Sudden slips on a fault, and the resulting ground shaking and radiated seismic energy caused by the slips, or by volcanic or magmatic activity, or other sudden stress changes in the earth. Faults are fractures along which the blocks of EARTH crust on either side have moved relative to one another parallel to the fracture.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
Series of ocean waves produced by geologic events or underwater LANDSLIDES. These waves can travel at speeds averaging 450 (and up to 600) miles per hour in the open ocean.
Activities concerned with governmental policies, functions, etc.
The state of the ATMOSPHERE over minutes to months.
Calamities producing great damage, loss of life, and distress. They include results of natural phenomena and man-made phenomena. Normal conditions of existence are disrupted and the level of impact exceeds the capacity of the hazard-affected community.
Assistance, such as money, food, or shelter, given to the needy, aged, or victims of disaster. It is usually granted on a temporary basis. (From The American Heritage Dictionary, 2d college ed)
Persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of the value of these possessions. Epidemiological studies suggest that hoarding occurs in 2-5% of the population and can lead to substantial distress and disability, as well as serious public health consequences.
The motivational and/or affective state resulting from being blocked, thwarted, disappointed or defeated.
A plant genus of the family OLEACEAE. Members contain secoiridoid glucosides.
Affection; in psychiatry commonly refers to pleasure, particularly as it applies to gratifying experiences between individuals.
Architecture, exterior and interior design, and construction of facilities other than hospitals, e.g., dental schools, medical schools, ambulatory care clinics, and specified units of health care facilities. The concept also includes architecture, design, and construction of specialized contained, controlled, or closed research environments including those of space labs and stations.
Curved bacteria, usually crescent-shaped rods, with ends often tapered, occurring singly, in pairs, or short chains. They are non-encapsulated, non-sporing, motile, and ferment glucose. Selenomonas are found mainly in the human buccal cavity, the rumen of herbivores, and the cecum of pigs and several rodents. (From Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 9th ed)
A short thick vein formed by union of the superior mesenteric vein and the splenic vein.
Available manpower, facilities, revenue, equipment, and supplies to produce requisite health care and services.
Abnormal increase of resistance to blood flow within the hepatic PORTAL SYSTEM, frequently seen in LIVER CIRRHOSIS and conditions with obstruction of the PORTAL VEIN.
Procedures concerned with the remedial treatment or prevention of diseases.
A system of vessels in which blood, after passing through one capillary bed, is conveyed through a second set of capillaries before it returns to the systemic circulation. It pertains especially to the hepatic portal system.
Any of numerous burrowing mammals found in temperate regions and having minute eyes often covered with skin.
A dental specialty concerned with the restoration and maintenance of oral function by the replacement of missing TEETH and related structures by artificial devices or DENTAL PROSTHESES.
Aspects of health and disease related to travel.
A vertical distance measured from a known level on the surface of a planet or other celestial body.
A group of islands in Polynesia, in the north central Pacific Ocean, comprising eight major and 114 minor islands, largely volcanic and coral. Its capital is Honolulu. It was first reached by Polynesians about 500 A.D. It was discovered and named the Sandwich Islands in 1778 by Captain Cook. The islands were united under the rule of King Kamehameha 1795-1819 and requested annexation to the United States in 1893 when a provisional government was set up. Hawaii was established as a territory in 1900 and admitted as a state in 1959. The name is from the Polynesian Owhyhii, place of the gods, with reference to the two volcanoes Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, regarded as the abode of the gods. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p493 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p2330)
Diseases of freshwater, marine, hatchery or aquarium fish. This term includes diseases of both teleosts (true fish) and elasmobranchs (sharks, rays and skates).
Nuclear power accident that occurred following the Tohoku-Kanto earthquake of March 11, 2011 in the northern region of Japan.
Facilities that convert NUCLEAR ENERGY into electrical energy.
Units that convert some other form of energy into electrical energy.
Unstable isotopes of cesium that decay or disintegrate emitting radiation. Cs atoms with atomic weights of 123, 125-132, and 134-145 are radioactive cesium isotopes.
Uncontrolled release of radioactive material from its containment. This either threatens to, or does, cause exposure to a radioactive hazard. Such an incident may occur accidentally or deliberately.
Persons including soldiers involved with the armed forces.
Tracts of land completely surrounded by water.
A series of actions, sometimes symbolic actions which may be associated with a behavior pattern, and are often indispensable to its performance.
A genus of tick-borne protozoa parasitic in the lymphocytes, erythrocytes, and endothelial cells of mammals. Its organisms multiply asexually and then invade erythrocytes, where they undergo no further reproduction until ingested by a transmitting tick.
Areas designated for use by the armed forces personnel.
The practice of medicine as applied to special circumstances associated with military operations.
Platforms that provide the ability and tools to create and publish information accessed via the INTERNET. Generally these platforms have three characteristics with content user generated, high degree of interaction between creator and viewer, and easily integrated with other sites.
A return to earlier, especially to infantile, patterns of thought or behavior, or stage of functioning, e.g., feelings of helplessness and dependency in a patient with a serious physical illness. (From APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 1994).
Classification system for assessing impact injury severity developed and published by the American Association for Automotive Medicine. It is the system of choice for coding single injuries and is the foundation for methods assessing multiple injuries or for assessing cumulative effects of more than one injury. These include Maximum AIS (MAIS), Injury Severity Score (ISS), and Probability of Death Score (PODS).
A country in western Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the countries of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the principalities of Andorra and Monaco, and by the duchy of Luxembourg. Its capital is Paris.
Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.

Body mass decrease after initial gain following smoking cessation. (1/13041)

BACKGROUND: Although smoking cessation is strongly associated with subsequent weight gain, it is not clear whether the initial gain in weight after smoking cessation remains over time. METHOD: Cross-sectional analyses were made, using data from periodic health examinations for workers, on the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and the length of smoking cessation. In addition, linear regression coefficients of BMI on the length of cessation were estimated according to alcohol intake and sport activity, to examine the modifying effect of these factors on the weight of former smokers. RESULTS: Means of BMI were 23.1 kg/m2, 23.3 kg/m2, 23.6 kg/m2 for light/medium smokers, heavy smokers and never smokers, respectively. Among former smokers who had smoked > or = 25 cigarettes a day, odds ratio (OR) of BMI >25 kg/m2 were 1.88 (95% confidence interval [CI] : 1.05-3.35), 1.32 (95% CI : 0.74-2.34), 0.66 (95% CI: 0.33-1.31) for those with 2-4 years, 5-7 years, and 8-10 years of smoking cessation, respectively. The corresponding OR among those who previously consumed <25 cigarettes a day were 1.06 (95% CI: 0.58-1.94), 1.00 (95% CI: 0.58-1.71), and 1.49 (95% CI: 0.95-2.32). CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that although heavy smokers may experience large weight gain and weigh more than never smokers in the few years after smoking cessation, they thereafter lose weight to the never smoker level, while light and moderate smokers gain weight up to the never smoker level without any excess after smoking cessation.  (+info)

The prevalence of Balantidium coli infection in fifty-six mammalian species. (2/13041)

A total of 375 fecal samples of 56 mammalian species belonging to 17 families of 4 orders were examined for the detection of Balantidium coli from December 1994 to August 1995. As a result, B. coli was found from 6 species belonging to 4 families of 2 orders (Primates and Artiodactyla) of host animals examined. White-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar), squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciurea) and Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) were new hosts for B. coli. All the wild boar (Sus scrofa) and chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) examined were positive. The highest number of B. coli was obtained from a chimpanzee (1,230/g feces). No B. coli was detected from the animals of orders Rodentia and Carnivora including dogs and cats. The rarity of B. coli infection in breeding animals in Japan. suggests that there is no serious problem in controlling infections.  (+info)

First report of Thelazia sp. from a captive Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana) in Japan. (3/13041)

Nematodes of the genus Thelazia were recovered from the cornea and inferior conjunctival sac of an immature Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana). The bird hatched and reared at the Toyooka Oriental White Stork Breeding Center, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, but died of chlamydiosis. There were neither gross nor histopathologic ophthalmic lesions. The eye worm from a bird is believed to be first reported in Japan. As regarding reintroduction plan for the Oriental white stork, control measures for prevent further infection with the eye worm will be needed.  (+info)


he pill in Japan: will approval ever come?  (+info)

CAG repeat length in the androgen receptor gene of infertile Japanese males with oligozoospermia. (5/13041)

We analysed the CAG repeat length in exon 1 of the androgen receptor gene in 59 idiopathic Japanese infertile males with oligozoospermia; 36 fertile males were also analysed as controls. The number of CAG repeats in infertile males ranged from 14 to 32 (mean 21.2+/-4.2), whereas the number of CAG repeats in fertile males ranged from 16 to 31 (mean 21.4+/-3.5). Among infertile males, six possessed a short form of 14 CAG repeats and three possessed 15 CAG repeats. On the other hand, fertile males did not possess the short form of 14 or 15 CAG repeats. The incidence of infertile males with 14 and 15 CAG repeats was significantly higher (P<0.05) than that of fertile males. Although the sample size is small, the results suggest that the reduction of CAG repeats in exon 1 of the androgen receptor is closely related to impaired spermatogenesis in infertile Japanese males.  (+info)

An epidemiological study on the association between the total leukocyte and neutrophil counts, and risk factors of ischemic heart disease by smoking status in Japanese factory workers. (6/13041)

Several epidemiologic studies have shown the association between total leukocyte count and the risk of developing myocardial infarction. The purpose of this study was to assess the association between the total leukocyte and neutrophil counts and risk factors of ischemic heart disease in 1,384 Japanese factory workers. Total leukocyte and neutrophil counts were significantly higher in current smokers than in non-smokers. Among current smokers, the total leukocyte and neutrophil counts were positively associated with the number of cigarettes smoked daily and the duration of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Being independent of smoking habit, the total leukocyte and neutrophil counts were also related to several characteristics recorded at the physical examinations. The total leukocyte and neutrophil counts were positively associated with serum total cholesterol, serum triglyceride and hematocrit levels, and inversely associated with the serum HDL-cholesterol level. No significant associations of the total leukocyte or neutrophil counts were found with the red blood cell count and hemoglobin level. These results suggest that the total leukocyte and neutrophil counts may represent the metabolic condition with a high coronary risk among apparently healthy people.  (+info)

A historical cohort mortality study of workers exposed to asbestos in a refitting shipyard. (7/13041)

To investigate the risks of developing asbestos-related diseases we conducted a historical cohort mortality study on 249 ship repair workers (90 laggers and 159 boiler repairers) in a single U.S. Navy shipyard in Japan. We successfully identified the vital status of 87 (96.7%) laggers and 150 (94.3%) boiler repairers, and, of these, 49 (56.3%) and 65 (43.3%) died, respectively, during the follow-up period from 1947 till the end of 1996. Our in-person interviews with some of the subjects clarified that asbestos exposure was considered to be substantially high in the 1950-60s, decreased thereafter gradually but remained till 1979 in the shipyard. The laggers, who had handled asbestos materials directly, showed a significantly elevated SMR of 2.75 (95% C.I.: 1.08-6.48) for lung cancer. The risk developing the disease was greater in the laggers after a 20-year latency (SMR = 3.42). Pancreatic cancer yielded a greater SMR than unity (7.78, 90% C.I.: 2.07-25.19) in a longer working years group. Four laggers died from asbestosis. The boiler repairers, who had many chances for secondary exposure to asbestos and a few for direct exposure, showed no elevation of the SMR of lung cancer overall, but there was a borderline statistically significant SMR of 2.41 (90% C.I.: 1.05-5.45) in a longer working years group. One boiler repairer died from mesothelioma and four from asbestosis.  (+info)

Relationship between glycosylated hemoglobin and the prevalence of proteinuria in Japanese men. (8/13041)

A total of 5,174 Japanese men were included in a cross-sectional study to examine the relationship between the glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) level and the prevalence of proteinuria as determined using a reagent strip. The prevalence of proteinuria rose significantly at HbA1C levels above 5.9%, whereas no relationship was observed at HbA1C levels below 5.9%. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that blood pressure and a family history of diabetes were independent factors associated with proteinuria in subjects with a HbA1C below 5.9% who were not under medication for diabetes. In contrast, HbA1C, obesity and smoking were associated with proteinuria in subjects who were under medication for diabetes and/or have a HbA1C above 5.9%. These findings suggest that maintaining a HbA1C level below 5.9%, non-smoking and a standard body weight may reduce the prevalence of proteinuria in Japanese men. Healthy life-style and standard body weight are especially important for subjects with a family history of diabetes.  (+info)

