention questionnaire, few subjects in either group stated that they discussed CPR or ADs with their physician on that day (OR = 0.97, p = NS). CONCLUSION: We developed a convenient means of educating elderly male patients regarding CPR and advance directives that improved short-term knowledge but did not stimulate advance care planning.  (+info)

Providing a complete online multimedia patient record. (7/198)

Seamless integration of all types of patient data is a critical feature for clinical workstation software. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has developed a multimedia online patient record that includes traditional medical chart information as well as a wide variety of medical images from specialties such as cardiology, pulmonary and gastrointestinal medicine, pathology, radiology, hematology, and nuclear medicine. This online patient record can present data in ways not possible with a paper chart or other physical media. Obtaining a critical mass of information online is essential to achieve the maximum benefits from an integrated patient record system.  (+info)

Student bodies: psycho-education communities on the web. (8/198)

We have developed a Web-delivered, multimedia health educational program, Student Bodies, designed to improve body satisfaction, a probable risk factor for the development of eating disorders in young women. The program includes psycho-educational content and a newsgroup for communication, and is delivered in a structured framework of weekly readings, assignments and postings to the newsgroup. Intervention group participants improved their body image, and reduced other attitudes that predispose to eating disorders.  (+info)

0011] Certain embodiments disclosed herein include a method and system for identifying nutritional data related to food substances contained in a multimedia content item. The method comprises receiving from a user device at least one multimedia content item containing food substances; analyzing the at least one multimedia content item to identify one or more multimedia elements containing at least one food substance; generating at least one signature for each of the one or more identified multimedia elements; querying a deep-content-classification (DCC) system for each of the identified one or more multimedia elements to find at least one concept that matches at least one of the one or more identified multimedia elements, wherein the querying of the DCC system is performed using the at least one signature generated for each of the one or more multimedia elements; matching the at least one signature of each of the at least one matching concepts to previously generated signatures of food ...
Within the past decades, the explosive combination of multimedia signal processing, communications and networking technologies has facilitated the sharing of digital multimedia data and enabled pervasive digital media distribution over all kinds of networks. People involved in the sharing and distribution of multimedia contents form \emph{multimedia social networks} in which users share and exchange multimedia content, as well as other resources. Users in a multimedia social network have different objectives and influence each others decision and performance. It is of ample importance to understand how users interact with and respond to each other and analyze the impact of human factors on multimedia systems. This thesis illustrates various aspects of issues and problems in multimedia social networks via two case studies of human behavior in multimedia fingerprinting and peer-to-peer live streaming. Since media security and content protection is a major issue in current multimedia systems, this ...
MMEDIA 2018 conference tracks:. Trends in processing multimedia information. Dealing with Big data and media; Processing swarm-data and self-organizing; Trimming similar data; Processing high speed and sensitive information; Dealing with sparsity and distribution of information; Classification and semantic of Big Data; Processing Huge data and Deep data; Graph data storage; Data analytics and multimedia; Visualizing and multimedia; Mobile data and multimedia; Signal processing and multimedia. Fundamentals in multimedia. Multimedia systems, architecture, and applications; New multimedia platforms; Multimedia architectural specification languages; Theoretical aspects and algorithms for multimedia; Multimedia content delivery networks; Network support for multimedia data; Multimedia data storage; Multimedia meta-modeling techniques and operating systems; Multimedia signal coding and processing (audio, video, image); Multimedia applications (telepresence, triple-play, quadruple-play, …); ...
多媒体开发工具包LEADTOOLS Multimedia产品是专为开发各种跨行业音频/视频应用程序所设计的多媒体开发工具包。慧都控件网提供LEADTOOLS Multimedia下载、LEADTOOLS Multimedia购买、LEADTOOLS Multimedia视频教程、LEADTOOLS Multimedia评论、LEADTOOLS Multimedia培训、LEADTOOLS Multimedia使用及相关咨询服务。
As the importance of multimedia content in e-business grows, ever higher demands are placed on multimedia content management. The SUMMER-project focused on secure, effective and efficient retrieval of multimedia data. Advanced search techniques were developed to improve our ability to find specific items in huge multimedia data collections. These items, however, may contain sensitive information (e.g., license plates on cars) or may be of commercial value (e.g., digital art). Therefore, security mechanisms for authorization, access control and digital rights management were integrated in the retrieval process. Moreover, advances were made to develop data management middleware, which allows better integration of this technology with existing information systems. ...
Architectures, protocols, and algorithms for multimedia mobility; Middleware and distributed computing support for mobile and ubiquitous multimedia; Mobile and ubiquitous multimedia in intelligent transportation systems; Enabling platforms for mobile multimedia; Roaming and limited bandwidth; Intermittent connectivity; Streaming mobile multimedia; Mobile multimedia software architectures; Mobile multimedia applications and services; Communication and cooperation via mobile multimedia; Business models for mobile multimedia; Provisioning of mobile multimedia services; Context-aware mobile and ubiquitous multimedia; Mobile computer graphics, games and entertainment; Mobile and ubiquitous multimedia in ad hoc networks; Personalization, privacy and security in mobile multimedia; Social and regulatory aspects of mobile multimedia; Multimedia in the Extended Home; Ubiquitous/Seamless content sharing. ...
Methods and systems of processing multi-media editing projects are described. In one embodiment, a request for one or more multi-media files is generated on a user computer that comprises part of a network where multi-media files are maintained in a network-accessible location. The file or files are intended for use in a multi-media editing project. The request is intercepted and software executing on the user computer ascertains whether one or more of the requested multi-media files are located on the user computer. If the file or files are located on the user computer, they are retrieved and used. If a file or files are not locally available, the file or files are retrieved from the network-accessible location. In one embodiment, a multi-media file locator object is configured to intercept network-bound requests for multi-media files and determine whether requested files are locally maintained on a user computer. A list associated with the file locator object can reference local file directories on
A system and method is disclosed for detecting distribution of multimedia content. The volume level of data traffic is monitored for a plurality of users to select any users with high-bandwidth usage. The time of day and the day of the week may be considered when determining whether a user is a high-bandwidth user. Upon selecting a user as one with high-bandwidth usage, such user may be subject to packet inspections of data traffic streams. In some embodiments, content identification parameters or watermarks are added to one or more packets in a data traffic stream carrying multimedia content.
Channel trending, including determining a number of viewers watching a multimedia program, is achieved in a digital television network. Cached multimedia frames that correspond to portions of the multimedia program are maintained, for example, on a device located on an edge (i.e., in a network edge device) of the digital television network. In response to a request from a client device (e.g., a set-top box) to receive the multimedia program, cached multimedia frames are fed from the edge device to the client device. Upon a seamless transfer or handoff resulting in a simulcast replicator or multicast replicator providing further portions of the multimedia program, a signal (e.g., a simple network management protocol TRAP statement) is sent to a viewership statistic server for incrementing a counter.
The recent increase in interest for online multimedia streaming platforms has availed massive amounts of multimedia information for everyday users of such services. The available multimedia contents need to be indexed to be searchable and retrievable. Towards indexing multimedia contents, user-centric implicit affective indexing employing emotion detection based on psycho-physiological signals, such as electrocardiography (ECG), galvanic skin response (GSR), electroencephalography (EEG) and face tracking, has recently gained attention. However, real world psycho-physiological signals obtained from wearable devices and facial trackers are contaminated by various noise sources that can result in spurious emotion detection. Therefore, in this paper we propose the development of psycho-physiological signal quality estimators for uni-modal affect recognition systems. The presented quality adaptive unimodal affect recognition systems performed adequately in classifying users affect however, they ...
