The circulation or wide dispersal of information.
Organized services to provide information on any questions an individual might have using databases and other sources. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)

Provider attitudes toward dispensing emergency contraception in Michigan's Title X programs.(1/1536)


Can the written information to research subjects be improved?--an empirical study. (2/1536)

OBJECTIVES: To study whether linguistic analysis and changes in information leaflets can improve readability and understanding. DESIGN: Randomised, controlled study. Two information leaflets concerned with trials of drugs for conditions/diseases which are commonly known were modified, and the original was tested against the revised version. SETTING: Denmark. PARTICIPANTS: 235 persons in the relevant age groups. MAIN MEASURES: Readability and understanding of contents. RESULTS: Both readability and understanding of contents was improved: readability with regard to both information leaflets and understanding with regard to one of the leaflets. CONCLUSION: The results show that both readability and understanding can be improved by increased attention to the linguistic features of the information.  (+info)

Responses by four Local Research Ethics Committees to submitted proposals. (3/1536)

BACKGROUND: There is relatively little research concerning the processes whereby Local Research Ethics Committees discharge their responsibilities towards society, potential participants and investigators. OBJECTIVES: To examine the criteria used by LRECs in arriving at their decisions concerning approval of research protocols through an analysis of letters sent to investigators. DESIGN: Four LRECs each provided copies of 50 letters sent to investigators after their submitted proposals had been considered by the committees. These letters were subjected to a content analysis, in which specific comments and requests for additional information and changes in the protocols were recorded and compared. FINDINGS: Overall 24% of proposals were approved without request for changes or clarifications, but this varied by committee: one committee approved only 6% of proposals without change or clarification while the others ranged from 26% to 32%. The content analyses of responses indicated that they could be placed into four categories: (i) further information for the committee to aid in their deliberations; (ii) requests for changes to the design or justification for the design used; (iii) changes to the information sheets provided to potential participants; and (iv) changes to consent procedures. Of these, alterations to information sheets were the most common type of request. These four types of response could be seen as safeguarding the wellbeing of potential participants (the principle of non-maleficence), of promoting the scientific validity of the research (the principle of beneficence), and of enhancing the rights of potential participants (the principle of autonomy). CONCLUSIONS: The committees were consistent in the types of requests they made of investigators, which can be seen as attempts to protect participants' rights and ensure the scientific validity of studies. Without an analysis of the proposals sent to the committees, however, it is difficult to account for the variation in the requirements set by the committees before approval was given.  (+info)

Should Zelen pre-randomised consent designs be used in some neonatal trials? (4/1536)

My aim is to suggest that there is a case for using a randomised consent design in some neonatal trials. As an example I use the trials of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in neonates suffering pulmonary hypertension. In some trials the process of obtaining consent has the potential to harm the subject, for example, by disappointing those who end in the control group and by creating additional anxiety at times of acute illness. An example of such were the trials of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in neonates suffering pulmonary hypertension. Pre-randomised consent could avoid or lessen these harms. However, a number of ethical objections are made to these research designs. They involve denial of information, using people, denial of choice, and "overselling" of allocated treatment. Furthermore, they are the wrong response; better communication might be the answer, for example. I argue that these objections are not completely persuasive. However, they are enough to suggest caution in the use of such designs.  (+info)

Parental consent to publicity. (5/1536)

The problems presented by the use of named child patients and their medical histories in television, radio and newspapers is discussed. It is suggested that it is not acceptable to regard this as comparable to their participation in non-therapeutic research, and that no one, not even the parent has the authority to give consent to such use.  (+info)

The Council of Europe's first Symposium on Bioethics: Strasbourg, Dec 5-7 1989. (6/1536)

This symposium discussed bioethics teaching, research and documentation and also research ethics committees. An international convention for the protection of the integrity of the human body was called for, as was a new European Committee on Ethics. 'The genetic impact' was a major preoccupation of the symposium.  (+info)

Health care directives for the elderly. (7/1536)

The treatment of incompetent older people presents physicians and family members with complex medical, ethical, moral, and legal problems. This article explores the use of advance health care directives in the decision-making process, the qualities of the "ideal" directive, practical and legal issues relating to directives, and the role of the family physician in their implementation.  (+info)


ersonal view:  (+info)

