A system of traditional medicine which is based on the beliefs and practices of the Chinese culture.
Therapeutic approach tailoring therapy for genetically defined subgroups of patients.
A medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organ systems of adults.
A specialty field of radiology concerned with diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigative use of radioactive compounds in a pharmaceutical form.
Systems of medicine based on cultural beliefs and practices handed down from generation to generation. The concept includes mystical and magical rituals (SPIRITUAL THERAPIES); PHYTOTHERAPY; and other treatments which may not be explained by modern medicine.
System of herbal medicine practiced in Japan by both herbalists and practitioners of modern medicine. Kampo originated in China and is based on Chinese herbal medicine (MEDICINE, CHINESE TRADITIONAL).
The art and science of studying, performing research on, preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease, as well as the maintenance of health.
The study and practice of medicine by direct examination of the patient.
Chinese herbal or plant extracts which are used as drugs to treat diseases or promote general well-being. The concept does not include synthesized compounds manufactured in China.
A field of medicine concerned with developing and using strategies aimed at repair or replacement of damaged, diseased, or metabolically deficient organs, tissues, and cells via TISSUE ENGINEERING; CELL TRANSPLANTATION; and ARTIFICIAL ORGANS and BIOARTIFICIAL ORGANS and tissues.
The branch of medicine concerned with the evaluation and initial treatment of urgent and emergent medical problems, such as those caused by accidents, trauma, sudden illness, poisoning, or disasters. Emergency medical care can be provided at the hospital or at sites outside the medical facility.
An approach of practicing medicine with the goal to improve and evaluate patient care. It requires the judicious integration of best research evidence with the patient's values to make decisions about medical care. This method is to help physicians make proper diagnosis, devise best testing plan, choose best treatment and methods of disease prevention, as well as develop guidelines for large groups of patients with the same disease. (from JAMA 296 (9), 2006)
The traditional Hindu system of medicine which is based on customs, beliefs, and practices of the Hindu culture. Ayurveda means "the science of Life": veda - science, ayur - life.
Therapeutic practices which are not currently considered an integral part of conventional allopathic medical practice. They may lack biomedical explanations but as they become better researched some (PHYSICAL THERAPY MODALITIES; DIET; ACUPUNCTURE) become widely accepted whereas others (humors, radium therapy) quietly fade away, yet are important historical footnotes. Therapies are termed as Complementary when used in addition to conventional treatments and as Alternative when used instead of conventional treatment.
The discipline concerned with using the combination of conventional ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE to address the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of health and illness.
A medical discipline that is based on the philosophy that all body systems are interrelated and dependent upon one another for good health. This philosophy, developed in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, recognizes the concept of "wellness" and the importance of treating illness within the context of the whole body. Special attention is placed on the MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM.
The field of medicine concerned with physical fitness and the diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained in exercise and sports activities.
Programs of training in medicine and medical specialties offered by hospitals for graduates of medicine to meet the requirements established by accrediting authorities.
A system of traditional medicine which is based on the beliefs and practices of the African peoples. It includes treatment by medicinal plants and other materia medica as well as by the ministrations of diviners, medicine men, witch doctors, and sorcerers.
A medical specialty concerned with the use of physical agents, mechanical apparatus, and manipulation in rehabilitating physically diseased or injured patients.
Medical specialty concerned with the promotion and maintenance of the physical and mental health of employees in occupational settings.
The medical science concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in animals.
Use of plants or herbs to treat diseases or to alleviate pain.
An agency of the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH concerned with overall planning, promoting, and administering programs pertaining to advancement of medical and related sciences. Major activities of this institute include the collection, dissemination, and exchange of information important to the progress of medicine and health, research in medical informatics and support for medical library development.
Drugs considered essential to meet the health needs of a population as well as to control drug costs.
Medical specialty concerned with environmental factors that may impinge upon human disease, and development of methods for the detection, prevention, and control of environmentally related disease.
Medical practice or discipline that is based on the knowledge, cultures, and beliefs of the people of KOREA.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.
A branch of medicine concerned with the total health of the individual within the home environment and in the community, and with the application of comprehensive care to the prevention and treatment of illness in the entire community.
The branch of medicine concerned with diseases, mainly of parasitic origin, common in tropical and subtropical regions.
Use for general articles concerning medical education.
A course of study offered by an educational institution.
A branch of medicine concerned with the role of socio-environmental factors in the occurrence, prevention and treatment of disease.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
The interrelationship of medicine and religion.
A medical specialty concerned with the provision of continuing, comprehensive primary health care for the entire family.
A medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of SLEEP WAKE DISORDERS and their causes.
Educational programs for medical graduates entering a specialty. They include formal specialty training as well as academic work in the clinical and basic medical sciences, and may lead to board certification or an advanced medical degree.
The capability to perform acceptably those duties directly related to patient care.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.
Written or other literary works whose subject matter is medical or about the profession of medicine and related areas.
Individuals enrolled in a school of medicine or a formal educational program in medicine.
Concentrated pharmaceutical preparations of plants obtained by removing active constituents with a suitable solvent, which is evaporated away, and adjusting the residue to a prescribed standard.
A medical specialty primarily concerned with prevention of disease (PRIMARY PREVENTION) and the promotion and preservation of health in the individual.
Plants whose roots, leaves, seeds, bark, or other constituent parts possess therapeutic, tonic, purgative, curative or other pharmacologic attributes, when administered to man or animals.
The alterations of modes of medical practice, induced by the threat of liability, for the principal purposes of forestalling lawsuits by patients as well as providing good legal defense in the event that such lawsuits are instituted.
A branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the oral and paraoral structures and the oral management of systemic diseases. (Hall, What is Oral Medicine, Anyway? Clinical Update: National Naval Dental Center, March 1991, p7-8)
Selection of a type of occupation or profession.
Branch of medicine involved with management and organization of public health response to disasters and major events including the special health and medical needs of a community in a disaster.
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
The period of medical education in a medical school. In the United States it follows the baccalaureate degree and precedes the granting of the M.D.
Material prepared from plants.
A medical-surgical specialty concerned with the morphology, physiology, biochemistry, and pathology of reproduction in man and other animals, and on the biological, medical, and veterinary problems of fertility and lactation. It includes ovulation induction, diagnosis of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, and assisted reproductive technologies such as embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization, and intrafallopian transfer of zygotes. (From Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Clinics of North America, Foreword 1990; Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, Notice to Contributors, Jan 1979)
Hospital department responsible for the administration and management of nuclear medicine services.
Health as viewed from the perspective that humans and other organisms function as complete, integrated units rather than as aggregates of separate parts.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
A system of therapeutics founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), based on the Law of Similars where "like cures like". Diseases are treated by highly diluted substances that cause, in healthy persons, symptoms like those of the disease to be treated.
Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
An occupation limited in scope to a subsection of a broader field.
Medical complexes consisting of medical school, hospitals, clinics, libraries, administrative facilities, etc.
The interdisciplinary field concerned with the development and integration of behavioral and biomedical science, knowledge, and techniques relevant to health and illness and the application of this knowledge and these techniques to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.
Drugs intended for human or veterinary use, presented in their finished dosage form. Included here are materials used in the preparation and/or formulation of the finished dosage form.
Medicines that can be sold legally without a DRUG PRESCRIPTION.
The assessing of academic or educational achievement. It includes all aspects of testing and test construction.
Materials or substances used in the composition of traditional medical remedies. The use of this term in MeSH was formerly restricted to historical articles or those concerned with traditional medicine, but it can also refer to homeopathic remedies. Nosodes are specific types of homeopathic remedies prepared from causal agents or disease products.
Societies whose membership is limited to physicians.
A subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with the study of the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. It is especially concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases and defects of the lungs and bronchial tree.
Undergraduate education programs for second- , third- , and fourth-year students in health sciences in which the students receive clinical training and experience in teaching hospitals or affiliated health centers.
Time period from 2001 through 2100 of the common era.
The principles of professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the physician, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the physician in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families.
Time period from 1701 through 1800 of the common era.
The self administration of medication not prescribed by a physician or in a manner not directed by a physician.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
Critical and exhaustive investigation or experimentation, having for its aim the discovery of new facts and their correct interpretation, the revision of accepted conclusions, theories, or laws in the light of newly discovered facts, or the practical application of such new or revised conclusions, theories, or laws. (Webster, 3d ed)
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
Traditional Arabic methods used in medicine in the ARAB WORLD.
Time period from 1601 through 1700 of the common era.
The educational process of instructing.
The practice of medicine as applied to special circumstances associated with military operations.
The period of history from the year 500 through 1450 of the common era.
Laws concerned with manufacturing, dispensing, and marketing of drugs.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
The interactions between physician and patient.
The effect of herbs, other PLANTS, or PLANT EXTRACTS on the activity, metabolism, or toxicity of drugs.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
A branch of medicine which deals with sexually transmitted disease.
A drugless system of therapy, making use of physical forces such as air, light, water, heat, massage. Treatments are often diet- and nutrition-oriented with attention given to the patient's personal history and lifestyle. (From Cassileth, Alternative Medicine Handbook, 1998, p329)
The field of medicine concerned with understanding the biochemical basis of health and disease and involved in developing diagnostic and therapeutic methods that utilize MOLECULAR BIOLOGY techniques.
Patterns of practice related to diagnosis and treatment as especially influenced by cost of the service requested and provided.
Time period from 1401 through 1500 of the common era.
Women licensed to practice medicine.
A medical specialty concerned with maintaining health and providing medical care to children from birth to adolescence.
Compliance with a set of standards defined by non-governmental organizations. Certification is applied for by individuals on a voluntary basis and represents a professional status when achieved, e.g., certification for a medical specialty.
Mystical, religious, or spiritual practices performed for health benefit.
The vital life force in the body, supposedly able to be regulated by acupuncture. It corresponds roughly to the Greek pneuma, the Latin spiritus, and the ancient Indian prana. The concept of life-breath or vital energy was formulated as an indication of the awareness of man, originally directed externally toward nature or society but later turned inward to the self or life within. (From Comparison between Concepts of Life-Breath in East and West, 15th International Symposium on the Comparative History of Medicine - East and West, August 26-September 3, 1990, Shizuoka, Japan, pp. ix-x)
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Time period from 1501 through 1600 of the common era.
The application of medical knowledge to questions of law.
That segment of commercial enterprise devoted to the design, development, and manufacture of chemical products for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability, or other dysfunction, or to improve function.
The branch of medicine concerned with the physiological and pathological aspects of the aged, including the clinical problems of senescence and senility.
Those physicians who have completed the education requirements specified by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Facilities for the preparation and dispensing of drugs.
"The business or profession of the commercial production and issuance of literature" (Webster's 3d). It includes the publisher, publication processes, editing and editors. Production may be by conventional printing methods or by electronic publishing.
Treatment of disease by inserting needles along specific pathways or meridians. The placement varies with the disease being treated. It is sometimes used in conjunction with heat, moxibustion, acupressure, or electric stimulation.
The use of DRUGS to treat a DISEASE or its symptoms. One example is the use of ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS to treat CANCER.
Created 7 April 1992 as a result of the division of Yugoslavia.
Statistical measures of utilization and other aspects of the provision of health care services including hospitalization and ambulatory care.
The expected function of a member of the medical profession.
Communication, in the sense of cross-fertilization of ideas, involving two or more academic disciplines (such as the disciplines that comprise the cross-disciplinary field of bioethics, including the health and biological sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences and law). Also includes problems in communication stemming from differences in patterns of language usage in different academic or medical disciplines.
The application of scientific knowledge or technology to the field of radiology. The applications center mostly around x-ray or radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes but the technological applications of any radiation or radiologic procedure is within the scope of radiologic technology.
The study of plant lore and agricultural customs of a people. In the fields of ETHNOMEDICINE and ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, the emphasis is on traditional medicine and the existence and medicinal uses of PLANTS and PLANT EXTRACTS and their constituents, both historically and in modern times.
Stipends or grants-in-aid granted by foundations or institutions to individuals for study.
The capability to perform the duties of one's profession generally, or to perform a particular professional task, with skill of an acceptable quality.
The concept concerned with all aspects of providing and distributing health services to a patient population.
Services providing pharmaceutic and therapeutic drug information and consultation.
Educational programs designed to inform physicians of recent advances in their field.
The occupational discipline of the traditional Chinese methods of ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY for treating disease by inserting needles along specific pathways or meridians.
A branch of genetics which deals with the genetic variability in individual responses to drugs and drug metabolism (BIOTRANSFORMATION).
The prediction or projection of the nature of future problems or existing conditions based upon the extrapolation or interpretation of existing scientific data or by the application of scientific methodology.
Restoration of human functions to the maximum degree possible in a person or persons suffering from disease or injury.
The application of discoveries generated by laboratory research and preclinical studies to the development of clinical trials and studies in humans. A second area of translational research concerns enhancing the adoption of best practices.
The practice of medicine concerned with conditions affecting the health of individuals associated with the marine environment.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
The process of formulating, improving, and expanding educational, managerial, or service-oriented work plans (excluding computer program development).
A system of traditional medicine which is based on the beliefs and practices of the Tibetan culture.
In Chinese philosophy and religion, two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin) and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang), from whose interaction all things are produced and all things are dissolved. As a concept the two polar elements referred originally to the shady and sunny sides of a valley or a hill but it developed into the relationship of any contrasting pair: those specified above (female-male, etc.) as well as cold-hot, wet-dry, weak-strong, etc. It is not a distinct system of thought by itself but permeates Chinese life and thought. A balance of yin and yang is essential to health. A deficiency of either principle can manifest as disease. (Encyclopedia Americana)
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
Physicians who serve in a medical and administrative capacity as head of an organized medical staff and who also may serve as liaison for the medical staff with the administration and governing board.
Drugs manufactured and sold with the intent to misrepresent its origin, authenticity, chemical composition, and or efficacy. Counterfeit drugs may contain inappropriate quantities of ingredients not listed on the label or package. In order to further deceive the consumer, the packaging, container, or labeling, may be inaccurate, incorrect, or fake.
The period of history before 500 of the common era.
Care which provides integrated, accessible health care services by clinicians who are accountable for addressing a large majority of personal health care needs, developing a sustained partnership with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community. (JAMA 1995;273(3):192)
A system of medical care regulated, controlled and financed by the government, in which the government assumes responsibility for the health needs of the population.
Drugs whose drug name is not protected by a trademark. They may be manufactured by several companies.
The reciprocal interaction of two or more professional individuals.
The use of one's knowledge in a particular profession. It includes, in the case of the field of biomedicine, professional activities related to health care and the actual performance of the duties related to the provision of health care.
Professional medical personnel approved to provide care to patients in a hospital.
A historical and cultural entity dispersed across the wide geographical area of Europe, as opposed to the East, Asia, and Africa. The term was used by scholars through the late medieval period. Thereafter, with the impact of colonialism and the transmission of cultures, Western World was sometimes expanded to include the Americas. (Dr. James H. Cassedy, NLM History of Medicine Division)
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Multidisciplinary field focusing on prevention of infectious diseases and patient safety during international TRAVEL. Key element of patient's pre-travel visit to the physician is a health risk assessment.
The granting of a license to practice medicine.
Branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and control of disease and disability, and the promotion of physical and mental health of the population on the international, national, state, or municipal level.
Disorders that result from the intended use of PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS. Included in this heading are a broad variety of chemically-induced adverse conditions due to toxicity, DRUG INTERACTIONS, and metabolic effects of pharmaceuticals.
Certification as complying with a standard set by non-governmental organizations, applied for by institutions, programs, and facilities on a voluntary basis.
Physicians who are employed to work exclusively in hospital settings, primarily for managed care organizations. They are the attending or primary responsible physician for the patient during hospitalization.
The branch of pharmacology that deals directly with the effectiveness and safety of drugs in humans.
The use of statistical methods in the analysis of a body of literature to reveal the historical development of subject fields and patterns of authorship, publication, and use. Formerly called statistical bibliography. (from The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Exclusive legal rights or privileges applied to inventions, plants, etc.
The relation between the mind and the body in a religious, social, spiritual, behavioral, and metaphysical context. This concept is significant in the field of alternative medicine. It differs from the relationship between physiologic processes and behavior where the emphasis is on the body's physiology ( = PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY).
Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.
A love or pursuit of wisdom. A search for the underlying causes and principles of reality. (Webster, 3d ed)
New abnormal growth of tissue. Malignant neoplasms show a greater degree of anaplasia and have the properties of invasion and metastasis, compared to benign neoplasms.
Major administrative divisions of the hospital.
Historically, the treatment of disease by the administration of animal organs or their extracts (after Brown-Sequard). At present synthetic preparations substitute for the extracts of a gland. (From Stedman, 26th ed)
Conferences, conventions or formal meetings usually attended by delegates representing a special field of interest.
Process that is gone through in order for a drug to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required pre-clinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance of the drug.
Educational programs designed to ensure that students attain prespecified levels of competence in a given field or training activity. Emphasis is on achievement or specified objectives.
The study of natural phenomena by observation, measurement, and experimentation.
The upward or downward mobility in an occupation or the change from one occupation to another.
Directions written for the obtaining and use of DRUGS.
The specialty related to the performance of techniques in clinical pathology such as those in hematology, microbiology, and other general clinical laboratory applications.
Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.
The exchange or transmission of ideas, attitudes, or beliefs between individuals or groups.
Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
Musculoskeletal manipulation based on the principles of OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE developed in 1874 by Dr Andrew Taylor Still.
Organizations which certify physicians and dentists as specialists in various fields of medical and dental practice.
A system for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality in a product or process by careful planning, use of proper equipment, continued inspection, and corrective action as required. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time, the cumulated sum of information, its volume and nature, in any civilization, period, or country.
The exchange of students or professional personnel between countries done under the auspices of an organization for the purpose of further education.
The process of making a selective intellectual judgment when presented with several complex alternatives consisting of several variables, and usually defining a course of action or an idea.
The terms, expressions, designations, or symbols used in a particular science, discipline, or specialized subject area.
A medical-surgical specialty concerned with management and care of women during pregnancy, parturition, and the puerperium.
A modified Greco-Arabic medical system flourishing today as unani medicine. It was the product of Arab physicians and scholars captivated by Greek philosophy, science, and medicine. It is practiced today in India and Pakistan, largely as a type of herbal medicine. (From Magner, A History of Medicine, 1992, p136)
The aggregate of various economic, political, and social policies by which an imperial power maintains or extends its control over other areas or peoples. It includes the practice of or belief in acquiring and retaining colonies. The emphasis is less on its identity as an ideological political system than on its designation in a period of history. (Webster, 3d ed; from Dr. J. Cassedy, NLM History of Medicine Division)
Those persons legally qualified by education and training to engage in the practice of pharmacy.
Senior professionals who provide guidance, direction and support to those persons desirous of improvement in academic positions, administrative positions or other career development situations.
The premier bibliographic database of the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE. MEDLINE® (MEDLARS Online) is the primary subset of PUBMED and can be searched on NLM's Web site in PubMed or the NLM Gateway. MEDLINE references are indexed with MEDICAL SUBJECT HEADINGS (MeSH).
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Economic aspects of the field of medicine, the medical profession, and health care. It includes the economic and financial impact of disease in general on the patient, the physician, society, or government.
A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.
A systematic statement of policy rules or principles. Guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by convening expert panels. The text may be cursive or in outline form but is generally a comprehensive guide to problems and approaches in any field of activity. For guidelines in the field of health care and clinical medicine, PRACTICE GUIDELINES AS TOPIC is available.
The interaction of two or more persons or organizations directed toward a common goal which is mutually beneficial. An act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit, i.e., joint action. (From Random House Dictionary Unabridged, 2d ed)
The degree to which individuals are inhibited or facilitated in their ability to gain entry to and to receive care and services from the health care system. Factors influencing this ability include geographic, architectural, transportational, and financial considerations, among others.
Public attitudes toward health, disease, and the medical care system.
Information systems, usually computer-assisted, designed to store, manipulate, and retrieve information for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling administrative activities associated with the provision and utilization of radiology services and facilities.
Organizations representing specialized fields which are accepted as authoritative; may be non-governmental, university or an independent research organization, e.g., National Academy of Sciences, Brookings Institution, etc.
A province of Canada lying between the provinces of Manitoba and Quebec. Its capital is Toronto. It takes its name from Lake Ontario which is said to represent the Iroquois oniatariio, beautiful lake. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p892 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p391)
Hospitals engaged in educational and research programs, as well as providing medical care to the patients.
Financial support of research activities.
Licensed physicians trained in OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE. An osteopathic physician, also known as D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy), is able to perform surgery and prescribe medications.
The determination of the nature of a disease or condition, or the distinguishing of one disease or condition from another. Assessment may be made through physical examination, laboratory tests, or the likes. Computerized programs may be used to enhance the decision-making process.
Geographic area in which a professional person practices; includes primarily physicians and dentists.
The collective designation of three organizations with common membership: the European Economic Community (Common Market), the European Coal and Steel Community, and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). It was known as the European Community until 1994. It is primarily an economic union with the principal objectives of free movement of goods, capital, and labor. Professional services, social, medical and paramedical, are subsumed under labor. The constituent countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. (The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1997, p842)
The use of mind to cure disease, particularly physical illness.

