The type species of VESICULOVIRUS causing a disease symptomatically similar to FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE in cattle, horses, and pigs. It may be transmitted to other species including humans, where it causes influenza-like symptoms.
A genus of the family RHABDOVIRIDAE that infects a wide range of vertebrates and invertebrates. The type species is VESICULAR STOMATITIS INDIANA VIRUS.
A species of VESICULOVIRUS causing VESICULAR STOMATITIS primarily in cattle, horses, and pigs. It can be transmitted to humans where it causes influenza-like symptoms.
The geographic area of the Great Lakes in general and when the specific state or states are not indicated. It usually includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Processes or methods of reimbursement for services rendered or equipment.
A genus in the family PICORNAVIRIDAE that can cause polioencephalomyelitis in pigs. The type species Porcine teschovirus is comprised of multiple strains.
Inland bodies of standing FRESHWATER usually smaller than LAKES. They can be man-made or natural but there is no universal agreement as to their exact size. Some consider a pond to be a small body of water that is shallow enough for sunlight to reach the bottom.
Amounts charged to the patient or third-party payer for medication. It includes the pharmacist's professional fee and cost of ingredients, containers, etc.
INFLAMMATION of the soft tissues of the MOUTH, such as MUCOSA; PALATE; GINGIVA; and LIP.
Virus diseases caused by RHABDOVIRIDAE. Important infections include RABIES; EPHEMERAL FEVER; and vesicular stomatitis.
Educational programs designed to inform physicians of recent advances in their field.
Works about pre-planned studies of the safety, efficacy, or optimum dosage schedule (if appropriate) of one or more diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques selected according to predetermined criteria of eligibility and observed for predefined evidence of favorable and unfavorable effects. This concept includes clinical trials conducted both in the U.S. and in other countries.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.
The collection, writing, and editing of current interest material on topics related to biomedicine for presentation through the mass media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, or television, usually for a public audience such as health care consumers.
Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)

Bioterrorism alleging use of anthrax and interim guidelines for management--United States, 1998. (1/397)

From October 30 through December 23, 1998, CDC received reports of a series of bioterroristic threats of anthrax exposure. Letters alleged to contain anthrax were sent to health clinics on October 30, 1998, in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. During December 17-23 in California, a letter alleged to contain anthrax was sent to a private business, and three telephone threats of anthrax contamination of ventilation systems were made to private and public buildings. All threats were hoaxes and are under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and local law enforcement officials. The public health implications of these threats were investigated to assist in developing national public health guidelines for responding to bioterrorism. This report summarizes the findings of these investigations and provides interim guidance for public health authorities on bioterrorism related to anthrax.  (+info)

Correlates of physical activity in a sample of older adults with type 2 diabetes. (2/397)

OBJECTIVE: Physical activity is integral to the management of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the majority of adults with type 2 diabetes do not regularly engage in physical activity. The purpose of this study was to assess physical activity behavior and its correlates (i.e., physical activity knowledge, barriers, and performance and outcome expectations) in older adults with type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: A subgroup of 260 adults with type 2 diabetes was identified from a larger stratified random sample of adults aged > or = 55 years. Participants completed an interviewer-administered survey designed from focus group findings and social learning theory. RESULTS: The majority of the respondents (54.6%) reported 0 min of weekly physical activity. This was especially true of older female respondents. Performance expectation scores were lower among respondents who were in the oldest age-group, namely, white women. Physical activity knowledge varied by age-group, and barriers to physical activity were prevalent in all groups. The following are significant correlates of reported weekly physical activity: younger age, more education, fewer motivational barriers, and greater perceived health and performance expectations. CONCLUSIONS: Given the importance of physical activity to diabetes management, the low prevalence of physical activity found in this and other studies should raise concerns among clinicians. Future research to identify predictors of physical activity is needed to guide clinicians in the promotion of physical activity.  (+info)

Reduced utilization and cost of primary care clinic visits resulting from self-care education for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. (3/397)

OBJECTIVE: To determine the extent to which the cost of an effective self-care intervention for primary care patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) was offset by savings resulting from reduced utilization of ambulatory medical services. METHODS: In an attention-controlled clinical trial, 211 patients with knee OA from the general medicine clinic of a municipal hospital were assigned arbitrarily to conditions of self-care education (group E) or attention control (group AC). Group E (n = 105) received individualized instruction and followup emphasizing nonpharmacologic management of joint pain. Group AC (n = 106) received a standard public education presentation and attention-controlling followup. A comprehensive clinical database provided data concerning utilization and cost of health services during the following year. RESULTS: Only 25 subjects (12%) were lost to followup. The 94 subjects remaining in group E made 528 primary care visits during the year following intervention, compared with 616 visits by the 92 patients remaining in group AC (median visits 5 versus 6, respectively; P < 0.05). Fewer visits translated directly into reduced clinic costs in group E, relative to controls (median costs [1996 dollars] $229 versus $305, respectively; P < 0.05). However, self-care education had no significant effects on utilization and costs of outpatient pharmacy, laboratory, or radiology services over the ensuing year. The cost per patient to deliver the self-care intervention was estimated to be $58.70. CONCLUSION: Eighty percent of the cost of delivering effective self-care education to the knee OA patients in this study was offset within 1 year by the reduced frequency and costs of primary care visits. For >50% of patients receiving the intervention, the savings associated with fewer primary care visits exceeded the cost of self-care education.  (+info)

The impact of after-school peer contact on early adolescent externalizing problems is moderated by parental monitoring, perceived neighborhood safety, and prior adjustment. (4/397)

Unsupervised peer contact in the after-school hours was examined as a risk factor in the development of externalizing problems in a longitudinal sample of early adolescents. Parental monitoring, neighborhood safety, and adolescents' preexisting behavioral problems were considered as possible moderators of the risk relation. Interviews with mothers provided information on monitoring, neighborhood safety, and demographics. Early adolescent (ages 12-13 years) after-school time use was assessed via a telephone interview in grade 6 (N = 438); amount of time spent with peers when no adult was present was tabulated. Teacher ratings of externalizing behavior problems were collected in grades 6 and 7. Unsupervised peer contact, lack of neighborhood safety, and low monitoring incrementally predicted grade 7 externalizing problems, after controlling for family background factors and grade 6 problems. The greatest risk was for those unsupervised adolescents living in low-monitoring homes and comparatively unsafe neighborhoods. The significant relation between unsupervised peer contact and problem behavior in grade 7 held only for those adolescents who already were high in problem behavior in grade 6. These findings point to the need to consider individual, family, and neighborhood factors in evaluating risks associated with young adolescents' after-school care experiences.  (+info)

Is a third-trimester antibody screen in Rh+ women necessary? (5/397)

OBJECTIVE: To determine the need for routine third-trimester antibody screening in Rh+ women. STUDY DESIGN: An analytic case-control study. METHODS: We identified Rh+ pregnant women who had received prenatal care and retrospectively analyzed their laboratory data. Patients were grouped into those with a positive third-trimester antibody screen (cases) and those with a negative third-trimester screen (controls). Because entry into a group was decided by the investigators, it could not be randomized. We reviewed the maternal medical records for antibody identification and final pregnancy outcome. We also reviewed the neonatal medical records for evidence of direct Coombs-positive cord blood, anemia, need for transfusion or phototherapy, other medical complications, and death. RESULTS: Using a computerized laboratory database from 2 teaching hospitals, we identified 10,581 obstetric patients who underwent routine first- and third-trimester antibody screening between 1988 and 1997. Of these, 1233 patients were Rh- and 9348 were Rh+. Among the Rh+ patients, 178 (1.9%) had 1 or more atypical antibodies at the first-trimester screen, and 53 (0.6%) had a positive third-trimester antibody screen despite a negative first-trimester screen. Although 6 of these 53 patients (0.06% of the study population) had clinically relevant antibodies for hemolytic disease of the new-born, no significant neonatal sequelae occurred among these 6 patients. CONCLUSION: Based on the patient and hospital records studied, a repeat third-trimester antibody screen for Rh+ patients is clinically and economically unjustified. Eliminating this laboratory test from clinical practice will not adversely affect pregnancy outcomes and will decrease the costs of prenatal care.  (+info)

Increasing paintball related eye trauma reported to a state eye injury registry. (6/397)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate an apparent increase in documented trauma from paintball related eye injuries reported to the Eye Injury Registry of Indiana. METHODS: A retrospective review of cases reported to the database is reported, with representative case histories. RESULTS: No injuries from paintball were reported during the period June 1992 to June 1996. Over the next two years 11 injuries were reported, representing 4% of all ocular trauma reports over this period. Visual outcome is poor in many of these eyes and more than one half present with posterior segment ocular injury. CONCLUSIONS: Severe ocular trauma results from impacts from paintball pellets, and the occurrence of injuries appears to be increasing due to growth in popularity of this war game. Diligent use of eye protection by all participants is necessary to prevent a continuing rise in ocular trauma prevalence from this activity.  (+info)

Olestra consumption is not associated with macular pigment optical density in a cross-sectional volunteer sample in Indianapolis. (7/397)

The associations between the intake of the fat-substitute olestra and the concentrations of macular carotenoid pigments and serum lutein and zeaxanthin were investigated in a volunteer cross-sectional sample in Indianapolis. The study was conducted in January through March, 1998 after olestra-containing savory snacks had been sold in central Indiana for a year. Volunteers (n = 280) aged 18-50 y were recruited to make a single clinic visit during which macular pigment optical density (MPOD) was determined by psychophysical flicker photometry, serum was obtained for determination of lutein and zeaxanthin concentration, usual intake of olestra, carotenoids and nutrients were assessed by 1-y food frequency questionnaire, and health habits including smoking, physical characteristics such as eye color, demographics and medical history were determined by questionnaire. Intake of olestra at least one time per month for the past year was reported by 81:280 subjects and their mean, median and 90(th) percentile intakes were 1.09, 0.34 and 2.43 g olestra/d, respectively. Mean macular pigment optical density was not significantly different between olestra consumers and nonconsumers (0.213 +/- 0.014 vs. 0.211 +/- 0.010) nor was serum lutein and zeaxanthin concentration (0.361 +/- 0.017 vs. 0.375 +/- 0. 013 micromol/L) or intake (1242 +/- 103 mg/d vs. 1042 +/- 58 mg/d) in one-way or two-way ANOVA. Olestra intake was not associated with MPOD or serum lutein and zeaxanthin before or after correction for significant covariates of MPOD. Thus, olestra intake over the past year in a cross-sectional volunteer sample in Indianapolis was not associated with MPOD.  (+info)

A community outbreak of hepatitis A in a religious community in Indiana: failure of immune serum globulin to prevent the spread of infection. (8/397)

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred in a religious community in Indiana, USA. Sixty-nine cases were ascertained among the 4466 residents over a year, and the highest attack rate was in children. The management of the outbreak included the widespread use of prophylactic immune serum globulin (ISG). Despite this, further cases occurred. To guide further ISG administration, a survey was undertaken to ascertain what proportion remained susceptible to HAV infection. From a random sample of 600 people in the affected community 440 saliva specimens (73%) were obtained. Of these, 12.5% were found to be immune (95% confidence intervals from 9-16%). No changes were made to the ISG administration policy. There was no evidence to suggest that administration of ISG had any effect on the duration of the outbreak. There was a low rate of symptomatic infection among young children (less than 10 years); as ISG does not prevent the spread of the virus its use is not recommended in future outbreak situations.  (+info)