Information dissemination matters, both on an individual and group level. For college students who are physically and mentally immature, they are more sensitive and susceptible to unnormal information like rumors. However, current researches focus on large-scale online message sharing networks like Facebook and Twitter, rather than profile the information dissemination on campus, which fail to provide any references for daily campus management. Against this background, we propose a framework to generate the information dissemination network on campus, named ANSWER (cAmpus iNformation diSsemination netWork gEneRation), based on multimodal data including behavior data, appearance data, and psychological data. The construction of the ANSWER is listed as four steps. First, we use a convolutional autoencoder to extract the students facial features. Second, we process the behavior data to construct a friendship network. Third, heterogeneous information is embedded in the low-dimensional vector space ...
Launching a prevention campaign to contain the spread of infection requires substantial financial investments; therefore, a trade-off exists between suppressing the epidemic and containing costs. Information exchange among individuals can occur as physical contacts (e.g., word of mouth, gatherings), which provide inherent possibilities of disease transmission, and non-physical contacts (e.g., email, social networks), through which information can be transmitted but the infection cannot be transmitted. Contact network (CN) incorporates physical contacts, and the information dissemination network (IDN) represents non-physical contacts, thereby generating a multilayer network structure. Inherent differences between these two layers cause alerting through CN to be more effective but more expensive than IDN. The constraint for an epidemic to die out derived from a nonlinear Perron-Frobenius problem that was transformed into a semi-definite matrix inequality and served as a constraint for a convex
TY - GEN. T1 - Interest tree based information dissemination via vehicular named data networking. AU - Li, Xiaokun. AU - Wang, Siyang. AU - Wu, Weigang. AU - Chen, Xu. AU - Xiao, Bin. PY - 2018/10/9. Y1 - 2018/10/9. N2 - Named Data Networking (NDN) is a promising technology for content centric networks, and it is suitable for vehicular networks since no IP architecture is required. Quite a number of solutions have been proposed for vehicular NDN (V- NDN), but high communication cost due to frequent topology changes caused by high mobility of vehicles is still a challenge to be addressed. In this paper, we study how to disseminate traffic information to vehicles via V-NDN. Different from existing works, we consider navigation route based data interests, i.e., a vehicle is concerned about the traffic information along road segments planned to take. According to such a data interest scenario, we propose a tree based data interest structure and associated maintenance operations to merge identical ...
Information Dissemination Core Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are among the top 5 modifiable factors leading to premature death. We have devoted much effort in pa...
The word is especially used in reference to the distribution of information, or things that contain information, like files and documents. Which of the following words shares a root with. Accessed 12 Dec. 2020. Definition of Information Dissemination: Information dissemination is to distribute or broadcast information. The message carrier sends out information, not to one individual, but many in a broadcasting system. How to use dissemination in a sentence. Dissemination. Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Nip it in the butt or Nip it in the bud? It is equally important to publish studies with negative or misleading results for this reason. Rockville, MD: Agency fo… Delivered to your inbox! Data dissemination is the distribution or transmitting of statistical, or other, data to end users. Definition of dissemination noun in Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. Dissemination refers to making knowledge about your ...
New Delhi: A team of scientists from Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) has been awarded for Excellence in Dissemination of agricultural practices and technologies from Lab to Farm by Agriculture Today, a National Agriculture Magazine. Their work has been recognised for improving livelihood and subsistence production systems in remote areas like Leh.. The group led by Dr. A. Arunachalam, Coordinator of task force on Himalayan Agriculture under National Mission on Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystem (NMSHE) and Dr. M. Raghubanshi, Co-Investigator, Leh component has been introducing the best agronomic practices and weed management demonstrations on farmers fields with new crops and varietal assessment.. The group consisting of Dr Anurag Saxena, Associate Scientist, along with technical support members Ms Stanzin Landol, Dr Enoch Spalbar, and Mr Jigmat Stanzin also organised a total of 38 trainings with one kisan mela and workshop for dissemination of available scientific information to ...
If there exists a horse that races down the fences in no time, you true even in the case of the utilization of social media in this industry. Instead ...
The EU is planning to implement wide-ranging legal measures to compel major tech companies to share data with competitors and give no preference to...
This is how the church is designed to function. Likewise, in the stream of impressions you make upon your donor (the entire body of communications which together make up your marketing strategy), some components will have fundraising muscle; others will be soft. Yet the soft ones can be a blessing - to the donor, and ultimately, to the ministry. A newsletter, for example, may cost a bundle, relatively, and return virtually nothing (although weve found ways to make newsletters and e-newsletters profitable for ministries; ask us how here) - yet the information in that newsletter feeds the donor, deepens her sense of involvement, shows her how her investment is paying off, strengthens her loyalty to the ministry. And the return on a future appeal letter package - the muscle piece - is even stronger as a result. We must distinguish between direct response strategy and information dissemination strategy. ...
Various embodiments of methods and system are provided for enhancing engine operation through data-sharing among vehicles. In one embodiment, a method includes determining whether a first value of an operating parameter indicative of an ambient environmental condition produced by a first vehicle is corrupted or unavailable, receiving a second value of the operating parameter that is indicative of the ambient environmental condition produced by a second vehicle that is proximate to the first vehicle, and in response to determining that the first value is corrupted or unavailable, controlling operation of an engine of the first vehicle based on the second value of the operating parameter.
Roche and AstraZeneca have launched a medicinal chemistry data-sharing consortium to accelerate drug discovery in a smarter way. - News - PharmaTimes
We raise the following questions concerning possible solutions.. Should there be incentives for scientists or policy makers if they take the initiative to build a dialogue with their counterparts? Research funding does not provide for information dissemination. Engagement with the public, including policy makers, is not rewarded. Incentives are also needed to encourage policy makers to acquire a higher level of scientific training than is the present norm. Scientific thinking and results can be dumbed down only so much before becoming meaningless. On the other hand, at least some scientists need to develop a sense of the big picture and work on ways to make scientific work understandable and usable by intelligent lay people. Unfortunately, none of these will happen unless there are incentives for them. The current reward mechanisms simply do not work optimally to encourage policy makers and scientists to work together.30,31 The need for a partnership was pointed out in the 1998 Johns Hopkins ...
The communication of our research findings is a foundational pillar to our careers as scientists. One of the most common ways we scientists share information is by publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals. This primary method of information dissemination allows us to share our research findings both to our colleagues as well as the public at large. When preparing a manuscript for submission to a journal for peer review and subsequent publication, a lot of work goes into preparing a variety of documents. One of the important documents is a cover letter to the editor. This letter represents a significant hurdle for new and young researchers because it is often unclear what a cover letter should actually look like, and what information should be included. In this weeks post I want to go over what a good cover letter could look like and how you can write your own. I say this is what it could look like because there is certainly a lot of room for interpretation and personal style, and there are ...
In partnership with the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, the Environmental Law Institute has worked to increase understanding of how communication occurs between researchers and coastal communities during research focused on the Alaskan marine environment. We focus especially on research related to the management of marine subsistence resources, including questions about climate change and its impacts. Our goal was to understand what processes should be used to guide research project design, implementation, and information dissemination so that it incorporates the knowledge and input of coastal communities and benefits them over the long term. The following report and executive summary contain our key findings and recommendations, which agencies might use to guide the research they undertake, fund, and otherwise support in the region.. It is our hope that this paper will serve as a resource for researchers and communities to collaborate in the research process; will improve project proposal and ...
National Cancer Institute US Government agency responsible for conducting and supporting research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs with respect to the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer, rehabilitation from cancer, and the continuing care of cancer patients and the families of cancer patients ...
The Department is answerable to the office of the Vice Chancellor who is the Chief Executive of the University, who has final say on what should be communicated with the advice by the in-charge of the Department. The location of the department, the office of the Vice Chancellor is correct for quick dissemination of information; avoid unnecessary distortion and such other information dissemination challenges.
Todays world actually makes use of the world wide web as a means for just about everything: information dissemination, social networking, investigative purposes,...
The provisioning of user context information between service endpoints is central to realizing massive immersive participation on an Internet of Things. This information must in turn be provisioned to endpoints with minimal overhead costs. Where this is achieved through centralized repositories of context information there arises issues of scalability and availability. Where distributed approaches have been proposed, information dissemination has been optimized relative to the underlying network properties. In this paper we extend the Distributed Context Protocol (DCXP) to support subscriptions relative to an entity-application-entity triple, minimizing the number of subscriptions required and through application specific optimization minimize the overall cost of delivering user context information to service endpoints.. ...
94. In the light of the above, the component programme entities presented below make a major contribution to the implementation of Strategic Objective A1, Sustainable rural livelihoods and more equitable access to resources. Nonetheless, in dealing with specific production-related, conservation and information dissemination aspects of agricultural and sustainable development, they also contribute in varying degrees to Corporate Strategies C, D and E, as evidenced in the summary tables.. 95. As regards the SPFS (Programme 2.5.6), it is expected that its Phase I will be operational in around 80 countries at the beginning of the period of coverage of this Medium Term Plan. Moreover, at the same time, Phase I would have been extended in about 8 countries and South-South Cooperation (SSC) initiatives would be fully operational in 16 countries. The three biennia will, therefore, witness the full implementation of Phase I, the extension of Phase I at national level, the initiation of Phase II in ...
