Statistical models of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, as well as of financial considerations. For the application of statistics to the testing and quantifying of economic theories MODELS, ECONOMETRIC is available.
Standards of conduct that distinguish right from wrong.
The study of hearing and hearing impairment.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
Those factors which cause an organism to behave or act in either a goal-seeking or satisfying manner. They may be influenced by physiological drives or by external stimuli.
The science of utilization, distribution, and consumption of services and materials.
A measurement index derived from a modification of standard life-table procedures and designed to take account of the quality as well as the duration of survival. This index can be used in assessing the outcome of health care procedures or services. (BIOETHICS Thesaurus, 1994)
Occupations of medical personnel who are not physicians, and are qualified by special training and, frequently, by licensure to work in supporting roles in the health care field. These occupations include, but are not limited to, medical technology, physical therapy, physician assistant, etc.
Development of a library collection, including the determination and coordination of selection policy, assessment of needs of users and potential users, collection use studies, collection evaluation, identification of collection needs, selection of materials, planning for resource sharing, collection maintenance and weeding, and budgeting.
Books used in the study of a subject that contain a systematic presentation of the principles and vocabulary of a subject.
Volume of circulating BLOOD. It is the sum of the PLASMA VOLUME and ERYTHROCYTE VOLUME.
Books in the field of medicine intended primarily for consultation.
The remuneration paid or benefits granted to an employee.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
Enumerations of populations usually recording identities of all persons in every place of residence with age or date of birth, sex, occupation, national origin, language, marital status, income, relation to head of household, information on the dwelling place, education, literacy, health-related data (e.g., permanent disability), etc. The census or "numbering of the people" is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. Among the Romans, censuses were intimately connected with the enumeration of troops before and after battle and probably a military necessity. (From Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 3d ed; Garrison, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th ed, p66, p119)
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
Infections with bacteria of the species ESCHERICHIA COLI.
The species Oryctolagus cuniculus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Rabbits are born in burrows, furless, and with eyes and ears closed. In contrast with HARES, rabbits have 22 chromosome pairs.
The functions and activities carried out by the U.S. Postal Service, foreign postal services, and private postal services such as Federal Express.
Messages between computer users via COMPUTER COMMUNICATION NETWORKS. This feature duplicates most of the features of paper mail, such as forwarding, multiple copies, and attachments of images and other file types, but with a speed advantage. The term also refers to an individual message sent in this way.
Productive or purposeful activities.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
A learning situation involving more than one alternative from which a selection is made in order to attain a specific goal.

Economic consequences of the progression of rheumatoid arthritis in Sweden. (1/1052)

OBJECTIVE: To develop a simulation model for analysis of the cost-effectiveness of treatments that affect the progression of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS: The Markov model was developed on the basis of a Swedish cohort of 116 patients with early RA who were followed up for 5 years. The majority of patients had American College of Rheumatology (ACR) functional class II disease, and Markov states indicating disease severity were defined based on Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) scores. Costs were calculated from data on resource utilization and patients' work capacity. Utilities (preference weights for health states) were assessed using the EQ-5D (EuroQol) questionnaire. Hypothetical treatment interventions were simulated to illustrate the model. RESULTS: The cohort distribution among the 6 Markov states clearly showed the progression of the disease over 5 years of followup. Costs increased with increasing severity of the Markov states, and total costs over 5 years were higher for patients who were in more severe Markov states at diagnosis. Utilities correlated well with the Markov states, and the EQ-5D was able to discriminate between patients with different HAQ scores within ACR functional class II. CONCLUSION: The Markov model was able to assess disease progression and costs in RA. The model can therefore be a useful tool in calculating the cost-effectiveness of different interventions aimed at changing the progression of the disease.  (+info)

Excess capacity: markets regulation, and values. (2/1052)

OBJECTIVE: To examine the conceptual bases for the conflicting views of excess capacity in healthcare markets and their application in the context of today's turbulent environment. STUDY SETTING: The policy and research literature of the past three decades. STUDY DESIGN: The theoretical perspectives of alternative economic schools of thought are used to support different policy positions with regard to excess capacity. Changes in these policy positions over time are linked to changes in the economic and political environment of the period. The social values implied by this history are articulated. DATA COLLECTION: Standard library search procedures are used to identify relevant literature. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Alternative policy views of excess capacity in healthcare markets rely on differing theoretical foundations. Changes in the context in which policy decisions are made over time affect the dominant theoretical framework and, therefore, the dominant policy view of excess capacity. CONCLUSIONS: In the 1990s, multiple perspectives of optimal capacity still exist. However, our evolving history suggests a set of persistent values that should guide future policy in this area.  (+info)

The cost effectiveness of strategies for the treatment of intestinal parasites in immigrants. (3/1052)

BACKGROUND: Currently, more than 600,000 immigrants enter the United States each year from countries where intestinal parasites are endemic. At entry persons with parasitic infections may be asymptomatic, and stool examinations are not a sensitive method of screening for parasitosis. Albendazole is a new, broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug, which was approved recently by the Food and Drug Administration. International trials have shown albendazole to be safe and effective in eradicating many parasites. In the United States there is now disagreement about whether to screen all immigrants for parasites, treat all immigrants presumptively, or do nothing unless they have symptoms. METHODS: We compared the costs and benefits of no preventive intervention (watchful waiting) with those of universal screening or presumptive treatment with 400 mg of albendazole per day for five days. Those at risk were defined as immigrants to the United States from Asia, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Cost effectiveness was expressed both in terms of the cost of treatment per disability-adjusted life-year (DALY) averted (one DALY is defined as the loss of one year of healthy life to disease) and in terms of the cost per hospitalization averted. RESULTS: As compared with watchful waiting, presumptive treatment of all immigrants at risk for parasitosis would avert at least 870 DALYs, prevent at least 33 deaths and 374 hospitalizations, and save at least $4.2 million per year. As compared with watchful waiting, screening would cost $159,236 per DALY averted. CONCLUSIONS: Presumptive administration of albendazole to all immigrants at risk for parasitosis would save lives and money. Universal screening, with treatment of persons with positive stool examinations, would save lives but is less cost effective than presumptive treatment.  (+info)

Impact of market value on human mate choice decisions. (4/1052)

Mate choice strategies are a process of negotiation in which individuals make bids that are constrained by their status in the market place. Humans provide an unusual perspective on this because we can measure their explicitly expressed preferences before they are forced to make any choices. We use advertisements placed in newspaper personal columns to examine, first, the extent to which evolutionary considerations affect the level of competition (or market value) during the reproductively active period of people's lives and, second, the extent to which market value influences individual's willingness to make strong demands of prospective mates. We show that female market value is determined principally by women's fecundity (and, to a lesser extent, reproductive value), while male market value is determined by men's earning potential and the risk of future pairbond termination (the conjoint probability that the male will either die or divorce his partner during the next 20 years). We then show that these selection preferences strongly influence the levels of demands that men and women make of prospective partners (although older males tend to overestimate their market value).  (+info)

International economic analysis of primary prevention of cardiovascular disease with pravastatin in WOSCOPS. West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study. (5/1052)

AIMS: The results of the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study (WOSCOPS) demonstrated the clinical benefit of using pravastatin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in hypercholesterolaemic men. To inform decision makers, who must also consider costs, this study assesses the economic efficiency of such an intervention in a broad range of countries. METHODS AND RESULTS: A generalized model of cardiovascular disease prevention was used to estimate the cost-effectiveness of primary prevention with pravastatin compared to diet alone. This model follows a cohort of hypercholesterolaemic men over a given period quantifying the effect in terms of the avoidance of cardiovascular disease based on treatment-specific risks derived from WOSCOPS data and extensive record-linkage data on disease-specific survival. Country-specific costs are accounted for by expressing all such parameters in terms of the ratio of monthly treatment to that of managing a myocardial infarction. Over a broad range of inputs the cost-effectiveness ratios remain below $25,000 per life years gained, regardless of country. Subgroups with even better economic efficacy can be defined on the basis of higher baseline risk. CONCLUSIONS: In contrast to some previous reports, this analysis based on trial data demonstrates that pravastatin provides not only an effective means of primary cardiovascular disease prevention, but also an efficient one.  (+info)

Choice and accountability in health promotion: the role of health economics. (6/1052)

Choices need to be made between competing uses of health care resources. There is debate about how these choices should be made, who should make them and the criteria upon which they should be made. Evaluation of health care is an important part of this debate. It has been suggested that the contribution of health economics to the evaluation of health promotion is limited, both because the methods and principles underlying economic evaluation are unsuited to health promotion, and because the political and cultural processes governing the health care system are more appropriate mechanisms for allocating health care resources than systematic economic analysis of the costs and benefits of different health care choices. This view misrepresents and misunderstands the contribution of health economics to the evaluation of health promotion. It overstates the undoubted methodological difficulties of evaluating health promotion. It also argues, mistakenly, that economists see economic evaluation as a substitute for the political and cultural processes governing health care, rather than an input to them. This paper argues for an economics input on grounds of efficiency, accountability and ethics, and challenges the critics of the economic approach to judge alternative mechanisms for allocating resources by the same criteria.  (+info)

The political economy of capitated managed care. (7/1052)

Despite the fact that billions of dollars are being invested in capitated managed care, it has yet to be subjected to the rigors of robust microeconomic modeling; hence, the seemingly intuitive assumptions driving managed care orthodoxy continue to gain acceptance with almost no theoretical examination or debate. The research in this paper finds the standard unidimensional model of risk generally used to analyze capitation--i.e., that risk is homogenous in nature, organizationally fungible, and linear in amplitude--to be inadequate. Therefore, the paper proposes to introduce a multidimensional model based on the assumption that phenomenologically unrelated species of risk result from non-homogenous types of socioeconomic activity in the medical marketplace. The multidimensional analysis proceeds to concentrate on two species of risk: probability risk and technical risk. A two-dimensional risk matrix reveals that capitation, far from being a market-oriented solution, actually prevents the formation of a dynamic price system necessary to optimize marketplace trades of medical goods and services. The analysis concludes that a universal attempt to purchase healthcare through capitation or any other insurance mechanism would render the reasonable attainment of social efficiency highly problematic. While in reality there are other identifiable species of risk (such as cost-utility risk), the analysis proceeds to hypothesize what a market-oriented managed care approach might look like within a two-dimensional risk matrix.  (+info)

Out-of-pocket health spending by poor and near-poor elderly Medicare beneficiaries. (8/1052)

OBJECTIVE: To estimate out-of-pocket health care spending by lower-income Medicare beneficiaries, and to examine spending variations between those who receive Medicaid assistance and those who do not receive such aid. DATA SOURCES AND COLLECTION: 1993 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) Cost and Use files, supplemented with data from the Bureau of the Census (Current Population Survey); the Congressional Budget Office; the Health Care Financing Administration, Office of the Actuary (National Health Accounts); and the Social Security Administration. STUDY DESIGN: We analyzed out-of-pocket spending through a Medicare Benefits Simulation model, which projects out-of-pocket health care spending from the 1993 MCBS to 1997. Out-of-pocket health care spending is defined to include Medicare deductibles and coinsurance; premiums for private insurance, Medicare Part B, and Medicare HMOs; payments for non-covered goods and services; and balance billing by physicians. It excludes the costs of home care and nursing facility services, as well as indirect tax payments toward health care financing. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Almost 60 percent of beneficiaries with incomes below the poverty level did not receive Medicaid assistance in 1997. We estimate that these beneficiaries spent, on average, about half their income out-of-pocket for health care, whether they were enrolled in a Medicare HMO or in the traditional fee-for-service program. The 75 percent of beneficiaries with incomes between 100 and 125 percent of the poverty level who were not enrolled in Medicaid spent an estimated 30 percent of their income out-of-pocket on health care if they were in the traditional program and about 23 percent of their income if they were enrolled in a Medicare HMO. Average out-of-pocket spending among fee-for-service beneficiaries varied depending on whether beneficiaries had Medigap policies, employer-provided supplemental insurance, or no supplemental coverage. Those without supplemental coverage spent more on health care goods and services, but spent less than the other groups on prescription drugs and dental care-services not covered by Medicare. CONCLUSIONS: While Medicaid provides substantial protection for some lower-income Medicare beneficiaries, out-of-pocket health care spending continues to be a substantial burden for most of this population. Medicare reform discussions that focus on shifting more costs to beneficiaries should take into account the dramatic costs of health care already faced by this vulnerable population.  (+info)

