Solutions for rinsing the mouth, possessing cleansing, germicidal, or palliative properties. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
Substances which reduce or eliminate dentinal sensitivity or the pain associated with a source of stimulus (such as touch, heat, or cold) at the orifice of exposed dentinal tubules causing the movement of tubular fluid that in turn stimulates tooth nerve receptors.
A disinfectant and topical anti-infective agent used also as mouthwash to prevent oral plaque.
An offensive, foul breath odor resulting from a variety of causes such as poor oral hygiene, dental or oral infections, or the ingestion of certain foods.
Synthetic thermoplastics that are tough, flexible, inert, and resistant to chemicals and electrical current. They are often used as biocompatible materials for prostheses and implants.
Carbonic acid calcium salt (CaCO3). An odorless, tasteless powder or crystal that occurs in nature. It is used therapeutically as a phosphate buffer in hemodialysis patients and as a calcium supplement.
Substances used on humans and other animals that destroy harmful microorganisms or inhibit their activity. They are distinguished from DISINFECTANTS, which are used on inanimate objects.
A source of inorganic fluoride which is used topically to prevent dental caries.
Cationic bactericidal surfactant used as a topical antiseptic for skin, wounds, mucous membranes, instruments, etc.; and also as a component in mouthwash and lozenges.
A plant family of the order Celastrales, subclass Rosidae, class Magnoliopsida, a small family growing in the tropics. Members contain piperidine alkaloids and GLUCOSINOLATES.
Lining of the ORAL CAVITY, including mucosa on the GUMS; the PALATE; the LIP; the CHEEK; floor of the mouth; and other structures. The mucosa is generally a nonkeratinized stratified squamous EPITHELIUM covering muscle, bone, or glands but can show varying degree of keratinization at specific locations.
Inorganic salts of hydrofluoric acid, HF, in which the fluorine atom is in the -1 oxidation state. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed) Sodium and stannous salts are commonly used in dentifrices.
Inorganic salts of phosphoric acid that contain two phosphate groups.
A solution used for irrigating the mouth in xerostomia and as a substitute for saliva.
The practice of personal hygiene of the mouth. It includes the maintenance of oral cleanliness, tissue tone, and general preservation of oral health.
INFLAMMATION of the soft tissues of the MOUTH, such as MUCOSA; PALATE; GINGIVA; and LIP.
The gradual destruction of a metal or alloy due to oxidation or action of a chemical agent. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Inorganic fluorides of tin. They include both stannic fluoride (tin tetrafluoride) and stannous fluoride (tin difluoride). The latter is used in the prevention of dental caries.
A plant genus of the family MALVACEAE, order Malvales, subclass Dilleniida. The common name of 'Mallow' may sometimes get confused with other plants.
A film that attaches to teeth, often causing DENTAL CARIES and GINGIVITIS. It is composed of MUCINS, secreted from salivary glands, and microorganisms.
Chemicals especially for use on instruments to destroy pathogenic organisms. (Boucher, Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
The oval-shaped oral cavity located at the apex of the digestive tract and consisting of two parts: the vestibule and the oral cavity proper.
Inorganic compounds that contain chlorine as an integral part of the molecule.
Inflammation of gum tissue (GINGIVA) without loss of connective tissue.
The clear, viscous fluid secreted by the SALIVARY GLANDS and mucous glands of the mouth. It contains MUCINS, water, organic salts, and ptylin.
A benign, painful, tumor of bone characterized by the formation of osteoid tissue, primitive bone and calcified tissue. It occurs frequently in the spine of young persons. (From Dorland, 27th ed; Stedman, 25th ed)
Inorganic or organic compounds that contain sulfur as an integral part of the molecule.
Single preparations containing two or more active agents, for the purpose of their concurrent administration as a fixed dose mixture.
The refined fixed oil obtained from the seed of one or more cultivated varieties of Sesamum indicum. It is used as a solvent and oleaginous vehicle for drugs and has been used internally as a laxative and externally as a skin softener. It is used also in the manufacture of margarine, soap, and cosmetics. (Dorland, 28th ed & Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Substances used to clean dentures; they are usually alkaline peroxides or hypochlorites, may contain enzymes and release oxygen. Use also for sonic action cleaners.
A diphenyl ether derivative used in cosmetics and toilet soaps as an antiseptic. It has some bacteriostatic and fungistatic action.
The process by which PAIN is recognized and interpreted by the brain.
Chronic inflammation and loss of PERIODONTIUM that is associated with the amount of DENTAL PLAQUE or DENTAL CALCULUS present. Chronic periodontitis occurs mostly in adults and was called adult periodontitis, but this disease can appear in young people.
Oils which evaporate readily. The volatile oils occur in aromatic plants, to which they give odor and other characteristics. Most volatile oils consist of a mixture of two or more TERPENES or of a mixture of an eleoptene (the more volatile constituent of a volatile oil) with a stearopten (the more solid constituent). The synonym essential oils refers to the essence of a plant, as its perfume or scent, and not to its indispensability.
Substances that inhibit or arrest DENTAL CARIES formation. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)

Salivary contribution to exhaled nitric oxide. (1/260)

Dietary and metabolic nitrate is distributed from the blood to the saliva by active uptake in the salivary glands, and is reduced to nitrite in the oral cavity by the action of certain bacteria. Since it has been reported that nitric oxide may be formed nonenzymatically from nitrite this study aimed to determine whether salivary nitrite could influence measurements of exhaled NO. Ten healthy subjects fasted overnight and ingested 400 mg potassium nitrate, equivalent to approximately 200 g spinach. Exhaled NO and nasal NO were regularly measured with a chemiluminescence technique up to 3 h after the ingestion. Measurements of exhaled NO were performed with a single-breath procedure, standardized to a 20-s exhalation, at a flow of 0.15 L x s(-1), and oral pressure of 8-10 cmH2O. Values of NO were registered as NO release rate (pmol x s(-1)) during the plateau of exhalation. Exhaled NO increased steadily over time after nitrate load and a maximum was seen at 120 min (77.0+/-15.2 versus 31.2+/-3.0 pmol x s(-1), p<0.01), whereas no increase was detected in nasal NO levels. Salivary nitrite concentrations increased in parallel; at 120 min there was a four-fold increase compared with baseline (1.56+/-0.44 versus 0.37+/-0.09 mM, p<0.05). The nitrite-reducing conditions in the oral cavity were also manipulated by the use of different mouthwash procedures. The antibacterial agent chlorhexidine acetate (0.2%) decreased NO release by almost 50% (p<0.01) 90 min after nitrate loading and reduced the preload control levels by close to 30% (p<0.05). Sodium bicarbonate (10%) also reduced exhaled NO levels, but to a somewhat lesser extent than chlorhexidine acetate. In conclusion, salivary nitric oxide formation contributes to nitric oxide in exhaled air and a large intake of nitrate-rich foods before the investigation might be misinterpreted as an elevated inflammatory activity in the airways. This potential source of error and the means for avoiding it should be considered in the development of a future standardized method for measurements of exhaled nitric oxide.  (+info)

Phase I study of transforming growth factor-beta3 mouthwashes for prevention of chemotherapy-induced mucositis. (2/260)

The purpose of this study was to establish the safety and tolerability of recombinant transforming growth factor-beta3 (TGF-beta3; CGP 46614) mouthwashes intended for prevention of chemotherapy-induced mucositis. Local effects were especially analyzed by objective and subjective measurements of mucositis. Secondary aims were analysis of potential systemic exposure and development of anti-TGF-beta3-antibodies. Eleven breast cancer patients received chemotherapy with 1.5 g/m2 cyclophosphamide i.v., 80 mg/m2 epirubicin i.v., and 1.0 g/m2 5-fluorouracil i.v. (n = 8) or 1.6 g/m2 carboplatin i.v., 480 mg/m2 thiotepa i.v., and 6 g/m2 cyclophosphamide i.v. divided over 4 days (n = 3). TGF-beta3 mouthwashes (10 ml; provided by Novartis, Basel, Switzerland) were administered for 4 days, four times a day, starting 1 day before chemotherapy. The dose was escalated in following patients from 25 microg/ml (n = 3) to 50 microg/ml (n = 3) and 100 microg/ml (n = 5). Clinically, the mucosa was scored objectively and according to WHO criteria. The percentage of viable oral epithelial cells was determined by trypan blue dye exclusion. Morphology of cells was assessed in buccal smears. Plasma samples were collected for determination of TGF-beta3 levels and anti-TGF-beta3-antibodies. Adverse events were recorded by the patient in a diary. Mouthwashes with TGF-beta3 were well tolerated. Three patients scored for mucositis > grade 0 (WHO grading criteria). The percentage of viable oral epithelial cells in patients treated with 1.5 g/m2 cyclophosphamide i.v., 80 mg/m2 epirubicin i.v., and 1.0 g/m2 5-fluorouracil i.v. was stable, whereas in patients treated with 1.6 g/m2 carboplatin i.v., 480 mg/m2 thiotepa i.v., and 6 g/m2 cyclophosphamide i.v. divided over 4 days, an increase was observed. The morphology of buccal cells showed a transient shift from mature to immature cells in the first week. Neither systemic absorption of TGF-beta3 nor development of TGF-beta3-antibodies was observed. TGF-beta3 mouthwashes were well tolerated and deserve further study in preventing chemotherapy-induced mucositis.  (+info)

Genetic fingerprinting in mouthwashes of patients after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. (3/260)

Detection of chimerism by PCR analysis of short tandem repeats (STR) in blood samples of patients who received allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) has proved to be an important method for early detection of relapse. The prerequisite for this type of analysis is knowledge of donor and recipient pretransplantation genotypes. In some cases, recipient cells from time points prior to BMT are not available and the pretransplant fingerprint cannot be determined. As BM recipients only alter their genotype in blood cells, we attempted to identify patient's pretransplantation genotypes after transplantation in mouthwash samples that contain easily accessible epithelial cells. Of 17 patients who had undergone BMT between one week and 45 months prior to analysis, DNA was isolated from mouthwash cell pellets or from epithelial cells obtained from mouthwashes. PCR analysis of STR loci in the von Willebrand and the tyrosine hydroxylase genes were performed. Even though the mouthwash cell pellets contained about 75% epithelial cells (presumably of recipient origin) and only about 25% leukocytes (presumably of donor origin), three of five patients showed donor genotype and only two patients exhibited chimeric DNA patterns, when cellular DNA was obtained by boiling of mouthwash cell pellets. Following phenol/chloroform extraction, eight of 10 DNA samples exhibited a chimeric pattern, while two of 10 DNAs showed only donor genotype. Of three patients, epithelial cells were attached to magnetic beads prior to DNA isolation. Even this DNA contained donor and recipient material. From our results it appears that blood cells serve as preferential DNA source in mouthwash samples and cannot be removed by epithelial cell separation.  (+info)