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Indiana University is an equal employment and affirmative action employer and activities, including employment and admission, as required by Title IX. Indiana Universitys non-discrimination statement is found in policy UA-01 at The address for Indiana Universitys Title IX Title Assistant Professor, Anthropological Archaeology Appointment Status Tenure Track Department IU Bloomington Anthropology The Department of Anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington seeks applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Anthropological training, research, and publications demonstrate experience in working with contribute to the Departments stated priorities for diversity, inclusion, and candidate is expected to complement and strengthen anthropologys across anthropologys subfields in research, teaching, and service. candidate is expected to develop a research program capable of attracting The Department of Anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington acknowledges The Department of
The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine prepares trainees for clinical practice, academic research and teaching. Fellows gain experience in all aspects of this subspecialty through direct patient contact and extensive interaction with faculty. Clinical areas of training include leukemias, solid tumors, brain tumors, hematopoietic/stem cell transplantation, general pediatric hematology, sickle cell disease, bone marrow failure syndromes, hemophilia and other coagulation disorders.. Riley Hospital for Children is the only comprehensive, freestanding childrens hospital in the state of Indiana. The hospital services the entire state of Indiana as well as bordering regions of Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fellows train at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis, which offers the only pediatric stem cell transplant program in the state of Indiana. The program transplants approximately 40 patients per year, and ...
See if the family practice nurse/nursing program at Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis is a good fit for you. Learn about the school's popularity, degree offerings, and more.
Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA.Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA.Department of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA.Department of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA. ...
Indiana University School of Medicine, Continuing Medical Education , 2022 Integrated Pain Management ECHO at the IUPUI ECHO Center, 9/17/2021 8:00:00 AM - 9/17/2021 9:15:00 AM, It is estimated that 11% of adults experience daily pain (CDC). For millions of Americans, opioids remain the cornerstone of treatment for their chronic pain, despite the lack of evidence around efficacy and the alarming rates of opioid addiction, overdose, and death. Although primary care providers express concern about the risks of opioid prescribing, the report feeling unprepared to adequately manage chronic pain with or without opioids in their patient populations. The Integrated Pain Management ECHO at the IUPUI ECHO Center addresses this gap by providing access to up-to-date IPM education and evidence-based strategies to health professionals from interdisciplinary practices across the state of Indiana. The IPM ECHO will support further implementation of the state and national pain management best practice guidelines
Source: Indiana State Department of Health - Indiana State Cancer Registry and the Epidemiology Resource Center, Data Analysis Team, February 2005. Table of Contents. ...
2000. Priya Nanjappa, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laura (Leininger) Blackburn, Ball State University, and Dr. Michael J. Lannoo, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine. This data set portrays the distribution of 10 selected amphibians in New York State, based on historical literature and museum records from current ...
2000. Priya Nanjappa, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laura (Leininger) Blackburn, Ball State University, and Dr. Michael J. Lannoo, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine. This data set portrays the distribution of 10 selected amphibians in New York State, based on historical literature and museum records from current ...
The deadline is this week for registering for Issues in Education, Indiana Universitys Aug. 4 media seminar at IUPUI. Faculty experts will draw from their research and service as they discuss important issues of the day. The casual setting of the seminar will allow for an easy exchange between reporters and faculty. This link,, provides registration information. This link,, provides directions and parking information. A rundown of the topics and presenters is below. Please let us know today or Thursday if you plan to attend but might not get your registration information to us by the Wednesday deadline. Please contact Tracy James, 812-855-0084 and [email protected], with this information or any questions. We hope to see you on Aug. 4. Topics & Bios. Childhood obesity and schools: Lloyd J. Kolbe, a professor in the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University Bloomington; Catherine ...
Douglas K. Rex, MD, FASGE, is Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine, Chancellors Professor at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, and Director of Endoscopy at Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis. He co-authored the colorectal cancer screening recommendations of the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) and the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer. He also authored the recommendations on quality in colonoscopy of the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer and the ACG/American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE). He has authored more than 200 original research papers, 55 book chapters, 200 invited papers, 40 editorials, and 40 guideline papers. He is the current chair of the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer. He served in the ACG as Chairman of the Board of Governors and is a Past President of the ACG. He is a member of the Governing Board of ASGE and a recipient of the Rudolph ...
Indiana University is an equal employment and affirmative action employer and a provider of ADA services. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, ethnicity, color, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, disability status or protected veteran status. Indiana University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs and activities, including employment and admission, as required by Title IX. Questions or complaints regarding Title IX may be referred to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights or the university Title IX Coordinator. See Indiana Universitys Notice of Non-Discrimination here which includes contact information.. The Annual Security Reports, containing policy statements and crime statistics for Indiana University campuses, are available through Public Safety and the IU Police Department web sites at ...
An early goal in the second half of overtime was everything conference-foe Indiana State University needed to edge past the Bulldogs.. Alison Gasparovich scored in the 108th minute, ending the match and dealing Drake its second consecutive conference loss. The Bulldogs relied on their defense to hang on against the Sycamores, but the offensive attacks by Indiana State were too much to handle for Drake.. It was another game where in regulation we put balls across the six on a platter, and we made a mess of them, Head Coach Lindsey Horner said. At some point we have to relieve our defense, and give ourselves a cushion.. The Bulldogs were outshot 14-8 by the Sycamores. Drake struggled to keep possession of the ball, which hurt its ball movement, and thus its attack in the final third of the field.. We are still lacking the motivation and hunger to win that is required in conference games, sophomore Laura Moklestad said. Indiana State came out with the attitude that they were going to win and ...
Dr. Joshua A Waters is a Colorectal Surgery (proctology) Specialist in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated with honors from Indiana University School of Medicine in 2007. Having more than 12 years of diverse experiences, especially in COLORECTAL SURGERY (PROCTOLOGY), GENERAL SURGERY, Dr. Joshua A Waters affiliates with many hospitals including Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis), IU Health West Hospital, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists without joining any medical groups.. Fellowship: Lahey Clinic. Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine. Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine ...
A consortium of eight Indiana agricultural and public health organizations will host a statewide symposium focusing on the significant impact of the opioid crisis in rural and farming communities.. The symposium is scheduled for Jan. 5, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Boone County Fairgrounds, 1300 Hwy. 100 S, Lebanon. Sponsors are Purdue Extension, AgrIInstitute, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, the Agribusiness Council of Indiana, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Indiana Rural Health Association, Indiana State Poultry Association, Indiana Porkand the Indiana Farm Bureau.. The opioid crisis has greatly affected rural communities, said Angie Abbott, associate director of Purdue Extension and program leader for Health and Human Sciences Extension. We see this symposium as a way to build awareness and forge effective partnerships among organizations and individuals to address this dire public health emergency.. The social and economic health and vitality of our ...
From the Regenstrief Institute for Health Care, Indiana University Medical Center, and Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana; and Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, Indiana. Note: This article is one of a series of articles comprising an Annals of Internal Medicine supplement entitled Measuring Quality, Outcomes, and Cost of Care Using Large Databases: The Sixth Regenstrief Conference. To see a complete list of the articles included in this supplement, please view its Table of Contents. Acknowledgments: The authors thank Drs. Chris Callahan, William Tierney, Mick Murray, Paul Dexter, Marc Overhage, and Morris Weinberger and Mr. David Gillette for helpful comments. Requests for Reprints: X.H. Zhou, Division of Biostatistics, Department of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, 699 West Drive, RR 135, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119. Current Author Addresses: Drs. Zhou and Hui: Regenstrief Institute for Health Care, Indiana University Medical Center, and Division ...
Please help the Maternal and Child Health and Childrens Special Health Care Services at the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) determine what should be our highest priorities for the next several years by completing the attached survey. It consists of a list of topics which youll divide into different groups based on the instructions below. If youve already completed this survey once, please do not complete it a second time. Thank you very much for your time ...
Ive got to Charles Lee thats. And todays match definitely Wichita State. And Indiana States doctors finally get back home after what seemed like. It interminable road trip to Illinois State. And Evansville because of the ice and an ability to get back here after the Illinois State game last Saturday night. The teams stayed out on the road that we were done about four and a half five days and it just seemed like for ever so its been good to get home. And through the shocker is looking to get back in action on Indiana State today in the southern Illinois for the first time this season. On Tuesday night. Her two game homestand before heading back out on the road. The soccers or sixty in four overall six and one in Missouri Valley Conference one game behind still unbeaten Illinois State. Indiana State having a half years evidence twelve overall one in six in the valley the soccers beat them by eight in a very competitive game. In their conference opener on December the 28 in terra haute so ...
DUBOIS COUNTY, Ind (WEHT) - An Indiana State Trooper is being charged for striking a Law Enforcement K9 during a training session. Indiana State Police say Trooper Dustan Rubenacker, 29, struck his police K9 during a training session in Jasper back in March. Several Indiana State Police K9 teams were present when Rubenacker allegedly used […]
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SANTA ROSA, Calif., April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study shows that honokiol, a small molecule polyphenol extract derived from Magnolia officinalis bark, reduces proliferation of renal cell carcinoma. Conducted by researchers at the Cancer Research Laboratory at Indiana University Health, Indiana University School of Medicine, the preclinical study showed that honokiol (HonoPure®, EcoNugenics, Santa Rosa, CA) inhibited two highly aggressive renal cell carcinoma (RCC) cell lines. The extract also restricted the invasive potential of renal carcinoma cells, and modulated expression of genes involved in the suppression of metastasis. These results were presented at the 2014 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.. This is an excellent first step toward developing a new treatment for aggressive renal cancer, says lead investigator Dr. Daniel Sliva, adjunct associate professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine. This cancer is well known for its ...
435.1 General. Indiana State University seeks to foster intellectual, emotional, and social growth of all members of the community. 435.2 Expectation for Responsible Practices. When students choose to consume alcoholic beverages, Indiana State University encourages responsible practices and behavior in accordance with campus policies and procedures, and the laws of the State of Indiana and the City of Terre Haute.
Exciting opportunity in Bloomington, Indiana, for Indiana University Purdue University Indianpolis - IUPUI as a Part-Time Teachers Aide, Campus Childrens Center
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Indiana University Health (IUH) Methodist has consistently been among the top-ranked institutions as graded by the University Health Consortium (UHC). For the past several years, IUH Methodist has admitted more than 3,500 trauma patients annually, placing it among the largest 5% of trauma centers by volume. There is also a busy Emergency General Surgery (EGS) Service - nearly as voluminous as the Trauma Service - that draws patients from the entire state. As a result, there are two in-house Acute Care Surgeons 24/7: one serves as the primary on-call Trauma Surgeon, and the other serves as the primary EGS surgeon, also serving as in-house backup for the Trauma Surgeon. IUH Methodist operates the largest neuroscience critical care units and hosts one of the largest critical care departments in the country. Both neurosurgical and orthopedic attending surgeons are in-house 24/7. Neurosurgical, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Critical Care, and Radiology attending physicians are also physically ...
The Pulmonary Division at Indiana University School of Medicine has several clinics in which patients with all types of pulmonary hypertension (WHO group 1-5) are actively evaluated and treated. All physicians are board-certified pulmonologists with special interest and expertise in pulmonary vascular disease and hemodynamic evaluation. We work closely with our colleagues in the Cardiology, Rheumatology and Gastroenterology/Hepatology Divisions as well as the Radiology and Thoracic Surgery Departments to provide the best possible interdisciplinary and patient-focused care. We offer education for patients, trainees, and physicians, close monitoring of potential treatment side effects, novel treatments and research protocols for eligible patients. All modern diagnostic modalities including cardiac MRI and cardiopulmonary exercise testing are available. Treatment modalities include oral drugs (bosentan, sildenafil, ambrisentan) as well as inhaled, subcutaneous and intravenous medications ...
The Indiana Center for Liver Research at Indiana University School of Medicine fosters scientific connection and collaboration among investigators in the field of liver pathobiology. Many of the centers labs are based at the Richard L. Roudebush Indianapolis VA Medical Center; these facilities conduct critical research in partnership with other physicians, scientists and trainees at IU School of Medicine and around the world.. Led by Gianfranco Alpini, PhD, the Indiana Center for Liver Research focuses on delivering high-quality research on cholestatic liver diseases, hepatocellular carcinoma, alcohol-induced liver damage and non-alcoholic liver damage. These devastating liver diseases target thousands of Americans each year inducing fibrosis, cirrhosis, liver failure and, ultimately, liver transplantation.. ...
