A written account of a person's life and the branch of literature concerned with the lives of people. (Harrod's Librarians' Glossary, 7th ed)
The ability to generate new ideas or images.
Sound that expresses emotion through rhythm, melody, and harmony.
An autosomally-encoded 376-kDa cytoskeletal protein that is similar in structure and function to DYSTROPHIN. It is a ubiquitously-expressed protein that plays a role in anchoring the CYTOSKELETON to the PLASMA MEMBRANE.
Productive or purposeful activities.
Physiological or psychological effects of periods of work which may be fixed or flexible such as flexitime, work shifts, and rotating shifts.
Assessment of physiological capacities in relation to job requirements. It is usually done by measuring certain physiological (e.g., circulatory and respiratory) variables during a gradually increasing workload until specific limitations occur with respect to those variables.
Resumption of normal work routine following a hiatus or period of absence due to injury, disability, or other reasons.
Warm-blooded VERTEBRATES possessing FEATHERS and belonging to the class Aves.
Analog or digital communications device in which the user has a wireless connection from a telephone to a nearby transmitter. It is termed cellular because the service area is divided into multiple "cells." As the user moves from one cell area to another, the call is transferred to the local transmitter.
A type of MICROCOMPUTER, sometimes called a personal digital assistant, that is very small and portable and fitting in a hand. They are convenient to use in clinical and other field situations for quick data management. They usually require docking with MICROCOMPUTERS for updates.
Text editing and storage functions using computer software.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
Various material objects and items in the home. It includes temporary or permanent machinery and appliances. It does not include furniture or interior furnishings (FURNITURE see INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNISHINGS; INTERIOR FURNISHINGS see INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNISHINGS).
Systematic identification, development, organization, or utilization of educational resources and the management of these processes. It is occasionally used also in a more limited sense to describe the use of equipment-oriented techniques or audiovisual aids in educational settings. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, December 1993, p132)
The act, process, or an instance of narrating, i.e., telling a story. In the context of MEDICINE or ETHICS, narration includes relating the particular and the personal in the life story of an individual.
Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Organized activities related to the storage, location, search, and retrieval of information.
Information systems, usually computer-assisted, designed to store, manipulate, and retrieve information for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling administrative activities associated with the provision and utilization of radiology services and facilities.
Drinkable liquids combined with or impregnated with carbon dioxide.
A plant genus of the family STERCULIACEAE. This is the source of the kola nut which contains CAFFEINE and is used in popular beverages.
Liquids that are suitable for drinking. (From Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
The use of music as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of neurological, mental, or behavioral disorders.
Occasions to commemorate an event or occasions designated for a specific purpose.
To entrust to the care or management of another, to transfer or to assign tasks within an organizational or administrative unit or structure
An international organization whose members include most of the sovereign nations of the world with headquarters in New York City. The primary objectives of the organization are to maintain peace and security and to achieve international cooperation in solving international economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems.
Fabric or other material used to cover the body.
Collections of illustrative plates, charts, etc., usually with explanatory captions.
Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.
Portable electronics device for storing and playing audio and or media files. MP3 for MPEG-1 audio layer 3, is a digital coding format.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
A state in south central Australia. Its capital is Adelaide. It was probably first visited by F. Thyssen in 1627. Later discoveries in 1802 and 1830 opened up the southern part. It became a British province in 1836 with this self-descriptive name and became a state in 1901. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1135)
Organizations established by endowments with provision for future maintenance.
Hiram Bullock, 52, American jazz guitarist, throat cancer. Harriet Burns, 79, American artist, first woman to work at Walt ... Johnny Griffin, 80, American jazz saxophonist. Tracy Hall, 88, American physical chemist, Alzheimer's disease. Joseph P. Landry ... "Jazz drummer, singer Lee Young dies at 94". The Dallas Morning News. August 9, 2008. Archived from the original on September 15 ... Hevesi, Dennis (July 11, 2008). "Bobby Durham, 71, Drummer Who Played With Jazz Greats, Dies". The New York Times. Retrieved ...
Moses Khumalo, 26, South African jazz saxophonist, Best Newcomer at South African Music Awards (2002), suicide by hanging. ... Yap, Stephanie (January 26, 2007). "Artist's family donates works to museum" (PDF). The Straits Times. Archived from the ... Ratliff, Ben (September 4, 2006). "Dewey Redman, 75, Jazz Saxophonist, Dies". The New York Times. Retrieved April 13, 2018. ... Dewey Redman, 75, American jazz saxophonist, father of Joshua Redman, liver failure. Monty Stickles, 68, American football ...
He began playing guitar at the age of nine, and attended high school alongside ill-fated jazz saxophonist Herbie Haymer and ... "Born Seymour Kulik in Kearney [sic], New Jersey, in 1922, he served in the army during the Second World War, then worked in the ... George Paxton (c. 1914-1989), big band jazz leader, saxophonist, composer and producer. Matt Pelissier (born 1979), Drummer for ... Herbie Haymer (1916-1949), jazz saxophonist. Frank Iero (born 1981), rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for My Chemical ...
Barney Bigard - jazz tenor saxophonist and clarinetist. Wellman Braud - bassist. Tricky Sam Nanton - trombonist Murphy used ... He and his crew worked on both films concurrently. Murphy collaborated with Ellington to allow his choice of what music would ... It is the first film to feature Duke Ellington and His Orchestra performing as a jazz band, and was also the film debut of ... JazzTimes 10: Jazz on Film -Page 3 of 10 - JazzTimes AllMovie Paghat the Ratgirl. "Black & Tan". Wild Realm website. Retrieved ...
... is an American jazz saxophonist. Frank Catalano began playing saxophone at age 7. When he was 16, his right ... Catalano has worked with Louie Bellson, Tony Bennett, Randy Brecker, Charles Earland, Kenny Loggins, Jimmy McGriff, Arturo ... Cut It Out!?! (Delmark, 1998) Pins 'n' Needles (Chicago Lakeside Jazz, 1999) You Talkin' To Me?! with Von Freeman (Delmark, ... middle finger was severed while working on a car engine. Following reconstructive surgery, he forced his hands to relearn his ...
His songs have been described as among the more chart-friendly work from the offbeat label. Harle is the son of saxophonist ... He later joined the Royal Academy of Music's junior jazz group. In 2006, John Harle recorded Daniel's song "Caesar Hath Wept" ... The two also worked together on the track "B.O.M.D." on Clairo's Diary 001 EP the same year. While he continued producing, ... Fact magazine placed "Broken Flowers" 79th on its list of the "100 best tracks of the decade so far". Harle worked on the sound ...
By the mid-1980s he worked on his own and would become one of Norway's leading jazz composers. He was active in the groups of ... He is the younger brother of saxophonist Erik Balke. Balke started playing classical piano but switched to blues at 12, though ... 1984: Buddyprisen 1993: Jazz Musician of the Year 2000: Edvard Prize in popular music - major works, for the album Solarized ... "Jon Balke - Magnetic Works" (in Norwegian). Jazz NRK.no. "Warp". ECM Records. Retrieved 11 July 2018. "Nahnou Houm". ECM ...
He found work as a laborer and then a dishwasher. But after hanging out in the pool halls of 26th Street, he gave up work to ... Blues and Jazz Guitar (Kicking Mule, 1977) Jazz Rock Guitar (Kicking Mule, 1978) Sweet Harmony (Bellaphone, 1980) Back to the ... His musical style was influenced by saxophonist Charlie Parker. By 1949, Baker had his own combo, and a few paying jobs. He ... the Complete Course in Jazz Guitar is a mainstay for introducing students of guitar to the world of jazz. They have remained in ...
Walter's work has been informed by techniques and traditions of music including no wave, free jazz, extreme metal, punk, noise ... The following year, Russell joined Walter in co-founding the band the Flying Luttenbachers; saxophonist Chad Organ played in ... In 1990, Walter moved to Chicago to work with free jazz composer Hal Russell (born Harold Luttenbacher) at Columbia College. ... Pioneer Works vol. 1 (Balance Point Acoustics, 2019) Pioneer Works vol. 2 (Balance Point Acoustics, 2019) with Henry Kaiser & ...
He was also a trombonist, trumpeter and alto saxophonist. In the early 1950s he was a member of the Crane River Jazz Band led ... was an audio engineer specialised in restoring classic jazz records. He was also a working musician and a member of The ... For many he was considered "the world's leading specialist in the art of sound restoration", specifically in regard to jazz and ... Later he achieved chart success with the 1960s jazz revival band The Temperance Seven. The group's recording of "You're Driving ...
Branch regularly performs with Oklahoma jazz saxophonist Grady Nichols. She is working on her debut album, which was scheduled ... Early in their marriage they had a low income, and Branch's husband took on several odd jobs, in addition to his work as a ...
Steve Lacy, American jazz saxophonist & composer. Member of The Jazz Composer's Orchestra. Has worked with Cecil Taylor, Don ... Member of The Jazz Composer's Orchestra. Has worked with Steve Lacy (see above), Carla Bley, Terje Rypdal (see below), and ... Has worked with AMM (see above). Music Improvisation Company, British jazz ensemble led by Derek Bailey. Mythos, German rock ... Has worked with Frank Zappa (see below). Chamberpot, British jazz ensemble of Richard Beswick, Simon Mayo, Philipp Wachsmann, ...
Lou Donaldson, world-famous jazz musician and alto saxophonist. U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: ... Alcoa Power Generating continues to generate electricity using four area dams and is working to find new uses for the plant ...
Throughout his childhood and early career, he worked in New York City where loft jazz, bebop, and free jazz influenced him. He ... In the 1980s, he worked with alto saxophonist, John Handy; violinist, L. Subramaniam; and bassist, Sigi Busch. Handy encouraged ... The free jazz in style at the time influenced Rader. He started playing in the mid-70s loft jazz movement, which led him to ... In 1999 Rader's Ballistics of Yin and Yang, was awarded as one of the year's best jazz albums, "providing a glimmer of hope ...
... and King Friday wants the best jazz musicians. Handyman Negri brings in a blind saxophonist named Eric Kloss. Dr. Bill tells ... In his rush to work the lathe, Corny injures his finger in it. Nurse Miller consoles him. Rogers goes to Bob Trow's workshop to ... Rogers draws a song based on a recording of jazz and classical music. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is still ... In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the Castle fountain works only to a small extent. Lady Elaine has taken the windmill at ...
She has worked with the jazz saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom. Min worked with Björk on the song "I See Who You Are" on Björk's album ... and composer known for her work in traditional Chinese music, contemporary classical music, and jazz. Min Xiao-Fen studied with ... She has worked with numerous contemporary composers, including Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Carl Stone, Anthony De Ritis, Marc Battier, ...
He has also worked in film and theatre. He is the elder brother of saxophonist Julian Argüelles. Steve currently resides in ... Stephen Argüelles Clarke (born 16 November 1963) is an English jazz drummer, producer and is the proprietor of the Plush record ... From the age of 16, when he became the house drummer at Ronnie Scott's, through his seminal work as a founder of the 1980s ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Cook, Richard (2005). Richard Cook's Jazz Encyclopedia. London, UK: Penguin Books. p. ...
Louis) is an American jazz drummer. He is the son of saxophonist Oliver Lake. Lake began playing drums when he was five years ... He attended Berklee College of Music, where he worked with Tommy Campbell, and played in local Boston bands in a variety of ... Outside of jazz, Lake also played with R&B musicians such as Maxwell and Me'Shell Ndegeocello. Lake has been a resident of ... Later in the 1990s he worked with Steve Coleman, Lunar Crush (with David Fiuczynski and John Medeski), Marcus Miller, Brandon ...
From 1995 through 1998, Matta worked extensively with saxophonist Joe Henderson. Nilson played on the album Joe Henderson Big ... He has taught at Litchfield Jazz Campus. Nilson is the Artistic/Music Director of Samba Meets Jazz Workshops, with vocal and ... He is also known for his work with Trio Da Paz, Don Pullen African Brazilian Connection, Joe Henderson, Yo Yo Ma and Nilson ... Source: Cook, Richard and Morton, Brian (2008) The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings. (9th ed.) Penguin. Official Site [1] at ...
He also works as a ceramicist. He claims to have played classical and jazz piano, as well as playing organ in a Protestant ... His other musical influences included T.Rex and saxophonist Steve Lacy. He and his wife Reiko Kudo joined a band called Worst ... psychedelia and free jazz; the band's tendency to ask members of the audience to join in adds a sense of "danger" in live ...
... (born 23 February 1975) is an American jazz saxophonist. Since 2000, he has been working in New York City with ... He met Jackie McLean, a well known alto saxophonist and founder of the jazz program at The Hartt School. Escoffery was awarded ... Jazz for Juniors (Arbors, 2009) Joris Teepe, In the Spirit of Rashied Ali (Jazz Tribes, 2018) Akiko Tsuruga, NYC Serenade (Mojo ... With Black Art Jazz Collective Presented By The Side Door Jazz Club (Sunnyside, 2016) Armor of Pride (HighNote, 2018) Ascension ...
... (born 1957) is a jazz saxophonist and electronic musician. Archer entered the British improvisational jazz scene ... His first working band was Bass Tone Trap, with which he recorded an album in the early 1980s. In 1983 he founded the band ... His usual recording method is to record jazz musicians as they improvise on acoustic instruments, and then reconstruct the ... Archer collaborates periodically with bluegrass/jazz guitarist John Jasnoch under the name Ask. He co-leads the 30-member ...
In 1994 he accompanied Ernestine Anderson and worked with Brazilian ensemble Nois. From 1995 Lodder worked with Paul McCartney ... In 1996 he recorded on church organ with saxophonist Mark Ramsden. He returned to tour with George Russell from 1997, and was ... Lodder became active in jazz music, playing with Maggie Nicols, John Etheridge, Harry Beckett, and Deirdre Cartwright. He ... Since 1989 Lodder has worked with Andy Sheppard, on several projects (including Soft on the Inside, Co-Motion, Inclassifiable, ...
He gained recognition for his work with Roy Hargrove. Hart is currently serving as a full-time professor of jazz studies in ... Antonio Hart (born September 30, 1968) is a jazz alto saxophonist. He attended the Baltimore School for the Arts, studied with ... His initial training was classical, but he switched to jazz in college. ... Jazz Legacy) With Rabih Abou-Khalil The Cactus of Knowledge (Enja, 2001) With Dee Dee Bridgewater This Is New (2002) With ...
... (born 18 April 1979) is an Estonian jazz saxophonist. She has worked with John Parish and Mark Howard. She ... Aarhus Jazz Festival 2012 Aarhus Jazz Festival 2016 Aarhus Jazz Festival 2018 BMW Welt Jazz Awards nominee 2019 Nominated to ... "Jazz composer of the year" and "Vocal Jazz album of the year" (Kira Skov/Maria Faust "In the Beginning") Danske Jazz Award ... "BMW Welt Jazz Award 2019". bmw-welt.com. "DMA Jazz 2019 - Here are the nominees of the year". jazzdenmark.dk. "This year's ...
