Members of a Semitic people inhabiting the Arabian peninsula or other countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The term may be used with reference to ancient, medieval, or modern ethnic or cultural groups. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
An ethnic group with historical ties to the land of ISRAEL and the religion of JUDAISM.
The act or ceremony of putting a corpse into the ground or a vault, or into the sea; or the inurnment of CREMAINS.
A monotheistic religion promulgated by the Prophet Mohammed with Allah as the deity.
A massive slaughter, especially the systematic mass extermination of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps prior to and during World War II.
The region of southwest Asia and northeastern Africa usually considered as extending from Libya on the west to Afghanistan on the east. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988)
The climate of a very small area.
The state of not being engaged in a gainful occupation.
Significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real gross domestic product, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. (National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc,, accessed 4/23/2009)
The state of being engaged in an activity or service for wages or salary.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
People who leave their place of residence in one country and settle in a different country.
Set of instructions about how to prepare food for eating using specific instructions.
The process of leaving one's country to establish residence in a foreign country.
A belief or practice which lacks adequate basis for proof; an embodiment of fear of the unknown, magic, and ignorance.
A country in northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula Its capital is Cairo.
A competitive team sport played on a rectangular field. This is the American or Canadian version of the game and also includes the form known as rugby. It does not include non-North American football (= SOCCER).
Behavior which may be manifested by destructive and attacking action which is verbal or physical, by covert attitudes of hostility or by obstructionism.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
An independent state in eastern Africa. Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa and is bordered on the north and northeast by Eritrea, on the east by Djibouti and Somalia, on the south by Kenya, and on the west and southwest by Sudan. Its capital is Addis Ababa.
The collective name for the islands of the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia, including NEW CALEDONIA; VANUATU; New Hebrides, Solomon Islands, Admiralty Islands, Bismarck Archipelago, FIJI, etc. Melanesia (from the Greek melas, black + nesos, island) is so called from the black color of the natives who are generally considered to be descended originally from the Negroid Papuans and the Polynesians or Malays. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p748 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p344)
1861-1865 conflict between the Union (Northern states) and the 11 Southern states that seceded and were organized as the Confederate States of America.
The ability to generate new ideas or images.
Institutional funding for facilities and for equipment which becomes a part of the assets of the institution.
Insulated enclosures in which temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions can be regulated at levels optimal for growth, hatching, reproduction, or metabolic reactions.
Electrically powered devices that are intended to assist in the maintenance of the thermal balance of infants, principally by controlling the air temperature and humidity in an enclosure. (from UMDNS, 1999)
Expendable and nonexpendable equipment, supplies, apparatus, and instruments that are used in diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, scientific, and experimental procedures.
Any negative tradition or behavior that is generally regarded as harmful to social welfare and forbidden within a cultural or social group.
A weapon designed to explode when deployed. It frequently refers to a hollow case filled with EXPLOSIVE AGENTS.
The fraudulent misrepresentation of the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
The mineral component of bones and teeth; it has been used therapeutically as a prosthetic aid and in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
A set of beliefs concerning the nature, cause, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency. It usually involves devotional and ritual observances and often a moral code for the conduct of human affairs. (Random House Collegiate Dictionary, rev. ed.)
The interrelationship of psychology and religion.
The interrelationship of medicine and religion.
Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)
Persons including soldiers involved with the armed forces.
Hostile conflict between organized groups of people.
A syndrome characterized by a TONIC PUPIL that occurs in combination with decreased lower extremity reflexes. The affected pupil will respond more briskly to accommodation than to light (light-near dissociation) and is supersensitive to dilute pilocarpine eye drops, which induce pupillary constriction. Pathologic features include degeneration of the ciliary ganglion and postganglionic parasympathetic fibers that innervate the pupillary constrictor muscle. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p279)
A political and economic system characterized by individual rights, by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. (From Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
Organized institutions which provide services to ameliorate conditions of need or social pathology in the community.
The religion of the Jews characterized by belief in one God and in the mission of the Jews to teach the Fatherhood of God as revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures. (Webster, 3d ed)
A type of climate characterized by insufficient moisture to support appreciable plant life. It is a climate of extreme aridity, usually of extreme heat, and of negligible rainfall. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Fluids found within the osseous labyrinth (PERILYMPH) and the membranous labyrinth (ENDOLYMPH) of the inner ear. (From Gray's Anatomy, 30th American ed, p1328, 1332)

Emergence of multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium phage-type DT104 among salmonellae causing enteritis in Israel. (1/2515)

The relative frequency of salmonella strains isolated from hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients in Southern Israel changed during the period, 1994-6. Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium definitive phage-type 104 (DT104) appeared in Israel in 1994 and became the most prevalent strain in 1996. An outbreak of enteritis due to Salmonella enterica serotype Agona occurred in Israel, in October 1994 and lasted for 4 months. The relative frequency of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis remained almost constant during these years, with seasonal fluctuations only. The importance of the increase in the prevalence of Typhimurium DT104 has been the epidemic spread of a multiresistant strain of R-type ACT (A, ampicillin; C, chloramphenicol; T, tetracycline) belonging to this phage-type. Since 1995 the frequency of Typhimurium DT104 isolates that possess, in addition to the above R-type, a chromosomally encoded resistance to the quinolone drug, nalidixic acid, increased tenfold. In 1996, 27% of the Typhimurium DT104 isolates were of R-type ACTN. S. Enteritidis exhibited over 95% susceptibility to at least eight of the most commonly used antibiotic drugs, and none of the isolates was resistant to quinolone or fluoroquinoline.  (+info)

Mutation and haplotype studies of familial Mediterranean fever reveal new ancestral relationships and evidence for a high carrier frequency with reduced penetrance in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. (2/2515)

Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is a recessive disorder characterized by episodes of fever with serositis or synovitis. The FMF gene (MEFV) was cloned recently, and four missense mutations were identified. Here we present data from non-Ashkenazi Jewish and Arab patients in whom we had not originally found mutations and from a new, more ethnically diverse panel. Among 90 symptomatic mutation-positive individuals, 11 mutations accounted for 79% of carrier chromosomes. Of the two mutations that are novel, one alters the same residue (680) as a previously known mutation, and the other (P369S) is located in exon 3. Consistent with another recent report, the E148Q mutation was observed in patients of several ethnicities and on multiple microsatellite haplotypes, but haplotype data indicate an ancestral relationships between non-Jewish Italian and Ashkenazi Jewish patients with FMF and other affected populations. Among approximately 200 anonymous Ashkenazi Jewish DNA samples, the MEFV carrier frequency was 21%, with E148Q the most common mutation. Several lines of evidence indicate reduced penetrance among Ashkenazi Jews, especially for E148Q, P369S, and K695R. Nevertheless, E148Q helps account for recessive inheritance in an Ashkenazi family previously reported as an unusual case of dominantly inherited FMF. The presence of three frequent MEFV mutations in multiple Mediterranean populations strongly suggests a heterozygote advantage in this geographic region.  (+info)

Molecular typing of Salmonella serotype Thompson strains isolated from human and animal sources. (3/2515)

One-hundred-and-thirteen isolates of Salmonella serotype Thompson from diverse sources in seven countries were characterized by PvuII ribotyping and IS200 fingerprinting. Ten PvuII ribotypes were observed. The predominant PvuII ribotype 1 represented a major clone of world-wide distribution but was not found in Australia; PvuII ribotypes 2 and 3 represented minor clones. HincII ribotyping discriminated subtypes within PvuII ribotype 1: HincII ribotype 1 was distributed widely but HincII ribotype 2 was found mainly in Scottish isolates. None of 101 isolates of PvuII ribotypes 1-3 contained copies of IS200. All 12 isolates of PvuII ribotypes 4-10 were from Australia and 7 of them contained copies of IS200 of 5 different profiles. These results suggest the existence of at least two lineages of Salmonella Thompson with a different geographical distribution. The finding that most isolates from man and poultry in Scotland belonged to the same ribotype (PvuII 1/HincII 2) and were IS200-negative suggests that poultry is an important source of human infection in Scotland.  (+info)

Factors associated with pharyngeal carriage of Neisseria meningitidis among Israel Defense Force personnel at the end of their compulsory service. (4/2515)

In this 1 year cross-sectional study of personnel being discharged from compulsory military service, an available database of health-related information was used to examine the association of meningococcal carriage with socio-demographic factors. A representative, systematic sample of 1632 personnel was interviewed and had throat cultures taken. The overall meningococcal carriage rate was 16%. Serogroups B and Y accounted for 76% and 13% of the isolates respectively. In univariate analysis, carriage was associated with male gender (P < 0.0001), < 12 years school education (P = 0.002), smoking (P = 0.014), and service at a 'closed' base, reflecting greater interpersonal contact (P < 0.0001). In multivariate analysis, only service on a closed base and male gender retained significance. School education of < 12 years remained significant for females only. Variables not associated with carriage included number of siblings, intensity of smoking, and use of the contraceptive pill. In this setting, meningococcal carriage was associated with the type of base on which soldiers served; and smoking was not an independent risk factor for carriage.  (+info)

Seroprevalence of IgG antibodies to the chlamydia-like microorganism 'Simkania Z' by ELISA. (5/2515)

The newly described microorganism 'Simkania Z', related to the Chlamydiae, has been shown to be associated with bronchiolitis in infants and community acquired pneumonia in adults. The prevalence of infection in the general population is unknown. A simple ELISA assay for the detection of serum IgG antibodies to 'Simkania Z' was used to determine the prevalence of such antibodies in several population samples in southern Israel (the Negev). The groups tested included 94 medical and nursing students, 100 unselected blood donors, 106 adult members of a Negev kibbutz (communal agricultural settlement), and 45 adult Bedouin, residents of the Negev. IgG antibodies to 'Simkania Z' were found in 55-80% of these presumably healthy individuals, independently of antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis and Chlamydia pneumoniae. The Bedouin had a seropositivity rate of 80%, while all other groups had rates of between 55 and 64%. These results indicate that 'Simkania Z' infection is probably common in southern Israel.  (+info)

Challenges in implementing a budget-holding programme for primary care clinics. (6/2515)

In 1990, Kupat Holim Clalit (KHC), Israel's largest sick fund, initiated a demonstration programme for transforming a number of primary care clinics in the Negev district of southern Israel into autonomous budget-holding units. Four programme components were implemented in the nine participating clinics: allocation of a fixed budget; expansion of day-to-day decision-making authority; establishment of a computerized information system to produce monthly reports on expenditure; and provision of incentives for budgetary control. The research findings are based on a four-year evaluation of the programme, which involved a longitudinal case study conducted with multiple research tools: in-depth interviews, a staff survey, and analysis of relevant documents. This article analyzes the challenges involved in implementing the demonstration programme. It examines clinic staff evaluation of the implementation process (e.g. overall staff had a positive attitude toward it); assesses staff satisfaction with clinic participation in the programme (while only 33% were satisfied, only 21% said they would like the clinic to revert to the pre-programme model) and factors influencing this satisfaction (among them intrinsic benefits, perception of the programme as fair and age); and discusses the lessons to be learnt from the programme regarding effective implementation of organizational change. The main lessons indicate the importance of certain factors in implementing such programmes: (a) long-term management commitment to the programme; (b) appointment of agents of change/programme administrators; (c) establishment of a formal agreement between the parties involved; (d) establishment of communication channels between the parties involved; (e) intrinsic benefits for staff, perceived as incentives to economize; (f) reliable data, perceived to be reliable by the parties involved; (g) staff participation in the process of change; and (h) involvement of the participating unit as a single entity.  (+info)

Smoking cessation and body mass index of occupationally active men: the Israeli CORDIS Study. (7/2515)

OBJECTIVES: This study estimated weight gain after smoking cessation and identified factors attenuating this gain. METHODS: We conducted a prospective follow-up of 1209 male factory workers for 2 to 4 years. The independent variables were smoking habits. age, sports activity, education, alcohol consumption, ethnicity, duration of follow-up, and body mass index (BMI, kg/m2) at entry. The dependent variable was increase in BMI during follow-up. RESULTS: The mean age-adjusted BMI at entry into the study was 26.6 kg/m2 among past smokers and 25.4 kg/m2 among current smokers. There were no differences in BMI between those who quit less than 3 years before entry and those who quit more than 6 years before entry. During follow-up, the average increase in BMI was 0.07 kg/m2 among never smokers, 0.19 kg/m2 among smokers who had stopped smoking before entry, 0.24 kg/m2 among current smokers, and 0.99 kg/m2 among those who stopped smoking after entry. Cessation of smoking after entry predicted an increased gain in BMI; older age, a higher BMI at entry, sports activity, and alcohol consumption attenuated this gain. CONCLUSIONS: The increased rate of weight gain after smoking cessation is transient. However, the weight gained is retained for at least 6 years.  (+info)

Detection of poliovirus circulation by environmental surveillance in the absence of clinical cases in Israel and the Palestinian authority. (8/2515)

The global eradication of poliomyelitis, believed to be achievable around the year 2000, relies on strategies which include high routine immunization coverage and mass vaccination campaigns, along with continuous monitoring of wild-type virus circulation by using the laboratory-based acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) surveillance. Israel and the Palestinian Authority are located in a geographical region in which poliovirus is still endemic but have been free of poliomyelitis since 1988 as a result of intensive immunization programs and mass vaccination campaigns. To monitor the wild-type virus circulation, environmental surveillance of sewage samples collected monthly from 25 to 30 sites across the country was implemented in 1989 and AFP surveillance began in 1994. The sewage samples were processed in the laboratory with a double-selective tissue culture system, which enabled economical processing of large number of samples. Between 1989 and 1997, 2,294 samples were processed, and wild-type poliovirus was isolated from 17 of them in four clusters, termed "silent outbreaks," in September 1990 (type 3), between May and September 1991 (type 1), between October 1994 and June 1995 (type 1), and in December 1996 (type 1). Fifteen of the 17 positive samples were collected in the Gaza Strip, 1 was collected in the West Bank, and 1 was collected in the Israeli city of Ashdod, located close to the Gaza Strip. The AFP surveillance system failed to detect the circulating wild-type viruses. These findings further emphasize the important role that environmental surveillance can play in monitoring the eradication of polioviruses.  (+info)