Artist Talk, ​Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH. Artist Talk, ​OSHER, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. 2012 Carnegie Mellon School of Art Graduate Student Presentations​, Doherty Hall, Pittsburgh, PA. Workshop: High School Art Intensive​, Laramie, WY. ​. Residencies/University Service. 2019 Associate Instructor Search Committee, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. 2018 Visiting Artist Coordinator McKinney Lecture Series, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Portfolio Review Committee, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Associate Instructor Search Committee, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Experimental Course Development Committee, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. 2017 Associate Instructor Search Committee, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Experimental Course Development Committee, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. 2014 Tough Art Residency, Childrens Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. 2013-2014 Graduate Student Assembly Representative, Carnegie Mellon University, ...
Indiana University is investigating two confirmed cases of mumps on the Bloomington campus that so far appear unconnected. The university said Wednesday the cases were identified two weeks apart.
Indiana University is a chapter of Global Human Rights Brigades, an international movement of students and attorneys providing legal education and financial resourc
Application Administrator in Bloomington, IN - 5de3 is listed by Indiana University for diversity and inclusion best practices on Diversity Inclusion Jobs.
ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- At the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando (ACG 2008), renowned gastroenterologist Douglas K. Rex, MD presented results from a multi-institutional clinical study that evaluated the efficacy of the Third Eye(R) Retroscope(R), a new device that is designed to improve the ability of physicians to detect abnormalities in the colon. The Third Eye Retroscope has been cleared for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as a device to provide retrograde illumination and visualization of the colon. Dr. Rex, Chancellors Professor and Professor of Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine, and Director of Endoscopy at Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis, presented the study results this afternoon in front of physicians and other industry professionals during the ACG annual conference. The multi-center study evaluated 249 patients at eight sites across the U.S. During the study, patients were ...
The Indiana Immunization Coalition exists to reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases through immunization education, advocacy, promotion, and statewide collaborative partnerships.. Vaccinations have significantly decreased the number of annual cases of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. Yet, people across Indiana are still getting sick…even dying…from these diseases every year. Thus, in 2003, a team of Hoosiers, passionate about decreasing the spread of vaccine preventable disease in Indiana, got together and formed the Indiana Immunization Coalition.. Since the beginning, IIC has served as an advocate for Indiana families, health care providers and local & state health departments striving to increase vaccination rates in Indiana. Through education, advocacy and collaboration with public and private groups, IIC is on the front lines of reducing vaccine preventable diseases in Indiana. For more information how you can join the Indiana Immunization Coalition in our effort to halt the ...
1964. Kingsbury, Robert C. and Hollingsworth, John M. Includes ancillary computer generated isopleth map Corn as a percent of all cropland, 1964. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, p... Department of Geography, Indiana University.. ...
Graduates of Indiana University Bloomington - the names, photos, skill, job, location. Information on the Indiana University Bloomington - contacts, students, faculty, finances.
Graduates of Indiana University Bloomington - the names, photos, skill, job, location. Information on the Indiana University Bloomington - contacts, students, faculty, finances.
Indiana University Professor Mark Estelle has been awarded the 2006 Ku...After considering a number of possible awardees each responsible f...Upon being notified that Dr. Estelle had won the award ASPB Presid...Dr. Estelle commented I am very grateful and honored to be select...The award ceremony will take place at the Kumho Art Gallery/Kumho A...,Mark,Estelle,of,Indiana,University,awarded,Kumho,International,Science,Prize,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
Read verified information and hearing aid patient reviews for Indiana University Hearing Clinic, 200 S Jordan Ave, Bloomington, Indiana, 47405. Your trusted resource for hearing aids in Bloomington, IN - Indiana University Hearing Clinic. Call (812) 855-7439 today.
Missi Bush-Sawtelle, Board Chair, Corydon. Bush-Sawtelle has served on the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation board since 2003 and was elected vice chair in 2008 and chair in 2013. She is employed by Bush Enterprises in New Salisbury, Indiana.. Bush-Sawtelles connection to Indiana s natural heritage began in the early 19th century when her family settled along the banks of the Blue River. This historical connection has led Bush-Sawtelle to work diligently to protect the abundant natural and cultural resources found throughout Indiana.. A graduate of Indiana University Southwest Bush-Sawtelle also serves on the Indiana Blue River Commission and on the board of the Indiana Historical Society.. ...
Dr. Jacqueline A. Maiers received her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. She completed a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Indiana University School of Medicine. She completed a fellowship in preventive pediatric cardiology at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center.
In 2016, the Governor of Indiana signed into law HEA 1337, which created new provisions and amended others that regulate abortion procedures within Indiana. Planned Parenthood filed suit, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief from three parts of the law: the
Daniel Sliva, Ph.D., CEO & founder, DSTest Laboratories (, is a senior investigator at the Indiana University Health, and an adjunct associate professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He has masters degrees in food and biochemical technology, as well as biochemistry, and a doctorate degree in molecular biology and genetics. He also completed postdoctoral studies at the department of medical nutrition, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis. Sliva founded DSTest Laboratories at Purdue Research Park in 2014 for evaluating and standardizing efficacy of ingredients, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. In addition to authoring more than 82 peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters, he is an international speaker.. ...
The Indiana Prevention Resource Center is funded, in part, by a contract with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction, financially supported through HHS/Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. The IPRC is operated by the Indiana University Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University, Bloomington School of Public Health. It is affiliated with the Schools Institute for Research on Addictive Behavior ...
The Indiana Prevention Resource Center is funded, in part, by a contract with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction, financially supported through HHS/Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. The IPRC is operated by the Indiana University Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University, Bloomington School of Public Health. It is affiliated with the Schools Institute for Research on Addictive Behavior ...
The Indiana Prevention Resource Center is funded, in part, by a contract with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction, financially supported through HHS/Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. The IPRC is operated by the Indiana University Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University, Bloomington School of Public Health. It is affiliated with the Schools Institute for Research on Addictive Behavior ...
The Division of Infectious Diseases at the Indiana University School of Medicine has conducted clinical trials and research to improve the health and well-being of Indiana adults and adolescents with a variety of infections for over 30 years. We specifically have performed studies in the areas of HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections (herpes, human papillomavirus, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia), and sexual behavioral medicine. Our research group currently conducts trials to determine the usefulness of vaccines to prevent infections and new medicines to treat existing infections. We also conduct studies to learn more about how infectious agents interact with humans to cause disease in order to devise new ways to protect us from illness. Our overall goal is to improve the quality of life of patients with infectious diseases and to reduce the spread of these infections in our community.. Indiana University Infectious Diseases Research (IUIDR) is a research group for the Division of ...
Melissa Spas is the managing director of education and engagement for the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, part of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI. She worked previously at Indiana Universitys School of Public and Environmental Affairs in Bloomington and at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. She is a graduate of Allegheny College and Harvard Divinity School and is an active layperson in the United Methodist Church.
By Rebecca Adams, CQ HealthBeat Associate Editor May 15, 2014 -- Republican Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana recently proposed an expansion of Medicaid that would have some consumers contribute to the cost of their coverage. But Pence took out some controversial parts of an ongoing state effort, such as limiting benefits and maintaining a waiting list. If the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approves the plan that Pence announced last week, Indiana would become the 28th jurisdiction, including the District of Columbia, to expand Medicaid. That does not include Pennsylvania, which has already sent a plan to CMS for approval. The Indiana expansion would start in 2015. Indianas plan will be closely watched by other state officials to see how far CMS officials will go in approving elements such as a health savings account and a requirement that enrollees be referred to job training programs. CMS officials have allowed Indiana to use a health savings account model under a pilot program ...
Ag Asset Mapping - ISDA and PCRD are working to produce county-level maps that will show relative ag production for specific products, such as cattle, ducks, chickens, turkeys, sweet corn, soybeans, mint, watermelons, tomatoes, and many, many others. These maps will be produced twice a year with current data from ISDA and IDEM. This will enable counties and regions to identify opportunities to attract processing operations that leverage ag assets. Different from the ag census data from the federal government, the data in these maps will be current within a six month time period.. Supply Chain Opportunities - PCRD has been working to identify industry clusters related to agriculture in many Indiana regions, and target opportunities within the corresponding supply chains. PCRD has been helping to identify leakages in the ag supply chains: products and processes that are purchased outside of Indiana that could be relocated to the state.. Policy and Land Use - Indiana Farm Bureau, Indiana Corn ...
For data sharing to be effective, electronic health records (EHRs) - both those held within a single facility and those in different healthcare organizations - must correctly refer to a specific individual. Is Billy Jones known at a different doctors office as William Jones and are all his health records linked? To which Maria Garcia do lab test results belong? Which John Smith was referred to during contact tracing?. Unfortunately, the commentary notes, patient matching rates vary widely, with healthcare facilities failing to link records for the same patient as often as half the time. Authors Shaun Grannis, M.D., vice president for data and analytics at Regenstrief Institute and Regenstrief Professor of Medical Informatics at Indiana University School of Medicine; John D. Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform and Ben Moscovitch, director of The Pew Charitable Trusts health information technology initiative, call for stakeholders to urgently address the patient matching conundrum. ...
div class=citation vocab=,,i class=fa fa-external-link-square fa-fw,,/i, Data from ,span resource= typeof=Book,,span property=name,,a href=,NIOSH health survey of Velsicol pesticide workers : occupational exposure to leptophos and other chemicals, Charles Xintaras ... [and others],/a,,/span, - ,span property=potentialAction typeOf=OrganizeAction,,span property=agent typeof=LibrarySystem resource=,,span property=name,,a property=url href=,Indiana State Library,/a,,/span,,/span,,/span,,/span,,/div ...
div class=citation vocab=,,i class=fa fa-external-link-square fa-fw,,/i, Data from ,span resource= typeof=CategoryCode,,span property=name,,a href=,Hazardous substances -- Accidents -- West Virginia,/a,,/span, - ,span property=potentialAction typeOf=OrganizeAction,,span property=agent typeof=LibrarySystem resource=,,span property=name,,a property=url href=,Indiana State Library,/a,,/span,,/span,,/span,,/span,,/div ...
Image by Peter Engler). Aunt Lethas Hickory Nut Cake. Carol Meeks, Indianapolis, Indiana. My Indiana roots go back a long way. In 1838, my great-great grandparents, Walter and Susannah Smiley, purchased approximately 48 acres of mostly cleared land along the Mississinewa River in Randolph County. As time went by, my grandfather cleared an additional area along the river to graze his cattle and horses. It became a beautiful grove with many hardwood trees including oak, poplar, sugar maple, black walnut and shag bark hickory in addition to several other species. Severe storms and other environmental factors have damaged or destroyed several of the trees although there is still an abundance of hickory trees.. Gathering the hickory nuts each fall has been a long-time family tradition. Family members gather on a crisp fall day to fill baskets of nuts which are then laid out on the floor to dry under beds in the farmhouse. The farmhouse always has visiting mice in the winter so we hope not too many ...
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Blayne A. Roeder. Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, 206 South Martin Jischke Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2032; School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 585 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN [email protected] of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 585 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088; Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, 206 South Martin Jischke Drive, West Lafayette, IN [email protected] School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, 206 South Martin Jischke Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2032; Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Purdue University, 625 Harrison Street, West Lafayette, IN [email protected] Klod Kokini. Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, 206 South Martin Jischke Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2032; School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 585 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN ...
An appeals court in Indiana on Tuesday upheld the decision of a lower court to block a portion of a 2017 state law aimed at ensuring parents are informed when underage daughters undergo abortions.. That ruling was issued in a 2-1 vote.. Under Indiana law, teens must get parental consent when undergoing abortions, however, teens can petition a judge for a judicial bypass.. In 2017, Governor Eric Holcomb signed into law Senate Enrolled Act 404, which says that parents are still to be notified if the judge approves a teenage girls petition.. Attorney General Curtis Hill denounced the initial ruling in 2018 to block the parental notification part of the law, calling it an attempt to give courts rather than parents the legal guardianship of children.. Betty Cockrum, president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, said in 2018 of the first ruling that it was a win for young women here in Indiana who are already dealing with an incredibly difficult situation.. Live Action writes that ...
In a 3-2 decision filed Wednesday, March 2, the Indiana Supreme Court rocked well-settled Indiana law by ruling that Indianas 10-year statute of repose for products liability actions is unconstitutional as applied to asbestos cases. See the Indiana Product Liability Act (the Act), at Ind. Code §§ 34-20-1-1, et seq.. The decision in Larry Myers, et al. v. Crouse-Hinds, et al.; GE v. Mary R. Geyman, et al.; Owens-Illinois, Inc v. Mary R. Geyman, et al. (Myers) overturns precedent set in 2003 by the Court in AlliedSignal, Inc. v. Ott, where it had found the entirety of the Act to be constitutional as applied to asbestos cases. The Myers majority opinion was met with strong dissent from Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush and Justice Mark S. Massa, who cited stare decisis (the need for judicial consistency) and the fact that the reasoning relied upon by the majority was argued to no avail in the Ott dissent.. The Act as Applied to Asbestos Cases. The Acts repose provision is broken into two ...