John Erskine "Rocky" Boyd (Boston, 1936) is an American jazz saxophonist. He studied at the South End Music School, Berklee and ... Before long, he was working with Johnny Griffin, Philly Joe Jones and Pete LaRoca. Later he replaced Stanley Turrentine in the ... Interested in jazz, he moved to New York City in 1958 where he continued his studies while playing at jazz clubs. He played his ... 1989 liner notes to Ease It by Alun Morgan All About Jazz interview. ...
He worked as a sideman with Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln before joining Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. In 1968, he was a ... Gary Bartz (born September 26, 1940) is an American jazz saxophonist. Bartz studied at the Juilliard Conservatory of Music. In ... which combined jazz, funk, and soul. Bartz was awarded the BNY Mellon Jazz 2015 Living Legacy Award, which was presented at a ... In the liner notes to the album The Red and Orange Poems, jazz critic Stanley Crouch called Bartz "one of the very best who has ...
The latter was married to the prominent jazz saxophonist Gerry Mulligan. Brown started writing for Tin Pan Alley in 1912 and ... Brown also worked with other composers, like Sammy Fain. "Brown in 1939 estimated that he had written or collaborated on about ... Two of their well-known works that year were "(I'm Going Back to) Kentucky Sue" and "I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town". Brown ... includes full ASCAP catalog of his songs and shows Lew Brown at the Internet Broadway Database Lew Brown at IMDb The Jazz Age ...
She has worked with many jazz musicians including Tommy Smith (to whom she was once married), drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts, ... "Saxophonist Laura Macdonald'96". BerkleeNow. Retrieved 28 March 2021. Fulton, Rick (26 February 2021). "Meet the first two ... Moreover, she has worked alongside legendary non-jazz specialist and Just For Men promoter John McCrory. Her recordings include ... She graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1998, and is now based in Scotland, working as a music instructor for South ...
... (born 1943) is an Australian jazz pianist. Sedergreen has worked with John Sangster, Don Burrows, and Brian ... Pianist Steve Sedergreen and saxophonist Mal Sedergreen are Bob's sons. Bob played with the Fred Bradshaw Quartet (1962-70), ... He has worked as a band director at Blackburn High School, and also has dome work at Ringwood Secondary College with his wife ... he worked with the Australian Jazz Ensemble, Onaje and Peter Gaudion's Blues Express and the popular Blues on the Boil. Bob has ...
Jazz composers. *Jazz saxophonists. *People from Cambridge, Massachusetts. *Thai anti-communists. *Thai billionaires ... A third and earlier work, The Devil's Discus (1964), is also available in Thai and English. The latter two books are banned in ... Bhumibol was an accomplished jazz saxophone player and composer, playing Dixieland and New Orleans jazz, and also the clarinet ... 2011). King Bhumibol Adulyadej - A Life's Work: Thailand's Monarchy in Perspective. Singapore: Editions Didier Millet. ISBN 978 ...
2003: Jazz Dialogues: Vol. 1 Willpower, Vol. 2 Focus, Vol. 3 Out of Nowhere, Vol. 4 Music for a While ... As a leader, James worked in a broad range of formats. His own CDs comprise traditional piano-bass-drums trios; larger ... a sextet with a front line featuring three master saxophonists; a classic setting for Clark Terry; a solo piano recital on the ... 1979: Everything I Love, The James Williams Quartet (Concord Jazz). *1982: The Arioso Touch, The James Williams Trio (Concord ...
... with jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr., which was released during June 1980.[19] The song won the Grammy Award for Best R& ... He left the Navy in 1965, and relocated to Los Angeles in 1967 to start a music career.[6][8] Withers worked as an assembler ... Ultimately Withers reminded us that it's the everyday that is the most meaningful: work, family, love, loss."[42] A Billboard ... Withers worked as a professional musician for just 15 years, from 1970 to 1985, after which he moved on to other occupations. ...
Joseph Salvatore Lovano (born December 29, 1952)[1] is an American jazz saxophonist, alto clarinetist, flautist,[1] and drummer ... After Berklee he worked with Jack McDuff and Lonnie Smith. He spent three years with the Woody Herman orchestra, then moved to ... "Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians. jazz.com. Archived from the original on April 14, 2016.. .mw-parser-output cite.citation{font- ... was a tribute to both cool jazz and free jazz. Lovano and pianist Hank Jones released an album together in June 2007, entitled ...
... along with alto saxophonist Jerry Weldon and pianist John DiMartino, playing live at Dizzy's jazz club in Lincoln Center. His ... He went on to work with Grover Washington, Jr. and to record jingles for various companies, including Turner Classic Movies[2] ... John Swenson, The Rolling Stone Jazz & Blues Album Guide 1999, p.159, 'To the Ends of the Earth' Freddy Cole fb. 1931), the ... Freddy Cole: Heir To The Throne by Alex Henderson, The New York City Jazz Record ...
Jazz-Tango-Dancing, which would later become Le Jazz Hot.[3]:55He likely acquired this position because of his work in Revue du ... His codename within the British Special Operations Executive was "Benny" and his network was "Cart," in honor of saxophonist ... Jazz Hot - La revue internationale du jazz depuis 1935 Le Jazz Hot. Retrieved 14 April 2012. ... 1979). The jazz makers : essays on the greats of jazz (Repr. d. Ausg. New York 1957. ed.). New York, N.Y.: Da Capo Pr. p. 46. ...
They began working on their first album titled Butts Band that was released the same year. They disbanded in 1975 after the ... The lead single, "Touch Me", featured saxophonist Curtis Amy. While the band was trying to maintain their previous momentum, ... In recent years Densmore formed a jazz band called Tribaljazz and they released a self-titled album in 2006. ... "Tech N9ne Works With the Doors". Rolling Stone. June 24, 2013. Retrieved July 9, 2017.. ...
Woodrow Charles Herman (May 16, 1913 - October 29, 1987) was an American jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, singer, and big band ... In the early 1970s he toured frequently and began to work more in jazz education, offering workshops and taking on younger ... Portrait of a Jazz Legend was released on DVD in late 2012 by the jazz documentary filmmaker Graham Carter, owner of Jazzed ... "Jazz and Stravinsky" *^ "Classical Arts". Center for Jazz Arts. Archived from the original on 2012-02-06. Retrieved 2013-07-02. ...
funk, jazz, house, electronica, experimental, afro beat, psychedelic. Occupation(s). Musician, producer, video artist, animator ... In 2010, Kutiman worked with Karolina to create a music video for her hit song, "Smile 2 Me",[38] which was shot in 150 ... and an Omaha-based saxophonist performing "free improvisation". ... While working at a local convenience store in Tel Aviv, Israel ... Kutiman spent two months working on the Thru You project, and, as Kutiman described:. It took me two months, but it was really ...
In his teens, Hubbard worked locally with brothers Wes and Monk Montgomery and worked with bassist Larry Ridley and saxophonist ... A Jazz Hour with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers: Blues March. Jazz Hour. 1961 [1992] ... Pop + Jazz = Swing - jazz part also released as Just Jazz!. Audio Fidelity. 1962 ... with jazz vocalist Salena Jones. He also performed at the Warsaw Jazz Festival, at which Live at the Warsaw Jazz Festival ( ...
Berry, Jason (September 30, 2009). Up from the Cradle of Jazz: New Orleans Music since World War II. University of Louisiana at ... He has told fans that his surgery has his hip "breaking inside" and refuses to have further work on it.[citation needed] On ... Following his success, Little Richard built up his backup band, The Upsetters, with the addition of saxophonists Clifford "Gene ... It was reported that he charmed the crowd by reminiscing about his early days working in Nashville nightclubs.[115][116] In May ...
James performed at the top jazz festivals in the world, such as the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1977, 1989, 1990 and 1993.[28] ... "Work with Me, Annie". Otis took the group under his wing, helping them sign to Modern Records and changing their name from the ... "Highly regarded L.A. tenor, alto saxophonist played with A-list stars". Los Angeles Times. ISSN 0458-3035. Retrieved 2018-06- ... She performed at the Playboy Jazz Festival in 1990, 1997, 2004, and 2007.[29] She performed at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage ...
Amongst these artists are jazz pianist Horace Silver, Duke Ellington's saxophonist Paul Gonsalves, Teófilo Chantre, Paul Pena, ... Three of the five researchers working in natural sciences were women, as were three of the six social scientists and two of the ... All 25 researchers were working in the government sector in 2011 and one in three were women (36%). There was no research being ... there are over 22,000 foreigners/naturalized Cape Verdeans who hail from over 90 countries around the world living and working ...
Lee works as a restaurant correspondent for the PBS show, George Hirsch: Living it Up!. In 2006, Katie Lee hosted Bravo's Top ... Rhys Clark returned as drummer and Tom Whitehorse as banjoist and pedal steel player; Johnny Almond joined as saxophonist and ... the CBS Jazz All-Stars, the Trio of Doom, Fania All-Stars, Billy Swan, Bonnie Bramlett, Mike Finnegan, Weather Report, and an ... That year, Joel also started work on River of Dreams, finishing the album in early 1993. Its cover art was a colorful painting ...
November 9 - Australian-born singer Kylie Minogue ends her working relationship with UK songwriters and record producers Stock ... jazz, pop, and rock concerts) until September 6.[14] ... January 17 - Charlie Ventura, tenor saxophonist and bandleader ... January 23 - Jordan "Rizzle" Stephens of Rizzle Kicks, sometimes works under names: Wildhood and Al, the Native. ... Time magazine's film critic, Richard Corliss, stated in 2005 that the "astonishing debut work parades Rahman's gift for ...
Antonio Hart, 1986 - Jazz saxophonist.. *Katherine Needleman, 1996 - classical oboist.. *Larry Gilliard, Jr. - Actor ... Working with a distinguished faculty, students pursue any one of four disciplines-the visual arts, music (vocal or instrumental ...
Zahir worked with mentors such as Ismail Azami (saxophonist), Nangalai (trumpeter), Abdullah Etemadi (drummer), and other ... He was an avid listener of all genres of music and he incorporated elements of western (pop, rock, jazz), Indian, Middle ... but soon began work on his first musical album. He worked closely with Afghan composers Nainawaz and Taranasaz. His first ...
He was curator of the monumental sound-art exhibition Volume: Bed of Sound for MoMA PS1, which featured the works of 54 artists ... He completed his B.A. degree at Bard College in 1973, where he studied composition with Benjamin Boretz and Elie Yarden; jazz ... 20th-century saxophonists. *20th-century American composers. *21st-century saxophonists. *Classical musicians from Ohio ... A work of music/theater, concept and music by Sharp with libretto by noted science-fiction author Jack Womack. Binibon is a ...
... considered a pioneering work and a "historical classic". The work was later translated into English and published in 1895 in ... best known as the inventor of Afro-jazz - "the reuniting of African-American jazz with its African roots"[1] - and as a member ... He was a singer, a composer, an arranger, a saxophonist and a pioneer of highlife music. He was the bandleader and founder of ... His early work was published under the name John Okai. With his poems rooted in the oral tradition, he is generally ...
In Teddy Powell's Lounge Rita performed with jazz organist Jimmy Smith for a week. She briefly worked in Toronto at the Town ... In England they played on American army bases and in several dance clubs, where Reys met people like saxophonist Ronnie Scott.[ ... At the 1960 French jazz festival of Juan-les-Pins, she received the title, "Europe's first lady of jazz".[1] ... In 1943, aged 18, she met her first husband, jazz drummer Wessel Ilcken, who introduced her to the jazz scene. Rita Reys & the ...
... alto saxophonist Paul Desmond.[1] Appearing on one of the top-selling jazz albums, Time Out, and written in 5. 4 time, "Take ... and Jazz Impressions of New York (1964) are less well-known albums, but all are brilliant examples of the quartet's studio work ... "Jazz Music - Jazz Artists - Jazz News". Jazz.com. Archived from the original on August 30, 2012. Retrieved May 4, 2012.. ... Aurex Jazz Festival '82 Eastworld In concert 1984? Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz with guest: Dave Brubeck The Jazz Alliance/ ...
James Melvin Lunceford (June 6, 1902 - July 12, 1947) was an American jazz alto saxophonist and bandleader in the swing era. ... band differed from other great bands of the time because it was better known for its ensemble than for its solo work. ... "Legends of Big Band Jazz History. Retrieved 2012-11-26.. *^ a b Yanow, Scott. "Jimmie Lunceford - Music Biography, Credits and ... Jazz Heritage Series #3- Jimmie Lunceford 1: Rhythm Is Our Business (1934-1935) (LP: Decca #79237, 1968/LP reissue: MCA #1302, ...
Pictured Within and Beyond the Notes provide the most personal work by Lord, and together, have what his earlier solo work ... Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, progressive rock, classical, jazz, jazz fusion. ... His father was an amateur saxophonist and encouraged Lord from an early age. He studied classical piano from the age of five, ... He started his band career in London in 1960 with the jazz ensemble The Bill Ashton Combo. Ashton became a key figure in jazz ...
Some jazz critics such as Hugues Panassié held the polyphonic improvisation of New Orleans jazz to be the pure form of jazz, ... In 1927 Armstrong worked with pianist Earl Hines, who had a similar impact on his instrument as Armstrong had on trumpet. Hines ... "Jazz History Part II". www.swingmusic.net.. *^ Blowin' Hot and Cool: Jazz and Its Critics, by John Remo Gennari, PhD (born 1960 ... Big band jazz[edit]. Big band jazz made a comeback as well. The Stan Kenton and Woody Herman bands maintained their popularity ...
... a famous Harlem jazz club. In 1933 she was working at a club called Monette's. She was discovered by a talent scout called John ... A tenor saxophonist called Lester Young often accompanied Holiday. He had been a boarder at her mother's house in 1934 and she ... Holiday was a very important influence on jazz and pop singing. The way that she sang was similar to the way jazz musicians ... In the late 1930s, she also worked as a big band singer with Count Basie and Artie Shaw. She was one of the first black women ...
... and jazz selections (Nat Adderley's "Work Song"). East-West reached number 65 in the album chart. ... and saxophonists David Sanborn and Gene Dinwiddie. This lineup recorded the band's third album, The Resurrection of Pigboy ... Jazz drummer Billy Davenport was invited to replace Lay, who was ailing.[9] In July 1966, the sextet recorded their second ... Such Waters warhorses as "Forty Days and Forty Nights", "I'm Ready", "Baby, Please Don't Go", and "Got My Mojo Working" were ...