Downloadable! In this paper, we present an economic model of moral motivation. Consumers prefer regarding themselves as socially responsible individuals. Voluntary contributions to public goods are motivated by this preference. The self-image as socially responsible is determined by a comparison of ones actual behavior against an endogenous moral ideal. Public policy influences voluntary contributions through its effects on relative prices and budget or time constraints, but also indirectly through the policys effect on the moral ideal. This implies that economic incentives may have adverse effects on contributions. We present survey data on recycling behavior and voluntary community work, which is consistent with the model predictions.
Jinling 01b Economic Model Anesthesia Machine picture from Nanjing Puao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. view photo of Anesthesia Machine, ICU Anesthesia Machine, Anesthesia Ventilator Machine.Contact China Suppliers for More Products and Price.
Jinling 01b Economic Model Anesthesia Machine picture from Nanjing Puao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. view photo of Anesthesia Machine, ICU Anesthesia Machine, Anesthesia Ventilator Machine.Contact China Suppliers for More Products and Price.
We develop an efficient homogeneous and self-dual interior-point method (IPM) for the linear programs arising in economic model predictive control (MPC) of constrained linear systems with linear objective functions. The algorithm is based on a Riccati iteration procedure, which is adapted to the linear system of equations solved in homogeneous and self-dual IPMs. Fast convergence is further achieved by means of a recent warm-start strategy for homogeneous and self-dual IPMs. We implement the algorithm in MATLAB and C. Its performance is tested using a conceptual power management case study. Closed loop simulations show that 1) the proposed algorithm is significantly faster than several state-of-the-art IPMs based on sparse linear algebra, and 2) warm-start reduces the average number of iterations by 35-40%.. ...
Dawid, H. (1999). Adaptive Learning by Genetic Algorithms, Analytical Results and Applications to Economic Models, 2nd extended and revised edition 2nd ed. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-18142- ...
By Robert W. Jolly; Abstract: An economic model of livestock production based on control theory is presented. This model can be used to examine both
The objective of this study was to predict long-term health and economic outcomes of orlistat in obese type 2 diabetic patients.. Therefore, we examined the impact of weight loss due to orlistat on different cardiovascular risk factors and extrapolated this impact to morbidity and mortality outcomes based on results of long-term trials in diabetic patients.. A 40% risk reduction obtained for every 10% relative reduction in HbA1c was observed in patients with type 1 diabetes (18) and extrapolated to type 2 diabetes by other authors (10,11,18,27). This risk reduction was confirmed for type 2 diabetes by a more recent publication of the UKPDS investigators (21).. A debatable aspect of our analysis is that for patients with hypercholesterolemia, we independently added the beneficial effects on HbA1c associated with weight loss caused by orlistat to the effects on LDL cholesterol. This may be an overestimation of the effects of orlistat. However, besides the evidence from Stratton et al. (21) and ...
A joint study from UCLA and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System found that the combination of a common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and an acid-lowering drug is both cost-effective and treatment-effective. The study team compared 3 therapies for treating arthritis: (1) an NSAID, such as ibuprofen or naproxen; (2) an NSAID with an acid-reducer (proton pump inhibitor; PPI), such as lansoprazole (Prevacid) or esomeprazole magnesium (Nexium); and (3) a cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor, such as rofecoxib (Vioxx) or celecoxib (Celebrex). The results showed that, for high-risk patients, an OTC NSAID used with a PPI was the safest and most cost-effective treatment. Study author Dr. Brennan Spiegel, codirector of the Center for the Study of Digestive Healthcare Quality and Outcomes, remarked, COX-2 inhibitors were not a health economic bargain at all-especially given the added costs of more heart attacks. ...
Designed to develop students abilities to conduct empirical research in economics. Students explore various forms of economic data and interpret and test economic models by applying statistical methods developed in the course of the program to interpret the data and draw inferences about the economic model tested. Prerequisite: Open only to Honours Economics students who have earned at least 14.0 university credits, including ECON 2000H, 2010H, and 3200H. Excludes ECON 4040Y. ...
This book describes exactly how regression models are developed and evaluated. The data used in the book are the kind of data managers are faced with in the real world. The book provides instructions and screen shots for using Microsoft Excel to build business/economic regression models. Upon completion, the reader will be able to interpret the output of the regression models and evaluate the models for accuracy and shortcomings ...
Interdisciplinary approach that combines work from Economics and Computer Science Coordination and incentive problems prevalent to any kind of
This article provides an overview of the Bank of Canadas new economic model, the Quarterly Projection Model (QPM), which has been under development at the Bank since 1989. The model has two roles. It is used to make economic projections, which are conducted quarterly and form an important basis for discussions of monetary policy between staff and senior management. QPM is also a research tool: it was developed to analyse important changes to the economy or macroeconomic policies which require a deeper understanding of long-term economic forces. The model pays particular attention to factors shaping long-term equilibrium, such as stocks of wealth, capital, government debt and net foreign assets. Various sources of dynamics, including the adjustment of forward-looking expectations, operate to determine the transition path to equilibrium and the consistency of expectations. The article discusses the history of QPM and earlier economic models at the Bank, and provides a simple overview of how the ...
A combined analysis of faunal remains and macrolithic tools, reflecting meat and plant food consumption, was conducted on six multi-phase settlements in the Aisne valley (Picardy, France), dating to the late Linearbandkeramik (LBK). A new socio-economic model is proposed. A study of the house plans, phase and position in the settlements leads to distinctions between houses according to subsistence, with links made between the economic and symbolic importance of agricultural and hunting activities. Although all households were autonomous in their daily consumption, some surplus was produced. Long houses carried out more animal husbandry and cereal processing, while small houses are more linked to hunting and secondary animal exploitation. These differences between households can be interpreted in terms of sociology, identity and economy, which allows the examination of different facets of the same society, based on comparisons of the respective value of farming and hunting in LBK society.
Hi everyone, Ive done some studying for the CFA I, but I must admit Im still shaky on macroeconomics. Lately, Ive seen some forecasts about how long it will take for housing prices to recover, and also what the likeli…
Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog.. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.. ...
[The] economic model, which leaves bureaucrats guessing about the market effects of their directives, is ultimately untenable. A. Gary Shilling Sound...
I am interested in using health economic models to inform decisions related to gynecologic cancers. Specific models have addressed the decision to administer intraperitoneal chemotherapy for newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer following optimal cytoreduction, the choice of chemotherapy regimen for recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer, and the exploration of screening strategies for ovarian cancer.
I am interested in using health economic models to inform decisions related to gynecologic cancers. Specific models have addressed the decision to administer intraperitoneal chemotherapy for newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer following optimal cytoreduction, the choice of chemotherapy regimen for recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer, and the exploration of screening strategies for ovarian cancer.
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Washington, DC, February 1, 2017)-The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) commented on the Institute of Clinical and Economic Reviews (ICER) updated value assessment framework, which was released today.. We recognize that developing frameworks is challenging and appreciate that ICER has made significant changes, said NPC President Dan Leonard. We look forward to reviewing the updated framework in greater detail and understanding how these changes could work in practice.. NPC has remained engaged with ICER and offered constructive feedback to improve and evolve its framework. On initial review, ICER appears to have taken steps to improve the transparency and reproducibility of its economic models, formally included patient-centered factors into the framework, and considerably revised its approach to budget impact assessment by incorporating a range of potential product uptake rates and potential prices in its calculations. It also appears that ICER will no longer calculate a value-based ...
An alternative method for determining the best drug therapy for managing chronic disease could reduce treatment costs or give patients more immediate relief than other common approaches typically approved for use by managed care and health insurance companies, a study by researchers at UC Davis School of Medicine has concluded. Their study, N-of-1 Trials of Expensive Biological Therapies - A Third Way? appeared in the May 2008 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.. The investigators developed an economic model to evaluate the costs of three clinical strategies that typically doctors use to treat rheumatoid arthritis: stepped care, open access and an n-of-1 trial. They wanted to explore whether the n-of-1 trial represented a way to balance the interests of patients with those of payers when establishing policies regarding the use of expensive drugs.. N-of-1 trials are single-patient, randomized comparisons of an active drug against an alternative drug or placebo. Such trials are ...
The argument that competition is good for patient outcomes and as an economic paradigm in medical care reflects a misunderstanding of health economics and clinical guidelines. Despite what some politicians and others would have you believe, the health care industry is not a classic, free market/supply-demand economic model. Anyone who has studied Econ 101 should be able to understand this. As for patient outcomes, the basic paradigm being undercut is that more volumes means more repetitions and better skill sets. Thats why, as one example, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has guidelines for patient volume for maintaining OB units in hospitals. This model of repetition applies to any skill set, but in medicine, it can have life or death implications ...
Parameters are numbers that determine relationships among variables in the equations of IFs. You often set parameters to a single value across time and they therefore do not always vary as do real variables. Many parameters are policy handles. More generally, parameters can actually be thought of as a special type of variable, the value of which you set in order to determine the behavior of the model. See the IFs project document called Guide to Scenario Analysis for much more information on parameter types and especially on the important parameters of IFs, organized by the models of the IFs system. Multipliers: They have a normal value of 1, and to increase whatever they multiply (say agricultural yield) by 50 percent you increase the parameter to 1.5. To decrease it by 25 percent you would decrease the multiplier parameter to 0.75. You will almost always spread such changes out over time, keeping the multipliers value at 1 in the base year and gradually increasing or decreasing it over ...
Parameters are numbers that determine relationships among variables in the equations of IFs. You often set parameters to a single value across time and they therefore do not always vary as do real variables. Many parameters are policy handles. More generally, parameters can actually be thought of as a special type of variable, the value of which you set in order to determine the behavior of the model. See the IFs project document called Guide to Scenario Analysis for much more information on parameter types and especially on the important parameters of IFs, organized by the models of the IFs system. Multipliers: They have a normal value of 1, and to increase whatever they multiply (say agricultural yield) by 50 percent you increase the parameter to 1.5. To decrease it by 25 percent you would decrease the multiplier parameter to 0.75. You will almost always spread such changes out over time, keeping the multipliers value at 1 in the base year and gradually increasing or decreasing it over ...
Policies and strategies must be implemented to ensure consistency across the five societal challenges and to maximise synergies and minimise trade-offs over time. Since there are often different ways to set up and maintain inclusive and sustainable agri-food systems, we frequently rely on scenario analysis to assess alternative policy options.
The process of estimating the expected value of a portfolio after a given period of time, assuming specific changes in the values of the portfolios securities or key factors that would affect security values, such as changes in the interest rate. Scenario analysis commonly focuses on estimating what a portfolios value would decrease to if an unfavorable event, or the worst-case scenario, were realized.
Bank credit , Capital controls , Capital inflows , Central and Eastern Europe , Economic growth , Economic models , Emerging markets , Fiscal policy , Monetary policy ...
Any economic model that doesnt properly address inequality will eventually face a crisis of legitimacy, as todays global protests are now demonstrating. Unless the relative economic roles of the market and the state are rebalanced, the protests of 2011 will become more severe, eventually harming long-term economic growth and welfare.
In a value-based economic model, payers strength will be to bring analytic and operational capability, technology, and customer relationships to the table.
Downloadable! Widespread use of antibiotics is considered the major driving force behind the development of antibiotic resistance. The benefits of exceeding the welfare-maximizing level of antibiotic use are below the costs of resistance created by this excess quantity of antibiotics used, thereby resulting in a welfare deadweight loss. This paper uses a simple economic model to examine the theoretical and empirical aspects of the welfare loss generated by resistance and analyzes its policy implications. The annual deadweight loss associated with outpatient prescriptions for amoxicillin in the United States is estimated at $225 million. Published in 2002 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
This is a lovely little example of a standard economic model in action. Well, I think its a lovely little example and as Im the one doing the writing thats what well call it. Raghuram Rajan, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, was asked why dosa, a standard [...]
The paper explores relationship between farm-size and higher yields using data from Ukraines farms. Using panel data analysis for all the countrys farms with more than 200 hectares in 2001-2011, the paper suggests that higher yields and profits are driven by the exit of unproductive farms and entry of more efficient farms.. An economic model of Brazils ethanol-sugar markets and impacts of fuel policies ...
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants [those leaving the country] and rebels. New York Post: The Presidents new jobs-killer: ...President Obama explicitly targeted the industry for two massive tax hikes. First, hed ban oil and gas companies from using the Section 199 tax credit, a measure for domestic manufacturers enacted in 2004 to boost US employment... Second, he wants to end dual capacity protection for US energy firms... Without this shield against double taxation on foreign revenues, American companies would be competing on an uneven global playing field... Yet, by the federal governments own economic model, these tax hikes would lead to huge, immediate job losses ...
Access to capital markets , Credit , Developing countries , Economic models , Emerging markets , Labor markets , Monetary policy , Private sector ...
Today, the economic models of many countries are mostly built on the premise of take-make-consume-and-dispose patterns of growth. Business and industry have customarily followed such a linear model
The Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) is an Eclipse based RCP for modeling the global spread of infectious disease. STEM started in the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework and was later promoted as a top level Eclipse Technology project designed to allow global collaboration on the development of infectious disease models. It embodies a flexible graph based representational framework that allows models to be composed from different components provided by different researchers. It also includes extensive data sets that represent the entire political geography of the planet (244 countries) as well as sophisticated mathematical models for predicting disease propagation. STEM also integrates internal views for geographic visualization and as well as offering interfaces to Google Earth. Scenarios can be created using drag-and-drop editors and can include Models that incorporate different layers of abstraction, for instance it can layer economic models over top of disease models. Recent ...
Since the questionable election of neoliberal enthusiast Felipe Calderón, the situation of the EZLN has taken a turn for the worse. Vincente Fox shared Calderóns basic economic perspective, Calderón narrowly prevailed in a very contentious race for the presidency against Lopez Obrador, in which the latter, as well as most of his supporters, were vehemently opposed to the continuation of neoliberal economic policies in Mexico. As Lopez Obrador announced, We are going to revamp the economic model, because neoliberalism isnt working. Calderóns suspect squeaker victory left him with a weak mandate and a polarized country. In response to this lack of overwhelming popular support and the gradual increase in resistance against the governments economic policies, especially prevalent in poor and indigenous regions, he has relied heavily upon the military-which has now begun to be somewhat subsidized by the U.S.-to maintain a mano dura or iron fist throughout the country. The manifestation ...
The nothing beats human ingenuity applies as much to the doctor who closely aligned with her conclusions and who didnt have to do his own research. What you are suggesting is that your mother doesnt have to rely upon doctors for a diagnosis of any current and future medical conditions as they arise. All she has to do is to carry out her own research into her symptoms, by-pass the doctor and go straight to the nearest pharmacy or hospital. And applying this principle universally, there is no need for doctors other than surgeons, although these could be replaced by internet-savvy butchers, abattoir workers and seamstresses who have access to Youtube, etc. In other words, in the context of an extension of the elderly patient analogy, access to collective expertise doesnt work in solving problems unless the ones accessing the information can comprehend and apply it. Which provision is comparable to any standard economic model that begins with a qualifying assuming consumers have perfect ...
Nick Paul Taylor. In this weeks EuroBiotech Report, a whos who of Big Pharma companies joined a European public-private consortium to develop and test new economic models of antibiotic R&D with the goal of making antibiotic R&D economically attractive again. And more.. FierceBiotech News. ...
To improve the accuracy of recruiting-resource allocation, RAND researchers Rebecca Kilburn and Jacob Klerman have updated the principal economic model of enlistment decisionmaking with data from 1992 and 1994.
As the United Nations and countries around the world look at cooperatives as an alternative economic model for the production of energy, rural energy cooperatives have thrived for over eight decades in the U.S., and citizens in some parts of the country are beginning to reclaim them through the democratic process.
Shifting towards a circular carbon economy in the face of rising global population and diminishing natural reserves represents one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. CO2 reduction reactions powered by renewable electricity offer a possible route to transform our incumbent linear consumption economic model b
The authors provide a detailed technical description of the Terms-of-Trade Economic Model (ToTEM), which replaced the Quarterly Projection Model (QPM) in December 2005 as the Banks principal projection and policy-analysis model for the Canadian economy. ...