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was based on the Indiana Jones series of films. The series follows the Indiana Jones character (as a young boy and as a young man) as he was growing up and experiencing his early adventures, where he gets into trouble, learns life lessons and encounters various historical figures along the way. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was filmed on location all over the world ~ including England, Russia, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Kenya, France, India, China, Austria, Egypt, the United States, Morocco, Ireland, Italy, Africa, Turkey, Greece and Thailand. ...
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Purdue University was established in 1869 and stands as the flagship campus of the Purdue University System. About 270 programs are offered at the main campus in West Lafayette together with regional campuses located in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Westville, and Hammond in Indiana. Ten other locations throughout the state serve as schools for the Purdue College of Technology, with programs focusing on the use of information technology for both the government and business sectors.. Ranked among the best research universities in the country, Purdues Discovery Park complex is home to the universitys nanotechnology research facility along with other programs in agricultural research, engineering, and environmental studies. Research grants are provided by a number of federal executive departments as well as NASA.. Purdue also features a number of student and recreational facilities which include a sports center, aquatic center, golf courses, and a health center. In celebration of its diverse ...
The dreaded 19th-century disease known as milk sickness claimed the lives of many Hoosiers, including 9-year-old Abraham Lincolns mother. Not until the mid-20th century did researchers confirm that milk sickness is caused by a poison produced by the white snakeroot plant, which still grows freely throughout the southern Indiana woods. Cows and goats ate the plant and passed the poison to humans through milk and meat. In the March issue of the Indiana Magazine of History, Dr. Walter J. Daly, dean emeritus of the IU School of Medicine, describes the decades of efforts to solve the puzzle of this formerly unpredictable, untreatable and highly fatal disease.
Stem-cell-derived sensory hair cells (in red) with hair bundles (green). Cell nuclei appear blue./ Courtesy of Indiana University.. Self-organized, complex tissues dont arise naturally in traditional, flat culturing systems. To create a more lifelike environment, some scientists have recently created 3-D tissue culturing systems. By applying carefully timed developmental signals, researchers grew nerve tissues from embryonic stem cells floating in culture media. The cells aggregate and follow developmental pathways similar to those in the body.. A research team led by Karl R. Koehler and Dr. Eri Hashino at the Indiana University School of Medicine reasoned that a 3-D tissue culturing system might help to guide mouse embryonic stem cells to develop into the complex tissues and structures of the inner ear. The study was supported by NIHs National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) and other NIH components. It appeared online in Natureon July 10, 2013.. By ...
Dr. Dale Allen Benefiel, our much beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and brother, peacefully passed away on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015. Dale was born on March 19, 1930, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to George and Ruth Benefiel. He grew up during the Depression era, working from a young age, caddying and mowing grass at local golf courses and skipping school to play golf whenever he could. He served in the Air Force, including service in Korea. While attending dental school at Indiana University, he met and married an adventurous nurse named Marilyn, who has been the love of his life. Dale practiced dentistry in Indianapolis and Holland, Michigan, for 30 years before retiring to Prescott, Arizona, in 1996. While living in Michigan, Dale was instrumental in developing and establishing the Miles of Smiles mobile dental unit and program for underprivileged children of Ottawa County, and also donated his time and professional skills to provide dental services in remote areas of Mexico. Dale enjoyed ...
Purdue University board of trustees. Provides that the full-time student appointed as a member of the board of trustees of Purdue University may be a full-time graduate or undergraduate student. Provides that the elected student government represent…
Chlamydia trachomatis causes a high number of sexually transmitted infections worldwide, but reproducible and precise strain typing to link partners is lacking. We evaluated multilocus sequence typing (MLST) for this purpose by detecting sequence types (STs) concordant for the ompA genotype, a single-locus typing standard. We tested samples collected during April 2000-October 2003 from members of established heterosexual partnerships (dyads) in the Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, area who self-reported being coital partners within the previous 30 days. C. trachomatis DNA from 28 dyads was tested by MLST; sequences were aligned and analyzed for ST and phylogenetic relationships. MLST detected 9 C. trachomatis STs, 4 unique to Indianapolis; STs were identical within each dyad. Thirteen unique strains were identified; 9 (32%) dyads harbored novel recombinant strains that phylogenetically clustered with strains comprising the recombinants. The high rate of novel C. trachomatis recombinants identified supports
1902. Ashley, Geo. H. (George Hall),1866-1951, Kindle, E. M. (Edward Martin),1869-1940., and Blatchley, W. S. (Willis Stanley),1859-1940. From the 27th Annual report of the Department of Geology and Natural Resources of Indiana, 1902. Includes three East-West cross-sections: through N... Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources and William B. Burford.. ...
Frequently asked questions about personal injury law in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call 317-881-2700 for personal injury FAQS in Indianapolis, IN.
Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science (CTSI) Virtual Retreat hosted by Purdue University on Friday, February 26, 2021 from 10AM - 3PM EST.
Office of Scientific Affairs (M.J.E.), National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Bethesda, Maryland; Psychopharmacology Research Unit (S.E.F.), University of London, Guys Hospital, Division of Pharmacology, London, United Kingdom; Dipartimento Di Neuroscienze (G.L.G.), UniversitaDegli Studi Di Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy; Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (K.A.G.), The Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Instituto de Investigaciones Citologicas (C.G.), Valencia, Spain; Department of Pharmacology (P.L.H.), University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, Colorado; Department of Pharmacology (H.K.), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Department of Neuropharmacology (G.F.K.), The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California; Indiana University School of Medicine (T.-K.L.), Indianapolis, Indiana; and Department of Pharmacology (B.T.), University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, Colorado. ...
Williams JC Jr, Hameed T, Jackson ME, Aftab S, Gambaro A, Pishchalnikov YA, Lingeman JE, McAteer JA.Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Hiromi Yoshida is a first-generation Japanese American poet, with ethnic roots in Japan and Taiwan, and family in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Now based in Bloomington, Indiana, she has lived extensively in Tokyo and New York City. Her Icarus Burning poetry collection, a finalist selection for the 2019 New Womens Voices Series Chapbook Competition, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in 2020. A three-time winner of Indiana University Writers Conference awards, she has been recognized as one of Bloomingtons finest and most outspoken poets by Indiana State Poet Laureate finalist Tony Brewer. Her poems have been published in literary magazines and journals that include The Asian American Literary Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, The Indianapolis Review, and The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. Although Hiromi uses chopsticks to dip sashimi slices and Chinese dumplings into soy sauce, she still asks for forks at Asian restaurants in the U.S ...
Purdue University, 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-4600. © 2017 Purdue University , An equal access/equal opportunity university , Copyright Complaints , Maintained by Purdue Center for Global Food Security. Trouble with this page? Disability-related accessibility issue? Please contact Purdue Center for Global Food Security at [email protected] ...
Organizations in Michigan and Indiana have successfully established a secure infrastructure to transmit health data across state lines, the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) and the Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN) announced this week. The connection has been established by both organizations, which provide Health Information Exchange (HIE) services for Michigan, Indiana, and other Midwestern states.. The initiative is the first phase of MiHINs multi-state effort to facilitate the routing and exchange of immunization data between providers who attend to Michigan residents in other states and Michigans health information registries. Having established a more precise recording of immunization data in the two states, both organizations anticipate this exchange of new information will allow for more accurate patient history and better health care.. Working with Indiana through Michianas MHIN fills information gaps by exchanging health information with our neighboring state ...
Natural gas and oil discoveries in Ohio in 1884-85 and in Indiana in 1886 and 1889 began the development and exploitation of the great Trenton Gas and Oil Field of northwestern Ohio and east-central Indiana. Standard Oil Co., already a power in the industry, organized the Buckeye Pipeline Co. of Ohio in 1886. Buckeye built gathering lines and tank farms for storing most of the areas crude oil. In 1886-87 it built the first midwestern refinery at t Lima and an 8-inch pipeline to ship fuel oil to Chicago. In 1889-90, Standard built a refinery at Whiting, Indiana. This area later became a major refining center in the United States. Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Oil and Gas ...
Judge Carol Guess has selected The Girl Next Door to the Girl Next Door, by Amy Woolard, as the winner of Indiana Reviews 2014 1/2K Prize! Woolards poem will appear in a forthcoming issue of Indiana Review. We received more than 500 submissions, a record number of excellent quality and variety. All work was read anonymously and closely by our editors. Thanks to all who submitted their work for consideration and made this years Prize possible.. 2014 Indiana Review 1/2K Prize Winner:. The Girl Next Door to the Girl Next Door. Amy Woolard. Guess has this to say about the winning piece: The sounds in this poem lured me into the story-repetition and rhyme in service to character and scene. I love the juxtaposition between sweet and staccato, and the way the tone shifts from delicate details to harsh colloquialisms. The narrators a mystery to me, which I like, but the girl isnt a mystery at all- shes true to this town and time. Its nice to start with a girl whos alive, for a change, and ...
Indiana Optometry: Indiana Optometric Association is a professional association representing the interests of Indiana optometrists and their patients.
Although these works may be freely accessible on the World Wide Web and may not include any statement about copyright, the U.S. Copyright Act nevertheless provides that such works are protected by copyright. Users must assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise ...
Although these works may be freely accessible on the World Wide Web and may not include any statement about copyright, the U.S. Copyright Act nevertheless provides that such works are protected by copyright. Users must assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise ...
Although these works may be freely accessible on the World Wide Web and may not include any statement about copyright, the U.S. Copyright Act nevertheless provides that such works are protected by copyright. Users must assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise ...
Although these works may be freely accessible on the World Wide Web and may not include any statement about copyright, the U.S. Copyright Act nevertheless provides that such works are protected by copyright. Users must assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise ...
IN Sedation Dentistry Directory. Find a local sedation dentist near you for help with dental phobia and anxiety. Find an affordable Indiana sedation dentist for the comfortable perfect smile you deserve. Low cost sedation dental treatment with flexible patient financial plans available.
Orthopedic Surgeon Mark Klaassen learned early on what caring for others is all about. The son of missionaries, he grew up in Colombia where the positive impact of helping others was tightly woven into his character. This childhood experience made him fluent in Spanish. He returned home to the U.S. as a 15-year-old to continue his education, culminating in the MD degree he earned from the Indiana University School of Medicine at Notre Dame and the I.U. Medical Center. He completed his orthopedic surgery residency at Lutheran Hospital of Indiana and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Dr. Klaassen is an active member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.. Throughout his career he has been a mentor to other orthopedic surgeons throughout the U.S. and other countries, providing instruction on advanced orthopedic surgical techniques and procedures - many of which he was instrumental in developing. For example, Dr. Klaassen ...
Purdue University, 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-4600. © 2017 Purdue University , An equal access/equal opportunity university , Copyright Complaints , Maintained by Division of Diversity and Inclusion Trouble with this page? Disability-related accessibility issue? Please contact Division of Diversity and Inclusion [email protected] ...
Cardiac and Vas. Jaydip Datta, MD ; Charles S. White, MD ; Robert C. Gilkeson, MD ; Cristopher A. Meyer, MD ; Sarita Kansal, MD ; Manish L. Jani, MD ; Ronald C. Arildsen, MD ; Katrina Read, DDR. 1 From the Departments of Radiology (J.D., R.C.A.) and Cardiology (S.K.), Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn; Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, 22 S Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201 (C.S.W.); Department of Radiology, University Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio (R.C.G.); Department of Radiology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Ind (C.A.M.); Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tenn (M.L.J.); and Philips Medical Systems, Cleveland, Ohio (K.R.). Received February 17, 2004; revision requested April 23; revision received July 15; accepted August 18.. PURPOSE: To retrospectively determine the imaging features of anomalous coronary arteries depicted at multi-detector row computed tomographic (CT) ...
Indiana. December 5, 1926 - via "Seven of West In Rice's All-America". The Shreveport Times. December 7, 1926. ... "Middle West Given The Lion's Share in All-American Selections". The Huntington Press. ... each of which conducted its own election in which fans voted for the All-American team; Central Press reported compiling a ... who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1926. ...
She resided in Ft. Wayne and entered the broadcasting business. Colone was 77 at the time of her death and was buried in the ... Wayne, Indiana). December 26, 2007. Krieg, Sheryl (June 13, 2007). "Ann Colone paved the way in local TV". The News-Sentinel ( ... Wayne, Indiana). Grant, James. "50 years ago, the Rolling Stones rocked Fort Wayne". The News-Sentinel (Ft. Wayne, Indiana). ... Ann L. Colone (June 11, 1930 - June 12, 2007) was a pioneering female broadcaster in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, whose ...
The body will be bound from head to foot with shrouds in seven layers and put in a coffin, which is bound in three places by ... the corpse will be washed in incense water and dressed in grave clothes. Then, after plugging cotton in the ears and nose of ... Traditionally, the body will stay in the house for three days, however in more recent times, it can (on rare occasions) extend ... This form of Shamanism is in more rapid decline as the hereditary Sesup-mu are becoming increasingly rare. In other parts of ...
Public high schools in Indiana, Schools in Whitley County, Indiana, 1889 establishments in Indiana, Pages using the ... Columbia City High School is a public high school located in Columbia City, Indiana. List of high schools in Indiana "Columbia ... ". "Columbia City High School (9187) , Indiana". "Columbia City High School (9187) , Indiana". Official Website (Articles with ...