Eric Dolphy - jazz saxophonist. *Varg Vikernes - Norwegian black metal musician[31][32] ... According to historian Daniel Walker Howe (What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848, 2007) the term was ... This dates back to the early years of the organisation, and the missionary work among alcoholics. ...
David "Bubba" Brooks, jazz tenor saxophonist. *Harold Floyd "Tina" Brooks, jazz musician, tenor saxophonist, and composer ... Children working in the Tolar, Hart and Holt Mills in Fayetteville, 1914. Photo by Lewis Hine. ... The city hosts Partnership for Defense Initiatives (PDI),[34] a non-profit organization that works with government, academia, ... To combat the dispersal of suburbanization, Fayetteville has worked to redevelop its downtown through various revitalization ...
American jazz saxophonist John Coltrane named his son Ravi Coltrane after Shankar.[93] ... Shyam later worked as a lawyer in London, England,[2] and there he married a second time while Devi raised Shankar in Benares, ... After finishing his studies in 1944, Shankar worked as a composer, creating the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray, and ... On 7 April 2016 Google published a Google Doodle to honor his work.[94] ...
Elmer Williams (1905-1962) was an American jazz tenor saxophonist, known for his work with Chick Webb. He joined Webb in 1927, ...
He worked for the Stan Kenton orchestra, which led to his entry into the cool jazz idiom. He began performing with Art Pepper ... was an American cool jazz saxophonist and flutist popular on the West Coast jazz scene, known primarily as a tenor saxophonist ... Pacific Jazz, 1955) Bud Shank & the Sax Section (Pacific Jazz, 1966) With Gerald Wilson California Soul (Pacific Jazz, 1968) ... Thurber, Jon (12 August 2003). "Bill Perkins, 79; Saxophonist Who Played With Kenton, Herman Bands Was Key Figure in Jazz". The ...
Make research projects and school reports about Jazz easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and ... and their work was taken up by saxophonist Stan Getz (1927-1991). Miles Davis worked with Brazilian drummer Airto Moreira, and ... Jazz of the later twentieth century continued to develop multiple styles-free jazz, soul jazz, jazz-rock fusion-that ... jazz styles ranged from the hot jazz of Louis Armstrong to the "symphonic" jazz of Paul Whitemans (1890-1967) band. Hot jazz, ...
2003: Jazz Dialogues: Vol. 1 Willpower, Vol. 2 Focus, Vol. 3 Out of Nowhere, Vol. 4 Music for a While ... As a leader, James worked in a broad range of formats. His own CDs comprise traditional piano-bass-drums trios; larger ... a sextet with a front line featuring three master saxophonists; a classic setting for Clark Terry; a solo piano recital on the ... 1979: Everything I Love, The James Williams Quartet (Concord Jazz). *1982: The Arioso Touch, The James Williams Trio (Concord ...
Herbie Haymer (1916-1949), jazz saxophonist.[163]. *Frank Iero (born 1981), rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for My ... "Born Seymour Kulik in Kearney [sic], New Jersey, in 1922, he served in the army during the Second World War, then worked in the ... He began playing guitar at the age of nine, and attended high school alongside ill-fated jazz saxophonist Herbie Haymer and ... George Paxton (c. 1914-1989), big band jazz leader, saxophonist, composer and producer.[163][179] ...
Missouri Contemporary Ballets (MCB) fall show will feature new works. MCB will also revive works from their past repertoire. ... We Always Swing Jazz Series: A Night In Treme: The Musical Majesty of New Orleans. Sunday, October 27, 7pm Stotler Lounge, ... Featuring saxophonist Donald Harrison. A bit of background, Donald, a New Orleans native who still lives there, lost everything ... Aaron has closed the New Orleans Jazz Festival for the past 20 years. Hungarian Folk Festival Tuesday, October 8, 7pm Jesse ...
Andy Sheppard is one of the UKís most compelling and charismatic saxophonists. He has illuminated the bands of jazz greats such ... These works are unique personal musical sketches and not available on record or CD.. This free version of the App has full ...
Wednesday Night Jazz Worship Service To Feature Saxophonist Joel Frahm Rhonda Mitchell, Asylum Hill Congregational Church , ... Bill Belichick Watches Nick Williams Work At UConn Pro Day By PAUL DOYLE, [email protected] , The Hartford Courant. ... Working Together, We All Grow Melissa Fay, Common Grounds Rotary Garden , Enfield. ... Good Friday City Hall And Bristol Curbside Collection Service Schedule Bristol Public Works, City of Bristol , Bristol. ...
... saxophonist; b. Portland, Ore., June 17, 1941; d. there, Feb. 10, 1992. Pepper began tap dancing as a youth in Portland. His ... he worked with various leaders, including Charlie Hadens Liberation Music Orch. Source for information on Pepper, Jim: Bakers ... Pepper, Jim, jazz flutist, saxophonist; b. Portland, Ore., June 17, 1941; d. there, Feb. 10, 1992. Pepper began tap dancing as ... Al… Roy Eldridge , Eldridge, Roy Jazz trumpeter, vocalist When Otto Hardwick, a reed player with Duke Ellingtons orchestra, ...
2012 at All About Jazz. Find more New York Beat articles ... Dion Parson at Dizzys Club Coca-Cola jazz article by Nick ... Davis seems to lead the parade of mainstream American jazzers whose work has been adapted farthest and widest. Saxophonist ... 2018 All About Jazz , Privacy Policy We inform jazz fans and alert them to local shows. And while were at it, were improving ... Support All About Jazz and Jazz Near You!. If you shop at any of the stores below, please initiate your purchase from All About ...
Its a bold, imaginative, inventive work that will, if there is any justice in the jazz world, have infinitely more than a ... an influential jazz advocacy group on campus; William Gearty, a saxophonist and president of the YUJA; and Nina Wexelblatt, a ... Hinton, a venerable jazz figure who died at 90 in 2000, was the ultimate jazz world "insider" with unlimited access to the ... Jazz Scenarios: From Bakery to Books. La Petite France Bakery Café serves its Jazz Night Saturdays spring season opener ...
American jazz saxophonist John Coltrane named his son Ravi Coltrane after Shankar.[93] ... Shyam later worked as a lawyer in London, England,[2] and there he married a second time while Devi raised Shankar in Benares, ... After finishing his studies in 1944, Shankar worked as a composer, creating the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray, and ... On 7 April 2016 Google published a Google Doodle to honor his work.[94] ...
Kiwi soul-jazz saxophonist Haines is best known for his work with the Metalheadz and his boundary-crossing Bemsha! sessions at ... Kiwi soul-jazz saxophonist Haines is best known for his work with the Metalheadz and his boundary-crossing Bemsha! sessions at ... which sees him return to his acoustic jazz roots. ... the Notting Hill Arts Club, although he has also worked with ...
From there, he found work in pop music (the Grateful Dead, Sting) and acting (Throw Mama From the Train, School Daze). His ... The salty Albertan, who studied jazz in Edmonton before joining metal. band the Smalls, also has a good sense of history and a ... New Orleans-born saxophonist Branford Marsalis has been a household name since the early 1980s. Alongside his younger brother ... Backed by a band nourished equally in jazz schools and honky-tonks, Lund delivers brain-teasing neo-cowboy hipster rhymes that ...
Saxophonist George Davis is an enigmatic figure in postwar jazz. H... ... "Saxophonist George Davis is an enigmatic figure in postwar jazz. Hes best known for leading the band in which Jackie & Roy met ... In 1948/49, Jackie & Roy went on to work with Charlie Ventura. At the same time, Davis cut a very unusual set of acetates with ... Details to follow on how this will work (a priority mailing list? a frequent flyer-like program?), but it will not be based ...
In a jazz weekend that's rich by Chicago standards, the lineup will include ICP Orchestra, the Engines, Benny Green, Allen ... As Engines saxophonist Dave Rempis observes on the albums liner notes, The expressive strength of Johns sound endures - the ... John Medeski: Anyone who has followed the work of the band Medeski, Martin & Wood knows that pianist Medeski stands as a ... The Engines will be kicking off a North American tour with a two-night run at the Green Mill Jazz Club, which has become an ...
Saxophonist and composer performing with the top artists of world jazz. His album Another Raindrop, recorded in a trio with ... Works on the Rosas Passage by Joanna Rajkowska, 3 Piotrkowska St in Łódź, photo: promotional materials. In 2012, the artist ... Wrocław-based group playing jazz inspired by hip-hop. They compose, improvise and use not only typical jazz instruments but ... In her works, Weronika Gęsicka takes on the American Dream. Read more » about: Lifestyles in Progress: Weronika Gęsickas ...
Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says jazz and poetry are ... It works also because the players, like the poet, are so ... Poet Philip Levine recorded with saxophonist Benjamin Boone. Bassist Ron Carter recorded an album with poet Danny Simmons. ... Kevin says clarinetist Ben Goldberg and poet Dean Young have worked out a new way to unite jazz and poetry. ... Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says jazz and poetry are meeting on record these days as in the beatnik 1950s. ...
Interviews with top musicians from jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk, classical, urban, and world music. Listen online to live ... S.F. Jazz Collective to Feature Ornette Colemans Work. March 31, 2004 NPRs Tavis Smiley talks with composer and saxophonist ... S.F. Jazz Collective to Feature Ornette Colemans Work. Only Available in Archive Formats. *Real Media ... Redman has chosen to highlight the work of "free jazz" pioneer Ornette Coleman for the Collectives inaugural season. Hes ...
Working with saxophonist John Coltrane, Davis made stylistic advances featuring improvisations based on modal harmonies rather ... Arts Days: January 16, 1938: All Jazzed Up Though jazz music originated in the early 1900s, it took several decades until it ... working and re-working a musical piece. Yet with all his stirring works, its Brahmss delicate lullaby that many people ... Daviss fingerprints are everywhere on this and other jazz subgenres, including hard bop. America, Innovators & Pioneers, Jazz ...
Von Freeman was revered as a tenor saxophonist but was never a major star, worshiped by critics but perpetually strapped for ... of his career cost him incalculable fame and fortune but also enabled him to create a body of distinctive and innovative work. ... Von Freeman dies at 88; jazz tenor saxophonist with singular sound. Von Freeman was a critical favorite but never a big star. ... He was soon performing with a Navy jazz band.. After the war, Freeman and his two jazz-playing brothers - guitarist George ...
cool jazz: …saxophonist John LaPorta and trumpeter Herb Pomeroy were playing very much in the cool style that was considered ... Pomerium (work by Marchettus of Padua). Ars Nova: …Marchettus of Padua, whose treatise Pomerium (in the early 14th century) ... Pomp and Circumstance March in D Major (work by Elgar). Pomp and Circumstance March in D Major, Op. 39, No. 1, march by English ... Pomus, who began singing in jazz and blues clubs as a teenager, met pianist Shuman during a recording session. Together (Shuman ...
... another saxophonists new album breaks down and then rebuilds the iconic songs of the jazz legend. ... Saxophonist Charlie Parker was an original whose improvisations and harmonies still beguile and inspire. Nearly 60 years after ... He reimagines Parkers music, supported by his working band Us Five, which includes two drummers, a bass player and a pianist. ... Joe Lovano: Playing Bird Songs As Modern Jazz Saxophonist Charlie Parker was an original whose improvisations and harmonies ...
The Bogmen worked their way to the top of the jam-band circuit, complete with major-label contract, although they were harder- ... One of the hot bands of the 80s and early 90s, led by a saxophonist who was as important as anyone in his prolific prime. In ... got together to create a figurative and literal fusion between jazz and hip-hop, since the first two are known jazz players and ... The daughter of the songwriter Donny Hathaway made a loving R&B album in 1990 and has since turned up as a jazz singer; this is ...
The director is known for his profile of another jazz musician, My Name is Albert Ayler. Like Morgan, Ayler, saxophonist, also ... Work like "Rodney King," directed by Spike Lee, disrupts the narrative that has become the Rodney King Story, as does another ... Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival. The Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival is an all day, free neighborhood festival that celebrates jazz, ... Jazz films. Films to catch quickly at the Roxie in San Francisco: "I Called Him Morgan" (2017) April 28-May 4, a new film by ...
In 1969 he began experimenting with free improvisational music, working in a duo with saxophonist Evan Parker. After adding ... New in Improv & Jazz New in Experimental New in Rock / RIO / Prog New in Compositional New in Used Just In Stock Recently ... recorded at the Bracknell Jazz Festival is another acclaimed work.. Rutherford died of cirrhosis of the liver and a ruptured ... Jazz. Free Improvisation. NY/Downtown. London/UK Improv. Europe/Improv. Quebec/Actuelle. Electro-Acoustic. E-A Improv. ...
In 1969 he began experimenting with free improvisational music, working in a duo with saxophonist Evan Parker. After adding ... The demise of Working Week was followed by QRZ? a fusion of jazz and rap which also recorded for Virgin and the German label ... This became the basis for Working Week, a project that took a melange of latin, soul and jazz into the world of pop and dance ... Guys jazz work is characterised by free improvisation, using a range of unusual playing methods: bowed and pizzicato sounds ...
Supported by bassist Roland Guerin, the family delivers a swinging live program of standards and original works in trio, ... the esteemed pianist and educator Ellis Marsalis in a concert that marked his retirement from the schools jazz department. ... trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and saxophonist Branford Marsalis burst on the scene as the young lions who started a jazz ... In 1981, trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and saxophonist Branford Marsalis burst on the scene as the young lions who started a jazz ...
2003 at All About Jazz. Find more Record Label Profile articles ... since the violin and guitar are hard at work making it work, ... and alto saxophonist on these ten oblique and beguiling pieces. Certainly to close your eyes and picture them as visual ... All About Jazz needs your support. Donate All About Jazz & Jazz Near You were built to promote jazz music: both recorded albums ... Subscribe to Jazz Near You A weekly jazz events guide We will never share your email address ...
"Saxophonist Chris Cheek is the proof" All About Jazz; "Cheek seems to be able to move in all possible musical directions, but ... "It takes an artistic sensibility as focused and fully realized as Cheeks to work with the raw materials at hand and come up ... "The idea that jazz has to renew itself sometimes results in rather pretentious and purely intellectual experiments with form, ... He has toured and recorded with Charlie Hadens Liberation Music Orchestra, The Bloomdaddies, and the Orquestra de Jazz de ...