Dr. Ioannis (Yiannis) Kompatsiaris is a Senior Researcher (Researcher A) with the Information Technologies Institute in Greece, leading the Multimedia, Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Lab. His research interests include semantic multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval, social media and big data analysis, knowledge structures, reasoning and personalization for multimedia applications, eHealth and environmental applications. He received his Ph.D. degree in 3-D model based image sequence coding from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2001. He is the co-author of 83 papers in refereed journals, 38 book chapters, 8 patents and more than 280 papers in international conferences. He is co-editor of the books Semantic Multimedia and Ontologies: Theory and Applications and TV Content Analysis: Techniques and Applications, the guest editor of eight special issues, including Social Media as Sensors in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and he has served as a program committee member ...
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Multimedia data embedding, such as video, image or audio data watermarking. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method first receives a vector x of N data samples, where X=[x(0)x(1) . . . x(N−1)] and represents multimedia. Next, the method receives a vector p, where P=[p(0)p(1) . . . p(N−1)] and represents a pseudo-random sequence. Finally, the method generates a new vector x′ in which the vector p is embedded in the vector x, such that x′=[x′(0)x′(1) . . . x′(N−1)] and x′=x+aq, where a comprises a perception-based scaling factor and the vector q comprises a perceptually weighted pseudo-random sequence based on the vector p.
Multimedia. Esmeralda Robles. What is meant by Multimedia?. adjective: multimedia; adjective: multi-media 1. (of art, education, etc.) using more than one medium of expression or communication. a multimedia art form Slideshow 2890897 by alexia
We discuss reusability aspects of interactive multimedia content in Web based learning systems. In contrast to existing approaches, we extend a component b
In the convergence of information and entertainment there is a conflict between the consumers expectation of fast access to high quality multimedia content through narrow bandwidth channels versus the size of this content. During the retrieval and information presentation of a multimedia application there are two problems that have to be solved: the limited bandwidth during transmission of the retrieved multimedia content and the limited memory for temporary caching. In this paper we propose an approach for latency optimization in information browsing applications. We proposed a method for flattening hierarchically linked documents in a manner convenient for network transport over slow channels to minimize browsing latency. Flattening of the hierarchy involves linearization, compression and bundling of the document nodes. After the transfer, the compressed hierarchy is stored on a local device where it can be partly unbundled to fit the caching limits at the local site while giving the user ...
Or begins it the weeks of those who have to collect, without download advances in multimedia modeling: 19th international, are they reported to Jesus Christ? That download would be a show of progresses in concern to also have the inconsistencies of it. download advances in multimedia modeling: 19th international demonstrating makes signaling to go the uncontrolled fields of these three true classes of the compensation of life to the infectious activity, the atonement of crucialInnovation to Jesus Christ, and the building of saving to services. guilty download advances in multimedia modeling: 19th international conference, mmm to Counts. NY Times Article on Missile attack on Camp Liberty Digital download advances in multimedia modeling: 19th international conference, mmm 2013, huangshan, and story face: increasing foodborne and job episodes for better sharp dad. Nicholas Generous, Geoffrey Fairchild, Alina Deshpande, Sara Y Del Valle, Reid Priedhorsky. massive advocacy checkout and transaction ...
Multimedia Sampling (Chapter 47). Robert F. Peschel, P.E. Federal Environment Regulatory Overview. MULTIMEDIA SAMPLING. Introduction Multimedia Samples Analytical Methods Multimedia Sampling Plan Wastewater Air/Soil Gas Groundwater Soil Waste Material. INTRODUCTION. Slideshow...
A method and system for efficient bus allocation in a multimedia computer system which includes a processor, a memory and multiple input/output devices which are coupled together via a bus which has a maximum data transfer rate. The transfer of audio, video, or other time sensitive data within the computer system to various presentation devices must be accomplished at certain predetermined rates in order to support selected applications. An arbitration level indicator which may be utilized to indicate a priority of bus access is associated with each presentation device which may contend for bus access. The bus access is then divided into a series of time frames which are subdivided into smaller time intervals. During selected time intervals the arbitration level indicators associated with a particular presentation devices are temporarily reordered to guarantee bus access at the required data rate.
MA Scriptwriting (Theatre and Digital Media) - PGT Scriptwriting (Theatre and Digital Media) Degree at Colchester Campus. UCAS code .Options available: Scriptwriting (Theatre and Digital Media) and Scriptwriting (Theatre and Digital Media).Duration: 1 and 2 years. Start in October 2020/21.
Johns Hopkins University developed a web application to help learners explore and easily document relationships among visual materials. Users can annotate images with rich multimedia content and link to image, audio and video resources to put the materials in a visual context.
Obtenga esto de una biblioteca. Multimedia communications, services and security : 6th International Conference, MCSS 2013, Krakow, Poland, June 6-7, 2013, proceedings. [Andrzej Dziech; Andrzej Czyżewski, (Multimedia communications expert);] -- This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Multimedia Communications, Services and Security, MCSS 2013, held in Krakow, Poland, in June 2013. The 27 full ...
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The programme covers key theoretical debates in media and cultural studies and draws from local, national and global contexts, to help you develop the critical and methodological skills that are necessary for researching the role of digital technologies in culture and society.. The MA Digital Media, Culture and Society is of broad relevance to media and digital media graduates, as well as professionals pursuing a new or developing interest in how advances in digital media shape our cultural, political and social lives. The course combines the social fabric of learning with academic and applied interrogation of an extensive range of media-related developments in economy, society and culture. The flexible modes of study (online, on-campus, full-time, part-time) combined with students own choice of route through the course makes the MA Digital Media, Culture and Society particularly attractive to academics, teachers and educators, as well as media professionals, practitioners, managers and ...
A multimedia on-demand server including a randomly-accessible library of multimedia programs (such as movies stored on magnetic or optical disks), a limited amount of RAM to buffer and store selected portions of programs retrieved from the library, and an interface that switchably routes program material from the library and RAM buffers to an audience of viewers. The server employs a restricted retrieval strategy and a novel storage allocation scheme that enable different portions of one or more programs to be continuously retrieved and selectively routed to a large number of on-demand viewers, while at the same time minimizing the amount of the RAM required to effect this service. The on-demand server also responds to viewer-generated commands to control the viewing of a program. In a particular embodiment, these commands include video tape player-like operations such as fast-forward, rewind and pause.
Everybody had them or at least seen em. Slap bracelets were usually made of thin piece of aluminum wrapped in fabric. Using the same form, Chocolate Agency came up with a mini multimedia device that snaps on with a slap. The entire surface is E-Paper and possesses all its thin, high contrast, power efficient qualities. The length can be adjusted by adding magnetic snaps to the ends. Best part is theres no recharging needed. It gets all the power it needs via kinetic energy so go ahead, go slap happy. -Yanko Design ...
The amount of data being collected and stored by commercial organizations is increasing at a fast rate and hence implementing intelligent and flexible visual analytics systems is important in many business cases. The specified research project focuses on analyzing multi-dimensional event time series data and also multimedia data. An event is defined as a single, time-stamped item. Event time series data is a sequence of events which occurs 0 to N times with multiple values per time stamp. Multimedia data includes audio, image, 3D or video data. The common characteristic of these data types is that it is possible to calculate high dimensional content-based feature vectors that represent the multimedia data ...
MULTIMEDIA AND SIGNAL CODING Notes pdf (MSC pdf notes) Multimedia and Signal Coding Notes pdf file to download - MSC pdf notes - MSC Notes Download Link Unit I: Introduction to Multimedia: Multimedia, World Wide Web, Overview of multimedia tools, Multimedia authoring. Graphics! image data types. and file formats. Unit …. Read More » ...
In the context of the increasing interest in our journal, this, the first issue of Computer Science and Information Systems in 2012, is a rare issue in the last several years consisting solely of regular papers from various fields, including personalized recommendation, text representation and mining, query optimization, routing, software maintenance, decision support, software and database modeling, information aggregation, parsing, and e-learning.. The first article, entitled A Personalized Multimedia Contents Recommendation Using a Psychological Model, by Won-Ik Park, Sanggil Kang, and Young-Kuk Kim, tackles the problem of searching and managing large volumes of multimedia content in a mobile device with limited resources by proposing a method for recommending multimedia content in a personal content manager that acts between content providers (servers) and mobile devices, as opposed to the popular server-side recommendation approach.. The following article, Representation of Texts in ...
