Senior professionals who provide guidance, direction and support to those persons desirous of improvement in academic positions, administrative positions or other career development situations.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a nursing school.
Those individuals engaged in research.
The upward or downward mobility in an occupation or the change from one occupation to another.
The application of discoveries generated by laboratory research and preclinical studies to the development of clinical trials and studies in humans. A second area of translational research concerns enhancing the adoption of best practices.
Financial support for training including both student stipends and loans and training grants to institutions.
Selection of a type of occupation or profession.
Studies beyond the bachelor's degree at an institution having graduate programs for the purpose of preparing for entrance into a specific field, and obtaining a higher degree.
Those educational activities engaged in by holders of a bachelor's degree in nursing, which are primarily designed to prepare them for entrance into a specific field of nursing, and may lead to board certification or a more advanced degree.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution.
Stipends or grants-in-aid granted by foundations or institutions to individuals for study.
The capability to perform the duties of one's profession generally, or to perform a particular professional task, with skill of an acceptable quality.
The process of formulating, improving, and expanding educational, managerial, or service-oriented work plans (excluding computer program development).
A plant genus of the family RANUNCULACEAE that contains protoanemonin, anemonin, and ranunculin.
Financial support of research activities.
Systematic efforts to assist individuals in selecting an occupation or suitable employment on the basis of aptitude, education, etc.
Anxiety disorders manifested by the development of characteristic symptoms following a psychologically traumatic event that is outside the normal range of usual human experience. Symptoms include re-experiencing the traumatic event, increased arousal, and numbing of responsiveness to or reduced involvement with the external world. Traumatic stress disorders can be further classified by the time of onset and the duration of these symptoms.
Research carried out by nurses, generally in clinical settings, in the areas of clinical practice, evaluation, nursing education, nursing administration, and methodology.
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
All of the divisions of the natural sciences dealing with the various aspects of the phenomena of life and vital processes. The concept includes anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and biophysics, and the biology of animals, plants, and microorganisms. It should be differentiated from BIOLOGY, one of its subdivisions, concerned specifically with the origin and life processes of living organisms.
The process by which the employer promotes staff performance and efficiency consistent with management goals and objectives.
Educational programs designed to inform graduate pharmacists of recent advances in their particular field.
The rights of women to equal status pertaining to social, economic, and educational opportunities afforded by society.
The reciprocal interaction of two or more professional individuals.
Group composed of associates of same species, approximately the same age, and usually of similar rank or social status.
Medical complexes consisting of medical school, hospitals, clinics, libraries, administrative facilities, etc.
Use for general articles concerning medical education.
Women licensed to practice medicine.
Organizations representing specialized fields which are accepted as authoritative; may be non-governmental, university or an independent research organization, e.g., National Academy of Sciences, Brookings Institution, etc.
A course of study offered by an educational institution.
Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.
Schools which offer training in the area of health.
Theoretical models which propose methods of learning or teaching as a basis or adjunct to changes in attitude or behavior. These educational interventions are usually applied in the fields of health and patient education but are not restricted to patient care.
The period of medical education in a medical school. In the United States it follows the baccalaureate degree and precedes the granting of the M.D.
The educational process of instructing.
Educational institutions providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.
The functions and activities of living organisms that support life in single- or multi-cellular organisms from their origin through the progression of life.
Laws and regulations concerned with industrial processing and marketing of foods.
A non-medical term defined by the lay public as a food that has little or no preservatives, which has not undergone major processing, enrichment or refinement and which may be grown without pesticides. (from Segen, The Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
A board-certified specialty of VETERINARY MEDICINE, requiring at least four years of special education, training, and practice of veterinary surgery after graduation from veterinary school. In the written, oral, and practical examinations candidates may choose either large or small animal surgery. (From AVMA Directory, 43d ed, p278)
Persons who donate their services.
Housing subsidized by tax funds, usually intended for low income persons or families.
The geographic area of the northwestern region of the United States. The states usually included in this region are Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.
Persons who have no permanent residence. The concept excludes nomadic peoples.
Learning the correct route through a maze to obtain reinforcement. It is used for human or animal populations. (Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 6th ed)
Instructional use of examples or cases to teach using problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
Learning that is manifested in the ability to respond differentially to various stimuli.

Enabling, empowering, inspiring: research and mentorship through the years. (1/516)

The interrelationship between research and mentorship in an association such as the Medical Library Association (MLA) is revealed through the contributions of individuals and significant association activities in support of research. Research is vital to the well-being and ultimate survival of health sciences librarianship and is not an ivory tower academic activity. Mentorship plays a critical role in setting a standard and model for those individuals who want to be involved in research and, ultimately, for the preparation of the next generation of health sciences librarians. Research and mentorship are discussed in the context of personal experiences, scholarship, and problem solving in a practice environment. Through research and mentorship, we are enabled to enhance our services and programs, empowered to look beyond our own operations for information puzzles to be solved, and inspired to serve society by improving health.  (+info)

Police as contributors to Healthy Communities: Aiken, South Carolina. (2/516)

In Aiken, South Carolina, community policing has led to numerous innovative programs that have contributed to a healthy community. The MOMS and COPS (Managing Our Maternity System with Community Oriented Policing System) program has played a significant part in the county's 50% decrease in infant mortality since 1989 and contributed to Aiken's designation as an All-America City in 1997. Other programs include a mentoring program for at-risk teen girls; instant crime reporting with donated cellular phones; seminars for seniors to alert them to scams and common crimes; demolition of unsafe homes; free installation of smoke detectors; a child ID program; and parental education on child brain development.  (+info)

What are the characteristics of the competent general practitioner trainer? (3/516)

BACKGROUND: Increasing attention is being given to the training of doctors to become teachers. This does not apply only to the schooling of teachers in undergraduate medical education: at the postgraduate level, general practitioner trainers (GP-trainers) receive special schooling to prepare them for their role. Yet the skills, knowledge and traits that should be expected in the competent GP-trainer have not been elucidated precisely. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this research project is to determine the traits, knowledge and skills required for a competent GP-trainer. METHOD: We used a qualitative method to answer the question. Ten focus-group meetings were held involving three Departments of Vocational Training in The Netherlands. Each group consisted of GP-trainers, GP-trainees or staff members. The transcriptions of these meetings were analysed, resulting in a description of what makes a competent GP-trainer. RESULTS: Five hundred items were obtained from the focus-group meetings, each of which was formulated in the form "A good GP-trainer is/can/knows. ", etc. These items were divided into the following categories: teaching knowledge, teaching skills, teaching attitude and personality traits of the GP-trainer. A competent GP-trainer must understand basic teaching methods and be able to apply this knowledge. The skill to give good feedback was seen as an important asset for a competent GP-trainer, as were observation skills, the skill to analyse and the skill to foster reflection in the trainee. The teaching attitude of a competent GP-trainer is characterized by giving latitude to and having respect for and interest in the trainee, and being available for consultation, while the teaching approach should be individualized. Enthusiasm, flexibility, patience and self-insight were some of the personality traits identified. CONCLUSION: Many characteristics were identified as a result of this research. The next logical step will involve a Delphi consensus procedure to obtain a profile of the competent GP-trainer. This profile will then be suitable in setting the standards for curricula for future GP-trainers.  (+info)

Evaluation of a breast cancer patient information and support program. (4/516)

CONTEXT: Women with newly diagnosed breast cancer seek answers to many questions about their disease, treatment options, and prognosis. Failure to meet these needs may cause dissatisfaction with the care process. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the impact of a support and information program for women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. INTERVENTION: A support and information program that featured a program coordinator, information resources, and mentoring from a breast cancer survivor. DESIGN AND OUTCOME MEASURES: Women in whom breast cancer was diagnosed at program sites (n = 111) and a random sample of women whose breast cancer was diagnosed at nonprogram sites (n = 277) were surveyed by mail to ascertain their level of satisfaction with various aspects of their medical care. The response rates were 74% and 81%, respectively. RESULTS: 75% of women at program sites used the information resources, and 60% requested a patient mentor. Demographic characteristics and satisfaction with non-breast cancer care were almost identical among program and non-program site respondents. For overall breast cancer care, 71% of program site respondents but only 56% of non-program site respondents were very satisfied. More than half of program site respondents rated presurgery care, provision of information, and support received as excellent, versus about 40% of non-program site respondents. Program site respondents were consistently more likely to rate the amount of reassurance and support provided by physicians and nurses as excellent and were less likely to want a second opinion (35% vs. 51%). CONCLUSIONS: The support and information program appears to have had a positive impact on satisfaction with breast cancer care.  (+info)

Mentoring senior house officers. Is there a role for middle grade doctors? (5/516)

OBJECTIVES: To determine whether the mentoring scheme currently used has an impact on the training of senior house officers and also determine if they are willing to accept middle grade mentors. METHODS: A questionnaire comprising 10 questions was sent to all the senior house officers employed in the emergency departments of two large inner city teaching hospitals and three large district hospitals. Most of the questions required a simple yes/no response. RESULTS: Most of the senior house officers had mentors allocated to them but felt the scheme was not satisfactory probably because they had low expectations. Most were happy to have middle grade doctors as mentors. CONCLUSIONS: Senior house officers have a low expectation of the present system and seem willing to accept middle grade doctors as mentors.  (+info)

Factors considered by new faculty in their decision to choose careers in academic dentistry. (6/516)

To determine the characteristics of new dental faculty and what factors influenced them to choose academic careers, a survey was sent to deans at all U.S. dental schools to be distributed to faculty with length of service of four years or less. Responses were received from 240 individuals. About half of the respondents had been in private practice for an average of eight years, and 20 percent had military experience averaging almost sixteen years. A majority had postgraduate training and 60 percent had specialty training. Nearly 32 percent of new faculty were female and 80 percent were U.S. citizens. Analyses of responses to survey items indicated that correlated factors in the survey fell into the following empirical categories: teaching and scholarship, income and indebtedness, research, work schedule, influence of mentors and role models, and long-term aspirations. In general, the respondents identified factors relating to teaching and scholarship to be the most important influences on their choice of academic careers, while concerns about income and indebtedness were the most important negative considerations in this regard. Other positive factors identified by the survey related to the influence of mentors and role models, long-term aspirations, and research. Age, private practice experience, and military experience were found to particularly influence the new faculty members' responses to items concerning income and indebtedness, and citizenship influenced responses to factors relating to research. The data from this select group of dentists support the current view that inequities in income of dental faculty compared to private practitioners and student debt are important concerns in choosing academic careers. Importantly, the desire to teach and participate in scholarly activities are important attractions in academic careers. Mentoring activities and creation of opportunities for career development are crucial factors in developing interest in academics among graduate dentists.  (+info)

Factors influencing pursuit and satisfaction of academic dentistry careers: perceptions of new dental educators. (7/516)

New dental educators (n = 280) with zero to five years full-time teaching experience were surveyed to ascertain their perceptions regarding salary, work environment, and workload to determine the impact of these factors on faculty recruitment and retention. Work environment was the most frequently reported factor for considering and maintaining an academic dentistry position. Educational resources, facilities, salary, and benefits were ranked as moderately important for considering an academic position. Mentoring, startup funds for research, and external private practice opportunities were also reported as moderately important for maintaining a position. Other factors of concern to new faculty included quality of administration and leadership, reputation of program, professional development opportunities, faculty autonomy, and reasonable criteria for tenure and promotion. These findings suggest that resources, strategies, and formal mentoring programs that provide direction and guidance in the areas of teaching, promotion, and tenure for new educators should be considered for implementation in our dental schools.  (+info)

Experiences and perceptions of vocational training reported by the 1999 cohort of vocational dental practitioners and their trainers in England and Wales. (8/516)

OBJECTIVE: To assess the self-reported confidence of vocational dental practitioners (VDPs) in clinical procedures together with vocational trainers' perceptions of the VDPs confidence in the same procedures, immediately after qualification and towards the end of the vocational training year. DESIGN: A questionnaire-based cohort study. SETTING: A general practice study carried out in 1999. SUBJECTS: Vocational Dental Practitioners and vocational trainers in England and Wales. METHOD: VDPs and trainers were asked on a single occasion to grade the clinical confidence of the VDP at the beginning and near the end of vocational training as high, satisfactory or low. RESULTS: Questionnaires were sent to 531 VDPs and 555 trainers; 82 per cent of VDPs and trainers responded. Approximately half the VDPs were male and 57 per cent were white, whilst 89 per cent of trainers were male and 81 per cent white. A large proportion of both VDPs and trainers reported low confidence in orthodontics, molar endodontics and surgical extractions at the start of the training year. Towards the end of training, both groups reported improved confidence levels in most clinical procedures. However, a higher proportion of trainers reported low confidence than their VDPs in most clinical procedures at both time points (p<0.001). VDPs appeared to gain most from experience and training in administration/management and interpersonal skills. CONCLUSION: Vocational training appears to satisfy its aim to enhance clinical and administrative confidence.  (+info)

