Large vessels propelled by power or sail used for transportation on rivers, seas, oceans, or other navigable waters. Boats are smaller vessels propelled by oars, paddles, sail, or power; they may or may not have a deck.
A group of hydrolases which catalyze the hydrolysis of monophosphoric esters with the production of one mole of orthophosphate. EC 3.1.3.
The practice of medicine concerned with conditions affecting the health of individuals associated with the marine environment.
Regions of AMINO ACID SEQUENCE similarity in the SRC-FAMILY TYROSINE KINASES that fold into specific functional tertiary structures. The SH1 domain is a CATALYTIC DOMAIN. SH2 and SH3 domains are protein interaction domains. SH2 usually binds PHOSPHOTYROSINE-containing proteins and SH3 interacts with CYTOSKELETAL PROTEINS.
Phosphatidylinositols in which one or more alcohol group of the inositol has been substituted with a phosphate group.
Specific molecular sites on the surface of various cells, including B-lymphocytes and macrophages, that combine with IMMUNOGLOBULIN Gs. Three subclasses exist: Fc gamma RI (the CD64 antigen, a low affinity receptor), Fc gamma RII (the CD32 antigen, a high affinity receptor), and Fc gamma RIII (the CD16 antigen, a low affinity receptor).
A family of signaling adaptor proteins that contain SRC HOMOLOGY DOMAINS. Many members of this family are involved in transmitting signals from CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS to MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASES.
The reduction or regulation of the population of noxious, destructive, or dangerous plants, insects, or other animals. This includes control of plants that serve as habitats or food sources for animal pests.
Derivatives of the saturated steroid cholestane with methyl groups at C-18 and C-19 and an iso-octyl side chain at C-17.
IMMUNOGLOBULINS on the surface of B-LYMPHOCYTES. Their MESSENGER RNA contains an EXON with a membrane spanning sequence, producing immunoglobulins in the form of type I transmembrane proteins as opposed to secreted immunoglobulins (ANTIBODIES) which do not contain the membrane spanning segment.
The development and establishment of environmental conditions favorable to the health of the public.
The introduction of a phosphoryl group into a compound through the formation of an ester bond between the compound and a phosphorus moiety.
Phosphotransferases that catalyzes the conversion of 1-phosphatidylinositol to 1-phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate. Many members of this enzyme class are involved in RECEPTOR MEDIATED SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION and regulation of vesicular transport with the cell. Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases have been classified both according to their substrate specificity and their mode of action within the cell.
The intracellular transfer of information (biological activation/inhibition) through a signal pathway. In each signal transduction system, an activation/inhibition signal from a biologically active molecule (hormone, neurotransmitter) is mediated via the coupling of a receptor/enzyme to a second messenger system or to an ion channel. Signal transduction plays an important role in activating cellular functions, cell differentiation, and cell proliferation. Examples of signal transduction systems are the GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID-postsynaptic receptor-calcium ion channel system, the receptor-mediated T-cell activation pathway, and the receptor-mediated activation of phospholipases. Those coupled to membrane depolarization or intracellular release of calcium include the receptor-mediated activation of cytotoxic functions in granulocytes and the synaptic potentiation of protein kinase activation. Some signal transduction pathways may be part of larger signal transduction pathways; for example, protein kinase activation is part of the platelet activation signal pathway.
A non-essential amino acid. In animals it is synthesized from PHENYLALANINE. It is also the precursor of EPINEPHRINE; THYROID HORMONES; and melanin.
Process by which unwanted microbial, plant or animal materials or organisms accumulate on man-made surfaces.
Drugs whose drug name is not protected by a trademark. They may be manufactured by several companies.
The relative equivalency in the efficacy of different modes of treatment of a disease, most often used to compare the efficacy of different pharmaceuticals to treat a given disease.
A series of heterocyclic compounds that are variously substituted in nature and are known also as purine bases. They include ADENINE and GUANINE, constituents of nucleic acids, as well as many alkaloids such as CAFFEINE and THEOPHYLLINE. Uric acid is the metabolic end product of purine metabolism.
Bovine respiratory disease found in animals that have been shipped or exposed to CATTLE recently transported. The major agent responsible for the disease is MANNHEIMIA HAEMOLYTICA and less commonly, PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA or HAEMOPHILUS SOMNUS. All three agents are normal inhabitants of the bovine nasal pharyngeal mucosa but not the LUNG. They are considered opportunistic pathogens following STRESS, PHYSIOLOGICAL and/or a viral infection. The resulting bacterial fibrinous BRONCHOPNEUMONIA is often fatal.
The means of moving persons, animals, goods, or materials from one place to another.