A clinical comparison of the efficacy and efficiency of two professional prophylaxis procedures in orthodontic patients. (4/260)

This study compared the efficacy and efficiency of two professional prophylaxis procedures in orthodontic patients performing different oral hygiene regimens: the air powder polishing system (APP), and the rubber cup and pumice (RCP) technique. Sixty-two patients were divided into two groups: group I included 40 subjects who did not use any chlorhexidine mouthwash and group II comprised 22 subjects who regularly rinsed with a chlorhexidine mouthwash (at a 0.12 per cent concentration) and showed increased tooth staining. Using a split-mouth experimental design, the buccal and lingual tooth surfaces were cleaned in half of the mouth by the APP and in the opposite half by the RCP technique. Tooth surfaces were scored before (PRE) and after (POST) the experimental procedures for the plaque index (PI), and for the presence of tooth staining. In addition, the treatment time required by each procedure was recorded. In test group I, significant reductions in the PI after APP and RCP were observed. Likewise, in test group II, both procedures significantly reduced the baseline PI values. In both experimental groups, the percentage of stained sites significantly decreased after APP and RCP, but in test group II, APP seemed to be more effective than RCP. In addition, APP required significantly less time than RCP to remove dental plaque and staining. These data show that both professional prophylaxis procedures are effective in orthodontic patients, with APP being the most time-efficient technique and the most effective method for removal of tooth staining.  (+info)

Self-collection of oral epithelial cell DNA under instruction from epidemiologic interviewers. (5/260)

Oral epithelial cells provide an easily accessible source of germline DNA. Two methods for collection were compared in a 1992-1995 case-control study of oral cancer in Puerto Rico. One group of subjects (55 controls without oral cancer) collected oral rinse samples at home or work under the direction of a nonmedically trained interviewer ("self-collection"); the other group (94 controls) participated in a clinic-based collection, which also included blood and urine samples, conducted by a medical technician ("clinic collection"). Participation was higher for self-collection (98.2%) than for clinic collection (70.7%) (p < 0.001). DNA yields ranged from 2.0 to 204.5 microg (median, 25.9 microg) and did not differ by collection method, although yields varied by interviewer among self-collected samples (p = 0.02). Success rates for polymerase chain reaction amplification of the ADH3, NAT1, and multiplex CYP1A1/GSTT1/GSTM1 genotyping assays ranged from 76.4% (NAT1) to 98.2% (ADH3) for self-collected samples and were similar to those for clinic-collected samples (87.2-97.9%). Failure to amplify was associated with low DNA content (p = 0.015). Similar results were observed among cases (91 self-collected, 66 clinic collected), except that DNA yields did not vary by interviewer and a larger fraction (10.2%) of samples contained less than 5 microg of DNA, perhaps because of disease-related oral impairment. Self-collection of oral epithelial DNA samples appears satisfactory and efficient for many epidemiologic studies.  (+info)

Characterization of exhaled nitric oxide: introducing a new reproducible method for nasal nitric oxide measurements. (6/260)

Nitric oxide (NO) is present in the human nasal airways and has been suggested to originate primarily from the paranasal sinuses. The aim of this study was to establish a new and reproducible method for measurement of nasal NO. Through repeated single-breath measurements the intra- and inter-individual variations of NO levels in nasally (into a tightly fitting mask covering the nose) and orally exhaled air were determined in healthy humans. Variations due to the methods used were investigated. The contribution of oral NO to the nasal exhalations by introducing a mouthwash procedure was also studied. This study shows distinct individual values of NO in nasally and orally exhaled air of healthy humans. Some diurnal variability was also found with a rise in NO in nasally and orally exhaled air over the day, but no, or little, day-to-day variability when comparing the results from separate mornings. There was no correlation between NO levels in nasally and orally exhaled air, whereas there was a strong correlation between NO levels in air exhaled through the left and right nostril. The levels of NO in air exhaled at 0.17 L x s(-1) through either nostril separately were higher than in air exhaled at the same flow rate through both nostrils simultaneously. After the introduction of a mouthwash procedure the level of NO in orally, but not nasally exhaled air was reduced. To conclude the method using nasal exhalation into a nose mask is highly reproducible. It is also suggested that subtracting the level of NO in orally exhaled air, after mouthwash, from that in nasally exhaled air, would adequately reflect nasal NO levels.  (+info)

Reduction of saltiness and bitterness after a chlorhexidine rinse. (7/260)

Chronic rinsing with chlorhexidine, an oral-antiseptic, has been shown to decrease the saltiness of NaCl and the bitterness of quinine. The effect of acute chlorhexidine on taste has not been investigated. The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of acute chlorhexidine rinses on taste intensity and quality of 11 stimuli representing sweet, salt, sour, bitter and savory. All stimuli were first matched for overall intensity so the effects of chlorhexidine would be directly comparable across compounds. As a control treatment, the bitter taste of chlorhexidine digluconate (0.12%) was matched in intensity to quinine HCl, which was found to cross-adapt the bitterness of chlorhexidine. Subjects participated in four experimental conditions: a pre-test, a quinine treatment, a chlorhexidine treatment, and a post-test condition, while rating total taste intensity and taste qualities in separate test sessions. Relative to the quinine treatment, chlorhexidine was found to decrease the salty taste of NaCl, KCl and NH4Cl, and not to significantly affect the tastes of sucrose, monosodium glutamate (MSG), citric acid, HCl and the taste of water. The bitter taste of urea, sucrose octa-acetate and quinine were suppressed after chlorhexidine rinses relative to water rinses, but were only marginally suppressed relative to quinine rinses. Potential mechanisms are discussed.  (+info)

The effect of swallowing or rinsing alcohol solution on the mouth alcohol effect and slope detection of the intoxilyzer 5000. (8/260)

Nine female and 21 male alcohol-free subjects introduced 10 mL of diluted gin (20% v/v alcohol) into their mouths under two conditions. The subjects either rinsed the alcohol for 10 s and then expectorated or immediately swallowed. They then provided breath samples into an Intoxilyzer 5000 at 5 and 10 min postadministration for both conditions. The mean Intoxilyzer results plus or minus one standard deviation (n = 30) were 0.091+/-0.051; 0.036+/-0.027; 0.014+/-0.011, and 0.004+/-0.006 g/210 L for 5 min after rinsing, 5 min after swallowing, 10 min after rinsing, and 10 min after swallowing, respectively. The percentages of times that mouth alcohol was correctly detected by the Intoxilyzer 5000 were 90%, 66%, 62% and 30% for these conditions, respectively. Ten minutes after the introduction of alcohol into the mouth, 63% of the Intoxilyzer results were > 0.010 g/210L after rinsing compared with only 7% after swallowing. The mouth alcohol effect is greater for rinsing than for swallowing alcohol.  (+info)

Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash product. It is promoted with the slogan Kills germs that cause bad breath. Named after Joseph Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery, Listerine was developed in 1879 by Joseph Lawrence, a chemist in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally marketed by the Lambert Pharmacal Company (which later became Warner-Lambert), Listerine has been manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson since that companys acquisition of Pfizers consumer healthcare division in late December 2006. The Listerine brand name is also used in toothpaste, Listerine Whitening rinse, Listerine Fluoride rinse (Listerine Tooth Defense), Listerine SmartRinse (childrens fluoride rinse), PocketPaks, and PocketMist. In September 2007, Listerine began selling its own brand of self-dissolving teeth-whitening strips. Inspired by Louis Pasteurs ideas on microbial infection, the English doctor Joseph Lister demonstrated in 1865 that use of carbolic acid on surgical dressings would ...
environments, as well as reviews evaluating, comparing and synthesising these results. Despite a broad base of evidence, there remains no clear academic consensus with regard to the relationship between alcohol-containing mouthwashes and oral squamous cell carcinoma. This review aims to present and evaluate the evidence for and against any association.. Conclusion. While there is a lack of consistent evidence, it is advisable for clinicians to promote the use of non-alcoholic mouthwashes in order to minimise any potential increase in risk, and discourage long-term use of high alcohol-containing products.. ...
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Mouthwashes are the integral part of your daily oral health regimen. Most people use mouthwash to achieve that fresh clean breath, but mouthwash also helps maintaining clean mouth and healthy gums. Research shows that the use of mouthwash along with flossing and brushing is more effective in maintaining a healthy and clean smile than brushing and flossing alone. There are different kinds of mouthwashes that are available in the drugstores. They have different purposes of use. You can find the mouthwashes that have alcohol or that are alcohol free. If it causes burning in the mouth, you should stick to the ones that have no alcohol. This is also true if you have a dry mouth. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN UNDER SIX USE THE MOUTHWASH as they can swallow the mouthwash.. Here are the main types of mouthwashes:. Anti- Plaque Mouthwashes: These have antiseptic properties that fight the germs in your mouth. They help against plaque build up on teeth and gums. These mouthwashes also give you fresh breath. ...
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Frequently Asked Questions. Is it safe if I swallow the Biotène mouthwash? Yes, although it is not recommended that you do so, there are no dangerous side-effects if you happen to swallow some of the mouthwash.. Should I rinse after using the mouthwash?. No, because the mouthwash is alcohol free, there is no need to rinse your mouth out after using the product. Not rinsing allows the enzymes to continue working after use.. Can I dilute the Biotène Mouthwash with Water?. We do not recommend diluting the mouthwash, because you will lessen the effectiveness. However, if you feel the mouthwash has too strong of a taste, you may dilute it. Only dilute what you need at a time.. How often should I use the Biotène Mouthwash?. The product is designed to be use as often as you like especially after brushing and before bed.. Why does the Mouthwash contain Calcium?. The Calcium in Biotène Mouthwash helps to rebuild enamel on your teeth and it also helps to neutralize acids in the mouth.. Can I use the ...
The Truth About Mouthwash. The product that is used for maintaining oral hygiene is called a mouthwash. It is a medicated solution that is used to gargle for a cleaner mouth. In other words, a mouthwash can also be called a mouth rinse. Mouthwashes have antiseptic and anti plaque components that help in killing germs, thereby preventing plaque, gingivitis and also bad breath. There are various mouth rinses available that are anti cavity as well. These mouthwashes have fluoride that helps in averting tooth decay. However, dont stop brushing your teeth or flossing even if you use a mouthwash.. Generally, the standard quantity of mouthwash required by an individual to rinse the mouth twice a day is approximately 20ml. To get good results from a mouth rinse, you must gargle with the mouthwash for about thirty secpmds and then spit it out.. Thymol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, menthol, chlorhexidine gluconate, benzalkonium chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, fluorides, enzymes ...
Lets take a closer look at how the researcher came to find sufficient evidence for this link. This new Australian study is actually a review of the existing evidence, although similar reviews in the recent past have concluded that there is not enough evidence for a link between alcohol-containing mouthwash and cancer.. This new review places a lot of emphasis on a large study carried out in Latin America and Central Europe in 2007. The study looked at the link between many elements of oral hygiene and mouth cancer. The investigation of a link between mouthwash use and mouth cancer formed only a small part of the study.. Although the findings did suggest that mouthwash use may increase the risk of mouth cancer, the researchers warned that their findings should be interpreted with caution, largely because they did not record the alcohol content of the mouthwash, the length of time that people had used mouthwash, or how long they held it in their mouth. The researchers on the Latin American ...
Specifications of LISTERINE ORIGINAL 250mL.Protect your mouth from germs with Cool Mint Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash. Accepted by the American Dental Association, this mouthwash is clinically shown to reduce 52 percent more plaque and 21 percent more gingivitis than brushing and flossing alone. Adding a 30-second rinse to your morning and evening routines is all it takes to get 24-hour protection against germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. Cool Mint Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash leaves your mouth feeling intensely clean.Product Type: LISTERINE ORIGINAL.Brand: LISTERINEWeight: 250mLQuality: 100% OriginalPackaging: Glass Jar.Product Origin: IndiaIngredients:Active: Eucalyptol 0.092%....Purpose: Antiplaque/Antigingivitis, Active: Menthol 0.042%...Purpose: Antiplaque/Antigingivitis, Active: Methyl Salicylate 0.060%...Purpose: Antiplaque/Antigingivitis, Active: Thymol 0.064%...Purpose: Antiplaque/Antigingivitis. Inactive: Water, Alcohol (26.9%), Benzoic Acid, Poloxamer 407, Sodium
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Brushing cleans only 25% of your mouth. Germs left behind in your mouth may cause bad breath, plaque and gum problems. Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash reaches all parts of your mouth to remove 99.9% germs and reduce gum problems in 2 weeks. Its unique formula with 4 Essential Oils (Menthol, Thymol, Eucalyptol, Oil of Wintergreen) deeply penetrates to remove the bacteria in the plaque biofilm. Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash reaches your mouth to remove germs left over after brushing.. Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash 250 ml. ...
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January 11, 2017 -- Rinsing with the antiseptic mouthwash Listerine for one minute can significantly reduce the prevalence of gonorrhea-causing bacteria, according to a new study. Now, researchers want to know whether Listerine can also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).. In 1879, the manufacturer of Listerine claimed the mouthwash could cure gonorrhea. With gonorrhea infections increasing worldwide, a team of researchers from Melbourne, Australia, thought it was a good time to investigate whether Listerine really does inhibit the growth Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the mouth and throat. The findings of their small study were published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections (December 20, 2016).. If Listerine has an inhibitory effect against N. gonorrhoeae in the pharynx, it could be a cheap, easy to use, and potentially effective intervention for gonorrhea prevention and control, wrote the authors, led by Eric Chow, MPH, PhD. Chow is a senior research fellow ...
Although using mouthwash is certainly not the equal of brushing and flossing, it does have benefits for your dental hygiene. If you use mouthwash regularly, you should find out which type is best suited for your needs. Here are some things to think about the next time youre at the store.. The first item to weigh is why you want to use mouthwash. If the reason involves a high risk for cavities, you should focus on a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Make sure to double-check the label, because some mouthwashes do not necessarily include fluoride.. If youre looking for a mouthwash to fight gingivitis, select an oral rinse with antibacterial properties. Make sure to read labels and avoid picking one that contains alcohol. Antibacterial mouthwash would also be best for a patient who has periodontal disease.. Another option is prescription mouthwash. These should be discussed with Dr. Sal Zammitti and Dr. Matthew P. Gidaly and/or your pharmacist in order to avoid negative side effects. Pay close ...
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I was recently asked for my opinion on mouthwash. Due to the use of saccharin as a sweetener in mouthwash a friend of mine was very concerned. She takes great care of her diet and health and didnt want to expose even just her mouth to saccharin that is commonly used to sweeten mouthwash. She asked me and a few other health Gurus what we thought about the use of mouthwash with saccharin. I dont use mouthwash personally. There is an increased risk of cancer associated with mouthwash use and saccharin is likely one of the main culprits of that risk - that and the eradication of the protective bacterial balance (probiotics) in the mouth. The conversation about mouthwash that my friend initiated inspired me to do an oral health article.. Ive learned so much recently and wanted to share what Ive learned. I just had a dental appointment and was spontaneously informed that my gums are in great shape! Thats when I began to share what it is exactly that I do. Thankfully my dentist is very open to ...
Hello everybody and welcome to this podcast episode. Today we are talking about a very popular product, Listerine. I will tell you, at my office, anytime we get samples, nothing flies off the shelf faster than Listerine. It is the ultimate crowd pleaser, at least for me at my office. Patients love it, they love getting their samples, and they love rinsing with it at my office. So I think its pretty important because Listerine has a very large product lineup and I want to go over all what they have to offer.. First, thank you to Carrie Anderson, she is my Listerine rep, she went through a lot of effort to get me all this information, because I was asking her a bunch of questions about the product, so I do appreciate that. All in all Listerine, believe it or not, has twelve different mouth rinses. I did not know that myself, Im thinking they have two or three… Twelve different mouth rinses. Broken up into three major categories. Their antiseptic line, their anti-cavity line, and then their ...
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Now that you know more about each type of mouthwash, you can filter through common questions to help pick the right one for you. When should you use your mouthwash? What do dentists recommend?. Therapeutic mouthwashes often contain essential ingredients like fluoride that have been proven to reduce plaque and fight cavities. Using these mouthwashes after brushing allows you to rinse out any remaining bacteria that has been loosened during flossing and brushing as well as protect your teeth for the hours following their use.. According to the American Dental Association, the order of use is less important as long as you do brush and floss. The only exception to this recommendation is when using a fluoride mouth rinse. You should refrain from eating, drinking, or even rinsing your mouth with water after using a fluoride mouthwash. This allows extra time for your mouth to use the fluoride to protect your teeth.. When using fluoride toothpaste, you can brush after using mouthwash, but after brushing ...
Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash: Our most popular mouthwash, flavored with a unique blend of essential oils: lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lime and spearmint. Contains aloe to soothe your gums and moisten your mouth, plus Oxygene® and zinc to fight bad breath. Sweetened with xylitol. Fluoride-free. More information.... Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash: Get the best of both worlds with this mouthwash: the cavity-fighting protection of a non-staining fluoride and the breath-freshening power of Oxygene®. Naturally sweetened with xylitol and flavored with natural peppermint oil for a mild, refreshing taste that your whole family will love.. More information.... Fresh Breath Fresh Mint Mouthwash: Perfect if you want a mild tasting mouthwash thats also fluoride-free. Natural peppermint oil will soothe and cool your gum tissues, and xylitol will help prevent plaque buildup. With Oxygene® for fresh breath protection that lasts up to 6 hours. More information.... Pro Formula Mouthwash: ...
Mouthwashes can be a useful defense against the novel coronavirus, killing the virus within 30 seconds found a lab experiment according to a study by researchers at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.. The findings of the study which showed promising signs of the use of mouthwash against different pathogens were in line with previous studies on mouthwashes that claimed a similar outcome.. Also read: Mouthwash can reduce Covid-19 viral load: Study. Both the studies, cited in the India Today report, found that cetyl pyridinium chloride (CPC), used in mouthwash, can eradicate coronavirus in a lab.. The researchers also pointed out that it is still not clear whether mouthwash can be used for the treatment of Covid-19 as it requires mouthwash to clear the virus from the lungs as well, which is not possible in the natural course.. During a 30-second exposure, two rinses containing cetylpyridinium chloride and a third with ethanol/ethyl lauroyl arginate eliminated the live virus, the authors of ...
Read our review of Johnson & Johnson Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash, Cinnamint, winner of Best Mouthwash for Bad Breath. Compare Johnson & Johnson Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash, Cinnamint prices, specs, user reviews, and more.
Careful quantitative assessment of data regarding use of mouthwash and risk of common oral conditions reveals that there is a clear evidence of benefi t from use in terms of reducing the risk of dental plaque, gingivitis, dental caries and that there are no major adverse effects including no evidence of an increased risk of oral cancer among users of mouthwash containing alcohol. Despite limitations in the quality of many studies conducted, there is a signifi cant reduction of both dental plaque and gingivitis associated with use of mouthwash preparations containing chlorhexidine or essential oils as an adjunct to standard care. The effect of mouthwash containing essential oils on both plaque and gingivitis is less than chlorhexidine in studies of less than 3 months duration but improves with increasing duration of use and equals or exceeds the effect of chlorhexidine when use is 6 months of longer. Mouthwash preparations containing cetylpyridinium or triclosan may also be effective, but less ...
When discussing if mouthwash or saltwater is better, it isnâ t a clear-cut easy answer. It ultimately boils down to what you need to use an oral rinsing solution for.. Saltwater rinse is often recommended for soothing oral pain as mentioned above and it is excellent at killing bacteria because the said bacteria cannot live in salt (hence why it can be used for meat preservation). But is it better than traditional mouthwash? Well, that depends on what mouthwash you are using at the end of the day. There are a wide variety of mouthwash products on the market that aim to do different things. For daily rinsing, you are going to have an advantage by using a mouthwash both containing fluoride and bacteria-killing properties.. However, as long as you are brushing twice a day and flossing once, using either rinsing methods will do the trick in terms of eliminating excess bacteria throughout the day. Just be sure to not rinse with alcohol-based mouthwash if you have burns, sores, or wounds inside your ...
Listerine mouthwash give you Total germ protection for your mouth it gives you a long lasting effect and I have their mouth making your mouth gems B for long t
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If today you a dentist, they will most probably recommend you to use a mouthwash product for better oral health. It does not matter your dental concern, but mouth washing is a critical oral health activity. A mouthwash product is recommended for children who are above six years and adults. Not only will it freshen your mouth breath, but it also helps to fight gingivitis and plaque. It prevents tartar, cavities, and periodontal diseases. It whitens your teeth, soothes any minor irritation and treats halitosis. However, when you want to buy a mouthwash product, the many brands available in the market can confuse you. To help you pick the best mouthwash, we reviewed many mouthwash brands and came up with the best 5 mouthwash products on the market today.. ...
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Dear Madam, dear Sir: With interest, we read the paper of Chow et al. (1) reporting that Listerine antiseptic mouthwash can kill Neisseria gonorrhoeae in vitro and reduce the amount of gonococci on pharyngeal surfaces. There is no doubt that measures beyond antibiotic treatment of gonococcal infections detected clinically or by laboratory testing are needed to reduce the prevalence of infection and that mouthwash can diminish the gonococcal load of the oral cavity. However, we would like to point out that antiseptic mouthwash is no reliable means to prevent transmission of gonorrhea and for the following reasons may lead to a false sense of security in the persons concerned: i. Although MSM with culture-proven oral gonococcal infection were significantly less likely culture-positive after rinsing and gargling with Listerine for one minute, compared to phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), bacteria were still detected by culture in more than 50%. Daily use of Listerine mouthwash might reduce the rate ...
Listerine Mouthwash Total Care Zero Smooth Mint 500ml - Used twice daily, Listerine Total Care Zero is a less intense, alcohol free mouthwash proven to clean & protect with 6 benefits for total oral health: Reduces plaque Maintains healthy gums Contains fluoride for cavity protection Helps prevent tartar to keep teeth naturally white Fights germs that cause plaque and gingivitis Provides lasting fresh breath confidence. Keep out of reach of children. Always read instructions before use., 000 from
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Freshen your breath with Colgate antiseptic mouthwash available at SQUIX, and discover other products from this well-known name. Use this antibacterial mouthwash each morning, and rinse with this antifungal mouthwash after a spicy lunch.
Is pot the near future of mouthwash? Businesses racing to create cannabis-based health products state cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis-derived chemicals are emerging as promising new tools to stop oral health problems like gingivitis and plaque.. The cannabinoid mouthwash was more effective at killing germs than just two popular over-the-counter compounds.. Most of these reported studies reveal chlorhexidine containing mouthwash as the best mouthwash, nevertheless tooth staining is an unwanted side effect of chlorhexidine, the analysis states. Mouthwash goods with cannabinoids extract offer a much safer and effective option with no fluorides or alcohol Continue reading Pot Mouthwash, Study Shows It Works Better Than Regular Products. ...
Your dentist reminds you at each appointment how important it is to brush and floss your teeth daily, but what about mouthwash? Your dentist does not mention it, but a walk down the dental aisle at your local drug store bombards you with a variety of mouthwash options - making you question if mouthwash is necessary? The truth is both yes and no.. For those who brush their teeth at least twice a day and who floss every single day, mouthwash is not a necessary component of your oral health care routine. Nothing beats the work that floss and a tooth brush can do for your mouth. A toothbrush is designed to loosen the bacteria-laden plaque from the surfaces of the teeth, and floss is the only tool designed to clean the tight spaces between the teeth. If this plaque is removed on a daily basis, then adding mouthwash to your routine is not necessary.. However, there are many people who do not floss on a daily basis and who occasionally skip out on brushing their teeth. If this is you, then mouthwash ...
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Its rather difficult to assess if all of the mouthwashs extensive claims are true. However I have been using the mouthwash daily for almost a year and I have definitely seen a reduction in plaque. I always find that my mouth is left feeling fresh and clean after use. I have tried several different mouthwashes and the listerine fresh mint one is definitely my favourite ...
|p|For those who prefer the gentler things in life, LISTERINE|span|®|/span|ZERO™’s alcohol-free formula still gives your mouth a deep LISTERINE|span|®|/span| clean, but with a less intense taste.Used twice a day LISTERINE|span|&
PubMed Central Canada (PMC Canada) provides free access to a stable and permanent online digital archive of full-text, peer-reviewed health and life sciences research publications. It builds on PubMed Central (PMC), the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature and is a member of the broader PMC International (PMCI) network of e-repositories.
There has been concern that the use of alcohol-containing mouthwash such as Listerine may increase the risk of developing oral cancer . [18] [19] As of 2010, 7 meta-analyses have found no connection between alcohol-containing mouthwashes and
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LISTERINE Naturals Herbal Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash is over 99% natural with ingredients derived from plant sources. The remaining one percent is essential to blend the ingredients for product efficacy. To learn more, visit Ingredients: Active: Eucalyptol 0.092%...Purpose: Antiplaque/Antigi
Question - Can hydrogen peroxide be used as a mouthwash on a daily basis?. Ask a Doctor about uses, dosages and side-effects of Listerine, Ask a Dentist
Pierrot Chlorhexidine Mouthwash: 250ml, Treatmente of Periodontal disease and Gingivitis, Implantology, Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0,12%, Antiseptic Mouthwash, With Fluoride, Gluten Free
Bad smell, plague, bad breath, tooth decay, and gum bleeding leaves a bad impression on others. This does not leave a burning, tingling sensation in the mouth, tongue or gums, unlike other mouthwashes. It has an icy mint flavoring and should last up to 24 hours. Be sure to also check out our list of the best toothpastes for bad breath … The best mouthwash for bad breath is actually no mouthwash. A mouthwash that takes care of bad breath kills 99% of germs and bacteria in your mouth. Read why mouthwash might be causing your bad breath instead of helping it. Finding the Best Bad Breath Mouthwash When it comes to finding the right mouthwash to eliminate your bad breath you have to keep in mind that not all mouthwashes were created equally. It is important you deal with the issue of bad breath once and for all. According to the company, its special formula kills 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath. You can overcome this problem with the regular use of Listerine Antiseptic Freshburst Mouthwash. ...
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The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of Cacao bean husk extract mouthrinse with the addition of xylitol, with chlorhexidine mouthrinse as antiplaque agents in children. Forty children between 8-12 years of age were chosen from a residential school and randomly allocated into two groups. Group A was given 0.1% Cacao Bean Husk Extract Mouthrinse to be used twice daily for 1 month while Group B was given 0.12% Chlorhexidine Mouthrinse to be used twice daily for 1 month. This study confirms that Cacao Bean Husk Extract mouthrinse with the addition of xylitol, was equally effective as the chlorhexidine mouthrinse in reducing the Strep Mutans counts in saliva and reducing the plaque scores in children.. ...
The term gum disease or periodontal disease includes both gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the term used for the inflammation of gums. In gingivitis, the gum margins show signs of inflammation without gum recession or bone loss. Chronic gingivitis can be seen in most of the population and it is characterized by tender, swollen, red gums that bleed easily and may be responsible for bad breath in some cases. Gingivitis treatment includes the use of mouthwash but frankly, with the tremendous amount of mouthwashes available in the market, which is the best mouthwash for gingivitis? Continue reading →. ...
