Hospitals engaged in educational and research programs, as well as providing medical care to the patients.
Large hospitals with a resident medical staff which provides continuous care to maternity, surgical and medical patients.
Hospitals maintained by a university for the teaching of medical students, postgraduate training programs, and clinical research.
The expenses incurred by a hospital in providing care. The hospital costs attributed to a particular patient care episode include the direct costs plus an appropriate proportion of the overhead for administration, personnel, building maintenance, equipment, etc. Hospital costs are one of the factors which determine HOSPITAL CHARGES (the price the hospital sets for its services).
Hospitals located in metropolitan areas.
Personnel who provide nursing service to patients in a hospital.
Economic aspects related to the management and operation of a hospital.
Special hospitals which provide care for ill children.
The number of beds which a hospital has been designed and constructed to contain. It may also refer to the number of beds set up and staffed for use.
Hospitals which provide care for a single category of illness with facilities and staff directed toward a specific service.
Government-controlled hospitals which represent the major health facility for a designated geographic area.
A class of hospitals that includes profit or not-for-profit hospitals that are controlled by a legal entity other than a government agency. (Hospital Administration Terminology, AHA, 2d ed)
The obtaining and management of funds for hospital needs and responsibility for fiscal affairs.
Hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of immediate medical or surgical care to the emergency patient.
The period of confinement of a patient to a hospital or other health facility.
Areawide planning for hospitals or planning of a particular hospital unit on the basis of projected consumer need. This does not include hospital design and construction or architectural plans.
The prices a hospital sets for its services. HOSPITAL COSTS (the direct and indirect expenses incurred by the hospital in providing the services) are one factor in the determination of hospital charges. Other factors may include, for example, profits, competition, and the necessity of recouping the costs of uncompensated care.
Major administrative divisions of the hospital.
The confinement of a patient in a hospital.
Special hospitals which provide care to the mentally ill patient.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
Compilations of data on hospital activities and programs; excludes patient medical records.
Those areas of the hospital organization not considered departments which provide specialized patient care. They include various hospital special care wards.
Any materials used in providing care specifically in the hospital.
Information centers primarily serving the needs of hospital medical staff and sometimes also providing patient education and other services.
Hospital department which administers all departmental functions and the provision of surgical diagnostic and therapeutic services.
The process of accepting patients. The concept includes patients accepted for medical and nursing care in a hospital or other health care institution.
The administrative process of discharging the patient, alive or dead, from hospitals or other health facilities.
Hospitals controlled by the county government.
Organized services in a hospital which provide medical care on an outpatient basis.
A professional society in the United States whose membership is composed of hospitals.
Hospitals controlled by the city government.
Hospital department that manages and supervises the dietary program in accordance with the patients' requirements.
Integrated, computer-assisted systems designed to store, manipulate, and retrieve information concerned with the administrative and clinical aspects of providing medical services within the hospital.
Any infection which a patient contracts in a health-care institution.
Hospital department responsible for the administration and management of services provided for obstetric and gynecologic patients.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Private hospitals that are owned or sponsored by religious organizations.
Special hospitals which provide care to women during pregnancy and parturition.
A system for classifying patient care by relating common characteristics such as diagnosis, treatment, and age to an expected consumption of hospital resources and length of stay. Its purpose is to provide a framework for specifying case mix and to reduce hospital costs and reimbursements and it forms the cornerstone of the prospective payment system.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Persons admitted to health facilities which provide board and room, for the purpose of observation, care, diagnosis or treatment.
Subsequent admissions of a patient to a hospital or other health care institution for treatment.
An infant during the first month after birth.
The hospital department which is responsible for the organization and administration of nursing activities.
Cooperation among hospitals for the purpose of sharing various departmental services, e.g., pharmacy, laundry, data processing, etc.
Hospital facilities equipped to carry out investigative procedures.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
The hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the cardiac patient.
The levels of excellence which characterize the health service or health care provided based on accepted standards of quality.
Hospitals which provide care for the military personnel and usually for their dependents.
A measure of inpatient health facility use based upon the average number or proportion of beds occupied for a given period of time.
Hospitals providing medical care to veterans of wars.
A medical facility which provides a high degree of subspecialty expertise for patients from centers where they received SECONDARY CARE.
Substances that reduce the growth or reproduction of BACTERIA.
Research aimed at assessing the quality and effectiveness of health care as measured by the attainment of a specified end result or outcome. Measures include parameters such as improved health, lowered morbidity or mortality, and improvement of abnormal states (such as elevated blood pressure).
The physical space or dimensions of a facility. Size may be indicated by bed capacity.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
Hospital department responsible for the purchasing of supplies and equipment.
Hospital units providing continuous surveillance and care to acutely ill patients.
A detailed review and evaluation of selected clinical records by qualified professional personnel for evaluating quality of medical care.
Interfacility or intrahospital transfer of patients. Intrahospital transfer is usually to obtain a specific kind of care and interfacility transfer is usually for economic reasons as well as for the type of care provided.
Absolute, comparative, or differential costs pertaining to services, institutions, resources, etc., or the analysis and study of these costs.
Hospital facilities which provide care for newborn infants.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
Federal program, created by Public Law 89-97, Title XVIII-Health Insurance for the Aged, a 1965 amendment to the Social Security Act, that provides health insurance benefits to persons over the age of 65 and others eligible for Social Security benefits. It consists of two separate but coordinated programs: hospital insurance (MEDICARE PART A) and supplementary medical insurance (MEDICARE PART B). (Hospital Administration Terminology, AHA, 2d ed and A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, US House of Representatives, 1976)
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
Hospital department responsible for the organization and administration of psychiatric services.
The legal relation between an entity (individual, group, corporation, or-profit, secular, government) and an object. The object may be corporeal, such as equipment, or completely a creature of law, such as a patent; it may be movable, such as an animal, or immovable, such as a building.
Pathologic processes that affect patients after a surgical procedure. They may or may not be related to the disease for which the surgery was done, and they may or may not be direct results of the surgery.
The integration of epidemiologic, sociological, economic, and other analytic sciences in the study of health services. Health services research is usually concerned with relationships between need, demand, supply, use, and outcome of health services. The aim of the research is evaluation, particularly in terms of structure, process, output, and outcome. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
Hospital department which manages and provides the required housekeeping functions in all areas of the hospital.
Norms, criteria, standards, and other direct qualitative and quantitative measures used in determining the quality of health care.
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
The hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the cancer patient.
Operations carried out for the correction of deformities and defects, repair of injuries, and diagnosis and cure of certain diseases. (Taber, 18th ed.)
Statistical measures of utilization and other aspects of the provision of health care services including hospitalization and ambulatory care.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
An organized procedure carried out through committees to review admissions, duration of stay, professional services furnished, and to evaluate the medical necessity of those services and promote their most efficient use.
The practice of sending a patient to another program or practitioner for services or advice which the referring source is not prepared to provide.
Services specifically designed, staffed, and equipped for the emergency care of patients.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
The combining of administrative and organizational resources of two or more health care facilities.
Recording of pertinent information concerning patient's illness or illnesses.
Overall systems, traditional or automated, to provide medication to patients in hospitals. Elements of the system are: handling the physician's order, transcription of the order by nurse and/or pharmacist, filling the medication order, transfer to the nursing unit, and administration to the patient.
Hospitals which provide care to patients with long-term illnesses.
Situations or conditions requiring immediate intervention to avoid serious adverse results.
Management activities concerned with hospital employees.
A geographic area defined and served by a health program or institution.
Formularies concerned with pharmaceuticals prescribed in hospitals.
Includes relationships between hospitals, their governing boards, and administrators in regard to physicians, whether or not the physicians are members of the medical staff or have medical staff privileges.
The effort of two or more parties to secure the business of a third party by offering, usually under fair or equitable rules of business practice, the most favorable terms.
Hospital department responsible for the flow of patients and the processing of admissions, discharges, transfers, and also most procedures to be carried out in the event of a patient's death.
Child hospitalized for short term care.
Disease having a short and relatively severe course.
The selection, appointing, and scheduling of personnel.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
Institutional systems consisting of more than one health facility which have cooperative administrative arrangements through merger, affiliation, shared services, or other collective ventures.
Activities and programs intended to assure or improve the quality of care in either a defined medical setting or a program. The concept includes the assessment or evaluation of the quality of care; identification of problems or shortcomings in the delivery of care; designing activities to overcome these deficiencies; and follow-up monitoring to ensure effectiveness of corrective steps.
The closing of any health facility, e.g., health centers, residential facilities, and hospitals.
Conformity in fulfilling or following official, recognized, or institutional requirements, guidelines, recommendations, protocols, pathways, or other standards.
Hospitals organized and controlled by a group of physicians who practice together and provide each other with mutual support.
Institutional health care of patients during the day. The patients return home at night.
Programs of disease surveillance, generally within health care facilities, designed to investigate, prevent, and control the spread of infections and their causative microorganisms.
The use of severity-of-illness measures, such as age, to estimate the risk (measurable or predictable chance of loss, injury or death) to which a patient is subject before receiving some health care intervention. This adjustment allows comparison of performance and quality across organizations, practitioners, and communities. (from JCAHO, Lexikon, 1994)
The degree to which the individual regards the health care service or product or the manner in which it is delivered by the provider as useful, effective, or beneficial.
The development of systems to prevent accidents, injuries, and other adverse occurrences in an institutional setting. The concept includes prevention or reduction of adverse events or incidents involving employees, patients, or facilities. Examples include plans to reduce injuries from falls or plans for fire safety to promote a safe institutional environment.
A republic in western Africa, south of NIGER between BENIN and CAMEROON. Its capital is Abuja.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Levels within a diagnostic group which are established by various measurement criteria applied to the seriousness of a patient's disorder.
Damage inflicted on the body as the direct or indirect result of an external force, with or without disruption of structural continuity.
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
Interactions between hospital staff or administrators and patients. Includes guest relations programs designed to improve the image of the hospital and attract patients.
Medical services for which no payment is received. Uncompensated care includes charity care and bad debts.
Those support services other than room, board, and medical and nursing services that are provided to hospital patients in the course of care. They include such services as laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and physical therapy services.
Hospital department providing dental care.
Hospitals with a much higher than average utilization by physicians and a large number of procedures.
Health insurance providing benefits to cover or partly cover hospital expenses.
A set of techniques used when variation in several variables has to be studied simultaneously. In statistics, multivariate analysis is interpreted as any analytic method that allows simultaneous study of two or more dependent variables.
Hospital department which is responsible for the administration and provision of x-ray diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Conveying ill or injured individuals from one place to another.
Societies having institutional membership limited to hospitals and other health care institutions.
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
The systems and processes involved in the establishment, support, management, and operation of registers, e.g., disease registers.
The frequency of different ages or age groups in a given population. The distribution may refer to either how many or what proportion of the group. The population is usually patients with a specific disease but the concept is not restricted to humans and is not restricted to medicine.
The assignment, to each of several particular cost-centers, of an equitable proportion of the costs of activities that serve all of them. Cost-center usually refers to institutional departments or services.
The actual costs of providing services related to the delivery of health care, including the costs of procedures, therapies, and medications. It is differentiated from HEALTH EXPENDITURES, which refers to the amount of money paid for the services, and from fees, which refers to the amount charged, regardless of cost.
A parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch in southeast Asia, consisting of 11 states (West Malaysia) on the Malay Peninsula and two states (East Malaysia) on the island of BORNEO. It is also called the Federation of Malaysia. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. Before 1963 it was the Union of Malaya. It reorganized in 1948 as the Federation of Malaya, becoming independent from British Malaya in 1957 and becoming Malaysia in 1963 as a federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore (which seceded in 1965). The form Malay- probably derives from the Tamil malay, mountain, with reference to its geography. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p715 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p329)
Hospital department whose primary function is the upkeep and supervision of the buildings and grounds and the maintenance of hospital physical plant and equipment which requires engineering expertise.
NECROSIS of the MYOCARDIUM caused by an obstruction of the blood supply to the heart (CORONARY CIRCULATION).
Health care services provided to patients on an ambulatory basis, rather than by admission to a hospital or other health care facility. The services may be a part of a hospital, augmenting its inpatient services, or may be provided at a free-standing facility.
Errors or mistakes committed by health professionals which result in harm to the patient. They include errors in diagnosis (DIAGNOSTIC ERRORS), errors in the administration of drugs and other medications (MEDICATION ERRORS), errors in the performance of surgical procedures, in the use of other types of therapy, in the use of equipment, and in the interpretation of laboratory findings. Medical errors are differentiated from MALPRACTICE in that the former are regarded as honest mistakes or accidents while the latter is the result of negligence, reprehensible ignorance, or criminal intent.
Infections with bacteria of the genus STAPHYLOCOCCUS.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.
Medical complexes consisting of medical school, hospitals, clinics, libraries, administrative facilities, etc.
Hospital-sponsored provision of health services, such as nursing, therapy, and health-related homemaker or social services, in the patient's home. (Hospital Administration Terminology, 2d ed)
Reductions in all or any portion of the costs of providing goods or services. Savings may be incurred by the provider or the consumer.
Patterns of practice related to diagnosis and treatment as especially influenced by cost of the service requested and provided.
Available manpower, facilities, revenue, equipment, and supplies to produce requisite health care and services.
A distribution in which a variable is distributed like the sum of the squares of any given independent random variable, each of which has a normal distribution with mean of zero and variance of one. The chi-square test is a statistical test based on comparison of a test statistic to a chi-square distribution. The oldest of these tests are used to detect whether two or more population distributions differ from one another.
Hospital department responsible for the creating, care, storage and retrieval of medical records. It also provides statistical information for the medical and administrative staff.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
A prediction of the probable outcome of a disease based on a individual's condition and the usual course of the disease as seen in similar situations.
Excessive, under or unnecessary utilization of health services by patients or physicians.
The degree to which individuals are inhibited or facilitated in their ability to gain entry to and to receive care and services from the health care system. Factors influencing this ability include geographic, architectural, transportational, and financial considerations, among others.
The coordination of services in one area of a facility to improve efficiency.
The group in which legal authority is vested for the control of health-related institutions and organizations.
Parliamentary democracy located between France on the northeast and Portugual on the west and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Any tests that demonstrate the relative efficacy of different chemotherapeutic agents against specific microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, viruses).
Hospitals with a much lower than average utilization by physicians and smaller number of procedures.
The containment, regulation, or restraint of costs. Costs are said to be contained when the value of resources committed to an activity is not considered excessive. This determination is frequently subjective and dependent upon the specific geographic area of the activity being measured. (From Dictionary of Health Services Management, 2d ed)
Method of measuring performance against established standards of best practice.
Hospital equipment and supplies, packaged for long-term storage, sufficient to set up a general hospital in an emergency situation. They are also called Packaged Disaster Hospitals and formerly Civil Defense Emergency Hospitals.
Efforts to reduce risk, to address and reduce incidents and accidents that may negatively impact healthcare consumers.
Care of patients by a multidisciplinary team usually organized under the leadership of a physician; each member of the team has specific responsibilities and the whole team contributes to the care of the patient.
Extensive collections, reputedly complete, of facts and data garnered from material of a specialized subject area and made available for analysis and application. The collection can be automated by various contemporary methods for retrieval. The concept should be differentiated from DATABASES, BIBLIOGRAPHIC which is restricted to collections of bibliographic references.
Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.
The ratio of two odds. The exposure-odds ratio for case control data is the ratio of the odds in favor of exposure among cases to the odds in favor of exposure among noncases. The disease-odds ratio for a cohort or cross section is the ratio of the odds in favor of disease among the exposed to the odds in favor of disease among the unexposed. The prevalence-odds ratio refers to an odds ratio derived cross-sectionally from studies of prevalent cases.
A system of medical care regulated, controlled and financed by the government, in which the government assumes responsibility for the health needs of the population.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
The presence of co-existing or additional diseases with reference to an initial diagnosis or with reference to the index condition that is the subject of study. Comorbidity may affect the ability of affected individuals to function and also their survival; it may be used as a prognostic indicator for length of hospital stay, cost factors, and outcome or survival.
Persons who receive ambulatory care at an outpatient department or clinic without room and board being provided.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Physical surroundings or conditions of a hospital or other health facility and influence of these factors on patients and staff.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
The proportion of survivors in a group, e.g., of patients, studied and followed over a period, or the proportion of persons in a specified group alive at the beginning of a time interval who survive to the end of the interval. It is often studied using life table methods.
First aid or other immediate intervention for accidents or medical conditions requiring immediate care and treatment before definitive medical and surgical management can be procured.
Payment by a third-party payer in a sum equal to the amount expended by a health care provider or facility for health services rendered to an insured or program beneficiary. (From Facts on File Dictionary of Health Care Management, 1988)
Infection of the lung often accompanied by inflammation.
Advanced and highly specialized care provided to medical or surgical patients whose conditions are life-threatening and require comprehensive care and constant monitoring. It is usually administered in specially equipped units of a health care facility.
The number of males and females in a given population. The distribution may refer to how many men or women or what proportion of either in the group. The population is usually patients with a specific disease but the concept is not restricted to humans and is not restricted to medicine.
Community health and NURSING SERVICES providing coordinated multiple services to the patient at the patient's homes. These home-care services are provided by a visiting nurse, home health agencies, HOSPITALS, or organized community groups using professional staff for care delivery. It differs from HOME NURSING which is provided by non-professionals.
A country in western Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the countries of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the principalities of Andorra and Monaco, and by the duchy of Luxembourg. Its capital is Paris.
Hospital department which administers and provides pathology services.
The utilization of drugs as reported in individual hospital studies, FDA studies, marketing, or consumption, etc. This includes drug stockpiling, and patient drug profiles.
Care of a highly technical and specialized nature, provided in a medical center, usually one affiliated with a university, for patients with unusually severe, complex, or uncommon health problems.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
Individuals who have the formal authority to manage a hospital, including its programs and services, in accordance with the goals and objectives established by a governing body (GOVERNING BOARD).
Delivery of the FETUS and PLACENTA under the care of an obstetrician or a health worker. Obstetric deliveries may involve physical, psychological, medical, or surgical interventions.
The transmission of messages to staff and patients within a hospital.
Any infection acquired in the community, that is, contrasted with those acquired in a health care facility (CROSS INFECTION). An infection would be classified as community-acquired if the patient had not recently been in a health care facility or been in contact with someone who had been recently in a health care facility.
Research concerned with establishing costs of nursing care, examining the relationships between nursing services and quality patient care, and viewing problems of nursing service delivery within the broader context of policy analysis and delivery of health services (from a national study, presented at the 1985 Council on Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing (CGEAN) meeting).
Cessation of heart beat or MYOCARDIAL CONTRACTION. If it is treated within a few minutes, heart arrest can be reversed in most cases to normal cardiac rhythm and effective circulation.
Studies which start with the identification of persons with a disease of interest and a control (comparison, referent) group without the disease. The relationship of an attribute to the disease is examined by comparing diseased and non-diseased persons with regard to the frequency or levels of the attribute in each group.