He then settled in a studio on 57th Street in New York City. He spent his summers in Indiana, where he was friends with James ... In 1946, Booth suffered an incapacitating stroke and died on August 25, 1948 in his studio in New York City. His wife survived ... There was no mention of children in his obituaries. His ashes were scattered over his parents' gravestone in Carmel, Indiana. ... He took a correspondence course in art while he lived in Indiana, and studied for three months each at the School of the Art ...
Louis Country Club in Ladue, Missouri. Jones said about Maiden later in his life, "The best luck that I ever had in golf was ... Indiana. November 4, 1959. p. 6. Eubanks, Steve (2010). To Win and Die in Dixie: The Birth of the Modern Golf Swing and the ... I imitated his style, like a monkey I suppose". Maiden opened an indoor golf school in New York in 1930 and then returned to ... In 1919 Maiden left East Lake, having been replaced by Willie Ogg, to accept a post as professional at the St. ...
Indiana. It was formed by Ian Rotten in 1996. Independent Wrestling Association: Mid-South (IWA-MS) formed in 1996 in ... In 2002, IWA Mid-South moved its base to Clarksville, Indiana. From 2003 to 2007, IWA Mid-South ran shows in a wide variety of ... They also ran at The Arena based in Jeffersonville Indiana before moving to the New IWA Arena at the Memphis Trading Post in ... Indiana until 2021 when they relocated to the new IWA Wrestling Center in New Albany, Indiana where they began to regularly ...
Martínez Corrés died in Genoa, in 1842. Gaspar Villate y Montes was born in Havana, in 1851 and since an early age he showed a ... Bola de Nieve and María Teresa Vera played in cinemas in their early days. Burlesque was also common in Havana before 1960. In ... The first documented operatic event in Havana took place in 1776. That presentation was mentioned in a note published in the ... but in his case not only were scores recorded by others, but there are recordings. Garay settled in Havana in 1906, and in 1926 ...
Spanish Colonial architecture in Mexico, Roman Catholic cathedrals in Mexico, Buildings and structures in Yucatán, Tourist ... The Mérida Cathedral in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, is one of the oldest cathedrals in the Americas. The cathedral was built on ... a town in the Jaen province. References to the cathedral can be found in the Books of Chilam Balam. Land had been set aside for ... in 1517 and 1518. The creation of a diocese in the recently discovered country was urged by Velazquez, who presumed to have ...
Eight years later in 1993, Mike Robinson of Peoria Richwoods knocked down 18 field goals in one game, while in 1999 Rock Island ... in one of the most exciting games in tournament history. The Classic also took on a different twist in 1995 by hosting an 8- ... Sports in Bloomington-Normal, Organizations established in 1975, High school basketball competitions in the United States). ... In 1999, the Classic got a big shot in the arm with the announcement of State Farm Insurance as its title sponsor. The State ...
In 1948 she was promoted to Colonel (the first woman to hold that rank in the Air Force) and became Director of the WAF in the ... Since then, women in the US Army have served in the same units as men, though they have only been allowed in or near combat ... In addition, all members of the WAAC and the WAC who served in World War II received the Women's Army Corps Service Medal. In ... She became the first female judge in Rhode Island in 1956. In 1977 she was the first woman to be elected as a justice of the ...
Indiana, Outdoor sculptures in Indiana, Tourist attractions in Perry County, Indiana, Statues of Jesus, 1956 sculptures). ... Christ of the Ohio is a statue of Jesus Christ in Troy, Indiana in the United States. It is located on Fulton Hill, which ... It resides near a bend in the river and has been used as a beacon for boats since its dedication. It can be seen from Indiana ... He was incarcerated in Morganfield, Kentucky at Camp Breckenridge in 1943. He worked on sculptures as a prisoner and impressed ...
The slender is small about 29-32 mm in length. The slender bluet, as its common name implies is a blue damselfly with a thin ... One of the similar species is the skimming Bluet which is found in similar habitats. It is also similar to the stream bluet and ... The black shoulder stripes are thin in both genders. On the male slender bluet his abdominal segments 8 and 9 are blue. Segment ... Enallagma traviatum is a species of small damselfly in the family Coenagrionidae. It is commonly known as the slender bluet. ...
Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz in which he explains the history of the different views hold about music in Western societies, since ... music Timeline of Chinese music Timeline of trends in Italian music Timeline of music in the United States History of music in ... It may be expressed in terms of pitch, rhythm, harmony, and timbre. Definition of music One of the arts - One of the performing ... The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to music: Music - human expression often in the medium of ...
In Japan, the city of Hiroshima includes Ribbons and prayers for peace in their annual commemoration of the nuclear bombing. In ... Annual events are held in Marion and Gas City, Indiana, and in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where people create Ribbons and hold a ... and again in November 1985. Panels were received from contributors in every state in the United States. Every state and many ... In an event held on August 4, 1985, panels were connected in an 18 miles (29 km) long strip stretching from the Pentagon into ...
Indiana. Allotment Commissioner (1865), Report of the allotment commissioner, on the transmission of money for soldiers, ... The purpose was to prevent wasteful spending among idle and bored soldiers in camp. Among the first commissioners was Theodore ... Townsend, Thomas Seaman (1889). The honors of the Empire state in the war of the rebellion. pp. 63-64. Retrieved January 21, ... Isa Carrington Cabell (1900). "Roosevelt, Nicholas I." . In Wilson, J. G.; Fiske, J. (eds.). Appletons' Cyclopædia of American ...
Amerson was born in southern Indiana and raised in a Methodist pastor's home. After graduating from Shortridge High School in ... in Evansville, Indiana; they there stayed until 1986. While serving as parish pastor in Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana ... Indiana, and president and chancellor of Indiana University, to study the development of social institutions. In 2000 he became ... writing and research from his home in Bloomington, Indiana. "The Vocation of Peacebuilding," with John W. Woell, in Choosing ...
... (born March 21, 1962 in Fort Wayne, Indiana) is a Native American artist. She is enrolled in the Miami Tribe of ... Kay, Jon., Traditional Arts Indiana., William Hammond Mathers Museum (Bloomington, Ind.). [Indiana]. ISBN 978-0-692-72355-5. ... Other influences in her art include the geometric designs found in ribbonwork and the floral patterns depicted throughout the ... "A masterpiece 760 hours in the making". "Meet Artist In Residence: Katrina Mitten (Miami Tribe of Oklahoma)". Eiteljorg Museum ...
... in Larnaca, founded in 1918 ΣΟΛΩΝ or "SOLON" in Nicosia, founded in 1921 ΚΙΝΥΡΑΣ or "KINYRAS" in Paphos, founded in 1923 ... ΕΥΑΓΟΡΑΣ or "EVAGORAS" in Famagusta, founded in 1928 and removed to Limassol in 1974 ΑΔΟΝΙΣ or "ADONIS" in Nicosia, founded in ... In Jackson's words, from a speech he later gave to the Grand Lodge of Cyprus: "I met Jakob Vorkas several years ago in ... In the case of Cyprus, the Commission followed the lead of UGLE, and in 2007 recommended to its member jurisdictions that "An ...
Illinois in July and the U.S. Amateur at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts in September. Chung's participation in ... In his early years, Chung's family lived in Nuuanu Valley and his parents had moved from the plantations to work on truck farms ... In 1929, Chung returned to his native Hawaii to take a position as club professional at the Moanalua Golf Club in Honolulu. He ... Chung's second-place finish in the 1921 Hawaiian Open helped motivate him to take his game to tournaments in the United States ...
He then staged it in 1923 in Los Angeles under the title The Rented Ranch, which was produced again in Carmel in the fall of ... In 1921, Remsen moved into a campsite at the tree-bound Forest Theater in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. In May 1922, he held ... In June 1926 the painting of Robinson Jeffers was displayed in the Los Angeles Times and The Carmel Cymbal. In April 1946, the ... At the age of 20, he went to Johns Hopkins University in 1895 and was in the class of Ninety-Seven. In September 1898, he ...
Another Indiana startup, Bright Automotive, was forced to end operations the week before after applying for the same loan in ... In July 2009, the company relocated their headquarters to Connersville, Indiana, with plans to invest $350 million into ... "Carbon Motors E7: Proudly Made in Indiana". Carbon Motors. July 29, 2009. Archived from the original on 8 August 2009. ... in 2003, Carbon Motors Corporation moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006, where it continued to develop its product and gain ...
He pitched in two games for the Twins, in which he allowed five runs, including three home runs, in 2+2⁄3 innings. The Twins ... Baseball, and the Indiana Player of the Year by Gatorade and Louisville Slugger in 2008. The Boston Red Sox selected Meyer in ... He last played for the Los Angeles Angels in 2017. Meyer attended Greensburg High School in Greensburg, Indiana, and played for ... In 2008, his senior year, Meyer had an 8-0 win-loss record, a 0.95 earned run average (ERA), and 108 strikeouts in 51 innings ...
He had left Indianapolis in the spring of 1901 and it is unknown why he was in Sullivan County. In November 1902, residents in ... "Indiana." In A State-by-State History of Race and Racism in the United States (2 Volumes), edited by Patricia Reid-Merritt, 283 ... The lynching of James Dillard is cited as the last well-known lynching in Indiana before the 1930 lynching in Marion. " ... Indiana on November 20. The lynching of James Dillard is one of the first events in which a governor enacted the 1899 Indiana ...
Indiana. He was later elected to the Legislature of the Northwest Territory in 1798 and 1802 and served from 1803 to 1804 in ... Ephraim enlisted in 1777 at Essex, New Jersey in the Continental Army. He endured the brutal winter of 1777-1778 at Valley ... Wilson, George R (1919). "Early Indiana Trails and Surveys". Indiana Historical Society Publications. 6: 352-353. Retrieved 24 ... Ohio about 1795 and participated in the defense of the new settlements and in surveying and cutting roads, notably the then- ...
In 2008, IWA and Williams were investigated by Indiana State Police over the violence in their shows. In 2011, IWA shut down ... Johnny Hawk) for the GWF Tag Team Championship in January 1993, losing the titles shortly thereafter. In June 1994 in Extreme ... After a short stint as hockey gimmick Zach Blades, Williams went to wrestle in the Global Wrestling Federation. In GWF, ... Indiana. Retrieved September 30, 2018. "JC ROTTEN INTERVIEW THE DEATH HOUR". Archived from the original on ...
The book was published in 1989 by Albert Whitman & Co., and tells the story of a boy dealing with the death of his uncle due to ... The book was criticized by parents at the time due to its overly realistic take on adult themes in a children's book. Tim is ... Indiana. The Associated Press. 16 November 1992. p. 6. Retrieved 26 September 2020. Ouzts, Dan T. (1991). "The Emergence of ... Books like Losing Uncle Tim received pushback from parents, who were worried the realism in those stories could be traumatizing ...
Shopping malls in Indiana, Buildings and structures in Lafayette, Indiana, Tourist attractions in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, ... In 2004, the Lazarus building was razed for Dick's Sporting Goods and hhgregg. L. S. Ayres became Macy's in 2006. H&M opened in ... Tippecanoe Mall is an enclosed shopping mall in Lafayette, Indiana. Opened in 1974, it is anchored by JCPenney, Macy's, Kohl's ... Block's became Lazarus in 1987. An expansion announced in 1994 added a new wing anchored by Sears and L. S. Ayres, the latter ...
In 1994, Liangqiao Bian first reported strong 13C depletion in crocetane from anoxic sediments in the Kattegat. Such low 13C ... In 2009, Ercin Maslen and her colleagues detected crocetane in highly-mature Devonian sediments and crude oils of the Western ... The infrared spectrum was reported in 1950, the mass spectrum was described in 1968 and the 1H and 13C NMR spectra was obtained ... Paul Greenwood and Roger Summons in 2003 reported using GC MS-MS instrument to measure the daughter ion of m/z 196→127/126 and ...
Its habitat is in areas with long grass, usually that are close to water, such as prairies and meadows. It is commonly found ... Horsehair worms are known to use the gladiator meadow katydid as a host in a parasitic relationship, with the species being one ... Indiana. Dept. of Geology and Natural Resources. 1903. p. 390. "Gladiator Meadow Katydid (Orchelimum gladiator)". Songs of ... It is also present in a moderate population among southeast Asia. ...
The library was founded in 1930. More than 3 million items are stored in the library collection. Since 1992, CSAL has been ... the largest agricultural database in Russian in the world. This database contains information about books and articles ... Protective afforestation, soil reclamation, problems of agroecology and agriculture in the Russian Federation [2016] Kulik, K.N ... The papers consider the problems of irrigated farming and the methods for their development in droughty regions, as well as, ...
In 2020, the annual rate of decline was substantially greater than in previous years, probably because of factors associated ... Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Correctional Facilities, United States, 1993-2017. *Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in ... Healthcare providers, TB programs, and communities play an important role in ending TB in the United States. ... In 2021, persons with TB disease in the United States identified as ...
Prevalence is the number of people in a population that have a condition relative to all of the people in the population. ... About 1 in 6 (17%) children aged 3-17 years were diagnosed with a developmental disability, as reported by parents, during a ... About 1 in 44 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDCs Autism and ... These cookies perform functions like remembering presentation options or choices and, in some cases, delivery of web content ...
This phrase in situ when used in laboratory science such as cell science can mean something intermediate between in vivo and in ... In legal contexts, in situ is often used for its literal meaning. For example, in Hong Kong, "in situ land exchange" involves ... In astronomy, in situ also refers to in situ planet formation, in which planets are hypothesized to have formed at the orbital ... In chemistry, in situ typically means "in the reaction mixture." There are numerous situations in which chemical intermediates ...
Students get the quintessential college experience at Indiana University Bloomington, one of Americas leading research ... At Indiana University, youre home. This is where your journey begins. Youll discover opportunities beyond your wildest dreams ... Kathryn Riordan is a FAIT Fellowship recipient, and will intern in Washington and later at a U.S. embassy or consulate. ...
The Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC. ... Disparities in Wealth by Race and Ethnicity in the 2019 Survey ... The variables included in the ASCII format have exactly the same values as those in the SAS and Stata data set. The layout of ... Missing data in the survey have been imputed five times using a multiple imputation technique. The information is stored in ... Definitions of the variables in the summary extract dataset can be found in the SAS program used to create the data set. The ...
Latin Americas biggest economy is seen remaining stuck in recession as it confronts double-digit price increases ... SÃO PAULO-Inflation is surging in Brazil, forcing a country with one of the highest death rates from Covid-19 to grapple with ... While the global economy is forecast to rebound more than 4% next year, including in countries bordering Brazil, more ... Latin Americas biggest economy is seen remaining stuck in recession as it confronts double-digit price increases. ...
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they ... In 2010, droughts in Russia, Ukraine, China and Argentina and torrential storms in Canada, Australia and Brazil -- all major ... In a 2011 article in The Atlantic, former Department of State Director of Policy Planning Anne-Marie Slaughter explained how ... in international policy conversations, the panel said. In climate sciences, the axiom I live by is We have to manage whats ...
Even in an era when listeners have been primed to expect the unexpected, the best albums of 2018 are full of surprises: a ... We fall in love with albums because they unearth something in us. Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa stirs something in the listener ... are as much in dialogue with the singer as they are offering evocative moods and textures in an album steeped in Latin American ... In a year when the very concept of shared reality seemed to be decaying all around us, Low turned in an album for the ages: a ...