False teeth use mouthwash more than toothpaste - What can I do to keep my teeth clean without using toothpaste or mouthwash? Why. You should weigh the pros, cons, risks and benefits of toothpaste, mouthwash... These items have been in history for a long time, and unless youre super allergic to all of them, theres a reason why theyre still used today and recommended by american dental assoc.
So you feel that buying a mouthwash could pinch your wallet but yet cant help but worry about your mouth? Here are several homemade remedies for you to try.
KIN CARE MOUTHWASH WITH ALOE VERA 250ML Dental Kin Care Mouthwash contains aloe vera, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin B3 and betaine for regeneration, hydration and relief for sore, dry or inflammed oral areas. In addition, Kin Care Mouthwash contains two antiseptics - Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.05% and Cetylpyridium Chloride to prevent infection of damaged areas.
Long Spin Zero is the non alcohol based mouthwash which is flavored with citrus mint. This is the mouthwash specifically produced for those who are suffering from burning mouth syndromes and mouth irritation. In this case, it is recommended to select Long Spin Zero to keep from deteriorating the conditions. This alcohol free mouthwash can be used by all groups of people. This unique flavor of citrus mint is new to the market and to be worth trying. ...
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Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the changes in the mechanical properties and surface morphology of different orthodontic wires after immersion in three mouthwash solutions. Materials and Methods: In this in vitro study, five specimens of each of 0.016 inch nickel titanium (NiTi), coated NiTi, and stainless steel orthodontic wires were selected. The specimens were immersed in 0.05 sodium fluoride (NaF), 0.2 chlorhexidine, Zataria multiflora extract, and distilled water (control) for 1.5 h at 37°C. After immersion, loading and unloading forces at 0.5 mm intervals and the elastic modulus (E) of the wires were measured using a three-point bending test. Surface changes were observed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Two-way analysis of variance and Bonferroni tests were used to compare the properties of the wires. The level of significance was set at 0.05. Results: Statistically significant changes in loading and unloading forces and E of the orthodontic wires ...
Ever wonder what leads to bad breath? Discover which everyday habits and health issues are directly linked to bad breath, as LISTERINE® explores bad breath health issues.
Chlorhexidine Mouthwash Mint containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate is used to treat gingivitis (swelling, redness, and bleeding of the gums).
Fermenting food particles, defective or decaying teeth, pyorrhea, catarrh and slight infections in the mouth, nose, and throat-all produce odors. You can get rid of these odors instantly by gargling and rinsing the mouth with full strength Listerine. Every morning. Every night. And between times before meeting others. Listerine halts fermentation because it is an antiseptic. It checks infection because it is a remarkable germicide.* And it quickly overcomes odors because it is a rapid and powerful deodorant.. Keep a bottle of Listerine handy in home and office and use it always before meeting others. Then you will know that your breath cannot offend. Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A.. LISTERINE ends halitosis.. *Though safe to use in any body cavity, full strength Listerine kills even the Staphylococcus Aureus (pus) and Bacillus Typhosus (typhoid) germs in counts ranging to 200,000, 000 in 15 seconds (fastest time accurately recorded by science). ...
As an essential oil, menthol is known for its germ-killing properties. Learn how eucalyptol, menthol & thymol are used in LISTERINE® Antiseptic mouthwash.
Brand: ColgateColgate 2 in 1 Toothpaste & Mouthwash, Icy Blast Whitening, Liquid Gel, 3 pack 4.6 OZ Each Size:Pack of 3 Colgate 2 in 1 Toothpaste & Mouthwash, Icy Blast Whitening, Liquid Gel, 3 pack 4.6 OZ Each Freshens your breath with an intense mint flavor burst. Whitens teeth with a cavity-fighting formula.
The authors show that Klebsiella pneumoniae strains are able to become more resistant to the widely used antiseptic chlorhexidine. They also show that in five of six strains, adaptation to chlorhexidine also led to resistance to colistin, a last-resort antibiotic.. There is a potential risk that colistin resistance will emerge in Klebsiella pneumoniae as a result of exposure to chlorhexidine, given the wide range of products sold to the NHS that contain active concentrations of chlorhexidine.. Klebsiella pneumoniae infections and outbreaks are becoming increasingly common in hospitals and can cause a range of diseases, including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound infections, surgical site infections, meningitis and urinary tract infections.. While it is true that chlorhexidine is in a range of products, including mouthwash and wound dressings, the study did not specifically look at mouthwash or any other household products. There is no evidence that using these products is unsafe or has ...
OK now mouthwash, (to me) it does everything toothpaste does really! prevents gingivitis, fights plaque, and also gives you good breath! AND it does in all around the mouth, teeth, roof, gums, etc. so my question is why do we use toothpaste? does toothpaste do something extra that mouthwash doesnt?
I was excited to try the hello products because they come in a bunch of intriguing flavors: supermint, pink grapefruit mint, mojito mint and sweet cinnamint.. Going from the Naturals Dentist orange zest flavored toothpaste to the flavorful pink grapefruit mint was a little shocking at first but after a few days I was used it. I have no complaints about the hello toothpaste and prefer it to the Naturals Dentist toothpaste which often left a funny aftertaste in my mouth.. The mouthwash is pleasant to use to and since it doesnt have a safety cap its easy to open. The lack of a safety cap is a point of pride for hello, which claims the cap is not necessary because the product is not dangerous. The cap is also not your typical cap with markers indicating a proper usage amount. At first I tried to measure the mouthwash into the cap but the double circle design of the cap and the blunt end of the bottle made it messy. I ended up just swigging from the bottle.. After using the hello products for ...
If youre looking forward purchase a mouthwash to reverse gingivitis, consider checking here with my top best mouthwash for gingivitis reversion. Other information about gingivitis is also provided which I advise you to read entirely.
What are the consequences of intolerable mucositis?. Intolerable OM (grade 3 or higher) deserves more attention as large painful ulcers characterize it. Pain leads to reduced food intake or nutritional deficiencies. Also, mucositis induced dysphagia further reduces patients nutritional intake, leading to malnutrition and secondary bacterial and fungal infections. As a result, the condition worsens, resulting in systemic symptoms such as fatigue, anorexia and depression.. Drugs in OM:. Various drugs have been used to prevent and treat OM, but none have achieved a satisfactory level.. Oral care and mouthwashes to prevent/ reduce the severity of OM:. Recently, oral care has been suggested to play a role in OM progression. Different oral care solutions, such as chlorhexidine, benzydamine, sucralfate, povidone-iodine, and honey, have been found to prevent mucositis or reduce its severity.. Mouthwashes can maintain a clean oral environment and reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity, thus ...
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Bleeding gums are among the classic signs of gingivitis together with gum tenderness and inflammation. Gingivitis results from bad mouth bacteria that affect the gums thus causing gum disease. Daily brushing and flossing make some of the best ways of keeping the oral issue at bay. A good mouthwash also comes in handy in killing the germs and bacteria that cause gingivitis.. There are so many types of mouthwashes out there in the market. Some of the mouthwashes are designed to take care of specific oral issues such as bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. It is therefore very important to start by knowing what oral issues you have before you buy your mouthwash, so you can buy the right one for the oral needs you have. When it comes to gingivitis and bleeding gums, a mouthwash that contains antibacterial properties is best. The mouthwash will kill bacteria on contact thus stopping oral health deterioration.. When purchasing, make sure that it is intended for gingivitis. And because some of these ...
Save $1.00 off (1) ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash Coupon (Click the above link to get this coupon) ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash freshens breath and helps strengthen teeth. It contains the maximum amount of fluoride available without a prescription and it aids in prevention of dental cavities. You can save $1.00 off when you get one ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash. Walgreens Deal Matchup: Buy (1) ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash @ $3.59 Use (1) $1.00/1 ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash Coupon Final price = $2.59 only! Are You Still unable to find ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash Coupons? If you still cannot find any coupons, then sorry all deals have expired! I try my best to provide my readers with all the latest ...
The Marvis Anise Mint mouthwash freshens your breath while also fighting plaque and helps keep your gums and teeth healthy. fights tooth decay protection against plaque ensures fresh breath How to use:After cleaning the teeth, rinse the mouth with mouthwash for the time stated on the label then spit out.
The countless millions spent on fresh breath points out a serious health problem which our society conveniently covers over with mouthwash. Bad breath or halitosis has a number of cases and in order to solve the problem effectively, the causes have to be addressed.. Here stress plays an important part. Stress causes a constriction in our body function and in the mouth affects saliva (which neutralizes harmful bacteria and acids) and other digestive functioning. Improper respiratory function can also contribute to a breath problem. Perhaps the most important organ in our body to control bad breath is the tongue (a powerful filtration and purifying system that works similarly to the kidney. Tongue cleanliness and optimum functioning can go a long way toward healthy, fresh breath. Exercising the tongue increases tongue resiliency and increases resistance to harmful bacteria.. We recommend an alcohol free mouthwash with nutritionally healing properties. ...
Enjoy the natural mouthwash with the essential oils of peppermint. Available for purchase in the office & online. Large glass bottle mouthwash: $18.. Ingredients:. Alkaline water - neutralize acidity in the mouth and promote tooth and gum health. We use TYENT water ionizer for all our alkaline water products.. Essential Oils - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Across Europe, India, and Asia, it is a popular and ancient practice to ingest essential oils and use them internally. Doctors and other medical practitioners in those countries often prescribe the ingestion of essential oils to heal or manage health issues and to bolster immunity. Even topical application of essential oils shown to reduce gum inflammation and some infections and act as pain relief. We use doTERRA essential oils throughout the office- in all the dental products and the diffusers.. Chlorella - Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater algae. It contains high levels of chlorophyll hence its green color, which ...
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Mouthwash, when used as part of a complete oral health routine, can be a really useful addition. ASDAs Extreme Fresh mouthwash is suitable for people looking to bolster their oral health defences and will leave them with fresh breath. Follow instructions for use and do not swallow.
Halitosis, or bad breath, is a condition caused by bacteria in your mouth, said Jason Woloski, M.D., a Geisinger family physician. The concept behind most popular mouthwashes is to kill the bacteria instead of masking the odor. While its effective for getting rid of bad breath, new studies are raising questions about the safety of repeated mouthwash usage-and even whether it could be linked to diabetes ...