Resource allocation for public hospitals in Andhra Pradesh, India. (1/895)

The composition of the hospital sector has important implications for cost effectiveness accessibility and coverage. The classification of acute general hospitals is reviewed here with particular reference to India and Andhra Pradesh. Approaches to arrive at a norm for allocation of hospital expenditure among secondary and tertiary hospitals are discussed. The actual allocation of public sector hospital expenditures is analyzed with data from Andhra Pradesh. The shift in allocative emphasis away from hospitals and in favour of primary health care during the 1980s was found to have been equally shared by secondary and tertiary hospitals. The shares of recurrent (non-plan) expenditure to secondary and tertiary hospitals were 51% and 49% respectively. This can be compared to a derived norm of 66% and 33%. The opportunity that new investment funds (plan schemes) could have provided to rectify the expenditure bias against secondary level hospitals was missed as two-thirds of plan expenditure were also spent on tertiary level hospitals. The share of secondary hospital bed capacity was 45.5% against India's Planning Commission norm of 70%. Public spending strategies should explicitly consider what mix of hospital services is being financed as well as the balance between hospital and primary health care expenditures.  (+info)

Mortality league tables: do they inform or mislead? (2/895)

OBJECTIVE: To examine certain methodological issues related to the publication of mortality league tables, with particular reference to severity adjustment and sample size. DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of inpatient hospital records. SETTING: 22 hospitals in North West Thames health region for the fiscal year 1992-3. SUBJECTS: All admissions with a principal diagnosis of aortic aneurysm, carcinoma of the colon, cervical cancer, cholecystectomy, fractured neck of femur, head injury, ischaemic heart disease, and peptic ulcer. MAIN MEASURES: In hospital mortality rates adjusted by disease severity and calculated on the basis of both admissions and episodes. RESULTS: The numbers of deaths from specific conditions were often small and the corresponding confidence intervals wide. Rankings of hospitals by death rate are sensitive to adjustment for severity of disease. There are some differences that cannot be explained using routine data. CONCLUSIONS: Comparison of crude death rates may be misleading. Some adjustment for differences in severity is possible, but current systems are unsatisfactory. Differences in death rates should be studied, but because of the scope for manipulating data, this should be undertaken in a collaborative rather than a confrontational way. Any decision to publish league tables of death rates will be on political rather than scientific grounds.  (+info)

User charges in government health facilities in Kenya: effect on attendance and revenue. (3/895)

In this paper we study demand effects of user charges in a district health care system using cross-sectional data from household and facility surveys. The effects are examined in public as well as in private health facilities. We also look briefly at the impact of fees on revenue and service quality in government facilities. During the period of cost-sharing in public clinics, attendance dropped by about 50%. This drop prompted the government to suspend the fees for approximately 20 months. Over the 7 months after suspension of fees, attendance at government health centres increased by 41%. The suspension further caused a notable movement of patients from the private sector to government health facilities. The revenue generated by user fees covered 2.4% of the recurrent health budget. Some 40% of the facilities did not spend the fee revenue they collected, mainly due to cumbersome procedures of expenditure approvals. The paper concludes with lessons from Kenya's experience with user charges.  (+info)

User fees and drug pricing policies: a study at Harare Central Hospital, Zimbabwe. (4/895)

In 1991, Zimbabwe introduced cost recovery measures as part of its programme of economic reforms, following a course taken by many developing countries. The system of user fees in public health care, aimed to 'protect and support the vulnerable groups' by exemption or incremental fees based on 4 income brackets. Drugs were charged at a percentage of the recommended retail price in the private sector. This study of 488 outpatients at a referral hospital in Harare examined how the new fee system functioned 6 months after its introduction. Patients were interviewed and their prescription records examined. Mean charges were determined for each fee category and revenue from drug charges was analyzed in relation to purchase cost to determine the gross profit. 31% of patients were exempted from all fees upon proof of monthly earnings of less than Z$150 (Z$5 = US$1). The remainder were classified into three fee-paying categories. The mean purchase cost for drug items was Z$3.89 per outpatient prescription. Outpatients paid a mean drug charge of Z$9.75 after exemption or discount. This was 2.5 times the cost price. The number of drug items obtained differed according to fee status: the fee-exempt category received a mean of 2.9 drug items compared with 1.9 drug items in the fee-paying categories. This difference originated at the point of prescribing. A number of practical problems in fee collection were noted. The drug pricing system generated high profit even after re-distribution to low-income users. This was attributed to economical and rationalized public sector drug procurement. Observation indicated that a proportion of the vulnerable were not effectively protected due to stringent requirements for proof of income. Appraisal of the fee policy indicated the need for more effective cross-subsidy and better administrative procedures; fee revenue should be directed towards improvement in quality of service.  (+info)

Feasibility of monitoring patient based health outcomes in a routine hospital setting. (5/895)

OBJECTIVE: To assess the feasibility of monitoring health outcomes in a routine hospital setting and the value of feedback of outcomes data to clinicians by using the SF 36 health survey questionnaire. DESIGN: Administration of the questionnaire at baseline and three months, with analysis and interpretation of health status data after adjustments for sociodemographic variables and in conjunction with clinical data. Exploration of usefulness of outcomes data to clinicians through feedback discussion sessions and by an evaluation questionnaire. SETTING: One gastroenterology outpatient department in Aberdeen Royal Hospitals Trust, Scotland. PATIENTS: All (573) patients attending the department during one month (April 1993). MAIN MEASURES: Ability to obtain patient based outcomes data and requisite clinical information and feed it back to the clinicians in a useful and accessible form. RESULTS: Questionnaires were completed by 542 (95%) patients at baseline and 450 (87%) patients at follow up. Baseline health status data and health outcomes data for the eight different aspects of health were analysed for individual patients, key groups of patients, and the total recruited patient population. Significant differences were shown between patients and the general population and between different groups of patients, and in health status over time. After adjustment for differences in sociodemography and main diagnosis patients with particularly poor scores were identified and discussed. Clinicians judged that this type of assessment could be useful for individual patients if the results were available at the time of consultation or for a well defined group of patients if used as part of a clinical trial. CONCLUSIONS: Monitoring routine outcomes is feasible and instruments to achieve this, such as the SF 36 questionnaire, have potential value in an outpatient setting. IMPLICATIONS: If data on outcomes are to provide a basis for clinical and managerial decision making, information systems will be required to collect, analyse, interpret, and feed it back regularly and in good time.  (+info)

User fees and patient behaviour: evidence from Niamey National Hospital. (6/895)

Evidence is presented on the effects of price changes on the delay before seeking care and on referral status in a sample of hospital patients in Niger. Price changes are measured as differences across patients at one hospital in whether or not they pay for care, rather than as differences in prices across several hospitals. User fees are charged, but the fee system allows exemptions for some payor categories such as government employees, students, and indigent patients. Evidence is also presented on the effect of income on the delay before seeking care and referral status. The analysis demonstrates a technical point on whether household consumption or current income is a more appropriate measure of income. The analysis shows that user fees affect patient behaviour, but the effects are not the same for outpatients and inpatients. Outpatients who pay for care wait longer before seeking care, but inpatients do not. Inpatients who pay for care are more likely to be referred, but outpatients are not. Patients with more income wait less time to seek care and are less likely to be referred than other patients. Further, household consumption explains patient behaviour better than current income.  (+info)

The fall and rise of cost sharing in Kenya: the impact of phased implementation. (7/895)

The combined effects of increasing demand for health services and declining real public resources have recently led many governments in the developing world to explore various health financing alternatives. Faced with a significant decline during the 1980s in its real per capita expenditures, the Kenya Ministry of Health (MOH) introduced a new cost sharing programme in December 1989. The programme was part of a comprehensive health financing strategy which also included social insurance, efficiency measures, and private sector development. Early implementation problems led to the suspension in September 1990 of the outpatient registration fee, the major revenue source at the time. In 1991, the Ministry initiated a programme of management improvement and gradual re-introduction of an outpatient fee, but this time as a treatment fee. The new programme was carried out in phases, beginning at the national and provincial levels and proceeding to the local level. The impact of these changes was assessed with national revenue collection reports, quality of care surveys in 6 purposively selected indicator districts, and time series analysis of monthly utilization in these same districts. In contrast to the significant fall in revenue experienced over the period of the initial programme, the later management improvements and fee adjustments resulted in steady increases in revenue. As a percentage of total non-staff expenditures, fiscal year 1993-1994 revenue is estimated to have been 37% at provincial general hospitals, 20% at smaller hospitals, and 21% at health centres. Roughly one third of total revenue is derived from national insurance claims. Quality of care measures, though in some respects improved with cost sharing, were in general somewhat mixed and inconsistent. The 1989 outpatient registration fee led to an average reduction in utilization of 27% at provincial hospitals, 45% at district hospitals, and 33% at health centres. In contrast, phased introduction of the outpatient treatment fee beginning in 1992, combined with somewhat broader exemptions, was associated with much smaller decreases in outpatient utilization. It is suggested that implementing user fees in phases by level of health facility is important to gain patient acceptance, to develop the requisite management systems, and to orient ministry staff to the new systems.  (+info)

Medication errors during hospital drug rounds. (8/895)

Objective--To determine the nature and rate of drug administration errors in one National Health Service hospital. Design--Covert observational survey be tween January and April 1993 of drug rounds with intervention to stop drug administration errors reaching the patient. Setting--Two medical, two surgical, and two medicine for the elderly wards in a former district general hospital, now a NHS trust hospital. Subjects--37 Nurses performing routine single nurse drug rounds. Main measures--Drug administration errors recorded by trained observers. Results--Seventy four drug rounds were observed in which 115 errors occurred during 3312 drug administrations. The overall error rate was 3.5% (95% confidence interval 2.9% to 4.1%). Errors owing to omissions, because the drug had not been supplied or located or the prescription had not been seen, accounted for most (68%, 78) of the errors. Wrong doses accounted for 15% (17) errors, four of which were greater than the prescribed dose. The dose was given within two hours of the time indicated by the prescriber in 98.2% of cases. Conclusion--The observed rate of drug administration errors is too high. It might be reduced by a multidisciplinary review of practices in prescribing, supply, and administration of drugs.  (+info)