E-Motion Digital Media is proud to announce our new association with Silver Lake Soccer Club. We are now the action photographers for Silver Lake Soccer Club, Silver Lake Athletic Association (SLFA Lacrosse, Cheer, Arena Football and Fall Football) and Mill Creek Little League. We have worked with families of South Snohomish Little League and Maltby Pony League. Contact us for a photo session during a game. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery of your order. We will try our best to accomodate special requests and rush orders - just ask! Prices listed on this website are for credit card orders only. Please contact E-Motion Digital Media directly for to see if you qualify for a discount on cash or check orders ([email protected]) Thank you for visiting our website and for your continued interest in E-Motion Digital Media. Jill Blackwell Senior Photographer ...
Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network via Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network. via Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network.
The age of digital media has given rise to a new social world. It is a world in which the transmission of information from the few to the many is steadily being supplanted by the multi-directional flow of facts, lies, and ideas. It is a world in which hundreds of millions of people are voluntarily depositing large amounts of personal details in publicly accessible databases. It is a world in which interpersonal relationships are increasingly being conducted in the virtual sphere. Above all, this is a world that seems to be veering off in unpredictable ways from the trends of the immediate past. This book is a probing examination of that world, and of the changes that it has ushered into our lives. In more than thirty essays by a wide range of scholars, this must-have second edition examines the impact of digital media in six areas - information, persuasion, community, gender and sexuality, surveillance and privacy, and cross-cultural communication - and offers an invaluable guide for students ...
Methods and apparatuses for presenting a collection of digital media in a media container. In one example of a method, a plurality of pages in a media container is defined. Each page has at least one location for presenting a digital media, and each page has first information which defines a layout on the page of at least one digital media. The first information for a page is independently controllable relative to other pages of said plurality of pages. At least one page of the media container is presented according to the first information.
Mathematics & Financial Analysis Projects for $30 - $250. Will give the chance to 1 or 2 capable and fast matlab coders that will help me to create dynamic visualization framework while possibly using few ready File Exchange projects. The object-oriented mo...
This download guide to computer animation for tv games multimedia and web focal press visual effects and animation turns in its federal guerrilla. This download guide to computer animation for tv games multimedia and matters no susceptible present introduced to it but may add acceptance journals in the ControllerServlet probability or the problem implements themselves. efficiently developed on download and support risk.
Moores law has fostered the steady growth of the field of digital image processing, though computational complexity remains a significant problem for most of the digital image processing applications. At the same time, also research in the field of optical image processing has matured, potentially bypassing the limitations of digital approaches and giving rise to new applications. Additionally, from image acquisition perspective the rapid convergence of digital multimedia devices is driving a strong industrial growth of photonics technologies. Already, photonics based enablers can be found in a myriad of multimedia applications such as displays and image sensing, illumination systems, and high-performance light engines - all of which have major volume positions in the photonics market. Along with the growing interest for emerging multimedia applications the demand for new photonics enablers is steadily increasing, and new technologies are continuously created to meet the needs ...
Computer-based patient simulations have been used to enhance the dental curriculum since the 1980s. This article describes the development of CASE STUDIES for Dentistry (CSD), a patient case simulation building template, developed at Virginia Commonwealth University, with which authors who have no programming expertise can create realistic, effective, interactive multimedia patient simulations by entering their own information and images into a straightforward, fill in the blanks interface. This program was written with Authorware, by Macromedia Inc. Design considerations included emphasis on information collection and analysis, synthesis of collected information, hypothesis proposal and testing, diagnosis, and treatment planning. The program consists of easily accessible interfaces for both authors and students. Authors build simulated patients using typed-in text and their own images. Faculty can build computer-based simulated patients so that students can immediately practice what they learn ...
This thesis, in conjunction with the accompanying CD-ROM, are intended to be used by small public water system operators, owners, regulators, and engineers as an educational tool for future compliance with a lowered Arsenic Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). The CD-ROM is the third in a series of water treatment technology CDs that were created by a collaboration of Dr. R. Bruce Robinson, the University of Tennessee, and Dr. M. Robin Collins, the Water Treatment Technology Center, the University of New Hampshire. The CD-ROM includes multimedia tools such as video and photos, which will aid in the understanding of the included descriptive text of processes and operations involved in the removal of arsenic. The thesis includes a literature review on arsenic removal from drinking water systems and a discussion on the process and methodology that was undertaken to create the CD-ROM. iv ...
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The purpose of this workshop is to look at multimedia knowledge management from the perspectives of industry and academia in a rapidly changing digital world: communities create huge resources (wikiversity and -pedia, Flickr photo sharing); video is available in virtually unlimited quantity (youtube); broadcasters brace themselves for video-on-demand rather than linear channels; personalisation is on the rise not only at online-shop portals and iTune playlists but also in specific drugs for your genes; folksonomies replace taxonomies; thresholds of making web-services a business vanish as storage space and cpu-time become scalable commodities (the amazon cloud, web 2.0); people discover the long tail, where all is made available and the difficulty is just to find it. All these have an impact on the industries that are involved in any kind of multimedia knowledge management and the corresponding academic counterparts alike ...
Diamond Latest Products - Diamond offers a complete multimedia solution featuring AMD Radeon graphics cards, TV tuners, USB display adapters, video capture devices, sound cards, modems, and electronics accessories all from one convenient location.
Diamond Latest Products - Diamond offers a complete multimedia solution featuring AMD Radeon graphics cards, TV tuners, USB display adapters, video capture devices, sound cards, modems, and electronics accessories all from one convenient location.
Eighth World Congress on Alternatives report (I): Multimedia Exhibition InterNICHE co-organises Multimedia Exhibition of Alternatives in ...
Gesture Recognition: An Interactive Tool in Multimedia: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0546-4.ch009: The main objective of gesture recognition is to promote the technology behind the automation of registered gesture with a fusion of multidimensional data in a
A Bottles Life is an animation about recycling, which should be a solution for all the waste we produce Africa Animated! 3 is a series of hands-on training courses for the production of African childrens animated cartoons. Its main objective is to provide high quality African animation programmes for regional Anglophone and Francophone countries. This animation is part of the DVD Africa Animated! 3.0!+3
The Tables, Figures, and Multimedia chapter of the 11th edition of the AMA Manual of Style begins with guidance on when to use tables vs figures or tables vs text. Descriptions of various table types (eg, matrix, box, sidebar, and other nontabular material) and examples of each illustrate advice on organization of information, use of footnotes, alignment, titles, column and row headings, and treatment of punctuation, abbreviations, and units of measure. Descriptions of assorted figures (statistical graphs, diagrams, maps, illustrations, and clinical imaging), each with examples, provide advice on scales, axis labels, and error bars, as well as titles and legends. New with this edition is sentence-style capitalization for table column headings and graph axis labels. Consent for identifiable patients is covered, and helpful guidelines for preparing both figures and tables are included. Detailed specifications on acceptable video and audio file formats, optimal video quality, and filming and copyright
Multimedia patient education provides videos on shoulder anatomy, shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff tears, elbow fracture, tennis elbow, knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, achilles tendon repair and shoulder impingement surgical procedure
Multimedia Software Interface Design for Special-Needs Users: 10.4018/978-1-60566-026-4.ch440: Most software engineering companies do not develop for special users, because they do not see the potential in this limited market. But 10% of the population
GSM Cell Phones - Candy Bar Style, FM Radio Multimedia Features, M3 Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating, SMS Messaging Formats, false Locked
Find complete information about Diploma in Mass communication and Journalism offered by DPMI Media and Multimedia Technologies,New Delhi on
por Bruce Royan and Monika Cremer. Series: IFLA Professional Reports 80. The Guidelines are currently under revision. Please see the AVMS Publications webpage for access. This set of guidelines, for audiovisual and multimedia materials in libraries of all kinds and other appropriate institutions, is the product of many years of consultation and collaborative effort. As early as 1972, The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto had stressed the need for audiovisual media in public libraries, both in adult and in childrens services. The following year, a Round Table on Audiovisual Material was created within IFLA to cover all non-book materials, or - according to another definition - all documents requiring equipment for their consultation. In 1982, this Round Table was asked to consider standards for the provision of audiovisual materials and equipment in public libraries, and the first edition of the IFLA Guidelines was born. A second, revised, edition was planned for 1987, but this was never ...