A group of pyrido-indole compounds. Included are any points of fusion of pyridine with the five-membered ring of indole and any derivatives of these compounds. These are similar to CARBAZOLES which are benzo-indoles.
The functions and activities carried out by the U.S. Postal Service, foreign postal services, and private postal services such as Federal Express.
Facilities for the preparation and dispensing of drugs.
The charge levied on the consumer for drugs or therapy prescribed under written order of a physician or other health professional.
Insurance providing for payment of services rendered by the pharmacist. Services include the preparation and distribution of medical products.
Educational institutions providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.
Health services for college and university students usually provided by the educational institution.
Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.
A readily reversible suspension of sensorimotor interaction with the environment, usually associated with recumbency and immobility.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
The distal part of the arm beyond the wrist in humans and primates, that includes the palm, fingers, and thumb.
Pharmacy services accessed via electronic means.
A synthetic anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid derived from CORTISONE. It is biologically inert and converted to PREDNISOLONE in the liver.
Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases that catalyzes the reversible conversion of CORTISOL to the inactive metabolite CORTISONE. Enzymes in this class can utilize either NAD or NADP as cofactors.
An high-affinity, NAD-dependent 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase that acts unidirectionally to catalyze the dehydrogenation of CORTISOL to CORTISONE. It is found predominantly in mineralocorticoid target tissues such as the KIDNEY; COLON; SWEAT GLANDS; and the PLACENTA. Absence of the enzyme leads to a fatal form of childhood hypertension termed, APPARENT MINERALOCORTICOID EXCESS SYNDROME.
Social welfare organizations with programs designed to assist individuals in need.
Reductions in all or any portion of the costs of providing goods or services. Savings may be incurred by the provider or the consumer.
A diphosphonate which affects calcium metabolism. It inhibits ectopic calcification and slows down bone resorption and bone turnover.
A thiazide diuretic with actions and uses similar to those of HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p812)
A plant genus of the genus STRYCHNOS, family LOGANIACEAE that is the source of STRYCHNINE.
A plant genus of the family LOGANIACEAE (classified by some botanists as Strychnaceae).
A benign familial disorder, transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait. It is characterized by low-grade chronic hyperbilirubinemia with considerable daily fluctuations of the bilirubin level.
Agents that are used to treat bipolar disorders or mania associated with other affective disorders.
Drugs used in the treatment of tuberculosis. They are divided into two main classes: "first-line" agents, those with the greatest efficacy and acceptable degrees of toxicity used successfully in the great majority of cases; and "second-line" drugs used in drug-resistant cases or those in which some other patient-related condition has compromised the effectiveness of primary therapy.
Bones that constitute each half of the pelvic girdle in VERTEBRATES, formed by fusion of the ILIUM; ISCHIUM; and PUBIC BONE.
Drugs that block nerve conduction when applied locally to nerve tissue in appropriate concentrations. They act on any part of the nervous system and on every type of nerve fiber. In contact with a nerve trunk, these anesthetics can cause both sensory and motor paralysis in the innervated area. Their action is completely reversible. (From Gilman AG, et. al., Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 8th ed) Nearly all local anesthetics act by reducing the tendency of voltage-dependent sodium channels to activate.
The practice of compounding and dispensing medicinal preparations.
Drugs that cannot be sold legally without a prescription.
Acquisition, organization, and preparation of library materials for use, including selection, weeding, cataloging, classification, and preservation.
Directions written for the obtaining and use of DRUGS.
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Below Decks - Area below the surface (deck) of a ship. Benotz - Generic, unnamed junior Marine. Often gets into trouble, ... Port - Naval term for "left side of ship" when on board a ship and facing forward, opposite of starboard. "Port" is the same ... Major - A Captain in command of a ship's Marine detachment, so titled because a ship may have only one Captain, the commanding ... Starboard - Naval term for "right side of ship" when on board a ship and facing forward; opposite of port. "Starboard" is the ...
He is shipped with an ax, and a stuffed blue ox. He is very strong for his age. Jack A generic storybook Jack. The children and ... Traxon A green extraterrestrial who is shipped with an invisibility screen, and is allergic to refined sugar. Traxon creates ...
He is a co-founder of the Generic Mapping Tools, and maintains the GSHHG. Wessel, Paul, et al. "Generic mapping tools: improved ... "Global sea floor topography from satellite altimetry and ship depth soundings." Science 277.5334 (1997): 1956-1962. Wessel, ... "New, improved version of Generic Mapping Tools released." Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 79.47 (1998): 579-579. ...