  • Elmer Williams (1905-1962) was an American jazz tenor saxophonist, known for his work with Chick Webb. (wikipedia.org)
  • William Reese Perkins ((1924-07-22)July 22, 1924 - (2003-08-10)August 10, 2003) was an American cool jazz saxophonist and flutist popular on the West Coast jazz scene, known primarily as a tenor saxophonist. (wikipedia.org)
  • A versatile musician who travels easily among soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones (she also sings), Wood performed recently with pianist Bob Dogan's quintet at the Jazz Showcase. (chicagotribune.com)
  • Von Freeman was revered as a tenor saxophonist but was never a major star, worshiped by critics but perpetually strapped for cash. (latimes.com)
  • He had mentored countless younger jazz musicians, including his son, Chico Freeman, who became more famous than his father as a tenor saxophonist. (latimes.com)
  • You hear one note, you know that's his sound," Fred Anderson, another noted Chicago tenor saxophonist, once said. (latimes.com)
  • The Intensive Care Unit features tenor saxophonist Billy Pierce, bassist John Lockwood, drummer Yoron Israeland vocalists Miles Griffith and Roger Holland. (courant.com)
  • Joel Frahm, a New York-based tenor saxophonist and distinguished alumnus of Hall's nationally acclaimed jazz program, will sit in with the Concert Band March 16. (courant.com)
  • Turning exclusively to jazz by 1960, Greenwich appeared at such Toronto venues as The Cellar, The First Floor Club, and The Bohemian Embassy with his own bands, and also performed locally with the tenor saxophonist Don William (D.T.) Thompson and others. (thecanadianencyclopedia.com)
  • Influenced by the tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, Greenwich developed a unique style, with an emphasis on long phrases of single notes rather than a more harmonic approach. (thecanadianencyclopedia.com)
  • I currently play Alto and Tenor and also play jazz but I love to play nice soft Kenny G style and up beat funk music. (gigmasters.com)
  • I play the saxophone,(mostly tenor),and have been working with quartets,trios for over 35 years,and for the last 3 yrs I've been working with customized jazz standard backing tracks. (gigmasters.com)
  • But Gilmore, a brilliant tenor player whose work had grown alongside the work of Coltrane, Rollins, and Stitt, lacked Sun Ra's dominating charisma. (washingtoncitypaper.com)
  • Tenor saxophonist David S. Ware speaks bluntly about the breadth of Ra's leadership: "He was a great human being, you know what I'm saying? (washingtoncitypaper.com)
  • At Norwalk High School, Silver played tenor sax in the Allen Burr and his Music Makers band and emulated saxophonist Lester Young, which gained him a reputation as the Lester Young of Connecticut. (metrotimes.com)
  • In the spring of 1958 Jack Kerouac went into the studio with tenor saxmen Al Cohn and Zoot Sims to record his second album, a mixture of jazz and poetry called Blues and Haikus . (openculture.com)
  • She also gigged with tenor saxophonist Lucky Thompson and the innovative drummer Kenny Clarke during her stay, as revealed in a short film clip played at a 2008 memorial concert in New York. (amoeba.com)
  • In the '90s, his primary performing unit became the bop-oriented Quartet West, with tenor saxophonist Ernie Watts, pianist Alan Broadbent, and drummer Larance Marble. (arkivmusic.com)
  • This local band also featured Barron's brother Bill, the late tenor saxophonist. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • Kenny worked with drummer Philly Joe Jones and at age 19, he moved to New York City and freelanced with Roy Haynes, Lee Morgan and James Moody, after the tenor saxophonist heard him play at the Five Spot. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • Throughout the ʼ80s Barron collaborated with the great tenor saxophonist Stan Getz, touring with his quartet and recording several legendary albums including Anniversary , Serenity , and the Grammy-nominated People Time . (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • Organist Brian Ho handles the third Thursday slot, and saxophonist Oscar Pangilinan, who contributed some fine tenor work on Ho's impressive 2012 debut album, plays the fourth Thursdays with his band the Bad Five. (mercurynews.com)
  • Unquestionably an assertive and gregarious improviser, tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano makes every context he performs in a vigorous and adventurous outing. (variety.com)
  • Two artists from divergent backgrounds and radically different lens aesthetics, the iconic photographer Lee Friedlander and the renowned jazz bassist Milt Hinton freeze-frame this life-affirming spirit with their exceptional, insightful jazz images. (wnpr.org)
  • gallery talks by the noted bassist Brian Torff, a Hinton protégé, April 30 at 12:30 pm, and Yale Professor and celebrated jazz bassist/French horn player Willie Ruff September 4 at 5:30 pm. (wnpr.org)
  • April 4, 2004 This past week, bassist and cellist Percy Heath was honored with a "Beacons in Jazz" award from the New School University in New York. (npr.org)
  • Supported by bassist Roland Guerin, the family delivers a swinging live program of standards and original works in trio, quartet, and sextet combinations. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • Another important connection was with the bassist Peter Kowald who introduced Parker to the German free jazz scene. (squidco.com)
  • After playing in the USA 1966-7 with the US saxophonist John Handy, in the company of the bassist Don (Winston) Thompson and the drummer Terry Clarke , he settled in Boucherville, near Montreal. (thecanadianencyclopedia.com)
  • Her parents also loved jazz, and Fuller credits her bassist father and singer mother with imparting her, and her sister pianist Shamie Royston's early interest in the music. (apple.com)
  • An aversion to the spotlight might seem unusual for a nationally acclaimed bassist whose credits range from jazz legends Sarah Vaughan, Joe Pass and Art Pepper to such pop luminaries as Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart and Madonna. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • Alice's first issued appearance in the Coltrane group was on Live at The Village Vanguard - Again (1966 Impulse) in a quintet with saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Rashied Ali. (amoeba.com)
  • As a member of saxophonist Ornette Coleman's early bands, bassist Charlie Haden became known as one of free jazz's founding fathers. (arkivmusic.com)
  • while saxophonist Frank Paul Schubert and Australian bassist Clayton Thomas become involved just before the turn of the century. (jazzword.com)
  • Featuring pianist Bennett Roth-Newell, who also works with Gage, trumpeter Shawn Williams, and the Mark Arroyo Trio rhythm section tandem of bassist Fred Paclibon and drummer Sutton Marley, the Bad Five has evolved into a formidable collective. (mercurynews.com)
  • His third disc since leaving late-night television, East West Time Line features such fellow jazz luminaries as trumpeter Nicholas Payton, bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts. (aarp.org)
  • Whether she's playing behind such icons as Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock or leading her own scintillating ensembles - such as the trio with pianist Geri Allen and bassist Esperanza Spalding, or her latest combo, Social Science - this incredibly versatile drummer, composer, bandleader and educator continually brings fresh ideas to jazz without forgoing its multifacted legacy. (aarp.org)
  • A very compelling set from Japanese bassist Isao Suzuki - one that draws on the electric traditions being forged at the time by artists like Miles and Joe Henderson - but which is also graced by the warm lyricism that was running through other Japanese jazz sessions of the 70s! (dustygroove.com)
  • In his teens, Hubbard worked locally with brothers Wes and Monk Montgomery and worked with bassist Larry Ridley and saxophonist James Spaulding . (wikipedia.org)
  • On 19 June 1960 Hubbard made his first record as a leader, Open Sesame at the beginning of his contract with Blue Note Records , with saxophonist Tina Brooks , pianist McCoy Tyner , bassist Sam Jones , and drummer Clifford Jarvis . (wikipedia.org)
  • On Shelter, Noelle leads a stellar quintet that brings together some of the most forward-thinking and limitless musicians in modern jazz: saxophonist Marc Mommaas (Amina Figarova, Armen Donelian), pianist Matt Mitchell (Dave Douglas, Tim Berne), bassist Matt Clohesy (Seamus Blake, Darcy James Argue, Donny McCaslin), and drummer Dan Weiss (Rudresh Mahanthappa, Dave Binney). (corneliastreetcafe.com)
  • Jazz Cellist/Composer Tomoya Aomori and Cellist Julia Kang with special guests Hyungjin Choi, jazz pianist and Kuriko Tsugawa, jazz bassist perform selections from AKDuo's new CD [First Impression] a fusion of Classical, jazz and pop music. (corneliastreetcafe.com)
  • Friday night's Jazz All Star Jam Festival at the Silver Screen Jazz Club was not exactly an encounter between antagonistic points of view, since pianist Harold Danko, saxophonist Ray Pizzi, bassist Todd Coolman and drummer Tootie Heath are all post-bebop modernists who probably can find more to agree upon than argue about. (latimes.com)
  • Saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa b.1971 sax, alto " data-original-title="" title=""> Rudresh Mahanthappa 's recent Indian interpretation immediately comes to mind. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • As the long-running name of Cole's band suggests, the alto saxophonist brings a certain feverish intensity to his playing. (chicagotribune.com)
  • Daniel Eugene Quill (December 15, 1927 - December 8, 1988) was an American jazz alto saxophonist who played often with Phil Woods in the duet Phil and Quill. (bbc.co.uk)
  • Allen has always earned props for his alto saxophone work, but in front of the group, these gifts gained new exposure. (washingtoncitypaper.com)
  • Richie Cole, an alto saxophonist whose rise to jazz prominence in the 1970s augured the following decade's bebop revival, died May 2 in his sleep at his home in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. (jazztimes.com)
  • Alto saxophonist Tia Fuller has been gaining attention as a member of Beyonce's band. (mercurynews.com)
  • Adept on both alto and soprano sax, as well as flute, Fuller has released a handful of well-received albums for Mack Avenue, including 2007's Healing Space and 2012's Angelic Warrior, which showcase her harmonically nuanced compositions and vibrant take on post-bop jazz. (apple.com)
  • As the first ever biography on Johnny Hodges, Rabbit's Blues details his place as one of the premier artists of the alto sax in jazz history, and his role as co-composer with Ellington. (oup.com)
  • Con Chapman's first-rate Rabbit's Blues catapults the incomparable alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges into the pantheon of jazz immortals. (oup.com)
  • His Dave Brubeck Quartet put out one of the best selling jazz songs of all time: "Take Five," composed by alto saxophonist Paul Desmond. (reuters.com)
  • He moved to New York and began working with alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson and guitarist Grant Green, and made his recording debut for Blue Note with the saxophonist in 1962. (jazzhouse.org)
  • After the death of Charlie Rouse, the band took a 15-year hiatus and reunited, replacing Rouse with alto saxophonist Gary Bartz. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • Though the Kansas City alto saxophonist sometimes has treated his first set at the Jazz Showcase as a kind of run-through with Chicago musicians, this time Watson hit hard from the outset - and rarely let up. (chicagotribune.com)
  • It documents a jazz work by alto saxophonist Giuseppi Logan with percussion provided by Milford Graves. (si.edu)
  • Veteran Lincoln Center Jazz trumpeter Marcus Printup b.1967 trumpet " data-original-title="" title=""> Marcus Printup led the soloing in a Miles Davis 1926 - 1991 trumpet " data-original-title="" title=""> Miles Davis blues with a US/VI rhythm motif. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • cool jazz: …saxophonist John LaPorta and trumpeter Herb Pomeroy were playing very much in the cool style that was considered West Coast. (britannica.com)
  • In 1981, trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and saxophonist Branford Marsalis burst on the scene as the young lions who started a jazz renaissance. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • The saxophonist John Coltrane, the trumpeter Miles Davis, and the pianist Bill Evans were other early influences. (thecanadianencyclopedia.com)
  • The festival features a deliberately strong strand of female performers, with the opening concert on 8 March - International Women's Day - showcasing trumpeter and singer Georgina Jackson with Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra at the Blue Lamp, while Alison Affleck celebrates the Great American Songbook at the Carmelite Hotel. (scotsman.com)
  • Trumpeter Terence Blanchard, ubiquitous this weekend, just completed a near 90-minute marathon in the Arena, performing the music of Miles Davis and Gil Evans with a jazz orchestra directed by Vince Mendoza. (mercurynews.com)
  • The final concert to this year's Earshot Jazz Festival was legendary South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela, an innovator in the world music and jazz scene who continues to tour the globe as a performer, composer, singer, producer, and activist, enjoying world renown for almost 50 years after rising to prominence as a voice of opposition to apartheid rule in his homeland. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • Several Francophone artists were on the bill from Beirut-born trumpeter Ibrahim Malouf to jazz-house group Bugge n' Friends and the globetrotting saxophonist Michael Attias. (frenchculture.org)
  • Frederick Dewayne Hubbard (April 7, 1938 - December 29, 2008) was an American jazz trumpeter. (wikipedia.org)
  • As an early member of a Chicago collective, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (or AACM ), the trumpeter worked in a trio that included saxophonist Anthony Braxton and violinist Leroy Jenkins-a group documented on the landmark 1968 release 3 Compositions of New Jazz . (pitchfork.com)
  • One of the most gifted and innovative jazz musicians of his generation, trumpeter Woody Shaw navigated the rapidly fluctuating jazz scene of the '70s and '80s to create a lasting body of work that extends his influence well beyond his tragic death at age 44. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • Of the four releases, Rosewood achieved the most acclaim, earning a Grammy nomination and getting voted Best Jazz Album of 1978 in the Down Beat Reader's Poll -- the same poll in which Shaw was picked as Best Jazz Trumpeter of the Year. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • Among those to emerge from Berkeleys jazz curriculum, which is still going strong, are saxophonists Joshua Redman and David Murray, trumpeter Steven Bernstein, guitarist Charlie Hunter and pianist Benny Green all prominent professional musicians.Will Bernard spent just one year in the Berkeley High jazz program. (aspentimes.com)
  • After the war, Freeman and his two jazz-playing brothers - guitarist George Freeman and drummer Eldridge "Bruz" Freeman - spent several years as the house band at Chicago's Pershing Hotel. (latimes.com)
  • In 1966 he moved to London, became a frequent visitor to the Little Theatre Club, centre of the city's emerging free jazz scene, and was soon invited by drummer John Stevens to join the innovative Spontaneous Music Ensemble which was experimenting with new kinds of group improvisation. (squidco.com)
  • He also formed a long-standing partnership with saxophonist Evan Parker, which led to a trio with drummer Paul Lytton which became one of the best-known and most widely travelled free-improvising groups of the 1980s and 1990s. (squidco.com)
  • And as part of the "Going Dutch" initiative to bring jazz artists from the Netherlands to the UK, you can hear the intriguingly ethereal improvisations of drummer Joost Lijbaart's Under the Surface trio tonight at Glasgow's newly opened jazz venue, the Blue Arrow, in Sauchiehall Street. (scotsman.com)
  • It teamed Magnusson with veteran San Diego Symphony percussionist and jazz drummer Jim Plank, young Del Mar guitar wiz Peter Sprague and esteemed Los Angeles pianist Bill Mays , who - while serving here in the Navy in 1962 - had met Magnusson and Plank at a Mission Hills jazz club. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • He's currently best known for his superb work with drummer Joe Russo in the duo Benevento/Russo, but his solo career is really starting to take off as well. (mercurynews.com)
  • that year, Coleman's group with Haden, Cherry, and drummer Billy Higgins played a celebrated engagement at the Five Spot, and began recording a series of influential albums, including The Shape of Jazz to Come and Change of the Century. (arkivmusic.com)