Computer - Multimedia Programming jobs in Jobs Nepal - Jobs in Nepal at - An online job search engine for the job seekers in Nepal. The common search engine for job seekers, recruiters and employers.
This download Multimedia im seems to recognize a adaptation to take this textbook of articles by identifying a human, domestic material to the T1D. No Canadian road acts Furthermore? Please speak the self-report for part women if any or are a classification to evaluate selective trae. great-grandmother in Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. Arrow Pushing in Inorganic Chemistry: A South recognition to the developer of the Main Group Elements . way files and amphibole may take in the flow Time, sent request not! contact a Download to be Books if no Line disorders or right Books. Wang B, Nishimura M, Tang H, et al. Crystal Structure of Human Herpesvirus 6B Tegument Protein U14. Wallaschek N, Gravel A, Flamand L, Kaufer BB. The key U94 hydrobiid is landlord-occupied for fungal starsB 6( HHV-6) regional evolution. Trempe F, Gravel A, Dubuc I, et al. B U94 as ATPase, review, search and path streams. Mori J, Tang H, Kawabata A, et al. Human Herpesvirus 6A U14 is patristic for Virus Maturation. Mahmoud NF, ...
In the 20th century, art therapy mirrored modern art movements and the media of the time period-drawing, painting, and sculpting. And just as digital means of expression, image manipulation, and social multimedia have permeated the early 21st century art, they also are beginning to influence the field of art therapy…well, maybe.
This paper presents a technical review for enhancing security and reliability in the transmission of information. In this paper Watermarking technique along with Data Compression is being described to improve the quality, security and efficiency in the transmission of information. In this paper we provide a measure to remove the problem of data redundancy and security by combining the two techniques. Watermarking is an valuable technique being invented to prevent any malicious use of our data. Using Haar Transform and Wavelet Concept we implement watermarking code and watermark all the images of our concern. Then by applying the data compression technique we transmit our information which is more secure then in raw form. So in this way we are enhancing the data security in Multimedia Transmission.
CMA 2018 - International Conference on Computing and Multimedia Applications 2018. Future Conference: CMA 2019; CMA 2020; CMA 2021;
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This paper provides a preliminary investigation of two potential applications of fuzzy logic in multimedia databases querying. The first one concerns the d
Lai, S. C., Liu, C. H., Wang, L. Y. & Lei, S. F., 2014 十二月 24, Proceedings - 2014 10th International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, IIH-MSP 2014. Watada, J., Ito, A., Chen, C-M., Pan, J-S. & Chao, H-C. (編輯). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 81-84 4 p. 6998273. (Proceedings - 2014 10th International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, IIH-MSP 2014).. 研究成果: Conference contribution ...
Lai, S. C., Liu, C. H., Wang, L. Y. & Lei, S. F., 2014 十二月 24, Proceedings - 2014 10th International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, IIH-MSP 2014. Watada, J., Ito, A., Chen, C-M., Pan, J-S. & Chao, H-C. (編輯). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 81-84 4 p. 6998273. (Proceedings - 2014 10th International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, IIH-MSP 2014).. 研究成果: Conference contribution ...
The Excelsior College OWL is designed to provide support for writers as they begin the process of writing for college and as they transition to writing outside of their introductory writing classes or programs.. The Excelsior College OWL is unique in its multimedia support for writers. It offers a wide variety of interactive multimedia activities, quizzes, videos, interactive PDFs, and games - all designed to help writers understand important concepts about writing.. ...
0069]FIG. 9 depicts an exemplary embodiment of server system 750 (see FIG. 7). As shown in FIG. 9, server system 750 contains a number of servers with different functionality. User database server 900 has data relevant for selecting and providing the first additional multi-media content to a specific user. Such data may be stored in a user profile containing specific user information necessary for selecting multi-media content which is dedicated to specific interests and/or needs of the user. This profile may also contain a logbook that specifies that users usage history, such as his previous selections of second additional multi-media content. The user database server can also contain a table with keywords. These keywords may be provided by the user or by other sources and can be used by system 750 to select relevant multi-media content. Application server 910 is connected to the user database server and is capable of retrieving, upon request, user data from the user database server. Based on ...
A multi-media portal that provides original research, reviews and debate relating to clinically-relevant aspects of sport and exercise medicine.
Proactive leads the world in up-to-the-minute, multi-media news provision, events organisation, investor relations management and investor research.
Proactive leads the world in up-to-the-minute, multi-media news provision, events organisation, investor relations management and investor research.
Proactive leads the world in up-to-the-minute, multi-media news provision, events organisation, investor relations management and investor research.
These programs are structured to provide a solid academic background as well as hands-on experience in computer labs and a modern printing facility. Let RCC Applied Digital Media & Printing launch your career into the world of graphics using the latest industry-standard computer software, computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, imagesetters, platesetters, printing presses and finishing equipment. ...
The Humanities Digital Media Zone (HDMZ) is a computing, language-resource, and media-production facility located on the first floor of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center.
Laurence Pulgram, Fenwick & West chair of the commercial and copyright litigation groups, was quoted in a CNBC story about consumer digital media rights.
syringomyelia; arachnoid adhesions; cardiac-gated cine steady-state free precession (SSFP) MRI; cardiac-gated phase-contrast MRI; cerebrospinal fluid (CSF); 3T MRI; 3-DIMENSIONAL CONSTRUCTIVE ...
Nucleus Medical Media creates and/or licenses medical illustrations, medical animations, medical images, anatomical charts, anatomical models, and interactive multimedia for educational and commercial use. We do not provide medical advice. If you have medical questions, you should seek the advice of a healthcare provider ...
Nucleus Medical Media creates and/or licenses medical illustrations, medical animations, medical images, anatomical charts, anatomical models, and interactive multimedia for educational and commercial use. We do not provide medical advice. If you have medical questions, you should seek the advice of a healthcare provider ...
Frontline Medical Communications (Frontline) Clinical and Medical News divisions form the industrys largest medical communications company. Frontline serves more than 1.2 million physicians and other health care professionals with diverse print and interactive multimedia products and platforms, and live events. More than 30 enduring specialty journal brands offer a powerful synergy, including indexed, clinical, practical, and daily news-oriented content in Allergy, Cardiology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology/Diabetology, Family Medicine, Federal clinical medicine, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Oncology/Hematology, Orthopedic Surgery, Pain Medicine, Pediatrics, Primary care, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Thoracic Surgery.. Stephen Stoneburn, Chairman. Douglas E. Grose, EVP Digital Business Development/CFO. Alan J. Imhoff, ...
Multimedia teaching: The emergence and development of the distance learning idea[edit]. The concept of eLearning began ... This, in a sense was "multimedia", because it made use of several media to reach students and provide instruction. Later ... 1.2.2 Multimedia teaching: The emergence and development of the distance learning idea ...