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2 reviews on Jason Natural NutriSmile Mouthwash. Providing unbiased teeth whitening reviews and information on Jason Natural NutriSmile Mouthwash.
How NO and other nitrous oxides act as toxins against pathogens in the body are not fully clarified and understood. Can mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction. As mentioned, the microorganisms in the tongue help to form NO by containing bacteria that convert nitrate to nitrite, and when nitrites come into contact with stomach acid - they turn into NO. In this way, the foods we eat can help kill harmful bacteria.. This has been confirmed in animal experiments, where it was shown that anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not use oxygen in their energy metabolism) live in the area behind the tongue. This bacterium uses nitrate in its energy conversion rather than oxytocin, and in this energy conversion process, nitrate is reduced to nitrite. Nitrites are preserved in the mouth by the saliva-based environment, and when nitrite is swallowed with saliva, it gets in contact with stomach acid and NO is formed. Can mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction. Not just in the stomach nitrite is converted into NO. ...
Mouthwash and dental floss are two items that are vital in achieving pristine oral health, but they are often pushed aside. Many people dont know or understand the importance of mouthwash and dental floss. With so many products to choose from, its easy to get overwhelmed and avoid the decision. However, we are here
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Rinsing with peppermint hydrosol is a great aromatherapy mouthwash, but you can also blend a few tastes. Heres a great aromatherapy mouthwash recipe!
Highlights Colgate Plax Peppermint Fresh mouthwash removes over 99% of germs that cause bad breath and cavities, giving you a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone. It has an extra refreshing peppermint flavor. It is antibacterial yet alcohol-free so you experience no burning sensation, just an instant blast of
Colgate Plax Peppermint Fresh mouthwash removes over 99% of germs that cause bad breath and cavities, giving you a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone. It has an extra refreshing peppermint flavour. It is antibacterial yet alcohol-free so you experience no burning sensation, just an instant blast of freshness
I have been using listerine on my scalp for my staph infection and it cleared it up but two months later the little bumps and itching have come back so im doing the listerine on my scalp once again,, the bumps go away the next day after spraying listerine full strenght on my scalp, I use the yellow colored listerine mouth wash for this. I also use oregano oil 10 drops per teaspoon of coconut or almond oil,all organic and extra virgin.I put drops of this oil all over my scalp with a medicine dropper and put a shower cap (turned inside out ) over my hair and then put a thin towle over the cap and wear this all day then wash out in the evenings. I will keep using this protocol until I have no more breakouts and hopefully I can kill it soon,, I am also taking colidial silver 1 tablespoon 4xdaily for 7-10 days and use it like an antibiotic and then go down to the regular dosing as listed on the bottle. I do hope this will end my staph infection and hair loss on my scalp ...
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Cetylpyridinium chloride ( CPC ) is a cationic quaternary ammonium compound used in some types of mouthwashes , toothpastes , lozenges , throat sprays, breath sprays, and nasal sprays . It is an antiseptic that kills bacteria and other microorganisms. It has been shown to be effective in preventing dental plaque and reducing gingivitis . It has also been used as an ingredient in certain pesticides . Cetylpyridinium chloride may cause brown stains between the teeth and on the surface of teeth. However, these stains can be easily removed by a dental hygienist during a routine check-up. Synonyms Cetylpyridinium chloride is present in commercial products such as 1-palmitylpyridinium chloride, C16-alkylpyridinium chloride, 1-hexadecylpyridinium chloride, acetoquat CPC, aktivex, ammonyx CPC, cecure, ceepryn chloride, cepacol, ceprim, cepacol chloride, cetafilm, cetamium, dobendan, halset, ipanol, medilave, mercocet, merothol, pionin B, pristacin, pyrisept, and asept. Chemistry Cetylpyridinium chloride has
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If your mouth ulcer is very painful, your GP may prescribe a painkiller that you can apply directly to your ulcer.. Your GP will usually prescribe benzydamine, which can either be taken in the form of a mouthwash or a spray. You will not be able to use benzydamine for more than seven days in a row.. The mouthwash form of benzydamine may sting when you first use it, but this should pass with continued use. However, if the stinging persists, contact your pharmacist or GP.. You may also find that your mouth feels numb when you first use the mouthwash. This is normal and the feeling will soon return to your mouth. When using sprays or mouthwashes, always follow the manufacturers dosage instructions.. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant, tell your GP or pharmacist before taking benzydamine mouthwash ...
Nyal Medithroat Gargle information about active ingredients, pharmaceutical forms and doses by ICN Pharmaceuticals, Nyal Medithroat Gargle indications, usages and related health products lists
Betadine Sore Throat Gargle is a concentrated antibacterial formula used as an aid in the treatment of sore throats. This gargle must be diluted before use; a convenient measure is included in the pack. ...
... using a different mouthwash (e.g. saltwater), or foregoing mouthwash entirely. Prescription mouthwashes are used prior to and ... Mouthwashes combine ingredients to treat a variety of oral conditions. Variations are common, and mouthwash has no standard ... "Magic mouthwashes" are prescription mouthwashes compounded in a pharmacy from a list of ingredients specified by a doctor. ... Usually mouthwashes are antiseptic solutions intended to reduce the microbial load in the mouth, although other mouthwashes ...
Sold mainly as a mouthwash in a distinctive black carton, it is also packaged as a gel and spray for the treatment of muscular ... "mouthwash" («bain de bouche») removed. Among the new uses of the reformulation is endorsement of the Synthol gel as an ... for dermal use and mouth wash (450 ml) Synthol Liquid is recommended for application to the skin, or as a supplementary ... 01am EDT Reformulated GSK mouthwash endorsed as umbilical cord antiseptic By Ben Hirschler , LONDON An antiseptic gel to stop ...
Scope is a brand of mouthwash made by Procter & Gamble. It was introduced in 1966, and for many years has been a competitor of ... "Trib Tested: Scope Outlast Mouthwash". Tribune-Review/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (subscription required). September 14, 2009. ... Listerine, the longtime dominant mouthwash product. The Scope has collaborated with other brands such as Crest and Oral-B. The ...
Look up mouthwash or mouth wash in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Mouthwash is a liquid which is swilled around the mouth. It ... This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Mouthwash. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to ... may also refer to: "Mouthwash" (song), a Kate Nash song Mouthwashing (disambiguation) ...
"Mouthwash sheet music". NoteFlight. Retrieved 3 November 2020. McAlpine, Fraser. "Chart Blog: Kate Nash.- 'Mouthwash'". BBC ... "Mouthwash" is a song by Kate Nash. On 1 October 2007, it was released as her third single, and the second to be taken from her ... "Mouthwash" is a medium-tempo pop song in the key of D-flat major. It was composed by Nash and Paul Epworth. The song's chorus ... The music video for "Mouthwash" was filmed at the Bradford Alhambra on the 20 August 2007, and had earlier filmed at the ...
"TOTAL CARE Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash". LISTERINE®. Retrieved 2021-06-04. "LISTERINE® Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash". ... Listerine was promoted to dentists for oral care in 1895 and was the first over-the-counter mouthwash sold in the United States ... As the advertising scholar James B. Twitchell writes, "Listerine did not make mouthwash as much as it made halitosis." In just ... There has been concern that the use of alcohol-containing mouthwash such as Listerine may increase the risk of developing oral ...
Mouthwash • Mucocele • Mucoepidermoid carcinoma • Mucogingival junction • Mucosal lichen planus • Mucous membrane pemphigoid • ...
Mouthwashes come in a variety of compositions, many claiming to kill bacteria that make up plaque or to freshen breath. In ... Dental research[which?] has recommended that mouthwash should be used as an aid to brushing rather than a replacement, because ... Center for Scientific Information, ADA Science Institute (13 September 2017). "Mouthwash (Mouthrinse)". Oral Health Topics. ...
Chlorhexidine is another antimicrobial agent used in toothpastes, however it is more commonly added in mouthwash products. ... Sodium polyphosphate is added to minimize the formation of tartar.[citation needed] Chlorohexidine mouthwash has been popular ... Medicine portal Dental floss Mouthwash Fluoride therapy List of toothpaste brands American Dental Association Description of ... Vranić E, Lacević A, Mehmedagić A, Uzunović A (October 2004). "Formulation ingredients for toothpastes and mouthwashes". ...
"Formulation ingredients for toothpastes and mouthwashes". Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences. 4 (4): 51-58. doi:10.17305 ...
Laura Johannes (19 August 2008). "Mouthwashes Promise A Breath of Fresh Air". The Wall Street Journal. Official website ( ...
"Comparative antiplaque and antigingivitis effectiveness of tea tree oil mouthwash and a cetylpyridinium chloride mouthwash: A ... "Mouthwash staining lawsuit dismissed". July 26, 2010. Archived from the original on June 23, 2016. A U.S. ... Crest stated that because of the low incidence of staining, there was no need to label Pro-Health mouthwash as a potential ... lawyer sues, claims mouthwash stained teeth". Associated Press. Archived from the original on 6 August 2016. Rossman's lawsuit ...
"Original Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash". Archived from the original on 17 February 2015. Retrieved 25 March 2015. Schiestl, F ... It is used as an antiseptic in Listerine mouthwash produced by the Johnson & Johnson company. It provides fragrance to various ...
For this reason, the number of toothpastes and mouthwashes that already incorporate nano-hydroxyapatite as a desensitizing ... Studies have found that mouthwashes containing potassium salts and fluorides can reduce dentine hypersensitivity. A randomized ... Desensitizing chewing gums and mouthwashes are also marketed. Potassium-containing toothpastes are common; however, the ... mouthwashes and chewing gums. A variety of toothpastes are marketed for dentin hypersensitivity, including compounds such as ...
Ortega KL, Rech BO, El Haje GL, Gallo CB, Pérez-Sayáns M, Braz-Silva PH (December 2020). "Do hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes have ... September 2020). "Antimicrobial mouthwashes (gargling) and nasal sprays administered to patients with suspected or confirmed ... A 2020 systematic review on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouth-washes concludes, that they don't have an effect on virucidal ... As systematic review of 16 studies by Cochrane on Antimicrobial mouthwashes (gargling) and nasal sprays concludes that "there ...
Patatanian, Edna; Fugate, Susan E. (2006-12-01). "Hemostatic mouthwashes in anticoagulated patients undergoing dental ...
Cohen, Joyce (2008-05-13). "New mouthwashes may help take bad breath away". USA Today. Archived from the original on 2012-06-26 ... mouthwashes, toothpastes and gels, mouth sprays, as preservative in eye drops, and in contact lens cleaning solution under the ...
However, the dose used is far higher than a person would be exposed to in toothpaste or mouthwash. Wang et al. reported that ... It can also be found in some mouthwashes. There is research ongoing for using poloxamer 407 for aligning severed blood vessels ... It was reported in The Australian newspaper 18 November 2006 that this common ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash can cause ...
The tested mouthwashes raised pH higher than water. Mouthwashes with a neutralizing effect can potentially reduce tooth erosion ... Mouthwashes also vary greatly in pH from pH 4.40 to 6.80. Mouth rinsing after an acidic challenge increased salivary pH. ... "Neutralizing salivary pH by mouthwashes after an acidic challenge". Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry. 8 (2): ...