Results Mean follow-up duration was 10.7 years. Cut-off levels of Lp(a) for tertiles were 10 mg/dl and 23 mg/dl. Risks for all stroke were 1.34 (95% CI 1.03 to 1.74) and 1.00 (95% CI 0.77 to 1.31) in the lower and the higher Lp(a) group, respectively, with reference to the middle group after adjustment for age, smoking status, drinking status, systolic blood pressure, and body mass index. Risks for cerebral haemorrhage (lower tertile 2.25, 95% CI 1.28 to 3.94 and higher tertile 0.93, 95% CI 0.49 to 1.77), were similar to all stroke and no significant relationships were seen between Lp(a) and cerebral infarction (lower tertile 1.15, 95% CI 0.83 to 1.60 and higher tertile 1.02, 95% CI 0.74 to 1.41),or subarachnoid haemorrhage (lower tertile 1.04, 95% CI 0.52 to 2.09 and higher tertile 0.96, 95% CI 0.48 to 1.90). ...
GSK2190915 is currently in development for the treatment of asthma. This study aims to assess the safety and tolerability of single doses of GSK2190915 in healthy Japanese subjects. The study will also look at the pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of single doses of GSK2190915 and aims to characterise the PK/PD relationship in healthy Japanese subjects. Twelve healthy Japanese subjects will take part in this single escalating dose study and subjects will receive one of five possible treatments, 10 mg, 50 mg, 150 mg, 450 mg GSK2190915 or placebo in each treatment period. Blood samples (for safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics), urine samples (for safety and pharmacodynamics) and ECGs, blood pressure readings, physical examinations and a review of adverse events will take place at a number of timepoints pre and post each dose. A minimum 7 day washout between treatment periods will be required. Regardless if a subject completes or prematurely withdraws from the study, a ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Living with a nonsmoking partner and smoking cessation of middle-aged Japanese male smokers. T2 - A prospective cohort study. AU - Ota, Atsuhiko. AU - Masue, Takeshi. AU - Yasuda, Nobufumi. AU - Tsutsumi, Akizumi. AU - Mino, Yoshio. AU - Ohara, Hiroshi. AU - Ono, Yuichiro. PY - 2012/10/1. Y1 - 2012/10/1. N2 - Background: Smokers nonsmoking partners may be expected to encourage the smokers to quit smoking. However, there is little evidence regarding whether this expectation is applicable to the cases of middle-aged Japanese male smokers. Objective: We examined the relationship between living with a nonsmoking partner and smoking cessation of middle-aged Japanese male smokers. Methods: A prospective cohort study was performed. Five hundred seventy nine male smokers were observed for two years during which no intensive smoking cessation interventions were offered to either the subjects or their partners. The smoking status of the subjects and their partners was assessed based on ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Japan Atherosclerosis Society (JAS) guidelines for prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases 2017. AU - Committee for Epidemiology and Clinical Management of Atherosclerosis. AU - Kinoshita, Makoto. AU - Yokote, Koutaro. AU - Arai, Hidenori. AU - Iida, Mami. AU - Ishigaki, Yasushi. AU - Ishibashi, Shun. AU - Umemoto, Seiji. AU - Egusa, Genshi. AU - Ohmura, Hirotoshi. AU - Okamura, Tomonori. AU - Kihara, Shinji. AU - Koba, Shinji. AU - Saito, Isao. AU - Shoji, Tetsuo. AU - Daida, Hiroyuki. AU - Tsukamoto, Kazuhisa. AU - Deguchi, Juno. AU - Dohi, Seitaro. AU - Dobashi, Kazushige. AU - Hamaguchi, Hirotoshi. AU - Hara, Masumi. AU - Hiro, Takafumi. AU - Biro, Sadatoshi. AU - Fujioka, Yoshio. AU - Maruyama, Chizuko. AU - Miyamoto, Yoshihiro. AU - Murakami, Yoshitaka. AU - Yokode, Masayuki. AU - Yoshida, Hiroshi. AU - Rakugi, Hiromi. AU - Wakatsuki, Akihiko. AU - Yamashita, Shizuya. AU - Okamura, Tomonori. AU - Ninomiya, Toshiharu. AU - Hozawa, Atsushi. AU - Yokode, ...
The Central Japan Railway Company (東海旅客鉄道株式会社, Tōkai Ryokaku Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha) is the main railway company operating in the Chūbu (Nagoya) region of central Japan. It is officially abbreviated in English as JR Central and in Japanese as JR Tōkai (JR東海). Tōkai means East sea and is a reference to the geographical region in which the company chiefly operates.. JR Centrals operational hub is Nagoya Station and the companys administrative headquarters are located in the JR Central Towers in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.[6]. The busiest railway line operated by JR Central is the Tōkaidō Main Line between Atami Station and Maibara Station. The company also operates the Tōkaidō Shinkansen between Tokyo Station and Shin-Ōsaka Station. Additionally it is responsible for the Chūō Shinkansen-a proposed maglev service between Tokyo Station (or Shinagawa Station) and Ōsaka Station (or Shin-Ōsaka Station), of which a short demonstration section has ...
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Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of Body mass index and risks of incident ischemic stroke subtypes: The Japan public health center-based prospective (JPHC) study. Together they form a unique fingerprint. ...
Located near the center of the Japanese main island of Honshu, Aichi Prefecture faces the Ise and Mikawa Bays to the south and borders Shizuoka Prefecture to the east, Nagano Prefecture to the northeast, Gifu Prefecture to the north, and Mie Prefecture to the west. It measures 106 km east to west and 94 km south to north and forms a major portion of the Nōbi Plain. With an area of 5,153.81 km2 it accounts for approximately 1.36% of the total surface area of Japan. The highest spot is Chausuyama at 1,415 m above sea level. The western part of the prefecture is dominated by Nagoya, Japans third largest city, and its suburbs, while the eastern part is less densely populated but still contains several major industrial centers. Due to its robust economy, for the period from October 2005 to October 2006, Aichi was the fastest growing prefecture in terms of population, beating Tokyo, at 7.4 per cent. As of April 1, 2012, 17% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, ...
In a prospective study of a general Japanese population, we clearly demonstrated that elevated HbA1c levels, even in the prediabetic range, were a significant risk factor for the development of CVD, especially for CHD and ischaemic stroke, in a general Japanese population. These associations remained robust even after controlling for comprehensive confounding factors. Furthermore, adding the HbA1c value to the confounding factors significantly improved the predictive ability for total CVD. These findings are important in that they indicate HbA1cs value for predicting the long-term risk of CVD in Japanese.. Some clinical and population-based cohort studies have shown that increased HbA1c levels were positively associated with the risks of CVDs and mortality [6-11, 20-25]. In the present study, the risks of CHD and ischaemic stroke were significantly or marginally higher even in the subjects with HbA1c levels of ≥5.5% compared with those with HbA1c levels of ≤5.0%. There has been controversy ...
In terms of local products, when someone mentions Shizuoka, the first things that come to mind are the beer from Gotemba Kogen, Shizuoka green tea, sushi from Shimizu, and unadon (braised eel over rice) from Lake Hamana. Among these, tea plantations covered by mists with Mt. Fuji sitting in the background has been selected as one of the top 100 most beautiful landscapes of Mt. Fuji. Perhaps Shizuoka Prefecture is not as well-known as other large prefectures or cities, but under the tender gaze of Mt. Fuji and with the regions blessings in natural resources, the region exudes a unique atmosphere that touches peoples hearts. Visit Shizuoka, stay in Shizuoka, and be quietly moved by this well cared-for land ...
Niigata, ken (prefecture), north-central Honshu, Japan. It lies along the Sea of Japan (East Sea) and includes the offshore islands of Sado and Awa. Niigata, along the central coast, is the prefectural capital and largest city. Silt deposited by the Shinano and Agano rivers in the central part of
TY - JOUR. T1 - Hematocrit and the risk of cardiovascular disease in a Japanese community. T2 - The Hisayama Study. AU - Gotoh, Seiji. AU - Hata, Jun. AU - Ninomiya, Toshiharu. AU - Hirakawa, Yoichiro. AU - Nagata, Masaharu. AU - Mukai, Naoko. AU - Fukuhara, Masayo. AU - Ikeda, Fumie. AU - Ago, Tetsuro. AU - Kitazono, Takanari. AU - Kiyohara, Yutaka. N1 - Funding Information: This study was supported in part by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (22116010) and for Scientific Research (A) (25253048 and 22240073) and (C) (24590797, 24590796, 25460758, 26350895, and 26460748) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, by a Core Research for Evolutionary Science and Technology (CREST) grant ( 13417915 ) from the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and by Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan ( H22-Junkankitou [Seishuu]-Ippan-005 , H25-Junkankitou [Seishuu]-Ippan-005 , ...
The current study provided a unique opportunity to investigate a more elderly Japanese population (versus the previous cohort studies), and determine the prevalence of early and late AMD in the elderly Japanese population of Hatoyama.2-4 The prevalence of late AMD in the current study appears to be comparable with those reported in other Japanese cohorts, although the small number of cases in each study limits any comparisons. Additionally, comparison of background characteristics between targeted sample and recruited samples was not impossible and thus, we could not justify the representativeness and generalizability of the prevalence of both early and late AMD, which also limits our study. However, the age-specific prevalence of early AMD in the current study is like to be higher than that reported in other Japanese cohorts, although it was similar to that reported in the Singapore Malay Eye Study.10 Therefore, caution should be exercised when comparing our standardized AMD prevalence to ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - The proportion of individuals with alcohol-induced hypertension among total hypertensives in a general japanese population. T2 - NIPPON DATA90. AU - Nakamura, Koshi. AU - Okamura, Tomonori. AU - Hayakawa, Takehito. AU - Hozawa, Atsushi. AU - Kadowaki, Takashi. AU - Murakami, Yoshitaka. AU - Kita, Yoshikuni. AU - Okayama, Akira. AU - Ueshima, Hirotsugu. AU - Iimura, Osamu. AU - Omae, Teruo. AU - Ueda, Kazuo. AU - Yanagawa, Hiroshi. AU - Horibe, Hiroshi. AU - Kodama, Kazunori. AU - Kasagi, Fumiyoshi. AU - Tanihara, Shinichi. AU - Saito, Shigeyuki. AU - Sakata, Kiyomi. AU - Nakamura, Yosikazu. AU - Kakuno, Fumihiko. AU - Takeuchi, Toshihiro. AU - Hasebe, Mitsuru. AU - Kusano, Fumitsugu. AU - Kawamoto, Takahisa. AU - Minowa, Masumi. AU - Iida, Minoru. AU - Hashimoto, Tsutomu. AU - Tanaka, Shigemichi. AU - Terao, Atsushi. AU - Kawaminami, Katsuhiko. AU - Sawai, Koryo. AU - Shibata, Shigeo. PY - 2007/8/1. Y1 - 2007/8/1. N2 - Japanese men consume more alcoholic beverages than men in ...
Aki (1) Autumn in Japan (1) Butsudan (1) earthquake march 2011 Japan (1) Edo komon (1) Equinox of Autumn in Japan (1) Furisode (1) Ganjistu (1) Gankan (1) Geta (1) Gyoka (1) Han (1) Hanko (1) help japan (2) help Japanese victim (2) Hideaki Iitani (1) Hikizuri (1) Hina Matsuri (1) Hōmongi (1) Inkan (1) intro (1) Iro Tomesode (1) Iromuji (1) Japan (1) Japan architecture (1) japan earthquake (1) Japan tsunami (1) Japans event (2) Japans house (1) Japans season (2) Japans storage furniture (1) Japanese bag designer (1) Japanese bag maker (1) Japanese bags (1) Japanese bathroom (1) japanese chest (1) japanese culture (1) Japanese old house (1) Japanese seals (1) Japanese style room (1) Japanese Traditional House (1) Japanese traditions (1) Juuni-hitoe (1) Juzu (1) Kadomatsu (1) Kagami mochi (1) Kakizome (1) Kimono (3) Komon (1) Kuro Tomesode (1) Machiya (1) manners in Japanese bath (1) Merry Christmas (1) Minka (1) Mofuku (1) Nanakusa - Seven Spring Herbs (1) National Japanese flowers (1) ...
A magnitude 5.7 earthquake and a magnitude 4.6 quake rattled central Japan on Monday afternoon, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
Japan is the fastest ageing society on earth and the first large country in the history to have its population start shrinking rapidly from natural causes. The life expectancy of Japanese people (mean age: men, 79.4 years; women, 85.9 years) is at the highest level in the world. The population of Japan, which currently stands at 127 million, is expected to fall to just under 100 million in the next 40 years. By 2050, 4 of 10 adults in Japan will be older than 65 years of age. Japan implemented the national social long-term care insurance (LTCI) system on 1 April 2000. Every Japanese person aged 65 and older is eligible for benefits based strictly on physical and mental frailty or disability.1 In June 2006, the Japanese government implemented a major LTCI reform that focused on preventive benefits for the population at high risk of disability (ie, physical and/or cognitive frailty), to contain the skyrocketing costs of the LTCI.2. Physical frailty increases with advancing age and is a major risk ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Efficacy of combination therapy against mrsa in ibaraki prefecture. AU - Otsuka, Morio. AU - Sawahata, Tatsuo. AU - Nakai, Toshiaki. AU - Hasegawa, Shizuo. AU - Iwata, Satoshi. AU - Yoshizawa, Yasuyuki. AU - Ishida, Hiroshi. AU - Irokawa, Masataka. AU - Goto, Atsushi. AU - Shinohara, Yoko. AU - Togawa, Shinichi. AU - Monma, Yuji. PY - 1994/1/1. Y1 - 1994/1/1. N2 - Clinical efficacies of fosfomycin (FOM) or arbekacin (ABK) plus β-lactam combination therapies against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections were examined in 15 major hospitals in Ibaraki Prefecture. The subjects were 54 inpatients from January 1991 to April 1993, and most of them showed moderate to severe infections with underlying diseases. MRSA alone was isolated from 23 patients and the other 31 patients had polymicobes including MRSA. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was the most frequent among the co-isolated strains. The number of patients treated with FOM and cefmetazole (CMZ) was 22 (Group C) and ...
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Niigata, city, capital of Niigata ken (prefecture), north-central Honshu, Japan. Niigata lies on the coastal edge of the Echigo Plain at the mouth of the Shinano River. It was an important rice port in feudal times and has continued as the countrys leading port along the Sea of Japan, carrying on
This survey analysed the clinical characteristics of subjects who first underwent major amputation of lower limbs necessitated by dysvascular disease during the 5 year period from 1984 to 1988. All were residents of Okayama Prefecture, Japan, and have been issued with a Physically Disabled Persons …
An explosion was reported at Honda Motor Co Ltds plant in central Japan, police said on Sunday, with two workers sent to the hospital with burns. The explosion at an electrical power distribution switchboard occurred at around 9:15 am local time (5:15 p.m. EDT Saturday) in Hondas plant in Suzuka city