Abstract: Critical care nursing necessitates specialized knowledge and skill acquisition. Because of this, intensive care units have historically hired competent acute care nurses. Due to the current nursing shortage, critical care units are now hiring new graduate nurses. In light of this trend, one way to provide effective teaching to the tasks and critical thinking involved with ICU nursing is by assigning new graduate nurses a mentor. The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of mentees and mentors in a structured mentorship program. These perceptions were gleaned through a qualitative study using focus group methodology and a convenience sample of five mentees and six mentors. Results of this study revealed the following shared perceptions from the mentees and mentors: (1) availability, (2) sense of community, and (3) support and knowledge. Furthermore, this study supports mentorship programs as a means of professional development, education, and overall organizational ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - A longitudinal study of mentor and protégé outcomes in formal mentoring relationships. AU - Chun, Jae Uk. AU - Sosik, John J.. AU - Yun, Nam Yi. PY - 2012/11. Y1 - 2012/11. N2 - This study examined relationships between mentoring functions offered and transformational leadership as a mentor outcome and affective well-being and organizational commitment as mutual outcomes for both mentors and protégés. For this examination, we conducted a longitudinal field study by using 111 matched reports from both mentors and protégés collected at three different points in time over seven months in nine Korean companies that administered a standardized formal mentoring program. Study results showed that mentoring functions assessed at Time2 were positively associated with mentors and protégés post-mentoring outcomes at Time3 after controlling for pre-mentoring initial levels of those outcomes at Time1. Study findings also revealed that relative effects of mentoring on the mentor and ...
Background: Despite increasing recognition that mentoring is essential early in medical careers, little is known about the prevalence of mentoring programs for medical students. We conducted this study to survey all medical schools in Germany regarding the prevalence of mentoring programs for medical students as well as the characteristics, goals and effectiveness of these programs. Methods: A definition of mentoring was established and program inclusion criteria were determined based on a review of the literature. The literature defined mentoring as a steady, long-lasting relationship designed to promote the mentees overall development. We developed a questionnaire to assess key characteristics of mentoring programs: the advocated mentoring model, the number of participating mentees and mentors, funding and staff, and characteristics of mentees and mentors (e. g., level of training). In addition, the survey characterized the mentee-mentor relationship regarding the frequency of meetings, forms ...
The LAUC-B Mentor Program serves the dual purpose of welcoming newly hired librarians and helping them succeed in the Berkeley environment. The Mentor Program will pair LAUC-B members with newly hired librarians, generally outside the members own departments. Mentors will advise new librarians especially on (but not limited to) preparing review documents and getting involved in LAUC-B. The program is not intended to replace other mentoring activities that focus on professional roles and responsibilities. The mentor is an experienced librarian with a minimum of five years professional experience at UC Berkeley. The mentor should have gone through the review process and have attained career status at UCB. Mentors and new librarians are generally paired for a period of two years, but the partnership could continue for three years if the new librarian is hired at a level with a review cycle of more than two years. New librarians interested in being mentored should contact Ian Knabe, Mentor Program ...
The dissertation is an initial investigation of a peer mentoring program in a suburban high school in the southeastern United States. Additionally, the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) study examined whether the Program improves academic performance and attendance, and decreases referrals. Utilizing an experimental design, a Participant and a Nonparticipant group were compared based on archival summative data. The Participant group met with a 10th-12th grade assigned peer mentor, while the Nonparticipant group with equal group qualifications, did not. Quantitative analysis, resultant from an independent t-test and d effect size analysis for each inquiry, with further application of the Welch t test to the attendance data and the additional Mann-Whitney U test to the referrals data, provided interpretive results. Findings revealed the increased likelihood of the PMP to improve attendance. Findings further indicated the schools Peer Mentoring Program did not improve academic performance
CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Youth mentoring programs are an increasingly popular intervention, and although successful mentoring relationships can promote a range of positive developmental outcomes, relationships that fail can lead to decrements in a youths functioning and self-esteem. The present research develops and validates a youth mentoring relationship quality inventory, based on data from a national evaluation of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) mentoring programs (N = 347 youth). This tool can be administered to adolescents who have been assigned mentors in order to assess the quality of the relationship as it is forming and to identify dyads that may need additional support before those relationships fail. Implications of such a tool for mentoring interventions and research are discussed. Editors Strategic Implications: Reliability and validity data are presented for a measure of youths perceptions of the quality of their mentoring
In other news, this year spARO and ARO both organized mentorship programs. With a total of 15 mentors, the spARO program fosters long-term one-to-one mentoring relationships, pairing a junior faculty member with a postdoc, a postdoc with a PhD student, or a PhD student with a potential PhD applicant. Six mentees were matched to mentors. The ARO program organized focus groups for drop-in mentoring, with around eight faculty mentors and forty mentees. Next year, the two mentoring programs will combine their effort to present a single, integrated mentoring program to facilitate organization, publicity, and participation.. Next year, spARO will organize the writing of a two-page, journalistic-style review of highlights at the 2013 ARO MidWinter Meeting to be published in JARO. Written entirely by trainees, this commentary will cover the themes and discussions of various symposia without disclosing unpublished data. It will voice a unique perspective of the exciting research presented at the 2013 ARO ...
Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Program offers a continued accompaniment for selected participants of the Summer School in eight pairings. Each pair will consist of a partner from Eastern Europe and one from Western Europe. They will be matched based on skills and topics they wish to work on; a common language between the matched partners is a requirement. The program runs from September 2014 to February 2016, and will be accompanied by the program coordinators.. The Mentoring Program is intended to offer an additional line of support to LGBT Christian leaders in Eastern Europe. The program will give the participants an opportunity to discuss questions of group dynamics and leadership, theology and faith, social pressure and activities to address public opinion, or anything else that is important to both partners in the pair. The type of relationship wanted is an accompanying one.. The Mentoring Program starts with an initial meeting in Samara the day after the Forum of Christian LGBT groups ...
The first meeting will probably last about an hour. After that each meeting will probably last 30 - 40 minutes. Meetings should take place around every six weeks. It is a good idea to define the end point either during the first or second meeting. The mentorship programme should not take longer than 6 months. Only if both the mentor and mentee agrees to continue their mentorship, they can arrange for a longer period of mentorship. ...
Lecture/discussions to train peer mentors for the biology majors introductory courses laboratory sections. Peer mentors laboratories are scheduled to coincide with a lab section for the course in which they are mentoring. Peer mentors assist the laboratory instructor in all phases of lab planning, set-up, and tear-down. In addition peer mentors become involved in laboratory instruction including explaining procedures, providing demonstrations, answering questions, and student evaluation. Peer mentors are encouraged to offer help during the scheduled lab period when first-year mentees inquire about class choices, studying, and other student issues. The peer mentoring program is a rewarding way to help first-year students become part of the university and community. 1 hour lecture, 3 hours independent study. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 4.0 units. Credit/no credit grading. (021033) ...
Lecture/discussions to train peer mentors for the biology majors introductory courses laboratory sections. Peer mentors laboratories are scheduled to coincide with a lab section for the course in which they are mentoring. Peer mentors assist the laboratory instructor in all phases of lab planning, set-up, and tear-down. In addition peer mentors become involved in laboratory instruction including explaining procedures, providing demonstrations, answering questions, and student evaluation. Peer mentors are encouraged to offer help during the scheduled lab period when first-year mentees inquire about class choices, studying, and other student issues. The peer mentoring program is a rewarding way to help first-year students become part of the university and community. 1 hour lecture, 3 hours independent study. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 4.0 units. Credit/no credit grading. (021033) ...
No matter how much training mentors are given before they embark on the mentoring journey, most mentors, understandably, will feel some anxiety when they meet their mentees for the first time.. The mentees might also test the commitment of the mentors during the early stages of the mentoring relationship, especially if the young person has had experiences of being let down by other adults in his or her life.. The key is for mentors to be non-judgmental and to enter the relationship with no expectations and no specific agenda. Its best for the mentors to place themselves in their mentees shoes and try to understand the world of these young people, allowing them to dictate the pace of the mentoring journey. The mentors, as adults, will need to drive the early stages of the relationship until it becomes clear that the mentee might want to suggest activities etc. Be patient and let the relationship develop over a period of time. Some relationships will have a quick connection, while others, often ...
GPs who have developed problem-solving innovations to improve primary care of general practice have joined RCGP Innovators Mentorship Programme
Downloadable! This paper presents evidence from a natural-experiment which evaluates the effectiveness of a student mentoring program. The mentoring includes several compulsory, scheduled, faceto- face appointments between a mentor and a student in the first study year. All mentors are graduated and employed by the institution. For the evaluation, I use the fact that the mentoring is only offered to students in an economics and management program, whereas it is not offered to students in an industrial engineering program. However, students in both programs take the same classes and write the same exams in their first study year. I find that the mentoring program significantly decreases the failure rates in the first semester exams.
Breast cancer survivors Bridgette Correale and Diane Harrington-Bowers agree that unless youve been there, its hard to understand the impact that a cancer diagnosis will have, which is why both Bridgette and Diane jumped at the chance to be peer mentors in a program that would allow them to help newly diagnosed women who were facing treatment decisions.. I knew that every time I went to the doctors office I was so uptight, Bridgette says. I knew I had to help people. I thought, As soon as I get myself feeling mentally and physically well, I have to do something. Bridgettes doctor provided her with the opportunity when she asked Bridgette if she would like to participate in the Voices of MammoSite program, which matches newly diagnosed women considering MammoSite targeted radiation therapy with a network of peer mentors. Because Bridgette had had such a positive experience with the five-day targeted treatment, which she underwent directly after the lumpectomy to remove a 0.9 cm tumor from ...
Eventbrite - Faculty of Health & Society, The University of Northampton presents KGH: Sign off Mentor Training and Nursing and midwifery mentor update workshops, Faculty of Health & Society, University of Northampton. Venue: Kettering General Hospital. - Wednesday, 7 February 2018 at Kettering General Hospital, Kettering, Northamptonshire. Find event and ticket information.
Joseph Abrams, Alexander Youman, 2015, Transmission electron microscopy on complex oxides. Yasuo Ito. Lauren Elder, 2015, ATLAS experiment at CERN, faculty mentor: Jahred Adelman.. Tyler Stringer, 2014-2015, Coherent X-ray studies, faculty mentor: Larry Lurio.. Josh Stevens, 2014-2015, Monte Carlo simulation of phopholipid bilayer thermodynamics, Faculty mentor: Larry Lurio.. Ryan Churchill-Derose, 2014-2015, X-ray measurements of phospholipid bilayers, faculty mentor: Larry Lurio.. Garrett Wise, 2015, Transmission electron microscopy on nanoparticles: Yasuo Ito. Tylor Thomposon, 2015, Transmission electron microscopy on complex oxides: Yasuo Ito, Bogdan Dabrowski. Alason Peisker, 2014-2015, Mu2E experiment at Fermilab, faculty mentor: David Hedin.. Steven Boi, 2012-2013, proton tomopgraphy, faculty mentor: David Hedin.. Jacob Kalnins, 2013-2014, proton tomography, faculty mentor: Vishnu Zutshi.. Steven Boi, 2013-2015, Mu2E experiment at Fermilab, faculty mentor: David Hedin.. Octavio ...
Purpose:. To evaluate the effects of online based mentoring program on the blood glucose and satisfaction score in type 1 diabetes patients. Peer group mentoring will be as effective as guidance by the doctors.. Methods:. 80 type 1 patients will be randomly divided into two groups (e.g. mentoring program group and control group). All patients will receive routine check up and blood test for ordinary type 1 patients. In addition, program group patients should register their SMBG, exercise, food intake and insulin dose on the website designed for this study and receive advices of mentors from peer group. Every patient will submit questionnaire on the first day of the study and the last day(after 12 weeks) of the study. ...
Intervention by peer mentors has a statistically significant effect on improving glucose control in African American veterans with diabetes, says a Medical News Today article based on study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion. In the study, 118 African American veterans aged 50 to 70 years old with persistently poor diabetes control were randomly assigned to 3 groups-usual care, peer mentoring, and financial incentives. Patients receiving usual care were notified of their starting levels and recommended goals for HbA1c. Those in the mentor group were assigned mentors, matched by age and sex, who previously had poor glycemic control but now had good control. Mentors participated in hour-long 1-on-1 training, including motivational interviewing techniques, and were informed that they would receive $20 per month if the patient confirmed that they had spoken at least once a week. Patients in the financial incentive ...
Intervention by peer mentors has a statistically significant effect on improving glucose control in African American veterans with diabetes, says a Medical News Today article based on study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion. In the study, 118 African American veterans aged 50 to 70 years old with persistently poor diabetes control were randomly assigned to 3 groups-usual care, peer mentoring, and financial incentives. Patients receiving usual care were notified of their starting levels and recommended goals for HbA1c. Those in the mentor group were assigned mentors, matched by age and sex, who previously had poor glycemic control but now had good control. Mentors participated in hour-long 1-on-1 training, including motivational interviewing techniques, and were informed that they would receive $20 per month if the patient confirmed that they had spoken at least once a week. Patients in the financial incentive ...