The role of V3 neurons in speed-dependent interlimb coordination during locomotion in mice. Zhang H, Shevtsova NA, Deska- ... Neural Interactions in Developing Rhythmogenic Spinal Networks: Insights From Computational Modeling. Shevtsova NA, Ha NT, ... Modulation of the gait pattern during split-belt locomotion after lateral spinal cord hemisection in adult cats. Lecomte CG, ... State- and Condition-Dependent Modulation of the Hindlimb Locomotor Pattern in Intact and Spinal Cats Across Speeds. Harnie J, ...
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Learn about current research being done on esophageal cancer including areas in treatment, blood tests, inherited syndromes, ... Whats New in Esophageal Cancer Research?. Research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of esophageal cancer is now ... Here youll find in-depth information on specific cancer types - including risk factors, early detection, diagnosis, and ... Researchers are studying if a PET scan can help doctors decide the next step in treatment. For example, should people who were ...
The company, which is a joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv, has been testing in the city since 2018. ... Motional will launch a robotaxi service in Las Vegas in 2023. ... Motional as a joint venture was first announced in March 2020, ... Motionals robotaxis will be fully driverless in Las Vegas by 2023. Motionals robotaxis will be fully driverless in Las Vegas ... Yandex, the Russian tech giant, tested its Level 4 vehicles in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020. And ...
For example, who would have guessed that Tu Nombre en Japonés (Your name in Japanese) would be among the top 20 gadgets in ... People rely on iGoogle to save time by putting all the information and services they need in one place. They also use it to ... With this launch, more than 99% of Internet users can take advantage of these features in their native language, which is ... Earlier this week, iGoogle launched in 13 new languages, bringing the total number of supported languages to 42 and the total ...
... with many Americans also saying they feel financial strain in their own lives. ... The US publics view of the nations economy is the worst its been in a decade, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds, ... in 2016. Yet 41% say theyre worse off than they were a year ago, with just 23% saying their finances have improved in that ... The US publics view of the nations economy is the worst its been in a decade, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds, with ...
From voting to parking, the ADA is a law that protects people with disabilities in many areas of public life. ... Teams that specialize in handling your type of issue will review it. If it needs to be forwarded to another team or agency, we ... From voting to parking, the ADA is a law that protects people with disabilities in many areas of public life. ... A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. ...
The book series Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology published or distributed by the University of Chicago Press. ... Read Moreabout Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology. Read Lessabout Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology. ... It is complemented by our Big Issues in Music books, a project of the Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology series. ... Since 1990, the Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology series addresses the central theoretical issues in ethnomusicology. ...
Your Donations Make Reason an Island of Stability in a Turbulent Sea of Media Matt Welch , 12.3.2022 9:00 AM. ... Brian Kemp (R), who defeated her in 2018.. Last time, Abrams came close enough to victory that the party catapulted her to ... I hear the misinformation being piped in.". Brittney Cooper, an author and activist, took things a step further while speaking ... The obsession with misinformation is an inheritance of the 2016 presidential election, and choices made by Democrats in the ...
The Prize in Economic Sciences 2021 - Press release The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel ... The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2021 © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Paul Kennedy ... The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2021 was divided, one half awarded to David Card " ... MLA style: The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2021. Nobel Prize ...
Google has agreed to operate a portion of the 8,000-mile Pacific Light Cable Network System between the United States and Taiwan, but not Hong Kong.
What to do? In the past, societies have tackled monopolies either by breaking them up, as with Standard Oil in 1911, or by ... If a user so desires, key data should be made available in real time to other firms-as banks in Europe are now required to do ... their huge stockmarket valuations suggest that investors are counting on them to double or even triple in size in the next ... And even then, in all likelihood one of the Googlettes or Facebabies would eventually sweep all before it as the inexorable ...
In the News. 4 Female Entrepreneurs Share How the Power of Storytelling Can Lead to Funding. How these Latinx and Black ... Learn all about finances in next to no time. Each week, youll get a crash course on the biggest issues to make your next ... At NextAdvisor were firm believers in transparency and editorial independence. Editorial opinions are ours alone and have not ... ":"In the News","hub_link":"https:\/\/\/nextadvisor\/in-the-news\/"},"ID":62785,"image":"https:\/\/\/ ...
to 22 years in prison in 2020 after being convicted for violating federal wildlife laws and a failed murder-for-hire plot ... A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Denver in July ordered Maldonado-Passage be ... The man known as the Tiger King who gained fame in a Netflix documentary following his conviction for trying to hire someone ... The man known as the Tiger King who gained fame in a Netflix documentary following his conviction for trying to hire someone ...
If the proponents of D.C. statehood are sincere about not just seeking a partisan power grab, there are other ways they could go to offer a deal and stop tilting at windmills.
... and in order to promote the interests of ... By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution ... 133, 12 U.S.C. 1841 et seq.) that is in accordance with the factors enumerated in 12 U.S.C. 1828(c) and 1842(c).. (f) To better ... By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to ... c) To address the consolidation of industry in many markets across the economy, as described in section 1 of this order, the ...
... has nearly a decade of experience in paid media strategy and execution in both agency and in-house accounts and uses advanced ... Unless youre a brand marketer in a thoroughly recession-proof industry or an agency marketer with a portfolio of clients in ... Marketing in a recession: How to avoid 5 common mistakes. Instead of making hasty and costly marketing decisions, learn how to ... Understand that youre in good company.. *Take a deep breath and start by dialing back (but not cutting altogether) where ...
Eric J. Topol, MD Medscape Editor-in-Chief Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute; Executive Vice President and ... The lack of supporting evidence in the management of pediatric differentiated thyroid carcinoma means cultural divergences and ...
Stay put and seal off your space is a type of shelter-in-place. It is different from shelter-in-place for severe weather or ... "Stay Put and Seal Off Your Space" means to stay put and seal off the space you are in from any outside air to make a safe place ... It means that leaving the area or building during a chemical emergency may place you in danger. It is a way to keep you as safe ... Listen to the radio, television, or your mobile news app, or follow instructions in text alerts to stay put and seal off your ...
He was not in the first photo lineup.". When Long was in the courthouse, he had no idea he was a suspect in a rape case. After ... Long was seated in the middle of the gallery. He was in court to resolve a misdemeanor charge for trespassing in a public park ... Long lingers in the visitation center of the Albemarle Correctional Institution on a cool afternoon in December. Hes in khakis ... he told the INDY in an email. He added in all caps: "If I, with all the built-in biases that I have because of my background, ...
Premium Office apps, extra cloud storage, advanced security, and more-all in one convenient subscription ...
  • In 2021, the United States reported 7,882 TB cases and an incidence rate of 2.4 cases per 100,000 persons ( TB Incidence and Mortality: 1953-2021 ). (
  • TB data from 2021 reveal a rebound in the number of reported cases of TB disease in the United States. (
  • However, TB incidence in 2021 remained 12.4% lower compared with 2019, which might be explained by longer lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including TB underdiagnosis and public health resource constraints. (
  • In 2021, diabetes mellitus (23.9%) was the most commonly reported medical risk factor for TB disease. (
  • In 2021, 2.4% of persons 15 years of age or older diagnosed with TB disease were current residents of correctional facilities at the time of diagnosis. (
  • Among persons 15 years of age or older with TB disease in 2021, 341 (4.5%) reported experiencing homelessness within the 12 months preceding TB diagnosis compared with 290 (4.3%) in 2020. (
  • The tests, which took place in February 2021, came less than three months after the company received the green light from the state of Nevada to test its vehicles without a human safety driver. (
  • MLA style: The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2021. (
  • Climate activists hold up signs next to portraits of slain Philippine environmental defenders as they take part in climate justice protests on November 06, 2021 in Quezon city, Philippines. (
  • In 2021, 200 people were killed protecting their homes and their rights. (
  • Lina M. Khan was sworn in as Chair of the Federal Trade Commission on June 15, 2021. (
  • More than one in four people who reported losing money to fraud in 2021 said it started on social media with an ad, a post, or a message. (
  • [1] In fact, the data suggest that social media was far more profitable to scammers in 2021 than any other method of reaching people. (
  • More than 95,000 people reported about $770 million in losses to fraud initiated on social media platforms in 2021. (
  • [3] Those losses account for about 25% of all reported losses to fraud in 2021 and represent a stunning eighteenfold increase over 2017 reported losses. (
  • Reports are up for every age group, but people 18 to 39 were more than twice as likely as older adults to report losing money to these scams in 2021. (
  • Despite ongoing pandemic challenges in 2021, ATSDR adapted and continued to fulfill its mission to protect communities from health effects related to exposure to harmful hazardous substances found in the environment. (
  • The testing began as a weeklong pilot between Aptiv and Lyft during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in 2018 and has since gone on to complete over 100,000 passenger trips. (
  • Today's election is a rematch against incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R), who defeated her in 2018. (
  • Deaths involving fentanyl and other synthetic opioids have surged from around 3,000 in 2013 to more than 30,000 in 2018. (
  • 2 Numbers were increased from 5 to 6 in June 2018 Board meeting. (
  • In 2020, the annual rate of decline was substantially greater than in previous years, probably because of factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, including a combination of TB underdiagnosis and a true reduction in TB incidence. (
  • Motional as a joint venture was first announced in March 2020 , when Hyundai said it would spend $1.6 billion to catch up to its rivals in the autonomous vehicle space. (
  • Yandex, the Russian tech giant, tested its Level 4 vehicles in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020. (
  • The obsession with misinformation is an inheritance of the 2016 presidential election, and choices made by Democrats in the wake of Hillary Clinton's unexpected loss. (
  • Much hay was made about Russian trolls allegedly targeting black voters , though it was never clear why this would have made much difference in the 2016 election-or why it was not just wrong but sinister for anyone to try to persuade black voters to vote differently. (
  • In 2016, Long's legal team filed a habeas corpus petition with the Middle District Court of North Carolina, asking the court to vacate Long's conviction or grant him a new trial on the grounds that the state violated Long's constitutional rights. (
  • While reported cases decreased by 72% from 2015 to 2016, reported deaths from cholera in Asia increased sixfold. (
  • Watch the 2022 Nobel Prize lectures, the Nobel Prize Concert, Nobel Week Dialogue, the prize award ceremonies in Oslo and Stockholm and Nobel Peace Prize Forum here at (
  • 2022)‎. Childhood cancer inequalities in the WHO European Region. (
  • About 1 in 6 (17%) children aged 3-17 years were diagnosed with a developmental disability, as reported by parents, during a study period of 2009-2017. (
  • The court dismissed that petition in 2017, but Long's attorneys appealed. (
  • Trade Unions in 2017: Still the So-so-so-solution to Workplace Woes? (
  • This note reports on occurrences of triatomine species in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, registered between 1988 and 2017. (
  • In 2019, 27.5% of South Carolina high school youth reported currently using any tobacco product , including e-cigarettes. (
  • The disease was first detected in China in 2019 and has spread to the rest of the world. (
  • SÃO PAULO-Inflation is surging in Brazil, forcing a country with one of the highest death rates from Covid-19 to grapple with the economic fallout of the pandemic. (
  • In 2010, droughts in Russia, Ukraine, China and Argentina and torrential storms in Canada, Australia and Brazil -- all major wheat and grain producers -- considerably diminished global crops, driving commodity prices up. (
  • A descriptive, exploratory study with a quantitative approach, conducted in a midsize university hospital in Belém, Pará State, Brazil, from June to August 2014. (
  • Master in Public Management from ufPa - Belém (Pa), Brazil. (
  • Brazil and Zoonosis Control Centers in the city as well as from citizens. (
  • This note reports on occurrences of triatomine bugs in the Labfauna has provided taxonomic identification of municipality of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, registered between synanthropic animals since 1982. (
  • If it is not possible for you to send a representative, you must wait at home to receive your medications from a community health agent (in Brazil) or equivalent in other countries. (
  • Motional, the autonomous vehicle company that is a $4 billion joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv, announced the city in which it would launch its fully driverless robotaxi service in 2023, and surprise, surprise, it's Las Vegas. (
  • Throughout the year, Motional and Lyft will test the vehicles, collecting data on the customer experience, before launching a "full-fledged" commercial robotaxi service in 2023. (
  • Smoke engulfed the northern Sacramento Valley in California on July 22, 2008, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite passed over head and captured this natural-color image. (
  • According to the daily report from the National Interagency Fire Center, hundreds of thousands of acres were affected by fires in California. (
  • “Dry†thunderstorms triggered hundreds of fires in California on the first day of summer 2008. (
  • In Northern California, fires continued to burn in August. (
  • We all remember the fallout that came with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle waving goodbye to the UK to create their home in California. (
  • Progress toward TB elimination slowed in recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic strained public health services, including TB prevention and control services. (
  • As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic shift over time, we must rededicate our efforts and resources to achieve TB elimination in the United States. (
  • While almost all COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted in the Netherlands, our appointment guidelines are not yet back to pre-pandemic levels. (
  • In response to the pandemic, some visit procedures have been amended. (
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients should receive 2 to 3 months' supply of MDT blister packs in order to avoid repeat visits to healthcare services that may be overwhelmed by people seeking help on COVID-19. (
  • 1988]. Nocardia and Cryptococcus may also cause infections in silicosis victims [Ziskind et al. (
  • The first reported occurrence of triatomine bugs in urban Sao Paulo was in 1988. (
  • and Start the search type one or more words or phrases in the search box and click the button SEARCH. (
  • Use for expressions which apply the AND and OR operators in the same search. (
  • Spanish), DO NOT make any difference in your search result. (