FDA, Defense Department Share Data to Enhance Medical Product Safety Reviews - In a release that was quite short on details and meaning, a new program of data sharing was announced between two agencies of the government that have seen their credibility erode over the past several years. The release says that data from the U.S. Military Health System will soon help the U.S. Food and Drug Administration make decisions affecting the safety and use of FDA-regulated products for all Americans. But it doesnt say what kind of data or under what circumstances, only that the two agencies have announced a partnership to share data and expertise related to the review and use of FDA-regulated drugs, biologics, and medical devices. This includes general patient data such as prescriptions, lab results and patient weight will be used by the FDA to spot trends, which may identify potential concerns as well as recognize benefits of products. The release assures us that the two agencies will protect all ...
Question: (01) Since, Doug Engelbart has proposed the design and implementation of a Hyperscope as a first step towards the OHS and says: Tom Phelpss Multivalent Browser is a candidate Hyperscope application , ,, then why are we not focusing more of our ba-unrev-talk and collaborative efforts on the Multivalent Browser for Re-inventing Scholarly Information Dissemination and Use , , ? (02) Dennis E. Hamilton wrote: (03) , Mei Lin, , , Thank you for the links. , , I notice that the second one is identical to the first. Please repost the , link for the 1992 paper. , , - - - - - - - - , , I reread the Draft OHS Project Plan. I had forgotten this. I notice that I , dont operate in reference to it. I have some quick impressions, ones I may , have held back in the past: , , 1. The OHS Project Plan is rather fixed, or seems so. In that it has an , implicit architecture and approach, and some details are stated. It is ...
Information dissemination has grown more sophisticated over the ages, altering the course of history and by that changing the patterns of life of the world.
[html format=nd_ckeditor different_values=0]ALGAKON, the company selected for the campaign, is starting work on awareness-raising and information dissemination to the local population and schools within action E7 of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project.
The Soviet policy of compelling the socialist governments of its satellite states to subordinate their national interests Painotus those of the Eastern Bloc through military force if needed became known as the Brezhnev Doctrine. In both the parochial and. Bhem setkn, kter se uskutenilo ve dnech Alexander Dubek - only a brief summary of - Käätnäj stal v roce lenem.. Brenv se Tolpan Krouvi pro kompromis.. Veden tamnch komunistickch stran vkldalo proto velik nadje do praskho. Vpd sovtskch vojsk znamenal pro vtinu levicov smlejcch lid v zpadnch states Information dissemination Politics Economies.. Grabbing his small, Russian-made Zenit 3M camera that he kept in a drawer, he rushed into the streets, taking as many dramatic shots as he violating the agreement they had risk.. During November, the Presidium, under Husak, declared that the Czechoslovak press could not make any negative remarks about the Soviet invaders or they Praha 1968 risk Sterilisaation Vaikutus Hormonitoimintaan, often at great ...
information dissemination; census collection; population distribution analysis; collection management; economic statistical collection
const apikey = api_key=***************dad4; const baseurl = const Search = styled.input` color: green; `; const MovieSearch = ({ setMovieList }) =, { const searchTMDBapi = e =, { const { value } =; // Simple example: URI encode and lowercase // ... theres more you could do const query = encodeURI(value.toLowerCase()); setMovieSearchResults(query); } const setMovieSearchResults = debounce(query =, { fetch(baseurl + apikey + &language=en-US&query= + query + &page=1&include_adult=false) .then(response =, { if (!response.ok) { throw new Error(Network response was not ok); } return response.json(); }) .then(data =, setMovieList(data.results)) .catch(console.error); }, 500); return ,Search placeholder=Search onChange={searchTMDBapi ...
Take a logical approach to ICD-10 and see the international benefits. By Rhonda Buckholtz, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I Youve probably heard stories about other
COVID-19 didnt so much create new issues for Central New Yorker experiencing poverty, but instead exacerbated existing inequalities. Thats according to…
Improvements in information technology are also making it possible for us to share data with other healthcare organisations for the purpose of providing you, your family and your community with better care. For example it is possible for healthcare professionals in other services to access your record with your permission when the practice is closed. This is explained further in the Local Information Sharing section below.. Under the powers of the Health and Social Care Act 2015, NHS Digital can request personal confidential data from GP Practices without seeking patient consent for a number of specific purposes, which are set out in law.. You can choose to withdraw your consent to your personal data being shared for these purposes. When we are about to participate in a new data-sharing project we will display prominent notices in the Practice and on our website at least four weeks before the scheme is due to start. Instructions will be provided to explain what you have to do to opt-out of the ...
Principal goal: to build a generic metadata management tool for supporting large-scale scientific data intensive applications in e-Science research projects.. The emergence of the grid model has made large scale collaborations of researchers in different application domains possible and popular. Large collections of data during distributed collaborations captured by instruments or generated by simulators must be stored into a place for keeping facts about characteristics of data in order to share data across system, organization and sector. So far, there are various types of metadata management tools for dealing with such vast quantities of data in the Grids [1-4]. However, from extensibility and reusability points of view, it is still a problem on how to register /or publish and discover scientific data in a generic way. Registering/or Publishing data is the process which data sets and their associated metadata are stored and made accessible for user communities. When a dataset is registered, ...
A new Center for Connected Medicine/HIMSS Media survey of healthcare tech leaders shows that most hospitals and health systems are depending on a single, integrated EHR to solve their interoperability woes.
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have teamed up with Optum, the health IT unit of UnitedHealth, to launch a collaborative research and development facility where both clinical and claims data will be shared for the aim of improving patient care, officials announced Tuesday.
Some mobile apps such as maps and games collect a users personal details or even track their location. More than half of Americans who use such apps have thought twice about using one once they learned just how much information they were required to share.
Looking for a Senior Scientific Data Analyst job? General Dynamics is currently hiring for a Senior Scientific Data Analyst position in Atlanta,GA.
DiabetesMine covers the news about Bluetooth-enabled smart insulin pens -- Companion Medicals InPen and the newly launched ESYSTA pen out of Germany.
The landscape of scientific research is changing. Todays researchers need to participate in large-scale collaborations, obtain and manage funding, share data, publish, and undertake knowledge translation activities in order to be successful. As per these increasing demands, Science Management is now a vital piece of the environment. This panel discussion of area experts whom have extensive experience with management in a science setting. ...
The landscape of scientific research is changing. Todays researchers need to participate in large-scale collaborations, obtain and manage funding, share data, publish, and undertake knowledge translation activities in order to be successful. As per these increasing demands, Science Management is now a vital piece of the environment. This panel discussion of area experts whom have extensive experience with management in a science setting. ...
An aviation weather information dissemination system and method involves regional weather-information accumulating and interpreting stations (12A-O) located throughout a geographic area (10). Each regional weather-information and interpreting station communicates with sources (16, 20 and 24) of current weather information peculiar to widely scattered geographic locations, within the geographic area (10). The system also includes a plurality of terminals which communicate with the regional weather-information accumulating and interpreting stations (12) via telephone lines, with each regional station serving particular terminals (14). The regional stations (12), in response to receiving origin and destination points of flights from said terminals (14), compute tentative flight paths between said origin and destination points and provide weather information to the terminals (14) in particular sequences relative to the origins and destinations. Upon demand, the regional stations (12) provide to the
Cross-Industry Fraud Increasing; Trend Drives Organizations to Share Data for Mutual Benefit, According to LexisNexis Risk Solutions Annual Study
Long before discussions of electronic medical records and sharing of health information became commonplace, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, health care payors, and all of their business partners were contemplating and building ways to share data. Hospitals and physician groups worked on interoperable shared records to optimize patient care. Pharmacies and their partners worked on collaborative databases and networks to gather and store patient prescription and evidence-based pharmaceutical data. The health care industry has worked for decades to use and share data in the most efficient way possible, to ensure the prompt delivery of appropriate care and payment. As the laws and standards governing health information technology have changed at startling pace, Quarles has adapted and stood on the cutting edge. For decades, standing on common ground with our clients and our colleagues, we have been advancing the delivery of health ...
Dallas, TX , Posted on July 19th, 2013. We live in a high-paced world where information technology and electronics play critical role. Our dream at Integrated Nanotechnology Lab @ KAUST is Information for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Information is vital for sustainable future and smart living. Quality food, purified water, natural environment and clean energy are necessities for sustainable future. In addition, quality healthcare, secured financial system and safety of life and property are integral components of smart living for a prosperous world for us and our future generation. Information gathering through highly sensitive and selective sensors, information storage in ultra-high capacity memory, information processing through ultra-high performance computation at ultra-low power and information dissemination via error-free seamless communication medium is not fancy anymore rather a necessity to ensure such sustainable future which offer all of us an affordable smart living. Thus, we are ...
Foreword. About the Editors.. Preface.. Acknowledgements.. List of Contributors.. 1 Introduction (Hannes Hartenstein and Kenneth P. Laberteaux). 1.1 Basic Principles and Challenges.. 1.2 Past and Ongoing VANET Activities.. 1.3 Chapter Outlines.. 1.4 References.. 2 Cooperative Vehicular Safety Applications (Derek Caveney).. 2.1 Introduction.. 2.2 Enabling Technologies.. 2.3 Cooperative System Architecture.. 2.4 Mapping for Safety Applications.. 2.5 VANET-enabled Active Safety Applications.. 2.6 References.. 3 Information Dissemination in VANETs (Christian Lochert, Björn Scheuermann and Martin Mauve).. 3.1 Introduction.. 3.2 Obtaining Local Measurements.. 3.3 Information Transport.. 3.4 Summarizing Measurements.. 3.5 Geographical Data Aggregation.. 3.6 Conclusion.. 3.7 References.. 4 VANET Convenience and Efficiency Applications (Martin Mauve and Björn Scheruermann).. 4.1 Introduction.. 4.2 Limitations.. 4.3 Applications.. 4.4 Communication Paradigms.. 4.5 Probabilistic, Area-based ...