Objective: To survey the current status and problems of cooperation between clinics and hospitals in Okayama Prefecture, Japan for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methods: We distributed a questionnaire to 300 of the 983 Okayama Prefecture clinics that had either an internal medicine or orthopedic surgery department, from December 2013 to February 2014. The questionnaire covered practice pattern for RA treatment in clinics, current status of the hospital and clinic cooperation, and acceptance of the biologic therapy. Results: One hundred clinics responded to the questionnaire. Seventy percent of the clinics reported making referrals to rheumatologists before the initiation of RA treatment, and half of the other 30% of the clinics administered methotrexate as the first-line treatment for RA by their own decision. Sixty-six clinics cooperated with flagship hospitals, conducting medical and laboratory examinations, providing prescriptions, and treating common diseases of patients. These ...
The Japan Times is Japans largest and oldest English-language daily newspaper. It is published by The Japan Times, Ltd. (株式会社 ジャパン タイムズ, Kabushiki gaisha Japan Taimuzu), a subsidiary of Nifco, a leading manufacturer of plastic fasteners for the automotive and home design industries since 1983. It is headquartered in the Japan Times Nifco Building (ジャパンタイムズ・ニフコビル, Japan Taimuzu Nifuko Biru) in Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo. The Japan Times was launched by Motosada Zumoto on March 22, 1897, with the goal of giving Japanese an opportunity to read and discuss news and current events in English to help Japan to participate in the international community. The paper was independent of government control, but from 1931 onward, the Japanese government was mounting pressure on the papers editors to submit to its policies. In 1933, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs managed to appoint Hitoshi Ashida, former Ministry official, as chief editor. During ...
If youre taking your elderly loved one for an annual health checkup, make sure to discuss these important medical reviews with his or her physician.
As a merge of translational and clinical research, drug discovery, diagnostic reagent development and clinical trials are conducting by the Pharma Valley Project. The project supports a large-scale drug discovery platform covering development from target search to clinical trial utilizing the sequential research framework provided by the Pharma Valley Center, University of Shizuoka and the Shizuoka Cancer Center. The University of Shizuoka is responsible for drug discovery, conducting research into potential anti-cancer drugs and anti-virus agents utilizing a chemical compound library of 70,000 potential targets. The Shizuoka Cancer Center conducts collaborative research for the development of anti-cancer drugs from basic research to clinical research; the center is top-ranked in Japan for clinical trials on anti-cancer drugs. In order to enable pharmaceutical firms to conduct clinical trial very efficiently, the center introduced a special electronic health record system. Furthermore, the ...
Abstract: Takedaite, Ca3B2O6, has been found in crystalline limestone near gehlenite-spurrite skarns at Fuka, Okayama Prefecture. It occurs as aggregates of granular crystals up to 0.8 mm long and 0.3 mm wide. The mineral is associated with nifontovite, olshanskyite, pentahydroborite, frolovite, sibirskite, calcite and an unidentified mineral, is white or pale gray, and has a vitreous luster. Takedaite is trigonal with space group of R3¯c, a = 8.638(1), c = 11.850(2)Å, Z = 6. The strongest lines in the X-ray powder pattern [d in A(I)(hkl)] are 2.915(100)(113), 1.895(75)(223), 2.756(61)(104), 2.493(44)(300), 2.044(21) (214,131), 2.160(19)(220), 1.976(18)(006), 1.549(12)(306). The Vickers microhardness is 478 kg mm−2 and the Mohs hardness 4.5. The density is 3.10(2) g cm−3 (meas.) and 3.11 g cm−3 (calc.). Wet chemical analyses give the values CaO 71.13%, B2O3 28.41%, ig. loss 0.14%, and total 99.68%. The empirical formula calculated on the basis of O = 6 is Ca3.053B1.965O6, with the ...
In the present study, the relationship between LDL-C and BMI was investigated in a large sample of population-based Japanese schoolchildren. It was found that LDL-C measured using the direct method for fourth-grade boys and girls was 90.0 and 95.0 mg/dL, respectively, whereas for seventh-grade boys and girls the values were 86.0 and 93.0 mg/dL. These results were similar to those in previous studies using the direct measurement of LDL-C [15, 16]. Moreover, in our study, LDL-C level was significantly higher in girls than in boys for both grades (P , 0.001). These results were consistent with previous nationwide reports among Japanese children [9, 15]. The sex difference in the results may be explained in part by the influence of hormones on LDL-C among children [23, 24]. Additionally, in our data, BMI was significantly higher in boys than in girls regardless of grade (P , 0.05). The previous study reported that sex differences in body composition are present very early in life, and are primarily ...
In the study of Isoflavone intake and risk of lung cancer: a prospective cohort study in Japanby Shimazu T, Inoue M, Sasazuki S, Iwasaki M, Sawada N, Yamaji T, Tsugane S; Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study Group., posted in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, researchers found that During 11 y (671,864 person-years) of follow-up, we documented 481 male and 178 female lung cancer cases. In men we found an inverse association between isoflavone intake and risk of lung cancer in never smokers (n = 13,051; multivariate HR in the highest compared with the lowest quartile of isoflavone intake: 0.43; 95% CI: 0.21, 0.90; P for trend = 0.024) but not in current or past smokers. A similar, nonsignificant inverse association was seen in never-smoking women (n = 38,211; HR: 0.67; 95% CI: 0.41, 1.10; P for trend = 0.135). We also tested effect modification by smoking status (P for interaction = 0.085 in men and 0.055 in men and women combined) and concluded that ...
Using Facebook To Enhance Motivation. Speaker: Chris Madden (Seikei University). Sunday, July 9th, 2017 in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Workshop 1 - Using Facebook to enhance motivation Chris will show the ongoing results of his research project utilizing a
Via The Globe and Mail, a Reuters report: 6.9-magnitude quake jolts northern Japan. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4 jolted Japans northern island of Hokkaido on Saturday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. No tsunami was seen as a...
In 1996 the Okinawa Prefectural Government drew up an Action Program for the return of US bases in Okinawa. It called for the return of US bases in 3 stages to achieve an Okinawa free of military bases by the year 2015. In December 1996, after 12 months of study and consultations, the governments in Tokyo and Washington and their representatives on the Special Action Committee on Okinawa produced their final report concerning the return of US military base properties on the island. The United States agreed to return to Japanese control about 21 percent of the land on Okinawa used for US military bases, adjust training and operational procedures, implement noise abatement procedures, and change Status of Forces Agreement procedures. Often called the Galapagos of the East , Okinawa encompasses a vast diversity of life including 400 species of coral and more than 1,000 species of reef fish, marine mammals and sea turtles. The east coast of Okinawa supports approximately 1,205 ha of seagrass in ...
Venue. Osaka is located on the main island of Honshu, roughly in the center of Japan. Osaka City, which was incorporated in 1889, has a population of 2.5 million and an area of 221 square kilometers. Osaka Prefecture, which includes Osaka City (its capital) and 42 other municipalities, has a population of 8.7 million and a total land mass of about 1,905 square kilometers. Although Osaka is Japans second smallest prefecture by size, its population represents 7% of the entire nation, making it the second most populous prefecture after Tokyo. Furthermore, 10% of all non-Japanese residents live in Osaka.. Historical Overview. 1400 Years of Tradition. Since ancient times, Osaka has been a gathering place. Located at the confluence of a vast web of busy river and sea routes, it naturally grew into a flourishing economic center and became the gateway to Japan for travelers and traders from all over Asia. Osakas Origins Go Back to the 5th Century. In the 5th century, Osaka began to flourish as the ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - The association between objective tongue color and endoscopic findings. T2 - Results from the Kyushu and Okinawa population study (KOPS). AU - Kainuma, Mosaburo. AU - Furusyo, Norihiro. AU - Urita, Yoshihisa. AU - Nagata, Masaharu. AU - Ihara, Takeshi. AU - Oji, Takeshi. AU - Nakaguchi, Toshiya. AU - Namiki, Takao. AU - Hayashi, Jun. PY - 2015/10/16. Y1 - 2015/10/16. N2 - Background: The relation between tongue color and gastroesophageal disease is unclear. This study was done to investigate the associations between tongue color (TC), endoscopic findings, Helicobacter.pylori infection status, and serological atrophic gastritis (SAG). Methods: The participants were 896 residents of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, aged 28-86 years. The tongue was photographed, esophagogastroduodenoscopy was done, and serum antibody to H.pylori was measured. SAG was defined as a serum Pepsinogen (PG)Ilevel ≥70ng/ml and a PGI/IIratio ≥3.0. TC was measured by the device-independent international ...
Outside Magazine (The Land of the Rising Fun, 2006). Outdoor Japan has been the leading resource for adventure travel, off-the-beaten path travel and outdoor fun in Japan since 2000.. Outdoor Japan Online and is a comprehensive resource for readers to get the most out of their time in Japan, whether they are first time visitors, business travelers or have made Japan their home and are looking to explore local areas and new destinations. Traveler magazine (formerly Outdoor Japan Magazine) is a seasonal, full-color magazine that has been sharing the different shades of this beautiful country in each, distinct colorful season since 2005. Our readers love to travel and each issue also features some exciting destinations throughout the Asia-Pacific Region with a network of writers, photographers and contributors that have made Japan and the region their home.. Each issue is distributed free throughout Japan and places where travelers and Japanese residents meet, as well as overseas with selected ...
We examined whether Japanese people, 47 junior high school students, 49 undergraduates, and 52 older adults, possessed negative attitudes against blacks and the picture book Little Black Sambo. We assessed the implicit attitude toward the target word pairs,
We used the residential postal codes of pregnant women who delivered at Kyushu University Hospital and compared the pollutant concentrations measured at the nearest monitoring station to Kyushu University Hospital with those measured at the nearest monitoring stations to the respective residential regions. Hospital-based and residence-based concentrations of PM2.5 and Ox were similar, and the percentage differences of hospital-based and residence-based SPM concentrations were around 6.5%.. As expected, most pregnant women lived a short distance from their delivery hospital, with 40% of women residing near the Yoshizuka monitoring station, which was the nearest station to Kyushu University Hospital in Fukuoka city, and 84% of women being assigned pollutant concentrations measured either at the Yoshizuka station or at one of the other four monitoring stations in Fukuoka city. Among women aged 15-49 years who resided in Fukuoka Prefecture, roughly 35% resided in Fukuoka city [14], a relatively low ...
To compare asthma treatment in children between Europe and Japan, we made 4 model cases of children with asthma. The questionnaire-based surveys were conducted at the 2007 annual meeting of the ERS held in Stockholm and at the 40th annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Pulmonology. We selected 3 pediatric asthma sessions at the ERS meeting and 86 European respondents (72%) were pediatricians (Table 1), whereas all of the Japanese respondents were pediatricians. Although there were also some other differences in characteristics of respondents between European countries and Japan (Table 1), we did not divide them into subgroups because the number of them was too small.. Because some doctors chose several answers for each question, a scoring system was introduced. This questionnaire-based survey using model cases was useful and showed the differences in the treatment of children with asthma between Europe and Japan. In general, ICSs were selected more in Europe than in Japan, and LTs ...
Author affiliations: National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan (T. Fujimoto, K. Yamashita, N. Hanaoka, N. Okabe, H. Yoshida, Y. Yasui, H. Shimizu); Shimane Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science, Shimane, Japan (S. Iizuka); Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Consumer Sciences, Hyogo, Japan (M. Enomoto); Hiroshima City Institute of Public Health, Hiroshima, Japan (K. Abe, Y. Fujii, H. Tanaka, M. Yamamoto); Kobayashi Pediatric Clinic, Shizuoka, Japan (M. Kobayashi) ...
1Center for Advanced IBD Research and Treatment, Kitasato Institute Hospital, Kitasato University, Tokyo, Japan, 2IBD Center, Sapporo Kosei General Hospital, Sapporo, Japan, 3Department of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Hyogo College of Medicine, Nishinomiya, Japan, 4Yokkaichi Hazu Medical Centre, IBD Centre, Yokkaichi, Japan, 5Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan, 6Department of Endoscopy and Medicine, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan, 7Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, School of Medicine, Kyorin University, Mitaka, Japan, 8Department of Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, Japan, 9Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan, 10Department of Intestinal Inflammation Research, Hyogo College of Medicine, Nishinomiya, Japan, 11Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Internal Medicine, Iwate Medical University, Morioka, Japan, ...
In our study, we found that the intake of isoflavones, miso soup, and soy food was not clearly associated with overall colorectal cancer in either men or women. However, the risk of proximal colon cancer in men decreased with increasing consumption of isoflavones, miso soup, and soy food. In contrast, we found no association for distal colon or rectal cancer in men or women. To our knowledge, this is the first cohort study to investigate the association between a large variety of dietary soy foods and isoflavone intake and the risk of colorectal cancer, including anatomic subsites in a general population. These findings suggest that the intake of isoflavones, miso soup, and soy food may not be associated with the risk of colorectal cancer in Japanese men and women.. These epidemiologic findings for dietary soy and isoflavone intake and colorectal cancer risk are partially consistent with the results of a previous cohort study (14) in women, four case-control studies in men and women combined (9, ...