TY - JOUR. T1 - Cancer after pre-eclampsia. T2 - Follow up of the Jerusalem perinatal study cohort. AU - Paltiel, Ora. AU - Friedlander, Yehiel. AU - Tiram, Efrat. AU - Barchana, Micha. AU - Xue, Xiaonan. AU - Harlap, Susan. N1 - Copyright: Copyright 2020 Elsevier B.V., All rights reserved.. PY - 2004/4/17. Y1 - 2004/4/17. N2 - Objective: To compare the incidence of cancer among women with and without a history of pre-eclampsia. Design: Cohort study. Setting: Jerusalem perinatal study of women who delivered in three large hospitals in West Jerusalem during 1964-76. Participants: 37 033 women. Main outcome measures: Age adjusted and multivariable adjusted hazard ratios for cancer incidence for the entire cohort and for women who were primiparous at study entry. Results: Cancer developed in 91 women who had pre-eclampsia and 2204 who did not (hazard ratio 1.27, 95% confidence interval 1.03 to 1.57). The risk of site specific cancers was increased, particularly of the stomach, ovary epithelium, ...
The best seismologists in the world dont know when the next big earthquake will hit. But a Tel Aviv University geologist suggests that earthquake patterns recorded in historical documents of Middle Eastern countries indicate that the regions next significant quake is long overdue.. A major quake of magnitude seven on the Richter scale in the politically-fragile region of the Middle East could have dire consequences for precious holy sites and even world peace, says Tel Aviv University geologist Dr. Shmulik Marco. In light of this imminent danger, Marco, from the schools Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, has taken an historical approach to earthquake forecasting by using ancient records from the Vatican and other religious sources in his assessment. The past holds the key to the future, he says.. All of us in the region should be worried, explains Marco, who dedicates his career to piecing together ancient clues.. Based on the translations of hundreds of documents -- some of ...
Are cataracts associated with osteoporosis? Arie Y Nemet,1 Joel Hanhart,2 Igor Kaiserman,3,4 Shlomo Vinker5,6 1Department of Ophthalmology, Meir Medical Center, Kfar Saba, 2Department of Ophthalmology, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, 3Department of Ophthalmology, Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, 4Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba, 5Department of Family Medicine, Clalit Health Services, Rehovot, 6Department of Family Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel Background: Calcium is considered an important factor in the development of both osteoporosis and cataract. This study evaluated the association between osteoporosis and cataracts. Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of osteoporosis among patients undergoing cataract surgery, and the association between the two. Patients and methods: This was a retrospective observational case-control study, conducted in the Central District of Clalit Health Services (a district of the largest health maintenance
As a person who had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first child, I was very interested in this new study which states that women who do not control their diet and do not exercise after diagnoses risk contributing to neurological delays in their babies.. The study, conducted by researchers at Ben-Gurion University and Soroka University Medical Center in Israel, observed women who delivered at that hospital between 1991 and 2014, and their children. Of the 230,000 women who had babies there during that period, 5.4% (12,642) developed gestational diabetes. Most women kept their glucose levels balanced through only by diet, but 2,566 also needed medication to stabilize the levels.. Only 1 percent of children whose mothers did not have gestational diabetes had neurological defects, but that number rose to 1.4% in those whose mother had the diabetes treated only by diet and exercise, and 1.7% in those whose mother only took medication.. The findings indicate that exercise and diet, ...
When Israel entered the Yom Kippur War a flood of volunteers arrive to Israel to help the war embattled nation. When the war ended most of the volunteers packed their bags and left back to their countries. At that time Prime Minister Golda Meir, in a speech in the Knesset, questioned the phenomenon: They come to fight our war and risk their lives for us but they will not stay to live among us?!. This is, for you, Hadassah hospital, opened in 1932 on Mount Scopus. Women and men from around the world, members of the Hadassah Woman Zionist Organization make sure the hospital delivers its duty to take care of Israels medical needs.. For nearly 100 years, Hadassah Medical Center has been a leader in medicine and nursing in Israel, laying the foundation and setting the standards for the countrys modern health care system. Hadassah has developed Israels community health services, established the first modern hospital and medical and nursing schools, and set the climate for medical research in ...
Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX), a global medical products company, and Tel Aviv University (TAU), through Ramot, its Business Engagement Center,
TEL AVIV (Press Release)― Uncovering the secrets of the brain requires an intense network of collaborative research. Building on a tool that was co-developed in his laboratory and described in a recent issue of Brain, Dr. Yaniv Assaf of Tel Aviv Universitys Department of Neurobiology is collaborating with an international team of scientists to understand…
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...October 27 2010 TEL AVIV Israel Assembled in Tel Aviv for the firs...During todays meeting led by its new Israeli Chairman EUREKAs decis...Investments in the following fields were covered: electronics IT and ...17 of the projects approved have Israeli partners representing more t...,European,R&D,leaders,assembled,in,Tel,Aviv,will,invest,$70,million,in,joint,R&D,initiatives,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
To begin with, in their negotiations with Israel, Egypt and Jordan never asserted any territorial claims against the area of sovereign Israel. Unlike many Palestinians today, the Egyptians and the Jordanians harbor no aspirations to make Israeli cities, such as Haifa or Jaffa, part of their respective states. And whereas there are no Egyptian or Jordanian national minorities living within Israel, many Arab citizens of Israel identify themselves as Palestinian nationals. Operating among them are political, religious, and ideological forces dedicated to subverting the existence of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. In 2006, for example, representatives from the National Committee for the Heads of the Arab Local Authorities in Israel issued a document entitled The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel, which calls for the introduction of consensual democracy in Israel, in which both the Palestinian and the Jewish nations would partner to govern Israel jointly -- the ...
The Geddes plan for Tel Aviv was the proposal of Patrick Geddes presented in 1925. By the time of his commission to plan Tel Aviv, Geddes had corresponded at length with members of the Zionist Commission and had already worked on a number of projects in Palestine including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in partnership with his son-in-law Frank Mears. Geddes had impressed members of the Zionist Commission with his total lack of prejudice and had multiple admirers within the Zionist Commission. His evolutionary concept of cities alongside his valley section regional planning, was synergistic with the Zionist Commissions goal of both founding and historically contextualising a modern Hebrew settlement, helping to re-establish roots in the ancient homeland. Geddes 62-page plan for Tel Aviv, presented in 1925, linked the existing settlement of Tel Aviv (Ahuzat-Bayit) from Mapu Street (to the southwest) and extended across an area bordered by Borgrashov Street to the southeast, Ibn Gvirol ...
In case you missed it: Watch Honoring Our Frontline Professionals at HMO, moderated by National President Rhoda Smolow with special guests Dr. Rely Alon, Head of Hadassah Hospitals Nursing Division; Prof. Sigal Sviri, Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit; and Barbara BG Goldstein, Deputy Director of the Hadassah Office in Israel.. Also available for viewing, Midwifery in the Time of COVID-19: Connection Amidst Isolation with Hadassah nurse/midwife Gila Zarbiv.. Ongoing weekly series:. Resilience & Relaxation with Rebecca: Tuesdays at 4:00 pm EDT. Thursdays at 1:30 pm EDT. (Register separately.) Conversational Hebrew: Mondays, Beginner Level, at 3:00 pm EDT, and Intermediate Level, at 4:00 pm EDT.. For past programs see last weeks [email protected] email or the Member Engagement page on Follow our ongoing COVID-19 coverage.. NOTE: Many online events will ask for your Hadassah ID number to register. ...
Publications and activities of Israeli academics from Tel Aviv University, who are collaborating with Palestinians in order to dismantle Israel
High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects everything from your arteries to your kidneys, from eyesight to sexual function. Among older adults, high blood pressure is also associated with cognitive decline as a result of interrupted blood flow to the brain, as well as strokes, heart attacks and impaired mobility.. A new Northwestern University-Tel Aviv University study has revealed that subjects who experienced relatively high blood pressure during young adulthood also experienced significant declines in cognitive function and gait in midlife (approximately 56 years old). The study cohort included about 200 young adults with an average age of 24 at the beginning of the study.. The research was led by Prof. Farzaneh A. Sorond and Dr. Simin Mahinrad of Northwestern Universitys Department of Neurology and Prof. Jeffrey Hausdorff of TAUs Sackler Faculty of Medicine, TAUs Sagol School of Neuroscience and Tel Aviv Medical Centers Center for the Study of Movement, Cognition, and Mobility at the ...
The Ethiopian Beta Israel community in Israel today comprises more than 121,000 people.[1] This is a little more than 1 percent of the Israeli population.[119] Most of this population are the descendants and the immigrants who came to Israel during Operation Moses (1984) and Operation Solomon (1991).[120] Civil war and famine in Ethiopia prompted the Israeli government to mount these dramatic rescue operations. The rescues were within the context of Israels national mission to gather Diaspora Jews and bring them to the Jewish homeland. Some immigration has continued up until the present day. Today 81,000 Ethiopian Israelis were born in Ethiopia, while 38,500 or 32% of the community are native born Israelis.[13] Over time, the Ethiopian Jews in Israel moved out of the government owned mobile home camps which they initially lived in and settled in various cities and towns throughout Israel, with the encouragement of the Israeli authorities who grant new immigrants generous government loans or ...
Groundbreaking TAU study tracks precise path of deadly virus to the central nervous system. Rabies causes acute inflammation of the brain, producing psychosis and violent aggression. The virus, which paralyzes the bodys internal organs, is always deadly for those unable to obtain vaccines in time. Some 55,000 people die from rabies every year.. For the first time, Tel Aviv University scientists have discovered the exact mechanism this killer virus uses to efficiently enter the central nervous system, where it erupts in a toxic explosion of symptoms. The study, published in PLOS Pathogens, was conducted by Dr. Eran Perlson and Shani Gluska of TAUs Sackler Faculty of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience, in collaboration with the Friedrich Loeffler Institute in Germany.. Rabies not only hijacks the nervous systems machinery, it also manipulates that machinery to move faster, said Dr. Perlson. We have shown that rabies enters a neuron in the peripheral nervous system by binding to a ...
Canada is represented in Israel by the Embassy of Canada to Israel in Tel Aviv. The Government of the State of Israel is represented in Canada by an embassy in Ottawa and consulates in Montréal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario.. Canada and Israel have strong, multidimensional bilateral relations, marked by close political, economic, social and cultural ties. Support for Israel, especially its right to live in peace and security with its neighbours, has been at the core of Canadas Middle East policy since 1948.. One of the underlying strengths of the Canada-Israel bilateral relationship lies in the extensive people-to-people ties. There are approximately 35,000 Canadian citizens living in Israel and nearly 90,000 Canadians, many with family in Israel, travel to the country every year. The Canadian-Jewish community, which numbers around 350,000, serves as an integral bridge between Canada and Israel. These informal ties give rise to significant cooperation between our two countries in business, ...
An interview with Jonathan Cook Five Books - 25 February 2014Interviewed by: Bethan Staton Outside of the Middle East, many people understand Palestine to mean the West Bank and Gaza, and Palestinians as the people living in these areas. But Palestinians who remained in Israel after the creation of the state in 1948 - when some 700,000 were displaced in the Nakba or catastrophe - now make up around 20% of Israels population. Could you explain a bit more about this community, and why it has been overlooked? The difficulty for Palestinians remaining in what becomes Israel after 1948 is that the Palestinian national movement develops in exile, in the occupied territories and the neighboring Arab states. Palestinians in Israel are excluded and shielded from these developments and left in what amounts to a political and social ghetto. Israel strictly circumscribes their understanding of who they are and anything to do with their history, heritage and culture. Israel controls the education system, for
Beer Sheva (also spelled Beersheba, Hebrew &#1489;&#1488;&#1512; &#1513;&#1489;&#1506;) is a desert city of approximately 200,000 inhabitants in southern Israel. It is the sixth largest city in the country and is very much the gateway to the Negev region of Israel. The city is spread out by Israeli standards, as there is no shortage of land in the desert, and there isnt much of a downtown, except for a few streets in the old Turkish quarter. While Beer Sheva is mostly middle class, it does have three wealthy satellite suburbs with manicured landscapes, private villas and a Palm Springs feel to them: Omer, Metar and Lehavim. A few Bedouin villages surround the city as well. Some feature tribal attractions which are worth a visit, including Rahat, Tel Sheva, Hura and Laqiya. In Beer Sheva itself, some modern/experimental architecture was built in the 1960s. Today, this is found mostly in government and public buildings, including the Ben Gurion University and Soroka Hospital
Beer Sheva (also spelled Beersheba, Hebrew &#1489;&#1488;&#1512; &#1513;&#1489;&#1506;) is a desert city of approximately 200,000 inhabitants in southern Israel. It is the sixth largest city in the country and is very much the gateway to the Negev region of Israel. The city is spread out by Israeli standards, as there is no shortage of land in the desert, and there isnt much of a downtown, except for a few streets in the old Turkish quarter. While Beer Sheva is mostly middle class, it does have three wealthy satellite suburbs with manicured landscapes, private villas and a Palm Springs feel to them: Omer, Metar and Lehavim. A few Bedouin villages surround the city as well. Some feature tribal attractions which are worth a visit include Rahat, Tel Sheva, Hura and Laqiya. In Beer Sheva itself, some modern/experimental architecture was been explored in the 1960s. Today, this is found mostly in government and public buildings, including the Ben Gurion University and Soroka
This article first appeared Lubbock Avalanche-Journal at Submitted by Donald R. May. President Obama continues his visible opposition to Israel and his support of Islamic countries that oppose Israel.. Our close military ally Israel has been purchasing ammunition, missiles, and other military supplies directly from the Pentagon. While Israel was confronting Hamas in the Gaza Strip last month, the Obama Administration discovered Israels working relationship with the Pentagon and has now slowed the supply process in an apparent effort to better control Israel. Jihad Watch reported,. Each transfer will no longer go directly through the Pentagon, but must now be approved by the State Department and the White House, giving Secretary Kerry and President Obama direct control on every transfer. The new procedure has had the affect of delaying the transfer of precision strike hellfire missiles to Israel in a time of war. The administration clearly intends to use such transfers as ...
Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel; Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel; Incumbent of the Laura Schwarz-Kipp chair for research of autoimmune diseases, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Laboratory of the Mosaic of Autoimmunity, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Electronic address ...
Labral Tear, Hip Impingement, Snapping Hip and Cartilage Defects are the common Sports Injuries to the Hip. Click here for more information. Tel Aviv Israel.
This report serves to document research conducted under U.S.-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development (BARD) grant US-35000-03 shared equally between ARS and the the School of Chemistry at Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel, entitled Fast, Practical and Effective Approach for the Analysis of Hazardous Chemicals in the Food Supply. Additional details of research can be found in the report for the parent CRIS 1935-42000-044-00D, Advanced Techniques for the Analysis of Chemical Residues in Foods Dr. Lehotay collaborates with Prof. Aviv Amirav of Tel Aviv University on the 3-year grant. The ARS objectives of the project are to: A) expand the QuEChERS approach to veterinary drugs and environmental pollutants; and B) integrate automated DSI into the QuEChERS approach for GC/MS analysis. For Tel Aviv Universtiy, the objectives include: A) develop fast methods for difficult analytes using Supersonic GC/MS; and B) develop a Supersonic LC/MS instrument for the analysis of polar and ...
The OIC also warned that recognising Jerusalem or establishing any diplomatic mission in the disputed city would be seen as a blatant attack on the Arab and Islamic nations.. The status of Jerusalem is one of the most contentious issues of the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.. Most of the international community, including the United States, does not formally recognise Jerusalem as Israels capital, insisting the issue can only be resolved through final-status negotiations.. Central to the issue of recognition is the question of whether Trump decides to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.. All foreign embassies are located in Tel Aviv with consular representation in Jerusalem.. Israelis and Palestinians are eagerly watching to see whether he again renews a waiver delaying the move, as his predecessors have done.. There are suggestions that Trump will sign the waiver and decline to move the embassy for now, but later this week declare Jerusalem as Israels capital.. Israel, ...
TEL AVIV Israel (PRWEB) March 15 2013 DuPont has joined the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) in the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor Global Enterprise R&D Cooperation Framework. Under the framework th,DuPont,Joins,Israels,Office,of,the,Chief,Scientist,Global,Enterprise,R&D,Cooperation,Framework,biological,advanced biology technology,biology laboratory technology,biology device technology,latest biology technology
Soroka Medical Center located in Beersheba, Israel, is the largest medical center in the southern region of the country, and the fourth largest in Israel with the capacity of approximately 1,000 beds. It is owned by Clalit Health Services, the largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Israel. Soroka provides medical care to members of all populations in the region. It is a major teaching hospital affiliated with the faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev whose campus is adjacent to the hospital. Soroka Medical Center is an advanced medical center that provides healthcare services of exceptional quality, individual for each patient, and is a reference in the field of education and medical research. Soroka Medical Center is the holder of a certification of the highest quality - accreditation of JCI ...