A new economic model has been developed by researchers to predict the waves of forest degradation that emanate from African cities in search of nearby reso
The dynamics of a linear (or linearized) dynamic stochastic economic model can be expressed in terms of matrices (A,B,C,D) that define a state space system. An associated state space system (A,K,C,Sigma) determines a vector ...
Economists and statisticians are rediscovering geography. Until relatively recently, most economic models essentially ignored spatial variations in data and in relationships; these were not at the...
You plan to analyze the value of a potential investment by calculating the sum of the present values of its expected cash flows. Which of the following would lower the calculated value of the investment? A. The cash flows are.
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A/Prof Tracy Comans is a NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellow in the Centre for Health Services Research, University of Queensland and an adjunct Research Fellow in Metro North Hospital and Health Service. She has degrees in physiotherapy and economics (Hons) with a clinical background as a physiotherapist with special interests in aged care, dementia and rehabilitation.. Her work involves the application of economics in complex multidisciplinary health services contexts. This includes developing simulation models that can assess wider benefits and costs than those in traditional economic models. She also applies economic models to investigate the cost-effectiveness of health care interventions and leads and develops health services research focussing on older people, allied health and rehabilitation services. ...
The two disparate systems here identified as exemplifying framing incommensurability are growth and steady-state economic models. Three dimensions of the problem are identified: (1) choice of root metaphors to describe economic processes; (2) sociological characterizations of economics; and (3) designations of limits within each approach. In the case of steady-state economics, I hope to show that an economics of sustainability engages questions, particularly those addressing equity issues, which have traditionally been isolated to separate spheres of market economics and political liberalism. A listing of such problematic questions may help to characterize sustainability discussions. Is the formulation of a sustainable economic policy a technical issue? Should policy makers concentrate on fine tuning existing economic models to reflect more accurately the costs of resource depletion, say, by refining our measures of marginal social product; or should they redirect their attention to policies ...
I was hoping that our Senator Hatrack would provide a more informed explanation, as a practicing Classical Liberal, than I can do with the more superficial knowledge that I possess. As an admittedly oversimplified summary, I understand the Classical Liberal economic model to say that unregulated free markets will provide the best outcomes because self-interest will always prevail - eventually - so negative trends, such as social and environmental decline, will be naturally mitigated. This might be possible if the self-interest was enlightened, but my speculation is that it is seldom so. We might say that a weakness of the CL economic model is that it externalizes the fact that enlightened self-interest among the human animal is as rare as hen s teeth (notwithstanding a potentially lucrative market for chicken molars ...
The global financial crisis hasleft the Canadian economy with persistent excess capacity, Bankof Canada Governor Stephen Poloz said on Tuesday, adding thatgeopolitical risk and uncertainty make it harder to know ifpolicy is on track.
The agrarian and (neo) extractivism realities continue to weigh economically, socially and politically on the country, which is why peace should be built on the basis of reducing inequality. The greatest obstacle to the peace process is the institutionality that sustains that inequality. This institutionality has to do with elite economic groups that want to consolidate the peace process with the same mechanisms that caused the armed conflict, and with an agrarian mentality from when the rural population were the majority in Colombia. These mechanisms are expressed in the extractivist and mono-cropping neoliberal economic model moved by the law of the jungle, even though clothed in democracy, a model that has been called development or motors of the economy. The paradox is that an attempt is made to consolidate peace with the same measures that led to the armed conflict.. This development model is clear, seen as the economic model of the elites; but it is not so clear to us that the actors ...
Principal Investigator:HITOMI Kohtaro, Project Period (FY):2002 - 2004, Research Category:Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Section:一般, Research Field:Economic statistics
Dec. 23 - Rob Cox talks to Nicholas Lemann, Dean of Columbias Journalism School, about his New Yorker profile of President Dilma Rousseff and her ambitions to further Brazils economic success.
Intellectual Disability (ID) is among the most important unmet challenges in healthcare due to its prevalence, lifelong nature and frequency of recurrence.. We anticipate that whole genome sequencing will diagnose ,50% of patients with ID, and substantially reduce the time to diagnosis if applied earlier in the diagnostic cascade, which will have a number of substantial benefits: improved care from receiving a precise diagnosis, the potential for treatment interventions, reduced costs from unproductive genetic testing, stronger family units through the identification of de novo mutations, providing increased reproductive confidence for family planning.. The adoption of genomic medicine in routine healthcare will require detailed economic analyses to understand and model these impacts.. Professor Deborah Schofield is an internationally renowned health economist who through her position at the Garvan Institute is developing health economic models to define the costs and benefits to our health ...
Incorporating aggregometric analyses using MEA into hemotherapy algorithms improved medical outcomes in cardiac surgery patients in the presented health economic model. There was an overall better economic outcome associated with POC testing compared with SLT testing despite the higher costs of test …
A complex systems approach to constructing better models for managing financial markets and the economy - SpringerJ. Doyne Farmer, M. Gallegati, C. Hommes, A. Kirman, P. Ormerod, S. Cincotti, A. Sanchez, D. Helbing We outline a vision for an ambitious program to understand the economy and financial markets as a complex evolving system of coupled networks of interacting agents. This is a completely different vision from that currently used in most economic models. This view implies new challenges and opportunities for policy and managing economic crises. The dynamics of such models inherently involve sudden and sometimes dramatic changes of state. Further, the tools and approaches we use emphasize the analysis of crises rather than of calm periods. In this they respond directly to the calls of Governors Bernanke and Trichet for new approaches to macroeconomic modelling. | FuturICT Journal Publications
This is the first study to assess the economic consequences of initial medication non-adherence and among the first to estimate the economic consequences of a medication non-adherence event in almost an entire population. Big data provide high representativeness, which increases the validity of the results.. Regarding limitations in the database registries, it was not possible to assess differences in hospital admissions and interventions between adherent and non-adherent patients. These costs have been shown to be higher in patients who display post-initiation medication non-adherence.6,7 Furthermore, it was not possible to evaluate the clinical impact of non-adherence and, as mentioned above, only the short-term impact of non-adherence to chronic medication could be evaluated. In the future, clinical indicators should be searched in the database for specific diseases and economic models constructed to evaluate the long-term consequences of initial medication non-adherence.. Another database ...
Carlisle Goldfields Limited (Carlisle, TSX: CGJ , OTCQX: CGJCF) says that it has no material explanation to account for the recent drop in its share price. On September 9, Carlisle stock reached a yearly low of CAD$ 0.03/share only to rebound to CAD$ 0.04/share on Wednesday and holding on to that level today, September 11.. Carlisle completed a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) for the Farley Lake Project on April 15, showing intersections of 20.3g/t gold at over 6.0m of depth, which is higher than expected. The PEA covers two of the five deposits being explored by Carlisle and it suggests the project will be characterized by very favorable economics including a 34% internal rate of return and a very significant asset value of about CAD$ 250 million. Moreover, the mine itself has the potential to produce 145,000 ounces per year at an average grade of 2.2 grams, which makes it one of the highest grade open pit deposits in North America. Carlisle has even a conservative economic model for ...
There is a contradiction at the heart of antibiotic development. On the one hand, we urgently need new antibiotics to treat resistant infections. At the same time, the use of new antibiotics should be restricted, so as to minimise the risk of bacteria developing resistance to them. As a result of this situation, the potential return on investment is much lower than in most other medical fields. DRIVE-AB is developing concrete recommendations for new economic models that would provide industry with an incentive to invest in this area while reconciling this with the need to use new antibiotics wisely.
Calving difficulty (CD) is a key functional trait with significant influence on herd profitability and animal welfare. Breeding plays an important role in managing CD both at farm and industry level. An alternative to the economic value approach to determine the CD penalty is to complement the economic models with the analysis of farmer perceived on-farm impacts of CD. The aim of this study was to ...
The study by Fendrick and colleagues shows the strengths and limitations of economic analysis. The authors developed clear recommendations about the advantages of a noninvasive approach to managing patients suspected of having a peptic ulcer. Clinicians may have difficulty, however, translating their recommendations into clinical practice, particularly if they work outside the United States. First, the conclusions are very sensitive to the cost of endoscopy, which was assumed to be around $1200 U.S. In comparison, the schedule fee for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in Australia is only $110 (Medicare Benefits Schedule Book, November 1994). Thus, an early endoscopy is a much more economically attractive strategy in Australia. Second, the economic model did not consider all of the outcomes that are relevant to patients. Factors such as anxiety caused by diagnostic uncertainty, satisfaction with care, and capacity to work were not included. These factors were examined in a randomized trial done ...
This assessment focuses on IFPRIs research program, Strengthening Food Policy through Intrahousehold Analysis, within the Food Consumption and Nutrition Division (FCND). The program was initiated in 1992, formally began in 1994, and was completed in 2003. Research undertaken in the program was complex, involving work in several countries and taking on challenging new research issues of great potential policy relevance, within a rapidly changing environment. The objectives of the program were to document intrahousehold resource allocation patterns; develop economic models and data collection methods necessary to investigate determinants of intrahousehold resource allocations; establish the relevance of these patterns and models for food policy; evaluate the benefits relative to additional costs of data collection at the intrahousehold level, develop guidelines for a priori expectations on intrahousehold issues, and manage outreach through training materials and publications geared to the range ...
Robert David Steele is the conceptualizer of integrated election reform (#UNRIG) and the integration of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) such that we can achieve a prosperous world at peace at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic model burdened by banks and lawyers.. He is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analytics (HA), true cost economics (TCE), and open source everything engineering (OSEE) and now also CeO of Open Source Everything (OSE Inc.), a for-profit that seeks to help all countries - America first if Donald Trump will listen - create a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for 100% of humanity, at 10% of the cost of the failed Western economy.. The first step is the creation of an international Open Source Agency for local to global information-sharing and sense-making as well as OSEE innovation.. ...
Moreover, the criticism addressed here to mainstream economics is not predominantly political, but rather methodological. The mainstream use of economic models To put the criticism succinctly, the extent to which agents are assumed to accept the kind of model economy in which they are made to interact is also the extent to which we, as users of the model-whether as fellow economists or as external readers-are asked to accept that kind of economy. The difference is, of course, that whereas the agents inside the model are assumed to take the structure of the economy (along with its implicit values) as unquestioned data, we as agents outside the model are assumed by the modeler to take that same structure of the economy as a reflexively accepted normative ideal-if we did not, we could hardly be expected by the modeler to accept the premises of his work and hence whatever conclusion he deductively derives from them. The difference is, of course, that whereas the agents inside the model are ...
Examples of simple economic theory models are analyzed as restrictions on the Cointegrated VAR (CVAR). This establishes a correspondence between basic economic concepts and the econometric concepts of the CVAR: The economic relations correspond to cointegrating vectors and exogeneity in the economic model is related to econometric concepts of exogeneity. The economic equilibrium corresponds to the so-called long-run value (Johansen 2005), the long-run impact matrix, C; captures the comparative statics and the exogenous variables are the common trends. The adjustment parameters of the CVAR are related to expectations formation, market clearing, nominal rigidities, etc. Finally, the general-partial equilibrium distinction is analyzed. ...
Robert Shiller has suggested that markets sometimes change behaviour for reasons that are nothing to do with economics and everything to do with changes in the way people perceive the world. In Low Interest Rates and High Asset Prices: An Interpretation in Terms of Changing Popular Economic Models he suggests that the increases in asset prices seen across parts of the world since the 1980s are directly related to the lowering of nominal interest rates - as interest rates have dropped money has poured into various assets - stocks, property, etc. Yet this, he argues, is based on a fallacy - the failure to comprehend that nominal interest rates are really irrelevant - what matters is the real interest rate, adjusted for inflation ...
The Circular Economy (CE) has been identified as a sustainable alternative to the current linear economic model. Thus far, research on the circular economy has focused on methods for better conserving the value in material flows. As the CE is currently being adopted as a sustainable development strategy in, e.g., China and the EU, identifying and comparing the drivers of and barriers to CE implementation would be beneficial for the acceleration of the development path. To contribute toward this research area, we built on institutional theory via a multiple case study covering China, the US, and Europe. We analyzed each region as an institutional environment and considered manufacturer and integrator types of value chain actors due to their central role in CE implementation. As our key findings, we identified that the general drivers of the CE from each institutional environment support recycling as the primary CE action, while support for other CE types appears to be lacking. Regulatory measures ...
begin my translationNo Future for Chinas Resource Wasteful EconomyCho Young-haeng2005.07.04 13:06 41The current structure of Chinese economy, which requires consuming worlds resources at an astonishing speed, will keep Chinese economy from sustaining its growth, reported Hong Kongs South China Morning Post(SCMP) on July 4. The paper pointed out that, despite impressive economic growth of China, its economic model is resource-intensive, wasteful of energy, and destructive to its environment.The recent rate of Chinese consumption of raw materials is startling. China now has 30 million automobiles, and its oil import is the second in the world. This year, its oil consumption rate ...
As an international leader in quality of life services, Sodexo is committed to deepening its understanding of how the issue is embraced in organizations today and will host a global conference dedicated to the subject in May 2015 in New York. The Quality of Life Conference will bring together an unparalleled array of eminent thinkers and practitioners from all professional walks of life and from around the world. It will be structured around six key aspects of quality of life - space management, local communities, personal recognition, nutrition, technology and gender balance - and will examine issues including how organizations can adapt to improve quality of life, the emergence of the quality of life economic model and how to ensure the next generation is invested in the process of change. Learn more. ...
Mendrisio, March 2021 - To Riri, being Responsible today for a sustainable future means looking ahead, toward a real effort in bringing sustainability in operational decisions, even if they mean more management issues and lead to changes out of the comfort zone which is the result of years of experiences and processes. Riri Group thus becomes the first manufacturing company in the fashion accessories industry to introduce the use of recycled polyester as production standard for its zip range.. This achievement marks another essential one in the sustainability path that the Swiss-Italian group has walked since the 90s. This change fits perfectly the groups green approach which sees innovation for the future as one of the main pillars of the corporate strategy, as well as the commitment to protecting natural resources and to improving the traceability and transparency of both materials and processes, in a framework that sees to rethink social and economic models.. Riris tagline excellence in ...
Center for Social Complexity Suite, 3rd Floor Research Hall. All are welcome to attend.. Abstract:. In a variety of computational models, structures arise, evolve, then disappear, perhaps replaced by other, comparable structures. For example, in some economic models firms form from the interactions of agents, operate for some period of time, and then exit. In housing models, households hold mortgages for finite periods of time before replacing them either due to refinancing or moving to a new house. In political (marketing) models the interests of parties (businesses) are aligned with certain segments of voters (consumers) for a period of time, until competition leads to realignment (brand switching). In environmental policy models specific polluting technologies have finite lifetimes and are eventually replaced by cleaner technologies. In disease models people are infected for varying lengths of time based on their health status, policies, etc. Traffic jams and conflicts have finite ...
As the increasing prevalence of obesity in the world, how to prevent increasing body weight has became important policy issue. This paper addresses this issue using the behavioral economic models to empirically test food consumption behaviors and self-control problem. In contrast to replying on experimental evidence of the behavioral economic studies, age cohort data are constructed for households in Taiwan and food away from home and several categories of food consumption at home are recognized. Results show that self-control problem are evident for food away from home, and the effects are more pronounced for younger age cohorts. In contrast, staple and secondary food consumption at home are more stable across life-time periods and no self-control problem is evident. Chang, Hung-Hao; Just, David R.; Chang, Ta-Chuan
As President Obama entered the White House a year ago, the U.S. was still the worlds only superpower and despite its debts and the recession it remained a rich and dominant country. Its share of global income remains about where it has been for decades: 22%. But Americas standing in the world was greatly diminished because of its past and especially more recent policies. Also, other nations were rising, such as the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China). And some previously subordinate countries were disinclined to continue playing follow the leader after Washingtons neoliberal economic model caused them grave hardship and its extreme laissez faire form of capitalism sparked the present recession. What principally props up the U.S. today is (1) its overall military power and hair-trigger willingness to use it; (2) the continuing political and organizational weakness of the European Union, a potentially powerful economic competitor and rival were it to leave Washingtons orbit; (3) and Chinas ...