WMSURE faculty mentors represent all departments and schools across W&M. They lead workshops and mentor WMSURE scholars. Use the links below to learn more about each faculty members research and to contact them to inquire about research opportunities. Want more information about conducting research with a faculty mentor? Come to our workshops and office hours!. ...
WMSURE faculty mentors represent all departments and schools across W&M. They lead workshops and mentor WMSURE scholars. Use the links below to learn more about each faculty members research and to contact them to inquire about research opportunities. Want more information about conducting research with a faculty mentor? Come to our workshops and office hours!. ...
Each year, the ASGD and GDAA call for students and alumni to nominate faculty who have gone above and beyond their duties as professors, providing academic, professional and personal support and dedication to student mentorship. The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award is an exceptional opportunity for trainees to express their appreciation for the faculty mentors who have changed their lives. The Associated Students of the Graduate Division (ASGD) and the Graduate Division Alumni Association (GDAA) have selected Dr. Hiten Madhani, MD, PhD, as this years Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Awardee.
In order to continually improve the program, questionnaires will be given to all mentors and mentees. This formative evaluation will consist of questions leading away from standard survey responses. Questions should be open-ended and keep respondents from giving a yes or no answer. Though more laborious and difficult to compile, this type of questionnaire leads to the honest answers that allow the management team to assess what improvements are necessary to make the program more successful. These questionnaires will be sent out twice in the span of a mentor or mentees participation. The first will be a concise series of questions on how to improve the participants involvement for the remainder of the contract. This will be the management teams attempt to reach out to those mentors or mentees that are not having success in the program, but for one reason or another are not contacting the management team for further assistance or intervention. Rather than wait until an exit evaluation, the ...
Pairing adolescents with college student mentors keeps kids healthy and fit. A program pairing healthy young adults with urban middle school students helped the adolescents adopt healthy habits, active lifestyles and a healthy weight, according to a new study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The study, published August 2 in the journal Pediatrics, found that linking African American, inner city adolescents in Baltimore with one-on-one mentorship from college students prevented the schoolchildren from becoming overweight for at least two years after the mentorship experience. Researchers found the adolescents ate fewer snacks and desserts, and engaged in active play more often. The rate of overweight/obesity in the group declined five percent.. The home- and community-based intervention a program called Challenge! shows promise as a way to have a major impact on childrens lives, according to the studys lead author, Maureen M. Black, Ph.D., John A. Scholl, M.D., and Mary ...
Each of the UH and HMRI faculty mentors are listed beneath their project titles. To learn more about a faculty mentor, please click on their name.
Strengthening the quality of laboratory diagnostics is a key part of building global health capacity. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Southeast European Center for Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases (SECID), WHO European Regional Office (WHO EURO) and American Public Health Laboratories (APHL) collaborated to address laboratory quality training needs in Southeast Europe. Together, they developed a quality assurance (QA) mentorship program for six national laboratories (Laboratories A-E) in five countries utilizing APHL international consultants. The primary goal of the mentorship program was to help laboratories become recognized by WHO as National Influenza Centers (NICs). The program aimed to do this by strengthening influenza laboratory capacity by implementing quality management systems (QMS) action steps. After 1 year, we evaluated participants progress by the proportion of QMS action steps they had successfully implemented, as well as the value of
The benefits of career mentoring. Whether you are starting out on your career path, contemplating retirement, or at any of the stages in between, you will constantly be coming across career challenges.. However, chances are there is someone out there who has been through similar challenges and can help you by providing sound guidance and inspiration on how to move forward.. Reach your true potential. The Harvard Business Review reported mentored executives earned. more money at a younger age, were better educated, more likely to follow initial career goals, and had higher career satisfaction. This isnt all that surprising - experienced practitioners transferring wisdom is bound to have a positive effect.. Mentors can provide guidance and insight into many career development areas including:. How to enter industries and professions.. How to progress within industries and professions.. Specific job challenges.. Specific industry challenges.. How to move job roles and industries.. What is a ...
This mentoring assessment questionnaire provides a framework that mentors can use to identify and respond to mentoring opportunities. Learn more and order now!
Journal of Applied Ecology offers a two-year mentoring opportunity for early career researchers to gain experience of the Associate Editor role on a journal. Each mentee works with an assigned Senior Editor mentor and the Editorial Office. They have the opportunity to gain insights into the publishing and review processes as they handle submissions in…
MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) is the unifying champion for expanding quality youth mentoring relationships in the United States. For more than 25 years, MENTOR has served the men
Mentoring is a process which involves both a mentor and a mentee, and facilitators to the process, as well as potential barriers, can come from both of the members of the team. Why do some mentoring processes work, and not others?. This talk will review how one grows into the mentoring process, and what are the most important aspects of mentoring, from a mentors point of view.. ...
Background: The National Cancer Institutes Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) is invested in supporting and strengthening workforce diversity by increasing the number and quality of competitive grant applications and awards from underrepresented trainees, scholars and early stage investigators via the Continuing Umbrella Research Experience (CURE) program. More specifically, CRCHD is interested in receiving a greater number of competitive mentored career development award applications from under-represented applicants. Chief among these are the K-series awards. In response to this call to action, GMaP Region 5 has developed and implemented a number of strategies aimed at increasing the quantity of high-quality competitive career development award submissions from under-represented early stage investigators within the region.. Methods: To be successful, Region 5 has put into place a number of strategies and resources to identify potential K-series applicants and to provide ...
Over two-thirds of youth participating in the Advocate, Intervene, Mentor (AIM) program in New York City completed the program without being resentenced to a juvenile residential facility. Further, only 3 percent of participants had any felony reconviction within 12 months of completing the program. These key findings demonstrate the promise of the AIM program, an individualized mentoring program for high-risk youth on probation in New York City. Over the course of six to nine months, AIM matches youth with adult advocate-mentors to provide one--on-one mentoring activities and work with youth to achieve an array of prosocial goals. This report documents Urbans evaluation findings related to the implementation of AIM and participant outcomes, including successes and challenges of program implementation as well as participants placement, justice, and goal attainment outcomes. This report also identifies several recommendations intended to strengthen the implementation of the AIM program ...
Mentors are recruited from our local community, as well as all of the major colleges and universities in the state. College interns can receive college credit for time spent as a mentor to a child for 1 or more academic semesters. Mentors generally work one to one with a child but often mentor more than 1 child and can also work within school group activities such as our homework clubs and the school Character Education Programs. The program requires mentors to all have Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) screening*, an interview, mentor application form, and training. Mentors also need to read and complete the Volunteer Agreement-Statement of Confidentiality (School Committee Policy #6115). *Out of town volunteers need to have their BCI completed by their towns police department.. ...
Nicole Wilson 05 (Political Science), M.A.17 (Education) is a prime example of a hardworking Matador.. In April, Wilson was invited to the California State University Chancellors office by Sheila A. Thomas, assistant vice chancellor/dean of Extended Education, and honored with the Emerging Leader for Extended Education award for her work in California State University, Northridges Near Peer Mentoring program.. It was an honor to be recognized for doing something that I really love, Wilson said. I enjoy working with students [and] improving their experience in higher ed.. Wilson is the co-creator of CSUNs Near Peer Mentoring program - where students help one another by acting as mentors in developmental math courses. The programs development began in 2015 and launched this past spring. As graduate students, Wilson studied faculty diversity and developmental math and her partner Jesse Knepper, studied autism. The two decided to focus and collaborate on the developmental math ...
Alana Hubbs 20. Alana Hubbs first heard of the Fulbright Scholarship while researching experiences she could pursue prior to law school. While at Fairfield, she dedicated her time to supporting local immigrant and refugee communities. As part of Fairfields African Politics course and Refugee Mentorship Program, Hubbs engaged in service learning through the local non-profit Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants (CIRI) in Bridgeport.. I was able to meet young refugees from around the world who have their own stories about the immigration process. I am thankful everyday for the relationships built from my mentorship program experience.. Hubbs traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for two weeks in 2017 to study human trafficking of people with albinism, and she presented her research at the Fairfield University Innovative Research Symposium in 2018. That same spring, Hubbs continued working for CIRI as a service learning associate for the Center for Social Impact, alongside Associate ...
Her Ladyship the Chief Justice of Ghana, Justice Sophia Akuffo has reminded pupils and students to avoid short cuts in life and rather toil their...
The United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI) and Bone and Joint Decade Canada are dedicated to increasing research of musculoskeletal diseases. The USBJI
Sepsis is complex because outcomes are not only life and death. While survival occurs in approximately two-thirds of patients, other patients can die with a course of disease that has different hallmarks. Our simulation attempts to capture these outcomes.. Survival: The pathogen is destroyed and the patient s damage levels return to near zero. This outcome usually results from a low rate of pathogen growth and a higher collagen production rate.. Persistent Infection: Pathogen levels and damage levels continue to rise unchecked by any other process. This occurs with a high rate of pathogen growth and a high rate of collagen production.. Aseptic Death: Pathogen has been cleared away, but damage continues to persist. This is a non-abating inflammatory response. Usually, aseptic death comes from low pathogen and collagen growth rates.. Septic Death:Pathogens and damage have gone out of control. Infection and inflammation continue to proliferate unchecked. The model shows this result when both the ...
Endurance, Triathlon, and Ironman Functional Nutrition Mentorship Programme Hi all, I just wanted to announce that over the coming months I will be rolling out a mentorship programme for a select few serious endurance athletes. Places will be limited so if you are interested watch this space or email me to reserve your place ([email protected]). Are…
How can Plaksa online dating?. The search for love in the digital age tends to stir up a lot of anxiety. As evidenced by the countless dystopian portrayals of technologically mediated love that come across our screens as well as real-world conversations with friends and colleagues, were collectively wary of online dating and its implications for the future of romance and human connection. Meanwhile, IRL origin stories are seen as sacred.. Lack of interest in dating what is a mentor?. Many more youth have meaningful, natural mentoring relationships with extended family members, teachers, neighbors, coaches, and other caring non-parental adults. Anecdotal accounts of mentoring relationships and their life-transforming effects on young people abound in the media, including stories of caring adults helping young people to discover their strengths and, in doing so, enhance their feelings of self-esteem and confidence.. Which Science of dating profiles?. Are you getting enough attention from your ...
Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records-Impact Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Educations Student Mentoring Program, 28021-28023 [E6-7345]
NIH Funding Opportunities and Notices in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts: NIMH Research Education Mentoring Programs for HIV/AIDS Researchers (R25) PAR-17-485. NIMH
We are all dealing with a sense of losing connection with someone who is important to us. For those of us who are called to mentor a youth, a family or an adult, we are struggling to find solid footing in our current shifting foundation. Join mentoring expert, Director Maggie Middleton from Amachi Central Kentucky, for a real and relevant discussion on best practices and pivots for effective pandemic mentoring. We will explore how to set realistic expectations for both mentors and mentees so that you can continue to be a life-giving presence and a stable relationship in these uncertain times. We also will explore how you can lead and support your army of volunteer mentors.. About our guest speaker: Maggie has been involved in urban ministry and mentoring since 2001. A native of St. Louis, MO, and a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, she has been on staff with Lexington Leadership Foundation since 2010. She has served as an Amachi match specialist, Fatherhood Initiative case manager, and is ...
Directory of Mentoring Programs Services, Help and Support for Toronto, ON including Toronto, Etobicoke, Islington and Scarborough
TRANSITIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT AWARD IN WOMENS HEALTH RESEARCH Release Date: January 14, 2000 RFA NUMBER: OD-00-003 National Institute on Aging National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases National Cancer Institute National Institute of Child Health and Human Development National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research National Institute on Drug Abuse National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute National Institute of Mental Health National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke National Institute of Nursing Research Office of Research on Womens Health Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Pfizer Womens Health, Pfizer Inc National Foundation for Biomedical Research PURPOSE The NIH Office of Research on Womens Health (ORWH) invites applications for the Transitional Career Development Award in Womens Health Research. This award is designed to ...
Acquisition out if there is an organized mentorship program. If so, beneath what affairs will an abettor accept to participate or volunteer? Will accord be based on time in the business or sales volume? In addition, acquisition out what the banking adjustment for advisers and mentees is.. If there isnt an organized mentorship program, acquisition out if there is anyone accessible to advice a new abettor apprentice the absolute acreage business.. * Acquisition out what the agency agenda is, and ask for a archetype of it. Accomplish abiding you accept it because you will be paid based on this schedule. Aswell acquisition out if there are tiers in that agency agenda based on your sales performance. Acquisition out how this appointment deals with sales bonuses.. * When because costs for your business, it is important to acquisition out what kinds of business abstracts are accessible from the allowance for an abettor to use. Some brokerages accept business departments that will advice you advance ...