Soroka Medical Center located in Beersheba, Israel, is the largest medical center in the southern region of the country, and the fourth largest in Israel with the capacity of approximately 1,000 beds. It is owned by Clalit Health Services, the largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Israel. Soroka provides medical care to members of all populations in the region. It is a major teaching hospital affiliated with the faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev whose campus is adjacent to the hospital. Soroka Medical Center is an advanced medical center that provides healthcare services of exceptional quality, individual for each patient, and is a reference in the field of education and medical research. Soroka Medical Center is the holder of a certification of the highest quality - accreditation of JCI ...
Tour Israel in 2014 with AdventureWomen. Visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haiffa, Jaffa. See Israeli cultural, historical sites, kibbutz life, biblical landscapes.
Mr. Kutchner may be well-intentioned, but it is inexplicable to me that this gentleman is pathologically incapable of reading the facts on the ground, as Israel has manipulated them, to make it impossible for a contiguous, whole, state of Palestine, to exist.. And he needs to start by fully comprehending the realisation that Israel does not want peace but territory, and territory by any means necessary.. Has no one ever shown him, or does he not have the intellectual curiosity, to understand what the very notion of Eretz Israel means, in terms of territorial expansion, and this is what the Zionists have been pushing for ever since the founding of Israel? Lets take a look at what that territorial expansion, if realized, would mean for other countries around it, shall we?!?. Map: Eretz Israel, or greater Israel. Notice how many bits and pieces of surrounding territory get gobbled up by such an expansion?!?. Israeli Settlements Make 2-State Solution Impossible. Israel: 50 Years of Occupation ...
I recently got into an argument online with someone who said that this is all Israels fault because Israel has been attacking its neighbours since its inception. Perplexed, I pointed out that such a statement is totally backwards: quite literally the moment it accounced its existence (the Israeli declaration of independence), Israels arab neighbous invaded it to strangle the new state at birth, and thereafter, Israel has been subject to attacks from its neighbours in 1956, 1967 and 1973, and has been subject to an ongoing attack by surrogates ever since. Aha, said my interlocutor (and I quote): The declaration of independence for israel was the start of the whole conflict. The foundation of a racist state lead to the [Arab attacks] your quoting up there. I suppose that if you define Israels mere existence as attacking its Arab neighbours, then it becomes fair - albeit tautological - to say that Israel has been attacking its neighbours since its inception (i.e. it has existed since it ...
The Switzerland Institute of Developmental Biology provides a framework for the research activities of over 20 research groups in the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Current activities of the Switzerland Institute include: annual meeting of the Switzerland Institute of Developmental Biology at Tel Aviv University; fellowships for outstanding Ph.D. students to participate in international meetings; support of a course in developmental biology (given each year) for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of the faculties of Medicine and Life Sciences; and support for a summer workshop on stem cell research organized by faculty members at Tel Aviv University and open to graduate students from Israel and abroad.. ...
Epidemiological aspects of stroke have been studied in many countries by means of stroke registries,7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 some of which were prospective and population-based9 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 while others were hospital-based.7 10 11 12 Although the Tel Aviv Stroke Registry is a hospital-based registry, it has provided an unusual opportunity to evaluate all the segments of the Israeli population in terms of ethnic groups and origin. A much earlier multicenter study performed with the collaboration of the World Health Organization21 showed that the incidence rates for all types of stroke in Israel are similar to those in several European countries, but they are significantly less than those in Japan and Finland. The reasons for the discrepancy between Israel and other countries can only be speculated on; they apparently include genetic factors, stress, diet, lack of alcoholism, and the nature of the medical services providing treatment of risk factors such as hypertension.. As in ...
Israel, a small country wedged between Africa and Asia, is one that has faced many challenges. The country was created as a Jewish state in 1948, but ever since, it has worked towards developing a strong and stable economy. With this economy, Israel is a country that isnt the cheapest to live in. Despite the high price tags for things such as housing, transportation and groceries, Israel has easy access and relatively low costs for things such as healthcare and education. Here is a brief rundown on the cost of living in Israel:. Whats Expensive?. The cost of living in Israel can be high, especially in a nice area. For the Israelis, that means living in the center of the country, Jerusalem, which comes at a high price. In order to purchase a two-bedroom apartment in Jerusalem, one must pay a little less than half a million dollars. Additionally, the down payment required in Israel is normally 40 percent. Due to this high price tag, many people in the country find it difficult to afford their ...
While GM is the automaker with the largest center in Israel, other automotive giants have established a presence in the country in recent years. On Tuesday, Bill Ford, executive chairman of American carmaker Ford Motor Company, spoke at the Ecomotion 2019 smart mobility show in Tel Aviv and is scheduled to speak at a Ford event in the city on Wednesday. In May, Calcalist reported, citing one person familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity, that Ford intends to launch a Tel Aviv innovation center. On Monday, automakers Renault and Nissan opened a joint innovation lab in Tel Aviv. Both Stuttgart-based automaker Daimler AG and Volkswagen Group have Tel Aviv centers, employing 15 and 10 people, respectively.. Traveling through Herzliya, GMs electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Bolt, is not a rare sight. We operate dozens of experimental vehicles in Israel, Golan said. According to Golan, GM is in direct contact with the local autotech industry and is constantly scouting for ...
Cancer treatment for gynecologic cancer is available through the International Medicine Department at Sheba Medical Center, the top cancer center in Israel.
Pain evaluation in large community studies is difficult. Analgesics can be a useful tool in estimating pain-related conditions in which analgesic use is highly regulated. In this study, we evaluated analgesics consumption patterns of regular Israel Defense Force soldiers. We have performed a histori...
COMING SOON!!!. Bidang Hubungan Masyarakat Hima Jurusan Keperawatan Gigi. Training Management Organization. 2016/2017. Training Management Organization merupakan salah satu dari program kerja yang ada di HIMA Jurusan Keperawatan Gigi Poltekkes Tasikmalaya, khususnya bidang HUMAS. Kegiatan ini rutin dilaksanakan oleh Bidang HUMAS Jurusan Keperawatan Gigi. Inti dari kegiatan ini yaitu untuk membantu memahami bagaimana cara berorganisasi serta kerja tim untuk hasil yang berkualitas. Dan juga membantu para mahasiswa untuk bekerja lebih profesional dalam sebuah organisasi.. Tujuan diadakannya kegiatan (Training Management Organization) ini yaitu untuk memberikan pengalaman lebih kepada Mahasiswa tentang seluk-beluk organisasi, memberikan pengetahuan dan menumbuhkan jiwa kepemimpinan dalam sebuah organisasi, dan juga dapat mengasah kemampuan sosial Mahasiswa.. Kegiatan ini tidak semata-mata dilakukan, karena semua kegiatan yang dilaksanakan oleh Bidang HUMAS Jurusan Keperawatan Gigi mempunyai landasan ...
Enjoy spectacular sunsets over Bauhaus buildings from the rooftop infinity pool of The Norman Tel Aviv, offering deluxe spa treatments and gourmet cuisine.
At the comprehensive International Congenital Heart Center at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, we provide treatment that a heart patient needs.
As Israel violates the conditions of the current cease-fire, and Palestine adheres to its part of the bargain, Prime Murder Benjamin Netanyahu continues to proclaim that he will not negotiate with Palestine due to that governments recent unification. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas, after several years of operating independently, have settled their major differences. Israel will not negotiate, it says, because Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel. The irony of this is perhaps lost on members of the corrupt U.S. governance body, generally known as Congress, the president and the judiciary.. Hamas, with no army, navy or air force, can call for the end of the world if it wants to; it is in no position, as it cobbles together ineffective rockets from the few items Israel allows to be imported to the Gaza Strip, or the fewer that can be smuggled in, to cause anything more than minor inconvenience to Israel, a fact that was proven during Israels recent bombardment of the Gaza ...
Israel has achieved a major success by taking out Hamass Fajr-5 rocket capabilities which could have hit Tel Aviv. IDF is reporting that Hamas wanted to prove their capabilities due to Israels strike on Jabari, but are now almost completely powerless to hit anything further than 40KM from Gaza.. ...
When we got to the train station there, I overheard a woman muttering something in Hebrew about a sreifah (or fire). I told Dyanne, and she went in to check with the staff, and they assured her there was no problem whatsoever. So -- we bought our tickets and boarded the train. She told me to let her know if we had any problems ... About a third of the way to Tel Aviv (the journey was supposed to take something like an hour and 13 minutes), there was an announcement that all passengers must get off at Binyamina, as there was a brush fire on the tracks. Once we got off there were more announcements: a) that the train was going to turn around and go back to Haifa and we could return to Haifa if we wanted -- not our goal really, and b) they had ordered busses to bring us the rest of the way to Tel Aviv. All announcements were made only in Hebrew and there was no one to ask questions of. I started looking for Binyamina in my guide book, and didnt find it. Why? Because it was approximately the ...
Jewish Telegraphic Agency). The stability of Tel Aviv. notwithstanding the present unemployment, was recognized by the Palestine government in its first loan advanced to a Jewish city in Palestine.. The government granted the Tel Aviv municipality a loan of £50,000, it became known here yesterday. It was stated that the loan will be used to inaugurate necessary public works which will partly relieve the employment situation.. ...
From October 10 to 17, I traveled to Israel to deliver five talks and meet with potential collaborators at Ben Gurion University. I originally was invited to give a keynote talk at the annual meeting of the Israel Society of Ecology & Environmental Sciences, held in Jerusalem. When word got out that I was coming to Israel, I was then invited to give a keynote talk at the annual conference of the Israeli Electrochemical Society, held in Beer Sheva the same week. News spread fast, I was asked to give a second talk at the Jerusalem conference, a talk at a special symposium at Tel Aviv University, and one more talk for the environmental researchers at Ben Gurion University. Except for two nights at Ben Gurion University, I had to change cities and hotels every night. That was tiring, but I also was able to see a lot of Israel, including the beach in Tel Aviv and the Negev desert around Ben Gurion University. I show pictures I took of both. ...
Embedded within Clalit Health Services, an integrated insurer-provider covering over half the population of Israel, we turn data into insights, and insights into policy.. Through innovative use of deep, detailed data, we improve the health and healthcare of Clalits 4.4 million members.. ...
Embedded within Clalit Health Services, an integrated insurer-provider covering over half the population of Israel, we turn data into insights, and insights into policy.. Through innovative use of deep, detailed data, we improve the health and healthcare of Clalits 4.4 million members.. ...
By JLNJ Staff. (Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) Israels Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer, announced that it is the first institution outside of North America to join a network of specialized clinics accredited by the Chicago-based Angelman Syndrome Foundation.. Angelman syndrome is a rare, complex and often misdiagnosed neuro-genetic disorder affecting the nervous system. Occurring approximately once in every 15,000 live births, Angelman syndrome affects all populations equally, and there is no cure at this time. Symptoms of Angelman include developmental delay, seizures, inability to speak and problems with movement and balance.. Sheba Medical Centers Angelman clinic, located within the Edmond and Lily Safra Childrens Hospital, treats 85 patients in Israel, making it the fourth largest clinic of its kind in the world. The clinic was established by Sheba pediatric neurologist Dr. Gali Heimer in partnership with the Israeli Angelman Syndrome Foundation. Dr. Heimer takes a holistic approach ...
The annual meeting of the Israel Society for Oxygen and Free Radical Research (ISOFRR) will take place at. Tel Aviv University on Monday, February 26, 2018. The meeting will be dedicated to recent advances in redox biology, chemistry and medicine (see also attached program):. Oxidative stress and neurodegeneration:. Prof. Ruth Gabizon (Hebrew University). Prof. Daniel Offen (Tel Aviv University). Prof. Daphne Atlas (Hebrew University). Prof. Dan Frenkel (Tel Aviv University). Applications of redox chemistry:. Prof. Ehud Gazit (Tel Aviv University). Prof. Aharon Gedanken (Bar-Ilan University ...
As a result of escalating events airspace closures have been reported over northern Israel, as well as multiple Israeli air defense warning sirens sounding at the Golan Heights and throughout lower and upper Galilee.. Israels Ben Gurion international airport outside of Tel Aviv was also reportedly on lockdown for some period of time after the exchange of fire between Syrian and Israeli forces. Meanwhile, the Israeli military has blamed close Syrian ally Iran for todays F-16 shoot down and escalation. The IDF issued a threatening statement which reads: The IDF will act determinately against such severe violations of Israeli sovereignty by Iran and Syria and will continue to act as necessary. The IDF is ready for various scenarios and will continue to act according to situation assessments.. And according to a statement issued to the AFP, Israel says Iran and Syria are playing with fire but that Israel does not want escalation. However, regional media reports indicate Israel has continued to ...
Tel Aviv University makes every effort to respect copyright. If you own copyright to the content contained here and / or the use of such content is in your opinion infringing, Contact us as soon as possible ,, ...
Tel Aviv University makes every effort to respect copyright. If you own copyright to the content contained here and / or the use of such content is in your opinion infringing, Contact us as soon as possible ,, ...
July 17, 2016 - wo soldiers were killed on Sunday morning after a grenade exploded in the Golan Heights near them in the Hermon mountains. Another three soldiers, from the the 401 IDF artillery unit, were taken to Rambam hospital in Haifa in serious and light-to-moderate condition.. One of the soldiers who was killed was reserve soldier Staff Sgt. Husam Tafash from Beit Jann, a Druze village on Mount Meron in northern Israel. The other soldier killed was lone soldier Sgt. Shlomo Rindenow from the combat engineering unit, a lone soldier who lived on Kibbutz Sde Yoav in south-central Israel. His brother lives in Netzer Hazani in central Israel while his parents live in New Jersey. Rindenow was one of ten children. Both families have been notified. Some of the injured were reserve soldiers.. An initial investigation stated that around 7:10am on Sunday morning, the military patrol jeep came from a routine brush cleaning operation on the border with Syria. The jeep approached an IDF outpost on the ...
Considering Israels accomplishments in science, agriculture, irrigation, pharmaceuticals and more, boycotting Israel is a crime against humanity. Israel, with all its problems is still a good country to live in and one to be proud of.. These arent easy days and it wasnt an easy year. The Arab spring is turning out to be a bumpy ride for those who staged it and for those hoping it will bring about change. The social protest in Israel, the largest the country has ever seen, exposed gaps and social grievances and led to high expectations of change that will likely not come to fruition. Israels diplomatic isolation is increasing and every speech Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu makes is met with a long list of columnists and commentators denouncing him as a warmonger.. This is the background to a visit from our friends, a middle class family from a large city in France, with good jobs and a nice apartment. They visit Israel every year, and by now have picked up some Hebrew. Last month they ...
Following World War II, Britain withdrew from its mandate of Palestine, and the UN proposed partitioning the area into Arab and Jewish states, an arrangement rejected by the Arabs. Nonetheless, an Israeli state was declared in 1948, and Israel subsequently defeated the Arab armies in a series of wars that did not end deep tensions between the two sides. (The territories Israel has occupied since the 1967 war are not included in the Israel country profile, unless otherwise noted.) On 25 April 1982, Israel withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula pursuant to the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. In keeping with the framework established at the Madrid Conference in October 1991, Israel conducted bilateral negotiations with Palestinian representatives and Syria to achieve a permanent settlement with each. Israel and Palestinian officials on 13 September 1993 signed a Declaration of Principles (also known as the Oslo Accords), enshrining the idea of a two-state solution to their conflict and guiding an ...
From Piedmont Heart Institute, Atlanta, GA (D.E.K.); Maasstad Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (P.C.S.); Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia (M.P.L.); Columbia University Medical Center and the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, New York (O.B.-Y., M.P., M.O.O., P.G., M.B.L., G.W.S.); Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel (S.B.); Victoria Heart Institute Foundation, British Columbia, Canada (S.D.R.); Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot, Israel (M.J.); Rabin Medical Center, Petach Tikva, Israel (R.K.); Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Quebec, Canada (R.B.); Hospital Meixoeiro, Vigo, Spain (A.I.); Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel (H.D., G.Y.P.); MediQuest Research Group, Ocala, FL (R.F.); North Shore University Hospital, New York (R.J.); Victoria Heart and Vascular Center, TX (H.C.); Medinol Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel (G.Y.P.); Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (M.B., E.R.E.); and CBSET Inc, Lexington, MA (P.M.). ...