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According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 0.73 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was measured from Orange.. The orange was produced in Shizuoka prefecture. It was distributed for sale in Yokohama city.. The sampling date was 4/17/2013.. Fukushima Diary doesnt really trust the reading of this measurement. Instead, the points of this measurements are this below,. 1. The origin is Shizuoka prefecture, where is 362km from Fukushima nuclear plant.. 2. It was already sold.. 3. It was sold in the Metropolitan area. (Yokohama). ...
Night sleep duration of Japanese children aged 10-18 y has become shorter by one hour during the last 30 years in Japan [1]. The so called 24-hour society, which is currently in progress in Japan, seems to change environmental conditions surrounding children. For example, mobile phones are used by more than 90 % of university students and more than 30% of junior high school students living in the urban area of Kochi city (33°N) [2]. Students can communicate with their colleagues even in the middle of the night with mobile phones. Frequent or long-time (more than 30 min) usage of the mobile phone makes university and junior high school students more evening-typed [2].. Convenience stores are open for 24 hours and provide several kinds of food and other goods for general civilian life. Convenience stores are now common all over Japan even in suburban areas. Illumination inside the convenience stores is very bright (2000 lux or more at the level of the eyes). Bright lighting in retail stores ...
FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) announces the launch of FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd (President: Junji Okada) on October 1, 2018. The company will engage in the research, development, manufacture and sale of diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.. FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical was formed through the merger of TOYAMA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (Toyama Chemical), a company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of small molecule pharmaceuticals and FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd., a company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of radiopharmaceuticals in order to accelerate the development of diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.. Together with FUJIFILM Corporation, engaging in activities including new drug research, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical will seek to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and other new pharmaceuticals with unique mechanisms of action to address areas of significant unmet medical needs in the fields of oncology, central ...
FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) announces the launch of FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd (President: Junji Okada) on October 1, 2018. The company will engage in the research, development, manufacture and sale of diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.. FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical was formed through the merger of TOYAMA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (Toyama Chemical), a company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of small molecule pharmaceuticals and FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd., a company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of radiopharmaceuticals in order to accelerate the development of diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.. Together with FUJIFILM Corporation, engaging in activities including new drug research, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical will seek to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and other new pharmaceuticals with unique mechanisms of action to address areas of significant unmet medical needs in the fields of oncology, central ...
Comparison of the COPD Population Screener and International Primary Care Airway Group questionnaires in a general Japanese population: the Hisayama study Go Tsukuya,1,* Takuya Samukawa,1,* Koichiro Matsumoto,2 Satoru Fukuyama,2 Tomohiro Kumamoto,1 Akifumi Uchida,1 Chihaya Koriyama,3 Toshiharu Ninomiya,4 Hiromasa Inoue1 1Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, 2Reasearch Institute for Diseases of the Chest, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, 3Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, 4Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: The incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is increasing worldwide. In Japan and other countries, epidemiological studies have found
From the *Japan Pancreas Society, Sendai; †Department of Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, Osaka; ‡Second Department of Surgery, Wakayama Medical University, Wakayama; §Department of Surgery and ∥Division of Gastroenterology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai; ¶Department of Medicine and Bioregulatory Science, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka; #Department of Surgery, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki; **Department of Surgery, Kansai Medical University, Osaka; ††Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Aichi Cancer Center Hospital, Nagoya; ‡‡Department of Surgery, Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu; §§Department of Gastroenterology, IMS Sapporo Digestive Center General Hospital, Sapporo; ∥∥Department of Endoscopy, Nagoya University Hospital; and ¶¶Department of Gastroenterological Surgery (Surgery II), Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya; ...
Toyama prefecture (Ecchu at the time) was one of the anchorage ports and Kombu seaweed, Herrings, Salmon from Hokkaido was delivered to Toyama. In return, Toyama prefecture shipped rice; Sake, Soy sauce and medicines were loaded to the cargo to export to other cities. Thus, Even though Toyama prefecture did not produce kombu seaweed, kombu was familiar in their food culture. Kombu was used not only for dashi stock but as ingredients and many other unique ways of uses ...
The purpose of this trial is to evaluate whether the LEO 90100 foam causes irritation of the skin in healthy Japanese male adults without psoriasis. A single
This is a randomized (treatment assigned by chance), double-blind (patient and investigator will not know what treatment is being given), multicenter, parallel-group, exploratory study in adult Japanese patients with moderate atopic dermatitis. This study will include 3 phases. In the screening phase, patients eligibility will be determined. During the treatment phase, eligible patients will receive JNJ-39758979, 300 or 100 mg once daily, or placebo (a treatment that looks like JNJ-39758979, but contains no active agent) for up to 6 weeks. Study visits will occur at the end of Weeks 1, 2, 4, and 6. There will be a follow-up visit 4 weeks after dosing is complete. The duration of participation in the study for an individual patient may be up to 14 weeks (including screening). Patient safety will be monitored throughout the study ...
RERF is monitoring mortality and cancer incidence in persons born between May 1946 and December 1984 to the Life Span Study (LSS) survivors. As of 2007, cohort members ranged in age from 23 to 61, with a mean age of 47 years. To date, there has been no evidence of increased cancer incidence or increased mortality from cancer or other diseases either up to age 20 or after age 20. Much longer follow-up is needed to reach any conclusions regarding the effects of parental A-bomb exposure on disease occurrence, since most of the disease occurrence in this cohort is still in the future. The Table shows recent summaries of mortality data for this F1 cohort ...
Taking the Director of the Office of International Affairs Dr. Shen Tung, Head of the Department of Entomology Dr. Cheng-jen Shih, and Institute of Linguistics Professor Dr. Chia-Rung Lu with him, President of NTU Dr. Si-Chen Lee paid an official visit to NTUs sister school the Kyushu University of Japan in early April. Last year, when NTU was celebrating its 80th founding anniversary, the Office of International Affairs was handling the Conference of Asian University Presidents. Kyushu University was the chair for the international organization of the Conference. Dr. Setsuo Arikawa, President of Kyushu University, made a personal appearance to Taipei to preside over the conference and also to extend his congratulations to NTU. While he was in Taipei, Dr. Arikawa invited President Lee to go to Japan in April of this year to become the guest of honor at Kyushu Universitys Freshmen Initiation Ceremony and to deliver a keynote speech while signing a memorandum of cooperation between the two ...
Chemistry dominates basic research. In which area of excellent science are both countries strongest? Definitely chemistry, at least according to data from the Nature Index, which compares the number and share of scientists of given countries in terms of life sciences-related contributions in 68 selected top journals. Japan ranks fifth globally (with 3,009 points) in the current edition, with the Czech Republic ranking a respectable 27th (179 points). The share of chemistry articles comprises nearly half of a all super-publications (45%) in Japans case and more than one-third (37%) on the Czech side, followed by physics and life sciences.. All three leading Czech universities - Charles University in Prague (established in April 1348), Masaryk University in Brno and Palacký University in Olomouc (established in 1573) have partnerships with Japanese universities, including the nations top schools, the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. This major Czech triumvirate has outstanding medical ...
Japan Table of Contents Although the Japanese economy is largely based on private enterprise, it does have a number of government-owned (public) corporations, which are more extensive and, in some cases, different in function from what exists in the United States. In 1988 there were ninety-seven public corporations, reduced from 111 in the early 1980s as a result of administrative reforms. Public companies at the national level were normally affiliated with one of the economic ministries, although the extent of direct management and supervision varied. The government divided the national-level corporations into several categories. The first included the main public service and monopoly corporations: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Japanese National Railways, and Japan Tobacco and Salt Corporation. However, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation was privatized in 1985, and the Japanese National Railways in 1987, and Japan Tobacco and Salt Corporation in 1988. The second category ...
A report from NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service, in USA) The Japanese government has created foreign language websites which provide the information about radiology in general and the radiological situation in Fukushima. Journalists around the world, our friends and acquaintances living abroad are continually asking us whether the information that these Japanese central and…
Why is it important to have your chlorella product tested and passed by the Japan Food Research Laboratories is a good question.. The Japanese Government has the highest standards in the world for testing and certifying the purity of chlorella.. Chlorella manufacturers are not able to sell their product in Japan without first passing the Japanese governments strict protocol.. The most important part of the test is for heavy metal content. The results of this part of the testing is why less than 10 manufacturers of chlorella worldwide out of 100s of chlorella manufacturers are authorized to sell their chlorella products in the Japanese marketplace.. When the Japanese government tests for heavy metals a maximum of 20 parts per million of any of the following heavy metals is allowed.. Arsenic. Cadmium. Mercury. Aluminum. Since a limit of 20 parts per million is allowed the above heavy metals can be published as Not Detected by chlorella manufacturers who Pass the Japanese standards and are ...
In addition, a clinical health study of about 12,000 individuals was conducted between 2002 and 2006 with a focus on lifestyle diseases, based on the idea that adulthood is when disorders from radiation effects may develop. In this study, possible relationships between parental exposure and a combination of six multifactorial diseases (e.g., diabetes and hypertension) were analyzed, taking into consideration such lifestyle habits as drinking and smoking. The results showed no evidence at this time of increased risk of these multifactorial diseases among the target individuals. However, given that the subjects were still young at the time of the health examinations, with an average age of 48.6, it would be desirable to continue the clinical health study of this fixed cohort ...
Northern Japan is in the grip of a blizzard as strong winds and heavy snow forced the cancellation of almost 300 flights and vehicles were buried in snow, officials and reports say.
Marja-Riitta Taskinen is an Emerita Professor of Medicine at the Cardiovascular Research Group, Heart and Lung Centre, at Helsinki University Central Hospital. Currently she leads her research team at Biomedicum Helsinki focusing on lipoprotein kinetics in health and lipid disorders and genetics of familial dyslipidemias. Prof. Taskinens team is a member of the Research Program Unit, Diabetes & Obesity Research program at the University of Helsinki. Professor Taskinen has over 400 original publications and over 100 reviews and chapters. Her outstanding achievements have been recognized by several international awards including the Claude Bernard Award (EASD 2002), Edwin Bierman Award (ADA 2004) and Novartis Award (2006). She has been involved in activities of European Atherosclerosis Society (President of EAS 2006-2008) and IAS (International Atherosclerosis Society) as well as of the EASD and IDF (International Diabetes Federation). Professor Taskinen was a member of the task force on ESC ...
2012 Kyoto (Japan) concept : ito (thread) Second and third floor spaces of the Clinical Research Center for Medical Equipment Development (CRCMeD) at Kyoto University Hospital. These two floors, occupied by Canon Inc. and Kyoto University, will become the future site for projects developed in collaboration between people lending their expertise to research initiatives and a great number of supporters. The thoughts of each of these people working in various fields will come together in this space, bringing together a convergence of knowledge and skills that will create new possibilities. The design expresses the invisible threads that connect each of these different thoughts to one another, just like how threads are spun together to create a strong, supple fabric. Specifically, ito (Japanese for thread) is used as a motif that would bridge the second and third floors of this research center, designing a space that came together in a single, massive flow. Just like how