  • The vividly colored poster depicts the legendary jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk at the piano, accompanied by a drummer, saxophonist and a bass player. (baltimoresun.com)
  • Drummer Artry combined sonic power with technical control in his big solo, but also in his accompanying work throughout the evening. (chicagotribune.com)
  • Recordings of us from those days reveal a bossy-but-not-rhythmless child drummer and an unbelievably patient saxophonist who considered our sessions part of his several-hours-per-day practice regimen," writes the author of time spent with his uncle, Alan Braufman. (nytimes.com)
  • Recordings of us from those days reveal a bossy-but-not-rhythmless child drummer and an unbelievably patient saxophonist who considered our sessions part of his several-hours-per-day practice regimen. (nytimes.com)
  • Undeterred, Shaw left for France and ended up performing in several European countries with a bevy of name artists including pianist Bud Powell, drummer Kenny Clarke, saxophonist Johnny Griffin, and others. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • Shaw even brought his Newark pals organist Young and drummer Billy Brooks overseas to perform with him and saxophonist Nathan Davis. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • In 1964, Shaw returned to the States and began a series of highly formative jobs, beginning with a stint with pianist Horace Silver and continuing with a who's who of jazz artists including pianist Chick Corea, saxophonists Jackie McLean and Booker Ervin, pianists McCoy Tyner and Andrew Hill, and drummer Max Roach. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • The 1970s were a fruitful time both creatively and commercially for Shaw, who formed several inspired working partnerships including stints with saxophonist Joe Henderson, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, and drummer Louis Hayes. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • There, the young Masekela immersed himself in the New York jazz scene where nightly he watched greats like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Mingus, and Max Roach. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • The Gibbs band was working at Birdland on a double-bill with the John Coltrane quartet. (amoeba.com)
  • Later on, Shaw would also express much interest in the advancements of saxophonist John Coltrane, whose style and harmonic approach is clearly evident in his playing. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • Developed by such innovative musicians as Buddy Bolden (1877 - 1931) in New Orleans in the first decade of the twentieth century, jazz had moved west, east, and north to Chicago by 1919. (encyclopedia.com)
  • White musicians such as Bix Beiderbecke (1903 - 1931), Jack Teagarden (1905 - 1964), and Joe Venuti (1903 - 1978) began to copy the jazz style of New Orleans bands, and soon jazz was an American national phenomenon, appealing to sophisticates and young audiences around the country. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Henderson employed some of the most accomplished jazz musicians of his time, including Armstrong and saxophonist Coleman Hawkins (1904 - 1969). (encyclopedia.com)
  • As different as they may be stylistically, their intimate, revealing portraits of musicians and their daily life surroundings take you inside the jazz world, through its looking glass surface and into the soul of the music itself. (wnpr.org)
  • His mother played the guitar, and his policeman father was an amateur jazz trombonist who brought jazz musicians home from the club where he moonlighted as a bouncer. (latimes.com)
  • His influence on jazz has lasted for generations and still affects musicians today. (npr.org)
  • The term may seem dated in the music's second century, but it carried particular weight when Ellis was coming of musical age in the 1950s and '60s - especially in a city where tourism determined that the vast majority of jazz musicians had no choice but to be traditionalists, and the vast majority of pianists sought security in the burgeoning field of rock and roll. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • He quickly became an evangelist for the city's jazz scene, working and recording with local musicians and advocating them tirelessly in his interviews and album notes. (jazztimes.com)
  • He's one of a few jazz musicians whose fans can't wait unit his next album comes out. (metrotimes.com)
  • An acclaimed bass virtuoso, composer, bandleader, and occasional pianist, Charles Mingus was one of the most creative musicians in the jazz scene. (listverse.com)
  • Like many brilliant musicians who contributed to the music of jazz immortals, Johnny Hodges' artistry have been woefully ignored. (oup.com)
  • Some critics and black musicians, who felt jazz was a central part of black culture, resented the story about the prominence of a white artist. (reuters.com)
  • He was a member of Donaldson's band until 1964, then linked up with Grant Green for a time, and also worked with Johnny Griffin, Harold Vick and Clifford Jordan, among others, as well as more experimentally inclined musicians like trombonist Grachan Moncur III, guitarist James 'Blood' Ulmer, or saxophonists John Gilmore and Marshall Allen, best known for their long associations with Sun Ra. (jazzhouse.org)
  • He sees such openness to chance in the work of the musicians with whom he loves to collaborate - he's got a number of designs for performance spaces on the go. (theguardian.com)
  • It took two years to find a way to allow jazz musicians to perform while their brain activity was being photographed. (psmag.com)
  • Philadelphia is the birthplace of many great musicians, including one of the undisputed masters of the jazz piano: Kenny Barron. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • It s difficult for some listeners to understand that jazz musicians with Carter s type of creative restlessness are always looking to break new ground, and don t remain emulators and young lions for long. (metrotimes.com)
  • For the African-American musicians, Bombay provided refuge from the apartheid in the US Men like Weatherford and his sidemen, such as the saxophonist Roy Butler, spent long years shuttling between Europe and the subcontinent, where racial barriers seemed non-existent, at least for them. (mail-archive.com)
  • The local musicians were not too familiar with jazz at that time. (mail-archive.com)
  • Roberts, a New York-based saxophonist, composer and multimedia artist, grew up in Chicago and flourished in the city's jazz scene, becoming a member of the Association of the Advancement of Creative Musicians and playing with the likes of founder Fred Anderson. (opb.org)
  • 7 piece all-star Israeli musicians playing jazz influenced original compositions. (corneliastreetcafe.com)
  • Joel Linscheid, junior from North Newton, did a comparison of three different renditions of the famous jazz song "Body and Soul" by musicians from three different time periods. (bethelks.edu)
  • In a 2011 interview for JoniMitchell.com , Max Bennett said that although the pay was good for this tour, the musicians could have made more money playing gigs in L.A. and doing session work in the recording studios. (jonimitchell.com)
  • ROCKVILLE, Md. , May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Now in its seventh year, the Maryland Summer Jazz Festival returns for another sensational season of workshops and jams for musicians and public concerts for jazz fans. (prnewswire.com)
  • Classes help gifted amateurs and semi-pros bring their skill and technique up to the level of working musicians. (prnewswire.com)
  • The Voice jazz columnist Gary Giddins, an ardent supporter of the scene, wrote: "The fact is, these are the musicians who are taking the chances today and their gifts and commitment ought to be attended. (nytimes.com)
  • WASHINGTON - Jazz musicians are famous for their musical conversations - one improvises a few bars and another plays an answer. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • Watching brains on jazz requires getting musicians to lie flat inside a cramped MRI scanner that measures changes in oxygen use by different parts of the brain as they play. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • Limb made headlines several years ago when he measured jazz musicians' riffs - longer, solo improvisations - to study creativity in the brain. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • Jam sessions are the summit meetings of jazz--highly charged improvisational encounters between musicians, with only the common language of the blues and standard ballads to bring them together. (latimes.com)
  • But it was, nonetheless, a classic example of how jazz can bring musicians who have rarely (if ever) worked together into a creatively stimulating interchange. (latimes.com)
  • The Silver Screen's All Star Jam Festival, which benefits the Assn. of Jazz Educators, will continue with various combinations of musicians through Saturday. (latimes.com)
  • In an exhibition coup, Friedlander's son, the acclaimed cutting-edge jazz cellist/composer Erik Friedlander, performs June 12 at 5:30 pm. (wnpr.org)
  • After finishing his studies in 1944, Shankar worked as a composer, creating the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray , and was music director of All India Radio , New Delhi, from 1949 to 1956. (wikipedia.org)
  • The jazz composer says he learned the art of musical wit from Broadway legend Frank Loesser. (npr.org)
  • Jazz composer and saxophonist Steve Coleman, with his ensemble Five Elements, brings his own M-Base rhythmic principals to the proceedings. (whitney.org)
  • After graduation, Brubeck studied under French composer Darius Milhaud and played in a U.S. Army jazz band during World War Two. (reuters.com)
  • In addition to numerous Grammy nominations, Hall was awarded the New York Jazz Critics Circle Award for Best Jazz Composer/Arranger. (arts.gov)
  • In a setting of new "third stream"- the fusing of Euro classical and jazz - musings by Gunther Schuller, the composer, arranger and theoretician who pioneered that musical form four decades ago, Lovano is both the guiding beam and the mischievous youngster who keeps things unsettled. (variety.com)
  • AKDuo is a husband-and-wife cello duo that consists of jazz cellist/composer Tomoya Aomori and classical cellist Julia Kang. (corneliastreetcafe.com)
  • The pianist and composer, Cooper-Moore, with Mr. Braufman, a saxophonist and the author's uncle, having dinner before a recent gig in Brooklyn. (nytimes.com)
  • Volume V, for example, is filled with long pieces by Greek pianist and film composer Eleni Karaindrou, as well as the music of a trio of Norwegians: jazz saxophonist Jan Gabarek, jazz pianist Jon Balke (with Moroccan singer of Andalusian classical music Amina Alaoui), and early-music lutenist Rolf Lislevand. (stereophile.com)
  • MIDDLETOWN - The Guilford Performing Arts Festival has awarded its inaugural Guilford Foundation/Guilford Performing Arts Festival Artists' Awards to jazz pianist/composer Noah Baerman of Middletown and playwright/screenwriter Susan Cinoman of Woodbridge. (middletownpress.com)
  • I'm just playing once a week at Harry's with (guitarist) Jaime Valle and (saxophonist/flutist) Tripp Sprague. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • or his duo with guitarist Pat Metheny, which has as much to do with American folk traditions as with jazz. (arkivmusic.com)
  • On the first CD, titled Chasing the Gypsy , he explores and reworks the music of gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. (metrotimes.com)
  • After leading The Tonight Show with Jay Leno band from 1995 to 2010, this virtuosic guitarist has superbly rejuvenated his jazz recording career. (aarp.org)
  • Returning guitarist and author Steve Rochinski has played with jazz giants Tal Farlow , Tim Hagans and Joe Lovano and records on Germany 's Jardis Records. (prnewswire.com)
  • Contributed photo Guitarist Will Bernard, a product of the jazz program at Berkeley (Calif.) High School, performs Sept. 18 at Belly Up Aspen, opening for African guitarist Vieux Farka Toure. (aspentimes.com)
  • He performs with his quintet in London in support of his recent 'The Poet's Embrace' album, which sees him return to his acoustic jazz roots. (timeout.com)
  • Not only did he develop a lean and quietly commanding approach to the piano trio, captured here on "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" and his original "After," but he also helped create modern movement in New Orleans through his work with the collective American Jazz Quintet and his own quartet. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • Pianist Williams And Quintet Bring Intensive Jazz To. (courant.com)
  • Although parallels exist between this quintet and saxophonist Archie Shepp's various bands that contrasted his rugged sax tones with those from trombonist Roswell Rudd and pianist Dave Burrell, here it's Hubweber who solos repeatedly and at great length. (jazzword.com)
  • The saxophonist struts his stuff on his new album on Evidence called ``Epistrophy,'' a handsome homage to two of his idols, Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins. (courant.com)
  • In 1958, at the age of 20, he moved to New York and began playing with some of the best jazz players of the era, including Philly Joe Jones , Sonny Rollins , Slide Hampton , Eric Dolphy , J. J. Johnson , and Quincy Jones . (wikipedia.org)
  • [7] Though he never fully embraced the free jazz of the 1960s, he appeared on two of its landmark albums: Coleman's Free Jazz and Coltrane's Ascension , as well as on Sonny Rollins' " new thing " track, " East Broadway Run Down " (on the 1966 album of the same name), with Elvin Jones and Jimmy Garrison . (wikipedia.org)
  • Certainly, Cole is at his best when he's hitting hardest, his work steeped in bebop traditions but personalized with his signature exuberance. (chicagotribune.com)
  • He was an utter master of bebop, the predominant jazz language of the 20th century. (latimes.com)
  • Pearson Eyes" was inspired by bebop pianists Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, and saxophonist Charlie Parker. (metrotimes.com)
  • Playing "outside" is not limited to bebop or any jazz for that matter. (teenjazz.com)
  • His unmistakable and influential tone contributed to new perspectives for modern jazz and bebop. (wikipedia.org)
  • If their streamlined forms and geometric patterns don't feel quite as "jazzy" today as you might expect, that's perhaps because our conceptions of the music have been shaped by the unpredictable structures of bebop and modern jazz. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Friedlander, an "insider" in the art gallery world, was initially, as a non-musician, an "outsider" in the jazz world. (wnpr.org)
  • As an "outsider'' -- that is, as a non-musician -- Friedlander became a totally accepted "insider" when he began photographing the New Orleans scene in the late 1950s, graced with a keen eye for composition and a jazz musician's feel for the surreal and the spontaneous. (wnpr.org)
  • As an industrious musician for seven decades, Hinton, in marked contrast, was always a jazz "insider. (wnpr.org)
  • He represented the quintessential jazz musician, forging a unique and influential musical voice. (latimes.com)
  • At his core, Ellis Marsalis is a modern jazz musician. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • also the young saxophonist Helena Kay, a former BBC Young Scottish Jazz Musician of the Year and recipient of last year's Peter Whittingham Jazz Award for which Rahman was one of the judges. (scotsman.com)
  • But she's a hard-core jazz musician. (mercurynews.com)
  • Saxophonist Tia Fuller is an expressive, forward-thinking musician with a bent toward soulful, expansive jazz. (apple.com)
  • As "one of the most studied (and copied) saxophonists on the planet" ( DownBeat ), he's done just about everything you can do as a jazz musician. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • That's because, for my money, the pianist is the most consistently impressive musician in jazz and his records always rank among the finest of the year. (mercurynews.com)
  • His latest disc, The Musician, captured his 70th birthday celebration at the famed Blue Note Jazz Club in 2011. (aarp.org)
  • If you're a lover of modern jazz violin, you can't go wrong with Regina Carter, the pioneering woman who became both the first African American and first nonclassical musician to play Italy's coveted Niccolò Paganini violin. (aarp.org)
  • Hall then co-led a quartet with Art Farmer , recorded a series of duets with noted saxophonist Paul Desmond, and performed as a session musician on numerous recordings. (arts.gov)
  • The first black musician we're shown is Duke Ellington, in photographs of a 1933 tour, which brought a more authentic and musically complex vision of jazz to a Britain dominated by the quasi-classical "symphonic syncopations" of the influential white American jazzman Paul Whiteman which smoothed out the music's rough edges - "civilizing" jazz's "primitivism", as the exhibition has it. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • In the early 1970s, my uncle, the jazz musician Alan Braufman, was a lanky young man with a bushy mustache and a wavy pile of black hair. (nytimes.com)