Problems with implementing guidelines: a randomised controlled trial of consensus management of dyspepsia. (1/1122)

OBJECTIVE: To determine the feasibility and benefit of developing guidelines for managing dyspepsia by consensus between general practitioners (GPs) and specialists and to evaluate their introduction on GPs' prescribing, use of investigations, and referrals. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial of effect of consensus guidelines agreed between GPs and specialists on GPs' behaviour. SETTING: Southampton and South West Hampshire Health District, United Kingdom. SUBJECTS: 179 GPs working in 45 practices in Southampton district out of 254 eligible GPs, 107 in the control group and 78 in the study group. MAIN MEASURES: Rates of referral and investigation and costs of prescribing for dyspepsia in the six months before and after introduction of the guidelines. RESULTS: Consensus guidelines were produced relatively easily. After their introduction referral rates for upper gastrointestinal symptoms fell significantly in both study and control groups, but no significant change occurred in either group in the use of endoscopy or radiology, either in terms of referral rates, patient selection, or findings on investigation. No difference was observed between the control and study group in the number of items prescribed, but prescribing costs rose by 25% (from 2634 pounds to 3215 pounds per GP) in the study group, almost entirely due to an increased rate of prescription of ulcer-healing agents. CONCLUSION: Developing district guidelines for managing dyspepsia by consensus between GPs and specialists was feasible. However, their acceptance and adoption was variable and their measured effects on some aspects of clinical behaviour were relatively weak and not necessarily associated with either decreased costs or improved quality of care.  (+info)

Registrars' and senior registrars' perceptions of their audit activities. (2/1122)

OBJECTIVES: To ascertain the level and quality of audit activity among junior doctors, their attitudes to audit, and their views on its educational value. DESIGN: Postal questionnaire survey in April 1991. SETTING: Yorkshire region. SUBJECTS: All 610 registrars and senior registrars recorded as employed in the region. MAIN MEASURES: Grade, current specialty, details of last audit participated in and its educational usefulness, and attitude to audit. RESULTS: 255 (41.8%) completed questionnaires were returned, 148 from registrars and 101 from senior registrars; grade was not indicated in six. 27 respondents were in general medicine, 26 in general surgery, 30 in anaesthetics, and 36 in psychiatry; other specialties had fewer than 20 respondents. About a fifth (54) of respondents, most in psychiatry (19/36, 53%), had not participated in audit. Among the 201 who had participated, the audit topics covered most components of care (access to services (47, 23%), communication (51, 25%), and appropriateness (158, 79%) and effectiveness (157, 78%) of treatment); only 84 (41%) audits set standards, and in only half of them had the doctors been involved in doing so. Doctors responsible for gathering data and those responsible for collating and reporting data found their experience significantly less useful than those who were not. 172 (86%) respondents considered that audit had helped patient care. Suggested improvements to the educational value of audit were mostly for better methods but included requests for less "witch hunting," better feedback, more training, more time, and more participation by consultants. CONCLUSIONS: The educational value of audit to junior doctors could be improved by better audit methods, guidance, and feedback.  (+info)

Diabetes care: who are the experts? (3/1122)

OBJECTIVES: To identify issues that patients and professionals consider important in diabetes care and differences in their priorities for care and to determine patients' and professionals' judgements of the relative importance of their chosen priorities. DESIGN: Structured group interviews using the nominal group technique. SETTING: Five district health authorities on Tyneside. SUBJECTS: Five nominal groups: expert (seven), non-expert (seven) health care professionals; insulin dependent (four), non-insulin dependent patients (eight); and carers of diabetic patients (eight). MAIN MEASURES: Items important in diabetes care to each nominal group (themes of care), ranked into a series of "top 10" items for each group, and allocated a score according to relative importance to individual members; scores were standardised by individual weighting and group weighting for comparison within and between groups. RESULTS: Patients and professionals agreed that information given to patients, interaction between professionals and patients, patient autonomy, and access were important for good diabetes care, but the importance assigned to each differed. Thus the professionals emphasised empathy and aspects of good communication and patients the desire to know enough to live a "normal" life. Differences were also found within the patient groups; these related to changes in patients' needs at specific points in the development of their illness and in their orientations to care. CONCLUSION: Patients differ from professionals in their orientation to diabetes care, and they can, and should, be involved in setting priorities for care. Since these priorities are dynamic further work is needed to explore the nature of patient satisfaction with diabetes care.  (+info)

Patterns of anti-inflammatory therapy in the post-guidelines era: a retrospective claims analysis of managed care members. (4/1122)

Published and widely disseminated guidelines for the care and management of asthma characterize asthma as a chronic, inflammatory disease and propose specific recommendations for therapy with inhaled anti-inflammatory medications. In a retrospective analysis of medical and pharmacy claims data of approximately 28,000 asthmatic members from five managed care settings, the dominant pattern of pharmacologic therapy that emerged was the use of bronchodilators without inhaled anti-inflammatory drug therapy. In addition, a significant proportion of asthmatic patients received no prescription drug therapy for asthma. Less than one third of asthmatic patients received any anti-inflammatory therapy and the majority of these received one or two prescriptions per year. Specialist physicians were two to three times more likely than non-specialists during a study period of 1 year to prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication, and were half as likely to have their asthmatic patients experience an emergency department or hospital event. This database analysis suggests that greater conformity with guidelines and/or access to specialist physician care for asthmatic members will lead to improved patient outcomes.  (+info)

Referrals by general internists and internal medicine trainees in an academic medicine practice. (5/1122)

Patient referral from generalists to specialists is a critical clinic care process that has received relatively little scrutiny, especially in academic settings. This study describes the frequency with which patients enrolled in a prepaid health plan were referred to specialists by general internal medicine faculty members, general internal medicine track residents, and other internal medicine residents; the types of clinicians they were referred to; and the types of diagnoses with which they presented to their primary care physicians. Requested referrals for all 2,113 enrolled prepaid health plan patients during a 1-year period (1992-1993) were identified by computer search of the practice's administrative database. The plan was a full-risk contract without carve-out benefits. We assessed the referral request rate for the practice and the mean referral rate per physician. We also determined the percentage of patients with diagnoses based on the International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision, who were referred to specialists. The practice's referral request rate per 100 patient office visits for all referral types was 19.8. Primary care track residents referred at a higher rate than did nonprimary care track residents (mean 23.7 vs. 12.1; P < .001). The highest referral rate (2.0/100 visits) was to dermatology. Almost as many (1.7/100 visits) referrals were to other "expert" generalists within the practice. The condition most frequently associated with referral to a specialist was depression (42%). Most referrals were associated with common ambulatory care diagnoses that are often considered to be within the scope of generalist practice. To improve medical education about referrals, a better understanding of when and why faculty and trainees refer and don't refer is needed, so that better models for appropriate referral can be developed.  (+info)

Subspecialist referrals in an academic, pediatric setting: rationale, rates, and compliance. (6/1122)

Appropriate referrals reduce healthcare costs and enhance patient satisfaction. We evaluated the subspecialty referral pattern of a managed care general pediatric office over a 4-month period. Three-hundred-forty-six referrals (267 meeting inclusion criteria) to 24 subspecialties were generated during 4,219 office visits, with five subspecialties receiving 59% of the referrals. The main objective of each referral was management (100), diagnostic assistance (75), special procedure (63), or a combination (29). Patients kept less than half of the referral appointments, with the highest (80%) and lowest (28%) compliance rates observed in cardiology and ophthalmology, respectively. Appointments made within four weeks of the referral were more likely to be kept than those with greater lag time (P = 0.001). The subspecialists prepared written, post-consultation responses to the referring physician in 73% of cases. Presumptive and post-consultation diagnoses were congruent in 78% of those cases in which both diagnoses were noted. Overall, the managed care format enabled our practice to track referral outcomes. The subspecialists' written responses also allowed for an educational exchange between physicians. Compliance with referral appointments is a substantial problem that needs to be addressed.  (+info)

Attitudes and behavioral intentions regarding managed care: a comparison of academic and community physicians. (7/1122)