The office of the State Office: all public hospitals canceled drug addition Sohu news before the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council forwarded the State Council Health Reform Leading Group on further promotion opinions deepen the reform experience of medical and health system (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), and issued a notice requirement of each department the region with the actual conscientiously implement. Opinions proposed to establish a new mechanism for the operation of public hospitals, all public hospitals canceled drug addition. The establishment of a modern hospital management system, the implementation of the performance appraisal of public hospitals, the hospital examination results and financial subsidies, Medicare payment, the total amount of pay for performance and Dean pay, appointment, rewards and punishment linked to establish incentive and restraint mechanisms. Key , , operating mechanism of all public hospital drug addition to cancel ...
While government hospitals bear 42% of the burden, the rest is handled by hospitals run by charitable trusts and NGOs. In rural India, private hospita..
Report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on the costs of acute admitted patients in public hospitals assessing the relative efficiency of Australian public hospitals.
Report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on the costs of acute admitted patients in public hospitals assessing the relative efficiency of Australian public hospitals.
What is Post Acute Care Post Acute Care is managed short-term care, funded by the Victorian State Government to assist patients recuperate following an acute hospital admission and to assist with their independence or additional care where required. The Post Acute Program provides individually tailored packages of care to patients following discharge from hospital. Post Acute Care is a time limited short term intervention designed to assist patients recover, and provides additional services as required. PAC acts to top up the current service system, not substitute existing services Services available include -- District Nursing Service - this includes daily dressings and wound care -- Home Help -- Personal Care Eligibility Criteria A risk assessment tool is used to assist in determining the eligibility of the patient The following indicators are part of the process: -- Be a patient in a public hospital -- The patient presents with an acute episode in a public hospital
This is the third and final annual review. The review found that changes to the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) thresholds had no discernible impact on public hospital activity trends or elective surgery waiting lists (ESWL) within the period reviewed (to June 2010 for hospital separations and to September 2010 for ESWL). There has been no significant impact on public hospital operating costs that could be attributed to the MLS changes ...
Banging on free treatment in public hospitals, if you need it? Think again, because public hospitals may charge you if you earn above a certain amount.
The Australian Government is very concerned about the growing practice of private health insurance being charged by public hospitals for treatments that should be free.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday called for more powers to government hospitals to help them provide better health facilities.
A British womans family may sue after she died in a government hospital due to treatable condition that doctors somehow missed, the Daily Mail reports.
In 2011, all of the Australian governments committed to health care reform in which they agreed to use a nationally consistent Activity-Based Funding approach for public hospital services in Australia. This reform sought to increase the transparency of public hospital funding and improve the efficiency of public hospital services. As part of this reform, the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (NIHA) was created, to determine the National Efficient Price (NEP) for public hospitals services, as well as the classification, costing, and counting standards used in setting the NEP.. One criticism of Activity-Based Funding is that it fosters increases in hospital activity without measuring quality, safety, or outcomes. To address this criticism, in the last two years, the IHPA has begun to develop several options for introducing quality components into the NEP. The work has been carried out in partnership with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, and is overseen by a ...
This circular outlines changes to arrangements for providing public hospital services to Department of Veterans Affairs patients in Victoria.
This report is the first to allow meaningful comparisons of costs for acute admitted patients in public hospitals. Through innovative development work by the National Health Performance Authority...
This report is the first to allow meaningful comparisons of costs for acute admitted patients in public hospitals. Through innovative development work by the National Health Performance Authority...
This report shows the variation in the average cost of delivering similar services to similar patients in major metropolitan public hospitals for [email protected] and, for the first time, changes in average...
Private health insurance funding of public hospital stays has grown twice as fast as admissions to private facilities, a new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report reveals.
In the gloom of the Intensive Care Unit, when depression sets in at 2 am, I found myself listening to the conversation between the nurse and the newly arrived patient in the bay next to mine.. Now can I shine my torch in your eyes? asked the nurse in his soft, lilting Indian accent. Id be pretty stupid, said the patient, in his stick-dry retort that marked him as a country man, if I put myself in hospital and refused treatment.. I was in an hallucinatory state the last time I was in an intensive care unit over a year ago. But this time, after brain surgery, and a dose of steroids that helped keep me awake for nearly 48 hours, I was alert to the miracle of our public health system. Yes, I know its plagued by duplication and inefficiency, and could be improved. But its precious; it works when youre very sick. It works for the rich and the poor. When I hear Treasurer Scott Morrison argue the need for spending cuts and dismiss the need to raise revenue, I fear for the public hospitals. ...
Ive never stayed in a public hospital so am not sure what to expect so I am hoping some of you will be able to answer my questions so I can mentally prepare myself for my upcoming stay. Im getting very anxious at the thought of sharing a
PUTRAJAYA: Public hospitals can only absorb about 5,000 housemen each year, but more than 6,500 medical graduates emerge from both local and foreign institutions annually, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.
TY - JOUR. T1 - Opportunistic screening for type 2 diabetes mellitus in public hospitals. AU - Zimmermann, Anthony T.. AU - Stranks, Stephen N.. AU - Gall, Sally L.. AU - Hebbard, Geoffrey S.. PY - 2002/11. Y1 - 2002/11. UR - U2 - 10.5694/j.1326-5377.2002.tb04932.x. DO - 10.5694/j.1326-5377.2002.tb04932.x. M3 - Letter. C2 - 12405900. AN - SCOPUS:0037020985. VL - 177. SP - 524. EP - 525. JO - Medical Journal of Australia. JF - Medical Journal of Australia. SN - 0025-729X. IS - 9. ER - ...
Last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law mandating that public hospitals and prisons offer plant-based options at every meal.
Mount Meru Regional Hospital in the city centre of Arusha is a large public hospital where World Unite! can arrange elective placements for...
Having spent the best part of the last month undergoing treatment in a semi-private ward of a large public hospital, Ive seen first-hand how our health service operates. Its the same old story. Once you get through A&E and into the system, the care is excellent. But its not all a bed of roses. In…
Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder in the elderly population. The prevalence is from 8 to 10 percent in geriatric medical outpatients. Primary care physicians accurately recognize less than one half of patients with depression, resulting in potentially decreased function and increased length of hospitalization. Meldon and associates conducted a cross-sectional observational survey to determine the prevalence of depression in elderly patients presenting to the emergency department and to assess the recognition of depression by emergency physicians.. A total of 259 patients older than 65 years of age who presented to the emergency department of a large urban public hospital over a three-month period and who gave oral consent were included in the study. Each patient completed a verbally administered Koenig Scale to identify depression. This scale requires simple yes/no responses to 11 questions. A predetermined cutoff score of 4 was used to identify depression. Demographic data were ...
A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Virology, suggests blood serum tests are not a good cervical cancer screening tool. Using a highly sensitive test that amplifies small samples of DNA, a University of Michigan-led research team failed to detect any evidence of two high-risk HPV strains in patients known to have infections.. Serum, a blood component which contains neither white nor red blood cells, is used in numerous diagnostic tests.. The previous studies suggesting that HPV could be found in serum were not confirmed, says senior author Mack T. Ruffin IV, M.D., M.P.H., professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School. Our findings were not consistent with HPV infection releasing virus into the bloodstream. So, other blood tests to find cervical cancer early will need to take a different approach.. Researchers tested 116 serum samples taken from women ages 18-69 at urban public hospitals in Detroit and Atlanta. More than half of the women had cervical ...
The immense amount of treatment gaps which have been noticed in private and government treatments is sometimes more than 200% - in the cost of treatment.
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2004-2019 Healthpoint Limited. Made by Cactuslab. Healthpoint does not endorse or adopt the information or materials provided by any of the service providers which Healthpoint publishes on the Healthpoint website. Healthpoint accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions, offers or details in any such information or materials. ...
Results From 300 participants, 50% achieved a good level of knowledge and 22.3% a good performance level on applying control measures. Medical doctors and interns achieved better level of knowledge (81% and 78%) while nursing technician and administrative staff had the lowest (19% and 15%). Only 19% of workers from the emergency area achieved a good performance level on the TB Practice scale while more than a half of medical residents (53%) achieved a bad performance level. A weak positive correlation between the self-perceived TB knowledge and actual TB knowledge was found. (Kendall´s Tau-b=0.17; p,0.01) ...
Im not sure that you need to be very careful to avoid hurting the feelings of this callous woman - and indeed, depending on the exact nature of her moms illness, its certain that she could at least have lived longer and in much greater comfort, had she been seen earlier, and may have had the problem cleared up. So why not agree with her that she does have grounds for feeling guilty, in having so neglected her mother. She could easily have taken her to the same government hospital but very much sooner ; she could have afforded to take her for private care for some of the money she spends on partying ...
Hi. I graduated last May and was thrilled to find a job a year after graduation at a big city hospital (I wanted to work at a public hospital, not private) in a psych unit. My preceptor was
FRENCH CAMP - Californias oldest public hospital is embarking on a new venture: creating a nonprofit, independent foundation to increase community awareness of its services and raise funds to support its mission.
Having practiced medicine at a large, inner-city public hospital for the past 20 years, I can readily attest to the long-term existence of de facto rationing of health care in this country. And,
A candidate for the Christian Democratic Party has stood by comments calling for gay and lesbian AIDS sufferers to pay for treatment in public hospitals, saying it would act to prevent the spread of the disease.
How could I have missed out on this one, whos turned into a hottie while doing laudable work in a public hospital somewhere in the South? Filipino-Latvian model and nurse Clint Karklins has my vote for whatever contest hes in. Go ahead and add him on your Boys-To-Watch-Out-For while were in awe at his body of (modeling) work.. ...
The Open Access Pub has the reputation for quick reviewing and publishing original research articles. The editorial boards of our journals have many dedicated and reputed scientists as editorial members. Their support helps many researchers from all countries to enhance their research between scientists of various communities. This platform plays a crucial role in promoting science networks and exchanges. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Deficits in AIDS/HIV knowledge among physicians and nurses at a Minnesota public teaching hospital.. AU - Henry, K.. AU - Sullivan, C.. AU - Campbell, S.. PY - 1993/2. Y1 - 1993/2. N2 - We administered a questionnaire pertaining to recent gains in knowledge about HIV/AIDS treatment and natural history in mid-1990 to all physicians and nurses at a 455-bed public teaching hospital. Surveys were returned by 127 physicians (46%) and 541 nurses (77%). Responses indicated that only 37% of physicians and 18% of nurses knew that the risk for an AIDS-related opportunistic infection becomes significant when the T-helper cell count falls below 200 cells per cubic millimeter. One-fourth of physicians (23%) and more than one-half of nurses (55%) were not aware that the HIV enzyme immunoassay test alone is insufficient to properly determine a patients HIV serostatus. The survey results revealed a broad deficit in knowledge about the natural history and treatment of HIV infection and ...
The new coronavirus disease 2019 is an emerging respiratory disease caused by the highly contagious novel coronavirus which has currently overwhelmed the world. Realizing a comprehensive set of infection prevention measures is a key to minimize the spread of this virus and its impacts in all healthcare settings. Therefore, this study was aimed to assess the compliance towards COVID-19 preventive measures and associated factors among health professionals in selected public hospitals, southeast Ethiopia. A descriptive hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 660 health professionals in public hospitals of southeast Ethiopia from October 1 to 31, 2020. A multistage sampling technique was used to select the study participants. Data were collected by interview using structured and pretested questionnaires. Ordinary logistic regression modeling was used to estimate the crude and adjusted odds ratio. To declare the statistical significance of factors associated with the outcome variable, P
Public hospitals, which provide the majority of acute care beds, are funded by the Australian, state and territory governments, in addition to receiving revenue from services to private patients. Large urban public hospitals provide most of the more complex types of hospital care such as intensive care, major surgery and organ transplants, as well as non-admitted patient care. Many public hospitals have their own pharmacies which provide medicines to admitted patients free-of-charge and do not attract direct Australian Government subsidies under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The Australian Health Care Agreements provide for reforms to the pharmaceutical arrangements. Where a state or territory enters into a reform agreement with the Australian Government, under some circumstances pharmaceuticals provided to non-admitted and same-day patients may be charged to the PBS. The reforms also provide for admitted patients to receive up to one months supply of pharmaceuticals on discharge ...
Health Department | Rural Health Center | Government Hospital | Maternity Home Karachi Jobs 2020, 1-year contract basis (extendable on fixe
Vhi Healthcare will release 4 new plans on 22 April 2017.. Smart Plan 150 (€925 per adult, €250 per child 1-3) covers a semi private room in selected public and private hospitals with a €150 excess per private hospital claim. Specified orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures are covered 60% in selected private hospitals.. Smart Plan 250 (€820 per adult, €245 per child 1-3) covers a semi private room in selected public and private hospitals with a €250 excess per private hospital inpatient claim and a €150 excess per private hospital day case claim. Specified orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures are covered 60% in selected private hospitals.. Smart Plan 500 (€725 per adult, €240 per child 1-3) covers a semi private room in selected public and private hospitals with a €500 excess per private hospital inpatient claim and a €150 excess per private hospital day case claim. Specified orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures are covered 60% in selected private hospitals.. Smart Plan ...
Apply for the post of Hiring Consultant Anesthesia for Leading Government Hospitals @ Saudi Arabia Dammam in Convate Consultancy Services Private Limited for Other - Saudi Arabia city with 3-13 years exp. required Anesthesia, Aneasthesia, Anaesthesia skills.
report of the committee to consider the organization and needs of the government hospital for the insane, to the secretary of the interior. published
Top 10 Government Hospitals in Hyderabad offer state of the art medical care in different specialties for people in and around Hyderabad.
The aim of the proposed study is to determine if specific training in management of general, obstetric, neonatal and pediatric emergencies results in a change in practice of doctors working in emergency departments of public sector hospitals in three districts of Pakistan. The overall goal of the proposed study is to test the ability of a standard course (5-days training) to promote the provision of effective and evidence based practices in public sector hospital settings ...
Some women experience a small amount of swelling in their feet, ankles, hands, and wrists, which can be particularly pronounced in hot weather. This may result in a small amount of bleeding referred to as implantation bleeding. After your baby arrives, you will gosford private hospital maternity visiting hours little time to pamper yourself due to all of the demands of your new little one. If youre gosford private hospital maternity visiting hours from diarrhea, higher blood pressure or even neck problems, you need to gosford private hospital maternity visiting hours extra extreme caution practicing this present. I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live jospital. Two things can happen. Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding. Invest in a quality maternity bra to support your growing breasts and steer clear of under wired bras as these can damage the gosford private hospital maternity visiting hours as your shape materniy. If the test results are negative and you still have pregnancy ...
Shamir O Cawich, MBBS, DM; Hyacinth E Harding, MBBS, DM; Ivor W Crandon, MBBS, FRCS; Clarence D McGaw, MBBS, DM; Alan T Barnett, MBBS, DM; Ingrid Tennant, MBBS, DM; Necia R Evans, BSc; Allie C Martin, MBBS, DM; Lindberg K Simpson, MBBS, DM; Peter Johnson, MBBS, DM
This work has been made available to the staff and students of the University of Sydney for the purposes of research and study only. It constitutes material that is held by the University for the purposes of reporting for HERDC and the ERA. This work may not be downloaded, copied and distributed to any third party ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Decentralized services for public hospital patients. T2 - A cost analysis. AU - Santos, A. B.. AU - Thrasher, J. W.. AU - Ballenger, J. C.. PY - 1988. Y1 - 1988. UR - UR - U2 - 10.1176/ps.39.8.827. DO - 10.1176/ps.39.8.827. M3 - Article. C2 - 3209197. AN - SCOPUS:0023751587. VL - 39. SP - 827. EP - 829. JO - Hospital and Community Psychiatry. JF - Hospital and Community Psychiatry. SN - 1075-2730. IS - 8. ER - ...
BACKGROUND: Employees working night shifts are at a greater risk of being overweight or obese. Few studies on obesity and weight gain analyze the years of exposure to night work. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between the years of exposure to night work and body mass index (BMI) among registered nurses.. METHODS: A cross-sectional analysis was performed in 18 largest public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A total of 2,372 registered nurses (2,100 women) completed a comprehensive questionnaire concerning sociodemographic, professional, lifestyle, and health behavioral data. Current and past exposures to night shifts as well as BMI values were measured as continuous variables. A gamma regression model was used with an identity link function to establish the association.. RESULTS: The association between years of exposure to night work and BMI was statistically significant for both women and men after adjusting for all covariates [β = 0.036; CI95% = 0.009-0.063) and ...
Waiting times in public hospital have been a big issue in the media lately. Politicians addressing these issues and using them as a bargaining point in their campaigns by making promises to fix the current health care problem by extra funding or a re-form in the health care. Public health patients featuring in the media stating how long they have had to wait to get medical attention by a Dr or wait till a vacant bed arises. The pressure on the local, State and federal government, Doctors, Nurses and all staff to provide the public with a high quality, appropriate, safe, available & co-coordinated service to meet the needs of growing patient numbers in an acceptable time. With all of these issues, what are we really doing to fix it? In the premiers 10/11 (1) health budget report, the NSW state budget increased by 8.6% from last year, thats an extra 1.3 billion dollars. In that same report The Premiers Message she stated on April 10th a historical agreement was reached with the government, ...
Health Minister asks public hospitals to treat emergencies before asking for money. Nigerias Health Minister has ordered Federal Government owned hospitals to treat emergencies before emanding for moneyfrom the patients or the relatives; he said this when he paid an official visit to Lagos Uiversity Teaching Hospital, Idi-araba, Lagos, South west Nigeria.. He also lamented that of about 30,000 primary health centres in the country, only 600 were functional hence the heavy use of teaching hospitals by the citizens.. ...
An audit finds the Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans did not confirm patients were eligible for a federally-funded HIV program for low-income individuals and families.
Thousands of exasperated nurses, doctors and other public hospital workers are marching through Paris to demand more staff and resources after years of cost cuts
Clinical Characteristics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Dr. Agoesdjam Regional Public Hospital, Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Rep. Stephen Ortego, D-Carencro, says Louisiana doesnt need to work on tax overhaul, but instead focus on more pressing concerns, such as the dismantling of public hospitals. Its become a dan ...
Public Hospital Museum, Williamsburg Picture: restriction device - Check out TripAdvisor members 16,187 candid photos and videos.
The choice between giving birth in a public or private hospital can come down to cost. Heres how much the average Australian woman pays in each system.
In this study, we assessed associations between RN staffing and mortality using both national administrative staffing data and surveys of ward level staffing in a subsample. We simultaneously considered staffing by medical doctors and support workers (HCSW). When all staff groups were included (in the analysis of 137 hospital trusts) the adjusted associations with mortality were not statistically significant for nurse staffing but were for doctor staffing. In our subsample higher nurse staffing levels were significantly associated with lower mortality among both medical and surgical patients in the adjusted model. Higher HCSW staffing was associated with higher levels of risk adjusted mortality in the analysis of 137 trusts. In the subsample, which used nurse survey-based estimates of HCSW staffing levels, the adjusted association was not significant.. Although the evidence showing associations between higher RN staffing and reduced mortality is extensive, few previous studies have considered ...
PRIVATE hospitals in the city,like the government hospitals,are not in a good shape either for treating swine flu patients as most do not have any provision to handle such cases,and the ones which do can hardly treat half a dozen H1N1 patients at a time.
Starting from January 1, 2018, only electronic payment via debit/credit cards will be accepted. The Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to draw the attention of the public that, effective from January 1st, 2018, the collection of all fees and amounts due to the ministry in all its health institutions will be via e-payment through the credit/debit card, the MOH said in a online statement issued on Tuesday ...