Though it has been rightly said that what is wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology; there is no doubt that modern life is dominated by technology. There is universal recognition of the need to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education as we enter the era of globalization where the free flow of information via satellite and the internet hold sway in global information dissemination of knowledge. Already, Nigeria is on he wrong side of the international digital divide, as it has not made significant effort to integrate ICT into secondary school curriculum. A great deal of instructional and administrative work in secondary school in Nigeria is still carried out manually. This paper, therefore, examines the major obstacles militating against the use of ICT in secondary education in Nigeria. It identifies he high cost of computer hardware and software; weak infrastructure; lack of human skills and knowledge in ICT, and lack of relevant software appropriate and ...
Though it has been rightly said that what is wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology; there is no doubt that modern life is dominated by technology. There is universal recognition of the need to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education as we enter the era of globalization where the free flow of information via satellite and the internet hold sway in global information dissemination of knowledge. Already, Nigeria is on he wrong side of the international digital divide, as it has not made significant effort to integrate ICT into secondary school curriculum. A great deal of instructional and administrative work in secondary school in Nigeria is still carried out manually. This paper, therefore, examines the major obstacles militating against the use of ICT in secondary education in Nigeria. It identifies he high cost of computer hardware and software; weak infrastructure; lack of human skills and knowledge in ICT, and lack of relevant software appropriate and ...
Side Events were established as a platform for observer organizations to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences. Side Events are a vital component of the sessions, as they provide opportunities for information dissemination, capacity building, policy discussions and legitimizing global governance. Alongside Parties or UN agencies, observer organizations present their work or foster discussions on key issues, often engaging the audience in a Q&A session. The online registration period closed on 21 March 2014. All applicants will be informed on the outcome of their application through SEORS in the coming weeks. Those who missed the registration period could be placed on a waiting list in case there are cancellations. For additional information, please consult the List of Side Events or contact the Side Events and Exhibit team [email protected] List of side events at SB40 ...
(CNN) - A massive, all-out effort is happening to improve the treatment of brain diseases like Alzheimers. Eleven American pharmaceutical companies - typically competitors - are pooling data in hopes of making a medical breakthrough. Dr.
A nurse-managed precision cancer treatment education resource center may improve information dissemination about genomic health and targeted therapy.
Perhaps the biggest challenge to harnessing technology for economic development is addressing the digital divide. How can we do so? This is a big question and to answer it comprehensively by looking at all the work on this area is beyond the scope of this blog. However lets look at a few obvious ways of overcoming the digital divide:. (1) Development projects that focus on, and are relevant to the poor. The Monitoring of Integrated Farm Household Analysis Project (IFHAP) was conducted every five years from 1996 to 2007 in the thirty-three (33) major rice- producing provinces in the Philippines. The study noted the potential of mobile phones as key tool for information dissemination in agriculture as they are widely owned. In 2007, 90% of the farm households surveyed owned at least one mobile phone. I agree with the authors of this study that while policy, infrastructure, and digital divide do indeed aid in assessing readiness; a social dimension is also present, which we ignore at our own peril ...
There is a misconception that services in the United States are superior to that of our neighbors to the north. I can assure you that children with autism in rural areas and in economically depressed areas of the U.S. do not always access state of the art, science-based treatment such as those based on applied behavior analysis. In many cases throughout the US, children with autism receive poor quality behavior analytic services that may be lessened if providers were able to access more intensive training and networking opportunities similar to what is being offered in your province. Part of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)s mission is to help close that gap through information dissemination, and we are keenly interested in the efforts of leaders like yourself developing, implementing, and evaluating systems. ...
INCIID (The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination - pronounced inside) is the largest infertility information and support organization in the U.S. The organization provides an independent voice for consumers on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infertility as well as those considering adoption or child-free lifestyle. INCIID was created by infertile patients who have fought their way through the challenge, and won.. INCIIDs Executive Director, Nancy Hemenway and her husband, David, tried to have a baby for seven years. After four miscarriages doctors could not diagnose the problem, but Nancy would not give up. In 1991 after her first ten week pregnancy loss, she discovered the Internet - a resource for information and networking. She sat down at her computer, signed on to a fertility support bulletin board and typed: I want to look into a tiny face that looks lovingly back. Can someone out there help me?. The next day, she was delighted to have dozens of ...
Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCAs large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.. Read more about this Interest Group.. ...
Do You Import or Export Consumer Products to the U.S.? Most consumer products under CPSCs jurisdiction are imported. CPSC works internationally on the development and alignment of consumer product safety requirements, inspection and enforcement coordination as well as consumer education and information dissemination.
Distributed graph algorithms provide efficient and theoretically sound methods for solving graph problems in distributed settings and more generally for performing distributed computation in networks. These algorithms are applicable in a wide variety of settings, ranging from computer networks to massively parallel computing and beyond. This thesis addresses a number of the central problems of distributed graph algorithms. These problems generally revolve around two of the principal challenges of the area, locality and congestion. The problems include computing maximal independent set, minimum spanning tree, minimum edge cut and minimum vertex cut, graph connectivity decompositions, network information dissemination, minimum-weight connected dominating set, and scheduling distributed protocols. We develop novel techniques, concepts, and tools for these problems, and present algorithms and impossibility results which improve considerably on the state of the art, in several cases resolving or ...
The Maritime Association of South Carolina (MASC) is a member-based trade association which connects the Maritime Association industry and entities who support maritime commerce. The MASC serves as a platform for information dissemination, collaboration and partnership within its membership. The MASC advocates for issues impacting the industry and serves to advance, promote and protect the interests of the maritime community across South Carolina.
CivicLEADS encourages depositors to submit data files as SAS, SPSS, or Stata files. ASCII files are also acceptable as long as they are accompanied with setup files. Datasets in other formats are accepted as well. Each variable in the data collection should have a set of exhaustive, mutually-exclusive codes. Variable labels and value labels should clearly describe the information or question recorded in that variable. Missing data codes should be defined. CivicLEADS knows the importance of qualitative and geospatial data in civic education and engagement research. Researchers wishing to archive and share qualitative, audiovisual, or GIS data are encourage to deposit their data with CivicLEADS. Identifying information should be removed from the data to protect confidentiality ...
The aim of broad data sharing is to maximize the public benefit derived from genetic and genomic studies. However, Tribal leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to assure that uses of Tribal data are responsible, particularly in light of past mis-uses of research data. The sovereign status of Tribal governments has implications for research agreements and data-sharing negotiations. Recognizing the unique concerns raised by Tribal entities, an NIH-funded research center involving a partnership among three Tribal organizations and three universities convened a meeting to consider data sharing and related research issues. The speakers will discuss the Tribal perspectives that arose from the meeting, and from their experience participating in Tribal partnerships. While there is strong Tribal support for efficient research processes that expedite the benefits from collaborative research, there is also a need for data-sharing procedures that take into account Tribal sovereignty and appropriate ...
MSHs involvement in the K4H project includes supporting the development of the K4H Network, a global community of health professionals intended to provide access to information, expertise, people, ideas, and opportunities for its members; contributing technical expertise on knowledge management and dissemination strategies of evidence-based tools and resources in public health; and providing advice on adapting technical information and disseminating best practices.. ...
We have recently made changes to the Privacy Policy to provide more detailed information about the collection, use and removal of data collected by this site. By continuing to use our site, you acknowledge that you accept our Privacy Policy. Read More ...
This presentation was given at the 2012 Open Access Week program, The Open Data Revolution: Challenges and Innovations on October 23, 2012. Open Access Week is a world-wide event where academic institutions explore Open Access - the ideal of free, full-text, immediate, online access to peer-reviewed scholarship and research results so new ideas and information can be obtained rapidly and freely by everyone. Many funding agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, and journal publishers, such as Nature, require researchers to share data produced during the course of their research. When researchers share their data, other researchers can reuse it to answer new questions, opening up new interpretations and discoveries. Sharing data may also lead to sharing research processes, workflows and tools and may make research articles and papers more useful and citable by others ...
A forum for chief medical officers (CMOs) from the biopharmaceutical industry has welcomed plans by the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) to conduct a consensus study on responsible sharing of clinical-research data. - News - PharmaTimes
A project to let car insurance companies see peoples personal data held by the DVLA has been delayed by wrangling between insurers and the government, despite almost £1m having been invested so far
Hi, service provider!. The IN-4-AHA consortium wants to support the uptake of innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe. Some of the challenges most faced by service providers are related to creating and proving the impact on users´ wellbeing. How can funders and other stakeholders get evidence on the benefits that the service generates? How to make better use of data and share data in the eco-system of health and care?. Join the IN-4-AHA consortium for the focus group meeting if you ...