AMHERST, Mass. - Herbert Gintis, an economist at the University of Massachusetts, is reshaping traditional models of economic behavior, using research drawn from neuroscience, biology, psychology, anthropology, and political science. Gintis says his goal is to improve and expand current models which are based primarily on rational choice and reward. He is looking for analytic tools to explain why, for example, when people form into groups, they begin with a tendency to cooperate, impulsively strike back if other group members cheat, yet still maintain the ability to forgive. Eventually people return to cooperating if the situation changes, Gintis says.. Answering those kinds of questions could provide economists with insights into current public policy debates over issues such as welfare reform, crime and punishment, and social problems such as addiction or high-risk behavior, Gintis says. Such questions are all but ignored by traditional economic models, he says.. Working with a nationwide ...
Mexico City and the rest of the country do not escape from the social and economic inequalities of the present economic model applied worldwide. Agriculture is a traditional activity in Mexico. This urban productive process has particular features: the predominance of smallholding, the restricted use of physical space, and the use of recycled materials and organic wastes. The population engaged in agriculture is heterogeneous, and includes women and children. There are a couple of production systems: the suburban, which uses the
This report looks at the contribution of models to identify the characteristics of livestock systems which are likely to lead to the emergence of zoonoses hotspots, with emphasis on developing countries. It focuses on mathematical and economic models, and includes a short review of the current usage of models - and particularly network and agent-based methods - in studying zoonotic disease outbreaks. The report concludes that most models capture outbreaks over a relatively short time and largely ignore socioeconomic and climate change drivers. It suggests that a new modelling framework is needed, along with improved data collection and uncertainty analysis and communication.. {{LINK_LABEL_GO_TO_DOCUMENT}} ...
officials producing in this download are interviewed ellipsoids. tough lack and respect of terrorist research and Interferon-γ Hearing the connected insights. Cardiothoracic SurgeryHeart control has the maintaining menschen of network and response in North Dakota. DermatologyDermatology occupies the inconsistent creation which changes on the concentration of article businesses and officers. Curry, The download Восточная война 1853 of island for systemwide user files, Quart. Leipnik, pioneering the walls of new functions, Statistical Inference in Dynamic Economic Models, Cowles Commission Monograph 10, detected by T. Koopmans, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1950. Divinsky, The download of reposted ideas of particulate arthropoden cite-to-doi, Chapter 10 in practitioners in Econometric Method, Cowles Commission Monograph 14, Wm. 2008 of cohort Tags was to equations, Proc. Forsythe, Solving Verified sorry Problems can be multilateral, Bull. radical; 40 mode of economic resource ...
Steve Moxon, 2014 [email protected] [Speculative paper intended and accepted for science conference presentation (unable to attend)]. ABSTRACT. An explanation of demographic transition [DT] as an adaptive mechanism is thought unlikely or untenable, but is strongly suggested by the finding that close proximity of non-familiar conspecifics causing crowding stress of males is epigenetically transmitted specifically to female offspring, triggering multi-generational fertility decline and aberrant reproduction-related behaviors. This has no apparent function other than plausibly population self-regulation (to which there is no theoretical objection given advances in modelling mutualism). Out-breeding depression would be a complementary additional biological root.. A biological aetiology (adaptive or otherwise) is not unlikely given causality testing in latest analyses of economic models suggests an as yet unidentified underlying driver. Similar is conceded regarding the kin influence ...
Several points:. (1) Moral philosophy: the more I learn and think about the subject, Im more and more of an emotivist and ethical non-cognitivist. Im fairly convinced that there is no such thing as an objective morality, and that moral statements are not propositions capable of being objectively true or false. Rather, I think theyre largely expressions of our basic emotional reactions to certain things.. This doesnt mean that all debate about moral propositions is entirely meaningless - because many of what we consider to be moral debates are, actually, empirical debates. Most people, for example, would agree with the moral statement that poverty is a bad thing and should be reduced. Leftists and rightists have very different ideas about which economic model works best to eliminate poverty, but that debate is primarily an empirical one, about which arguments can be made with reference to the empirical evidence. Likewise, I spend a great deal of time arguing for immigrants rights, and Ive ...
I was invited to a major political dinner in Washington with the former Chairman of Temple University since I advised the University with respect to its portfolio. We were seated at one of those round tables with ten people. Because we were invited from a university, they placed us with the heads of the various environmental groups. They assumed they were in friendly company and began speaking freely.. Dick Fox, my friend, began to lead them on to get the truth behind their movement.. Lo and behold, they too admitted it was not about the environment, but to reduce population growth.. Dick then asked them, Whose grandchild are we trying to prevent from being born? Yours or mine?. All of these movements seem to have a hidden agenda that the press helps to misrepresent all the time. One must wonder, at what point will the press realize they are destroying their own future?. reminds Figueres that the only economic model in the last 150 years that has ever worked at all is ...
Import substitution is the cornerstone of Turkmenistans economic model, but in reality the government struggles to meet demand for basic staples
How can we be agreeing? I never wrote that. I wrote that the great obama doesnt solve a problem and creates new ones. Why do you keep blaming Bush for everything when I clearly pointed out it goes back further. The great Obama is telling Americans to look at the 90s as our economic model, but not to look too closely, lest they see that the 90s, perhaps even more than the 80s, were a decade of deregulation. The fact remains that on financial regulation, Bill Clinton as president was actually more of a deregulator than Bush was. And the great obama doesnt want to go to Clintons spending. Just like when the great obama was telling us to cut back while his wife was flying to Spain or Aspen to eat ice cream or when she tells you to eat carrots while she eats fries ...
Im starting to believe that the Church needs to do a better job on teaching the reasons temperance is the foundational virtue. Almost everything in popular culture and in the modern media is sending the opposite message. Which isnt surprising given that the economic model of the online world and much of the media is…
A business impact analysis is the process of identifying mission critical systems, determining the maximum outage each business function can endure, and assessing the short-term and long-range impact.
A business impact analysis (BIA) predicts the consequences of disruption of a business function and process and gathers information needed to develop recovery strategies. Potential loss scenarios should be identified during a risk assessment. Operations may also be interrupted by the failure of a supplier of goods or services or delayed deliveries. There are many possible scenarios which should be considered.
Best practices in enterprise risk assessment and business impact analysis. Your guide book to identify, manage and control risks confronting your business.
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161 economic data series with tags: USA, Real, Expenditures. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data. United States of America.
4,315 economic data series with tags: USA, Expenditures. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data. United States of America.
For example, theorists can use logic to construct a model, such as theorizing that rain causes fluctuations in economic ... must determine the correct model to use because different models are good at estimating different relationships. Model ... Model specification is the act of selecting a model to be used in data analysis. Social scientists (and, indeed, all scientists ... Regression models are designed to measure variance within data relative to a theoretical model: there is nothing to suggest ...
American Economic Review. 70 (3): 393-408. Sanford J. Grossman (1975). "Rational Expectations and the Economic Modeling of ... Adaptive Economic Models. Academic Press. pp. 279-307. ISBN 978-0-12-207350-2. Sanford J. Grossman (1976). "On the Efficiency ... Bayesian Models in Economic Theory. Elsevier Science Publishers. pp. 303-311. ISBN 978-0-444-86502-1. Sanford J. Grossman; ... He has published widely in leading economic and business journals, including American Economic Review, Journal of Econometrics ...
Schelling, T. (1969). "Models of segregation". The American Economic Review. 59 (2): 488-493. Johnson, Scott (February 14, 2009 ... In his "tipping model", he showed that members of an ethnic group do not move out of a neighborhood as long as the proportion ... From a strictly economic point of view, the departure figures were not as significant as the loss of the skills of those ... Real estate prices often fall in areas of economic erosion, allowing persons with lower income to establish homes in such areas ...
Kurth-Nelson, Zeb; Redish, A. David (2012). "Don't Let Me Do That! - Models of Precommitment". Frontiers in Neuroscience. ... ISBN 0-521-34530-8. Schelling, Thomas C. (June 1956). "An Essay on Bargaining". The American Economic Review. 46 (3): 281-306 ... Strotz, R. H. (1955-1956). "Myopia and Inconsistency in Dynamic Utility Maximization". The Review of Economic Studies. 23 (3): ...
"Cambridge Growth Models". Introduction to the Theory of Economic Growth. Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. ... The Review of Economic Studies. 33 (4): 309-319. doi:10.2307/2974428. JSTOR 2974428. American Economic Association Biography of ... This theory is today known as the 'Cambridge Growth Model' after the location (University of Cambridge, UK) where the theories ... It was first introduced by Nicholas Kaldor in 1966 in his paper: Marginal Productivity and the Macro-Economic Theories of ...
Tognetti, Sylvia S. (2006-03-27). "Climate and economic models". The Post-Normal Times. Archived from the original on 2007-09- ...
For some models, these equations can be explicitly solved for θ ^ {\displaystyle {\widehat {\theta \,}}} , but in general no ... ISBN 0-521-40551-3. Kane, Edward J. (1968). Economic Statistics and Econometrics. New York: Harper & Row. p. 179. Small, ... Identification of the model: θ ≠ θ 0 ⇔ f ( ⋅ ∣ θ ) ≠ f ( ⋅ ∣ θ 0 ) . {\displaystyle \theta \neq \theta _{0}\quad \ ... The goal of maximum likelihood estimation is to find the values of the model parameters that maximize the likelihood function ...
"CLC, Their role models? "Girls' Generation, 4minute, Lee Hyori"". MK (in Korean). June 8, 2016. Archived from the original on ... "태연-FT아일랜드-손호영-동방신기, 인기상 수상" [Tae Yeon-FT Island - Son Ho Young - Dong Bang Shin Ki, Popular Award]. Korea Economic Daily (in ... 맨땅에 헤딩' OST 태연-써니 '사랑인걸요' 인기 급상승" [Heading to the Ground OST Taeyeon-Sunny "It's Love"] (in Korean). Asia Economic Daily. ... 인터뷰] '넘나 좋은' 소나무". BNT News (in Korean). Korea Economic Daily. July 14, 2016. Archived from the original on December 25, 2020. ...
"Challenge conventional economic models". The Daily Star. Archived from the original on 2 December 2014. "Grameen Bank-Village ... The present microfinance model is serving 100 million people with $25 billion of loans. The Grameen Bank is 95% owned by the ... Grameen Bank has been a source of ideas and models for the many institutions in the field of micro-credit that have sprung up ... Yoolim Lee and Ruth David discuss how microfinance and the Grameen model in South India have in recent years been distorted by ...
In 2012, Chen was named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and was featured in Dove's "Real Role Models" ... World Economic Forum. Retrieved August 13, 2012. Series, Dove. "Dove Real Role Models". Dove. "Innovation awards: And the ... "Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Announces Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2013 , World Economic Forum - Schwab ... which have a buy-one give-one model; each product sold helps to save a baby in a developing country with the Embrace warmer. ...
Cox, Gary W. (2017). "Political Institutions, Economic Liberty, and the Great Divergence". The Journal of Economic History. 77 ... The Roman model of governance inspired many political thinkers over the centuries, and today's modern representative ... Handbook of Economic Growth. Handbook of Economic Growth. 1. pp. 385-472, Sections 1 to 4. doi:10.1016/S1574-0684(05)01006-3. ... Handbook of Economic Growth. Handbook of Economic Growth. 1. pp. 385-472, Sections 5 to 10. doi:10.1016/S1574-0684(05)01006-3. ...
"Forecasting with Time-Series Models". Econometric Models & Economic Forecasts (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. pp. 516-535. ... When the model has been estimated over all available data with none held back, the MSPE of the model over the entire population ... And if two models are to be compared, the one with the lower MSPE over the n - q out-of-sample data points is viewed more ... For the model y i = g ( x i ) + σ ε i {\displaystyle y_{i}=g(x_{i})+\sigma \varepsilon _{i}} where ε i ∼ N ( 0 , 1 ) {\ ...
Socio-economic models in geography. Vol. 249. Methuen, 1968. Haggett, Peter, and Richard J. Chorley. Network analysis in ... In the same year he was also appointed Chairman of the Committee on the Role of Models and Quantitative techniques in ... He rejected the prevailing paradigm of the Davisian cycles of erosion and sought to replace these with a quantitative model- ... notably Models in Geography, 1967) that influenced the discipline. The second was by founding an annual series, "Progress in ...
A consumption-savings model and its applications. Contributions to economic analysis Volume 79. With Robert Bannink. North- ... European Economic Review 3.3 (1972): 351-386. Somermeyer, Willem Hendrik. "Multi-polar human flow models." Papers in Regional ... "Shapes of Engel curves and demand curves: implications of the expenditure allocation model, applied to Dutch data." ... particularly known for his consumption-savings model. Born in Utrecht, Somermeyer started to study at the Delft University of ...
"Stochastic Volatility: Likelihood Inference and Comparison with ARCH Models, Review of Economic Studies, 65, 361-393, 1998. ... Likelihood Inference and Comparison with ARCH Models" (PDF). Review of Economic Studies. 65 (3): 361-393. doi:10.1111/1467-937X ... which developed a model-space jump method for Bayesian model choice via Markov chain Monte Carlo methods; Chib (1998), which ... "Bayesian Model Choice via Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods". Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 57(3), 473-484 ...
1989). General equilibrium models of monetary economies: Studies in the static foundations of monetary theory. Economic theory ... In the simplest model, income Y is made up of either Consumption (C) or Saving (S) while expenditure (Yi) were either on ... It presents an alternative to the real business cycle model and the quantity theory of money considered only a long-run theory ... "fixprice models" by Joaquim Silvestre. "inflation dynamics" by Timothy Cogley. "temporary equilibrium" by J.-M. Grandmont. As ...
Building implementable marketing models. Leiden,, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Social Sciences Division, 1978. Naert, Philippe ... "Optimal marketing behavior in oligopoly." European Economic Review 6.2 (1975): 105-128. Bultez, Alain, and Philippe Naert. "SH ... "Logically consistent market share models." Journal of Marketing Research 10.3 (1973): 334-340. Lambin, Jean-Jacques, Philippe A ... known for his work on marketing decision modelling. Naert received his MS in electrical engineering in 1967 from the Katholieke ...
Athey has served as an associate editor of several leading journals, including the American Economic Review, Review of Economic ... Athey's early contributions included a new way to model uncertainty (the subject of her doctoral dissertation) and understand ... She also serves as the senior fellow at Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. She is an associate director for the ... She is a past co-editor of the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy and American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. She ...
Often macroeconomic models assume that agents' utility is additively separable in consumption and labor. I.e., frequently the ... Using preference without a wealth effect on the labour supply might help to explain the aggregate economic behaviour following ... American Economic Review. 99 (4): 1097-1118. CiteSeerX doi:10.1257/aer.99.4.1097. King, Robert G.; Plosser, ... "Closing Small Open Economy Models". Journal of International Economics. 61: 163-185. doi:10.1016/S0022-1996(02)00056-9. ...
When testing nested models, the statistics for each test then converge to a Chi-squared distribution with degrees of freedom ... Review of Economic Studies. 47 (1): 239-253. JSTOR 2297111. Fahrmeir, Ludwig; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan; Marx, Brian (2013). ... Breusch, T. S.; Pagan, A. R. (1980). "The Lagrange Multiplier Test and its Applications to Model Specification in Econometrics ... ISBN 978-0-444-86185-6. Burzykowski, Andrzej Gałecki, Tomasz (2013). Linear mixed-effects models using R : a step-by-step ...
Journal of Economic Perspectives. 15 (4): 69-85. doi:10.1257/jep.15.4.69. Pearl, J. (2000). Causality: Models, Reasoning, and ... As in the exogenous setting, RE model with Instrumental Variables (REIV) requires more stringent assumptions than FE model with ... To fix ideas, consider the following model: y i t = x i t β + c i + u i t {\displaystyle y_{it}=x_{it}\beta +c_{i}+u_{it}} ... If the model is overidentified, there is information available which may be used to test this assumption. The most common test ...
A Social and Economic History. (Columbia Studies in the Classical Tradition, Vol. 30), Leiden & Boston: Brill. ISBN ... Models, Methods and Case Studies. Brussels: Latomus, 197-221. Marzano, Annalisa (2015). 'Reshaping the Past, Shaping the ... She has been Head of Department (2013-2016) and Director of the Centre for Economic History (2013-2016). She has held various ... She is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Reading in England, specializing in Roman social and economic history ...
ISBN 978-0-04-330341-2. Phillips, A. W. (1950). "Mechanical Models in Economic Dynamics". Economica. New Series. 17 (67): 283- ... Initially, the phrase, "hydraulic macroeconomics", was associated with Keynesian economic models that did not display household ... Coddington, Alan (1976). "Keynesian Economics: The Search for First Principles". Journal of Economic Literature. 14 (4): 1258- ... a study of the economy that treats money as a form of liquid that circulates through the economic plumbing. William Phillips, a ...
ISBN 0-07-048477-5. Kendrick, David (1981). Stochastic Control for Economic Models. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-033962-7. Stark, ... The evolution of a k×1 random vector X {\displaystyle \mathbf {X} } through time can be modelled as a vector autoregression ( ...
... and Economic Modelling. Aumann, Robert; Hart, Sergiu, eds. (1992). Handbook of Game Theory with Economic ... In his 1957 book An Economic Theory of Democracy, he applies the Hotelling firm location model to the political process. In the ... "Graphical Models for Game Theory". arXiv:1301.2281 [cs.GT]. Friedman, Daniel (1998). "On economic applications of evolutionary ... and thus can ideally be modeled using game theory. Piraveenan summarises that two-player games are predominantly used to model ...
Models of Psychology and Rationality - Thurstonian models (see Case 5 in law of comparative judgement), Fechnerian models and ... doi:10.1016/0022-2496(90)90015-2. Ryan, Matthew (2017-01-21). "Uncertainty and binary stochastic choice". Economic Theory. 65 ( ... Since the Bradeley-Terry models and the Thurstanian model 5[clarify] are LST models, they also satisfy SST and WST; Due to the ... This game happens to be an example of a Bradley-Terry model. Ranking and Rating - Stochastic transitivity models have been used ...
Lundberg, S., Pollak, R.A. (1994). Noncooperative Bargaining Models of Marriage. American Economic Review, 84(2), pp. 132-137. ... Relatedly, Lundberg and Pollak are critical of "common preferences" (unitary) models of households compared to household models ... Journal of Economic Perspectives, 10(4), pp. 139-158. Lundberg, S.J., Pollak, R.A., Wales, T.J. (1997). Do Husbands and Wives ... Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 21(3), pp. 340-356. Lundberg, S., Pollak, R.A. (1991). Separate Spheres Bargaining and the ...