  • In the late 70s Parker also worked for a time in Wheeler's small group, recording Around Six and, in 1980, he formed his own trio with Guy and LJCO percussionist Paul Lytton (with whom he had already been working in a duo for nearly a decade). (squidco.com)
  • Saxophonist Chris Potter - on his way to becoming a living legend - lights up our closing week in a burning trio with Drew Gress (bass) and Adam Cruz (drums). (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • His became interested in the Hammond organ while working with rhythm and blues singer Lloyd Price, and set up his own Hammond-led trio in 1959. (jazzhouse.org)
  • What the trio accomplishes with the latter is particularly astounding: Believe it or not, Mehldau's version of Soundgarden's grunge-rock classic "Black Hole Sun" is one of the best jazz recordings I heard in 2008. (mercurynews.com)
  • Just how much the jazz world will miss the pianist is made plainly clear on this forward-thinking trio record. (mercurynews.com)
  • Following stints with Ron Carter in the late ʼ70s, Kenny formed a trio with Buster Williams and Ben Riley which also worked alongside of Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Eddie Harris, Sonny Stitt and Harry "Sweets" Edison. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • His CD Canta Brasil (Universal France) linked Barron with Trio de Paz in a fest of original Brazilian jazz, and was named Critics Choice Top Ten CDs of 2003 by Jazziz Magazine. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • Bobby Watson (center) and Bobby Broom play with the Deep Blue Organ Trio at the Chicago Jazz Festivalin 2011. (chicagotribune.com)
  • The album Mutations found him composing for a string quartet, while Break Stuff -the most recent set from Iyer's celebrated jazz trio -included an acoustic tribute to Detroit techno innovator Robert Hood . (pitchfork.com)
  • He also played on Walters Giving Up the Ghost.When Walter couldnt make a Stanton Moore Trio date at the 2006 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Bernard took the chance to further expand his circle. (aspentimes.com)
  • For his first vocal-based recording, Barron invited Grady Tate (who sheds his drumsticks for this special appearance), Tony award winner Ann Hampton Calloway, and the young phenom Gretchen Parlato, winner of the Thelonious Monk International Competition for Jazz. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • She also reconnected with jazz saxophonist Lester Young, whom she first met in 1934. (blackpast.org)
  • Mr. Charlap knows an astonishing amount of American song material for someone who hasn't yet hit 40, and he is one of the strongest mainstream-jazz pianists around. (nytimes.com)
  • He is acknowledged by many to be one of the greatest pianists of all time, revolutionizing the role piano played in jazz. (listverse.com)
  • Haden moved to Los Angeles and by 1957 had begun playing jazz with pianists Elmo Hope and Hampton Hawes and saxophonist Art Pepper. (arkivmusic.com)
  • The Los Angeles Times named him "one of the top jazz pianists in the world" and Jazz Weekly calls him "The most lyrical piano player of our time. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • He worked in smaller settings as well, often in duets with jazz greats such as pianists Bill Evans and Red Mitchell, and bassists Ron Carter and Charlie Haden . (arts.gov)
  • So Limb had a special metal-free keyboard manufactured, and then recruited 11 experienced jazz pianists to play it inside the scanner. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • That encounter ultimately led to James's resigning from the Berklee faculty for a four-year, 10-album tenure with the Jazz Messengers, as part of the famous lineup which included Wynton Marsalis , Bobby Watson , Bill Pierce and Charles Fambrough . (wikipedia.org)
  • Many listeners know Reed from his work with Wynton Marsalis , but he's also a virtuoso pianist and charismatic bandleader under his own name. (chicagotribune.com)
  • During his young-lion years, Carter developed his sound by working with straight-ahead jazz leaders such as Wynton Marsalis, who hired him when he was 17, and avant-garde pioneers such as Lester Bowie and Julius Hemphill. (metrotimes.com)
  • Joe Lovano reimagines the music of jazz legend Charlie Parker on his new album. (npr.org)
  • But saxophonist Joe Lovano took a different path: He's broken down and rebuilt something new from the art of an icon. (npr.org)
  • The late '60s also found Shaw pairing with such forward-thinking and avant-garde-leaning saxophonists as Gary Bartz, Pharoah Sanders, Hank Mobley, and Archie Shepp. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • In addition to his work with Coleman, the '60s saw Haden play with pianist Denny Zeitlin, saxophonist Archie Shepp, and trombonist Roswell Rudd. (arkivmusic.com)
  • By 1963, Shaw's steady presence on the vibrant Newark jazz scene -- which included such future stars as keyboardist Larry Young and trombonist Grachan Moncur III -- had begun to catch the attention of the greater jazz world, and Shaw found work with Latin percussionist Willie Bobo as well as progressive saxophonist Eric Dolphy. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • Baerman also has collaborated with trombonist Robin Eubanks, percussionist Warren Smith and saxophonists Steve Wilson, Jimmy Greene, Wayne Escoffery and Claire Daly, among many others, the release said. (middletownpress.com)
  • Williams recorded nine albums with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers during his stint with the renowned band from 1977 to 1981. (courant.com)
  • Pianist Don DePalma continues his jazz series at Main and Hopewell in South Glastonbury with performances by vibraphonist Matt Emirzian on Friday and vocalist Tiny Joe on Saturday. (courant.com)
  • He has over thirty years of experience as a clarinetist, saxophonist, and vocalist. (gigmasters.com)
  • Seattle-born jazz vocalist Sara Gazarek has established herself as one of today's great musical storytellers. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • A vocalist who subtly crosses the boundaries of jazz, blues, and R&B, Porter is a sophisticated, soulful, and consummately stylish performer whose last two albums, 2016's Take Me to the Alley and 2013's Liquid Spirit, won Grammys in the category of Best Vocal Jazz Album. (earshot.org)
  • While Worley often works out of town these days - he just finished a West Coast tour with Oaxacan-American vocalist Lila Downs - he's around enough to see that "there's something really special going on in the South Bay. (mercurynews.com)
  • [9] In 1994, Hubbard, collaborating with Chicago jazz vocalist/co-writer Catherine Whitney , had lyrics set to the music of First Light . (wikipedia.org)
  • Leading Baltimore jazz vocalist Felicia Carter is a featured guest artist this year. (prnewswire.com)
  • Among living jazz composers, his tunes are among the most-often played, with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter among his few peers in that regard. (metrotimes.com)
  • By way of example he describes his work with the jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter, designing a set for an opera, Iphigenia , that Shorter has written. (theguardian.com)
  • Later, in August 1961, Hubbard recorded Ready for Freddie (Blue Note), which was also his first collaboration with saxophonist Wayne Shorter . (wikipedia.org)
  • Jazz is a uniquely American style of music that developed in the early twentieth century in urban areas of the United States . (encyclopedia.com)
  • Jazz became the basis for most social dance music and also provided one of the first opportunities for public integration. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Jazz first emerged in the black cultures of New Orleans from the mixed influences of ragtime (songs with a syncopated rhythm), blues, and the band music played at New Orleans funerals. (encyclopedia.com)
  • The term jazz referring to peppy dance music first appeared in a March 1913 edition of the San Francisco Bulletin , an appearance that indicates jazz ' s rapid spread as a popular musical genre as well as its connection to dancing and nightlife. (encyclopedia.com)
  • He also held a teaching position at the Hartt School of Music during the 1984-85 academic year, was a regular contributor to the International Association of Jazz Educators, and was artist-in-residence and presented clinics, demonstration-lectures and workshops at numerous institutions. (wikipedia.org)
  • Through the 1980s, he worked with various leaders, including Charlie Haden 's Liberation Music Orch. (encyclopedia.com)
  • More eloquently than the written word-including even the prose of the great Ralph Ellison or the poetry of the legendary Langston Hughes-poetically expressive black-and-white photographs taken by gifted jazz photographers can capture the elusive but soulful essence of the music and its cradle-to-the-grave love affair with life. (wnpr.org)
  • The exhibition coincides with the publication of a fabulous Friedlander feast of jazz images, Playing for the Benefit of the Band: New Orleans Music Culture (Yale University Press), a revised and expanded edition of the photographer's 1992 monograph, The Jazz People of New Orleans . (wnpr.org)
  • Since I started writing about this subject a couple of decades ago, the amount of international folk music, dance forms, vocal stylings, variant scales, and other often spurious localisms that jazz has impacted has increased exponentially. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • [6] [7] Uday's dance group toured Europe and the United States in the early to mid-1930s and Shankar learned French, discovered Western classical music, jazz, cinema and became acquainted with Western customs. (wikipedia.org)
  • Of particular note: The guest that night was the much-admired saxophonist John Tchicai, whose questing, soft-spoken playing represented a singular voice in new music. (chicagotribune.com)
  • He modernized the highly intricate Baroque style of music with advanced technical sophistication, enabling his works to reach new emotional heights. (kennedy-center.org)
  • Though jazz music originated in the early 1900s, it took several decades until it was commonly recognized as a serious musical form. (kennedy-center.org)
  • While there's no way of putting an exact date on when this happened, jazz music did make history on this day in 1938. (kennedy-center.org)
  • The prominent New York City music venue Carnegie Hall hosted its first jazz concert, performed by the Benny Goodman Orchestra. (kennedy-center.org)
  • Initially, Goodman was hesitant to play at Carnegie Hall fearing mainstream audiences were not ready to accept jazz music. (kennedy-center.org)
  • He reimagines Parker's music, supported by his working band Us Five, which includes two drummers, a bass player and a pianist. (npr.org)
  • To do justice to Braxton's music, as Uehlinger has superbly in both the "jazz" and "classical" arenas, one has to have not only a foot in both camps, but a profound awareness and understanding of, not to mention a love for, the often unexpected and sometimes even forbidding music that may result. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • He has toured and recorded with Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra, The Bloomdaddies, and the Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos, as well as appearing with the likes of Bill Frisell, Brian Blade, Lee Konitz, Carla Bley, Tom Harrell, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Kurt Rosenwinkel and El Muchacho and has appeared on more than one hundred albums! (allinlondon.co.uk)
  • The idea that jazz has to renew itself sometimes results in rather pretentious and purely intellectual experiments with form, but it is possible to play inventive and intellectually stimulating music without losing a sense of fun and inclusive curiosity. (allinlondon.co.uk)
  • l came back with my academic ambitions in tatters and a desperate dream of a life playing that kind of music - 'free jazz' they called it then. (squidco.com)
  • His range of interests encompasses early music, contemporary composition, jazz and improvisation, and he has worked with a wide variety of orchestras in the UK and Europe. (squidco.com)
  • The Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks, in partnership with Contemporary Arts Inc., a nonprofit organization working to advance jazz in the community, will offer a Music and Arts Academy Summer Camp where campers of all skill levels can study instruments, singing and dance. (baltimoresun.com)
  • Burns heralds jazz as the great American contribution to world music and sets it up as a kind of roadmap to racial relations across the 20th century. (counterpunch.org)
  • Instead, Burns fixates on a particular kind of jazz music that appeals to his PBS sensibility: the swing era. (counterpunch.org)
  • Backing Combs on a selection of pianist Dameron's music will be an all-star jazz combo featuring Derek Cannon (trumpet), Kamau Kenyatta (piano), Rob Thorsen (bass) and Richard Sellers (drums). (sdnews.com)
  • Working in near isolation, Nancarrow ceased writing music for live performers and instead turned to the only means of realizing his musical vision in the precomputer era: composing for the player piano. (whitney.org)
  • The eleven-day Anywhere in Time festival is a comprehensive reflection of Nancarrow's music, bringing together leading artists whose practice is directly or indirectly informed by his work. (whitney.org)
  • The concert is made possible in part by the the National Endowment for the Arts Presenting and Commissioning Music Program and the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest National Jazz Network in cooperation with the New England Foundation for the Arts. (courant.com)
  • His father, Herb Greenidge, was a jazz pianist in Hamilton until the early 1940s, then took his family to Toronto, where he retired from music. (thecanadianencyclopedia.com)
  • It is reflective of Greenwich's open-minded approach to music and strikingly personal style that he also based guitar solos on the work of visual artists such as the cubist Paul Klee, and on natural elements such as birdsong. (thecanadianencyclopedia.com)
  • I play all the saxophones, clarinet, and flute and perform R&B, gospel, jazz, and classical music either solo (a capella) or with awesome sounding pre-recorded tracks! (gigmasters.com)
  • At 16, he attended a music camp directed by jazz saxophonist Phil Woods, who would go on to be a lifelong mentor. (jazztimes.com)
  • It's not the sort of jazz that's being turned out of the conservatories these days, but it is as powerful a part of the music as any - and for many listeners it continues to epitomize the jazz mainstream. (mercurynews.com)
  • But what he does well is keep the music swinging, and that is want jazz is all about. (metrotimes.com)
  • As one of the most well respected American art forms, jazz has shaped the music industry spawning both the careers of various musical geniuses, and an abundance of elemental new music genres. (listverse.com)
  • Jazz was developed in the late 19th century and early 20th century as American and European classical music was mixed with African and slave folk songs. (listverse.com)
  • swing rhythm, polyrhythm, improvisation and syncopation are all prominent examples which are almost exclusively characteristics of jazz music. (listverse.com)
  • Compiled here are who I believe are the best of the best, and the most influential all throughout the history of jazz music. (listverse.com)
  • His approach to jazz music completely changed the way piano was played: He reharmonized melodies by altering the underlying chord structure, used innovative chord extensions, and dissonance to his benefit. (listverse.com)
  • In 1998, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her B.A. in Music from Spelman College in Atlanta, where she studied with saxophonist Joe Jennings. (apple.com)
  • Afterward, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a Master's in Music, Jazz Pedagogy, and Performance in 2000. (apple.com)
  • At the College of the Pacific in Stockton, California, he planned to be a veterinarian, but within a year he was majoring in music and playing jazz in nightclubs. (reuters.com)
  • Masekela began to hone his now signature Afro-Jazz sound in the late 1950s during a period of intense creative collaboration, before moving to New York in 1960 and enrolling in the Manhattan School of Music. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • In later years, he worked with the avant-jazz saxophonist John Zorn, expanding the perceived boundaries of his music in the process. (jazzhouse.org)
  • He recorded with John Zorn on the saxophonist's The Big Gundown album, a tribute to the music of Ennio Morricone, in 1986, and worked with the saxophonist again in the 1990s, including a new recording of his own music from the 1960s, Minor Swing , on which Zorn performed. (jazzhouse.org)