A British data watchdog has raised questions about whether it was appropriate for a healthcare trust to share data on 1.6 million patients with DeepMind Health, an AI company owned by Google. The trust shared the data in connection with the test phase of Streams, an app designed to diagnose acute kidney injuries. However, the sharing reportedly was performed without an appropriate legal basis. The UKs National Data Guardian addressed the issue in a letter to Stephen Powis, the medical director of the Royal Free Hospital in London ...
Data is the foundation of sound decision making, especially when tackling complex health issues. Organizations have literally hundreds of thousands of data points available to them, from publicly available data to their own in-house information. Capturing those numbers and translating them into a meaningful story is challenging. Public Health Data Solutions (PHDS) harnesses powerful online technologies that allow organizations to easily collect, manage and share data. PHI leverages decades of experience in improving health outcomes to help clients identify which tools and technologies will provide the greatest impact, integrate these custom solutions into their work and bring their data to life. Read the overview.. ...
Collaborate - The key recommendation from the CFSAC, IACFS/ME and CFIDS Associaton of America, at the public hearing regarding the 5 year strategic draft plan, was that the CDC collaborate more. We recommend that you work with the ME/CFS research community to identify and fill gaps in research. We request that you investigate the possibility of being part of a coherent International ME/CFS research effort that utilizes standardized protocols, identifies research opportunities, provides expertise across institutional boundaries and shares data and samples. We request that you become a partner with and actively support the CFIDS Association Research Network and the Whittemore Peterson Institute Biobank ...
When decision makers cannot easily draw meaningful conclusions from data, opportunities to leverage enterprise architecture to make better decisions are missed. This makes it challenging to justify allocating significant resources to enterprise architecture programs, and therefore creates obstacles for the enterprise architecture to gather, store, and share data. Learn how LMI works with federal and private entities to overcome these obstacles and effectively utilize data visualization within enterprise architectures.
In the United Kingdom, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), derived from its investigation on the retail banking market, ordered in 2017 to the nine biggest UK banks (referred to as the CMA9) the implementation of the initiative known as Open Banking, aiming to stimulate innovation to increase competition in the sector in benefit of consumers.. The goal of Open Banking is for banks to share data related to their products and services, as well as customers to give banks their consent to share their own financial data (i.e. transactional history, account balance) with third parties who have the ability to generate a diversity of solutions based on the shared data, providing more and better financial services but, above all, more personalized, contributing to improve each person´s financial health and user experience.. This initiative has started to spread around the world, where authorities are trying to introduce it within their own market structures, adopting different approaches for ...
All of us have heard that our health resistance to different diseases depends on immunity. In this blog we share data about ways of maintaining our immunity in battle readiness. You will learn what food and medical supplements has to be used in order to have strong immunity system. This and other health related issues are presented in our blog.
Enterprise storage & solutions have gone through an evolution over the last couple decades. First, there was direct attached storage. Packing many disks into a RAID configuration, it was difficult to share data between applications.. Then came network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN). These allowed you to share storage among multiple applications in a central repository. This was essential for server virtualization efforts. As your data performance requirements increased, it forced disks to move back closer to the processor.. You now might have multiple storage arrays, direct attached storage, and possibly some data stored in the cloud. This creates silos of data. It can be hard to tell exactly what data you have. It also leads to poor utilization rates. To address these challenges, hybrid storage environments have emerged.. Here are 4 ways that you can benefit from hybrid storage: ...
Potty coaching is a dreaded task, but you are lucky to be sharing the duty with your preschool. I need to locate a preschool for my son so that he can prepare to go to kindergarten subsequent year by working with other children and finding out how to make buddies. You make a great point that you need to select a preschool that provides a lot of time for children to experiment and play due to the fact this will give my son a lot of freedom to be creative. Also, it tends to make sense that you must look for a school that has a defined curriculum and certified teachers since this will give me peace of mind that my son is obtaining the best education.Alamo City Moms Blog is happily partnering with Little Sunshines Playhouse & Preschool ® to share data about early childhood education. If you are you looking for more information on click the following internet page have a look at the web-site. Hi, my name is Candy Floss, I joined Bright Horizons in March 2010 as the Super Security Hero to assist ...
To ensure access to the e-Learning platform and in furtherance of your own learning objectives, FirstBank and our partners may share data you provide us with our service partners specifically in scope of this engagement to support your learning objectives. Data will be processed within systems owned and operated by any of the parties involved in the delivery of the e-learning service to you. The processing may occur in locations (some outside Nigeria) with different levels of data privacy maturity but from where these services are most effectively rendered.. ...
To ensure access to the e-Learning platform and in furtherance of your own learning objectives, FirstBank and our partners may share data you provide us with our service partners specifically in scope of this engagement to support your learning objectives. Data will be processed within systems owned and operated by any of the parties involved in the delivery of the e-learning service to you. The processing may occur in locations (some outside Nigeria) with different levels of data privacy maturity but from where these services are most effectively rendered.. ...
Get the latest Circuit systems india ltd sectoral stock/share markets News and articles & the historic stock/share data for Nifty/Sensex today. Check out the live Circuit systems india ltd sectoral data.
The Cloud is a powerful tool for sharing, it can enable people and organizations to be far more productive, especially in todays global and telecommuting age. However, Cloud providers can make it too easy to share data, as such organizations and their employees need to be aware of these risks. Dropbox (the 800 pound Cloud gorilla) announced last week a new feature, when you share a folder you can allow those you are sharing with to invite others. In other words, you can give others admin control of your shared folder. What they dont tell you in the announcement is this is now the default feature. It also retro-actively applies to any shares you have created in the past. In other words if you have ten folders you have shared in the past, you need to go into your settings and disable this new feature in every folder you have shared, then go back and enable it for only the folders that require it (hopefully none). The challenge with the Cloud, SocialNetworking sites and other online providers is ...
The report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for the market category, and global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants, pipeline products, and news and deals related to the Cardiovascular Surgery Market wherever available. The data in the report is derived from dynamic market forecast models. GlobalData uses epidemiology and capital equipment-based models to estimate and forecast the market size. The objective is to provide information that represents the most up-to-date data of the industry possible ...
Awkward - Its hard to get medical data from one hospital to another: Former Vice President Joe Biden has railed against the infuriating challenge of getting his son Beaus medical records from one hospital to another (Walter Reed to MD Anderson) when he was battling a serious brain cancer (Stage 4 glioblastoma). When my boy was dying, I asked whether or not … we could have access to his cancer genome sequencing in a great hospital. They said, Well, thatll be hard. … Why is it that hospitals are reluctant to allow that data being transferred? Because you might go somewhere else… Id like to be able to say that there are widely distributed and applied techniques and mechanisms to share data among researchers, clinicians, and patients, but I cant. Id like to be able to say that cancer diagnosis in St. Louis is decipherable by another doctor in Memphis, in the case of a patient who moves or seeks a second opinion, but I cant say that either ...
MGM MIRAGE AND SUBSIDIARIES CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS (In thousands, except per share data) (Unaudited) Three Months Ended ------------------------------- March 31, March 31, 2006 2005 ------------- ------------- Revenues: Casino $ 846,965 $ 614,813 Rooms 520,250 274,054 Food and beverage 386,739 243,478 Entertainment 99,653 88,147 Retail 66,567 44,879 Other 123,428 60,835 ------------- ------------- 2,043,602 1,326,206 Less: Promotional allowances (165,069) (122,071) ------------- ------------- 1,878,533 1,204,135 ------------- ------------- Expenses: Casino 445,079 310,789 Rooms 137,127 69,479 Food and beverage 226,796 134,311 Entertainment 73,530 60,065 Retail 45,496 29,584 Other 69,304 39,465 General and administrative 270,004 158,364 Corporate expense 36,652 26,791 Preopening and start-up expenses 6,181 2,524 Restructuring costs (credit) 804 (66) Property transactions, net 23,469 4,203 Depreciation and amortization 155,273 110,495 ------------- ------------- 1,489,715 946,004 ...
While the Regents own the data in principle, it seems individual researchers are left to their own devices in practice. I doubt that the Regents care about how researchers choose to share data (or not), unless... it becomes possible to make money from data sets. Its quite clear that the main aim of this policy is to allow the UT System to profit financially from inventions and patents. If there is money to be made from university research, the UT System wants to be one of the ones making it ...
All these choices result in different interpolating functions. So, which choices did you make and what was your result? If youd like to see another presentation of it, go ahead. Im very happy to explain things - and to justify my choices! - to well-meaning editors with genuine questions Obviously I wont promise not to criticize your choices. Does this make me a not-well-meaning editor? You seem to be on the wrong side of every argument around here I seem to be constantly on the other side than you are. Doesnt make my side always wrong! @Aschlafly: Well put, Jcw. Do you condone the policy to share data only with those who you expect not to criticize it? When reading Conservapedia:Lenski_dialog and its talk page, I got quite another impression! So Augusts date in his exponent appears wrong, but your graph is correct in show an intersection with the x-axis over a decade after 1600 Jcws graph (the green line!) doesnt intersect the x-axis at ~1610. I doubt that it intersects the x-axis at all! ...
All these choices result in different interpolating functions. So, which choices did you make and what was your result? If youd like to see another presentation of it, go ahead. Im very happy to explain things - and to justify my choices! - to well-meaning editors with genuine questions Obviously I wont promise not to criticize your choices. Does this make me a not-well-meaning editor? You seem to be on the wrong side of every argument around here I seem to be constantly on the other side than you are. Doesnt make my side always wrong! @Aschlafly: Well put, Jcw. Do you condone the policy to share data only with those who you expect not to criticize it? When reading Conservapedia:Lenski_dialog and its talk page, I got quite another impression! So Augusts date in his exponent appears wrong, but your graph is correct in show an intersection with the x-axis over a decade after 1600 Jcws graph (the green line!) doesnt intersect the x-axis at ~1610. I doubt that it intersects the x-axis at all! ...