Additional reward: Bottles of mouthwash. Day 10: At Magan, the morning was spent for Solenn's surprise birthday celebration. At ...
... is used in mouthwash products and toothpastes as an anti-bacterial agent proposed to prevent plaque and tartar ... "SmartMouth Clinical DDS Activated Mouthwash". "Oxyfresh". "Dr ZinX". Steenberghe, ...
This pertains particularly to liquid cold medicines and mouthwashes. Ethanol avoidance includes avoiding ingesting and ( ...
Another review concluded that the supervised regular use of a fluoride mouthwash greatly reduced the onset of decay in the ... The process is dynamic, however, as remineralization can also occur if the acid is neutralized by saliva or mouthwash. Fluoride ... Topical fluoride is used in toothpaste, mouthwash and fluoride varnish. Standard fluoride toothpaste (1,000-1,500 ppm) is more ... Additional aids include interdental brushes, water picks, and mouthwashes. The use of rotational electric toothbrushes might ...
Throat lozenges and mouthwashes, as a biocide Spermicidal creams. Cleaners for floor and hard surfaces as a disinfectant, such ...
accessed at The Free Library) Jack Neff (2001-07-09). "Mouthwash strips get $40 mil push". Advertising Age. Archived from the ...
... and used hygienically as a mouthwash. Rivers, M.C.; Barstow, M.; Mark, J. (2017). "Bridelia micrantha". IUCN Red List of ...
Joseph Lister, British physician - Listerine mouthwash. Little Goody Two-Shoes, British literary character - The English ...
"Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash is it Safe?". Archived from the original on 20 December 2013. Retrieved 30 October 2013. " ...
To maintain and treat the condition completely, a chlorhexidine mouthwash should be recommended to the patient to use twice ... chlorhexidine mouthwash can also be effective. The patient should also present to a dentist for maintenance check-ups at least ... chlorohexidine mouthwash may also be helpful.[citation needed] Medicine portal Bone grafting Chronic periodontitis Dental ...
"Most people using mouthwash (multiple venues)". Guinness World Records. "आई टी एस एजुकेशन ग्रुप द्वारा कोरोना से लडने के लिए ... Guinness World Records 2018, most people using mouthwash is 4,097. ITS Dental Hospital has undertaken a "Go Green" initiative. ...
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Mouthwash overdose occurs when someone uses more than the normal or recommended amount of this substance. This can be by ... Mouthwash overdose occurs when someone uses more than the normal or recommended amount of this substance. This can be by ... How well someone does depends on the amount of mouthwash that was swallowed and how quickly treatment is received. The faster ... Drinking large amounts of mouthwash may cause symptoms similar to drinking large amounts of alcohol (drunkenness). Swallowing ...
And we suspect that in short-term use, there will be minimal risks if mouthwash is used correctly," coinvestigator David Thomas ... Cite this: Can Mouthwash Douse the Spread of COVID-19? - Medscape - Jun 12, 2020. ... Some researchers have followed this path, examining the ability of commercially available mouthwashes to disrupt viral lipid ... These studies "provide proof-of-concept that mouthwashes containing essential oils with 21-27% ethanol can inactivate enveloped ...
bottles of the mouthwash grew B. cepacia, Alcaligenes xylosoxidans, and Pseudomonas fluorescens putida group. B. cepacia ... Other potential reservoirs (e.g., lotion, povidone-iodine solution, water supplies, and a name-brand mouthwash) were culture- ... All mechanically ventilated patients had received routine oral care that included swabbing with an alcohol-free mouthwash ( ... Nosocomial Burkholderia cepacia Infection and Colonization Associated with Intrinsically Contaminated Mouthwash -- Arizona, 199 ...
Mexican Mouthwash. Ingredients:. *3/4 oz Gold tequila (Jose Cuervo) *3/4 oz Rumple Minze Mixing instructions:. Pour into shaker ...
... just like any other liquid mouthwash. The solid mouthwash tabs have a formula that gets a slight sweetness from stevia and a ... The Crème de Menthe mouthwash tabs are designed to be used after one has brushed their teeth. Lush advises taking a single ... Some of the other new travel-friendly mouthwash tabs that Lush UK is introducing include the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, and ...
Browse the Henry Schein Dental website for the best selection in Listerine Mouthwash. ... Listerine Mouthwash. Listerine antiseptic mouthwash kills germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. ... Henry Schein supplies Listerine Mouthwash to customers at the best possible value.. At Henry Schein Dental, our mission is to ...
Many use mouthwash after brushing. But theres good reason not to. ... According to Statista, nearly 200 million Americans used mouthwash in 2020. But as it turns out, the best time to use mouthwash ... Why do so many people use mouthwash after brushing? Perhaps a dentist told you long ago to use mouthwash after brushing and you ... therapeutic mouthwash We recently covered whether mouthwash was even necessary, and, unless specifically recommended or ...
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Quit the mouthwash! My dentist told me that you are doing nothing with mouthwash that water wont do, plus you kill the good ... I tried to call Crest- mouth wash, but I was on hold for about an hour, then was disconnected. I use a very soft tooth brush. ... Does anybody know why fluoride mouth wash hurts my teeth?. Question posted by meyati on 28 Dec 2012 ...
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A formulation for preparing Millers Modified Mouthwash. Includes ingredients, method of preparation, discussion, and ... Millers Modified Mouthwash. Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2022. 514. Buy. ... Alpha-Bisabolol Mouthwash. Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2010. 420. Buy. ... Triclosan 0.28% Mouthwash. Allen Loyd V Jr Sep/Oct 2010. 425. Buy. ...
The results of the present study indicate that Aloe vera may prove to be an effective mouthwash owing to its ability in ... Aim: The aim of the study was to access the effect of Aloe vera mouthwash on the dental plaque and gingivitis and comparing it ... Effect of Aloe vera mouthwash on periodontal health: triple blind randomized control trial Oral Health Dent Manag. 2014 Mar;13( ... Conclusion: The results of the present study indicate that Aloe vera may prove to be an effective mouthwash owing to its ...
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Swish this ultra mouthwash around for just 30 seconds, twice a day and your protected against plaque and gingivitis germs for ... Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic Mouthwash delivers that so fresh, super clean, just left the dentist office feeling. ... I bought this because Listerine discontinued their gum therapy mouthwash (bummer). This mouthwash has a bad taste and even ... Swish this ultra mouthwash around for just 30 seconds, twice a day and your protected against plaque and gingivitis germs for ...
EP-2111841-A3 chemical patent summary.
Most people who use mouthwash report a cleaner, fresher mouth -... ... Mouthwash is marketed as a way to battle bad breath head on, but how well does it really work? The answer lies in its battle ... Cosmetic - Cosmetic mouthwash is used to freshen breath. Although over-the-counter mouthwash masks bad breath, it doesnt cure ... Most mouthwashes should be swished around the oral cavity for 30 seconds and spit out. Avoid swallowing mouthwash, as the ...
... try rinsing with a non-alcoholic mouthwash to better protect your gum line. ... BEST MOUTHWASH FOR GUM ISSUES THAT CAUSE RECEDING GUMS. * Oral-Bs Best Mouthwash for Protection Against Gum Issues that Cause ... Oral-Bs Best Mouthwash for Gum Care Oral-Bs Best Mouthwash for Protection Against Gum Issues that Cause Receding Gums. Since ... Oral-Bs Best Mouthwash for Gum Care. Stepping up your oral care routine with the right mouthwash can help keep your gums in ...
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LISTERINE SMART RINSE ANTICAVITY FLUORIDE RINSE - BERRY SPLASH- sodium fluoride mouthwash. To receive this label RSS feed. Copy ... LISTERINE SMART RINSE ANTICAVITY FLUORIDE RINSE - BERRY SPLASH- sodium fluoride mouthwash. If this SPL contains inactivated ... LISTERINE SMART RINSE ANTICAVITY FLUORIDE RINSE - BERRY SPLASH- sodium fluoride mouthwash. Number of versions: 1. ... Label: LISTERINE SMART RINSE ANTICAVITY FLUORIDE RINSE - BERRY SPLASH- sodium fluoride mouthwash. ...
Enamel Repair Fresh Mint Mouthwash 500ml and earn 4 Advantage Card points when you spend £1 ... Oral B Oral-B Gum & Enamel Care Fresh Mint CPC Mouthwash 500ml. Oral-B Gum & Enamel Care fresh mint mouthwash protects gums and ... Oral-B Gum & Enamel Care Fresh Mint CPC Mouthwash 500ml. Oral-B Gum & Enamel Care fresh mint mouthwash protects gums and ... Alcohol free mouthwash for a fresh breath and a clean feeling. Clinically proven technology.. *Protects gums, strenghtens ...
... we worked on the bottle and the dosing cap for Sensodyne mouthwash for our client, GlaxoSmithKline. Find out more about our ...
Order colgate mouthwash online for pickup or delivery. Find ingredients, recipes, coupons and more. ... Find colgate mouthwash at a store near you. ... Colgate Total Pro-Shield Peppermint Blast Mouthwash. 33.8 fl oz ...
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  • Henry Schein supplies Listerine Mouthwash to customers at the best possible value. (
  • Listerine antiseptic mouthwash kills germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. (
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  • Help kids fight cavities and create strong oral health habits with Listerine Smart Rinse Mint Kids Mouthwash. (
  • Listerine came up with a great idea to promote their long lasting mouthwash. (
  • Similar survival rates were found for leukocytes (88%) and epithelial cells (10%) after rinsing with Listerine mouthwash. (
  • To evaluate the effects of combined and sequential consumption of chlorhexidine and listerine mouthwashes on plaque indices. (
  • Either way, in the words of the National Health Service of the United Kingdom , "Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, but don't use mouthwash (even a fluoride one) straight after brushing your teeth or it'll wash away the concentrated fluoride in the toothpaste left on your teeth. (
  • Be careful not to use mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth, by the way. (
  • Use mouthwash after every meal, as well as after cleaning your aligners and brushing your teeth, to give your mouth an extra boost of minty freshness. (
  • Whole-mouth-cleaning mouthwash, bring in this rinse that prevents cavities, restores minerals to enamel, strengthens teeth, kills bad-breath germs and freshens breath. (
  • Subjects were asked to rinse their mouth with the stated mouthwash, twice a day, during a 30-day period. (
  • Rinse the mouth with small amounts of mouthwash and swish is in the mouth for not less than a minute. (
  • Crest Scope kills millions of bad breath germs and stays true to the original mint flavor rinse you love Speak confidently with the #1 fresh breath brand among non-drug mouthwashes. (
  • A good way to maintain a healthy mouth is to rinse it with mouthwash, especially after meals. (
  • By using this fluoride mouthwash, you can smile confidently all day. (
  • But seriously, fresh breath and that cool tingle of a proper fluoride mouthwash feel pretty amazing. (
  • A fluoride mouthwash is different from the typical kinds. (
  • Fluoride mouthwash will strengthen (and whiten! (
  • Other ingredients in fluoride mouthwash can vary but often include antiseptics (which work to kill gingivitis and plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth), odor neutralizers (which reduce sulfur compounds leading to bad breath), astringent salts (which can mask bad breath), and various teeth whiteners. (
  • Non-fluoride mouthwash can contain some of the same ingredients as fluoride wash. (
  • If you're looking for fluoride mouthwash, read the ingredients list to confirm it's explicitly stated as a main component, as it's not included by default in all washes. (
  • It's strongly recommended kids under six don't use fluoride mouthwash. (
  • Note however that these side effects aren't a concern if fluoride mouthwash is used correctly. (
  • While fluoride mouthwash offers lots of benefits, it's only one of the components of good oral health. (
  • Aids in the prevention of dental cavities. (
  • If you do have a high-sugar diet or vomit during a flare, you could use a fluoride mouthwash after each episode to reduce the risk of dental decay. (