Physicians' attitudes toward managed care and the impact of these attitudes on behaviors that affect patient care are important factors in managed care reform. In addition, the attitudes of academic physicians may influence their willingness to reform medical education in an effort to prepare students to practice under managed care. Although it is a conventional opinion that the academic health center and its academic physicians are antagonistic toward managed care, there has not been a direct comparison of the attitudes of these physicians to those of practicing community physicians. We used a self-administered questionnaire to assess attitudes toward managed care and behavioral intentions regarding practices related to managed care; a sample of academic physicians (n = 129) was compared with a sample of community physicians (n = 307). Community physicians were less negative in their evaluations of the quality of care in a managed care environment, but no differences were identified between the two groups with regard to the cost-effectiveness, inevitability, or need to adapt to managed care. Academic specialists were more likely than academic primary care physicians to rate managed care as something to which they needed to adapt. Community physicians were less likely to report a willingness to change their referral patterns. Aggregating across practice type, we also uncovered systematic differences between primary care and specialist physicians. The data suggest that opinions about quality and cost-containment in managed care are significant correlates of intentions to change practice behaviors.  (+info)

The economic functions of carve outs in managed care. (8/1122)

This paper considers the economic functions of contracting separately for a portion of the insurance risk, offering both the payer's (i.e., employer's) and the health plan's perspective. Four major forms of carve outs are discussed: (1) payer specialty carve outs from all health plans; (2) payer specialty carve outs from only indemnity and preferred provider organization arrangements; (3) individual health plan carve outs to specialty vendors; and (4) group practice carve outs to specialty organizations. The paper examines whether carving out care fosters the payer's goal of delivering reasonable healthcare efficiently, how adverse selection affects the provision of healthcare, and the costs of providing this specialized care.  (+info)