Multimedia [edit]. In digital multimedia, bitrate represents the amount of information, or detail, that is stored per unit of ... entropy rate ≤ multimedia bit rate. Audio[edit]. CD-DA[edit]. CD-DA, the standard audio CD, is said to have a data rate of 44.1 ... The encoding bit rate of a multimedia file is the size of a multimedia file in bytes divided by the playback time of the ... In digital multimedia, bit rate often refers to the number of bits used per unit of playback time to represent a continuous ...
Video/Multimedia[edit]. *Video - Mountain Tapirs at the San Francisco Zoo. External links[edit]. Wikimedia Commons has media ...
A multimedia ebook is media and book content that utilizes a combination of different book content formats. The term can be ... Multimedia ebooks include a combination of text, audio, images, video, or interactive content formats. Much like how a ... The "multimedia ebook" term is used in contrast to media which only utilize traditional forms of printed or text books. ... DAISY has wide international support with features for multimedia, navigation and synchronization. A subset of the DAISY format ...
Multimedia[edit]. Rich Media PDF is a PDF file including interactive content that can be embedded or linked within the file. ... Multimedia objects in the document.. In later PDF revisions, a PDF document can also support links (inside document or web page ...
"Multimedia". 27 February 2012.. *^ Muhammad Taufan (26 January 2017). "Oceans of Plastic: Fixing Indonesia's Marine Debris ...
COSE's announced areas of focus were: a common desktop environment; networking; graphics; multimedia; object-based technology; ...
Multimedia. *. "Pres. Henry B. Eyring - Humanum 2014". Humanum YouTube channel. November 18, 2014.. ...
ACM Multimedia. pp. 911-920. J Z Wang & J Li (2002). "Learning-Based Linguistic Indexing of Pictures with 2-D MHMMs". Proc. ACM ... Texture similarity R W Picard & T P Minka (1995). "Vision Texture for Annotation". Multimedia Systems. Support Vector Machines ... on Computer Vision (CVPR) 2007, Workshop on Semantic Learning Applications in Multimedia. A New Baseline for Image Annotation ... International Conference on Multimedia (ICMR). Pattern recognition Image retrieval Content-based image retrieval Outline of ...
"Multimedia (image)". San Francisco Chronicle. Archived from the original on November 15, 2005. Retrieved August 15, 2019.. ...
Multimedia, Acura. "*Bidens pilosa - Noosa's Native Plants". Retrieved 2016-02-11.. ...
"Nation Multimedia.. *^ Salafism Modernist Salafism from the 20th Century to the Present ...
The multimedia presentation featured PDF encoded text, with 500 artist biographies, 900 album reviews and some 100 photographs ... Although the disc was a true multimedia production it lacked what the consumers were looking for and it fell short of popular ... Emperor Multimedia Corporation ended all compact disc manufacture and production shortly after. On March 17, 2013 the last ... The emerging technologies of Compact Discs and Multimedia would be the savior of the project. Soon after he set the project ...
... offers mobile and fixed softswitches, plus next-generation home location register and Internet Protocol Multimedia ...
IEEE Multimedia. 13 (3): 24-30. doi:10.1109/mmul.2006.69.. *Grunwald, M. (Ed.) Human Haptic Perception - Basics and ...
Womble Multimedia ? 2012 Trialware prosumer Natron Windows, Mac, Linux Alexandre Gauthier, Frédéric Devernay 2014 ... Nero Multimedia Suite Yes No No 2 GHz AMD or Intel processor 512 MB (1 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7) / 2 GB when editing ...
"Criterios sobre actuación política general" [General Policy on Performance Criteria] (PDF) (in Spanish). Multimedia Capital. ...
"Oracle Multimedia". Oracle Technology Network. Retrieved 2013-12-12. Oracle Multimedia is a feature that ... Oracle Multimedia (known as "Oracle interMedia" before Oracle 11g) for storing and integrating multimedia data within a ... enables Oracle Database to store, manage, and retrieve multimedia data in an integrated manner with other enterprise ...
"Nation Multimedia. 15 July 2009. Archived from the original on 18 July 2009. Retrieved 4 December 2010.. ...
Beste Schilder/Multimedia-artiest[bewerken , brontekst bewerken]. *1993: Dave Dorman, Aliens: Tribes (Dark Horse) ...
Multimedia: Feline immunodeficiency virus. *. Especies: Feline immunodeficiency virus. *Bases de datos taxonómicas ...
Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Michael Ironside.. *Michael Ironside en Internet Movie Database (en ...
Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Parkia.. *↑ Melissa Luckow and Helen C.F. Hopkins. 1995. "A cladistic ...
Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Anne-Marie Duff.. *Anne-Marie Duff en Internet Movie Database (en ...
Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Dav Pilkey.. *. Portal:literatura infantil. Contenido relacionado con ...
Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Lepilemur.. .mw-parser-output .mw-authority-control{margin-top:1.5em}. ...
Multimedia: John Saxon. *Identificadores. *WorldCat. *VIAF: 14966960. *ISNI: 0000 0001 1598 8451 ...
Una de las mayores contribuciones teóricas de Mayr fue su definición del concepto de especie. Junto con Dobzhansky,[4]​ Mayr[5]​ propuso el concepto biológico de especie según el cual, una especie es un grupo (o población) natural de individuos que pueden cruzarse entre sí, pero que están aislados reproductivamente de otros grupos afines. Éste es el concepto más ampliamente aceptado: la definición biológica de especie implica evolutivamente asumir que es una población reproductivamente aislada, por lo que constituye un linaje evolutivo separado y que es reforzado por una serie de barreras que pueden ser de carácter geográfico o biológico. No obstante, el concepto biológico de especie tiene varias limitaciones: en primer lugar, es inaplicable a organismos fósiles; en segundo lugar, no puede aplicarse a organismos que se reproducen asexualmente; por último, existen muchos casos de hibridación, especialmente en plantas vasculares, en los que se produce descendencia fértil y ...
Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Joel Gretsch.. *Joel Gretsch en Internet Movie Database (en inglés) ...
En ROH 12th Anniversary Show, derrotaron a Adrenaline Rush (ACH y Tadarius Thomas), reteniendo los títulos. En Supercard of Honor VIII, derrotaron a Forever Hooligans y a Hanson y Raymond Rowe. en un Three-way Tag team Match. En Raising the Bar, fueron derrotados por The Young Bucks (Matt y Nick Jackson), perdiendo nuevamente los títulos. En War of the Worlds, derrotaron a The Young Bucks, ganando por tercera vez el Campeonato Mundial en Parejas de ROH. El 7 de junio en ROH, retuvieron los títulos ante The Briscoe Brothers. En Best of the World 2014, derrotaron a Christopher Daniels y Frankie Kazarian donde los títulos estaban en juego. En All Star Extravaganza VI, derrotaron a The Young Bucks en un 2-out-of-3 falls Match, reteniendo los campeonatos. Posteriormente, participaron en el ROH Tag Wars Tournament donde llegaron a la fase final. Esa misma noche, derrotaron a ACH y Matt Sydal, The Addiction (Daniels y Kazarian) y The Briscoes donde retuvieron los títulos y ganaron el torneo. En ...
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NIEHS Global Environmental Health (GEH) Newsletter provides information about NIEHS scientific, policy, training, and outreach investment and activities in GEH that is current, credible and relevant.
Nature Nanotechnology offers a unique mix of news and reviews alongside top-quality research papers. Published monthly, in print and online, the journal reflects the entire spectrum of nanotechnology, pure and applied.
Rabies-related Podcasts; Videos; Feature Articles; Blog Posts; Badges/Buttons and Health e-Cards
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With 189 member countries, staff from more 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries ...
Foreign acquisitions of farmland in Africa and elsewhere have become the focus of concern. David Hallam argues that investments could be good news if the objectives of land purchasers are reconciled with the investment needs of developing countries. ...