2012 Kyoto (Japan) concept : ito (thread) Second and third floor spaces of the Clinical Research Center for Medical Equipment Development (CRCMeD) at Kyoto University Hospital. These two floors, occupied by Canon Inc. and Kyoto University, will become the future site for projects developed in collaboration between people lending their expertise to research initiatives and a great number of supporters. The thoughts of each of these people working in various fields will come together in this space, bringing together a convergence of knowledge and skills that will create new possibilities. The design expresses the invisible threads that connect each of these different thoughts to one another, just like how threads are spun together to create a strong, supple fabric. Specifically, ito (Japanese for thread) is used as a motif that would bridge the second and third floors of this research center, designing a space that came together in a single, massive flow. Just like how
Single status was associated with a higher risk of mortality than was married status for both men and women. Divorce and widowhood were associated with elevated risk for men, but not for women. These findings suggest single, divorce and widowhood status constitute potentially adverse health effects.
The patients anxiety state is augmented more by disclosure of disease labeling, or diagnosis from the physician at a general checkup than by a simple notification of abnormal values. Excluding the effects of potential confounding variables such as anxiety traits or depressive states associated with personality and types of lifestyle-related diseases also led to similar results. Additionally, even with mild deviations in the abnormal test values, disease diagnosis disclosure elicited an anxiety state in patients. Despite these results, improvements in daily life behavior due to the perception of abnormality notification or diagnosis disclosure were not observed one month after the general checkup. The results of the present study showed that, even in a general checkup for the general population, disclosing non-critical diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases exacerbated anxiety as a short-term psychological impact.. Anxiety state is thought to be affected by many factors. In particular, ...
Typhoon Phanfone barreled into southern Japan at about 8 a.m. local time on Oct. 6 (11 p.m. Universal Time on Oct. 5). The category 1 storm made landfall in Shizuoka Prefecture with maximum sustained winds of about 80 miles per hour. Phanfone dumped 19 inches of rain in the mountainous region of Shizuoka Prefecture. At one point during the storm, rain fell in Shizuoka-the capital city of the prefecture-at a record-rate of 3.4 inches per hour. The 667,000 people living in the prefecture were urged to evacuate to safer ground. The intense rain and resulting runoff led to sediment plumes in Suruga Bay, visible in the natural-color image (top) acquired Oct. 6 by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASAs Aqua satellite.. less ...
Adiponectin is an adipocyte-specific protein that plays a role in obesity, insulin resistant, lipid metabolism, and anti-inflammation. Hypoadiponectinemia may be associated with a higher risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Some studies suggest that adiponectin levels are modulated by lifestyle factors, but little is known about the associations between lifestyle factors and plasma adiponectin levels in Japanese people. We therefore investigated the associations between lifestyle factors and plasma adiponectin levels in general Japanese men. The subjects were 202 Japanese male workers who participated in an annual health check. They provided details about anthropometrical data, blood collection, their use of prescribed medication, and the clinical history of their families. They also completed a self-administered questionnaire about their lifestyles. Subjects with plasma adiponectin levels below 4.0 μg/ml had significantly lower levels of HDL cholesterol and higher levels of BMI, SBP,
a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Nagano prefecture in Japan, destroying more than 40 residences, severely cracking roads, and injuring dozens of people.
It has been well known for some time that radiation can induce aberrations in the chromosomes of exposed cells. The frequency of occurrence of such aberrations increases with radiation dose, and certain kinds of aberrations persist throughout life, so the frequency of chromosome aberrations in human blood lymphocytes can be a useful indicator of the radiation dose received by the body. The cytogenetics program has studied chromosome aberrations in a subset of atomic-bomb survivors who participate in the Adult Health Study via several methods. Classical Giemsa staining allows one to visualize the chromosomes through a microscope and can detect about 2/3 of all chromosome aberrations. An extensive chromosome study using this traditional staining method was also conducted on about 16,000 children born to A-bomb survivors ...
Decreased nitric oxide (NO) availability due to obesity and endothelial dysfunction might be causally related to the development of lifestyle-related diseases such as insulin resistance, ischemic heart disease, and hypertension. In such situations, instead of impaired NO synthase (NOS)-dependent NO generation, the entero-salivary nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway might serve as a backup system for NO generation by transmitting NO activities in the various molecular forms including NO and protein S-nitrosothiols. Recently accumulated evidence has demonstrated that dietary intake of fruits and vegetables rich in nitrate/nitrite is an inexpensive and easily-practicable way to prevent insulin resistance and vascular endothelial dysfunction by increasing the NO availability; a NO-rich diet may also prevent other lifestyle-related diseases, including osteoporosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cancer. This review provides an overview of our current knowledge of NO generation through the
|i|Objectives|/i|. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of propolis on cognitive function in elderly Japanese with a placebo-controlled design. |i|Material and Methods|/i|. This study was performed on 79 elderly Japanese. Participants orally received either a placebo or dietary supplement containing propolis extract for 24 weeks. Cognitive function assessed by Cognitrax and various blood or urine markers were measured at pre- and postadministration. |i|Results and Conclusion|/i|. Eligible data from 68 subjects (placebo: 33, propolis: 35) who completed the study were analyzed. Compared to the placebo group, the propolis group showed significant improvement in verbal memory in Cognitrax (|span class=inline_break||svg xmlns:xlink= xmlns= width=19.289pt style=vertical-align:-0.2064009pt id=M1 height=8.8423pt version=1.1 viewBox=-0.0498162 -8.6359 19.289 8.8423||g transform=matrix(.013,0,0,-0.013,0,0)||path id=g113-81 d=M600
Heda, Japan Current weather report, Heda, Japan, Shizuoka, Japan Hour by hour 10 Day Weather Forecast, Historical Weather, Weather Animated Map, holiday weather forecast and more.
Laboratory of Postharvest Physiology and Quality Control, Graduate School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University/Laboratory of Postharvest Physiology and Quality Control, Graduate School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University/Hagoromo-Gakuen Junior College/Laboratory of Postharvest Physiology and Quality Control, Graduate School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University (2003 from CiNii) ...
A Billboard Japan (stilizálva Billboard JAPAN) a Billboard amerikai magazin testvérszervezete, melyet az oszakai székhelyű Hanshin Contents Link, a Hanshin Electric Railway leányvállalata üzemeltet.[1] A Hanshin Contents Link exkluzív tulajdonában áll a Billboard márkanév használata Japánban,[2][3][4][5] és a Billboard Japan weboldalán felül számos „Billboard Live nevű zeneklubot is üzemeltet.[6] 2008 februárjában a Hanshin Contents Link a Billboard licence alatt elindította a Billboard Japan Hot 100 slágerlistát.[7][8] 2016-ban a Billboard Japan által összeállított listák között szerepel a Billboard Japan Hot Albums,[9] és a kizárólag az eladásokon alapuló Top Singles Sales, Top Albums Sales, Top Jazz Albums Sales és Top Classical Albums Sales, valamint a Radio Songs rádiós játszási lista, a Hot Animation animezene-lista, és a külföldi zeneszámokat rangsoroló Hot Overseas is.[10] 2010 óta a Billboard Japan Billboard Japan Music Awards néven ...
The Natural Import Company offers the largest selection of the highest quality traditional Japanese natural foods available today. We offer macrobiotic, kosher, and vegan foods, including the entire Mitoku Line of Products. We also have resources related to Japanese foods such as, recipes, articles, etc.
The Natural Import Company offers the largest selection of the highest quality traditional Japanese natural foods available today. We offer macrobiotic, kosher, and vegan foods, including the entire Mitoku Line of Products. We also have resources related to Japanese foods such as, recipes, articles, etc.
Japan. 32:138-144. Mallor Giménez, C.; Álvarez Álvarez, J. M. A.; Arteaga, M. L. (2003). "Inheritance of resistance to systemic ... The first symptoms sighting of MNSV was seen in Japan. The virus has since been reported to be infecting melons in Western ... it has produced major outbreaks leading back to the first studies of the virus in 1966 in Japan. Kishi first discovered MNSV on ...
Japan. 28 January 2015. Retrieved 28 January 2015. オールガイド 681・683系 [Full Guide: 681/683 Series]. Japan Railfan Magazine. 49 ( ... The 681 series (681系, 681-kei) is a dual-voltage electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by West Japan Railway Company ... JR電車編成表 2009夏 [JR EMU Formations - Summer 2009] (in Japanese). Japan: Kotsu Shimbunsha. June 2009. p. 132. ISBN 978-4-330-06909 ... JR電車編成表 2016冬 [JR EMU Formations - Winter 2016] (in Japanese). Japan: Kotsu Shimbunsha. November 2015. pp. 359, 422. ISBN 978-4 ...
"Japan". Asian recorder. K. K. Thomas at Recorder Press. 1964. p. 6161. "World Rankings - Women's 400" (PDF). Track and Field ... Sin was reunited with her father at Haneda Airport for a few minutes before being turned back from Japan. Ann Packer won the ...
Japan. Miner J. 14, 279-292. Barthemy, D. (2000) Afwillite Mineral Data, ( Klein, C ...
"Japan". In Gardiner, Robert & Gray, Randal (eds.). Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships: 1906-1921. Annapolis: Naval ...
Japan. Soós, Á; Papp, L (1993). Catalogue of Palaearctic Diptera. 11 Anthomyiidae - Tachinidae. Budapest: Hung. Nat. Hist. Mus ...
She represented Japan in the 1992 Winter Olympics and competed in the women's 500 metres and in the women's 1000 metres. She ... "Yoko FUKAZAWA - Olympic Speed skating , Japan". International Olympic Committee. 17 June 2016. Retrieved 27 January 2018. "Yoko ...
"2-4-1 Chigasaki-Minami, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0037, Japan" - Address in Japanese: "〒224-0037 横浜市都筑区茅ヶ崎南2-4-1" Kudo, Akira ( ... Heinz Riesenhuber, Josef Kreiner (ed.):Japan ist offen. Chancen für deutsche Unternehmen.Heidelberg,1998. Stiftung Deutsche ... Japan. It is the oldest German school in East Asia still in existence today. The school includes a kindergarten, a primary ... German schools in Japan: Deutsche Schule Kobe/European School Japanese international schools in Germany: Japanische ...
Select News, show (96) articles and scroll down to see list of "Japan's Animation TV Ranking" articles. See also List of Smile ... The original Japanese version was well-received, placing regularly in Japan's weekly top ten anime shows broadcast. Brad ... "スマイルプリキュア! 公式サイト". Toei Animation (in Japanese). Japan. Archived from the original on December 26, 2015. Retrieved January 25, ... "Netflix Lists Glitter Force; Netflix Japan Lists The Seven Deadly Sins in English". Anime News Network. September 28, 2015. ...
All tracks are written by Gackt C. "Moon Saga 〜義経秘伝〜 Vol.2 Live Report" (in Japanese). Excite Japan. 2014-08-08. Retrieved ... Midori Ono (October 2005). "Diabolos - 美しき悪魔からの誘い". Arena 37C (in Japanese). Japan (277). Moko Shimizu (2015-09-20). ""LAST ... in Japan. The main character is young adult Minamoto no Yoshitsune, from the Minamoto clan. Like previous chapters, it is a ...
SOS' stickers going up in every JR East car". The Japan Times. Japan: The Japan Times Ltd. 24 May 2007. Archived from the ... "Train rapist who cowed passengers gets 18 years". The Japan Times. Japan: The Japan Times Ltd. 18 January 2008. Archived from ... "Train rapist took advantage of passengers' apathy, fear in night of terror". Japan Today. Japan. 2 May 2007. Archived from the ... 北陸新幹線長野〜金沢駅間開業時の特急・快速列車について (PDF) (Press release). West Japan Railway Company. 27 August 2014
Japan. September 2012. NHK World. Retrieved September 1, 2016. Ahluwalia, Deepi. "The Origin of the Torta Ahogada". Life and ...
Japan portal Energy portal Energy in Japan List of power stations in Japan FEPC. "Principal Thermal Power Plants (1,000MW or ... Japan. The facility is located at the northern end of Chita Peninsula. The Shin-Nagoya Thermal power Station is the only power ... greater)". The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan. Retrieved October 1, 2019. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter ( ...
In terms of national politics, the town is part of Saitama 11th district of the lower house of the Diet of Japan. Yokoze is ... Yokoze (横瀬町, Yokoze-machi) is a town located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 March 2021[update], the town had an ... Japan. Yokoze climate data Yokoze population statistics Media related to Yokoze, Saitama at Wikimedia Commons Official Website ...
Japan. 19 June 2008. Archived from the original on 21 June 2008. "Gregan says Wallabies are close to All Blacks". ... List of rugby union Test caps leaders Top League Japan rugby Wallaby Team of the Decade "2001 Australian Wallabies squad - ... Brumbies Super Rugby: 2001, 2004 Toulon Rugby Pro D2: 2007-08 Suntory Sungoliath All-Japan Rugby Football Championship: 2010-11 ... On 18 June 2008 it was announced that he had joined Suntory Sungoliath in Japan, following a season at RC Toulonnais in the ...
In terms of national politics, the town is part of Tochigi 4th district of the lower house of the Diet of Japan. The economy of ... Ichikai (市貝町, Ichikai-machi) is a town located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 August 2020[update], the town had an ... Japan. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Ichikai population statistics Media related to Ichikai, Tochigi at Wikimedia ...
Japan) (ja:SPA!) Powdered alcohol, Sato Foods Industries Co., Ltd. (Japan) Examples of news of "SureShot" (Sato's product for ... Japan) "溶解してアルコール分1度以上の飲料とすることができる粉末状のもの" (in Japanese) (Original sentence of definition of powdered alcohol by law of Japan), ... according to the Liquor Tax Act of Japan. Currently, the alcoholic beverage industry in Japan is large and powerful.[citation ... 498-502, 日本釀造 協会 (Brewing Society of Japan (BSJ)). 佐藤 仁一 (SATO
Yahoo! Japan offers Boruto a rating of 4.31 out of 5 stars. Amy McNulty of Anime News Network gave the film an overall grade of ... "Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 4-10". Anime News Network. July 12, 2016. Archived from the original on October 21 ... "Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, July 4-10". Anime News Network. July 12, 2016. Archived from the original on October 21, 2017. ... The soundtrack was released in Japan on August 5, 2015. Kishimoto wanted the band Kana-Boon to play the main theme song, having ...
Japan. 56: 1291. Dole M, Mack LL, Hines RL, Mobley RC, Ferguson LD, Alice MB (1968). "Molecular Beams of Macroions". Journal of ...