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"BC Shipping News". Issuu. "Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm - United Kingdom". "Page not found! : BBC ... Cite uses generic title (help) "BBC England loads grain". November 26, 2005. "BBC Italy". "Fleet : BBC Chartering - The premier ... With over 150 vessels in their fleet, BBC Chartering is the largest multipurpose, heavy lift and project shipping company in ... BBC Chartering GmbH, owned by the Briese Schiffahrt Group, is an international shipping company based in Leer, Germany. ...
They have subsequently shipped systems with 2,048 qubits. In 2019, D-Wave announced a 5000 qubit system available mid-2020, ... D-Wave does not implement a generic quantum computer; instead, their computers implement specialized quantum annealing. D-Wave ...
In July 2015, Allergan agreed to sell its generic drug business (Actavis Generics) to Teva for $40.5 billion ($33.75 billion in ... "Par acquires Teva's divested ANDAs, and is already shipping fentanyl citrate". Scrip. October 21, 2011. Retrieved May 27, 2019 ... Somayaji, Chitra (July 27, 2015). "Teva Snaps Up Allergan's Generics Arm, Dumping Mylan". "Impax Buys Generic ... "Analyst cuts Allergan generics sales estimates as Teva deal close nears". "Teva to Buy Allergan's Generic ...
Cite uses generic title (help) "Shipping". Business Digest and Investment Weekly. Vol. 24 no. 14. New York: Arrow Publishing ... American Bureau of Shipping (1919). 1919 Record of American and Foreign Shipping. New York: American Bureau of Shipping. p. 111 ... Books American Bureau of Shipping (1905). 1906 Record of American and Foreign Shipping. New York: American Bureau of Shipping. ... "Seize Ships Here; Both Are Disabled". Philadelphia Inquirer. 1917-04-07. p. 2 - via "Ordered to Stay on Ships ...
Sinclair, Brendan (November 9, 2005). "EA ships tactical take on Tolkien tale". GameSpot. Retrieved April 7, 2019. "EA Ships ... Cite uses generic title (help) Villoria, Gerald (November 28, 2001). "FIFA 2002 Review (PS2)". GameSpot. Retrieved March 30, ... "EA Ships The Sims Makin' Magic; Beware! Your Sims have Magic!". Business Wire. October 29, 2003. Retrieved January 8, 2020. ... "Put the Pedal to the Metal On EA Ships Motor City Online for the PC". Business Wire. Berkshire Hathaway. November 1, ...
Cite uses generic title (help) Javers, Eamon (15 March 2009). "AIG ships billions in bailout abroad". Retrieved ...
"Single Ship Report for "5373878"". Miramar Ship Index. R. B. Hayworth.(subscription required) United States Shipping Board 1920 ... Cite uses generic title (help) "Haytien Ex-President in Jamaica". Olean Evening Herald. Olean, NY. 1914-02-10. p. 2 - via ... Her sister ship General W. C. Gorgas had also become a US Army troop transport in 1941 and a Soviet Lend-Lease ship in 1945; ... In 1906, the ship was transferred to the Atlas Line, a subsidiary of the Hamburg America Line, to join a new, five-ship winter ...
The term "morphsuit" has become a generic term in the process; one New Zealand-based newspaper refers to competing brand ... Between January and late October 2010, the company shipped 10,000 to Canada alone. Morphsuits brand has actively tried to ...
... scenes are shot outside of the ship on alien planets being explored; these generic alien-world scenes tend to be shot in-studio ... the ship's doctor who turned out to be a criminal who faked her way to employment on the ship in order to run away from the ... It is after being finally revealed as an impostor, that Mirabella left the ship, followed by Falbo who got lost looking for her ... In the first episode of the second season, two characters disappeared: Falbo Gotta (Paul Ahmarani), the ship's mercenary and ...
It added the new generic crew types Navigator and Cargo Master, the new action ship type Hoist, and the new terrain type Trade ... Two pre-production examples of these Ship in a Bottle ships are known to exist (Spanish ship #135 Castigue, and Pirate ship # ... This ship can deal up to 2 masts of damage and kill one crew when it rams an enemy ship making this ship worth far above 6 ... This ship can even destroy a 3-mast ship with only minor damage unlike most 1-mast ships. It is very vulnerable to being hit ...
Because it took several days, in the past, to unload ships, crews would spend this time in sailortown. These were "generic ... Smith, C.F.; Smith, P.W. (1925). Ship Alley: More Sailor Town Days. Houghton Mifflin. Sailor Town: Sea Songs and Ballads ( ... and then were signed-on to a ship". Folksinger and author Stan Hugill published, in 1967, a book on this topic, Sailortown, but ... only staying for as long as it took to discharge and reload their ships. Consequently, the area became the red-light district ...