NAAFs Youth Mentor Program connects children living with alopecia areata and their parents to young adult mentors to formulate lasting bonds while providing support and guidance on living with alopecia areata.
Looking for Vitamin E Supplements in Mentor? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Mentor that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Vitamin E Supplements in Mentor.
MENTOR® MemoryGel™ Breast Implants and Saline-filled Breast Implants are indicated for breast augmentation - in women who are at least 18 years old for MENTOR® MemoryGel™ Breast Implants and at least 18 years old for Saline Breast Implants - or for breast reconstruction. Breast implant surgery should not be performed in women with active infection anywhere in their body; with existing cancer or pre-cancer of their breast who have not received adequate treatment for those conditions and; who are currently pregnant or nursing.. The most common complications with MENTOR® MemoryGel™ Breast Implants and MENTOR® Saline-filled Breast Implants include reoperation, capsular contracture, asymmetry, breast pain, implant removal, wrinkling, and implant rupture and deflation. Detailed information regarding the risks and benefits associated with MENTOR® MemoryGel™ Breast Implants is provided in two patient brochures entitled, Important Information for Augmentation Patients about MENTOR® ...
Ghady Haidar, MD, has been awarded a KL2 Career Development Award and appointment to the Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) Scholars Program through a highly competitive process. The program is supported by the University of Pittsburghs Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). This KL2 mechanism is supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program. The KL2 program prepares scientists from a broad range of disciplines, specialties, and subspecialties for independent careers in clinical or translational research. This award provides at least 75% protected time for research as well as a budget for supplies and materials.. Dr. Haidars project is entitled The Gut Microbiome in Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) Colonization, Persistence, Infection, and Tolerance after Lung or Liver Transplantation. CRE are major global threats and continue to cause substantial morbidity and mortality in organ transplant ...
Addressing the psychosocial needs of vulnerable children and youth is viewed increasingly as a priority of humanitarian programs, particularly in Africa, where the scale of the problem necessitates community-based solutions. This quasi-experimental study tested a model of adult mentorship and support to improve psychosocial outcomes among youth-headed households in a rural area of Rwanda. Two rounds of data were collected from youth who served as heads of their households. Following the baseline survey in 2004 (n = 692), an adult mentorship program was implemented among half the sample. A follow-up survey was conducted after 18 months of intervention exposure (n = 593). Through regular home visits, mentors developed a stable, caring relationship with youth in their community living without an adult caregiver. Each mentor was assigned 2-3 youth-headed households located within their own community to visit at least once a month for 2-3 hours in the home. Over an 18-month period, 156 trained adult ...
On behalf of RPB Board Chairman Diane Swift, the Board of Trustees, and RPB staff, we thank our donors for supporting the RPB Career Development Awards (CDAs) for 30 game-changing years! Were pleased to present the following video of just a few of our 200+ CDA recipients explaining why this early-career award is essential to their own research careers and to the vision research pipeline at large.. ...
Single women and families with children are rapidly growing segments of the homeless population (NCH, 2009b). Homeless women generally report a lower quality of life, and are at a greater risk for various physical and mental health issues than their housed counterparts (NCH, 2009a). Mental illness, including depression and anxiety, impacts 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States, compared to 6% of the general population (NCH, 2009b). Social support can serve as a mediating factor between undesirable life events and depression (La Gory, Ritchey, Mullis, 1990). Unfortunately, the social support system among homeless individuals is sometimes eroded by homelessness itself, or the circumstances leading to homelessness. Additionally, because homeless individuals rarely have access to traditional treatment services for anxiety and depression, there is a need for different and innovative depression interventions. The purpose of this project was to implement and evaluate a peer mentor
by Herman Beavers. It is perhaps too common to think that holding the hand of a toddler while crossing a busy street is an apt metaphor for the mentoring relationship, especially when it comes to fostering undergraduate research. Beyond the obvious miscue of infantilizing the student, approaching mentoring relationships with this mindset has the unintended consequence of communicating a lack of faith in the mentees abilities. In order to avoid falling into this pattern, Ive identified three tenets for mentoring undergraduate research that I hope will lead to a satisfying experience for both mentors and mentees. At a time when Penn seeks ways to be more inclusive, mentoring is perhaps the most efficacious way both to ensure that we identify students possessing the capacity to do independent research and that in doing so, we help them realize their fullest potential. In a departure from the standard approach, I will begin with the third tenet and end with the first. And so the third tenet of ...
Health,...- Career Development Award to Study Biology of Bavituximab and Chemoth... ...- New Study Complements Ongoing Bavituximab Plus Carboplatin/Paclitaxe... ...,ASCO,Research,Foundation,Grant,Will,Support,Study,of,Peregrines,Bavituximab,in,Lung,Cancer,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest medicine news
Prem Soman, M.D., Ph.D. has been awarded the 2006 American College of Cardiology Foundation/GE Healthcare Career Development Award in Cardiovascular Imaging.
Comment Bubble I have a dream! Im calling it the International K-T House & Mentor Program*. So many parents first learn of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome when their child is born with it. Those moments are often frantic moments, particularly for parents whose children are born looking very different from the picture they had in mind. Making this experience…
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September 8, 2016. The CRTC is pleased to announce that 86 new scholars joined programs in 2016. This includes 8 KL2 Career Development Scholars, 3 K12 Career Development Awards for Clinical Oncology, 18 R25 STRENGTH scholars, 7 scholars in the Postdoctoral Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation (MTPCI), 5 scholars admitted directly to the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI), 8 Applied Health Behavior Research (AHBR) scholars, 2 TL1 postdoctoral trainees and 9 TL1 predoctoral scholars. In addition, 26 predoctoral scholars participated in the TL1 Summer and ASPIRE programs. We want to extend a special thank you to the mentors who provide invaluable learning experiences for all of our scholars.. KL2 Career Development Awards. David M. Brogan, MD, ...
That validation, that people who are in charge know what youre doing, makes it that much easier to advocate for you with the deans and the Provosts Office, Hancock said. When chairs dont take that kind of personal interest in junior faculty, thats when you get an experience where people will leave or go elsewhere.. When it comes to the more traditional Political Science department, Hancock said her experience has been different. After arriving at Yale three years ago - two years after a formal mentoring program had been put into place in the department - Hancock said she had to ask the chair of the Political Science department to be paired with a senior faculty member and then had to choose her own mentor because the chair was not familiar enough with her work to do it himself. She said she thinks her white male counterparts in the department had an easier time finding mentors.. Experiences can also vary depending on rank. African-American Studies professor Emilie Townes said her ...
AUTHOR DISCLOSURE. Dr Patel has disclosed that she receives research support from National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute awards for ORBEX (Oral Bacterial Extract) study and for the ED-SAMS (ED-Intiated School-based Asthma Medication Supervision) study. Dr Teach has disclosed that he receives research support from a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development K12 career development award and as part of ECHO (Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes), from a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases R38 career development award and as part of the Inner City Asthma Consortium, from a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute R38 career development award and for the ORBEX (Oral Bacterial Extract) Study, and from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute for investigator-initiated research. This commentary does not contain a discussion of an unapproved/investigative use of a commercial product/device. ...
NASAs new virtual mentoring program is helping girls get excited about careers in science and technology by working one-on-one with agency professionals. Twenty-one girls in grades 5-8, representing 12 states from New York to Hawaii, have completed a pilot mentoring program called NASA Giving Initiative and Relevance to Learning Science (NASA GIRLS).. NASA GIRLS is the first program to pair up girls with NASA female mentors from the [email protected] program using online video programs such as Skype and Google Chat. Participants were selected from more than 1,600 applications.. NASA GIRLS allows young students to work directly with women who successfully have established STEM careers, said NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver. The program uses technology familiar to the young generation and allows NASA to share its mission in regions where there may not be a NASA center.. The mentoring sessions consisted of lessons in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The last session ...
As part of their research into impact of violence on womens learning and vocational choices, Reilly and co-author Miranda DAmico, a professor in the Concordia Department of Education, conducted in-depth interviews with 10 women who had experienced intense childhood abuse and were enrolled in an undergraduate program when interviewed.. All but one participant had been mentored at different stages in her life. Reilly and DAmico found that the timing of womens mentoring was contingent on the impact the abuse had on their sense of identity. Over the course of the interviews, four themes of mentorship emerged: fantasy mentors, mentors as mirrors, mentors as nurturers and supporters, and mentors as embodiments of a particular profession. Although the researchers caution that these themes should be viewed as atypical, they enrich the understanding of mentoring for women marginalized by violence and demonstrate the malleable nature of mentorship. Mentoring in its various guises clearly played a ...
Adolescents with solid organ transplants have poorer outcomes than adults, and do not respond as well to post-rejection treatment. In addition to well-recognized declines in individual health-related quality of life, premature graft loss creates considerable health and economic burdens. High nonadherence rates among adolescents are believed to contribute majorly to rejection, premature allograft dysfunction and failure. Studies suggest that a telephone-based peer mentoring approach, with texting and e-communication, is a promising, practical means to promote medication adherence in adolescent solid organ transplant recipients. The studys main objectives are 1) to determine the efficacy of peer mentoring to improve medication adherence and health-related quality of life vs. usual care in adolescents and young adults with solid organ transplants, and 2) to determine the mechanisms through which peer mentoring impacts medication adherence and health-related quality of life ...
Sarah Dunsmore, Ph.D., is a program director in the NIGMS Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry, where she oversees research grants in the areas of receptors, drug targets and signal transduction; sepsis and innate immunity; and inflammation and mentored career development awards in the areas of sepsis, drug targets and innate immunity. She serves as the program director for several clinical trials testing novel treatments for sepsis and septic shock.. Prior to joining NIGMS in 2006, Dunsmore was a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and conducted pulmonary research in a laboratory based at Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston, MA.. To contact Dunsmore, send email to [email protected] or call 301-594-3827. If youre a reporter wishing to interview Dunsmore, contact the NIGMS Office of Communications and Public Liaison at [email protected] or call 301-496-7301. ...
The AEF Mentor of the Year Award was established in 2010 to acknowledge the efforts of the mentors in the Applied Epidemiology Fellowship program. The award recognizes a primary mentor who provides exceptional training experience, guidance, support, and dedication to the professional growth of the fellow ...
Each Mentor or Practice Teacher must be reviewed every three years (triennial review) to ensure that only those who continue to meet the mentor/practice teacher requirements remain on the local register. The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) requires you to keep an up to date portfolio, as evidence that you are developing as a mentor. Evidence should be collected on a continual basis, which is fundamental for your triennial review (Nursing & Midwifery Councils Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (2008 2nd edition): (2.1 page 19) which will be a component of your personal development review ...
Tulsa, OK - June 25, 2014 - Ten year old Keith Boyd of Keiths Ice Cold Lemonade Stand raised $120,000 for the school he attended by operating 10 lemonade stands around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Boyd, who has nonverbal Cerebral Palsy, came up with a business plan that included his lemonade ingredients of lemons, water, love and hugs and presented the idea to Mentor, Arthur Greeno. Greeno was honored to take on Keiths project and help him raise money for the special needs school he attended. Keiths Ice Cold Lemonade Stand was so successful, that Keith and Greeno decided to bottle the lemonade product and sell it to stores around the country. Greeno is a mentor on, the Digital Tutors for entrepreneurship that provides video-based business skills taught by world-class mentors.. I have always been someone who dreams big and Keith likes to dream big, too! One day, he asked why his lemonade wasnt in stores all over the country. All I said was, it will be soon, says ...
MUMBAI, (GNI): In partnership with the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai, Ahmedabad-based Indian management consultant Jagat Shah launched a brand new initiative, Mentor on Road - United States, at the Consulate this afternoon. As Mentor on Road, Shah will undertake a 78-day road trip around the perimeter of the United States to meet with business groups, universities, and entrepreneurs in order to encourage growth in U.S.-India trade. The business journey has a special focus on opportunities for U.S. small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and women entrepreneurs. Along the way, Shah plans to visit and highlight some interesting but less familiar American tourist destinations.. Mentor on Road is an amazing initiative aimed at boosting trade between India and the United States. Mr. Shah will be traveling around America presenting to eager small and medium U.S. enterprises about the opportunities of the Indian market, said Greg Taevs, Principal Commercial Officer at the U.S. Consulate in ...