G-d willing, it will be beautiful, since the wild flowers have begun to bloom.. I blog much more frequently on Shiloh Musings and me-ander; please visit. And today, here Im posting about the importance of good titles and headlines. Rocket falls on Beersheba, What? Like Rain?. I hate these sorts of titles and headlines. The Jerusalem Posts article on the Arab attack on Beersheva made things worse by adding Following Katyusha fire in Negev... Do these things happen all by themselves, like spontaneous combustion? Nu? Who launched these weapons at Israel? I stress the who, because people, not chance, not G-d are guilty of attacking Israel and its civilians. But as much as I dislike the headline, at least its big news in the Jerusalem Post. I just checked the New York Times which at this moment, hours after the Arab attack on the main city of Israels south, there isnt a mention. Surprisingly, BBC has a better title to their article than the Jerusalem Post: ...
Earlier this week, Van Damme (whose real name is Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg) visited Israel and posted a pic of himself wearing an Israel-emblazoned baseball hat on his Facebook page, along with the caption, Hello from Jerusalem, Israel. Thats laudable. But after getting a lot of comments and tweets from Jew-hating Muslims-and quite a few pro-Israel comments and more than 155,000 likes-Van Damme gave in to the Muslims and scrubbed his Facebook page of the Israel mention, with the page saying just, Hello from Jerusalem, instead. Whatta bleepin wimp! Jerusalem is the eternal Jewish capital and undivided capital of Israel, to which Muslims have no claim (and which is NEVER mentioned even once in the koran).. What makes Van Dammes cave-in to online Muslim terrorists even more disgusting is the fact that, if it werent for Israelis, you would never have heard of Van Damme. Hed be a nobody. Instead, as Ive noted previously on this site, Israeli cousins Menachem Golan (Of ...
Earlier this week, Van Damme (whose real name is Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg) visited Israel and posted a pic of himself wearing an Israel-emblazoned baseball hat on his Facebook page, along with the caption, Hello from Jerusalem, Israel. Thats laudable. But after getting a lot of comments and tweets from Jew-hating Muslims-and quite a few pro-Israel comments and more than 155,000 likes-Van Damme gave in to the Muslims and scrubbed his Facebook page of the Israel mention, with the page saying just, Hello from Jerusalem, instead. Whatta bleepin wimp! Jerusalem is the eternal Jewish capital and undivided capital of Israel, to which Muslims have no claim (and which is NEVER mentioned even once in the koran).. What makes Van Dammes cave-in to online Muslim terrorists even more disgusting is the fact that, if it werent for Israelis, you would never have heard of Van Damme. Hed be a nobody. Instead, as Ive noted previously on this site, Israeli cousins Menachem Golan (Of ...
AWARD-WINNING BRITISH POLITICAL WRITER SAYS ISRAEL SMELLS OF SHIT Last Thursday, Johann Hari, the leading political columnist for the British daily The Independent, received the (previously) highly prestigious Orwell Prize for political writing.. The 29-year-old Hari celebrated by writing a vicious attack on Israel.. In his column in The Independent this week, he writes: Whenever I try to mouth these words [of reassurance for Israel], a remembered smell fills my nostrils. It is the smell of shit. In his piece, Hari quotes fabricated information by the notorious anti-Zionist historian Ilan Pappe*, leaving readers to believe that Pappe s allegations are actually true.. And in a modern day poisoning of the wells blood libel, Hari accuses Israel of deliberately polluting West Bank groundwater supplies. Continuing his sewage analogy, Hari s concludes his piece: Israel, as she gazes at her grey hairs and discreetly ignores the smell of her own stale shit pumped across Palestine, needs to ask what kind ...
11:53AM: While an official recovery timeline wont be known until after the surgery, MLB.coms Mark Bowman (via Twitter) estimates that Soroka will be out for a full year, until July 2022.. 11:11AM: Braves right-hander Mike Soroka will undergo surgery to fix a torn Achilles tendon, the team announced (Twitter links). This will be the second season-ending Achilles procedure in as many years for Soroka, as according to the Braves announcement, he suffered a complete re-tear of the tendon while walking to the teams clubhouse on Thursday.. It is another brutal turn of events for Soroka, who already underwent exploratory surgery on his Achilles back in May. Atlanta manager Brian Snitker initially thought Soroka would be done for the season after that surgery, though more recent reports had the team hopeful that the righty could return to action some time in August.. The 23-year-old Soroka was a breakout star of the 2019 season, posting a 2.68 ERA, 20.3% strikeout rate, and 51.2% grounder rate ...
68 percent of the Jewish population in Israel fears the possibility that Israeli Arabs will begin a popular rebellion, while 63 percent do not enter Arab communities in Israel, according to a new poll issued this week by Haifa University. Meanwhile, 64.4 percent of Israeli Jewish citizens fear that the Arab citizens endanger national security because of their high birth rate, while 83.1 percent fear Israeli Arabs support of the Palestinians struggle and 73 percent believe that most of the Arab citizens will be more loyal to the state of Palestine than to the state of Israel. Clearly the Israeli Fifth Column is hard at work trying to tear the country apart -- and Iran is more than happy to help. ...
Shalom from Tel Aviv! Syria now speaks openly of preparing to attack Israel with her recently developed VX nerve gas. Israel has confirmed Syrias claims of possession. (Jerusalem Post, 9 May 97) This nerve gas is reported to be fatal upon breathing or even by touching the skin. In a recent poll, 75% of Israelis fear they would be hurt in a chemical weapons attack and Israels civil defense program against a chemical missile attack has been thrown into disarray. (Ibid.) Yet only 2.2 million of the 4.1 million eligible residents have collected or updated their gas masks. Now Israeli intelligence sources are saying that a few weeks ago the Syrians have managed to install VX nerve gas on a Scud C warhead. (Ibid) The armys Home Front Command researchers say a gas attack could kill about 2500. (Ibid) But that was before the reports on the new gas. Now analysts are saying a VX missile attack could kill as many as 25,000 Israelis. (Ibid) I have heard a sound of terror, Of dread, and there is no ...
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Organisation Profile. The Israeli GIST Patients Organization is operating since Oct. 2007 in order to bring GIST patients the most updated information about new drugs, new research and supporting GIST patients and their families. We are also increasing the awareness of Health Authorities in Israel on the most updated information about GIST, GIST treatment, new life saving drugs for GIST and entering them to the Israeli Health Basket.. Due to the intensive activity of the management of the Israeli GIST patients organization the awareness for GIST has increased dramatically among family physicians, oncologists and GIST patients in Israel. As the Israeli GIST patients organization has started to be active there were only 6 members at the organization. Nowadays, there are 73 members at the Israeli GIST patients organization. We estimate that there are 160 GIST patients in Israel in different ...
Its not that the gloves are coming off, its that the mask of diplomatic language is coming off, Goldberg said. Obama is more specific about the problems he sees down the road for Israel, about the demographics, how Israel is going to cease to be a Jewish democracy at a certain point and how hes having a harder time defending Israel in international organizations.. Goldberg said it seemed to him to be a question of whether Obama was unwilling or unable, but the U.S. president made it clear that it was not because of a lack of willingness, describing the undying support America will always have for Israel.. Goldberg paraphrased Obama as saying, Israel is growing more isolated and we cant defend it in the same way.. I took it to be a little bit of a veiled threat, to be honest, Goldberg said. Its almost up there with, you know, nice little Jewish state you got there, Id hate to see something happen to it.. It was, look, I want to help you, but youre not helping me help you, ...
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First multi-disciplinary Parkinsons congress in Israel to mark Parkinsons Awareness Month discusses holistic approach to treatment. As part of Parkinsons Awareness Month, Israel held its first ever multidisciplinary congress on the disease, including doctors, patients, therapists, scientists and family members. The virtual event, which had an audience of approximately 1,000, was hosted by the Israel Parkinson Association in Israel and the Aufzien Family Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Parkinsons Disease at Tel Aviv University, which teamed up with the Ministry of Health and the Neurological Association of Israel, and other groups.. This has never happened in Israel and it is something to be proud of, Professor Nir Giladi, director of the division of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Ichilov Hospital, and co-director of the Aufzien center, told The Media Line.. Giladi says that including different stakeholders is important because it reflects ...
Israeli police have shot and killed two Palestinians who stabbed three Israeli pedestrians near Jerusalems Old City, the latest in violence carried out by Palestinians and Israeli defensive measures.. A police spokeswoman says one of the Palestinians shot in Wednesdays attack died at the scene and the other one at a hospital.. Medical officials say the three Israelis were seriously wounded.. The attack happened outside Jaffa Gate, a popular spot for tourists visiting Jerusalems Old City.. A campaign of stabbings, shootings and car-rammings by Palestinians in recent months has killed 19 Israelis and a U.S. citizen. Israeli forces or armed civilians have killed at least 118 Palestinians, most of whom authorities have described as assailants. Others died in clashes with Israeli security forces.. Also Wednesday, Israels Shin Bet intelligence agency said it arrested 25 Palestinians linked to the terrorist group Hamas for planning bombings and suicide attacks against Israelis.. The agency said it ...
Arutz Sheva reports: Israel filed a complaint against Syria Monday in the United Nations, alleging that Syrian forces crossed the border between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights last week. Israels Deputy UN Ambassador, Haim Waxman, sent a letter to the UN Security Council Secretary General, in which he said that during fighting Thursday between the Syrian Army and rebel forces at Jubta al-Hasheb, Syrian forces crossed the 1974 Armistice Line.. Waxman noted that the event is a serious breach of the armistice agreement, which could have far reaching ramifications for security and stability in the region.. Voice of Israel radio reported that the commander of the UNs peacekeeping force along the Israeli-Syrian border confirmed Israels claims and said that Syria had indeed seriously breached the armistice accord. The UN peacekeeping force has requested clarifications from the Syrian regime, he said.. Read more: ARUTZ SHEVA. { Newscenter}. ...
Tel Aviv - Controversy about the risks of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines has been rumbling in the United States for years - and now its Israels turn. After finding traces of the polio virus in sewage, Israels Ministry of Health launched a national vaccination campaign that reached more than half a million children. Surprisingly, dissenting voices flooded social media and the mainstream news, calling for a halt to the campaign. Endorsements by public figures, like Israels president Shimon Peres, did little to calm the storm. Now a study led by researchers at Tel Aviv University demonstrates that nearly all pediatricians in Israel strongly support the vaccination of infants, but most do not believe that their role is to force treatment on parents. The study recommends that pediatricians use the art of persuasion, with the help of communication experts, as they discuss the risks and virtues of vaccination with parents. Our advice is that pediatricians find ways to communicate their views ...
Israel may have reached herd immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, say experts from its largest hospital, Sheba Medical Center.. Herd immunity happens when a sufficient percentage of a population has immunity - through vaccination or having recovered from the disease - and gives indirect protection to those who arent immune.. The immunity level needed for herd immunity is calculated based on the transmission rate of the virus. For SARS-CoV-2 its estimated at 65-70 percent, says Dr. Eyal Leshem, director of Shebas Institute for Travel & Tropical Medicine.. Approximately 56% of Israels 9.2 million citizens are vaccinated and another 15% (approximately 700,000 people) recovered from Covid-19, putting Israel comfortably in the expected herd immunity range.. Were seeing a decline in the number of cases now despite the return to mass gatherings and schools following the third lockdown, because most of the people the infected person will meet are immune by now, Leshem tells ...
The European Union on Saturday called on Israel to respect its human rights obligations towards Palestinian-Arab prisoners, saying it was concerned about the condition of four detainees on a long-term hunger strike.. The European Union is following with concern the worsening health conditions of Samer Assawi, Jaafar Ezzedine, Ayman Sharawneh and Tareq Qaadan, who are all staging long-term hunger strikes, the blocs foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement, AFP reported.. The EU calls on the government of Israel to allow for the immediate restoration of their family visiting rights and calls for the full respect of international human rights obligations towards all Palestinian detainees and prisoners, she said.. PA prisoner affairs minister Issa Qaraqe said in a statement on Saturday that Israel was responsible for the prisoners well-being.. ...
Columnist Bill Maxwell does a serious disservice to readers when, disregarding fact and context, he recklessly levels false charges against Israel regarding its conduct toward the Palestinians (Israel turns page, finds a sense of humanity, Sept. 12). Moreover, his sweeping accusations betray a sharp double-standard as he turns a blind eye to the truly severe abuses inflicted on Arabs by the Palestinian Authority and neighboring Arab states. In reference to Israels just having released Palestinian prisoners in fulfillment of recent agreements, he makes the astonishing claim that the conditions under which the prisoners languished made Israel one of the worlds worst violators of human rights. By any rational measure, such a statement is baseless - including even in the estimation of Palestinians themselves.. A June 1999 poll by a Palestinian organization, the Center for Palestine Research and Studies in Nablus, found that more than 70 percent of Palestinian respondents in a sample of West Bank ...
Appealing to American Christians on this basis is a losing proposition. Regardless of how they feel about the current political situation, most American Christians recognize Jerusalem as the capital of ancient Israel, a Jewish city that was the seat of King David and the site of the First and Second Temples. Jerusalem is the subject of a number of Old Testament prophecies, some of which have yet to be fulfilled, and is therefore an enduring link between the Hebrew people and God.. Whether one agrees with it or not, this belief is a widespread reality. For millions of American Christians, it is anti-Biblical revisionism to give Jerusalem a different name (Jerusalem means foundation of peace; Al-Quds means the holy) and propose to separate it from Israel. But it is also anti-historical revisionism to pretend that Israel and the Jews did not have their signature - transformative - relationship with the city. All generations for the last 3,000 years have known the city as Jerusalem, and ...
JERUSALEM - In a major concession to Gazas Hamas leaders Monday, Israel dropped its five-year ban on construction materials crossing into the territory and raised hopes there that rebuilding could begin following a damaging eight-day Israeli air campaign.. The easing of restrictions is an outgrowth of the cease-fire that ended the airstrikes and months of daily rocket fire from Gaza at Israel. Contacts mediated by Egypt to follow up the truce produced the concession, and Israel promised to keep easing the lives of Gazas 1.6 million residents, as long as Israelis were no longer targeted by rocket fire by Gaza militants.. How long the arrangement holds could serve as a test case for the brittle truce between the bitter enemies. It also reflects a new power equation, with neighboring Egypt under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent group of Hamas.. Israel, together with Egypt, imposed a land and naval embargo on Gaza after Hamas violently overtook the territory in 2007. Although ...
JERUSALEM (JTA) - Israel began returning gas masks to its citizens.. Gas masks collected from citizens nearly two years ago to replace outdated components were returned Sunday in Or Yehuda.. Under a new pilot program in which the Israeli armys Home Front Command and the Israel Postal Service return the masks to the civilian population, the gas masks also will be returned this week to residents of Kiryat Ono and Yehud, areas considered at higher risk of attacks.. Once the program is under way, it will take three to five years for masks to be redistributed to the civilian population, according to the Israel Defense Forces ...
Friedman, 41, is an acclaimed Canadian-born Israeli author (The Aleppo Codex, Pumpkinflowers) who recently published a most unusual book, Spies of No Country, about Israeli espionage at the time of the states founding - unusual in that its protagonists are Israelis born in the Arab world who ventured back there, into what was at once familiar and highly dangerous territory, in the service of the nascent state. Friedman chose to focus on the heroes of what was sometimes known as the Black Section of Israels bare-bones initial intelligence apparatus because, he told The Times of Israel in an interview last week, I thought we needed stories that better reflect the real Israel - not just stories of secular Ashkenazi pioneers and survivors of Warsaw ...
In September 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at Israels Dimona nuclear site, revealed to the Sunday Times that the nuclear military programme based there had produced over 200 nuclear warheads. Days later he was tricked into flying to Rome where he was abducted by Mossad agents and secretly transported to Israel. In November 1986, he was tried in camera and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, 14 of which were spent in solitary confinement. In 1999, in response to a petition from Yediot Ahronot newspaper, the government released about 40 per cent of the trial documents. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists estimates that Israel has the worlds fifth largest stockpile of nuclear warheads (more than Britain, which it believes has 185). In February 2000, Knesset member Issam Mahoul said Israel had 200 to 300 nuclear weapons; in August of that year, the Federation of American Scientists said that Israel could have produced at least 100 nuclear weapons, but probably not significantly more ...
In June 1982, following a series of cross-border terrorist attacks and the attempted assassination of the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K., Israel invaded Lebanon to fight the forces of Yasser Arafats Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO withdrew its forces from Lebanon in August 1982. Israel, having failed to finalize an agreement with Lebanon, withdrew most of its troops in June 1985 save for a residual force which remained in southern Lebanon to act as a buffer against attacks on northern Israel. These remaining forces were completely withdrawn in May 2000 behind a UN-brokered delineation of the Israel-Lebanon border (the Blue Line). Hezbollah forces in Southern Lebanon continued to attack Israeli positions south of the Blue Line in the Sheba Farms/Har Dov area of the Golan Heights. The victory of the U.S.-led coalition in the Persian Gulf War of 1991 opened new possibilities for regional peace. In October 1991, the United States and the Soviet Union convened the Madrid Conference, ...