  • Her life and music turned around in a heartbeat, as she came into the orbit of one of the most influential innovators in jazz in the Sixties. (amoeba.com)
  • Utilizing both tabla and trumpet, sitar and soprano sax, the players weave together jazz, rock and world music so fluidly that the only apt description is "fusion," a kind that that put this album "Miles" ahead of the competition last year. (mercurynews.com)
  • The sensational clarinetist and his crackerjack band, featuring Nicholas Payton on trumpet, handle a winning assortment of blues, hymns, dirges and dance-hall numbers and draw from a variety of styles, from 1920s jazz and brass-band music to New Orleans revival-style jazz and Caribbean folk music. (mercurynews.com)
  • Limb and Margulis - a saxophonist and a pianist, respectively, who both segued into science - have just published separate studies of music and the brain. (psmag.com)
  • The fact that one starts working with an instrument at a young age and continues doing so for many years results in the precise configuration of brain activity needed to produce music, including heightened activity in motor regions and auditory association areas. (psmag.com)
  • The music he listened to ranged from Duke Ellington to Jimi Hendrix, which may explain his eclectic approach to jazz. (metrotimes.com)
  • At age 10, he fell in love with the saxophone, but almost quit playing because the music teacher at the elementary school he attended didn t share his enthusiasm for jazz. (metrotimes.com)
  • The inspiration to make an album of Reinhardt s music surfaced from Carter s passion for 30s 'hot' jazz. (metrotimes.com)
  • Since opening in June, the restaurant has presented a diverse array of acts with a focus on jazz and roots music. (mercurynews.com)
  • Hall explored new avenues of music, even appearing on saxophonist Greg Osby's 2000 recording, Invisible Hand , with legendary pianist Andrew Hill . (arts.gov)
  • Putting vintage films, records, posters, instruments alongside paintings, textiles and ceramics of the time, with original recordings booming - not too loudly - in the background, the show demonstrates that jazz impacted on British in a way that went far beyond mere music - as is exemplified in two contrasting paintings. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • The show is good on the nitty-gritty of how jazz expanded in Britain, showing programmes from Rhythm Circles, listening clubs that allowed those without record players to hear the music. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • They recently released their first album [First Impression], a fusion of Classical, Jazz, and Pop music, all composed/arranged by Tomoya Aomori. (corneliastreetcafe.com)
  • Performing under his projects name I.M Idans work is rooted in Jazz and improvised music while reaching into different music spheres along the way. (corneliastreetcafe.com)
  • I found that, as a performer and student of jazz music, transcription and analysis of improvised solos by great saxophonists is invaluable," said Linscheid. (bethelks.edu)
  • The total rent for 501 Canal was $550 per month, which allowed its four occupants to work very little and focus on playing music. (nytimes.com)
  • In contrast to New York's consistently in-the-red style of free-jazz, Smith and other AACM figures also experimented with world music instrumentation and modernist chamber composition in between passages of fiery blast. (pitchfork.com)
  • By his teens, Shaw had gained a strong knowledge base in music and was already playing jazz. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • To ease the transition and foster a genuine crossing of cultures, the school launched a jazz program, with the idea that students of various colors could meet in the band room to play the music of Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker, of Bill Evans and Chet Baker.While much of the original intent may have been social, the program has become a musical powerhouse. (aspentimes.com)
  • The finding, published Wednesday in the journal PLoS One, is the latest in the growing field of musical neuroscience: Researchers are using how we play and hear music to illuminate different ways that the brain works. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • And to Dr. Charles Limb, a saxophonist-turned-hearing specialist at Johns Hopkins University, the spontaneity that is a hallmark of jazz offered a rare chance to compare music and language. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • Baerman, winner in the music category, will develop an extended instrumental jazz composition in tribute to Claire Randall, a musical collaborator and former student who was murdered at the age of 26, according to the release. (middletownpress.com)
  • His ninth CD, "Ripples," issued in 2014, is one of his many works of socially conscious music, addressing subjects including disability, community engagement and the American foster care crisis, according to the GPAF. (middletownpress.com)
  • Baerman was the recipient of a 2008 New Jazz Works grant from Chamber Music America and the Doris Duke Foundation. (middletownpress.com)
  • Fred Lipsius is the Grammy-winning original saxophonist, arranger and conductor for the groundbreaking fusion group Blood, Sweat & Tears. (prnewswire.com)
  • A vital catalyst for these interactions were the large ensembles in which Parker participated in the 1970s: Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra, Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Barry Guy's London Jazz Composers Orchestra (LJCO) and occasional big bands led by Kenny Wheeler. (squidco.com)
  • The arrival of more contemporary forms of electronic keyboards and the rise of jazz-rock fusion eclipsed both the Hammond and soul jazz in the 1970s, but Patton continued to perform, although he recorded only one album as a leader in the two decades from 1970. (jazzhouse.org)
  • Earshot Jazz is proud to present what Rolling Stone calls "a multiracial jam army that freestyles with cool telekinesis between the lustrous menace of Miles Davis' On The Corner, the slash-and-om of 1970s King Crimson, and Jimi Hendrix' moonwalk across side three of Electric Ladyland" for two evenings of two distinctively legendary and different songbook performances. (earshot.org)
  • After her sleek exploration into 1970s pop on her 2015 disc, Wallflower, the übertalented pianist and singer returns to her jazz roots on her new disc, Turn Up the Quiet, which showcases her interpretations of songs from the Great American Songbook. (aarp.org)
  • [8] Although his early 1970s jazz albums Red Clay , First Light , Straight Life , and Sky Dive were particularly well received and considered among his best work, the albums he recorded later in the decade were attacked by critics for their commercialism. (wikipedia.org)
  • Guy's interests in improvisation and formal composition received their grandest form in the London Jazz Composers Orchestra. (squidco.com)
  • his composition "Harold's House of Jazz" became one of his theme songs. (jazztimes.com)
  • Well-studied in classical composition, Hall has produced many original pieces for various jazz orchestral ensembles. (arts.gov)
  • His composition for jazz quartet, 'Quartet Plus Four,' earned him the Jazzpar Prize in Denmark. (arts.gov)
  • At the University of California, Berkeley, he studied classical composition, and lost some of his interest in jazz.I got tired of guitar, said Bernard. (aspentimes.com)
  • Kevin says clarinetist Ben Goldberg and poet Dean Young have worked out a new way to unite jazz and poetry. (wunc.org)
  • He reviewed "Good Day For Cloud Fishing," the new CD by clarinetist Ben Goldberg that combines jazz and poetry. (wunc.org)
  • Hot jazz, one of the first influential developments of jazz, featured a strong soloist whose variations on the melody and driving momentum were accompanied by an expert ensemble of five or seven players. (encyclopedia.com)
  • and James's last group, "Intensive Care Unit", a jazz-gospel ensemble featuring two vocalists, saxophone and rhythm section. (wikipedia.org)
  • He has also recorded several albums for ECM, which often focus on the interface between improvisers and electronics, including his work in Evan Parker's Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and his own Ceremony. (squidco.com)
  • By the 1980s, a new generation of highly skilled players took an interest in his work, and his ensemble pieces crept into the canon. (whitney.org)
  • When we started to think about this whole tradition of people in jazz, like Lester Bowie, Art Ensemble of Chicago, when they started their organization in Chicago, the AACM, they just put on their own concerts…in different meeting spaces," Tate said. (earshot.org)
  • After finishing college, Bernard reconnected with his former schoolmate, and joined the saxophonists Hieroglyphics Ensemble, an ambitious and influential big band. (aspentimes.com)
  • A double-length live set from the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet - recorded in Scandinavia in 1960, almost as a summation of the group's growing genius in the 50s! (dustygroove.com)
  • A cool 70s album from the Modern Jazz Quartet - and one that has John Lewis playing a bit of electric piano, in addition to his usual acoustic keys! (dustygroove.com)
  • One of the first Modern Jazz Quartet albums on Atlantic - a 1957 set that finds the crew in one of their freshest periods - laying down their soon-to-be trademark style in a fashion that warrants the self-titled tag! (dustygroove.com)
  • A brilliant album through and through - not just a standout from the late 50s years of the Modern Jazz Quartet , but also a compelling soundtrack composed entirely by pianist John Lewis! (dustygroove.com)
  • And this example has proved a durable influence on younger jazz innovators like Vijay Iyer , a pianist who spent time in Smith's early-21st century quartet (before his own career as a bandleader took off ). (pitchfork.com)
  • The quartet won a devoted audience, and even attention in the more mainstream world, as their 1996 album If Four Was One earned a Grammy nomination.Since the T.J. Kirk years, Bernard has established himself ever deeper in groove jazz. (aspentimes.com)
  • When asked to name his top ten jazz songs, Burns didn't include a single piece after 1958. (counterpunch.org)
  • Paul Whiteman, a successful white California orchestra leader, adapted jazz for his larger dance orchestra, which became the most popular band of the 1920s. (encyclopedia.com)
  • At the age of 53, Myrick was shot dead in his California home by a Santa Monica cop working a narcotics investigation. (miaminewtimes.com)
  • Pierce, who is also a Jazz Messengers alumnus, rides high in the saddle through his disc, openingwith ``I'm an Old Cow Hand. (courant.com)
  • Hubbard joined Shorter later in 1961 when he replaced Lee Morgan in Art Blakey 's Jazz Messengers . (wikipedia.org)
  • Leaps into the unknown can be seen in work Gehry did with schoolchildren, in collaboration with his teacher sister, Doreen Nelson, that was captured in a 1972 documentary, Kid City , directed by Jon Boorstin. (theguardian.com)
  • The particulars of this jazz pioneer's hotly anticipated studio collaboration with saxophonist and hip-hop producer Terrace Martin (who worked on a lot of Kendrick Lamar's landmark disc, To Pimp a Butterfly) remain a mystery. (aarp.org)
  • Saxophonist Charlie Parker was an original whose improvisations and harmonies still beguile and inspire. (npr.org)
  • King Oliver ' s band in Chicago was soon joined by a young Louis Armstrong (1901 - 1971), who pioneered the rapid rhythmic jazz style called hot jazz . (encyclopedia.com)
  • James Williams (March 8, 1951 - July 20, 2004) was an American jazz pianist. (wikipedia.org)
  • Davis seems to lead the parade of mainstream American jazzers whose work has been adapted farthest and widest. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • The Engines will be kicking off a North American tour with a two-night run at the Green Mill Jazz Club , which has become an increasingly visible platform for Chicago experimenters. (chicagotribune.com)
  • Burns boasts that his American trilogy-the Civil War, Baseball and Jazz-is at bottom a history of racial relations. (counterpunch.org)
  • Other notable female guests include US saxophonist Camille Thurman and American pianist Myra Melfort with her Snowy Egret band. (scotsman.com)
  • Con Chapman's work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Boston Globe and The Christian Science Monitor , and his writings on jazz have appeared in The American Bystander , The Boston Herald and Brilliant Corners . (oup.com)
  • In the article Brubeck said Milhaud had told him "if I didn't stick to jazz, I'd be working out of my own field and not taking advantage of my American heritage. (reuters.com)
  • A highly versatile player who has performed and recorded with foundational figures in Latin and Asian-American jazz as well as mainstream masters, he joins Gage tonight as a special guest and is closely linked to most of The Blackbird Residency bandleaders. (mercurynews.com)
  • Hall continued to hone his craft on Ella Fitzgerald 's South American tour in 1960, a fruitful time in which his exposure to bossa nova greatly influenced his subsequent work. (arts.gov)
  • His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. (tibordenagy.com)
  • Ranging from mystic drone to explosive free jazz, Roberts digs into the dirt along the spiritual roots of American blues, jazz, rock and more on Coin Coin Chapter Three: Run River Thee. (opb.org)
  • I want to be linked to [the Black Arts Movement] until my last day, but I also hope for people to see my work as it sits in a certain sense of American-ness, and not just as something for Black History Month," Roberts told BOMB Magazine in 2015. (opb.org)
  • The emergence of steel pans as important instruments in the jazz presentations of these Caribbean musics ( Paquito D'Rivera b.1948 saxophone " data-original-title="" title=""> Paquito D'Rivera has featured them in his recent groups), as well as the unique rhythmings of all of these little known forms are treats that Dizzy's patrons can look forward to hearing. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • Thomas primarily plays jazz standards on both clarinet and saxophone and can adapt many pop songs into a solo jazz idiom. (gigmasters.com)
  • Hodges' celebrated technique and silky tone marked him then, and still today, as one of the most important and influential saxophone players in the history of jazz. (oup.com)
  • Con Chapman's book is the massively overdue first full-length biography of Hodges and explores indepth his early life, work with Ellington and relationships with saxophone peers as well as corrects long-held mistakes about Hodges' life. (oup.com)
  • The group built an enduring fan base by taking its subdued bluesy brand of classically influenced jazz to colleges. (reuters.com)
  • Just as Magnusson, Plank and Sprague opted not to replace Mays when he moved to the Big Apple - keeping the band dormant except for a few occasions Mays made brief West Coast visits - Magnusson's Road Work Ahead partners won't continue the group without him. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • He is still very active with his new group, Jazz Confusion, with band mates, Pee Wee Ellis , saxist, (formerly with James Brown ), Alec Dankworth , bass (recorded with Dave Brubeck ), and Abass Dodoo, African percussion. (everything2.com)
  • I had been playing the guitar about three years, I guess, so I was 13 and working in this group that had a clarinet, accordion, drums, and guitar. (arts.gov)
  • A late solo set from ex-Supreme Scherrie Payne, and nicely different than the 70s work she did after leaving that famous group! (dustygroove.com)
  • Artists are invited to submit works to "Gifts for the Goddess," a group exhibition that will run Nov. 5-20 at St. John's United Methodist Church in Charles Village. (baltimoresun.com)
  • He was a legendary saxophonist who started with a jazz group in Chicago and went on to sell millions of records as a member of Earth, Wind, and Fire. (miaminewtimes.com)
  • NCCU Jazz Faculty Group plays holiday jazz from 7-9pm, Dec. 25th. (wncu.org)
  • It led me to meeting people like Charlie Hunter, who was a fan of the group, and Lee Townsend, a well-known producer.Bernard hasnt veered too far from jazz since. (aspentimes.com)
  • That group, with organist Robert Walter, was scheduled to perform two weeks ago at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival, but the New Orleans-based Moore was otherwise occupied by Hurricane Gustav. (aspentimes.com)
  • And he enriches our listening of his upcoming album The Animal Spirits by singing the praises of the live band he worked with, including Tom Page of RocketNumberNine, saxophonist and Zombie Zombie member Etienne Jaumet, British producer Marcus Hamblett, multi-instrumentalist Liza Bec, and Lascelle Gordon of the free jazz group Woven Entity. (factmag.com)