Despite the obvious comic element in the above quotation, Mr. Williams brings to light the growing influence of clinical specialty recognition (CSR) among health care providers and the patients they serve. Special Interest Group (SIG) 3, formerly Special Interest Division 3, has had many lively debates in the past on whether our profession should pursue formal recognition of voice as a clinical specialty. The topic has recurred regularly over the years, with similar impassioned and informed positions being expressed on either side of the debate. This article will provide a general overview of how this issue has been addressed by our SIG in the past and a starting point for future discussions. Because this article has been written from an historical perspective and before our name change to SIG3, the use of the word Division will be retained in the ensuing descriptions ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Breast cancer screening. T2 - Effect of physician specialty, practice setting, year of medical school graduation, and sex. AU - Turner, B. J.. AU - Amsel, Z.. AU - Lustbader, E.. AU - Schwartz, J. S.. AU - Balshem, A.. AU - Grisso, J. A.. PY - 1992. Y1 - 1992. N2 - We surveyed physicians of different specialties in a large metropolitan area to determine how their characteristics affected their performance and beliefs about breast cancer screening. Of 664 general internists, obstetrician-gynecologists, and cardiologists surveyed, we received 298 responses (45%). We found significant differences in reported performance of breast cancer screening and physicians beliefs about mammography screening among practising obstetrician-gynecologists, internists, and cardiopulmonary specialists. Cardiopulmonary specialists performed the fewest breast examinations and screening mammograms and were most likely to believe annual mammography screening unnecessary even for women in their 50s. We ...
The UC Irvine Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery is made of fellowship- trained physicians who are able to treat all ear, nose and throat conditions. Our busy practice boasts five physicians selected to the Best Doctors of America. Physicians can be seen for the following conditions.. ...
Single Best Answer (SBA) examinations are an increasingly popular means of testing medical students and those undertaking postgraduate qualifications in a number of subject areas. Written by a final-year medical student, junior doctors, and experienced c
Medical Speciality courses in Vadodara. Medical Speciality in Vadodara, Find the right Medical Speciality in Vadodara course in the right location on Emagisters fast and effective search engine. Extensive range of course types available, from short courses to postgraduate. Medical Speciality.
A. Gines, S. D. Cassivi, J. A. Martenson, C. Schleck, C. Deschamps, F. A. Sinicrope, S. R. Alberts, J. A. Murray, Alan R. Zinsmeister, Enrique Vazquez-Sequeiros, F. C. Nichols, R. C. Miller, J. F. Quevedo, M. S. Allen, J. A. Alexander, T. Zais, M. G. Haddock, Yvonne Romero ...
Medical Specialties are for sites that pertain to information, practitioners, clinics and resources on the listed medical speciality. In turn, each sub-category of the Medical Speciality is broken down into areas related to that sub-category such as: Clinics and Hospitals, Journals, and Professional Organizations.
Anti-Aging Medicine is a clinical specialty that extends the concept of preventative health care to embrace the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of aging-related diseases, coupled with the aggressive yet gentle disease treatment. Anti-Aging Medicine is the fastest growing medical subspecialty in the world. In 1993 a dozen physicians created the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and today there are over 20,000 members in 90 countries. Whereas, traditional medicine focuses on treating the effects of the aging process and treats external symptoms which have internal causes, Anti-aging medicine focuses on treating or preventing the causes of aging and works to change the process of aging itself. Anti-Aging medicine is scientific, evidence based medicine that is well documented by peer-reviewed journals. One of the first steps in Anti-Aging medicine is correcting unhealthy lifestyles that leads to many of the degenerative conditions associated with aging. Diet, exercise and ...
Pathology is a study of disease: its etiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology, and its morphologic expression at organ, tissue, cellular and ultrastructural levels. The spectrum of research interests of our faculty includes basic molecular mechanisms of cell function and vertebrate development, as well as translational studies on disease mechanism, diagnosis and treatment. Pathology is a medical specialty that provides the scientific foundation for all medical practice. The pathologist works with each of the clinical specialties, using the tools of laboratory medicine to provide information essential to problem solving in clinical practice. As such, the pathologist is the doctors doctor. Pathology is the only discipline that can be classified as both a basic and clinical science. As such, it will provide medical students an indispensable bridge between the basic science and the clinical relevance and application of this information. Pathology provides a rich environment for graduate ...
The following is a partial listing of Asian faculty in the various clinical specialties and research within the UCSF Medical Center. For a complete listing of all faculty members, please see Find Doctor by Specialty. (This list does not include the vast numbers of Asian volunteer clinical faculty who work at other healthcare organizations ...
[124 Pages Report] Check for Discount on United States Medical Specialty Bags Market Report 2016 report by QYResearch Group. Notes: Sales, means the sales volume of Medical Specialty Bags...
The GW Medical Faculty Associates is the largest independent physician group in the DC area with more than 750 providers and 51 clinical specialties.
Demonstrate an awareness of and responsiveness to the larger context and system of health care, as well as the ability to call effectively on other resources in the system to provide optimal health care. 6.1 Work effectively in various health care delivery settings and systems relevant to ones clinical specialty ...
The GW Medical Faculty Associates is the largest independent physician group in the DC area with more than 750 providers and 51 clinical specialties.
Great Ormond Street Hospital has a dedicated and tireless workforce looking after the care requirements of our patients. If you would like to locate a member of staff or find out information about their clinical specialty please use our search below.. ...
Great Ormond Street Hospital has a dedicated and tireless workforce looking after the care requirements of our patients. If you would like to locate a member of staff or find out information about their clinical specialty please use our search below.. ...
Education. Master in Pharmacy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Clinical Specialty. Expert in developing Injectable products, which includes, pre-formulation, formulation, compounding and process development (parenteral and ophthalmic). Expert also in developing all topical, nasal, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms.. Professional Service. ...
Canon Medical Systems Europe is a leading supplier of high-quality medical imaging equipment for a wide range of clinical specialties. Serving the European market we provide industry-leading service, support and clinical education.
Canon Medical Systems Europe is a leading supplier of high-quality medical imaging equipment for a wide range of clinical specialties. Serving the European market we provide industry-leading service, support and clinical education.
Canon Medical Systems Europe is a leading supplier of high-quality medical imaging equipment for a wide range of clinical specialties. Serving the European market we provide industry-leading service, support and clinical education.
Access Siemens clinical specialties & diseases portal to learn more about Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - access additional resources
Easy to learn and use, the Quantum EMR (formally VIPER) software is highly responsive with single-tier navigation offering peace of mind that the process of EMR generation will not impact patient care or patient safety. It is ideally suited as a solution for clinical specialty areas not supported by larger enterprise systems or where flexible workflow / device integration is a key requirement for clinical use.. ...
With our local teams of professionals, even highly complex therapies can be provided safely and at a relatively low cost. Clinical Specialties offers a cost-effective alternative to hospitalizations. These therapies and services are provided in such a manner that allows patients to return to a more familiar lifestyle, with some even returning to work. More importantly, patients can be with their loved ones and in the comfort of their own homes when it is needed most ...
Context: Because of the extent of the HIV pandemic, but also due to some specific historical conditions, HIV medicine has evolved as a field of its own in South African medicine. With the massive scale of the roll-out of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) in South Africa, the need to devolve ARV roll-out into primary health care (PHC) services is currently being discussed. Family medicine was recognised in South Africa as a specialist qualification in August 2007 and is still undergoing an exciting process of defining its content and future role in the community of medical specialities. The South African approach to family medicine focuses strongly on the role of the family physician in the PHC setting at district hospitals and in PHC facilities within the South African district health framework. Objectives: The objectives of this article are to discuss the relation between family medicine and the field of HIV medicine. Key message: Family medicine in the South African context is the clinical discipline most
Section 1: Background. 1 Pathophysiology and epidemiologic burden of chronic cardiac disease.. 2Key therapeutic targets in chronic cardiac care.. Section 2: Effective Models of Chronic Cardiac Care.. 3 Slowing the progression of cardiovascular disease: innovative approaches to cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention.. 4 Chronic CHF management programs: an exemplar for chronic cardiac care.. Section 3: Managing Care: From the Organization to the Individual.. 5 Organizational aspects of chronic cardiac care.. 6 Individual aspects of chronic cardiac care.. Section 4: Optimizing Chronic Cardiac Care.. 7 Establishing a nurse-led program of chronic cardiac care.. Index. ...
Prenatal and Postnatal Care: A Woman-Centered Approach is a comprehensive resource for the care of the pregnant woman before and after birth. Ideal as a graduate text for newly-qualified adult nurses, family and womens health practitioners, and midwives, the book can also be used as an in-depth reference for antenatal and postpartum care for those already in practice.. Beginning by outlining the physiological foundations of prenatal and postnatal care, and then presenting these at an advanced practice level, the book moves on to discuss preconception and prenatal care, the management of common health problems during pregnancy, and postnatal care. Each chapter includes quick-reference definitions of relevant terminology and statistics on current trends in prenatal and postnatal care, together with cultural considerations to offer comprehensive management of individual patient needs.. Written by experts in the field, Prenatal and Postnatal Care: AWoman-Centered Approach, deftly combines the ...
Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Service at the Veterinary Medical Center at Ohio State provides care for dogs and cats with many types of emergent or serious conditions. Our Intensive Care Unit provides 24/7 support for those patients needing close monitoring and extensive care. The ICU is fully staffed with dedicated registered technicians, some of which are certified in emergency and critical care, as well as state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, such as remote heart monitoring, direct blood pressure monitoring, and full blood work capability.. ...
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In this retrospective cohort study of patients with newly diagnosed psoriatic arthritis, the authors examine the association of treatment selection and costs with physician specialty.
If its good to feel wanted, then advanced visualization technology developers must feel like pop stars with the top positions on the song charts. Seemingly every clinician from every medical specialty that uses diagnostic images wants to have the capability to display and perform image reconstruction. A group of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston looked at the deployment of thin-client advanced visualization technology in the healthcare enterprise and found that it provides for greater collaboration among other clinical specialties and radiology. Their work, presented at this weeks 2009 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Chicago, also holds that there is still a place for workstation-based, thick-client systems in diagnostic imaging workflow.
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Psychiatry is a medical specialty practiced by physicians with an M.D. or D.O. degree. Psychiatrists treat patients with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders. Psychiatrists may use therapy, medication, hospitalization, or a combination of these treatment options in the care of their patients. Psychology is not a medical specialty and should not be confused with psychiatry.
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Atherosclerosis continues to be the most significant pathology giving rise to cardiovascular disease worldwide. Vascular biology forms the basic armamentarium to address the underlying mechanisms. The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology discusses these new developments and recent breakthroughs in the field, while also covering the major changes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of atherosclerosis that have occurred in recent years. This book offers a compendium of topics written by the best scientists in Europe. The dissemination of the authors vast knowledge and expertise in a single volume makes The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology a useful companion for undergraduates in medicine and biology, but also for young scientists and early career staff. It also provides a comprehensive reference work for cardiologists and other clinical specialties dealing with vascular diseases and vascular imaging. The importance of vascular biology is crucial for the understanding of both physiological and
The GEMS is implementing a research strategy organised around the themes of metabolic mediators of chronic disorder, lifestage-specific conditions including aspects of ageing, and the provision of prophylactic guidance & therapeutic care in the community and acute facilities. The University has adopted a positive stance for the immediate provision of the essential research infrastructure required to implement the research strategy, including the development of core sophisticated medical research facilities both on the University campus and at the Universitys lead teaching hospital, the recruitment of experienced professorial leaders across the clinical specialities who are actively engaged in relevant top-tier health-oriented research.. ...
Todays radiology reports of chest images for routine care are still largely expert based, mostly unstandardised and generally do not contain quantitative outcome data. In other clinical specialities like cardiology, quantitative post-processing methods to acquire objective measures of coronary artery stenosis and of pulmonary artery and aorta dimensions are available and well-implemented [28, 29].. For bronchiectasis patients, there are currently three multidimensional scores that include radiological assessment: the Bronchiectasis Severity Index (BSI) [30]; the FACED (forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1), age, chronic colonisation, extension and dyspnoea) score [31]; and the E-FACED (FACED plus exacerbations) score [32]. In the BSI, 1 point is assigned where the number of affected lobes is three or higher, or where cystic bronchiectasis is present (maximum BSI score: 26). Other parameters are age, body mass index, FEV1 % predicted, hospital admissions, exacerbations, dyspnoea score, ...
This page is under construction). Clinical Research Repository. Clinical Specialties. Current Awareness. Conditions. Evidence Search Repository. Impact of Library Services. Quality Improvement (QI). Staff Groups. ...
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If a student has not been through the Tier process, referrals must be accompanied by a description and documentation of at least two research based interventions. These interventions should be developed by classroom and student services staff in the area(s) that the student is experiencing difficulty. Documentation may include narrative reports or graphs of student progress. School Psychologists can assist with this process. An intervention documentation form is included under the Admissions tab. Please complete this form and include it in the application packet.. All students who may be suspected of an educational disability must complete the referral process, as well as eligibility determination and IEP development, If appropriate, prior to a River Oaks referral. Once a referral packet is submitted, River Oaks will schedule an intake session with the base school to discuss and review the referral and identify goals and objectives upon acceptance. If accepted, students are scheduled for an ...
Cigna Behavioral Health has identified clinical specialties that require specific attestation of competency by practitioners or verification of licensure by Cigna Behavioral Health, in order to list the specialty as an area of clinical practice. Cigna Behavioral Health staff will utilize a variety of means to ensure that the specialties listed in a practitioners record are accurate, to promote quality customer care. The verification process will be completed during initial credentialing, when the practitioner requests to add a specialty to their profile, and during the recredentialing process. There are currently three different groups of specialties: self-reported specialties, attested specialties and verified specialties. Definition of Self-Reported Specialties: Specialties that can be listed as an area of practice based upon a practitioners selection. Self-reported specialties include general areas of behavioral health treatment for which practitioners have received training as a licensed ...
Center for Healthy Sex offers information on the sex therapy referral process. Other professionals can gain knowledge on how to refer patients to us.
Point-of-care ultrasound (PoCUS) is a diagnostic or procedural guidance ultrasound that is performed by a clinician during a patient encounter to help guide the evaluation and management of the patient. PoCUS is not meant to replace comprehensive ultrasound imaging, which is a consultative test that focuses on traditional ultrasound methods for fully evaluating anatomy and physiology. Rather, it is a complementary diagnostic tool that can help make the clinician more efficient, more independent, and more confident in their medical decision making.. Nationally, there is an increasing penetration of PoCUS into various clinical specialties that have not traditionally used clinician performed ultrasound at the bedside. Family medicine residencies (amongst many other specialties) and medical schools use PoCUS to teach future physicians anatomy and pathology. In fact, the philosophy of medical schools instruction of anatomy is transitioning from traditional dissection of cadavers to understanding ...
Clinical Trials - clinicaltrials.gov An electronic referral application will be developed and integrated into the existing outpatient information system. The pr...
The oncology nursing specialty seeks to reduce the risks, incidence, and burden of cancer by encouraging healthy lifestyles, promoting early detection, improving the management of cancer symptoms and side effects throughout the disease trajectory, and leading the coordination of complex care needs.. Oncology nurses are leaders in ensuring access to and providing quality cancer care. Oncology nurses advocate for people at risk for or with a diagnosis of cancer, deliver education throughout treatment decision making and planning with attention to individual health literacy levels, coordinate care delivery across the cancer continuum, ensure safe delivery of cancer treatments, assess for complications of therapy, help manage symptoms, optimize quality of life, support patients with cancer and their caregivers, advocate for the unique needs of patients with cancer, and collaborate with an interprofessional team to improve outcomes and reduce the impact of cancer on patients, families, communities, ...
The proposed framework suggests introduction of a 2 year Master of Medicine (M. Med) program as the first level of specialists with focus on skill development and providing care to community. This may be considered equivalent to Masters/ M Phil programs or existing Diplomas in various clinical specialties. These post-graduate students will be trained mainly to enhance clinical skills rather than get engaged in basic research. The curriculum would be competency based and skill based. The proposed reforms in undergraduate medical education with early clinical exposure and an internship program freed of the stress of simultaneously preparing for PG entrance examinations would ensure that at the entry level the Indian Medical Graduate would be adequately prepared to enjoy and go-through this two year PG training. The quality of the output would therefore be far better than the current outgoing diploma graduates. These PGs would also be able to function as undergraduate teachers at the entry level. ...