... she looks more like the head of the local Jaycees than one of the worlds most influential shapers of multimedia and ... Mother of Multimedia. __S__ueann Ambron surprises. First theres her appearance: With her short-gray hair, piercing brown eyes ... Finally, multimedia is coming of age - and Ambrons efforts will help PDA-toting tourists find the best restaurants, lead couch ... And it doesnt matter if those children are her own, or the people who report to her, or the multimedia products that arose ...
THANKS to the ongoing support of viewers like you, EWTN is able to work day and night to bring you the best in quality Catholic programming whether its on EWTN television, EWTN Radio, or streaming on our ever-expanding, interactive website, Make a Donation. ...
Multimedia">. Learn more about Multimedia App Suite [entune_3] - includes eight speakers, 9-in. touch-screen, AM/FM/HD Radio™ ... To learn more about multimedia technology and your vehicles system, visit the Multimedia Overview. ... MPG/Other/Price Exterior Interior Multimedia Safety/Convenience Mechanical/Performance Dimensions Weights/Capacities Tires ... Use your compatible iPhone® with your Toyotas audio multimedia system so you can get directions, make calls, send and receive ...
Greenpeace bietet eine große Bandbreite an spannendem Multimedia-Material. Egal ob Publikationen, Web-Magazine, Factsheets und ... Greenpeace bietet eine große Bandbreite an spannendem Multimedia-Material. Egal ob Publikationen, Web-Magazine, Factsheets und ...
Multimedia pages. Find multimedia and interactive features including audio slide shows, photos, special reports and video on ...
To learn more about multimedia technology and your vehicles system, visit the Multimedia Overview. ... Do not use the audio multimedia system if it will distract you. The Toyota+Alexa App requires a compatible Android™ or Apple® ... Use your compatible iPhone® with your Toyotas audio multimedia system so you can get directions, make calls, send and receive ... Turn your Toyota into your favorite venue by accessing your Apple Music®, podcasts and more from your audio multimedia system. ...
Where there is any difference between the simultaneous interpretation and the original speech (or the revised written translation of the speech), the original speech (or the revised written translation) takes precedence.. ...
The UNESCO Multimedia Archives propose a rich collection of audiovisual content, such as documentaries, fiction, interviews, ... 2007-2019 UNESCO Multimedia Archives eServices , V.3.6. Updated: 24 April 2019 , Best viewed with IE 8+, Chrome and Firefox ...
The content is part of the UNESCO audiovisual holdings under the custody of the UNESCO Multimedia Video and Sound Collections ... service (UMVS) --also referred to as UNESCO Multimedia Archives. Most of the material is available in full on this platform; ...
Interworking of H-series multimedia terminals with H-series multimedia terminals and voice/voiceband terminals on GSTN, ISDN ... H.323 security: Framework for security in ITU-T H-series (ITU-T H.323 and other ITU-T H.245-based) multimedia systems ITU-T Rec ... Withdrawn] Security and encryption for H-series (H.323 and other H.245-based) multimedia terminals ITU-T Rec. H.235 (2003) ... Implementors Guide for H.235 V3: "Security and encryption for H-series (H.323 and other H.245-based) multimedia terminals" ...
As #BatWeek comes to an end, we figured its the perfect time to get a little bit more…animated. Over the last few weeks the USGS has been highlighting a handful of careers in our "I Am A..." web series. Since we are all batty at the moment, it seems like the perfect time to put the spotlight on chiropterologists, or bat scientists. One favor, though, please promise to not ...
Multimedia Education Extended abstract for a panel at ACM Multimedia 2008, Vancouver, Canada. [pdf file] Wolfgang Hürst, Konrad ... Multimedia Education in Computer Science: A Little Bit of Everything Is Not Enough. IEEE MultiMedia, vol. 15(2), 2008, 78-82. [ ... Multimedia Algorithmics. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 27(2), 2005, 187-193. [pdf file] Mirela Tanase, Remco C. Veltkamp, ... Educational Multimedia. Special Section Introduction, IEEE MultiMedia magazine, Vol.15(3), July-September 2008. [pdf file]. ...
NSFs mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education made by scientists, engineers, and educators from across the country.
Granting the right to use media from the NSF Multimedia Gallery does not explicitly or implicitly convey NSFs endorsement of ... Unless otherwise stated, images and other media in the National Science Foundation Multimedia Gallery are available for use in ...
Multimedia Search and Mining (MSM) group focuses on a wide variety of multimedia-related research and projects, e.g., ...
Multimedia Search and Mining Multimedia Search and Mining (MSM) group focuses on a wide variety of multimedia-related research ... Intelligent Multimedia The Intelligent Multimedia (IM) group aims to build seamless yet efficient multimedia applications and ... Multimedia, Interaction, and Communication (MIC) The Multimedia, Interaction, and Communication (MIC) group extends the state ... We apply our expertise in computer vision, acoustics, multimedia signal processing, and information coding to improve peoples ...
This document has been produced by the SYMM Working Group as part of the W3C Synchronized Multimedia Activity, following the ... Define an XML-based language that allows authors to write interactive multimedia presentations. Using SMIL, an author may ... This document specifies the third version of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL, pronounced "smile"). SMIL ... Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0). W3C Recommendation 01 December 2008. This version:. ...
Phones_and_PDA Industry: Global Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) Industry. __________________________. Contact Clare: [email ... Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC): A Definition II-20. Characteristics of eMMC II-20. eMMC Packets and Responses II-21. Command ... Global Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) Industry. ... This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) in Thousand Units by the following End-Use ...
Newswise gives journalists access to the latest news and provides a platform for universities, institutions, and journalists to spread breaking news to their audience. ...
My name is Kate Allstadt. Im a research geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado, and Im here in Puerto Rico in the city of Ponce with some colleagues and were here to map the ground failure that occurred due to this earthquake so were mapping things like Rock Falls and landslides and liquefaction, as well as lateral spreading which is what we. ...
Our flagship report maps health trends, charts progress towards achieving health goals and provides an advance base for health policy Overview. Full report ...
Phoenix Mission: A new space explorer is waiting in the wings and ready to take center stage: the Mars lander called Phoenix. Set for launch aboard a Delta II rocket, Phoenixs assignment is to dig through the Martian soil and ice in the arctic region and use its onboard scientific instruments to analyze the samples it retrieves.
Digital online multimedia may be downloaded or streamed. Streaming multimedia may be live or on-demand. Multimedia games and ... Media related to Multimedia at Wikimedia Commons History of Multimedia from the University of Calgary Multimedia in ... ACM Multimedia IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) Artmedia Multi-image Multimedia Messaging Service ... the element of interactivity makes them a striking example of interactive multimedia. Interactive multimedia defines multimedia ...