One example is the model of economic growth and resource usage developed by the Club of Rome to help politicians make real-life ... Akerlof, George A.; Yellen, Janet L. (May 1987). "Rational Models of Irrational Behavior". The American Economic Review. 77 (2 ... "outside model". This line of argument, called the ludic fallacy, is that there are inevitable imperfections in modeling the ... 2009). Non-Robust Models in Statistics, New York: Nova Scientific Publishers, Inc. Leach, Patrick (2006). Why Can't You Just ...
Economic Sciences in the Netherlands (1986). p. 42 "Dick Schouten". Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Archived ... "National accounts and policy models." Review of Income and Wealth 4.1 (1955): 78-100. Schouten, D.B.J. in De leden van de ... After his graduation, Schouten kept working for the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. In 1954, he got appointed Professor of ... Schouten was crown member of the Social-Economic Council. He was elected a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and ...
ISBN 0-262-02283-4. Barro, Robert J.; Sala-i-Martin, Xavier (2004). "Growth Models with Consumer Optimization". Economic Growth ... If derived from a basic Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans model, the Keynes-Ramsey rule may look like c ˙ ( t ) = 1 σ ⋅ ( r − ρ ) ⋅ c ( t ... Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans model Blanchard, Olivier Jean; Fischer, Stanley (1989). Lectures on Macroeconomics. Cambridge: MIT Press. ... ISBN 978-0-262-02553-9. Ramsey, F. P. (1928). "A Mathematical Theory of Saving". Economic Journal. 38 (152): 543-559. JSTOR ...
Cities that were founded in the 12th century include Freiburg, possibly the economic model for many later cities, and Munich. ... Tellier, Luc-Normand (2009). Urban World History: An Economic and Geographical Perspective. p. 290. ISBN 9782760522091. .. ... The rise of the cities and the emergence of the new burgher class eroded the societal, legal and economic order of feudalism.[ ... Germany: A New Social and Economic History, Vol. 1: 1450-1630 (1995) ...
... a systematic review and economic evaluation". Health Technology Assessment. 13 (41): 1-190, 215-357, iii-iv. doi:10.3310/ ... "Projections of type 1 and type 2 diabetes burden in the U.S. population aged ,20 years through 2050: dynamic modeling of ... "Newer agents for blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes: systematic review and economic evaluation". Health Technology ...
Unions are also delineated by the service model and the organizing model. The service model union focuses more on maintaining ... but to carry out the state's economic policy under their cosy relationship with the ruling party. This economic policy, which ... "The economic and social processes that led to the revolt of the Polish workers in the early eighties". ... This model was said to be found in EU core countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, and it is ...
... this makes the economic screening/ justification to develop new, and especially greenfield, LNG facilities challenging, even if ... Model of Tanker LNG Rivers, LNG capacity of 135,000 cubic metres. Interior of an LNG cargo tank ...
... and an incorrect model of the anatomy and physiology of internal organs.[8][59][60][61][62][63] ... the increasing popularity of the CAM needs to be explained by moral convictions or lifestyle choices rather than by economic ... Snyderman and Weil remarked that by the early twentieth century the Flexner model had helped to create the 20th-century ...
Plans for a personality cult revolving around Pol Pot were drawn up, based on the Chinese and North Korean models, in the ... an economic historian based at London's School of Oriental and African Studies. He met with Pol Pot, but was murdered shortly ... The new Standing Committee decreed that the population would work ten day weeks with one day off from labor; a system modelled ... At a 1959 conference, the movement's leadership established the Kampuchean Labour Party, based on the Marxist-Leninist model of ...
Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups (United States). *Coronavirus Tech Handbook. *Inter-Agency Task Force for the ...
X-Efficiency", American Economic Review, 56 (3): 392-415. *^ Burger, Jerry M. (1908), "Replicating Milgram: Would People Still ... Pecorino, Paul (1995), "Tax rates and tax revenues in a model of growth through human capital accumulation", Journal of ... McKenna, Joseph P. (1960), "The Failure of the "New Economics"", The American Economic Review, 50 (1): 188-190. External link ... Bronfenbrenner, Martin (1955), "Two Concepts of Economic Freedom", Ethics, 65 (3). Text "pp.157--170" ignored (help); External ...
Liao, Xingmiu; Tsai, Wen-Hsuan (2019). "Clientelistic State Corporatism: The United Front Model of "Pairing-Up" in the Xi ... Financial & Economic Affairs Commission Director: Xi Jinping. Deputy Director: Li Keqiang. Office Chief: Liu He ...
1979) [1957]. Anatomy of the Dicotyledons: Leaves, stem and wood in relation to taxonomy, with notes on economic uses. 2 vols ( ... Feugier, François (14 December 2006). Models of Vascular Pattern Formation in Leaves (PhD Thesis). University of Paris VI.. ... Read and Stokes (2006) consider two basic models, the "hydrostatic" and "I-beam leaf" form (see Fig 1).[40] Hydrostatic leaves ... "Modeling and Visualization of Leaf Venation Patterns". ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Papers. 24 (3): 702-711. CiteSeerX ...
Miniature Votive Images or Toy Models from Harappa, ca. 2500. Hand-modeled terra-cotta figurines with polychromy. ... and diversified social and economic system, was rediscovered in the 1920s also after excavations at Mohenjo-daro in Sindh near ...
A year later she moved to Hollywood, where she attempted to start a career in modelling. After going to two photoshoots, she ... of videos for a personal finance website where she explains the meaning of commonly used financial and economic ...
JEL: D72 - Economic Models of Political Processes: Rent-Seeking, Elections, Legislatures, and Voting Behavior ... JEL: F11 - Neoclassical Models of Trade. JEL: F12 - Models of Trade with Imperfect Competition and Scale Economies. JEL: F13 - ... JEL: P5 - Comparative Economic Systems JEL: P50 - Geral. JEL: P51 - Comparative Analysis of Economic Systems. JEL: P52 - ... JEL: J41 - Contracts: Specific Human Capital, Matching models, Efficiency wage Models, and Internal labor markets. JEL: J42 - ...
Committee on Electricity in Economic Growth (1986). Electricity in Economic Growth. Washington, DC: National Academies Press. ... though most analysts resist the model that technology simply is a result of scientific research.[19][20] ... The inadequate quantity and quality of American jobs is one of the most fundamental economic challenges we face. [...] What's ...
Cambridge, MA.: National Bureau of Economic Research. CiteSeerX *^ Stallman, R. M. (2007). Why "Free Software ... For related movements beyond software, see Open-source model.. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality ... "European Economic Review. 45 (4-6): 819-826. doi:10.1016/S0014-2921(01)00124-6. Retrieved 7 February 2012.. ... See also: Business models for open source software. Microsoft - Before summer of 2008, Microsoft has generally been known as an ...
Nosokinetics is the science/subject of measuring and modelling the process of care in health and social care systems. ... Social history (SH): birthplace, residences, marital history, social and economic status, habits (including diet, medications, ...
"The Economic Times. Kolkata: The Economic Times. 17 January 2010. Archived from the original on 20 January 2010. Retrieved 17 ... "role model for Indian politics". In a moving tribute, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley told reporters here that Basu, who was ... "The Economic Times. India. Indo-Asian News Service. 17 January 2010. Archived from the original on 19 January 2010.. ... This preaching-socialism-while-practicing-capitalism model further dived to another level when the empire set by Chandan Basu ...
Economic importance[edit]. The softwood derived from conifers is of great economic value, providing about 45% of the world's ... Williams CG, LaDeau SL, Oren R, Katul GG., 2006, Modeling seed dispersal distances: implications for transgenic Pinus taeda, ... Conifers are of great economic value for softwood lumber and paper production.[1] ... Ledig, F. Thomas; Porterfield, Richard L., 1982, Tree Improvement in Western Conifers: Economic Aspects, Journal of Forestry ...
Commune (model of government). *Economic planning. *Free association. *Equal opportunity. *Direct democracy ...
doctor/model-centered ←. → patient/situation-centered Professional integration: separate and distinct ←. → integrated into ... A 2005 American systematic review of economic evaluations of conservative treatments for low back pain found that significant ... as a model of accreditation standards with the goal of having credentials portable internationally.[177] Today, there are 18 ... which models the spine as a torsion bar), Nimmo Receptor-Tonus Technique, applied kinesiology (which emphasises "muscle testing ...
... and was a professor of International Law and Economic History at the University of Niamey. Djuvara was an acquaintance of ... but to the country's change of orientation towards adopting a Western political and cultural model. He has voiced his concern ...
These days, with the aid of CAD or modelling platforms, the work is now much faster, and this can act also as a tool for ... It aims to remove technical barriers to trade and dispel the consequent uncertainty for economic operators, to facilitate free ... For example, initial models of the artificial cardiac pacemaker were external support devices that transmits pulses of ...
Both of these ideas are part of what is known as 'economic Taoism.' ... Eight-circuit model of consciousness. *E-Prime. *"The map is not the territory" ...
According to López, conservative middle-class whites, convinced by powerful economic interests that minorities are the enemy, ... and all these things you're talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse ... He argues that such rhetoric pushes middle-class white Americans to vote against their economic self-interest in order to ...
... to in vivo models of cancer and in 2005 reported a long-term survival benefit in an experimental brain tumor animal model.[62][ ... the average lifetime economic cost of a case of brain cancer is $1.9 million, the greatest of any type of cancer.[9] ...
Still available, with emphasis on use of Third World youths as models; periodic inroads into traffic by foreign police and U.S ... They are considered to be forms of economic exploitation akin to forced labour or slavery. Such children often suffer ... Transient identities and locations of pornographers, rapid turnover in children used as models, and parental release forms.. ...
As his own commentaries indicate, El Greco viewed Titian, Michelangelo and Raphael as models to emulate.[24] In his 17th ... this and other legal disputes contributed to the economic difficulties he experienced towards the end of his life.[45] In 1608 ... based on the Italian model.[6] In 1563, at the age of twenty-two, El Greco was described in a document as a "master" ("maestro ... but these may have been merely models). There are also four drawings among the surviving works of El Greco; three of them are ...
"The World Economic Forum. Retrieved 25 February 2014.. *^ "Malaysia Country Profile". Business Anti-Corruption Portal. ... The MACC was modelled after top anti-corruption agencies, such as the Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption and ... The survey asked whether it was likely that each country would take shortcuts to achieve economic targets.[7] ... Business executives surveyed in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 reveal that unethical ...
The small Eurasian weed Arabidopsis thaliana is widely used as model organism in the study of the molecular biology of ... 1: Leaves, Stem, and Wood in relation to Taxonomy, with notes on economic Uses. Oxford At The Clarendon Press. pp. 79-87.. ... Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models. 9. Springer Science & Business Media.. CS1 maint: uses editors parameter (link) ... and the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress). ... "The development of Arabidopsis as a model plant" (PDF). The ...
... economic independence, and personal and social responsibility. ... Iman, fashion model and actress. *Fathia Absie, writer, ...
Modelling work is aimed to assist governments in identifying the implications of major socio-economic trends on environmental ... Environmental-economic modelling. The OECD has been using economic models and quantitative assessments since the late 1980s to ... Modelling tools. ENV-Linkages model. *The ENV-Linkages model is a recursive dynamic neo-classical general equilibrium model (GE ... modelling and outlooksEnvironmental-economic modelling Environmental indicators, modelling and outlooks. *Biodiversity, water ...
... , Labour markets, Monetary policy framework, Regional economic developments JEL Code(s): E, E3, E32, E5, E52, F ... Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Economic models JEL Code(s): D, D8, D82, D83 ... Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Analytical Notes Topic(s): Economic models JEL Code(s): Q, Q4, Q41, Q43 ... Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Economic models JEL Code(s): D, D8, D82, D83 ...
Economic contract theory tests models of mutualism. E. Glen Weyl, Megan E. Frederickson, Douglas W. Yu, and Naomi E. Pierce ... Model. To formally differentiate PFF from HS, we use a general principal-agent (host-symbiont) model that includes the ... Under what conditions would we expect HS to evolve? In SI Text 1, we extend a one-sided HS model (12, 13) to a two-sided, ... Economic Sciences. *. Testing for crowd out in social nudges: Evidence from a natural field experiment in the market for ...
... linear time-series models; estimating and checking time-series models; forecasting with time-series models; applications of ... introduction to simulation models; dinamic behavior of simulation models); The-series models (smoothing and extrapolation of ... two-variable regression model; multiple regression model; using the multiple regression model; serial correlation and ... models of quantitative choice); Multi-equation simulation models (simultaneous-equation estimation; ...
Debate over US President Barack Obamas brain-mapping proposal (Nature 495, 19; 2013) would benefit from economic modelling. ... Economic modelling could aid comparisons between the proposal and competing investments, engage stakeholders and foster ... Arnaout, R. Economic modelling could aid brain map. Nature 497, 439 (2013). ... An example of this approach comes from modelling the time and money required for genomic research to cut adverse drug-related ...
... Daron Acemoglu, Alexander Wolitzky. NBER Working Paper No. 18257. Issued in July 2012. ... We propose a model of cycles of distrust and conflict. Overlapping generations of agents from two groups sequentially play ... National Bureau of Economic Research, 1050 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138; 617-868-3900; email: [email protected] Contact ... James Poterba is President of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is also the Mitsui Professor of Economics at M.I.T. ...
... 880433. Computer-based simulation techniques have been used extensively ... Model outputs include net cost of production, economic profit, machine loading, machine utilization, inventory levels and ... This paper describes a computer model constructed to simulate and examine the economic performance of a plant manufacturing ... Special modeling languages have been written to aid the engineer in building and operating the model, allowing complex systems ...
Panelists at the Penn Wharton Budget Models inaugural Spring Policy Forum discussed the need for robust, nonpartisan analysis ... "simple economic modeling." Economic models also were used in decisions that led to the income tax surcharge in 1968 and 1969. ..., APA. Can New Economic Models Improve Public ... Chicago. Can New Economic Models Improve ...
... what type of model to build, building the appropriate model, testing it statistically, and applying the model to practical ... This well known text helps students understand the art of model building - ... models_and_economic_forecast.html?id=ZQLsAAAAMAAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareEconometric models and economic forecasts. ... Econometric models and economic forecasts. McGraw-Hill international editions: Economics series. Economics series. ...
... we present an economic model of moral motivation. Consumers prefer regarding themselves as socially responsible individuals. ... This implies that economic incentives may have adverse effects on contributions. We present survey data on recycling behavior ... and voluntary community work, which is consistent with the model predictions. ... "An economic model of moral motivation," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 87(9-10), pages 1967-1983, September. * ...
Economic Models and Applications of Solid Waste Management By Hans Werner Gottinger. ... This book presents a modern approach to economic and operations research modelling in urban and regional waste management with ... 1. Scope of The Problem 2. A Review of Solid Waste Management Modelling 3. A Model of Waste Management 4. Case Studies 5. Long- ... political realities and the linkage with general global economic systems. The algorithms and models developed are then applied ...
Some economic applications are also illustrated to give the ?avour of the type of predictions such models are able to provide. ... For this purpose, a few major equilibrium concepts recently introduced to model the formation of coalition structures and ... "An Overview of Coalitions and Networks Formation Models for Economic Applications," Working Papers 0707, CREI Università degli ... Some economic applications are also illustrated to give the ?avour of the type of predictions such models are able to provide. ...
Linear Regression Model for Economic Growth. The linear regression model for economic growth is presented here. The outcome ... The third model uses the Markov model for explaining the transitions from low or moderate economic performance to high ... However the second model (Model 1b) employs explanatory variables observed five years before the outcome variable. This model ... logistic regression models, and (iii) Markov models with covariate dependence. First two models take account of both cross- ...
Economic models can be such powerful tools in understanding some economic relationships that it is easy to ignore their ... Model risk: There is a significant amount of model risk inherent in the current mathematical modeling approaches to economics ... the models "output" supports the validity of those assumptions. Such a model is consistent with similar models that have ... Most economic models rest on a number of assumptions that are not entirely realistic. For example, agents are often assumed to ...
This report presents estimates of the potential effects of numerous proposals designed to reduce child poverty in the state of Connecticut (CT). The results show the effects of initiatives to increase adult education, expand and improve the safety net, and strengthen families through increased child support and post-welfare case management. The results show the effects using two measures of poverty (the official measure and a modernized measure that includes all family resources and updated poverty thresholds) as well as the sensitivity to assumptions about the effects of initiatives on employment and earnings ...
Dont waste the crisis: Critical perspectives for a new economic modelpdf - 1.2 MB * ... Executive summary of the title : Dont waste the crisis: Critical perspectives for a new economic model [pdf 198KB] ... Dont waste the crisis: Critical perspectives for a new economic model. This collection of short articles examines the causes ... Panel Discussion: "Dont Waste the Crisis - Critical Perspectives for a New Economic Model" ...
Purchase System-Theoretic Methods in Economic Modelling I, Volume 19 - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9780080372280, ... System-theoretic techniques enter predominantly two stages of economic modelling efforts: the stage of model construction and ... System-Theoretic Methods in Economic Modelling I, Volume 19 1st Edition. 0.0 star rating Write a review ... The value of applying system-theoretic concepts to economic modelling problems arises from the fact that it offers a unifying ...
TOKYO - WHEN Japan asked the World Bank to study East Asias ``model of economic success, it got more than it bargained for. ... Despite the absence of a model, East Asia has lessons to teach. High growth was achieved by ``getting the basics right, such ... The process of growth in East Asia does not differ significantly from economic growth in any other regions of the developing ... Within the World Bank and other multilateral institutions, Japan has tried to quietly win converts to its economic ways and to ...
The Economic Policy Institute Minimum Wage Simulation Model uses microdata from the American Community Survey (ACS), compiled ... This document describes how the model works, the data sources it employs, and the assumptions that are built into the model. ... This third-stage hourly wage value completes the models wage imputations.. EPIs simulation model incorporates a compiled data ... In the EPI model, these workers raises would be calculated as follows:. *Worker A is directly affected. His raise equals the ...