STEWARD SAYS ITS NATIONS LARGEST PRIVATE HOSPITAL OPERATOR One of the biggest players in the Massachusetts health care market just got a lot bigger. Steward Health Care System has completed its previously announced agreement to merge with IASIS Healthcare LLC, which means it is adding 18 hospitals to its network including several in Arizona, Texas and Utah. The company said that with the merger it becomes the largest private hospital operator in the U.S. with 36 hospitals in 10
Collector G Lakshmipriya, in a welcome development, underwent laparoscopic appendectomy surgery at the general hospital on Monday.
The deaths of two pregnant women here last week, one at the T.D. Medical College, Vandanam, and the other at the Women & Child Hospital near the Alappuzha Beach, have triggered yet another con
திருச்சி அரசு மருத்துவமனையில் டெங்கு காய்ச்சலால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட சிறுவன் பரிதாபமாக இறந்தான்.
Tough action will be taken against underperforming NHS hospitals and trusts, with some potentially being managed by the private sector, ministers have said today (June 4th).
If patients do not get a date for surgery at a government hospital within one month, they can get themselves treated in private ones free of cost under the Delhi governments Free Surgery Scheme.
For a few months during my pregnancy, I registered as a private patient at Queen Mary. The semi private rooms are very nice since the maternity ward
An English hospital trust is facing prosecution after one of its nurses died when an epidural anaesthetic was wrongly attached to an intravenous drip in her hand after childbirth.. An inquest in 2008 found that Mayra Cabrera had been unlawfully killed when a midwife at Great Western Hospital in Swindon wrongly attached a bag containing bupivacaine, which had been negligently stored, to the drip.. The inquests verdict, the first of unlawful killing against an NHS hospital trust, was, Mayra Cabrera deceased … ...
HISA is in the market for an Partnerships and Accounts Manager. If you care about working for an organisation that cares, with a significant growth strategy and an all hands on deck approach then this role may be for you. We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Partnerships and Accounts Manager extraordinaire to join our ever-growing team. We are a not for profit company that provides leadership, advocacy and support for Australias digital health community.. As the peak professional body, we provide a national focus for digital health and opportunities for learning, professional development and networking to the diverse and growing community at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Our partners love us, so you will have an existing portfolio of loyal partners to continue building a relationship with and with the world turning their heads to digital health the opportunity for growing the portfolio is endless! ...
Authors: Leon A Bach, Elif I Ekinci, Dennis Engler, Chris Gilfillan, P Shane Hamblin, Richard J MacIssac, Georgia Soldatos, Cheryl Steele, Glenn M Ward, Sue Wyatt
Some 16.8% of separations from Tasmanian public hospitals occurred among people diagnosed with diseases and disorders of the kidney and urinary tract, the most common diagnostic category in the state. It was also the most common public hospital diagnostic category for each Region, accounting for 8.1% of separations for residents in the Greater Hobart-Southern Region, 22.6% for residents in the Northern Region, and 24.2% of separations in the Mersey-Lyell Region ...
The Office of the Ombudsman ordered the filing of criminal charges yesterday against high-ranking officials of the Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) in Quezon City for allegedly violating procurement rules in their purchase of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine worth P44.9 million in 2005.
The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority: As at 9am today (April 2), 14 COVID-19 confirmed patients were discharged from hospital in the last 24 hours....
Tracy, S., Welsh, A., Hall, B., Hartz, D., Lainchbury, A., Bisits, A., White, J., Tracy, M. (2014). Caseload midwifery compared to standard or private obstetric care for first time mothers in a public teaching hospital in Australia: a cross sectional study of cost and birth outcomes. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 14(1), 1-9. [More Information] ...
Across all speciality areas Greenslopes Private Hospital are dedicated to providing the best possible care around the clock from our 24/7 Greenslopes Emergency Centre to our dedicated medical and surgical services.
At Frankston Private Hospital we provide a wide spectrum of gynaecology and services. We cater to day procedures and more lengthy overnight procedures. Our Surgical Ward is well equipped for patients who have procedures that are required to stay overnight. All gynaecological patients staying overnight are guaranteed a private room with their own ensuite bathroom. Our experienced Gynaecologists consult onsite and are close to the hospital. Conditions treated include:. ...
What does being able to choose my hospital mean for me; you have more control over your private hospital, your doctor and a private room.
GVN is one of the best hospitals in Trichy. Multi Speciality treatments in Orthopedics, Cardiology, Heart disease, Cancer, Oncology, radiation, medical, surgical, Gynecology, Maternity, etc., NABH accredited private hospital
The Emergency Department Task Force has agreed that more beds in private hospitals would be used to help ease the overcrowding crisis.
The Partys decision to increase support for private hospitals presents an opportunity but with challenges, experts say, starting with access to insurance money and limits on doctors working hours.
List of private hospitals in Cavite, licensed by the DOH. The De La Salle University Medical Center is the only Level 4 hospital in Cavite.
Dr Tim Lockie is a consultant cardiologist based at Highgate Private Hospital. His clinical interests are all aspects of general cardiology.
| मॉडल टीकाकरण कॉर्नर के प्रति बढ़ी रुचि, निजी अस्पतालों से हुआ मोह भंग | मॉडल टीकाकरण केंद्र से शहरी आबादी में टीकाकरण के प्रति रुझान तेजी से बढ़ा है। सदर अस्पताल के ओपीडी परिसर में... | increased interest in model immunization corner infatuation with private hospitals
કોરોના સંક્રમિત પત્નીની નોર્મલ પ્રસૂતિથી ખુશખુશાલ પતિએ પત્ર લખીને તબીબોનો આભાર માન્યો,મહિલાનો પતિ કહે છે કે, ગોત્રી હોસ્પિટલના તબીબો ખરેખર લીધેલા શપથ સાચા કરે છે | Doctor refused to give birth to a pregnant woman due to coronary heart disease, another demanded Rs 3 lakh, doctors of a government hospital performed a normal delivery without any cost In Vadodara
In a bid to curb the alarmingly high attrition rate among doctors employed in Delhi government hospitals,the Department of Health has revamped its service rules
Public buildings: displays in museums, facades, meeting tables etc.. *Hospitals: laboratory countertops, decontamination sinks ... Hospitals, in particular, employ large amounts of solid surface for sinks, showers, nursing stations and wall cladding, because ...
"Public hospitals ban circumcision". The Australian. 12 November 2007. Archived from the original on 12 November 2007.. ... The hospital admitted that the boy was circumcised by mistake; the mother has sued the hospital and the doctor involved in the ... Cosmetic circumcision for newborn males is currently banned in all Australian public hospitals, South Australia being the last ... Jewish Hospital in Berlin suspends circumcisions. YNET News, 1 July 2012. *^ "Rechtliche Regelung der Beschneidung ...
Public Municipal schools. Water purification and supply. Hospitals. Street lighting. Maintenance of parks and open spaces. ... Various departments such as public relations, library, health, finance, buildings, slums, roads, street lighting, traffic, ... public works, and roads. The cost recovery of services varies across sectors. For example, water expenditure exceeds revenue ... establishment, gardens, public works, local audit, legal services, waterworks, education, octroi, and fire services manage ...
Hospitals ... and Other Charitable, Benevolent and Humane Organizations ... (Public domain ed.). J.W. Connorton Publishing ... In 1882, she settled in Chicago, where she has built up a large practice and served in public offices. She was also appointed ... 4 (Public domain ed.). Halsey Bros. Company. Metropolitan Art Engraving & Publishing Company (1893). Columbian Exposition ... This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Metropolitan Art Engraving & Publishing Company's ...
"Public Health". Official website of Tirupur district. "Dharapuram HUD" (PDF). State Health Society, Tamil Nadu. "Hospitals". ... There is a 54-bed government hospital in Kangeyam. Four Primary Health Centres are under the administration of the Kangeyam ... there are a number of private hospitals in the town. A number of schools and colleges are situated in and around Kangeyam. " ...
"Public Utilities Fortnightly". Public Utilities Fortnightly. 33. 1944. Retrieved 21 February 2014. "The late Rudyard Kipling ... Hospitals. American Hospital Association. 22. 1948. Missing or empty ,title= (help) "The first was an "ignorant wheel tapper" ...
"Boston Public Schools. Retrieved April 15, 2009.. [dead link] *^ "Noonan Business Academy". Boston Public Schools. Archived ... Carney Hospital aims to provided the Dorchester community with health and wellness. Carney Hospital has been serving the ... Public policy issues[edit]. There are many controversial public issues that are on the agenda for action by the city hall in ... Public schools[edit]. Students in Dorchester are served by Boston Public Schools (BPS). BPS assigns students based on ...
Public. *Ballarat Base Hospital *Queen Elizabeth Centre. *Bendigo Base Hospital. *Geelong Hospital ... "Public Record Office Victoria. Retrieved 2008-08-30.. *^ a b "Series VPRS 7680 Register of Patients". Public Record Office ... "Public Record Office Victoria. Retrieved 2008-09-28.. *^ a b "Agency VA 2849 Lara Inebriate Retreat". Public Record Office ... The Mental Hygiene Act of 1933 again altered Kew's title to "Kew Mental Hospital".[60] The move from 'asylum' to 'hospital' and ...
Public transport[edit]. Southbound ftrmetro Northbound Singleton Hospital Swansea University Brynmill Lane ... Swansea University has a strategic partnership with Wuhan Union Hospital in Wuhan, China.[91] The hospital was founded by ... Swansea University (Welsh: Prifysgol Abertawe) is a public research university located in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. It ... It houses a beachside bistro open to the public.[33] On 5 September 2018, 360 Beach and Water Sports Centre shut down, with ...
The hospital went from a public, not-for-profit to private not-for-profit in 1998. PCMH came under the umbrella of University ... The hospital operates under the "hospital within a hospital" concept. The hospital contains a 122 bed. Fifty beds are for the ... It closed in 1951, once the new hospital opened. By 1934, the hospital was renamed Pitt General Hospital and a children's ward ... In 1934, it changed to Pitt General Hospital, and then again to Pitt County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) in 1949. The hospital ...
The other public health facilities found in Swakopmund, are Swakopmund State Hospital and Tamariskia Clinic. There are the ... "Our Hospitals". Swakop's DRC to provide for youth February 13, 2008, The Namibian "Know Your Local Authority ... The Woermannhaus, built in 1906 with a prominent tower (Damara tower), is now a public library. Attractions in Swakopmund ... The main healthcare provider in the city is the Cottage Medi-Clinic, a hospital with 70 beds. ...
Yashoda Hospitals. Retrieved 2018-05-31. "Prof. K. Srinath Reddy - Public Health Foundation of India". Retrieved 2018 ... Gullapalli Nageswara Rao, Founder of LV Prasad Eye Hospital, delivered a guest lecture. Theme of the conference: Mental Health ... C. Raghu, Interventional Cardiologist and Director - Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad graced OSMECON as the Chief guest. It was a ... K. Srinath Reddy, President of Public Health Foundation of India delivered the inaugural address. Dr. Patanjali Dev Nayar, ...
One of the Defence Hospitals, the 158 Base Hospital, is located at Bengdubi. A leopard was trapped in the Bengdubi tea estate ... Army Public School, Bengdubi, is an English-medium coeducational institution established in 1961. It has facilities for ... "Defence Hospitals". Press Information Bureau, Government of India. Retrieved 27 March 2020. "Leopard trapped in cage in ... "Army Public School, Bengdubi". ICBSE. Retrieved 10 March 2020. "Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bengdubi". School My Kids. Retrieved 27 ...
About 61% of the public spending for the nursing stations and 26% of spending for hospital inpatient care is directed to ... There are 25 government hospitals (including two national referral hospitals) and three private hospitals providing secondary ... "Public Hospitals". DAISI. 2015. Retrieved 18 November 2018. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Pacific Specialist ... The Pacific Specialist Healthcare hospital opened in 2017 The P.J. Towmey Hospital was first set up on Makogai Island to cater ...
John Laing Leal." Leal, John L. (1897). "Isolation Hospitals." Public Health Pap Rep. 1896'.' 22: 200-206. PMC 2329087 Leal, ... John L. (1900). "An Epidemic of Typhoid Fever Due to an Infected Public Water Supply", Public Health Pap Rep. 1899; 25: 166-171 ... His decision to focus on matters of public health and the safety of drinking water was driven in part by his personal ... He was a member of the American Medical Association and the American Public Health Association. At the APHA annual meeting in ...
Subscription or UK public library membership required.) Willis-Bund, J W; Page, William, eds. (1971a). "Hospitals: Worcester". ... Worcestershire Royal Hospital is in a road named after him. Vesta Tilley (1864-1952), music hall performer who adopted this ... St Oswald's Hospital survived the dissolution, later providing almshouses; the charity and its housing survives to the present ... The Hive, on the north side of the River Severn at the former cattle market site, is Worcester's joint public and university ...
Public Power. Azalea Health. Hawthorne Hospitals. Florida Trauma Centers. Trauma System Florida. ACSO. ACFR stations. Chester ... Florida Hospital Ocala and Ocala Regional Medical Center are in Ocala, south of Hawthorne. In August 2018, Shands Hospital was ... Fifteen hospitals are within 30 miles (48 km) of Hawthorne. The closest are in Gainesville: Shands Hospital, North Florida/ ... "Hospitals in hawthorne, florida - US Hospital Finder". Retrieved 2018-11-30. Kimble, Josh. "Jacquelyn ...
This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Sabrosa, N. A.; de Souza, E. C. (1 December ... "CAB Direct". Ward, Ernest (2 December 2008). "Roundworm Infection in Cats". VCA Hospitals. Retrieved 29 July 2017. "Neglected ...
Balaji Dental College & Hospital - Located adjacent to Jerusalem College of Engineering.. Schools[edit]. Notable schools in and ... The pool is open to the public for membership and offers fee concessions for swimming competition medal winners. ...
Medical/Hospital Services 2 Eastman Chemical 1,447 Chemical 3 Longview Independent School District 1,400 Public Schools ... Public transportation[edit]. The city's public transit system, Longview Transit, runs daily routes, excluding Sundays and ... Longview is home to more than 30 public parks that include 6 Athletic Complexes, 5 Splash Pads, 3 DiscGolf Courses, 2 Public ... Director of Public Works Rolin McPhee State government[edit]. Longview is represented in the Texas Senate by Republican Bryan ...
Public Health Service. Division of Hospitals". SNAC. Retrieved 2020-08-31. Robin Harwood, Stella Yu, and Laura Kavanagh. "100 ... History, mission, and organization of the Public Health Service. U.S. Public Health Service. 1976. pp. 3-4, 20, 22. Querec, ... Executive Reference Book (Public Health Service Portion). U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. 1957. pp. 20-21. " ... "Records of the Public Health Service [PHS], 1912-1968". National Archives. 2016-08-15. Sections 90.3, 90.3.3, 90.7, 90.8. ...
Subscription or UK public library membership required.) "Paintings in Hospitals , Art UK". Retrieved 2018-12-18. " ... From 1971, he was a Trustee of Paintings in Hospitals and enabled the charity to acquire works by Royal Academicians. He was ...
UAB Hospital, USA Health University Hospital, Huntsville Hospital, and Children's Hospital of Alabama are the only Level I ... Public primary and secondary education in Alabama is under the purview of the Alabama State Board of Education as well as local ... "Public Service Commission: Twinkle Cavanaugh, Terry Dunn join GOP sweep". Archived from the original on March 6, 2012. ... While Alabama's public education system has improved in recent decades, it lags behind in achievement compared to other states ...
Gutenberg Project: public domain. Nightingale, Florence (1860). Notes on Hospitals. Google Books: Public Domain. Ulrich, R.S. ( ... Hospital noise, at any volume level, is credited with being the primary cause of sleep deprivation, a contributing factor in ... The many sounds of a hospital are foreign to their experience and their line of sight is limited. Nightingale claimed that ... The most important thing for inpatients at hospitals is the comfort and normalcy of having family members and friends that ...
17 public kitchens (imaret), 8 bridges, 8 store houses or granaries 7 Koranic schools (medrese), 6 aqueducts, 3 hospitals ( ... 17 public kitchens (imaret); 3 hospitals (darüşşifa); 6 aqueducts; 10 bridges; 20 caravanserais; 36 palaces and mansions; 8 ... He was also responsible for the design and construction of public works, such as roads, waterworks and bridges. Through the ... a hospital, an asylum, a hamam, a caravanserai and a hospice for travellers (tabhane). Sinan, now heading a formidable ...
A Public Health Hazard". American Journal of Public Health. 97 (9): 1554-1559. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2006.100271. PMC 1963310. PMID ... "Impacted teeth including surgery for canine teeth , Cambridge University Hospitals". Retrieved 2015-08-22. https:// ...
When the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital system was abolished in 1981, the National Leprosarium was the only hospital that ... In 1921, the U.S. Public Health Service took control and the facility became U.S. Marine Hospital Number 66, the National ... Public Health Service. Division of Hospitals". SNAC. Retrieved 2020-08-31. "Carville Historic District". Foundation for ... "Carville Historic District / Gillis W. Long Hansen's Disease Center / Public Health Service hospital #66" (PDF). State of ...
Public Health Service. Division of Hospitals". SNAC. Retrieved 2020-08-31. "The Health Center Program: An Overview". Bureau of ... the hospitals became part of the Division of Marine Hospitals and Relief. In 1944, it was renamed the Division of Hospitals. As ... In 1981, budget cuts imposed by the Reagan administration forced the end of PHS hospital system, with the last eight hospitals ... the system of Marine Hospitals founded in 1798. When the PHS's predecessor, the Marine Hospital Service, first divided itself ...
"BUNDABERG HOSPITAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY" (PDF). Queensland Public Hospitals. 20 May 2005. Retrieved 19 November 2020. Lang, ... In 2015, she was awarded the Public Service Medal for "outstanding public service to Queensland Health". Miles, Janelle (4 ... She started her career as a doctor at Westmead Hospital in Sydney in 1986 before moving into medical administration at the same ... She relocated to Queensland upon her appointment as Director of Medical Services at Rockhampton Hospital in December 1994. In ...
Public health and sanitation; hospitals and dispensaries. Pilgrimages, other than pilgrimages to places outside India. ... State public services; State Public Service Commission. State pensions, that is to say, pensions payable by the State or out of ... Public debt of the State. Treasure trove. Land revenue, including the assessment and collection of revenue, the maintenance of ... This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. "Constitution Amendment in India" (PDF). Lok ...
Harris County Hospital District operates the Baytown Health Center in Baytown. The center opened on February 14, 1967.[42] ... Harris County Transit provides public transportation.[44] The Baytown Park and Ride lot is located on the western side of San ... In the Downtown Arts District is the roots of the Baytown Public Art Program spearheaded by the City of Baytown Tourism ... Overseeing the program is the Public Art Visioning Committee with members from the Art League of Baytown, Lee College Art ...
... Hospital, a 128-bed public, regional referral hospital administered by the Uganda Ministry of Health main campus of Muni ... University, the sixth public university established by the government of Uganda Ragem Beach Analog broadcasts, which originate ...
"Oxygen and 2,3 biphosphoglycerate (2,3-BPG) during haemodialysis". Department of Nephrology, Hvidovre University Hospital, ... "PubChem as a public resource for drug discovery.". Drug Discov Today 15 (23-24): 1052-7. PMID 20970519. doi:10.1016/j.drudis. ...
The Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) is a public school district serving the city of Hayward, California, in Alameda ... ...
News of the diary became public when Astor's role in Dodsworth (1936), as Edith Cortwright, was beginning to be filmed. ... Before Helen Langhanke died of a heart ailment in January 1947, Astor said she sat in the hospital room with her mother, who ... When Astor was 15, the family moved to Chicago, Illinois,[2] with her father teaching German in public schools. Astor took ... She was taken to a hospital and the police reported that she had attempted suicide, this being her third overdose in two years ...
The Metropolitan State Hospital was an American public hospital for the mentally ill, on grounds that extended across parts of ... "Backman: Hospital Murder Data Missing" Boston Globe Aug 15, 1980 *^ "Mental patient held in dismemberment murder". St. Joseph ... Richard A. Hogarty (2002). Massachusetts politics and public policy: studies in power and leadership. University of ... The hospital's design was reflective of the third stage of development of facilities for the mentally ill, after the Kirkbride ...
"Latest Survey Shows More Hospitals Offering Complementary and Alternative Medicine Services" (Press release). American Hospital ... Public Attitudes and Public Understanding, Section: Belief in Alternative Medicine". Science and Engineering Indicators. ... "American Journal of Public Health. 92 (10): 1582-91. doi:10.2105/AJPH.92.10.1582. PMC 3221447. PMID 12356597.. CS1 maint: ref= ... Some have proposed adopting a prize system to reward medical research.[131] However, public funding for research exists. In the ...
Public [4] Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital 1946 Darbhanga Lalit Narayan Mithila University Government [5] ... Nalanda Medical College Hospital 1970 Patna Magadh University Government [12] Narayan Medical College and Hospital 2008 Sasaram ... Cooper Hospital and H.B.T. Medical College, Juhu. *King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College ... Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (Municipal hospital and medical college), Sion. Colleges run by the Government of ...
As part of the new Presidium, Pol Pot became the country's Prime Minister.[259] It was at this point that he took on the public ... between 15,000 and 20,000 of these were removed from the city's hospitals and forced to march.[208] Checkpoints were erected ... Sihanouk desired independence from French rule, but after France refused his requests he called for public resistance to its ... He then travelled to Beijing to undergo cancer treatment at a military hospital, only returning to Cambodia in the summer of ...
The effects of public outrage had a permanent effect on the Hindu Mahasabha, which is now a defunct Hindutva party. ... and was taken to hospital one and a half months after his arrest due to complications arising from the same.[citation needed] ... but suggested that the funds for the construction should be collected from the public and the temple should not be funded by ...
NHS Nightingale Hospitals *NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham. *NHS Nightingale Hospital London. *NHS Nightingale Hospital ... National Public Health Emergency Team (Ireland). *Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (African Union) ...
It was opened to the public as a museum on June 7, 1982. The site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on ... Jude Children's Research Hospital. *St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. *Shelby Farms. *Stax Museum ... Connected to the Dining Room is the Kitchen that was not open to the public until 1995, as Elvis' aunt Delta used it until her ... Graceland was opened to the public on June 7, 1982. Priscilla's gamble paid off; after only a month of opening Graceland's ...