Despite the generic name, these are insects, not bacteria. Alcock, Alfred William (1902). A Naturalist in Indian Seas, or, Four ... years with the Royal Indian marine survey ship 'Investigator'. London: John Murray. W. T. C., S. W. K. & P. M.-B. (1933). " ...
The specific epithet orientalis means "eastern". The generic name Nauclea comes from Greek naus ("ship") and kleio ("close"). ...
"Mercy Ships UK appoints new Director". Mercy Ships. 2020-05-22. Retrieved 2020-06-26. "Mental health research charity announces ... Cite uses generic title (help) "Charity Details". Retrieved 2020-06-26.. ... The CEO of MQ is Lea Milligan, formerly the Executive Director of Mercy Ships UK. He took up the post at the end of June 2020. ...
Generic criticism about the ships of the navy was quite common in the Netherlands. The criticism about Cerberus was more ... The ship was furthermore rather leaky. In contrast to such rather blunt statements in the Dutch East Indies press, a Dutch ... The tower rotated only with much effort, while on the foreign ships this went very well. The openings to load coal were made in ... The compound armor for Cerberus was delivered by Cammell & Co in Sheffield Even while the ship was 10 years old, the decision ...
Two ships had been captured at Leith in 1544 from the Royal Scots Navy. The listed ships include: The Antlopp, item reference ... The team of editors provided a thematic index of generic headings in alphabetical order. Within the index many heading provide ... The ship lists includes those at sea and those docked. There are separate entries for munitions and crew. The munitions list ... The armaments of ships and forts are also recorded. Altogether there are 17,810 items listed, and some of these entries contain ...
Cite uses generic title (help) "Canalys Newsroom- 64 million smart phones shipped worldwide in 2006". "What is ... Cite uses generic title (help) Nokia N8 User Agent Profile. (22 February 1999). Retrieved 25 September 2011. ... 3.7 million devices were shipped in Q3 2004, a growth of 201% compared to Q3 2003 and market share growing from 30.5% to 50.2 ... On 16 November 2006, the 100 millionth smartphone running the OS was shipped. As of 21 July 2009, more than 250 million devices ...
... was billed as one of the pillars of the "Longhorn" wave of technologies, and would ship as part of the next version of ... The File Item can store any generic data, which is stored in file systems as files. But unless an advanced schema is provided ... It was subsequently decided that WinFS would ship after the release of Windows Vista, but those plans were shelved in June 2006 ... If importers for certain files are not installed, they are stored as generic File types. Microsoft Rave is an application that ...
Cite uses generic title (help) "EVERGREEN Orders Ten More of the World's Largest Container Ships". Green Ibérica. 2019-12-13. ... Evergreen Shipping Agency (Italy) S.p.A. Green Andes (Chile) Global Shipping Agencies (Colombia) Baridhi Shipping Lines Ltd ( ... Evergreen Shipping(Singapore) Pte Ltd. Evergreen Shipping Agency (Thailand) Co. Ltd. P.T. Evergreen Shipping Agency Indonesia ... UK (ship name begins with pre-fix "Ever"): Hatsu Marine was renamed Evergreen UK (previously, Evergreen UK ships, as Hatsu ...
Most contemporary US submarines and Japanese warships are featured along with some generic merchant ships. A single encounter ... For best success, the player should concentrate their search on shipping lanes, which may be deduced from contact reports. ... the player must take their boat to patrol far behind enemy lines with the mission to search for and destroy any enemy shipping ...
The Qumi shipped without a required proprietary AV cable that can be ordered and shipped, for free, by contacting Vivitek. You ... can use a generic AV cable by reversing the RED and YELLOW inputs. Red is video on the Qumi, not the industry standard yellow. ...
... is a generic role-playing game adventure published by The Companions in 1983. Gems for Death is set in the ... archipelago of Islandia, where mysterious ships are kidnapping children. The player characters must find and rescue the ...
They also switched from using custom made and sized boxes for shipping to using generic packaging. Sol Republic manufacturers a ...
Two ships had been captured at Leith in 1544 from the Royal Scots Navy. The listed ships include;[23] ... The team of editors provided a thematic index of generic headings in alphabetical order. Within the index many heading provide ... Five of the ships have Wikipedia articles, Dec. 2010) *^ Patten, William, The Expedition in Scotland, 1547, London (1548), for ... The armaments of ships and forts are also recorded.[1] Altogether there are 17,810 items listed, and some of these entries ...
This allowed players to acquire and pilot ships of various sizes. Ships ranged in size from small one-man fighter craft to ... The only generic role reserved to single profession is healer, as only Medic can heal another character. However all combat ... The TCG has added in a few other ships, as well as certain updates. With the NGE, ground combat was changed to real-time and ... This profession created ships, shields, armor, weapons, etc. for players. They also have the ability to take looted components ...
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