Objectives To conduct an independent evaluation of the first phase of the Health Foundations Safer Patients Initiative (SPI), and to identify the net additional effect of SPI and any differences in changes in participating and non-participating NHS hospitals.. Design Mixed method evaluation involving five substudies, before and after design.. Setting NHS hospitals in the United Kingdom.. Participants Four hospitals (one in each country in the UK) participating in the first phase of the SPI (SPI1); 18 control hospitals.. Intervention The SPI1 was a compound (multi-component) organisational intervention delivered over 18 months that focused on improving the reliability of specific frontline care processes in designated clinical specialties and promoting organisational and cultural change.. Results Senior staff members were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about SPI1. There was a small (0.08 points on a 5 point scale) but significant (P,0.01) effect in favour of the SPI1 hospitals in one of 11 ...
The definition of primary care has evolved significantly in the United States over the past 30 years, shifting from a model based on clearly stratified clinical specialties and disciplines to a somewhat more loosely defined provider landscape centered on principles of leadership and teamwork.1,2,3 This trend particularly in the United States can be ascribed to a number of factors: concerns about access to care especially among underserved populations, growing uncertainty about insurance coverage and medical society and academic efforts to evolve health professions training and education.4,5,6,7 These issues have created a platform for health care problem-solving, very often expressed through grassroots, academic, government or industry-driven efforts to provide the best possible care during an increasingly challenging situation.8 This evolution in the United States tracks the status quo in much of the rest of the world, where health care problem-solving in the face of various societal pressures ...
Background: Uppsala County in Sweden launched an e-health patient portal named Journalen in 2012, which allows patients to access their medical records over the Internet. However, the launch of Journalen was critically debated in the media. The professionals were strongly skeptical and one reason was possible negative effects on their work environment. This study hence investigates the assumptions and perspectives of physicians in order to understand their framing of the patient portal in relation to their work environment.. Objective: The study uses the concept of Technological Frames to examine how physicians in different specialties make sense of the patient portal in relation to their work environment.. Methods: 12 semi-structured interviews were conducted with physicians from different specialties. Interviews were transcribed and translated. A theoretically informed thematic analysis was performed.. Results: The thematic analysis revealed four main themes: work tool, process, workload, and ...
A nationwide study of 24 medical and surgical specialties has been conducted by the University of Southern California School of Medicine, Division of Research in Medical Education. This article is the first in a series reporting findings for general internal medicine and 10 subspecialties of internal medicine. Populations for these 11 specialties are defined and enumerated, and the specialties are compared in terms of demographic and geographic distribution. Practice comparisons are presented based on characteristics such as workload, allocation of professional time, location of encounters with patients, distribution of primary problem diagnoses, and projections of annual patient encounters. Forthcoming specialty-specific articles will present highly detailed information for general internal medicine and for the subspecialties of cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary disease, allergy, hematology, endocrinology, nephrology, medical oncology, rheumatology, and infectious diseases. ...
An increasing number of medical specialists prefer to work part-time. This development can be found worldwide. Problems to be faced in the realization of part-time work in medicine include the division of night and weekend shifts, as well as communication between physicians and continuity of care. People tend to think that physicians working part-time are less devoted to their work, implying that full-time physicians complete a greater number of tasks. The central question in this article is whether part-time medical specialists allocate their time differently to their tasks than full-time medical specialists. A questionnaire was sent by mail to all internists (N = 817), surgeons (N = 693) and radiologists (N = 621) working in general hospitals in the Netherlands. Questions were asked about the actual situation, such as hours worked and night and weekend shifts. The response was 53% (n = 411) for internists, 52% (n = 359) for surgeons, and 36% (n = 213) for radiologists. Due to non-response on specific
Relational Energy Therapy (RET) develops specific healing skills that can be readily applied to different clinical specialties. By following the RET protocols, energy therapists can leverage their existing skills that address chakra health and development, chakra cord clearing, and astral healing work, by porting the same skills over to a clinical situation.. Here is one example of a particular clinical case, of addressing cataracts in both eyes. Below is the protocol, which is taken directly from etheric and astrally-based skills used in chakra and chakra cord energy therapy work.. 1. Therapeutic pre-session dialogue: every RET session begins with the healer-therapist reviewing the clients history and goals for the session, to find access points for the application of particular energy healing skills. In the case of age-related cataracts, there are two applications of the RET skill set that can be utilized (Etheric work, and Astral or emotional body work), so in the dialogue we want to explore ...
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Family physicians provide front-line health care that is accessible, high quality, comprehensive and continuous over time for people of all ages, life stages, backgrounds and conditions. They care for individuals and for entire families, from birth through the end of life, including a broad range of preventive care; healthy lifestyle counseling; mental health care; care of acute illnesses; management of chronic diseases, including patients with multi-morbidity. When needed, they also provide referral and coordination of care with other specialists.. Specialty training required prior to board certification: Three years. ...
Building relationships with chiropractors, physicians, dentists and mental health providers will help you in determining how to get more clients.
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The ID specialist works with your personal physician to determine which diagnostic tests are appropriate. If treatment is necessary, your doctor and the ID specialist will work together to develop a treatment plan best suited to your needs. Often you will be asked to return to the ID specialist for a follow-up visit. This allows the specialist to check on your progress, confirm that the infection is gone and help prevent it from coming back. If you acquire an infection while in the hospital, the ID specialist will work with other hospital physicians to help direct your care. The specialist also might provide follow-up care after you go home. If your ID specialist is also your personal physician, he or she will coordinate your care, referring you to other specialists when necessary. ID Specialists Are Experts in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Illnesses Caused by Microorganisms. ID specialists see patients to determine whether their symptoms are due to an infection. Patients often see ID ...
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Medical Specialty Bags Market Analysis, By Product (Sterile Packaging, Anesthesia, Bile Collection, Resuscitation Bags, Blood, Intravenous, Cadaver, Feeding, Ostomy Collection, Enema, and CAPD) And Segment Forecast From 2012 To 2020
This econometric study covers the latent demand outlook for medical specialty bags across the states, union territories and cities of India. Latent demand (in millions of U.S. d - India market research analysis.
In this issue, we focus on what it might mean for the profession. Dr Mary Armitage, of the Royal College of Physicians, describes how all healthcare workers delivering specialist services in the community must work to agreed national standards of practice. The need for training programmes to achieve these specialist competencies is emphasised. Professor Mayur Lakhani, of the Royal College of General Practitioners, explores the interface between generalists and specialists and considers the relationship between consultants and general practitioners is one of the most pressing questions in the National Health Service today. He believes the reconfiguration of health services demands a sound education and training strategy and that new training models will emerge where trainees move seamlessly between what are currently defined as primary and secondary care.. ...
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Welcome to Chimex Specialist Hospital. Chimex specialist hospital is one of the largest specialty institutes located in Nnewi, a commercial and technological centre in the South East of Nigeria. Founded by an eminent obstetrician and gynaecologist, Prof. Nwosu Betrand Obi, the hospital has been established with the aim of offering the highest standard of medical care together with research. Chimex specialist hospital is managed under the principles of the worlds best practices in providing medical services to patients with quality care, commitment and compassion. It allows clients to receive comprehensive care of their medical conditions through cross consultations with different specialties ...
Medicine portal Viruses portal Norovirus cis-acting replication element Norovirus GII.4 Sydney "Norovirus (vomiting bug)". nhs. ... There is no specific medicine to treat people with norovirus illness. Norovirus infection cannot be treated with antibiotics ... Medicine. 96 (40): e8139. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000008139. PMC 5738000. PMID 28984764. Conly J, Johnston B (January 2003). " ... New England Journal of Medicine. 368 (10): 971. doi:10.1056/NEJMc1301022. PMC 4793940. PMID 23465122.CS1 maint: multiple names ...
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Oh WK, Hurwitz M, D'Amico AV, Richie JP, Kantoff PW (2003). "Biology of Prostate Cancer". Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine (6th ed ... Archived 2006-05-29 at the Wayback Machine State University of New York School of Medicine Department of Urology (31 August ... This discovery of "chemical castration" won Huggins the 1966 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The role of the ... Willett WC, Ludwig DS (February 2020). "Milk and Health". The New England Journal of Medicine. 382 (7): 644-654. doi:10.1056/ ...
The primary outcome was quoted as, "Cannabis-based medicines may increase the number of people achieving 50% or greater pain ... A 2018 Cochrane review of cannabis-based medicines for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain included 16 studies. All of ... A 2008 literature review concluded that, "based on principles of evidence-based medicine and evaluations of methodology, there ... Electrodiagnostic medicine studies will show multifocal sensory motor axonal neuropathy. It is caused by, or associated with, ...
A prospective study with long-term observation of 41 patients". Medicine. 74 (5): 238-253. doi:10.1097/00005792-199509000-00002 ...
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Histamine+N-Methyltransferase at the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) PDBe-KB provides an ... "Mouse PubMed Reference:". National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine. Brown DD, Tomchick ... Medicine. 95 (27): e4147. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000004147. PMC 5058861. PMID 27399132. Kennedy MJ, Loehle JA, Griffin AR, Doll ... histamine N-methyltransferase Biology portal This article incorporates text from the United States National Library of Medicine ...
"National engineering competition , Medicine , University of Southampton". www.southampton.ac.uk. Retrieved 2020-10-24. " ... Oreffo, Richard OC (2014-09-01). "Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells & Regeneration". Regenerative Medicine. 9 (5): 563- ...
Medicine. 97 (15): e0278. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000010278. PMC 5908595. PMID 29642148. Malagelada F, Sewell MD, Fahmy A, Gibson ...
"Complementary medicine" refers to methods and substances used along with conventional medicine, while "alternative medicine" ... refers to compounds used instead of conventional medicine. Most complementary and alternative medicines for cancer have not ... Dubey S, Powell CA (May 2008). "Update in lung cancer 2007". American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 177 (9 ... eds.). Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine (5th ed.). Hamilton, Ontario: B.C. Decker. ISBN 978-1-55009-113-7. Archived from the ...
Hospital Pediatrics Hospital General Medicine Hospital Specialized Medicine Hospital Mubarak Hospital New Surgery Hospital ... "Medicine". CU Education. "Misr El Amal Hospital". Misr El Amal Hospital. "Zohairy Hospital". Zohairy Hospital. "25 Best ... Geriatric Medicine Department and Geriatrics ICU) The International Medical Center (Cairo - Ismailia Desert Road) Palestine ... Center for Sleep Disorders and Sleep Medicine) Elixir Gastro - Hepatic Care Center, Giza (Branch-1) (Part of Alameda Medical ...
It comprises six departments: Biosciences; Chemistry; Health Sciences; Mathematics; Medicine; and Physics. As of 2015, it has ...
"Wale Sulaiman, MD, PhD, FRCS(C) , Medicine". medicine.tulane.edu. Retrieved 2019-10-04. "Olawale Sulaiman: US-based Nigerian ... Wale Sulaiman Named Medical Director of International Medicine for the African Region". ANPA. 2018-02-18. Retrieved 2019-10-04 ... International Medicine, African Region, Ochsner Health system. He is a Professor of neurosurgery and spinal surgery at Tulane ...
O'Callaghan C, Axford JS (2004). Medicine (2nd ed.). Oxford: Blackwell Science. ISBN 978-0-632-05162-5. Flynn, John A.; Choi, ... "Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis". Principles and practice of hospital medicine. McKean, Sylvia C.,, Ross, John J. (John ... Academic Emergency Medicine. 18 (8): 781-96. doi:10.1111/j.1553-2712.2011.01121.x. PMC 3229263. PMID 21843213. Zhao, J; Zhang, ... Medicine. 95 (8): e2885. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000002885. PMID 26937926. Kim, J; Lee, MU; Kim, TH (April 2019). "Nationwide ...
Medicine. 87 (2): 53-60. doi:10.1097/MD.0b013e318168da1d. PMID 18344803. S2CID 2632346. Muffly T, McCormick TC, Cook C, Wall J ...
". "Medicine". "MD/MS Courses - Medicine Courses - Bangalore". "Vydehi Group Of Institute - International Student". "Dentistry ...
Medicine. 96 (33): e7792. doi:10.1097/md.0000000000007792. PMC 5571702. PMID 28816965. Deng ZH, Xu CD, Chen SN (February 2008 ...
"Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine Home". Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine. 2015. Retrieved 4 September 2015 ... Vulimiri Ramalingaswami Genetically modified mouse N. H. Wadia Molecular medicine India portal Medicine portal "INSA Indian ... Madhav Deo was born on 6 April 1932 and graduated in medicine from Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior under Agra University in ... He was among the twelve medical researchers who assisted Noshir Hormusjee Wadia in founding the Moving Academy of Medicine and ...
While alternative medicines are frequently used, there is no evidence to support their use. Cerebral palsy is the most common ... Newman C.J.; O'Regan M.; Hensey O. (2006). "Sleep disorders in children with cerebral palsy". Developmental Medicine & Child ... Strauss D, Brooks J, Rosenbloom R, Shavelle R (2008). "Life Expectancy in cerebral palsy: an update". Developmental Medicine & ... Zaffuto-Sforza, Celeste D. (February 2005). "Aging with cerebral palsy". Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North ...
Medicine. 96 (50): e9268. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000009268. PMC 5815788. PMID 29390376. Gibbon, Tony. "Partial Knee Replacement ...
In some cases, combinations of these medicines are prescribed. Occasionally, if the disease has damaged blood vessels in the ... Medicine. 59 (6): 426-41. doi:10.1097/00005792-198011000-00003. PMID 6969345. Gluth MB, Baratz KH, Matteson EL, Driscoll CL ( ... The American Journal of Medicine. 88 (3): 296-301. doi:10.1016/0002-9343(90)90157-9. PMID 2309745. Kundell SP, Ochs HD (July ...
Lieber, Elinor (1984). "Asaf's "Book of Medicines": A Hebrew Encyclopedia of Greek and Jewish Medicine, Possibly Compiled in ... "Book of Medicines"). Thought by some to have been a Byzantine Jew and the earliest known Hebrew medical writer, he is however a ... Holo, J. Byzantine Jewry in the Mediterranean Economy 2009, p. 174 Rosner, Fred (1995). "Oath of Asaph". Medicine in the Bible ... Vaisrub, Samuel; A. Denman, Michael; Naparstek, Yaakov; Gilon, Dan (2008). "Medicine". Encyclopaedia Judaica. The Gale Group. " ...
Methods in Molecular Medicine. 132. pp. 65-85. doi:10.1007/978-1-59745-298-4_7. ISBN 978-1-58829-578-1. PMID 17876077. Krishnan ... Methylation-specific PCR (MSP): developed by Stephen Baylin and James G. Herman at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and is ... Quill E (March 2008). "Medicine. Blood-matching goes genetic". Science. 319 (5869): 1478-9. doi:10.1126/science.319.5869.1478. ... National Library of Medicine. "PCR". Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah. Pavlov AR, Pavlova NV, Kozyavkin SA, ...
... titles of Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, or Bachelor of ... Medicine is from 6 to 7 years. Each college has its own curriculum and requirements with an emphasis of their choice, governed ... A degree in medicine, an MBBSc, requires a minimum of six years. Bachelor's degrees exist in almost every country in Europe. ... Bachelor's degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science are at level 11 of the SCQF and are second cycle (end of cycle ...
Cardiovascular Medicine Part 1 of 4. 42 (8): 406-408. doi:10.1016/j.mpmed.2014.05.007. ISSN 1357-3039. Rocha, H.; Eliziário, L ... Location of the moderator band Trabecula Whitaker, Robert H. (2014-08-01). "Anatomy of the heart". Medicine. ...
Medicine. Yiannis N. Moschovakis, Professor of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles. Simon Charles Moss, M. D. ... Edward Glassman, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Genetics, University of North Carolina School of Medicine at Chapel ... Richard Pender Boyce, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Florida College of Medicine. Philip Williams Brandt, Professor ... David S. Hogness, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University School of Medicine. Donald Frank Holcomb, Emeritus Professor ...
... is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on cancers of the female reproductive system, including ... Huang, Yong-Wen (2018-01-12). "Association of BRCA1/2 mutations with ovarian cancer prognosis". Medicine. 97 (2): e9380. doi: ... Cancer Medicine. 8 (16): 7018-7031. doi:10.1002/cam4.2560. ISSN 2045-7634. PMC 6853829. PMID 31560828. Cortez, Alexander J.; ...
Ficalora R (2013). Mayo Clinic internal medicine board review. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-994894-9. Winn W ... Skin and soft-tissue infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus". The New England Journal of Medicine. ... Mechanisms of resistance and implications for treatment". Postgraduate Medicine. 109 (2 Suppl): 43-50. doi:10.3810/pgm.02.2001. ... "MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus)". National Library of Medicine - PubMed Health. US National Institutes of ...
... doctor of medicine, licentiate in medicine and surgery, bachelor of medicine, surgeon, general practitioner and apothecary" ... medicine), Dr. med. dent. (dentistry), Dr. med. vet. (veterinary medicine), Dr. rer. nat. (natural sciences), Dr. phil. ( ... "Medicine". Debrett's. Retrieved 2 March 2019. "Medicine". Debrett's. Retrieved 18 September 2016. "The Frameworks for Higher ... 430, 432, 434, 436 "Doctor of medicine profession". US National Library of Medicine. Retrieved 26 November 2016. William Byrnum ...
Traditional medicines can contain herbs, minerals, metals, or animal products that are thought to be useful in treating some ... You cannot tell if a food, candy, spice, medicine or cosmetic contains lead by looking at or tasting it. People selling these ... Ghasard, an Indian folk medicine, has also been found to contain lead. It is a brown powder used as a tonic. ... If you think that you or your child has been exposed to lead in food, candy, spices, cosmetics, or traditional medicines, ...
Stanford Medicine is closely monitoring the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). A dedicated page provides the latest ... Stanford Medicine is leading the biomedical revolution in precision health, defining and developing the next generation of care ... In a new study, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and their colleagues have identified a handful of ... Stanford Medicine integrates research, medical education and health care at its three institutions - Stanford University School ...
The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry serves the public good through excellence in medical and health professions education, ... Contact the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. We are the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta, one of ... Find a Person in Laboratory Medicine & Pathology * Education and Training Programs * Graduate Program * MSc (Thesis-based) and ... Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology * About the Department * Welcome from the Chair ...
Medicines dont work if people dont take them.. The reasons people dont take their blood pressure medicine as directed vary: ... Side effects - Medicines may have unwanted side effects.. *Forgetting - People forget to take their medicine or refill ... Involve the entire healthcare team at several points of care to ensure patients are taking medicine as directed and to address ... Involve the entire healthcare team at several points of care to ensure patients are taking medicine as directed and to address ...