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The CCTST is now accepting letters of intent from junior faculty for the BIRCWH (Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women s Health) K12 career development award.. The BIRCWH K12 program provides a mentored research and career development experience leading toward an independent interdisciplinary scientific career that will benefit the health of women, including research on sex/gender similarities or differences in biology, health or disease. This National Institutes of Health program includes support for salary/fringe benefits (up to $75,000/year) plus up to $25,000/year in research/career development expenses for up to two years to highly qualified MD, PhD or PharmD full-time junior faculty. One award is anticipated in the current cycle.. Letters of Intent are due by 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10. For details, visit or email [email protected] ...
In addition to the resource directories, which all students will receive in the spring, you will also have the opportunity to request an individual alumni mentor. Mentoring pairs are encouraged to communicate regularly prior to and throughout the program, so that alumni can provide their mentees with ongoing support and perspectives based on their experiences abroad. Mentors are paired with participants based on language and, wherever possible, program site and other factors you identify in your opt-in survey. You will receive a survey in the spring, inviting you to request a mentor if you feel this would be a good source of support for you.. If you have questions about the Alumni Support Network, you can reach out to the Alumni Engagement Officer at [email protected] ...
I am honored to inform you that a co-sponsored 2007 Career Development Grant has been awarded in memory of George Madzia. This first-year grant is awarded to Dr. Gregory Lesinski at The Ohio State Universitry, and will be listed in our announcement and promotions as: Award in Memory of Brian Anderson, Tom Butler, Dr. R.…
The training of teaching assistants in the UK is undergoing considerable change linked to workforce reform in primary schools. This article examines the role that class teachers play as mentors in the training of teaching assistants on two types of programmes operating in England leading to Higher Level Teaching Assistant Professional Status. It considers the qualities required for mentoring teaching assistants compared to mentoring trainee teachers. The views and perspectives of a group of thirty-four school teachers who have carried out a mentor role for both a trainee primary teacher and a primary teaching assistant are analysed. The research aims to identify the common skills, strategies and approaches used by the school-based mentors and identify the perceived tensions and challenges facing these mentors.. ...
The program is based at the UCLA School of Dentistry, a site with a strong research faculty, a culture of inquiry, a diverse student body, and success with mentoring future dental educators.12,13 The Academic Track has three integrated components: a T32 training program, the Basic Dental Principles teaching apprenticeship, and leadership development programs. Professional development activities related to each of these foundational programs are facilitated through a learning community model.. The NIDCR institutional T32 training grant provides support to eligible institutions to encourage innovative and novel research training opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing independent research careers in dental, oral, and craniofacial research. The UCLA T32 Dentist-Scientist and Oral Health-Scientist Training Program builds upon the considerable training experience, outstanding applicant pool, and superb faculty mentors that exist at the UCLA School of Dentistry. The T32 grant has been ...
On behalf of Family and Community Together, I would like to invite you to become a part of FACTs Parent to Parent [P2P] Mentor Program!. As you know, sometimes raising a child experiencing disability can be overwhelming, and may leave you feeling like the only person in the world facing these challenges. FACT P2P parent mentors share their experiences as parents and what they have learned - that having a child experiencing disability is just a part of a whole life… A life that will be beautiful, messy, smooth, and bumpy, just like most lives are. Mentors also listen with an empathetic ear because they have been there.. FACTs parent mentors are a special group of volunteers who are trained to help support caretakers, whether they are parents, grandparents, siblings, or anyone else who has a family member experiencing disability. Parent mentors can be extremely helpful when someone is navigating through special education; with this in mind, FACT is particularly interested in identifying ...
DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Gregory Landry, MD is an Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Dr. Landrys long term objective is to establish a Center for Functional Outcomes in Vascular Surgery at OHSU. This proposal describes a plan to develop Dr. Landry into an independent clinical researcher. A three-tiered mentored career development plan is proposed, including 1) a didactic education resulting in a Masters in Clinical Research (MCR), 2) a broad-based experiential learning program, and 3) a mentored clinical research project. Mentored clinical research will be under the guidance of a mentorship advisory committee headed by Dr. Lloyd Taylor, Professor of Surgery at OHSU, and including Dr. Gregory Moneta, Professor of Surgery at OHSU, Dr. Cynthia Morris, Professor of Medical Informatics and Outcomes Research at OHSU, and Dr. Mary McDermott, Associate Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University. The proposed ...
Alford, Wendy - Functional Behavior System Analysis of Neural Plasticity: What Time Can Tell Us, (Mentor: Robert Barnet, Psychology) Atkins, Benjamin - Is There A Link Between Defective Sperm Centrosomes and Polarity Defects in C. Elegans Embryos?, (Mentor: Diane Shakes, Biology) Broughton, Robert - Effects of Particle Density on Crossflow Filtration in Filter-Feeding Fish, (Mentor: S. Laurie Sanderson, Biology) Cabral, Diana - Repair of Peroxynitrite-damaged Tubulin by the Thioredoxin and Reductase Systems, (Mentor: Lisa Landino, Chemistry) Dertinger, Jennifer - Study of Multidentate Ligands and their interaction with heavy metal ions., (Mentor: Deborah Bebout, Chemistry) Dondeti, Krishna - Sequencing a non-pathogenic strain of Helicobacter pylori, (Mentor: Mark Forsyth, Biology) Evans, Megan - Identification and characterization of a pathogenic parasite in the seep mussel Bathymodiolus heckerae, (Mentor: Cindy VanDover, Biology) Dow, Lindsay - The Effects of Nicotine on Attentional Deficits ...
The MD Anderson Cancer Center Prostate Cancer SPORE Career Enhancement Program supports junior faculty members (Ph.D. or M.D.) in basic science or clinical departments who are committed to a career in academic oncology research in a teaching hospital or university. Candidates must be committed to pursuing translational research in prostate cancer clinically or in the laboratory. Clinicians must have demonstrated clinical excellence during residency.. The goal of the Career Enhancement Program is to help clinical faculty become physician-scientists by performing laboratory-based, hypothesis-driven prostate cancer research and provide a means for junior basic science faculty to develop translational prostate cancer studies. After completing the program, the participants should be able to establish independent academic oncology research programs at major teaching institutions or enhance existing programs.. Eligibility. ...
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A University of Otago Christchurch engineer is developing a lego system to 3D-bioprint bone; a solution that could one day replace the billions-of-dollars-worth of ceramic and titanium implants required by New Zealand patients annually.
USC encourages all undergraduates to participate in Independent Study activities outside the formal class room. Independent Study offers students the opportunity to experience hands on learning and to develop personal relationships with a deeper core of the University than they can through classes alone. To encourage this experience, the Neuroscience Minor requires that students gain Independent Study research experience in neuroscience. Below is a list of Neuroscience researchers in the many disciplines that contribute to our understanding of the nervous system. In order to conduct research, a student should arrange to do an independent study course with a suitable neuroscience mentor. You sign up for the course by filling out an independent study form with your mentor, getting the required signatures and bring the form to the Registrars Office. Your advisor will have to sign the form and can help you with the process ...
The CPRIT Graduate Scholar Training Program includes a first year curriculum that focuses on basic science subjects pertaining to cancer research, coupled with three laboratory tutorials and selection of a faculty mentor at the end of the year. The second year curriculum increases the scholars understanding of disease mechanisms and/or oncologic applications of advanced mathematical modeling and biophysical sciences through flexible coursework options. CPRIT Graduate Scholars are supervised by their faculty mentor, an optional co‐mentor in a complementary field, and a faculty committee with related research interests, during development of their Ph.D. dissertation. The CPRIT Training Grant faculty leadership recognizes that advanced students who have nearly or fully completed their GSBS coursework requirements will be eligible for this award. Flexibility is allowed in the recommended curriculum for advanced students.. Funds from the MD Anderson CPRIT Training Grant will support up to seven ...
Thank you for showing interest in becoming a business mentor, as part of the Ixion Volunteer Mentors scheme. We genuinely ... As part of our registration process we will be required to vet all potential mentors, so thank you for taking the time to fill ... I agree to the Ixion Volunteer Mentors Terms & Conditions *. (Terms and conditions can be found at ...
... project-based learning and mentors can collide to create powerful connections and real-world learning for youth and how mentors ... Examples of Mentors Making a Difference. For over 100 years, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have incorporated mentors into ... Alper explains the role of project-based mentors in her book, Teach to Work: How a Mentor, a Mentee, and a Project Can Close ... At ACE Leadership High School in Albuquerque, students co-construct projects alongside their mentors. Their mentors are ...
I offer professional one-on-one hands-on mentoring and consulting services for you and your bees in your bee yard. There is a ...
Undergraduate Mentors Kendra Davis, a native of Woodbridge, Virginia serves as the Donations Coordinator for W.I.L.L 2011. ... The Women Inspiring Learning Momentum program at NCCU invites you to become an undergraduate mentor! Please see the attached ...
... faculty collaborators and mentors of the Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation (CLDR) ... About CLDR Faculty, Staff & Mentors Cores Associated Grants Contact Us News & Announcements Event Archive ...
What Parents and Mentors Need to Know about Cannabis. It is legal for adults 21 or older to possess, consume and cultivate ... Parents and mentors can have an impact on whether or not youth use cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot). Pre-teens, teens and youth ...
The two of you will decide on the details of your mentor partnership during an initial session and build upon it throughout ... Please fill out ONE FORM PER MENTORING PAIR and submit it to us after your introduction meeting! The original and complete ... The success of the Mentor Everywhere program relies on interactive participation and collaboration by both the mentee and the ... What are 1-2 specific area(s) or concern(s) the mentee wants to address during your mentor relationship? * ...
Gender Mentor claimed that women had many motivations for using the test to learn the sex of their fetuses early in pregnancy, ... Baby Gender Mentor is the trade name of a controversial blood test designed for prenatal sex discernment. The test was ... Acu-Gens website states the test was not a medical test: Tests similar to the Baby Gender Mentor test can be used for medical ... "Baby Gender Mentor Home DNA Gender Testing Kit". The Archived from the original on July 5, 2006. Retrieved ...
Whats great about my mentor? Vic Yarborough, a retired executive with Halliburton Services, immediately enrolled the Johnsons ...
... teachers request mentors for their students as often as they request subject matter tutors. To reach their full potential, ... Mentors are needed in San Francisco public schools at all grade levels. The commitment is only one hour per week for one year. ... Many of our mentors find that meeting their buddy over lunch hour works really well. Only three hours of training is necessary ... Do you want to make a difference in the life of a student? Believe it or not, teachers request mentors for their students as ...
... are eligible to apply for a position as a Matador Mentor. ... Matador Mentors should also embody the following qualities:. * ...
From the principal to student mentors, everyone gets involved. Ms. Cashell says within weeks, its hard to believe the new kid ... During the first week of their arrival, I also meet with the student and one of his/her mentors to answer any questions and ... I have my other students mentor the new student. Often students overwhelm the new student, so I ask certain students to show ... Tools And Ideas/Advice & Support/Works4Me/P/Peer Mentors for New Students ...
Co-Mentor: Axel Meissner, PhD). Global Discovery Chemistry. Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States ... Co-Mentor: Brian Feng, PhD). Global Discovery Chemistry. Emeryville, California, United States ... Co-Mentor: Tejas Pathak, PhD). Global Discovery Chemistry. Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States ... Co-Mentor: Nathan Ross, PhD). Global Discovery Chemistry. Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States ...
Municipal Mentors. Municipal Mentors is a program designed to bridge the gap between UofG students and what happens at the ... As a successful applicant to Municipal Mentors, you will be paired up with a City of Guelph Councillor in a 1-to-1 mentoring ... Municipal Mentors applications are usually due in late September. *Applicants attend a group interview and applicants are ...
Mentors will need to commit to mentoring in the mornings OR afternoons. The program is slated to begin in late September/early ... Mentors have a time commitment of 3-4 hours per work, including some work outside of class. The weekly commitment will be on ... Mentors should be energetic, compassionate, and driven to assist and encourage our aspiring interpreters on their path to ... Found in Translation is searching for a few mentors to work closely with low-income bilingual women, who are often homeless or ...
Licensing, Education & Training >> Volunteer Instructors/Mentors >> Mentoring Online Courses >> Mentor Student List ... Mentor Student List. Welcome to the Mentor Student List for the ARRL Continuing Education Program. Here you can review a ... FCC License Info and Forms, Volunteer Instructors/Mentors, Courses & Training, Getting Licensed, Amateur Radio in the Classroom ...
Why be a mentor?. Mentoring is valuable to both mentees and mentors. Mentors find the experience of helping another member ... The benefits of mentoring. Being mentored has helped our members to:. * achieve greater clarity around their career goals and ... Mentees can register their interest at [email protected] and we will provide you with details on how to access a mentor.. Please ... One member described how having a mentor has given him the opportunity to think about his career: Its always useful to think ...
Mentors affect the professional life of a mentee by fostering insight, helping to identify needed knowledge, and expanding ... Get InvolvedMentoring Mentoring In any field, having a professional mentor can help individuals develop and advance their ... AMIGO - The ACR/CARRA Mentoring Interest Group for Pediatric Rheumatologists AMIGO is a pediatric rheumatology mentoring ... The ACR believes mentor/mentee relationships at all levels is central for a sustainable rheumatology workforce. The ACR has two ...
Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh discovered their mentor categories - with Walsh wasting no time in saying that he thinks he has ... Louis Walsh will mentor The Boys. There were mixed emotions on The X Factor on Saturday as Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, ... However, the big reveal saw Walsh mentoring The Boys. Louis Walsh - Im kind of surprised, but I think I got the winner. Im ... Sharon Osbourne (far right in green jacket) - I will do whatever I have to do to be a good mentor. But was it my first choice ...
Of her mentor, Peter Klyne, Jackie says, Pete used his skills to help me take my business to the next level. She credits ... Whats Great About My Mentor?: Of her mentor, Peter Klyne, Jackie says, "Pete used his skills to help me take my business to ...
The Career Network seeks local professionals who would make great volunteer career mentors for our students. Ideally, mentor ...