In June 1982, following a series of cross-border terrorist attacks and the attempted assassination of the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K., Israel invaded Lebanon to fight the forces of Yasser Arafats Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO withdrew its forces from Lebanon in August 1982. Israel, having failed to finalize an agreement with Lebanon, withdrew most of its troops in June 1985 save for a residual force which remained in southern Lebanon to act as a buffer against attacks on northern Israel. These remaining forces were completely withdrawn in May 2000 behind a UN-brokered delineation of the Israel-Lebanon border (the Blue Line). Hezbollah forces in Southern Lebanon continued to attack Israeli positions south of the Blue Line in the Sheba Farms/Har Dov area of the Golan Heights. The victory of the U.S.-led coalition in the Persian Gulf War of 1991 opened new possibilities for regional peace. In October 1991, the United States and the Soviet Union convened the Madrid Conference, ...
Since 1951 the government and people of Israel have looked to AKIM to provide care, advocacy, support and education to children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. AKIM works in all corners of Israel and is the largest provider of programs and services for people with an intellectual disability and their families.. Since 1962, Canadian Friends of AKIM - Promoting the Inclusion of Israeli Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities has operated projects in Israel for the benefit of more than 35,000 people with intellectual disabilities and their families.. ...
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Chabin uncritically quotes Daoud Kuttab who claims Palestinians in East Jerusalem pay the same national and municipal taxes as Jews in West Jerusalem but receive a fraction of the services. A visit to these neighborhoods Kuttab says, Show clearly a huge disparity. USA Today fails to ask Kuttab why differences exist. CAMERA previously has noted that disparities between Jewish and Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem or Israeli Jewish and nearby Israeli Arab towns are sometimes the result of higher rates of Arab tax avoidance or failure to pay for municipal services and/or even accepting services from the Jewish state. In eastern Jerusalem some such instances may reflect an intention not to accept the legitimacy of Israel or reluctance or refusal to have any involvement with municipal politics (East Jerusalem: Setting the Record Straight, Nov. 21, 2013 ...
Two Palestinians were killed and at least one critically injured by Israeli forces late last night, as clashes continue to rock the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Early Thursday morning, two Palestinians were shot by Israeli forces after an alleged stabbing attack near a synagogue in Beit Shemesh. One was killed and the other left critically injured. A 25-year-old Israeli man was wounded and taken to hospital. According to the Israeli Police, the two men attempted to board a childrens bus but were warded off by civilians. Israeli police at the site shot both men leaving them severely wounded.. In another incident, Israeli forces shot and killed a Jewish man in central Jerusalem last night Wednesday, after mistaking him for a Palestinian attacker.. According to Ynetnews, the Jewish man suspected that armed soldiers boarding a bus were terrorists, and asked them for identification.. The soldiers, thinking the Jewish man was a terrorist, claimed he attacked them and tried to grab one of ...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said before boarding his plane from Washington to Israel: It is not surprising that Palestinian terrorists fired at Israel just at the time of the ceremony. We will hit all those who have a hand in attacking us.. The IDF spokesperson said that ten Hamas targets were hit in the first Air Force attack, including a factory manufacturing weapons and explosives, and a military compound used for training and rocket tests. In the second attack, an underground infrastructure was hit.. So far there hasnt been a second Arab retaliatory attack for the IDFs second retaliatory attack.. Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi tweeted: Congratulations to the State of Israel on the peace with the Emirates and Bahrain, a new era has opened. But meanwhile, doesnt it seem strange to you, as a country, that the only terrorist killed in Gaza because of rocket fire in the last two years was the one who shot at Bibi in Ashdod? And congrats, Bibi, on the peace, but what about the lives of the ...
Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel ...Fuck to Israel .... 11 May 2014 ...
The Plan puts an end to any hope of Palestinian territorial and national unity and contiguity, and can only accelerate Palestines gradual depopulation, continuing what the Oslo process began. Yet, like Oslo, Camp David and Taba before it, the Plan is rarely analysed. It is enveloped in silence.. Whatever else it claims to be, the Gaza Disengagement Plan is, at heart, an instrument for Israels continued annexation of West Bank land and the physical integration of that land into Israel. This is all but spelled out in the Plan itself, which states that in any future permanent status arrangement, there will be no Israeli towns and villages in the Gaza Strip. On the other hand - and here, Israel is uncharacteristically transparent - it is clear that in the West Bank, there are areas which will be part of the state of Israel, including major Israeli population centres, cities, towns and villages, security areas and other places of special interest to Israel. To my knowledge this is the first ...
Recent discoveries of significant reserves of natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel have catapulted the Mediterranean Sea into the international spotlight and onto Israels national agenda.. MERCI - Mediterranean Sea Research Center of Israel is a consortium of seven universities, one college and two governmental research institutes, working under the leadership of the University of Haifa, to address an unprecedented array of scientific, technological, economic, security, and environmental challenges and opportunities resulted from the rapid development of the Eastern Mediterranean offshore.. MERCI focuses on:. ...
Lets think about Israel from the Israeli viewpoint for a minute, shall we? It is, by any standards, an extremely small country. Within its own borders, it is a sophisticated Western-style nation that leads the world in scientific innovation. Its political system is a parliamentary style democratic republic. Although its system isnt perfect, no one questions the fact that it extends full civil rights to all citizens within its borders, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, or country of national origin.. Another fact about Israel? A large part of the world wants to see it - and all its citizens - destroyed because the State of Israel is a Jewish state. Europeans classify it as the most dangerous state in the world. Israelis rightly suspect that the Europeans are wrong, and that there are, in fact, a few other states more dangerous than it is. There is the Gazan state along its Western side, that has a charter that enshrines the desire to drive every citizen of Israel ...
Spin control is crucial in this modern age of media hype and orchestrated public attacks. As a nation perpetually under siege, Israel has smartly hired one of New York Citys premier public relations firms, Rubenstein Associates, in NYC, in order to favorably mold world opinion, via media of all types including myriad print venues and broadcast news organizations. This beleaguered nation seeks to create a positive image and accompanying reputation, while simultaneously informing and persuading the international community, especially in relations to its conflict with the Palestinians. As a tiny sovereign entity surrounded by enemy Arab nations in the Middle East, Israel is vitally dependent upon the cooperation and assistance of other nations, most notably the United States and its salient financial support. The struggle for Israel is no less than its quest for survival.. And what is essential for Israel to communicate to the international community through the media? The Israelis must ...
Chemical Stores Moved from Haifa Hizbullah fired many katyusha rockets into Israel again on Wednesday, killing two Arab-Israeli boys in Nazareth and lightly wounding 9 others with shrapnel. Hizbullahs katyushas are extremely imprecise, so that in firing them at Israel the fighters are engaging in indiscriminate fire on civilian populations, which is a war crime.. Al-Bawaba says, Katyushas also hit Nahariya in the late afternoon. Some 70 Katyushas were fired at Israel within the space of an hour. Earlier Wednesday, two rockets hit Haifa and others fell in the Western Galilee. Most of the katyushas appear to produce few casualties and do little damage, though some have hit buildings. Xinhua reports, Haifa, Tiberias, Karmiel, Acre as well as a number of communities in the Galilee in northern Israel were pounded by a salvo of rockets, which totalled about 70 within an hour, said the reports, adding residents were instructed to stay inside. According to the reports, injuries were reported in ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev that Israel will make every effort to stop Iran from developing its nuclear programme, in Jerusalem on Monday.. Patrushev on his part said that during the talks serious attention was given to Israels security.. For achieving this aim in practice it is necessary to return peace and stability to a region, including in Syrian territory, the security chief stated.. Discussing Tuesdays trilateral summit between the Russian, Israeli and American national security advisers, Patrushev said that Moscow has ideas with regard to those positive steps which can be carried out and which can be taken by states of the region together.. Patrushev and his Israeli and American counterparts, Meir Ben-Shabbat and John Bolton, respectively, are due to hold talks in Jerusalem on Tuesday. ...
Avraham, Rachel (22 October 2013). "Experts Warn: Major Earthquake Could Hit Israel Any Time". United With Israel. "עריםתאומות ... The city is located above the Dead Sea Transform and is one of the cities in Israel that is most at risk to earthquakes (along ... Israel rejected the ultimatum, but Tiberias became famous. The city of Tiberias has been almost entirely Jewish since 1948. ... The Tiberias Marathon is an annual road race held along the Sea of Galilee in Israel with a field in recent years of ...
... representing the breadth of modern Jewish art in pre-state Israel and the modern state of Israel. The gallery has a unique ... Yitzhak Frenkel Frenel Moshe Castel Shimshon Holzman Safed "Paintings , Moshe Castel Gallery , Israel". Moshecastelgallery. ...
"Israel". Lutheran World Federation. Retrieved February 2, 2018. "A Brief History". The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan ...
"A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal-whether or not Israel's willing to sacrifice ... "Trump postpones Israel trip 'until after he is elected'". BBC News. December 10, 2015. Orly Azoulay, [1] Trump: Israel should ' ... In February 2015, Trump stated: "We love Israel, we will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1000 percent, it will be there forever ... "Israel has been totally mistreated." Trump has also claimed that Israel has been the victim of bias at the United Nations, and ...
Israel. Retrieved 21 September 2014. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "maayan2 - Roy Chicky Arad Online האתר של רועי צ' ... Kamer's public career started in Israel in 2005, as the Sudoku tutor known as "Captain Sudoku". In 2006, he started writing for ... Israel. Retrieved 21 September 2014. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Kamer, Nimrod (February 2010). "Jobless Nimrod". ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Naouai, Anissa (22 January 2013). "'Expansion a win-win welfare state for Israel': ...
Israel., Regardie (1989). The Golden Dawn : a complete course in practical ceremonial magic : the original account of the ... The key of Solomon the King (Clavicula Salomonis). Solomon, King of Israel,, Mathers, S. L. MacGregor (Samuel Liddell MacGregor ...
Chapter in What Israel Means to Me, with Alan Dershowitz, 2006 How Americans Feel About Israel, with Steve J. Rosen, AIPAC, ... "Israel's Energiya to build solar field in Georgia - Israel News - Jerusalem Post". Sterman, Adiv (29 November ... He is an activist and former candidate for President of Israel. Abramowitz was born in 1964. He lived in Israel as a child from ... Jerusalem, Israel: AravaPower. 21 November 2010. Waldoks, Ehud Zion (14 December 2010). "Construction To Begin On Israel's ...
The last Jew burned for stealing a host died in 1631, according to Jacques Basnage, quoting from Manasseh b. Israel. In some ...
"Israel Profile: Timeline". BBC News. Retrieved 30 January 2015. "Israel". Art Spaces Directory. New York: New Museum. Retrieved ... Bernard Reich; David H. Goldberg (2008). Historical Dictionary of Israel. Scarecrow Press. ISBN 978-0-8108-6403-0. "Israel: ... The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. 19th century · 20th century: 1900s · 1910s · 1920s ... Israel Sports Center for the Disabled established near city. 1962 - Bloomfield Stadium opens. 1964 - November: 16th Chess ...
Stein, Leslie (2014). The Making of Modern Israel; 1948-1967. John Wiley & Sons. pp. 171-172. Shapira, Anita (2012). Israel; A ... Prior to Israel's seizure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Six-Day War, these areas, originally destined for a ... After Israel's Operation Black Arrow in 1955, the Palestinian fedayeen were incorporated into an Egyptian army unit. During ... The fedayeen made efforts to infiltrate territory in Israel in order to strike military as well as civilian targets in the ...
Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Chad Cyprus Djibouti Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Georgia Iran Iraq Israel Jordan ... such as Israel and Turkey, and Islam is the dominant religion and Arabic the principal language, there are 'sizable religious ... Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, the Republic of Yemen, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, and West Bank and ... Israel, Iran, and Cyprus.' They stressed, however, how controversial and problematic this definition is, and that other choices ...
"IRIN Middle East , SOUTH SUDAN-ISRAEL: Returnees complain of harsh treatment in Israel , Israel , South Sudan , Early Warning ... Israel quickly recognized South Sudan as an independent country, and is host to thousands of refugees from South Sudan, who now ... "Israel launches African migrant deportation drive". Reuters. 17 June 2012. Archived from the original on 24 September 2015. ... "120 South Sudanese leaving Israel under pressure". Fox News. 17 June 2012. Archived from the original on 24 June 2012. ...
Israel. Retrieved 2 August 2011. The Economist, "Juliano Mer-Khamis", 16 April 2011, p. 92 Oren Kessler; Khaled Abu Toameh (5 ... On his return, he lived as a beachcomber in Tel Aviv, on olives, labneh and garlic, and protested against Israel's response to ... In a 2009 interview with Israel Army Radio, Mer-Khamis said of his background: "I am 100 percent Palestinian and 100 percent ... and he spent several months on patrol with men on Israel's hit list, and in hideouts, with Sabbagh and Zacharia Zubeidi, whose ...
Israel; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Mongolia; Pakistan; Syria; Tajikistan; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; and ...
The JDC and Israel organized Operation Magic Carpet, the June 1948 airlift of 50,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel. In all, more than ... Israel. JDC's relationship with Israel is unique. While the organization works with the cooperation of the governments of other ... "Israel Prize Official Site (in Hebrew) - Recipient's C.V." Archived from the original on 2009-08-01. "Israel Prize Official ... Since then, JDC Israel has been developing programs and services for Israel's most vulnerable populations through its ...
Israel; Paul Garcia, Israel Houghton, Tim Johnson; Integrity Gospel "Holla"; The Kiss; Trin-i-tee 5:7; James Moss, Paul Allen; ... Israel; Tommy Sims, Danny Duncan; Integrity Gospel Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3; Fred Hammond; Fred Hammond, Warryn ... Israel Houghton; Integrity Toddler Bible Songs; Cedarmont Kids; Mike Gay, Sue Gay, Christopher Davis, Matt Huesmann; Cedarmont ...
Israel. Retrieved November 30, 2018. Lee, Ashley (June 23, 2015). "'Nurse Jackie': On the Set With Edie Falco as Show Says ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Collins, John J. (2004). "Israel". In Johnston, Sarah Iles (ed.). Religions of the ...
Thus, Lavie could give many concerts in the young state of Israel, when it had a small, poor population. In addition to Israeli ... Popular in the 1960s (well before Israel and Jordan had a peace treaty), the song encouraged young Israelis to sneak across the ... Israel. Retrieved 12 November 2011. Perri, Tal. "Arik's last film". Mako. Maariv newspaper. Retrieved 13 November 2008. "ynet ... Lavie appeared many times before soldiers during the wars of Israel. During the somber "waiting period" before the Six-Day War ...
"Middle East :: Israel". CIA. Retrieved 10 August 2011. "Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel". The Knesset. Retrieved 10 ... Embassies and Consulates in Israel, Israel Science and Technology Directory "Putrajaya - Federal Administrative Capital". ... The 1980 Jerusalem Law states that "Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel", and the city serves as the seat ... Jerusalem was declared the capital of Israel in 1950. ...
Israel. Retrieved July 11, 2012. "Widespread Demonstrations in Israel Protesting Leningrad Trial and New Trials". Jewish ... He returned to Israel in June 1948 to help the Yishuv during the War of Independence. After the war, he became an administrator ... After Israel's independence in 1948, Levanon served in a variety of roles to encourage the well-being and emigration of Soviet ... He immigrated to Israel under the Hebraicized name Yaakov Kedmi, later becoming director of Nativ from 1992 to 1999. In January ...
Israel's Secret Wars: A History of Israel's Intelligence Services. New York: Grove Press, 1991. ISBN 0-8021-1159-9, 322 p. ... "Israel. Foreign Intelligence and Security Services, 1979". Included in the volume "Documents from the US Espionage Den", Tehran ... After retiring from the Mossad in 1982, Hofi served as director of the Israel Electric Corporation until 1990. He died on 15 ... Israel), and director of the Mossad. Hofi was born in Tel Aviv. He joined the Haganah in 1944 and commanded a company in the ...
Israel. Al Tin 'ats Shinekha Ba-Shemesh. (1982) Trade paperback. Translated by Tamar Stern. Cover Illustration by Brian Froud ... Israel. Al Tin 'ats Shinekha Ba-Shemesh. (2001) Trade paperback. Translated by Tamar Stern. Cover Illustration by Brian Froud ...
... "live in Israel" - Marseille, France 2008 "Jerusalem- the heart of Israel" - Marseille, France 2003 "Untitled" - Paihia, New ... Israel. pp. 50-54. Rafael Ben-Aris' official photography website Rafael Ben-Aris' official photography instagram Artist for ... Rafael Ben-Ari has exhibited his photography work in Israel, Australia, New Zealand, France, Mexico and Italy. 2016 Awarded 3rd ... Culture of Israel Government 2005 Excellent Artist in photography Grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Israel ...
"Israel". IRB. Archived from the original on 26 August 2011. Retrieved 25 September 2011. "Italy". IRB. Archived from the ...
The growth of sports for the disabled in the world and in Israel] (in Hebrew). Israel. Archived from the original on 3 March ... Tel Aviv, Israel: Israeli association for Children with Disabilities. 2008. pp. 42-43. Archived from the original (PDF) on 28 ... In 1949, Sam opened a plastics factory in Israel and the couple moved permanently to Tel Aviv in 1950. He branched out his ... Dubiner died on 15 February 2008 in the neighborhood of Nahalat Yitzhak, in Tel Aviv, Israel. She was buried in the Nahalat ...