Science Translational Medicine. offers eTOC alerts, which alert users when a new issue of Science Translational Medicine. is ... Science Translational Medicine. A profound transition is required for the science of translational medicine. Despite 50 years ... Science Translational Medicine. .. Content: Science Translational Medicine. publishes original, peer-reviewed, science-based ... Science Translational Medicine. articles to the same high-quality standard that is the hallmark of the journal Science. ...
Science Translational Medicine 25 Jan 2017:. Vol. 9, Issue 374, eaaj2013. DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaj2013 ... Your Name) thought you would like to see this page from the Science Translational Medicine web site. ... Division of Cancer Studies, Department of Haematological Medicine, Kings College London, London SE5 9NU, UK. ... Division of Cancer Studies, Department of Haematological Medicine, Kings College London, London SE5 9NU, UK. ...
https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/1994/gilman/facts/, Back to top ...
The Environmental Medicine and Public Health of ISMMS is committed to excellence in community health, epidemiology, ... General Preventive Medicine Residency. Mount Sinai Hospital New York, NY This two-year residency program allows you to apply ... Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency. Mount Sinai Hospital New York, NY This is a two-year residency program, ... Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health Tel: 212-824-7046. [email protected] ...
Researchers at Penn Medicine discovered that adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) is critical for a quality control process ... Penn Medicine consists of the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (founded in 1765 ... a professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. "Now that we know ... Now, researchers at Penn Medicine discovered that ANT is critical for a quality control process called mitophagy-which helps to ...
Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine. *University of Washington, Box 356540. 1959 NE Pacific Street, BB-1469. Seattle, ... Our faculty engage in multidisciplinary research, with major emphasis in pain medicine and neuroscience, genomics and ... Professor and Director of Compliance, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine; Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Ethics, UW Medical Center ... Associate Medical Director, Critical Care; Associate Professor of Surgery, UW Medicine, Department of Surgery, Harborview ...
History of dental sleep medicine. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine 2014;1(1):67-74.. Updated June 19, 2020. ... Certification in dental sleep medicine by a non-profit organization, such as the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM ... Recognized continuing education in dental sleep medicine provided by a dental sleep medicine focused non-profit organization or ... a report of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine2014;1:39-50. ...
JAMA JAMA Network Open JAMA Cardiology JAMA Dermatology JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery JAMA Health Forum JAMA Internal Medicine ... JAMA JAMA Network Open JAMA Cardiology JAMA Dermatology JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery JAMA Health Forum JAMA Internal Medicine ... American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. Choosing Wisely: promoting conversations between patients and clinicians. http ... American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. Choosing Wisely: promoting conversations between patients and clinicians. http ...
Medicine and Public Policy ,7 April 2009 The Expanding Medical and Behavioral Resources with Access to Care for Everyone Health ... Acknowledgment: The authors thank Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM, Harold H. Hines, Jr., Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and ... From Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, Connecticut; Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, ... Manson: Division of Preventive Medicine, Brigham and Womens Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 900 Commonwealth Avenue, 3rd ...
Providing a detailed picture of the effect of religion on medieval medicine, it will be essential reading for those interested ... in history of medicine, history of Islamic sciences, or history of the Mediterranean. ... explores the medical networks surrounding early hospitals and sheds light on the particular brand of practice-oriented medicine ...
Folk medicine may also be referred to as traditional medicine, alternative medicine, indigenous medicine, or natural medicine. ... Traditional medicine[edit]. Main article: Traditional medicine. Traditional medicine (also known as indigenous or folk medicine ... Early records on medicine have been discovered from ancient Egyptian medicine, Babylonian Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine (in the ... Siddha medicine, Unani, ancient Iranian medicine, Irani, Islamic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Korean ...
... is a Transformative Journal; authors can publish using the traditional publishing route OR Open Access. ... 4th Growth Factors in Regeneration and Regenerative Medicine Conference 11 February 2022. - 14 February 2022. ...
Early records on medicine have been discovered from ancient Egyptian medicine, Babylonian Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine (in the ... "Traditional Medicine-2020 , Alternative Medicine-2020 , Herbal Medicine-2020 , Naturopathic Medicine 2020 , 5th World Congress ... Siddha medicine, Unani, ancient Iranian medicine, Irani, Islamic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Korean ... Prescientific forms of medicine are now known as traditional medicine or folk medicine, which remains commonly used in the ...
... clinically relevant papers in contemporary genetic medicine, including such areas as genomics, chromosome abnormalities, ...
The sports medicine team works in collaboration with the athletic department, school nurse, physical therapists, and local ... The Shelby High School Sports Medicine program is committed to ensuring that student-athletes are being treated with high ...
Predictive medicine changes the paradigm of medicine from being reactive to being proactive and has the potential to ... Predictive medicine is a field of medicine that entails predicting the probability of disease and instituting preventive ... Predictive medicine ushers in a number of sensitive legal and ethical issues. There is a delicate balance that presides over ... The future of medicines focus may potentially shift from treating existing diseases, typically late in their progression, to ...
John Weeks has long been an activist for alternative medicine-excuse me, "complementary and alternative medicine" (CAM) or, as ... "functional medicine" (FM) is really a misnomer, how in reality it is a form of "personalized medicine" gone haywire, or, as I ... "integrative medicine" (or, as I like to refer to it, "integrating" quackery with medicine). Im referring to something called " ... Quackademic medicine. I didnt invent the term. (Dr. R. W. Donnell did-nearly nine years ago.) However, I sure use it a lot, ...
... books and eBooks in all areas of Medicine, serving clinicians, researchers, teachers and students. ... Medicine On these pages you will find Springers journals, books and eBooks in all areas of Medicine, serving clinicians, ... Explore book publishing opportunities in Clinical Medicine. Discover everything you need to know about the clinical medicine ... We publish many prestigious journals in Medicine, including a number of fully open access journals. Our book portfolio includes ...
The travel medicine staff at the Student Health Center are your travel medicine and vaccine specialists. Were prepared to ... The earlier you prepare for your trip abroad, the better. Please contact Travel Medicine Services at (212) 443-1188 as soon as ... There is no charge for the Travel Medicine consultation for NYU students. Faculty members are charged a fee for the ...
Quackademic medicine, for those not familiar with the term we reserve for the study of alternative medicine in academic medical ... "Complementary and alternative medicine" (CAM), now more frequently referred to as "integrative medicine" by its proponents, ... One major thing that differentiated science-based medicine (SBM) from alternative medicine and quackery is that in SBM there is ... Quackery at the VA: Our veterans deserve real medicine, not fake medicine. ...
Meet some of our residents in the Department of Internal Medicine at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma ... Welcome to OU School of Community Medicine- Internal Medicine Residency Program. You have discovered the best kept residency ... At the School of Community Medicine, we aim to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse group of resident physicians of the ... The OU-TU School of Community Medicine hosts 8 residency programs and 6 fellowships along with a 4-year Medical School program ...
... Posted on กุมภาพันธ์ 4, 2013 by nichpk PowerPoint handout for Drug in daily life for accountancy and Management ... Herbal medicine * 1. 31/01/56 Herbal medicine Herbal medicine Herbal medicine  Herbal medicine also called botanical medicine ... Herbal medicine is medicine Herbal medicine is medicine derived from natural sources include plants, fungal and bee products, ... hospitals in place of modern medicines, where medicine preparations, Thai traditional massage, hot medicine preparations, Thai ...
... Program Food is Prevention, Food is Medicine, Food is Community. ... Tulsa / OU-TU School of Community Medicine / Future Students / Student Experience / Culinary Medicine ... The Culinary Medicine Program was established in 2018 as a joint initiative between researchers at the OU-TU School of ... School of Community Medicine. OU - Tulsa Schusterman Center. 4502 E. 41st Street. Tulsa, OK 74135 ...
ADDRESS. Touchstone Internal Medicine. 6 Elm Avenue, Ste. 100. Colorado Springs, CO 80906. CROSS STREETS. Elm Avenue & 2nd Street. Located near the Broadmoor Hotel. PHONE. (719) 576-7006. FAX. (719) 576-7981. EMAIL. [email protected] ...
acceleration aeromedical air sickness aircrew airline altitude sickness arterial atmosphere Aviation Medicine blood pressure ... books.google.comhttps://books.google.com/books/about/Aerospace_medicine.html?id=O2BsAAAAMAAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareAerospace ... 0 Reviewshttps://books.google.com/books/about/Aerospace_medicine.html?id=O2BsAAAAMAAJ ...
Skeptical Medicine is a primer for medical professionals and students. It provides a foundation for understanding science (and ... The Institute of Medicine reported on the Immunization Safety Review Committees analysis of the evidence in 2004. ... American journal of preventive medicine 25.2 (2003): 101. "Vaccine Safety & Availability , Thimerosal in Vaccines." 2009. ... 2 states have revoked Mark Geiers liscence to practice medicine. David Geier, has been charged in Maryland for practicing ...
  • Dental sleep medicine is an area of dental practice that focuses on the use of oral appliance therapy to treat sleep-disordered breathing, including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). (aadsm.org)
  • The Medieval Islamic Hospital explores the medical networks surrounding early hospitals and sheds light on the particular brand of practice-oriented medicine they helped to develop. (cambridge.org)
  • Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis , treatment , and prevention of disease . (wikipedia.org)
  • We are especially proud of our community-based, university-affiliated model, which provides our internal medicine residents with the skills needed for all types of practice after residency. (ou.edu)
  • The faculty of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice at several sites across Washington, and are continuing to expand their care and services to patients throughout the region. (washington.edu)
  • University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) is the primary Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) practice site with approximately 1900 deliveries annually. (washington.edu)
  • As this special report will explain, it is likely to be transformed by the introduction of electronic health records that can be turned into searchable medical databases, providing a "smart grid" for medicine that will not only improve clinical practice but also help to revive drugs research. (economist.com)
  • Medicine is the art, science, and practice of caring for a patient and managing the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, treatment or palliation of their injury or disease. (wikipedia.org)
  • Medicine (UK: /ˈmɛdsɪn/ (listen), US: /ˈmɛdɪsɪn/ (listen)) is the science and practice of the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. (wikipedia.org)
  • West Frisian terms that pertain to the the science and practice of medicine . (wiktionary.org)
  • These alternative medical systems are entire fields of theory and practice, and many date back earlier than the conventional medicine we use in the West today. (kidshealth.org)
  • For example, the TCM practice of acupuncture may be combined with herbal medicine and qi gong. (kidshealth.org)
  • Thomson wrote a popular book, prepared kits of his medicine, sold individual rights to his practice, and encouraged followers to defeat or repeal medical licensure laws that restricted the practice of medicine to formally trained physicians. (encyclopedia.com)
  • These misconceptions include the idea that EBM/SBM guidelines are a straightjacket, that they are "cookbook medicine," and that EBM/SBM should be the be-all and end-all of how to practice clinical medicine. (scienceblogs.com)
  • I like to point out from time to time that arguably the most striking difference between science-based medicine (and the evidence-based medicine from which we distinguish it) and alternative medicine, "complementary and alternative medicine" (CAM), or (as it's called now) "integrative medicine" is a concerted effort to change practice for the better based on science and evidence. (scienceblogs.com)
  • The practice of Medicine offers a breadth of experiences impossible to find in any other subject. (ox.ac.uk)
  • Our goal in the Concierge Medicine practice is to provide you with an exceptionally high level of service, including preventive care, health screenings, wellness, nutrition and fitness. (massgeneral.org)
  • The Concierge Medicine Practice at Mass General is pleased to announce the appointment of a new physician, Angelique Uhlmann, MD, JD. (massgeneral.org)
  • National lists of essential medicines usually relate closely to national guidelines for clinical health care practice which are used for the training and supervision of health workers. (who.int)
  • Conferral of the M.D., C.M. degree follows successful completion of the 4 curricular components of the MD, CM Program: Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (year 1 and the first part of year 2), Transition to Clinical Practice (second part of year 2), Clerkship (years 3 and 4) and Physicianship (longitudinal throughout all 4 years). (mcgill.ca)
  • Program objectives are based on clinical presentations and competencies essential to the practice of medicine, as defined by Canadian authorities (e.g. (mcgill.ca)
  • Note: The M.D., C.M. graduate may apply for a license only to practice medicine in a supervised (postgraduate residency training program) setting, and not for independent practice. (mcgill.ca)
  • The doctors who practice naturopathic medicine, called naturopathic physicians (NDs), are trained to serve as primary care general practitioners who are experts in the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of both acute and chronic health conditions. (oregon.gov)
  • The practice of Naturopathic Medicine emerges from six underlying principles of healing. (oregon.gov)
  • The Orlando Health Medical Group is seeking a Pediatric Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon to join our practice at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. (monster.com)
  • What saddens me is that this is basically what research into so-called "complementary and alternative medicine," now more frequently referred to as "integrative medicine" boils down to. (scienceblogs.com)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine" (CAM), now more frequently referred to as "integrative medicine" by its proponents, consists of a hodge-podge of largely unrelated treatments that range from seemingly reasonable (e.g., diet and exercise) to pure quackery (e.g., acupuncture, reiki and other "energy medicine") that CAM proponents are trying furiously to "integrate" as coequals into science-based medicine. (scienceblogs.com)
  • Integrated Medicine (or Integrative Medicine) uses the best from both Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine. (amazonaws.com)
  • When health care providers and facilities offer both types of care, it is called integrative medicine. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Note: For more information about alternative medicine, refer to the Complementary and Alternative Medicine web page. (amazonaws.com)
  • BioMed Central publishes at least one other pseudoscience journal, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine . (forbes.com)
  • Some approaches like meditation, yoga, and massage therapy are known as "complementary medicine" because they "complement" traditional medical treatments. (kidshealth.org)
  • Together, complementary and alternative medicine have come to be called "CAM" for short. (kidshealth.org)
  • Both alternative and complementary medicine use the same kinds of remedies to treat health conditions. (kidshealth.org)
  • Complementary medicine is used in addition to conventional medicine, not as a replacement. (kidshealth.org)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine is based on the belief that a medical care provider has to treat the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. (kidshealth.org)
  • When you are using these types of care, it may be called complementary, integrative, or alternative medicine. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Complementary medicine is used together with mainstream medical care. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Some people also refer to it as "integrative," or "complementary" medicine. (webmd.com)
  • However, the creation of a redefined discipline of translational medicine will require the emergence of a new and vibrant community of dedicated scientists, collaborating to fill knowledge gaps and dissolve or circumvent barriers to improved clinical medicine. (sciencemag.org)
  • A profound transition is required for the science of translational medicine. (sciencemag.org)
  • Nothing short of a true reinvention of the science of translational medicine is likely to suffice. (sciencemag.org)
  • Science Translational Medicine is a weekly journal devoted to research and issues of strong interest to the translational medicine community. (sciencemag.org)
  • Translational medicine topics suitable for submission include any original research findings, discussions or analyses that move the field closer to the goal of improving human health, or the diagnosis and treatment of disease. (sciencemag.org)
  • Letters is an article format that provides readers with an opportunity to respond to an article published in Science Translational Medicine within the previous two months or to raise issues of interest to the translational medicine community. (sciencemag.org)
  • Letters should provide new information or insights about the published article and should be of interest to the broad readership of Science Translational Medicine . (sciencemag.org)
  • Focus articles are short, timely pieces that spotlight new research findings published in Science Translational Medicine or other journals or policy issues of interest to the translational research community that are of immediate importance. (sciencemag.org)
  • Commentaries present in-depth analysis of current issues of direct interest to the translational medicine community, such as those related to policy, funding, regulation of biomedical products, education, legislation, new institutes, careers, etc. (sciencemag.org)
  • Perspectives discuss key translational research findings recently published in Science Translational Medicine or other journals that are of broad interest to the translational medicine community. (sciencemag.org)
  • Search for medicine details, disease and treatment references, and various resources, WHO Essential Medicines. (who.int)
  • Nichthima Pengnakorn Faculty of Pharmacy, MSU Powerpoint Templates History of herbal medicine  Indigenous cultures (such as African and Native American) used herbs in their healing rituals, while others developed traditional medical systems (such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine) in which herbal therapies were used. (slideshare.net)
  • Examples of alternative medical systems include Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, homeopathic medicine, and naturopathic medicine. (kidshealth.org)
  • preference of consumers towards traditional medicines (Ayurveda, Unani and Traditional Chinese Medicine) which do not cause overdose toxicity and have fewer side effects. (lulu.com)
  • Our Department houses six divisions: Biostatistics, Environmental Health, General Preventive Medicine, International Health, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, as well as Social Work and Behavioral Sciences. (mssm.edu)
  • When it comes to infectious disease, vaccination is the ultimate in preventive medicine, at least for diseases for which vaccines can be developed. (scienceblogs.com)
  • Genomics and genetics are vital for the development of preventive medicine. (springer.com)
  • Jain K.K. (2009) Personalized Preventive Medicine. (springer.com)
  • Subscribe to Annals of Internal Medicine . (annals.org)
  • Particularly noteworthy publishing programs include Surgery, Imaging, and Nuclear Medicine as well as Pathology, Cardiology and many more Internal Medicine specialties. (springer.com)