Japan. Sand, Sea and Love (1972) Dan Records VC-7503. Japan. In Japan (1973) Dan Records VC-7506. Japan. Live in Japan (1973) ... Japan. The Very Best Of Mel Taylor (2002) M and I Records. MYCV 30141. Japan. Surf rock The Ventures "Portraits - Mel Taylor ... Bad New Records BNCY-29 (CD released in 1997). Japan. Roll Over Beethoven (1973) Dan Records VC-7510. ... ", "Mel Taylor in Japan", and "Roll over Beethoven". Taylor rejoined the Ventures in 1979, and remained their drummer until his ...
50 Contemporary Architects, Inax 5. Japan. 1993. ISBN 978-4809910326. pp. 120-124. Darden, Douglas. "Oxygen House: As I Lay ...
Kuehnert, Marty (June 4, 2003). "Why so few second-generation stars in Japan?". The Japan Times. Archived from the original on ... The Japan Times columnist Marty Kuehnert believes that he "hitched a ride" on his father's name, but his "statistics don't add ... "Rakuten retirees". The Japan Times. October 1, 2006. Retrieved April 6, 2009. 野村 克則 (in Japanese). Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles ... "52 捕手 カツノリ" (in Japanese). Yahoo! Japan. Retrieved April 6, 2009. Graczyk, Wayne (February 4, 2004). "It's now or never for new ...
"Japan". Lutheran World Federation. Retrieved February 2, 2018. "Who we are". Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church. Retrieved ... Heine, James (March 15, 2011). "At a Glance: Lutherans in Japan". The Lutheran Reporter. Retrieved April 5, 2018. "Japan". ... "Japan". International Lutheran Council. Retrieved March 5, 2018. "Kenya". International Lutheran Council. Retrieved March 5, ... "Lutheran Evangelical Christian Church-Japan". Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference. Retrieved March 6, 2018. " ...
Japan. October 6, 2017. Retrieved July 17, 2020. Watts, Kevin (March 21, 2017). "Inside the Lexus LC Manufacturing Plant in ... Design work was later transferred from Calty to Toyota Technical Centre in Aichi, Japan in January 2013, with a final ... "Toyota GAZOO Racing Outlines 2017 Motorsports Activities" (Press release). Japan: Toyota. February 2, 2017. Retrieved January ... Japan". Lexus Enthusiast. US. Retrieved April 18, 2020. Keegan, Matthew (February 24, 2017). "First Drive: 2018 Lexus LC Series ...
Daily Sports Japan. August 9, 2018. "GP NHK杯の開催国枠は山本草太と紀平梨花 男女3選手決定" [Grand Prix NHK Cup adds Sota Yamamoto and Rika Kihira, ... Russian figure skater Elena Radionova withdrew from the Grand Prix in Japan] (in Russian). RIA Novosti. "ISU GP NHK Trophy 2018 ... three men and ladies decided] (in Japanese). Yahoo! Japan. September 3, 2018. Archived from the
This option is chosen whenever sending the exposed film to Fuji in Japan. In addition to Fuji's own film, black and white film ... Single-8 is readily available in its home country of Japan where even used cameras can reach high prices in online auctions on ... Single-8 is a motion picture film format introduced by Fujifilm of Japan in 1965 as an alternative to the Kodak Super 8 format ... It is often recommended sending Fuji Single-8 film to Fujifilm in Japan for processing. It averages about 3 weeks. They are a ...
Naka (那珂市, Naka-shi) is a city located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 July 2020[update], the city had an estimated ... In terms of national politics, the city is part of Ibaraki 4th district of the lower house of the Diet of Japan. Renesas ... United States The Japan Atomic Energy Agency operates a fusion power research facility in the town, which houses the JT-60, one ... Japan. Naka population statistics ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "岡本夏美". Nihon Tarento Meikan (in Japanese). Yahoo! Japan. Retrieved 30 Dec 2016. CS1 ...
Japan. Ito, S. (1983-1985). Die japanischen Bohrfliegen. Osaka: Maruzen Co. pp. 1-352.CS1 maint: date format (link) Norrbom, A. ...
"Eli K. P. William's dystopian 'The Naked World' is not a tale for technophobes , The Japan Times". The Japan Times. Retrieved ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "It's all in your coding , The Japan Times Online". 2005-06-29 ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Thought Experiments: Cyberpunk is Alive and Well and Living in - Where Else?- Japan". ...
日本の主要クライミングコンペティションを中継していきます 過去の録画映像はこちらです
Japan is poised for expansion but must curb government debt Japan is poised for an economic expansion, but long-term growth ... Restoring Japans fiscal sustainability With gross government debt surpassing 200% of GDP, Japans fiscal situation is in ... Policies for a revitalisation of Japan. Japan has several major strengths it can draw upon but major reforms are needed on ... Japan: All on board for a new growth The coming expansion will be driven by exports, and should increase business investment ...
Day 5 - Kagoshima, Japan. Situated at the southern tip of Japan, Kagoshima is famous for its dramatic views of Sakurajima, an ... Day 7 - Naha, Japan. Naha, the capital of Japans Okinawa Prefecture and its biggest city, also serves as the regions key ... Day 4 - Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka, Kyushus largest city, was once two separate entities: Fukuoka in the west and the merchant ... Day 8 - Ishigaki Island, Japan. Signs of Okinawan culture can be subtle but are easier to pick out in more remote islands of ...
Investing in Youth: Japan The present report on Japan is the seventh report in the Investing in Youth series. In three ... Key findings on migration in Japan 2014 The number of foreign residents in Japan at the end of 2012 was about 2 033 700, 1.6% ... and analyses the income situation of young people in Japan. Two policy chapters provide recommendations on how Japan can ... statistical chapters, the report provides an overview of the labour market situation of young people in Japan, presents a ...
Workers in Japan are struggling to contain the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was badly damaged by ... Get the latest news after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit northern Japan last week, triggering tsunamis that caused widespread ...
Alternatively, use the included Japan Rail Pass for a day trip outside Tokyo to Kamakura or Nikko. One of Japans former ... Youll know the city fairly well by now and will have your favourite spots where you want to spend your last moments in Japan. ... In the 17th century, Kanazawa used to be Japans wealthiest area and a thriving centre for the arts. After checking into the ... Hotel Nikko Kanazawa is located on Honshus west coast, fringed by the Sea of Japan and a backdrop of snow-capped Japanese Alps ...
Asia portal Japan portal Islands portal Index of Japan-related articles Outline of Japan In English, the official name of the ... "Japans Security Policy". Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. April 6, 2016. "Abe offers Japans help in maintaining regional ... "The Modernization and Development of Education in Japan". The History of Japans Educational Development (PDF). Japan ... GovPubs Japan profile from BBC News Japan from the OECD Geographic data related to Japan at OpenStreetMap Old maps of Japan, ...
Japan spends twice as much (as a percentage of gross domestic product) on public works as America. The irony is that it was ... THIS is a gloomy book, made darker by the authors disillusionment with a Japan that failed to live up to his expectations. ... Apart from being the biggest employer in Japan, putting the rice on the table in one out of every six households, the ... Anyone who has spent more than a week travelling around Japan quickly realises that the country is one big construction site. ...
Japanese Wa (倭, "Japan, Japanese", from Chinese 倭 Wō) is the oldest recorded name of Japan. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ... In current Japanese usage, Wa 倭 "old name for Japan" is a variant Chinese character for Wa 和 "Japan", excepting a few ... The Japanese endonym Wa 倭 "Japan" derives from the Chinese exonym Wō 倭 "Japan, Japanese", a graphic pejorative Chinese ... "Japan" or shitagau "obey, obedient". Chinese wō 倭 "an old name for Japan" is a loanword in other East Asian languages including ...
Preferential Market Access- Japan GSP. Japan provides for DFQF market access for imports from LDCs under its GSP scheme. The ... Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is one of the major providers of Japans bilateral development assistance in the ... Japan - Imports from LDCs. Source: WTO Preferential Trade Arrangements Database, accessed 14 September 2012. Merchandise ... imports from LDCs by Japan have increased over time, but are recovering only slowly... ...
The price for the cheapest room for two published by the Japan National Tourist Organization is $153 (figured at 154 yen to $1 ... We are planning a trip to Japan and want to stay at Tokyos Palace Hotel. ... Japan. Published: April 1, 1990. To the Editor: We are planning a trip to Japan and want to stay at Tokyos Palace Hotel. The ... price for the cheapest room for two published by the Japan National Tourist Organization is $153 (figured at 154 yen to $1). ...
Debris from Japans 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster continues to wash ashore on the west coast of the United States. The ... The boat was a Japanese skiff that may have been set loose by the 2011 Japan tsunami. ... The fish, which live off the coast of Japan and Hawaii, apparently made ...
Foreign Migrants in Contemporary Japan. Trans Pacific Press, Melbourne, 2001.. *Sellek, Yoko. Migration Labor In Japan. ... with a recent rise in healthcare-related occupations due to Japans aging population. These do not by any means erase Japans ... of the foreign population in Japan according to Japans 2000 census. After Koreans, the three most populous groups are Chinese ... Yet Japan is also home to a large number of foreign residents, both legal and illegal. These people work in a range of jobs, ...
"Japan , Biography , AllMusic". AllMusic. Retrieved 7 July 2015.. *^ Ohanesian, Liz. "Mick Karn, Bassist for Synth Heroes Japan ... Chart Stats UK (Japan)(Link redirected to OCC website) *^ Meikle, James (5 January 2011). "Former Japan bass player Mick Karn ... Japans last ever performance was on 16 December 1982 in Nagoya, Japan. ... 5, becoming Japans biggest domestic hit.[9] The Tin Drum album itself peaked just outside the UK Top 10,[12] and was the ...
... Last spring I argued, in an essay entitled Japans trap , that the natural answer to Japans liquidity ... 3. Japans current situation. I cannot see any way to deny the proposition that the Japanese economy, as currently constituted ... I hope for Japans sake that the outlook is not as gloomy as it now appears. But if, as I expect, the current recovery strategy ... Given that Japan is already in far worse fiscal shape than, say, Brazil on every index I can think of - not just current ...
The Japan Spotlight (ISSN 1348-9216) is a bimonthly publication by the Japan Economic Foundation (JEF). It was formerly called ... the Japan Economic Foundation, sounds a foundation like any other: until one[...]" Japan Spotlight Journal of Japanese Trade & ... Japan Spotlight. Retrieved January 19, 2014. "JEFs Magazine Archived 2014-02-01 at the Wayback Machine" (Archive ) Japan ... It was originally focused on the economy of Japan but its focus was later broadened to culture, history, and international ...
Ski in Japan. From as early as November in the north to as late as May, snow will envelop Japans vast mountain ranges making ... Great Spring and Summer Deals to Experience Japan. Its always a good time to explore Japan with its inspiring culture and ... Things to See and Do in Japan. Explore Japans Iconic Destinations. Bustling cities, ancient temples, and stunning scenery ... The wonders of Japan are closer than you think. Start planning your Japan getaway today. ...
The goal which was decided by the government about current energy society, after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the ... Home » Policies and Measures » PAMS » Japan. Innovative Strategy for Energy and the Environment. ... The Energy and Environment Council, Government of Japan URL:. ...
Japan - Geography *Japan - Climate *Japan - People *Japan - History *Japan - Religion *Japan - Economy *Japan - Government * ... Japan - Corruption. *Japan - Foreign Relations References. *Japan Factsheets *Statistical Handbook of Japan *J-HangarSpace ... Japan - Introduction. Two cities in Japan Hiroshima, in the Chugoku region, and Nagasaki, in the Kyushu region underwent atomic ... Under the first scenario, China may attack parts of Japan to prevent aid from US forces in Japan in the case of a clash between ...
1. Issues related to the energy supply-demand structure in Japan. The Strategic Energy Plan reviews the energy policy issues of ... This plan is the basis for the orientation of Japans new energy policy, considering the dramatic changes in energy ... environments inside and outside Japan, including those caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent accidents ... Japan and effects remaining of Fukushima Nuclear Accident.. 2. Basic policy regarding measures concerning energy supply and ...
Despite Japans two-year economic slowdown, workers are suffering less than might be expected and are doing better than their ... Unemployment Rate Still Envy of West: Despite Japans two-year economic slowdown, workers are suffering less than might be ...
The J-Credit Scheme is designed to certify the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced and removed by sinks within Japan. ... This scheme, which was created by expansively integrating the Domestic Credit Scheme and the Offset Credit (J-VER; Japans ...
Latest Japan News. Outage freezes Tokyo Stock Exchange, worlds 3rd largest. Oct. 1, 2020 4:05 AM EDT ... TOKYO (AP) - Japans Defense Ministry is seeking a record-high budget of nearly 5.5 trillion yen ($55 billion) for fiscal 2021 ... Japan court orders govt, TEPCO to pay in Fukushima disaster. Sep. 30, 2020 11:23 AM EDT ... TOKYO (AP) - Investors in Japan and elsewhere were left scratching their heads Thursday after trading on the Tokyo Stock ...
YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) - Officials in Japan are using some high-tech devices to see if they can fill sports stadiums closer to ... Latest Japan News. The Latest: Kentucky sees near-record number of new cases Oct. 30, 2020 9:53 PM EDT ... TOKYO (AP) - Japans coronavirus cases have topped 100,000, nine months after the first case was found in mid-January, the ... TOKYO (AP) - Japan has picked Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a main contractor to develop the countrys own next generation ...
Japan provided part of the cost of the forward deployment of US forces throughout Japan, through an annual burden-sharing ... The US military presence in Japan and on Okinawa began at the end of World War II. Although the US occupation in Japan ended in ... In 1972, control of Okinawa was reverted to Japan. The US-Japan security relationship was defined by a number of documents, ... which contributed to a sustainable presence of US forces at facilities and areas in Japan as stated in "U.S.-Japan Alliance: ...
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Japans Killer Work Ethic. An exhausted salaryman rides a commuter train in Tokyo. Death from too much work has been a problem ... TOKYO -- Death from too much work is so commonplace in Japan that there is a word for it -- karoshi. ... Twice in the past year, Toyota -- the worlds largest carmaker and a much-admired company in Japan -- has been publicly ... International Labor Organization has described Japan as a country with no legal limits on the practice. ...