Fueling your body with the right ingredients can help you stay focused, feel energized and stay healthy. How often do you go for the quick food option.... ...
The UNH Body Monologues The Body Monologues is an event put on through Health Services and the UNH eating concern mentors as ...
Mentoring The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to promote the academic, career, and personal growth of TRIO students through ... The overall goal of the Peer Mentoring Program is to assist students with the integration into the intellectual and social life ...
Internet Marketing Mentor helpt je om een online onderneming op te zetten. Hier vind je videos over WordPress, Plugins, ...
... is for the faculty mentor to assist the student in achieving the individual project goals. The faculty mentor is awarded $2,000 ... The mentors role includes overseeing the quality and organization of content, along with effective guidance in the delivery of ... Faculty Mentor Role Generation 5 The purpose of the support for the Hoskins Global Scholar (HGS) ... Faculty Mentor Bowling Green State University / International Programs & Partnerships / Education Abroad / Financial Aid and ...
This article is about what mentoring looks like in the digital age. ... Digitization is causing tectonic shifts in traditional mentoring. ... But I also find new mentors as I evolve. Our most successful mentees on Veterati have 4+ mentors. Some have 25+ mentors. When ... I have 50+ mentors. Some mentors are with me for life- we have shared experiences, shared life values. ...
... are an integral part of the Accreditation process. They are trained not only to ... members of our Accreditation Team discuss talk about what it takes to be a Self-Advocate Mentors. Several Self-Advocate Mentors ... Self-Advocate Mentors can help a person supported to interact with his or her agency to improve supports and quality of life. ... Self-Advocate Mentors participate in and facilitate focus groups. They are well versed in rights and help others to exercise ...
BCM PREP Scholars have the freedom to choose a BCM Faculty Mentor based on their research interests found in the seven GSBS ... Mentor: James Versalovic, M.D., Ph.D. Grace Adeniyi-Ipadeola. Undergraduate Institution: Texas A & M, College Station. Graduate ... Mentor: Yi Li, Ph.D.. Markia Smith. Undergraduate Institution: University of Delaware. Graduate Institution: University of ... Mentor: Sue Crawford, Ph.D.. Justin Branch. Undergraduate Institution: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Research ...
Mentoring and "The Space of Communicative Praxis": Theorizing Mentoring as Everyday Practice - Mentoring in Contexts - Danielle ... Mentoring and Communication Theories and Practices. Edited By Diana Trebing and Ahmet Atay. Although mentoring occupies a ... Ahmet Atay & Diana Trebing: Introduction: Theoretical Approaches to Mentoring - Framing Mentoring - Lisa K. Hanasono: Secret ... The Feminist Killjoy as Critical Mentor - Donna R. Pawlowski: Informal and Formal Mentoring of Faculty at Undergraduate ...
  • As part of our registration process we will be required to vet all potential mentors, so thank you for taking the time to fill in as much as possible for this form. (
  • The value proposition for potential mentors needs to be clear. (
  • StartOut offers a network of thousands of potential mentors with a great wealth of knowledge, resources, and personal experience to aid aspiring entrepreneurs. (
  • Another option to find potential mentors is to gather socially with others in a MeetUp group devoted to a specific activity or passion where you live. (
  • If interested, their names and information will be collected and stored in a notebook of potential mentors. (
  • All interested mentors and potential mentors, regardless of experience level, are invited to attend. (
  • On May 25, 2017, the Mentors released The Illuminaughty, their first studio album in eight years, with Broy and Lomas sharing the vocal duties. (
  • He has served as a PRIMES mentor (2016) and MathROOTS mentor (2016) and academic coordinator (since 2017). (
  • He has served as a PRIMES, SPUR, and UROP+ mentor since 2017. (
  • Thank you for showing interest in becoming a business mentor, as part of the Ixion Volunteer Mentors scheme. (
  • As part of doing so, I have started the list of volunteer mentors on that page. (
  • The Career Network seeks local professionals who would make great volunteer career mentors for our students. (
  • In this video Dan Bassill introduces the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the information it shares to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs such as Cabrini Connections reach youth in more high poverty neighborhoods of urban areas like the Chicago region. (
  • Currently volunteer mentors are needed in the following Philadelphia suburban areas: Lower Merion, Abington, North Penn and Plymouth Meeting. (
  • PHA's email mentors are volunteer patients and caregivers. (
  • With over 1800 volunteer mentors Business Mentors New Zealand helps on average 4,300 business clients a year and has assisted over 60,000 businesses since its inception in 1991. (
  • The organisation also plays a key community support service in the Canterbury reconstruction through its 330 local volunteer mentors. (
  • The Government's appreciation of the effectiveness of business mentoring is evidenced by its decision to fully fund for six years the delivery of services to 10 Pacific Island nations as part of MFAT/NZAID, programme using NZ Volunteer mentors. (
  • Our volunteer mentors give their time freely to their local communities, which in itself is a charitable activity. (
  • Every semester, the ISO recruits approximately 25 volunteer mentors to perform as role models for incoming foreign students. (
  • Volunteer mentors, parents and students met for the first time Friday to get the program under way. (
  • Mike shared that mentees meeting mentors in real-life might be self-conscious about what they're wearing, distracted by the environment (think loud coffee shop, trying to find parking), over-reading facial cues and body movements. (
  • Mentorship provides reciprocal benefits to mentors and companies. (
  • Creating Adult Rheumatology Mentorship in Academia (CARMA) is a mentoring program to support career development for rheumatology trainees and junior faculty as they transition to independence after fellowship. (
  • mentor to 50+ mentees, advisor to Fortune50 companies & nonprofits seeking to build scalable mentorship programs), I often hear this: "I never imagined mentorship the way you're describing it. (
  • Mike is a super-mentor and we were debating the pros/cons of digital versus face-to-face mentorship (on the phone, of course). (
  • Mentorship creates a virtuous cycle, one that recognizes the achievements of the mentor, the potential of the mentee, and endless ways both can keep giving back to all of us. (
  • She has served as a PRIMES mentor since 2019. (
  • Proposals submitted to the TEFD Mutual Mentoring Program that also qualify for an NSF ADVANCE Mutual Mentoring grant will be shared with the NSF ADVANCE team during the proposal review period in Spring 2019. (
  • How might a mentor weigh-in on the driving question for a project and add what he/she thinks is relevant for students to be asking? (
  • During the inquiry-stage of a project, teachers can incorporate mentors who can help push students and add to their growing body of research. (
  • At ACE Leadership High School in Albuquerque, students co-construct projects alongside their mentors. (
  • Their mentors are considered partners in their work and are pivotal in making decisions with the students every step of the way. (
  • Therefore, mentors play an essential role in providing real feedback, real input and supporting the students so that the outcome not only benefits the student but also their own place or work. (
  • Students need mentors like you! (
  • Believe it or not, teachers request mentors for their students as often as they request subject matter tutors. (
  • Students who have participated in the NSO Leadership program for one full year or more (1 Year +) are eligible to apply for a position as a Matador Mentor. (
  • I have my other students mentor the new student. (
  • Municipal Mentors is a program designed to bridge the gap between UofG students and what happens at the level of city government. (
  • As a successful applicant to Municipal Mentors, you will be paired up with a City of Guelph Councillor in a 1-to-1 mentoring relationship, attend meetings, receive exceptional training and support, and make important connections with other students, citizens and local leaders. (
  • The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to promote the academic, career, and personal growth of TRIO students through positive mentoring relationships. (
  • The overall goal of the Peer Mentoring Program is to assist students with the integration into the intellectual and social life of the University. (
  • There is no formalized training and faculty and graduate students alike are expected to know how to mentor effectively once they graduate or start a new teaching or administrative position. (
  • This book tackles two interrelated issues: the role and importance of mentoring in the communication discipline as well as critical/cultural studies and using critical communication to illuminate the ways in which students and junior faculty among others are mentored in higher education. (
  • The authors of these chapters present a position or an issue in regards to mentoring students and faculty or the lack of it in higher education. (
  • First, it will provide guidance for graduate students, junior and senior faculty members who are asked to mentor others at various stages of their academic careers. (
  • Second, it will help students and faculty who are currently trying to identify and work with mentors. (
  • Students meet throughout the school year with their mentors, both in small groups and one-on-one. (
  • Rik has mentored students in PRIMES, RSI, and SPUR. (
  • He was a SPUR mentor in 2013, winning the Rogers Prize for the best paper with his students, Zipei Nie and Anthony Wang. (
  • Our mission is to retain female undergraduate students in engineering through a dynamic and nurturing mentoring program (Mentees & Mentors or M&M). We support, affirm, and strategically educate the program's participants and student leaders. (
  • enhance personal support of students through contacts with female role models (including peers, alumni, and industry partners) and an interactive, mutually-beneficial peer mentoring program. (
  • In the spring of 2005 he took over as Posse mentor for Colby Posse Four and subsequently became the mentor of all Posse students through 2008. (
  • The Orange County Hispanic Bar Association is holding an open house to tell law school students about its mentoring program. (
  • As a mentor I reach out to my students on a regular basis and I am always available for personal conversation. (
  • As a mentor, you'll support a small group of Stage 1 students through their transition to our course. (
  • A novel large-scale mentoring program for medical students based on a quantitative and qualitative needs analysis. (
  • Characteristics of mentoring relationships formed by medical students and faculty. (
  • A cross-sectional study of mentoring programs for medical students in Germany. (
  • Undergraduate medical students using facebook as a peer-mentoring platform: A mixed-methods study. (
  • 5 years of experience with a large-scale mentoring program for medical students. (
  • The second part of the third objective created by the organization is the mentoring of new graduate students once they are admitted. (
  • To meet this objective, the organization will select current ABE graduate students to act as mentors for new students and provide them with planned activities. (
  • Near the beginning of the spring semester, current ABE graduate students will be notified of the program and the requirements for being a mentor. (
  • As new students are admitted, they will fill out an informational survey and the current officers will match them with the most compatible mentor(s). (
  • Prior to the start of the mentoring program, current graduate students, faculty, and staff will be asked to provide information that someone new to graduate school, Purdue, and the West Lafayette area would benefit from. (
  • During the first week of school, a social will be hosted by the ABE GSA for all new students to allow the mentors and mentees to meet in person if they haven't done so already. (
  • Mentors are current undergraduate Computer Science students who are available to offer support and guidance to CS pre-majors and majors. (
  • Student mentors are available to fellow CS students who want to talk with someone about their struggles or successes in CS. (
  • Mentors are also there for students if they need encouragement or assistance with establishing goals and making effective decisions. (
  • Meeting with a mentor is a great way to connect to the department and fellow students in Computer Science. (
  • Mentors give students the opportunity to make connections and get to know others in the department outside the classroom through walk in hours, movie nights, study hours and more! (
  • Mentors can help students navigate the transition into college life. (
  • Mentors can assist students in considering new and different opportunities. (
  • Mentors can help students gain perspective and insight in ways that may have not been considered. (
  • Mentors are a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear for struggling and striving students. (
  • It is a fun space where students and mentors can hang out, relax, and talk! (
  • Developing confident, capable geoscientists from diverse backgrounds requires, among many variables, the development of confident, capable mentors to help guide and support students along the path to professional positions. (
  • This round table discussion will seek to illuminate the approaches that have been successful in mentoring undergraduates in research, with particular focus on the nuances of mentoring students from underrepresented groups. (
  • At the beginning of the program, make sure to have a conversation with the students about the different possible roles: research advisor, career mentor, emotional support/life navigation, general advising. (
  • Mentoring as a symbiotic relationship - not only faculty helping/supporting students, but students are helping faculty. (
  • Mentor would help the students understand the expectations. (
  • Mentors serve as role models and provide at-risk students with the support and guidance they need to develop in a positive and healthy manner. (
  • The CPRIT Graduate Scholars Program is open to all MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School students who are post-candidacy and directly supervised by an MD Anderson Cancer Center appointed faculty mentor. (
  • CPRIT Graduate Scholar Faculty Mentors serve as direct supervisors or as co-mentors for CPRIT Graduate Scholars students. (
  • They're starting at Riverview Gardens by bringing in mentors who will become role models for students. (
  • Every other Tuesday a group of about 25 volunteers who are the mentors will come to Riverview Gardens for an hour and sit down with a group of high school students. (
  • Aside from the mentors, Little Bit will also provide essential items to students such as clothing and school supplies. (
  • Mentors meet with new students and provide them with information, get them to engage in community events, and help with personal and academic issues. (
  • The OSD's Mentor Program is open to McGill students only. (
  • Open to all McGill graduate students and third year undergraduate students who have gained experience in the wider field of education, mentoring etc. and are in good academic standing. (
  • Letters from current and former graduate students described Okada as an exceptional scholar and a critical yet caring mentor. (
  • Mentors will meet with their students at least once a month to help them set goals and work toward accomplishing them. (
  • Friday was the first of 30 meetings, planned each week until all of the school's 719 students have been paired with a mentor. (
  • Haverford and Bryn Mawr College students serve as mentors and role models. (
  • As a mentor in the AE Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP), you can use your valuable experience to advise current Aerospace Engineering students and discuss their study paths, ambitions and possible future careers. (
  • As a mentor you will be matched by an algorithm to a current student on basis of several criteria and the MAP objectives (goals) of the students. (
  • I would love to become a mentor for first year university students, as I remember my first year and how I felt. (
  • I remember the 'feeling' of support I was given by my mentor, and am now feel confident to be able to do the same for other first year students. (