  • Meet some of our residents in the Department of Internal Medicine at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (ou.edu)
  • Welcome to OU School of Community Medicine- Internal Medicine Residency Program. (ou.edu)
  • We aim to keep a positive balance of work and wellness during IM training by creating a supportive, family-type atmosphere, while providing a complete training experience in Internal Medicine. (ou.edu)
  • The Schusterman Clinic, which opened in 2007, provides our patients with one central location that houses Internal Medicine, OB/Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry as well as in-house lab testing, radiology, and pharmacy services. (ou.edu)
  • The center is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of sleep experts with training in pulmonary, neurology, internal medicine, otolaryngology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, and behavioral psychology. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • Riley is the President and CEO of Meharry Medical College in addition to being a professor of Internal Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. (vanderbilt.edu)
  • The researchers analysis indicates that the global regenerative medicine market was worth $18.9 billion in 2016 and will grow to over $66 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 23.3% between this time frame. (prnewswire.com)
  • The global herbal medicine market size was valued at USD 71.19 billion in 2016 and is expected to exhibit profitable growth over the forecast period. (lulu.com)
  • Clinical medicine" redirects here. (wikipedia.org)
  • For the journal, see Clinical Medicine (journal) . (wikipedia.org)
  • Discover everything you need to know about the clinical medicine book publishing process. (springer.com)
  • See an infographic snapshot of reasons to submit to our high-impact journals in clinical medicine. (springer.com)
  • At Mass General, the brightest minds in medicine collaborate on behalf of our patients to bridge innovation science with state-of-the-art clinical medicine. (massgeneral.org)
  • Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged, for example, studies at the interface of engineering and diagnostics, chemistry and drug development, or cell biology and clinical medicine. (sciencemag.org)
  • See more breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories at Johns Hopkins Medicine. (youtube.com)
  • i.e., an academic medical center that studies and uses quackery as though it were legitimate medicine. (scienceblogs.com)
  • One major thing that differentiated science-based medicine (SBM) from alternative medicine and quackery is that in SBM there is a generally accepted standard of care. (scienceblogs.com)
  • Alternative treatments outside of scientific medicine having safety and efficacy concerns are termed quackery. (wikipedia.org)
  • Traditional medicines can contain herbs, minerals, metals, or animal products that are thought to be useful in treating some ailments. (cdc.gov)
  • For example, a medicine man would apply herbs and say prayers for healing, or an ancient philosopher and physician would apply bloodletting according to the theories of humorism . (wikipedia.org)
  • About 12 percent children use CAM in the US such as homeopathic medicines, herbs and yoga for addressing a number ailments. (amazonaws.com)
  • Explanations in traditional Chinese medicine and scientific studies of the herbs are also included. (lulu.com)
  • Plus, herbs can have side effects or impact other medicine you're taking. (webmd.com)
  • A number of herbs used in TCM are also used at well-respected, Western medicine clinics to treat anything from trouble sleeping to arthritis to menopause . (webmd.com)
  • Penn Medicine is one of the world's leading academic medical centers, dedicated to the related missions of medical education, biomedical research, and excellence in patient care. (pennmedicine.org)
  • Molecular medicine is a broad field, where physical, chemical, biological, bioinformatics and medical techniques are used to describe molecular structures and mechanisms, identify fundamental molecular and genetic errors of disease, and to develop molecular interventions to correct them. (fastweb.com)
  • The molecular medicine perspective emphasizes cellular and molecular phenomena and interventions rather than the previous conceptual and observational focus on patients and their organs. (fastweb.com)
  • The objective of the Centre for Molecular Medicine is to identify, study and understand the functions of molecules and biological processes involved in the development of diseases. (ucl.ac.uk)
  • If you think that you or your child has been exposed to lead in food, candy, spices, cosmetics, or traditional medicines, contact your health care provider. (cdc.gov)
  • We are the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta, one of the world's elite academic health sciences centres, where top students are taught by award-winning educators and mentored by renowned scientists in a dynamic learning environment. (ualberta.ca)
  • The Division of Community Engagement in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta is an academic unit that recognizes the many diverse communities that we are a part of and the need to ensure a balance between health science, social accountability and humanism. (ualberta.ca)
  • The Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health is a leader in environmental and community health, epidemiology, environmental pediatrics, and preventive and occupational medicine. (mssm.edu)
  • Robert O. Wright, MD, MPH, welcomes visitors to our department and highlights our deep commitment to environmental medicine and public health. (mssm.edu)
  • Each with its own specific focus and methodology, our divisions advance the field of environmental medicine and public health for our local and global communities. (mssm.edu)
  • Our faculty includes a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, and investigative educators who are passionate about advancing environmental medicine and public health. (mssm.edu)
  • The Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health has made major strides in our field, earning an international reputation for excellence and global health leadership. (mssm.edu)
  • We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in community health, epidemiology, environmental pediatrics, and preventive and occupational medicine. (mssm.edu)
  • Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness . (wikipedia.org)
  • The travel medicine staff at the Student Health Center are your travel medicine and vaccine specialists. (nyu.edu)
  • Please contact Travel Medicine Services at (212) 443-1188 as soon as you know that you are traveling to determine your travel health requirements. (nyu.edu)
  • At the School of Community Medicine, we aim to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse group of resident physicians of the highest caliber who will be shaping the future of healthcare and improving the health of our community. (ou.edu)
  • www.messagetoeagle.com http://www.cambridgetcm.co.uk/therapies/ http://africanwoman-sekhemetshathor.blogspot.com/2011/02/reflexology-is-very-efficient-healing.html http:// www.indianetzone.com Thai traditional medicine Herbal medicines in Primary health care The Kingdom of Thailand has its own system of  Primary health care has increased the use of traditional medicine called Thai traditional medicine. (slideshare.net)
  • The Culinary Medicine Program was established in 2018 as a joint initiative between researchers at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine and the OU College of Public Health thanks to generous support from the Ardmore Institute of Health and the Tandy Family YMCA . (ou.edu)
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information - PubMed Central - Editorial: The Future of Environmental Medicine in Environmental Health Perspectives: Where Should We Be Headed? (britannica.com)
  • Environmental medicine , medical science involving the study of the relationship between human health and biological, chemical, and physical factors in the environment . (britannica.com)
  • In addition to influencing the care of individuals who have suffered ill effects from exposure to harmful substances in the environment, environmental medicine also has key relationships with other fields, particularly public health , occupational medicine , and toxicology. (britannica.com)
  • In the arena of public health, environmental medicine has an influential role in education, especially concerning means of prevention. (britannica.com)
  • Integrated Medicine exists to empower you to improve your health by improving your four pillars of healing: interpersonal relationships, diet, environment, and your innate system of detoxification and repair. (amazonaws.com)
  • Integrated Medicine couples the latest scientific advances with the most profound insights of ancient healing systems, giving you the best ways to preserve health, increase longevity and speed recovery from illness. (amazonaws.com)
  • Integrated Medicine recognizes that the outcome of all health care is strongly dependent upon four powerful influences in the lives of each person. (amazonaws.com)
  • Integrated Medicine allows you to find optimal health by understanding your individual needs for achieving balance and harmony. (amazonaws.com)
  • Integrated Medicine perceives illness biographically and at the same time uses the powerful database of modern biological and behavioral science to help describe the varied disharmonies which undermine the health of each individual. (amazonaws.com)
  • If you take several different medicines, see more than one doctor, or have certain health conditions, you and your doctors need to be aware of all the medicines you take. (healthfinder.gov)
  • ETSU Health Family Medicine has been award a grant for their project, Family Medicine Training in Rural Appalachia. (etsu.edu)
  • Essential medicines are those that satisfy the priority health care needs of the population. (who.int)
  • Essential medicines are selected with due regard to disease prevalence and public health relevance, evidence of clinical efficacy and safety, and comparative costs and cost-effectiveness. (who.int)
  • Essential medicines are intended to be available within the context of functioning health systems at all times in adequate amounts, in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality, and at a price the individual and the community can afford. (who.int)
  • However, for the past 30 years the Model List has led to a global acceptance of the concept of essential medicines as a powerful means to promote health equity. (who.int)
  • Predictive medicine is intended for both healthy individuals ("predictive health") and for those with diseases ("predictive medicine"), its purpose being to predict susceptibility to a particular disease and to predict progression and treatment response for a given disease. (wikipedia.org)
  • Aside from genetic testing, predictive medicine utilizes a wide variety of tools to predict health and disease, including assessments of exercise, nutrition, spirituality, quality of life, and so on. (wikipedia.org)
  • Predictive medicine changes the paradigm of medicine from being reactive to being proactive and has the potential to significantly extend the duration of health and to decrease the incidence, prevalence and cost of diseases. (wikipedia.org)
  • Notable types of predictive medicine through health care professionals include: Carrier testing: Carrier testing is done to identify people who carry one copy of a gene mutation that, when present in both copies, causes a genetic disorder. (wikipedia.org)
  • He is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and is the co-leader of the LGBTI Health Program at Vanderbilt. (vanderbilt.edu)
  • Starting fall 2013 Hamaraie will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Health, and Society at Vanderbilt University. (vanderbilt.edu)
  • Dr. Riley received the B.A. degree in Anthropology from Yale University, the M.P.H. in Health Systems Management from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, the Doctor of Medicine degree from the Morehouse School of Medicine and the MBA from Rice University's Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business. (vanderbilt.edu)
  • You may also choose our dual degree options in medicine and biomedical studies or in medicine and public health . (sc.edu)
  • DD Dual Degree: Public Health and Medicine (M.P.H. / M.D. (sc.edu)
  • This program, offered by the Arnold School of Public Health and the School of Medicine, culminates in a Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Medicine. (sc.edu)
  • According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 80% of people around the world use herbal medicine. (webmd.com)
  • The National Institutes of Health, part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, defines regenerative medicine as "a rapidly developing field with the potential to transform the treatment of human disease through the development of innovative new therapies that offer a faster, more complete recovery with significantly fewer side effects or risk of complications. (freep.com)
  • Sandy Lundahl, a 50-year-old health educator, reported to the behavioral biology research center at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine one spring morning in 2004. (scientificamerican.com)
  • A healthy lifestyle, knowledge about one's body and access to health care and medicine are essential aspects of human life. (wolframalpha.com)
  • Alpha provides access to computable health and medicine formulas, statistics and knowledge. (wolframalpha.com)
  • Naturopathic Medicine is a unique and distinct system of health care that emphasizes the use of prevention and natural therapeutics. (oregon.gov)
  • Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. (oregon.gov)
  • Looking for a qualified Physician who also has experience or interest in Sports Medicine primary care for our School Based Health Center. (monster.com)
  • OverviewExecutive Summary The enclosed Request for Information (RFI) is for the development of a clinician network supporting Ergonomic and Industrial Sports Medicine services is presented by Hanoun Medical dba Briotix Health, LP (Briotix). (monster.com)
  • Baptist Health Medical Group is seeking a BC/BE family medicine physician specializing in sports medicine to join our growing network in Louisville, KY. (monster.com)
  • Exercise is Medicine® is an ACSM global initiative focused on encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include exercise when designing treatment plans for patients. (acsm.org)
  • This section focuses on topics related to human or animal health, and medicine. (curlie.org)
  • As a former trainee of the department, I am honored to now lead the University of Washington Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. (washington.edu)
  • Homeopathic Medicine, or homeopathy, is a form of alternative medicine in which practitioners treat patients using highly diluted preparations that are believed to cause healthy people to exhibit symptoms that are similar to those exhibited by the patient. (amazonaws.com)
  • been made to increase the use of herbal medicines in  Treatments prescribed for patients can be herbal hospitals in place of modern medicines, where medicine preparations, Thai traditional massage, hot medicine preparations, Thai traditional massage, hot appropriate, by including some herbal medicines on herbal compresses, or herbal steam baths. (slideshare.net)
  • Some healing treatments - like acupuncture or herbal medicine - are not part of conventional medical training. (kidshealth.org)
  • Conventional medicine is based on scientific knowledge of the body and uses treatments that have been proven effective through scientific research. (kidshealth.org)
  • This book provides a detailed, practical and, where possible, research-based rationale for the use of Oriental herbal Medicine treatments in a wide variety of clinical conditions and problems. (lulu.com)
  • Many Americans use medical treatments that are not part of mainstream medicine. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies. (webmd.com)
  • http://www.plantphysiol.org/content/138/3/1763/F4.full How to prepare herbal medicine Infusions  Infusions  Water is brought just to a boil and then poured over an  Decoctions herb. (slideshare.net)
  • A lot of this is bedside teaching, and I give lots of lectures on different topics, one of which is 'emergency medicine core content' -- basically, the kind of stuff you find in the various emergency medicine compendium textbooks. (pitt.edu)
  • For emergency medicine core content, at least at our 4.5-hour-long Grand Rounds, seems to work best in Socratic format (mostly because most of the other presentations use slides and it's easier to stay awake with the lights on. (pitt.edu)
  • Providing resources to states and territories to prevent chronic diseases, including resources to track how well people are taking their blood pressure medicine at the state and county level. (cdc.gov)
  • Western Medicine is organized around the Theory of Diseases, which believes that a person becomes sick because he or she contracts a disease. (amazonaws.com)
  • and the need for continued development of better medicines, medicines for emerging diseases, and medicines to meet changing resistance patterns. (who.int)
  • When WHO published the first Model List of Essential Drugs in 1977, it identified 208 individual medicines which together could provide safe, effective treatment for the majority of communicable and non-communicable diseases. (who.int)
  • The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry offers fully accredited programs at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, and ongoing professional development activities. (ualberta.ca)
  • The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has an intranet that shares relevant information with faculty and staff. (ualberta.ca)
  • This report provides a comprehensive overview of the size of the regenerative medicine market, segmentation of the market (stem cells, tissue engineering and CAR-T therapy), key players and the vast potential of therapies that are in clinical trials. (prnewswire.com)
  • Congenital defects can also be addressed with regenerative medicine. (prnewswire.com)
  • To that end, regenerative medicine is a broader field and manipulates the body's immune system and regeneration potential to achieve its requirement. (prnewswire.com)
  • There are over 700 regenerative medicine companies globally at present, that all together have a $x billion market cap. (prnewswire.com)
  • At present the total regenerative medicine market has more than 500 products commercialized. (prnewswire.com)
  • Reconstructive surgeries for bones and joints is the mainstay of the regenerative medicine market. (prnewswire.com)
  • Regenerative medicine, including cellular and gene therapies will have a significant impact on the expenditure of payers, once reimbursement schemes are optimized. (prnewswire.com)
  • Today the stem cell and regenerative medicine industries are interlinked and over the last number of years have grown substantially. (prnewswire.com)
  • Regenerative medicine replaces or regenerates cells, tissues or organs and in order to achieve this uses produces from the pharmaceutical, biologics, medical device and cell therapy spaces. (prnewswire.com)
  • Therefore, cell therapy, and stem cells come under the umbrella market of regenerative medicine. (prnewswire.com)
  • Cell therapy is a platform by which regenerative medicine can achieve its aim and concentrates on using cells as therapeutics to treat disease. (prnewswire.com)
  • Heal thyself with regenerative medicine Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is favored by many athletes because it helps them heal and get back into the game more quickly. (freep.com)
  • We've all heard the term "regenerative medicine" bandied about, but what exactly does it mean? (freep.com)
  • Or, as Gordon Korby, D.O., medical consultant and clinical educator at The Knee Institute & Regenerative Medicine in West Bloomfield put out, "Even though it's been around for a while, regenerative medicine is becoming one of the biggest things in medicine right now. (freep.com)
  • Regenerative medicine is a rapidly developing field with the potential to transform the treatment of human disease through the development of innovative new therapies that offer a faster, more complete recovery with significantly fewer side effects or risk of complications. (freep.com)
  • Stem cell therapy is known as the "gold standard" of regenerative medicine due to the greater concentration of cells that proliferate the treatment site for more rapid renewal and repair. (freep.com)
  • if tests show that you're suffering from a painful "bone on bone" condition or severe tears, regenerative medicine can't help and they will refer you to a surgeon. (freep.com)
  • With regenerative medicine, we are treating the cause because we are generating new cells. (freep.com)
  • Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. (fastweb.com)
  • The scope of veterinary medicine is wide, covering all animal species, both domesticated and wild, with a wide range of conditions which can affect different species. (fastweb.com)
  • Veterinary medicine is widely practiced, both with and without professional supervision. (fastweb.com)
  • Shelter medicine is a specialty area of veterinary medicine that has gathered a lot of interest in the last several years. (petfinder.com)
  • In revealing the link between ANT and mitophagy, and the impact mutations have on quality control, our findings change the way we think about the disease-causing mutations and enable us to focus our attention on the right pathway," said the study's corresponding author Zoltan Arany, MD, PhD , a professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. (pennmedicine.org)
  • Providing a detailed picture of the effect of religion on medieval medicine, it will be essential reading for those interested in history of medicine, history of Islamic sciences, or history of the Mediterranean. (cambridge.org)
  • 2. 31/01/56 National List of Essential medicines Main active ingredients herbal medicine  Primary metabolites 71 herbal medicines have been  Found in all plants and perform primary metabolic registered under the National requirements. (slideshare.net)