"Israel". Camopedia. 27 March 2011. Retrieved 26 January 2013. Casson, Lionel (1995). Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World ... Some nations, notably Austria and Israel, continue to use solid colour combat uniforms today. Similarly, while larger military ...
... the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Since moving to Israel, Nevzlin has ... Israel's interior minister and attorney general were ordered to pay Nevzlin's court costs for this case. Nevzlin was tried in ... Nevzlin has served on the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Board of Trustees of Keren Hayesod, the ... Jerusalem, Israel. Retrieved 10 February 2015. Davies, Megan (29 July 2014). "Nevzlin not likely to back down in Yukos fight ...
Israel/Palestine Human rights in Islamic countries Islamization of the Gaza Strip Human rights in Israel Racism in the ... Due to the Israel's closure borders, there was a lack of fuel on the markets in Gaza as well as the humanitarian crisis got ... "Israel halts funds for Palestinians, Abbas slams move". Archived from the original on April 4, 2005. Retrieved ... In July 2010, with the easing of the blockade of the Gaza Strip, Israel allowed the distribution of the pro-Fatah newspapers al ...
... and that Israel is extremely annoyed by Al Manar becoming so widespread and by its great credibility. Israel cannot even bear ... denunciation of Israel and Zionism as the embodiments of terrorism, the appeals for the destruction of Israel, and the ... The Israel Association of Journalists withdrew from the federation due to this criticism, claiming that Al-Manar employees "are ... An Al-Manar TV reporter stated that: "Al Manar TV is once again targeted by America and Israel. The removal of the channel's ...
... policy advice and research on Israel including economy, education, employment, environment, health, tax, trade, GDP, ... Israels accession to the OECD. On 21 August 2010, Israel deposited its instrument of accession to the OECD Convention, thereby ... Economic Survey of Israel 2016. Israels economy has strong fundamentals, but the country needs to address productivity, ... Official visit of OECD Secretary-General in Israel. Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, was in Israel on 31 ...
The orientation is towards Western immigrants, but other immigrants, native Israelis, Jews from outside of Israel and others ... This is a list to discuss food in Israel - recipes, menus, ingredients, shopping, restaraunts, etc. ... From: israel[email protected] [mailto:israel[email protected]] On Behalf Of Simone Katz. Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 5: ... From: israel[email protected] [mailto:israel[email protected]] On Behalf Of Simone Katz. Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 5: ...
Israel offered to suspend its offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday during a brief visit by Egypts premier there if militants ... refrain from firing rockets at Israel, an official said, but the Palestinians unleashed a fresh salvo. (AP Photo/Bernat ...
Ethiopian Jews in Israel[edit]. Main articles: Ethiopian Jews in Israel and Racism in Israel § Beta Israel ... As a result, a lively debate has arisen in Israel about the Falash Mura, mainly between the Beta Israel community in Israel and ... Emigration to Israel[edit]. Main article: Aliyah from Ethiopia. Aliyah from Ethiopia compared to the total Aliyah to Israel[107 ... The Beta Israel immigrants in that period were mainly a very few men who had studied and come to Israel on a tourist visa, and ...
Israel is a theocracy. This is a tough regime for Moslems. We can be sure Israel will not be what the Moslems consider fair. ... Israel is Leviathan. Their military force can bring peace of the graveyard and later prosperity. Israel should continue to take ... There was much that Israel could have done to strengthen him, but the right-wing forces within Israel did not want to see that ... Israel has been the aggressor. The logic that says Israel can morally defend itself actually applies to the Palestinians. ...
... and more than 10,000 people turned out for a state funeral in honor of Israel Kaanoi Brudda Iz Kamakawiwoole. The son of ... Israel started playing music with his older brother Skippy at the age of 11, performing for tourists. One day when Israel was ... The group originally consisted of Israel, Skippy, Moon, Mel Amina (Israels cousin) and Sam Grey. After playing local events ... In 1993, Israel decided to leave the group and pursue his own paths. He soared as an solo performer, with his album "N Dis Life ...
Commonly referred to as the "start-up nation", Israels Hi-tech sector is one of the most innovative and successful in the ...
"Israel didnt have to make any deal or break any deal.". According to Defense Ministry sources, the apparent breakthrough in ... Before the hijacking, Israel was on the verge of releasing about 350 of the Atlit prisoners. This fell through at the last ... Israel and the United States are seeking to minimize the appearance of linkage between the hijacking and release of the ... But as the day wore on with reports of delays in the expected departure of the hostages from Beirut, it appeared that Israel ...
Christmas 2019 - Christians in Israel CBS of Israel, 29.12.2019 *^ a b c d "Israels Religiously Divided Society: Religious ... "The Times of Israel. Retrieved 24 December 2013.. *^ "Christians in Israel: A minority within a minority". Jewish Telegraphic ... "Father Nadaf , JPost , Israel News". Retrieved 2014-02-01.. *^ "Historic new law gives boost to Christians in Israel ... "Israel Hayom. Retrieved 14 December 2014.. *^ Aderet, Ofer (September 9, 2018). "Neither Arab nor Jew: Israels Unheard ...
Israel-Gaza conflict - Rockets launch from Gaza City as an explosion is seen on the horizon at Israels border with Gaza on ... Israel-Gaza conflict - Ronit Hakmon reacts to the damage to her home in Beer Sheva, Israel, on Tuesday, after a rocket from ... Israel-Gaza conflict - An Israeli emergency worker inspects the damage to a car in Ofakim, Israel, that was hit by a rocket ... Israel-Gaza conflict - Emergency services personnel work at the scene of an explosion on a bus Wednesday in Tel Aviv, Israel. ...
ISRAEL/GAZA BORDER, ISRAEL- NOVEMBER 19: Israeli soldiers prepare an artillery emplacement overlooking Gaza on November 19, ... 2012 on Israels border with the Gaza Strip. The death toll has risen to at least 85 killed in the air strikes, according to ...
Animal Products to Israel. *ALERT* Important information regarding trade bans and other restrictions - September 2018 (pdf 75kb ...
As we celebrate Israels 66th birthday, we mustnt forget that 300,000 families in Israel couldnt afford to join the party. ... But we mustnt forget that 300,000 families in Israel couldnt afford to join the party.. Despite the positive image Israels ... Arab-Israeli Conflict , Israel News , Diaspora , Middle East , Opinion , Premium , Blogs , Not Just News , Edition ... They are determined to reduce the problem of poverty in Israel.. There are many reasons for this problem, most of which are the ...
Latest Israel government News. The Latest: US company moves virus vaccine study to UK. Sep. 24, 2020 4:59 PM EDT ... TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Israelis were bracing for more coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday, days after the start of a second ... JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel on Thursday moved to further tighten its second countrywide lockdown as coronavirus cases continued to ... Israels Netanyahu calls for tough lockdown as virus rages. Sep. 23, 2020 5:21 PM EDT ...
... here are some essential facts about the State of Israel ... Israel - the essentials From the national anthem, religion and ... "Israel" below them. The background of the emblem is always blue with the menorah and olive branches either golden or white. The ... demographics to languages, industries and government, here are some essential facts about the State of Israel ...
And Israel has in good faith tried to negotiate peace with the Palestinians.Still, certain parallels exist. Israels occupation ... All of Israels mainstream politicians have condemned the dissident soldiers. But at least the refuseniks have laid a new ... Talks with the ANC soon followed.Of course, Israel is not South Africa. It is a democracy, for one thing, not an authoritarian ... Like white South Africa, Israel is relatively small and beleaguered; both nations have mythic, highly trained armed forces, ...
Five reasons to live in Haifa, Israel. This growing tech hub has a mix of cultures and cuisines, with the bonus of a low cost ... Israel blocks visit by two US politicians. Pro-Palestinian members of Congress had been accused by Donald Trump of anti- ... Netanyahu plunges Israel into new election. Attempt to block rival from forming next government triggers second vote in a year ... Israels ultraorthodox fight over military service. September election set to be dominated by row over potential conscription ...
conventional long form: State of Israel conventional short form: Israel local long form: Medinat Yisra´el local short form: ... Israel Defense Forces (IDF): Army Headquarters, Israel Navy, Israeli Air and Space Force (ISAF, includes air defense forces); ... IDPs: 276,000 (Arab villagers displaced from homes in northern Israel) (2005) Illicit drugs: increasingly concerned about ... Israel usually posts sizable current account deficits, which are covered by large transfer payments from abroad and by foreign ...
Islamic movements in Israel and Palestine were "weak and dormant" until after the 1967 Six Day War in which Israel scored a ... was unwilling to compromise in any way with Israel, refusing to acquiesce in its very existence. But even then, some in Israel ... "Israel would still be the only democracy in the region for the United States to deal with," he said. All of which disgusts some ... Israel was certainly funding the group at that time. One U.S. intelligence source who asked not to be named said that not only ...
The Jewish people claim to be descendants of one the 10 lost tribes of Israel who were banished to India in the 8th Century B.C ... The government recently reversed that policy and 50 of the 7,200 remaining Jews in India are leaving for Israel. Anupam Nath, ... The Bnei Menashe people pose for a group photo in the community hall before leaving for Israel. Anupam Nath, AP ... A Bnei Menashe boy reads a prayer book in the community synagogue during a prayer service before leaving for Israel. An Israeli ...
... for the State of Israel.,/p, ,p,Scroll below to learn more about Israel using our article archive and chronology of breaking ... for the State of Israel.,/p, ,p,Scroll below to learn more about Israel using our article archive and chronology of breaking ... p,The State of Israel is seated on a portion of land in the Middle East, known from 1920 to 1948 as Palestine, that is also a ... Israel is a critical strategic ally for the United States in the Middle East, and American government leaders and lawmakers ...
The names of Israels assaults on Gaza are... ... Israel is using what happened in the West Bank to attack Gaza ... The names of Israels assaults on Gaza are a fantasy, an exercise in make believe. They buy Israel neither peace nor deterrence ... It is reuniting Palestinians in the West Bank, Israel and Gaza, which Israel has been trying to divide and contain in cantons. ... The last truce agreement between Hamas and Israel did not include the West Bank, and Israels incursions into the West Bank ...
Israels First Internet Murder. JERUSALEM - The Israeli government has postponed a meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss ... The boy was very involved in a private Israeli portal called Rotter, says Israel Radios Internet correspondent Eli Hacohen. ... the resumption of peace negotiations with the Palestinians after what Israelis are calling Israels first Internet murder. ...
Israel provides expertise to Ethiopia on irrigation projects and thousands of Ethiopian Jews live in Israel. Israel has a ... Israel at the Encyclopædia Britannica Israel at the Jewish Virtual Library Israel at the OECD Key Development Forecasts for ... The names Land of Israel and Children of Israel have historically been used to refer to the biblical Kingdom of Israel and the ... Israel Central Bureau of Statistics: The Ethiopian Community in Israel "Israel may admit 3,000 Ethiopia migrants if Jews". ...
Israels siege of Gaza, largely unseen by the outside world because of Jerusalems refusal to allow humanitarian aid workers, ... Israel permits the tunnels to operate, most likely as part of an effort to further cut Gaza off from Israel. ... It was only then that Hamas resumed firing rockets at Israel. Palestinians have launched more than 200 rockets on Israel since ... "Israel has put the Gazans in a set of circumstances where they either have to accept whatever is imposed on them or resist in ...
... southern Israel, in the northeast Negev, named for the biblical Arad, the ruins of which are visible at Tel ʿArad, about 5 12 ... Israel. Israel. , country in the Middle East, located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bounded to the north ... Israel. Israel, country in the Middle East, located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bounded to the north by ... ʿArad, town, southern Israel, in the northeast Negev, named for the biblical Arad, the ruins of which are visible at Tel ʿArad ...
Israel is facing a fertility-clinic crisis, with a rapidly dwindling number of donors and a confounding decline in the quality ... Deteriorating quality of semen is a problem across the developed world, not just in Israel. But in Israel quality is worsening ... Israel is facing a fertility-clinic crisis, with a rapidly dwindling number of donors and a confounding decline in the quality ... This problem is not just occurring in Israel, but in France as well, according to a recent study in the journal Human ...
Many Israel supporters in the U.S.-notably including many Democrats-claim they dont want Israel issues to be politicized. The ... Someone, though, forgot to tell right-wing pro-Israel Republicans in Florida. Or at least thats the message you get driving up ... The crude illustration shows a nuclear missile, helpfully labeled Iran, impacting a map of Greater Israel (no Palestine here ... Its the latest in a line of ads encouraging voters to side against President Obama and with Israel, which is to say, with Mitt ...
The report, commissioned by Israels government and led by an Israeli Supreme Court judge, investigated the deaths of Arab ... Israelis killed in northern Israel in October 2000, at the outbreak of […] ... reduced child allowances for Israels Arabs, and passed a new law barring Palestinian spouses from living in Israel. All of ... The report condemns Israels treatment of its Arab citizens, calling relations with them the nations most "important and ...
Angered parents campaign in effort to bring back Israel ... Israels brain drain worsening. Increasing numbers of Israeli ... The study showed that there was a much higher rate of highly educated people leaving Israel as opposed to people with mandatory ... The brain drain in Israel was expected to accelerate due to this decision. In light of the situation, parents of emigrating ... According to a study by the Knessets Science and Technology Committee, 4,500 Israeli scientists have left Israel over the past ...
  • It examines well-being in Israel in the context of the Israeli government's recent initiative to develop indicators of well-being, resilience, and sustainability, and provides a complementary account of well-being in Israel with a stronger focus on international comparisons. (
  • After Halakhic and constitutional discussions, Israeli officials decided, in 1977, that the Israeli Law of Return applied to the Beta Israel. (
  • This was apparently a central feature of what Israeli radio described as an "understanding" between the United States and Israel on how to bring an end to the 15-day hijacking drama. (
  • While Israeli officials insisted that they were involved in "no deals" in the hostage crisis, Peres' mention of the removal of "obstacles" was the strongest indication here of the unstated, but apparently clearly understood, role that Israel was expected to play in ending the hostages' ordeal. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - An Israeli soldier fires during clashes with Palestinians after Israeli settlers fought with villagers in the northern West Bank village of Qusra on Saturday, November 24. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - A Hasidic Jewish boy dances on the barrel of a tank Thursday as he and others celebrate the Israeli soldiers. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Israeli soldiers sit in a restaurant at the Yad Mordechay Junction as they watch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver a statement on live television from Jerusalem. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Israeli soldiers pray next to an artillery gun along Israel's border with Gaza on Wednesday, November 21. (
  • ISRAEL/GAZA BORDER, ISRAEL- NOVEMBER 19: Israeli soldiers prepare an artillery emplacement overlooking Gaza on November 19, 2012 on Israel's border with the Gaza Strip. (
  • What took Israeli leaders by surprise was the way the Islamic movements began to surge after the Iranian revolution, after armed resistance to Israel sprang up in southern Lebanon vis-à-vis the Hezbollah, backed by Iran, these sources said. (
  • An Israeli chief rabbi recognized India's Jewish people as a lost tribe in 2005 and 1,700 moved to Israel before the Israeli government stopped giving them visas. (
  • The boy was very involved in a private Israeli portal called Rotter,' says Israel Radio's Internet correspondent Eli Hacohen. (
  • The following year, the Jewish Agency declared the independence of the State of Israel, and the subsequent 1948 Arab-Israeli War saw Israel's establishment over most of the former Mandate territory, while the West Bank and Gaza were held by neighboring Arab states. (
  • Efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have not resulted in a final peace agreement, while Israel has signed peace treaties with both Egypt and Jordan. (
  • Of the 230 Gazans estimated to have died last year because they were denied proper medical care, several spent their final hours at Israeli crossing points where they were refused entry into Israel. (
  • According to a study by the Knesset's Science and Technology Committee, 4,500 Israeli scientists have left Israel over the past ten years for the United States, Europe, or the Far East for studies or senior university positions and key positions in the high-tech field. (
  • Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war, and effectively annexed the area in 1981 by extending Israeli civil law to its Arab and Druze residents. (
  • Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is spending the Passover holiday in the Golan, told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot last week that Israel and Syria had recently set out mutual demands that would have to be addressed in a future peace deal. (
  • But Israeli officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that there had been an exchange of views between Israel and Syria through Turkey's government. (
  • Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman (file photo) (epa) August 11, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- Israel's UN ambassador has rejected a Russian call for a 72-hour humanitarian truce in the month-old war between Israel and Lebanese Hizballah guerrillas. (
  • But Israeli Tourism Minister Yitzhak Herzog said Israel would resume its offensive if diplomatic efforts produce no results. (
  • Israel says it has reached a deal with Egypt to swap 25 Egyptians in Israeli custody for a U.S.-Israeli dual national accused by Cairo of espionage. (
  • It comes less than a week after Israel released more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who had been held by the militant group Hamas since 2006. (
  • Both companies were owned by the Israeli government, which formed a new holding company, Israel Chemicals Ltd., for these and other government-owned mineral companies operating in the Negev Desert. (