Mumbai, India : Market Reports on India present the latest report on “India Diagnostic Imaging Market” the report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for each of these market categories, and global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants."India Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2022", provides key market data on the India Diagnostic Imaging market. The report provides value, in millions of US dollars and volume (in units) within...
Now, you can collect, access, analyze, and share data … on your computer, tablet, or phone … from your office, truck, or even your daughters volleyball game.. One look tells you where all your equipment and people are. You can route the right people to the right place to do the right job, and ensure they have the tools and fuel they need. You can even view your machines displays remotely. And from one place, you can make sure your latest field data is shared with whoever you choose.. ...
ACTS (Automated Collections and Tracking system) - This statewide computer system tracks CSS participant and case activities, stores participant and case information and performs automated activities to assist CSS caseworkers. ACTS receives data from and shares data with more than 30 state, federal and private agencies. This system helps to locate more noncustodial parents, establish more child support orders and collect more child support.
Bad things happen, but the potential of IoT will be limited if those in any connected system of devices cannot share data of adverse incidents more effectively. This webcast introduces 5 keys to doing so successfully, all toward improving security across ...
Condensed Consolidated Statements of Income and Reconciliation of GAAP Earnings to Adjusted Earnings (In millions, except per share data) (Unaudited) Three Months Ended Three Months Ended September 30, 2009 September 30, 2008 ------------------ --------------------- Adjust- Adjust- GAAP ments Adjusted GAAP (a) ments Adjusted ---- ------- -------- -------- ------- -------- Revenues: Product sales $3,736 $- $3,736 $3,784 $- $3,784 Other revenues 76 - 76 91 - 91 --- --- --- --- --- --- Total revenues 3,812 - 3,812 3,875 - 3,875 ----- --- ----- ----- --- ----- Cost of sales (excludes amortization of certain acquired intangible assets presented below) 545 (3) (b) 542 677 (3) (b) 590 (84) (h) Research and development 647 (13) (b) 613 729 (12) (b) 700 (3) (c) (17) (d) (18) (d) Selling, general and adminis- trative 932 (13) (b) 913 900 (10) (b) 890 (6) (c) Amortization of certain acquired intangible assets 74 (74) (e) - 74 (74) (e) - Other charges 9 (1) (c) - 12 (8) (c) - (8) (f) (4) (f) --- --- ...
Note: 16-18 year olds must have permission from a parent or guardian to use this service.. We will only use your email for this conversation. We never share data with third parties.. ...
Jorge Cortes, MD, shares data presented at ASH 2017 regarding bosutinib in CML treatment. Dr. Cortes tells us about the clinical data presented at ASH 2017 regarding treatment of front-line chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) with bosutinib. Dr. Cortes tells us about the clinical data presented at ASH 2017 regarding treatment of front-line chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) .... ...
  • After gathering information from these sources, researchers recommended best strategies to satisfy the real-time traveler information dissemination requirements in Illinois. (
  • This is accomplished through a series of ITS applications, including traffic management, traveler information dissemination, and enhanced incident detection and management. (
  • The paper discusses the use of electronic publishing for the preservation and dissemination of rare manuscript material. (
  • Dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of information about Guthrie's vast cultural legacy. (
  • To determine effectiveness and costs of different guideline dissemination and implementation strategies. (
  • Randomized-controlled trials, controlled clinical trials, controlled before and after studies, and interrupted time series evaluating guideline dissemination and implementation strategies targeting medically qualified health care professionals that reported objective measures of provider behavior and/or patient outcome. (
  • Current guideline dissemination and implementation strategies can lead to improvements in care within the context of rigorous evaluative studies. (
  • However, there is an imperfect evidence base to support decisions about which guideline dissemination and implementation strategies are likely to be efficient under different circumstances. (
  • Note: all independent contractors to whom Company provides account information are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. (
  • demonstrated experience involving complex security classification decisions such as coalition/foreign partner support, foreign disclosure, intelligence dissemination, or crossdomain operations. (
  • You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, disclosure, and/or copying of the information contained in this communication is strictly prohibited. (
  • The FBI has received your Freedom of Information Act/Privacy (FOI/PA) request and it will be forwarded to the Work Process Unit or a Single Station Disclosure Team for review. (
  • If you are not the addressee any disclosure, reproduction, distribution, other dissemination or use of this communication is strictly prohibited. (
  • In his 2009 FOIA Guidelines, the Attorney General strongly encouraged agencies to make discretionary releases of information even when the information might be technically exempt from disclosure under the FOIA. (
  • This is particularly important in light of the "infodemic", or widespread dissemination of inaccurate information regarding COVID-19 causes and cures from unreliable sources, which has occurred globally. (
  • Coronavax uses qualitative interviews and social media analysis to explore Western Australians' concerns, motivations and information needs regarding COVID-19 vaccination. (
  • The role of libraries in HIV/AIDS information dissemination in Sub-Saharan Africa. (
  • National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. (
  • FAQ Short, simple how-to and demos of frequently asked questions about using the Libraries and information resources. (
  • In 2006 the Communication and Dissemination Program began producing fact sheets of High Impact research projects from the First Ten Years of NORA . (
  • This type of information dissemination tends to be one-way (National Research Council, 1989, 1996). (
  • A second phase for this project was proposed to integrate the remaining research project results and then to disseminate this information at the study's conclusion. (
  • back it up with the research by providing the source information - Make it easy for the viewer to find out more! (
  • This paper describes processes undertaken and tools developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Mental Health Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (MH-QUERI) to guide its efforts to partner with clinical leaders to prepare for national dissemination and implementation of collaborative care for depression. (
  • The European Dissemination Media Agency specialise in disseminating projects & research through open access platforms. (
  • It is vital for members of the science and research community to clearly communicate the results of their research projects with the private and public sectors through effective European dissemination. (
  • reviewed current mechanisms for health research governance and discussed effective means of knowledge translation, dissemination and utilization for health policy-making in the Region. (
  • Information and data on biodiversity are found in natural history museums, research institutions, environmental agencies and NGO's run by professional and amateur biologists. (
  • and the dissemination of information on research progress in these diseases. (
  • Evaluating Information Learn how to choose the best and most reliable information that meets your research needs. (
  • Teaching Support Collaborative library instructional services that can improve the research and information skills of your students. (
  • You'll find information relevant to all stages of the research lifecycle - from Data Management Plans in the grant-writing process, to Organization and Format during data collection, to Sharing and Archiving your data post-publication. (
  • This includes providing financial administrative support for researchers, information dissemination to all Faculty members, research personnel, reconciliation of procurement card statements and assistance with other research financial duties. (
  • The first indication to emerge of many emergencies, around the world, is now Twitter, which enables the publication of information to large crowds in real time, the research student said. (
  • Scientists then translate that information into images like these during the course of their research ( here's a podcast about that ). (
  • Design A structured questionnaire was used to solicit information on research ethics from health research institutions. (
  • human and material resources and output of health information and research systems. (
  • NIST maintains an email discussion list to disseminate information. (
  • Therefore, following the above assertion it can be submitted that, the origin of the media and its responsibility to disseminate information, most importantly in Nigeria context dates back to the era of the early press in the year 1800-1929. (
  • These meetings provide an opportunity to disseminate information, offer on-the-spot training on the application of FOIA exemptions, provide guidance on the considerations involved in evaluating "foreseeable harm" from potential disclosures, discuss administrative processing matters, and share best practices in customer service and related topics. (
  • An evidence-based quality improvement (EBQI) process was used to develop an initial set of goals to prepare the VA for national dissemination and implementation of collaborative care. (
  • Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based psychological interventions / edited by R. Kathryn McHugh and David H. Barlow. (
  • The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC) was established by a parliamentary resolution and became operational in 2005. (
  • We work among others with the Swedish Species Information Centre (ArtDatabanken), the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), the EU ( EUBON and INSPIRE ) and the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). (
  • We find that scorecard dissemination improves politicians' subsequent performance in each post-treatment year of the electoral term, but only in competitive constituencies. (
  • Having finalised their thesis and having obtained authorisation from the academic committee of their PhD programme, PhD candidates must deposit the thesis with the School for Doctoral Studies in order to ensure its dissemination and to allow other PhD holders to make observations on its content. (
  • In addition, due to the rapidly changing nature of the law and our reliance on the information provided by outside sources, we make no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or at other sites to which we link. (
  • While aerosol technologies for large-scale dissemination have been developed and tested by the United States during the existence of its biological weapons program, and by the former Soviet Union [ 3 ] and Iraq, [ 4 ] few details of those tests are available to civilian planners. (
  • There is limited data about the relationship between information, attitude, and behavior. (
  • The Final Rule 23 CFR 511 has mandated that after November 8, 2014, states provide real-time traveler data along all limited-access roadways, and that traveler information must also be provided along routes of significance in all metropolitan areas (with populations exceeding one million) two years after that. (
  • To amass the necessary data, we reviewed published documents on the topic and conducted interviews and conference calls with stakeholders throughout the rural and urban transportation districts of Illinois to identify the routes that require real-time information, information sharing needs and possible changes and updates to ITS architectures. (
  • Guidelines on processing personal data for dissemination and publication. (