  • There are other searching options in the VHL Portal, such as the Search by Descriptor MeSH/DeCS. (
  • To know more refer to How to Search In the VHL home page. (
  • LILACS can be accessed for bibliographic search in the VHL Global Portal and records are also indexed in Google. (
  • The access to the LILACS database can be carried through the compact disk LILACS/CD and integrally in the VHL's - Virtual Health Library's in the Scientific Literature item, through the common search interface [iAH]. (
  • By some estimates, Amazon captures over 40% of online shopping in America. (
  • Black babies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-and across America-face much higher mortality rates than white babies. (
  • LILACS is a bibliographic index of literature on health sciences, published in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean since 1982. (
  • Access to the Cochrane Library by VHL is available to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean only. (
  • Comments on Medscape are moderated and should be professional in tone and on topic. (
  • Cite this: Trends in Nursing: 2004 and Beyond - Medscape - Jan 14, 2004. (
  • The following tables are based on those that have historically appeared in the Bulletin article . (
  • In a 2011 article in The Atlantic , former Department of State Director of Policy Planning Anne-Marie Slaughter explained how the international environment had changed in the last century. (
  • In this article, you'll learn some common mistakes marketers make and more thoughtful alternatives that will position brands to survive and thrive over the long haul. (
  • This article presents a literature review of impression in Implantology. (
  • article extracted from the master thesis " Gestão em Saúde: Proposta de controle de material medico hospitalar em centro cirúrgico de um hospital universitário " (in english, Health Management: Proposed control of hospital medical materials in operating room of a university hospital) presented to the Núcleo dos Altos Estudos Amazônicos (Naea) of the Universidade Federal do Pará (ufPa) in 2014. (
  • Since 1992, CSAL has been managing AGROS, the largest agricultural database in Russian in the world. (
  • TB case counts and incidence rates have steadily decreased in the United States since 1992. (
  • But security researchers this week poked a big hole in that peace of mind by revealing two flaws in AirDrop's protocol that could allow an attacker to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of nearby devices that are using AirDrop. (
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  • A fall in yields to 4-5% would, in contrast, be a sign that the crisis was over and an indication that both countries could get their fiscal houses in order. (
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  • People who were born in countries where TB disease is more common are at substantially greater risk of exposure to TB. (
  • People living in congregate settings, including correctional facilities, detention centers, long-term care facilities, and homeless shelters, are at increased risk of becoming infected with TB due to shared airspaces. (
  • Prevalence is the number of people in a population that have a condition relative to all of the people in the population. (
  • In fact, there are many people who tried to make sure you never would. (
  • Jeremy Dutcher is a member of the Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick, and one of about 100 people who can still fluently speak the traditional language of Wolastoq. (
  • Whether sharing the story of "Sugartooth," an addict and the people who love him even as he slips out of their safe hold, or assuring the bullied children of "The Joke" that they will walk in the sunlight of their own truth soon, or realizing that her father's advice to bear no malice doesn't contradict her mother's about knowing when to fight, Carlile rises to meet its imperatives. (
  • Researchers hope to find additional genes and to come up with more detailed recommendations for screening to find esophageal cancer early in people at high risk because of these syndromes. (
  • From voting to parking, the ADA is a law that protects people with disabilities in many areas of public life. (
  • People with certain disabilities might communicate in different ways. (
  • New data, released in partnership with PSB Research, now demonstrates the real, devastating economic impact of COVID-19 on the transgender community, especially transgender people of color. (
  • A follow-up report in April confirmed the disproportionate impact the virus was having, and continues to have, on LGBTQ people in the United States: they are more likely to have become unemployed, more likely to have their work hours cut, are more likely to feel that their personal finances are in worse shape, and are more likely to be taking steps to actively prepare for the virus. (
  • HRC released data in May documenting the disproportionate impact of both the virus and its economic consequences on LGBTQ people of color, who are more likely than their white LGBTQ counterparts to have become unemployed or reduced their work hours. (
  • One in eight people in the United States (13 percent, or 30 million) aged 12 years or older has hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations. (
  • We are in the foothills of the sixth mass extinction, and these defenders are some of the few people standing in the way. (
  • These are the people who understand, at the most fundamental level, how the fate of humanity is entwined in the fate of the natural places they are defending. (
  • While Morris said it was concerning that an increase in the harshness of anti-protest laws was occurring at the exact time more people felt the need to be heard about climate and environmental crisis in Australia, he said the legal challenge sought to protect all those who wished to protest, regardless of their cause. (
  • The important thing is that governments foster rather than stifle people wanting to have a voice in a healthy and robust democracy. (
  • Social media permeates the lives of many people - we use it to stay in touch, make new friends, shop, and have fun. (
  • It's a low-cost way to reach billions of people from anywhere in the world. (
  • Specifically, many people aren't really retiring these days, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. (
  • With infections of the new coronavirus confirmed in countries around the world, people are following the daily tally of COVID-19 cases, wondering exactly how lethal this new disease is. (
  • BPI&M ANSWER Sharing of Decision-making model in order to align objectives and strategy to on-going projects within the organization Decision making model set on rules and logic of SOD Unique Glossary and taxonomy definition (IT and Functional) Process Design and modeling («As Is» & «To Be») Process sharing between people responsible to set rules. (
  • Mogadishu (AFP) - Several people are believed to have been killed in an airstrike in southern Somalia apparently targetting a house used by members of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab militia, officials and witnesses said Sunday. (
  • Cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disability in the United States, despite a significant decline in the number of people who smoke. (
  • Your assistance in this effort will help prevent silicosis-related death and disease, a national goal for health promotion and disease prevention stated in Healthy People 2000 [PHS 1990]. (
  • Teams follow protocols that are not updated in the light of diverse evidence due to lack of time or because there are no people who are encouraged to modify them. (
  • We need to incorporate the academic sphere into health institutions in an 'immersive' way to live day-to-day and, thus, question the environment, the people and the processes. (
  • It is also interesting to participate in research groups, in order to seek diverse information and news about courses, seminars and other events, which are excellent ways to better understand the topic, meet people with common interests and, perhaps, identify with some research topic. (
  • Ending TB will require a dual approach of maintaining and strengthening current TB control priorities, while increasing efforts to identify and treat latent TB infection , especially in populations at increased risk of TB disease. (
  • These cookies perform functions like remembering presentation options or choices and, in some cases, delivery of web content that based on self-identified area of interests. (
  • One thing that has not changed is the role of editors in steering a journal on its course and selecting content that best meets the needs of the community it serves. (
  • In a report published last week, researchers from the Center for American Progress, the Center for Climate and Security and the Stimson Center examined the role of climate change in the Middle East's upheaval during 2010 and 2011. (
  • At the launch of the Arab Spring and climate change report, Werz and other foreign affairs experts discussed the challenges of climate change in global stability -- particularly in terms of food and water security and migration -- and how the United States needs to rethink its foreign policy to incorporate these borderless challenges. (
  • One-tenth call immigration the top issue, while other subjects, including climate change, racial injustice and education, were all in the single digits. (
  • The NSW government's anti-protest laws will be challenged in the supreme court, with two climate change protesters arguing that tougher measures introduced earlier this year fundamentally undermine their right of political communication. (
  • Creating long-term, sustainable and stable countries in the world is much more beneficial for U.S. and global security than anything else, Werz said. (
  • Firms cannot do without Google, which in some countries processes more than 90% of web searches. (
  • Americans are paying too much for prescription drugs and healthcare services - far more than the prices paid in other countries. (
  • It is hoped that these will be of value to decision-makers and politicians from all countries within the Region looking to address existing inequalities in childhood cancer care through targeted improvement activities. (
  • Many countries in the Southeast Asia Region face challenges with known risk factors for cholera outbreaks including poverty, lack of development, and high population density. (
  • You might think that high yields in the peripheral euro zone countries would attract bargain hunters but it doesn't seem to be the case. (
  • b) to support the harmonization of the regulatory frameworks for production of health workers across countries in the Region. (
  • It is particularly targeted at editors working in countries that are seeking to develop their capacities to promote, conduct and disseminate research and to inform policy and practice. (
  • The SCF Interactive Chart creates time series charts representing estimates in the historic tables, and covers the period 1989 to the most recent survey year. (
  • Estimates for all survey years from 1989 to the most recent survey year are included in both nominal and real terms. (
  • And Chinese tech firm Baidu started testing its vehicles without safety drivers in its home country late last year. (
  • The award is presented in every other year by the chair of the NCTE Children's Poetry Award Committee at the Children's Book Awards Luncheon during the NCTE Annual Convention . (
  • In 2008, the criteria were updated and the time frame was changed to every other year. (
  • Books must have been published and/or distributed in the English language during the calendar year. (
  • Roughly 10 percent of the U.S. adult population, or about 25 million Americans, has experienced tinnitus lasting at least five minutes in the past year. (
  • I could tell you that this has been going on for decades, with the numbers killed in recent years hitting over 200 each year. (
  • And I could tell you, as this report does, that a further 200 defenders were murdered in the last year alone. (
  • The bill was introduced in response to a series of climate protests that disrupted Port Botany earlier this year. (
  • Hizzoner said he doesn't plan to ever return to the Staten Island Zoo for Groundhog Day festivities after his 2014 fumble killed the woodchuck weatherman during the annual ceremony his first year in office. (
  • De Blasio attended the ceremony the next year in 2015, when the zoo made changes for the safety of all participants. (
  • SPAIN paid almost 7% for 10-year money in a bond auction today, well above the level prevailing in the secondary market (6.43% last night, according to the FT). That gap may reflect the impact of ECB buying (the bank only buys in the secondary market). (
  • The sharp rise in yields may reflect the bad economic news (Spain's GDP stagnated in the third quarter and is now expected to grow just 0.8% next year) but it may also reflect uncertainty ahead of Sunday's election, given that the likely PM, Mariano Rajoy, has been rather vague about his programme. (
  • In September last year the Shebab's leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was killed in a US airstrike, and Washington carried out another strike in December, killing who Somali officials said was a top Shebab intelligence official. (
  • This amounts to $170 billion in direct medical costs that could be saved every year if we could prevent youth from starting to smoke and help every person who smokes to quit. (
  • Industrial logging was destroying the ecosystem in which we as humans were intertwined. (
  • [2] [3] They have different roles, including their praise of God, interacting with humans in ordinary life, defending against devils ( shayāṭīn ) and carrying on natural phenomena. (
  • [2] [7] Angels play an important role in Muslim everyday life by protecting the believers from evil influences and recording the deeds of humans. (
  • Contrarily argued, humans rank above angels, since for a human it is harder to be obedient and to worship God, hassling with bodily temptations, in contrast to angels, whose life is much easier and therefore their obedience is rather insignificant. (
  • Islam acknowledges a famous story about competing angels and humans in the tale of Harut and Marut , who were tested to determine, whether or not, angels would do better than humans under the same circumstances, [28] a tradition opposed by some scholars, such as ibn Taimiyya , but still accepted by others, such as ibn Hanbal . (
  • COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus not previously identified in humans. (
  • She is the inventor of Heart Maps® and lives with her family and dog in South Florida. (
  • Fargo would waste little time in the second, getting on the board just 2:04 in on a goal from Kevin Scott who scored on a rebound in front of the net. (
  • A majority of US adults say his policies have hurt the economy, and 8 in 10 say the government isn't doing enough to combat inflation. (
  • Among adults aged 20-69, the overall annual prevalence of hearing loss dropped slightly from 16 percent (28.0 million) in the 1999-2004 period to 14 percent (27.7 million) in the 2011-2012 period. (
  • Age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss among adults aged 20-69, with the greatest amount of hearing loss in the 60 to 69 age group. (
  • About 18 percent of adults aged 20-69 have speech-frequency hearing loss in both ears from among those who report 5 or more years of exposure to very loud noise at work, as compared to 5.5 percent of adults with speech-frequency hearing loss in both ears who report no occupational noise exposure. (
  • Among adults aged 70 and older with hearing loss who could benefit from hearing aids, fewer than one in three (30 percent) has ever used them. (
  • In the United States, roughly 118,100 devices have been implanted in adults and 65,000 in children. (
  • Hoffman HJ, Dobie RA, Losonczy KG, Themann CL, Flamme GA. Declining Prevalence of Hearing Loss in US Adults Aged 20 to 69 Years . (
  • 2) applying the definition of disabling hearing loss used by the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Expert Hearing Loss Team (hearing loss of 35 decibels or more in the better ear, the level at which adults could generally benefit from hearing aids). (
  • As adults in a fast-paced world, finding the time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life can be challenging. (
  • It causes stroke, lung cancer, and coronary heart disease in adults. (
  • Current research indicates that SSRIs, prazosin, and propranolol may be helpful in the treatment of PTSD in adults. (
  • As children move through adolescence and become more like adults, consideration of medications used in adults for PTSD is a reasonable option. (
  • In most cases, a doctor diagnoses reflux by reviewing your child's symptoms and medical history. (
  • Esophageal pH and impedance monitoring , which measures the amount of acid or liquid in your child's esophagus. (
  • The medicines work by lowering the amount of acid in your child's stomach. (
  • LILACS/CD ROM is published quarterly and includes the databases of LILACS System, databases of Specialized Centers and World Health Organization Library, and the database SeCS - Serials in Health Sciences. (
  • evidence guidelines set forth in the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT), which contain, among other documents, a list of 25 items to be included in RCT reports(2). (