  • But, according to the New York Times, Israel has given "full access to Israeli political and military commentators. (
  • The vast majority of terrorist activity against Israel came from the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza and from countries beyond, not from Israeli Arabs. (
  • So entrenched is this fact that when a uniquely untalented terrorist cell was recently unearthed in an Arab town in northern Israel, reaction from Israeli media and politicians was almost as much surprised and shocked as it was angry. (
  • Part of this doubt may be explained by the Israeli Arabs' exemption from military service, still the core experience of Israel. (
  • Israel certainly fits into that camp based on widespread reaction to the retaliatory killing of an Israeli Arab boy last week, allegedly by young Jews. (
  • That can be often unfair, but one reason for it is that Israel sets a standard on how to judge itself in those cases in which its civilians or soldiers cause harm to innocent Israeli Arabs or Palestinians. (
  • During his time there Pence met for three days with Indiana and Israeli business and technology leaders, discussing future increased cooperation between Indiana and Israel. (
  • March 2006 - Mayor Kevin Smith, of Anderson, and a number of high ranking staff officials travelled to Israel to make contacts with Israeli businesses with the hope to lure profitable companies to Anderson, in particular, and Indiana in general. (
  • Committee for Economic Growth of Israel - Founded by by entrepreneur and Jewish philanthropist, Elmer Winter, at the request of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1976. (
  • In November 2009, Governor Jim Doyle and Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Benjamin Ben-Eliezer signed a memorandum of understanding and a bilateral cooperative trade agreement with the hopes of promoting collaboration and a strong working relationship between Wisconsin and Israel in research and development. (
  • And even beyond that: to ensure that the profitable relationship would continue, Israel and its agents worked actively to maintain Israeli influence in Guatemala. (
  • August 2011 - Congressman Mark Critz traveled to Israel as part of an 81 member delegation to meet with top Israeli officials and learn more about the U.S.-Israel relationship. (
  • China has been eager to play a role in the peace process, but first had to accede to Israeli demands that China extend to Israel the same diplomatic recognition that it gives the other parties. (
  • Although annual trade between the two countries is only about $30 million, according to Israeli estimates, Israel is believed to have sold China significant amounts of military equipment, including missile guidance systems and tank guns. (
  • Two years ago, Israel set up an office of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Beijing and the Chinese set up a branch of China International Travel Service in Israel. (
  • JERUSALEM, Aug. 15 (UPI) -- Israel criticized a European Union listing that stated an Israeli city was a settlement and said its products will not be allowed duty-free entrance into Europe. (
  • An Israeli missile is launched near the city of Beersheba, southern Israel, to intercept a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. (
  • According to Israel newspaper reports, the conductor was subjected to extended questioning at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport upon his arrival and at the time of his departure from Israel, separating from his Israeli Philharmonic escort. (
  • Today, the American headquarters of at least two dozen Israeli companies - many in such high-growth fields as cybersecurity and high-tech health care - call Maryland home, and we export more than $145 million in products to Israel. (
  • The Israeli embassy in Washington, the Israel Defense Forces, and the Mossad, Israel's national intelligence agency, were all contacted for comment on this story but did not respond. (
  • JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel on Thursday moved to further tighten its second countrywide lockdown as coronavirus cases continued to soar, ordering all nonessential businesses to close and requiring people to stay within 1,000 meters (yards) of their homes. (
  • The Israel Journal of Mathematics is owned by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and publishes for worldwide distribution under the Magnes Press. (
  • However, many Israelites did remain in the Land of Israel outside Jerusalem for a few centuries, although persecution gradually eroded at whatever Israelites population was left in their homeland. (
  • Sir, - Prime Minister Netanyahu's comment about reserves that "will turn Israel into one of the world's largest exporters of natural gas" ("Jerusalem and Cairo play down gas crisis," April 23) are not commensurate with the facts. (
  • For anyone who deals in reality, there is not the slightest doubt that the Modi'in, Maccabim and Re'ut localities are an integral part of Israel, and their future is not in question," a Foreign Ministry statement published by The Jerusalem Post said. (
  • A view of Jerusalem is seen in the background as a man sits in Giv'at HaMatos, a neighborhood on the southern fringes of Jerusalem's city limits where Israel has decided to move forward on a settler housing project, Oct. 2, 2014. (
  • Israel is advancing plans to build 1,000 new housing units for Jews in disputed East Jerusalem, on land Palestinians claim for a future state. (
  • The move comes as tensions increase between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem following this year's 50-day war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza. (
  • I'm excited about the invitation/decision to delineate Jerusalem capital of Israel! (
  • The Israel Museum in Jerusalem displays its collection wonderfully. (
  • TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Israelis were bracing for more coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday, days after the start of a second countrywide lockdown, as health officials sounded the alarm over a feared deluge of new patients and hospitals were ordered to open additional COVID-19 wards. (
  • Israel and Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years. (
  • Family members wait for members of the Bnei Menashe tribe at Ben Gurion airport on Dec. 24 near Tel Aviv, Israel. (
  • Canada is represented in Israel by the Embassy of Canada to Israel in Tel Aviv. (
  • The cafes of Tel Aviv, Israel were pretty crowded, on July 14 a week after the start of Israel's airstrikes on Gaza. (
  • After graduating from Tel Aviv University, Weisfeld led Netking-then the country's second largest Internet portal-and started MSN Israel. (
  • Israel offered to suspend its offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday during a brief visit by Egypt's premier there if militants refrain from firing rockets at Israel, an official said, but the Palestinians unleashed a fresh salvo. (
  • The politics of the moment are fascinating and dreadful, but what really interests me currently is a counterfactual: What if, nine years ago, when Israel withdrew its soldiers and settlers from Gaza, the Palestinians had made a different choice. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Palestinians school girls walks along a corridor of their school in Gaza City on Saturday. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Palestinians inspect the rubble of a destroyed house in Gaza City on Friday. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Palestinians gather to listen to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh speak Thursday in Gaza City. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Palestinians celebrate news of the cease-fire with Israel in Gaza City on Wednesday, November 21. (
  • And Israel has in good faith tried to negotiate peace with the Palestinians. (
  • The U.N. special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, former Princeton University law professor Richard Falk, calls what Israel is doing to the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza "a crime against humanity. (
  • The push has been on Sharon's own terms and has been controversial inside Israel and often criticized by the Palestinians. (
  • Since Israel began its war on Gaza 11 days ago, more than 560 Palestinians - about a quarter of them civilians - have been killed. (
  • Past development projects in the area have sparked tensions with Palestinians, who accused Israel of threatening a compound that is holy to both Muslims and Jews. (
  • #mslaurynhill cancels #Israel show after #Palestinians boycott call. (
  • A Times of Israel newspaper commentator, Anshel Pfeffer, wrote, "We are all partners in this [crime], accomplices in complacency, if not in deed" because Israelis have become too used to casual racism and trying to control the lives of 2.5 million Palestinians in the occupied territories. (
  • A report by the human right groups Amnesty International says that Israel is preventing Palestinians from receiving enough water in the occupied territories. (
  • Supporters of Israel had descended in Westwood to show support for the nation as renewed fighting has taken place recently between Israelis and Palestinians. (
  • Direct peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel have been on hold since Israel's 10-month West Bank construction freeze expired on September 26. (
  • Noting all of that, Palestinians are themselves hopelessly divided between the Islamist Hamas movement in Gaza, and the corrupted remnants of Yasser Arafat's secular Fatah movement which, under the hapless Mahmoud Abbas, is propped up by Israel and the US as a government in the West Bank. (
  • November 2017 - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker visited Israel on a trade mission and held meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu during the beginning of November 2017. (
  • From your editorial "Israel Vs. the Tourist" (May 10) it is quite clear in your own words that you support (Arab Christian political activist) Mubarak Awad's position of "transforming Israel into a binational state. (
  • Students Supporting Israel 2018 Van Campaign - West Coast Mission - Duration: 10 minutes. (
  • Canada's top merchandise exports to Israel in 2018 (valued at over $500 million) include aircrafts and parts, precious stones (rough diamonds), machinery, electricals and electronic equipment, and scientific and precision instruments. (
  • Initially, the government ruled out a ground operation, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) deployed the Air Force. (
  • The mainstream Jewish militia, the Haganah, was transformed into the new state's army, the Israel Defense Forces. (
  • In terms of demographics, adherents to Christianity make up around two percent of the population in Israel (177,000 people) as of the end of 2019. (
  • With a population of around 9 million as of 2019, Israel is a developed country and an OECD member. (
  • While the current State of Israel is a relatively new country founded in 1948, the Land of Israel has a long and often very complex history stretching back thousands of years to the very beginnings of human civilization. (
  • The Sheba Medical Center was born in 1948 along with the fledgling State of Israel to treat the wounded of Israel's War of Independence. (
  • Yet in mid-June 1948, he informed the government that the Altalena was on its way to Israel, loaded with arms belatedly acquired from the French government. (
  • Canada recognized the State of Israel upon its founding in 1948, and the two countries established formal diplomatic relations on May 11, 1949. (
  • Support for Israel, especially its right to live in peace and security with its neighbours, has been at the core of Canada's Middle East policy since 1948. (
  • The municipality lies beyond the Green Line in an area known as "no-man's land," a narrow strip of land between Israel and the West Bank whose sovereignty was never fully clarified after the War of Independence in 1948. (
  • Active in Gaza and the West Bank, Hamas wants to liberate all of Palestine and establish a radical Islamic state in place of Israel. (
  • Islamic movements in Israel and Palestine were "weak and dormant" until after the 1967 Six Day War in which Israel scored a stunning victory over its Arab enemies. (
  • The crude illustration shows a nuclear missile, helpfully labeled 'Iran,' impacting a map of Greater Israel (no Palestine here! (
  • They are, after all, that part of the Arab population in pre-Israel Palestine that didn't flee and wasn't driven away. (
  • Not to be confused with Bene Israel , Jews from India . (
  • Let us not forget that the Hamas charter does not just call for the destruction of Israel, but for the murder of Jews generally. (
  • The number of Messianic Jews in Israel is estimated at around 20,000. (
  • This is mainly because Islam displaced Christianity throughout the Middle East, and the rise of modern Zionism and the establishment of the State of Israel has seen millions of Jews emigrate to Israel. (
  • The government recently reversed that policy and 50 of the 7,200 remaining Jews in India are leaving for Israel. (
  • Such collective contrition is rare in Israel because terrorist attacks on Arabs by Jews are rare compared with those on Jews. (
  • Will they be absorbed into democratic Israel, thus bringing about an end to the idea that there should be a single small country on earth where Jews can be a majority? (
  • As the ranking Republican on the Middle East and South Asia Subcommittee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Pence needed a first-hand look at the situation in Israel and to discuss the prospects for a renewed peace process with the Palestinian Authority. (
  • The Palestinian Authority accused Israel of committing "crimes" that are punishable under international law. (
  • Arabic: إِسْرَائِيل‎), officially known as the State of Israel (Hebrew: מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל‎, Medinat Yisra'el), is a country in Western Asia, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea. (
  • However, as there exists in Israel thousands of such people with children born in Israel who attend our schools and speak only Hebrew, might I suggest a rather unorthodox solution? (
  • A meeting in Doha prior to the announcement saw fierce disagreement particularly from Hamas members in the West Bank , who know that Abbas' continued security cooperation with Israel meant a continued crackdown on them. (
  • Canada and Israel have developed an exceptional bilateral relationship based on mutual cooperation in a number of key strategic areas. (
  • The bilateral relationship is further strengthened by the Canada-Israel Strategic Partnership MOU , a mutually beneficial agreement that facilitates deeper cooperation in several areas, including energy, security, international aid and development, innovation and the promotion of human rights globally. (
  • Global Affairs Canada is responsible for the Canada-Israel Agreement on Bilateral Cooperation in Industrial Research and Development, which commits both parties to provide up to $1 million annually toward industrial R & D with Israel. (
  • The participants in the mission went to explore U.S.-Israel cooperation in legal affairs and discussed issues including youth violence, the death penalty, and extradition laws. (
  • In addition to business leaders Pence also held meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating that 'appreciation for the state of Israel and the partnership between the state of Israel and America has never been stronger. (
  • March 2014 - Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) visited Israel with two colleagues, a fellow Democrat and one Republican, and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. (
  • It's the latest in a line of ads encouraging voters to side against President Obama and with Israel, which is to say, with Mitt Romney-a boorish, partisan tug at the heartstrings of voters who care about the Jewish State. (
  • The highest concentrations of compromised computers were found in Iran, followed by the Palestinian West Bank, Israel, Sudan, Syria and Lebanon . (
  • China wants to sustain its relationship with Israel while continuing to enjoy good relations with countries in the Arab and Muslim worlds, particularly Iran. (
  • Hugo Chavez , the president of Dudamel's homeland of Venezuela, has been an ally of Iran, which is hostile to Israel. (
  • The burgeoning Israel-Azerbaijan relationship has also become a flashpoint in both countries' relationship with Turkey, a regional heavyweight that fears the economic and political fallout of a war with Iran. (
  • Wisconsin Department of Commerce Global Ventures, Israel - In December 2010 the DOC officially announced plans to build and strengthen bilateral ties with Israel which they hope to do through their Global Ventures office. (
  • One of the underlying strengths of the Canada-Israel bilateral relationship lies in the extensive people-to-people ties. (
  • Israel was one of the first countries to recognize the People's Republic of China, shortly after it was founded in 1949, but because of the Korean War and China's growing links with the Arab world, diplomatic ties were never established. (
  • How have ties between Israel and China evolved? (
  • What challenges do Israel's expanding ties with China present to Israel and the United States? (
  • Israel seeks to expand its diplomatic and economic ties with the world's fastest growing major economy and diversify its export markets and investments from the United States and Europe. (
  • All Hawaii mourned, and more than 10,000 people turned out for a state funeral in honor of Israel Ka'anoi "Brudda Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole. (
  • The State emblem - a coat of arms design, it depicts a Menorah in its center, an olive branch on each of the Menorah's sides and the word "Israel" below them. (
  • In its Basic Laws, Israel defines itself as a Jewish and democratic state and the nation state of the Jewish people. (
  • Having dug their way out of that problem, Rambam Medical Center now faces another crisis-smaller and less deadly but with wide ramifications for the state of Israel. (
  • Israel was established as a state for the Jewish people, following the Second World War. (
  • The State of Israel is standing by as the public health system deteriorates. (
  • Still more recently, he has used that power to push Israel toward recognizing that peace will only come with the creation of a Palestinian state. (
  • Zephry Teachout said if she's elected governor she will work to maintain New York's "special" relationship with Israel, but won't be wading into any foreign policy issues as leader of the state. (
  • Gov. Cuomo stopped short of bashing his running mate Zephry Teachout for refusing to take a position on Israel, but said anyone who doesn't think the Middle Eastern conflict is a New York problem is "living in a state of denial. (
  • Gov. Cuomo and members of the New York State-Israel United Delegation speak to reporters following a briefing with community leaders on their recent journey overseas. (
  • Before it can sign a peace treaty with its enemies, Israel may have to finally decide whether it is a Jewish state or a democratic one. (
  • From its inception, Israel has defined itself as a contradiction: It is both a democratic state, where all citizens are theoretically equal, and a Jewish state, whose Arab citizens - by far the largest non-Jewish minority group - have been consigned to de facto second-class status. (
  • An editorial in Haaretz stated that unless Israel undergoes a revolution of values, "the Jewish tribe will not be worthy of its own state. (
  • Indeed, by Weber's criterion, Israel really only became a state on the afternoon that the IDF defeated the Irgun. (
  • CEGI was established to help expand and grow trade between Israel and the state of Wisconsin, in particular, and the entire US in general. (
  • The Government of the State of Israel is represented in Canada by an embassy in Ottawa and consulates in Montréal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario. (
  • In 1981, Reagan's Secretary of State Alexander Haig 'urged Israel to help Guatemala. (
  • February 2006 - Philadelphia and Pennsylvania state law enforcement, security and public service officials were sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia for an educational mission to Israel to learn more about anti-terror security. (