The hospital was later moved to a larger site on High Street in Newark in 1869. The hospital was called Saint Barnabas Hospital ... The division also provides education programs such as the first live kidney transplant operation broadcast to a public audience ... West Hudson Hospital in Kearney and Wayne General Hospital. However, Wayne General Hospital subsequently changed to affiliate ... On February 18, 1867, The Hospital of Saint Barnabas became the first incorporated hospital in New Jersey by the act of New ...
This led to him forming an ad-hoc band known as "The Greedies" (originally "The Greedy Bastards", but edited for public ... Lynott was born in Hallam Hospital in West Bromwich, England, and christened at St Edward's Church, Selly Park, Birmingham. His ... He died of pneumonia and heart failure due to septicaemia in the hospital's intensive care unit on 4 January 1986, at the age ...
An autopsy performed on December 30, 2009, was inconclusive, but toxicology results revealed to the public in June that he died ... and was later pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital.[9] Police ruled out foul play and noted that his death appeared to ...
"National Public Radio (NPR). Retrieved 5 August 2018.. *^ Specia M (2 August 2018). "The Latest Ebola Outbreak Is Centered in a ... "Ebola case confirmed in Glasgow hospital". BBC News Online. 29 December 2014. Archived from the original on 29 December 2014.. ... "Zoonoses Public Health. 59 (Supplement 2): 116-31. doi:10.1111/j.1863-2378.2012.01454.x. PMC 7165950. PMID 22958256.. ... The article uses public domain text from the CDC as cited.. Bibliography. .mw-parser-output .refbegin{font-size:90%;margin- ...
... although the expansion led to substantially greater hospital and emergency room use, and a reallocation of care from public to ... Hospital use increased by 30% for those with insurance, with the length of hospital stays increasing by 30% and the number of ... A 1999 policy letter from immigration officials defined "public charge" and identified which benefits are considered in public ... a b c d e Eugene Kiely, Medicaid Estate Recovery Program,, Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of ...
The University of Bergen (Norwegian: Universitetet i Bergen) is a public university located in Bergen, Norway. The university ... Haukeland University Hospital. Since January 2013 the faculty is organised in the following departments and units: *Department ...
This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. ... The Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Archived from the original (PDF) on 25 November 2015. Retrieved 23 November 2015.. ... U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Public Health and Science, Office on Women's Health. July 2009. ...
... said the government must make sure that they have access to medical care and other facilities like separate wards in hospitals ... "Public Toilet Advocacy Toolkit". Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH). Retrieved June 22, 2018.. ... activists campaigned for laws requiring more female-designated public toilets than male-designated public toilets in public ... Unisex public toilet (or all gender public toilet) at Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco, USA. The sinks in the foreground ...
ASH opened in 1954, as a state-run, self-contained public sector forensic psychiatric facility. It is enclosed within a ... Atascadero State Hospital (ASH) is located on the Central Coast of California, in San Luis Obispo County, halfway between Los ... "Atascadero State Hospital patient killed in attack". U-T San Diego. May 29, 2014. "Atascadero Chamber of Commerce - Economic ... SVPs were housed in ASH until the new state hospital in Coalinga opened around 2004. In the mid-1980s, a US Department of ...
Hospital-based nutrition management and rehabilitation The hospital-based nutrition management and rehabilitation program ... Health care services in Nepal are provided by both the public and private sector and fare poorly by international standards. ... Immunization services can be obtained at free of cost from EPI clinics in hospitals, other health centers, mobile and outreach ... In 2003, Nepal had ten health centers, 83 hospitals, 700 health posts, and 3,158 "sub-health posts", which serve villages. In ...
Harvard School of Public Health: Bedbugs: Biology and Management. *Masked Hunters University of Minnesota Extension Service ... University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital Department of Medical Entomology web-page on bedbugs ...
... the public hospital infrastructure relies on a vast network of small hospitals. Over 55% of public hospitals have less than 50 ... The public hospital infrastructure required hospitals to be spread over a territory of 8.516 million square kilometres (3.288 ... In 2012, 66% of the country's hospitals, 70% of its 485,000 hospital beds, and 87% of its 723 specialized hospitals belonged to ... of public hospital beds, and half the hospital admissions were in municipal establishments. ...
The war makes it increasingly difficult to secure heat even for the Varnæs family, who send their children to the public bath ... Upon learning of a change in the Danish army's command structure, he suffers a fatal stroke while in hospital. Lauritz' failure ... arrive and inform the guests that they have just gotten Jørgen out of jail and had him committed to a hospital. Kristen mostly ... and popular examples of Danish television and represents a then peak of longtime development of Danish TV drama by the public ...
"Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria (10). ISSN 1832-2522. Retrieved 2014-08-06.. ... "Mont Park Psychiatric Hospital Precinct (listing RNE100229)". Australia Heritage Places Inventory. Department of Sustainability ... 2016 Shayher Group rebrands and unveils the Pentridge Coburg site as "Pentridge" and opens the iconic gates to the public, ... E - The hospital, later turned into a dormitory division housing short term prisoners ...
The Persian Bimaristan hospitals were an early example of public hospitals.[49][50] ... Hospital medicine is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. Physicians whose primary professional focus is hospital ... Panorama of Siena's Santa Maria della Scala Hospital, one of Europe's oldest hospitals. During the Middle Ages, the Catholic ... Community health or public health is an aspect of health services concerned with threats to the overall health of a community ...
Historical Photos Depict Women Medical Pioneers , Public Radio International *^ Eron, Carol (1979). "Women in Medicine and ... May Edward Chinn became the first African-American woman to graduate from the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College. ... 1855: The University of Iowa becomes the first coeducational public or state university in the United States.[55] ... 1892: Laura Eisenhuth became the first woman elected to state office as Superintendent of Public Instruction.[56] ...
On 1 January 2010, Basu was admitted to AMRI hospital (Bidhannagar, Kolkata) after he was diagnosed with pneumonia.[23][24] On ... While Patil said "the nation has lost a veteran and eminent public figure," Manmohan Singh said Basu was a politician to whom ... His body was handed over to SSKM Hospital, Kolkata for research on 19 January 2010 around 16:50 pm IST after a guard of honour ... "Jyoti Basu admitted to hospital". NDTV. Kolkata: NDTV. 1 January 2010. Archived from the original on 26 September 2012. ...
A Lane in the Public Garden at Arles. *Falling Autumn Leaves. *L'Arlésienne ... Hospital in Arles. *Butterflies. *Saint-Paul Asylum, Saint-Rémy. *The Wheat Field ...
Day awards for their leadership and commitment to advancing the mission of the public hospital system and providing the highest ... New York, NY - The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) today honored seven Manhattan physicians with Doctors ... The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) is a $6.7 billion integrated healthcare delivery system, the largest ... Ravindra Amin, MD, Chief of Psychiatry, Coler Nursing Facility/The Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility ...
NURSES at two more West Australian hospitals will implement work bans in their continuing fight for higher pay and fewer menial ... More work bans at Perth public hospitals. TWO Perth hospitals that care for mothers, children and babies are the latest ... Work bans were implemented at Royal Perth Hospital on Monday, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on Tuesday and Fremantle Hospital ... The nurses are also complaining about a 700 per cent increase in parking fees at public hospitals. ...
THE ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC MENTAL HOSPITALS Br Med J 1922; 2 :225 ... University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust: Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine University Hospitals of Leicester NHS ... THE ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC MENTAL HOSPITALS. Br Med J 1922; 2 doi: (Published 05 ... States of Jersey General Hospital: CT1/2 - FY2 (LAS) Doctor in Emergency Medicine ...
Adam Fira found himself in a hospital room after a car crash last year with half his skull missing and his head sunken in like ... of Public Hospitals and Health Systems says about half of its 100-plus members lost money in 2002, the latest data available. ... Pinched Public Hospitals in Need of Resuscitation. A financial crisis is eroding patient care and unraveling the medical safety ... In some cases, public hospitals offer the only top-level trauma or burn care in a region. ...
Mexicans will do almost anything to avoid a public hospital emergency room, where the sick may languish for hours slumped on ... But Mexicos public hospital system is in crisis.. Some patients suspected of having swine flu have said public hospitals ... MEXICO CITY-Mexicans will do almost anything to avoid a public hospital emergency room, where the sick may languish for hours ... In Mexico, there are hospitals for government employees, and hospitals for workers enrolled in government health plans through ...
NYCs public hospitals holding on in face of coronavirus, chief says By Nolan Hicks, Rich Calder, Julia Marsh, Carl Campanile ... The health-care workers of New Yorks public hospitals are hanging tough in the face of the "very rough … very challenging" ... "The most impacted hospital by far has been Elmhurst, in part because that area of Queens doesnt have other hospitals," said ... Filed under Coronavirus in NY , health and hospitals corporation , hospitals , 3/26/20 ...
A cutting-edge treatment for depression has turned into a money-spinner for private hospitals thanks to a strange health- ... Given the therapy is safe, quick, and has no side-effects, there is no reason for a person to stay at hospital for the rest of ... Meanwhile public patients are missing out.. Professor Loo introduced the therapy to Australia, and is considered a world- ... In a bizarre scenario, the only way private health insurers will cover TMS in private hospitals is if they admit patients to a ...
Jay Wolfgang, the hospital administrator, said officials at four hospitals -- Georgetown, George Washington, Capitol Hill and ... Oscar B. Hunter Jr., a director of the hospitals parent company, Washington Medical Center Inc., said the hospitals closing ... Hinman said GHA used Doctors Hospital because it was convenient and cheaper than university teaching hospitals, such as those ... He said the hospital even had French chefs and a female assistant administrator who put up draperies in the rooms. "She saw to ...
A concerted effort is underway in Cuyahoga County to identify areas where hospitals, the Cleveland Department of ... Hospitals are required by the IRS to conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) once every three years. Public health ... For both hospitals and public health, health assessments provide useful tools for identifying opportunities to improve the ... For both hospitals and public health, health assessments provide useful tools for identifying opportunities to improve the ...
... Mark Duggan. NBER Working Paper No. 7789. Issued in July 2000. NBER Program(s): ... w7266 Is Hospital Competition Socially Wasteful?. Duggan. w7966 Hospital Market Structure and the Behavior of Not-for-Profit ... Published: Duggan, Mark G. "Hospital Ownership And Public Medical Spending," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2000, v115(4,Nov ... w8537 The Effects of Hospital Ownership on Medical Productivity. Sloan, Picone, Taylor, Jr., and Chou. w6706 Hospital Ownership ...
More Hospitals Use the Healing Powers of Public Art. Hospitals Are Giving Artwork a Higher Priority. ... Hospitals are turning to art as part of a broader push to create a healing environment as studies show that visual art can help ... hospitals are considering and choosing artworks based on the evidence and giving it a higher priority than merely decoration ... hospitals are giving artwork a higher priority. ...
Public hospitals can only absorb about 5,000 housemen each year, but more than 6,500 medical graduates emerge from both local ... PUTRAJAYA: Public hospitals can only absorb about 5,000 housemen each year, but more than 6,500 medical graduates emerge from ... "In addition, the employment criteria for house officers set by the Public Service Department needs to be made similar to other ... was implemented recently to increase the number of housemens placement included housemen being assigned to posts in public ...
... has informed that as many as 246048 corona patients are recovered in public sector hospitals being run under the control... ... has informed that as many as 246048 corona patients are recovered in public sector hospitals being run under the control of ... In addition, 3359 beds are also reserved in HDU for patients suffering from Covid-19 in all the hospitals of Punjab government ... However, 448 beds for corona patients are reserved in isolation wards set up in government hospitals of Lahore and 325 beds are ...
Failing grade for public-private partnership hospitals. Erika Gilbert. CMAJ February 17, 2009 180 (4) 380; DOI: ...
My reply to Professor Hon Joseph Lees question on the nursing manpower in public hospitals is as follows:. (1) The Hospital ... 1) whether it knows the following information in respect of each of the specialties in various public hospitals in each of the ... b) Continuous recruitment of full-time and part-time healthcare staff: Public hospitals will continue to recruit full-time and ... 3) given that the Government has mentioned in this years Policy Address that some 5 000 additional public hospital beds will ...
Visualizing public health: How bad is the drug overdose epidemic? Posted June 19, 2017 by Atif Kukaswadia, PhD in Determinants ... Meeting your hospital roommates, one q-tip at a time Posted February 5, 2013 by Beth Skwarecki in Uncategorized ... I dropped something on the floor at the hospital. My parents were visiting me and my one-day-old son, and I dropped something ... Sanitizing public health language: A response to the CDC language controversy January 9, 2018 ...
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Hospital Budget. 1086 Words , 5 Pages. As managers they involve at varying degrees in issues affecting a hospital including ... Population health is a multidisciplinary concept to be shared between public health agencies, social institutions and…show more ... Government and private hospitals collaboration for providing quality healthcare system.. • Mergers and acquisitions are a ... The changing climate as a result of the advent of value-based care continues to place significant demands on hospitals, medical ...
Billions of taxpayer dollars go to hospitals run by organized religions. Yet, some deny abortion, abortion counseling, ... Public Funds to Religious Hospitals Raise Questions. By: Cynthia L. Cooper , March 5, 2001. LikeTweet EmailPrint More * More on ... Public hospitals provided charity care equal to 14 percent of their total patient revenue, while religious hospitals provided ... Religious Hospitals Are 13 Percent of Hospitals Nationwide, 18 Percent of Beds. Religious hospitals constitute 13 percent of ...
H1N1 Fact Sheet-Hospital Alternative Care Sites during H1N1 Public Health Emergency pdf icon[PDF 199KB]external icon. CMS ... Model Hospital Mutual Aid Memorandum of Understanding pdf icon[PDF 46KB]. external iconAHA model hospital MOU adapted from a ... Public Health and the Law: An Emergency Preparedness Training Kitexternal icon. NACCHO training kit to enhance local public ... The following list, compiled by CDCs Public Health Law Program, can help hospitals incorporate law into emergency preparedness ...
... doctors and other public hospital workers are marching through Paris to demand more staff and resources after years of cost ... Strained French public hospital workers protest cost cuts. Thousands of exasperated nurses, doctors and other public hospital ... The protest and strike channeled anger thats long been bubbling among Frances nearly 1 million public hospital workers. ... PARIS -- Thousands of exasperated nurses, doctors and other public hospital workers marched through Paris on Thursday to demand ...
The British publics view of the National Health Service of today ranges from complacency to rage, from delight to despair. A ... when te hospital sector is mentioned. It is this sector that is the subject of this pamphlet. ...
... said on Thursday that it had worked with CIOs to connect 267 public hospitals and health centres to national e-health ... This is just over one-third of about 750 public hospitals across the country. ... said on Thursday that it had worked with CIOs to connect 267 public hospitals and health centres to national e-health ... and Tasmania were already submitting discharge summaries from all or almost all public hospitals that can produce electronic ...
... concern over how many could lose health coverage and what an increase in those without insurance could mean for hospitals. ... In 2017, hospitals in Wisconsin had $1.1 billion in uncompensated health care services. Thats a 14-percent increase from 2016 ... Wisconsin Public Radio and welcome civil, on-topic comments and opinions that advance the discussion from all ... 2020 by Wisconsin Public Radio, a service of the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board and the University of Wisconsin- ...
Hospital authorities are faulted for accepting non-certified drugs or sloppily forged documents. Investigations continue but ... Hospitals use bottled drug containing polysorbate 80, a substance that can cause immunological reactions and death. ... Fake blood product used in public hospitals in Jilin. Hospitals use bottled drug containing polysorbate 80, a substance that ... Many hospitals failed to ask for the fake drugs certification. Sloppily forged approval papers were even found in one hospital ...
... the Government announced today that it was opening South Africas segregated public hospitals to all races. ... Technically the Government plan covers only public hospitals, but many private hospitals accept black patients already. ... South Africa to Admit All Races As Patients in Its Public Hospitals. By CHRISTOPHER S. WREN, Special to The New York Times ... In fact, some state-operated hospitals as well as some private hospitals designated for whites have already quietly admitted ...
Public Hospital Museum, Williamsburg Picture: restriction device - Check out TripAdvisor members 16,187 candid photos and ...
Botsford Hospital appealed to the Sixth Circuit, raising several arguments. Public Citizen submitted an amicus brief to address ... Copyright © 2018 Public Citizen. Some rights reserved. Non-commercial use of text and images in which Public Citizen holds the ... and Public Citizen Foundation.. Learn More about the distinction between these two components of Public Citizen. ... Public Citizen in the News. Judge rules against Trump administration in teen pregnancy prevention case. The Hill. How Wall ...
... public hospitals had reported to the Department of Health the admission of 12 patients... ... The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority: As at noon today (May 10), ... The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:. As at noon today (May 10), public hospitals had reported to the ... The Hospital Authority will maintain close contact with the Centre for Health Protection to monitor the latest developments and ...
To protest plans by the Madrid regional government to outsource management and some services provided by public hospitals ... To protest plans by the Madrid regional government to outsource management and some services provided by public hospitals ... Protesters chanted and held hands as they surrounded large hospitals like Gregorio Maranon Hospital. The protests goal is to ... The demonstrators, who included elderly people and children, showed up at all the hospitals in the capital as part of the " ...
  • A concerted effort is underway in Cuyahoga County to identify areas where hospitals, the Cleveland Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) can collaborate on 2018/2019 health assessment planning. (
  • Several stakeholders - including the Cleveland Department of Public Health, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and University Hospitals - are required to conduct a health assessment in 2018. (
  • In parallel to the 2018 joint health assessment discussions that are underway, and to help achieve alignment with Cuyahoga County hospital stakeholders that are required to report in 2019, CDPH, CCBH and University Hospitals are also participating in 2019 health assessment planning. (
  • These parallel 2018/2019 health assessment planning efforts will ensure that all stakeholders are able to satisfy regulatory requirements while enabling Cuyahoga County hospitals and health departments to align on the same health assessment planning timeline. (
  • The healthcare industry employs more than 320,000 people in southeast Michigan, according to the 2018 Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) Economic Impact Report . (
  • The Commonwealth and states have agreed to negotiate a new public hospital funding agreement by the end of 2018, to take effect from 2020 and I will be expecting the issue of states harvesting privately ensured patients in their hospitals to play a role in these negotiations. (
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is working with Porter Adventist Hospital, which is notifying people who had orthopedic or spine surgery there between July 21, 2016 and Feb. 20, 2018. (
  • People who had orthopedic or spine surgery at Porter between July 21, 2016 and Feb. 20, 2018 can contact Porter Adventist Hospital. (
  • HHC provides medical, mental health and substance abuse services through its 11 acute care hospitals, five skilled nursing facilities, six large diagnostic and treatment centers and more than 70 community based clinics. (
  • In this study, we examine different models for coordination that local health departments and general acute-care hospitals have employed to improve public health preparedness. (
  • In 2010, the German hospital sector consisted of 2,064 acute care hospitals roughly divided in three between the categories of private for-profit (usually owned by municipalities), private not-for-profit (often owned by religious organizations) and public ownership. (
  • In a statement issued here on Monday, Special Secretary SHC&MED Silwat Saeed said that 7506 beds were reserved in all government hospitals for corona patients, out of which 4589 beds were unoccupied. (
  • Likewise, 1623 beds reserved in government hospitals of the provincial metropolis and 867 beds were vacant so far. (
  • The Special Secretary SHC&MED said that in view of the surging corona pandemic, the Health Department had arranged 3414 beds in Isolation wards of all government hospitals in the province, out of which, 2513 beds were vacant. (
  • However, 448 beds for corona patients are reserved in isolation wards set up in government hospitals of Lahore and 325 beds are unoccupied. (
  • In addition, 3359 beds are also reserved in HDU for patients suffering from Covid-19 in all the hospitals of Punjab government and 1755 beds are vacant while, in hospitals of Lahore, 903 beds reserved in HDU and 486 beds are unoccupied, Silwat Saeed added. (
  • Religious hospitals constitute 13 percent of the total hospitals in the nation and 18 percent of the total beds, according to MergerWatch. (
  • Mrs. Venter said the Government had decided that all beds in all hospitals should be accessible to all people. (
  • One effect will be to reduce overcrowding in hospitals designated for blacks by shifting some of their patients to more plentiful vacant beds now available in hospitals set aside for whites. (
  • Johannesburg Hospital, which was the target of an anti-apartheid campaign last July in which black patients appeared for treatment, has wards that are only half full, while Baragwanath routinely has patients sleeping on the floor because there are not enough beds. (
  • Doctor Tran Thanh Tu, chief of the voluntary treatment ward at the Central Pediatrics Hospital, told VietNamNet that his ward has to deny receiving more patients because it is out of patient beds. (
  • If patients are billionaires, coming to this hospital, they have to share beds with several patients. (
  • In June of 1950 the hospital began a campaign to raise $991,000 to cover the remaining costs of the expansion as well as the addition of another 21 beds. (
  • Public hospitals face increased workloads as surgeons and GPs start transferring private patients to public beds to avoid being liable for malpractice claims, even after the federal government tried to assure them they were safe. (