  • The panel said his advisory sentencing range should be between 17 1/2 years and just under 22 years, rather than between just under 22 years and 27 years in prison used by the trial court. (
  • David Morris, the chief executive of the EDO, said the women were members of the Knitting Nannas, an environmental activist group with grave concerns about the laws introduced in March that allow fines of $22,000 and two years in prison to punish non-violent protesters. (
  • Looking at long-term trends in rain, crops, food prices and migration, they were able to determine how these factors contributed to social instability in the region. (
  • Use our visualizations to explore scam and fraud trends in your state based on reports from consumers like you. (
  • Address the originality of student work and emerging trends in misconduct with this comprehensive solution. (
  • Key demographic trends in fertility, mortality, and migration are responsible for shifts in the overall structure of any population. (
  • Yet over the last several decades, as industries have consolidated, competition has weakened in too many markets, denying Americans the benefits of an open economy and widening racial, income, and wealth inequality. (
  • Nora Ephron came of age three decades after Child, in a house "full of apples and peaches and milk," in Beverly Hills. (
  • The past two decades have seen vast changes in the world of health science journals, including greater awareness of the role of journals in reporting research, advancing patient treatment and care, educating health professionals, and helping to bridge the communication gap between researchers and policy-makers. (
  • ATSDR leveraged meaningful relationships at the state and local levels to address harmful odors in a New Jersey shopping center, created a website to highlight the work of APPLETREE grantees, connected ALS patients to clinical trials, and advanced the knowledge base of PFAS. (
  • The author examines the importance of language for Psychoanalysis and possible peculiarities involving mother tongue, foreign language, translation, interpretation in the psychism and clinical context. (
  • Today, it is possible to get an RN to BSN degree, an RN (bridge) to MSN degree, or an MSN in an array of clinical or nonclinical advanced practice majors. (
  • [ 31 ] Despite unresolved questions about quality of the curriculum, clinical standards, accreditation, and jurisdiction issues, [ 31 ] it appears that online degree programs in nursing are here to stay. (
  • The hospital is located in the city of Belém which requires greater control of materials consumption in Pará State, and is known for clinical and surgical pulmon- and costs so that professionals can provide the necessary ology and infectious and parasitic diseases. (
  • Healthcare providers, TB programs, and communities play an important role in ending TB in the United States. (
  • These services are effective in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. (
  • major concern for healthcare organizations in both the This study was carried out at a university hospital, which public and the private sectors. (
  • In 2009, LILACS has 500,000 thousand bibliographic records of articles published in about 1,500 journals in health science, from which approximately 800 are currently indexed. (
  • Unless you're a brand marketer in a thoroughly recession-proof industry or an agency marketer with a portfolio of clients in recession-proof industries, you're working against an undercurrent of stress and performance pressure. (
  • When nursing degree programs first went online in the late 1990s, some concerns were voiced over whether Internet education was appropriate for a practice-oriented discipline like nursing and whether the same high standards of traditional classroom learning could be maintained. (
  • Since the mid 1990s, both the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and editors of biomedical and other health science journals have sought to raise the quality and profile of journals in the Region. (
  • Just above that, scrawled across her chest in cursive, she tattooed the three words that changed her life: "Free Ronnie Long. (
  • Heartburn , a painful, burning feeling in the middle of the chest. (
  • As silicosis progresses, there may be difficulty in breathing and other chest symptoms such as cough. (
  • An artifact that is not discovered in situ is considered out of context and as not providing an accurate picture of the associated culture. (
  • However, the out-of-context artifact can provide scientists with an example of types and locations of in situ artifacts yet to be discovered. (
  • The Arab Spring would likely have come one way or another, but the context in which it did is not inconsequential. (
  • If you are a startup and don't have a helpful archive of performance data, but you do have an agency running your account, lean heavily on them to pull insights from similar accounts they may have had in the past. (
  • In B2B, where data density takes longer to build, set some higher-volume growth indicators that will return information more quickly. (
  • Critical "Data on Previous Engagements" can confidently be saved in a simple weatherproof format. (
  • This vast array of data will allow a more detailed understanding of disease traits in analyses known as deep phenotyping ( S14 ). (
  • Bender, E. Big data in biomedicine. (
  • The Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Central Scientific Agricultural Library" (CSAL) is the oldest Bibliographic Center for Agricultural Science and Food Industry in the Russian Federation. (
  • by Analiese Miller and Greg Laden It has been suggested, by various commenters on the internet, that the problem with Fukushima is not that there is a dangerous radioactive mess there, but rather, that the authorities in charge have decided that exposure to radiation is dangerous, when it really isn't. (
  • Bright Outlook occupations are expected to grow rapidly in the next several years, will have large numbers of job openings, or are new and emerging occupations. (
  • Online advanced degree programs in nursing have multiplied rapidly in the past few years. (
  • Prevalence is typically shown as a percent (e.g. 1%) or a proportion (e.g. 1 in 100). (
  • In art, in situ refers to a work of art made specifically for a host site, or that a work of art takes into account the site in which it is installed or exhibited. (
  • Failure to account for the imputations and the complex sample design will result in incorrect estimation of standard errors. (
  • you may change your preferences in your account settings. (
  • To help keep your account secure, please log-in again. (
  • We've invested more than $5 billion in cancer research since 1946, all to find more - and better - treatments, uncover factors that may cause cancer, and improve cancer patients' quality of life. (
  • We knew, intimately, that the value of the Himalayan forest was not to be found in the price of its timber, but in the way its extraordinary, abundant diversity sustains all forms of life - not least our own. (
  • Do you have a messy chef in your life? (
  • Planning a move later in life? (
  • The best things in life are free. (
  • This group represents an individual with drug dependencies or addictions who becomes "bound to the consequences of his or her choice," or, in other words, the consequences become part of his or her life. (
  • Influence of life stress on depression: moderation by a polymorphism in the 5-HTT gene. (
  • Science in China - Series C - Life sciences / Zhongguo ke xue yuan. (
  • What can I do to have a sense of normalcy in my life? (
  • What are the symptoms of reflux and GERD in children? (
  • The author is not aware of sufficient research on medication for PTSD in children to justify their use specifially for PTSD symptoms in this population. (
  • In the case of Hansen's disease and COVID-19, some symptoms could be associated with either disease. (
  • These policies aren't limited to schools, as at least 215 faith-based organizations have adopted tobacco-free policies for their buildings and grounds, and more than 36,000 individuals in 726 faith organizations receive monthly bulletins with health promoting tobacco prevention and cessation messages, plus information on resources to help prevent or address chronic diseases. (
  • ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. (
  • Childhood cancer encompasses a wide and heterogeneous range of rare cancers defined by the age group in which they occur. (
  • Pain can occur in any strong on my maternal side--my mother, grandmother, and part of the body but most commonly occurs in the great-grandmother all have it. (
  • The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the World Health Organization concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. (
  • The mention of specific companies or of certain manufacturers' products does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the World Health Organization in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned. (
  • All reasonable precautions have been taken by the World Health Organization to verify the information contained in this publication. (
  • In no event shall the World Health Organization be liable for damages arising from its use. (
  • Many are opting to treat cancer, a main thrust in national programmes such as the UK 100,000 Genomes Project ( S5 ). (
  • Under the guidance of Maggie Paul, one of his Nation's song-carriers, Dutcher took century-old wax cylinder recordings in Wolastoq from the archives at the Canadian Museum of History, and transformed them into a masterpiece of musical imagination, blending his own voice with the voices of his ancestors. (
  • The US public's view of the nation's economy is the worst it's been in a decade, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds, with many Americans also saying they feel financial strain in their own lives . (
  • Fewer than half of Democrats say Biden has improved the nation's economic standing (45%), down from 58% in December. (
  • Become a volunteer, make a tax-deductible donation, or participate in a fundraising event to help us save lives. (
  • Make sure you're involving your agency in any big decisions, of course. (
  • I've seen this a lot over the years and not just in recessions: marketers who react to surface-level metrics without understanding actual business impact make poor budget decisions. (
  • Stay Put and Seal Off Your Space " means to stay put and seal off the space you are in from any outside air to make a safe place where you are . (
  • Sometimes the pain can keep you me, the pain was so bad and deep that it could almost take in bed, but I didn't make that an option for myself. (
  • Identify the types of drugs in our society and discuss the safe use of medicines. (
  • Discuss the different types of drugs used in our society: medicines (OTC and prescription drugs), natural and herbal remedies, age-restricted drugs (alcohol and tobacco), and illicit (illegal) drugs. (
  • A study investigating the use of prescription, OTC, and herbal medicines in a rural obstetric population of 578 participants found that over 90% of the patients took either prescription and/or OTC medication. (
  • Some medicines for GERD in children are over-the-counter, and some are prescription medicines. (
  • Scientific American maintains a strict policy of editorial independence in reporting developments in science to our readers. (
  • In order to achieve his character's distinctive walk, he put on knee braces so he couldn't bend his legs, and taped up his ankles. (
  • With the error-free document deposited, click in the button in order to send to evaluation. (
  • Specialized services for Hansen's disease should keep their doors open to diagnose new cases and to respond to Hansen's disease emergencies, including reactions, in order to prevent unnecessary suffering, development of physical impairments or worsening of same. (
  • The lack of supporting evidence in the management of pediatric differentiated thyroid carcinoma means cultural divergences and expert opinion drive the differences between US and European guidelines. (
  • Technical and artistic development as evidenced in the poetry, evidence of risk, change, and artistic stamina, and evidence of different styles and modes of expression are considered. (
  • This report draws together available evidence and information from a wide range of published sources to present the case for an increased focus on addressing inequalities in childhood cancer within the Region. (
  • Milot T, Plamondon A, Ethier LS, Lemelin JP, St-Laurent D, Rousseau M. Validity of CBCL-Derived PTSD and Dissociation Scales: Further Evidence in a Sample of Neglected Children and Adolescents. (
  • This database aims to promote the use of best practices and evidence information to support decision-making processes in health care and management, as well as the process of developing new evidence-based studies with the application of EBM methodology. (
  • They provide a forum for dissemination of research findings and evidence to improve both patient care and health systems in general. (
  • The victim, fifty-four, was white and the well-heeled widow of a former executive at Cannon Mills, a major employer in the area. (
  • Are you an international newcomer , employer , or are you interested in becoming a partner ? (
  • Hot technologies are software and technology skills frequently included in employer job postings. (
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  • As a consequence of this study, a change in the behavior of the professionals was observed, the materials distribution system for the surgical center was restructured, and a surgical kit was implemented. (
  • State and trait emotions in delinquent adolescents. (
  • Kadak MT, Nasiroglu S, Boysan M, Aydin A. Risk factors predicting posttraumatic stress reactions in adolescents after 2011 Van earthquake. (
  • Thus, an archaeological in situ find may be an object that was historically looted from another place, an item of "booty" of a past war, a traded item, or otherwise of foreign origin. (
  • Learn all about finances in next to no time. (
  • It can also refer to repairs made to the aircraft structure or flight controls while still in place. (
  • Overall, only 19% of Americans think Biden's policies have improved economic conditions in the US, with 26% saying they've had no effect and 55% saying they've made conditions worse - a further devolution since December, when 45% said the President's policies had made things worse. (
  • That's why it's so important to support the call, made in this report by Global Witness, for real protections to be afforded those on the frontline of this ecological and humanitarian catastrophe. (
  • Hanks was the star, with Meg Ryan, of Ephron's second film, the 1993 hit "Sleepless in Seattle," which made Ephron famous as a director. (
  • While significant progress has been made in recent years in improving survival and treatment quality for children with cancer, significant inequalities still exist across the WHO European Region. (
  • Giant strides are being made in mapping the human proteome and building a 'parts list' of the body ( S6 ). (
  • Consistency between the Federation and its States in matters of this law shall be made according to the corresponding provisions of the General Health Law. (
  • to review the experience with lamotrigine therapeutic drug monitoring in a tertiary epilepsy centre aiming to characterize the plasma concentrations profile. (
  • But unlike popular topics like Iran or Afghanistan, food security lacks two important qualities to be taken seriously in Washington, D.C., she added: 'It's not immediate, and it's not sexy. (
  • In addition to the services we provide, an important part of our work is understanding and challenging the social elements that impact suicide. (
  • This came less than two weeks before the important Jan. 28 meeting in London, which will set the tone for the Afghan president's relations with the international community over the coming months. (
  • However, it is important that we allow our minds to wander fearlessly into the unknown and float freely into the unexpected-whether in awake or asleep-for in mastering the art of doing nothing, we can immerse ourselves in the pure joy of just being alive. (
  • Following this list is important since writing of the research project, as it allows the project itself to be built to the recommended standard, which may come to help us avoid future errors in report writing. (
  • Health science journals are an important element in health systems. (
  • This is especially important in the case of elderly patients with other diseases such as hypertension and/or diabetes, or those who are immunosuppressed. (
  • Medical and public health improvements over the past century have led to dramatic increases in longevity. (
  • Meanwhile, the United States faces new challenges to its economic standing in the world, including unfair competitive pressures from foreign monopolies and firms that are state-owned or state-sponsored, or whose market power is directly supported by foreign governments. (
  • She did it, she says, because she fell in love with Long when he was "just a number to the state. (
  • A motion put forward by the Australian Services Union before Labor's state conference on the weekend calls for the party to repeal the bill and "never support any legislation" restricting peaceful protest in the state. (