  • Where those with more resources and education can go to their doctor or dentist for fluoride mouthwash or pills, those with the least resources will be impacted the most by poor dental health and needless tooth-decay pain. (
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  • All mechanically ventilated patients had received routine oral care that included swabbing with an alcohol-free mouthwash (Kentron Alcohol Free Mouthwash and GargleTM, product #711-04, manufactured for Kentron Health Care, Inc., Phoenix Cosmetics, Holbrook, New York). (
  • In December 1995, a similar outbreak involving B. cepacia in respiratory cultures from patients without cystic fibrosis was traced to intrinsically contaminated alcohol-free mouthwash prepared by a different manufacturer (4). (
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  • Antiseptic Mouthwash That Kills Up To 99.9% Of Germs That Cause Plaque, Gingivitis And Bad Breath. (
  • Mouthwash is marketed as a way to battle bad breath head on, but how well does it really work? (
  • Mouthwash can tag team with brushing and flossing - but mouthwash alone will not win the fight against bad breath. (
  • Since we all have bacteria in our mouths, we're all susceptible to a little musty breath at times - and mouthwash offers a quick fix for the problem. (
  • But for those who suffer from chronic bad breath, or halitosis, mouthwash probably won't help. (
  • Cosmetic - Cosmetic mouthwash is used to freshen breath. (
  • Although over-the-counter mouthwash masks bad breath, it doesn't cure halitosis and its effect only lasts up to three hours. (
  • For lasting results, don't smoke - smoking not only causes bad breath but also ruins the effectiveness of mouthwash. (
  • Completing this flavorful regimen, Tom's of Maine's Natural Sea Salt Mouthwash (MSRP: $5.49) cleanses the whole mouth, fights bad breath germs, and of course, is alcohol-free. (
  • Jason Powersmile Brightening Peppermint Mouthwash extends the whitening power of Powersmile toothpaste with Calcium Ascorbate, a form of Vitamin C. Freshen your breath with powerful Peppermint Oil and Menthol for a naturally brighter smile. (
  • When combined with a thorough brushing and flossing routine, mouthwash is a supplemental way to fight cavities and bad breath. (
  • Mouthwash gets in the crevices you may have missed with your toothbrush, and helps kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, plaque, and other issues. (
  • Ironically, in this way, using mouthwash with alcohol in it can actually increase the bad breath it is intended to fight. (
  • Mint flavor has become the standard for toothpaste and other oral care products like mouthwash, breath sprays, and even flavored floss. (
  • Oral-B Gum & Enamel Care fresh mint mouthwash protects gums and strenghtens enamel. (
  • Stepping up your oral care routine with the right mouthwash can help keep your gums in good condition, especially when paired with a proper oral hygiene routine and professional dental care. (
  • To protect your gums and strengthen enamel try rinsing with Crest Gum Care mouthwash . (
  • Marvis Peppermint mouthwash features a concentrated formula designed to kills germs and neutralize odor-causing bacteria, without irritating tender teeth and gums. (
  • Aloe vera mouthwash can reduce bleeding gums. (
  • If you add rinsing with mouthwash to your child's daily routine, you can help to fight cavities and prevent problems with teeth and gums down the road. (
  • Perhaps a dentist told you long ago to use mouthwash after brushing and you never questioned it again. (
  • My dentist told me that you are doing nothing with mouthwash that water won't do, plus you kill the good bacteria too. (
  • Some therapeutic mouthwashes can only be prescribed by a dentist and may be used to help keep the mouth clean after oral surgery. (
  • Your dentist can help you decide which mouthwash is best for you. (
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  • Many people might use mouthwash as the last step in their routine, but Rob Raimondi , a New York City dentist, recommends rinsing first - morning and night. (
  • Quite often, as a part of your treatment plan, your dentist will recommend an anti-bacterial mouthwash. (
  • After gum disease treatment, your dentist may recommend an anti-bacterial mouthwash. (
  • Many brands of mouthwash contain the ingredients listed above. (
  • Avoid swallowing mouthwash, as the ingredients can upset your stomach. (
  • Tom's of Maine products - including toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, antiperspirant, bar soap, body wash, dental floss, and toothbrushes - are made from naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients and never tested on animals. (
  • Make sure to check the ingredients of the mouthwash you're about to buy. (
  • These mouthwash tablets are made from entirely natural and non-toxic ingredients. (
  • Drinking large amounts of mouthwash may cause symptoms similar to drinking large amounts of alcohol (drunkenness). (
  • The study compared the efficacy of unsupervised tooth-brushing done once a day before breakfast (phase 1), with twice daily mouthrinsing with the three different commercially available mouthwashes containing 0.2% sodium fluoride (phase 2), a combination of 0.03% triclosan and 0.05% sodium fluoride (phase 3), and 0.2% chlorhexidine (phase 4) in 20 children aged 13-14 year, in reducing dental plaque formation. (
  • Saliva works like a natural mouthwash, helping wash away the elements that contribute to mouth odor. (
  • The results of the present study indicate that Aloe vera may prove to be an effective mouthwash owing to its ability in reducing periodontal indices. (
  • Next, researchers will look at how effective mouthwash is at reducing the virus in the saliva of real COVID-19 patients. (
  • Bcc isolates from the contaminated chlorhexidine mouthwash and ICU patients were cultured using Blood agar (under CO2 and anaerobic conditions), Chocolate agar, and Nalidixic acid colistin agar. (
  • The most commonly used antiseptic chemical for mouthwashes is chlorhexidine, which binds to the soft and hard tissues in the mouth for long-lasting effect. (
  • It is also used in slimicides (chemicals that kill bacteria and fungi in slimes), as a disinfectant and antiseptic, and in medicinal preparations such as mouthwash and sore throat lozenges. (
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  • Why this mouthwash it the worst thing that ever happened to a canker sore. (
  • But anti-bacterial mouthwashes do reduce bacteria and remove debris before or after brushing, which can give an extra boost to your oral hygiene routine. (
  • Ever wondered why you need to incorporate mouthwash as part of your oral care routine? (
  • Crest Pro-Health Advantage Multi-Protection Mouthwash, Smooth Mint (33.8 fl. (
  • The aim of the study was to access the effect of Aloe vera mouthwash on the dental plaque and gingivitis and comparing it with the bench mark control chlorhexidine and placebo. (
  • Clinical studies that used chlorhexidine for several months as a mouthwash showed 45 to 61% decrease of the microbial plaque and 27 to 67% decrease of gingivitis. (
  • The solid mouthwash tabs have a formula that gets a slight sweetness from stevia and a refreshing kick from peppermint oil and powder. (
  • Power up your smile with this all-natural whitening mouthwash with powerful Peppermint Oil and Menthol for naturally brighter teeth. (
  • Jason Powersmile Brightening Peppermint Mouthwash is concentrated 2:1. (
  • Mouthwash is important for loosening particles between teeth and washing out pockets that have not quite healed yet (and cannot be reached with a toothbrush or floss). (
  • This mouthwash has a clinically proven formula with active sea salt that effectively fights bacteria* and provides 24/7 plaque protection when used twice a day, so you know you're doing the best for your smile. (
  • The study reported that all three mouthwashes greatly reduced the number of Streptococcus bacteria in the saliva samples after seven days of treatment. (
  • The Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger is intended to provide you with the means of toxin destruction making your saliva clean before you pass the test. (
  • Supreme Klean Saliva Detox™ mouthwash effectively cleanses toxins from your mouth. (
  • From there, the oral tabs can be chewed and swished around the mouth before they should be spit out, just like any other liquid mouthwash. (
  • Most people who use mouthwash report a cleaner, fresher mouth - at least until the next match. (
  • If you suffer from dry mouth, a mouthwash that contains alcohol may not be for you. (
  • A study in the Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine showed that traditional mouthwashes like licorice and triphala are just as effective against bacteria in the mouth. (
  • The treatment of caries involves consuming healthier foods, keeping your mouth clean, and using antimicrobial mouthwash. (
  • Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash uses ground-breaking outlast technology that binds tightly to select receptors in the mouth, creating a cool, refreshing sensation that lasts longer. (
  • Time-dependent effects of tongue cleaning with mouthwash or mouth moisturising gel on the number of microbes on the tongue surface of elders with care needs. (
  • The purpose of this study was to investigate time -dependent change in the number of microbes on the tongue surface after tongue cleaning using a mouthwash or mouth moisturising gel for elders fed with a feeding tube and with care needs . (
  • Tongue cleaning with mouth moisturising gel decreased the number of microbes on the tongue surface immediately after cleaning, and tongue cleaning with mouthwash decreased it for 5 hours. (
  • If you have a mouth piercing, use an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash or other recommended oral cleanser. (
  • Made to work with your oral ecosystem, not against it, our naturally alkaline mouthwash inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and leaves your mouth healthy and fresh. (
  • Mouthwash should be thought of as a tool to restore balance in a healthy mouth. (
  • There are even mouthwashes specifically designed for dry mouth, so you may be able to find a solution to all of your Invisalign-related issues. (
  • Used as a mouthwash, bee balm is a treatment for sore throats and mouth sores. (
  • Aloe vera mouthwash showed no side effects as seen with chlorhexidine. (
  • In a 2014 study published in the Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences, researchers found aloe vera extract to be a safe and effective alternative to chemical-based mouthwashes. (
  • The Map aggregates evidence for interventions with essential oils and vegetable oil (55 oils), or in a blend (66 synergies), and hydrolate by applications through inhalation, bath, massage, ingestion, mouthwash, or topical. (
  • A variety of methods exist for collecting buccal cells from the oral cavity, including rinsing with saline, mouthwash, or scraping the oral cavity. (
  • An A. J. Institute of Dental Sciences (AJID) exploratory study investigated the effectiveness of these two natural mouthwashes. (
  • IMSEAR at SEARO: A clinical assessment of the effectiveness of mouthwashes in comparison to toothbrushing in children. (
  • Sharma U, Jain RL, Pathak A. A clinical assessment of the effectiveness of mouthwashes in comparison to toothbrushing in children. (
  • Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Hoss has also asked patients to swish some mouthwash before they sit down for care. (
  • B. cepacia isolates from case-patients and mouthwash were similar by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. (
  • Most mouthwashes should be swished around the oral cavity for 30 seconds and spit out. (
  • Then you can swallow or spit the mouthwash. (
  • The most commonly used chemical methods to locally control plaque are mouthwash, gels, toothpastes, and chewing gum and the use of mouthwashes is one of the most common local methods in chemical control of plaque. (
  • A Waterpik shoots water (or mouthwash) between your teeth to remove the plaque and debris. (
  • During the mouthwash period, the participants did not use any mechanical plaque control tool. (
  • Some of the other new travel-friendly mouthwash tabs that Lush UK is introducing include the 'Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster,' and 'Ugai,' which takes inspiration from the Japanese custom of gargling with green tea and sea salt. (
  • Mouthwash should definitely be the last thing you swig before you leave for the day and the last thing you gargle before hitting the sack. (
  • The easiest way to use mouthwash after brushing or eating is to gargle with salt water. (
  • Gargle with an mouthwash to remove these bacteria and remove any leftover food debris. (
  • Now you can get a free Scope Outlast or Scope Mint Mouthwash when you fill out this form and mail it in . (