  • Carbohydrate ,Lipid… List of Essential Medicine. (slideshare.net)
  • The Model List is a guide for the development of national and institutional essential medicine lists. (who.int)
  • The 19th is the current Model List of Essential Medicines, prepared by the WHO Expert Committee in April 2015. (who.int)
  • Web-based searchable database for Essential Medicines and the WHO Model Formulary. (who.int)
  • The concept of essential medicines is forward-looking. (who.int)
  • Lists of essential medicines also guide the procurement and supply of medicines in the public sector, schemes that reimburse medicine costs, medicine donations, and local medicine production. (who.int)
  • Many international organizations, including UNICEF, UNHCR and UNFPA as well as nongovernmental organizations and international non-profit supply agencies, have adopted the essential medicines concept and base their medicine supply system mainly on the Model List. (who.int)
  • Environmental medicine has also been aided by advances in genetics and cell biology . (britannica.com)
  • Genetics tests are expected to reach the market more quickly than new medicines. (wikipedia.org)
  • 2021 Emergency Medicine Physician Burnout & Lifestyle Report: Are You More Burned Out Than Your Peers? (medscape.com)
  • 1. 31/01/56 Herbal medicine Herbal medicine Herbal medicine  Herbal medicine also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine. (slideshare.net)
  • Herbal medicine is medicine Herbal medicine is medicine derived from natural sources include plants, fungal and bee products, as well as minerals, shells and certain animal parts. (slideshare.net)
  • roadmap for easily navigating through the complexities of Oriental herbal medicine, this text presents information about herbal formulas to treat common disease conditions. (lulu.com)
  • A body-systems based review explores herbal medicine in a practical and easy-to-access format. (lulu.com)
  • This book is for students and practitioners alike of traditional Chinese medicine, diagnosis and herbal medicine. (lulu.com)
  • This book is written to provide a practical handbook of classical Asian herbal medicine. (lulu.com)
  • Personalized medicine (also termed personalized genomics, genomic medicine, or precision medicine) refers to the application of patient-specific profiles, incorporating genetic and genomic data as well as clinical and environmental factors, to assess individual risks and tailor prevention and disease-management strategies. (uptodate.com)
  • They are educated in conventional medical sciences, but are not orthodox medical doctors (allopathic physicians, or M.D.). A Naturopathic Physician has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from a four-year graduate level naturopathic medical college with admission requirements comparable to those of conventional medical schools. (oregon.gov)
  • Naturopathic Medicine is heir to the vitalistic tradition of medicine in the Western world, emphasizing the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing capacity of the person. (oregon.gov)
  • This free online four-week course will help you learn about perioperative medicine: what it is, why it matters and how to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs . (ucl.ac.uk)
  • Perioperative medicine is an emerging multidisciplinary specialty that aims to significantly improve the care of high-risk surgical patients. (ucl.ac.uk)
  • The team behind this MOOC also runs an online MSc in Perioperative Medicine. (ucl.ac.uk)
  • Abigail is a consultant in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine at University College London Hospitals. (ucl.ac.uk)
  • She's also a faculty member of the UCL Perioperative Medicine Master's Programme. (ucl.ac.uk)
  • Phil is a senior registrar in anaesthetics and education fellow in perioperative medicine at University College London Hospitals. (ucl.ac.uk)
  • However, at least 25% of adults, ages 65 or older, with Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance are not taking their blood pressure medicine as directed. (cdc.gov)
  • About 5 million adults, ages 65 or older, with Medicare Part D aren't taking their blood pressure medicine as directed. (cdc.gov)
  • For older adults and people with disabilities, medications and herbal remedies/alternative medicine can be a double-edged sword. (healthfinder.gov)
  • Geriatric Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital provides office-based primary care and consultation services for older adults at risk or with complex chronic and age-related conditions. (massgeneral.org)
  • More than half of adults in the United States say they use some form of alternative medicine. (webmd.com)
  • But using the term "medicine" to describe Qi-gong, acupuncture, and "energy research" is, to put it bluntly, nonsense. (forbes.com)
  • In lots of Eastern countries it's common to use practices like acupuncture in medicine. (kidshealth.org)
  • sports medicine, branch of medicine concerned with physical fitness and with the treatment and prevention of injuries and other disorders related to sports. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Genetic screening of newborns and children in the field of predictive medicine is deemed appropriate if there is a compelling clinical reason to do so, such as the availability of prevention or treatment as a child that would prevent future disease. (wikipedia.org)
  • Involve the entire healthcare team at several points of care to ensure patients are taking medicine as directed and to address patient concerns about side effects. (cdc.gov)
  • Follow your healthcare team's instructions on how much medicine to take, how often, and how long to take it. (cdc.gov)
  • MyChart is a patient-accessible website that enables you to interact with your Baylor College of Medicine healthcare team. (bcm.edu)
  • Host an international diverse ecosystem of engineers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals using technology to scale medicine globally. (idealist.org)
  • The Role of Mild Induced Hypothermia in Cardiac Arrest Cardiac arrest -- learn how mild induced hypothermia benefits patients in this video commentary from Charles R. Wira, III, MD, Yale Department of Emergency Medicine. (archive.org)
  • One of my jobs is teaching emergency medicine residents. (pitt.edu)
  • As it's a standard part of emergency medicine residency education these days, I'll also be adding ATLS lecture notes as I make them. (pitt.edu)
  • Although more people are turning to Alternative Medicine therapies, their revenue is in the millions of dollars -- far less than Western medicine. (amazonaws.com)
  • Learn more and get involved with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's Strategic Plan. (ualberta.ca)
  • The twentieth century witnessed great advances in medicine, but also severe crimes in the name of science. (jhu.edu)
  • Our expert cardiovascular care starts with a premier team of specialists, which includes physicians from Baylor Heart Clinic and Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates at Baylor Medicine in Houston, Texas. (bcm.edu)
  • Just as there are many fields in conventional medicine, CAM covers many different practices. (kidshealth.org)
  • More and more, people use practices like these from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to not only fight disease, but also prevent it. (webmd.com)
  • The practices haven't been studied in the same way as Western medicine. (webmd.com)
  • Our faculty engage in multidisciplinary research, with major emphasis in pain medicine and neuroscience, genomics and mitochondria biology, outcomes, and medical training and patient education. (washington.edu)
  • In recent centuries, since the advent of modern science , most medicine has become a combination of art and science (both basic and applied , under the umbrella of medical science ). (wikipedia.org)
  • The OU-TU School of Community Medicine hosts 8 residency programs and 6 fellowships along with a 4-year Medical School program. (ou.edu)
  • Western Medicine generates billions of dollars of revenue, driven by millions of prescription and OTC drugs and thousands of medical surgeries. (amazonaws.com)
  • Twelve Maternal-Fetal Medicine faculty, five mid-level providers, and six MFM fellows care for women at the Maternal and Infant Care Clinic at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinics at Arlington, Yakima, and Valley Medical Center, and the Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Treatment Program at Seattle Children's Hospital. (washington.edu)
  • The coming convergence of biology and engineering will be led by information technologies, which in medicine means the digitisation of medical records and the establishment of an intelligent network for sharing those records. (economist.com)
  • The difference is that alternative medicine is often used instead of conventional medical techniques. (kidshealth.org)
  • Although alternative medicine has existed throughout the country's history, the greatest growth of alternative medical movements occurred during three eras, when more broad-based social ideologies nurtured the philosophical premises and political aims of such movements. (encyclopedia.com)
  • We have remained at the forefront of medicine by fostering a culture of collaboration, pushing the boundaries of medical research, educating the brightest medical minds and maintaining an unwavering commitment to the diverse communities we serve. (massgeneral.org)
  • Alternative medicine is used instead of mainstream medical care. (medlineplus.gov)
  • We serve the state and the nation by providing medical education through our School of Medicine in Columbia, a recognized leader in primary care medical education, research and patient care and our School of Medicine Greenville where students work and learn with biomedical educators and clinical faculty within the Greenville Hospital System. (sc.edu)
  • Noted for its high-quality medical education, the School of Medicine in Columbia provides its students with one-on-one instruction that lasts throughout their medical studies. (sc.edu)
  • In addition to purging old medicines, people may want to rethink where they keep medicine, said Dr. John Tipton, an associate professor of family medicine for the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Tulsa. (redorbit.com)
  • 51 (2006) R187-R202 doi:10.1088/0031-9155/51/13/R12 REVIEW Nuclear medicine dosimetry Michael Stabin Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA Received 7 February 2006, in final form 7 March 2006 Published 20 June 2006 Online at stacks.iop.org/PMB/51/R187 Abstract A brief overview is provided of the history of the development of internal dose methods for use in nuclear medicine. (slideshare.net)
  • Basic methods of internal dosimetry and the systems that have been developed for use in nuclear medicine are described. (slideshare.net)
  • Some history It is interesting to trace the history of nuclear medicine dosimetry from the period 1956-2006, as two important defining events fall almost right at the beginning of this period. (slideshare.net)
  • The ability to distribute short-lived radionuclides to sites distant from their point of production, and the unique imaging characteristics of 99m Tc, revolutionized nuclear medicine forever. (slideshare.net)
  • Explore biological decay properties of radionuclides typically used in nuclear medicine. (wolframalpha.com)
  • Blood pressure medicine (along with a healthy diet and exercise) can protect the heart, brain, and kidneys, but only if patients take it and keep their blood pressure controlled. (cdc.gov)
  • Use administrative claims data to identify patients who are not taking their medicine correctly and support coordinated care among prescribers, pharmacists, and patients. (cdc.gov)
  • The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) is a professional society for dentists who help patients control snoring and obstructive sleep apnea through the use of oral appliance therapy. (aadsm.org)
  • Homeopathy has been criticized for putting patients at risk due to advice against conventional medicine such as vaccinations, anti-malarial drugs, and antibiotics. (amazonaws.com)
  • We provide consultation to patients and physicians throughout the northwest as well as here in Portland, and we provide leadership and education in the field of pain medicine for our patients, our colleagues, and our region. (ohsu.edu)
  • We are currently enrolling patients in the Concierge Medicine program. (massgeneral.org)
  • They remain commonly used with or instead of scientific medicine and are thus called alternative medicine . (wikipedia.org)
  • All alternative systems of healing, ancient or modern, share one common characteristic which separates them from conventional Western medicine. (amazonaws.com)
  • Prescientific forms of medicine are now known as traditional medicine or folk medicine, which remains commonly used in the absence of scientific medicine, and are thus called alternative medicine. (wikipedia.org)
  • Medications (Rx): what drugs the patient takes including prescribed, over-the-counter, and home remedies, as well as alternative and herbal medicines or remedies. (wikipedia.org)
  • Because many people believe that CAM approaches - such as practicing yoga or taking dietary supplements - can improve overall well being, healthy people often use alternative medicine to try to prevent illness or ensure a healthier lifestyle. (kidshealth.org)
  • Although Thomson was antiprofessional, other alternative groups that employed a wider range of botanical drugs emerged, including Eclectic Medicine, which established schools, journals, and hospitals and won status for its practitioners as physicians. (encyclopedia.com)
  • What Exactly Is Alternative Medicine? (webmd.com)
  • Meet the new Spinal Cord Injury Research Chair and Director of the Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. (ualberta.ca)
  • The issues surrounding the subject of human experimentation are among the most intractable ethical dilemmas in medicine for persons attempting to strike a balance between research interests and the well being of individuals. (jhu.edu)
  • The notion of experimental research came to fruition only once medicine had detached itself from the dogmatism of the ancient and medieval eras-that is, once the physician's own eyes and what they observed, rather than the authority of the ancients, became the main point of reference. (jhu.edu)
  • However a review of the literature showed a shortfall in research as it had focused predominantly on technical analysis, equipment, sport psychology (frequently stress management techniques and imagery) and sports medicine (predominantly the aetiology and preven- tion of golf injuries). (yudu.com)
  • The Medicine course at Oxford provides a well-rounded intellectual training with particular emphasis on the basic science research that underpins medicine. (ox.ac.uk)
  • The sports medicine team works in collaboration with the athletic department, school nurse, physical therapists, and local physicians. (google.com)
  • This posting is for a Bilingual Procedures Coordinator in our Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine Department in South Tampa. (monster.com)
  • On these pages you will find Springer's journals, books and eBooks in all areas of Medicine, serving clinicians, researchers, teachers and students. (springer.com)
  • Regular readers of this blog will find it no surprise that I don't think much of Dr. Mehmet Oz. The reason, of course, is that his daily television show, The Dr. Oz Show, has been a font of misinformation about medicine almost since it began airing six years ago. (scienceblogs.com)
  • Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Concierge Medicine. (massgeneral.org)
  • Each name provides a link to a separate website (Medicine Guides) where you can find detailed information about the medicine. (www.nhs.uk)
  • One common theme that has been revisited time and time again on this blog since its very founding is the problem of how science and medicine are reported. (scienceblogs.com)
  • Forming a scientific journal whose goal is to validate antiquated, unproven superstitions is simply not science, whatever the editors of Chinese Medicine claim. (forbes.com)
  • There's a misconception that I frequently hear about evidence-based medicine (EBM), which can equally apply to science-based medicine (SBM). (scienceblogs.com)
  • So did Scott Gavura, a pharmacist who blogs at my favorite other blog, Science-Based Medicine, who also emphasized that the path from TCM remedy for fever to pill used to treat malaria was the very model of how pharmacologists isolate medicines from plants. (scienceblogs.com)
  • This addresses not only much of the science that underpins Medicine, but also the clinical problems that arise when systems fail. (ox.ac.uk)
  • TCM, on the other hand, doesn't focus on science and medicine. (webmd.com)
  • In addition to the M.D., the School of Medicine collaborates with other University of South Carolina colleges and schools to offer specialized graduate degrees in biomedical science , genetic and rehabilitation counseling and nurse anesthesia as well as a certificate in psychiatric rehabilitation. (sc.edu)
  • Be prepared for common ailments by keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home. (www.nhs.uk)
  • These medicines also help with some minor ailments, such as the common cold , by reducing aches, pain and high temperatures. (www.nhs.uk)
  • Oral appliance therapy should be provided by a qualified dentist who has technical skill and knowledge in dental sleep medicine. (aadsm.org)
  • The last few years have been busy for regeneration medicine, cellular therapeutics and the gene therapy industry, with high investment from pharma giants such as Eli Lilly, BMS, Astra Zeneca and Sanofi. (prnewswire.com)
  • AAPM 2009 Expert Video: A Primary Care Perspective Dr. Bill McCarberg discusses findings from the American Academy of Pain Medicine s 26th Annual Scientific Meeting relating to abuse-deterrent therapy in pain management. (archive.org)
  • AAPM 2009 Expert Video: Multimodal Therapy in Pain Dr. Charles Argoff discusses findings from the American Academy of Pain Medicine s 26th Annual Scientific Meeting related to multimodal therapy in chronic pain. (archive.org)
  • In a new study, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and their colleagues have identified a handful of nerve cells in the brainstem that connect breathing to states of mind. (stanford.edu)
  • Now, researchers at Penn Medicine discovered that ANT is critical for a quality control process called mitophagy-which helps to ensure the integrity of the mitochondria network by removing damaged mitochondria-and found that mutations that lead to a defective quality control system ultimately cause heart disease. (pennmedicine.org)
  • Topics cover medicines storage, expiration date on prescription medication, prescription medicine dosage, and more. (healthfinder.gov)
  • People who keep medicine cabinets stocked when healthy will have easy access to medication when they feel sick, Pendergraft said. (redorbit.com)
  • Full and consultative obstetrical/maternal-fetal medicine care, obstetrical ultrasound, antepartum testing (NST), psychiatry support, lactation support, Telemedicine with Yakima MFM Clinic. (washington.edu)
  • Spend one-half in an OHSU family medicine outpatient clinic. (ohsu.edu)
  • This topic will review the current state of personalized medicine and the challenges and obstacles confronted in the broad implementation of genomics in the clinic. (uptodate.com)
  • Each September, the AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) honors physicians who have offered their time, wisdom and support to advance women with careers in medicine. (ama-assn.org)
  • Naturopathic Physicians (N.D.) are primary care practitioners trained as specialist in natural medicine. (oregon.gov)
  • Environmental medicine intersects with a number of other fields, among them epidemiology , toxicology , ecology , tropical medicine , and occupational medicine . (britannica.com)
  • The modern field of environmental medicine originated sometime around the mid-20th century, when possible links between environmental factors and human disease gained increased recognition. (britannica.com)
  • Predictive medicine is a field of medicine that entails predicting the probability of disease and instituting preventive measures in order to either prevent the disease altogether or significantly decrease its impact upon the patient (such as by preventing mortality or limiting morbidity). (wikipedia.org)
  • Western medicine focuses mainly on treating disease. (webmd.com)
  • In general, doctors suggest you don't use it to totally replace Western medicine, especially if you have a serious condition like cancer or liver disease. (webmd.com)
  • Lead is sometimes found in certain foods, cosmetics, and traditional medicines imported from other countries. (cdc.gov)
  • You only can tell for sure if certain foods, candies, spices, cosmetics, and traditional medicines or ceremonial powders contain lead by having them tested in a laboratory. (cdc.gov)
  • Prescientific forms of medicine are now known as traditional medicine and folk medicine . (wikipedia.org)
  • Modern scientific medicine is highly developed in the Western world , while in developing countries such as parts of Africa or Asia, the population may rely more heavily on traditional medicine with limited evidence and efficacy and no required formal training for practitioners. (wikipedia.org)
  • Actually, the name refers to what is usually called Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. (forbes.com)
  • Last week, in response to the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Chinese scientist Youyou Tu, who isolated Artemisinin and validated it as a useful treatment for malaria back in the 1970s, I pointed out that the discovery was a triumph of natural products pharmacology, not of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). (scienceblogs.com)
  • was given a traditional medicine remdy, but was told it was a homeopathy medicine, would it be extremely effective? (yahoo.com)
  • What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine? (webmd.com)
  • This is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses needles to stimulate specific points around the body. (webmd.com)