  • The COVID 19 pandemic revealed the consequences of this dangerous shortage, as we worked to convert space and add additional hospital beds to meet rising needs brought on by several surges in cases. (
  • In 1901, 80 beds were added to the facility to give the hospital a total of 100 beds. (
  • As head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Verma says she's working to ease safety rules and lighten licensing requirements, to expand the number of hospital beds and health workers. (
  • Fira's experience is common at Dallas County's only public hospital, even though he is among the 7% of its patients with insurance. (
  • Some patients suspected of having swine flu have said public hospitals turned them away or forced them to wait hours for treatment even after the government declared a national emergency. (
  • Meanwhile, public patients miss out because it is not covered by Medicare. (
  • In a bizarre scenario, the only way private health insurers will cover TMS in private hospitals is if they admit patients to a room and bill the insurers for the cost of the stay - not the treatment. (
  • The situation means health insurers pay private hospitals way too much for a cheap treatment - contributing to their sky-rocketing premiums - while patients end up with sub-optimal outcomes. (
  • A significant portion of patients, but not all, would be better off being treated on an outpatient basis - they don't necessarily require admission to hospital," says Professor Paul Fitzgerald, who delivers TMS at the Epworth Clinic in Camberwell. (
  • But on the other hand, the hospitals are providing patients access to what is frequently a life-changing treatment they would not have access to otherwise. (
  • An overnight stay in a hospital bed costs at least twice as much - which really adds up when patients need 20 to 30 sessions. (
  • Meanwhile public patients are missing out. (
  • Most patients will be discharged or transferred to other area hospitals by next week, he said. (
  • The average patient's stay at the hosptial is 6.4 days and officials said they expect most patients will be discharged before the hospital closes. (
  • The hospital's closing is of some concern to the Group Health Association, the area's largest prepaid health maintenance group, which sent about a third of its patients to the hospital this year. (
  • Dr. Edward Hinman, director of the health group, said plans were being made to transfer patients covered by GHA to other area hospitals by tomorrow. (
  • When Doctors Hospital opened March 7, 1940, it was the place where the city's prominent doctors sent their patients. (
  • Hospitals are turning to art as part of a broader push to create a healing environment as studies show that visual art can help reduce stress for patients and increase satisfaction with care. (
  • LAHORE: The Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department (SHC&MED), Punjab, has informed that as many as 246048 corona patients are recovered in public sector hospitals being run under the control of Specialized and Primary & Secondary Healthcare departments, while 1783 patients are recovered during the last 24 hours. (
  • The Special Secretary SHC said the health department had arranged 733 ventilators for corona patients in all hospitals of the provincial government, of which 412 ventilators were under use while 321 were unoccupied. (
  • 1) The Hospital Authority (HA) provides different types and levels of services for patients according to their individual conditions and needs. (
  • Examples of such measures include enhancing support for discharged elderly patients through the Community Geriatric Assessment Service, increasing the service capacity of convalescent hospitals and further facilitating the transfer of patients in stable condition to convalescent hospitals within the cluster. (
  • Its brilliant reputation has not only attracted patients to Gleneagles Hospital from all over Asia, but also from the Middle East and the United States. (
  • Extensive cover for eligible cancer treatment including out-patient consultations, diagnostic tests and therapies, quality treatment with a choice of consultants and specialists and patient privacy maintained in a clean and comfortable environment, usually with an en-suite room and 24 hour help line offering medical information and guidance is provided however, many patients might not afford to pay for such services. (
  • A coherent strategy and sustained quality are critical in today's healthcare market to attract new patients, retain existing clients, and maintain positive and productive relationships between the patients and hospital staff. (
  • As the hospital industry consolidates, more and more patients are finding that their only convenient choice of a hospital is one owned by or affiliated with a religious denomination," the report said. (
  • Technically the Government plan covers only public hospitals, but many private hospitals accept black patients already. (
  • In fact, some state-operated hospitals as well as some private hospitals designated for whites have already quietly admitted black patients. (
  • This, she explained would make it possible for some black patients in Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto to be moved to Johannesburg, which is presently reserved for whites. (
  • As at noon today (May 10), public hospitals had reported to the Department of Health the admission of 12 patients (six male and six female, aged 17 to 77) in the past 24 hours who met the reporting criteria of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). (
  • The Johns Hopkins researchers say their study suggests further analysis of these measures is needed to ensure the information provided to patients about hospitals informs, rather than misguides, their decisions about where to seek care. (
  • These measures have the ability to misinform patients, misclassify hospitals, misapply financial data and cause unwarranted reputational harm to hospitals," says Bradford Winters, M.D., Ph.D. , associate professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins and lead study author. (
  • Figures released this week by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) show that state governments and hospitals are continuing to actively encourage patients to use their private health insurance to boost hospital revenue. (
  • The number of privately insured patients in public hospitals grew by an annual average of 9.6 per cent between 2006-07 and 2015-16, compared with 4.9 per cent in private hospitals. (
  • What we're seeing across Australia is that private patients are being treated in public hospitals with shorter waiting times. (
  • On average, the wait time for public patients is more than double. (
  • And for some surgeries, such as a cataract extractions, public patients wait more than six times longer than private patients. (
  • This inequity in the system between public and private patients is unacceptable and state and territory health authorities must stop this practice at the expense of their public patients. (
  • All agreed to consider the issue of private patients in public hospitals further, but this new AIHW report shows this needs urgent action. (
  • Evolution of Patients' Complaints in a French University Hospital: Is There a Contribution of a Law Regarding Patients' Rights? (
  • VietNamNet Bridge - While many poor patients don't have money for treatment, some rich people cannot spend money at public hospitals. (
  • A total of 1.4 million Australians have registered for an e-health record as public hospitals have been increasingly encouraging patients to sign up for the service. (
  • The drive in take-up, which is up from 900,000 in November last year, was largely due to public hospitals registering patients, she said. (
  • These figures also include patients who are paying their outstanding bills by instalments or awaiting assessment for financial assistance by the hospitals. (
  • Depending on what's going on in their lives, these patients may not be willing or ready to acknowledge that they need help, says Holly Gibbs , human trafficking response program director for Dignity Health, a health care system with nearly 40 hospitals in California, Nevada and Arizona. (
  • Would a change like that make hospitals rethink the way they care for patients? (
  • Over the weekend, public health units began identifying and confirming with patients, starting with those who had been tested within the last 14 days, to ensure contact tracing and case management began,' said Ontario Health. (
  • While there is always a risk of infection during surgery, it appears there is no increased risk to current patients having surgery at Porter Adventist Hospital because of the infection control breach. (
  • On April 4, Porter Adventist Hospital mailed letters to patients who may have been put at risk. (
  • When a hospital concludes that one of its health care practitioners poses a danger to patients and therefore should no longer be allowed to deliver medical care, it has an ethical obligation to share that information with appropriate authorities and other hospitals and medical facilities where that practitioner may seek employment in the future. (
  • David Kwiatkowski, a 33-year-old former hospital employee who has hepatitis C, is awaiting federal trial for allegedly stealing painkillers and replacing them with contaminated syringes, exposing patients to the disease. (
  • The hospital offered to revaccinate 827 patients at no cost to them or their insurance companies. (
  • Hospital spokesman Peter Glenshaw says about 250 patients have been revaccinated as of Feb. 8. (
  • MILWAUKEE , April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Doctors and nurses spend more time with patients at a top public hospital system in Indianapolis thanks in part to technology integration from Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial company. (
  • Doctors and nurses spend more time with patients at the hospital, thanks in part to technology integration from Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial company. (
  • Patients are familiar with x-rays and stethoscopes during a visit to the doctor, but rarely consider that behind those hospital walls is a complex web of systems that work together to help doctors and nurses provide care,' said Brendon Buckley , director, healthcare integration, Johnson Controls. (
  • Technologies inside Eskenazi Health patients' rooms, such as nurse call, heating, air conditioning, lighting and television, digitally communicate to improve care and safety inside the hospital. (
  • University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is the flagship academic medical center at the core of UH's 18 hospital health system that serves patients across northern Ohio. (
  • University Hospitals Portage Medical Center provides free Wi-Fi to all visitors and patients on the main hospital campus. (
  • A young medical resident learns new ways to reach and comfort his ill hospital patients - despite protective barriers that keep them far apart. (
  • With COVID-19 becoming a critical focus in hospital intensive care units, nurses, doctors and other caregivers have had to shift gears to protect staff and save patients. (
  • New York and New Jersey want nursing homes to accept recovering hospital patients, regardless of their COVID-19 status, to free up space in hospitals. (
  • Are Hospitals Seeing A Surge Of Coronavirus Patients? (
  • Patients Giving Up On Emergency Rooms : Health: Studies find pain, not impatience, drives many away from overcrowded public hospitals. (
  • Long waits in hospital emergency rooms are driving away some patients in urgent need of medical treatment, researchers at two California public hospitals have found. (
  • Researchers at Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance and at San Francisco General Hospital found that many patients left not out of impatience but because they were in too much pain or discomfort to tolerate waiting any longer. (
  • Waiting times at the San Francisco hospital averaged 3.5 hours, but stretched as long as 17 hours for some patients. (
  • Emergency department staffs, overwhelmed by their load, told researchers they frequently resorted to strategies to keep patients out, including diverting ambulances to other hospitals, periodically closing their emergency rooms and refusing transfers of patients from other hospitals. (
  • The Annals study focused on how long patients already sick enough to be admitted to the hospital must wait to get from the emergency room to a hospital bed. (
  • Greystone has seen an influx of fragile, geriatic patients since Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital in Glen Gardner closed in 2012, the suit said. (
  • As more citizens gain access to health insurance, the flow of patients exceeds the capacity of public hospitals to provide care with quality. (
  • For those hospitals, patient safety is being compromised by receiving too many patients. (
  • They usually operate within the public health system and treat all patients, not just privately insured ones. (
  • Hospitals actually had an incentive to keep patients as long as possible in order to maximize revenues and utilization rates. (
  • Hospitals compete for patients, who are free to choose to be treated in any of the hospitals that operate in the public health system. (
  • It affects the bottom line if hospitals are ranked poorly, and can even cut into federal Medicaid reimbursements if it appears patients have not received the best treatment. (
  • Hospitals are trying to improve the quality of care that they provide for patients. (
  • It's a question advocates for patients' rights want to make sure Michiganders think about, as a potential merger between Crittenton Hospital and Ascension Health is in the works. (
  • In some countries, this type of hospital provides medical care free of charge to patients, covering expenses and wages by government reimbursement. (
  • To provide this service, the Brazilian government created a national public health insurance system called SUS (Sistema Unico de Saúde, Unified Health System) in which all publicly funded hospitals (public and philanthropic entities) receive payments based on the number of patients and procedures performed. (
  • Despite this scenario, some patients were able to successfully sue the government for full SUS coverage for procedures performed in non-public facilities. (
  • Recently, new legislation has been enacted forbidding private hospitals to refuse treatment to patients with insufficient funds in case of life-threatening emergencies. (
  • Hinman said GHA used Doctors Hospital because it was convenient and cheaper than university teaching hospitals, such as those at Georgetown and George Washington universities. (
  • If a therapy is covered by Medicare, private insurers are legally prevented from covering it out-of-hospital. (
  • Citing the most recent data available, the report said religious hospitals received $35.7 billion for Medicare for the elderly and $800 million in other government funds-all together amounting to $45.5 billion. (
  • The MergerWatch study, citing the $35.7 billion in Medicare funding in 1998, determined that nationally, Medicare funding at religious hospitals was 39 percent of their revenue, compared with 30 percent of public hospitals' income, 37 percent of nonsectarian not-for-profit hospitals' and 40 percent of for-profit hospitals' income. (
  • The measures evaluated in the study are used by several public rating systems, including U.S. News and World Report's Best Hospitals, Leapfrog's Hospital Safety Score, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS') Star Ratings. (
  • A recent national study of how much hospitals charge Medicare showed giant disparities among different facilities, even for the same procedures and within the same city! (
  • In Canada all hospitals are funded through Medicare, Canada's publicly funded universal health insurance system and operated by the provincial governments. (
  • The Hospital Authority will maintain close contact with the Centre for Health Protection to monitor the latest developments and to inform the public and healthcare workers on the latest information in a timely manner. (
  • The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals ," CEP Discussion Papers dp0983, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE. (
  • The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals ," The Centre for Market and Public Organisation 10/237, Department of Economics, University of Bristol, UK. (
  • It said the second scheme involved some key NNPC hospitals like the erstwhile Abuja International Diagnostic Centre and the Benoni Hospital in Benin City, adding that the facilities were being equipped to service the corporation's members of staff and outsiders, because of their projected excess capacities. (
  • The tests were conducted by the William Osler Health System, which has hospital sites in Etobicoke and Brampton, as well as a drive-through COVID-19 assessment centre. (
  • A worker applies sealing tape on a temporary hallway leading to the COVID-19 testing centre at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. (
  • Following a thorough investigation, it was determined that COVID-19 positive test results from one of the COVID-19 provincial testing laboratories and used by the William Osler Health System assessment centre had not been reported to 12 local Public Health Units where the cases reside,' said a spokesperson for Ontario Health in an email Monday responding to questions from CBC News. (
  • Most of the cases are in Toronto, Peel and York public health jurisdictions and the majority of these tests came from Osler's drive-thru assessment centre at Etobicoke General Hospital,' said the email. (
  • It is responsible for three hospitals: Princess Margaret Hospital, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, and Rand Memorial Hospital. (
  • Affordable and accessible transit boosts public health by making communities more walkable, providing greater ability to access health services and quality food. (
  • In 2017, hospitals in Wisconsin had $1.1 billion in uncompensated health care services . (
  • Jay Wolfgang, the hospital administrator, said officials at four hospitals -- Georgetown, George Washington, Capitol Hill and Washington Hospital Center -- plan to visit the hospital today to interview prospective employes. (
  • But Wisconsin hospital officials aren't worried Medicaid work requirements will have a big impact on their bottom line. (
  • Some 700 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Toronto area were not flagged to public health officials because of a mixup between two hospitals, CBC News has learned. (
  • He urged officials to allow the hospital to continue leasing the land, or possibly even purchase it with the stipulation that it remain parking. (
  • By concealing the medical mistakes and misdeeds of dangerous health care practitioners, VA officials are complicit in the harms that these practitioners cause when they move on and resume clinical practice at other hospitals and clinics. (
  • State public health officials have said the affected vaccines from Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital in Lebanon aren't harmful but might have lost some potency. (
  • Public health officials have a problem. (
  • As a result of the report, officials at GAO recommended that the government increase outreach to hospitals to raise awareness about the need for security upgrades, especially in highly populated urban areas. (
  • New Jersey's Office of the Public Defender has sued state officials over what it describes as crowded conditions and violent behavior by residents at the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. (
  • Uttley says while hospital officials often present a merger like the one between Crittenton and Ascension Health as the only way to stay afloat, community members have successfully spoken out against similar deals in dozens of cases around the country, in which they argued hospital boards are ultimately accountable to the public. (
  • The Nationwide Children's Hospital Family AIDS Clinic and Educational Services program is now offering FREE walk-in HIV and Syphilis testing Monday through Friday at The Neighborhood House, 1000 Atcheson Street in Columbus, for anyone 13 years of age through adulthood. (
  • The Nationwide Children's Hospital FACES program is now offering FREE walk-in HIV and Syphilis testing Monday through Friday at The Neighborhood House in Columbus for anyone 13 years of age through adulthood. (
  • The Nationwide Children's Hospital FACES program is now offering FREE painless walk-in 20-minute HIV and Syphilis testing week days at The Neighborhood House in Columbus. (
  • In addition to her bioscience public relations knowledge, Ovitt served for nine years as communication director for Phoenix Children's Hospital, one of the 10 largest children's hospitals in the nation. (
  • Northeast corridor AMTRAK trains stop at 30th Street Station, which is about 1 mile from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. (
  • SEPTA bus routes 30, 40 and 42 run in front of or near Children's Hospital. (
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (
  • Cost of neonatal intensive care delivered through district level public hospitals in India. (
  • To assess the unit cost of level II neonatal intensive care treatment delivered through public hospitals and its fiscal implications in India. (
  • Another measure which was implemented recently to increase the number of housemen's placement included housemen being assigned to posts in public health clinics in one of their six rotations. (
  • The union leaders also warned that taking the SUNY hospitals out of the public sector would jeopardize SUNY-operated regional trauma centers, AIDS clinics and a burn unit - all vital but costly, specialized services. (
  • The Chief Operating Officer, NNPC Ventures, Babatunde Adeniran, said, "The NNPC has 52 clinics/hospitals, the largest network of healthcare facilities in Nigeria, which is enough capacity for us to build on, upgrade the facilities and achieve our commercialisation dream. (
  • Chicago's largest hospitals and clinics officially named racism a public health crisis today. (
  • In the wake of George Floyd's killing-and the deaths of countless other Black people across the country-hospitals and clinics " must double down on our efforts ," the letter says. (
  • According to a damning expose published last month by USA Today , the VA "has for years concealed mistakes and misdeeds by [hospital] staff members entrusted with the care of veterans," thus allowing hospitals and clinics outside the VA system to unwittingly hire dangerous health care practitioners. (
  • The Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong also called on its members to help staff public hospitals' specialist outpatient clinics. (
  • The construction and operation of hospitals and health clinics are also a responsibility of the government. (
  • The overall number of "adverse events" reported by Connecticut hospitals declined in 2016, but sexual assaults more than doubled, according to a new state report. (
  • There have also been instances of sick or injured people being turned away by hospitals or refused transport in ambulances because they were the wrong race, though this has declined in recent years. (
  • When you search for hotels near Christchurch Public Hospital with, you need to first check our online map and see the distance you will be from Christchurch Public Hospital, New Zealand. (
  • Our maps are based on hotel search and display areas and neighborhoods of each hotel so you can see how close you are from Christchurch Public Hospital and refine your search within Christchurch or New Zealand based on closest public transportation, restaurants and entertainment so you can easily get around the city. (
  • If you are donating in quantities of less than 500 items, they should be dropped off at the entrance to the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital during the hours of 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Sunday through Saturday. (
  • The Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis features integrated clinical, building and administrative systems to improve clinical care for more than 19,000 inpatients and hundreds of thousands of outpatients each year. (
  • TWO Perth hospitals that care for mothers, children and babies are the latest battlegrounds for nurses seeking better wages and fewer menial tasks. (
  • NURSES at two more West Australian hospitals will implement work bans in their continuing fight for higher pay and fewer menial tasks. (
  • The nurses at Princess Margaret Hospital for children and maternity facility King Edward Memorial Hospital will not do any work that does not directly involve patient care from Thursday - including removing rubbish, cleaning toilets and moving medical equipment. (
  • The government has offered public sector nurses a three per cent per year wage rise - equivalent to inflation - and a further 1.25 per cent per annum if they give up certain conditions of employment. (
  • The nurses are also complaining about a 700 per cent increase in parking fees at public hospitals. (
  • At the hospital yesterday, nurses and doctors, elevator operators and clerks talked about the closing. (
  • Morale is far lower at black hospitals because of overworked doctors and nurses. (
  • This epidemiological sectional study included 1,509 working nurses from two public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (
  • Even more troubling, USA Today identified numerous cases where VA hospitals signed secret settlement agreements with doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners who had been forced out of the VA that contained "promises to conceal serious mistakes" - including dangerous medical errors. (
  • The union launched a campaign to recruit retired nurses and health care workers as volunteers to help ease hospital staff shortages if needed. (
  • Mexico's big cities have fancy private hospitals with modern equipment and U.S. board-certified specialists. (
  • In Mexico, there are hospitals for government employees, and hospitals for workers enrolled in government health plans through private employers. (
  • A cutting-edge electromagnetic treatment for depression has turned into a money-spinner for private hospitals thanks to a strange health insurance quirk. (
  • Dr Swan was careful not to blame private hospitals for the situation, which she said was created by Australia's obtuse health funding laws. (
  • I'm sure the people who run private hospitals are very good at ensuring they are not making a loss. (
  • The hospital market is served by firms that are private for-profit, private not-for-profit, and government-owned and operated. (
  • The decision-makers in private not-for-profit hospitals are just as responsive to financial incentives and are no more altruistic than their counterparts in profit-maximizing facilities. (
  • Government and private hospitals collaboration for providing quality healthcare system. (
  • WOMENSENEWS)-Nationwide, hospitals with religious orientations receive at least $45.5 billion in government funding, but these institutions do not provide more services to the poor-and in some cases they provide less-than nonsectarian nonprofit or private hospitals, according to new research. (
  • But if the hospitals were run by the private sector, their mission would be changed to nurturing a healthy bottom line, not healthy citizens. (
  • The Australian Government is very concerned about the growing practice of private health insurance being charged by public hospitals for treatments that should be free. (
  • This practice is driving up private health insurance premiums and is blowing out public hospital waiting lists. (
  • The Turnbull Government is committed to ensuring a sustainable balance between our public and private health systems and we will be considering further actions in the broader National Health Agreement context. (
  • Information to guide implementation of the national standards for mental health services by public mental health services and private hospitals. (
  • And what is true of the hospital is no less true for private practice. (
  • If our pro-private statements seem "leading", then the pro-public statements (" Australia should adopt a collective social health system supported by higher taxes as is done in some Scandinavian countries ", " I would be willing to pay higher taxes to improve Australia's health care services ") could be similarly construed. (
  • Right now there's a blend of services in-house and then a reliance on private hospitals. (
  • The actions of the hospitals concerned means that European Health Insurance Card holders are being denied access to public healthcare on the same terms as Spanish nationals, and are being offered only private treatment. (
  • In it, co-authors Frederik Cyrus Roeder, a health economist, and Yanick Labrie, an MEI economist, explore whether there are lessons that Canada can learn from Germany's experience with permitting for-profit private hospitals within a public health care system. (
  • In Europe, where public financing is as prevalent as in Canada, if not more so, the private for-profit sector has an extensive role to play in delivering service. (
  • The term "private hospital" is used in Germany to describe hospitals which are not owned by any level of government (municipal, state, federal) or any other public bodies. (
  • Private for-profit hospital chains have continuously increased their market share in the last two decades. (
  • Al Noor Hospitals, a private healthcare provider in Abu Dhabi, said it plans to raise $150 million in an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange. (
  • Wits University professor Alex van den Heever has warned that both private and public hospitals in Gauteng could be overwhelmed in the next two weeks. (
  • Our services are just not going to be able to cope, and I am really concerned that we will run out of space in both the public and private sector in the next few weeks. (
  • The Brazilian health system is a mix composed of public hospitals, non-profit philanthropic hospitals, and private hospitals. (
  • Commonwealth funding for public hospitals is on track to significantly increase by 64 per cent between 2013-14 and 2020-21 from $13.8 billion to $22.7 billion. (
  • By David Musyj I was looking back at my first memo to our team at Windsor Regional Hospital, dated January 22, 2020. (
  • Public Health Associate salaries at Harlem Hospital Center can range from $38,829-$42,156. (
  • This estimate is based upon 1 Harlem Hospital Center Public Health Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. (
  • Dr. Nguyen Tien Quyet, deputy director of the Vietnam-Germany Hospital, said that all patient rooms of VND1-1.5 million/patient bed at the hospital's voluntary treatment ward are never empty. (
  • At the Bach Mai hospital's on-demand treatment ward, the examination fees is quite low in comparison with other hospitals, only VND50,000 ($2.4) and VND100,000 ($4.5) if the doctor is a professor. (
  • The Kalamazoo Hospital Association re-organized in 1907 and changed the hospital's name to Bronson Hospital after the founder of Kalamazoo, Titus Bronson . (
  • Unfortunately the campaign did not reach its goal, and although the hospital's board reported that financial obligations had been reduced in 1919 the hospital continued to struggle. (
  • The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) said on Thursday that it had worked with CIOs to connect 267 public hospitals and health centres to national e-health infrastructure. (
  • The Hospital Authority Employees Alliance blamed its decision to strike on Chief Executive Carrie Lam's refusal to meet them for talks on Sunday. (
  • Pictured is a hospital authority employee voting to strike. (
  • The newly formed Hospital Authority Employees Alliance, an 18,000-strong union which emerged in December during anti-government protests, blamed its decision to strike on Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor's refusal to meet them for talks on Sunday. (
  • The Hospital Authority (HA) said it would launch contingency plans from Monday to reduce non-essential services. (
  • The Public Hospitals Authority is responsible for managing public hospitals and other health-related organizations in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. (
  • It was created in July 1999 by the Public Hospitals Authority Act of the Parliament of the Bahamas. (
  • Al Noor Hospitals plans to apply for admission to the premium segment of the Official List of the UK Listing Authority and to trade on the main market of the London bourse. (
  • The regulations under consideration in each state grant the state health departments authority to approve applications for consolidation of assets between hospitals by merger or other combination if the benefits of such Cooperative Agreement outweigh the disadvantages likely to result from a reduction of competition. (
  • In the first comprehensive study to look at how anti-smoking laws are affecting the health of children, researchers from University of Edinburgh collaborated with researchers from Maastricht University, Hasselt University, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis examining the effect of smoke-free legislation on child health. (
  • The many countries that are yet to enforce smoke-free legislation should in the light of these findings reconsider their positions on this important health policy question,' said Aziz Sheikh, senior author and a physician-researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital, visiting professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Primary Care Research and Development at The University of Edinburgh. (
  • New research led by Biostatistics Chair John Quackenbush and Dawn DeMeo of Brigham and Women's Hospital, has uncovered sex-based differences in networks that regulate gene expression in a large number of human tissues. (
  • Corporatizing' public hospitals isn't privatization? (
  • Scheuerman and NYSUT Executive Vice President Alan Lubin urged state lawmakers meeting in a special session today to reject the recommendations of the Berger Commission, saying the privatization could force the SUNY hospitals to close if they do not turn profits. (
  • For months, he wore a skateboarding helmet to school and waited for doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital to schedule surgery to implant a plastic skull. (
  • During a recent webinar held by Stakeholder Health, a learning collaborative of health leaders aimed at improving population health, Margo DeMont, PhD, head of community health enhancement at Memorial Hospital of South Bend , Ind. (
  • Memorial Hospital assessed the impact of childhood trauma on adults in the community through a community health assessment. (
  • There is another partnership that they launched recently with Frisbie Memorial Hospital. (
  • We're really prepared for any emergency that would come in, not just Ebola," says Jeanine Finnell, the Quality Director with Delta County Memorial Hospital. (
  • As the Affordable Care Act takes effect this year, Delta County Memorial Hospital Administrator Jason Cleckler is navigating uncertain terrain. (
  • In a context of cost containment and demands for better quality in public health care, payment systems are used as an instrument to promote efficiency improvements in service providers. (
  • The paper also explores the evolution of the efficiency and quality of the hospitals after its implementation using the Malmquist index. (
  • Results indicate that hospitals have slightly improved their efficiency, particularly urban hospitals, and these improvements are not significantly related to a negative evolution of quality. (
  • In this study we explore the relationship between technical efficiency and patient safety events in neonatal care units of Peru's public hospitals. (
  • Our results are consistent with public reports indicating that hospitals in the Peru's Social Security Health System are overcrowded, affecting efficiency and jeopardizing quality of care. (
  • However, the introduction of a new reimbursement system in 2004 (in the form of flat sums reimbursed to hospitals depending on the complexity of each case) created different incentives that increased hospital efficiency. (
  • The health-care workers of New York's public hospitals are hanging tough in the face of the "very rough … very challenging" coronavirus, the system's head said Thursday - describing heroes pushed to the brink. (
  • Norwalk Hospital says its cancer treatment services have benefitted from a new partnership with New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering. (
  • ALBANY, N.Y. December 13, 2006 - Hundreds of members of New York State United Teachers and its largest higher education affiliate, United University Professions, traveled to Albany today to rally at the state Capitol and urged legislators to vote no on a state commission's recommendation to privatize New York's three SUNY hospitals. (
  • The woman arrived at the emergency department at Huntington Hospital on New York's Long Island after she was hit by her boyfriend during an argument. (
  • Catholic Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital and Exeter Hospital sued in 2011, challenging the $31 million they paid in the tax that year. (
  • The House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee last week unanimously approved HB 293, adding what allegedly happened at Exeter Hospital to the state's Adverse Events Reporting System. (
  • Steve Ahnen, president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association, said it will take a "multi-pronged approach" to prevent the kind of drug diversion alleged at Exeter Hospital. (
  • In the fall of 1896 the population of Kalamazoo had reached 24,000 people, some began to wonder if Borgess Hospital was equipped to deal with all the sick in the city. (
  • Borgess Hospital, first located in the James A. Walter house on Portage Road, opened in 1889. (
  • Borgess Hospital was Kalamazoo's first hospital. (
  • Borgess Hospital, named for the generous bishop, officially opened to the public on 8 December 1889, although the first patient had actually been admitted in late November. (
  • The facility is the new flagship hospital campus of Eskenazi Health, one of the country's largest public hospital systems. (
  • They'll see increased uncompensated care because these people still need hospital services, there just won't be any payments," said study author Randy Haught. (
  • To protest plans by the Madrid regional government to outsource management and some services provided by public hospitals thousands of people, including health professionals, took to the streets. (
  • The Philippine Star Reacting to my March 24 column piece, titled "Stop privatizing public health services, facilities! (
  • See the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Public Health website for more information. (
  • All Australians are entitled to access public hospital services as a public patient, free of charge. (
  • An important component of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) cooperative agreements for public health and hospital emergency preparedness has been to encourage linkages between local health departments and hospitals (as well as with other key stakeholders) to more effectively address different aspects of preparedness. (
  • The results will be of interest to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and to public health and medical professionals at the state and local levels who are responsible for improving public health preparedness and for ensuring collaboration among key stakeholders. (
  • The poor have to accept poor healthcare services and facilities, while the rich are willing to pay highly to enjoy good healthcare services at public hospital but they are not satisfied. (
  • Many public hospitals in major cities in Vietnam like Hanoi and HCM City open on-demand consulting rooms to serve the increasing demand for healthcare services of Vietnamese people. (
  • Similarly, the charges of testing services at the voluntary examination ward of the Central Pediatrics Hospital are 3-4 times higher than normal. (
  • The capping threshold for public hospitals, non-profit hospitals and public ambulance services is different to that for eligible public benevolent institutions or health promotion charities. (
  • Public ambulance services also qualify for this concession. (
  • Services Whidbey Island Public Hospital District is a Gynecologist/Gynecological office located in Coupeville, WA 98239. (
  • The facility, which provides respite services for older people and full palliative/hospice care, moves from Cork's northside to a new hospice and hospital at Curraheen on September 17th. (
  • The building opened later that year and worked in conjunction with the Portage Street hospital providing health services to Kalamazoo residents. (
  • Yu expected services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital to be among the hardest hit by the strike. (
  • Public hospital staff provide services to the public. (
  • If they take industrial action, it could affect public services and it will be irresponsible for them to go on strike. (
  • And disciplined services staff unions called on members with professional health care skills to help at hospitals. (
  • It is also responsible for managing the National Emergency Medical Services, the Bahamas National Drug Agency, the Materials Management Directorate, and the Community Health Services in Grand Bahama, which with the Rand Hospital constitute the Grand Bahama Health Services. (
  • An office of the Department of Health and Human Services surveyed 323 U.S. hospitals and found shortages of "intravenous therapy poles, medical gas, linens and food. (
  • The Commission's request for information follows an increasing number of complaints it has received concerning hospitals providing public healthcare services, mainly in tourist areas of Spain, which refuse to treat citizens on the basis of their European Health Insurance Card and instead request a travel insurance policy and credit card details. (
  • Nonetheless, the Commission continues to receive complaints about this practice by hospitals providing public healthcare services in tourist areas. (
  • Peru is moving toward a universal health insurance system, and it is facing important challenges in the provision of public health services. (
  • However, if while at the hospital they received medical services, they would have to pay for them. (
  • State hospitals say that if Governor Malloy's recommended reductions to hospitals are accepted, they'll have to cut services, programs, and jobs. (
  • In reiterating its position that legislation purporting to grant antitrust immunity is unnecessary, the FTC explained that the antitrust laws are consistent with the laudable public policy goals of the proposed state regulations, including improving quality, reducing costs, and improving patient access for health care services in rural communities. (
  • Merissa Kovach, field organizer with the ACLU of Michigan, says many hospital services would no longer be available once the hospital became obliged to follow Catholic health directives. (
  • Uttley adds that there have been cases of compromise in which mergers resulted in a "hospital within a hospital," which preserves access to some services. (
  • The majority of the low- and medium-income population uses services provided by public hospitals run by either the state or the municipality. (
  • Provincial health plans aim to cover wide area of medical services and procedures, from hospital records to nutritional care. (
  • Besides this, there is increasing trend of privatisation of some hospital services if those services go beyond provincial health budgets. (
  • Companies like Data General, Johnson Controls, Versa are main providers of outsourced hospital services in Canada. (
  • The government has been working on a support plan for hospitals that protesters fear will be too modest to solve the problem. (
  • Protesters chanted and held hands as they surrounded large hospitals like Gregorio Maranon Hospital. (
  • About 3,000 protesters, according to organizers' estimates, held hands and surrounded La Princesa Hospital, forming a human chain around the medical facility. (
  • With studies showing a direct link between the content of images and the brain's reaction to pain, stress, and anxiety, hospitals are considering and choosing artworks based on the evidence and giving it a higher priority than merely decoration for sterile rooms and corridors. (
  • The AHA is not responsible for the content of non-AHA linked sites, and the views expressed on non-AHA sites do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Hospital Association. (
  • The financial crisis that erodes patient care and, some doctors say, threatens lives at Parkland is part of a larger crisis threatening to unravel safety net healthcare at many of the 1,100 public hospitals throughout the country. (
  • Since their origins in the 1700s as almshouses and sanitariums, public hospitals have relied on taxpayer dollars to provide care to Americans who couldn't afford it otherwise. (
  • In some cases, public hospitals offer the only top-level trauma or burn care in a region. (
  • But in recent years, public hospitals have been hit hard by government healthcare cuts, just as surging numbers of uninsured Americans and illegal immigrants are turning to them for care. (
  • No country in the 30-nation Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development puts a smaller share of public money into health care. (
  • Mexicans with flu symptoms might have sought better care earlier if the public health system had done the same kind of flu surveillance common in developed nations. (
  • We're utilizing volunteers, we are pulling people from the outpatient areas to take care of people in the hospital," said Katz. (
  • I use a plausibly exogenous change in hospital financing that was intended to improve medical care for the poor to test three theories of organizational behavior. (
  • The changing climate as a result of the advent of value-based care continues to place significant demands on hospitals, medical providers, healthcare organizations, and physicians to take a completely new look at the marketing strategy. (
  • Despite their professed mission to serve the poor, the data show that religious hospitals do not provide more charity care than other non-public hospitals," the report stated. (
  • Most of the $5.7 billion in total charity care was reported in public hospitals, which provided $2.4 billion or 42 percent of the total in these states. (
  • Nonsectarian hospitals provided $2.1 billion of the charity care in the six-state sample, more than three times the $604 million delivered by religious hospitals. (
  • In terms of the care they offer and the facilities and equipment they possess, hospitals reserved for whites compare with the best in the world. (
  • The mission of the State University hospitals in Brooklyn, Syracuse and Stony Brook is to provide high-quality health care to all - regardless of ability to pay,' said UUP President Bill Scheuerman. (
  • Privatizing and closing the very hospitals that provide them care could literally be a death sentence for some of these uninsured New Yorkers. (
  • Privatizing the SUNY hospitals would not only put people's lives at risk, it would also jeopardize adequate health care for future generations,' Scheuerman said. (
  • We must keep medical education affordable if we hope to educate the next generation of health care providers, and the way to do that is to keep our outstanding academic medical centers in the public sector where they belong. (
  • UUP represents 32,000 academic and professional faculty on 29 New York state-operated campuses, including health care professionals at three SUNY-operated hospitals, and is an affiliate of New York State United Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association and the AFL-CIO. (
  • Common measures used by government agencies and public rankings to rate the safety of hospitals do not accurately capture the quality of care provided, new research from the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality suggests. (
  • The findings, published in the journal Medical Care , found only one measure out of 21 met the scientific criteria for being considered a true indicator of hospital safety. (
  • Hospitals have reported their performance on quality-of-care measures publicly for years in an effort to answer the growing demand for transparency in health care. (
  • The variation in coding severely limits our ability to count safety events and draw conclusions about the quality of care between hospitals," says Peter Pronovost, M.D., Ph.D. , another study author and director of the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. (
  • Malnutrition Prevalence and Precision in Nutritional Care Differed in Relation to Hospital Volume-A Cross-Sectional Survey. (
  • With a strong focus in health care and scientific research, Ovitt has led ambitious public relations, marketing and communication programs for more than 20 years. (
  • Four Special Care Newborn Units (SCNUs) in public sector district hospitals in three Indian states, i.e. (
  • That was done in 2012 as part of the community benefit requirement for non-profit hospitals under the Affordable Care Act. (
  • Northwell is one of a growing number of hospitals and health care systems that are putting such programs in place. (
  • Instead of being paid per admission, hospitals would get a set amount of money for the entire year for patient care, regardless of how many MRI tests, ER visits or hip replacements there were. (
  • MORE THAN 1,800 people have signed up for a tour of a new €60 million palliative care hospital in Cork before its official opening next month. (
  • After 141 years of providing care to the sick and elderly, Mary-mount/St Patrick's Hospital is leaving its historical city home at Wellington Road, St Luke's Cross, Cork. (
  • With that in mind the members of the Nevada Hospital Association urge state lawmakers to cautiously consider proposals like SB420 which we believe will significantly impact our state's health care system. (
  • We are concerned that the Public Option would cause harm to the already fragile health care system in Nevada, including cutting payments to physicians and other health care providers. (
  • For example, the USA Today investigation found cases where VA hospitals did not report to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) disciplinary actions taken against health care practitioners. (
  • State licensing boards and hospitals routinely query the NPDB to screen health care practitioners who are seeking licensure or employment. (
  • House Bill 293 is one of several public-health measures lawmakers are considering in the wake of last year's hepatitis C and fungal meningitis outbreaks that were linked to health care facilities. (