  • I found the mentor program helped me to relax into my new study life, and I would like to help new students feel that they can achieve their goals, and that they will get into the swing of university life very quickly. (
  • I am happy to mentor individuals who are interested in academic careers in ecology or related fields and can offer guidance to undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs. (
  • I am can mentor anyone interested in a career in ecology, plant physiology or related disciplines including undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and early career faculty. (
  • Brown's Graduate School has developed and brought together a collection of Advising and Mentoring Resources for Faculty and is currently developing additional materials aimed specifically toward graduate students. (
  • To complement these materials, this newsletter highlights strategies that faculty, postdocs, and graduate students can use to shape their mentoring relationships, which include: learning how to communicate, mentoring across difference, and how to set goals and expectations. (
  • Because women and graduate students from historically underrepresented groups tend to receive less instrumental and sponsorship-based mentoring, connecting mentees with a variety of support structures can contribute to their success (Curtin, Malley, & Stewart, 2016). (
  • The OOA and AOA strongly believe that mentoring is an essential component of the learning experience for students, interns, residents and young physicians. (
  • Since osteopathic medicine places its emphasis on treating patients, not symptoms, both the OOA and AOA believe mentoring helps students become physicians who are first and foremost dedicated to the importance of quality health care and the patient/physician relationship. (
  • In 2013, the OOA launched the Class Mentor Program for students at OU-HCOM. (
  • Students, residents and fellows are invited to nominate a physician for the prestigious George L. Eckert, Jr., DO, Mentor of the Year award. (
  • There's certain pressure on Big Brothers and Big Sisters to allow practicing homosexuals to serve as mentors,' Bull said. (
  • The ACR believes mentor/mentee relationships at all levels is central for a sustainable rheumatology workforce. (
  • And third, it gives ideas on what to do and not to do in successful mentor-mentee relationships. (
  • Mentoring relationships are key for sharing and receiving helpful advice about engineering, college life, and successful preparation for the future. (
  • We offer meetings and activities designed to sustain and strengthen mutual mentoring relationships as well as benefit the individuals. (
  • Indeed, if mentoring seems to generate positive results as a whole [e.g., 5-8], it has been demonstrated that some mentoring relationships, in contexts other than entrepreneurship, can lead to inappropriate behaviours on the part of the mentor, which sometimes leads to undesirable outcomes for the mentee [9, 10]. (
  • Fast Company recently gathered several coordinators heading those efforts to examine mentoring within the CoF and to ask what works - and what doesn't - in mentoring relationships. (
  • This isn't the same as direct peer-to-peer mentoring because participants have two simultaneous mentoring relationships at any given time: their mentor and the person they're mentoring. (
  • Measuring the effectiveness of faculty mentoring relationships. (
  • the network relationships are formed to benefit the person traditionally known as the "protégé" and the person traditionally known as the "mentor. (
  • The STC Mentor Board is where professionals connect to establish mentor/mentee relationships that foster personal and professional growth and development. (
  • Cultivating strong and authentic mentoring relationships can increase the likelihood that your mentee will be open and share accomplishments, challenges, or difficulties they are experiencing. (
  • For example, research indicates that same-identity mentors may offer the best psychosocial support (Ortiz-Walters & Gilson, 2005), but many successful cross-race mentoring relationships are between those who agree on the same preference for how to deal with the question of race, i.e., whether to sublimate or engage the role of racial differences in the relationship (Thomas, 1993). (
  • Mentors will work with program participants to develop professional skills, expand their network and exposure to other careers, and assist participants in creating a polished resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. (
  • I have moved that information to the HelpWanted page, cleaned it up, and created new content for the Mentors page. (
  • Please review the comprehensive Mutual Mentoring Guide * for helpful information on the OFD Mutual Mentoring program, examples of projects, and guidance for building a productive mentoring network. (
  • Mutual Mentoring for Early-Career and Underrepresented Faculty: Model, Research, and Practice , published in Innovative Higher Education , describes the conceptualization, design, implementation, and evaluation of a Mutual Mentoring initiative from 2006 to 2014. (
  • " When Mentoring is the Medium " published in To Improve the Academy , describes the evolution of the Mutual Mentoring model at the University of Massachusetts. (
  • All applicants must now attend a Mutual Mentoring Information Session (for team grants, at least one member of the "core team" must attend an Information Session) in order to be eligible for consideration of a grant. (
  • There will be a separate call for NSF ADVANCE Mutual Mentoring Grants coming from the Office of Equity and Inclusion. (
  • The Mutual Mentoring program supports faculty in developing robust professional networks that include a variety of mentoring partners within and outside the UMass Amherst campus, and at a wide variety of career stages. (
  • Read more about the Mutual Mentoring model . (
  • TEFD has written and compiled a number of resources to help faculty develop successful Mutual Mentoring networks. (
  • however, adaptation or replication of the Mutual Mentoring Initiative, in whole or in part, must be attributed to the Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. (
  • The purpose of the support for the Hoskins Global Scholar (HGS) is for the faculty mentor to assist the student in achieving the individual project goals. (
  • Defining mentoring Inspired from Greek mythology, the term "mentor" generally refers to a person with certain qualities or who is in a position of power who benevolently watches over a younger or a less‐ experienced individual, who in turn benefits personally and professionally of the advice and support of his/her mentor. (
  • How does each CoF group - aka cell - support mentoring activity? (
  • Valeria Maltoni says that the group normally ends meetings with an open call for group support and mentoring opportunities. (
  • A critical element to workplace retention advocated by study respondents was employer support and development of Veteran mentoring programs. (
  • Veteran mentoring programs create peer support among Veterans in the civilian workplace. (
  • The goal of the Faculty Mentoring Program is to support and retain assistant professors as they progress towards tenure. (
  • Some may challenge this by saying, "I succeeded on my own without any help, and look how well I turned out," but I would encourage them to think about how much easier their life would have been with the support of an LGBT mentor. (
  • In her classic book 1 , Boston University's Kathy Kram describes the two benefits of mentoring: psychosocial functions (acceptance, confirmation, emotional support, etc.) and career enhancement functions. (
  • Like I said, you can raid a support group for a mentor or start a Mastermind Circle or look elsewhere in your community. (
  • Second, project mentors conduct monthly site visits with officers at their job sites for up to six months to support them and help them apply their news skills by completing job-related field projects. (
  • Our team of mentors is standing by for patients, caregivers and parents looking for one-on-one, email-based support. (
  • Although Business Mentors New Zealand receives an annual grant from NZTE for its work in New Zealand, the Business Mentoring service could not continue without the support of its 85 private sector business sponsors. (
  • Without the support of the mentors I would not be at university starting my second year of study. (
  • There are people who love to give advice and support to those who need it, but there are limits to how you can use a mentor relationship. (
  • We mentor individuals who know they can do better and need some guidance, advice and help on how to get there. (
  • Senior Jayden Keys is elated that his peers will have the guidance of a mentor. (
  • Each mentor and student is also encouraged to communicate via other means, such as telephone and e-mail, to foster a close relationship of friendship and guidance. (
  • As the Health Guide here, I can be an online mentor by writing about techniques I consider 'best practices' that worked for me to be able to live life well after getting the diagnosis. (
  • The M&M program is based on a network-mentoring model where all participants learn from one another. (
  • In this Pay It Forward model, people seeking mentors agree to mentor other participants. (
  • Most of all, participants have two to three hours of uninterrupted access one-on-one to the mentor as a technical resource each month allowing questions to be asked, new skills to be practiced, and feedback provided. (
  • Although mentoring occupies a paramount role in higher education and is part of a faculty's expected duties, nowadays increasingly so, it is not an area to which graduate schools pay close attention. (
  • Moreover, mentors are expected to provide their mentee with information on life as a graduate student at Purdue, ranging from how to make the best of your time as a graduate student to the best places to eat or live. (
  • The mentors are also expected to encourage participation in the ABE Graduate Student Association, especially by inviting their mentees to events with them. (
  • It will also include information about the ABE Graduate Student Association, and the mentoring program, including a sign up form. (
  • Four Princeton faculty members have been named the recipients of Graduate Mentoring Awards by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning and will be honored during the Graduate School's hooding ceremony on Monday, June 2. (
  • The faculty mentor is awarded $2,000 in professional or supplemental funds upon completion of successful presentations. (
  • The same platform/community can be developed for any Tribe, whether it's women leaders in tech mentoring up&coming women-in-tech, or successful minority entrepreneurs mentoring aspiring minority entrepreneurs, or individuals newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness being mentored by survivors who know what they are going through. (
  • Our most successful mentees on Veterati have 4+ mentors. (
  • We agree that a successful mentoring relationship needs to benefit both parties - not just the person being mentored. (
  • Through mentoring, the protégé prepares for more rapid and successful career progression. (
  • To be successful in mentoring, grandfathers should engage in teaching opportunities with patience, calm persistence, and enthusiasm. (
  • To ensure a successful program, mentors will be carefully selected and matched with their respective mentees. (
  • At this mixer, the most successful mentoring team will be announced and awarded a dinner on behalf of ABE GSA. (
  • Leadership, mentoring and team chemistry are the points for creating successful teams. (
  • The goals of the discussion are to: 1) share experiences to elucidate the differences between mentoring, advising, and sponsorship, and 2) share available resources to facilitate incorporation of successful strategies in mentoring undergraduates (including underrepresented groups) in conducting scientific research. (
  • It's a mentor that helps a child be successful in their educational career," Hanley explained. (
  • We've been relatively proactive and successful with our diversity recruiting and mentoring efforts," said John Nadas , co-managing partner of Choate. (
  • My dream is … to be a successful entrepreneur , mother, and mentor/leader to those who are in need. (
  • Want more information about conducting research with a faculty mentor? (
  • If student is not directly supervised by a CPRIT Faculty Mentor (listed below), one may be recruited to serve on the student's supervisory committee. (
  • Mentors can play a role in enhancing each of these six areas. (
  • MAS Solutions' Mentoring for Quality Professionals™ focuses on continuing education for individuals within an organization who are assigned the role of Management Representative or who are involved with the organization's Quality Management System. (
  • To do so, we will first present past research about mentoring for entrepreneurs and the role of training mentors within this context. (
  • What is your role as a chef mentor? (
  • However, by incorporating teaching and learning each day in your role as leader, you can be both a mentor and mentee. (
  • Those who are able to mentor should strive to be good role models and set the bar high so future generations can continue to learn and grow from all we've overcome. (
  • We'll clearly outline the limits of your role and your responsibilities (to safeguard both mentors and mentees). (
  • Recently, through work, I've found myself in a mentor role with a 20-year-old girl. (
  • Fill out the form below to find out more about what mentoring looks like and how it might work for you to reach your goals. (
  • Found in Translation is searching for a few mentors to work closely with low-income bilingual women, who are often homeless or previously homeless, while they complete their medical interpreter training program. (
  • Because of COVID-19, we are running a completely remote platform, which means our mentors may work via Zoom and/or a learning management system. (
  • Mentors have a time commitment of 3-4 hours per work, including some work outside of class. (
  • Your life mentors show you who you really are, so that you can see your weaknesses and work on them. (
  • Fast Company's readers' network embraces the idea of mentoring - but finds that some relationship models work better than others. (
  • The Faculty Mentoring Program at UWM began in 1983 through the dedicated work of a group of faculty and administrators. (
  • Out and proud mentors create out and proud mentees who shatter misconceptions about our community at work, at church, and even at home. (
  • You should work with her to take best advantage of her expertise, but also be proactive in looking elsewhere for the mentoring you need to advance your career. (
  • Reconceptualizing mentoring at work: A developmental network perspective. (
  • Mentoring work refers to the time, effort, and energy grandfathers demonstrate to teach, coach, guide, and correct their grandchildren as the grandchildren learn practical knowledge and skills. (
  • Grandfathers are motivated to do mentoring work because of grandchildren's needs to be competent in and informed about their world. (
  • Mentoring work is an important dimension of grandfatherwork . (
  • A grandfather's efforts to perform mentoring work can be influential on his grandchild's personal growth, values, and beliefs. (
  • Research indicates, even after accounting for the amount of contact, there is a moderately strong tie between doing mentoring work and a grandfather's influence on his grandchild's family ideals and values, trustworthiness, intellect and creativity, work ethic, beliefs about education, and success in the future. (
  • Research on grandfathers who participate in mentoring work has found that greater involvement is related to an enhanced grandfather-grandchild emotional closeness and to higher levels of relationship satisfaction. (
  • This means that doing mentoring work strengthens a grandfather's personal connection with his grandchild and makes that relationship more meaningful and satisfying. (
  • Mentoring work is also related to a man's satisfaction as a teacher of practical skills. (
  • Hans Zimmer wants to mentor you in SoundCloud contest LOS ANGELES - How would you like the opportunity to work one on one with legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, the prolific musician behind the Batman Dark Knight and Superman: Man of Steel soundtracks? (
  • Mentors have noted that trainees are more confident in their skills and more motivated in their work. (
  • Mentors can't offer medical advice, but they can share what they've learned along the way, point you in the direction of information and resources of value, and work with you to develop strategies for coping with PH in your own life. (
  • I really appreciate the work of my mentor and all the current mentors at JCU. (
  • I also signed up with a mentor for my first semester and she gave words of encouragement and hints/advice on where to focus my energy regarding studying and course work. (