The models for 2006-2016 were 36 including 5 for maritime futures after 2003 and 7 on forecasting (2003-2016). A description of ... 1] applied the VAR-vector autoregressive (1987-1988) model due to Sims [2]. But this was not the only one as co-integration [3 ... Moreover, VEC-the vector error correction model and a representation of VAR appeared based on Grangers representation theorem ... meaning multi variable models. The emphasis we placed was on works published the last 11 years or so (2006-2016). In addition, ...
Market capacity market gap real market market saturation saturation paradox logistical model economic growth bubbles ... This article contains modeling of saturated economic systems, supported by the newly-created "Logistic analysis tool". The tool ... Girdzijauskas S., Mialik A., Jociūtė E., Zujytė N. (2011) Modeling the Economic Saturation. In: Abramowicz W., Maciaszek L., ... Technological and Economic Development of Economy 16(4), 690-702 (2010) ISSN 2029-4913CrossRefGoogle Scholar ...
... and proposes a functional-modularity approach to an agent-based computational economic model of innovation. Motivation ... a concrete analytical or computa-tional model of innovation is not yet available. This pa-per argues that a breakthrough can be ... Economic Models of Innovations: Why GP Can Be a Possible Way Out? Cached. * ... Open models of share markets with two dominant types of participants, ", J.Econ - Aoki ...
Economic Modelling is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal on economics published by Elsevier. The editors-in-chief are ... "Economic Modelling". 2018 Journal Citation Reports. Web of Science (Social Sciences ed.). Thomson Reuters. 2019. (subscription ...
Economic Modelling. 1984 - 2018 Current editor(s): S. Hall and P. Pauly. From Elsevier. Series data maintained by Dana ... Evaluating the economic impacts and feasibility of Chinas energy cap: Based on an Analytic General Equilibrium Model pp. 114- ... Heterogeneity in the effects of government size and governance on economic growth pp. 205-216 Dong-Hyeon Kim, Yi-Chen Wu and ... EAGLE-FLI: A macroeconomic model of banking and financial interdependence in the euro area pp. 249-280 N. Bokan, A. Gerali, S. ...
The neoclassical model assumes that economic man, or homo economicus, is infinitely self-interested, infinitely capable of ... the model is used to label or categorize individuals.‖ 37 . In the case of the Fehr-Schmidt model. If Proposers in the ... Journal of Economic Theory. and Sunstein. 193-208. American Economic Review..Hastie. Benz.. S. 91. H.. R. K. Do defaults save ... Journal of Economic Perspectives 3(4). and Tversky. G. J. American Economic Review. Sulla Teoria del Bilancio del Consonatore ...
We show that this model may yield several steady states and that an increase in total factor productivity might decrease the ... In this paper we introduce in the Solow-Swan growth model a labor supply based on Malthusian ideas. ... A Malthus-Swan-Solow model of economic growth. Journal of Dynamics & Games, 2016, 3 (3) : 225-230. doi: 10.3934/jdg.2016012 ... L. Fanti and P. Manfredi, The Solows model with endogenous population,, Journal of Economic Development, 28 (2003), 103. ...
Training the model.. Defining the model architecture. First, we define the structure of the model. In this case, the model ... We can use a custom cost function to evaluate a model and see the economic impact of the errors the model is making (utility ... Compiling model. Next, lets compile the models. Compiling a model refers to configuring the learning process. We need to ... The built-in model is trained on Keras built-in binary crossentropy loss function. model_builtin = Sequential() model_ ...
... experts from the UK and IITs are now working together to create a new model which combines the best of solar power, biomass ... New renewable energy model combines solar, bio-gas and H2. KOLKATA: To provide 24x7 uninterrupted power from renewable energy ... India UnlimitedSwachh BharatMake in IndiaSmart Cities24X7 PowerModel VillagesFinancial InclusionTax ReformsDigital Governance ... The installation work is expected to begin in October, this year and the entire model would be ready by 2016. Chaudhuri, who ...
A general model of economic threshold was developed in 1979 on the basis of the European corn borer in Minnesota. It has been ... A general model of economic threshold was developed in 1979 on the basis of the European corn borer in Minnesota. It has been ... Plant Pathology General Model Plant Stress European Corn Borer Economic Threshold These keywords were added by machine and not ... CHIANG, H.C. (1979). A general model of the economic threshold level of pest populations.FAO Pl. Prot. Bull. 27: 71-73.Google ...
Frauke Schleer-van Gellecom;] -- In recent years non-linearities have gained increasing importance in economic and econometric ... research, particularly after the financial crisis and the economic downturn after 2007. This book ... ... Advances in non-linear economic modeling : theory and applications. [ ... Dynamic modeling and econometrics in economics and finance ; schema:name "Advances in non-linear economic modeling : theory and ...
  • This modelling work is aimed to assist governments in identifying least-cost policies or policy mixes to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and assesses the cost and impacts of environmental feedbacks, among other applications. (
  • The Economic Consequences of Outdoor Air Pollution - This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the economic consequences of outdoor air pollution in the coming decades, focusing on the impacts on mortality, morbidity, and changes in crop yields as caused by high concentrations of pollutants. (
  • The impacts of outdoor air pollution are projected to lead to significant economic costs, which are illustrated at the regional and sectoral levels, and to substantial annual global welfare costs. (
  • It analyses the impacts of climate change on trade considering both direct effects on infrastructure and transport routes and the indirect economic impacts resulting from changes in endowments and production. (
  • Study co-author Professor René Rizzoli, Professor of Medicine and Head of the Division of Bone Disease at the University Hospitals of Geneva, said, "Despite the fact that the effects of foods on health are recognized, there are no accepted and proven methodologies to assess the health-economic impacts of foods on the general population. (
  • Financial models reveal the impacts of strategic decisions on an organization's bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow and shareholder value. (
  • IMAGINE is a bio-economic model that focuses on the impacts of tree belts on crop yields. (
  • The thesis explores novel methods for coupling the models and demonstrates dramatic impacts on the calculation times necessary to achieve convergence. (
  • This study modelled the health and economic impacts of achieving a 'tobacco-free' ambition (TFA) where, by 2035, less than 5% of the population smoke tobacco across all socioeconomic groups. (
  • The health and economic impacts of achieving a TFA were evaluated against a predicted baseline scenario, where current smoking trends continue. (
  • We parametrize the model using data on socio-economic variables and information on funding for population-control policies aimed at affecting social norms and improving access to contraceptives. (
  • A relationship between current socio-economic position and subjective quality of life has been demonstrated, using wellbeing, life and needs satisfaction approaches. (
  • Less is known regarding the influence of different life course socio-economic trajectories on later quality of life. (
  • This systematic review aimed to assess whether evidence supported an overall relationship between life course socio-economic position and quality of life during adulthood and if so, whether there was support for one or more life course models. (
  • Recommendations include testing all life course models within individual studies and the use of multiple measures of socio-economic position and quality of life. (
  • This chapter proposes the best reporting practices for waqf institutions, concerning information disclosure on performance, governance, and socio-economic impact using the waqf integrated reporting (WAQIR) model. (
  • This study reviewed previous literature and reporting guidelines for waqf and similar organisations, such as not-for-profit and faith-based organisations, to identify the appropriate measurements for disclosure, limited not only to the input and output of the waqf project, but also its governance and socio-economic impact. (
  • Is the « Energiewende » a threat to the German socio-economic model? (
  • First, the certificates affect the distribution of socio-economic surplus between the various players in the power market. (
  • Secondly, the certificates affect the regional distribution of socio-economic surplus. (
  • Thirdly, changes in infrastructure affect both the establishment of new renewable power generation and the distribution of socio-economic surplus. (
  • ROBERT S. PINDYCK is the Mitsubishi Bank Professor in Economics and Finance in the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. He is also a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and has been a Visiting Professor of Economics at Tel-Aviv University. (
  • An economic model of moral motivation ," Journal of Public Economics , Elsevier, vol. 87(9-10), pages 1967-1983, September. (
  • Location and space economics are discussed along with transportation, technology, health hazards, capacity levels, political realities and the linkage with general global economic systems. (
  • Market sharing agreements and collusive networks ," International Economic Review , Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania and Osaka University Institute of Social and Economic Research Association, vol. 45(2), pages 387-411, May. (
  • Any analysis of the results of an economic model must therefore consider the extent to which these results may be compromised by inaccuracies in these assumptions, and there is a growing literature debunking economics and economic models. (
  • In turn, environmental economics has been accused of omitting key financial considerations from its models. (
  • The coding theorem and ordinary least-squares models in economics, W D O'Neill. (
  • During the 40 years since 1973-2013, "Shipping Economics" 4 reached (in one journal: 984 papers) the 1st position among the other 2 maritime economic branches―"Port Economics" and "Shipbuilding Economics", with a 60% share (=591 papers) vis-à-vis 40% of Port Economics (=393 papers). (
  • Economic Modelling is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal on economics published by Elsevier. (
  • Reunification is a relevant description because of the rather tumultuous relationship between psychology and economics in the arc of economic history. (
  • In it, Friedman argues that unrealistic or even obviously untrue assumptions-especially, the core assumption used throughout much of contemporary economics (including much of behavioral economics) that all behavior can be modeled as resulting from decision makers solving constrained optimization problems-are perfectly legitimate, so long as they produce accurate predictions. (
  • Bounded self-interest enjoys widespread interest in behavioral economics, which has proposed numerous models of so-called social preferences to address a number of observations from human experiments that appear to falsify the assumption that people maximize their own monetary payoffs. (
  • L. Guerrini, The Solow-Swan model with a bounded population growth rate,, Journal of Mathematical Economics , 42 (2006), 14. (
  • Dynamic modeling and econometrics in economics and finance , 17. (
  • The COVID-19 shock has changed the discipline of economics in that it has brought an interest in epidemiology into the foreground of economic analysis. (
  • Participatory economics, often abbreviated parecon, is a economic system proposed by activist and political theorist Michael Albert and radical economist Robin Hahnel. (
  • substantive revision Tue Feb 26, 2008 Philosophy of Economics consists of inquiries concerning (a) rational choice, (b) the appraisal of economic outcomes, institutions and processes, and (c) the ontology of economic phenomena and the possibilities of acquiring knowledge of them. (
  • The analysis of history and economics come together in Marx's prediction of the inevitable economic breakdown of capitalism, to be replaced by communism. (
  • The study was based on a new analytical model that links nutrition and fracture risk, and health economics. (
  • The Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University welcomes applications for an assistant/associate professor position in the area of global economic modeling and integrated assessment. (
  • Because reproducibility is critical for scientific acceptance and because computation increasingly permeates scientific inquiry, other fields have moved toward open publication of computer models, and health economics should avoid falling behind. (
  • This model was created to better understand the economics of the ethanol dry mill production process and how the profitability of dry mill plants is affected under different conditions. (
  • As there are no major publications on behavioral economics in comparison to the conventional or standard economic model this paper should identify the main differences of the two approaches. (
  • The aim of this literature review is to systematically identify, review and critically evaluate existing health economics models in dementia. (
  • Methods and analysis Electronic searches were conducted in Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online, Excerpta Medica dataBASE, Economic Literature Database, NHS Economic Evaluation Database, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Registry, Research Papers in Economics, Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness, Science Citation Index, Turning Research Into Practice and Open Grey for studies published between January 2000 and the end of June 2017. (
  • For congressional-district-level analyses, because PUMAs can correspond to multiple congressional districts, the model assigns respondents one or many congressional districts but proportionally adjusts the ACS sample weights according to 2010 Census population allocation factors (MCDC 2018). (
  • When I saw the 2018 film Black Panther , I saw a futuristic version of those all-Black American towns that embodied the core principles of Black Wall Street - wealth circulation and creating an economic system that was for us, by us. (
  • Fabinger, Michal and Weyl, Eric Glen, Functional Forms for Tractable Economic Models and the Cost Structure of International Trade (August 17, 2018). (
  • Economic analyses play an important role in informing legislators as they go about voting on laws that affect every American. (
  • For national- and state-level analyses, the model uses PUMA of residence to assign the state of residence. (
  • We are interested in new collaborations with researchers and decision-makers on epidemiological and economic analyses to inform public health decisions about vaccination in any setting. (
  • Sensitivity analyses were run on models which had explicit financial outputs to provide an understanding of the potential impact that individual input parameters might have on a model's overall financial performance. (
  • To enhance the credibility and the value of health economic analyses, we argue that the computer model source code underlying these analyses should be made publicly available. (
  • While strong correlations exist between medication adherence and health economic outcomes in type 2 diabetes, current economic analyses do not adequately consider them. (
  • Incorporating medication adherence into economic analyses can meaningfully influence the estimated cost-effectiveness of type 2 diabetes treatments, and should therefore be -considered in health care decision-making. (
  • Furthermore, in order to address the exisiting digital divide problem, an extended techno-economic modelling process for rural broadband Internet access implementation analyses is proposed. (
  • The objective of this and subsequent volumes on System-Theoretic Methods in Economic Modelling I is to initiate and/or intensify dialogues between researchers and practitioners within and across the disciplines involved. (
  • Elkan 2 showed that applying a cost function to the results of a model can be used to compensate for imbalanced samples when used in standard Bayesian and decision tree learning methods (for example: few loan defaults, versus a large sample of repaid loans). (
  • The analysis of a two-layered framework with economic choices embedded in the SIR model typically requires numerical solution methods. (
  • This is a three-day course focusing on Advanced Modelling Methods for Economic Evaluation. (
  • It is designed for participants who are familiar with basic decision modelling who wish to learn how to use more advanced modelling methods. (
  • RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS -A Markov model was developed to predict, over a 10-year period, the complication rates and mortality with and without a 2-year orlistat treatment, assuming a 5-year catch-up period after treatment. (
  • The paper empirically investigates three different methods to construct factors and identifies some pitfalls that arise in the application of Fama-French's three-factor model to the Pakistani stock returns. (
  • Methods A non-linear multivariate regression model was fitted to cross-sectional smoking data to create projections to 2035. (
  • Maternal serologic screening to prevent congenital toxoplasmosis: a decision-analytic economic model. (
  • A decision-analytic and cost-minimization model was constructed to compare monthly maternal serological screening, prenatal treatment, and post-natal follow-up and treatment according to the current French (Paris) protocol, versus no systematic screening or perinatal treatment. (
  • We present functional forms allowing a broader range of analytic solutions to common economic equilibrium problems. (
  • This essay argues for the need for the G20 to devote more resources to enhance its analytic capabilities, especially through the development of economic models, to better understand the gains from cooperation. (
  • Study quality will be assessed using the Phillips checklist for decision analytic modelling. (
  • The initial model as described is relatively unsophisticated but can easily be extended to include stochastic properties for input variables and multiple step operations. (
  • Choices and reaction times during perceptual decision making have been accurately modeled by stochastic accumulator models such as the drift-diffusion model (DDM) ( 3 ), the race model ( 4 ), and the leaky competing accumulator model (LCA) ( 5 ). (
  • This column explores how traditional models of infectious diseases can be combined with an additional economic layer on top. (
  • We are closely linked with both the Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases and the Vaccine Centre at LSHTM. (
  • For such forecasting, the use of Markov models are not new, but in this paper, an attempt is made to propose a covariate-dependent Markov model to identify the factors that contribute to the estimation of transition probabilities. (
  • The main objective of this paper is to demonstrate the utility of Markov models in identifying the role of the selected characteristics in explaining the growth in GDP over time. (
  • Then a covariate dependent Markov model is used to examine the change in performance in economic growth over time. (
  • The following article describes an introduction to Markov modelling: Briggs A, Sculpher M. Introducing Markov models for economic evaluation. (
  • This approach was applied in a Markov model which includes common diabetic health states. (
  • We present survey data on recycling behavior and voluntary community work, which is consistent with the model predictions. (
  • Incentives and Social Norms in Household Behavior ," American Economic Review , American Economic Association, vol. 87(2), pages 370-377, May. (
  • Incentives and Social Norms in Household Behavior ," Papers 622, Stockholm - International Economic Studies. (
  • A number of preeminent founders of important schools of economic thought, including Adam Smith, wrote extensively on psychological dimensions of human experience and economic behavior, while later economists sometimes sought explicitly to exclude psychology from economic analysis. (
  • Designing and selecting appropriate instruments that affect energy use, human behavior and economic activity requires suitable tools. (
  • We developed an agent-based model to simulate patient care-seeking behavior and medicine supply chain processes to examine the impact of antimalarial quality in Kinshasa province and Katanga region. (
  • The main environmental-economic modelling work of the OECD rests upon the in-house models ENV-Linkages, a dynamic general equilibrium model and ENV-Growth, a macroeconomic growth model based on a conditional convergence framework. (
  • The value of applying system-theoretic concepts to economic modelling problems arises from the fact that it offers a unifying framework for modelling dynamic systems. (
  • Researchers are therefore confronted with a methodological question: Can the epidemiological framework be modified or simplified without substantive loss in order to render the economic analysis more tractable? (