  • On Monday, the U.S. State Department updated its February travel warning for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, advising travelers to postpone nonessential travel to Israel and the West Bank and to avoid all travel to Gaza. (
  • Maryland state lawmakers have an opportunity this legislative session to continue to strengthen our state's substantial economic partnership with the only democratic nation in the Middle East: Israel, a nation committed to the freedoms that we as Americans cherish. (
  • This month, to take concrete action against BDS, Sen. Bobby Zirkin and Delegates Shelly Hettleman, Ben Kramer and Sandy Rosenberg introduced bipartisan legislation that would prevent Maryland's retirement and pension system from investing in companies that participate in the discriminatory BDS movement against the state of Israel. (
  • BDS is a nefarious network of individuals and organizations that unfairly singles out Israel among all nations for opprobrium as it seeks to demonize Israel politically, economically and culturally, transforming the Jewish state into an international pariah, with its ultimate goal to destroy Israel as a Jewish state. (
  • In 2009, the deputy chief of mission of the U.S. embassy in Baku, Donald Lu, sent a cable to the State Department's headquarters in Foggy Bottom titled 'Azerbaijan's discreet symbiosis with Israel. (
  • New Israel Fund of Canada is committed to fostering the development of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state as envisioned in her Declaration of Independence. (
  • According to U.S. administration officials, funds for the movement came from the oil-producing states and directly and indirectly from Israel. (
  • Now our security professionals will have a unique opportunity to meet with key security officials in Israel, exchange information and receive hands-on experience to learn anti-terror security measures that can significantly benefit Pennsylvania's homeland security programs. (
  • The school was damaged some days ago, before a truce between Hamas and Israel. (
  • Sources here said yesterday that the Reagan administration has signaled its desire for Israel to continue to hold the Arab prisoners until after the American hostages had reached safety, and this clearly was Israel's intention. (
  • DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - The first known direct commercial flight between Israel and Bahrain landed Wednesday in the island kingdom, just a week after it signed a deal alongside the United Arab Emirates to normalize relations. (
  • Israel has since fought several wars with Arab countries, and since the Six-Day War in June 1967 held occupied territories including the West Bank, Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip (still considered occupied after the 2005 disengagement, although some legal experts dispute this claim). (
  • Despite the centrality of Jew hatred in all aspects of public life in the Arab and Muslim world, our neighbors' unrelenting and irrational abhorrence for Israel and the Jewish people remains a dirty secret that you aren't supposed to mention in polite company. (
  • In 2015, Israel provided its bilateral development co-operation mostly to Jordan, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the West Bank and Gaza Strip. (
  • In the past, China was reluctant to recognize Israel for fear of offending Arab countries. (
  • In spite of the one-sided pro-Israel media coverage in the United States, Newsweek said, "Does it make sense for America to support [Israel's] policy of punishing Hamas by making life unbearable for 1.5 million Gazans by denying aid and economic development? (
  • America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Central Atlantic Region - Established in 1987, AICC-CAR , is an independent, member-based, not-for-profit network of business professionals who share an interest in furthering business relationships among each other and between the Greater Philadelphia Region and Israel. (
  • Please know that tourism is continuing, and hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and holy places are open as usual," Haim Gutin, Israel tourism commissioner for North and South America said in a statement Wednesday. (
  • In July Barack Obama sought to boost his Jewish vote back in America with an emotional stump-speech in Sderot, a community in Israel which is a target for much of the Palestinian rocket-fire from Gaza. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Robert Serry, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, greets children during a visit to Gaza to survey damage caused by the exchange of fire between Israel and Hamas militants, on Sunday, November 25. (
  • More than 200 people have been killed in Gaza since the latest confrontation between Israel and Hamas militants erupted in the early hours of July 8. (
  • CAIRO, April 24 -- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview published Thursday that he was open to direct talks with Israel on a peace deal based on Israel's return of the Golan Heights. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Employees of the Palestinian Interior Ministry pray in the rubble of the Interior Ministry building in Gaza City on Sunday, November 25. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Palestinian schoolboys look through a hole at their damaged school in Gaza City on Saturday. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - A Palestinian schoolgirl writes on the blackboard of a classroom in Gaza City on Saturday. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - A Palestinian boy plays in a demolished car in Gaza City on Friday. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh waves to the crowd Thursday in Gaza City. (
  • Israel-Gaza conflict - Rockets launch from Gaza City as an explosion is seen on the horizon at Israel's border with Gaza on Wednesday. (
  • Shejaiya (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - At Al-Wafa rehabilitation hospital near Gaza City, a handful of doctors and nurses hover over paralysed patients, wondering how to protect them from more air strikes as threatened by Israel. (
  • Retaliating for a recent barrage of rockets fired by Gaza Strip fighters, Israel on Wednesday killed senior Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari as he traveled by car through Gaza City, the militant group said. (
  • The Christian population in Israel has increased significantly with the immigration of many mixed families from the former Soviet Union (1989-late 1990s) and by the influx of some 10,000 Christian Maronites from Lebanon in 2000. (
  • Israel is bordered by Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest, by Jordan to the east, and by Syria and Lebanon to the north. (
  • In a switch from its earlier position, France now agrees with Lebanon that Israel should withdraw its estimated 10,000 troops back across the border if the Lebanese Army deploys into southern Lebanon. (
  • The UN Human Rights Council is due to hold a special session today to debate a move by Muslim countries to condemn Israel for the alleged indiscriminate bombardment of Lebanon and the massacre of civilians. (
  • Since mid-July, Israel has been battling Hizballah guerrillas in southern Lebanon and carrying out punishing air strikes throughout the country. (
  • In July 2006, Israel launched a full-scale war against Lebanon in response to the abduction of two soldiers by Hezbollah militiamen on the border between Israel and Lebanon. (
  • The Bible mentions about 100 names of plants, the bulk of them of Ereẓ Israel, the others being trees of Lebanon and tropical plants that yield an aromatic substance or were used in incense. (
  • In July 1985 Israel helped the administration move a shipment of 40 assault rifles with advanced night sights and 1,000 grenade launchers from Israel to Guatemala on a KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) flight. (
  • Christian Arabs are one of the most educated groups in Israel. (
  • Maariv newspaper has described the Christian Arabs sector as "the most successful in the education system", [7] since Christian Arabs fared the best in terms of education in comparison to any other group receiving an education in Israel. (
  • The Christian Science Monitor reports that Israel has stepped up demolition of Palestinian homes built without permits, reduced child allowances for Israel's Arabs, and passed a new law barring Palestinian spouses from living in Israel. (
  • By the end of 2008, there were 119,300 people of Ethiopian descent in Israel , including nearly 81,000 people born in Ethiopia and about 38,500 native-born Israelis (about 32 percent of the community) with at least one parent born in Ethiopia or Eritrea. (
  • Israel "aided Hamas directly -- the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)," said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies. (
  • NIFC supports Israelis building civil society infrastructure for a more just society in Israel and sponsors events to educate Canadians about the challenges facing Israel. (
  • BEIJING, Jan. 22- Foreign Minister David Levy of Israel arrived in Beijing today for a four-day visit that is expected to lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. (
  • Photo: The visit to China of Foreign Minister David Levy of Israel, center, is expected to lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations. (
  • Domestic turmoil in Israel threatens to interrupt US and other diplomatic efforts for Mideast peace. (
  • The decades-long bipartisan economic relationship between Maryland and Israel has created extraordinary benefits for both states in financial and diplomatic terms. (
  • According to ICT papers, Hamas was legally registered in Israel in 1978 by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the movement's spiritual leader, as an Islamic Association by the name Al-Mujamma al Islami, which widened its base of supporters and sympathizers by religious propaganda and social work. (
  • Referring to the Aravas, Benedicto Lucas Garcia, chief of staff during the rule of his brother Romeo Lucas Garcia (1978-1982) said, 'Israel helped us in regard to planes and transportation-which we desperately needed because we've had problems in transferring ground forces from one place to another. (
  • Gaza is centrally located between two large economies, those of Israel and Egypt. (
  • According to documents United Press International obtained from the Israel-based Institute for Counter Terrorism, Hamas evolved from cells of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928. (
  • Israel is considered part of the Holy Land (together with areas of Jordan , Egypt and the Palestinian Territories ). (
  • Its strategic location serving as the gateway from Asia to Egypt and Africa had made Israel an ideal target for conquerors through the ages. (
  • and these are the vegetables of Egypt for which the children of Israel longed during their wandering in the wilderness (Num. (
  • According to them, the lack of grants and unacceptable conditions offered to scientists and researchers in Israel was the reason for the high rate of emigration amongst this particular sector of the population. (
  • With strengths in mathematics and hi-tech, companies and researchers in Israel are contributing more than their fair share of this brain power. (
  • Currently, Governor Doyle has put out a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit companies and researchers interested in the development of joint Wisconsin-Israel R&D Partnerships. (
  • The governments of Ontario and Quebec have also established programs to support companies and researchers pursuing partnerships with Israel. (
  • createPerformanceMark('first image displayed'); Flickr/marsmet543 Security researchers have linked the Flame virus to Israel while U.S. computer security experts say that it bears the hallmarks of the National Security Agency (NSA) , according to reports from Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times and Robert Windrem of NBC News. (
  • In this report, RAND researchers discuss the growing relationship and the challenges it poses for Israel and for Israel's most important ally, the United States. (
  • Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, was in Israel on 31 January - 1 February 2016 on an official visit and to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Israel's accession to the OECD. (
  • On 21 August 2010, Israel deposited its instrument of accession to the OECD Convention, thereby becoming a member of the Organisation. (
  • Israel was invited by OECD countries to open negotiations for membership in May 2007. (
  • Israel became the 33rd member of the OECD on 7 September 2010. (
  • Israel, which joined the OECD in 2010, is an observer to the Development Assistance Committee . (
  • Since the rockets fired from Gaza into Israel cannot distinguish between civilians and military targets, they are illegal. (
  • Third, it is a disproportionate response to the rockets fired into Israel. (
  • The French government explored playing the key role in such an arrangement but backed out when it could not gain assurances from the United States or Israel that the prisoners and the hostages would be released simultaneously, the sources said. (
  • According to Broshi, within a few months the ministry was planning on establishing a joint fund between the government and research institutes in an effort to bring scientists back to Israel. (
  • The Government of Israel fully meets the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. (
  • Unfortunately, despite being the main hospital in the country, we receive a budget of zero shekels from the government of Israel," Rotstein says. (
  • Although Israel's supreme court ordered the government to allow international media into Gaza to report on the situation there, Israel has refused. (
  • I would suggest that the most serious consequences, however, are not the material costs being imposed on Israel, even though, as has been pointed out, the government has been complicit in minimizing them. (
  • A pro-government tabloid, Israel Hayom, carried a headline that read "The Murder and the Shame. (
  • December 2014 - Indiana Governor Mike Pence spent his winter holiday with family in Israel during late December 2014 during a 9 day government mission to Israel. (
  • The Government of Canada has partnered with Israel to support joint research, development and commercialization projects. (
  • Following the publication of this article, an Azeri spokesman denied that his government had granted Israel access to Azeri airbases. (
  • But even if his government makes good on that promise, it could still provide Israel with essential support. (
  • July 2008 - Representative Mike Pence visited Israel and the Palestinian territories as part of a Congressional delegation to the area. (
  • August 2011 - Congresswoman Gwen Moore accompanied the 81-member Congressional delegation to Israel to learn more about regional politics and the U.S.-Israel relationship. (
  • November 2009 - Governor Jim Doyle and Department of Commerce Secretary Aaron Olver led a delegation from Wisconsin on a trade mission to Israel. (
  • 2005 - Congressman Paul Ryan visited Israel as part of a large Republican Congressional delegation trip facilitated by the American Israel Education Foundation, a charitable organization associated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. (
  • Of course, Israel is not South Africa. (
  • Israel has evidence of the earliest migration of hominids out of Africa. (
  • Israel is an important economic partner for Canada in the Middle East and North Africa region, with a full range of business possibilities including trade and investment. (
  • That could include a rival Palestinian faction, or Israel , but it could not include Meshaal himself, or Hamas in Gaza who have done everything in word and deed to keep the deal going, and still have not resiled from it to this day. (
  • Israel has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years, with Neanderthal remains from the region dating back 50,000 years. (
  • That, however, necessitates determining exactly who 'the people' are - a question Israel has managed to duck for over 50 years. (
  • The trio of senators also presented Peres with a Congressional medal for his years supporting and nurturing the US-Israel alliance. (
  • Throughout the years of untrammeled slaughter that left at least 45,000 dead, and, by early 1983, one million in internal exile - mostly indigenous Mayan Indians, who comprise a majority of Guatemala's eight million people - and thousands more in exile abroad, Israel stood by the Guatemalan military. (
  • After seven years in Silicon Valley, Weisfeld returned to jointly set up Microsoft 's research and development center in Israel and later joined two startups to expand their operations. (
  • Some 13,000 survivors died since last year's Memorial Day, Yedioth Ahronoth said Sunday, noting 208,000 survivors live in Israel, 74,000 of them survivors of the death camps and ghettos, the rest spending the war years fleeing Nazi persecution. (
  • In the West Bank, most of the building in recent years has been in large settlements relatively close to Israel that are widely expected to be annexed to it by swapping land elsewhere in a future deal. (
  • It is some 50 years now that Israel (disputed territories included) turn in to an overloaded ecosystem, already quite an ecologic catastrophe, with a population 10 times its available agricultural potential. (
  • Syria and Israel last held direct peace talks in 2000. (
  • In his interview, Assad said that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had been serving as a middleman for an exchange of messages between Israel and Syria since April 2007. (
  • In addition, the study showed that about 400,000 doctors and academics have left Israel since its establishment. (
  • In fact, since the establishment of the Maryland Israel Development Center as a "private-public partnership" in 1992, every Maryland governor, regardless of political party, has led an economic mission to Israel. (
  • The cities and communities where most of Christians in Israel reside are Haifa , Nazareth , Jish , Mi'ilya , Fassuta and Kafr Yasif [6] . (
  • As the Gaza offensive of 2009 demonstrates, this new death hierarchy has opened Israel to global criticism. (
  • When Dick Cheney arrives in Israel next week, he'll find himself in a country all but paralyzed politically. (
  • Show me someone lecturing Israel about proportionality or just war theory, and I'll show you someone you can ignore. (
  • Does Israel use 'disproportionate' force? (
  • Finland's prime minister Vanhanen Hanen , for his part, noted that Israel uses disproportionate force all too often. (
  • Israel, which has a population of 7.4 million and is about the size of New Jersey, is losing its label as an emerging market. (
  • The Beta Israel lived in northern and northwestern Ethiopia, in more than 500 small villages spread over a wide territory, alongside populations that were Muslim and predominantly Christian . (
  • When the stumbling Middle East peace talks eventually get back on their feet, Israel will have more than tough negotiating to do. (
  • Mr. Levy's visit comes immediately before the Moscow round of the Middle East peace talks, which China is expected to attend now that it has recognized Israel. (
  • Many Israel supporters in the U.S.-notably including many Democrats-claim they don't want Israel issues to be politicized. (
  • BDS supporters seek to remove Israel from the world of education, economics and international relations. (
  • News on Israel continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. (
  • But as the day wore on with reports of delays in the expected departure of the hostages from Beirut, it appeared that Israel might not be faced with an immediate decision regarding the prisoners it holds, most of them Lebanese Shiite Moslems. (
  • Israel and the United States are seeking to minimize the appearance of linkage between the hijacking and release of the prisoners, and an emergency Cabinet meeting would only be "a dramatization of the situation," one official said. (
  • During the trip, Gov. Doyle signed a cooperative agreement with the Israel Ministry of Trade that was facilitated by the DOC's Global Ventures office. (
  • In June 1997, Governor Tom Ridge signed Pennsylvania's first cooperative agreement with Israel, noting that 'good trade makes good friends. (