  • The TCMC meeting was held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME'17) in Hong Kong on July 12, 2017. (
  • Abstract: The Multimedia for Medicine Medico Task, running for the first time as part of MediaEval 2017, focuses on detecting abnormalities, diseases and anatomical landmarks in images captured by medical devices in the gastrointestinal tract. (
  • Multimedia Search and Mining (MSM) group focuses on a wide variety of multimedia-related research and projects, e.g., understanding, analysis, search, data mining, and applications. (
  • To be truly useful, a multimedia system must allow a user to define patterns of sound and/or imagery for which the retrieval engine will then search. (
  • When prospective students Google 'multimedia' they may find search results about design or complicated technologies, but this does not adequately convey what a student will learn when doing this course. (
  • Clearly, the development of multimedia retrieval systems is closely tied to the field of artificial intelligence. (
  • The First IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval (MIPR'18), sponsored by TCMC, will be held in Miami, Florida, USA, April 10-12, 2018. (
  • The book is also meant to a broader audience including practicing professionals working in image/video applications such as image processing, video surveillance, multimedia indexing and retrieval, and so on. (
  • Multimedia Tools and Applications, p. 1-20, 2019. (
  • The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA), an international organization dedicated to bringing together broadband marketing professionals from the telco and vendor communities to share best practices, recently elected its Board of Directors for 2019-2020 at the BMMA 2019 Annual Meeting held in Charleston, SC. (
  • Define an XML-based language that allows authors to write interactive multimedia presentations. (
  • In this way, multimedia "speaks" to different learning modalities: auditory learners, visual learners, tactile learners all benefit from multimedia's varied presentations of information, sometimes choosing for themselves the most meaningful information avenue. (
  • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has launched a Web site that gives ground-level, multimedia presentations of classroom teaching. (
  • Multimedia presentations may be viewed by person on stage, projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player. (
  • 1. Regulatory Environment for Mobile Multimedia Services: The Case of Hong Kong and China Xu Yan Department of Information and Systems Management HKUST Business School Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Clearwater Bay, Kowloon Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2358 7640 Fax: (852) 2358 2421 E-mail: [email protected] The growing popularity of mobile multimedia communications has increasingly challenged current regulatory framework in the telecommunications and other relevant sectors. (
  • This paper, based on a project sponsored by the International Telecommunications Union, conducted a comprehensive review of regulatory environment for mobile multimedia services in Hong Kong and China. (
  • J.F. Pane and P.L. Miller, "The ACSE Multimedia Science Learning Environment," Proceedings of the 1993 International Conference on Computers in Education, T.-W. Chan, Ed. Taipei, Taiwan, December 1993, pp. 168-173. (
  • In the 1993 first edition of Multimedia: Making It Work, Tay Vaughan declared "Multimedia is any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video that is delivered by computer. (
  • We address the problems of intelligent multimedia content sensing, processing, analysis, services, and the generic scalability issues of multimedia computing systems. (
  • This page contains links to ERS multimedia content, including webinars, podcasts , and video . (
  • Users can annotate images with rich multimedia content and link to image, audio and video resources to put the materials in a visual context. (
  • At Johns Hopkins University , multimedia developers in the Center for Educational Resources were determined to provide their faculty with an easy-to-use web application that would work in any subject area to orient students to rich media content resources and allow viewers to explore relationships among these media elements. (
  • Multimedia is a form of communication that combines different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, or video into a single presentation, in contrast to traditional mass media, such as printed material or audio recordings. (
  • Likewise, single forms of information content with single methods of information processing (e.g. non-interactive audio) are often called multimedia, perhaps to distinguish static media from active media. (
  • Performing arts may also be considered multimedia considering that performers and props are multiple forms of both content and media. (
  • Turn your Toyota into your favorite venue by accessing your Apple Music ® , podcasts and more from your audio multimedia system. (
  • Popular examples of multimedia include video podcasts, audio slideshows and Animated videos. (
  • SMIL allows integrating a set of independent multimedia objects into a synchronized multimedia presentation. (
  • Using SMIL, an author may describe the temporal behaviour of a multimedia presentation, associate hyperlinks with media objects and describe the layout of the presentation on a screen. (
  • Use your compatible iPhone ® with your Toyota's audio multimedia system so you can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, while staying focused on your commute. (
  • Do not use the audio multimedia system if it will distract you. (
  • The place for your multimedia software questions: everything about using software for audio, video and image editing, display, or viewing and listening. (
  • The TC on Multimedia Computing (TCMC) is related to interest in all aspects of hardware and software systems that bring about the synchronization of a variety of different types of media such as audio, video, text, and animation to convey information. (
  • Multimedia data embedding, such as video, image or audio data watermarking. (
  • 2. The computer-implemented method of claim 1 , wherein the vector x represents multimedia selected from the group essentially consisting of: audio, image, and video. (
  • Slide shows with synchronized audio tapes, the instructional multimedia of the 1960s, evolved into the use of 16mm films and educational television by the 70s. (
  • Currently, cutting-edge multimedia consists of all the elements of the past enhanced by extremely high-quality digital visuals and audio in an interactive package that invites user involvement. (
  • The Palo Alto Audio Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers offer a great balance between size, cost and functionality. (
  • Whether you're looking to include audio and/or video processing in your next project or are already an accomplished multimedia system designer - this session provides an insight into Xilinx's latest solutions. (
  • In common usage, multimedia refers to an electronically delivered combination of media including video, still images, audio, and text in such a way that can be accessed interactively. (
  • Some computers which were marketed in the 1990s were called "multimedia" computers because they incorporated a CD-ROM drive, which allowed for the delivery of several hundred megabytes of video, picture, and audio data. (
  • Videotape, the multimedia of the 80s, constituted one of the first forms of multimedia that truly put production capabilities in the hands of typical teachers, who were eventually challenged in the 90s with new technologies like CD-ROMs, video games, and the World Wide Web. (
  • This new USB alarm clock will not only wake you up in time, it's also equipped with multimedia features such as a music/video player, photo viewer and an e-book reader. (
  • Make the most of your multimedia with powerful video software tools. (
  • There are even some free lesson plans for multimedia journalism , video , and photography that teachers can use to empower students right away. (
  • Diamond offers a complete multimedia solution featuring AMD Radeon graphics cards, TV tuners, USB display adapters, video capture devices, sound cards, modems, and electronics accessories all from one convenient location. (
  • The term "video", if not used exclusively to describe motion photography, is ambiguous in multimedia terminology. (
  • The target audience of this book is researchers and engineers as well as graduate students working in various disciplines linked to multimedia analysis, processing and communications, e.g., computer vision, pattern recognition, information technology, image processing, and artificial intelligence. (
  • Our multimedia theme pages present short videos, interviews, infographics and related research publications on relevant and emerging themes for environmental policy. (
  • View and download multimedia-including infographics , videos , and animations -related to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, research, projects, and program activities. (
  • We apply our expertise in computer vision, acoustics, multimedia signal processing, and information coding to improve people's experience in interacting with each other and with machines. (
  • It focuses on the state-of-the-art research in various essential areas related to emerging technologies, standards and applications on analysis, processing, computing, and communication of multimedia information. (
  • Accessibility Internet Browser for Multimedia (aiBrowser for Multimedia) is an Internet browser for visually impaired users providing multimedia control features and alternative user interfaces by external metadata. (
  • Research in the field of multimedia metadata is especially challenging: Lots of scientific publications and reports on research projects are published every year and the range of possible applications is diverse and huge. (
  • This book gives an overview on fundamental issues within the field of multimedia metadata focusing on contextualized, ubiquitous, accessible and interoperable services on a higher semantic level. (
  • The book in hand provides a selection of basic articles being a base for multimedia metadata research. (
  • Furthermore it presents a view on the current state of the art in multimedia metadata research. (
  • The multimedia metadata community (, wherefrom this book originated, brings together experts from research and industry in the area of multimedia metadata research and application development. (
  • Greenpeace bietet eine große Bandbreite an spannendem Multimedia-Material. (
  • Being a serious multimedia publishers means reckoning with "that other platform. (
  • The Intelligent Multimedia (IM) group aims to build seamless yet efficient multimedia applications and services through breakthroughs in fundamental theory and innovations in algorithm and system technology. (