  • With these Guidelines, the Italian DPA is providing guidance and recommendations to prevent the risks arising from the publication and dissemination of health-related data on the Internet and, in particular, to prevent the inappropriate exposure of individuals and their most intimate information on the Net. (
  • [ 11 , 12 ] The data from this report and from the larger body of information related to the biological control of insects suggest that a liquid biological agent can indeed be disseminated on a large scale using crop-dusting airplanes. (
  • demonstrated ability to instruct and interact with small groups on data and information requirements and coordination tasks. (
  • provides crossdomain data transfer and intelligence dissemination support, system-high to -low transfers between JWICS, SIPRNet, NIPRNet, and other U.S. and Allied / Partner systems. (
  • Statistical information, ensuring confidentiality of the data, shall be published according to the approved and publically accessible calendars. (
  • Internet services for species - Information services on species include taxonomy, identification keys, ecological data etc. (
  • In addition to enhancing foreign collection capabilities, the Internet has made dissemination of data within North Korea easier. (
  • Get information on country economic data and analysis, development assistance, and regional initiatives. (
  • The Virginia case involved a challenge to the collection of ALPR data under a Virginia privacy law called the "Government Data Collection and Dissemination Act," which says that personal information "shall not be collected" by state agencies "unless the need for it has been clearly established in advance. (
  • Virginia's data act defines "personal information" as including "all information that… affords a basis for inferring personal characteristics. (
  • This information arrives at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), Webb's mission and science operations center, as raw data. (
  • STScI processes the data into calibrated files for scientific analysis and delivers it to the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes for dissemination. (
  • It was perceived a significant flaw in the completion of the DNV and ambiguity between the SMS and DATASUS data, thereby jeopardizing the reliability and questioning the precision and completeness of the registers of this information system compared to the SMS ones. (
  • This was followed by information products (63%), which indicated the availability of accurate and reliable data. (
  • AikiWeb's principal purpose is to serve the Internet community as a repository and dissemination point for aikido information. (
  • The present study estimates the cost and cost-effectiveness of the NET intervention, as compared to the passive dissemination of the guideline, to evaluate whether any improvements in clinical practice or health outcomes due to the NET intervention can be obtained at an acceptable cost. (
  • This department manages the information by engaging in its collection, collation, synthesis, analysis, and ensuring its access and communication through stakeholder friendly structures. (
  • Information can also be found on the Department of Health and Human Services WTC external icon . (
  • InSights provide occupational safety and health information that addresses specific safety challenges encountered by workers, and specific impacts facilitated by NIOSH. (
  • In many places, health workers at the sub-national level are on the frontlines of disseminating information about coronavirus (COVID-19) to communities. (
  • To ensure communities are receiving timely and accurate information, it is vital health workers are kept abreast of the most recent recommendations, and guidance. (
  • An electronic survey was implemented to provide insights about the dissemination and utilisation of information and evidence related to the COVID-19 pandemic by health workers engaged at sub-national levels of the Ugandan health system. (
  • The aim of this survey was to provide insights about the dissemination and utilisation of information and evidence related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by individuals engaged at sub-national levels of the health system. (
  • Mass media and public health campaigns and outreach activities were deemed the most suitable means to reach communities with COVID-19 information. (
  • The need for information on homecare of COVID-19 patients was highlighted, along with the need for updated local statistics as to COVID-19 cases to be relayed for health workers at sub-national levels. (
  • Understanding the sources of information used by health workers can facilitate the transfer of relevant and timely information, which in turn increases the use of such information by the Ugandan population. (
  • Plague information materials were rapidly developed and distributed to U.S. public health officials by electronic mail, facsimile, and expedited publication. (
  • The fact that information, recommendations, comments and stories are shared daily by users on health-related web sites testifies to the usefulness and value of this experience in terms both of pooling scientific knowledge and of making available an area for mutual support and help. (
  • The Relationship between Information Dissemination Channels, Health Belief, and COVID-19 Vaccination Intention: Evidence from China. (
  • A health belief model was used to examine the predictors of COVID-19 vaccination behavior , and the relationship between different COVID-19 vaccine information dissemination channels, residents' health beliefs , and propensity to vaccinate was analyzed. (
  • Telehealth in general is the dissemination of any health information or healthcare services delivered through telecommunications. (
  • Knowing not all women have the same access to health information, Flo also works with a large team of medical doctors and female health organizations to provide expert, evidence-based advice and commentary that's unconditional and widely available. (
  • While many health topics still remain taboo, Flo hopes that offering a library of accessible information will also empower open discussion, end stigmas, and help surround women with a supportive community. (
  • The same method was followed in assessing national information systems in 17 countries and knowledge systems for health in 44 countries. (
  • Specific recommendations for individuals who should be immunized can be obtained from the CDC, which publishes regular updates of this information (see Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Resources for Health Professionals ). (
  • Hirshleifer and Teoh (2003) develop a model in which informationally equivalent disclosures have different effects on investor perceptions, depending on how and where the information is presented. (
  • Bloomfield (2002) posits that, because press coverage substantially reduces information acquisition costs, the dissemination of disclosures in the press should be associated with greater price reactions to the information contained in the disclosures, a conjecture the author explicitlies test within the context of management earnings guidance. (
  • To date, FOIA Forums have included sessions on the appropriate use of the Departmental FOIA tracking system (Secretary"s Information Management System " FOIA or SIMS-FOIA), the FOIA Administrative Process, Discretionary Disclosures and Exemption 5. (
  • During this reporting period DOL made 1,081 discretionary disclosures of information that could have been properly withheld under one or more FOIA exemptions. (
  • Guidance has been given at the Departmental level to ensure that each DOL agency component understands that in response to specific FOIA requests, DOL should not only disclose information that FOIA requires to be disclosed, but also make every effort to make discretionary disclosures of information where there is no foreseeable harm to an interest protected under FOIA. (
  • For more information on submitting an article please see our author guidelines and FAQ or email us at [email protected] (
  • Additionally, these Guidelines are aimed at enabling users to more knowledgeably participate in these forums to exchange information and provide mutual support. (
  • The National Dissemination Plan suggests that effectively disseminating collaborative care for depression in the VA will likely require attention to: Guidelines and Quality Indicators (4 goals), Training in Clinical Processes and Evidence-based Quality Improvement (6 goals), Marketing (7 goals), and Informatics Support (1 goal). (
  • Official Statistics Dissemination Guidelines have been prepared under the Law on Official Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania, the official statistics dissemination principles and standards of the EU, United Nations and International Monetary Fund, internal legislation of Statistics Lithuania and best practice of other countries. (
  • Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. (
  • Failure to disclose this information could result in disciplinary action including removal from Federal Service. (
  • Researchers based outside the capital no longer need to travel to P'yongyang for necessary information. (
  • While allowing researchers to use the Internet to keep current with global trends in science and technology, P'yongyang has been able to retain control over unwelcome political information. (
  • In the past 50 years, the speed of international travel, as well as the number of travelers, has accelerated, providing a mechanism for the rapid dissemination of disease agents from one country to another. (
  • See Medscape Drugs & Diseases articles Tuberculosis , Miliary Tuberculosis , Primary Tuberculosis Imaging , Pediatric HIV Infection , and HIV Disease for more information on these topics. (
  • The dissemination of information relative to the diagnosis of PRRS will assist in the control of this costly disease and thus reduce its economic impact on the American swine produced and the American consumer. (
  • Expires April 23, 2021 [Page 2] Internet-Draft IPv6 Flow Specification October 2020 enable Dissemination of Flow Specification Rules [I-D.ietf-idr-rfc5575bis] for IPv6. (
  • Information about revisions of statistical indicators shall be published in the publicly available calendar on the Official Statistics Portal. (
  • Your contact and financial information is submitted via a secure (HTTPS) connection and stored in the Company database protected by a firewall. (
  • Our social media study will discern the sentiment around the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in WA by analysing information about the vaccine that is shared on social media. (
  • The ACIP's Adult Immunization Schedule for influenza vaccine includes information about the recombinant influenza vaccine and addresses the use of this vaccine and the inactivated influenza vaccine in patients with egg allergy. (
  • With the rapid technological development of Internet information dissemination, new Internet media emerge quickly. (
  • Adapting to rapid dissemination of Internet information and diligently controlling the power of the Internet to lead public opinion is a significant test on our party's ability to rule. (
  • The landscape of COVID-19 information has undergone rapid and substantial changes over the course of the pandemic. (
  • and the role of "superspreaders" and superspreading events in the rapid dissemination of the illness. (
  • these efforts included the formation of a global network of virology and pathology laboratories using modern diagnostic methods contributing to the rapid identification, characterization, and sequencing of the agent and the timely dissemination of critical information and guidance. (
  • Similarly, the majority of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells express CXCR4 and migrate in response to SDF1, suggesting that the SDF1/CXCR4 axis may be involved in the dissemination of AML cells to various organs. (
  • During this COCA Call, emergency providers will learn critical information about Zika, such as how to identify people at risk for infection either through recent travel or through sex with someone infected with Zika, examine the importance of screening protocols, and understand likely symptoms, such as fever, rash, and conjunctivitis. (
  • Emergency managers who formerly were used to one-directional dissemination of information to the population are now exposed to vast amounts of information, originating from the public and typically before formal notifications have been issued. (
  • According to Simon, "regardless of the type of emergency - a terror attack, hurricane or an earthquake - communication infrastructure may be overloaded and collapse as numerous people attempt to access information. (