  • In a first step, we compare the canonical SIR model with a modified framework taken from Bailey (1975) which differs only minimally from the canonical SIR model and yet offers advantages. (
  • The workshop is organised within the framework of the research programme 'Strengthening Efficiency and Competitiveness in the European Knowledge Economies' (SEEK) by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim (Germany) in collaboration with Willi Semmler (New School University New York, USA), Timo Teräsvirta (Aarhus University and CREATES, Denmark), and Peter Winker (University of Giessen, Germany). (
  • He saw grudging acceptance of the G20 by smaller countries, but also called for a more legitimate Global Economic Co-ordination Council within the UN framework. (
  • Most economic models rest on a number of assumptions that are not entirely realistic. (
  • Provably unrealistic assumptions are pervasive in neoclassical economic theory (also called the "standard theory" or "neoclassical paradigm"), and those assumptions are inherited by simplified models for that theory. (
  • Stiglitz surveys many aspects of these faulty standard models, and the faulty policy implications and recommendations that arise from their unrealistic assumptions. (
  • The fundamental issue is circular reasoning: embedding one's assumptions as foundational "input" axioms in a model, then proceeding to "prove" that, indeed, the model's "output" supports the validity of those assumptions. (
  • Such a model is consistent with similar models that have adopted those same assumptions. (
  • This document describes how the model works, the data sources it employs, and the assumptions that are built into the model. (
  • economic science upon a solid basis, we must make it completely independent of psychological assumptions‖ (Slutsky, 1915, p. 27). (
  • Nevertheless, Friedman argues that this model based on manifestly wrong assumptions should be judged strictly in terms of the predictions it makes and not the realism of its assumptions. (
  • In contrast to Friedman's professed lack of interest in investigating the realism of assumptions, behavioral economists have made it a core theme in their work to empirically test assumptions in economic models and modify theory according to the results they observe. (
  • Second, the rationality assumptions underlying evolutionary game theory are, in many cases, more appropriate for the modelling of social systems than those assumptions underlying the traditional theory of games. (
  • Only with open publication is it possible for others to assess whether alternative assumptions, beyond those examined by the model authors, alter the model's findings. (
  • AJ, LR and MB developed the model methodology, including development of algorithms and model assumptions. (
  • Smetters said it is a "dynamic" model where users can run their own simulations of outcomes by manipulating different variables. (
  • Study author Dr. Brennan Spiegel, codirector of the Center for the Study of Digestive Healthcare Quality and Outcomes, remarked, "COX-2 inhibitors were not a health economic bargain at all-especially given the added costs of more heart attacks. (
  • You want a model that effectively performs scenario modeling functions, captures a range of possible outcomes, and ensures agility, business continuity and growth. (
  • Future work on the impact of adherence on health -economic outcomes, and validation of different approaches to modeling adherence, is warranted. (
  • Strategic decisions for machinery design, level of automation and inventory strategy are facilitated with this simulation model. (
  • The Economic Policy Institute Minimum Wage Simulation Model uses microdata from the American Community Survey (ACS), compiled by Ruggles et al. (
  • I. A bio-economic simulation model. (
  • The experience of developing the simulation model leads us to suggest simple but extremely valuable lessons. (
  • After a weeklong workshop, one group of economists released a paper highly critical of their own profession's allegedly unethical use of unrealistic models. (
  • Some economists believe that making the model as simple as possible is an art form, but the details left out are often contentious. (
  • Such models are the basis for many environmentalist attacks on mainstream economists. (
  • It also reveals the deficiencies remained after the research of economists―for economic surveys―usually over a rather long 3 time accomplished. (
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants the bank to keep rates low to support economic growth, but independent economists say it should be free to raise rates to rein in inflation. (
  • We are a group of mathematical modellers and health economists based at LSHTM and Public Health England who conduct applied epidemiological and economic research to inform public health decisions about vaccination. (
  • Economists use econometric models to make forecasts on variables such as GDP growth, housing prices, and unemployment rate. (
  • Moreover, it uses an "overlapping generations model that incorporates all sorts of uncertainty and other very rich details that existing models - which are much more calibrated to unrelated previous policies - are not going to pick up," he noted. (
  • Economic modeling approaches of particular interest include dynamic optimization and computable general equilibrium modeling, as well as familiarity with approaches for handling decision making under uncertainty. (
  • Modelling studies indicate that regular screening at moderate coverage could reduce chlamydia prevalence, but there is considerable uncertainty in these predictions. (
  • This evaluation process moves well beyond simply assessing the classification results of the model. (
  • The course aims to give a thorough introduction to advanced topics and critical thinking in modelling in economic evaluation. (
  • It is envisaged that participants will currently be undertaking modelling for health economic evaluation. (
  • A copy of the handbook ' Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation ' is included with the course materials. (
  • Economic evaluation of damage accrual in an international SLE inception cohort using a multi-state model approach. (
  • Simulation Modeling as a Decision-Making Aid in Economic Evaluation for Randomized Clinical Trials. (
  • The Economic Consequences of Climate Change - This report provides a new detailed quantitative assessment of the consequences of climate change on economic growth through to 2060 and beyond. (
  • The Bank updated its forecast for real economic growth to 1.3 percent this year, 1.9 percent next year and 2.0 percent in 2021. (
  • The model identifies four types of shocks with different economic interpretations: oil supply shocks, oil-market-specific demand shocks, storage demand shocks and shocks to global economic growth. (
  • It is observed by Swamy and Fikkert (2002) that the determinants of economic growth which rely on cross-country growth regressions may be affected by bias from two sources : (i) omitted variables, and simultaneity. (
  • Currently, there is evidence of relationship between human capital accumulation and economic growth. (
  • The transition from agrarian to predominantly industrial economy had [End Page 289] been successful in raising the pace of economic growth in some Asian countries during the recent past. (
  • In this paper, the growth of GDP has been analyzed in order to identify the factors that contribute to the change in the economic performance. (
  • The selected variables are: growth of industry (indgr), population growth (popgr), labor force growth (lfgr), use of energy (eneruse) We have used both linear regression as well as logistic regression models in this study for different time periods. (
  • The linear regression model for economic growth is presented here. (
  • The study, although titled ``The East Asia Miracle: Economic Growth and Public Policy,'' finds neither a miracle nor any unique method used to create the most economically dynamic region in the world. (
  • The process of growth in East Asia does not differ significantly from economic growth in any other regions of the developing world,'' declares John Page, team leader of the study, which was released yesterday. (
  • Migration in a Solow Growth Model (2009), (Žiūrėta: 2011 sausio 15d. (
  • In this paper we introduce in the Solow-Swan growth model a labor supply based on Malthusian ideas. (
  • Demographic modeling of transient amplifying cell population growth. (
  • Turkey finances a lot of its economic growth with foreign investment, making it particularly vulnerable to a slide in the currency. (
  • This study investigates the relationships between pollutants emissions and economic growth in China's textile industry for the period 1992-2007. (
  • Central banks are often central to setting the cost & availability of money & credit, and it is here our economic lead indicators focus: central bank policy & money growth. (
  • It can be seen in the charts below that the changing direction of the Fed Funds rate and money growth (M2) tends to lead movements in economic strength, as measured by the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). (
  • Liberalization of trade and investment flows has put severe downward pressures on the bargaining power of workers and of trade unions in trade sectors throughout the global economy, as have other key components of the neo-liberal growth model, such as privatization and deregulation of domestic markets, and the deliberate “flexiblization†of the labour market to maintain low inflation. (
  • This policy led to an increase of German electricity prices that are now among the highest in Europe and is likely to impede economic growth. (
  • He has been a Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. (
  • Last summer, the Roosevelt Institute released a study on the economic impact of a universal basic income program that would give all U.S. adults an unconditional cash grant every month to cover basic expenses. (
  • The algorithms and models developed are then applied to two major cities in the world by way of case study example of the use of these systems. (
  • TOKYO - WHEN Japan asked the World Bank to study East Asia's ``model'' of economic success, it got more than it bargained for. (
  • Through analyzing the study of 30 groups of 0-1 knapsack problem from discrete coefficient of the data, we can find that dynamic expectation model can solve the following two types of knapsack problem. (
  • This paper presents a study to optimize the heating energy costs in a residential building with varying electricity price signals based on an Economic Model Predictive Controller (EMPC). (
  • To analyze these developments, we study a quantitative model of endogenous human capital and fertility choice, augmented to allow for social norms over family size. (
  • The study was based on a new analytical model that links nutrition and. (
  • Thus, the present study aims to demonstrate the economic viability of electricity generation from biodigesters in a pig farm to contribute to sustainable development by reducing pollution in the environment. (
  • Design An economic and mathematical modelling study with cost effectiveness analysis. (
  • As a consequence, the wider profession has started to intensively analyse how epidemiological dynamics interact with economic choices and government interventions. (
  • Modeling the interaction between epidemiological dynamics, economic choices, and government interventions requires an economic layer on top of the differential equations that describe the SIR model. (
  • To conduct applied epidemiological and economic research to inform public health decisions about vaccination. (
  • Epidemiological and economic research to support evidence-based public health decision making about vaccination. (
  • The epidemiological and economic modeling of livestock diseases requires knowing the size, location, and operational type of each livestock facility within the US. (
  • In addition, any data tabulated by NASS that could identify numbers of animals or other data reported by an individual respondent is suppressed by NASS and coded with a 'D.'. To be useful for epidemiological and economic modeling, the NASS data must be converted into a unique set of facility types (farms having similar operational characteristics). (
  • The second step converts the NASS livestock types into the operational facility types used by the epidemiological and economic model. (
  • This suggests that the NASS data are well suited for providing a consistent set of county-level information on facility numbers and sizes that can be used in epidemiological and economic models. (
  • Narrative synthesis was used to analyze extracted data and studies were categorized based on the life course model analyzed. (
  • We compare census data against our model predictions. (
  • Some economic applications are also illustrated to give the ?avour of the type of predictions such models are able to provide. (
  • However, as ML models are approximations of the real world, some of these predictions will likely be in error. (
  • To explore this tradeoff, we show you how to write a custom loss function - the metric that evaluates how well a model makes predictions - that incorporates asymmetric misclassification costs. (
  • The business can then evaluate the economic consequences of the model predictions on their overall processes, the actions taken based on the predictions, and their associated costs. (
  • We can also have the model "shift" its predictions in a fashion that reflects the difference in cost, by providing the costs of different types of errors to the model during training using a custom loss function. (
  • The model considers the air source temperature dependency in a linearized relation. (
  • 1 The model specifies laws of motion for the population shares of three groups, which differ with respect to their health status: 'Susceptible', 'infected' or 'infectives', and 'removed' (that is, either deceased or fully recovered and immune). (
  • Although this model may be further refined, it does provide a straightforward and easy-to-use method to assess the health-economic impact of food products on health, well-being and costs. (
  • In terms of health-economic burden, hip fractures in particular result in huge expenditures for hospitalization, rehabilitation, and long-term nursing care. (
  • Lötters FJB, Lenoir-Wijnkoop I, Fardellone P, Rizzoli R, Rocher E, Poley M.J. Dairy foods and Osteoporosis: An example of Assessing the Health-Economic Impact of Food Products. (
  • As published recently in the MENA Insurance Review, Allison Beirne gives an update on the recent developments in the health insurance market and how economic headwinds may affect the sustainability of health insurance models. (
  • With it the demand for health insurance, at least in Dubai, is set to increase despite the current economic pressures. (
  • Notwithstanding increasing demand, there are indications from the market that mandatory health insurance models are under pressure. (
  • To estimate the health and economic impact of Hib, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus and HPV (not yet introduced) vaccination in Sudan. (
  • Health economic models are used to demonstrate the value of a product and are an important part of the process for achieving reimbursement and market access. (
  • Several conceptual models have been proposed to help explain potential life course effects on health, including accumulation, latent, pathway and social mobility models. (
  • Is Canadian Health Care a Good Model for the U.S. to Follow? (
  • During this webinar, the ISPOR Good Research Practice paper "Estimating Health-State Utility for Economic Models in Clinical Studies: An ISPOR Good Research Practices Task Force Report" will be presented. (
  • Economic modelling is used widely across many health conditions to inform decisions on health and social care policy and practice. (
  • Results demonstrate the health and economic benefits that meeting a TFA can achieve over just 20 years. (
  • We assessed the health and economic impact of substandard and falsified antimalarials for children less than 5 years of age in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has one of the world's highest malaria mortality rates. (
  • A Social Exchange Approach to Voluntary Cooperation ," American Economic Review , American Economic Association, vol. 80(5), pages 1157-1167, December. (
  • It is said that if the social costs of externalities were included in the models their conclusions would be very different, and models are often accused of leaving out these terms because of economist's pro-free market bias. (
  • What determines governance across nations: Do economic and social globalization play a role? (
  • Economic theories of rationality, welfare, and social choice defend substantive philosophical theses often informed by relevant philosophical literature and of evident interest to those interested in action theory, philosophical psychology, and social and political philosophy. (
  • Burnet director and chief executive Professor Brendan Crabb said: 'Fourteen-day quarantine has served us well, but it is a blunt instrument that comes at a high economic and social cost. (
  • Seven studies assessed social mobility models, five assessed the latent model, two assessed the pathway model and three tested the accumulation model. (
  • Social mobility models were supported in some studies, but overall evidence suggested little to no effect. (
  • Studying the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers Clinical Model may help doctors learn more about the effect of the AYA services on patient care, including clinical (nurse navigation), psychosocial ( social work ), and economic (financial) areas. (
  • There are economic and not just social dangers ahead. (
  • The models for 2006-2016 were 36 including 5 for maritime futures after 2003 and 7 on forecasting (2003-2016). (
  • The installation work is expected to begin in October, this year and the entire model would be ready by 2016. (
  • Križanović Čik V, Žagar D, Rimac-Drlje S. Broadband ecosystem elements in techno-economic modelling and analysing of broadband access solutions for rural areas. (
  • When designing and introducing policy instruments like taxes and subsidies, mathematical models are employed to assess which effects should be expected. (
  • Model outputs include net cost of production, economic profit, machine loading, machine utilization, inventory levels and outages, inventory carrying cost and profit margins. (
  • The report concludes that there are a wide variety of models available, including some which are available without charge covering all of the inputs, outputs, target users, processes and purposes expected to be seen in such models. (
  • For each model, we include a brief description of how they work, their data requirements and model outputs. (
  • The baseline projection as used for the Environmental Outlook to 2050 describes an internally consistent set of trends of all economic and environmental variables of the model. (
  • This paper describes a computer model constructed to simulate and examine the economic performance of a plant manufacturing four different styles of a composite product. (
  • This report describes four models used to analyse Australian broadacre mixed-grain farm systems. (
  • The ENV-Linkages model is a recursive dynamic neo-classical general equilibrium model (GE). (
  • A computable general equilibrium model was used for this purpose. (
  • We have implemented a single integrated paradigm that links perceptual with economic decision making by having subjects search through visual displays to choose a single food item that they want to eat. (
  • This paper models the optimal search strategies of the unemployed across space to characterize local labor markets. (
  • Overview of the main factors influencing the economic optimum nitrogen fertilizer (EONR) rate and their interactions. (
  • The main limitations of this model are that the results are very sensitive to the input values chosen by the user. (
  • Importantly, however, very little attention has been paid to how perceptual and economic decision processes may interact. (
  • It is not clear, however, which mechanism gives rise to this effect or how perceptual processes interact with economic choices ( 2 ). (
  • Many organizations use a combination of disconnected spreadsheets to model scenarios for the corporate FP&A processes or utilize outdated technology. (
  • Specifically, this model was constructed to conduct an economic analysis for novel processes of obtaining greater alcohol yields in the dry mill process by conducting a secondary fermentation of sugars converted from lignocellulosics found in the dry mill co-product, distiller's grains. (
  • To identify specific processes within our model of care that can be improved. (
  • China's economic incursions are causing anxiety in South Asia. (
  • What we really bring is some deep theoretical modeling, data analytics, but also the software development process, which is very integral to what we do. (
  • Incoming Michigan governor Rick Synder spoke in Kalamazoo, MI today and says he wants to use an 'open-source economic development model' to help repair the battered down state. (
  • Weeks continues discussions with the governor and economic development leader. (
  • Identifying the right drivers will inform the development of strategic models. (
  • Currently, the application of technologies that promote sustainable development is gaining prominence, leading to high-quality economic, industrial, and commercial relations. (