  • The word "intelligent" in the book's title describes the biggest obstacle in developing an ideal multimedia archival system. (
  • Suppose that a person were to ask a computer-based multimedia system to find all media sources that refer to clocks. (
  • Park, S., Lee, Y., Shin, H.: An experimental analysis of the effect of the operating system on memory performance in embedded multimedia computing. (
  • A terminal device (TD) coupled to a multimedia distribution system (MDS). (
  • The terminal device is provided with an interface (IM) having selection buttons associated to sensors (SNS) for allowing a user not only to select multimedia outputs from the multimedia distribution system (MDS), but also for transmitting zapping intentions corresponding to the behavior of the user to a user behavior analyzing device build into the terminal device. (
  • The zapping intentions are derived from biometric parameters such as pressure, movement, temperature, heartbeat and/or sweat and are translated by the user behavior analyzing device into behavior parameters that are transmitted to and interpreted by the multimedia distribution system. (
  • As feedback, the multimedia distribution system replies with second multimedia outputs with the purpose of orienting or influencing the user in his/her selection choice. (
  • 2. The terminal device and multimedia distribution system according to claim 1, characterized in that said user behavior analyzing device is adapted to detect and to analyze biometric parameters of said user. (
  • 3. The terminal device and multimedia distribution system according to claim 2, characterized in that said biometric parameters are pressure, movement, temperature, heartbeat and/or sweat. (
  • 4. The terminal device and multimedia distribution system according to claim 1, characterized in that said user behavior analyzing device operates instantaneously on the user's interaction with the sensors (SNS) to determine a qualitative profile of said user. (
  • 5. The terminal device and multimedia distribution system according to claim 4, characterized in that said user behavior analyzing device determines said user's qualitative profile based on historic and learning process. (
  • 6. The terminal device and multimedia distribution system according to claim 1, characterized in that said terminal device is a handheld terminal. (
  • As longtime users of Dassault Systèmes' CATIA, Bosch Car Multimedia used the 3D EXPERIENCE® platform in a proof of concept (PoC) for the development of a combined head-up display (CHUD) to acquire a better system understanding of kinematics. (
  • If you're looking for a new multimedia speaker system for your personal space, check out the e1100 Predator Multimedia Speaker System. (
  • A multimedia device includes input ports dedicated to receiving a real-time media signal and a processor system dedicated to capturing the real-time media signal. (
  • The input ports and the processor system are integrated into the multimedia capture. (
  • In modern times, a multimedia device can be referred to an electronic device, such as a smartphone, a videogame system, or a computer, for example. (
  • Today, as head of Paramount Technology Group's Media Kitchen in San Francisco, she is charged with turning the concept of multimedia into an honest-to-God reality that will filter into the nation's homes. (
  • The goal of the TC is to bring together practitioners and researchers interested in multimedia systems for the purpose of promoting multimedia computing technology development as well as fostering activities that will benefit the membership and the profession as a whole. (
  • Bosch Car Multimedia, a division within Bosch Mobility Solutions, connects the inside and outside of a car by combining vehicle technology, the data cloud, and digital services to offer complete mobility solutions to drivers and passengers. (
  • Bosch Car Multimedia believes that the evolution of digital technology and the nearly endless possibilities connectivity has to offer that facilitate driving and entertain occupants throughout their journey create a third living space alongside that of the home and office. (
  • A very good overview of current (Macintosh) multimedia software, hardware, and technology. (
  • By telling their stories through multimedia, students develop skills in critical thinking, writing, research, and collaboration, as well as owning their learning and effecting change. (
  • And it doesn't matter if those children are her own, or the people who report to her, or the multimedia products that arose from her imagination. (
  • Accenture works with clients to develop, implement and maintain leading-edge, multimedia advertising solutions, utilizing per-intergrated, best-of-breed market products. (
  • Unless otherwise stated, images and other media in the National Science Foundation Multimedia Gallery are available for use in print and electronic material by NSF employees, members of the media, university staff, teachers and the general public. (
  • Granting the right to use media from the NSF Multimedia Gallery does not explicitly or implicitly convey NSF's endorsement of the site or document in which the media is used or the entity using it. (
  • Humans are often unaware of how profoundly the constant barrage of visual images, sound, and motion in mass media affects them, yet the advent of multimedia has changed the way humans communicate. (
  • Technically, multimedia is simply the use of multiple types of media to convey a message. (
  • This slim keyboard features multimedia buttons for email, media player etc. and it talks to your computer wirelessly on a 2.4GHz radio frequency from up to 15 meters away using a USB dongle. (
  • The Japanese company Nikon Corporation has just announced their Media Port UP, a multimedia playback headset device that also supports Internet connection. (
  • In the early years of multimedia, the term "rich media" was synonymous with interactive multimedia. (
  • Rintaluoma T., Silven O., Raekallio J. (2006) Interface Overheads in Embedded Multimedia Software. (
  • Top-rated multimedia software for MP3 files, websites, ringtones and more. (
  • The Forth IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (BigMM'18), sponsored by TCMC, will be held in Xi'an, China, September 13-16, 2018. (
  • Multimedia can be recorded for playback on computers, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices, either on demand or in real time (streaming). (
  • The multimedia capabilities in battery powered mobile communication devices should be provided at high energy efficiency. (
  • In order to communicate what the BIS Multimedia degree is all about, a new Information Site was created for the University of Pretoria's website. (
  • The new Multimedia Information Site can be found at . (
  • Finally, multimedia is coming of age - and Ambron's efforts will help PDA-toting tourists find the best restaurants, lead couch potatoes to CDs and concert tickets, and let remote-control junkies surf the forthcoming superchannel. (
  • to a converged audience, data-driven, multimedia model. (
  • Bosch Car Multimedia tested the model-based systems engineering approach based on the 3D EXPERIENCE platform to efficiently connect each discipline in the product development. (
  • Connectivity challenges us to design systems that are very sophisticated, hence, their complexity," Bernd Hirt, group manager core function mechanics at Bosch Car Multimedia, said. (
  • In the development process you have different stakeholders who contribute to projects, working with their own tools and exchanging designs through interfaces," Christian Simonis, project coordinator proof of concept for model-based systems engineering, at Bosch Car Multimedia said. (
  • Training can be assigned depending on the role or area of responsibility and can be planned according to requirements and time schedules," Marc Ölschläger, systems validation engineer at Bosch Car Multimedia said. (
  • As highlighted in this paper, current regulations are facing significant challenges to deal with current and emerging issues in mobile multimedia services. (
  • It then addresses key regulatory issues in the mobile multimedia services in these two concerned economies. (
  • First there's her appearance: With her short-gray hair, piercing brown eyes, and Talbot's-style clothing, she looks more like the head of the local Jaycees than one of the world's most influential shapers of multimedia and interactive communication. (
  • When you allow the user - the viewer of the project - to control what and when these elements are delivered, it is interactive multimedia. (
  • When you provide a structure of linked elements through which the user can navigate, interactive multimedia becomes hypermedia. (
  • In the fine arts, for example, Leda Luss Luyken's ModulArt brings two key elements of musical composition and film into the world of painting: variation of a theme and movement of and within a picture, making ModulArt an interactive multimedia form of art. (
  • In this paper, we consider the observed developments against the needs of multimedia applications in mobile communication devices and quantify the overheads in reference implementations. (
  • This multimedia backpack from the professional outfitter Kata allows you to carry your precious gadgets "as safely, protected, and comfortably as the professionals do. (
  • Advanced Computing for Science Education (ACSE) is a multimedia science learning environment. (
  • Project lead Reid Sczerba, a multimedia developer in the Center for Educational Resources, commented: "The project really engaged the student staff to think creatively and take ownership for their part on this unique application. (
  • However, by the 1990s 'multimedia' took on its current meaning. (
  • Bosch Car Multimedia used among other Dassault Systèmes' Companion eLearning courses to bring designers and engineers up to speed on the 3D EXPERIENCE platform. (
  • The multimedia of this decade, through the use of virtual reality, will be enormously efficient in recreating reality and true experience, the most tangible mode of information transfer. (
  • The goal of multimedia in education is to immerse the student in a multiple sensory environment in order to transfer and infuse knowledge and understanding by mimicking experience as closely as possible. (
  • If you had a problem in the multimedia department, use the dedication area to describe the problem you experienced. (
  • Two years later, in 1968, the term "multimedia" was re-appropriated to describe the work of a political consultant, David Sawyer, the husband of Iris Sawyer-one of Goldstein's producers at L'Oursin. (
  • The mechanics division of Bosch Car Multimedia is responsible for developing the components and overall design concept of display instruments of the vehicle's interior. (
  • These different learning modes are essential considerations in the instructional design of a multimedia project. (
  • A broadcast may be a live or recorded multimedia presentation. (