Un tour avec ICHIBAN JAPAN --- Les interviews à chaud de JMJ !! - Duration: 27 minutes.. *9,657 views ... Jeremy Meets Japan. Facebook : Twitter : ...
Spigen Japanの公式YouTubeアカウントです。世界50カ国で愛されるスマートフォンアクセサリーの
  • You could start with Kenroku-en Garden, one of Japan's top three gardens. (
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is one of the major providers of Japan's bilateral development assistance in the form of technical cooperation, ODA loans and. (
  • [1] Of Japan's current immigrant population, over 500,000 of them are 'special permanent residents,' the descendents of those Koreans who migrated to Japan between 1910 and 1945. (
  • [2] As a whole, they make up 40.4% of the foreign population in Japan according to Japan's 2000 census. (
  • Last spring I argued, in an essay entitled Japan's trap , that the natural answer to Japan's liquidity trap is a deliberate, announced policy of moderate inflation - and that monetary policy is ineffective precisely because the private sector expects the Bank of Japan to behave responsibly, so that current monetary expansion does not change expectations about future price levels. (
  • Japan's national defense policy has been based on maintaining the 1960 Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security with the United States, under which Japan assumed unilateral responsibility for its own internal security and the United States agreed to join in Japan's defense in the event that Japan or its territories were attacked. (
  • The Japanese financial sector was not heavily exposed to sub-prime mortgages or their derivative instruments and weathered the initial effect of the recent global credit crunch, but a sharp downturn in business investment and global demand for Japan's exports in late 2008 pushed Japan further into recession. (
  • Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) workers work on waste water tanks at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in the town of Okuma, Fukushima prefecture in Japan on June 12, 2013. (
  • A knowledge-sharing project sponsored by the Government of Japan and the World Bank aims to share Japan's knowledge on disaster risk management with countries vulnerable to disasters. (
  • Today, Japan remains one of the leader producers Business Development, Outsourcing, and Localization The information was compiled from personal research, the internet and support of friends at automotive companies, automotive organizations, industrial estates and business associates and is intended to support: 1) Business Development - managers who seek to identify potential customers and sales opportunities in Japan's automotive industry. (
  • some say Japan's amazing new caring, sharing domestic robots have a less-publicized function: to forestall the need to bring Filipina maids and nurses into Japan. (
  • Her marriage comes as Japan considers allowing women to ascend to the throne, to assure the survival of Japan's monarchy. (
  • TOKYO - Residents along Japan's Pacific coast were told to flee an impending tsunami after a powerful earthquake with preliminary magnitude 8.1 hit the Kuril islands north of Japan late Wednesday. (
  • The quake struck about 390 kilometers (240 miles) east of the Etorofu islands, north of Japan, at 1115 GMT, according to Japan's Meteorological Agency, which issued a tsunami warning 15 minutes later. (
  • With the launch of the Project HomeWorks program in Japan in April 2017, Habitat's volunteers help to improve the living conditions of older people and people with disabilities. (
  • Alternatively, use the included Japan Rail Pass for a day trip outside Tokyo to Kamakura or Nikko. (
  • TOKYO (AP) - Investors in Japan and elsewhere were left scratching their heads Thursday after trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the world's third largest by market value, was halted for the day due to a technical failure. (
  • TOKYO (AP) - Japanese manufacturers' sentiments improved for the first time in three years, a quarterly Bank of Japan survey showed Thursday, as the nation grappled with stagnation worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. (
  • TOKYO (AP) - Top diplomats from the U.S., Australia and India plan to gather in Tokyo next week to discuss their common regional concerns, such as China's increasingly assertive actions, in the first face-to-face ministerial meetings Japan will host since the coronavirus pandemic began. (
  • TOKYO (AP) - Japan has picked Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a main contractor to develop the country's own next generation stealth fighter for launch in the 2030s, the defense minister said Friday. (
  • TOKYO (AP) - Fans living in Japan who bought tickets for the postponed Tokyo Olympics have been guaranteed refunds, the local organizing committee said Friday. (
  • TOKYO -- Death from too much work is so commonplace in Japan that there is a word for it -- karoshi. (
  • Geographically, over 60% of rubella cases were reported from Kanto area, in the eastern part of Japan comprised of Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures. (
  • An Expat's Life in Tokyo, Captured on Film Photos by a New Yorker who recently moved to Japan. (
  • How the 'Twitter Killer' Lured His Victims Police found nine dismembered bodies in a home outside of Tokyo, Japan, earlier this fall. (
  • Japan fans look dejected following their sides defeat in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Round of 16 match between Belgium and Japan at Rostov Arena on July 2, 2018 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. (
  • In the financial year ended June 30, 2018, a record number of 1,430 GV volunteers from Japan were sent on various Habitat builds including the first team to Africa. (
  • After suffering defeat in the Pacific War and two atomic bombings, Japan surrendered in 1945 and came under a seven-year Allied occupation, during which it adopted a new constitution. (
  • An NBC news report summarizes the events of August 15, 1945, when Emperor Hirohito of Japan announced that his country will accept unconditional surrender and called for a ceasefire that formally ended World War II. (
  • Two policy chapters provide recommendations on how Japan can improve the school-to-work transition of disadvantaged young people, and on how employment, social and training programmes can help the NEETs find their way back into education or work.Earlier reviews in the same series have looked at youth policies in Brazil (2014), Latvia and Tunisia (2015), Australia, Lithuania and Sweden (2016). (
  • According to the Ecommerce Foundation's Japan 2016 report, ecommerce accounted for 2.8% of the total GDP of $4.123.3 billion, with over 76.9 million people (70%) shopping online. (
  • Workers in Japan are struggling to contain the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was badly damaged by a devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11. (
  • March 11, 2013 Kenichi Togawa was working at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan the day the earthquake and tsunami struck. (
  • Habitat Japan took on its first major disaster response after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan in March 2011. (
  • Travelers should review and follow the Centers for Disease Control's guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus if they decide to travel to Japan. (
  • If suspected to have Coronavirus in Japan, you may face travel delays, quarantine, and extremely expensive medical costs. (
  • Get the latest news after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit northern Japan last week, triggering tsunamis that caused widespread devastation and crippled a nuclear power plant. (
  • The goal which was decided by the government about current energy society, after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. (
  • That article, along with the rest of the "Peace Constitution," retains strong government and citizen support and is interpreted as permitting the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), but prohibiting those forces from possessing nuclear weapons or other offensive arms or being deployed outside of Japan. (
  • A magnitude 9.0 quake rocked Japan, triggered a tsunami and set off a race to cool overheating nuclear reactors. (
  • March 9, 2012 Though the immediate nuclear crisis in Japan has passed, the process of securing and stabilizing the radioactive materials from the melted-down reactors will be a long, expensive slog. (
  • As the country debates turning its reactors back on, Miles asks: will Japan have a nuclear future? (
  • On March 11th, 2011, a large earthquake caused a large tsunami in Japan, and the two historic events wrecked the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. (
  • North Korea on Tuesday fired a midrange ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload that flew over Japan and splashed into the northern Pacific Ocean, officials said. (
  • Last night Greenpeace activists and volunteers took part in a vigil in Soweto to mark a month since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters hit Japan, destroying lives and causing mass evacuations. (
  • The vigil took place as the nuclear crisis continues in Japan, with new findings of radiation contamination in Japanese milk and vegetables . (
  • For South Africa particularly, the events in Japan are a reminder of the potential devastation should President Zuma's government decide to go ahead and expand its nuclear plans, as outlined in the recently released energy map. (
  • Technorati Japan , a localized service of the blog search and ranking service, will close down on Oct. 23. (
  • interviewed JSFC our Vernon Beck, Vice President of the Japan Society of Fairfield County, this past Wednesday, January 9th, 2019. (
  • In the financial year ended June 30, 2019, a record number of 1,474 GV volunteers from Japan were sent on various Habitat builds. (
  • Japan may be well-known for its high speed trains, but many residents and visitors of its cultural capital, Kyoto, prefer to travel within the city by bicycle. (
  • Recorded Japanese history begins in approximately A.D. 400, when the Yamato clan, eventually based in Kyoto, managed to gain control of other family groups in central and western Japan. (
  • The Japanese economy is recovering after having suffered severe shocks from the 2008 financial and economic crisis and the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. (
  • Japan (Japanese: 日本, Nippon [ɲippoꜜɴ] (listen) or Nihon [ɲihoꜜɴ] (listen)) is an island country in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. (
  • The name for Japan in Japanese is written using the kanji 日本 and pronounced Nippon or Nihon. (
  • Japanese Wa ( 倭 , "Japan, Japanese", from Chinese 倭 Wō ) is the oldest recorded name of Japan . (
  • Chinese, Korean, and Japanese scribes regularly wrote Wa or Yamato "Japan" with the Chinese character 倭 until the 8th century, when the Japanese replaced it with 和 "harmony, peace, balance. (
  • A chronology of Japan-China relations from the first to the ninth centuries reveals this irregularity in the visits of Japanese ambassadors to China. (
  • The boat was a Japanese skiff that may have been set loose by the 2011 Japan tsunami. (
  • JAPAN 321 and 322 are highly recommended, though knowledge of pre-modern Japanese literature is not required. (
  • In a joint statement 04 October 2013, U.S. and Japanese diplomatic and military leaders agreed to revise the 1997 Guidelines for U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation, increase security and defense collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, and advance the realignment of American troops in Japan. (
  • Twice in the past year, Toyota -- the world's largest carmaker and a much-admired company in Japan -- has been publicly embarrassed by the deaths of employees who worked what Japanese authorities have judged to be killingly long hours. (
  • American citizens can complete a full and final adoption in Japan under Japanese law. (
  • However, Japanese law requires the adopting parents and the child to spend at least six months togetherin Japan before the adoption can be finalized. (
  • For adoptions that are finalized in Japan, there are two types of adoptions under Japanese law - regular and special. (
  • And nary an article on Japan appears without mention of the trillions of yen that now rest safely in Japanese savings accounts. (
  • Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program provides support to Japanese young professionals aiming to work in development. (
  • 3. Japan Automobile Industry The Japanese Automobile industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world. (
  • This event deepened my understanding of Japan and/or Japanese culture. (
  • Japan consistently has higher online spending in the summer months when Japanese firms are known to give yearly summer bonuses. (
  • Patti Adachi of the Japanese American Citizens League welcomes Stephen Chapman`s column: ''Japan-bashers try to turn trade war into race war. (
  • The Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies (JISP) is a two-year program intended to help Japanese nationals obtaining Ph.D. degrees in macroeconomics and preparing them to work as economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). (
  • Measured on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis that adjusts for price differences, Japan in 2010 stood as the third-largest economy in the world after China, which surpassed Japan in 2001. (
  • Habitat for Humanity International opened an office in Japan in 2001 to handle the increasing number of Global Village volunteers from Japan and to provide guidance to several campus chapters that had been formed. (
  • On our Twitter Japan blog , we share tips and resources to help people around the world provide support and share and follow important information. (
  • Digital Garage has invested in many successful Web startups in Japan, among them, Twitter. (
  • Japan is divided into 47 administrative prefectures and eight traditional regions. (
  • In 2012, 14 prefectures in Japan joined this serologic survey by measuring rubella hemagglutination inhibition antibody levels in 5,094 healthy persons. (
  • Before it was adopted in the early 8th century, the country was known in China as Wa (倭) and in Japan by the endonym Yamato. (
  • Through the 700s Japan was much influenced by China, and the Yamato clan set up an imperial court similar to that of China. (
  • With more than 5000 employees across the Asia Pacific-Japan (APJ) region - excluding India and Greater China - we are able to offer a strong local presence and understanding of specific requirements and business needs across the whole region. (
  • YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) - Officials in Japan are using some high-tech devices to see if they can fill sports stadiums closer to capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. (
  • Russian translation unavailable for Opening press remarks at the TICAD VII in Yokohama, Japan . (
  • In the years following World War II, government-industry cooperation, a strong work ethic, mastery of high technology, and a comparatively small defense allocation (1% of GDP) helped Japan develop a technologically advanced economy. (