  • A good mentor will offer both criticism and suggestions for your work. (
  • Amazon delivery drivers (who more often than not work for a third-party delivery fleet, rather than Amazon itself) are meant to log into the app at the beginning of their shifts, at which point Mentor attempts to keep a running tally of issues like aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, improper seatbelt use, excessive idling and more. (
  • If you're interested in becoming a mentor or want to know more, please contact Ayolah Ibezim, Supportive Services Coordinator, at [email protected] or by calling (857) 500-7804. (
  • As an Indigenous student, the Deadly Mentors understood my cultural and personal issues and were always supportive. (
  • I had a mentor and he was very supportive and honest about the importance of dedication and organisation. (
  • What are you main questions about Professional Organiser mentoring? (
  • When there are multiple sequential mentors listed the main degree advisor should get the .1 extension and be listed last. (
  • Mentees can register their interest at [email protected] and we will provide you with details on how to access a mentor. (
  • Mentors provide their expertise and experience to others within the organization to increase overall productivity and achieve better results in less time. (
  • Mentor uses synthesis technology to automatically produce model wrappers that provide the necessary interface signals and timing required to normalize the abstraction levels of the various models. (
  • So these avenues might provide another source of finding a mentor. (
  • Mentors will be asked to provide their mentee with information on academic issues, ranging from how to enroll to what courses or professors to avoid. (
  • This will promote social interactions amongst the mentoring teams as well as provide some friendly competition. (
  • Student mentors provide an important perspective into starting university and succeeding throughout the course of the first study period. (
  • What's more, not all of Amazon's nearly 1,300 delivery service partners provide their drivers with devices specifically meant to run Mentor. (
  • What's your preferred day and time for a free 20min mentoring session? (
  • There were mixed emotions on The X Factor on Saturday as Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh discovered their mentor categories - with Walsh wasting no time in saying that he thinks he has the winner among The Boys. (
  • After this time, you should expect to receive an email from your mentor shortly. (
  • Forget all your romantic ideas about what a good entrepreneurial mentor is: experienced in entrepreneurship, he/she has started several companies in his/her lifetime, has failed a couple of times and learned from it and succeeded enough time to still be active now. (
  • The Company of Friends has spent quite a bit of time addressing what it takes to be a good mentor, what makes a solid mentoring relationship, and what value proposition mentors face. (
  • Eloy Maes notes that several of San Diego's most qualified mentors bailed out of the project because of other time commitments. (
  • Have your mise en place -- all of your ingredients measured out and ready to go -- this is so helpful to ensure accuracy and will save a lot of time too. (
  • Mentors will be expected to devote a fair amount of time to their mentee and the mentoring program. (
  • On any specific occasion ask how much time your mentor has to spend with you and abide by that request. (
  • Several such mentorships will be awarded each year to continuing PRIMES mathematics mentors for exceptional mentor service in past years. (
  • He was an RSI mentor in 2011-2013 and a PRIMES mentor in 2012-2013. (
  • AMIGO is a pediatric rheumatology mentoring program that supports the career development of fellows and junior faculty in pediatric rheumatology through educational services, facilitated networking, and a one-on-one mentor. (
  • Each year Fellows and their mentors are invited to a workshop at NSF to present research findings, share information, and learn about funding for science. (
  • For the 1996 annual meeting, all former and current Fellows, their mentors, and minority Fellows from other NSF programs, e.g. (
  • Benefits include community building, networking, peer and one-on-one mentoring as well as personal and professional development. (
  • The program supports one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, and peer group mentoring arrangements. (
  • Each year we recruit a team of Peer Mentors. (
  • We recruit more than 30 Peer Mentors from Stage 2, 3 and 4. (
  • Their goal is to generate a scholarly discussion by utilizing qualitative and narrative-based research approaches and critical and cultural perspectives to promote awareness about the importance of mentoring. (
  • Research in this field indicates that mentoring enables the novice to develop cognitive and affective learning, such as the capacity to spot opportunities and develop a coherent vision of his 1 entrepreneurial project [2-4]. (
  • In choosing a research health career, mentoring is essential. (
  • CPRIT Faculty Mentors participate in all aspects of the CPRIT Research Training Program, including formal instruction, supervision of Ph.D. dissertation research, and CPRIT journal clubs and conferences. (
  • Please note that our mentoring scheme is only open to certain membership categories. (
  • What do you most want to learn or develop in your career or business as a result of mentoring? (
  • A mentoring relationship is a true partnership in your business and career success. (
  • One member described how having a mentor has given him the opportunity to think about his career: 'It's always useful to think about my goals and setting myself objectives. (
  • It was that sense of caring, compassion and determined loyalty that made the Teaffs arguably Baylor's greatest mentors for more than two decades during his coaching career. (
  • Having a trusted mentor is important at any career stage-but particularly during career transitions. (
  • The literature is replete with studies documenting the value of mentoring in productivity, job success, and career satisfaction. (
  • Mentors can assist in career planning, resume review, navigating company application processes etc. (
  • I am happy to mentor individuals (undergraduates through early career faculty) who are considering academic careers in ecology and evolutionary biology. (
  • All types of mentoring contribute to mentee confidence and the achievement of career goals. (
  • We're always looking for in-person Youth Mentors, online e-Mentors and Career Mentors. (
  • The ACR has two mentoring programs. (
  • Dr. Zurn-Birkhimer is the Associate Director of WIEP and oversees the mentoring programs. (
  • From the perspective of the organization coordinating such programs, the focus is directed not only toward the results for the novice but also toward the "black box" of mentoring. (
  • From Mentor to Mentoring Networks: Mentoring in the Academy " in Change magazine, discusses numerous mentoring studies, models, and programs. (
  • MENTOR ABI quickly became a recognized provider in the field of community-based brain injury rehabilitation and continued to build an array of individualized programs through strategic growth and acquisition. (
  • In 2010, the organizations which previously made up MENTOR ABI, including the Center for Comprehensive Services (CCS), Lakeview Healthcare Systems, and the NeuroRestorative legacy programs in AR, LA, TX and OK were unified under the NeuroRestorative name. (
  • Even as this global pandemic continues to affect our day-to-day lives, we are pleased to highlight some of the incredible ways our community came together this summer through dozens of virtual programs and workshops, e-Mentoring connections and more. (
  • Although giants like Bank of America and American Express have adopted mentoring programs that serve minorities as part of the general employee population, a strong focus on minority mentoring has been slower to trickle down to the corporate level - until now. (
  • On the flip side, a five-year University of Pennsylvania study of more than 1,000 employees at a large tech company discovered that employees enrolled in mentoring programs - both as mentees and mentors - were promoted at six times the rate of other employees. (
  • Choate has launched formal and informal minority mentoring programs. (
  • Our formal mentoring program with partners and senior associates, as well as our informal mentoring programs, have helped break that feeling of isolation at our firm. (
  • Through the mentoring process, she recently confessed to me that she had been sexually assaulted (raped) her first semester of college. (
  • The mentor lounge is where the mentors hold walk in hours and other events throughout the semester. (
  • Mentors must be available for 5-10 hours per week of walk in hours in GS 931 as well as various events (movie nights, game nights, etc) throughout the semester. (
  • Just like people's dating pools exploded due to the Internet (and platforms like eHarmony,, in today's world, who your mentors are aren't limited to who you know. (
  • The Women Inspiring Learning Momentum program at NCCU invites you to become an undergraduate mentor! (
  • Mentoring and undergraduate academic success: A literature review. (
  • Student projects are often guided by a client or mentor need and are solving a real challenge or problem -- not one that is contrived or made-up. (
  • During the first week of their arrival, I also meet with the student and one of his/her mentors to answer any questions and offer information about expectations and the like. (
  • Welcome to the Mentor Student List for the ARRL Continuing Education Program. (
  • Every incoming first-year honors student has the opportunity to be matched with an honors mentor. (
  • Student mentors are matched to groups of mentees on the basis of subjects studied. (
  • Find out how we recruit student mentors . (
  • Mentor as someone student can talk to about anything - not necessarily someone working in faculty's lab. (
  • Mentor would coach student to prepare for a conference, or how to behave on a job site. (
  • The OSD's mentor program is designed to enrich the university experience of the diverse student body. (
  • Each student "mentee" will be paired with a Mentor who is selected from a similar academic background and shares similar extracurricular interests and individual preferences. (
  • Hopefully, by the end of January, we'll have a mentor for every student in our school,' said Guidicelli. (
  • The Mentoring And Student Teaching program is a long-standing outreach program at Haverford College. (
  • When I was a first year student, the mentors really made the university experience that much more enjoyable. (
  • Mentor tree extracted from student tree Dec. 2008. (
  • I do wish there was a directory of peers we could use to find mentors. (
  • Dean Atkins is the Posse mentor for Posse Six and Posse Nine, co-founder and director of Campus Conversations on Race, organizer of the Multicultural Literacy Initiative (faculty group developing diversity curricula), Senior Book Recommendation, and Learning Difference Coordinator. (
  • Additionally, the authors highlight some of the important issues in mentoring as a form of critical communication pedagogy and present some guidelines, ideas, and examples to mentor more effectively. (
  • What is the relationship between mentors? (
  • People are paired with mentors, but the relationship works both ways. (
  • The success of the program depends on the initiatives taken by the mentor and the mentee in sustaining a productive relationship over the course of progress towards tenure. (
  • Mentoring is a word widely used to describe the relationship between a novice (the protégé) and a more experienced individual (the mentor). (
  • However, in order to ensure equitable access to the beneficial outcomes of mentoring, it can be important for both mentors and mentees to establish a relationship across difference. (
  • Before beginning a mentoring relationship, it is helpful to identify the level of importance that having a same-identity mentor is for you. (
  • if you don't have anyone (even a friend of a friend) in your wider Rolodex, then pursue a formal relationship through a mentoring program. (
  • I offer professional one-on-one hands-on mentoring and consulting services for you and your bees in your bee yard. (
  • The UNH Body Monologues The Body Monologues is an event put on through Health Services and the UNH eating concern mentors as part of Love Your Body We. (
  • MAS Solutions' business consulting services includes management system consulting, training, coaching/mentoring and facilitation services. (
  • Years later, The Network brought CCS and its growing array of brain injury rehabilitation services together under the MENTOR ABI name. (
  • The registration fee, which has remained unchanged since October 2007, will entitle business owners to all Business Mentors services for up to two years, including mentoring sessions with an experienced business person and access to a wealth of information and resources. (
  • Sharon Osbourne (far right in green jacket) - 'I will do whatever I have to do to be a good mentor. (
  • I will do whatever I have to do to be a good mentor. (
  • The question becomes: how do you find a mentor? (
  • Browse this section to find a mentor. (
  • You can find a mentor through SCORE or StepUp Women's Network , but the best kind of mentor is going to be someone who already knows you (or loves you! (
  • CA Technologies also is focusing on mentoring the next generation of minority leaders. (
  • For those with some experience in Quality Management Systems, mentoring examines QMS Development, Implementation and Maintenance from an individual and personal perspective with the objective of practical applications in their current position," says Mark A. Randig, President of MAS Solutions LLC. (
  • Please note that mentors are not academic advisors or tutors. (
  • Linkages were provided via Wiederhold in the Mathematics Genealogy [m], which provides also the thesis titles and biographical pointers and the Neurotree [n], which shows also other advisors and mentors. (
  • Mark Mentors is a Nigerian basketball club based in Abuja. (
  • Empathy is a central element to emotional intelligence and the hallmark of a strong leader and mentor. (
  • Mentoring is a way that organizations improve performance while keeping costs under control. (
  • And Valeria Maltoni says that she was able to connect her mentor, who is her former manager, with several organizations that have since become clients. (
  • That is not currently consisistently marked, and for early mentors hard to establish. (
  • Alper is a board member of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship ( NFTE ) where she discovered active learning and power of mentoring. (
  • In rural Arkansas, Cross County High School (a member of the New Tech Network ) developed a virtual mentoring program that includes an MIT professor and a scientist from GSK in Belgium. (
  • Meetings over coffee are a yearlong opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet up and network face to face. (
  • Keeps Confidentiality: Mentors will honor sensitive personal or professional information that you share. (
  • Possessing emotional intelligence allows you as the leader, mentor and mentee to understand others' perspectives, anticipate, recognize and meet others' needs, cultivate opportunities through diversity of thought and build trust enabling extra passion, motivation and success. (
  • She wants every kid to have a mentor and thinks projects are the right place to connect. (
  • During weekly one-on-one meetings, mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to talk about what the campus has to offer, discuss various fields of study and academic interests, connect with others and share ideas and resources, all while facilitating access and promoting an inclusive university environment. (
  • One person may not be well-positioned to fill all of these functions, however, it is important for a mentor to actively connect a mentee with other possible mentors to fill possible gaps. (
  • In this video from the 2016 TN Disability MegaConference, members of our Accreditation Team discuss talk about what it takes to be a Self-Advocate Mentors. (
  • She works with the mentoring program teams and the WE Link recruitment team. (
  • Through Partner Units, Mercy Ships offers in-depth mentoring to the whole team, teaching and building on similar concepts strengthening the entire health system. (
  • Teachers also can use their own project planning as an opportunity to consider when mentors can enhance their project design. (
  • The online music website SoundCloud is giving folks that opportunity, with Hans Zimmer Wants You , a chance to be mentored by Zimmer himself and get a paid job at Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, a production company Zimmer co-owns. (

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