  • In an emergency, the public is exposed to large quantities of information without being aware of its validity or risk of misinformation," the researcher wrote. (
  • This project coordinates the dissemination of the final report completed in phase 2 of the project and provides outreach activities to local government entities about the integration project and the overall results and conclusions generated by the Transportation and Regional Growth Study. (
  • Given the reported disruption to public outreach campaigns, this is a particularly important consideration for the provision of information to communities. (
  • To promote general skills in scientific dissemination and outreach. (
  • for example, the median absolute improvement in performance across interventions ranged from 14.1% in 14 cluster-randomized comparisons of reminders, 8.1% in 4 cluster-randomized comparisons of dissemination of educational materials, 7.0% in 5 cluster-randomized comparisons of audit and feedback, and 6.0% in 13 cluster-randomized comparisons of multifaceted interventions involving educational outreach. (
  • Based on a detailed needs assessment, in collaboration with Catalyst Management Services of Bangalore, it has designed an information system to provide information on current initiatives and to be a knowledge bank of learning for handling future disasters in and outside the country. (
  • The fund was established in 2006 by the Republic of Korea to contribute to poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific by improving access to information and communications technology and facilitating knowledge sharing and partnerships. (
  • Open Scholarship Commons One-stop shop for knowledge creation and dissemination services. (
  • Planning and Dissemination Grants are intended to provide support for planning and/or dissemination activities consistent with the mandate of CIHR and relevant to CIHR Institutes, or Initiatives. (
  • The Sectoral teams interact with IEC and the district administration to identify sector-specific needs, information and support of the community. (
  • Provision of your account information to independent contractors providing services in support of Company's delivery of services to you. (
  • CNN) -- FBI Director James Comey said Monday he had no information to support claims by President Donald Trump that he was wiretapped by his predecessor, Barack Obama. (
  • I have no information that supports those tweets," Comey told the House Intelligence Committee, adding that the Justice Department, along with the FBI, had no information to support the allegations. (
  • Agencies are familiar with traditional information dissemination conducted by public information or press offices. (
  • Thus, traditional public information plans that rely on information dissemination may not be sufficient. (
  • Information alone is only one component of this type of problem-solving conducted by public information or press offices. (
  • In recent years, information about several public incidents spread quickly through the Internet. (
  • The early-informed convey more information into stock prices when the delay before public release is longer. (
  • To understand public spaces of scientific dissemination: their specificities, weak points and potentialities. (
  • Information was also provided to medical practitioners and the public by recorded telephone messages and facsimile transmission. (
  • All statistical information and metadata produced according to Part I of the Official Statistics Programme shall be published and made available to the public free of charge on the Official Statistics Portal. (
  • If you have worked for the ODNI in a staff or contract capacity and are intending to share intelligence-related information with the public through social media posts, books or television and film productions, you will need to submit the materials for approval. (
  • The goal of the ODNI Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Office is to keep the public better informed about the agency's efforts and to ensure U.S. security through the release of as much information as possible, consistent with the need to protect classified or sensitive information under the exemption provisions of these laws. (
  • The requested documents will be made available to the general public free of charge as part of the public information service at , processed by a representative of the news media/press and is made in the process of news gathering and not for commercial usage. (
  • If you require additional assistance please contact the Public Information Officer. (
  • Public Information Officer/Legal Admin. (
  • The anatomy of a report included a abstract and introduction (a), genetic sequencing information (b) genome properties (c) and comparisons with previously sequenced genomes (d). (
  • In this study, The author examines the extent to which the business press facilitates this process by disseminating the information contained in management earnings guidance to market participants. (
  • He then examines the effects of guidance dissemination in the business press on market participants' reactions to the information contained in the guidance. (
  • It examines the language choice in the media for the dissemination of COVID-19 information in rural communities in Cameroon as well as the outcome of that choice of language of communication on the population. (
  • The project BEIDS ('Baltic Environmental Information Dissemination System') was an Interreg IIC project aiming at assisting with spatial planning in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) by fulfilling a basic need: increased cooperation via better access to environmental information. (
  • Dissemination through participation at digital conferences, papers diffusion, publication and use of internet site and reuse of the cloud platform for another European Union project. (
  • The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse is a project of the ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation. (
  • However, little is known about the mechanisms responsible for extramedullary dissemination of leukemia cells compared to those responsible for solid tumor metastasis. (
  • The mechanisms of this dissemination are poorly understood, probably due to the paucity of authentic experimental models. (
  • The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for Company websites and all sub-domains under these domains, as well as any applications used to access our hosting services. (
  • Your contact information from the order forms is used to contact you regarding the status of your account and to send you information about Company services available. (
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  • You may also revise your contact and financial information or terminate your account through the applications used to access our hosting services. (
  • Information, accessibility and user needs shall be subject to a systematic assessment by carrying out consumer surveys and statistics usability analyses, as well as ensuring continuous improvement of dissemination, improvement of products and services. (
  • The Office of the Solicitor (SOL) through the Office of Information Services (OIS), which serves as DOL's overall FOIA administrative manager, continues to hold quarterly meetings with FOIA Coordinators who represent each of DOL's 23 agency components. (
  • Moreover, an online survey was conducted to gather information on different practices addressing the requirements of 23 CFR 511 in other state DOTs. (
  • Company websites also log IP addresses and other user session information to help diagnose problems with our servers, to administer and improve our web sites, to facilitate marketing of Company products, and to gather broad demographic and statistical information. (
  • Videoconferences are the preferred method because the video feed allows the therapist to gather valuable information relevant to rapport building and treatment. (
  • CDC's domestic response to the apparent plague epidemic in India involved two simultaneous and complementary components: 1) information dissemination and education, and 2) intensified active and passive surveillance to identify and treat suspected plague patients and their contacts. (
  • Information dissemination has a significant impact on the investor and analyst reactions to guidance news, and these effects are economically large. (
  • Controlling for the endogeneity of press coverage, he finds that dissemination in the press has a significant impact on the investor and analyst reactions to guidance news, and these effects are economically large. (
  • These cookies do not store any personal information. (
  • Company does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. (
  • AI and other information technology will have a transformative role in scaling our human resources and making the care experience more personal. (
  • For this reason, we aim to provide a secure platform for women across the globe to share personal information. (
  • One of the arguments that the Fairfax County police made in its defense was that a "license plate number is not personal information. (
  • Implied in most studies is the assumption that the extent of guidance dissemination, or the timing and degree to which market participants are made aware of the guidance, is irrelevant. (
  • He hypothesizes that the market reaction to the information contained in management guidance is a function of the extent to which the guidance is disseminated to market participants. (
  • We are dissemination media specialists with a sound understanding of both the traditional and digital dissemination channels required in order to put your information in front of the people that need to see it. (
  • On the Channel Digital website, our cookies record information about your online preferences so we can tailor the site to your interests. (
  • Since 2018, the Creative Center has published the report for distribution and information dissemination within the group. (
  • Empirical evidence of variation in guidance dissemination and the associated market effects can increase our understanding of how information flows from managers to the market and provide evidence on an important link between managers' voluntary actions and the effects of those actions. (
  • This guidance will be updated when additional information becomes available. (
  • Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. (
  • For more information on CDC's web notification policies, see Website Disclaimers . (
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  • For the other procedures, consult the information on the website to complete the procedure online. (
  • ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. (
  • A recent study also suggests that chemokine/chemokine receptor interactions orchestrate extramedullary dissemination in childhood AML. (
  • DC603 - ECTS To deepen the importance of science dissemination in the present context. (
  • For example, if on a previous visit you went to our marketing pages, we might find this out from your cookie and highlight marketing information on subsequent visits. (
  • The community, NGOs and donors, the district administration and other departments and sector specialists are the users and suppliers of information to the system. (
  • Core to the system is the Information Exchange and Communication (IEC) department at NCRC. (
  • Leader of workpackage information system apply it's internal rules for development software and platform. (
  • Hirshleifer and Teoh (2003) and Bloomfield (2002) provide a theoretical basis for the notion that the manner in which information is communicated to investors is relevant to prices. (
  • However, this recommendation also required further dissemination in order to aid its incorporation into relevant documents and standards. (
  • Barry Smith ), together with information pertaining to related events and resources relevant to the NCBO's mission. (
  • Following the dissemination, discussions are ongoing with the Zoba teams to clarify issues, identify bottlenecks and define relevant actionable solutions to identified challenges. (
  • The social media provide opportunities and possibilities to interact and engage with people during emergencies by disseminating relevant information and gathering posted information. (
  • Through these order forms, we collect your contact information and financial information. (
  • Contains informations more than 7,000 dissertations and thesis in the Brazilian field of Psychology, enabling access to the full text when available. (

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