  • How did you find out about Virtual Japan Fair 2021? (
  • Demolished ships lie strewn about near the fishing port of Minamisanriku town, in Miyagi prefecture, northeastern Japan, Feb. 23, 2012. (
  • Two cities in Japan Hiroshima, in the Chugoku region, and Nagasaki, in the Kyushu region underwent atomic bombings during World War II. (
  • NAGASAKI en mode culture - VLOG JAPON 5 - Duration: 32 minutes. (
  • Situated at the southern tip of Japan, Kagoshima is famous for its dramatic views of Sakurajima, an active volcano that smolders across the bay. (
  • Japan has been inhabited since the Upper Paleolithic period (30,000 BC), though the first mentions of the archipelago appear in Chinese chronicles from the 1st century AD. (
  • Japan is a stratovolcanic archipelago consisting of about 6,852 islands. (
  • An archipelago in the Pacific, Japan is separated from the east coast of Asia by the Sea of Japan. (
  • The magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Japan that struck early Monday damaged buildings and left many homes without water or gas. (
  • However, estimates based only on more recent observations are less stable and provide weaker support for the effectiveness of government purchases at stimulating economic activity, particularly in recession, although cyclical patterns in Japan make the dating of recessions a challenge. (
  • The annualised contraction of 12.7 per cent, or 3.3 per cent in quarterly terms, dwarfs those of the United States and Europe and is much worse than anything that happened to Japan during its so-called 'lost decade' of recession in the 1990s. (
  • More than 40 people were injured Sunday when a massive explosion rocked a restaurant in northern Japan, according to local news reports. (
  • We have no news or videos for Bomberman 64 (Japan) . (
  • Japan Just Lost 80 Percent of Its Airbnbs Bad news if you had a trip to Japan planned. (
  • NBC Apologizes for Olympics Opening Ceremony Japan Comment The network issued a statement on analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo's suggestion that South Korea credits its "transformation" to Japan. (
  • In 1993 North Korea test-launched its Nodong-1 missile (range 1,000 to 1,300km) into the Sea of Japan. (
  • Contact with Korea introduced Buddhism to Japan at about this time. (
  • Between the 4th and 9th centuries, the kingdoms of Japan became unified under an emperor and his imperial court based in Heian-kyō. (
  • From the 12th century until 1868, Japan was ruled by successive feudal military shōguns who ruled in the name of the Emperor. (
  • The price for the cheapest room for two published by the Japan National Tourist Organization is $153 (figured at 154 yen to $1). (
  • Thirty years later, overtime rules remain so nebulous and so weakly enforced that the United Nations' International Labor Organization has described Japan as a country with no legal limits on the practice. (
  • In November 2003, Habitat for Humanity Japan was officially registered as a non-profit organization. (
  • Japan is poised for an economic expansion, but long-term growth prospects remain contingent on additional efforts to revitalise the economy and reduce unsustainable levels of public debt, according to the OECD's latest Economic Survey of Japan. (
  • Japan maintains one of the world's largest fishing fleets and accounts for nearly 15% of the global catch. (
  • Japan is the eleventh-most populous country in the world, as well as one of the most densely populated and urbanized. (
  • Anyone who has spent more than a week travelling around Japan quickly realises that the country is one big construction site. (
  • BOSTON (AP) - U.S. Department of Justice lawyers urged a judge Friday to deny a bid to block the extradition of two American men wanted in Japan for helping former Nissan Motor Co. boss Carlos Ghosn sneak out of the country in a box. (
  • Thinking about Japan these days, it's hard to resist the image of an entire country sitting in the middle of giant piles of gold, mesmerized by the thought that as long as it remains surrounded by the gold, everything will be okay. (
  • March 12, 2012 The northeast coast of Japan has an older population, fewer jobs and more tsunamis than the rest of the country. (
  • Japan is an island country in East Asia. (
  • Japan is a highly developed country with a very high standard of living and Human Development Index. (
  • Japan, called in the language of the country Nihon or Nippon (Land of the Rising Sun), and Dai Nihon or Dai Nippon (Great Japan), is situated northwest of the Pacific Ocean and east of the Asiatic Continent. (
  • It is simply this: After years of fruitless negotiation with this once-vanquished country, our government has firmly characterized Japan as ''an unfair trading partner. (
  • White House Asked Japan for Trump's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination But what did Japan get in return for the typically anonymous honor, and was it the only country to receive the request? (
  • After watching the coverage and reading about all of the devastation in Japan I was moved to create this piece. (
  • During 1999-2007, rubella surveillance in Japan consisted of aggregate case reporting to the pediatric sentinel surveillance system. (
  • Japan achieved success in the late 1970s and early 1980s, releasing nine UK Top 40 hits, including the 1982 Top 5 hit single " Ghosts ", and scoring a UK Top 5 with the live album Oil on Canvas (1983). (
  • The band, who were initially nameless, opted to call themselves Japan just before their first live gig in the mid-1970s. (
  • The automotive industry in Japan rapidly increased from the 1970s to the 1990s (when it was oriented both for domestic use and worldwide export) and in the 1980s and 1990s, overtook the U.S. as the production leader with up to 13 million cars per year manufactured and significant exports. (
  • In the 1970s Japan was the pioneer in robotics manufacturing of vehicles. (
  • US military helicopter window falls onto school in Okinawa, Japan. (
  • The 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, a unit of the U.S. Marine Corps, is investigating reports that an object from a U.S. military aircraft fell onto the roof of the Midorigaoka Nursery School in Okinawa, Japan, Thursday morning. (
  • In the Meiji period, the Empire of Japan adopted a Western-styled constitution and pursued a program of industrialization and modernization. (
  • After nearly two decades of internal conflict and insurrection, the Imperial Court regained its political power in 1868 through the help of several clans from Chōshū and Satsuma and the Empire of Japan was established. (
  • Officials at the Bank of Japan say it is not working as it should. (
  • When a major disaster strikes, Habitat Japan appeals for funding to support post-disaster reconstruction efforts. (
  • Japan were an English band formed in 1974 in Catford , South London by David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Steve Jansen (drums), Richard Barbieri (keyboards) and Mick Karn (bass guitar). (
  • Japan is an anomaly among post-World War II industrialized nations in that it relied on a native force to fuel the economy rather than importing workers. (
  • But then, in the early 1990s, Japan began sending the SDF on peacekeeping missions abroad, to places like Cambodia and Mozambique. (
  • Nagoya , capital of Aichi ken (prefecture), central Honshu , Japan , and one of the country's leading industrial cities. (
  • The irony is that it was America which, under its Structural Impediment Initiative of the late 1980s, bullied Japan into doubling its commitment to public works-in a misguided attempt to divert it from allocating so much to its export industries. (
  • Initially a glam rock -inspired band, Japan developed their sound and androgynous look to incorporate electronic music and foreign influences, eventually becoming an influence on the UK's early-1980s New Romantic scene. (
  • The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the buildup of military forces in the Soviet Far East, including a group of islands to the north of Hokkaido, which were occupied by the Soviet Union but claimed by Japan, led Japan to develop a program to modernize and improve the SDF in the 1980s, especially in air defense and antisubmarine warfare. (
  • Religion-in-Japan-Bearbeiter, "Grundbegriffe/Shinto," Religion-in-Japan, Ein Web-Handbuch, (abgerufen am 18. (
  • Religion-in-Japan-Bearbeiter, "Essays/Jindo und Shinto," Religion-in-Japan, Ein Web-Handbuch, (abgerufen am 21. (
  • A strong work ethic, a close relationship between government and various industries, and access to sophisticated technology have made Japan a main economic power. (
  • Merchandise imports from LDCs by Japan have increased over time, but are recovering only slowly. (
  • The Department urges families with pending I-600 petitions and immigrant visa applications based on the transfer of custody of children - if such applications do not involve a court order - to consider deferring their travel to Japan to complete the visa process at this time. (
  • So the time seems ripe for a restatement of the argument that what Japan needs is moderate, 'managed' inflation. (
  • It's always a good time to explore Japan with its inspiring culture and unforgettable beauty. (
  • This image came to mind again today when the Bank of Japan announced that, for the first time in three years, it had cut the overnight call rate--the rate that private banks charge each other to lend money overnight, and the equivalent of our fed funds rate--to 0.25 percent. (
  • The companies went about this by either designing their own trucks (the market for passenger vehicles in Japan at the time was small), or partnering with a European brand to produce and sell their cars in Japan under license. (
  • The history of Japan and its people gives you background so you can understand what records are available for certain time periods. (
  • None of the foundations under the decentralization of medieval Europe are clearly present in the case of Japan during this time period. (
  • At the same time, as MarketWatch notes, Japan is home to a number of OEMs that Microsoft supplies software for. (
  • All of the proce eds from this poster will be donated to the American Red Cross to send aid and relief to Japan in their time of need. (
  • We would like to apologize to all our members and users for the inconvenience caused and, at the same time, thank you for your understanding," the Technorati Japan notice says. (
  • At one time, it looked like Japan had escaped the brunt of the financial crisis,' said Hideo Kumano, chief economist for the Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute. (
  • The new radar will "close the gaps," a U.S. official said, and will increase protection for the United States while defending Japan against possible North Korean missile strikes. (
  • Unilateral deployment of anti-missile systems in some Asia-Pacific countries, especially in Japan, threatens peace and stability in the region, Chinese Foreign Ministry said 23 October 2014. (
  • Japan Sends False Alert Over Impending North Korean Missile Attack The mistake comes just days after a similar snafu in Hawaii. (
  • Get off the beaten track and discover the wonders of Japan. (
  • Fly from the UK to Shanghai and embark on board Westerdam, as you prepare for a wonderful 14 night cruise around Taiwan and Japan. (
  • It is bordered on the west by the Sea of Japan, and extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north toward the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. (
  • When the big tsunami hit Japan in 2011, many objects were washed out to sea. (
  • So the central bank, the Bank of Japan, stands ready with a third economic initiative: easier money. (
  • The Bank of Japan, meanwhile, wants to support Mr Yanagisawa with looser monetary policy, but, like everyone else, is unsure about the LDP 's attitudes to the plan, and so is merely hinting at its intentions. (
  • while the Bank of Japan has actually been engaging in some quite unconventional monetary operations (lending directly to troubled firms, with their debt as collateral), it is doing so in a surreptitious, almost shamefaced manner, and therefore not creating the sort of 'credible promise to be irresponsible' that I argued was necessary. (
  • In order to stabilize financial markets and retard appreciation of the yen, the Bank of Japan injected more than $325 billion in yen into the economy. (
  • Apart from being the biggest employer in Japan, putting the rice on the table in one out of every six households, the construction industry is by far the largest contributor to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. (
  • Usually self sufficient in rice, Japan imports about 60% of its food on a caloric basis. (
  • Japan provides for DFQF market access for imports from LDCs under its GSP scheme. (
  • Jimotti's Restaurant imports the flavors of Japan into Sanford with its drink and seafood selection. (
  • The Japan Spotlight (ISSN 1348-9216) is a bimonthly publication by the Japan Economic Foundation (JEF). (
  • While we are encouraged by these developments, it remains critically important for Japan to address extremely high and still rising levels of government debt and other challenges posed by its ageing population, said OECD Secretary-General. (
  • JSDF is an official development assistance program funded for World Bank by the government of Japan. (
  • In this paper, we estimate government purchase multipliers for Japan, following the approach used previously for a panel of OECD countries (Auerbach and Gorodnichenko, 2013). (
  • The scholarship is funded by the government of Japan and administered by the IMF's Capacity Development (ICD) with assistance from the Institute of International Education (IIE). (
  • After massive ramp -up by China in the 2000s and fluctuating U.S. output, Japan is now currently the third largest automotive producer in the world with an annual production of 9.9 million automobiles in 2012. (
  • Until the early 2000s, rubella was endemic in Japan, with periodic epidemics approximately every 5 years and seasonal increases in the spring and summer. (
  • The current illegal immigrant population in Japan was estimated to be between 150,000 and 300,000 in the year 2000, in comparison to the legal foreign population of over 1.5 million. (
  • Some economic forecasters, who previously had anticipated slower growth for Japan in 2011, now believe GDP may decline as much as 1% for the year. (
  • What Japan really has to do, after all, is--as Slate 's own Paul Krugman has suggested --convince its citizens that if they don't spend those piles of gold, they'll be worth less next year than they are today. (
  • Japan joined the World Bank in August 1952, the year after the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. (
  • Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, Japan was developing its industry so rapidly it overtook the U.S. as the leading producers of automobiles with over 13 million cars manufactured per year. (
  • In March of this year, Japan set up a 300-man "special operations group," a counterterror force with the ninja-fighting skills used by the U.S. Delta Force and British SAS commandos. (
  • 2006 is a significant year for Japan. (
  • There were also no immediate reports of injuries or damage caused by the quake, which residents said could barely be felt in Japan. (