  • The new hospital campus replaced Wishard Hospital and includes 19 operating rooms, an administrative building, an inpatient mental health unit, an outpatient care clinic, a 2,700-space parking garage, and a central utility plant. (
  • Health care workers say some hospitals are punishing them for wearing personal protective gear in the halls or that they brought from home. (
  • We study 35 neonatal care units of public hospitals in Peru's Social Security Health System, and identify two undesirable (risk-adjusted) safety outcomes: neonatal mortality and near-miss neonatal mortality. (
  • We found that most congested hospitals are located in the capital city and suburban areas, and are more likely to be hospitals with the lowest and the highest level of care. (
  • The Canadian health care system is an oddity among developed countries in that the public sector is not only responsible for most of the financing of the health care system, but also has a near complete monopoly on the delivery of hospital care. (
  • Boston, MA - Hospitals nationwide are getting a "how to" guide on eliminating the well-documented gap in the quality of care based on race and ethnicity. (
  • Dr. Betancourt looks for the guarantee that people should know, no matter what the color of their skin, or what language they speak, that when they walk into a hospital they can expect the highest quality of care. (
  • Associate Director Dr. Alex Green feels hospitals should be compelled to make sure everyone receives gold standard care. (
  • In response to the states' calls for public comments, the FTC reiterated its long-standing position that legislation purporting to grant antitrust immunity is unnecessary to encourage pro-competitive collaborations among health care providers. (
  • The FTC highlighted in its comments that the factors to be considered by the health departments in weighing the potential benefits and harms from proposed Cooperative Agreements are already considered by the FTC when it reviews proposed hospital and health care provider mergers. (
  • PHOTO: Would you receive the same care at a Catholic hospital as at an independent one? (
  • Hospitals are inclined to outsource any service that is not related to the basic patient care. (
  • Following this phase was the "practitioner period" during which, the then welfare oriented urban public hospitals changed their focus to medical care and formalized nursing care. (
  • The National Assn. of Public Hospitals and Health Systems says about half of its 100-plus members lost money in 2002, the latest data available. (
  • The situation, which is generally always grim, is even grimmer now," said Rick Wade, a spokesman for the American Hospital Assn. "You look at every part of the public healthcare system and you see enormous strain and you see everybody hollering for help. (
  • If you can't find a doctor because you have no health insurance or are on Medi-Cal, then the county hospital often becomes your family physician," said Mary Pitman, president of the California Assn. of Public Hospitals. (
  • New York, NY - The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) today honored seven Manhattan physicians with Doctors' Day awards for their leadership and commitment to advancing the mission of the public hospital system and providing the highest quality healthcare to New Yorkers. (
  • Physicians and the public should be aware of its different manifestations, as people spend more time outside in. (
  • Circle Health is a progressive collaboration of physicians, hospitals, other health providers and organizations with a shared vision for empowering people and communities to be healthier. (
  • It was formed to allow VA doctors to perform certain procedures like endoscopies at Skyhaven, which is, according to Frisbee's senior vice president, "comprised of the hospital and physicians as investors. (
  • The insurer is running a large trial of outpatient TMS, which can be administered at a far lower cost, to compare its effectiveness to in-hospital TMS. (
  • The best of the public system is world-class too, with top doctors at elite centres for specialized diseases. (
  • The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation on Thursday said it had commenced a major national healthcare intervention project to build new public hospitals and diagnostic centres on some of its unutilised plots of land. (
  • The third leg of the medical project, which has been designated as 'new business', involves locations where state-of-the-art hospitals and diagnostic centres will be constructed on NNPC unutilised pieces of land in Kaduna, Mosimi and Port Harcourt for commercial purposes," it added. (
  • The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) is a $6.7 billion integrated healthcare delivery system, the largest municipal healthcare organization in the country, and one of the New York area's largest providers of government-sponsored health insurance, MetroPlus Health Plan, the plan of choice for nearly half a million New Yorkers. (
  • My results reveal that the critical difference between the three types of hospitals owes to the soft budget constraint of government-owned institutions. (
  • Some government support to religious hospitals was not included in the study, such as breaks on the costs of construction financing from using government bond programs. (
  • JOHANNESBURG, May 16- In a significant retreat from apartheid, the Government announced today that it was opening South Africa's segregated public hospitals to all races. (
  • The protest's goal is to pressure the regional government "to put in place the mechanisms needed to make it possible to have a more efficient public health system", union member Magdalena Salcedo told EFE. (
  • Since almost all major English hospitals are government run, closing hospitals in areas where the governing party has a small majority is rare due to fear of electoral punishment. (
  • That's why we are concerned about SB420, legislation which would create a new state government-mandated health insurance system known as the Public Option that would mandate participation and would pay providers not only less than market rates of reimbursement but less than cost. (
  • Many states are projected to have excessive demand for ventilator machines in the coming weeks, but no state government has formally asked hospitals to prepare for difficult and complex crisis triage. (
  • A public hospital, or government hospital, is a hospital which is government owned and is fully funded by the government and operates solely off the money that is collected from taxpayers to fund healthcare initiatives. (
  • The level of government owning the hospital may be local, municipal, state, regional, or national, and eligibility for service, not just for emergencies, may be available to non-citizen residents. (
  • See SEPTA Regional Rail Lines or SEPTA City Trains and Trolleys for information on traveling to the Hospital from 30th Street Station. (
  • Hospital authorities are faulted for accepting non-certified drugs or sloppily forged documents. (
  • The HIPAA-mandated notice of privacy practices you're given to read and sign when you first register at a doctor's office informs you only that "your health information may be shared with public health authorities for public health purposes," but leaves you in the dark as to what that might mean. (
  • The new 75-bed hospital and 44-bed hospice overlooks Curraheen interchange on the Ballincollig bypass, with the main entrance situated at Ballinaspig More, Waterfall Road, Cork. (
  • The safety-net role of public hospitals has evolved since 1700s when the first U.S. public hospital sheltered and provided medical healthcare to the poor. (
  • A tailored public health approach that accounts for variation in risks across populations, places and time could guide the next phase of Canada's coronavirus. (
  • The diverse German hospital system (in terms of ownership) has much lower malpractice and accident rates than Canada's predominantly public hospital system. (
  • MEXICO CITY-Mexicans will do almost anything to avoid a public hospital emergency room, where the sick may languish for hours slumped on cracked linoleum floors that smell of sweat, sickness and pine-scented disinfectant. (
  • Because law may impact all stages of emergency preparedness and response, and is a required consideration under the Joint Commission external icon standards Leadership (LD) 04.01.01 & 04.01.07 pdf icon [PDF 38.3KB] external icon , legal issues should be incorporated into hospital emergency planning. (
  • The following list, compiled by CDC's Public Health Law Program, can help hospitals incorporate law into emergency preparedness. (
  • FAQ: Is the HIPAA Privacy Rule suspended during a national or public health emergency? (
  • Public Citizen submitted an amicus brief to address the argument that Michigan's medical malpractice damages cap limits recovery under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). (
  • What if you said goodbye to what's known as fee-for-service, where hospitals are paid for each procedure, each visit to the emergency room, each overnight stay? (
  • The Commission is concerned that Spain might be failing to fulfil its obligations under EU law to provide emergency healthcare to temporary visitors from other Member States on the same terms and conditions as are available to Spanish nationals under the public healthcare scheme. (
  • Researchers in the Annals study surveyed the emergency rooms of 239 teaching hospitals in 40 states. (
  • In 2004 I cut my hand badly and went to the Accident and emergency dept at the local hospital, I did not have insurance at that time. (
  • Long wait times in emergency rooms, extremely common in Canadian hospitals, are also unknown in Germany. (
  • But Mexico's public hospital system is in crisis. (
  • Hospital chiefs: Lack of transit in metro Detroit is a public health issue The CEOs of Beaumont Health, Ascension Michigan, Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System urge county leaders to support regional transit. (
  • A total of 155 public hospitals across Australia are now using the system to upload discharge summaries. (
  • The screening questions were part of a new program at Northwell Health, a 23-hospital system in the New York metro area that includes Huntington Hospital, to train staff and provide them with tools to identify and support victims of human trafficking . (
  • Think for a moment about what would happen if you upended the whole system of financial incentives for hospitals. (
  • That's because for nearly 40 years, Maryland had a unique system that set the rates , or the prices, that hospitals charged. (
  • In an email Monday, a spokesperson for William Osler Health System declined to comment on what happened, and referred all questions to Ontario Health, the provincial agency that oversees hospitals and the COVID-19 lab system. (
  • The largest public hospital system in the U.S. is NYC Health + Hospitals. (
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently submitted comments to Virginia and Tennessee regarding proposed laws in each state relating to Cooperative Agreements between hospitals and the granting of Certificates of Public Advantage (COPA). (
  • This diversity of opinion becomes particularly extreme, and particularly vociferous, when te hospital sector is mentioned. (
  • We analyze the hospital sector where geographic proximity is a key determinant of competition, and English public hospitals where political competition can be used to construct instrumental variables for market structure. (
  • Abu Dhabi's bourse has had only a handful of small share sales from the insurance sector, and Eshraq Properties, while the Dubai Financial Market and Nasdaq Dubai have not seen a public listing in the same period. (
  • That means the hospitals serving most of Mexico's 44 million poor are often crowded, ill-equipped and staffed with harried, underpaid staff working for a dizzying array of bureaucracies. (
  • b) Continuous recruitment of full-time and part-time healthcare staff: Public hospitals will continue to recruit full-time and part-time healthcare staff. (
  • It is not however known whether any hospital staff is under investigation. (
  • Members of PEF, CSEA, NYSNA, CWA and staff of Bellevue Women's Hospital also participated in the rally. (
  • Since last spring, nearly 300 staff members at Huntington Hospital and a family clinic have received training in how to spot trafficking victims and how to help them. (
  • Restore NYC, an organization that assists people caught up in sex trafficking, provided the initial training to key staff, and a hospital task force trains the others. (
  • Staff at each hospital thought that notifying the public health units about the approximately 700 positive tests was the responsibility of the other hospital, according to a source informed about the mixup. (
  • During that summer eleven nuns from the Sisters of St. Joseph in Watertown, New York arrived to staff the hospital. (
  • Another patient's aneurysm and other emergencies at the public hospital had tied up doctors and operating rooms all day. (
  • Public health agencies also collect data to register births and deaths, record child and elder abuse and neglect, investigate tainted food or drug cases, intervene in emergencies and disasters, evaluate public health programs, conduct public health research, and for many, many more reasons. (
  • It was officially opened to the public and dedicated on December 4, 1905. (
  • NEHTA said several jurisdictions in the ACT, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania were already submitting discharge summaries from all or almost all public hospitals that can produce electronic summaries. (
  • Another type of reporting is hospital discharge data. (
  • This study examines the value of physical environment in the delivering of quality healthcare or service in public hospitals in Ghana. (
  • In addition to University Hospitals, hospitals involved in the 2019 planning meetings include Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, Southwest General Health Center and St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. (
  • My final set of results suggests that the significant increase in public medical spending examined in this paper did not improve health outcomes for the indigent. (
  • PUTRAJAYA: Public hospitals can only absorb about 5,000 housemen each year, but more than 6,500 medical graduates emerge from both local and foreign institutions annually, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam. (
  • You may not realize it, but your personal medical information could be added to a mandated public database without your consent. (
  • Medical information reported for public health purposes has many different uses, including monitoring epidemics (AIDS, bird flu), outbreaks of rare diseases (Hanta virus, Legionnaire's disease), and cancer clusters ( childhood leukemia in Woburn, MA , brain cancer in Toms River, NJ ). (
  • In fact, it's difficult to impossible to grasp the amount of medical data that circulates in the name of public health. (
  • UUP represents 32,000 academic and professional faculty at SUNY, including medical educators at the teaching hospitals. (
  • INDIANAPOLIS - The number of central Indiana hospitals asking for public donations of medical supplies continues to grow. (
  • Known as patient safety indicators (PSIs) and hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), these measures use billing data input from hospital administrators, rather than clinical data obtained from patient medical records. (
  • The result can be extreme differences in how medical errors are coded from one hospital to another. (
  • If the medical record and the administrative database matched 80 percent of the time, the measure was considered a realistic portrayal of hospital performance. (
  • At the voluntary treatment ward of the Central Pediatrics Hospital in Hanoi, one patient who books check-up service in advance, via phone, has to pay VND390,000 ($18.5) of medical examination fees (not including charges for tests), and up to VND580,000 ($28) without booking in advance. (
  • In December, Health Minister Peter Dutton received a report on the review from UnitingCare executive director Richard Royale, Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton, and Australia Post CIO Andrew Walduck, but the report has not yet been made public. (
  • At the same time the hospital was planning and building the expansion, the board was also planning an intern program and a new medical center. (
  • that which on many grounds is open to the censorious comments of medical men outside its walls and of the public, and indeed of the hospital staffs themselves, is the Out-patient Department. (
  • The city of Nashua now leases a parking lot at the corner of East Hollis Street and Hospital Drive to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. (
  • We have a lot of work to do," said Dr. David Ansell, senior vice president for community health equity at Rush University Medical Center, one of the participating hospitals. (
  • Even though hospitals are mostly funded by taxpayers, some hospitals, as well as medical research facilities, receive charitable donations. (
  • The urban public hospitals are often associated with medical schools. (
  • Putting Maryland hospitals on fixed budgets may be the key. (
  • Unlike most Canadian hospitals, [6] German hospitals do not have global budgets, but are instead reimbursed for each case they treat. (
  • Hospital funding in Canada follows provincial health plans and hospitals are required by law to operate within their budgets. (
  • Pediatrician Valerie Flaherman at the University of California, San Francisco, tells Shots she agrees that getting moms to breast-feed right away in the hospital is important. (
  • The House is expected to vote this week on whether to require hospitals to tell the state health department if an employee has transmitted a "bloodborne pathogen" to a patient by "an intentional unsafe act. (
  • In 1998 religious hospitals received close to $9 billion in federal funding for Medicaid and other programs, according to the report, which still is in draft form. (
  • Then, chief clinical and quality officer at Exempla Lutheran Hospital Dave Munch, and consumer advocate Lisa McGiffer discuss a bill that would require Colorado hospitals to track and report infections. (
  • Ranked the No. 1 pediatric cancer hospital by Parents magazine and the No. 1 children's cancer hospital by U.S. News & World Report, St. Jude is the first and only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. (
  • A new CDC report looks at major improvements in public health in the 2000s. (
  • A new CDC report out this week catalogues the notable public health achievements of the 2000s, heralding major improvements in preventable and infectious disease reduction, tobacco control, maternal and infant health and motor vehicle safety, among others. (
  • An Environmental Scan of Pay for Performance in the Hospital Setting: Final Report. (
  • Hospital P4P and Public Report. (
  • Most hospitals around the country aren't doing a good job of helping new moms who want to breast-feed, researchers report Tuesday in the journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report . (
  • Under federal law, hospitals must report to the NPDB any adverse action against a physician or dentist - such as a suspension or revocation of clinical privileges - that lasts more than 30 days. (
  • A report released Tuesday by General Accountability Office has found that only one out of every five hospitals that use high-risk nuclear isotopes for diagnosis and treatment have the recommended safeguards needed to secure the materials. (
  • In a response included with the report, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission agreed that expanding outreach to more hospitals would be a good idea. (
  • On the public health side, this work supports HIP-Cuyahoga's goal of more closely linking clinical and public health. (
  • The researchers say they hope their work will lead to reform and encourage public rating systems to use measures that are based in clinical rather than billing data. (
  • Around 272 ventilators are reserved in Lahore hospitals, of which 216 are occupied and 56 ventilators are vacant, said Silwat Saeed. (
  • In the United States, two thirds of all urban hospitals are non-profit. (
  • We're seeing high 3,000 [to] low 4s every business day of people who are being registered, and that is coming from the state hospitals starting to connect," she said. (
  • Today, representatives from state hospitals and Ben Barnes, the state budget chief, join us and the Courant's Dan Haar to follow up our recent conversation about hospitals. (
  • This is just over one-third of about 750 public hospitals across the country. (
  • For immigrants in the country illegally, the fear of running into U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents has made some public places appear threatening. (
  • Maryland had some of the highest hospital readmission rates in the country. (
  • But the government's watchdog is sounding alarms that terrorists looking to acquire the radioactive materials for such an attack could find them easily and unsecured at hundreds of hospitals around the country. (
  • With Ebola still ravaging West Africa and a cases popping up in Europe and the US, hospitals across the country are having to take a serious look at how they're prepared. (
  • For the last 16 years, Hamilton Walker has opened the front door of Doctors Hospital for visitors. (
  • Picture, Hamilton Walker has worked at Doctors Hospital for 16 years. (
  • Picture 2, Dr. Isadore Levin has worked at Doctors Hospital since it opened in 1940. (
  • In December 1896 Dr. McNair, along with five other doctors, was deeded land from Henry Brees, Herbert Everard, and Mary C. Miller to be used for the new hospital. (
  • Dr. McNair and the fellow doctors, Dr. Edwin H. Van Deusen , Dr. John W. Bosman, Dr. Harris B. Osborne, Dr. Oliver LaCrone, and Dr. Cornelius Van Zwaluwenberg incorporated themselves as the Kalamazoo Hospital Association in 1900. (
  • At the end of the 19th century Kalamazoo was home to a number of doctors and even an Academy of Medicine, but the nearest hospital was miles from the city. (
  • Pulmonologists in New York hospitals are now supervising doctors from other specialties as they try to keep ICUs staffed, and are deploying equipment in new ways. (
  • The hospital grew under the leadership of the Methodist Church and in December 1945 Bronson proposed an $800,000 expansion. (
  • The hospital grew again in 1917 when a new 100 bed hospital building was built on the former Hazard Estate on Gull Road. (
  • Clarke , A. ( 2004 ), 'Readmission to hospital: a measure of quality or outcome? (
  • Talks continued Monday between health insurer Anthem and Hartford HealthCare hospitals. (
  • When you're in the hospital all you see is one person after another who is being intubated, you don't see the people who are getting better," said Katz. (
  • As states like Wisconsin get ready to impose Medicaid work requirements, there's concern over how many people could lose health coverage - and what an increase in those without insurance could mean for hospitals. (
  • If people lose their Medicaid coverage, hospitals will see reduced revenue. (
  • The demonstrators, who included elderly people and children, showed up at all the hospitals in the capital as part of the "Abraza tu hospital" (Embrace Your Hospital) campaign. (
  • Bach Mai is the largest and most prestigious hospital in Hanoi and Vietnam so even rich people have to except its poor facilities. (
  • What if, instead, hospitals got a fixed pot of money for the whole year, no matter how many people came through the door? (
  • Would they think more creatively about how to keep people healthier so they wouldn't come to the hospital at all? (
  • Public tours of the new facility got under way yesterday, with some 1,800 people signed up to view it. (
  • The inspiration for it came in the spring of 1888 when Reverend Frank O'Brien visited a dying man in the jail's "hospital room" - the place where many people were taken when they were sick simply because they had no where else to go. (
  • Rev. O'Brien was appalled that people should have to die in a jail when they were not even criminals and called for the urgent need of a hospital in the city. (
  • The people of St. Augustine Church held a bazaar in the summer of 1889 as a way to raise money for the hospital. (
  • They're looking at a $550 million dollar hole in their budget - used to pay for people who show up at their hospitals without insurance. (
  • Over 240 whites-only hospitals run by the Department of National Health are immediately affected while an announcement expected later this week will expand the new policy to 44 municipal and regional hospitals now reserved for whites. (
  • [10] The negative development of public finances (especially at the municipal level [11] ) has pushed more and more municipal councils to opt for privatizing (or at least partially privatizing) their hospitals. (
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  • Physical Evidence and Quality Service Delivery in Public Hospitals in Ghana ," International Review of Management and Marketing , Econjournals, vol. 3(4), pages 153-163. (
  • The reality of nursing workers, who often have more than one job, coupled with the complex work performed at hospitals, leads to the conclusion that these professionals might face difficult moments or crises, making the consumption of medications a way to facilitate their lives (8) . (