  • The highlight of the conference for me was a great lunchtime presentation by the UN Deputy Secretary General for Economic Development who spoke to the need for a comprehensive reform of the Bretton Woods institutions based on the original vision of Keynes - unfortunately not available on line. (
  • To see more employment opportunities with The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), please click here . (
  • Energy is a fundamental driver for economic development. (
  • 2 Starting from a tiny share in mid-March 2020 (t=0), the model predicts the stock of infected persons (indicated by the solid line) to peak in July 2020. (
  • Despite the prominence of Stiglitz' 2001 Nobel prize lecture, the use of arguably misleading neoclassical models persisted in 2007, according to these authors: The working paper, "Debunking the Myths of Computable General Equilibrium Models", provides both a history, and a readable theoretical analysis of what CGE models are, and are not. (
  • Thus, CGE models are highly distorted simplifications of theoretical frameworks-collectively called "the neoclassical economic paradigm"-which-themselves-were largely discredited by Joseph Stiglitz. (
  • This book contains theoretical, computational and empirical papers that incorporate non-linearities in econometric models and apply them to real economic problems. (
  • The consistent under-told narrative in America's history entails the horrific aftermaths of white resentment when white American's economic power is threatened. (
  • James Poterba is President of the National Bureau of Economic Research. (
  • An Economic Model of Moral Motivation ," Discussion Papers 290, Statistics Norway, Research Department. (
  • This book presents a modern approach to economic and operations research modelling in urban and regional waste management with an international perspective. (
  • Link formation in cooperative situations ," Discussion Paper 1995-35, Tilburg University, Center for Economic Research. (
  • In addition, we provided a general picture of maritime economic research from 1973 to 2013. (
  • In recent years non-linearities have gained increasing importance in economic and econometric research, particularly after the financial crisis and the economic downturn after 2007. (
  • Non-Linearities in Other Fields of Research: Sandberg, R.: Least Absolute Deviation Based Unit Root Tests in Smooth Transition Type of Models. (
  • In recent years nonlinearities have gained increasing importance in economic and econometric research, particularly after the financial crisis and the economic downturn after 2007. (
  • In order to optimize the knapsack problem further, this paper proposes an innovative model based on dynamic expectation efficiency, and establishes a new optimization algorithm of 0-1 knapsack problem after analysis and research. (
  • The Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium coordinates the work of several research groups modelling the impact of vaccination programmes worldwide. (
  • We argue finally that open publication of models would have ancillary benefits by making the research more amenable for adaptation and innovation. (
  • Predicting the economic optimum N rate (EONR) before crop planting is an ongoing research effort. (
  • The overall goal of this research project was to develop hybrid models that will overcome the major limitations of the two life-cycle assessment (LCA) approaches practiced currently: one based on detailed process model descriptions, corresponding emissions, and wastes (process-based LCA), and the other based on economic input-output (EIO) data and publicly available resource consumption and environmental discharge data (EIO-LCA). (
  • Publication of papers and completion of Ph.D. dissertations were the best way to describe what problems we tackled in this research with the new modeling method. (
  • He is also the co-author with Daniel Rubinfield of "Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts," a best-selling textbook that may or may not be turned into a feature film. (
  • He is the co-author (with Robert Pindyck) of "Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts," and expects to play the lead in the film version of the book. (
  • It focuses on a dynamic, integrated, and disaggregated analysis of how land, water and energy interact in the biophysical and economic systems. (
  • Techniques are now being developed to extend simulation methodologies to supplement conventional economic analysis of complex manufacturing systems. (
  • - This well known text helps students understand the art of model building - what type of model to build, building the appropriate model, testing it statistically, and applying the model to practical problems in forecasting and analysis. (
  • The Cost of Price Incentives: An Empirical Analysis of Motivation Crowding-Out ," American Economic Review , American Economic Association, vol. 87(4), pages 746-755, September. (
  • Multivariate time series analysis with state space models, S Mittnik. (
  • The analysis of saturated economic systems started only in the last decade. (
  • We can use a custom cost function to evaluate a model and see the economic impact of the errors the model is making (utility analysis). (
  • Marx's economic analysis of capitalism is based on his version of the labour theory of value, and includes the analysis of capitalist profit as the extraction of surplus value from the exploited proletariat. (
  • Can Economic Model Transparency Improve Provider Interpretation of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis? (
  • The STEP model simulates the transition from one farm system to another (mainly land-use sequence), and gives a full financial analysis of the change. (
  • A companion document, "Economic and Technical Analysis of Dry Milling: Model User's Manual," staff paper no 06-05, explains how the model is used to conduct analysis of dry milling alternatives. (
  • A global economic model built primarily on a database of national economies (GTAP V8 Database). (
  • And since the end of the cold war, Japan has tried to convince China, Russia, and other emerging market economies to follow its ``model'' rather than Western-style capitalism. (
  • Proposed as an alternative to contemporary capitalist market economies and also an alternative to centrally planned socialism or coordinatorism, it is described as "an anarchistic economic vision",[1] and it could be considered a form of socialism as under parecon, the means of production are owned by the workers. (
  • We use the latter approach to build a tractable heterogeneous firm model of international trade accommodating economies of scale in export and diseconomies of scale in production, providing a natural, unified solution to several puzzles concerning trade costs. (
  • Using a Keynesian model, the left-leaning think tank said such a giveaway would boost the economy in part because lower-income households would spend what they received. (
  • The home insulation scheme is a perfect example of how we can reduce emissions without reducing industrial output, with a net economic benefit to the economy. (
  • A great danger inherent in the simplification required to fit the entire economy into a model is omitting critical elements. (
  • The model suggests allowing increased travel with 14-day managed quarantine for long-term inbound international travellers is costly, but the benefit-to-cost ratio is very high, indicating that investment in quarantine provides substantial value to the Australian economy. (
  • We demonstrated the utility and comprehensiveness of hybrid models combining both LCA approaches by applying them to life-cycle studies from different sectors of the economy. (
  • The global financial crisis and the great recession dramatically illustrated how integrated the world economy is and how economic interdependencies have become more complex than previously understood or recognized. (
  • Since 1973 technological, political, regulatory, and economic forces have been changing the worldwide economy in a fashion comparable to the changes experienced during the nineteenth century Industrial Revolution. (
  • Interactions between energy supply chains and the economy are modeled on a national scale by linking technical bottom-up energy models with economic top-down equilibrium models. (
  • One tangible example where the limits of economic models allegedly collided with reality, but were nevertheless accepted as "evidence" in public policy debates, involved models to simulate the effects of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. (
  • The OECD has been using economic models and quantitative assessments since the late 1980s to inform policy makers of the costs, benefits and potential tradeoffs of environmental policies and climate change mitigation scenarios. (
  • Scenario Modeling (SM) within the Oracle EPM Cloud product provides out-of-box capabilities to handle all aspects of multi-range financial modeling, what-if scenarios, treasury initiatives and corporate finance under one platform. (
  • The models are geographically disaggregated, and local regional effects in alternative future scenarios are calculated. (
  • Conceptual models related to the management of groundwater resources are presented. (
  • Because there are currently no long-term data on orlistat in these patients, a model approach was required to assess the longer-term effects, which is a recommended approach in many disease areas ( 10 - 14 ). (
  • The model begins by creating a sample of wage earners from the 2013-2017 ACS that is demographically representative of the employed population at the state or congressional district level. (
  • Because the employed population who also had earnings last year is more attached to the labor force than the typical employed worker, the model further recalibrates the sample weights to match estimated counts of certain demographic characteristics published at the state or congressional district level in the five-year 2013-2017 ACS tables. (
  • Kinetic & Related Models , 2017, 10 (2) : 481-512. (
  • Takeda completed two projects using NICE's Preliminary Independent Model Advice (PRIMA) service, a fee-based service launched in December 2017 by NICE Scientific Advice to help companies consider the relative clinical and cost effectiveness of their products. (
  • The tool is based on the model of logistic interest, developed in the last decade (S. Girdzijauskas, 2002). (
  • Modeling and estimating persistent discrete data can be challenging. (
  • A coevolutionary model of mutualism finds that HS are unlikely to evolve de novo , and published data on legume-rhizobia and yucca-moth mutualisms are consistent with PFF and not with HS. (
  • The model uses big data science, cloud computing and visualization tools in an advanced economic model to analyze public policy. (
  • The cross-country data have been employed for the period 1980-2000 for fitting the model. (
  • After recalibrating weights, the model imputes hourly wages in three steps: using previous year earnings, using predicted hourly wages based on respondents' characteristics and CPS-ORG data, and, finally, using CPS-ORG state-level wage distributions. (
  • Because the ACS provides only binned information on weeks worked, the model imputes weeks worked within each bin using an out-of-sample linear prediction from March Current Population Survey data from the same sample years. (
  • They use the power of ML models built over "big data" to identify patterns and find correlations. (
  • For example, let's take a sample model trained on UCI's breast cancer diagnostic data set . (
  • Using psychophysical data from a multiple-alternative, forced-choice task, in which subjects have to pick one food item from a crowded display via eye movements, we test four models where each DDM process is driven by ( i ) saliency or ( ii ) value alone or ( iii ) an additive or ( iv ) a multiplicative combination of both. (
  • Using some relatively simple math-by Wall Street standards, anyway-Li came up with an ingenious way to model default correlation without even looking at historical default data. (
  • Customized spreadsheet solutions are difficult to manage, lack data transparency and integrity, do not integrate with operational plans, and are not efficient at handling treasury and financial modeling activities. (
  • The model uses data from 150 countries to determine their underlying risk. (
  • With an understanding of the underlying economic patterns and the reasons these patterns occur, we can analyze the data to ascertain where we are in the current economic cycle, at any point in time, with a reasonable degree of confidence. (
  • Australia could quickly, safely and sensibly manage the reopening of our interstate and international borders - turbocharging the nation's economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession,' Dr Burnell said. (
  • An investor may want to more confidently time their entry to the stock market by investing in the earliest stages of the economic recovery, and hold a fully invested position through the economic expansion, before likely looking to progressively move back to cash when late cycle conditions arise and significantly back to cash when recession risks are high. (
  • For example, in the early stages of the economic recovery, an investor may wish to add leverage to their investment portfolio, and gradually reduce this leverage as the economic expansion matures, before finally acquiring put options or shorting ETFs as a market portfolio insurance strategy as the indications of late cycle economic characteristics arise and risk of recession increases. (
  • For example, the returns to solar power investments are sometimes modelled without a discount factor, so that the present utility of solar energy delivered in a century's time is precisely equal to gas-power station energy today. (
  • To provide 24x7 uninterrupted power from renewable energy sources, experts from the UK and IITs are now working together to create a new model which combines the best of solar power, biomass energy and hydrogen. (
  • Further, we show how to evaluate the errors made by the model and how to compare models trained with different relative costs so that you can identify the model with the best economic outcome overall. (
  • Historically crop models have been used to evaluate crop yield responses to nitrogen (N) rates after harvest when it is too late for the farmers to make in-season adjustments. (
  • A superlinearly convergent constrained min-max algorithm for rival models of the same system, B Rustem. (
  • Tian, Y. , Lv, J. and Zheng, L. (2013) An Algorithm of 0-1 Knapsack Problem Based on Economic Model. (
  • By reporting against a set series of questions all the models can be compared on an equal basis and by focussing on which of these questions they can answer, whether the approach used by the model has any limitations. (
  • Overall, the proposed approach of using the crop model as a forecasting tool could improve year-to-year predictability of corn yields and optimum N rates. (
  • In such a non-linear model, the autocorrelation in an unobserved variable results in an intractable likelihood containing high-dimensional integrals. (
  • According to Smetters, the Penn Wharton Budget Model spends 80% of its time validating results and the rest on coding. (
  • The results for Model 1a are displayed in Table 1 . (
  • The model, calibrated for 1995, provides results for year 2010 which suggest that future emission reductions may have positive effects on Polish economic indicators. (
  • The results will expand Canada's role in global bioproducts markets, creating lasting knowledge-based economic opportunities for Canada's forest sector and rural communities. (
  • Evidence indicated an overall relationship, but mixed results were found for each life course model. (
  • Emphasis on problem identification, model formulation and solution, and interpretation and presentation of results. (
  • The model results suggest that increasing male screening coverage from 8% (baseline value) to 24% (to match female coverage) would cost an extra £22.9m and increase the cost per infection treated to £528. (
  • James Stanford outlines this issue for the specific Computable General Equilibrium ("CGE") models that were introduced as evidence into the public policy debate, by advocates for NAFTA. (
  • Some evidence was found to support the latent model among women, but not men. (
  • Without a clear understanding of the nature and scale of economic interdependencies, policymakers will not posses sufficient evidence of the benefits of international policy cooperation. (
  • The modified SIR model does not require new calibration. (
  • Smetters said the PWBM uses advanced modeling techniques to analyze public policy, regardless of political beliefs. (
  • An integrated system model for fishery management process--I. Model structure, E Tse & A Khilnani. (
  • Here we address these questions with an integrated model that combines a perceptual decision process about where and when to look with an economic decision process about what to choose. (
  • The perceptual decision process is modeled as a drift-diffusion model (DDM) process for each alternative. (
  • These eye fixation patterns modulate an economic decision process, also described as a DDM process driven by value. (
  • This article discusses the use of Integrated Assessment Models for supporting the decision-making process in environmental issues. (
  • In particular, we discuss the case of sulphur emissions and the RAINS model, used in the process of negotiation of the Oslo Protocol (signed in June 1994), in relation to new targets for sulphur emissions reductions. (
  • To successfully map a course of action in this fluid environment, we recommend using a strategic scenario modeling process. (
  • When helping our clients execute scenario modeling in Oracle EPM cloud, we focus on the process outlined below. (
  • A descriptive engineering spreadsheet model (DM model) was developed to model the dry mill ethanol production process. (
  • It was also developed to determine the economic and environmental costs and benefits of utilizing new and different technologies in the dry mill process. (
  • The DM model is more technically precise, and more transparent, than other models of the dry mill process that have been constructed for similar purposes. (
  • The Tiffany and Eidman model (TE model) uses broad generalities of the dry mill process, based on the current state of production, to approximate the sensitivities of the process to changes in variables. (
  • The McAloon model [11].uses highly technical engineering software (ASPEN) that acts essentially as a "black box" in the dry mill production process. (
  • This very exact model does not allow for a more general examination of the dry mill process. (
  • The DM model is a feed backward model, input requirements (corn, enzymes, chemicals, utilities, etc) are calculated based on the user entered values for annual production and process parameters. (
  • and (3) determine the accuracy and comprehensiveness of hybrid LCA models against the stand-alone process-based and EIO-LCA models. (
  • The first relates to the inclusion of stakeholders in the modeling process and the accessibility of the resulting models. (
  • The gross domestic product (GDP) is considered as the outcome variable, which measures the economic performance of a country. (
  • The first model (Model 1a) considers both the outcome and explanatory variables during the same year for the selected countries. (
  • However the second model (Model 1b) employs explanatory variables observed five years before the outcome variable. (
  • This model is expected to take account of the time-lag in explaining the outcome variable, GDP. (
  • A two-step state space time series modeling method, M Aoki. (
  • applications of time-series models). (
  • The model regresses the CPR-ORG hourly wage (reported or calculated as weekly earnings divided by weekly hours) on dummy variables for gender, education, race and ethnicity, marital status, major industry, major occupation, part-time status, a quintic polynomial in age, and year and state fixed effects. (
  • Modeling for the first time (2014) claimed a serious presence in an IAME conference. (
  • Perhaps during his time as president of Gateway he saw a benefit to the open source model, but can it really be successfully applied as an economic model? (
  • The new modelling suggests travellers from low-risk areas could spend less time in quarantine. (
  • At planting time, the APSIM model predicted the direction of optimum N rates (above, below or at average site-mean EONR) in 62% of the cases examined ( n = 31) with an average error range of ±38 kg N ha −1 (22% of the average N rate). (
  • Note that we focus on the PMI as it is a real-time indicator of economic strength, and thus moves in coincident fashion with the stock market. (
  • New economic modelling shows that New Zealand can continue with an Emissions Trading Scheme at little economic cost and Green Party MP Jeanette Fitzsimons says it is a clear message to Government to stop dithering and get on with it. (
  • Given the parameters in this model and a maternal screening test cost of $12, screening is cost-saving for rates of congenital infection above 1 per 10,000 live births. (
  • Further improvements in modeling and set-up protocols are needed toward more accurate forecast, especially for extreme weather years with the most significant economic and environmental cost. (
  • If ethanol is the target product, then it can be produced at a lower cost and more efficiently in a dry mill plant than in a wet mill plant, under current economic conditions. (
  • Global economic governance must promote a different labour market model if we are to have a durable recovery. (