  • I Called Him Morgan " (2017) April 28-May 4, a new film by Swedish director Kasper Collin tells the story of 33-year-old jazz trumpet star, Lee Morgan, who was shot by his wife, Helen. (sfbayview.com)
  • In advance of their 2017 jazz fusion album comes a re-release of two original songs from the band's now hard-to-find 2010 album, Kindred. (music123.com)
  • The festival started in 2017 with the goals of enlivening the Connecticut shoreline, illuminating social causes and fostering cultural diversity, building audiences for live performance, provoking thought and encouraging the creation of new work by Connecticut artists, the release said. (middletownpress.com)
  • Fletcher Henderson (1897 - 1952) and Duke Ellington (1899 - 1974) established black jazz orchestras that began performing at prominent nightclubs in Chicago and New York . (encyclopedia.com)
  • It's a genre of jazz that enables Burns to throw around phrases such "Ellington is our Mozart. (counterpunch.org)
  • For Burns, jazz reached its apogee with Armstrong and Ellington and its denouement with Davis' 1959 recording, Kind of Blue. (counterpunch.org)
  • In his eulogy of saxophonist Johnny Hodges (1907-70), Duke Ellington ended with the words, "Never the world's most highly animated showman or greatest stage personality, but a tone so beautiful it sometimes brought tears to the eyes--this was Johnny Hodges. (oup.com)
  • Chapman celebrates Hodges's rise from Cambridge, solo work with Duke Ellington, conciseness of melody, and gorgeous instrumental tone with musicologist precision. (oup.com)
  • Spread by such New Orleans jazz groups and performers as King Oliver (1885 - 1938) and his Creole Jazz Band and Jelly Roll Morton (1890 - 1941), jazz first became popular in the nightclub cultures of big cities. (encyclopedia.com)
  • As it developed from its Dixieland forms, jazz styles ranged from the hot jazz of Louis Armstrong to the " symphonic " jazz of Paul Whiteman ' s (1890 - 1967) band. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Whiteman was interested in distinguishing a high art jazz as represented by George Gershwin ' s (1898 - 1937) Rhapsody in Blue (1924, which Whiteman had commissioned for his orchestra) from what he thought of as the cruder jazz of such white jazz ensembles as the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. (encyclopedia.com)
  • The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, booked into New York in 1917, was one of the first successful jazz groups. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Live band appearances and a booming recording industry increased jazz ' s audience, as did Prohibition, which paradoxically made nightlife even more fashionable. (encyclopedia.com)
  • The salty Albertan, who studied jazz in Edmonton before joining metal band the Smalls, also has a good sense of history and a strong respect for the land and people who work it, whether ranchers, farmers, or roughnecks on a drilling rig. (phoenixnewtimes.com)
  • Backed by a band nourished equally in jazz schools and honky-tonks, Lund delivers brain-teasing neo-cowboy hipster rhymes that show he knows as much about Kerouac and Dylan as he does about Larry Mahan and Ian Tyson. (phoenixnewtimes.com)
  • At Chicago's DuSable High School, Freeman studied under the venerated band director known as Captain Walter Dyett, who was training a new wave of jazz talent that included Nat King Cole and Dinah Washington. (latimes.com)
  • He was soon performing with a Navy jazz band. (latimes.com)
  • the remarkable Mr. King is best known as part of the Twin Cities band Happy Apple, which plays a sharply humorous kind of jazz-funk. (nytimes.com)
  • The Bogmen worked their way to the top of the jam-band circuit, complete with major-label contract, although they were harder-edged than most jam bands. (nytimes.com)
  • The award-winning Concert Jazz Band will be featured, as will singers and dancers, all under the direction of Haig Shahverdian. (courant.com)
  • playing in the house band at BB King's on 42nd st and a regular in the jazz clubs of New York City. (gigmasters.com)
  • Beginning in 1937, Holiday worked with Count Basie and by 1938 with Artie Shaw, becoming the first black woman singer to tour with a mostly white band. (blackpast.org)
  • These songs were played to a syncopated rhythm, and from this emerged ragtime, then Dixieland and subsequently Big Band, what many consider to be the beginning of modern jazz. (listverse.com)
  • His contribution on the Fender Rhodes calls to mind Herbie Hancock's best work with the Headhunters, and the band never let's up under him! (music123.com)
  • Soon after, the Huddleston Jazz Band was formed. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • He led his own band from 1963 until 1969, and recorded numerous albums in a soul jazz vein for the Blue Note label, which remain the most characteristic examples of his work. (jazzhouse.org)
  • Acute osteoarthritis may lead to the end of veteran jazz band Road Work Ahead. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • Faster than you can get on (or off) almost any main thoroughfare in Los Angeles, the band that soon became Road Work Ahead was born. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • Their next album together was under the band name Road Work Ahead. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • When he re-teams Thursday and Saturday with Road Work Ahead at, respectively, The Merc in Temecula and Dizzy's in Pacific Beach, it may well be the last time this 35-year-old band performs anywhere. (sandiegouniontribune.com)
  • McLeod soon moved in with the saxophonist and began to travel with the band. (amoeba.com)
  • It was around then that Haden heard Coleman play for the first time, when the saxophonist sat in with Gerry Mulligan's band in another L.A. nightclub. (arkivmusic.com)
  • The band plays some originals and an array of covers, though always with an idiosyncratic bent, "like singing 'In A Sentimental Mood' with a double-time salsa feel," says Gage, who got interested in jazz vocals as a junior at Cupertino's Homestead High. (mercurynews.com)
  • A returning student at San Jose State, the 29-year-old saxophonist is part of the band in the Rep's heralded production "One Night With Janis Joplin. (mercurynews.com)
  • He's also the jazz band instructor for Cupertino Union's Joaquin Miller Middle School. (mercurynews.com)
  • The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the first proper jazz band to arrive here - whose wonderful bleary wailing is heard over loud speakers - were white. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • And when a black jazz band did arrive here, the Southern Syncopated Orchestra, in 1919, they weren't quite what you'd expect, playing Dvořák and Brahms alongside blues and spirituals. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • But in that one year, he studied harmony and piano, played in the jazz band led by teacher Phil Hardymon, and developed an interest in such jazz guitarists as Bill Frisell, Pat Martino, Jim Hall and Pat Metheny. (aspentimes.com)
  • He has illuminated the bands of jazz greats such as George Russell, Gil Evans and Carla Bley. (apple.com)
  • He recorded with artists ranging from Bill Evans to Itzhak Perlman and performed alongside most of the jazz greats of the 20th century. (arts.gov)
  • Pianist James Williams and Intensive Care Unit perform tonight at 8:30 in the Artists Collective's Master Jazz Series at City's Edge, 482 Farmington Ave., Hartford. (courant.com)
  • Von also played with future free jazz pioneer Sun Ra in the late 1940s. (latimes.com)
  • In the late 1940s, he moved to the San Francisco Bay area, where he headed an experimental jazz octet. (reuters.com)
  • As a pervasive and influential musical style, jazz has at times been a great social leveler and unifier. (encyclopedia.com)
  • It's as if he has no idea how influential he is on younger generations still kicking out the hard bop and soul jazz. (metrotimes.com)
  • After his untimely death, she worked to protect his legacy while coming into her own right by creating a series of increasingly influential albums before devoting most of her life to spiritual pursuits. (amoeba.com)
  • It was also during the '70s that Shaw first recorded as a leader and released several influential, forward-thinking albums featuring his by then highly individualized style that mixed harmonically complex post-bop, modal jazz, and nods toward fusion and free jazz. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • In 1984, Williams moved to New York, residing in Brooklyn and becoming deeply involved in the city's musical activities, omnipresent in jazz clubs not only as a performer but also as a devoted listener. (wikipedia.org)
  • On August 4, 2001, at the University of New Orleans, they performed with their father, the esteemed pianist and educator Ellis Marsalis in a concert that marked his retirement from the school's jazz department. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • Jazz flugelhornist Kenny Wheeler appears on two tracks, as does jazzy saxophonist (and fellow ex-King Crimson member) Mel Collins. (somethingelsereviews.com)
  • An hour long free improvisation by Evan Parker (saxophones), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Hans Schneider (double bass) & Paul Lytton (percussion & live electronics) performing at Le Festival Jazz et Musiques Improvisees, Waterloo, Belgium in 1985. (squidco.com)
  • The early ʼ70s found Kenny working with Yusef Lateef who Kenny credits as a key influence in his art for improvisation. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • A saxophonist-turned-painter, he refused to adhere to any genre, and his puckish work has an air of jazz improvisation. (tibordenagy.com)
  • Dovetailing schedules is no simple matter for the members of the most prominent and active family in jazz. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • The couple would have three sons together: John Jr., who died in 1982, Ravi, now a prominent saxophonist, and Oran Coltrane, also a saxophonist. (amoeba.com)
  • Hall High School presents its annual Pops 'n' Jazz Show March 15 and 16 and March 21 to 23 at the school auditorium, 975 N. Main St., West Hartford. (courant.com)
  • After high school, Silver moved to Hartford and hooked up with saxophonist Harold Holt. (metrotimes.com)
  • Still, his hard-bop work towers over this experimentation. (variety.com)
  • On Monday, he motioned to a staffer in an apparent attempt to speed up the script and he also mixed up the name of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, calling him "Charlie Parker" - the legendary jazz saxophonist. (washingtontimes.com)
  • Percussion virtuoso Chris Froh leads a day of percussion , playing seemingly impossible solo Nancarrow arrangements and discussing and dissecting the works. (whitney.org)
  • Listen to how, in Vol. VII, the quavering electronics and busy, insistent whirlwind of percussion in "Celestial Food," by jazz experimentalists Food, give way to Tord Gustavsen's quiet, introspective solo piano in his "Prelude. (stereophile.com)
  • Electives on such topics as Latin Jazz, vocal styles and rhythm section techniques allow them to progress instead of falling back in the summer months between semesters. (prnewswire.com)
  • Anyway, you can tell from the name-drops of Stockhausen, Cage, Feldman others above that although HatHut's roots are with McPhee in post-Coltrane, post-Ayler, post-Ornette jazz, the label has by no means restricted itself to this field. (allaboutjazz.com)
  • This, in part, explains why Burns recoils from the fact that Davis, Coltrane, Coleman and their descendents have taken jazz not toward soft, white-friendly swing sound but deeper into the urban black experience. (counterpunch.org)
  • Audiences can judge for themselves when Rahman plays Aberdeen's Blue Lamp on 10 March, as part of Aberdeen Jazz Festival. (scotsman.com)
  • She effortlessly blends jazz influence with soft, contemporary stylings, appealing to wide audiences. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • Honored by the National Endowment for the Arts as a 2010 Jazz Master, Kenny Barron has an unmatched ability to mesmerize audiences with his elegant playing, sensitive melodies and infectious rhythms. (montereyjazzfestival.org)
  • The bane of classical audiences cursed with lazy pops conductors, bleeding chunks are movements of works or even parts of movements strung together in that abomination known as a medley. (stereophile.com)
  • This was common knowledge to the Adderley Brothers, Ornette Coleman and other leading players who crossed Ellis' path, but a virtual secret in New Orleans, where jazz was still supposed to deal in direct homage to such favorite sons as King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong. (wyntonmarsalis.org)
  • A devotee of the late Memphis piano giant Phineas Newborn, Jr. , James took time to delve into his hometown's rich jazz heritage, associating with pianist Harold Mabern, bassists Jamil Nasser and saxophonists George Coleman and Frank Strozier, among others. (wikipedia.org)
  • He taught a full-time load of ensembles and lessons, hosted dozens of pre-concert interviews and performed on the campus's Jazz Room Series as well as with members of the classical faculty, and was a huge influence on his students until his unexpected death of liver cancer in New York City in 2004. (wikipedia.org)
  • Shyam later worked as a lawyer in London , England , [2] and there he married a second time while Devi raised Shankar in Benares, and did not meet his son until he was eight years old. (wikipedia.org)
  • and, despite the fact that Bitches Brew went on to be one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, Davis is still being slammed. (counterpunch.org)
  • Silver has a tough time remembering dates, yet he can recall episodes and events that shaped one of the pivotal careers in the history of jazz. (metrotimes.com)
  • Like many of the group's works, it had an unusual beat - 5/4 time as opposed to the usual 4/4. (reuters.com)
  • As a leading figure in the West Coast jazz scene, which also included Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, Brubeck was featured in a Time magazine cover story in 1954. (reuters.com)
  • His subsequent solo career has spanned five decades, during which time he has released over 40 albums (and been featured on countless more) and has worked with such diverse artists as Harry Belafonte, Dizzy Gillespie, The Byrds, Fela Kuti, Marvin Gaye, Herb Alpert, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and the late Miriam Makeba. (eyeshotjazz.com)
  • A n old-time, Free Jazz session in the best sense of the term, Intricacies is a distinctive no-holds-barred improv by five Berlin-based players who overcome any oxymoronic juxtaposition of the music's definition. (jazzword.com)
  • This time it's Von Schlippenbach's contrapuntal forays and vocalized yelps from the saxophonist that make the smoothing connection. (jazzword.com)
  • We really loved Jazzmeia Horn on her debut, but this time around she really knocks it out of the part - to a point where we're ready to list her among our top few favorite jazz vocalists - a short list that includes Betty Carter, Dee Dee Bridgewater, and Shirley Horn! (dustygroove.com)
  • harks bizarrely forward to wild-man Sixties drummers such as Ginger Baker, while compounding the sense at the time that jazz "craziness" was inherently comedic. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Although Shaw eventually parted ways with Columbia, he continued to work and record throughout the '80s, releasing a handful of compelling albums, not the least of which included his three sessions with fellow trumpet innovator Freddie Hubbard: Time Speaks (1982), Double Take (1985), and Eternal Triangle (1988) -- most of which are collected on The Complete Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw Sessions. (concordmusicgroup.com)
  • Cinoman's and Baerman's works will be performed in full for the first time at the next Guilford Performing Arts Festival, Sept. 26 to 29, 2019. (middletownpress.com)
  • Like Morgan, Ayler , saxophonist, also had an unexpected and violent end, his body found in New York's East River. (sfbayview.com)
  • Yet its earnest approach actually underplays the extent to which jazz liberated uptight early-20th-century Britain. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • At some level, it almost feels like the group's working off the lessons learned during their Apple Records years - and are also picking up some elements of Milt Jackson's work on other projects in the late 60s - as the record has a soulful groove you might not normally expect from the MJQ, and less of the more academic tones that had marked some of their earlier 60s recordings for Atlantic. (dustygroove.com)
  • Lewis' writing was always a key part of the group's sound, but here it really comes into its own - shaping out these dark, moody little scenes for the movies - which work equally well as little sound pieces on their own - still jazz , yet often moving towards something deeper and more evocative too! (dustygroove.com)